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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      A few weeks ago..  I asked in the cartoon area, why is it so many of
 the little people must pay the ultimate price for the mistakes and acts of
 the powerful people in this world?  Is there an answer I don't know, but
 the Delberti's (locked up in Iraq) and the Oklahomans who were killed this
 past week would probably like to know also.  It senseless for these people
 to suffer for the acts of others especially the children of Oklahoma.  The
 big picture of all this must be examined very closely.  If whacko's around
 the globe from Hussein to whomever, are going use the helpless little guys
 to get at the "big guys" then the "big guys" ought to re-examine this
 picture and correct what is obviously wrong.  
      Removal of opportunity is of course the ideal correction.  But not
 withstanding that factor, there are indeed alternatives.  For example, a
 truthful consideration of the immediate effects and fallout from the
 decision making process must be made.  In Iraq, why wasn't Stormin' Norman
 allowed to complete the job??  Because the powers that be in the States
 were concerned of adverse public opinion?  Yes, there's a very strong
 possibility there was a great deal of negative talk over the carnage along
 the roads back to Baghdad.  Now, of course, its an entirely different
 tune.  We should've gone straight to Baghdad and taken Hussein down
 thoroughly and completely.

      The same things apply in this country.  Our intelligence gathering
 agencies in this country are among the world's very best.  Nobody can get
 away with trying to tell this reporter or any other informed observer of
 the elite US Law Enforcement agencies that they were and are unaware of
 potentially deadly "action groups" within the borders of this country. 
 They are and can really do nothing until the law is broken.  Of course if
 the obvious pointers are there, (stockpiles of munitions, explosive
 ingredients etc.), especially members or suspected participants with known
 records of either violence or politically subversive activities.  This
 government's highest law enforcement agencies should and must be permitted
 to act to prevent such incidents rather be forced to simply pursue
 perpetrators of henious acts such as we have seen in the Trade Center in
 NYC and the Federal Building in Oklahoma.  These investigations should and
 must have the highest of priorities.  Else, no one in this fair land is
 safe.  We are all fair game.
      Say or think what you wish, J. Edgar Hoover may have been a lot of
 things.  But thing he was not!  He and HIS FBI were not ineffective
 in the business of preventing of this sort terrorism in the USA.  He and
 his methods got the job done.  From Nazis to Klansmen his ways struck fear
 and respect for the FBI in their terrorist hearts.  Actually, there is no
 doubt, we need the iron hand of prevention and enforcement at that level
 once again.  More so now than ever before.  We now must deal with the
 "Enemy from Within".  Seeing those kids so badly mutilated said it all. 
 God, in his infinite mercy, will have to help us all if we don't act now
 to adamantly demand the procedures of true prevention and enforcement be
 put in place again.. J. Edgar's way. 

                                             Ralph F. Mariano

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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #16
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                      >> Laptop Pointer Patented <<

    InControl Solutions Inc. says it has been awarded a U.S. patent for 
 the layout of stick pointing devices used in laptops.
    Company officials said the patent award is for technology similar to 
 that used by IBM in its Trackpoint II keyboard pointing devices and 
 which IBM has sought patents to protect.
    The new patent will allow InControl to license keyboard and notebook 
 computer makers that now are offering or want to offer a pointing stick 
 in the middle of the keyboard.
                      >> Motorola Makes New Modem <<
    A new advanced modem designed to provide high-speed data communi-
 cations over interactive hybrid fiber and coax networks has been 
 announced by Motorola Inc.'s multimedia group.
    Reports say the new CyberSURFR modem is an extension of Motorola's 
 CableComm product line, adding, "It delivers data communications at 20 
 to 100 times the speed of conventional modems currently on the market."
    The new modem is to be available at the end the year.
                    >> Video CD Technology Improved <<
    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. says it has improved the design of 
 a video compact disc format created by Toshiba Corp., boosting Toshiba 
 in its battle with Sony Corp. to create an industry standard.
    Matsushita officials are quoted as saying the firm figured out a way 
 to place two layers of data on one side of the disc, allowing it to 
 contain twice as much data, up to nine gigabytes. (A typical compact 
 disc used in today's computers and stereos holds .6 gigabytes of data.)
    Also, Pioneer Electronic Corp. says it has developed a version of the 
 Toshiba disc that computer companies can use to put software on, though 
 its capacity is limited to 3.2 gigabytes.
    Sony's format, which uses layering technology developed by 3M Corp., 
 is backed by Philips Electronics, which co-developed the format. 
 Toshiba's effort has received support from Time Warner, Samsung, 
 Matsushita, Thomson, Hitachi, Pioneer, Mitsubishi and Zenith.
                       >> Digital Cuts PC Prices <<
    Digital Equipment Corp. has announced price reductions in its Prioris 
 family of PC servers and its HiNote notebooks.
    The new prices are up to 26% lower for certain Prioris servers and up 
 to 24% lower for HiNote models. The changes take effect immediately.
    Five Digital HiNote models have also been reduced in price. They in-
 clude monochrome and color 486-based notebook computers. The reductions 
 range from $90 to $650.
                      >> HP Announces New Scanner <<
    Hewlett-Packard Co. says it has created its highest-image- quality 
 scanner to date: the HP ScanJet 3c color/grayscale scanner.
    According to the company, the $1,179 unit offers double the speed 
 performance of the ScanJet IIcx, which it replaces. HP says the ScanJet 
 3c color scanner is twice as fast as the ScanJet IIcx for text and image 
 capture when scanning at resolutions of 300 dpi or less, the typical 
 scanning resolution for most text- and image-scanning applications. The 
 scanner is compatible with PC and Macintosh systems.
    HP notes that the unit's 600-dpi optical resolution and 30-bit 
 color internal capabilities provide increased control in maintaining 
 original-image quality when scanning and enlarging images.
    The PC versions of the ScanJet 3c come bundled with a full-featured 
 version of Corel's PhotoPaint 5 image- editing software.
                     >> Dell Cuts Dimension Price <<
    The prices of Dell Computer Corp.'s 120 MHz Dimension XPS models has 
 been cut by $400, bringing the cost of its most popular, full-featured 
 system configurations to under $3,000.
    Dell officials said the firm has begun U.S. shipments of its 
 Dimension XPS and OptiPlex systems based on Intel's new 120-MHz pentium 
    Dell said it believes it is the first company to deliver 120 MHz 
 pentium-processor-based systems to customers in volume.
                     >> IBM Posts Big Profit Gain <<
    IBM Corp. says it nearly quadrupled its net profit in the first 
 quarter of 1995 to $1.29 billion, up from $336 million a year earlier.
    The computer giant's sales rose 18% for the quarter to $15.74 
 billion, up from $13.37 billion in the first quarter of 1994.
                   >> CD-ROM Yellow Pages Announced <<
    BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corp., the directory publishing 
 unit of BellSouth Corp., says it will develop the first interactive, 
 multimedia version of Yellow Pages directories on CD-ROM for general 
    The first CD-ROM version of The Real Yellow Pages will be available 
 for Southern Bell's Raleigh, North Carolina, directory by this summer.
    The Real Yellow Pages CD-ROM will allow computer users to search, 
 display and print Yellow Pages business information. Users can search 
 for information by name of business, type of business, zip code or by 
 location. The product will also feature community interest information, 
 audio consumer tips and detailed maps to some business locations.
    The Raleigh CD-ROM will be available free to consumers. Order forms 
 for the disc were included in the initial delivery of Southern Bell's 
 1995-96 Raleigh directory. Customers who request the CD- ROM version 
 will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire on the product so that 
 BellSouth can gauge customer likes, dislikes and usage.
                   >> Microsoft Licenses Web Catalog <<
    Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University says it has signed an agreement
 with Microsoft Corp., giving the software giant a non-exclusive, renewable
 license to use The Lycos Catalog of the Internet, developed by Carnegie
    Since its inception last July, the Lycos software has cataloged more
 than three million of the estimated four million documents on the World
 Wide Web and has serviced more than nine million search requests. CMU
 estimates that The Lycos Catalog is used by more than 175,000 people each
    The catalog is developed by a software system that includes a robot
 that searches the Web and catalogs the documents it finds. The Lycos
 software also includes an "information pursuit engine" that helps people 
 with varying computer skills access information quickly and easily when 
 they type in keywords or topics.
                   >> Microsoft Offers '500 Nations' <<
    Microsoft Corp. has announced 500 Nations, a multimedia exploration 
 on CD-ROM of the history of North American Indians.
    The 500 Nations CD-ROM is an interactive companion to the film 500 
 Nations, hosted by Kevin Costner and scheduled to air on this week and 
 during late May on CBS.
    The product is the first title from the software publisher's 
 Microsoft Home to support the AutoPlay and AutoSetup features in the 
 forthcoming Windows 95 operating system.

    500 Nations looks back at life in North America before the arrival of 
 Europeans, then follows the struggles of Indian nations as the continent 
 is reshaped by European-Indian contact.
    500 Nations is shipping to distributors now and will be available in 
 stores for approximately $39.95.  A special Academic Edition of 500 
 Nations is scheduled to become available in May at a discount to public 
 and private schools.
                    >> CD-ROM Sales Up 229 Percent <<
    Sales of CD-ROMs jumped 229% in 1994 to $648 million, according to 
 the latest figures from the Software Publishers Association, which 
 tracked 52 leading CD-ROM publishers.
    SPA's sales report for the fourth quarter reflects sales of major 
 players such as titan Microsoft Corp., but does not cover all CD-ROM 
 sales. Other companies surveyed include Broderbund, Compton's New Media, 
 Knowledge Adventure, MindScape and World Library.
                  >> Intruder Hits Australian System <<
    From Sydney, Australia, comes word a vandal has invaded a major 
 Internet service provider and has stolen up to 1,400 credit card 
    Reports say the intruder, known as Optik Surfer, gained access to the 
 AUSnet World Wide Web server last week and accessed the information 
 after cracking the password of a system operator.

    The Optik Surfer is believed to be an American operating from 
 Melbourne, copied AUSnet subscriber information, including credit card 
 details, and claims to have distributed it on the Internet.

    The Australian Federal Police Computer Crime Section has confirmed it 
 is investigating the theft, after being informed of the breach by AUSnet 
 last week.
                  >> Hayes Reports Operating Profits <<
    Operating profits of $1.5 million have been reported by modem maker
 Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. for the second quarter, resulting, it
 says, from the company's reorganization.  Hayes has been under Chapter XI
 federal bankruptcy protection since Nov. 15.
                   >> TI Unveils Personal Organizers <<

    Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two new personal organizers and 
 an optional personal computer connectivity kit that links the units to a 
    Identical in styling and functionality, the PS-6700 and PS-6800 
 differ only in their memory specifications. The PS-6700 has 64KB of 
 storage; the PS-6800 offers 128KB of memory.
    Each organizer offers data managment software that can store 
 reminders, addresses and notes. Also provided are a calculator, a clock 
 and an LCD screen that shows six lines of information with 24 characters 
 per line. A scan feature is designed to provide fast access to a 
 telephone directory and daily planning calendar.
    TI plans to begin shipments of all three products later this spring. 
 The PS-6700 will cost between $69 and $79. The PS-6800 will sell in the 
 $89 to $99 range. The PS-6155 PC Connectivity Kit will be priced at $75, 
 but will be available directly from TI for $49.95.
                  >> Info Tech Industry Up 7 Percent <<
    A trade group says the U.S. information technology industry -- made 
 up of computers, related equipment, software, services and telecommuni-
 cations equipment -- grew 7% in 1994 to $645.9 billion, exceeding 
 expectations by $5 billion.
                      >>HP Now a Top 3 PC Vendor <<
    New research from Computer Intelligence InfoCorp indicates that, for 
 the first time, Hewlett-Packard ranks among the top three PC vendors 
 selling to the U.S. market through the dealer channel and is the fastest 
 growing PC vendor overall.
    In February, CII's research showed that HP's market share had climbed 
 to 13%, representing a 242% increase in unit sales since September, 
 catapulting HP into the Top Three for the first time.
                   >> Apple Cuts PowerBook 150 Price <<
    Apple Computer Inc. has cut the price of its low-end PowerBook 150 
 and added a new version of the notebook computer.
    Effective immediately, the price of the PowerBook 150 has been 
 reduced by 27% to $1,069. The company is also offering a new $1,229 
 configuration of the PowerBook 150 with twice the hard disk capacity --
 250MB -- as the original version.
                      >> Power Unveils Mac Clones <<
    Power Computing Corp., the first company to receive and announce a 
 license for Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS, has introduced its first three 
 Mac- compatible systems: the Power 80, Power 100 and Power 110.
    The systems, available in desktop and tower configurations, are based 
 on 80MHz, 100MHz and 110MHz versions of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor 
 and are comparable to Apple Computer's Power Macintosh 7100 and 8100 
 class of computers.
    First customer shipments are set to start on May 1, with volume ship-
 ments due to begin in July. Pricing for the desktop systems will range 
 from $1,995 to $2,899. Prices haven't yet been announced for the tower 
    Power Computing says the systems have received Apple's Mac-compatible 
 certification after undergoing product compatibility testing in Apple's 
 own labs.
                    >> Gateway Unveils Pentium PCs <<
    Direct market PC specialist Gateway 2000 has introduced the P5-120XL 
 and P5-120 Best Buy, a pair of PCs based on Intel's 120MHz Pentium 
    Both models come standard with 16MB of EDO (extended- data-out) 
 memory with 256K pipelined burst cache.
    The P5-120XL's standard features include a quad-speed three-CD 
 changer and a 1.6GB enhanced IDE hard drive. The $3,999 system also 
 includes a 17-inch Trinitron-type monitor and a video card with 2MB of 
 VRAM. The tower-style system's built-in Telepath IIv Communication 
 Center features a 14.4K bps fax/modem with a telephone answering device.
    The $2,999 P5-120 Best Buy comes with 1GB enhanced IDE hard drive, a 
 quad-speed CD-ROM drive, a video card with 2MB of DRAM and a 15-inch 
 monitor. The P5-120 Best Buy comes in a desktop case.
                    >> Apple Updates Digital Camera <<
    Apple Computer Inc. has announced immediate availability of the 
 QuickTake 150 digital color camera for Macintosh, Power Macintosh and 
 Windows computers.
    The company notes that the QuickTake 150 is an enhanced version of 
 its QuickTake 100 digital color camera. The new lightweight, portable 
 device is designed for use in business, home offices, education, 
 publishing and online services. Apple adds that the QuickTake 150 offers 
 several new features that aim to enhance performance, quality and 
 convenience without an increase in price.
    Significant enhancements include improved image quality and resolu-
 tion, twice the storage capacity and a "What- You-See-Is-What-You-Get" 
 (WYSIWYG) close-up capability.
    The QuickTake 150 for Macintosh and the QuickTake 150 for Windows are 
 each priced at $739 and include software, cables, batteries and a 


 > WIN'95 Dual Boot STR InfoFile   The fine art of helping others

                             DUAL BOOT - Win'95

 by Bob Schaffer - 76516,2047

 I wanted to install a dual boot with Win95 & WFWG 3.11 so I could try out
 Win95 without sacrificing my old system setup.   

