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                              Table of Contents
* From the Editors ................................ Baby, it's cold outside.
* Third Annual AEO Readers' Survey ................ Seeking to increase the
                                                       outstanding response.
* Rare Gems .......................................... Quotes worth quoting.
* Building Atari ........................... An interview with Laury Scott,
                                              the man in charge of building
                                                           Atari's products.
* Jaguar Tackboard ................. Jaguar Development List - Iron Soldier
                                     and Zool 2 cheats - New Promotion from
                                       Atari - New GEnie Jaguar area - Send
                                       EMail to GamePro - Offers from Atari.
* Cuppa with the Dooz .................. ECTS is brewing, along with Core's
                                           SoulStar - A magic carpet ride -
                                           Dooz's views on Syndicate, Theme
                                              Park, Tempest 2000 Soundtrack.
* Surfing the Jagged Edge ............. Yak on Phear - Hover Head Hunting -
                                          Yak on Defender 2000 - Tiny Toons
                                                Tidbits - More BattleSphere!
* Cannon Fodder .................. War's "Never been so much fun" according
                                      to this new Jag title. Travis reviews.
* Pinball Fantasies ................. Flippers ready! Plungers are Go! Mark
                                      answers the question, "Does this game
                                                  rate a 'Hit' or a 'Tilt'?"
* Ultra Vortex FAQ ...................... Beyond Games' fighter takes form;
                                           check out what's what, from them.
* Developing News ........................ ACE' 95
                                           The Ultimate Virus Killer Book
                                           Toad Computers Internet Services
                                           More CDs from It's All Relative
* Shutdown ............................. Around the world and up your block.
  |||  From the Editors ........... Atari Explorer Online: Jaguar Voyagers
  |||  Travis Guy
 / | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG   Delphi: AEO_MAG   Internet:
It's not record cold, but this recent chilly wave here in the eastern
US has managed to knock out three seperate Atari computer articles I
had planned to have for this issue. For those of you who read AEO for
its Atari computer content, my apologies, and I hope to have everyone
back online next go around.
So it's primarily a Jaguar issue. What's up? Well, to start off with,
on the heels of last issue's interview with Jaguar designer John
Mathieson, Atari's Laury Scott agreed to a chat. For those of you who
haven't heard of Mr. Scott, he is Atari's Vice President in charge of
Manufacturing and Operations, and he shares some of his insights on
how things get built the Atari way. I hope you enjoy the read.
After the Jaguar Tackboard (Unlimited cruise missiles in Iron Soldier?
Yes! :), Dimitri and Dooz cover the online and the behind-the-scenes
UK Jaguar front in their news columns. Check out the latest on
SoulStar, Defender 2000, BattleSphere and... you won't believe me
until you read it for yourself. (Looks like the Jaguar might have yet
another special genie on its side.)
Two Jaguar EPROM reviews are our side orders for the day. The next
game due out (next week) Cannon Fodder, and Pinball Fantasies are up
for examination. Mark Santora jams the tables for you, and some old
country boy gets out-Ramboed.
Closing out the issue is the December FAQ from Beyond Games on their
fighting cart Ultra Vortex, and TOS development news. I'm told that
there's going to be quite an Atari software show in Toronto on April
1. (No "Pong 2001" jokes here.) Details may be found there. Attend if
you can; likewise, the SALSA show in San Antonio has always been a
worthwhile gathering.
Take care everyone. Stay warm, if it's cold outside. Stay dry and
safe if it's too rainy. We'll see you back here in a few.
  |||   The Third Annual AEO Readers' Survey - Take Two
  |||   By: AEO Magazine
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I'm stunned! AEO's received many more responses to this survey than we
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(Keep it going, people.) Survey responses from these sites are just
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  |||   Rare Gems
  |||   Compiled by: David A. Wright
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  |||   Laury Scott: Building Atari
  |||   Interview by: Travis Guy
 / | \  GEnie: AEO.MAG    Delphi: AEO_MAG
Basking in the glow of the recent 49ers Super Bowl victory, Atari's
Laury Scott was an exceptionally happy man this week. Charged with
overseeing the building of Atari products, his is a job that goes
unseen by the buying public. Yet, his keen business sense is
responsible for bringing Atari's ideas into the physical realm for
all of us to enjoy. He eagerly agreed to an interview with AEO.
[] AEO: Could you tell us where you grew up and attended school?
Laury Scott: This could take a long time. I was born in San Francisco
(a real native). My parents moved around a lot when I was young. By
the time I was eleven, I had lived in San Francisco, Honolulu and
Tokyo. At twelve, we ended up in Marin County (across the Golden Gate
Bridge from SF) and I lived there through high school. I went to the
University of Southern California and graduated with a BSc majoring in
International business. After graduation I went to Europe and spent a
year selling audio products (radios, stereos, etc.) to importers
I then came back to the US and went back to USC and got a MBA. After
graduating, I moved to SF and worked for the Bank of America for about
a year and a half. I then moved back to Europe and lived in Germany
and then London. Again, I was selling audio products, then in 1973 the
company I was working for added calculators (from Litronix) to their
line. In 1974 we had calculators made for us in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
[] AEO: Where else did you work in the industry before joining Atari?
Laury Scott: In 1975 we decided to open a factory in Hong Kong to make
our own calculators and I moved to Hong Kong and learned manufacturing.
We opened the factory in 1975 and by the end of 1975 we started to
supply Radio Shack. In 1976 we started a new product line - video
games. In 1977 we designed and built product for Magnavox, KMart,
Montgomery Wards and also for a number of companies in Europe. These
early games were simple Pong type games.
In 1979 we started building Intellivision for Mattel. We built these
for them until 1983/4 when Mattel got out of the business. We were
also building printing calculators for Olivetti and others. In 1985 we
built an MS-DOS computer.
We built a range of different types of products through the balance of
the 1980's. We were still doing some video games for Europe and also
designed and built a number of products for Mattel - Captain Power,
Wheel of Fortune and the Power Glove.
The company I was working for was owned by an English Public Company,
and in early 1991 they got themselves into some financial
difficulties. So at the end of 1991 I moved back to the US. I did some
consulting for companies trying to get product sourced in the Far
East, and in September 1992 I was offered the job of Vice President,
Manufacturing/Operations at Atari.
[] How did you get your background in electronics/computers?
I began selling consumer electronic products and began picking up
information about the products I was selling. I am not an engineer, but
have learned a little here and there. In the early 1980's I was
interested in a new field - home computers - and bought myself a Sol
20 and learned how to use it.
[] What prompted you to enter the industry?
I guess I didn't really make a conscious decision to enter the
industry. In 1975 we were making calculators and buying a lot of chips
from General Instruments. In 1976 they introduced a video game chip
(four Pong type games + two target games) and it looked like a nice
product line. In 1977 we built just under a 1,000,000 of these games.
I think that computers just came as an offshoot of the game business.
We were building a lot of Intellivisions and in 1983 (I think) we
designed a Z80 based home computer (that also played games) and sold
it to Mattel. They marketed it as the Aquarius. In 1985 we built an
MS-DOS computer - the Polo. It was a great product but unfortunately
wasn't PC compatible.
[] Why did you join Atari?
I had known Sam Tramiel for a number of years and when he offered me
the job I thought that it would be something interesting. It has
proved to be interesting as well as challenging.
[] How did you come to meet Sam?
I became aware of Sam about 1973-74, in London. We didn't know each
other to start with. We knew of each other though, both of us being in
the electronics business. Coincidentally, we both had daughters born
there in London two weeks apart.
We met in Hong Kong in the late 70's, though a mutual friend who
worked for Commodore. He was running Commodore's operations in Hong
Kong, and when Sam came out on a visit, he introduced us. A year or so
later Sam moved there, and we got to know each other, although we
weren't doing business together.
[] Are you a video gamer? What games do you currently enjoy?
Yes I am a video gamer. I began with the Pong games and then the
dedicated Tank Battle and Evel Knievel type motorcycle game. Next came
Intellivision and I liked the sports titles - especially Football,
Burgertime, and I can't remember the name but you dueled with two
Because I was building for Mattel, I got samples of all their new
games and so didn't get an Atari 2600 until later. We quoted on the
Vectrex and so I had a sample of that as well. Again, I liked their
Football and Tank Battle games.
I currently own a Jaguar and have my Intellivision, 2600 and Vectrex
in boxes in the garage. I have played all the Jaguar titles but my
favorites are really Doom and Iron Soldier. I still play them
[] What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?
When I was living in Hong Kong I used to race a Porsche, and then
later a Corvette in Macau and Thailand. I do less racing now (only
one time last year) due to time constraints, but I also attend a
number of Open Track events. I still have my Corvette and also drive
and show a 1965 289 Cobra. I had it restored in 1990/91, and before
joining Atari had plenty of time to work on it.
My other hobbies are scuba diving and sport fishing, but I haven't had
time for either in the last year.
[] What do you feel that you have brought to Atari? (Or, how do you
   feel that you have changed Atari?)
I feel that I have brought order and organization into the Operations
area. I have also brought 20 years of Operations experience. My area
is now run in a more professional manner.
[] I'm impressed by the quality of the Jaguar unit. My console took a
   nasty spill a few months ago; a one meter fall onto a hardwood
   floor. I was sure that it was somehow damaged, but it played fine,
   and the case carried no sign of the fall - no scratch, crack or
Thank you! We designed Jaguar to be quite a robust unit realizing
that it would be dropped, stepped on, etc. We are glad that your unit
is still working fine but wouldn't suggest that you make a habit out
of dropping it. <g>
[] I'll certainly try not to. <g> What did you do at Atari before
assuming your present role?
I joined Atari in October 1993 as Vice President, Manufacturing/
Operations. I have managed the Operations side of the business since
then. In December 1994, I was also assigned responsibility for the
Engineering Department.
[] Your title sounds like you are responsible for a lot. What are your
   day to day responsibilities?
I am responsible for Purchasing, Materials, Manufacturing, Quality and
Engineering. In simple terms, I am responsible for new products from
the design stage through to manufacturing and then maintenance of that
product as long as it remains in manufacture.
[] Can you offer us a glimpse of =how= something gets built by Atari?
   Let's say that a decision is made by The Powers That Be to sell an
   Atari Electronic Widget. What all would go into getting that built?
Perhaps Controller 2 would be a good example to use. Once I got word
from the PTB, I organized a small "task force" to define the product.
This task force consisted of members from Software, Engineering,
Manufacturing and Developer Support. This group set out a detailed
description of how the product should work, look and feel. From this
description, or Product Specification, renderings were made up and the
group settled on the cosmetic design.
At this point a Product Manager takes the Product Specification and
works with vendors to arrange for tooling of the plastic housing and
design of the internal electronics. Once tooling is complete, a
Contract Manufacturer will produce a pilot run of several hundred
pieces which will be tested by our Quality and Engineering departments
as well as play tested by our Software Test Group. After several
weeks, input from all these departments will be studied and any
changes necessary will be made to the Controller.
At that point it will be put into mass production.
[] What's been your biggest success, project-wise, at Atari?
   Conversely, What's been the hardest project to get done?
These are probably one and the same. Our Chairman, Jack Tramiel, told
me that he wanted to have the Jaguar manufactured in the United States
but that we had to be competitive with Far Eastern pricing. Finding a
high volume, reasonably priced manufacturer was extremely difficult. I
visited a number of different companies before we selected IBM.
[] The Atari ST computers were sold initially under the banner of
   "Power Without The Price". This slogan certainly applies to Jaguar
   as well. How does Atari manage to continue this? Is it company
   philosophy or just good luck?
I know both Jack and Sam Tramiel are firmly committed to providing
consumers with full featured units at attractive prices. They are
willing to "put their money where their mouth is" and Atari has spent
large sums in development of the custom ASICs that are essential in
bringing complex products out at competitive prices. They have had the
foresight to hire great designers like John Mathieson. And they have
the ability to predict what others can not see.
[] Can you tell us what's on your plate at the moment?
A lot! <g>. You are aware of many of the projects such as Controller
2, the Integrated Jaguar with CD, the Voice Data Modem and the VR
helmet. In addition there are a number of other projects which I
cannot discuss here.
[] Early in the life cycle of Jaguar, Atari lengthened the cord on the
   controllers. (Thanks.) How quickly is Atari set up to respond to
   consumer complaints/requests like that?
I would hope that we can be very responsive to consumer complaints/
requests. A number of Atari's senior management are regular readers of
the CompuServe Atari Gaming forum and messages posted there do get our
attention. Atari employees are also active on other online services,
like GEnie, and Atari can be reached there as well.
[] Can we expect to see extension cords for the controllers?
I am not aware of any current plans for this item. If we were
working on it I would know.
[] In the early days of Atari, the company was well known for
   introducing many "exotic" controllers for its video games and
   computers. (Some were keypads, driving controllers, drawing pads,
   remote control joysticks.) Does Atari still see itself as that kind
   of company, or is the company focus such that these types of
   controllers will come from third parties only?
We have discussed some of these internally and will probably work on
some as our installed base grows. Any decision will be based on input
from our marketing group.
