ST Report: 21-May-93 #921

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Date: 05/22/93-10:37:41 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 21-May-93 #921
Date: Sat May 22 22:37:41 1993

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Download  file SPOFLT.LZH  from LIBRARY  14  of the  Atari  Arts Forum  (GO
ATARIARTS) for  a new Speed-of-Light .GIF  file viewer.  Shows  all colors,
squash the picture  to fit the  screen or just  scroll it, adjust  flicker,
color quality/levels, etc.


Download PrintAll  Version 1.1 (file PRTALL.LZH  in LIBRARY 9 of  the Atari
Productivity Forum  -- GO ATARIPRO).   A Printer driver program  for the HP
Deskjet   500  and  500C.  Prints   multiple  file  formats   in  color  or
black-and-white  in multiple sizes  and orientations.   Latest version adds
Prism  Paint  PNT  support,  Tiny  low   and    medium-res  .TNY  and   Sun
Microsystems'  "Rasterfile"  .RAS support.    Also  numerous bug-fixes  and
speedups,  ability to cancel  without quitting and  cancel long operations.
This version supercedes PrintAll 1.0.

New "CMYK" output options simulates Deskjet 550C output on 500C printers!


Double Click  Software has decided to release  DC Xtract Plus as SHAREWARE!
Included in the LZH file are DC Xtract Plus 2.1v and a doc file.   Download
file XTRPLS.LZH from LIBRARY 13 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).

Double Click Software has also decided to release DC SEA as SHAREWARE! Make
ARC/LZH/ZIP/ZOO into a self-extracting file.   Download file DCSEA.LZH from
LIBRARY 13 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).


Lots of  new files in  the Libraries  of the Atari  Productivity Forum  (GO
ATARIPRO).  Type BRO LIB:ALL to check out the most recent entries!!


SoftLogik  has made  the following  two files  available for  download from
LIBRARY 11 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN):

PS2299.ARC  -   PostScript  printer  driver  for   ImageSetters  and  Color
PostScript printers version 2.2.99.  This  is a temporary driver that fixes
problems with v2.2.11 printing to Linos and Color PS printers.

PS2211.ARC  - Newest PostScript printer driver version 2.2.11.  This driver
is good  for  users printing to  PostScript lasers.   For users needing  to
print to  Color PS and  high-rez imagesetters,  you should use  the v2.2.99

                           HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




> From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     The month is almost over, next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend its the
official beginning of summer.  Beaches open and the suntan oil flows as
freely as the cold suds.  For the next sixty to ninety days most folks are
going to forget about computing to a large degree in favor of the great
outdoors.  This I am sure, is looked upon with a breath of relief by
certain folks at Atari.  Perhaps this is the breather Atari needs to
establish its proper priorities and put and end to the vendettas,
obsessions and decadent politics.  We shall see.  Ok, so the real question
remains... where are the consumer versions of the Falcon?  All those big
numbers of machines that were promised to be here?  I asked.  Is everyone
happy now?
     While most of the users are trying to find rays of hope for Atari's
future and the dealers are trying to keep interest levels peaked when it
comes to the Falcon, what do we find?  Rumors persistently surface about
the whigs at Atari playing ridiculous head games.  For a company whose
trying to tell everyone "they've got the whole thing figured out and under
control", they certainly seem to be very busy aiming at their own feet!  In
fact, from all outward appearances, it would seem they're behaving more
like a cornered, wounded beast.  Striking out at most anything that's near
them.  The snubbing of worldwide services as witnessed last week by
McNamee's behavior is a classic example of how not to win friends and
influence people.  Beside's that... weren't we all taught to never put all
the eggs in one basket?  Additionally, Atari's Tramiels can't be behind all
the friction taking place in the Atari userbase, they simply don't have
enough time to scheme up all that's happening.  Or, do they?  Perhaps, they
ought to be made aware of just how much PR damage is being done by the
offensive and arrogant behavior of a few of Atari's more visible online
     Hang in there my friends, by the end of the summer we'll certainly be
seeing vast changes in this platform.  Hopefully they'll be beneficial to
all of us.


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                 "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                    is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

About the scathing Forbes Magazine Critique of Atari;

     "My new office,  which has a  better view than my  old one, is  so far
     quite  satisfactory.   And Richard Miller  is in  my old  office.  The
     Forbes article was a  mish-mash and misconstrued article full  of half
     truths.  We are anxiously  awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

About marketing plans and the future....

     "As  I  said  before, all  marketing  announcements  will  be made  at
     Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                     WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

A fantastic observation, considering the date it was made...

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

Again, the dates of the statement conflict with the facts now known....

     "We have not yet even  given the machine to the FCC.  And  we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our  "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

             "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
         make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $0.81 

                     CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...

                       JANUARY 1993, FEBRUARY 1993...

                           FALCONS    ....anyone?

                  By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well

            any... of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!  NOT YET!

                         Wanna bet there won't be any?  

Better yet... 

             Which _MAJOR_ US Software Developers & Publishers
                producing NEW Software for Atari's FALCON???

               Besides, who _needs_ a CARTRIDGE PORT anyhow!



                 Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                 ------------------------   ----------
                Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                               Issue #21
                            By: John Deegan
   JUDGE BACKS NINTENDO OVER ATARI - In San Francisco, U.S. District 
Judge Fern Smith has backed Nintendo of America's contention that Atari 
Games infringed its patent for the security system for the Nintendo 
Entertainment System.

   Judge Smith granted Nintendo's motion for summary judgment, finding 
that Atari, a unit of Time Warner Inc., had infringed Nintendo's patent. 
Earlier, the judge issued an injunction against Atari after finding its 
representatives had misled officials at the U.S. Copyright Office to 
obtain Nintendo's copyrighted source code for its video-game cartridges.
   Atari Games vows to appeal a federal judge's ruling it infringed the 
patent for the security system in the Nintendo Entertainment System.

   Editor's Note: Atari Games is not connected with Atari Corp.

   MOTOROLA PLANS NEW CHIPS - Motorola Inc. plans to introduce three new 
microprocessors for portable computers that it says will provide a range 
of price and performance options demanded by low-power products such as 
video games, home entertainment systems and pocket organizers.

   Motorola Vice President Bob Growney, general manager of Motorola's 
Paging and Wireless Data Group, is quoted as saying, "Our goal of 
anytime, anywhere communications requires specialized technology."

   In addition, Vice President Jack Browne said Motorola expects its 
chips to supply at least a third of the personal communicator market, 
estimated by some industry analysts to reach $500 million by 1995.

   IBM UNVEILS OS/2 2.1 - IBM has unveiled OS/2 Version 2.1, an enhanced 
version of its 32-bit operating system for Intel-based personal 

   OS/2 2.1 supports Windows 3.1 applications, and features 32- bit 
graphics and longer battery life for mobile PC platforms. It also is 
more powerful and faster than version 2.0.

   OS/2 2.1 will be generally available June 14 at a list price of $249. 
A 90-day promotional offering of $99 for CD-ROM versions and $119 for 
diskette versions is available to users who order an upgrade through 
IBM's toll free number -- 1-800-3IBM-OS2 . In addition, OS/2 users who 
upgrade to 2.1 will receive a $30 rebate by filling out a coupon in the 
2.1 box and mailing it with the first page of their 2.0 manual.

   NEC OFFERS 64-BIT RISC CHIP - A new 64-bit microprocessor is being 
introduced by Japan's NEC Corp. which says the chip's low power 
consumption will bring desktop computing power to portable systems.

   Supposedly the VR4200, based on MIPS Technologies Inc.'s RISC 
(reduced instruction set computing) architecture, consumes less than 1.5 
watts, "making it suitable for portable PCs that run off batteries and 
have limited cooling systems."

   NEC says the chip will enable notebook users to run application 
programs under Windows NT, the new operating system Microsoft Corp. 
plans to put on general release later this year.

researchers have announced they will launch a study to examine whether 
there is a link between video games and epileptic seizures in children.

   The study, funded by the Department of Trade and Industry, aims to 
establish the degree of risk posed by the games to people who are 
photosensitive to flashing lights and to determine if the games trigger 
fits in children with no previous history of epilepsy.

   Photosensitivity, reacting chemically or electrically to light, is 
usually identified only when a person has a seizure.

   Researchers will estimate the number of new cases of photosensitive 
epilepsy in Britain per year and describe risk factors such as time of 
day, tiredness, duration of play, distance from screen and type of 
screen. They will also compare the effects of computers and video games 
on people with photosensitive epilepsy, as well as the effects of 
television, flashing lights or computer graphics.

   INTEL SETS PRICES AND SHIPS PENTIUM CHIP - Intel Corp. has set prices 
for its Pentium microprocessors of $965 each for the 66-MHz version and 
$878 each for the 60-MHz version in 1,000-unit quantities prompting 
several announcements from computer manufacturers about new models 
featuring the state-of-the-art chip.

   Intel is now shipping production versions of the chips and expects to 
ship hundreds of thousands of the Pentium microprocessors this year and 
cross the one million mark in 1994.

   Among those announcing new computers based on the Pentium was Compaq 
Computer Corp., whose chief of European operations, Andreas Barth, 
predicted the new chip will tap fresh markets for Compaq.

   Other companies introducing Pentium-based computers today include 
Unisys Corp., NCR Corp., AST Research Inc., Dell Computer Corp.

   ZIFF DISCONTINUES PC SOURCES - Magazine publisher Ziff-Davis Publish-
ing Co. says it will discontinue publication of PC Sources and change 
the format of its Corporate Computing, making it a monthly newsletter 
published by its subsidiary, The Cobb Group.

   CHIP MARKET TO GROW 20 PERCENT - The Semiconductor Industry Associa-
tion predicts the worldwide chip industry will grow 20% this year to 
$71.9 billion by the end of the year.

   SIA is quoted as projecting the growth being led by the North 
American market, which will see a 28.1% gain in 1993 shipments to $23.6 

   AT&T OFFERS NEW MODEM CHIPS - A new, high-speed modem chipset has 
been announced by AT&T Microelectronics.
   AT&T says the chips provide reliable data communications over the 
existing cellular phone network and make it easy for vendors to provide 
interfaces between modems and cellular phones.

   AT&T signed a patent license agreement with Spectrum Information 
Technologies Inc. last month under which AT&T V32Cell modem chipset 
customers "can design and sell modems based on the V32Cell chipset 
without concern about infringing Spectrum's patents," Reuters reports.

   AT&T Microelectronics is the only chipmaker able to provide modem 
chipsets covered under Spectrum patents.


> ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
On CompuServe
compiled by Joe Mirando

Well folks, its that time again... time to take a look at some of the
mounds of helpful information that magically appear on CompuServe every

I'll warn you right here that this week's column is going to be shorter
than normal because of increased demands on my time (I just HAD to watch
the final episode of CHEERS tonight).

So, without any further delay, let's look in on the forums (or is that
fora?) on CompuServe...

>From the Atari Productivity Forum

Our first post this week comes from none other than the big cheese himself,
Ron Luks.  For anyone who doesn't already know, Ron is the Man-In-Charge in
the CompuServe Atari area.  He posts:

"Now that my daughter, Jennifer, has reached the ripe old age of 2 years,
she has developed an interest in 'daddy's computer.'  I would like to
encourage this interest as much as possible.  She's still a bit too young
to take advantage of the currently available children's software, though.

Right now, the best I can do is to boot up a program like FLASH and let
her type randomly into the capture buffer (where she can't do any harm to
my system. [g]).  However, the characters on the screen are pretty small
and have no sound effects that would interest a very young toddler.

What I'm looking for is a program that will accept any keyboard input and
put the characters on the screen in a 'greatly enlarged format.'  (i.e.- if
she hits the "B" key, I would like it to put the letter "B" on the screen
approximately 2-4 inches tall.)  Ideally, I would like SOME kind of sound
effect to accompany the keypress.  I'm not fussy.  It doesn't have to be
unique for each keypress although it would be nice if there were 3 or 4
different sounds (boom, ploosh, snap, bang, pop, etc.) for the alpha keys,
something else for the numeric keypad, and something else for the
spacebar/return/shift keys.

I would ask that the program function on my Mega STe (TOS 2.06) as well
as any regular ST, Mega STe, and if possible the Falcon (that's not
necessary as I don't currently have a Falcon).  I would want the program to
function in all available resolutions (Low, Med, High ST resolutions that
is) because I frequently switch between monitors and don't want to reboot
when she comes into my office to 'play.'

In other words, a very, very, very basic program for infants/toddlers.
If it had mouse support (made a nice sound when either of the mouse keys
were clicked), that would be a nice additional touch, but not critical.

An additional (but not necessary) touch would be to have the background
color change (in Low or Med res) every time she pressed a key.

I would have written just such a program for my old 8-bit computer in
Atari Basic but my daughter seems to want to play on the same computer that
Daddy uses everyday.  (She *really* loves the mouse for some reason, too.
Maybe its because I have the microsoft mouse on my Mega STe?)

I don't care what language the program is written in, just as long as it
is a single, stand alone file, and works on my vanilla system.  The author
is welcome to retain all rights to the program. Although I cannot pay a
significant amount of money for the effort, I am willing to offer a $100
payment for the program for my copy, and would hope that the author would
be willing to distribute it as shareware via the CompuServe libraries.  If
the author does not already have a free account on the Atari Forums (sorry
Bill), I am willing to offer a period of free access to the Atari Forums as
well. (Blatant exploitation of the service for the benefit of my darling
2-year old. What father wouldn't do the same? [g])

To avoid the possibility of multiple people working on the same program,
I will ask that anyone interested in the $100 fee drop me an EMAIL before
starting the project.  (I don't want to have a situation where I owe 10
people $100 for essentially the same program).  I will give the 'approved'
author the 'go ahead' based upon his/her proposal.

It is my hope that some programmer will respond affirmatively to the call
for a program that will support the 1-3 yr. old infant who loves to 'climb
into Daddy's lap and pound on the keyboard...'  which will encourage that
child to develop an interest in computers at the earliest possible age.  I
would love to know that such a program was developed for an Atari

I guess that this post is proof-positive that even Sysops need help
sometimes, huh?

None other that the intelligent, well-spoken, informative, and ever-helpful
Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Ron:

"The MegaWriter demo has enlarged characters about 1 inch high.

This demo is in the library and its based on ST-Writer."

ST Informer editor, Connecticut AtariFest Coordinator, and all-around good
guy, Brian Gockley posts to Ron:

"Sheesh, 2 years old already!

I loved that year, and it keeps getting better!"

I just wonder if Brian was talking about his children, or himself.  I'm
sure that, after reading this, he will have something to say to me, but
what the heck.  "literary license" has to count for something, doesn't it?

Sysop/Programmer Bill Aycock tells Ron:

"That sounds like a good project!!  I've also noticed that I can entrance
my 2-year-old nephew for a pretty good while by playing .WAV sounds with
the Windows Sound Recorder.  (It plays the sound, but - this is the kicker
- it also has a 'window' with a graph-like doohickey of the sound, so it
changes right along with the loudness or waveform or ?.)

Hopefully someone else will answer your call, though... I'm still trying to
recuperate from the final leftovers from my illness. (Along with the virus,
strep throat, post-viral syndrome, and whatnot, there's apparently also
been something like an ulcer keeping me company since Feb.  No fair!) Plus
the fact that I've never tried anything with the ST's sound. :-)"

Meanwhile, Chris Morgan tells us:

"I have a little problem on my hands and hope that this is the correct
forum to be in......

