ST Report: 2-Jun-95 #1122

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Date: 06/12/95-12:15:11 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 2-Jun-95 #1122
Date: Mon Jun 12 00:15:11 1995

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      Its Friday already!  Long weekends are great but they sure make the
 week go by far too quickly.  There really is not much happening except for
 the Internet and Windows'95.  Since we all know the firm ship date for
 Win'95 is August 24th, the best thing to do now is encourage your favorite
 software publisher to get those 32 bit updates out the door.  By my
 observations, there may be a number of these major houses literally caught
 napping.  There is simply no excuse for any of these software houses not
 to be "Johnny on the spot" ready with the updates for similar release
 dates as Win'95.  Everyone is aware there has been more than half a
 million Win'95 users for quite some time now.  Its a safe bet they've been
 asking for the new 32bit drivers, patches and updates.  August 24th is
 going to show the users just who, in the software world, really has their
 act together.

      Internet!!  World Wide Web!!  FTP sites, T1 lines, and ISDN all new
 terms for some to pick up on but for others, its the signaling of the
 beginning of the end of an era.  The Online Services are never going to be
 the same.  Guaranteed those services with progressive leadership are going
 to amaze the users while others who have been stoically plodding along are
 simply going to fade from view.  In a short time, we'll see monthly flat
 rates become the order of the day both for access and for baud rates.  The
 days of escalating rates for speed are almost gone at this time.  The
 monthly fee will become the only charge users will see.  No more hourly
 rates.  The big three, possibly four, will eventually be the only real
 online services left to talk about.  The others will be gone.  They are
 dead now and simply don't know it.
      One major stumbling block the major online services are tripping all
 over is their software.  So far, the software out there is conservatively
 rated by STReport to be in a range of "ok to bad".  Of the services either 
 offering or requiring the use of their software, none can boast of having
 really trouble free software.  CompuServe however, does have the best
 running and most reliable available with the "CIM" offerings.  The worst
 of the lot comes from Genie.  Their "FE" has to be the best example out of
 what not to have your software do.  They call the version in circulation a
 "beta" version it should be called a pre-alpha version.  It terrible. 
 Running a super hot second to Genie's software is Prodigy's excuse for
 Windows software.  The only software that allows the user's system to take
 full advantage of high speed modems and high speed CPU's is CompuServe's
 it allows the user to set their lock baud at 155200 while offering the
 user 14.4 and 28.8 connections.  Running hot on the heels of CIS is AOL. 
 Their big problem is file transfers "going to sleep".  In time they'll
 either be top stuff or gone.  The shake out has already begun.
      To sum it all up, CompuServe is, by far, the best value, the best
 performer and without a doubt, offers the most to users of every age. 
 Then comes AOL, the "teenage" network, its so organized that one often
 feels the need to put one's hand up to gain permission to log-off! <g> AOL
 is a fine service for the younger set.  Prodigy and Genie we'll leave
 alone.  They have enough on their plates at this time anyway.  Delphi!! 
 Here is a sleeping Giant.  Watch Delphi closely over the next six months. 
 You are going to amazed at what can be accomplished.  Delphi may very well
 wind up being the biggest of them all in no time flat.  Why you ask?? 
 Delphi has a good understanding of the Internet and is going to build
 itself completely around that concept.  All the surviving services will
 eventually become fancy gateways to the "Net".  What will be interesting
 is to see which one offers what to be the "King of the Hill".  All this
 can only be a super benefit to the users.  This time, the users will win
 ..big time. 


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                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #22
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                   >> Win95 Net Feature Scrutinized <<

    A feature in Microsoft Corp.'s upcoming Windows 95 software that 
 allows users to register electronically instead of mailed post card is 
 coming under scrutiny because of its capability to report what other 
 programs also are on a customer's computer.
    Microsoft designed the function, known as Registration Wizard, to 
 encourage more people to register their purchase of Windows. Like many 
 companies, Microsoft uses data from registrations to figure out its 
 customer base and promote other products.
    Recently a trade magazine erroneously reported the registration process
 automatically scanned whole networks of computers to determine software
 usage, a report that provoked a barrage of complaints about Microsoft on
 the Internet and online services.
    However Microsoft executives as saying the feature gathers information
 only from the computer on which Windows 95 is used and reports it to the
 company only at the customer's option.
    Mike Conte, product manager for Windows 95, said, "It was an
 unfortunate article that was written and then it hit the Internet and took 
 on a life of its own." Describing the Registration Wizard as a market 
 research device, he added, "If a customer has a funny feeling about it, 
 they can choose not to send the information."
    He said Microsoft will use electronic registration for the first time 
 with Windows 95, which is due to go on sale in August.
    Sources say, "Its process includes a step in which the form looks at 
 the personal computer's hard drive and makes a list of programs it 
 contains, whether they are made by Microsoft or not. At three points in 
 the registration process, including the moment after the software check 
 is listed, the program asks the customer whether that information should 
 be sent or not to Microsoft."
                   >> Claris Cuts MacWrite Pro Price <<
    Claris Corp. has cut the price of its MacWrite Pro 1.5 word processor 
 to $49.
    The company says the pricing change is designed to make MacWrite Pro 
 a more attractive product for entry-level Macintosh and Power Macintosh 
    The software provides style sheets, one-step table creation, floating 
 tool palettes, variable columns and numerous other features. It supports 
 System 7.5, including PowerTalk, QuickTime video playback, Apple Script 
 and Apple Events.
    Users of MacWrite II and competing word processors can upgrade for 
 $39. MacWrite Pro 1.0 customers can upgrade for $29.
                   >> Xerox to Offer Compaq Service <<

    Compaq Computer Corp. says it has authorized Xerox Corp. to perform 
 warranty service on its products within the U.S.
    The move makes the company a fully accredited Compaq Third Party 
 Maintainer. Xerox will serve as a provider of on-site warranty service 
 as dispatched by Compaq.
    Xerox is a major service organization, with more than 11,000 service 
 engineers in the U.S. and 25,000 worldwide. The company has over 200 
 U.S. service sites.
                  >> June Launch Seen for IBM PowerPC <<
    A computer industry newspaper is reporting IBM next month will launch 
 its first PC based on the PowerPC microprocessor that it co-developed 
 with Apple Computer Inc. and Motorola Inc.
    Computer Reseller News, a weekly that follows personal computer 
 wholesalers and distributors, says IBM isn't very likely to achieve high 
 volume shipments for the new machines until later this year.
    The newspaper said IBM plans to unveil the machines, which include 
 desktop and laptop versions, on June 19, one day before the PC Expo 
 computer convention in New York. Word is prices will start at about 
 $3,000 for a multimedia desktop computer with videoconferencing and 
 speech-recognition capabilities.
                     >> Compaq Cuts Server Prices <<
    Compaq Computer Corp has announced price reductions of up to 16% on 
 its ProSignia 300 server line.
    The ProSignia 300 5/90 Model 1050, configured with a 1.05GB Fast-
 SCSI-2 hard disk, 16MB of RAM, built-in 32-bit Ethernet support, a 256KB 
 secondary cache and a CD-ROM drive now costs $3,999.
    The ProSignia 300 5/75 Model 1050, configured with a 1.05GB Fast-
 SCSI-2 hard disk, 16MB of RAM, built-in 32-bit Ethernet support, a 256KB 
 secondary cache and a CD-ROM drive is now priced at $3,549.
                    >> Firms Plan Steinbeck CD-ROMs <<
    Book publisher Penguin USA and multimedia specialist Byron Preiss 
 Multimedia Co. Inc. say they have agreed to co-publish a series of CD-
 ROM titles based on books with electronic rights controlled by Penguin.
    The companies note that the first titles will be based on Penguin 
 books by and about author John Steinbeck. Penguin currently publishes 
 all of Steinbeck's major works as well as a major biography of Steinbeck 
 by Jackson Benson.
    The first CD-ROM title will be "Of Mice and Men", which is scheduled 
 to ship in September. The disc will be followed by two titles for young 
 adults, will be "The Pearl" and "The Red Pony." No prices have been 
                     >> ABC Sports CD-ROMs Planned <<
    Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. and software publisher Spectrum HoloByte 
 Inc. say they have established a joint venture to develop and produce 
 CD-ROM and video game software carrying the ABC Sports label.
    Each company will hold a 50% interest in the venture. Financial terms 
 weren't disclosed.
    The companies note that the games produced by the venture will use 
 the ABC Sports trademark as well as the Monday Night Football and Wide 
 World of Sports names. The companies expect to develop five products in 
 the first two years, including football and auto racing titles.
                  >> New Notebooks Roll Out This Week <<
    New notebook computers from Dell Computer Corp., Toshiba America, AST 
 Research Inc. and others are expected this week, all built around a new 
 mobile version of Intel Corp.'s Pentium chip.
    Dell officials said their firm will introduce nine new models of its 
 Latitude notebook computers, including the Latitude XPi, based on the 
 new 75MHz and the 90MHz mobile Pentium processors, which consume less 
 power. The XPi has a launch price of $2,999 and $3,399, with a one-year 
    The new Latitude XPi notebooks also have 10.4-inch color screens, 
 standard 8MB of memory, a 340MB hard drive which can be upgraded to a 
 1.2 gigabyte drive and weigh about 6.2 pounds.
    Dell also is introducing new models based on Intel's 486DX4 
 processor, called the Latitude XP, with a 75 or 100 megahertz processor. 
 They have an introduction price of $2,799 and $2,999, respectively, with 
 8MB of memory standard, a 10.4-inch color screen, a 340MB hard drive, 
 upgradable to 1.2 gigabytes and one year warranty under the special 
 introduction price.
    Meanwhile, Toshiba America is expected to unveil a new model of its 
 Protege notebook computer, based on the new Intel chip. A Toshiba 
 spokeswoman said the company will introduce a new model, called the 
 Protege 610CT, based on the 90MHz version of the new mobile Pentium 

    The new version of Toshiba's Portege subnotebook, a class of PCs also 
 known as ultraportable because of their light weight, contains a 720MB 
 hard drive and a 9.5-inch screen, up from 8.5-inches in previous models. 
 It will cost about $4,500.
    And AST Research officials said the company will introduce one model 
 that has an innovative pipe for dispersing the heat generated by the 
 advanced microprocessor without the need for a battery-draining fan.
    All three companies also have new accessories for attaching the 
 notebook computers to monitors and keyboard for office use.
                     >> Sony Cuts Game Unit Prices <<
    In Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. says it is slashing a 
 third from the domestic price of its new PlayStation game machine, a 
 move officials expect will mean the company will capture another two 
 million home video game players.
    Sony said it has sold a million of its 32-bit PlayStation game 
 machines since the product was launched in December. Its new model SCPH-
 3000 is to hit the Japanese market on July 21 and "we expect PlayStation 
 sales to reach a goal of three million within a year," said a 
    By the end of this month, 44 software titles for the PlayStation 
 machine will be on sale and Sony says there will be 200 by the end of 
 the year. Sony said it now has 5,500 retail outlets in Japan selling its 
 game players. Sony said the price cut on its PlayStation was made 
 possible by paring down factory costs.
                    >> High-Capacity Hard Disk Set <<
    Seagate Technology is planning to ship the industry's highest-
 capacity, ATA/IDE- interface hard disk.
    The 2.1GB Medalist 2140 is designed to work with advanced business 
 and multimedia applications. The company will also offer the 1.6GB 
 Medalist 1640.
    Both drives feature an average 10ms seek time, a 16.6MB per second 
 Fast ATA-2 interface and a 256K multi- segmented cache. The units also 
 provide an average sustained data transfer rate of more than 3.5MB per 
 second, and are capable of burst data transfers of up to 16.6MB per 
 second. Built-in power management technology allows the drives to have a 
 low-idle power consumption of 3.5 watts, which will allow system 
 manufacturers to meet Energy Star power efficiency specifications.
    Volume production of both drives is scheduled to begin this summer. 
 No prices have been announced.
                     >> HP Joins New Notebook Race <<
    Joining the race for the lead in the newest field of notebook 
 computers, Hewlett-Packard Co. has announced a range of OmniBook 5000 
 notebook PCs designed around Intel Corp.'s new 90MHz Pentium processor 
 for mobile computers.
    Company officials are quoted as saying the new systems will ship in 
 the third quarter of this year and that pricing will be available most 
 likely in July.

    The new notebooks also include L2 cache and full PCI (Peripheral 
 Component Interconnect) bus architecture to achieve performance levels 
 typically seen in desktop systems. The PCI architecture enables high-
 speed video performance with clear display images and smooth, full-
 motion video.
    As noted Intel's new Pentium chip consumes less power than Pentiums 
 used in desktop computers, making it ideal, designers say, for mobile 
                   >> Drive Makers See Calmer Times <<

    Now that it is avoiding a penchant for pricing wars that once led to 
 notorious boom-bust cycles, the disk drive industry may be heading for a 
 smoother future.

    That's the prediction of Barron's financial journal, which notes the 
 industry -- including Conner Peripherals Inc., Maxtor Corp., Quantum 
 Corp. Seagate Technology Inc. and Western Digital Corp. -- is 
 benefitting from consumers' "bottomless appetite" for bigger and better 
 disk drives.

    Reporter Howard R. Gold writes that demand for multimedia computers, 
 this summer's debut of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 95 operating system and 
 other factors are driving demand for ever greater disk drive capacities 
 in PCs.
                 >> I-Net Users Are Reluctant Shoppers <<
    Fewer than 25% of Internet users are willing to make an online credit 
 card purchase, according to a recent survey conducted by Dataquest Inc.
    Although more than 60% of the survey respondents consider security to 
 be an important concern, the lack of online safeguards plays only a 
 small role in the relatively small interest in online shopping, notes 
 the market research company.
    "The key factors behind the growth of electronic shopping are 
 developing compelling applications and producing scenarios that focus on 
 the consumer rather than the merchant," comments Allen Weiner, principal 
 analyst of Dataquest's Online Strategies program. "Applications need to 
 provide convenience as well as a pleasurable shopping experience to be 
 successful with the consumer; simply providing a different way of doing 
 the same old thing will not lead to success in this market." 
                  >> FCC Might Regulate Online Speech <<
    The new draft of a bill under consideration in Congress proposes to 
 bring in the Federal Communications Commission as a regulator of 
 allegedly indecent speech online.
    Communications Daily reports this week the changes have been proposed 
 in language of the measure (S-652) sponsored by Sen. J.J. Exon (D-
 Ne.braska.) which, notes the newsletter, "further attempts to limit 
 exposure of children to indecent material, while providing new defenses 
 for online operators."
    However, it adds, civil liberties groups allege "the attempt at 
 compromise falls short."
    CD says the new draft is aimed at information providers who transmit 
 or make available "any indecent comment, request, suggestion, proposal, 
 image or other communications to any person under 18 years of age."
    "Additional language," says the newsletter, "would provide new 
 defenses for online providers, including that they didn't have 
 'editorial control' over (the) material; however, (the) provision 
 wouldn't apply to (a) provider that gave up editorial control with (the) 
 knowledge that (the) company with control intended to violate (the) 
    The proposal also would allow the FCC to prescribe by regulation 
 procedures or reasonable steps to prevent transmission of indecent 
    Says the new draft, "Such steps and FCC procedures may include 
 enabling the user to restrict or prevent access to communications 
 described in this section."
    Reacting, Jill Lesser of People for the American Way told the 
 newsletter civil liberties groups "are still not satisfied," saying 
 there have been talks to try to replace Exon's language with a bill 
 proposed by Sen Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vermont) calling for study of online 
 obscenity. However, CD says, Exon hasn't agreed to withdraw his wording.
    Meanwhile, the Clinton Administration says the new wording in the 
 proposal hadn't changed its position as outlined in letter to Leahy in 
 May that said the Exon bill could pose hazards for law enforcement in 
 addition to harm to civil liberties.
    The American Civil Liberties Union contends in a statement that the 
 draft's new language "in its existing or revised form, violates both 
 free speech and privacy rights," adding, "The Exon amendment cannot be 
 'fixed.' It must be rejected." 
                  >> Judge Rules Prodigy Accountable <<
    New York state Judge Stuart L. Ain has ruled Prodigy is responsible 
 for the content of its subscribers' electronic messages, apparently 
 stripping the online service of a major defense in a current libel suit.
    Ain's 15-page opinion in the case of a multimillion dollar suit 
 against Prodigy says the company can be held liable because it functions 
 more as a publisher than as a passive conduit of information.
    It's felt that the decision gives the go-ahead to a suit filed by the 
 investment banking firm Stratton Oakmont Inc. last November against 
 Prodigy. Stratton contends Prodigy is liable for a message posted by a 
 subscriber last October accusing the investment firm of criminal 
    Sources say, "The case is being closely watched by the online 
 information industry, which contends that it can't be responsible for 
 what its subscribers post on its bulletin boards any more than a 
 bookstore or newsstand can be liable for what they make publicly 
 available. The online industry contends that, like a bookstore or 
 library, it exercises no control over the content of its subscribers' 
    Generally, Ain took no issue with that argument, writing in his 
 opinion, "Computer bulletin boards should generally be regarded in the 
 same context as bookstores, libraries and network affiliates."   
 However, he said, Prodigy is different, because as far back as 1990 it 
 marketed itself as a superior service precisely because of its editorial 
    The judge's ruling cited an article by Geoffrey Moore, Prodigy's 
 director of market programs and communications, which said, "We make no 
 apology for pursuing a value system that reflects the culture of the 
 millions of American families we aspire to serve. Certainly no 
 responsible newspaper does less."
    Also, the judge observed, Prodigy has promulgated "content 
 guidelines" for its postings, used a program to screen all bulletin-
 board messages for offensive language before posting and appointed a 
 group of "board leaders" to enforce the guidelines.
    So, Judge Ain wrote, "It is Prodigy's own policies, technology and 
 staffing decisions which have altered the scenario and mandated a 
 finding that it is a publisher. Prodigy's conscious choice, to gain the 
 benefits of editorial control, has opened it up to a greater liability 
 than CompuServe and other computer networks that make no such choice."
    The CompuServe case to which Ain referred is the only prior libel 
 case involving online services. There, a 1991 decision limited a defamed 
 party's ability to sue for libel.
    Prodigy has argued in the current case that the volume of its daily 
 postings -- some 60,000 messages -- made monitoring each one impossible.
    The company claimed that it abandoned its early marketing claim in 
 1992, long before the disputed Money Talk postings last October and that 
 its board leaders don't function as editors. But the judge ruled that 
 the company didn't provide any 'documentation or detailed explanation of 
 such a change' and rejected the argument.


