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      Beginning next week, Comdex Spring'94 will be under way.  I'll be
 there... trying to inhale all the valuable information in one gulp.  Well,
 you know what I mean.  Be prepared to read all about the show, the new
 products and the goodies due in the next few months or, for Comdex Fall'94
 in Las Vegas.
      Comdex... new products, both hardware and software are waiting in the
 wings to excite everyone.  New monitors, laser printers and machines, all
 with the "green" cliche, abound.  The services are all humming about the
 goodies that are soon to be announced.  Quite a bit of preliminary
 information is covered in this issue.
      Now, for moment of silence for the poor souls on the Amiga and Atari
 computer platforms.  Hopefully, they'll see the light and make the move. 
 after all, only so many doors need stoppers.


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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #21
                         By: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

                 ** NeXT, HP to Ship Operating System **

    A pre-release version of the NeXTStep operating system for Hewlett-
 Packard Co.'s workstations has been announced by HP and Steven Jobs' 
 NeXT Computer Inc. This is the first major announcement since last year 
 when HP, the nation's second-largest computer company, formed a software 
 development alliance with NeXT.

    Officials with the companies said the final version of NeXTStep 
 Release 3.2, designed to run on HP's current-generation RISC-based 
 (reduced-instruction set computing) workstations, will ship this summer.

    NeXT Computer last year stopped building its own computers in order 
 to become solely a software maker and began selling new versions of 
 NeXTStep, which is designed to work on range of computers that run on 
 Intel Corp. microprocessors.

                 ** High-Speed Cable Services Planned **

    Intel Corp. and General Instrument Corp. announced this week that 
 they have signed memoranda of understanding with Tele-Communications 
 Inc. (TCI) and Rogers Cablesystems Ltd. of Canada that will allow the 
 companies to begin working on a project to deliver data to PCs at speeds 
 up to 1,000 times faster than today's fastest modems.

    The companies hope to provide the infrastructure for a new class of 
 cable-based services for home PC users.

                  ** Kyocera's Video-on-Demand Debuts **

    Kyocera Corp. has developed adapters that can transform home television
 sets into video-on-demand terminals, linking them through telephone lines
 to banks of stored programs.

    Reports from Tokyo say that the company plans to sell the new terminal
 adaptor, called the "Set Top Box," to U.S. regional phone companies and
 cable television operators working to develop video-on-demand services.
    The system will allow home viewers to choose from an unlimited number 
 of stored programs provided by an outside vendor.

    Time Warner Cable, AT&T and Bell Atlantic are also developing a 
 similar system that could be accessed through cable television.

                   ** Disk Drive Shipments Up 16.5% **

    Shipments in the disk drives market grew 16.5% last year to 51.5 
 million units and are expected to increase by the same rate this year, 
 says Dataquest researchers. The market research firm also says that 
 despite the increase in volume, price wars knocked 5% off the industry's 
 revenues to $18.1 billion from $19 billion in 1992.

    Leading the drive business now is Quantum Corp., with a market share 
 of 20.7%, edging out Seagate Technology at 19.9%, says Dataquest. 
 Quantum, which was ranked third in 1992 behind Conner Peripherals and 
 Seagate, boosted its shipments from 6.75 million in 1992 to 10.65 
 million in 1993.

    Conner is in third place now with an 18.7% share, followed by IBM 
 with 10.6%, Western Digital 10% and Maxtor 9.7%. In other words, the top
 six producers have almost 90% of the market.

                 ** Sony Creates Entertainment Company **

    Sony Corp. of America has announced the creation of Sony Computer
 Entertainment of America. The new company will market hardware and
 software in the U.S. for Sony's upcoming CD-based home video game system, 
 the PlayStation.

    Sony Computer Entertainment of America will also be responsible for 
 third-party video game software licensing in the U.S.

    According to Sony, the PlayStation employs advanced parallel processing
 by using a dedicated 32-bit CPU together with multiple processors for
 graphics and sound and other functions. Sony notes that the architecture
 allows for a dramatic increase in processing speed, enabling the
 PlayStation to offer a real-time combination of 3-D images using "texture
 mapping," multiple two-dimensional "sprites" and full motion video.

    The PlayStation is scheduled to be released in Japan by the end of 
 1994 and in the United States in 1995.

                    ** Borland PowerPack for DOS Ships **

    Borland International Inc. has added Borland PowerPack for DOS to its 
 line of object- oriented software development tools.

    According to Borland, PowerPack for DOS offers a complete suite of 
 DOS development tools and libraries that are designed to work with 
 Borland C++ 4.0. It provides support for DOS developers and other 
 software developers who are making the move from DOS to Windows. The 
 product includes 16- and 32-bit DOS extenders that integrate into the 
 Borland C++ 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

    "Most of our customers still develop or maintain DOS applications. 
 This product provides significant technology they have been requesting," 
 says Michael Hyman, manager of Borland's languages business unit.

    The Borland PowerPack for DOS is available from retailers or directly 
 from Borland. It's being offered at a 90-day introductory price of 
 $99.95, after which the price is scheduled to rise to $499.

                  ** DEC, Tadpole to Market Notebook **

    A strategic agreement has been signed under which Digital Equipment 
 Corp. and Tadpole Technology Inc. will jointly design and develop a 
 workstation-class notebook. Reports say the computer will be based on 
 Digital's advanced Alpha AXP DECchip 21066 RISC (reduced instruction set 
 computing) microprocessor.

                    ** AT&T Offers Home, Office PCs **

    A new line of '486 IBM-compatible PCs intended for the home and small 
 office markets has been introduced by AT&T, which says it will sell the 
 units at consumer electronics and computer stores nationwide.

    AT&T officials said the computers, priced between $1,399 and $2,299, 
 will include a modem with fax capabilities and have software for various 
 OnLine services, including CompuServe, AT&T EasyLink, America OnLine, 
 GEnie, the Imagination Network and Prodigy.

    Six of the new models have multimedia capabilities and are equipped 
 with audio cards, stereo speakers and four CD-ROM titles. Most of the 
 models will include voice messaging capabilities to answer calls and 
 store messages.

                   ** Microsoft Unveils Video Server **

    A low-cost video server, code-named Tiger, to control interactive 
 television systems is being rolled out by Microsoft Corp. this week.

    The company says its prototype program can operate at a tenth of the 
 cost of rival technologies being developed by Silicon Graphics Corp., 
 Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM.

    Microsoft "believes it can deliver programming such as movies on 
 demand by using personal-computer hardware, rather than basing the 
 systems on mainframes or supercomputers,"4.

                   ** Zenith Launches New Notebooks **

    A new line of IBM-compatible notebook computers, the Z-NOTEFLEX 
 series with multimedia capabilities and 16-bit sound, has been introduced
 by Zenith Data Systems. Prices on the notebook series should range 
 from $2,529 to $5,519.

                     ** IBM Expands ThinkPad Line **

    IBM Corp. announced this week it will offer enhanced versions of its 
 premium line of ThinkPad mobile computers and introduce a new line of 
 entry-priced ThinkPad models.

    The ThinkPad 360 series, which will offer the same modular design as 
 the award-winning ThinkPad 750 line from which it is descended, will be 
 aimed at new users with prices starting at $1,999.

    The premium models in the ThinkPad 755 series will offer improved 
 multimedia capabilities, greater hard disk capacity and a choice of the 
 latest Intel Corp. 486-based processors and upgradability to future 

                   ** New Apple PowerBooks Foreseen **

    A new line of PowerBook laptop computers are expected to be launched by
 Apple Computer Inc.  According to a report in The New York Times, the line
 of six computers will be available immediately, priced from $2,269 to

                  ** Sega Provides Cable Video Games **

    Word is Japan's Sega Enterprises Ltd. is set to provide video game
 software to homes, using cable TV networks.

    Sources are quoted as saying, "The unique service enabling people to
 play computer games at home will begin in the United States this month and
 in Japan next month."

    Reports say users will be able to play various video games for about
 $29 a month on the Sega system.

                     ** Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 Near **

    Lotus Development Corp. said this week it is almost ready to market 
 Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 for DOS, a major upgrade of its spreadsheet soft-
 ware. Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 for DOS will ship in North America in June 
 with a suggested retail price of $495.

    Lotus said 1-2-3 Release 4 for DOS is easier to use and features a 
 highly graphical user interface and integrated mail enabling.

                     ** Apple Cuts Computer Prices **

    Prices on Apple Computer Inc. desktop and portable computers for
 business were cut this week by up to 27%.  Apple cut the prices of
 Macintosh Quadra 660AV and 950 models up to 20%. Both are equipped with
 sound and video features.  Apple also cut prices of existing PowerBook
 models.  In addition, the company also cut the prices of some accessories
 such as monitors and toner cartridges for printers.

                   ** Judge Rules for Stacker Again **

    A federal judge, in a tentative ruling, has denied Microsoft Corp.'s
 request for a permanent injunction against Stac Electronics' use of a DOS
 preload feature in its Stacker products.

    In a statement from Carlsbad, California, Stac has this means it will
 continue to ship its Stacker data compression products without

    The tentative ruling from U.S. District Judge Edward Rafeedie follows a
 Feb 23 jury's findings that Microsoft infringed two of Stac's patents. 
 The jury awarded Stac $120 million in compensatory damages.

                     ** Dell Cuts Notebook Prices **

    Prices on Dell Computer Corp.'s Latitude notebook computers have been
 reduced by $150 to $300. Dell officials said its '486-based portable
 computer with active-matrix color is priced less than $3,000, and a
 '486-based monochrome notebook is priced below $1,450.  The price cuts 
 range from 8-14% in the U.S. market, effective immediately.
                      ** IBM Develops New Polymer **

    Researchers working at the IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center 
 have developed a new circuit board polymer for use in existing and
 emerging high-performance computer, aerospace, and automotive

    According to IBM, the patented new thermosetting polymer, called CYTUF,
 offers multiple technical and performance advantages over the conventional
 epoxy resins widely used in printed-circuit boards found in notepad,
 laptop, and desktop personal computers.

