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>From the Editor's Desk...
     The weather is wild!  Today, while under a Tornado watch, I was cleaning
the pool.. Less than a couple hundred miles to the north it was freezing
outside.  We are told this is the meanest winter in years.  The real story
though, "ain't" the weather and its hundreds of times meaner!

     It is what's in store for the online community over the next few years.
Yesterday amid a good deal of self praise and hoopla, the GREAT, "RESENT THE
PEOPLE instead of REPRESENT THE PEOPLE" politicians in Washington D.C. paved
the way for the Cable Companies and the various Phone Companies to play
interminable games with each other.  Righteously stating the competitive
atmosphere introduced by the New Communications Bill would be a great benefit
to the online community.  Could be. Only Time will tell.

     What they DIDN'T tell the people in a very loud and clear manner was
that they RAMMED through their long sought after CENSORSHIP GARBAGE tacked
onto the passed Bill!  Another FAST ONE pulled on the American Public.  The
Taxpayers. THE SAPS who never seem to bother to ask questions mainly because
they don't have the time or the connections to make themselves heard.
Besides, they are working long hours trying to make ends meet.  The hard
working taxpayers who are bearing the brunt of this current crop of "sleaze
on The Hill" really have no way to make themselves heard.  When, in God's
Name, are the Politicians going to do exactly what the people who voted them
in want them to do??

     While there may be some great provisions in the new Bill, the parts
supporting Censorship of the Internet fly directly in the face of the vast
majority of American Taxpayers and VOTERS.  An overwhelming majority of
Internet Users and the public want the CHOICE. of what they read and view
they are not in favor of Local or Federal Government Censorship.  On the
surface, it appears the "Control Freaks" have won another round at ushering
the USA into the real time of Big Brother is Watching You.

     The bottom line is simple. this is an election year.  The entire lot in
Washington D.C. need to be hit with the message of get out you have not
represented the people you have represented the DEALS and Compromises rather
than the wishes of those who voted you in and the majority of the American
Taxpayers.  Dole got his message in New Hampshire.  "Newt the Beaut" needs to
get his message to leave too.  While the New Hampshire Primary is a decent
indicator, its not the final tally.  Bob Dole is dangerous or, I should say
HIS WIFE  Elizabeth is..  She's another control freak.  You think Clinton's
wife is a trip??  Get Dole in there instead of Clinton and you'll soon
believe Clinton's wife was really "Sleeping Beauty".  Oh, wait. wasn't that
story one of those the control freaks wanted out of grade school libraries
because she was sleeping with seven men at once??  Absurd  garbage isn't it??
Each and every one of us must pay strict attention to this year's elections.
Its Critical!

     Please.. I beg of each and every one of you.. Register and Vote.  Vote
to keep the freedoms our founding fathers guaranteed to each and every
citizen of this great nation and all of our forefathers either fought for or
supported the war efforts to preserve.

     By the way, next time you get the chance to be heard. why not ask your
local representative why the fact of this nation being in another "Eisenhower-
Like" Recession is being kept so tight a secret??  Why.. is Greenspan once
again playing with the interest rates?

On another front.
     We have been reworking the WebSite. the Mailer is now working.  You can
now enter your E-Mail address successfully.  So, go to and see all the new, lively pages including the
STReport Subscription Page that WORKS!

     One last thought. Please, let's join together in voting OUT the control
freaks.  Please Register and Vote this year.  Don't leave it up to the next
guy.  There simply isn't enough "next guys" out there to get the job done.
We all need your vote too!
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                           STReport Headline News

                   Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                        Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                       Girl Scouts Sell Compu-Cookies
Finally.  A Net application you can sink your teeth into. Girl Scout  cookies
now are online.  The Boston area Girl Scouts Council has kicked off the first
cookie  sales  campaign on the Internet's World Wide Web.  The  Cookie  Store
(reached  at  Web address, describes  the  eight
types  of  cookies,  including nutritional values, and pricing  and  ordering

Customers click on the type of cookies desired, and enter the number of boxes
to  be  shipped and complete billing information. Credit cards are  accepted.
Cookies  are  delivered via United Parcel Service. Girl Scout officials  told
Eric Auchard of the Reuter News Service the program was designed to teach the
young  entrepreneurs the techniques of merchandising and  fund-raising.   The
wire service says 75 girls aged 14 to 16 are involved in operating the store,
which  is  accepting cookie orders for mail-order delivery from  now  through
April 1.

                     Amiga May Live Again as Net Surfer
The late Commodore International Ltd.'s colorful Amiga computer may be reborn
on   the    Internet's  WorldWide  Web  as  a  low-cost  Net  access  system.
Computergram  International reports this morning the Amiga Technologies  GmbH
unit  of  Escom  AG the Bersheim, Germany, computer maker that  acquired  all
Commodore  and Amiga licenses, patents and trademarks last year is  launching
the old Amiga 1200 as the Amiga Surfer this month or next.

The  68030-based system will come with 2MB memory, 260MB disk  and  14,400bps
modem  and is designed to use a television set as the display, the newsletter
says.   Word  is some 50,000 of  the machines are being manufactured  at  the
Solectron  Corp.  contract  manufacturing plant  bought   from  IBM  Corp  in
Bordeaux,  France.  "It will sell for about $720 bundled with a new  Internet
browser called MindWalker, designed for the Amiga," CI adds.

Meanwhile, The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting Amiga Technologies also has
begun  production of a high-end Amiga 4000T tower at a QuikPak Inc. plant  in
Norristown, Pennsylvania.  CI says, "The company says 1,500 have already been
made,  a  batch of 5,000 is going through, and 10,000 more are  planned  this

                          Homeless Man Stays Online
A  22-year-old  homeless man living along a highway near Novato,  California,
has spent his meager earnings, not on rent, but on a portable computer and  a
cellular  phone with modem so he could stay online.  Neal Berry  slept  in  a
tent on a mattress taken from a trash bin, but used his laptop to connect  to
a bulletin board system, voice mail and a pager service, "all paid for out of
his  $8-an-hour salary as a shipping and inventory clerk," according  to  the
Associated Press.

Now,  though,  Berry  has  been arrested and accused of  stealing  heavy-duty
industrial  batteries  from the state transportation  agency  "to  power  his
equipment,"  the  wire service says. "Highway workers  said  they  found  the
batteries  when they stumbled onto his campsite."  In a jailhouse  interview,
Berry  told  The  San  Francisco  Examiner,  "I  just  found  the  batteries.
Apparently  someone else put them there a few months ago. I  found  them  and
started using them."

Berry told the paper he chose to camp by the highway after failing to find an
affordable apartment when he moved to the area in 1994. "In Novato," he said,
"you  can't even find a single room that costs less than $500 a month.  If  I
were to have an apartment, I wouldn't have had any furniture, I'd just barely
be able to eat. It would have sucked up all my income."

So,  instead,  he spent $2,000 for a Toshiba laptop computer and  $500  on  a
modem. Each month he spent $35 for an account with an online service with  e-
mail;  $60 on his cellular phone bill; $50 for membership at a gym  where  he
took showers; $42 for a storage shed for clothes and other possessions he was
afraid  to  keep in the tent, and $12 for a mailbox.   Online,  he  said,  he
made  more friends in a month than he had all year.  "I've never been to jail
before,  but  there  is  a bright side: three hots  and  a  cot  at  taxpayer

                       Christmas Sales Good, Not Great
For  the  PC marketers, it was a good -- not a great -- Christmas,  but  some
sellers stumbled badly during the holidays, notably high-flying Packard  Bell
Electronics  Inc. and struggling Apple  Computer Inc.  Writing  in  The  Wall
Street  Journal  this morning, reporter Jim Carlton notes,   "Packard  Bell's
growth rate of more than 50 percent annually in computer shipments plunged to
5  percent  during  the Christmas period, allowing Compaq Computer  Corp.  to
retain a slim lead as the country's top vendor."

Quoting preliminary estimates by researchers at International Data Corp., the
Journal notes Sacramento, California-based Packard Bell dominates the  market
for  store-sold PCs "but misjudged demand on one product and was  swamped  by
competition."   Meanwhile, Apple shipments increased  4  percent  during  the
quarter  from the similar period a year ago, as it "overestimated demand  for
its Macintosh Performas," Carlton says.

Big  winners for the season were Hewlett-Packard Co., Taiwan's Acer Inc.  and
Digital  Equipment  Corp.,  all of which outperformed  the  market,  the  IDC
figures  suggest.  The Journal  comments the Packard Bell and  Apple  growth-
rate  figures  "offer further proof that PC shipments, while  still  healthy,
have decelerated more sharply than expected."

The  paper adds, "The figures show the PC industry increased shipments by 'at
least'  20  percent  during the quarter, on a pace  that  appears  will  fall
slightly  below  earlier estimates of a 25 percent  surge  in  growth."   IDC
analyst  Eric  Lewis  told  the paper slower growth  had  been  reflected  in
earnings  disappointments from companies that overestimated demand, including
Intel Corp. and National Semiconductor Corp.

                      Journalists Heading to Cyberspace
A  new study finds that journalists are dramatically increasing their use  of
the  Internet and commercial online services to get information  on  breaking
news  and  to  do research.  Almost a fourth (23 percent) of all the  editors
surveyed  said  they  or their staff use the Internet and  commercial  online
services daily, up from 16 percent last year. The study was conducted jointly
by Prof. Steven Ross of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
and  Don  Middleberg, CEO of Middleberg and Associates,  a  New  York  public
relations  firm.  More than two-thirds of the surveyed editors  (68  percent)
said  they  go online at least once a month, versus 50 percent  in  the  1994

The  sharpest increase was among daily newspaper reporters, with  71  percent
saying  they use online services monthly, versus only 44 percent in the  1994
study.  A majority of journalists (56 percent) said they will want all "media
relations"  submissions online within five years, while only 18 percent  will
want  submissions  on paper, and the balance by fax or disk.  Preference  for
paper dropped from 66 percent last year to 60 percent this year. However,  81
percent  of the study's respondents now say they want manuscripts from  their
own  freelancers and correspondents in computer-readable form, as opposed  to
paper or fax, up from 54 percent last year.

                        Apple-Sun Deal Not Imminent?
Slowing  down the Apple buyout rumor mill a bit, insiders now say that  while
merger  talks  between  Apple Computer Inc. and  Sun  Microsystems  Inc.  are
continuing,  the  deal is not imminent.  Writing from San Francisco,  Therese
Poletti  of  the  Reuter  News Service quotes one source  familiar  with  the
situation as saying, "Whenever you have discussions, everyone tries to  paint
these things as black and white, when it's more of a continuum. There is  not
a deal that is imminent."

Poletti  says  her  sources described the situation as  "fluid."   As  report
earlier,  the  "I"  word first was used by Wall Street Journal  reporter  Jim
Carlton  on Tuesday when he wrote that talks aimed at buying Apple  had  been
resumed  by  Sun  and those familiar with the negotiations said  a  deal  was
"imminent,"  that,  in fact, a Sun acquisition of Apple  could  be  announced
"within  days."  But Reuters says now other industry sources are  saying  the
two  companies  are  haggling over price and Sun is  not  willing  to  pay  a

"Sources  said the discussions between the two have hit a snag because  Sun's
chief executive Scott McNealy is not willing to pay the reported price of $33
a  share,  after Apple's recent quarterly losses," Poletti reports.  "Sources
said that about two weeks ago McNealy offered $28 a share, and now he is  not
willing  to pay more than $25 in a stock swap deal. But the sources said  the
talks have not broken off, as some rumor mills had been speculating."

While  declining to elaborate what else was under consideration,  one  source
told  Reuters,  "It's  not ruling out the possibility  that  something  might
happen. They are exploring a number of things."

                        Paper Says Apple Has Suitors
A  trade paper is reporting Apple Computer Inc. is not close to a buyout deal
with  Sun  Microsystems Inc. and that the company has other suitors,  notably
Sony  Corp. However, the computer maker wants to remain independent for  now.
MacWEEK,  citing  unidentified sources  close to the  company,  is  reporting
Apple  and  Sun have not settled such basic issues as what parts  of  Apple's
business Sun would acquire, let alone on a price for its stock.

Speaking with business writer Catalina Ortiz of the Associated Press, MacWEEK
editor  Mark Hall said he has learned Apple is talking with several companies
about  an alliance or merger. "Sony is talking to a lot of companies  in  the
U.S. ... particularly in the computer industry," Hall said. "Apple's just one
of  them."  However, he added, a deal isn't likely with anyone soon, in  part
because  Apple  still  wants to remain on its own.  Said  Hall,  "The  likely
scenario is for Apple to remain independent and pull its own chestnuts out of
the fire."

This  fits with yesterday's story that, while Apple-Sun talks are continuing,
the  deal is not "imminent," despite The Wall Street Journal's report to  the
contrary  earlier  in the week.  Ortiz notes that the prospect  that  another
company  might  be interested in Apple pleased some, quoting Aaron  Goldberg,
executive  vice  president of Computer Intelligence  Infocorp,  a  technology
market research firm, as saying, "If Apple's not worth a bidding war, then it
truly is the end of Apple and that's a sad day for all of us."

Ortiz observes that Sony is one of several Japanese companies that previously
have  been  mentioned as a possible partner for Apple, noting Sony  announced
two  months  ago that it would get into the PC business this fall  with  IBM-
compatible  models.  But don't hold your breath, says Hall. He told  AP,  "We
don't  believe a deal is imminent. And we believe ... the prevailing thinking
inside Apple right now is to remain independent."

