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      - Virus Warning!    - PIRACY $12.8B     - PC DOS 6.3 SHIPS
      - Pro Turbo News    - MEDUSA & LEXICOR  - WPWIN 6.0A SHIPS
      - Gaming News       - Sega/MGM + GAMES  - The Old Fishin' Hole

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      COMDEX/Spring and WINDOWS WORLD '94 which takes place in Atlanta, GA
 from May 23-26 1994 is right around the corner and the new goodies are
 flying all over the place!  New versions of Word Perfect, WinFax Pro and
 WinComm have already hit, one can only guess at the number of new, more
 powerful goodies about to hit the market.  Its all very exciting though,
 especially to those who are emigrating from other less fortunate platforms
 where the picture is slowly dimming to a sleepy darkness.  Rumor has it
 that the once radiant and ever so promising Commodore Corp. is just about
 gone.  Is all very sad, but this particular shakeout involving a few
 "splinter platforms" was strongly predicted long ago.
      This past week, WinFax Pro V4.0 was installed at our place.  The
 review for both it and its sister program WinComm are "in the works".  AS
 far as a preliminary comment I have but one.  After the installation, it
 became obvious I didn't need two fax devices in the office.  Anyone in the
 market for a relatively new Canon FaxPhone/50?  The first two hundred
 dollars takes it and its still under warranty.  WinFax Pro v4 went in
 smoothly, and has so far, performed flawlessly.
      For those of you who have never been to a Comdex show, GO!  This one
 in Atlanta is not as big as the Las Vegas Show, but for the folks on the
 eastern seaboard it sure is economical to get to and this one promises to
 be a "humdinger".  Don't miss it if you have any sort of an interest in
 Computer or Computing.


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                         IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

                   Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                   ------------------------   ----------
                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #18
 by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                  ******* General Computer News *******

      Acer Computers is opening a computer assembly plant in the United
 Arab Emirates. In Dubai, officials with the Far Eastern Acer Group said
 the firm will start assembling PCs in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in June. 
 Chairman/CEO Stan Shih told a Dubai meeting of information-technology
 experts that his group currently represents Asia's largest PC-compatible
 products manufacturer, with $77 million of 1993 earnings on $1.9 billion
 in total revenues.  

                        POWER MACS BEAT PENTIUMS!   

     Apple Computer Inc. released results of an independent study that
 concluded all three of Apple's new Power Macintosh computers outperform
 comparably equipped Pentium-based PCs running Microsoft Windows.  "The
 results are conclusive: Power Mac systems beat Pentium processor-based
 systems, hands down. What's more, they're easier to use, cost less, and
 with SoftWindows Software from Insignia Solutions, they can run DOS and
 Windows as well as Macintosh applications," said Ian Diery, executive vice
 president and general manager of Apple's Personal Computer Division. 
 "These results give DOS and Windows users even more reason to consider
 switching to Macintosh."  Apple said the Ingram Laboratories study found
 the following:

 The Apple Power Macintosh 8100/80 outperformed a 66MHz Pentium
      processor-based computer by an average of 54%.

 The Apple Power Macintosh 7100/66 outperformed a 66MHz Pentium
      processor-based computer by an average of 38%.

 The Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60 outperformed a 66MHz Pentium
      processor-based computer by an average of 5% and beat a 60Mhz Pentium
      processor-based computer by an average of 24%.

                     RUPERT MURDOCH BUYS KESMAI CORP.  

      Game publisher KESMAI Corp., producer of the Island of KESMAI and
 other online features, has been acquired for unspecified terms by the News
 Corp., the Rupert Murdoch organization that purchased the Delphi online
 service last autumn.  A statement from New York says that starting next
 month, games and services from the 13-year- old KESMAI Corp. will be
 accessible through Delphi.  "Online games bring a whole new dimension to
 the online experience which is why we at News Corp. are so pleased to work
 with the leaders in multi-player games development," said News Corp. Vice
 President Stan Honey, who also is managing director of its News Technology
 Group.  KESMAI President John Taylor said in the statement, "Multi-player
 games have always had the potential to become the next major entertainment
 medium but, until now, have lacked aggressive development.  Now, for the
 first time, a true multi-player games developer will have the resources
 and technology to create new products, nurture and expand existing
 business relationships, and offer other games companies a unique vehicle
 for their products to reach a mass audience."  KESMAI Corp. produces
 Island of KESMAI,  Air Warrior, MultiPlayer BattleTech and Harpoon
 On-line.  Murdoch's News Corp. operates TV Guide, Fox Broadcasting Co.,
 Twentieth Century Fox, HarperCollins Publishers, The Times of London
 newspapers, British Sky Broadcasting and STAR Television.

                     APPLE CUTS MAC PRICE 16 PERCENT   

      The price of the Macintosh Quadra 605 system has been cut by Apple
 USA, a division of Apple Computer Inc., by 16 percent.  Reporting from
 Campbell, Calif., the price of the Quadra 605 8/160, excluding
 pre-installed software, is being lowered from $1,269 to $1,069 effective
 immediately. The system is powered by a 25MHz Motorola 68LC040

                          IBM RELEASES PC DOS 6.3  

      IBM Corp. today introduced PC DOS 6.3, a full-featured DOS with
 integrated data compression, improved memory management and a suite of
 enhanced utilities.  The newest edition of PC DOS, which is IBM's version
 of the DOS operating system, is available free for the downloading on
 CompuServe.  Business Wire reports the integrated data compression feature
 of PC DOS 6.3 enables users to increase significantly the storage capacity
 of their fixed and removable disks without any investment in hardware.

      The new PC DOS is the only version of DOS that has built-in support
 for pen-based computers and PCMCIA cards.  In addition, PC DOS 6.3 has
 eight updated full-featured utilities, including IBM's SuperStor/DS, which
 provides safe and reliable data compression capabilities for DOS and
 Windows, and Central Point Software's RAMBoost, Central Point Backup,
 Undelete and Program Scheduler, which allows users to optimize memory,
 back up or retrieve files and schedule activities.

      Phoenix Technologies' PhoenixCARD Manager Plus provides PCMCIA
 support, while IBM's Pen for DOS offers extensions that allow users to
 replace the mouse with a pen to launch DOS applications.  IBM's Anti-Virus
 protects against more than 2,000 common computer viruses, while Integrated
 E Editor enables users to draw, perform basic math, sort and edit multiple

      "IBM is committed to the future of DOS, and we're continuing to
 invest time, money and research and development effort into upgrading PC
 DOS," said Wally Casey, director of marketing for IBM's Personal Software
 Products division.  "With PC DOS, we're offering a DOS that has
 consistently been rated superior by leading computer trade publications
 and has won the respect and trust of millions of DOS users."
 The PC DOS 6.3 upgrade for all DOS 2.1 or higher users is $77, and a free
 electronic upgrade is available on CompuServe (GO IBMPCDOSUPGRADE).

                       SEGA & MGM TO DEVELOP GAMES   
      Sega of America Inc. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. have announced
 plans to jointly develop video games, interactive media, television
 programs and films. Details of the agreement were not disclosed, but both
 companies will collaborate in production and marketing of new media
 products. The products will bear both the MGM and Sega names.  MGM and
 Sega executives said the products to be developed under the agreement will
 be original concepts, but they may choose in the future to develop
 interactive games on 1995 and 1996 movie releases from MGM and United
 Artists.  The companies also plan to develop at least two interactive
 CD-ROM titles for release this year. "We're very excited about being in
 the fore front of the convergence of entertainment and technology, and we
 couldn't have a better ally in this effort than Sega," said Frank G.
 Mancuso, MGM's Chairman and CEO.

                      FIRM WARNS FOR INTERNET VIRUS   

      CD-ROM manufacturer Chinon America Inc. says computer vandals have
 illegally put its name on a virus-ridden file and release it on Internet.
 Chinon warns computer users not to download the file called CD-IT.ZIP,
 saying it will corrupt the user's hard disk.  In a statement from
 Torrance, Calif., Chinon says, "The program, allegedly a shareware PC
 utility that will convert an ordinary CD-ROM drive into a CD-Recordable
 (CD-R) device, which is technically impossible, instead destroys critical
 system files on the user's hard drive. The program also immediately
 crashes the CPU, forces the user to reboot and stays in memory. The virus
 has proven thus far to be undetectable to traditional virus-checkers." 
 Chinon says the CD-IT.ZIP file "promises 'to enable read/write to your
 CD-ROM drive' and lists the program as being authored by Joseph S. Shiner,
 couriered by HDA, and copyrighted by Chinon Products (sic).'"  Saying it
 has no division by that name, Chinon speculates the vandals picked its
 company name "to make it seem that the software was being endorsed by a
 well-known and reputable CD-ROM manufacturer."

 David Cole, director of research and development for Chinon America, said,
 "We felt that it was our responsibility as a member of the computing
 community to alert Internet users of this dangerous virus that is being
 distributed with our name on it. Even though we have nothing to do with
 the virus, it is particularly disturbing for us to think that many of our
 loyal customers could be duped into believing that the software is ours."
 Cole added that luckily, in addition to attributing the software to a
 non-existent Chinon division, "the shareware file also includes several
 other tip-offs that it might be a fraudulent piece of software, including
 several obscenities in the documentation and a line indicating that the
 courier company for the software, HDA, stands for 'Haven't Decided a Name
 Yet.'"  Chinon is urging people with information that could lead to the
 arrest and prosecution of those associated with the CD-IT program to call
 Chinon at 310/533-0274.

                     BSA -> PIRACY COSTS $12.8 BILLION  
      The Business Software Alliance says pirates cost the software
 publishing and distribution industry about $12.8 billion last year, and
 that Europe the largest market representing 19 countries -- accounted for
 38 percent of that total loss.  The BSA estimates Italy has made the
 greatest strides in fighting piracy, "reducing the percentage of software
 pirated to 50 percent from a European high of 86 percent of software sales
 in 1992."


      Practical Peripherals Inc. has introduced a family of V.FAST Class
 modems, all featuring data communications speeds up to 28,8000 bps and
 14,400 bps fax speeds. The ProClass PC288LCD is a desktop modem with a
 three-line LCD offering more than 50 real-time session status messages,
 such as length of time online, number of data characters transmitted or
 received per second, fax and caller ID strings and line quality. Retail
 price is $529.  The MacClass MC288LCD offers the same feature set, but
 includes a Mac cable and MacComCenter data and fax software. The modem
 also sells for $529.  The Practical PM288PKT is a miniature pocket modem
 that easily fits into the palm of a hand. Unlike most pocket modems, this
 one offers eight LEDs for operation status and a real speaker. It also has
 two RJ-11 ports, allowing use of a telephone without unplugging the modem.
 It comes with a serial cable, battery pack and leather carrying case.
 Retail price is $499. For information, contact Practical Peripherals Inc.
 in the Practical Peripherals Forum (GO PPI) or 375 Conejo Ridge Ave.,
 Thousand Oaks, CA 91361; 805/497-4774 (telephone) or 805/374-7200 (fax).



        GRAPHICS PRO TURBO - Fast Professional True Color Accelerator

 The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO provides professional users with fast 64-bit
 graphics at high resolutions with up to 16.7 million accelerated colors.

 No Compromise Performance
 Provides superior graphics speed in 16.7 million colors at 1280X1024
 resolution, with vertical refresh rates up to 100Hz.

 Supercharged True Color
 Bring photo-realism to your day-to-day business applications, including
 electronic presentations and picture databases with fast true color
 graphics at resolutions up to 1280X1024.

 Professional Windows
 Provides instant response, true color and superior image definition for
 graphics intensive applications.  Comes with comprehensive tools to
 enhance Windows operation.

 Complete CAD Solution
 Provides a flicker-free workspace up to 1280X1024 resolutions for CAD/CAE
 applications under DOS, Windows, Windows NT or UNIX.

 The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO comes in 2MB or 4MB configurations for ISA, PCI or
 VESA Local Bus.

 Complement your 486 or Pentium system with the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO for
 superior performance under DOS, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2 and UNIX
 environments.  It outperforms other graphics adapters in all resolutions
 and color modes.

 The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO uses ATI's mach64 high performance graphics engine
 which accelerates all functions including Bit Blt, fills, lines and
 clipping in all color modes. There's even acceleration for motion video
 applications.  And its VRAM memory will give you consistent performance
 across all resolution, color and refresh selections.