    IBM noted that high thermal stability, excellent electrical insulation,
 low moisture absorption, high strength, and inherent flame retardancy, as
 well as the ability to bond securely to copper, make CYTUF an ideal
 material for the fabrication of printed-circuit boards.

    In addition, IBM said heat resistance gives CYTUF some of its most 
 attractive benefits. Computer chips can be bonded directly to its 
 surface, potentially eliminating an entire level of chip packaging and 
 its cost. Environmentally troublesome bromine-containing fire retardants,
 used in conventional circuit boards, are not necessary with CYTUF.

    CYTUF's electrical insulation ability, also better than current FR-4
 epoxy boards, aids in packing chips into small spaces without "cross talk"
 and other forms of electrical interference.



                           SOUND BLASTER - AWE 32
                            CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES

      Creative Technologies' new Sound Blaster AWE 32 is a fully compatible
 sound card offering superb sound and powerful features.  It comes with the
 SB 16 ASP thus, it supports all games and software designed for previous
 SB models.  The Digital Audio is excellent.  16 bit goes to 44.1Khz.

      Also included is a superb Wavetable Synthesizer that employs the new
 E-mu 8000 chip.  AWE 32 is among the first products to be released with
 this chip and its been reported E-mu themselves have a few synthesizers on
 the way.  1Mb of sample ROM provides a full set of general MIDI sounds. 
 The overall Sound quality is quite a bit better than waveblaster and I
 might add just as good as many of the pricey cards.  The AWE 32 is an
 excellent value.

      The ASP chip is used for Text Assist, Creative's superb Text to
 Speech application.  Text Assist sounds very life-like.  The ASP chip is
 also used for the Q-Sound fuction.  Q-Sound is a software controlled sound
 effects generator used for implementing three dimensional sounds.  Q-Sound
 makes the sounds appear to come from a range of areas relative to the L/R
 speakers.  From the far left to the far right and all points in between.  
      The FM Synthesizer uses the SB interface (like previous models).  The
 Wavetable Synthesizer uses an MPU UART interface.  As a result, it will
 work with any MPU-401 software and General MIDI or GS in game software. 
 There are two DSP chips.  One of which is used to perform real-time tasks
 creating Reverb and Chorus effects.  There are 8 catagories and variations
 of each.  The end results are excellent.

      The card comes with 512k of ram.  This enables one to add their own
 Samples, Patches and Voices.  Two sample banks are supplied with the AWE
 32.   These banks emulate an MT-32 and a GS synth.  The AWE 32 supports
 Full GS, with extra instrument banks, Reverberation and Chorus level
 controllers.  Two standard RAM SIMM slots are on the card, permitting the
 addition of up to 28 Mb (2 x 16mb simms).  

      AFAIK, the AWE 32 is the first card that achieves the type of quality
 many professionals seek.  I am confident they will find the AWE 32 totally
 acceptable.  There are three CD-ROM interfaces on the card supporting
 Creative/Panasonic, Sony and Mitsumi Drives.  One might ask what about
 SCSI?  However with more and more systems being equipped with SCSI2 from
 the factory, perhaps the duplicity is unfavorable.  Maybe they will offer
 two cards one with SCSI and one with an alternative such as mentioned

      The software supplied is plentiful and quite nice.  Except for a few
 DOS programs (utils) the good stuff is for Windows. (so what else is new?)
 The Sound Blaster Mixer, (with functional LED's) Q-Sound and the superb
 configuration software, a multimedia suite with MIDI file player, Cd Audio
 player and WAV player.  Of course, as an added "bonus" Voice assist (Voice
 Recognition), and Text Assist (Text to Speech) are also included along
 with all sorts of supportive goodies.  Creative's Pro Wave Studio V.2  is
 an excellent wave editor.  HSC Interactive, also included, is an authoring
 program for Multimedia and I might add, seems to offer the best features
 of most available.  Finally... there's Cakewalk Apprentice, a limited
 edition of a great sequencing program that's guaranteed to entice you to
 obtain the full program

                      Creative Labs - AWE-32 sound card

      Sound Blaster
      Sound Blaster 16
      General MIDI
      MPU-401 UART level
      Roland GS
      Roland MT32

 Specification (As standard)
      8 & 16 bit playback & record
      5KHz-44.1KHz (mono or stereo)
      Mixer -dig audio/MIDI/CD/line-in/mic/PC speaker
      output control -volume/bas/treble
      E-MU8000 sample wave synth
      32 note polyphonic
      1MB GM samples
      512KB user loadable samples
      reverb, chorus, Q-sound, flange, deley, etc
      32 channel, 24 bit audio DSP
      Advanced signal processor (voice recognition, etc)

 Specification (max spec)
      as above but with
      28MB for user loadable samples
      additional 32 note polyphonic wave sample GM synth

      CDROM interface Sony/Mitsumi/Panasonic/Creative
      Joystick port
      MIDI in and out
      line in
      mic in
      audio out
      synth connector (direct to board)
      SPDIF for output from e-mu 8000
      Pin connectors for external digital volume control




                  --Strengthens presence in enterprise market--

     CUPERTINO,  Calif.  --  May 5, 1994  --  Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: 
     SYMC)  announced today that,  after review under the Hart-Scott-Rodino 
     Act,   the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  has not opposed  Symantec's 
     acquisition  of  Central Point Software,  Inc.    The  acquisition  is 
     expected to be finalized in the June quarter. 

     Symantec  and  Central  Point,  both well-known  for  desktop  utility 
     products,  have each been investing in the development and acquisition 
     of  products  in  the rapidly expanding  enterprise  utility  software 
     market.   By combining with Central Point, Symantec will significantly 
     increase the resources committed to compete in the growing  enterprise 
     market  and  be better positioned to take advantage of  new  operating 
     system opportunities. 

     Symantec  markets a number of successful enterprise software  products 
     including the Norton Administrator for Networks,  Norton AntiVirus for 
     NetWare,    Norton   Utilities  Administrator  and   Norton   DiskLock 

     "Our  Norton  enterprise products are  already  well-received,"   said 
     Gordon  E.   Eubanks,  Jr.,  Symantec's president and CEO.   "We  have 
     shipped more than 300,000  nodes of Norton Administrator for Networks. 

     By  combining with Central Point,  we will substantially increase  our 
     ability to succeed in this competitive market." 

     The acquisition is a pooling of interests where all outstanding shares 
     of  Central  Point  stock  will  be  exchanged  for  an  aggregate  of 
     approximately 4 million shares of Symantec stock. 

     Symantec Corporation develops, markets and supports a complete line of 
     application   and   system  software  products  designed  to   enhance 
     individual  and  workgroup productivity as well  as  manage  networked 
     computing  environments.   Platforms supported  include  IBM  personal 
     computers  and compatibles,  Apple Macintosh computers and  all  major 
     network operating systems.   Founded in 1982,  the company has offices 
     in the United States,  Canada,  Australia and Europe.   Information on 
     the company and its products can be obtained by calling (800) 441-7234 
     toll free or (503) 334-6054. 

     Brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered 
     trademarks of their respective holders. 



       STACKER NOTE                                         STACKER NOTE
                         STAC WINS INJUNCTION HEARING                       
       STAC FAX  1118 (05-13-1994)
                   Microsoft Request for Injunction Denied
            CARLSBAD, Calif., May 13, 1994 -- Stac Electronics (NASDAQ:
       STAC) a leading supplier of data compression products for
       doubling the storage capacity of personal computers, announced
       today that Federal District Judge Edward Rafeedie, in a tentative
       ruling, has denied Microsoft's request for a permanent injunction
       against Stac's use of a DOS preload feature in its Stacker*
       products.  As a result, the Company will continue to ship its
       Stacker products without interruption.
            The tentative ruling follows a Federal jury's findings on
       February 23, 1994 that Microsoft infringed two of the Company's
       patents.  In that decision the jury awarded Stac $120,000,000 in
       compensatory damages.  The jury also found in favor of Microsoft
       on one of Microsoft's seven counterclaims with the result that
       Microsoft was awarded $13,600,000 in damages for misappropriation
       of a trade secret identified as a preload function in MS-DOS** 6.
       In its tentative ruling the court said that evidence presented at
       trial indicated that the information Stac used in developing its
       product was no longer subject to trade secrecy protection.
            Stac Electronics is a leading supplier of high-performance
       data compression products for personal computers.  Implemented in
       software and silicon, Stac's products are sold direct from the
       Company and through retail and OEM sales distribution channels
    * Indicates trademark or registered trademark of Stac Electronics.
    ** Indicates trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
       Jennings & Company
       Greg Peverill-Conti (415) 974-6200
                       Copyright 1994 Stac Electronics




               New strategy triples graphics product offerings
                 offers users greater purchasing flexibility

 OTTAWA, Canada--May 17, 1994--Corel Corporation and its subsidiaries today
 announced a new product strategy for CorelDRAW 5, which is scheduled to
 ship on May 27.  With the new strategy in place, Corel will offer a
 CorelDRAW 5 graphics and publishing suite, including six modules and
 several utilities, as well as stand-alone versions of both Corel VENTURA
 5 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 5.

 "This new approach provides users with more flexibility and value than
 ever before," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, President and Chief Executive
 Officer of Corel Corporation. "Unbundling Corel VENTURA and Corel
 PHOTO-PAINT provides users the flexibility to tailor their software
 applications, while the CorelDRAW 5 suite will continue to provide users
 with the 'all-in-one solution' and value for which Corel is famous."