 Here are the steps you can take to duplicate my dual boot installation:

 1.  Copy (duplicate) the whole Windows directory and all it's sub 
 directories to another directory, like \WIN31.  Copy the \DOS directory 
 to another one as well, like \DOS6 .

 2.  Edit all the INI files in the WIN31 directory and change all 
 references from \WINDOWS to \WIN31.  The "find and replace" command in 
 most word processors makes this easier, but be sure you save them as 
 text files.

 3.  Boot up your PC and install Win95 SETUP through windows program 
 manager "FILE-RUN".  As you install WIN95 it will rename your CONFIG.SYS 
 AND AUTOEXEC.BAT files to CONFIG.DOS and AUTOEXEC.DOS.   (When you dual 
 boot it renames them back to CONFIG.SYS AND AUTOEXEC.BAT....and then 
 backups the WIN95 versions as .W40).

 4.  After Win95 finishes installing and you are on the desktop, use 
 notepad with "select all files *.*"  to edit the CONFIG.DOS and 
 AUTOEXEC.DOS files and change all \WINDOWS references in them to \WIN31, 
 and all \DOS references to \DOS6 .

 5.  In order for the dual boot menu to work, the following lines must 
 appear in the [Options] section of your MSDOS.SYS file:   (If you use 
 Doublespace or Drivespace disk compression you must change both MSDOS.SYS 
 files - one on the boot drive and one in the compressed drive)

   BootMenuDefault=7  (original DOS as default.  Use 1 for Win95 default)
   BootMenuDelay=5    (number of seconds to select something else)

      To add these lines, first, open "My Computer" and use the menu bar to
 VIEW - OPTIONS - VIEW - Show All Files, and also unclick "hide MS-DOS file
 extensions".  Then double-click on the MSDOS.SYS icon and look.  If it
 doesn't have all the above lines, you'll need to edit this file and put
 them in.   

      Since the MSDOS.SYS file is "read-only-hidden" you'll need to first
 change the file attributes and then use the notebook editor to insert the
 new line(s).  Then you'll have to change the attributes back to their
 original states when done to protect the file.

  6.  To change the attributes, click on the MSDOS.SYS icon using your
 RIGHT mouse button.  Select Properties and uncheck the attribute blocks.
 Exit and make your text changes, then save the file.  Then put the 
 attribute check marks back where they were.

  7.  Now, exit Win95 and re-boot.  You should now see the boot menu and
 be able to select which mode you want to boot into.

      Remember, any programs you install after this will only appear in the
 system you were running at install time.  For example, if you install MS
 Word under Win95 you will have to install it again under old DOS/Windows
 if you want to run it both ways.  You can install the program to the same
 directory both times and you'll simply overwrite the files and avoid
 having two sets of the new program on your hard drive.

  Let me know how it works for you!
  Bob Schaffer - 76516,2047




              Don't let your competition grab those CYBER sales
                             Let us set up your 
                 'online storefront' on the World Wide Web!

 We have many options to suit your business needs.  Here is a breakdown of
 our Best Value Package which is available for a limited time only:

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 You can reach us at:
                             Voice: 817-656-5970
                             Fax:   817-656-7794
                        Email: CompuServe 70404,3014


 > Frankie's Corner STR Feature

 The Kids' Computing Corner

                         Thinkin' Things Collection 2
                      Dual-format CD-ROM for IBM and Mac
                              ages six to twelve
                             estimated retail $42
                                 P.O. Box 3218
                            Redmond, WA 98073-3218
                              phone: 206-556-8484

  IBM Requirements                     Mac Requirements
  CPU:       386DX-25                  CPU:       Color Mac or higher
  Graphics:  256-color VGA             Graphics:  256 colors
  Hard disk: 3 megs                    Hard disk: n/a
  RAM:       4 megs                    Ram:       4 megs, 5 for SYS 7.5
  OS:        DOS                       OS:        System 6.0.7
  CD-rom:    Double-speed              CD-rom:    Double-speed
  Sound:     MPC compatible sound card
  Misc.:     a microphone is recommended

 by Frank Sereno

 In volume 10, issue 51 of STReport, I reviewed the floppy diskette version
 of "Thinkin' Things Collection 2."  I still consider it one of the finer
 and more exciting educational programs that I have reviewed.  "Thinkin'
 Things 2" doesn't teach children by forcing them to memorize facts. It
 instead teaches them how to learn and think by allowing the children to
 explore fascinating musical and spatial environments.

 TT2 has five activities.  The Oranga Banga Band is an exploration of
 three-part rhythm.  The child can play a game in which he identifies the
 band member doing a part in a song by the Oranga Band.  The difficulty
 level gradually grows with the child's abilities or can be set manually. 
 The child can also compose original music.  These exercises will teach
 children rhythm, to read and write rhythm patterns and also enhancing
 auditory discrimination.

 Toony's Tunes allows children to compose and save original songs on unique
 xylophones.  Toony also offers a memory game in which the child must
 repeat the notes that Toony plays.  Difficulty will again increase as the
 child gains more skill.  Toony's Tunes will aid the development of
 auditory memory, listening skills and recognition of musical pitch.

 Frippletration is concentration with a twist.  Players can choose to play
 with audio or visual clues to build auditory or visual memory and
 discrimination.  The game is for one or two players.  The game will
 progress from sixteen cards to thirty-six to sixty-four.

 2-3D BLOX encourages three-dimensional visualization by having
 children work with a variety of rotating 3-D objects.  The child can use
 the rudimentary painting tools to create artwork which will be instantly
 mapped to the rotating shapes, create his own backdrops or he can use the
 stock items.  Children can make customized shapes by using a lathe tool. 
 Background music and text can be added to the 3-D masterpiece, which can
 be saved for later viewing.  The program even provides suggestions to aid
 creative thought.

 The final activity is Snake BLOX.  This activity allows children to layer
 background and foreground layers.  This creates a perception of depth when
 snakes are run under and over the various features.  Many tools are
 available to create background art.  Numerous background music tracks can
 be used to create a music video.  The Ideas section includes many designs
 that will fascinate and inspire the creativity in anyone.  Masterpieces
 can be saved for later viewing and editing.  This activity will enhance
 visual analysis and synthesis skills.

 TT2 features wonderful graphics and excellent sound.  The interface has
 full audible help and verbal encouragement in the first three activities. 
 In the BLOX activities, the child will use the intuitive point-and-click
 interface to the explore the many possibilities of creativity.  TT2 will
 entertain children (and adults) for many hours.  The educational value is
 excellent.  Priced at approximately $40, TT2 offers an outstanding
 combination of fun learning activities at a moderate price.

 Thinkin' Things 2 CD-ROM has one enhancement over the diskette version of
 the program.  Edmark Vice President Donna Stanger, an award-winning
 software designer, gives a video presentation to parents.  The
 presentation includes information on learning theories, the learning
 objectives of each Thinkin' Things activity, and offers suggestions for
 proper parental involvement in computer learning.  The information is very
 interesting and is beneficial to parent and child.

 The diskette and CD-ROM versions have the same retail price.  If your
 system has a CD-ROM drive, I recommend getting the CD-ROM version.  If you
 already have the diskette version, contact Edmark for details on costs to
 upgrade to the CD-ROM version.


                          Graphics ........... 9.0
                          Sound .............. 9.5
                          Interface .......... 9.0
                          Play Value ......... 9.5
                          Educational Value ..10.0
                          Bang for the Buck .. 9.5
                          Average ............ 9.41  


                         A MOMENT OR TWO FOR THOUGHT

 I would like to express my condolences to the victims of the Oklahoma City
 terrorist attack.    

 To a small extent, all Americans are victims.  The image of the United
 States as a free, friendly and safe country has again been tarnished. 
 Over the past few years we have lost the freedom to walk the streets of
 many neighborhoods after dark.  In some cities, it is unsafe to sit on a
 front stoop or to frolic in a playground in broad daylight.  Children can
 longer trust a stranger to be friendly.  This attack makes it clear that
 no one is totally safe anywhere.

 An attack of this sort shows the evil and capriciousness of man.  But let
 us not give in to the fear and the evil.  Keep in mind that most likely
 only a handful of cowardly individuals were involved in this act of
 terror.  Instead, remember the hundreds of individuals who risked their
 safety to rescue the injured at the site.  That bravery and self-sacrifice
 is much more typical of the nature of man.  The good deeds of many do
 outweigh the evil deeds of a few.

 I would like remind everyone that there is one small sacrifice that most
 of us can make that can be of great importance to others.  If you are a
 healthy adult, please consider becoming a blood donor.  Donating blood
 takes about one-half hour, but that contribution can aid several lives. 
 Most hospitals and trauma units constantly face blood shortages.  Your
 donation can mean the difference between life and death.

 Thank you for reading.


 > STR InfoFile

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    //  //  /////   //  //  //       //       //  //  //    //  /
     ////      //  // ///    ////   ////     //////  ////  //////
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 MAIL ADDRESS:                                        PHONE: (312) 338-3755
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 Put your information on the World-Wide Web..TODAY! Whether your selling
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 Simply, you can can now have a site on the World-Wide Web for as 
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 If you have an Internet E-Mail address, or any E-Mail address that can
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 * Include your Web Page information with your order. 
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 * Multimedia/CD-ROM 
 * "Touch-Screen" applications (i.e. electronic kiosks)
 * Artificial intelligence (neural networks and expert systems) 


 > 32x DOOM STR Spotlight

                                 DOOM on 32X

 Okay here is a walkthru for DOOM on 32X.  Be advised that NOT ALL levels
 will be 100% complete. So go with the flow! 

 Remember to also try to follow the Sequences in most cases.

 Courtyard:From Starting position, Head NORTH to small corridor. The
 corridor goes East to a door. open door and enter large dark room.
 Continue EAST down a winding corridor and it will soon head south. you'll
 be at a room with a zig-zag path with Toxic slime at it's sides.Continue
 SOuth and you'll see a gray patch of wall. Open and it go west in the
 courtyard with a lake of Toxic slime and BLUE COMBAT ARMOR in the middle.
 RUN through it to get the armor. No go to step 2

 Step 2:Hidden Corridor:, From courtyard head back to the corridor South,
 then East. Now head south to exit door. Enter this door but DO NOT pull
 the switch. Head back to zig zag path, and you'll see a new path. RUN thru
 the Toxic slime and into the new area to get the shotgun.

 Step 3. ZigZag Running:,From north entrance of Zig ZAG path, RUN in the
 new corridor to the SOuth east. Be quick and you enter a elevator to a
 secret area that has ammo and armor power ups.

 From the Start position head EAST to Door. Go thru and continue EAST, and
 UP the stairs. At the Top go into the hallway, and on the west side of hte
 hall is the RED KEY CARD.

 Step 2: Once you have the Card, fro mthe start position, head North then
 WEst to red locked door. Open it

 Step 3 Fake Wall: After this door, Proceed West/North to Toxic filled Room
 with a column. RUN to column. and flip switch. A wall by the RED doro has
 opened. It contains a maze.

 Step 4: the Maze: Head south west in Maze to a fork. Head WEST. Continue
 until you reach the corridor. Shoot at the wall until a new corridor
 appears. Go into this and head up the stairs. At the top is a room with a
 chainsaw on a column. Find Switch to lower the column.

 Step 5 Court Yard: From the start go north tehn look east for a brown
 false wall. Enter this room and pull the switch. Head northeast from here
 to a door. Open it and continue until you see the opening to the
 courtyard. There is a SOUL SPHERE and a CHAINGUN with ammo here!

 Step 6: An Elevator: From the LOCKED DOOR position, head west to the
 stairs. Then to the top, just at the top and west is a small opening go
 into it and ride the elevator to a small supply area.

 Step 7:Before you entered the locked door, look left of it too see and
 elevator ride it up to find health and ammo

 Step 8:2nd Elevator: from the First elevator, Head east to a winding path.
 then North to next Elevator. before stepping on it to your left is a fake
 wall. Enter it for some supplies then go back to elevator and ride it
 down.  you'll enter a room with a switch. Flip it then enter EITHER openin
 that appears. Follow the path to another door that leads to exit switch.

 Step 1 Switch/New Corridor: From the Start go NorthWEST to a door, open it
 and go NORTH until you see a West entracnce go into it and find the
 switch. Then Check for a new cooridor by the door you entered. Go into it.
 Go up the stairs. the path forks left and right RUN left to an open
 wall(if you heard a wall open, if not then walk until you hear it) Go into
 the new hallway and down to a column Flip the switch, to get a SOUL
 SPHERE. Now go back up the stairs and you shouls hear another wall open up
 QUICKLY RUN into it and you find a room with armor and rocket launcher.
 and a secret hole in the south east wall SWIM the toxic junk to a switch
 with a back pack. Flip it. Now go open the secret wall beside you get all
 powerups and go thru the elevator to find yourself back in the first room
 with the switch you flipped to begin that merry little escapade. NOW
 return to that new Corridor AGAIN and find the YELLOW KEY CARD.

