Atari Explorer Online: 12-Sep-94 #0311

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Atari Explorer Online: 12-Sep-94 #0311
Date: Sat Sep 17 11:15:40 1994

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                              Table of Contents

* From the Editors ........................................... Remember us?

* Digital Briefs ....................... Computer, high-tech and videogame
                                                             industry news.

* Rare Gems ......................................... Quotes worth quoting.

* Brutal Sports Football Rreview ................. Hack, slash, SCORE! Tal
                                                      goes over Telegames'
                                                        first Jaguar title.

* Jaguar Tackboard ................... Development list - Brodie on Jaguar
                                              status - Bumpersticker Photo
                                                Contest Winner - KN info -
                                                            Press Releases.

* Jaguar Focus Group Market Research ....... How would you like to be part
                                              of a marketing group that is
                                                asked what Jaguar products
                                                    you would like to see?
                                                           Here's a report.

* Videogame Profiteering ................. How do videogame manufacturer's
                                             control their profit machines? 

* Atari Artist .................. CT show report - New hardware & software 
                                                  for the creative Atarian!

* Andreas' Den ........................ Publishing, software and standards.

* Binary <-> ASCII Conversion ............. ESS-Code's author explains how
                                                to store and retrieve (and
                                                EMail) binary data as text!

* The Unabashed Atariophile ................... PD and Shareware files for
                                                     _your_ Atari computer.

* Seattle FilmWorks ....................... They're not Photo CDs, but you
                                               CAN put your photos on disk.

* Developing News ..................... ORA Announces TrueImage
                                        ... and Papyrus Gold
                                        NeoDesk 4 Ships
                                        Put your Falcon in Overdrive
                                        Take the Fast Path from TraceTech
                                        Avant Vector 2.0

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


 |||  From the Editors ....... Atari Explorer Online: The Next Generation
 |||  Travis Guy
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG   Delphi: AEO_MAG   Internet:

Hello everyone, we're back!

After a year and a half of running AEO, I was advised by a close
friend inside Atari to take a vacation. It wasn't an easy thing to do,
but after enjoying the splendors of NW Florida for a month, I can now
say that I'm well rejuvenated, and ready to go.

Reading online discussions for the past month, I've got a few things
I want to get off my chest regarding the Jaguar "Game Drain".

I took a few weeks off, hoping that things would be rolling by the
time I got back. 

Personally, I am not happy that KN/CD/CF/etc. aren't in production
yet... but I know that they (and more) will be in production VERY
SOON. New versions of a few games were shown inside Atari last week,
and the people who saw them have commented on how much better things
look than they did at CES.

Can AvP look and sound better than it did on the AEO video? YES. How
does KN compare to 3DO's Way of the Warrior? (Close to twice the
animation frames than the CD-based WOTW.) Can CF be a Virtua Racing
killer? Looks like it.

(On another subject, I'm glad to report that television advertisements
HAVE STARTED airing on cable in the US. Don't have cable? Don't have a
cow, man - the ads will also appear on selected network shows.)

Writing a "perfect" piece of software takes time. Once the ROM masks
are burned (or the CD master is cut), it's difficult to justify going
back and redoing something. Atari's crackerjack testing department
noticed a few =minor= flaws in Alien vs Predator during the past few
days. As a result, the roll to production was brought to a momentary
halt, as fixes were added and tested. I have been assured (as of 5pm
CDT today) that "AvP production is imminent. (Soon.)" I am glad that
Atari are holding their programmers to a high degree of quality.

As far as I can discern, videogame programming is a little bit of
science, a little bit of math, and a little bit of art. No one can
"force it to happen" any quicker than it does. No Jaguar programmer
can be bribed into coding faster and with less bugs than he or she
currently is. Only a handful of developers have had development
systems for over a year.

Neither Atari nor any of the programmers benefit from NOT having a
game ready. It is not in anyone's interest to have dissatisfied
customers. Think about it people.

This Holiday season will be an Jaguar owner's dream. Count on it,


 |||   Digital Briefs - Industry News
 |||   By: Albert Dayes
/ | \  CIS: 70007,3615      GEnie: AEO.1

//// Technology Update

//// Airspace Management in 3D - US Air Force Special Operations
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   Command has selected E-Systems
Dynamic Airspace Management System as the standard tool for airspace
management. DAMS is a 3-dimensional airspace planning, scheduling and
deconfliction software program for use on commercial workstations. It
dramatically increases the ability of the airspace manager to detect
flight path conflicts and more efficiently allocate flight time.

//// Wings Discovered?? - Discover Magazine named Aviation Partners a
"""""""""""""""""""""""   finalist of the magazine's annual awards
ceremony for Technological Innovation in the Aviation and Aerospace

Louis B. Gratzer, Ph.D., chief aerodynamicist for Aviation Partners
and the person responsible for the design of the SPIROID Winglet
invention accepted the award.  The SPIROID Winglet innovation is an
aerodynamic device comprising a uniquely shaped spiral surface which
can be mounted on aircraft wing tips to improve efficiency and
performance in all flight situations.  This is accomplished by the
SPIROID reducing drag by more than 10 percent relative to the basic
airplane.  In addition to better fuel consumption, SPIROID also
promises reduction in noise because of better climb and descent
performance and reduced vortex (wake turbulence) which safer flights
around congested

//// BattleZone 21st Century? - Motorola Government and Systems
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   Technology Group (GSTG) has been
awarded a contract with estimated value up to $44 million from the
Department of Defense for development of the 21st Century Land Warrior
Generation II Soldier system.

The Generation II Soldier is an advanced head-to-toe fighting system
with data, communication and protective equipment designed for ground
forces.  It will provide night vision, friend or foe identification
and enemy position knowledge, and other capabilities designed to give
soldiers enhanced fighting and survival ability.

//// 50 years of Data Communications - ACM's Special Interest Group
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   in Data Communications -
SIGCOMM - has given Paul Green, of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research
Center, the group's prestigious lifetime achievement award for his
outstanding contributions to the field. Green's work in data
communications theory, protocols, architectures and technology spans
50 years, making a major contribution in each of five decades: the
first spread-spectrum system in the 1950s, channel-adaptive receivers
in the 1960s, peer-centralized networks in the 1970s, protocol
conversion in the 1980s and most recently, all-optical networks with
IBM's wavelength-division multiplexing project in the 1990s.

//// TI Loses Patent Fight with Fujitsu - Texas Instruments today
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   announced it will appeal
the Tokyo District Court's ruling that Texas Instruments Japanese
Patent 320,275 - known as the Kilby Patent - is not infringed by
Fujitsu in its manufacturing of 1-megabit and 4-megabit dynamic random
access memories (DRAMs) and 32K erasable, programmable, read-only
memories (EPROMs).

Speaking of the court's decision, Richard J. Agnich, TI senior vice
president and general counsel said, "We are disappointed. The
inventor, Jack Kilby, his invention of the integrated circuit and the
resulting patents have been recognized by industry and academia in
Japan and throughout the world, and by legal systems throughout the
world outside of Japan.

"We are deeply disturbed by a patent system that keeps a major
invention tied up in the Japan Patent Office for 29 years, and, when
the patent is issued, in effect claims that it covers old technology
and does not pertain to products made today," said Mr. Agnich. "The
decision by the court calls into question the availability of
intellectual property protection in Japan. TI has manufactured and
operated in Japan for 30 years. We have had Japanese lawyers and
patent professionals working with the Japanese Patent Office and the
courts for decades. We have played by Japanese rules, seeking to
obtain recognition for the Kilby invention within the framework
established by Japan."

Fujitsu filed suit against TI in 1991 asking the court to declare
that the Kilby Patent does not pertain to its products. TI filed a
"Kari Shobun" (injunctive relief) action to stop the use, production
and sale by Fujitsu of products that infringe TI's '275 Kilby Patent.
Because of the similarity of the two cases, the court heard them
together. The court ruled that Fujitsu's production of 1-megabit and
4-megabit DRAMs and 32K EPROMs does not infringe the Kilby Patent.

//// Pizza on the Internet - The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) and Pizza
""""""""""""""""""""""""""   Hut announced "PizzaNet," a pilot
program that enables computer users, for the first time, to
electronically order pizza delivery from their local Pizza Hut
restaurant via the worldwide Internet.

//// Computer News

//// Software Patents for free? - The Software Patent Institute (SPI)
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   announced that it has become an
independent non-profit corporation. "Being independent will allow SPI
to redouble and focus its efforts on building its on-line database of
software technologies and its courses for patent examiners and
others," says Bernard Galler, chair of the Board of Trustees. "After
two and one-half years of being a project at the Industrial Technology
Institutein Ann Arbor, Michigan, we are ready to move to the next
stage of making our efforts available to the United States Patent &
Trademark Office (USPTO), patent professionals, the software industry,
and the general public."

//// Reality is Virtual - RPI Advanced Technology Group announced
"""""""""""""""""""""""   availability of an industrial, wearable
virtual reality and visualization product incorporating voice command,
VGA resolution glasses, a wearable computer, noise cancellation
headphones, wireless interface and telecommunications.

The device, PortaVis, consists of the world's smallest head mounted
display and a wearable mini-computer. Twenty-year old technology
foundry, RPI, produced the first consumer virtual reality headsets and
is now providing complete systems to the growing marketplace for
visualization and networked use.

Applications for the system include security guards with nightvision
and intruder maps projected in their field-of-vision; warehouse
directories that show exact items and their locations; training
systems that assist in facility layout prior to hammering the first
nail; police in-the-field tactical displays that show the positions of
all officers, suspects and tactical data; wireless military infantry
vehicle-side support; medical training systems showing actual surgical
data overlaid on the patient; high-end walk-through entertainment
environments and various other deployments.

//// 300 MHz Semiconductor - DEC reported a major breakthrough in
""""""""""""""""""""""""""   semiconductor technology with the
introduction of the world's first commercially available
microprocessor capable of issuing more than one billion instructions
per second (BIPS). In announcing the accomplishment, Digial's
President and CEO Robert Palmer said the Alpha AXP 21164 chip (over 9
million transistors) is also the computer industry's most powerful and
the first to break the 300MHz barrier.

//// Computers burned? - The U.S. economy has  wasted $1 trillion
""""""""""""""""""""""   over the past decade on computing resources
it hasn't used, and - says Charles B. Wang, one of the world's leading
experts on business computing - these losses will continue unless
business leaders overcome their techno-illiteracy with techno-vision.
Chairman of $2.1 billion Computer Associates International and author
of the forthcoming book "Techno Vision - The Executive's Survival
Guide to Understanding and Managing Information Technology," Wang
called "The misuse and abuse of technology a screw-up of tragic

//// PostScript Added - The Adobe and Aldus merger was approved by
"""""""""""""""""""""   shareholders making it the fourth largest
software maker. The previous lawsuit involving Aldus was settled
recently paving the way for this over 400 million dollar merger.

//// Syquest goes Mad! - Syquest licensed MAD magazine's boy called
""""""""""""""""""""""   Alfred. "We chose the Alfred character
because he's a cultural icon that represents the epitome of 'ignorant
bliss,'" noted Ronald Brown, vice president of corporate marketing for
SyQuest.  "Additionally, with the line 'What - Me Worry?' and his
reputation for being overly optimistic, Alfred is the perfect tie to
the dangers of not backing up data," added Brown.

//// Computers Paid More than Humans - Nearly 40% of the 908 computer
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   professionals responding to
Computerworld newspaper's eighth annual salary survey said their
companies offer pay-for-performance compensation plans tied directly
to job, company or information systems (IS) department performance -
and of those whose companies don't offer such plans, 41% wish they

//// Yearly Windows - Microsoft announced Windows(TM) 95 as the
"""""""""""""""""""   official name for the next major release of the
Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) operating system, previously known by its
code name, "Chicago." The name Windows 95 was chosen to make it easier
for consumers to identify the most current version of Microsoft

//// The Crime Network Online - Science Applications International
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   Corp (SAIC) has won a major contract
to design and develop the FBI's Interstate Identification Index
computer system. This system is an on-line criminal SAIC will provide
IAFIS with criminal and civil subject search capabilities, criminal
history file maintenance, response generation, ad hoc queries of the
criminal history file and storage and retrieval of criminal subject
photographs. It also will provide access to federal, state and local
law enforcement agencies via the National Crime Information Center

Under the eight-year contract, the SAIC team will design, implement
and provide operations and maintenance support for the Interstate
Identification Index. The contract has an estimated value of $27.6

//// Video Games

//// 3D0 Set to Follow Jaguar to 64-bit Realm - The 3DO Company plans
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   to introduce the M2
Accelerator, an add-on upgrade designed to provide current owners of
the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system with the power and punch of
true 64-bit performance.

As part of this strategy, the company announced that it is working
with IBM, Motorola, and Matsushita Electric Industrial, Co., Ltd., to
develop a new, state-of-the-art, 64-bit multiprocessor that will
include a PowerPC microprocessor specifically designed for this kind
of application, and multiple custom graphics and sound processors
designed by 3DO.  IBM and Motorola plan to engineer and manufacture
the PowerPC microprocessor for 3DO.

//// Sega Downloaded - Beginning Aug. 22, over 200 video games for
""""""""""""""""""""   the Sega Genesis system will be available in
unlimited quantities in 10 Columbia area Blockbuster Video stores.
The Game Factory system (designed by NewLeaf Entertainment) stores
video game software electronically at retail stores and then it
downloads on-demand onto specially-designed reprogrammable video game
cartridges.  Once a game has been programmed onto a cartridge, it
looks and plays just like a standard video game cartridge.

//// Another 3DO Cut - Matsushita Consumer Electronics announced on
""""""""""""""""""""   August 31, a price reduction of 20 percent on
the Panasonic FZ-1 REAL(TM) 3D0(TM) Interactive Multiplayer(TM).
Effective immediately, the manufacturer's suggested retail price will
be $399.95.

//// TWI is Active Everywhere - Time Warner Interactive announced the
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   creation of the TWi Forum on America
Online.  The forum is available 24 hours a day, free of charge to
America Online subscribers and will serve as an information source and
meeting place for TWI customers and others interested in what the
company is doing.

Establishing the TWi Forum on America Online is the first step for
Time Warner Interactive, which has plans to set up similar forums on
CompuServe, GEnie, eWorld, Delphi, ImagiNation and Prodigy.


 |||   Rare Gems
 |||   Compiled by: David A. Wright
/ | \

The following are the "Rare Gems (sm)" selections for August 21 to 27,
1994. "Rare Gems" is a service mark (sm) of Rare Breed Noninc. and
David Alan Wright. (Internet: CENTAUR@HARTFORD.COM) Compilation
copyright 1994 by same. All Wright's rights reserved. Each weekly or
monthly collection may be distributed freely as long as this notice is
retained. Multiple collections, such as CD-ROM, print, electronic, and
other publications, may not be distributed without further
authorization. All quotes covered by "fair use" of copyright law. May
cause mass hysteria. --:Dave


   Beware what you preach. The gullible have limits.  --Unknown

   "Oh boy... What's the world coming to?" "My house, to collect
   money." --"Momma" strip by Mell Lazarus

   Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.
   --Mark Twain

   It is easier to live through someone else than to become complete
   yourself.  --Betty Friedan

   Don't let your opinion sway your judgment.  --Samuel Goldwyn

   The trouble with life in the fast lane is that you get to the end
   in an awful hurry.  --Unknown

   The journey is the reward.  --Tao saying

The following are the "Rare Gems (sm)" selections for August 28 to
September 3, 1994. "Rare Gems" is a service mark (sm) of Rare Breed
Noninc. and David Alan Wright. (Internet: CENTAUR@HARTFORD.COM)
Compilation copyright 1994 by same. All Wright's rights reserved. Each
weekly or monthly collection may be distributed freely as long as this
notice is retained.  Multiple collections, such as CD-ROM, print,
electronic, and other publications, may not be distributed without
further authorization. All quotes covered by "fair use" of copyright
law. And the award for best plot device in a crime drama goes to...
<opening envelope>  O.J. Simpson's knife! --:Dave


   If they like it, it serves four; otherwise, six.
   --Recipe by Elsie Zussman

   No man should travel until he has learned the language of the
   country he visits, otherwise he voluntarily makes himself a great
   baby - so helpless and ridiculous.  --Ralph Waldo Emerson

   A marvelous creature.  A model of specialization...  Who else could
   suck an ant up his nose and enjoy it?  --About anteaters, "B.C."
   strip by Johnny Hart

   Saving is a very fine thing. Especially when your parents have done
   it for you.  --Winston Churchill

   I am debarred from putting her in her place - she hasn't got one.
   --Dame Edith Sitwell

   A good ninja is hard to find.  --Unknown

   I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself.
   --James Baldwin

The following are the "Rare Gems (sm)" selections for September 4 to
10, 1994. "Rare Gems" is a service mark (sm) of Rare Breed Noninc.
and David Alan Wright. (Internet: CENTAUR@HARTFORD.COM) Compilation
copyright 1994 by same. All Wright's rights reserved. Each weekly or
monthly collection may be distributed freely as long as this notice is
retained. Multiple collections, such as CD-ROM, print, electronic, and
other publications, may not be distributed without further
authorization. All quotes covered by "fair use" of copyright law. I
could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you. -- :Dave


   Trust me, but look to thyself.  --Irish proverb

   There are no whole truths. All truths are half-truths. It is
   trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil.
   --Alfred North Whitehead

   The man who fears no truths has nothing to fear from lies.
    --Thomas Jefferson

   Today the real test of power is not capacity to make war but
   capacity to prevent it.  --Anne O'Hare McCormick

   Always remember to pillage before you burn.  --Unknown

   There is no such thing as inevitable war. If war comes it will be
   from failure of human wisdom.  --Bonar Law

   Those who foresee the future and recognize it as tragic are often
   seized by a madness which forces them to commit the very acts which
   makes it certain that what they dread shall happen.
   --Dame Rebecca West


 |||   Review: Brutal Sports Football
 |||   By: Tal Funke-Bilu
/ | \  Delphi: AEXPLORER   GEnie: EXPLORER.5

Well folks, it's been a while since the last regularly scheduled AEO,
but I made it... about 4000 miles, 6 hours of video tape, a ton of
orders, a new Tempest high score (4,513,945), a new job, new pad, and
a huge crush on a new girl! Oh yeah, and a new game to add to my
Jaguar library... all that and I still find time to write for my
favorite online mag. ;) Seriously though, here is the official AEO
review of the first 3rd party game to surface for the most powerful
home entertainment system ever created, Atari's Jaguar.

Brought to you by Telegames, Brutal Sports Football (BSF) captures the
essence of rugby, football, and good ole smear the queer and throws
them all together in to one sport. To call BSF a sport is rather
ironic, since most sports have rules by which you abide by. BSF as you
might already know, has no rules.

The game starts off with a tip off by the referee much like
basketball, and then, for the next seven minutes, it's a free for all.
Use a variety of methods ranging from punching, stomping, passing,
kicking, diving, jumping, blocking, slashing, hacking, freezing,
decapitating, tackling, shocking, etc. to find a way to put the
football into your opponent's goal. Yet before the game begins, you
must choose your team. Assassins, lizards, goats, rhinos, warlords,
and many other compilations of barbarous savages adorn your screen as
you decide who (or what) you will use to wreak havoc against the

Before you make that choice, you must determine how you will use your
arsenal... whether it be in a single elimination Knockout tournament,
a quick and simple Unfriendly match, or an entrance into actual League
play; the choice is yours. In both Knockout and Unfriendly play, your
team starts out at full health at the beginning of each match, while
after each League game you have the option of using moneys won during
play to "rebuild" your team. You can acquire new heads, more health,
and even a speed increase for the next game. Now that we have all of
the "pre-game" activities out of the way, let's see what the game is
really like.

[] GRAPHICS: For better or for worse, BSF's graphics have been one of
the most talked about aspects of this game. The general consensus has
been that BSF has 16 bit graphics. Well, they might not be
64-bit-in-your-face-this-is-what-the-Jag-can-do graphics like Alien
Vs. Predator, but they definitely aren't bad. I'd say they're average.
You have nice character animation, nice scrolling, nice body parts
flying, nice blood. It is all NICE, nothing amazing, but very nice.
Everything is happening at the same time which also contributes to
this game's niceness. I didn't notice any slowdown, even though I had
practically ten different guys on the screen all doing different
things, with about two or three heads bouncing in different directions
and blood spurting all over the place. I love a good decapitation!
The bottom line? The graphics are nice, not superb, and not 16 bit
like the many net-perfectionists make them out to be... just nice.
Rating - 7

[] PLAYABILITY: This is definitely the strongest point of BSF. It is
one of the most fun games I have played, especially in two player
mode. Granted, the computer is fun, but hey, we all know that you
eventually figure out a way to beat the computer. Nothing can beat a
good seven on seven Unfriendly tournament with a group of friends.
The controls are very responsive. You move your players, and they go
where you want them to. They dive where you want them to, and jump
like you expect them to. The power-ups are a perfect addition to game
that is already great fun to play. Swords, axes, and shields add
another dimension to basic punching and stomping, while other
power-ups like Lightning and Ice Cubes can be used effectively towards
the end of a game to alter the expected outcome. The bottom line?  The
game is responsive and has enough cool power-ups to keep your interest
much longer than a normal sports game.
Rating - 9

[] SOUND: Nothing great here. The music during gameplay is OK, and the
sound effects are slightly better. There are a few grunts and thuds
that would be very cool if their volume was increased, but f/x control
in BSF was one feature that was missing. The crowd reacts to different
tackles, punches, etc in different ways, and is definitely a good
addition. Again, the sound effects are nice, while more would have
been a good addition, they definitely aren't bad. The bottom line? The
sound doesn't stand out, nor does become annoying... it sort of blends
into the game, a feature I was not disappointed in.
Rating - 6.5

[] VALUE: While I will be the first to tell you that BSF is a very fun
game and should definitely be played before it is discounted, I will
warn you that I don't feel it is worth the $69.99 price tag. Sorry
Telegames, with games like AvP, Kasumi Ninja, and Checkered Flag
coming out at the $69.99 price range, it is hard to see paying that
much for BSF. Maybe for Brutal Sports Baseball if they beef up the
graphics and sound, but right now BSF looks like a $50 - $60 game.
The bottom line? Buy it with a friend.
Rating - 4

[] OVERALL: BSF's playability is definitely the high point of this
game.  So much in fact that it makes you realize that you don't need
the flashy graphics and sounds to make a fun game. The bottom line?
While the graphics aren't mind blowing, and the sound isn't special,
the game is a blast to play. My brother and about six of his friends
had a six and a half hour BSF session last weekend, so I know I'm not
the only one who feels that way!
Rating - 7.5

What else in Atariville?  Well, if AvP isn't already in production, it
should be by the time you read this, and when it is you will see it
posted across many different forms of bandwidth. Whoever said
Halloween was being a little over pessimistic ;)

Speaking about AvP, how would you loyal Atarians like to be treated to
the 1st AvP review? That's right, the first review of AvP in its FINAL
FORM. Don't wait for it to hit the shelves for reviews, don't wait
till next month's issues of mags with reviews of unfinished EEPROMs -
get it here, in the virtual pages of AEO. Sound good? Keep reading the
only online mag recommended by Atari Corporation itself! You know, if
you guys are really cool, I might be able to snag some killer screen
captures of some stuff that hasn't been seen before! You know, I also
remember doing some sound files for T2K... I'm sure that could all be
arranged. No promises, you'll just have to wait and see....;)


 |||   Jaguar Tackboard
 |||   Confirmed information about Atari's Jaguar
/ | \  Compiled from online and official sources

//// Independent Association of Jaguar Developers

The IAJD (Independent Association of Jaguar Developers) has started
accepting members on GEnie. The IAJD is a private group where
confidential discussions can be freely held. (Category 64 of the ST
RoundTable is the IAJD meeting place.) Consequently, membership in the
IAJD is limited to Jaguar developers who are registered with Atari
Corp. To apply for membership, send EMail to ENTRY$ on GEnie (or
<entry$> if you're not on GEnie). Regular EMail
correspondence with the IAJD should be sent to IAJD$ (again, or
<iajd$> if you're not on GEnie).