[] Do you have any interaction with Thrustmaster's (or other 3rd
   party) development of a driving array and flightstick (or other
   peripherals)?  If so, do you have any estimated times of release?
I am not involved personally with any of these projects. As they are
being developed by 3rd parties, any release dates will have to come
from them directly.
[] Are "consumer-ready" Jaguar CD units in existence?
Yes they are. We are just doing some tweaking now while we wait for
the software. A number of people have said that they would like to
have the CD-ROMs now realizing that they could only use it for VLM.
I personally feel that VLM alone is worth the price of the CD-ROM,
however I agree with our top management that we should not release
it until the software is ready to support it.
[] In speaking with Phylon on the Voice Data modem project, they have
   stated that their part in the design is done, and the project has
   been in Atari's hands for a while. Has Atari a projected release
   date and price for the Voice Data modem?
Their part of the design is not done and they are currently working on
it. We have not released a projected release date or price. As soon as
we do it will be announced.
[] It's been hinted that IBM is no longer the single manufacturer of
That is true. We started up Comptronix in Colorado Springs, as a
second manufacturer mid-1994. We will not release data on our
manufacturing numbers or locations.
[] You've solicited comments on a new Jaguar controller from online
   sources. Has Atari made a decision on this new controller? Can you
   share that decision with us?
I did ask online users for their comments and received a lot of
replies. A number of them had very useful comments/suggestions and
these have been incorporated into the new controller.
I do not know what we are going to call our new controller but I am
calling it internally just "Controller 2."
Controller 2 will look similar to the existing controller (but not
exactly the same) and will have a built-in numeric keypad. It will
have 6 "fire" buttons laid out in two rows of 3 where the current
A,B,C buttons are. Chording should be very easy using this new key
configuration. In addition there will be two buttons on the "front
edge" (where the cord currently comes out) easily pressed by your left
and right index fingers.
There will be a small half moon indentation on the front edge making
it easier to remove overlays.
Design on Controller 2 has already started and we will be bringing it
out as soon as we can. I cannot yet advise exactly when that will be.
We intend to pack it out with the new integrated Jaguar and also sell
it as an optional second controller.
[] Ah, the integrated Jaguar/CD. At WCES, there was a "prototype"
   all-in-one Jaguar and Jaguar CD that was shown briefly. It has been
   reported that this unit will ship this year.
There is an integrated (Jag + Jag CD) in development now. I cannot
comment on projected release dates.
[] What will this unit be called? Jaguar 2?
I do not know what it will be called. There is already a Jag 2 in
development as mentioned by John Mathieson and this is not it.
[] Why go to an all-in-one console?
There should be certain cost advantages in making an integrated unit.
[] Will current non-CD Jaguars continue to be built?
We will continue to make the current Jaguar and the current add on
[] With whispers of Jaguar 2 and Jaguar 3 already circulating, what
   would you say is the best incentive to buy a Jaguar now?
I think the real reason for buying now is that the Jaguar is a great
system and waiting until next year makes no sense whatsoever. We will
probably always have something new in development so anyone waiting
for the newest and latest will never buy anything. Use and enjoy your
Jaguar now.
[] We will! Thank you for your time and participation, Mr. Scott.
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  |||   Jaguar Tackboard
  |||   Confirmed information about Atari's Jaguar
 / | \  Compiled from online and official sources
 //// Independent Association of Jaguar Developers
The IAJD (Independent Association of Jaguar Developers) has started
accepting members on GEnie. The IAJD is a private group where
confidential discussions can be freely held. (Category 64 of the ST
RoundTable is the IAJD meeting place.) Consequently, membership in the
IAJD is limited to Jaguar developers who are registered with Atari
Corp. To apply for membership, send EMail to ENTRY$ on GEnie (or
<entry$> if you're not on GEnie). Regular EMail
correspondence with the IAJD should be sent to IAJD$ (again, or
<iajd$> if you're not on GEnie).
 //// Internet Jaguar Mailing List
Anyone with Internet EMail access can join the discussions on the
Jaguar mailing list. To "subscribe" to the list, send an EMail to
the following address: <>
Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the EMail, include this
             subscribe jaguar-l FirstName LastName
(Where "FirstName" is your first name and "LastName" is your last
To send mail to be read on the Jaguar list, address your letter to:
<>. It will go to the list server and be
sent to the over 250 readers of the list.
IMPORTANT: If your mail server charges you by the character or by the
letter, please be aware that the Jaguar list can generate dozens, and
up to a hundred EMails in a day.
 //// Jaguar FAQ
Robert Jung <> maintains the Jaguar FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions) file, an updated list of Jaguar specs and facts.  The
Jaguar FAQ is posted to on Usenet around the
first of every month, and can also be found via FTP, address:, in Andy Eddy's /pub/vidgames/faqs directory.
 //// AEO Development List 2.02
/// Editor: The following list of game titles has been confirmed to
the best of AEO's ability as of February 4, 1995. Entries in the
"S"tatus column reflect any "e"rrors, "u"pdates, "n"ew titles, or
"?"uestionable listings since the last AEO list. Entries in the
"M"edia column reflect whether the title is "C"D-ROM or "H"ardware.
(Blank entries are assumed to be cartridge software.)
ETA dates are dates that have been provided by the developer. AMMV.
 //// Titles in Development
S M Title                            ETA    Company             Publisher
""" """""                            """    """""""             """""""""
    AirCars                           ?     MidNite             MidNite
    Arena Football League           Q1/95   V Real Productions  V Real
  C Artemis                         Mid96   Springer Spaniel    Springer
  C BIOS Fear                         -     All Systems Go
  C Baldy                           Q2/95   Atari               Atari
    Batman Forever                  Q3/95   Atari               Atari
  C Battlemorph                     Q1/95   Attention to Detail Atari
    Battlesphere                    Q2/95   4Play
    Battlewheels                    1995    Beyond Games        Beyond Games
u C Black Ice/White Noise             -     Atari               Atari
      (was Chaos Agenda)
  C Blue Lightning                  Q1/95   Attention to Detail Atari
  C Brett Hull Hockey               Q2/95                       Atari
    Burn Out                        Q2/95   Virtual Xperience   Atari
u   Cannon Fodder                    2/95*7*Virgin Interactive  C. West
    Casino Royale                    4/95   Telegames           Telegames
  H Cat Box                         PRODU   Black Cat Design
  C CD League Bowling               Q2/95   V-Real Productions
    Center Court Tennis               ?     Zeppelin Games
    Charles Barkley Basketball      Q2/95                       Atari
    Commando                          ?     Microids
    Conan                             ?
  C Creature Shock                  Q2/95   Argonaut Software   Virgin
    'Dactyl Joust                   Q1/95   High Voltage        Atari
u   Defender 2000                    8/95   LlamaSoft           Atari
  C Demolition Man                  Q1/95   Virgin Interactive  Atari
    Dino Dudes 2                      ?     Imagitec Design     Atari
    Double Dragon V                 Q1/95   Williams Enter.     Williams
  C Dragon's Lair                   Q1/95   ReadySoft           ReadySoft
    Droppings                         ?     Delta Music Systems
    Dungeon Depths                    ?     MidNite
?   Evidence                          ?     Microids
    F1 Racer                          -     Domark Group Ltd.
    Fight For Life                  Q1/95   Atari               Atari
    Flashback                        2/95   Tiertex Ltd.        U.S. Gold
  C Freelancer 2120                   -     Imagitec Design     Atari
    Galactic Gladiators               ?     Photosurrealism
    Hardball 3                       7/95   Atari               Atari
  C Highlander                      Q1/95   Atari               Atari
  C Highlander II                     -     Atari               Atari
  C Highlander III                    -     Atari               Atari
    Horrorscope                     Q2/95   V-Real Productions
  C Hosenose and Booger               ?     All Systems Go
    Hover Hunter                    Q2/95   Hyper Image         Hyper Image
    Hover Strike                    Q1/95   Atari               Atari
u   Hyper Force                     Q1/95   Visual Impact
    Indiana Jags                      -     Virtual Xperience
    International Sensible Soccer    2/95   Williams Brothers   Telegames
u C Jack Nicholas Cyber Golf          ?     Hand Made Software  Atari
    James Pond 3                    Q2/95                       Telegames
?   Kick Off 3                        ?     Anco Software Ltd.
    Legions of the Undead           Q2/95   Rebellion Software  Atari
?   Lester the Unlikely               ?     DTMC
n C Litil Divil                       -     Bullfrog
  C Lobo                             1995   Ocean Software Ltd.
n C Magic Carpet                      -     Bullfrog
    Mad Dog McCree                    ?     American Laser Games
?   Mountain Sports                   ?     DTMC
  H MPEG                              -     Atari               Atari
    Nanoterror                        ?     Delta Music Systems
    Nerves of Steel                   ?     Rainmaker Software
? C Neurodancer                       ?     PIXIS Interactive
    Phear                           Q1/95   H2O Design Corp.    Atari
u   Pinball Fantasies                4/95*8*Spider Soft         C-West
u   Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure    Q4/95   Activision
    Power Drive Rally                5/95   Rage Software       Time-Warner
    Powerslide                       1995                       Telegames
  C Primal Rage                     Q4/95   Time-Warner
    Rainbow Warrior                   ?     3D Games
    RayMan                           6/95   UBI Soft            UBI Soft
  C Redemption                      Q2/95   Atari               Atari
  C Return to Zork                    ?     Activision
    Rise of the Robots                -     Time-Warner
  C Robinson's Requiem              H2/95   Silmarils           Atari
    Ruiner                          Q2/95   High Voltage        Atari
u   Skyhammer                       Q2/95   Rebellion Software  Atari
    (Was Hammerhead)
    Soccer Kid                      Q1/95   Krisalis Software   Ocean
u C SoulStar                        Q2/95   Core Design         Atari
  C Space Ace                       Q2/95   ReadySoft           ReadySoft
    Space War 2000                  Q2/95                       Atari
    Super Off-Road                    ?                         Telegames
    Supercross 3D                    6/95                       Atari
    Syndicate                       Q1/95   Bullfrog            Ocean
  C Thea Realm Fighters             Q3/95   High Voltage        Atari
    Theme Park                      Q1/95   Bullfrog            Ocean
u   Tiny Toons Adventures           Q2/95   Telegames           Atari
    Troy Aikman NFL Football         2/95   Telegames           Williams
    Ultimate Brain Games             3/95                       Telegames
    Ultra Vortex                     1/95   Beyond Games        Beyond Games
    Valus Force                       ?     JVC
  C Varuna's Forces                  4/95   Accent Media
  C Vid Grid                        Q1/95   Atari               Atari
  H Video Jukebox                     ?     All Systems Go
    Virtual Warriors                  ?     Rainmaker Software
    Virtuoso                         1995                       Telegames
    Waterworld                        -     Ocean Software Ltd.
    White Men Can't Jump            Q1/95   High Voltage        Trimark
    Wild Cup Soccer                  1995                       Telegames
    World Class Cricket              4/95                       Telegames
?   World Cup                         ?     Anco Software Ltd.
    Zzyorxx II                        -     Virtual Xperience
 //// Unnamed Titles in Development
S M Title                            ETA    Company             Publisher
""" """""                            """    """""""             """""""""
  H  Jaguar / PC card                 ?     Sigma Designs       Sigma
     3D shooter                       ?     iThink
     Football                         -                         Atari
  H  IR controller station            -     All Systems Go
     Miniature Golf                   ?     DTMC
     RPG                              ?     Level 7 Software
     Racing                           -     Gremlin Graphics
     Soccer                           -     UBI Soft            UBI Soft
n    Wayne Gretzky Hockey title     Q4/95   Time-Warner         Time-Warner
 //// Current Releases
M Title                           Rated   Company             Publisher
" """""                          """""""  """""""             """""""""
  Alien vs. Predator                9     Rebellion           Atari
  Brutal Sports Football            7     Millenium/Teque     Telegames
  Bubsy                             6     Imagitec Design     Atri
  Checkered Flag                    5     Rebellion           Atari
  Club Drive                        7     Atari               Atari
  Crescent Galaxy                   3     Atari               Atari
  Cybermorph                        7     Attention to Detail Atari
  Doom                              9     id Software         Atari
  Dragon                            7     Virgin Interactive  Atari
  Evolution Dino-Dudes              6     Imagitec Design     Atari
  Iron Soldier                     10     Eclipse             Atari
  Kasumi Ninja                      8     Hand Made Software  Atari
  Raiden                            6     Imagitec Design     Atari
  Tempest 2000                     10     LlamaSoft           Atari
  Wolfenstein 3D                    8     id Software         Atari
  Val d'Isere Skiing...             5     Virtual Studio      Atari
  Zool 2                            7     Gremlin Graphics    Atari
Pts Stars  AEO Ratings
""" """""  """""""""""
 10 *****  GAMING NIRVANA!!! - You have left reality behind... for good.
  9 ****+  Unbelieveable GAME!! - Your family notices you're often absent.
  8 ****   Fantastic Game!! - You can't get enough playtime in on this.
  7 ***+   Great Game! - Something to show off to friends or 3DOers.
  6 ***    Good game - You find yourself playing this from time to time.
  5 **+    Ho-hum - If there's nothing else to do, you play this.