I brought my mum in NZ a Atari a couple of year ago, with the Discovery
Package.  This included 1st Word, she has used this a lot (normally to
write to me in the UK).  Now the request has been for a spell check as
well....The problem begins.

I know that 1st Word Plus had the spell check, but I can't get any info on
the machine requirements etc...I have a feeling that it requires 1meg of

If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful...."

Again Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine jumps in and answers:

"You might consider Spelling Sentry by Winter-Tree.  The cost is under

  Wintertree Software Inc
  43 Rueter Street
  Nepean, Ontario
  Canada kj2 3z9
  CIS ID #: 72060,3056

>From what I remember one can set how much ram the program/desk acc will

Chris thanks Albert:

"Thanks for the reply.  I will keep this in mind.  If I cant get 1st + to
work I will look into this...."

Dick Paddock tells Chris:

"I have 1ST Word Plus, and just experimented a bit with it. With 392K
available memory, it won't load the dictionary (with a small document, as
well) but with 462K available, it will load. So if she's not loaded memory
down with AUTO's and ACC's, she should be able to do it on a 520ST(e)."

Chris tells Dick:

"Thanks for the prompt reply.  My mum is what most of us would call a
technophobe (spelling).  I doubt that she has anything loaded other than
the minimum.....

Sounds like you have answered my problem...."

Andrew Wright posts:

"I'm currently trying to compile a list of ST compatible CD-ROM drives.
Does anyone have one connected or know of one that works? The only way I
know is using ICD's The Link and a SCSI compatible drive but I ran into a
problem with a Hitachi drive that didn't provide the necessary power for
the interface.

Any help would be appreciated - as well as other ways of connecting them."

Greg Wageman tells Andrew:

"The Link gets its operating power from the TERMPWR line (terminator power,
pin 26).  Most SCSI devices that I have seen have a jumper option on board
to set whether or not the device applies power to this line.  Probably the
Hitachi drive you tried was jumpered not to power TERMPWR." 

Alex Kiernan tells Andrew:

"As far as TTs go (i.e. with built in SCSI) I've had three drives now, a
Hitachi, a Toshiba, and a Chinon, all of which worked absolutely fine using
the MiNT CD-ROM driver. All of these worked fine on Falcon too, BTW."

Andrew tells Alex:

"The problem is the power to The Link - the TT and Falcon should be fine
but the blasted Link thing needs 5V on pin 26. I could open it up and feed
power in somehow but knowing my luck...

Incidentally, what is the MINT CD-ROM driver? I tried the ICD Pro ones. I
haven't got any CD-ROM drivers in my copy of MultiTOS (:-)).

BTW, TruePaint gets better and better - I borrowed a Falcon from Compo for
a review and I've being having great fun. One thing I'd like to see,
though, would be a way of altering the amount of JPEG compression, say from
a dialogue box."

There has been some question in recent weeks about the Falcon030's ability
to use 16 bit color mode (some have said that 16 bit mode would require an
add-on card).  Bill Devonshire posts:

"From what I have seen of the Falcon specs and schematics there is no
reason why we cannot use the 16bit TRUE color mode.  There is no indication
of requiring a special outboard "card" to make the use of this color output
possible.  There is some juggling required with monitors,however, due to
the fact that the higher color, higher resolution screens are interlaced. 
They are also interlaced to be TV compatible, so that we Falconers can
output high quality video to our TV's and VCR's without flicker.  You will
require some out board genlock equipment to do professional video mixing. 
But, the True color output is integral to the Falcon's design. Don't forget
as well that some clever developers have already created 800x600 output for
the Falcon and you can already get close to 800x600 with the built-in
overscan video mode of the Falcon.  As far as colors are concerned, think
about a Spectrum-F(alcon) program.  Interestingly enough, the video output
for the Falcon is very well designed and hints at upgradability to 24 bit
color output. This machine, although many will make you think it isn't, IS
very powerful, and does maintain the Power without the Price motive.  It is
a multi-processor based computer, multimedia ready.  You cannot get that
type of machine anywhere for the same price/performance ratio."

Alex Kiernan adds:

"Indeed I note that FalconScreen is now up to 900x700 although at 40Hz the
display is too flickery to use. At 832x624 though (about 52Hz IIRC) its
very usable and has a standard 31kHz or so line rate (aka VGA)."

And, a news flash from Albert Dayes:

"I just read an interesting message in (GO NEWSGRID).  Atari has licensed
SuperMac's advanced video compression technology called Cinepak.  Cinepak
is used by Apple (in Quick-Time), Creative Labs (on the PC side) and also
on 3DO."

Jim Ness tells Albert:

"It WAS an interesting announcement.

The fact that it was Atari who licensed the compression technology, rather
than some Atari dev, indicates to me that the primary use will be for the
Jaguar games machine.

For Falcon uses, Atari has concentrated on helping 3rd party devs release
audio and video products, rather than doing it inhouse.

For Jaguar uses, Atari seems to be doing a lot of work inhouse.

Of course, having licensed SuperMac's product for Jaguar use, they could
very well expand it to some Falcon product, later on.  But, I don't find it
likely that they'll release some high-performance video product by
themselves.  It just wouldn't fit their normal methods, for computer

I think the license agreement also show how aggressively Atari is pursuing
the high-performance games market.  As I've said before, the games market
is their best chance for survival.  If they can make a profit there,
there's a chance the computer products will live on, too."

>From the Atari Vendors Forum

David Van Slyke asks:

"What's going on with Atari?  I've been away for awhile - my work requires
I use IBM's with Windows.  I still cherish my two Atari 800's and will
never part with them.  Is Atari still in business?  I used to receive Atari
Explorer but it disappeared without warning.  I'd like to think I could
still buy some new Atari hardware.  What's the outlook?"

Ron Luks tells David:

"Atari Explorer has suspended publication recently and we are awaiting
information from Atari Corp as to its status.

Atari Corp is very much in business, but their plans are currently in a
state of flux.  The latest information we have is that they are not
shipping/manufacturing any of their current line of computers (ST/STe/TT)
but are focusing on the new Falcon.  However, while Falcon shipments to end
consumers have been promised since last fall 92, to the best of our
information, no units have been shipped (as of today) yet.

Reports of dealer demo units have been posted by the director of
communications on other networks but not on CompuServe.

What's the outlook??  Depending on who (whom?) you ask, it ranges from
"very exciting and extremely positive...." (Atari Corp) to "dead, finished,
washed-up, kaput...." (certain members of the press and independent Atari
observers).  As is usually the case, I suspect the real truth lies
somewhere in

Personally, I was somewhat encouraged after talking to some VERY
knowledgable atari vendors earlier this week.  In their opinion, Atari is
trying very hard, and finally making some moves in the right direction, but
only time will tell if it is "too little, too late" or whether the company
can be turned around.  I do think the true situation will become much
clearer in the next month or two.

You may feel free to circulate this message as posted.  Depending on who
(whom?) you show it to, I have no doubt it will be labeled as "just another
unfair bash over the head of Atari Corp..." or "sugar coating the real,
deplorable situation in the atari marketplace..."

One thing you can say for certain is that the members of the Atari
community cannot be criticized for their lack of personal passion (one way
or the other) about the atari platform."

John Zangrando tells Charles F. Johnson of CodeHead Technologies:

"I just finally got my Hotwire and Multifile.  I was asking CodeKeys to do
the job of Hotwire.  Everything is very impressive.  It will take me a
little time to get fully into these programs but I already don't know how I
lived without them for two years."

Charles replies to John:

"Glad to hear things are working out!  Don't hesitate to ask if you have

>From the Atari Portfolio Forum

>From our "Well-Deserved-Recognition" Department:


--John McCormick, Western Regional Director of "America's Perfect Couple"
has announced that Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Thomas, Jr. of Manteca, CA have
been selected to represent Manteca, CA at the "California's Perfect Couple"
competition to be held July 3 and 4 in Sacramento, CA.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Thomas, Jr. were selected on the basis of their
commitment to marriage and their positive outlook on life. They will be
competing with nearly 100 couples from across the state for the chance to
become "California's Perfect Couple" and win an all expense paid trip to
"America's Perfect Couple" competition in August in Houston, Texas.
"America's Perfect Couple" will win a prize package valued at over $10,000
and includes a second honeymoon trip to a tropical location."

For anyone who doesn't know, Don is a very active guy here on CompuServe as
part of his job in customer service at Atari.  He can be found quite often
in the Portfolio area, giving advise and info to those who want it.
Congrats to the Thomas's. And what a prize to shoot for, huh?  A trip to a
tropical location.  It sure beats the heck out of slogging around Orlando,
being pulled in every possible direction at once by over-eager kids.  ;-)

JF Davignon asks:

"Does anyone know if there is a good source of Portfolio related hardware
in Canada (preferably in Montreal or Quebec city) or are the bargains all
south of the border?  If none comes to mind, an outfit that will ship to

Dave Stewart of Re:Port tells JF:

"I will ship to Canada, so long as you pay for the system in US Dollars
(via a Postal Money Order).

My price list is in the libraries ... search on REPORT.  If you wish, I can
send you a printed price list and order form; just leave your address in

Well folks, that's it for this week.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time
to reply in this message base, and Congratulations again to Don Thomas.

Tune in again next week to hear what they are saying when...

                             PEOPLE ARE TALKING


> OH YEAH?! STR Feature                The grass is greener?

                             BIG IRON LAMENT
Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
>From the Jerry Pournelle RT on Genie - Written by Steve Clayworth...
                           Here I sit, a dinosaur
                       Coding on a Cretaceous machine,
                             Fearful of a meteor
                        Taking aim on this sad scene.
                      The little rats are taking over.
                 The PC's, workstations, networked systems,
                      All around, they wait and hover,
                     While the light of mainframes dims.
                     I still cherish this terminal dumb,
                 Where a mouse is a rodent, and not a device
                         For navigating a GUI slum.
                   I shant point 'n click; it isn't nice.
                     Alas, poor Cobol, I knew you well,
                     But C and Windows are now the rage.
                        Once in splendor I did dwell,
                      Now I rust in an old glass cage.
                   "Take some classes", the converts say.
                   "Orient on objects", the pundits utter.
                    "But VM and CICS still fill my day",
                    I often tell them in a timid mutter.
                  What's this, they're putting on my table?
                  Oh, no, a box, with screen and keyboard;
                  This four-eighty-six, with dangling cable
                   Hooked to a server.  Oh, save me, Lord!
                       Okay, okay, I'll give it a try.
                 I'll read the manuals, I'll be a good lad,
                But don't think I like it, I say with a sigh,
                   As I try out this game--, hey, not bad!


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

     STReport International Online Magazine is available every  week in the
ST Advantage  on DELPHI.  STReport  readers are invited to  join DELPHI and
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Then, just answer the questions and  within a day or two, you'll officially
be a member of DELPHI!  

                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (5/20/93)
                          STREPORT 9.20 - MAY 14
                            ZNET9315 - MAY 07
                         AEO: VOLUME 2 - ISSUE 10
                          GEM-VIEW VERSION 2.23
                            DC XTRACT PLUS 2.2
                               M-DISK 6.94
                             MASTERBROWSE 1.0
                            HANGMAN ACCESSORY

All of the  above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database for at
least one  week after the posting  of this list.   Please Note that  in the
case of  online magazines, only the  most current issue in  the database at
the  time of this compilation is considered for the Top 10 list.  Also, for
all files, a submission is eligible for the Top 10 list for only four weeks
after its original uploading.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



                            A SIGN OF THE TIMES!

by R. F. Mariano

     The following posts were gleaned from both Delphi's and GEnie's Atari
areas to indicate a trend that's been slowly developing in the Atari
community.  It appears that a number of complaints are beginning to surface
relative to a number of developer and dealer time frames in delivering
their products.  At this point in time, after having had first hand
experience in these matters, one can only hope that common sense and
patience be brought to bear in these tough times.
     The accusation that "such and such" or "so and so" is a _rip-off_ is
an outrage.  Until such time as it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt
in a court of law, these accusations are a complete menace to the Atari
platform and other, financially stable developers.  Sure, there's serious
delays and broken promises involved, but one must understand the conditions
under which these situations develop.

from Delphi's Atari area
54924 19-MAY 19:45 General Information
     Fast Technology
     From: BCHOPICK     To: ALL


   I would like to let all of you know the troubles I have experienced with
FAST TECHNOLOGY.  As you know, FAST TECHNOLOGY sells hardware accelerator
cards for the ATARI line of computers.  In APRIL of 1992 I ordered a
TINYTURBO030 for my MEGASTE.  The ad claimed 6-8 weeks delivery.  I waited
and waited and waited!  Of course the check was cashed immediately (APRIL
28th, 1992).  I called once a month and everytime got the same thing.
DELAYS! DELAYS! DELAYS!  Finally in March of 1993 I was fed up with the
delay nonsense and demanded a refund.   Jim Allen said that he was having
financial trouble and could not issue a refund til the end of the month.  I
thought nothing of it and figured that since I have waited this long for
the product, why not a couple of weeks for a refund.   Well.  Here we are
May 10th (2 months later) and no refund.   Calls to FAST TECHNOLOGY only
lead to frustration.  All you get is an answering machine and no return
phone calls. It sure looks to me that JIM ALLEN does not know how to handle
a business. And I feel sorry for all the other people he is dragging along
the same path.  Of course, I have already contacted the Better Business
Bureau of Pennsylvania.  They said that I would have to fill out some forms
and they will get right on it.  I am not happy with the situation at all.  
And for a man who keeps such a high profile in the ATARI COMMUNITY, it is

                                Robert A. Chopick

  WORK: 717-288-6140

>From GEnie's Atari Area
Atari-ST RoundTable
Category 18,  Topic 11
Message 1         Wed May 19, 1993
R.CHOPICK [Bob]              at 20:12 EDT

   I would like to let all of you know the troubles I have experienced with
FAST TECHNOLOGY.  As you know, FAST TECHNOLOGY sells hardware accelerator
cards for the ATARI line of computers.  In APRIL of 1992 I ordered a
TINYTURBO030 for my MEGASTE.  The ad claimed 6-8 weeks delivery.  I waited
and waited and waited!  Of course the check was cashed immediately(APRIL
28th, 1992).  I called once a month and everytime got the same thing. 
DELAYS! DELAYS! DELAYS!  Finally in March of 1993 I was fed up with the
delay nonsense and demanded a refund.   Jim Allen said that he was having
financial trouble and could not issue a refund til the end of the month.  I
thought nothing of it and figured that since I have waited this long for
the product, why not a couple of weeks for a refund.   Well.  Here we are
May  10th (2 months later) and no refund.   Calls to FAST TECHNOLOGY only 
lead to frustration.  All you get is an answering machine and no return
phone calls. It sure looks to me that JIM ALLEN does not know how to handle
a business. And I feel sorry for all the other people he is dragging along
the same path. Of course, I have already contacted the Better Business
Bureau of Pennsylvania.  They said that I would have to fill out some forms
and they will get right on it.  I am not happy with the situation at all.  
And for a man who keeps such a high profile in the ATARI COMMUNITY, it is

                                Robert A. Chopick

  WORK: 717-288-6140


Atari-ST RoundTable
Category 18,  Topic 11
Message 2         Wed May 19, 1993
LEPULLEY [Lloyd Pulley]      at 21:52 EDT

 I'm sorry to hear about your problem.  I've always gotten everything that
I ordered from Jim.  Have  you tried leaving him E-Mail?  He seems to stop
by around midnight (EDT) to take part in Topic 2 - maybe he'll see your
E-Mail during one of his visits and take care of your problem.

 Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.


Atari-ST RoundTable
Category 18,  Topic 11
Message 3         Thu May 20, 1993
J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 17:27 EDT
I would like to apologize to Mr Chopick, and the other people awaiting
refunds. I told him in March I was in financial difficulty and that hasn't
changed. There have been almost no sales since February, and what few T25's
and one Turbo030 that has been sold all went to pay refunds. There are 4
people still waiting, all here on GEnie. In the last 4 months I have had to
borrow money to pay the phone bill and GEnie bill, and have not been able
to call back everyone who calls in, the phone bill was running $700/month
and with no sales I simply cannot generate those kinds of bills any longer.

I have taken on an engineering job that will get me back on my feet in the
next 'couple weeks, and I will be able to clear up the remaining refunds
near the end of the month, all I can ask is your patience.

As it is, I do not even have the funds needed to ship the Tiny030's, but I
will be able to do that too in a few more days. So for folks awaiting
Tiny030's, please don't panic and all ask for refunds, the boards are
nearly done and ready to go and I'm desperately working to get them shipped
as soon as possible.

If I were If I were able to I would give the refunds immediately, but there
is simply no money, at all. I have a stack of bills totalling over $6000,
so I have not even been able to pay my own personal bills for 4 months, the
only bill I have paid is the phone, GEnie, my health insurance, and my car
insurance. I I were going to go out of business the first thing I'd do is
drop the phone, and the GEnie, it is because this is only a temporary
difficulty that I have borrowed from relatives to maintain them.

I remember, a few months back, when a user...not even a customer...came
into the Fast Technology topic, and chastized me and complained that people
were waiting for Tinys.  At that point 12 people cancelled thier orders,
and I refunded thier orders, and it cleaned out my remaining cash reserves.
It left me broke, which I still am. I hope that this topic will not do the
same, I can't imagine it getting worse, but the world can suprise you. All
I can ask is that users waiting for their Tiny030's hang in for just a week
or two more.

   Thank you, James C. Allen, Fast Technology


Atari-ST RoundTable
Category 18,  Topic 11
Message 4         Thu May 20, 1993
R.CHOPICK [Bob]              at 20:44 EDT
     I am sorry for your situation and I HOPE it IMPROVES. BUT! Not
answering the phone and NOT getting back to CUSTOMERS who you have TAKEN
money from is SIMPLY bad BUSINESS.  I am a MANAGER of a computer store and
believe me in a market with such LOW profit margins the thing that MAKES or
brakes you is CUSTOMER SERVICE!   You DON'T take someone's MONEY and ignore
phone calls.  Anyway.  CALL ME TOLL FREE 1-800-456-5689!

                                    BOB CHOPICK


Atari-ST RoundTable
Category 18,  Topic 11
Message 6         Thu May 20, 1993
DARLAH [RT~SYSOP]            at 21:44 EDT
 Jim may get a bit 'emotional' at times but honest, I have always
 found him. 

 Sorry to hear about your problems. It appears in this economy
 most people are feeling it.

 Please keep us aware of your progress. 


Atari-ST RoundTable
Category 18,  Topic 11
Message 8         Fri May 21, 1993
ALGORHYTHM [DanielKeller]    at 05:56 EDT
No, I won't add my testimonial on Jim's character to this list, but only
because I haven't personally dealt with him.  I will say this, though: 
Bob, I can understand your frustration at not being responded to.....I've
been through a similar situation with another ST-based company, which is
still not resolved to my satisfaction. BUT---I think it's very important to
choose your words carefully, since what you say in a public forum can have
a profound effect on the business and careers of people who are dedicated
to a difficult market.  This is particularly true if you elect to START a
topic with the expressed intent of flaming on someone....undoubtedly, there
are companies that deserve this treatment. But judging by the (A) many
testimonials in his favor, and (B) more importantly, his quick response to
you here, I doubt if he's one of them.

Best of luck, Jim.

     The most important point to remember is the damage such inflammatory
posts can cause.  As Jim Allen states; "I remember, a few months back, when
a user...not even a customer...came into the Fast Technology topic, and
chastized me and complained that people were waiting for Tinys.  At that
point 12 people cancelled thier orders, and I refunded thier orders, and it
cleaned out my remaining cash reserves."  Folks, this is exactly how it
occurs, the mere fact that mention is made of possible problems a "run on
the company" usually happens.  
     The next most severe incident is to find the electronic banking
services are dropping the charging merchant's credit card acceptance
privileges because of too many "charge-backs" (customer refund requests). 
Not to mention the problems that can arise when the charges to customer
credit cards are made through other merchant account terminals than that of
the actual seller.  These problems can all pop up at once when public
complaints are made to the bank where the credit card was issued.  The
electronic banking services can spot a problem long before it becomes a
public spectacle.  They will act immediately if elements of the merchant
agreement are not being followed as outlined in the agreement.  Especially
the clause prohibiting the posting of sales for another merchant on a
contract terminal unless of course, its previously agreed upon.  All it
takes is one customer complaint in this type case.  It is a breach of
contract and can cause immediate cancellation of the accepting/charging
merchant's terminal access privilege.

     Its really smart to use either email or all the patience one can
possibly muster in these situations as its in the best interests of all
other involved parties to do so.  It'll give the merchant the much needed 
additional time to satisfy his outstanding orders, while allowing the
merchant to continue doing business thus, helping the already meager cash
flow in this dying, if not dead, Atari marketplace.  It makes no sense to
try and force the merchant out of business by making a "loud public outcry
or spectacle" of the situation.  Although, in recent months this seems to
have been the case.  As a result, certain folks will be satisfied and
others well.. they'll be satisfied but it will take more time than
originally anticipated.  Hopefully, these matters will be dealt with
swiftly and to everyone's satisfaction.  The only recognizable problem
noticed at this time, is the viability of third party products designed and
ordered over a year ago. After all, the company itself (Atari) is busily
introducing a new computer line, (the Falcons), which is excessively late
and the platform itself is losing developers left and right.  Perhaps a
systematic approach to refunding those users who ordered and pre-paid for
product as opposed to trying to fulfill the "original" orders would be the
"right thing to do".  

     Bob Chopak, of Computer Garden, posted the messages above concerning
his pre-paid order.  STReport acknowledges he has been more than patient
and should have at least been given a return call or two.  When we called
Mr. Chopak for an interview he was quite accommodating and straight
forward.  It seems his biggest complaint was that he, like many of others
with similar complaints, was not kept informed of the progress of his order
nor were his telephone calls returned.  As STReport continues to receive
information relative to this situation, we shall keep the userbase informed
of the progress being made in resolving the problem.  STReport adds, that
we fully expect Mr. Chopak and the others who have registered complaints to
be completely satisfied in as short a time as possible under the present
prevailing market and economic conditions.


> CT FEST'93 STR SHOW NEWS               The Summertime Atari Event!

                           THE CT ATARIFEST '93!

                  JUNE 12 & 13, AT THE WINDSOR COURT HOTEL
                     WINDSOR, CT. (JUST ABOVE HARTFORD)

     Free Parking!
          Low Room Rates!
               More Vendors!
                    More Floor Space!


HARTFORD, Conn. (April 12)

     More than  1,000 Atari computer  enthusiasts are expected  to converge
here June 12 and 13 at Connecticut AtariFest '93, and are certain to debate
whether the  star of  the show --  THE LONG-AWAITED  FALCON030 COMPUTER  --
lives up to its advance billing.

     Yep,  that ACT Atari Group is running another major NorthEast computer
event.   Last  year's successful  CT  Fest had  over 700  attendees,  which
merited a larger location,  so we've moved  a mile away  (exit 42 on  I-91)
into  bigger and  better quarters.   We're just  as convenient  to reach as
ever,  and only  two hours  from  Boston or  New York!  The  new hotel  has
excellent  room rates ($35.00 per  room), free and  plentiful parking, easy
access from Interstate 91, I-95, I-90, I-84, I-80, an in  house Sports Bar,
a bigger  ballroom and is  located just 1  mile from  Bradley International
Airport (free shuttle service for hotel guests).

     The Falcon030 is a  perfect low cost tool for the professional artist,
with 8 track, 16 bit musical capabilities, truecolor graphics  and a 32 bit
DSP  chip.    The  Falcon will  be  bundled  with  several  music programs,
including a 4 track 'Direct to Disk' editing and recording program, a sound
sampler and an all purpose productivity package called AtariWorks.

     The  Hartford show  will likely  be one  of the  first encounters  the
general public has with the new machine and software leading designers have
produced for it.  Atari was performing quality control tests  on the latest
production models shipped to the Sunnyvale headquarters in mid-April.

     The two-day  event will  feature  more than  40 exhibitors,  including
several of the top names in  music software development and MIDI equipment.
Tentative  music exhibitors  include  Barefoot  Software  (formerly  Hybrid
Arts), Digital F/X, Steinberg/Jones, Pro Musica, Compo Software and others.
The show, sponsored  by ACT Atari Group, will be held  at the Windsor Court
Hotel, just off Interstate 91 at exit 42.

     Connecticut AtariFest'93  promises to  showcase  the work  of  several
musicians and will include some live music sessions.

     Other vendors will demonstrate new equipment and software that will be
of interest to musicians whether  they're on or off  the job.  Among  them,
organizers have received tentative  nods from A&D Software,  ABC Solutions,
Baggetaware,  Barefoot Software,  Compo Software,  Computer Studio,  Derric
Electronics,  East Hartford  Computer Repair,  Gribnif Software,  ICD Inc.,
MegaType Software, Soft-Logik Publishing, Toad Computers, Wizztronics. Last
year 14  user groups participated, and  that number is expected  to grow by

     A  Home Business and Entertainment  Expo that will  focus on high-tech
gadgetry designed for home  use is also  planned.  Central activities  will
include a New  England Lynx Tournament  for the gamester  in the family,  a
Portfolio  corner  for  the  on-the-go  palmtop  computer  user, and  other
technology such  as VCRs, lap/palmtops, voice  messaging systems, satellite
receivers,  CD-ROM,  fax-modems,  large  screen  TV, printers,  audio-video
components, cellular phones,  office supplies, video games  or add-on units
and accessories.

     We'll have  our annual  New England  Lynx  Competition, with  multiple
Comlynxed competitions underway  at all  times.  Last  year's winners  took
home prizes ranging  from games  to accessories to  complete Lynx  Systems!
Bring your best player and join the fun.

     We'll have  the Portfolio  Corner, staffed  with industry pundits  and
filled with  every imaginable palmtop peripheral!   Last year we  had a few
Portfolios disassembled at  the booth,  a real insight  into surface  mount

     For those  of you with  an eye  towards seminars, we'll  have them  in
abundance, last year's  question and  answer session with  Bob Brodie  drew
standing only crowds! In addition, we had  John Eidsvoog's walk through the
Codehead graphic  tools,  Jeff Naideau  of  Barefoot Software  showing  off
EdiTrack Platinum, Dave Troy of (Guess[ribbet]) Computers, STReport's  Dana
Jacobson and Joe Mirando and many, many others.

     And  to top things  off, come out  and see  the Falcon 030  in all its
glory.  By then we expect to see some rad new programs out and  some really
excitement!  All in all, we hope  to have the best Northeast show yet,  and
we look forward  to your participation.  Make  your plans now for  the most
exciting Atari Weekend this spring!

     For further information,  call Brian Gockley  at 203-332-1721 or  Doug
Finch at 203-637-1034.  We can also be found on GEnie in Category 11  or on
Compuserve  in the Atari  Forums.  E-mail  can be directed  to B.GOCKLEY or
D.FINCH7 on GEnie or to 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.


> LONG NOTES STR Feature          Casual but profound observations..

                       THE NOTEBOOKS OF LAZARUS LONG 
                                  Issue #1

Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
Various real-life sayings (some attributed, some not) that could fit in-
to the Notebooks of Lazarus Long.  From the Jerry Pournelle RT on Genie

     Experience is the best teacher.
     But her pop quizzes can be MIGHTY tough.

     If you're going backwards, the odometer always reads zero.
     A single daisy, hand delivered, is better than a dozen roses 
     delivered by the florist.
     Never offend people with style when you can offend them with 
     You can prove anything if you make up your data.
     You can prove _almost_ anything if you are allowed to exclude data 
     that don't fit.
     A dog does not bite the hand that feeds him. That is the principal 
     difference between a dog and a man.
     A gentleman is one who never inflicts pain.
                                          ---Cardinal Newman.
                                          ---Oscar Wilde

     Just because you ignore the facts, does not mean they cease to 

     "Solutions are the larva of new problems."
                                          ---Jim Wells, 1993

     Knights in shining armor are easy targets.

     Children generally survive their parent's best intentions.

     The concept of an "inalienable right" is a legal fiction. No 
     religion endorses the concept, and Darwin certainly never heard of 

     Statistics are like a Bikini 
      What they revel is very nice 
      What they conceal is even more important.

     Oliver Wendell Holmes told us that taxes are the price we pay for 
     civilization. We want a refund.

     Always place your clothes and your weapons where you can find them 
     in the dark.

     You can lead a man to knowledge, but you cannot make him think.

     Turning the other cheek works, until you run out of cheeks.

     Turn the other cheek and get two purple hearts.

     We'd be in serious trouble if we got all the government we pay for.

     Today's bugs are tomorrow's program features.

     If all you have is a hammer, you have to treat every problem like a 

     If you torture the data enough, it will confess.

     "You know, some day an American politician is going to do what he 
     thinks is right, instead of what the pols tell him. And it's going 
     to look revolutionary."
                                          ---Michael Crichton

     Life's tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid.

     Here lies a technophobe, 
       No whimper, no blast; 
     His life's goal accomplished, 
       Zero risk at last.

     "A mind is like a parachute. It's only useful when it's open."

     Take off and nuke it from orbit - it's better to be sure.

     If you're coasting, you're going downhill.
     A job not worth doing is not worth doing well.

     "There are three kinds of lies -- lies, damned lies and statistics."

     The only thing faster than the speed of light is the speed with 
     which a rumor travels.

     A good leader fixes the problem -- not the blame.
                                          ---Colonel F. Porciello, USAF
     Never use one hydrogen bomb when two will suffice.
     When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to 
     make a decision.
                                          --- Lord Falkland

     Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                      Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                          Wait for the U#= prompt.

                  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

GEnie costs only $4.95 a month for unlimited evening and  weekend access to
more than  100 services  including  electronic mail,  online  encyclopedia,
shopping, news, entertainment, single-player games, and bulletin boards  on
leisure and professional subjects.  With many other services, including the
biggest collection of files to download and the best online games, for only
$6 per hour.

