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Subject: ST Report: 5-Oct-93 #945
Date: Sat Nov 13 13:04:28 1993

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

      As we continue to perfect our presentation and format, your much
 valued suggestions become more and more precious.  The STReport of the
 future will be "put together" utilizing many of your positive hints.
 Thank you, each and every one of you.

      On the computing scene,  not much is happening <g>.  Ok, so I looked
 at things a little different.  The facts are a great deal is happening.
 Comdex is right around the corner, CES is coming up and all the
 manufacturers, publishers and VARs are getting set to bring in 1994 in a
 wonderfully robust manner.  You may ask; "To whose benefit?"  'Tis a good
 question that deserves thoughtful consideration.  However, to answer it
 briefly, its you who will reap the greatest benefits.  The competitive
 atmosphere in product features, bundles and pricing will all be aimed at
 enticing and pleasing you the consumer.

      Last week, I made mention of my concerns over beta testers doing
 their "job" and not being beta testers simply to get the freebies.  I
 said it and I meant it.  While there may very well be some very
 conscientious testers out there, as always a few bad apples will often
 spoil the whole barrel.  One program, one of a few a major programs, came
 through with the spell checker broken.  The Spell does not work right at
 all.  Not in any configuration.  It fades away, produces errors or simply
 crashes.  Another, came through with its optimizer broken.  While the
 menus for the optimizer read right, and say all the right the things, it
 simply trashes the fat tables or does nothing at all!  Another, very
 famous disk optimizer, is still "not quite right".  In fact, if it
 reaches the limits of its memory management functions it flakes
 altogether and totals your data.  These few examples are a selection
 across a few platforms.  The point is, the beta testers should have
 picked these serious BUGS up.  They did not.  Now the programs are in
 release... cash paying consumers are now the beta testers.  This is akin
 to suicide in the marketing world.  You do not make your customers beta
 testers by default.  The companies involved will have to go the "extra
 mile" now to keep these valued customers.

      Its very important to the major software publishers to find or have
 these 'undocumented features' discovered and corrected.  After all,
 satisfied customers are the name of the game.  If you have a software
 package that's giving you either fits or minor problems, call the
 publisher.  They want to hear from you.  Its the only way they'll ever
 know of these problems.  If you have a friend that's a beta tester for
 the software you are working with, let the tester know too.  Don't expect
 too much in the line of information from the tester, they're all bound by
 non-disclosure agreements.  Do your part, even though it really is
 someone else's job.  The least that can happen is a better program for

      The holidays are right around the corner, I certainly hope everyone
 is ready....  I know I'm not. <g>   Thanksgiving and then.. Christmas.
 The greatest time of the year.  Next week the monitor series begins...

                              Until next week....



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                        IBM/POWER-PC/PC SECTION (I)


                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                                Issue #45

                         By: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

                   ******* General Computer News *******

                          ** Atari Sues Sega **

    Alledging that Sega's scrolling of displays in video games has viola-
 ted Atari's patents, has caused Atari to file suit against Sega of Amer-
 ica Inc. in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.  Atari also claimed in
 the suit that Sega may have infringed two other Atari patents.

    Atari has been working on a Jaguar "interactive" video game system
 that will be produced by International Business Machines Corp. and be
 powered by 64-bit chip with over 16 million colors and produces three-
 dimensional shapes. Most current video-game players and games work on
 16-bit chips.

    Sega, which has been challenging Nintendo for supremacy in the $5
 billion U.S. video-game market, is a subsidiary of Sega Enterprises
 Ltd., Japan.  Analysts believe Sega has taken away considerable share
 from Nintendo's lead due to its success with its 16- bit "Sonic the
 Hedgehog" games.

                     ** Sony to Enter Game Market **

    Sony Corp. is forming a new company, Sony Computer Entertainment
 Inc., to enter the video game machine market next month.

    Reports say the new firm, to be set up jointly with Sony Music Enter-
 tainment (Japan) Inc., will unveil a next-generation game machine in
 Japan at the end of next year.  The same reporst say, "The new machine
 will offer three-dimensional computer graphics, using several powerful
 microchips used in workstations," the wire service said, adding the
 initial year sales target is set at a million units.

                     ** CD-ROM Software Sales Rise **

    Computergram Internationl's recent survey showed that CD-ROM software
 sales in North America totaled around $56 million in the first half of
 this year. The sales are estimated to represent 2.3 million disks.

    Content-based compact disks represented 40% of sales and games 30%.
 "Presumably the balance is applications software and manuals as optical
 disk becomes more popular for distribution," says the newsletter.

                 ** New Printers from Hewlett-Packard **

    Hewlett-Packard Co. has introduced the lowest-priced true 600-dots-
 per-inch printers that it has ever offered: the $1,229 HP LaserJet 4P
 and the $1,729 HP LaserJet 4MP.

    The LaserJet 4P and 4MP printers are designed for business and home-
 office users who want a low-cost laser printer that produces high-
 quality, professional-looking output on a wide variety of media sizes
 and types. The LaserJet 4P and 4MP replace the LaserJet IIIP and IIIP
 PostScript printers, and are compatible with other printers in the
 LaserJet 4 series.

    HP also introduced its first ink-jet printers with desktop function-
 ality, color support and portability: the $379 HP DeskJet 310 for
 notebook PCs and the $379 HP DeskWriter 310 for Macintosh PowerBooks.

       ** Research Frontiers to Demostrate Flat-Screen Products **

    Officials with Research Frontiers Inc. say the firm has agreed to
 acquire components for its active matrix flat-panel displays and will
 demonstrate the products for prospective licensees next year. The firm
 says its flat panels, for use in computers, televisions and other
 electronic devices, will use its suspended particle displays, which will
 compete against liquid crystal displays.

         ** North American Semiconductor Sales to Pass Japan's **

    According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, worldwide semi-
 conductor shipments are expected to grow by 29% and reach $77.3 billion
 this year. The North American market is expected to rise to 34.5% to
 reach $24.8 billion in shipments this year, while the Japanese market,
 is expected to rise to 22.3% in 1993 to $23.7 billion, for the first
 time since 1985.

    By 1996, shipments in the North American market are expected to be
 $32.5 billion, while Japan's market is expected to reach $31 billion.

                ** New Generation of Intel Flash Chips **

    A new generation of "flash memory" products designed for the mobile
 market has been unveiled by Intel Corp., which says new products are
 based on its fourth generation technology. They include the largest-
 capacity flash memories now in production.  Intel said its new chips
 include 16-bit and 32-bit components and storage cards with capacities
 as high as 40MB.

    An Intel statement said, "Since it can be easily be erased and re-
 programmed, uses little battery power and offers much higher performance
 than magnetic disk media, flash memory is ideal for the new types of
 mobile and handheld products such as mobile companions and cellular

    Flash memory chips currently have a market of about $200 million an-
 nually, but that analysts believe the revenues will grow ten-fold by
 1995. Research firm Dataquest has said Intel held 69% of the "flash"
 market last year.

                     ** Pocket Modems from PIICEON **

    Piiceon has enhanced its Dispatcher line of proprietary-slot and
 PCMCIA data communication products with new pocket modems.  The units
 are 2.25 inches wide, 4.25 inches long and less than 1 inch deep. They
 include MNP 2-5, V.42bis, comply with CCITT and Bell protocols and stan-
 dards, and are Hayes AT compatible. The 14.4/14.4 bps version includes
 MNP 10 (cellular error-correction) and and can transmit data at a top
 speed of 57,600 bps with a maximum 4-1 throughput. It's priced at $335.
 The 2,400/9,600 bps model costs $122.

    The units operate with IBM- compatible PCs and portables, as well as
 Macintosh systems and the Apple Newton MessagePad. All of the modems,
 with the exception of the Apple models, are bundled with Trio's data/fax
 communications software. Piiceon's Apple products are bundled with
 FaxSTF and Microphone LC.

         ** AT&T Product Can Send Graphics and Data With Voice **

    A product that enables users to send and receive graphics and/or data
 while simultaneously talking on the phone has been announced by AT&T
 Paradyne Corp.  Reports say the unit, called the AT&T DataPort 2001
 Multimedia Sommunicator, uses a new AT&T Paradyne technology called
 VoiceSpan that "increases the capacity of existing telephone lines by
 splitting them into two bands, one transmitting high quality audio, the
 other transmitting high speed data, including images."