                       Spindler Encourages Apple Fans
In full page ads in a dozen U.S. newspapers this morning, Apple Computer Inc.
customers  are being urged by CEO Michael Spindler to keep the faith,  trying
to  reassure  22 million users of Macintosh computers in what are,  he  says,
"challenging  times  for Apple."  Spindler writes in an open  letter  to  his
customers,  "We would, therefore, like to communicate directly with  you  and
reassure you that the top priority of Apple's board and management team is to
take   action  to  prepare  Apple  for  its  next  chapter  of   growth   and

"Rest assured," he adds, "Apple's mission remains as vibrant today as it  was
in  1976 (when the company was founded). It is one that cannot be realized in
a year, a decade or even a lifetime. I believe it is one of the most enduring
missions  of  any business in the world."  It has been a rough time  for  the
Cupertino,  California, computer maker. Earlier this month,  it  announced  a
first quarter loss and a restructuring that includes initial layoffs of 1,300
staffers  with  possibly  more to come. It also  is  the  target  of  intense
takeover  rumors and recently has been in merger talks with Sun  Microsystems

But  Therese  Poletti  of the Reuter News Service, citing  industry  sources,
reports this morning those Apple-Sun talks "appear to be breaking down as the
two  companies cannot agree on what price Sun would pay for Apple. ...  There
still  is  a  possibility of a deal between the two, but  only  if  Apple  is
willing to accept Sun's most recent offer, which is around $23 a share,  they
said." Apple's stock ended Friday at $30.625.

Poletti says Apple is believed to be looking hard for another suitor,  "while
Sun  CEO Scott McNealy told The New York Times Friday that he was working  on
his golf game this weekend."
Meanwhile, the San Jose Mercury News reported this weekend Motorola  Inc.  is
considering whether to make a bid for troubled Apple, though, of course,  the
Schaumburg, Illinois, chipmaker isn't commenting.

Analyst  Steve  Harmon of Jupiter Communications comments, "Apple  is  hoping
they  can get one more date for the prom. All the big shots should be  coming
out of the woodwork. If you are Spindler, you are sitting by the phone."   As
reported earlier, MacWEEK is saying Apple also is  considering an alliance or
a  merger  with Sony Corp.  "However," says Reuters, "many industry  analysts
believe  Sun  is probably the most strategic fit that Apple could  make  that
would also cause the least havoc with its employees. At Sun's headquarters in
Mountain  View,  California, employees are referring to  a  potential  merged
entity with their Cupertino neighbor as 'Snapple.'"

                      Apple Freezes R&D, Takes S&P Hit
Still seeking a strategy for returning to profitability, Apple Computer  Inc.
reportedly   has  frozen  temporarily  all  new  spending  on  research   and
development.   Citing an internal Apple memo, PC  Week's online edition  says
the  company,  in  addition  to  freezing  R&D,  also  plans  to  present   a
reorganization  plan  to the board of directors within  the  next  couple  of

Meanwhile,  in  what the Reuter News Service characterizes as  "an  unusually
harsh  move," Standard & Poor's has slashed Apple's senior debt  to  BB-minus
from  BBB  -- "junk-bond status," says Reuters -- citing poor management  and
uncertainties  regarding  the strategic direction of  the  company.   Reuters
reporter  Mark  Egan  writes,  "Shooting  from  the  hip,  S&P  said  Apple's
management is in 'turmoil,' suggesting an acquisition was the only short-term

The  wire  service quotes S&P's William Wetreich as saying,  "The   potential
upside is if they were acquired by a better credit. The downside is that it's
still  not  clear to us exactly what the company strategy is, both short-term
and  long-term, for restoring profitability," adding much of Apple's troubles
are  of  its  own  making with management to blame.  As  reported  yesterday,
Apple  took out full page ads in a dozen U.S. newspapers this week  in  which
Michael  Spindler urged Apple customers to keep the faith, trying to reassure
22  million  users of Macintosh computers in what are, he says,  "challenging
times for Apple."

On  the  R&D  situation, PC Week says the memo, signed by Apple  Senior  Vice
President  David Nagel and circulated Friday, said all new hiring or  project
requisitions are being put on hold.  "In addition," says Reuters, "all hiring
decisions in 'critical' areas ... must be approved by Nagel first. The freeze
extends to the use of all temporary personnel and outside contractors."

Nagel's memo says he hoped to present a clearer picture in a couple of weeks,
once  the management team makes its presentation to the board, adding, "After
that, I will be in a much better position to talk more openly about where and
how this new strategy will affect the R&D organization."

Added   the   memo,   "We   do  not  wish  to  negatively   impact   critical
products/projects; however, we also recognize that this is  not  business  as
usual.  We  ask  that  managers carefully review and limit  business  travel,
seminars,   off-sites,  business  lunches,  capital  expenditures,  equipment
purchases, and purchase requisitions."

                        Java Programmers Form Company
A  new  company  to  develop Java- based software is being launched  by  some
programmers and a marketing executive who played important roles in  creating
the  Java programming language at Sun Microsystems Inc.  Sun recently put the
development  team  in  a  new  subsidiary  called  JavaSoft.  Now,  says  the
Associated Press, several members of that group, including programmer  Arthur
van  Hoff  and  marketer  Kim Polese, are leaving to start  their  own  firm.
However, Java author James Gosling is not leaving the company, Sun says.

Polese  told the wire service, "We've got a couple of hot ideas. We're  going
to  go  and  flush them  out." He said Sun is not investing in  the  venture,
which  has  not been named.  AP notes that,  while it was released officially
just  this  week,  test versions of Java brought a lot of  attention  to  Sun
during the past 10 months. (The language can be used to create programs  that
automatically animate and update information through electronic networks such
as the Internet.)  Meanwhile, Sun spokesman George Paolini told AP that while
the  company  is losing some key talent, it does not view their plans  as  "a
direct conflict."

                       Diamond Inc. Ups Bid for Hayes
Diamond  Multimedia Systems Inc. has raised its offer for Hayes Microcomputer
Products  Inc., boosting the amount equity holders in the modem  maker  would
receive  in  the  proposed  transaction.  As  reported  earlier,  Diamond  is
proposing  to  pay $85 million cash to Hayes' creditors and a combination  of
cash and stock to equity holders to bring Hayes out of Chapter XI bankruptcy.

Reporting from San Jose, California, the Dow Jones News Service says  Diamond
Multimedia  has  confirmed  it boosted the payout  to  equity  holders  to  a
combination of $102.4 million in stock and $8.4 million in cash, or  a  total
of $111 million. (The old offer was $92 million in stock and $8 million cash,
or $100 million.)

Says  DJ, "Hayes' unsecured creditors committee, which has approved Diamond's
offer,   filed  with  Bankruptcy  Court  in  Atlanta  an  amendment  to   the
reorganization plan reflecting the higher offer. Diamond reserved  the  right
to  increase  the total cash consideration and correspondingly  decrease  the
total  stock  consideration by any amount up to one-half of the total  merger

                        Micron Rehires Steve Appleton
Saying  his  ouster nine days earlier was a mistake, Boise, Idaho,  chipmaker
Micron  Technology  Inc. has rehired Steve Appleton  as  its  CEO  and  board
chairman.  What the Associated Press characterizes as "an extraordinary about-
face" end a standoff between 35-year-old Appleton and a board dominated by 87-
year-old  billionaire J.R. Simplot and his close associate, Allen Noble.  The
move comes just three days before the firm's annual shareholders meeting.

Analyst  Rick Whittington of SoundView Financial Group told the wire service,
"They  returned to sanity. Appleton is the heart and soul of the company  and
the board recognized not just Appleton would be departing the company. To  be
quite blunt, the board recognized that much could dissolve or fall apart were
Appleton not there."

As   reported  earlier,  Appleton  officially  "resigned"  Jan.  18,   citing
unspecified personal reasons. However, AP notes Simplot was later  quoted  as
saying Appleton "took it like a man," fueling speculation he was forced  out.
Appleton  -- who started with Micron as a production worker and rose  through
the  ranks  to chairman/CEO in less than 12 years -- is admired for  speeding
expansion of Micron's production capacity.

Simplot,  who  controls  22 percent of Micron stock, said  yesterday,  "Steve
Appleton  has  the  unanimous  support of the  board  of  directors.  We  are
confident  that  all  of us together will provide the  leadership  needed  to
continue building the company."

                       Digital Leaves Home PC Business
Computer  maker Digital Equipment Corp. is getting out of the  home  computer
market,  discontinuing development of its Starion line  of  consumer-targeted
PCs  and  focusing  instead  on selling PCs to businesses.    Reporting  from
Digital's Maynard, Massachusetts, headquarters, the
Associated  Press  says  the  company is opting to  expand  and  promote  its
Venturis desktop and HiNote notebook computers for businesses, although  some
Digital machines will remain in stores.

DEC  Vice President Bruce Claflin told the wire service, "Digital will center
its  retail efforts on  customers who buy PCs for home-professional or  small
business applications."  Analyst Bill Zinsmeister of International Data Corp.
commented the move makes sense to him because of growing competition in  home
computers.  He  said that, while the Starion computers were of good  quality,
Digital does not have the brand recognition of its competitors.

Said  Zinsmeister, "Their strong accounts lie with resellers. They lie within
the  business market. They were competing for the same shelf space as Compaq,
HP, Acer and Packard Bell."

                         Gateway Names President-COO
PC  maker  Gateway  2000 Inc. has named Richard D. Snyder its  president  and
chief  operating officer.  Snyder, 37, has worked at Gateway 2000 since  1991
and  has  served as a member of the company's board of directors  since  that
time.  Most  recently, Snyder served as executive vice  president  and  chief
operating officer.

Gateway  2000  founder  and  CEO  Ted Waitt  says  Snyder's  new  title  more
accurately  reflects the role he has played in the company for the  past  few
years.  "Rick  Snyder  has  emerged as one of the  industry's  most  talented
leaders,"  says Waitt. "His leadership has become one of our greatest  assets
and  as  president he will be in a position to utilize his talents to  direct
the continued growth and operational efficiencies of the organization."

Gateway  2000's  new  president is a native of Michigan. Before  joining  the
direct  market  PC  specialist,  Snyder was a partner  in  the  international
accounting  and consulting firm of Coopers & Lybrand, where he  directed  the
firm's  Chicago office mergers and acquisitions practice. Snyder also  worked
for Coopers & Lybrand in their Detroit office.

                       Microsoft, MCI Form Online Deal
A  venture  to  create  a new player in the market for  online  products  and
services  has  been  launched  through a  broad  strategic  alliance  between
Microsoft Corp. and MCI Communications Corp.  "The pair will seek to overcome
rivals  in  online services by marketing widely the new Microsoft   Network,"
reporters Jared Sandberg and Bart Ziegler write in this morning's Wall Street
Journal.   They  also  will  "take  on  companies  that  deliver   customized
telecommunications  and data services to people who use personal  computers,"
the Journal adds.

The  deal  has  left in question the future of MCI's existing online  venture
with  Rupert  Murdoch's  News Corp., which was announced  with  fanfare  five
months  ago. That service, originally expected to be launched last September,
has  been  delayed repeatedly.  MCI Chairman Bert Roberts told  Sandberg  and
Ziegler the broad relationship with News Corp. "remains intact" but that  MCI
will reduce its stake in the venture to a minority position.  "Software giant
Oracle  Corp.  is  expected to join the venture, diluting  by  a  significant
amount MCI's stake in the MCI/News Corp. operation," the Journal writes.

At  a  news  conference yesterday, Roberts and Microsoft Chairman Bill  Gates
denied  an  insider's assertion that MCI had reduced its stake  in  its  News
Corp.  venture  at  Gates's behest.  Meanwhile, Murdoch met  for  15  minutes
yesterday  with the online venture's employees in New York to  reassure  them
that  the  partners  remained  committed to the  service.  According  to  one
attender,  Murdoch  said "a very different business plan" would  soon  emerge
with Oracle. Observes the Journal, "Constant strategic shifts making foes  of
friends and friends of foes are occurring as companies converge on the  fast-
growing market for interactive services."

Associated  Press  writer Tim Klass reports key results of the  MCI-Microsoft
alliance  include  the  incorporation of MCI's  logo  into  Microsoft's  main
Windows  operating  software  and  MCI's  adoption  of  Microsoft's  Internet
Explorer  product  as its preferred software for finding information  on  the
World  Wide Web.  "Under the arrangement," says AP, "Microsoft will place  an
MCI  logo  and software in its Windows program. By clicking on the symbol,  a
user  will  get  the  chance to purchase MCI services like  conferencing  and
advanced  capacity  ISDN  lines." Klass says MCI  will  market  a  customized
version  of  the Microsoft Network, "MSN from MCI," and use Microsoft  server

                        IBM to Acquire Tivoli Systems
IBM  Corp.  and Tivoli Systems Inc. say they have entered into  a  definitive
merger  agreement.  The deal, valued at $743 million, calls for IBM to  offer
$47.50  for  each of Tivoli's outstanding shares.  Tivoli, based  in  Austin,
Texas,  is  a provider of systems management software and services  that  are
designed to help users reduce the cost and complexity of managing distributed
client/server networks.

Systems  management  software  helps  companies  control  their  increasingly
complex networks of PCs, workstations and host computers and the applications
that  run  on  them. Key functions performed by the software include  network
management, performance monitoring, problem determination, and administrative
tasks such as new user authorization and software distribution.  IBM says the
merger  will combine Tivoli's advanced technology with its host-based systems
management products and global sales, service and support.

"As   more  and  more  customers  exploit  powerful  computer  networks   for
competitive  advantage, the need for systems management products  to  operate
and  maintain  these networks becomes critical," says IBM  Chairman  and  CEO
Louis V. Gerstner Jr. "By combining our strengths, IBM and Tivoli can provide
customers an unmatched line of systems management solutions and services that
are  open,  easy  to  customize and scalable from small  departments  to  the
largest global enterprises. This transaction greatly strengthens our position
in the emerging network-centric computing opportunity."

