ST Report: 9-Dec-94 #1050

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Date: 12/10/94-10:53:00 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 9-Dec-94 #1050
Date: Sat Dec 10 10:53:00 1994

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      I cannot believe its Friday already.  This week literally flew by. 
 Oh well, such is life when you are having fun.  Christmas is right around
 the corner.  In all your merry making, please don't forget the homeless
 and the needy.  In the next few weeks look for some really neat reports
 and overviews on the new ATI PCI Graphics Card, a new Adaptec PCI P&P Host
 and a new... super fast, ultra snazzy GIG+ hard disk from Seagate.  The
 software, hardware and of course the updates and positive leanings of
 Windows 95 continue to become reality with every passing minute.

         Speaking of Winodws 95, those of you who seem to take a distinct
 pleasure in "bad-mouthing" Windows are in for a real surprise.  Win95 is
 exceptionally FAST... WhizBang FAST.  "Windoze" is no longer a real term.
 Win95 has all the bells and whistles.  In the next few weeks, we shall be
 putting together a series of articles involving Win95 and a number of other
 slick new products meant to "blow away" the nonsense and clear the air. 
      Borland's dBase5 and Paradox5 for Windows are soon to be closely
 examined for your reading pleasure and information.  Not too much time for
 writing these days with Christmas shopping high on the list of things to
 do.  In any case, thanks for reading our humble offering.


 ps; there's a Pentium Test program in the archive, run from DOS.

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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #50
                    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                  ** NeXT Ships New Operating System **

    The newest version of NeXT Computer Inc.'s object-oriented operating 
 system, NEXTSTEP Release 3.3, for use with Intel Corp. and Motorola Inc. 
 chips, now is being shipped.
    "The NEXTSTEP products that we are shipping today," says NeXT CEO/
 Chairman/founder Steve Jobs, "are a result of customer feedback and our 
 goal in 1995 is to continue to offer NEXTSTEP/OpenStep customers even 
 greater development and deployment choices to solve their toughest 
 business problems."

    Sources say, "Object-oriented refers to programming computers by re-
 using previously written code that is compiled into chunks or 'objects' 
 for the purpose of inserting into new applications," adding, "That way 
 programmers don't have to rewrite code from scratch."
    The firm says NEXTSTEP Release 3.3 offers more support for Intel-
 based PCs, eases system administration efforts, provides enhanced mail 
 features and makes it easier to scale, or appropriately size, 
 applications for large networks. It also includes capabilities to 
 support new standards for communications and software programming.
                    ** ABC, Electronic Arts Team Up **

    A joint venture to develop software and video games based on ABC TV 
 network shows is the goal of a new joint venture by software publisher 
 Electronic Arts and Capital Cities/ABC Inc.

    Reports say the venture, which has been rumored to represent a com-
 bined investment of $30 million, "is expected to be able to have about a 
 dozen titles in stores by next holiday season."
    EA says it will contribute its EA Kids and EA World product lines, 
 including early learning titles using the Sesame Street characters. It 
 will be the distributor of all the venture's interactive titles.
                    ** Compaq Cuts LTE Elite Prices **
    Compaq Computer Corp is cutting prices on all its LTE Elite notebooks 
 by up to 15%. The company said that its LTE Elite models, with price re-
 ductions of 9% to 15%, now range from $2,899 to $5,799, so:
    -:- A Compaq LTE Elite 4/40C Model 170, with an Advanced Passive 
 Color VGA Display and 4MB of memory was reduced to $2,899 from $3,299.
    -:- The Compaq LTE Elite 4/75CX Model 510, with an active matrix 
 color VGA display, 8MB of memory and a 16K internal cache was reduced to 
 $5,799 from $6,499.
    The firm also is lowering the price of the 340MB hard drive option 
 for the LTE Elite to $499 from $599.
                ** 10 Million PowerPC Units Seen by '97 **
    An Apple Computer Inc. executive predicts that by the first half of 
 1997 his firm will have shipped at least 10 million Power Macintosh 
    David Nagel, senior vice president and general manager of Apple's
 software division, made the comment this week at a forum in Palo Alto, 
 California, on the three-year alliance between Apple, Motorola Inc. and 
 IBM to develop the PowerPC chip.
    According to sources, Nagel further commented, "Apple has said it is 
 betting the entire future of the company on the PowerPC. I'll say we're 
 pleased with what we've seen so far."
    Apple said shortly after it introduced the Power Mac last March that 
 it aimed to ship a million Power Macs and upgrades during the first year 
 of availability. Nagel said the company was clearly on track to achieve 
 that goal.
    According to sources, during the quarter ended Sept. 30, Apple said 
 it shipped more than 250,000 units, bringing the total to more than 
 600,000 Power Macs shipped since their debut. 
                      ** Dialog Renamed, Revamped **

    Database vendor Dialog Information Services has been renamed as 
 Knight-Ridder Information Inc. and has been revamped with new Windows-
 based search tools that officials hope the general public will find 
 easier to use.  Reports say that the Windows system now is being tested 
 and is expected to be available to customers March 1.
    The company also will begin offering subscriptions rather than just 
 charging on a minute-by-minute basis, Weise reports, noting, "The 
 average Dialog user pays about $100 a month, although some companies 
 spend up to a $1 million a year on the service. The company hopes the 
 changes will attract hundreds of thousand of new users."
    Dialog, which grew out of a system launched by Lockheed in 1963 to 
 organize research information, was purchased in 1988 by Knight-Ridder, 
 the Miami media company.
                        ** IBM Plans PC-DOS 7.0 **
    A new version of the DOS operating system, PC-DOS 7.0, is due for 
 release by IBM some time in the first quarter. Microsoft Corp. isn't 
 saying whether it will follow suit with a new version of its compatible 
    Reports say, "IBM has concluded that many users, including those with 
 older computers or who aren't interested in upgrading to the new version 
 of Windows, will continue to rely on DOS, developed by Microsoft in the 
 early 1980s for IBM's first personal computer and refined many times 
    Trade newspaper PC Week is reporting a new version of Microsoft's MS-
 DOS will be released a few months after the shipment of Windows 95 this 
 spring, but Microsoft officials declined comment.
    Reports note that Microsoft has said the advent of the Windows 95 
 operating system could eliminate the need for future versions of DOS. 
                  ** Robbery Nets 10,000 Cyrix Chips **
    Chipmaker Cyrix Corp. says a robbery Sunday at the firm's headquarters
 resulted in the loss of some 10,000 central processing units.
    Officials said that targeted by the robbers were the 486DX2 chips,
 adding the precise number of stolen chips will not be known until a 
 final inventory is completed.
                   ** Prodigy Lays Off 15% of Staff **
    In a restructuring move, the Prodigy online service has laid off 100 
 workers, or about 15% of its staff.
    Sources say the move "part of a shift away from the proprietary 
 technology and functions of its service, which has faced more pressure 
 from rivals CompuServe, America Online and Internet access providers."

    They also say the IBM/Sears online service will "rely more heavily on 
 other companies to provide services and content for its subscribers," 
 adding it also is "adopting the technical standards" of the Internet.
    As part of the restructuring, Prodigy will have two divisions, one to 
 operate the online service and another to help other companies create 
 products that are available to computer owners on Prodigy or the 
                 ** Few Requests for New Pentium Chips **

    The chief operating officer of Intel Corp. said requests for new
 Pentium chips to replace flawed units are a "small, financially
 insignificant number."  However, Intel COO Craig Barrett is also reported
 as saying the firm has been "inundated by end user calls" to its toll-free 
 telephone help lines that were set up when the Pentium flaw was 

    "I don't think we anticipated the response to this flaw -- it is an 
 extremely rare flaw," Barrett said. "One thing we have learned is there 
 is a new power in the communications industry. That is the information 
 superhighway -- the so-called Internet." News of the Pentium flaw spread 
 quickly not only on the Internet, but also on commercial online 

    While Intel has promised to replace Pentium chips for those computer 
 users who are performing advanced mathematical calculations, it does not 
 plan a general recall. The company insists the flaw is minor and will 
 not affect calculations made by general spreadsheet and word processing 

    Barrett also said that Intel is also working with software companies 
 in devising patches that can block the division equations from being 
 done on the floating point unit or check floating point divisions by 
 redoing them.
                  ** Computer Vandals Target Authors **

    Authors whose forthcoming book was excepted as the cover story in the 
 current issue of Wired magazine about turf wars among rival groups of 
 computer invaders now say they themselves have been targeted by angry 
    Joshua Quittner -- who wrote "Masters of Deception: Gang Wars in 
 Cyberspace" with his wife Michelle Slatalla -- is quoted in Wall Street 
 Journal as saying computer vandals have taken control of his phone line 
 and voice mail and bombarded his online account with thousands of 
    WSJ reporter Jared Sandberg writes someone digitally broke into 
 systems run by Sprint Corp., IBM and Pipeline, which provides Internet 
 access to consumers.
    "Billing themselves as the Internet Liberation Front," says Sandberg, 
 "the pranksters have warned corporate America to get out of cyberspace, 
 declaring war 'on any company suspected of contributing to the final 
 demise of the Internet.'"
    Quittner told the paper, "I don't believe I've ever been hacked to 
 this degree," adding he believes the attacks were prompted by the book 
 excerpt in Wired, which told of the Long Island group Masters of 
 Deception and its "war" with rivals in the Legion of Doom. "People in 
 MOD and LOD are very unhappy about the story," he said.
    Sandberg reports that during the Thanksgiving weekend, someone "took 
 command" of Quittner's phone line "and forwarded it to an out-of-state 
 answering machine, substituting his greeting with a profane message of 
 their own."
    Adds the Journal, "One former MOD member, contacted by this news-
 paper, was able to patch through a call to someone claiming to be a mem-
 ber of the Internet Liberation Front. He, in turn, played the messages 
 left by Mr. Quittner's friends and family on the bogus answering machine 
 they had set up.
    "The messages included a call from Mr. Quittner's mother asking about 
 her grandchildren and noting, 'I think you ought to check your answering 
 message.' Another came from Mr. Quittner himself, after he realized he'd 
 been had: 'Very funny, guys.'"
    The paper says computerists also sent tens of thousands of messages 
 to Quittner's e-mail account, as well as about 1,000 messages to the 
 mailbox of Wired magazine, with notes coming from computers owned by 
 IBM, Sprint and Pipeline.
    "Hackers had broken in and installed a script to fire off the 
 Internet Liberation Front message to Mr. Quittner and Wired every five 
 seconds," the Journal reports. The paper says Sprint shut down several 
 computers for about four hours.
                   ** Matsushita Signs PowerPC Pact **

    A letter of intent to work with IBM to explore cooperation in devel-
 opment and manufacturing of products using the new PowerPC chip has been 
 signed by Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.  The agreement 
 covers multimedia and other products, including Personal Digital 
 Assistants and goods using 3DO and optical disc technology.
                  ** Compaq Introduces Deskpro XL 590 **

    Compaq Computer Corp. this week introduced a new Pentium-based com-
 puter and at the same time announced it will replace the flawed Pentium 
 chips of any of its customers' Pentium computers if necessary.
    Compaq says the new Deskpro XL 590 computer will deliver the most 
 power and performance from a 90MHz Intel Corp. Pentium processor. The 
 machine is up to 23% faster than competing products and lists for a base 
 price of $3,999.
    Compaq also said it'll work to resolve the problems of its customers 
 of other Pentium-based computers.

                    ** Legal Publisher Goes Online **

    The publisher of The National Law Journal, the nation's largest 
 selling legal publication, has introduced an online information and 
 communications service called Law Journal EXTRA!.
    The New York Law Publishing Company is the publisher of The National 
 Law Journal, the nation's largest-selling newspaper for lawyers. The 
 company also publishes the daily New York Law Journal, the monthly Law 
 Technology Product News, legal books and legal newsletters and provides 
 seminars for the legal community.
    Since 1986, the New York Law Publishing Company has provided MA 3000, 
 a specialized online service for New York attorneys. The company notes 
 that Law Journal EXTRA! gives lawyers thousands of legal resources, e-
 mail, national legal news updated throughout the day, discussion groups, 
 legal decisions, directories and databases.

    The service costs $10 per month plus $10 per hour of use. It is 
 available in both Windows and Macintosh versions.
                    ** Cable TV Online Link Planned **
    Philadelphia-based Comcast Corp. says it will launch a new service 
 over hybrid fiber- coaxial cable television networks to bring home 
 computer users a wide range of online services faster, more easily and 
 more reliably than over telephone lines.
    The new service, called Comcast PC Connect, is currently operating in 
 a technical trial on a Comcast cable system in suburban Philadelphia. 
 The service will enter market trial in 300 homes during the next year, 
 and plans call for the start of a national roll out in late 1995.
    Using a special modem, Comcast PC Connect delivers data at speeds at 
 least 50 times greater than transfers over a standard telephone line. By 
 the time of commercial deployment, that speed will be several hundred 
 times faster, says Comcast.
    Comcast plans to deploy its own local computer servers at its cable 
 headends. These servers will provide high- speed, high-quality access to 
 the Internet, to established commercial online services, and to a broad 
 range of new local and regional online services that Comcast will help 
                  ** Two Get Prison Time for BBS Porn **

    In Memphis, Tennessee, a California couple has been sentenced to at 
 least 2 1/2 years in prison after being convicted of sending porno-
 graphic images via their computer bulletin board system.
    Robert Thomas was sentenced to three years and a month in prison, and 
 his wife, Carleen, got 2 1/2 years. Under federal sentencing rules, they 
 must serve their full terms.
    The Thomases were found guilty in July of transmitting obscenity via 
 interstate telephone lines. A postal inspector testified that he joined 
 the BBS under a fake name and received the images in his computer in 
    The case drew international attention earlier this year, raising 
 questions of whether there can be "local community standards" in the 
 world of BBSes. That's because their prosecution marked the first time 
 BBS operators were charged with obscenity in the city where the material 
 was received, rather than where it originated.
    During the trial, the Thomases unsuccessfully argued that prosecutors 
 took them to trial in the Bible Belt, rather than California, to 
 increase the chances of a conviction.
    However, in sentencing the pair late yesterday, U.S. District Judge 
 Julia Gibbons said she disagreed, adding, "I don't believe there are 
 places in this country where this is not likely to be found obscene."
    The Thomases, who live in Milpitas, California, near San Francisco, 
 declined comment on the sentences, but lawyer Thomas Nolan said he will 
    Reports quotes Nolan as saying one of his arguments will focus on the 
 U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 ruling that defines obscenity by local commun-
 ity standards, saying it's nearly impossible to define "local community" 
 with computer networks. "That issue should be revisited in light of the 
 way communications take place today," he said.


 > QEMM 7.5 UPDATE! STR InfoFile      First Class customer support!

                         QEMM 7.5 UPDATE PARAMETERS

 This is the actual readme file from the update files.

 This patchfile implements fixes to QEMM 7.5, dated 9-17-94 or 10-12-94.
 The date on the QEMM386.SYS file in your QEMM directory should be 9-17-94
 or 10-12-94 ONLY.  If the date on this file is earlier than 9-17-94 or
 later than 10-12-94 do not attempt to apply this patch.

 This patch should be applied this way:

 1) Copy the files which accompany this README:  RUNME.BAT, PATCH.EXE,
    FILES.RTP, MFT.RTP, QEMM.RTP and QEMM75.PAT into your QEMM directory.

 2) Type


 After the patch has been successfully applied, you may delete the
 following files (if any still exist) from your QEMM directory:


 The following enhancements and changes have been made in the QEMM
 package for this release.


   The following changes have been made in the QEMM 7.5 package
   since its initial release, dated 9-17-94.

   1) A problem with resizing XMS handles has been addressed. This
      could cause various forms of strange behaviour.  The most
      common symptom is that XMS disk caches capable of lending
      memory did not resize properly.  Other symptoms include a
      failure to enter Microsoft Windows a second time, a "Not
      enough memory to load program" report from Microsoft Windows,
      or a conflict between QuickBoot and QDPMI.

   2) OPTIMIZE would occasionally fail to detect adapter RAM
      properly.  This problem has been fixed.

   3) For a very small number of users, OPTIMIZE when run with the
      /ST parameter would add strange strings either -- "" or
      "" -- to the end of the QEMM386.SYS line at
      some point during OPTIMIZE.  This problem has been fixed.

   4) A change has been made to QEMM to detect and work around a
      problem with certain Gateway 2000 PCI machines.  The problem
      is that the WBINVLD instruction (which is a valid 486
      processor instruction) is not supported on the chipsets that
      come with these machines.  The symptom would be a hang if the
      memory cache on these machines was set to Write Back. Setting
      the cache to Write Through worked around the problem for
      users of QEMM 7.5 dated 10-12-94 or earlier.  The cache may
      now be set to Write Back.

   5) QEMM now works around a bug in the Western Digital drivers
      for Windows 32-bit disk access, wherein the driver would fail
      if Stealth was enabled.  The Quarterdeck utility 32BDAFIX.SYS
      would work around this problem; it is no longer necessary.

   6) On systems, a bug in QEMM would causes a hang on entry to or
      exit from Microsoft Windows if Shadow RAM was enabled.  This
      bug has been corrected.

   7) A new feature has been added to QEMM's WINHIRAM.VXD driver,
      which is responsible for telling Windows about the High RAM
      that's been set up. This feature is invoked by an entry in
      the [386Enh] section of Microsoft Windows' SYSTEM.INI file.
      Examples include:


      When Windows starts up, the High RAM created by QEMM (and all
      of the TSRs and device drivers loaded there) disappears
      momentarily.  QEMM 7.5, unlike previous versions, makes this
      memory reappear much earlier than it usually would.  This is
      because Windows drivers sometimes try to access a TSR or
      device driver before High RAM is re-enabled in Windows normal
      startup process. Unfortunately, some poorly-written .VxDs
      (Windows Virtual Device Drivers) try to access ROM directly
      at startup time, conflicting with this new QEMM strategy.

      A workaround for the problem with such programs (WRESUME.386,
      found on some Toshiba laptop machines, is one example) is to
      EXCLUDE the affected area with an X=xxxx-yyyy parameter on
      the QEMM386.SYS line in CONFIG.SYS.  A superior workaround is
      to use an equivalent QEMMExclude entry in the [386Enh]
      section of SYSTEM.INI; this will render the X= parameter
      unnecessary, at a savings in High RAM equivalent to the size
      of the EXCLUDE.  (The real fix is for the vendor of the
      errant .VxD to inspect look at the correct physical address
      for the ROM using the Windows API MapPhysToLinear call,
      rather than assuming that a linear address is the same as a
      physical address at time under Windows.)
      You may have any number or range of QEMMExclude lines in the
      [386Enh] section.  If you have a problem that QEMMExclude
      solves, Quarterdeck would like to hear about it.

   8) OPTIMIZE uses many of the same approaches to detect Shadow
      RAM that QEMM does, and thus would run afoul of the same
      WBINVLD problem described above.  OPTIMIZE has also been
      modified to work around this problem.