  4 **     Waste of time - Better to play this than play in traffic.
  3 *+     Sucks - Playing in traffic sounds like more fun.
  2 *      Sucks Badly - You'd rather face an IRS audit than play this.
  1 +      Forget it - ... but you can't; it's so badly done, it haunts you.
  0 -      Burn it - Disallow programmer from ever writing games again.
 //// Iron Soldier Cheat
[] Unlimited Ammo Cheat (The "CRATES" cheat)
At the Options screen, key in "2", "7", "2", "8", "3", "7". The
border of the screen will flash in acknowledgment. You will now have
an unlimited amount of ammo for any weapon your Iron Soldier carries.
("2-7-2-8-3-7" spells out "CRATES" on a telephone keypad.)
 //// Zool 2 Cheats
Key these codes in on the Option Screen. A cock's crow will confirm.
Bulberry Hill                  77749
Tooting Common                 88563
Snaking Pass                   33666
Mount Ices                     11968
Mental Blockage                91266
Bonus Rounds after each stage  31867
Infinite health (except walls) 11275
99 Lives                       31965
 //// New Promotion from Atari
(From Don Thomas)
Watch your retailer and popular gaming magazines for a hot new Jaguar
Qualified purchases of a complete Jaguar system made between January
31, 1995 and before May 3, 1995 qualify for not one, but TWO great
FREE bonuses by mail.
First, gamers may pick either Wolfenstein 3D or Tempest 2000 as a free
cartridge. Secondly, gamers wll also receive a free joypad controller
for two-player games.
This offer requires a legible and valid dated sales receipt of a
complete Jaguar game system, the UPC symbol from the outside of the
Jaguar box and the claim coupon. The in-store coupons and counter
displays are on their way now if not already in stores. Complete
details are available on the in-store coupons.
If you've been holding out on a Jaguar! Hold out no longer. Get a
great deal, PLUS be ready for the exciting release of the CD-ROM soon!
 //// New GEnie Jaguar Area
This from Darlah J. Potechin, Chief SysOp of the Atari RoundTables on
** New JAGUAR Area Announced! ** Type M475;1   <-- to get there
The Atari Roundtable on GEnie is proud to announce the expansion of
our Jaguar area. Demand outgrew the available space so a NEW Jaguar
area has now been created that will allow us to expand and grow and
better meet your future needs. This area will be more organized
specifically to deal with Atari's Jaguar and will subsequently have
plently more elbow room to handle the creative needs of our customers.
We hope this will be to your liking.
We are trying to make EVERY effort to avoid having you see old
messages as new which sometimes can occur during a move of this
magnitude. We cannot make any promises but we will do our best to
prevent this. We are, in fact, going through GREAT lengths to assure
this will not happen but still, there is Murphy's Law (sigh). So, we
ask that if you want to make sure you do not see any messages that
were moved, as new, enter the bulletin board and type this:
SET 39    <-- Sets to the Category
IGN 1-50  <-- Ignores older messages in Topics 1 through 50
SET 40    <-- Sets to the Category
IGN 1-50  <-- Ignores older messages in Topics 1 through 50
SET 43    <-- Sets to Category
IGN 1-50  <-- Ignores older messages in Topics 1 through 50
SET 44    <-- Sets to Category
IGN 1-50  <-- Ignores older messages in Topics 1 through 50
You will not need to set to Category 41 or 42 as there are not yet
messages in these Categories.
If you do not want to see a certain Category, log in to page 475 and
enter the bulletin board by selecting option #1. Then follow these
CANcel 43    <-- If you type this, you will never again see any new
                 messages in Category 43.
If you prefer to eliminate certain topics, without eliminating the
entire Category, and want to see the new topics that are created,
follow these instructions:
SET 43       <-- Typing this will take ou to the Category in which
                 you you want to eliminate certain topics.
IGN 1-8 PERM <-- Type this, for example, if you want to ignore topics
                 1 through 8 permenently or, leave the PERM off, which
                 then allows you to simply update your pointers,
                 eliminating the possibility of reading any old
                 messages at that time but still allowing you to see
                 any new messages in the future that are posted to
                 these areas.
** PLEASE see BB.HLP file #11984 found in the software library for
more detail on how you can get the most out of the bulletin board with
the commands available to you.
Here's is where you will find your NEW topics. If you use Aladdin,
update your topics by selecting your Roundtable menu and then
selecting the "Update Topic" menu. This will go online and update all
the topics that are new.
 No. Subject
 --- -------
 From Cat 26                 to                  Cat 39
 -----------                 --                  ------
  1 Jaguar News ~ Events ~ Games                      1
  2 Atari JAGUAR, 64-bit RISC Game Console            2
  3 Future Uses, Rumours, & Misc Jaguar Inf           3
 13 Jaguar Advertisements:Sightings,etc.              4
 23 Atari Corp. & Jaguar Press Releases               5
 30 Jaguar Support                                    6
 39 Atari Jaguar CD_ROM Drive                         7
 49 Jag Cartridge vs Jag CD                           8
 29 Jaguar to Atari SC1224 Monitor                    9
 18 Cat Box                                          10
  4 Ideas & Suggestions For New Games                11
 24 30-50 Games, eh?                                 12
  5 Cybermorph                                       13
  6 Crescent Galaxy (Trevor McFur in the)            14
  7 Evolution: Dino-Dudes                            15
  8 Raiden                                           16
 15 Tempest 2000                                     17
 21 Wolfenstein 3D                                   18
 31 Brutal Sports Football                           19
 16 Alien vs. Predator                               20
 48 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story                      21
 17 CLUB DRIVE                                       22
 33 Jaguar Doom!                                     23
 22 Checkered Flag (II?)                             24
 32 Iron Soldier                                     25
 12 Kasumi Ninja...The Real Story...                 26
 10 Busby/Zool 2                                     27
 25 StarBattle(tm) from 4Play                        28
 35 2000 Series                                      29
 36 Space War                                        30
 37 Sports Games on the Jaguar                       31
 42 Role Playing Games For the Jaguar                32
 45 Jaguar Football - ideas and suggestions          33
 46 JagNET Cables                                    34
 44 Atari at Comdex.                                 35
 28 Winter Consumer Electronis Show                  36
 47 Jaguar specific shows                            37
 26 I Got My AEO CES Videotape!                      38
 41 User Edit-able Games on Jaguar!                  39
 27 Rainmaker Software Howdies                       40
 20 Hi From Hand Made Software Ltd.                  41
 11 Videogame violence and Atari's Jaguar            42
 19 Multimedia Standard ... Oxymoron?                43
 43 The Jaguar Library                               44
  9 Jaguar Dealer Horror Stories                     45
 From Cat 26              to                      Cat 40
 -----------              --                      ------
 14 Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding               2
 34 Rayman- THE Platform game to own?                 3
 38 Fight For Life!                                   4
 From Cat 18              to                      Cat 44
 -----------              --                      ------
  6 Jaguar Related Debates                            2
 10 Jaguar vs. Other Systems                          3
 11 Jaguar vs 3DO, Facts and Figures                  4
 12 Jaguar vs. 32X                                    5
 14 Jaguar vs. Sony Playstation                       6
These are our NEW categories:
 39 The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
 40 Jaguar '95 - The Expansion Category
 41 Jaguar - Future Expansion Category
 42 Jaguar - Future Expansion Category
 43 Atari Jagaur - Cheats, Hints & Tips
 44 Jaguar - Flames and Debates!
It is your interest and participation that has resulted in this
expansion. On behalf of the Atari Roundtable, thank you. If we can
answer any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Sending mail to us
is simple as sending mail to JAGUAR$
 //// EMail GamePro
This comes to us from Andy Eddy, Senior Editor of GamePro:
I'm proud to inform you that you can reach GamePro magazine, the #1
Video Game Magazine in the U.S., by e-mail, with many of its
departments now covered by Internet addresses. Feel free to send us
your ideas for future columns, comments and questions.
Here's a current list of GamePro's e-mail addresses and what they're
<> submits a letter to the editors for
publication in The Mail section of GamePro.
<> goes to the Buyers Beware editor, the
section of the magazine that deals with consumer problems and other
bugs. If you have a complaint about something in a game - like it
locks up or resets - send it to Buyers Beware and we'll do our best to
see if there's a solution, then print the reply in the column for
everyone's benefit.
<> is for The Fighter's Edge column,
which offers all the latest news and moves for fighting-game fans.
<> similarly drops your note in the Role
Player's Realm editor's lap. If you're an RPG fan, this is the address
to direct your feedback.
<> is where you can take original codes, tricks
and passwords you've found, and submit them for fame and fortune...
okay, we'll give you fame by printing your SWATtip along with you
name, as well as video gaming prizes like t-shirts. You'll have to
earn the fortune on your own. is the general mailbox for S.W.A.T.Pro magazine.
Send correspondence and comments for that magazine to this address.
<> talks to our Ask the Pros editor in
our sister publication, S.W.A.T.Pro magazine. Looking for help in a
game? Here's where to unload and ask for assistance.
Be sure to include your name and address so we can properly credit you
in the event that we use your letter. In the case of SWATtips, we'll
need your info so we can send along any prize that you'll receive for
your letter being printed. Also, confirm with us as to whether it's
okay for us to use your e-mail address in the magazine or if you'd
rather have cyber-privacy.
Due to the expected volume of e-mail, we can't give personal replies
to messages e-mailed to us. Also, e-mailing a message to GamePro
doesn't guarantee that it'll be used in the magazine--but it does save
you stamps!
We hope to hear from you soon!
The GamePros
 //// Offers from Atari Customer Service
 //// Iron Soldier Posters
Atari Corporation has started mailing out copies of its cinema-quality
Iron Soldier promotional poster. For those who don't know about Iron
Soldier, the phenomenal new 64-bit Jaguar game due to arrive in stores
as early as this week, you are in for possibly the most incredible
game of 1994. As the pilot of a mammoth robot, you have been assigned
one of many challenging missions... sometimes to protect and often to
destroy. Look down at your feet as you walk, but not too long, there
are virtually real helicopters, tanks and convoys out to get you
within the crowded cities and open countryside.
Mr. Greg LaBrec was so highly praised for his work on the Alien Vs.
Predator Poster that he has been inspired to produce an awesome poster
for Iron Soldier. The poster looks just like a poster you would see at
a theater and is intended for retail store windows and promotions.
If you want one of these great Iron Soldier posters, I'll send you one
FREE if you prepay Atari's minimum shipping and handling charge of
$4.95. That covers the tube, postage and the raw costs to get it out
the door.
Here's how to request an Iron Soldier poster (or an Alien Vs. Predator
Send $4.95 ($6.95 U.S. funds for Canada) in the EXACT amount. Payment
may be received in Money order, check, MasterCard or Visa. Please
remember to include mailing name and address, online address and
daytime phone number.
           private SysOp mail on
           CATscan @ 209/239-1552
 REQUESTS BY MAIL: (checks payable to Atari)
      Don's Crazy Iron Soldier Poster Sellout
      P.O. Box 61657
      Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1657
(offer good while quantities last and limited to North American
mailing addresses only.)
Note that the posters are delivered to Atari one per tube. I cannot
double up posters. Everyone can request as many tubes they like at
$4.95 S&H per tube, but please do not request for more than one per
mailing tube.
 //// Tempest 2000 Audio CD
The Tempest 2000 Audio CD has already received rave reviews. Don't care
for our puns? Drown us out by cranking up on this pulse-pounding,
techno-rave CD, that marks Atari's first ever video game soundtrack.
They're in stock, and ready to go right now.
[] Song List
           1.  Thermal Resolution       3:59
           2.  Mind's Eye               4:52
           3.  T2K                      5:23
           4.  Ease Yourself            7:52
           5.  Tracking Depth           5:04
           6.  Constructive Demolition  4:05
           7.  Future Tense             5:54
           8.  Digital Terror           5:07
           9.  Hyper Prism              4:26
          10.  Glide Control            5:12
          11.  Ultra Yak                4:00
          12.  2000 Dub                 7:31
[] How Much?
The Tempest 2000 Audio CD is priced at $12.99, and if you order now,
$3.50 for shipping and handling. (California residents, add the 8.25%
state sales tax.) That comes to a total of $16.49. ($17.56 in CA.)
Mastercard, Visa and money orders accepted. (Checks and money orders
should be made payable to Atari Corporation)
[] Where To?
To order, US Mail your order to:
Thomas' Terrific Tempest Tunes Deal
Atari Corporation
P.O. Box 61657
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657
OR contact Don via the Internet on GEnie at:
OR via the Internet on Compuserve at:
OR via private E-Mail (to the SysOp) on:
           CATscan BBS ........ 209-239-1552
OR fax your request to:
           Atari Customer Service Fax ..... 408-745-2088
The CD is produced by AtariMusic; a division of Atari Corporation. The
executive producer is Mr. John Skruch. The director of audio is Mr.
James Grunke.
 //// New Dealer Demo Video
Atari has a brand new VHS preview tape and it's better than ever! Over
30 Jaguar titles have been captured on video tape. This tape has been
meticulously produced under the direction of Mr. Greg LaBrec using
state-of-the-art direct-to-tape equipment and techniques. The action
sequences selected were provided by the game producers or the guidance
of the third party developers. Okay, okay... forget the hype... it's a
darn cool tape and it has a cool plastic box and label too.