                       Novell Sells Applications Line
Novell  Inc. says it will sell its business applications line to Corel  Corp.
for  approximately  $115  million.   The definitive  agreement  includes  the
PerfectOffice  application suite, WordPerfect word  processing  applications,
QuattroPro spreadsheet and related software. Additionally, Corel will license
Novell's GroupWise client software, Envoy electronic publishing software, and
other  technologies  from  Novell for a minimum  royalty  obligation  of  $70
million  over  the  next five years.  The common stock  Novell  will  receive
represents approximately 20 percent of Corel's current outstanding shares.

Novell  is  also  entitled  to  nominate a candidate  for  Corel's  board  of
directors.   The  companies expect the agreement to  close  within  30  days,
conditional  on government approval. Shareholder approval is not required  by
either  company.  Less than two years ago, Novell paid about $1  billion  for
the  WordPerfect and Quattro products.  "We are very enthusiastic  about  the
fit  of  these  products  within Corel's business,"  says  Michael  Cowpland,
Corel's  CEO.  "We believe they will strategically extend the solution  value
that  Corel brings customers worldwide."  Corel says it will lease facilities
from  Novell  and  hire  certain Novell employees engaged  in  the  continued
development and support of application products.

                      Computer Viruses Still Expanding
More  than  1,400 new viruses threatened computer users during 1995,  reports
anti-virus   software   publisher  S&S  Software  International   Inc.    The
Burlington, Massachusetts-based firm notes that  the total number of  viruses
tallied  by  its  researchers topped 7,400 by the end of  the  year,  a  23.3
percent increase over 1994.  "The most important events of the year, however,
were the  emergence of macro viruses and the first-ever jailing of a computer
virus  writer," says Alan Solomon, S&S's chairman.  Macro viruses are  a  new
type of virus that use Microsoft Word to leap different operating systems and
infect both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The  first  macro virus, called Concept, was reported last August. The  rogue
code  --  also known as WinWord.Concept, WW6Macro and Prank Macro  --  spread
worldwide by early September.  The mid-November jailing of Christopher  Pile,
a  26-year-old  Briton who dubbed himself the "Black Baron" is  "a  milestone
that  should  start  other virus writers thinking about a new  career,"  says
Solomon.  "Pile got nothing out of the viruses he wrote except 18  months  in
prison."   Pile  was  convicted for creating SMEG,  a  mutation  engine  that
encrypts viruses, changing them each time they infect a computer, making  the
viruses  harder to find and combat. Using SMEG, he also created  the  viruses
Pathogen and Queeg.

                     Americans Want Unregulated Internet
A  new  poll  by  Chilton Research Services Inc. finds that the  majority  of
Americans  do  not  favor government regulation of  the  Internet.   Only  39
percent of the people surveyed by the Radnor, Pennsylvania-based company said
they  think the government should be involved in regulation of the  Internet,
while  44  percent opposed government regulation; 16 percent had no  opinion.
Females  are  only slightly more likely to favor government  regulation  than
males  (40 percent versus 38 percent) while they are twice as likely as males
to be undecided on the issue (20 percent versus 11 percent).

"Even though we hear a lot about Americans complaining about pornography  and
other  threats from the Internet, these results suggests that Americans don't
necessarily think that government regulation is a good solution," says  Carla
Sarett, head of Chilton's media and entertainment research branch. "In  fact,
most Americans are ambivalent or negative about government involvement."  The
survey, conducted by telephone between Jan. 10 and 14, polled a random sample
of  1,001 adults ages 18 and older. The survey has a margin of error of  plus
or minus three percent.

Borland Tech Notes STR Infofile

                         Visual dBASE Known Problems

The following is a list of unexpected product behaviors known to exist in
Visual dBASE Version 5.5a (0.687).  This  information is provided by Borland
to enable developers to minimize their application coding, testing and
debugging time.

While Borland strives to create perfect software, the complexity of our
products will inevitably prevent 100 percent  elimination of problems.   This
list should enable you to identify which problems can be attributed to Visual
dBASE as  opposed to your developed application.

A short description and proposed workaround for most noted behaviors is
provided.  This information combined with the  list of recent changes in the
5.5a Maintenance Upgrade Readme.TXT should enhance your continued development

New problems that you may encounter can be reported to Borland by one of
three means:

1)   Receive a Customer  Problem Report (CPR) form via fax by dialing our
  TechFax service, 800-822-4269 and requesting document number 8810,
2)   Submit problems to SYSOP on the CompuServe forum, GO VDBASE or
3)   via Technical Support phone lines (800-285-1118 or 900-555-1009).

Reference Number:   1

Description:  The Lotus NotesLink VBX control that comes with Borland's
Delphi is not supported.

Workaround:   None

Reference Number:   2

Using COPY TO to copy an InterBase table with a BLOB field containing binary
data to a .DBF table  creates a  Memo field rather than a Binary field.

Since the data from the Interbase BLOB field is correctly transferred to the
Memo field of the target dBASE table, you  can modify the structure of the
target table adding a Binary field and then step through the records
transferring data from  the Memo field to the new Binary  field, e.g.

                SET SAFETY OFF
                    COPY MEMO <Memo field> TO TEMP.XXX
                    REPLACE BINARY <Binary field> FROM TEMP.XXX

Another method would be to use the Data Pump utility that comes with the
Visual dBASE Client/Server edition which   allows you to specify the field
types that will be created in the target table on a per field basis.

Reference Number:   3

Using an ORDER BY clause in a SQL statement referencing a local table results
in a read-only result table.

Perform the SELECT without the ORDER BY clause and then use the dBASE SET
ORDER command.

Reference Number:   4

A Menu Item fails to dim at runtime when Enabled is set  to false and THEN
the Text is changed .

Change the Text first and then change the Enabled to false.

Reference Number:   5

Long code-blocks (over 500 characters) can trigger the "Runtime buffer
overflow" error.

Use a Procedure call and a function pointer rather than a code-block in these

Reference Number:   6

If you APPEND FROM a text file (either SDF or DELIMITED format) into a table
that has more than 300 fields more
than once in succession, Visual dBASE can become unstable.

Exit Visual dBASE between successive APPEND FROM commands.  Program
workaround available from Tech Support,  the Web Support page (Utilities) or
CompuServe (dBASE Addons).

Reference Number:   7

If the <field list> argument of the BROWSE command is over 560 bytes in
length you will get a "Stack overflow" error.

Reduce the length of the <fields list> argument.

Reference Number:   8

Compiled applications only: executables cannot act as DDE servers.

Use the base product rather than a compiled application for your DDE server.

Reference Number:   9

With .DB (Paradox format) tables SET EXACT is not supported for a RELATION
that links a parent to a child
table in a one-to-many relationship.  Therefore more children may be linked
to a single parent than expected
based on an EXACT match.

1) Establish linking keys that do not rely on matches specified by EXACT.
2) Use .DBF tables.

Reference Number:  10

For some table structures APPEND FROM <text file> TYPE SDF can fail with a
Database Engine error when the text  file is longer than 150,000 lines.

APPEND FROM <file.txt> SDF FOR .T.

Reference Number:  11

In the Form Designer, if a control has a procedure linked to an event and you
delete the control and then Undo the delete,  the link to the procedure is
not restored.

Re-link the procedure to the control's event after undoing a delete.

Reference Number:  12

Moving focus twice to an EntryField or SpinBox whose SelectAll property is
set to .F. positions the caret to the right of the control's value if the
value is numeric or if it's character and the first character is a space.


Reference Number:  13

The Form Designer does not stream the Datalink property for a subclass of an

z    Set the datalink property in the OnOpen Event.
z    Manually edit datalink property in the .WFM.
Note:  Entry will be lost each time the .WFM is modified and saved in Design
mode/2 way tools.

Reference Number:  14

A SpeedTip property will not take affect if it is set after the control's
form is opened.

Include the SpeedTip property in the DEFINE statement for controls within the
parent form class definition.

Reference Number:  15

FLUSH will fail to immediately write buffered data to disk if AUTOSAVE is set


Reference Number:  16

With CUAENTER set OFF in your DBASEWIN.INI file Cut and Copy are not
available from menu items in the Table
Records window.

Use the SpeedButtons or keystroke methods of invoking Cut and Copy, or if
possible leave CUAENTER ON (the default).

Reference Number:  17

If a second session is opened in an event, closing a form attached to that
session will not end the session until the event concludes.

If you need to create a session within an event either;
z    do not try to access the original session within the event or,
z    move the CREATE SESSION to a separate procedure that the first event

Reference Number:  18

Changing focus to or from an EntryField or SpinBox that's DataLinked to a
PRIVATE memory variable can cause Visual dBASE to become unstable.

In general most controls will be Datalinked directly to fields from tables.
When you must link to a memory variable use  a user defined property of the
form whenever possible. If the variable used for the datalink must have scope
beyond the  form, use a PUBLIC variable.

Reference Number:  19

In the Form Designer with the Field Palette active, if you move to the
Command Window and issue a CLEAR ALL (or other command that closes the
table(s) which are displayed in the Field Palette) and then return to the
Field Palette, Visual dBASE can become unstable. This is only true if the
Form Designer and the Command Window are sharing the same session.

Make sure that the Form Designer is using its own session if you have to
issue global commands that might close needed tables.

Reference Number:  20

The font which is used when printing directly from Browse does not support
Cyrillic characters.

Use one of the other methods of printed output: LIST TO PRINT, REPORT FORM
etc. when you need to display data containing these characters.

Reference Number:  21

On Windows NT long filename creation is not supported for files (it does work
for directories).

Under Windows NT only create files using the short name format.

Reference Number:  22

Shape and Line objects are always added to page 1 of a form regardless of the
current page number in the Form

To add a Line or a Shape to a form page other than page 1, first add the
object to page 1 and then change the object's PageNo property in the

Reference Number:  23

When using the TAGNO() function, if the .mdx file is named (second
parameter), then the tag (first parameter) won't  match unless expressed in

In these conditions be sure to use uppercase for the name of the tag passed
as the first parameter.

Reference Number:  24

If you disable the first control in a form's OnOpen event the form loses

Call the form's SetFocus() method at the end of the form's OnOpen event.

Reference Number:  25

The following commands fail to create the tags in the production index file
when the <filename> contains the following international characters s,?, or  

                 COPY TO <filename> WITH PROD
                 COPY STRUCTURE TO <filename> WITH PROD

Recreate the tags with the INDEX command after creating the new file.

Reference Number:  26

Windows 95 only: if the default printer is set to Microsoft Fax (WPSUNI)
Visual dBASE gives a "Invalid driver name ..."  fails to load.

Under Windows 95 set your default printer to something besides Microsoft Fax.

Reference Number:  27

Maintenance release only: In a type 2 ComboBox, if the Datalink is to a
memory variable, typing a letter will not select the closest matching item
from the DropDown list.

Use the value property instead of a memory variable and do not Datalink the

Reference Number:  28

OnChange event of a Browse control fires twice when changes to a record are
committed via interactive cursor movement.

If possible use the OnChange property of the Form.

Reference Number:  29

Compiler only: when you run a form with SHELL(.F.) that has been compiled to
an executable, the form opens with focus on the last control on the form.

Set focus to the first control on the form in the OnOpen event for the form.
                Form.<control name>.SetFocus()

Reference Number:  30

Visual dBASE 5.5a only:  If you have a Combobox Datalinked to a table with
SET KEY RANGE enforced and the Datasource set,  the entry area does not
display the correct record.

Issue a GO TOP command in the workarea that contains the Datalinked field.

Reference Number:  31

You cannot create a rule using the Referential Integrity dialog for tables
that have spaces in a field name.

Assure that the field names do not have embedded spaces.

Reference Number:  32

CALCULATE CNT() on empty table returns 1 record.

                CALCULATE CNT() TO MVAR
                MVAR = 0

Reference Number:  33

"File | Print" from the Table Designer only prints one page regardless of how
many fields are in the structure,  i.e. only 62 fields can print.

Issue the command "LIST STRUCTURE TO PRINT" at the Command window.

Adaptec Tech Notes STR Infofile

               Installation Problems with 2940x and BIOS v1.2x

If during the installation of Windows NT, the operating system reports no
Host Adapter found or gives Stop Error code 0x0000007b "Inaccessible Boot
Device," follow one of the below procedures.

Suggestion for CD-ROM Installation:
Inaccessible boot device errors........possible solution
Copy the following files to Disk 3 from either the 7800 Manager Set or from

- disk1
- txtsetup.oem
- oemsetup.inf
- aic78xx.sys

After the Third disk is copied, the system will prompt you to remove the
floppy from drive A: and reboot
Use a DOS bootable disk and boot to DOS, copy the aic78xx.sys driver from the
7800 Manager Set or 7800wnt.exe file  (for the version of NT you are
installing-3.1 or 3.5x) into $win_nt$.~bt directory

Remove the floppy from drive a:, and reboot....
The system should now boot to the GUI portion of the Installation.  After
making the choices of File system, Host  Adapter and general system info, the
system will reboot.  At this time, use the DOS bootable floppy and boot to
DOS  again.  Go into the winnt35\system32\drivers directory, and check the
file date for aic78xx.sys.  It should be the old  driver dated 5-24-95.  Copy
the new driver dated 8-14-95 or later into that directory and reboot.