 Step 2: Blue Keycard:from the start, go North west and continue to a door.
 Go thru it and then the path curves EAST to an open area with a LOT of
 monsters<G> Go thru the area, enter the corridor and go EAST until you
 find the BLUE CARD.

 Step 3: Blue DOOR:From the Start go to the Right until you find the BLUE
 DOOR OPen it and go east.ENter the Corridor and if you hear a door open up
 RUN into it then go up stairs to find the ChainSAW. Keep going to the
 Yellow DOOR. OPen and it and retrieve the Health Kit, Armor ups, the SOUL
 SPHERE and the COMBAT ARMOR. Now return to that corridor

 Step 4: Exit to level 4:
 From the BLUE DOOR go in the corridor and proceed to three Corridors. Go
 into the Center one, go up stairs to the exit Door and find the switch to
 level 4. BAH! There is more though!!!

 Step 5 Exit to 17!!!:
 From the Start point there sould now be a bridge above the acid pit IF you
 found the secret room with rocket launcher that led to another room with a
 switch. if you havent GO DO IT!!<G>  Now cross this path and EXTERMINATE
 whatever you find. You'll enter a rounded room. Go to the north side of
 room to find a corridor that goes EAST. You'll see a door that leads to a
 switch to level 17. BUT be sure to check the wall OPPOSITE the switch, and
 before going to level 17, make sure you go thru all the areas of this
 level and get all the  AMMO you can!!!

 Thats it for now. More to come, but before I wrap this up I am going to
 repeat some advice I stated in another file. To win at DOOM tyou Do NOT
 cheat and you MUST start from level 1 and go thru 17, which then leads
 back to 4 and then on thru the game. There is NO other way!

 Also Some tactical advice: If you play Like Arnold Schwarzenegger or
 Sylvester Stallone YOU WILL DIE!! You do NOT charge in to the enemy as if
 you were unbeatable. You might last 5 seconds if that.  To win you think
 like a sniper, and you ACT like a sniper. Make them come to you as you
 hide around corners, and make them shoot each other too. Also Barrels are
 your friend. THINK or you sink!

                       EMPEROR CYBERSURFER/Ass't SysOp


 > WinPack STR InfoFile        ...for use with MicroSoft Windows

                             WINPACK for WINDOWS

      AshSoft is pleased to bring you a complete archiving utility, 
 WinPack, for use with MicroSoft Windows,  Win95, Windows NT (tm).  
 WinPack is designed to bring you flexibility and ease of use, with 
 a competitive price that is easy on your pocket book.  WinPack offers 
 ZIP, ARC, SIT, ZOO, Packit, TAR, Compress, GZip, Lharc, UUencode and 
 Decode, Freeze, BinHex, Pack, and ARJ in one convenient package.  
 All of WinPack's code is integrated into one bundle. No external 
 programs are needed.  WinPack is not a shell.  There is no shelling
 out to DOS. WinPack stands on it's own.  

      WinPack will be offered in two varieties...WinPack, and WinPack 
 Deluxe.  WinPack is a ZIP only shareware version of our program.  
 WinPack will be available on all the major online services, and 
 on the Internet.  WinPack will be priced at an affordable $10(US) and 
 allow you to see our program interface, and experience how the program 
 works.  In addition, if you only need a ZIPping utility for Windows, 
 this utility will hopefully cover all of your needs.  With WinPack Deluxe, 
 you will have everything covered.  WinPack Deluxe is roughly the same 
 design as WinPack with the bonus of compressing and decompressing about 
 everything out there. WinPack Deluxe is priced at $20(US).  Registered 
 users of WinPack can upgrade to WinPack Deluxe for $10(US) at any time.

      A Windows (16-bit) version of WinPack and WinPack Deluxe should 
 be available at or before June 1st, 1995.  Additional site licensing, 
 information, and other pricing will be available at that time.  
 WinPack and WinPack Deluxe are owned and developed by AshSoft.  
 WinPack and WinPack Deluxe are distributed by RetroSpect.  Please 
 contact Randy Snow at 71540,1240 or for more 
 information on either of these products.

 MicroSoft Windows, Windows 95 (Win95) and Windows NT are registered 
 trademarks of MicroSoft Corporation.


 > Xmen 2 STR Feature

                                 XMEN2 HINTS


 Well, well, well,.....Some people are asking for Xmen 2 Clone Wars
 character recommendations for the various levels. So......

 The First level: Well can't recommend anyone for this one!<G>

 Sentinel Factory: Use Cyclops. Keep his health maxed out and blast away.
 Use him through the ENTIRE level, even through the interior of the

 Avalon: The first two areas require a special touch,...So use WOLVERINE.
 He can slice through the opponents quickly and can climb to reach the
 various power ups. For the first boss, with the rocket pack just use his
 super slice and it will take about 5 hits.  For the next stage in which
 you are in free-fall, use GAMBIT. Charge his attack up on the way down and
 always throw his cards at the switches that open the trap doors. Not at
 the enemy just the switches Trust me.

 For the Next boss:Exodus, just use CYCLOPS. Dodge his attacks, and just
 charge up that ole' optic beam!<G>

 For Magneto himself: Use Wolverine, you must slice through one wall then
 another while ducking Magneto's attacks. The third wall, Magneto must
 blast through, so trick him into blasting the wall. Once its down, run
 into the area, grab any health ups you need, then use your super slice to
 knock Magneto into the Swirling energy field being generated in the Far
 right Corner. Magneto will be trapped and surrender. Now, you can USE HIM!

 For the Next Stage: Apocalypse's temple. The First two areas are for
 Psylocke. Her Katana slices can hit enemies on all sides, and for the
 first boss just stand underneath him and slice upwards with the Katana.

 The Next area use her again and navigate thru the maze.

 After the maze:you get to choose a new character, be smart Choose MAGNETO
 because its time for the APOCALYPSE. Just Hover in the air and blast the
 BLUE mines to damage the computer systems, and then just open fire on
 Apocalypse himself when he attacks. Just hover in the far right upper
 corner and just open fire!<G>

 The next area is the Savage Land. Use Wolverine for the first two areas.
 Just stay at the bottom and go to the right. For the next two areas, the
 green water is rising fast so you need a good jumper and a strong punch.
 So use the Beast. One punch wrecks the enemies whereas all the other
 characters have to blast repeatedly at the Phalanx monsters. ICK! Just use
 Beast and keep moving UP to find the exit.

 The last boss is a Phalanx clone of BrainChild. He's a WIMP!

 Oh Cyclops??<G> 

 The next area is the Phalanx ship. Use Magneto for the first area. His
 energy ball can explode and take out all enemies on screen, plus with all
 the moving platforms, if you miss a jump, controlled use of his hovering
 will keep you from falling too far so that the frustration level wont get
 too high<G>

 The next area is a rising platform. Use Cyclops and fire diagonally
 upwards in both directions repeatedly. The last boss is deathbird Just
 blast her to pieces.
 No real recommendation for the next area, but after this third area is the
 brood queen. Use Wolverine, and slice at her brain when its exposed. Then
 use Wolverine for the final level.

 Part II
 Well, well, well........I've been sitting back today looking at all my
 files and asking myself "How can I top all that I have done?"  "What is
 next?" Then I stumbled across a source of mine who slipped me some very
 interesting codes on a game. Oh, and YES I tested them out!

 Now I bet you are wondering what I could possibly be talking about......

 What could it be?  Which game?  Well here it is!

 Polish those adamantium claws, get the trench coat, and the ruby-quartz
 visor to handle those killer eyes! Its time for X-men 2:Clone Wars

 How about the ability to skip levels AND change characters? Really? You'd
 like that? Okay!

 At ANY TIME during the game PAUSE and press Left+C, Up, Up, Left, Down,
 Down, Right, C and you'll hear a noise.  Now unpause the game.  Now Pause
 it AGAIN and press Right+C to SKIP levels, or even Left+C to change

 Unfortunately the character change code does NOT make Magneto available.
 You still must rescue him in stage 3.

 Now then how about another code? One that everyone loves yet hates. What
 is that you ask? about INVINCIBILITY???????        

 Pause the game and type: Up+B, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Down, Up,
 B and you'll hear a noise. Now unpause then pause again and type Up+B to
 activate the code! 

 BTW the codes can be combined.

 Plus as an added treat How about some Genie codes:

 RFMA-N60W: Play as Magneto on any stage

 AB7B-WWDN Wolverine regenerates up to nine health bars.

 6F7B-WAD6: Wolverine regenerates 4 times as fast

 Now there are other codes for 9 lives, infinite life, invincible, but with
 the preprogrammed codes and these genie codes, You are ready!


 BTW:Anyone remember this quote: "Cyke's got his problems, but he don't
 smell like a Morlock!"

 have fun!

 have fun.


         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

       GENIE Information Services copyright   1995 by General Electric
             Information Services/GENIE, reprinted by permission

                            ___   ___    _____     _______
                           /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/
                          /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/           
                       /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/_____
                      /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                     Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 Subject:  #89328-#Apple Infomercial????? - Msg Number: 89330
    From:  fred krughoff 75540,1730
      To:  Norman Powell 75562,331
   Forum:  MACCLUB   Sec: 02-About Apple
    Date:  20-Apr-95  11:30:21

      Apple is never going to get it ....they have had the power PC now for
 over a year, a machine which, I as a DOS WIREHEAD and MAC 8100 owner,
 think is the best computer ever built.  And what has Apple chosen to focus
 on ???  The outright LIE... the very very big LIE ...that you can run
 Windows on your Power PC using soft windows.  Talk about your DOZE ..that
 was a doze.. Does anyone at Apple think that anyone wants to run ancient
 windows apps at a crawl on a $3000 Mac?  When you are at this level of
 stupidity and mistruth there is ..simply no hope.

      By the way, all Mac people should put that PLUG and PLAY bull to
 rest.  I spent last night fighting with a Mac Scanner and many crashes 
 ..a usual problem ..even dispite the fact that my 8100 has three busses. 
 I have never found high end Macs any easier to set up than PCs, Macs are
 only easy on very simple systems.. if anything, they are much harder to
 keep stable with many SCSI devices connected .

 Keeping tcp/ip going on a Mac server is also no easy task.. I find Win NT
 or SOlARIS much, much more Plug and Play in this area.

 And long filenames are great if you are only on a Mac.. even in windows NT
 where we can use long names we are careful not to.. if the file is going
 out of house.

 Mac strengths no longer lie in plug and play and other hardware problems. 
 but the Apple OS had a beauty which is hard to describe in a commercial. 
 The fact it was so simple and easy.. there is nothing  I can't do on a PC
 that I can do on a Mac...but its the doing that is different.   The Mac
 leaves one less wired when you are done working.

 The Mac has a quiet simplicity to its interface which just plain makes
 sense to most new users and old users alike.  This productivity issue can
 be addressed in ads.  But saying a PC is so hard to use just makes all the
 windows people feel smug ..knowing they are so smart to have figured it
 out.  They only react to the ads by thinking that macs are for dummies,
 and PCs for the clever.

 Apple is not going to wake up.. but if they do the following they might
 survive.. and not become part of IBM

 Give some developer support for multimedia products ..and stop selling
 those two speed CD drives

 Run ads for the new user showing the Mac as fun and easy to use ..with no

 Make the ads for the common man not the ivy league bookstores ..think
 midwest forget Boston and California.  Forget slick and grey ..think funny 
  ..get some goof ball like Letterman behind Apple.

 lower the prices (the Mac clones should do this ..there must be a power PC
 for $1000 with a 500 meg hard drive and 8 megs of ram ..there are many
 486s out there at that price.

 Lower the prices ..2600 for a performa with claris works and quicken?  For
 2600 I can buy a pentium 100 with a quad speed drive and 1.2 gigs of HD
 from any Staples office supply here in N.Y.C., and.. will give me 200
 bucks back which I can buy software I want

 lower the prices ...remember why there are no BETA recorders

 lower the prices ...this is not a bookstore at harvard....this is Comp USA

 lower the prices


 > ETHER! STR FOCUS!        The Future.. is here TODAY!

                          Mosaic, Netscape, Trumpet
                            Super Growth Factors

 by Ralph F.  Mariano

      There is much to learn and so little time to learn in.  Or, so I
 thought.  Internet, the Sleeping Giant of Telecommunications, is awakening
 with an aggressive but friendly demeanor.   First, a little history
 lesson... (grin) I know, "just what you needed".  Well, its not as much a
 lesson as it is a small dose of nostalgia.
      I am certain there are quite a few readers who remember stuffing the
 telephone receiver into that goofy looking, two hole device called an
 acoustic modem.  We all thought what an amazing device.. dial the number,
 wait for a ring etc... then stuff it into the modem.  Modern technology at
 three hundred baud.  That's right young man, 300bps!!  We all thought we
 had it made.  Until the ever, memorable "Volksmodem" hit the marketplace. 
 You know, for a modem that "everyone" owned, one can only wonder what
 became of it or the people behind it but that's another story.  The
 Volksmodem was a super, blazingly fast 2400bps (bits per second)!!   There
 I was, the "hot shot" calling CompuServe way back then during the
 "heydays" of the Atari and Commodore 64 and Amiga Computers.  It was a
 time when Ron Luks of CIS was the "Top Banana" in a computing world that
 simply amazed me everyday with something new and hypnotizing.  During
 those times, Ron Luks was pictured in every Antic Magazine illustrating
 the wonders of the highly popular, original Flash Telcom program for the
 Atari.  But that's all an aside.  The real story is about Telcom and its
      From the "ever so innocent" times of modeming about using an eight
 bit computer, 850 interface and a 2400 baud Volksmodem, till now, a great
 deal of water has passed under the bridge of technology.  Now, the world
 of telecommunications is rife with hustlers trying to sell you everything
 from the colors and construction of a Web page to the promise of
 unbelievable fame and fortune.  The "menu" of telecommunications offerings
 is vast.  The popularity of the "ether" is such that its attracted the
 most predatory of creatures.. the politicians.  Politicians, salivating
 over the possibilities of increasing their reach, are scratching about in
 the nets trying to makes names for themselves by introducing populist
 movements, action groups and regulatory legislation (YUCK!) because some
 moralist "willy nillies" decided it was time to tell people what is or is
 not good for them.  Again that's another story.