//// Internet Jaguar Mailing List

Anyone with Internet EMail access can join the discussions on the
Jaguar mailing list. To "subscribe" to the list, send an EMail to
the following address: <>

Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the EMail, include this

             subscribe jaguar-l FirstName LastName

(Where "FirstName" is your first name and "LastName" is your last

To send mail to be read on the Jaguar list, address your letter to:
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IMPORTANT: If your mail server charges you by the character or by the
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//// Developer / Game List 1.15

//// Editor: The following developers, licensees and game titles have
been confirmed to the best of AEO's ability as of September 9, 1994.
Entries in the "S"tatus column reflects any "e"rrors, "u"pdates, "n"ew
titles, new "d"evelopers, or "?"uestionable listings since the last
AEO list. Titles in brackets (e.g. [Cybermorph]) have been completed
and are available in the US.

Expected dates are dates that have been provided by the developer.

                        Expected Date
                             or         Titles
S Developer/Licensee       Rating  under development
" """"""""""""""""""       """"""  """""""""""""""""
  20th Centrury Fox
u 21st Century Software     Q3/94  Pinball Dreams
  3D Games                    -    Rainbow Warrior
                              -    MORE
e 4Play                       -    StarBattle
  Accent Media Productions    -    Varuna's Forces CD-ROM
  Accolade                    -    Al Michaels Announces Hardball
                              -    Brett Hull Hockey
                              -    Charles Barkley's Shut Up and Jam
  Acid Software
  Activision                  -    Return to Zork CD-ROM
  Alfaro Corporation
  All Systems Go            Q1/95  Hosenose and Booger CD-ROM
                            Q1/95  Video Jukebox (cart multiplexer)
                              -    BIOS Fear CD-ROM
                              -    (IR controller station)
  American Laser Games        -    Mad Dog McCree
  Anco Software Ltd.          -    Kick Off 3 (for Imagineer)
                              -    World Cup
  Anthill Industries
  Argonaut Software           -    Creature Shock CD-ROM (For Virgin)
  Atari Corp.                 -    Battlezone 2000
                              -    Chaos Agenda CD-ROM
                              -    Club Drive
                             *5*   [Crescent Galaxy]
                              -    Highlander
                              -    MPEG 1 and 2 carts
                              -    Space War (was Star Raiders 2000)
u                           12/94  Tiny Toons Adventures
                              -    VR Helmet
  Atari Games Corp.           -    Arcade Games Using Jaguar
  Attention to Detail         -    Battlemorph: Cybermorph 2 CD-ROM
                              -    Blue Lightning CD-ROM
                             *7*   [Cybermorph]
                                   (For Atari)
  Audio-Visual Magic
  Bando Svenska AB
  Bethesda Softworks
  Beyond Games Inc.         12/94  Battlewheels
                            Q3/94  Ultra Vortex
  BitMotion Software
  Bizzare Computing
  Black Scorpion Software
  Borta & Associates
  Brainstorm                  -    [x86 Jaguar Development System]
  Brandlewood Computers
  Bullfrog Productions Ltd. Q3/94  Syndicate (For Ocean)
                            Q3/94  Theme Park (For Ocean)
  Cannonball Software
  Celebrity Systems Inc.
  Clearwater Software
  Computer Music Consulting
  Condor Software
  Cross Products Ltd.         -    [Jaguar Development System]
  Data Design
  Delta Music Systems Inc.    -    Nanoterror
                              -    Droppings
  Denton Designs Ltd.
  Dimension Technologies
  Domark Group Ltd.           -    F1 Racer
  DTMC                        -    Lester the Unlikely
                              -    Mountain Sports
                              -    (Miniature Golf)
u Eclipse                   Q4/94  Iron Soldier (For Atari)
  Electro Brain Corp.
  EZ Score Software Inc.
  Factor 5
  Flair Software Ltd.
  Frankenstein Software
  Funcom Productions a/s
  GameTek Inc.
  Genus Microprogramming
  Gremlin Graphics Ltd.     10/94  Zool 2
                              -    UNKNOWN TITLE (racing) - MORE?
  H2O Design Corp.
  Hand Made Software          -    Kasumi Ninja (For Atari)
u                           Q4/94  Jack Nicholas Cyber Golf CD-ROM
                                   (For Atari through Accolade)
  High Voltage Software     10/94  White Men Can't Jump (for Trimark)
                              -    Ruiner (pinball)
  Human Soft Ltd.
  ICD Inc.                    -    Cat Box (AV & comm expansion box)
  id Software                 -    Doom: Evil Unleashed
                             *8*   [Wolfenstein 3D]
  iThink                      -    (3D simulation)
  Imagineer Company Ltd.
  Imagitec Design Inc.       *6*   [Evolution Dino-Dudes]
                             *6*   [Raiden]
                              -    Freelancer 2120 CD-ROM
                              -    Bubsy in Clawed Encounters
                                          of the Furried Kind (For Accolade)
                              -    Dino Dudes 2
  Interplay                   -    BattleChess CD-ROM - MORE?
  Jaleco                      -    Cisco Heat
                              -    Bases Loaded
                              -    MORE CD-ROM
  JVC Musical Industries      -    Valus Force
  Krisalis Software Ltd.      -    Soccer Kid
  Kungariket Multimedia
  Limelight Media Inc.
  LlamaSoft                 *10*   [Tempest 2000] (For Atari)
n                             -    Defender 2000 (!!!!! :-) (For Atari)
                              -    MORE MINTER!
  Loricel S.A.
  Lost in Time Software
  Malibu Interactive
  Manley & Associates Inc.
  Maxis Software
  Media Technology Scandinavia
  Merit Industries Inc.
  Michton Inc.
  Microids                   1995  Evidence
                            12/94  Commando
  Microprose                  -    Gunship 2000
                              -    MORE SIMULATIONS
  MidNite Entertainment     10/94  Air Cars
                            10/94  Dungeon Depths
                            Q1/95  Assault
u Millenium/Teque            *7*   [Brutal Sports Football] (For Telegames)
  Miracle Designs
  Nebulous Games
  Network 23 Software
  NMS Software Ltd.
  Ocean Software Ltd.       12/94  Apeshi- (working title)
                             1995  Lobo CD-ROM
  Odyssey Software Inc.
  -unnamed-                   -    -unnamed-
  Photosurrealism             -    Galactic Gladiators
  Pixel Satori
  PIXIS Interactive           -    Neurodancer CD-ROM
  Rage Software Ltd.          -    Rally
u Rainmaker Software Inc.     -    Nerves of Steel (was Tunnel Rat)
                              -    Virtual Warriors
  ReadySoft Incorporated      -    Dragon's Lair CD-ROM
                              -    Dragon's Lair II CD-ROM
                              -    Space Ace CD-ROM
u Rebellion Software Ltd.   10/94  Alien vs. Predator (For Atari)
u                           10/94  Checkered Flag II (For Atari)
                              -    Legions of the Undead (For Atari)
                              -    Hammerhead
  Rest Energy
  Riedel Software Prod.
  Scangames Interactive
  Sculptured Software Inc.
  Selgus Limited
  Shadowsoft Inc.
  Sigma Designs             Q4/94  "Jaguar on a PC" PC card
u Silmarils                 Q3/94  Robinson's Requiem CD-ROM
  Sinister Developments
  Soft Enterprises
  Softgold Gmbh
  Software 2000
  Software Creations
  Software Development Systems
  Spaceball Technologies Inc.
  Steinberg Soft-und-
                 Hardware Gmbh
  Tantalus Entertainment
  Tantalus Incorporated
  Team Infinity
  Team 17 Software Ltd.
  Tecnation Digital World
  Telegames                   -    Casino Royale
                              -    European Soccer Challenge
u                           Q3/94  Ultimate Brain Games
                              -    Super Off-Road
                              -    World Class Cricket
  Teque London Ltd.
  Tiertex Ltd.                -    Flashback (for U.S. Gold)
  Time-Warner Interactive     -    Rise of the Robots
  Trimark Interactive
  U.S. Gold Ltd.
  UBI Soft International      -    RayMan
                              -    MORE (American Football)
  V-Reel Productions          -    Arena Football
                              -    Horrorscope
  Virgin Interactive
       Entertainment Ltd.     -    Cannon Fodder
                              -    Dragon
                              -    Demolition Man
  Virtual Artistry, Inc.
  Virtual Xperience           -    Indiana Jags (platform)
                              -    Zzyorxx II (vertical shooter)
                              -    Burn Out (m/c racing)
  Visual Concepts
  Visual Impact
  Wave Quest Inc.
  Williams Brothers
u Williams Entertainment    11/94  Troy Aikman NFL Football
                            Q4/94  Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls
  WMS Industries
  Zeppelin Games              -    Center Court Tennis

Pts Stars  AEO Ratings
""" """""  """""""""""
 10 *****  GAMING NIRVANA!!! - You have left reality behind... for good.
  9 ****+  Unbelieveable GAME!! - Your family notices you're often absent.
  8 ****   Fantastic Game!! - You can't get enough playtime in on this.
  7 ***+   Great Game! - Something to show off to friends or 3DOers.
  6 ***    Good game - You find yourself playing this from time to time.
  5 **+    Ho-hum - If there's nothing else to do, you play this.
  4 **     Waste of time - Better to play this than play in traffic.
  3 *+     Sucks - Playing in traffic sounds like more fun.
  2 *      Sucks Badly - You'd rather face an IRS audit than play this.
  1 +      Forget it - ... but you can't; it's so badly done, it haunts you.
  0 -      Burn it - Disallow programmer from ever writing games again.

//// Quotes

//// Atari's former Director of Communications, Bob Brodie
<> had this to say recently:

 [] Well you're certainly welcome to your opinion, but opinions all
    stand up a little bit better with a good dose of facts...something
    your post seems to be a tad shy of. :-)

    Yes, Atari is slow in getting things out the door.  But you're
    overlooking a couple of things. First, when Atari had their
    initial press conference announcing the Jaguar, they showed
    prototypes of everything. Very few units (probably less than 12)
    were in the hands of developers. Some of the tools were still
    under development...indeed; the entire CD system was still in
    development.  Puts quite a kink in the plans for devs that wanted
    to do strictly CD ROM development, doesn't it?

   Basically, it is reasonable to expect a quality title to take 9-12
   months to be developed.  It's also reasonable to add say 45 days of
   slack time to any announced date, as no software from any company
   is ever ready on time.  Plus, in the case of the Jaguar, you had to
   factor in another 30 days just for the developers to learn how to
   write Jaguar software since it was a brand new machine!  We saw
   some nasty cases of "creeping featuritis" at Atari, as our
   programmers learned how to do a lot of things better/faster/ more
   effectively.  This inevitably lead to coders wanting more time to
   re-do portions of the game so it would be better.  My discussions
   with some of the software houses indicates that Atari isn't alone
   in suffering with this creeping featuritis. :-)

   Jags began shipping in quantity in NY and SF in November of last
   year. Some developers held off signing on until they saw that Atari
   was indeed going to push the Jaguar in the target areas.  And,
   Atari did!  They not only did national print advertising, but ran
   an effective TV <gasp!> campaign for the Jaguar, and supplemented
   that with co-opt print ads for major retailers, like Nobody Beats
   The Wiz, Toys R Us, Electronic Boutique, and The Good Guys.  Having
   seen Atari do what they said they would, plus some of the cool
   demos from games like AvP, Tempest, and other, developers began
   signing on in good numbers in early '94. So we're just about in the
   time frame where a lot of the games (probably 20-30) should be

   The downside is that the games are getting finished too late to
   get coverage for the Holidays from most of the mainstream gaming
   pubs. GamePro has over a 90 day leadtime...their Christmas issue is
   probably already done. Same thing with Video Games, EGM, Electronic
   Games, and the other pubs...about the only mag that will be able to
   do a really quick turn around on their coverage of the Jaguar will
   be Die Hard Game Fan.  Their cut off is about 3 weeks prior to
   printing. Which is part of the reason that they always seem to have
   the news first.

   Although I'm no longer at Atari, I stay in contact with my friends
   there. And right now AvP is very close to release. And it looks
   fabulous!  Is it a system seller?  Absolutely!!!  Just as Mario and
   Sonic made Nintendo and Sega household names, I believe that AvP
   will make the Jaguar a success.

//// AEO Jaguar Bumpersticker Photo Contest Winner

Before AEO went on hiatus, we announced a photo contest whereby
readers would send in a photograph of their Jaguar bumpersticker on
their vehicle to be randomly picked to receive an AEO at SCES 94
video AND a "really cool" Atari Jaguar in-store display banner.

We were stunned at the amount of photos received. You people
certainly want to show off your Jaguar support! A large enough
container was used to hold the photographs, and the drawing was held
by an impartial panel. (My elderly parents, TJ & Nellie.)

The winner of the AEO video and Jaguar banner is:

Ken Baum, of Jenkintown, PA.

Congratulations to Ken, and to all of those who entered, our thanks!
We're brainstorming for another cool giveaway - keep reading the
virtual pages of AEO for our next contest.

//// Kasumi Ninja Overview

The story takes place on the small island of Kasumi in the West
Pacific Rim. For many generations, the island has been the source of
some of the greatest Ninja Warriors. The existence of the island and
its inhabitants is a secret, and the secrecy has been maintained with
the help of the Ninja Gods. An invisibility mist shrouds the island,
making it undetectable, even by modern technology such as satellites
and radar. The Ninja Gods ensure that no ships find it by diverting
their course.

Recently, one of the eldest Ninjas, Gyaku, went berserk and killed all
of the other elders on the island. It is said that Gyaku is possessed
by spirits from the Demon World. Now, the Evil Ninja Gyaku has
proclaimed himself Lord of Kasumi Island.

The Ninja Gods have chosen you, a neophyte Ninja, to defeat Gyaku and
re-claim the Dragon Cloud Temple, where Gyaku is planning his
overthrow of the Island. The Dragon Cloud temple is said to have a
portal to the Demon World, and with such awesome power, Gyaku could
not only rule Kasumi Island, but he could very well rule the world.

The Gods cannot help you directly, but they can help you as the Ninja
to gain more confidence and skill. This is done by your Ninja
character assuming the persona of a great fighter from one of the
world's fighting races. Fighting as all of the characters, and
defeating all of the different characters will prepare you for your
final confrontation with Gyaku.

Eventually, you must find your way through the Labyrinth beneath the
Dragon Cloud Temple, and defeat Gyaku. Before you do that, defeated
opponents will each give you clues and items to help you find your way
through the maze. Then, via the underground Labyrinth, you must find
your way to the Portal. The way will be dangerous, but with the help
of the Ninja Gods, you can make it to face Gyaku, and destroy him
before he unleashes his Demon Minions.

//// Kasumi Ninja Characters

    The characters will be explained in order starting to the right
of the long hallway the player sees at the character selection screen.

//// The Orange Ninja: Habaki

    Habaki is the Eldest of the two Ninja brothers (by 10 minutes).
of the Kiri-ga-kure family. The Ninja Gods have chosen Habaki to face
Gyaku because he shows great promise as a Ninja Warrior. Habaki is
very adept at the Ninja skill of Teleportation.

//// Chagi: The Kickboxer

        In his nation, Kick Boxer Chagi is undefeated. He has taken
the art of Kick Boxing and Martial Arts to their very limits. The Ninja
Gods have chosen his persona because of his great speed and agility.

//// Alaric, King of the Goths

        The reason the Ninja Gods have chosen Alaric, King of the
Goths, is well known. Alaric was one of history's most feared and
ferocious fighters. Alaric helped to bring down the mighty Roman
Empire, and conquered great portions of Central Europe. Alaric is
feared, because he possesses an exploding Bamboo Stick which he found
in battle. Alaric uses this Bamboo Stick to keep his people loyal, as
well as to defend himself.

//// Thundra, The Amazon Queen

        Now living on the island of Mazos near Somothrace. Thundra is
the Amazon that led her race to Victory over the Gargarians, and
negotiated the original treaty between the two races. The Ninja Gods
have chosen her because of her close relation to the animals of the
jungle. This relation has helped to make her an agile and powerful

//// Danja, The Urban Gang Leader

        Danja grew up to become the leader of a gang of fighting
women. They spent many years cleaning up their turf of lower street
life. Danja fights using the dirtiest street tricks she can come up
with. She is well respected by her sisters in the neighborhood. Danja
has spent most of her life learning to use the Bolas as a powerful,
and devastating weapon. She has developed an exploding tip for the
bolas that has proven to be deadly in combat, and, through
elimination, made her the leader of her gang.

//// Pakawa: The Comanche Indian Warrior

        Pakawa is the Chief of the Comanche fighting tribe
Tu-Wee-Kah. The Tu-Wee-Kah were equivalent to the Greet Berets in
their time. They were the ones that were sent in first, to stealthily
attack the opposition, and disable key warriors. The rest of the tribe
would then attack. Pakawa is very adept with his hunting blade. He has
collected many scalps to prove his bravery, and fighting skill.

//// The Green Ninja: Senzo

        Senzo is the younger of the Ninja Twins. The Gods have chosen
him because of his great speed, and agility with the Ninja art of
throwing Fireballs.

//// Angus McGreggor: The Scottish Brawler

        Angus is a burly fighter from the Highlands. He has spent his
life mastering the Caber Toss, and is known to use this special skill
against unwary opponents in battle. Angus has also learned the fine
art of tossing fireballs, although his delivery is somewhat
unorthodox. Beware the Glasgow Kiss!

//// Gyaku:

No Information

//// Jaguar Press Releases

 Contact: Diane Carlini                 Ron Beltramo
          Edelman Public Relations      Atari Corporation
          (415) 433-5381                (408) 745-8852

          Terry Grantham
          Telegames, Inc.
          (214) 228-0690 ext.901

 For Immediate Release


Title Is First Of Many Third-Party Games For Award-Winning, 64-Bit
Atari Jaguar

     SUNNYVALE, Calif. (August 22, 1994) --  Imagine no rules on the
football field as you decapitate your opponent as he runs toward the
goal line. The only game you'll experience it on is Brutal Sports
Football and the only video game system you'll play it on is Atari's
award- winning Jaguar. The first of many third-party video games,
Brutal Sports Football also is the first sports-related, fast-action
game developed for the 64-bit Jaguar system.

     Initially released for sale in mid August, with national
availability in September, Brutal Sports Football represents a hybrid
in video games -- coupling the sporting elements of rugby with the
blood-and-guts mayhem of the most popular video games. The product is
designed for action gamers and football fans who are tired of the same
old set of moves and rules. The new rules are simple ...  there are
none. Players simply pick up the ball and run for their video game
life while avoiding the head-hunting opposition.

     "Brutal Sports Football was our chance to work with the most
sophisticated video game platform on the market, the 64-bit Jaguar,"
said Telegames' Terry Grantham. "We've been developing software for
Atari hardware since 1982 and believe this is our most innovative
product yet." Brutal Sports Football, retailing for $69.95 at consumer
electronics and toy stores nationwide, is the first of numerous games
Telegames is developing for the Jaguar platform including World Class
Cricket, Ultimate Brain Games, Casino Royale, and Operation Starfish
(James Pond 3).

     Atari's Jaguar game system has approximately 30 software titles
planned for release before the holiday season. Popular titles in the
works include Alien Vs.  Predator, Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story, Doom,
Busby, Troy Aikman Football, and Kasumi Ninja.

     "We've challenged our software designers to develop games that
use the full technological capacity of the 64- bit Jaguar," said Atari
Corporation President Sam Tramiel.  "This means players can look
forward to some incredible titles in the near future because our
developers are not constrained by less-sophisticated 16-bit or 32-bit
technology." More than 150 independent developers currently are
working on Jaguar-compatible products.

     Since its release in November 1993, Atari's Jaguar game system
has been named the industry's "Best New Game System" (Video Games
Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game Informer) and "1993
Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard GameFan). The Jaguar is
the only video game system manufactured in the United States.

     Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., designs and
markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems and video

                           #  #  #

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

 Contact: Ron Beltramo
          Atari Corporation
          (408) 745-8852

//// 64-BIT POWER

Wolfenstein 3D, Alien Vs. Predator, Kasumi Ninja and Doom Among Many
Hot New Titles Available by Christmas on the Award-Winning, 64-bit
Atari Jaguar

SUNNYVALE,  CA (August 29,1994)  -- Sega, Nintendo, 3DO and Sony
continue to tell game enthusiasts that they must wait until late 1995
to experience advanced video game technology and performance. But the
Atari Jaguar, the world's first 64-bit multimedia home entertainment
system, already is available. "By Christmas 1994, Jaguar fans will be
playing 30-50 new game titles on their 64-bit systems while our
competitors continue to play catch up and beg their followers to be
patient," said Sam Tramiel, Atari president and CEO. "Its nice to know
American companies are once again leading the way in technology."

The Atari Jaguar is the only video game system manufactured in the
United States. Jaguar, the most powerful multimedia system available,
was recently named the industry's Best New Game System (Video Games
Magazine), Best New Hardware Systems (Game Informer) and 1993
Technical Achievement of the Year (Die Hard Game Fan). Jaguar also
recently was given the European Computer Trade Show Award for Best
Hardware of the Year. "We still have the best hardware on the market.
And now we have great titles rolling in." said Tramiel. "So if you can
buy 64-bit power today for under $250, why should you wait until 1995
to spend close to $500?" said Tramiel.

In September, Atari will launch an aggressive advertising campaign
highlighting the great gameplay made possible by the Atari Jaguar's
64-bit power. One of the campaign spots stresses the immersive, 3D
nature of Jaguar games by focusing on upcoming title Alien Vs.
Predator. "The 3D graphics and texture mapping take full advantage of
the Jaguar's technological superiority and create an experience that
is out of this world," said Tramiel.

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., designs and markets
64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems and video games.


Jaguar is a trademark for Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered
trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their owning companies.


What would you do to promote the Jaguar?  Do you have an idea that
could be expressed on film?  STReport wants to see it.  And, we're
ready to reward the person (or group) with the best idea, in picture

That's right, just send us a photograph of how you would promote the
Jaguar!  You'll also need to send us your name and address, of course.

1st Prize will be an official Atari Jaguar tee-shirt AND an official
in-store promotional Jaguar banner!

2nd prize will be a Jaguar tee-shirt (identical to the one above).

3rd prize will be a "JAG RULES!" rubber stamp which is normally
available exclusively from Artisan Software!

Photographs will be judged and prizes will be awarded by the
Atari/Jaguar editor of STReport, Dana Jacobson.

All photographs must be received by September 20, 1994.  The winners
will be announced in STReport online magazine, in the issue scheduled
to be released on Friday, September 23, 1994.

To be eligible, please submit a clear photograph (color preferred) of
your idea.  Also include your name and address with the photo!  All
photographs submitted will become the property of STReport; they will
not be returned to you.  Contest is valid in the United States and
Canada only.  Employees of Atari Corporation and staff members of
STReport or Amiga Report are not elegible to win.  This contest is
void where prohibited by law.

Send your photograph, your name and address to:

                          Jaguar Photo Contest
                          STReport Online Magazine
                          1121 Saratoga Street
                          East Boston, MA 02128-1225

Again, 1st prize includes a Jaguar tee-shirt and a Jaguar banner! The
tee-shirt is 100% cotton.  It's a black crew-neck shirt with the Atari
Jaguar name on the chest.  On the back is the famous Jaguar logo.  The
banner is the same as you've seen at your favorite Jaguar dealer.
What?  You haven't seen one?  Well, it measures 4 feet wide and 2 feet
tall!  The Jaguar logo consists of those piercing yellow Jaguar eyes
above the dark red Jaguar, claw marks and all!  These banners are
collector's items which are almost impossible to get anywhere!  Rumor
has it that this one may have been discovered in a rare cache
somewhere in the bowels of Sunnyvale.  And it can be all yours!  Show
it off proudly on the wall of your room or fly it out your window!
All of your friends will want one, but only you will have one.  It's
awesome!  JAG RULES!