Suggestion for Floppy Disk Installation:
Inaccessible boot device errors........possible solution
Copy the following files to Disk 3 from either the 7800 Manager Set or from
- disk1
- txtsetup.oem
- oemsetup.inf
- aic78xx.sys

After the Ninth disk is copied, the system will prompt you to remove the
floppy from drive A: and reboot.  Use a DOS bootable floppy and boot to DOS,
copy the aic78xx.sys driver from the 7800 Manager Set or 7800wnt.exe  (for
the version of NT you are installing 3.1 or 3.5x) into $win_nt$.~bt

Remove the floppy from drive a: and reboot.
The system should now boot to the GUI portion of the Installation.  After
making the choices of File system, Host  Adapter and general system info the
system will reboot.  At this time, use the DOS bootable floppy and boot to
DOS  again.  Go into the winnt35\system32\drivers directory, and check the
file date on the aic78xx.sys.  It should be the old  driver dated 5-24-95.
Copy the new driver dated  8-14-95 or later into that directory and reboot.

Alternative Solution:
Depending on the amount of hard drive space available, this method might also
work.  Boot to DOS with access to the cd-rom, create a temp directory on the
hard drive called I386.  Copy all files from the  I386 directory on the CD-
ROM to the I386 directory on the hard drive.  After all files are copied,
delete the aic78xx.sys  driver from the I386 directory created on the hard
drive and replace it will the aic78xx.sys driver dated 8-14-95.  Then start
the floppiless install by typing winnt /b within the I386 directory on the
hard drive.  This procedure will  eliminate needing a DOS boot disk, copying
driver into the various directories.

 February 1, 1996

                       A Message from Michael Cowpland,
                   President and CEO of Corel Corporation

Corel is proud to announce the acquisition of the WordPerfect family of
software  programs. This catapults us to world's Number 2 independent
personal application software vendor right behind Microsoft, with a combined
user base of over 25 million.

The products we are getting from Novell are PerfectOffice for Windows;
WordPerfect for Windows, DOS, Mac and UNIX; QuattroPro for Windows, DOS;
Presentations for Windows, DOS; and InfoCentral. These products have
received accolades from the press, winning almost every review against
Microsoft and Lotus products.

The new Windows 95 versions, now in beta, look to be world beaters, with
super  new features and powerful connectivity to the Internet. For example,
in Corel  WordPerfect 7 you can directly publish home pages via HTML output.

Also, in Corel Quattro 7 you can go from any cell directly to any URL site on
the  Internet and you can directly link tables and numbers from any home page
into  your spreadsheet, an ideal feature for stock portfolios, price
quotations, etc.

Using Corel Presentations 7, you can play your slide shows directly onto the
web. The inclusion of GroupWise also gives Notes-like groupware power
combined with Internet capability.

These unique new features combined with Corel graphics and multimedia
content should make Corel PerfectOffice 7 Number 1 in power, value and
features when it is launched in April and enable Corel to leap ahead of the
current industry leader, Microsoft Office.

Our new partner Novell is Number 1 in the world in networking, with a user
base  of 50 million clients and 5 million GroupWise installations, greatly
exceeding  Notes' 3 million users. We expect an excellent on-going
collaboration with our  new partner and we are tremendously excited by these
new arrivals to Corel's  line-up of quality software.


 Mike Cowpland

Flow Control and NavCIS 1.76 STR Focus

                         NavCIS 1.76 & Flow Control

In the NavCIS 1.76 README.WRI file, we recommended that you use Software flow
control (aka XON/XOFF) in NavCIS.  Soon after public testing began, many of
our users noticed that they were getting better results using Hardware flow
control (aka RTS/CTS).  Based on further research and testing, we have
concluded that RTS/CTS is the optimal flow control for use in NavCIS 1.76 in
the majority of modem configurations.

Due to the structure of the CompuServe communications engine (which NavCIS
1.76 is using), you will need to set up Hardware flow control in two places:
(1) the CIS.INI file, and (2) the Modem Control Settings dialog box in

Changing the CIS.INI file
First, let's start with the CIS.INI file.  To set up NavCIS 1.76 to use
Hardware flow control, close any communications applications (e.g. NavCIS,
WinCIM, Mosaic) that you may have open.  Then, open the CIS.INI file that
NavCIS 1.76 is using.  To find out which CIS.INI file NavCIS 1.76 is using,
open NavCIS 1.76, select Configuration | Options | Directories and Capture,
and make a note of what is displayed in the "CServe:" field.  This field will
show the directory where the CIS.INI file is located.  Make sure you close
down NavCIS before proceeding with the modifications below.  Please use a
text editor such as Windows Notepad to open and edit this  CIS.INI file; do
NOT use a word processor.

Now, under each section in the CIS.INI file that begins with "[Connector",
type in this line:


For example, you should have an entry that looks like this:

   [Connector (CIS Connection)]

And, for example, if you have previously created a Session called "Work" in
the Setup Session Settings window of NavCIS, it would look like:

   [Connector (Work)]

Make sure you do this for all sections that begin with "[Connector".

Making Changes in Modem Control Settings
Now that you have the modified settings in the CIS.INI file, save and close
the file.  Then, start NavCIS 1.76 and select Configuration | Session
Settings from the main menu bar.  When the Setup Session Settings dialog box
appears, click on the Modem button on the right-hand side.  This will bring
up the Modem Control Settings dialog box.

First, make sure that you have selected your modem (or a very similar model)
from the "Modem:" drop-down list.  Then, look for the command in the
"Initialize:" box that turns on either Software or Hardware flow control for
your modem.  Please consult your modem's manual for the flow control commands
(look for "Hardware", "Software", "RTS/CTS", or "XON/XOFF").

If you see the command that enables Hardware flow control (quite often
"&K3"), you won't need to change anything.

If you see the command to enable Software flow control (quite often "&K4"),
or no command for either Software or Hardware, please insert (at the end of
the string of commands) the command to enable Hardware flow control for your
modem, and then remove the command that enables Software flow control, if it
is present.  Remember, your modem manual is your friend <g>.

Making the above changes will allow for the default Software flow control in
the CompuServe communications engine to be over-ridden, thus using the more
efficient Hardware flow control instead.

Note:  If your modem still doesn't work properly after following the steps
above, please post a question to Section 7 in the Dvorak forum on CompuServe;
we'll be happy to help.

Legal stuff
(C)Copyright 1996 by Dvorak Development.  All rights reserved.  NavCIS is a
registered trademark of Dvorak Development.  CompuServe is a registered
trademark of CompuServe, Inc.

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German Prosecutors Target Internet
Racial Hatred
Online Service Providers Want Change
In UK Libel Law
Canada Backs Off On Blackout Threat
Notes Does The Net
IBM Drops OS/2-PowerPC Plans
IT Hot Buttons Get Hotter
Japanese Internet Users Are Night-
Ellerbee On Encarta
Bell & IBM Close To Deal In Canada
AOL Records Used To Solve Murder
U.S. Postal Service Plans Digital
Writing Contest
Oops!  Math Counts In Spectrum
Microsoft & MCI Form Internet
Internet Device Prototype Unveiled
New England, California Propose High-
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The Web Host Interview
Visa Info On The Net
Cable Modem Trial Deemed Successful
Digital Abandons Consumer PC Market
Apple Research Freezes During
Explorer For Macintosh
Name That Communications Company!
IBM Buys Tivoli Systems
Corel Buys WordPerfect
Visa, Mastercard Agree On Electronic
Payment System
States Look To Outsourcing IS
China Suspends New Internet
Fourth Estate Likes Cyberspace
"All The News That Fits The Web"
Netscape Agrees To Buy Insoft
Computer Viruses Have A Very Good
How Cold Is Apple's Research Freeze?
Gates Kibitzes On Apple
Explorer For Macintosh
Educational Computing Costs?
Telecom Tax To Support CBC
Intel Price Cuts Will Affect PC
Costs And Power

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and Spanish editions.)

The  Mannheim, Germany, prosecutor's office has launched an investigation  of
CompuServe  and  Deutsche  Telekom's T- Online service  for  inciting  racial
hatred, a crime in Germany.  At issue is online access to a Web site run by a
neo-Nazi   extremist  in  Canada who uses the Internet  to  distribute  anti-
Semitic propaganda.  The legal reasoning, according to a prosecutor's  office
spokesman, is that "because it's available over the Internet, it also can  be
called  up  in  Germany.   Then   the scene of the  crime  is  all  Germany."
Although  the investigation is now limited to CompuServe and T-Online,  there
are  also  several  hundred small companies that provide Internet  access  in
Germany. (Wall Street Journal 26 Jan 96 B2)

Online  providers CompuServe, Europe Online, and Microsoft Network are urging
the  United  Kingdom  to  rewrite its libel  laws to ensure  that  an  online
service provider will not be held responsible for libelous statements made by
subscribers  unless the provider has been posted to its system and  has  "the
ability  and  the authority to prevent its publication, but fails  to  do  so
within a reasonable time."  (Financial Times 26 Jan 96 p7)

Following  President  Clinton's support for the  use  of  V-chip  technology,
Canadian   regulators  backed  away  from  threats  to   black  out  American
programming  that  fails  to meet standards on violence.   The  American  and
Canadian  associations of  broadcasters oppose the use  of  V-chips,  arguing
largely  on  constitutional  grounds.   An  industry  official  pointed  out,
however,  that  advertising revenues are what is at stake:  broadcasters  are
concerned  that  once  a rating is put in place,  audiences  might  start  to
diminish and advertising dollars along with them.  (Toronto Financial Post 26
Jan 96 p7)

                             NOTES DOES THE NET
Analysts  who  predicted the demise of Lotus Notes as a result of  the  work-
sharing  advantages of the Internet may have  been a bit premature  in  their
estimations.  In fact, the number of PCs using Notes has doubled in the  past
six  months to  4.5 million, and is expected to hit 20 million in 1998 -- the
break-even  point  for IBM's investment.  "All the hype over   the  past  six
months  has  done  us  a  tremendous service by  espousing  the  benefits  of
collaboration," says Notes creator Ray Ozzie.  Accordingly, Lotus has lowered
its  price  for  desktop  software to $69 -- "in browser  country"  says  CEO
Michael   Zisman -- and the company is concentrating on making  new  products
that enhance connections between Notes and the  Internet.  The first step  is
persuading  current  users of the highly successful cc:Mail  program  to  try
Notes  for  their  e-mail,  and sort of ease into the new product  line  from
there.  "It's marketing simplicity," says an analyst with International  Data
Corp.  (Business Week 29 Jan 96 p70)

                        IBM DROPS OS/2-POWERPC PLANS
IBM  has decided to abandon its three-year effort to create a version of  its
OS/2  operating software for the PowerPC chip.   A spokeswoman says,  "Demand
hasn't  developed  for it the way we thought it would."   Instead,  IBM  will
concentrate  on   developing OS/2 products for PCs that run on  Intel  chips.
(Wall Street Journal 26 Jan 96 B3)

                          IT HOT BUTTONS GET HOTTER
An  Information  Week survey shows that nearly 60% of CIOs  queried  plan  to
boost  information technology spending in  1996.  Only 13% reported a planned
decrease.   But the money won't go for more hardware (at least not networking
hardware)--  more than half the respondents said at least 75% of  their  1996
budgets  will  go  toward items other than  equipment.  And hot  technologies
will  get hotter.  Nearly 75% said they'll use the World Wide Web and  online
services   this  year,  and  all  reported  they'll  be  using  client-server
technology.   The  Internet will be used by half.   One  VP  at  a  high-tech
consulting  firm  put it this way:  "To out-customize your  competitors,  you
have to beat them on IT."  (Information Week 8 Jan 96 p28)

Due to significantly cheaper night-time phone rates, Web surfers in Japan  do
most  of  their  cruising  after dark.  "Two   years  ago  I  was  the  first
commercial  Internet provider in Japan.  Today there are 45 Internet  service
providers  in Tokyo  alone," says the president of Global OnLine  Japan,  who
says his heaviest usage time is midnight.  A Cisco Systems  marketing manager
estimates  growth of Internet hosts in Japan at 300% a year, and  the  annual
growth  rate of online  services is pegged at 50%.  (Scientific American  Jan
96 p36)

                             ELLERBEE ON ENCARTA
Joining  journalist  Michael  Kinsley in the  leap  to  the  Net,  "NBC  News
Overnight" host Linda Ellerbee will work with  Microsoft to create a  monthly
online   interview  show  available  on  the  Encarta  Encyclopedia   Website
< >.  The first "Encarta on the Record"  show
will  debut Feb. 21 at 9:30 p.m. EST.  (Investor's Business Daily 29  Jan  96

                     BELL & IBM CLOSE TO DEAL IN CANADA
IBM Canada is poised to take over the multi-million dollar computer operation
at  Bell  Sygma in a move that will have a  serious ripple effect  throughout
Canada's computer services industry.  In exchange, Bell will provide  network
services   for IBM's Advantis subsidiary.  International Data Corp. says  the
agreement  effectively would make it impossible for  foreign  competitors  to
win  outsourcing business and would put IBM well ahead of competitors  inside
Canada. (Toronto Globe & Mail 27 Jan 96 B1)

Fairfax  County, Va. police recently obtained a search warrant for electronic
files  relating to participants in an American  Online chat room in an effort
to  solve  a murder in New Jersey.  The victim had met his alleged  assailant
through  a "men for men" chat room, and investigators say several other  chat
room  participants helped in disposing of the body.  One of  them, a 24-year-
old  woman,  is  now  charged  with tampering  with  the  evidence.   An  AOL
spokeswoman  said that it is the  company's policy to comply with  subpoenas,
and  that  although it does not keep records from chat rooms,  it  does  keep
records  of  e-mail  for  five days before they are  purged.   "We  certainly
respect and abide by our customers' right to  privacy, but we are also  going
to  follow  the law.  We have 4.5 million customers -- that's the size  of  a
city.   When  we   have some problems, we have to deal with it  responsibly."
(St. Petersburg Times 28 Jan 96)

Between  1988  and  1994,  the U.S. Postal Service's  market  share  of  mail
delivery  dropped  from 77% to 62%, while  market share for express  delivery
services  dropped from 4% to 2%, and market share for electronic alternatives
increased  from  19% to 36%.  To survive and prosper in the information  age,
the  Postal  Service  now  has aggressive new  plans  for  providing  digital
services,  including a hybrid service (carrying both e-mail and paper  mail),
electronic shopping  kiosks, and certified electronic mail.  Postal executive
Richard  Rothwell says:  "In the future, when you buy cc:Mail, the  box  will
say,  'Postal Electronic Commerce Services-ready.' When you click on an icon,
it  will  invoke  options such as  electronic postmark,  certificate,  return
receipt  and  so  forth."  Gene Del Polito of the Advertising Mail  Marketing
Association  objects  to the Postal Service's plans,  saying:   "Anyone  that
competes with the Postal Service is at an enormous disadvantage.  They  don't
pay   taxes,  they  are  not  subject  to  antitrust  laws,  and  so  forth."
(Computerworld 22 Jan 96 p1)

                               WRITING CONTEST
O'Reilly & Associates will publish winners of a $5,000 writing contest called
"Spider or Fly?" dealing with the general  question:  "Are we masters of  the
Web  or  trapped in it?" and the relationships between technology  and  human
consequences. Info:  < >.