MONEY BACK  GUARANTEE!  Any time  during your first month  of membership if
you are not completely satisfied, just ask for your $4.95 back.

|============= Welcome to the... ==================== Reference =========|
|  ###### ######       ##   ## ##   ##  ###### BULLETIN BOARD.... M605;1 |
| ##      ##           ####### ##   ## ##      RT CONFERENCES.... M605;2 |
| ##  ### ####   ####  ## # ## ##   ## ##  ### SOFTWARE LIBRARY.. M605;3 |
| ##   ## ##           ##   ## ##   ## ##   ##                           |
|  ###### ######       ##   ##  #####   ###### PRODUCT SUPPORT... M606;1 |

          ___       ___   ____  __  __  ___              to the
 |\   |\ | == |\   |  _\ |    ||  \/  || ==
 | |/\| ||  _|| |  | |   | O  ||      ||  _|  J E R R Y   P O U R N E L L E
 |      || |_ | |__| |__ |    || |\/| || |_
 |__/\__||___||____/____/|____||/   |/ |___|           RoundTable

                    Your Host and Chief Sysop
             Jerry Pournelle.....JERRYP [Chaos Master]

                     First Assistant Sysop
           Gary R. Utter..........GARY.UTTER [RT Manager]

                     Second Assistant Sysop
       Timothy Pleasant..............T.PLEASANT [RT Archivist]

                     Third Assistant Sysop
         Bill Dooley..............Bill.Dooley [RT Assistant]

                        Chief Librarian
     R.B. (Brad) Andrews...............R.B.ANDREWS [RT Librarian]


          GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


> NEW GENIE RULES STR InfoFile   GEnie Services Usage Policies & Guidelines

             About GEnie Services Usage Policies and Guidelines
                            (Revised May, 1993)

It is the intent of GEnie Services  to permit the open discussion of issues
in its bulletin boards, real-time conferences and chat  areas.  However, in
order  to maintain proper decorum in the  use of GEnie Services, to protect
the integrity, good will and mass appeal of GEnie Services, and to prevent
violation of the legal rights of others, it is necessary for GEnie Services
to have and to ensure compliance with certain criteria relating  to the use
of GEnie Services.

Those usage guidelines are set forth in the on-line GEnie Services Policies
and  Guidelines files  which are  available for  subscriber access.   These
Policies and  Guidelines are  subject to  change by  GEnie Services at  its
discretion.    In  addition to  the  on-line  GEnie  Services Policies  and
Guidelines,  individual  system  operators  ("sysops")  may also  establish
supplemental  usage guidelines for application  with respect to  the use of
the specific GEnie  Services areas  which they manage,  provided that  such
supplemental guidelines  are  not  inconsistent  with  the  GEnie  Services
Policies  and Guidelines  which  are then  in  effect.   Such  supplemental
guidelines must also be adhered to.

It  should be  noted that  GEnie  Services is  not a  communications common
carriage service, and that GEnie Services is not legally obligated to allow
its facilities to be  used for the wholly unrestricted expression of ideas.
GEnie Services reserves to itself and to its sysops discretion with respect
to what is permitted  to appear in open files and libraries on the Service.
It is intended, however, to have this discretion exercised in  a reasonable
and responsible manner, in accordance with the stated usage policies and

                                                  John F. Barber
                                        General Manager, GEnie Services

                 GEnie SERVICES USAGE GUIDELINES (May 1993)

The following criteria apply to the use of GEnie Services:

management of Bulletin Boards, Real-Time  Conferences and ChatLines is  the
responsibility  of the  sysop retained to  administer that  Bulletin Board,
Real-Time   Conference   or  ChatLine.      Subject   to  such   management
responsibility, the  following  usage  guidelines  apply  with  respect  to
Bulletin Board postings:

 a.  Postings in each Bulletin Board should be limited to information which
     is relevant to that Bulletin Board.  A sysop may exclude    irrelevant
     information from his/her Bulletin Board; may move a  posting to a more
     appropriate  topic area  in his/her  Bulletin Board,  or may  direct a
     subscriber to another, more appropriate Bulletin Board.

 b.  The content of  any statement or information which is  transmitted for
     posting in a  Bulletin Board  should be suitable  for publication  and
     should not  violate the legal rights  of others.  The  posting of such
     statement or information  will not  be permitted if  it is  reasonably
     considered  to fall  within any of  the following categories  or to be
     otherwise harmful to GEnie Services' business interests:

         (1) Material which is obscene, indecent, or a blatant expression  
             of bigotry, racism or hatred.
         (2) Material which is otherwise grossly repugnant to community
         (3) Defamatory or abusive statements.
         (4) Unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.
         (5) Threats to harm oneself or others.
         (6) Statements made for the purpose of harassment.
         (7) Statements which advocate conduct or action which would be
             illegal or harmful to GEnie Services or others.
         (8) Statements made in furtherance of an illegal or fraudulent
             scheme or activity.
         (9) Statements which are inconsistent with decorum and good taste.
        (10) Advertising statements, except in the Classified Ads section  
             of the Service.

Moreover, the use  of offensive  or threatening nicknames  or "handles"  to
identify the submitters of postings will not be tolerated.

The  standards which  apply  with respect  to  the permissible  content  of
Bulletin Board postings also apply with respect to Real-Time Conference and
Chatline communications.

Threats  of  harm to  oneself or  others,  and other  statements concerning
illegal conduct, may be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities
for investigation.

2.  SOFTWARE LIBRARIES.   Subscribers  are not permitted  to electronically
upload  the  following  types  of   material  to  GEnie  Services  Software

     a. Unauthorized copies of copyrighted photographs, drawings, graphics
        or other writings, computer programs, recordings or designs.

     b. Computer programs which contain viruses, worms, trojan horses, or
        other contaminating or destructive features.

     c. Sexually explicit material which describes or depicts, in a
        licentious manner, genital organs or sexual acts.

     d. Items which would not qualify for posting in a Bulletin Board.

3.   GE MAIL. GE Mail is provided for private communication between service
subscribers,  although it  may also be  used by  sysops and  GEnie Services
personnel  for the performance of administrative functions. GE Mail may not
be  used for the transmission of unsolicited or "junk" mail,  such as chain
letters, pyramid scheme offerings, or merchandise or service offerings.  It
is also not permissible to use GE Mail to transmit messages which harass or
threaten other service subscribers, or which the recipient might reasonably
find offensive.

Enforcement of these usage restrictions is based on complaints which may be
made  by  subscribers  to whom  offending  material  is  addressed.   GEnie
Services does  not engage in  the routine monitoring  of the content  of GE
Mail messages.  Except in the case  of messages which are transmitted to or
from accounts  which are assigned  for the performance  by sysops or  GEnie
Services personnel  of administrative functions,  the contents  of GE  Mail
messages will  not be  inspected or  disclosed without  the consent  of the
addressee thereof, or as may be required or authorized by applicable law.

It should  be understood that GE Mail messages which are not retrieved from
the addressee's  mailbox within a specified  period of time,  or which have
not  been retrieved prior to  termination or suspension  of the addressee's
service account, are routinely expunged from the system, and are not saved,
notwithstanding that they were not retrieved by the addressee.

In  the case of RoundTable  and ChatLine usage,  primary responsibility for
enforcing  compliance with these GEnie  Services Usage Guidelines, and with
any applicable  supplemental usage guidelines,  resides with the  sysop for
such RoundTable  or ChatLine.   Sysops are  empowered to take  any and  all
action  which is  reasonably  determined by  the sysop  to be  necessary or
appropriate  in the circumstances to  ensure compliance with  these and any
applicable supplemental  usage standards.  GEnie  Services itself, however,
also  reserves  the   right  to  immediately   terminate  or  suspend   the
subscriber's access to the  service if it determines that  the subscriber's
non-compliance  with such guidelines was intentional and is likely to cause
serious commercial or other harm to it or to another subscriber.

If you should disagree with the action or decision of any sysop in applying
the usage standards  in a particular  case, you may  request review of  the
sysop's action or decision by submitting a  written request for such review
to FEEDBACK.  Your request should include both a statement of the  facts of
the case  and of  your  reason for  believing that  the  sysop's action  or
decision was  erroneous  or  excessive.   FEEDBACK  will  acknowledge  your
request  and will  initiate a  review of  the matter.   Unless  the sysop's
action or decision is found to  have been arbitrary or capricious, however,
the sysop's judgment will be  upheld.  GEnie Services' management will  not
substitute its own judgment for the sysop's judgment so long as there was a
reasonable basis for the sysop's decision.

GEnie Services Terms and Conditions

1.  GEnie Services Provided

     General Electric  Company, acting through its  GE Information Services
     division (the "Company"),  agrees to provide you access to  the use of
     those electronic bulletin boards, conferences, databases, software and
     graphics libraries, games  and other computer  services which  Company
     may from time to time  offer as its GEnie Services, under  and subject
     to the terms  and conditions stated herein.   You are  responsible for
     obtaining the  equipment and telephone  services which are  needed for
     use in accessing and using such services.

2.  Service Access Security

     You are  responsible for maintaining the  confidential and controlling
     the use  of your User ID and Password, for  the payment of all charges
     incurred in your account, and  for any violation of the terms  of this
     Agreement by anyone using your account.  You should immediately notify
     the  Company by telephoning its Client Services Desk at (800) 638-9636
     if your User ID or Password is  lost or stolen, or if you believe that
     someone has obtained unauthorized access to them, so that steps may be
     taken to prevent  further unauthorized  use of your  account. You  may
     elect, if  you wish, to  use an automatic logon  feature, and dispense
     with the requirement of having to manually enter a properly authorized
     User ID and Password to access your account.  In making such election,
     however, you assume the  risks resulting from not using  the available
     security features of  the Service, and  acknowledge that Company  will
     not be  able to block unauthorized  access to the use  of your account
     through the mechanism of changing your User ID or Password. 

3.  Proprietary Rights

     You are  authorized to access databases, software,  graphics and other
     materials   which  are  identified  at  the  time  of  access  as  the
     intellectual property of the Company or others only for your own  use.
     You are not authorized  to copy such databases, software,  graphics or
     other   materials    for   republication,   distribution    or   other
     dissemination.     You  agree   to  not  delete   copyright  or  other
     intellectual property rights notices  from printouts of electronically
     accessed material.

4.  Conditions of Use and Access:  Disclaimer of Warranties:  Limitation of

     Company makes no  warranties or  representations with  respect to  any
     goods or  services which  may be offered  for sales  by third  parties
     through  their   use  of  GEnie  SErvices,   and  expressly  disclaims
     responsibility for such offerings.


5.  Payment

     You agree  to pay all charges  incurred in your account  in accordance
     with the applicable terms  and prices contained in the  GEnie Services
     Price  Schedule then  in  effect.   By  accessing GEnie  Services  you
     reaffirm  your  authorization  to the  Company  to  secure payment  in
     accordance with the Method of Payment you specify.

6.  Termination or Modification of Agreement

     Either party may terminate the Agreement at any time, with or  without
     cause, by giving the other party notice of such termination.  Any such
     notice of termination will be effective upon the earlier of (a) actual
     receipt thereof by the other  party, or (b) three (3) days  after such
     notice  is mailed to the other party  by 1st class U.S. Mail, properly
     addressed and  postage pre-paid. You  will remain responsible  for the
     payment of all charges incurred in your account before the termination
     becomes effective.  Company may elect to block your access  to the use
     of the  service while you are  in default hereunder, or  if charges to
     your  account  for  such  service  usage  are  rejected.  Company  may
     unilaterally change the terms  and conditions set forth herein  at any
     time by  posting on-line notice of  such change for a  period five (5)
     consecutive days in  a manner which conspicuosly  informs everyone who
     accesses GEnie Services during such notice period of the change.

7.  General

  a. You represent that you are at least 18 years old and have legal       
     capacity to enter into this contract.

  b. This Agreement is not assignable by you.  It will be governed by the  
     law of the State  of Maryland, excluding its conflict-of-laws  rules. 
     Each party waives the right to a jury trial in any suit based upon or 
     arising out of this Agreement.

  c. Any action of  any kind by either party arising out  of this Agreement
     must be commenced within two (2) years from the date the right, claim,
     demand or cause of action first arises.

  d. This  Agreement  and  the  applicable  GEnie  Services Price  Schedule
     contains  the complete and exclusive understanding of the parties with
     respect  to  the subject  matter hereof.    No waiver,  alteration, or
     modification  of any of the  provisions hereof will  be binding unless
     made  in  accordance  with the  provisions  of  Section  6 hereof,  or
     expressly  agreed to  in a writing  signed by  the party  sought to be


> THE ATIGA! STR Feature     'Tis a spoof, but worth a chuckle...

                               The Atiga!

 From the ST RT on Genie - Cat. 18, Topic 23, Msg. 173 - posted by 

I found an interesting new development has transpired. I presume that 
the industry-wide terror generated by Gene's announcement of the Irata 
Noclaf030 has spurred these two unlikely partners to team up...
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  Date: 11 May 93 19:54:20 GMT
  From: noao!asuvax!!swrinde!!
  Subject: It could happen...
  SUNNYVALE CA: In a groundbreaking move, Atari Corporation and 
  Commodore have announced a joint venture into the personal computer 
  arena. The former competitors claim to have realized the futility of 
  trying to compete against each other for "niche" markets and have 
  decided instead to "team up and have a go at Big Blue."
  The new computer is called the "Atiga", and is said to combine 
  elements from both the ST and Amiga lines, as well as several new 
  features. For starters, the new machine will be based on the Intel 
  80286 processor. "The 68000 family is dead," claims Atari's Bob 
  Brodie. "The original plan was to make the Atiga PC compatible, but 
  about halfway through the project Jack Tramiel decided on a new 
  operating system based on the HP-41 handheld calculator." Text is 
  entered in a modified RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) in which words are 
  entered first and then all punctuation is added at the end of a 
  sentence. "It's much faster when you get used to it," claims Brodie.

  In addition, the Atiga is said to borrow sound and MIDI capabilities 
  from the Amiga line and graphic capabilities from the Atari ST. "We 
  wanted to build on the Amiga's success in the music market and the 
  ST's popularity with video production companies," said a Commodore 
  The Atiga will be available in two configurations. The first is a one 
  piece model with integrated monitor, keyboard and CPU. The one piece 
  model ships with no RAM, though an Atari spokeperson mentioned that he 
  thought that RAM boards might be provided by third party manufacturers 
  at some future date.
  The second configuration features a CPU and a unique Direct To Brain 
  (DTB) interface. Although still in early testing, the DTB interface is 
  connected to the user via two probes and I/O is established through a 
  combination of brainwaves and biorhythms. One probe is attached to a 
  collar fitted around the user's tongue, but spokepersons would only 
  giggle when asked where the second probe was connected. When asked 
  about the RAM configuration the spokespersons replied "Yes, that's 
  correct," and broke into hysterical laughter.
  In an unusual move, the two companies have announced the availability 
  date of the computer to be three weeks ago, with production scheduled 
  to begin by next fall. In the meantime, a media blitz is planned to 
  start immediately with print ads in supermarket tabloids and video 
  spots in trailers for adult videos. "We're really excited about this 
  one," said the Commodore spokesperson. "Yes sirree Bob." "What?" 
  replied Brodie.

  *Jonathan Whitcomb, Alcatel Network Systems, Raleigh, North Carolina*
  *  UUCP:             GEnie: J.WHITCOMB3    * 


> BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST'93 STR SHOW NEWS    "The Summertime Atari Event!"

                         1993 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST


The  Blue  Ridge Atari  Computer  Enthusiasts (BRACE)  and  Computer Studio
invite you  to participate  in the Fourth  Annual Blue  Ridge AtariFest  in
beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  Show dates and times are:

                     Saturday July 24, 1993  10am - 6pm
                     Sunday   July 25, 1993  Noon - 5pm

Just  as in previous years, we have arranged for FREE Booth space for Atari
developers!!  (We're only requesting the donation of a door prize).

We can promise  both developers  and show-goers an  energetic and  exciting
show with as enthusiastic a crowd of Atarians as you'll find anywhere, plus
the support of Computer Studio in the mall.

