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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      One of the many fascinating areas of computing today is the World
 Wide Web.  It's a part of the Internet.  Through the use of Hypertext
 Markup Language (HTML), GIF Images and JPG Images, one can thoroughly
 enjoy the dazzling eye candy the Web offers.  While digesting the hordes
 of highly informative articles to be found at the various Web sites, it
 becomes extremely easy to see why the very existence of the Online
 Services is demandingly at hand.  The Online Services, while highly
 organized and full of glitter, offer little if any competition to the
 variety, spontaneity, timeliness and creativity levels the Internet and
 all its facets triumphantly offer.

      Product support from most all the manufacturers is available via the
 WEB and of course, email and FTP sites.  This means the need to join an
 online service to obtain tech support has been greatly diminished in the
 last year.  New sites are opening on a daily basis.  One major drawing
 card for the WEB is the ease with which one is able to set up a site and
 almost immediately provide quality service to the users.  With the online
 services, its virtually a ritual that is complex and drawn out.  It almost
 resembles the complex phases one goes through when beginning to travel
 extensively.  This is a major stumbling block the online services must
 overcome if they are to survive.  

      Imagine this if you will, an online service offers 10,000 different
 areas a paying subscriber may visit.  Some of these areas have additional
 fees that are charged when one visits ..others do not.  Then, to top off
 the drawbacks..  Some online services have rather stiff rules and
 regulations about what may or may not be presented.  Surprisingly, there
 are those services who still clearly state they are "exempt" from the Bill
 of Rights and in particular, Freedom of Speech.  The Internet, on the
 other hand, suffers none of these unusual and possibly illegal
 impediments.  On the Internet it is expected that one obey the laws of the
 land nothing more and nothing less.

      The next year or so is going to hold the "tale of the tape" as far as
 the online services are concerned.  Either the services instill a rather
 hefty dose of creative marketing along with a crafty infusion of
 entertaining things to do or, they'll all wind up being nothing more than
 elaborate gateways into the Internet.  Their "wake-up call" is at hand. 
 Do you think they'll hear it in time?  Of course, all this is my opinion,
 I could be wrong, but then ..that's why it only an opinion.


 Let us know what you think about the way telecommunications is changing
 and which way you feel its headed.  Let's hear from you.   

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                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #25
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                   >> Panda Offers 'Flexible' Units <<
    New machines called the Archistrat System from Panda Project Inc. 
 promise an unusually high flexibility, able to be transformed into 
 different models or upgraded to more powerful technologies by snapping 
 in components.
    The Wall Street Journal writes, "The sleek-looking computers ... are 
 aimed at overcoming a big frustration of computer owners: their machines 
 become obsolete in less than two years because the technology advances 
 so fast."
    Panda, founded by ex-IBM employees, says the systems can be equipped 
 with different microprocessor chips as well as different operating 
 system software and, says the Journal, "That could be attractive to big 
 companies that need to use different types of computers for different 
    For instance, "Instead of having to buy, say, a bunch of computers 
 based on Intel Corp.'s chips as well as those that use the Alpha chip 
 from Digital Equipment Corp., a company could buy the Panda machines and 
 insert whichever chips it needs."
    The paper says the Boca Raton, Florida, company has created a new 
 type of packaging process for the chips that takes up much less space, 
 so they can fit onto a smaller circuit card that the user can 
 interchange by snapping it out.
    The units cost about 20% more than traditional computers (starting at 
 $10,490 for a base configuration of a "server" model powered by a 100MHz 
 Pentium chip), but CEO Stanford Crane Jr. contends that price premium 
 will be worth it to customers who worry about obsolescence. Panda also 
 plans to make desktop models.
                  >> Sierra Buys Impressions Software <<
    For undisclosed terms, Impressions Software Inc., a developer with 
 about 40 workers and offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the United 
 Kingdom, has been purchased by multimedia game maker Sierra On-Line Inc.

    The company is quoted as saying as saying it will immediately begin 
 publishing new titles developed by Impressions, such as "Breach 3," a 
 futuristic space combat simulation scheduled for release this summer. 
 (Impressions already has published such titles as "Lords of the Realm," 
 "Front Lines," "High Seas Trader" and "PowerHouse.")
    Impressions President/founder David Lester, who will continue as 
 general manager of the division, said, "We look forward to working 
 together and delivering high quality titles under the Sierra brand 
                    >> Color Printer Market to Soar <<
    Market researcher Dataquest Inc. see a bright future for the U.S. 
 color printer market.
    Driven by lower-cost ink-jet printers, the U.S. color printer market 
 will show a compound annual growth rate of more than 28% during the next 
 five years.
    Dataquest predicts that color and color-capable ink-jet printer 
 shipments will reach 6.4 million units in 1995, up from 3.4 million 
 units in 1994.

    "Low-end color and color- capable ink-jet are now very affordable and 
 offer novice users the opportunity to experiment with color," says Paula 
 Bursley, a Dataquest analyst. "The tremendous growth in sales of these 
 low-cost color and color-capable printers has been fueled by the 
 exploding home market."
    Color has been slower to catch on in the business market, says 
 Dataquest. The market researcher says applications must make a 
 transition from full-color to integrated monochrome and color in order 
 for color printers to become more popular with businesses.
                      >> Canon Offers Workstation <<
    Canon Inc. has introduced a new line of PowerPC-based personal work-
 stations that it says will enable users to run applications on the 
 Windows NT operating system in a client/server environment.
    Consisting of desktops for notebook computers, a uniprocessor desktop 
 and dual-processor desktop, the line is expected to be available in the 
 third quarter of 1995.
    The line also includes the first PowerPC dual-processor systems 
 running Windows NT for Fortune 1000 companies.
                    >> Gateway Ships 3 Millionth PC <<
    Direct-market PC specialist Gateway 2000 Inc. says it has shipped its 
 three millionth system.
    The P5-120 model will be delivered to Clint Cormier, a recent college 
 graduate in Bossier City, Louisiana.
    Gateway 2000 President and CEO Ted Waitt called Cormier to thank him 
 for his loyalty and to tell him that the system would be arriving at his 
 home at no cost.
    Since its founding in 1985, Gateway 2000 has grown from a two-person 
 operation with sales of $100,000 to a Fortune 500 company with more than 
 5,400 employees and revenues in excess of $2.7 billion a year.
                  >> IBM to Block Win95 on OS/2 Units <<
    IBM says it will not being providing a way for its OS/2 Warp 
 operating system to run programs designed for Microsoft Corp.'s new 
 Windows 95, due on the market in August.
    The Wall Street Journal this week termed this as IBM's "bold gamble 
 that puts pressure on OS/2 to stand on its own in the market."
    The decision "means IBM is betting that it can persuade more software 
 developers to create versions of their programs specifically for the IBM 
 operating system," the paper says.
    Of course, this is risky business because if it backfires, says WSJ, 
 "OS/2 could be reduced to an obscure niche product or ultimately fade 
    The paper notes IBM already appeared to be "hedging the bet," noting 
 that IBM could later decide to modify OS/2 to provide Windows 95 
 compatibility if customers show demand for it.
                    >> HP Offers 3 New Workstations <<
    Three new workstations have been unveiled by Hewlett-Packard Co., 
 going up against comparable offerings from Sun Microsystems and Silicon 
 Graphics, but carrying lower prices.
    Reports say the machines, aimed at technical markets for electronic 
 and mechanical design automation and mechanical computer-aided design 
 and engineering, are priced at $11,600, $15,000 and $21,000 and will go 
 on sale during the third quarter.
    The company says the new machines enable engineers and architects to 
 speed up two-dimensional graphic design programs and are upgraded models 
 of the HP 9000 Model 712 and 715.
    HP adds the 712/100, priced at $15,000, runs 70% faster than Sun 
 Microsystems' SparcStation 20 Model 51, priced at $16,000. The company 
 said its 715/100 XC outperforms Sun's recently announced SparcStation 20 
 Model HS-21 and runs 41% faster than Silicon Graphics' SGI Indigo2R-
                  >> Half of U.S. Teens Have Home PCs <<
    Nearly half of Americans age 11 through 18 use a computer at home and 
 more than one in five log onto an online service or computer bulletin 
 board system through a home unit.

    So says a new survey by Chilton Research Services, which also finds 
 that for teens, playing video games is the main attraction of online 
 services, more popular than "chatting" online.
    The survey, which, sampled 752 teens nationwide between May 24 and 
 June 1, also found teens generally much more savvy about high-tech 
 products than the general population. For instance, 51% had used a CD-
 ROM player (often at school) and 6% have bought a CD ROM title in the 
 past month.
    However, TV is still the teens' primary activity for pure 

    Says a statement from Chilton, "Twice as many of those teens who have 
 used online services say watching TV is more fun than going online. For 
 their TV fare, teens prefer sitcoms over other types of programs 
 including music videos."
                  >> Micron Adds High-Performance PC <<
    Micron Electronics Inc. has added the Micron P133 Millennia to its 
 high-performance PC line.
    Starting at $3,099, the Micron P133 Millennia includes an Intel 
 133MHz Pentium microprocessor, 256KB of cache memory, 8MB of RAM and a 
 540MB enhanced IDE hard drive. Also included are a four-speed CDROM 
 drive, a SoundBlaster 16 sound card, speakers, a 64-bit PCI graphics 
 accelerator and a 15-inch color monitor.
    Micron has also incorporated the 133MHz Pentium microprocessor into 
 its PowerStation and Home MPC product lines. Entry-level system 
 configurations start at $2,799 and include a 256KB cache, 8MB of RAM, a 
 540MB enhanced IDE hard drive, a four-speed CD-ROM drive, a SoundBlaster 
 16 sound card, speakers and a 64-bit PCI graphics accelerator.
                  >> IBM's PowerPC Units Rolling Out <<
    The new PowerSeries of PCs based on the PowerPC chip IBM designed 
 with Apple Computer Inc. and Motorola Inc. will hit the market next 
 month, though IBM doesn't expect to be selling the machines in 
 substantive volume until next year.
    IBM had planned to be selling PowerPC-based units a year ago and has 
 sold advanced workstations that use the chip since late 1993. As noted, 
 Apple last year switched its Macintosh line to the chip.
    In addition, several other companies -- among them Canon, Austin 
 Computer, Firepower Systems, IPC Technologies and Zenith Data Systems -- 
 will demonstrate PowerPC-based computers at a convention in New York 
 this week.
    Most of them do not expect to begin selling machines until the fall 
 and several will focus on versions that can only be used in a corporate 
 computing center rather than an individual's office.
    IBM is said to plan two desktop and two laptop models with prices 
 starting at about $3,000. The first versions will perform at the level 
 of Pentium-based PCs.

    IBM hasn't commented about the PowerSeries, but its public relations 
 representatives have said the first machines will use Microsoft Windows 
 NT and IBM's AIX operating software (a program that is typically found 
 on advanced workstations and minicomputers).
                >> Most Government PCs are Zenith, IBM <<

    Some 60% of the 490,000 desktop machines the federal government 
 bought in the year ending Sept. 30, many of them under the Air Force's 
 huge Desktop IV contract, came from Zenith Data Systems and from IBM.

    That's the word from The Washington Post which notes Dell Computer 
 Corp. was third top supplier to the government, according to research 
 firm International Data Corp.
                  >> New Power Macintosh Makes Debut <<
    Apple Computer Inc. has introduced a new Power Macintosh model it 
 describes as its most powerful and expandable system to date.
    The computer maker says the Power Macintosh 9500 combines a new Power 
 Macintosh architecture with the next- generation PowerPC 604 micro-
 processor. The Power Mac 9500 provides users with up to two times the 
 performance and over three times the memory expansion of Apple's 
 previous top of the line model.
    The Power Mac 9500's PowerPC 604 processor -- running at 120MHz or 
 132MHz -- is a second-generation RISC chip that performs up to 1.5 times 
 faster than the PowerPC 601 at the same clock speed.
    Targeted at professional users in publishing, technical and media 
 authoring markets, the Power Macintosh 9500 is the first personal 
 computer from Apple to feature the industry- standard Peripheral 
 Component Interconnect (PCI) bus. The move to a high-speed PCI bus 
 provides Power Mac 9500 customers with significant performance gains and 
 greater access to customized personal computing solutions via low cost 
 PCI cards.
    Apple will ship two configurations of the Power Macintosh 9500. The 
 Power Macintosh 9500/120 system is available with a 120MHz clock speed, 
 16MB of RAM, a 1GB hard disk, a quad-speed CD ROM drive and an ATI video 
 card. The U.S price of the Power Macintosh 9500/120 is $4,999. The Power 
 Macintosh 9500/132 is available with a 132MHz clock speed, 16MB of DRAM, 
 a 2GB hard disk and a four-speed CD ROM drive. The Power Mac 9500/132 
 has a U.S. price of $5,799.
                   >> Verbatim Offers Peek at Win95 <<

    Verbatim Corp. says it will provide a preview of the forthcoming 
 Windows 95 operating system on an interactive demo disk found in 
 specially marked 11- and 24- packs of its floppy disks.
    The offer will also be available in specially marked packages of 
 Verbatim data cartridges.
    "Windows 95 is the most talked about software product ever and it 
 will not be on the shelves until August. But in July, Verbatim will be 
 shipping an interactive demo inside specially marked products such as 
 floppy disks and quarter- inch data cartridges. This demo shows many of 
 the features of Windows 95, such as the start button, peripheral Plug 
 and Play ability, Microsoft Exchange and The Microsoft Network," says 
 Nicky Hartery, president of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Verbatim.
                      >> IBM Cuts ThinkPad Prices <<
    The price of IBM's ThinkPad 701 model has been lowered by $850 to 
 start at $3,199. The company says it is passing on the savings from 
 increased production capacity and part of its drive to build market 
    This IBM 701's subnotebook dubbed the Butterfly, which has an 
 expandable keyboard and weighs 4.5 pounds.
    The company says the increased availability of flat panel screens and 
 aggressive manufacturing and distribution have eliminated the shortages 
 in the ThinkPad product line.
                >> Gingrich Says Net Smut Bill Is Dead <<
    A controversial amendment aimed at controlling smut on computer net-
 works may be dead, says House speaker Newt Gingrich, who adds he thinks 
 the measure, backed by Sen. James Exon, D-Nebraska, violates the First 
 Amendment of the Constitution.
    The Exon amendment to the Senate's Telecommunications Competition and 
 Deregulation Act of 1995, which passed the full Senate 81-18 last week, 
 will "have no real meaning and have no real impact and, in fact, I don't 
 think it will survive," Gingrich said.
    Said Gingrich, "It is clearly a violation of free speech and it's a 
 violation of the right of adults to communicate with each other. I don't 
 agree with it and I don't think it is a serious way to discus a serious 
 issue, which is, how do you maintain the right of free speech for adults 
 while also protecting children in a medium which is available to both."
    The Exon measure targets pornography on the Internet and online 
 services, calling for fines of up to $100,000 and prison terms of up to 
 two years for people who distribute sexually explicit material over 
                   >> New Means of Smut Control Seen <<
    Two West Coast congressmen say government, instead of trying to 
 regulate the flow of smut on computer networks, ought to give users the 
 technological tools to prevent offending material from coming into their 
    Reps. Christopher Cox, R-California, and Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, have 
 said that one way to help people find technology solutions could be to 
 have the government establish a toll-free 800 number people could call 
 to find out the latest in commercially available software or hardware.
    Another way, Wyden said, is for the government to set up a referral 
 service that people could contact to get information on blocking 
    "The government would refer people to private sector services," 
 Aversa writes. "Some software programs already exist that let people 
 block certain computer communications."




 Document #W21130

 Vendor      System                     Processor    AHA-3940W    AHA-3980
 A-trend     ATC1563P Motherboard         P54C-100          Yes
 ACER        AA700 Series System                            Yes
 ACER        AA7000 Series System                           Yes
 ACER        AA800 Series System                            Yes
 ACER        AA900 Series System                            Yes
 ACER        AEB8000 Series System                          Yes
 ACER        AP5C Motherboard             P54C-100          Yes
 ACER        AP5CS Motherboard            P54C-100          Yes
 ACER        DP5 Motherboard              DUAL P54C-100     Yes
 ACER        LP5 Motherboard              P54C-100          Yes
 ACER        M3 Motherboard               P5-66             Yes
 ACER        M5 Plus Motherboard          P5-66             Yes
 ACER        V12C Motherboard             P54C-100          Yes
 ACER        V12P Motherboard             P5-66             Yes
 ACER        V30 Motherboard              P54C-100          Yes
 AIR(UHC)    486PI Motherboard            486               Yes         Yes
 AIR(UHC)    54CDP Motherboard            DUAL P54C-100     Yes         Yes
 AIR(UHC)    54CMI v1.1 Motherboard       P54C-100          Yes
 AIR(UHC)    54CPI Motherboard            P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 AIR(UHC)    54CSH v1.0 Motherboard       P54C-100          Yes
 AIR(UHC)    54IDP Motherboard            DUAL P54C-100     Yes
 ASI         4DUPC Motherboard            486-50            Yes
 ASI         4DUPM Motherboard            486-50            Yes
 ASUS        P/I-P55TP4XE Motherboard     P54C-75/100       Yes         Yes
 ASUS        PCI-486AP4 Motherboard       486-33            Yes
 ASUS        PCI/E-P54NP4 Motherboard     DUAL P54C-75/100  Yes         Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-P54NP4D Motherboard    DUAL P54C-75/100  Yes         Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-486SP3G Motherboard    486-33            Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-54TP4 Motherboard      P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-AP55T Motherboard      P54C-75/120       Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-P54NP4 Motherboard     P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-P54SP5 Motherboard     P54C-100          Yes
 ASUS        PCI/I-P5SP4 Motherboard      P5-66             Yes
 Chaintech   486 SPM Motherboard          486DX2-33         Yes
 Chaintech   586IDM Motherboard           P54C-100          Yes
 Chaintech   586UBM Motherboard           P54C-100          Yes
 Compaq      PCI Deskpro System                             Yes         Yes
 Compaq      PCI Prolinea System                            Yes         Yes
 Compaq      Proliant 1500 System         P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Compaq      Prosignia 300 System         P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 Compaq      Prosignia 500 System         P5-90             Yes         Yes
 DEC         Prioris HX590 System         P54C-90           Yes
 DEC         Prioris HX590DP System       DUAL P54C-90      Yes
 Dell        Dimensions Power Edge 5100-2 P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Dell        Dimensions Power Edge 5120-2 P54C-120          Yes         Yes
 Dell        Dimensions Power Edge 5133-2 P54C-133          Yes         Yes
 Dell        Dimensions Power Edge 590-2  P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 DFI         586VPM Motherboard           P54C-100          Yes
 ECS         SI54P-AIO Motherboard        P54C-120          Yes
 ECS         TS54P-AIO Motherboard        P54C-120          Yes
 ECS         TS54P-VIO Motherboard        P54C-120          Yes
 ECS         UM8810P-AIO Motherboard      486-33            Yes
 FIC         PA2000 Motherboard           P54C-100          Yes
 FIC         PIO2/486 Motherboard         486-33            Yes
 FIC         PN2000 Motherboard           P54C-100          Yes
 FIC         PN3000 Motherboard           P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 FIC         PT2000 Motherboard           P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Gigabyte    GA-486AM Motherboard         486DX4-75/100     Yes         Yes
 Gigabyte    GA-586AL Motherboard         P5-60/66          Yes         Yes
 Gigabyte    GA-586AP Motherboard         P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Gigabyte    GA-586AS Motherboard         P54C-100          Yes
 Gigabyte    GA-586AT Motherboard         P54C-75/150       Yes         Yes
 Intel       Advanced/AL-100 Motherboard  P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Intel       Advanced/AL-90 Motherboard   P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 Intel       Advanced/MN-100 Motherboard  P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Intel       Advanced/MN-90 Motherboard   P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 Intel       Advanced/ZP-75 Motherboard   P54C-75           Yes         Yes
 Intel       Advanced/ZP-90 Motherboard   P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 IWILL       486SP Motherboard            486DX-33          Yes
 IWILL       P54AS Motherboard            P54C-100          Yes
 IWILL       P54SP Motherboard            P54C-100          Yes
 IWILL       P54TS/TSW/TSW2 Motherboard   P54C-75/133       Yes         Yes
 Micro-Star  MS-5117 Motherboard          P54C-75/133       Yes         Yes
 Micro-Star  MS-5119 Motherboard          P54C-75/133       Yes         Yes
 Micro-Star  MS-5120 Motherboard          P54C-75/133       Yes         Yes
 Micronics   09-00208-03A4 Motherboard    P54C-100          Yes
 Micronics   M54Hi Motherboard            P54C-75/120       Yes         Yes
 Micronics   M54Pe Motherboard            Dual P54C-90      Yes         Yes
 MITAC       PB5400D  Motherboard         P54C-100          Yes
 MITAC       PH4500A Motherboard          486-33            Yes
 MITAC       PL4600C Motherboard          486-33            Yes
 MITAC       PL5400D Motherboard          P54C-90           Yes
 Mitsuba     Mitsuba Pentium Base System  P54C-90           Yes         Yes
 Muftek      Mecer B885 Motherboard       486               Yes         Yes
 Muftek      Mecer B920 Motherboard       P5                Yes         Yes
 Olivetti    SNX200 System                P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Olivetti    SNX400 System                P54C-100          Yes         Yes
 Siemens     PCD-4H-PCI Motherboard       486DX2-66         Yes
 SOYO        37A2 Motherboard             486-33            Yes
 SOYO        5TA2 Motherboard             P54C-100          Yes
 SuperMicro  P55CM Motherboard            P54C-75/90/100/1  Yes         Yes
 SuperMicro  P55CWA Motherboard           P54C-75/90/100/1  Yes         Yes
 SuperMicro  P55CWS Motherboard           P54C-75/90/100/1  Yes         Yes
 TAKEN       PCI580 Motherboard           DUAL P54C-100     Yes
 Tatung      TCS-9570 Motherboard         486-33            Yes

 If your system or motherboard is not on this list, IT MAY STILL WORK.

 This list is the latest information available to us through first hand

 If your motherboard or system is not listed, it is possible that it has
 PCI Bridge support and will work.  If not, the system supplier may have
 a BIOS upgrade available which will add PCI Bridge support.


 > STR InfoFile


 New York, New York--June 20, 1995--Corel Corporation has signed a book
 publishing agreement with Osborne/McGraw-Hill to develop a new line of
 books that focus on Corel's family of software products. Between five and 
 eight books are scheduled to be published by Osborne over the next year
 and a half under the new CorelPRESS imprint. Future language versions are
 also being considered. 

 "CorelPRESS will give us a commanding presence in the book market with an
 easily recognizable label and plenty of indepth and rich product
 information for our users," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and 
 chief executive officer of Corel Corporation. "The publications will serve
 as a excellent reference point for users both old and new."

 "We are proud and excited to join Corel as an authorized book publisher,"
 said Lawrence Levitsky, publisher and general manager at Osborne.  "With
 the state-of-the-art improvements to their best selling graphics and
 desktop publishing software products, Corel is poised to become the
 leading 'publishing solutions'software developer."

