Atari Explorer Online: 19-Sep-93 #0216

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/27/93-09:20:45 AM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Atari Explorer Online: 19-Sep-93 #0216
Date: Mon Sep 27 09:20:45 1993

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                              Table of Contents

* Z*NET Newswire ...................... The latest computing industry news.

* Glendale 1993 Show report .......... A first-hand impression of Glendale
                                                               Version 7.0.

* GEnie RTC "Direct from Glendale" .......... Bob Brodie, Ron Kovacs, John
                                                 King Tarpinian and others
                                                  live from the show floor.

* The Unabashed Atariophile .............. New PD and Shareware files made
                                                 for _your_ Atari computer.

* Role Playing Game Roundup ...................... Andreas expounds on his
                                                   favorite computer topic.

* Developing News ....................................              Warp 9 
                                                       The Atari Compendum
                                                          Processor Direct
                                                              Paper Plates
                                                            Prism Paint II

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


 |||    Z*NET Newswire
 |||    Compiled and Edited by Ron Kovacs
/ | \   GEnie: Z-NET      CIS: 75300,1642      Delphi: ZNET

 #####(((((((((( ###  
 ############(( ####  
 #########(( #######
 ######(( ##########  This column contains the latest Atari News
 #####(((((((((( ###  with an update of the Computing Industry.

//// APPLE AND KODAK FILMLESS CAMERAS - Apple Computer Eastman Kodak
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   are expected to introduce two
"filmless" digital cameras that can transfer photographs directly into
personal computers. The first camera, code-named Venus, may be rolled
out in November at the Comdex show in Las Vegas, and cost about $600.
The second camera, code-named Mars, is expected to cost more than
$2,000, and may be unveiled at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco in
January. Both Apple and Kodak have refused to comment publically about
these cameras, but the Wall Street Journal and MacWeek have published
reports about both products.

//// ATARIUSER MAGAZINE RETURNS - John Nagy, Publisher of AtariUser
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   Magazine released the long awaited
return issue at the Glendale Atarifest on September 18, 1993. This
return issue is the first in over nine months and contains extensive
reports from the Atari community, and a focus on the Jaguar and

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   offering a special $5.00
mini- subscription for three issues. For more information, contact
AtariUser or send your name, address and phone number with $5.00 to:
AtariUser Magazine, 249 North Brand Blvd., Suite 332, Glendale,
California, 91203.


 |||   On the Road to Glendale - Volume 2
 |||   By: Ron Kovacs
/ | \  GEnie: Z-NET      CIS: 75300,1642      Delphi: ZNET

It has been a few years since I last visited the West coast. The last
time I was here, I was publishing Z*Net Online and had a staff of
writers available to report on all of the happenings, this time around
I am doing a report for Atari Explorer Online, without the staff. On
my first visit to Glendale I wrote an article about the "other things"
that took place around the show and some of the interesting
differences between the East and West. This time around I will stay
away from the many reasons why the East coast is better than the West
and stick with the first day's events. :-)

(Editor's note: They would all be lies, anyway!)
(Travis' addendum to Editor's note: I'm not as sure.... :-)

Since there is an obvious loss of Atari users available, the
attendance was down to around 900 for the first day. In years past
that number would have been 1,500 or more. The attendees were buying
and the attitudes were VERY positive including developers. CodeHead
reported that they were going to have to make more of their Warp 9
upgrade diskettes, and Gribnif was planning on spending part of
Saturday night making more copies of Geneva to sell on Sunday. Darek
Mihocka indicated that he had a wonderful day of sales at the show on
Saturday as well! ICD had sold out of the accelerators boards, and
was taking orders to ship upon return to Illinois.

Before the show on Friday evening, there was an Atari Developers
meeting that was open to the public at the Red Lion Inn in Glendale.
That event went well, attracting about 50 people that looked like a
who's-who of Atari developers. Notable attendees included Aaron
Hopkins of Freeze Dried Terminal fame, Kevin Mitchell of Migraph,
Scott Sanders of SDS Software, Eric Smith, Atari's MultiTOS guru, Mike
Fulton of Atari Developer Support, and Bill Rehbock, Director of
Application Software.

Atari employees were on hand during the show Saturday, including Bob
Brodie, Mike Fulton, Eric Smith, and Bill Rehbock. Atari was on stage
at the show with the Falcon030 showing Jaguar Targa pictures. An
attempt was made early in the show to get a slideshow running using
GEMView without success. The users were taking most of Brodie's time
with questions as one after one they tried to get a few minutes. Bob
looked a little tired at the end of show Saturday.

Here is a rundown on SOME of the vendors. A full report will be
included in the NEXT edition of AEO. With our issue already on delayed
release for this article, we do want to cover some of the important
events BRIEFLY this week.

AtariUser Magazine returned with an October issue which debuted at the
show. Over 100 subscriptions were sold, and the public was voicing
their pleasure to see the magazine come back from a 9-month absence.
Showgoers seemed pleased to find the full color coverage of Atari's
new Jaguar home entertainment machine in this issue of Atari User. See
the item in this issue's Z*NET Newswire.

Migraph debuted the ColorBurst Color Hand Scanner. I am ordering mine
tomorrow at the show as I was very impressed with the demonstration.
The ColorBurst comes with ColorKit, software for easy-to-use imaging
that picks up 262,114 colors in a single pass or 4096 colors on lower
memory machines. Please note that this scanner is for FALCON030 ONLY!
Some of the features offered with this scanner are: Half-page scanning
window, 5 scanning modes - 18-bit color - 12-bit color - grayscale
-dithered halftone color and line art (monochrome), six adjustable
resolutions from 50 to 400dpi, scan and save up to 262,144 colors,
true 64-level grayscale scans at 400dpi, picture format export in
TIFF, IFF, IMG and TARGA, also compatible with TruePaint.. The
ColorKit comes in two versions, color scans in true color mode and
mono/gray/color scans in 256 color mode. Suggested price is $549/599.
Migraph may make a TT or even an STe version if there is enough
interest; let them know! For more information contact Migraph, 32700
Pacific Highway South #14, Federal Way, WA 98003. (206) 838-4677

ICD Inc. with Tom Harker was on hand with a number of their products
including a special bundling of the Super Link Package. This limited
edition package includes everything you might need to attach a variety
of SCSI (or IDE - Falcon030 only) devices to your computer. The
package consists of the ICD Host Adapter, ICD SCSI Pro Utilities and
the ICD Tape Backup System. Please note that this special edition
release also includes a CLEAR PLASTIC CASE for a limited time. This
and other packages are included in a summer savings sale that is being
promoted. For further information on this and other ICD products
contact or write: ICD, 1220 Rock Street, Rockford, Illinois,

Missionware Software and Fair Dinkum provided the following press
release at the show....

"John Hutchinson, better known in these parts as 'Hutch' - programmer
extraordinare, has decided to concentrate on programming instead of
marketing. Therefore, Missionware Software is pleased to announce
that, beginning October 1, 1993, we will be representing Hutch's
current product line. Soon, you'll be able to purchase these fine
Fair Dinkum products directly from us. Naturally, you can continue to
purchase these products from your favorite dealer as well.

"Beginning October 1, 1993, Missionware will be the official
distributor of: Crossword Creator II, Word Search Creator, Puzzle Pack
and Cryptographer.

"Missionware will also pick-up distribution rights to Rhea-FX's
Cyberdome - The HoverJet Simulator. These products will now be added
to other Missionware products such as Flash II, LottOdds, Printer
Initializer, CyberPaint and Mecha-Naught.

"John Hutchinson will still be programming for the Atari and other
platforms. He will also be providing maintenance of his products and
be assisting with questions regarding it.

"For more information contact John Trautschold of Missionware
Software, 354 N. Winston Drive, Palatine, Illinois 60067-4132, (708)
359-9565 or John Hutchinson of Fair Dinkum, Post Office Box 2, Los
Alamos, New Mexico, 87544, (505) 662-7236."

Computer Games Plus attended this year's Glendale Show, along with
Bill Yerger of MicroWorld, ST Plus, Zephyr Computing. Yerger
mentioned to John Nagy before the show that Zephyr sold his stock to
Art Turko of CG+ and is no longer in business.