                 ** Motorola Looks For On-Line Niches **

    A new unit of Motorola called INFO Enterprises is searching out, and
 finding, small high-value niches in the on-line business.

    Spokesman Marilyn Teplitz discussed the strategy after the company
 announced EnGenius, a new database on electronic components aimed at
 product engineers. "It's run by a distributed network on Sun work-
 stations under Unix," she said. "It's a combination of technologies
 Motorola developed, which includes some patented technologies."

    Earlier, the company had rolled out LegaLink, a document conversion
 service for the legal community marketed by Arthur Andersen.

    "These are the first of what we hope are many services," she added.
 "We look at several issues when determining what vertical markets to
 enter into. We want to see a large number of information providers, and
 a large number of users with computers. The other key issue is a market
 where the data is mission-critical, where you have to have current
 information now, where the data is changing. There's lots of services
 with archival information," and Motorola isn't interested in that

    For EnGenius, Motorola is offering an introductory price of $20 per
 month, plus line charges, through March. After that the charge goes to
 $39 per month, but large firms can subscribe a wide area network for $65
 per month. There is also volume pricing available, Teplitz said.

                  ** Online Comment Leads to Lawsuit **

    An Oregon biotech company called Epitope Inc. has filed suit because
 of derogatory electronic comments made about it last summer on the Pro-
 digy information service.  Reports say the suit "stems from actions Aug.
 2, when an individual called William Smith filed a message.. The message
 warned that the odds of Oregon biotech company Epitope receiving approv-
 al for a blockbuster product were lower than the odds of seeing Elvis in
 Malibu." Reportedly, the message said, "Be careful out there" and in-
 cluded a number of allegations, most of which Epitope denies.

    Epitope's suit alleges "William Smith" actually was A. Karl Kipke, a
 broker from Mission Hills, Kan., who, the company says, stood to make
 money if Epitope's stock price fell.

    Kipke, not Prodigy, was named in the suit.

         ** First Prison Sentence for Software Counterfeiting **

    The U.S. District Court in San Francisco has imposed the first prison
 sentence for software counterfeiting in the U.S.  Benny S. Lee was sen-
 tenced to one year of imprisonment plus one year of probation as a
 result of his guilty plea to a felony indictment for manufacturing and
 selling counterfeit MS-DOS operating system software.

    Benny Lee and co-defendant Norman Chan, both former employees of Ev-
 erex Systems Inc., were previously found liable by a jury in a civil
 trial for copyright and trademark infringement in June 1991. The defen-
 dants failed to honor the $5.3 million monetary judgment awarded to
 Microsoft and Everex in the civil suit, and the case was subsequently
 referred to the U.S. Attorney's office for criminal prosecution.

    Lee and Chan, in association with the original defendants, are esti-
 mated to have manufactured and sold at least 25,000 copies of counter-
 feit MS-DOS. Microsoft estimates that displaced sales from the counter-
 feit software had a street value of $1.8 million.

                     ******* General PC News *******

                   ** Intel and AMD Trial Postponed **

    A trial expected to start this week between Intel Corp. and Advanced
 Micro Devices Inc. was postponed until Nov. 15.   The trial, which will
 be centering on Intel's complaint that AMD unfairly copied microcode in
 its 287 chip, has been described as "pivotal" by experts but both
 parties are expecting a fairly quick decision.

          ** Compaq Cuts Prices and Unveils 46 new PC Models **

    Compaq Computer Corp this week launched 46 new PC models and enhanced
 the performance of many existing models. Compaq also unveiled multimedia
 CDS models in the Presario 600 Series and the new Presario 800 Series of
 "ready- to-run" multimedia PCs with a built-in CD-ROM drive, microphone,
 speakers and more than a dozen pre-installed software and CD-ROM pack-

    Compaq also enhanced the price/performance of its other PCs, announc-
 ing price cuts of 10 to 23% on Deskpro/M, ProLinea and Portable 486
 families and 17 to 35% on portable options.

               ** Microsoft Introduces "DOS for Dummies" **

    This week Microsoft Corp. introduced a new version of DOS -- for dum-
 mies! MS-DOS 6.2 Upgrade for Dummies is a new version of the old disk
 operating system that is specially packaged for those who aren't too
 familiar with its crotchety ways. The dummies upgrade is bundled with a
 special edition of the best-selling computer book "DOS for Dummies,"
 written by Dan Gookin.

    The upgrade has a retail price of $77.95, but will probably sell for
 about $50 in stores. The new DOS version will also be licensed to
 computer manufacturers to sell with their machines.

           ** Time Warner Interactive Joins in CD-ROM Craze **

    This week Software Sorcery - known for producing games with detailed
 graphics and digitized sound effects, all intertwined with actual video
 and photographs - and Time Warner Interactive Group - a leading develo-
 per and publisher of interactive multimedia software titles for home
 entertainment and "edutainment" markets - announced a publishing agree-

    It is hoped that the agreement will put Software Sorcery multimedia
 games on every CD-ROM platform. The initial three offerings will be
 "AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet," "Fantasy Fiefdom" and "Dead Zone".

    Software Sorery's innovative, high-quality products have taken a
 technological edge in the software industry by incorporating multimedia
 techniques such as digitized video, voice and sound effects, rendered 3D
 sequences, hypertext and breathtaking VGA and SVGA graphics in the
 creation of exciting, interactive game play.

                  ** IBM Stops ThinkPad 500 Shipments **

    Due to customer reports of battery problems, IBM says it is stopping
 the shipmentments of its ThinkPad 500 subnotebook until it can fix the
 problem.  IBM said the problem affects only the ThinkPad 500 model and
 not other computers in the ThinkPad line.

    According to an IBM spokesman the company is considering all its op-
 tions, including a recall of this model, which was launched in June. He
 said IBM should announce its plans by the middle of this month.

    ** Clarion Shipping Beta Version of Windows Database Developer **

    Clarion Software has announced beta release 1.0 of its new Clarion
 Database Developer for Windows.  The beta release is now available to
 users of Clarion Database Developer 3.0 or Professional Developer 2.1.

    The final release is set to begin shipping in mid-1994.  Registered
 users of Clarion can purchase the product during the introductory period
 for $495. The final release of the product will be priced at $995. Run-
 time license fees or royalties aren't required.

                       ** Tandy Increases Sales **

    Tandy Corp. - the nation's largest retailer of consumer electronics,
 including personal comptuers - reported an 18% sales increase in its
 U.S. retail operations in October. Total sales were $317.1 million, com-
 pared to $268.7 million last year.

                   ** AST Offers New Pentium System **

    A new Premmia LX P/60 personal computer that uses Intel's Pentium 228
 processor has been launched by AST Research. Reports say the 64-bit unit
 will carry estimated sales prices beginning at $3,325.

    "The Premmia LX P/60 line is available in the Model 3, which has 8
 megabytes of random access memory expandable to 128MB, and Model 543W
 with 16MB RAM and a 540MB hard drive."

                   ** Rasterops Offers Graphics Unit **

    TrueVista Pro EISA, described as a professional quality frame buffer,
 has been unveiled by RasterOps Corp.'s TrueVision Inc.  Officials of the
 company said this is the first of a number of products based on its new
 DVR architecture.  Reports say the product is a broadcast-quality frame
 buffer for use in IBM/compatible PCs.

          ** Lexmark Demonstrates 'Microsoft At Work' Printer **

    Lexmark International Inc. has demonstrated a high-resolution desk-
 top laser printer based on the Microsoft At Work printing software. The
 software, the same type used in the Microsoft Windows Printing System,
 makes the printing function a Windows- based application, delivering
 higher performance and improved ease of use.

    Lexmark says it worked closely with Microsoft to develop the demons-
 tration printer. Lexmark also announced that it will support the
 Microsoft At Work software in selected future printer products.

    Microsoft At Work software is designed to make office machines such
 as printers, fax machines, copiers, handheld systems and telephones
 easier to use, more cost-effective and better integrated with desktop
 computers and one another.