 > Enhanced-IDE STR FOCUS!

 A discussion on:

                        Enhanced-IDE Hard Disk Drives

 If the hard disk drive that you are considering purchasing or installing
 is an IDE, Enhanced-IDE or AT drive that exceeds 528MB and your ZEOS
 computer does not have a PCI bus, I would suggest that you read this

 There are several ways that you can install an Enhanced-IDE hard disk
 drive into your computer.  Each method has its advantages and
 disadvantages.  I will attempt to provide an overview of each process and
 discuss some of the pros and cons of each method.  It is your computer and
 the ultimate decision on which route to go is yours.  All that this
 document is intended to do is give you enough information to make that

 We will be considering four different options.  

 Choice 1:

 You may want to consider using a product like Disk Manager  from On-Track. 
 Disk Manager is a software product.  It installs as a device driver that
 installs in your CONFIG.SYS file and acts as a "translator" allowing the
 operating system to talk to the hard disk drive.  It works well with DOS
 and Windows but has the drawbacks typical to any TSR or device driver, it
 uses memory and it is possible that you will find an incompatible
 application.  A more serious drawback is that this method may not work
 with alternate operating systems like OS/2, NT or Linux.  Another drawback
 is that this method will not allow the use of some of the enhancements
 (like faster transfer rates).

 Choice 2:
 Using an Enhanced-IDE controller with its own BIOS.  This method requires
 the use of a slot.  Virtually all of the Enhanced-IDE controllers that I
 have seen have been VLB devices.  If you do not have a VLB slot available,
 using this method may not be possible.  This method does offer several
 major advantages though.  This is a true Enhanced-IDE interface and all
   of the enhancements are available:

 The four features of Enhanced IDE:
          High Capacity Addressing of ATA Hard Drives
          Fast Data Transfer Rates for ATA Hard Drives
          Dual ATA Host Adapters

 Another major benefit of using this method is that it should work properly 
 across all operating platforms, including: OS/2, NT and Linux.  Of course,
 you will want to check with the publisher or vendor the operating system
 to be sure that IDE driver support is available.
 If you decide to go this route I would urge you to purchase the hardware
 from a vendor that offers a thirty day money back guarantee and a one year
 warranty. This is hardware and you will want to be sure that it works
 properly and continues to work properly.  

 ZEOS does not sell these controllers and has not tested or certified them
 for use.  Be sure to discuss the functionality of the card with the
 vendor.  ZEOS makes no representation regarding the functionality of these

 Choice 3:
 This choice is included mainly for discussion.  There are third party
 BIOS' available that promise Enhanced-IDE or large drive compatibility. 
 These third party BIOS' may not allow  you access to some of the enhanced
 features found on your ZEOS computer.  While you gain the ability to put
 the hard drive directly into the drive table you may loose other features. 

 Choice 4:
 The final choice is to use a SCSI hard disk drive rather than an Enhanced-
 IDE drive.  SCSI drives are every bit as fast and as large as Enhanced-IDE
 drives.  Many ZEOS computers have offered a optional SCSI interface on the 
 motherboard (meaning that a slot is not required).  The SCSI interface can
 also be used for other internal and external accessories like tape back-up
 units, CD-ROM drives, plotters, scanners and more.

 If you are considering future upgrades to your computer and have made the 
 decision to stick with the current computer for a while longer, the SCSI
 interface offers the greatest degree of expandability and using chip that
 you just plug into the motherboard makes it inexpensive, fast, and easy to

 There you have it. You now have the information necessary to make an
 informed decision on how you want to upgrade your computer's hard disk

 Editor s Note:
      While the information contained herein is direct at those who own a
 ZEOS Computer, the information is solid info for just about anybody with a
 desire to learn.


 > Epson Supplies and Accessories STR InfoFile

    EPSON Accessories Inc.
    Epson Accessories and Supplies Catalog for Epson Printers/Scanners
    Call: 800-873-7766        Effective: May 95        Fax: 310-782-4401
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price

    For highest quality and darkest printing
    7764 Film Ribbon Cartridge
                           LQ-860, LQ-2550             $22.00
    7768 Film Ribbon Cartridge - Narrow carriage
                           LQ-200/500/510/570/570+     $12.00
                           LQ-850/870, L-1000,
    7769 Film Ribbon Cartridge - Narrow carriage
                           LQ-950                      $15.00    $12.00
    7770 Film Ribbon Cartridge - Wide carriage
                           LQ-1000/1010/1050/1070,     $19.00
                           LQ-1070+, LQ-1170, L-750,

    8750 Ribbon Cartridge Narrow carriage
                           MX-70/80, MX-80F/T,          $6.00
                           RX-80/80+, RX80F/T
                           FX-80/85/86e, FX-850,
                           FX-870,JX-80, LX-300,800
                           LX-810, APEX-80, T-1000
    8755 Ribbon Cartridge - Wide carriage
                           MX-100, RX-100, FX-100,      $9.00     $7.25
                           FX-185/286/286e, FX-1050,
                           T-750, AP-2500
    8762L Ribbon Cartridge - Narrow carriage
                           LX-80/86/90,                 $9.00
                           Homewriter 10
    8763 Ribbon Cartridge  EX-800, EX-1000              $7.50     $6.25
    8766 Ribbon Cartridge  DFX-5000/5000+/8000         $33.00    $26.50
    8767 Replacement Ribbon Cartridge for 8766
                           DFX-5000/5000+/8000         $24.00
    AP-80-1  Ribbon Cartridge AP-80 (not an Apex)       $8.95     $2.80
    CR-94010 Ribbon Cartridge CR-420/420i              $12.95    $12.60
    HOOCR-BB Ribbon Cartridge(5 pak)  HX-20, HX-40     $17.50    $14.00
    S015047  Ribbon Cartridge  AP-2250                  $9.75     $7.95

    7753 Ribbon Cartridge - Narrow carriage
                           LQ-200/500/510/570/570+      $7.00     $5.50
                           LQ-800/850/870, L-1000,
                           AP-3000, AP-4000, AP-5000
    7754 Ribbon Cartridge - Wide carriage
                           LQ-1000/1010/1050/1070       $10.00    $8.00
                           LQ-1170, L-750, AP-4500
    7762L  Ribbon Cartridge - Wide carriage
                            LQ-2500, LQ-2550, LQ-860    $11.00    $8.75
    7767 Ribbon Cartridge - Wide carriage LQ-950        $14.00
    8753 Ribbon Cartridge         LQ-1500               $10.00    $8.00
    S015032 Ribbon Cartridge      AP-3250                $9.95    $8.00
    S015060 Ribbon Cartridge      AP-3260                $9.95    $7.95

          To Order - Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price
    7753-R Red Ribbon Cartridge
                           LQ-200, LQ-500/510/570/570+  $8.99ea.  3 for
                           LQ-800/850/870, L-1000,                $24.90
    7753-G Green Ribbon Cartridge   same as above       $8.99ea.  3 for
    7753-B Blue Ribbon Cartridge    same as above       $8.99ea.  $24.90
           Mix or match ribbon colors

    S015032-R Red Fabric Ribbon Cartridge   AP-3250     $9.95ea.  3 for
    S015032-G Green Fabric Ribbon Cartridge AP-3250     $9.95ea.  $27.00
    S015032-B Blue Fabric Ribbon Cartridge  AP-3250     $9.95ea
          Mix or match ribbon colors

    8764 Ribbon Cartridge - Color EX-800*  EX-1000*    $19.00
    7763 Ribbon Cartridge - Color LQ-2550/2500*        $28.00     $27.40
    8759 Ribbon Cartridge - Color JX-80                $15.95      $9.95
    S015061  Ribbon Cartridge - Color AP-3260*         $24.95     $20.90
    S015073  Ribbon Cartridge - Color LX-300*          $24.95     $21.10
    S015077  Ribbon Cartridge - Color LQ-300*          $25.00     $24.30
      *These printer models require a color option kit

    8391E-A   Color Option Kit    LQ-2550              $59.00
    C832011   Color Upgrade Kit   AP-3260              $49.00     $43.90
    C832081   Color Option Kit    LX-300               $49.00
    C832111   Color Option Kit    LQ-300               $49.00     $42.30
         **Color ribbon is included in all kits**

    7346-A   Dual Bin - 150 sheets per bin
                        FX-850, LQ-850 enhanced       $125.00    $100.00
    7343G-A  Dual Bin   LQ-2550                       $529.00
    8331 Single Bin - 80 sheets
                      FX-80/FX-80+, FX-85 - enhanced   $19.95
    8333 Single Bin, 60 sheets
                      FX-100/FX-100+/185/286           $49.95
    8335 Single Bin     SQ-2000                        $49.95
    8338G-A  Single Bin, 75 sheets
                       Homewriter-10, LX-80/86/90      $19.95     $18.00
    8338V   Single Bin, 75 sheets
                      LX-80/86/90, Homewriter-10        $9.95     $10.95
    8342 Single Bin, 60 sheets  EX-800                $149.95     $99.95
    8343 Single Bin, 60 sheets  EX-1000, LQ-2500      $129.95     $75.00
    8346 Dual Bin, 60 sheets per bin EX-1000, LQ-2500 $179.95     $99.00
    8347 Single Bin, 60 sheets  LQ-800, FX-86e         $69.95     $49.00
    8348 Single Bin, 60 sheets
                      LQ-1000, FX-286e, T-750, L-750  $149.95     $59.00
    C806121 Single Bin, 150 sheets
                      LX-810, LQ-510, AP-2000/4000    $149.00    $131.40
    C806271   150 sheets or 25 envelopes  LQ-860      $240.00    $195.00
    C806281   Dual Bin, 150 sheets per bin   LQ-860   $349.00    $280.00
    C806371   Single Bin, 50 sheets
                      LQ-570/570+/870, AP-5000         $73.00    $65.70
           AP-5000+, FX-870
    C806381 High Capacity, 150 sheets or 25 envelopes
                     LQ-570/570+/870,AP-5000          $192.00    $170.80
                     AP-5000+, FX-870
    C806391 50 sheets LQ-1070/1170, FX-1170           $102.00     $90.50
    C806401 High Capacity, 150 sheets or 25 envelopes
                     FX-1170, LQ-1070/1070+/1170      $240.00    $211.50
    C814021 Front Sheet Guide   FX-870                 $12.00
    C814031 Front Sheet Guide   FX-1170                $15.00

      To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price
    7302L-A   Tractor Unit   DX-35                     $69.95     $29.00
    7303W     Tractor Unit   LQ-800                    $59.95     $29.00
    7304W     Tractor Unit   LQ-1000                   $69.95     $29.00
    7314G-A   Pull Tractor   LQ-2550                   $99.00     $86.30
    8304V     Tractor Unit   LX-80/86/90,
                             Homewriter-10             $19.95     $11.00
    8307-A    Pull Tractor Unit   EX-800               $59.00     $39.00
    8309G-A   Pull Tractor Unit  DFX-5000/5000+/8000  $149.00    $131.50
    C800161   Pull Tractor Unit   LQ-860               $73.00     $59.00
    C800171   Push Tractor Unit   EPI-4000            $149.00     $49.00
    C800191   Pull Tractor Unit
                LQ-570, LQ-570+, AP-5000, AP-5000+     $64.00     $56.50
    C800201   Push/Pull Tractor Unit LQ-870, FX-870    $69.00     $60.40
    C800211   Push/Pull Tractor Unit   LQ-1170         $86.00     $76.00
    C800221   Pull Tractor Unit
                LQ-1070, LQ-1070+, AP-5500    $77.00     $68.70
    C800262   Push Tractor Unit
                         AP-2250, AP3250, AP-3260      $49.00     $43.20
    C800301   Push/Pull Tractor Unit   LX-300          $69.00     $65.10
    C800311   Pull Tractor Unit   EPSON Stylus 1000    $90.00     $87.30

    7695A     IBM 5152 Identity Module
                              LQ-800, LQ-1000          $89.95     $69.95
    7696A     ESC/P EPSON Identity Module
                              LQ-800, LQ-1000          $89.95     $69.95
    7400A     Courier 10/12 Font Module
                         LQ-500/510/800/810/850/950    $29.95
                         LQ-1000/1050, L-1000
    7401A     Prestige 10/12 Font Module
                         LQ-500/510/800/810/850/950    $29.95
                         LQ-1000/1050, L-1000
    7402A     Script 10/12 Font Module same as above   $29.95
    7404A     Sans Serif 10/12 Font Module
                         LQ-800, LQ-1000 enhanced      $29.95
    7407-A    LQ Multi-Font Module
                         LQ-510/850/950/1050/2550      $99.00     $59.95
                         L-1000, AP-4000/4500
    7407-P    LQ-Multi-Font Module
                       LQ-510/1010, L-1000, AP-4000    $29.95

              To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price

    S051011   Imaging Cartridge   AL-1000, AL-1500    $179.00    $159.00
    S051023   Imaging Cartridge   AL-1100, AL-1400    $145.00    $118.80
    S051016   Imaging Cartridge   AL-1600             $245.00    $166.70

                EPL-6000, ActionLaser, ActionLaser Plus
    IBS301      Drum Unit/Charger Unit                $165.00    $132.60
    IBS300      Replacememt Toner Cartridge            $29.00     $23.00
    HGM45-02001 Ozone Filter                            $9.76

    S051009     Long-Life Imaging Cartridge           $299.00    $241.30
    S091001     Ozone Filter                           $20.00     $17.60