 The first book to appear will be The Official Guide to CorelDRAW 6 under
 Windows '95. This publication will provide an indepth overview of Corel's
 first Windows '95 offering. It is scheduled for a September/October
 release and will be quickly followed by The Official Guide to Corel
 VENTURA 6, a detailed work on Corel's upcoming all-in-one SGML publishing

 Osborne/McGraw-Hill, headquartered in Berkeley, California, is a leading
 publisher computer books that include tutorials, references, and user
 guides for people at all levels of computer and software proficiency. 
 Known for its best-selling Internet titles--The Internet Complete
 Reference and the Internet Yellow Pages--as well as its Made Easy and
 Complete Reference series, Osborne/McGraw-Hill also has established
 strategic publishing relationships with Corporate Software, Inc. (now
 known as Stream International), Oracle Corp., and several well-known
 McGraw-Hill magazines including LAN Times, and BYTE.  

 A division of McGraw-Hill's Professional Publishing Group,
 Osborne/McGraw-Hill is targeting consumer support, emerging technologies
 and innovative applications for developing future computer books

 Headquartered in New York City, McGraw-Hill, Inc., is one of the world's
 leading publishing and information services companies, serving global
 markets in education, business, the professions, industry and government. 
 Revenue for 1994 exceeded $2.7  billion US.

 Corel Corporation
 Incorporated in 1985, Corel Corporation is recognized internationally as
 an award-winning developer and marketer of PC graphics and SCSI software. 
 CorelDRAW(, Corel's industry-leading graphics software, is available in
 over 17 languages and has won over 200 international awards from major
 trade publications.  Corel ships its products through a network of more
 than 160 distributors in 60 countries worldwide.  Corel is traded on the
 Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: COS) and the NASDAQ--National Market
 System (symbol: COSFF).

 All products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
 respective companies.  CorelDRAW and CorelPRESS are trademarks of Corel
 Corporation.  Corel is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.


 > STR InfoFile

                          ENHANCED MUSIC CD FORMAT

   Microsoft Continues Leadership Role with Conferences, Tools, New
 Facility; Microsoft Windows 95 Offers Best Support for Enhanced Music CD

   REDMOND, Wash., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Music industry artists and
 executives today praised Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) for its leadership
 in facilitating rapid completion of the new enhanced music compact disc
 format (also referred to as CD Plus) for music CDs, which now enables
 customers to view music videos, photos, lyrics and liner notes when played
 on PCs that are compatible with the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95 operating

   Microsoft has worked closely with the specification's developers --
 Philips Electronics Corp. and Sony Corp. -- for the past 12 months and is
 continuing its strong support of the enhanced music CD format with new
 conferences, tools and a new interactive music and multimedia facility
 scheduled to open later this year.  Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 95
 will be the first operating system with full, integrated support for the
 enhanced music CD format.

   "For more than a year, Microsoft has been working closely with Philips
 and Sony to help ensure that these new initiatives could be exploited by
 both the technological and creative communities," said Rick Segal, manager
 of multimedia evangelism, strategic relations at Microsoft.  "Microsoft is
 pleased that its
 tools and technologies are being well-received by the music industry."

   "Microsoft has helped us to develop the specification, to test it, and
 to distribute it to the music industry," said Harry Lakerveld, director of
 Philips Electronics.  "We appreciate its leadership role in helping us to
 bring together the music and computer industries to make the enhanced
 music CD format a reality."

   "It's rare to finalize a specification of such breadth and significance
 so quickly," said Katsuaki Tsurushima, director of Sony. "Microsoft's
 support, in the form of software expertise and enthusiasm, has been a
 clear contributor."

   Expanded Support Includes New Conference, Facility and Tools

   Microsoft's continuing support of the enhanced music CD format includes
 an Interactive Media Conference that the company is hosting in Long Beach,
 Calif., July 18-20.  Participants will learn how to develop for the
 enhanced music CD format and other new interactive technologies such as
 The Microsoft Network.  Microsoft's planned interactive music and
 multimedia facility will assist recording companies that develop compact
 discs based on the enhanced music CD format.  The company also is
 developing software tools for faster and more cost-effective development
 of enhanced music CD discs.

   Microsoft has held continuing consultations with Philips and Sony,
 promoted the enhanced music CD format to the music industry and solicited
 its feedback, and conducted in-depth discussions of the  enhanced music CD
 format with CD-ROM vendors, OEMs and independent software developers.  The
 company distributed enhanced music CD test discs to hardware manufacturers
 and provided testing support to help validate that enhanced music CD discs
 will work with computers and stereos already in the marketplace. 
 Microsoft conducted the first music industry training session for the
 enhanced music CD format in November 1994.

   Features of Windows 95 Support Enhanced Music CD Format

   Microsoft contributed its Windows 95 CD AutoPlay feature to the enhanced
 music CD format, and the associated AutoRun file (.INF) will be included
 on every enhanced music CD disc.  AutoPlay's AutoRun file contains the
 information an enhanced music CD disc needs to be played automatically
 when the user inserts it into a CD-ROM drive. Third-party operating system
 and application software companies that want to add extensions to the
 AutoRun file -- to support new platforms or new features -- can do so by
 registering those extensions with the Recording Industry Association of
 America (RIAA).

   The enhanced music CD format makes optimal use of a range of advances in
 Windows 95, including features providing unprecedented ease of use for
 customers.  In addition to AutoPlay, the 32-bit  multimedia subsystem and
 new CD file system in Windows 95 will enable smoother, faster playback of
 titles.  Also, the Plug and Play support in Windows 95 will help make it
 simple for customers to install and use Plug and Play-compatible CD-ROM
 drives and related hardware.  Windows 95 will also allow the link of
 enhanced music CD discs to The Microsoft Network to give users the best of
 both worlds (for example, the ability to get tour dates of the bands
 online from within the enhanced music CD title).

   Music Industry Praises Enhanced Music CD Format, Microsoft Role

   "The enhanced CDs we can create with the enhanced music CD format
 represent a major new opportunity for the music industry, one that's
 likely to be at least as significant as the introduction of audio CDs in
 the 1980s," said Nick Turner at Firstars, which manages Sting, Squeeze,
 Belinda Carlisle,  Alannah Myles, Sky Cries Mary and others. "Microsoft
 has been incredibly effective in promoting
 this new technology to the music industry."

   "The enhanced music CD format enables writers and performers to express
 themselves in the most comprehensive way imaginable," said Grammy award-
 winning recording artist Randy Newman.  "I never would have imagined what
 this technology enables one to do.  Microsoft has done a tremendous
 service for those of us who create."

   "Microsoft has worked with the music industry to surpass the technical
 hurdles of this new format in order to offer the best solution for music
 buyers," said Todd Fearn, CEO of REV Entertainment. "Microsoft's support
 and cooperation has made a big difference in enabling the music industry
 to adopt the enhanced music CD format so quickly and enthusiastically." 
 REV Entertainment is developing enhanced music CD titles for Warner Music
 Group, which includes Warner Bros., Atlantic and Elektra.

   "The enhanced music CD format is a natural merging of two different
 technologies," said Lars Murray, manager of special projects at Rykodisc. 
 "We are excited about the enhanced music CD format and view this as the
 next logical step to delivering music to a growing audience."

   The new enhanced music CD format is based on multisession technology,
 which solves the "track one" problem that has prevented easy use of CD-
 ROMs in audio-CD players.  Until now, CD-ROM titles have used the first
 track of a compact disc for data that produced static -- and potential
 speaker damage -- when played on audio-CD players.

   Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software for
 personal computers.  The company offers a wide range of products and
 services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of
 making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the
 full power of personal computing every day.

   Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of
 Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries. 

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                       /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/_____
                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > LEXMARK Questions & Answers STR FOCUS!

                        LEXMARK MOST ASKED QUESTIONS

                        Top 10 Questions - Laser DOS

 Q: In WordPerfect, I cannot pull from the envelope feeder or second tray?

 A: The printer sheet feeder is not set up properly.  The sheet
 feeder can be chosen by :

   1.Choose sheetfeeder   sh-F7 - Select Printer - Edit - Sheet Feeder

   2. Set up forms sh-F8 - Page - Paper Size - Edit formtype - Location

 Q: In WordPerfect, I am not getting the correct fonts when I print.  
 I have already selected these fonts under sh-Ft  -  Select Printer  - 
 Edit -  Cartridge Fonts and they aren't working.

 A: The fonts listed under this section, both under Cartridge and
 Soft Fonts should only be chosen if you own the named font cartridge or
 soft font package and have it installed on the printer or on your computer
 to be downloaded. If the font is not available, the printer will
 substitute another font or display a font error.

 Q: After installing the Lotus driver from the printer toolkit, the printer
 is still not listed as a choice in the Install program.

 A: After the initial install is run and the driver files are copied into
 the Lotus directory, the 4029LOAD.BAT or INSTDRV.BAT (depending on which
 driver you're using) needs to be run from the Lotus directory to finish
 the installation. This will add the printers as choices in the Lotus
 install program.

 Q: How can PPDS Migration Tool mode be enabled on an Optra printer ?

 A: There are two ways to do this, depending on your printer code

      1.  Some versions of Optra code will allow you to enable PPDS
          mode from the printer panel by powering the printer on with 
          the Third and Fourth unmarked buttons depressed.

      2. PPDS can also be enabled by using a PJL (Printer Job Language) 
         command \027%-12345X@PJL DEFAULT LPPDS=ON\010 where the \027 
         refers to the ESCape character (ascii 27) and the \010 refers to 
         a line feed (ascii 10).  The carriage return MUST follow the

 Q: When printing, all I get is a bunch of hieroglyphics or words like 

 A: This is a driver mismatch problem.  Make sure the printer driver
 emulation corresponds to the printer emulation mode, ie using an HP Series
 II driver for PCL4 mode.  Check your printer Quick Reference for checking
 the operating mode on the printer.

 Q: When trying to use the printer toolkit, I get the message that SHARE is 
 running and drivers cannot be updated.   How can I install drivers?

 A1: The easiest way would be to rename SHARE.EXE.  SHARE is going to be 
 referenced in your CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT file or it may be in your 
 C:\ directory and is being run automatically.  If this is the case, rename
 SHARE.EXE by the command REN SHARE.EXE SHARE.BAK reboot your computer and
 run the toolkit, then fix share by the commnad REN SHARE.BAK SHARE.EXE and
 reboot again .

 A2: Another way is to install the needed drivers manually.  The newer 
 toolkits have a file called UNPCKDRV on the driver disks.  Run the program
 to unpack the drivers.  There will be a README.1ST file with installation

 Older toolkits have a file called PKUNZJR on the driver disks. To use this 
 you will need to make a temporary directory for each driver (ie MD
 C:\TMPDRV) and you will need to know the filename containing the driver
 from the driver disk (most are a little intuitive) and then run the
 program from the driver disk by "PKUNZJR filename C:\TMPDRV\" where
 filename is the desired driver file, and C:\TMPDRV\ should be replaced
 with the name of your temporary directory.  The backslash " \ " after the
 filename is very important.  When this is complete, there will be a file
 called README.1ST with installation information.

 Q: What driver should I use for my WinWriter 400 or WinWriter 200 when I'm 
 using non-Windows applications?

 A: Use the HP Series II driver.  Both WinWriters fall back to HP Series II 
 compatibity mode when not in Windows.


 How do I set the Top Of Form on My Printer?

 Top of Form with Continuous Paper (All Models)
 1)  Begin with no paper in the printer.

 2)  Place paper in the tractor feeds.  Align the left margin with the

 3)  Press FormFeed to load the paper. The READY light will be blinking
 when paper is loaded.

 4)  Adjust the TOF using the MICRO UP/DN keys.

 5)  When the desired position is set, press the START/STOP key to save
 this setting and bring the printer  online.  The READY light will come on

 6)  The paper will advance to Tearoff.

 7)  Adjust the Tearoff position using the MICRO UP/DN keys.

 8)  When the desired Tearoff position is set, press the START/STOP key
 twice.  The printer will beep twice, reset itself and be ready to print.

 1)  Insert a piece of cut sheet paper into the manual feed door on the
 front of the printer.  The printer will grab the paper and pull it in.

 2)  At this point, one of two things will happen:

      A)  READY LIGHT COMES ON SOLID:  If this happens, use the MICRO UP/DN 
       keys to move the paper to the desired TOF and press the ALT + SET
       TOF.  The position is saved.

      B)  READY LIGHT IS FLASHING:  If this happens, use the MICRO UP/DN
       keys to move the paper to the desired TOF and press START/STOP.  The
       position is saved.

 TOP OF FORM USING MACROS (23XX-002 Plus Printers Only)
 MACROS are turned ON in the Setup Menu by selecting Forms Macros

 Options / Set Default Macro / then choose a Macro as your default

 (See page 6-7 in the User's Manual).

 Continuous Forms
 1)  Turn the printer ON.  Paper should be placed into the push
 tractor feed pins and the doors closed and the paper select lever on the 
 front right hand side of the printer should be in the down position.

 2)  If the READY light is solid, press the START/STOP key to turn it off.

 3)  Press the MACRO button until the light corresponding to the macro you 
 want to select is lit.

 4)  Press the START/STOP key.  The paper will move back and forth and the 
 READY light will come on solid.

 5)  Turn the READY light back off by pressing START/STOP again.

 6)  Press the ALT + FORMFEED key.  The paper should back out of
 the printer and the PAPER OUT light should flash.

 7)  Follow steps 2-8 in "Top of Form with Continuous Paper" above.

 8)  If you need to set the top of form in any other macros, return to step
 2 in this section.

 Cut Sheet Forms
 1)  Turn the printer ON.  The PAPER OUT light should be flashing.

 2)  Press the MACRO button until the macro you want to adjust top of form
 is lit.

 3)  Perform the "Top of Form With Cut Sheets" procedure on previous page.

 4)  If you need to set the TOF on another macro, follow the procedures


 Presale Information.  What are the "speeds and feeds" of the printers? 

           238X-002                                239X-002


           320 cps in FastDraft                    233 cps in Fast Draft

           270 cps in Draft                        210 cps in Draft

           67 cps in Near Letter Quality           70 cps in Near Letter


           11 KB standard memory           32 KB Standard

 Print Quality

           240 x 144 dpi graphics          360 x 360 dpi graphics

 Font Selection

           4 resident fonts                        8 resident fonts

           7 resident bar codes                    7 resident bar codes

 Maximum Print Line

                For the 23X0-002 Printers:  8 inches

                For the 23X1-002 Printers:  13.6 inches

 Paper Handling

                Virtually straight paper path; friction feed; movable
                push/pull tractors; four bottom/front paper feeds;
                auto-load assist

           Two-year Express or Carry-in warranty.  Extended warranty
           options available.


 My PPSII Printer's platen knob is broken.  How do I get another one?

 We can mail out a new improved platen knob and instruct them not to use
 the platen knob when the printer is turned on.  We also instruct them on
 how to set the Top Of Form and Tearoff Positions with the instructions in 
 Question 1.

      NOTE:  The 23XX-002 (or Plus) Printers do not have a knob on
             the printer.  This is due to the printer not needing the knob. 

             The main reason for using the knob on the PPSII Printers is 
             for clearing paper jams, with the printer turned OFF.


 How do I set the page length on my printer?


           The page length can be set up through the Printer Setup Menu
           for selections of 11 and 12 inches.  Other than these two 
           settings, the page length must be set through the application 
           being used.  The escape sequence used for setting the page 
           length is:  ESC C or ESC C 0.  The details for this escape 
           sequence can be found in the User's Reference in the Escape 
           Sequence section under Page Settings.  There is also available 
           for these printers, a Variable Forms Length EPROM, which does 
           allow the page length settings to be set from 1 line to 22
           inches.  The part numbers are as follows:  For the 238X-001
           Printers: 1180995 For the 239X-001 Printers:  1180997.  These 
           can be ordered through the Lexmark Parts Center at 


           The page length can be set up through the Printer Setup Menu
           for selections of 1 line to 22 inches.  The ESC C or ESC C 0 
           commands can work also from the software, but these printers 
           come standard with this option.  


 When using a multipart form the printer is light on the latter copies ?

 Check the position of the Forms Thickness Lever. It should be adjusted 
 appropriately for the thickness of the form. Try using an NLQ font instead
 of a Draft font. Set the printer up for emphasized printing.  The printer
 may need an internal adjustment to allow the Forms Thickness Lever to be
 adjusted properly.  This is called the Printhead Gap Adjustment and will
 need to be performed by and authorized serviceperson.  Some mulitpart
 forms do not transfer an images easily.    


 Where do you get a ribbon from ?

 The part number for the ribbon is 1040930.  It can be ordered from Lexmark 
 Supplies at 1-800-438-2468.


 How do I attach my printer serially?

 The 23XX-00X Printers all use the Same Serial Interface Adapter.  The part 
 number is 1368162 and can be ordered from Lexmark Supplies at
 1-800-438-2468.  The serial interface cable recommended to use with this
 interface adapter can be ordered through Lexmark Supplies with the
 following part number: 1180786.


 My printer is printing light.  I just installed a new ribbon. What can I
 do to fix this?

 On the ribbon, there is a dial with either 2 or 3 positions.  The latter, 
 with 3 positions is an older ribbon with a position for 0, 1, and 2.  When 
 the ribbon is installed, the ribbon dial should be set to the 1 position. 
 If the ribbon has 2 positions, the ribbon should be left on the 1
 position.  In both cases, printing a few pages should let the ribbon cycle
 through it's reinking process and get a good print.  After printing for a
 period of time, the print may start getting light.  Turn the dial to the
 position 2. Doing this prematurely may cause an over inking of the ribbon
 and cause smearing.


 What printer do I select in my application?  

 We have drivers available to send out freely to customers for certain 
 applications.  Some drivers that we do have are for the following
 applications:  Windows, WordPerfect, Lotus, Works for DOS, Word for DOS, 
 and more. If there is no driver for this specific printer in the
 application, the next best driver can be chosen. For the 238X-00X
 Printers, they want to select a printer in the following order.  First,
 try selecting the top choice and then go down the list.

      238X-00X                239X-00X

      Proprinter III/IIIXL    Proprinter X24E/XL24E

      Proprinter II/IIXL      Proprinter X24/XL24

      Proprinter I/XL         Proprinter I/XL

      Epson FX 850/1050*      Epson LQ 850/1050*

      *When using the Epson selection, set the printer up in Epson
 emulation through the Setup Menu.


 What kind of warranty does my printer have?

 The PPSII and Plus printers all have a 2 year carry-in or LexExpress
 warranty.  There are both LexExpress and LexOnSite extended warranties
 available for purchase, while the printer is under warranty.  


 1.  Why do I get an error code 4 displayed in the status window on my IBM
 4019 Laserprinter when printing from Windows applications?

 Version 3.08 of the PPDS driver has a problem with downloading TrueType
 fonts (this is the version that is contained on the Windows 3.1 and
 Windows 3.11 install diskettes).  To check the version of the driver, open
 the MAIN group, CONTROL PANEL, PRINTERS, then click on Setup of the IBM
 Laserprinter driver.  On the Title Bar you will see the title IBM
 Laserprinter on LPTX, after the title you will see a "v".  Following the
 "v" you will see the version of the PPDS driver.  If the version is
 3.08, you need to update the driver. The most recent version as of 1/11/95
 is 4.41.  You can however, turn on TRUE TYPE FONTS AS GRAPHICS in the
 driver setup, to allow the use of the 3.08 driver until you can update. 
 Another cause of the problem could be that you are selecting optional
 cartridges or fonts as being installed when they are really not available. 

 To check this scroll up and down the "Optional Cartridges or Fonts" list
 in the 4019 driver setup window.  If you have any selection in that list
 highlighted and you do not have the card installed at the printer, remove
 the selection of that card from the list by clicking on that entry once. 
 After you have removed all selections from that list Click on "OK", if you
 click on Cancel your changes will be lost.  You may then Close the
 PRINTERS window, it may be necessary to exit windows and restart for your
 changes to take effect.

 2.  Everytime I print from WordPerfect for Windows to my
 WinWriter 400/600 it prompts for manual feed, and I have to
 Click on the Resume Button in the Print Status Window or on the
 printer operator panel, why?

 The selected paper definition in WordPerfect may default to
 manual feed.  To change this, click on LAYOUT from the
 WordPerfect Menu Bar, then select "Page", "Papersize", then
 highlight the "standard" or "letter" paper definition.  Click on
 "Edit" and select the Paper Location as "Upper Tray" or "Tray
 1", then click on "OK", then "Select".  The above setup is for
 letter size paper from Tray 1.  

 3.  I can't print white text on black background from Windows
 applications when printing to my 4019/4029/4037 printer, why? 
 It displays correctly on my screen, but will only print black on

 To make this work with IBM PPDS drivers in Windows you must
 select True Type fonts as the text, and you must turn on "True
 Type fonts as graphics" in the printer driver setup.  For the
 4037 you also need to make the following changes in the 4037
 Driver Setup window:

                Use Printer Patterns = off
                Optimize for Performance = off
                Disable Device fonts = on

 To get to the printer driver setup open the MAIN group under
 highlight your 4019/4029/4037 driver, then click on SETUP.

 4.  When I try to print an envelope, from WORD for Windows from
 my 4019/4029/4039/Optra's envelope feeder, the printer prompts
 me for a manual envelope, why? 

 You must tell Word that the printer's envelope feeder is

 Instruction for Word 2.x: 

 From Word's Menu Bar select Tools, Options... Then  under
 category select PRINT.   Then place a "X" in the box next to
 "Printer's envelope feeder installed", click on "OK" 

 Instructions for Word 6.0:

 From Word's Menu Bar select Tools, Envelopes & Labels...  Then
 click on the Envelopes tab.  Click on the Envelope Options, then
 Click on Printing Options.  Now you must select the Paper feed
 Location as Envelope instead of Manual.  

 5. When I print from WordPerfect for Windows (5.1, 5.2, 6.0,
 6.0a) to my 4029 the text comes out too large and formatted
 incorrectly on the page, why?

  This may be a common problem that can be corrected by changing
 your software setup.  If you are using the Windows PPDS driver
 version 4.2 or higher the problem may be that you are selecting
 a print resolution that your printer model doesn't support.  (If
 you have a 4029-5E you can't print 600 DPI)  On the printer
 operator panel press the "MAIN MENU" button until "Menu
 Settings" is displayed, then press "LIST +", then press "SELECT"
 to print menu settings page.  After the test has printed,
 inspect the upper right hand corner of the page.  It will read
 "P/N XXXXXX - XXX", t

 ndicate what firmware code level you have on the printer.  If
 the number is less than 60D the highest print resolution
 supported in the PPDS mode is 300 DPI.   If your printer doesn't
 support 600 DPI printing in PPDS make sure that you set the
 default resolution in the Windows driver setup to 300 x 300. 
 And from within WordPerfect set the PRINT QUALITY or GRAPHICS
 QUALITY  to Medium.  To set the default graphics quality
 QUALITY=MEDIUM.  Also, ensure that before you print, the PRINT
 QUALITY setting under FILE, PRINT is also set to MEDIUM. 

 6. When printing to my Optra from WordPerfect for Windows using
 the PCL driver some of my TrueType fonts (ex. Arial and Times
 New Roman) do not space out correctly on the screen and the
 print may run off of the page, why?

