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 - ETC? A Report          - Jaguar "CATBOX"   - The Recipe Box
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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      On one particular "computing" platform, the backstabbing and
 squabbling over the few bits of bux left to grab has become a rather
 obvious and depressing "sideshow".  In one corner there seems to be a
 calculating force somewhere in Canada that's very busy trying to paint a
 fairly successful California graphics software house with a very dark and
 wide brush.  Actually, the efforts couldn't be more obvious.  Its sad
 because the scant numbers of users left in this platform are "getting the
 message" from these sleazy antics.  Its chasing them away even quicker.  
 If one were to step back.. take an objective view of the whole mahgilla;  
 They'd sadly say; "It looks like a picture of ugly, half starved vultures
 fighting over a reeking, dead carcass!"  Oh well, on to more vibrant and
 exciting things.
      The positive apprehension over the new goodies soon to be announced
 for Spring's annual push is amazing.  Its coming on all fronts.  The
 hardware front is bubbling over with talk about 100+Mhz machines as the
 norm in six month's time.  The PowerPC talk is so strong it appears that
 its a "means to an end".  Of course, its not but the enthusiasm of having
 a machine capable of "doing it all" is likened to a "dream come true". 
 Shades of Gadgets by Small,  there is now a Mac emulator for the PC!  For
 most any PC! To top off the news... its very promising shareware as of
 right now.  


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                        IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)

             VLSI Technology chip sets go into Compaq LTE Elite

 The SCAMP IV chip set from VLSI Technology Inc. has been included as the
 chip set of choice in Compaq's new notebook computer called the Compaq
 LTE Elite.  The SCAMP IV 486 notebook chip set, which packs a
 full-function PC into two chips, provides the system and peripheral
 functions for all five models of the high-performance LTE Elite family of
 computers which Compaq introduced as of Monday, March 7.

          Psion utilizes Motorola radio modem for Nation-wide NETS

      Psion Inc., U.S. subsidiary of British portable computer group Psion
 Plc, has launched the world's first hand-held terminal designed for
 nationwide wide area networks. 

      Developed in concert with Motorola Inc., and called the RWAN, the
 system is based on Psion's HC hand-held computer fitted with a built-in
 Motorola Radio Packet Modem.  The RWAN will provide users with nationwide
 wireless access over the PSDN networks operated by ARDIS and RAM,
 allowing mobile worker to communicate with other machines, EMail gateways
 and host databases in real time via radio.  To support RWAN, Psion has
 developed MSIS, a radio communications job management software to run on
 the system. With over 40 percent of the U.S. workforce operating outside
 the office, MSIS helps the mobile executive deal with decision support,
 quotations, manpower management and distribution control on the spot.

                      GATES/FA AND TEAC SIGN AGREEMENT

      Gates/FA Distributing Inc. of Greenville, S.C., announced that they
 had signed a distribution agreement with the Data Storage Products
 Division of TEAC America Inc., based in California.

      According to the agreement, Gates/FA will market TEAC America's
 entire line of floppy drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, tape drives,
 1/4" tape drives and optical drives.  "Known for its high quality
 manufacturing and price integrity, TEAC is a world leader in small
 form-factor storage," said Jerry Lumpkin, Marketing VP for Gates/FA,
 "and.. these innovative products will be a great enhancement to our
 System Integration Program.


      IntraCorp Inc., announced filing a complaint on March 4, 1994
 petitioning the Superior Court of California to enjoin Palo Alto-based
 Fenwick & West (IntraCorp's former attorneys) from representing
 Electronic Arts in its merger with Broderbund.  In its complaint,
 IntraCorp alleges that Fenwick & West has undertaken to represent an
 adverse interest because Fenwick & West previously represented IntraCorp
 in a $50 million action it filed against Broderbund in 1992.  That
 litigation is currently pending in the U.S. District Court in Northern
 California and is set to go to trial by jury on Oct. 31, 1994.  In the
 complaint, IntraCorp has asked the court to bar Fenwick & West from any
 further participation in the merger proceedings and from representing
 Electronic Arts until IntraCorp's litigation with Broderbund is

     Dataquest Estimates 700,000 PowerPC-Based shipped by end of year.

      As Apple Computer plans its PowerPC-based Macintosh launch next
 week, Dataquest estimates that 700,000 of the PowerPC-based computers
 will ship by the end of 1994.  The new PowerPC-based Macintoshes have a
 low entry price, offer better price/performance value than workstations,
 and the high-end models are competitive with the 90-MHz Pentium desktop
 computers announced this week.  Apple is the first top-10 personal
 computer company to launch a product based on a RISC microprocessor.


      Unisys has been awarded the largest single banking automation
 contract in Russia by the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, the
 company announced today. The integration project, valued at $127 million,
 provides one of the world's largest bank operations with the information
 services and technology to drive its major focus on enhanced customer
 service and operational efficiency.  The Savings Bank of the Russian
 Federation, a new Unisys client, is one of the world's largest financial
 institutions in geographic coverage and number of customers and branches. 
 In addition to its Moscow headquarters, the bank operates 78 regional
 headquarter banks, 2,300 branches and 43,000 bank agency locations.  It
 employs 190,000 people and handles 212 million accounts.  Its assets are
 worth $4.25 billion.


      Advanced Micro Devices said today that it expects to ship 900,000
 Am486 microprocessor units in the current quarter.  The company said
 previously that it expected to ship approximately 700,000 units in the
 quarter ending March 27, 1994.

     "Continuing operational excellence in our Sunnyvale wafer fabrication
 facility has resulted in improving yields and shorter cycle times for
 Am486 devices,"  said W.J.  Sanders III, chairman and chief executive

    "We expect that growing demand and wider acceptance of our Am486
 family coupled with increased production will result in shipments of
 900,000 units this quarter." 

      We are gratified at the validation of our long-held conviction that
 we are licensed to sell chips incorporating Intel microcode," Mr. 
 Sanders continued.  "We expect that our vindication in the courts will
 further broaden customer acceptance of our Am486 products while
 encouraging us to redouble efforts for a rapid production ramp under a
 recently announced foundry agreement with Digital Equipment Corporation
 to augment our internal production capacity."


 > ETC? STR FOCUS!       "Enhanced Throughput Cellular"

              White Paper: Enhanced Throughput Cellular (ETC)

 March 7, 1994

 AT&T Paradyne
 8545 126th Ave N.
 Largo, Fl   34635
 800-482-3333 (or 813-530-8623)

 What is ETC?
 "ETC" is an abbreviation for "Enhanced Throughput Cellular".    ETC has

 been designed by AT&T Paradyne  to allow for the highest throughput and
 the most reliable connections available today on the cellular network. 
 The protocol consists primarily of enhancements to both the V.42 protocol
 and V.32bis modulation.  

 Why was ETC developed?
 Standard PSTN modems do not perform well over the cellular network. 
 While several companies have proposed proprietary protocols for cellular
 operation, tests show that none of these offer the performance needed to
 allow users to effortlessly use the cellular network.  

 What products support ETC?
 All AT&T Paradyne dial modems support ETC today.  This includes the
 following dial modem families:  KeepInTouch PCMCIA card, Dataport 3700,
 and Comsphere 3800.

 Both the KeepInTouch PCMCIA card and the Comsphere 3800 are software
 downloadable, so all modems currently installed can easily be upgraded
 with ETC (with no charge).

 ETC has been licensed by many other modem companies.  Product
 announcements from these companies are expected shortly. 

 What rates can be achieved with ETC?
 Rates of 9600 and above are achieved the majority of the time with ETC. 
 Under good cellular conditions, rates of 14400 are achieved most of the
 time.  These are the data rates before compression -- V.42bis data
 compression can allow files to be transferred at 4x these rates.

 How does an ETC modem connect to a cellular phone?
 The KeepInTouch card allows a "direct connect" to many cellular phones. 
 Direct Connect is a simple cable interface between the modem and the
 phone.  It eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome "RJ11 adapter"
 boxes.  (Contact AT&T Paradyne for the current list of phones supported.) 

 While we recommend that ETC modems be used with direct connect, ETC also
 works well with RJ11 adapter boxes.

 Do I need a ETC on both ends of the connection?
 We have incorporated many improvements in ETC to increase its performance
 when interworking with standard V.32bis/V.42 PSTN modems.  In general,
 adequate cellular operation is possible in most cases if ETC is
 implemented only on the mobile end.  

 Quantifying this performance is difficult, however, as so many factors
 are involved.  (Whose modem is on the PSTN side?  How is it configured?
 etc.)  The test report that we have published shows the results with one
 particular "standard V.42" modem.  For this modem, the ETC-to-V42 results
 were even better than MNP 10-to-MNP 10 results.  

 Note that  MNP 10 offers no performance increase when interworking with
 standard PSTN modems -- MNP 10 modems are required on both ends of the
 link to gain any performance increase.

 For optimum performance, however, we recommend an ETC modem on both ends
 of the connection.  

 Many Cellular Service Providers are offering Cellular Modem Pools in
 their areas.  These Cellular Modem Pools provide an ETC termination in
 the cellular network, allowing any modem now connected to the PSTN to be
 accessed reliably using an ETC modem.

 Has ETC been tested against the competition?
 Every company with a proprietary cellular protocol (including AT&T
 Paradyne) has presented technical literature explaining the advantages of
 their protocol implementation.  While these papers are necessary for a
 general understanding of the protocol, they are really only academic
 studies -- any protocol can be made to look good on paper.  We believe
 that extensive real world testing is the only accurate way to determine
 the best protocol.  

 With this as our belief, AT&T Paradyne has performed this extensive
 testing.  A test report, detailing the results, is available from us.  We
 would point out that this testing was performed in conjunction with an
 independent party to ensure fair, equitable and unbiased results.  While
 this test report is probably the most extensive ever published, it is
 only a small subset of the numerous tests that we have completed with our

 This published test consisted of side-by-side comparisons with MNP 10.  
 MNP 10 was chosen because it is another protocol that has been widely
 advertised to have cellular advantages.  

 The test results show that ETC is superior to MNP 10 in three of the most
 important areas of performance:

 1.   File completion percentage (placing a call and successfully
      completing a file transfer)
 2.   Minimizing total on-line time for a call (i.e. lowest cost)
 3.   Minimizing start-up time (allows ETC to complete even medium-length
      files normally in under one minute)

 What about international applications?
 AT&T Paradyne believes that ETC will work well on other analog cellular
 systems found around the world.  We have already done testing on many of
 these systems and have achieved excellent results.

 What are AT&T Paradyne's plans for licensing ETC?
 AT&T Paradyne is licensing of ETC to other companies.  Currently, Primary
 Access has announced ETC support in their Cellular Modem Pool product.  A
 major announcement, involving many other modem companies,  will occur in
 the near future.

 Will ETC become a recognized standard?
 AT&T Paradyne is striving to make ETC a defacto standard.  We recognize
 the need to evolve ETC into a true standard, and plan to work towards
 that goal.  Going directly to the standards process with ETC would result
 in a long delay before a standard would be approved.  This would be
 counterproductive for the industry, as we believe that a reliable
 cellular protocol such as ETC is needed today.

 ETC is built upon CCITT V.42, while MNP 10 is built upon MNP 4. 
 Therefore, we believe that ETC has a much better chance than MNP 10 of
 being accepted as a true standard.  This is because CCITT has a stated
 policy that all future error control standards will be built upon V.42
 and not MNP4.