This November 14th edition video updates the previously released
software preview videos with exciting captures to show off last
minute changes to games that are now in production. There are
incredible sequences featuring action games such as Iron Soldier and
high-resolution fantasy games such as Rayman by Ubi Soft.
Although this tape has been developed primarily for the use of Jaguar
retailers, I have twisted marketings arm and they (actually he) have
agreed to sell copies to our faithful online Jaguar fans.
Want more info? Here's the video menu...
   Pos.  SEGMENT                            AVAIL. IN STORES
    :49  Doom                                 EARLY DECEMBER
   2:34  Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story           LATE NOVEMBER
   4:00  Checkered Flag                       EARLY DECEMBER
   5:45  Iron Soldier                           MID DECEMBER
   7:42  Zool 2                                LATE DECEMBER
   8:57  Kasumi Ninja                          LATE DECEMBER
  10:25  Club Drive                            LATE NOVEMBER
  12:27  Alien Vs. Predator                    AVAILABLE NOW
  15:34  Ultra Vortex (Beyond Games)                DECEMBER
  17:06  Val D'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding  EARLY DECEMBER
  18:49  Bubsy                                 LATE DECEMBER
  20:05  Double Dragon V (Williams)                 DECEMBER
  21:30  Flashback (US Gold)                        DECEMBER
  22:49  Brutal Sports Football (Telegames)         DECEMBER
  23:50  Sensible Soccer (Telegames)
  25:03  TEMPEST 2000 SPOT
  25:34  Tempest 2000                          AVAILABLE NOW
  26:58  Wolfenstein 3d                        AVAILABLE NOW
  28:06  Cybermorph                            AVAILABLE NOW
  29:20  Raiden                                AVAILABLE NOW
  30:32  Evolution: Dino Dudes                 AVAILABLE NOW
  31:35  Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy   AVAILABLE NOW
  32:50  Syndicate (Ocean)                          DECEMBER
  33:47  Theme Park (Ocean)                         DECEMBER
  34:35  Air Cars (Midnight)                        DECEMBER
  35:39  Troy Aikman NFL Football (Williams)        DECEMBER
  36:34  Cannon Fodder (Virgin)                     DECEMBER
  37:43  Dragon's Lair (Readysoft)
  38:31  Hover Strike
  39:20  Fight For Life
  40:00  Burn Out
  40:43  Rayman (ubi Soft)                          DECEMBER
  41:52  VLM (Virtual Light Machine)                DECEMBER
Okay, okay... here's the deal. The cost is $8.95 plus $4.95 shipping
and handling. That's a total of $13.90 ($14.64 in California) ($15.90
in Canada). Mastercard, Visa and money orders accepted (Checks and
money orders should be made payable to Atari Corporation. NOT IN MY
NAME! <g>. I can ship to any location in North America including U.S.
and Canada. To order, send your order to:
Atari Corporation
P.O. Box 61657
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657
OR contact me via Internet or on GEnie:
OR contact me via Internet or on Compuserve:
OR send me private E-Mail (to the SysOp) on:
                 CATscan BBS ........ 209-239-1552
or fax your request to:
                 Atari Customer Service Fax ..... 408-745-2088
I also have Alien Vs. Predator posters remaining. There is one for
each shipping and handling fee of $4.95 ($6.95 in Canada). These are
cinema-size posters and I've already heard back from gamers who have
had theirs laminated, mounted and framed.
By the way, you can help a LOT even if you don't want to order the
tape or request a poster by passing this offer electronically to
another Forum, Roundtable or BBS or make a hard copy and give to
friends. Thanks!
 --Don Thomas
   Atari Corporation
  |||   Cuppa with the Dooz
  |||   By: Darren Bates
 / | \  Internet:
Hi there folks! Dooz here and ready to report the latest gossip from
the UK. Lots has happened since last issue, so let's get down to
Latest sales figures show the Jaguar roaring ahead of certain other,
ahem, 32-bit machines. 30,000 units have been sold in the UK alone,
along with another 30,000 units in the rest of Europe. The reputation
of the Jaguar is definitely growing over here.
The European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) is approaching at the end of
March and should prove to be a big day for Atari. They are going to be
using their biggest display yet, taking up 90 square meters. The
display will have 12 large monitors, displaying the latest cartridge
and CD games, plus 2 extra large monitors to display the special games
of the show (although this cannot be revealed yet). According to
Darryl Still, the big man at Atari UK, they plan to fit more action
and products into this stand than ever before. Could be interesting,
The ECTS will also be venue for the launch of the Jaguar CD. A party
will be held to celebrate the event, along with the display of TEN
games for the CD! Sounds like Atari are taking this event extremely
seriously and it could prove a big show.
A conference is planned to decide the pack-in game and a launch party
is on for the carts also. The JagCD looks likely to come out after the
ECTS on March 26th. At a price of 150 pounds (a bit more than 150
dollars I think you'll agree!) it should sell quite well. Dunno about
the US chaps, but as far as I can gather, we UK chaps find this price
quite reasonable. It'll even debut under the price for the Mega-CD.
("Sega CD", to USers.) AEO will keep you updated.
Other CD news involves the long awaited Blue Lightning and Battlemorph.
The rendered intros and in-game sequences look absolutely stunning -
you won't see this quality of presentation on a cart, folks! I am told
that if Blue Lightning was done on a cartridge, the game would have
been only partially texture mapped. However, with 790 megs of Jag CD
power, the game features fully texture mapped terrain, loads of
missions, a choice of top planes including an F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle,
Mig-29 Fulcrum, A-10 Thunderbolt, AV8B Harrier Jumpjet and a new
prototype called the "Stormer." Looks VERY interesting I can tell you.
Battlemorph has its bonuses too. Expect much more texture mapping, far
more missions and the best improvement over Cybermorph - greater
variety. Now in control of the WAR Griffin, you can dive underwater,
transforming into a war-sub, fly through tunnels and underground
caverns and much more. The Jag CD is looking very tasty indeed.
 //// Cutting EDGE?
Just got EDGE ish 18 in, the one with the Atari special article. The
entire cover of the mag is one big Atari logo. (A useful bit of
advertising I think.) The article itself is basically a history of the
company, tracking its rise, fall and resurrection. It's quite
interesting but is not as good as I was expecting. There is not much
up-to-date info contained in the article and it just waffles on about
the old 8-bits and so forth, with just the last paragraphs mentioning
Jeff Minter's work and the Jaguar itself.
 //// Down to the Core
Core Design are well respected in the UK for their work on the Amiga,
being the creators of classics such as Chuck Rock, Heimdall,
Thunderhawk and Matinee. After their success on the Amiga, they found
the console market beckoning and moved onto the MegaDrive (Genesis)
and the SNES. Here they found limited recognition with the console
conversions of their Amia classics.
With the release of the Mega-CD they made a bigger splash, making
themselves one of the best Mega-CD programming teams. New games
emerged making use of CD storage capacity - games such as ThunderHawk,
Battlecorps and the excellent Skeleton Crew.
Now, their skills are about to be unleashed on the Jaguar, big time!
Their first venture into JagLand will be with the hectic shoot-em-up,
SoulStar. A game which received excellent ratings on the Mega-CD, and
will be far superior using the Jaguar's power.
AEO's already been in contact with Core about their plans for Jaguar
SoulStar, and while we're sworn to secrecy for now, their plans sound
 //// "Why dont'cha come with me, little girl...."
The good news does not end there either, check this out. You may have
heard of Electronic Arts' purchase of the UK programming team,
Bullfrog. This created some doubt as to whether any more Bullfrog
titles would be seen on the Jag, considering EA does not support that
format. Do not worry, Bullfrog's managing director and all-round god
of programming, Peter Molyneux, revealed exclusively to AEO that a Jag
CD version of the PC classic, Magic Carpet, is being planned. The
conversion will not take place in-house though, an outside developer
will do the job, although this team has yet to be named. Not only
that, it's possible that the Jag version -may- also support the
Virtual Reality Helmet! As long as Atari manage to get the hardware to
the developers, the VR option should not be a problem to incorporate
into the program.
 //// Dooz's Views
 //// Syndicate
No, this game is not about the running of a women's lib syndicate, or
a lottery syndicate for that matter. What this is about is a syndicate
of violent maniacs, large guns, explosives and world domination.
It's your job to coordinate this syndicate in its quest to take over
the world and destroy opposing syndicates. Just take up to four well
hard androids, equip them with some major hardware, and perform
several strategic missions in an attempt to put the rival syndicates
out of commision.
Basically this is an excuse for some blatant violence and carnage
which we all know and love.
The game is viewed from an isometric perspective (up above and at a 45
degree angle). From here you can see a good portion of the city or
complex surrounding your androids. On the left of the screen is your
tactical display which shows the status of your androids, weapons
held, ammo and a map. All looks pretty much the same as the computer
versions, exept the map is slighly larger and easier to follow.
Now the fun starts. You start off with the bog standard droid (you
know, no brains, no armour, no hardware) and only a small pistol at
your disposal. From here you must build up funds by completing
missions and research into the fields of new weapons and droid
equipment. Oh, and by the way, you can steal weapons from unfortunate
enemies who stood in your way!
The missions themselves range from assasination, kidnapping, set-ups
and general carnage. It does get worryingly addictive, wandering
around the local shopping mall, shooting innocent bystanders or
flaming them and watching the burning bodies run around screaming.
Pretty disturbing stuff. However, the violence is not graphic as the
sprites are small and you cannot see detailed gore as in games such as
Mortal Kombat.
The Jag version is identical to its PC cousin, with smooth multi-
directional scrolling and excellent detailed scenery, far outclassing
other console versions. An added bonus for Jaguar owners is the new
Zoom function. This allows the view to be zoomed out so you can see
FOUR times as much of the city. Also you can zoom in and view the
action up close, although this mode is a little bit pixelly. Not even
the PC has this function, way to go Jag! There is some slowdown,
something I wish Ocean could avoid.
The joypad configuration uses just about every button. This can cause
some difficulty to begin with but will be overcome after a bit of
practice. This is a minor quibble that does not spoil this quality
Overall, this is the best version of Syndicate yet. An original,
addictive and long lasting game from the creators of Populous, Theme
Park and Magic Carpet.
GRAPHICS    - 7.5
SOUND       - 8.0
OVERALL     - 9.0
 //// Theme Park
Not only do the great people at Bullfrog grace our Jags with
Syndicate, they go ahead and convert another of their most impressive
title - Theme Park.
There's not much to tell about the plot of the game, just create the
world biggest and best Theme Park. It's as simple as that, not! This
excellent conversion is basically identical to the PC versions, with
the only noticeable difference being the lack of rendered sequences
that were in the PC-CD versions. The programmers at Bullfrog did
however, manage to squeeze in a few of the sequences, despite the
limitations of the cartridge. You can look forward to animations to
cover Bankruptcy, Success and Corporate Takeover. Each adds some to
the fun of the game.
Attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of this game. (No,
not the Cybermorph programmers!) Every action you take has a reaction
that can affect your profits and public attendance. Simply placing
salt on the fries at the food stall can increase the sales of your
drinks, but careful, too much salt and the punters will get sick!
There are hundreds of strategies you can use in Theme Park. Without a
doubt it is much more fun than its cousin game, Sim City. It also
betters Sim City by being much more complex and proves much more
enjoyable. The end results in Theme Park are far more pleasing.
The graphics are identical to the original, with the exeption being
the icon configuration. Bullfrog have rearranged the icons to suit a
joypad instead of a mouse, however, it does not simplify the game in
any way, and the game remains quite complicated to start off. Practice
is the key, and it's well worthwhile. Each ride or stall that is
placed in your park is smartly drawn, with many having small and
sometimes amusing animations. Also, small people wander around the
park once it is open and try out the rides. You can see how they're
feeling by watching the thought bubbles that hover above their heads.
Money management is another element of the game. You must employ
people to run the park and create rides. Entertainers, mechanics and
cleaners are some of the people you can employ. Investing in opposing
parks can also bring in money, you can even buy out an opponent when
enough funds are accumulated.
I could go on for days listing the options and strategies that are
available in this game. Suffice to say it is not the sort of game that
is completed in a weekend! By the way, anyone who has played the Amiga
version of Theme Park will be surprised by the Jaguar version - Jag
Theme Park is FOUR time faster than the Amiga game!
This is an excellent and original title, that is surpassed only by the
PC-CD version, but hey, we didn't have to fork out thousands for a
souped up PC. Theme Park is one of the best strategy/simulations out,
and should please a lot of Jag owners who want something different.
GRAPHICS    - 8.0
SOUND       - 7.5
OVERALL     - 9.0
 //// Tempest 2000 - The Soundtrack
We all know that Tempest 2000 on the Jaguar has the greatest music
ever in a video game. (If you don't know this, GO AND GET IT NOW!)
Now, check out the CD of the game! All the tracks from the game have
been re-orchestrated to create one of the best tecno-rave CD's ever.