                ActionLaser II
    S050002   Replacement Toner Cartridge
              (Ozone filter included)                 $180.00    $156.20
    S051005   Photoconductor Unit                     $235.00    $202.60

    C812311   Face-Up Paper Tray                       $15.00     $13.50
    C812301   Lower Paper Tray (250 sheets)           $219.00    $192.20
    C823301   FAX Interface Board Type B              $399.00    $383.90
    512KBMEM  0.5MB Memory Chip Kit for Epson Board    $69.00     $43.10
    2MBMEM    2.0MB Memory Chip Kit                   $199.00    $163.90
    C823241   Ethernet Interface Board, Type B        $499.00
    C832021   EPSONScript Level 2 with 35 PS fonts    $299.00    $284.60
    MACLP2    EPSONTalk Postscript Level 2-Macintosh  $399.00    $349.00

    C812311   Face-Up Paper Tray                       $15.00     $13.50
    C812301   Lower Paper Tray (250 sheets)           $219.00    $192.20
    C823301   FAX Interface Board, Type B             $399.00    $383.90
    512KBMEM  0.5MB Memory Chip Kit for Epson Board    $69.00     $43.10
    2MBMEM    2MB Memory Chip Kit                     $199.00    $163.90
    C823241   Ethernet Interface Board, Type B        $499.00
    C832021   EPSONScript Level 2 with 35 PS fonts    $299.00    $284.60
    MACLP2    EPSONTalk Postscipt Level 2-Macintosh   $399.00    $384.00

    C823301   FAX Interface Board, Type B             $399.00    $383.90
    C832091   EPSONScript Postscript Level 2          $329.00    $299.00
    MACLP3    EPSONTalk Postscript Level 2 Interface  $399.00    $359.00
    C812301   Lower Paper Tray - 250 sheets           $219.00    $192.20
    C812311   Face-Up Paper Tray                       $15.00     $13.50
    C823071   32KB Serial Interface Boad, Type B      $152.00    $121.00
    C832091   EPSONScript Level 2 Board               $329.00    $328.70
    C823101   32KB Parellel Interface, Type B         $152.00    $121.00
    C823241   Ethernet Interface Board                $499.00
    C823141   Coax Interface, Type B                  $699.00    $559.00
    C823151   Twinax Interface, Type B                $669.00    $535.00
    C823301   FAX Interface Board, Type B             $399.00    $383.90

               EPL-6000, EPL-7000/7500
    E-65      65-In-1 Font Cartridge                  $169.00    $159.00

    IBS100         FX Identity Cartridge              $229.00    $183.20
    HGM45-01001    Cleaning Pad (replacement part)     $10.40
    HGMAK-06901    Basket - AK (replacement part)      $20.64
    HGMBK-00410    Paper Cassette Tray EPL-6000        $59.65
    HGMBK-03910    Paper Tray (replacement part)       $22.77
    KEP-2000-LP  2MB Kingston Memory Expansion Board  $399.00    $239.00
    KEP-2002-LP    2MB Chip Kit        EPL-6000       $185.00    $169.00

    512KBMEM  0.5MB Memory Chip Kit for Epson Board    $69.00     $43.10

    C812231   Legal Size Paper Tray - 250 sheets       $79.00     $69.00
    C823301   FAX Interface Board, Type B             $399.00    $383.90
    C812271   Face-Up Output Tray - 50 sheets          $35.00     $32.00
    C812281   Lower Paper Tray                        $399.00    $325.00
    C822061   Zero KB Memory Expansion Board           $65.00     $59.80
    2MBMEM    2MB Memory Chip Kit                     $199.00    $163.90
    512KBMEM  0.5MB Memory Chip Kit                    $69.00     $43.10
    KEP-7005  0.5 Memory Chip for Kingston Board       $90.00
    C823241   Ethernet Interface Board, Type B        $499.00

    IBS100       FX Identity Cartridge                $229.00    $183.20
    HGMAK-06901  Basket, AK (replacement part)         $20.64

                 ActionLaser, ActionLaser Plus
    E-65         65-In-1 Font Cartridge               $169.00    $159.00
    HGMBK-00414  Paper Cassette Tray                   $59.65
    HGMBK-02910  Paper Tray (replacement part)         $22.77
    KEP-2000-LP  2MB Kingston Memory Expansion Board  $399.00    $239.00
    KEP-2002-LP  2MB Chip Kit                         $185.00    $169.00

                   ActionLaser II
    C812131      Legal Size Paper Tray                 $79.00     $70.80
    C822061      Zero KB Memory Expansion Board        $65.00     $59.80
    C823301      FAX Interface Board, Type B          $399.00    $383.90
    KEP-ALII-2   2.0MB Memory Expansion Board         $211.50
    2MBMEM       2.0MB Memory Chip Kit                $199.00    $163.90
    512KBMEM     0.5MB Memory Chip Kit for Epson Board $69.00     $43.10
    KEP7005      0.5MB Memory Chip for Kingston Board  $90.00

      To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price
    7750      Ink Cartridge            SQ-2000         $54.95     $44.00
    7760      Ink Cartridge            SQ-2500         $24.95     $20.00
    8761      Ink Injector             HS-80           $12.95
    S020002   Ink Cartridge - Black   SQ-850, SQ-2550  $39.95     $19.95
    S020003   Ink Cartridge - Black    EPI-4000        $35.00     $28.00
    S020025   Ink Cartridge - Black
                           EPSON Stylus 400/800/800+   $17.50     $15.95
                           EPSON Stylus 1000

    S020031   Ink Cartridge - Black EPSON Stylus 300   $24.95     $19.95
    S020034   Ink Cartridge - Black EPSON Stylus COLOR $17.00     $15.00
    S020036   Ink Cartridge - Color EPSON Stylus COLOR $35.00     $30.00

    S041028   360 dpi Paper (200 sheets)               $21.00     $19.00
    S041029   720 dpi Paper (200 sheets)               $25.00     $22.00
    S041030   Transparency Film (50 sheets)            $55.00
    S041032   Media Starter Kit - 20 sheets 360 & 720
              dpi paper and 5 transparency film sheets $18.00     $16.00
    S041033   High Quality Glossy Paper (30 sheets)    $65.00     $60.00
    STYPAK    Economy Pack - 1 black ink cartridge,    $95.00     $79.00
              1 color ink cartridge, 400 sheets of
              720 dpi coated paper.

      To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price
    8502      Heavy Duty Printer Stand + $10 UPS chg.
                             DFX-5000/5000+/8000      $250.00    $218.30
    8503      Desk-Side Printer Stand
                                  AP-2250, AP-3250     $39.00     $37.90
    BT-80     Std. 80-Col. Desktop Printer Stand
                                        Universal      $23.99
    BTG-80    Std. 80-Col. Desktop Stand for
              Continuous Greenbar Paper Universal      $27.95

    NTG-1     For 80 or 132 Col. Front, Rear or
              Bottom Feed Printers. Solid Steel
              with casters -  Universal                $59.99

    ODD-1     Holds 2 Printers any size with
              lower forms input tray     Universal     $99.00

    DBL-18    Holds 2 printers, fax machine or
              scanner and printer. Top platform
              adjusts upward from 12-inches to
              16-inches in height to allow expanded
              area for lower printer.  Top platform
              measures 18-inches wide by 18-inches
              deep. Lower platform is 14-inches by
              16-inches wide.  Universal               $97.50

    LDT       6-Bin Wood Printer Stand supports
              printer with storage space for paper
              & envelopes 20x20 wide by 9-1/2 deep.
              Paper trays measure 3 high by 9-1/2
              deep.            Universal               $64.95

         To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price
    7149     Serial Board with 32K Buffer
                                LQ-1500, SQ-2000      $129.00   $119.95

    8143     Serial Board, No Buffer, Type A
                   LQ-2550, DFX-8000                   $64.00    $55.30
                   LX-810, JX-80, EX-800/1000,
                   T-750, FX-100/100+/185/850,
                   LQ-500/510/1010, LQ-800/1000
                   LQ-850/1050, LQ-950

    C823021  Serial Board with 32K Buffer
                   RX-80/80+/100/100+, LX-80/86       $139.00   $120.30
                   HI-80, JX-80, FX-80/80+/100/
                   FX-1050, FX-870/1170,
                   DFX-5000/5000+/8000, EX-800
                   EX-1000, L1-500/510/800/850
                   AP-5000+, EPI-4000
                   EPSON Stylus COLOR

    C823051  Serial Board No Buffer, Type B
             RS-232D or Current Loop
                   LQ-570/570+/870/1070/1170           $88.00    $75.90
                   AP-5000/5000+/5500, EPL-8000
                   ActionLaser II,
                   EPSON Stylus COLOR

    C823071  Serial Board with 32K Buffer, Type B
             RS232D, RS-422A or Current Loop I/F
                   FX-870/1170, LQ-570/570+           $152.00   $133.70
                   EPL-8000, ActionLaser II
                   EPSON Stylus COLOR

    C823032  Parallel Board with 32K Buffer
                   RX-80/80+/10-/100+, LX-80/86       $152.00   $133.70
                   LX-800/810,HI-80, JX-80
                   FX-800/80+/85/86e, FX-100+
                   EX-800/1000, LQ-200/500/510,
                   LQ-1050/1070+, LQ-2500/2550
                   AP-5500+, EPI-4000

    C832101  Parallel Board with 32K Buffer, Type B
                   FX-870/1170: LQ-570/570+/1070      $152.00   $133.70
                   LQ-1070+, LQ-870/1170,
                   DFX-5000/5000+, EPL-8000
                   ActionLaser II,
                   ActionLaser 1000/1500/1600
                   EPSON Stylus COLOR

    C823141  Coax Board, Type B connectivity
             to IBM 3270 series
                   FX-870/1170, LQ-570/570+           $699.00   $615.30
                   LQ-1070+, LQ-870/1170,
                   DFX-5000+, ActionLaser II,
                   AL-1000/1500/1600, EPL-8000
                   EPSON Stylus COLOR

    C823151  Twinax Board, Type B connectivity
             to AS/400 or System 3X
                   FX-870/1170, LQ-570/570+           $699.00   $588.50
                   LQ-1070/1070+, LQ-870/1170
                   DFX-5000+, ActionLaser II,
                   ActionLaser 1000/1500/1600,
                   EPL-8000, EPSON Stylus 1000
                   EPSON Stylus COLOR

    I-O8310  Twinax I/F Card for Type A Epson
             printers connectivity to AS/400
             or System 3X
                   LX-800/810, EX-800/1000            $695.00   $556.00
                   DFX-5000/5000+/8000, LQ-500
                   L-1000, LQ-2500/2550

    I-O9310  Coax I/F Card for Type A Epson
             printers connectivity to AS/400
             or System 3X
                   LX-800/810, EX-800/1000,           $735.00   $588.00
                   DFX-5000/8000: LQ-500/510
                   L-1000, LQ-2500/2550

    C832021  EPSONScript Level 2 with 35
             PostScript compatible fonts
                   ActionLaser 1000/1500              $299.00   $284.60

    C832091  EPSONScript Level 2 with 35
             PostScript compatible fonts
                   ActionLaser-1600                   $299.00   

    C832121  EPSONTalk I/F Board  EPSON Stylus COLOR  $149.00
             (requires LocalTalk Cable)

    C823241  Ethernet I/F Board, Type B  Adds
             Novell Netware connectivity to
             printers and allows an Epson
             printer to be shared among all
             network users without a dedicated PC.
                   DFX-5000+, ActionLaser II          $499.00

    C823301  FAX Interface Board, Type B
             Allows EPSON laser printers to be
             used as a stand-alone FAX machine.
             Includes Delrina WinFax Lite 4.0
                   EPL-8000, ActionLaser II           $399.00   $383.90

    MACLQ    EPSONTalk for LQ-70 series includes
             LocalTalk I/F Board.  Require
             LocalTalk cable.
                   LQ-570/570+/1070/1070+             $229.00   $219.00
                   LQ-870/1170, AP-5000/5000+

    MACLP2   EPSONTalk for Macintosh users.
             Includes LocalTalk I/F. Requires
             min. 2MB printer RAM and LocalTalk
             cable.       ActionLaser 1000/1500       $399.00   $384.00

    MACLP3   EPSONTalk for ActionLaser-1600
             Includes RISC-based PostScript
             Level 2 compatible emulation.
             Requires LocalTalk cable.
                             ActionLaser 1600         $399.00   $395.00

    ESMAC    Macintosh Interface Kit
             for Epson Scanners
             ES-300c, ES-600c, ES-800c (SCSI)         $399.00   $359.00

          To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Printer Models         Price    Price
    C1-9E-A  Parallel PC, 36-Pin to DB-25 shielded
                                         Universal     $29.00    $26.80
    8239     Serial Apple IIc, 6-Pin Din/DB
                     LQ series, EX series printers     $29.00    $24.00
    8293     Serial Apple IIe, 6-Pin Din/DB
                     LQ-series, EX series printers     $29.00    $24.00
    8297     Serial, IBM  6-Pin Din to DB-25
                     LQ series, EX series printers     $29.00    $24.00
    CA070    Serial, IBM AT, 6-Pin to DB-9
                     LQ series, EX series printers     $29.00    $24.00
    F2L044-10 Serial cable, EQ/AT to 25 Pin Universal  $19.00    $12.50
    F2V024-06 Macintosh to ImageWriter II 6-ft
              Mini-din 8 to Male   EPSON Stylus COLOR   $6.95
    F2V024-10 Macintosh to ImageWriter II 10-ft cable
              Mini-din 8 to Male   EPSON Stylus COLOR  $10.95

    I-OMINI   Mini Centronic Shared Cable for Type A
              Interface Boards     DFX, LQ-2550        $60.00

    F2A034-10 Parallel Right Angle PC to Printer
              Cable 10-feet               Universal    $39.95    $29.95

      Sand color with rainbow stripe
    DPE81    Printer Dust Cover           LQ-850       $13.95
    DPE82    Printer Dust Cover           LQ-1070      $16.95
    DPE83    Printer Dust Cover           LQ-1170      $16.95
    UPN35    Printer Dust Cover           LQ-570       $12.55
    DPE77    Printer Dust Cover
                      ActionLaser 1000/1500/1600       $24.95
    DPE75    Printer Dust Cover
                      EPL-7000/7500 -covers tray       $24.95
    DPE79    Printer Dust Cover  ActionLaser II        $24.95
    DPE87    Printer Dust Cover  EPSON Stylus COLOR    $13.95
    DSA20    Scanner Dust Cover  ES-300c               $13.95
    DSH14    Scanner Dust Cover  ES-800c               $13.95

    SLP-WINSW  Smart Label Printer Software Upgrade:
               Smart-Label Printer Plus          only  $49.95
               DOS to Windows (SLP-Plus only)
    SLP1000P-WIN   Smart Label Printer Plus:
                   Smart Label Printer Plus           $159.00
    SLP1000-MAC    Smart Label Printer Plus:
                   Macintosh Smart Label
                   Printer Plus                       $149.95
    SLP2000-WNDS   Smart Label Printer Pro:
                   DOS/Windows Smart Label
                   Printer Pro                        $229.00
    SLP2RL     Std. White Labels: 130 per roll,
               2 rolls/pak Smart Label Printer Plus     $8.88
    SLP-2RL-CL     Clear Labels: 130 per roll,
                   2 rolls per pack
                   Smart Label Printer Plus            $13.99
    SLP-SRL        Shipping Labels, 220 per roll,
                   1 roll per pak
                   Smart Label Printer Pro             $14.99
    SLP-DRL        Disk Labels for 3.5,
                   220 per roll, 1 roll/pak
                   Smart Label Printer Pro             $15.99

      System requirements: PC with serial port DOS 2.1 or later,
      512KB RAM available.  Macintosh: Mac-Plus or later.
      System 6.0.3 or later. Printer or modem port.