 What about fax?
 ETC has a mode that provides improved fax performance.  Other cellular
 protocols do not address fax.

 What about synchronous operation?
 While asynchronous operation is the primary mode for ETC, it will also
 work well in synchronous applications.  This is true because ETC is
 primarily built around the physical layer (modulation).  Other cellular
 protocols do not work well in synchronous mode.

 What about the future enhancements?
 It is our intent to continually improve ETC and maintain the performance
 advantages we have today.


 > Disney Treats! STR Review

                           KIDS' COMPUTING CORNER

 by Frank Sereno

      In this week's article, I'm going to review some software you may
 find in the discount bins of your local software stores.  These titles
 have been around for a couple of years or more, but many times these are
 still a good value.

      Donald Duck's Alphabet Chase from Disney Software is suitable for
 ages 2 to 5 years.  This program does not support sound cards or VGA
 graphics.  It will run on any IBM compatible from an XT through Pentiums
 in CGA, Tandy or EGA graphics.  The EGA graphics are passable.  It can
 even be run from a floppy drive.  The object of this game is to help
 Donald as he rounds up the animated alphabet characters around his home. 
 The child may wait for a letter to appear in the room and then press the
 corresponding key, or he may press any letter key at random and Donald
 will then find that letter.  At the top of the screen will be a series of
 letters and when Donald catches an animated letter he will toss it up to
 the top of the screen.  When Donald catches all the letters in that room,
 part of the Alphabet Song will be played.  This game gives children a
 chance to interact with the keyboard and they can learn the alphabet with
 the help of adult supervision.  This program can be found for $5 in many

      Goofy's Railway Express is another Disney Software title.  This
 program is identical in requirements and capabilities as Donald's.  The
 premise of this game is that Goofy is the engineer on an old steam
 locomotive.  The train has a route through several different screens.  As
 the train puffs along, occasionally a shape will be seen in the smoke. 
 When those shapes are visible, pressing the space bar will cause an
 animation based on that shape to appear.  For example, a green
 half-circle will trigger an entertaining animation of a turtle at a
 campfire.  With adult supervision, the child can learn various geometric
 shapes and colors.  This program can be found for $5 also.

      The next two titles, Mickey's Crossword Puzzle Maker and Mickey's
 Memory Challenge, are also from Disney Software and are often found
 bundled together.  Mickey's Memory Challenge can be run in VGA mode and
 does support AdLib compatible sound cards and the use of a mouse.  This
 program is suitable for children ages 3 to 103.  The objective is to
 match cards by selecting them in pairs to see the faces.  Games can be
 played with 8, 15 or 24 cards.  The player may choose to play with cards
 having Disney characters, common objects or small words.  Two people can
 play taking turns or one person can play against the computer.  A final
 option is for a single player to play against the clock.  Players have
 the option to take a peek at the face of the cards at any time during
 play.  This game is fun for adults and children.  For children, the game
 enhances memory skills and hand-eye coordination.  Available for $15 or
 less as a single title and for $25 or less when bundled with Crossword
 Puzzle Maker.

      Mickey's Crossword Puzzle Maker requires an IBM XT and 512k of free
 memory.  It supports CGA, Tandy and EGA graphics.  It supports various
 printers and allows the use of a mouse.  It is recommended for ages 5 to
 8, although you can create puzzles suitable for older age groups.  A
 number of puzzles are included with the program and surprise puzzles can
 be made instantly choosing from 3 levels of  500 words, or you can create
 a puzzle with your own words and clues.  Puzzles can consist of up to 20
 words.  Puzzles can be printed out or filled in on the computer screen. 
 When printing and creating puzzles, you can chose from various Disney
 backgrounds.  Puzzle clues can be either word clues or one of 185
 included picture clues.  Players can play against human opponents,
 computer opponents of three ability levels or complete the crossword
 alone.  This program can be an excellent tool in teaching children
 spelling and vocabulary.  Priced the same as Memory Challenge, it is a
 good bargain in educational software.

      As you can see, this older software is not as visually or aurally
 pleasing as many of the newer educational software packages available
 today, but these programs are not as expensive either.  If you are on a
 tight budget or have a computer that is lacking in horsepower, these
 programs can be excellent choices.  Even if you have the hottest Pentium
 machine, these titles can still prove to be worthwhile.  As always,
 thanks for reading!



                           ThumbsUp! Version 1.3d

                    Now Available from Cerious Software 

      ThumbsUp is a graphic file previewer, locator and organizer which
 simplifies the process of finding and maintaining graphics and clip-art
 files. It displays a small image (Thumbnail) of each file. You can use
 ThumbsUp to browse, view, crop, launch editors, and copy images to the
 clipboard.  You can use drag-and-drop to organize graphics files by 
 moving them to appropriate directories. ThumbsUp will also create a slide
 show from selected graphics, and install bitmap files as Windows
 wallpaper. You can print individual graphics files, or the thumbnails
 themselves as a catalog. Though not designed primarily as a conversion
 tool, ThumbsUp can convert any image that it displays to the appropriate
 native windows format.  ThumbsUp will also convert metafile graphics to

      ThumbsUp! the only effective, elegant and inexpensive way to locate 
 and organize  your graphic files.  You  will be amazed by this sleek,
 fast, efficient graphics browser, which includes the  following features:

 o  Fast and accurate thumbnail generation -- by individual file,
    or entire disk. Disk scanning can be done in the background.

 o  Support for many image and clip-art formats, both raster and vector,

  .BMP      Windows or OS/2 bitmaps       .ICO   Windows Icon files
  .DIB,.RLE Compressed bitmaps            .JPG   JPEG (JFIF) files
  .WMF      Windows metafiles             .TTF   TrueType fonts
  .GIF      CompuServe GIFs               .PCX   Zsoft PC Paintbrush files
  .CDR      CorelDRAW! (preview only)     .MND   Mandelbrot for Windows
  .TGA      Targa TrueVision(TM)

  If you have Microsoft graphics filters (they come with Word for Windows
  and Powerpoint), ThumbsUp can use them to handle:

  .TIF      Tagged Image Format Files     .WPG   DrawPerfrect graphic
  .CGM      Computer Graphics Metafiles   .PIC   Lotus 1-2-3 Pictures
  .PCT      Macintosh PICT files          .HGL   HP Graphics Language
  .DRW      Micrographx Designer/Draw     .PLT   AutoCAD Plot files
  .EPS      Encapsulated Postscript       .DXF   AutoCAD (2-D) files

 o  Multiple graphic viewing windows with file save (several formats),
    print, copy, paste, crop, auto-crop, convert metafiles to bitmaps and

 o  File management  capabilites,  including  drag-and-drop for file
    organization,  a color-coded  directory tree for quickly locating
    directories with graphics,  directory creation  and  file renaming,
    copying, deleting and moving.

 o  Complete or partial catalog printing, with scalable thumbnails, file
    captions (if desired), and user layout control.

 o  User-specifiable editors let you pick the editor of your choice -- by 
    file type.

 o  Enhanced solid color metafile viewing with 256-color drivers, which
    eliminates that ugly dithering which Windows does by default.

 o  A built-in Windows Wallpaper hanger for any supported file type, and 
    a customizable full-screen slide show.

 o  A toolbar and keyboard shortcuts for common functions.

 o  Extensive on-line help and customization of all aspects of the

 Hints and Tips
      File Manager Drag & Drop. ThumbsUp will act as a drag-and-drop
 client from File Manager. Simply drag file names from File Manager to the
 ThumbsUp window (or icon).  ThumbsUp will open a view window for each
 file (up to the maximum number of view windows specified in the Viewer
 Options). You can also drag files from ThumbsUp to other applications.

      View Window Shortcuts. Double-clicking with the left mouse button in
 a view window will change it to full screen mode. Double-clicking with
 the right mouse button in a view window will close the window.  Metafile

 Viewing. If you're displaying true-color (24-bits) or standard VGA, turn
 on "Dither Metafiles" from the Viewer Options dialog box. In the case of
 true-color, Windows never dithers; in the case of standard VGA, the
 special code to create solid colors for the dithered colors cannot work.

      Background Colors. For full-screen displays of 256-color images on a
 palette-based (256-color) display, select either black or white as the
 background color from the Viewer Options or the Slide Show Options dialog
 box, as ThumbsUp steals the other system colors to more accurately
 display the image.  Internal Drag & Drop. Although ThumbsUp has only a
 single window, you can drag files to directories not visible on the
 directory list by scrolling it after selecting the files you want to move
 or copy.

      Performance. Though there is no built-in limitation on the number of
 file ThumbsUp can handle, I recommend creating multiple catalogs
 (databases) if you have more than about 5000 files. Besides the memory
 required, it will speed up access.

      ThumbsUp!  is distributed as  shareware  and may be evaluated free
 of charge for up to thirty days. If you continue to use ThumbsUp after
 the thirty days have elapsed,  you must  register.  The price  for an 
 individual license is US$50. Site and corporate licenses are available. 
 Further information about licensing and ordering is available in the
 on-line help file.

      Targa files (.TGA) are now supported.  Slide show defaults to all
 files in current directory.  ThumbsUp is a Drag-and-drop server (to other
 applications).  You can view GIF, JPEG and Targa comment fields from the
 View window.

 Problems corrected
      Slide show won't continually ask to insert disk if done on off-line
 directory.  Short GIF files no longer cause GP faults.  ThumbsUp no
 longer "goes behind" other apps after finishing thumbnailing.  Several
 purging and index rebuilding problems are fixed, including better
 recovery from problems in the database.  The Remove Tree option has been

 A little bit about the author of Thumbsup;
      Phillip Crews [71501,2470], has been programming for twenty years;
 he never attended college except for a semester, after which he decided
 that he preferred the once-respectable "self-taught" method.  Since then,
 Phillip has worked for several companies on VMS, Unix, MS-DOS, Windows
 and several less-known or obsolete operating systems, using C, C++,
 Assembly language, Pascal, LISP, Basic, DIBOL and a few others.

      Now, on to the juicy stuff... Phillip tells us the why and how
 Thumbsup! came into being.

      "I wrote ThumbsUp! because the available software (both shareware
 and commercial) either did not work well or didn't do things the way I
 wanted.  I use and buy shareware when possible.  Mainly because of the
 much more helpful and expedient response one can expect from the authors. 
 More so than from the big software houses."

      "The first release of ThumbsUp came out in August 1993, and it
 continues to grow.  The next release, which is currently being developed,
 will be a major update with many new features, including:

 * Keyword assignments and annotations, with boolean searches
 * Additional file types, including TIFF, CGM, WPG and PhotoCD.
 * Save and convert to most supported formats (at least BMP, GIF, PCX,
   JPG, TIF, WMF and CGM)
 * Color, color depth, sizing and rotation editing for images, including 
   gamma correction.
 * Option sets stored by database
 * Improved international support
 * Improved network and SUBST drive support

 Phillip further states;
      "I am 32 years of age and married a wonderful, flaming redhead
 (Cricket) 12 years ago, after dating for only _two weeks_.  We've been
 blessed with four unique children: Adam (10), Rachel (8), Leah (6) and
 Evan (4).  They definitely keep us busy and happy!  They're an
 independent, stubborn bunch, and we have no idea how they developed such

 To obtain the most recent version of ThumbsUp!....
 Compuserve:  THUMBS.ZIP in GRAPHSUP forum, library 3 (GIF viewers)
              THUMBS.ZIP in WINFUN forum, library 9 (Graphics Utilities)
                          Also available in other forums.