    Lexmark, the former IBM printer and typewriter division, showed the
 600 dots-per-inch, 8 page-per-minute laser printer as a technology
 demonstration at a Microsoft-sponsored event.

         ** Microsoft Slashes Price Of Multimedia Encyclopedia **

    Microsoft has cut the suggested retail price of its Encarta multi-
 media encyclopedia to $99 through December 31, 1993. The product has
 been priced at $395.

    Encarta is currently available for Microsoft Windows-based PCs. The
 company says it will release an Apple Macintosh version early next year.

              ** STB Intros Dual-Monitor Accelerator Card **

    If you need to display two applications simultaneously and don't want
 to do it with Windows, you'll be happy to hear that STB Systems Inc.,
 has released a dual monitor graphics accelerator card that can drive two
 monitors at the same time.

    STB says the card, designated the MVP-2X, integrates two video chan-
 nels versus the usual single channel. The card supports a full suite of
 Windows 3.1, OS/2, and DOS applications, including AutoCAD release 12.

    STB says the MVP-2X is based on two Tseng Labs ET4000-W32 video
 chips, and allows users to view two different monitors at the same time
 via two independent video ports. Windows and OS/2 uses can work in a
 virtual screen environment which provides one virtual screen across both
 monitors. Windows, OS/2 and DOS users can utilize a port switching mode
 that permits two different applications to run at the same time, one on
 each monitor. The card is backwards-compatible with all existing STB MPV
 video cards based on the Tseng ET4000 video controller chip.

    The cards come with drivers for Windows 3.x, Windows NT and OS/2.
 Panacea's DLD386-VGA Deluxe Autodesk drivers are available as an upgrade
 option for CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing)

    The MVP-2X will begin full production runs this month, and has a
 suggested retail price of $1,099.

              ** IBM Ready To Launch OS/2 Without Windows **

    Unhappy at paying royalties to rival Microsoft Corp., IBM is prepar-
 ing to launch a version of its OS/2 operating system without built-in
 code to run applications written for Microsoft's Windows operating

    The Windows-less OS/2 would let users run Windows applications provi-
 ded they already had Windows installed on their PCs. OS/2 would estab-
 lish where the Windows code was stored and would call on it directly
 when asked to run a Windows application.

    Sources said an announcement can be expected by mid-November. The
 Comdex/Fall trade show, which begins in Las Vegas Nov. 15, would be a
 likely venue.

        ** AMD Gets "Windows-Compatible" Logo, Intros New Chips **

    Advanced Micro Devices has introduced two new members of its 486-
 based microprocessor line and said it has signed a licensing agreement
 with Microsoft Corporation that gives AMD the right to use the "Windows-
 compatible" logo on its 386 and 486-based chips.

    The company announced a 40 MHz 486DX-based microprocessor that in-
 corporates power management features, and a clock doubled 486DX2-66MHz

                     ******* General Mac News *******

                         ** New Apple Monitor **

    Apple officials announced this week the launching of the new Apple
 Color Plus Display, a 14-inch monitor priced at $305.  The 640 x 480
 pixel display compliments its line of new, aggressively priced PCs.

                   ** Apple Offers Powerbook Rebates **

    Apple announced this week a $100 and $500 instant rebates on select
 Macintosh PowerBook computers and peripherals. Customers who purchase
 and take delivery of a PowerBook 165 or 165c will receive an immediate
 $100 rebate.  Those who buy a PowerBook Duo 230 4/160 with a duo dock
 and express modem will receive an immediate $500 rebate.  These prices
 are good only at participating resellers, while the supplies last, and
 thru January 31st, 1993.

              ** Apple's Fourth Quarter Profits Drop 97% **

    Apple Computer Inc.'s fourth quarter profits dropped 97% to $2.7
 million (or 2 cents a share), compared to $97.6 million earned a year



                     *** New Product Announcement ***

     ** Substance Intercactive Media, Inc. "Pushes the Bounds..." **

    Substance Interactive Media Inc., a new company pushing the bounds of
 multimedia interactivity, this week introduced 'substance.digizine', a
 multimedia "production" that explores the way technology affects culture
 using a combination of sound, video and animation.

    Available immediately on CD-ROM, the demo issue of 'substance.
 digizine' allows readers to navigate through a sophisticated interface
 to experience features on contemporary music, independent film produc-
 tion and the industry's first interactive advertisement.

    Aimed at computer-literate explorers in the 18-35 age demographic and
 designed for computers using Microsoft Windows 3.1, substance. digizine
 uses animated sequences, 16-bit digital audio samples and full-motion
 video clips to provide audiences with truly interactive access to
 information and music.

    "The digizine isn't a technical endeavor, it's an artistic endeavor,"
 said Alex Ragland, principal and president of Substance Interactive
 Media Inc. "We are committed to providing audiences with multisensory
 ways in which to explore the world by bringing to market high-quality,
 interactive productions rich in content and design."

    Content Highlights in the demo issue of the digizine:

    -- an exploration of independent film company, C-OO, co-founded by
       REM's Michael Stipe;
    -- an exclusive interview with Trent Reznor of the industrial rock
       band Nine Inch Nails;
    -- a listening excursion into ambient dub music including samples
       from the ORB and Young American Primitive;
    -- an interactive advertisement from the ImagiNation Network, a
       Sierra On-line subsidiary; and
    -- four original songs by Substance Interactive Media's musicians
       that can be played in CD-Audio players.

    The demo issue of the digizine is $10.95 retail, compared to $50 to
 $80 for a typical CD-ROM title on the market today.

    Planned as a quarterly, subscriptions to the digizine are available
 directly from the company at $70 for 4 issues ($17.50 per disc).  The
 disc will also be distributed by ThinkWare, a San Francisco-based dis-
 tributor whose main focus is on music-based software including Voyager's
 "Hard Day's Night."

    CONTACT:  Substance Interactive Media Inc., San Francisco
              Rebecca Velten, 415/626-2147
              Copithorne & Bellows
              Dawn Echols or Lisa Hahn, 415/541-0873


 > EMU8000 STR InfoFile

                     *** New Product Announcement ***

                    ** E-mu System's Audio Solution **

    E-mu Systems Inc. announced the introduction of the EMU8000-based
 audio solution, a highly integrated hardware and software audio techno-
 logy developed for design-in on motherboard, add-in board and embedded
 application levels.

    EMU8000-based audio technologies offer comprehensive, CD-quality
 audio capabilities in a cost effective, easily installable package.
 Comprised of three separate elements -- EMU8000 Integrated Audio Digital
 Signal Processor (DSP), EMU8100 sound files (SoundFont Library) and
 EMU8200 control software -- EMU8000-based technologies deliver the most
 compre-hensive audio functionality available including full Musical
 Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) compatibility, a wide selection of
 user definable down-loadable digitally sampled sound libraries, built-in
 digital effects processors, 32 voice polyphony, built-in audio filtering
 capabilities, digital sample rate conversion and audio pitch

    Optimized for a variety of end-user applications including games,
 karaoke, MIDI-file music playback, multimedia and other computer-
 controlled sound applications, EMU8000-based audio technologies will be
 available from E-mu Systems on an OEM and technology licensing basis in
 the Winter of 1993. For further information contact Anne Greene at E-mu
 Systems 408/438-1921.

    E-mu Systems is a leading manufacturer of digital sample-based
 musical instruments and audio solutions for multimedia. E-mu audio
 products are used extensively by professional musicians, sound designers
 and audio engineers globally.

    The EMU8000 chip, an Integrated Audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP),
 offers a high-quality, low cost complete DSP subsystem delivering MIDI
 music, audio mixing and digital effects.

    The EMU8000 combines several audio DSP functions on-chip. The device
 includes a programmable CPU interface; the proprietary E-mu "G-chip" 32-
 channel sound processor with resonant lowpass filters; an effects engine
 for reverb, chorus and digital equalization; an envelope generator; and
 a flexible input/output scheme including both synchronous and asyn-
 chronous digital audio input streams and various serial digital audio
 output formats.

