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 From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      It seems its more appropriate to talk about a few of the most recent
 happenings than computers for the a moment since most everyone is
 preparing for Comdex and then the Holiday Rush .  First, about the O. J.
 Simpson verdict.  I have a few comments about this (only a few?)   Having
 had the opportunity to observe  the legal system  for some time from the
 right side of the law, I can understand the verdict a bit easier than
 some.  First, let me say I feel the verdict was a just verdict based on
 the evidence found and used by the prosecution.  While many have
 indignantly claimed that race entered into this case favorably on the side
 of the defense, I see it quite  the opposite.  It was the prosecution, in
 its zeal to place Det. Fuhrman, (now confirmed a racist) on the pedestal
 of infallibility by the early on exploration of the racist comments
 alleged to have been said by Fuhrman in the recruiter s office.  In so
 doing, they (the prosecution) opened the flood gates of witness
 credibility and thus, gave the defense an open door relative to racism. 
 Messrs. Bailey and Cochran took full professional advantage of the
 opportunity.  Of course they would have had nowhere to go had Det. Fuhrman
 not given them plenty of cud to chew.  Then comes Det. Van Adder who is,
 almost immediately, proven by an FBI agent s testimony to be a liar.  How
 could anyone in their right mind believe anything these two had to say or
 represent?  They made it utterly impossible to believe anything they had
 to say...  

      Then comes Marsha Clark & company guided by Gil Garcetti the LA DA
 who insisted upon having the evidence gathered at Rockingham remain
 admissible.  Had they conceded that that particular group of evidential
 items were  tainted  and allowed Judge Ito to rule them inadmissible, the
 defense would have lost a powerful wedge they eventually drove deep into
 the prosecution s case.  Ultimately, the jury would have been able to
 concentrate on the true merits of the solid evidence gathered at the
 actual Crime Scene as opposed to the peripheral, associative evidence; an
 alleged  planted  glove, a pair of  spiked and still wet  socks, a
 convenient and extremely tiny smudge of blood found in the Bronco and the
 commentary about a missing overnight bag.  All of which, played a powerful
 and decisive role in the derailment of the prosecution s case.  

      The final damaging blows came from the extremely overconfident
 attitude the prosecution s Clark and Darden repeatedly exhibited.  If they
 each told the jury and the "world" they had a sure conviction because of
 the  mountain of evidence once, they said it at least a thousand times..
 who were they trying to convince?  Themselves, the public or the Jury? 
 They, by their actions and constant  objections  to  just about everything
 but the rise and setting of the sun  blew this case for them.  Of course,
 Hodge s  medical emergency  happening at such an opportune time during
 Cochran s initial statement that was tearing the prosecution apart was
 regarded as more strategic than medical by many including myself.  After
 all, it quickly went from a heart attack to gastronomical pains to
 excessive flatulence in less than forty eight hours.  Convenient at the
 time ..but not probable nor in the least, convincing.

      Finally, to see the LA DA gripe about emotion playing a part in the
 verdict is truly ridiculous.  Just about everything decided upon in this
 case was placed into an emotional atmosphere prior to and including the
 presentation of evidence, the testimony of witnesses and the summation of
 both the prosecution s and defense s closing arguments.  Emotion was truly
 the strongest single factor in this entire trial and I might add, never
 ever objected to by the prosecution.  So why does the DA now try to cry
 foul because of the use of emotion??  It was Marsha Clark and Chris Darden
 who did first inject heavy doses of emotion into the trial especially
 during and subsequent to their joint opening statement.

      In this corner we have Opal  and in the ever so blue corner ..we have
 Florida s Panhandle.  This has certainly been a record year for Hurricanes
 with Florida enjoying their, not so welcome, attention all too frequently. 
 Although none have compared to  Andrew  Florida s panhandle residents can
 certainly attest to Opal s fury.  If somebody comes knocking on your door
 asking that you donate a few cans of goodies for the folks in the
 Pensacola area, don t hesitate.  Lord knows they need the help.  Also this
 Sunday, please remember to thank God for the eternal mercy shown to all
 Floridians during this unusually active and vicious hurricane season. 
 AEO s editor, Travis Guy lives in that area, I pray all is well for him
 and his family.   

                                         Ralph ...

 Ps; by the time you read this... Our Domain, STREPORT.COM should be working 
 perfectly again.  Would you believe Opal knocked out one of the T1's to cap 
 this confusion?

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                    Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                    ------------------------   ----------
                   Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                        Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                -/- Clinton to Ease Computer Exports -/-

      Word is President Bill Clinton now is set to relax restrictions on
 exports of high-performance computers, handing what observers say is a
 long-sought victory to technology companies whose executives supported
 his 1992 election.
      However, the New York Times notes this morning that opponents of
 the move -- including some in Congress and within Clinton's own
 administration -- fear powerful U.S. computers will be diverted to
 military uses such as designing missiles or nuclear weapons.
      Notes the Reuter News Service, "Administration officials who
 supported the proposal before Clinton told the Times it recognized
 computer makers were making vastly more powerful machines each year.
 What the administration defined two years ago as a supercomputer
 requiring government approval for sale abroad was now a widely
 available desktop computer, they said."
      The Times this morning quoted administration officials as saying
 the proposal would help American manufacturers sell billions of dollars
 worth of powerful computers to civilian customers in China, Russia,
 Israel, Pakistan, and India. Exports to military customers in those
 countries would remain under tighter controls, they added.
      While Clinton has not yet formally approved the proposal, the
 Times says an administration official said Clinton had told Israeli
 officials last week he intended to liberalize the rules that have made
 if difficult for Israel and many other countries to buy Advanced U.S.

                -/- Study Says U.S. Leads in Telecom -/-

      A United Nations agency reports the U.S. is ahead of the rest of
 the world in preparing for the next big leap in telecommunications.
      Studying the number of phone lines, TV sets, and PCs per
 inhabitant, the report ranks the United States first among 39 countries
 in ability to use multimedia services combining telecommunications,
 broadcasting, and computing.
      Meanwhile, industrial giants such as Germany and Japan barely
 made the Top 10.
      Reporting from Geneva, Associated Press writer Alexander G.
 Higgins says the 232-page study by the International Telecommunications
 Union also ranked Denmark second to the United States, followed by
 Canada and Sweden. Tied for fifth place were Australia, France, and
 Switzerland, with the Netherlands eighth, Germany ninth and Japan 10th.
 India was in last place among the 39 nations.
      The report was released in advance of the opening today of
 Telecom '95, the world's once-in-four-years chance to try out the
 latest technology and dream about the future.
      Notes Higgins, "The agency said no one really knows exactly how
 people will be using telecommunications to get information, entertain
 themselves and talk to each other in coming years. But it says one
 thing is sure: The countries with extensive phone and cable TV systems
 and with telephones, computers and television sets all in the same home
 or office are in the best position."
      Grouping all three types of technology under what it calls the
 "info-communications industry," a sector the report says has become
 practically recession-proof, with revenues last year of $1.43 trillion,
 or 6 percent of the world economy.
      Some other specifics:
      -:- The number of phone lines around the world surpassed
 645 million last year, more than one for every 10 people. Growth has
 been especially fast in China and other parts of Asia.
      -:- The world now has 1.2 billion television sets and 180 million
 personal computers.
      -:- The biggest growth in telecommunications has been
 international telephone calls, which totaled 53 billion minutes in
 1994, three times as much as a decade.
      -:- Almost 20 million people acquired mobile cell phones last
 year, bringing to more than 50 million the number of cellular
      -:- Cable TV systems over the past decade increased 12 percent,
 satellite-to-home TV 42 percent and the number of Internet users
 113 percent.
      The agency also commented that the Internet may be only a
 precursor of what will link computers. Says Higgins, "It could be a new
 network for computers or a system of intelligent television sets,
 offering video-on-demand and wide range of business, games and
 entertainment possibilities."
      AP released this list of ranking by the UN agency of the readiness
 of 39 major countries, based on the number of phone lines, television
 sets and personal computers per 100 people.

   1. United States 29.7
   2. Denmark 19.3
   3. Canada 17.5
   4. Sweden 17.2
   5. Australia 21.7
   5. France 14.0
   5. Switzerland 28.8
   8. Netherlands 15.6
   9. Germany 14.4
   10. Japan 12.0
   11. Britain 15.1
   12. Austria 10.7
   12. Belgium 12.9
   12. Singapore 15.3
   15. Hong Kong 11.3
   16. Italy 7.2
   17. Spain 7.0
   18. South Korea 11.2
   19. Taiwan 8.1
   20. Hungary 3.4
   21. Czech Republic 3.6
   22. Israel 9.0
   23. Greece 2.9
   24. Portugal 5.0
   25. Argentina 1.7
   26. Poland 2.2
   27. Russia 1.0
   28. Malaysia 3.3
   29. Chile 3.1
   30. Turkey 1.1
   31. Mexico 2.2
   32. Brazil 0.9
   33. Venezuela 1.3
   34. South Africa 2.2
   35. Thailand 1.2
   36. China 0.2
   37. Philippines 0.6
   38. Indonesia 0.3
   39. India 0.1

                   -/- IBM to Sell PC's Birthplace -/-

      IBM Corp. will likely sell its historic Boca Raton, Florida,
 research facility, the birthplace of the IBM PC in 1981, reports the
 Wall Street Journal.
      According to the newspaper, the 550-acre property, which is
 divided into two sites encompassing two million square feet of office
 space, will probably go on the market later this year. But an IBM
 spokesman adds that the decision isn't yet final.
      IBM announced yesterday that it is moving 800 OS/2 software
 developers and marketing professionals from Boca Raton to Austin,
 Texas. The move is designed to consolidate IBM's software development
 operations and to improve efficiency, says the company.
      At its peak in the mid-1980s, when IBM was at the top of its PC
 game and developing OS/2 with Microsoft Corp., the Boca site employed
 some 9,600 people.
      Last year, the IBM PC division began consolidating in Raleigh,
 North Carolina, while software operations have headed to Austin. Over
 the past several months, one-third of the Boca work force has been
 either moved or laid off.
   The facility was purchased by IBM in 1968.

                -/- JVC Plans California CD-ROM Plant -/-

      Victor Co. of Japan Ltd. -- widely known in the United States as
 JVC -- plans to invest some $35 million to build a plant to make CD-ROM
 discs in Sacramento, California.
      Reporting from Tokyo, the Reuter News Service says the plant,
 scheduled to start operations a year from now, will have the capacity
 to produce three million CD-ROMs a month.
      JVC currently has a CD and CD-ROM plant in Alabama, but a company
 spokesman told the wire service the firm thinks it will need another
 plant to meet increasing demand for CD-ROMs.
      The spokesman added that JVC is considering an additional
 investment in the future to increase the monthly capacity of its new
 Sacramento plant to ten million CD-ROMs in five to six years, but
 declined to elaborate.

                 -/- NEC to Nearly Double PC Output -/-

      In Tokyo, NEC Corp. says it has set a domestic personal computer
 shipment target for the year to March 1998 at 5 million units, up
 sharply from 2.8 million units forecast for the year to March 1996.
      The French Agence France-Press International News Service quotes
 NEC officials as saying the firm also will boost parts procurement
 division staff in Asia to about 150 from the current 50 in order to
 secure sources for low-priced parts such as cathode ray tubes.
      AFP notes that the company recently set up procurement divisions
 in Shanghai and Malaysia.

                 -/- Net Provides Rare Medical Link -/-

      The Internet is being credited with providing important
 information for a young British boy with a very rare disease that
 causes excruciating head pain. The youth will undergo surgery today in
 the United States, thanks to the Net.
      From London, the Reuter News Service reports parents of 9-year-old
 Matthew Fell of Worlaby, northern England, appealed for help on the
 Internet after doctors in Britain were unable to help.
      Says Reuters, "With only 14 cases of the disease reported in
 Europe, little is know about the condition that struck Matthew in
 January and affects a nerve in the face and head, causing constant
      Tim Fell, Matthew's father, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper,
 "We thought that by sending Matthew's medical history out on the
 Internet, we might get some help."
      It was through the network that the Fells were put in touch with
 the family of a young girl with the same disease and referred to
 specialist Dr. Peter Jannetta of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who agreed
 to treat him.
      Fell added, "We haven't been able to continue treatment over here
 because, although the surgeons have successfully treated old people,
 they have never had to treat a child. The surgeon in Pittsburgh was in
 the unique position of having treated a child before."

                -/- Matthew Fell in Stable Condition -/-

      Nine-year-old Matthew Fell was in critical but stable condition
 this morning at Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital after undergoing an
 operation for a nerve disorder that causes severe pain.
      As reported earlier the Worlaby, England, youth was brought to
 Pittsburgh for the operation after his problem became known on the
 Internet, which is being widely credited with providing the key
 connections in his case.
      According to United Press International, doctors operated Thursday
 to relieve pressure on Matthew's trigeminal nerve, one of the cranial
 nerves that serve the face and head. Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ian
 Pollack said the 2 1/2-hour operation went well, but added it might
 take a day or so to determine whether it was successful.
      Pollack said trigeminal neuralgia occurs when a blood vessel
 presses against the trigeminal nerve. It is more common in aging adults
 than in children.
      The wire service notes Matthew's parents, Lindsay and Tim Fell,
 initially took their son to various doctors and hospitals in England.
 When those efforts failed to find relief, they turned to the Internet.
      "Working with a friend in Belgium during the summer," UPI reports,
 "the Fells posted Matthew's medical information and an appeal for help
 on the international computer network. They found the home page on
 Internet's World Wide Web for the Barnegat Light, the New Jersey-based
 Trigeminal Neuralgia Association."
      Subsequently, they talked to Dr. Peter Jannetta, Pennsylvania's
 health secretary, a University of Pittsburgh neurosurgeon and one of
 the world's leading authorities on treating trigeminal neuralgia.

                  -/- CD-ROM Magazine Links to CIS -/-


      Multimedia World and CompuServe Inc. are teaming up to produce the
 first monthly CD-ROM magazine with hyperlinks to the Internet and an
 online service.
      Beginning with its November issue, Multimedia World will
 distribute a special edition of its CD-ROM companion, Multimedia World
 LIVE!, with every newsstand copy for the cover price of $4.95. The
 customized version of LIVE! incorporates numerous hyperlinks to both
 the CompuServe Information Service and the World Wide Web, using
 CompuServe's interface software. By selecting one of these hyperlinks,
 LIVE! users will be able to launch directly to related sites either on
 the CompuServe Information Service or on the Web, such as Multimedia
 World's home page at
      "LIVE's seamless integration of online hyperlinks represents a new
 and dynamic way for our readers to access the information they want,"
 says Russell Glitman, Multimedia World's editorial director. "If
 readers are interested in more background on a certain topic, a link
 can connect them immediately to additional editorial content that
 resides online."
    The November issue of "LIVE!" will contain "linked" articles on
 Multimedia World's cover story for that month and an interactive test
 report of video cards, CD-ROM drives and multimedia systems. It will
 also include a selection of games, utilities, clip media, and drivers,
 as well as links to popular online software libraries.
      "CompuServe is uniquely positioned to bring greatest value to the
 Multimedia World LIVE!'s customers," says William Hueter, CompuServe's
 senior marketing manager of advanced technologies. "Up to the minute
 online hardware and software product information, conferencing,
 messaging and electronic customer registration are all available
 through CompuServe on this outstanding CD-ROM."
      Multimedia World has reserved 200MB on LIVE! for interactive
 advertising, software demos, and hyperlinks to Web sites, allowing
 advertisers to display product demos and/or provide links to their
 online forums or web sites.
      Multimedia World is published by PC World Communications, a
 subsidiary of International Data Group.

                  -/- CompuServe Debuts Net Service -/-

      CompuServe's Internet division has announced the first worldwide
 consumer Internet service.
      Priced at $4.95 per month, the service -- code-named SPRYTE -- is
 designed to make the Internet available to every household.
      "For the cost of a burger and fries, every family can now join the
 Internet community," says Tim Oren, vice president and general manager
 of CompuServe's Internet division. "We're making it easy for every
 person to communicate with his or her friends, relatives and colleagues
 online, around the world. Having an Internet address and Web page are
 becoming expectations, just like the fax and phone number before them.
 We're growing the worldwide Internet by filling these needs at an
 affordable consumer price point."
      SPRYTE is the first worldwide Internet service to include free
 Internet software, low-cost, local Internet access in nearly every city
 and value-added services, such as the ability to create personal home
 pages. Available by the end of the year, SPRYTE will include three free
 hours of Internet access for $4.95 a month. Additional hours will be
 charged at $1.95 per hour.
      Through CompuServe's global network, SPRYTE customers will be able
 to make local Internet access calls in more than 96 percent of the
 United States and overseas in numerous cities such as Brussels, Tokyo,
 Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bogota and Moscow.