 So whether you run in high resolution, 16.7 million colors or high refresh
 rates, the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO provides blazing performance.  Unlike most
 other accelerators, it provides high performance in VGA and Super VGA
 modes for games, text and graphics applications under DOS.

 Bring photo-realism to your day-to day business and design applications
 with fast true color graphics at resolutions up to 1280X1024.

 The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO has been designed to provide exceptional true
 color performance, while providing productivity tools to optimize true
 color operation.  All without the price premium associated with
 professional true color products.

 The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO uses ATI's 64-bit graphics  engine to run faster in
 16.7 million colors than lesser accelerators in only 256.  And it offers
 consistently superior performance across a variety of different
 resolutions, regardless of memory configuration.

 Are you tired of compromising between high resolution mode for detailed
 text work and true color mode for rich, photographic colors?  ATI's
 WinSwitch feature allows you to toggle between Windows modes with a simple
 keystroke.  Even with 2MB versions, you can have the best of both
 worlds... high resolution graphics AND true color graphics without
 restarting Windows.

 And if you need more, choose the 4MB version or expand the 2MB model to
 use detailed 1280X1024 graphics at 16.7 million color all the time.  All
 GRAPHICS PRO TURBO cards come with color calibration software to match
 color output.

 Improve your productivity under Windows with the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO.
 Run your Windows applications faster...view more detail with 1280X1024
 resolution...add true photographic colors...and reduce eyestrain with
 flicker-free refresh rates at up to 100Hz.  But the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO
 is more than just a hardware accelerator, it come with a full complement
 of software tools to enhance Windows operation, including:

 Provides 'on-the-fly' color and resolution switching without having to
 leave Windows.  Choose your preferred color and resolution settings
 for any application, even with 2MB models.

 Customize your Windows screen size, position, color, font display,
 desktop size, and other settings easily with the FlexDesk+ control

 Color Calibration:
 Match the colors on your monitor to the final output on your color

 Allows you to pan and scroll across larger documents or drawings
 (workspace up to 2048X1536 resolution) when using a smaller size or lower
 resolution monitors.

 For CAD/CAE applications under DOS, Windows or UNIX, the GRAPHICS PRO
 TURBO provides superior performance with flicker-free graphics.  Display
 drawings in 1280X1024 high resolution in full 16.7 million colors at
 high refresh rates for sharp, stable images with improved drawing
 accuracy and reduced eye-strain.

 Unleash the full power of AutoCAD, MicroStation-PC, CADKey and 3D Studio
 with ATI's enhanced drivers.  Plus, the GRAPHICS PRO TURBO comes with
 SoftEngine F/X, a full featured AutoCAD display list processor that is
 highly recommended by CAD publications.

 SoftEngine/FX's many features include:

 Modeless bird's Eye Window:
 Permanent use definable on-screen window; allows changes of position
 and zoom depth of the drawing view port simultaneously with real-time

 Detail Window:
 Magnifies the portion of the drawing surrounding the AutoCAD cross-hairs;
 real time updates with adjustable magnification.

 Graphical Icon Panel with QuickDrag Configuration:
 Customize your own icon panel by simply dragging and dropping functions
 from a "grab-bag" of over 25 icons.

 Experience the new generation of Windows Multimedia Applications with
 full-motion video acceleration.  The GRAPHICS PRO TURBO is ready to
 enhance motion video playback, without having to invest in additional
 multimedia hardware.  It lets you enlarge small video images to partial or
 full screen while maintaining smooth motion and improving image quality
 (using ATI's advanced color interpolation technique).


 64-bit Performance
 Uses ATI's mach64GX Graphic Accelerator for instant response and superior
 image definition in graphics intensive applications under DOS, Windows,
 Windows NT,  OS/2 and UNIX.  Displays 256, 65,000 and 16.7 million colors
 at resolutions up to 1280X1024.

 Accelerated True Color
 Accelerates 16.7 million colors up to 1280X1024 resolution.

 VRAM Memory
 Ensures higher color depths and high refresh rates without sacrificing

 Enhances Windows
 Comes with software tools to enhance Windows operations. Dynamically
 switch color and resolution with WinSwitch, leaving your open Windows
 applications intact.

 Use FlexDesk+ to calibrate screen color and change Windows screen size,
 position, color, font display and desktop size.  Pan and scroll using
 DeskScan, a virtual desktop with up to 2048X1536 resolution.

 Superior Performance SoftEngine F/X enhances AutoCAD operation with a
 permanent, on-screen Bird's Eye Window, a real time Detail Window and a
 Graphical Icon Panel.  Also accelerates MicroStation-PC and 3D Studio.

 Accelerated Motion Video
 Provide 30 fps playback with hardware assisted image scaling color

 100Hz flicker-free Display
 VRAM memory uses non-interlaced refresh rates up to 100Hz; substantially
 reducing eyestrain without sacrificing performance.

 Multiple Bus Support
 Comes in ISA, PCI or VESA Local Bus versions.

 2 or 4MB Memory
 Plug-in memory module allows you to upgrade your 2MB card to 4MB for true
 color at 1280x1024 resolution.

 Easy Installation
 No switches to set.  Comprehensive software provides extensive diagnostics
 and automatic configuration.  Select your monitor from an extensive list,
 or use VDIF, (VESA Display Information Format), monitor description file
 or dynamically customize size and refresh rates.

 Energy Efficient
 Supports VESA DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) compliant
 monitors for energy-savings and extended monitor life.

 Superior Image Quality
 ATI uses top quality components and advanced design to provide superior
 display without fuzziness or blurring.


 System Requirements:
 Intel or compatible 386/486/Pentium system, 4MB minimum system memory for
 Windows Enhanced Mode.

 ATI mach64 Graphics and Multimedia Accelerator Chip.

 16-bit ISA, 32-bit VESA Local Bus (up to 33MHz) or 32-bit PCI Local Bus.
 Video Display Memory
 2MB (expandable) or 4MB VRAM memory.

 Available Display Modes and Colors under Windows:

 Resolution              Colors(2MB)     Colors(4MB)
 1280x1024               256             16.7M
 1152x864                65k             16.7M
 1024x768                65k             16.7M
 800x600                 16.7M           16.7M
 640x480                 16.7M           16.7M

 Monitor Sync Signals:

 Resolution          Horizontal(kHz)     Vertical(Hz)
 1280x1024               50.0-80.0       43.5-75.0
 1152x864                50.0-80.0       43.5-80.0
 1024x768                35.5-80.0       43.5-100.0
 800x600                 31.5-62.5       44.5-100.0
 640x480                 31.5-52.9       60.0-100.0

 Supports all VESA monitor standards.  User adjustable timings to support
 non-standard monitors.

 Software Support:
 Comes with enhanced drivers for Windows, Windows NT, MS Word 6.0,
 WordPerfect 6.0, AutoCAD, AutoShade and 3D Studio, MicroStation-PC, Motion
 Video Acceleration, VGA and VESA drivers.  Additional support supplied by
 third party software companies.

 Analog Video: 15-pin D shell (female) IBM standard VESA: 26-pin header for
 VGA pass-through.

 120,000 hours

 Five years limited


 > BUSYTOWN STR Review                 This is Really GOOD STUFF!

 Kids' Computing Corner

 Richard Scarry's

                            PARAMOUNT INTERACTIVE

 Review by Frank Sereno

      Richard Scarry is a noted author of children's books which are
 centered on inhabitants of his Busytown.  If you are unfamiliar with them,
 the books tell of the adventures of numerous animals in a friendly town. 
 Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat are the stars in this interactive multi-media
 extravaganza, but your child will be introduced to many other characters
 as well as learning and developing many thinking skills.  Busytown is
 available for IBM compatible computers in either floppy or cd-rom format
 and is recommended for children ages 3 to 7.  Busytown will run from DOS,
 Windows or Kiddesk.

      The floppy version will require 12 megs of hard drive space for a
 full installation but a minimal installation will use 5 megs.  The CD-rom
 version is enhanced with extra music and additional digitized voice
 passages.  The CD-rom version only requires 100 bytes of hard drive space
 as installation only creates a subdirectory, a batch file and a
 preferences file since the program and data files remain on the CD-rom. 
 For both versions, 550k of free conventional ram is required as well as a
 VGA display.   It is recommended that a sound card capable of digitized
 sounds be used as well as a mouse.  A 286 cpu is required but it is
 recommended that a 386 or higher cpu be used.

      This week's review will be of the CD-rom version but the floppy
 version is very similar.  Busytown consists of twelve playgrounds which
 are displayed on a colorful map.  The child will chose the playground he
 wishes to explore by guiding Lowly Worm in his Applecopter to that
 playground and clicking.  Clicking on the Busytown townhall will cause a
 policeman to audibly describe how to play Busytown.  Each playground has a
 fire alarm box which will initiate audible help.  Flashing stars indicate
 the next step that the child should take in most of the playgrounds.

      Bananas Gorilla is at the first playground.  The child moves Bananas
 through a maze of photographers to get a box of bananas.  If Bananas is
 photographed, he must give a banana to the photographer before he can
 leave the maze.  Concepts learned in this exercise are one to one
 correspondence, cause and effect and learning the numerals 1 through 10.

      The next playground is Bruno's Deli.  Children help Huckle Cat serve
 food and drinks to customers.  Customers come into the deli and announce
 their orders audibly while it is pictured and written above them.  The
 child moves Huckle to press the correct buttons to deliver the items. 
 Orders start as single items and gradually increase in size and
 complexity.  This exercise teaches children to associate printed words
 with pictures and the social skills of saying please, thank you, you're
 welcome, etc.

      Building a House is the third playground.  Assist Huckle in building
 a house by moving him to the chimney and using the mouse to raise him on
 the forklift and clicking the mouse button to lay bricks and mortar.  Once
 the chimney is complete, Huckle is moved to the roof where he lays
 shingles by the child moving the mouse laterally and clicking the button
 to move Huckle across the roof and nail a shingle.  Once the roof is
 finished, the child will furnish the house by moving objects to fill
 shaded silhouettes.  When the house is furnished, Huckle may then test all
 the furnishings.  Clicking on the lamp will lead to story time in which
 nursery rhymes are read and displayed to the child.  This playground
 teaches problem solving, sequencing and reading.

      Captain Salty's ship teaches children part/whole relationships,
 problem solving and sequencing by building and furnishing the ship.  The
 child uses a loading crane to lift items off a conveyor and match them to
 their silhouettes on the ship.  Captain Salty will then briefly explain
 the function of each object.  Next the child will direct the crew to the
 proper location on the boat.  After the ship is furnished and manned, the
 child will paint the ship by using the mouse to move Captain Salty across
 the ship.  Finally, the child will launch the ship and watch it sail away.

      The Delivery Truck playground aids children in learning problem
 solving and maze tracking.  Huckle and Lowly are given an object to
 deliver in Busytown and the child follows the flashing stars to the
 delivery point while avoiding potholes, children crossing streets and open
 manholes.  After completing the delivery, the child must then return to
 the warehouse but is given no guidance on the return route.

      The next playground is Dr. Diane's Hospital.  Oddly enough, Dr. Diane
 has a very masculine-sounding voice.  The child will learn the parts of
 the body by placing bandages on whichever part of the body is hurting on
 the patient's body.  The process of bandaging goes on until the patient's
 mouth is bandaged and can no longer tell Dr. Diane where he has an "owie."

      The Fire Station has the child helping Smokey the Firefighter
 equipping his truck, dressing for a fire, rescuing residents and putting
 out a house fire.  The child will learn problem solving, maze tracing and
 planning.  First Smokey will outfit his truck.  Smokey will pick up
 objects for the truck and then the child drags them to the flashing star
 while Smokey describes the purpose of each object.  When the fire truck is
 ready, Smokey will go upstairs to take a nap.  When the alarm goes off, he
 must turn it off by clicking on it and then dress in his raincoat and
 helmet.  Once dressed, he must be directed to the firepole which he will
 slide down.  Once in his truck, the child must guide it across the town by
 following the flashing star but avoiding obstacles such as garbage cans. 
 Once at the fire site, the child directs Smokey and another Firefighter to
 use the life net to catch residents as they jump from a second story
 window.  Then Smokey must replace the net, connect his hoses, climb the
 ladder and then douse the fire.  If he doesn't raise the ladder high
 enough, he will shower the fire victims!  Spray the hose by holding down
 the mouse button.