The 2nd prize consists of the Jaguar tee-shirt, as described above.
The 3rd prize is the official "JAG RULES!" rubber stamp!  Use a bright
red ink pad (not included) for a vivid 2.25" by 1.5" image of JAG
RULES in the impact of the Jaguar logo type style.  Use it as an
economical way to advertise your enthusiasm of the Atari Jaguar. Stamp
your letters and your envelopes.  Stamp your arm as a tattoo. Stamp
your money.  Stamp school notebooks and post-its.  Writing a letter to
your favorite software company? Stamp it!  Sending a birthday card to
your best friend?  Stamp it!  Dropping a postcard to your brother at
school?  Stamp it!  Let everyone know you're a Jaguar gamer. After
all, in the empire of high technology entertainment systems, JAG

For an example of the JAG RULES logo, call the CATscan BBS.  Dial
209/239-1552. Download file: JAGRULES.ZIP.  File is ZIP'd and requires
PKUNZIP to decompress.  Or, call your favorite online service to find

Need a tip to help you start thinking of some ideas?  Drop us a line
in E-Mail to either DPJ on Delphi, 71051,3327 on Compuserve,
D.JACOBSON2 on GEnie, or Internet mail at  Or, call us
at Toad Hall BBS at (617)567-8642 and leave a private message to Dana

Are you still here?  Grab that camera and start taking some pictures!
One of them may just be the winner!

Credits: STReport and its staff would like to thank Atari Corporation
for its generous donation of the banner and tee-shirts.
Tradenames herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
owning companies. Permission hereby granted to re-post this contest
text, in its entirety, anywhere that you feel it would be appropriate
- your favorite BBS, user group newsletter, magazine, etc.  Please
spread the word!


 |||   Atari Jaguar Focus Group Market Research
 |||   By: Adam Urbano
/ | \  Internet: adamu@Garg.Campbell.CA.US

On August 18, Viveros and Associates Inc, a marketing service firm,
held a research forum dealing with the Atari Jaguar which I was
invited to attend. It is in forums like these that companies test out
their marketing strategies, find out about the public's opinion on
product, and basically find out how to go about taking a market by
storm. I could have saved Viveros a huge portion of time by telling
them to advise Atari to just release Alien Vs. Predator <g>. These
forums last for about three hours, and during that time the company
tries to find out about the public's opinion through a wide variety of

First off, well before the forum begins, the attendee is sent a letter
containing a questionnaire. The basic premise of this is to get a feel
for the persons views of gaming: likes and dislikes, knowledge, and
views towards the Jaguar in an unbiased fashion.  Questions asked of
me ranged from "What systems do you own?", to "What systems will be
released in the next year?". Also asked were questions on favorite
games of all time, opinions towards the best and worst features of ALL
the systems, views on the possibility of many new hardware items, and
opinions on favorite video game print and TV ads.

Upon arriving and checking in, the first thing I noticed, besides the
free food, was the massive quantities of Jaguar boxes that are in the
back room. It obviously took quite a large quantity of time for all
the workers involved in this forum to set it up. There are only 10
people invited to attend each session (one person did not show up for
our group). This seems to be a low number until it is realized the
massive amount of questions and discussions that go on during the
three hours.

After everyone arrived it was time for the session of 12-17 year olds
to begin. In case anyone out there was wondering (or cares) I am 16,
and I was probably the oldest person in our group. First off we
entered the conference room, which consisted of a table with 10 chairs
at the side and one at the end for the mediator, a desk for the note
taker, 3 walls full of kiosks and Jag Hardware, and one giant mirror
wall. It was pretty darn obvious that it was a two-way mirror with
people watching. We began the forum by introducing ourselves, and
giving our gaming stories (what systems we owned, favorite games,
etc.) Collectively we owned all current systems with the exception of
the 3DO.  Everyone owned at least one 16 bit system, about four out of
the nine owned a Jaguar, and 3 or 4 of us owned all of the major

>From this point on I will try to give the major opinions of the group,
and from what kind of people they came from (i.e. Jag owners, Non-Jag
owners), since our opinions may very well guide where the company
heads in some respects. At the very least it will tell what people
think of the Jaguar. This portion of the forum shed some light on our
gaming opinions. Fighting games seemed to still be the big thing,
although all of us "older" attendees agreed that that genre was
beginning to get old. This was followed by sports games, and adventure
games. The younger crowd at the group (about two 12 year olds and a
couple 13 year olds) agreed that they liked the fighting games such as
Mortal Kombat 2, "because they were violent and bloody", while
everyone else seemed to be geared towards strategy, move combos, and
ground-breaking graphics.

After the introductions it was on to America's favorite pasttime,
commercials. The basic format was to watch a commercial, answer a
question form asking opinions/ratings on it, and then watch the next
one. The first commercial was the already seen Tempest 2000 commercial
with the fifties-ish characters in the foreground. Everyone seemed to
love the lengthy game clips in the commercial, and the music in the
game. (Who doesn't?) The 50's people were a toss up, the younger kids
seemed to find them cute, while the older kids could care less. We all
felt there needs to be a HUGE disclaimer saying "ACTUAL GAME MUSIC".
I still hold strong on the fact the game sells itself, everyone there
loved it (again, who doesn't?), but I think the game really has to be
played to be appreciated, screen clips just do not do it justice.

The next commercial is an Alien Vs. Predator specific one. It
involved an intermixing of shots of a scared, sweaty game player, and
game screen shots. The ending shows the boy with his mom's hand on his
shoulder. After the camera cuts away from the boy it shows an Alien's
arm holding out the mom's arm.  Neat feature... the "DO THE MATH"
slogan is intermixed by showing some graphics of a medical scanner
with the slogan popping on. Everyone felt the commercial was funny and
very well done, but again, the game sort of sells itself. There were a
few suggestions on this one though; the game shots seemed short, in
the one to two second range, and we felt longer clips would be better.
(Some of the shots of the game player could have easily been cut.)
About three or four of the people there felt that the game looked
choppy. I was sort of, lightly, left with that impression after they
mentioned it, but the shots where SO short it was tough to tell.
Everyone wanted the game though (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge,

Finally we came to the "school teacher" commercial. This one begins
with a teacher on the blackboard showing the 16 bit Genesis, 32 bit
3DO, and 64 bit Jaguar in a bit comparison. She would ask students
(all of which where adults in suits and ties) questions as to which
had better stats or which system was better and they would respond,
with "duh" or "hmm". This one was obviously the "Kids, do you know
what a Jaguar is?" commercial, designed to give them basic knowledge.
Intertwined were VERY short clips of Kasumi Ninja, Checkered Flag
Doom, and AVP. there were more but those stood out in my mind. All of
these games looked EXCELLENT, and there was no doubt about their
smoothness. The younger kids loved this one. They felt it was
hilarious. I still don't find it directly funny, but it is when one
realizes the similarity to the Sega commercials. It was mentioned that
someone did not like the negative comments towards other systems. I
for one could care less about that part, but since this is an
introduction to the Jag commercial I mentioned they could throw in
some specs for good measure, it would fit the commercial perfectly.
EVERYONE felt it needed longer screen shots.

After this we all filled out surveys on our opinions of possible
hardware add-ons. These included virtual reality, voice modem,
networking, CD-ROM, skeeball, steering wheels, and flight yokes. Keep
in mind we where told all of these are products Atari is THINKING of
doing. (Not INTENDING to do.)

We then tested the steering and flight joysticks. The steering wheel
was excellent, it had perfect tension on it, and it even had a pedal
mechanism and gearshift. Everyone liked it, but the shifter was
garbage, 2 gears, and very flimsy. The flight stick was also great, it
was the Thrustmaster weapons control system from the PC. It seemed
well built and it has buttons for every possible situation, and
another "joystick" on top to change views. The only problem was that
there has yet to be a console game that demands this type of hardware,
hopefully that will change.

Next up, after a fun-filled restroom break, was the product testing
time. During this we were given no prices, so we would remain
completely objective. (The prices came later.) We would rotate to each
of the stations, spend about five minutes at each, come back and fill
out a questionnaire, and then discuss at the end. The stations were
Virtual Light Machine, a video puzzle game, skeeball, and Club Drive
with voice modem.

Since I am a constant reader of (on the
Internet), I knew of all these beforehand, so it was a little less of
a surprise to me than the others. First up for me was Virtual Light
Machine on the CD-ROM. I assume that from reading AEO everyone has
already heard of it so I'll skip the explanation. The interaction had
yet to be worked in but we could switch between the 90 or something
displays. It was technologically great. Everything anyone may have
heard of it is true, it is gorgeous. But, onto the group's opinion.
As a whole it was found to be boring. No one said they would pay money
for it because they were uninterested. I personally think some of that
would be different if the interaction had been built in. After
discussion it was agreed it was MUCH better than any comparable play
system on the other CD-ROM systems. And it was EXCELLENT if one didn't
already have a CD player. If one would play a CD, it was great to just
leave the VLM on. Another factor that really hurt it was that they
where never told about price. But everyone did say IF it were built in
to the CD-ROM they would love to have it. But since I read AEO, I knew
it was built-in from the start.

Next up was VidGrid; a potential CD-ROM pack in. This was a puzzle
that played music videos in a 1/4 box in the middle of the screen. The
video could be broken up into 1 to 32 pieces and is randomized. The
goal is to pick up each of these blocks with the pointer and move the
piece until the video is put back together, BEFORE the video ends. For
added difficulty the pieces can be flipped at the start. The music
video constantly played and it even continued in the squares one picks
up. There was a wide selection of musical groups, Aerosmith,
SoundGarden, classic rock, etc., about 8 songs.  It was viewed as
relatively fun, but it was agreed it would have to have both a wide
selection of music/upgrade and a cheap price.

Next is a prototype skeeball machine. The premise is to roll a ball up
a plastic ramp and have the Jaguar keep score. We all felt it really
had no use for the Jaguar, and really just disliked the idea. They
seem to be taking the "multimedia" a bit too far.

Club Drive, ahh Club Drive. The game itself was said to be 90-95%
complete. It is a pure blast. And the voice modem was great also. No
slowdown, and it delivers a crisp clear voice. There really isn't
much to say except, wow.

We then finished with the testing and got into the heavy duty
discussion on items and the Jag in general. All the discussion
happened in a pretty haphazard and random way, so I'll attempt to give
it some order.

First off we discussed the products on the list. Everyone wanted
virtual reality, and the price mentioned was $200.00. No one cared
about the price, we all wanted it. The CD-ROM was mentioned at
$200.00, but people's decisions to buy it were based around several
things. Everyone wanted a pack in. Something that was graphically
impressive was number one on the list, number two was some sort of a
classics disk. There also needed to be a fairly large assortment of
games for it to be a "must have". The skeeball was mentioned at about
$50, we talked it down to about 20, but were still inactive.

The driving wheel was said to be $129.95. We all thought this was a
bit steep for a controller, especially given the historical track
record for accessories. The price we felt was more reasonable was
around $100 or possibly less. If there was some sort of a pack in game
though, we all felt the $130 price was great. Some people mentioned
that there would have to be something that was REALLY a great racing
game, like Daytona, making it a "must purchase". But it was felt there
needed to be at least 4 or 5 racing games out before it becomes a
great value. A light gun was suggested by us with a possible price of
$20. As long as there are some games, that seemed pretty good. Now for
what we felt to be the major letdown. The possible mentioned price for
the voice-modem was $200.00. We ALL felt this might be a little steep
for this sort of an add-on. The price would have to be at most $150.00
or more ideally $100 for us to bite. But again, a pack in would change
that all.

On the upper side though, the price for the network connection was
$20.00. We felt this was GREAT, especially since you can connect more
than 2 people.

The final portion of the forum was to get a general idea of the
public's perception of the Jaguar. From this I could tell that the
video game magazines were really hurting Atari. The kids knew of only
a few of the games in development, and ALL of those came from
magazines like EGM. It seemed everyone there read Electronic Gaming
Monthly, and thus knew VERY little of the games to come out. NONE of
them even knew of games like Battlemorph. Everyone knew that Atari had
150 developers, but they said that only about 30 of them were making
games. A lot of them where also upset with Atari's release dates as
they were printed, and delayed. It seems to me ALL magazines should
print the AEO developers/games list. It was the general opinion that
the biggest thing hurting Atari was the lack of games. Walking into a
software store and seeing 2 new games in 7 months discouraged us all,
but we all seem encouraged by Atari's goal of 30-50 titles out by
Christmas. I hold firm that if they try, REALLY try, the 30-50 goal
can be reached.

I'll end this article with some of the more positive things said, I
don't want you to go away unhappy, you know!  Everyone agreed that the
Jaguar IS a 64 bit system, even after being drilled on not believing
everything that they hear. Everyone agreed on the enormous potential
that the Jaguar has, and the only thing stopping it from being the
king of the jungle is the lack of software. I personally (and I think,
everyone else there), had a great time. It was a great chance for me
to give input on my favorite game machine. The only thing that could
have made it better would have been me stuffing a Jag CD-ROM and a
Club Drive EPROM in my pocket.... 8-)


 |||   Profits: Videogame style
 |||   By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \  Delphi: ABARBIERO    GEnie: AEO.2

The video game, once considered a fad, has grown into a multi-billion
dollar industry. The video game industry is unique in many ways, but
has some similarity to other entertainment media such as books or
music. High turnover, a short title life-span, and a are the major
driving factors behind these markets, and entertainment software is
possibly even more competitive than any other consumer entertainment
products. At an estimated $6 billion marketplace, with 13 different
platforms in as much as 50 million homes, the competition to have
games that sell, and quickly is enormous. Out of over 700 reported
games released for all video game platforms only 20% of these games
sold the magic number of over 100,000 units. This is only for the game
console market, and it is considerably larger than the computer game
market. The Software Publishing Association estimated that North
America sold about $342 million in gaming software for 1992.

So now we know the numbers, and with so many games released, and so
few big winners, what do the numbers really mean? Who controls all the
dollars? Recently in Game Developer magazine, a small sidebar
illustrated the money trail that gives a game cartridge life in the
hands of a user. The top two hardware manufacturers are Japanese, and
through typical Japanese monomania they have cornered the market. This
is not just in owning the lion's share of hardware sold, but the
entire process of making a game.

Sega and Nintendo own the mechanism that manufactures a cartridge for
their systems - the actual cart, label, manual, box, and even warranty
cards are all made and assembled in Japan. They also own the rest of
the system.  Until last year, all licensees were limited to three
releases a year, and they had to be approved by Sega and Nintendo's
evaluators. Games that scored well enough for these folks would not be
counted though. So say you have a sure million-seller and you want to
put your hot little cart in the hands of 14 year old game-players
everywhere. A 50,000 unit shipment of a 12megabit cart like Street
Fighter II with battery-backup costs $25 or more per unit. It takes
three months for to get it manufactured, and you have to buy your
carts, paid up front! So after four months, the carts go to the store,
and after six months, your $1.25 million dollar order, floated for
over six months, you get paid.

New players are challenging the existing structure. Both Atari and 3DO
have a totally new method of licensing and software development. The
high pressure retail market is the same, slow selling titles will not
be given precious shelf space. Video games need to sell, but the
market will go where the money is. Even with a lower initial installed
user-base making the profit more accessible and the costs lower to
developers, other developers will come running. CD-ROMs are much
cheaper as they can be made in small quantities locally. There is far
less risk with 5000 CD-ROMS vs. a million dollars for the minimums
demanded by the Japanese.

Atari is following the same pattern, away from the Japanese model.
This will allow a small group to develop software, even on cart for
the Jaguar, at a lower cost and give the user a larger selection of
software than just stuff from the people who could front a million or
two dollars in hack for six months.

Having the hardware made my IBM is a bigger step than it first may
seem. Modern consumer electronics in the past twenty years have gone
offshore, the Japanese have conquered the audio/video market by a
combination of appealing to American greed, illegal dumping, and
corporate strategic partnerships. Every item that can be made in the
USA is a step to staunch this hemorrhage. And even items made by a
Japanese firm in the USA is not that great a deal when the profits are
going overseas and taxes are only paid minimally here in the US. The
few numbers of jobs provided by these companies are actually minimal
recompense for the loss of American manufacturing firms.

When all the cards are counted, the hardware manufacturer that makes
access to their technology as easy as possible and can control the
quality of software to assure gameplay first and profiteering second
will be able to take back the fire from Nintendo and Sega.


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 |||   Atari Artist
 |||   By: Peter Donoso & Fadi Hayek
/ | \  GEnie: EXPLORER.2

    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [  ATARI ARTIST  ] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Very much alive... and kickin'! That's the prognosis for ST/STe/TT/
Falcon users for the remainder of '94, well on into '95... and beyond.

Though the continuing development of next-generation Atari computers
is anybody's guess at this point, (the torch looks to be falling in
the direction of third-parties - a course which, in the overall scheme
of things, could well be a tremendous boon to Atari lovers everywhere
in the form of both greatly- improved user support and the real
possibility of some exciting new directions for the platform) there
certainly is no shortage of new and exciting software for Atari
computers of all ages.  Though the emphasis continues to be centered
around the Atari model which offers the most possibilities for a
variety of applications (the Falcon 030), a number of companies have
started to adopt a more universal, feature-enabled approach in their
development of new products for the market.

While most features of a program remain accessible to ST/STe/TT users,
some additional options that require greater processing power may only
be available to Falcon 030 users. This is a really smart approach that
benefits everyone. Developers are able to market their product to the
widest possible audience, while users end up benefiting through the
availability of continued new product. A by-product for all concerned
is that the platform stays alive and robust. This notion, of producing
products which offer a roster of power-packed features for the largest
group of users while tailoring certain options to the individual
abilities of a particular model, looks to be the industry's smart
choice for generating both present and continued future sales.

In other developments, serious discussion has begun among developers
on adopting a set of programming standards for all applications!
Initial discussions have begun on the subject of key commands and
whether to use those most often favored by German programmers or those
used by the mjority of the computer world.

Of course, the common Copy, Cut and Paste functions generally all use
the X-C-V keys, but then some programs use these in conjunction with
the Control key while others favor the Alt key. On other functions,
such as Close - Ctrl/W (as in Close File) the two camps seem to be
somewhat divided bewteen Germany and the rest of the world (is this
some kind of karmic thing or what?). The German standard is Ctrl/U, so
go figure!

At this point, any movement in the general direction of standardising
our user interface is welcomed news indeed! Once the key command
standard is set, the next item on the agenda is developing a program
that will automatically alter all their present GEM-based programs'
key commands to adopt to the final arrived at set of standards,

Regular readers of Atari Artist have heard us rant on a number of
occasions about the lack of common standards for our favorite
platform - an approach that gave Macintosh computers' claim of being
"user-friendly" so convincing, and one which Microsoft enviously
recognized as the one singular must-have for their new Windows-driven
DOS GUI! It just makes sense that the basic functions of all programs
within a specific platform should all share a set of common

Back to the issue of hardware versus software. Hey, let's face it, any
intelligent, observant person will see that it's really the software
- not necessarily the latest doubling or quadrupling of a chip's
processor power - that provides a major portion of the fuel to push an
otherwise "less- powerful" computer into overdrive! As far as I'm
aware, Atari is the ONLY platform which has software-based
accelerators, and they work as well as any clock-increased upgrade -
without ever having to open up your machine!

One need look no further than such innovative German companies as
Steinberg, Digital Arts and DMC to see what amazing stuff can be done
as a result of employing tight, ingenious, programming with a minimum
of code.  Hard drive storage requirements for individual
DOS/Windows-based programs is unbelievably HUGE! No question about it
- programming plays a mucho major role!

Without software - hey, ANY computer's just a box, and that's the
irrefutable bottom line! Keeping that in mind ,the following list is
certainly solid proof that Atari users can expect to be fed an ever-
increasingly powerful mixture of fuel into their favorite computer for
years to come. Just look at what's either recently been released or
right around the corner!

//// Word Processing

The evolution of word processing presses onward for greater
flexibility and improved user interfaces, as evidenced by the upcoming
release of Papyrus - a very promising program which brings a number of
DTP capabilities to a feature-packed w.p. environment. There are also
some impressive updates coming for a number of popular Atari staples.
Write On 2, That's Write 3 and Protext 6.5 are all salted to be
released in the next few months.

//// Font Management

Compo's Speedo G-DOS 5, which, as of this moment, has actually
physically landed at Atari dealers nationwide, offers Atari computers
a significant increase in font choices. In addition to the huge
selection of Speedo fonts, users can now use the same true-type and
Adobe post-script Type 1 fonts available to Windows and Mac users.
This is indeed a major improvement to an already great font management
system, giving Atari-based DTP users greater job opportunities in
being able to provide clients with a customer's specific font

//// Multi-Tasking

The number of choices Atari users have for multi-tasking on their
favorite machine continues to grow. MagiC (formerly called MagiX)
looks to be a very versatile - and fast! - environment. Black
Scorpion's very hot-looking DEXtrous incorporates multi-tasking
capabilities while offering some very slick GUI file and graphic
features. Ease is an alternate desktop with a difference - it allows
for assembly of an Launch Applications menu, as well as simultaneous
display of primary icon, combination icon/text, and two-column
text-based windows which displays file name, extension and Kbyte.  A
new version of MINT is due to be released in the next month or so, and
is rumored to bring some faster routines to Atari's Multi-TOS.

//// File Management Utilities

Utility programs such as Kobold bring a significant increase to file
copying and management. Harlequin 3 and Mortimer Deluxe have brought
two popular accessories which perform a host of functions while taking
up only one Desk slot up to full Atari model compatibility while
adding even more features. Powerful hard disk utilities such as
Diamond Edge and Diamond Back have followed suit.

//// DTP

There's no question that desktop publishing has never looked better!
Digital Arts has revamped its Didot Professional DTP package, and is
soon set to release it's latest incarnation as DA's Layout TC. Calamus
SL is also due for a significant and major update with the coming
release of v. 2.0, Gut'n'berg, BlowUp's fully-featured
Speedo-supported document processor, is also expected to see a late
fall release.

//// Image Processing

One of the hottest new Atari areas of software development, image
processing shows no signs of slowing down, as reflected in the number
of both recent and soon-to-be releases. Admittedly, it took a while
for the Atari world to catch up to its Macintosh/PC relatives in this
area, but that's all well in the past now! In addition to the awesome
power of Digital Art's DA's Picture, we will soon have the equally
powerful Chroma Studio24, as well as  HiSoft's TrueImage. Image Copy 3
is around the corner, and if no one told you otherwise, you might feel
hard-pressed to believe that such powerful editing utilities as
Eclipse and Spectra are, in fact, PD Shareware programs.

//// Painting /Drawing

Artistically, the much-anticipated release of Arabesque 2 is just
around the corner. If you were even the least bit impressed with the
original mono version of this wonderfully versatile, must-have
raster/vector drawing program, you'll be knocked out by this new color
version! Elsewhere, DA's Vector is now Vector Pro, while Chagall
continues to garnish rave reviews. Rainbow, EZ Art Professional and
PixArt round out the addition of some incredible new paint programs to
a roster of already impressive products.

//// Music /MIDI /Digital Recording

On the music end, things just get better and better. Musicom 2,
Trackcom and Clarity Falcon all extend the capabilities of the Falcon
030, while the latest version of Cubase Audio 2.0 puts Atari's
flagship bird light-years ahead of ANY other computer on the market -
period!  Sixteen tracks of digital audio right out of the box with the
addition of only a fast external hard drive and a full compliment of
RAM - two ingredients which are already a must-have requirement for
any kind of serious digital-audio processing, no matter what the
computer platform - along with a host of very powerful, detailed
satellite modules and utilities make for THE most affordable digital
music recording computer platform the world has ever seen.  And let's
not forget Logic, and Logic Audio, Emagic's excellent successor to the
immensely-popular Notator sequencing /notation software.  Soon-to-be
released Atari-based voice answering systems from both HiSoft and
Compo will offer Falcon users voice mail, as well as the ability to
put together full production OGM messages and announcements - voice,
music and sound effects - totally in the digital domain!