                  -/- Survey Profiles Net Citizens -/-

      Some 3.7 percent of American adults now are on the Internet. Most
 are men, earning between $25,000 and $75,000 a year. Some 5.8 million
 Americans have direct access to the Net. Another 3.9 million reach the
 Internet through commercial online services.
      Those are the key findings of a new survey commissioned by
 publishers O'Reilly & Associates and Trish Information Services.
      Associated Press writer Elizabeth Weise says that based on those
 figures, O'Reilly estimated the online world in the United States will
 grow by another 6 million adults over the next 12 months.
      Notes Nick Collins of Trish Information Systems in Hayward,
 California, which conducted the survey, "That's a 60 percent growth
 rate. We'd like our business to be growing 60 percent, for sure."
      Other findings of the "Defining the Internet Opportunity" survey:
      -:- 67 percent of individuals with direct Internet access were
 male and more than half were between the ages of 18 and 34. A further
 25 percent were in the 35 to 44 age bracket.
      -:- The median annual household income of Internet users in 1994
 was between $50,000 and $75,000.
      -:- The most common job listed for those who had access to the
 online world was sales, 19 percent, followed by engineering,
 15 percent.
 The next three job functions, 29 percent total, were information
 managers, administration and research and development.
      AP says the survey was based on phone and mail questionnaires. The
 first was a mail survey of 2,052 subscribers to the Global Network
 Navigator, an online magazine published by O'Reilly & Associates. In
 the second portion of the survey, 30,000 random screening interviews
 were done by phone to find 1,000 Internet users and 500 online service
 subscribers. The sampling error is plus or minus 1 percent.

                  -/- Hilton to Test Computer Desk -/-

      Hilton Hotels Corp. will test an in-room personal business center,
 called the Hilton SmartDesk, at four of its U.S. hotels.
      Ten rooms in each hotel will be equipped with a full-size desk
 (measuring 54 inches by 30 inches), a Hewlett-Packard 50MHz '486 PC, a
 color monitor, a fax modem and an HP OfficeJet -- a combination fax
 machine, printer, and copier. Installed software will include DOS 6.22,
 Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Microsoft Word 6.0 for Windows, Lotus Ami
 Pro 3.1, Lotus Freelance Graphics 2.1 and Microsoft Powerpoint 4.0.
      The desk will be tested at the Atlanta Airport Hilton and Towers;
 The Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.; the Chicago Hilton and Towers;
 and the Millenium Hilton in New York City between Oct. 3 and Nov. 30.
 Rates for SmartDesk-equipped rooms will range from $25 to $35 above
 regular business rates and include unlimited use of the SmartDesk
 components and support services.
      "Striving for a desk setup that mirrors the average office, Hilton
 SmartDesks provide equipment, software and services that business
 people normally utilize on a day-to- day basis," says Robert E. Dirks,
 senior vice president of marketing for Hilton Hotels, which is based in
 Beverly Hills, California.

                -/- CompuServe to Accept Advertising -/-

      CompuServe has decided to begin accepting online advertising on
 its main system as well as on its site on the Internet's World Wide
 Web, beginning by the middle of this month.
      Reporting from the company's Columbus, Ohio, headquarters, United
 Press International notes, "CompuServe, one of the oldest and most
 respected providers of online information (decided) the ads will be
 designed as selectable icons on online menus in both areas, with users
 required to select the link to advertising if they want to see what
 sponsors have to say."
      The move is seen as an effort to generate new revenues so its
 pricing can remain competitive.
      Other information services have carried online advertising for
 years, UPI observes, notably Prodigy, where ads appear at the bottom of
 each screen. "The acceptance of the Internet as a medium of information
 exchange has also greatly expanded opportunities for advertisers to
 reach online users," the wire service adds.

                -/- Internet-Cable Link in the Works -/-

      Development of Internet services to the home using cable-TV
 systems is the goal of a new partnership between Netscape
 Communications Corp. and a start-up company backed by
 Tele-Communications Inc. Financial terms weren't disclosed.
      The startup, called simply Home, told the Wall Street Journal it
 will use Netscape's Internet software as part of a proposed nationwide
      "The venture hopes to develop a network that will link cable
 operators and allow high-speed, two-way communications for personal
 computers," the Journal added recently in a report from Palo Alto,
      Backed by TCI and the San Francisco venture firm Kleiner Perkins
 Caufield & Byers, the firm will use a modified version of Netscape's
 browser. Netscape President/CEO James Barksdale will join Home's board
 as part of the alliance.

               -/- Apple Consolidates Internet Effort -/-

      Apple Computer Inc. has consolidated its Internet and online
 content and services development into a single division.
      Acknowledging the strategic importance of the Internet to the
 company, Apple has changed the name of its online services division to
 Apple Internet Services and enlarged its responsibilities. In 1996, the
 unit will launch a series of new World Wide Web sites and services. It
 will also make eWorld, the company's online service, a more
 Internet-based service. Additionally, the division will assume control
 of Apple's existing World Wide Web sites, currently managed by the
 Worldwide Marketing and Services division.
      "By consolidating our Internet content and services work, and
 focusing our online service on the Internet, we aim to quickly create a
 powerful and influential Apple community on the Web," says Michael
 Spindler, Apple's CEO and president. "We believe the Apple brand can be
 as renown in Cyberspace as it is in publishing, education, and the

                    -/- IBM Unveils New ThinkPads -/-

      IBM Corp. has introduced the latest versions of its ThinkPad
 notebook computer.
      The new ThinkPad 760 series features two models: the 760C and
 760CD. Both systems feature a Pentium microprocessor, a 12.1-inch color
 display and a a tilt-up keyboard that automatically assumes a
 comfortable typing angle when opened.
      The PCs also include an LCD display tucked into the keyboard that
 gives users a constant read-out of battery life and other system
 functions. Additionally, an on-screen point-and-click control panel
 displays features and functions as photos and icons.
      The 760CD also provides a four-speed CD-ROM drive and an MPEG-2
 video chip.
      "The new ThinkPad 760 notebooks are powerful alternatives to
 traditional desktop computers," says Joe Formichelli, the IBM PC Co.'s
 general manager of mobile computing. "Our customers will no longer have
 to buy and maintain two PCs for a single employee."
      Prices for the ThinkPad 760C and 760CD start at $5,349 and range
 up to $7,449.

                    -/- Soaring Chip Market Seen -/-

      Driven by strong growth in the PC market, worldwide semiconductor
 revenues will climb to $149 billion this year and hit $331 billion by
 the 2000, according to Dataquest Inc.
      The market researcher, based in San Jose, California, notes that
 semiconductor demand will continue to outstrip supply in 1995 and 1996.
 Dataquest does not expect capacity to meet demand until the early part
 of 1997.
      Capacity constraints will limit semiconductor revenue growth for
 the second half of 1995, but 1995 revenue will still grow nearly
 36 percent over last year, says Dataquest.
      "Our optimistic outlook for the chip industry is only clouded by
 the excessively long lead times for fab equipment and scarcity of
 skilled employees," says Gene Norrett, a Dataquest vice president.

                -/- Dispute Unravels Security Effort -/-

      Bickering is unravelling that alliance established earlier this
 year to develop a technical standard for protecting credit-card
 purchases on the Internet.
      As reported earlier, Microsoft Corp. and Netscape Communications
 Corp. have been working with such top players as credit-card rivals
 Visa International and MasterCard International Inc.
      "But this week," says reporter Jared Sandberg in this morning's
 Wall Street Journal, "the alliance split because of tensions between
 Visa and MasterCard and their respective technology partners, Microsoft
 and Netscape."
      Adds Sandberg, "Microsoft and Visa this week published a detailed
 description of a credit-card standard -- but with MasterCard
 conspicuously absent. MasterCard and Netscape now argue, in essence,
 that the Microsoft-Visa team is withholding the technical design to
 keep its approach 'proprietary' and charge software developers and
 financial institutions to use it."
      A MasterCard spokeswoman told the paper, "We're disappointed that
 Microsoft and Visa have opted unilaterally to take this approach,"
 adding the Microsoft-Visa details were incomplete, thwarting banks and
 software firms developing new applications. MasterCard says it refused
 to take part in the Visa announcement because it is "contrary" to the
 plans for a "single open standard."
      The Journal says the disagreement threatens to break down into "an
 all-out standards battle" over how to prevent computer vandals and
 intruders on the Internet from filching credit-card numbers and other
 sensitive financial data.
      "The losers," says Sandberg, "could be legions of users and
 companies eager to do business on the Internet. Banks would be forced
 to accommodate multiple payment mechanisms, merchants would have to
 choose one or another standard or incur greater costs obtaining both
 systems -- passing the costs on to Internet consumers."
      Meanwhile, "ego also seems to be at work in the Microsoft and
 Netscape face-off," the paper comments, quoting Netscape Chairman James
 Clark as asserting that Microsoft had demanded a 20 percent stake and a
 seat on the board of Netscape earlier this year in return for giving
 Netscape important technical data on Microsoft's new operating system.
      Clark made that comment yesterday in what Sandberg characterized
 as "an otherwise low-key panel discussion" at the Seybold Conference
 yesterday in San Francisco.
      Says the paper, "An audience member asked why Netscape and
 Microsoft are backing different standards for commerce on the Internet,
 and Mr. Clark replied that Microsoft is hard to work with and detailed
 the equity demand as an example."

                   -/- Apple Financial Chief Quits -/-

      Joseph A. Graziano is leaving as Apple Computer Inc.'s chief
 financial officer by the end of the year. He is stepping down, he says,
 "due to differences in opinion with the CEO."
      Reporting from Apple's Cupertino, California, headquarters, United
 Press International says Apple's board of directors reaffirmed its full
 support for President/CEO Michael H. Spindler during a regularly
 scheduled meeting of the board yesterday.
      Apple Chairman A.C. (Mike) Markkula told the wire service, "The
 board will continue working with Spindler to address the challenges and
 exciting opportunities we face in the dynamic personal computer
 industry. The unprecedented demand for our new products demonstrates
 the growing appeal of the Macintosh platform. We are committed to
 actively working with the management team of Apple under Spindler's
 leadership to create value for our shareholders."
      Apple said in a statement that Graziano, executive vice president
 and chief financial officer, announced his intention to resign as a
 director effective immediately and leave the company by year end.
      "Graziano stressed that the parting is amicable," says UPI, "and
 that he will work with Spindler to effect a smooth transition."
      On the situation, the Associated Press comments, "Due to a number
 of missteps, Apple has been unable to keep up with surging demand for
 its new Power Macintosh line, which was supposed to boost its lagging
 market share for personal computers. A shortage of parts and chronic
 underestimation of demand raised speculation that the company's board
 would look at significant management changes at its regular meeting."
      The wire service also notes, "While Spindler has enjoyed
 Markkula's support and has been credited with engineering the transfer
 to the Power Macintosh line, some observers have noted that Apple's
 board ousted John Sculley two years ago at a time of weak profits and
 doubts about the company's future."
      AP quotes Dataquest Inc. figures as indicating Apple's share of
 the worldwide market -- which fell from 9.4 percent in 1993 to 8.5
 percent last year -- has dropped to 7.4 percent in the current quarter.
      "Apple acknowledges it has misjudged demand," AP says. "The
 company forecast 15 percent sales growth this year, but it actually
 exceeded 20 percent."

                 -/- Piracy Costing Jobs in Europe? -/-

      A new report suggests Western Europe could create 87,000 new jobs
 and generate $2.3 billion in new tax revenues by the year 2000 if it
 can reduce software piracy to U.S. levels.
      Commissioned by the U.S.-based Business Software Alliance, the
 report says that more than 50 percent of business software used in
 Europe is illegally copied, compared with 35 percent in the United
      In Brussels, BSA President Robert Holleyman told the Reuter News
 Service, "Software theft is the single biggest threat to the ongoing
 health of the computer software industry."
      The BSA's report, prepared by Price Waterhouse consultants, looks
 at the economic impact of the losses in software sales due to piracy in
 Western Europe -- estimated at $4.8 billion in 1994.
      "Such losses," it says, "are a serious constraint on the further
 growth of the industry, holding back further job creation, adversely
 affecting investment decisions, and limiting the development of
 software products."
      Holleyman told the wire service that companies and organizations
 that made illegal in-house copies accounted for most of the theft.
      Says Reuters, "By comparing hardware sales to software sales, BSA
 estimates that the piracy of packaged business software in Western
 Europe stands at 52 percent and in all of Europe at 58.6 percent. The
 former Soviet republics were the biggest offenders in 1994, with a rate
 of 97 percent, while Switzerland had the lowest rate of 35 percent."
      In BSA's view, European governments need to:
      -:- Strengthen enforcement of copyright laws, imposing harsher
 criminal penalties and higher damage awards.
      -:- Make greater use of court-ordered "surprise" seizures of
 illegal software.
      The report praises Italy for reducing its rate of illegal copying
 from 83 percent to 50 percent between 1992 and 1993 by cracking down on
      Meanwhile, Robin Burton, BSA's director of European public
 affairs, says the BSA is targeting Spain this year, trying to reduce
 its piracy rate of 73 percent, adding that the group has set up a
 hotline for informers and offered a reward for tips.

 Arcada Backup STR Infofile

                        Arcada Backup for Windows 95
                      Backup Architected for Windows 95

      Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system brings a wide variety of new
 and exciting capabilities for Windows users, including long file name
 support, a 32-bit architecture and extensive multi-media support.  In
 addition, the WIN.INI file has been replaced with a more comprehensive and
 powerful repository called the Registry, which contains vital
 configuration and system security information.  These new aspects of
 Windows 95 make Windows 3.1 backup software one of the few classes of
 applications that does not smoothly transition between the two operating
 systems.  For that reason, Arcada has developed a brand new backup
 application for Windows 95.

      Arcada Backup for Windows 95 is tape backup software designed to
 protect the critical data stored on Windows 95 desktop computers.  One of
 the most important aspects of the product is its comprehensive device
 support for all popular floppy, parallel and SCSI tape devices.  This
 allows existing tape drive owners to maintain their investment in tape
 hardware, while upgrading to a new software package that is faster and
 easier to use.

      Arcada Backup for Windows 95 was developed from the ground up for
 Windows 95, rather than simply ported from our existing Windows 3.1 backup
 application.  It takes advantage of new enhancements unique to Windows 95
 applications, including 32-bit multi-threading.  Arcada Backup for Windows
 95 has been tested and approved by Microsoft to not only be compatible
 with Windows 95, but specifically designed for it.

      As users continue to increase their requirements for storage,
 reliable, consistent data protection becomes increasingly important. 
 Arcada has a long history of protecting data on Microsoft operating
 systems, such as supplying the native backup applet in DOS 6.x, Windows
 3.1 and Windows NT.

 Arcada Backup for Windows 95 is a "desktop" tape backup application,
 rather than a system designed to back up large network servers.  Arcada
 has a variety of other products -- Backup Exec for Windows NT and Backup
 Exec for Netware, for example -- specifically designed for a system
 administrator's requirements to protect vast amounts of heterogeneous data
 on the enterprise.

 What's New And Improved
 Long File Names -- Users can create long file names to suit their needs
 using Arcada Backup for Windows 95.  The products supports long file names
 and all new file attributes, such as Access Date, available under Windows
 95. (Windows 3.1 backup software doesn't intuitively recognize the long
 file names, rather it truncates them back to the 8.3 length.)
 Windows 9S Registry.- Arcada Backup recognizes the importance of the
 registry, ensuring complete non-intrusive recovery of system configuration
 information, such as installed hardware and system resources, security
 information, and user preferences.  Failure to handle the registry
 properly during backup (and particularly restore) may require reinstalling
 applications, reestablishing preferences, or in severe cases, prevent the
 computer from booting up.

 Plug-and-Play -- When used with compatible devices, Arcada Backup for
 Windows 95 automatically resolves any conflicts between tape devices and
 other hardware to automate its installation and configuration.  New device
 installation can present conflicts with DMA or Interrupts, SCSI IDs, or
 matching a driver to a new device.  With the support of Plug-and-Play,
 Windows 95 goes a long way to eliminate these problems.

 Wizards -- Arcada Backup's Wizards walks novice users through a backup or
 restore process one screen at a time.  This mode ensures users hav6 a
 choice of selecting each available option, while the system provides
 recommended defaults.  Even experienced users find the Wizards helpful,
 discovering features they never knew existed.

 Comprehensive Device Support -- Arcada has always provided support for a
 large number of tape devices.  Backup for Windows 95 expands upon Arcada's
 already widespread tape drive support, which includes not only traditional
 floppy and parallel tape devices, but also all popular SCSI tape devices.

 Job-Based Backup Sets -- Arcada Backup conveniently lets users create
 backup job files that can be saved, scheduled or edited at any time. 
 Users only need to select and back up files once.  After that, users can
 schedule the job to run in the background at any time or day of the week.

 WinFax Pro & Win 95 STR Infofile

 WinFax PRO  4.0 and WIN95

 Generally WinFax PRO 4.0 can run in WIN95. WinFax was made for Windows 3.x
 and has no forward compatibility, so there are some restrictions on using
 some modules of WinFax.  If you had installed WinFax PRO 4.0 before
 upgrading to WIN95, then it is recommended to make a re-install. If you
 installed also MS Office 7.0, then do the re-install after installing MS

 First Installation in WIN95 

 Insert the setup-disk in the floppy-drive and click on the START button. 
 You can install from the RUN menu or from SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL/ADD-
 REMOVE PROGRAMS.  Bypass the first setup-window asking for progman.exe by
 clicking on CONTINUE.  In the installation window select CUSTOM INSTALL.
 Do NOT install the macros. 

 Deselect the Application-Macros when you are using WIN95-applications (ie.
 MS Office 7.0), because the macro language has changed in the new
 applications and all existing macros can NOT be used. Do NOT install in
 directories with long names!

 It is strongly recommended, that you install in the given locations.  