    The EMU8000 is designed for the variable pitch playback of up to 32-
 channels of audio data from local sound memory. Envelope generator
 functions provide real-time varying pitch, filter and amplitude modifi-
 cation of each audio channel allowing for the creation of uniqu sound
 samples with complex patch control and minimal CPU overhead. Sound may
 be further enhanced by the on-chip effects engine, which controls pan,
 chorus and reverb on each channel, delivering expressive sound control
 to the user.

    The EMU8000 is intended for use with two local memory resources:
 small, inexpensive dynamic random access memory (DRAM) to support the
 effects engine, and sound memory. A total of 32 megabytes (MB) of sound
 memory can be supported as either read only memory (ROM) and/or DRAM.
 ROM-based sound memory typically contains a General MIDI bank, or
 SoundFont Library (EMU8100). Down-loadable DRAM sound memory can include
 any of a large variety of different SoundFont collections or user-
 defined sounds, and can be loaded with an application to add unique
 sound or sound effects.

    The EMU8000 can also filter, envelope and digitally mix audio signals
 from a variety of auxiliary sources. The stereo asynchronous digital
 audio input accepts any external stereo digital audio signal and
 converts it to a 44.lkHz sample rate. The synchronous digital audio
 input allows up to 32 audio signals to be filtered, enveloped, processed
 and mixed -- making it ideal for microphone input.

    EMU8100 sound files, comprising the SoundFont Library, are diverse
 collections of digitally sampled musical instruments and sound effects
 designed to work with the EMU8000 Integrated Audio DSP or other
 comparable audio DSP systems.

    The EMU8100 SoundFont Library is formatted for computer down-load and
 control via MIDI protocol or other audio event description langu-ages.
 Each E-mu SoundFont collection includes digital audio samples, with
 associated parameters, as well as interactive modulation informa-tion to
 enhance expressivity when played by a SoundFont engine such as the
 EMU8000 Integrated Audio DSP. SoundFont collections are offered in both
 machine-readable down-loadable files or ROM.

    EMU8200 control software is a complete suite of application inter-
 face (API) routines required to operate the EMU8000 Integrated Audio DSP
 and the EMU8100 SoundFont Library. The EMU8200 package enables develo-
 pers to create cost-effective, high-quality complete digital audio

    EMU8200 control software interprets and translates industry-standard
 MIDI messages into hardware controls. In addition, EMU8200 software
 includes the interactive table of modulation parameters used to control
 expressivity for each musical instrument or sound effect in real time.

    EMU8200 software responds to a standard MIDI stream and sends control
 information to the EMU8000 synthesis system. This is guided by the modu-
 lation table provided by a SoundFont. SoundFont collections may be
 loaded and maintained by the SoundFont loader software module that is
 part of the EMU8200 package. EMU8200 software is available in object-
 code format for Intel x86 (DOS and Windows) and Motorola 680x0 machines.

    SoundFont developer tools will be available in early 1994.

      CONTACT:  E-mu Systems, Scotts Valley
      Robert Faulkner, Tel: 408/438-1921, Fax: 408/438-8612


 > RTZ! STR Review            "One of the very best!"

                               RETURN TO ZORK
                            Infocom - Activision

 by R. F. Mariano

      From the Rafts  to the Citadel Bridge,  this RPG is, without  a doubt
 one of  the very  best to come  along.   There is,  "of course", the  time
 proven.. rock, paper,  throw, hit, etc...  but this  effort far  surpasses
 any making light of these actions or their implementation.

      The structure of the  game is such that the user can do most anything
 within the  game's frame and not  create any programming headaches.   This
 structure is well thought out  and graphically presented with the user  in
 mind.  The only  situation that would  have  surpassed this setup is  real
 time interfacing as in Dungeon Master by FTL.

      Into the  program we  go.... the keeper  is amusing  his demeanor  is
 superb for openers.  The humor written into the game is  "on the ball" yet
 totally  inoffensive.    If  you  enjoy   solid  performing  role  playing
 adventures this is for you.   To top off the entire scenario  with another
 compliment,  the entire adventure is environmentally correct and shys away
 from bloody violence.

      One must search for various pieces  of a disc, that is to  become The
 Flying Disc of Frobozz.   They're to be found in the  most unlikely places
 imaginable.  Of course... the best part  of the adventure is "Old  Booser"
 with his ....."'Course you do!"  Do you want to do Return to Zork?

                             "'Course You Do!"

      Don't miss this fine piece of entertainment software.   You'll never
 forgive yourself if you do.  It is in the finest of ZORK traditions.

 Return to Zork is available at fine dealers everywhere!

 From CIS' Gamers Forum;

 Date: 10-23-93 (23:14)             Number: 469114
 From: Wendell Price 73467,3414     Refer#: NONE
   To: 70410,1270                    Recvd: NO
 Subj: RTZ comments                   Conf: (10) 12:HOT/Return

 Dear Infocom:

      Since the introduction of the very first Zork, you've provided
 high adventure of the finest sort! You've provoked suspense, cunning,
 and reason. For the countless hours of frustration and wonder, and the
 fleeting moments of delight and glory, I thank you.

      I've just completed Return to Zork, the first graphics-based
 program of yours I've played, and I want to tell you what I thought of
 it. I enjoyed it, but I had some disappointments, too.

 Aside from a few minor bugs (which have been reported by others in this
 forum) the interface is beautiful, very elegant. I had no trouble
 expressing intentions or trying wild ideas. I've seen no GUI with a
 structure as versatile as this one. Giving the character a log book,
 camera and tape recorder was brilliant! It greatly reduced the notes I
 made, and eliminated the need to type in information found elsewhere
 when asking questions of other characters. This was a very clever and
 original approach.

      Most of the puzzles were quite challenging. I thought the clues
 were slightly too obvious, but I prefer that to crawling on my belly
 begging for hints. I enjoyed the storyline, but I was very disappointed
 with Zork and the adventures finale.

      In the text-based environment of past adventures, Zork was ancient
 and grand, full of peril and deception. It tolerated only the
 resourceful and quick-witted. The slow and the stupid perished without
 a trace.

      In this game, The Great Underground Empire consists of three
 shopkeepers, a couple of farms, and a cow. Further indignities include
 an economy where money grows on trees, being lead buy excreting bats
 through a forest that was simple to map, whimpering trolls, and having
 to pay a guy for the privilege of delivering his mail in a boat that
 would take me no where else. Sadder still was watching the world's
 greatest evil, the enslaver of Zork, self destruct in a tantrum over
 loosing a boardgame he couldn't possibly have won.

 The forests were more true to the spirit of Zork, but they were small,
 easily mapped, and provided little adventuring. The only familiar place
 was Flood Control Dam #3. Just as I had always imagined it. I was
 certain that once I stood atop the dam, the quest would begin in
 earnest. When I realized that this was the end of the line, I let out a
 sigh, mixed up my water and bat poop, and left.

      When I cracked the shell on the magic barrier, and a view of the
 stronghold opened up before me, I was ready to do some real exploring.
 At last, the Epic Adventure in the Great Underground Empire was at
 hand! I was surprised to discover that this massive complex was one
 step away and comprised of three rooms. Just when I thought things were
 going to pick up I was expected to throw all my belongings into the
 void and turn myself over to the enemy. That should have been my death.
 Lucky for me the enemy was too stupid to spot the flaw in the game.

 No Glory.

      The game was entertaining, the puzzles clever, and the production
 was great, best GUI I've seen, but it was no return to Zork. Still, I
 remain a loyal Infocom customer and one of your biggest fans. I look
 forward to the next installment.


 Wendell Price-


 > Panasonic & Multi-Media STR InfoFile

                      ** New Product Announcement **

             ** Panasonic Bolsters Multimedia Capabilities **

    Panasonic Communications & Systems Co. has announced an array of com-
 puter products targeted at businesses working in multimedia applications
 and electronic imaging -- six new optical data storage devices, a color
 scanner and a line of multimedia PC speakers.

    Included are three new optical disk drives, devices designed to store
 and retrieve large amounts of data. They are two new multifunction re-
 writable drives, the LF-7300A and the LF-7304, and one Write Once Read
 Many (WORM) drive, the LF-5300A.