      To Order, Call Toll-Free 1-800-873-7766
    Product    Product           Compatible             List     Sale
    Code       Description       Scanner Models         Price    Price
    ESMAC     Macintosh Interface Kit
                      ES-300c. ES-600c SCSI           $399.00   $359.00
    B808012   Bi-directional Parallel I/F Board
              for the PC ES-300c/800c/600c Parallel   $169.00   $139.00
    B808081   Bi-directional Parallel I/F Board
                                       ES-600c         $49.00
    B808091   SCSI Interface Board     ES-600c        $110.99
    B813011   Automatic Document Feeder
                       ES-600c/800c/1200c             $499.00   $449.00
    B860011   Direct Print Cable PC Scanning System    $94.00    $75.00
    B813061   Transparency Unit for 35mm slides
                    ES-600c*, ES-800c*, ES-1200c      $799.00   $699.00
              *Must have a ROM upgrade and be
               installed by an Authorized
               Epson Service Center
    SCANTASTIC Plug-In-Module: Adobe PhotoShop for
               Macintosh   ES-300c/600c SCSI/800c      $69.00    $55.00

    Call for availability and price:
      Printer, Scanner & Plotter User Manuals
      Replacement Dot Print Heads
      User-Installable Parts - i.e Printer Knobs
      Toll-Free:  1-800-873-7766
                    Monday - Friday  6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific Time

 EPSON  is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation.  All products
 mentioned  herein  are  used  for  identification purposes only and may be
 trademarks  of  their  respective companies.  Prices, product descriptions
 are subject to change without notice.  EPSON Accessories is not liable for
 damage  due  to omissions or typographical errors. Inventory of some items
 is  limited  to supply on hand.  Epson Accessories, Inc. is a wholly-owned
 subsidiary of Epson America, Inc.

             Use of Customer Names are held in strict confidence
                        by Epson Accessories, Inc.  
                   Customer names are not sold or rented.


 > UltraEdit 32 STR InfoFile

                             ULTRAEDIT-32 V2.10

 UltraEdit-32 is a Windows(TM) disk based text or HEX editor taking full
 advantage of the multiple document interface (MDI).  It is designed to
 allow simple editing of any text or binary file. UltraEdit-32 allows up to
 255 files to be open at one time.

 Standard Features:

      - Disk based text editing - No limit on file size, minimum RAM used
        even for multi-megabyte files
      - Multiple files open and displayed at the same time
      - Column mode editing!!!, Insert columns/ delete/cut/add sequential
      - Insert file into an existing document at cursor position
      - Drag and Drop support from the file manager
      - Insert and overstrike modes for editing (Unlike many other Windows
        text editors)
      - Multi-level undo and redo
      - UltraEdit-32 is Windows 3.x CUA compliant
      - Find and Replace - Also allows selection of text between caret and
        find target when shift key is pressed
      - Goto Line Number
      - Font Selection for display and printer. (Supports all fonts
        installed including TRUE-TYPE fonts)
      - Print support with headers, footers, margins and page breaks.
      - Automatic Line Indentation
      - Tab Settings
      - Word Wrap Support
      - Hexadecimal Editor - Allows editing of any binary file
      - HEX Cut, Copy and Paste support
      - HEX Insert and Delete of characters
      - HEX Find, Replace and Replace All
      - Bookmarks - Unlimited number of Bookmarks
      - Multiple Windows of the same file
      - Comprehensive macro support, including saving and loading
      - Context Sensitive Help
      - Automatic backup file generated with (.BAK) extension in the
        directory of the original file
      - UltraEdit-32 retains its screen position each time it is used
      - Line & column number display (line number display may be disabled)
      - Pop-up menus with right mouse button.
      - Text conversion to lower or upper case and capitalization.
      - Line fixup for lines without CR/LF combination.
      - Convert Word Wrap to CR/LF's allowing word wrap to be written to
        file with hard returns
      - Convert CR/LF's to Word Wrap (removes CR/LF's from file)
      - More ...

         - UltraEdit-32 accepts a command line input and so can be used to
 replace NOTEPAD or other editors that are called up from a file manager by
 clicking on a file.

                       -------- Registration --------

 You are limited to 45 Days of use for an unregistered version.

 UltraEdit-32 is a shareware program. If you find it useful and continue to
 use it you are obligated to register it with the author by sending $30.00
 (Ohio Residents add $1.65 Sales Tax) to:

                                 Ian D. Mead
                           8209 Chestnut Hill Ct.
                         West Chester, OH 45069 USA

                 -------- Compuserve Registration ---------

 UltraEdit-32 may also be registered online on compuserve by typing GO
 SWREG and following instructions for registering using ID 4017. 
 This will entitle you to an authorization code, the latest registered
 version, and technical support.

 For CompuServe registrations, a newer version is not sent out if the
 latest version is available on CompuServe.

                      -------- E-Mail Address --------

                        CompuServe:       71613, 2654

 This program may be freely distributed provided it is unmodified, no
 charge is made, and all of the following files are included:

 1) READ.ME         - This File
 2) UEDIT32.EXE     - The Executable File
 3) UEDIT32.HLP     - The UltraEdit-32 help file

 // History 
 V1.32a       - Created from UltraEdit v1.32 for Windows. (Also formerly
                known as EditPro, MEDIT)
 V1.32b       - Added save all command to file menu.
 V1.32c       - Added HEX cut, copy and paste.  Fixed GPF after closing
                first empty document and then selecting file from most 
                recent list.  Added space between header/footer and main 
                body of text.  Fixed problem with opening long files with '
                ' characters in the file name - can no longer select   
                multiple files from the open dialog - now have to open each
                file with a separate command.
 v1.32d       - Fix to HEX paste
 v1.33        - Added CTRL+Backspace to delete preceding word.         
                Find/Replace now uses ^t to find tabs and ^p to find   
                newline (CR/LF).  Added dialog to allow selection of a 
                column number at which to wrap the text when coverting wrap
                to hard returns.
 v1.33a       - Added support for characters a,o,and u with umlauts and A, 
                O, and U with umlauts (i.e. w}Yand .  Fixed possible 
                GPF with paste.  When switching from or to HEX mode,   
                maintain cursor position.  Fix text selection on reverse 
                find in HEX mode.
 v2.00        - Add Column editing!!  Enhance selection features in HEX 
                mode, add "^s", "^c" syntax for macro find/replace of  
                selected text and clipboard contents.  Switch to/from hex 
                mode and cursor position is maintained.  Macros now support
                next/previous window.  Other minor enhancements and fixes.
 v2.01        - Added column insert/delete/cut.  Added sequentail number 
                insertion for each row. Added multi-level undo.
 v2.01a       - Fixed reverse find. Fixed word wrap problem where a single 
                space between words may appear on the beginning of the line
                after the wrap.
 v2.01b       - Added "Tool Tips" for the toolbar.  Added 3D dialogs for 
                systems with CTL3D32.DLL
 v2.10        - Added "Find In Files", Select Line, Select All,        
                Configurable file types, other configurable options, and 
                bug fixes.  The toolbar may now be dragged from one     
                position to another.

 Editor s Note;
      For what only seems like a day or two ago, when actually it was an
 easy year ago, this program was first featured in STReport.  Since that
 time, many text editors have come and gone... this one simply keeps
 getting better and better with every update.  The support has been
 outstanding, the development updates have kept the program totally in pace
 with the industry updates and growth.  What more can be said??  This
 editor does the job and is well supported.  We highly reccommend Uedit32
 to anyone wanting a truly powerful replacement to the Windows notepad,
 wordpad etc..  You cannot go wrong with Ultra Edit.   

         Windows is a registered Trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


 > THUMBS PLUS!!! STR InfoFile   Great Stuff!!  Top of the Line.

                           THUMBSPLUS VERSION 2.1

                     2.0d (Shareware) - 2.1 (Registered)

 Announcing ThumbsPlus version 2.1, the only effective, elegant and
 inexpensive way to locate and organize your graphic files.  You will be
 amazed by this sleek, fast, efficient graphics browser and organizer.

 Version 2.1 is available ONLY to registered users; the current revision
 available as shareware is 2.0d. Features available only in the registered
 version are marked with a "!" below.

 o  Fast and accurate thumbnail generation -- by individual file, directory
    or entire disk.  Disk & directory scans can be done in the background,
    allowing you to continue working.

 o  Support for many image, font, multi-media and clip-art formats, both
    raster and vector, including:

   !.AVI       Video for Windows            !.MOV       QTime for Windows
    .BMF       Corel Gallery clip-art        .PAT     * Corel pattern files
    .BMP,.DIB  Windows or OS/2 bitmaps       .PCD       Kodak PhotoCD
    .CDR     * CorelDRAW!                    .PCX,.PCC  Zsoft PC Paintbrush
    .CEL       AutoDesk Animator cel files   .PSD       Adobe Photoshop 2.5
    .CGM       Computer Graphics Metafiles   .RAS,.SUN  Sun Raster files
    .CMX     * Corel Presentation Exchange   .RAW       Raw Grayscale
    .CPT       Corel PhotoPaint              .RLE       Compressed Win Bmps
    .EPS     * Encapsulated Postscript       .TGA,.WIN  Tga TrueVision(TM)
    .GEM       GEM Metafiles                 .TIF       Tagged Image Format
    .GIF       CompuServe GIFs               .TTF       TrueType fonts
    .ICO       Windows Icon files            .WAV       Sound files
    .IFF,.LBM  Amiga Images, Deluxe Paint    .WMF       Windows metafiles
    .IMG       GEM Images                    .WPG       WPerfect (v1 & v2)
    .JPG       JPEG (JFIF) files             
    .MND       Mandelbrot for Windows

   * Only the preview image is accessibly directly for those types marked
 with a (*).  The complete image may be available if an  OLE server for the
 type is loaded on your system.

 !  TWAIN scanner support for scanning images directly into ThumbsPlus.

 o  Using Aldus Rev1 graphic filters, which Thumbs+Plus can automatically
    locate on your hard disk,  you may be able to handle the following
    formats (and others)

    .DRW      Micrographx Designer/Draw      .PIC      Lotus 1-2-3 Pictures
    .DXF      AutoCAD (2-D) files            .PLT      AutoCAD Plot files
    .HGL      HP Graphics Language           .WPG      DrawPerfect graphic
    .PCT      Macintosh PICT files

 o  Using OLE,  Thumbs+Plus can thumbnail and view any file for which an
    OLE server is present on your system. Some possible types include:

    .CDR      CorelDRAW! files               .DS4      Micrografx Designer
    .DOC      Word for Windows document      .PPT      Power Point presents
    .GRA      Microsoft Graph                .PUB      Microsoft Publisher

 o  Multiple graphic viewing windows with file save (BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA,
    PCX, TIF, WMF), print, copy, paste, crop, auto-crop, convert metafiles
    to bitmaps and more.

 o  On-the-fly gamma correction and quick dithering of 24-bit images for
    8-bit (256-color) displays.

 o  Zoom-in (2x - 9x), stretch to fit, and stretch to fit width. Metafiles
    may also be zoomed.

 o  Enhanced solid color metafile viewing with 8-bit (256-color) drivers,
    which eliminates that ugly dithering which Windows does by default.

 o  Image editing and conversion capabilities:
    - Color adjustment (contrast, gamma, brightness, RGB)
    - Color depth (bi-level, 4 to 256-color,  grayscale, truecolor) with
      several palette selections, dithering options and preview.
    - Rotate and re-size with interpolation (anti-aliasing), with preview.
    - Miscellaneous: Invert, flip vertical, flip horizontal, auto-crop,
      swap red and blue.
    - Edit or add comments to supported types (TIF, GIF, JPEG).
    - Batch (unattended, background) mode to edit and convert multiple
      files, while still using your computer for other tasks.
    ! Digital image filtering (blur, sharpen, edge detect, emboss, etc.)
    ! Image histograms and histogram equalization

 o  For saving JPEG files,  Thumbs+Plus provides a "loss preview" so you
    can see an indication of the difference between the original and the
    compressed file. (Requires 16 or 24 bit display.)

 o  Install and remove TrueType fonts quickly and easily -- while looking
    at them. It also shows which fonts are currently installed (by font 
    name), and will show the font character set.

 o  Support for drag-and-drop from File Manager to view, drag-and-drop to
    other applications (like File Manager), and DDE support for using
    Thumbs+Plus to view files (or open Thumbs+Plus databases) from File

 o  File management capabilities, including drag-and-drop for file
    organization, a color-coded directory tree for quickly locating
    directories with graphics, directory creation and file renaming,
    copying, deleting and moving.

 o  Off-line (removable) device support, for cataloging floppies, CD-ROMs
    or other removable media.  The thumbnails are available even when the
    disk is not online -- and Thumbs+Plus can even label disks.

 o  Complete or partial catalog printing, with scaleable thumbnails, file
    captions (if desired), and user layout control.

 o  User-specified editors let you pick the editor of your choice -- by
    file type, or use the File Manager association.

 o  "Automatic Clipboard Save" provides the ability to automatically save
    clipboard contents to disk files.  Thumbs+Plus saves each time the
    clipboard changes.

    - Select format (BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, TGA).
    - Clipboard metafiles can be saved as .WMF or converted to a raster
    - Specify the desired path and file name prefix.
    - Useful for screen or window capture too (using PrintScreen and
    - Unobtrusive -- you don't have to activate the program for each

 o  A built-in Windows Wallpaper hanger (centered or tiled) for any
    supported file type, and a customizable full-screen slide show.

 o  A toolbar and keyboard shortcuts for common functions.

 o  Extensive on-line help and customization of many aspects of the

 o  Automatic (or manual, by directory tree or disk) removal of "orphaned"
    thumbnails (thumbnails for files which were moved or deleted from
    another program).

 o  Customization of the file list, so that it can include the date and 
    time or size of the files, and for sorting by date, size, extension or

 o  Selection of files to display, or files to select, by file name mask.

 o  Export selected thumbnails to Windows bitmap files.

 Thumbs+Plus  is  distributed  as  shareware  and  may be evaluated free of
 charge  for  up  to thirty days.  If you continue to use Thumbs+Plus after
 the  thirty  days  have  elapsed,  you  must  register.  The  price for an
 individual  license is US $50.  Site and corporate licenses are available.
 Further  information  about  licensing  and  ordering  is available in the
 on-line help file.

 To obtain Thumbs+Plus version 2.0d:
 CompuServe:     THMPLS.EXE in GRAPHSUP forum, library 3 (GIF viewers)
                 THMPLS.EXE in DTPFORUM, library 6 (PC DTP Utilites)
                 THMPLS.EXE in WPUSER forum, Library 16
                 THMPLS.EXE in WINFUN forum, library 9 (Graphics Utilities)
                 Also available in other forums.
 America Online: THMPLS.EXE in the Windows area
 Internet:       cerious/thmpls.exe via anonymous ftp from

 Installation is simplicity itself: Just run the program and it will set up 
 and configure itself automatically.



                            WUGNET Sampler CD-ROM

 WUGNET, the independent advocacy group for Microsoft Windows 95, is
 producing a CDROM of 32 BIT, full featured, fully functional, timed out
 working models , and beta versions of upcoming commercial applications,
 shareware utilities and games for Windows 95. This CD is designed to let
 you take an early peek at the power of Windows 95. This CDROM will contain
 only 32 bit versions of software specifically designed to take advantage
 of the new features of Windows 95 including: Long File Names, OLE, and
 Windows 95 interface.

 If you are a Windows Preview Program tester you will appreciate this great
 collection of 32 bit applications.

 To order this CD please fill out the order form located at the end of this
 file and email to Or FAX to (610) 565-7106

      "The Windows 95 preview participants and beta testers are PC experts
 and decision-makers.  Consequently, it's essential to have them test drive
 the new 32-bit software that takes full advantage of Windows 95. I'm
 delighted that they can evaluate the Windows 95 versions of my "Astronomy
 Lab" and "Vault" programs thanks to the WUGNET Windows 95 Sampler CD."

      "As a software developer, it's important to get my programs out to
 the folks that can use and recommend them.  Until the WUGNET Windows 95
 Sampler CD, there were limited opportunities for distributing 32-bit
 Windows 95 programs to the users that could run them."