We're  once again taking  over the Courtyard  Shop (mall)  area at Westgate
Shopping Center for the show (location of Computer Studio), plus the use of
vacant  store spaces  for seminar  sessions.  Seminar  sessions will  be 45
minutes in length, and developers are welcome to conduct a seminar on their
product  line or  approved  topic of  their  choice (seminar  sessions  are
limited, so first come, first served).

This year's show  dates also  coincide with Asheville's  annual Bele  Chere
street festival, when downtown Asheville is closed to vehicular traffic and
becomes  what must  be one  of  the largest  street fairs  in the  country.
Westgate  Shopping  Center  is  one of  the  primary  Park-and-Ride shuttle
centers for transporting people to and from downtown, and we've arranged to
have the shuttle service pick up at the front entrance of the mall and drop
off at the rear entrance, so everyone taking the service from Westgate WILL
walk through the AtariFest exhibition area  sometime during the day.   This
will be  a great opportunity to  showcase Atari and Atari  related software
and  peripherals, and  introduce them  to people  who aren't  already Atari
owners.  Bringing  in NEW blood is the key to  the growth of this platform,
and  this will  be our  opportunity to  begin that  process with  a captive

Additional  discussions of  the  show, as  well  as confirmations  of  your
participation, are welcome in GEnieMail and in the Blue Ridge
AtariFest topic 13 in Category 11 here on GEnie.

                         HAPPY ATARI COMPUTING.
                                   IT'S HAPPENING IN ASHEVILLE!

Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

Take  any major highway  into Asheville  (US 19-23, US  26 or  I-40) to the
I-240  loop,  then  take the  "Westgate/Hilton  Inn  Drive  exit" into  the
Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 24-25, July 1993
                          Time: 10:am to 6:pm SAT
                               12 Noon 'til 5pm SUN

Points of contact:

                  Come for a day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                 Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211

Radisson                    One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                 Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

          ====== Additional Hotel / Motel Information ===========

Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                               I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                   Toll-free reservation phone number    1-800-HOLIDAY

Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                   Toll-free reservation phone number   1-800-843-7663

Budget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                  West Asheville Exit    (704)665-2100 Best
Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St                 (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
Corner Oak Manor            53 St. Dunstan               (704)253-3525
Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789]

A more complete listing of Bed & Breakfasts can be obtained through the
Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Reservations should be made immediately, as July is the height of our
tourist season.

                 ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

Mount Pisgah:
     About 20  miles southwest of  Asheville on  the Blue Ridge  Parkway at
mile post 408.6 (National Park Service). 690 acres. Elevation 5000'. One of
the nicest  campgrounds in Western  North Carolina.  67 tent  sites, 70  RV
sites.  For reservations: P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786; phone (704)
235-9109. No showers.  Groceries and  restaurant. Nature program.   14  day
stay limit.

Lake Powhatan:
     4 miles  south of Asheville  on State road 191,  3.5 miles west  on SR
806.  30  acres.  98  tent/rv  sites.  Reservation  available  thru  Mistix
1-800-283-CAMP. Disposal station. No showers. Swimming; lifeguard; fishing;
nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in  the area, you  might want to consider  a little sightseeing,
and include  a visit to the  Biltmore House here in  Asheville (the largest
single family residence ever built in the U.S.--its a "castle"). A visit to
the Biltmore  can be  a full-day's activity  as you will  want to  view the
house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.


          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm 
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway  and Folk Art Center. A drive up the Blue
ridge Parkway to enjoy  the higher elevations and  incredible views of  our
mountains.  Perhaps  a hike  up  to  Mount Pisgah  and  look  back down  to
Asheville(you can see Mt. Pisgah from most anywhere in Asheville).  A short
drive from  Mt. Pisgah  will take you  to Sliding  Rock (for  those of  you
travelling  with kids who are still kids  at heart), the Cradle of Forestry
(first  forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery, etc. For
the adventurous,  white water rafting   on  the Natahala River  near Bryson
City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's  obviously loads  more  to see  and  do around  Asheville  (in
addition to the Blue Ridge AtariFest and a visit to Computer Studio :-). If
any of y'all  would like  maps and additional  tourist info  of the area  I
might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                     Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                             151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926




                           The NOVA Graphics Card

It's  me  again Yat  Siu  from  Lexicor Software  Europe.  I  have a  happy
announcement to make!

Lexicor Software is glad  to announce that they have  acquired distribution
rights to  the NOVA Card.  The Nova Card  comes in essentially  5 different
versions. Lexicor Software Products that run on the NOVA Card are:

XENOMORPH-3D  (works  100%) all  functions  Cyber  Color (works  100%)  all
functions Prism Paint (works 100%)  v.1.1, 1.5 and the soon to  be released
2.0  CHRONOS-3D Newest Version (works 100%) You  can even RENDER in any rez
at 8bit GENESIS (works 100%) Render  24 (works 100%) Utility Disk I haven't
checked all the utilities but nearly ALL appear to work.

And  since it  has an  own  VDI Driver,  most Atari  Applications that  are
written  cleanly should work  just fine.  Now to  the availability  and the
prices, Lexicor users get a special price as I understand and for those who
buy our Software bundled, they too will  get a special price. I have listed
them into Lexicor  and Non Lexicor and listed the price respectively below.
I hope the formatting works now! :)

Type of NOVA Card       Prices:LEXICOR User     Prices:NON-LEXICOR
of CARD:

NOVA Mega 32K            300 U$D                  360 U$D

32,768 Colors for any Mega ST BUS

Nova Mega 16M            400 U$D                  490 U$D

16,7 Million Colors for your Mega ST BUS

Nova VME 32K             429 U$D                  560 U$D

32,768 Colors for any Mega STE or TT VME

Nova VME 16M             529 U$D                  699 U$D

16,7 Million Colors for any Mega STE or TT VME

Super NOVA               999 U$D                 1199 U$D

Excellence and brilliance! Requires a VME Bus Mega STE or TT

If  you own  an ST  or a  regular STE  (eg.1040, 520)  then with  a special
adaptor you can connect the Mega BUS versions on your ST, STE. Price of the
adaptor however is to date not known.

Transport  (shipping) is  not included,  please add  another 30-40  dollars
depending on how quick you wish to have a delivery.
Prices are Subject to possible change but unlikely.

To the specs of the Card now:

All the NOVA Cards, 16M, 32k VME or Mega BUS have this in common:

1.Max Pixeltakt:        90 Mhz

2.Video RAM             1 Megabyte

3.Ramtype               DRAM

4.Have Virtual Resolutions

5.Automatic Rez Switch

6.Upgrade Possibility

7.VDI for its Colors (16M have 24bit VDI, 32k have 32K VDI)

8.All have a Videomode Generator

9.All go up to 1024*768 in 72Hz in 2/16/256 Colors

The Max rez in 16,7 Million colors for the 16M VME is 640*480 and the
MegaBUS is 640*400.

The Max rez for BUS version is 1024*768 and for VME version is 1088*832 at
70 Hz.

The Max rez at 32k colors for BUS version is 768*512 and VME version is

The SUPERNOVA is a dream Card for a dream Price!!!

Max Mhz is 135 MHZ with 16,7 Million colors at 800*600, 32k colors at 1024*
768, Absolute Max at 256 Colors max is 1280 * 1024. Ram type is VRAM unlike
the NOVA standard  DRAM and has 2 Megabytes of VRAM. It has everything that
regular NOVA's have AND has a hardware speedup, making it even quicker!

Naturally, Virtual Resolutions possible!

This  is  a  very, very  fine  card and  is  to my  knowledge  the cheapest
available Graphics Card for your Atari. The Crazy Dots which we so promoted
before is still a fine card, but proved to be less compatible than the NOVA
making for Lexicor Software the NOVA Card be the preferred choice.

Please,  as this is a  service of Lexicor Europe which  needs to import and
may  run  out of  stock,  consider  a maximum  delivery  time  of 6  weeks,
depending  on  your  preferred choice  of  delivery  (Ground,  Air, UPS  or

We  will have  stock, and  it should not  take so  long....I am  only being
careful!  :-)

                                                       Yat Siu

#: 39629 S11/LEXICOR Software
    13-May-93  03:14:03
Sb: #39608-#Lexicors New NOVA card.
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Greg Wageman 74016,352


      Sorry I missed answering your question on Gemview.

Yes Gemview does work and Lexicor is adding Gemview to it's "Free"
shareware software with permission of the author Dieter...We offer as many
of you know some very nice Freeware and shareware software with our full
Phase-4 commercial package.

      Of course any one wanting just the disk must call in and pay for the
disk and copying, as the case with any other shareware service does.  For
more info just send E-Mail.

      We will be posting extensive upgrade list in our Lib in the coming
days, with many new products and information from all over the World.  This
will include both Hardware and software.

The best thing about NOVA is starting at the least expensive around the
$300 range to get TT graphics from 1040/STE Megas etc.  All our software is
100% compatible, and fully supported by us.  Then the at the $400.00 level
we are talking Falcon colors but much higher 800X600 from
16Mil...I like this one a lot.  and finally to go all out at a reasonable
price for 24 bit...try $500 + a few.  that sure beats $1,500 for 24 bit!
and if you really need super high res, add 2Megs of VRAM for $400.  and you
are still $500 below any thing else with the same graphical horsepower.

      There is of course a catch in all this and that is the speed of the
base machine.  more colors and more res means slower graphics, but we will
be teaching  solutions and professional approaches that will help a lot. 
The fact is that for most of us blinding speed which no one really has
anyway is not the real point.   It is you can have the whole nine yards
with out the pain of over paying.

      There will be plenty of sales information in the libraries soon.   We
hope this brief announcement has been of some use!

      Just one thing more.  we caution all Atari users who are considering
investing in Graphics Cards from any source to check with Lexicor or look
up our compatibility list.  There are some Card makers who claim
compatibility which does not exist.  We have had several reports from
lexicor product owners who were assured by such manufactures that the
product was compatible, and it was not.  In one case the claim came from a
manufacture who was selling a card we have never seen, that no Lexicor
author had ever had or ever tested his software on let alone done any
compatibility programming.  So please be careful when you are shopping, one
of these complaints came from a user who was unable to get a refund.  And
now has a very expensive Graphics Card that is of no use in doing the
animations he had dreamed of doing.

                                        Thanks again for the question.



> NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

                      NVN - THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK!

     The  Atari computer  platforms has  support on  yet another  top notch
     telecommunications service!  National Videotex Network (NVN) maintains
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     Order an  extended NVN  Membership of 6  or 12 months,  pay for  it in
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                             6-Month Membership

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             For more information about either of these plans..
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                    You can join NVN one of two ways...
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> HARDWARE REGISTERS STR InfoFile   ST/STe/MSTe/TT/F030 Register Listing

             |Atari ST/STe/MSTe/TT/F030 Hardware Register Listing|

                             Version 5.0 - 5/15/93
                                  By Dan Hollis
                   Copyright (C) 1993 MicroImages Software

This document may only be copied unmodified, in its entirety. This document
may only be copied  freely, and may not be sold. I make no guarantees as to
the  accuracy of  this document.  I cannot  be responsible  for the  use or
misuse of information contained within this document. Use at your own risk!
In  any case, every  effort has been  taken to  ensure this document  is as
complete and accurate as possible.

Corrections, additions, or comments should be sent to me.  I can be
contacted at the following addresses:

ForemNet : Dan Hollis @ node 3 (Atari-OH!)
InterNet : dhollis@bitsink.uucp
Snail    : Dan Hollis
           P.O. Box 580448
           Houston, TX 77258

Address Size  Description                        Bits used Read/Write
##############ADSPEED Configuration registers             ###########     
$F00000|byte |Switch to 16 Mhz                            |W
$F10000|byte |Switch to 8 Mhz                             |W
$F20000|byte |Turn on high speed ROM option in 16 Mhz     |W
$F30000|byte |Turn off high speed ROM option              |W
$F40000|byte |Unknown                                     |W
$F50000|byte |Turn off cache while in 16 Mhz              |W
       |     |   >> Write 0 to an address to set it. <<   |
##############ST MMU Controller                           ###########
$FF8001|byte |MMU memory configuration         BIT 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |Bank 0 (Bits 3-2)          Bank 1 (Bits 1-0)|
       |     |00 = 128k                  00 = 128k        |
       |     |01 = 512k                  01 = 512k        |
       |     |10 = 2m                    10 = 2m          |
       |     |11 = reserved              11 = reserved    |
##############SHIFTER Video Controller                    ###########
$FF8201|byte |Video screen memory position (high byte)    |R/W
$FF8203|byte |Video screen memory position (mid byte)     |R/W
$FF820D|byte |Video screen memory position (low byte)     |R/W  (STe)
$FF8205|byte |Video address pointer (high byte)           |R
$FF8207|byte |Video address pointer (mid byte)            |R
$FF8209|byte |Video address pointer (low byte)            |R
$FF820E|byte |Offset to next line (overrides $ff820f)     |R/W (F030)
$FF820F|byte |Width of a scanline (width in words-1)      |R/W  (STe)
$FF8210|word |Width of a scanline (width in words)        |R/W (F030)
$FF8265|byte |Horizontal scroll register (0-15)           |R/W  (STe)
$FF820A|byte |Video synchronization mode           BIT 1 0|R/W
       |     |                         0=60hz, 1=50hz -' ||
       |     |            0=internal, 1=external sync ---'|
$FF8240|word |Video color palette register 0              |R/W
    :  |  :  |  :      :       :     :                    | :
$FF825E|word |Video color palette register 15             |R/W
       |     |    ST color value  xxR3R2R1xxG3G2G1xxB3B2B1|
       |     |STe/TT color value  R2R1R0R3G2G1G0G3B2B1B0B3|
$FF8260|byte |Shifter resolution                   BIT 1 0|R/W
       |     |00=320x200x4 bitplanes (16 colors)          |
       |     |01=640x200x2 bitplanes (4 colors)           |
       |     |10=640x400x1 bitplane  (1 colors)           |
$FF8262|byte |TT Shifter resolution              BIT 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |000= 320x200x4 bitplanes (16 colors)        |
       |     |001= 640x200x2 bitplanes (4 colors)         |
       |     |010= 640x400x1 bitplane  (2 colors)         |
       |     |100= 640x480x4 bitplanes (16 colors)        |
       |     |110=1280x960x1 bitplane  (1 color)          |
       |     |111= 320x480x8 bitplanes (256 colors)       |
$FF827E|???? |STACY Display Driver                        |???(STACY)
$FF8400|word |TT Palette #0                               |R/W   (TT)
 ..... |     |                                            |
$FF85FE|word |TT Palette #255                             |R/W   (TT)