      The child will learn counting, matching and estimating by playing at
 the Gas Station.  The child helps Huckle Cat fill gas tanks, fix flat
 tires, put out engine fires and add oil.  To pump gas, listen to the
 drivers' orders and choose between unleaded and super, then go to the
 correct pump and click, then move to the vehicle and hold the mouse button
 until the correct amount is dispensed by watching the numbers go by on the

      Mr. Fixit's Workshop teaches the child part/whole relationships,
 cause and effect relationships and how simple machines work.  The child
 places different belts, gears and pulleys from pairs of such items onto a
 machine to make hot chocolate.  If he uses the wrong part, Lowly will tell
 him "wrong direction" and child can change the part by picking up the
 remaining member of the pair and placing it the same spot.

      Junior Seesaw and Seesaw teaches comparing, balancing, addition and
 subtraction.  The Junior Seesaw has less characters than Seesaw.  Each
 character wears a numbered shirt.  Click on a character to place him on
 one side of the seesaw, click on his numbered circle to remove him from
 the seesaw.  Lowly asks the child to balance the seesaw by adding or
 removing characters.  The child places characters on the seesaw on his own
 whim.  It might have been more instructional had Lowly placed characters
 on the seesaw and then asked the child to balance the seesaw by solving a
 math problem.

      Story time is the eleventh playground and as was discussed earlier. 
 It is accessed by completing the Building a House exercise and clicking on
 the lamp.  The twelfth playground is The Wind.  Children learn the effects
 of the wind on various objects, thus providing learning of cause and
 effect relationships, exploring the environment and testing ideas.  The
 wind is represented by a small whirlwind which the child can use it to
 interact with a kite, crows in a tree, a boat on the sea and more.

      The CD-rom has a thirteenth playground which is an animated jukebox
 showing animations and playing songs from the other playgrounds.  To play
 these songs, your sound card must be connected to the audio out jack or
 connector on your CD-rom drive.

      When your child decides to leave Busytown, a virtual book describes
 the activities and learning experiences that the child has accomplished
 during his session with Busytown.  If the child has been playing alone,
 this gives the parents an opportunity to see which playgrounds he enjoys
 and the concepts he has been learning.

      The manual for Busytown is very complete.  It describes each activity
 in detail and has a reference chart to show the skills to be learned in
 each playground.  The manual also has 13 pages of activities which are
 played without the computer and an award certificate for the child for
 completing any of the playgrounds.  An extensive five page trouble-
 shooting guide completes the manual.

      Now for picking the nits.  In some scenes, the animation is a bit
 blocky or jerky.  In a few of the playgrounds, not enough attention to
 detail is paid to safety concerns.  When the chimney is being built,
 Huckle does not use a safety cage but he is instead working directly from
 the forks of the lift truck.  When he shingles the roof, he has no safety
 devices or scaffolding.  And when he is lifting the heavy objects, he has
 no appliance dolly, helper or any type of back support to protect him from
 straining his back.  Can you lift a furnace by yourself?  In the Fire
 Station playground, the last resident rescued does a double-somersault
 dive into the safety net.  In the Gas Station playground, a car with
 luggage on its roof rack stops at the station and all its luggage falls
 off.  Huckle merely throws the luggage back on top of the car and does not
 secure it in any way.  The car speeds off the screen none the better for
 the experience.  I do not mean to say that children are going to rush out
 and do these activities, but I think it best if safety is taught to
 children as early as possible because the little lessons learned at this
 age group will stay with them for their entire lives.  Since I am on the
 Safety Committee at my place of employment, safety is an overriding
 concern for me.  

      More nits...I already mentioned that Dr. Diane had a male-sounding
 voice.  I also did not like that a band-aid was used as a cure-all for
 every ailment mentioned by the patient.  I would have liked to have seen
 more female lead characters.  Most computer software continues a trend
 that is popular on television and the movies, the lack of female role-
 models.  I would have liked that the child not be immediately given the
 flashing star answer in so many of the playgrounds, but to perhaps let him
 make a mistake or two when matching silhouettes to objects and some of the
 other exercises.

      Now for the positives.  Busytown passes all the questions on the
 Edmark Parent Worksheet.  The visuals are beautiful.  The music is bright
 and bouncy.  It changes musical type with each song.  The digitized voices
 are clearly spoken and the voice acting is fairly well done.  The software
 can be run independently by my 3-1/2 year-old son with little problem. 
 This software does not require reading as audible help is available in
 every lesson.  The lessons are entertaining enough to capture the
 attention of my very active son.  On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd have to
 give this program at least an 8.5 rating.  I recommend this program to
 anyone with young children.  You can contact Paramount by calling 1-800-

      Next week, a short look at the added features of Kiddesk Family
 Edition.  If you have comments, suggestions or criticisms, please send
 mail to me at the addresses below:

                     Fidonet:  Frank Sereno at 1:2235/10
                       As always, thanks for reading!


 > WP 6.0a SHIPS! STR Spotlight            A superb "Document Processor"!

                        WORDPERFECT 6.0a FOR WINDOWS

         Interim release improves speed, reliability and ease of use

 OREM, Utah   April 25, 1994   WordPerfect Corporation today shipped
 WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows, an interim release of WordPerfect 6.0 for
 Windows which began shipping in October 1993.
      WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows is free to registered WordPerfect 6.0
 for Windows users upon request by calling WordPerfect at (800) 321-4566.
 Users need to leave WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows installed on their
 machines as the interim release will ship on a reduced disk set and
 automatically update the necessary files.

      "Many changes have been made to improve the overall reliability of
 the program and to address issues raised by customers," said Todd
 Titensor, product marketing director of WordPerfect for Windows. "Beyond
 that, we are continuing to make the product easier to use with features
 such as QuickCorrect to automatically correct spelling errors and a
 QuickStart Coach to help DOS users make the transition to Windows. And an
 optional tools disk gives OS/2 customers a new level of integration with
 the OS/2 Workplace Shell."

 New Features
 *    QuickCorrect.  QuickCorrect automatically corrects mistyped
      or misspelled words. For example, "adn" is replaced with
      "and" as soon as the user presses the space bar or another
      word delimiter such as a comma, period, or semi-colon.
      QuickCorrect also automatically expands abbreviations and
      corrects errors with two initial caps on the fly.

 *    QuickSelect.  WordPerfect 6.0a gives users the flexibility
      to precisely select text by choosing complete words,
      sentences and paragraphs as well as individual letters. 

 *    QuickStart Coach.  An interactive QuickStart Coach appears
      when first launching WordPerfect 6.0a to give users a brief
      overview of the product. This coach will assist WordPerfect
      for DOS users, as well as users of other word processors as
      they make the transition to WordPerfect for Windows.

 *    Transition Advisor.  Accessed from the Help menu, the
      Transition Advisor offers specific help for WordPerfect DOS
      users, as well as users of other Windows word processors.
      The Transition Advisor displays keystrokes and commands from
      WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS and shows users how to perform
      equivalent tasks in WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows.  

 *    OS/2 Integration.  An optional OS/2 WPS Integration Tools
      disk gives WordPerfect 6.0a users a new level of integration
      with OS/2's Workplace Shell. The new tools let WordPerfect
      6.0a users take full advantage of the drag and drop
      capabilities of the Workplace Shell. The disk is available
      on CompuServe, the WordPerfect BBS, or for $4 by calling
      WordPerfect at (800) 321-4566.

 *    Uninstall.  The setup program includes an Uninstall facility
      which lets users "uninstall" parts of WordPerfect 6.0a such
      as the tutorials and learning files.

 *    Speed.  WordPerfect 6.0a includes speed enhancements in
      important areas such as scrolling, printing, graphics
      handling, basic formatting, table editing, ExpressDocs
      templates and opening large documents.  

 *    Size.  With code optimization and new compression
      technology, the standard installation for the interim
      release has been decreased to 27MB (minimum install is now
      approximately 8MB).

 *    Better Conversions.  To address the needs of WordPerfect 5.x
      users, file and macro conversions have been improved.

 *    New Document Templates.

           WP Lite template provides a scaled-down menu and
           feature list for novice users
           WPAmiPro template helps Ami Pro users transition to
           WordPerfect (Microsoft Word template is already included) 
           Templates now available for creating business cards,
           legal pleading forms, term papers and a new form

 *    New Button Bars.

           Design Tools for quick access to tools such as borders,
           drop caps and watermarks
           Utilities with options to save and close all files 
           Legal with popular features such as Table of
           Authorities, outlines and revision marking.

 Toll-free Customer Support

      With its Classic Service program, WordPerfect Corporation is the only
 major software vendor to offer six months free, toll-free customer support
 for its business applications. Classic Service begins with a customer s
 first support call for each new product. An exception is being made for
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows users, whose six-month Classic Service period
 will start over with their first support call after May 1. 

      In 1993, WordPerfect Corporation was recognized for outstanding
 service and support 15 times, including PC World's World Class Award and
 the highest ratings in PC Magazine's Support and Satisfaction Survey.

      WordPerfect Corporation, headquartered in Orem, Utah, is a privately
 held company that develops business software to help people process, share
 and present information across a wide variety of computer operating
 systems. Among the company's key products are the world's best-selling
 word processor, WordPerfect, as well as WordPerfect Office, WordPerfect
 InForms and WordPerfect Presentations.

      Recognized for its leadership in providing outstanding customer
 support, WordPerfect Corporation is represented throughout the world by 57
 international affiliates serving 117 countries with products in 28

                    WORDPERFECT 6.0a FOR WINDOWS OFFERS 
                        NEW LEVEL OF OS/2 INTEGRATION

      WordPerfect for Windows now integrates with the Workplace Shell
 better than any Windows or OS/2 word processor

      In conjunction with the release of WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows,
 WordPerfect Corporation today shipped a tools disk that will give OS/2
 users a new level of integration with IBM's OS/2 Workplace Shell (WPS).
 The OS/2 WPS Integration Tools disk will give OS/2 customers using
 WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows more Workplace Shell integration than any
 other Windows or OS/2 word processor.

      "OS/2 customers are looking for timely releases, speed and
 compatibility all of which are available now in WordPerfect 6.0a," said
 Dave Moon, chief technology officer at WordPerfect Corporation.
 "WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows gives users the latest word processing
 technology, strong performance and the best integration with the object
 oriented Workplace Shell."

      According to a recent OS/2 Magazine study, more than 85 percent of
 OS/2 users run Windows applications under OS/2. WordPerfect 6.0 for
 Windows was the winner of the recent word processing review in the March
 issue of OS/2 Magazine, beating out the native OS/2 word processors Lotus
 Ami Pro and Describe Inc.'s Describe. The review named WordPerfect for
 Windows the best word processor for use under OS/2.

      WordPerfect's OS/2 Workplace Shell integration includes the patent
 pending Automatic Document Detection (ADD) feature which automatically
 registers files as document objects on the Workplace Shell. Once objects
 are registered, users can apply the object oriented capabilities of OS/2
 such as drag and drop. Users can turn ADD on for any or all folders to
 automatically register any WordPerfect 5.x and 6.0 file, as well as any
 other format that can be opened and converted by WordPerfect 6.0a.
      WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows also takes advantage of all the drag and
 drop capabilities of the OS/2 Workplace Shell:

      LAUNCHING. Dragging a file onto the WordPerfect program
      object will launch WordPerfect and open the file. 

      OPENING. Dragging a WordPerfect document object to a
      WordPerfect document window will open the file. Users can
      also open multiple files this way.

      INSERTING. Dragging any file to an open WordPerfect
      document while holding down the Ctrl key will insert the file
      into the document. Graphic images will be inserted into
      graphics boxes; spreadsheet and database information will
      be inserted into tables.

      LINKING. Dragging a file to an open document, while holding
      down the Ctrl Shift keys, embeds the file as a subdocument.
      A link drag with a graphic image will insert the image in the
      document, but leave it stored on the hard drive or network. A
      link drag with a spreadsheet or database will create a data
      link so information can be updated automatically. 

      PRINTING. Dragging a WordPerfect object to an OS/2 printer
      object will print the file with WordPerfect formatting intact.
      WordPerfect printers and Windows printers can also be
      realized as printer objects on the OS/2 desktop.