   Eric Bergman-Terrell -- Personal MicroCosms / Pocketsized Software

      "I welcome the opportunity to put a Beta version of my latest program
 on the WUGNET Sampler CD-ROM.  The contacts I make through WUGNET are
 exactly the right kind of user to get valuable feedback from regarding
 early versions of my software products.  And my participation allows me to
 demonstrate to my customer base my commitment to Win32, OLE-2 and Windows
 95 as software platforms for mainstream personal computers."

     Henry Black P.E., a Professional Engineer of Half Moon Bay

                     Partial Listing as of May 15, 1995
 Company: ARIS
 Product: ARIS EDIT 2.0 BETA 2
 ARIS EDIT is a powerful text editor for Windows 95,
 Windows NT 3.5 or Windows 3.x with Win32s 1.2 or higher. Its main 
 features include almost unlimited file size, maximum line length of  32k, 
 no line number limitation, drag and
 drop support for text and files,  syntax coloring for C/C++ files,
 configurable tools menu, help  file  scanner, various conversion routines,
 printing and print preview and  much
 much more. This version of ARIS EDIT is a beta version and will  time out
 on March 1st 1996.

 Company: American Megatrends, Inc.
 Product: AMIDiag'95
 AMIDiag'95 is the latest version of the award winning
 AMIDiag Advanced Diagnostics software package.  The new
 version is  designed specifically for Windows 95.  It
 includes both system  configuration information and
 diagnostics.  The final release will also include an
 uninstall utility, a system cleanup utility, a tune-up tune- up  utility,
 and an application troubleshooter.

 Company: Attachmate
 Product: EXTRA! Personal Client 6.0
 A Multi Host Connectivity product that communicates with
 IBM Servers, Mainframes, UNIX & VAX, and Internet services 

 Company: Barry Press
 Product: The Barry Press Utilities - Windows Shareware
 This is the initial, beta release of the 32-bit Windows  95 version of the
 Barry Press Utilities.  Included in the shareware  version (registration
 still $20, with updates on Internet and  CompuServe at no cost for
 registered users) are a simple monthly  calendar, a drag-and-drop ASCII
 file printer (also capable of spooling spooling  Postscript files to a
 Postscript printer), an icon for printer  orientation control, an ASCII
 file comparison program, a shell  extension to add a command line option
 to the Explorer (like the old File.Run), a digital clock, and a random
 multimedia file player. Registered users also receive the Windows 95
 version of DLLMan, a tool  to show the dynamic link libraries used by
 programs or the programs using a dynamic link library.

 Company: Canyon Software
 Product: Drag And Zip for Windows 95.
 Drag And Zip is allows you to create, manage and unzip
 files under Windows 95.

 Company: Canyon Software
 Product: Drag And File for Windows 95
 Drag And File is a very powerful file manager for Window

 Company: Digital Directory Assistance,Inc
 Product: PhoneDisc for Windows 95
 Telephone Directory on CD-ROM

 Company: FTP Software, Inc.
 Product: InterDrive 95

 Company: FreeMail Inc.
 Product: FreeMail
 Founded in 1994, FreeMail, Inc. is the creator of FreeMail, the
 self-replicating e-mail system that does not require a network and uses
 regular telephone lines.  With an installed base in the thousands, and
 with new FreeMail 'Children' being constantly distributed, FreeMail is one
 of the fastest growing personal e-mail systems for Windows and Macintosh
 users. Windows 95 version.

 Product: Robodun
 If you need a post-dial terminal window to connect to your provider using
 Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking, you need RoboDun.  RoboDun automates the
 login process with user written scripts for the connection, and can handle
 PPP and SLIP with IP detection and placement.  Version 0.61 adds
 CompuServe PPP support and on-the-fly script disabling/enabling.

 Product: Systips 
 Description: Tooltips system items, such the close button, sizing
 buttons, caption bars and more

 Company: H&M Systems Software, Inc. -- Argos Gameware Division
 Product: ArtApart
 ArtApart - the true multimedia jigsaw puzzle set for Windows from Argos
 Gameware. It lets players reassemble wonderful color pictures from as few
 or as many pieces as they wish, and one will never lose a piece. Optional
 sound effects, animation and game table variations accompany the action as
 players slide the interlocking 3D pieces into place. ArtApart is even
 better than the real thing: Puzzles can be saved and restored any time,
 without losing one's place.

 Company: Hamilton Laboratories
 Product: Hamilton C shell(tm)
 Hamilton C shell recreates the original UNIX C shell and utilities, adding
 numerous enhancements. Over 130 commands, utilities and built-in functions
 including alias, cat, chmod, cls, cp, cron, cut, diff, dirs, dskread,
 dskwrite, du, eval, fgrep, grep, hashstat, head, history, kill, more, mt,
 mv, popd, printf, ps, pushd, rm, sed, sleep, split, strings, tabs, tail,
 tar (supports tape drives), tee, time, touch, tr, uniq, vol, wc,whereis
 and xd.  Designed from scratch.  Carefully follows all Windows NT and
 Windows 95 conventions. Fanatical quality. Hamilton C shell comes with a
 270 page manual split evenly between tutorial and reference material.
 Company: IPSwitch
 Product: TCP/IP

 Company: KIDASA Software, Inc.  
 Product: Milestones, Etc. 4.5
 Milestones, Etc. 4.5 Summary
 Milestones, Etc. 4.5 is an easy and flexible project scheduling tool. It
 makes Gantt charts, Line-of-Balance charts, milestone schedules and  more. 
 It's packed with powerful features like outlining and "SmartColumns," but
 still supports easy click and drag scheduling. Compatible with MS Project
 (reads and writes Project MPX files).  Supports OLE 2.0 as a server,
 enabling you to link or embed your Milestones, Etc. schedules in other
 Windows applications.

 Company: KIDASA Software, Inc.  
 Product: Milestones, Simplicity 1.0
 Milestones Simplicity 1.0 Summary
 Milestones Simplicity 1.0 is an easy to use Windows project scheduling 
 tool used for producing presentation quality Gantt charts and other  types
 of schedules in minutes!  Project schedules can be created from  scratch
 using Milestones Simplicity's flexible formatting options and easy
 click-and drag scheduling.  A variety of templates are available to  make
 first schedules easy.

 Product: wINSTALL
 Winstall Is An Automatic Installation Utility For MS-DOS, Windows, And
 Windows NT.
 wINSTALL, by Knowledge Dynamics Corporation, is a generalized 
 installation program that makes professional, easy-to-use installations 
 easy both for you and your customers.  It's easy for you to use because
 it's flexible and powerful, and designed to make installation-building
 easy.  It's easy for your customers to use because it provides them with a
 native Windows application that makes installation of your product a snap.
 wINSTALL is a ready-to-run installation program that is configured to
 install a given product by a ASCII text file called a "script file".  
 This script file defines your product name, version, default output
 drive, subdirectory, and most other dialog that occurs between our 
 install program and your customers.  You also may prompt your customers
 for partial installation information (such as for optional help files
 or an option tutorial) within the script file.  wINSTALL

 Product: SnapShot/32 
 Allows one to capture any part of a Windows 95 or Windows
 NT desktop.  Picture can be printed or saved as a BMP or GIF

 Company: LEAD Technologies
 Product: imaging and compression technology
 Windows 95 LEADTOOLS 5 (Windows 3.x, WIN32, Windows NT, Windows 95)
 Complete imaging software development tool to integrate bitonal, grayscale
 and color images into  application.  Includes functions which compress
 (JPEG, CMP, CCITT & more), read, write, convert, color reduction, process
 (resize, rotate, flip, invert, reverse, transpose, crop, sharpen, blur,
 edge & line detection, mosaic, hue & saturation, histogram equalize,
 grayscale, halftone despeckle, and more) print, and scan (TWAIN),
 all standard formats. One display/print function to scroll/zoom, dither to
 device capability or scale-to-gray when resizing bitonal images.

 Company: Micrografx
 Product: Picture Publisher
 Description: Powerful Graphic image editor

 Company: Nico Mak Computing, Inc.
 Product: WinZip - "Bringing the convenience of Windows to
 WinZip 5.6a Brings the convenience of Windows to Zipping w/built-in
 support for popular INTERNET file formats:  ZIP, TAR, gzip, and Unix
 compress.  PKZIP is not needed for basic ZIP operations Windows 95
 features include long filename support Recent Magazine  quotes include: 
 "Cadillac of unzippers", PC Magazine  "Should be a  part of any Windows/NT
 user's toolkit" - Windows Sources 10/94  "Easy  to use" InfoWorld 4/18/94 
 Winner: Windows Magazine's 1993 WIN100 Award "Best Utility" 1994 Shareware
 Industry Awards

 Company: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
 Product: WebSite Description:

 WebSite is an elegant, easy solution for Windows NT 3.5 (Intel)and Windows
 95 users who want to start publishing on the Internet.  It is a 32-bit
 World Wide Web server that combines the power and flexibility of a Unix
 server with the ease of use of a Windows application.  Its intuitive
 graphical interface is a natural for Windows users.  It provides a
 tree-like display of all the documents and links on your server, with a
 simple solution for finding and fixing broken links. You can run a desktop
 application like Excel or Visual Basic from within a Web document on
 WebSite.  Its access authentication  lets you control which users have
 access to different parts of your Web  server.  A cool WebSite t-shirt
 comes free with each WebSite.

 Company: Jeff Parker
 Product: Alarm 1.6a

 Company: Personal MicroCosms
 Product: Astronomy Lab 2 for Windows 95 and NT  
 Astronomy Lab 2 is an astronomy prediction, graphing, and simulation

 Company: Personal Training Systems  
 Product: Peter Norton Presents Windows 95 Made Easy Tutorial  
 Peter Norton Presents Windows 95 Made Easy Tutorial from Personal Training

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Astronomy Clock 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Astronomy Clock 2 displays the current time in local mean mean  time,
 universal time, local sidereal time, and greenwich sidereal time  format.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Hangman 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Hangman 2 is the hangman word game, with graphics.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Telephone Puzzle 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Telephone Puzzle 2 displays words as telephone  numbers.
 It's up to you to determine that 2662587466 represents the word 

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Windows 95 and NT Screen Saver Pack  
 The Windows 95 and NT Screen Saver Pack includes 7 screen
 screen  savers.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Bomb Squad 2 for Windows 95 and NT  
 The object of Bomb Squad 2 is to defuse a time bomb by guessing its secret
 code Software

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Vault for Windows 95 and NT
 Vault stores your notes as an outline.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Bog 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Bog 2 is a word game similar to Boggle.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: RCALC 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 RCALC 2 is an RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Puzzle-8 2
 Puzzle-8 2 is a computerized version of the well-known  8- tile puzzle.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Talking Clock 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Talking Clock 2 displays the current time and optionally announces the
 time every 15 minutes using a sound card.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Stereograms 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Stereograms 2 converts monochrome bitmap files to random-dot stereograms.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: FracView 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 FracView 2 plots the Mandelbrot Set and allows the user  to zoom into
 regions of interest.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: MIDI JukeBox 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 MIDI JukeBox 2 plays multiple MIDI and/or .WAV files either once or in a
 continuous loop.

 Company: Pocket-Sized Software
 Product: Stopwatch 2 for Windows 95 and NT
 Stopwatch 2 is a clock/stopwatch utility.

 Product: PaiGow
 PaiGow is a card game played in Las Vegas You are dealt 7 cards and must
 split those up into two poker hands.  One hand contains five cards and the
 other hand two.  To win. the hand with five cards must be a higher poker
 hand than the two cards, your five cards must beat the dealers five cards,
 and your two cards must beat the dealer also.  If one of your hands loses
 and the other wins, it's a push.

 Company: Software Builders International
 Product: NETZIP for Windows
 Sophisticated file compression software. NetZIP allows you to drag and
 drop files to be compressed. NetZIP also uses the Windows  multiple
 document interface so that you can open more than one ZIP file  for

 Company: Stirling Technologies, Inc.
 Product: DemoSHIELD
 Stirling Technologies, Inc. announces DemoSHIELD version for Windows 95. 
 The new version is a 32 bit application which conforms to all Windows 95
 installation and interface guidelines.  Currently, DemoSHIELD users are
 using DemoSHIELD to create fully interactive, live, high impact demos and
 tutorials and cue-card systems for many Windows applications. Far from a
 warmed-over 16 bit DemoSHIELD, DemoSHIELD for Windows 95 includes new and
 improved features like screen capture, mouse movement simulation and an
 enhanced timeline editor to take advantage of the capabilities built into
 Windows 95.

 The current release of DemoSHIELD is the only demo toolkit that can
 actually control an application LIVE.  With DemoSHIELD, the audience can 
 actually interact with the demo or tutorial, live.  This is not a
 simulation or a slide show, this is real, live application control.  Of
 course, DemoSHIELD can show simulations also with screen shots or AVI
 files captured from popular capture programs.  According to Stirling 
 Technologies' Marketing Manager, Russ McNeilly, "Create a software demo 
 now, create a tutorial or a cue card system tomorrow.

 DemoSHIELD is the  complete package for all the demos and tutorials you
 want to create now  and for Windows 95."

 Company: TCT ThunderBYTE Corporation
 Product: ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus Utilities for Windows 95
 Introducing ThunderBYTE - the UNKNOWN Virus killer!
 ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus (TBAV) utilities represents the next generation  of
 anti-virus detection and cleaning software against known and unknown 
 computer viruses -- complete with 5 different security levels to help 
 protect against viruses: signature and heuristic based scanning 
 technology, generic decryptionusing real-code emulation, integrity 
 checking plus active monitoring.

 Company: Traveling Software
 Product: LapLink for Windows
 LapLink for Windows solves Windows 95-to-Windows 3.1 connection problems
 for help desk staff, mobile users, and telecommuters. It provides reliable
 integrated remote control and  file transfer capabilities over modems and
 IPX networks, in addition  to its well-known cable file transfer
 capabilities.  New SpeedSync technology makes file updates up to 8 times

 Company: Wall Data, Inc
 Product: 3270 Connectivity

 Company: Webster's Lexxicon Publishing Corp.
 Product: Steve Dossick's RabbitHelp (R)
 Steve Dossick's RabbitHelp (R) is a Windows Add-On Help System for
 Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect, and Lotus 1-2- 3. Product  Features;
 Seamless "Plug-In" to Word, WordPerfect, Excel and Lotus main menus.

 Company: Wilson WindowWare
 Product: Windows 32 bit Batch Language
 Winbatch/32, the 32 bit Batch language for windows.

 *Participant List generated as of May 15, 1995. WUGNET reserves the right
 to change this list prior to publication date. Commercial and shareware
 applications will continue to be accepted until June 15, 1995.

 Microsoft  is a registered trademark and Windows is a registered trademark
 of   Microsoft  Corporation.  Windows  NT  is  a  trademark  of  Microsoft
 Corporation.  WUGNET is a registered trademark of WUGNET Publications Inc.
 All  other  registered  trademarks  and  trademarks  are property of their
 respective companies.

 New and exciting additions to this CDROM will continue to be added until
 June 15, 1995 at which time the code will be frozen.

 How much does it Cost?

                            Prices in US Dollars
                $29.95 +$4 shipping/handling in the US/Canada
                    $37.95 +$7 shipping/handling overseas

                    For bulk orders contact 800 WIN USER
                      When will it arrive? Early July.

 How can I order this CD?
 Fill out the form below and MAIL/FAX OR EMAIL to:

                              cis: 76702,1356 
                             TEL:(800) 946-8737 
                             TEL:(610) 565-1861 
                             FAX: (610) 565-7106

 --------------CLIP AND MAIL/FAX/OR EMAIL ---------------------

 Email address:
 Credit Card No:
 Expiration Date:
 Name on Card:
 # of CD's ordered:
 # of additional CD's needed:
 Total amount to charge to your credit card:

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                            ___   ___    _____     _______
                           /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/
                          /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/           
                       /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/_____
                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > ORIGIN's Website STR InfoFile


 (AUSTIN, TX)_ORIGIN Systems' new home page on the World-Wide Web is
 already generating approximately 18,000 "hits" or accesses per day, and
 plans are already in the works to add exciting enhancements to this
 popular attraction. Currently, ORIGIN's home page includes a number of 
 features focusing on its diverse, cutting-edge product line, such as:

 7     ORIGIN's Product Catalog, which contains product
       descriptions, the latest screen shots, hint book
       information, system requirements and information 
       on prior releases

 7     Demo Area, which will soon include demos for all
       upcoming games, and currently includes demos of 
       Wings of Glory and System Shock.