   9) OPTIMIZE now parses lines that contain MSCDEX (the Microsoft
      CD-ROM Extensions to DOS) to work around a disastrous design
      flaw in MSCDEX. If there is no expanded memory available,
      MSCDEX will attempt to put into conventional memory the
      number of buffers specified by the /M switch, even if this
      number is large enough to consume all conventional memory.
      During the hardware detection phase, OPTIMIZE disables EMS,
      the better to detect hardware that is using address space
      above 640K.  This would cause MSCDEX to put its buffers into
      conventional memory.  If a large number of buffers had been
      specified on the MSCDEX line, OPTIMIZE could easily run out
      of memory and terminate abnormally.  OPTIMIZE now works
      around this problem with MSCDEX.

      Other expanded-memory-using programs which display similar
      behaviour may present the same kinds of symptoms.  This
      problem can be worked around by specifying the /NH parameter
      to OPTIMIZE, which skips the hardware detection phase of

  10) Manifest now adds a hint to use the /E (use expanded memory
      for CD-ROM buffers) parameter to MSCDEX.

  11) A new feature has been added to Manifest; Manifest will now
      display the CPU speed on its System Overview screen.

  12) A problem with QPI.VXD, the driver that provides access to
      QEMM information under Microsoft Windows, has been addressed.
      The symptom would be misreporting of the CPU type (SX or DX)
      by Manifest when run in Microsoft Windows Enhanced Mode.

  13) The EMS handle name for Stealth D*Space has been changed from
      ST-DSPC to ST-DBL.  This is to improve compatibility with
      AddStor's SpaceManager, which expects to see the latter EMS
      handle name.

  14) Not a fix, but a note:  Some customers report less
      conventional memory available with QEMM 7.5 than with
      previous versions.  In many cases, this is because QEMM
      attempts automatically to EXCLUDE a byte in the F000 region,
      in order to better support Microsoft Windows' MaxBPS=
      SYSTEM.INI setting.  If you have set MaxBPS set to a value
      greater than 200, QEMM's default behaviour will likely be
      preferable to you.  If you have MaxBPS set to a value of 200
      or less, you might wish to try adding the SRBP:N (an
      abbreviation for SYSTEMROMBREAKPOINT:N) parameter to the end
      of the QEMM386.SYS line in CONFIG.SYS.  The SRBP parameter is
      documented in your original READ.ME in your QEMM directory,
      in the section headed "NEW QEMM386.SYS PARAMETERS".

                         Quarterdeck Office Systems
                             150 Pico Boulevard
                           Santa Monica  CA 90405



 ATI Technologies Inc. Announces..


 To Include Support For 1600x1200 Resolution, VESA DDC Specification

 ATI Technologies this month announced new versions of its GRAPHICS
 PRO TURBO accelerator cards.  The new GRAPHICS PRO TURBO 1600 will
 support 1600x1200 resolution, the recently announced VESA Display Data
 Channel (DDC)

 "With the new resolution, the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO 1600 brings
 workstation quality graphics capability to the PC",  said Henry Quan,
 ATI's Vice-President of Marketing.

 With its 1600x1200 resolution and full featured AutoCAD driver, the new
 GRAPHICS PRO TURBO 1600, offers flexibility to users of high end CAD and
 visual simulation, desktop publishing, and prepress applications
 requiring very high resolution at high color

 The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO 1600 also incorporates VESA DDC monitor support.
 ATI is one of the first graphics developers to support the recently
 announced DDC specification. DDC allows automatic monitor configuration
 eliminating complex setup.  "With the incorporation of the new DDC 
 specification, ATI is taking the next step in making computers easy
 to to use" added Quan.

 Based on ATI's mach64 chipset, the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO 1600 offers all
 the same features as its popular GRAPHICS PRO TURBO accelerator card

 *       Full graphics acceleration at all color depths and screen
         resolutions Refresh rates as high as 100Hz for flicker-free

 *       Includes WinSwitch for on-the-fly resolution and color depth
         switching in Windows

 *       Color calibration software for color matching

 *       Extensive software driver support: Windows, Windows 95, Windows
         NT, OS/2, X Windows, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, 3D Studio,
         Microstation, and deluxe AutoCAD drivers

 *       Designed for ease-of-use: switchless design, automatic
         configuration, and preview functions

 Foreign language versions of the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO 1600 have also been
 developed.  Products will be available in multilingual formats
 including:  English, German,  French; Japanese; Mandarin and Korean;
 Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese; and Finnish, Swedish.

 Scheduled for release in first quarter of 1995, the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO
 1600 will be available in VLB and PCI bus configurations, with 4Mb of
 VRAM.  Suggested retail price is $799.

 With revenues for the year ending August 31, 1994, of over $232
 million, ATI Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of graphics and
 multimedia video enhancement products and components for personal
 computers.  Founded in 1985, ATI holds the largest graphics board market
 share as determined by market analysts IDC (Framingham, MA) and Dataquest 
 (San Jose, CA).  ATI employs over 500 people and has a product line that
 is sold worldwide through an extensive network of computer manufacturers 
 and leading computer distributors.

 Copyright(C)   ATI  Technologies  Inc.,  1994.    ATI  product  names  are
 trademarks  of  ATI  Technologies  Inc.   All other company and/or product
 names  are  trademarks  and/or  registered  trademarks of their respective
 manufacturers.   Features and specifications are subject to change without

 All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


 > STR Feature

                             Bailey's Book House
                                 MRSP $36.99
                                  by Edmark
                                P.O. Box 3218
                           Redmond, WA 98073-3218
                            phone:  206-556-8484
            available in separate versions for DOS and Macintosh
                        on CD-rom or floppy diskettes
                             for ages two to six

 IBM Requirements                       Macintosh Requirements

 CPU:    386DX-25                       CPU:    Mac Plus
 RAM:    560k conv., 1 meg XMS          RAM:    1 meg, 2 meg for color
 Video:  EGA/VGA                        Video:  monochrome supported
 CD-rom: Yes                            CD-rom: Yes
 H disk: 400k                           H disk: ?
 OS:     DOS                            OS:     Mono-Sys 6, Color-Sys 7
 Sound:  Most sound cards supported
                  A printer is recommended for both systems

 Bailey's Book House is an award-winning reading program which has been
 updated and brought to CD-rom media.  The program features five activity
 areas which teach vocabulary, preposition usage, letter and sound
 pronunciation.  The program also encourages creativity by allowing
 children to make cards and stories.

 Three activities feature an Explore & Discover Mode and a Question &
 Answer Mode.  The explore mode allows the child to satisfy his curiosity
 by clicking on words or letters.  He will see a short animation explaining
 that word or letter.  The child starts Question & Answer Mode by clicking
 on the picture frame in the scene.  Question & Answer Mode will ask the
 child to find a letter or word to answer a question.

 The main screen for Bailey's Book House is Bailey's living room.  Five
 objects are the icons for the activities.  A clock starts Read-A-Rhyme. 
 Make-A-Story is accessed by the bookshelf.  Clicking on Edmo the Clown
 begins the Edmo & Houdini game.  A table featuring envelopes and pencils
 is the icon for Kid Cards.  The Letter Machine is activated by clicking on
 the typewriter.

 The Explore Mode of Read-A-Rhyme allows the child to complete a poem using
 one of four rhyming picture words.  When a word is chosen, the poem is
 repeated and the word is defined with an animation.  In Question Mode, the
 child must find the one rhyming picture word from four choices.  From this
 activity children will learn new words and recognize rhyming words.

 The Edmo & Houdini game teaches children the meanings and relationships of
 prepositions.  In explore mode, children click on prepositions and then
 see the resulting change in Edmo or Houdini's relationship to the
 doghouse.  In Q & A mode, the child will be asked to find the correct
 preposition.  The preposition will be shown as text when the question is
 asked.  After two incorrect answers, the words will be shown in their
 proper relationship to the doghouse.

 The Letter Machine will familiarize the child with upper and lowercase
 letters, letter sounds and letter names.  Explore mode allows the child to
 click on any letter.  The letter will be shown in both cases and then a
 sentence using the letter will be displayed.  The sentence will then be
 presented in animated form.  Q & A mode asks the child to find a letter. 
 Upon finding the correct letter, it will be displayed and then the
 animated sentence will be shown.  After several incorrect answers, the
 program will eliminate choices until only the correct answer is available. 
 I believe that more than one sentence per letter should have been
 programmed to prevent children from tiring of the exercise after each
 letter has been viewed several times.  Also, some words chosen are not
 used in normal conversation.  I can't remember the last time I ever
 discussed an Ibex (a type of wild goat) with anyone.

 Kid Cards encourages creativity by allowing children to make greeting
 cards, gift cards and invitations.  Children compose different cards by
 filling the blanks.  They can decorate the cards with stamps suitable to
 the occasion of the card.  The CD-rom version is enhanced with alphabet
 stamps which allow the child to place his own words on the card.  The
 cards can be printed for sharing with friends and family.

 The final activity is Make-A-Story.  Each story consists of four pages in
 which the child chooses a character, place or action to tell a unique
 story.  Children will learn that words have meaning, that words make
 sentences and that sentences make stories.  This activity also encourages
 creativity and fosters a love of reading.  The stores can be printed for
 sharing and reading later.

 The graphics are good but they do look dated compared to many newer
 products.  The still graphics are pleasing to the eye and the animations
 have humorous touches which delight children.  This program gets a very
 good rating for sound.  The program uses cheery music and humorous sound
 effects.  All voice tracks are spoken well with humor and are easily

 The interface is very simple and easy to use.  The program doesn't offer
 audible help but this may not be a deterrent to children.  One nice
 feature is that when text is read aloud from text on screen, the words are
 highlighted as they are pronounced.  The program also features an on-line
 parent's guide which not only explains each activity, but also includes
 suggestions for off-computer activities to increase the child's
 comprehension of the lessons.  This guide also allows the parent to
 control the child's access to printers.

 Play value is quite good.  Children will enjoy making their own stories,
 especially if they can use a color printer.  The activities are all fun
 and amusing.

 The program teaches vocabulary, prepositions, letters, reading and
 encourages creativity.  Bailey's Book House has good educational value.

 In moving its titles to CD-rom, Edmark decided not to change the programs. 
 The concept was to provide quality software on a media which would save
 hard drive space for owners of CD-rom drives.  Personally, I would have
 liked for Edmark to have enhanced the product with more lessons.  While
 this is still an excellent product, it looks a bit dated compared to the
 offerings of other publishers of CD-rom software.  Future products, such
 as Imagination Express, will take full advantage of storage capabilities
 of CD-rom for multimedia learning experiences.  Bailey's Book House is
 still an excellent product, especially if you take advantage of the
 current bundle offer which includes KidDesk Family Edition.


                     Graphics ........... 8.0
                     Sounds ............. 8.5
                     Interface .......... 8.5
                     Play Value ......... 8.5
                     Educational Value .. 8.0
                     Bang for the Buck .. 8.0
                     Average ............ 8.25


                  Radio Active: The Music Trivia Game Show

 On November 28 Sanctuary Woods announced the introduction of a new
 multimedia CD-rom trivia game for Macintosh and Windows computers.  Radio
 Active mixes trivia, songs, puzzles, video and humor into an interactive
 gaming experience for up to four contestants.

 Aimed at players aged thirteen and older, the program features music from
 the 60's, 70's and 80's.  This should appeal particularly to Baby Boomers
 as it will bring back nostalgic memories of the "good old days."

 The game features over 200 songs, over 800 questions about hit songs and
 artists, QuickTime video hints and extended-play rounds.  Each contestant
 will choose an on-screen persona such as a punker, model or pirate which
 will pull a handle on a large spinner to select question categories.  The
 game is hosted by a typical game show host with loud clothes and a wit to

 System requirements for the Mac include a 68030/25 CPU, System 7.1, eight
 megs of RAM, a thirteen-inch color monitor and a double-speed CD-rom
 drive.  For Windows, you need a 386DX-33 CPU (486-33 recommended), eight
 megs of RAM, Windows 3.1, 256 color display, Sound Blaster or compatible
 sound card and a double-speed CD-rom drive.

 Radio Active: The Music Trivia Game Show was developed together with
 Digital Trivia Inc. of San Francisco.  This is one of the first titles
 released through Sanctuary Woods' newly-established publishing division.

 Radio Active retails for $24.95 and will be available in versions for both
 Mac and Windows formats.  The program will be available through software
 specialty stores, mass merchants, and software catalogs.  It can also be
 obtained directly through Sanctuary Woods at 415-286-6100.


                          "Shanghai: Great Moments"

 Activision announces a multimedia addition to its series of popular
 Shanghai games.  Shanghai: Great Moments will be released on CD-rom for
 Windows and Macintosh computers.  The program will feature actress
 Rosalind Chao as the live-action emcee who provides humor and hints.

 Shanghai: Great Moments features three new variations of Shanghai along
 with the classic game.  Nine tile sets feature subjects such as space
 exploration, inventions, science fiction and more.  Matching two tiles
 will start a short video clip related to the tiles.

 The new variations of the game will provide a lifetime of challenging
 gameplay.  The Great Wall variation allows players to remove tiles from
 the bottom causing higher tiles to fall.  Beijing is played by sliding
 tiles and matching pairs.  Action Shanghai is played against the clock
 while the computer places tiles as you attempt to match pairs.  Tournament
 mode features playing all the variations in a series.  If a player
 succeeds in winning all the games, he will see video of the Great Wall
 from beginning to end.

 Contact Activision at 11601 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000, Los Angeles,
 California 90025 or call 310-473-9200.


                            Sammy's Science House
                                 MSRP $36.95
                                  by Edmark
                                P.O. Box 3218
                           Redmond, WA 98073-3218
                            phone:  206-556-8484
            available in separate versions for DOS and Macintosh
                        on CD-rom or floppy diskettes
                            for ages three to six

 IBM Requirements                       Macintosh Requirements

 CPU:    386DX-25                       CPU:    Mac Plus
 RAM:    560k conv., 1 meg XMS          RAM:    1 meg, 2 meg for color
 Video:  EGA/VGA                        Video:  monochrome supported
 CD-rom: Yes                            CD-rom: Yes
 H disk: 400k/CD  12.5 megs/floppy      H disk: ?/CD  11.5 megs/floppy
 OS:     DOS                            OS:     Mono-Sys 6, Color-Sys 7
 Sound:  Most sound cards supported
                  A printer is recommended for both systems

 Sammy's Science House was designed to encourage children's natural
 curiosity and to allow them to discover science in the world around them. 
 The program features five activities which will aid children to learn
 sorting, sequencing, logic, observing, and building.

 Sammy is your host, a multicolored snake wearing an unusual hat.  The main
 screen features Sammy in his house.  Five objects trigger the activities. 
 The movie projector starts Make-A-Movie.  A weather board will lead
 children to the Weather Machine.  Outside Sammy's window is the Acorn Pond
 activity.  The Workshop game is accessed via the workbench.  The Sorting
 Station activity is entered by clicking on the sorting bin.  Like the
 other "House" programs, the activities feature two modes of learning. 
 Explore and Discover Mode allows the child to click on objects and learn
 the results of such actions to his own delight.  Question and Answer Mode
 features a computer host who will ask the child to perform a certain task
 or answer a question.

 Make-A-Movie teaches children to assemble pictures in a logical sequence
 and observe how things change over time.  Make-A-Movie only has the Q&A
 mode.  Children can sequence three pictures or four in nine different
 sets.  Some sets can only be organized in one way but others can be
 correct in different ways.  When the pictures are correctly organized,
 they can view a movie made from the pictures.  They can even play the
 movie backwards to gain a new perspective.

 The Weather Machine features three choices of wind, sky and temperature
 conditions.  The host is Frederick, a wisecracking bear.  In Explore Mode,
 the child chooses any combination of the conditions and then he will see
 an animation based upon that weather.  A character will be properly
 dressed and doing an activity common for the weather conditions.  Children
 will learn weather terms, dressing properly for weather and how variables
 affect weather.  In Q&A mode, the child will progress from choosing only
 one weather variable to choosing all three variables.

 Acorn Pond is a field trip within a computer.  Children can click on the
 various creatures and plants living in and near the pond to learn
 interesting facts about them.  They can observe seasonal changes and the
 effects on the plants and animals by clicking on each of the season icons. 
 Acorn Pond also features a field notebook filled with facts and drawings
 of the inhabitants of the pond ecosystem.  The notebook is not narrated so
 parents must read it with younger children.  Pages from the notebook can
 be printed for sharing with friends.  In the Q&A mode, an owl will quiz
 the child on facts which were presented to the child during Explore Mode.

 The Workshop features three levels of play by presenting parts with a
 choice of one, two or three blueprints.  Children click and drag parts to
 make a whole object.  When a part is chosen, its position on the blueprint
 will be highlighted.  Children will learn to follow plans to create an
 object and that most objects are made of many smaller parts.  In Explore
 Mode, children are free to follow the blueprints or to make objects of
 their own design.  He can then paint the object with a combination of five
 colors.  In Q&A mode, the child must follow the blueprint to create the
 target object.  Children can print out their creations.

 The final activity is the Sorting Station.  Children will learn the names
 of various rocks, plants and animals while also learning to discern
 attributes, similarities and differences of objects.  They will learn
 common scientific terms and how plants and animals are classified. 
 Children sort ten objects into two, three or four categories by clicking
 on an object and dragging it to the correct sorting bin.  In some case, an
 object can be correctly placed in more than one category.  Sometimes the
 differences which place an object in a category can be difficult to

 Sammy's Science House is pleasing to the eye.  The graphics are simple yet
 appealing.  The animations are very amusing.  The program has an abundance
 of catchy music, interesting sound effects and quality voice tracks.  The
 children and adults recorded for this program did an excellent job of
 enunciating their parts and emoting suitable emotion.  Some jokes could
 prove "unbearable."

 The interface is typical point-and-click with audible help.  During Q&A
 mode, help is obtained by clicking on the activity's host and sometimes by
 clicking on random areas.  Some activities do not have audible help during
 Explore Mode to encourage children's sense of discovery.  Installation is
 very simple and the user guide provides troubleshooting tips and
 suggestions for off-computer activities to enhance the child's learning
 experience.  The program is lacking an on-line parent's guide.  The
 parent's menu allows the parent to turn on or off printing options and
 whether the child can exit the program unassisted.

 Children should enjoy many hours of learning pleasure from Sammy's Science
 House.  The activities are designed well to take advantage of children's
 curiosity.  The Workshop and Make-A-Movie have very high appeal.

 Educational content is good.  The program is designed to encourage
 curiosity in nature and science.  This makes it different from many
 programs on the market which are designed to teach children facts, just
 the facts.  Such programs can become tedious.  Sammy's Science House
 provides a blend of fact and fancy which will allow children's minds to

 As with the other "House" programs, I am disappointed that the program was
 not enhanced more for CD-rom.  On the other hand, the price is the same
 for both the CD-rom and floppy disk versions.  This is a very good program
 and well worth the price, especially if you buy now to get the KidDesk
 Family Edition bonus.


                     Graphics ............ 8.0
                     Sounds .............. 9.0
                     Interface ........... 9.0
                     Play Value .......... 8.5
                     Educational Value ... 9.0
                     Bang for the Buck ... 9.0
                     Average ............. 8.75

 Thank you for reading!