 America Online: THUMBSUP.ZIP in the Windows area
 Internet:       cerious/ via anonymous ftp from

 For more information, please contact:

 Cerious Software
 5424 Chedworth Dr.         Internet:
 Charlotte, NC 28210        Compuserve:          71501,2470
 (704)529-0200              America Online:      CeriousSW

 In Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, please contact:

 Patrick O'Sullivan         Voice:      03 509 5250
 PO Box 65                  Fax:        03 576 0801
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 In Germany, please contact:

 Der PD-Profi               Tel. 0 84 32 / 1296
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 D-86666 Burgheim


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

     Are your friends  "busy" buddies?   Are they being  left out in  the
     cold  because their online service  doesn't have room  for them?  Is
     "Almost OnLine" as  close as they're getting  to BEING online?   Are
     they  faced with busy signals,  "come back later"  messages and slow

     Well, we  know how frustrated they  must feel.  We've  been there --
     done that!  But, that's no longer the Case on GEnie.  We've  got the
     room, we've got the  fun and we've got the  greatest users....people
     just like you!  So why not invite your buddies to join you on GEnie?

     We've   designed  a  slick  promotion  in  order  to  give  you  the
     opportunity to be a hero  to your friends.  To get them back online,
     get them some free time, and introduce them to GEnie Services.  What
     you don't have to  tell them is  that you get  something out of  the
     deal, too!

     For each  new  user you  bring  to GEnie,  we'll  waive their  first
     month's subscription fee, and give them a total of TEN free hours of
     standard connect time --  that's a $38.95 (C$50.95)  value!  If  you
     and  your buddy are still active GEnie subscribers three months from
     the date  your buddy signs up,  YOU get five hours  of FREE standard
     connect time -- a $15.00 (C$20.00) value for each buddy you sponsor!

      And, for a limited time, you can even qualify for SPECIAL PRIZES!!!
          In  addition to the five hours of standard connect time, prizes
     will be  awarded  to  the  three sponsors  who  bring  in  the  most
     qualifying buddies between February 3, 1994 and March 31, 1994.  The
     third-place  Buddy sponsor will receive  a GEnie satin  jacket.  The

     second-place Buddy  sponsor will receive a 9600  bps modem.  And the
     first-place buddy sponsor will receive a $500 gift  certificate good
     at your favorite computer store.

          Like everything good, there are a few rules for the GEnie Buddy
     Bonus  Program.   You'll find  the complete  promotion rules  on the
     GEnie Services Buddy Bonus page (type BUDDY or M1111).   Be sure you
     review the complete rules before you contact your friends.

          So,  if your buddies have been bragging about that other online
     service,  just remind them that a pretty interface ain't worth squat
     if it  doesn't log on!  Bring them  over to GEnie....we  may not  be
     pretty just yet, but  we're definitely more fun!   And, if a  GUI is
     that important  to them,  tell them  that we'll  have  both Mac  and
     Windows front ends before the other guys get more computers!

                   Don't stand IN LINE      ....get ONLINE!

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission

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          An Official Forum of the International Computer Users Group
                    *** STReport available in MAC RT ***
                                 ASCII TEXT
                            for ALL GEnie users!

                           MAC/APPLE SECTION (II)
                             Randy Noak, Editor

         The excitement builds. Mac REport HQ is all aquiver with
 anticipation.  The on-line services are buzzing with rumors.  The news
 wires are full of stories about manufacturers and developers jumping on
 the bandwagon.  What's causing all the excitement?  This coming Monday's
 PowerMac roll-out, of course.  What's to get excited about?  Well, how
 about unprecedented speed?  How about and entry level price of well under
 $2000?  In fact, here are the rumored prices:

 (probable prices)         Model     Config              Price

                          6100    8/160                 $1725-$1775 
                                    8/250/CD            $2200-$2250
                                    16/250/Softwindows  $2400-$2450 
                                    8/250/CD/AV card    $2500-$2550

                          7100    8/250                 $2825-2875 
                                    8/250/CD            $3025-3075
 1                                  6/250/SoftWindows   $3225-3275 
                                    8/500/CD/AV card    $3825-3875

                          8100    8/250                 $4050-4100 
                                    8/250/CD            $4250-4300
                                    16/500/SoftWindows  $5200-5250
                                    16/500/CD/AV card   $5350-5400 
                                    16/1 Gbyte/CD       $5850-5900 

 I bet you paid much more than those prices for the Mac you're now using.
 Consider this. I paid $1799 for my Performa 450. For only a few hunderd
 more I can buy a faster (8-10 times faster) machine, with twice the
 memory and twice the storage space.Sounds good to me! 

 GEnie Mac Users Held Hostage! Week ???

      The reason the week number is a question mark, is that whenever a
 user inquires as to the status of GEnie's fabled Mac Frontend, the answer
 is _always_ "three more weeks".  We realize that software takes time to
 develop, it's never ready when it's supposed to be and all that, but in
 my opinion, GEnie users deserve a straight answer to the question, "Where
 is the promised Mac Frontend?" After all, GEnie has been promising a Mac
 FE for at least several years now. 

      A couple of weeks ago, STReport Publisher and Editor extraordinaire,
 announced that we would begin using RTF format for STReport. Nice plan,
 but he then heard from users of another platform. It seems that, out of
 all the readers of STReport, they are the only ones that don't have a
 word processor that can read RTF format. I take that back, they do have a
 word processor that can read RTF format, but most of them won't buy it
 because it, "costs too much." (around $125 street). Even so, Ralph won't
 abandon these users even though it appears that the manufacturer has
 abandoned them. Nice goin' Ralph!

      This week's Press Releases contain a lot of info about the new
 Newtons. From preliminary reports, handwriting recognition has been
 improved along with functionality.  Also, in a big first for Apple, there
 is an upgrade path for those who bought the first Newton. Check the
 Releases for more info.


 > Apple PR STR InfoFile

 MARCH 7, 1994 AT 8:31 AM, EST

 Apple Charts New Course For Operating System Software

 Stand Out, Fit In Strategy Expected to Attract New Customers

 CUPERTINO, California--March 7, 1994--Apple Computer, Inc., today
 outlined its "Stand Out and Fit In" strategy for the future development
 of its Apple Macintosh  operating-system software.  The strategy calls
 for Apple to deliver regular improvements to Macintosh system software
 and its user interface that should make Macintosh customers even more
 productive, make it easy for Macintosh customers to coexist in mixed
 computing environments, as well as make it easier for Windows and MS-DOS
 customers to move to the Macintosh platform.  "Stand Out" aspects of
 Apple's strategy include using the power of Apple's upcoming Macintosh on
 PowerPC systems to extend the Macintosh user interface capabilities. 
 With future releases of system software, the interface is expected to
 incorporate elements of active assistance.  Over time, greater levels of
 intelligence are to be made available, so that the computer can more
 actively help the user work, learn and communicate.  Other "stand out"
 platform innovations are slated to include advanced graphics and
 multimedia technologies, improved speech recognition and text-to-speech
 capabilities, and enhancements that should make the Macintosh operating
 system the best platform for collaboration services. A key element of
 Apple's strategy, in terms of both standing out and fitting in, is the
 OpenDoc component application architecture.  OpenDoc defines a new way
 for applications to be created, using object-oriented technology.  

      These smaller applications, or software parts, which by design are
 interoperable with other parts and applications, can be mixed and matched
 to more effectively build custom solutions.  With OpenDoc, a user opens a
 document, which can contain any kind of information or data, and edits or
 manipulates different kinds of data--text, graphics, sound,
 animation--without switching between different applications.  This new
 way of interacting with a document lets the user focus on the task at
 hand, rather than on the capabilities or idiosyncrasies of the
 application.  OpenDoc is a cross-platform application architecture, which
 contributes to Apple's goals for fitting in.  Apple is working with
 companies such as IBM, Novell, Taligent, WordPerfect and Xerox to ensure
 that OpenDoc is developed and enhanced as an open standard; available on
 the most popular personal computing platforms; works well over computer
 networks; and is  interoperable with other application architectures,
 such as Microsoft's Object Linking Environment (OLE). 

      In addition to OpenDoc, Apple's "Fit In" strategy is designed to
 ensure that Macintosh customers work well in mixed computing
 environments.  As part of this strategy, Macintosh on PowerPC systems are
 expected to feature applications compatibility with existing Macintosh
 applications.  In addition, options are planned for application
 compatibility with Windows and MS-DOS software.  Apple also plans
 system-level compatibility with popular networking protocols such as
 TCP/IP and Novell NetWare IPX; interoperability with mail and messaging
 systems; and interoperability with a wide variety of personal-computer
 file formats. 1994 Product Plans Apple plans to ship Macintosh on PowerPC
 this month, with an operating system that provides a robust foundation
 for future enhancements and compatibility with existing Macintosh
 applications. Plans for these systems include the option of compatibility
 with Windows and MS-DOS software. Later this year, Apple plans to ship a
 major release of the operating system, System 7.5, which includes a range
 of advancements in the areas of active assistance, customization,
 advanced graphics, networking and interoperability.  

      Also in 1994, Apple expects to deliver OpenDoc to software
 developers. Future Product Plans Apple plans other major releases of
 system software in the coming two years.  The first planned release is
 expected to incorporate OpenDoc and include further technology advances
 in the area of active assistance, as well as system-level improvements in
 areas such as multitasking, memory protection and data input/output. 
 Apple plans to later deliver an even more advanced version of its
 operating system, which is slated to provide intelligent assistance, a
 fully exploited microkernel architecture and a significant advancement in

 MARCH 4, 1994 AT 8:16 AM, EST.

 Apple Expands The Newton Product Family

 Apple Ships the Newton MessagePad 110 and the Newton MessagePad 100, and
 Offers An Upgrade Program For Original MessagePad Owners

 CUPERTINO, California--March 4, 1994--Expanding the capabilities of
 Newton  technology, Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the Newton
 MessagePad  110, the most recent addition to the Newton MessagePad
 family.  The Newton MessagePad 110 incorporates many new improvements,
 features, and design modifications which are based upon suggestions from
 customers and licensees. With this announcement, Apple underscores its
 commitment to provide its customers with leading-edge technology, and to
 respond quickly to the diverse needs of mobile professionals. Newton
 MessagePad 110 The MessagePad 110 has 3 times the user space (the amount
 of memory available to the user for data storage) of the original Newton
 MessagePad; longer battery life (alkaline battery life has been doubled
 and NiCD battery life has been tripled); and a fast recharge feature
 which enables NiCD batteries to be fully recharged in 2-3 hours.  The new
 industrial design features a protective lid, a round telescopic pen, and
 a narrower, sleeker form factor. 

      Among the new software features are: - deferred handwriting
 recognition - letter-by-letter recognition - easier addition of new names
 to personal wordlist and Names File - faster infrared transfers  All the
 software updates released since the launch of the original Newton
 MessagePad have been incorporated into the Read Only Memory (ROM) of all
 new Newton MessagePad systems.  Newton MessagePad 100 To give customers a
 choice between the original Newton MessagePad form factor and that of the
 new MessagePad 110, Apple today announced plans to introduce the Newton
 MessagePad 100.  This device will provide the new, improved software
 functionality of the MessagePad 110, while maintaining the popular form
 factor of the original Newton MessagePad. Upgrade Program To enable
 Newton customers to benefit from the rapid evolution of Newton
 technology, Apple will offer an attractive upgrade program to existing
 Newton MessagePad users.  The Newton software upgrade program will give
 the original Newton MessagePad the new, improved software functionality
 of the MessagePad 110.