 CorelDRAW 5 Product Offerings
 Corel's new product strategy will involve the following three options:

 CorelDRAW 5 Suite
      A CorelDRAW 5 suite which includes CorelDRAW, Corel VENTURA, Corel
 Corel TRACE, Corel CAPTURE, CorelKERN and Corel DB Editor .

      The Corel VENTURA 5 module will not ship with the initial production
 run of  CorelDRAW 5. Instead, Corel will include a coupon in every package
 of the CorelDRAW 5 suite. Users who return the coupon will automatically
 receive the Corel VENTURA 5 module when the product ships.

 "CorelDRAW 5 is ready for shipment," said Dr. Cowpland. "Corel VENTURA 5
 is still  undergoing rigorous testing in order that we deliver a solid
 final release."

 Corel VENTURA 5
      Corel VENTURA 5 will also be sold as a stand-alone product. 
 Featuring a new and easier-to-use Windows interface, Corel VENTURA 5
 provides users with powerful features for long and short document

      Scheduled to ship in July, this new product will include Corel
 VENTURA, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, CorelKERN, Corel DB Editor and TagWrite. Corel
 VENTURA 5 will carry a list price of  $495 US/ $595 CDN for the CD-ROM
 only version and $595 US/ $695 CDN for the diskette version.

      Corel VENTURA 4.2 users can upgrade to Corel VENTURA 5 for $199 US/
 $249 CDN, CD-ROM and $249 US/ $349 CDN for the diskette version.  Users of
 previous versions can upgrade to Corel VENTURA 5 for $299 US/ $399 CDN
 CD-ROM and $349 US/ $449 CDN for the diskette version.

      Corel will continue to sell Corel VENTURA 4.2 for $199 US/ $249 CDN,
 CD-ROM and $249 US/$299 CDN diskette.

      Corel PHOTO-PAINT 5, Corel's paint and image-editing application,
 will also be sold as a stand-alone product. Corel PHOTO-PAINT 5 will be
 priced at $199 US/ $249 CDN, CD-ROM only version, and $249 US/ $349 CDN
 for the diskette version.

                         Corel Corporation Announces
                New Extensions to Technical Support Programs

          New technical support options to provide increased access
              users of CorelDRAW, Corel GALLERY, and CorelFLOW

 OTTAWA, Canada -- May 17, 1994 -- Corel Corporation and its subsidiaries
 today announced new technical support options for users of CorelDRAW,
 Corel GALLERY, and CorelFLOW.  Beginning June 1st, 1994, Corel will
 replace its current system of providing free technical support on a toll
 line with a new credit-based program on a toll-free line. Corel's new
 technical support extensions are designed to provide registered Corel
 customers with increased access to support services. The new program will
 compliment Corel's current, free-of-charge support options, including a
 fax-back service, CompuServe and Bulletin Board programs, and an
 Interactive Voice Answering Network (IVAN).

 "This plan is designed to make the support personnel more accessible to
 customers who need the services most," said Dr. Michael Cowpland,
 President and Chief Executive Officer of Corel Corporation. "We will also
 continue to provide our users with a convenient selection of alternative,
 free-of-charge services.  These quicker methods of obtaining product
 information should free the support technicians for more involved issues."

 Toll-free Technical Support Programs
      With Corel's new technical support program, each registered CorelDRAW
 user will receive a technical support credit valid for one 15-minute
 technical support call on a 1-800 number. If the technician is unable to
 resolve a technical support call because of a documented bug, the
 technician will not use the customer's credit.

 After the initial technical support credit has been used, Corel users will
 have the following credit purchasing options:

 $25 US/$30 CDN for an individual support call credits.  $100 US/$120 CDN
 for a five support call credits.  $175 US/$240 CDN for a 10 support call

 As an alternative to purchasing a technical support credit, customers from
 the United States can also dial 1-900 896-8880 to access technical support
 personnel. Customers will be charged $2 per minute by their telephone

 Corel's Primary Technical Support Services
      Corel offers a selection of  basic support services that are free of
 charge. These services provide users with up-to-date product information
 and answers to the most frequently asked questions. They include the
 following services:

       IVAN, Corel's Interactive Voice Answering Network provides customers
 with rapid access to the most current product information. Customers can
 obtain this service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on a toll-line by
 calling (613)728-1990.

 Bulletin Board Service (BBS): This 24-hour information resource lets
 customers access product information and helpful program files. To contact
 the BBS, customers dial (613) 728-4752 or (613) 761-7798.

 Automated Fax System: This service provides provides customers with a
 convenient  and easy-to-use method of obtaining technical information by
 fax. Customers dial (613)728-0826 ext. 3080 and request document number

 CompuServe Information Services: CompuServer subscribers can access the
 Corel Technical Support forum by typing GO COREL.

 Corel Corporation
      Incorporated in 1985, Corel Corporation is recognized internationally
 as an award-winning developer and marketer of PC graphics and SCSI
 software. CorelDRAW, Corel's industry-leading graphics software, is
 available in 17 languages and has to date won over 150 international
 awards from major trade publications.  Corel ships its products through a
 network of more than 100 distributors in 60 countries worldwide.  Corel is
 traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: COS) and the NASDAQ -
 National Market System (symbol: COSFF).

      Corel's technical support partners are National Tech Team, Inc. and
 Software Support, Inc.  All company or  product names mentioned are
 trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 
 CorelFLOW and Corel GALLERY are trademarks of Corel Corporation.  Corel
 and CorelDRAW are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation.  Corel
 Corporation Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corel Corporation.

      All company or product names mentioned are trademarks or registered
 trademarks of their respective companies.  CorelDRAW, Corel VENTURA, Corel
 TRACE, Corel CAPTURE, Corel KERN, Corel DB Editor are all trademarks of
 Corel Corporation.  Corel is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation. 
 Corel Corporation Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corel



                         ALDUS PAGEMAKER 5.0 PROPACK

      Aldus Corporation recently began a special four-month worldwide sales
 program for new customers  purchasing Windows or Macintosh versions of
 PageMaker 5.0, the world's leading desktop publishing software

      Called the Aldus PageMaker 5.0 ProPack, the promotion offers a free
 collection of type, art, and photos worth over $750 (U.S.) to customers
 who purchase PageMaker 5.0 for Windows, PageMaker 5.0 for the Macintosh,
 PageMaker 5.0 for the Power Macintosh (U.S. only), or the "Aldus PageMaker
 Plus PhotoStyler" bundle (U.S. only) between May 1, 1994 and August 31,
 1994. The program is being offered in the U.S., France, Spain, Italy,
 England, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Scotland, Austria, and Sweden.

      To receive ProPack, customers must register their product by
 September 30, 1994.  Customers can receive ProPack directly from Aldus by
 submitting the portion of the ProPack sticker attached to each eligible
 PageMaker box along with their registration card and dated proof of
 purchase. Upgrades, education versions, not-for-resale versions, OEM
 versions, and license pack builds of PageMaker are not eligible.

      All ProPack components were specially selected to add value to
 PageMaker by providing users with tools to create publications with more
 visual appeal. 

      The PageMaker ProPack is available on two packaged CD's and includes
 Type 1 typefaces from Adobe, including the Caslon and Lithos families;
 Adobe's Type on Call, a CD library of 1,700 encrypted Type 1 typefaces, 13
 basic Adobe typefaces, Adobe Type Manager, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader;
 260 high-end, editable EPS illustrations from 3G Graphics; and 50
 royalty-free Kodak Photo CD images from the Clement Mok Compact Disk
 (CMCD) company. The U.S. version of ProPack also includes valuable
 discount coupons redeemable for service bureau output, Aldus training
 products, and specially designed PageMaker templates.

      The Aldus PageMaker ProPack promotion is targeted to new PageMaker
 customers who are not formally trained in graphic design and typography.
 These customers work in small, independent desktop publishing or design
 firms or in-house publishing departments of corporations. They produce
 brochures, fliers, newsletters, documentation, forms, books, and manuals. 

      To use the ProPack CD, a CD-ROM drive is required.  Additionally,
 Adobe Type on Call requires Adobe Type Manager.  3G Graphics clip art can
 be used with any application that reads EPS, PICT, BMP, or WMF files. 
 CMCD Kodak Photo CD images will operate on any Macintosh and PC platform
 equipped with a CD-ROM drive that supports Kodak Photo CD format.

      ProPack is available to existing PageMaker customers in the U.S.
 through the Aldus Access catalog for $499. Customers can also order the
 product directly by calling (800) 685-3508. 


                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
             Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

        ___   ___    _____     _______
       /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/           The Macintosh RoundTable
      /____|/____| /__/|__| /__/                 ________________________
   /__/ |___/ |__|_/   |__|_/____                  Managed by SyndiComm
  /__/  |__/  |__|/    |__|______/

          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                         John Deegan, Editor (Temp)

 > HP LJ4 FAQ STR Feature
                    HP LASERJET 4 PLUS & 4M PLUS PRINTER
                        COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

      What version of the Windows Printing System will be available with
 the HP LaserJet 4 Plus/4M Plus printer introduction?

      The HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 4M Plus printers ship with Windows
 Printing System version number 31.v1.30.  It contains the same printer
 driver that was previously introduced ( 31.v1.27 ), except that 31.v1.30
 includes support for the HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 4M Plus printers.  The
 31.v1.30 Windows Printing System that ships in the box with the HP
 LaserJet 4 Plus and 4M Plus printers will only allow installation of a new
 HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus printer.  It will also update any driver on
 the system currently used for any other HP LaserJet 4 series printer.
      By 1-June-1994, users ordering the latest Windows Printing System
 from the HP Driver Distribution Center ( 303-339-7009 ) will receive a
 3-disk set.  This 3-disk package will support all existing HP LaserJet 4
 printer family products including the HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 4M Plus
      Unless you need support for the HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus
 printer, there is no advantage (nor is it recommended) to "upgrade" to
 31.v1.30 from 31.v1.27.