 - Let the install do the test of the COM-port: WinFax can only install on
 COM-ports 1-4.
 - If your 28.8-modem is not listed in the modem list: Select the same
 model   with 14.400 bps (faxing is done on max. 14.400 bps) or select the
 generic  modem. 
 - Bypass the window requesting for changes in system.ini by clicking on
 NO. Do NOT install wfxcomm.drv, WIN95 must have his own driver named
 - In User-Setup fill in at least your CSID: Use only numbers. It is
 unlawful to use a modem without CSID in some countries and some fax-
 machines interrupt connections without a CSID.
 - After the install edit your autoexec.bat and add the exact path to the
 existing path-statement. The path could show then as follows:
   PATH=C:\;C:\WINFAX;  (assuming you have installed in C:\WINFAX)
   Edit only with an ASCII-editor, ie. Notepad, or use the system-editor.
   After setting the path, restart your computer, so the settings can take
 - If you have a DCSETUP failure: See below in "Error-Handling".

 Re-Install of WinFax 4.0 in WIN95

 Proceed as above (Install). Install to the same location as the existing
 WinFax-installation. Your existing phonebook, log-listing, attachments and
 cover-pages are NOT overwritten on re-install!  If you have a DCSETUP
 failure: See below in "Error-Handling".

 Installing the system-editor from WIN95

 If you want to look at the contents of your system-files or you want edit
 these files, then you can use the system-editor. Start EXPLORER (size down
 to half window) and search the file SYSEDIT.EXE in the system directory.
 Now click with the right mouse button on the Start button and click on
 OPEN.  Click twice on the Program folder. Now drag the sysedit folder and
 let it drop on the Accessories folder. From now on you have a menu option
 (in Accessories) for the system editor. 

 System-files: autoexec.bat, config.sys, win.ini, system.ini, protocol.ini
 and msmail.ini.

 Using WinFax PRO 4.0 in WIN95

 - You must set WinFax to the path in autoexec.bat.
 - Disable the background spooling of your WinFax-printer: In Control Panel
 click twice on the printer applet, click with the right mouse-button on
 the WinFax printer and select PROPERTIES. In properties click on the
 DETAILS tab, then on the SPOOL SETTINGS button: Select then "Print
 directly to the printer" and click on OK. 
 - If you want to print to WinFax out of any Windows-application, then
 start first WinFax (minimized) and use then the application. 
 - Before printing to WinFax you have to set WinFax as the default printer.

 You can do this on clicking FILE (main bar) and PRINTER SETTING... If you
 are using an application without the menu-item PRINTER SETTING, then you
 have to set the printer in Control Panel. Do not forget to set the printer
   back to your local printer, if you want print anything on paper.  
 - Never use long filenames to save attachments or cover-pages.


 DCSETUP failure on installing You have a Logitech mouse installed. Disable
 the Logitech-driver:
 - In Control Panel click twice on the mouse applet.
 - Select the GENERAL tab and click on the CHANGE.... button.
 - Mark SHOW ALL DEVICES and wait for the list.
 - Mark [Standard mouse types] and mark Standard PS/2 Port Mouse.
 - Click on OK and wait until you see the new driver, then click on close.
 - The computer must be restarted to take effect.
 - Now install WinFax as above.
 - After installing change WinFax  back to the old Logitech settings. If
 you don t change back and you have a three-button mouse, then the middle
 button is not available for future use.

 Installation failure on testing the COM-port
 WIN95 can install PnP modems on any port above the last standard COM-port
 4 and it does this, when other hardware (ie. Souncards, CD-ROMs) is using
 interrupts and/or addresses from COM 1-4. WinFax can only use COM 1-4. In
 this case disable (or pull out of the computer) all other hardware and re-
 install  your PnP modem. Reinstall  the other hardware in WIN95.  If the
 Delrina Test fails on your modem on COM 1-4, then it is possible that your
 modem is not compatible with WinFax. Contact the modem-maker.

 Your modem is not listed in the modem list 
 First check your modem manual to find an init-string for WinFax.  If you
 find the same make and a model with 14.400 bps in the modem list, then use
 this init-string. If all fails ask in the forum for help. If you are
 requested to send the test-report (filename deltest.log in Windows
 directory), then send this report by e-mail or by fax (the file doesn t
 fit in a forum message).

 Failure when clicking on the ATTACH applet
 - Attachments can always made in the send-window on clicking the MAKE
 - Clicking on the ATTACH applet in the normal log-view can not be handled
 from WinFax PRO 4.0 in WIN95. You can temporarily bypass on proceeding as
  - Close WinFax and rename the file attach.db (in the data directory) to
  - Restart WinFax and you can use for the current session the ATTACH
 applet.  Existing attachments are not listed, so you have to add these
  - When you shut down WinFax and you want use the ATTACH applet in your
 next WinFax session, then you have to rename again attach.db.

 Failure while recognizing in the OCR-engine
 If you have problems on recognizing a long text, then split up the
 recognizing on selecting pages 1-10 (first run), page 11-20 (second run)
 etc.  If you have a failure while recognizing, you can t shut down WinFax,
 so you have to restart WIN95.

 ATM fonts
 As per readme-file from Microsoft in WIN95, ATM fonts can not be used in
 most fax applications.

 Corrupted logs and/or re-installation on other locations
 If you re-installed your WinFax to another location (drive/directory)
 and/or you can t see your existing events, then the file log.db (data
 directory) is still pointing to the old location or the file is corrupt.
 Rename this file (out of WinFax) to log.old and restart WinFax. The file
 is rebuild and you should see the old events. The log-list itself is
 stored in the file
 status.ftm. If this file is corrupted (you can rename it too) then there
 is NO possibility to rebuild your existing log!
 The same is valid for your phonebook: phone.db is pointing to your
 phonebook.  The phonebook itself is stored in default.dbf. The same is
 valid for your attachments: attach.db is pointing to the attachment-list,
 named attach.ftm. 

 When you had a failure and the program shuts down, then on restarting
 WinFax you often get messages like "can not open phonebook" or "the COM-
 port is in use by another application". In this case restart WIN95 and
 WinFax will work
 again.  If you need help from Delrina, write in the forum to a person. You
 can see all names of the Delrina Tech Staff in the Sysop roster.

 The coming new WinFax for WIN95: WinFax PRO7.0

 Delrina today (August 9th, 1995) made a press release on the
 Communications Suite 7.0 for Windows95 the following is an excerpt
 specific to WinFax, this a very slick package. If you have a voice modem
 the voice features, are
 really great :

 Integrated Messaging
 In previous versions of WinFax, the software was able to send, receive and
 manage e-mail messages, along with faxes.  WinFax PRO 7.0 raises messaging
 to a new level, enabling users to manage not just e-mail but other
 types.  WinFax PRO 7.0 provides integrated messaging enabling users to
 manage all their fax, e-mail, voice and paging messages in an integrated
 messaging log (i.e. in box) and address book.  The software is a also able
 to mix messaging types, and for example, initiate a paging message to
 notify the user that an urgent fax or voice message has arrived.  WinFax
 PRO also completely merges with Microsoft Exchange, the e-mail client
 component in Windows 95, transparently sharing information.

 WinFax PRO 7.0 includes over 100 new features and functional improvements
 including the capability to transmit up to 1/3 faster.  Also, people can
 now fax high quality gray scale images, such as photographs, when using
 devices such as the WinFax Scanner.  Other enhancements include Post-
 it<tm> type cover pages, the ability to define recurring fax
 transmissions, automatic hard copy confirmations of transmissions, rule-
 based auto-forwarding/routing, and the award-winning Xerox TextBridge<tm>
 3.0 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine.

 Compiled by Peter Koerber, 100517,1256 (not from Delrina)
 September 30, 1995
 Reviewed by Michael Marriott

 Delrina NEWS NOTES STR Spotlight

 Delrina To Include Powerful Windows 95 Data Communications Software 
 with Cyberjack Internet Product

 WinComm PRO 7.0 Includes All The Features Users Need to Access BBSs, On-
 Line Services and Host Computers

 TORONTO, ONT -- September 19, 1995 -- Delrina Corporation (NASDAQ:DENAF,
 the leading supplier of PC communications software for Windows, today
 announced that it will include WinComm<tm> PRO 7.0 for Microsoft<R>
 Windows<tm> 95 in the box with its Internet product  Cyberjack<tm> 7.0. 
 WinComm PRO is a general purpose communications package for connecting to
 BBSs (bulletin board services), on-line services like CompuServe, MCI
 Mail, and Genie, and host computers through terminal emulation.  Unlike
 on-line packages that have evolved from text-based origins, WinComm PRO is
 graphically oriented, making on-line connections simpler and easier.  It
 also includes all the essential utilities associated with general purpose
 communications, like anti-virus technology and a ZIP manager for managing
 compressed files, in a single integrated package so users do not have to
 piece together such components from other sources.  The new version 7.0
 builds upon its tradition as one of the leading data communications
 products and:

 * Improves performance and usability with 32-bit, multitasking,
 multithreaded code, enabling complete background communications, plus
 other enhancements under Windows 95.

 * Includes Image Manager, a built-in image file viewer that lets users
 view image files as they are downloaded, and also lets the user edit and
 manipulate them.

 * Includes an integrated ZIP manager that lets users visually manage files
 that are in a compressed ZIP format.

 * Includes built-in virus detection through Norton AntiVirus<tm> for
 compressed or uncompressed files, to protect users from inadvertent
 computer virus infection acquired from a file that was downloaded.

 * Includes Delrina Basic, a new Visual Basic-like scripting language
 making WinComm PRO more easily customizable and programmable.

 * Supports RIPscrip graphics terminal emulation (Remote Image Processing),
 so users can navigate RIP capable BBSs with their mouse and experience the
 new graphically-enhanced bulletin boards.

 According to Delrina president Mark Skapinker, "Despite the mass appeal of
 the Internet, there is still a huge population of users that subscribe to
 bulletin boards, that work remotely and need terminal connections to their
 company's host systems, or who need a solid general purpose data
 communications package that can connect them to an on-line service. 
 WinComm PRO is designed to provide Windows 95 users with an integrated and
 comprehensive general purpose 
 package that includes all of the little utilities that surround on-line
 activities.  Rather than trying to piece-meal all these utilities and
 shoe-horn them on top of the basic communications you get in the operating
 system, we're including WinComm PRO in the box with Cyberjack.  The
 combination of Cyberjack for the Internet and WinComm PRO for general data
 communications, gives users a full-featured package to handle all of their
 on-line needs."

 On-Line 95
 WinComm PRO 7.0 is written to take advantage of all the new communications
 enhancements under Windows 95.  The software is full 32-bit, multitasking,
 multithreaded code, which delivers faster, more reliable data
 communications, even while running other computer-intensive applications. 
 WinComm PRO 7.0 also takes advantage of Plug 'n Play for easier
 installation and configuration of fax modems.  The software has also been
 written for full OLE 2.0 (Object Linking & Embedding) compliance, which
 allows users to do things like drag an on-line session icon from the
 WinComm phonebook directly to one's desktop.  For example, to connect to a
 particular session, a user would normally have to open the WinComm PRO
 program folder, launch the program, search for the session icon in the
 phonebook, and then click on the icon to launch the session.  If a user
 frequently connects to a particular on-line service, such as a stock price
 quoting service, they can drag the session icon directly on their desktop. 
 By clicking on the icon, WinComm PRO is 
 automatically launched with the complete session settings, taking the user
 directly to the service.

 The user interface of WinComm PRO 7.0 has been further refined based on
 Microsoft Office conventions (product is MS Office logo'd), which provides
 consistency, ease-of-use, and reduces the learning curve between it and
 other Office compatible applications.  WinComm PRO still maintains its
 advanced usability features like split-screen session windows, 5000 line
 backscroll buffer and context sensitive menus accessible from a right
 mouse click.

 Integrated On-Line Utilities
 In the past, users have had to source on-line utilities, such as an image
 viewer or compression software, from third parties, either as freeware,
 shareware or from more expensive commercial packages.  Furthermore, none
 of the utilities could work together.  WinComm PRO 7.0 includes a
 comprehensive set of integrated on-line utilities, including an image
 manager, a ZIP file manager and Norton AntiVirus.

 The image manager (Image Manager) displays most common image files (17
 types) so users can immediately view images that they have downloaded.  It
 also has the ability to display the image as it downloads, so a user can
 cancel their download if the file is not what they expect, saving them on-
 line connection charges.  In addition, Image Manager also provides some
 basic image manipulation features normally found in more sophisticated
 packages like Adobe PhotoShop<tm>, such as rotating the image, changing
 the color palette or adding additional contrast.

 The built-in ZIP Manager and Norton AntiVirus technology in WinComm PRO
 7.0 work in conjunction.  For example, compressed files cannot be checked
 for computer viruses, unless they are first uncompressed.  WinComm PRO,
 however, is able to automatically uncompress a downloaded file to check
 for viruses.  The integration of the ZIP manager and AntiVirus technology
 provides an important safeguard against inadvertent infections due to lack
 of care or the accidental launching of an infected file or program that
 has been downloaded.

 WinComm PRO 7.0 now has a new scripting language, Delrina Basic, which is
 completely compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic<tm>.  Scripts, which can
 either be written or recorded, provide users with the ability to automate
 tasks for on-line sessions.  In past versions of WinComm PRO, the
 scripting capability was 'C' language based, which is robust, but more
 difficult to learn and use than Basic.  The new scripting language uses
 the same conventions as MS Visual Basic, which is also the basis of the
 macro language used in all the Microsoft Office applications, such as Word
 and Excel.  The implementation of a Visual Basic compatible scripting
 capability enables a whole new set of users to automate their
 communications sessions.

 Accessing Graphical BBSs
 BBSs originated in a text-based communications world, but today BBSs are
 becoming graphical following an industry standard protocol -- RIPscrip. 
 RIP is the BBSs equivalent of the rich graphical interface that has
 popularized the World Wide Web for Internet users.  For example, users can
 now navigate RIP-based BBSs with their mouse, something not possible in
 the text-based world.  WinComm PRO 7.0 supports RIP, enabling users to
 access and experience the new 
 graphically-based BBSs.

 WinComm PRO 7.0 will be included in the box with Cyberjack 7.0 (a suite of
 Internet applications)  when the two ship in Q4, 1995.  The list price of
 the combination is $129 ($159 Cdn).  Both WinComm and Cyberjack are also
 included as part of Delrina CommSuite<tm> 95, which includes WinFax<tm>
 PRO 7.0 for fax and messaging, also available in Q4, 1995.

 Delrina Corporation designs, develops, markets and supports innovative PC
 software products and services in the fax, data and voice communications,
 electronic forms and consumer software markets. Founded in 1988, the
 company is recognized as the world leader in PC fax and electronic forms
 software.  Delrina recently announced a definitive agreement to merge with
 Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) of Cupertino, CA.  Delrina can be
 contacted for more information at 1-800-268-6082 or through Delrina's
 Internet Web site at



 September 28, 1995

                          INTERPLAY'S DESCENT GAME

      Irvine, California:  Interplay Productions announced today that it
 has commenced suit against Lasersoft, Inc. in the United States District
 Court for the Central District of California.  In its complaint, Interplay
 has alleged violations of federal and state trademark laws by Lasersoft in
 its distribution of software containing the label "DIMENSIONS FOR DESCENT"
 which has been sold for use with Interplay's highly popular Descent  game.
      After reviewing submissions from both parties, the District Court
 issued a temporary restraining order enjoining Lasersoft from selling,
 advertising, distributing or otherwise marketing any computer game bearing
 the distinctive trade dress of Interplay's Descent computer game, and
 further ordered Lasersoft to immediately take whatever steps are necessary
 to recall all copies of its "DIMENSIONS FOR DESCENT" game that are in the
 possession or custody of distributors or retailers which are packaged in
 trade dress bearing the metallic bronze and black of Interplay's Descent
 game.  Further proceedings have been scheduled for October 2.
      Founded in 1983, Interplay Productions is a company dedicated to
 manufacturing and distributing a wide range of award-winning Entertainment
 and Educational software designed by gamers, for gamers.  Interplay,
 MacPlay (the company's Macintosh division), VR Sports (the company's
 sports division), and its affiliates release products for IBM and
 compatibles, CD-ROM and Macintosh as well as leading console game
 platforms.  Interplay's OEM division represents over 200 titles from
 publishers including Davidson & Associates, Inc., Viacom New Media and
 Accolade to hardware manufacturers.  Interplay -.titles include Descent ,
 Dungeon Master II, The Legend Of Skulkeep, Frankenstein: Through The Eyes
 Of The Monster, Boogerman, Virtual Pool, BattleChess and Clayfighter. 
 More comprehensive information on Interplay and its products is available
 through the company's worldwide web site at

                                 Kirk Green

                            Interplay Productions
                             17922 Fitch Avenue
                             Irvine CA 92714 USA
                             Phone: 714/553.6655
                              Fax: 714/262.2820

 The Kids' Computing Corner STR Feature

                            Sammy's Science House

                   Hybrid CD-ROM for Win3.1, Win95 and Mac
                               for ages 3 to 6
                           approximate retail $35
                           from Edmark Corporation
                               P.O. Box 97021
                           Redmond, WA 98073-9721

                            Program Requirements

 IBM                                     Macintosh
 CPU:      386DX/33                      CPU:    Color Mac
 RAM:      4 megs                        RAM:    4 megs
 OS:       Win 3.1 or later              OS:     System 7.0.1
 HDISK:    2 megs free                   HDISK:  n/a
 VIDEO:    SVGA 640x480 with 256 colors  VIDEO:  256 colors, 13" monitor
 CD-ROM:   Double-speed recommended      CD-ROM: Doublespeed recommended
 Misc.:  mouse, sound card

 by Frank Sereno

      Sammy's Science House is a wonderful collection of activities which
 inspire children to learn about science.  Sammy and his friends make
 science fun and entertaining.  Children will not be bored with long
 lectures or forced to learn obscure facts.  Instead, children have fun as
 they experiment in Sammy's house.  