      Included in the the upgrade package will be a choice of two of the
 following Newton software products: -  Newton Connection Kit for
 Macintosh  or Windows -  Dell Crossword Puzzles & Other Games on floppy
 diskette -  DrawPad on floppy diskette -  Dyno NotePad on floppy
 diskette. The upgrade will be available starting April 1994 by calling
 1-800- SOS-APPL. Software additions to the Newton MessagePad 110 and the
 Newton MessagePad 100 include: Deferred Recognition Deferred recognition
 enables people to make notes and later turn some or all the notes into
 recognized text at leisure.  For example, deferred recognition allows
 people to take notes quickly during a meeting without having to wait for
 recognition and correction.  Later on the user can translate the notes
 into recognized text. Letter-by-letter Recognition Letter-by-letter
 recognition enables people to use words which are not in the wordlist,
 such as names, abbrieviations, acronyms and foreign language words, and
 add them to the wordlist quickly and easily.  This feature allows people
 to bypass the user wordlist and the wordlist (the Newton dictionary of
 approximately 13,000 words) contained in the MessagePad ROM.  By tapping
 the letter-by-letter recognizer button, users can instruct the recognizer
 to decipher individual letters without checking the recognized word
 against the wordlist. Improved Names File Functionality Letter-by-letter
 recognition is at its most useful in the Names File, where users enter
 proper names that are seldom in the wordlist.

      The increased functionality of the Names File enables people to add
 names to the wordlist quickly and easily, minimizing the time spent
 entering data. Distribution and Availability The Newton MessagePad 110
 will be available from today across the United States in more than 2,000
 computer retailers, Apple resellers and consumer electronic stores.  The
 Newton MessagePad 110 is expected to be available in Canada and the
 United Kingdom later in March 1994, and in some international markets
 later in 1994.  The Newton MessagePad 100 and the Newton software upgrade
 are expected to be available in the United States and the United Kingdom
 in April 1994, and in some international markets later in 1994. Pricing
 The Apple price for the Newton MessagePad 110 is US$599, and for the
 Newton MessagePad 100 is US$499.  The Apple price for the Newton software
 upgrade (including two Newton software products) is US$99, plus shipping
 and handling. 

 MARCH 4, 1994 AT 8:33 AM, EST.

 Apple To License Newton Technology to Toshiba

 CUPERTINO, California--March 4, 1994--Underscoring the growing
 international support for the Newton platform, Apple Computer, Inc.
 welcomes Toshiba Corporation into the family of companies worldwide which
 are licensing Newton  technology.  Toshiba intends to develop a new line
 of products based on Newton technology. Toshiba Corporation is a founding
 member of the Newton Industry Association which was announced at the
 first International Newton Development Conference in December 1993.  The
 participants of the inaugural session included, among others, Alcatel,
 ARM, BellSouth MobileComm, British Telecom/Cellnet, CirrusLogic, Deutsche
 Telecom, GEC Plessey, LSI Logic, Kyushu Matsushita, Motorola, ParaGraph,
 Scriptel, Sharp, Siemens/ROLM, Telia, Traveling Software and US West.
 These companies represent licensees of Newton technology, OEMs, component
 suppliers and marketing allies.  This association is a forum that will
 promote the growth and interoperability of the Newton platform and
 associated devices.  The association will also promote standards for
 Newton devices in the areas of wireless communications, telephony
 support, and office automation. 

 MARCH 4, 1994 AT 8:30 AM, EST.

 Apple Ships Newton Connection Kit v 2.0 for Macintosh

 Newton Connection Kit v 2.0 Enables The Exchange Of Information From
 Desktop Applications With The MessagePad

 CUPERTINO, California--March 4, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc., today
 announced that it has begun shipping version 2.0 of the Newton Connection
 Kit for the Macintosh .  Newton Connection kit v 2.0 makes it simple for
 people to exchange Newton information with common Macintosh applications.
 Newton Connection v 2.0 enables users to exchange and share their
 MessagePad  information---notes, letters, name-cards, to-do lists,
 appointments, and even information created with many third party
 applications---with common desktop personal information management (PIM),
 word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications.  It also enables
 users to access and edit MessagePad information easily using common
 desktop applications with which they may already be familiar. Direct
 Export And Import from Macintosh applications Newton Connection v 2.0
 enables people to import and export native files directly from many
 common supported Macintosh applications to Newton's address book,
 calendar and notepad, by incorporating portions of the award-winning
 MacLinkPlus file translation library, a product from DataViz Inc.
 (Trumbull, CT).  

      Supported Macintosh applications include common titles such as:
 Portfolio Software's Dynodex; Symantec's Act!; Now Software's
 Now-Upto-Date; Aldus' DateBookPro; PowerUp's Addressbook Plus;
 Microsoft's Excel, Word and Works; Lotus 1-2-3; WordPerfect; Nisus; and
 WriteNow, among others. Industry Standard Text Files Newton Connection v
 2.0 enables people to create, save and modify industry standard
 tab-separated and comma-separated text files for exchanging (importing
 and exporting) Newton information with numerous PIM, database and
 spreadsheet applications, such as Aldus' TouchBase Pro, Claris
 Corporation's FileMaker Pro and Hypercard Address Stacks, among others. 
 For example, a list of names, addresses and phone numbers stored in
 Claris' Filemaker Pro can easily be imported into the MessagePad address

      Newton Connection File Format Newton Connection has a rich
 intermediate text file format which supports all Newton information,
 enabling cooperating desktop applications to synchronize, as well as
 exchange information with a Newton MessagePad.  Many desktop application
 developers are already working with Apple to support this format directly
 within their applications. Special Software Offer In a limited special
 offer, the Newton Connection kit for both Windows and Macintosh will
 include several sample Starcore Newton applications, while supplies of
 these samples last: Columbo's Mystery Capers, Silicon Casino, GoFigure,
 Fortune 500 Guide To American Business and Dell Crossword Puzzles and
 Other Word Games (demo versions).  

      In addition, Newton Book--an electronic book containing descriptions
 of numerous Newton commercial and shareware applications--will be
 included in the special offer, as will the Newton DataViewer, which
 enables the import and export of spreadsheet data.  The Newton DataViewer
 allows people to manipulate spreadsheet data from their desktop on their
 Newton MessagePad by scrolling horizontally and vertically, sorting by
 column, and exporting back to the desktop spreadsheet. Availability and
 Pricing Newton Connection kit v 2.0 for Macintosh was rolled out today
 across the United States, and is expected be available in computer
 retailers, campus resellers, consumer electronics stores and K-12
 institutions.  The Apple price of Newton Connection kit v 2.0 for
 Macintosh is US$99. Free Upgrades Apple will send all registered
 purchasers of Newton Connection v 1.00 a free upgrade to Newton
 Connection v 2.0.  Customers who received a complimentary preview version
 of the Newton Connection Kit at MacWorld Expo in Boston in August 1993
 will also be receiving a free upgrade to Newton Connection v 2.0. 
 Registered users may expect to receive their upgrades in the latter part
 of March.   

 MARCH 4, 1994 AT 8:31, EST.  

 Apple's Newton Technology Picks Up Even More Awards  CUPERTINO,
 California--March 4, 1994--International acclaim for Newton  technology
 continues to grow as the groundbreaking personal digital assistant (PDA)
 platform from Apple Computer, Inc., in the last month, garnered a suite
 of major industry acknowledgements. In the Ninth Annual MacUser Editors'
 Choice Awards, MacUser magazine touted Newton Intelligence (the
 underlying technology upon which Newton products are based) as
 "Breakthrough Technology of the Year" for the advance it represents in
 handwriting recognition technology, its free-form approach to data
 storage and access, and its intelligent assistance functions.  

      The editors of Popular Mechanics magazine awarded the Newton
 MessagePad  the "Engineering and Design award" from their "Best of What's
 New" award line-up. The Newton MessagePad has been selected to receive a
 prestigious Edison Best New Products Award for technical innovation from
 the American Marketing Association.  Email users and vendors from
 fourteen countries across five continents endowed the MessagePad with the
 "Hardware of the Year" Award in the Twelfth Annual EMMSy Electronic Mail
 Industry Award, indicating that the MessagePad has been recognized as an
 outstanding piece of hardware internationally across the high technology
 industry. The German version of the Newton MessagePad picked up the "1993
 Award for the Most Promising Product and Technology" from MACWELT, the
 leading Macintosh magazine in Germany.  

      In addition, it walked away with the "Goldene DM" trophy from
 DM--Das Private Wirtschaftsmagazin.  The German MessagePad was selected
 from several hundred product recommendations to receive one of two "1993
 Product of the Year" awards for its revolutionary technology, alongside a
 tram from ABB Henschel, by a committee of senior managers, scientists and
 editors. In the United Kingdom PC Magazine recently announced the
 MessagePad as the winning product in the personal digital assistant
 category of their annual "Technical Innovation Awards", acknowledging
 that the MessagePad's innovative design makes it a key player in the
 emerging international PDA market. These awards build on the growing
 industry support for Newton technology. They join the significant honors
 recently bestowed on the Newton MessagePad by PC Magazine, PC LapTop,
 Computers Magazine, Byte magazine and Reseller Management magazine. 

      "Newton technology continues to attract the attention of the
 industry experts across the world," said Gaston Bastiaens, vice president
 and general manager of Apple Computer's Personal Interactive Electronics
 (PIE) division: "With the launch of the next Newton product in the Newton
 family, we will see Apple continue to lead with innovative, effective and
 intuitive products and technologies." The Newton MessagePad is one
 product in the Newton family of products: handheld communications
 assistants that allow people to capture, manage and share information
 with tremendous ease and spontaneity.  Products in the Newton family
 offer a rich variety of communications options, including faxing, beaming
 and electronic mail, which enable people to send, receive and share
 information through virtually every communication method available in the
 workplace today.  The Newton Connection Kit (available for Windows and
 Macintosh ) enables people to be connected to their desktop computer at
 all times. 

 MARCH 4, 1994 AT 8:05 AM, EST

 Apple Computer Makes Six Newton Announcements

 CUPERTINO, California--March 4, 1994---Apple Computer, Inc. expanded the
 scope of its Newton  technology today with a suite of announcements
 regarding new products, computer connectivity, and developer tools.  The
 announcements include the following: -  Newton MessagePad 110 Announced
 The Newton MessagePad  110 incorporates many new improvements, features,
 and design modifications which are based upon suggestions from customers
 and licensees.  The MessagePad 110 has 3 times the user space (the amount
 of memory available to the user for data storage) of the original Newton
 MessagePad; longer battery life (alkaline battery life has been doubled
 and NiCD battery life has been tripled); and a fast recharge feature
 which enables NiCD batteries to be fully recharged in 2-3 hours.  The new
 industrial design features a protective lid, a round telescopic pen, and
 a narrower, sleeker form factor.  