    Panasonic is also debuting its latest line of "jukeboxes," optical
 disk autochangers that serve as digital file cabinets for accessing
 multiple optical disk drives. The three new jukeboxes -- the LF-J7324A,
 LF-J7328A and LF-J7350A -- can be used with both rewritable and WORM
 optical drive applications.

    The company is also making its first entry into two new product cate-
 gories, announcing its first multimedia PC speakers and color desktop
 scanner. The speakers, the EAB710P and EAB401P, combine Panasonic's
 expertise in both the home audio and computer peripherals markets and
 offer important features for use with PCs, including magnetic shielding
 and Panasonic's own Super Bass Exciter structure.

    The color desktop scanner, the FX-RS308C, is used to input color
 photography and other existing color images, as well as monochrome
 documents. The scanner comes bundled with sophisticated editing software
 that allows the user to manipulate the image's appearance or enhance its

    The optical drives will carry suggested retail prices ranging from
 $3,695 to $3,995; the jukebox optical disk autochanger line will range
 in price from $17,000 to $35,000; the multimedia PC speakers will carry
 suggested retail prices ranging from $145 to $249; and the color desktop
 scanner will sell at a suggested retail price of $1,395. General
 availability is planned for first quarter 1994 through Panasonic's
 network of value-added resellers, PC dealers and electronics

    CONTACT: Panasonic Comm. & Systems Co.
     Ron Tomczyk 201/348-7183
     Creamer Dickson Basford
     J.A. Frazer/Patrick Ward, 212/887-8075/8084


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


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   | * GEnie-MUG NEWS *             for the week of 11/01/93 - issue 34 |
   | What's Hot and Happening This Week In GEnie's Macintosh User Group |
               GEnie-MUG News Editor: Eric Mueller (DLAND.ERIC)
              entire contents copyright 1993 by Eric C. Mueller

 WELCOME to the GEnie-MUG RoundTable newsletter! This quick bulletin gives
 you an idea of what's cooking in the GEnie Macintosh User Group (GEnie-
 MUG). I'm Eric Mueller, and I write this file every week so that you can
 find the action in GEnie-MUG: the latest controversy in the bulletin
 board, the hottest files in the library, and the hippest chats in the RTC
 rooms. I'm always interested in your comments on this file, and would
 love to hear them.

 If you're new to GEnie or GEnie-MUG, you can read about GEnie-MUG
 (including information on what GEnie-MUG has to offer and the layout of
 the system) by typing "M 605;4". Additionally, the GEnie-MUG help desk (a
 live hotline) is available in the GEnie-MUG RTC (type "M 605;2" then
 choose room 1). For more information and a schedule of times, type "M

 APPROPRIATELY ENOUGH (for Halloween), GEnie-MUGGER Sue Fregien started a
 topic called "WriteNow Document from Hell!" WriteNow, a popular Macintosh
 word processor, has been giving her fits---it seems that every time she
 starts the program, an 8-page document that she worked on in the past
 appears on her screen! (Sounds like "Return of the Living Dead" to me!)If
 you've been having a problem like this with WriteNow, check out GEnie-MUG
 bulletin board category 2("SOFTWARE: Daily Business"), topic 31("WriteNow
 Document from Hell!").

 LOTS OF NEW STUFF IN THE LIBRARY THIS WEEK, including a directory of
 library files! This directory of files, "done up" by none other than
 yours truly, is a special directory, designed to be imported into your
 favorite database (such as ClarisWorks, FileMaker Pro, Panorama, or 4D).
 What does this mean? It means you can download these files, and with a
 minimum of muss and fuss, have the entire GEnie-MUG software library
 directory at your fingertips! You can then search the directory without
 being connected to GEnie, saving time and money. Interested? The data is
 in six files; just trot right over to the GEnie-MUG library and download
 files #30823-30825 and files #30828-30830, ASAP!

 NOW GET UPDATED with two exciting updaters from Now Software: Now
 Compress Updater and Now Up-To-Date Updater. With them, you can bring
 your copy of Now Compress up to version 1.0.1 (fixing all known bugs in
 version 1.0), and you can bring your copy of Now Up-To-Date up to version
 2.1 (adding support for Now Contact, the new contact-management utility
 from Now Software). Now Up-To- Date is one happenin' piece of time-
 management software that I recommend highly; this updater is a great
 addition if you already own it. Check out file  #30817 (Now Compress
 Updater) and file #30804 (Now Up-To-Date Updater) in the GEnie-MUG
 library, now!

 NEW VERSIONS OF COMPACT PRO are always news, and Bill Goodman has been
 busy turning out the latest version of Compact Pro, now available in the
 GEnie-MUG library. Version 1.34 corrects all known bugs in version 1.33,
 adds a note feature, and includes a fabulous set of documentation which
 explains the whole package. Exciting, no? If you're interested in
 compressing your data into the tiniest little tidbits (veritable morsels;
 appetizers in the information buffet), check out #3077. And, for you
 francophiles (and that has nothing to do with Rocky Horror), check out
 file #30781, the French-language version (no kidding!).

 NEWTON FANS abound, which is just one of the reasons that I write about
 them every single week here in the GEnie-MUG RT News. Another reason is
 that they're fun little toys, and GEnie-MUG has a pretty good cache of
 software available for the Newton. The easiest way to find it all is to
 search the GEnie-MUG library for anything with the word "Newton" in the
 title; you'll find it all. To use the Newton software, you'll need to
 have a Macintosh, and a Newton Connection Kit (which allows you to move
 data from your Mac over into  the Newton). One fun Newton program that I
 found is "Check Please!," a program  to split a restaurant bill among
 several people and figure out an appropriate tip for the tab. If you
 carry your Newton with you everywhere (and what dedicated Newton owner
 doesn't?), you should have this gem. It's file #30716 in the GEnie-MUG
 library, ripe for the picking and waiting for your needs.

 THE STARTUP PROCESS is a mystifying thing. What exactly is your Mac doing
 when it's going through those gyrations after you turn it on? (Reminds me
 of a washer on spin cycle with a cat inside... you can't quite tell
 what's going on unless you lift the lid, but you don't want to do that or
 else the cat will scratch you. Or something like that.) Anyhow, the Mac
 does a host of tasks on startup, including getting your extensions
 extended, your control panels controlled, and your startup items, well,
 started up. 'Randy' Zeitman, GEnie-MUG dude and all-around fun guy, has
 written an article on the Mac startup process and is looking for your
 feedback. Check out his article---it's the first message in the topic---
 and then if you want, leave your comments or remind him about anything he
 might have missed. It's neat and it's in category 28("MACINTOSH: General
 Questions"), topic 13 ("The Startup Process---an article").

 WORD 5.1 IS ON THE STREET, so to speak, and people are starting to
 install it on their machines and really get down-and-dirty with it. If
 you're looking to do some serious word processing, there aren't many
 programs more powerful than Word 5.1. 5.1 also includes a number of
 features designed to make it "feature-compatible" with Word for Windows,
 Microsoft's popular IBM product. Got a favorite Word 5.1 tip, trick, or
 tidbit? Having problems with a feature; can't seem to make those darn
 even/odd margins mirror correctly? Check out category 2 ("SOFTWARE: Daily
 Business"), topic 3 ("MSWord 5.1") for all your needs.

 THAT'S ALL for this week. Until next week, continue to live out of bounds
 with Macintosh!

 by Randy Noak

      This week we ll look at GraphExpo, check the mail, and see what else
 we can dig up.

      First of all, I d like to thank all those that sent comments
 concerning last weeks BBEdit review. I have no plans to,  quit my day
 job , so those of you who told me to hang on to it, don t worry.

                               GRAPHEXPO  93

      GraphExpo s are trade shows for the Printing/Graphic Arts
 industries. This years show was held at giant McCormick Place in Chicago.
 Exhibited were giant printing presses, folding machines, stitchers, and
 much more. For a desktop publisher like me, it s a real interesting show.
 This year though, I was pretty bummed out. Oh, the show was fine, but,
 well, let me tell you what happened.