//// Just the Beginning...!

By the first quarter of '95 complete video editing packages, such as
DA's Movie and Titan's video editing package (still to be named), said
to have a number of similar features to a special video-oriented
version of the soon to be released Chroma Studio 24. You'll also be
seeing some easy-to-use 3-D modeling/ rendering programs that will let
you create objects and perform texture mapping, ray tracing and
animation without having to get bogged down in mathematical formulas
and computations.

So hang in there, all ye who have doubts - it looks to be a great
future for Atari computer owners everywhere!

This issue, we cover a number of new releases in a variety of
categories: music, paint/drawing/image processing. We also take a
first-hand look at two of the digital voice mail systems for the
Falcon which are in the final stages of development. And now - away we

        =                                                           =
       - -            -=-=-=-  [  SHOW NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-            - -
        =                                                           =


The major Atari eastern regional show was once again held recently in
Connecticut at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn. Sponsored once again by the
ACT Atari group ([A]ffiliated [C]onnecticu[T]), this marked the show's
fourth successful year. With the sad demise of the Washington
W.A.C.C.E. show and the announced cancellation of this year's
traditional west coast Glendale Atari show (due primarily to personal
difficulties for a number of the show's traditional organizers) this
show was certainly one of the largest Atari shows of the year, and
arguably a contender as THE strongest Atari show in the country for
1994. If you missed it... shame on you! For those unable to attend,
here's a brief run-down of the show.

The two-day event featured a total of 23 developers and vendors, many
of whom were offering a number of great specials and show deals. Door
prizes consisting of either software packages or free online time for
Compuserve were given away every hour, and a grand prize at the end
of each day was an Atari Jaguar entertainment system, all donated by
Atari Corp.

In addition, a major Jaguar competition consisting of five stations
running such popular games as Tempest 2000, Cybermorph, Crescent
Galaxy and Raiden, along with the latest (and very cool-looking)
additions to the Jaguar game roster Brutal Sports Football and
Wolfenstein 3D ran every hour over the course of both days. Each event
winner received a prize and when the dust finally cleared on Sunday
the one left standing got to walk away with a complete Jaguar system,
also donated by Atari Corp.


 [] WIZZTRONICS picked up steam after getting a late start, hoping to
    have finished Falcon Racks to sell at the show. Unfortunately the
    spray shop was unable to meet the show deadline, though Steve
    Cohen was able to get a finished face plate complete with black
    anodizing and silk screened lettering for display. The final
    revised panel has slots for ventilation and an additional 5 1/4"
    opening for mounting either a Syquest or CD-ROM drive. The rack
    includes a 230 watt power supply, capacity for two internal hard
    drives, along with two external rear SCSI ports and an internal
    DEKA 2 keyboard interface for using any XT/AT compatible PC

    Steve Cohen was swamped with orders for the rack case at the show.
    Wizztronics has already shipped 25 units and will begin shipping
    their second batch this week, 15 of which were show orders. Also
    for sale was the external version of their DEKA 2 unit, handsomely
    packaged in a light grey sand-textured plastic case.

    Wizztronics handed out their eye-catching flyer announcing the
    nearly-completed Barracuda 040 Accelerator Board, whose ultimate
    release continues to be held up in awaiting Atari's response to
    the final leg of a seemingly interminable round of contract
    negotiations. Steve was also besieged with showgoers ready to
    plunk deposits down sight-unseen on the piece - a remarkable
    showing of the level of trust Steve has managed to garner from the
    Atari community as a result of his unrelenting instance on
    customer satisfaction. It's this same continued commitment which
    prohibited him from taking any deposits until the piece is a
    reality and ready to ship - but that didn't stop him from taking
    names and phone numbers.

    Though it seems like everyone here in both the US and Europe are
    growing increasingly anxious to get their hands on the Barracuda,
    no one is showing more strain than Steve himself, who has been
    meeting each new setback and developmental frustration with a
    tenacious showing of perseverance and "can do" attitude. Make no
    mistake about it, the Barracuda will not only make it to market,
    but certainly blow everyone away with its outstanding quality
    construction, blistering performance and open-ended design for
    plug 'n play future expansion!

    P.O. Box 122
    Port Jefferson, NY  11776
    (516) 473-2507

 [] GRIBNIF SOFTWARE was showing off their long-awaited release of
    NEO-DESK 4 - and all I can say is WOW! The number of new and
    improved features is truly impressive, including expanded powerful
    file search capabilities, menus for each individual open window,
    grouping of folders, files and programs from any number of hard
    drive partitions, all of which can be launched with one key
    command when running under a multi-tasking system such as GENEVA
    or Multi-TOS. Though all the improvements would take a couple of
    pages to list, the one that stuck in my mind as being the most
    impressive was it's ability to perform multitasking-like
    file-related functions, such as Copy or Move, in the background -
    REGARDLESS of whether Neo-Desk is running within a multitasking
    environment or not!!! No matter what ST model you've got, you owe
    it to yourself to check out Neo-Desk 4!

    I was really hoping to see a pre-release demo of ARABESQUE 2, but
    no such luck. Rick Flashman did assure me that they have a
    contract in place for US distribution when it's ready - possibly
    by as a soon as the first quarter of '95.

    Gribnif Software
    P.O. Box 779
    Northampton, MA  01061
    (413) 247-5620 / 247-5622 Fax

 [] OREGON RESEARCH showed off PAPYRUS, their feature-packed word
    processor/document formatter, and TRUE IMAGE, a very easy to use
    and powerful image editing program. Demonstrations for these
    programs drew a healthy crowd and attendees were duly impressed by
    the abilities of both programs. I also finally had a chance to
    check out the new features of HARLEQUIN 3, their multi-featured
    desk accessory which does just about everything but walk the dog.
    Now fully Falcon-compatible, I was awed enough to run all the way
    back home to NYC for my Harlequin 2 disk so as to qualify for the

    Oregon Research Associates
    16200 SW Pacific Hwy Suite #162
    Tigard, OR  97224
    (503) 620-4919 / 624-2940 Fax

 [] LEXICOR SOFTWARE captured a considerable portion of my time on
    Sunday.  Phase 4 maven Yat Sun started off with by putting a
    totally re-worked PRISM PAINT II through it's paces - wow! In my
    opinion the new floating icon-based multi-layered interface
    (somewhat reminiscent of Arabesque) really makes accessing the
    program's host of features much easier. Then he showed me
    XENOMORPH 2, which boasts a slew of new and improved features,
    including over 120 new texture maps and a user-creatable texture
    map feature.

    Next came RAYTRACER, an amazingly fast! and easy-to-use raytracing
    program which requires no math! He rendered a sphere with all of
    the program's options selected and configured in under four
    minutes! Yat began to look like a magician pulling one rabbit out
    of his hat after another. MORPH was introduced as the only program
    (pay attention StrataVision and 3-D Studio Mac users) which is
    capable of morphing 3-D texture-mapped objects in an animation. I
    saw a demo which squeezed the mouth of a horizontally-floating
    pitcher, as if it were a blow-fish which used an invisible jet of
    air to propel itself by expanding and contracting its abdomen.
    Wow! Then I watched Lexicor's GENESIS generate topographically
    rendered planets right before my eyes.  The included accompanying
    TERRAIN program also did some pretty impressive imaginary
    landscapes. Phase 4's SYSTEMS UTILITIES disk includes KINETICS,
    which plays .DLT and .FLM animations, as well as their
    OVERLAY.ACC, which allows one .FLM to be overlaid on another for
    generating some interesting possible effects.

    Rounding out the list were two other programs. CYBER COLOR, allows
    any CYBER SCULPTURE object to color individual surfaces, offering
    full 360 rotation of the object and application of a full palette
    of colors. In addition you can also add an unlimited number of new
    surfaces without having to import your object back into CYBER
    SCULPT. CYBER COLOR can also run as an accessory. ANM LINK
    provides the vital link for transferring your animations from
    CHRONOS over to XENOMORPH 2 for texture mapping.

    I was very impressed with how these programs were able to work
    together, albeit as separate applications. This "unified"
    separateness made me wish Lexicor had taken an integrated
    environment approach, giving users the opportunity to access any
    and all of these programs as "modules" - an idea I think would
    make the overall system more attractive to both first-time as well
    as experienced users - much like CALAMUS SL and CUBASE - and one
    which I strongly feel warrants serious consideration. That said,
    these programs now seem to bridge a number of gaps which I felt
    were impeding the ideal of being able to bring a 3-D object from
    beginning inception through animation and texture mapping and on
    to to the final process of creating a truly impressive- looking
    finished product.

    Speaking of truly impressive (is that beginning to sound like a
    looped sound-bite? Observant, aren't you!) after all of this I
    took a short breather before descending into DAs PICTURE.  All I
    can say is if you've been looking for Adobe PhotoShop to be
    released on the Atari - it's here! Though HiSoft's True Image is
    well-suited for the beginner and intermediately experienced user,
    and offers a number of powerful features, DAs PICTURE can take you
    way beyond into the finer points of both photo retouching and
    image manipulation. Lexicor will be distributing all of DAs
    products, including DAs VECTOR, VECTOR PRO and LAYOUT.

    Lastly I got a chance to see BLOWUP 030, a screen resolution
    enhancer similar to SCREENBLASTER, but which offers a more
    sophisticated configuration utility program and hence a somewhat
    more flexible range of resolutions. I was impressed (There's that
    word again...Hey, my dog ate my Thesaurus, ok?) so much so that I
    bought one right there and then... well, I'll let your imagination
    take it from there.

    Lexicor Software
    58 Redwood Road
    Fairfax, CA  94930
    (415) 453-0271

 [] IT'S ALL RELATIVE were demoing PHOTO SHOW PRO 2.2, their great-
    looking photo CD display program which allows you to easily
    assemble multimedia presentations combining stills, graphics,
    titling (using G-DOS/Speedo fonts or the 24-bit .BMP format images
    created in true-color for MS Windows) along with any ,AVR sound
    file. There's a selection of twenty different special fades,
    dissolves, wipes and transitions which can add special effects,
    including image overlays, and it supports VGA, RGB and standard
    TVs. It also features a special Corel mode for producing shows
    using the Corel series of photo CD images, and the disk includes a
    driver for Multi-TOS, along with drivers for a large number of CD
    manufacturers.  You can easily write scripts for creating specific
    effects and pics to coincide with sound and graphics display, and
    either directly access any Kodak Photo CD, which use the Kodak PCD
    format, or assemble them straight from your hard drive using the
    FTC 16-bit true color format.  All I can say about the finished
    demos they had running were... wow!

    They also have the CD AUDIO PLAYER which turns your CD ROM player
    into a CD music disc player, complete with a control panel which
    has all the familiar features found on most CD players and it will
    let you assign song names to each track, which you can save,
    assemble into a multi-disc data base and recall later to create
    your own custom sequence lists!

    ART FOR KIDS is their appealing and easy to use drawing
    application which takes full advantage of the TT/Falcon models,
    combining a lot of whacky paint effects with crazy sounds and
    animation, hidden pictures that suddenly appear and a host of
    special stamps.

    ExtenDOS 1.21 makes plugging in any CD ROM player into any Atari
    ST/STe (using The Link from ICD) /TT/Falcon a breeze and easy to
    use.  If you're thinking about getting a CD ROM unit, you NEED
    this extension! Avoid the horror stories of using Multi-TOS and
    getting weird garbage and corrupted files on your hard disk.
    ExtenDOS makes CD ROMs a plug'n play experience.

    It's All Relative also has a generous selection of inexpensive CD
    ROMs, both Atari-specific and generic, including the hard-to-get
    German PD/Shareware Volumes I & II, which contain a ton of
    easy-to-use programs never seen anywhere else! They have a number
    of great photo CDs, as well as clip art and Windows programs.

    It's All Relative
    2233 Keeven Lane
    Florissant, MO
    (314) 831-9482

 [] ICD INC. had the pre-release demo of their awesome CATBOX, the
    ultimate JAGUAR accessory which allows for RGB output to a
    monitor, S-Video output, composite and ComLynx for multi-networked
    capability.  In addition you have RCA stereo outs. The CATBOX PLUS
    adds two headphones jacks with volume controls and an RS422 serial
    network port for future networking features.

    1220 Rock Street
    Rockford, IL 61101
    (815) 968-2228

 [] STEINBERG-JONES rep Greg Undo was showing CUBASE AUDIO FALCON 2.0
    with 16 tracks of digital audio, along with their STUDIO MODULE,
    FDI SDIF optical digital in/out interface and SA-8 eight-channel

    Steinberg / Jones
    17700 Raymer Street Suite 1001
    Northbridge, CA 91325
    (818) 993-4161 or 993-4091

 [] MAJICSOFT was showing M.A.G.E., their programming enhancement tool
    for GFA BASIC which adds over 200 commands, along with a cool game
    called NERTZ - solitaire with an attitude!

    741 Bultman Drive Colony Sq.
    Sumter, SC 29150
    (800) 845-3070

 [] FOUCH SOFTWARE were showing off the latest version of their
    MAILING MANAGER 2 which makes it easy to perform mail merges with
    a number of Atari word processors and text editors.

    Fouch Software
    1823 West 8th Street
    Erie, PA 16505
    (814) 455-1294

 [] A & D SOFTWARE, home of the indispensable Universal Item Selector,
    has managed to pick up a number of titles from various developers.
    They now carry Digital Horizons' excellent series of MIDI
    educational music products. Now called MIDI MUSIC LESSONS, they
    and can be bought as a complete package for only $69 - originally
    the average price for each program by itself!

    They've also picked up Phil Comeau/Wintertree's GRAM SLAM, GRAMMAR
    which was schedule to debut at the show, was unfortunately held up
    for some final bug-fixes, and will be released by September. Also
    shown was MEGA CHECK 2, the check printing/accounting/report
    program which has many new features added.

    A & D Software
    280 Peach Street
    Merlin, OR  97532
    (800) 800-2563 Orders / (503) 476-0071 Voice

 [] BINARY SOUNDS, the new distributor of the SMPTE/EDIT TRACK series,
    was there showing these and the rest of the former Hybrid Arts/
    Barefoot Software line of Atari MIDI music products. They plan to
    continue support and development, and are currently working on a
    new notation program for use with SMPTE/EDIT TRACK.

    Binary Sounds
    431 Oakdale
    Stafford, TX 77477
    (713) 776-9118

 [] BEST ELECTRONICS' Brad Koda brought his usual two huge suitcases,
    the contents of which he spread out amongst four tables, filled
    with but a small sampling of his huge inventory of Atari products.
    Brad did a brisk business, but I really would have loved to have
    seen the reaction of airport security as he put them through the
    x-ray machines and then had to explain all the stuff he had in
    those two bags.

    Best Electronics
    2021 The Alameda, Suite 290
    San Jose, CA  95126
    (408) 243-6950


Show attendance numbered a little more than 400 over the two days,
down slightly from last year, but almost everyone there was a serious
buyer, and the dealers I spoke to - TOAD, COMPUTER ZONE, MICRO
all said it was financially even better than last year and well worth
the trip. Co-Master of ceremonies Brian & Angela Gockley did a
fabulous job and worked hard to make sure that every exhibitor's
requests and stomachs were well attended to. Rounding out the roster
of leading people who made it all look easy were ACT's Doug Finch and
Berne Paist.

Can't wait for Connecticut '95 - be there!

        =                                                           =
       - -          -=-=-=-  [  MUSIC NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-             - -
        =                                                           =


Officially released in Europe in July, Logic Audio Falcon is now
available here in the U.S. However due to a number of market and
hardware problems which directly relate to running Logic Audio on the
Falcon, Emagic has had to rethink its position on the future of the
Falcon version Audio Logic.

So as not to panic users, lets start out by stating unequivocally that
Emagic's Logic sequencer /notation program for the Atari will
continue to receive both tech support and development for years to
come. Though the response for Logic Audio on the Mac platform has been
quite strong, the Falcon version has initially had far less of a
response than was originally expected. Emagic maintains that the
program itself is rock- solid, and works fine on Falcons that have had
the timing fix. More on this later.

//// Great Deals All Around

Emagic is offering a number of special upgrade offers for both owners
of C-Lab Notator /Creator /Alpha products and current Logic owners.
For those C-Lab product owners who have been thinking about upgrading
to Logic, Emagic is offering a special incentive price of $200.  You
get to keep your old sequencer software AND upgrade to the full
version of Logic 2.0!  This is the complete package, which includes
Emagic's LOG3 MIDI interface, offering 3 additional MIDI ports, a
built-in key which allows you to run both Logic AND Notator SL 3.2 and
its own built-in cartridge extension port to plug in your Export or
other C-Lab modules. Emagic will also provide Notator SL 3.2 free of
charge to any user upgrading to Logic who requests it! In addition,
any upgrade from those former C-Lab products to any version of Logic
also includes a video tutorial on using Logic - a regular $39.95 value
- free!

C-Lab product owners of the above mentioned 3 programs also have the
option of upgrading to the Windows or Mac versions of Logic for $150.
Logic Atari owners can do the same for $100, and either Atari product
owner also has the option of upgrading directly to the Mac version of
Logic Audio for only $299!

//// Logic Audio Falcon Deal Of A Lifetime!

Now here's the real kicker! Present owners of the Atari version of
Logic can upgrade to Logic Audio Falcon 2.0 FREE!!!. You heard me
right - Logic owners who are lucky enough to own a Falcon can have all
the MIDI-generated power offered by Logic AND 8 tracks of digital
audio, as well as a number of DSP-related digital audio features, FREE
OF CHARGE!!  If you want the manual for the program, it's $30 -
certainly reasonable.  This also means that any C-Lab product owners
who update to Atari Logic will also be eligible for this free upgrade
to Logic Audio Falcon.

What gives? Well, the down side is that, as of now, Emagic will not be
offering tech support to Logic Audio Falcon owners and, also as of
now, is making no promises as to future development of Logic Audio
Falcon.  As mentioned earlier, this in no way affects the Atari
version of Logic, which will continue to receive both tech support and
future development.

The timing problem, which a number of U.S. Falcons have, requires a
hardware fix in order to run Logic Audio (as well as Cubase Audio).
This, in addition to Atari's uncertainty over continued computer
development has made it financially and economically impossible for
Emagic to continue development and support for Logic Audio Falcon.

Though Atari owners reap immediate benefits from these developments,
we feel it's really a shame. Such an excellent and promising product
as this should really not be ending as soon as it barely begins.
Apart from excellent notation and MIDI tools, the program offers a
number of unique DSP processing features: simultaneous digital audio
pitch shifting and time expansion/compression in one pass;
audio-to-MIDI groove templates, which allow you to capture any audio
track and save it as a groove template.

Of course, Emagic will be watching closely to see whether enough
response - translated as a large-enough user base - will warrant a
reconsidering of their present decision. As is often the case with
most software, it's fate is really in the hands of its users.

Emagic can be reached at (916) 477-1051 /Fax 477-1052 /24-hour product
information 477-1053


Trakcom is a mono sample sequencing program for the Falcon030.
Although it does not support direct recording (but supports loading
and saving Musicom and FalconD2D formats, as well as common .AVR and
.WAV formats) it does offer some powerful sample editing features.
Trakcom allows you to set the start, end and loop points for a sample,
make it louder or softer, fade in and out, reverse it, or change the

The program supports up to 10 tracks of digital audio, the maximum
number being sample dependent. A maximum of 6 tracks will allow you to
maintain a CD semblance of quality, while increasing the number to the
maximum of 10 will decrease the rate to around 25Khz. Although lacking
the cross-fade capabilities of Sound Tools, it does have a number of
features in common.

Samples can be assembled into a play list which is laid out as a
series of columns. Each column represents a track, and along the left
side is the common display of time which governs all tracks. If you
simply want to play a set of samples in sequence, you only need work
within one column (track). However, if you'd like to mix samples
together during playback, Trakcom offers a fairly easy to use
interface, though not exactly musical in the way you set things up.
Patterns are determined by the number of steps, called "lines" and
subdivided into "shifts", while tempo is measured in lines per second.
You can cut, copy and paste samples and patterns, and mute tracks, and
change sample rates on the fly.

Trakcom will be available in September from Compo (415) 355-0862, and
is expected to retail for somewhere around $70.

        =                                                           =
       - -         -=-=-=-  [  HARDWARE NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-           - -
        =                                                           =

//// Digital Audio Answering Systems

I would doubt that anyone who has owned a phone answering machine has
not wanted to heave it out the window at some point during the tenure
of it's functioning life. Maybe it never responded to your outside
commands to retrieve messages, or it kept swallowing important
messages that you would only find out about two weeks later, or it
simply enjoyed eating cassettes for dinner. Sure, there are those
sophisticated digital phone answering machines out there now, but
they're not cheap, the amount of allotted recording time they offer is
pretty short, and manufacturers still don't seem to see the value of
including an Audio In jack on any of the models presently out there to
facilitate transfer of an OGM production message from your multi-track
or stereo cassette tape player or your Atari Falcon 030 computer.

Well, within the next six months not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 -
count 'em - 4 systems systems will be out, from such prestigious
companies as HiSoft, Compo and BlowUp.  Let's, as my old walk-up
tenement residence's superintendent use to say, "gib ah louk" at what
each system has to offer.


Compo's T'Phone + VoiceMail system consists of a hardware box which
contains two standard phone plugs - one for plugging into the wall,
the other for attaching your phone, although if you have extension
jacks elsewhere in the room, you don't need to plug a phone directly
into the box - a three-foot cord which gets plugged into your Falcon's
modem port, two wired mini jack cables which plug into the Falcon's
mic and speaker ports and a set of mic/speaker thru ports which allow
you continued access to those ports for other uses. If you're in front
of your computer all day, you can plug a headset phone into these
jacks - cool! If you use a modem, you'll also want to get an A/B box
to avoid plugging and unplugging your modem all the time.

The software includes the T_Phone accessory ,which offers you access
to your computer's phone set-up - pulse or tone, mute, a button for
playing a sound file - eminently suited for playing pre-recorded
music - as well as a host of sampled phone rings. The T_Phone program
holds a number of pre-recorded messages that lets you know the hard
drive is full, that the outgoing recording has been disabled,
acknowledgment of receiving a remote code before retrieving your
messages, before incoming messages are replayed and when there are no

You can enable the familiar toll-saver feature, as well as determine
the number of rings before the machine picks up to indicate that you
have one or more messages. In addition, you can set an independent
sample rate and volume for playing your outgoing message and recording
your incoming messages, determine how many seconds of recording time
for an incoming message as well as the number of seconds of silence to
be detected before the program automatically disengages the line. You
can also configure your own remote access code (up to six-digits) and
if installed in your Auto folder T_Phone.PRG will automatically reload
it's saved configuration and start up in answer mode when power
resumes as the result of a power outage!

The VoiceMail feature will be an additional add-on option which will
allow you to set up a number of mailboxes and voice menus to allow
callers to navigate through a set of menu options, as well as assign
specific call-in codes to allow access to or restrict any number of
mail-boxes. The system is very open-ended, powerful and extremely
flexible, allowing for number of business applications as well as home

The T_Phone is slated to be available here by the end of the year,
retailing for somewhere around $250, while the complete system for
will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $450.

//// TRUE ANSWER ???

Though HiSoft hasn't decided on a final title, one would think
TrueVoice to be the perfect choice - that is if it wasn't for the
fact that AT&T already has dibbs on it, having claimed it for their
own digital voice system. Whatever it's called, the Hisoft product
looks to be a very promising and powerful system for home and the
small business owner. Not quite as developed as T_Phone, preliminary
reports indicate that it will offer multiple mail boxes. a phone book,
and such features as reset or saving individual messages for later
monitoring. Although no hardware interface has yet been revealed, one
would suspect that it would contain similar features to Compo's
design. Price is rumored to be less than Compo's, due to it's
simpler-featured home-owner /home business orientation.