 > FAX REMOVE STR InfoFile               Doing it the right way

                         DATASTORM TECHNOLOGIES, INC
                           TECHNICAL BULLETIN #48
                                REV. 11/4/94


 This document describes the procedure necessary to permanently remove fax
 support from PROCOMM PLUS for Windows version 2.x.  This procedure can
 only be reversed by completely re-installing PROCOMM PLUS for Windows 2.x.

 For the vast majority of users, the fax support in PROCOMM PLUS for
 Windows 2.x will be transparent and will not interfere with any other
 tasks you may perform under Windows.

 Some people purchase PROCOMM PLUS specifically for its data capabilities
 and have no use for its fax capabilities.  Although the fax support takes
 up very little of your hard drive space, some of these people may want to
 remove the fax support in order to free up this space.

 Should you have a reason to permanently remove the fax support in PROCOMM
 PLUS, the steps below will guide you through the process.  Please note
 that the steps described below will permanently disable the ability to
 send or receive any faxes.  The only way to restore fax support is to
 completely re-install PROCOMM PLUS to regenerate the necessary files and

 The following procedure applies to all versions of PROCOMM PLUS for

 1. Exit PROCOMM PLUS for Windows and close FAXSTAT.EXE, if these programs
    are currently running.

 2. Remove the virtual device driver (DSTASK.386) that was added to your
    Windows configuration when you installed PROCOMM PLUS for Windows by
    following these steps:

    a) Start the Windows Notepad text editor or any other text editor you
       like to use.

    b) Open the SYSTEM.INI file located in the main Windows directory
       (usually called C:\WINDOWS).

    c) Scroll through the SYSTEM.INI file until you find the section
       labeled [386 Enh].

    d) Search the [386 Enh] section for the "device=dstask.386" statement
       and delete it.

    e) Save the SYSTEM.INI file and exit the text editor.

 3. Use the Windows File Manager to delete the following files from the
    main PROCOMM PLUS for Windows directory (usually C:\PROWIN2):




 4. Use the Windows File Manager to delete the following subdirectories,
    and every file residing in the subdirectories, from the main PROCOMM
    PLUS for Windows directory (usually C:\PROWIN2):




 5. Use Windows File Manager to delete the following files from the Windows
    System directory (usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM):




 6. Exit and restart Windows for the changes to take effect.


 > Creative NEWS STR FOCUS!

                   Creative Announces New Communications 
                     Product Line for the PC Platform

           Modem Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA and Modem Blaster 19.2 Voice
                  Data, Fax and Voice Transmission Products

 SINGAPORE -- December 6, 1994 -- 

      Creative Technology Ltd. (Nasdaq: CREAF), the leading provider of
 multimedia products for the PC market, today introduced two products that
 will expand its line of communications offerings.  Modem Blaster 19.2
 Voice and Modem Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA -- both which provide high speed data
 transmission and compression, a broad range of connectivity and
 compatibility with any Group 3 fax machine -- join Creative's
 award-winning ShareVision desktop communications products in the company's
 growing family of communications solutions.  The development and
 introduction of Modem Blaster is a direct result of Creative Technology's
 November, 1994 acquisition of Digicom Systems, Inc., a developer,
 manufacturer and marketer of modem technology.

      Designed with Digicom's DSP SoftModem technology, Modem Blaster 19.2
 Voice, is a software upgradeable, multifunctional, internal PC modem.  The
 product allows consumers to access the latest communications technologies
 by providing an all-in-one solution to the many high performance data, fax 
 and voice needs of a small business or home office.  Modem Blaster 19.2
 Voice will have a suggested retail price of US $149.

      For portable and notebook computers, Creative's Modem Blaster 14.4
 PCMCIA offers "sleep mode" and "wake-up-on-ring" features.  The product's
 power level is automatically reduced until it is signaled by an incoming
 call, prolonging the life of batteries and the product as well. 
 Compatible with any 14.4K, 9.6K and 2.4K bits per second modem, Modem
 Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA includes Delrina Technology's WinFax 3.0 fax
 application software, data application software and is bundled with
 on-line services -- America Online, Prodigy, CompuServe and Delphi.  Modem
 Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA will have a suggested retail price of US $199.

      "The introduction of the Modem Blaster family reinforces Creative's
 commitment to top quality, high value PC peripherals, and furthers our
 Blaster brand-name recognition," said Rich Sorkin, director of audio
 product marketing for Creative Labs, Creative Technology's U.S.
      "Our growing line of communications tools, now ranges from our 19.2K
 bps voice/fax modem to our  ShareVision desktop video conferencing
 products.  As we move into 1995, Creative will continue to lead this
 market by complementing the Modem Blaster line with additional
 telephony-based products."

 Features of Modem Blaster 19.2 Voice
      A high speed V.32 turbo 19,200 bps modem, Modem Blaster 19.2 Voice
 automatically falls back and connects to slower speed modems, ensuring the 
 broadest range of connectivity from V.32bis/14,400 bps, down to 1200 bps. 
 Using V.42bis and MNP5 data compression, Modem Blaster 19.2 Voice
 maximizes error-free file transfers up to 57,600 bps.  Featuring Kalman
 Technology's Ancilla fax and voice software, the product supports local
 record and playback, remote message retrieval and configuration
 capabilities.  It also includes multiple mailboxes, fax on demand, fax
 forwarding, autodialer and phonebook interface.  Its digital voice
 messaging feature also assists consumers in customizing a professional
 small business or home office system.  Windows compatible Class 1
 send-and-receive fax software makes it easy for users to transmit files.

 Features of Modem Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA
      Fully compliant with V.32bis and V.32 specifications, Modem Blaster
 14.4 PCMCIA offers file transfer at speeds of up to 57.6K bps.  With V.42
 bis data compression and V.42 error correction, it provides maximum
 throughput, for additional cost savings.  Modem Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA is
 compatible with most PCMCIA notebook and laptop computers including
 systems from Acer, AST, Chicony, Compaq, Dell, Grid, HP, IBM, NCR, NED,
 Sharp, Siemens, Toshiba and Zenith.

      Modem Blaster 19.2 Voice and Modem Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA will begin
 shipping later this month to Creative's extensive network of retailers and

                                 Benita Kenn
                             Creative Labs, Inc.
                          (408) 428-6600 ext. 6406

 Creative  Technology  Ltd.  develops, manufactures and markets a family of
 sound and video multimedia products for PCs under the Blaster family name.
 The  company's  Sound  Blaster sound platform enables PCs to produce high-
 quality  audio  for  entertainment,  educational,  music  and productivity
 applications,  and  has  been  accepted  as  the  industry  standard sound
 platform for PC-based software.  

 Creative  Technology  Ltd.  was  incorporated  in  1983  and  is  based in
 Singapore.  Creative Technology's U.S. subsidiaries include Creative Labs,
 I n c .,  E-mu  Systems,  Inc.,  Digicom  Systems,  Inc.  and  ShareVision
 Technology,  Inc.   Creative also has other subsidiaries in China, Europe,
 Japan,  Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.  The company's stock is traded on
 Nasdaq under the symbol CREAF and on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

 Sound  Blaster  and  Modem  Blaster  are registered trademarks of Creative
 Technology Ltd.  SoftModem is a trademark of Digicom Systems, Inc., WinFax
 is  a  trademark  of  Delrina  Technology  Inc., Ancilla is a trademark of
 Kalman  Technology  Inc.,  E-mu is a registered trademark of E-mu Systems,
 Inc., and ShareVision is a registered trademark of ShareVision Technology,
 Inc.    All  other  products  mentioned  herein  are  trademarks  of their
 respective owners and hereby recognized as such.


 > Roland SCD-15 STR InfoFile

                         Roland SCD-15 HINTS & KINKS

 by Aloke Prasad, VRTC

 This is a set of hints on installing the Roland SCD-15 daughterboard on
 the Sb16/awe32 with a Waveblaster connector.

 First step is to get the Sb16/awe32 working properly with the FM MIDI
 synthesis.  You should be having a statement like the following in your

                      SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6

 This indicates that the MPU-401 port on the Sb16/awe32 is at the address
 330H.  Midi files, like CANYON.MID in the Windows directory should play
 using the FM synthesis, and "Sb16/awe32 All FM" setting in the MidiMapper
 applet in the Control Panel.  The following should also appear in the
 Drivers applet in the Control Panel:

                  Creative Sound Blaster 16 Auxiliary Audio
                   Creative Sound Blaster 16 Wave and MIDI
                 Voyetra / Sound Blaster SuperSAPI FM Driver

 If you use the DOS program PLAY.EXE from Creative Labs, the following
 should be in your AUTOEXEC.BAT:

                           SET MIDI=SYNTH:1 MAP:E

 indicating that the program should use the FM synth, and Extended midi
 map.  Other DOS games, say DOOM, should also play FM midi synth by
 choosing "SoundBlaster" or "Soundblaster 16" as the music source in its
 Setup program.

 If the above is not set up right, get the latest driver from BLASTER forum
 on CIS, or on Internet, and bug the sysops till the basic
 Sb16/awe32 is setup OK.

 Now, open up the PC and slap on the SCD-15 on the Sb16/awe32 card.  The
 pins holding the daughterboard on to the Sb16/awe32 are a bit tight, and
 may require some force to "snap-on" into the holes in the Sb16/awe32.  A
 warning: attaching the daughterboard also makes it inconvenient to change
 the jumpers on the Sb16/awe32.  So, think ahead about making any changes
 to the Sb16/awe32 (eg., en/disabling the on-board amplifier, en/disabling
 the joystick, etc.).  There is a special caution for people using the
 MIDI/joystick port on the Sb16/awe32s at the end of this document.  Please
 read that before proceeding.

 Everyone else..after attaching the SCD-15, plug the Sb16/awe32/SCD-15
 combo back in the PC (as far away from the Video card as possible, as
 there are some indications that in some installations, the Sb16/awe32 may
 pick up some interference from the Video cards).  The following changes
 are required for Windows and DOS programs: 

 For Windows: Change the MidiMapper to "Sb16/awe32 All MIDI".  That's it. 
 MediaPlayer or any program that uses the MidiMapper will now play the
 glorious Roland sounds.  Some programs bypass the MidiMapper (eg.
 WinJammer Sequencer/Player).

 In these cases, choose "Sb16/awe32 MIDI Out" (instead of "Voyetra Super
 Sapi FM Driver") to access the SCD-15.

 For DOS: If you use PLAY.EXE to play MIDI files, change the statement in
 the  AUTOEXEC.BAT to 

                           SET MIDI=SYNTH:2 MAP:G

 to use the MIDI port with General MIDI map.

 For games like DOOM, run its setup program and choose "Sound Canvas" if it
 is an option for the Music source.  Choose 330H (or whatever is in the SET
 BLASTER line) as the address of the MPU-401 port.  If your game does not
 offer "Sound Canvas" support, choose "General MIDI" as the music source.

 That's it..For those who were mistaken by installing the Roland MPU-401
 driver, as described on page 7 of the SCD-15 startup manual, remove the
 driver from using the Drivers applet in the Control Panel.  Set up the
 Sb16/awe32 as described earlier, and just change the MidiMapper.

 The SCD-15 attaches to the Sb16/awe32 and uses the MIDI driver provided by
 Sb16/awe32.  Why Roland even included instructions to mess around with the
 Roland MPU-401 driver is beyond me!!

 For joystick users:  If you use the joystick port on the Sb16/awe32, you
 may not hear any MIDI sounds.  This is because most joysticks ground the
 MIDI pins of the MIDI/joystick combo port.  You have 3 choices:

 1. Buy a MIDI adapter cable from Creative Labs for $25.  this splits the
    MIDI and the joystick parts of the port on the back of Sb16/awe32.
    This is a special cable, and if you buy a MIDI adapter cable from your
    local computer store, make sure that they have a return policy, as any
    old splitter may not work.

 2. Make a splitter cable yourself by following instructions in a file in
    the BLASTER and MIDIFORUM libraries.  The file in the MIDIFORUM is
    called MIDIDI.ZIP in Section 15 ("Sound Card Files").

 3. Buy a game card, disable the joystick port on the Sb16/awe32 (requires
    changing jumpers on the Sb16/awe32).  Plug your joystick into the game

 I hope the above has been of some help.  Enjoy the wonderful sounds of the
 Roland Sound Canvas and Sb16/awe32 !!!!!

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N


 For  a  limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent
 to  you  that  demonstrates  FARGO  Primera & Primera Pro SUPERIOR QUALITY
 600dpi  24  bit Photo Realistic Color Output, please send a Self Addressed
 Stamped Envelope [SASE] (business sized envelope please) to:

                       STReport's Fargo Printout Offer
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155

 Folks, the FARGO Primera Pro has GOT to be the best yet.  Its far superior
 to the newest of Color Laser Printers selling for more than three times as
 much.  Its said that ONE Picture is worth a thousand words.  Send for this
 sample now.  Guaranteed you will be amazed at the superb quality. (please,
 allow at least a one week turn-around)

         A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N -- A T T E N T I O N

                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 Fire  up  that  high-speed modem and head for your favorite GEnie Software
 Library!   Effective October 10, 1994, you'll be able to participate in an
 open  beta  test,  offering  access  to  GEnie Services at 9600 bps for as
 little as $5.00 per hour.

 As a result of an arrangement with Sprint, GEnie will be offering 9600 bps
 access  from almost 300 SprintNet locations.  Best of all, this high-speed
 access  will  not  be subject to high-priced surcharges.  The normal $2.00
 per  hour  SprintNet  surcharge  will apply...even at 9600 bps!  This open
 beta test is expected to run through the end of the year.

 To find the number of the SprintNet access number nearest you, simply type
 PHONES  at  any  GEnie menu prompt (or use the "Move To Keyword" option in
 GENIE  for  Windows and type PHONES).  Remember, this rate applies only to
 9600  bps  access  via  SprintNet.  So be sure to choose the access number
 showing  "9600" in the "Baud Rate" column AND "SprintNet" in the "Network"

 From  the  "Fine  Print"  department,  please note that the $2.00 per hour
 surcharge for SprintNet access is applicable even during your initial four
 hours of monthly usage.

 So,  whether you're into downloading software, reading bulletin boards, or
 accessing databases, it's about to become cheaper to do it faster!

       GENIE Information Services copyright   1994 by General Electric
             Information Services/GENIE, reprinted by permission

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          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GENIE users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)


                         HP JETDIRECT PRINT SERVERS!

      As of December 1, 1994, you can upgrade your HP
      JetDirect print servers to the latest functionality
      with HP's new Flash SIMM upgrades.
      The Flash SIMM upgrade products provide the following
      new features:
      * lpd support for Ethernet and Token Ring.
      * TCP/IP support for Token Ring.
      * Multi-protocol support with automatic switching for
        HP printers with MIO slots.
      * Expanded support for Novell networks - 16 file
        servers and 64 queues.
      * Reprogrammable Flash memory allowing for easy
        upgrades in the future.

 Product                               To Be Used In The
 Number   Description                  Following
 J2546A   Ethernet SIMM for the HP     J2337A, J2338A,
          JetDirect Card               J2339A, J2340A,
                                       J2371A, J2372A
 J2549A   Token Ring SIMM for the HP   J2373A
          JetDirect Card
 J2547A   Ethernet SIMM for the HP     J2382A, J2382B
          JetDirect EX
 J2548A   Token Ring SIMM for the HP   J2383A, J2383B
          JetDirect EX
 J2559A   Software/Documentation Kit*  All of the above
           *NOTE:    The Software/Documentation Kit
                     contains the latest HP
                     JetDirect administration and
                     configuration software as well
                     as manuals that detail the new
                     functionality the upgrade
                     provides.  Please note that
                     you must order this product
                     separately.  HP recommends
                     that you order at least one of
                     these kits with your upgrade

      To order these products contact your local HP dealer or
      call (800) 752-0900 for a dealer near you.

             Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1994
   This information is subject to change without notice and
            is provided "as is" with no warranty.
     Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct,
    indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages
         in connection with the use of this material.


 > Pentium Issues STR FOCUS!


 NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D., December 1, 1994  Gateway 2000 Inc. today
 announced enhanced support to ensure satisfaction for customers facing
 concerns associated with Gateway's Pentium based systems. Gateway 2000 is
 committed to supporting its customers on this confusing issue. 

 The Facts
      In response to Intel's acknowledgment of a subtle flaw in their
 Pentium Processor, Gateway would like to clarify this issue. Our
 understanding of the facts as provided by Intel are:

      The flaw will occur once in every nine billion divide operations. The
 chances of this occurring in real world usage is once in every 27,000
 years. This issue only affects the accuracy of these computations
 significantly to the right of the decimal point.
      "Gateway has always stood behind our customers and we will continue
 to deliver the service and support they have grown to expect," said Ted
 Waitt, chairman and CEO of Gateway 2000. "As the leading supplier of
 Pentium based systems, we have had absolutely no customer reports
 regarding this anomaly prior to the media coverage. Generally, this is a
 very minor issue. The biggest problem is one of perception arising from
 poor efforts in explaining the specifics of the flaw. However, we will
 stand behind our products and our customers."

      Gateway 2000, in conjunction with Intel, will work with customers to
 ensure their systems meet their computing needs. Upon determining customer
 needs, Gateway 2000 will provide replacement Pentium chips. The support
 will continue throughout the life of the system. "We will incur some
 additional operational costs offering this level of support, but our
 customers deserve it," continued Waitt. "Right now our Pentium demand is
 stronger than ever due to the excellent value of our Pentium systems. We
 feel that if people just look at the facts as they exist today rather
 than the perception, demand will continue."

 About Gateway 2000
      Gateway 2000, a Fortune 500 company founded in 1985, currently sells
 more PC-compatible systems through the direct market channel in the United
 States than any other PC manufacturer. A recent report from Dataquest Inc.
 said that Gateway 2000 is also the top United States market supplier of
 systems based on Intel's Pentium processor. Gateway 2000 is listed on the
 Nasdaq market as GATE. Gateway 2000 addresses Pentium concerns.

 Editorial Contacts:
 Wendell Watson, (605) 232-2723

 Gateway 2000 is a  registered trademark. Intel is a registered trademark
 of Intel Corp. Dataquest is a registered trademark of Dun & Bradstreet.


                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

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 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
 and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
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                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
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                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
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 Who is eligible to take advantage of the plan?  Any DELPHI member in good
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         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      It's either feast of famine in the Atari community!  Not too much
 happening this week.  We've seen a number of reports on the ToadFest
 last weekend - all excellent reports.  As usual, the Toads put on a
 terrific weekend for the Atari faithful.

      There's been no new information regarding the C-Lab "announcement"
 made last week.  I'm sure that there's a lot of work and loose-ends
 being tied-up before any real information continues to flow in that
 regard.  We'll be sure to keep you posted as we learn anything new.

      Other than that, I hope that your Atari holiday buying-spree is
 going well.  If I'm fortunate, I may get to start my shopping this
 weekend!  Malls.....!

      So, stay tuned as we continue to finalize our holiday issue(s).
 We hope to have some great stuff for you in time for Christmas _and_
 New Years!!

      Until next time...