      Among the new software features are: -  deferred handwriting
 recognition -  letter-by-letter recognition -  easier addition of new
 names to personal wordlist and Names File -  faster infrared transfers
 All the software updates released since the launch of the original Newton
 MessagePad have been incorporated into the Read Only Memory (ROM) of all
 new Newton MessagePad systems.  The Newton MessagePad 110 will be
 available from today across the United States in more than 2,000 computer
 retailers, Apple resellers and consumer electronic stores.  The Newton
 MessagePad 110 is expected to be available in Canada and the United
 Kingdom later in March 1994, and in some international markets later in
 1994.  The Apple price for the Newton MessagePad 110 is US$599. -  Newton
 MessagePad 100 Announced To give customers a choice between the original
 Newton MessagePad form factor and that of the new MessagePad 110, Apple
 today announced plans to introduce the Newton MessagePad 100.  This
 device will provide the new, improved software functionality of the
 MessagePad 110, while maintaining the popular form factor of the original
 Newton MessagePad.  The Newton MessagePad 100 is expected to be available
 in the United States and the United Kingdom in April 1994, and in some
 international markets later in 1994.  The Apple price for the Newton
 MessagePad 100 is US$499. -  Upgrade Program For Original MessagePad
 Owners To enable Newton customers to benefit from the rapid evolution of
 Newton technology, Apple will offer existing owners of the Newton
 MessagePad an attractive upgrade program.  

      The Newton software upgrade program will give the original Newton
 MessagePad the new, improved software functionality of the MessagePad
 110.  Customers availing of the upgrade program will also be offered a
 choice of two Newton software products, included in the upgrade price. 
 The upgrade will be available in the United States starting April 1994 by
 calling 1-800-SOS-APPL, in the United Kingdom in April 1994, and in some
 other international markets later in 1994.  The Apple price for the
 Newton software upgrade (including two Newton software products) is
 US$99, plus shipping and handling. -  Newton Connection v 2.0 for
 Macintosh Ships Newton Connection v 2.0 enables users to exchange and
 share their MessagePad information---notes, letters, name-cards, to-do
 lists, appointments, and even information created with many third party
 applications---with common desktop personal information management (PIM),
 word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications, running on the
 Macintosh platform.  It also enables users to access and edit MessagePad
 information easily using common desktop applications with which they may
 already be familiar.  Newton Connection kit v 2.00 for Macintosh was
 rolled out today across the United States, and is expected be available
 in computer retailers, campus resellers, consumer electronics stores and
 K-12 institutions.  

      The Apple price of Newton Connection kit v 2.0 for Macintosh is
 US$99. -  New Version of the Newton Toolkit To Ship Soon This new version
 of the Newton Toolkit--the comprehensive developer system for the Newton
 platform--is anticipated to be available in early April 1994.  The Newton
 Toolkit is a powerful, sophisticated, yet easy to learn development
 environment designed to reduce significantly the time taken to develop
 creative Newton applications. Among the enhancements to the Toolkit are
 graphical tools, special utilities and Newton Book Maker--a new tool for
 publishers which facilitates the creation of electronic books. - 
 StarCore offers The Newton Solution Apple is offering three Newton
 software packages from StarCore, each containing a suite of business
 solutions designed to help mobile executives work more effectively.  Each
 Newton Solution package is compatible with all products in the Newton
 family, and incorporates two applications designed to meet the needs of
 sales people, mobile professionals or business executives.  Apple plans
 to release The Newton Solution packages in March 1994 at an Apple price
 of US$199. The value of the applications plus the flash card, if
 purchased separately, is approximately US$400, making The Newton Solution
 packages good value for business users. 

 MARCH 4, 1994 AT 8:32 AM, EST.

 Apple's StarCore Introduces The Newton Solution

 CUPERTINO, California--March 4, 1994--Apple Computer's StarCore software
 publishing and distribution group today announced three application
 packages for Newton , each offering a suite of business solutions
 specifically designed to help mobile executives work more effectively.  

      The Newton Solution packages are compatible with both the
 recently-announced Newton MessagePad  110, the Newton MessagePad 100 and
 other products based on Newton technology. "StarCore designed The Newton
 Solution packages to offer users a complete set of mobile business
 applications all pre-loaded on one PCMCIA card," said Ken Wirt, director
 of marketing for Apple's Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) Division. 
 "Using any one of the three solution packages with the Newton MessagePad
 will improve dramatically any mobile professional's ability to work
 effectively and efficiently while they're away from their office." Each
 of The Newton Solution packages contains two applications designed to
 meet the needs of either sales people, mobile professionals or business

      In addition, every package contains "Notion : The List Manager for
 Newton," which offers people more than two dozen ready-to-use templates
 that make it easy to organize, sort and send "to do" activities, follow
 up instructions and project information, and "Jigsaw Strategy Game," a
 compelling one- or two-person strategy game that challenges players to
 seize territories and match designs on a grid. StarCore's The Newton
 Solution package options include: "The Newton Solution: Mobile Sales
 Manager" is designed to provide sales professionals with tools to access
 quotas, price lists, travel expenses, customer information and other data

      The package includes "Money Magazine Business Forms," which provides
 13 commonly- used business formats, including expense reports, sales
 invoice/order quotations and planning guides and schedules, that people
 can fill out easily while in a meeting or on the road, and "GeoAssist"
 for referencing toll free numbers, local phone access numbers and air,
 auto and travel information for more than 1,000 cities. "The Newton
 Solution: Professional Idea Manager" is designed for consultants,
 accountants, lawyers, small business owners and other professionals who
 routinely calculate, process and record data.  This package includes
 "Dyno NotePad," an outlining tool which captures and organizes thoughts
 and personal information in a variety of outline- formats and

      Also included is "Mobile Math," which integrates math functions into
 Newton's Intelligent Assistance with more than 80 formulas.  The
 application "floats" and can be accessed easily from other applications.
 "The Newton Solution: Executive Productivity Manager" is ideal for Newton
 users who make presentations on a regular basis and want to call-up text
 and notes during their speaking engagements.  The package includes
 "PresenterPad," an application that aids speakers by teleprompting
 information, pacing presentations and cueing slides. The second
 application in the package is "Economist World in Figures," which gives
 users a wide range of detailed facts and figures, including economies,
 exports/imports, populations and trade, on approximately 60 countries.
 The four applications in each solution package are pre-loaded on a 2 MB
 flash card.  The cards also have 800 KB of additional storage space, so
 users can easily download and store information as needed. Apple plans to
 release The Newton Solution packages in March 1994 at an Apple price of

      The value of the applications plus the flash card, if purchased
 separately, is approximately US$400, making The Newton Solution packages
 good value for business users. Apple Computer Inc.'s StarCore group,
 which is part of the PIE division, publishes and distributes software on
 CD-ROM for Macintosh , DOS and MPC platforms and on PCMCIA cards and
 floppy diskettes for devices based on Newton technology.  The StarCore
 product library is focused around six software categories:  edutainment,
 sports, entertainment, reference, business applications and


 New Version Of Newton Toolkit To Ship Soon 
 Newton Toolkit Enables Developers To Build Creative Applications Quickly
 And Easily

 CUPERTINO, California--March 4, 1994--Apple Computer, Inc, today
 announced that a new version of the Newton Toolkit--the comprehensive
 developer system for the Newton platform--is anticipated to be available
 in early April 1994.  The Newton Toolkit is a powerful, sophisticated,
 yet easy to learn development environment designed to reduce
 significantly the time taken to develop creative Newton applications.
 Among the enhancements to the Toolkit are graphical tools, special
 utilities and Newton Book Maker--a new tool for publishers which
 facilitates the creation of electronic books. 

      The Newton Toolkit includes everything needed for a developer
 working on a personal computer to create Newton applications extremely
 quickly.  The Toolkit employs reusable objects--modules of software code
 which have already been designed to perform useful tasks. Applications
 built with the enhanced version of the Toolkit may incorporate pictures,
 text and sound, as well as take advantage of the communications
 capabilites of Newton technology. Graphical tools enable developers to
 construct their applications while viewing them on the monitor, using
 tools for browsing, editing and debugging source code.  

      The Newton Toolkit also contains special utilities which enable
 Newton applications to be distributed on floppy disks and downloaded from
 the desktop, as well as on PCMCIA cards. Integral to the new version of
 the Toolkit is Newton Book Maker, a new tool for publishers which
 facilitates the creation of electronic books for devices based on Newton
 technology: travel guides, reference materials and corporate
 documentation.  Newton Book Maker has already been used by thousands of
 developers to create and publish titles for Newton users.  Newton Book
 Maker automatically creates sophisticated, customizable and
 easy-to-navigate applications from electronic documents (such as those
 created in familiar word- processing applications) containing both text
 and graphics.  Using Book Maker, people without any programming expertize
 can create interactive Newton books quickly and easily, using the
 expansive body of publications already available in electronic form.
 "International interest in developing titles for the Newton platform
 continues to grow.  

      Over 3000 Newton Toolkits have already sold, and more than 1000
 developers expressed their enthusiasm for the Newton platform at the
 International Newton Development Conference in December 1993," said
 Gaston Bastiaens, vice president and general manager of Apple's Personal
 Interactive Electronics (PIE) division. "The continous evolution of the
 Newton Toolkit makes it an ever more attractive, productive and inspiring
 environment for developers. More than 32 Newton titles created by third
 party developers are now shipping, and another 60 have been publicly
 announced." The Newton Toolkit package will include a free Newton
 developer CD containing comprehensive documentation, technical
 information, tutorials, utilities and sample code. The beta version of
 Newton Toolkit for Macintosh is already available today by calling APDA
 on 1-800-282-2732.  All registered owners of Newton Toolkit will receive
 the final version of the Newton Toolkit by mail in April 1994.  Apple
 expects the Newton Toolkit for Windows to be available later this year. 

      That's it for this week. Be sure and check in next week for the real
 scoop on the new PowerMacs and much more!  As always feel free to send me
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                          ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)
                           Dana Jacobson, Editor

                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (March 11)

                           FORUM REORGANIZATIONS

      We've   begun   the   Atari  Computer   Forum   re-organization   and
 consolidation.  Type  "NAMES" to see a  list of  the new section names  in
 the Atari Productivity Forum.

      The Atari Productivity  Forum (GO ATARIPRO) will be renamed the Atari
 Computing forum  and will  have a  new GO word  (GO ATARICOMPUTING)  which
 will be enabled  shortly. In the interim,  GO ATARIPRO will still  get you

      We will  be closing down  the message sections  in AtariArts shortly.
 Unfortunately, there is no  way to merge the messages from  AtariArts into
 the messages in  this forum, so please  "wind down" your conversations  in
 AtariArts and resume them in this combined forum.

      The library files  will be re-organized  next and  finally the  files
 from  AtariArts will  be moved  to this  forum and  AtariArts  closed down

      Section 7  is reserved  for Atari Registered  Developers and sections
 12  and 13  are  currently  unused.   All  other sections  1-17  should be
 available to all  members (although some of  these are currently  empty of
 messages).   The staff has shuffled  around the existing threads  to their
 new locations but if we missed any moves, please point them out.

      We hope  that having all Atari Computer Information in a single forum
 (soon  to be expanded  to more sections  and libraries)  will better serve
 the  interests  of  our  membership.     As  always,  your   comments  are

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      The monthly  basic services rate  of $8.95, which  provides access to
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      Through  this pricing  reduction, CompuServe  is  passing along  cost
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 > From the Atari Editor's Desk              "Saying it like it is!"