      Five activities are available.  Each has its own learning objectives
 but each is fun to play.  All activities have a "Question and Answer Mode"
 in which an on-screen character will query the child.  Four activities have
 an "Explore and Discover Mode" which allows your child to play creatively
 within each activity.  To go to an activity, simply click on its icon on
 the main screen.  Within each activity, clicking on the picture frame will
 switch play between "Q & A" and "Explore" modes.

      The Workshop encourages creativity and builds logic and analytical
 thinking skills.  This activity has three levels of difficulty.  In
 "Explore" mode, children choose pieces from a pegboard.  They can choose to
 match a blueprint or they can mix and match parts to make their own
 creations.  They can then use the simple painting tools to color the
 finished work.  In the "Q & A" mode, children are asked to assemble a
 particular object from the parts available.  They must logically decide
 which parts are needed and where to place them.  Higher difficulty levels
 have a larger assortment of parts and more parts are required to assemble
 the requested object.

      Children will learn about weather and proper dress in the Weather
 Machine.  In this activity, weather has three variables in temperature,
 moisture and wind.  Each is represented by icons and has three settings. 

 In "Explore" mode, children change the variables and then watch an
 animation to see the effects of the selected conditions.  The character in
 the animation will be wearing the proper clothing for that weather
 condition.  The "Q & A" mode requires the child to select the requested

      Sorting Station teaches children about scientific classification, to
 discriminate attributes between items and practice sorting.  This activity
 asks your child to sort items into classifications by placing them into the
 properly labeled bin.  The level of difficulty can be increased by choosing
 to sort between two, three or four bins.  Children can learn the scientific
 and common names of the objects by clicking on their pictures.  When all
 the objects are correctly sorted, the bins will dance in celebration.

      "Lights! Camera! Action!"  Your child becomes the director in Make-A-
 Movie.  Children learn logic, order and progression as he assembles scenes
 into the proper order.  Movies are made by clicking and dragging the scenes
 onto the proper frame of the film.  Once the film is assembled, he can
 watch it be played forward or reverse in Sammy's Theater.
      The final activity is Acorn Pond.  Children can learn about the
 environment, ecology and climate as they watch the effects of seasonal
 changes on the plants and animals at a small pond.  The screen shows a
 cutaway view of Acorn Pond.  Four icons on the bottom of the screen will
 change the seasons.  Children can learn about the different plants and
 animals by clicking on them.  The narrator will then describe the
 activities or characteristics of that object.  Another icon opens the Field
 Notebook which contains more detailed information about the inhabitants of
 Acorn Pond.  Clicking on the owl icon shifts the program into "Q & A" mode. 
 The owl will ask questions about the animals of Acorn Pond based on the
 information provided in the Field Notebook and from the "Explore" mode of
 the activity.  Once the question is posed, several possible answers will be
 placed on the screen and the child must click on the correct one.

      The graphics in Sammy's Science House are good.  Bright and attractive
 colors are used throughout the program to maintain your child's interest. 
 The animations are filled with humor to entertain him.  The sound portion
 of the program is better.  The voice characterizations are excellent.  The
 program is filled with attention-grabbing sound effects.  The music will
 never win a Grammy, but it is a catchy tune.

      The interface is excellent.  It is very easy to navigate this program
 and the icons are very intuitive.  Audible help is always available by
 clicking on the host of each activity.  Negative feedback is always
 encouraging and gentle while positive feedback is very flattering and
 enthusiastic.  Adult options allow for the customization of the program for
 your child and is also the way to access on-line help.  The on-line help is
 very good and complements the user manual.  The manual is very good and is
 filled with hints to enhance your child's learning experiences.  It also
 contains a good troubleshooting guide.  Sammy is KidDesk-aware so it works
 seamlessly with Edmark's desktop launching program.  It also supports the
 autoplay feature of Windows 95.

      Play value is very good.  Children will enjoy these fun activities. 
 Most will probably find one activity they prefer to the others, but all
 these activities are very beneficial.

      Educational value is excellent.  A myriad of fun learning experiences
 is provided in a very friendly and encouraging environment.  This positive
 first experience with science will be very beneficial to children as they
 study science in school.  One of the most important characteristics of a
 scientist is curiosity and Sammy's Science House helps children to develop
 their curiosity.

      Sammy sells for around $35.  This excellent price is enhanced by
 Edmark's ninety-day guarantee.  This award-winning program is highly


                          Graphics                 8.5
                          Sound                    9.0
                          Interface                10.0
                          Play Value               9.5
                          Educational Value        9.5
                          Bang for the Buck        10.0
                          Average                  9.42

 For Immediate Release

             The Learning Company Launches Let's Start Learning!
                   for Building Essential Preschool Skills

    New All-in-One Software is the Entry Point to the Reader Rabbit Series

 The Learning Company (NASDAQ:LRNG) today announced Let's Start Learning!,
 the one early learning program parents will want if they want it all in
 one.  With this new CD-ROM software, which is available now for Macintosh
 and Windows personal computers, children build preschool skills with
 letters, numbers, shapes and patterns through interactive play.  In
 addition, Let's Start Learning! encourages multisensory learning on and off
 the computer through five original songs and joyful audio, and with
 delightful graphics and animation.
 Designed for children ages two through five, Let's Start Learning! is now
 the entry point to the best-selling Reader Rabbit series of software
 programs.  In this "all-in-one" program, Reader Rabbit and friends lead
 children through a wondrous, interactive playworld,  Five engaging
 activities build essential preschool skills, providing a solid foundation
 for reading, math and thinking skills.

 Because of the importance of large-motor skills at this young age, Let's
 Start Learning! encourages multisensory learning with a "movement spot"
 that guides children to jump, stretch, dance and sing in addition to play
 at the computer.  A song button brings to life and original song for each
 of the five activities.  To continue the learning and fun, the songs can be
 played on any CD audio system.

 "The strong, multisubject educational content Let's Start Learning!
 combined with multisensory play fosters confidence and an early love of
 learning," said John Stacey, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for The
 Learning Company.  "For parents wondering what software to buy for their
 preschoolers, Let's Start Learning! is both a great start to learning as
 well as a great start to The Learning Company's comprehensive system of
 learning products."

 In each of the Let's Start Learning! activities, children progress through
 four challenge levels - discover, build, apply and play - with each level
 focused on developing key learning concepts.  Once children master the
 learning essentials in Let's Start Learning!, they are ready to move on to
 other programs in The Learning Company's Reader Rabbit series.

 As children begin the program, they are greeted by Mat the Mouse, who
 introduces them to Reader Rabbit and the carousel pony.  Mat invites the
 children to take a pony ride to the Learning Kingdom, but first they must
 complete all four levels of each activity to earn special keys to unlock
 the pony.  As children set out to collect the keys, engaging skill-building
 activities with progressively challenging levels provide hours of learning
 and fun:

 Counting Club:  In this musical introduction to the world of numbers, Ali
 the Counting Cat guides children as they learn counting, number recognition
 and simple math.  Friendly frogs, turtles, snakes and Wheel Bear wiggle,
 dance, jump and whirl together or one by one with the click of the mouse.

 ABC Diner:  Reader Rabbit serves up essential skills as children progress
 from matching letters to recognizing letters and their sounds to
 identifying first-letter sounds.  Ed the Dog rewards correct answers with
 his silly antics, while a creature hiding behind the counter enjoys eating
 the wrong answers.

 Shape Shack:  By helping Mit the Monkey classify his toys, children
 solidify skills fundamental to reading, science and thinking,  In this
 playful sorting activity, children learn to classify by color, shape,
 category and sound, progressing from single- to multiple-attribute sorting
 games and they advance through the activity levels.

 Pattern Parade:  Ben the Ant and his ragtag band of colorful pigs, foxes
 and bears lead a parade of patterns.  This rousing, rhythmic activity
 encourages children to identify and create patterns based on color, size
 and sound.  The correct answer is rewarded with a musical blast, while a
 wrong answer causes the band member to float away on a colorful balloon,
 encouraging children to try again.

      Back at the carousel, children can click on the movement spot to join
 Mat the Mouse in the dancing, stretching, wiggling and giggling.  The
 friendly Program Options Pad (POP) is accessible to parents at any time,
 providing them with further demonstrations of the key movements and
 information on the educational content, and allowing them to customize
 certain program features such as program levels.

 Pricing and Availability

 Let's Start Learning! is available now in CD-ROM format for Macintosh- and
 Windows-based personal computers at an estimated retail price of $45. 
 Let's Start Learning! runs on Windows 3.1 and is Windows 95 compatible,
 including support of the autoplay feature.
 System Requirements

      The program requires an IBM or compatible or Macintosh computer with a
 double-speed CD-ROM drive.  The Windows version requires a 386DX/33 Mhz
 processor or better; 4 MB of RAM; a hard disk; a 256-color SVGA monitor; a
 Windows-compatible sound card; DOS version 5.0 or higher and Windows
 version 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95).  The Macintosh version
 requires a 68030 processor or better; 4 MB of RAM; a hard drive; a 256-
 color monitor and System 7.0.1 or higher.
 The Learning Company is a leading developer of quality educational personal
 computer software products for use at home and at school.  The company's
 product strategy is to use the benefits of new technologies to offer both
 home and school markets a comprehensive line of engaging software products
 that help build life-long learning and communications skills.  The Learning
 Company is located at 6493 Kaiser Drive, Fremont, CA 94555; telephone (800)
 852-5255 (Customer Support), (510) 796-3030 (Technical Support), or (510)
 792-2101 (Main).
      The Learning Company and Reader Rabbit are registered trademarks and
 Let's Start Learning! is a trademark of The Learning Company.  All other
 trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective

      I had planned to do more this week, but the flu season has already
 struck in the Midwest.  It wasn't too serious but I hope that you avoid
 catching it.  And as always, I thank you for reading!


                          SOUND BLASTER - AWE 32 PnP

                            CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES

 by R.F. Mariano

      Creative Technologies' new PnP Sound Blaster AWE 32 is a fully
 compatible sound card (Win95/NT)offering superb sound and powerful
 features.  It comes with the SB 16 ASP thus, it supports all games and
 software designed for previous SB models.  The Digital Audio is excellent. 
 16 bit goes to 44.1Khz.

      Also included is an outstanding Wavetable Synthesizer that employs the
 new E-mu 8000 chip.  AWE 32 was among the first products to be released
 with this chip and its been reported E-mu themselves have a few
 synthesizers on the way.  1Mb of sample ROM provides a full set of general
 MIDI sounds.  The overall Sound quality is quite a bit better than
 waveblaster and I might add just as good as many of the "pricey" cards. 
 The AWE 32 is an excellent value.  Additionally, if one installs the
 WaveBlaster II daughter card on the AWE32, the performance is at least ten
 times better than that of the original AWE32 and the SCD-15 from Roland. 
 This was the desireable combo but no longer.  The AWE32 & WaveBlaster II is
 a sizzling HOT combo that simply can't be beat!  Not at any price. 

      The ASP chip is used for Text Assist, Creative's superb Text to Speech
 application.  Text Assist sounds very life-like.  The ASP chip is also used
 for the Q-Sound function.  Q-Sound is a software controlled sound effects
 generator used for implementing three dimensional sounds.  Q-Sound makes
 the sounds appear to come from a range of areas relative to the L/R
 speakers.  From the far left to the far right and all points in between.  

      The FM Synthesizer uses the SB interface (like previous models).  The
 Wavetable Synthesizer uses an MPU UART interface.  As a result, it will
 work with any MPU-401 software and General MIDI or GS in game software. 
 There are two DSP chips.  One of which is used to perform real-time tasks
 creating Reverb and Chorus effects.  There are 8 categories and variations
 of each.  The end results are excellent.

      The card ships with 512k of onboard ram.  This enables one to add
 their own Samples, Patches and Voices.  Two sample banks are supplied with
 the AWE 32.   These banks emulate an MT-32 and a GS synth.  The AWE 32
 supports Full GS, with extra instrument banks, Reverberation and Chorus
 level controllers.  Two standard RAM SIMM slots are on the card, permitting
 the addition of up to 28 Mb (2 x 16MB simms).  

      AFAIK, the AWE 32 is the first card that achieves the type of quality
 many professionals seek.  I am confident they will find the AWE 32 totally
 acceptable.  The AWE 32 PnP offers full IDE support.  It handles any IDE

      The software supplied is plentiful and quite nice.  Except for a few
 DOS programs (utils) the good stuff is for Windows 95. (so what else is
 new?) The Sound Blaster Mixer, (with functional LED's) Q-Sound and the
 superb configuration software, a multimedia suite with MIDI file player, Cd
 Audio player and WAV player.  Of course, as an added "bonus" Voice assist
 (Voice Recognition), and Text Assist (Text to Speech) are also included
 along with all sorts of supportive goodies.  Creative's Pro Wave Studio V.2 
 is an excellent wave editor.  HSC Interactive, also included, is an
 authoring program for Multimedia and I might add, seems to offer the best
 features of most available.  Finally... there's Voyetra s Orchestra Plus,
 an excellent edition of a great sequencing program that's guaranteed to
 entice you to learn the program fully.

                        Creative Labs PnP AWE-32 sound card



      Sound Blaster

      Sound Blaster 16
      128 instrument General MIDI

      MPU-401 UART 
      Roland Sound Canvas

      Roland MT32


 Specification (As standard)

      8 & 16 bit playback & record
      5KHz-44.1KHz (mono or stereo)

      Mixer -dig audio/MIDI/CD/line-in/mic/PC speaker
      output control -volume/bass/treble

      E-MU8000 sample wave synth
      32 voice Advanced WaveEffects (AWE) synthesis

      1MB GM samples
      512KB user loadable samples

      Reverb, chorus, Q-sound, flange, delay, etc.
      32 channel, 24 bit audio DSP

      Real-Time hardware compression & decompression of snd files
      Advanced signal processor (voice recognition, etc)

      Specification (max spec) as above but with
      28MB for user loadable samples

      additional 32 note polyphonic wave sample GM synth

 I/O Configurations

      CDROM interface Sony/Mitsumi/Panasonic/Creative
      Joystick port

      MIDI in and out
      line in

      mic in
      audio out

      synth connector (direct to board)
      SPDIF for output from e-mu 8000

      Pin connectors for external digital volume control

 Word 7.0 Overview STR Infofile

                        MICROSOFT WORD FOR WINDOWS 95

 Product Enhancements Guide


 This guide organizes major feature enhancements of Word 95 into four main
 sections.  The first section highlights those tools that focus on the tasks
 most users do every single day things like typing, spell checking, and
 formatting. The next section covers new features that help users
 communicate in a connected world, such as WordMail, Internet Assistant for
 Word, and tools for document sharing.  The third section focuses on those
 features in Word 95 which make it the best word processor for Windows 95,
 and the final section summarizes enhancements in Microsoft Office
 application integration and consistency.

 Apart from the features seen in a brief demonstration of Microsoft Word for
 Windows 95, there are literally hundreds of major and minor enhancements to
 the product that would take hours to demonstrate.  Word 95 has incorporated
 a tremendous amount of feedback from a number of different sources via our
 User Driven Design process, including:

 14,000 hours of usability testing on virtually every aspect of the this
 round of desktop applications.

 Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) from its base of experience in
 answering over 8,641 Word 6.0 related calls influenced hundreds of changes
 in an effort to simplify tasks for users.

 Nearly 5,000 suggestions from our Word Wish telephone hotline were logged. 
 Over 750,000 keystrokes and mouse clicks from 500 users were recorded by
 our  Instrumented Version  of Word to understand exactly how users take
 advantage of the product.

 Over 148 corporate accounts were visited for in depth interviews as part of
 our ABP (Activities Based Planning) process.

 All of this research, planning, and feedback ensured that Word 95 would be
 totally focused on making improvements in areas that impact users every
 time they use Word.

 Focus on Core User Tasks

 Spell It

 Microsoft Word for Windows 95 redefines spell checking by automatically
 completing this task as users type.  Spell It eliminates the need for the
 time consuming process of spell-checking a document once it is complete. 
 Word 95 takes advantage of the  idle  time available while users work to
 automatically check the document s spelling, mark misspelled words, and
 provide instant access to suggested correct spellings. Even if a user
 chooses to refrain from adjusting corrections/misspellings as they work,
 Spell It will have already spell-checked the document.  This means that by
 the time the user does run the spell-checker, Word already knows which
 words are misspelled and can just jump from misspelled word to misspelled

 Word displays possible errors with wavy red underlines.

 Clicking the right mouse button on flagged words provides a context
 sensitive shortcut menu (shown above) with suggestions directly from the
 125,000-word spelling dictionary that ships with Word 95. 

 You can also correct errors by just editing the misspellings in your
 document the red underline disappears when the word is spelled correctly. 
 Those who prefer to only view their spelling errors after they ve finished
 writing can easily adjust this feature to hide red underlined words while
 they work.