During  the  C-block auction of digital wireless spectrum last  week,  Puerto
Rico-based  PCS  2000 L.P. bid more than $180  million for the  Norfolk,  Va.
license, which had a required minimum bid of $18 million.  An FCC spokeswoman
said   another company, bidding for a Rockford, Ill. license, made a  similar
error,  offering  $22  million instead of the  minimum   $2.3  million.   Map
Wireless L.L.C. withdrew the Rockford bid, but could end up being liable  for
the  difference  between   $22 million and whatever bid  prevails;  PCS  2000
didn't  withdraw  before  the  deadline. "As far  as  we're  concerned,  they
submitted that bid," the spokeswoman says.  (Multichannel News 29 Jan 96)

Microsoft  and  MCI have formed an alliance in which MCI will be  Microsoft's
primary  distributor of the Microsoft  Network online service, and  MCI  will
promote  Microsoft's Internet browser software.  In a related  move,  MCI  is
reducing  its  50%  equity stake in a co-venture with Rupert  Murdoch's  News
Corporation  to develop an online service.   (New York Times 30  Jan  96  C2)
Meanwhile,  Wal-Mart  Stores Inc. reports it's formed a  joint  venture  with
Microsoft  to  market all its goods over the Internet.  (Investor's  Business
Daily 30 Jan 96 A11)

Sun  Microsystems has debuted a prototype of its inexpensive desktop computer
that  uses  Sun's  Java software to surf the  Internet and  browse  corporate
networks.   The  device  would cost more than $500 --  the  much-talked-about
price point  suggested for such a machine -- but Sun hasn't said exactly  how
much  more.   Its  Internet  device includes a 110-megahertz   chip,  minimal
memory  and  a  monitor,  and is packed in a box that measures  approximately
5"x9"x2".   If  Sun  decides to  go into commercial production,  it  will  be
marketed  as  a  low-maintenance alternative to the  traditional  office  PC.
(Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 96 B3)

Citing  similarities  in  their economic profiles, Senate  leaders  from  New
England  and  California  agreed  the two  regions   should  collaborate  "to
articulate  to  this country a vision for where we ought to  be  putting  our
economic and  entrepreneurial energy," said Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass).   Kerry
deplored  the  current trend toward cutting science-related   programs:   "It
doesn't make sense to be reducing basic science research by 30 percent...  It
doesn't make sense to be  struggling as we are to try to find a tax structure
that will encourage the kinds of investing that we need and the research   we
need.   Instead,  we're stuck in a tax code that excites the wrong  kinds  of
investors."   Sen.  Edward Kennedy (D-Mass)  echoed  Kerry's  sentiments  and
proposed a number of objectives for the two regions, including maximizing the
strength  of   the telecommunications industry; maintaining the  U.S.  global
market  share  in  semiconductors;  exploiting  U.S.  dominance   in  medical
research;  creating new economies of scale in biotechnology;  and  developing
new  markets for fiber optics.   (BNA Daily Report for Executives 26  Jan  96

                           THE WEB HOST INTERVIEW
In  tandem  with the exploding number of World Wide Web sites, the number  of
hosts  is  multiplying  at an equally  astonishing rate.   Dallas  consultant
James Gaskin suggests some questions you should ask your prospective Web host
before you sign on the dotted line:  How much bandwidth is available, and  by
what  means are Web servers connected upstream to the Internet?  (The  closer
your  provider is to the Internet backbone, the better response your  clients
will   receive.)  What kind of fault tolerance is installed?  (How long  will
your  host  server  be down in case of technical  problems?)   What  kind  of
reporting  does the company provide, and in how much detail?  (Some companies
provide   numbers  of hits at only three levels -- fewer than  1,000,  up  to
5,000,  and above 5,000 hits a month.)  How does it handle naming Web  sites?
(Look  for  one  that will let you call your site "")
And  remember,  "You   can  never be too rich, too thin,  or  have  too  much
bandwidth."  (Information Week 22 Jan 96 p60)

                            VISA INFO ON THE NET
Visa  customers who use the Block Financial Corp. card, called WebCard  Visa,
now can look up information about their  account on the Web.  Cardholders can
track current account activity, review past balances and check to see whether
a   payment has been received.  The card is issued by Columbus Bank and Trust
Co. based in Columbus, Ga.  (St.  Petersburg Times 29 Jan 96 p8)

A  marketing trial of high-speed cable modem service conducted by Time Warner
subsidiary  Paragon Cable has shown  virtually no churn among  its  200  test
participants  and  the  waiting  list is  still  about  300  customers  long.
"There's  a  real   business  here,"  concludes  Paragon's  general  manager.
Elmira, NY cable customers paid a $30 installation charge and a  $25  fee  to
receive  Zenith modem units that provided access to a local database  and  to
the  Internet.  Building on their  success, Paragon plans to take the service
commercial  in  Elmira at the end of March, and Time Warner is  scouting  out
other  likely locations for pilot programs.  (Broadcasting & Cable 29 Jan  96

Digital Equipment Corporation has decided to discontinue development  of  its
Starion line of consumer-oriented PCs, and  focus instead on selling  PCs  to
businesses.  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 30 Jan 96 D3)

While  a  reorganization plan is being prepared for presentation  to  Apple's
Board  of  Directors  next week, the company has  put a  freeze  on  research
spending.   There continues to be speculation that Apple will be acquired  by
another company,  and Apple is now said to be exploring the interest  of  IBM
and Motorola.  (New York Times 30 Jan 96 C1)

                           EXPLORER FOR MACINTOSH
 Microsoft has released a beta test version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer
                             for the Macintosh:
 < ttp:// >.  (New York Times 30 Jan 96

And  now!!! -- from the same advertising  industry that brought you "AirTouch
Communications Inc." !!! -- Sprint's new  cellular unit will be  called  "360
Degrees Communications Co."  (Investor's Business Daily 29 Jan 96 A6)

                           IBM BUYS TIVOLI SYSTEMS
IBM  is  buying  Tivoli Systems, an Austin, Texas-based company that produces
software   that   helps   automate  the   management   and   maintenance   of
"client/server" computer networks comprising a large number of  PCs  "served"
by  a   central machine that holds and distributes information and  programs.
In  explaining  the  acquisition of Tivoli, an IBM   executive  says:  "These
networks  are  powerful,  but they can also become  very  complex  and  labor
intensive.  All major  corporations are trying to control the costs of  their
client-server projects."  (New York Times 1 Feb 96 C8)

                           COREL BUYS WordPerfect
Ottawa-based Corel predicts its bargain-basement purchase of WordPerfect from
Novell  for  $185-million will allow the  company to triple its sales,  boost
Corel  to  second  place  in  the  world among makers  of  "people-productive
software," and take on number one Microsoft. (Toronto Globe & Mail 1  Feb  96

Visa  International and MasterCard International have reached  a  truce  over
competing  systems  for  processing Internet   transactions,  and  will  work
together on a new technology called Secure Electronic Transactions that  will
allow software  developers for World Wide Web sites to incorporate a standard
system  for  accepting credit-card payments.  "There will  be a specification
that's  open  for  anyone to implement completely free of charge,"  says  the
chief  scientist at Netscape, which had been working with MasterCard  on  its
own  system.   "This is the right step for the industry to  take,  and  we're
really happy we're finally solving this problem."  (Wall Street Journal 1 Feb
96 B2)

State  officials  in  Iowa  will decide in the  next  few  weeks  whether  to
outsource  their  information systems, and other states  are  watching  their
deliberations  carefully.   As  many  as  17  states,  and  countless   local
governments,  are  looking at  outsourcing as a way to  control  costs  while
providing better service.  In addition, there's a strong desire to centralize
disparate  systems  that are run independently by dozens of  agencies,  often
with  union  employees.   Michigan is currently   addressing  some  of  these
problems, consolidating its data centers and outsourcing its desktop computer
management  to   EDS.   Meanwhile, its financial  management  and  employment
security  commission  systems  are run on a mainframe  at   IBM's  Integrated
Systems Solutions Corp.  (Information Week 22 Jan 96 p70)

Chinese   authorities  have  decided  to  temporarily  suspend  new  Internet
memberships, attributing the move to technical  problems.  But in  a  meeting
last  month  with Premier Li Peng, officials declared it was "imperative"  to
develop  new  Internet controls.  Industry insiders say China's future  plans
include building a centrally administered Internet backbone  that would allow
more oversight of e-mail and other activities.  Meanwhile, Chinese businesses
can  use China Internet --  a sort of "intranet" administered by former  U.S.
businessman James Chu -- to access selected Web sites and databases,  and  to
set  up their own home pages and trade information.  (Wall Street Journal  31
Jan 96 A1)

A  survey  by  the Columbia University School of Journalism and Middleberg  &
Associates  found that more than two-thirds  of journalists  polled  use  the
Internet or commercial online services to track breaking news or do research,
and  almost  25% go online every day.  Daily journalists are the most  likely
to  be  Net surfers.  More than half of the respondents  favored phasing  out
paper press releases, preferring online versions.  The publishing industry is
responding to the online  revolution as well - more than three-fourths of the
newspapers  and magazines represented in the study plan online  editions,  up
from 54% last year.  (Investor's Business Daily 1 Feb 96 A10)

                      "ALL THE NEWS THAT FITS THE WEB"
The  New  York  Times launched its long-awaited Web site recently,  featuring
updated  news,  real estate and job classifieds,  and the  crossword  puzzle.
There's  also  a  CyberTimes  section  that  focuses  on  technology  topics.
< >  (Broadcasting & Cable 29 Jan 96 p49)

                        NETSCAPE AGREES TO BUY INSOFT
Netscape, riding the wave of higher-than-expected fourth quarter profits, has
agreed to acquire InSoft Inc. in a $161- million stock swap.  Netscape  plans
to  use  InSoft's audio and video networking standards in its  Netscape  Web-
browsing and site-building products.   (Wall Street Journal 1 Feb 96 B2)

More  than  1,400 new computer viruses were detected last year, boosting  the
number  of  known  viruses  by  23%, to 7,400,   according  to  S&S  Software
International, a maker of anti-virus software.  The company says its research
team  confronts   150  to 200 new viruses each month.   (Investor's  Business
Daily 1 Feb 96 A10)

In  a  story  suggesting that reports of Apple's death  may  be  exaggerated,
MacWeek  says that the research freeze that was  announced by Apple's  senior
vice  president  of  R&D was not as dire as reported by "a  negative  press."
MacWeek  says  that the vice president's memo "did not call for a  freeze  in
any  spending  category.  The  memo encouraged  managers  to   examine  their
outflows  and  to determine what are necessities."  (MacWeek  Online  30  Jan

                           GATES KIBITZES ON APPLE
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates says about Apple's current woes:  ''I think that the
tendency  when people look at Apple is to  sort of put their business  school
hat  on  and  think, 'Well, there must be some business school approach  here
that's   missing.   All  business strategies depend  on  a  certain  rate  of
execution, a certain rate, in this case, of engineering  innovation."   Gates
thinks  Apple's strategies " could actually work if their pace of engineering
had  been adequate. ...   Let's say Copland [the next Apple operating system,
still  in development] was shipping today, then Apple could devote   more  to
some  of the Internet things that could be very useful to them.  So, I  think
it's  too  easy  to  talk  about these things  in pure  business  school-type
theory.''  (San Jose Mercury Center News 31 Jan 96)

                           EXPLORER FOR MACINTOSH
Microsoft  has released a beta test version of Microsoft's Internet  Explorer
for  the  Macintosh:  <   >.
(New York Times 30 Jan 96 B8) ... Corrected URL from Edupage 30 Jan 96

                        EDUCATIONAL COMPUTING COSTS?
Will  networked computers reduce school computing costs?  Some say  no.   The
president  of  Cambridge,  Mass.-based  Learningways,  an  online  curriculum
delivery service, says:  "The issue is that someone must provide storage.  It
has  to  be there, one way or another -- either you'll pay for it as part  of
the  hardware costs up front or as a service fee down the  road." (Electronic
Learning Jan/Feb 96 p8)

                         TELECOM TAX TO SUPPORT CBC
A  task  force examining the future of the Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation
contends  the  TV  network can maintain all  current services  and  networks,
eliminate most commercials, dump all American programming, increase  Canadian
content   and still save the government $800-million annually, but  it  would
cost  consumers an extra $4 to $9 monthly through a  special  tax  on  cable,
phone and satellite services.   (Toronto Globe & Mail 1 Feb 96 A1 & A13)

Intel says it plans to cut prices drastically on its microprocessor chips, so
that a computer that costs $3,000 today can be  bought for $1,200 by the  end
of  the year.  Entry-level machines by that time may be powered by chips that
run as fast as 133 megahertz.  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1 Feb 96 E3)

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       Educom -- Transforming Education Through Information Technology

Integrity Master STR Infofile

                              Integrity Master

Integrity Master provides complete, easy to use, data integrity for your PC
plus virus protection. It can also be used  to provide file change management
and security on your PC.  It scans for viruses like other anti-virus products
but it also  protects you against more than just viruses. It works smoothly
under Win95 and OS/2.