      The major networks, CompuServe, America OnLine, Delphi, Prodigy and
 GEnie and others have truly paved the way for the phenomenally explosive
 telecommunications growth we've all seen in the last few years.  Just a
 scant four years ago, STReport did a study and offered that in a given
 userbase, at the time Atari Computers, of that userbase an easy twenty
 five percent of the users had and were using modems.  Of course the
 "industry leaders" scoffed at those figures because they had their ultra
 expensive demographic studies that "clearly stated otherwise".  How sadly
 mis-informed they were.  STReport had interviewed well over two hundred
 and fifty officers of Usergroups, users at computer shows and spot
 interviews at computer stores nationwide gathering information.  The
 figures didn't lie... there was, at least, twenty five percent of the
 users active in telecommunications.  Now, its a much larger figure.  Its
 been arrived at in much the same way.  The figure is approximately sixty
 eight percent of those who own a computer also own a modem.  

      Another interesting figure pertains to those who already own a
 computer, at least twenty eight percent own two or more computers.  Now,
 the hefty figure...  recently, we were told by a "highly respected" source
 that of all American homes thirty three percent had at least one computer. 
 Nice figure but... way off the mark.  STReport did its own study and found
 that in the USA, the figure at this time is more like forty seven percent
 and its climbing rapidly.  People are turned on to computers and
 computing.  They have the "wants" for a computer.  We can at this time,
 predict (comfortably) that by the year two thousand, eighty five percent
 of the homes in the USA will have at least one computer if not more.

      During the last election, we heard about the Cyberspace, the
 Information Highway and the Ether Zone...  Many folks thought they were
 phrases used to make the candidates look like they were "in the know". 
 Those folks were right.  Now, here we are nearing re-election time and
 what has happened?  The current administration used the Internet "catch
 phrases" to their advantage in giving people the impression they'd be
 readily accessible via a modem and a Telcom network.  As it turns out,
 with dumb intra-party rivalry... the funding for the Internet is now in
 serious doubt.  Another notch "on Newt's gun butt".  Another shot "in the
 butt" for Clinton's Democrats.  Hey!  Al Gore!!  Where are you now??  

      It seems that no matter which way an election goes these days, the
 people wind up on the short end of the stick.  One thing is for sure,
 barring a ferocious natural disaster, the Internet, regardless of all the
 political finagling, is here to stay.
      This past week, I took the effort to install Spry Mosaic and Net
 launcher both free Inet access software packages from CIS into Win'95. 
 The install went without a hitch after seeing the elaborate "eye candy"
 one can encounter on the Web... I was hooked!  This stuff is great!

      Once I was cruising the Ether..  I began to hear about a couple of
 "super hot" programs for use in the areas I was in and then some.  They
 were talking about Trumpet Winsock and Netscape.  With little trouble, all
 I did was hit the search button and bang!  There was Netscape right in
 front of me as was Trumpet using the same features.  I downloaded both
 programs and proceeded to install them.  Again, no problems.  The trick
 with the various Winsock.DLL files is to place the .DLL for each program
 in each respective directory.  Forget having it in the system directory. 
 Netscape is a powerhouse!  Trumpet seems far more efficient that
 Netlauncher.  In fact, the Netscape - Trumpet combo seemed quite a bit
 faster in overall performance than Netlauncher and Spry Mosaic.  But don't
 take my word for it... try it for yourself.  Its all out there for the
 asking.  A few D/L's later and you'll be able to compare them for
      The bottom line in all this is the Internet.  It the way to go.  Its
 the future in your grasp today.  Most of all, its accessible to most
 everyone worldwide.  Just think, for the time being... its the only mass
 communications media that is NOT Censored or manipulated to give the
 impressions others wish you to have.  No propaganda, censorship or head
 games.  Sure, there are flame wars, free-for-alls and controversy but then
 that's what gives the Internet its uniqueness.  Its individuality and its
 enviable freedoms.  So far, CompuServe is the only service offering Free
 Internet Access including Web, PPP, FTP etc., that's at 28.8bps as the
 nodes come OnLine.  And that is with no rate increase for using the 28.8
 bps. I am certain the other Nets will follow suit.  How soon and with what
 kind of overall performance and speed will be the big question. 


                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 STReport International OnLine Magazine is available every week for your
 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
 and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
 computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

                       DELPHI's 20/20 Advantage Plan 
                           20 Hours for Only $20!

 Advantage Members have always enjoyed the lowest DELPHI access rates
 available. On the new 20/20 Advantage Plan, members receive their first 20
 hours of access each month for only $20. If you happen to meet someone
 OnLine or find some other diversion, don't worry because additional usage
 is only $1.80 per hour.

 20/20 Advantage rates apply for access via SprintNet or Tymnet from within
 the continental United States during home time or via direct dial around
 the clock. Home Time is from 6pm to 6am weekdays. Access during business
 time carries a surcharge of $9 per hour. These rates apply for most
 services, but note that there are some surcharged areas on DELPHI which
 are clearly marked with a "$" sign.

 Who is eligible to take advantage of the plan?  Any DELPHI member in good
 standing.  Applications are reviewed and subject to approval by Delphi
 Internet Services Corporation.

 It's easy to join. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply
 OnLine -- at any time -- for membership in the DELPHI 20/20 Advantage
 Plan. Your membership becomes active at 4 a.m. Eastern Time on the first
 billing day of the following month. 

 The $20 charge will be billed to you at the beginning of the month to
 which it applies. Any portion of the 20 hours not used in any month does
 not carry forward into the next month. 

      Advantage rates may be changed with 30 days notice given OnLine.

                         TRY DELPHI FOR $1 AN HOUR!

 For a limited time, you can become a trial member of DELPHI, and receive 5
 hours of evening and weekend access during this month for only  $5.  If
 you're not satisfied, simply cancel your account before the end of the
 calendar month with no further obligation. If you keep your account
 active, you will automatically be enrolled in DELPHI's 10/4 Basic Plan,
 where you can use up to 4 weekend and evening hours a month for a minimum
 $10 monthly charge, with additional hours available at $3.96. But hurry,
 this special trial offer will expire soon! To take advantage of this
 limited offer, use your modem to dial 1-800-365-4636.  Press <RET> once or
 twice. When you get the Password: prompt, type IP26 and press <RET> again.
 Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
 be a member of DELPHI!  

         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!

                    -* ANNOUNCING: DELPHI INTERNET JET *-
 Windows-based  graphic interface for the otherwise text-only Delphi online
 service.    In  addition  to  providing the user with a graphic interface,
 Delphi  Internet  Jet  can  be  configured  to automatically gather Delphi
 Internet  e-mail  and forum messages, and place them into a QWK packet for
 the  user's  existing  QWK  mail reader!  Complete instructions for setup,
 operation,  Delphi  membership, and a FREE five hour trial included in the


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

  > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      Please forgive me if I sound less than my usual enthusiastic self
 this week.  The tragedy in Oklahoma City is simply overwhelming.  And
 Boston (where I am) has been saturated with all kinds of bomb threats
 and other mindless acts of mental terrorism over the past two days.
 Our thoughts go out to those who have had this tragedy thrust at them;
 the families and friends that were lost or hurt senselessly.


      Missionware Software has just recently announced the latest update
 to the ever-popular telecommunications software, Flash II.  As a former
 "die-hard" Interlink user until Flash II came on the scene; as well as
 being a current beta tester of Flash II, the program keeps getting
 better (and continues to do so, but an NDA prevents me from saying
 more!).  You'll find the details of this upgrade later on.  And the
 best part is that it's free for the downloading on your favorite BBS or
 online service!  Be sure to check it out.

      Over the past month or so, there have been numerous inquiries
 about our weekly Internet distribution process.  If you're unaware of
 this, we have been providing a weekly mailing of each issue of STReport
 via the Internet to those people who don't have access to local
 bulletin boards or online services to download the issues directly.
 What we do is compress each issue using some form of a ZIP compression
 routine (either STZIP or a PC version (g)), then uuencode it, and then
 e-mail it, via Delphi's mail system to those who have subscribed.  The
 usual question that arises is "how do I view the file?"  Well, the
 process is fairly simple, if you're unsure.  All that you need to do is
 utilize a "uudecoder" program to convert the coded file to the original
 ZIP'ed file, and then uncompress that file to readable text.  Since the
 uudecoded file comes through the mail, you'll likely have to remove the
 e-mail header before trying to decode the file.  This is where most
 people run into a problem - they're not removing this header.  Once you
 do so, the rest should be easy.  Need a uudecoder program?  It's been
 suggested that PC users try WinCode.  I'm sure that there are others
 out there, including DOS versions.  For Atari users, I can personally
 attest to ESS-Code, from Michel Forget.  If you still have problems,
 let us know and we'll try to make sure that you get the necessary help
 to make things easy for you.  If you want to subscribe, and haven't
 yet, drop us a line at either of the two Internet addresses listed near
 the beginning of this issue.

      Until next time...


                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!!
                       TOP FIVE DOWNLOADS (4/19/95)                        
                     (1) UNIVERSAL PRINT CONTROL ACC                      
                     (2) SPEED OF LIGHT 3.7B                              
                     (3) SILKBOOT 3                                       
                     (4) ACCENT PUTS FUN IN YOUR TEXT!                    
                     (5) LITTLENET/MIDI PORT NETWORK PRG.                 
                             * = New on list                                
                              HONORARY TOP 5                                
  The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
  out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  11.15)                 
        ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO: VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4)      
          Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.         


 > FLASH II Version 2.22 STR Spotlight

                                  FLASH II
                                Version 2.22!

                       354 N. Winston Drive
                  Palatine, Illinois   60067-4132
                     United States of America
                        phone 708-359-9565

 Missionware Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.22
 of Flash II.  This is our fifth update.  Flash II originally went up for
 sale in April of 1992.  Version 2.22 fixes a number of problems
 discovered by our customers and beta testers over the past few months.
 We've added a number of enhancements as well!  If you already own a
 version of Flash II just download the file F222UP.LZH and use it to
 patch your current version.

 Flash II is the update to the most popular Atari ST telecommunications
 program ever!  It's available exclusively from Missionware Software and
 at an affordable price!  Flash II is completely rewritten by Paul
 Nicholls of Clayfield, Australia.  But don't let that fool you! 
 Flash II has the same look and feel as previous versions of
 a slew of new features to boot! And it's just as easy and fast to use
 for the telecommunications beginner or pro!

 The new features of Version 2.22 include:
 * Fully Falcon030 compatible!

 * Enhanced DEC VT Terminal emulations including the ability to swap
   the functions of the Delete and Backspace keys for conformance to
   standard DEC terminals.

 * Enhanced ANSI terminal and graphics.

 * History buffer is now included for Type Ahead editor.

 * Full support for all Atari serial ports on TT030 and MegaSTe as well
   as baud rates up to 153600.

 * Terminal mode now displays either the real time clock or a timer.
   When the timer is displayed, it now runs all the time.

 * Search-Next mode added in editor.  Control-F9 keystrokes can be used
   for this new function.

 * Enhanced DO scripting language, including:

    PORT:       Selects the port to be used.
    CLOCK:      Selects Clock display in terminal mode.
    TIMER:      Selects Timer display in terminal mode.
    DBPATH:     Sets path for Block file operations.
    KERMIT:     Selects various Kermit transfer options.
    BREAK:      Sends a BREAK during script operations

 Naturally, all of your old favorite Flash II features are still available:

 * DO script files compatible with older versions of Flash!

 * All macros use the familiar Flash DO script format!

 * Easily setup the parameters for each BBS you call...this includes
   everything from ASCII upload/download options to baud rate!

 * You can program up to 20 individual and separate macros for each
   BBS plus an additional 10 global macros !

 * Displays RLE & GIF pictures either on or off line!  You can also
   save or load these pictures for later review!

 * Supports the following terminal types:  TTY, VIDTEX, VT52, ANSI,
   VT100, VT101, VT102, VT200, VT300 & PRESTEL.

 * Includes full support for RTS/CTS.  This mode can now be turned
   on and off by the user.

 * Includes Automatic Answer mode!

 * Includes Auto Boards mode - Preselect the board(s) you wish to dial
   and when Flash II is launched either manually from the desktop by
   you, or automatically by some other program launcher, Flash II will
   wake up and dial the board(s) you've got selected.  It will also wait
   for the proper time to dial these boards.

 * Includes full featured GEM text editor with: merge, block
   commands, cut & paste, search & replace, paragraph reformating; user
   tab settings, page width, full keyboard cursor and delete control
   and more!

 * Supports the ST, IBM and DEC character sets, including IBM/ANSI
   graphics characters!

 * Includes Silent Line for background file transfers!

 * Supports the following upload/download protocols: ASCII, Xmodem,
   Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Zmodem, Modem7, WXmodem, CIS B, Kermit and SEAlink!
   And all of these protocols are built into the external
   modules required!!!

 * Zmodem supports the selection of AutoStart and Streaming  options.
   If you prefer to use an external Zmodem protocol with Flash II, you
   can now force Flash II's Zmodem autostart mode to off.  For BBS' that
   don't support "streaming", this too can now be turned  off.

 * Logs all on line time and calculates your approximate costs for you!

 * New version written in assembler!  Fast!

 * Runs on all ST, STe, TT030 and Falcon computers!

 * Supports "Install Application".  You can create a DO script that
   can be used to launch Flash II from the desktop and force it to dial
   up and go online for you, all automatically!

 * Both the Terminal and Editor have been enhanced significantly for
   both speed and ease of use.  You'll be amazed at how fast the new
   Flash II is!

      Missionware Software's upgrade policy remains the same for the new
 Version 2.22!  We will continue to upgrade any old version of Flash! 
 (copyright Antic Software) for just $30 US, plus $4 shipping and handling
 (US and Canada), $8 worldwide.  Or, you can purchase Flash II, version
 2.22 outright, for only $49.95 US plus the shipping and handling charges
 applicable to your area.