 There seems to be a conflict with WordPerfect for Windows and
 the PCL driver version 94.10.20.  To work around goto the MAIN
 group, CONTROL PANEL, PRINTERS, highlight the Optra R/Rx/L/Lx
 and then click on Setup.  Next click on OPTIONS, ADVANCED, take
 the "X" out of the box next to "SCREEN FONT SUBSTITUTION".  An
 updated version of the driver should be available soon.

 7.  When I print to my printer from any Windows application, my
 printer will go BUSY then WAITING, then back to BUSY.  And a lot
 of times it will print out garbage, why? 

 This is a very general question, but what might be the cause of
 this is the setting for "Fast printing direct to port" under the
 "CONNECT" window under "PRINTERS".  This setting can cause
 problems on some computers.  It may also be necessary to turn
 this setting off under the Lexmark/IBM printer driver "SETUP"
 window.  The above suggestions assume that you are using the
 correct printer driver, and that you have a good local (not
 network) connection to your printer. 

 8.  After installing my Optra or 4039 Plus machine, Windows trys
 to start but will lock up, why?

 This may be a IRQ conflict, it is best to have IRQ 7 servicing
 LPT1.  If you have a Sound Card it may be assigned to IRQ 7, try
 a differenct IRQ for the sound card ( ex. IRQ5 or IRQ10).  You
 may also adjust your DMA settings for your sound card to see if
 this helps.

 9. The 4019/4029/4037 Windows drivers have been updated to
 version  4.41,4.41, and 1.41 respectively.  Following is a
 list of known problems that they fix:

      a)  Eliminates the "Invalid TrueType Font" error when first starting
 WordPerfect 6.0 or 6.0a.

      b)  CorelDraw 5.0 will now maintain the print resolution setting when
 it is changed in Corel.

      c)  Random incorrectly spaced characters when printed from Microsoft
 Word for Windows 6.0.

 10.  The WinWriter 600 has a bug in the machine code in certain conditions
 when printing envelopes. 

 If a customer is using one of the word processors such as Word or
 Wordperfect, they may choose to print an envelope and a letter in the same
 print job. (this also may be done when printing mail merge jobs).  When
 envelopes and letters are selected to print together, the envelope will
 come out either upside down or blank. 

 There is a code release in the works to fix this, but it will not be
 completed until February.  The current work around is to print the
 envelope and letter separately.  This problem does not occur with the
 WinWriter 100, 200, or 400.

                       Top Questions on the Macintosh

 1.  Question:  How do I connect my Lexmark Laserprinter to my Powermac?

 Answer:  The 4019 and 4029 printers require a third party connecting
 device.  (Contact Lexmark Technical Support at 606-232-3000 for a list of
 companies.)   To connect the 4039 or Optra printers, an Internal Network
 Adapter (INA) must be installed in the printer.  The INA can either be
 LocalTalk, EtherTalk, or TokenTalk, depending on the type of network
 connection needed.  These INA cards can be purchased through Lexmark
 Supplies (800-438-2468).  The Laserwriter 8 driver along with the
 appropriate PPDs are shipped with the INA card.  You must use this
 Laserwriter 8 driver when using a powermac.

 2. Question:  Can I connect the Lexmark Execjet IIC to my mac?

 Answer:  We do not provide a direct connection to the mac for this
 printer.  To connect this printer to the mac, you must go through a third
 party company.   Contact Lexmark Technical Support at 606-232-3000 for a
 list of companies.

 3.  Question:  How do I install the Laserwriter 8 driver?

 Answer:  The driver that is sent out basically installs itself.  Prior to
 installing the driver, it is best to start your mac with the inits off. 
 To do this, hold in the shift key while starting up your computer.  Once
 you have done this, you can double click on the US Installer and it will
 ask you to if you want to full install or just the PPDs.  If you have
 Laserwriter 8 installed already, click on "Just the PPDs".  Otherwise, do
 a full install.  The driver will install itself into the extensions folder
 within the system folder.  Once it has installed, you can select this
 driver through the Chooser.  After going into the Chooser and selecting
 Laserwriter 8, you should see your printer appear on the right hand side. 
 Click on your printer and go into "Setup".  From here you can either do
 an "Auto Setup" or you can set this up manually.  If you decide to
 manually set this up, you first need to go into Select PPD.  You should
 see the name of your printer here.  Click Select after highlighting the
 PPD.  Then go into "Configure" (you also need to do this even if you
 choose "Auto Setup").  Here you can tell the mac the options you have on
 your printer, such as memory or optional paper trays.  After setting this
 up, you need to go into "Printer Info" and update the information.  This
 will bring you back information about your printer, such as memory
 installed, printer resolution and the correct PPD that should be used. 
 After doing this, you need to get out of the setup and be back at the
 Chooser.  You also need to turn off Background Printing because the print
 monitor can cause problems such as running out of memory or losing data.

 4.  Question:  Why is it that when I try to choose the second drawer or
 feeder it is grayed out?

 Answer:  This is because the printer in the Chooser was not configured
 properly.  When using Laserwriter 8, you need to select the printer and go
 into "Setup".  Once you enter this, you will either see the option for
 More Choices or Select PPD.  The first thing you need to do is select the
 correct PPD.  Once you have done this, you need to go into configure and
 tell the mac what options are installed in the printer.  This is where
 you can tell the mac that you have a second drawer, feeder, or any extra
 memory that may be installed.  After doing this, you should go into
 Printer Info and update the information about the printer.  After exiting
 Setup, you should also turn off Background Printing.  After doing this,
 you will have the driver setup correctly in the Chooser.

 5.  Question:  What is Markvision for the Mac and what can I do with it?

 Answer:  Markvision is a utility that will allow you to view and monitor
 the status of printers.  It has tools that will allow you to change the
 name of the printer, display and print fonts, download fonts and
 Postscript files, get the page count, set configurations, and use a remote
 op-panel.  The remote op-panel will actually let you control the op-panel
 on the printer from the mac.  You can then check or change the settings of
 the printer without ever having to move from your mac.  If your printer
 supports the Network Printing Alliance Protocol (NPAP), two-way
 communication between a printer and a computer is available.  You can
 access a dialog box that will allow you too see a picture of the printer,
 the options installed, the remote op-panel, panel configuration, and any
 printer information.  The printer pictures allow you to tell at a glance"
 if your printer needs to be checked, such as when the cover is open.   If
 your printer does not support NPAP, you will not be able to use the remote
 op-panel and set configuration tools.  Also, if you are running LocalTalk
 you will not be able to use these functions since LocalTalk does not
 support NPAP. Markvision for the Mac comes with the INA cards or you can
 contact the Lexmark Technical Support.

 6.  Question:  Where can I get the latest printer driver, ppd, Quark pdf,
 or System 7.5 GX driver for the mac?

 Answer:  You can download these files from the Lexmark Bulletin Board
 System at 606-232-5238.  You can also get these files through the Lexmark
 Forum on Compuserve.  If you have problems, you can contact the Lexmark
 Technical Support Center at 606-232-3000.

 7.  Question:  I think I have the latest driver and ppd for the Optra, but
 I still cannot choose 1200 dpi from Freehand?

 Answer:  When the first ppd for the Optra was released, it did not have
 the correct information to achieve 1200 dpi.  Freehand looks at a specific
 section of the ppd for this feature.  The ppd has been edited and we
 currently have the correct settings to achieve this.  The INA's that are
 being sent out now are shipped with the latest ppd.  Any INA's that could
 have been in stock before the release of this revision may still have this
 problem.  You can get the latest ppd from Lexmark BBS, Compuserve or you
 can contact Lexmark Technical Support at 606-232-3000. 

 8.  Question:  What is the lpi setting or screen frequency for 1200 dpi
 and the corresponding level of gray for the Optra?

 Answer:  The screen frequency for 1200 dpi is set at 106 lpi. This will
 give you 129 levels of grays.  You can also achieve 129 levels of gray
 through 600 dpi.  This is done by turning on Picturegrade through the
 printer control panel.  This will give the appearance of 106 lpi screen
 frequency.  If you are having trouble changing the screen frequency in 600
 dpi, you need to check and see if picturegrade is turned on.  When it is
 turned on, it "locks" the printer to the setting of 106 lpi.

 9.  Question:  When printing from Illustrator on the IBM Color Jetprinter
 PS4079, I am getting poor print quality when doing gradients?

 Answer:  You need to be using Laserwriter 8 with the 4079 PPD. If you do
 not have this, you can get this through Lexmark BBS, Compuserve, or
 Lexmark Technical Support.  If you are using Illustrator 5.0, make sure
 under Document Setup that the "Output Resolution" is set to 360 dpi and
 that the "Use printer's default screen" box is checked.  This is required
 in order to utilize the 4079's enhanced screening.  Illustrator is
 optimized for printing to Postscript level 2 printers, which can cause
 some problems when printing to the 4079 (this is a Postscript level 1
 device).  If you are still having problems printing gradient fills, then
 you need to upgrade your application to Illustrator 5.5.  In Illustrator
 5.5, there is an option under File/ Document Setup menu to check the
 "Compatible gradient printing" box.  If the file still fails to print,
 check the "Split long paths" box.  These two options simplify the
 Postscript code being sent to the printer, ensuring that all your jobs
 will print.  However, they will increase the print time, so only turn them
 on when necessary.  (The Lexmark Technical Support Center has more
 information on getting the best quality from the IBM Color Jetprinter
 PS4079.  Contact Lexmark at 606-232-3000 for further information.)

 10.  Question:  I am printing okay, but my fonts are printing with jagged

 Answer:  Print the fonts directory of the printer to see if the font is
 installed on the printer, then check to make sure that the needed fonts
 are installed correctly on the Mac.   The fonts must be installed and
 placed correctly to be downloaded to the printer.  For System 6, the fonts
 should be located in the System resources in the System folder.  For
 System 7.0 or 7.01, the fonts are located in the System Suitcase in the
 System Folder.  The fonts are found in the Fonts folder in the System
 Folder for System 7.1. It is also possible that the selected download font
 is corrupt.  This problem applies to all printers.  If the font is a
 screen font, it will print with jagged edges.  If the font is a TrueType
 or ATM Type 1, the font file itself may be damaged.  Try removing it from
 the System Folder (this is important, as the Mac may not overwrite system
 files) and then reinstalling the font file with an original font file.  If
 the font is an ATM Type 1, check the ATM version that is currently being
 used.  This can be found under the Control Panel.  Click on ATM and then
 File, Get Info.  ATM Version 3.5 or above is required to download fonts
 with System 7.1.

 11.  Question:   I have my printer connected to the LocalTalk network, but
 it is not showing up in the Chooser.  Why not?

 Answer:  There are several primary causes: 

 1) The wrong Network is selected under the Control Panels.  For example,
 if the printer is connected to the LocalTalk network and the Mac is set
 for TokenTalk under Network, then the printer will not show up until the
 computer is set for LocalTalk.   

 2) For LocalTalk, verify that the printer cable is connected to the
 correct port.  The Modem port is a serial 8 pin that is physically
 identical to the printer port.  The printer port has a printer icon above
 it and the modem port has a phone icon above the connector.   

 3) The printer is turned off.  LocalTalk devices won't show up in the
 Chooser unless they are turned on.   

 4) Farallon PhoneNet (LocalTalk) cables are being used, some of which are
 not properly terminated.  PhoneNet products require that the end of the
 cable run be terminated with a resistor.  If they are not terminated
 properly, LaserWriter devices may not be able to broadcast a signal strong
 enough to be transmitted to the Mac (i.e. they won't show up in the

 Other possibilities include downlevel printer microcode, faulty printer or
 computer printing ports, or shorted/open network cables.  The 4079 Color
 Jetprinter, microcode version 250.00, won't allow the printer to show up
 when going across a router.  These early-release 4079s were also released
 with controller boards (system boards) that did not broadcast a signal
 strong enough to show up in the Chooser over Farallon PhoneNet.

 To determine the microcode level, press Main Menu twice, List + twice,
 then Select twice to print the test page.  "Software Version" gives the
 code level.  Lastly, the Apple system peripheral-8 cable will not work
 reliably with LocalTalk devices; this is an 8-pin to 8-pin straight cable. 
 It is actually made for the StyleWriter printer, not a LocalTalk device. 
 Also make sure that AppleTalk is active under the Chooser; this is how the
 Macintosh queries the printer.

 12. Question:  I was trying to print a document on the 4079 and the output
 looked okay but lines (or dots) were missing from the characters.  Why?

 Answer:  First see if the following or subsequent outputs also print with
 the horizontal voids through the characters.  If they do, then the problem
 may lie in one of the four print heads being clogged.  Run a "Long Clean"
 cycle to fix the problem.  "Long Clean" is under the Test menu.  Press
 Main menu twice, Select once, list + until Long Clean is displayed, then
 press Select.  

 If two of these Long Cleans do not remedy the problem, then the print head
 may have to be replaced.  It is also possible to run the Print Sample
 under the Clean Heads menu to see which print head is failing.  The 4079
 has a one year on-site warranty, so if the printer is less than a year
 old, call IBM service at 800-IBM-SERV (800-426-7378).

                    The Lexmark Technical Support Center
                     can be contacted at 606-232-3000. 
              Lexmark Parts can be contacted at 800-553-9727. 
             Lexmark Supplies can be contacted at 800-438-2468.



                        TO ENABLE PARENTS TO LOCKOUT

 Three leading Internet software companies announced plans today to lead an
 industry-wide effort to create and implement standards that will enable
 parents, educators, and other adults to "lock out" access to inappropriate
 materials. The companies are: Microsoft Corporation; Netscape
 Communications, makers of the popular Netscape Navigator software; and
 Progressive Networks, makers of the RealAudio Audio-on-Demand system for
 the Internet.

 The joint effort, called the Information Highway Parental Empowerment
 Group, is focused on implementing an effective and easy-to-use system
 designed to meet the following goals:

   1. The system would enable parents to ensure that their children do not
      unwittingly gain access to materials that the parent would deem
   2. The system would make it easy for both content providers and third
      party rating services to characterize Internet content using whatever
      criteria they deemed appropriate;
   3. The system could be implemented efficiently and would be designed in
      such a way that maximizes the likelihood that it will quickly become
      a standard part of Internet access systems
  "Clearly, as the Internet has grown, it's become increasingly important
  to give parents and educators the ability to control what children under
  their supervision can see and hear on the Net," said Mike Homer, Vice
  President of Marketing for Netscape Communications. "Fortunately,
  advances in software technology will soon make it possible for us to
  design easy-to-use parental filtering capabilities directly into Netscape
  software. We look forward to working with the industry to ensure that
  these capabilities become pervasive."
  "Microsoft thinks it's very important to help parents make the Internet a
  safe place for their children," said John Ludwig, General Manager,
  Personal Systems Division, at Microsoft. "We intend to play a leading
  role in ensuring that this happens. Moreover, we remain committed to
  enabling parents to use the Microsoft Network, from the day it ships, in
  a way that is family-friendly."

  The three founders of the Information Highway Parental Empowerment
  Group invite other industry companies to join their effort. The Group has
  agreed to issue a report by December 31st, 1995 which will analyze the
  myriad issues associated with integrating Parental lock-out capabilities
  into Internet access software and provide concrete recommendations. The
  members of the study group anticipate being able to incorporate the
  recommendations into their software products during 1996.

  "As the Internet becomes a multimedia place, the social issues associated
  with access to Internet programming become more important and more
  complicated," said Rob Glaser, President and CEO of Progressive Networks
  and chair of the study group. "We hope to move as quickly as possible to
  make our way through the issues so that we can come up with a stable and
  reliable technical solution to the legitimate issues that have been


 > NetScape for Win'95 STR FOCUS!


                              VERSION 1.2 BETA,
                             WINDOWS 95 FEATURES

  MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. (06/20/95)- Netscape Communications Corporation today
  announced Netscape Navigator 1.2, a version of its popular network
  browser designed for the new Microsoft Windows 95 operating
  environment. The beta version of Netscape Navigator 1.2 is available
  immediately for downloading from Netscape's home page for educational and
  charitable non-profit use and for evaluation by commercial users.

  The 1.2 version will be one of the first Internet browsers to integrate
  the Windows 95 user interface and advanced features. Netscape Navigator
  for Windows 95 builds on the success of the original Netscape Navigator,
  which currently accounts for more than 75 percent of browser traffic on
  the Internet, according to statistics from popular Web sites.

  "We designed Netscape Navigator 1.2 specifically for Win'95 to provide
  the best possible performance, ease of use, and integration for PC users
  taking advantage of this new operating environment," said Mike Homer,
  Vice President of marketing at Netscape Communications. "By incorporating
  user interface and other enhancements, Netscape Navigator 1.2 will makes
  it easy for Windows 95 users to experience the full breadth of Internet
  commerce and enterprise applications."

  The 1.2 version of Netscape Navigator now available on the Internet is a
  public beta version, enabling users to provide feedback on the software's
  features and functionality for Win'95. Netscape Navigator 1.2 also runs
  with Microsoft Windows 3.1, preparing users to upgrade to Win'95. This
  first beta version does not contain all of the features that will be
  available in the final version. As with the 1.1 release, Netscape will
  place the final version of Netscape Navigator 1.2, due out in September
  on the Internet for free downloading by students and staff in education
  and charitable non-profit organizations, and for free evaluation by
  individuals and commercial organizations.

  Available for all popular desktop environments, Netscape Navigator is a
  powerful commercial browser for the Internet, offering high-performance
  and secure point-and-click network navigation. It is optimized to run
  smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/second modems as well as higher bandwidth
  lines, delivering performance up to ten times that of other network
  browsers.  Netscape Navigator provides a common feature set and graphical
  user interface across computers running the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh,
  or X Window System operating environments.

  The final version of Netscape Navigator 1.2 will include new features
  such  as:

  * Windows 95 interface support including:
    Drag-and-drop URLs
    Support for Windows 95 native dialog boxes such as "Save" and "Print"

  * Windows 95 feature integration including Internet Shortcuts, which
    enable users to create icons to represent Internet URLs. When a
    shortcut is double-clicked, Netscape Navigator launches to display the
    URL. Shortcuts can be placed on the desktop or inside folders and
    directories, or can be embedded as mail objects.

  * Enhanced Bookmarks interface that provides drag and drop capabilities
    within a hierarchical folder-based interface. The interface will make
    it even easier for users to create and maintain a directory of their
    favorite Internet sites.

  * New interface for FTP downloads that provides increased feedback to

 The beta version of Netscape Navigator 1.2, available for Microsoft
 Windows 95 and Windows 3.1, can be obtained via anonymous FTP from Users who download the software do so for evaluation use
 only. When the final release is available, users can purchase supported,
 licensed copies of Netscape Navigator directly from Netscape
 Communications or from a Netscape authorized reseller. Pricing starts at
 $39 per user, which includes a 90-day warranty and customer support.
 Volume discounts are available for multiple user licenses. Users who have
 purchased Netscape Navigator 1.1 or Netscape Navigator Personal Edition
 within the last 90 days are automatically licensed for full use of the 1.2
 update, and can download it from the net when the final version becomes

 Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software
 to enable people and companies to exchange information and conduct
 commerce over the Internet and other global networks. The company was
 founded in April 1994 by Dr. James H. Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics,
 Inc., a Fortune 500 computer systems company; and Marc Andreessen, creator
 of the NCSA Mosaic research prototype for the Internet. Privately held,
 Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.


 > Personal NetScape STR InfoFile

                              AND EMAIL ACCESS

 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ca. (06/05/95) -- Netscape Communications Corporation today
 announced Netscape Navigator| Personal Edition, a new edition of the
 world's most popular browser software that gives PC users one button
 access to the Internet. As part of its new product offering, Netscape has
 teamed with leading national Internet service providers (ISPs) including
 MCI Communications Corporation, NETCOM OnLine Communications Services,
 Portal Information Network, and UUNET Technologies, Inc. to ensure that
 Personal Edition users in homes and small businesses can choose more
 easily than ever before the most reliable and lowest cost Internet access.

 Personal Edition includes the full capabilities of the original LAN
 Edition of Netscape Navigator, which today accounts for more than 75
 percent of browser traffic on the Internet. The new product combines the
 rich features of the recently released Netscape Navigator 1.1, full email
 capabilities using Eudora Light| from QUALCOMM Inc., easy net access, and
 remote connectivity capabilities to give users a complete dialup Internet

 "Netscape Navigator Personal Edition delivers the dynamic world of the
 Internet to anyone with a PC and modem," said Marc Andreessen, co-founder
 and vice president of technology at Netscape. "By combining the world's
 most popular browser with easy signup, a choice of Internet providers and
 Eudora email capabilities, Personal Edition lets individuals easily
 explore media-rich Internet communications and commerce with the best
 online rates, reliability, and support available."

 Netscape has partnered with a number of leading Internet service providers
 to enable users to select the rates and services that best meets their
 needs. When first installed on a PC, Personal Edition's Registration
 Wizard presents a short series of one-button online forms that guide users
 through the installation process. Personal Edition connects to Netscape's
 hypermedia listing of available ISPs, including UUNET, Portal, NETCOM, and
 MCI. After users browse through the choices and select one, the software
 sets up an account with the chosen provider immediately and automatically.
 From then on, Netscape Navigator Personal Edition dials the service
 provider directly when launched.

 Included in Personal Edition, Netscape Navigator 1.1 is a powerful
 commercial browser for the Internet, offering high-performance and
 point-and-click network navigation. It is optimized to run smoothly over
 14.4 kilobit/second modems as well as higher bandwidth lines, delivering
 performance up to ten times that of other Internet browsers. Netscape
 Navigator 1.1 delivers:

  * Ease of use, including a friendly graphical user interface and pop-up
    menus for context- sensitive access to advanced features

  * High performance, through such features as multiple simultaneous
    loading of text and images, continuous document streaming, and native
    GIF and JPEG image decompression

  * Support for World Wide Web and Internet standards including HTTP, FTP,
    Gopher, SMTP and NNTP (news)

  * Integrated security, through the Secure Sockets Layer open protocol.
    SSL provides encryption, which creates a secured channel to prevent
    others from tapping into the network; authentication, which uses
    certificates and digital signatures to verify the identity of parties
    in information exchanges and transactions; and message integrity,
    which ensures that messages cannot be altered en route

  * Advanced features, such as support for full HTML 3.0 tables and
    backdrops for more visually compelling pages; MIME-compliant news
    reading and posting for multimedia articles; and the Netscape Client
    Application Programming Interface for easy integration of third-party

  In addition, Netscape Navigator Personal Edition includes:

  * Eudora Light email from QUALCOMM, which enables users to send and
    receive email; create a personal address book and distribution lists;
    attach files including graphics and sound, and read and create email
    offline to reduce access charges

  * Network TeleSystems protocol software for TCP/IP connectivity to the

  * ShivaPPP client software from Shiva Corporation that provides users
    with high performance, reliable remote-access connectivity.

 "I was afraid of accessing the Internet because I heard it was expensive
 to find an ISP and to hook everything together, but Netscape Navigator
 Personal Edition created an instant gateway to the Internet at a great
 price," said Seth Tabb, an early user of the product. "It's so easy that
 it took me just a few minutes to install on my computer. With Netscape
 Navigator, I have no trouble finding information and I've discovered a lot
 more uses for the Internet than I ever imagined."