      OTHER FILE FORMATS. All drag and drop functionality works
      with any file format supported by WordPerfect including
      other word processing, graphics, spreadsheet and database

      FONTS AND COLORS. Dragging a font from the OS/2 Font
      Palette into a WordPerfect document will change the font at
      the insertion point. If text is selected, the font change will
      apply only to selected text. Color changes can be made to
      text by dragging colors from the OS/2 Color Palette.

      The interim release is available free of charge to registered
 WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows users by calling (800) 321-4566. The OS/2 WPS
 Integration Tools disk is available separately for $4 by calling the same
 number, and is also available from CompuServe and the WordPerfect BBS. 


                     :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:
       Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
                Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
             Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

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       /___| /___|  /_____|  /_______/           The Macintosh RoundTable
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          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                           R. Dean, Editor (Temp)



                 MacXperts, Inc., CERTIFIED APPLE DEVELOPERS
                           PIE PARTNERS IS HIRING

    Are you tired of working in a stuffy atmosphere with no control over 
      your future?  Are you an overworked independent consultant with 
      administrative headaches?  Or are you simply a talented engineer 
                    uninspired by your current situation?

       MacXperts is a fun and dynamic company that creates commercial 
      applications and leading-edge custom corporate applications.  We 
         have been an independent Apple developer for five years.  
       Currently, we have positions available for experienced MacApp 
        programmers, Newton programmers, and for C++ programmers who 
                 want to learn MacApp or the Newton Toolkit.

      MacXperts offers an excellent development environment using the 
    latest hardware and software tools, competitive salaries and a full 
      benefits package.  Headquarters is in an affordable and historic 
                           section of the country.

                    For more information, please contact:
                     Kendall Tyler  at 1-800-356-8040.  
                            Fax:  804-358-3847.  
                           CompuServe: 71234,1757
                            AppleLink:  XPERTS.  
                               AOL:  MacXperts


 > MAC REPORT STR InfoFile    What's New in the Mac Community


      COGNOS announced that it will deliver Macintosh Enterprise versions
 of both Impromptu and POWERPLAY, its desktop data analysis and reporting
 tools.  The new Macintosh version of POWERPLAY will be available in the
 fall of this year with the new Macintosh version of Impromptu following in
 the first quarter of 1995. POWERPLAY is Business Intelligence Software
 used to provide corporate data to managers and executives.  It is a
 multidimensional reporting tool that presents data in the organizational
 context critical to understanding what's happening in a manager's area of
 responsibility.  Managers can probe and explore data in graphical or
 numerical format, producing key reports that drive the business.

      Impromptu is a database reporting tool.  It strikes the balance
 between providing end users with the ability to create sophisticated 
 reports and providing corporate administrators with full control over
 database access, security and network impact.  Many Fortune 1000 companies
 have adopted both POWERPLAY and Impromptu as their enterprise-wide
 standard for reporting and analysis.  "Impromptu and POWERPLAY are an
 important part of many organizations' enterprise reporting and analysis
 strategies,"  said Alan Rottenberg, vice president of COGNOS' desktop
 business unit.  "A number of our customers and prospects have influenced
 our commitment to Macintosh versions of Impromptu and POWERPLAY.  This is
 a natural decision given our determination to respond quickly and
 decisively to market demands."

                              CONTACT:  COGNOS
                Roberta J. Carlton, (617) 229-6600 ext. 2446
                           KEYWORD:  MASSACHUSETTS
                       REPEATS: New York 212-575-8822
  or 800-221-2462; Boston 617-330-5311 or 800-225-2030; SF 415-986-4422 or
                        800-227-0845; LA 310-820-9473


      Elek-Tek Inc., said it was named one of only two independent
 companies authorized to sell Apple Computer Inc's full line of products
 through its catalog.  Elek-Tek said it received authorization in late
 March and is offering the full Apple product line to its customers
 nationwide, beginning with its spring/summer catalog.  More than one
 million of these catalogs were mailed in early April, it said.


                  Apple Selects Micro Exchange Corporation
                              To Help Customers
                        Upgrade to New Apple Products

      Apple USA, a division of Apple Computer, Inc. announced an attractive
 trade-in program designed to benefit U.S. customers and resellers alike.
 Apple has named Micro Exchange, one of the world's largest systems re-
 sellers, to manage the Apple Exchange Program.  With this program,
 customers can trade virtually any combination of eligible Apple Macintosh,
 IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard or other name brand CPUs, printers or
 monitors for trade-in dollars good towards the purchase of new Apple
 equipment, including the recently introduced Power Macintosh .

      The program is designed to be equally easy for customers and
 resellers to use, and offers customers the best trade-in values available. 
 The program benefits customers by making the most of their existing
 hardware investments and offering a financing alternative that maximizes
 limited capital budgets.  Customers get wider options for reducing the
 cost of upgrading and determining what to do with existing systems. 
 Resellers benefit because the Apple Exchange Program increases Macintosh
 sales from the cash generated by trade-in transactions.  There is no
 minimum number of machines for trade in and virtually any name brand
 product is accepted.

      "The Apple Exchange Program is an excellent opportunity for our
 customers and channel partners," said George Everhart, vice president and
 general manager of the PC Business Division at Apple. "The program helps
 customers step up to Macintosh by making the most of their existing
 investments.  For years, companies have been pushing equipment downward
 through the organization.  But now that there are personal computers from
 the board room to the mailroom, this downward push is not always feasible
 or desirable.  And in an economy of downsizings and reorganizations,
 companies frequently end up with excess inventories. Trade-in programs
 solve that problem.  Some customers can even fund the purchase of
 department-wide upgrades entirely with money raised from  excess and
 displaced inventories."

      Program Logistics Resellers provide the customer with a pricing
 schedule and worksheet which gives the customer an idea of the equipment's
 trade-in value. The customer fills out this worksheet, and the reseller
 then sends it to Micro Exchange.  Within 24 hours Micro Exchange then
 sends the reseller a firm price quote, good for 30 days.  The reseller
 then forwards the quote to the customer.  If the customer accepts the
 quote, the reseller notifies Micro Exchange, who then contacts the
 customer and arranges for product preparation, shipping or pickup and
 invoicing.  Once they've received the old equipment, Micro Exchange
 evaluates it to confirm that its value matches the quote.  If there are no
 revisions in the price quote, Micro Exchange issues a check directly to
 the customer within 10 days.  Funds raised must be applied towards the
 purchase of new Apple equipment.

      Micro Exchange As one of the largest systems re-sellers in the world,
 Micro Exchange has extensive service and retail channels, over $100
 million dollars in re-seller experience, full service capabilities that
 facilitate the acceptance of equipment requiring repairs, and the ability
 to work with major brands including Apple, AST, Compaq, DEC, Dell, HP,
 IBM, Sun, Toshiba, Zenith and others.

      Interested customers should contact their resellers.  For the name
 and number of the reseller nearest them, customers can call 800-538-9696.


      Radius Inc. announced that it is offering a $500 rebate towards the
 purchase of its popular VideoVision Studio desktop video production
 system.  Under terms of the rebate program, any user in North America who
 currently owns video capture boards from RasterOps, SuperMac, New Video or
 Sigma Designs can trade-up to a Radius VideoVision Studio board and
 receive $500 cash back.

      VideoVision Studio is a QuickTime-based, 24-bit, full-screen,
 full-motion, 30 frame-per-second, 60-field, digital editing and production
 system for the Apple Macintosh.  Bundled with the latest versions of Adobe
 Premiere and VideoFusion, VideoVision Studio enables users to combine
 professional quality digital video, sound, computer graphics and text, and
 output the result to such media as videotape, hard disk, compact disk and
 a variety of other formats. 

      After purchasing VideoVision Studio and receiving proof-of-purchase
 (or invoice) from an authorized Radius reseller, customers are provided
 with a rebate coupon.  Both documents should then be packaged with the
 used video capture card and sent to Radius for rebate.  Competitive
 products eligible for the $500 rebate are RasterOps' MoviePak and
 MoviePak2, SuperMac's Digital Film and Video Spigot, New Video's Video IQ
 and Sigma Design's Movie Movie.

      "Radius' "Trade-up to the Best" program will enable users of other
 video capture products to conveniently migrate to the VideoVision Studio
 environment -- which leading digital video producers claim is the most
 powerful, flexible, creative and cost-effective solution of its kind in
 the market," said Aaron Feigin, Radius marketing manager, digital video. 
 "Because Video Vision Studio offers such an assortment of technical and
 financial benefits -- including a guaranteed Lifetime Warranty -- we
 expect many video users will take advantage of this attractive rebate
 program.  And once VideoVision Studio is installed, we're confident that
 it will remain the solution-of-choice for all of their video capturing and
 editing needs."

      VideoVision Studio is also a key component in Apple Computer's
 Professional Video Production System -- a complete, power-packed product
 that enables video professionals to capture edit, manipulate, and output
 professional-quality video from the desktop.

      On the upgrade path from VideoVision Studio is Radius' VideoVision
 Telecast, a powerful, production-level digital video solution for
 Macintosh that features broadcast-quality output, 16-bit audio, and
 Betacam SP input and output in a rack-mountable system to meet both
 RS170-A and CCIR 624-4 specifications for broadcast video.  Scheduled for
 shipment in mid-summer, VideoVision Telecast delivers 16-bit stereo audio,
 30-frame, 60-field full motion video capture and playback, full genlock
 capability, SMPTE time code for both audio and video, and
 professional-level audio and video input/output connections.  Support for
 NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards is also included.

      For more details about the "Trade-up to the Best" program, customers
 should contact their local authorized Radius reseller or request a rebate
 for via the Radius FAXback system at 800/966-7360.

      Radius Inc. delivers extended computer system performance, faster
 graphics, high-quality digital video and enhanced viewing and display
 products to leading-edge computer users in the publishing, graphics, video
 and education markets.  The company's products are available through a
 worldwide network of Radius authorized resellers, system integrators and
 distributors and are supported by the Radius "Worry Free" program, which
 features on-site, overnight replacement of products in the United States
 and Canada, and by a Lifetime Warranty on all Radius add-on or add-in
               CONTACT:  Radius Inc.  Bob Major, 408/954-6403

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      STReport  International  Online  Magazine is available every week for
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 DELPHI  and become a part of a friendly community of enthusiastic computer
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                           SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI

        Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
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                                JOIN --DELPHI

                 Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
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      DELPHI's  Basic  Plan  offers access for only $6.00 per hour, for any
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         DELPHI-It's the BEST Value and getting better all the time!


                           ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                            Dana Jacobson, Editor

 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      Wow, another week just flew by!  The days are getting longer and
 the sun is finally shining once again!  All I can say is that it's
 about time.

      In the past few weeks, I've climbed up on a soap box and talked
 about the continued pressures on Atari computer users to either change
 platforms, or add one to their current Atari system.  A lot of this
 pressure has come from within our own "ranks" or from those who have
 recently left our small community.  I've received some feedback, most
 supporting my thoughts on the matter.  Additionally, in the past week or
 so I've continued to witness online activity which keeps proving to me
 that Atari users are satisfied with the ability of their machines and
 the results obtained from the software that they use.  I'm not going to
 dwell on the finer points again this week.  Those that fit into the
 above category understand my point.  Those who feel otherwise are
 either frustrated that they no longer have the "latest and greatest,"
 don't have hundreds of new titles to choose from, or have needs that
 are simply better met with another platform.  Personally, the last
 point seems to make the most sense if a decision to switch to something
 else is being contemplated.

      Next week's issue will be somewhat short-changed as two of our
 regulars will be "missing in action."  CompuServe Editor Joe Mirando is
 getting married tomorrow, so he'll be somewhat indisposed and off on
 his honeymoon (Best of luck, Joe & Lisa!!).  Also, that Marlon Perkins
 of the Atari world, John Duckworth, will be trading in his PD rod 'n
 reel for a pair of mouse ears as he'll be vacationing in Disney World
 for a week or so.

      Well, let's get on with it.  We've got lots to tell you and we
 also have plenty of Jaguar and gaming-world news for you this week!
 Until next time...

                       Delphi's Atari Advantage!!
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (4/27/94)                       

  (1) WHATIS 6.7                    *(6) BOOTXS
  (2) PHOTOCHROME 4                 *(7) EVEREST TEXT EDITOR 3.2
 *(3) CANVAS V.1.7                   (8) ST_RIP.ZIP
  (4) CPX MAKER PROGRAM             *(9) LHARC 3.01
 *(5) SPACE WARS 2000               *(10) AEO PROGRAMMERS' JOURNAL #4
                       * = New on list                                
                        HONORARY TOP 10                                
   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently   
   out-performing every other file in the databases.                      
                   STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT #10.17)                
         ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 7)     

          Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.