Early Sunday, the hall manager had an ugly confrontation with Mr.
Yerger, as Yerger's display was blocking the aisles in violation of
the Glendale Fire Code. Despite repeated requests from the hall asking
Yerger to keep the aisle clear, he didn't comply with the request. In
order to avoid problems with the Glendale Fire Department, Yerger was
finally told to leave. At that point, he packed up the products that
he had reportedly sold to CG+ and left.

Toad Computer was showing Straight FAX and Stealth, as well as hard
drives and other hardware and software.

ST-Informer/A&D Software was on hand selling and renewing
subscriptions for $20.00. In the first quarter of 1994, updated
versions of the Universal Item Selector and the Universal Network will
be available.

The Computer Network, a local computer store, had one of the largest
booths at the show. DMC shared a section of the booth and was showing
off Calamus SL and the CyRel Sunrise card and talking to people about
the plans of DMC and Calamus. The October 1993 edition of AtariUser
was done completely in Calamus SL; that includes the cover and Jaguar
spread inside the issue. John Nagy told me that DMC was very helpful
in assisting with the issue and he wanted to pass along his thanks!

Oregon Research on hand with all of their products. Of particular
interest was the Video Master from Microdeal. This is a video
digitizing system that plugs into the cartridge port on the Falcon030.
This product does video and audio in full color on the Falcon030 only.

Mid Cities was on hand with a very large booth and a volcano setup
that would go off periodically during the show. The floor and hall
would rumble shortly before the volcano would blow off steam. A
special sale announcement or drawing would be held each time. They
called this their "Island of Bargains".

Compo Software was on hand with the Screenblaster for the Falcon030,
and Falcon-Speed, the PC/AT emulator that does Windows, plus some
graphics and music software for the Falcon030.

Gribnif was showing and selling Geneva, the multi-tasking system, for
the first time along with all of their other products like Crazy Dots,
NeoDesk, Pure C, Pure Pascal, Stalker 3, Cardfile 4, NeoDesk CLI,
STeno, Arabesque Professional, Convector Professional, XBOOT 3, and
their famous utility/icon disks.

Steve's Software selling a number of games including AeroChopper. He
has a wonderful selection of European Magazines, especially the UK
based publications like ST Format, ST Action, and ST Applications.

Scott Sanders' "The Atari Compendium" was on sale. This book covers
TOS 1.0 through TOS 5.0 and is an Atari programmers reference manual
containing almost every angle to software programming. This book will
not give a discussion on C programming, GEM programming, DSP56001 or
even MiNT file systems. This is a function reference documenting every
Atari function call including a few bindings, while an overview is
included to point you towards the correct functions. Eleven chapters
are included: Introduction to Atari Programming, GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS,
Hardware, AES, VDI, Line-A, Desktop, XCONTROL and GEM User Interface
Guidelines. Available from SDS Publishing for $49.95 US, $69.95
Canada. For further information contact SDS, 996 Redondo Ave., #404,
Long Beach, California, 90804. Voice: 310-430-0364, FAX: 310-987-2205,

GEnie had a booth too! Atari RT SysOps Sandy Wilson, JJ Kennedy, Mike
Allen, Fred Beckman, Larry Duke got to meet many of the Atarians they
have known online for some time now. Ken Estees from the
Science-Fiction RT was on hand assisting and signing up new GEnie
members. A live real time conference was conducted on Saturday evening
from the show.

I have included a few pictures in TIF format. They are black and white
and could not have been possible without the help of Rick Caldwell and
John Nagy.

There will be more in the next issue, including a full report on the
other vendors that we haven't a chance to get a complete demo from,
such as the VERY interesting BBS software from ROdent Labs; RatSoft


 |||   GEnie's Direct From Glendale RTC
 |||   Captured and Edited by: Travis Guy
/ | \  Courtesy: GEnie

<[Host] ST.LOU> Our special guests tonight are Glendale organizer -
John King Tarpinian, Z*NET News - Ron Kovacs and Director of
Communications for Atari Corp. - Bob Brodie!  Gentlemen, thank you for
taking time from this busy day to bring us all the latest news from
Glendale. I understand that you are typing at us from the GEnie booth,
staffed by a half dozen GEnie sysops. I am sure they are just as happy
to be off their feet while they watch you do some work <grin>. We'll
ask the sysops for comments later....

I suspect one of you will be doing the typing :-) May we begin with
some general comments about the day so far? King, Ron and Bob... GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> The show has drawn over 800 people so far, the
morning was a very busy time for us.  Atari is up on the stage as
always, showing the Falcon, and trying to get a slideshow of Jaguar
Targas to run with limited success so far.  There has been a lot of
excitement and interest in the Jaguar, with a number of people
expressing interest in becoming developers.  We had a developer
conference last night at the Red Lion which went very well, and
actually lasted much longer than we had expected it to.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Questions, go ahead! :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK Bob...

<[Host] ST.LOU> S.Chapman is first.

<S.CHAPMAN> what are the prices on the lynx at the show...  the good
guys!  have it for 49$..GA.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> I'll have to check, I haven't had a chance to
shop yet! :)  The supply of Lynxes that TCN brought to the show is
already sold out

<[Host] ST.LOU> any more?


<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks. Now we have Jaguar Jim. GA Jag Jim.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> CIS lag, Jim? :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hello Jim? Everything OK?

<[JAGUARJIM] J.THORNHILL> i WOULD lik to know when the much touted 3rd
party list will be available?  What part of next week?  Before or
after Wednesday and also will thes be true independent third parties
or is Atari going to just Licnese titles and do the programming

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Jim, much touted???? We'll make the release
next week, I will not, while out of the office be held to a specific
date.  This is indeed a list of true 3rd party developers.  We are not
doing the programming ourselves.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Followup Jag?

<[JAGUARJIM] J.THORNHILL> Well that wasn't the right word I guessno

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> NEXT

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hehehe... OK, John Brenner from Quebec!

<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> Hi Bob, did you say you were having trouble
running a slide show on the Falcon! Isn't that a little sad
considering Atari has been claiming for months that the Falcon is the
ultimate MultiMedia machine?  has Atari put the Falcon on the back
burner for now

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Well John, I'd say it is more an indictment of
my own lack of skills. I have been so busy doing other things that I
have not had enough time to properly set this up in advance. The
simple fact is that we are so darn busy trying to get peoples
questions answered here, that I haven't been allowed to really focus
on the project. I'm delegating that task to Mike Fulton, who is
running True Paint to do it, rather than the GEMVIEW slide show that I
was attempting to do it with. And no, we have not placed the Falcon on
the back burner. ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> JB?

<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> There is only one Falcon in Montreal. How many
dealers are there supposed to be.Would you have any idea offhand? 3 or
10 ?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> How ever many the market might bear.  that is
a question that would be much better suited for our rep in Montreal to
answer, Kaysound. ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> Folks, hang around for the door prize.... Photo Show
and It's All Relative from It's All Relative... courtesy of Greg
Kopchak. We'll do it soon. Next is Jonesy!

<[Jonesy] M.JONES52> Any noticeable numbers of non-Atarians
about,expressing interest in current and new stuff?  ga

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Not really.  There have been some new faces
that are asking about the Jaguar, but most of the crowd is very
familiar to me.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Now we have DaveFreeland

<[David] D.FREELAND> I noticed in the Atari Compendium PR that it is
up-to-date as of TOS 5.0.  Is this a typo?  If not, can you discuss
TOS 5.0??

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> No, it is not a typo.  There is another
version of TOS that is already in developer release is documented in
the compendium.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Followup Dave?

<[David] D.FREELAND> What is Atari currently doing to promote the

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> David, we're working with a number of 3rd
party people to come up with asome products that will give people a
reason to select the Falcon over another computer.  Right now, we're
excited that we've gotten a chance to look at Cubase Audio for the
Falcon...  which will raise the stakes in the music software to a new
level and allow musicians with the Falcon to do things that are simply
not possible on any other platform.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Next we have Dave Smith

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Bob, TT production has been a matter of concern.
What's the status *and* are there plans to keep the TT upgradeable to
future technology. If not, would there be a trade up? GA :)

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Dave, we are committed to returning the TT to
production, and it's my belief that production has already begun...but
it will be the TT...not a different machine.  And btw....isn't anyone
going to ask anything about the show?????