As it says on the cover of the CD, "Hallucinating, hypnotic and
sometimes harrowing, Tempest 2000 has blown minds". I have to agree,
every time I place this CD in th Hi-FI, I have an irresistable urge
The CD is over an hour long, and contains a re-working of every tune
from every level of the game, including the three bonus levels and a
few remixes to make things more exiting. Twelve tracks are here in
total, and I can't say I dislike a single one of them. All are very
high quality, and far outclass many hardcore raves in the shops and on
the streets.
I could list the tracks and give my opinions on each one, but I would
probably have different views than you readers. My friends already
argue on which tarck we should play in the car!
Atari have stormed onto the videogame CD market with a CD that roars
past the opposition of bad Japanese soundtracks. All I can say is, GET
(I want the Defender 2000 Soundtrack, already!)
That's all for now. Expect Flashback, Syndicate, Theme Park and Cannon
Fodder to hit the shelves really soon. Enjoy, and see ya next time.
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  |||   Surfing the Jagged Edge
  |||   By: Dimitri Mark LaBarge
 / | \  GEnie: AEO.6   CIS: 71501,3353   AOL: dimitril
Greetings one and all of the Jaguar persuasion! It's been a quiet
couple of weeks since we saw Val d'Isere tear into discriminating
computer and videogame stores (and did you all catch that enthusiastic
blurb about it in VideoGames magazine?  You know, the one that went
something like, there's fast, lightning fast, warp speed, and then
this game? Yes, the sound you hear is Jaguar claws a-rippin' through
the competition). Now that we're on the eve of some new Jaguar
releases - and third party to boot - we thought it would be a good
time to catch up with our old friends Minter and the guys and 4-Play,
and have a sneak peek or two at some new and exciting titles.
 //// A Look Into Phear
One of the most interesting games that came out of the recent WCES was
the "Anti-Tetris on a Sphere" called Phear, by H20 Productions.
There's been a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for this title, but
faith and begorrah, not many specifics. Well, leave it to our ace Jeff
Minter to generously provide a look at this third-party effort.
     Phear is a weird kinda first-person-perspective Tetris-kinda
     game.  I played it for the first time at Atari yesterday, and
     it's pretty neat. There's this sphere in the middle of the screen
     made up of a patchwork of areas of different colours.  Using the
     joypad you can rotate the sphere in any direction.  The objective
     of the game is to eat away the colours on the sphere, revealing
     the glowing core.  Each level requires that you expose an
     increasing amount of contiguous core segments - 2x2 for the
     first, 2x3 for the next, etc.  To do this, you are given a block
     - say, green 2x2, or blue 1x3.  The shadow of the block appears
     on the sphere, and you have to rotate the sphere so that the same
     colour segments are 'below' you, under the shadow, then you press
     the button and the sphere kinda comes up and kisses you and the
     blocks are removed.  Get it wrong and the block is added to the
     surface of the sphere.  All the while the sphere moves towards
     you and if it gets too close, or you allow your mistakes to stack
     up too high, you lose.
     Sounds weird but it's pretty much fun.
Freakish, nyet? But you can't say you've seen =this= sucker before.
AEO Editor-He's-Large Travis spoke with H20 a few days ago, and it
appears that actual coding on the game will be finishing up in a
matter of weeks. As always, we'll keep you updated on the why and
wherefores of this title as we get the information.
 //// Control Yourself
A few weeks ago, Atari's Laury Scott began soliciting suggestions for
a new controller for use with the Jag, and everything from a paddle
controller (as some people have dreamed about since Tempest 2000) to a
driving controller were suggested. A lot of people asked for a
six-button controller to assist in fighting-style games; the Sega
six-button was used as a template in these discussions.
In what seems to be a startling turnaround time, we're pleased to
announce that the new controller has been finalized and is on its way
to production.  (YES!!!)  We don't have any specific time, but the
controller will be of the six button style. If you haven't yet, locate
Travis' interview with Laury in this issue.
The usual kudos to the Atari gang for an exceptional response on this
 //// Hunting the Hover Hunters
So how hot is this Comanche-looking game, you ask? Red-hot. So hot
that everyone seems to want a piece of the programmers of this
upcoming wonder. Not only has it been said that Novalogic went wild to
hire these young turks on the spot at WCES, but it's been further
said that the minions of Nintendo offered =megabucks= to cease all
Jaguar development and concentrate exclusively on Ultra 64 products.
Hyper Image programmers declined. Dedication is the key, my
 //// Minterize Your Jag
One of the more enjoyable things about patrolling the Jaguar newsgroup
on the 'Net is finding wonderful little nuggets of information from
Jeff Minter, the Yak Himself - a welcome relief from the
pre-evolutionary chest-thumping naysayers lurking around every corner.
I'm very happy to present the latest interesting bits from Mr. Minter,
featuring the usual cryptic and intriguing updates to Defender 2000,
and a little surprise regarding a certain Jaguar peripheral.
     >>Jeff - please put all the bovines, all the ungulates - all
     >>the huggable furry creatures IN!!!!  If I'm not saving
     >>llamas, I will NOT be happy!
     >Just have a llama option which changes the graphics...  :)
     >The humans become llamas, the enemies something else, etc...
     - Probably something halfway between the two.  Classic
     obviously will be pure (except maybe by a cheat mode).  Plus
     maybe a few llamas, 2K anything goes. After all the 2K
     version *is* my game as well as the Great Eugene's, and I
     have the right to put some of myself in there (indeed that's
     the whole point).
     Anyway, these are just graphics things.  The playability
     will ROCK anyway.
     (:-) - Tractor Beam option added to Plus.  Cool.  Doing the
     /    level warp by carrying humanoids into the Stargate
God help me, I see llamas, llamas, everywhere. And suddenly I just
don't trust them anymore.
     >Are you going to have the lightning weapon, as in defender
     - The Llightning llaser is already in.  Now, though, if you
     use the Ll.Ll to zap a lander that's got a Humanoid, the
     beam llatches onto that Humanoid once the lander is killed
     and beams it to your ship.  Makes it easier to get a lot of
     humanoids up under your ship, which will be significant for
     the gameplay of Plus and 2K.
Cool - I'll take anything to make a game a lot easier. :> Serve 'er up!
     >What type of music is going to be in D2K?
     - Main game themes will probably be a bit more guitarrey
     that the out and out techno of T2K.  The bonus round music
     may surprise you, if my idea for that works..
     >Will it be comparable in quality with the techno/rave
     >tracks of T2K?
     - Absolutely.  We have the same musicians on the case and
     more space to do music in, so it should be better if
Better than T2K? The finest videogame music ever composed? I'd start
requesting that music CD now, gentlepeople.
     >Now for the important question: will there be more than
     >four sound channels, so as to minimize (or eliminate) sound
     >dropout? That is my only complaint about T2000. Well, that
     >and the existence of level 64 :-)
     - Yup.
I just love second generation software, don't you? This is the crunch
test - how much did the designers listen to you after you flailed them
with all the righteous bitching?
And now, a delightful Yak comment to whet your consumer whistle:
     I am sitting here and *watching* Wish You Were Here by the
     You are gonna *love* this.
     (:-) - hehe
Yes, the Minter now has one of the sleek little production JagCD units
all nice and humming on top of his Jag... and he reports that several
titles are due in final test any day now. This is starting to sound
mighty good...
 //// SoulStar
Over the last year, one of the few good games for the SegaCD was a
rippin' piece of software called SoulStar. Word began to leak that
this lovely game was going to make a debut on the Jaguar.  Is it true?
Judge for yourself:
     Yes it is the Core Design Shooter. I should know, its being
     programmed in the room next door to me!!!!  Should be very,
     very good!!!!
Yet another enthusiastic third-party jumps onto the Jaguar bandwagon.
For those of you keeping score, this is not one of the games included
in the Sega-Atari agreement. Also, please note that unlike some games
licensed by Atari and redeveloped in-house, SoulStar is being coded
directly by Core Design themselves. We'll try to scoop more greedy
little details for you in the near future.
 //// Tiny Toons Tiny Bits
"They're tiny/They're toony/This wait has made me looney...."
Oh... excuse me. Seems I remember a certain game about smartass
bunnies, ducks, and other rodentia of some animal nature was displayed
prominently for release some time ago. In fact, let me scrape off the
sixteen layers of dust on my Jaguar box way back in the closet and
check for sure.
Well, what do you know?  There it is, right there, in four color
process - Tiny Toons Adventures. Sure has been a while since we heard
about this one, eh?  Well, it's largely due to the fact that this game
has undergone such a complete makeover that Phyllis Diller's head
would spin off her axle. And yes, facts have finally begun to trickle
down about this reconstructed release.
Tiny Toons is, in fact, a platform game, and we can now announce that
it's due for release this Summer. While the details of gameplay are
still secret, we can comment a little graphics-wise.  Tiny Toons
should be a looker, as we've found out that it will use characters
somewhat larger than those found in Bubsy, and beyond that, they'll be
in beautiful 24-bit color. If the rest of the details of this game are
as promising as this, the wait for this one may wind up being
wonderfully justified after all.
 //// More 4-Playing
Each column, I grow more and more impressed with the sheer openess of
the fine people at 4-Play. I simply can't remember when anyone has
ever made the creative process of developing a videogame such a
give-and-take experience with its intended audience. In fact, the
BattleSphere topic in the GEnie Jaguar RoundTable has to be the most
active and productive single Jaguar game topic/thread/discussions
We've been giving 4-Play a lot of space in this column in recent
months, but frankly, we're doing it because what they are doing as a
company excites us. If they're willing to continue with this
experiment between consumer and producer, we're more than willing to
applaud their efforts with the regular updates we've been sharing with
So, more on the work-in-progress known as BattleSphere, starting with
comments from our friend, Doug Engel:
     Just keeping you dudes and dudettes (are there any of those
     here????) posted on the progress of that incredible new Jaguar
     title known as BattleSphere...
     Scott finished some cool code for laser firing. You can even link
     laser fire between multiple guns for a multi barrel super powered
     shot. You can also fire single shots one gun at a time, for a
     rapid-fire spread, taking better advantage of the multiple guns
     to overcome the inherent recharge time thesetypes of weapons
     Scott also worked out some cool exterior viewpoints, which will
     really look slick.
     I designed the display fonts for our HUD, and wrote the code to
     put those fonts onscreen. I've designed several of the exploded
     ship objects... a long and tedious task, given that we have over
     2 dozen ships (and more on the way). I placed Additional
     Decal-Maps on several of the ships, so that fighter ID numbers
     will help identify ships of the same race in co-op network mode.
     We hope to have collision detection enabled this week, and
     explosions done the following week.
On from this update, a teasing look at the possibilities that the
multi-player version of this game promises:
     >How about allowing programmable 'fire' buttons like in the
     >Battletech center games?
     Sorry. All of our buttons are currently occupied with important
     piloting and weaponry functions.
     There's a slight chance that the co-pilot/gunner will have a
     different set of fire cotrols. We shall see.
Scott Le Grand then jumped in with some updates of his own:
     Lasers: They're gonna work intermittently if damaged...  Also, no
     laseoverheating.  Each ship will have a bar on the HUD
     indicating the amount of energy available for maneuevers,
     weapons, and laser fire.  This energy is constantly replenished
     by the ship's reactor unless it's damaged.  If energy is
     available, you can fire the lasers single shot as fast as you can
     hammer on the fire button. If you hold in the fire button, it
     fires constant stream somewhat slower than if the button is
     hammered...  If you run out of energy, you can't fire any more
     until it builds back up...
     If you link the fire, there's a slight recharge time for each
     tube that becomes apparent...
He then added a bit about how damage is being handled, which also
indicates a little bit about how different alien "personalities" are
being drawn in the game:
     Damage Handling:
     Here's how I've envisioned it.  If a system is damaged, our
     female voice announces the damage and we have some sort of
     simplified stats in the hud when each system is damaged with a
     color coded symbol and a bar indicating the degree of damage.
     Each race has vary varying repair rates, the Slith specifically
     able to repair their ship from the verge of destruction to full
     working order in a minute or so.  I figure this game might be too
     action-oriented to take a pause and start configuring repair
     rates of various systems.
This next post from Scott illustrates the breadth of gameplay that
they're incorporating into BattleSphere:
     In Arena mode, action will be fast and furious, and if you're
     damaged, you're probably dead meat.  In network mode, unless you
     have many kills, you will want to be destroyed so you can get
     back in the action.  The nastiest thing you can do to an opponent
     will be to disable him and then prey on his starbases while he
     watches helplessly utilizing the various views...  But watch out
     if he's a Slith...
And to illustrate the process coming full circle, the final
configuration on how damage and repairs will be handled by players:
     Default: Autmatic repair of all systems
     Optional: DIvert energy to speed up repairs
     Expert: Pick an single system on which to concentrate
     Systems can either be working, damaged (where they work
     unreliably) or destroyed whereupon they can only be repaired by
     docking with a starbase or capitol ship...
We leave this topic with the process of development continuing, this
time with a new query as to a potential game feature:
     OK, new topic here...  In Gauntlet mode, you will be given a few
     starbases and then you will have to defend them from wave after
     wave of incoming ships. Should we have some level boss-like ships
     now and then?