                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (12/7/94)

      (1) DR. NECRO DEMO                 *(6) SOFT-SCI SCREENSAVER V.2.7  
      (3) BACKWARD II 2.80               *(8) FRANTICK DEMO                 
      (4) OUTSIDE 3.3 DEMO               *(9) GDOS ASSIGN.SYS EDITOR        
      (5) WARP 9 NVDI DISPLAY FONTS      *(10) MINT 1.12B (BINARY ONLY)     
                            * = New on list                                 
                            HONORARY TOP 10                                 
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently    
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                       
                STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT  10.49)                 
        Atari Explorer Online (Current issue: AEO: VOLUME 3, ISSUE 13)     
           Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.


 > Lexicor Update! STR InfoFile!  -  Apex Media!

                 APEX MEDIA (formerly Chroma Studio 24)

             (Animation studio for Falcon030 - RRP: 199 U$D)

                For the Falcon030 with DSP 56001 support

 By Black Scorpion Software, now available through Lexicor Software
 Corporation in North America (dealer inquiries encouraged).

 Animation and Morphing

 o Smooth image transforms
 o Powerful block functions
 o Block rotation to any angle, proportional re-scale stretch, skew and
 o File import of animations from disk to paste above/below existing
   pictures at any point in the target animation


 o Multiple, real-time frame capture to 512x320 in 16-bit color
 o Rostrum Camera work to 24-bit


 o Two levels of Noise reduction, "De-jagging" and motion blur
 o Advanced Delta Compression to reduce memory/disk overheads

 Drawing Tools

 o Pen, Line, Curve, Polygon, Circle, Box
 o Stipple Airbrush
 o Re-definable grid

 Special features include:

 o Re-definable Graduated Circles, Lines, Boxes
 o Interpolative Lines and Boxes
 o Definable Fill using Block or Gradient NON-Linear Drawing
 o Realistic Airbrush for producing soft graduated spray effect
 o Transform of definable areas controlling hue, saturation, brightness
   using paint or fill.
 o Transform and Masking with an extensive range of brushes

 Screen Modes

 o Real-time zoom available at all times, even during animations
 o Every single tool fully usable under zoom conditions
 o Smooth scrolling under zoom or virtual canvas operation with any tool

 File Support

 o CFN font support, saving of palette, Field Warp lines and set-up
 o Import of images or animations with color reduction, pasting over or
   under existing images

 Video Support

 o VGA, RGB monitors and TV's
 o Selectable resolutions: 320x200, 320x400, 640x200, 640x400
 o Virtual Canvas up to 2048 x 1024
 o Super-sampling of true colors images for 256 video modes.
 o Enhancement of existing 256 color images with dithering and/or
 o Import of large images into smaller canvas sizes with fine scaling.
 o Grey-scale conversions

                        Lexicor Software Corporation
                       36 Queensberry Street, Suite 6
                              Boston, MA 02215

                     Internet        :
                     GENIE           : GRAPHICS RT or LEXICOR
                     CIS             : 75300,763
                     DELPHI          : LEXICORWORLD

 Recommended Retail Price is 199 U$D


 > Stello 2.0 STR GameFile!  -  Othello Gets Even Better!

                               Stello 2.0
         From: Claus J. Pedersen <>

 Hello everybody.

 Stello 2.0 Othello is out with features such as

  - Works under Gem, all Atari computers, all screen resolutions,
    (x resolution must be at least 640).
  - Supports MultiTOS and WINX.
  - Uses multitasking under MultiTOS.
  - Advanced game-playing algorithms, alpha-beta minimax, iterative
    deepening, response killer table, saves game tree and uses the
    zero-width minimax modification.
  - One of the best Othello programs in the world.
  - Background pictures on the board as black/white or color.
  - RSC files in english, german, french and danish.
  - Dialogs in windows.
  - Nice interface (3d buttons and check-boxes even under old tos
    versions, nice line menus, animation of discs).
  - Printing of moves, board and transcript as ASCII, GDOS or Speedo
  - Export of moves, board and transcript as ASCII or META file.  This
    means that you can take the output and use it in a word processor
    that supports import of META files.
  - You can set the size of the output, (board size of 4 -  16  cm)  2
    types of transcript, (with or without disc's) and turn on/off the
    border text (abcdefgh, 12345678)
  - There is a (very primitive) font selector, and you can choose the
    output device (printer from 21-30 and meta file from 31-40)
  - Context sensitive help with St-Guide.

                            New in Stello 2.0

 This is a major update.  Here is a list of the most important

  - I have implemented the zero-width minimax  modification in the
    normal alpha-beta search, which means 10 % fewer nodes to examine.
  - The "brain" has been much improved, which means that it now gives a
    more accurate and stable evaluation of the positions.
  - Endgame search now 10% faster. (16000-23000 moves/sec on a TT)
  - Special endgame search mode where Stello can search for a "Win",
    "Win/Draw" or "Max disc".  The "Win" search is 10-50 faster than the
    "Max disc" search, and in extreme cases up to 200 times faster.
  - Stello now evaluates its command line, so you can drag games to its
    Icon, and it will then load it, and you can install Stello with a
    DOC type of "GAM", so it will start and load a game if you click on
  - Stello now also supports the drag & drop protocol under MultiTOS.
  - The filename is displayed in the game window so you can see what
    game you have loaded.
  - Manual input of games is now completely mouse controlled.
  - GDOS and Speedo GDOS is now supported.  This means very nice output
     via printer and META file.  If you don't have GDOS you can still
    print and export as ASCII.
  - Window with transcript of game.
  - Context sensitive help file for St-Guide.
  - various bug fixes (It should now finally be possible to load games
    and pictures on TOS 1.0 and TOS 1.2)

 More details in the documentation.  Stello is a Shareware game.  I have
 uploaded the game to the following ftp sites, in the file STELLO20.LZH.


                          Happy Othello playing.
                           Claus J. Pedersen.


 > New Atari Internet News Group! STR InfoFile! - Programmers Group Passes!

           un-moderated group comp.sys.atari.programmer passes 193:35

 There were 193 YES votes and 35 NO votes, for a total of 228 valid votes. 
 There was 1 abstain and 1 invalid ballot.

 For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and
 NO) votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO

 There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
 If no serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
 moderator of news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly

 Newsgroups line:

 comp.sys.atari.programmer       Programming on the Atari computer.

 This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
 questions only contact  For questions about the
 proposed group contact Yat Siu  <>


 Summary:        a newsgroup for the discussion of programming on the atari
                 TOS or 8bit computer and any clones or otherwise

      The proposed group will provide a forum for the discussion of
 programming queries, discussions of techniques or anything else that is
 related to programming on the atari for any language that exist on the
 atari (scheme, gcc, c, basic, pascal, assembler etc.)


      There are currently several comp.sys.atari.* newsgroups, however
 none cover the aspect of programming questions. Atari Computer systems
 (8bit, 16 or 32bit and clones) have various development tools from other
 third party developers, some of which are very good. Atari Users require
 a forum where they can ask questions about programming in any language. 

      This new newsgroup is also meant to encourage programming on the

 Atari and asking questions regarding programming. Very often programming
 questions are asked in other forums, but they either don't get a reply or
 ignored because it is not related to the topic. Atari Computers have got
 a user base of programmers who need to support each other on the usenet
 on a more global scale, and it should also help third party developers
 for Atari development tools read and see what programmers


                               JAGUAR SECTION

 Doom! Tempest 2000 CD! Fighjt For Life!
 Rebellion/AvP/Atari Conference! CD-ROM!
 Developer List! And much more!

 > From the Editor's Controller  -  Playin' it like it is!

      Well, the holiday season isn't going to be as successful as we'd
 all like, but the games are getting here.  As of this issue, there are
 a dozen games out, with quite a few more in various stages of
 production.  Expect to see at least some of those out in time to make
 the last-minute Christmas rush.

      For those of you hoping to see the CD-ROM in time for the holiday,
 it's very doubtful.  There are rumors going around that there may be
 a limited supply close to or after the holiday, but don't expect it.
 The good news is that the originally-priced hardware has been reduced
 from $199.99 to $149.99!  No word as yet on whether or not there will
 be a pack-in game.  This may be a reason for the price cut.

      Apparently, the delay in release of the CD-ROM is due to a lack of
 games ready to go along with the release.  It really doesn't make a lot
 of sense to release the hardware without any games to play on it!  The
 CD-ROM is ready, but the delay from the 3rd-party developers is holding
 things up.  I'm sure that Atari would like to have better news, but
 rarely does the software keep up with the hardware.

      We've got a lot of interesting news and information for you this
 week!  The second of the two OnLine conferences with Rebellion is
 included in this issue.  News of the CD-ROM announcement, Doom, the
 Tempest 2000 audio CD, a Fight For Life preview, a Doom preview, and
 much more.

      Also, our "Name the 1st 20 Jaguar Games" contest is progressing
 well, to a point!!  With the deadline rapidly approaching, we may not
 have a "first 20 games" list to judge!!  If this occurs (and it seems
 very likely) we'll push the contest deadline back.  We've got a few
 entries so far that have correctly listed the first twelve games, so we
 want to see how they do with the remaining games to come out!  We'll
 announce a new deadline shortly.

      So, let's get to the games and see what's happening out there with
 everything Jaguar!

      Look for an interesting holiday issue, coming in a couple of

      Until next time...


 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -   What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""      coming out.

    Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

     J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
     J9001  Trevor McFur/
            Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
     J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.
     J9028  Wolfenstein 3D       $69.95       id/Atari Corp.
     JA100  Brutal Sports FtBall $69.95          Telegames
     J9008  Alien vs. Predator   $69.99     Rebellion/Atari Corp.
            Doom                 $69.99        id/Atari Corp.
     J9036  Dragon: Bruce Lee    $59.99         Atari Corp.
            Club Drive           $59.99         Atari Corp.
     J9007  Checkered Flag       $69.99         Atari Corp.

     Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

             CatBox              $49.95               ICD
             CatBox +            $69.95               ICD
             Theme Park           TBD                Ocean
             Syndicate            TBD                Ocean
             Troy Aikman Football$69.99            Williams
             Sensible Soccer
     J9012   Kasumi Ninja        $69.99              Atari
             Cannon Fodder        TBD               Virgin
             Hover Strike        $59.99              Atari
             Iron Soldier        $59.99              Atari
     J9042   Zool 2              $59.99              Atari

     Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

     J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
     J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
     J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
     J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95

 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

  Contact: Ron Beltramo        David Harrah
             Atari             Edelman Public Relations
             408/745-8852      415/968-4033
  For Immediate Release
 SUNNYVALE, CA  (December 2, 1994) -- Fans of the cult video game DOOM
 can now experience what Jay Wilbur, president of Id Software, the company
 that created the popular game, describes as "the most powerful version of
 the game on any video game system." According to reports from stores
 nationwide, the Jaguar version of DOOM is already selling briskly.

 DOOM is an ultra-fast virtual reality showcase that plunges the player
 deep into a 3D world filled with legions of gruesome fiends. The Atari
 Jaguar is the first 64-bit video game system in the world.
 Unlike versions for other video game systems, the Jaguar version of DOOM
  * Offers nine additional levels of play, including improved,
    custom-designed levels available only on the Jaguar.
  * Exploits the Jaguar's 64-bit power to deliver compelling, realistic
    game play. For example, the monsters that populate the Jaguar version's
    hellish world are not flat, two-dimensional characters like they are on
    other systems, but awesome, three-dimensional beings. Catch a
    side-view as they walk around you, or turn-around and shoot them in the
  * Uses 65,000 colors -- compared to 256 on other systems -- for advanced
    lighting and shading effects that provide the most immersive,
    first-person experience available.
  * Allows for two players. Until now, this was only possible on the
    personal computer version of DOOM. Although owners of other video game
    systems can play their own, more limited version of DOOM, they cannot
    play each other.  Jaguar fans will be able to link up two Jaguar
    systems and either team up against the gruesome fiends or challenge
    each other to a death match.
  * Offers a special save feature so Jaguar players can go back to the last
    completed level and continue their mission through the bowels of hell.
  * Takes advantage of the full size of the television screen.
 "We didn't just license the code to Atari, we developed the Jaguar version
 of DOOM ourselves," explained American McGee, a game designer at Id
 Software, the company that created DOOM. "We streamlined and improved the
 graphics and made the game even more compelling," he added.
 The favorable reviews already are beginning to pour in.  Video Games
 magazine described the game as an "unqualified addiction for those lucky
 enough to play it."  The reviewer added, "This one could be a guaranteed
 system-seller for those considering a Jaguar purchase."
 An aggressive marketing campaign will promote the Jaguar version of DOOM
 and will include new television commercials and print ads. The ad campaign
 will run in December, in time for the holiday shopping season.

                                # # #


 > Jaguar Developers STR InfoFile  -  Current Developer Lists & Titles

 Game Title             Date   Game Type           MSRP      Publisher
 Air Cars               12/94  Racing              $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Alien vs Predator       NOW   Role Play/Adventure $69.99    Atari
 Arena Football         1Q/95  Sports               TBD      V Reel
 Assault                1Q/95  Action/Combat       $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Barkley Basketball     2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Battlemorph            12/94  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Battle Wheels          1Q/95  Racing/Combat        TBD      Beyond Games
 Blue Lightning (CD)    12/94  Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Brett Hull Hockey (CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Brutal Sports Football  NOW   Sports/Combat       $69.99    Telegames
 Bubsy                  12/94  Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Burnout                1Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Cannon Fodder          12/94  Action/Adventure     TBD      Virgin
 Checkered Flag          NOW   Racing              $69.99    Atari
 Club Drive              NOW   Racing              $59.99    Atari
 Creature Shock (CD)    1Q/95  Adventure/Sci-Fi     TBD      Atari/Virgin
 Cybermorph              NOW   Flying/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Dactyl Joust           2Q/95  Action               TBD      Atari
 Demolition Man         1/95   Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Doom                    NOW   Action/Combat       $69.99    Atari
 Double Dragon V        12/94  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Williams
 Dragon:Bruce Lee Story  NOW   Combat              $59.99    Atari
 Dragon Lair (CD)       1Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Ready Soft
 Dreadnought (CD)       2Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Dungeon Depths         1Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Midnight Ent.
 Evolution: Dino Dudes   NOW   Puzzle/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Flashback              12/94  Action/Adventure     TBD      US Gold
 Fight FFF Life         1Q/95  Combat              TBD      Atari
 Hardball Baseball      2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Highlander (CD)        1Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Horrorscope            1Q/95  Combat               TBD      V Reel
 Hover Strike           12/94  Action/Combat       $59.99    Atari
 Iron Soldier           12/94  Action/Strategy     $59.99    Atari
 Jack Nicklaus Golf(CD) 2Q/95  Sports               TBD      Atari
 Kasumi Ninja           12/94  Combat              $69.99    Atari
 Rage Rally             1Q/95  Racing               TBD      Atari
 Raiden                  NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Rayman                 12/94  Action/Adventure     TBD      UBI Soft
 Robinson Requiem       1Q/95  Adventure            TBD      Atari
 Soccer Kid             1Q/95  Sports               TBD      Ocean
 Space War              12/94  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Star Raiders           1Q/95  Space Simulation     TBD      Atari
 Syndicate              12/94  Simulation           TBD      Ocean
 Tempest 2000            NOW   Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Theme Park             12/94  Simulation           TBD      Ocean
 Tiny Toon Adventures   1Q/95  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari
 Trevor McFur            NOW   Action/Adventure    $49.99    Atari
 Troy Aikman NFL Ftball 12/94  Sports              $69.99    Williams
 Ultimate Brain Games   12/94  Puzzle               TBD      Telegames
 Ultra Vortex           12/94  Action/Adventure    $69.99    Beyond Games
 Val D'Isere Skiing...  12/94  Sports              $59.99    Atari
 White Men Can't Jump   1Q/95  Sports               TBD      TriMark
 Wolfenstein 3D          NOW   Combat/Action       $59.99    Atari
 Zool2                  11/94  Action/Adventure    $59.99    Atari

 [Editor's note: Titles, scheduled release dates, and prices are
 verified from Atari and Edelman Public Relations - all subject to


                   Jaguar Real Time Conference on GENIE

                  Hosts - Charlie Townsend and Lou Rocha

                              Nov. 30, 1994

                     Guests: Dan McNamee, Don Thomas, 
                      James Grunke and Purple Hampton

                             ALIEN vs PREDATOR
                           & other Jaguar Games

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> I will direct traffic tonight. Charlie Townsley 
 will be your host. Dan McNamee, James Grunke and Don Thomas will be in 
 live mode all the time. Try not to trip over each other, eh guys :-) OK 
 Charlie, take it away.

 <[Charlie/Host] ARCHIVIST> Who, Us, Lou? (Grin)

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> :-)

 <[Charlie/Host] ARCHIVIST> Good Evening everyone, and welcome to this 
 Special Edition of the Games RTC for the Atari. We're here tonight 
 instead of the usual Saturday night to bring you some special guests from 
 Atari Corp. directly, and discuss the Jaguar, it's future, and what has 
 to be THE hottest game out for it right now: Alien vs. Predator! I'll ask 
 our special guests to introduce themselves in just a minute, but first 
 I'd like to explain a little bit about how an RTC works for those of you 
 who have never attended one before.

 Because this is a formal RTC the room will be kept in 'listen only' mode 
 for most of the night. In order to ask a question of our guests just 
 /RAISE your hand and we will let you talk in turn. We will have at least 
 an hour for this RTC, possibly longer if our guest don't get worn out, so 
 we will try to get to everyone. Please, only ask one question at a time 
 and have your question ready to send out when we call upon you. This will 
 help the conference move much more swiftly.

 Thanks! And now lets introduce our guests! 

 <ARCHIVIST> Ron has given me some introductory text to upload for him. 
 Shall I start with that directly, guys?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Sure thing.

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, here it comes, and it's some HOT news, too!

 Hello! (from Ron Beltramo, v.p. marketing)

 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

 Please accept my thanks for joining us this evening. I am aware that 
 everyone would enjoy having conferences more frequently on GEnie and we 
 will review opportunities for more conferences in the future. As you 
 might imagine, we have been working hard on getting more software for the 
 Jaguar on the market as quickly as possible. In itself, that would not be 
 hard if speed was our only concern. By reviewing the message threads 
 forwarded to me and the results of focus groups and retailer feedback we 
 are convinced that you want the type of quality software that features 
 the most immersive and challenging gameplay that can be created for the 
 64-Bit Jaguar system. With that in mind, we have been firm in our resolve 
 to create a new caliber of quality software. The feedback we are 
 receiving on Alien Vs. Predator, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Tempest 2000 
 tells me we are on the right track. As we have all discovered, being 
 patient and committed to this standard of quality pays off.

 This is turning out to be an exciting Holiday Season. As many of you 
 know, we have started to ship Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and Doom. We 
 are shipping these titles as quickly as they come in to us, so make sure 
 you stay in touch with your retailer if you are looking for these titles. 
 On the heels of these titles are Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Iron 
 Soldier, Val D'Isere Skiing, Bubsy, Zool 2 and Kasumi Ninja. Look for a 
 fast flurry of these titles within the next few weeks. I am particularly 
 excited about the diversity of these titles as well as quality. I think 
 this Christmas, there is something for everyone on the Jaguar. This 
 special conference is in the honor of the hard work put forth by the AvP 
 team with their successful release of their new hit. I know people would 
 like some updated marketing scoop, so maybe I can address that topic 
 quickly before turning the entire focus to them.