<[Host] ST.LOU> Dave? Another?

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> No More question, thanks! ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK. Ed Baiz.

<[Ed] E.BAIZ> What stores in SanFran are going to sell the Jag? What
is the overall impression of the people who attended the show? GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> We're in the process of setting up the Jaguar
distribution now, Ed.  I would expect to see it in Toys R Us,
Electronic Boutique, and all the other major entertainment retailers.
The people that are attending the show are anxious to see the Jaguar,
most seem pleased at the presence of a terrific issue of AtariUser
Magazine, and the impressive group of developers.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ed, do you have another question?

<[Ed] E.BAIZ> no

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks Ed.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, please tell us who is in the booth with you.
Maybe questions can be asked of them...

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Ron Kovacs, John Nagy, Mike Allen, and all the
rest just ran!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Haha

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> :) :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> May I ask John about the next AtariUser? When can we
expect to see it. We all miss it.

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> go for it... this is john

<[Host] ST.LOU> Oooooh... /nam too!

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> We have released the October issue TODAY here
at Glendale

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hurray... and welcome back!

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> and will ship to all subscribers and groups
next Tuesday!

<[Host] ST.LOU> What articles are in your resurrection issue? :-)

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> It has a COLOR spread on the Jaguar... and is
100% done with Calamus SL.  We have 6 pages of NEWS...  We have a lot
of Falcon news and such....  A GREAT article on digital audio on the
Falcon030...  A lynx BEST-OF review...  and more.  And a SPECIAL $5
Mini-Subscription offer for 3 issues for the faint of heart who are
scared to spend on subscritions in this market.  AtariUser is BACK.
And thanks for all the fish!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks John. Hang around in case we have a question
for you. Now I would like to do the prize thing..... for all paying
customers... no free flags allowed :-)

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> ga.

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK folks... I will ask the question and you type in
the answer. Wait until you see Room in Talk-Mode before hitting RETURN

<[Host] ST.LOU> What is the location of the Glendale Show?

<[Host] ST.LOU> 30 seconds

** <[Host] ST.LOU> Room is now in the talk mode.

<S.CHAPMAN> glendale
<[Ed] E.BAIZ> glendale, california
<[Dave] D.SHORR> Glendale Civic Auditorium
<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> California, Lions hotel
<[Bondservant] K.RICHARD2> glendale ca
<[Baaad Dot!] DABRUMLEVE> Glendale!
<B.BENCIVENGA> glendale civic center.
<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?
<[David] D.FREELAND> Glendale, CA
<H.SAKAI> glendale
<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> Glendale Civic Auditorium
<[Baaad Dot!] DABRUMLEVE> Gosh, Stargazer, that's not right.
<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Right now? Genie!

** <[Host] ST.LOU> Room is now listen-only.

<[Host] ST.LOU> I see two winners.... the answer is GLendale Civic
Auditorium. Dave Shorr and Chriss Cassaday....  Congrats

<[Host] ST.LOU> Dave has first choice... It's All Relative or Photo Show?

<[Dave] D.SHORR> I'd like Photo Show; thanks!

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK Dave. Chris..... you get It's All Relative. Thanks
to Greg Kopchak for providing tonight's prizes. Winners please send
your mailing address to ST.LOU after this conference. Back to our

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> A: Cary Grant.

<[Host] ST.LOU> King... :-)

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> King is out, this still JOhn Nagy

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ed from AEO was next... OK Nagy... sounds like a "King
Thing" :-)

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> We've given a couple thousand back copies of
AU away today!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Everyone say thank you?

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> And a Glendale first, there are NO buttons
referring to a certain online magazine....

<[Ed] AEO.5> How many games for the Jaguar will be released this fall
in SF and NY and how many next year for the worldwide release?

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> Looking for bob for this..... hold

<[Host] ST.LOU> I have just been told that Photo Show is a Falcon only
program... Dave, do you have your Falcon yet?

<[Dave] D.SHORR> Nope, but the BCS Resource Center now has one.
Thanks Bob!

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Hi Ed, there will be a single title bundled
with the machine...  and that title hasn't been set yet.  I expect
there to be about 5 titles at the time of the rollout.  After that,
there will be a number of other titles, depending on who the developer
is, it is hard for me to project the actual dates that they will be
available.  Right now, we've got about 10 titles in the works on the
Sunnyvale front.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob... I am told a late breaking story in ST Report
says the Jaguar may not be ready for Christmas.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Can you shed some light on this?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Lou, I'm surprised that anyone believes
anything that is written in that publication any longer. He really has
no sources in Sunnyvale at all. It's probably another typical Str word
game in that it will not be available anywhere except New York and San

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hmmmph... another good story bites the dust :-)

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Is it true that he wrote that from the Betty
Ford Clinic?

<[Host] ST.LOU> Are you permitted to name the 10 titles under
production for the Jaguar?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> I don't have my list in front of me, but I'll
try to get most of them for you Lou...

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Cybermorph, Crescent Galaxy, Tiny Toon
Adventures, Kasumi Ninja, Raiden, Club Drive, Checkered Flag, Alien vs
Predators, Evolution: Dino Dudes,

<[Host] ST.LOU> Good re-member-y, Bob!

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Tempest 2000. Thanks....that's the list! :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Next we have Steve Kiepe, Editor of Current Notes!

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> So he wasn't at the clinic?

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> Bob, are the developers/dealers at the show
happy with the turnout thus far and second, Bill Rehbock once stated
that the Falcon was meant for the HOME market. It appears that
Atari/3rd party developers are focused "primarily" on music
applications.   Is this primarily a survival response or would you
think we've pretty much seen a move toward a niche market?  In other
words, how do you think we can spread this out!  GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Hello Steve, nice to see you!  I have been so
busy myself, I haven't had a chance to gauge that.  The crowd of 800+
isn't as good as we had hoped for, but it appears to be a buying
crowd.  Re the second question, we have always found that while we
might have a purpose in mind for our machines, the developers will
often come up with a product that will capture a particular market.
Music has always been an important part of our market, and the
Falcon's capabilities are very impressive in that arena.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, Nathan posted from Glendale at 12:30 your time...
has he been swamped since then? :-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Steve, followup?

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> Good to hear that money is changing hands!
Are the remaining developers "enthusiastic" or more cautious in your
opinion.  GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Yes, he has.  Steve, I'll know more tomorrow,
I really have been busy myself, and haven't had a chance to hobnob the
way I would like to.  For example, Mid Cities is doing one of their
promotion announcements right now...they have set up a huge mural of
an island, complete with a VOLCANO, spewing smoke out of the top, and
when the volcano erupts, the have sound affects so the floor
vibrates....really amazing.  Z*Net News Service will be uploading
pictures of this later on tonight. ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> I will ask more after the paying customers get their
questions in. Next is Chris Cassaday... a prize winner. Welcome back,

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> John Nagy - Is that *really* you in that CI$ ad?
Bob Brodie - (sorry to be off topic) Is TOS 5.0 a machine specific
upgrade?  (Falcon or TT?)  Or is it for a future machine?  What's in
it?  AES 4.1?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Chris, John has stepped away from the machine
right now...

<[Host] ST.LOU> Chris, I was wondering too :-) John Nagy is much
better tanned :-)

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> What's the ad you're talking about?

<[Host] ST.LOU> CIS has a TV ad with a John Nagy giving his

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> what Lou said...

<[Host] ST.LOU> Now, answer Chris' question :-)

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> poke - prod

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> No, John says that he doesn't have enough time
to be on CIs, So it wouldn't be appropriate for him to endorse the
Atari Forums on cis.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Beside, THAT John Nagy was not carrying a copy of
AtariUser :-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, please read Chris' question about TOS and AES

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> I take it you can not comment on TOS 5.0?  If
not, that's fine.  I'me just curious...