 > The Medusa TT-Clone! STR Spotlight     -     Medusa Now shipping!!    

      Lexicor is happy to announce that the TOS license issues have been
 resolved and Lexicor is now shipping the first of the US machines. 
 Lexicor received confirmation late yesterday from the manufacturer that
 Lexicor could resume its sales of the Medusa in the U.S.  Lexicor, as many
 may know, has created a U.S. "configuration" named the "Pandora," which is
 a powerhouse Atari Clone.

      Lexicor is a fully authorized distributor for the Medusa and is
 currently shipping the orders received prior to the short pause in
 shipping due to a request by the manufacturer.  Lexicor is very pleased
 with the performance of the first systems received so far; and has found
 the hardware quality to be excellent in every respect.

      For those of you who had ordered and paid for your systems, they are
 all now in transit to you. You should be receiving them in the next few
 days.  For all those who have placed orders and are waiting for
 confirmation, please do not send any money until you receive your written
 configuration confirmation and payment details.  This is important. 
 Lexicor wants to have your system in hand and up and running before you
 make payment.  We want to offer no more than a few days turn around time
 between your payment and delivery.  Lexicor will be posting more detailed
 information about the Pandora (Medusa) in the coming weeks.

                                         Thank you for your support

                                              Lexicor Software


 > Usenet New Newsgroup STR InfoFile!     -     Lexicor Proposes New
   """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""         Product Announcement Area

 Proposal for a new newsgroup
 Request for Discussion: comp.sys.atari.announce

 by: Yat Siu (

 Group name:     comp.sys.atari.announce
 Status:         moderated (
 Distribution:   world-wide
 Summary:        a newsgroup for the product announcement of Atari computer
                 hard and software or related (eg. clones).


      There are currently,,
 comp.sys.atari.8bit and comp.sys.atari.advocacy; the first three groups
 are discussion forums for their (specific) related hard and software.
 Product announcements in these discussion forums of new releases by either
 commercial or shareware groups can often be considered a service but not
 encouraged.  The Atari computer market is not very widely distributed
 and it is getting increasingly harder to know more about new products.

      To begin with, a product announcement group would encourage the
 people to announce their new products for the benefit of all Atari
 computer users.  It will also allow the reader to focus for a new
 newsgroup only for product announcements or press releases; and will
 also make the reader more aware of his/her options.


      The proposed group will provide a forum for the announcement and
 release of new Atari related products: 

 * Atari computer hardware and software
 * commercial as well as shareware or related
 * announcements from individual authors, companies or distributors
 * press releases 

 NOTE: This RFD is being issued in concordance with the guidelines set in
 the "How to create a new usenet newsgroup" FAQ regularly posted to 
 news.announce.newgroups.  Please refer to this article if you have any 
 questions about the newsgroup creation.

 Unless the discussion indicates a need to resubmit a new RFD, the CFV
 will be posted approximately three to four weeks after the posting of
 this RFD.

 This RFD was (cross)-posted to the following groups:
 news.announce.newgroups, news.groups,,


 > TAF '94 STR InfoFile!     -     Atari Festival, Texas Style!

 Dear Atari Vendor/Developer,

      The Texas Atari Festival '94 will be held in San Antonio on June 4th
 & 5th on the beautiful campus of St. Mary's University.  Some of you will
 remember us as the Fiesta Atari Computer Show last year.  As well as a
 change of name, we have expanded from a one day show to a two day affair. 
 The ST Atari League of San Antonio, (SALSA), wants you to come down to
 sunny San Antonio and show us your wares, meet a bunch of really
 fantastic, fun people, and generally just have a great time!

 What's in it for you?

      First and foremost is a chance to show off your product(s) to an
 eager audience.  San Antonio has not had an Atari dealer for over a year
 now so everything purchased has been either through the mail or on trips
 out of town.  As far as I know, the nearest dealers are in Houston or
 Dallas and that covers a lot of Atarians, not just the folks in San

      Secondly we don't limit our show to Atari users only.  If you have a
 product(s) that can be used on several platforms then TAF '94 is ideal for
 you.  The show will focus on how to use a computer in general, and what a
 computer can do for you.  Last year we got a good response from users of
 all platforms, as well as folks who were a bit phobic about computers in
 general.  Our goal is to show people that computers are more than just
 expensive paper weights or machines that have to be dusted every month! 
 If attendees have questions about why we use Atari computers then we'll be
 happy to tell them, but our main thrust is towards computer users as a

      Thirdly, we plan to anchor the show with three main areas of
 interest.  Those areas are MIDI, Desktop Publishing, and gaming, both hand
 held and console.  The idea is a simple one.  Use broad areas of interest
 to encourage people to attend the show and when they get here show them
 all the other neat stuff that is available to them!  I know that there is
 a lot of interest in MIDI in our area.  Currently we plan to have several
 MIDI demos each day and that should bring in a lot of interested folks. 
 We also plan to have an area dedicated to DTP and all of the things that
 go along with it.  Finally we plan to set up a gaming area featuring the 
 Jaguar and the Lynx.  With these three high profile areas as anchors, and
 an expanded schedule, we hope to have so much traffic we won't know what
 to do with ourselves!!

 So what's the bottom line??

      Plain and simple, it's sign up and come.  The sooner we know that you
 are coming the sooner we can get the word out.  We were successful using
 local TV, radio, and newspapers and online services last year and we hope
 to add the national Atari magazines this year.  As soon as your
 application hits our mailbox every Atarian within shouting distance will
 know about it.  Questions?  Look through the packet we sent with this
 letter.  If you just want to chat with me you can reach me via snail mail,
 Ma Bell or on GEnie.  Just remember, this isn't a work related trip to a
 great vacation spot, this a great chance for a vacation that will include
 a little bit of work and LOTS of fun!         

 Thanks for your consideration,

                       Scott Helsel, Event Coordinator
                          Texas Atari Festival '94

                               13938 Brantley
                          San Antonio, Texas  78233
                          GEnie address - R.Helsel
                 InterNet address -

                      GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT TAF '94

 Show Times - The show will run from 10 AM to 5 PM both days.  You will be
 able to start setting up at 7 AM Saturday and will need to be totally
 broken down and on your way by 8 PM Sunday night.

 Fees - Each vendor area will have one 6' table for display purposes.  The
 fee for the first table is $50.  Each additional table is $15.   

 Lodging - St. Mary's University has dorm rooms available for use during
 the show.  One night single occupancy is $20.  One night double occupancy
 is $16 each.  Reservations must be made by May 25th and payment must be in
 advance.  These rooms are not fancy but they are cheap and a only a short
 walk from the show building.   

 Demonstrations/Seminars - SALSA plans to have seminars on MIDI, DTP, and a
 gaming room.  We would strongly encourage you to have a computer up and
 running to demo your product(s).  As was mentioned before there has not
 been a dealer in San Antonio for more that a year so the chance that
 someone has seen your product in action is slim, especially if it is new
 on the market.  Most of the club's equipment will probably be in use but
 if you need something let us know and we'll see what we can do.  I can not 
 emphasize this point enough.  Reading or hearing about some neat new
 product is tantalizing but most folks don't reach for their wallets until
 they've had a chance to play with it or see it in action.  Also if you
 would like to conduct a seminar on your product(s) we would love to put
 you on our schedule of events, just let us know.
 Fun - San Antonio has loads of fun things to do and in addition to all of
 them we, (SALSA), will be having an informal dinner the Friday night
 before the show.  Comfortable clothes are a must and wear something that
 will look good with barbecue sauce on it!!  This is chance for everyone to
 meet and greet folks and generally have a good time.  Your registration
 fee covers the cost of the dinner so just bring your appetites!

 Admission - Students, faculty, and staff of St. Mary's University get in
 free to the show.  It is $3.50 a head for everyone else over 5 years old. 
 Your registration covers your admission to the show.

 Misc. - If we haven't addressed some subject or if you have a question
 please drop me a note.  Also if you know somebody who would like to show
 their wares but didn't get a packet let me know and before you can say GEM
 Interface I'll have it in the mail to them!!  Thanks for your interest and
 we hope to see your smiling face in San Antonio this June!!


 1. All tables are on a first come, first paid basis, subject to space

 2. If you have need for electric power, please note your need on this
 form.  Unless specifically asked for, tables will not be equipped with
 electric power.

 3. The facility will be open to EXHIBITORS at 7:00 AM Saturday
 June 4, 1994.

 4. Tables must be set-up and occupied by 9:45 AM Saturday 
 June 4, 1994.

 5. Your tables can be resold if you are not checked in by 9:00 AM,
 Saturday, June 4, 1994.

 6. The show will open to the public at 10:00 AM.

 7. ALL EXHIBITORS agree to maintain a fully set-up table until 5:00
 PM both days and must be out of the facility by Sunday, June 5, 1994 
 no later than 8:00 PM.

 8. The ST Atari League of San Antonio (SALSA), Atari Corp., their
 officers, board members, agents, general membership, and any other
 representatives shall not be liable, or responsible for any or all
 claims arising between buyers and EXHIBITORS, loss or damage to
 EXHIBITOR'S equipment, physical injury, acts of God or any show
 cancellation beyond their control.

 9. The Owners, Management, and Employees of St. Mary's University, and
 any other representatives shall not be liable, or responsible for any
 or all claims arising between buyers and EXHIBITORS, loss or damage to
 EXHIBITOR'S equipment, physical injury, acts of God or any show
 cancellation beyond their control.

 10. EXHIBITORS agree to represent their merchandise fairly,
 accurately, and within the appropriate statutes pertaining to patents,
 federal regulations and copyrights.

 11. EXHIBITORS agree to defend and hold the ST Atari League of San
 Antonio (SALSA) and/or Atari Corp. harmless from any and all claims.

 12. No advertising or printed material which, in the opinion of the
 show organizers, is objectionable shall be distributed or displayed.
 EXHIBITORS have the right to distribute advertising material from
 their [booth], EXHIBITORS may not walk the halls or exhibit area to
 distribute items or place signs in locations other than their own
 leased space.

 13. No pictures or recordings may be taken of the show for the
 purpose of advertising without permission of above named show

 14. All decorations, lighting, signs, or displays must be in good
 taste, which is at the sole discretion of the show organizers. No
 EXHIBITORS will be permitted to so arrange goods as to form a wall,
 thereby closing off the view of adjacent EXHIBITORS or to obstruct a
 general view along the aisles. No EXHIBITOR may operate any equipment
 if same is noisy or objectionable to surrounding EXHIBITORS; nor may
 EXHIBITORS display special exhibition apparatus that is illuminated
 or mechanically actuated without special permission.

 15. Copyright-protected software offered for sale MUST be the
 ORIGINAL, complete with original disk(s), packaging and documentation.

 16. The EXHIBITOR agrees to conduct sales and demonstrations in a
 professional manner and will strive to project a positive and
 businesslike appearance during participation in this event.

 17. Exhibitors are responsible to collect all federal, state, and
 local sales taxes.


 I agree to the terms of the SALSA Texas Atari Festival '94 Participation
 rental and Conditions

 _________________________________________ Date: ______________________


 Company Name (If Applicable): ________________________________________

 Your Full Name: ______________________________________________________

 Title (If Applicable): _______________________________________________

 Address: _____________________________________________________________

 City: _________________________ State: ____ Zip Code: ________________

 Telephone #: _________________________ Extension: ________________

 The cost for a 10 foot by 8 foot booth is 50.00 dollars for the 
 first table, 15.00 dollars for each additional table.  Please indicate 
 the number to tables you will need for your booth.
 Total number of table(s) required: __________

 Electric Power Requirements:            Yes  (  )      No  (  )

 Are you willing to do a seminar?        Yes  (  )      No  (  )

 If yes, how much time would you need? ________________________________

 Please make your Check and/or money order payable to:

                          Texas Atari Festival '94
                               13938 Brantley
                           San Antonio, TX  78233
                          GEnie address - R.Helsel
                 InterNet address -

                                    Thank You!


 > Processor Direct! STR InfoFile!     -     New Atari Mag Debuts!!