 "I'm not a computer-literate person, and it wasn't until I loaded Netscape
 Navigator Personal Edition that I realized how unbelievably exciting the
 World Wide Web is," said Mark Casebeer, manager of systems design for Pro
 Home Systems. "Suddenly, the Web was very easy to navigate. Netscape
 Navigator Personal Edition is truly point and click and the interface is
 fantastic. I'm sold on this product."

 "I'm extremely impressed with Netscape Navigator Personal Edition because
 the software installed and configured everything for me," said Dave
 Schwietz, a partner with Select Consulting. "All I needed to do was put in
 the disks and I was off and running. Netscape Navigator Personal Edition
 is the type of product that's going to bring the Internet to the mass
 market because it requires no technical expertise to use."

 Netscape Navigator Personal Edition for Microsoft Windows is available
 through retail outlets, through Netscape's online store on the Netscape
 home page, from Netscape reseller and OEM partners, or directly from
 Netscape. The estimated selling price is $39.95, which includes a 90-day
 warranty and customer support. Netscape Navigator Personal Edition
 requires at least a 386sx PC, a 14.4 kilobit/second modem, Windows 3.1 or
 Windows for Workgroups 3.11, a recommended 8 MB of RAM, and 6 MB of hard
 disk space.

 Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software
 to enable people and companies to exchange information and conduct
 commerce over the Internet and other global networks. The company was
 founded in April 1994 by Dr. James H. Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics,
 Inc., a Fortune 500 computer systems company; and Marc Andreessen, creator
 of the NCSA Mosaic research prototype for the Internet. Privately held,
 Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.
   Find out more about Netscape at, or call 415/528-2555.

            Copyright 1995 Netscape Communications Corporation


 > STR Mail Call          "...a place for our readers to be heard"

                              STReport's MAILBAG

                      Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 Date: 06-18-95                         MSG.. # 188    
 From: DOWDLE                           Conf: (0) New Mail
 To: RMARIANO                           Stat: InetMail
 Subj: STR & Microsoft?                 Read: Yes

 Hello from Great Falls, Montana!

       I have enjoyed your magazine for some time... but it is beginning to
 disgust me more and more with each issue.  As I see you turn into a
 spokes-person for Microsoft.  No, I'm not an OS/2 flunkey. I do however,
 have quite a few friends who run OS/2 and love it.  Why you dislike OS/2
 is beyond me.  I mean it works well for many people and just because it
 has a few people that are over-zealous enough to try and trash Win95
 doesn't mean that the product (OS/2) is bad.

       I'll tell you an OS that blows both OS/2 and Win95 away... and this
 OS is completely free.  Including source code and programming languages. 
 Linux is a fantastic Unix clone/compatible OS for the Intel based machines
 and it's also being ported to several other platforms.  Including the
 Amiga, the Atari Falcon, the Macintosh, the MIPS, the DEC Alpha, and the
 PowerPC.  On the Intel machines it is a mature product and can be obtained
 freely via the Internet.  Although commercial CD-ROM collections of
 various Linux distributions make things easier on the end-user.  Unix is a
 REAL operating system that multitasks and is multiuser.  It also has a
 fantastic GUI based windows server called Xwindows.  Linux is considered
 by many to be the best Unix implementation on the Intel based machines. 
 Yes, even better than the $1,500 commercial flavors.

       Linux was born in late 1991 and over the past few years has really
 grown and developed.  As of late 1994, it became a mature OS with
 mainstream possibility.  Linux USED to be just for hackers (using the good
 connotation, but now more USERS are using it than hackers.  The only thing
 making it less mainstream than Microsoft products or IBM products is the
 fact that it's free and relies on the Internet for most of it's
 distribution.  One cannot simply go into a local Software Etc. and pick up
 Unix software.  Which doesn't matter a bit since most anything Unix wise
 is free on the network.

       I'd like to see a Linux column (or even a generic Unix column) added
 to STR.  Press Releases like those from Red Hat Software and Caldera Corp.
 would really get more exposure in STR than not.  RHS has the best "plug
 and play" distribution and Caldera is an offshoot of Novell that is making
 Caldera: Network Desktop for Internet Access.  Linux is the first truly

       I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Free Software Foundation
 or Richard Stillman.  The FSF is responsible for hundreds of software
 tools that are freely distributed under the GNU (GNU Not Unix) name,
 including GNU C and G++, and the platform independent EMACS.  The FSF is
 working on an OS called HURD.  They have been working on it for years. 
 However, in the mean time, they are assembling their own Linux
 distribution called the Debian Distribution.  If you are new to Linux
 info, then you'll not know what a "distribution" is nor why it is
 significant that the FSF is working on their official Linux distribution.
       Linux brings back, for most people, the early days of computing when
 information and software wasn't such a heavy commercial market.  A time
 when programming was an interest of the general home computer owner.  A
 time when efficient and optimized software was in vogue.

 Please.. get some info on Linux!!!

       Regarding legal actions by the federal government against Microsoft. 
 Regardless of how you want to paint the government as evil in this matter. 
 Microsoft has a long history of unethical business practices.  You have
 probably heard about many of them.  Some of them have appeared in the
 pages of STR.  Since Microsoft basically sold a copy of MS-DOS and MS
 Windows with every new clone sold, they weren't motivated to optimize it. 
 In fact, the more system resources it took up the better because people
 were more apt to buy a new and faster machine.  Thus, resulting another
 sale of Microsoft products.  Computer makers just don't sell machines
 without an OS.  Most of them were/are bound to buy a copy of
 MS-DOS and MS Windows with every machine they assemble.  Every CPU they
 buy.  No other OS maker has a chance really.  IBM is giving it a go.  

       There has always been Unix vendors on various platforms.  Some
 people feel (I'm not sure if I agree or not) that whatever product
 Microsoft comes out with in the OS area will be the only thing mainstream
 available in five years.  Except of course, Linux.  Linux doesn't have to
 compete for sales because it isn't for sale.

       Microsoft rarely ever innovates.  They remain on top because of four
            1) They buy out the companies that do innovate.
            2) They license things from innovators.
            3) They set their factory programmers to work cloning and
               improving on someone else's ideas.
            4) They blatantly rip off the innovators by stealing binary 
               ideas because the other methods didn't work.

       One thing Microsoft DOES innovate and excel in like no other company
 is business deals, crushing the competition and marketing practices. 
 Since you came from the Atari platform, it's plain that Atari's lack of
 marketing skills made you appreciate Microsoft's savvy in marketing.

       Don't let supreme greed trick you.  Bill Gates reportedly controls
 over $11 billion in assets.  You seem to feel this is an expression of
 attaining the American Dream.  To be in control of that much wealth is
 immoral in my opinion.  The American Dream isn't to be the richest man in
 America.  It's to be comfortable and happy with a healthy family.  Its not
 worrying about such things as security of oneself and family members due
 to the great lure of wealth to kidnappers.

       I'm not sure if I've expressed my opinions and feelings on the above
 in a presentable way.  I tried my best.  Although my goal of sending this
 E-mail to you isn't to sway you with dogma, I would appreciate if you
 could at least take my "soapbox-ish" E-mail into consideration.

       Microsoft virtually controls the personal computer industry.  Now,
 Bill wants to move on to other industries.  When is he going to exhaust
 his over abundant greed?  Bill Gates claims that there is so much more
 that he wants to "make happen".  He also states he will eventually give
 95% of his personal wealth away.  Yeah, it'll happen. :)

       Because of your journalistic contacts you must might be able to
 answer the following question.  Ask any run-of-the-mill PC user and see
 what you come up with!  Can you name any programmer responsible for
 bringing us MS-DOS and/or MS Windows?  I can't.  I've been around PCS
 since 1982.  Apple has a little friendlier track record.  But factory
 programming and corporate ownership of team code seems like a less than
 "better way".

                                                    Type You Later, 
                                                     Scott Dowdle
                                                     Great Falls, Montana
 p.s.  Sorry about the typos and bad wordings that you'll have to figure
       out above... but I wrote it online! :

 Editor Reply;
      Mr. Dowdle, I appreciate your frank input, taking time to write your
 letter and finally for putting so much thought into your missive.  One
 thing we certainly do not want to do is disgust you.  However, to avoid
 such at any price would be too high a price to pay.  Therefore I am left
 with one thing to do and that is to try to explain our position. 
 Hopefully, our explanation will not disgust you.

       It doesn't take an OS/2 "flunky" to TRASH Win'95 or anything else
 these clowns decide to pounce upon.  All it takes is a narrow minded
 zealot with horse blinders on.  Please, draw a mental picture of this
 abomination of a computer user.  For their own minuscule reasons, they'd
 eliminate entirely what others enjoy simply because they do not enjoy the
 same things.  Now, you can see why, in all probabilities, its not simply
 an OS/2 user.  What we have found is its usually the type person that
 nearly expired their total thought processes learning what little they
 have where they are and at the same time, deeply fear having to learn to
 use another OS.
       Our position is such because of our origins you factually mention. 
 While an Atarian, it was terrifying to watch the pinheaded brownies
 apologizing away Atari blunder after blunder as we all watched the ST die
 a slow and agonizing death.  Anytime we see the same types of bimbos
 surface yapping away at the moon or whatever, all the alarms go off at the
 same time.

       I agree with you completely about Linux and as such, throw down, to
 you, the Gauntlet.  We need a competent individual to write a weekly
 column about Unix, Linux and Xwindows.  How about it??

       Now then, as far as Microsoft and Bill Gates are concerned.  We
 shall have to agree to disagree.  The American Dream is total success, not
 settling for something close that everyone finds agreeable.  It is sheer
 victory over all adversaries and the achievement of total unmitigated
 success.  Gates has proven that this is still achievable in the USA. 
 He (Gates) and the entire Microsoft Crew have also proven beyond a doubt
 that the people in the USA and their technological capabilities still have
 "what it takes" to be a winner.  I am weary of seeing the USA being told
 it has to take a back seat to this country or that country.  Its not true,
 it never was true and as far as I can see, never will be true.  At least
 in my lifetime.
       I don't know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of reading,
 hearing and seeing commentators extolling the wonders of education in
 other nations and how it is so superior to ours.  Sure, maybe is the case
 on the surface, but at least we (USA) are not raising generation after
 generation of fanatically obedient educated young people.

       Bill Gates, like most anyone else with a dream to fulfill while in
 possesion of obvious success, does not see the end in sight because he has
 yet to fulfill that dream.  J. Pierpont Morgan, Averell Harriman, John D.
 Rockefeller, Armand Hammer, Aristotle Onassis, to name only a few, all had
 a vision, a dream if you will.  A dream they were only capable of pursuing
 after having achieved financial success and independence.  The problem, as
 I see it, is there are those in high places who literally fear the power 
 Gates may amass and therefore are trying desperately to whip him and
 Microsoft into assuming a much less visible role in the worldwide scheme
 of things both current and to come.  Not to mention the enactment of
 legislation effectively slowing of, if not stopping, Microsoft's growth in
 certain specific areas.  I also believe that those in high places would
 attempt to do the very same things to any entity approaching such levels
 of power and influence.

       The real problems facing mankind cannot be addressed by any ordinary
 man.  He simply does not have the resources to do so.  In the next dozen
 or so decades, the manner in which mankind lives life is going to change
 dramatically.  Radically in some folks eyes.  The shame of it all is there
 are far too many individuals today who lack the ability to even slightly
 envision what living life will be like say, fifty to one hundred years
 from now.  The changes are already, albeit slowly, beginning to take
 place.  Unfortunately, the basic human trait of "fighting change" is quite
 a challenge to overcome.
       To Bill Gates and Microsoft... I wish continued success in their
 every endeavor.  Every time Gates wins..  Thousands of families all over
 the world gain more independence and greater financial security.  

  Free Enterprise is the only way as far as I am concerned.

       The answer to your question is no, but then.. you knew that would be
 the answer.  I, however, offer this thought; Those products like many
 other superb American products are brought about by excellent teamwork. 
 This is Microsoft's way.  It's not unique though, you'll easily find
 teamwork in use in most every successfull enterprise.  

      Scott, once again thanks for reading our humble offering and sending
 along your viewpoints. It is greatly appreciated.  I do hope you take us
 up on our offer.



                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      I've been daydreaming lately - it's been awhile since I've had a
 real vacation; and it starts TODAY!  I'll be "off" for a couple of
 weeks relaxing, doing a little reading, soaking up some sun, and making
 a few day-trips to visit friends and cool beaches somewhere in Maine.
 Don't worry though, we'll still be working here at getting out our
 Atari coverage!

      There's a really lot of news and information in this week's issue,
 so I'm not going to drag out my comments this week.  Hopefully, I'll be
 writing next week's edition on my new Falcon (yep, I ordered it and
 it's on the way!).

      Until next time...


                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (6/21/95)                       
     (1) SEAWOLF ARCADE GAME            (6) GHOST LINK 1.02 BETA           
     (3) MUNSIE VIDEO NEWSLETTER        (8) SQUARE OFF                     
    *(4) DUNGEON4.ASC                  *(9) RUFTRADE GERMAN TO ENGLISH     
     (5) PSST! 1.0                    *(10) BREAK                         
                            * = New on list                                

                            HONORARY TOP 10                                
  The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently   
  out-performing every other file in the databases.                      
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT 11.24                 
       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: JAGUAR EDITION 3)      
        Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.


 > Expose! STR InfoFile!  -  News on Expose/Titan Design Products


 Expose, the true colour, real-time video digitiser for the Falcon, is
 expected to be ready by mid to end of June. Full production had been
 delayed due to the many improvements that have now been implemented to
 the RGB Splitter. The Splitter now includes full control over
 brightness, contrast and colour, compatibility with PAL, NTSC,
 composite and S-Video inputs and adjustment for sync and NTSC hue.

 Included in the package is FalCAM, a GEM ACCessory for viewing live
 video from within GEM based programs, and a demonstration program
 called Videobox which allows the live video to be texture mapped onto
 the surfaces of a cube. The cube can then be rotated and zoomed, while
 digitising, in real-time. See below for more details on FalCAM Tripod.

 Expose is also bundled with APEX Media for only L369, which represents
 a L50 saving. Provision is also made for existing APEX users to take
 advantage of the L50 discount, bringing the price of Expose down to
 L249 although the original APEX Install Disk and Registration Card must
 be forwarded to take advantage of this offer and to permit their copy
 of APEX to be upgraded.

                              FALCAM TRIPOD

 Over the past couple of days we have thrashing out the specification
 for FalCAM Tripod. This stand-alone program now replaces the original
 idea of supplying an enhanced version of APEX due to the memory problems
 associated with hi-res, 24-bit images. FalCAM Tripod will be an
 executable program having variable exposure and image resolution
 settings, along with options to save JPEG, GIF, TGA or PPM file formats.
 Conversion between these file formats will be possible with variable
 adjustments to optimise the image. The live video image will always be
 present within the program so that 'Tripod' is best run using a 256- or
 true-colour video mode, although in practice any video mode can be used.
 The live video image also permits final positioning of the camera to
 compose the image prior to digitising. Because of the way in which the
 program operates, 'Tripod' is intended for capturing still images and
 is best used with rostrum cameras or VCRs with perfect freeze frame -
 hence the name 'Tripod'!

                             BRIEF SUMMARY:

 Capture size:   768x576 (PAL broadcast)
                 384x288 (quarter size PAL)
 Bit planes:     24-bit
 File support:   JPEG, GIF, TGA, PPM

 Please note that the exact specification is subject to change. We would
 nevertheless be interested in feedback as to other enhancements that
 could be included. The request for 1024x768 capture may be popular but
 this means reserving in excess of 2.3MB to retain the image in memory
 and APEX on a 4MB Falcon would not then be able to load it!

 It is possible that 'Tripod' will not be ready when Expose starts
 shipping, though it is envisioned that the development time-scale will
 be quite short. Customers who purchase Expose in the meantime will be
 sent 'Tripod' automatically when it becomes available.

                              APEX UPGRADE

 Following is the history of changes made to APEX since the original v2.0
 release. Apart from fixing some minor buglettes (small bugs which nobody
 seems to have reported :-)), there are some additional features to
 enhance the software. If anyone requires updating to V2.12 then they
 must return the original APEX Install disk and Registration Card (unless
 already done so). 17/05/95    Apex Animator bug fix & enhancement record

 Apex v2.12:

 Fixed:  * Overlays & underlays are no longer restricted to 'fix palette'
         colour reduction. Incoming palette can now be used if required.
 Other:  * Some small bugs in editing system ironed out.

 Apex v2.11:

 Fixed:  * Irritating chroma-key bug in jackknife tool fixed. (Black was
 assumed to be the transparent key at all times instead of the current
 background key - producing a solid black border on some objects when
 jackknifed in true colour and with key colour set to something other than
 Other:  * APXGIF18/24.TTP speeded up immensely. Also uses new hardware
          scrolling virtual screen which can be panned around using the
         mouse instead of squashing the image to fit the available
         resolution. Always uses at least 640*400 (no more low-res detect
         option as it makes images look rough) and now exits on
         mouse-click OR spacebar.

 Apex v2.10:

 New:    * Playback speed now written into exported FLIC files as number
         of milliseconds per frame, the way it should have been all along.
         * Playback speed now retrieved from FLIC files in 'jiffies' (FLI)
         or milliseconds (FLC/FLH etc.). Again, a fairly important point.
         * Targas now written to disk using 32k buffer - much faster,
         especially when saving to floppies which was pretty chronic.
         * Gridlocking can now be toggled via the < ; > (i.e. semi-colon)
         key at any time, which includes compound-drag operations.
         * Dialog texture changed - I got bored of the other one.
 Fixed:  * Bug in colour-reduction code fixed - greyscale mode works.
         * Export 'FLC' routines improved - compatibility increased. Date
         stamps encoded in files (for programs that get really upset).
         * Export 'TGA' routines improved - compatibility increased.
         Targa images saved now conform to TrueVision standards.
         * Video switching routines improved - now almost completely
         compatible with those nasty but necessary screen-boosters.
         We may just do our own anyway... :)
         * Error in file loading fixed ('Error writing file' for no
         * Some other teeny weeny buglets ironed out.
 Other:  * APXFLC16.TTP now makes use of playback rate held in animations.

 Apex v2.03:

 New:    * Maximum canvas size increased to 4096 x 3072 for RAM freaks.
         * DSP now performs bitmap-conversion a little more often.
 Fixed:  * Small improvements made in the 68040 compatibility department.
         * Video switching routines improved - better compatibility with
         nasty screen-boosting programs.
         * Daft spelling errors on dialogs for English, German & French
         translations now corrected. Somebody must have changed them when
         I wasn't looking...

 Apex v2.02:

 New:    * Support for the Matrix ScreenEye 'Plus' digitiser implemented.
         * Support for the standard Matrix ScreenEye digitiser improved.
         * Undo-buffering inhibited on heavy canvas sizes for speed.
         * Expose digitiser support code optimised & improved.
         * DSP WaveBasin replaces PlasmaTunnel in TC mode. :)
 Fixed:  * Problems caused by TC canvas widths not evenly divisible by
         '16' now corrected. (That was a particularly silly one).
         * Compatibility with MMU-based virtual memory drivers improved.

 Apex v2.01:

           * Can't remember - this record was started on v2.02...

 Apex v2.00:

           * First commercial release.

                              THOUGHT! V2.2

 Thought! is now shipping as version 2.2. This unique development and
 design tool has undergone a major upgrade and now includes Macro based
 text language, Drag & Drop, Clipboard, Template Editor and the ability
 to output the entire textual content of linked files to disk. Full
 colour support is now offered for TT and Falcon users with an improved
 interface that supports 3D icons. Colours are completely redefinable
 thanks to the 'drag & drop' system. Thought! V2.2 requires a minimum of
 1MB of memory to operate and is priced at L79.95. Existing V1.53 users
 can upgrade for L25.

                                BSS DEBUG

 BSS Debug is now available and is already proving to be an absolutely
 essential tool for any Falcon programmer. BSS Debug was written by Black
 Scorpion software and, not surprisingly, was used to develop APEX. Many
 innovative features are included to assist in the program development.
 BSS Debug is priced at L39.95. Demonstration disks are available for all
 products produced by TITAN Designs.

 6 Witherford Way, Selly Oak             Lexicor Software
 Birmingham B29 4AX. UK.                 36 Queensberry Street, Suite 6
                                         Boston, MA 02215

 > MagiCMac! STR InfoFile!   -  Atari ST emulator for Macintosh

      From: Thomas Tempelmann <>


 MagiCMac is an alternate operating system for Apple Macintosh computers.
 It allows you to run Atari ST software on your Macintosh in cooperation
 with Macintosh applications.

 MagiCMac runs on Macintosh computers with System 7 and a 68030, 68040 or
 PowerPC CPU. We recommend at least 6MB of RAM installed on your
 Macintosh.  On any of these machines MagiCMac is faster than an Atari
 TT, up to 4 times on average.

 The demo will run for 15 minutes.

 The english demo version 1.2.1 has been uploaded today to info-mac.
 Info-Mac mirrors are available all over the world. The file's name begins
 with magicmac-1.2.1-e-demo. It should be available on the mirrors in
 one or two days.

 To extract this archive you need Stuffit Expander (freeware) or Stuffit
 Lite (shareware). If you haven't downloaded this file using a program on
 a Macintosh, you'll have to decode it first using MacBinary (Stuffit
 Expander does this automatically, Stuffit Lite has a menu section for
 it).  Contributor: (Thomas Tempelmann)


 > Atari WEB STR Feature

                         Atari Web Pages Latest News
                         ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~
                                Version 1.0
                                ~~~~~~~ ~~~
                               Date   6/6/95
                               ~~~~   ~~~~~~
                             Mark Stephen Smith
                             ~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
                                 6th Update
                                 ~~~ ~~~~~~

 Hello and welcome to the news item on the Atari Web pages.  This document
 will describe the Atari Web pages as provided by Mark Stephen Smith and
 will include a list of the latest updates for the month.  Each month I
 hope to update this text with the very latest additions and news on the
 Atari Web pages. Hopefully these pages will provide an invaluable service
 to their users, but they are still at an early stage and developing all
 the time.  As such any feedback and support you may have for these pages
 is more than welcome, it is in fact encouraged.  The more input I get
 from its users the better, as then I will know what is good and bad about
 these pages and can change them appropriately in the hope of increasing
 their value to their readers. Now on with the show.

                            News and Changes
                            ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~
 Well since the original description a lot has happened.  I'm now involved
 in several projects, and submit work to several Internet and diskmag
 sources for inclusion.  I have also officially took over the maintenance
 of the Atari FTP list from Hallvard Tangeraas of which there have been a
 couple of updates. New items in this document since the last copy will
 be marked with **, updates will be marked with a U.  All new items are
 also listed below according to the date they were added.
 I apologise for the lateness of this update but my workload has been too
 large to take the time until now to do this. Please make a note of the
 sites new address and update any links or bookmarks to the Atari pages
 to the new address.
  Thank you!