 7     Technical Support, providing an FTP link to
       troubleshooting assistance and direct e-mail 
       to Product Support and Disk Exchange.

 7     Company Profile, offering current information on ORIGIN
       as well as company history.

 These areas include multimedia features, such as audio (MIDI and WAV
 files), digitized photographs, quicktime movies, and other devices for
 giving ORIGIN customers a peek into its new products and the inner
 workings of the company that creates them.

 One hot new area to look out for is the Point of ORIGIN/Wireless_a living
 multimedia newsletter that will provide continuous news and information to
 gamers and also offer a forum for viewers' feedback in its "Letters to the
 Editor" and "Op/Ed" columns. Readers will get the very latest information
 on ship dates and be able to ask about their favorite games, read about
 the game developers, and even see quicktime movies of products under
 development. Also included in the newsletter will be contests on ORIGIN
 trivia, puzzles to solve_even a cartoon section!

 Another exciting new development will be a link between the ORIGIN page
 and Electronic Arts Direct Sales. Viewers will be able to order games
 directly from the web site, and will even be able to take advantage of
 special deals not available in retail stores.

 For diehard ORIGIN fans, a special section on ORIGIN history "Museum of
 the Inane" will contain memorabilia like the famous "napkin contract,"
 concept art from the Commander series, and some of the first RPG's created
 by Richard Garriott. There will even be an electronic scrapbook of fun
 photos from ORIGIN's past. And soon, viewers will also be able to send in
 their product registrations electronically and also participate in surveys
 and contests.

 Enhancements to established areas of ORIGIN's home page will build new
 features into the already existing framework of each section. In response
 to customers' requests, the Technical Support area will expand
 considerably to include Save Games and "Super-characters," patches and new
 executables, and utility programs. This and many other changes being
 planned will hopefully ensure that the very best and latest information
 and support is available to customers literally 24 hours a day; 7 days a

                               David Swofford
                             Eileen McKeon Butt
                           ORIGIN Media Relations

 ORIGIN,  We  create  worlds and Ultima are registered trademarks of ORIGIN
 Systems,  Inc.  Wings  of  Glory and System Shock are trademarks of ORIGIN
 Systems,  Inc.  Electronic  Arts  is  a registered trademark of Electronic
 Arts.  All  other products and trademarks are property of their respective

 ORIGIN  Systems  develops  and  publishes  state-of-the-art  entertainment
 software. To date, the company has released more than 45 titles, including
 the  award-winning  Ultimar and Commander series of games. ORIGIN is based
 in  Austin,  Texas,  and  is  a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      I love short work weeks!  What a terrific past Memorial Day
 weekend!  Deadlines get closer, unfortunately...but we'll make it in
 time, as you're seeing.

      This has been an interesting week.  Lots of sunshine and heat (yes
 Joe, it IS the humidity, not the heat!), and lots of interesting news
 items.  We even have some rare, but new, Portfolio news from across
 the pond.  New CD news, a new book for Atari users, and more.

      I'm going to keep it short this week - the weather's fine, so
 finish reading this week's issue and then go out and enjoy the

      Until next time...


                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (5/31/95)                        
       (1) SPEED OF LIGHT 3.8             (6) COLD HARD CACHE V4            
       (2) NISHIRAN!                      (7) DR. BOB'S ICON DRAW 1.42      
       (3) SEAWOLF ARCADE GAME            (8) PSST! 1.0                     
       (5) ATARI COMMUNITY E-MAIL LIST   (10) FLASH II 2.22 DEMO            

                              * = New on list                               
                              HONORARY TOP 10                               
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  11.21)                 
       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: JAGUAR EDITION 3)       
         Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.          


 > Atari A to Z! STR InfoFile!  -  Using Atari Computers, by the Book!

                            The Atari A to Z
                            by Mark S Baines

      Jargon, terminology and acronyms are the staple diet of any
 professional, technologist and hobbyist. The world of computing is no
 exception and to the uninitiated home or small business user,
 magazines, manuals and books can be very daunting. Written by someone
 who understands these frustrations and needs, The Atari A to Z is an
 encyclopaedia of modern computer terminology specifically pertaining
 to Atari computers.

      Whether you play games on an ST, run your business on a TT or
 write music on a Falcon, this book is aimed at helping you get to grips
 with magazines and books that are more perplexing than enlightening.
 In it, you will find definitions, explanations, mini-articles, tables
 and lists to help you gain a better understanding of your Atari
 computer. The material in this book was written with all Atari users
 in mind. There are simple definitions for the uninitiated and technical
 data for the experienced. You take what you want, when you want it.

                                The Book

      The Atari A to Z is produced in A5 format, 340 pages long and
 contained in a quality ring folder for convenience. It contains 2,238
 entries, 101 tables and 128,000 words. There are five appendices -
 Addresses, Book List, Connectors, Extensions, Atari ASCII set, ANSI
 Character Set.

      Firstly, this is a comprehensive general computing dictionary,
 there being entries for all the common terms and acronyms found in
 modern day computing. Like any computer user, Atari users require help
 with terms not specific to their particular machine. They should be
 able to find what they want here.

      Secondly, there are entries of Atari-related terms and acronyms
 which cover all the Atari computers and consoles. There are expanded
 explanations and essays, tables and lists which together form a
 comprehensive inventory of material that The Atari Compendium left out
 and not found elsewhere. The table of System Variables is more
 accurate than that in The Atari Compendium. There is a list of
 Exception Vectors, Atari Cookies and their meanings, Memory Maps for
 all Atari computers (and more accurate than that in The Atari
 Compendium), a full Breakdown of the DESKTOP.INF and NEWDESK.INF files
 (not found in ANY other publication), Errors Messages and Bombs, Pin
 Connections of all the ports on all the machines, Technical
 Specifications of the whole Atari range, a Breakdown of the TOS
 Versions and the differences between them, an explanation of GDOS,
 MultiTOS, the VT52 emulator and codes, all the main chips, viruses, a
 light-hearted look at computer laws, a list of common file extenders
 and their meanings, a list of contact addresses, a bibliography...
 this is just a little taster of some of the important aspects of this
 book. The Atari A to Z is thorough!

                               The Author

      Mark S Baines is a highly experienced computer user having bought
 his first computer in 1982, been on the communications networks since
 1983 and the Internet since 1993. Holding Bachelor and Masters degrees,
 he was once a secondary school teacher of Biology, Computer Studies
 and Information Technology, a network manager and school administrator.
 Mark left the profession after twelve years to move to his beloved
 Highlands to pursue a more benign lifestyle. He currently runs Linnhe
 Computing, carrying out training, consultancy, freelance writing,
 journalism, export and anything else that takes his fancy! Mark has
 written regular columns and other articles in various magazines for
 several years, including more recently ST Applications, ST Review and
 Atari World.


 The book is only available from:

     Linnhe Computing
     Linnhe, Shore Street
     Inver, by Tain
     IV20 1SF

 Price UK
 The cost is a very reasonable 12.50 including postage and package.
 Payment is by Cash, Cheques (drawn on UK banks only) and Postal Orders
 only. Cheques must be made out to "Mark S Baines".

 Including postage - total 14.10

 US and Canada
 Including postage - total 17.00

 Including postage - total 18.10

 PLEASE NOTE: Only UK cash, cheques and postal orders (available in
 Canada and Australia) are accepted. DO NOT send anything else! Ask
 your bank about the *cheapest* way to send UK money to the UK for just
 send cash safely wrapped to avoid detection.

 Special Offer:
 If you add an extra 5.00 I will send you the latest version of
 PROFILE 2 - the best and most thorough system analyser for all Ataris
 - a full and modern GEM interface and Falcon, MultiTOS, MagiC and
 Geneva compatible. This program is shareware and your registration key
 will be included together with other Linnhe Computing software.

 Slainte mhath

 * Mark S Baines    * FidoNet:  2:254/     *
 *                  * NeST:     90:102/107.0@nest.ftn        *
 * Inver, Scotland  * TurboNet: 100:101/12.10@turbonet.ftn   *
 * 01862 871624     * AtariNet: 51:502/0.10@atarinet.ft      *


 > Atari CD-Rom! STR NewsFile!   -   Atari CD Master Announced!

               Announcing Atari CD Master by Homa Systems

 Homa Systems House has just finished work on a series of front ends for
 some popular IBM Windows CD ROMS that are part of the all new Atari CD
 Master package.

 The front ends have the following features: - easy user interface,
 fully multi-tasking in a window - pictures are viewable on 2, 16, and
 256 color modes, including graphics cards and the Falcon - Powerful
 search features, with "narrow down" option. On TIME almanac, you can
 search the whole CD for a particular key word(s) - Up to 4 text windows
 open, with one picture window - Save, print, ....

 1- Time Almanac of 1990's has all the issues of Time Magazine from
 1989 to May 4, 1994, The CIA World Fact Book, Time charts and pictures,
 Man of the Year and much more.

 2- UFO (I or II): This is an exciting CD with over 1,300 articles, many
 of them with amazing graphics describing REAL UFO events from
 prehistoric times to the present. Seeing is believing.

 3- Space Missions: This CD contains over 1,600 articles, with over 700
 astounding pictures on all the space missions from all over the world
 (USSR, USA, CHINA, England,and more)

 4- Audio CD Master, v4, which is the ultimate Audio CD player on the
 Atari computers. Version 4 has lots of new features/enhancements.

 Atari CD MASTER will have new CD's added to it periodically, for a
 nominal update fee. Pricing is as follows:

 ATARI CD MASTER, 4 pack for only...... 39.95 US$

 ATARI CD MASTER 4 pack plus the Time Almanac CD and UFO CD... 69.95 US$

 Upgrade to ATARI CD MASTER for Audio CD Master(v3) owners.... 25.00 US$
 With Time Almanac CD and UFO CD...... 55.00 US$

 Upgrades can be done by sending your disk directly to Homa Systems
 House or through It's All Relative Software.

 Both Homa Systems House and It's All Relative can also supply the CD's
 to use with Atari CD Master individually.  Time Almanac of the 90's
 and UFO CD are available for 15.00 US$ each. The price of Space
 Missions will be announced.
 At Homa Systems House, we are dedicated to bring you quality software
 and hardware. If you want to be on our mailing list, please send your
 name and address to us.

 Homa Systems House P.O.BOX 52127 OTTAWA, ON  K1N 5S0 CANADA
 TEL: (613) 722-0901 FAX: (613) 722-9061

 It's All Relative, 2233 Keeven Lane, Florissant MO 63031 USA
 TEL: (314) 831-9482
       CIS: 70357,2312
       Delphi: GREG

 Ask for ATARI CD MASTER at your favorite Atari dealer.


 > Portfolio News! STR InfoFile!  -  Internet Newsletter Debuts!

                 *                                     *
                 *     P O R T F O L I O   N E W S     *
                 *                                     *
                 *        Internet newsletter for      *
                 *     Atari Portfolio users and fans  *
                 *                                     *
                             No 1      April 7, 1995
                    * Portfolio in the Czech Republic

 There is a PF club that provides user services instead of Atari Corp.
 or dealers who are dead in this country.
 252 45 posta ZVOLE
 tel: +42 2 99 61 894

 * What is new for Portfolio?
 - PortWalk - tape recorder interface
 Enables to save and load files onto any tape recorder cassettes. It is
 very handy, and unlike 8-bit era of "tape recording", this interface
 is very reliable thanks to error detecting code.

 - 128 KB RAM CARD
 Atari cards are very expansive - the RAM card we developed uses one
 Low-Low Power chip and CR 2025 lithium battery (plus some diodes).
 The assumed life expectancy of the battery at least 2 years.

 - 25 pin parallel interface
 As there are big problems with Atari dealers in Europe, we decided
 to produce 25 pin Centronics (Parallel) Interface.  It is a bit
 smaller than original interface and consumes twice less energy.

 - FolioDrive - 3,5" floppy disk unit with included parallel
                interface and battery pack

 It was specially developed for Portfolio and enables to read and write
 1.44 MB PC diskettes. No cables more needed. You can run files directly
 from the diskette.
 * In February we have finished a graphic version of Portfolio
   BIOS and DOS.

 This means that Portfolio can display any character using direct
 access to the LCD driver. Thus Portfolio can be used in countries
 with extended alphabet (e.g. in Czech Republic). We used similar
 routines to those used in PGC and PGX format. The resident
 program runs even under ROM applications.

 * There is a PC program that enables to work with Portfolio .TXT
 and .ADR files in the same way as on PF.

 * Genuine leather case with a battery pocket
 Protects Portfolio against dust and other "evils". One built-in
 pocket for identity card or passport, another pocket
 for 3 AA batteries. Full handwork.

 * Things under development:

 - Upgrade your PF to 512 KB RAM!!
 We are going to upgrade Portfolios to 512 KB of system RAM

 - 60*10 character display
 Another aim of ours is to make Portfolio display 60*8 characters using
 8*4 pixel fonts. This will mean that user will see more of the whole
 screen if running PC files.

 We hope to implement other graphic features:
         * blinking
         * inversion
 Portfolio thus will become more PC alike.
 There were already some attempts to make soft running in 60*8 mode,
 but the new driver will be working constantly with all files.

 * What we want:

 - We are looking for Portfolio users in POLAND, HUNGARY, RUSSIA.
 We want to offer them the new BIOS with their characters.

 - We are looking for any Portfolio activities in the world.

 - We plan to develop following peripherals, provided there are
 enough Portfolio users to be interested in them and to buy them:
 * new version of FolioDrive 3.5 inch FDD unit
   with parallel interface, battery pack
   + internal 128 KB memory chip to serve as CASH and B: disk.
 * FAX-MODEM module to send and receive fax, modem messages every where
   in the world
 * cordless, radio-wave based interface to connect PF to PC
 * 512 KB or 768 KB SRAM module to serve as a data storage medium
 * Interface for PCMCIA cards

 * What we are looking for:
 - any PF fans that want to join us
 - any PF users who are able to develop new soft
 - information about: Re:Port, Portfolio Connection Newsletter, etc.
 - any kind of emotional, mental and other support
 - any dealer that is willing to go on with
   PF stuff and wants to sell our products

 * How to get the described things
 We hope that TOAD COMPUTERS will distribute
 all our products in the USA and Canada.
 Please support our efforts in promoting Portfolio
 and send them your request for PF and products
 Their e-mail:
 Otherwise send e-mail to us:

 Special greetings to:
 Don Messerli            - for his soft and graphics
 BJ Gleason              - for PBASIC and tons of other things
 S. Spoelstra            - for his BASIC, and others
 Tomas Dusek             - Go on developing the hardware!
 Martin & Milan Hrdlicka - the authors of new graphic BIOS


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 Jaguar's Edge Announces Editors!
 AEO E3 Video!  Sony Announces
 Playstation Price Cut!  Feedback!
 And much more!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      While the last month or so has seen a dearth of new games for the
 Jaguar, it appears that this is about to change shortly.  According to
 Computer West's Peter Curry, the first shipment of Pinball Fantasies
 has arrived and will be available next Friday, the 9th.  This is one
 game to grab.  I'm holding off with our review until next week to
 coincide with the game's release.
      It's come to my attention that Super Burnout has gone into
 production within the last day or so, so expect that one in mid-July.
 June is slated for a few games, but expect quite a few titles to hit
 the streets in July - to be followed by the JagCD and CD titles in
 August.  It's starting to look like we'll have a hot summer for new
 games!  And, we'll be here to keep you posted on the latest news!
      The new magazine, The Jaguar's Edge, has just announced its
 editorial staff.  My counterpart at AEO, Travis Guy, has accepted the
 position as news editor.  Congratulations to this new editorial staff;
 we're all looking forward to seeing the premier issue of the first
 Jaguar hardcopy magazine to hit the streets.  Speaking of AEO, I
 understand that their E3 video is just about to ship.  If you're
 interested in seeing some of the games that you've been hearing about
 lately from E3, check this video out.
      We're trying to get re-focused with our game reviews.  A number of
 recent games are in various degrees of completion, so we should start
 to see them very shortly.  Unlike some hardcopy magazines, we want to
 be sure that we do a thorough job of reviewing these games to give you
 an in-depth report (insert sly grin here!).
      Well, let's get to the fun and we'll see you all back here next

      Until next time...