       //    // ROCESSOR DIRECT IS HERE! 
   /  /         Public Announcement  
  /  /          on April 5, 1994 
 '--'           by Two Worlds Publishing

 We're here! Two Worlds Publishing is proud to present to the Atari 
 community our first issue, containing articles by a variety of authors on 
 a wide array of topics from telecommunications to programming, and much 

 /_/ Just what is Processor Direct?
 Processor Direct is a magazine for nearly all Atari computer users, 
 containing information valuable to users of the original 520ST up to 
 users of the Falcon030. Processor Direct is also helpful to the new user 
 or even the seasoned expert -- odds are most everyone will find the 
 information they've been looking for.

 We currently print in a large format (page size is 11.5 inches wide by 
 13.5 inches tall) with full color covers and black and white internal 
 pages. Each issue's cover is printed on 80 pound gloss paper, with the 
 internal pages on quality 80 pound matte paper.

 /_/ What is in Processor Direct?
 We offer a variety of columns on topics including Graphics, Music, and 
 Programming, along with reviews of hardware and software of both 
 commercial and shareware nature. We've also got the latest news items on 
 topics like new software and hardware in the Newswire and Recent 
 Developments sections.

 In the first issue we also have a survey which asks a variety of 
 questions so we can get to know our readers better. The survey itself is 
 8.5x11 inches so it can be easily photocopied and mailed to us.

 /_/ What won't I find in Processor Direct?
 You won't find long boring articles on topics that no one cares about, 
 and you also won't get page upon page of unbroken dull text on cheap 
 newsprint paper. You're going to be stuck with interesting articles 
 printed on quality paper...we're terribly sorry! <grin>

 /_/ Why not just read messages on-line?
 Reading messages from USENET newsgroups and from the national on-line 
 services is incredibly time consuming, often costly, and some times the 
 accuracy of the information in the form of news can be doubtful. These 
 networks are excellent to find the answers to your questions and to talk 
 to knowledgeable people, but if you've ever read any of the USENET 
 newsgroups, you know that contradictions and rumor run rampant. We obtain 
 our news directly from the source, with no one to interpret or twist it. 
 Not to mention, with each information packed issue (at only $3.50) you 
 get easy to understand information that would normally take hours to read 
 and compile from one day, forget a whole month.

 /_/ When and where can I get my copy?
 Processor Direct is available now for direct order for $3.50 ($4.00 in 
 Canada) each from TWP, and also through a variety of Atari dealers. You 
 can also subscribe to Processor Direct for just $25.00 (US$33 in Canada) 
 for 12 issues.

 /_/ Dealers: Want to carry Processor Direct?
 If you are a dealer and would like to obtain copies for newsstand sales, 
 just contact us and request information.

 /_/ How can I advertise in Processor Direct?
 We have advertising in a wide variety of sizes, with the option of 
 creating your own custom sizes. Effective for both shareware and 
 commercial developers (as well as dealers and many others) Processor 
 Direct may be one of the best ways to tell the community about your 
 product! For more information, contact us and request our Media Package, 
 which contains the guidelines as well as hints and tips on making your ad 
 look best.

 /_/ Want to be published?
 Are you an aspiring writer? Always wanted to be published? Here is your 
 chance! Whether you are a seasoned veteran writer with years of 
 experience or just enjoy it as a hobby, we're always looking for new 
 articles on fresh topics and interesting viewpoints. If you'd like to 
 know more, contact us and request our Submission Guidelines Booklet.

 /_/ On-line and ready to serve you!
 If you are a member of an on-line service we are incredibly easy to 
 contact. We have accounts on GEnie and Delphi, as well as two InterNet 
 addresses. If you have a few questions, or just want to say hello, drop 
 us a message! Have a question about an article? We'll forward your mail 
 directly to the writer. Also "Letters to the Editor" can be mailed 

 /_/ For more info:
 If you've got questions or want more information, just contact us via one 
 of the addresses below.

  US Mail:
   Two Worlds Publishing
   3837 Northdale Blvd. #225
   Tampa, FL 33624

   GEnie: P-DIRECT (P-DIRECT2 for article submissions)
   Delphi: pdirect

 The Media Package and Submissions Guidelines Booklet are provided free of 
 charge, and will be mailed when completed.

 /_/ Copyrights
 Contents of this file and the image "COVER.GIF" are Copyright =1994 Two 
 Worlds Publishing, Inc. This release and the included file "COVER.GIF" 
 may be freely distributed. 


 > The Old Fishin' Hole STR Feature

                             THE OLD FISHIN' HOLE

 -A Guide to the Online PD/Shareware Waters.

 by John R. Duckworth

      When the Falcon was being heavily promoted by the Atari
 representatives online, users were given an extensive list of features and
 additions to the operating system.  Among them were marvelous new color
 icons which were, in a sense, animated when chosen.  Atari users were
 excited with the possibilities, they were finally going to have terrific
 looking desktop icons rivaling those of the Mac world.  But, as with
 almost every aspect of the Atari computer line, their hopes were washed
 away when they realized that they were stuck with the icons included with
 the system since a TOS 4 icon editor was non-existent.  Time passed and
 finally a resource editor from Europe was released which could do the job
 of editing and creating new icons for Falcon users.  Unfortunately,
 "Interface" was a bit expensive for those just wanting to add new icons,
 so most hobbyist users were back where they started.  Now thanks to a
 couple of shareware programmers, Falcon users can edit their desktop icon
 resource files to change the existing icons into custom ones.

      I recently acquired two Falcon icon editors worthy of download.  The
 first is called "ICDRAW" and is created by the famous Dr. Bob.  The other
 is by Sam McGee and is entitled "T4 Color Icon Editor" and presently is at
 version 1.1.  Both programs are very  similar in operation and features. 
 They will run only on the Falcon030, and the "T4 Editor" will only run in
 non-extended graphics modes.  This means that if you run Screenblaster or
 Blow-Up 030 you will need to turn them off before trying to run the

      The first step in editing the desktop icons is loading in the
 DESKICON.RSC file.  The "T4 Editor" has the capability of loading two
 resource files at one time to allow users to move or copy icons between
 the files.  While "ICDRAW" only allows one resource file to be loaded at a
 time, it is possible to export icons (or groups of them) and load them
 into another resource file later.  Next, the user must select an icon set
 to edit.  The selected icon is then displayed in two boxes (zoomed for
 ease of editing).  In the "T4 Editor" the top for the icon's unselected
 state and the bottom for the view of the icon when selected.  In "ICDRAW"
 the two boxes represent the selected or unselected view in the first box,
 and the mask of the appropriate icon in the second.  Usually the mask will
 be solid so that the desktop will not show through any part of the icon,
 but it may be edited to allow such an effect.  Both programs have similar
 editing functions but "ICDRAW" also allows the user to flip and rotate the
 edited icon.  Once the user is satisfied with their creation, the resource
 file may be saved with the new information, or in the case of "ICDRAW"
 icons may be exported for later use.

      Both packages do a wonderful job of editing the icon files, but they
 have one huge drawback.  Neither editor has the ability to _add_ to the
 existing 33 icon pairs.  This means that if the user want a new icon,
 he/she will have to lose one of their existing ones.  Dr. Bob suggests
 that adding icons will be in future versions of his program if enough
 interest is shown.  This is not to say that Mr. McGee doesn't have that in
 mind for future releases of his program as well, but he didn't indicate it
 in his documentation.  It would be very hard for me to recommend one of
 the editors over the other.  Both are very professionally done and seem to
 do the job nicely.  Personally, I will probably stick to "ICDRAW" since it
 runs great in the extended resolutions I have available with the Blow-Up
 030.  Neither archive is very large so I suggest you try them both.  At
 any rate, both men should be thanked for filling yet another void left by
 the geniuses at Atari.

      The Old Fishin' Hole is going to be taking a weeks hiatus... Disney
 World is calling my name.  See ya in two weeks! As usual, E-mail any
 comments, complaints, or new programs you feel need exposure to:

  |   Old Fishin Hole Tackle Box     *                             |
  | ICDRAW                                                         |
  |    Delphi: Atari Advantage - READ DR BOB                       |
  |    GEnie: Atari RT - #32545                                    |
  | T4 Color Icon Editor                                           |
  |    GEnie: Atari RT - #32687                                    |
  * The Tackle Box is meant to provide assistance in finding files
  mentioned in the column. It should not be considered a COMPLETE
  listing and is provided for convenience only. Delphi Atari Advantage
  files should be found in the Recent Arrivals section of the database
  until moved to their appropriate sections.


 > In This Week's Jaguar Section  -  "Tempest 2000" & "Crescent Galaxy"
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""""     reviews, Developing on the Jaguar,
                                     Gaming industry news, and more!!

 > From the Editor's Controller     -     "Playing Like It Is!!"

      This week's issue will contain our third "installment" of expanded
 Jaguar coverage.  We've got some exciting articles this week, along with
 two game reviews.  In our next Jaguar-packed issue, we'll start to
 re-review some of the available games to give you another viewpoint of
 these currently available games.  We're hoping that in May we'll start to
 see some 3rd-party games start to emerge.  Once this happens, we hope to
 also provide you with reviews on those as well.

      We're still fine-tuning our developer lists and pending titles. 
 We've got some developer interviews in the works and we hope to have them
 for you soon.  We're also busy compiling a list of game tips and "cheats"
 to help in those occasional trouble spots!

      Tempest 2000 is still generating a lot of enthusiasm everywhere I go. 
 Most players have stated that T2K is the first game to come out that
 clearly shows a lot of the potential of the Jaguar.  Check out the review
 in this issue if you're interested in some of the details.  We'll also be
 doing another well-deserved review in the near future! 

      There are a number of new titles on the horizon, something the avid
 Jaguar owner is excitedly awaiting.  Most of these titles are going
 through last-minute changes and fine-tuning to ensure quality.  Even Atari
 isn't sure which titles will come out first, so we're all playing the
 waiting game.

      ICD's CatBox is scheduled to be released next month, so be on the
 lookout for it then.

      Okay, I want to get to the Jaguar reviews as much as you do!  Let's
 get to the latest news and information (and then back to the gameplay - I
 can feel a good night for Cybermorph!!)
      Until next time...



 > Jaguar Catalog STR InfoFile  -  What's currently available, what's
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""     coming out.

   Current Available Titles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   CAT #   TITLE                 MSRP      DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

    J9000  Cybermorph           $59.99         Atari Corp.
    J9006  Evolution:Dino Dudes $49.99         Atari Corp.
    J9005  Raiden               $49.99     FABTEK, Inc/Atari Corp.
    J9001  Trevor McFur/
           Crescent Galaxy      $49.99         Atari Corp.
    J9010  Tempest 2000         $59.95     Llamasoft/Atari Corp.

    Available Soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER

            CatBox              TBA           ICD

    Hardware and Peripherals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    CAT #   TITLE               MSRP          MANUFACTURER

    J8001  Jaguar (complete)   $249.99        Atari Corp.
    J8904  Composite Cable     $19.95      
    J8901  Controller/Joypad   $24.95         Atari Corp.
    J8905  S-Video Cable       $19.95      

  If for some reason you cannot find any of the above items at your local
  dealer, all items may be ordered directly from Atari.  To do so, just
  select one of the following options most convenient:

   1) Fill out the order template below.

   2) a. E-Mail (PRIVATELY) this order to any online Atari
         representative. Ask for it to be forwarded to
         Don Thomas or Bob Brodie. (BEST METHOD)
      b. Fax order to 408/745-2088. (SECOND BEST)
      c. Mail order to P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
      d. Call your order to 408/745-2098 (9-5 PST)
         Note: Phones are often jammed with excited Jaguar
               callers. Please be patient!