 The new items this month are:

 2/6/95 -- Two Reviews of Checkered Flag added for the Jaguar
 2/6/95 -- CAIN Newsletter Volume 2. No.4
 2/6/95 -- HENSA Atari TOS Newsletter Volume 8. No.9. in HTML format
 2/6/95 -- HENSA Atari TOS Newsletter Volume 8. No.9
 23/5/95 -- Games Tips, Cheats and Solutions section added
 23/5/95 -- Robinsons Requiems Tips
 23/5/95 -- Iron Soldier All Weapons and Levels Available Cheat
 23/5/95 -- Iron Soldier Unlimited Ammo Cheat
 23/5/95 -- Coming Soon for the Jaguar Updated!
 22/5/95 -- AEO Newsletter for Jaguar reporting on the E3 show in ZIP and
            text format
 22/5/95 -- Falcon news section format altered so it links to Falcon Hensa
            newsletters rather than duplicating them here.
 22/5/95 -- ST news section format altered so it links to TOS Hensa
            newsletters rather than duplicating them here.
 22/5/95 -- Questions and Answers Q.3 answered, and Q.16 and Q.17 added
 10/5/95 -- HENSA Atari TOS Newsletter Volume 8. No.8. update
 10/5/95 -- Rod McCall's Falcon Pages link added
 10/5/95 -- Bobby Tribble's Atari Link Directory Pages link added
 10/5/95 -- Stuart Denman's (Author of Speed of Light) Pages link added
 10/5/85 -- Promotional Video for Jaguar
 10/5/95 -- Baldies CD Jaguar News
 10/5/95 -- The Nordvic Atari Show 1995 Announcement
 10/5/95 -- Fried Bits Coding Convention III Results
 10/5/95 -- Freedom Fileselector Announcement
 10/5/95 -- Substation News
 10/5/95 -- Secret Level Codes for Hover Strike on the Jaguar
 9/5/95 -- More Hover Strike reviews and comments for the Jaguar
 9/5/95 -- Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story Review for the Jaguar
 9/5/95 -- Small trick for Hover Strike on the Jaguar
 9/5/95 -- Zool 2 cheat for the Jaguar
 9/5/95 -- Jaguar FAQ update
 9/5/95 -- Lynx FAQ update
 4/5/95 -- Several Hover Strike reviews and comments for the Jaguar
 3/5/95 -- Falcon Owners List by rod McCall
 3/5/95 -- Falcon Developers List by Rod McCall
 3/5/95 -- Falcon BBS List
 2/5/95 -- 3 Demos each under 96K from the Fried Bits III Convention
 2/5/95 -- Towers II: The Plight of the Stargazer Review by Mark Stephen

                      What are the Atari Web pages?
                      ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~
 These are a collection of pages covering all formats of the Atari.  In
 these pages may be found the latest news, reviews, software for
 downloading, and various other information and links to other places of
 interest to Atari users. I have tried to make the structure of these
 pages easy to follow and as intuitive as possible but there is still a
 lot of work to be done yet.

                How do I access them and what is the Web?
                ~~~ ~~ ~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~

 First of all I shall look at what the Web is or to use its full name the
 World Wide Web.  The Web is new way of accessing the Internet, unlike
 previous methods where you were required to enter commands into the
 program you were using the Web uses a more user driven method of getting
 around the Internet.  This method is much more graphical than former
 methods and as such is much easier to get to grips with. When using a
 Web browser (the name given to a program used to access Web pages) the
 control method usually consists of a point and click operation.  A Web
 page will consist of text and graphics which are sometimes highlighted
 in some way to indicate that they are selectable and link to more
 information or a particular piece of data. Such a link is referred to as
 a hyperlink.  In fact the whole system is a variation on hypertext and
 uses a script to create each page.  Each script is written to a HTML
 (HyperText Markup Language) standard which contains the main body of text
 in the page and a few command tags for the browser as to how to format
 the page and what to do with links, etc. Web pages may contain text,
 graphics, sounds, and animations, although the later two are normally
 supported through external software.  It is also possible using the Web
 to gain access to newsgroups, ftp sites, and gopher services all through
 the one program.  As such this makes this a very powerful tool for
 Internet access, and coupled with its ease of use this has suddenly
 became the big thing in the recent Internet explosion into the media.
 Browsers can handle all properly written HTML scripts but may vary in
 operation when scripts are incorrect or contain mistakes.  Browsers can
 be divided into to distinct types, graphical and text only.  Popular
 graphical browsers include NCSA's Mosaic and the recent new browser
 NetScape.  On the text side Lynx is the most popular textual browser
 (NOTE: text browsers don't show any form of graphics). To access the Web
 you must either use one of the above mentioned browsers on a machine
 such as a Sun, PC or Macintosh, or if you want to access it via your
 Atari you will need a copy of the Lynx browser as unfortunately there
 aren't any graphical browsers YET for the Atari.

                   Where do I find the Atari Web page?
                   ~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~

  From your Web browser choose to open URL and enter the following address:


 If you can store a hotlist of addresses or something similar on your
 browser then it may be worth including this address for quick access in
 the future. Once you've done that you should see my main page so I hope
 you enjoy it, and don't forget to write with your thoughts. (*NOTE*: This
 is the new site for the Atari Web pages, take note of it!)

             What you will find in the Web pages every month.
             ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

 From the main menu you have several links available to you, some under
 miscellaneous and others specific to a particular machine, or collection
 of machines.  It is now possible to mail me directly from the Web pages,
 special thanks also to Frank Charlton for the new Atari Logo.  First I
 will look at what will be in the Miscellaneous section.


          Atari Related links, Documents, FAQ's and Newsletters
          ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
 First in the list are "Atari Related Links", these links are to other
 sources of Atari information or data (such as files, etc.). There is a
 link to many of the major Atari holding FTP sites on the Internet. Links
 to several Web pages by different people on the Atari.  This will grow as
 worthwhile sites come up.  At the moment you can visit:
 - HENSA to download Atari files (Moderated by Denesh Bhabuta)
 - ZFC's Atari Pages by Annius V. Groenink.  This has links to various
   Atari related places, along with talk of his own work on Edith and his
   new Drive U Project.  Annius is also working on a version of the Mosaic
   browser for the Atari and the best of luck goes to him on that.
 - Christer Gustavsson's Atari Gem Programmers Page.  Very useful
   information for programmers grappling with Gem and the operating system.
   Also offers help via his questions answers page.  Some links can be
   found to Atari related places.
 - CAIN Atari Pages.  CAIN is the Central Atari Information Network and
   they create a newsletter which is updated monthly on all things new
   to do with the Atari.  There are also links available here.
 - Martin Maisey's Atari Pages.  Contains information (downloadable) on
   programs written by himself for the Atari.  Again there are links to
   other Atari places.
 - Toad Computers Pages.  Stockiest and retailer of many Atari goods.
 - ST Format Pages.  Information and previews of ST Format issues.
 - Volker Burggraf Atari Pages (German).
 - Desert Star Software Home Page.
 - ST Assembler Page
 - BSM's Home Page
 - ST Beer Mat Page
 - The Organised Chaos Licenseware Home Page
 - Index of /~jschlich/Jaguar/
 - Lynx Pages
 - Atari Lynx Page
 - Atari Page by Frank Post (Partially German, partially English)- 
 MiNTOS Distribution and Information Page
 - Julian's Atari Page
 - Atari Ghostscript
 - Atari Page by Robert Krenn
 - Simon Gornall's Atari Pages
 - Be Hnalls Page (KSculpt + Calamus Information)
 - "Data Uncertain" Software
 - Kay's Home (MintNet)
 - CNAM Atari Pages
 - EMAGIC Users Page (Covers Atari)
 - Helmut's Project contains Atari Links (English and German)
 - Eero Tamminen's Atari Pages
 - Atari Programmers Page
 - Atari Users List
 - Impulse Home Page (Demo Crew)
 - NPG Home Page (Demo Crew)
 - Atari Page by Dir Klemmtk
 - Steve's Atari WWW Pages
 - The Guitar Reference (For the Atari)
 - Musings of an Amateur Hacker
 - The Atari Home Page by Martijn Dekker
 - Tecnation Sonovista (Falcon based computer)
 - Cybercube WWW Page (Atari Products)
 - Yak's Zoo
 - Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Game Machine Stuff
 - 8 Bit Atari Page by Ivo van Poorten
 - Atari Jaguar Homepage by Christian Svensson (very good and kept up
   to date)
 - Jaguar directory
 **Stuart Denman's (Author of Speed of Light) Pages
 **Rod McCall's Falcon Pages
 **Bobby Tribble's Atari Link Directory Pages

 Useful documents will appear in here.  At the moment there is:
 - Atari FTP List by Mark Stephen Smith (essential for the latest news on
   who provides Atari FTP sites).
 - Atari TOS Desktop Survival Kit by Thomas J Hopper.  An essential guide
   to getting the most out of your DESKTOP.INF and NEWSDESK.INF files.
 - Recommended list of software for the Atari by Denesh Bhabuta.  List
   compiled by Denesh for me of his best software for the Atari (updates
   coming soon). Mostly PD and Shareware, this list contains links to
   download most of the software mentioned.
 - Information on picture formats by Dave Bagget.  Lots of information on
   the format of different picture files for the Atari.
 - Information on Viruses.

                   FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
                    ~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
 Useful FAQ's will appear here.  At the moment there is:
 - Atari ST SLIP FAQ.  This is a guide to connecting your Atari to a
   network. All you want to know about networks and the Atari.
 - Atari CD FAQ.  Information on getting and using CD's on the Atari.
   Regular updates to this can be found in my pages.
 - GDOS FAQ by Ger Castan.  Got a question on GDOS then this is the place
   to look.
 - MiNTNet FAQ by Christer Gustavsson.  Everything you wanted to know
   about MiNTNet.
 - AtariNOS FAQ by Frank Charlton.  Answered questions and information
   on NOS.

 Although there may be more to come the following newsletters are updated
 promptly as I receive them.  These have been re-organised to make it
 easier to keep track of.  At the moment there is:
 CAIN Newsletter containing the latest Atari news.
 HENSA Newsletter containing the latest updates to the HENSA Atari
 archive. **The HENSA newsletters are now available in HTML form also.
 AEO Newsletter containing the latest Atari news.

 Atari related newsgroups.  Send updates.  The currently supported news
                           Questions and Answers
                           ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~
 Submit your questions to here and get them included in this page.
 Answers are open to anyone who has something valid to say, and help is
 provided to me on Programming and Music questions by several
 knowledgeable sources.  Please support this section, only by your
 interaction and questions will it survive. All answers are included in
 this page for anyone else with the same question and answers are also
 sent back to the person who submitted the question for those without
 Web access. If you feel you have an expertise in a particular area
 concerning the Atari and would be willing to answer questions on that
 area when and if I submitted them to you, then please let me know and
 you can join the team.  Programming and Music are fairly well covered
 and I can cover Graphics programs, help with Technical questions would
 be appreciated.

 Here I hope to include reviews of Atari products both new and old.  So
 far I have the following reviews:

 - Kobold review by Andy Curtis (ST Format)
 - Flash 2 review by Frank Charlton (ST Format)
 - Edith Professional review by Frank Charlton (ST Format)
 - MagiC review by Andy Curtis (ST Format)
 - Stello v2 review by Mark Stephen Smith (Myself)
 - Sportster Modem review by Frank Charlton (ST Format)
 - Storm Tracker review by Andy Curtis (ST Format)
 - Connect review by Frank Charlton (ST Format)
 - Zero 5 review by Frank Charlton (ST Format)
 - MDII Grid review by Andy Curtis (ST Format)
 **Towers II: The Plight of the Stargazer Review by Mark Stephen Smith
 There are several reviews on the way by the above mentioned people as
 well as some by myself. This section is now growing well now and Nick
 Peers from ST Format recently expressed his interest in writing some
 reviews also. Again if you feel you would like to submit reviews for
 inclusion then please write to me.  Please note these pages don't
 include Lynx and Jaguar Reviews, as they are contained within their
 own pages

                       News and Announcements Page
                       ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
 Latest Atari news, and announcements from the Atari World.  Currently
 contains the following:

 **The Nordvic Atari Show 1995 Announcement
 **Fried Bits Coding Convention III Results
 **Freedom Fileselector Announcement
 **Substation News
 - Nova Graphics Board Announcement
 - Sozobon C Announcement
 - FTP site Announcement
 - Fried Bits Eastern Coding Convention 3 Announcement
 - Portfolio Club Announcement
 - Towers II release Announcement
 - Universal Virus Killer Book Announcement


                   **Games Tips, Cheats and Solutions
                     ~~~~~ ~~~~  ~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
 This is a new section introduced to help the Atarigaming community.
 It covers all Atari formats but is currently divided into the following

                             Atari Computers
                             ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
 Tips and cheats for all Atari computers.  Cheats included are:
 **Robinsons Requiems Tips

                          Atari Jaguar Console
                          ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
 Tips and cheats for the Jaguar.  Cheats included are:
 **Iron Soldier All Weapons and Levels Available Cheat
 **Iron Soldier Unlimited Ammo Cheat

                           Atari Lynx Console
                           ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~
 Tips and cheats for the Lynx.  This section is currently empty.
 Submission of game tips, cheats and solutions for any Atari format are
 welcomed and should be mailed to me.


               Updates and Information on these Web Pages
               ~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~
 All updates and news on the Atari Web pages goes in here.  Previews of
 what's to come soon are included and new items or updates to the pages
 are listed according to date with the most recent being first.  Most
 updates contain links to the new material for instant access. Other
 things to be found in here are the number of accesses to the Atari pages.
 At the moment this is not supported.


 This now concludes the Miscellaneous section.  Now onto the Other Pages.
 These pages are specific to a particular machine, or collection of
 machines.  These are going to go through some major changes and you can
 expect a fair number of changes to be made to these in the next month or


                               Falcon Page
                               ~~~~~~ ~~~~
 This will contain information and files relevant to the Atari Falcon,
 currently  this page is divided into the following areas:

                            News and Previews
                            ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
 In here expect to see any news or previews that come my way, whether
 they be small descriptions or full features with pictures.  At the
 moment there is:
 - Pinball Dreams and Llama Zap News.
 - Apex News.  This contains some information I got on Apex Media for
   the Falcon when I spoke to Douglas Little on the phone a few weeks
   back.  Not very detailed unfortunately, but I'm waiting on my copy of
   Apex to give a full review so expect that to be rectified soon.
 - Dextrous News.  Small description of some of the features of Dextrous
   with a picture.  Only at an early stage of development, if I hear more
   it will go in here.
 - Towers II : Plight of the Stargazer.  Pictures and description of this
   great looking Falcon-only sequel to Towers.  Expect the demo soon.
 - Towers II : Plight of the Stargazer Update!  The latest news on
 HENSA Atari Falcon letters are no longer duplicated and held in this area.
 Instead there is now a link from this page to the HENSA Atari Falcon
 Newsletter page.

 Miscellaneous information on the Falcon, including:
 - Falcon Demo FAQ.  List of Demos for the Falcon, including some form of
   information on each.
 - Compatibility list of games with Falcon.
 - Compatibility list of applications with Falcon.
 - Falcon Specifications and Information compiled by Rod McCall.
 **Falcon Owners List by Rod McCall
 **Falcon Developers List by Rod McCall
 **Falcon BBS List

                              New Software
                              ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
 The latest Falcon/enhanced software available for download.  Major
 revisions to be done with updates here.  All files now list there size
 so you can see how large they are before downloading.  At the moment the
 following software is included, with more to come:

 **3 Demos each under 96K from the Fried Bits III Convention
 - Apex Media Demo (Demo version of the animation and art package for
   the Falcon) - Towers II (Shareware game)
 - Super Bomber Man (freeware)
 - Play MPEG v0.70 by M.D.Griffths (shareware)
 - Speed of Light v3.8 (shareware picture viewer)
 - Scape a planetary landscape generator.
 - Digital Tracker demo of commercial version.
 - Obsession 1 level demo.
 - FOG issue8  disk magazine for Falcon.

                       Other software worth having
                       ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~
 Software worth using on the Falcon.
 - Backward v2.52.  For compatibility with the ST.  Please send any
   versions which are newer than this.
 - MultiBlow.  Configurable overscan utility.
 - Starball.  Excellent pinball game (Falcon enhanced).
 - Berzerk.  Excellent version of Berzerk (Faster on Falcon).
 - FOG issue 7 disk magazine for Falcon.
 - FOG issue 6 disk magazine for Falcon.


                      Atari ST/STE/TT/Mega STE Page
                      ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
 This will contain information and files relevant to all the above
 mentioned Atari formats, currently this page is divided into the
 following areas:

 In here expect to see any news or previews that come my way, whether
 they are small descriptions or full features with pictures.  At the
 moment there is:

 HENSA Atari TOS letters are no longer duplicated and held in this area.
 Instead there is now a link from this page to the HENSA Atari TOS
 Newsletter page.

                              New Software
                              ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
 The latest (most recent versions) software available for download.
 Major revisions to be done with updates.  All files now list their size
 so you can see how large they are before downloading.  At the moment
 the following software is included, with lots more to come:

 - Speed of Light v3.8 (shareware picture viewer).
 - ST Zip v2.6.  Latest version of ST Zip.
 - Obsession demo.  1 level of this great pinball game.

                      Other Software worth having 
                       ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~

 Software worth having on the Atari.
 - Utopus.  Two player shootem' up (STE only).
 - Ozone.  Good platform/puzzler.
 - Starball.  Excellent pinball game.
 - Berzerk.  Excellent version of Berzerk.


                                Lynx Page
                                ~~~~ ~~~~
 All the latest news and reviews on the lynx, along with cheats, etc.
 This page is divided in to the following areas:

 News on the Lynx and related material.  At the moment there is:
 - Lynx Summer Steal Deal Extended to the Fall.  News of price reductions
   for a limited period.

 Reviews for just about every Lynx game ever released will appear in
 here.  All reviews are by Robert Jung.  At the moment the following
 reviews are included:

   APB                     Awesome Golf            Baseball Heroes
   Batman Returns          Basket Brawl            Bill and Ted's
   BlockOut                BattleWheels            Blue Lightning
   California Games        Checkered Flag          Chip's Challenge
   Crystal Mines II        Dino Olympics           Dirty Larry:Renegade Cop
   Dracula the Undead      Double Dragon           Desert Strike
   Electro Cop             European Soccer Chal.   Ultimate Chess Chal.
   Gauntlet:3rd Encounter  Gordo 106               Hard Driven'
   Hockey                  Hydra                   Ishido : Way of Stones
   Jimmy Conners' Tennis   Joust                   Klax
   Kungfood                Lemmings                Lynx Casino
   Malibu Bikini Volleyball                        Ms.Pac-Man
   NFL Football                                    Ninja Gaiden
   Ninja Gaiden III : The Ancient Shop of Doom

                            Other Lynx Stuff
                            ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~
 Other items of interest to Lynx owners.  At the moment there is the

                               U Lynx FAQ
 - Lynx Tips and Tricks

                        New Software Announcement
                        ~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
 ~Currently empty.


                               Jaguar Page
                               ~~~~~~ ~~~~
 All the latest news and reviews on the lynx, along with cheats, etc. 
 This page is divided in to the following areas:

                            News and Previews
                            ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
 All the latest news and preview information I can find related to the
 **Baldies CD Jaguar News
 - ECTS News
 - Hyper Image page linked to (Makers of Jaguar game Hover Hunter).
 - Jaguar CD Specifications
 - Rebellion Development News
 - Sinister Developments News
 - Sensible Soccer News
   Coming Soon!
 - Hand Made Software News

 A collection of reviews from different sources, hopefully I will be
 contributing more to this section myself.  This page has been
 re-formatted thanks to Holger Kipp.  Reviews so far include:

         Aliens vs Predator                      - by Eric S.Boltz
         Aliens vs Predator                      - by Robert Jung
         Brutal Sports Football                  - by Randy
         Bubsy Bobcat (in Fractured Furry Tales) - by Robert Jung
         Checkered Flag                          - by Robert Jung
 **      Checkered Flag                          - by Eric S. Boltz
 **      Checkered Flag                          - by Tom Georgoulias
         Cannon Fodder                           - by Holger Kipp
         Cybermorph                              - by Robert Jung
         Doom                                    - by Robert Jung
         Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story             - by ?????
 **      Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story             - by Joe Cataudella
 **      Hover Strike                            - by Jeremy Haines
 **      Hover Strike                            - by Larry Tipton
 **      Hover Strike                            - by Scott R. Marrison
 **      Hover Strike                            - by Andrew S. Wheat
 **      Hover Strike                            - by Robert Jung
 **      Hover Strike (Comments)                 - by Dr. Moze (Steve
 **      Hover Strike (Comments)                 - by Kevin Haley
 **      Hover Strike (Comments)                 - by Robert Jung
 **      Hover Strike (Comments)                 - by Jonathan J. Hunt
 **      Hover Strike (Comments)                 - by Sal Manfredonia
 **      Hover Strike (Comments)                 - by Sal Manfredonia
         Iron Soldier                            - by Robert Jung
         Iron Soldier                            - by Holger Kipp
         Raiden                                  - by Robert Jung
         Syndicate                               - by Holger Kipp
         Tempest 2000                            - by Robert Jung
         Theme Park                              - by Holger Kipp
         Theme Park                              - by Robert Jung
         Trevor McFur in Crescent Galaxy         - Jer Howitz
         Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding     - by Robert Jung
         Wolfenstein 3D                          - by Robert Jung
         Wolfenstein 3D                          - by ?????

 There are many more reviews to come.

                           Other Jaguar Stuff
                           ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~
 Miscellaneous information on the Jaguar.  Information included
 presently is:

                              U Jaguar FAQ
 - Raiden Tips
 - Jaguar Game Cheats
 - Kasumi Ninja FAQ
 - Ultra Vortex FAQ update for Jaguar
 - 50/60 Hz, games adjusting to resolutions list
 - Jaguar Game Cheats
 - More Raiden Tips
 - Kasumi Ninja Moves List
 **Secret Level Codes for Hover Strike on the Jaguar
 **Small trick for Hover Strike on the Jaguar
 **Zool 2 cheat for the Jaguar
 **Promotional Video for Jaguar

                           Other Jaguar Pages
                           ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~
 Other pages specific to the Jaguar included in here.  Currently there
 - Atari Jaguar Homepage by Christian Svensson

 There are others that will be included, some containing more recent
 news, but the one above is the most organised and intuitive one I've
 came across.


                   8 Bit Atari Page by Ivo van Poorten
                   ~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~
 Not maintained by me these pages cover the 8 bit formats of Atari
 machines and are very comprehensive.  Nearly everything you could hope
 to find is contained within these pages.


                      What to expect in the future
                      ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~
 Some structural changes are likely to appear in the next months.  I have
 introduced an announcements page where you can tell the World of
 anything you have to announce.  Please send news of updates to your
 programs, Atari stuff for sale, and any other Atari announcements here
 (NOTE : Commercial companies should send information on products to be
 included in here and in the news sections).

 This month saw the introduction of the games Cheats, Tips and Solutions
 area. Currently this is fairly empty but will grow, your support would
 be welcome. This section covers all Atari formats including the 8 bit
 machines and consoles.