 Animated status bar icons show the current spelling status. To navigate to
 your next misspelling and raise a menu of suggestions you can double click
 on the status bar icon or type Alt+F7.

 The spelling status is stored with each document, yielding improved
 performance when the standard spelling dialog is used. Also, ignored words
 stay ignored, saving time for the user.


 AutoCorrect, one of the most innovative features in Word 6.0, is even
 smarter in Word 95. It fixes a variety of new errors, and it more
 intelligently handles some things that Word 6.0 mistakenly corrected.

 Accidental usage of the cAPS LOCK key is automatically corrected. For
 example, when typing tHIS with the Caps Lock key depressed, Word will
 automatically change the typing to  This  and turn off the Caps Lock key.

 The TWo INitial CAps rule is much smarter in Word 95. It no longer
 mistakenly corrects CDs, PCs, MHz, or any other TWo initial capitals
 pattern which does not contain vowels. This dramatically reduces the number
 of false  corrections. 

 AutoCorrect supports an exception list for the Correct TWo INitial
 CApitals  rule. Words in the list are not changed by AutoCorrect when they
 are typed, and Word even watches as you type and automatically adds words
 to the list if you change an AutoCorrect action.

 AutoCorrect supports an exception list for the  Capitalize First Letter of
 Sentence  rule. Word doesn t capitalize words that follow abbreviations
 from the exception list, and Word even watches as you type and
 automatically adds words to the list if you change an AutoCorrect action.

 The default AutoCorrect list has grown from 12 entries to approximately 350
 based on research of the most common typographic errors and misspellings.

 Word 95 automatically expands many  symbols  into real symbol characters.

 Word 95 is much more flexible with regard to AutoCorrect expansion. In
 addition to the spacebar (which is all that Word 6.0 recognized),
 punctuation, apostrophes, and other delimiter characters now automatically
 trigger AutoCorrect expansion. This allows the symbol expansion described
 above as well as possessive expansions. For example (with MS_Microsoft in
 your list), it is possible to type MS and MS s to achieve Microsoft and
 Microsoft s. Likewise, typing MS(r) will yield Microsoft


 Word automatically formats your documents as you type, making it fast and
 easy to create beautifully formatted documents without ever taking your
 hands from the keyboard.


 Numbered lists with hanging indent are automatically created when the user
 manually types a number followed by white space and text. The list can be
  turned off  by simply hitting return twice at the end of the list or
 backspacing over the last automatic number.

 Bulleted lists with hanging indents are automatically created when the user
 starts a paragraph with *, o, >, -, or any symbol character. As with
 numbered lists these can be easily turned off.  
 Horizontal borders are automatically created when more than three of the
 following characters are used alone on a single line: =====, -----, or

 Symbols, fractions and ordinals are automatically created:
 For example symbols like the Em Dash are created when typing  -- .

 Fractions like +, , and   are created when typing 1/2, 1/4, and 3/4.
 Ordinals like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are automatically formatted with

 Smart or  typographic  quotes are automatically created, and Word 95 is
 smart enough to properly handle these quotes as used in the  95. (HINT:  95
 is incorrect).

 Headings are created when typing a short line without punctuation followed
 by two carriage returns.

 Address Book

 The new Address Book tool makes it easy to access name and address
 information by just clicking a button and selecting the desired name from a
 list. The picture below shows the most recently used (MRU) address list.
 Picking a name from the list automatically inserts the person s name and
 address into the document at the insertion point.

 The address book integrates tightly with the Microsoft Exchange personal
 address book (PAB) and the Schedule+ 2.0 contact list. Also, many of the
 leading industry PIM vendors are creating MAPI Address Book Providers which
 will allow them to work directly with this tool.

 Addresses can be inserted into a document by using the button above.
 Likewise, the same button is provided in the  Envelopes and Labels  feature
 for easy address insertion when creating envelopes and labels.

 In addition to the MRU shown earlier, Word maintains a separate MRU just
 for envelope return addresses. This make it easy for an administrative
 assistant to send correspondence for several different people without
 having to retype their return addresses.
 This address book tool is also integrated with the Letter, Memo, and Fax
 Wizards to make it easy to insert the appropriate information into each of
 those documents.

 The second step of a Mail Merge in Word now includes the option (shown
 below on the left) to Use Address Book. Choosing this option then prompts
 the user to choose between Schedule+ and PAB as shown on the right.

 WordBasic includes high level commands to access the MAPI PAB, making it
 easy for developers to include PAB functionality in their custom

 File Open with Find Fast

 Word 95 makes finding, opening, and managing files much easier and more
 powerful than in Word 6.0. Pictured below is the dialog showing long
 filenames and a thumbnail preview.

 Word 95 merges what were formerly separate File Open and File Find
 utilities into one dialog box. This dialog box was modeled after the
 Windows 95 common dialog for File Open, but it has been extended to
 encompass the most common uses of the former File Find utility. For
 example, 98.81% of the searches created in FileFind in Word 6.0 are
 possible to create in the Word 95 open dialog box. 

 In addition to file name and file type fields, File Open lets the user
 easily search for files based on when they were last modified. Likewise, a
 user can search within the actual text or property stream of any file by
 typing text in the  Text or property  field. If available, Word uses a Find
 Fast (discussed below) index to greatly speed the search. Otherwise, Word
 conducts a physical scan of the files.
 Since Windows 95 allows users to create much longer and more detailed file
 names, File Open now supports substring matching for the file name field.
 So, typing  coffee  finds files that use the string coffee anywhere within
 the file name and not just at the start of the name.

 Word 95 includes the Find Fast utility which enables File Open to search
 large quantities of documents extremely quickly. Find Fast enables this by
 creating a very small (~3.5% of the original document size) index of the
 target documents. Local hard drives are automatically indexed when the user
 installs Microsoft Word, and more advanced users can also build and
 maintain indexes to other drives and subtrees by using the Find Fast
 utility in their control panel. Find Fast can index documents created by
 all current Microsoft Office applications, older versions of Microsoft
 Word, and WordPerfect  5.x and 6.x.
 File Open makes it easy to quickly jump to your favorite folders or
 documents by just clicking on the  Look in Favorites  toolbar icon.
 Likewise, it s easy to add new files or folders to the Favorites list by
 clicking on the  Add to Favorites  icon. The user is then given a choice of
 adding the current  Look In  folder or adding the currently selected file.
 Choosing either automatically adds a shortcut to the Favorites folder
 (C:\Windows\Favorites). Of course, all of the Favorites are just as
 accessible from the Windows 95 shell, and new shortcuts can be added by
 using the Shell as well.

 File Open shares a consistent look and feel with the Windows 95 Open common
 dialog, but it also offers rich views of your documents. In addition to
 standard List and Details views, it can also show Properties and Preview
 views to let the user easily learn more about the file before opening it.

 File Open still offers an Advanced Find (akin to File Find of the past)
 dialog box which allows users to build and save much more complex searches.
 Of course, the results of these searches are displayed in the File Open
 dialog so that users don t have to negotiate two separate interfaces.
 ile Open and Find Fast are actually implemented once and shared by all of
 the Office 95 applications. This saves hard disk space for users and
 ensures perfect consistency across applications.

 File Open makes it easy to rename and delete files. To rename you just
 click on the name and edit it in-place as shown below. 
 Right mouse button click to rename files

 Users can also perform common file management tasks like copy and delete
 right from within File Open. Simply right click on a file name and choose
 from a variety of functions listed on the context sensitive shortcut menu
 pictured below.

 File Starter
 Word 95 presents a simple, tabbed interface to organize its templates.
 Also, thumbnail previews and long file names make it easy to choose a

 The File Starter dialog box is shared by all Microsoft Office applications.
 When called from within each application, only the relevant files and tabs
 are shown for that application.

 The structure and names of the files and tabs shown above can be easily
 customized using the Windows 95 shell. To create a new tab, the user simply
 creates a new folder in their Microsoft Office templates folder. The
 contents of the folder are then displayed on a tab with the name of the
 folder. The folder below corresponds to the dialog shown above. Any
 templates at the root are displayed in the  General  tab. Users can even
 drag shortcuts (to folders or templates) into their template folder. This
 makes it easy for businesses and individuals alike to organize collections
 of  templates they use most. 
 File Save

 Word 95 has a new File Save dialog box.
 It is now easy to create new folders as you save documents by just clicking
 on File Save  Create New Folder  button shown below.

 The File Save dialog box is very consistent with File Open, and is also
 shared across all Microsoft Office applications.
 Just like File Open, it s easy to jump to the Favorites folder with the
 click of a button.

 Word 95 now optionally saves first page thumbnails with files, enabling
 other applications to display a preview for a Word file easily.

 Templates & Wizards
 To get users up and running quickly Word 95 includes document wizards and

 Word makes it easy to create great looking documents using any of its
 twenty-six professionally designed templates. Word includes templates for
 letters, memos, fax cover sheets, reports, newsletters, press releases,
 resumes, and many other common documents.
 Word includes ten automated Wizards for creating letters, memos, fax cover
 sheets, newsletters, resumes, calendars, tables, meeting agendas, award
 certificates and legal pleading documents.


 The TipWizard provides real-time suggestions to help users learn how to get
 their tasks done faster and easier in Word 95. 
 The primary goal of the TipWizard is to help users complete their tasks,
 not to educate users with many tips about keyboard shortcuts. For example,
 the tip below helps users get the most out of Word s new Spell-It feature.

 The TipWizard works interactively with the AutoFormat (as you type) feature
 to provide feedback and present choices to users. For example, clicking the
 Change button (the left hand button below) toggles the current AutoFormat
 action. Clicking the Show Me button (the right hand button below) will
 demonstrate to the user how to turn this AutoFormat behavior on or off . It
 does this by visually leading the mouse pointer to the appropriate setting
 in Tools/Options/AutoFormat.

 Answer Wizard
 Word 95 includes totally redesigned user assistance tools.  Our research
 indicates that about 90% of users only access 25% of Word on a daily basis. 
 To help users to explore and learn and more about Word 95 we included the
 Answer Wizard.  The Answer Wizard uses an emerging technology called
 Natural Language Processing, or NLP, to enable users to ask questions about
 Word 95 in their own words.  

 It allows users to get help by typing a question using their own words
 rather than having to search based on the application s terminology.

 Based on the question, the Answer Wizard returns a list of appropriate
 topics. These topics are implemented as Visual Examples, Step by Step
 procedures or Interactive Answers whatever is appropriate for the
 information at hand.


 Word provides ScreenTips for a many different elements of the interface.

 ToolTips, first introduced in Word 6.0, ToolTips provide a brief
 description of Toolbar buttons. Word 95 now has the option to show shortcut
 keys if they exist for a particular button.

 QuickTips now users can get a more detailed tip on every aspect of the
 product, whether a menu item, a toolbar button or a dialog box control.

 ScrollTips the scrollbar thumb now provides a tip to show the current page
 when navigating your document.

 New Print Dialog
 Word 95 features a redesigned print dialog.

 The new dialog is consistent with other Microsoft Office 95 applications,
 and it is modeled after the Windows 95 common dialog. This includes more
 printer status information, a more logical dialog layout, and animated
 graphics to depict what the collate checkbox does.

 Switching printers can now be done by just choosing a printer from the
  Name  drop-down list. This used to require the user to tunnel into a
 separate dialog.

 Best of all, Word 95 users can now change printers without changing the
 default printer for all Windows applications. Many Word 6 users requested
 this feature improvement.
 Word users can take advantage of powerful new options available in Windows
 printer drivers by simply clicking the Properties button. For example,
 shown below are the 2 up and 4 up printing options provided by the Windows
 95 PostScript printer driver.

 Usability Improvements
 Word 95 includes a number of subtle but important improvements as a direct
 result of extensive usability testing and product support feedback.

 The AutoSelect feature now dynamically adapts to the user s mouse actions.
 By default it selects text a word at a time once the user s selection has
 crossed the first word boundary. However, if the user  wiggles  their mouse
 pointer to try and select just the first letter of a word, then AutoSelect
 lets the user select characters within that word. However, if the user
 continues selecting into the next word, then the automatic word selection
 turns back on. This allows users to enjoy the convenience of word selection
 without the inflexibility.
 The checkbox in the Insert Date and Time dialog box formerly labeled Insert
 as Field  has been changed to Update Automatically (Insert as Field).
 Likewise, the formats list in the Insert Index and Tables dialog box now
 includes From Template. This option was formerly labeled as  Custom  which
 confused many people.

 Many users are not familiar with the indenting features of modern word
 processors. Rather, they are more comfortable with the typewriter metaphor
 of using the tab key to signify indent. Word 95 adapts to this by
 automatically treating tab as indent when appropriate. For example, if a
 user has a series of paragraphs selected and types tab, it is much more
 likely that they wanted to indent those paragraphs than to delete them and
 insert a tab character. Likewise, if a user types a tab at the beginning of
 the second line in a multi-line paragraph, they usually don t want a tab
 character in the stream. Advanced users can use this to easily indent and
 unindent without ever taking their hands from the keyboard. Word supports
 the use of shift + tab or backspace as unindent. To insert a tab character
 where it doesn t necessarily make sense, a user can always type ctrl + tab.

 Using the backspace key is much more intuitive for most users in Word 95.
 In Word 6.0, if users backspaced over a paragraph mark, it would cause that
 paragraph to inherit the properties of the following paragraph. Now Word 95
 let s you backspace over paragraph marks without disrupting the formatting
 of the first paragraph. 

 Find & Replace All Word Forms
 Word features linguistic technology to understand the meaning of words and
 their different forms. For example, if a user wants to replace the word
 purchase with the word buy throughout a document, Word intelligently
 changes not only purchase to buy but also purchasing to buying, and
 purchased to bought.

 WordPerfect Compatibility

 Word continues to make conversion to and from WordPerfect easy.
 Word includes a brand new WordPerfect 6.x file converter. The already
 unsurpassed WordPerfect 5.x file converter has also been improved to
 support better conversion of paragraph numbering.

 Word now includes TrueType  fonts to emulate the WordPerfect Compose
 characters sets. Both the WordPerfect 5.x and 6.x converters use these
 fonts automatically on conversion. (NOTE: these fonts are only available
 via Word s supplemental offer coupon and in the Microsoft Office CD.)
 Word also offers new Compatibility Options to further mirror WordPerfect
 layout behavior. This allows documents to paginate more similarly to their
 original pagination in WordPerfect.

 Helping Users Communicate in a Connected World

 In recent years the combination of rapidly-expanding technologies, like the
 Internet, and proliferation of information have precipitated a fundamental
 change in the way we communicate and view document-based information.  As
 we move into the future, the movement from paper-based to electronic
 documents will continue at an increasingly rapid pace.  However, just
 because the world grows increasingly connected should not mean that users
 need to learn and understand new tools to navigate through the electronic
 landscape.  We know users want online editing tools, the ability to
 communicate via electronic mail, tools to create documents for the
 Internet, and be able to post information to advanced workgroup information
 databases.  We believe this should all be as easy and familiar as creating
 a document today. 

 Windows 95 includes a powerful messaging client, the Microsoft Exchange
 universal inbox. Through the use of installable MAPI service providers,
 this email client can speak to a variety of servers. For more information
 on Microsoft Exchange see the Windows 95 Resource Kit.
 As shown below, Microsoft Word can optionally replace the standard
 Microsoft Exchange electronic mail editor. This gives users all the power
 and ease of use provided by Word while still being tightly integrated with
 the Microsoft Exchange inbox.

 WordMail is just Microsoft Word working in the context of mail, so
 virtually everything available in Word is available when using WordMail.
 This includes automation features such as Spell-It, AutoCorrect,
 AutoFormat, and AutoText, as well as rich formatting features like tables,
 bulleted & numbered lists, and even drawing layer callouts.

 WordMail messages share the exact same file format as messages sent by
 Microsoft Exchange, including message attachment storage. This allows
 WordMail users to co-exist peacefully with Exchange users while still
 enjoying the added richness of Word. This is because Exchange and WordMail
 use RTF (Rich Text Format) to store the text and formatting of a message,
 and RTF is a  gracefully degradable  format which provides a mechanism for
 a reader to ignore formatting that it doesn t understand. For example, a
 message composed in WordMail might contain a table. This same table would
 appear as tab-delimited text in Exchange, because Exchange doesn t support
 Although WordMail is Microsoft Word, its interface has been customized to
 provide functions necessary for composing email messages. Shown below is
 the toolbar from the WordMail  Compose  note. It includes buttons to send a
 message, select and check names, and change message properties. WordMail
 even includes an button to toggle the mail header on and off, a useful way
 of reclaiming screen real estate when composing a longer message. In
 addition, the other features which appear on the toolbar are those deemed
 to be most useful when composing an email message.