      What version of the Windows PostScript (TM) Printer Driver is shipped
 with the HP LaserJet 4M Plus printer?
      The HP LaserJet 4M Plus printer ships with version 2.1.1 of the new
 PostScript Level 2 driver recently released by Adobe (TM).  The driver
 ships with a PostScript Printer Description file (PPD) for the HP LaserJet
 4M Plus printer.  The PPD customizes the Adobe driver, allowing it to
 access many of the printer-specific features available on the HP LaserJet
 4M Plus printer.
 Version 2.1.1 is currently available from the HP Driver Distribution
 Center.  There are three separate disk sets available.  The first disk set
 includes version 2.1.1 of the Adobe driver and PPD's for the HP LaserJet
 4M, 4ML, and 4MP printers.  The second disk set includes version 2.1.1 of
 the Adobe driver and PPD's for the HP LaserJet 4Si MX printer.  The third
 disk set includes version 2.1.1 of the Adobe driver and PPD's for the HP
 LaserJet 4M Plus printer.

      What version of the Macintosh Printer Driver is shipped with the HP
 LaserJet 4M Plus printer?
      The HP LaserJet 4M Plus printer ships with version 8.1.1 of the
 PostScript Level 2 driver released by Adobe.  The driver ships with a
 PostScript Printer Description file ( PPD ) for the HP LaserJet 4M Plus
 printer.  The PPD customizes the Adobe driver, allowing it to access many
 of the printer-specific features available on the HP LaserJet 4M Plus
 printer.  Version 8.1.1 will be available at the HP Driver Distribution
 Center at introduction for the HP LaserJet 4M Plus printer.  Additional
 printers in the HP LaserJet 4 printer family are already currently

      Will font SIMMs and cartridges from previous HP LaserJet printers
 work in an HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus printer?
      All font cartridges that worked in previous HP LaserJet printers will
 work in an HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus printer.  Some font SIMMs ( such
 as HP's custom Courier Font SIMM ) designed for previous LaserJet 4 series
 printers will not work in an HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus printer.  This
 is primarily due to the faster processor speed of the HP LaserJet 4 Plus
 and 4M Plus printers.

      Since the HP Courier Font SIMM for the HP LaserJet 4 printer will not
 work in the HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus printers, is there a Courier
 Font SIMM that will work in these printers?
      Yes, there will be a new Courier Font SIMM available from Custom
 Products ( 503-750-5757 ) in June 1994.  The new part number will be
 36596E option 004.  The part number for the Courier Font cartridge will
 remain the same as for the HP LaserJet 4 printer (36596A option 004).

      When I put my font cartridge into my HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus
 printer, it seems to go in either way.  Which way does the font cartridge
 go into an HP LaserJet 4 Plus or 4M Plus printer?
      In some early HP LaserJet 4 Plus and 4M Plus printers, the font
 cartridge can physically be inserted either way.  However, it will only be
 recognized if the label on the top of the cartridge is facing to the right
 as the cartridge is inserted in the slot.  If the font cartridge is
 inserted incorrectly, neither the font cartridge nor the printer will be
 damaged; the font cartridge will simply not be recognized.  To correct
 this problem, simply remove the font cartridge and reinsert it with the
 top label facing the other direction.

      I have locked my control panel and forgotten the password to get
 access to unlock my control panel.  What can I do?
      You can do a Cold Reset on the printer (refer to your User's Manual
 for directions).  This will both unlock the control panel and reset the
 password to 0.  Note, however, that performing a cold reset will also
 reset all other settings in your printer to the "factory defaults".  After
 a cold reset, the printer will have to be reconfigured.  If you are an end
 user, we advise that you consult your network administrator before
 attempting a printer reset procedure.

        Windows or MS Windows is a U.S. trademark of Microsoft Corp.
          Adobe ( TM ) is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated
              which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

                   PostScript (TM) is a trademark of Adobe
               Systems Incorporated which may be registered in
                           certain jurisdictions.
                    Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1994
          This information is subject to change without notice and
                    is provided "as is" with no warranty.
             Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct,
           indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages
                in connection with the use of this material.



                             DATAPERFECTION IN DENVER
                        A Conference for DataPerfect Users

                                   * * * * * *

                               July 29 and 30, 1994
                               Friday and Saturday
                                 9:00am to 5:00pm

                            Hyatt Regency Tech Center
                              7800 East Tufts Avenue
                                 Denver, CO 80237

                               About the Conference

      Many of us who attended WordPerfect Corporation's 1993 DataPerfect
 Conference were unhappy to hear WordPerfect Corporation wouldn't repeat
 that in 1994.  Soon after hearing the bad news, I and a handful of other
 dedicated DataPerfect experts started phoning and EMailing each other with
 the single-minded purpose of putting together a 1994 conference none the

      Well, we did it!  This spectacular two-day event takes place on
 Friday and Saturday, July 29 and 30, 1994.  We'll offer classes on many
 topics--some for beginners, others for the more experienced.  And, just
 like the 1993 Conference that WordPerfect Corporation put on, we'll offer
 some "show and tell" sessions, where some DataPerfect application
 developers demonstrate their wares.  Call us if you'd like to show off
 your stuff as well.

      Now, unlike the 1993 Conference, we're offering something new.  On a
 "first come, first serve" basis, we'll offer individual consultations for
 those with questions about particular problems they're having with their
 applications.  We'll offer up to two hours of "one-on-one" consultation
 with an expert in the field!  You'll probably have to call in advance for
 this, because I doubt we can offer a full two hours to everyone.  Let us
 know the problem you want worked out--as best you can describe it--and
 we'll line you up with the right expert, time permitting.  There's no
 additional charge for this, so get on the list right away if this
 interests you.

                                   Class Topics

      We don't have a firm line-up of who's teaching what, but we do have a
 list of topics we're prepared to teach.  Though we guarantee that
 beginners, intermediates, and the advanced will be well served in this
 conference, we're waiting to hear from you as to what you would like to
 learn.  Let us know your first five choices in order of preference (see
 the Registration Information Sheet on the last page of this file).

      To get some ideas, take a look at the following list of topics we're
 prepared to teach.  Some are clearly not for beginners, and others are
 clearly not for the advanced:

 - Defining a database on paper
 - Database design
 - Indexes, Links, and Lookups
 - Formulas
 - Menu creation, design, and management
 - Report creation and design
 - Report variables
 - Exception list indexes
 - DPDiagnostics
 - Importing and exporting data
 - Transaction logs
 - Understanding STE files
 - Protecting your database
 - DataPerfect with Windows
 - Printer control techniques
 - DataPerfect/Shell/WordPerfect integration
 - DataPerfect on LANs
 - Backup strategies & disaster recovery
 - Remote connections
 - Add-ons, accessories, utilities
 - Screen tricks
 - STE file editing
 - Developer needs
 - Office automation design
 - Special effects


      Transportation between the Hyatt Regency and Stapleton International
 Airport is $8.50 each way, via the Airport Limousine Service (about thirty
 minutes).  The Hyatt Regency also offers a complimentary shuttle on a
 "first come, first serve" basis, within a five-mile radius of the hotel.


      The Hyatt Regency at the Denver Tech Center has given us a very nice
 deal for conference participants.  To get this deal, though, you must
 reserve your room before July 1.  Here's what we got for you:

                            Single room      $65/night
                            Double room       65/night
                            Business Class    80/night

      "Business Class" rooms include things like a fax machine.  However,
 all rooms have data jacks on the phones, making it convenient to stay in
 touch with CompuServe after dinner!  Of course, maybe I'm the only one who
 does that.

 You can call Hyatt's toll-free national reservation service to reserve a


      When you call to reserve a room, mention the conference name:
 "DataPerfection in Denver."  That should get you the discounted room rate. 
 You're responsible for your own room reservation.

                                 Hotel Amenities

      As well as wonderful rooms to plop down in after an exciting day with
 fellow DataPerfect users, this Hyatt offers an indoor pool,  hottub,
 exercise room, and an outdoor lighted tennis court.  For ten dollars,
 they'll transport you to the Greenwood Athletic Club, which has luxurious
 facilities, including racquetball, squash, exercise equipment, an olympic
 pool, running tracks, basketball and volleyball courts, etc.

      Also nearby is the Cherry Creek Mall, with galleries, fancy shopping,
 amazing restaurants, the "largest bookstore between Chicago and L.A." 
 You'll also find easy access to the Denver Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Museum of
 Natural History, Planetarium, IMAX, Children's Museum, Coors Brewery,
 Water World, U.S. Mint, and, of course, nice mountains.

                                 Faculty Listings
                               (alphabetical order)

 (The following is a partial list of instructors.  As the others submit
 their curricula vitae, I'll update this list.)

 RALPH ALVY, DC, is a chiropractor in Santa Monica, California, who runs
 his practice with a DataPerfect application he wrote.  He manages the
 DataPerfect section of WordPerfect Users Forum on CompuServe, and has
 authored numerous articles on DataPerfect in independent DataPerfect
 newsletters, including DataPerfection.

 DON FRIEDMAN is President & CEO of PRS Data Systems and Professional
 Record Systems, Inc., of Pittsburgh, PA.  He's developed dozens of
 DataPerfect applications for a wide range of clients, including some of
 the largest known DP applications.  These huge applications are part of a
 voter profile system he maintains for Democratic candidates for office in

 DANITA HELLMUND is a network consultant in Englewood, Colorado.  Using
 WordPerfect Shell and Shell macros, she specializes in integrating
 DataPerfect with other products, including implementing DataPerfect as a
 secondary merge manager.