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> The version of TOS he's enquiring about is a
beta version that is current restricted to developers only. I'd really
prefer not to comment until it's done. Sorry Chris!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Patience... big crowds down there :-)

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> very well, Thanks!  Say thanks to Greg Kopchak
for me!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Then we have John Brenner again.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> will do

<[Host] ST.LOU> GA JB

<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> Are there many hardware manufacturers present.
Like Fastech or JRI ? Is anyone showing upgrade hardware for older
machines as well as memory boards and what not for Falcons? GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> ICD is showing AdSpeed for $99, and good
prices on their Super Link Pro, and Pro Software.  Chro_Magic is here
selling their hardware, COMPO is showing Falcon Speed and the
Screenblast er, and of course, Migraph is showing their ColorBurst
hand scanner for the Falcon...Nagy says it is really, really hot!
Wizztronic is showing the Cartmaster, as well as another memory
upgrade board for the Falcon. In The Computer Network Booth, DMC is
showing Calamus SL, using an incredible CYREL Sunrise Card.  Without a
doubt, the finest images I have ever seen....  except in the Gribnif
booth...<grin> Crazy Dots is there.  :) ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> Is Orange County near you? Bob. Here is

<B.BENCIVENGA> Never mind you just answered my question? about new
products etc...

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ok... on to S.chapman

<S.CHAPMAN> are voice mail products being shown at the show , second,
what are the different MIDI products being shown and by who.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Did I miss anyone? The queue is now empty....  Just
/rai again if I missed you or you have a question now

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> I haven't seen any voice mail products.  There
was a private showing of Cubase Audio for Falcon, but that was done
off sight.  Barefoot is going to be releasing a new product soon, and
Compo is showing MusiCOMM.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob.... I understand that congrats are in order to
Jonesy who is the new LiveWire writer for us Way to go, Jonesy!

<[Host] ST.LOU> You mentioned CyReL....

<[Ron Kovacs] PRESS-13> Hi gang...

<[Host] ST.LOU> I have Ralf from Cybercube who has an announcement

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> First, congrats to your nice show!

<[Ron Kovacs] PRESS-13> go ahead!

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> Seems that you got a nice crowd down there!

<[Host] ST.LOU> What's the scoop, Ralf?

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> We are having a special on the CyReL True Color
cards...  They have been reduced to US $999 for the show We are also
announcing a couple of new products, like a TT Accelerator and a 128
MB TT RAM expansion board!

<[Host] ST.LOU> THanks, Ralf... sounds like a can not resist I should
also mention that Dorothy Brumleve President of the IAAD is retiring
from the Live Wire job after years of service Many thanks to Dot!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Steve Kiepe is back...

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> Are significant numbers of Falcons (for
sale) in evidence at the show and how does the sales response appear
to be (thus far)?  ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> I just got a /send that anyone can take advantage of
the Glendale special on the CyReL cards... maybe someone can find
Nathan to tell us how....

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> There are good stacks of Falcons at both
Mid-Cities and TCN At least there was good stacks, They have been
depleted. :-) ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks, Nathan. How about info on the CyReL deal?

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> I picked a heck of a year to be away from
Southern California.  OH WELL, back in 94!  Thanks!  ga

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> On the CyReL cards, Cybercubes special will be
honored throughout North America for the  days of this show, fair is
fair so those that couldn't make it can still take advantage of a one
time above and beyond special. Thanks for asking.  ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK... Dave Freeland is last in line

<[David] D.FREELAND> Bob, in one of your previous conefrences, you
mentioned that there would be an 1-800 number to order Speedo fonts
with.  Do you have it?

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ooops

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> I believe that Bill Rehbock mentioned that. Please
check in the Bitstream RT as it may be posted there. ga

<[David] D.FREELAND> Thanks.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nathan... Dorothy has a few words for us

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Hi Dorothy.

<DABRUMLEVE> I am very pleased to announce that Mark Jones, our
beloved Jonesy, has agreed to relieve me of my LiveWire columnist
duties.  I have every confidence that Jonesy will do one hell of a
good job for Atari users here on GEnie.

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> "beloved"? ;-) Congrats Jonesy!

<DABRUMLEVE> I'm also missing this show just terribly.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Go Jonesy! Hail Dot! :-)

<DABRUMLEVE> I hope and trust everyone is having one terrific time!
Smoke 'em out! ;-)

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Wish you were here Dorothy!

<DABRUMLEVE> Me, too, Nathan.

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Wish Darlah was here more! ;-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Is it true you went outside to have a commemorative
smoke, Dorothy? :-)

<DABRUMLEVE> hehehhehe

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nathan... is my buddy Mike Allen around?

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Not at this second Lou. He's raoming the aisles.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ah... he was hot to go to the dev con... can you give
some impressions?

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> The show winds up at 6:00 pm today so Mike's
taking a brouse.  The Dev Conference was mainly handled by Mike
Fulton, Eric Smith and Scott Sanders talking about his new Compendium.
It appeared to be quite well received. There was a solid turnout and
everyone apeared pleased with the discussion on Mint, Multi-TOS etc..

<[Host] ST.LOU> What wasthe reaction among the non-devs?

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> I didn't take a poll Lou, sorry. ;-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nathan... I would like some sense of highlights...
what impressed you the most?  Ask the others to join in... you can
type :-)

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Lou, Mike's back. He's taking over the keyboard.

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Now what?

<[Host] ST.LOU> Mike... what are the highlights in your opinion?
<What did you buy?> :-)

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Sorry - lou - I spent LOTS of money - Saw lots of
good stuff.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Be our eyes, Mike...

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Compenduim is neat.  Warp 9 3.8 is Falcon
compatible.  Lots of Extendo-Save stuff with W9 3.8. I got DevPac3,
DataLite2, Genevea.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Mike.... JB asked me to ask about the Lexicor table...
How was it?  Lots of animations? How about the cards?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Hmmm - ? Back behind the bathroom, I believe.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Did you get to see it?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> I haven't really had the time to look a cards - the
crowds ...  around the booths Gribnif abnd DMC booths were preety
deep.  I thought there was going to be some kind of display comparing
the Lexicor and DMC cards...  and CrazyDotsII

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Lou - I haven't seen any Lexicor cards here - but I
haven't . . .  had the time to look too hard.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks, Mike... anyone else want to share some
thoughts with us?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> I have been abandoned! Just me at the keyboard and I
am getting hungry!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hehehe... well how about sharing your first experience
in the GEnie booth How did the demos go today??  Did Sandy use Aladdin

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Besides, they left me in Flash, which I've never
SEEN before!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Here, take my Aladdin.....<reach>

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Well, except for the fact the Sandy threw me off the
on-line ...

<[Host] ST.LOU> You mean they left the rookie while they went
shopping?  Shame...

<[Mike] PRESS-13> machine before I could get an "Update Topic" done on
. . .  aladdin (for the demo machine) things weren weren't too bad.
Nathan's disks had the whole starter kit . . .  ZIPped, which defeated
the purpose!  I'm glad I brought CodeCopy!  We've been remaking the
Stater Kits on the fly!  This is the last time we let Nathan make the
starter kits <g>!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Is there a lot of interest in GEnie, Mike? What kinds
of questions have you had?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> I am, however, going deaf.  MidCities has a volcano
that goes off (loudly) every so often to announce their specials!  I
have seen LOTS of Falcons go out the door!  TCN is selling 4/80's

<[Host] ST.LOU> WOW!!!  With a free Jaguar?  :-) Does anyone have the

<[Mike] PRESS-13> We've distributed about 30 copies of the starter
kit.  Haven't seen any 14/80s.  The Gizmo board looks real nice and

<[Host] ST.LOU> Did you sell modems with them? :-)

<[Mike] PRESS-13> there are several folks selling  Compo Falcon Screen
enhancer (I forgot the name!)

<[Host] ST.LOU> ScreenBlaster!  rhymes with volcane <grin>

<[Mike] PRESS-13> We all miss Dot and have had several smokes for her!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks for the sights Mike.... going to talk-mode

//// Editor's note: Moments later, this converstion occurred!

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Ralf, could you give some details on the TT

<[Gregg] AEO.7> TT accelerator?????  yes.... TALK!!!!