 It is currently split into Atari computers, the Jaguar and the Lynx
 areas. In the near future I will be adding a Portfolio section to cover
 the portable computer by Atari called the Portfolio.  This area will be
 supported by Jan Sedlak of the Portfolio club. There is an outside
 possibility of starting a programmers and/or MIDI section in these
 pages but this is as yet undecided.  I will judge whether or not to do
 this based on the kind of response I have.  I do not want to repeat any
 of the good work done in these fields however by other Web page writers
 such as Christer Gustavsson (Where is the response for these pages?)
 More support is needed for the questions and answers pages, although
 initially successful people just stopped posting their questions.
 Although the odd one is still coming and answers are still forthcoming.
 Please support this, it is of benefit to anyone who uses it.

 The Jaguar section should have a lot more news, pictures and reviews in
 the future.  I have tracked down a fair bit of news and am in contact
 with a few companies now and hope to get news from them on their products.
 Both the ST and Falcon sections should contain much more news in the
 future, along with more of the best PD/Shareware, and PD/Shareware
 reviews.  I should have several demos hopefully in the near future for
 games coming out on these formats. The Lynx section is to continue to
 get reviews and I will update the news as and when I get it.  Sorry
 about the lack of updates recently, more to come. Expect more links to
 Atari related pages in the future.  There will be more newsletters,
 documents, and updates to the FAQ's. Expect further reviews from Andy
 and Frank, along with myself (watch out for the Speed of Light review).
 Hopefully I can include more screenshots, and do a few program tutorials.
 Nick Peers of ST Format and Holger Kipp have offered to support these
 pages with contributions in the future.

 Please write with your ideas, criticisms, comments, submissions (software,
 news, reviews, questions, etc),to  me and don't forget that I am now
 the official maintainer of the Atari FTP list originally by Hallvard
 Tangeraas.  All updates to this list should now be sent to me.

 Thank you and see you with the updates to these pages next month!

     + Mark Stephen Smith or + 
     + Atari Web Pages    : +  
  + Atari FTP List maintainer, Atari Web Page creator and maintainer. +
  + Member and writer for CAIN (Central Atari Information Network)    +
  + Atari 1040STF, 4Mb Falcon 127Mb HD, Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx      +

 > STR NewsPlus

                  -/- Computer Developer Dead at 91 -/-

     John V. Atanasoff, the man who waited more than 30 years to receive
 credit for developing the first electronic computer, has died of a
 stroke at 91.

     Reporting from Monrovia, Md., The Associated Press notes Atanasoff
 conceived of the idea for a computer while a professor at Iowa State
 University, and his prototype was completed in 1939.

     "His machine was the first to use the binary system in electronic
 computing," AP observes. "It used vacuum tubes and could solve equations
 containing 29 variables. But his work was overshadowed by the Electronic
 Numerical Integrator and Computer, or ENIAC, which was credited as the
 first computer. ENIAC was built by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper
 Eckert Jr. in Philadelphia in 1945. Mauchly had visited Atanasoff in
 1941 and examined his computer."

     A federal judge voided Sperry Rand's patent on the ENIAC in 1973,
 saying it had been derived from Atanasoff's invention.

     The Smithsonian Institution exhibited Atanasoff's work in 1989, and
 President Bush gave him the National Medal of Technology in 1990.

     As reported earlier, Eckert died just last week at 76, after a long
 battle with cancer.

                 -/- Ruling Won't Help Online Probe -/-

     Analysts say Microsoft Corp.'s appeals court victory yesterday in its
 antitrust case probably won't mean the software giant will have an easier
 time getting its planned online network by Justice Department scrutiny.

     However, says Dow Jones reporter Mark Boslet, "Overall, the company's
 relationship with the department might be slightly more benign."
 As noted, Microsoft plans to bundle its new online Microsoft Network
 with its Windows 95 operating system that rolls out this summer.

     Analyst Rick G. Sherlund of Goldman Sachs & Co. says the bundling
 issue and the consent decree approved yesterday remain independent
 issues, thought the ruling "takes the edge off of the Justice
 Department's need to talk and act tough."

     And, says analyst Ben Z. Rose of Hancock Institutional Equity
 Services, the appeals decision could signal a change in the antitrust
 environment between the department and the company.

     Boslet comments, "Following the announcement of the consent decree
 last year, the public perception has been that the government didn't
 extract enough concessions in its attempt to rein in Microsoft's pricing
 practices with computer makers. But while industry observers agreed that
 the appeals court approval would take the justice department out of the
 line of public fire, they agreed that the department would remain a
 vigilant watch dog."

     Furman Selz Inc. analyst Terence M. Quinn told the wire service that
 because the department lost face with the consent decree, it's likely to
 be tough, perhaps tougher, with Microsoft as it probes the bundling plan.

     He added that the decision to challenge Microsoft's purchase of
 Intuit Inc. with a lawsuit is an example of the department's resolve. As
 reported earlier, after the suit was filed, Microsoft dropped its
 proposed buyout.

     Meanwhile, Associated Press writer Laurie Asseo notes U.S. District
 Judge Stanley Sporkin, who originally rejected the government's
 antitrust settlement with Microsoft, came under harsh criticism in
 yesterday's ruling by the appeals court, which said it was "deeply
 troubled" and "distressed" by his handling of the case.

     Saying the settlement must be approved, the appeals panel took the
 highly unusual step of ordering the case assigned to a different judge.
 Sporkin declined comment in a brief telephone interview with AP, saying
 he had not finished reading the opinion.

     Asseo says the appellate judges criticized Sporkin for relying on
 information he read in a book about Microsoft and for allowing a group
 of computer companies to challenge the settlement anonymously.

     The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District
 of Columbia Circuit write, "The district judge's reliance on that book
 contaminated the entire ... review.... The book's allegations are, of
 course, not evidence on which a judge is entitled to rely."

     (The book Sporkin cited, "Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of
 the Microsoft Empire," was written by James Wallace and Jim Erickson,
 who reported it originally for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.)

     Also, the court said, "We note that the district judge made several
 comments during the proceedings which evidenced his distrust of
 Microsoft's lawyers and his generally poor view of Microsoft's
 practices." Those actions would cause a reasonable person "to question
 whether Judge Sporkin would have difficulty putting his previous views
 and findings aside" in further proceedings on the case, it added.

                 -/- Microsoft Network Probe Expands -/-

      The probe by the U.S. Justice Department of Microsoft Corp.'s
 plans for its new Microsoft Network online service reportedly has been
 expanded, with federal subpoenas now issued to publishers, broadcasters
 and others intent on supplying data for the service.

      The New York Times, noting Microsoft intends to bundle access
 software for the system as part of its new Windows 95 operating system
 to go on sale in August, writes this morning that the Justice
 Department is looking into whether this type of packaging gives
 Microsoft an unfair advantage over its online rivals.

      As reported previously, the Justice Department two weeks ago
 subpoenaed information from Microsoft competitors, including CompuServe,
 America Online and Prodigy.

      The Associated Press says the Justice Department now reportedly
 is asking information suppliers for any documents received after
 July 1993, written by either suppliers or by Microsoft, that relate to
 estimates of how many people will subscribe to Microsoft Network.

      Says AP, "Investigators appear to be looking for evidence
 suggesting that Microsoft plans to use its dominance in operating
 systems to dominate the online business as well. More than
 three-quarters of personal computers run on Microsoft operating

      The Times says one company that received a civilian investigative
 demand, which is the equivalent of a subpoena, made a copy of it
 available to the paper.

                 -/- Opponents Vow to Fight Porn Law -/-

     Opponents say they will go to court on First Amendment grounds if a
 Senate-approved measure becomes law making the transfer of sexually
 explicit materials over computer networks a criminal offense.

     As reported yesterday, the Senate passed by an 84-16 vote an
 amendment to its telecommunications reform bill that aims to crack down
 on pornography on the Internet and online services.

     The provision, which would impose fines of up to $100,000 and prison
 terms of up to two years for people who distribute sexually explicit
 material over networks, was sponsored by Sens. James Exon (D-Nebraska)
 and Dan Coats (R-Indiana).

     Jerry Berman, executive director at Washington's Center for
 Democracy and Technology (CDT), told Kate Gerwig of Interactive Age that
 if the measure ultimately is approved by Congress and signed by the
 president, the issue "absolutely" would end up in court.

     "The problem with a court battle," Gerwig writes, "is that it could
 lead to several years of uncertainty over what materials are permissible
 to put on the World Wide Web home pages and online services, for
 example, Berman said."

     As noted, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) proposed an alternative
 to the indecency measure, that would have required the Department of
 Justice to study ways to deal with electronic distribution of sexually
 explicit material.

     Berman told Gerwig, "The Senate bill essentially bans adults from
 communicating about adult subjects on the Internet. Perhaps most
 important is that the action gives second-class rights to electronic
 speech over printed material you can buy in a book store or find in a

     The House is scheduled to take up its own communications reform bill
 after its July 4 recess.

     As reported yesterday, three software makers -- Microsoft Corp.,
 Netscape Communications Corp. and Progressive Networks Inc. -- are
 proposing, as an alternative to federal regulation, an industry-based
 voluntary rating system and electronic filter that would allow parents,
 educators and other individuals to block access to sexually explicit

                 -/- New Means of Smut Control Seen -/-

     Two West Coast congressmen say government, instead of trying to
 regulate the flow of smut on computer networks, ought to give users the
 technological tools to prevent offending material from coming into
 their homes.

     Reps. Christopher Cox, R-California, and Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, have
 told Associated Press writer Jeannine Aversa one way to help people
 find technology solutions could be to have the government establish a
 toll-free 800 number people could call to find out the latest in
 commercially available software or hardware.

     Another way, Wyden said, is for the government to set up a referral
 service that people could contact to get information on blocking

     "The government would refer people to private sector services,"
 Aversa writes. "Some software programs already exist that let people
 block certain computer communications."

     Noting the unlikely duo (a conservative and a liberal) are taking
 an approach quite different than a plan the Senate adopted last week to
 keep smut off computer services, Aversa quotes Wyden as saying, "We
 want to keep government out of micro-managing the Internet and computer
 services. We want to make sure people know where to turn to get the
 software and information that will allow them to have more control over
 their personal lives."

     AP says Wyden and Cox want to offer their plan as an amendment to a
 telecommunications bill that the House is expected to consider next

     "Their plan would not dictate a technological solution, such as
 requiring a special computer chip to be installed in computers," Aversa
 writes. "They don't want to preclude any technological solutions that
 have yet to emerge, and they want people, not government, to select
 which technology works best for them, the lawmakers said."

     The Electronic Frontier Foundation and other computer user groups
 have not yet seen the plan, but foundation staff counsel Mike Godwin
 told the wire service, "I share their focus on the need to empower
 individuals and families to make their own content decisions rather
 than having them made by Washington."

     As reported, the foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union and
 the Clinton administration oppose the Senate's current anti-smut plan
 which would ban indecent and obscene communications over the global
 computer network Internet and on computer services. People who originate
 such messages would be criminally liable, not the online providers.

     However, Cox told AP, "It is hopeless for government to seek to
 censor or control such an enormous amount of information." He said as
 interprets the Senate bill, it would protect online companies from
 liability only if they do not exercise any control over the content of
 services, which he termed a "backwards incentive."

     As reported earlier, the Senate passed by an 84-16 vote an amendment
 to its telecommunications reform bill that aims to crack down on
 pornography on the Internet and online services. And, as noted, opponents
 vow to fight in court on First Amendment grounds if a Senate-approved
 measure becomes law.

     Wyden labelled the Senate plan a "constitutional glue factory,"
 because companies will get stuck, he said, trying to figure out what
 they can and cannot do, retarding development of commerce over the
 Internet and computer services.

                     -/- Ohio Porn Cops Raid BBS -/-

     Twenty-five computers have been taken from a Withamsville, Ohio,
 home near Cincinnati by police who say this is part of a continuing
 investigation into transmission of computer pornography.

     United Press International says the computers were seized from the
 home of Bob Emerson by the Regional Electronics Computer Intelligence
 task force from in Hamilton and Clermont counties in Ohio and Kenton
 County in neighboring Kentucky.

     "Officers did not make any arrests in the month-long investigation
 that was initiated after several citizens complained," UPI says.
 "Warrants were also served on four other locations, and computer
 hardware and software was seized by RECI officers."

     (RECI was formed by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and
 officers from the Cincinnati and Kenton County police force also

     Says UPI, "Emerson is the owner of The Video Barn, a rental shop
 raided several times previously for purveying allegedly pornographic
 videotapes. Hamilton County forbids adult shops selling books and
 videos said to exceed local community standards, but those the
 definition of those standards have never been the subject of a county

     The wire service says Emerson also is operates a computer bulletin
 board system with 5,000 users and 70,000 downloadable files.  Emerson told
 The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper he didn't know whether his hard drive
 contains adult material -- "I'm assuming there probably was, but I'm not
 sure what they have" -- adding he thought the equipment seizure "was more
 politically involved."

                -/- Internet Fantasy Charges Dropped -/-

     Charges were dropped today against Jake Baker, a 21-year-old former
 University of Michigan student who published on the Internet a violent
 fantasy about another Michigan student, using her real name.

     In Detroit, Judge Avern Cohn, in dismissing the case, ruled
 publication of the rape-slaying story would have been better handled as
 a disciplinary matter by the university.

     Associated Press writer Amy Yuhn says Baker, of Boardman, Ohio, was
 accused of also exchanging electronic mail with an unidentified man in
 Canada in which the two allegedly discussed carrying out an attack such
 as the one in his story. The wire service says the charge, transmitting
 a threat over state lines by e-mail, carries up to five years in prison
 on conviction.

     As reported, prosecutors had contended Baker's fantasies about the
 woman and the discussion of carrying them out against someone constituted
 transmitted threats. Defense lawyers said Baker's writings were
 protected free speech.

     In his dismissal order, Judge Cohn wrote, "The government's
 enthusiastic beginning petered out to a salvage effort once it
 recognized that the communication which so much alarmed the University
 of Michigan officials was only a rather savage and tasteless piece of
 fiction. Why the government became involved in the matter is not really
 explained in the record."

     As noted, Baker was arrested after a university alumnus read the
 story on the Internet and alerted Michigan officials. He underwent
 psychological testing while jailed on the charges, while attorneys
 fought over whether he should be freed on bond.

     After Cohn subsequently ordered Baker released on bond, the student
 returned to Ohio and enrolled in school there, according to family

                  -/- Senate Passes Telecom Reform -/-

     The Senate has approved a measure to de-regulate cable television
 rates and impose new restraints on TV and now the spotlight shifts to
 the House where an even farther-reaching telecommunications plan is

     Associated Press writer Jeannine Aversa noted this morning that
 both the House and Senate bills "also would let telephone, long-distance
 and cable companies get into each other's businesses and free the
 largest electric utilities to provide an array of telecommunications

     However, she notes, the House bill, approved by the Commerce
 Committee, goes further toward de-regulation. It could be taken up on
 the floor for a vote next month. Also, "the House bill would provide
 fewer price protections for cable customers and it removes far more
 restrictions contained under existing laws and regulations on the
 ownership of media companies," AP says.

     The Senate bill, passed 81-18, included sweeping provisions that
 would ban smut on computer services and provisions that would let
 people block violent and other objectionable programs from their TV

     Sen. Larry Pressler (R-South Dakota), the bill's author, told the
 wire service he doesn't like the computer provisions but predicted "a
 form of that will survive" a conference committee, expected after the
 House completes action.

     Meanwhile, "with the House more inclined to remove regulations from
 telecommunications companies than the Senate, it's unclear which form
 the final bill will take," Aversa writes.

     She adds, "The conventional wisdom on Capitol Hill is that
 Pressler's bill would benefit the nation's powerful Bell companies more,
 while the House bill, written by Reps. Thomas Bliley (R-Virginia) and
 Jack Fields (R-Texas), would favor the long-distance companies such as
 AT&T, MCI and Sprint. Consumer advocates insist neither bill would
 benefit cable and telephone customers or TV viewers, a contention
 supporters of the bills reject."

                -/- Half of U.S. Teens Have Home PCs -/-

     Nearly half of Americans age 11 through 18 use a computer at home
 and more than one in five log onto an online service or computer
 bulletin board system through a home unit.

     So says a new survey by Chilton Research Services of Radnor, Pa.,
 which also finds that for teens, playing video games is the main
 attraction of online services, more popular than "chatting" online.

     The survey, which, sampled 752 teens nationwide between May 24 and
 June 1, also found teens generally much more savvy about high-tech
 products than the general population. For instance, 51 percent had used
 a CD-ROM player (often at school) and 6 percent have bought a CD ROM
 title in the past month.

     However, TV is still the teens' primary activity for pure

     Says a statement from Chilton, "Twice as many of those teens who
 have used online services say watching TV is more fun than going online.
 For their TV fare, teens prefer sitcoms over other types of programs
 including music videos."

     And most appear optimistic about their technological future.

     "Overall," the statement concluded, "American teens have a very
 positive view of technology and its impact on their future. Most think
 innovations and advances in technology will help them gain a better
 lifestyle than their parents."


                               JAGUAR SECTION

  CATnips!  BattleSphere!  Myst!
  Battlestar!  Jaguar Feedback!
  Fun 'N' Games!  And much more!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      There's so much going on lately that I'm not sure where to begin!
 Most of the information that I'd like to relate to you in this week's
 editorial will certainly be reported elsewhere in this issue.  However,
 I should point out a few things so you're not confused when you come
 across them.

      Atari, earlier in the week, hosted a get-together for the print
 media, including the online magazines.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a
 representative from STReport at this event.  Had it been a week later,
 I could have attended - darn!  However, we do have a press kit coming
 with a lot of information and video included.  We'll report more about
 this event in next week's issue.

      A few things to come out of that event were some game schedule
 changes.  We'll have those updates for you next week.  Also, we've
 learned that Ultra Vortex has been re-titled (at least tentatively) to
 Ultra Vortek.  It appears that one of Atari's competitors already has a
 game out called Vortex, so it made sense to disassociate the name from
 this other existing title.  Also, Hover Hunter has been re-named as
 Phase Zero (Hover Hunter was a working title).  We'll also be adding a
 few new titles to the current list, such as Rocky Horror Interactive,
 Breakout 2000, Commander Blood, Redemption, and Sudden Impact.

      We haven't forgotten about those of you who have recently
 requested that we resume our game tips, hints, and cheats section.
 We're still busy compiling a lot of this information to make it easier
 to get out to you.  Unfortunately, this requires porting over a lot of
 hardcopy information to the computer - it's extremely time-intensive.
 We're getting there, so please be patient a little longer.

      Well, even though this isn't our normal Jaguar edition, there's a
 TON of news and information this week.  Let's get to it!

      Until next time...

 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

     Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $29.99           FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $29.99           Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95           Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95           id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95           Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99           Rebellion/Atari Corp.
      J9029  Doom                 $69.99           id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J9007  Checkered Flag       $39.99           Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99           Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99           Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99           Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99           Atari Corp.
             Cannon Fodder        $69.99           Virgin/C-West
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99           Williams
             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                       Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99           Williams
      J9009E Hover Strike         $59.99           Atari Corp.
      J0144E Pinball Fantasies    $59.99           C-West

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              Super Burnout         TBD               Atari
              Air Cars              TBD        MidNite Entertainment
              Fight For Life        TBD               Atari
              Flashback             TBD             U.S. Gold
              Power Drive Rally     TBD                TWI
              Rayman                TBD              UBI Soft
              Ultra Vortex          TBD               Atari
              White Men Can't Jump  TBD               Atari
              Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $189.99        Atari Corp.
      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $159.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
             CatBox              $69.95             ICD

 >Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

          CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas (95.06.15)

 A lot of people have been asking me about the status of the AEO/E3
 video shipments. I understand they're wrapping and packing them day
 and night. In the last CATnips, I included some early feedback from
 viewers of the tape... mostly from GEnie. Here's a great one in the
 public Jaguar forum on CompuServe:
    Service: CompuServe
    Author: Brian McLaughlin  102006,3407
    Posted: 06/13/95, 08:24PM
    Message #: 83070
    Category: Jaguar General
    Topic: AEO tapes arrive

    Jag VR...
    The demo of Missile Command 2000 looked pretty slick, and
    the helmet did look quite responsive. If they can get rid
    of that seasick feel most VR helmets give you, then at
    $300 they should have a winner (as long as they get some
    software for it, however, there are LOTS of possibilities
    for some real kick games.)
    White Men Can't Jump...
    Looks like a nice street ball game.  Nice zooming and
     panning, with a pretty decent framerate. The street talk
    was a nice touch, but seemed a bit repetitive. However,
    if they pack this with the 4 way adapter at no extra
    cost, then I'll definitely pick it up.
    Defender 2000...
    Even though only Classic and Plus modes were shown,
    they're enough to already have me drooling already.
    Great pixel- shatter explosions and I love the aurora
    effect in the background. Guess I'll have to live with
    the windows version of Defender available on the net
    until this one comes out, however, it's just not gonna be
    as fun!  :)
    Ultra Vortex...
    Looks like a pretty cool fighting game, and I esp like
    the characters. And I love that announcers voice!
    Straight from, er, heck! My only complaint is I wish
    some of the animation was a bit smoother, but I'm still
    gonna pick this one up (been waiting for it for a while)

    Great looking game with a great sense of humor. Some of
    those ships were hilarious, esp with the animations. I'd
    reveal some of them, but I think I'll hold off so that
    those who haven't seen the video yet can still be
    surprised. I know I was! :) Suffice it to say, the ships
    look great, the game looks well thought out, and the
    explosions are pretty cool (what more can you ask for?)
    This game looks real smooth and should be a real winner.
    On my "Must Buy" list. (Oh, that one ship looked A LOT
    like a Star Fury from Babylon 5.  Hmmm...)
    Hover Hunter...
    This game looks real good, esp if they can put it on a 2
    meg cart! Imagine what they could do on a CD. Yikes! It
    looks a lot like Comanche on the PC, and I was impressed
    with Hyper Image's support for items like the Catbox,
    Jaglink and even the VR helmet. If they can put in
    support for the VR helmet, I'll definitely get this game.
    (And for those who've seen the interview with the HI
    crew, I think we all need to buy this game, if only so
    those poor guys can get some shoes!  :)
    Other Possibilities...
    Other games that show potential and I may end up getting:

    Soulstar (Only some FMV was shown, but I have high hopes
    for Core Design), Fight for Life  (I'll wait till it's
    done to post a verdict on this one), Skyhammer  (little
    smoother scrolling on this one would be nice, but still
    showed potential. That 1994 date on it has me wondering
    what it looks like now), Power Drive Rally (Like the
    little touches, like skid marks on the road), Thea Realm
    Fighters (Some smoother character animations, and this
    could be a winner), Primal Rage (Looked like it was
    lacking in the color department, but I'm assuming that's
    not a final version <g>), Brett Hull Hockey (Some more
    polishing and this could be a winner. Like polish up that
    rink, looks a little shabby. And how about changing camera
    perspectives during the game?) Battlemorph (I wasn't a
    big Cybermorph fan, but this looks a lot nicer.  One
    complaint I had from Cybermorph that's been addressed is
    that the planets now have skies and landscapes in the
    distance, which I think adds a lot of atmosphere. Now if
    only everything would bank when you turn. That would help
    add more to the illusion of movement, etc.) and
    Deathmatch (Could be a decent platformer, but that's not
    my area of expertise)
    My favorite non-game "thrill"...
    Getting to see what some of these net people look like,
    from Sven to Jeff Minter.  And where were you, Don?
    Don't tell me you're shy in front of a camera!  <g>
    And that's my take on things. Sorry it's so long, but my
    fingers just wouldn't stop typing!  (Just be glad I
    didn't type everything I wanted too!  <g>)
 Remember, the AEO/E3 tape is available now. If you want a great way to
 preview great new Jaguar games, get this video. For more info, contact
 AEO through the Internet:
 Another reminder, the next issue of Atari Explorer Online (AEO) will
 include a reprint of the "Pinball Fantasies" review from their January
 issue (and some great stuff on "Super Burnout"). A lot of people are
 bragging about their copies and it's a good time to see reviews since
 that game has just been released. Look for issue number 11.23 of 
 STReport for their "Pinball Fantasies" review.