BlowUp is due to release TasS, a hardware /software package which
offers some unique features as a digital answering machine. The
hardware end of it will consist of an interface box which will
interface with the Falcon's audio input/output ports, and will also
contain a standard phone jack plug. The wild thing about the system is
that users will not have to keep their Falcon on in order to receive

When a call comes in, TasS will automatically turn the Falcon on.
Although exactly how this will be done has not been revealed, one
assumes that a switched outlet in the back of BlowUp's unit will
facilitate this, much like the ones which allow a TV to be turned on
at the same time as a cable box. The Falcon then assumes the role of
appearing to be like any regular answering machine, and will shut down
when finished. Configuration software bundled with the unit will also
allow the computer, when running under a multi-tasking system, to
record incoming calls while it's busy doing other tasks.

Voice mail, with multiple boxes will also be possible, and TasS will
support both modem and fax transmissions as well - something the other
systems might well be wise to consider. The system is rumored to cost
under $200 US!


A company called Pleiades Research has announced the release of their
Digital Storefront voice mail for the Falcon 030. The hardware has
phone, speaker and -yes! - microphone jacks! The unit boasts
"unsurpassed telephone line voice quality" and offers "unlimited" mail
boxes and multi levels, each of which can be custom configured with a
variety of features.  Other features include adjustable incoming and
outgoing message lengths, password protection and message
time-stamping as well as forwarding. Remote features enable message
retrieval and remote outgoing message changing.  While you're working
on your system, you get on-line status of incoming calls as well as
the ability to screen calls, and calls can be recorded while using a
multi-tasking operating system as a background operation if you're in
another application. You can access a window to review and playback
your messages, and apply system sounds, such a phone ringing, to
various operations. This system is supposedly shipping now, and has a
retail price of $295. (713) 488-2134  / 488-0427 Fax.


Germany's BlowUp, well-know for their BlowUp 030 resolution extension
product for the Falcon, has a pulled a neat little trick from out of
their sleeve with the release of their PSI unit. A pocket S/PDIF
interface which plugs into the DSP port of the Falcon, the small unit
provides a direct digital interface for connecting either a DAT or a
CD player containing a digital out AND it can be used with Cubase
Audio! price is somewhere around $325 US.

//// PAK 68 /33Mhz Accelerator For ST/STe

The German Atari community has always been somewhat of a world unto
itself, producing many unique and amazing products that do all kinds
of sophisticated things on Atari computers. What becomes available to
the greater world at large for purchase really comprises about a third
of the German market's Atari hardware /software product line. If you
ever have the chance to attend a German Atari computer show, you'll
know what I mean.

One of the hardware items which has sold in Germany for quite awhile
is the PAK 68/3, a 68030 running at 33 Mhz with an additional 32Kb
external RAM cache on-board. though not quite available here in the
states, the fact that it will soon be for sale in Great Britain brings
it one step closer across the Great Pond, as it were.

The size of the board requires a 1040ST/Ste or Mega STe owner to
re-install their computer in some form of external case, but a Mega
ST case can accommodate the board with certain limitations. Some minor
alterations may need to be done to the housing, and if you're using
the Mega's bus slot, you need to confirm that the installed card isn't
taking up valuable space.

//// System Requirements

Although you need at least TOS 2.06 to use the PAK 68/3, TOS 3.06 is
the far better choice, and there is a specially-patched version of
3.06 which will be available which will allow the PAK's 68030 to take
advantage of the 68030's full 32 bit-wide bus and PMMU (Paged Memory
Management Unit) support. This also facilitates multi-tasking mode
memory protection and support for additional virtual memory via clever
use of your hard drive's free disk space.

There's even room on the board to allow for a 68882 math co-processor,
and for those users who run critical programs that require 1.02/.04,
the board's design provides for the option of installing switchable
TOS versions to drop it back down to the old familiar 8Mhz speed. And
now that I've mentioned speed, with a PAK board installed your
ST/STe's increased speed will definitely put a heapin' "hurtz" on any
regular TT or Falcon, leaving them standing by the proverbial
processor highway with their "bits" still in their mouths.

//// Bench Marks

Although specific processor calls and functions will vary percentages,
RAM and ROM access are increased by over 500% when compared to either
machine, while VDI Text will only show a modest increase of 2% over a
Falcon and 19% over a TT. Some calls, like VDI Scrolling are slower
than either machine, but the overall CPU differential is somewhere
around 250% faster than a Falcon and a little over 125% faster than a

The board is being supported by Systems Solutions (081-693 3355), who
is offering three kits: the basic PAK 68 /3 with TOS 2.06 is around
$525 US, while the special TOS 3.06 EPROMS will add another $90 or so.
The full package, with the addition of the 688882 math co-processor
kicks the final price up to around $750, NOT including the new case
assembly that would be necessary for 1040ST/STe and Mega STe (and
possibly Mega ST) users.

No matter how you cut it, racing your machine can be an expensive
proposition, but then, if you've ever ran a program with and without
Warp 9 or NVDI, you know what the speed bug can do to you once you've
been bit. To par-a-phrase - speed thrills! Ya payse ya money, ya
takes ya jalopy out for some amazing dances!

       =                                                           =
      - -          -=-=-=-  [  VIDEO NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-             - -
       =                                                           =

//// Expose

Titan Designs has announced the imminent release of Expose, their
true-color video digitizer for the Falcon which will offer the ability
to make high-resolution real-time video captures. The board plugs into
the Falcon's internal expansion slot, while the RGB input connection
requires a slight cut in the Falcon's casing near the cartridge port.

Though Titan plans to bundle editing software with their board,
they've tested the product with a special version of Black Scorpion's
Chroma Studio 24, which the board will also fully support.

256x160 seems to be the best resolution for doing high frame-rate
frame grabs, but 512x512 interlaced grabs can also be done, which the
board converts to 512x380 on the fly for aspect ratio-corrected screen
display. On a VGA display at 300x200 pixels, Chroma 24's "forced-fit"
feature dithers the 512x380 grab, which, though they slow the process
down somewhat, yield a picture with considerably more detail than the
otherwise non-interlaced picture.

The board also offers a PIP (Picture-in-Picture) display,which can be
handy for lining up a live camcorder or simply adjusting the incoming
feed until it's optimized to your requirements. Effects include
multiple exposures, a morphing studio set of tools, a variety of masks
and brush effects, image mapping to a rotating geometric surface, as
well as handling 24-bit color single frame grabs and image enhancing
up to 1024x768.

One of the main application is certainly animation, and Expose' will
be able to facilitate that at a number of different rates. Seconds
here refer to the number of frames: 512x380 rez @ 7 per second;
512x256 @ 10 per second; 256x160 @ 17 per second; 128x80 @ 25 per
second. All grabs are in real-time, and animations can be saved in
industry-standard FLI format. Of course, all of this is going to
require a large hard drive and the full 16 yards of memory.

With Titan's Graffiti Genlock and Improv Pro titling software, you'll
have a full-video production studio running from your Falcon that will
really be able to go to town with some impressive results!

        =                                                           =
       - -           -=-=-=-  [  GRAPHICS NEWS  ]  -=-=-=-         - -
        =                                                           =

////  PIXART 2  

An impressive paint program which boasts providing access, as well as
displaying, up to a whopping 16.7 million colors, offers a number of
powerful paint/drawing features. Using superior dithering routines,
the program can convert images from color to monochrome, as well as
convert from 24 to either 16 or 8-bit color.

Maximum possible resolution is an awesome 32,000x32,000 pixels (in
true color mode, of course!) and can easily handle Kodak CD format
files. A flexible 1-pixel increment zoom feature allows for extremely
detailed editing. It even comes in its own paint-can packaging!
Available, for now, exclusively in Britain... but not for long!

//// Quill

Billed as a free-hand drawing program, Quill is specially designed to
take particular advantage of the Tabby graphics tablet. It's
singularity stems from the fact that it offers users a number of
different pen "nibs" to simulate realistic results that, when used
with the Tabby, offer far greater control over your work than with any
other program which is designed around using a mouse.

The software runs as either a program or an accessory in either ST
high or medium rez, as well as on all Falcon resolutions except for
true-color. You don't HAVE to have a Tabby to use the program, but you
really can't get a real sense of the degree of sensitivity and control
which the program offers with a mouse.

You can alter the nib shape, size, structure and amount of "ink flow"
while such features as Rotate and Squash Nib allow you to move your
controller until you achieve the exact effect of shape and angle that
you're looking for. Once a line, or series of lines have been
executed, you can edit any or all of them, one stroke at a time if you
so desire. A smoothing feature is also available for applying to a
momentarily unsteady hand. One of the more interesting applications
for the program, in conjunction with the Tabby graphics tablet, is the
ability to trace original art right on the screen and edit it from
there! Realistic-looking signatures can also be accomplished and then
saved for import into word processing and desktop publishing programs.

Strangely, though the vector features allow for a lot of control in
composing and editing your work, Quill presently only saves in an .IMG
bit-mapped format, though the program does allow for exact scaling in
it's native vector mode beforehand, and the next update will add the
ability to save in, as well as import a .CVG format.

Geared primarily for artist, especially those who may have a difficult
time resolving the transition from pen and paper to the virtual work
surface of a computer screen, Quill shows to have great potential as
THE drawing program for fine illustration work.

Well, that's it for this edition. Next issue we'll have more of the
latest in all your favorite subjects.

Until next time, this is Pete Donoso & Fadi Hayek reminding you that...

   =                                                                 =
  - -   [ "Today is the Tomorrow you dreamed about Yesterday." ]    - -
   =                                                                 =
          ==                                              ==
        --          C    R    E    D    I    T    S         --
          ==                                              ==

ATARI ARTIST endeavors to bring you the latest news on what's
happening in areas that involve the ARTS. Music & MIDI, video, and a
host of graphic categories covering drawing, painting, animation,
graphics, raytracing & texture mapping as well as related
graphic-editing & rendering programs, all of which are either new
arrivals or soon to be released both here and in Europe.

We keep a somewhat loose publishing schedule, which roughly translates
to around once a month. ATARI ARTIST's staff consists of myself, Peter
Donoso, and my partner, Fadi Hayek. We both live and work in New York

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning anything related
to the contents or subjects mentioned here in ATARI ARTIST, you can
leave E-Mail for either Fadi or myself on GEnie at EXPLORER.2, and
we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.


--       --==--==--    CompuServe Sign-Up Information    --==--==--      --
--                                                                       --
-- To sign up for CompuServe service, call (voice call) (800) 848-8199.  --
-- Ask for operator #198. You will be sent a $15.00 value CIS membership --
-- kit for free.                                                         --
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 |||   Andreas' Den
 |||   By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \  Delphi: ABARBIERO     GEnie: AEO.2

//// The future of publishing, best of software, and a call for

Its a sad thing, but the increase of online Atarians has left the
print magazines in a bad position. I am not going to say they are
obsolete, or not worth subscribing to, because they do serve a purpose
and are worth the money. Atari Explorer Online never meant to replace
them, and with the current state of technology, cannot replace them.
Having a print magazine to take with you is invaluable, and much
easier to read on the go. Nevertheless, the inherent costs, time and
effort that it takes to get a print magazine on the shelves is getting
harder and harder. The natural cost effectiveness of an online
magazine is beginning to make the difference. There is little turn
around time for an online magazine which makes the information more
"timely," and it costs almost nothing more to produce 100,000 copies
than it does to produce the first. It is not free for us to make that
first copy, as our phone bills can prove. If there is anything you
would like to see, don't hesitate to mail us.

Atari Explorer Online itself grew out of Atari Explorer magazine which
unfortunately felt the cuts at Atari early on. The survival of Atari
is, and was, reliant upon making the needed cuts. Atari Explorer
Online is in the process of trying to go more "commercial." We are not
trying to charge the readers of AEO, but are thinking of getting an
improved interface going and selling advertising space. In a shrinking
marketplace I do not think that anyone would object to a few ads
advertizing things that you would want to buy. But then again, as a
responsible magazine, we will only give you, our readers, what you
want, What are your thoughts?

The computer market is so bad right now that Commodore could not
survive on its own, and reading a Macintosh magazine feel strangly
like the Atari magazines in 1989. There is a feeling of desperation
there, developers are leaving for the Windows platforms and new
software is coming in more slowly than ever. In an environment where
Apple is feeling like it is left out, where would that leave Atari?
Sitting right behind Commodore in liquidation, that's where. The
Falcon030 and anticipated future machines were left in the lurch when
it was realized that the Jaguar was going to be the only chance at
big-time profitability in the near future.

Fortunately, Atari has some strong points left in the computer corner.
The first is a good OS that is not as demanding upon system
requirements as operating systems on other platforms. There are a few
things that need to be updated, and I have been seeking inputs from
people on Delphi and the Usenet as to what they would like to see in a
new incarnation of TOS. If there is anything else that YOU would like
to see in TOS, leave me EMAIL and I will be compiling a list of
features and forwarding it on to the TOS group.

With every game that is released, and every Jaguar that is sold, the
resources at Atari will be freed up for computer ends. Atari Works has
been in Beta 2.0 for quite some time and hopefully Pradip will be done
with his Jaguar assignments and move back to Atari Works. As it
stands, Atari Works is a good program, and with the addition of
SpeedoGDOS v5 from Compo and Atari, the additional font types are a
great boon to Atarists. All we need to make it perfect is direct
importation of other computer file formats. So far, with Rich Text
Format, (RTF) you can create a file in AtariWorks, export it in RTF
and import it into a word processor on a PC and maintain ALL the
characteristics of the original file.

There is something else I have been meaning to talk about for some
time now, and it is the Usenet. On Delphi, from within the Atari
Advantage area, you can directly and easily read just about EVERY
newsgroup out there. Not only are there the Atari related areas, but
there are groups on just about every topic imaginable. I and my wife
not only read, and the related groups, but,,, alt.politics. and! We read a few more irregularly,
and always end up finding something that we wish we had the time to
add to our list.

OK, this is not hard... trust me! From the Delphi interface all you
need to do is go into the Atari Advantage area, type USE, to get into
the Usenet, and then you have a list of options. The Atari areas are
available quickly by pressing a number associated with the group you
want to read, and there you are! With a list of message threads to
read from you can scroll throught the messages and reply to them
without needing to type in any long addresses or anything other
cryptic information. If you want to access a newsgroup that is not
included in the default menu, you can select a private list of
favorites. Type in the group you want to access, and after reading a
few messages you find you like it, with the SAVE command you can add
it to your private 'favorite' group. This feature alone is worth the
$1 an hour the 20/20 plan asks. Soon to arrive is direct, easy FTP
(File Transfer) and other Internet functions!

//// Things you might have missed!

In addition to everything new coming for the Jaguar, there is a hell
of a lot of software available for the ST that may have passed you by
in the past years. One of the biggest maker of graphic adventure games
has been Sierra On-line. The line of products for the Atari was never
as large as that for the PC, but some of the most memorable adventure
games were produced by this software house and even though they are in
a closeout status, large quantities are available and fit the
personality that prefers to have a bit of intellect thrown in to their

I have played the Kings Quest series, and found them to be quite good,
and even compared with newer games the graphics as well as the puzzles
hold up really well.

One game that I have recently been sent by STeve's software, and
consequently a recent "Golden Oldie Pick" is a game that I let slip by
when it was new, Sierra's Codename:ICEMAN. This is a secret agent-
oriented game with the same classic puzzle elements as the Kings Quest
series with a bit of real-time action in a high tech submarine thrown
in. The game runs on my TT030, and is disk-based. Being floppy only is
the only holdback for this game as even after being exposed to the
Jaguar and having been playing DOOM! for a few weeks, I still found
myself drawn back to ICEMAN. I reccomend it for those turned off by
arcade games and if you even liked the text only adventure games, this
one has all the same intellectual quality with the added bonus of
animated graphics and music.

Next issue should see a review of the new version of Cyberdrome, the
hoverjet simulator. If you ever wondered about how to piece together
that perfect Falcon030 system, I wil go over some dream power-systems
for you.... power with all the trimmings.


 |||   The Art Of Binary <--> ASCII Conversion
 |||   By: Michel Forget
/ | \  Internet:

//// Editor: Michel Forget is the author of ESS-Code, a
////         shareware binary <-> ASCII conversion program
////         for the TOS series of Atari computers. He wrote
////         this article to explain the basics behind this
////         method of file transfer for those who have never
////         used binary <-> ASCII transfers.

Computer networks can only transmit ASCII information. This is the One
Law that we must all live with when dealing with computer networks
such as the Internet, UseNet, or BitNet. This means that no binary
information (pictures, sound, databases, applications, or archives)
can be transmitted through a network.

I can hear the screams arising; "False!  Liar!  It cannot be so!"

You are absolutely correct, of course. The One Law is annoying, but
easily circumvented. The secret lies in converting the binary
information into ASCII information before allowing the network to
process it, then converting the ASCII information back to binary
information when it is received. The four most common methods of
performing this conversion will be discussed in this article.


     SYNOPSIS --          Speed:  Very Fast
                      Expansion:  Poor (25%-30%)
                   Segmentation:  Yes
                 Reconstruction:  Automatic

This method of conversion is one of the first to gain popularity, and
is thus one of the most widely accepted/used conversion methods to
date. It is supported on every computer platform, and provides
reasonably good error checking. It is very fast, but not very
efficient. The main advantages of using this conversion method are the
speed, the ability to break up the output generated into small
segments, and the ability to automatically reconstruct the segmented
output. The main (perhaps only) disadvantage of using this conversion
method is that it generates output that is 25% (or more) larger than
the original binary information.


     SYNOPSIS --          Speed:  Slow
                      Expansion:  Good (20%-25%)
                   Segmentation:  No
                 Reconstruction:  Manual

While this method of conversion is popular, it is not as widely
used/accepted as UUEncode/UUDecode. It is vastly slower than UUEncode/
UUDecode, but it generates more compact output. The main advantage of
using this conversion method is that it provides slightly better error
checking that UUEncode/UUDecode. There are numerous disadvantages,
though, such as the lack of automatic segmentation or reconstruction.


     SYNOPSIS --          Speed:  Average
                      Expansion:  Good (20%-25%)
                   Segmentation:  Yes
                 Reconstruction:  Semi-Automatic

While this conversion method is not as widely accepted/used as any of
the other conversion methods, it is used extensively on HP-UNIX
platforms. It is faster than BTOA-Encode/BTOA-Decode, and offers a
nearly identical expansion rate, but has very light error checking.
It can create segmented output, and has semi-automaic reconstruction
of segmented output. There are two variations of this conversion
method; the 'Fast' conversion algorithm is somewhat faster than the
default conversion algorithm, but (oddly) has a nearly identical
expansion rate.


     SYNOPSIS --          Speed:  Fast
                      Expansion:  Average (20%-30%)
                   Segmentation:  Yes
                 Reconstruction:  Automatic

This conversion method is rapidly becoming more popular than any other
conversion method to date. It is fast, but has a low expansion rate.
This conversion method, like UUEncode/UUDecode, has very good error
checking. It can generate segmented output, and reconstruct that
output with no user intervention. One of the main advantages to using
this conversion method is that it is supported on nearly every
computer platform; UNIX, Macintosh, IBM, Amiga, Atari, and others.

//// The Exact Figures

Conversion Utility:  ESS-Code 6.0 (Shareware) /
                                Electric Storm Software

Archive #1: COMA_210.ZIP

           Orginal      UUE        BTOA       SHIP       MIME
    Size | 256,695  | 355,276  | 321,079  | 321,422  | 343,520  |
    Time | MM.SS.XX | 00.28.57 | 02.00.24 | 01.28.50 | 00.52.38 |

Archive #2: EGEMSOZX.LZH

           Orginal      UUE        BTOA       SHIP       MIME
    Size | 166,715  | 233,505  | 211,131  | 211,235  | 225,937  |
    Time | MM.SS.XX | 00.20.55 | 01.20.59 | 00.59.41 | 00.36.45 |

Archive #3: LPR_UTL3.ZOO

           Orginal      UUE        BTOA       SHIP       MIME
    Size | 117,911  | 165,181  | 149,080  | 149,412  | 159,961  |
    Time | MM.SS.XX | 00.15.11 | 00.58.59 | 00.43.22 | 00.26.52 |

//// Conclusions

Each of the four conversion methods is acceptable, but your specific
situation may indicate which of the four conversion methods is best
for you. The average user will probably prefer to use
UUEncode/UUDecode, since it is the fastest of the four conversion
methods, and offers automatic segmentation and automatic
reconstruction of segmented output. People who use UNIX often should
probably consider using MIME-Encoding; it is very common on UNIX
systems, and is rapidly replacing all other conversion methods. If you
are paying for data transfer by the kilobyte, though, SHIP-Encoding is
probably the best solution for you. It creates extremely compact
output, and offers automatic segmentation and semi-automatic
reconstruction of segmented output. The error checking is light, but
this is usually not a problem.


 |||   The Unabashed Atariophile
 |||   By: Michael R. Burkley
/ | \  Delphi: MRBURKLEY    GEnie: M.BURKLEY1

It's been awhile since I've written an Unabashed Atariphile article.
I've been busy with things Atari, with things Church, and with things
Family. My family went on vacation and I didn't even take my STE with
me (the campsite didn't have any electricity!). We had a great time at
Rock Point Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. That is a recommended
park in my book!

A few days after that we had to drive to Saugus, Massachusetts for
another family time. On the way we had to dump out the coffee can we
were using for "calls of nature." I didn't know it at the time, but
when we stopped at the side of the New York Throughway, my wallet
dropped into the grass. A couple of hours later I noticed it was gone,
but I had no idea where it had gone. After a quick search of the car,
and then a call to the credit card companies to cancel our credit
cards, and we were on our way again. Ten days later I was back in
Niagara Falls. I had gone that afternoon to the Motor Vehicles
Department and gotten a new license. After dinner that night the phone
rang. It was a person asking for Michael Burkley. It seems he had
stopped by the side of the road for his own personal "call of nature"
and seen my wallet lying on the ground. It was even nighttime when he
saw it! Now that was something! It even had my travel money still in
it (and the pictures, license, credit cards, car travel records,
etc...) still in it. I'm thankful for honest people!

You will notice in this article that I am beginning a new practice.
>From now on I will be telling you from where I have downloaded my
described files. In no way does that mean that those are the only
places where those files are available; just that that's where I found
them. Enough people have bugged me about "where can I find...." that
I've decided to make this change. I hope you find it useful.

Finally.... Hello to David Gutierrez, a Christian missionary
ministering in both rural and urban Mexico. David gets AEO from an
Atari BBS in Mexico City, and he contacted me just a few days ago.
Thanks for your work David! So far I've received other notes from
people in Peru, Australia, England, France, Israel, and Canada (of
course!). My kids enjoy seeing the stamps from around the world (I do,

Enough of this for now. On with the file descriptions!

[] AMERICA is a detailed .IMG file by Bill Bencivenga which shows the
Statue of Liberty in the top left, the quote "America, one nation
under God" in the top center/right, in the middle a list of problems
which both plague and are welcomed by our society, and a biblical
quote about calling on the Lord God at the bottom. GEnie.

[] AMERICA2 is a detailed 300 dpi .IMG file created in PageStream by
Bill Bencivenga. It shows the American Flag in the top left corner and
the Christian Cross in the bottom right. In between is a poem which
has its roots in "America, the Beautiful." The poem, by Peter
Marshall, Jr. (or at least quoted by him) laments the hypocricy of
much of the thought and practice in our nation and calls us all to
repentance. GEnie.