   ----- Complete if first order in 12 months -------
   | FULL NAME ON CREDIT CARD:                      |
   | MASTERCARD/VISA NUMBER:                        |
   | EXPIRATION DATE:                               |

      DESCRIPTION           QTY      EACH    EXTENDED
   1  xxxxxxxxx              x      $xx.xx     $xx.xx
      SUB TOTAL ............................ $  xx.xx
      CALIFORNIA TAX (8.25% if applicable).. $   x.xx
      SHIPPING & HANDLING* ................. $   4.95
      TOTAL (U.S. funds) ................... $ xxx.xx


                       NEW LYNX VALUES FROM ATARI!
                          Now there's NO excuse!
 Atari Corporation has a new summer deal everyone should enjoy...  New low
 prices on almost every Lynx video game. By special  arrangement with the
 factory, a large but limited quantity of  60 outstanding game titles have
 been set aside especially for  this special offer.
 Now and for a limited time, buy popular Lynx titles by Atari for as little
 as 14.99 each (SRP). Enjoy the fast paced action of Pinball Jam or an
 exciting whirl around the track with up to 6 ComLynx'd friends with
 Checkered Flag. Look for chilling answers to ghastly problems with Dracula
 The Undead for only $19.99 each (SRP). Beat incredible odds against an
 army of adversaries with Ninja Gaiden III for only $29.99 (SRP).  In fact,
 NO specially reduced cartridge is priced any higher than $29.99. Most
 cartridges are less than $15.
 If you are tired of the same old thing that the other guys ram in front of
 your face, then ask your dealer for the system that's exploding with
 colorful excitement. Find out what head-to-head ComLynx gaming is all
 about. Spend your allowance on the system that leaves you change for
  Can't find the Lynx or great Lynx titles in your area?
  Call 1-800-221-3343 or 1-800-GO-ATARI toll free,
       Monday thru Friday; 9am to 5pm Pacific time.
  OR Write: Atari Lynx "Summer Steal Deal"
            P.O. 61657
            Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1657

  OR fax your order to Atari at 1-408-745-2088
  OR send a message from any online service through the
     Internet to CIS:70007,2363 or GE:ATARI
  Any way you do it... Get Connected... Get the Lynx!

 > Industry News STR Game Console NewsFile  -  The Latest Gaming News!

 > CIS' VIDPUB Forum! STR InfoFile!   -   Video Games Publishers Online!
 Welcome to The Video Games Publishers Forum -- Your CompuServe Resource
 for Official Support from the Video Games Industry, Including: Takara,
 Data East, and Galoob.

 Our Forum is designed to be a one-stop resource for people who have an
 interest in video gaming and video game-related products for all types
 of current and future systems.  The Video Games Publishers Forum links
 you to fellow video gamers as well as publishers of popular
 games/accessories for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari,
 and other video gaming systems.  Customer Support representatives,
 technical staff, and designers are online here to answer your questions
 and discuss video game gear with you.

 We invite you to use the various features of the Video Games Publishers
 Forum: an electronic bulletin board for message correspondence, libraries
 for file exchange, and conference rooms for real-time interactive
 discussions.  Please take a moment to enter your various interests in
 our Membership Directory.

 Other Publishers are currently building their sections in background.
 (If you are into video games, you'll _love_ who we have in store for you.)
 Stay tuned for upcoming section Grand Openings!

 We are also in the process of adding new Publishers.  Let us know who
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 Please post a message introducing yourself and the products that you are
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 > Batman Forever!!  STR InfoFile!   -   Batman Coin-Op Arcade Game!

 1994--Warner Bros.  Consumer Products and Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
 (NASDAQ:AKLM) today announced the two companies have entered into a pact
 whereby Batman Forever, the highly anticipated blockbuster Warner Bros.
 movie starring Michael Keaton, will lead Acclaim's recently announced
 1995 entry into the coin-op arcade market.  In addition, Batman Forever
 will headline several Acclaim interactive entertainment software titles
 for leading home video game cartridge and CD-ROM systems, including those
 produced by Sega(TM) and Nintendo(R).
      Dan Romanelli, president of Warner Bros. Worldwide Consumer Products,
 said, "Batman Forever is going to be THE HOT PROPERTY for 1995.  We
 believe that Acclaim's cutting-edge technology is a great way to capture
 the excitement of the movie and showcase all the action and adventure of
 the world's most popular superhero."

      Under the agreement, Acclaim will develop a coin-op arcade game, as
 well as software for a variety of home video game systems, based on Batman
 Forever.  The Acclaim Batman Forever coin-op, scheduled for 1995 market
 introduction, will be developed utilizing both Sega's new, proprietary,
 advanced Titan hardware system technology, and Acclaim's award-winning
 motion capture technology.  Under a separate agreement, Sega is slated
 to publish software based on the Batman Forever film for its recently
 announced Genesis Super 32X and a yet-to-be-introduced hardware platform,
 code-named Saturn.

      "We are excited to join with the motion picture powerhouse of Warner
 Bros. for our entry into the coin-op arcade market with a title as
 dynamic as Batman Forever," said Robert Holmes, president of Acclaim.
 "Likewise, we are proud to be utilizing Sega's Titan technology in
 combination with our own motion capture technology for our coin-op
 development.  We look forward to creating the most innovative interactive
 Batman games yet for both the coin-operated arcade and home gaming

      Batman Forever follows the worldwide success of Batman and Batman
 Returns, the Warner Bros. movies that have generated nearly $700 million
 in worldwide box office revenues and over $1 billion in movie-related

      Warner Bros.  Consumer Products, which includes the Licensing and
 Studio Stores divisions, is a Time Warner Entertainment company. With
 interests in film, music, publishing, home video, entertainment and
 program distribution, Time Warner is the largest media and communications
 organization in the world.

      Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., with offices in Canada, France, Japan,
 Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, is a leading worldwide publisher
 of interactive entertainment products under the Acclaim, LJN, Flying
 Edge and Arena labels.  These products include software and peripherals
 for Nintendo(R) and Sega(TM) hardware systems as well as personal computer
 and CD-ROM software.  The company is publicly traded under the NASDAQ
 National Market System symbol AKLM.
  CONTACT: FOR WARNER BROS:                FOR ACCLAIM: Michael Peikoff
           Allyne Mills 818/954-5807                    516/624-8888
           Alan Uphold  818/954-2336  

 ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCT  Z REPEATS: New York 212-575-8822 or 800-221-2462;
 Boston 617-330-5311 or 800-225-2030; SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845;
 LA 310-820-9473


 > Video Games For Girls?! STR InfoFile  -  Equal Opportunity Video Games!

 NEW YORK (APRIL 22) BUSINESS WIRE - April 22, 1994

      Video games are rapidly becoming an equal opportunity phenomenon.
 Long held to be an "all-boys network," more girls than ever before are
 now enjoying video games -- thanks to the increasing availability of
 game titles that specifically target the pre-teen girls market.

      In fact, according to Henry A. Kaplan, Chairman and Chief Executive
 Officer of Hi Tech Expressions, girls now account for 25% of primary
 video game players, a market segment once considered to be much smaller.
 "It is understandable that the majority of game titles until now have
 had a disproportionate male slant," explains Kaplan.  "Not surprisingly,
 because software is really what drives this market, game developers have
 largely focused their efforts on developing titles that would appeal to
 a mass market of young males.

      "Now, however, because video game play is expanding beyond the scope
 of the male youth-oriented market segment, more software developers in
 general and Hi Tech Expressions in particular are finding a solid niche
 in developing gameware for girls."

      Hi Tech Expressions, long a leader in children's video gameware and
 computer software, is in licensing agreements to bring a number of lovable
 characters appealing to the girls pre-teen market to the Nintendo, Sega,
 and PC platforms.  The stars of the new titles -- a virtual who's who
 in young girls entertainment -- include Barbie, Mickey Mouse and
 Tom & Jerry, to name a few, and feature edutainment games, puzzle solving,
 and fantasy role playing adventures.

      In fact, the video game market is experiencing tremendous growth,
 setting record breaking household penetration levels.  One in every three
 families now owns at least one video game player.  While male
 youth-oriented titles generally focus on action adventure, titles
 targeting the female youth market place a greater emphasis on fantasy and
 edutainment with virtually no violence.

      "When it comes to play time, there are significant differences in
 the way that young boys and young girls play," continues Kaplan. "These
 differences are inherent, and while we don't play up to male/female
 stereotypes, we do recognize that each have their own interests and design
 our titles to reflect the desires of the respective market segment."

      To this end, Kaplan points to the company's newly released Barbie(R)
 series of video and computer gameware.  A complete line of fun-filled
 Barbie video and computer games for girls between the ages of 3 and 9,
 Barbie games provide young girls with a whole new way to play with their
 favorite doll and offer an alternative for girls over traditional
 male-oriented games.

      Headquartered in New York, Hi Tech Expressions is a leading worldwide
 publisher of high quality, interactive entertainment software for the
 entire family.  The company markets software for all major video game
 platforms and IBM-compatible and Apple Macintosh(R) personal computers.

    CONTACT: Robert E. Griffin Inc., New York
             Bob Griffin, 212/255-8491
 New York 212-575-8822 or 800-221-2462; Boston 617-330-5311 or
 SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845; LA 310-820-9473


 > Jaguar STR Focus                       Developing for the Jaguar


                          DEVELOPING FOR THE JAGUAR

 by Marty Mankins

 [Editor's Note: The planned coverage for an interview with a Jaguar
 developer was postponed at the last minute.  We hope to include this
 coverage in an upcoming issue.  We apologize for any inconvenience
 this may have caused.]

      As a developer of software, I understand all of the pressures of
 trying to create a product that has an incredible demand on the market.
 Something that will sell many copies and be placed on the desktops of
 personal computers all over the world.  And the man hours that are used
 to create such a product would cause most consumers to stagger about in
 a frenzy beyond belief.

      The same holds true for developers on the Atari Jaguar platform.
 But there's a twist.  This time, it's a completely new gaming platform.
 And it's competing with the likes of Nintendo and Sega for market share.
 And the question that a lot of people are asking is, "Can it do well?"
 or, "Will it be a success?".  The answers will take a bit longer to
 unfold, as all new platforms take time to penetrate the market.  Also,
 it takes a lot of money to market such a product once it's done and
 ready to go to the store shelves.  So the challenge of developing for a
 new platform remains incredible.

      Widely different than most desktop PC software programs, the Atari
 Jaguar has quite the wide age range of targeted buying and game players.
 From the age of eight to an age that all of us would like to not talk
 about, the Jaguar has got quite the appeal and action for just about
 every living being on earth.  It's awesome to think of the possibilities.
 It's even a greater challenge to make games that will provide the best
 play action and value to this wide range of people.

      Some of the issues that developers need to look at before deciding
 on a new platform like the Jaguar are: a) how well does the company
 (Atari, in this case) plan to support the product, and b) What kind
 of history does the company have for success?  The latter question gives
 Atari the best clout in the world.  Many years ago, Atari was a
 household name in video games.  They dominated the industry in both
 coin-operated and home video game consoles.  They lost out for a while
 to Nintendo who caught Atari off guard and moved in.  Then came Sega.
 Now it's 1994 and Atari has a whole new look on life.  They have 86
 current development companies working on Jaguar games.  They are serious
 about this platform.  They want it to succeed.  They have had their
 success and lost it.  Now it's time to get it back and keep it.  That's
 the governing push that will keep the Jaguar platform going.

      Do you have a better view of what the challenge is to create games
 that will be great?  It's pretty breath-taking, if you think about it.
 A task that many companies know they have to take, but with incredible
 peaks and valleys of positives and negatives that would blow fuses in
 an electrical current.  So what kind of people take this great work upon
 themselves to create these excellent game titles?  They are the kind of
 people that realize what they need to do to please us game players.  They
 are Jaguar Developers.  They have experience that would fill a book.
 They know that if they do a game that Jaguar owners find boring, they
 have failed in their task.  These talented people understand that their
 games will be played over and over and over again.  Days, weeks or months
 will go by and game players will still need to be awe-struck with the
 graphics, the sounds that movement of the players, the enemies and being
 able to get the highest score.

      This article is to get all of you readers excited by the great work
 that will be going into new Jaguar games.  Sure, it's a difficult period
 of time when there are not that many games to choose from.  But just
 ignore the Nintendo displays and the Sega hype.  The Jaguar is going to
 be worth the wait for games that you wouldn't have thought possible just
 three years ago.  A good statement to remember was one made by Juli Wade,
 a developer at Atari.  In a message thread on CompuServe, there was a
 discussion about the number of titles that Nintendo had versus the
 number that Jaguar had out.  Juli was being very creative with her
 replies and finally came up with the following slogan:

               "Do you want titles or do you want games?"

      I liked that statement so much, that I sent a reply back to Juli and
 told her that sounded like the next ad campaign for the Jaguar.  If
 anything does materialize into an ad, the catch-line would be:

               "Atari Jaguar: We sell games, not titles!"