     The way I'm planning on running this is to divide the game into 6
     levels. Each level consists of an attack by each enemy race.  At
     the end of 6 levels, the 7th level is a sort of bonus round and
     this is where I'm thinking of throwing in some weird level boss
     sort of stuff.  After a 7th level, there are 6 more levels of
     attacks by each race, but they are harder...  I figure this is a
     good time to pass the design for this past you guys.  As in Alone
     Against the Empires, you can play this singly, or
 //// Sign-Off
Stay tuned next time for more delectable tidbits for the kitty, as we
continue to follow Jaguar game development from inception to
reception. That's the dish for this ish!
  |||   Cannon Fodder
  |||   Review by: Travis Guy
 / | \  GEnie: AEO.MAG   Delphi: AEO_MAG
Crawling across a glacier field.... Slogging through the jungle....
Fording icy rivers.... You lead your soldiers on one mission after
another against increasingly incredible odds against a relentless
enemy force. The only glory that awaits your men is another pip on the
sleeve. More probably, their future only holds a final marker on a
hillside, with more cannon fodder waiting to take their places.
This is the basis for the next Jaguar title to be released, Virgin's
Cannon Fodder. Originally appearing on Amigas, STs and PCs, Cannon
Fodder developed a small following with wargamers, and those who were
generally mayhem-minded. While I never got to play the computer
versions, I was interested in the title. Over the holidays, I was
given several weeks to look over an almost-finished EPROM of the Jag
version by its American publisher. I think I see a small sleeper hit
here, folks.
 //// Overview
To start out with, there's possibly the best title music to any Jaguar
game short of Tempest 2000 - a very clean MODish beat with lots of
samples, and actual singing. If you've heard the opening music in Zool
2, you know what to expect here, except it's not as quirky.
Next up, there's a simple screen that will be repeated between
missions of men running over hills to join your outfit. A macabre
scoreboard of enemy deaths versus your group's deaths is kept here,
along with icons for loading and saving games and a strangely GEMish-
looking "arrow" pointer. (Two separate games may be saved.)
You'll find out as you progress in the game, that as long as you can
complete another mission, more men /f/o/d/d/e/r/ will join your ranks,
and the men /f/o/d/d/e/r/ you lose along the way will flower these
same hills with burial markers. Another dark touch to the game is the
higher the rank they ahieve, the more pronounced their gravestones
But as their commander, you have to realize that death is a part of it
all, so though you may shed a virtual tear at someone's passing, you
saddle up and sally forth with a new batch of recruits /f/o/d/d/e/r/
for the next battle.
There's 72 actual skirmishes that you'll have to make it through,
divided into 15 (I believe) separate missions. Each mission takes
place in a similar environment (wooded, arctic, jungle, SW American
desert) and slowly builds in intensity and introduces weapons and
tactics along the way.
Each mission ends with a nicely rendered static shot of roly-poly
soldiers being awarded their new ranks (based on their number of
kills). You will eventually be rewarded with another rendered memorial
shot, remembering those men /f/o/d/d/e/r/ who fell. (The scenes shown
will change, depending on the latest environment fought in.) The only
drawback here is that these scenes appear to be done in 8-bit color,
and color banding is noticeable.
If you fail, and lose all of your fodder /m/e/n/, there's another
scene of the dictator you've been fighting against, with a text crawl
telling you of your fate. There should be another scene celebrating
your victory if you make it to the end, but I can't describe it. In
just over three week's playing, I only made it halfway through Mission
7. (This may paint my skills at this as rather anemic, but I'd rather
think it shows the increasing difficulty curve of the game. <g>)
Speaking of difficulty, there are no user-selectable levels here.
 //// Bang, You're Dead
You start off with about 20 recruits in reserve, two of whom are
plunged into Mission 1, a single-screen "hunt-and-kill" of two
bog-stupid enemy troopers. (The programmer's had a bit of fun at
naming some of the missions. Mission 1 is called "The Sensible
Initiation" and others are "Onward Virgin Soldiers", "Those Vicious
Vikings", "Westward, Ho" and "Greenland Redblood." Gotta love those
initial plugs though.)
Missions are broken up into separate levels, with easily discernible
tasks to follow: Kill all enemy soldiers - Destroy all buildings.
Something any grunt speaking any language can understand. You can
divide your men in up to three groups - the active group is under your
control, inactive groups will hunker down and try to hold their
position using any weapons at their disposal. You can switch between
groups with the press of a button, and groups can be rejoined easily.
Combat takes place in a orthogonal view. (Overhead, offset at an
angle.) The combat screen takes up most of the screen, with an icon
bar on the left side that displays how your current batch of troops
rocket launchers; and icons for "surrender" and a strategic map of the
There's that arrow cursor again, which you move around using the dpad.
One of the user-selectable "ABC" buttons will make your selected group
"go to" the cursor, while another of the buttons will turn the cursor
into a gunsight, and the group will begin firing an inexhaustible
supply of machine gun ammo towards it, killing or maiming anyone in
its path.
When you do, there's a short spray of blood from those hit, and the
body will slide along the ground accompanied by anguished cries of
pain, all to disappear in seconds.
Sometimes, you won't kill an enemy, you'll only wound him. Until you
put him out of his misery, he will lie where he fell, screaming. This
may be a little disturbing to some, though the effect is nowhere as
gruesome as bloody fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Kasumi Ninja.
(Though there is room for some sadism here. As long as the enemy who
was shot is on-screen and in range, your men can continue to pump
bullets into him; each volley will be met by more cries. Such
barbarism has been known to happen in real battles.)
Early on in the game, you'll have to seek out explosives that are
handily stored out in the open by the enemy to finish your task. They
come in the form of grenades and bazookas, and take some practice to
use. (Hold the "Fire" button, place the cursor on your target, press
the "Move" button.) A few times of making your men /f/o/d/d/e/r/ toss
a grenade on themselves will teach you.... The beauty of a grenade is
that you can throw one over a line of trees, which are normally
impermeable to small arms fire and rockets - just don't stand too
close to a tree to throw - I have had grenades lodge in an adjacent
tree and kill the thrower. (More fodder for the grinder, please.)
Machine gun ammo is unlimited. If you break your men into separate
groups, you'll have to allocate all/half/none of the available
explosive ammo yourself. Think carefully before you send that raw
recruit on that suicide mission - if he dies, you lose whatever he was
The sound effects in Cannon Fodder are nicely done, though like the
graphics, they won't stun you. Grenades whistle through the air as
they are thrown (you'll hear it when you're the one being attacked as
well), rockets "Whoosh!" as they are fired, and explosions sound
like... well, explosions. Ambient sounds - of birds and seals, of
water flowing, and of jets far overhead - help create an atmosphere in
the game. (Listen for the burble of a patch of quicksand if you're
trodding through a jungle, and be careful of where you lead your men.)
There's many other details that flesh out the gameplay. You will
occasionally come across vehicles that you can use. (Look for the snow
skidder to help you jump at the end of Mission 5.) There are booby
trap tripwires in certain places. You can't use weapons in deep water,
but you can in the shallows. Some of the levels are set up as puzzles
for you to figure out. (Some levels are many screens wide and tall -
use the strategic map to find the locations of your group and
landmarks.) There's lots more spoken of in the instructions that I
never made it to, so I know you shouldn't get bored when playing. I
 //// Conclusion
I made my move from console video game (Atari 2600) to computer game
(Atari 400) back in 1980. I wanted the complexity and detail that
computer games (like Star Raiders then) offered. I scoffed at the NES
generation of games, and only returned to video game consoles when
Jaguar appeared with the power of a desktop computer.
Cannon Fodder is one of a type of games I like - a moderately detailed
simulation. It's not a wrist twitcher (I do like some of those), so it
won't appeal to all videogamers. It's clearly a computer game that's
now on a video game console, and I am awaiting its release so I can
pick up where I left off, and lead my men /f/o/d/d/e/r/ on to victory!
 //// Final Ratings
         Title: Cannon Fodder           Networkable: No
        Design: Virgin Software             Players: One
  Published by: C-West                   Age Rating: N/A
         Price: $59.95(US)                Available: Mid-February (US)
  Here's the summary ratings:
              "*" is a whole
               "+" is a half
             5 stars maximum
 Graphics - **+   Very small sprites, but lots of detail involved. I
                  noticed no slowdown in action, nor any glitches.
    Audio - ***   Great title music - sound effects are plentiful and
                  good, but not overwhelming.
  Control - ***+  After accidently killing off my group a few times
                  with errant grenade tosses, it becomes very easy.
                  Nothing goes to waste here.
 Gameplay - ****  It's like "Lemmings", only with bazookas, grenades
                  and machine guns.
  Overall - ***+  A good, solid, lengthy computer game that will keep
                  you coming back for one more go.
Key to Ratings
  (An Enterprising state of mind)
***** - "All weapons, fire! Maximum yield on the torpedoes."
****  - "That multiphasic cloaking device sure is neat, sir."
***   - "Whose wedding are you dressed for, Counselor Troi?"
**    - "Open a hailing channel to the Pakleds. Signal our surrender."
*     - "Jaguar! Jaguar! What is Jaguar?!"
  |||   Pinball Fantasies
  |||   Review by: Mark "Stingray" Santora
 / | \  GEnie: AEO.4
Pinball is a game of skill, a little chance, and lots of noise; or at
least that is what pinball was. Now pinball is about LED-like screens
with subplots to the game which make you have to do more than hit the
ball around and get points. Pinball Fantasies is a very good video
game representation of both of these, and it's coming to Jaguar.
Before you get to the review of this game, I would like to point out
that this review was done using a Beta copy of Pinball Fantasies dated
from the end of December. I received it a little after WCES and was
told that it was very close to being finished and that a few minor
bugs had shown up. That was taken into account while I reviewed this
Upon powering up the game you must sit through a barrage of opening
screens; who made it, who licensed it, who published it, the game
title (like you wouldn't already know...). After that you are
presented with the table selection screens. On the first you are given
the option of pinball table one, which is named "Partyland," or
pinball table two, which is named "SpeedDevils." On the second, you
are presented with the graphic for the "Billion Dollar Game Show"
table and the "Sticks and Stones" table. Regardless of the screen you
are on, you can choose whichever table you want by pressing 1 through
4 on your joypad.
Once at the table the program automatically scrolls up and down the
playing field waiting for you to enter the number of players. There is
support of up to eight players in Pinball Fantasies bu they all must
use controler one as there is no supporty for an additional
controller. You use the corresponding number on your joypad for the
number of players.
To play you need to know how to use the flippers. It is really quite
easy. By pressing the Directional Pad left or right you activate the
Left Flipper. The Right Flipper is accessed using the "B" button. The
"A" button will shake the table for you (yes you can tilt it). And the
"C" button makes use for the plunger. While the ball is waitig to be
launched you can scroll the length of the pinball table by pressing up
and down with the directional pad. Of course, the setup can be altered
from the main option screen.
You get many options. You can play with 3 or 5 balls, and the
difficulty can be swithced between Easy or Hard. The easier setting
causes the ball not to move as quickly. For all players, veteran or
novice, I would suggest starting on easy to get the swing of things.
There is also an option for scrolling. It is termed "Soft or Hard."
"Soft" scrolling does not follow your ball implicitly while "Hard"
does. I found the "Soft" setting to be rather useless as I was unable
to follow the game well enough while playing it in this mode to enjoy
it, yet alone play well. Putting it on the "Hard" setting and leaving
it there is my suggestion. Music and Sound F/X can be turned on and
off from the option screen and there is also a seperate Master Volume
control which can be raised and lowered in increments of 5 from 0% to
 //// Launch Tube
The layout of all the tables has it so the bottom 5/6ths of the screen
are pinball machine. The top 1/6th of the screen is set up in line
with the modern day active matrix displays that have graphics,
scrolling information, bonus information, etc. It is nicely
incorporated into the game. I played Pinball Fantasies on a 13 inch TV
and a 27 inch TV and while a few might complain about the matrix field
on the larger screens as being too big, it really isn't. All the
tables are one screen wide (not including launch tube), and two to
three screens tall. All tables have raise chutes, multiple bonuses,
surprises, multiple flippers; everything you would expect in a pinball
machine, except there's no multiball. Now, to the tables.
[] Table 1: Partyland
A nicely laid out pinball table. This one is set in an amusement park.
There is a roller coaster, a sky ride, and a Demon's Mouth ride. My
favorite of the four tables in the game. Difficulty level is above
[] Table 2: SpeedDevils
Race with your friends, try to get your car in gear and get off road.
This one is also a lot of fun but requires a bit more skill than the
other tables. Again, very sharp graphics and a very easy to read
table. It is also a more difficult table than Partyland. I consider it
the hardest table out of the four.
[] Table 3: Billion Dollar Game Show
This board is a cheesy game show board that has a cartoonish look and
a picture of a host. Not easy but not hard either. Ranks about average
on the difficulty scale.
[] Table 4: Sticks N Stones
This is the "Horror" themed table. As with all of the tables, it has
nice graphics and this one play really well. I also consider it the
easiest of the 4 tables. Ghosts, demons, and haunted houses will make
your skin crawl in this one.