[] ARAHOFF is a Hebrew/English word processor by Dr. Sandford Aranoff
(and many more files - see below). This is a completely bi-lingual
word processor has most of the features of any other wordprocessor (a
good one, that is!). It allows you to type in English, Hebrew, or a
mixture of both, even on the same line. In addition, it can measure
typing speed (in English or Hebrew) in words per minute, and gives
elapsed time. Hit ^H, and the keyboard becomes the standard Hebrew
keyboard, with the cursor moving from right to left. Hit ^E, and it
becomes English. You can output your work as an ASCII file compatible
with other programs that print fancy text, such as 1ST WORD or
WordUP, including, of course, Hebrew with the proper justification.
Hebrew text can be created with Dutch proportional spacing, for input
to WordUP.  If you wish, it can print mailing labels, too. This is an
excellent GEM based, multiple windowed editor for creating text with
both English and Hebrew. Although originally written for Hebrew, it
turned out that this is a fine general-purpose editor. It permits the
fast typing in of your ideas. The text can then go to other editors or
desktop publishing programs to be printed beautifully. Here's just one
example of how you can combine both English and Hebrew on one line
(actually, two lines in this case!):

 ,     ASCII   
.     .1ST WORD  WORD-UP 

Docs included. Shareware. (note: This program takes a LONG time to
initialize. Don't worry - your computer hasn't crashed!). This file is
at least ST--STE compatible, but it doesn't really work with Geneva -
if you go to the menu line it bombs. Toad Hall.

    Now here are all the other files in this archive!

    4PAK_V1 by Yaron Kidron is a TOS/PRG file compactor. You can pack
your files by around 60% and still run them. It also unpacks them.

    BLANKS by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a small program which will convert
TABs to spaces and blanks to indent spaces in your documents. This is
useful in converting ASCII text to 1st Word/Wordwriter format (avoiding
the inability of those wordprocessors to re-format imported ASCII text.
ST--STE and Geneva compatible (at least).

    CIRCLES by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a program which draws straight
lines that look like circles! Actually what it does is a form of
string art, drawing straight lines between points about a center. You
can make some excellent screen views this way! You input two numbers
and the program goes from there. ST--STE and Geneva compatible (at
least).  Shareware. Toad Hall.

    COPIES by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a small program which allows you
to easily and safely copy files from one place to another. The date
stamp is the same as the original. This program copies to a .BAK file,
renaming it only when the copy was successful, to insure that the
original file was not lost. Docs included. Shareware. ST--STE and
Geneva compatible (at least). Toad Hall.

    GAUSS by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a program which solves up to 20
linear equations simultaneously. Shareware. ST--STE and Geneva
compatible (at least).

    LISTPAS by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a program which prints a
listing of Pascal routines. Each procedure starts a new page. Each
page has a heading, with the date and routine name. Can be killed and

    MULTREG by Dr. Sandford Aranoff which performs multiple regression

    PROBLEMS by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a program which gives the
user a variety of arithmetic problems. The user can choose the level
of difficulty and type (addition, multiplication, etc.). It will then
output the time you spent working and the results of your testing.
Shareware. ST--STE/Geneva compatible.

    STATIST by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a program which performs linear
regression. A plot appears, with the regression line shown. It can be
used to plot two dependent variables: e.g. given a plot of gold vs.
time and Swiss Franks vs. time, it can give a plot of gold vs. Swiss
Franks. Shareware.

    TABS by Dr. Sandford Aranoff is a small program which will convert
TABs to three (or whatever) spaces in your documents. This is useful
in fixing Pascal 2 files for printing. ST--STE and Geneva compatible
(at least). Shareware.

    Whew! What a lot in one archive! I hope you like it!

[] AWSAMPLR is a series of eight Atari Works documents, four designed
to help you in creating your own macros (learn how to do that! It can
make your work SO much easier to have repetitive tasks done
automatically!) and four which either show font samples or ways to
best use the fonts you have. He tells you some interesting
work-a-rounds to fix some AW bugs. By Bob Semaan of SemTek
Development. 158K uncompressed. Toad Hall.

[] COLUMS_D by Pineau Rodelphe is a Falcon only version of the game
Columns. Actually, it's a demo, but I don't know how limited it is (it
looks as if it plays fully, but is limited in levels). It provides you
with 640x480x256 resolution (usable with either a VGA, RGB/TV
monitor), and great quality music! Limited docs (enough to tell you
how to control the pieces as they fall). Delphi.

[] CUBASE is a PageStream 2 formatted article entitled, "Cubase Audio
Falcon."  It tells about the new Audio/MIDI program from Steinberg/
Jones' and correlates the text with pictures illustrating the features
of the program. This seems to be a great product with many amazing
features! Uncompresses to 246K! Toad Hall.

[] DIAMF030 is a set of programs by RUIZ Patrick for your Falcon 030.
The first is Diamonds, which should run on any ST--Falcon, but someone
threw away the non-Falcon version, so it will only work on a Falcon.
What does Diamond (dated April 4, 1994) do?  It is a short "just for
fun" program based on the game of Life (with the difference that
adjacent color cells affect each others color rather than causing them
to multiply or die). This version does not use the DSP chip, but it's
still fast (12 generations per second!). VIBRAX is an .ACC .MOD player
for the Falcon (according to the author it's the best one!). It uses
the DSP .MOD routine from the BITMasters to play the .MODS at full
quality with a minimum amount of CPU time. Use it while playing
Diamonds! Finally, he includes two versions of the Game of Life (one
color the other mono). Dated June 23, 1993, these programs work on any
ST--Falcon and show you the standard program of Life where cells
determine whether adjacent cells divide or die depending on a simple
set of rules. It makes for some beautiful pictures! Docs included (for
all programs). Delphi.

[] DICWORDS is a HUGE ASCII list of words which you can use to add
words to your favorite spelling dictionary. You can load this 1.47 meg
ASCII file into your word processor and add words to your
user-definable dictionary to your hearts content! You can use this
with Spelling Sentry, Marcel Word Processor, Calligrapher, Atari
Works, Thunder!, That's Write, etc., etc.. Yikes! What a lot of words!

[] DOMINOS is a mono-only game of dominoes. Dated 1991, this program
will run on my TOS 1.0 and TOS 1.62 machines, but I can't select the
dominoes I wish to place on the board. The play is against the
computer. A demo mode is available, but it really doesn't show much.
Online docs are in German. I'd like to play this so can anyone help me
out?  According to the uploader it's ST--Falcon compatible.
Uncompresses to 148K. Delphi.

[] ESSCD61 is ESS-Code v.6.1, the MIME-Encoding/Decoding,
UUE/UUDecoding utility (and BTOA, and SHIP files, too) by Michel
Forget of Electric Storm Software (the programmer of MasterBrowse, an
excellent desktop text SHOW replacement and general file viewer - see
MB45_BIN). This file (dated June 29, 1994) will allow you to quickly
(very) and easily (it uses GEM with keyboard shortcuts to everything
and more) convert binary files to ASCII text files or return ASCII
text files to their original binary state. This version now support
the MIME conversion method which is rapidly replacing all other
conversion methods. ESS-Code can now handle MIME-Encode/MIME-Decode
requests from the operating system, or when ESS-Code is called as an
installed application. This will allow you to both send and receive
binary files (non-text files) through the InterNET using the most
compatible methods!  It includes an expanded command line interface
for those of you who like such things, and the manual can now be read
online. Compatible with TOS 1.0 through MultiTOS (Geneva, too), with
online help, and much more. The author has put a lot of work into this
program. Color or mono. Shareware (register this and you get an
optimized and personalized version of this program, free registered
versions of MasterBrowse and his other shareware programs and $5 in
coupon discounts from Suzy B's Software!). Delphi.

[] FALCNBUG is a set of two .IMG pictures detailing hardware flaws in
the Falcon and how you can fix them. How can you fix them? Get this
file and take it to your dealer to do it! Actually, you could probably
do it (voiding your warranty) if you are handy with a soldering iron.
Docs are included in the pictures. Delphi.

[] FALCNSX2 is the FalconSX accessory Ver 1.0 by Boyeau Stephane. This
small and useful .ACC will allow you to set all the hardware settings
of your Atari FALCON and more. These are:

    * CPU & BLITTER clock rates (8/16Mhz)
    * BUS type (Falcon bus or STE bus)
    * CPU CACHE activation/deactivation
    * Sweep freq. of the VIDEL 78/50Hz
    * Internal IDE Harddrive ON/OFF
    * Sound VOLUME 
    * Sound CONNECTION in BACKGROUND (ADC to DAC for ex.)
    * RESET the Sound sub-system
    * See the COOKIE Jar
    * Have short INFORMATION on a Cookie
    * Have a look to the system CRASH page
    * LOCK your computer while not working with it
    * Have information on space used on drives

This version is Shareware and is limited in that you can't save your
preferences. Falcon only. Docs included. Delphi.

[] FACLPL16 is the Falcon-only Pro-Tracker Replay, v.1.6 by Martin
GRIFFiths (dated early July, 1994). This player will give you a 50kHz
base play rate via a DSP replay routine. It will play 4/6/8/or 10
channel Protracker MOD files and will even provide you with
Tempo/interpolation controls. This version fixes a bug due to the
program packer used by the author and a bug which prevented correct
recognition of DigiTracker files. Shareware. Delphi.

[] FIRSNARE is Fire Snake by Mr RUIZ Lionel. This is a two player game
for any ST/STE (maybe TT but not Falcon) with a color monitor (low
res.), two joysticks, and at least 300K free RAM (dated March 26,
1994).  This game is easy to play and win at - easy that is if you
have fabulous reflexes and ingenuity! Use the joysticks to move your
fire snake about the playing field (your view is from above) eating
all the goodies (while avoiding the deadly mushrooms and other
obstacles). The program and docs are in French, but you can figure
them out! Well done.  Shareware. Delphi.

[] FMTERM1M is the F.M Terminal (Falcon only!) v.1.00M by Brian
Freeman (downloaded July 20, 1994). F.M.Terminal is a small GEM
telecomm program designed to work exclusively on a Falcon030. All
Falcon video modes from ST medium and up are supported. Uses Alan
Hamilton's XYZ201 program (not included) for downloads. vt-52 is the
normal TOS mode, but F.M Term is ANSI compatible if ANSI_ST (by Mark
Matts) is run from the Auto Folder. 16 auto-dialer and 10 macros slots
available. Online help. Not MultiTOS compatible. Docs are included.
This program does just about what you would expect a "Not very many
bells and whistles, but good solid stuff" program would do. I don't
have a Falcon, but that's the impression I get from the docs. GEnie.

[] GCC256B is v.2.5.8b of the Gnu project's C and C++ language compiler
for Atari TOS. This file doesn't have any docs, but you can search for
previous uploads of this compiler and find docs there. The previous
version I have (v.2.5.0) was nearly 100% AT&T 1.2 compatible so I would
assume that this is the same (or better). This file uncompresses to
over 2.68 meg, so you'll need a hard drive to use this. Sorry I can't
tell you more, but I know nothing about C or C++ programming and I have
no idea how these work!

[] GIP is "The Greyscale Image Processor" v.1.0 by Stephen Found
(dated May 1993). G.I.P. can be used to enhance images (for DTP use
for example) and process images with filters. You can use G.I.P. on
any ST-Falcon computer. It will allow you to load these following file
formats (with no restriction on image size, except the amount of
available RAM):

    TIFF Version 5.0     (.TIF) (Classes B,G & P)
    Compuserve GIF       (.GIF)
    PC Paintbrush        (.PCX)
    Degas                (.PI1) (.PI2) (.PI3)
    Degas Elite          (.PC1) (.PC2) (.PC3)
    Monochrome IMG       (.IMG)
    Hyperpaint IMG       (.IMG)
    AIM Greyscale        (.IM)
    AIM Colour           (.COL)

Once you've loaded the files they are converted to a 256 level
greyscale image. The image is also converted to the Atari display
format so that it can be displayed on the screen. Load up to four
images at once. You can save as either IMG or TIFF (normal or LZW
compressed) files. All Falcon res. supported. MultiTOS and Geneva
compatible. G.I.P has 3 built in output formats, Hewlett Packard
Laserjet, Deskjet and Encapsulated postscript. Output may be directed
through the serial or parallel ports, or can be output to a file for
later printing. Docs (and online help) included. Shareware.

[] GMNI999 is Gemini v.1.99 (beta version 2), the do-everything
replacement desktop by Stefan Eissing of Germany (dated Dec. 31,
1994). This is a huge utility (uncompressing to 1.7 meg!), but you
don't need it all to run the desktop. This set of programs will give
you color animated icons, the ability to place programs on the
desktop, intelligent install applications ability, run TOS programs in
a window (even without Geneva/MultiTOS/Mag!X), support for small icons
(like mac), a recoverable trashcan, and more. Using this desktop will
give you a Mac-like feel with all the advantages of the Atari series
of computers (now that sounds like a "honey of a deal!"). This file is
all in German (program and docs) but if you get GMNI_ENG (see below)
and use it the program will be in English. Shareware. Delphi.

[] GMNI_ENG is a file by Eric Chapman (dated March 18, 1994) which
contains English translations of two Gemini 2 (actually Gemini
v.1.999 - the beta v.2.0) files, GEMINI.RSC and GEMINI.MSG. They
should be installed in place of the original German files of the same
name, and together they provide a complete English interface to Gemini
2 (see GMNI1999 recently uploaded on Delphi).

[] GO_UP is v.1.00 of a graphics arcade-style game by Rdiger Wurth
from Germany. It is based on the popular "LodeRunner" game where you
attempt to avoid running into a wall, your "trail" or the trail of
another player. For 1-4 players, this game is joystick or mouse
controlled. English docs are by Bill Rayl of the former Atari
Interface Magazine. Mono only. The game interface is now in English.

[] GPSP is ten .PC1 (Degas low res compressed) pictures of the 1994
Spanish Grand Prix. Captured from video by Richard Maddox using his
VIDI-ST, these pictures aren't that crisp, but they are interesting,
especially if you have any interest in auto racing. Viewing these
pictures you can get a real sense of how fast those people and
machines really go. Toad Hall.

[] GVWFAX03 by John McLoud is a module for GEM View which will allow
you to display FAX files from the COMA FAX program. The docs are in
German. Shareware. Delphi.

[] HEART is a scene file for POVRay 2. It shows a heart on a pillow.
This .POV file just uses some of the default include files with
POVRay, so there is no need for new include files. Delphi.

[] HEXMIN12 is Hexmines v.1.2 by Jean-Etienne DOUCET (dated Jan. 6,
1993). Hexmines is a game where you have to locate mines (or bombs) in
a field: pretty original, isn't it? What is new is that the tiles
forming the mine field are hexagons instead of squares: this little
detail changes the game greatly. You can control the number or lives
allowed, the field size, the number of empty zones when starting the
game, and the mine density (for some reason or another I do best with
the low density, but maybe you'll like the medium or high better!).
Mouse controlled. Low res. color only. ST--Falcon compatible. Delphi.

[] JAGCES is the first issue of JagMag! I don't know the author's name
(FIZSOFT on Delphi), but he did a good job of describing a pile of
games he saw at the 1994 CES. I enjoyed reading this and finding out
about some of the Jaguar games that are coming (more ways to spend my
money - yikes!).

[] JPEG220 is a very fast GIF/JPG viewer for the Falcon v.2.20 by
David R.  Oldcorn (uloaded in June 1994). The author of this program
is also the author of Starball, that superb pinball game for the
ST--Falcon. You can start it in any res. and it will automatically
display your images in true color mode (a slideshow mode is
available). This version has switched from using the Falcon's 68030
chip for all the decompression and viewing of images to using the DSP
chip for fast JPG viewing (previously this was only in the registered
version). Not satisfied with GIF/JPEG pictures, this program will also
read Degas, Spectrum and Targa pictures and can convert these pictures
to TGA or JPG formats. Docs included. Shareware. GEnie.

[] JULIA is an .MPG animation named Julia. You can view this using
MPEGplay for the Falcon. According to the upload description on Delphi
this animation shows a "silver thingy in the center of a room... the
camera rotates around it as the silver blob changes shape from a
sphere to some odd object, and back."

[] KANDY173 is Kandinsky v.1.73 by Ulrich Rogoderer (dated May 19,
1994). This Shareware Vector/GEM metafile drawing program is
excellent. Now completely translated into English, this program allows
you to create vector graphics which can be printed out at the highest
resolution of your printer with no image degradation (can't say that
about bit mapped files!). Import Easy Draw GEM vector graphics, GEM/3
files, create Bezier curves, do LOTS more (I'm amazed at all the
features and options of this program!). The registered version of the
program provides you with written docs, allows you to rotate text and
objects, do landscape printing, and export images in PostScript
format! Those are the only limitations! It works on color and mono
ST--Falcon's (a TT & Falcon with FPU specific version is included),
even those with only 1/2 meg of RAM! and with a variety of graphic
boards. The program is very fast on image re-draws (nice!). It has
some excellent GEM sample files included. Kandinsky allows you to
create text that consists of BGI fonts, the vector fonts from Borland
(ten BGI fonts included). It seems to be very easy to use.
GDOS/SpeedoGDOS/GDOS clone compatible (while needed to save and print
files they are are not needed to run the program). MultiTOS, Geneva,
and Mag!X compatible. Check it out! Shareware ($30 US, and worth it!).

[] KNOCKOUT by the Mugwumps is a Falcon only demo (dated July 4,
1994).  This is a huge file (2.58 meg compressed, but only slightly
more uncompressed) so be prepared to spend some time downloading it.
It is entitled "Cycedelic Knockout!" (sic.) This piece of code runs on
all Falcon 030s with internal or external harddisk and all types of
monitors except monochrome! It requires all four meg of your Falcon's
RAM. Check out the cursor keys and see what happens! I have to get a
Falcon so I can do a better job of reviewing these Falcon files!

[] LOCK is the Lock .CPX v.1.0 by L Hendry (dated March 6, 1992). This
.CPX allows you to prevent other people from using your computer while
you leave it unattended by locking it out until the correct password
is entered. It can also prompt for a password during the boot sequence
to prevent unauthorised access then. It will even prevent access to
your hard drive if you Autoboot your hard drive. Requires XCONTROL to
be useful. Docs included. Shareware. Delphi.

[] LPMUD312 is LPmud v.3.12. It is a dungeons type game, but that's
about all I can say about it. It seems that it is designed to be
played via modem (it talks about "calling back" but there is no
specific description of the game and its theme in the file. There are
lots of docs, but they are in the form of brief online helps. This
file is huge, taking up over 1.6 meg of space uncompressed (it
requires a Hard drive, and at least 2 meg of RAM to run). It also
requires that MiNT be running (by itself). The author (unknown to me
since I can't find his name anywhere) mentions that he wanted to write
a better game than "Abermud," but I don't know what that is! Your goal
is to become a wizard, and to negotiate past all the monsters and
through all the rooms. This archive is set up to run from partition E.
This file is NOT in a self-extracting format, so you will need a LZH
(lh5) compatible archiver to uncompress it. See the Utilities section
for the appropriate utilities. Delphi.

[] MACRE142 is Macrec v.1.42 by Frank-Oliver Dzewas (dated June 14,
1991). This is a .ACC/.PRG combination which will allow you to record
and play back at will a variety of mouse and key combinations from
within your programs. This is very nice for complicated and repetitive
functions. CodeKeys from CodeHead Technologies does the same thing
(but only better, and that's all in English!). This program and its
docs are in German. Color or mono. ST--Falcon and Geneva compatible.

[] MRCEL234 is the updated (features added, bugs squashed) GEM-based
Marcel Word Processor v.2.3.4 (dated July 26, 1994). Marcel has loads
of features, like auto-reformatting, instant-access writer's note pad
(saved with file, but not printed or exported), easy accented-letter
entry, easy keyboard selection of clauses, sentences, and paragraphs,
word erase, and hundreds of other features, many not found in other
word processors.

You can import text from all sorts of programs, from ASCII, 1st
Word/WordWriter, WordPerfect v.4.1, and Rich Text Format (RTF) (and
export in 7 or 8 bit ASCII, RTF, and 1st Word), you can select and see
various type styles (italic, bold, etc.) right on screen, mark blocks,
scroll through text (very fast!), auto-reformat your paragraphs,
easily select pre-installed page designs (like letter, legal,
business, term paper, etc.), insert date and time into your texts and
much more.

Spell checking (the American and British dictionaries are described
below, and now you can add your selected words to them!), printing (in
a wide variety of printers including Epson and compatibles, HP
DeskJets and LaserJets, the Atari Laser and PostScript), and literally
100's of other features. Marcel is an excellent program with a very
nice "feel." Tutorial included. Color or mono. Not limited in any way
from the registered version (you get the manual and free support on
registering (only $10 in North America, and you get a $5 coupon for
Suzy B's Software). Requires at least 512K of RAM (1 meg recommended),
a DS disk drive (it works great on a hard drive, too!), and a ST med.
res. display or higher. Any ST-Falcon, MultiTOS and Geneva compatible.
Check this one out! GEnie.

[] MARCEL_A is the American usage Spelling Checker file for use with
Marcel 2.3.3 (see MARCEL23). Using Marcel and this file will allow you
to quickly spell check a huge number of words. Now you can add your
most used (and misspelled) words to the dictionary. The dictionary can
either be loaded into RAM (which takes some time initially, but is
faster in the checking) or from disk (which is faster at the start but
slower in the checking). One thing I like about this dictionary and
Marcel is that it correctly identifies hyphenated words (checking each
half separately). Delphi.

[] MARCEL_B is the British usage Spelling Checker file for use with
Marcel 2.3.3 (see MARCEL23). Do yourself a favour and use Marcel and
this file to quickly spell check a huge number of words. Now you can
add your most used (and colourfully misspelled) words to the
dictionary. The dictionary can either be loaded into RAM (which takes
some time initially, but is faster in the checking) or from disk
(which is faster at the start but slower in the checking). One thing I
like about this dictionary and Marcel is that it correctly identifies
hyphenated words (checking each half separately). Delphi.

[] MB45ABIN is MasterBrowse v.4.5a by Michel Forget of Electric Storm
Software (dated July 4, 1994). The author has really added A LOT of
new features to this version (actually v.4.5a is has two bug fixes
from v.4.5 - if you have any previous version I recommend that you get
this). If you don't, really get this! Master Browse is an EXCELLENT
program which completely replaces the desktop's SHOW routine for any
ST--Falcon. It will allow you to search, mark blocks of text (a new
easier way to do this in v.4.5), cut and paste using the Atari
Clipboard, print out your selected text(s) in a multiplicity of ways,
and piles more features (in part the docs are so extensive simply
because there are so many features! If you want a text file viewer to
do something, this probably already has that feature!).

MasterBrowse can be configured to call an alternate viewer for special
types of files, such as pictures or sound files. It is _Fast_ and
smooth, and can take full advantage of GDOS/SpeedoGDOS, the features
of MultiTOS, MultiGEM, Mag!X, and Geneva, as well as the alternative
desktops such as NeoDesk, TeraDesk, and Gemini. Another nice feature
is that MB supports Peter Seitz' View Protocol, which allows other
programs to instruct MB to display a file instead of using their own
default viewers. A REALLY nice feature new in this version is that MB
will emulate the TOS 1.4 Item Selector for all of you TOS 1.0 and 1.2
users out there. Keyboard (user configurable) or mouse controlled.
Online help (using the ST-Guide .ACC). It has an easy-to-use
installation program. Shareware ($15). SUPPORT SHAREWARE AUTHORS! (If
you register this program  you get a $5 credit towards... well, read
the docs and find out!). Color or mono.  This will work on floppy or
hard drive systems. Delphi.

[] MINT110S is the C source code for MiNT v.1.10 from Atari (dated
1994).  MiNT if you remember, is the official "Multitasking Operating
System Extension for the Atari ST." There are no docs, but there is a
file listing changes made in MiNT from the previous version. The
uncompiled source code is freely distributable, but there is a
limitation in that you cannot distribute the compiled program. Don't
do it, because if you do future versions of MiNT won't be released
this way! Delphi.

[] MONO26 is the Monochrome PUT Maker And File Converter/Merger v.2.6
by Thomas Hopper (dated July 18, 1994). This compiled GFA Basic
SHAREWARE program loads Degas mono images as well as GFA PUT and
Screen files, and cuts portions of them with a GEM rubber box. It will
then save the cut portions of these images in a GFA PUT file. It will
also save any of these imported images to a disk file in either GFA
SCREEN or the uncompressed Degas format. Lastly, it will merge a PUT
file from either the memory or the disk to the image currently in
memory. Mono only.  Docs included. Shareware. TOS 1.0-2.06 compatible
(at least). I found this on TOAD Hall.