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> The CyReL CaTTamaran is a small module for the TT
and allows you to run your TT either in 32, 36, 38, 40 and 45 !!! MHz.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Where do you pay... I want one NOW!!!!

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Ralf, is it an 040???

<[Hai-Keeba!] AEO.MAG> Ralf, do you have a press release for the

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> The price will be US $99! No CPUs to replace, no
costly caches!

<[Host] ST.LOU> I want TWO of them... right now. I'm driving over,

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> We have not yet completed the beta testing. So
there is no PR as of yet but there will be!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Plug and play?

<[Gregg] AEO.7> Sounds GOOD!  any more details?  need a beta tester?

<[Host] ST.LOU> I will pay to beta test!

<[Hai-Keeba!] AEO.MAG> Cool. Congrats! (me too?)

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> It's a really small module. Some SOLDERING is
required.  Sorry, but this kind of thing can't just be installed like
a graphics card. *grin*

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nice name, BTW.

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> I'll Beta test on lots of Graphics apps...

<[Host] ST.LOU> I can vouch for Dave Smith...

<[Hai-Keeba!] AEO.MAG> Ehhhh, I'd burn a hole in my TT. :-(

<[Gregg] AEO.7> Hey, I know someone that'll put it through it's paces
with DynaCADD and Calamus.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Where does it connect? Can you say...

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> Yep, we thought that you get a lot more speed with
a CaTTamaran. *grin*

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Thanks Lou!!

<[Michael] AEO.4> How in the world does it work without a replacement

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> We have invented something... cannot elaborate too
much, but it's based on our CyReL XtraClock technology. So you get a
lot more kick out of your TT than you might have thought possible.

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> OK, for more details, please wait for the PR!


 |||   The Unabashed Atariophile
 |||   By: Michael R. Burkley
/ | \  GEnie: AEO.4      Delphi: MRBURKLEY

I have a sister-in-law who doesn't think much of Atari computers. Now
I could be wrong in that evaluation, but I don't think so. She knows
that I am interested in computers, and so she asks about my interests,
but always in a polite but bored way. I think you would recognize the
attitude, "Oh, it's too bad he can't afford a _real_ computer."

I was talking with her about two weeks ago across a picnic table in
her backyard. She had a friend visiting, all the way from France. We
ended up talking about this article, and so she asked again about what
I do with all this. As we talked she turned to fill in her friend with
some of the background facts. She said, "Michael has an Nintendo
computer... an Atari computer. Have you ever heard of that kind?" Her
friend replied, "Of course, they are the most popular computer in

It was very hard to keep a straight face!

I'm trying to catch up this week in my descriptions of the programs I
have downloaded in recently. I'm not having much luck doing so (there
are too many), but I'm working on it! Why are there so many files?
It's because you folks have been keeping so busy! Scott Preschern (of
Blue Mango Systems) gave you all a congratulatory note on GEnie last
week. He told that the file list on the ST RoundTable had reached
#30,000 and that the IBM RT only had 3,000 more files, while the MAC
RT had only 38 more! The situation is much the same on Delphi (and I'm
sure on CompuServe as well, but I'm not on that service). We are
associated with a computer that has a (very) small market share (at
the moment), but we sure keep it supported!

On with the software reviews!

y AEOPJ1 is the first installment (hopefully the first of many!) of
the AEO Programmer's Journal (dated Aug. 19, 1993. This is an
amazingly appropriate piece of work for all beginning and advanced
programmers. I was wishing that AEO would include some programming
helps for beginning programmers like me (actually, I'm not even a
beginning programmer yet!), and here is my wish answered!
(Hmmm...maybe if I wish for a Falcon 030...) This 154K ASCII file is
chock-full of information about programming in GFA Basic, "C," "C++,
and "Flex" (by Carl Barron, a member of BRAG ST, the user group of
which I am a member!) along with an excellent review of what goes into
making a program interface useful and "cool," and much much more. If
you program at all, or are even interested in the subject this file is
for you. I admit that I don't understand much in this file, but I
understand some, and reading this helps me to understand more. I
recommend it to you.

y ATAR_TIL is a Mahjong tile set for use with Mah-Jong Solitaire
(excellent!) from Cali-Co Superior Software. Created by Ed Baiz, Jr.
(dated Aug. 24, 1993) this tile set contains various Atari and
computer related items. You can either use this with the full program
or the demo.

y AW_TXTFX by Michael Herbert (dated Aug. 21, 1993) is a series of two
AtariWorks documents (.STW) that can teach you how to create some
special effects in your documents. The first file in a tutorial in a
two column format that tells you how to create a two column format.
The second outline procedures for creating 3 simple text effects
entirely within the AtariWorks environment and gives you examples of
those effects.

y BRDER258 is a DynaCADD .DEF file that is a decorative border. It
was originally an .IMG file. It's present scale is one inch to four
feet. Unfortunately, since I don't have DynaCADD I can't describe
this file any further. 145K uncompressed.

y CAIRO is University Cairo, a PageStream Type 1 PostScript font with
a 24 point screen font included. Based on the font "American
University of Cairo, Egypt" (I think that's what the file says!), this
font is a light weight font that contains only upper case letters with
numbers and only a few other special characters (it contains a PILE of
kerneling pairs). I would suspect that this is a display font, though
I haven't checked it.

y CLIPART3 on Delphi is a very nice series of 300 dpi .IMG drawing
(about 460K uncompressed). Here's a brief summary of them:

    CHURCH is a drawing of a Church building (with bell tower steeple,
    pillars in front, raised entrance, etc.) surrounded by flowers.
    The flowers are drawn around the church rather than appearing to
    have grown there.

    DINASAUR is a cartoon of a dinosaur with a fabric bow between her
    ears holding and egg and looking over her shoulder.

    FAIRPEOP is a drawing of a couple with two children interacting
    with a clown. In the background you can see a large tent and a

    F_15 is a cartoon of an F_15 fighter at take-off, or rather an
    attempted take-off. The pilot looks a bit worried, and all sorts
    of stars and glitter are shooting out of the back of the machine.

    F_16 is a cartoon of an F-16 fighter jet (I'm not so sure of the
    accuracy here!) in the process of landing, or rather crash
    landing. The engine has pooped out, the front landing gear is
    collapsing, and the pilot looks worried! I would be, too!

    GARFIELD is a drawing of Garfield the cat draped over a crescent
    moon and covered by a blanket. He certainly looks sleepy, and

    HALOWEEN is a drawing of a black cat (wearing a bow tie and a
    peaked hat) sitting on a Jack-o-lantern, and with a full moon and
    flying bat in the background.

    PLANERID is an excellent drawing of five people riding on a
    single-engined monoplane. Every available surface of the plane is
    packed with luggage, the people are shouting and almost falling
    out of the plane, and you would never catch ME on this plane! I
    like it!

    TURLSAIL is a drawing of a Turtle riding on a windsurfer board
    (and looking like he's enjoying himself - or herself, being it's
    hard to tell with a turtle!).

    WORLDFET is an excellent 300 dpi .IMG drawing of the world walking
    by with a smile and a wave. The view is from the Western Pacific
    basin, looking on to China, Australia, etc.. You can just see the
    Americas and almost see Africa.

y DTRACK111 is DeskTracker MultiTask v.1.11 by David Oakley. This .ACC
is STE-Falcon compatible (MiNT or MultiTOS as well) and will allow you
to play ProTracker .MOD files in the background with an (optional)
graphical display of the tunes (either bars or an ocilliscope). Click
on this .ACC and you will see a small box crammed full of 3D buttons
that control the playback, memory usage, loading, fast forward and
rewind, etc. of your .MOD files. The interface looks very good, and
the playback is excellent as well (though a bit less crisp than Paula
v.2.2b). Docs included. SHAREWARE (with several nice added
features - though not necessary ones - added on registration).

y HYPRSPCE and VADER are two Targa pictures (320x200) created by L.
Trapani. The first is a picture of Millennial Falcon (was that the
name of Solo's ship?) going into Hyperspace. The view is from behind
Solo and Chewy. The second is a picture of Darth Vader speaking to an
Imperial officer. Originally captured using VIDI-ST/VIDIChrome on an
STE and then using a TT and Damien M. Jones program RAW2RAW the final
Targa file was created. Not retouched at all. I'm not overwhelmed with
the quality of the pictures.

y MTN_QWK is Mountain QWK v.1.01 by Anthony Watson (dated Aug. 26,
1993). In a week's time he has already upgraded this program, making
it much faster. Make sure to get this version. Mountain QWK is a demo
of his first commercial release (other than some excellent Shareware,
which _is_ commercial software in my book!). Mountain Software has
provided us in the past with some of the prettiest, most functional
programs around, and this time is no different. This program is a QWK
reader/mailer with just about every feature you could wish for. It can
save you Big Time in your telecommunication costs.  There are
mountains of messages piling up each day on BBS's around the country.