 //// Graphics
Everything is well defined in this game and there is lots of color. I
mean, as the board scrolls sometimes you think that you are in a
rainbow! Also, there is a certain amount of levity in the graphics.
They are all presented in a cartoon like fashion, never taking
themselves too seriously. They are part of a pinball game, not an out
of body experience.
 //// Sound
If you play this one on a stereo you will notice that the left channel
has specifically sound f/x while the right channel has only music.
Strangely enough, running it through my surround processor produced a
rather strong rear signal. Checking with C-West, I discovered that the
game is NOT specifically set up for surround sound, but it is a nice
unintentional feature.
The in-game music fits each board. The Sticks N Stones board has
"scarey" music while SpeedDevils has "bouncy" music. Specific music
for all the title screens and highscore screens also exists as well as
different music for the opening and closing of each table. This is a
nice touch. However, the music is not T2K level.
 //// Overall
This is a really nice game. It has a lot of playability and
replayability. With four tables you are sure to keep this around when
you just want to zone out and try something other than a first person
shooter. I don't consider it a "must own", but it is a great deal of
fun and I suggest it. This isn't a rent before you own, you'll be
playing pinball. Good pinball.
As I was putting this review to bed I spoke with the good people at
C-West, publishers of Cannon Fodder and Pinball Fantasies, to see if
any major changes were made to the game as I was reviewing a beta
copy. While the controller still works the same, to exit an individual
table you must press "Option." Then you will be given a screen in
which "A" will quit the game, "B" will bring you to the options menu,
and "C" will continue the game. Also, when you have to restart a table
after you have played, pressing A,B,C will send the scroll across the
top part of the screen that will instruct you to press "1-8 to choose
number of players." Every time you press a lettered button this scroll
will start over.
I also learned that the game was about to go to Atari for it's 2nd run
through quality control. The first time these few changes were asked
by Atari. Now it is supposedly ready to go off to production.
According to C-West, look for it around mid-March.
 //// Final Ratings
        Title: Pinball Fantasies            JagNet: No
       Design: SpiderSoft                  Players: 1-8 using 1 pad
  Licensed by: 21st Century            Availabilty: March 1995
 Published by: C-West (US)               Cart Size: 2 Megabyte
               21st Century (European)      Retail: $49.99 to $59.99
 A Summary of ratings:
        "*" is a whole
         "+" is a half
       5 stars maximum
 Graphics - ***+    Sharp and nicely cartoonish. Fits the game well
                    and there is lots of color and smooth scrolling.
    Audio - ***     Clear audio, but the complete seperation of F/X
                    and music on left and right channels was annoying.
  Control - ***+    Easy to play and the control is responsive. It's
                    pinball, not driving.
 Gameplay - ****    Lots of fun. Looking forward to a sequel with
                    multiball. Hint, Hint, Hint.
  Overall - ****    The graphics will draw you in and the gameplay
                    will keep you there.
 Key to Mark's Ratings:
 (The ultimate state of mind.)
***** - "They've gone to Plaid" - 'Barf' in Spaceballs.
**** -  "Kooky" - 'Ford Fairlane' The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine.
*** -   "He'll live" - 'Terminator' in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
** -    "Sorry about the Mess" - 'Han Solo' in Star Wars.
* -     "They Melvined Me" - 'Death' in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
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--                                                                       --
--  To enroll as a Delphi subscriber, modem call 1-800-365-4636. Press   --
--  [Return] until you see "Password:", then type IP26 [Return]          --
--                                                                       --
--  Answer all of the questions, and you'll be cleared for Delphi        --
--  access in a few days. If you have questions about Delphi services,   --
--  give a voice call to Delphi Member Services at 1-800-544-4005.       --
--                                                                       --
--       --==--==--      Delphi Sign-Up Information      --==--==--      --
  |||   Ultra Vortex FAQ .941218
  |||   By: Tim Huntsman
 / | \  Internet:
Greetings and Salutations all! Tim from Beyond Games here. This is the
new FAQ update as of 12/18/94. I've taken the liberty of adding to the
character discriptions, the moves list, fatalities, and gameplay. For
those of you who have no idea who Beyond Games is, keep reading, for
those that do know who we are, skip on.
Beyond Games, Inc. is a software developer out of Salt Lake City, who
has been on the video-game scene for over two years. Our first title
release was the award winning game "BattleWheels" for the Lynx: A six
player Lynkable auto-combat game in full 3-D. Ultra Vortex will be our
first Jaguar title, and will be available by the end of next month.
 //// The Story...
The history of mankind has been fraught with warrior races such as the
Aztecs, Mongols, and ancient Romans (just to name a few). Since the
dawn of time, societies have evolved warrior classes that were
supposed to build and maintain the empire for 1000's of years. For
reasons not known until now, all were found wanting and faded into
obscurity. It is now the year 2152. The Time of the Testing has once
again come upon the societies of Earth, through the will of an entity
known only as the Guardian of the Vortex. This Guardian has been
lording its Vortex-given powers over the human races, Testing the
planets finest warriors since the dawn of mankind. Now the Guardian
has issued its final verdict: "This time, should any of Earth's finest
warriors fail to defeat me, not only will I crush your society, but
your planet as well!"
 //// The Characters...
The Warriors of the Underground have evolved into three major gangs.
The MeatHackers: Those of human decent with unaltered DNA. The
PowerShifters: Eugeneticly designed "mutants" who can alter their
cellular structures in some form, and The Society of Machines,
Androids, and Cyborgs (S.M.A.C.): A collection of "robots" who have
gained the abilities of AI and "self-determination." The Guardian gave
each warrior a piece of the "Vortex Tablet", a shattered and ancient
text that told of the return of the Guardian. By defeating every
opponent, one warrior must collect all of the pieces to the tablet,
fitting them together to summon the Guardian for the Final Test.
 //// The MeatHackers
[] Lucius
Lucius is one of the moving forces behind the underground. The highest
ranking member of the Mod/Primitive split of the MeatHackers, he is
acknowledged as the true master over the powers of the Ultra Vortex.
Originally schooled in Hap-Ke-Do, his Vortex given energies have made
him an even more dangerous oppoent: From blue plasma bolts of force
to shapeshifting into a bird of prey, Lucius has earned a place in the
Final Testing.
[] Dreadloc
Although a relative newcomer to the Underground and its power
structure, DreadLoc's prose with his Glaive-Staff has placed him
second in the ranks of the MeatHackers. His street-smart style of
weapons fighting has made him the leading opposition member calling
for a division in the Gang. His size and skill allowed him to gather
much support for the split. He knows that, if victorious in the
Testing, he will become the unquestioned leader of the MeatHackers and
the Underground.
 //// SMAC
[] BuzzSaw
Originally designed for the now defunct and illegal logging industry,
BuzzSaw was the latest and last upgrade of Logging Bot. His humanoid
body, festooned with sawblades of varying sizes, was designed to top
and cut down the largest trees in the Pacific Northwest. His brain,
one of the most advanced bio-chips available on the market, has given
him great reasoning abilities and an overall intelligence that has
allowed him to become a guiding force for the members of S.M.A.C. in
their struggles for equality.
[] SkullCrusher-1
The Skl-Krushr series of Bot was developed for use in medium and heave
guage construction. SkullCrusher-1 was a singular design concept made
to do the tasks of several lesser bots. A superior grade motor system
has given him great strength in his grappling claws. His raw crushing
power, coupled with a new Gigi-watt cutting torch eye laser, has made
him the "Minister of Discipline" within the ranks of S.M.A.C. All must
work for the collective or suffer being junked by SkulKrushr-1.
 //// PowerShifters
[] Volcana
Volcana's genetic line was introduced after the last World Conflict.
Bureaucratic corruption was to the point that certain government
agencies felt the need to create a Squeeb that could be infiltrated
into rival agencies. Engineered as an Internal Affairs spy and
confidence gather, she and her sisters were given heightened powers of
intellect and hand to hand combat that could be hidden from her
"targets". She now uses her control over fire and ability to teleport
to further the goals of the PowerShifters.
[] Grok
Grok was designed to work with the Los Angeles Mega-city Combat
Engineer Corps in "Urban Pacification and Reeducation" missions. His
tough exterior, hiding a normal human skeletal frame, made him
uniquely suited to the dangerous and "high-impact" work of cleaning
out small bands of urban guerrillas and snipers. Once a safe path
through a strife-ridden neighborhood was clear the "normal" troops
would then take control. The process used to create his granite-like
skin was so complex and expensive that he was the only one of his
genetic line produced.
[] Mercury
One of the stranger Squeebs to be designed, the Mercury series was
developed by the military in conjunction with the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission as an "internal" mechanic. His ability to melt into a
liquid form was vital to his job. He would be injected into the pipes
of a fusion reactor to perform maintenance on the reactor core and
internal operating systems. The process used to create the Mercury
series was successful on the physical end, but many test subjects
couldn't handle their new form and went insane. Mercury was the most
stable result of this process, and has taken it upon himself to master
several new forms that are well suited to the Final Testing.
The characters themselves are all digitized. Most are human actors,
but Grok and Mercury are 3-D rendered and SkullCrusher and the
Guardian are stop-animation models. Some people cannot believe that
BuzzSaw was a human in costume, but indeed he is. Trust me Stimpy, I
know what I'm talking about... ;)
 //// The Game
The game itself falls under the "two player fighting" genera, but has
both unique and "previously used" features never before combined into
one package. Imagine the unique styles and character moves/animation's
of SF II, merged with the look and speed of MK and you begin to
describe what UV looks and plays like. The multi-scrolling action of
the backgrounds is very fluid, and the smoothness of the player
animation's (i.e. their moves) rivals that of the arcade version of
Mortal Kombat II. UV will also support the Voice Modem play, for those
with friends in far away places.
 //// GamePlay
All of the characters in UV have a variety of standard moves: High &
low punches, crouched attacks, kicks, jumping attacks, sweeps, etc.
There are a variety of fatalities. They range from knocking characters
into "pit" type drops, to taking off their head; watching the blood
pump from the body as the head smacks the screen! They also have
several techniques that pump up the play factor. You can "short hop"
up in the air (1/3rd the distance of a normal jump) to avoid sweeps
and other low attacks. You can also jump "back", quickly putting some
distance between you and your opponent. Using the Jag controler is not
a problem. When standing you can punch, kick, or do "up close" moves
automaticly in addition to special attacks. When crouched you can jab,
sweep, kick, uppercut, or do special moves. To block simply pull back
on the joypad (we don't like using a block button).
In the one player game you have to collect pieces of the Vortex
Tablet, gaining one piece for every warrior you defeat in battle. When
you collect all of the pieces to the tablet you must then summon the
Guardian for the Final Test. There are also several endurance matches.
These consist of battling through the Shades of the Defeated. You
must also defeat your own Shade. The Final Test is a one-shot battle
royal against the Guardian himself. Here is where you either destroy
the Guardian for good OR get your guts stomped out. (And you thought
Goro from MK hit hard....)
Here's a list of *some* of the moves each character will have:
-- 2 different types of Projectiles.
-- Ground electricity wave.
-- Hawk morph attack.
-- Hawk Teleport.
-- Long Stab + Overhead throw.
-- Flying Dive Attack.
-- Smoke Blow (Dazed & Confused;)
-- Overhead bolo/chain spin.
-- High SawBlade Throw.
-- Grinding Headdive.
-- Gut Grinder hold 'n punch.
-- Low Bolo sweep projectile.
-- Ground blade Roll (multiple hits).
-- Flying KlawHammer.
-- Microwave Blast.
-- Cutting Torch Laser.
-- Death Spin multiple attack.
-- FireRoll.
-- Flaming Embrace.
-- Teleporting Uppercut.
-- Controllable Teleport.
-- Ground FireWave.
-- Head Grab + Overhead throw.
-- GroundPounder Earthquake.
-- Flying morph Boulder Bounce.
-- Melting Bear hug with Multiple HeadHits.
-- Spiked defense Sphere.
-- Multiple hit Blade Sweep.
-- Flytrapped Uppercut.
Each of the 7 characters and bosses are unique in style and concept.
Each has their own look, characteristics, and method of playability.
All have an array of special moves, attacks/defenses, and several
pit-dropping, body-exploding, head-chopping fatalities.
*NOTE: HeadChopper annihilations come complete with screams and the
dead guy's (or gal's) head scaling up and "bouncing" off of the TV
 //// Backgrounds
The backgrounds must really be seen to be described. All of the images
in Ultra Vortex are photo-realistic objects, textures, ect, "warped"
to fit the visions of our artists. All of the backgrounds are
animated, some with objects that are close to the full size of the
screen. Interactive... 65,000 colors... you'll just have to see them
to believe them. It's been said (by some who saw the game at the CES
or the new Atari Promo video), that UV has the most mind-bending
realistic backgrounds of any fighting game out there.
 //// Music/Voices
The music comes from several local composer/performers and can loosely
be described as Industrial-Grunge-Rap-GrindCore. There's a song for
each screen/character and each uses 6 tracks at a time with real
sampled instruments that rival any CD-base recording, pushing the DSP
chip to the max! The sampled voice of the Guardian is unlike anything
you've ever heard before (Imagine Tim Curry in the film "Legend", make
his voice twice as evil, and you have an idea of what it sounds like).