 One of the Atari Product Managers tells me I can now confirm "Super
 Burnout" IS in production. (It has been for a couple weeks) Look for
 it soon or place pre-orders with your retailer now. "Super Burnout" is
 an arcade favorite and the Jaguar version is extremely faithful to the
 arcade feel INCLUDING the fun factor Atari is known for!
 Ms. Kristine Chambers also tells me that "Defender 2000" has just been
 "promoted" to cart format. I say "promoted" because "Defender 2000"
 lends itself to a plug 'n play format in my opinion. When you have the
 urge to play, you're going to want to play! It's clear that a lot of
 CD titles are coming together as they are now planned and there's no
 reason to steal the cartridge appeal of the classic remake away.

 Atari collectors and Jaguar gamers may like to look for page 133 of
 the July issue of GamePro magazine. Crave Division: Rockabilla, Inc.
 is offering a new variety of licensed Atari Jaguar T-Shirts including
 one that features "Hover Strike", "Tempest 2000", "Iron Soldier" and
 the Jaguar eyes. Each shirt is just $16.95 each and they sell Jaguar
 hardware and software too. For a free catalog or to order, call
 612/942-9920. These T-shirts are 3rd party and not available direct
 from Atari.
 I don't often include news concerning competitors, since people on my
 distribution list are most interested in Jaguar specific information.
 Sometimes there's reason for exception. Please note, that although I am
 employed by Atari, any commentaries are my own and do not reflect the
 point of view of Atari Corporation.
 On June 13, Golin/Harris, Nintendo's PR Firm, issued a press release
 announcing Nintendo's intention to drop participation in the Winter
 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The major significance of this is the
 gaming industry trend toward dedicated shows such as the Electronic
 Entertainment Expo (E3) and away from CES. This new announcement from
 Nintendo comes within mere weeks of Nintendo's announced delay of
 Ultra 64.
 Trade shows are significant within the industry because it's a major
 thrust behind putting products on store shelves. It's an opportunity
 to lure the buyers of the major chain stores. Nintendo's announcement
 which they say, "cements industry support for single yearly show", will
 be a major sacrifice for them because it will eradicate an early 1996
 opportunity to show off any progress they may have made on their
 Ultra 64 system.

 Meanwhile, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reveals Trip
 Hawkins' efforts to sell 3DO/M2 technology to a broader range of
 potential buyers. According to the article, Sega is targeted with
 proposals and analysts theorize that is because "(Sega) needs help with
 its technology."
 Mr. Jim Carlton, author of the article, points out that 3DO's
 "cumulative net loss is $113 million since it was founded in 1993."
 Gamers may recall that Sega of America scrambled to get the Saturn out
 earlier than originally announced in time to show for E3 as an effort
 to douse some of the impact of Atari's VR and Sony's Playstation.
 Backstage, Sega is literally giving away Sega CD systems to users in
 manufacturer-direct promotions in hopes of increasing the installed
 base of 16-bit CD users.

 A lot of people want to know where the best online support sites are.
 Here is a summary and in no particular order:
  CATscan BBS
     Dial 209/239-1552 * 24 hrs. 14.4 Free/except LD charges
  Toad Hall BBS
     Dial 617/567-8642 * 24 hrs. 2400 Free/except LD charges
          617/569-2489 * 24 hrs. 9600 Free/except LD charges
  Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
     Dial 216/368-3888 * 24 hrs. 300/1200/2400+ baud
     Internet: telnet or
               type "go lynx" or "go jaguar" from any menu
  STAR*LINX BBS  Lynx / Jaguar / ST / STe / TT / Falcon030
     Dial 602/464-4817 * 24 hrs. 14.4  over 500 megs online
  CompuServe Online Service  (GO JAGUAR) [subscriber service]
     Dial 800/848-8199 (voice) Ask for op #198 for more info.
  GEnie (JAGUAR) [subscriber service]
     Dial 800/638-9636 (voice) for sign-up information.
  Delphi [subscriber service]

     Dial 800/544-4005 (voice) for sign-up information.
  Also interactive areas on America Online and Prodigy
  *  The following includes sites that may not be Jaguar 
  *  specific, but caters to Atari gamers and/or computer 
  *  users. Internet access and appropriate software required.
  *  Sites have not been cross individually checked. 
  *  Unofficial Atari Jaguar Home Page by Christian Svensson
  *  Yak's Zoo (Jeff Minter's Fun Farm)
  *  Toad Computers (retail and information site)
  *  Jaguar Directory
  *  Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Game Machine Stuff
  *  Index of/~jschlich/Jaguar/
  *  ST Format Page
  *  CAIN Page
  *  Cybercube WWW Page
  *  Atari Home Page by Martijn Dekker
  *    www.fwi.uva.hl/~mdekker/atari.html
  *  Steve's Atari WWW Pages
  *  Atari Page by Dirk Klemmt
  *  Atari Users List
  *  Eero Tamminen's Atari Pages
  *  CNAM Atari Pages
  *  Simon Gornall's Atari Pages
  *  Atari Page by Robert Krenn
  *  Atari Ghostwriter
  *  Julian's Atari Page
  *  Atari Page by Frank Post
  *  Atari Lynx Page
  *  Lynx Pages
  *  Volker Burggraf Atari Pages
  *  Martin's Atari Page
  *  ZFC's Atari Page

          CATnips.... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas (95.06.21)

 On June 20, 1995 (yesterday as I write this), Atari Corporation hosted
 an all day "Fun 'N' Games" event for select gaming industry press
 members. Valued online publication representatives were invited as well
 as the hard copy gaming magazines. After all the RSVPs were narrowed
 down, about two dozen hard core gaming reporters were hosted to an
 entire day of news, previews, and interviews. Events included
 structured, one-on-one, face-to-face, closed-door, candid interviews
 with Atari's most experienced programmers, producers and testers.
 Guests were given opportunities to take their own exclusive photographs
 and screen captures. Every visitor was provided an extensive press
 package with E3 releases as well as brand new material. Nagging
 questions were answered and undoubtedly new ones were created. When
 the festivities wound down at the end of the business day, Atari
 escorted the dazed bunch to Great America amusement park for the rest
 of the evening and in through the night. (Paramount's Great America,
 located in Santa Clara, California is the one used in Beverly Hills
 Cop III. No, Eddie couldn't make it.)
 (Regrettably, my son fell ill yesterday with some 24-hour stomach flu
 so I was unable to do much more than work from home. Consequently, I
 found myself playing catch up with everyone in the office today to see
 how it went.)

 Look for wrap-ups in upcoming issues of your favorite online Jaguar
 publication. In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of
 documents that were a part of the press kit handed out. There were a
 lot more materials issued to the guests; some were reprints of E3
 materials found in past CATnips distributions.


  CONTACT: Jessica Nagel or Tom Tanno
           Dorf & Stanton Communications, Inc.,
           (310) 479-4997 or (800) 444-6663

 SUNNYVALE, CA (JUNE 20, 1995)-Numerous new titles for the Jaguar system
 and Jaguar CD were previewed at the "Fun 'N' Games" media event at Atari
 Corporation headquarters today. Hands-on previews and demonstrations
 were conducted by game producers and developers. In addition, the event
 highlighted marketing strategy, technology developments, and a
 presentation of peripherals including Jaguar VR.

 Atari Corporation continues its Jaguar software library expansion,
 approaching 100 titles for its 64-bit Jaguar entertainment system by the
 end of the year. "We will have every kind of game that players want,
 from the best developers and publishers in the world," comments Atari
 President Sam Tramiel.
 The titles demonstrated at "Fun 'N' Games" include:
                       =*= Blue Lightning (CD) =*=
 Gamers pilot a chosen plane from a squadron of United Nations operatives
 as they fight to stop General Drako, the UN member turned terrorist.
 Players design flight plans and use their quick maneuvering skills to
 destroy key enemy locations and bases. Players also protect cargo planes
 and other UN planes transporting important government officials.

               =*= Hover Hunter (working title) (cart) =*=
 The age of limitless resources and vast armies is over. The battlefield
 now belongs to the elite; those with the speed, firepower, reflexes and
 intelligence to get the job done fast and done right. As pilot of a
 high-speed attack hovercraft, gamers man the most powerful tool utilized
 in this struggle for complete global domination.
                   =*= White Men Can't Jump (cart) =*=
 Trash talk runs rampant on this in-your-face, two-on-two, blacktop
 basketball shoot-out. Automatic camera control zooms in and swings
 around to catch all the action in this fast-paced, hard playing new
 sports game for the 64-bit Jaguar.

 White Men Can't Jump will be released bundled with the Team Tap, the
 multi-player adapter for the Atari Jaguar, a $29.95 value.
                         =*= FlipOut! (cart) =*=
 A puzzle game with an alien twist. Take a tour of the Cheese Planet (or
 as the citizens call it, Planet Phromahj) which includes nine different
 areas of game play, with multiple games per area, and four difficulty
 levels, from normal to psychotic. Whatever you do, watch out for those
 mischievous little aliens. Some of them will try to help you (if you can
 call it help), but most of them will try to trip you up for the fun of
 it. If they weren't so cute, you'd wring their necks.

                         =*= Highlander (CD) =*=
 You are Quentin MacLeod, the hope of mankind. An immortal raised as an
 ordinary child, your destiny was unknown until the day slave traders
 destroyed your village, kidnapped the Dundees, and killed your mother.
 As she died, your mother called you "The Highlander" and urged you to
 seek out the stranger who would train you to fulfill your destiny--to
 wrestle mankind from the grasp of the evil immortal, Kortan. You must
 find this stranger, an immortal named, Ramirez, who will help you gather
 the knowledge you need to defeat Kortan. Your first quest is to rescue
 the Dundees from Kortan's stronghold.
 Highlander includes original dialog from the actors in the animated
 series and cinepaked sequences from the animated series as well.
                            =*= Myst (CD) =*=
 Get lost in the worlds of Myst. Use your mind to unlock the secrets of
 ages past. What happened to the worlds Atrus created? Is one of his
 sons behind the destruction? It's up to you to find out. Take careful
 notes. Everything you see or hear, no matter how insignificant, could
 be the key to unlocking the mystery.

                          =*= SuperX (cart) =*=
 Supercross enables the player to experience this exhilarating dirt bike
 ride and race from a realistic first person bikers perspective. The
 track is constructed from texture mapped polygons allowing full
 360 degree 3D generation of the course. The game is based around three
 main modes: practice, single race, and championship/tournament. The
 riders have particular characteristics that affect performance, including
 strength, weight, agility and accumulated factors such as injuries and
 morale (based on recent from). Put on your helmet.... you're in for
 everything from tunnel jumps to triples... get out in front quick and
 you'll have everyone freight-training behind you.
                          =*= Baldies (CD) =*=
 Ever want to rule the world? With Baldies, you have the resources but
 do you have the strategy and skill? Build your own society complete
 with workers, builders, soldiers, and scientists, and use them to
 create your own world and conquer the enemy.
 Use your scientists to invent creative ways to kill the enemy. Dropping
 a skunk into an enemy house to make them run out into a minefield you've
 laid is just one way to get rid of them. You can also drown them,
 electrocute them, and trap them, to name just a few of their useful ploys.
 You are only limited by your own imagination. This game is truly for all
 ages. With its advanced AI, it can be a "fishbowl" where you observe the
 baldies multiplying and living out their lives or you can interact,
 decide to conquer the world and attack the bad guys (those with hair).
 There are five areas of game play with literally hundreds of levels,
 including secret levels and secret warps to get to other levels.
                     =*= Robinson's Requiem (CD) =*=
 This is the ultimate test of human endurance in an alien world-- a
 survival/adventure simulation set in a startlingly realistic virtual
 environment the likes of which has never before been seen. You are
 imprisoned on an alien planet --Zarathustra-- and your aim is to escape.
 If you have to amputate one of your own limbs in order to survive, then
 that's what you must do.
 To escape, you'll need to use the environment and your cunning, and do
 anything necessary to stay alive-- including amputating your own limbs.
 Features more than 100 variables in real time; your body temperature,
 stress, fatigue, pain, coughs, malaria, poisoning, fractures, gangrene,
 hallucinations... Deal with diseases and health hazards and fight off
 This is no outward-bound weekend. Robinson's Requiem will test your
 survival skills to the limit. Keep your wits about you Robinson, and
 you just might make it.
                =*= Charles Barkley Basketball (cart) =*=
 Charles Barkley Basketball is an over-the-top, in-your-face two-on-two
 basketball game. The player has 20 characters to choose from including
 Charles Barkley. There are also two modes: versus and tournament mode.
  In versus mode, pick your players nd go at it. In tournament mode, if
 you're good enough, you can even end up endorsing products as your work
 your way through the tournament to meet Charles Barkley in the finals to
 see who really is the best.
                      =*= Commander Blood (CD) =*=
 Bob Morlock, the oldest being in the universe, is the boss of Kanary
 Corp., a gigantic business he founded over two hundred thousand years
 ago. All of his millions of employees were built by and for Kanary,
 which spends colossal sums of money just to keep Bob alive. Bob has felt
 the end approaching so it is time to delve into the meaning of life,
 the central truth of existence. Bob has put together an expedition
  through time to the final destination: the Big Bang. The Kanary
 Research Corp. scientists have developed an amazing black hole, name
 Oddland; a new era in space travel has dawned.

 As Commander Blood, you take command of the Ark (the best spaceship
 anyplace, anytime), aided by Hank, the onboard bioconsciousness, and
 Olga, the onboard translator, with Morlock on board as well. Your job
 is to fly through Oddland as often as it takes to get to the Big Bang.
 However, black holes aren't just the natural boundary points between
 universes, they're also political borders and are heavily guarded by
 SCRUT ships. To make your trip a little easier, you have several
 identities:  frozen meat salesman, roadie for the famous "Migrators"
 rock band, etc.  Each universe contains not only business and military
 vessels, but also a number of planets.  You'll need to make friends, do
 favors, or get involved in local wars to gather information you will
 need. Good luck!

                      =*= Breakout 2000 (cart) =*=

 Breakout 2000 is an update to Ataris classic game, Breakout. As in the
 original, the game consists of a paddle, a ball, and a playfield composed
 of bricks. The difference in Breakout 2000 is that it changes the
 viewpoint by rotating the playfield back into a 3/4 3D perspective. The
 objective will still be to get a high score by clearing the playfield of
 all removable bricks and not losing your turn by missing the ball.
 To make this more difficult, there are bricks that are non-breakable
 and some must be hit more than once to be broken. Also there are
 power-ups which may give you an extra ball, speed up your ball, slow
 down your ball, etc. If you loved the original, you'll love this.

                          =*= Vid Grid (CD) =*=
 Here's a whole new way to "play" music videos. As you watch each video,
 the screen is divided into squares that are all mixed up. You have to
 unscramble each video while it's playing and before the music ends. You
 choose to divide the screen by 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 squares, upside down,
 to name just a few of the options. Vid Grid features some of your
 favorite full-length, uncut videos including Red Hot Chili Peppers,
 Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Sound Garden and more.

 It takes just minutes to learn, but provides hours of challenging
 entertainment. (And to make it even better, it will packed-in to the
 Jaguar CD player at launch).
                      =*= Varuna's Forces (CD) =*=

 Varuna's Forces is an action strategy game with elements of a
 "shoot 'em up". You are in control of a team of four soldiers of the
 United Coalition of Planets, Marine Attack Division, nicknamed Varuna's
 Forces. The team is equipped with helmet cameras and microphones linked
 via radio to your tactical command console. You see, on your common
 screen, views from each of your soldier's cameras. Also at your disposal
 is an overall view of a plan of the area with your troops' positions
 Your soldiers have his or her personal characteristics and relationships
 with his or her teammates which change over time. Sometimes command
 decisions must be made not just upon the physical status of a particular
 soldier, but also upon his or her personal attributes. You are given a
 number of scenarios from which to choose, however, your objective is
 to successfully complete each one. You may need to obtain the release
 of hostages, or capture an entire area or base, or capture a particular
 piece of equipment.

                        =*= Battlemorph (CD) =*=
 One of the most realistic 3D shooter/explorer games to date, Battlemorph
 picks up where Cybermorph left off. This sequel will have more unique
 worlds, more elaborate missions, and both underwater regions and
 underground tunnels to explore. Players can use the various formations
 of the war Griffon to battle into enemy territory, using fighter, tank,
 and amphibious forms to gain the edge over enemies.
                      =*= Fight for Life (cart) =*=
 This 3D fighting game is set in hell, with each character striving for
 the ultimate prize: the chance to gain redemption and live again.
 Players choose one fighter from among eight different characters. They
 then battle the remaining characters one-by-one and proceed to the final
 showdown with the end boss. As they defeat each opponent, players can
 select up to two of each character's five special moves, in effect
 creating their own truly unique fighting character.
                      =*= Space War 2000 (cart) =*=
 As a space knight, gamers vie for glory, honor, fame and fortune in
 this first-person perspective 3D adventure. With the proceeds from each
 successful intergalactic joust, players can procure multiple weapons to
 defeat the enemy and have their name cast for eternity in "The High
 Score Table".
                       =*= Ultra Vortek (cart) =*=
                 [Editor's note: tentative title change]
 Players become one of ten eye-popping, bone-crunching warriors of the
 underground who battle it out in mind-bending arenas carved from the
 living rock, with one goal in mind: Defeat the dreaded Guardian of the
 Vortex. This game features a "lock-out" code to limit violence within
                       =*= Creature Shock (CD) =*=
 The remains of the SS Amazon, a space-drifting ship abandoned in 2023,
 is the setting for this fully rendered 3D animation Sci-Fi / Adventure
 game. In the hopes of finding a new home for the dying planet Earth,
 players must kill the deadly, crawling creatures which have inhabited
 the ship, before the creatures literally slash and burn them first.
 Created by Argonaut, designers of Nintendo's Special FX(tm) Chip.

                       =*= Demolition Man (CD) =*=
 Based on the movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes, this
 title features several different types of gameplay including shooting,
 car chasing, tunnel hunting, and hand-to-hand combat. Players will
 actually control cinematic-quality live action footage of Stallone as
 Demolition Man in this game, which smoothly merges movie and video
 footage. Includes footage of Stallone and Snipes filmed specially for
 this interactive adventure.
                  =*= Black ICE \ White Noise (CD) =*=
 No Respite. No Rails. No Rules.
 In Black ICE \ White Noise players take the role of a street-level
 cyberpunk in the urban blightscape of New San Francisco, walking a
 barbed wire tightrope between the crystalline informational world of
 C-Space and the grimy reality of The Street and The Meat. Gameplay
 features include point-of-view C-Space hacking, full-motion video
 encounters, and digitized video sprites of gangs, crazies, cops,
 Corps... and corpses.
 Play a good guy who fights the good fight...or a bad girl who left her
 heart in San Francisco a long time ago. Ooops--your mission went bad
 and you just blew away a cop. Now here come allllll his friends. Make a
 note: Better do some creative hacking on that lengthy police record of
 yours, after you get out of this alive.
 If you get out of this alive...
                      =*= Defender 2000 (cart) =*=

 This arcade classic (from the creator of Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar)
 will feature autofire for the basic laser; loads of enemies; additional
 weapons; bonus rounds; a graphically enhanced ship and enemies;
 spectacular explosions; scrolling and warping backdrops; up to four
 modes of play (including "CPU assist"); and, of course, great music.
                    =*= Thea Realm Fighters (CD) =*=
 As one of 12 digitized fighters, you must defeat all the others before
 facing SurRaider, a powerful warrior from another dimension. Four or
 more special moves and two "killer" moves will help you win your battles
 against hidden SubBosses and 5 secret characters. Defeat up to 21
 characters in a single game or SurRaider will conquer the planet and add
 Earth to his vast empire.
                    =*= Brett Hull Hockey (cart) =*=

 This 3D game offers the player two different perspectives and features
 a camera which zooms in and out and moves in all directions to keep up
 with the fast paced action. The power, colors, and speed of the Jaguar
 and texture mapping will give the gamer a true 3D experience.
                         =*= Max Force (CD) =*=
 This game takes place at the Max Force Virtual Training Facility where
 you must be smart, quick, and accurate with over a dozen Nerf weapons in
 order to become a member of the elite Max Force Team. While shooting
 enemies and targets, collect all four pieces of the Max Force medallion
 and destroy the boss in each level. Three dimensional artwork and
 first-person perspective with action taking place in a Virtual Reality
 Simulator guarantee lots of Nerf fun where no one gets hurt.

                        How Many Bits is Jaguar?
                     (And what does it mean anyway?)
 The number of bits used to characterize a computing system is, in
 general, a fairly straightforward issue. The candidates for the number
 to use are:

  1) The number of bits in the data bus. This is the number of
     bits that can be transferred from one part of the system
     to another at one time.
  2) The number of bits in the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).
     This is the number of bits that can be computed at once.
  3) The number of bits in a data register. This is the number
     of bits that make up a value when stored inside a chip.
 The number usually used is the first one, the width of the data bus.
 This is because there are bottlenecks in all systems. These need to be
 avoided. The transfer of data is a vital aspect of performance and it
 has been seen to be an important way to judge overall system performance.
 First, a bit of history. The first popular microprocessor was the
 Intel 8080. It had an 8-bit data bus (meaning 8 bits of data could be
 transferred at one time), an 8-bit ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit, so it
 could compute 8 bits at once), and 8-bit wide registers. There was a
 universal agreement that this should be called an "8-bit processor".
 Another popular 8-bit processor is the 6502. Like the 8080, the 6502
 has an 8-bit data bus, an 8-bit ALU and 8-bit registers. There was also
 universal agreement that this should be called an 8-bit processor. The
 6502 is the processor used as the computation base of many popular
 systems. These include: game systems such as the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800
 and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), as well as computer systems
 such as Atari 400, 800, Commodore VIC-20, C-64 and Apple II. These are
 the classic 8-bit machines.
 Now the confusion starts. Consider the Intel 8088. The chip has an 8-bit
 data bus, a 16-bit ALU and 16-bit registers. Intel called this an 8-bit
 processor because it has an 8-bit data bus to distinguish it from the
 8086 which is the 16-bit bus version. The 8088 was used in the first
 IBM PC and IBM called it 16-bit. This was probably because the Apple II
 was 8-bit and IBM wanted to be bigger. In this case, the stretch is not
 completely ridiculous because the 8088 is identical to the 8086 except
  for the width of the databus.
 Next consider the Motorola 68000. This has h 16-bit data bus, a 16-bit
 ALU and 32-bit registers. It is also known as a 16-bit processor. The
 68000 was the heart of the original Apple Macintosh. For reasons no
  doubt similar to IBM's, Applechose to call the Mac a 32-bit machine
 (although no one really really believed them).
 Intel actually worked a clever way around this problem when the 386 came
 out. The 386 is a true 32-bit chip with a 32-bit data bus, a 32-bit ALU
 and 32-bit registers. Intel also produced a version of the 386 that was
 identical except that it has a 16-bit data bus. Intel called the 32-bit
 bus version the 386DX and the 16-bit version the 386SX. The performance
 difference between these two chips demonstrates the validity of the data
 bus criterion. By the convention, the 8088 and 8086 should be called the
 8086SX and 8086DX respectively. The concept of system architecture is
 quite useful here. The 386 is a 32-bit architecture and the 386SX is a
 16-bit implementation of that architecture. Just to add confusion, Intel
 changed the meaning of DX and SX with the 486. The 486SX is missing an
 on-chip co-processor.
 In the video game arena, things were quite a bit simpler. The Sega
 Genesis used, as it main processor, the 68000. Either, as a result of a
 failure of marketing imagination or due to Apple's failure to convince
 anyone that the original Mac was 32-bit, Sega called the Genesis a
 16-bit machine.