If you are like me (I log on to Delphi, GEnie, Toad Hall, the Boston
Computer Society's BBS, and CodeHead BBS daily) the number of messages
to read are almost overwhelming (not to mention the replies!). Reading
them all online can add up to a bunch of money!  That's where Mountain
QWK can come in handy. Using the QWK format available on many BBS's,
message bases are collected, compressed, and tranferred out to you.
You can read them off-line (e.i., saving Money!) and reply to them off
line as well. Everything you need (except the compression programs -
and a computer setup with modem!) is included. This demo is limited in
the number of messages it can capture and the replies you can send
(plus some other minor irritants designed to get you to buy the
program!) Clearly written docs (Yeah!) are provided. Requires at least
one meg of RAM (more is better) and an ST--Falcon computer.

y TT_TRGAS is a series of four excellent Type 2 True Color Targa files
lifted from the new Jaguar game, "Tiny Toon Adventures." They are of
the Tiny Toons Logo with Babs and Buster, A Transporter chamber with
Buster, Babs, and Plucky Duck in attendance; Buster standing at the
crossroads (or rather crosscliffs) in an alien desert landscape and
trying to decide which way to go, and finally, a rocket on the launch
pad of Acme Control in which you can see some other Toons. View these
with GEM View (now up to version 2.45). Unfortunately, these aren't
viewable with PhotoChrome 3 (a set of these Targa pics in PhotoChrome
3 format have been uploaded, and they are excellent!). The Jaguar is
going to be Awesome!

That's it for now. I'm going to bed!

All of these files can be found on one or more of the following
on-line services: GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The
CodeHead BBS (213-461-2095), Toad Hall (617-567-8642), and The Boston
Computer Society's Atari BBS (617-396-4607) (Michael R. Burkley).
Drop me a line!


 |||   RPG Roundup!
 |||   By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \  Delphi: ABARBIERO      GEnie: AEO.2

One of the most frustrating things about being a computer user, and
especially an Atari computer user, is that while there is no dearth of
interesting software out there, it is not so easy to find software
that lives up to the packaging and advertising. Even reviews cannot
always be trusted. When an individual is forced to buy all the
software that he reviews, if he is happy with it the review may be too
glowing, if he is unhappy with his purchase the review may be too

The British Atari magazines, while usually a good source of
information, tend to be a bit myopic when it comes to more ambitious
software. Arcade games seem to do well, but the bigger and more time
consuming games don't always get fair treatment.

Role Playing Games (RPG), like the larger wargames may not appeal to
everyone since they take more effort to understand and play
successfully. RPGs, whether they be fantasy or science fiction, are
natural for the computer medium, and have jumped from the time
consuming board game, to the computer screen with great success.
Having a computer take over all the nasty work has amazing results.
Role playing games are my favorite, and while the genre may have
started out on computers like the Atari ST with Dungeon Master, they
now live ad nauseam with their sequels on the PC. Here is a comparison
of some of the role playing games that I have had the opportunity to

One of the biggest disappointments that I have had was Ultima VI. The
Ultima series was a big hit in the 8 bit Atari days and I have played
them up to IV on my Atari 800, and they were lots of fun. Then the PC
platform totally took over the scene, and the games ended up being
written by programmers who totally grew up in a Intel dominated world,
and the games got bigger, cost more, and played only marginally

When I look at games like Amberstar by Thalion, which was written for
the Atari originally, I see a game that is highly playable and more
than visually satisfying. Ultima VI is a visual nightmare. 16 colors
may not seem like much, but a ST LOW resolution screen can look much
better than the sloppy EGA graphics that was slapped together in the
Atari version of Ultima VI.

There, the gameplay is almost identical to the previous games, but it
loses the simplicity that made Ultima I, II, and III so much fun. It
looks like the authors were attempting to give more realism to the
usual perspective and it ended up being difficult to work with. The
game places more requirements on the player to manipulate objects and
the characters which makes it too easy to lose one of your players.
As you move around the screen, one character may fail to get through a
door with the rest of the party and by the time you notice, you may
not know where you lost him! The entire interface dealing with
manipulating found items in a character's inventory must have been
designed by a masochist.

Trying to decipher the objects from the cramped graphics on screen and
figuring out how to move the objects from person to person is annoying
rather than intuitive. The monsters are no different than the previous
games, and while combat moves quickly, the magic system, while clearly
one of the most completely thought out, is made quite difficult due to
the same rough interface that is encountered with the inventory
screens. The computer control of the characters is a good point, as
the other members of your party move well in combat.

In contrast, the game Legend, is wonderful regarding the above
aspects. The 3D view is more interactive and user friendly than Ultima
VI and the iconified manner in which the game operates under is much
more intuitive. The magic system is also huge, but the interface has a
separate screen and you can mix ingredients without struggling to see
what it is you are doing. The 3D presentation is much clearer and the
control over your four characters is precise. No worries about having
one of them die because the computer AI is screwed up.

Shadow Sorcerer by SSI is another game where some more care had been
made as to the displays than in Ultima. Again, the ST LOW resolution
is more than acceptable, and the only weak spots are in the story
line, and with the automatic character control. On the TT030, things
move a bit too quickly sometimes, and even on the ST the game has a
learning curve when it comes to controlling multiple characters. All
too quickly I find my wizards dead, and my warriors doing nothing
about it all. It is a pain to have to start the game over a dozen
times until you can get the hang of things. But fortunately, Shadow
Sorcerer does load off of a hard drive and the missions are actually
interesting, rather than too tough or boring in the end.

The whole aim of the game is to get the refugees in your custody to
safety without getting them recaptured or killed by the bad guys. The
whole thing about getting the refugees to safety seems more a burden
than a goal but if you have a remote interest in anything based on
DragonLance, or the characters involved, this game will not disappoint

Another game I recommend is Amberstar from Thalion. I reviewed this
game before so I won't go into it again in detail, but let it say that
this is a good pick for the fantasy role player. If they fix the few
small errors in Amberstar with the upcoming sequel Ambermoon, then
this will be a game truly able to compete with anything on any

Another game from overseas I have played is Ishar, from Silmarilis, a
French group. The French seem to have taken to the Atari in a big way,
and they are consequently working on many Falcon030 games. Ishar is
expected to see a sequel which will work on the entire Atari
ST/TT030/Falcon030 line.

The present incarnation of Ishar is a good looking game - a bit rough
on the gameplay, and has a steep power curve. Items are expensive...
so expensive that it seems that someone made a mistake by multiplying
the prices by a factor of ten to a hundred. The costs and expenses are
so outrageous, that to save the game in progress, you have to pay out
for the honor of saving your game!

This is not to say that this is a totally bad game since there are
some very imaginative features that I have not seen before. And some
of them actually work! For instance the personalities of your party
have to be compatible or else you end up with a group that even if the
others allow the newcomer in, they will not render aid or help the
offending member. A lot of work went into the interface and the
graphics. Little things like an easy to use inventory, and the ability
to have your characters fight two-handed and cast spells without it
intruding on the gameplay are some simple things that many other games
miss out on.

There is a definitely different group of pluses with this game than
with the others I have played recently, and in typical French style,
it is uniquely its own. It is different, and because of that, worth
the look, and worth the purchase.