 MARK Y. NEPON, DMD, is a dentist in Winnipeg, Canada, and the developer of
 DENTALOffice(TM), a dental office practice management program based on
 DataPerfect, marketed by Telamore, Inc., Provo, UT.  Using DataPerfect, he
 placed third at the annual developers competition (87 teams worldwide) in
 November 1993.

 DEBBIE SHAFFER is the administrator of the Legal Department at Southwest
 Research  Institute in San Antonio, Texas. She's written unique multi-user
 applications with intricate tracking and reporting functions to manage all
 matters handled by in-house counsel. In addition, she's served as an
 in-house consultant to various research departments in planning special
 DataPerfect applications for use in research and development projects, and
 has taught numerous in-house classes on database development and report
 writing to departments seeking to substantially increase productivity.

 HEMAN SMITH is the publisher of DataPerfection, the DataPerfect User's
 Newsletter, as well as the developer of AdSales!, an advertising client
 management package, and SUBSCRIBE!, a subscription fulfillment package for
 newsletters and magazines.

 MICHAEL S. VICTOROFF, MD, is a family physician in Denver, Colorado, and
 Director of Medical Informatics for HealthONE, Colorado's largest hospital
 system.  He's the developer of ChartR, a medical record system based on

 TOM YUHAS is a trial attorney in Los Angeles, California.  Besides having
 developed a Case Management application used by four associate attorneys
 and fifteen staff members, he also uses DataPerfect to help with product
 defect litigation, by indexing, cross indexing, and managing
 manufacturers' document production, which often numbers more than 100,000
 documents for a single product.

                             Registration Information

      We're charging $350 for this two-day conference.  Heman Smith, our
 beloved publisher and editor of DataPerfection, has offered to collect the
 fees for this event.  Given that he has a DataPerfection merchant account,
 you can pay for this with a Visa or Mastercard over the phone by calling
 Heman at 208/357-5727.  If you're registering by credit card, and you get
 DataPerfection's answering machine (the message will clearly tell you that
 you reached DataPerfection's office), leave the following information:

      Day and evening phone numbers
      Credit card number
      Name as it appears on the credit card
      Expiration date on the credit card

 For those registering by check, make your check out to "DataPerfection,"
 and mail it to the following:

                             DataPerfection in Denver
                               1120 North 1200 East
                                Shelley, ID 83274
                          Attention: Registration Dept.

                                   * * * * * *

                          I hope to see you there!

                              Sysop Ralph Alvy
                           WordPerfect Users Forum

                          REGISTRATION INFORMATION SHEET

 Whether paying by credit card or check, please fill out this sheet and
 send it to the following:

                             DataPerfection in Denver
                               1120 North 1200 East
                                Shelley, ID 83274
                          Attention: Registration Dept.

                            PERSONAL INFORMATION

           Name           :
           Address Line 1 :
           Address Line 2 :
           City           :
           State/Province :
           Country        :
           Postal Number  :
           Day Phone      :
           Evening Phone  :
           Fax Line       :
           CompuServe ID  :
           Profession     :
           Job Title      :

                            CLASS TOPICS PREFERRED

           First Choice   :
           Second Choice  :
           Third Choice   :
           Fourth Choice  :
           Fifth Choice   :

                           YOUR DATAPERFECT EXPERIENCE

      Please describe your experience with DataPerfect, even if it's just
 to say you just installed it yesterday and aren't sure what a database
 manager is.

      If you've developed some applications, tell us about them.  Do you
 use them in your business?  If so, do you run them on a network?  How many
 work stations?  Do you plan on selling DataPerfect applications?

      You get the idea.  We'd like to know who's coming so we can plan our
 class offerings accordingly.  Feel free to simply use the other side of
 this page for this little essay.  We need your help in making this a
 wonderful event. 



                           Win an HP LaserJet4P!!
                            Dashboard for Windows
                     1st Annual "Panel Madness" Contest

      Hewlett-Packard's PC Software Division announces the 1st Annual
 Dashboard for Windows "Panel Madness" Contest.  HP will award exciting,
 valuable prizes for the best "new Panel" designs for that fabulous, fun,
 easy to use, award winning Windows 3.1 Shell Utility, Dashboard for

                First Prize:..........HP LaserJet 4P Printer
                Second Prize:.........HP 100LX Palmtop Computer
                Third Prize:..........HP DeskJet 520 Printer
      Here's your chance to make your mark in software history and add to
 the already dazzling array of Dashboard panels - Quick Launch, Extended
 Screens, Resource Gauge, Printer Manager, Clock Calendar -  by designing
 the most useful, interesting, appealing, exciting, fun, to die for... new
 panel for Dashboard 2.0.

 Games!   System Utilities!  Education!  Home!   Graphic!   Sound!...

                              Anyone can enter!
                          No Programming Required!
                  (Just ideas, pictures and descriptions!)
                        Enter as often as you like!*
                  Team up with co-workers, family members!*
      If you have questions or would like information about purchasing a
 copy of Dashboard 2.0      
 - Call 1-800 554-1305 and ask for the "Panel Madness Person" .
 - Or send email to "Panel Madness Person"
             Internet -   
             CompuServe -

                      CONTEST QUERIES ONLY - PLEASE.  
            (For support call US 408 345-8900, FAX 408 553-2918)

     To be eligible entries must be received by midnight July 15, 1994.
  Winners will be be announced August 1, 1994 at the following locations: 


            HPSYS Forum - Library 11 (Dashboard/misc apps)    
         Dashboard BBS:
            US (408) 553-3777

               (Winners will be notified individually by phone
                       or mail prior to announcement.)

                  *Only one prize per contestant or "team"

              HP Employees or family members are not eligible.

      All entries become the exclusive property of Hewlett-Packard Co.

                        Void where prohibited by law.

 Please mail ALL entries to:

                           Hewlett-Packard Company
                            Panel Madness Contest
                   5301 Stevens Creek Boulevard  MS 53U GC
                         Santa Clara, CA  95052-8059

 All Entries Must Include:

 Contestants Name:_______________________________________________

 Company Name (if applicable):___________________________________

 Phone #:________________________

 Address:  _________________________________ (Street)

 ____________________________________________(City, State, Zip)

 email Address (if applicable):____________________________________
                 * * * * *


 NAME - What do you call it?_______________________________________

 DESCRIPTION  (In detail) - What does it do?_______________________

 BEHAVIOR:        What (if anything) happens when  -

    You right click on the panel?  ________________________________
    You double click on it?  ______________________________________
    You click on specific parts of the panel (e.g., buttons, menus...)

    Any Drag and Drop capability? _________________________________
    Can the panel be customized (how)? ____________________________

   PICTURES:  Please include graphic representations of:
      o The panel in its initial state
      o The panel in any altered state
          (Customized, changed by right or double click, etc)
      o The panel "Preferences" (Customization) Window
      o Any other Windows created by the panel

 This form is meant as a guide - add lines  or pages if necessary, or
 create your own form.  Just be sure to include all of the requested


                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

   STReport International Online Magazine is available every week for your
 reading pleasure on DELPHI.  STReport's readers are invited to join DELPHI
    and become a part of an extremely friendly community of enthusiastic
                            computer users there.

                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                   DELPHI services via a local phone call

                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                 When connected, press RETURN once or twice
                At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

                       DELPHI's 20/20 Advantage Plan 
                           20 Hours for Only $20!

      Advantage Members have always enjoyed the lowest DELPHI access rates
 available. On the new 20/20 Advantage Plan, members receive their first 20
 hours of access each month for only $20. If you happen to meet someone
 online or find some other diversion, don't worry because additional usage
 is only $1.80 per hour.

      20/20 Advantage rates apply for access via SprintNet or Tymnet from
 within the continental United States during home time or via direct dial
 around the clock. Home Time is from 6pm to 6am weekdays. Access during
 business time carries a surcharge of $9 per hour. These rates apply for
 most services, but note that there are some surcharged areas on DELPHI
 which are clearly marked with a "$" sign.

      Who is eligible to take advantage of the plan?  Any DELPHI member in
 good standing.  Applications are reviewed and subject to approval by
 Delphi Internet Services Corporation.

      It's easy to join. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can
 apply online -- at any time -- for membership in the DELPHI 20/20
 Advantage Plan. Your membership becomes active at 4 a.m. Eastern Time on
 the first billing day of the following month. 

      The $20 charge will be billed to you at the beginning of the month to
 which it applies. Any portion of the 20 hours not used in any month does
 not carry forward into the next month. 

      Advantage rates may be changed with 30 days notice given online.

                         TRY DELPHI FOR $1 AN HOUR!

      For a limited time, you can become a trial member of DELPHI, and
 receive 5 hours of evening and weekend access during this month for only 
 $5.  If you're not satisfied, simply cancel your account before the end of
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 where you can use up to 4 weekend and evening hours a month for a minimum
 $10 monthly charge, with additional hours available at $3.96. But hurry,
 this special trial offer will expire soon! To take advantage of this
 limited offer, use your modem to dial 1-800-365-4636.  Press <RET> once or
 twice. When you get the Password: prompt, type IP26 and press <RET> again.
 Then, just answer the questions and within a day or two, you'll officially
 be a member of DELPHI!  

         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting BETTER all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      It's nice to have the entire Atari staff back here at STReport, all
 nice and rested!  It certainly helps to make my life a lot easier having
 Joe and John back in the fold once again!!  Welcome back, guys!