 To order, or for more information, contact:

                            Missionware Software
                            354 N. Winston Drive
                          Palatine, IL   60067-4132
                          United States of America

                            phone: 1-708-359-9565


 > SozobonX! STR InfoFile!  -  New SozobonX Distribution

     From: Jerry Gerald Geiger <>
     Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 

 New SozobonX release available at new SozobonX home-site

 SozobonX is the eXtended Version of Sozobon C, currently supported and
 maintained by some people.

 SozobonX is a freeware C-Compiler system, based on the original
 Sozobon 2.00 release, to run under Atari TOS (+-MiNT) or compatible
 systems. It includes GEM libraries and ST-Guide hyper-text library docs.

 The adapted MiNT-lib (mntsox<PL>.lzh) is somewhat out of date but
 will be updated soon. :-)

 There is an alternative compiler included (c68: sozc68<PL>.lzh).

 PATH:         pub/atari/programming/Sozobon
 FILES:        sozbin10.lzh, sozlib13.lzh, sozuti07.lzh, sozc6844.lzh,

 -- jerry
 Greetings from another Okami Newsreader user.

                   -/- CD-ROM Sales Up 229 Percent -/-

     Sales of CD-ROMs jumped 229 percent in 1994 to $648 million,
 according to the latest figures from the Software Publishers
 Association, which tracked 52 leading CD-ROM publishers.
   Reporting from Washington, United Press International says the
 report "shows signs that computer drives that read the discs have become
 less of a new fangled gadget and more a standard hardware format for
 consumer products, home CD-ROM titles."

     Some specifics from the report are:

     -:- Sales reached $647.5 million on 22.8 million units, or $28.42
 per CD on average, up from $202.8 million in 1993 for 8 million units,
 or $25.25 a CD.

     -:- In the fourth-quarter Christmas season of 1994 alone, sales
 reached $298 million on 10.2 million CDs, up from $102 million on
 4 million units for the fourth quarter of 1993.

     -:- Consumer-oriented market segments led sales. Content products
 such as encyclopedias and games and other home products each accounted
 for about one-quarter of CD software sales in 1994, half of all sales.

     -:- Home-education software accounted for about one-sixth of sales,
 growing 222 percent.

     -:- "Content" software, such as guide books and reference volumes,
 remains a substantial part of the CD software market, but it has been
 losing ground to other categories. Still, sales in that category were
 up 143 percent in 1994.

     UPI notes SPA's sales report for the fourth quarter reflects sales
 of major players such as titan Microsoft Corp., but does not cover all
 CD-ROM sales. Other companies surveyed include Broderbund, Compton's
 New Media, Knowledge Adventure, MindScape and World Library.

     SPA said another sign of the consumer market for CD-ROMs is that
 fewer CD-ROMs are being sold bundled with drives and computer systems
 as original equipment.

     David Tremblay, the association's research director, told the wire
 service, "For CD software publishers, OEM (original equipment
 manufacturer) sales represent an important part of the business, but as
 the number of installed CD drives increases, retail, direct and other
 channels will become an increasingly important part of the distribution

     SPA reports that for all of 1993, unbundled sales accounted for
 49 percent of units sold and 74 percent of CD software revenues. For
 1994, unbundled channels grew to account for 61 percent of units and
 89 percent of revenues. Bundled channel revenues grew 37 percent in
 1994, but unbundled channel sales grew 296 percent.

                 -/- Hayes Reports Operating Profits -/-

     Operating profits of $1.5 million have been reported by modem
 maker Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. for the second quarter,
 resulting, it says, from the company's reorganization.

     The Reuter News Service reports from Atlanta that privately held
 Hayes said profits were up, but did not provide previous quarterly
 figures. The firm said it had record sales the past two quarters, with
 about $65 million in the second quarter.

     As reported earlier, Hayes has been under Chapter XI federal
 bankruptcy protection since Nov. 15.

     Company officials told Reuters its merger with Practical Peripherals
 Inc. has helped reduce inventory and manufacturing costs.

                 -/- Intruder Hits Australian System -/-

     From Sydney, Australia, comes word a vandal has invaded a major
 Internet service provider and has stolen up to 1,400 credit card numbers.

     Writing for the Australian Associated Press, reporter David Killick
 says the intruder, known as Optik Surfer, "gained access to the AUSnet
 World Wide Web server last week and accessed the information after
 cracking the password of a system operator."

     Killick says Optik Surfer, "believed to be an American operating from
 Melbourne," then "copied AUSnet subscriber information, including credit
 card details, and claims to have distributed it on the Internet."

     AAP say the Australian Federal Police Computer Crime Section has
 confirmed it is investigating the theft, after being informed of the
 breach by AUSnet last week.

     "Internet users have known of the security breach since Thursday
 when the hacker's message -- "Remember, too many secrets" -- appeared on
 the AUSnet home page. The quote comes from the 1993 hacker cult movie
 Sneakers, starring Robert Redford."

     AAP quotes PC Week columnist Thomas Liddle as saying copies of
 credit card numbers, and a message claiming responsibility for the
 attack also were sent to several Sydney computer journalists."

     Says Killick, "The electronic graffiti left by the hacker first
 drew attention to the security breach on the AUSnet site. 'Did you know
 that Ausnet clients credit card details are all sitting readable on
 their system?!?!?!,' the message read. 'We have the credit card numbers,
 and it has already been distributed to many other hackers and carders
 around the world.'"

                  -/-  Poulsen Sentenced to Prison -/-

     Renegade computerist Kevin Lee Poulsen has been sentenced to
 51 months in federal prison after admitting he rigged radio call-in
 contests to win luxury cars, Hawaiian vacations and thousands in cash.

     The 29-year-old Poulsen also has been ordered by U.S. District Judge
 Manuel Real to pay $58,000 in restitution and serve three years
 supervised probation upon his release.

     In Los Angeles, prosecutors told The Associated Press this is the
 harshest sentence ever given a computer vandal. U.S. Attorney
 Nora M. Manella commented, "The Department of Justice rejects the notion
 that hackers such as Poulsen are simply harmless computer wonks,
 frolicking in cyberspace."

     Poulsen faces additional charges of stealing classified Air Force
 communications listing the names and locations of structures that would
 be attacked during a war.

     As reported earlier, Poulsen, who was a computer security consultant
 to the Pentagon in the 1980s, was indicted on 19 counts of computer
 intrusion and pleaded guilty to seven.

     Court documents allege Poulsen blocked incoming phone lines of radio
 stations KRTH-FM, KPWR-FM and KIIS-FM, then he, a friend or relative
 called at the right moment to win a prize.

     Prosecutors say Poulsen fraudulently won two Porsches from KIIS-FM,
 $20,000 from KPWR-FM and at least two trips to Hawaii and $2,000 from


                               JAGUAR SECTION
 Defender 2000 Update!
 Hover Strike Released!  Opinions!
 VidGrid and ?  And Much More!!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      Well, Hover Strike is in Atari's warehouse and will be shipping to
 dealers immediately!  Expect to see it on the shelf Monday or Tuesday.
 Word has it that this one is impressive; we're looking forward to
 seeing and providing an extensive review as soon as we can.  We also
 have some other reviews in the works, for which I apologize for the
 delay.  Time constraints have been limiting reviews as late, but we're
 working to overcome this.
     The staff at STReport warmly welcomes Dean Fox, Atari's new
 marketing guy, to the fold.  Fox comes to Atari from Sega; and Dean was
 responsible for the campaign surrounding the release of the 32X CD.
 One of Fox's first responsibilities will be to head up the JaguarCD
 campaign - something we're all looking forward to learning more about.

      In a few of our recent past issues, there had been some growing
 concern by our readers, as well as many of the online community,
 pertaining to the rumored JaguarCD pack-in.  The rumor was that
 VidGrid, a music/puzzle game, was to be the pack-in.  There had been,
 and continues to be, a lot of negativity surrounding this possibility.
 The concern is that people just don't want this game; they want
 something better.  Well, it's pretty much a "done deal" that VidGrid
 WILL be the pack-in for the CD.  However, it's also known that there
 will be a second title included!  There hasn't been a confirmation on
 what that second title might be.  Word has it that Jaguar users'
 voices have been heard and partly responsible for this added title!
 The likely reason as to why VidGrid is being included is probably that
 an agreement was reached early on and there's no way to change that
 commitment.  Adding a second game (or making VidGrid the second game)
 won't affect the agreement.  Expect to see an official announcement,
 likely at the E3 show.  So, if you think your opinions don't matter,
 think about it again.  Keep those comments/opinions coming.  They may
 not always have the effect you want, but they might make a difference!

      Jeff Minter continues to keep us abreast of the status of
 Defender 2000.  Look for more "Minter Classics" further on in this

      Want an affordable joystick for your Jaguar?  Well, read about the
 latest addition to the market, the LapCat!!

      Check out the latest comments from the online community.  The
 Internet is always buzzing with opinions and items of interest.  Jeff
 Kovach brings us a few of them, included in this issue.

      Well, deadlines come by a lot faster these days, or so it seems!
 Let me wrap up this week's issue so you'll be able to have it on time.

      Until next time...


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available.
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""          What's coming out.

     Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

      J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
      J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
      J9001  Trevor McFur/
             Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
      J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
      J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95       id/Atari Corp.
      JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95          Telegames
      J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99     Rebellion/Atari Corp.
      J9029  Doom                 $69.99        id/Atari Corp.
      J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9003  Club Drive           $59.99         Atari Corp.
      J9007  Checkered Flag       $69.99         Atari Corp.
      J9012  Kasumi Ninja         $69.99         Atari Corp.
      J9042  Zool 2               $59.99         Atari Corp
      J9020  Bubsy                $49.99         Atari Corp
      J9026  Iron Soldier         $59.99         Atari Corp
      J9060  Val D'Isere Skiing   $59.99         Atari Corp.
             Cannon Fodder        $69.99          Virgin
             Syndicate            $69.99           Ocean
             Troy Aikman Ftball   $69.99          Williams
             Theme Park           $69.99           Ocean
             Sensible Soccer                      Telegames
             Double Dragon V      $59.99          Williams
             Hover Strike         $59.99          Atari Corp.

      Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

              CatBox              $69.95               ICD
              Hover Strike        $59.99              Atari
              Jaguar CD-ROM       $149.99             Atari

      Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

      J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $189.99        Atari Corp.
      J8001  Jaguar (no cart)    $159.99        Atari Corp.
      J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
      J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
      J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95

 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

 From CompuServe's AtariGaming Forum:

 Sb: 6-Button LapCat Released
 Fm: Dale & Karen Dobson 73637,3457
 To: ALL

 Found this on Christian Svensson's Jaguar WWW Page (using CIS' new Mosaic
 feature - cool!)  Excuse the formatting - I kind of fudged it from the
 Unix world and may have lost some special characters, etc.  I also
 deleted some pricing information since I wasn't sure about ad
 restrictions here.  According to the preceding Jaguar News WWW pages,
 this stick is AVAILABLE from Formula-1 as of 4/10/95.  It apparently
 conforms to Atari's 6-button specs with the absence of the "Shift" keys
 that will be present on Controller II.  Here's the info:

                                 Lap Cat
                      Atari Jaguar Joystick upgrade
                         From Formula-1 Systems

 If you have been waiting for an affordable joystick for your Atari
 Jaguar, your day has come!  Welcome to the innovative style of the Lap
 Cat.  Lap Cat is an ergonomic Six button joystick made from real arcade
 parts.  The front upward slope has a beautiful feel and very stress free
 on the wrists. The fire buttons are arranged in two rows of three.  The
 Keypad is just above the fire buttons for easy selecting. The pause and
 option buttons are to the right of the fire buttons so you can instantly
 pause the system.  The extra three buttons are used to control the 7,8,9
 keys on the keypad, as per Atari's new 6 button joypad.  If you suffer
 from Nintendo Thumb, this is the only cure for extended playing periods.
 No more yelling at the TV and stumping on your joypad because You Were
 moving at a diagonal, but that poor joypad had a mind of its own and
 said that you weren't!  Unlike other Joysticks that require that you
 have a second joypad to access the keypad, Lap Cat has the keypad built
 in above the Six fire buttons.  This means instant control at all times.
 Games like Iron Soldier become a breeze when you can instantly pick the
 weapon you want without having to divert your eyes to look down at the
 joypad.  Lap Cat is a Joystick conversion from your original joypad.
 Lap Cat measures L 11.5 in  W 11.5 in Front 3 in  Back 5 in

 To find out more or to order a Lap Cat:  EMail or
 phone 301-251-0997 (ask for Ben,  Formula-1 Systems).

 > Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars               2Q/95  Racing              $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Arena Football         2Q/95  Sports               TBD      V Reel
 Assault                2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Barkley Basketball     2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph            2Q/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battle Wheels          2Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Blue Lightning (CD)    2Q/95  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Burnout                2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Cannon Fodder           NOW   Action/Adventure    $69.99    Virgin
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)    2Q/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi     TBD      Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           2Q/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Demolition Man         2Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V         NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon Lair (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Flashback              2Q/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      US Gold
 Fight For Life         2Q/95  Combat               TBD      Atari
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander (CD)        2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Horrorscope            2Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike            NOW  Action/Combat        $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier            NOW   Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja            NOW   Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Rage Rally             2Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                 2Q/95  Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Robinson Requiem       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Sensible Soccer         NOW   Sports                        Telegames
 Soccer Kid             2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Space War              2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Star Raiders           2Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Syndicate               NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Theme Park              NOW   Simulation          $69.99    Ocean
 Tiny Toon Adventures   2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball  NOW   Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   2Q/95  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortex           2Q/95  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...   NOW   Sports              $59.99    Atari
 White Men Can't Jump   2Q/95  Sports               TBD      TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zool2                   NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari and Edelman Public Relations - all subject to

 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

 From the Internet...

 From: (Senor Bongles)
 Newsgroups: alt.atari-jaguar.discussion,
 Subject: plan to save the jaguar from death
 Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 16:36:01 GMT

 In the latest issue of a magazine (Wizard the guide to comics),
 there is a contest to decide the best game system out there.
 The winner gets a free system of their choice.  What you have to do is
 go to your local comic store or newsstand, open Wizard #45, rip out page
 69 and return it filled in with gushing praise for the Jaguar.
 If Jaguar wins this contest-thingy, it gets free advertising to millions
 of comic/video game fans.  All of the info is on page 69.