 First off, I apologize I cannot be with you live this evening. I am 
 wrapping up some studio production work for three new television 
 commercials: one featuring Kasumi Ninja, one for Doom and one for Iron 
 Soldier. The Doom spot will be finished this week and be on air next week 
 for a three week blitz leading up to the Christmas holidays. Iron Soldier 
 and Kasumi Ninja will be completed next week and on air going into the 
 new year. All three are shaping up to be great ads for three of the next 
 great Jaguar titles. 

 Those of you who live near Venture Stores (a chain very similar to Target 
 with stores mostly in the midwest) have seen their promotion of the 
 Jaguar in recent circulars. The Jaguar and the Lynx have also been 
 featured in recent Incredible Universe advertisements. We have also 
 succeeded in selling an impressive number of Lynx systems on the Home 
 Shopping Club. Toys R Us has expanded the distribution of Jaguar to 300 
 stores across the country. Jaguar is now being launched into Japan and 
 every Toys R Us Store in Japan will be carrying the Jaguar this Holiday 

 Bill Rehbock, v.p. of software business development, has recently 
 revealed that Primal Rage will be coming to the Jaguar although the 
 timing for release has not yet been announced.

 The long awaited Tempest 2000 Soundtrack on compact disc is expected in 
 our warehouse within the next 10 days. I think this item makes a perfect 
 Christmas gift at only $12.99 plus shipping. Contact Don Thomas, director 
 of customer service to order. He tells me he has reduced the shipping and 
 handling to just $ 3.50 on this item for onliners. 

 The Alien Vs. Predator cinema-quality poster has been such a hit, we have 
 brought in more. As a matter of fact, EVERYONE that attends this 
 conference tonight live can receive a postage paid free AvP poster. The 
 SysOp will keep track of who attends. You must send your U.S. or Canadian 
 mailing address privately to JAGUAR$ or ATARI to get your poster. If you 
 are reading this text after the conference has concluded, you can still 
 obtain a free poster, however, Atari's minimum $4.95 shipping and 
 handling fee applies.

 The most recent edition of the retailer's Jaguar demo tape is reaching 
 stores now. Some of you have ordered one for yourselves and are receiving 
 them. I hope you will feel free to loan that tape out to friends. <hint> 
 This 40+ minute tape was produced by Greg LaBrec, director of creative 
 services. It features 30 Jaguar game sequences plus copies of Atari's 
 Jaguar commercials INCLUDING the popular AvP spot; all professionally 
 edited, reproduced and labeled. (Greg has been known to sign a few before 
 they are shipped upon request <g>)

 clip below and spread the news!

 *************** AVP ON-LINE TRIVIA CONTEST ****************


 Atari is proud to introduce another online attraction... It's our first 
 ever "AvP Trivia Contest"! Here's how it works... Below are five 
 questions regarding Atari's hit 64-bit Jaguar release of Alien Vs. 
 Predator. Each question may be answered by A, B, C or D. Entrants must 
 submit their answers along with their mailing address and daytime phone 
 number. Entries should be sent directly or through the Internet to one of 
 the following addresses:


 Entries will be accepted anytime from November 29, 1994 until midnight of 
 December 9, 1994. This contest is open to all onliners who have a North 
 American shipping address (50 U.S. states and Canada) who have complied 
 with the terms of this contest. BBS users can submit their entries by 
 sending a private message to the SysOp of CATscan BBS by dialing 209/239-
 1552. Sysops are encouraged to distribute the details of this contest. 
 The winner will be randomly selected from all the correct entries. Due to 
 the anticipated volume, individual replies to entries CANNOT be made. 
 Only one entry per person will be accepted. Employees of CompuServe, 
 GEnie or Atari are ineligible.

 To make things REALLY easy. You WILL find the answers within the text of 
 the November 29th AvP conference on CompuServe or the November 30th AvP 
 conference on GEnie.

 Here are the questions:

 1) Alien Vs. Predator by Atari for the 64-bit Jaguar
 interactive multimedia system features the ability for
 the player to become any one of three characters. What
 are those characters?

 A. Ripley, an Alien and a Navy Seal
 B. An Alien, a Predator and a Marine
 C. A ship's navigator, a cook and a doctor
 D. None of the above

 2) Which film studios produced the Alien and Predator

 A. Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox
 B. Disney Studios and Twentieth Century Fox
 C. Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox
 D. Universal Studios and Twentieth Century Fox

 3) Alien Vs. Predator is a virtual world challenge which
 is described in the manual to be:

 A. a tactical simulator depicting the events following
 the fall of Camp Golgotha Colonial Marine Training
 B. a reenactment of events created by a supercomputer
 based on the ultimate terrestrial war Alien vs.
 C. a dream sequence of space mining personnel aboard
 their own contaminated ship.
 D. a hypnotic recall of the nightmarish events
 experienced by marines on a recent war mission where
 germ warfare was used against them.

 4) An effective tool to be used while playing Alien Vs.
 Predator is the H.U.D. which offers status displays.
 What does H.U.D. stand for?

 A. Heads-Up Display
 B. Helmet Ultra-Diatometer
 C. Heated U-light Diagnostics
 D. Hampered Utility Detector

 5. One of the many obstacles to avoid is referred to as a
 Facehugger. A Facehugger is which of the following?

 A. A creature that attaches itself to the face of its
 B. A helmet instrument used by the Predator that injects
 a poison into anyone else who may attempt to use it.
 C. A "gripping" gas that stretches the skin of the face
 until it tears.
 D. None of the above.


 Whew! <g> There is still another Jaguar, AvP and three
 T-shirts to be given away by your host this evening during
 this conference.

 I know people are anxious for more titles as soon as possible. I also 
 know we all have a lot of questions regarding networking, voice/modem, 
 CD-ROM, VR Helmets and more. I assure you we are anxious to release news 
 about these products as soon as we can. I urge everyone to stay tuned to 
 the Atari/Jaguar areas of GEnie and CompuServe for the news as soon as we 
 can post it.

 Now, finally, to the topic at hand and Alien Vs. Predator...


 Ron Beltramo

 <ARCHIVIST> Whew! Sorry, that was a long one. I'll give you all a minute 
 to read back in your capture buffers before we go on.

 Of course, the full text will be posted as a file in the Library as part 
 of this conference transcript, so you won't miss anything! In the 
 meantime, those of you with Questions ready can now /RAISE your hands to 
 get in the queue. We'll call upon you in turn.

 Don, how about you introduce yourself now, and tell us all what you do at 
 Atari? I'm sure there are many people here who have never met you....

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> My name is Don Thomas and I am the Director of Customer
 Relations at Atari. I am responsible... for a great number of things, but
 tonight, I am here 
 to benefit from having the AvP team here as guests! 

 <ARCHIVIST> hehe. Ok, it's great to have you here, Don!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Thanks. 

 <ARCHIVIST> Dan, it's nice to see you again, too! Could you introduce
 to the folks, and any guests you have with you?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Sure! Hi all, I'm Dan McNamee. I've been with
 for almost 7 years now. (In March) I've been an Atari fan for years. I 
 started with the original Pong machine MANY years ago, and worked my way 
 up through the line. I've held many positions in Atari, starting in Tech 
 Support and worked my way up (I think <G>) to test. 

 <ARCHIVIST> Aha! So, those of us addicted to games now know who to bribe
 for a
 job as Tester. :-)

 <ARCHIVIST> James, I'm glad to have you back. Could you introduce
 yourself, and
 don't you have a guest sharing the terminal with you tonight? 

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> Hiya, I'm James Grunke, director of audio, just starting 
 my fourth year at Atari. Purple will be joining me here soon as he is 
 fighting his way through traffic from the airport....

 <ARCHIVIST> hehe. Does he have the Pulse Rifle or the Flamethrower? (Grin)

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> ....and yes, I am guilty of the Barney voice in AvP. I was
 hoarse from the death screams... ga

 <ARCHIVIST> Well, I'm sure we'll all be happy when Purple Hampton joins
 you. As
 the Producer of Aliens vs Predator, I'm sure people will have many
 questions for him.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> An answer to one of the AvP trivia questions is:
 Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox

 <ARCHIVIST> hehe. Thanks Don! Everyone write that down, now!

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, Lou, lets get to the questions. Can we have our first up 
 to the mic, please?

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Sure can... here's Mike Lyda.

 <[mike] M.LYDA> AvsP is excellent!!! Was/Is there a grenade launcher in
 the game? Are there any hidden rooms/weapons in AvsP? 

 <ARCHIVIST> OK. Anyone at all can take that one, I think ...

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> No the grenade launcher did not make it into 
 the game, unfortunately. There are no hidden weapons (other than the 
 extra pulse rifles) or rooms (other than the blocked off ones that can 
 only be reached by airducts) 

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Next we have Pat Fletcher who is STumped! Pat...

 <[STumped] P.FLETCHER4> I have encountered an awful lot of negative 
 feelings about Atari among your distributors (eg. Electronics Boutique). 
 Does Atari have a plan to raise its public image? 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I'll take this one ... You are correct that Atari has 
 been down before our rise back up now and we are working hard already to 
 improve that by many means. We are, as we speak, working on another of 
 many direct mailings to our dealers which include posters, videos and 
 other pop items...

 We also have people in the field making a lot of direct contacts at a lot 
 of corporate offices. We absolutely need to continue working on it and 
 I think we are going in the right direction. 

 <ARCHIVIST> I think the increased ads mentioned in Ron's text will go a 
 long way toward helping Atari's image.

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> <and we have a lot of great new titles on the way which
 make them happy>

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Carlos from FL is next.

 <[Carlos] C.CUENCA1> Hello, I would like to know how is "Fight for Life"
 progressing..?? Is this the last version of the name or could it
 change..?? Any
 release date..??

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> I am working on the theme song for the game Joe Vitale 
 (Eagles, James Gang, CS&N) wrote the song for me on spec (meaning see if 
 it's right and we may use it)... and it rocks. It is titled "fight for 
 Life" and you should hear it on the Jag. The guys who work for me (Paul 
 Foster, Hans-Martin Krober, and Nate Brenholdt have been developing the 
 sound system to the point where we are able to take a tune like this and 
 integrate it into the game. The programmer, Francois, is doing magic to 
 the intro sequence and I'll let you wait til the game ships and see what 
 I'm talking about.

 <ARCHIVIST> James, the Tempest 2000 sound track had enormous popularity 
 and I now it's being released as a CD. Do you have any news on this, and 
 do you see any other really impressive sound tracks in the current crop 
 of games?

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> The CD is printing as we speak the sales have surprised me 
 (good work, Don) and we will work the record in certain markets although 
 the Techno market is small, it is great PR.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> FYI, we are taking pre-orders <g>. Details in header 
 from Ron. An answer to another AvP trivia question is: An Alien, a 
 Predator and a Marine

 <ARCHIVIST> Hey, keep it up and BillBoard may have to start a new chart! 
 :-) Ok, next up to the mic ... Howie Frankle! Take it away, Howie!

 <[howie] H.FRANKEL2> As of today, what games are in production, and When
 is KN
 due out??

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Zool 2 Val d'Isere
 Skiing & snowboarding, Kasumi Ninja and Bubsy. I thinks I nailed them all. 

 <ARCHIVIST> I've heard a lot of good things about Val d'Isere. I think it 
 will surprise many people. Thanks Howie!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Val d'Isere is pretty cool. It makes me want to 
 go skiing. <G>

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> There's a sample of Val d'Isere on the retailer video.

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> Val d'Isere is awesome!!!!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Oops! I forgot Iron Soldier. Sorry! 

 <ARCHIVIST> Next up is our Coco-Sysop! Welcome, Alan!

 <[Allen/Jag!] COCO-SYSOP> Was AvP programmed mainly using the 68xxx 
 processor? IE, every game system ever has had games 2 years after launch 
 that blew away initial launches. Shall we expect that here? 

 <ARCHIVIST> Hmmm. I'd think that's more a question for Purple, but can 
 anyone here answer it?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> AvP uses all the chips in the system. It was 
 heave on the 68K early on.. but was optimized out over the rest of the 
 system as development progressed.

 <JAMES-GRUNKE> <Purple has arrived!!!>

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Yea!

 <ARCHIVIST> Great! Thanks Dan! Ah, good news! James, pull a chair up for 
 Purple and ask him to introduce himself, please. :-)

 ** <[Purple and J] JAMES-GRUNKE> was <JAMES-GRUNKE>.

 <ARCHIVIST> Welcome to GEnie, Purple!

 <[Purple and J] JAMES-GRUNKE> Ola! I just flew in from the airport and 
 boy... never mind... Hi, I'm Purple the Producer for AVP and have been 
 with Atari for just over two years.

 <ARCHIVIST> Glad to have you here, Purple.

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> brief and to the point. ;-)

 <ARCHIVIST> hehe. The IMPORTANT point, Dan! (remember it, folks....) 
 let's move right along to our next questions. Kodoger is up next!

 <[KODOGR] J.DAMISCH> So, I am just dying to ask. Is the Jag CD gonna be 
 just a straight CD player like the Sega CD, or is Atari gonna beef up the 
 spec on this one? Also, how fast is the CD player on this puppy gonna be?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> The JagCD and play audio CDs, which VLM makes 
 an impressive light show for. It also plays CD+G disks. 

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> It's a double speed drive, lots of throughput.

 <ARCHIVIST> Thanks Dan! Next up is Tim Steed. Welcome to the Atari RT, 

 <[Tim Steed] T.STEED1> I work at a national software retailer, and am 
 VERY happy to have the Jag as part of our lineup. Any idea when we can 
 see the demo tape?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Tim... We are shipping them as fast as we can. In fact 
 just today we placed an order for more and more will be arriving 
 tomorrow. Send me E-Mail with your store location later and I'll make 
 sure you have one on its way.

 <ARCHIVIST> Great! Thanks, Don. Tim, that's the ATARI address for your E-
 Mail later.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Yes.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> An answer to another AvP trivia question is: Heads-Up 

 <ARCHIVIST> Don, we've been hearing rumors in the BB's about the new Sega 
 Machine's CD and the Jaguar CD being related somehow. Any comments? or is 
 this just an off the wall rumor?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I have no knowledge regarding cross technology in that 

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> Boing!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Other than Phillips being the inventor of the 
 CD? <G>

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, thanks! Next up is Jon Huetel. Take it away, Jon

 <[Jon] J.HUETTEL> I am relatively new to AvP (I don't even have a Jag 
 system yet) and have only played the coin op version. How similar is the 
 coin op version and the Jag version? Did you guys develop the coin op 
 version or licence it out?

 <ARCHIVIST> Ah, here's one for Purple ....

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> I think Purp can get this one. <G>

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> ... Purple motors up to the keyboard..... :-0

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> The coin-op version was developed by Capcom and 
 is NOTHING like the Jaguar version. The coin-op is sort of a final fight 
 type of game while the Jag version is an impressive experience if you 
 haven't seen the Jag version yet, go out and see it.

 <ARCHIVIST> Jon, AvsP is a first person game, unlike the arcade. 
 Certainly, ask your dealer for a demo at least!

 <ARCHIVIST> OK. Now we have Bruce up at the mic. Bruce, what's your 
 question, please?

 <[Bruce] STARISLAND> Where can I find a Jaguar, and how much do they 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Bruce, The Jaguar is $249.99 and you can find it at 
 Toys R Us (300 locations), The Wiz, Babbages, Venture Stores, Good Guys, 
 Incredible Universe, et al and thousands of single location gaming 

 <ARCHIVIST> Don, being in Toronto, I'm interested. Is the TRU 
 distribution North America wide or just in the US at present?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Canada...

 <ARCHIVIST> ... the home of the proud, yes .... (G)

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Distribution there is handled by a firm that escapes 
 me at the moment but we will be more focused as time goes on.

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, It's Beamscope in Canada. I'll bug my local TRU manager. 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Thank you. I knew you'd help me there. <g>

 <ARCHIVIST> Dan, last night you released a cheat; got any goodies for us 

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> 


 1. Press PAUSE

 2. Press OPTION

 3. Press 6

 4. Press 1 + 3

 5. Press the following sequence: "B", "A", "9", "A", "9", "A", "*", 
 "OPTION", "6", "#", "*" , "*", "OPTION", "2", "OPTION".


 PART II Function Keys:

 This second code gives you all of the functions listed in Part 1 of the 
 code but the main function of the second phase of the cheat is that you 
 will never run out of energy or ammo as the bars will replenish 
 themselves as long as you have something from the start (meaning if you 
 don't have any smart-gun ammo when you activate the cheat, you still 
 won't have any once it's turned on... at which point you use the ammo 
 replenish function as described in cheat code part 1...)

 OPTION + A Raises you a level in the base

 OPTION + BLowers you a level in the base

 OPTION + 5Toggles Cheat Mode On / Off

 Happy Hunting!!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Dat's it!

 <[James] JAMES-GRUNKE> Cool!!!

 <ARCHIVIST> Heeheeh. I can see those pencils scribbling now ...

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> An answer to another AvP trivia question is: A 
 creature that attaches itself to the face of its host.

 <[James] JAMES-GRUNKE> People should know that Dan is lead tester for 
 AvP... he is the man.

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Thanks. I couldn't have done it without the
 excellent help and input from Lance Lewis, though.

 <[James] JAMES-GRUNKE> Lance is an animal... 

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, now we have Sir Fransys up who is still, I hope, sailing 
 smooth ...

 <[Sir Fransys] K.DRAKE> I understand the CatBox will be the only way to 
 link three or more Jags but is Atari doing a DSP cable (The Doom manual 
 mentions JagTalk) for quickie two player only linking? Still Sailing! 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Unless anyone else has more information, we are still 
 awaiting some finals on that to release.

 <ARCHIVIST> But there will be a two station cable? It's in the plans? 
 (personally, I'm waiting for a CatBox, but ....)

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Sure it is and I have been asking daily for info. It's
 coming soon. 

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, great Don. Now we have Stephen Weigel. Welcome to the 
 Atari RT, STephen!

 <[Stephen] B.WEIGEL> How come Mortal Kombat 2 didn't appear on the Jaguar 
 like DHGF said? FaceHugger

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Which list? Oh, like... sorry. MK2 and other 
 unannounced properties are always possibilities pending agreements with 
 the companies that own them. In the meantime, we have several great 
 fighting games that will compete with MK2 very well. 

 <ARCHIVIST> Hehe. thanks Don. that's nice Grist for the rumor mill.... :-) 
 Joel is here with a question we're all waiting to hear ...

 <[joel] J.FOGELSON2> With the sudden resurgence of the lynx is retail
 outlets, will Atari be producing any new games for the unit?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Yes, we plan to continue looking at how well the Lynx 
 is doing... We are and will remain focused on Jaguar now and until we get 
 the ball rolling at a great pace before going back to look at Lynx 

 <ARCHIVIST> I know there were a lot of people happy to see the lynx back 
 in wide distribution. It's certainly good to see it riding the coat tails 
 of the Jaguar

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I think that's a big key as to how the others did 
 it... now we can too.

 <ARCHIVIST> Certainly with Sega Game Gear it is. BAH on it...

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> :) 

 <ARCHIVIST> Clay Halliwell is next up to the mic

 <[Clay] E.HALLIWELL> Two questions... 1st-- How the heck do you pronounce 
 "Val d'Iser"?