##############Falcon030 VIDEL Video Controller            ###########
$FF820E|word |Offset to next line (overrides $ff820f)     |R/W (F030)
$FF8210|word |VWRAP - Linewidth in words                  |R/W (F030)
$FF8266|word |SPSHIFT                BIT 8 . . . 4 . . . .|R/W (F030)
       |     |Truecolour mode -----------'       |        |
       |     |Bitplane mode ---------------------'        |
$FF8282|word |HHT - Synchro                               |R/W (F030)
$FF8284|word |HBB - End of line                           |R/W (F030)
$FF8286|word |HBE - Start of line                         |R/W (F030)
$FF8288|word |HDB - Left overscan                         |R/W (F030)
$FF828A|word |HDE - Right overscan                        |R/W (F030)
$FF828C|word |HSS - Synchro                               |R/W (F030)
$FF828E|word |HFS                                         |R/W (F030)
$FF8290|word |HEE                                         |R/W (F030)
$FF82A2|word |VFT - Synchro                               |R/W (F030)
$FF82A4|word |VBB - End of image                          |R/W (F030)
$FF82A6|word |VBE - Start of image (count in half lines)  |R/W (F030)
$FF82A8|word |VDB - Top overscan                          |R/W (F030)
$FF82AA|word |VDE - Bottom overscan                       |R/W (F030)
$FF82AC|word |VSS - Synchro                               |R/W (F030)
$FF82C2|word |VCO                                BIT 2 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |Halve pixel width (double pixels) -----' | ||
       |     |Skip line (interlace) -------------------' ||
       |     |Line doubling -----------------------------'|
##############DMA/WD1772 Disk controller                  ###########
$FF8600|     |Reserved                                    |
$FF8602|     |Reserved                                    |
$FF8604|word |FDC access/sector count                     |R/W
$FF8606|word |DMA mode/status                    BIT 2 1 0|R
       |     |Condition of FDC DATA REQUEST signal --' | ||
       |     |0=sector count null,1=not null ----------' ||
       |     |0=no error, 1=DMA error -------------------'|
$FF8606|word |DMA mode/status        BIT 8 7 6 . 4 3 2 1 .|W
       |     |0=read FDC/HDC,1=write ----' | | | | | | | ||
       |     |0=HDC access,1=FDC access ---' | | | | | | ||
       |     |0=DMA on,1=no DMA -------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |reserved ------------------------' | | | | ||
       |     |0=FDC reg,1=sector count reg ------' | | | ||
       |     |0=FDC access,1=HDC access -----------' | | ||
       |     |0=pin A1 low, 1=pin A1 high -----------' | ||
       |     |0=pin A0 low, 1=pin A0 high -------------' ||
       |     |unused ------------------------------------'|
$FF8609|byte |DMA base and counter (High byte)            |R/W
$FF860B|byte |DMA base and counter (Mid byte)             |R/W
$FF860D|byte |DMA base and counter (Low byte)             |R/W
##############TT-SCSI DMA Controller                      ###########
$FF8701|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Pointer (Highest byte)  |R/W   (TT)
$FF8703|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Pointer (High byte)     |R/W   (TT)
$FF8705|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Pointer (Low byte)      |R/W   (TT)
$FF8707|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Pointer (Lowest byte)   |R/W   (TT)
$FF8709|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Counter (Highest byte)  |???   (TT)
$FF870B|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Counter (High byte)     |???   (TT)
$FF870D|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Counter (Low byte)      |???   (TT)
$FF870F|byte |TT-SCSI-DMA Address Counter (Lowest byte)   |???   (TT)
$FF8710|???? |TT-SCSI-DMA Continue Data Register High Word|R/W   (TT)
$FF8712|???? |TT-SCSI-DMA Continue Data Register Low Word |R/W   (TT)
$FF8714|???? |TT-SCSI-DMA Control register                |R/W   (TT)
##############TT-SCSI Drive Controller 5380               ###########
$FF8781|byte |Contents of SCSI-Data buses                 |R/W   (TT)
$FF8783|byte |Init-Command Register                       |R/W   (TT)
$FF8785|byte |Transfer Start Register                     |R/W   (TT)
$FF8787|byte |Target-Command Register                     |R/W   (TT)
$FF8789|byte |Bus Status Register                         |R/W   (TT)
$FF878B|byte |Status Register                             |R/W   (TT)
$FF878D|byte |Command Data from SCSI-Bus                  |R/W   (TT)
$FF878F|byte |Reset Interrupts+Parity error/              |R/W   (TT)
       |     |         Start Init-DMA-Action              |
##############YM2149 Sound Chip                           ###########
$FF8800|byte |Read data/Register select                   |R/W
       |     |Port A (register 14)     BIT . 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|
       |     |Reserved --------------------' | | | | | | ||
       |     |Monitor jack GPO pin ----------' | | | | | ||
       |     |Centronics strobe ---------------' | | | | ||
       |     |RS-232 DTR output -----------------' | | | ||
       |     |RS-232 RTS output -------------------' | | ||
       |     |Drive select 1 ------------------------' | ||
       |     |Drive select 0 --------------------------' ||
       |     |Drive side select -------------------------'|
       |     |Port B - (register 15) Parallel port        |
$FF8802|byte |Write data                                  |W
##############DMA Sound System                            ###########
$FF8900|byte |Buffer interrupts                BIT 3 2 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |TimerA-Int at end of record buffer --' | | ||
       |     |TimerA-Int at end of replay buffer ----' | ||
       |     |MFP-15-Int (I7) at end of record buffer -' ||
       |     |MFP-15-Int (I7) at end of replay buffer ---'|
$FF8901|byte |DMA Control Register     BIT 7 . 5 4 . . 1 0|R/W
       |     |1=select record register ----+   | |     | ||    (F030) 
       |     |0=select replay register ----'   | |     | ||    (F030)
       |     |Loop record buffer --------------' |     | ||    (F030)
       |     |DMA Record on ---------------------'     | ||    (F030)
       |     |Loop replay buffer ----------------------' ||     (STe)
       |     |DMA Replay on -----------------------------'|     (STe)
$FF8903|byte |Frame start address (high byte)             |R/W  (STe)
$FF8905|byte |Frame start address (mid byte)              |R/W  (STe)
$FF8907|byte |Frame start address (low byte)              |R/W  (STe)
$FF8909|byte |Frame address counter (high byte)           |R    (STe)
$FF890b|byte |Frame address counter (mid byte)            |R    (STe)
$FF890d|byte |Frame address counter (low byte)            |R    (STe)
$FF890f|byte |Frame end address (high byte)               |R/W  (STe)
$FF8911|byte |Frame end address (mid byte)                |R/W  (STe)
$FF8913|byte |Frame end address (low byte)                |R/W  (STe)
$FF8920|byte |DMA Track Control            BIT 5 4 . . 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |00 - Set DAC to Track 0 ---------+-+     | ||
       |     |01 - Set DAC to Track 1 ---------+-+     | ||
       |     |10 - Set DAC to Track 2 ---------+-+     | ||
       |     |11 - Set DAC to Track 3 ---------+-'     | ||
       |     |00 - Play 1 Track -----------------------+-+|
       |     |01 - Play 2 Tracks ----------------------+-+|
       |     |10 - Play 3 Tracks ----------------------+-+|
       |     |11 - Play 4 Tracks ----------------------+-'|
$FF8921|byte |Sound mode control       BIT 7 . . . . . 1 0|R/W  (STe)
       |     |00 - 8 bit Stereo -----------+-+         | ||
       |     |01 - 16 bit Stereo ----------+-+         | ||    (F030)
       |     |10 - 8 bit Mono -------------+-'         | ||
       |     |Frequency control bits                   | ||
       |     |00=6258hz frequency ---------------------+-+|
       |     |01=12517hz frequency --------------------+-+|
       |     |10=25033hz frequency --------------------+-+|
       |     |11=50066hz frequency --------------------+-'|
       |     |Samples are always signed. In stereo mode,  |
       |     |data is arranged in pairs with high pair the|
       |     |left channel, low pair right channel. Sample|
       |     |length must ALWAYS be even in either mono or|
       |     |stereo mode.                                |
       |     |Example: 8bit Stereo : LRLRLRLRLRLR         |
       |     |       16 bit Stereo : LLRRLLRRLLRR (F030)  |
##############STe Microwire Controller (STe only!)        ###########
$FF8922|byte |Microwire data register                     |R/W  (STe)
$FF8924|byte |Microwire mask register                     |R/W  (STe)
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |Volume/tone controller commands(Address %10)|
       |     |Master Volume                  10 011 DDDDDD|
       |     |Left Volume                    10 101 xDDDDD|
       |     |Right Volume                   10 100 xDDDDD|
       |     |Treble                         10 010 xxDDDD|
       |     |Bass                           10 001 xxDDDD|
       |     |Mixer                          10 000 xxxxDD|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |Volume/tone controller values               |
       |     |Master Volume     : 0-40   (0=-80db, 40=0db)|
       |     |Left/Right Volume : 0-20    (0=80db, 20=0db)|
       |     |Treble/bass       : 0-12 (0=-12db, 12=+12db)|
       |     |Mixer             : 0-3 (0=-12db, 1=mix PSG)|
       |     |                    (2=don't mix,3=reserved)|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |Procedure:                                  |
       |     |Set mask register to $7ff                   |
       |     |Read data register and save original value  |
       |     |Write data register                         |
       |     |Compare data register with original value,  |
       |     |repeat until data register returns to       |
       |     |original value to ensure data has been sent |
       |     |over the interface.                         |
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |Interrupts:                                 |
       |     |Timer A can be set to interrupt at the end  |
       |     |of a frame. Alternatively, the GPI7 (MFP    |
       |     |mono detect) can be used to generate        |
       |     |interrupts thereby freeing up Timer A. In   |
       |     |this case, the active edge $FFFA03 must be  |
       |     |set by or-ing the active edge $FFFA03 with  |
       |     |the contents of $ff8260 as follows:         |
       |     |$FF8260 = 2 (mono)     or.b  #$80 with edge |
       |     |$FF8260 = 0,1 (colour) and.b #$7f with edge |
       |     |This will generate an interrupt at the START|
       |     |of a frame, instead of at the end as with   |
       |     |Timer A. To generate an interrupt at the END|
       |     |of a frame, simply reverse the edge values. |
##############Falcon030 DMA/DSP Controllers               ###########
$FF8930|word |DMA Crossbar Controller                     |R/W (F030)
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |DMA Output                       BIT 3 2 1 0|
       |     |0 - DMA in, 1 - all others ----------' | | ||
       |     |00 - 25.175Mhz clock ------------------+-+ ||
       |     |01 - External clock -------------------+-+ ||
       |     |10 - 32Mhz clock ----------------------+-' ||
       |     |0 - Handshake on, 1 - Handshake off -------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |DSP Output                       BIT 7 6 5 4|
       |     |1 - Connect, 0 - disconnect ---------' | | ||
       |     |00 - 25.175Mhz clock ------------------+-+ ||
       |     |01 - External clock -------------------+-+ ||
       |     |10 - 32Mhz clock ----------------------+-' ||
       |     |0 - Handshake on, 1 - Handshake off -------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |External Input                    BIT 10 9 8|
       |     |00 - 25.175Mhz clock ------------------+-+ ||
       |     |01 - External clock -------------------+-+ ||
       |     |10 - 32Mhz clock ----------------------+-' ||
       |     |0 - Handshake on, 1 - Handshake off -------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |ADC Input                             Bit 12|
       |     |0 - Internal sync, 1 - External sync ------'|
$FF8932|word |DMA Crossbar Destination Select             |R/W (F030)
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |DMA-In                           BIT 3 2 1 0|
       |     |0 - DSP out, 1 - All others ---------' | | ||
       |     |00 - Source DMA Output ----------------+-+ ||
       |     |01 - Source DSP Output ----------------+-+ ||
       |     |10 - Source External Input ------------+-+ ||
       |     |11 - Source ADC Input -----------------+-' ||
       |     |0 - Handshake on, 1 - Handshake off -------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |DSP-Input                        BIT 7 6 5 4|
       |     |0 - Disconnect, 1 - Connect ---------' | | ||
       |     |00 - Source DMA Output ----------------+-+ ||
       |     |01 - Source DSP Output ----------------+-+ ||
       |     |10 - Source External Input ------------+-+ ||
       |     |11 - Source ADC Input -----------------+-' ||
       |     |0 - Handshake on, 1 - Handshake off -------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |External Output                   BIT 10 9 8|
       |     |00 - Source DMA Output ----------------+-+ ||
       |     |01 - Source DSP Output ----------------+-+ ||
       |     |10 - Source External Input ------------+-+ ||
       |     |11 - Source ADC Input -----------------+-' ||
       |     |0 - Handshake on, 1 - Handshake off -------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |DAC Output                         BIT 13 12|
       |     |00 - Source DMA Output -----------------+--+|
       |     |01 - Source DSP Output -----------------+--+|
       |     |10 - Source External Input -------------+--+|
       |     |11 - Source ADC Input ------------------+--'|
$FF8934|byte |Frequency Divider External Sync             |R/W (F030)
$FF8935|byte |Frequency Divider Internal Sync             |R/W (F030)
$FF8936|byte |Record Tracks Select                 BIT 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |00 - Record 1 Track ---------------------+-+|
       |     |01 - Record 2 Tracks --------------------+-+|
       |     |10 - Record 3 Tracks --------------------+-+|
       |     |11 - Record 4 Tracks --------------------+-'|
$FF8937|byte |CODEC Input Source from 16bit adder  BIT 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |Multiplexer -----------------------------' ||
       |     |ADC/DAC -----------------------------------'|
$FF8938|byte |CODEC ADC-Input for L+R Channel      BIT 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |0 - Microphone, 1 - Soundchip            L R|
$FF8939|byte |Channel amplification          BIT LLLL RRRR|R/W (F030)
$FF893a|byte |Channel reduction         BIT LLLL RRRR ....|R/W (F030)
$FF8941|byte |Data Direction                     BIT 2 1 0|R/W (F030)
       |     |0 - In, 1 - Out -----------------------+-+-'|
$FF8943|byte |Data                               BIT 2 1 0|R/W (F030)
##############TT Clock Chip                               ###########
$FF8961|byte |Register select                             |????  (TT)
$FF8963|byte |Data of selected clock chip registers       |????  (TT)
##############Blitter (Not present on a TT!)              ###########
$FF8A00|word |Halftone-RAM, Word 0                        |R/W (Blit)
    :  |  :  |    :     :     :  :                        | :
$FF8A1E|word |Halftone-RAM, Word 15                       |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A20|word |Source X Increment Register                 |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A22|word |Source Y Increment Register                 |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A24|long |Source Address Register                     |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A28|word |Endmask 1                                   |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A2A|word |Endmask 2                                   |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A2C|word |Endmask 3                                   |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A2E|word |Destination X Increment Register            |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A30|word |Destination Y Increment Register            |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A32|long |Destination Address Register                |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A36|word |Words per Line in Bit-Block                 |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A38|word |Lines per Bit-Block                         |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A3A|word |Halftone Operation Register                 |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A3B|word |Logical Operation Register                  |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A3C|word |Line Number Register                        |R/W (Blit)
$FF8A3D|word |SKEW Register                               |R/W (Blit)
##############SCC-DMA                                     ###########
$FF8C01|byte |DMA-Address Pointer (Highest Byte)          |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C03|byte |DMA-Address Pointer (High Byte)             |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C05|byte |DMA-Address Pointer (Low Byte)              |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C07|byte |DMA-Address Pointer (Lowest Byte)           |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C09|byte |DMA-Address Counter (Highest-Byte)          |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C0B|byte |DMA-Address Counter (High-Byte)             |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C0D|byte |DMA-Address Counter (Low-Byte)              |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C0F|byte |DMA-Address Counter (Lowest-Byte)           |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C10|byte |Continue Data Register (High-Word)          |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C12|byte |Continue Data register (Low-Word)           |R/W   (TT)
$FF8C14|byte |Control register                            |R/W   (TT)
##############SCC Z8530 SCC (MSTe/TT/F030)                ###########
$FF8C81|byte |Channel A - Control-Register                |R/W  (SCC)
$FF8C83|byte |Channel A - Data-Register                   |R/W  (SCC)
$FF8C85|byte |Channel B - Control-Register                |R/W  (SCC)
$FF8C87|byte |Channel B - Data-Register                   |R/W  (SCC)
##############MSTe/TT VME Bus                             ###########