      So, in conclusion, it's time to get excited.  Don't let the pressures
 of other game systems take control of your life.  Open your eyes and
 see the Jaguar.  It's hot!  The developers are working as hard as they
 can to get new games out.  They need our support at this time of big
 changes in the video game market.  The Atari Jaguar has incredible
 potential and it's got what it takes to make Atari a household name
 again.  Just remember: Do you want titles or do you want games????

      In future issues, we hope to bring you the inside scoop on developers
 and the games they are creating.  This includes interviews, tips and
 anything that we can print that will help keep the Jaguar game players
 on the edge of how the action is created. 


 > TREVOR McFUR: In The Crescent Galaxy STR Review


                           -= Available Now =-
                  TREVOR McFUR: In The Crescent Galaxy
                               Atari Corp.
                          Ease of Play: Medium

  by Allen Chang

      "Attention all Circle Reserve units.  The Crescent Galaxy has fallen.
 It has been conquered by an entity known only as Odd-It, whose only
 passion is to make every living thing odd, like it.  All of the planets in
 the galaxy are under his rule and are guarded by his blockade.  Our main
 armada has nearly perished while battling Odd-It, and now you're our
 only hope... "

      That is an excerpt from the beginning of the manual, and now you
 are ready to dive into the first visual extravaganza from Atari.  You
 can basically say that TREVOR would be the game that showcases the power
 of the Atari Jaguar from their first batch of games that was released
 before 1994.   Visual junkies... hold onto your seats!

      TREVOR is basically a side scrolling shooter, the story revolves
 around the invasion by a creature/entity called Odd-It.  Your mission
 is to fly thru the four surrounding moons before you are able to fly
 into the planet Cosmolite.  To finish each of the moons, you have to
 battle thru the Space Zone to reach the first end boss before you will
 be able to fly down onto the planet surfaces where you are met with an
 army of Odd-It's minions before the 2nd end boss comes out.  The four
 moons consist of: Osseous (desert), Grottoneria (cavern), Zephyria
 (gaseous), Equilibriumite (swamp).  And in each round you will come
 across the most incredible graphics that I have yet to see in a video game
 (gee, just received T2K today, I think I ll take the day off now >g<).  

      Everything you come across in this game is texture mapped.  From
 the Asteroids that fly across the screen in the Space Zones, to the
 chromed Cupid that shoots his arrows at you.  With all these different
 objects on the screen at the same time, you can easily appreciate the
 full power that 64 bits can deliver.  Even with the end bosses, they
 are some of the very best graphics that I have seen on any cartridge
 (and most CD based) games out there.  

      With your standard Fire and Bomb weapons, you also have nine
 different special weapons.  Throughout the game, you will be able to
 pick up power-ups that will increase the fire power, upgrade the bombs
 and give you ammunition for the different special weapons.  You get a
 Magnet, when fired, will attract most objects on screen to follow it
 forward off the screen (TIP: don't use this weapon when you have
 something behind you >g<).  The Tracer will find the closest enemy and
 bounce off it to the next one, it lasts for a few seconds .   A Beam
 weapon will fire a straight laser beam and blast everything in sight...
 except for the end bosses.  The Flash weapon is like a smart bomb that
 blows away almost everything on screen.  A Missile weapon will release
 a projectile that will explode just in front of you and will do some
 decent damages on the bigger enemies.  The Ring will give you a ball
 that rotates around your ship and is very similar to a shield where it
 will intercept most things coming at you.  The Bolt sends out an energy
 wave that flies across the screen and taking out almost anything in its
 way.  The Shield is just a shield, not very exciting but indispensable.
 And finally you have Cutter, that's your female feline wing person,
 she'll come out and help you for a while before taking off again.  To
 activate any of the power-up weapons, you can use either the numbers on
 the keypad or the option key to scroll thru them.  During game play, I
 find that I tend to memorize where the Shield and Cutter are on the
 keypad and for the others, I tend to just scroll thru it.  I have found
 that the game itself is a bit hard to control with the controller
 because of the fact that there are so many objects on the screen at any
 one time; it became very hard to maneuver around them.  And, I have a
 sore thumb to prove it.  I suspect that with the introduction of 3rd
 party hardware vendors, we will see different types of controllers to
 come out; and a joystick will be a good addition to this game.  

      The game play itself isn't all that great.  I don't know if it is
 because of all the hype associated with the Jaguar rollout or the
 awesome graphics in the game; the game play feels almost tame.  The
 biggest problem I have, and half of the world as well with this cart, is
 the controls.  It requires you to perform some intricate moves that seem
 almost impossible with the control pads.  That is, you are either
 mesmerized by the graphics and get killed or just overwhelmed by the sheer
 number of objects on the screen at any one time.  The game only starts
 to get exciting when you start to pick up the power-ups for the
 different weapons, and you get to blast away at everything in sight. 
 Yes, it does get repetitive but, with the feast for the eyes and the
 amount of things that I get to blast away, I quite enjoy it.  I like
 the fact that I don't have to be too cerebral when I play this game,
 and just go in and start blasting away.

      There is no music trax with the game, but the sound effects are
 pretty good.  Anyway, this is how I feel the game is rated.

                              Graphics:           9.5
                              Sound FX/Music:     6.5
                              Control:            5.0
                              Manual:             7.5
                              Entertainment:      8.5
                              Reviewer's Overall: 7.5

 I didn't want to give a 10 to the graphics because I do not know if this
 is all that the Jaguar can deliver.  So, I am reserving it for a later
 date.  The sound effects are just a bit above average and there's no
 sound trax with the game; and I won't penalize the rating for not having
 it.  The control only rated 5.0 because it started to get too hard to
 move around all the objects on the screen (I'm waiting for a joystick
 to REALLY get into this game).  The Manual... there's really nothing
 really to say except that it did the job.  I rated Entertainment an 8.5
 because I enjoy these sort of mindless blast-away type of games.... 


 > Jaguar Tempest 2000 STR Review  -  "Tempest 2000" 

                            -= Available Now =-  
                           Developed by: Llamasoft
                          Published by: Atari Corp.
                         Sugg. Retail Price: $59.95
                       Ease of Play: Average/Difficult

 by Marty Mankins

      You find yourself hurled into space.  You are the shape of a
 two-legged spider and all that you have to defend yourself are your
 guns and an occasional total destruction bomb.  You find the only
 means of fighting back is to get into the web with other creatures
 that feel like invading your space.  You have 100 webs to make it
 though.  Each web gets harder and meaner with nasties trying to
 capture you and kill you.  You move fast around the top of the web to
 fight your enemies.  It gets faster and faster.  You have trouble
 keeping up after a while, but you still keep fighting.  On occasion,
 you are awarded with a new lease on life, but that doesn't last as
 long as you would like it to.

      Sounds exciting, doesn't it.  And to think you are not watching
 the Sci-Fi channel on cable.  This is the latest game from Atari for the
 Jaguar.  It's called Tempest 2000 and it's hot!  In fact, it's so
 good, that I have made it my favorite game of the decade.  Nothing
 else I have played has been so exciting and so flexible for a wide
 variety of players.  Let me take you on a tour of the webs of Tempest

                               GUIDED TOUR

      Tempest 2000 starts out with some really cool music while is goes
 through all of the introduction screens.  If you leave it for a few
 minutes, it will go into demo mode.  The demo mode is good to watch
 if you have never played Tempest before.  It gives you a good idea of
 what to expect.  Once you decide to play, then hit the A button.  It
 will take you to a screen with 4 choices: Traditional, Tempest Plus,
 Tempest 2000 and Tempest Duel.  Traditional is the original Tempest
 game from the arcade upright version.  It does add the Tempest 2000
 music to it, but the game play is exactly as I remember it.  Tempest
 Plus is a mix of the Traditional game and the 2000 version.  You have
 three play modes in Tempest Plus: take on aliens by yourself, get
 help from A.I. Droid or play against another player.  The treats are
 in Tempest 2000, which is an entirely new game from the original. 
 This one requires some detail because it's the one that I feel most
 people will play the most.

                           2000 HOURS OF FUN!!

      On the first level, you see that the colors have changed.  Now hit
 the first enemy. ZAPP!  You see the first surprise.  A power-up,
 which will give you bonuses such as enhanced laser blasts, the A.I.
 Droid and 2000 point increases.  Get enough power-ups and you'll get
 an EXCELLENT, which gets you a prism in the upper right corner of the
 screen.  These prisms count towards the warp level.  You need three
 EXCELLENTs to enter into the warp level.  If you want to warp before
 having to fight more meanies, then I suggest you get all three
 EXCELLENTs in the first three levels.

                             THE WARP LEVEL

      On completing the level you get the third EXCELLENT, instead of
 moving to the next web, you move to the warp level.  So far, I've
 been able to get to three warp levels.  On the first and second warp
 levels, you pass through rings to advance.  When you miss one, you go
 back to fighting enemies on the webs.  When you complete a warp level,
 you advance five levels.

                         IT KEEPS GETTING HARDER

      The enemies are plentiful.  You have spikers, tankers and phasers
 trying to kill you.  Flippers drive you nuts and mirrors will have you
 thinking twice about your next shot.  And you only get a new blaster
 every 20,000 points.  If all of this seems too hard, there is a cheat
 you can activate to go from level to level, being able to practice
 ahead of time without the time and energy of starting at level one. 
 SPOILER AHEAD!!!  Here's what you do: At the opening screen where the
 4 different games are listed, hold down the 1,4, 7 and * keys and
 then hit the A button.  If it works, you will hear the word
 "Excellent" in a morphed voice.  Now, while playing the game, if the
 level gets too hard or you want to try higher levels, just hit the
 OPTION button.  It will automatically advance you to the next round
 (which gives you 5,000 points).  If you don't feel like getting the
 three EXCELLENTs, you can "cheat" into warp mode by holding down 3,
 6, 9 and #.  On the screen it should say WARP ENABLED.  Then finish
 the level (or press OPTION) and you'll go right into the warp level. 
 Since the warp level takes some time to go through, this cheat may
 help you get better at going through the warp level.

                           OVERALL IMPRESSION

      This is one game that is hard to walk away from.  I have had the
 game for less than a week now and I've logged over 60 hours with it.  I
 get hours of enjoyment from this game and so do others that I've had
 try it.  Some people have never played Tempest and will take to it
 immediately.  Those of us that were Tempest addicts in the arcade are
 finding the increased challenge of Tempest 2000 very good.  There were
 hardly any faults with the game.  It would be nice if we discover a
 cheat where you can type in any level number and go directly to that.
 But, that's just to see what level 100 will be like in a hurry.

      The graphics were incredible and sometimes made you feel like you
 were physically sitting on the top of the web!  I really enjoyed the
 soundtracks in this game.  Every 17 levels, they change.  The first
 soundtrack reminds me a lot of "Depeche Mode" music.  The next
 soundtrack has a "hip-hop" sound and beat.  Then the third soundtrack
 is fast-paced and has a heavy "industrial" tone to it.  The music
 sets the tone for playing and gets your blood boiling and your
 fingers moving as fast as they can go.

      There are no dull moments with Tempest 2000.  It's a game that
 appeals to just about all players and is very fast with incredible
 player reactions required.  This game will win awards and sell a ton
 of copies.  This one is here to stay.

                       Graphics:               9.0
                       Sound FX/Music:        10.0
                       Control:                9.0
                       Manual:                 8.5
                       Entertainment:         10.0
                       Reviewer's Overall:     9.5

 GAME SUMMARY: Tempest 2000 is an incredible game.  It is easy to play
 by all game players and requires hardly any time to get used to
 playing it.  The graphics are amazing and they really make most of
 the game happen, but there were times when the 1-UP and the bonus
 point displays got in the way of game play.  There were a couple of
 times that I lost a life when the points stayed on the screen a bit
 longer than it should have and hindered the view of where my player

 The sound effects and music were tops.  Nothing wrong here.  Just
 prepare for some intense music to keep you on your toes.  The game
 control was very good, but the warp level was a bit backwards, when
 compared to older navigation-like games such as Star Raiders and Star
 Wars.  The controls are up to go up and down to go down, which is
 backwards of how the rest of us are used to "flying" a game.

 The manual was basic and it provided the needed coverage to get you
 up and running, but there were not enough pictures of the game screens
 and there needed to be better explanation of the warp rounds,
 possibly adding a subtle hint or two.  The entertainment value was
 perfect.  This is a standard game that all Jaguar owners need to get.
 There is nothing even close to this game on other game systems.  It
 appeals to all game players and provides hours of nerve-wrenching


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                    Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail
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