[] MORPHER1 is an FPU requiring demo of Lexicor Software's new
program, Metamorphosis 24. According to Lexicor, this is the first 2
Dimensional Morpher for Atari ST/TT/Falcon. This demo requires the use
of the FPU chip so it will work on any ST(E)/TT/Falcon/Clone (up to
256 colors) with one of those chips and at least one meg of RAM and a
640x400 display (ST High) or higher. Metmorphosis 24 can morph between
two same TIFF pictures and create an intermediate morph of the two
images. After having loaded your source and target frames you can not
only produce single frames but tween whole keyframe animations in
24bit (files are always saved as 24 bit Truecolor pictures no matter
the res. in which you run the program). This program provides you with
an easy and user friendly interface (GEM based), four levels of
morphing depth, all the tools you need, toggle rip on/off, Multitos/
Geneva/Mag'X Compatibility and Support, TIFF support, and optional FPU
support. A tutorial file and pictures are included. This demo is save
disabled. Delphi.

[] MORPHER2 is a demo of Lexicor Software's new program,
Metamorphosis 24.  According to Lexicor, this is the first 2
Dimensional Morpher for Atari ST/TT/Falcon. This demo does not require
the use of the FPU chip so it will work on any ST(E)/TT/Falcon/Clone
(up to 256 colors) with at least one meg of RAM and a 640x400 display
(ST High) or higher. Metmorphosis 24 can morph between two same TIFF
pictures and create an intermediate morph of the two images. After
having loaded your source and target frames you can not only produce
single frames but tween whole keyframe animations in 24bit (files are
always saved as 24 bit Truecolor pictures no matter the res. in which
you run the program). This program provides you with an easy and user
friendly interface (GEM based), four levels of morphing depth, all the
tools you need, toggle rip on/off, Multitos/ Geneva/Mag'X
Compatibility and Support, TIFF support, and optional FPU support. A
tutorial file and pictures are included. This demo is save disabled.

[] MOST2 is the M.O.S.T. viewer v.2.0 by Brian J. Grier (uploaded
July 13, 1994). This exciting file is a "teaser" of better things yet
to come (He's working on a program to access the Compton's
Encyclopedia - and he'll release it if enough people register this
version!). It is a shareware program which will allow you to read
Compton's New Media M.O.S.T. CD-Roms (and possibly even some older
non-M.O.S.T. CD's). This version now supports Compton's V2 MOST titles
and supports the use of the Hyper-linked database found on the
Compton's CD's. You can get a version which will support pictures and
sound (and use the dictionary on every M.O.S.T CD-ROM) by registering.
ST--Falcon compatible (you must supply the CD, player, and the
CD-Driver). Docs included. It's great to see more and more support for
CD's coming to the Atari World! Support shareware authors! Docs
included. This program should work on all Atari ST--Falcons, but it
hasn't been tested with TOS 1.0 or 1.2 machines. GEnie.

[] MSPYDEM3 is a useable demo of CodeHead Software's MIDI Spy v.1.2
(dated Sept. 12, 1993). This .ACC is a unique MIDI sequencer that
records, plays, and copies your songs in the background. With MIDI Spy
installed, you'll never lose another valuable musical idea because
your sequencer wasn't ready to record - MIDI Spy is always listening.
You can call it background operation or you can call it MIDI
multi-tasking, but what it gives you is freedom and power! As a
musician, it's never easy to remember to push that button BEFORE you
start recording. Many times you'll just start playing without
realizing you're about to create something you should capture. Plus,
there's always that stigma attached to the "red light" that tends to
inhibit your talent. With MIDI Spy, you can forget about these things.
You don't have to be a recording engineer. You don't have to
anticipate your moments of inspiration.  And you won't feel the
pressure of the red light. In fact, you'll even forget MIDI Spy is
installed, until you're ready to replay your creations.

Even if you aren't a musician, you can use MIDI Spy to play songs in
the background while you are doing something else (of course you can
do that even if you ARE a musician!). MIDI Spy will load and save
standard MIDI sequence files, allowing you to load its songs into
other MIDI sequencers. Just plug in your keyboard or sequencer and
play away! Limited docs included. This demo includes several
inhancements and bug fixes over their v.1.1 release. This demo is
limited to a ten minute lifespan, so be sure to keep your compressed
file handy--or at least long enough to go out and buy it! The
CodeHeads are great guys! Let's support them, especially now. GEnie (I
just found this stored away in a corner of my hard drive where it's
been stuck for almost a year!).

[] M_READ21 is Mountain Reader II v.2.1 by Anthony Watson (uploaded
Aug. 8, 1994). The author continues to improve his work! This version
fixes some bugs in the previous version. MRII, which is the successor
to Mountain QWK, is the first offline message reader for the Atari
which allows you to use both QWK and Bluewave message formats. This
allows you to call up any BBS which supports either of those formats,
download all the messages which you have previously indicated you
desire. That saves a lot of time and money for you right there, but
there's more.  MRII allows you to _answer_ all of those messages
offline, composing them "just so" and then uploading them all as a
packet which the BBS then distributes appropriately. Now that saves A
LOT of time and money!

This version have been drastically improved (and older versions were
excellent, too). It features a 3-D interface, an internal editor with
clipboard support (or use your favorite external editor), a hypertext
help system, offline conference configuration, user lockouts, full
bulletin support with ANSI emulation, offline file requests, and much
more. This demo version is only limited in that you cannot save your
configuration files. Docs and online help included. Shareware.
Requires at least one meg of RAM (two is better). Floppy or hard drive
(Hard Drive is MUCH better!). ST--Falcon and Geneva/MultiTOS/Speedo
GDOS compatible. Color or mono. The author provides excellent and
active support of his shareware, as this version 2.1 shows (v.2.0 was
only uploaded in mid-July). Contact him with a problem and he will fix

[] M_STONES is Magic Stones v.1.04 by Emanuel Mcklin. Magic Stones
GEM based, Multi-tasking aware, .PRG/.ACC and three different games in
one. It is Tetris, Bitris (similar to Tetris, but it is a two player
teamwork oriented game, and Columns. Keyboard controlled. All three of
these games are excellent! They can be played on any ST--Falcon in
color or mono modes. Delphi.

[] NEO3T25Z is a set of SuperZap *.ZAP files which will allow you to
modify NeoDesk v.3.03 to automatically change the speed of the Fast
Technology Turbo25 ST accelerator board (revision-C) for installed
applications. I have the Turbo25 board and I have NeoDesk, and they
are both wonderful! Docs included. GEnie.

[] NIBE by Marc BOURLON is coded like a demo, with excellent graphics
and pretty good sound, but it's actually a remake of game which has
become known under many titles (Snake and Slither to name two). The
docs are dated June 27, 1994 (though really written in 1991) this game
has you trying to control a small (and ever growing) snake, moving
about the screen eating all the apples on each level and avoiding
banging into a wall or into another part of the snake. I found this
the best version of this game I've seen. I knew I could do better if I
tried it "one more time!"  The ST version has some nice sounds, but
the Falcon version (also included) doesn't. Docs included. It's very
easy to control with the joystick or keyboard (you can choose which
keys to use).  Color only. You have to reset to quit in the ST/STE
version, but that's not necessary with the Falcon version.
Uncompresses to 262K.  Recommended. Delphi.

[] OCTA096 is The Octalyser v. 0.96 MOD file editor by Christian Dahl,
Davor Slutej, and Tord Jansson. The Octalyser can handle 4, 6 or 8
channels and basespeeds at 16, 20, 25, or 50 kHz and now includes the
ability to set the sample-basespeed to this standard. This program
supports ALL ProTracker Effect Commands, and will work on any
STE--Falcon030. To get the most speed out of this program Octalyser
uses its own non-GEM interface, but it allows access to desk
accessories (or when using MultiTOS, to multi-task). You can run
external programs, load and save MOD and AVR sound files (saving is
disabled unless you register), and more. Also included with this is
information about UCDM, the Software Soundchip by Tord Jansson. Nine
UCDM players are included with this archive. The players, when used
with Octalyser, will allow you to play sound files with a wide variety
of speeds, sound quality, machine specificity, and more (all so you
can match your sound play to specific use). Keyboard and mouse
controlled. All of this is Shareware. Color only. Docs included.
Geneva compatible. Delphi.

[] OMEN25D is the demo release of the OMEn v.2.50 operating system by
Craig Carmichael, Pres. of Esquimalt Digital (dated July 9, 1994).
OMEn is the Open Multitasking Environment, (OMEn). While this
graphically oriented OS is still developing, any programs developed
for this release will remain compatible with future versions. It is a
cross platform operating system, with upcoming releases for the Mac,
Amiga, PC (with a 680x0 card), and the Power PC. What that means is
that a program written on any of those platforms will run, without
modification, on any of the others! Now THAT could lead to some
interesting software! This demo will give you a hint of how OMEn
works, and will show you how easy it is to program OMEn applications
(it's component-ware, so you don't need to "invent the wheel" each
time, components are developed which do one thing well and are then
used after that in many applications), and much more. Sample
applications, sound and picture files are included.  Docs and online
help included. I think OMEn is an exciting development in the Atari
world. Check it out! The author sent this one to me, but you can find
it on GEnie.

[] PBUG1_21 is Peacebug v.1.21 by Emanuel Mcklin (dated May 25,
1994).  Peacebug seems to be an amazing tool for you programmers out
there. It is a background debugger which will run on any ST--Falcon
computer with support for the MC68000/10/20/30/40/MC68881/2. It is
reset resident, reset proof, and fully symbolic with a programmable
interface, mouse and keyboard controled. This new version supports the
Falcon video hardware and has special links with Sysmon and Templmon.
It also includes a special version just for coders which defaults to
the "cheat" mode, making things more convienient for them. Full docs
included (a combination of German with enough English sprinkled in to
make sense for you programmer types). There are also totally English
docs for several of the support utilities of which many are included.
584K uncompressed.  Delphi or GEnie, I don't remember!

[] PLATDEMO is the new demo of Edit Track Platinum from Binary Sounds
(formerly Barefoot Software). I don't know much about MIDI but I've
heard about Edit Track Platinum. Platinum is more valuable than Gold
and from all I hear this program is better than gold. Fully useable
except that you cannot save your files. Examples included. No docs,
except ordering information. A MIDI sequencer is required.
Uncompresses to 800K. Delphi.

[] POVBUDDY is POV Buddy by Brian K. Freeman (the author of F.M
Terminal for the Falcon). Uploaded by the author on July 20, 1994,
this program is a fully working, GEM based shell for POVRay, the PD
cross platform raytracer. While this shell doesn't include all of the
POV functions, since the author doesn't use them all, if you give him
a yell (and maybe send him some cash!) he will add those you wish.
This doesn't run on my STE with Geneva, so I'm not sure if it is a
Falcon only file (the author developed it on a Falcon). No docs
explaining how to use it. GEnie.

[] RIPPLE is an .FLI animation created using POVRay 2. Unfortunately,
it will not work with MoviePlayer, the FLI player for all Atari from
BrainSTorm, but it will work on FLI players for the Falcon. It is an
animation of a rock falling into a pool of water and the ripples which
follow. Delphi.

[] SAFE2 is SafeCracker II by Mike Starnes. This is a game which I
haven't figured out how to play, or if I have figured it out it's
totally unwinable. In this game, you are an Art thief who has broken
into a gallery to steal the Mona Lisa. Unfortunately for you the
painting is guarded by a sophisticated alarm system. You are presented
with three boxes the first of which has a number in it (randomly
chosen between 10 and fifty, inclusive). You have to guess which
number is the correct number (scroll through the available numbers
using the joystick). You get one error and then you're busted. That's
one chance in twenty of getting the correct number for just the first
box - totally random. If you do happen to guess right (by clicking the
fire button when the correct number is displayed) you go on to the
next box and repeat the procedure, and so on to the third. You can
figure your odds of winning! I don't understand. There seems to be no
skill, not _game_ here at all. Can someone tell me differently?  Also,
one of the Degas picture files is of zero bytes length, but that
doesn't seem to effect the play of this game (maybe if you won?). Oh
well! Docs included. ST--STE and Geneva compatible (at least). Color
only. Toad Hall.

[] SPOFLT31 is the Speed-of-Light (SOL) image processor/viewer v.3.1
by Stuart Denman (dated June 9, 1994). SOL used to be just a fast
(according to the author, the fastest) GIF viewer for the ST--Falcon,
allowing you to display 256 colors at once (even on an ST) and
allowing a color palette of tens of thousands on an STe/TT. Now SOL is
more than that! It is now the fastest (again, according to the author)
JPEG viewer for the Atari line (for machines without a DSP chip). This
version also adds more image formats (now including GIF, JPEG, .PI?,
.PC?, .PNT, and .IMG pictures), more image processing features, and
many other impressive tools, including the most extensive color map
editing capabilities available on Atari systems. This version includes
the author's Filtered Image Scaling (FIS). FIS is a technique is used
to smooth out images that have been enlarged or reduced. This is a
powerful feature of this version and is only enabled in the registered
version (though some sample pictures are included so you can see how
it works). Low Rez color on ST/STe, TT medium, and all Falcon
resolutions, too. Also included in this file are color and mono icons
for use with the TOS 4.01 or higher desktop and a neat little graphics
and sound demo the author had lying about. Docs included. SHAREWARE.

[] STARBASE is a well done .GIF file of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
approaching Starbase 133. The planet is at the bottom of the picture
and the Moon looms huge in the background. That Starbase is BIG!

[] STELLO11 is Stello v.1.10 by Claus J. Pedersen. This Othello clone
is more than that. GEM based, ST--Falcon and MultiTOS/Geneva
compatible, this program has the potential to beat you every time (and
with a nice interface, too!). You can play against the computer, have
the computer play against itself, or play against another human (you
can also watch two other people play!). You can configure the computer
to play with time and computational depth limits you impose (a good
idea to do if you want to win!), or just let it play until it sees the
best move. Stello will play in English, German and Danish (docs are in
English). It also allows you to place background pictures on screen
(several included). You can ask it to suggest moves, print out a
listing of the game, move back and forth through the game moves,
switch sides, and much more. One very nice thing about this program is
its documentation. The author tells how he came to write the program,
and how writing the program expanded his understanding and
appreciation of the game. I recommend this file. Shareware. Color or
mono (higher Falcon and video card res. supported, too). 645K
uncompressed. Delphi.

[] STF60 is a review of the July issue of ST Format by George Richard
Yamagata. Connected to STeve's Atari Sales where you can buy ST
Format, George packs this review with lots of interesting information.
It makes me want to go out and buy the magazine! ST Format is a
wonderful British ST-Falcon-Jaguar magazine which I heartily recommend
to you. Some of the topics covered are: George's comments on 3 recent
loses from the Atari world, examination of STF60's NEW ST GAMES theme
and reasons to buy this mag. The 7 programs and over 30 files on the
coverdisk; the 2 new hardware, and 3 new productivity reviews are
summarized. Read more about MOUSE KA MANIA, file management, using
QUARTET, DIY, word processors, STF's past history, and more. I found
this on Toad Hall BBS.

[] STFTPINF is a listing by Hallvard Tangeraas of Oslo, Norway of the
InterNet FTP sites for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon series of computer
(dated May 26, 1994). Sites are listed world-wide, and detailed
instructions for downloading files are included, too! Recommended if
you want to access the InterNet. Toad Hall.

[] STGUID_E is a hypertext system for the ST/TT/Falcon (dated April
20, 1994). This looks like and excellent and easy to use system, but
while the program and support files are in English, the docs are in
German.  With ST Guide, you can create all sorts of simple to fancy
HyperText learning tools. I wish the docs were in English it looks so
interesting! Color or mono. Geneva compatible. GEnie.

[] STIS2 is the STIS 3-D (Stereoscopic Image System) v. 2.0 by
Phillip W. O'Neal (dated May, 1994). STIS 2 is part of a wave of
picture viewing which is sweeping the country (well, that might be a
little exagerated, but I see STIS pictures in bookstores, on coffee
tables, and on the pages of my Sunday comics. STIS images are those
funny, blurry, multi-colored "pictures" which, if you can't see them,
you are convinced that everyone is just trying to make you look like a
fool by getting you to stare at them. But it's true, there are
actually pictures there! STIS will allow you to make them yourself!
With this program you can change an uncompressed .PNT/.TPI (Prism
Paint/True Paint) image that you create or find into a stereoscopic
3-D image (sample pictures included).

STIS will run on any ST, TT, FALCON, ect., and create 3-D images any
size (limited by memory) and any number of colors. This is an amazing
program! I recommend that you also get STIS v.1.0 which allows you to
create STIS pictures with Degas pictures. Here's how I view STIS
pictures:  I press my nose right up to the monitor and to relax. As my
eyes relax the picture becomes blurry. I then take my nose off the
glass about two inches and relax again. After a little bit I begin to
see depth in the picture. That gives me something to focus on and the
picture appears. The pictures aren't all that crisp, but they are
astounding! Color or mono. Docs included. Delphi.

[] STNEWS9 is Vol. 9 Issue 1 of _ST News_ (dated March 11, 1994) by
Richard Karsmakers, the author of the Ulimate Virus Killer and more.
It is chock full of interesting articles, software, film, music and
book reviews. Assembly Language GEM programming tutorials, an article
by Jeff Minter, an in-depth preview of Chromastudio 24, lots of
"cheats" for adventure games (Time Quest, Demons Seed, Gold Rush,
Hero's Quest II, and more), an article by Atari Benelux' Wilfred
Kilwinger explaining how to get the most from MultiTOS, information
about the latest viruses and letters from a virus programmer, a fun
look at the number "42" and several interesting programs.

This is JAM packed with material and I recommend it to you. Color.
ST--TT(in ST res)--Falcon and Geneva (but not MultiTOS) compatible.
This file has two portions in the archive, a ZIP compressed archive
(STZIP24 included) which contains programs several interesting
programs--trust me, they are!) and another several files which are the
magazine proper. This second portion can be put on a floppy drive by
itself, setting the first portion on another disk. Otherwise you will
need to format a 900K formatted disk (83 sector, 11 tracks) which some
drives can't do. But uncompress it to a hard drive and run it from
there. It's a lot easier! What?  No Hard Drive?  You REALLY need to
get one - the bigger the better. It makes a tremendous difference in
your productivity on your ST/STe. Delphi.

[] STTNG is a .GIF picture of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Logo.
Toad Hall.

[] STTNG_EN is an .IFF Blueprint-type drawing of the Enterprise D from
Star Trek, The Next Generation. The view is from directly above. I
found this in the Delphi Science (SC) area.

[] STOSFX30 is STOS FIXER v.3.0 by Robert Quezada (dated May 10,
1994).  This program will take your STOS programs, Run-time or
compiled, and allow you to update them for any TOS release (almost -
see below). It's a very handy thing to have when you have a nice STOS
program that won't run on your TOS! Now MultiTOS and Falcon
compatible. In order to update programs to run on TOS's higher than
1.62 the original program must be at least compatible with TOS 1.62
(this is due to other, unfixable, problems with the pre-STE compatible
STOS program). Once you update a program for your TOS it will no
longer work for lower TOS versions (you can fix any program again for
other TOS versions by running STOS Fix again). Color or mono. The
program must not be compressed for this to work (so get the New
De-pack v1.1 - NDP11 by Mike Watson to uncompress any packed
programs). ST--Falcon compatible.  Docs included.

[] TCFQ0594 is the TCP/IP Atari FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions which
tells much about TC/PIP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet
Protocol). TC/PIP is the common name for a family of over 100
data-communications protocols used to organize computers and
data-communications equipment into computer networks.related. Read
this and find out about how networking of multiple Ataris is coming
along. Pretty interesting. Off of the Internet and GEnie.

[] TERA_139 is Tera Desktop V1.39 by Wout Klaren (dated April 8,
1994). The Tera Desktop is a replacement of the ST (and TT/Falcon)
desktop. This desktop offers many of the same features as NeoDesk, DC
Desktop, and the Atari NewDesk (TOS 2.06 and above), and then some.
With this program (which uses about 140K of RAM) you can place files
and programs on the desktop as icons, and view files in a window (one
nice feature is that you can select the size of the font, small,
normal, large, and very large, used in displaying text - both in the
file viewer and in the windows). Buttons in dialog boxes can be
selected with the keyboard!

There are really too many features to be listed here. It will work
with any TOS (both ST and TT/Falcon versions are included) and from a
floppy or Hard Drive (Hard Drive is definitely recommended). It can be
run from the AUTO folder or from the desktop. Color or mono. Docs
included (now program and docs are in English, French, and Dutch - you
choose). One nice feature is the ability to view .IMG and Degas
pictures. This version improves the ability to start programs,
allowing some to work that didn't work before (that's the only listed
improvement over v.1.38). I recommend that you check this program out!
Geneva compatible. GEnie.

[] TLCBOOK5 is TLC Address Book v.5.00 by Tom Hayslett (dated March
31, 1994). This version is more than an update, it's an uplift! He has
taken all the suggestions and implemented them all! What is this
program? It is really two databases in one! One is a standard address
book that has _fast_ loading, sorting (on up to three fields at once),
searching, merging, and saving of data (as many entries as your
system's memory can hold). The other (fully integrated with the first)
keeps track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates and
events (now even 21st century dates can now be handled).

It allows you to easily support any printer (the default is an Epson
compatible printer and a config. file for an HP Laser is included as
well, but you can easily make your own drivers). You can also print
your data to disk for mail merging and the like. It also supports
several page sizes, printing of phone and address books, mailing
labels, date books, and date labels. You can now merge multiple
address books. GEM interface with "Hot Keys" for most functions. All
ST/TT res. except ST and TT low. ST/STe/TT compatible. Docs and online
help. SHAREWARE (not crippled at all so it's really up to you to be
honest!). I would recommend that you download TLC_BOOK (v.4.03 from
May of 1993) which contains an Okidata config. file and TLC_View v.1.0
(dated May 26, 1993). TLC_View is a program or accessory (just rename
it) which will allow you to load and view you TLC Book address
databases into a GEM window without leaving the GEM program you are
using (very handy when you are working with your word processor). So,
download them both and you'll get them all! GEnie.

[] TRAINS is two high quality .IMG silhouettes of old fashioned steam
trains. The first is of an engine, coal car, passenger car, and
caboose. The interesting thing about this .IMG is that it is vertical
with the engine pointing downward. The second .IMG is of an engine and
its coal car. The train is pointing to the right. Delphi.

[] TRAXX1 is a set of nine quality .MOD files from the House Adonis
International TraxX (a European .MOD distribution group). They welcome
you to send them your own quality MODs, along with advertising of your
group. They will make sure they get passed out far and wide. This
archive uncompresses to just over one meg. Uncompress using STZIP26.

[] TTART17 is TT Artist, the TT GEM Screen Saver v.1.7 by Massimo
Farina (dated June, 1994). This file is a very nice PD screen saver
designed for use with the TT (I've heard that it beats out any Mac,
PC, or Unix screensaver around). It takes advantage of all available
colors, and provides you with a wide selection of animated display
modules from which to choose. One of its modules is an amazing fractal
generator.  It can produce fascinating and complicated fractals that
are beautiful to behold - rapidly, too! There are many more modules
included, and this version is more multi-tasking friendly than before.
Docs included. Tested on TT and CyReL M16-1280 graphics card. Not
compatible with ST med & low resolutions. Shareware with a 14 day
unrestricted use feature (then you can register it through Cybercube
Research). TT required. GEnie.

[] TUWIEN is Tuwien v.1.22, a complete UUCP Package from the TU
University of Vienna for the Atari ST. There are no docs, but source
code and a variety of programs and accessories are included. Some of
the programs state that an "ethernet card is not installed" when I run
them, implying that there is an ethernet card for the ST. Hmmm.... An
.IMG file entitled ADAPTER.IMG is included. That's all I can tell you
about this file! ST--TT compatible. Toad Hall.