 Remember, this is over on June 30, so get your entries in FAST.

 ~*~ ======================== ~*~
 Relay note: I do not advise ripping pages out of publications that belong
 to someone else. This does sound like a great idea otherwise and I'm
 going to vote for my favorite! (Jag Rules!). "Wizard" magazine can be
 found at comic and trading card shops everywhere.  --D.Thomas@Atari

 From CIS SysOp and STReport staffer, Jeff Kovach:

 Sb: D2K Update 4/15/95
 Fm: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 74777,3071
 To: All

 From Jeff Minter's WWW page, the latest Defender 2000 update:

 D2K Thangs for April

 April 15: The ASAD Object Handler

 Well, the perspective tile thang came off nicely. Finished off the
 background generator for 2K, and my graphic artist has the task of
 creating a test set of 2K graphics on the top of his stack. Replaced
 the graphics of Pods and Swarmers in Plus mode; now there are none of
 the original Defender graphics in Plus mode.

 I've been working on an all-singing, all-dancing object list handler for
 2K, and planning out the data structures for objects in that game. The
 OL handler's just about finished now, and very useful indeed. It handles
 creation of Object List entries for sprites, and deals correctly with
 clipping of both scaled and unscaled sprites; performs mapping of
 objects from 'planet' space to 'screen' space; handles animation and
 effects (such as spin around a vertical axis, or throb by frobbing the
 scale fields of a sprite); does X/Y and optionally Z motion and
 behaviour at boundaries (reflect, wrap or cease). In conjunction with
 the tiling generator it makes any kind of sprite game easy to get
 running, as well as being perfect for 2K levels. It's a most useful
 little GPU overlay. So llook out for little hidden Llamasoft easter eggs
 in the final game...

 Next thing is to begin to beweapon the player ship, put in some prey and
 predators, and get collision detect and real game stuff happening. I
 should be getting the final anim of my Iron Camel this coming week, so
 it'll befun to make a kinda AMC-level as I get everything running. I'm
 really looking forward to having some real stuff in my background
 generator too.  At the moment there's some psychedelic stuff and lots
 of Pythonesque Flossies layered back there, which is all well and good,
 but I want to see what a real level is gonna look like...

 Oh yeah, and we've got the first cut of several of the D2K tunes! More
 than the three I was expecting... they sound promising, particular
 standouts at the moment being the Main Theme, which is very funky with
 FX from original Defender dropped into the mix; Level Tunes 2 and 5;
 the Bonus Round medley and the Hiscore theme. I'm pretty pleased; very
 promising for a first cut.

 So... next week, more 2K, possibly some Llamatron...

  (:-) - and I can run Netscape at last on top of Netcruiser!  Excellent!

 Fm: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 74777,3071
 To: All

 A fellow Jaguar enthusiast (Tony Belding) requested that I post the
 following here.  I hope you find it interesting!



                  Atari Jaguar Classic Games Report
                          11 April 1995


 When the Jaguar was first announced, Atari gave the impression that
 updated versions of classic games would be a big attraction.  At that
 time Tempest 2000 and Battlezone 2000 were announced, and not long
 afterward Star Raiders 2000 was also announced.

 After only a few months, Tempest 2000 was delivered and surpassed
 everyone's expectations.  Many still consider it the best game available
 for the Jaguar, and it propelled its programmer, Jeff Minter, to the
 status of cult hero in the Atari community.  However, Star Raiders 2000
 and Battlezone 2000 never appeared.

 Now the Jaguar has been on the market for well over a year, and Tempest
 2000 is still the ONLY classic arcade port for it.  That is not what we
 were led to expect.  In failing to bring these kinds of games to the
 Jaguar, Atari is missing a great opportunity.  Trying to compete against
 3DO, Nintendo, Sega and Sony on the basis of generic fighting, racing or
 platformer games is a losing strategy.  Games are what sell systems.  To
 sell the Jaguar, it needs distinctive games that are not available
 elsewhere.  Games like Tempest 2000 could be the lever that raise Jaguar
 to true popularity.  So, where are they?


 Battle Sphere -- This space combat game is not a port from anywhere else,
 but it looks good and the programmers at 4Play have indicated Battle
 Sphere may have a play mode similar to Star Raiders (see below).

 Battlezone 2000 -- This game, being done in-house by Atari, mutated into
 something different during development, to the point that Atari felt it 
 should be renamed.  It is now known as Hover Strike, and is not being
 billed as any kind of relation to Battlezone.  It's unclear now whether
 Atari has any desire to revive the Battlezone 2000 name or concept in
 the future.  See also Iron Soldier.

 Dactyl Joust -- This is supposed to be a 3D version of Joust, the classic
 Williams game.  It is being developed by High Voltage Software.  Although
 it's been in the works for a while, very little information has leaked
 out about it, and it remains a rather mysterious project.  There is also
 no word on whether a Joust Traditional version will be included, though
 it's a reasonable assumption since one has been programmed for the Jaguar
 as a demo.

 Defender 2000 -- One of the most highly anticipated games being worked
 on for Jaguar, Defender 2000 is being coded by Jeff Minter.  Latest word
 is that it will be a Jaguar CD game, including direct CD music from the
 team that gave us the excellent Tempest 2000 soundtrack.  Like Tempest
 2000, it will include Traditional, Plus and 2000 modes.  The Defender
 Traditional mode is supposed to be a virtually perfect recreation of the
 original Defender arcade game. The information posted by Jeff Minter
 about Defender 2000 has generated a great deal of enthusiasm for it.

 Iron Soldier -- Here's another game that's not a port of anything else,
 but which is available now, is a fine game, and has distinct
 similarities to Battlezone.  Iron Soldier puts the player in a giant
 mecha robot instead of a battle tank, but otherwise this could almost be
 thought of as Battlezone 2000.

 Major Havok 2000 -- Atari wanted Jeff Minter to program Major Havok 2000
 after he finished Tempest 2000 and his Virtual Light Machine.  However,
 Jeff begged off and took up the Defender 2000 project instead.  Thus,
 the idea of Major Havok 2000 remains in limbo.

 Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure -- For the SNES and Genesis, Activision did
 this overhaul of their Atari VCS/2600 classic including a perfect
 translation of the original game hidden as an easter egg.  It is
 reportedly in development for Jaguar as well, expected late this year.
 I have no other information about it right now.

 Space War 2000 -- See Star Raiders 2000 below.

 Stardust -- Done by Bloodhouse Ltd. for the Amiga computers and Amiga
 CD^32 game machine, Stardust is basically Asteroids given the same kind
 of overhaul as Tempest 2000.  It is Asteroids 2000 in all but name.  The
 catch is that there doesn't seem to be any Jaguar version in the works.
 Surely there must be some way to bring this kind of game to Jaguar?

 Star Raiders 2000 -- This game, another Atari in-house project, also
 mutated during development into something much different and is now being
 developed under the name Space War 2000.  Exactly what relation it may
 have to the original Space War game is unclear.  On the face of it,
 Space War 2000 appears to be a first-person perspective piloting game
 quite unlike the original Space War.  It's unclear whether Atari ever
 intends to do a Star Raiders 2000 game as such.  See also Battle Sphere.

 Tempest 2000 -- It's the only 2000 series game actually available, and it
 proves that the concept is viable.  The cartridge has several game
 versions including a Tempest Traditional that mimics the old Tempest
 arcade game, though not precisely since Jeff Minter did it from memory.
 By contrast, the Tempest 2000 game mode goes over the top with fantastic
 graphics, new enemies and powerups, and exotic bonus rounds.  The music
 soundtrack has also garnered much praise all around.  This is what we
 want and need more of!


 A perfect translation of Joust was reportedly programmed some time back
 for the Jaguar.  There was some talk of putting it into another game as
 an easter egg, though nothing ever came of that.  Now it seems more
 likely that it will come with Dactyl Joust whenever that game finally
 sees the light of day.

 The Atari Lynx had some quite neat easter eggs, such as the Mandelbrot
 generator in Chip's Challenge or the Game of Life in Zarlor Mercenary.
 There haven't been any easter eggs (as far as I know) for Jaguar games
 yet, perhaps because of limited ROM cartridge space.  When more Jaguar
 game development moves onto CDROM, it will be easier to put in easter
 eggs.  I think it would be cool if some of the very old and simple games
 found their way onto Jaguar in this manner, such as Astro Invaders, Pong
 or Night Driver.


 The Atari Jaguar is facing some tough competition.  3DO is already on the
 market with a powerful (albeit expensive) system and a bigger game
 library. The new Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, 3DO M2 and Nintendo
 Ultra-64 will all have a technological edge over Jaguar.  How can Jaguar
 fight back?  For a clue, here is a quote from Tom Kalinske, president of
 Sega of America:

  "The battle really comes down to software.  No one cares about hardware."

 Everyone in the videogame business should frame that quote to serve as a
 constant reminder.  That's not to say software is the only factor of
 success, but there is evidence that it is the most important.  Just
 consider how one game, Donkey Kong Country, has extended the life of
 Nintendo's aging SNES machine.

 Today the majority of home console games fall into three categories:
 run-and-jump platformers, fighting games, and racing games.  Each of
 these categories has been around long enough to become stagnant and show
 little innovation.  Furthermore, they appeal only to a narrow segment of
 potential game players.  The first generation of Saturn and Playstation
 games have been heavy on these types of games.  This is a weakness Atari
 can exploit by providing an alternative.  By offering unique games that
 are only available for Jaguar, Atari can differentiate their product and
 attract consumers who have been alienated by the lack of diversity on
 other platforms.  Let people understand, if they want to play Defender
 2000 or Dactyl Joust, Star Raiders, Breakout, Asteroids, etc., they
 aren't going to do it on Playstation.

 Bringing back old arcade games is a tactic with special strength because
 it plays to two different audiences.  As we saw with Tempest 2000, old
 timers are attracted to these old games by nostalgia.  However, because
 the game was so dramatically updated to take advantage of Jaguar's power,
 it also made inroads with the younger game players who did not remember
 the original Tempest.  To them it seemed like something fresh and

 Some have been calling for a VCS/2600 emulator for the Jaguar, or for
 direct ports of the old arcade games without enhancement (as in
 Microsoft Arcade, for example).  Either of these approaches would be a
 mistake since the games would have little appeal outside of nostalgia.
 That is not sufficient by itself.  Furthermore, there is no reason to
 limit ourselves in that way.  As Tempest 2000 demonstrated, the old
 games can be very soundly improved by an infusion of Jaguar power while
 still providing the "Traditional" game mode for those who want it.

                          WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT?

 For some reason Atari has not put much effort into this idea.  They have
 fooled around and given us lackluster games like Checkered Flag and
 Dragon when we could have had Star Raiders 2000 or Asteroids 2000
 instead.  This is a sadly missed opportunity.  However, there is
 something we can do to turn this situation around.

 Write Atari.  Yes, it really is that simple.  I've noticed plenty of
 people complaining to each other on the net about the lack of classic
 games for Jaguar, but that doesn't help any.  We must go to the source
 and tell the people at Atari about our concerns.  Let them know we
 expected more and we want more!

 Here's how you can contact Atari:

     Atari Corporation
     PO Box 61657
     Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657

 Also email:

       Ron Beltramo:
         Loic Duval:
          Lynn Latz:
     John Mathieson:
       Bill Rehbock:
        Laury Scott:
       Darryl Still:
         Don Thomas:
                  ?: jaguar$

 Please do not call Atari about this by voice telephone, as you will
 only end up hassling some already overworked people to little avail.

 Writing letters is probably the best way if you have time, because they
 can be easily stacked up and taken to show the boss.  It makes an
 impression. When writing letters, here are some guidelines:

     * Be polite, not strident.  Flaming is not helpful.

     * Be brief.  You don't' need to drag it out by pages or make any
       convoluted arguments.  Just explain that you like Tempest 2000
       and want more classic games like that.

     * Handwritten notes may make a better impression, as long as they
       are easily readable.  It shows you cared enough to expend some
       time and effort.

 You may wonder whether our letters are taken seriously at Atari.  Just
 consider this excerpt from a recent Atari press release:

  > "Mortal Kombat" is one of the most frequently requested video
  > game titles from Jaguar enthusiasts.
  > "Letters have been pouring in daily telling us that gamers want
  > 'Mortal Kombat' for the Atari Jaguar," indicated Mr. Sam Tramiel,
  > president of Atari Corporation.

 If the Mortal Kombat fans can get their message across that way, maybe
 we can too.  Although I'm sure it's a fine thing that MK3 will be
 available for Jaguar, it's going to be on plenty of other systems as
 well.  We need something else to set the Jaguar apart from the crowd.
 The "2000" series games can do it.