For anyone out there who has NOT tried Dungeon Master and Chaos
Strikes Back, you are missing the experience that started it all,
since these are the two programs that define the genre. Being the
first usually means you are surpassed, but not so with these two. Even
today they can be played on a TT030 and are just as thrilling as they
were the day they were released. I would recommend them to any one who
is interested in learning about the whole idea of a RPG, and see what
it would be really like to enter a dungeon and deal with horrors out
of a beastiary. It may be fantasy, but its probably the most realistic
one around. Used copies of these games can be had for about ten
dollars, and at that price, you cannot pass them up.

There are many games out there, but as you all know, few are worth
buying. Short of being able to preview the game before you buy, I can
only urge you to read up about a game before you buy. The games area
on the Atari RoundTable on GEnie is an awesome place to find out about
games since the discussions are candid and provide useful feedback to
your questions. I had some problems with Amberstar fixed with the
thorough answers listed there. But, for those of you without access to
GEnie, if there is a program that you would like to know more about,
feel free to give the Atari Explorer Online staff a note, tell us what
it is, and we will try to obtain it for a review.


//// Warp 9 / Falcon030 Upgrade Announced

      :                                                   :
      :   CodeHead Technologies announces Warp 9 3.80     :
      :                                                   :
      :             Including Extend-O-Pak                :
      :                                                   :

 The long-awaited upgrade to Warp 9 is here!

  Feature List

 o Fully compatible with the Falcon 030 computer.

 o Fully compatible with SpeedoGDOS.

 o Seven completely new Extend-O-Save modules!

 o Seven of the previously-released modules have been enhanced, adding
   Falcon compatibility and new features, such as Alternate Screen,
   Test mode, Falcon "true color" support, and more.

 o A newly-designed Warp 9 Control Panel provides easier access to all
   options and allows you to configure which page of features will
   appear upon the opening of the accessory.

 o A new program, Extend-O-View, runs as an application for
   Extend-O-Save modules so that you can simply double-click on
   modules to load and view them!  Or install Extend-O-Save modules
   right in your HotWire menu to select them with a single keypress or
   mouse click.

 o A new accessory, EOS Timer, handles a new generation of
   Extend-O-Save modules which operate through the GEM event system.
   This allows modules to do disk access, and make many other types of
   system calls previously unavailable to Extend-O-Save modules.  The
   Slide Show module mentioned below makes use of these new features.

 o New MakeFast program provides users of TOS 1.0 and 1.2 a faster
   bootup of Warp 9.

 o Now comes on two floppy disks containing over 1.3 megabytes worth
   of files.  Disk two contains 20 Extend-O-Save modules from CodeHead
   Technologies and eight modules from other authors.

 o Includes a 30-page manual addendum documenting all new features and
   Extend-O-Save modules.

 New Extend-O-Save Modules

 Slide Show - Picture files are displayed in an automatic slide show.
 The slide show displays pictures in any of the formats supported by
 Warp 9, including beautiful 256-color pictures on the Falcon 030.

 Flying Thrones - A take-off on the popular Flying Toasters
 screensaver available on other platforms.  Flying Thrones includes a
 separate program which allows you to load your own images/animations.
 Due to trademark restrictions, we can't release a clone of Flying
 Toasters, but now you can create your own version.

 Rain, Man - Expanding circles appear on the screen, like drops of
 rain water hitting the ground.

 Things That Go Bump...  - The blinking eyes of various creatures
 randomly appear and disappear, accompanied by optional night sounds.

 Spotlight - A circular section of the screen roams around a dark
 background as if a flashlight or searchlight were lighting it.

 Filled Shapes - Random shapes with variable number of sides appear
 randomly, filled with random fill patterns.

 RAM Page - The screen fills with an ASCII representation of the
 internal memory of your computer, providing page after page of
 interesting and unique screen displays.  You might be surprised at
 what you've got inside -- and it's not Intel.


 Warp 9 3.80 with Extend-O-Pak is available now.  The retail price
 remains at $44.95.  Owners of previous versions of Warp 9 can upgrade
 to v3.80 for $25 plus $3 shipping ($4 Canada, $6 overseas).  Send us
 your master disk and $28 to receive the upgrade.  For more
 information, contact your local dealer, or:

   CodeHead Technologies
   PO Box 74090
   Los Angeles, CA 90004
   Tel (213) 386-5735
   Fax (213) 386-5789
   BBS (213) 461-2095

//// SDS Announces "The Atari Compendium"

Software Development Systems will debut "The Atari(tm) Compendium" at the
Southern California Atari Computer Faire v7.0, Saturday and Sunday,
September 18th and 19th at the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

Both professional and amateur programmers will find the Compendium the
single most valuable reference ever published for Atari computers. The
Compendium contains 860 pages of documentation, tables, and diagrams
galore. A table of contents follows:


Chapter 1:     Introduction to Atari Programming
Chapter 2:     GEMDOS
Chapter 3:     BIOS
Chapter 4:     XBIOS
Chapter 5:     Hardware
Chapter 6:     AES
Chapter 7:     VDI
Chapter 8:     Line-A
Chapter 9:     Desktop
Chapter 10:    XCONTROL
Chapter 11:    GEM User Interface Guidelines
Appendix A:    Functions by Opcode
Appendix B:    Memory Map
Appendix C:    Native File Formats
Appendix D:    Error Codes
Appendix E:    ASCII Table
Appendix F:    IKBD Scan Codes
Appendix G:    Speedo(tm) Fonts
Appendix H:    The Drag & Drop Protocol

Contained in the appropriate chapters are complete function references
for each Atari system call in an easy-to-read format. The function
reference in the Compendium is up-to-date as of MultiTOS 1.08b and TOS 5.0.

Some highlights of topics covered are:

     - The TOS file system
     - Networking
     - GEMDOS/MiNT processes
     - MiNT interprocess communication
     - The Cookie Jar
     - BIOS/XBIOS/GEMDOS Vectors
     - Falcon030 Video/Sound Control
     - The DSP
     - The IKBD Controller
     - Utilizing math coprocessors
     - Game controllers
     - Resources (including new TOS 4.0 resources)
     - Window iconification
     - VDI Workstations
     - True-Color device graphics
     - SpeedoGDOS
     - Desktop extensibility
     - Extensive user interface guidelines
     - The most complete memory map ever published
     - A complete "graphic" catalog of Speedo characters
     - File formats (.GEM, .IMG (including color), .FNT, .RSC)

Programmers using 'C', 'C++', 'Pascal', 'Assembler', or 'BASIC' will all
find useful information contained in the Compendium. Each function call is
listed with a binding (in 'C' or Assembler as appropriate). In addition,
each function reference includes a 'Caveats' section which notes system
bugs and which OS version they appear in (and a fix if possible).

The Compendium is professionally bound with a four-color cover in standard
7"x9" format.

The Compendium will be available at your local dealer shortly after its
debut at the show and will also be available direct from SDS at the address
listed below.

Product Name:  The Atari Compendium
        ISBN:  0-9638331-0-3

Suggested Retail Price:  $49.95

When placing an order with SDS directly please send a check or money order
for $49.95 and $4.00 shipping and handling. CA residents add 8.25% sales
tax. We accept international orders with international money order only.
International customers should add an additional $2.00 S & H.

We are sorry but we cannot accept credit cards.

Contact:     Software Development Systems (aka SDS)
             996 Redondo Ave. #404
             Long Beach, CA 90804

Info:        (310) 430-0364 (T-Th 11:00am - 4:00 P.S.T.)

GEnie:       S.SANDERS2
Compuserve:  71461,3645


In an effort to support the various user groups around the United
States and Canada, Two Worlds Publishing is now offering monumental
discounts to user groups with five or more people subscribing to
Processor Direct. All the magazines are shipped in one box to a
designated address for distribution by the user group. The
subscriptions are the standard 12 issues in duration.

United States:              Canada:

Subscriptions, each:        Subscriptions, each:
  5-9     $14.00              5-9     $17.00
  10-14   $13.00              10-14   $16.00
  15-19   $12.00              15-19   $15.00
  20-24   $11.00              20-24   $14.00
  25+     $10.00              25+     $13.00

Shipping, each:             Shipping, each:
  USPS:   $3.90               $12.00
  UPS:    $8.00

Service charge:             Service charge:
  $9.70                       $9.70

To calculate how much you can save, simply use the number of
subscribers to determine the cost of each subscription. Add that rate
to the shipping cost for the method the group wishes to use and
multiply that total by the number of subscriptions. Then add the $9.70
service charge (for the materials used in shipping for twelve
shipments), and that's the total.