      There's been a lot of speculation and "what if..." messages regarding
 what will happen to the now bankrupt Commodore.  It's amusing to hear
 people suggest that Atari buy Commodore, or the technical rights to their
 machines, etc. and produce a machine using the combined technology.  There
 have been a number of other "fantasy" thoughts, as well.  Let's get to
 reality folks!  Atari has ceased computer production because they are
 focusing their efforts on the Jaguar, for one thing.  Another, they don't
 have the resources (i.e. MONEY) to warrant such a venture even if they
 wanted to do so.  What benefit would an Atari/Commodore computer venture
 have that would make it a viable product, that Atari doesn't have already
 between the TT and the Falcon?  Not much, if anything.  For Atari to
 re-enter the computer world in the near future, they're going to require a
 truly powerhouse computer that will not only attract new buyers, but offer
 current Atari users something to upgrade to that they're looking to buy. 
 Forget Atari buying into such a venture with anything related to what was
 once Commodore!  As to what may happen to Commodore's technology, the
 latest potential "buyer" is rumored to be Samsung.  We'll keep you posted
 here, in STReport, if anything further develops .

      I received a letter from Lexicor's Yat Siu during this past week,
 which is printed elsewhere in this section.  Apparently, there's a
 resurgence of message activity on Genie in the infamous STRT once again
 claiming that Lexicor is not a distributor of the Medusa/Pandora clone. 
 This sort of thing is really getting to be extremely ridiculous.  I've
 seen numerous messages on the other services stating that not only does
 Lexicor have Medusas (I SAW a Medusa during a Lexicor Demo at a usergroup
 meeting last month!), but that Lexicor had already filled all pre-paid
 orders.  Not only that, but I've also seen messages that claim that
 another Atari "developer" (Compo) is the exclusive North American
 distributor.  On the other hand, Lexicor has never claimed to be the sole
 distributor even though it appears that they are the only ones currently
 and actively doing so.  Lexicor has often acknowledged that they have
 knowledge that Compo may be _a_ distributor for the machines.  Isn't it
 time for this GEnie STRT-oriented pettiness to die a well-deserved death? 
 This fruitless activity is pointless and only succeeds in continuing to
 foster ill-will within our dwindling community.

      The summer CES show is rapidly approaching.  The staff here is
 anxiously awaiting this show; we'll have first-hand coverage from at least
 two of our staff who will be in attendance.  The CES promises to be an
 interesting venture for Atari and the Jaguar.  Be sure to look for various
 bulletins online, and also full coverage of the show afterward!

      Let's get on with the show!!  Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (5/19/94)                       

          (1) GUIDE TO THE INTERNET         *(6) BATTLETRIS                 
          (2) CANVAS V.1.7 PAINT             (7) EPS TO CVG                 
          (3) PROFILE 1.5                   *(8) MASTERBROWSE 4.4           
          (4) LHARC 3.01                    *(9) CAD/DRAFTING               
         *(5) SERIAL FIX CPX/PRG           *(10) ST ZIP 2.6                 

                              * = New on list                               
                               HONORARY TOP 10                              
          The following on-line magazines are always top downloads,
        frequently out-performing every other file in the databases.
                 STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT #10.20)              
       ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 8)      
         Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.         


 > CT AtariFest '94! STR InfoFile!  -  '94 ACT Show Gears Up For #4!!

  **     O U R  F O U R T H  A N N I V E R S A R Y   S H O W ! ! !    **
  **                        /-----------\/------------/               **
  **                       /                         /    **BOSTON**  **
  **                      /    CT ATARIFEST '94     /                 **
  **                    ,/                         /                  **
  **     **NY**       ,/  __________/|\___________/                   **
  **                 /__,/    ** BRIDGEPORT **                        **
  **                                                                  **
  **   CONNECTICUT ATARIFEST '94   10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday 8/27/94    **
  **   August 27-28, 1994 at the   10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday 8/28/94      **
  **   Back at the BRIDGEPORT HOLIDAY INN                             **
  **   1070 Main St.                        Sponsored by              **
  **   Bridgeport, CT 06604               ACT Atari Group             **
  **                          (FACE,WMAUG,DBUG,AOGUGH,CCCC & STAR)    **

                  JAGUARs, LYNX, FALCONs, TTO30s, STs!
   Atari Software & Hardware! Free Indoor Parking! Competition & Prizes

      ACT Atari Group is running another _MAJOR_ Northeast computer event.
 Last year's success meant only one thing: ENCORE! The Holiday Inn in
 Bridgeport, CT - site of the original 1991 show, is just 1.5 hours outside
 of New York City, making it easier for Big Apple Atarians to attend.

      Bridgeport is located on the Connecticut coast, at exit 27 off of
 Interstate 95. It is served by Amtrack Passenger Trains, Sikorsky Airport
 Terminal, The Port Jefferson Ferry, and a multitude of highways; it is
 just one block away from both the Railroad station and the Ferry, and has
 a free shuttle service for guests from the airport.

      This year we're having an All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib Buffet for just
 $12.95.  In addition to the Sliced Prime Rib of Beef, the Buffet also
 includes a mini Salad Bar, a Chicken dish, a Pasta dish, Rice or Potatoes,
 Fresh Vegetables, Selection of Deserts and Coffee.  Join us for an
 informal, low cost dinner Saturday night, and mix with old friends.

      What about the Jaguar? Come on out and get (64)BIT! We'll have the
 largest Jaguar competition in New England, with the latest games and gear. 
 With all the excitement generated by this hot new machine, you owe it to
 yourself to get the personal skinny (and the Lynx won't be overlooked

      We expect an even greater number of vendors this year, surpassing the
 excellent turnout of the past shows. CAF '93 vendors included:

  * A&D Software                         * Gribnif Software
  * ABC Solutions                        * Kurlan Music
  * BaggettaWare Software                * Lexicor Software
  * Barefoot Software                    * Marcel Software
  * Best Electronics                     * MegaType Software
  * Clear Thinking                       * Oregon Research Associates
  * Codehead Technologies                * Soft-Logik Publishing
  * CompuServe Information Services      * Software Spectrum
  * Computer Zone                        * Straight Edge Software
  * Derric Electronics                   * Thin Air Labs
  * East Hartford Computer Repair        * Toad Computer
  * Evangelo's Software                  * Wizztronics
  * GEnie

      In addition to our commercial supporters, many user groups came from
 hundreds of miles away to be with us for CAF '93.  Those in attendance
 included The Boston Computer Society, Western Massachusetts Atari User
 Group, Atari ST and Mega Users of Montreal, South Shore Atari Group
 [Mass], Atari User Group of Greater Hartford, Scranton Area Atari User
 Group (PA) and Long Island Atari User Group (DBUG-Danbury and FACE -
 Fairfield [both CT] were represented in the ACT Atari booth).  Most user
 groups offered numerous demonstrations, public domain disks and great clip
 art collections, with most of the groups offering "recycled" hardware and
 software items.

      We'll have our Lynx Competition, with multiple Comlynxed competitions
 underway at all times, the Portfolio Corner, staffed with industry
 experts, an endless stream of door prizes and seminars in abundance (in
 the past we've had everyone's favorite Atari Corp.  personality - Director
 of Communications Bob Brodie, John Eidsvoog of Codehead, Jeff Naideau from
 Barefoot, Dave Troy of Toad Computers, Joe Mirando & Dana Jacobson from
 STReport and many others).  Stay tuned for this year's list of speakers.

      All in all, we hope to have our best show yet, and we look forward to
 your participation.  Make your plans now for the most exciting Atari
 Weekend this summer!



 BY CAR: Bridgeport is located directly on Interstate 95 and Route 8. 
 *  Northbound: Take I-95 to exit 27. At the end of the ramp, continue
 straight, and follow the road till you come to the Railroad station. At
 this point you will be able to see a large white parking garage on your
 left.  At the light on Fairfield Avenue, take a left, and then another
 left on Middle Street, the entrance on left.

 *  Southbound: Take I-95 to exit 27, stay straight at end of ramp. At
 next light, State Street, take a right and follow to end. At road's
 end, the Railroad Station will be directly ahead of you. Take a left and
 go one light north. At the light on Fairfield Avenue, take a left, and
 then another left on Middle Street, the entrance on left.

 *  From Route 8: Take exit 2, go straight at end of ramp. Continue one
 more block to State Street and go left.  At road's end, the Railroad
 Station will be directly ahead of you. Take a left and go one light
 north. At the light on Fairfield Avenue, take a left, and then another
 left on Middle Street, the entrance on left.

 BY AIR: Many airlines serve Sikorsky Memorial Airport: Delta Airlines
 800-345-3400, USAir 800-428-4322, and Continental Airlines 800-525-0280.
 Flights between Boston, New York and Washington arrive hourly. The Holiday
 Inn offers a courtesy van from the airport; call 334-1234 when you arrive.
 To contact Sikorsky directly, call 203-576-7498.

 BY RAIL: Rail passengers can reach Bridgeport aboard several trains that
 run daily between Washington, D.C., Boston, and points between. For
 information about fares, schedules, restrictions and connecting trains,
 contact Amtrak by phoning (800) USA-RAIL.

 BY FERRY: There are ferries leaving both Bridgeport and Port Jefferson
 regularly, Monday-Sunday. Departure times are as follows (check to be
 sure!): Leaving Long Island - 6a.m., 7:30a.m., 9a.m., 10:30a.m., 12p.m.,
 1:30p.m., 3p.m., 4:30p.m., 6p.m., 7:30p.m., with a 9:10p.m. on Sundays.

 Directions from New York - Take the Long Island Expressway to Exit 64,
 then take route 112 North to the end, once in Bridgeport, take a right
 out of the ferry and head for the white parking garage across the street.
 Call 203-367-3043 for more info.

 WHERE TO STAY: The Holiday Inn will be offering special rates for CAF '94
 attendees, call them at 203-334-1234. Make sure to mention that you're
 with the AtariFest!