 / end of listing

     Tony Belding (

 Sb: #76879-#Further validation
 Fm: Bob McCauley 73160,3542
 To: Daniel Skelton 73742,464 (X)

 More trivia from Prodigy.
 Time: 04/10     7:55 PM
 <><>AKLM<><>Hope this doesn't "bum you out". My broker spoke with DAWN
 Barry today(APR 10) and as I and others have speculated, the recent
 announcement was "too good to be true".   First, for those that make AKLM
 contacts, own shares and speak with the IR folks, they've moved the IR
 (and perhaps other corporate offices), I'll post the new phone # if
 anyone cares. Here's what I think is not so favorable; Ms Barry (who does
 not appear enthusiastic about ATC, what so ever, by my previous
 conversations with her and many by my broker) states, AKLM IS NOT
 WAY RENE'] publishing any of the 3 games recently announced. In fact she
 said AKLM "gave" the 3 titles to ATC. I guess ATC officials wore AKLM
 officials out on this issue. She then went on to say ATC people "will do
 all the work". Again she said, we are not a publisher for ATC. Let me
 also say, (and I know my head was ripped off by a few who visit us from
 the Games BB when I made this statement over a year ago), AKLM is NOT
 and has my broker understood from her nothing you could develop/publish
 with. RE: PSX/Saturn, AKLM is developing/publishing for them or working
 towards that end. She essentially said AKLM is working with those that
 will, "We want sales" was the bottom line my broker understood clearly,
 quite clear.
      Hope the deal with ERTS is better than this nonsense. ATC's current
 s/w licensee's, VIRTUALITY and any 3rd party immersive VR developers is
 looking better and better. GO VIRGIN, OCEAN, ID, WILLIAMS, ATARI VGRPY
 etc.and the other 130(?). No wonder the stock didn't move with the AKLM
 announcement...Geezzz! >>> This note is not to suggest AKLM is not going
 to work with NTD, in fact they plan to, they're just waiting for 
  something to work with. No matter, ATC is going to make it on their own,
 Williams, ID, Ocean, Virgin, Atari and now VGRPY are "major" enough.
 SINK or SWIM! SAM T & Co, show us what your made of, Show us your stuff,
 Bring on the JAG VR(and get the price down too

 You've probably been told about a million times by now that the
 long-predicted '95 system wars are underway. I'm not going to bother
 telling you that, since it just ain't true...having two encrypted
 Japanese machines on the market at about $700 a piece (DieHard prices)
 does not, IMHO, constitute a war. I am here to state the present and
 future situation of the Jaguar.
 No, I have not been kind to the Jag in past postings; for obvious
 reasons...the early releases were horrible as expected, followed by the
 mid-1st gen releases that were even worse...then the games came in by
 the truckload, with>> about half of them being Genesis quality. Yet,
 the more I play, the more I like the Jag...when I first played AvP, I
 was literally angry at how bad it was...then I began to understand what
 the programmers were trying to do, and I loved it. I gave DOOM a horrible
 review for it's repetitive gameplay and missing music, but when I play
 it through the [text missing]
 Let's be honest with ourselves, the Jag CD's first few titles look less
 than stellar, but the future releases are what concern me: specifically
 those of Atari Games/Time Warner Interactive (a company composed of
 Atari Games, Atari Corp, and Tengen). Besides the obvious Primal Rage
 release (history shows that a system needs either a great platformer
 or a popular fighter to get off the ground), there is the other, possibly
 more potentially popular title, lurking in the shadows...T-MEK, and its
 brethren. Remember the $5-for-3-minutes VR machines you played during
 Virtuality's 1992 road tour? Imagine owning one...for $500 (the price of
 the Jag, Jag CD, and HMD). Then picture T-MEK, the bastard>> son of
 CyberSled and DOOM, played over a modem through an HMD. THIS, not AvP,
 not DOOM, is going to be the Jag's flagship...coupled with the
 ever-looming possibility of enhanced ports of Virtuality's own Dactyl
 Nightmare and Kill Or Be Killed, it presents the closest thing to home
 VR you can currently get, and that is something even the almighty
 PlayStation isn't going to do in the near future. Who knows...maybe
 Atari will make the modem network compatible, allowing for some psycho
 8+ player T-MEK tournaments... whatever does happen, Atari has assured
 themselves a market niche that will keep the Jag alive until at least
 1997. Watch out for that damn bird...

 Sb: #ECTS Video Report
 Fm: SYSOP*Jeff Kovach 74777,3071
 To: All

 From the Jaguar mailing list on the Internet, a message detailing games
 shown on an ECTS promo video:


 From: (Deeply in love with Dot)

 I just (last night) received a copy of the promo video made for the
 ECTS in London last month. It was made *for*, not about, so there is no
 footage of the show, but it does have some more up to date looks at
 games, some new stuff etc..

 So I thought I'd put a summary up.. DISCLAIMER: I have not played ANY
 of the games not already published. The opinion I am passing is based
 on what is shown, and in the case of conversions what I know from the
 games on other platforms.

 1. AVP commercial
    Nothing new there

 2. AVP
    Same as dealer video but it has the T2K soundtrack over it instead?

 3. Checkered Flag
    As dealer (why bother??)

 4. Iron Soldier ad
    Hadn't seen this, as Atari don't advertise in the UK. Not bad..

 5. Iron Soldier
    Again, same footage as dealer video with T2K soundtrack

 6. Doom ad
    As above for IS

 7.  Doom
    As above for IS

 8.  KN advert
    Not as good as the other too

 9.  KN
    Once again, dealer footage with T2K sound.
    (feeling bored? I was..)

 10 Val D'Isere Skiing
    Is what it is. You know it, you bought it or didn't..

 11. Power Drive Rally
    Actually looks very impressive. Nice animation, nice speed, several
 cars, good scrolling, I think this could be fun. There's a great effect
 in the night stages where you can see the headlight beam illuminating
 the road ahead. Looks like it could be cool, if not killer..

 12  Rayman
    Same as dealer video (AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH).

 13  Ultra Vortex
    New front / title screen (much better). New character selection
 screen - but still the 'demon weighing' thing which is good. The game
 looks about the same speed & smoothness as it was, but there are more
 special moves in evidence. Each new game has an 'available :<MONTH>'
 across it. UV's said 'September'. Oh no, what's the delay *this time*.

 14 White men can't jump.

    Looks pretty good. I have to admit I know NOTHING about basketball,
 and it all looked very confusing to me. However, the court looks great,
 and the players animate quite well. Plus there is speech  in there, and
 I'm sure one of the players said a rude word very similar to 'spit'. How
 very odd..

 15. Hover Strike.
    Much improved from the dealer tape. The t-mapping is much improved,
 and the landscape is much more rugged than the dealer tapes was.  Plus
 the bad guys are now fully t-mapped too. It could be a lot better than
 people were setting it up to be, this one..

 16. Super kart
    This is a new one on me, a super mario kart clone (bitmap gokarts
 over a mode 7 track). Personally, I don't  think much of this sort of
 game, and this one seemed pretty early on - they hadn't got any
 collision detection, for example. Unless it improves a lot, I don't
 think I'll be buying this one.

 17 Fight for Life.
    Yes, the controversial one returns. The figures are much better than
 the dealer video, and the small screen in the corner has gone. They also
 have more T-mapping (e.g. the guy in the camo pants is now almost 100%
 T-mapped.). There still weren't many moves in evidence, just basic
 kicks & punches. It was every smooth though. The ninja has this great
 stance where his arms swirl that looks really cool. Right now, it looks
 generally better than Saturn VF (although it doesn't have any of the
 neat touches like Sarah's pontyail). I would really like to know what
 stage of development this was at - I can't see any gouraud shading, for

 18 Konan
    A Streets of Rage / Golden axe clone. The graphics for this game are
 gorgeous. The figures are about 1/3 the screen in height and beautifully
 drawn. Semi-transparent mist (or maybe it's a parallax glitch?) covers
 part of the scene. Big heroes, big swords, big game? I dunno, but I'm
 keeping an eye on this one from now on.

    Then we go onto the CD games..

 1. Creature Shock.

    I'll say this now. I know people dislike this sort of game because
 it's not really that much of a game, but this one blew me away. I saw
 this at 320*240*256 on a PC with a 2X CD rom and it struggled and it
 looked awful. This version looks to be in 24 bit, and it was smooth as
 glass. They had the introductory animation going with the Mars movement
 of Holt's Planet suite as the music (with great narrator voice too) and
 it was stunning. They could show this as an ad and people would buy this
 game. As I know, this game is somewhat simplistic (gulp) but it looks
 like it could be great fun, but only for a short term, and that's the
 killer. If you're a fan of computer generated animation (like I am) then
 this might well be good value. If not, consider deeply whether you think
 you will get bored before finishing it.

 2. Primal Rage
    This looks just about done, actually. Some of the backdrops are a
 bit iffy, but the game itself seems solid. Lots of special moves are
 shown, plus most of the characters. This looks about as advanced as UV
 does. The odd thing was the sound. The effects sounded hollow, like they
 had been recorded from the other side of a large empty room from the
 thing generating them. I think this could be good too.

 3. Super Burn Out
    'It's Alive! Alive!'. The game everyone thought had been lost is
 apparently still on (on CD now). It hasn't changed much from the dealer
 tape, although it too now has a night driving mode with cute headlight
 transparency effects. Plus it now has a split screen mode too. But it
 still looks drab. Spruce up the graphics someone!!

 4 Blue Lightning.

    This one has a stunning intro too. A 3D rendered F-18 does various
 cool things to a thumping rock backbeat complete with radio chatter
 (pity the controller sounds so much like an English person pretending
 to be american). The actual game looks a bit disappointing. The terrain
 is a flat area, which skyscrapers scale at you with tanks neatly lined
 up for you to shoot. This looks not much better than 32X afterburner,
 and look what hammering that got. And this is on *CD*..

 5 Soulstar.
    This too has an into-the-screen section, which actually looks better
 than BL. Plus it has a mode 7 style drive around in this weird vehicle
 shooting things game. Of the two (SS / BL) this has less flash but is
 a better game, IMO. The sprites do look nice, too..

 6. Highlander
    Is a game similar to Alone in the Dark. However, the scenes showed
 were all outdoors, so it has a less enclosed, claustrophobic feel.
 Beyond your figure walking around a few scenes, not much happens here.
  There is a nice cartoonstylee intro though. If you know the cartoon
 'Prince Valiant', it's very similar in style and quality to that.

 7 Defender (plus).
    The one we've all been waiting to so, so I'll go into some detail.
 Starting from the bottom, the are under the traditional defender
 mountains is filled with a weird video effect. The best way I can
 describe it is this. There is a certain form of hologram (usually in
 a badge) that, whatever direction you look at it from, always appears
 to be a honeycomb heading away from you as you go left - right across
 it. It looks like that, except it colour cycles. Behind and above that
 you have a colour cycling interference pattern that looks like something
 from a 70's Earth, Wind & Fire video (God, I'm showin' me age here).
 Above that you have a vertically rising starfield. The objects / sprites
 are quite detailed, and there is so much going on and they move so fast
 I didn't get a real good look at any of them. The sound effects are SPOT
 ON. 100% the coin op. God, the feeling of nostalgia they bring on...

    And this isn't even the 2000 variant folks... Ohhhh boy..
    Oh, and I did see flossy in there somewhere too..

 8. Demolition Man.
     Nice movie sequence intro (bits from the actual movie, bits not)
 followed by a game much like the 'Lethal Enforcers' coin op. Um, I liked
 the movie, but the hype over it has gone (bring on Judge Dredd) and it
 may be too little too late..

 9.  F1 Racer
    The game checkered flag should have been. The cars are shaded, so
 the wheels actually look round. The cars are also much larger and more
 detailed. The tracks are proper F1 tracks (bridges, but no tunnels).
 There is actually a pit stop but only bitmapped pit crew :-(.   You
 actually feel like you are in a race. Plus it's much smoother. To press
 the point, the split screen mode (yes it has one) is as fast as CF (to
 my eye) and the one player is MUCH better. Oh goody.. The only thing I
 WOULD prefer is a bit more t-mapping on the cars, indeed maybe they can
 borrow 4play's decal mapping routines..

 10  Varuna's forces.
    THis one was ALL FMV. A nice intro, a talk with a briefing officer,
 a chat with one of your squad, then a dropship sequence that was a
 direct ripoff of the one in 'Aliens' (no bad thing). Here the FMV had
 real problems, a couple of frames 'stuck' on the screen for about a
 second. Then a flight over a fractal terrain (like one thie flyovers
 you can do with Vista Pro) and that's it. No game there AT ALL. I hear
 it's an FV Strategy game, a bit like controlling the squad in 'Aliens'
 when they go into the reactor core. I would want to see a lot more of
 this before I decide about it.


    Thea Realm Fighters
    Tiny Toons (God, If this isn't the best thing since sliced bread
                when it comes out, it's going to get SLAUGHTERED)
    MK3 (:-) )
    Star Battle
    Space War 2000

 What would I buy, having seen them..
  Power Drive Rally
  Ultra Vortex
  Hover Strike
  Creature Shock
  Primal Rage
  F1 Racer

 Which have I reserved judgement on
  Super Kart
  Blue lightning
  Varuna's Forces

 which won't I be buying
  Demolition man.
  White Men Can't jump

 Overall, not bad..

  "The moonlight; casts no shadow for me to hide.": 'Breakdown' One Dove
  J White, Dept. Psychology, Bolton Institute, Deane Road, Bolton, BL35AB,
  UK jaguar owners mailing list now running! mail me for details!


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando
 CIS ID: 73637,2262

      Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  It's time to take a look at all of
 the great hints, tips, and news that's available on CompuServe every week,
 but first I'd like to tell you about how I've spent my idle moments this
 past week(all two of 'em).

      I dusted off an old copy of ST Xformer (pronounced TRANSFORMER), the
 8-bit Atari computer emulator.  I had a blast!  I never had an 8-bit
 Atari, but a friend of mine did, and he made the mistake of getting
 nostalgic in front of me.  We played several games for a while and
 lo-and-behold, the nostalgia went away.  I knew that what my friend was
 really looking for was not those old 8-bit games, but rather a time when
 using a computer made you different than anyone else around (even if he
 had no idea of how to do anything other than putting a self-booting disk
 in the drive and turning the machine on).

      He's now moved on to the DOS world and hasn't much more of a idea of
 what's going on now than he did back then.  But he can proudly tell
 people that he's got a computer.  Of course, if they ask him what he
 does with it, he's in trouble.

      It's just too bad that he doesn't have a CompuServe account.  That's
 the place to find help, companionship, and serenity... you know, a real
 digital nirvana.

      Well, let's take a look at what's come up this week...

 From the Atari Computing Forums

 Last week Sysop Bob Retelle mentioned that he didn't have enough time to
 read all of the information that is generated every day both on
 CompuServe and on the Internet.  He finished up his post by saying:

   "...What we need is an Artificial Intelligence that can read all this
   stuff for us, and that knows what interests us..  then once a week or
   so it can tell us all the neat stuff it's read...
   Sort of like a well informed friend who calls us up and lets us know
   the latest gossip."