 <ARCHIVIST> hehe. Clay, you should have stayed awake in French class. 
 (grin) pronounce it 'SLEEPER HIT' and keep your fingers crossed, Clay.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> how to pronounce Val d'Isere... SKIING GAME. <g>

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> "val dizair....."

 <[Clay] E.HALLIWELL> A lot of Jag developers on the nets have been... 
 noting, that with their homemade JagNet cables, Doom has a net error 
 every 15-20 minutes. Will the "official" cable fix this? 

 <ARCHIVIST> Dan, perhaps you can answer this?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> It is true that the 100% solid networking is NOT 
 complete and it is not clear as to whether that will be resolved simply 
 by the cable. However, the errors are not fatal, the game is still a lot 
 of fun and we will have more solid info soon...

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Oops... I was checking on dinner. ;-) I see Don 
 got it, though.

 <ARCHIVIST> heeh. it's OK, Dan.

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Is the pizza box melting in the microwave?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Dan, eat something off your plate for me <g>

 <[James] JAMES-GRUNKE> Purple and I have a special GEnie only Trivia 
 question for you....

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I think James has a trivia question... 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> While we are waiting. An answer to another AvP trivia 
 question is: A tactical simulator depicting the events following the fall 
 of camp golgotha...

 <ARCHIVIST> Purple, what's your trivia question? We're all ready for

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> The first person who emails me after 9 pm 
 Pacific tonight with the answer to the following question will win a 
 Tempest Audio CD... the question is.... 

 What is the name of the sergeant whose grisly demise at the hand of the 
 predator is described in the ships on-board computer...

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Wilbur?

 <ARCHIVIST> You're not eligible, Don. :-)

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Oh.

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Not right, either...

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> :-)

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Oh.

 <ARCHIVIST> Well, I know, but I'm going to be too late out of here 
 tonight, I'm afraid ... Good luck to the rest of you!

 <ARCHIVIST> Now we have Mark Santora up to the mic. Welcome Mark

 <[mark] M.SANTORA2> Hi Guys. Two Quick Questions... I heard Microprose 
 put all their games on hold, and if so, what are the chances of them 
 continuing with them?

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> That's a question for Bill Rehbock

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I'm not sure we have the right people to answer that 
 one. Bill Rehbock is making deals in Japan. He'd know.

 <[mark] M.SANTORA2> OK. Sorry about that then. As far as the CDROM goes,
 there be a pack in game and how are Highlander and Battlemorph doing? .

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> I'm hoping to get a look at Highlander 
 tomorrow. The stills I saw of it look FANTASTIC. Battlemorph is looking 
 great too! No CD pack-in announced yet. Stay tuned.

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> Highlander, which is currently occupying most 
 of my life right now is coming along great. To describe I have two words 
 -- Motion Capture-- signed, Purple.

 <ARCHIVIST> Sorry, Mark. it looks like we've stumped our guests on that 
 one. I'll ask Bill in E-Mail and post whatever reply I get! thanks for 
 the second question, though.

 Purple, could you please repeat the trivia question? Some people got 
 knocked off-line during the middle of it and we want everyone to have a 
 chance (BTW, there will be trivia questions at the end of this RTC for 
 several prizes. Stay tuned, all!)

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> Sure, The question is: What is the name of the
 Sergeant, whose grisly demise at the hand of the Predator is described in 
 the base on-board computers...

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Edgar?

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> Remember, no answers until AFTER 9PM Tonight
 (California time!!) 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Oh.

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, I was asked to set a firm time for the trivia me so ... I 
 will ask the three trivia questions at 11:00 EST. that's about 15 minutes 
 from now, so those of you who have to get to bed can. :-( 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Sylvestor?

 <ARCHIVIST> The prizes, BTW, are a Jaguar Console, an Alien vs Predator 
 cartridge, and three cool T-Shirts

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> WOW!!!!!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> That's an autographed AvP cart! (The manual anyway)

 <ARCHIVIST> oops. Thanks Don, that's an important distinction! In the 
 meantime, back to our questions. Rod Martin is up next!

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> What are the chances of any new major retailers 
 (Target, Wal-Mart) carrying the Jag in the near future? Can you mention 
 any names? If so, possibly how soon?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> There's a GREAT chance and we are working with them. 
 Each retailer has specific minimum requirements, that must be met. Many 
 of the chains are not know to experiment with new products, some are. As 
 mentioned before Jaguar is in over half of the Toys R Us and we recently 
 got in Venture, which is a well known chain like Target is in other parts 
 of the country.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> There are some we cannot announce until some ink 
 dries and a lot more we are working on... <g>

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> I figured as much about the minimum 
 requirements. Any time frame? (Thanks!)

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> I have a quick but important announcement 
 before I go...

 I am pleased to tell the loyal GEnie Atari computer users that we have 
 finalized the C-LAB deal to license the Falcon030 technology for a pro-
 audio/Musical instrument workstation. I will be posting further 
 information to our friends in the Future Falcon topic in Cat 30. Thank 
 you for your support folks, and my apologies for the off topic 

 <ARCHIVIST> James, that is FANTASTIC news! Really! Thank you for 
 announcing that here, first, on Atari's Official On-Line Home!

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> Anymore questions before we have to go?

 <ARCHIVIST> One last question, then the trivia questions. Now up, we have 
 Travis of AEO magazine, our intrepid reporter/editor

 <[Travis] AEO.MAG> Purple, Hi! AvP rocks, but then again, you knew that 
 before we did. <g> Cheats aside, are there any hidden goodies in AvP? 
 Like, say, hidden rooms or secret messages. Rebellion did say that they 
 had planned to have the shutters on Sub Level 4 able to be opened to 
 reveal a starfield, but that it was scrapped to save space. Thanks for 
 joining us!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> (actually, the opening shutters was MY idea. 

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> We spent all of the room we had on the main 
 gameplay. Unfortunately that didn't leave any room for any "easter eggs" 
 per se....

 <ARCHIVIST> OK. Now for the Trivia Questions. First up is for a Jaguar 
 Game Console, the ONLY 64-bit me console on the market today

 <ARCHIVIST> Ready, Lou?

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> OK. 90 seconds to type an answer?

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, when Lou turns the room live fire out your answers. Only
 customers are eligible for this prize. Rgr, Lou

 <ARCHIVIST> The Question: Name Three currently available Jaguar Games!

         [Editor's Note: List of answers removed for brevity.]

 <ARCHIVIST> Well it looks to me like Tim Steed got it! with Ken Gange a
 close second.

 Congratulations, Tim! Please send your name and mailing address, in E-
 Mail to JAGUAR$

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Congrats Tim!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> WTG Tim!

 <[Tim Steed] T.STEED1> I got it? I type so slow.... :) Thanx 
 guys!!!!!!!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Well done. Is there more?

 <ARCHIVIST> Yes Lou, two more. The next question is for an Autographed 
 Copy of Alien Vs. Predator! Trivia Question: Name three COMING games for 
 the Jaguar!

         [Editor's Note: List of answers removed for brevity.]

 <ARCHIVIST> OK. The winner there was Rod Martin! Congratulations to 
 Network 23!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Woo Hoo! Congrats Rod!!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Congrats!

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> Smokin! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 <ARCHIVIST> It's a great prize, Rod. OK, our last prize of the evening is 
 THREE cool Jaguar T-Shirts the first three people to answer this question 
 will win ready?

 Trivia Question: Who is the Producer of Alien Vs. Predator?

         [Editor's Note: List of answers removed for brevity.]

 <ARCHIVIST> Checking, as fast as I can...

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> <drumming fingers......(Charlie always wanted to 
 be a Real RTC Host. :-) )

 <ARCHIVIST> It looks to me like Mike Lyda, Dave Shorr and J.Damisch. 
 Congrats to you all!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Congrats!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Congrats guys!

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> Wear 'em well!! Congrats!!

 <ARCHIVIST> All winners should send their info to the E-Mail Address 

 <ARCHIVIST> Are James and Purple still with us?

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> for a few more minutes...

 <ARCHIVIST> Gents, thank you very much for joining us this evening. I 
 hope we can do it again sometime soon! It's been a great RTC.

 <[Purple &] JAMES-GRUNKE> G'Night all!! eh!!!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Thanks. You did a great job.

 <ARCHIVIST> Don, Dan, will either of you be staying for a while?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> If we have some pending ?s 

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Please stay. These folks waited a long time.

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> I'll be around for a bit.

 <ARCHIVIST> That's great! These last questions and then we'll wrap up a 
 long RTC! 

 <[Niles] N.KAPLAN3> I have three big q's:
 1. What is the status on licenses like Capcom, Konami and Sunsoft?
 2. Where are IS and Checkered Flag?
 3. What about Blockbuster renting Jag games out?

 <ARCHIVIST> ohh ... Three? Well let's have them and Dan & Don can pick 
 the ones they can answer quickly

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> 1. Bill is the best person to answer that, and
 he isn't around tonight. Sorry.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Stand by... I have an answer... Those three have not 
 announced licensed agreements... we do continue to talk to all of them.

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> 2. IS and CF are in production and should be
 arriving soon.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Blockbuster is waiting for a lot more games to 
 initiate another push... they thrive on selection.

 <ARCHIVIST> Blockbuster IS renting Jag games in some stores

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> CF is in production. 

 <ARCHIVIST> OK, next up we have Clifton Mothershed

 <[Clifton] C.MOTHERSHED> Why does the Alien always face you? And when 
 will there be other American football games, Besides Troy Aikman, I heard 
 Atari is working on their own game?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Dan?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> There wasn't room in the cartridge for 
 additional faces on the Alien. That was OK, though since the Alien is a 
 kamakazi attacker. <G>


 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> As to football, I think there are some other 
 titles being worked on. Tom Gillen started a topic to ask for design 
 suggestions from our customers.

 <ARCHIVIST> Yes, that's been a popular topic in Category 26. Lots of 
 football fans on-line, I guess 

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Next is Bruce Welsch....

 <[Bruce] B.WELSCH> Will Atari Display at next year's Gencon? This year a 
 user group did it using members' equipment, would be nice to see Atari 
 involved (again). Will there be a D&D type game (dungeon master)? Played 
 Doom today, died in goo ;-|

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> I'd LOVE for Atari to send me to work at a 
 GenCon. <hint> <G> Rebellion is working on a FRPG called Legions of the 
 Undead. No release date yet.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Gencon is an increasingly important show for us. We 
 have not made a final decision on all 1995 shows, but we do hope to 
 announce plans soon.

 <ARCHIVIST> I'd love to do a D&D RPG .... maybe someday soon .... Next up 
 to the mic is Allen our Coco-sysop

 <[Allen/Jag!] COCO-SYSOP> There are no Atari dealers in my 30,000 pop. 
 East Texas town. We have K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and Kay-Bee as the only game 
 dealers. However, we have three places that carry CD-i (one rents to own 
 it). This is due to Philips having reps in Houston (2 hrs. south) who 
 come up and work the area. Does Atari have any plans to do similar things 
 with local/regional reps?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Atari has an existing and growing number of regional
 representatives. We are focusing attention on regions where advertising
 has been
 planned with key retailers. The pattern of growth is definitely up. 

 <[Allen/Jag!] COCO-SYSOP> Is there a Texas rep?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> In Texas we have...Watt and Company. 

 <ARCHIVIST> That's good news to hear, Don. Next up is D.Dussias. Welcome 
 to the Atari RT!

 <D.DUSSIAS> Since 3D0 is coming down in price, and people argue that it 
 is better than the systems out now, what do you think the future of the 
 Jaguar will be, and any comments on the other "new" machines coming like 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> The 3DO is a system that has it's own unique set of 
 obstacles to overcome. People who have been following that company know 
 they have had recent financing and support problems. We believe we have a 
 lot more flexibility built in the Jaguar while the 3DO is a nice system, 
 we believe ours is not only better but offers a greater life cycle 

 <ARCHIVIST> D.Dussias, there is a LOT of discussion about the 3DO and 
 other systems in the BB here. Check out Category 26 to join in on the 
 chat! Thanks! Now coming to an RTC you're in, Harj Hagra!

 <[Harj] H.NAGRA1> Is there going to be a sequel to AvP? And do you have 
 any info on third party releases in production? Also, whatever happened 
 to the Jaguar Baseball and Basketball games? 

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> maybe. ;-)

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I think that was a maybe to an AvP sequel?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Baseball and basketball games are also being 
 worked on.

 <ARCHIVIST> Harj, Dan listed several third party games that are coming 
 out for the Jaguar earlier in the RTC. They'll be in the transcript, 
 available in the library here very soon.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Aside from Brutal Sports, other third party 
 announcements are pending within a couple weeks.

 <[Traffic Cop] ST.LOU> Next we have Tony Wetmore.

 <ARCHIVIST> Welcome Tony!

 <[Tony] WETMORE> Where's my hockey game?!?! Who cares about stinkin' 
 baseball, football or basketball!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Brett Hull Hockey. I'm checking to see if we know a 
 when yet.

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> Hockey is also being worked on. I saw an early 
 rev and it looks pretty good.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I'm told the hockey game looks FANTASTIC! "incredible" 
 was the word used and it is expected 2nd quarter.

 <[Tony] WETMORE> Make sure the hockey game has fights and bone-crunching 
 checks!! I have more questions, in case you're interested... Such as: is 
 Syndicate networkable? What about those Sega licenses?

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> No on Syndicate. It's a one player game.

 <ARCHIVIST> Thats a good Question. Don, there was supposed to be an 
 announcement about the licenses from Sega sometime around Thanksgiving. Do 
 you have any word?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Specific Sega titles have not been announced yet. I 
 haven't heard personally so I don't know if they have been settled yet.

 <ARCHIVIST> OK. thanks Don. We'll all look forward to that announcement.

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Me too. <g> 

 <ARCHIVIST> Next up is  Tony Ridley

 <[Tony @ Canoe] A.RIDLEY1> My question has to do with the size of the Jag 
 market. Can you tell us how many Jags are out there? And when a new title 
 is released, how many of the title usually sell? Brutal sports for 
 example... how many of that title would be expected to ship?

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> BIG??

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> And growing!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> That privilege is reserved for Sam Tramiel and Augie 
 Liguori to discuss. Atari has always asked numbers to be referred to the 
 top dogs. <g> BSF is up to Telegames.

 <ARCHIVIST> OK. Now we have Tom McComb

 <T.MCCOMB> I got here late and don't know if this was asked... what's the 
 story on the Voice Modem? What games _will_ support it? Thanks!

 <ARCHIVIST> Ah, that's a good question Tom. Hasn't been asked before

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> We had intended to have the voice modem integrated in
 mes by now and we are still finalizing that technology. This is a long
 term R&D/development investment, and it's to everyone's benefit to have
 all the specs 100% from day one. We are there in the lab, but there are
 just some tiny little production issues to resolve. 

 <ARCHIVIST> Don, that's good to hear. I know the Voice Modem is a very
 popular concept with the gamers here on-line. We'll all look forward to it
 and the games to support it!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> I agree. We expect the voice modem to be REAL big.
 That's why the effort must be in it from the start. (as it is).

 <ARCHIVIST> I'm sure you'll both be glad to know that our last question is
 coming up now. (G) Joe Mirando gets the privilege! Go ahead Joe!

 <[Joe @ STR] J.MIRANDO1> Any plans (solid or not so solid) for DOOM II (on
 CD?) for the Jag? How about a bit higher rez??

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> That's up to ID. I know we'd love to see it, 

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> You're in luck. I shouldn't tell you, but...

 <ARCHIVIST> oh do, DO!

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> J Patton is prompting me on this. <g> Sorry for the 
 tease. Stand by...

 <ARCHIVIST> ahhhh. Hehe. Well, we'd all love to see it, I know!

 <[Joe @ STR] J.MIRANDO1> That's him... Don the techno-tease! ;^)

 <[D.Thomas] ATARI> Doom is already turning out to be the game hit as we 
 expected. We all know Wolf 3D is continuing to be hot too. It stands to 
 reason that success breeds success. <g> There are DOOM II features in 
 Jaguar Doom... FYI.

 <[Joe @ STR] J.MIRANDO1> Thanks Don/Dan. 

 <ARCHIVIST> hehehe. Well, we can all use that kind of success for the 

 <ARCHIVIST> Don, Dan, I'd like to thank you both very, very much for 
 staying with us this long! It's been a long and wonderful RTC!

 We've all enjoyed it very much, and hope you'll both join us again
 sometime very soon!

 Anyway, We're looking forward to the next time we can be together, with 
 more hot news for the Jaguar! Thank you again, and good night to you all!

 <[Dan @ Atari] D.MCNAMEE> BTW, I'll be back next month with Tom Gillen.

 <[Charlie] ARCHIVIST> Wow! That's great Dan!

       [Editor's Note: Tom Gillen RTC on Dec. 14 at 9:00 p.m. EST]

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 reprinted only with this notice intact. The Atari Roundtables on GENIE
 are *official* information services of Atari Corporation. To sign up for
 GENIE service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369. Upon connection type HHH
 (RETURN after that). Wait for the U#= prompt.  Type XTX99587,CPUREPT and
 press [RETURN]. The system will prompt you for your information.

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 If you miss a conference, transcripts are made for all formal RTC's 
 (where there is a special guest) and the programming RTC. You will find 
 these transcripts in Library 13 - Atari Archives.

 Please send your questions, suggestions and comments to RTC$ via 
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 > Doom! STR Jaguar Gaming First Impressions!

                             by Craig Harris
                          STReport Jaguar Staff

 After beating all three episodes multiple times, after struggling through
 the commercial sequel, after whipping friends' left and right over
 modem-play...I still haven't seen the last of it. Atari and id Software
 whip out another incarnation of the title that has swept the nation and
 brought production and PC networks to their knees...Doom!

                      -= What the Heck is Doom? =-

 If you've never heard of, seen, or played Doom, I'll spare you the summary
 of the bad plot line and get right to the meat. Doom is a fast-paced, you
 -are-there, shoot-anything-that-moves action game created by id Software,
 the same team that brought out Wolfenstein 3D. If you're familiar with
 Wolf, then you've got a pretty good idea what Doom is...sorta. Picture
 Wolf with more weapons, enemies...picture staircases, textured ceilings
 and floors, angled walls, varying light sources...picture a nightmarish,
 Gigerian atmosphere, and you've got the gist.

 The idea is to get from entrance to exit on each level. During this time,
 mad soldiers, bi-pedal aliens, and mechanical beasts will try to stop you.
 Bullets, fireballs, and poisonous green slime will be thrown your way, so
 you've gotta be fast on your feet and trigger. Some doors will open, some
 will require you to find its specific keycard. Some doors, like in Wolf
 3D, will masquerade as common walls, and hide ways to precious items such
 as ammunition, health packs, weapons, and armor.

                     -= It Looks Downright Doomy =-

 To provide a believable 3D, move anywhere atmosphere, id Software
 programmed a lightning fast texture-mapping graphics engine for the PC and
 ported and optimized it for the Jaguar hardware. Walls can be virtually
 any size and at any angle, and platforms can be placed at any height on
 the playingfield. Detailed textures cover walls, ceilings and floors, and
 some textures form hazards like acid and lava pools.