      First of all, I m not that fond of big cities. Oh sure, I ll go to
 Chicago to watch the White Sox, but, beyond that, I s just as soon stay
 out here in the famous Hoosier cornfields, so it was with great
 trepidation that I made my way to the Windy City. I hadn t driven to
 Chicago in quite some time, and decided to take the scenic Indiana Toll
 Road and Chicago Skyway to the Dan Ryan Expressway. The drive on the Toll
 Road was wonderful. Nice smooth road and it only cost me 65 cents. The
 Skyway was another story. Bumpy, loaded with Chicago Police, and it cost
 $2.00 one way! Highway robbery I say. No wonder no one uses that road. I
 grumbled but paid and was soon on Route 55 headed to Lake Shore Drive.
 McCormick Place s underground parking garage was full, so I had to park
 in the outside lot. $8.00 parking fee! That wouldn t have been so bad,
 but there was construction going on at the north end of the lot, and I
 had to walk about 2 miles just to get into McCormick Place. That wouldn t
 have been so bad, but they had installed a roof over the sidewalk that
 leaked water on anyone walking under it. For this I paid 8 bucks?

      Inside, the place was mobbed. I had to wait in line for over an hour
 to get registered. Needless to say, I finally got in and proceeded to the
 Apple booth as quickly as possible.

      Apple was sharing their booth with a bunch of software developers
 and those stations were packed with people, so I really couldn t see too
 much. I went to the Aldus booth and it was the same story. Wall-to-wall
 showgoers. What it boils down to is that I didn t get to see anything new
 in either booth. I did, however, manage to talk to Apple and Aldus reps
 that were standing outside each booth. I asked the Aldus rep when we
 could expect the new version of Freehand, and she smiled and said
 something like,  A lot of people have asked that question today.  Hmmm.

      Quantel was showing Printbox which is a suite of programs and
 hardware for scanning, image editing, layout managing and outputting. It
 looked fast and was impressive, but the interface was not the standard
 Mac interface, so I think they may have an uphill battle on their hands.

      Photo CD was everywhere, and it looks like it is becoming accepted
 by the graphic arts industry. For that matter, CD-ROM players were
 everywhere too.

      I checked out every 600+dpi printer in the place. It was funny to
 see all the middle-aged guys looking through the bottom of their bifocals
 to check the print quality. Funny until I caught myself doing the same
 thing. I came to no conclusions there, but I did bring back print samples
 of them all. The winner? I ll report that in a future column.

      Another interesting phenomenon was that, while Macs are the computer
 of choice in the graphic arts industry, most of the price estimating
 software is DOS or Windows software. Go figure.

      The big web printing presses filled the two big rooms upstairs.
 These babies are big and expensive.  Most had  Sold to  tags on them, so
 I assume that the industry is starting to pick up again. Watching those
 big boys run is fascinating and the smell of a printing press in action
 is unforgettable.

      All-in all an interesting show. While Apple s and Aldus  booths were
 crowded, that gave me the chance to visit the smaller booths and learn
 more about the graphics biz. Attendance at the show in general bodes well
 for desktop publishers and those in the graphic arts.


      CompuServe s Mac Forums are lively places. Here s what s happening
 in the Mac Community Club Forum.

 News Flash Announcement:

 Welcome to MAUG(R)/Macintosh Community Clubhouse Forum

 JOHN SCULLEY resigns from Apple! Read message 69103 for full details.
 Also read message 69104 on Apple's latest, stated revenues.

 MAUG(R) now has a new suffix for self installing library files - .INS --
 read message # 68404 here for complete information

 GO NEWTON to our newest Forum -- The Newton/PIE Forum! Once there read "A
 First Look: The Newton MessagePad -- Something To Hold Onto?"  by Neil
 Shapiro  the first independent, full-length feature review of this new
 technology from Apple. It's stored as NEWTN1.TXT in GO NEWTON's Library 1
 database. Meet people from Apple's Newton and PIE (Personal Interactive
 Electronics) Teams! Talk about what the Newton is and whether to get one.
 And, should you have one shortly, meet with other Newtoneers!

 GO QUICKTIME all of which will take you to MAUG's exciting, newest Forum!
 This Mac Multimedia Forum features sections on QuickTime, video,
 graphics, sound, presentation software, HyperCard and much more! Please
 note that the QuickTime libraries from MACSYS are now duplicated on
 MACMEDIA and will be ERASED from MacSys  Forum soon. Therefore, ALL NEW
 QUICKTIME uploads GO MACMEDIA. This also
 applies to Sound Tools from MACFUN and Graphic Tools from MACAP. We hope
 you will enjoy MACMEDIA!

 MAUG(R) is a trademark, owned by MCU Inc., and Registered in the U.S.
 Pat. and TM Office.

 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                             STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

      Well, let s see what the letter carrier has brought us this week.

      Mac Tools 3.0 is out. Mac Tools 3.0 is an all-purpose disk utility
 featuring: Anti-virus, DiskFix, Optimizer, Backup, FileFix, FastCopy,
 DriveLight, AutoCheck, and TrashBack. Mac Tools 2.0 worked real well for
 me, saving my hard drive when I screwed it up trying to install my
 Syquest  drive so this is one upgrade I am really looking forward to. If
 you don t own a disk utility, I can whole-heartedly recommend Mac Tools
 2.0 and Mac Tools 3.0 should be even better. Get it. I ll have A review
 in A future column. Call Central Point Software at 1-800-937-9842.

      Apple sends the latest edition of the Apple Catalog featuring
 computers, printers, clothing, and software. The Powerbooks have instant
 rebates, and, prices for the hardware reflect Apple s new pricing
 strategy. To get your free copy call 1-800-795-1000.

      ClickArt 2000; The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Solution? That s what
 the flyer says. 2000 EPS graphics for $59.95. Did I order this? Yes. I
 got the CD-ROM version. I ll let you know how I like this, and if I find
 the graphics useful. If you don t want to wait, call ClickArt at 1-800-

      Here s what s been going on in GEnie s GE-MUG RoundTable lately.

 > STR InfoFile

      Here s some good news; lower prices. Do you think if I leave this
 rebate list laying around the house my wife will get the message? Do you
 think I ve been good enough for Santa to bring me a Powerbook? OK then,
 what should I do with my lumps of coal?



  CAMPBELL, California--November 1, 1993--The Apple USA division of
  Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it will offer customers instant
  rebates on select Apple Powerbook computers and peripherals
  beginning today and continuing through January 31, 1994.

      Apple's "Does more. Costs less. Pays Now." holiday promotion will
  feature significant rebates on the following products while supplies

  Qualifying Products:                           Rebate:

  Apple Powerbook 145B                             $150
  Apple Powerbook 165                              $100
  Apple Powerbook 165c                             $100
  Apple Powerbook 180                              $200
  Apple Powerbook 180c                             $450
  Apple Powerbook Duo 230 4/120                    $350
  Apple Powerbook Duo 230 4/80 bundle              $350
  (includes floppy adapter and external drive)
  Apple Powerbook Duo 230 4/160                    $500
  (includes Apple Duo Dock and Express Modem)
  Apple Duo Dock                                   $150
  Apple Duo Dock with 230MB HD                     $300
  Apple Powerbook Mini Dock                        $100
  Apple 16" Color Display                          $200
  Apple Color Printer                              $300

  Rebate Logistics

  Customers that purchase and take delivery of a qualifying product
  from a participating reseller between November 1, 1993 and January 31,
  1994 will receive an instant rebate at the point-of-sale after
  signing a rebate verification form.  Participating authorized Apple
  resellers can provide more information on the rebate.
  To locate an Apple reseller participating in the promotion, please call


      The prices just keep dropping. I wonder if this monitor is like the
 Performa Plus display? If so, it s not a bad monitor.



  Apple Color Plus Display Aggressively Priced for The First-time Buyer
  and Customers Who Require Performance and Value

  CUPERTINO, California--November 2, 1993--Apple Computer, Inc. today
  announced the Apple Color Plus Display, a 14-inch RGB display
  designed to complement Apple's new crop of aggressively priced
  personal computer models.