Integrity Master provides function and performance far beyond any other anti-
viral or data integrity software, yet is easy  enough for novice users.
Integrity Master is written 100% in assembly language and provides the utmost
in speed and  small size.

It is certified as a virus scanner by the National Computer Security
Association (NCSA).

Integrity Master won the Shareware Industry award for best Utility of 1995 at
SSS in Scottsdale, Arizona recently.

Integrity Master is the recommended anti-virus in "The 1995 PC Magazine PC
Buyer's Guide" and recommended by  John Dvorak in his "Inside Track" column
in PC Magazine (see below).

Distinguishing features:

z    Integrity Master recognizes known viruses by name and will describe
  their characteristics and then allow you to (optionally) remove them.

z    It can detect not only existing viruses, but also as yet unknown
  viruses.  Unlike other programs, which you must  constantly update to keep
  ahead of the current crop of viruses, Integrity Master continues to protect

z    Unlike other programs, it detects sectors and files which were damaged
  by a virus not just those that were infected.

z    Integrity Master understands which files and areas on your disk are
  special and provides special specific diagnosis and recovery if these areas
  have changed.

z    Integrity Master can reload system sectors on disks which are so badly
  damaged that DOS can no longer recognize them.

z    Integrity Master detects any form of file or program corruption, not
  just that caused by viruses.  This makes Integrity  Master a useful tool to
  provide PC security, change management and hardware error detection.  Why
  spend your time  merely checking for viruses when you give your PC a complete
  check out with Integrity Master?

z    Integrity Master provides easy to use menus with context sensitive help
  plus a complete tutorial.  Integrity Master is  designed so you can start
  using it immediately -- no need to open the manual!

z    Integrity Master is useful as an aid to PC security. If someone changes,
  adds or deletes any of your files you will know.

z    Integrity Master is useful with disk diagnostics.  You can run your
  normal test programs to check if your disk drive is  working OK right now,
  but was it working correctly at 3 PM yesterday?  Integrity Master will detect
  any disk errors which caused data damage earlier.

z    You just restored your files from a backup.  Are all the files really
  OK?  Integrity Master will tell you.

z    You just deleted *.BAT rather than *.BAK.  Integrity Master will tell
  you exactly which files you need to restore.

z    Your hard disk is having problems.  Now DOS will not even recognize it
  as a disk.  IM can diagnose and then reload your partition and boot sectors
  to "fix" your disk!

John Dvorak wrote in the May 17, 1994 (V13#9) PC Magazine "Inside Track"

"Genuinely Interesting Software Dept.: A friend of mine called me a month ago
telling me that he had made the mistake  of booting his machine on a Sunday
when that old Michaelangelo virus would activate. It did. No backups, either.
In time  for the next year's outbreak, it's not too late to get what's
considered by almost all experts to be the current state-of-the- art anti-
virus package on the market:

Integrity Master from:
                              Stiller Research
                              2625 Ridgeway St.
                        Tallahassee, FL 32310, U.S.A.
                   phone, 1-800-788-0787,  1-314-256-3130

In a side-by-side comparison, this product beats everything on the market.
with its built-in scanner, Integrity Master will not only find every known
virus, it will also handle polymorphic and other  odd type viruses.  This is
the anti-virus software I use. It's only $39.95 in the U.S. and $44.50
elsewhere.  Shipping and  handling is included in the price. Get this package
and you will be glad you did."

What's New?

Version 2.61a released 1-31-96

z    IM now offers an additional option when it finds a directory with no
  integrity data. It will offer to ignore (skip  checking) the current and
  lower directories.

z    .SID files are no longer needed. Integrity Master now returns more
  detailed information for system sector changes and  avoids reporting changes
  when Win95 changes the serial number in floppy boot sectors.

z    Additional support for recognizing devices under OS/2 and Win95.

z    The ReLoad menu has a new option titled, "Partition Boot code" and there
  is a new associated command line switch:  "/RE". This will check the
  partition table and replace the executable code in the partition sector (AKA
  Master Boot  Record) with a clean self-checking program.  This can be used to
  remove boot sector viruses from your hard disk when  IM has no reload data.
  This code is compatible with DOS 2.1 or later, OS/2, Win 95, Win NT and other
  operating systems.

z    The ReLoad menu has a new option titled, "Floppy Boot Sector" and there
  is a new associated command line switch:  "/RF". This will check the disk
  parameters and replace the executable code in the boot sector with a clean
  self-checking  program and can correct the disk parameters (diskette type,
  size, # of tracks, etc.) if needed. This can be used to remove  boot sector
  viruses from floppy diskettes when IM has no reload data.

z    The option "Ignore Time/date changes > on/OFF" is now set to "on"
  in most cases and its function has been  improved. IM will now check for date
  or time changes even if this options is set to "ON" but it will not display
  the change if the only change to the file is its date or time stamp.

z    The Windows configuration is corrected for Win 95 (in some cases the IM
  Windows setup program (IMWIN.EXE)  would install the wrong command line

z    IM now displays (and writes to the report file) when integrity data
  update is turned off because of detected file  corruption during unattended

Kids Computing Corner
Frank Sereno, Editor

                         The Kids' Computing Corner
                           edited by Frank Sereno
At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, The Learning Company announced four
new educational software titles scheduled for late winter or spring release.
These new programs cover a variety of subject matter and a wide age range of

Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library 3 will be the first title
available.  Children ages five to eight will read and enjoy two classic
tales, The Princess and the Pea and The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg.  Each
story will be told from three perspectives, that of a narrator (Reader
Rabbit) and those of two characters in the story.  Children can read along
with the computer narration or read independently.  Each page is beautifully
illustrated and animated.  This program will be available for both Macintosh
and Windows computers at an estimated price of $50.

Next, The Learning Company is introducing Ultimate Writing & Creativity
Center.  Designed for children ages six to ten, this program gives children a
full-featured word processor along with a paint program and a multimedia
presentation theater.  The word processor includes a spell-checker, thesaurus
and numerous fonts.  The package also includes 650 clip art pictures and 40
animations.  To inspire children's creativity, a Prewriting section is filled
with more than 1000 writing projects and ideas.  Retail price is estimated to
be $50 and the program will be available in Spring '96 for both Windows and
Macintosh computers.

Most people are familiar with the three R's, reading, `riting and `rithmatic.
So naturally, the next program is the Interactive Math Journey.  Developed
for children ages six to nine, Interactive Math Journey is an open-ended
exploration of ten worlds and twenty-five activities.  Tally the Math Cat and
Pop the Math Explorer will lead children through the sequenced activities
with progressive difficulty levels.  The program was designed with the
participation of classroom teachers and follows guidelines from The National
Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  This program will be available in Spring
'96 and will retail for $99.  A school edition will follow in the summer.
Interactive Math Journey is the first in the new Math ExplorersT Series.

The Learning Company also announced Logic QuestT, a 3-D first-person game
which combines learning with medieval adventure.  The program uses the award-
winning educational content of Think Quick!r and combines it with the latest
in 3-D graphics technology.  Children develop numerous thinking skills
including logic, problem solving, strategic thinking, planning, mapping and
spatial awareness as they solve puzzles and navigate mazes.  They can also
construct their own 3-D worlds using the included creativity tools.  Logic
Quest is the first title in the 3-D Thinking Game Series.  This program will
only be available for IBM compatible computers running Windows 3.1 or greater
and will be available this spring for $45.

                          Score Builder for the SAT
             Separate CD-ROM versions for Windows and Macintosh
                             for ages 14 and up
                         estimated retail price $60

                            The Learning Company
                              6493 Kaiser Drive
                              Fremont, CA 94555
                            Program Requirements
     IBM                                     Macintosh
CPU:         486/25                          CPU:         68030
RAM:        4 megs                           RAM:        4 megs
OS:            Windows 3.1                        OS:            System 7.0.1
Video:        640 by 480 with 256 colors               Video:        256
Hdisk:        ?                                                  Hdisk:
CD-ROM:  Double-speed recommended            CD-ROM:  Double-speed
Misc.:         Sound card

Though its importance has been de-emphasized over the years, a student's SAT
scores can still have an impact on his entry into the college of his choice
and his first year curriculum.  Score Builder for the SAT gives students the
opportunity to study materials and to learn techniques which will improve
their scores.  While the program can't guarantee a double 800 score, students
can make significant strides if they are willing to do the work recommended.

Score Builder opens with a scratchy recording of Pomp and Circumstance, but
soon we hear the needle scratching the record and the music becomes high
energy rock with heavy metal guitars.  Obviously, this program is catered
toward teens.  This program should make them feel right at home.

Speaking of homes, the interface for the program features the electronic home
of Dr. Gary Gruber, a noted expert on SAT and PSAT tests.  He serves as the
host and guide of the program.  He is assisted by two friendly tutors, Maia
and Rance, who will use audio and visual presentations to teach math and
verbal skills along with techniques for solving test questions.

The program begins with a thorough introduction to the interface of the
program and the teaching concepts that will be used to increase your
knowledge and skills.  If you need help within the program, you can click on
an "800" icon.  The first step toward improving your SAT score is to fill out
the Goals questionnaire.  Based on past performance, your future expectations
and the time before the next SAT test, the program will state how many hours
per week that you must study to meet your goals.  To raise my test scores by
an average of 100 points in two months, the program estimated I needed to
spend twelve hours per week studying with Score Builder.  The next step in
using Score Builder is to take the four untimed Gruber assessment tests.
These tests are used by the program to design a custom study plan to
strengthen your knowledge.

Once the study plan has been designed, you can access it by opening the
notebook.  It has several tabs marking sections containing items finished,
items to do, a dictionary with prefix and root guides, and a math reference
guide.  To start studying, click the TO DO tab, then double-click on a
lesson.  Each lesson is presented with audio and visual aids along with
sample problems for practice.  Maia and Rance are very friendly and they
provide plenty of encouragement.  If you answer a practice problem
incorrectly, they will show you how to correctly solve the problem.   Lessons
are also included on intelligent guessing, divining the meaning of words, the
process of elimination and more.  The lessons are interesting, informative
and entertaining.

Three practice tests are given after each third of the study plan has been
completed.  These tests are timed and can be used to gauge your progress
toward your stated goals.  To make these tests as much like the real test as
possible, the tests are on booklets and include answer grids to fill in.
Each test takes 2-1/2 hours, just like the real SAT test.  These timed
practice tests should help nervous students to be more relaxed at the SAT

Score Builder for the SAT does exactly what it is designed to do.  It gives
students the means to increase their SAT test scores in a structured, yet
entertaining way.  The program also has value in that it teaches important
math concepts and increases vocabulary.  The test-taking techniques should
prove useful for most multiple choice tests.  Backed by an outstanding 30-day
moneyback guarantee, Score Builder for the SAT is an excellent value and it
is simply the best program of its genre.

                              Graphics . . . . . . . . .  9.0
                              Sound . . . . . . . . . . .  9.0
                              Interface . . . . . . . . .   9.5
                              Play Value . . . . . . . .  8.5
                              Educational Value . . .  9.0
                              Bang for the Buck . . .  9.0
                              Average . . . . . . . . . .  9.0

                              MICROSOFT OCEANS
                               Windows CD-ROM
                       Suggested Retail Price - $59.95
                              One Microsoft Way
                           Richmond, WA 98052-6399

                            Program Requirements
                              CPU:         486SX
                              RAM:        4 MB
                              OS:           Windows 3.1 (Win 95 recommended)
                              Video:       640 x 480, 256 colors
                              HDISK:     8 MB
                              CD-ROM: Double-speed
                              Misc.:        Sound card, mouse

Review by Donna Lines

Like many programs in the Microsoft Home series, Microsoft Oceans is
edutainment at it's best.  This program will educate, entertain and fascinate
children of all ages (including adults).

Oceans packs 100 video clips, 1,000 photos, 1,000 audio clips, 100,000
definitions, plus 40 Screen Saver images (compatible with Microsoft Scenes -
available separately, $24.95 Suggested Retail) onto one CD-ROM.

Oceans provides one click access to its main features on the menu bar at the
bottom of the screen.  Each screen provides many options for further
exploration for hours of entertainment.  You'll also enjoy the guest
creatures that frolic across your screen at various intervals.  (If you get
weary of their antics, just click on Options, Audio/Video and turn off the

If you want a glimpse of the many species that live in and around the ocean,
just click on Marine Life.  Choose from several categories of animals, such
as fish, mammals, reptiles or sponges, etc.

The World of Water icon gives you the opportunity to see how the environment
affects the oceans and marine life.  In addition you can view information
specific to all six of the world's oceans (including the Mediterranean Sea).
Finally, click on Wonders Down Under to see special creatures and their
unique talents, such as producing their own light or the ability to shoot out
clouds of "smoke."