For example:

  For 15 subscribers in the United States, the rate each is $12.00,
  and to ship USPS add to that $3.90 to get $15.90. Multiply that by
  15, add $9.70 for a total of $248.20, saving you $126.80 off buying
  15 subscriptions at the regular rate of $25.00 each.

  For 15 Canadian subscribers, the rate is $15.00. Add $12.00 for
  shipping to get $27.00. Multiply that by 15 and add $9.70 for a
  total of $414.70, a savings of $80.30 off the standard rate of $33
  each subscription!

Take advantage of these rates now, because they won't last for long.
To receive your user group's application, just contact us with your
mailing address and one will be mailed promptly. If you'd like to know
more about the magazine, just request our informational brochure!


  Two Worlds Publishing
  3837 Northdale Blvd. #225
  Tampa, FL 33624


Copyright 1993 Two Worlds Publishing. Reprints allowed only if in
entire form.  All rates are in US dollars and funds must be drawn from
a bank in the United States or Canada. Two Worlds Publishing is not
affiliated with Atari Corp. in any way.

September 6, 1993

//// Jimmy Carter's Paper Plates for sale

Carter's Creative Computer is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of PAPER PLATES, Templates for PaperDirect Pre- printed

Because you use an Atari and Calamus, you are a unique personal
computer user and Desktop Publisher.

Demonstrate your uniqueness by producing unique printed materials, the
easy way...

...with PAPER PLATES and PaperDirect's pre-printed papers.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Well... it's not quite that easy. To be
honest about it, make that 1 - 2 - 3 - 4!

STOP spending hours on end trying to design artistic layouts for all
of your various printed projects... professional graphic artists at
PaperDirect have already done that for you.

STOP printing your projects on the same old ordinary solid
white/colored paper that everyone else is using... PaperDirect offers
a wide variety of multi-colored papers.

STOP searching all over the place for distinctive, coordinated
business communications materials... PaperDirect has those for you


Once you get PAPER PLATES and start using PaperDirect's pre- printed
papers, you'll be printing unique, colorful material that appears as
if it was produced on an offset-press by a expensive color graphic
design/printing business.

PAPER PLATES contains over 100 templates for PaperDirect's pre-
printed Letterheads, Tri-fold Brochures, Tri-fold Mailers PLUS
(heavy-weight Tri-fold Brochure pre-scored for easy folding w/rotary
index-card punchout), Desktop Messages, Business Cards, Post Cards,
Certificates and Frames(full-page borders).

PAPER PLATES has a suggested retail price of US $39.95, and includes
PaperDirect's 135 page PaperCatalog. That's only $0.39 per template!
"Power Without The Price" returns! PAPER PLATES' templates are
compatible with Calamus 1.09N, S and SL, and work with both monochrome
and color monitors (templates are in black/white).

PAPER PLATES will be available from Atari dealers participating at the
Glendale AtariFEST and should be available from your favorite Atari
dealer shortly thereafter. (Sheldon Winick's Computer Studio has a few
copies already)

Or, you can purchase PAPER PLATES directly from:

Jimmy Carter
2321 Pinneberg Avenue
Rockville, Md. 20851
FAX: (301) 424-6672
GEnie E-mail: J.P.C.

(note: I am not set-up to handle credit card purchases so, please send
either a check or money order and include $2.00 for shipping.  No
C.O.D. Thank you.)

//// Lexicor Introduces Prism Paint II
LEXICOR SOFTWARE is proud to announce the release of the long awaited

Check out the *.GIF files which are screen shot's of some of Prism
Paint II new features.

Date of availability: 03/09/93

Premiere Release by Lexicor Software Corporation in the U.S.A.
In conjunction with Artis Software Austria we combine the powerful
functionality of Artis into an animation package which is available at
an upgrade path from people with Prism Paint 1.1 or 1.5B.

Price: Recommended Retail is 189 U$D. Now 30 Day special offer for 149
U$D. Upgrade path is possible. Please call (510) 848-7621 for more
details on that.

So how much does Prism Paint II vary from Prism Paint I (and a half).
Everything! Prism Paint is a complete re-write! It has nothing to do
with the original Prism Paint (except the name, the PNT file compat.
and that was about it!).

Special New Features.

Over 113 Functions 
User Programmable Functions 
RUN time file builder (ideal for Phoenix user's to build their animations) 
Modular Design (external programmable port) 
Supports every VDI friendly Graphics Board (e.g. NOVA, CRDOTS, MATRIX) 
in any color's from 2, 16, 256, 32k, 64k upto 24bit. 
Also run's and support's the Falcon in every resolution and color. 
Built in Virtual Screen Manager 
Special 24bit (NOVA STELLUM SPECIAL) air brushes 
Geometrical features 
Pixel Oriented Painting Options 
Very thorough, intuitive and user-friendly interface 
do much more because of the modular port which allows easy external 
adaptations of new file format's. 
Can write GIF, TGA, IMG and PNT same Modular features. 
Color Printout Capabilities within Prism Paint II. Has a modular port 
to expand it's print out driver capabilities. Very useful is the  
HP Deskjet 550C driver, ideal for low-end color printout. 
Memory Management, you can allocate Prism Paint II a certain amount of 
your System Memory (eg. 80% of RAM). 
Automatic Support of TTRAM. 
Intuitive Magnifying Glass. 
HSV, YMC, and RGB Palette Options 
Extended Fill Patterns  
Extensive Cut and Paste Options  
Complete built in Help File 
Support's Font GDOS, Speedo as well as SIGNUM Font's.
Complete Modular Port
Special NOVA TC brush effects

Plus much, much more and everything you expect from a normal Painting
Program with extended Animation features.

The new Film File Format is called AFF. It is a resolution
independent film file format which will run perfectly in 2, 16, 256,
32K, 64k or even 24bit and make full use of it. As of now, th AFF film
file format has the option of Palette-Per-Frame, but it is not
supported in Prism Paint II because of the speed.

You have the option to select a number of frames and delete them eg.
I can select frames 5-29 from 100 frames and delete only those

Prism Paint II is a single frame editor, with the ability to not only
build animations but also to play them. However on the way are AFF
Specific Players that support the Hardware directly and are therefore
much faster.

E.g. in 24bit a true color animation on the NOVA VME can only get a
speed of 4-8 frames per second in 640x480. Hardly a decent speed.
However with the specific player this can be boosted up to at least
twice the speed, if not more. Writing to the Hardware was always a lot

The Modular External Port allow the user or any interested person to
write his own drivers for a color or b/w printer or to be able to read
or write new file format's. It is very easy and clearly documented so
that this is no problem at all, for anyone with any knowledge in C.

The programmable drawing tools are set up in such a way that you can
use the program tools to make your own new one. Eg. you can echo, or
make the image move circular etc. with the programmable drawing tools.

Prism Paint II is the next step in our animation. It is the final and
last addition. Once you have relativity and phoenix, and now prism
paint II to load and build animations you are basically complete.
Prism Paint II is the final building block. However, as you can see,
Prism Paint II is far, far more than just the regular paint or
animation program. In it's wealth of functions and ease of use, you
will see that this is most likely one of the most powerful painting
and animation tools around for this price.

For more information contact Lexicor Software Corporation
1726 Franzisko Street, CA 94703, Berkeley 
(510) 848-7621  
(510) 848-7613 


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I'm pleased to be able to offer the many readers of AEO who can only
access us via the Internet a chance to obtain AEO through a
subscription service. The fellow doing the work is Greg Lindahl; his
service became known to me a few weeks ago, and after a quick
chit-chat, he indicated that I could direct people to him. If you have
an Internet connection, drop Greg a request at

When I asked Greg about his current list, he said that he mailed AEO
out to, "349 subscribers (some of whom are multiple people) in 24
countries, namely: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Isreal, Italy, Mexico, New
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Thanks Greg, and thanks to everyone who reads AEO.

We welcome feedback from all of our readers; feedback both positive
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Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy


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