From his comments, to his laugh when you screw-up a move, the Guardian
will hae your hair standing on end.
All in all Ultra Vortex is shaping up to be one of the best fighting
games on the market. Look for screen-shots and preview information in
the new DHGF and EGM.
Beyond Games, Inc.
P.O. Box 2754
Salt Lake City, UT  84110
Phone:  (801)531-8500
Fax:    (801)531-1620
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Remember this LOCATION and this DATE .....
   >>>>>>>>>>>>> NORTH YORK CIVIC CENTRE
   >>>>>>>>>>>>> 5110 YONGE ST. @ PARKHOME AVE.
   >>>>>>>>>>>>> LOWER LEVEL (CONCOURSE)
   >>>>>>>>>>>>> TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA
   >>>>>>>>>>>>> APRIL 1st & 2nd, 1995 (Saturday and Sunday)
   >>>>>>>>>>>>> 9 AM to 6 PM & 9 AM to 5 PM
There is a time and place for every great event - and Atari Users
are entitled to their share! ACE '95 is IT!!!!
If you want to see DMC Publishing (Calamus!), GRIBNIF, BRANCH
ALWAYS (Gemulator, PCXformer), Clear Thinking (Craig Harvey),
Oregon Research, COMPO, Missionware, Scarborough Computers, ABC
Solutions, IT'S ALL RELATIVE, cro_Magic, ICD/4Play/Catbox,
TOAD, and about 20(!) other fabulous Atari Dealers and Developers
                      ............. ACE '95 IS WHERE THEY'LL BE!!
All the developers will be doing lectures and seminars on <<<<<<<
their superb software and hardware!                       <<<<<<<
Three daily door prizes! The Saturday and Sunday Grand    <<<<<<<
Prize Draws!                                              <<<<<<<
The LARGEST gathering of the BEST Atari Dealers and       <<<<<<<
Developers in YEARS!                                      <<<<<<<
Dedicated MIDI area - demos, the latest hardware &        <<<<<<<
software!                                                 <<<<<<<
Contests: Look for ENTRY FORMS for the ACE '95 Atari      <<<<<<<
Creativity Competition! We're REALLY looking forward to   <<<<<<<
Dedicated JAGUAR area - and plenty of Jag Game Developers <<<<<<<
on-hand, to answer *ALL* your questions!                  <<<<<<<
....... and that's a GOOD thing!                         <<<<<<<
ACE '92 was a *HUGE* success. ACE '95 will be even better.
Incredible buys! Incredible demos! Incredible new products! The
very finest gathered in one place!
April 1st & 2nd, 1995 (Saturday and Sunday), in Toronto.
Getting to ACE '95 is easy. If you're coming from the United States,
cross the border at Detroit, Fort Erie, Buffalo, Kingston, Champlain,
Ogdensburg, etc.; get on Highway 401 and head for Toronto. When you
get to the Yonge Street Exit (Hwy #11 on some maps), take it and go
North for 6 stoplights, to 5110 Yonge St. (at Parkhome Ave.). Turn
left and you're there! For those of you who take the QEW Highway from
the border (if you cross at Fort Erie or Buffalo, that is), just
follow it until you get to either Hwy #403, Hwy #427 or Don Valley
Parkway (it's your choice): they all connect with Highway 401. Take
the 401 to the Yonge St. Exit (Hwy # 11 on some maps), take it and go
North for 6 stoplights and you're there. There is street-level and
underground parking. Remember that your local AAA or CAA branch can
supply you with a Triptik, Toronto Map & Ontario Road Map too! FOR
                      >>>>>>              <<<<<<
                      >>>>>> 416-752-2744 <<<<<<
                      >>>>>>      or      <<<<<<
                      >>>>>> 416-225-5823 <<<<<<
                      >>>>>>              <<<<<<
LLLLLLLLLLLL  The MEMORIAL HALL Exhibition Facility is the
LLLLLLLLLLLL  perfect venue for an ATARI EXHIBITION. The Show
LLLLLLLLLLLL  will be spread out through 5 Exhibition and Seminar
LLLLLLLLLLLL  rooms, surrounding a central foyer. Show programs
LLLLLLLLLLLL  will be available on site. Call either of the
LLLLLLLLLLLL  numbers listed above for Advance Hotel Bookings
LLLLLLLLLLLL  (you must have a valid Visa, M/C or Amex card).
LLLLLLLLLLLL  Toronto's famous Yonge Street Strip is right ouside
LLLLLLLLLLLL  the door; there is endless shopping, theatres,
LLLLLLLLLLLL  movies, the CN Tower, the Science Center, the Royal
LLLLLLLLLLLL  Ontario Museum, galleries, restaurants (*lots* of
LLLLLLLLLLLL  restaurants!), and a whole lot more, in addition to
            ACE'95  ACE'95  ACE'95 * ACE'95  ACE'95  ACE'95
                     5110 YONGE ST. @ PARKHOME AVE
                        NORTH YORK CIVIC CENTER
                           TORONTO, ONTARIO
       Saturday April 1, 1995 -  9 AM to 6 PM
       Sunday   April 2, 1995 -  9 AM to 5 PM
       CALL 416-752-2744 or 416-225-5823 FOR INFORMATION
Howard Carson, Chief Organizer, ACE '95
 //// The Ultimate Virus Killer Book
Yes! Finally it *will* happen!
Over the past few years I've been writing a book called the "Ultimate
Virus Killer" book, i.e. the ultimate book for those of you who are
interested in the virus phenomenon - or  your protection against it.
o    What to do against viruses.
o    What viruses can and can't do.
o    A history of viruses on Atari, MS-DOS, Apple and other
o    Extensive virus classification described.
o    All sense and nonsense ever said about Atari viruses
o    A full and extended "Ultimate Virus Killer" manual.
o    A list of all Atari viruses and their symptoms.
o    The biggest glossary you ever saw.
o    A total of around 250 pages of know-how.
The book is planned to be ready by July 1st 1995, but if you order
before May 1st (post mark!) you will get an interesting discount.
Please refer to the ordering details, below.
 Ordering conditions
 United Kingdom:
11.99 to be sent as a UK cheque made out to "Mr. Karsmakers".  If you
order before May 1st, you will get a 2 discount, making the amount
YOU. This should be in July 1995.
If you order after August 1st 1995, please allow up to six weeks
for delivery.
Please *clearly* state your name and address and send your
cheque off to the address below.
 Nederland / The Netherlands:
Hfl 29,95 per Nederlandse cheque op naam van "Dhr.  Karsmakers".
Indien U voor 1 Mei bestelt (let op:  Het boek is in het Engels!)
krijgt U 5 gulden korting,  dus dan betaald U slechts Hfl  24,95.
Dit gaat gebeuren in Juli 1995.
Indien U na 1 Augustus 1995 besteld, houd s.v.p. rekening met
een levertijd tot vier weken.
Vermeld s.v.p. *duidelijk* Uw naam en adres en stuur Uw  cheque
naar het hieronder vermelde adres.
 The rest of the world:
US $25 to be transferred via an International Money Order. Absolutely
no cheques or cash! When you order before May 1st you will get a
discount of US $5, making the amount to be paid a mere US$ 20. YOUR
OFF TO YOU. This should be in July 1995.  If you order after August
1st 1995, please allow up to six weeks for delivery. Please *clearly*
state your name and address and send your IMO off to the address
 The address to send your stuff to
 International:                         For the Netherlands:
 Richard Karsmakers                     Richard Karsmakers
 P.O.Box 67                             Postbus 67
 NL-3500 AB  Utrecht                    3500 AB  Utrecht
 The Netherlands
 Important notes
o  In case of the Ultimate Virus Killer book not happening at all,
   your International Money Order or cheque will be destroyed.
o  If you have an email account and specify it upon ordering, I
   will let you know when the book is being sent off.
o  The prices include postage and packaging costs.
o  Remember: The book won't be available anymore after December
   31st 1995!
 //// Toad Computers Internet Services
Toad Computers is proud to announce online support on the Internet,
including a World Wide Web (WWW) homepage, an ftp site, and e-mail for
sales and technical support.
The World Wide Web homepage allows customers to get product
information (like Jaguar game screenshots and availability dates),
request a catalog, learn more about Toad Computers, and view Atari-
related graphics and animations. Right now, the Toad Homepage even
allows online ordering of some products, like clearance games.
In addition to resources specific to Toad Computers, the Toad Homepage
offers pointers (or hypertext 'hotlinks' as they are called), to other
Atari-related resources on the Internet including software archives,
newsgroups, and other Atari-oriented WWW homepages.
"We believe that the Internet is an important new medium," says Dave
Troy of Toad Computers, "and if it helps us to provide better service
to our customers, we want to be a part of it." While there is no
graphical 'Mosaic'-type WWW browser for the Atari, Toad Computers is
very interested in seeing one developed. According to Dave Troy,
"Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the raw text underlying the Web, is
extremely straightforward. The tricky part of getting Web access on
the Atari is the TCP/IP connection that PC's can get using a program
like Trumpet Winsock. Once a PPP (point-to-point protocol) connection
can be made reliable, a web browser should be fairly easy to
implement." Right now, there are a few packages (such as
KA9Q/NOS/STNET/MintNet) which deliver PPP access on the Atari, and ZFC
(the makers of Edith Professional) have been talking about writing a
graphical browser. It is likely that before the end of the year,
software should be available to allow Atari PPP and WWW access through
a variety of local Internet access providers.
For now, to access the WWW homepage, Atari users will have to use
Internetworked PC's or Mac's equipped with a 'Mosaic'-type browser. In
addition, America Online (also accessible through Mac's and PC's),
will be offering graphical WWW access this winter. "It shouldn't be
too hard for someone to find a Mac or PC running Mosaic. Many Atari
users use these systems at work, and they can also be found on just
about any school campus -- from university to community college,
everyone is running Mosaic!," says Troy.
An ftp site is also available for Atari users to download files that
pertain to Toad Computers, such as our SYSINFO system & modem tester,
STraight FAX! support notes, and ordering information. Right now,
CompuServe, America Online, and GEnie all offer limited FTP access, so
users of these services should have no problem accessing this site.
And of course, any machine on the Internet can be used to access this
site using a conventional ftp client. The KA9Q PPP package for the
Atari includes a built-in ftp client.
Toad Computers has always been available through e-mail, but Internet
e-mail allows greater flexibility and faster response times. "With our
e-mail on GEnie, it has always been a project to read it and respond
quickly," says Troy, "and that has been particularly true with the
huge volume of mail we received after mailing our most recent
If you have sent e-mail to the '' address, please
be patient; it will be answered. However, for an immediate response,
please direct all e-mail to our new address, ''.
Toad Computers does not plan to stop visiting the Atari ST/Jaguar
Roundtable on GEnie. "GEnie has always been a core part of our online
support, and we appreciate the relationship we have developed with
customers and developers there. We will continue to post specials and
news files on GEnie, and we will also continue to be involved in the
Bulletin Board areas," says Troy. And of course, any e-mail received
at '' will be answered. However, customers are once
again reminded that response will be faster if e-mail is sent to
Toad Computers Internet addresses are as follows:
          WWW Page:
Anonymous FTP Site:
                        (ftp to,
                         go to pub/home/toad directory)
 E-mail from GEnie:
                        (@INET# instructs GEnie to use
                         their Internet e-mail gateway)
For more information, Toad Computers may be reached by mail,
telephone, or FAX as well.
Toad Computers, Inc.
570 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146-2925
(800) 448-8623 Orders   (410) 544-6943 Information
(410) 544-1329 FAX      (410) 544-6999 BBS
(410) 544-0098 FAXBack
Toad Computers is North America's leading supplier of products for the
Atari ST, TT, and Falcon computers and also supports the Atari Jaguar,
Lynx, Portfolio, and XL/XE computers.
 //// More CDs; It's All Relative
From the publisher of "Winning Pictures - MPC", totronic of Stuttgart
and mediaGlobe of Dusseldorf....
                          Photo-CD Ireland
From totronic of Stuttgart, and E.D.V. CD-ROM of Dusseldorf...
                          Photo-CD Egypt
                         Photo-CD Australia
Each CD contains 100 images in Kodak Photo CD format. Images are
stored on the CD rom disc in 5 resolutions of Kodak Photo CD ranging
from 192 by 128 to a massive 3072 by 2048, all in Kodak's YCC
Travel the world with your computer. All images are "royalty free"
for any use outside of computer photography collections.
Each CD has software in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian,
Portugese, Spanish, and Swedish for use on CD-I machines or Kodak
Portfolio players.
Windows viewing software in both English and German (German only on
Australia) is the best selling Virtual BookMaker for Windows, Light
Software for viewing on the Atari STe and Falcon 030 computers is a
special demo version of Photo Show Pro and included with each CD.
Suggested retail price is $19.99 US.
Ask for these new Kodak Photo CD's at your favorite Atari dealer or
It's All Relative
2233 Keeven Lane
Florissant, MO 63031 USA
Voice (314) 831-9482
GEnie or Delphi: GREG
Compuserve 70357,2312
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GEnie addresses.
Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy
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