 If you look out a window or go outside, you'll notice a detailed
 landscape on the horizon. If you're on the Moonbase, you'll see
 mountainous terrain set against a gloomy, grey sky. If you're in Hell,
 you'll see those same mountains against a freaky red sky. Either way, the
 effect is nice.

 The game itself moves smoothly, only slowing down when experiencing
 multiple (like 10) enemies on the same play screen. However, this happens
 a lot when playing on the Nightmare level, so be warned.

          -= "The Halls Are Alive With The Sound Of Gunfire" =-

 Doom sports some of the best sci-fi sounds effects this side of Skywalker
 Sound. As you make your trek through each area, you'll hear crisp samples
 of aliens gurgle, humans growl, and fireballs smack...into you. Your
 on-screen persona isn't the quiet-type, either. If you get hit, he'll let
 you know. Be it a grunt of a gunshot hit or a scream of death, you'll hear

 Unfortunately, I have not noticed any stereo effect. This is a shame, for
 many times you'll need those audio left-right cues to know where you're
 being shot from.

 Music is close to non-existent. Unlike the PC version, where music is
 played throughout the game, the Jaguar version is quiet...too quiet. The
 only time Jag owners will hear music while playing Doom is either during
 the title and between-level screens, or from their own CD players. It has
 been rumored that the music was axed to give the frame-rate a boost.

                          -= Dooming Gripes =-

 Though this is the best console version, there is still Doom, er, room
 for improvement:

 - The game screen resolution has been cut to half of the PC version,
   making objects in the background lose their clarity.

 - There should have been the OPTION of background music.

 - The debug cheats are WAY too easy to find (I stumbled onto them 15
   minutes into my first game).

 - The save-game option is a joke...the system will save the last level
   won, and the user can select any level prior to them. There's no way to
   save your health, ammo, or keys.

 But as it stands, this game is a blast and I highly recommend giving it a
 shot. (Ooh, that was bad. Sorry.)

                           -= Doom, anyone? =-

 During the game, you go from a dark, dank space station into the depths of can't avoid it, it happens to the best of us all. But there's
 plenty of guns and ammo in Haites, so you've got a fighting chance. Just
 remember: The only way to get out of Hell is to kill, kill, kill.

 Kind of ironic, eh?

 > Jaguar Easter Eggs/Cheats/Hints STR InfoFile  -  Solving Those Riddles!  

 We've had loads of additional requests for game cheats, helpful hints,
 maps, and every thing else possible to make your game-playing "easier".
 We've been compiling everything that we have to be able to reply to
 each request on an individual basis.  But, since many of the requests
 have been similar - and extensive! - we're going to publish EVERYTHING
 that we have.  The catch - it'll be a Christmas present that you can't
 get until our holiday issue in a couple of weeks!  In this way, we'll
 be able to make sure we have everything in order, for your convenience.
 Stay tuned, folks!!

 > Jaguar Online STR InfoFile         Online Users Growl & Purr!

              CATnips .... Jaguar briefs from Don Thomas...
 Recently, I announced that the Tempest 2000 Soundtrack was merely a few
 days away. It has now arrived in our warehouse and shipping will begin
 tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/06/94) to those who pre-ordered.
 There's still time to get Tempest 2000: The Soundtrack in time for
 Holiday Gift Giving... What a great stocking stuffer!
 I have the one I'll give to my brother for Christmas in my hand and I'm
 noticing the "sell" copy. Here it  is...

                      Tempest 2000: The Soundtrack
  In 1994, Atari Corporation, Llamasoft and Imagitec, Inc. joined forces
 to create the high-energy -Tempest 2000-, a complete audio-visual overhaul
 on the smash arcade classic.
  Hallucinatory, hypnotic and sometimes harrowing, -Tempest 2000- has
 blown minds (and not a few television speakers) across America and
 around the video-gaming world. Now re-mastered for the audio CD, -Tempest
 2000's- techno-rave, cyber-delic musical maelstrom leaps off your JAGUAR
 and onto your home CD player in screaming digital stereo, each sequencer
 tick clean as polished chrome, each throb of synthesizer a distinct,
 pleasant shock to the system. Feel your mind, your nerves and your pulse
 gearing up high as you wind your way into the pulsing galactic webs,
 through jungles of ambient sound, corridors of rhythm, and storms of light
 and music, voices and effects, symmetry and chaos.  -Enter the Tempest!-
 (c)1994 Atari Corporation. Tradenames and trademarks are properties of
 their owning companies.

  Here are the selections...
            1.  Thermal Resolution       3:59
            2.  Mind's Eye               4:52
            3.  T2K                      5:23
            4.  Ease Yourself            7:52
            5.  Tracking Depth           5:04
            6.  Constructive Demolition  4:05
            7.  Future Tense             5:54
            8.  Digital Terror           5:07
            9.  Hyper Prism              4:26
           10.  Glide Control            5:12
           11.  Ultra Yak                4:00
           12.  2000 Dub                 7:31
 The CD is
 produced by AtariMusic; a division of Atari Corporation. The
 executive producer of The Soundtrack is Mr. John Skruch. The production
 director is Mr. James Grunke.
  Here's the online deal!....
 The cost is $12.99 plus $3.50 shipping and handling to be shipped before
 Christmas. (The shipping and handling is reduced from Atari's normal $4.95
 for a limited time.) That's a total of $16.49 ($17.56 in California)
 ($18.49 in Canada). Mastercard, Visa and money orders accepted (Checks
 and money orders should be made payable to Atari Corporation. NOT IN MY
 NAME! <g>. I can ship to any location in North America including U.S. and
 Canada. Please allow 14 to 21 business days for delivery.

  To reserve yours, send your order to:
  Thomas' Terrific Tempest 2K Tunes Deal
  Atari Corporation
  P.O. Box 61657
  Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657
  OR contact me via Internet or on Compuserve:
  OR send me private E-Mail (to the SysOp) on:
                            CATscan BBS ........ 209/239-1552
  or fax your request to:
                Atari Customer Service Fax ..... 408-745-2088
  Don't forget the software preview video tapes. If you haven't asked for
  your copy yet, it features over 30 professional video captures PLUS
  Atari's recent television commercials. The price is $8.95 plus $4.95 S&H
  or a total of $13.90 ($14.64 in California) ($15.90 in Canada).
  I also still have Alien Vs. Predator posters remaining although we are
  shipping another wave of them to retailers. There is one for each
  shipping and handling fee of $4.95 ($6.95 in Canada).
  Other news... if you have not heard. As of last week Checkered Flag and
  Club Drive have started to ship are now arriving in stores
  You can help a LOT by passing this offer electronically to another Forum,
  Roundtable or BBS or make a hard copy and give to friends. Thanks!

                CATnips.... Jaguar notes from Don Thomas
 A lot of people have contacted me to confirm or correct an article that
 appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (Tuesday). In it, the 
 CD-ROM by Atari was said to be available at the price of $149.99.

 I have today confirmed that the price of $149.99 is correct which puts
 a complete 64-bit CD/Cartridge-based system in the hands of consumers at
 the same price of a lesser and limited (CD only) 32-bit system.
 The availability of the CD-ROM is in January... a matter mere weeks away.
 Everyone should know that Doom, Dragon, Club Drive and Checkered Flag have
 already begun shipping.  Iron Soldier, Val D'Isere Skiing, Zool2, Bubsy
 and Brutal Sports Football are due within just a couple/few weeks. They
 are selling fast so urge your forum members to get them as soon as they 
 see them.
 The retailer video is offers an opportunity for gamers to see great
 video and audio captures before buying. Remember they are just $8.95
 plus $4.95.  Tempest 2000: The Soundtrack and the AvP cinema-quality
 poster make great last minute gifts for someone too.
  --Don Thomas
    Atari Corporation

 > Fight For Life! STR Jaguar Preview!

 Courtesy of the CompuServe's Atari Gaming Forums.

                           FIGHT FOR LIFE FAQ

                               Version 1.0

                             by Danny Miskin

 If you have any questions send E-Mail to me at 74067,53 or leave a message
 in either the Video Games or Atari Gaming Forum.  I will try to answer
 your questions in the next version of the FAQ which should be out soon
 enough (the sooner I receive the info the sooner the FAQ goes out).

 This version is VERY BASIC.

 Welcome to the first FFL FAQ.  For those of you who don't know, Fight For
 Life is a new VF style fighting game being worked on now for the Jaguar.
 It's being developed by Francois who worked for Sega's AM2 R&D staff who 
 have made games like Virtua Fighter 1 and 2, Daytona and many other games. 

 He actually worked on VF1 and 2, and also on the Saturn version of Virtua 
 Fighter.  He has been working on FFL for about 6 months now. 

 Now of course as many of you are thinking it's just a VF clone for the Jag
 but that is where you're all VERY WRONG.  The only similarities that I
 can think of are that it's a VR fighter and uses 3 buttons, a punch, a
 kick and a defense button and that's where the similarities start to end.
 Well since the Jag only has 3 buttons I guess it really isn't a similarity
 is it.

 Does any know how many VF style games are now being worked on or being
 released?  I can think of around 8 maybe more.  Sony has one or two lined
 up for the Playstation, Namco is releasing a VF style fighter in the
 arcades soon it was previewed at either the AMOA or JAMMA I can't remember
 which.  There's also a 2nd VF style game coming to the Jag by Rainmaker
 who no one seems to have heard from in a while.  Then there's that game
 BALLZ which I think just looks slightly pathetic for Genesis.  So that's 
 only 5 but there are more.

 Now I'll get to what you all REALLY wanted the information on the game.

                                - Story -

 So far the story is this.

 Because of their bad attitude, these 8 fighters have been sent to hell 
 for the rest of their dead lives.  Every year, there is a tournament in 
 hell, and the winner may encounter the son of the devil.  A victory 
 against this guy means a life, a new life. 

 Welcome to Fight For Life.
 Yes, I know it's very basic but that's how Francois explained it to me.  
 It should get more into it later on but for now that's it.

                           - The Characters -

 Here's the list of the 8 characters you will be able to choose from.

 - Sarah O'C.  (She's in the Game Fan pixs)

 - Ian

 - Pog

 - Muhali

 - M.J

 - Lun

 - Kimura

 - Jenny

 In the next version of the faq I'm hoping to have the story line of why
 some of these characters have been sent to hell for the rest of their
 Dead lives and as you'll read in the Gameplay part of the FAQ why I will
 NOT be posting information on moves until much later.

 Oh, for those of you who have seen the FFL pixs in Game Fan you might
 notice a character name has changed.  There is no longer a character
 named Bill.

                               - Gameplay -

 Here is where Fight For Life starts to begin it's journey away from
 Virtua Fighter.

 When you begin you will only have BASIC moves (Punching and Kicking).
 Now you must be thinking well then we LEARN new moves as we play, no that
 is not the case in FFL... YOU STEAL moves from your opponents.  Meaning
 after you win a fight you get the choice of picking moves from your
 opponents arsenal.  In Francois words if we begin the game with the same
 character, were not going to finish it with the same.

 Now here's something to add to this.  There is a Password Option, so we
 will be able, if we fight against each other to see who made the best 
 choices and who has the best fighter.  Again his words.
                              - Graphics -

 Resolution : 320 x 240

 FPS : 20 now but could still drop to 15 fps.

 1000 Polygons Per Frame, but here is a little note about that, that
 Francois told me.

 "By the way when I say I have 1000 polygons per frame, it means I DRAW
 1000 polygons on the screen, but I calculate a lot more (hidden, face,
 Color : 16-bit color (65536 colors)

 Now to the REAL information on the graphics.

 There will be MORPHING in the game!!! yes Shang Tsung style except I
 haven't been able to get any thing out of him on who will be using it but
 I'm betting the last boss will be.  All Light is calculated in real time,
 and both the texture mapped and flat polygons are shaded depending on the
 light source.

 Now here comes ONE of the things that those of you who have been reading 
 my messages should know by now things have changed and like said could 
 keep changing.  Francois DID put in Gouraud Shading.  Sean F., that was 
 going to be for you, but he was forced to remove it for now.  He did say 
 it was in one version of the Game but that the because of the data, the 
 calculation time was going to be too large so like I said he had to 
 remove it.  So it's out for now BUT he did say he may go back and do it,
 let's hope he does.

 Each character is made up of around 800 polygons.  The Polygons at this 
 point are from 25 to 50% done depending on the character.  So for those 
 of you who have seen the latest Demo Tape I'm guessing that there's been 
 a lot done since then. The platform the characters fight on is made up of
 around 100 polys.   

                                - Notes -

 Francois has done all of the coding in the game alone but he said he has 
 done less then 1% of the graphics.

 There are a total of 200 Motions.  These are the ones that you STEAL from
 your CPU opponents after you win.  ALL of those moves are available to
 all of the characters.  Again that is why I will not be posting info on 
 the moves.  I might at some point though get a hold of a list with some of
 those moves.

 The Game will be a 32 meg Cart.  So think about this, VF on Saturn is
 on a CD of course and has all of that memory to make the game.  FFL is
 on a cart and so far pixs wise comes very close to the FINISHED version 
 of VF.  Any one want to see Francois make a game using the CD for the 
 extra memory?  with the rumor that the CD will have a texture-mapping
 chip.  I think I read that somewhere...

 For those of you who read the message that I said who ever has seen the 
 Demo Tape I'm betting a lot had be done since that had been taped.  I
 was right.  I'm still trying to find out though what version of the game 
 it was but I've been told that it wasn't the latest and that a lot has
 been done since then.  Francois did not say that but, it was someone
 that I of course trust more then anyone else at Atari.

 There are many things about FFL that I can not post...yet.  Some of those
 things are really nothing special just that I can't reveal everything 
 I've been told.

 This FAQ may be posted in the magazine I run.  The mag is called The Czar. 

 I will let people know whether or not it's included but I'll probably 
 upload it separately anyway, although if people wanted the FAQ then 
 they'd have to read the mag, it anyway...please.

                               - Credits -

 I'd like to thank the following people  

 Francois : for making the you read this, and of course for
            answering all of my questions and giving me all the info.   

 John K. : well since he drove me crazy constantly talking about Tempest.
         I bought the system... he was right Tempest RULES!

 Jeff Minter : for showing me why I bought the system in the first place, 

 Don Thomas :  For just helping me out with the Mag and being very honest
         about everything.

 I'd also like to thank rest of the people who are working on FFL and 
 finally Sam Tramiel why? well for getting the system out in the first 
 place, and for hopefully getting Atari to finally succeed, since the 
 Tramiels took over. 


 I hereby acknowledge all companies and games mentioned in this faq.

 Cya next time.

 Told you it was only basic...let me know what you thought though.

 #: 62110 S15/Jaguar General
     03-Dec-94  23:27:00
 Sb: #IS-German Report (12/3)
 Fm: Dimitri M LaBarge 71501,3353
 To: All

 Hi all!  Since there's obviously a lot of interested in this hot upcoming
 game, I thought I would take the time to post this 'Net message with a
 nice preview of the game.  This note was posted from Germany (where Iron
 Soldier was programmed); I have only included the English translation for
 space. Thanks to all involved with the translation!

 >>At the ProTos (event) I had the occasion to see for myself what Iron
 Soldier from the German firm Eclipse looks like. I'd like to thank Marc
 Rosocha, the head chief in charge at Eclipse -- many thanks... (etcetera)

 I could hardly wait to have the final version of Iron Soldier in my hands.
 I've known about this project since the beginning of 1994 and have looked
 through the games several times since then, playing test levels. I was
 especially thrilled by the presentation and the (assureschiedenen?)

 In Iron Soldier, the player controls a gigantic robot through enemy lands.
 The aim of the games is to complete (successfully) 16 missions. Powerful
 adversaries oppose you, (who would join as companions to spit in your
 gear??)  You can select from roughly eight weapons, though not all are
 available from the start. You begin the game with one little rifle. You
 can improve your weaponry with grenades, a machine gun, or the (one use?
 all powerful?) missile you find later in the game.

 At first you have the choice between four missions and only one weapon
 (the little rifle). When you successfully complete the first four
 missions, you and reach the next four and so forth. (part deleted, not
 sure if it says that he has criticisms of the in-game images, as eyes have
 to wander around the screen.) In the upper left you see your robot and the
 position of his arms, (the movement becomes problematic?)

 On the right side is the radar. Bottom- and air(ziele?) become shown
 (verschieden) color. On the under part of the screen you see the status
 meter of the Iron Soldiers. Here you can read how healthy you are. Weapons
 are changed with the number keys on the Jaguar pad. You shoot with the
 B-button. A in tandem with Up or Down on the control pad (does some sort
 of movement...) The control mechanism is naturally at first.. (something,
 maybe confusing?) - it doesn't feel all that difficult.

 The great graphics start from the beginning. Previously Mark was
 responsible for graphics in the Atari and Amiga demo scenes and he made
 a good name for himself, where the elite call him. The (read? text?..
 what's this mean?)

 You can hear the sound, also. The effects sound very realistic. The
 helicopters sound extremely realistic. Six songs plus title music are
 there for he who player through the different missions. The title music
 stems (comes) directly from Atari, and the in-game music from a single
 German programmer. Don't fear, the songs sound wild and are as vital as
 the songs in Tempest 2000. Now, no one will claim that the Jag has a
 problem with sound!

 The vector graphics in the game fly on RGB-outputs with a maximum frame
 rate of 30 frames per second, on PAL consoles with 25 FPS. (this is a
 rough translation here:) When you see this all happening, a whole row
 of houses falling to the earth, you can hardly (describe it?)...
 Especially in writing when the houses burst. (etc) You'll see it yourself!

 Shoot a missile and you change the perspective. There, you can point the
 rocket and can navigate it exactly. This is where Iron Soldier's speed
 is shown off.  After the impact...

 ..the missile changes the camera to another view. There, you can sit
 back and watch the (devastation?).

 Naturally Marc and Michael Bittner built cheats into the game...
 Understandably, I can't share the cheats with you. At the ProTos
 presentation, Iron Soldier was shown for two days. The audience was
 enthusiastic. The big question was: "can I buy that game [in stores]
 already?" It's two weeks off (in California?). Standing here, I can
 predict hearing: "If I want to live, I have to get a Jaguar!" or "Wow,
 what power it actually has!" (I think that's what it meant.)

 One or two people were critical. One guest at the show asked me why the
 graphics only consist of normal vector graphics. Now, Iron Soldier uses
 texture-mapping and shading not only on houses but on all buildings (?).
 The worlds are extremely large. Naturally, the more textures you use, you
 slow down the game, and speed should be the foremost concern in this game.

 Others saw Iron Soldier as incredibly impressive. One guest wasn't
 impressed (??) with the exploding houses, that they weren't especially
 realistic. What is someone supposed to say to that? I've never seen cooler

 (Something about the speed of the Jaguar's purchasing/sales increasing
 when Iron Soldier is out.) Besides all of the positive aesthetics, you
 should also be assured that Iron Soldier will be a big hit. Many people
 already ordered this game before release, and other people will have
 problems getting this game, (there's still an opportunity to get it and
 have it for Christmas?)

 Here's a last piece of quality info: Eclipse already has several new
 projects on the horizon, naturally including Iron Soldier 2 and a pair
 of other projects, but I can't tell you anything concrete...