 WordMail also includes a customized toolbar for use with its  Read  note.
 This includes buttons to reply, reply to all, forward, move and delete
 messages, and jump to the next or previous message. The toolbar also
 includes buttons for several Word features which are particularly useful
 when reading messages. This includes AutoFormat, Highlighter, and Insert
 To allow for peaceful coexistence with text-only email clients, messages
 sent from WordMail or Exchange contain a flat textual representation of the
 message in addition to the RTF (which is stored in a compressed form as an
 attachment). Thus, any email user can receive messages from WordMail or
 Exchange. WordMail ensures that the textual representation accurately
 represents formatting such as bulleted and numbered lists, and WordMail
 even reverse-textizes the default symbols which AutoCorrect normally cleans
 up. For example, AutoCorrect converts  :)  to  and ==> to   _  as you type,
 and WordMail ensures these symbols are readable by a text-only client.

 o automate a repetitive task, WordMail includes an AutoSignature feature to
 automatically insert a standard closing to an email message. It does this
 by looking in the default email template (EMAIL.DOT) for an AutoText entry
 named  Signature  and inserting this AutoText in the appropriate place when
 a user composes a new message, replies to a message or forwards a message.
 When replying to messages Word automatically styles the previous message
 header in a very distinctive way. This makes it easy to discern the message
 flow in longer reply streams.

 When replying to a message, WordMail has an AutoRevision feature to
 automatically track when a user has typed into the prior message body.
 Inserted text is tracked and displayed on a per author basis by
 automatically using Word s standard revision marking tools.

 Document Posting
 As more and more people working in organizations begin to share their
 documents on-line, these groups need a central place to post documents and
 organize large  amounts of information. Microsoft Exchange is an
 application that allows you to post, organize, and quickly retrieve the
 information you need. Microsoft Word includes features for posting
 documents in Microsoft Exchange public folders, making it easy to share
 information with friends and co-workers. This means that it s easy for
 members of your organization to quickly find what they need saving you
 time, effort and ultimatelymoney.

 Highlighter Tool

 Word lets you highlight parts of your document to call them out for other

 Clicking on the highlight button changes the cursor and clicking or
 selecting text adds color highlighting to the document.
 Clicking the dropdown button lets the user select different highlight
 colors. (HINT: to see a broader selection of highlight colors, drag the
 dropdown down and to the right.)

 Highlighted text prints in color on a color printer, otherwise they appear
 in shades of gray.

 Display and printing of highlights can be suppressed by deselecting the
 highlight checkbox in Tools\Options\View.
 You can search for highlighted text using the Find and Replace feature in
 Word 95. Just select highlight on the Format dropdown.

 Extensible Document Properties
 In addition to its standard summary and statistics properties, Word 95
 allows you to create custom document properties. This allows users to
 organize and quickly sort their documents by custom properties like case
 number, region, or quarter.

 Custom properties support several data types including Text, Date, Number
 and Boolean (Yes or No).
 Document properties are stored as part of the file and travel with it in
 the file system, enabling more robust document management solutions. For
 example, currently third party document management systems maintain a
 separate database of profile information for each document, but if the
 document leaves the repository this profile does not travel with it. Using
 custom document properties these vendors can now store this profile
 information with the actual document, thereby maintaining the profile
 information wherever the document travels.

 All properties are stored in a standard, defined way using OLE structured
 storage. This allows third party applications to easily access and change
 the property streams without opening the file in Microsoft Word.

 Properties can be linked to text which has been tagged with the Bookmark
 feature in Word. These properties can be updated bi-directionally. For
 example, as bookmarked text changes within a document, the property changes
 dynamically. Likewise, if another application changes a linked property
 then Word updates the bookmarked content when opening the file. The  next
 to a property in the dialog above symbolizes that it is linked to a
 Word includes a docproperty field to allow users to incorporate properties
 into the actual document content. This field includes arguments to access
 any property, including custom properties.

 The property dialog shown above is shared by all Microsoft Office
 OLE Property Exchange

 As mentioned above, Word 95 and other Office 95 based applications can
 exchange document properties with any application through the use of OLE to
 store the property streams. Shown below is an example of this integration
 as used by the Microsoft Exchange client.
 When a document is dragged and dropped to a Microsoft Exchange folder, it
 automatically extracts all of the document properties, including custom
 properties. Any of these properties can then be exposed and used to build
 folder views as shown above. Exchange supports three level of grouping (the
 view above is grouped by Author) as well as the creation of column headings
 for any property.

 Notes/FX Support
 Just like Word 6.0c for Windows, Word 95 can exchange document properties
 with Lotus Notes  via Notes/FX. Word 95 now supports version 1.1 of
 Notes/FX. Coupled with support for extensible document properties, Office
 95 based applications actually make it easier to integrate with Lotus Notes
 than the current generation of Lotus SmartSuite applications.

 Microsoft Online Services Support
 If you have a modem, Word 95 makes it easy to register electronically using
 The Microsoft Network (MSN). Likewise, the Word forums on MSN are just a
 mouse click away just select The Microsoft Network on Word s help menu to
 see a list of shortcuts to MSN.

 Word Viewer

 To help distribute Word documents online, Microsoft has developed the Word
 Viewer for Windows, a no-charge, stand-alone, application that enables
 anyone to view Word documents on a machine running Windows. The Word Viewer
 enables users:
 Full viewing and printing options users can choose from a wide selection of
 options for viewing Word documents ranging from page layout and outline
 view to annotations as well as headers and footers.

 View all of Word formatting capabilities anyone using the Word Viewer can
 view any formatting feature possible in Word ranging from multiple columns
 and Drop Caps to richly formatted tables.
 Distribute documents with rich data the Word Viewer enables users to view
 and manipulate data contained in OLE Objects such as Microsoft Excel Charts
 and multimedia sounds.

 Enables anyone to View Word documents online The Word Viewer can serve as a
  helper application  to Web Viewing tools like Mosaic or Netscape, thereby
 allowing Word users to post richly formatted Word documents on the Internet
 and share them with users who don t own Word.
 No charge, freely distributable Anyone can download the Word Viewer for
 free and distribute it to friends and co-workers free of charge. With this
 product, sharing Word documents on-line and off is easier than ever before.

 Internet Assistant for Word
 Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word for Windows is a free add-on that
 makes Word an easy and powerful tool for creating, sharing, and exploring
 information on the Internet. Here are the features that make Internet
 Assistant the most powerful and unique Internet authoring solution

 Integrated solution Internet Assistant is the only application that enables
 users to author, view, and browse through documents on the Internet from
 within a single interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple
 applications while users create documents for the Web.  
 The Web tool for anyonesince Internet Assistant removes the complexities of
 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the standard document format for the
 World Wide Web,  anyone who knows Word can create documents for the
 Internet. Internet Assistant eliminates the need to learn HTML because it
 automatically converts Word documents to HTML for you.

 Extensive formatting capabilitiesusers that want to distribute richly
 formatted online documents with multiple fonts, variable width columns and
 tables can save their documents to the Web in Word file format. In
 addition, users can distribute Word documents that contain OLE 2.0 embedded
 objects such as Microsoft Excel charts and PivotTable  dynamic views.

 Great Application for Windows 95
 Optimized for Windows 95

 Word 95 has been optimized to take advantage of the improved architecture
 of Windows95.
 Word is fully 32-bit and optimized for improved performance. This allows it
 to multitask more effectively under Windows 95. It s important to note that
 Word 95 is the second 32-bit version of Word, building on top of the work
 done for the earlier release of Word 6.0 for the Windows NT  operating

 The multithreading capabilities in Windows 95 allow Word to provide
 improved system responsiveness when background printing. Likewise, multi-
 threading is used in the FileOpen dialog box to ensure responsiveness when
 performing searches.
 Word takes advantage of the improved file system in Windows 95 to raised
 the capacity of its Master Document feature. Whereas Word 6.0 running under
 Windows 3.x could only manage 30 sub-documents, Word 95 can handle
 approximately 512 sub-documents.

 Long filename support
 At long last, Windows 95 allows users to use more descriptive names for
 their documents instead of the cryptic 8.3 names that have formerly been
 required. Word 95 takes full advantage of this capability. Word also honors
 the system setting to hide extensions for registered files when it displays
 file names on the title bar, in the Window menu, on the MRU files list, and
 anywhere else it displays file names.

 Updated Visuals

 Word 6.0 and other Office 4.x applications pioneered ToolTips, tabbed
 dialogs, and a 3-D look as standard interface elements. Now that Windows 95
 takes advantage of these user interface conventions and introduces others,
 Word has been updated to support the look and feel of Windows 95. Office 95
 based applications also include several other enhancements which are
 designed to provide a more polished and professional feeling.
 The Word toolbars, dialog boxes, and other interface elements are all
 consistent with the look and feel of Windows 95. Word takes advantage of
 the proportional scrollbar thumbs provided by Windows 95 to make document
 navigation easier.

 Several of the Word 95 dialog boxes have been redesigned to emulate the
 look and feel of the Windows 95 common dialogs. The includes the Open,
 Save, New, and Print dialogs.
 To provide a more polished feel, Word 95 now has smooth scrolling. When a
 line wraps while typing, Word smoothly slides the rest of the document text
 down the screen. For performance reasons this scrolling only occurs when
 typing within a paragraph or using soft returns.

 Word and the other Office 95 based applications have a distinctive title
 bar which features a gradient wash.
 Multi-Language Support

 Windows 95 provides very rich international support, and Word takes
 advantage of this to smoothly support the creation and spell checking of
 multilingual documents as shown below.

 Multiple Keyboards Windows 95 lets users install keyboard layouts and font
 sets for multiple languages as shown below.

 Language Switching When multiple languages are installed, an indicator
 (below on the left) is optionally included on the taskbar. Clicking on this
 indicator yields a context sensitive menu (below on the right) to choose a
 language and keyboard setting. Language switching can also be done from the
 keyboard as shown in the dialog above.

 Multilingual Proofing Word has supported multilingual proofing for several
 versions, but Word 95 takes advantage of Windows 95 to make this much
 easier than ever before. When a user switches the keyboard in Windows 95,
 Word automatically changes the language setting (shown below) at the
 insertion point. Likewise, Word automatically switches to use the
 appropriate font and keyboard layout for the selected language.

 Font Smoothing
 If it is installed on the system, Word takes advantage of Windows 95 font
 smoothing to provide improved on-screen readability of text. Font smoothing
 is a system provided service that can improve the perceived readability of
 text at low resolutions and improve the look of text at higher point sizes.
 It involves the addition of gray pixels in between a font s black pixels,
 in effect trying to "fill in" and make a letter less  jagged. 

 Plug and Play

 Word 95 offers basic plug & play support. For example, it gracefully
 handles screen resolution changes. Likewise, it dynamically scales
 interface elements when they are changed from the Appearance tab of the
 Display control panel.
 Registry Support

 Word stores its settings in the Windows registry. This makes it possible
 for multiple users to share a single machine and still maintain their own
 Word settings. Likewise, this makes it possible for user to log into a
 machine anywhere on the network and run Word with their default settings.
 Finally, this enables systems administrators to set up and edit user
 profiles remotely across the network.
 Shell Support

 Drag & Drop Word 95 has rich support for drag & drop, including dragging
 document information to the desktop. Doing so automatically creates a Scrap
 (below left) which can be dragged into any application which supports drag
 and drop. Dragging to the desktop by using the right mouse button yields a
 context sensitive shortcut menu (below right) to give the user several drop
 choices. These choices include copying or moving the selection to a Scrap
 file or creating a Document Shortcut, a link to the selected text in the
 original document.

 Shell Icons-To better support the Windows 95 desktop, Word registers
 separate file types for documents, templates, wizards, backup files, and
 WLL s (Word linked libraries). Word even includes distinct shell icons
 (shown below) and context menus for each file type. For example, double-
 clicking a template or a wizard in the shell creates a new, unnamed
 document based on that template or wizard. In contrast, double clicking a
 Word 6.0 template in the Windows 3.1 file manager would open the actual
 template for editing.
 Document MRU File List Opening and editing files in Word automatically adds
 them to the Documents MRU list (shown below), a system wide MRU files list.

 Properties Word document properties can be browsed in the Windows shell
 without having to launch Word and open the file. This is because Word
 stores its properties using OLE storage.

 Ininstall Word automatically registers itself so that it can be removed
 with the click of a button.

 Microsoft Exchange integration
 Word 95 provides exceptional integration with Microsoft Exchange, the mail
 client in Windows 95.

 WordMail As described on page , Word can replace the standard Exchange
 message editor.
 TAB integration As described on page , Word features very tight integration
 with the Exchange Personal Address Book. Shown below are the business
 properties for a PAB entry.

 Posting As described one page , Word makes it easy to post a document in an
 Exchange public folder.

 SendMail and Routing It s easy to send a document while working within
 Word. Users can even route a document to a group, either all at once or one
 after another.Great Member of the Microsoft Office family
 Great Member of the Microsoft Office Family

 Consistency & Technology Sharing
 Word 6.0 and Office 4.x broke ground by introducing a suite of extremely
 consistent applications. In most cases though, dialog boxes were
 implemented separately in each application. Office 95 goes one step further
 by implementing several key tools once and sharing these across all of the
 applications. For example, the following tools and technologies are shared
 across Office applications:

 AutoCorrect list storage
 File Open

 Find Fast
 File Save

 File New
 File Properties

 Answer Wizard
 MSN Integration

 Notes/FX thunking layer
 Print dialog (Consistent, not shared)

 Spell checking
 OLE Servers (Graph, WordArt, Equation Editor, Data Map, Clipart Gallery,

 Text Converters
 Graphic Filters

 Data Sharing

 Word 6.0 and Office 4.x broke ground by introducing a suite of very tightly
 integrated applications including strong support for OLE 2.0. Office 95
 continues to make progress and further hone the level of integration
 between the applications.
 OLE IntegrationOLE technology enables a great deal of data sharing between
 Office applications. For example, Word has a Microsoft Excel toolbar button
 to easily insert a spreadsheet into a document. Likewise, PowerPoint has
 toolbar buttons to insert Microsoft Excel or Word tables at the click of a
 button. Drag and drop across Office applications allows users to share
 data. Finally, WordMail is an example of next generation OLE integration.

 Mail Merge Wherever your data lives, Word allows you to easily access it.
 Mail Merge integrates with the following data stores: Exchange PAB,
 Schedule+ Contact List, Microsoft Access tables and queries, FoxPro 
 tables, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, any ODBC compliant data store (using
 Microsoft Query for multi-tier databases), Word document, CSV text, and
 WordPerfect Secondary Merge format.
 Schedule+ Integration Schedule+ 2.0 is the newest member of the Microsoft
 Office. As mentioned on page , Word integrates very tightly with the
 contact manager in Schedule+, making it easy to leverage contact
 information directly within Word.

 Office Binders
 Microsoft Office 95 includes a new tool for assembling and distributing
 documents, the Microsoft Office Binder. The binder is an electronic  paper
 clip  which allows users to store documents from Microsoft Excel, Word,
 PowerPoint and other Office Compatible applications in one file. This file
 can be printed in one step with consecutive page numbering, and the
 enclosed documents can be reordered and renamed for easy identification.
 This is all enabled through the use of OLE technology.

 Microsoft, Windows, TipWizard, PivotTable, Windows NT, PowerPoint, and FoxPro are either
 registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation 



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                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/


 MAC/APPLE SECTION                            John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 ISDN Terms STR Focus

 ISTEC 1008 Shortform description of the technical features


 The ISTEC 1008 is a 'low priced' and 'easy to use' ISDN PABX developed for
 use by small companies, teleworkers, cooperative work groups, etc.

 The great advantage of this PABX are the possibilities of direct dialling,
 and the ability to use standard analogue terminal
 equipment, including cordless telephones, answering machines, faxes and

 In addition the ISTEC 1008 allows the use of a door entry station with
 intercom facilities.

 For convenient programming and access to call charging information the
 ISTEC 1008 has an integrated serial port. You can connect a personal
 computer to the RS232 (V24) connector (cable supplied) and use the ISTEC
 configuration software supplied to access all the ISTEC 1008's features.

 Connection to other equipment

 The ISTEC 1008 offers one basic rate connection using point to point or
 point to multi point protocol (PABX or bus connection).  This connection
 meets CCITT (I.430). A 3m cable is provided for connection to the S bus.
 The cable is supplied terminated with ISDN standard RJ45 plugs ready for

 The ISTEC 1008 offers eight a/b ports for connecting standard analogue
 equipment such as telephones G3 fax and modems. The maximum cable run from
 the ISTEC 1008 to the equipment is approx. 1,200m (2x75 Ohms).The ISTEC
 1008 provides automatic detection of DTMF tone / pulse dialling from the
 analogue terminals.

 With the RS232 (V24) connection you can program the PABX using a personal
 computer. Additionally you can view and manage the charging information for
 each extension. The ISTEC configuration software provided gives easy access
 to all the exchange features.

 You may connect the ISTEC 1008 to the standard Emmerich door entry system.
 This door entry system is connected via two wires and contains a two way
 hands free intercom and door bell.  Pressing the door bell rings the
 designated extension. After answering the call, the door is released by
 dialling a number on the telephone keypad. A separate power supply is
 required for the door opener. The PABX provides a N.O. contact for
 operating the door opener.

 The ISTEC has an approved power supply for connection to the mains supply.

 Connections to external equipment are made as follows:-

 Power supply: power adapter module
 S bus: cable fitted with Western Electric RJ45 plugs
 Telephone lines a/b: screw terminal blocks

 Door opener/intercom: screw terminal blocks
 Serial interface to PC: serial cable fitted with 9 way 'D' type
 and Western Electric plug

 General technical features

 The ISTEC 1008 uses the EURO-ISDN protocol according to the ETSI standard,
 or the German 1TR6 protocol, on the S bus connection.  It works in the
 point to multi-point (bus connection) or point to point (PABX connection)

 It is possible to direct dial in to each extension with MSN (multiple
 subscriber number) or DDI (direct dialling in). Using

 these EURO ISDN features you can use a two digit dialling in number (i.e.
 5711XY), where XY is a direct dialling in number between 21 and 28.  In
 'MSN' configuration it is possible to use additional equipment connected to
 the S bus (i.e. a PC with an ISDN card).