 WHAT TO DO:  Hotel guest's can enjoy the Health Club and Swimming Pool,
 and there are many other facilities nearby for golf, tennis, and salt
 water fishing. Other highlighted activities include: Jai-Alai
 (203-877-4242), P.T. Barnum Museum (203-331-9881), The Children's
 Discovery Museum (203-372-3521), Beardsley Zoo (203-576-8082), Captain's
 Cove Waterfront Shopping (203-335-1443), Downtown Cabaret Theatre
 (203-576-1636). Call 334-1234 for further information.

 If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, feel free to
 call Angela or Brian Gockley at 203-332-1721. E-mail can be directed to
 75300,2514 on CIS or D.FINCH7 on Genie.


 > MTV Sues Former Jock! STR NewsFile  -  Battle Over Internet Site Ensues!

                       INTERNET SITE PROMPTS MTV SUIT

   (May 14)
      Former MTV video jock Adam Curry has been sued by the cable TV music
 channel because he has been using the MTV name as an attraction to a
 feature he presents on Internet.

      After a court hearing in New York earlier this week, Curry agreed
 to remove all references to MTV from his Internet site, but told reporter
 Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle that he is not giving up the
 rights to "," the Internet address entered by net surfers seeking
 Curry's mix of music data and gossip.

      The 29-year-old Curry, who resigned from MTV last month to devote
 more time to cyberspace, told the paper, "I registered it, and it's mine.
 I was raised to believe that if something is yours, you don't give it up."
 He said he thinks the dispute could be a landmark case for Internet.

      Says Silverman, "An MTV spokeswoman said '' violates the
 company's trademark and causes confusion among Internet users who assume
 it's connected to MTV."

      Spokeswoman Carole Robinson told the reporter that Curry is charging
 rock bands $100 to post information about themselves and snippets of their
 music on Internet, and she contends the bands "see the name on the
 Internet, ',' and think they are becoming involved with a company
 that has a position of power in the music industry."

      Silverman says "is one of the most popular Internet sites,
 accessed an average of 35,000 times a day."

      Curry's site features reviews and music ranking charts, as well as
 his "CyberSleaze" gossip column, which also is distributed by e-mail.

      After Thursday's hearing, Curry said he will sit down with MTV's
 lawyers and remove any references to the music channel from,
 adding, "This would basically clear up 90 percent of what they are talking

      He also said that, while he will change the name of the site (he
 won't say what the new name will be), he is insisting on keeping the
 rights to the "" address, which he gained by registering the name
 with InterNIC, the body that governs Internet site designations.

      Said Curry, "They are adamant about me giving up the address,
 and so this will go to trial. This is a matter of principle."

      Curry, who established about a year ago while working as
 an MTV "VJ," told the Houston paper MTV has been aware of the site, and,
 says Silverman, "although network officials did not officially sanction
 it as their own, they did encourage his private efforts, even giving him
 press material to post."

           However, Robinson said Curry sought permission only from a
 "lower-level production person," adding, "This was never approved through
 the proper channels." She said that once the network's higher-ups became
 aware, they asked Curry to quit using the name.

      Reports from The Houston Chronicle, carried by Knight- Ridder/Tribune
 Business News, are available on NewsNet, accessible through the IQuest
 gateway (GO IQUEST).
                                                   --Charles Bowen


 > The Old Fishin' Hole STR Feature

                             THE OLD FISHIN' HOLE

 -A Guide to the Online PD/Shareware Waters.

 by John R. Duckworth

      Just when I thought I'd have to dig up an old program I may have
 missed to review for this weeks column, along came a great 
 shareware terminal package.  Terminal programs are unlike any other 
 genre (obviously) of software for the Atari, many fill most needs of 
 users, but almost none fill their needs entirely.  Many use STALKER, 
 which I must admit is the terminal program which I use most of the 
 time because of its ability to run as an accessory and download in 
 the background.  Others swear by Flash 2 because of its flawless 
 emulation modes and easy to use script language.  Shareware packages 
 have many of the same characteristics.  ANSIterm is the program of choice
 for ANSI emulation while CONNECT is an almost commercial-like package
 capable of almost every task needed by the online user, but as a result
 many times seems more complicated than it should be. 

      Neocom by Michael Lundgren (with support program Termwind by 
 Ulf Andersson) is a simple to use terminal package for all Atari TOS 
 users.  Neocom has many emulation modes built in, includes an easy 
 to use dialing directory, and support for multiple transfer protocols. 
 When Neocom is first booted, the user immediately notices the 
 professional nature of the program as the Griffon Software logo 
 flashes onto the screen.  As a matter of fact, the entire program reeks 
 of professionalism and it is clear that Michael has spent many hours 
 perfecting the presentation for us users.  Another positive aspect is 
 the fact that the program appears to be a true GEM application... 
 something which cannot be claimed by ANSIterm. 

      The first task most users will want to undertake is adding phone
 numbers to the dialing directory.  This is easily accomplished by 
 choosing the EDIT CATALOG menu entry and then clicking on an empty 
 slot.  Here a dialog box will pop up allowing the user to set the 
 system name, phone number, username, password, a default macro file, 
 modem initialization strings, baud rate, and the emulation to use. 
 Many emulation modes are available from within Neocom including both 7 
 and 8 bit versions of ASCII, ANSI, and VT52.  One emulation noticeably 
 missing is VT100 which is what I end up using the most often since 
 almost all UNIX systems on the Internet default to this emulation.

      Neocom has no built in transfer protocols, yet includes an 
 interface to .TTP programs such as Starfall Software's XYZ.TTP.  An 
 EDIT PROTOCOL dialog is provided to set parameters to be sent to the
 external program to initiate downloading or uploading.  Such an 
 approach makes adding future protocols a snap. 

      Macros may be edited and saved for later use via the function 
 keys or by pressing the right mouse button.  While the ten maximum 
 macro limit may not seem like enough at first, one must remember that 
 a unique macro file can be assigned to each number in the dial 
 directory, thus improving usefulness.

      Neocom also has a menu entry to assist in calculating the cost 
 of being online.  A specified amount (provided by the user) will be 
 added every minute (or any number of minutes) and a minimum cost for 
 the call can be set as well.  I wish the terminal program I have been 
 using included this feature.

      Other useful features include a log file which will record a 
 log of the calls which are made, and a capture file which is useful 
 for recording online sessions.  Also, the BMI (BBS Menu Interface) 
 allows the user to use the mouse to choose menu options on many 
 bulletin boards.

      Neocom is a great, but somewhat limited, terminal package. 
 Text display to the screen seems faster than that of many commercial 
 packages.  While some features are obviously missing, like a script 
 language and VT100 emulation, Neocom will suit many hobby users who 
 call mostly local bulletin board systems as its ANSI emulation is as 
 good as any other shareware package.  Ease of use, great presentation, 
 and wonderful compatibility add up to make Neocom one of the best 
 shareware terminal packages in the online waters.

      That's all for this week, join us again next week in this 
 great online magazine for another edition of The Old Fishin' Hole.

  |   Old Fishin Hole Tackle Box     *                             |
  |  Neocom                                                        |
  |     Delphi: Atari Advantage Area- READ NEOCOM                  |
  |                                                                |
  * The Tackle Box is meant to provide assistance in finding files
  mentioned in the column. It should not be considered a COMPLETE
  listing and is provided for convenience only. Delphi Atari Advantage
  files should be found in the Recent Arrivals section of the database
  until moved to their appropriate sections.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MAILBAG

                     Messages * NOT EDITED * for content


 Dear Subscribers,

      I would like to point out that Lexicor Software is an authorized
 distributor of the Medusa Atari Clone in the U.S.A.; we have a written
 commitment and confirmation from Medusa Systeme, Switzerland that
 acknowledges this.  Furthermore, Lexicor Software is currently the only
 U.S. Company to own and to have shipped Medusa Computers to-date.  These
 were purchased directly from the manufacturer, reinstating our position
 as a legal distributor for Medusa Systeme, Switzerland.

      I write this because I was informed that there has been some talk
 about Lexicor not having any distribution rights - this is completely 
 wrong; and whoever states this does _not_ know the facts (misinformed)
 and I suggest that he re-check his sources.  He may always contact Medusa
 Systeme, Switzerland, the source directly and speak to Dipl.Ing. Fredi

      Lexicor Software is constantly trying to offer the best price for
 what they import and adapt.  Currently, it is also only Lexicor Software
 who has written a finished English Translation to the German Manual.  I
 will point out that the US Price for a full 8 Megabyte, 350 IDE Hard
 drive, Tower, HD Floppy etc. full setup is priced around 3,200-3,400
 (depending on SIMM Pricing, HD Pricing etc.) U$D (tax, shipping/handling
 not included). 


         Yat @ Lexicor Software


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by
  Joe Mirando

      Hidi ho friends and neighbors.  Well, another week has come and gone
 and I'm slowly (very slowly) getting used to married life.  Even though
 things are hectic right now, I still find time to log onto my favorite
 OnLine coffee house... CompuServe.  So without further adieu, let's get on
 with looking through all the cool news, hints, and tips to be found on
 CompuServe.  Let's "Rock 'n' Roll!"

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Danny Bull asks a straight-forward question:

   "What is the difference between TOS 2.05 and 2.06? Should I upgrade?"

 Robert Aries, an old hand by now, tells Danny:

   "From what I understand, TOS 2.05 and 2.06 are exactly the same,
   except that 2.06 has been modified to be *backward-compatible* with
   older Ataris. This is why I can use it on my 8-year old 520st (thanks
   to Codehead's TEC board).
   TOS 2.05 expects to see hardware that is missing from my machine, for
   instance the blitter chip."