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

     Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95       id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95          Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99     Rebellion/Atari Corp.
      J9029  Doom                 $69.99        id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9007  Checkered Flag       $69.99         Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99         Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99         Atari Corp
      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99         Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99         Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99         Atari Corp.
             Cannon Fodder        $69.99          Virgin
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99          Williams
             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                      Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99          Williams
      J9009E Hover Strike         $59.99          Atari Corp.

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              Pinball Fantasies   $ 59.95         Computer West
              Super Burnout         TBD               Atari
              Air Cars              TBD        MidNite Entertainment
              Fight For Life        TBD               Atari
              Flashback             TBD             U.S. Gold
              Power Drive Rally     TBD                TWI
              Rayman                TBD              UBI Soft
              Ultra Vortex          TBD               Atari
              White Men Can't Jump  TBD               Atari
              Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER
      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $189.99        Atari Corp.
      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $159.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95
             CatBox              $69.95             ICD


 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!



             'The Jaguar's Edge' Announces Editorial Staff

 SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 27, 1995 -- Less than two weeks after the
 announcement of the world's only gaming magazine devoted to the Atari
 Jaguar, "The Jaguar's Edge" named its editorial staff today.  "I am
 proud to introduce an experienced editorial staff that will make our
 magazine the leader in Jaguar news and information," said John Marcotte,
 publisher and managing editor of "The Jaguar's Edge".

      Assuming the position of news editor, will be Travis Guy.  Atari
 fans will recognize Mr. Guy as current editor of "Atari Explorer
 Online", and a leader in the world of Atari publishing for over a
 decade.  Using his extensive industry connections, Mr. Guy will keep
 readers informed of important news and events that impact the Jaguar

      Taking on the role of features editor is Pat Solomon.  Mr.
 Solomon is currently developing a computer column for the "Des Moines
 Register", and was the managing editor of the alternative newspaper,
 "The Pundit".  Under his direction, readers can look forward to
 in-depth interviews with developers and Atari personnel, strategy
 guides to their favorite games, and much more!

      Retaining his position as managing editor is John Marcotte.  Mr.
 Marcotte was the editor of "The Catalyst", and currently writes
 freelance for various publications.  "I am excited to work with two
 professionals like Travis and Pat," said Mr. Marcotte.  "I know that
 with their help we will achieve our goal of being the number one source
 for Jaguar news and information."

 Atari and Jaguar are trademarks or registered trademarks of Atari

                   -/- Sony Cuts Game Unit Prices -/-

     In Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. says it is slashing a
 third from the domestic price of its new PlayStation game machine, a
 move officials expect will mean the company will capture another two
 million home video game players.

     Sony told the Reuter News Service it has sold a million of its 32-bit
 PlayStation game machines since the product was launched in December.
 Its new model SCPH-3000 is to hit the Japanese market on July 21 and "we
 expect PlayStation sales to reach a goal of three million within a year,"
 said a spokeswoman.

     "By the end of this month, 44 software titles for the PlayStation
 machine will be on sale," Reuters says "and Sony says there will be 200
 by the end of the year. Sony said it now has 5,500 retail outlets in
 Japan selling its game players. Sony said the price cut on its
 PlayStation was made possible by paring down factory costs."

     Reuters adds competitors Sega Enterprises Ltd. and Matsushita
 Electric Industrial Co Ltd., which also have 32-bit game players on the
 market, "are likely to feel pressure from Sony's price cut."


 > Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars                7/95  Racing/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Alien vs Predator CD    2/96  Role Play/Adventure  TBD      Atari
 Arena Football          8/95  Sports               TBD      V Reel
 Assault                2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Atari Kart              9/95  TBD                  TBD      Atari
 Att. of Mut. Penguins  10/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Baldies (CD)            8/95  Action/Simulation    TBD      Atari
 Batman Forever (CD)     4/96  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph (CD)        8/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battlesphere            9/95  Space/Combat         TBD      4-Play
 Battle Wheels          2Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Black ICE/White Noise  12/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Blue Lightning (CD)     8/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Braindead 13 (CD)      10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      ReadySoft
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 11/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Cannon Fodder           NOW   Action/Adventure    $69.99    Virgin
 Chas Barkley Basketball 9/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Commando (CD)          11/95  Action (3D)          TBD      Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)     8/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi     TBD      Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           11/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Dante (CD)              6/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Deathwatch             12/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Defender 2000 (CD)     10/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Demolition Man (CD)     8/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V         NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon's Lair (CD)      8/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dragon's Lair 2 (CD)   10/95  Adventure            TBD      ReadySoft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dune Racer (CD)         1/96  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    MidNite Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Fight For Life          7/95  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Flashback               7/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      US Gold
 Flip-Out                8/95  Puzzle               TBD      Atari
 Formula Racing (CD)    11/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Frank Thomas Baseball   4/96  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander I (CD)       8/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Highlander II (CD)     10/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Highlander III (CD)    11/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 Horrorscope            2Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike            NOW   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Hover Strike CD         9/95  Action/Combat        TBD      Atari
 Hover Hunter            9/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      Atari
 Ironman/Exoman          4/96  Action               TBD      Atari
 Iron Soldier            NOW   Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier II (CD)    1/96  Action/Strategy      TBD      Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja            NOW   Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Magic Carpet (CD)      12/95  Action/RPG           TBD      Atari
 Max Force               9/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Mind-ripper (CD)        2/96  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Mortal Kombat 3         4/96  Fighting             TBD      Atari
 Myst (CD)               8/95  Interactive Novel    TBD      Atari
 NBA Jam T.E.           12/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Pinball Fantasies       6/95  Arcade              $59.95    Comp. West
 Pitfall                 8/95  Arcade               TBD      Activision
 Power Drive Rally       7/95  Driving              TBD      TWI
 Primal Rage (CD)       11/95  Fighting             TBD      TWI
 Rage Rally             2Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                  7/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Rise of the Robots (CD) 8/95  Action/Arcade        TBD      TWI
 Robinson's Requiem (CD) 8/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Ruiner Pinball          8/95  Arcade               TBD      Atari
 Sensible Soccer         NOW   Sports                        Telegames
 Sky Hammer (CD)        10/95  Flying/Action        TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Soul Star (CD)          9/95  Action/Sci-Fi        TBD      Atari
 Space Ace (CD)          8/95  Space/Combat         TBD      ReadySoft
 Space War               9/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Starlight BowlaRama CD 10/95  Simulation/Sports    TBD      Atari
 Star Raiders           2Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Super Burnout           6/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Supercross 3D           9/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Syndicate               NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Thea Relm Fighters (CD)10/95  Action/Fighting      TBD      Atari
 Theme Park              NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tiny Toon Adventures   2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball  NOW   Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   2Q/95  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortex            7/95  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...   NOW   Sports              $59.99    Atari
 Varuna's Forces (CD)   11/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      Atari
 VidGrid (CD)            8/95  Puzzle/Music Video   TBD      Atari
 Wayne Gretzky NHL (CD) 11/95  Sports               TBD      TWI
 White Men Can't Jump    7/95  Sports               TBD      TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zool2                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari - all subject to change]


 > Jaguar Easter Eggs/Cheats/Hints STR InfoFile  -  Solving Those Riddles!  

                     Games Cheats in Atari Web Pages

 I just wanted to announce that the Atari Web pages now has a new section
 included.  This section covers tips, cheats, and solutions for games on
 all Atari formats.  Currently the cheats are split into Computer, Jaguar
 and Lynx categories, but if I get any cheats for other Atari consoles,
 or for the 8 Bit Atari I may divide the sections further. This is a new
 addition to my pages and is fairly empty.  Over the next couple of weeks
 I've got several additions to make.  If however you have any tips,
 cheats, or solutions for games on any Atari format please contact me
 with them and try to make it clear what system the cheats are for.
 I hope you all enjoy this section and I look forward to your response.

  Mark Stephen Smith :                                         
  Atari Web Pages    :                

 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

                CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas

 The videos from Atari Explorer Online will be shipping soon  according
 to Travis Guy, publisher of Atari Explorer Online.
 There are two videos. The first one focuses on the Jaguar and and the
 Atari booth at the recent Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los
 Angeles. This 3-day event has become the industry's largest show of
 its kind in the U.S. and is open only to members of the press and the
 industry. The second tape offers an overview of the entire show with
 less emphasis of the Atari booth and what's new for the Jaguar.
 Travis has forwarded to me the contents of the Jaguar/Atari booth
 tape. I thought I'd share it with all of you. By the way, there are
 copies still available if you have not yet placed your order. For
 information on ordering send E-Mail to:
                      AEO at E3 video Contents
   TIME  EVENT                    TIME     EVENT
   ----  --------------------     -------  ---------------------
   0:28  Opening Credits            52:25  Ultra Vortex
   0:35  Cool Jaguar Logo                  6 button controller
   0:54  E3 Billboards/exts         56:50  SkyHammer
   1:45  New Commercial             59:09  Power Drive Rally
   2:16  Atari Booth              1:00:55  Ruiner
   2:43  Rayman                   1:03:29  4 Play Interview
   5:23  Soulstar                 1:08:28  Battlesphere
   7:15  Atari Booth              1:11:45  ICD/Tom Harker
   7:29  Dean Fox Interview       1:14:32  Kasumi Ninja Spot
  11:45  Jaguar VR                1:14:53  Thea Real Fighter/CD
  12:39  Virtuality Interview     1:15:19  The TRF Actors
  17:31  White Men Can't Jump     1:15:32  Thea Realm Fighters
  20:20  Doom Commercial          1:16:49  Blue Lightening
  20:52  Aircars                  1:19:23  Primal Rage
  23:11  Shut Up and Jam          1:20:34  Teacher Spot
  24:24  Francois Bertrand        1:21:05  Hyper Force
  24:31  Fight For Life           1:23:04  C-West Interview
  28:11  Nerf Max Force           1:25:05  Creature Shock
  29:40  MYST                     1:27:12  Brett Hull Hockey
  31:04  Tempest 2000 Spot        1:30:43  Vid Grid
  31:35  Jeff Minter Interview    1:31:47  Alien v Predator Spot
  37:29  Defender 2000            1:32:19  CD?
  41:39  Baldies                  1:32:45  Battlemorph
  42:48  Iron Soldier Spot        1:35:47  Deathmatch
  43:05  Varuna's Forces         1:37:50  Hyper Image Interview
  46:17  Pinball Fantasies        1:47:40  Hover Hunter
  48:34  Flip Out                 1:50:05  Lap Cat Pro Joystick
  50:01  Beyond Games Interview   1:51:45  VLM/End Credits

 > STR Mail Call          "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag


                     Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 Feedback from the Internet mailing list and STReport WWW page:

 >      Thanks for your interest in STReport!  We'd be happy to add you
 >to our weekly mailing list - look for your first issue to arrive in
 >your mailing list on Friday evening, or Saturday morning.

 Great. Also just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I enjoy reading
 the Atari news you put together each week for STR. I was an ST user for
 over 6 years but had to conform to the PC world, but I still like to
 keep tabs on the Atari and wish that it would become a contender once
 again. I also work in the research department for Microplay Video Game
 Stores head office (over 100 stores now, mostly in Canada but over a
 dozen in the US with 300 planned for this year through out the USA) and
 find all the jag info you provide a great asset.

 Best wishes for '95...


 I just wanted to tell your staff to keep up the excellent work they
 have been doing!  I look forward to reading the latest issue each
 weekend, and the mag is incredibly well done.  I usually mostly pay
 attention to the Atari/Jaguar section which is the greatest source of
 Jaguar information ANYWHERE; even beating AEO and the Jaguar Journal.
 One question, though.  Whatever happened to the rest of the Kasumi
 Ninja codes from Atari? Once again, thank you for being one of the
 greatest publications out there.

 -Matthew G. Kaplan

 P.S.  The Edgar Allen Poe with a Computer poem was HILARIOUS.
 Excuse any spelling errors in this letter, as I am in a rush.

 Hukt un fonix workt furr mee! 

 [Editor's note:  We just happen to have an assortment of Kasumi Ninja
 codes that you might be interested in seeing!  I'll see what we can do
 to provide these soon, along with a number of other, as yet,
 unpublished codes - I have been remiss in that department lately.]

 Hello Everybody,
 Just to let you know I've just downloaded ST1121 from your Web page for
 the first time.  I've been down loading your newsletter since my Delphi
 days, which was about a year ago.  I since have joined a local provider
 to the Internet and have been on the 'Emailing List'.  It was fun
 getting the Reports but at first a little confusing to get it so it was
 readable; decoding & unzipping.  The Web page makes it so much easier. 
 I enjoy your up to the minute news and your editorials.  Good luck in
 the future. 


 > Cannon Fodder STR Review

 STReport Jaguar Game Review: Cannon Fodder

      -= Available Now =-
      Developed by: Sensible Software
      Published by: Virgin
      Sugg. Retail Price: $59.95
      Ease of Play: Average/Intermediate

 by Marty Mankins

 War is never pretty.  The destroying of lives all in the name of survival
 is something that a lot of us have a hard time dealing with.  But, in a
 simulated format, it can be interesting and challenging.  In fact, all of
 your hatred for war can be vented in anger with such a simulator.  And
 what better vehicle than a game like Cannon Fodder.  This war game is one
 tough challenge once you get playing and you find that you will not mind
 shooting the bad guys in the name of saving all of your recruits.

 For such an intricate game, Cannon Fodder is surprisingly easy to play. 
 It does a few games to get the hand of the movements, as it's not as
 simple as moving your men around with the cursor pad.  What you do is move
 the pointer to where you want to move your men and then press 'C'.  To
 fire, point the cursor in the direction of where the bullets need to go
 and press 'B'.  Once you start moving your men you cannot stop the
 operation, but you can change their course.  So this means if you wanted
 to go shorter but told your men to go further, just move the pointer to
 the new location and hit 'C'.  If you have access to grenades or bazooka
 guns, then you need to press and hold 'B' and then hit 'C'.  You can tell
 if you have these extra firepower devices by looking in the upper left 
 hand corner.

 You have 24 missions to complete to win the overall war.  In these
 missions, there may be multiple phases, which add extra levels of
 difficulty to the whole process.  Your goal in most missions is to wipe
 out the enemy and their buildings.  Once this is done, you will move past
 the phase and/or mission.  At the end of each mission, you will get a
 chance to gain more recruits.  Each mission and phase, you get so many men
 to fight your battle.  Sometimes it's 2 or 3, sometimes you get 4 or 5. 
 Being able to survive with at least one soldier at the end of the phase
 and completing your assignment, will move you to the next phase or
 mission.  If you lost some men during a phase, you will get more, as long
 as you have enough recruits to pull from.  Once you are out of recruits,
 the game is over.  You can save your game at the end of each mission, so
 for those times when you don't have the time to play, you can come back to
 it later (giving you time to think of ways to finish the next mission).