      I have one question: Is this snow ever going to end??  I'm sitting
 here writing this week's column knowing that another storm is upon us
 here on the East coast.  This is really getting out of hand!  Spring is
 _supposed_ to be less than two weeks away......

      I must admit, finally, that I'm getting caught up in the Jaguar
 fever.  It's happening for a number of reasons.  First of all, I'm
 seeing some positive signs that Atari is very serious about this
 machine - something up until a short time ago, I had serious
 reservations about.  Atari has increased its support staff, for one
 thing, to help make the Jaguar successful.  It wasn't that long ago
 that Atari was down-sizing its operation to help maintain costs.  Also,
 more Atari staff is visibly online than ever before, hopefully a step
 in the right direction that will continue for some time to come.

      So, what does this new burst of enthusiasm mean with regard to
 STReport?  Simply put, we'll be adding more Jaguar coverage to the
 Atari section of the magazine.  I had considered starting a "spin-off"
 of STReport, devoted to the Jaguar.  Ralph and I discussed this, and we
 both came to the conclusion that a separate magazine wasn't really
 necessary.  We have Jaguar coverage now; we'll just expand it to
 include reviews and general info.  However, I will be expanding our
 Atari staff to help in these endeavors.  I will be referring more to
 this staff addition a little later on.  I also now have a rationalized
 excuse to buy a Jaguar for myself rather than wait a little longer!!

      Along with this effort, we have been working with Atari's Don
 Thomas to help make this possible.  Don has been extremely gracious and
 cooperative the past few weeks for which I'd like to extend my thanks.
 When I first accepted this editor position, one of my first goals was
 to re-establish a cooperative working relationship with Atari again to
 enable us to provide our readers first-hand information from Atari
 rather than being in a position to make some assumptions that weren't
 always accurate.  Will this relationship influence our editorial views?
 No, we will continue to tell it as we see it, but with a better flow of
 information, we'll be able to do a better job.

      So, with that in mind, we look forward to covering the Jaguar in
 more depth in the immediate future.  I've contacted a number of
 potential Jaguar reviewers, including our own online fisherman, John
 Duckworth, for help in this expanded endeavor.  We will be determining
 an expanded coverage schedule soon, and hope to start this no later than
 the first of April.  We will be receiving game carts in the meantime,
 and hope to have enough time to have at least a couple of reviews for
 that initial addition.  As usual, we will continue to provide Jaguar-
 related news weekly as we have in the past.  In this issue you'll find
 a number of related articles as this has been one exciting week for
 Jaguar news!

      One of the first questions that I know I'll be asked in E-Mail is
 whether or not we will be discontinuing our Atari computer coverage in
 favor of the Jaguar.  The answer is a resounding NO!!  We will continue
 to keep you up-to-date on the computer side of things.  While Atari may
 have put their computer products on the back burner, there are still
 new products being released by 3rd parties and we will do our best to
 keep you abreast of them.

      Well, we have some exciting things for you this week, so let's get
 to them!!

      Until next time...

                        Delphi's Atari Advantage
                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (3/9/94)

     (1) DATABASE CHANGES               (6) WHYNTRNT.ZIP
     (3) WHATIS 6.6                    *(8) PROFILE 1.44
     (4) WINGLORD                      *(9) DELPHI FTP AUTO-LOGON SCRIPT

                           * = New on list
                             HONORARY TOP 10

   The following on-line magazines are always top downloads, frequently
   out-performing every other file in the databases.

                STREPORT (Current issue: STREPORT #10.10)
      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE (Current issue: AEO - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4)
        Look for the above files in the RECENT ARRIVALS database.


 > PGST 3.0? STR FOCUS!        Chances are...  SLIM & NONE!


 (Editor's note)  In last week's issue, we reproduced a letter from Atari
 United! which proposed a letter campaign to Soft-Logik to upgrade
 Pagestream for Atari computers.  There has been some discussion online at
 Compuserve about the impact of such a letter campaign.  While a letter
 campaign can't possibly hurt (so write yours today!), there's no
 guarantee that it will make it possible.  There are other factors to be
 evaluated as well.  Soft-Logik's CIS representative, Michael, provides
 some insight to this:

 "There is no magic number of people that have to write in for us to port
 3.0 to the Atari. We didn't ask people to write in, the same people kept
 asking us over and over again online how much response we had had. We
 said it was poor, they said how would we know if we didn't count, so we
 said fine, send a letter.  ST Informer printed something to that effect.
 Since then we've been getting maybe a letter or two a week, hardly a
 flood.  I don't know, maybe 30-50 letters all told, maybe 100 requests
 if everybody who has ever called or emailed us online. Small numbers.

 In any case, we can't port 3.0 based on upgrade sales alone. We must sell
 a healthy number of new copies to stay in business.  We can only sell new
 copies if Atari is selling computers to new users. That is the only way.
 At this time, Atari is selling only a handful of computers, and not to
 new users.  Unless things change, we won't be able to port 3.0 to the
 Atari.  When we announced 3.0 for the Amiga, Atari was upset that we
 wouldn't develop it for Atari first, although even they must realize
 their market has collapsed.  They asked what they could do to help us
 port 3.0 to the Atari.  They were very eager to help out. We gave them
 some hints, ie selling computers to new users, and that was the last we
 heard from them.  Until Atari gets back into the computer business,
 we cannot dream of porting 3.0 to the Atari. At this time, it doesn't
 appear that Atari is in the computer business since they are
 concentrating on games."

 Michael @ Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.

      Regardless of what might happen, I'd still recommend sending out
 that letter as soon as possible.  Soft-Logik is never going to upgrade
 Pagestream without seeing a concerted interest in the product,
 especially new users.

      A number of Atari supporters were dramatically affected by the
 recent California earthquake.  Dana Byrd and Jeff Naideau, from
 Barefoot Software, have finally started to get things going again
 although things are still hectic.  However, they did manage to get word
 out that they're moving forward.  From Delphi, I saw the following

             Announcing a NEW Phone # for Barefoot Software.

 It is the only line so please be patient.  Dana & Jeff have been
 through a hard time with the earthquake destroying the business.
 They are still having computer problems (got any loaners?<G sort of>)
 Dana say she will call back as soon as possible, so if the machine is
 on, leave a message.

 Also Stephan Daystrom is always available on CIS. and Snail mail is
 being forwarded (I still don't know the new address<G>)

                    THE Number IISS!!>>>310-455-0171

 Dana says she apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused.

      It's good to know that both Dana and Jeff are getting things back
 to normal again; we hope their losses were minimal.


 > STR InfoFile

                   Label Madness - Finally, A Solution!!

      Graphic Effects, the company that brought you the Atari Font
 Resource Guide, the largest collection of Public Domain and Shareware
 Fonts is proud to present...Avery Plus(sm)

      Avery Plus is a collection of templates for Avery/Dennison's line of
 Specialty Labels. These templates are compatible with Pagestream and
 all versions of Calamus..including Calamus NT!

      It is no longer a chore to create great looking labels. Avery Plus
 is an easy and efficient way to produce professional looking labels with
 graphics from virtually any printer and includes preset layouts for
 Avery laser products.

 Labels supported are:

 Avery#          Dimensions    # of Labels    Description

 5260/5160       1 x 2 5/8         30        Rectangular Labels
 5267            1/2 x 1 3/4       80        File Folder
 5161/5262       1 x 4             20        Address
 5162/5262       1 1/3 x 4         14          "
 5163            2 x 4             10          "
 5164            3 1/3 x 4          6        Mailing Labels
 5266            2/3 x 3 7/16      30
 5293            1 2/3             24        Circle
 5294            2 1/2             12          "
 5295            3 1/3              6          "
 5660            1 x 2 5/6         30        Transparent Address Labels
 5662            1 1/3 x 4 1/4     14
 5663            2 x 4 1/4         10
 5196            2 3/4 x 2 3/4      9        3 1/2 inch Floppy
 5197            1 1/2 x 4         12        5 1/4 inch Floppy
 41257                                       6 Ring Binder Small
 41358                                       6 Ring Binder Large
 5371                                        Business Cards
 5385                                        Standard Size Roladex Cards
 5390                                        Name Tags
 5389            4 x 6              2        Index/Post Card
 5388            3 x 5              3        Index/Post Card

 Custom Templates are available.

 Atari Font Resource Guide         19.95 plus $2s/h ($4 off 1st order!)
 Avery Plus(Calamus/Pagestream)    34.95 plus $1.50 s/h

 For more information on Avery Plus or The Atari Font Resource Guide,
 which now contains over 500 PD/Shareware fonts for all versions of
 Calamus and 370 ATM Type 1 fonts for Pagestream/Windows/etc...write to:

                              Graphic Effects
                        197 North Washington Avenue
                         Centereach, NY 11720-1925
                       (516) 471-1529 (Voice and FAX)


 > SuperMac STR InfoFile

    *** Reprinted with permission ***
    Sysop note-- you can access more of the BUSINESSWIRE via the OTC
    newswire in the Executive News Service area of CompuServe.

 SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (MARCH 9) BUSINESS WIRE - March 9, 1994--SuperMac
 Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:SMAC), the leader in color graphics technology,
 made public today its plans to incorporate the new Texas Instruments
 MVP chip into future product design.

    SuperMac will utilize the MVP chip in a new accelerator card for
 CD-ROM content developers using SuperMac's Cinepak video compression

      The MVP chip will offer a significant performance boost for Cinepak,
 due mainly to its powerful architecture of four parallel processors and
 one RISC master processor.

    "Our Cinepak software algorithm has become the de facto standard for
 CD-ROM compression and real-time playback on multiple computer and game
 platforms," said Jay Torborg, vice president of engineering at SuperMac
 Technology.  "We intend to utilize the phenomenal capabilities in the
 MVP chip to dramatically accelerate Cinepak's front-end compression."

      Cinepak has become widely used by multimedia developers, game
 designers, and digital-video artists to produce CD-ROMs of their work.
 Cinepak's real-time playback across multiple platforms is highly
 desirable to this audience because it eliminates the need to re-create
 their work for each platform.  However, Cinepak's slow video compression
 during the production phase is the number one limitation expressed by
 these users.  A Cinepak hardware/software accelerator solution that
 incorporates the MVP chip would represent a major advance for this

      "Each of the DSP-like processors on the MVP will give us a
 noticeable performance increase for Cinepak compression, but with four of
 them, the time-savings will be incredible," Torborg said.

      Cinepak is a video compression/decompression (CODEC) scheme that 
 enables each video frame to occupy less storage space than usual, while
 retaining highly accurate colors and excellent image quality.  The
 high-quality compression and high compression ratios result in high frame
 rates and greatly minimizes compression artifacts which make for a great
 playback experience for the user.

      The advanced image-compression techniques of Cinepak allow
 full-length movies to fit on a CD-ROM while retaining true color and
 realistic quality much closer to the original video source material.
 SuperMac has licensed Cinepak to Apple Computer, Microsoft Corp.,
 Creative Labs, The 3DO Company, Atari Corp., Cirrus Logic, Sega of
 America Inc., and Weitek Corp.

      "As a point of reference, the speed of a Cinepak accelerator card
 built around the MVP chip running on a standard Macintosh will run rings
 around any personal computer on the market," Torborg said.

      SuperMac plans to ship products containing the MVP chip technology
 in 1994, but volume shipments will depend on Texas Instruments'
 production schedule, according to Torborg.