 800 Jags were sold in 2 days from Pagedown at the ProTos.<<

 At any rate, I thought that was an interesting view to share.
 Incidentally, the new magazine Flux has extremely positive reviews of
 both AvP and Iron Soldier.

 Dimitri @ AEO 


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by
 Joe Mirando
 CIS ID: 73637,2262

      Hidi Ho friends and neighbors!  It's a wonderful day in the
 neighborhood.  I finally broke down and bought a Jaguar.  I'M IMPRESSED! 
 I've seen some of the games available on other game machines and was ready
 to see about the same thing on the Jag... Boy, was I surprised with the
 speed of this little bugger.  Now all I need is DOOM and I'll be ready for
 all those long, cold, winter nights.

      I know that some of you are now groaning "Oh no, not another computer
 user who's taken a step down to game machines", but let me tell you, the
 Jaguar is an excellent machine.  The games are involved, entertaining, and
 very, very, well done.  For anyone who enjoys graphic role playing games,
 Alien vs. Predator is a true winner.  I've heard it said right here on
 CompuServe that DOOM is even better than A vs. P so I can't wait to see

      But in the meantime, let's get to the reason for this column:  All
 the great hints, tips, and news that CompuServe is sooo good at

 From the Atari Computing Forum

 Rob Rasmussen tells us about his recurrent mouse problem:

   "I think I am having the same problem I've had several times before -
   the little rollers that are controlled by the ball in my mouse are
   getting clogged up with dirt. It is a Golden Image mouse, and I would
   like to clean it. However it looks difficult to get to. I can unscrew a
   round plastic piece and take the ball out but the rollers are way down
   in there. There are no screws to take the mouse apart. How can I clean
   the rollers and the goop that is clogging them?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Rob:

   "On my golden image mouse it does have two screws so I can have access
   to the rollers.  I wonder if there are more than one type of Golden
   Image mouse since I thought they were all the same."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Rob:

   "With my Atari mouse I used to use a swab soaked in alcohol to loosen
   the gunk on the rollers, then the point of an X-acto knife to remove
   the stuff carefully, so as not to scratch the rollers."

 Simon Churchill asks Rob:

   "Is there a paper label on the bottom of your mouse, if there is very
   carefully with your nail rub it over the label and see if you find some
   round holes under the label if you do the the screws should be under
   the label.
   I have found some equipment o use this way so you can't take it apart
   without removing or damaging the label.  It's worth a look."

 Frank Heller tells Rob:

   "You don't have to take the Golden Image mouse apart to clean it. If
   you use a Q Tip and 99% pure isopropyl alcohol you should be fine.
   Using Radio Shacks tape recorder head cleaner is even better. It
   doesn't damage any of the plastic parts and it loosens the gunk
   immediately...foregoing the X-ACTO knife...which I believe is a very
   dangerous thing to do...for the "unskilled". I've been using the R/S
   stuff for about a year on two Golden Image mice. They work perfectly."

 Rob tells all four of his tutors:

   "Thanks for the mouse help. I did find the screws under the label and
   took it apart and cleaned it with Q-tips and alcohol. I will try the
   head cleaner next ti me. The dirt on the rollers is easy enough to
   scrub off, but it is the area between the little rods that the rollers
   are attached to and the plastic it goes into where dirt gathers that
   causes the rollers to be sluggish. Its such a tiny area, I tried
   lightly scraping it with a razor blade. Don't know if it did any good.
   Maybe the head cleaner and some compressed air spray would work

 Hannes Ruegheimer posts:

   "I am currently compiling a list of communications programs for
   different hardware platforms. Therefore I would like to know, which
   software packages / products you prefer in the following categories:
   - terminal software
   - fax software
   - CompuServe access
   - access to the German online system Btx/Datex-J
   As I am from Germany, I am especially intested in German language
   packages and/or packages that are important for the German marketplace.
   Also, please note in your replys whether the packages are commercial
   products or shareware/freeware."

 Andrew Fletcher tells Hannes:

   "I've always liked UniTerm by Simon Poole. It is Public Doman. It does
   a very good job of emulating VT102 and VT220 which makes it suitable
   for accessing UNIX systems. Some people won't like it because the
   terminal window is not a GEM window, but this doesn't bother me. I
   would recommend it to non-novices."

 Daniel Osborne adds his preferences:

   " In answer to your questions about terminial soaftware:

      1# - I use Flash II to call local BBS's

      2# - I use Straight Fax to send and recieve FAXES!

      3# - I use QuickCIS to call Compuserve.  I use Aladin to call GEnie!

      4# - I do not know, never used it!!!!!!!!"

 My old pal Brian Gockley of ST Informer Magazine tells Hannes:

   "- terminal software:
                         STalker from Gribnif. Excellent for background
                         transfers, large screen monitors and working with
                         STeno. Needs background transfers with Compuserve
                         B+ protocol.

   - fax software: 
                         STraight FAX! is an excellent and continuously
                         improving package.

   - CompuServe access: 
                         Stalker again!

   - access to the German online system Btx/Datex-J: 
                         STalker works with any system!"

 Tim Blythe asks for help with his system:

   "I need help...
   I put an .acc screen saver on my hard drive and I already had a
   different screen saver in my auto folder.  When I tried to reboot, it
   goes into a loop and cannot get to the desktop.  It keeps cycling
   through the items in the auto folder. Is there anyway to bypass the
   auto folder?  Or access the hard drive some other way so I can delete
   one of these file?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Tim:

   "If you have TOS 1.4 or above you can hit a few specific keys and it
   will boot the machine from the floppy drive.  I forgot which ones since
   it has been a while since that has happened to me.  What hard driver
   software ae you using? ICD, Atari, Supra, etc?  What version of TOS do
   you have?"

 Mike Mortilla tells Tim:

   "You can either:

   1- Boot the ST with the HD turned off. Then turn it on and run your
      driver (AHDI.PRG,  ICDBOOT.PRG, whatever...).  Install a disk icon
      for the drive with the auto folder (usually C) and double click. You
      should see the auto folder and be able to delete or rename the
      offending files (change the ext to PRX so it won't run).


   2- TOS 1.4 allows you to hit the ALT-SHIFT  (or ALT-SHIFT-CTL) keys
      during bootup to bypass the HD.  You may still have to run your
      driver and install the icon.

   It really isn't as bad as it might seem.. It IS an addressable
   problem. Just don't try that on a MAC...<Very Big Grin>

 Callum Lerwick posts this about the Pentium's floating-point math flaw:


    Q:   How many Pentium designers does it take to screw in a
         light bulb?

    A:   1.99904274017, but that's close enough for non-
         technical people.

    Q:  What do you get when you cross a Pentium PC with a
        research grant?

    A:   A mad scientist.

    Q:  What's another name for the "Intel Inside" sticker they
        put on Pentiums?

    A:  Warning label.

    Q:  What do you call a series of FDIV instructions on a

    A:  Successive approximations.

    Q:  Complete the following word analogy:  Add is to Subtract
        as Multiply is to:
            1)  Divide
            2)  ROUND
            3)  RANDOM
            4)  On a Pentium, all of the above

    A:  Number 4.

    Q:  What algorithm did Intel use in the Pentium's floating
        point divider?

    A:  "Life is like a box of chocolates." (Source: F. Gump of

    Q:  Why didn't Intel call the Pentium the 586?

    A:  Because they added 486 and 100 on the first Pentium and
        got 585.999983605.

    Q:  According to Intel, the Pentium conforms to the IEEE
        standards 54 and 854 for floating point arithmetic.  If
        you fly in aircraft designed using a Pentium, what is the
        correct pronunciation of "IEEE"?

    A:  Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!

      9.9999973251   It's a FLAW, Dammit, not a Bug
      8.9999163362   It's Close Enough, We Say So
      7.9999414610   Nearly 300 Correct Opcodes
      6.9999831538   You Don't Need to Know What's Inside
      5.9999835137   Redefining the PC--and Mathematics As Well
      4.9999999021   We Fixed It, Really
      3.9998245917   Division Considered Harmful
      2.9991523619   Why Do You Think They Call It *Floating* Point?
      1.9999103517   We're Looking for a Few Good Flaws
      0.9999999998   The Errata Inside

 John Amsler tells Callum

   "I've followed this Pentium bug issue on the Internet ... and I LOVED
   your post!!"

 Seth Burgess asks for help with Atari Computers:

   "I am a PC user.  I've been asked by my local grade school to find out
   about two Atari Computers they have been given,  Atari 1040STE.  Can
   somebody give me a quick overview of what an Atari is, who uses them,
   what they are best for, and where you get software?  Are they
   compatible to any degree with a PC? Are they still being manufactured?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Online Magazine tells Seth:

   "An Atari ST is a computer using the motorola family of CPUs ( 680x0
   line). Very similar to a a MACintosh in many ways.  It uses
   DRI/Novell's GEM as the user interface and it is built into ROM like he
   rest of the operating system. You can get software from the forum
   libraries and Atari dealers such as Toad Computers in Maryland.  The
   floppy drives use 3.5 inch disks in 720K format that are compatible
   with the PC.  You can also format a disk on the PC (720K) and it will
   work without any problem on the Atari.  It is a good method to move
   data and programs between the two machines.
   You can use it for DTP, Music/Midi, programming, etc.  It really
   depends on what you want to do with your machine."

 By the way folks, I've had several people ask me why I would use posts
 from someone who writes for a competing magazine.  The answer is simple:
 Albert always has loads of information of just about every facet of
 Atari computers.  Information is power, folks.  And Albert is one of the
 most powerful people around.  While I often quote his posts, I do not
 quote from his columns or articles in AEO as that would be a different
 story all together.  Thanks Albert!

 Seth tells Albert:

   "Thanks for the quick response to my question about "What's and
   Atari".  You used a couple of terms I'm not familiar with.  What is
   "DTP" and what is GEM?  Also, I understand that data can be transfered
   from the PC to an Atari in ASCII format, but are there programs such as
   off the shelf applications that can run on the Atari and the PC or
   Atari and the MAC?.  Thanks for taking the time to bring a neophyte up
   to speed."

 Albert tells Seth:

   "DTP = desktop publishing program.  Similar to PageMaker or Ventura
   Publisher on the PC side of things.  We have PageStream and Calamus on
   the Atari side. You can move both ascii and binary data between the two
   platforms (Atari and PC).  For example you can use ST-ZIP on the Atari
   side to zip up several files and then use PK-ZIP v2.04g on the PC side
   to extract.  This works both ways without any problems.  I move dBASE
   files, binary files, and ascii between both machines all the time on
   floppy disk without any problems.
   There are not many programs that I can think of that ru on both the
   Atari and the PC.  I assume you are thinking of along the lines of MS
   Word, MS Excel which is on both the PC and MAC?
   GEM is like MS Windows (PC), actually it used to be out on the PC for
   a while back in the early to mid 80s.  Ventura Publisher used to be a
   GEM application before it became a Windows application.  GEM is also
   similar to the MAC OS windowing system or X-Windows to a degree also.
   Originally the Atari ST was to run Windows but it was not available
   back when it came out in 1985 (the original model: 520 ST).  So Atari
   used DRI/Novell's GEM windowing environment."

 Carl Barron chides Albert:

   ">GEM is like MS Windows.
      No way. Windows is slooowwwwww, Big Bulky and Bloated.
         WINDOZE: Just say No."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Seth:

   "To answer your PC compatibility question...  no...
   The Atari ST and the IBM PC can NOT run the same programs.  They use
   two completely different CPU chips, so the programs won't run between
   There are "emulators" that will let PCs run Atari programs, and
   vice-versa, but they are all somewhat less than100% compatible."

 Seth thanks Bob:

   "Thanks for the reply about compatibility.  Can you tell me if Atari
   computers are still being manufactured??"

 Bob tells Seth:

   "Atari Corp. has recently stopped manufacturing their computer line,
   and are devoing all their resources to producing the Jaguar video game
   system currently.
   In any event, the St model of Atari computers hasn't been made in
   several years.
   There may still be some units of the newest models in stores, but when
   those are gone, that'll be it for the consumer version of the Atari
   There are still a small number of dealers supporting the Atari line
   with software and accessories.  Older versions of a few major software
   packages like WordPerfect are available, but again these are out of
   production and may be difficult to locate.
   The major centers of Atari user support now are local users' groups
   and online areas like right here in the CompuServe Atari Forums.  We
   have a wide variety of both freeware and Shareware for all models of
   Atari computers."

 John Masters asks about upgrading his TOS version:

   "Can anybody recommend an upgrade from TOS 1.02 to 2.06. I have a Mega
   4 and it ran quite happily for years using Neodesk 3 as a replacement
   desktop. I recently purchased MultiTOS but according to the READ.ME
   file this does not work with Neodesk 3.
   I have seen an internal upgrade on special offer and I wondered if it
   would be worth getting. Bearing in mind that I have two left feet on
   the ends of my arms, how easy is it to fit?"

 Albert Dayes tells John:

   "An upgrade from anything before TOS 1.04 is well worth it.  TOS 1.04
   is close to being the bottom when it comes to good results (disk i/o
   improvement, bug fixes, etc)."

 Sysop Jim Ness tells John:

   "I upgraded my Mega 2 to 4megs and TOS 2.06 in one fell swoop a little
   over a year ago, and it worked out just fine.  The different look of
   the dialog boxes and windows took some getting used to, but otherwise
   it's a good upgrade."

 Simon Churchill adds:

   "There are two (Well three) types of TOS 2.06 Upgrade board's.  There
   is the solder onto the 68000 version (Very dodg if you ask me) or there
   is the Analogic plug in verion.   All you with this upgrade is locate
   the GLUE chip, make shore it's the riht way around and plug it in on
   top of the GLUE chip, piggy back style.   A ribbon cable comes off and
   two of the original system ROMs (Do you have 2 or 6 ROMS)  are removed
   and pluged into the ribbon cable and these plug into the original ROM's
   position.  (This is assuming your ROM's are in socket's.   A switch can
   be connected so as acess to version old and version new.
   This is the better of the upgrades and two left feet should be able to
   put it in.  The other is not so simple!!
   I have the plug in one from Analogic Computer's in the U.K. and am
   very pleased with it.   Just check also that your ROM's are away from
   the PSU. If they are underneath the PSU then you need a slightly
   different version with adjusted ribbon cable.  There is onlt so much
   hight under the PSU.  On mine I had to solder the ribbon cable in place
   of the socket's, due to the PSU being so LOW."

 John tells Simon:

   "I don't know how many ROMS I have, I've never dared to look! Give me
   a 3 ton lump of steel and I'll play happily for hours but show me a
   circuit board and I turn into a quivering lump of jelly.
   I'll probably give it a go though. The upgrade is selling for 30 quid
   from Silica Systems."

 Mike Mortilla posts:

   "OK, kids, here's one for the old timers...
   A local thrift store has placed on sale an Atari SX3000 monitor. It
   has a floppy drive built into the front (!) and controls for volume,
   brightness and contrast.  It has a standard Atari monitor input as well
   as a floppy input.
   There are no cables wth the unit, and there is also no power cable.
   There is a 6 pin power port (where the cable plugs in).
   Anybody know about these?  Is it a double-sided drive? Can I still get
   a power cable for it, or did it use a floor wart?
   Please let me know if you have any info on this. At $10, it won't last
   long, even as a door stop. <grin>"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Mike:

   "The SX3000 was a VERY limited run product... probably only a few
   hundred of these units were ever made...
   Atari used to bring them to the AtariFests back when they used to
   travel all over the country to the shows, because it was a lot easier
   to set up than separate drives and monitors.
   I believe the floppy drive is single sided, and I doubt the unit used
   a "wall wart" because of the current requirements of the monitor.
   You *might* be able to get a power cord from Best Electronics,
   although that might be stretching things, even for them..!
   One possibly good thing in its favor, although I can't say for 100%
   certain, is that since it's from the first runs of Atari color
   monitors, it's likely to be the early, better monitor.
   Either way, it's a piece of "Atari History"..."Simon Churchill asks for help:

   "I have been trying to get a hard disk to work again on someone else's
   system. It originaly workd fine for about a year but some one switched
   on the printer and the whole system went AWOL.  Since then thing's have
   not been the same.
   The problems are this:  The hard disk will read and write perfectly
   without damaging the FAT on a TOS 2.06 Machine.   The Fat keep's
   getting corrupted on the original TOS 1.02 Machine.   I have a few
   idea's as to what could be cousing the problem.
   They are.
   1) the DMA Chip is going AWOL.
   2) the Hard disk track 0 is to old to work
      correctly.  (But why would it work on TOS 2.06 withno problem's.) or
   3) The Yamaha Sound chip is AWOL.

   The last is unlikly but than again the printer was turned on while it
   was connected to the ST.
   Also the same files keep getting trashed in the FAT, they end up
   having to many cluster alocated to them or not enought.
   If you have any idea then please post it.  I am going to be at my
   whit's end trying to cure this problem."

 Albert Dayes tells Simon:

   "TOS below 1.4 had some problems with the disk i/o which can be the
   cause of the problem.  Have you checked your cables between the hard
   drive and the computer.  A very long cable can cause strange things to
   happen.  A DMA chip problem is another possibility.  Usually it will
   work fine for a while and then you get 8888123912931293919391239 bytes
   in 12391283129381293 files.  And everything is gone or just complete
   garbage.  You might want to open up the machine and reset the chips
   (MMU, SHIFTER and DMA) and see ifthat helps.
   Also considering checking what size are the partions you have created
   on the hard drive.  Was it originally formatted under TOS 2.06??  Are
   you using the same hard disk driver software or different versions?"

 Simon tells Albert:

   "The cable from the drive to the computer has been fully electrically
   tested (It's my daily job) and is about 3 feet long in total.   The
   system was originaly working with TOS 1.02 for some time.  The printer
   was switched on at some point and since then the hard drive keep's
   screwing up.
   The partitions are 10:5:5, it's an original Atari SM204 drive.  It was
   probably formatted under TOS 1.02 and partitioned then.   The computer
   tell's me it can not format the drive connected to it.   I find this
   very odd as it should work.  I am now using AHDI version 5.   The
   original disk for the drive never came with the machine so I have usd
   this instead.

   Thee hard disk seem's to work on my TOS 1.02/2.06, T28, 4Mb memory
   STFM, but I will be doing a lot of testing.    There are some other
   effect's happening and that is 2 and 3 bomb crashes in the system.  The
   more I think about it the more I think the DMA chip or another has
   become defective.
   I have used Knife ST to keep checking the files and FAT.  It told me 3
   files were either short/zero bytes long or had to many clusters.   Even
   if I exited the program deleted the files and recopyed them after using
   a few programes on the disk these few files would become damaged again.
   There is also a lot of linked clusters and floating cluster's."

 Albert tells Simon:

   "That sounds like a DMA problem.  On my 520 ST I would reformat the
   hard drive (20 meg Supra) and re-copy all of the files/programs to it.
   Within about 5 minutes after finishing everything was in a mess.
   Cross-links, billion of sectors that never existed and everything
   scrambled.  After getting the DMA chip swapped it solved the problem.
   If I just used the floppy drive no problems existed, but once the hard
   drive was put on probems everywhere."

      Well folks, that's about all we've got room for this time around. 
 Tune in again next week, same time, same station, and be ready to listen
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