      Introduced at $305, the new 640 X 480 pixel display has a 67 Hz
  refresh rate that is ideally suited to customers who require
  performance and value.  The Color Plus Display features a .28mm dot
  pitch and non-interlaced scanning technology that is designed to
  ensure minimum screen flicker while providing vibrant colors and
  crisp, easy to read text, even during extended use.

      The Apple Color Plus Display is designed to "plug and play" with all
  Apple Macintosh computers.  The Apple Color Plus Display meets strict
  magnetic field emission guidelines and is shipped with a tilt &
  swivel stand.

      The Apple Color Plus Display is available immediately through Apple
  authorized resellers in the U.S. and in select markets in Europe and
  the Pacific.  For further information, customers in the United States
  should call the Apple Referral Center at 800-538-9696.  Education
  customers and customers outside the U.S. should contact their local
  Apple representatives for information.


      Apple and Texas Instruments are going to develop some new circuitry
 for high-speed data transmission. Does this mean that the PowerPC chip is
 too fast for existing peripherals or is the bottleneck the cables and


  Texas Instruments
  Martha Brounoff

 Apple and TI Announce Agreement to Develop New Circuits for Multimedia
 Transmission Agreement Jointly Endorses Proposed High-Speed Serial Bus

 Dallas (November 1, 1993)--Texas Instruments (TI) and Apple Computer,

  (Apple) today announced an agreement under which TI will develop a new
 category of integrated circuits using technology developed by Apple .
 Based on Apple's new FireWire technology, these integrated circuits will
 enable computers to exchange information at very high speeds with a
 variety of electronic equipment via miniaturized connectors and low-cost
 cables.  The new devices will help improve the performance of disk
 drives, scanners, printers and multimedia devices such as digital
 cameras, CD ROMs, VCRs, camcorders and audio/stereo equipment.

  The Apple FireWire technology, which is based on an emerging standard
 for information exchange (P1394 ),  will enable a dramatic reduction in
 the number of connectors required, improves overall performance and
 allows  plug-and-play  addition of peripherals.

  Both TI and Apple serve on the committee, set up under the auspices of
 the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), to formulate
 this proposed standard which is designated the P1394 standard for a high-
 speed serial bus.

  Under the terms of the agreement, TI is licensed to develop the new
 devices using the FireWire technology.  As an authorized FireWire
 licensee, TI has been working with Apple to develop integrated circuits
 conforming to the P1394 standard that can be used across multiple system

  Existing bus interface solutions do not address many of the anticipated
 needs of future systems.  Applications in multimedia may require the
 ability to transport large volumes of data in an isochronous*  - or  real
 time  -manner. The P1394 standard provides this capability, as well as
 enable higher bit rates and significantly lower cable costs over what is
 currently possible.  In addition, the proposed standard provides
 uniformity in input/output (I/O) connections, digital integration of data
 and control and improved system reliability.

  The emerging P1394 standard describes a serial bus driven by an advanced
 communication protocol for low system cost while still providing the data
 transfer rate needed for high performance peripheral devices.  The P1394
 specification provides straightforward, seamless connection between
 various types of equipment such as computers and peripherals.  The cable
 specification gives customers great flexibility in how they connect
 devices together - including multiple daisy connections in a local area.

  TI and Apple believe that the proposed high-speed serial bus standard
 will provide a strong unifying element in the electronic systems and
 multimedia equipment marketplace.  The companies view their joint
 development agreement as a means of underscoring their individual
 endorsement of the proposed standard.

   FireWire will give customers both considerably enhanced performance
 when working with different information types such as video and the
 ability to connect digital products together easily, which is crucial as
 we move towards increasing use of different forms of media on the desktop
 , said Jonathan Zar, Business Manager of the FireWire project for Apple.
 The P1394 standard, together with Apple s decision to license this
 technology provide a great basis for an industry standard connection for
 the digital world .

   This agreement is a natural outcome of the leadership demonstrated by
 both companies in the development and support of the proposed P1394
 standard, said Bryan Bell, TI data transmission products manager.   The
 performance and technical advances that our jointly developed devices
 promise to deliver will serve to bolster further acceptance of the
 proposed P1394 standard .


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Rockville, MD                            MAC Interface?

      It looks like GEnie s long-rumored front end for the Macintosh is
 getting closer to fruition. A friend of a friend of a friend told me that
 one of the leaders in Mac telecommunications has a front end virtually
 ready-to-go, and is currently negotiating with the Powers-That-Be at
 GEnie. Let s hope this rumor is true. It sure would be nice to have that
 front end for Christmas!

 - Lake Placid                               FLORIDA GRID IRON FAN "WATCH"

      Another GEnie rumor concerns one of GE-MUG s assistant SysOps. It
 seems that this SysOp, who shall be nameless, is certain that the
 Seminoles will defeat Notre Dame. The question is: Will she be real upset
 when the  Noles go down in defeat?  Let s win one for the Gipper!

      That s it for this week. As always, be sure and send your comments
 to me at the following addresses.

                           CompuServe: 70323,1031
                               GEnie: R.NOAK
                         America OnLine: RandyNoak

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                DELPHI TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (11/3/93)

                  (1) STREPORT #9.44
                  (2) ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE - VOL 2.18
                  (3) WINX 2.1/GEMRAM
                  (4) DOCS FOR XCONTROL 1.31
                  (5) NEW AHDI FROM ATARI
                  (6) THRONE11.LZH
                  (7) 3D MAP OF THE EARTH
                  (8) LIQPIXEL.LZH
                  (9) CLOCK11A.LZH
                  (10) GRAMMARIAN VERSION 1.0.0

                  DELPHI-It's getting better all the time!


                          ATARI/JAG SECTION (III)

                             .---. FALCON .---.
                            /     \  __  /     \
                           / /     \(  )/     \ \
                          //////   ' \/ `   \\\\\\
                         //// / // :    : \\ \ \\\\
                        // /   /  /`    '\  \   \ \\
                       //          //..\\          \\



     The  Atari Portfolio Forum has been closed as a separate entity.  All
activity and libraries have been moved to the PALMTOP FORUM (GO PALMTOP).

     We  would  like  to welcome all Atari Portfolio owners to the Palmtop
Forum.    Section  9  and  Library  9  are designated as the home base for
continued  Portfolio  support.  You'll find over 750 Portfolio files (most
are  DOS  compatible)  from  the  former  Portfolio Forum available there.
Owners  of other DOS palmtops should check out these files as many are not
Portfolio-specific and will run on your units.


Download the following new files from LIBRARY 16 of the Atari Vendors

  W9380U.TXT  - Press release describing version 3.80 of Warp 9
  THRONE.LZH  - A different sort of flying appliance...
  EASYUP.TXT  - CodeHead makes it easier to upgrade Warp 9
  CLOK11.LZH  - New EOS Clock fixes config save bug
  CLOCK.LZH   - Does anybody really know what time it is...


Download  file  DESKFX.ARC  from  LIBRARY  14  of the Atari Arts Forum (GO
ATARIARTS) for a picture Desktop, an Animated Mouse, and a font program in
one(!).   Personalize your color ST with any Degas pic you like instead of
a  green  desktop,  you  can  even  create  your  own  animated  mice with
ANIMOU.ARC   (a separate download).  Works in low and medium rez, resident
while you work/play.


 > From the Atari Editor's Desk         "Saying It Like It Is!"

 by Dana Jacobson, Atari Editor

      Well, I guess I'm now a "veteran" after getting past my
 first "edition" as STReport's new Atari editor!  The butterflies
 (and the rest of the bugs) are over and done with.  They say it
 gets easier from now on.  They all lied!

      So, with all of the pleasantries out of the way, let's get
 down to business.  Some interesting tidbits coming our way this
 past week. most dealing with Atari's new Jaguar.  I also have some
 comments that I'd like to share, and perhaps get your feedback.

      Earlier in the week, there was a post on Delphi from Gordie
 Meyer, one of the Atari SysOps, related to a couple of items that
 appeared in NewMedia magazine.  They were of interest, so I
 thought that I'd share them with you as well.