      Based in Sunnyvale, SuperMac designs products that accelerate and
 enhance the performance of PowerPC, Macintosh and Windows-based computer
 systems.  The company is a leading supplier of graphics peripherals to
 the color-publishing, digital-video, digital photography and business
 productivity markets.  Its products include accelerated color graphics
 cards, image-processing accelerators, large-screen color displays, color
 printers and digital-video solutions. 



          Atari Offers Online Community Special Lynx Promotion!


 Atari Corporation is looking for ways to reward onliners for their
 dedicated support of our products.  We have come to appreciate the volume
 of great ideas, suggestions, criticisms and compliments. We know you are
 buying our products already, but we think you deserve a little more.

 The following offer is available to members of all popular online
 services including the Internet and public access BBS's. It is also
 available to readers of popular online magazines who choose to support
 their readers by reprinting this offer.  Look for other online offers

  SPAN:         Good from 3/1/94 to 6/1/94

  OFFER:        Buy a Lynx, get 2 carts free.
  BONUS:        Free Scorpions CD Single to first 100 orders!

  DESCRIPTION:  Buy a Lynx game system for only $99.99 and
                receive your choice of TWO game carts free
                ($80 value. That's like getting the Lynx for
                just $20!)

  CHOOSE FROM:  * World Class Soccer
                * NFL Football
                * Checkered Flag
                * Pinball Jam
                * Pitfighter
                * Dracula; The Undead
                * Batman Returns ($49.99 value!)
                * Chip's Challenge
                * Dirty Larry, Renegade Cop
                * Rampart
                (Don't see your favorite?... ask!)


 Atari(r) Lynx(tm) is the ultimate portable video game machine.  It
 delivers over 4,000 colors, up-to 8-player connectivity potential, 16-bit
 graphics engine, 3.5" diag. playing screen, hardware scaling, headphone
 jack, right/left handed controls and lots and lots of cartridges to
 choose from. ...Arcade video game fun everywhere you go.

  Note: If you already own a Lynx, use this one to ComLynx with family 
 members or put it aside as a gift    ... (keep the free carts for YOU!)
    ... or form an alliance with a friend and split the costs!

 Terms subject to change without notice.
                 Offer valid only to North American locations.


  1) Fill out the order template below.

  2) a. E-Mail (PRIVATELY) this order to any online Atari
        representative. Ask for it to be forwarded to
        Don Thomas or Bob Brodie. (BEST METHOD)
     b. Fax order to 408/745-2088. (SECOND BEST)
     c. Mail order to P.O. Box 61657, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
     d. Call your order to 408/745-2098 (9-5 PST)
        Note: Phones are often jammed with excited Jaguar
              callers. Please be patient!


  ----- Complete if first order in 12 months -------
  | FULL NAME ON CREDIT CARD:                      |
  | MASTERCARD/VISA NUMBER:                        |
  | EXPIRATION DATE:                               |

     DESCRIPTION           QTY      EACH    EXTENDED
  1  Lynx complete          1   $  99.99    $  99.99
  2  ??????? cartridge      1       FREE        FREE
  3  ??????? cartridge      1       FREE        FREE
     SUB TOTAL ............................ $  99.99
     CALIFORNIA TAX (8.25% if applicable).. $   0.00
     SHIPPING & HANDLING* ................. $   4.95
     TOTAL (U.S. funds) ................... $ 104.94

                 # # # END OF FILE # # #

      Due to being in the right place at the wrong time, we missed last
 weekend's special Tempest 2000 offer from Atari.  However, we can still
 share with you the winners of that special offer to ship 10 copies of
 Tempest 2000 in advance of the game's scheduled release in a few weeks.

  DISCRETION. (text file created 03/08/94 by Donald A. Thomas, Jr. @ Atari

      I am pleased to report that Atari Corporation has begun accepting
 preorders for Tempest 2000. This award winning Jaguar game cartridge 
 features four mindblowing versions of Tempest on one cart. Features 
 include classic variations of the original Tempest PLUS three enhanced 
 variations including Tempest Dual (for two players).

      To help celebrate the release of this product, ten copies of Tempest
 2000 have been flown in advance. These have been sent this afternoon
 (3/8/94) by means of U.P.S. to ten qualified preorder customers.

  Congratulations to the following ten "Jaguardians":

    P. Blagay of La Mesa, CA
    R. Cupples of Ames, IA
    T. Funke-Bilu of Claremont, CA
    G.A. Glenn of San Diego, CA
    D. Glowacki of Greencastle, IN
    K.M. Lee of Corpus Christi, TX
    J.T. Millar of Jeffersonville, PA
    R.J. Sherman, Jr. of Louisville, KY (1 of 2 ordered)
    T. Steimle of Cleveland, OH
    J. Van Valer of Menlo Park, CA

      We, at Atari, thank everyone who has placed a pre-order. PLEASE tell
 your friends that they will be able to find Tempest 2000 within a couple
 of weeks at their local store!

      For those who are interested... all the orders collected by a
 predetermined time were printed and alphabetized. Duplicates were
 removed. Mike Fulton wrote a quick program in C that provided a list of
 random numbers from -10 to 10 over the total number of orders. (I
 broadened the range to make certain there was no preference or
 abandonment of the first and last number). We used the list of random
 numbers to represent positions in our alphabetized stack.

 Tempest 2000 is $59.99. Orders may be placed through Atari Corporation if
 desired. Fax 408/745-2000; Voice 408/745-2098.  
 (E-Mail works too [75300,1267].)

 Look for other promotions soon. I suggest you visit this forum frequently
 to make sure you don't miss out! <g>

  Don Thomas
  Atari Corporation


 > GORE??  GUTS?? STR Spotlight


 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Video game makers, trying to head off a bill that
 would require them to label the sex and violence on their programs, are
 pointing to one company's voluntary ratings as proof that the industry
 can police itself.  For the last six months, Sega of America Inc., whose
 bloody Mortal Kombat and NightTrap games came under fierce congressional
 attack last year, has been voluntarily rating all of its titles based on
 the amount of sex or violence.  Games suitable for all ages are labeled
 "GA," for general audience.  Those labeled "MA-13" are most appropriate
 for children 13 and older and an "MA-17" label is for users 17 and older.

 The video industry is creating its own rating system and is looking at
 Sega's ratings as a guide, said Jack Heistand, chairman of committee that
 is crafting a voluntary ratings plan for the $6 billion-a-year industry. 
 Ed Volkwein, Sega's senior vice president of marketing, said about 90
 percent of Sega's games are labeled "GA," 7 percent are "MA-13" and 3
 percent are "MA-17."

 The labels are meant as guidance and there's nothing to prevent a
 youngster from buying a game rated "MA-17." But consumer response has
 been positive, said Volkwein, who is scheduled to testify about the
 ratings today before a Senate subcommittee.  Sega, based in Redwood City,
 Calif., is one of the two largest makers of video games in the country.

 The industry's plan relies on a board of experts to review and rate each
 title before they hit retailers' shelves, Heistand said. Educators,
 parents, child psychologists and business people will be on the board;
 their identities will not be made public, he said.

 The industry, which is in the process of putting together it first trade
 association, will hire a director to oversee the ratings system, Heistand
 said.  The director will appoint the board's members.  Lawmakers were
 pleased but skeptical. The senators "will not pull legislation at this
 point," said Jim Kennedy, press secretary for Sen. Joseph Lieberman,
 D-Conn., chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs subcommittee on
 regulation and information.

 "We want to keep their feet to the fire," Kennedy said, declining to
 say what would make lawmakers abandon legislation.  Lieberman and Sen.
 Herb Kohl, D-Wis., have been riding herd over the industry. In February,
 they introduced a bill requiring the industry to create a ratings or
 warning label system so that parents will know whether the games contain
 violent  or sexual images they don't want their children to see.

 As for the industry's own system, Heistand, who also is senior vice
 president of San Mateo, Calif., game producer Electronic Arts, could not
 say whether quantitative or qualitative measures or a mix of both would
 guide the board's judgments.

 It was not clear how many companies will abide by the industry's plan.
 But Heistand said he expected support from the seven, accounting for 50
 percent of worldwide game sales. Those companies include Nintendo, Atari
 and 3DO.

 The plan does not include penalties for companies that do not keep
 their commitment, he said.  Lieberman last held a hearing on the issue in
 December. Since then a number of companies changed their marketing plans.
 Numerous studies have suggested a link between violence on television
 and aggressive behavior in children. Lieberman says the link is probably
 stronger when it comes to video games.  "With television shows, violent
 images are measured in the dozens per hour," he says. "With video games,
 violent images occur in the thousands per hour."

                            LICENSEES FOR JAGUAR

 SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Atari Corp. (AMEX: ATC)
 announced today that its award-winning Jaguar 64-bit game system has
 attracted 86 top developers, publishers and licensees since its
 introduction in November 1993.

 Among the 48 new partners announced today are ReadySoft Inc., publisher
 of "Dragon's Lair," "Dragon's Lair II" and "Space Ace"; Bullfrog
 Productions Ltd., developer of "Populous" and "Powermonger"; Imagineer,
 publisher of "Wolfenstein 3D (SNES)"; Jaleco, a leading manufacturer of
 arcade games and home video games including "Super Bases Loaded" and
 "Pro-Sport Hockey"; and Sculptured Software, developer of "Mortal Kombat"
 for Acclaim.

 "The innovative technology unleashed by Jaguar challenges us to change
 our approach to developing software," said Glen Williams, technical
 director, Williams Brothers Development, one of the newly signed software
 developers.  "With Jaguar, game developing is no longer a matter of
 working within the machine's capabilities, but of living up to them."

 Since Jan. 1, 1994, Atari has signed 48 new partners.  These are: Accent
 Media Productions Anthill Industries (ASG) All Systems Go Argonaut
 Software Ltd. Audio Visual Magic Bethesda Softworks Bjorn Joos/Kris Van
 Lier Black Scorpion Software Borta & Associates Bullfrog Productions Ltd.
 Clearwater Software Computer Music Consulting Cybervision CyberWare Delta
 Music Systems Inc. Domark Group Ltd. DTMC Duncan Brown Elite E-On EZ
 Score Software Inc. GameTek Inc. Genus Microprogramming Inc. H2O Design
 Corp. HiSoft ICD Inc. Imagineer Co. Ltd. Jaleco Limelight Media Inc.
 Manley & Associates Inc. NMS Software Ltd. Photosurealism PIXIS
 Interactive ReadySoft Inc. Rest Energy Sculptured Software Inc. Software
 Creations Team Infinity Team 17 Software Ltd. Technation Digital World
 Techtonics Teque London Ltd. Thrustmaster V-Reel Virtual Xperience Visual
 Concepts Williams Brothers WMS Industries

      "We are pleased the industry's most innovative, successful software
 companies continues to join the Jaguar team," said Sam Tramiel, president
 of Atari. "Jaguar is the world's most powerful multimedia video game
 system. Consequently, this platform offers leading developers and
 publishers unprecedented creative and commercial opportunities."

      "Atari has used cutting-edge technology to push Jaguar's system
 architecture beyond the industry's next natural stage and leaped ahead
 of its competitors in the process," said Lou Viveros, president of V-Reel
 and Viveros and Associates, a leading video game consulting firm. "Our
 games will require creativity and flexibility in the development process
 and outstanding system performance during game play. Consequently, the
 decision to develop for Jaguar was an easy one."