 As mentioned above, game play is very easy.  It's much easier than other
 games which seemed easy to play, but became harder the longer you played. 
 Saying that game play is easy is not the same as saying the game is easy
 to play.  This is one tough game, giving you hours of frustration and
 satisfaction in attempting to wipe out the enemy.  The longer you play,
 the better you get at using the controls.  But, when you are surrounded by
 enemies, you need to really take care in moving your men out of the way
 (from grenades, bullets or bazooka rounds) and using your own firepower 
 to take them out.  Turning corners takes practice when an enemy is on the
 other side, as does moving around to avoid getting hit, as mentioned

 Each mission is based on a certain part of the war zone.  You have
 jungles, icy terrain and various other outdoors conditions that may help
 or hinder your fight.  You can go through water, but you cannot fire your
 guns until you are close to land again.  The enemy has the same
 limitations (thank goodness).  The ability to fire at men in the water
 also applies to both parties.  Another disadvantage about being in the
 water is that you move slower than you do on land, so cross at a point
 where the width of the water is not so wide.  Sometimes you don't have
 that option, so do the best you can to get in and out of the wet stuff.

 In icy conditions, you don't have the traction at the edges of the cliffs,
 so be careful not to go down until you have taken care of the enemies. 
 There is always a way to get back up, but it may not be the closest route. 
 Another hazard to avoid in the quicksand.  You won't get out too easily,
 so you must move around it.  To see a map of your phase to complete, you
 press '0' on the keypad.  This helps you plan out your attacks, but don't
 stay in there too long, as the enemy can fire at you without you looking.

 As noted in my rating below, the controls were my least favorite, even
 though they were easy to learn.  It adds just a bit more complexity than
 one would expect.  Perhaps this is due to the guns and positioning, but it
 is a bit bothersome.  The graphics needed to be a bit tighter.  For a game 
 that is supposed to be 64-bit, I found it was somewhere between 16 and
 32-bit.  Being able to save a game while in pause mode would have been

 Cannon Fodder is one game that is very entertaining and providing hours of
 play.  It will take some time before a lot of us gamers are going to beat
 all 24 missions (maybe some have already, but I am not aware of anyone). 
 As for the ratings I gave, the graphics were good, but could have been a 
 bit tighter for the smaller characters.  Sound was ok, but nothing
 spectacular. The overall game control was good, and it's not that hard to
 learn, but I prefer moving the men around without the extra button
 pushing.  The manual provided good information, but could have had more
 info.  And the entertainment value is very good, making it just difficult
 enough to keep playing.

                          Graphics:      7.0
                     Sound FX/Music:     6.0
                          Control:       6.5
                          Manual:        7.0
                     Entertainment:      7.5
                     Reviewer's Overall: 7.0


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando

      Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Yep, it's that time of the week
 again.  I've got to tell you that things are slowing down in the Atari
 world...  I hope that it's only because lots of folks are like me and just
 can't seem to find the time to do all the things that they want to do...
 yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my... well, you get the idea.

      Luckily, there are still lots of things to talk about right here on
 CompuServe, so let's take a look...

 From the Atari Productivity Forums

 On the subject of MagiCMAC, the Atari ST emulator for the Apple
 Macintosh, Richard Brown tells us that...

   "MagiCMac is available from:
   Toad Computers
   556 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.
   Severna Park, MD  21146-3818
   Toll Free: 800-448-8623
   I received my copy from Toad this past week. To be frank, it is the
   best thing to ever hit the Atari scene! My company's programming
   department is already at work on MagiCMac specific utilities and new
   programs that will put MagiCMac and the Atari OS back on the map. The
   main thing you notice about MagiCMac is that it points out with
   extraordinary clarity what a pathetic state the Mac OS is in: if you
   feel the "need for speed," you'll run your Mac AS AN ATARI forever!  We
   are not talking subtle speed increases, folks. Basic disk operations
   are up to HUNDREDS of times faster than the Mac's sorry attempt in
   several important areas.
   The multitasking is for REAL. The speed, on a PowerBook 145B (ONLY a
   25Mhz 68030) is TWO TIMES faster than a stock Atari TT030, which, due
   the streamlined Atari OS, "feels" VERY Macintosh "PPC-ish." With the
   forthcoming NVDI acceleration for MagiCMac, it should prove even more
   amazing. Tests on the PowerBook 540 to be performed shortly. The basic
   "FEEL" of MagiCMac is about 10-15x the speed of ANYTHING Mac.
   PageStream flies. That's Write (a programmable, PostScript printing WP
   that kills all Mac WP's for speed) also flies. LDW Power, a Lotus
   compatible spreadsheet, works perfecto. Marcel, yet another WP, ditto.
   Scribe... ditto.  Calamus DTP...ditto. etc. ad infinitum.
   For the Mac prgs that Atari CANNOT emulate, remember, you can
   SIMULTANEOUSLY multitask in BOTH operating systems. This means, you
   leave the PhotoShop work to the Mac, but use the files in PGS or
   Calamus on the Atari for SPEED. Both the Mac and the MagiCMac (Atari
   side) can read each other's files, with the exception that MagiC Mac
   can read MORE formats: Atari, IBM, AND Mac (the Mac reads only IBM and
   Mac formats).
   I have tested Syquest external drives, CD-ROM external drives and
   internal Mac hard drives with 100% success. Windows CD? No Problem. Mac
   CD? No problem.  Atari CD? No problem. Ditto for Mac, IBM, and Atari
   (all standard format only) floppies. That's right,the Atari is happy
   with all the OS formats.
   For slower Macs (all 68030's and most 68040's), the molasses in winter
   feel is banished with MagiCMac. Pathetic performance is banished. SPEED
   One problem, the inappropriate keyboard map of MagiCMac regarding
   PowerBook use, has been solved by my programmer (who is now whipping up
   a full blown, mouse-based keyboard editor for MagiCMac) and the file
   you need (MAGICKEY.ZIP) is right here in the ACC/Setup library! Full
   explanatory README included in the archive.

 Dante Viotti posts:

   "I have an Atari 1040ST Computer with a Tandy external 2400 bps Modem.
   CompuServe is offering 3 hours per month access to Internet free. From
   what I understand the software they offer to access Internet is for
   IBM, MacIntosh or a hybrid of both. They also adivise me to use a 9600
   baud rate.  Will you please advise me how I can access the Internet
   using the Atari hardware and Tandy modem described above."

 The Big Kahuna himself, Head Sysop Ron Luks, tells Dante:

   "You can access only the Internet News Groups with that hardware.  AT
   2400 baud, even those will be painfully slow.  The exciting part of the
   Internet that everyone is talking about (with the graphics and newest
   material) is called the World Wide Web (WWW).  Unfortunately, 2400 baud
   is way too slow (you need at LEAST 9600 baud access, and 28,800 baud is
   preferred) and you need a computer that has software called a Web
   Browser.  There is no Web browser for the Atari (That I'm aware of) and
   I know for a fact that CompuServe will not be writing any."

 Carl Barron tells Ron:

   "Your remarks about baud rate and web viewing are right on the mark.
   There alledgedly is a lynx viewer under development for the atari
   line. Not by CIS, and since the internet here is so CIM-ONLY, it will
   not help atari users use CIS as an internet connection."

 Michel Vanhamme tells Carl that that is...

   "Not true anymore. Since CIS provides PPP connection to the Internet,
   one can use any software that offers PPP. But, as far as the Atari is
   concerned, the only software I know of is NOS, which doesn't offer WWW
   (yet), is text only, is a pain to configure and quite
   user-unfriendly... But it does FTP, Telnet, Usenet etc. without
   problems. I use it regularly here on CIS, and so do others (or is
   Christian the only other one? <g>).
   I've seen, in other forums, users of other platforms stick to their
   favorite (non-CIM) software to do WWW as well."

 Our own Editor-in-Chief, Ralph Mariano, adds his experiences to the mix:

   "Hold on a moment... CIS Internet access is PPP not CIM-ONLY.  If one
   calls the CISnet number, and hits it with the right DNS address, its
   PURE PPP. That's Internet at its fullest with absolutely no leanings
   toward CIM wares in any way whatsoever. CompuServe has gone the extra
   mile in providing REAL Internet access.   From my desktop, I use a
   plain vanilla dialer that's part of the desktop, a hand written script
   in RoBoDun, a script handler, that sends my Compuserve ID and password
   and immediately calls the PPP mode and into the Internet I go.  I do
   not use any CIM at all.  Once I'm logged in and connected to the PPP
   node,  I then boot Netscape32 1.1n and it handshakes in on the TCP/IP
   stack and away I go to the WEB or any where else I care to go or do.
   Including full FTP activities.  No CIM-WAREs anywhere."

 Sysop Ron Luks clarifies:

   "CIS has a PPP connection, so you can use any software you like to
   connect to the WWW via a local CompuServe node."

 Carl Barron tells Ron, Ralph and Mike:

   "OK now to find some PPP software.  NOS is a start but there must be
   PPP at, etc. Will look shortly.  Lynx  is being ported,
   that I have heard from fairly reliable sources.  I am glad that
   CIM-ONLY is not true!!!!"

 Steve Royall asks for help:

   "My brother uses an Atari system for music composition and games.  I
   was wondering if there was any way for me to download files from the
   libraries onto my 386 PC and enable him to use them?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Steve:

   "No problem at all.  Format a 720K disk on your PC and download files
   to your PC and then use the flopyy to move files between both systems."

 Sysop bob Retelle tells Steve:

   "Just to expand a little on Albert's answer...
   The ST and PC share almost exactly the same floppy disk format, so you
   can download files to your PC from CompuServe, then transfer them to
   your brother's ST using a 3.5" floppy disk.
   The only problem is that the ST will not read a 1.44 Meg High Density
   diskette, so you have to format the disk as 720K.  (You don't actually
   have to dig up a true low density disk.. you can format a 1.44 Meg disk
   as 720K and it will work.)
   For the best compatibility, it's best to format the disk on the PC."

 Glenn ??? posts:

   "My son just got a Mac and we need to convert many ST Writer files to
   MacWrite.  Could someone point me in the right direction. I'd be most
   grateful as I have no idea how to do this. (I assume it is "do able")"

 Albert Dayes tells Glenn:

   "The latter versions of ST Writer (version 4.8) can save files in
   ascii format.  The easiest way would be to format a 720K floppy on the
   MAC using the Apple File Exchange (to make an MS-DOS compatible) and
   then copy the ST Writer files to it.  The ST Writer files would be
   saved to ascii first of course."

 In response to a question about Branch Always' GEMulator, an ST emulator
 for PCs, Sysop Bob Retelle posts:

   "The info I've got on the new GEMulator 4.0 software indicates that it
   does indeed now support MIDI...

   Among other interesting thing are support for multiple serial ports and
   printers, direct access to ALL hard drive partitions from ST
   applications (so you can load say, clip art, from a PC partition into
   an ST application, and manipulate PC files and directories with the ST
   GEM desktop.), CD-ROM support, higher resolutions, and ability to work
   with compressed PC hard drive volumes like Stacker and DoubleSpace.
   Joysticks and sound boards are supported too...

   Sounds pretty good..!"

 Peter Joseph tells Bob:

   "That does sound good.  Of course, the one remaining unanswered
   question (and probably the most disheartening) was regarding support
   for the SLM804.  MIDI's important too; although I have a kick-a@# GM
   sound card in the PC, I already have some kick-a@# MIDI software for
   the ST.  I don't know, though.  Gemulator or not, I'm not sure if I
   could really give my ST up for adoption at this point; we've been
   through so much together.  BTW, what's the price for the Gemulator 4.0
   these days and where can it be purchased? :-)"

   P.S.  Come to think of it, even support for the SLM isn't all -that-
         important.  If I got a Gemulator, I'd probably be dumping the SLM
         anyway, in favor of a newer (read- supported) laser or deskjet."

 Hal Joseph tells Peter:

   "Over the years I've owned 15 or 20 ST's. (My wife says I have a soft
   spot in my head for Atari's) When I moved on to PC's and Mac's I kept
   one ST'e for MIDI.  Both the PC and Mac midi files just don't sound as
   good.  The timing isn't as good. You can record one track, play it back
   while you record another one and the software on both machines makes
   the tracks sound mechanical.  My guess is only Atari has the midi ports
   on the mother board and has the interupts set high enough to make true
   bidirectional midi possible. The other machines use serial cards that
   just don't transmit and receive at exactly the same time.  I don't know
   for sure so don't anybody start a flame war.  But files i create on my
   ST sound better when later played on the clone or Mac.  Any ideas

 Jean-Paul Paquette tells us that he's...

   "...pulling my ST 520 out of the closet and selling my PC.  The ST
   keeps on telling me that there are 0 bytes in 0 files when I go to open
   the A and B drive.  I have 3 questions that I would like to ask about
   1.  Where can I find a service manual for the ST and parts if needed?
   2. What is the best deal in multimeters (since I want to do electronic
      stuff anyway)?
   3. Does this problem usually have something to do with a chip in the
      ST or is it the drive? I think I     had this problem before and
      they replaced a chip in the ST that controlled the drive.
   I would greatly appreciate anyone who could anwser these questions or
   direct me to a place near western Ma. where I could find parts and

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Jean-Paul:

   "It's possible the chips on your 520's motherboard will need to be
   "reseated" in their sockets...  after a long period of storage there
   may be oxidation on the pins, or the chips may have actually loosened
   in the sockets.
   If you open up the case and remove the metal RF shield under the
   keyboard, you'll be able to press the socketed chips down into their
   sockets.  Use a firm pressure, but be gentle.  You should hear a
   "crunch" as the chips seat firmly down into the socket.
   Do this with all the chips in sockets.. there should be six relatively
   large chips along the lefthand edge of the board (the TOS ROMs), and a
   few scattered across the middle section of the board.  The square ones
   in the middle (the MMU and GLUE chips) will probably have a metal clip
   holding them down.. be especially gentle with these, but press them
   firmly down in the middle.
   There is one more chip under the small metal RF shielded box on the
   right side of the motherboard (the video shifter chip) which you can
   reseat after popping the top off the metal box.
   The actual floppy disk controller chip is usually soldered down to the
   board, but if you've already had it replaced it may be in a socket
   along the top lefthand edge of the motherboard.
   Inspect the floppy drive connector on the motherboard to be sure it
   hasn't become loose on the board, and check all the cables for bent
   As for parts and service, you can contact Toad Computers in Maryland
   at:  (800)-448-8623 (unfortunately I don't know of any active Atari
   dealers in Mass.), or call Best Electronics for a copy of their Atari
   parts catalog at:  (408)-243-6950.
   We use Fluke multimeters at work, but they're pretty expensive.. I
   recently bought a pretty nice auto-ranging digital multimeter at Radio
   Shack that wasn't too bad.. about $49 I think...  (saved me from buying
   a new stove..! Turned out it was one side of the circuit breaker that
   was bad, and the new meter found it in 10 seconds..)"

 Robert Bell tells us:

   "I am having a problem with Michtron BBS 3.0.  I just bought it a
   month ago a ago.  It is on my hard drive.  I can get the maintenance
   program to run. I then run the BBS, press the F1 key.  i get through
   all the questions to the zip code.  The program waits a minute or two.
   Part of the time I get a message "Sorry, I don't have room on the disk
   to save you".  I get this message even though there is over 10 meg in
   the partition the program is saved.  I then get two bombs , the last
   line is "Today is" and the computer locks.  Can you help me?"

 Our Atari Section Editor, Dana (Unka Dana) Jacobson, asks Robert:

   "Are you sure that you have the system files configured to a partition
   that has plenty of space?  MBBS is a solid program and doesn't come up
   with those kinds of error messages unless there's a reason.  I've been
   running MBBS for 8+ years!!
   Have you tried to create an account for yourself via the Maintenance
   program itself?  There is a section with the Maintenance program to
   configure and save the system files.  You may have left that as the
   default, which is likely the drive A or C partition."

 Udo Heinold asks:

   "Is it possible to exchange data between atari portfolio and apple
   macintosh via parallel interface... especially an apple IIe."

 Lars Aschenbach tells Udo:

   "[Look in] the Lib's. There many programms to exchange between PoFo and

 Marty Mankins tells Udo:

   "You will need to get a serial interface and a program called XTerm 2.
   Then on the Macintosh, you will need a terminal emulation program.  You
   then connect directly and can transfer files to and from the

 Well folks, that's about it.  Tune in again next week, same time, same
 station, and be ready to listen to what they are saying when...

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