 Unrestricted internal conversations between all extensions are possible.
 You only have to dial the two digit internal number to get the desired

 The ISTEC 1008 has a testing and diagnostic program available.  This
 program is useful for checking the functionality of the PABX in the
 laboratory and service centre.

 The very great advantage of the ISTEC 1008 is the ability to use standard
 analogue telephone equipment. This gives immediate savings on new telephony
 equipment and protects your current investment in analogue equipment.

 Internal call connection features

 The ISTEC 1008 offers the possibility of connecting eight standard analogue
 extensions. These extensions can be G3 fax,
 telephones, modems, etc. To connect to an internal extension simply dial
 the two digit extension number (21 to 28). The ISTEC 1008 automatically
 detects pulse / tone dialling. Internal conference between all the analogue
 extensions is possible. If you are using a pulse dial telephone and wish to
 connect to a third extension, simply dial the desired extension number. If
 you are using a tone dialling telephone, you must press the recall/flash
 key followed by the extension number.

 The ISTEC 1008 generates different ringing signals for internal and
 external calls, to distinguish the calls' source. It is
 possible to program call forwarding for each analogue extension.  The call
 forwarding may be to an internal or an external number.  This feature may
 be programmed directly from the extension or by using the ISTEC
 configuration software.

 It is possible to answer an internal call that is not directed to your
 extension by the use of the call pick up facility. This
 allows the answering of a colleague's extension when it is unattended.

 Call hold and call transfer operate in a similar way and provide the
 possibility of transferring a call to another extension.
 Simply dial the extension number (recall/flash is required if tone
 dialling) and replace the handset on hook. Calls are
 transferred unconditionally, by replacing the handset immediately after
 dialling the extension, or announcing the caller. The call will be
 transferred when you replace your handset on hook.

 When the music on hold feature is enabled, it is activated automatically
 during a call transfer.

 The ISTEC 1008 offers a door entry facility. The door entry connection uses
 an Emmerich door station. When the door bell push button is pressed the
 ISTEC 1008 rings a designated telephone extension. When you lift the
 handset, you are connected with the door station. You may then speak with
 the person at the door through the hands-free speaker and microphone
 contained in the door station. You may then speak with the person at the
 door through the hands-free speaker and microphone contained in the door
 station. If you wish to let in the caller, you may release the electric
 door opener by dialling the number 7 on your telephone. The door opener
 operates for three seconds. If you do not wish to let the caller in, simply
 replace the telephone handset and the door speaker is disconnected.

 The Emmerich door station requires a two wire connection.  Additionally, it
 is necessary to provide two wires for connecting to the door opener. The
 electric door opener requires a separate power supply, which is connected
 through the ISTEC 1008's normally open contacts.

 External call connection features

 (External connections are connections from outside caller to the PABX

 The ISTEC 1008 offers the ISDN feature 'charging advice'. This feature is
 available by connecting a PC/printer to the RS232 port of the ISTEC 1008.
 Information is available on an extension by extension basis.

 The PABX offers the 'direct dialling in' ISDN feature (DDI). DDI works with
 a two digit dial in number. DDI is an ISDN feature for connecting directly
 from the PSTN to the PABX extensions.

 Alternatively the PABX offers direct dialling in with MSN (multiple
 subscriber number). In this configuration it is
 possible to use other ISDN equipment on the same S bus. Every extension can
 be programmed to the desired MSN. Combinations and mixing of numbers and
 extensions is possible.

 Call pick up for external calls ensures that you can pick up incoming calls
 from another extension. For example: Extension 21 is ringing, you hear this
 and wish to answer the call.  Simply dial 4 on your extension to pick up
 the call.

 The ISTEC 1008 has an answering machine facility. When a telephone is not
 answered, the telephone answering machine is activated regardless of the
 incoming dialled number. It is of course possible to place an answering
 machine on a specific extension to only answer calls for that extension.

 The ISTEC 1008 offers 'call forwarding' (call routing) for each extension.
 An incoming call will be transferred automatically to the programmed
 outside number by using the second B channel.

 The features 'call hold' and 'call transfer' to another extension are
 standard PABX features. From the analogue extension you can transfer the
 call to another extension with or without announcing the caller.

 The ISTEC 1008 has extensive call barring features. It is possible on an
 extension basis to limit calls to internal only,

 local, national or international. The PABX also offers the possibility of
 restricting a user programmed number (0898 for

 The ISTEC 1008 offers 'music on hold' for outside waiting calls.  It is
 possible to switch off the music on hold facility in the programming mode.

 ISTEC 1008 is available to order from:

 TMPL Consultants, 3 Banbury Street, Kineton, Warwick UK CV35 0JS
 Tel: 44 (0) 1926 642140   Fax: 44 (0) 1926 642142

 TMPL Online! 44(0) 1926 642145 (Hayes V34)

 ATARI/JAG SECTION                                  Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      O.J., Opal (the hurricane), and the Pope all in one week!   Plenty

 of excitement for you?  Wouldn't it be nice if we could generate that
 much interest for the Atari computing community?
      One can't help but talk about the OJ trial these days, no matter

 what the venue - we're a computing magazine yet this trial makes the
 editorial pages.  It's something that will debated for many years to
 come.  This case will probably become a sample case for law school

 students.  This case will force police departments to take a long look
 at themselves.  It will be a banner case for changes in a lot of facets
 in today's world.  I'd like to believe that justice was served; I agree

 with the verdict.  If this case is to have any real meaning, I hope
 that it results in positive changes within our society.
      It's ironic that a major hurricane hits the southeast at about the

 same time that the Pope arrives in the U.S.  Nature at its height of
 destruction - Religion's highest living leader tries to bring hope.
 Simply amazing.

      Until next time...

 >Dallas Show! STReport Show Update! - Atari Dallas Show Getting Close!


 Well, we are only six days away from the Atari show in Dallas (DEUCE)!

 Who out there is planning to attend?  We are very excited about this
 show, the first ever put together by the Atari Users of North Texas
 (AUNT).  For those with families who are less than enthusiastic about

 computer shows, I recommend taking them to either Six Flags amusement
 park or the Texas State Fair. If you opt for the fair (much cheaper,
 and free concerts!) stop by at an area McDonalds restaurant for a
 coupon to save a few bucks on admission. On the 6th, the night before
 the show, the free concert is Kansas. On the 7th, it will be the
 Beach Boys.

 The show itself starts pretty early, at 8 AM. And, unfortunately, it
 ends pretty early too. The show is being held in conjunction with a

 monthly PC flea market, and they usually wrap up business before 2 PM.
 We won't be kicked out of the Infomart at that time, we can stay until
 4 PM. But things will certainly be winding down by the afternoon, so

 the action will slowly shift upstairs where we will have a few informal
 seminars and demonstrations. Also upstairs will be the club's PD disk
 library open for business, as well as Jaguar games to goof around with

 and Atarians to sit and talk with.  Be sure to pick up a copy of our
 show handout for the schedule.


 >In This Week's Jaguar Section  -  JAGWIRE!  Atari On CompuServe!

  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""     Ted Hoff Speaks!  Games?
                                    And More!

                "Plug in the JAGWIRE(tm) online network!"

 Atari Corporation and CompuServe Information Service proudly present
 the JAGWIRE(tm) network with online support on Atari's official online

 forum on CompuServe (GO JAGUAR), Atari's official Jaguar 64 news
 reported by STReport worldwide and Atari Explorer Online and Atari's
 official new Web Site (

 >From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      Well, the guessing is now over.  Atari's World Wide Web page is

 officially open, the JAGWIRE online network is now intertwined between
 this Web page and the announcement (see below) that CompuServe is now
 the official online support site for Atari.  And, for us personally,

 STReport and Atari Explorer Online magazines are the official online
 representatives for these new ventures.
      For STReport, this recognition has been a long-time coming.  We've

 worked long and hard to prove to Atari, and the Atari community, that
 regardless of differences in opinion in the past, present, and likely
 the future - that our publication is a viable asset to the computing

 and gaming community.  We're going to continue to grow and improve.
      We had planned to make this a spectacular issue with plenty of
 articles, reviews, and even the debut of the online CATfights.

 However, reviewers are still fine-tuning and/or reviewing 6-8 games at
 the moment; Hurricane Opal wiped out electricity in parts of Florida,
 so AEO's Travis Guy was unable to get online to continue our ongoing
 debate which was to be completed and ready for this issue; and other

 inopportune happenings have caused delays in other articles that we had
 planned.  So, in what we had hoped for a busy section this week turns
 out to be a fairly quiet, but very informative one.

      I got the developer CD up and running, finally.  I've played
 around with the VLM, but since I'm not CD-phile, I don't have much to
 select from other than the Tempest 2000 audio-CD to test it out.  But,

 I may borrow or pick up a few sample CDs to see what VLM can really do.
 I have been, however, been playing the Highlander CD.  It's
 interesting, but still too early to write a review.  I'm also waiting

 on a few other CD games to test out and review, but more on those at a
 later time.
      As I mentioned earlier, there are at least 6-8 reviews waiting in

 the wings.  And, Rayman and Ultra Vortek just reached reviewers hands,
 so expect those real soon also.
      We are surprised, still, that there are no CD games, other than

 the pack-in games, available yet.  There are some in production, but
 it's too bad that, actually quite disappointing, that the users are
 still in a waiting frenzy.  Actually, I probably shouldn't say that I'm

 truly surprised at this.  The holiday season is almost upon us and
 there is still no forward momentum building to carry Atari into a
 successful season.  I've seen no television advertising yet although I

 know there's at least one ad currently running.  It's got to start
 soon, folks, or a poor outlook will continue brew and boil over.
      Well, let's get to the good news, especially for the online

 community.  We'll have a lot more for you next week!

      Until next time...

 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's

   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

     Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP            DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $29.99           FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.

      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95           Llamasoft/Atari Corp.

      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95           id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95           Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99           Rebellion/Atari Corp.

      J9029  Doom                 $69.99           id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99           Atari Corp.

      J9007  Checkered Flag       $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99           Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99           Atari Corp

      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99           Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99           Atari Corp.

             Cannon Fodder        $49.99           Virgin/C-West
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99           Williams

             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                       Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99           Williams

      J9009E Hover Strike         $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J0144E Pinball Fantasies    $59.99           C-West
      J9052E Super Burnout        $59.99           Atari
      J9070  White Men Can't Jump $69.99           Atari

             Flashback            $59.99           U.S. Gold
             VidGrid (CD)                          Atari Corp
             Blue Lightning (CD)  $59.99           Atari Corp

      J9040  Flip-Out             $49.99           Atari Corp
      J9082  Ultra Vortek         $69.99           Atari Corp
      C3669T Rayman               $69.99           Ubi Soft

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE                MSRP         DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9101   Pitfall              $59.99             Atari
              Power Drive Rally     TBD                TWI
              Dragon's Lair         TBD              Readysoft

              Hover Strike CD      $59.99             Atari
              Demolition Man       $59.99             Atari
      J9061   Ruiner Pinball       $59.99             Atari

      J9031   Highlander I (CD)    $59.99             Atari
      J9069   Myst (CD)            $59.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $149.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.

      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
             CatBox              $69.95             ICD
      J8800  Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99        Atari Corp.

      J8908  JagLink Interface   29.95          Atari Corp.
      J8910  Team Tap 
             (4-Player Adapter)  29.95          Atari Corp.

      J8907  Jaguar ProController29.95          Atari Corp.
      J8911  Memory Track        29.95          Atari Corp.
      J8909  Tempest 2000:

             The Soundtrack      12.99          Atari Corp.

 >Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!


 CONTACT: Patricia Kerr or Jennifer Hansen
                  Shandwick USA

                  310/479-4997 or 800/444-6663

 For Immediate Release

          Atari(R) Corporation Unveils New World Wide Web Site,

         Names CompuServe(R) as Official Commercial Support Site

             Type on the World Wide Web

                       or GO JAGUAR on CompuServe

 SUNNYVALE (October 6) -- Atari Corporation unveiled this morning their
 new JAGWIRE(tm) World Wide Web Domain. JAGWIRE features the creative
 integration of eye-popping graphics, animation, audio and descriptive

 text for web browsers to enjoy in the leisure of their homes or office.
 The site was created by ATOMIX, Inc.; an Emmy Award-winning new media
 house in Hollywood, California. The JAGWIRE Web Site URL is

 The installation of the JAGWIRE Web Domain is an anchor for a network

 of official support offered to gamers throughout the world. In concert
 with the explosive trends of the Internet and the World Wide Web, Atari
 has named CompuServe as their official Jaguar 64 commercial on-line

 support site. CompuServe access is as little as $9.95 a month and
 offers full access to the Internet and the World Wide Web as well as
 exclusive features not available on any other system; such as the Atari

 Jaguar forum. Type GO JAGUAR to access 24-hour on-line support on
 CompuServe or call toll free (800) 848-8990.

 Two independent online publications have also pledged a bond to the
 JAGWIRE network by offering exclusive news, reviews and previews of
 Jaguar 64 products in each of their issues. Atari Explorer Online

 offers in-depth coverage of Atari products from cover to cover.
 Silicon Times Report is distributed worldwide each week and features
 computer and video game coverage of interest to everyone. Both

 publications are downloadable from CompuServe or can be found through
 direct links with Atari's JAGWIRE Web Site.

 Atari has made the commitment to make shopping and obtaining support
 for the Jaguar 64 as simple for modem users as possible, states
 Donald A. Thomas, Jr., Director of Atari Customer Service Marketing.

 "To do that, we have installed the best domain created by the best
 creative people, accessible through the best access lines (T3) and
 supplemented by the best commercial on-line services of CompuServe,

 and the best on-line publishing support. Users can sample game images,
 hear game sounds, find out where to buy them and make buying decisions
 based on reliable and accurate resources."

 Jim Pascua, Marketing Manager of CompuServe, adds that his company has
 also made serious commitments to the evolution of global access at

 economic rates and with maximum access.  "New updates to our on-line
 software will revolutionize how users can access the Internet and the
 finest commercial on-line service in the world simultaneously. We are

 proud of Atari's designation and we feel it is in step with the
 direction this industry is taking."

 Atari's new JAGWIRE Web Site is installed NOW. Web Browsers may be set
 to the URL of The site features easy access icons
 to a great deal of product information including game descriptions,

 screen shots, release schedules, ordering information and real time
 registration in Atari's mailing list. CompuServe's Jaguar forum
 features downloadable magazines, screen shots, reviews, software,

 conferences, contests and a very active message base to host non-stop
 interaction between Jaguar enthusiasts and Atari personnel.

 For more than twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided consumers
 with high quality, value-priced entertainment. Atari Corporation
 markets Jaguar, the only American-made advanced 64-bit entertainment
 system and is located in Sunnyvale, California.

 CompuServe is an H&R Block company. Founded in 1955, H&R Block, a
 diversified services company, is the worlds leading tax preparation

 and on-line information services company. CompuServe operates the most
 comprehensive network in the world, providing on-line services to more
 than 3.5 million members in more than 140 countries and network

 services to more than 800 corporate customers worldwide. H&R Block Tax
 Services provided tax-related services for almost one in every seven
 returns filed with the IRS in 1995, and served 17.1 million taxpayers

 in more than 9,500 offices worldwide.

                                 # # # #

 Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Jaguar is a
 trademark of Atari Corporation. CompuServe is a trademark of CompuServe

 Information Service. ATOMIX is a trademark of ATOMIX, Inc. All other
 tradenames are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
 owning companies.

                  -/- Games Can Bring Us Together? -/-

      Confounding conventional wisdom that computer gamesters tend to
 evolve into anti-social loners, a new study from Australia finds
 computer games actually may bring families closer together.

      Reporting from Canberra, Australia, the Reuter News Service says
 the national government study found some evidence that computer games
 encouraged joint family activities.

      In a statement today, Attorney General Michael Lavarch said,
 "Computer games have become an important part of family life in the
 1990s and it is reassuring to know that there does not appear to be any

 scientific basis for the fears held by many parents about the impact of
 games on young people."
      He added, "No link has been found between aggressive behavior and

 game play in the home and there is no indication whether a limited
 correlation between game play in arcades and aggression is due to the
 games or to the arcade environment. Playing computer games also appears

 to encourage young people to confront challenges and improve skills,
 with some studies indicating improvements in cognitive, perceptual and
 social development."

      Reuters reports the study, prepared for the government's Film and
 Literature Classification Board to help classify computer games, also
 said images of games-addicted teenagers glued to their computer screens

 were off target, with most children spending more time reading or
 watching TV.
      Lavarch commented that "genuinely addictive game-play is rare,"

 but also warned against regarding the study as conclusive, saying it
 was difficult to draw firm conclusions from the limited research
 available. "The main finding," he added, "is that a lot more work needs

 to be done before there is an adequate understanding of their effects."