      V-Reel will develop and market Arena Football exclusively for
 Jaguar.  This represents the first license of the Arena Football League
 for home video game systems.  V-Reel also plans to develop Horrorscope, a
 Jaguar fighting game based on the 12 characters of the Zodiac.

 Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home
 entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in
 the United States.  Jaguar was recently named the industry's "Best New
 Game System" (VideoGames Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game
 Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard GameFan).
 Atari expects to deliver its Jaguar CD-peripheral mid-year at a suggested
 retail price of $200.

      Atari Corp., based in Sunnyvale, manufactures and markets 64-bit
 interactive multimedia entertainment systems, video games and personal
 computers for the home, office and educational marketplaces.

 NOTE:  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
                               -0- 3/7/94
 /CONTACT:  Terry Valeski of Atari, 408-745-2000; or Lynn Thompson of
 Cunningham Communication, 408-764-0740, for Atari/(ATC)
 CO:  Atari Corp. ST:  California IN:  CPR SU:


 > CAT BOX STR InfoFile

                              THE ATARI JAGUAR

 March 7, 1994 -- Black Cat Design, a designer of computer peripherals and
 accessories, and ICD, today announced Cat Box, the complete  interface
 adapter for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit game system.

 Cat Box plugs directly into the AV/DSP ports on the back of the Jaguar. 
 Its custom case measures just 6 x 1.5 x 1 inches and perfectly accents
 the sleek Jaguar design.  Cat Box provides all of the standard
 connections that Jaguar customers desire.  Standard ports include:
 S-Video, Composite Video, Left & Right Audio Out, Dual Stereo Headphones,
 Analog RGB Video, RS-232, ComLynx, and DSP.  All connectors are "industry

 Standards are a big part of Cat Box and connectivity is the key.  The
 RS-232 port will connect to standard modems.  The ComLynx port will join
 other Jaguar and Lynx game systems for multi-player games and other
 networking ideas.  Black Cat Design is actively working with game
 developers to ensure support for these ports.

 An imaginative, well thought out design includes flexibility for the
 future.  Internal expansion connectors for future add-in cards ensure
 that Cat Box will be as useful then as it is now.  Future products under
 consideration include a Midi interface and an internal modem.

 ICD has licensed Cat Box from Black Cat Design for exclusive world-wide

 Thomas Harker, president of ICD, explained, "This product is an
 unbelievable value.  I wouldn't be surprised if all Jaguar owners buy a
 Cat Box.  My family is really thankful for the headphone jacks when our
 twin boys are playing Raiden.  Finally, peace and quiet again in the game
 room.  The boys can't wait for the next generation of multi-player games
 to arrive.  Imagine, dual Jaguars head to head.  Cat Box will help make
 this possible.  It makes so much sense, I don't know why it wasn't done

 The Cat Box will begin shipping early next quarter at an MSRP of $49.95.
 ICD is taking orders now with shipments expected in May.

 For further information, contact ICD Public Relations in the United
 States by phone (815) 968-2228 extension 222 or fax (815) 968-6888.

 Cat Box is a trademark of Black Cat Design.  Other trademarks are those
 of their respective holders.



                      Calling all Jaguar owners!!

     With all of the enthusiasm being generated with the Jaguar these past
few months, it makes sense for us at STReport to have additional coverage
for this terrific new machine.

     So, we'll be looking for Jaguar owners to do reviews of current games,
and new ones when they are released.  I'm in the process of finalizing
plans with Atari to obtain current games available, and new ones as they
are available.  I also plan to talk with other Jaguar game developers to
establish a similar effort.

     As it stands with Atari, the games we obtain for review will be on a
_loaner_ basis.  Loaner "contracts" will be discussed shortly; and all
reviewers will be required to abide by these contracts (you won't be able
to keep the games!).

If you're interested in doing game reviews, please contact me via E-Mail at
the following addresses ASAP:

                                Delphi: DPJ
                             CIS:    71051,3327
                            GEnie:  D.JACOBSON2
                    Toad Hall: (617)567-8642 or 569-2489

All potential reviewers should include some writing samples along with your
E-Mail.  Since we expect a good response, we need to select people who have
good writing skills.  You do _not_ have to be an Atari computer user to be
eligible.  Please include with your message your name, address, phone
number(s), and online address(es) so we can contact you.

We'll also be interested in people to do non-review articles about the
Jaguar.  Some examples would be articles on peripherals, game tips, FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions) and answers, cheats, etc.

So, help share your Jaguar enjoyment with others!  Please get in touch with
me as soon as possible to get in on the fun.

                            -Dana P. Jacobson
                          STReport Atari Editor


> The Old Fishin' Hole STR Feature

                            THE OLD FISHIN' HOLE

-A Guide to the Online PD/Shareware Waters.

by John R. Duckworth

    Grab your favorite recipes, get your fingers ready, and have your
printer fired up because this week we'll be taking a look at an updated
application that is sure to have everybody cooking!

    "The Recipe Box v.4.4" by Anthony Watson of Mountain Software is a very
useful recipe filing and retrieval application which should be on every
cook's hard drive. The program should run on all Atari TOS computer systems
with at least a 512k of memory (although I had a bit of a problem getting
it to run on my Falcon with over a meg for some strange reason) and in any
resolution greater than 640x200. The application runs in a GEM window so
there should be no problem getting it to run comfortably under MultiTOS or
Geneva.  Taking control of the desktop colors and changing them without
notice was one of my biggest complaints with some of Mountain Software's
other efforts.  Mr. Watson has fixed that in "The Recipe Box" by providing
a selection in the setup menu to allow the program to use the desktop
colors.  The program only uses the first four colors of the desktop, so if
the user elects to go with their own system colors, most likely the
program's 3-D buttons will no longer appear to be so.  Perhaps a better
idea would be to allow the user to remap which desktop color is assigned to
a certain segments of the 3-D buttons.  That way those with 16 desktop
colors available could take advantage of that fact.  Other interlace
options include setting how certain text and background attributes.

    After "The Recipe Box" is set-up to your liking, it's time to start
typing in all those recipes which you've accumulated over the years.  The
main screen consists of two columns, one with a list of chapter names and
the other with a list of recipes in the currently highlighted chapter.  The
chapter names can be anything you wish, after all, it's _your_ recipe book.

To input a recipe, the user may either import it from the systems
clipboard, a disk file, or he/she may choose to type it in manually.  "The
Recipe Box" automatically recognizes those recipes in Meal-Master, Computer
Chef, or Recipe Box 3.5 formats.  There are literally thousands of recipes
available online in the Meal-Master format alone.  It's no huge chore to
enter a recipe manually, simply enter the title, list the ingredients on
the left side of the screen and then finish off with the instructions on
the right. Voila!  The user now has the beginnings of a respectable
computerized cook book.  Recipes may be viewed, exported, or printed at any
time.  Suppose a recipe makes 3 servings but you have 6 guests coming for
dinner.  No problem as far as "The Recipe Box" is concerned.  Simply click
on the resize button, type the number of servings desired, and the program
recalculates the needed ingredients.  Recipes may be exported in
Meal-Master v.7 format which most other platforms will be able to use. 
Printing a recipe is simple as well, they may be done individually or by
the batch. With GDOS (SpeedoGDOS) loaded, "The Recipe Box" produces
wonderfully formatted recipes with fonts specified by the user.

     Other useful features of the package include a search utility (to find
all of those chocolate-chip cookie recipes), a handy calorie chart (to see
just how much you'll have to exercise after baking that cake), a grocery
list (no longer will you have to manually write those long lists), and a
meal planner (no more excuses when the kids ask what they'll be having for
dinner tomorrow).

     "The Recipe Box" is a great package which should even appeal to the
ladies out there ( Mom is starting to bug me to loan her my old
ST). The demo version available online is limited to 60 recipes, and a
registered version is available from the author for $35.00.

     Another useful utility which I received this week is the "HD Free CPX"
by Michael Fordermair of Ghostbyte software.  This small CPX shows free
hard drive space as well as system memory available.  Although the info box
displays a copyright date of 1992, it has just recently been translated to
english. It will make a nice addition to those users with an extensible
control panel.

      We've hit the bottom of the pail for this week.  Tune back in a week
from now for another round of new public domain/shareware offerings for you
           favorite computer. Comments/questions/recipes e-mail:

 |   Old Fishin Hole Tackle Box     *                             |
 |   Recipe Box 4.4                                               |
 |      GEnie: Atari ST RT - #32138                               |
 |                                                                |
 |   HD Free CPX                                                  |
 |      Delphi: Atari Advantage - READ HARD DRIVE FREE            |
 |      GEnie: Atari ST RT - #32171                               |
 * The Tackle Box is meant to provide assistance in finding files
 mentioned in the column. It should not be considered a COMPLETE
 listing and is provided for convenience only. Delphi Atari Advantage
 files should be found in the Recent Arrivals section of the database
 until moved to their appropriate sections.


                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

> A "Quotable Quote"       The "Who Cares?"  Dep't. 

                     "Today is the Tomorrow....
                    You worried about Yesterday!"


> DEALER CLASSIFIED LIST STR InfoFile        * Dealer Listings *
  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""          ---------------

                             ABCO Incorporated
                               P.O. Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida 32221-6155
                                 Est. 1985

                    1994 SPRING SPECIALS NOW IN EFFECT!
                 ABCO manufactures custom storage devices!
                 INTEL 32 BIT 486[DX]33-66 Tower P24T READY
                 (HAS ZIF SOCKET) PLUG-IN UPGRADABLE (easy)
            8MB ram upgradable to 32MB 1MB SVGA VESA VIDEO CARD
                 Sound Blaster Compatible Stereo Sound Card
                      DOS 6.2 - Windows 3.11 Included
      256K CACHE - 1.44/1.2 FLOPPY Drives, Mouse & 101 deluxe Keyboard
             250MB IDE hd - 2 SERIAL, 1 PARALLEL, 1 GAME PORTS
                       250W POWER SUPPLY TOWER SYSTEM
              14" Non-Interlaced SVGA 1024x768, 28dpi Monitor
                        33Mhz ver. S&H Incl 1295.00
                       495.00 with order, balance COD
                  other higher powered packages available
            or, design your own!  Call for value added pricing!
                   Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail


                 Syquest Removable 44-105-270mb SCSI Drives
                        All Size Platters Available

                 Diamond Speed Star 24x SVGA/VGA Video Card w/1mbVRAM
            Diamond Stealth & Viper 1mb & 2mb - Call for prices
                     Enhances Windows SPEED and EFFICIENCY
               Diamond High Performance Sound Cards Available
               Soundblaster Cards and compatibles 8 & 16 bit
       Pro Audio Spectrum STUDIO 16 - 16bit - Midi - Audio Recognition
            Top of the Media Vision PAS Line - True Multi-Media
              IDE Super IO cards & 16550 UART 2 & 4 Port Cards

                   Call: 904-783-3319 Anytime, Voice Mail
                              COMPUTER STUDIO
                          WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER
                        40 Westgate Parkway -Suite D
                            Asheville, NC  28806
                                Orders Only
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER

                           EAST HARTFORD COMPUTER
                              202 Roberts St.
                          East Hartford CT.  06108
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                             MEGABYTE COMPUTERS
                                907 Mebourne
                              Hurst, TX 76053
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
                              1278 Alma Court
                            San Jose, CA.  95112
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER
    (DEALERS; to be listed here FREE of Charge, please drop us a line.)

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