People and the Sea provides information on explorers of the past,
oceanography, shipwrecks, and the history of ships and submarines.

Choose Guides and select one of the six characters to give you a guided tour
of the ocean from their prospective.  Choose from an Oceanographer, Rescue
Worker, Solo Sailor, 18th Century Seaman, Scuba Diver, or an Alien Visitor.
(That last character sure is a stretch, but maybe your kids will be amused.)

Oceans also includes 17 interactive activities including games and quizzes.
You'll bump into these activities while exploring the many topics, but a
quicker way to access them is by using the Index.  Activities are indicated
by a beach ball.  Check out the activity called "How Big Does It Get" if you
like scaring yourself just before bedtime.

Throughout the program a lesson is being subtly taught...things cannot
continue as they have. Overfishing, pollution, etc., are having a devastating
effect on our oceans and marine life and the damage is irreparable.  A
portion of the purchase price of this product helps support the World
Wildlife Fund - a nonprofit organization of thirty years.  You are even given
an opportunity to become a member of the WWF.  Some folks may find this a bit
out of the realm of a software package's purpose and find it in terribly bad
taste.  Others may welcome the opportunity to participate in the WWF and it's
worthwhile cause.

Overall, I recommend Oceans.  The only drawback I found was the audio was a
little choppy on my system.  There are lots of beautiful photographs and the
videos are very well done.  It's an educational, yet fun program sure to
please every family member.

                           Muppet Software Contest
The deadline is past for the software giveaway and the two winning names have
been drawn.  The first prize winner is Walt Johnson.  He will receive his
choice of either Muppet Reading & Phonics or More Muppet Reading & Phonics.
The second prize winner is William Tiller and he will receive the title not
chosen by Mr. Johnson.  I thank everyone who sent in entries and I wish you
better luck in the next contest, whenever that may be.

That's all for this week's installment.  Thank you for reading this humble

Atari Interactive - software/Jaguar/Computer Section
Dana Jacobson, Editor

>From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

     It's been a fairly quiet week, for a change.  It appears that the news
of Atari's demise is still a bit premature.  While things in Sunnyvale are
still hectic with all of the restructuring, life is apparently still going
on.  I could add to the speculation, but I really don't see any point at the
present time.  It must be old age setting in...
     We're still getting responses from our request for articles, reviews,
etc.  Most responses are coming from Europe, which is interesting.  I've
"talked" with a couple of folks in the UK and we should start to see some
articles later on in the month.  And yes, the CDROM articles are still "in
progress" I wish that there was more time in the day to sink into them.
     Speaking of time, I've finally realized that it's time to again
reevaluate some of my needs with regard to "things Atari".  In the recent
past, I've added a Falcon to my "collection" of Atari computers.  Added a
CDROM setup and things have progressed nicely.  I've been running a BBS since
late 1987 on one of my first 520 ST machines, using MichTron BBS as my
personal choice for software.  I've been debating (mostly with myself!)
switching BBS software since I haven't seen more than an occasional note
regarding a software upgrade for MichTron.  One of the compelling reasons
keeping me from switching software has been the work that will be involved in
converting all of my work to the new system, learning a new system, and a
number of other factors.
     Well, the rationalizations have dissipated and I've [finally] accepted
the fact that it's time to move on.  Toad Hall BBS will get a new look
shortly (RATSoft BBS); and even the hardware supporting it will be replaced.
If all goes as planned, we'll be running Toad Hall on a Falcon with at least
a gigabyte of storage as well as CDROM capabilities.  At least one 14.4 line
and the hopes that the rumors for multiple phone line support becomes a
reality.  We'll still be supporting multiple platforms, but our focus has
always been Atari support, including the local Atari user groups.  We also
have a large Amiga community which should also flourish with the update and
expansion of the system.  I'm actually finally getting excited about the
change something I didn't feel would happen.  We'll also be looking to do
some networking something we've had in the past via some homegrown
programming (MNET), but has died out as other MichTron systems faded away.
So, once this all becomes a reality, we'll keep you tuned in.  We'll still be
an online support spot for the online community; and STReport will continue
to flourish in this northeast corner of the country!
     Well, that's my "good" news for this week.  It's fun to get excited
about a new project.  It'll be a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to the
new challenge.  I hope that you'll drop by and say hello!

               Until next time...

Toad Computers Announces New E-Mail Mailing Lists

Toad Computers is pleased to announce two new email mailing-lists aimed
specifically at Atari owners.  They're called ST News and Jag News and
they're the best way to get timely information about the latest products for
the Atari ST/TT/Falcon computers and the Jaguar and Lynx Game Systems,
To subscribe, simply send email to: OR
        (from Genie) and include the following line in the body text:
                   subscribe stnews  OR subscribe jagnews

For more information about the list before you subscribe, use this line in
the body text:

                         info stnews OR info jagnews

ST News and Jag News are moderated lists and will only contain posts from
Toad Computers staff. You won't get a huge volume of email - probably one to
three messages per week on average. Posts will be sent directly to the email
address you use to subscribe to the list -- on any online service from Genie
to Compuserve to AOL. The beauty of an email mailing list is that it is
simple -- it does not matter what service you have or whether you have a
graphical web browser.

ST News and Jag News will also contain special prices and promotions that
will be available only to list members.  Several hundred people have already
subscribed to both ST News and Jaguar News, and we hope you can join us too!
Please subscribe. It's free, of course, and you can always unsubscribe by
sending "unsubscribe stnews" OR  unsubscribe jagnews" in the body text of a
message to We think that whether you're a customer
of ours or not, you'll find our news service to be the best in the Atari
community. We firmly believe that the best way to make a sale is to tell the
truth, and ST News and Jag News will never contain anything other than what
we have verified to be true. We look forward to seeing you!!

Dave Troy
ST & Jag News List Administrator

David Troy --- ToadNet Information Services    []
Toad Computers, Inc.           (800) 448-8623 Orders America's Atari Source
(410) 544-6943 Info WEB:            (410) 544-1329 FAX
FTP:             (410) 544-0098 FAX-Back

Homa Systems  STR Infofile

                             HOMA SYSTEMS HOUSE
For immediate release:


Homa Systems House is proud to announce the addition of an encyclopedia
driver to its range of Multimedia CDROM drivers, the ATARI CD MASTER.
INFOPEDIA V2.0 was released for the PC Platform in December of 1995; it is
barely one month old.  INFOPEDIA V2.0 has been rated by popular PC magazines
as one the best encyclopedia & multimedia reference tools. It contains the
complete 29 volume FUNK & WAGNALLS NEW encyclopedia, with almost 27000
entries and 8000 photo and sound clips. It also contains Hammonds World Atlas
and the 1995 World Almanac & Book of Facts, and more!

INFOPEDIA v2.0, supports all of the above mentioned features, with its
unique, easy to use and modern interface.

z    You have access to all of the encyclopedia entries almost
  instantaneously (it is actually several times faster than the PC version in
  accessing the entries)
z    All the photos and sound clips are "LINKED" the their appropriate
z    Articles are linked to over 10000 TIMELINE entries
z    Powerful Search feature allows searching the entries for any keyword,
with "narrowing down" option
z    Photos are viewable on any ATARI computer at 2, 16 & 256 colors
z    Sound clips can be played on ATARI STE or better
z    Save and Print
z    Fully multitasking

z    One main window
z    6 TEXT windows with BOLD and Italicized text effects, where necessary
z    One picture window
z    One tools window which allows picture selection, sound selection,
reference selection, and  ...
z    Modern 3D interface on computers with at least 16 colors
z    Flying dialog boxes

System Requirements:
z    Any ATARI Computer with 4 Megabytes of RAM, Hard disk (3 MB free) and a
  monitor capable of at least 640x400 in monochrome.
z    Recommended system : TT030/FALCON 030 with 8/16 Megs of RAM and
resolution of 800x600 in 256 colors (and a hard disk of course).

                              US$          CAN$
ATARI CD MASTER, INFOPEDIA V2.0    34.95         48.95
INFOPEDIA V2.0 CD-ROM              59.95         79.95
Driver and Encyclopedia combo      84.95        118.95

* shipping is included in the price. Taxes are extra, where applicable. *
Method of payment: VISA/MC (3.5% surcharge), cash, money order, certified

We strongly recommend everyone to buy the DRIVER and CD-ROM combo (from your
nearest ATARI dealer, or directly from Homa Systems House) That way we can
assure exact CD-ROM match for the driver, since the CD-ROM is very new.

                             HOMA SYSTEMS HOUSE
                                P.O.BOX 52127
                             OTTAWA, ON  K1N 5S0
                             TEL: (613)722-0901
                             FAX: (613)722-9061
                                 GENIE: NIMA
          * INFOPEDIA v2.0 is trademark of Softkey Multimedia Inc.
  The Funk & Wagnalls New encyclopedia, The World Almanac and Book of FACTS
 1995 are copyrights of Funk & Wagnalls Corp. Hammonds Atlas is copyright of
                      Hammond Inc. All rights reserved.

                               Jaguar Section

All's Quiet...
NBA Jam Codes!

>From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

     As I mentioned in my opening remarks, it's been really quiet this past
week.  I don't know if that good news, or bad.  I'll lean toward good news.
People are still working at Atari; I've been talking to a few the past couple
of weeks they are busy.  Things are moving ahead.  I'd say business as usual,
but I wouldn't say things are back to "normal".
     I do know that Defender 2000 will be arriving in Sunnyvale on the 9th.
The folks at Atari do not anticipate anything that will keep this from
happening.  The long awaited (and likely final) Minter translation for the
Jaguar is almost here.  This new game should generate a LOT of excitement for
the Jaguar community; I'm looking forward to playing it myself!
     We're still waiting for an update to the game release schedule from
Atari.  We do know that there has been some shuffling around of release dates
and a lot of other changes.  That was one reason why we didn't print the
schedule in last week's issue.  We hope that the new schedule will be
finalized soon and we can include it next week.
     The latest batch of reviews are almost finished; we hope to have a few
of them next week, as well.  We also are waiting for the latest CD games to
arrive, as well as Space Ace and Defender 2000.  So, stay tuned as it's going
to be exciting with regard to the number of reviews slated to appear in these
pages in upcoming issues.  Other than that, there's very little to report
this week.  It's one of those rare weeks, in the dead of winter, that the
news is slow.  It's a good time to sit by the fire, turn on the Jaguar, and
play your favorite game or two.  It's also going to be a typical winter
weekend for most of the country  another good reason to stay in and relax!

               Until next time...

Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's coming

Current Available Titles
CAT #          TITLE               MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER
J9000          Cybermorph               $59.99         Atari Corp.
J9006          Evolution:Dino Dudes     $19.99    Atari Corp.
J9005          Raiden                   $29.99    FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
J9001          Trevor McFur/
          Crescent Galaxy          $19.99    Atari Corp.
J9010          Tempest 2000             $39.95    Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
J9028          Wolfenstein 3D           $29.95    id/Atari Corp.
JA100          Brutal Sports FootBall   $69.95    Telegames
J9008          Alien vs. Predator       $69.99    Rebellion/Atari Corp.
J9029          Doom                $69.99    id/Atari Corp.
J9036          Dragon: Bruce Lee        $29.99    Atari Corp.
J9003          Club Drive               $29.99    Atari Corp.
J9007          Checkered Flag           $19.99    Atari Corp.
J9012          Kasumi Ninja             $29.99    Atari Corp.
J9042          Zool 2                   $19.99    Atari Corp
J9020          Bubsy                    $19.99    Atari Corp
J9026          Iron Soldier             $29.99    Atari Corp
J9060          Val D'Isere Skiing       $39.99    Atari Corp.
          Cannon Fodder            $49.99    Virgin/C-West
          Syndicate           $69.99    Ocean
          Troy Aikman Football          $69.99    Williams
          Theme Park               $69.99    Ocean
          Sensible Soccer                         Telegames
          Double Dragon V          $59.99    Williams
J9009E    Hover Strike             $39.99    Atari Corp.
J0144E    Pinball Fantasies        $59.99    C-West
J9052E    Super Burnout            $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9070          White Men Can't Jump     $49.99    Atari Corp.
          Flashback           $59.99    U.S. Gold
J9078E    VidGrid (CD)                       Atari Corp
J9016E    Blue Lightning (CD)      $59.99    Atari Corp
J9040          Flip-Out            $49.99    Atari Corp
J9082          Ultra Vortek             $69.99    Atari Corp
C3669T    Rayman              $69.99    Ubi Soft
          Power Drive Rally        $69.99    TWI
J9101          Pitfall                  $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9086E    Hover Strike CD          $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9031E    Highlander I (CD)        $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9061E    Ruiner Pinball           $59.99    Atari Corp.
          Dragon's Lair            $69.99    Readysoft
J9097E    Missile Command 3D       $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9091E    Atari Karts              $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9044E    Supercross 3D            $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9106E    Fever Pitch Soccer       $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9043E    I-War                    $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9069          Myst (CD)           $59.99    Atari Corp.
          Primal Rage              $69.99    Time Warner
          Battlemorph              $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9055          Baldies                  $59.99    Atari Corp.
J9089          NBA Jam TE               $69.99    Atari Corp.
          Zoop                $49.99    Atari Corp.
          Space Ace           $59.99    Readysoft

Available Soon
CAT #          TITLE               MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER
          Defender 2000            TBA       Atari Corp.
          Fight For Life           TBA       Atari Corp.
          ...Mutant Penguins       $59.99         Atari Corp.
          World Tour Racing        TBA       Atari Corp
          Breakout 2000            $49.99         Atari Corp.
          Max Force           $59.99              Atari Corp.
J9021          Brett Hull Hockey        $69.99         Atari Corp.