 The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is based on a 65816, a
 16-bit version of the 6502. This is also a 16-bit system. Both of these
 systems use 16-bit graphic chips. This means that the graphics chips in
 the system are capable of moving data around the system 16-bits at a
 time. The NEC TurboGraphics 16 is an interesting machine. It used an
 8-bit processor but contained 16-bit graphics hardware. This is the
 first popular example of the bit size of a system not being determined
 by the central processor, but by other parts of the system. Another
 example of a 16-bit system containing an 8-bit processor is the Atari
 To recap the discussion above, there are several different numbers that
 can be used to classify a computing system. The one that has had the
 best historical success is the width of the data bus. At present, this
 is relatively easy to do. Just count the number of wires carrying data.
 As technology advances, this will become harder since the busses will be
 on-chip. This means that the actual 46 wires may not be visible on the
 circuit board, as they are now. The details may change, but the basic
 principal will remain the same.
 Now, how many bits is the Jaguar?
 The heart of the Jaguar architecture is a 64-bit data bus.

 This allows several of the system components to operate on 64-bits of
 data simultaneously and pass those results around the same way. These
 components are:
  =*= Object Processor =*=
      This system element takes an image from DRAM (main
      memory) to draw it on the screen. It reads DRAM 64-bits
      at a time.
  =*= BLiTTER =*=
      This moves data around the system. It is optimized for
      the transfer of graphics data. The BLiTTER is capable of
      64-bit reads and writes.
 =*= GPU =*=
      This is the true computational heart of the system. It
      is a custom RISC processor, with a 64-bit data bus, a
      32-bit ALU and 32-bit registers.

 There are other support components in the Jaguar that are not 64-bit
 in nature. This does not prevent the system from being 64-bit.
 From this, it should be easier to see that the Atari Jaguar really is
 a 64-bit system.
 (This document issued at Atari's "Fun 'N' Games" press event held
 June 20, 1995 at Atari headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Tradenames
 used are Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of their owning companies.)


 In my last CATnips, I captured a lengthy list of popular World Wide Web
 Sites that cater to Atari Lynx or Jaguar gamers. My captures were
 revealed simply by surfing the net and I am certain I missed others.

 One such site I missed was STReport International Online Magazine.
 Their site can be reached with the following address:
 I visited the site and found it to be a convenient way to grab the most
 recent issue of "STReport" which has covered the Atari product line for
 about 8 years now. STReport can also be obtained from The Bounty BBS by
 dialing 904/786-4176  or CATscan BBS by dialing 209/239-1552. New issues
 of STReport begin distribution every Friday evening. Many BBS systems
 have them up by Saturday morning.
 Travis Guy is hoping to get an issue of "Atari Explorer Online" out this
 coming weekend. Coverage will include an exclusive report from Adam
 Urbano of Atari's Fun 'N' Games event Tuesday.
 Jeffrey Norwood has just released the June/July issue of "Jaguar
 Journal" online magazine. Look for it in online service libraries or
 grab a copy off CATscan.
 Danny Miskin has just released the #2 issue of "Jag Zone" online
 magazine. Look for it in online service libraries or grab a copy from
 CATscan. Please note that ALL CATscan files may be re-posted on any
 public access service.  
 The July issue of "Next Generation" Magazine features and impressive
 7-page pictorial interview with Mr. Sam Tramiel. PLEASE check this issue
 out even if you just read it at the magazine section in the store while
 the wife (husband) looks (and buys) new shoes (tools)! This one's a
 Yes, the CD-ROM is still planned for an August release. Those of you
 asking for confirmations on that should be pleased to learn that
 marketing remains faithful to that schedule at this time.
 I've been getting a lot of praise for the decision to put "Defender
 2000" on cart. Apparently, a lot of onliners agree with Atari's
 observation that everyone wants that to be a "plug 'n play" game. Most
 everyone writing me realize that no game play features are being
 sacrificed with this decision. Atari just wants everyone to be able to
 enjoy this guaranteed Minter classic with or without the CD-ROM already 
 attached to their system.
 I am looking for the dates, how many members attended and where the
 first Atari computer and/or video game users' group meetings were held
 in their respective area. I would appreciate exact dates at least down
 to the month and year. Any history would be appreciated. If you have that 
 information, please EMail me (Don Thomas) through the Internet at
 Welcome to the newest members on my distribution lists. Thanks for your
 interest in the Jaguar and all your help to spread the word about our
 favorite machine!

 Jaguar  is  a  trademark  of  Atari  Corporation.  Atari  is  a registered
 trademark  of  Atari  Corporation.  Other  products  may  be trademarks or
 registered trademarks of their owning companies.
 Atari  has  been  in the video game business for over twenty years. Today,
 A t a r i   markets  Jaguar,  the  only  American  made,  advanced  64-Bit
 entertainment system. Atari Corporation is located in Sunnyvale, CA.


 > Defender 2000 Update!  -  D2K Format Change, from the Yak Himself!

     From: YaK <>
     Date: 15 Jun 1995 19:00:41 GMT

 Okay, it seems like the feline entity has emerged from the bag about
 this, so I'll make it official and say yeah, as of last Friday D2K is
 back on cart.

 The reason for this, I think, is that Atari doubtless want to have a
 lot of games, playable for the base system, available at the end of the
 year; with the Jag core system at a very low price compared to the new
 competition, and a lot of good games out, they could sell a lot of
 Jaguars.  Plenty of time to do more CD stuff later.
 Of course this means that the redbook audio will have to go, and
 likewise the FMV intros (yeah, big loss, no FMV, hehe).  The good news
 is that the gameplay shouldn't be unduly affected - Defender's not
 really that demanding of memory, after all.  We'll probably be on a
 llarger cart size than T2K, and we'll be using updated sound drivers so
 I don't doubt that Imagitec will do a man's job of the music even in
 cart.  Of course, we have the CD tunes as well now, so there'll
 probably be an audio-CD release like for T2K, and this time I'll leave
 hooks in the game so that if you have the CDROM and the disk you can
 use them with the cart game.

 Just thought you'd like to know...

 Oh, and by the way, yesterday I was at Atari and I saw a near-final
 Space War 2000.  When you see this title you'll notice that Mr. Zdybel
 has been borrowing rather heavily from Yak's Little Book of
 Melt-O-Vision Tricks and Spells!  There's a cool bit at the end of a
 round where Lance Chromedome appears in a field of melting with a third
 eye and grins at you!  Hoots of laughter were heard around the test
 dept. when that came on...

 Sb: Battle Sphere Update!
 Fm: Larry Tipton 74127,601
 To: All

 Fresh of the Internet's News Groups for your reading enjoyment!
 -Larry Tipton
 Subject: Battle Sphere News
 From: (Scott Le Grand)
 Date: 17 Jun 1995 01:16:33 GMT
 Message-ID: <3rtadh$>

 Hi guys, here is the lowdown on Battle Sphere for June 16...

 Went away on vacation for a week.  My nephews are to blame for slow
 going over that week, but several killer bugs were removed.  Resumed
 coding last night on the sound manager which places sounds in the
 correct positions relative to the player.  After that, I need to
 write the final component of collision detection, actual object-based
 intersection, and then it's off to the playtesters...

 I expect to finish the sound manager this weekend.  It works, but
 it needs refinement i.e. right now it's dead realistic if one assumes
 there is sound in space, but that makes it suck IMO...

 Burning questions:
 Currently, when you fire lasers, I play a sample straight out of
 Star Raiders.  Some people love this, others find it hokey...  Some
 want it as an option, others want it there at all costs.  Comments?
 I have an idea how I intend to handle it right now and it's none
 of the above but I'm not gonna say what except that it's tied in with
 something else we planned if there is room...

 Moving Starfield:  Tried it, it sucks in NTSC, looks like Tempest
 2000, which color aliases like crazy, but looks cool in a color fest
 like T2K.  When they're supposed to be stars, it's really dopey. 
 Attempts to make the stars bigger sucked as well alas...

 Jump Drive: Still working on it, think it will start ala Star Raiders,
 but then I need some cool visuals for the ship while it does the
 transition.  I'm thinking of color-shifting it to white as it speeds
 up, and then doing a jumpgate effect ala STTNG's warp drive...


 Here's an interesting bit of info about an upcoming Jaguar game I
 pulled off of the Internet....Enjoy!


 > Woah.. "Battlestar"?  This is the first I've heard of this!  Can you
 > even spill what type of game it's going to be?

 He didn't put me under any NDA, so I'll take that to mean I can spill the
 proverbial beans... :-)

 Originally, he wanted to license the original Battlestar Galactica names
 and characters and such, but unfortunately, whomever holds the copyright
 to those turned him down.  However, ship designs have no copyright, so
 he's designing the ships after the Vipers, Cylon raiders, the Battlestar
 itself and so on.

 As you've probably guessed, it's a space battle sorta game and it
 sounds a little like Battlesphere.  He didn't go on about plot or
 anything, but here's some features that I can remember he told me off
 the top of my head:

 - Spatial, Terrestrial and Underground sequences in the game; apparently
 you will be able to fly around in space, approach a planet and
 possibly go underground and fly around in 6 degrees of freedom ala
 Descent.  (Actually he didn't say if it was 6DOF, but the comparison to
 Descent was his so I'm assuming here)

 - The planets themselves are apparently going to be very detailed.  The
 terrain is comprised of realtime fractal landscapes; there will be
 polygon buildings, trees, roads, bridges and so on dotting the scenery
 as you fly around; he didn't tell me if you could blow them up or
 not.  :-)
 - Aside from the buildings, bridges and various scenery on planets,
 everything else is fully texture mapped (ships, underground areas, etc.)
 Buildings will have spot textures for windows.

 - In spite of all the texture mapping, realtime calculated fractal
 landscapes and so on, he assures me he's getting no less than 25 FPS out
 of it.  "It'll knock your socks off!" he told me, and if this is true,
 he's right!

 He's given it a November release date.  I don't know whether this is
 when he will have completed it or when it will be on the shelves, so
 make of it what you will.

 Things I don't know and will ask him about next time I catch him in the
 IRC include whether or not the game is mission driven or more "freestyle"
 ala Battlesphere, what the plot of the game is if it is freestyle, and
 perhaps dig for more general info.

 - Chris

 Sb: #83335-#MYST for Jag?
 Fm: Scott Sanders (Atari) 70007,1135
 To: Cody  Maloney 75204,3532 (X)

 Hi All,

 Myst is going well. You can play most of 'Myst Island' at this point.
 I've spent the last few days adding some of the full-motion video and
 will spend the weekend working on the sound engine.

 I first played Myst on a MacTV which was unbearably slow. Since then I've
 seen/played it on a PC and the Japanese Saturn version. I'm glad to say
 that Jaguar is much speedier than the PC and the Mac, in fact it outpaces
 the PowerMac 8100/100AV I use for graphics conversion. The graphics are
 also 16-bit instead of 8-bit on the PC and Mac.

 The Saturn version is about as fast as the Jaguar version and they use
 16-bit graphics at well. For whatever reason, though, the Saturn's
 graphics look like they went through some grainy filter. True blacks are
 stippled grey. Also, the Cinepak movies look much better on Jaguar.

 Although many people I've talked to thought Myst was boring at first
 glance, most of those same people spent hours glued to their PC after
 they found their first puzzle to solve.

 Back to work... Bye.

 -Scott @ Atari Corp.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

 Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Well, we just passed the longest day of
 the year... no, I don't mean waiting for the Jaguar CD to be released,
 I'm talking about the actual summer solstice.  From now on the days will
 keep getting shorter (if you happen to be in the northern hemisphere,
 that is).

 Terrific.  Just when I find that there's barely enough time in each day
 to do all the things I want to do, the days go and start getting
 shorter.  Just my luck.

 Well, I guess that I'll just have to content myself with 'surfing'
 CompuServe for my online needs.  After all, CompuServe is the oldest
 online service, and has loads of stuff for your Atari.  And, every week,
 there are lots of folks just like you and me that ask and answer
 questions about using their computer.

 I've noticed one very interesting thing about differences between
 the questions that Atari users ask and the questions that users of other
 platforms ask.  Atari users seem to have a more in-depth understanding
 of their computer than others do.  Perhaps it's the fact that we've had
 to find answers for ourselves, or maybe it's that we've gotten used to
 helping each other out because the company that made our computers
 doesn't make them anymore and, truth be told, left this sort of thing to
 others (even their own employees on their own time) even when they were
 still in the computer business.

 Well, that's enough of that.  Let's get on with the purpose for this
 column:  All the great news, hints, tips, and miscellaneous information
 available every week right here on CompuServe.

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Paul Peeraerts talks about using NOS to access the Internet:

   "I downloaded NOS yesterday but something seems to be wrong.

   1) The function keys don't seem to be programmed. If I type F1, I get a
   colon (:), F2 gives a semi colon...
   2) So I tried to type the command "dialer pp0 dialer.pp0" manually but
   then NOS said "Interface pp0 unknown".
   Does this look like NOS cannot find STARTUP.NOS?
   I've put it in the root directory and I've tried in the same directory
   where NOS.TOS is, but nothing helps.
   Any ideas?"

 Michel Vanhamme tells Paul:

   "I've "disabled" my startup.nos to see what it does, and the
   "symptoms" were exactly the same, so I guess that's the problem, yes.
   But why..?  The archive worked "as is" on my system... I know I had the
   same problem when I first tried to install NOS, and that was because
   the NOS directory was nested in another directory. It could't find the
   file until I put the NOS directory on the root.  For instance, on my
   system, NOS.TOS is in D:\NOS\ and my dialer and startup in D:\."

 Paul tells Michel:

   "Yep! That's the reason. I understood that you meant C: by the root
   partition, but now I have the main program in G:\NOS and the dialer and
   startup in G: and that seems to work!"

 Later, Paul adds:

   "I'm still fighting with NOS... Telnet sessions and FTP sessions work
   fine, but I don't succeed in getting Usenet News. When I type "nntp
   kick" nothing seems to happen. When I type "nntp status" I get the
   reply "no current sessions" or something like that. Afterwards in the
   LOG file there is a message "Can't lock file /spool/news/history".
   I've tried this in the C:partition, in the D:partition and in the
   G:partition (after having adapted the STARTUP.NOS file of course). I
   tried it after having put a zero lenght history file in /spool/news but
   also that didn't help.
   Any idea what I could be doing wrong?"

 Michel tells Paul:

   "Now this is a mystery... I had this problem with NOS on E:, and it
   disappeared when I put it on D:. This is why I assumed NOS didn't like
   E:. So I was wrong on that one.
   On reading your message, I don't understand why it suddenly worked on
   my system when I changed partitions..."

 Chris Gray adds his thoughts on NOS:

   "What I've found out about NOS so far:
   -- yes, the documentation is lamentable.
   -- turning off the blitter seems to help avoid hang-ups, or is it just
      me?  (this is on a MegaST with ADspeed)
   -- there is a program call VT100EMU.PRG which replaces the VT52
      routines of TOS by VT100 ones.  Runs as an AUTO (or later if you
   -- use 'echo accept' to telnet to www servers and the like.
   -- perseverance pays."

 Michel Vanhamme posts:

   "Here's a list of Atari newsgroups I've found. It's probably not
   comprehensive (8 bit Atari newsgroups are not included) or up to date
   (I'm still waiting for my first article from some of them), but it's up
   to you to try...
    abg.atari                                (Probably English)                   (Probably English)                    (Probably English)
    comp.sys.atari.advocacy                  (English)
    comp.sys.atari.announce                  (English)
    comp.sys.atari.programmer                (English)                        (English)                   (English)                        (?)
    de.alt.binaries.tos.d                    (Probably German)                       (Probably German)                           (German)                   (English)                         (English)
    fido.ger.atari                           (German)
    fr.comp.sys.atari                        (French)
    ger.atari                                (?)                      (?)                           (German)
    maus.sys.atari.desktop                   (Probably German)
    maus.sys.atari.f030                      (Probably German)
    maus.sys.atari.gemini                    (Probably German)
    maus.sys.atari.hardware                  (German)                  (German)
    msn.atari                                (German)
    muc.lists.atarix                         (?)
    zer.z-netz.rechner.atari.programmieren   (Probably German)                    (Oooops! <g>)"  

 Paul Peeraerts now asks:

   "Does someone know how to browse the WWW using NOS?"

 Michel Vanhamme tells Paul (and the rest of us):

   "You can't. NOS has no WWW browser (yet). I have heard that the author
   is working on it, but I'm not sure. There is another browser (or is it
   the same?) currently under development called Lynx, but I have no
   details on this one."

 Chris Gray tells Michel:

   "Lynx is the Classic text-only browser for the web; I suspect you'll
   find it at, at least that's where I'll be looking ...
   there are a few servers about which you can telnet to, try
   and read the error message.  :)
   Some Atari users in Toronto (?) have put together a MiNT+X11+Chimera
   kit for the www, have you guys heard about that?"

 Carl Barron tells Chris:

   "I have heard of the TAF package. Are you sitting down?  REQUIRES
   monochrome resolution at least 640x400, 4 megs of 'ST' Ram, 7-10 Megs
   of Hard Disk Space.  Runs on ST[e]/TT and probably Falcon.
   Uses Mint and MintNet. It is on another online network as eleven
   zipped tar files!  Requires a 'minix partition' for the file names are
   unix style. Not simple to set up and not for the faint hearted.
   That said it does look 'interesting' but I do not have it.  If you
   don't want to be a 'systems adminstrator' you might not like it.:)  It
   is an almost complete internet site, the works slip/ppp etc."

 Michel tells Carl:

   "...I must admit that the prospect of installing Mint+Mintnet et al
   gives me the creeps..."

 Christian (Roth?) tells Michel:

   "I went into that a couple of weeks ago. Spend one syquest cartridge
   as a minix partition. Although I liked the long filenames (very much!)
   the configuration work became more and more like "Learn the Basics of
   the Virtual Philosophy UniX", so I gave up. In the meantime I borrowed
   a PC (486DX4) from a friend and surfed thru the web with Mosaic. But it
   is soo slow (at least with CIS) that that isn't exciting either. So now
   I'm back again on my Falcon and thinking about a neat, automated setup.
   Probably it'll be a real provider with an uucp-spool and Upoint.
   Then I finally could quit this schizophrenic being in CIS/FIDO."

 Frank Heller tells us that all of this:

   "Makes me wonder if the Internet is really worth the trouble."

 Michel Vanhamme tells Frank that it...
   "Depends on what you're looking for. There's only ONE real reason why I
   installed NOS on my system, and that's FTP. Before that, when I wanted
   to get hold of certain files, I had to connect to French or German
   BBSes due to the lack of active Atari BBSes here in Belgium. Now I
   connect to an FTP site and pay local phone calls. But it's slow
   sometimes... with all these people jumping on the bandwagon lately
   (Who? Me? No! <g>).
   And the other things...  For the Usenet I can still GO USENET, for
   Telnet I can still GO TELNET, for Email I can still GO MAIL.
   That leaves the WWW. Frankly, I can wait. If a graphical browser for
   Atari compatibles is released, fine. But it's not like I'm going to cry
   in despair if it isn't.
   And, from what I've seen, I'd say you can't beat the warmth of the
   Ataricomp forum... :)"

 Denis Postle tells us about his experiences:

   "I have lately got PPP up and running on a Mac with all the hassles
   that entails. Now I'm trying to do the same with a TT.
   So naturally I have been following the threads about setting up access
   to the WWW via NOS-042 with a lot of interest. I'd apprectiate some
   help with the initial hurdles of getting it to run on my TT.
   I'm really ignorant of what the TT can do in the way of Internet, but
   particularly WWW, access. Part of my igorance concerns what kind of a
   beast NOS is. I keep expecting a 250k application to launch and nothing
   does. Does it not launch until the PPP connection to the network is
   made? I'm not expecting Mosaic but something more like Mac Web which
   would be entirely adequate for my needs. Or is NOS entirely command
   line text based?
   I have once, but unrepeatably, had the dialler run and apparently go
   through establishment to network, at least there were the streams of
   rubbish after log on. What counts as as establishment of the ppp
   connection on the screen?
   Also can I limit the start up script to just launch the browser
   application if there is one in there? How would i do that?
   Oh yes and i would prefer to connect the modem, a Supra 144plus to the
   modem 2 port, what would be the id/command for that?
   A lot of questions. I'd be grateful for any answers you might have.

   I'll wait a bit for the Atari browser to arrive but meanwhile I guess
   it's back to MacWeb and maybe Netscape while the TT sits doing not a
   BTW I didn't find a read me file in the archive I downloaded, I ALWAYS
   read  read me's. I'll look again.
   I hear rumours via the demon service provider in the UK of a viable
   browser under rapid development.
   Pity about the command line stuff. I'm very visual and all that
   'egyptian' text is very resistable.
   But thanks a lot for your info. I'll slow down my pursuit of atariweb."

 Well, I don't know about anyone else, but that's enough about the
 Internet for me for a while.  Dennis Wright asks about equipment for his
 8-bit Atari:

   "Is there a mail-order house, or any other hardware vendor, who still
   has 8-bit peripheral equipment for the 130XE.   I'm looking for either
   printer or modem interfaces (like the old Atari 830 interface box) (or
   was it 850 [?]) that allowed RS232 or parallel printer cable
   connections to talk to the serial I/O on the Atari 8-bits.
   My 130XE is still working fine, but the printer and modem have gone
   'belly up'."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Dennis:

   "There is a text file in the software library of the Atari Gaming Forum
   (GO ATARIGAM)  called   SUPORT.TXT   which contains a list of several
   vendors who still sell Atari related products like you're looking for."

 Well folks, I know that this column is short, but it's getting late and
 it's been one heck of a week.  I usually try to include posts from the
 Graphics Support Forum, but I just didn't have time to get to it this
 week.  I'll try to include some info from that area next time.  There's
 lots of things going on there right now because of the GIF "situation".
 So tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be ready to
 listen to what they are saying when...

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