$FF8E01|byte |VME sys_mask             BIT 7 6 5 4 . 2 1 .|R/W  (VME)
$FF8E03|byte |VME sys_stat             BIT 7 6 5 4 . 2 1 .|R/W  (VME)
       |     |_SYSFAIL in VMEBUS ----------' | | | | | | ||program
       |     |MFP ---------------------------' | | | | | ||autovec
       |     |SCC -----------------------------' | | | | ||autovec
       |     |VSYNC -----------------------------' | | | ||program
       |     |not used ----------------------------' | | ||
       |     |HSYNC ---------------------------------' | ||program
       |     |System software INT ---------------------' ||program
       |     |not used ----------------------------------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |Reading sys_mask resets pending int-bits in |
       |     |sys_stat, so read sys_stat first.           |
$FF8E05|byte |VME sys_int                            BIT 0|R/W  (VME)
       |     |Setting bit 0 to 1 forces an INT of level 1 |Vector $64
       |     |INT must be enabled in sys_mask to use it   |
$FF8E0D|byte |VME vme_mask             BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 .|R/W  (VME)
$FF8E0F|byte |VME vme_stat             BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 .|R/W  (VME)
       |     |_IRQ7 from VMEBUS -----------' | | | | | | ||program
       |     |_IRQ6 from VMEBUS/MFP ---------' | | | | | ||program
       |     |_IRQ5 from VMEBUS/SCC -----------' | | | | ||program
       |     |_IRQ4 from VMEBUS -----------------' | | | ||program
       |     |_IRQ3 from VMEBUS/soft --------------' | | ||prog/autov
       |     |_IRQ2 from VMEBUS ---------------------' | ||program
       |     |_IRQ1 from VMEBUS -----------------------' ||program
       |     |not used ----------------------------------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |MFP-int and SCC-int are hardwired to the    |
       |     |VME-BUS-ints (or'ed)                        |
       |     |Reading vme_mask resets pending int-bits in |
       |     |vme_stat, so read vme_stat first.           |
$FF8E07|byte |VME vme_int                            BIT 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |Setting bit 0 to 1 forces an INT of level 3 |Vector $6C
       |     |INT must be enabled in vme_mask to use it   |
$FF8E09|byte |General purpose register - does nothing     |R/W   (TT)
$FF8E0B|byte |General purpose register - does nothing     |R/W   (TT)
##############Mega STe Cache/Processor Control            ###########
$FF8E21|byte |Mega STe Cache/Processor Control            |R/W (MSTe)
##############STe Extended Joystick/Lightpen Ports        ###########
$FF9210|???? |Paddle 0 Position                           |R    (STe)
$FF9212|???? |Paddle 1 Position                           |R    (STe)
$FF9214|???? |Paddle 2 Position                           |R    (STe)
$FF9216|???? |Paddle 3 Position                           |R    (STe)
$FF9220|???? |Lightpen X-Position                         |R    (STe)
$FF9222|???? |Lightpen Y-Position                         |R    (STe)
##############Falcon VIDEL Palette Registers              ###########
       |     |     BIT 33222222 22221111 11111198 76543210|
       |     |         10987654 32109876 543210           |
       |     |         RRRRRR.. GGGGGG.. ........ BBBBBB..|
$FF9800|long |Palette Register 0                          |R/W (F030)
$FF9804|long |Palette Register 1                          |R/W (F030)
   :   |  :  |   :        :     :                         | :     :
$FF98fc|long |Palette Register 255                        |R/W (F030)
##############Falcon DSP Host Interface                   ###########
$FFA200|byte |Interrupt Control Register                  |R/W (F030)
$FFA201|byte |Command Vector Register                     |R/W (F030)
$FFA202|byte |Interrupt Status register                   |R   (F030)
$FFA203|byte |Interrupt Vector Register                   |R/W (F030)
$FFA204|byte |Unused                                      |    (F030)
$FFA205|byte |DSP-Word High                               |R/W (F030)
$FFA206|byte |DSP-Word Mid                                |R/W (F030)
$FFA207|byte |DSP-Word Low                                |R/W (F030)
##############MFP 68901 - Multi Function Peripheral Chip  ###########
       |     |MFP Master Clock is 2,457,600 cycles/second |
$FFFA01|byte |Parallel Port Data Register                 |R/W
$FFFA03|byte |Active Edge Register     BIT 7 6 5 4 . 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |Monochrome monitor detect ---' | | | | | | ||
       |     |RS-232 Ring indicator ---------' | | | | | ||
       |     |FDC/HDC interrupt ---------------' | | | | ||
       |     |Keyboard/MIDI interrupt -----------' | | | ||
       |     |reserved ----------------------------' | | ||
       |     |RS-232 CTS (input) --------------------' | ||
       |     |RS-232 DCD (input) ----------------------' ||
       |     |Centronics busy ---------------------------'|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |   When port bits are used for input only:  |
       |     |0=Interrupt on pin high-low conversion      |
       |     |1=Interrupt on pin low-high conversion      |
$FFFA05|byte |Data Direction           BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |0=Pin becomes an input                      |
       |     |1=Pin becomes an output                     |
$FFFA07|byte |Interrupt Enable A       BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA0B|byte |Interrupt Pending A      BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA0F|byte |Interrupt In-service A   BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA13|byte |Interrupt Mask A         BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |MFP Address                  | | | | | | | ||
       |     |$13C GPI7-Monochrome Detect -' | | | | | | ||
       |     |$138   RS-232 Ring Detector ---' | | | | | ||
       |     |$134 (STe sound)    Timer A -----' | | | | ||
       |     |$130    Receive buffer full -------' | | | ||
       |     |$12C   Receive buffer empty ---------' | | ||
       |     |$128    Sender buffer empty -----------' | ||
       |     |$124           Sender error -------------' ||
       |     |$120 (HBL)          Timer B ---------------'|
       |     |1=Enable Interrupt       0=Disable Interrupt|
$FFFA09|byte |Interrupt Enable B       BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA0D|byte |Interrupt Pending B      BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA11|byte |Interrupt In-service B   BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA15|byte |Interrupt Mask B         BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |MFP Address                  | | | | | | | ||
       |     |$11C                FDC/HDC -' | | | | | | ||
       |     |$118          Keyboard/MIDI ---' | | | | | ||
       |     |$114 (200hz clock)  Timer C -----' | | | | ||
       |     |$110 (USART timer)  Timer D -------' | | | ||
       |     |$10C           Blitter done ---------' | | ||
       |     |$108     RS-232 CTS - input -----------' | ||
       |     |$104     RS-232 DCD - input -------------' ||
       |     |$100        Centronics Busy ---------------'|
       |     |1=Enable Interrupt       0=Disable Interrupt|
$FFFA17|byte |Vector Register                        BIT 3|R/W
       |     |1=Software End-of-interrupt mode   (Default)|
       |     |0=Automatic End-of-interrupt mode           |
$FFFA19|byte |Timer A Control                  BIT 3 2 1 0|R/W
$FFFA1B|byte |Timer B Control                  BIT 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |0000 = Timer stop, no function executed     |
       |     |0001 = Delay mode, divide by 4              |
       |     |0010 =     .           .     10             |
       |     |0011 =     .           .     16             |
       |     |0100 =     .           .     50             |
       |     |0101 =     .           .     64             |
       |     |0110 =     .           .     100            |
       |     |0111 = Delay mode, divide by 200            |
       |     |1000 = Event count mode                     |
       |     |1xxx = Pulse extension mode, divide as above|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
$FFFA1F|byte |Timer A Data                                |R/W
$FFFA21|byte |Timer B Data                                |R/W
$FFFA1D|byte |Timer C & D Control        BIT 6 5 4 . 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |                               Timer   Timer|
       |     |                                 C       D  |
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |000 = Timer stop                            |
       |     |001 = Delay mode, divide by 4               |
       |     |010 =      .           .    10              |
       |     |011 =      .           .    16              |
       |     |100 =      .           .    50              |
       |     |101 =      .           .    64              |
       |     |110 =      .           .    100             |
       |     |111 = Delay mode, divide by 200             |
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
$FFFA23|byte |Timer C Data                                |R/W
$FFFA25|byte |Timer D Data                                |R/W
$FFFA27|byte |Sync Character                              |R/W
$FFFA29|byte |USART Control            BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 .|R/W
       |     |Clock divide (1=div by 16) --' | | | | | | ||
       |     |Word Length 00=8 bits ---------+-+ | | | | ||
       |     |            01=7 bits          | | | | | | ||
       |     |            10=6 bits          | | | | | | ||
       |     |            11=5 bits ---------+-' | | | | ||
       |     |Bits Stop Start Format ------------+-+ | | ||
       |     |00     0    0   Synchronous        | | | | ||
       |     |01     1    1   Asynchronous       | | | | ||
       |     |10     1    1.5 Asynchronous       | | | | ||
       |     |11     1    2   Asynchronous ------+-' | | ||
       |     |Parity (0=ignore parity bit) ----------' | ||
       |     |Parity (0=odd parity,1=even) ------------' ||
       |     |Unused ------------------------------------'|
$FFFA2B|byte |Receiver Status          BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |Buffer full -----------------' | | | | | | ||
       |     |Overrun error -----------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |Parity error --------------------' | | | | ||
       |     |Frame error -----------------------' | | | ||
       |     |Found - Search/Break detected -------' | | ||
       |     |Match/Character in progress -----------' | ||
       |     |Synchronous strip enable ----------------' ||
       |     |Receiver enable bit -----------------------'|
$FFFA2D|byte |Transmitter Status       BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W
       |     |Buffer empty ----------------' | | | | | | ||
       |     |Underrun error ----------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |Auto turnaround -----------------' | | | | ||
       |     |End of transmission ---------------' | | | ||
       |     |Break -------------------------------' | | ||
       |     |High bit ------------------------------' | ||
       |     |Low bit ---------------------------------' ||
       |     |Transmitter enable ------------------------'|
$FFFA2F|byte |USART data                                  |R/W
#############Floating Point Coprocessor (in MSTe)         ###########
$FFFA40|???? |FP_stat    Response-Register                |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA42|???? |FP_ctl     Control-Register                 |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA44|???? |FP_save    Save-Register                    |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA46|???? |FP_restor  Restore-Register                 |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA4A|???? |FP_cmd     Command-Register                 |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA4E|???? |FP_ccr     Condition-Code-Register          |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA50|???? |FP_op      Operanden-Register               |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA54|???? |FP_selct   Register Select                  |??? (MSTe)
$FFFA58|???? |FP_iadr    Instruction Address              |??? (MSTe)
##############MFP 68901 #2 (MFP2) - TT Only               ###########
$FFFA81|byte |Parallel Port Data Register                 |R/W   (TT)
$FFFA83|byte |Active Edge Register     BIT 7 6 5 4 . 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |   When port bits are used for input only:  |
       |     |0=Interrupt on pin high-low conversion      |
       |     |1=Interrupt on pin low-high conversion      |
$FFFA85|byte |Data Direction           BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |0=Pin becomes an input                      |
       |     |1=Pin becomes an output                     |
$FFFA87|byte |Interrupt Enable A       BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA8B|byte |Interrupt Pending A      BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA8F|byte |Interrupt In-service A   BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA93|byte |Interrupt Mask A         BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |MFP Address                  | | | | | | | ||
       |     |$17C ------------------------' | | | | | | ||
       |     |$178 --------------------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |$174 ----------------------------' | | | | ||
       |     |$170 ------------------------------' | | | ||
       |     |$16C --------------------------------' | | ||
       |     |$168 ----------------------------------' | ||
       |     |$164 ------------------------------------' ||
       |     |$160 --------------------------------------'|
       |     |1=Enable Interrupt       0=Disable Interrupt|
$FFFA89|byte |Interrupt Enable B       BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA8D|byte |Interrupt Pending B      BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA91|byte |Interrupt In-service B   BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA95|byte |Interrupt Mask B         BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |MFP Address                  | | | | | | | ||
       |     |$15C ------------------------' | | | | | | ||
       |     |$158 --------------------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |$154 ----------------------------' | | | | ||
       |     |$150 ------------------------------' | | | ||
       |     |$14C --------------------------------' | | ||
       |     |$148 ----------------------------------' | ||
       |     |$144 ------------------------------------' ||
       |     |$140 --------------------------------------'|
       |     |1=Enable Interrupt       0=Disable Interrupt|
$FFFA97|byte |Vector Register                        BIT 3|R/W   (TT)
       |     |1=Software End-of-interrupt mode   (Default)|
       |     |0=Automatic End-of-interrupt mode           |
$FFFA99|byte |Timer A Control                  BIT 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
$FFFA9B|byte |Timer B Control                  BIT 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |0000 = Timer stop, no function executed     |
       |     |0001 = Delay mode, divide by 4              |
       |     |0010 =     .           .     10             |
       |     |0011 =     .           .     16             |
       |     |0100 =     .           .     50             |
       |     |0101 =     .           .     64             |
       |     |0110 =     .           .     100            |
       |     |0111 = Delay mode, divide by 200            |
       |     |1000 = Event count mode                     |
       |     |1xxx = Pulse extension mode, divide as above|
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
$FFFA9F|byte |Timer A Data                                |R/W   (TT)
$FFFAA1|byte |Timer B Data                                |R/W   (TT)
$FFFA9D|byte |Timer C & D Control        BIT 6 5 4 . 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |                               Timer   Timer|
       |     |                                 C       D  |
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
       |     |000 = Timer stop                            |
       |     |001 = Delay mode, divide by 4               |
       |     |010 =      .           .    10              |
       |     |011 =      .           .    16              |
       |     |100 =      .           .    50              |
       |     |101 =      .           .    64              |
       |     |110 =      .           .    100             |
       |     |111 = Delay mode, divide by 200             |
       |     +--------------------------------------------+
$FFFAA3|byte |Timer C Data                                |R/W   (TT)
$FFFAA5|byte |Timer D Data                                |R/W   (TT)
$FFFAA7|byte |Sync Character                              |R/W   (TT)
$FFFAA9|byte |USART Control            BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 .|R/W   (TT)
       |     |Clock divide (1=div by 16) --' | | | | | | ||
       |     |Word Length 00=8 bits ---------+-+ | | | | ||
       |     |            01=7 bits          | | | | | | ||
       |     |            10=6 bits          | | | | | | ||
       |     |            11=5 bits ---------+-' | | | | ||
       |     |Bits Stop Start Format ------------+-+ | | ||
       |     |00     0    0   Synchronous        | | | | ||
       |     |01     1    1   Asynchronous       | | | | ||
       |     |10     1    1.5 Asynchronous       | | | | ||
       |     |11     1    2   Asynchronous ------+-' | | ||
       |     |Parity (0=ignore parity bit) ----------' | ||
       |     |Parity (0=odd parity,1=even) ------------' ||
       |     |Unused ------------------------------------'|
$FFFAAB|byte |Receiver Status          BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |Buffer full -----------------' | | | | | | ||
       |     |Overrun error -----------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |Parity error --------------------' | | | | ||
       |     |Frame error -----------------------' | | | ||
       |     |Found - Search/Break detected -------' | | ||
       |     |Match/Character in progress -----------' | ||
       |     |Synchronous strip enable ----------------' ||
       |     |Receiver enable bit -----------------------'|
$FFFAAD|byte |Transmitter Status       BIT 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0|R/W   (TT)
       |     |Buffer empty ----------------' | | | | | | ||

       |     |Underrun error ----------------' | | | | | ||
       |     |Auto turnaround -----------------' | | | | ||
       |     |End of transmission ---------------' | | | ||
       |     |Break -------------------------------' | | ||
       |     |High bit ------------------------------' | ||
       |     |Low bit ---------------------------------' ||
       |     |Transmitter enable ------------------------'|
$FFFAAF|byte |USART data                                  |R/W   (TT)
##############6850 ACIA I/O Chips                         ###########
$FFFC00|byte |Keyboard ACIA control                       |R/W
$FFFC02|byte |Keyboard ACIA data                          |R/W
$FFFC04|byte |MIDI ACIA control                           |R/W
$FFFC06|byte |MIDI ACIA data                              |R/W
##############Realtime Clock                              ###########
$FFFC21|byte |s_units                                     |???
$FFFC23|byte |s_tens                                      |???
$FFFC25|byte |m_units                                     |???
$FFFC27|byte |m_tens                                      |???
$FFFC29|byte |h_units                                     |???
$FFFC2B|byte |h_tens                                      |???
$FFFC2D|byte |weekday                                     |???
$FFFC2F|byte |day_units                                   |???
$FFFC31|byte |day_tens                                    |???
$FFFC33|byte |mon_units                                   |???
$FFFC35|byte |mon_tens                                    |???
$FFFC37|byte |yr_units                                    |???
$FFFC39|byte |yr_tens                                     |???
$FFFC3B|byte |cl_mod                                      |???
$FFFC3D|byte |cl_test                                     |???
$FFFC3F|byte |cl_reset                                    |???
$FA0000|     |                                            |
    :  |     |128K ROM expansion cartridge port           |R
$FBFFFF|     |                                            |
$FC0000|     |                                            |
    :  |     |192K System ROM                             |R
$FEFFFF|     |                                            |