 This week, Peter Joseph tells him:

   "I heard that Atari was developing a new computer that will do just
   that.  They're gonna call it the Cerebral Navigator.
   Huh? What? Oh, sorry, I must have dozed off.  What were we talking
   about?  Oh yeah, artificial intelligence.  Think that's what I have. :)
   Reality bites. <g>"

 Gee, I guess that that phrase has become a lot more acceptable since the
 movie of the same name.  Jon Sanford tells Bob:

   "I just got something like that from a guy I never saw before on our
   local BBS.  He is trying to provide a service " just ask me".
   People who are without a good job right now may build a occupation, by
   converting internet info to local BBSes.
   I haven't read the data dump he sent me except to scann it at it came
   in ( it atually amaizes me that I can get the gist of something at
   14.4.) I gather it was where to get more info on the internet. I was
   impressed by seeing local sources."

 Sysop Bob tells Jon:

   "That sounds interesting...
   There's just so much available now that it takes a lot of time wading
   through it all to find the little of real interest.  Anything that
   could help would be pretty welcome..!"

 Grant Shaw asks a question about his trusty Mega:

   "I have been making music on a set up centered on an Atari Mega4 st
   with an Atari hard drive. Both of these boxes have rather noisy cooling
   fans which tend to intrude on quiet music.
   I have tried cleaning the fans blades but that did not help. Has any
   one a solution to the problem? I live in UK so if I need to buy some
   thing a UK supplier would be easier."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Grant:

   "I've heard of people just unplugging the fans in their computers to
   kill the noise... I don't know if that would cause a problem in the
   computer itself, but hard drives tend to put out a lot of heat, and if
   the mechanism gets too hot it could lead to read and write problems.
   Perhaps if the room the equipment is in is fairly cool to begin with
   it would be safer, if you were to give that a try.
   There may also be quieter fans available from electronics supply
   houses near you...   you'd need to match the size and voltage to
   replace them.
   Another thought I just had, depending on how much room you have, would
   be to remove the small fans in the equipment housings and run a
   flexible hose out the back where the fan was mounted, down to a small,
   quieter fan in a housing under the table.
   (Just rambling on here...) another thought is that if the fans are AC
   voltage (not sure of that in the case of Atari equipment), you might be
   able to insert a 200v. 1/2 amp diode in series with the power leads,
   which would make the fan run slower and cut down on the noise.  Of
   course, it would blow less air that way, but it would be better than
   turning it completely off.  Unfortunately this wouldn't work if the
   Atari uses a DC fan."

 Peter Joseph tells Grant:

   "I have a setup like yours and I understand how you feel.  It is noisy.
   Be thankful you don't have an SLM804.  I do, and I can tell you it's
   more noisy than both of the others.  With all three of them on at once,
   it's like being in a turbine room.  In fact, SOMETIMES I HAVE TO SHOUT

 For those of you who don't know it, online etiquette tells us that
 typing in all capital letters denotes shouting or yelling.  Now you know
 <grin>.  Frank Heller tells Grant:

   "I have a Falcon and the fan AND the internal HD noise drove me nuts.
   I removed the HD and the fan. Been using it for a year and a half this
   way with no problem. I use an external 1.2gig drive as my boot drive.
   It's MUCH quieter than the original stuff. I don't know if you have an
   internal HD...but if you do, you may not be able to remove or turn off
   the fan because of the heat the HD makes. Call Systems Solutions in
   London for further advice. I hear they are pretty big on Atari

 John Amsler tells us:

   "The other day I upgraded from STalker 3.02 to 3.03.  (Thanks,
   Gribnif!!) (I'm using STeno version 2.00 along with it.)
   Now, however, the "Paste to STeno" utility doesn't work.  Is this
   "normal," or do I need to do something else besides copy the upgraded
   files (STALKER.PRG and STALKER.RSC) to my D:\COMM\STALKER directory?
   (The "Copy to clipboard" utility still works as it did with version

 Brian Gockley of ST Informer Magazine tells John:

   "I think the install docs said to replace all yur files, not just the
   PRG and RSC ones. Also, once you have done this, Stalker will lose it's
   old preference setup. You'll need to "Open Configuration File" select
   your old STALKER.INF file and then "Save Configuration."
   My problem has been STeno jumping top the bottom of the desk accessory
   list after starting out in the middle. Otherwise, I have been delighted
   with the two new upgrades."

 Corey Klemow asks:

   "Is there any software for the ST here that would allow World Wide Web
   access via CompuServe?  (There's nothing Atari-related over in the
   Internet Forum; I was told to look here...)"

 Sysop Bob Retelle gives Corey the bad news:

   "Unfortunately there's nothing available at the moment that's easily
   implemented on the Atari platform for WWW browsing.
   We've heard of a number of ongoing projects to create the needed
   software, but at the moment there's really nothing to compare with what
   you've been seeing for other platforms."

 Chris Roth tells us:

   "I have downloaded the KA9Q internet package for the Aari and am now
   wondering how I have to setup the domains, addresses etc. for use with
   CompuServe's PPP internet access.
   Has anybody tried something?
   Futhermore, the KA9Q port to the Atari seems not to include the
   bootp(d) commands which would automate the configuration. Since
   CompuServe gives you a new internet id each time you log on, wouldn't
   that be essential? However, I don't know which domains to configure for
   my own address..."

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Chris:

   "The domain would be and your own address would be: (note the dot in your User ID, instead of
   If the program supports PPP, you GO PPPCONNECT (that CIS address tries
   to initiate the PPP protocol, so your program needs to be ready to go).
   If it only supports TELNET, you can get there via GO TELNET."

 Chris tells Jim:

   "Thank you for your information, it sounds logical. Futher, I'd like
   to know the decimal host id's. Actually it was these numbers that
   troubled me...
   For a dial-up sequence, it's easier to send "100321,1763/GO:PPPCONNECT"
   that takes you directly to the PPP session.  Is there any noticeable
   difference from logging on an then "GO PPPCONNECT"?"

 Jim replies:

   "Yes, you skip some of the CIS intro info and menus."

 Chris Miles tells us:

   "I'm new to this forum (and compuserve), and I hope some nice person
   can help with setting up QuickCIS?
   I can get it to log on OK but it doesn't download any mail due to me,
   and seems to stop at the end of a menu with the message,
   Unrecognized sub Command!
   Any ideas?
   Also, why did it take 30 mins to download the zip file, My modem is
   set to 2400 and used x- modem protocol.(i am trying out Vanterm 3.8)
   Does Compuserve support data compression yet. My modem returns a
   message " connect 2400 LIne 9600, what does this all mean?"

 Sysop Jim Ness tells Chris to:

   "Try this:  manually GO MAIL and when there type: SET MODE COMMAND.
   Then, when leaving, and asked whether you want this to be permannt,
   respond YES.  See if that clears up the problem.
   On your download question, Xmodem is probably the second slowest
   download protocol supported by CIS.  Kermit may be slower.  Use CIS B
   or Ymodem, instead."

 Richard Lawson tells us:

   "I'm new to this forum. Does anybody have a copy of Pretty Good Privacy
   TTP, or know where one is? Also, anyone who loves MultiTOS, please
   write to me with hints/tips."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Richard:

   "Pretty Good Privacy (PGP.TTP) is not on Compuserve because of legal
   issues on the export of encryption technology from the US. You should
   be able to find it on an internet or local BBS somewhere."

 Carl Barron adds:

   "I have pgp, but the security of this country is at stake. <grin> It is
   strange that a program available world wide, can not be exported from
   the USA.  <poliicians are 'smart'>.
   As far as Multitos goes, I have it, have used it and prefer geneva, it
   is more stable.  Mint is fine, but atari's multitos aes leaves a lot to
   be desired.   I have some place a mint routine to detaz files, as I
   have a hard time configuring those unix shells, from total scrach.
   <grin> On PGP, O'reilly has a good book on that program, check your

 Paul Peeraerts tells Carl:

   "I've tried to find an Atari version of PGP using Archie on the
   Internet. I've found twenty sites who have PGP - of which a few in the
   United States ;-) - but none of them has the word Atari in a directory
   path, so I suppose it's all Unix stuff..."

 Bernie Lagarge asks for help with 1ST Word:

   "I'm running 1st Word on my 1040ST. When I type, everything looks fine
   on the screen, but when I print the .doc file, the words are joined
   together without spaces. I'm using an Epson FX-80 compatible printer.
   Any suggestions would be appreciated."

 Sysop Bob Retelle asks Bernie:

   "Are you printing your document directly from within 1st Word, or are
   you printing the saved file from the desktop..?
   1st Word, like most wordprocessors, uses a special format for its
   saved files which isn't directly readable (or printable).  As you
   noticed, the effect in the case of 1st Word is that there ar no spaces
   in the file.
   There should be an option inside 1st Word to print the document, which
   will print correctly.
   If you do want to print the text from the desktop instead, there
   should also be an option in 1st Word to sae the file in ASCII format (I
   believe in 1st Word there is a menu selection to turn off
   "Wordprocessor Mode" that will do this).  That way the saved file will
   be normal, printable text."

 Bernie tells Bob:

   "Thanks for your speedy reply. Actually, it's my sister who has the
   1040, and I'm going to her place for Easter, so I'll try your
   suggestions. I used to be a 1040 owner, so I'm familiar with its
   workings. I think she's printing from within 1st Word. If I still can't
   get her file printed I'll let you know.  Otherwise, thanks again..."

 Mike Mortilla tells us:

   "In the FWIW (for what it's worth) dept, I downloaded and ran the
   Atari emulator for the MAC.  It seems very fast (at least the desktop
   did) but since I don't have my Syquest connected to my MAC yet I didn't
   attempt to run any programs.  The floppies wouldn't read directly on
   the MAC.
   I'll be attempting to copy some ST progs to PC floppies and test this
   prog a little more in the coming weeks.
   Also, you can't quit the prog!  So if you're running it on a MAC be
   sure you don't have an application running that has info you need.  I
   guess you could wait for the demo to time out (30 min?) but I choose to
   Lastly, the entire deal is still in German and I failed German in Jr
   High.  But the look and feel of the program is great and very fast on
   my lowly 030 MAC.
   ps- I'm keeping my STs for a few more years! <g>"

 Chris Roth tells Mike:

   "There is definately a way to quit the demo as well,  was an
   eye-witness at my brother's. For I'm no Mackie I unfortunately didn't
   memorize how. But there is.."

 Mike tells Chris:

   "Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that I can't read any screen
   directions?  I suppose there is a way to quit, I just wasn't able to
   find it!"

 Thomas Tempelmann tells Mike:

   "MagiCMac (not MacMagiC! - remember "Magic Sack"?) is as fast as your
   CPU of your Macintosh is. There is no real emulation, because Atari
   programs were written for 680x0 CPUs. And, of course, MagiCMac is fast
   compared to the old Atari models, especially if you take a Mac with a
   In general, Atari floppy disks can be read, but only if they were
   formatted with 80 tracks, 9 sectors per track (spt) and 2 sides (or the
   HD equivalent).  One-sided floppies and 10 or 11 spt are not supported
   by the Apple driver. Of course, if you copy your programs onto a double
   sided DOS disk, it should work.
   You can quit MagiCMac - like any other Mac program: Command-Q!  You
   also can type Command-W to switch to the Mac application~s side
   whenever you like.
   Compatibility:  In general, all Atari programs tht do only use
   operating systems functions instead of accessing the hardware i/o
   registers directly, should run on MagiCMac.  Most arcade games will not
   work for this reason.
   Currently, every 2-3 weeks we have a new demo version that makes more
   atari programs work."

 Mike tells Thomas:

   "I did use the Command-Q but the program would not leave my screen. I
   am using system 7.5 so maybe that's it...?
   Thanks for the info.  At the moment the best place to load the program
   would be the Atari forums, IMO (in my opinion...)"

 Kai Irle tells us:

   "Not having used my 1024ST for 3 years, I tried to start it up again
   (want to use my Roland MT32 again). But I cannot read any disk anymore.
   Mostly I got an error msg like "defect data, check your disk or cable",
   sometimes I got 3 bombs, seldom TOS#35 and sometimes something happens
   then it reboots again. But I always can read the disk directories.
   What's the problem???"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Kai:

   "Hmm..  it sounds like there might be a number of possibilities
   causing your disk problems...
   The heads on the disk drive might be dirty, although being able to
   read the directories would tend to discount that one...
   The disks themselves may have deteriorated over time, or been exposed
   to stray magnetic fields.
   Another strong possibility is that the socketed chips in the ST have
   formed oxidation on their connections, and are causing intermittant
   The way to check on that would be to open up the ST and carefully, but
   firmly, press all the large socketed IC chips back down into their
   sockets. A lot of times this will clear up mysterious problems like you
   Be sure the power is completely disconnected before you open the
   computer if you decide to give it a try..!"

 Tim Blythe asks for help:

   "My ST will not recognize my hard drive at all no matter what I run
   AHDI does not work.  What could possibly be wrong?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine asks Tim:

   "Did you check your cables? Also did you check for loose chips
   (MMU,SHIFTERand DMA)? Or it might be software corruption. Have you
   tried re-installing your hard disk boot software?"

 Tim replies:

   "All my cable are hooked up ok. Runing AHDI does nothing Running
   HINSTALL say "No available logical drive for installation of driver" I
   dont' think my chips are loose, but I haven't opened to check(no a
   techie) How do I reinstall the HD boot software, when I can't access
   the HD?
   When I turn on the HD, the fan comes on, the light comes on, but there
   is no familiar blurb or chirp.  The light stays on longer than normal,
   then shuts off. I then turn on my computer and it goes to the floppy
   drive and there is only A & B drive icons."

 Albert tells Tim:

   "It almost sounds like your hard drive is dead. This is assuming that
   it is not spinning up (the normal "chirp" sounds) when turned on."

 Karl Ward asks:

   "Is there any such program that I can get to run my old ST Programs on
   my pentium pc?"

 Albert Dayes of... well, you know... tells Karl:

   "There is a product called Gemulator that will run ST programs on your
   PC. I have not used it myself but other users in this forum have."

 Benjamin Voiles tells Albert and Karl:

   "I have a gemulator for my Pentum.  I have not worked all the bugs out
   but it does allow you to run most atari software on an IBM.  It also
   has better video than an ST."

      Well folks, that's about all the space we have for this time around.
 I'll see you again next week... same time, same channel, so be ready to
 listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING



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