 >Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher

 Air Cars                TBA   Racing/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Alien vs Predator CD    2/96  Role Play/Adventure  TBD      Atari

 Arena Football         11/95  Sports              $69.99    V Reel
 Assault                2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Atari Kart             11/95  Driving              TBD      Atari

 Att. of Mut. Penguins  12/95  Arcade              $59.99    Atari
 Baldies (CD)           11/95  Action/Simulation   $59.99    Atari
 Batman Forever (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari

 Battlemorph (CD)       11/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battlesphere           12/95  Space/Combat         TBD      4-Play
 Battlestar             11/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ?

 Battle Wheels          2Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Black ICE/White Noise  12/95  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Atari
 Blue Lightning (CD)     NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari

 Braindead 13 (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      ReadySoft
 Breakout 2000          12/95  Puzzle              $49.99    Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey      11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari

 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 1Q/96  Sports              $69.99    Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari

 Cannon Fodder           NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Virgin
 Chas Barkley Basketball10/95  Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari

 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Commando (CD)          11/95  Action (3D)          TBD      Atari
 Commander Blood (CD)   11/95  RPG                 $69.99    Atari

 Creature Shock (CD)    10/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi    $59.99    Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           11/95  Action               TBD      Atari

 Dante (CD)              6/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Deathwatch             11/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Defender 2000          11/95  Arcade              $59.99    Atari

 Demolition Man (CD)    10/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V         NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams

 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon's Lair (CD)     10/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dragon's Lair 2 (CD)    TBA   Adventure            TBD      ReadySoft

 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dune Racer (CD)         1/96  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    MidNite Ent.

 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Fever Pitch            11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Fight For Life          TBA   Combat               TBD      Atari

 Flashback               NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    US Gold
 Flip-Out                NOW   Puzzle              $49.99    Atari
 Formula 1 Racing (CD)  11/95  Racing               TBD      Atari

 Frank Thomas Baseball   4/96  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Gotcha!                 1/95  ?                    TBD      ---
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari

 Highlander I (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Highlander II (CD)      2/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Highlander III (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari

 Horrorscope            2Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike            NOW   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Hover Strike CD        10/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari

 Hyper Force             TBA   ?                    TBD      Comp. West
 Ironman/XO-Manowar      4/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Iron Soldier            NOW   Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier II (CD)   11/95  Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari

 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja            NOW   Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Magic Carpet (CD)      12/95  Action/RPG           TBD      Atari

 Max Force (CD)         12/95  Action              $59.99    Atari
 Mindripper (CD)         2/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Missile Command        12/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      Atari

 Mortal Kombat 3         4/96  Fighting             TBD      Atari
 Myst (CD)              10/95  Interactive Novel   $59.99    Atari
 NBA Jam T.E.           12/95  Sports              $69.99    Atari

 Netwar (aka Redemption)11/95  Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari      
 Phase Zero             10/95  Action/Arcade       $59.99    Atari
 Pinball Fantasies       NOW   Arcade              $59.95    Comp. West

 Pitfall - Mayan Adv.   10/95  Arcade              $59.99    Activision
 Power Drive Rally      10/95  Driving              TBD      TWI
 Primal Rage (CD)       11/95  Fighting             TBD      TWI

 Rage Rally             2Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                  NOW   Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft

 Return Fire (CD)       1Q/96  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Rise of the Robots (CD)11/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      TWI
 Robinson's Requiem (CD)11/95  Adventure           $59.99    Atari

 Rocky Horror Inter.(CD) 4/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Ruiner Pinball         10/95  Arcade              $59.99    Atari
 Sensible Soccer         NOW   Sports                        Telegames

 Sky Hammer (CD)        12/95  Flying/Action        TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Soul Star (CD)          TBA   Action/Sci-Fi        TBD      Atari

 Space Ace (CD)          TBA   Space/Combat         TBD      ReadySoft
 Space War               TBA   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Starlight BowlaRama CD 10/95  Simulation/Sports    TBD      Atari

 Star Raiders           2Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Sudden Impact          12/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Super Burnout           NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari

 Supercross 3D          11/95  Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Syndicate               NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 Thea Realm Fighters(CD)1Q/96  Action/Fighting      TBD      Atari
 Theme Park              NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari

 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball  NOW   Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   2Q/95  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortek            NOW   Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games

 Val D'Isere Skiing...   NOW   Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Varuna's Forces (CD)   12/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 VidGrid (CD)            NOW   Puzzle/Music Video   ---      Atari

 Wayne Gretzky NHL (CD) 12/95  Sports               TBD      TWI
 White Men Can't Jump    NOW   Sports (w/Team Tap) $69.99    TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari

 Zero 5                  1/96  Space/Combat         TBD      Atari
 Zone Hunter            12/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Zool2                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 Zoop                   12/95  Puzzle               TBD      Viacom

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari - all subject to change]

 [Editor's note: In last week's issue, in our review of FlipOut!, there
 was an error.  From Steve Watkins, here's the correction.]

    "Old habits die hard, folks.  While writing the Flipout review, I
 inadvertently typed the word BATTERY after the Save Feature line at the
 start of the review.  I had corrected it at the last minute, but sent

 the wrong, uncorrected file to Dana.  It should read "Yes - Five
 positions." Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.  I guess
 I've spent far too much time reviewing Genesis and SNES games.  <G>"

 >Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!


                    -- JAGWIRE Exclusive Interview --

 Atari's Ted Hoff introduces JAGWIRE and shares what's on the horizon
 for Jaguar.

 (This interview is distributed officially by the JAGWIRE network)
 Visit on the World Wide Web.

 Within days of Atari's new Web Domain launch, Ted Hoff took a few

 minutes out for an exclusive interview.  Mr. Hoff is Atari's new
 President of North American Operations. Within just a few brief months,
 Ted has become known as a top producer; someone who expects results and

 someone who provides results. He has been instrumental in getting
 Atari's software development focus within aggressive and realistic
 guidelines. He has promised a CD-ROM that gamers will embrace and has

 done just that. He has faced the competition with bold statements of
 value and quality and has fulfilled those commitments without dispute.
 The $149 US Jaguar is becoming more visible and is positioned well for

 the Holidays...including it's premiere in almost 400 nationwide
 Wal*Mart locations PLUS in Radio Shack, Spiegel and Sears catalogs.

 JW- Here it is in October, Mr. Hoff. "Ultra Vortek", "Rayman",
 "FlipOut!", "White Men Can't Jump", the Team Tap, the CD-ROM, "Blue
 Lightning", the Memory Track, "Vid Grid" and "Power Drive Rally" have

 all recently hit store shelves. You must be feeling good.

 TH- You bet.  Not only have we released all these things, but the

 feedback from gamers has been excellent. I have been bombarded with
 messages from the Internet, over the phone and through the mail from
 people virtually around the world just to say thanks!

 JW- And there's still more to come...

 TH- "Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands", "Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure"
 and "Primal Rage" are just a few of the outstanding titles we have on
 the way. Yes, there's a lot more to come.

  JW- There has been a lot of teasing that somethingbig is going to
 happen  with something calledJAGWIRE.  Can you tell us a little about


 TH- I can give you a little sneak preview. JAGWIRE will refer to two

 things actually. One is a phenomenal new World Wide Web site that will
 be on-line on October 6.  World Wide Web Browsers should set the URL to We have a communications master, Don Thomas, who
 is coordinating the efforts of an Emmy Award winning new media house in

 Hollywood, California to put the entire domain together. The JAGWIRE
 also refers to the announcement of CompuServe being named as an
 official commercial on-line site for Jaguar gamers.

 JW- CompuServe? What was the criteria for selecting them?

 TH- There are a number of reasons that CompuServe makes a lot of sense
 for us and Jaguar gamers. Foremost is the simple fact that CompuServe's
 subscriber base is among the highest with more than 3.5 million

 members. That makes CompuServe readily accessible for great numbers of
 people. Secondly, CompuServe offers a structure of message exchanges
 and access to downloadable files that is fast and easy which is one

 reason they serve more than 800 corporate customers. With their new low
 monthly rate of only $9.95 and the fact that getting Jaguar support is
 as easy as  typingGO JAGUAR, CompuServe is the right choice for our

 customers to obtain support. Their number is (800) 848-8990.

 JW- Can Jaguar forum members on CompuServe interact directly with Atari


 TH- Absolutely. I know that Don Thomas, Laury Scott, Dan McNamee and

 others are on there regularly. In addition, there are other popular
 people from Atari Explorer Online, Silicon Times Report and Jaguar
 Journal. There are representatives from Developers, Distributors and

 Retailers too.

 JW- Moving on to the Holidays. How is the Jaguar positioned for the

 months ahead?

 TH- I think we are in an excellent position. Jaguar is still the best

 value video gaming system value and we now also offer a library of
 games which has been important to develop. "Tempest 2000", "Doom",
 "Alien Vs. Predator", "Val d'Isere Skiing" and "Snowboarding and Iron

 Soldier" are some of my favorites that continue to sell through for us.
 Now that the CD-ROM is out, people are raving about "VLM" and how they
 are impressed with their samples of Myst. They also agree that "Blue

 Lightning" and "Vid Grid" were excellent pack-in choices and many
 people are seemingly wearing out their "Tempest 2000" Soundtracks. <g>

 JW- Well, you certainly make it sound like Jaguar offers an excellent
 value and premium support channels to their customers. It is clear that
 the 64-bit Jaguar is the system to own this Christmas.

 TH- We know there are choices out there. That's good because gamers
 benefit from having choices. The most impressive benefit this Holiday

 Season is the affordably-priced 64-bit Jaguar system, and the Jaguar
 CD. Happy Holidays!


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!


                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Before we get into the usual stuff this
 week, I'd like to mention my latest endeavor to you...

 Two weeks from now, we'll be introducing yet another new column here in
 STReport.  It will focus on topics that most of us have heard about, but
 aren't really sure of.  The column will be bi-monthly to start off and

 we'll see how it goes from there.

 "What's the first installment going to be about" you ask?  Well, have

 you ever talked with your friends about the Internet and, in the middle
 of a sentence, thought to yourself "but what exactly _is_ the Internet
 anyway"?  [No, no, no, no, no.......yes (in my best Monty Python voice)]

 Well, if you are one of those folks, don't worry!  There are many more of
 us than you might think.  So watch for the new column because the

 Internet will be the first topic I tackle.  I haven't decided on a title
 for it yet, but it'll be something witty like "People Are Talking".

 In the meantime, we'll just have content ourselves with this column,
 which will remain my favorite for one reason:  It deals with (and will

 continue to) the questions asked and answered by regular folks just like
 you and me.  So let's take a look at some folks just like us.

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 On the subject of Chimera, the Unix-like Internet system, Denis Postle

   "How irritating! both conenct and the browser working but not both
   together. I have been using Chimera reliably since July on both Demon

   in the Uk and CIS. I can post the MINT.CNF file I use.
   Do you have any idea how to get chimera to view html files? I assumed

   that _file://localhost/DIRECTORY/FILENAME_ should work but it doesn't."

 Chris Roth tells Denis:

   "Thanks a lot for your help and information. At the moment however I
   hesitate to work on the TAF setup. I guess the combination Stik / HTML

   browser could be a nice, easier to configure solution.
   Plus, I suffer from the same 'disease' as Michel: I'd like to use my

   German keyboard layout but am unable to do so with X11. X11 at all is a
   great myth for me, still."

 Denis switches subjects to NOS:

   "...the several versions of NOS that I have are all unreliable/unusable

   at the moment and I last used them months ago so I've also forgotten
   what the issues were.

   Did you ever get to use chimera? I haven't been able to get the ftp

   side of that to work either. I guess I don't have any idea what its
   local command set is. I connect ok but the the usual 'ftp <address>'
   doesn't seem to work.

   If you have been using chimera or if anyone reading this has, do you
   know what the link address needs to be from a home page to other

   local/subsidiary pages?  I have copied across the pages I'm
   constructing on the Mac in Netscape and there they all link from a root
   directory but chimera needs something else and I can't see what.

   Help would be appreciated here."

 Michel Vanhamme tells Denis:

   "I actually downloaded the file from demon, but I didn't want to

   upload it to the libraries here if it doesn't work with CIS (or does
   someone knows if SLIP works with CIS? I don't think so). I could send
   it to you in your mail box, if you want."

 Denis tells Michel:

   "Re Stik, if that is the right name.  Yes I'd appreciate you sending
   me STik to my CIS mailbox. I have a Demon account that does SLIP and
   I'll be using it on a TT with 4megTTram.

   It's a real drag, but i still cannot get any of the FTP packages to
   download anything at the moment. I'm fed up with NOS, and DuFTP loads

   ok and looks good but doesn't even want to communicate with the modem
   yet. I suppose it needs hsmodem drivers like chimera? I currently have
   hsmod4 installed. I can't figure out the details for the HSMOD6

   package. It reads like metaphysics. no, metaphysics is easier.
   Pity you didn't get on further with chimera. Would the files I use for

   log on with CIS be of use? (I have no problems with access to CIS at
   19200bd in London and 2400bd in Brussels) That would leave very little
   typing. I guess you could _adapt_ for http's, there are few of them to

   type once you've got on Yahoo.  And, from French, it could all be too
   much of a hassle, I guess.

   I find chimera, very steady. After I have moved between a lot of sites
   and thus filled up the buffer with stored pages, I delete the programm
   and re-load, it then rarely crashes. I've rewritten the home page."

 After downloading Stik, Denis tells Michel:

   "I dowloaded it and installed it according to the docs. I get an error
   message 'Stik KRmalloc free()corrupted' and a dialogue box saying
   'STick not initialised, can't initialise DNS' and no other program will

   run when Stick is active.
   I tried a second download but with the same result. It looks like a

   corrupt file somewhere. The docs give a support address in the uk so
   unless you have any other ideas I'll mail for a disc copy. It certainly
   seems promising.

   In one of the other threads 'www for atari ST' there is mention of Is this StiK do you suppose? and (more atarian metaphysics)
   that it needs a 'cookie jar'. Do you know anything about this?  There

   is no mention of it in the docs.  I'll add the question to that

 Michel tells Denis:

   "I'll install it on my system to see if it's a corrupted file... I

   will also keep an eye on the Atari newsgroups to see if there are
   reports of the problem.  As you may imagine, there's a lot of talk
   about that package already on the net..."

 Michel replies:

   "The '101' stands for the docs, apparently, the version of Stik in that
   package is still 1.00.

   Re: cookie jar
   The cookie jar is a structure in memory that contains...'cookies'.

   These are put there by the OS or TSR programs, so that other programs
   can test their presence in the system and behave accordingly. If you
   use a TT, this should not be a problem, the cookie jar is fully

   supported since TOS 1.06. The OS, f.i., places cookies describing the
   CPU type, video system, sound system etc."

 Denis gives us this latest update:

   "I had a support message from Denesh Bhabuta (dbhabuta@ who is going to be looking after StiK support. He
   says that contrary to the docs, which seem to be only adjacent to the
   facts about Stik in other directions too, 1.01 doesn't run on a TT.

   There is now a 1.04 which does run on a TT. He's sending me a copy.
   I'll let you know how it goes but very useful is my current sense. the

   browser can handle speedo fonts +  GIFs on screen, and colour too. All
   that is good news for me."

 Neil Newman tells us:

   "I've installed TAF on my Falcon computer and have changed the

   options-ppp144-resolve.conf-chatfile files as the TAF thread here has
   suggested and when I tried to make a connection it dialed up and
   appeared to log on to CIS PPP connection. I then tried to activate

   Chimera but  came on screen and nothing happened it just eventually
   droped out.

   I found this in the syslog file: --------------------------- Sep 29
   15:16:06 homer pppd[47]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/modem2 Sep 29 15:16:36
   homer pppd[47]:  LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests <149>Sep 29

   15:16:36 pppd[47]: Connection terminated. ----------------------------
   When I log on with NOS a ppp pp0 command has to be entered before NOS

   locks in.  Do I have to enter a similar command from X windows?"

 Denis tells Neil:

   "You can reliably tell whether you have a ppp connection up on chimera
   by the appearance of a pair of ip addresses. wihtout them you are not

   connected to ppp."

 Carl Barron tells Denis:

   "There is a file in UNIXFORM containing ppp and chat files for CIS and
   PC-LINUX. Should be useful ppp.tgz is the file its about 15k I think.
   it will decompress on your minux partition into a directory ppp. Read

   the enclosed files for details.  It provides chat files for CIS-PPP
   connection.  Not tried yet. Too many intermitent problems with CIS and
   its nodes to try something on, on my end."

 Neil checks out his setup and tells Denis:

   "I see what you mean, it seems that my computer is timing out before it
   picks up the IP address, its definitely connecting. I think there is a
   away of ajusting the timeout with the 'options' file in the 'etc/ppp/'

   folder, at least I hope so.
   BTW did you get Duftp to log on via Compuserve? I can't get it to dial

   my modem, have set it to modem2 (falcon). I tried placing my Slip.dip
   file on the dip.tos with the mouse, it starts but then says ' DIP.
   problem locking in modem2'."

 Well folks, I know that the column is short this week, and I know that

 it all deals with the Internet and that some of you could care less
 about surfing it but, let's face it:  the Internet is the wave of the
 future (pun intended).  As of now, you can either pay an Internet

 provider or dial up your favorite online service (like CompuServe) and
 use it to access the net.  I'm still a newbie myself so I'm not sure if
 all services offer all facets of the 'net such as SLIP, PPP, WWW, FTP,

 and all of the other initials you can think of, but we'll find out

 So tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be ready to
 listen to what they are saying when...

                              PEOPLE ARE TALKING

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