[] UNARJ241 is UnARJ v.2.41 by Insh_Allah and Mr. Ni! (the Great)
(dated Aug. 31, 1994). This version implements almost all of the
options available in ARJ (the compression method created by R. Jung).
It's fast, too - up to five times faster than the previous version by
these authors. The program and docs are in English with German
translations. ARJ files are mostly found in the IBM world, but when
you need an uncompression utility, you need one! ST--Falcon/MultiTOS
compatible. GEnie.

[] UVK_6_0D is a working demo of the Ultimate Virus Killer v6.0GB by
Richard Karsmakers and Douglas Communications (dated Feb. 8, 1994).
This demo comes from Europe, but the program is now being distributed
in North America by Oregon Research Associates (the people who saved
my bacon by fixing my trashed SyQuest disk - the one that had seven
weeks of downloads that I hadn't backed up - by using their Diamond
Edge software). The limit in the demo is that while you can detect
viruses, you cannot kill them, and that while you can immunize your
disks against further virus infection, you can only do so to one disk
each time you start the program, you can look but not repair
commercial bootsectors, and it advertises itself, and some other minor
limitations. This program will allow you to check for link viruses
(the kind that modify your programs), identify/ restore commercial
boot sectors (they appear as viruses on most virus programs), and will
alert you to odd vectors in your ST's operating system. A list of
features is included, but no docs (but none are really needed). I
recommend this program! Unfortunately it is necessary. Color or mono.
ST--Falcon compatible. Toad Hall? I don't remember.

[] VIEWPROT is a series of text files and sample programs by Peter
Seitz and Dieter Fiebelkorn (the author of GEM View) which define and
illustrate the View Protocol. The View Protocol was developed by these
two programmers to make it possible for a GEM application to display
files (using an external viewer) without being forced to implement a
viewer for the various file formats itself, and to provide a uniform
method of communication between the application and the viewer (so
that the application can use any viewer, rather than just one
particular viewer). Presently there are already several applications
that can be used as viewers. They are GEM-View (Dieter Fiebelkorn),
1st-View/1st-Guide (Guido Vollbending), and ShowImage (Peter Seitz).
When installed as accessories, these applications can be instructed
(by other applications) to view files. If you are a programmer then
this file is for you! The docs are in English. GEnie.

[] W_QUEST4 is the complete and updated version (as of Nov. 1993) of
Word Quest 2 v.4.00 by Donald A. Thomas, Jr. of Artisan Software (the
Atari JOIN THE REVOLUTION guy, and current director of Atari Customer
Service). This program is an EXCELLENT Crossword Puzzle program that
allows you to create complex puzzles with a minimum of effort. I
bought it when it cost $24.95 and was quite pleased with it (I use it
a lot at church). Puzzles and answers may be printed out from the
program to a laser printer or dot matrix printer (via a screendump) or
to a Neochrome or Degas picture file. Five puzzles included. Mouse or
keyboard controlled. You can use this program for so many different
purposes:  education, advertisement, as an "ice-breaker," and... just
for fun! This program seems the same as the commercial version, but
it's not... it's BETTER! Various bug fixes, incompatibility problems,
speed increases, and more have all been implemented. It even improves
over the original shareware release of Sept., 1993). This new version
adds the ability to enter international characters for broader appeal,
a selection of sort formulas and almost every interactive module now
offers a comprehensive GEM-based dialog box for accelerated
productivity. Color or mono (in ST rez.). TOS 1.0--Falcon compatible.
Online help and docs included. Found on TOAD Hall BBS.

[] W_VT52 is the "BareBones W_VT52 Library Demo" of ShareWare C
library routines for text display to GEM windows by Erin Monaco of
Databasement Software. This library is really a stripped-down version
(perfectly usable as is though) or a much larger library of functions.
This file includes two demo programs showing the functions of each of
his W-VT52.LIB functions as they are being used. The library comes
with its complete, commented, source code for porting/modification
purposes. Each function call as well as tips are provided in the
included header file. Support Shareware authors! GEnie.

[] XF2 is PC Xformer v.2.0 - The Atari 400/800 Emulator For MS-DOS
Compatible PCs by Darek Mihocka (dated June 20, 1994). This program
won't do you any good on any ST--Falcon. It is for those of you with
"PC's" only. PC Xformer 2.0 is a free emulator for MS-DOS users who
wish to run their old Atari 400/800 software. Some 8-bit software and
docs are included as well. A 286 machine and VGA monitor are required.
Run your 8-bit programs at up to 7+ times standard speed (with a
Pentium chip)! I downloaded this from Toad Hall.

[] ZX_SP207 is a new and improved version of the Spectrum Emulator
v.2.07 by Christian Gandler (dated Oct. 25, 1993). If you have an
ST(E)/TT/or Falcon 030 and a hankering for that old Spectrum Sinclair
Computer, then this file is for you! This program emulates a SINCLAIR
ZX-Spectrum/48 computer, a Z80-machine with integrated BASIC-
interpreter, 48 KB RAM, equipped with joystick (Kempston, Interface 2)
and optional Interface 1 with up to 8 microdrives (Sinclair-specific
"mass"-storage devices). It includes full emulation for the keyboard,
Screen-Display, including border, cassette-tape-interface and
sound-generation. A joystick joystick interface is emulated, so most
Spectrum games will work with a joystick attached to the joystick-port
of the Atari. There is an option to emulate the notorious interface-1
together with these microdrives.

The ZX-printer is NOT emulated, but as a compensation it is possible
to route RS232-data from the emulated interface-1 to the printer-port
of the Atari. The emulator must be run in the low or high ST screen
resolutions (the Low gives you all the ZX-Spectrum colors while the
High uses graylevels to mimic them). If you have a standard
unaccelerated ST this program will be a bit slow, but if you have a 16
MHz machine you can get near full-speed emulation in some cases and
60% overall. A T-25 is much better and a TT, or Falcon will give you
full speed in most cases. PILES of configuration features. You will
also need at least one meg of RAM (more is better) and a Double-sided
floppy or Hard drive.  There is a four part tutorial program on using
this emulator included, as well as numerous programs and complete
source code. Detailed docs and source code included. This program is a
labor of love for the programmer, and it shows.  Delphi.


All of these files can be found on one or more of the following
on-line services:  GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The
CodeHead BBS (213-461-2095), and at Toad Hall, now the official BBS of
the Boston Computer Society (617-567-8642) (Michael R. Burkley).  Drop
me a line!

Michael lives in Niagara Falls, NY.  He is a former Polyurethane
Research Chemist and is presently the pastor of the Niagara
Presbyterian Church.


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 |||   Seattle Filmworks Pictures on Disk - Service Offer
 |||   By: Greg Kopchak - It's All Relative Software
/ | \  GEnie: GREG

Have you ever wanted an easy inexpensive way to get a photograph
digitized and into your computer? You say you can't afford a high
resolution color digitizer or a Falcon and Photo CD capable CDROM

Seattle FilmWorks (SFW) now offers a "Picture on Disk" process where
they will process normal film to prints or slides and send you
digitized images of your pictures on disk. Included with your pictures
is DOS software for viewing the photos and saving your graphics
conversions to disk.

Since I have access to a PC, and was curious how well the process
worked, I sent off a test roll of film to evaluate the process. About
two weeks later, my "Pictures On Disk" returned. The actual prints
that came back with the disk were of better quality than what you
would get from the corner drugstore or Kodalux processing and were
closer to custom prints than I expected.

The digital "Pictures On Disk" were saved in a compressed format on
one 1.44 meg DSO format floppy disk. Installing the images to a hard
disk turned these compressed images into a non-standard file that
appears similar to a GIF with a 8K header attached.

The digitized images are stored in 320 by 200 in 256 color format.
The DOS software was somewhat of a disappointment in that full screen
images were done by doubling pixels in both the X and Y axis with no
interpolation or dithering. They showed on my DOS machine 640 by 480
screen in a very blocky manner. After installing the PhotoWorks
software that came as a free bonus with the pictures, the viewed
images in 320 by 200 looked much better.

Converting the images to 256 color GIF format left me with an exact
copy of the image in "Pictures On Disk" format. While not close to
Kodak Photo CD in image quality, the 320 by 200 GIF images looked good
on the Falcon using JPEG220.PRG (My registration for this one will be
going out tomorrow). SOL31.PRG yielded images of similar quality but
working with the user interface is painful.

For ST viewing we used GIFCOLOR.TTP and the 16 color images still
looked pretty good. The GIFSCALE.TTP yielded a 8 shade monochrome
image that looked better on a TV than a SC1224 monitor. The 16_SHADE
S.PRG for the STe that runs as an installed application yielded a very
good monochrome image on both a TV and SC1224 monitor when run on the

DMJ-GIF did a great job turning the GIF images into Spectrum format
images for viewing on an STe. DMJ-GIF works best with images that have
horizontal planes of interest as the Spectrum process comes up short
when dealing with many vertical planes of interest due to the colors
per scan line limitation of the process.

The cost for a 24 exposure roll was $9.95 for processing and prints
and $3.95 to get the pictures on put on disk plus handling. They can
also digitize your negatives to disk for a somewhat higher char ge
(contact SFW for details). You don't need a CD player to view your
photos - the images are returned to you on a PC standard 1.44meg
floppy disk. The results of my experiment have been uploaded to GEnie
(SWF_GIF.ZIP) for those interested in seeing the results for

The quality of the images is of course much lower than that available
from Kodak Photo CD. The Kodak Photo CD is a process designed for use
with tomorrow's hardware. "Pictures On Disk" is a process to make best
use of what is available today at a very good price. A summary
comparison of the two technologies follows:

 COMPARISON OF:     Kodak Photo CD      Pictures On Disc
  Colors            16 million               256

  Image Size        3072 by 2048             320 by 200

  Medium            Photo CD            floppy disk

  Cost 24 Exposure  about $29.00             $14.80

  Return Time       1-7 days            2 weeks

  Avg. Image Size   4 meg                    40 k
  in native format

  Quality of Prints Fair (Kodalux)           near custom

  Free Film         none                private brand (SFW)


There are currently no native Atari viewers for the images in their
"Pictures On Disk" format. So you do at this point need access to a
DOS compatible with a VGA card to convert the images.

You don't have a PC? (we can't blame you :-) For anyone who does not
have access to a PC interested in trying the process, we will convert
a 24 exposure "Pictures On Disk" to GIF format onto a ST disk for
$4.00 to cover cost of disk and mailing (ST and STe users add $2.00
for DS/DD disks). If you would like us to help with your conversions,
send your "Pictures On Disk" floppy to:

   Randall Kopchak
   It's All Relative
   2233 Keeven Lane Florissant MO 63031

... and we will turn your "Pictures On Disk" around in one or two

For more information on the "Pictures On Disk" process contact Seattle
FilmWorks at (800) 445-3348 or write them at Seattle Film Works, 1260
16th Avenue West, Seattle WA 98119.

For Kodak Photo CD and other imaging solutions for the Atari or
Microsoft Windows systems, contact It's All Relative, 2233 Keeven
Lane, Florissant MO 63031.

It's All Relative is not associated with Seattle FilmWorks in any way.

All trademarks are those of their respective companies.


 |||   Developing news!
 |||   Items of interest from TOS platform developers and supporters
/ | \  -------------------------------------------------------------------

//// ORA Announces TrueImage

TrueImage is a brand new 24 bit Image Processing package for the
Atari ST, STe, TT, and Falcon 030 computer. Using the same EFMS image
loading system as TruePaint, TrueImage can import and export images in
a wide variety of popular formats. TrueImage can load and convert
between bitmap, color, and grey scale formats and has an impressive
array of palette manipulation, dithering, halftone and error diffusion

True Image also stores all pictures internally as 24 bit files, so
even if you perform manipulation on a mono monitor, you can still
import the picture into a DTP document and have a service bureau print
it out in full colour!

True Image has powerful masking capabilities to allow you to cut,
copy, and paste/combine portions of several images into a beautiful
composite. A wide array of effects and filters are also available for
image manipulation and picture enhancement including: Sharpen, Blur,
Diffuse, Emboss, Mosaic, Find Edges, Add Noise, De-Speckle, Invert,
Threshold, Brightness, Contrast, etc.

True Image is compatible with all Atari ST/STe/TT and Falcon030
computers with at least 2 mb of memory and a floppy drive. A 4 mb of
memory and a hard disk is recommended. TrueImage is available now and
retails for $99.95. For more information call Oregon Research at (503)

//// ... and Papyrus Gold
//// NeoDesk 4 Ships
//// Put your Falcon in Overdrive
//// Take the Fast Path from TraceTech
//// Avant Vector 2.0

Papyrus Gold IS THE writers tool we've all been waiting for! Papyrus
goes way beyond the standard definition of Word Processors and Desktop
Publishers to define a new class of application: the Document
Processor. Powerful features like drag and drop editing, tables and
embedded spreadsheets, automatic Table of Contents and Index creation,
vertical and horizontal character micro- spacing, American English and
British English dictionaries, embedded graphics, drawing tools, Popup
Style lists and complete SpeedoGDOS support put Papyrus in a class by

And the printed output... well, it's a work of art! From a letter to
your Mother to embedded spreadsheets and graphics for that quarterly
report, Papyrus has the power and flexibility to fulfil every writers

Papyrus Gold is compatible with any Atari ST/STe/TT or Falcon 030
with a minimum resolution of 640x400 (ST mono) or higher. It requires
at least 2 mb of memory and 2 floppy drives or a Falcon 030 with 4 mb
of memory and GDOS 1.1 or SpeedoGDOS . The recommended configuration
is 4 mb of memory, a hard disk, and SpeedoGDOS 4.2.

Papyrus retails for $249.95 and is available now. A fully functional
demo disk is available for $5 applicable towards purchase, competitive
upgrades are also available. Call Oregon Research at (503) 620-4919
for a more information.

//// NeoDesk 4 Ships

Gribnif Software is proud to announce the completion of the most
recent upgrade to the original desktop replacement for Atari
computers, NeoDesk 4. The wait is finally over.

NeoDesk has hundreds of features, so here are just some of the more
popular ones in the new version:

  o A completely new "look and feel", including 3D windows, enhanced
    dialog handling, and the ability to have multiple dialogs open at
    once. All this works on any Atari computer with any ROM version.

  o Multicolored icons - each icon can have up to 16 colors, and can
    even appear completely different when selected.

  o Icon Editor - This multiple window Icon Editor lets you edit and
    modify custom icons for any file or folder. The editor can read
    many popular icon formats, including ones from other platforms!

  o Any Degas, Neochrome, Tiny, IMG, or BMP picture can be viewed (by
    double-clicking on it) or can be used as the desktop background.
    Desktop pictures can even be "tiled".

  o Each directory window has its own menu bar, making it much easier
    to find frequently used options.

  o Each window has its own "parent directory", Show Info, and
    trashcan icons.

  o Items can be selected from the keyboard, including a search mode.

  o File Groups - Now you can arrange commonly used programs and data
    files together in the same window, even when they are physically
    contained in drastically different locations! Their names can even
    be changed, using up to 20 characters.

  o Font Control - NeoDesk 4 gives you the power to redefine what
    fonts and point sizes are used within its windows, and even for
    the text underneath icons.

  o Disk copy, file operations, and floppy disk formatting can all
    occur "in the background", allowing you to use your computer for
    other tasks at the same time.

  o Search Files - Easily search your system for one or more files,
    based on their name, size, date, or attributes. A file group can
    even be created containing the results. This is just one example
    of the powerful Filtering options which are also available for
    file operations.

  o Compatible with all Atari computers, in all resolutions, including
    third-party graphics cards.

NeoDesk 4 is available for just $69.95 plus $4.15 S&H. Owners of
NeoDesk 3 can upgrade to the new version for $25 + $3 S&H by sending
us both original NeoDesk 3 master disks. Backorders are being filled
right now, and may take 2-3 weeks to complete.

(Shipping amounts listed apply to orders shipped within the USA only.
Please contact us for other areas.)

  Gribnif Software
  P.O. Box 779
  Northampton, MA  01061-0779

  Voice:    (413) 247-5620
  Fax:      (413) 247-5622

//// Put your Falcon in Overdrive


Tired of that SLOW 84 meg internal drive?
Want More storage space and a MUCH faster drive?

OVER/Drive 3.5 IDE is now available without hard drives!!!

This means more savings for you, and you get the exact drive you want.
O/D 3.5 IDE is an external case measuring 8.125" Long, 4.5" wide, 1.5"
high, and a special cable that connects to the Falcon motherboard.
O/D gets it's power from the Falcon motherboard so there are no power
cables to mess with.  The drive cable can be removed from the O/D case
in seconds to make for easy transport.

OVER/Drive 3.5 IDE is very easy to install, no soldering, and can be
done in 15 min.  There is a physical connector for a 2nd IDE drive and
we are told that ICD is working on adding this feature to their great
ICD PRO tm software.

This will let any Falcon owner use 3.5 IDE drives. Why use 3.5 IDE
drives?  3.5 IDE drives are bigger, Faster, and Cheaper than either
the 2.5 inch IDE or 3.5 SCSI drives.  1 Gig 3.5 Ide's are going for
$475, you just can't get a better price!

The IDE port is faster than the SCSI 2 port!  A Quantum 240 on my Mega
gets 1249K/sec 18ms, but on the Falcon's SCSI port, the best the drive
will do is 1012K/sec 25ms, and drops to 739K/sec 48ms in 256 color

This is THE upgrade for Falcon's with no internal Drives!
Why waste money on drives that cost up to $3.00 a Megabyte, when you
can get a faster drive at better than half the price?

We also sell a volume control either internally or externally for the
Falcon's internal speaker for $12, a real life saver!

Watch for the up coming review in Genie Lamp by Richard Brown!

Cost for the OVER/Drive case and cable in normally $99.95, but we have
a limited offer till Nov 30th for $89.95 + $4.50 for shipping.

Please Email or call for more information:

Email           B.AEIN
Ben Aein        301-251-0997

Tell your Friends about OVER/Drive AND FEEL THE SPEED!

                             Formula-1 Systems

//// Take the Fast Path from TraceTech

 |  Fast Path v1.0  |
 |   Press Release  |
 |  August 15, 1994 |

Trace Technologies is proud to introduce FastPath.

Shipping date: AVAILABLE NOW!


   "A Straight Line- The shortest distance between two points."
          "FastPath- The shortest distance between two paths."

Fast Path v1.0 - The Indispensable Path Selection Utility!

Are you struggling with the system file selector, clicking here and
there to get to your word processing folder or that favorite game?
Sure, using an alternative file selector can be better, but have you
found yourself wishing it had more predefined paths and extenders?
Wish no more!

FastPath, a demoware program by Keith Gerdes and Trace Technologies,
works in conjunction with your system/alternative file selector,
giving you unparalleled power and flexibility when it comes to quickly
getting to the directory you need.  When you need to get somewhere
fast, you need the speed of FastPath.

 o Provides 34 user-definable paths in an attractive graphical user
   interface.  Call FastPath as needed or have it automatically appear
   before the file selector.  Select a path via the mouse or keyboard
   and you're instantly there, reaching distant points of your hard
   disk with ease.  Paths can be defined, copied, moved, deleted or
   edited with point-and-click ease.  Displays the current path being
   sent to the file selector along with the file selector prompt and
   filename specifications.

 o Remembers the last 4 paths used in the file selector, for instant
   recall.  Combined with the above, you have 38 paths at your

 o Provides 38 user-definable extenders, one of which can be passed to
   the file selector to narrow the range of files displayed.

 o Save your favorite paths and extenders to disk for future use.

 o Full mouse and keyboard control.

 o Convenient Help screen.

 o FastPath can access CodeHead's powerful file maintenance utility,
   MaxiFile III, by a simple keypress if MaxiFile is resident as a
   desk accessory.

 o Works in all color or monochrome graphic resolutions with a minimum
   screen size of 640x200.  100% assembly.  Uses as little as 22K of
   RAM.  Compatible with all TOS versions and ST/STe/TT/Falcon models.

 o Strong support from one of the oldest developers for the Atari ST
   whose current product line includes Data Diet, Squish II, Data
   Rescue, Load Aladdin, TOS4TRAPv1 -and soon to be released-
   Missouri, Fast Menu and the Falcon030 Toolkit.

 o A demo version is freely available on online services.  NOTE: Some
   features are not available in the demo version.

   The full version can be purchased for only US$10.  Consult the next
   section for details.


Purchasing FastPath:

[NOTE: Canadian users- please see specific FastPath order info below.]

Send US$10 plus shipping & handling.   S&H: $3 in the U.S.,
                                            $5 priority mail in the U.S.,
                                         or $5 outside the U.S.

Texas residents must add 8.25% sales tax.

Please make payment by check (issued by a U.S. bank), U.S. funds
money order (drawn on a U.S. bank), or postal money order.
 [NOTEs: GEnie gifts of time are not accepted.
         And no credit card order capability.]

 Payable to:
  Trace Technologies or Keith Gerdes

 Send to:
  Trace Technologies [FASTPATH]
  PO Box 711403
  Houston, TX  77271-1403

What else do you get for your investment?
 -> Tech support and bug fix updates!
 -> Plus special discounts on future products.

 ==== Canadian users ====

In order to save you money and offer you quicker turnaround, I started
a registration service with Howard Carson, a member of the Toronto
Atari Federation User Group.  Howard will take care of processing all
Canadian orders- including user registration, money transactions and
software distribution.

Please note, tech support and all other support will still be the sole
responsibility of TraceTech.

The Canadian registration fee is $20 Cdn, total amount.

Send all Canadian registrations to:
 Howard Carson
 #601-2904 St. Clair Ave. East
 Toronto, Ontario
 M4B 1N7

And make all Canadian payments to:
 Howard Carson

Howard accepts personal cheques and current account cheques drawn on
Canadian banks and trusts, as well as MO's, drafts and cash.  He will
try to service registrants within 72 hours (for cash, M.O and
draft/certified cheque customers), and within 10 days for personal
cheque customers.  '72 hours' and '10 days', refer to the actual
elapsed period before an item is mailed/registered/applied (as

 ==== Other currencies ====

If you wish to setup a distribution point for other currencies, please
contact me.

 ==== Order Survey ====

 1) File selector(s) currently in use?

 2) TOS version?

 3) Computer model?

 4) High density disk drive?

This survey is optional and no item is mandatory- skip any you find
objectionable.  Your answers will simply be filed away for future

 Customer support is available via:

   Phone: (713)771-8332  [weekdays 1PM-5PM Central Time]
   GEnie: Category 2, Topic 12 or K.GERDES

Products mentioned are copyright by their respective owners.

Reprint notice:
Reprint permission is granted as long as it is done in entirety.

//// Avant Vector 2.0

CodeHead has obtained a limited supply of Avant Vector 2.0 (the font
version) and is offering it at a special price of $150.  Avant Vector
2.0 has all of the features of Avant Vector 1.2 plus the ability to
load Calamus and Adobe Type-1 fonts and save Calamus CFN font files.

Avant Vector 2.0 also provides text-wrapping to a path.  You may type
in a string of text using any loaded font and Avant Vector 2.0 will
convert the text to vector objects and display it on any path you

Owners of previous versions of Avant Vector may upgrade to Avant Font
2.0 for the price of $30 plus shipping.

 Avant Vector 2.0......$150.00
 Upgrade price...........30.00

They are here our hands, but supply is limited. 

We regret that there is no demo version of Avant Vector 2.0. 

NOTE: At this time, there is no additional documentation available
describing the font features.  The 2.0 manual is the same as that of
Avant Vector 1.2.

Shipping charge is $3 US, $4 Canada.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and
American Express.  CodeHead does not currently maintain regular office
hours, although you may leave a message on the answering machine.
Faster response can be obtained through GEnie E-Mail to J.EIDSVOOG1.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

 For further information, contact:

 CodeHead Technologies
 P.O. Box 74090 
 Los Angeles, CA 90004

 Voice: (213) 386-5735
   FAX: (213) 386-5789

      GEnie: J.EIDSVOOG1
 Compuserve: 76004,2232
     Delphi: EIDSVOOG


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Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy


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