      The first was in a column called "Clippings", a collection of
 short news items.  It read, "Rupert Murdoch's The News Corp. is
 acquiring Delphi Internet Services, the chief provider of full
 Internet access to home users.  The News Corp. plans to use Delphi's
 on-line service as the launching pad for electronic newspapers and
 interactive versions of its properties, including 20th Century Fox,
 Harper Collins books and TV Guide."

      The second item was in a sidebar entitled "Coming Down the
 Pike".  It accompanied an article about CD Game Players.  It said,
 "While you're mulling over the current generation of consumer
 platforms, the game companies aren't standing still.  In an effort
 to win the market back from the Japanese, Atari has announced their
 new 64-bit true color Jaguar More?  home system for release in the
 New York City and San Francisco markets in the late fall.  The
 system, manufactured by IBM, will consist of a $200 cartridge unit,
 and a $200 CD-ROM add-on available next spring.  Those of us who
 witnessed the first public demonstration in August agree that this
 machine produces the finest game graphics available.  It features a
 throughput of 106.4 MB and delivers a blazing rendering speed of
 850 million pixels per second.  It remains to be seen what the real
 titles will look like, and whether Atari has the marketing skill to
 regain a leadership role."

      The preceding excerpts were posted with permission of NewMedia
 magazine. NewMedia is available from most major bookstores. For a one
 year (twelve issues) direct subscription, send a check for $48 to:
 Customer Service Department, NewMedia, P.O. Box 1771, Riverton, NJ,

      The Jaguar is making the news in all forms of outlets these
 days.  I'm sure that as we get closer to the launch date in a
 couple of weeks, the coverage will increase.  I was even
 pleasantly surprised to read in this past Thursday's issue of USA
 Today, in the "Life" section, the cover story was partially
 devoted to the Jaguar.  The article essentially tells readers that
 the video games market is no longer a 2-player game anymore.
 Today's new technologies (Atari's Jaguar, 3DO, Commodore, and
 Pioneer) are threatening the once dominant holds of Nintendo and
 Sega.  It's nice to see Atari's name somewhere causing some
 "alarm" to some major companies!  First it was Nintendo, and then
 Sega grew to challenge them.  Seriously, there were no others,
 until now.  I loved USA Today's Mike Snider's comment about
 Nintendo and Sega standing atop a hill, "the two stood
 precariously together - plumber vs. hedgehog - each trying to
 elbow the other off the peak."

      As he goes on, he says that while these two are fighting it
 out with each other, they both realize that there are others
 challenging them.  Snider goes on to describe who those
 challengers are, ending with: "...even a 64-bit system from Atari,
 the brand that singlehandedly built the video game industry, and
 then all but killed it off."

      It's a new ball game as of today folks.  Atari is in New York
 City; and by the time you read this, Atari will have announced
 that the Jaguar will be available in just a couple of weeks.
 Snider then goes on to describe the past efforts of some of these
 companies, and then what's in store for the future, including a
 brief description of the Jaguar.  They even included a nice color
 picture of the Jaguar on the cover.

      For Atari, this is an exciting time.  For those who are
 faithful Atarians, regardless of the product, it's also enjoyable
 to see Atari's name right up there with other headliners, for a
 change.  I'm also excited, but at the same time, I'm concerned.

      Where will this all lead us, those of us who are the Atari
 computer users?  Sure, some of us who use Atari computers also
 have earlier Atari video game machines such as the 2600 on up.
 Heck, my 2600 is still around although I haven't hooked it up in
 years only because I have no place to keep it!  Many of us are
 using Atari's portable game machine, the Lynx.  Some of us have 8-
 bit machines; and many of us still have an ST, STe, or TT in full
 use.  Some, are using the latest available machine, the Falcon.
 Will the success of the Jaguar mean the death of the computer side
 of Atari?  Some say yes while others say no.  Some, like myself,
 have no idea what might happen.  Atari has said that the Jaguar is
 on the front burners for the present, and the Falcon will remain
 on a back burner somewhere, for now, as well as a focused new
 development of future Falcons.

      I'm concerned that the computer side may die out.  I'm
 concerned that remaining software developers might not be willing
 to wait out the Jaguar campaign and drift further away.  I'm
 concerned that those waiting for a more powerful Falcon may decide
 not to wait any further, and move on.

      Just imagine if you will, what might have happened if the
 Falcon got the same type of devotion and coverage as the Jaguar is
 enjoying these days; _and_, it came out on schedule?!  The
 circumstances are almost identical.  The Falcon, when it was first
 announced, was miles ahead of the competition, and much cheaper.
 The Falcon was a dream machine that no one was close to at the
 time.  Unfortunately, there were too many production problems and
 not enough publicity.  Unfortunately, Atari's name with regard to
 computers, had long ago faltered after its initial successes with
 the 520 ST.  What's saving Atari this time, with the Falcon, at
 least so far, is that they're getting the word out much better,
 they've got the IBM name behind them, and they're apparently right
 on target for release.  Why didn't that happen with the Falcon, or
 perhaps even with the TT or MegaSTe?  It really saddens me to see
 the computer line losing what I considered to be a huge edge at
 the time.

       Well, perhaps if the Jaguar is as successful as the media
 gives its potential, Atari will have the resources to come out
 with a version of the Falcon that will outclass the competition
 and Atari will have TWO major products on the market at the same
 time.  I guess that all any of us can do for the present is to
 hope for the Jaguar's success and that we can reap some of the
 benefits somewhere down the foreseeable future.  Let's hope that
 the future comes quickly.

      On to other things....  I want to express my thanks to the
 many readers who have sent me mail this past week.  Most of the
 mail consisted of well wishes and hopes that STReport will have
 some fresh new ideas to help fill the void of Atari magazines.
 And, some mail offered suggestions as to what readers would like
 to see in future issues.  I hope to incorporate some of those
 suggestions in the near future.  My concerns right now are to
 establish some realistic goals, and work toward them.

      My immediate goals are to provide more coverage of the online
 services that support Atari computers.  These would include
 Delphi, CompuServe, and yes, even GEnie.  I'm looking for a few
 volunteers who are willing to put together a weekly, or even bi-
 weekly column similar to Joe Mirando's "People Are Talking".
 There is a lot of interesting ideas, questions & answers, problems
 & solutions, etc. that come from the online services that can
 benefit the entire userbase.  I need people to help put that
 information together.  I'm not looking for enormous columns as too
 much would not be a good idea.  I'm also looking for one or two
 people to keep our readers up-to-date on the new public domain and
 shareware scene.  Next to message forums, new software is always
 on the minds of the userbase.  It helps to get some ideas as to
 what's available to keep the readers informed.  It can also save
 needless download time and fees; or, to make the best of it.
 Again, I'm not looking for hundreds of programs to have mini-
 reviews each week; nor does it have to appear every week.  If
 you're interested in either of the above; or even if you're
 interested in doing new product reviews, please get in touch with
 me as soon as you can.  You can either send mail to any of the
 STReport online accounts listed at the top of this issue; or send
 mail directly to me.  I can be easily reached on the following
 services: Delphi - DPJ, CIS - 71051,3327, or GEnie - D.JACOBSON2.
 I can also be reached on my BBS, Toad Hall, at (617)567-8642.
 Think about it.  Here's a golden opportunity to write about things
 related to your favorite computer and at the same time help out
 your fellow users with information.

      Also, if you're a developer and have a new product coming
 out, please make sure to send us any product announcements so that
 we can include them in STReport.  User groups, please make sure to
 include us for any upcoming events in your area that may be of
 interest (shows, etc.).  Online services SysOps also, please keep
 us informed of upcoming events such as online conferences or
 special events.  You'll be helping the rest of the community!

      Until next week....


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                       STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"        "...Of BIG Cats & Things"

                    "This Jaguar "thing" might just have
                           a real GO at it all!"

                                    ..overheard on Wall Street


 > DEALER CLASSIFIED LIST STR InfoFile        * Dealer Listings *
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                             SAN JOSE COMPUTER
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                            San Jose, CA.  95112
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                              CompuSeller West
                            220-1/2 W. Main St.
                          St. Charles, IL., 60174
                             Ph. (708) 513-5220
                         FULL LINE COMPUTER DEALER


  (DEALERS; to be listed here with your specials, please drop us a line.)

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