 On the subject of swapping disks between the ST and the Macintosh, Lou
 Trapani posts:

   "I have found if you do not have preformatted MS-DOS disk (one that
   has been formatted ahead of time by the floppy disk company), it is
   best to format the new disk (an unformatted disk) with the Apple File
   Exchange rather than with the Atari. I have learned the same thing with
   the Cross-DOS program for the Amiga platform when exchanging files from
   Atari to Amiga disks.
   The Atari does not seem to produce genuine MS-DOS disks even though
   they are compatible with MS-DOS computers. The Apple File Exchange
   program on the Mac, and CrossDOS on the Amiga have trouble with the
   native Atari formatted ("MS-DOS") disks. Even when you write a MS-DOS
   boot sector to the disk."

 Etienne Girardet posts:

   "I`m new. Nice to meet Atari friends.  I`m looking for Gem-view newest
   version 3.01.  Could anyone tell me if I can download it somewhere in
   Atari Computing?"

 Danny Bull posts this little tidbit:

   "Commodore is not dead. Negotiations for purchase by a large Asian
   company are taking place now. Expect an announcement within a couple of
   weeks as to the future of Commodore.  (Samsung, Hitatchi?)"

 Yat Siu of Lexicor Software posts:

   "About upgradable graphics on a 1040 STe, I've gotten several requests
   to post it, so I will be posting the data in a general post in the
   appropriate topic I guess ;-
   Just to answer it though..YES it is possible to upgrade a 1040
   Graphics to 24bit true color graphics (at 640x400).

   Not every modem can send faxes..only some can (most actually) it is a
   matter of software support for the fax protocol that your modem will
   understand. Most of the modern modems have fax potential, the most
   popular standard is class II which will soon be supported by Connect
   2.50, and I believe is already supported by Q-Fax Pro and Straight Fax?

   2,400, 9600 or 14.4K modems all can have fax potential.. the speed isn't
   important...only the fact that your modem has fax capability."

 Greg Mee tells us:

   "I just purchased a Zoltrix pocket modem, 14.4kb.
   My problem is that when scrolling at that speed it will display two or
   three screens of good text, garble the next, then the next two or three
   will be fine, then more garbage.  Every two or three screens I get this
   If I page with the prompts, one screen at a time, everything is fine.
   I am using Flash 1.62, RS port set at 19k.
   Is this a modem problem?"

 Peter Joseph asks:

   "I've heard a reference to Flash 1.62 before and I'd like to know what
   gives.  I have 1.60 and I was under the impression that it was the last
   release of that program and even that was just a patch; that I got here
   I might add."

 On the subject of doing "work" on a monitor, Sysop Dan Rhea tells us:

   "I think you can simply leave it unplugged for several days and they
   will "usually" drop charge. I still work on the assumption that they
   are fully charged though, since they often can be (the capacitors that
   is). Anyway, the long nylon convergence tools will help. The tricky
   part is when you need to fiddle around with the end of the tube (the
   choke), at least, my instructions I used several years ago had me
   adjusting it. By now though, I'm used to a small image on the SM124 so
   I'll keep mine as is.
   I don't have the numbers for Atari (at least, not current ones). If
   nobody responds with them, try calling long distance information
   (1-xxx-555-1212, where the xxx is the area code of the city at hat Atari
   is located in... which of course I don't really remember right now..
   maybe Santa Clara, CA? I'm not sure)."

 Our friend Stefan Daystrom of Barefoot Software posts:

   "Recently my Mega ST2 has developed problems powering up (once it's
   on, it can work fine for days and even weeks if I leave it on, but if I
   turn it off, the next time I try to turn it on I have the same
   At first it was not initializing the keyboard correctly every time
   (I'd get chatter until I pulled out the keyboard cable and plugged it
   back in), but now it's gotten worse.  It often takes _minutes_ (I'm not
   sure if it's the amount of time, or the number of times I try cycling
   power):  The screen may come up black or flicker all-white, the drive
   doesn't access, then eventually I get it access (perhaps with the same
   keyboard initialization problem) and finally it comes up ok, from that
   point on acting as if everything perfect.
   Anyone had a similar problem or know what it is likely to be?  I
   presume it's somehow related to the power supply, but I'm wondering if
   it's a simple fix or if I just need to replace the whole power supply?
   And if the latter, how much does a replacement power supply for a Mega
   cost (trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to fix it or just get
   another used Mega as a replacement)?"

 Yat Siu of Lexicor Software tells Stefan:

   "Though I haven't had such problems with a Mega ST, I _did_ have these
   problems with a TT and it's power supply. All it needed was a nice
   spring cleaning :) i.e. a dust check here and there around the power
   supply.., the TT has  a fan too that likes to clog up lots of dust
   Maybe that will do it?"

 Our own dear, sweet, teddy bear of an editor, Ralph Mariano, puts it to
 Stefaan succinctly:

   "Your power supply is going bad."

 For those of us who crave more colors and better resolution from our ST,
 Yat Siu of Lexicor Software posts:

   "Some initial Details:
   (released info from the
   To build a NOVA VME Graphics board into a 1040 ST/Ste
   You need (ingredients *g*): - One Processor adaptor from PLCC to DIL
   (only for STE's) - one 68000 in DIL - one DIL (64 pin) port - One NOVA
   Graphics Board (VME) - One Adaptor from DIL to Graphics board available
   from Computerinsel
   For 1040 STEs remove the PLCC Processor and replace it with the
   PLCC-DIL Adaptor, this step is not required for regular ST's
   Solder a socket port on the 68000er and socket the VME Adaptor and
   slot in the NOVA Graphics Board and that's it.
   Several Users in Germany have done this particular setup with the
   PAK-030 and NOVA. What this does is:
   Make a 1040 STe or f(m) into a 68030/16/25/32/50Mhz fast CPU and using
   a patch for TOS 2.06 allows 2.06 to recognize a 68030 and the PMMU. The
   PAK also offers additional ram slots.
   This makes a lot more a True Color BOard on a regular
   68000/8Mhz could be too slow (for such things as compression

 John Amsler asks:

   "What exactly is SpeedoGDOS, in relation to GPlus+?"

 Carl Barron tells John:

   "SPEEDOGDOS is Atari's replacement for GDOS. It uses scalable
   Bitstream SPEEDO fonts. Can use GDOS bitmaps, supports more printers
   with the original package than GDOS. It also supports GEM/3 metafiles[
   those with beziers in them]."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 Tom Hudson asks:
   "Can you point me to a _reliable_ hard disk defragmentation utility? I
   have a couple of Supra hard drives that have never been defragmented
   (and I've had 'em since '85!), and they take 4 or 5 seconds to create a
   I probably should ask the boys at Supra (Mark and Willie), if they're
   still there..."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer OnLine Magazine tells Tom:

   "Diamond Edge by Oregon Research is a good one and the current version
   is 1.10."

 Myles Cohen, another of the helpful guys here on CIS, adds his praise of
 Diamond Edge:

   "I would say that DIAMOND EDGE is your best's easy,
   reliable...and 'state if the art'..."

 Brian Gockley of ST Informer Magazine adds yet more praise:

   "I believe that Diamond Edge is your best bet; the guys from Oregon
   Research are very good. They have done a tremendous amount of work over
   the last few years, and the product really shows it.
   You can reach owner Bob Luneski at:

   Oregon Research Assoc.
   16200 SW Pac Hwy #162
   Tigard, OR  97224
   Work Phone: 503-620-4919
   FAX             638-6182"

 Well folks, that's about all for this week.  Tune in again next time to
 listen to what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"    "Ah Yes;   The reality of things....."

      "The Great Big Black Things that have loomed against the
      horizon of my life, threatening to devour me, simply loomed
      and nothing more.  The things that have really made me miss
      my train have always been sweet, soft, pretty, pleasant
      things of which I was not in the least afraid."

                                                   - Elbert Hubbard


 > DEALER CLASSIFIED LIST STR InfoFile        * Dealer Listings *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""          ---------------

                              ABCO Incorporated
                                P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                  Est. 1985

                     1994 SPRING SPECIALS NOW IN EFFECT!
                  ABCO manufactures custom storage devices!
                INTEL 32 BIT 486/66, VLB w/Math CoProcessor 
             4MB ram upgradable to 32MB 1MB SVGA VESA VIDEO CARD
                 Sound Blaster Compatible Stereo Sound Card
               DOS 6.2 - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Included
      128K CACHE - 1.44/1.2 FLOPPY Drives, Mouse & 101 deluxe Keyboard
              250MB IDE hd - 2 SERIAL, 1 PARALLEL, 1 GAME PORTS
                       250W POWER SUPPLY TOWER SYSTEM
               14" Non-Interlaced SVGA 1024x768, 28dpi Monitor
                           66Mhz, S&H Incl 1695.00
                       695.00 with order, balance COD
                   other higher powered packages available
             or, design your own!  Call for value added pricing!
                   Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail


                 Syquest Removable 44-105-270mb SCSI Drives
                         All Size Platters Available

                  Diamond Speed Star 24x SVGA/VGA Video Card w/1mbVRAM
             Diamond Stealth & Viper 1mb & 2mb - Call for prices
                     Enhances Windows SPEED and EFFICIENCY
               Diamond High Performance Sound Cards Available
                Soundblaster Cards and compatibles 8 & 16 bit
        Creative Technologies' Sound Blaster AWE 32 SUPER Sound Card
       Pro Audio Spectrum STUDIO 16 - 16bit - Midi - Audio Recognition
             Top of the Media Vision PAS Line - True Multi-Media
              IDE Super IO cards & 16550 UART 2 & 4 Port Cards

                   Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail
                               COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                        40 Westgate Parkway -Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                 Orders Only
                          FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER

                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                               202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                          FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                               Hurst, TX 76053
                          FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                              SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                               1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                          FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                              CompuSeller West
                             220-1/2 W. Main St.
                           St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                          FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
     (DEALERS; to be listed here FREE of Charge, please drop us a line.)

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