                  68000 Exception Vector Assignments

Vector Number   Address   Space   Assignment
0              |0/$0     |SP     |Reset:Initial SSP
1              |4/$4     |SP     |Reset:Initial PC
Reset vector (0) requires four words, unlike other vectors which only
require two words, and is located in the supervisor program space.
2              |8/$8     |SD     |Bus Error
3              |12/$C    |SD     |Address Error
4              |16/$10   |SD     |Illegal Instruction
5              |20/$14   |SD     |Zero Divide
6              |24/$18   |SD     |CHK, CHK2 Instruction
7              |28/$1C   |SD     |cpTRAPcc, TRAPcc, TRAPV Instruction
8              |32/$20   |SD     |Privilege Violation
9              |36/$24   |SD     |Trace
10             |40/$28   |SD     |Line 1010 Emulator (LineA)
11             |44/$2C   |SD     |Line 1111 Emulator (LineF)
12             |48/$30   |SD     |(Unassigned, Reserved)
13      (68030)|52/$34   |SD     |Coprocessor Protocol Violation
14      (68010)|56/$38   |SD     |Format Error
15             |60/$3C   |SD     |Uninitialized Interrupt Vector
16-23          |64/$40   |SD     |(Unassigned, Reserved)
               |95/$5F   |SD     |-
24             |96/$60   |SD     |Spurious Interrupt
Spurious interrupt vector is taken when there is a bus error
during interrupt processing.
                68000 Auto-Vector Interrupt Table
25             |100/$64  |SD     |Level 1 Int Autovector (TT VME)
26             |104/$68  |SD     |Level 2 Int Autovector (HBL)
27             |108/$6C  |SD     |Level 3 Int Autovector (TT VME)
28             |112/$70  |SD     |Level 4 Int Autovector (VBL)
29             |116/$74  |SD     |Level 5 Int Autovector
30             |120/$78  |SD     |Level 6 Int Autovector (MFP)
31             |124/$7C  |SD     |Level 7 Int Autovector
32-47          |128/$80  |SD     |Trap Instruction Vectors
               |191/$BF  |SD     |(Trap #n = vector number 32+n)
                Math Coprocessor Vectors (68020 and higher)
48             |192/$C0  |SD     |FFCP Branch or Set
               |         |       |          on Unordered Condition
49             |196/$C4  |SD     |FFCP Inexact Result
50             |200/$C8  |SD     |FFCP Divide by Zero
51             |204/$CC  |SD     |FFCP Underflow
52             |208/$D0  |SD     |FFCP Operand Error
53             |212/$D4  |SD     |FFCP Overflow
54             |216/$D8  |SD     |FFCP Signaling NAN
55             |220/$DC  |SD     |(Unassigned, Reserved)
56             |224/$E0  |SD     |MMU Configuration Error
57             |228/$E4  |SD     |MC68851, not used by MC68030
58             |232/$E8  |SD     |MC68851, not used by MC68030
59-63          |236/$EC  |SD     |(Unassigned, Reserved)
               |255/$FF  |SD     |-
64-255         |256/$100 |SD     |User Defined Interrupt Vectors
               |1023/$3FF|SD     |-


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                             STReport's MailBag

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from CIS' Atari area
#: 85769 S17/Community Square
    14-May-93  13:10:57
Sb: #85757-More RAM 4 Mega?
Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
To: Greg Wageman 74016,352


      We have to stop meeting like this people will start to

      What Huuumor?


      Check next monday for a post update on Prices and release date!

      Also we will have an indepth compatibility thread... I think just to
make it real easy, we will have a recommended list of Graphics hardware,
and a compatibility and use recommendation list. something along those

      I could see where Lexicor posting any information about cards it
doesn't like for what ever reasons, like compatibility price, support,
features vs. practical use could be taken the wrong way. A conclusion that
could be drawn on such an issue could be if Lexicor does not recommend a
product, then it just means that lexicor does not recommend it. Nothing
more and nothing less.

      I guess you might say that there is no reason why some one must make
recommendations or support a given product if they are not interested.   So
for now we have lots of work to get ready...... BTW People: Please,
don't send in any more checks for NOVA cards until next Friday...We were
not prepared for the many orders you sent! We have some work to do before
we can start including lay in a stock of cards. All those of you who have
already ordered, for which we thank you for your envelope full
of cash...shutter) we will call you in person and take care of the over and
underpayments, and get you the paperwork on you orders.  And thanks again.

OH yes and BTW Mr. LUKS your loaner NOVA will be set aside as soon as it
comes in.


from Delphi's Atari area...
54916 19-MAY 11:58 General Information
     ST Magazin 6/93
     From: OCS          To: ALL

The June issue of the German Atari magazine "ST Magazin" came out today.  A
few things that I thought would be interesting for some of you:

1) The Medusa 68040 board is now available from the Swiss developer.
   For 3050 marks ($1,900) one gets a 60 MHz board with 8 meg RAM in
   a tower case with integrated power supply.
   If someone is interested in ordering the board, I will post the
   address of the developer in Switzerland.

2) The back cover of the magazine is a one-page ad for Calamus for
   Windows NT.  There is no Atari ad (for the Falcon or the Lynx or
   any other product in the magazine).

3) A while ago we discussed benchmarks and Bill Rehbock's report during
   an online conference saying that the speed of the Falcon 030 was clearly
   demonstrated with a fractal benchmark at CeBIT.  My criticism that this
   benchmark did not represent the truth (i.e., the Falcon is _not_ faster
   than DEC Alpha PCs or Apple Macintosh Quadras _in general_) was          
   countered by someone (Andreas?) saying that everyone would know that.    
   Well, not everyone, apparently.  The "News from Online Sources" section  
   of the magazine proudly repeats Bill Rehbock's words and creates the     
   impression that the Falcon 030 is a hell of a lot faster than the        
   Alpha-based machine and all other machines used by DEC to show the speed 
   of the Alpha.  I just hope the readers of ST Magazin aren't as dumb as   
   the author of the article, otherwise Atari will have major problems to   
   explain why MultiTOS is rather slow (without screen accelerator) on the
   super-number-crunching Falcon.

4) No word about an computer show in Berlin as a replacement for the
   AtariMesse in Duesseldorf.  However, there was an "Atari show" in
   Berlin on May 9/10, organized by some of the exhibitors from the
   Atari CeBIT booth.  Some 40 developers and dealers were supposed to
   be there, but I haven't heard a report about it yet.  If that was
   what Bob Brodie referred to in his GEnie conference in early May,
   it was not a major event.  There wasn't even a press announcement
   prior to the event (i.e., no one knew about it).


>From GEnie's STRT

The DOUBLE STANDARD continues... <sigh>

Category 18,  Topic 26
Message 20        Wed May 19, 1993
LEPULLEY [Lloyd Pulley]      at 01:06 EDT
 I found the following post on another network.  Since I corrected the
 spelling <g>, the author gave permission for it to be reprinted....

  #: 39693 S14/ST REPORT
      14-May-93  19:11:52
  Sb: #Products Received !
  Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
  To: SYSOP*Keith Joins 76702,375 (X)


      Lexicor over some months complained about goods ordered from ABCO
  which were not delivered.

      AS promised and in keeping with both the policy of Lexicor and my
  (Lee Seiler)'s word I now state that Lexicor has finally received the
  goods ordered. The New and exactly as advertised. Lexicor is satisfied
  that ABCO has fulfilled it's obligations. Lexicor will send confirming
  documents to all concerned parties and with draw all complaints regarding
  the goods ordered.

      Lexicor has no other direct knowledge of any kind that Ralph/ABCO has
  not taken care of other customers with complaints against Ralph/ABCO et-

      Lexicor is pleased that ABCO has kept its commitments and trust that
  this policy will continue.

      Lexicor will have no further comments about consumer problems.

      Fair is Fair !

      Ralph, thank you for taking care of our request.

  Lee Seiler CEO LEXICOR Software.

  This message may only be copied and plastered everywhere on condition
  that the spelling is corrected!


Category 18,  Topic 26
Message 21        Wed May 19, 1993
POTECHIN [Nathan]            at 10:49 EDT
I have to wonder why Lee didn't simply post this message himself. I
remember Lee saying that when he was finally taken care of by ABCO he would
mention it publicly at it appears that he did so but not here where he was
so vocal? This IS the same Lee that shared the burning UPS truck story with
us, is it not? This is even the same Lee that had UPS officials standing by
a few months back when he finally did receive a package from ABCO to verify
that the goods were actually in the container, isn't it?

I am glad that Ralph was able to take care of Lee's order, albeit a year or
so later. I am pleased to see Lee honor his word to publicly post if/when
ABCO did take care of it. I am just a bit surprised that Lee didn't post
here and find the post above a touch overdone under the circumstances.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ralph/ABCO is finally filling all those
backorders. Or is this a selective thing? And if so, what would cause
Ralph/ABCO to finally clear up his mess with Lee/Lexicor?


Nathan @ DMC

Editor Note:
     Finally Nathan??  What FINALLY??  Pretty cute!  Are you serious?  Or,
seriously biased!  WHO HAS CONSUMERS WAITING OVER A YEAR?  Is this another
of your, "ever so famous", catchy phrases?!!   Truth is, you are very much
aware of the efforts being taken by ABCO to satisfy ALL of its customer
complaints.  I might add that of the 18 or so complaints its now down to
just a few left to go.  As for Lee Seilor's not posting that message on
GEnie's ST RT, that also is a question YOU most certainly can answer and
answer thoroughly RIGHT???   So why the LOADED question?  More HEADGAMES?? 
In reply to your interrogatory about shipping containers.  Yes, the goods
were delivered in the very same package you were describing.  That was
taken care of on January 07, 1993.  As you are also very much aware of.....
BTW, "better trim those eyebrows"!

Category 18,  Topic 26
Message 26        Thu May 20, 1993
D.D.MARTIN [Swampy]          at 02:49 EDT
Very unlike Lee not to post in this BB.  I haven't seen a post from him in
several weeks.  I thought he had a new product he was going to announce RSN
so maybe he's busy getting it out the door.

I'm glad he and Ralph/ABCO settled up.  Thanks for reposting his message



Category 18,  Topic 26
Message 27        Thu May 20, 1993
POTECHIN [Nathan]            at 08:30 EDT
Lloyd: In your very own special fashion you are trying to draw a comparison
between a Developer that has been working for a year to design and build a
very special hardware enhancement for the Atari computer, and has clearly
run into a great deal of difficulty doing so, and Ralph Mariano at ABCO
Computer??!! Let's think about this for a minute. Wasn't this a couple of
Syquest catridges that Lee says he finally received? 

Any further information you could share with us on the status of the ABCO
backorders, posting for Ralph, would be greatly appreciated.




Editor Note:
     There you go again Nathan, just full speed ahead with the blinders on
full blind.  When the smoke clears from all the outcry you know as well as
I there will be far higher dollar figures involved in the other areas yet
you find it "comfy to drag me into the fray.  Its ok though, I'm so used to
the DOUBLE STANDARD, that I'd feel left out with out your attention being
bestowed upon me.  DUH!  NEXT!!!  BTW, Lloyd does not post for me in any
way shape or form.  But then who is it YOU really post for?

Category 18,  Topic 26
Message 28        Thu May 20, 1993
LEPULLEY [Lloyd Pulley]      at 21:54 EDT

 >>In your very own special fashion...

 You also do pretty good in 'your very own special fashion'. I enjoyed your
 "posting for Ralph" comment - when NOTHING was further from the truth.  My
 post #25 made it very plain I was only repeating information that he told
 ME. Nothing was said about "posting for Ralph".  Just to remind you...

  As far as ABCO 'finally filling all those backorders', when I talked to
  Mr. Mariano a week or  so ago (on the 'clone' subject), I asked him about
  them. He said there were only 2-4 left outstanding and he was taking care
  of them as he could.

 ...please tell me where in that statement was anything said about "posting
 for Ralph" or where Ralph said to post the information for him?

 Yes, I _did_ draw a comparison between the two, a fair comparison IMO.
Both  ran into financial difficulties (according Jim's post) which caused
them to not be able to take care of their customers in the fashion they'd
wish to.

 You're right, it was only two Syquest catridges that Lee received - so?
Not  all people are rich Canadian developers - sometimes just  the price of
two Syquest carts is more than we can afford (from the tone of Jim's post,
they  might strain his financial resources right now - just guessing).

 _I_ understand why there's a difference between the two in your mind, and
if I was in your position, I might feel the same.

 Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

Category 18,  Topic 26
Message 32        Fri May 21, 1993
LEPULLEY [Lloyd Pulley]      at 09:56 EDT

 I didn't ask him about specific complaints, just the complaints in gener-
 al (i.e, "Ralph, when are you going to take care  of those complaints?").
 If I start asking  about specific complaints, or know too much about spe-
 cific complaints, some  will accuse me of 'speaking for Ralph',  'being a
 part of ABCO', etc. etc.


 I never drew any comparisons as to how each handled their complaints - I
 believe I've stated many times in the past _I_ would have handled ABCO's
 complaints differently than Ralph did.....just as _I_ would have handled
 Jim's complaints differently than he did. (NOTE: This is NOT saying that
 either handled them incorrectly, only that I would have handled them di-

 No, I simply stated  that each experienced some of the same conditions -
 i.e., no Atari market - that  lead each not to be able  to take care  of
 their customers in the way they'd like to.

 Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.



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