Hardware and Peripherals
CAT #          TITLE               MSRP      MANUFACTURER
J8001          Jaguar (no cart)              $99.99         Atari Corp.
J8904          Composite Cable          $19.95
J8901          Controller/Joypad        $24.95         Atari Corp.
J8905          S-Video Cable            $19.95
          CatBox                   $69.95         ICD
J8800          Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99   Atari Corp.
J8908          JagLink Interface        $29.95         Atari Corp.
J8910          Team Tap
          4-Player Adapter)        $29.95         Atari Corp.
J8907          Jaguar ProController          $29.95         Atari Corp.
J8911          Memory Track             $29.95         Atari Corp.
J8909          Tempest 2000:
          The Soundtrack           $12.99         Atari Corp.

Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

                          Mindscape Names New Chief
John  Moore,  former CEO of children's book publisher Western Publishing  Co.
Inc.,  has  been named the new CEO of  software publisher Mindscape  Inc.   A
statement  from  Novato, California, notes Moore is familiar  to  Mindscape's
London-based  owner  Pearson Plc, because before Western Publishing,  he  was
president of Penguin USA, which also is  part of the Pearson group.   "It  is
especially pleasing to have attracted John Moore back to the Pearson  group,"
says   Frank Barlow, Pearson's managing director.  Before joining Penguin  in
1991, Moore spent 10 years running toy and  game company Parker Brothers.  At
Mindscape, chairman Bob Lloyd, the former CEO, will continue as the company's
non-executive chairman.

Jaguar Cheats, & Hints STR InfoFile Solving Those Riddles!

>From CompuServe's Atari Gaming & Video Games Central Forums comes these NBA
Jam TE codes, courtesy of Larry Tipton:

Note: Remember to turn off tournament mode before entering codes.

 Adisak / High Voltage Programmer
 Enter initials: "ALP" using Option+C, Option+B, Option+A.
 Larry Bird
 Enter initials: "BRD" using Option+A, Option+C, Option+A.
 Bill Clinton
 Enter initials: "CIC" using Option+B, A,B, or C,
 DJ Jazzy Jeff
Enter initials: "JAZ" using Option+A, Option+A, Option+C.
 Hugo, the Hornets' Mascot
Enter initials: "HGO" using Option+A, Option+C, A, B, or C.
 Baby Body Code
At "Tonight's Matchup" screen, enter the following:
 B, A, B, Up, Down, Left, Right
     --Larry T./Ass't Sysop

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File format Requirements for Articles

                          File Format for STReport

     All articles submitted to STReport for publication must be sent in the
following format.  Please use the format requested.  Any files received that
do not conform will not be used.  The article must be in an importable word
processor format for Word 7.0.. The margins are .05" left and 1.0" Monospaced
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z    No Indenting on any paragraphs!!
z    No underlining!
z    Column Format shall be achieved through the use of tabs only.  Do NOT
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z    No ASCII "ART"!!
z    There is no limits as to size, articles may be split into two if lengthy
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z    Artwork (pictures, graphs, charts, etc.)should be sent along with the
article separately
z    Please use a single font only in an article.  TTF CG Times 11pt. is
preferred. (VERY Strong Hint)

     If there are any questions please use either E-Mail or call.

     On another note. the ASCII version of STReport is fast approaching the
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shall STReport.  All in the name of progress and improved readability.  The
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issue is running approximately 15 to 1 over the ASCII edition.  Besides,
STReport will not be caught in the old, worn out "downward compatibility
dodge" we must move forward.

Many grateful thanks in advance for your enthusiastic co-operation.

                         Ralph F. Mariano,  Editor
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ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

On CompuServe

compiled by
Joe Mirando

     Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  This has been one heck of a winter so
far... That damned flu that has come to visit me  twice this season has again
returned to make my life interesting.  Nothing too debilitating you
understand, just the chills,  a queasy stomach, and a constant headache.  And
to make things more interesting, it's supposed to snow again this  weekend
here in the Northeast.
     Well, I'll survive.  At least I can sit back and cruise around
CompuServe to see what's new.  You probably think that  because this column
is taken from CompuServe that I'm just hyping it.  But that's not true.
CompuServe was my first  online stomping ground and remains my favorite.
It's a great place to find whatever information you're looking for, to meet
people, find programs and such, and probably dozens of other things that I've
never thought of.
     Well, let's get on with the reason for this column... all the great
news, hints, tips, and info available every week right  here on CompuServe.

>From the Atari Computing Forum

To start with, it looks like the "community" Atari HMI program has a name
now.  Steven van Rossen, the project coordinator, asked participants to
submit their favorite names.  Unfortunately my choice wasn't used.  My
suggestion was  "Don't-CIS-me-off".  The front-runner in the name game takes
several things into account.  First, it gives the feeling of  striking out
over the ocean to find new frontiers.  Second, it makes reference to the city
in which CompuServe is based.

Bob Ledbetter tells Steven:

"Columbus is a great name for our project!!  Perhaps someone artistic could
come up with a logo which combines a  sailing ship and a computer, and maybe
a stylized "ST" in the masts or hull or somewhere."

And, just as the original Columbus must have encountered a storm, Frank
Heller posts:

"When I first joined CompuServe a couple of years ago, the "Getting Started"
magazine they sent me, suggested a program called STORM and listed the forum
to to D/L it from.

Today, unfortunately, I don't have a clue where I got it from...but I have
used it for a couple of years before finally  caving in by using a Mac
PowerBook for all my CServe stuff.

I hate to say it, but you can save literally hundreds of dollars yearly on
your CServe bills by switching over to a PC or  Mac NAV front end."

Okay, okay, so it wasn't the smoothest segue of all time, but hey, I'm sick!

Meanwhile, Sysop Jim Ness tells Frank:

"Or by writing a script for Flash or Flash II or Storm or any other
scriptable terminal program."

Frank replies:

"If you happen to be one of those "Deer In Headlights" types (like myself)
when it comes to scripting a walk through  CompuServe...the NAV stuff starts
looking mighty inviting."

Bruno Kozlowski tells us about his internet solution:

"I have recently found a solution to post articles to usenet thru with OASIS/NOS. Change the  NOS 0.42 version found in the
librarys here or in the OASIS 1.35 package by NOS_POP3, a 0.42 version
recompiled  with pop support (compiled in april 1995). This version have not
only the post office protocol support (usefull for us CIS  members only in
the future, when will support it...) but a different nntp
posting method: old NOS  uses the IHAVE command, not supported by the CIS
newsserver (it gives the <480 Transfer permission denied> error),  but
NOS_POP3 uses the POST command (the RFC 977 says it's the best method, the
IHAVE command beeing more designed for server-to-server posting) fully
working with all newsservers I tried so far.

Where to find NOS_POP3? You can try in directory
pub/umich/Network/Ka9q/Nos/ or another  aaue mirror. I'll try to
upload it in the librarys here soon. This archive contains only the NOS.TTP
and a FILE_ID.DIZ,  absolutly no docs or nothing else, but you can simply
replace the NOS.TTP of your OASIS installation, without any  change to
startup.nos... I tested all commands, it works, you have just a set of POP
client and server commands in addition.

Big thanks to Ancient Future and Guy Harrison who helped me in to find this solution!"

Sysop Keith Joins tells us about his latest challenge in using his Spectre
Mac emulator:

"A couple of days ago I had a Mac program crash (it didn't crash Spectre,
just the running application with a bomb  message.)  I tried to restart and
couldn't so I pressed reset, re-ran Spectre, and have been having problems
since.  When I  try and boot from the hard drive that contains System 6.0.4 I
get the happy Mac face, my startup pic loads OK but after it  loads the
screen clears and returns to the question mark Mac.  The first couple of
times I tried this I also had a couple of other INITs load OK before things
died.  Now just the pic loads.

I figured that the System files or hard drive partition got trashed so I
tried to boot from a Spectre format floppy (I have never been able to get the
GCR to read Mac disks on either the internal or external floppy) that
contains the System files.   I get again the happy Mac and the first time got
part of the Welcome to Macintosh display before the screen cleared and  the A
drive indicator started flashing.  Now I just get the happy Mac followed
shortly by the flashing A.  I then formatted  an MFS floppy, copied the
System/Finder to an ST disk using Transverter, wrote boot blocks to the MFS
floppy, and  copied the System files back to the Spectre disk from the ST
disk.  Booting with this disk results in the same scenario.  I  can't use
Trasverter on the hard drive as both Mac partitions are HFS.

Thinking there might be a problem with the GCR I switched the Mac ROMs to a
Spectre cartridge.  Same thing happens.   I have also reloaded Spectre 3.0
from floppy, just in case :).

I have run out of ideas.  Any other suggestions?"

Clay Moore tells Keith:

"I hope this does not sound to oversimplified,,but did you try rebuilding the
desktop?, it can be a good idea, 1st thing  after a crash, as the system does
not have a chance to update it...Its been a while,  but cant you hold down
ctrl and shift  while booting to make it automatically rebuild the desktop
file. it sounds like its getting far enough to do should  rebuild
the desktop before it loads your pic file...."

Keith tells Clay:

"I did try that, just forgot to mention it.  Thanks however for the

Eric Hall posts:

"When I bought Atariworks about a year ago, it included a coupon to get the
updated version at a reduced price when it  became available.  Has anyone
heard any news on a new version?"

Steve Norman tells Eric:

"I understand that it has been abandoned, and that the author has no
intention of doing the update because Atari abandoned the computer."

Richard Rives adds:

"Also, in reading some of the conversations about version 2.0 from beta
testers the improvements were not that major.

But I feel if they abandoned the computer they should at least make the
program available. (thats if no one else has rights  to it) and from what was
posted on Delphi, Atari released the software utilities that were included
with the Falcon  (talking clock, calculator, appointment/calander, SAM)"

Rob Rasmussen asks for help:

"I would like to print labels for disks and cassettes using either AtariWorks
or PageStream, but I don't know how to  make my printer (Epson Stylus or
Panasonic dot matrix) print small enough text in just the right places on the
labels. At  this point I'm more familiar with AW than PgS, but would like to
find some kind of template for either one that would  print the labels from a
database file in AW. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

Brian Gockley of ST Informer fame tells Rob:

"I'll put a copy of a disk label template that I did in the Library.  You can
have a look at that. It's called DISK_LBL.ZIP."

Rob tells Brian:

"Thanks again for uploading the AtariWorks disk label template. Now, only a
few questions, you knew this was coming right? <g>

It has a STD (database document, which could be whats on all the disks I want
labels for) and STW (word processor  document). I have printed your sample
STW, which has entries from 2 fields from the STD, and they look good on the
page, 3 across and 3 down. Looks like they will line up fine on label sheets,
which I don't have yet. If not I could possibly adjust this in page layout.
All 9 of the printed labels are for the same record though, and of course I
would want  one label per record, so how do I do that? Does the STD have to
be set up a certain way for the STW to get the info from each record?"

Louis Smith asks ICD:

"I have the LINK 1 and wonder whether it's worth getting the II.  Is there
much difference in the job done and in the  price?  In other In other words
is it worth getting it?"

Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Louis:

"Parity support is the main difference between ICD's LINK 1 (no parity
support) and LINK 2 (which supports parity)."

Will  Dwinnell asks for information:

"I have some questions about the analog joystick ports on the STe.  I was
wondering if anyone could tell me:

1.   Were they ever used?
2.   What the pinouts for the port are?
3.   How to access them through software (meaning I want to write software
which would use them)?
4.   If there is a good source for either plugs which fit these ports and
entire joysticks that will use these ports?"

Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Will:

"It is the same ports as used on the Jaguar. One can use Jaguar controllers
with some games that work with them. I do  know there are Falcon030 games
that use them but not sure of STe games (if any are available).

The Atari Compendium had some information on these analog (15-pin) ports
also.  The Atari Compendium is available in  both book and on-line form. The
online form is in HTML format on a CD-ROM disc. Pages B.29-B.30 has the
addresses  of the ports (joysticks), page 5,8 talks in realtive detail on
reading these controllers as well under the game controllers  topic. The book
is about $50 or at least it was when I purchased it and it has almost
everything you need for  programming the Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon030.

You should be able to find it at your local Atari dealer or try Toad
Computers since they seem to have almost everything Atari."

     Well folks, I'm off to ease my symptoms with a cup of "magic tea".
Don't get excited.  It is just good old Red Rose with  honey and lemon.  Many
years ago, while in the clutches of the demon flu, my mother made me a cup of
tea with just the  right amount of honey and lemon.  It tasted so good to my
dry palate that I automatically named it Magic Tea.  The name stuck and now
even my wife uses the name.
     So tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be ready to
listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING

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A wife and her husband were having a dinner party for all the major status
figures in Rome, Italy. The wife was very excited about this and wanted
everything to be perfect. At the very last minute, she realized that she
didn't have any  snails for this dinner party, so she asked her husband to
run down to the beach with the bucket she was handing him to  gather some

Very grudgingly he agreed. He took the bucket, walked out the door, down the
steps, and out to the beach. As he was  collecting the snails, he noticed a
beautiful woman strolling alongside the water just a little further down the
beach. He  kept thinking to himself "Wouldn't it be great if she would even
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of a sudden he looked up,  and the beautiful woman was standing right over
him. They got to  talking, and she invited him back to her place.

They were at her apartment a ways down the beach, and they started messing
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He ran up the stairs of his apartment. He was in such a hurry that when he
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at the snails all down the steps, then he looked at her, then  back at the
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                    "Come on guys, we're almost there!!"

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