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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 16-Apr-93 #9313
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 ######  By Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 It has been a VERY busy week.  Atari Corp held TWO online conferences on
 GEnie and TWO issues of Z*Net are released in the same week.  However,
 part of the reason for the quick Z*Net releases is the fact that we have
 returned to Friday night release.
 Some of the doom and gloom being presented by another almost popular
 online magazine is getting past entertainment to the same old thing
 week after week.  No matter HOW little the light shines from Atari, it
 is worth presenting the better side of things when they are there.  We
 all know that Atari doesn't have the best track record, but we all have
 the choice of staying or leaving the community.  If you choose to stick
 around like many of us are, then you have to take the disappointments
 as the come.
 Some of the gloom changed this week as the Falcon demo units finally
 arrived.  They should be shipping as you read this and in a few short
 weeks, real available units will be around.  I know that we have heard
 alot of this in the past, but things have to change sooner or later.  
 The "doom and gloom" presented by the OTHER publication cannot go on
 forever, no matter how much they want it to.  I hope the editorial
 slant over there will change as the attitudes of the community change
 over the next few months.  But, I have reservations saying that, as I am
 sure no matter what good comes out of Atari, there will always be those
 that decide to highlight the negative.
 There are rumors of all kinds circulating all over the place.  I would
 like to address all of them, but I haven't had a chance to complete my
 list yet.  However, next week, providing there are still these rumors
 floating around, I will share my findings with you.
                      Thanks for downloading Z*Net!

 ######  Latest Atari and Industry News
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Atari Corporation has promoted Gabriel S. Baum to vice president of the
 entertainment/games division.  In addition, Jaguar development will
 bring new faces to Atari.  Artists, programmers and more, are being
 hired to assist the completion of this long awaited product.
 Atari Explorer Magazine, just a short 9 months ago was brought in house
 from it's offices in New York City and placed in the hands of Mike
 Lindsey and Darren Mears.  Now, the publication will relocated to Oregon
 and placed under the control of Lindsey\Mears.  Atari Explorer Online
 Magazine will continue without interruption at the present time with
 Editor Travis Guy.  No word at the present time on release of the next
 edition, but there are changes on the horizon.  Explorer will lose the
 glossy cover and go to a newspaper format.

 Two Worlds Publishing (TWP) is currently developing the magazine
 "Processor Direct".  This new magazine is targeted for new and
 intermediate users of the Atari Falcon030 computer, though ST/STe/TT
 information will also be presented.  Currently planned to begin
 publishing in July or August, Processor Direct will feature 50 to 60
 pages of news, reviews, and interviews all printed on 60 pound
 "semigloss" paper.  Our working subscription rates are as follows (all
 rates in US dollars): Newsstand - $3.00; 12 issues - $20.00; 6 issues -
 $12.00; 3 issues - $7.50.  For more information contact: Two Worlds
 Publishing, 3837 Northdale Blvd. #225, Tampa, FL  36624.  On GEnie at

 Prodigy, an online computer network announced this week that it will
 introduce two new flexible pricing plans, enhance its content, and offer
 high-speed service in most of its features at no extra charge.  The
 pricing plans, which will replace Prodigy's current fee structure,
 include a combination of flat-fee and hourly pricing options.  Starting
 in July, it will begin charging for some connect time to newly
 designated "Plus" features -- most bulletin boards, airline schedules
 and certain financial information.  Prodigy will continue to offer its
 $14.95-a-month subscription fee.  A second pricing option, at $7.95-a-
 month, will provide two hours use of Core and Plus features combined,
 after which timed charges begin.  At the lower price, no private
 messages are included, but may be sent for 25 cents each.
 The presiding judge in Apple Computer's long-running patent infringement
 case has sharply cut the number of issues still to be considered.  US
 District Judge Vaughn R. Walker, of San Francisco, has issued an order
 reducing to three the number of individual items to be examined for
 infringing Apple's visual displays for its Apple Macintosh personal
 computer.  Apple initially claimed that more than 200 items in
 Microsoft's Windows versions 2.03 and 3.0 infringed on its copyrights
 and filed a claim last year seeking $5.55 billion in damages from
 Microsoft.  Walker has established a schedule for resolution of the
 three remaining copyright infringement issues, setting a May 5 hearing
 date on summary judgment motions.
 Software developers rights have been strengthened by a US Court of
 Appeals decision.  The court upheld Computer Associate's(CA) rights to
 pursue its claim against National Car Rental for violating its software
 license agreements with CA.  The court ruled that suit for copyright
 infringement does not pre-empt additional claims for breach of contract
 against National Car, and found that National Car is subject to claims
 by CA for both copyright infringement, and breach of contract because
 the copyright claim neither pre-empts nor subsumes all claims for breach
 of contract.
 SyQuest announced this week that it is commencing additional legal
 proceedings in the United States, and has already begun lawsuits in
 Germany and the United Kingdom, to stop the sale of 5.25" Winchester
 disk cartridges manufactured and marketed by Nomai S.A., a French start-
 up, for use with SyQuest drives.  The complaints in the various suits
 state in the aggregate that Nomai wrongfully misappropriated SyQuest's
 intellectual property, that defects in Nomai cartridges may cause damage
 to SyQuest products and loss of data, that Nomai products and packaging
 are deceptively similar to SyQuest's, and other matters.  SyQuest asks
 that Nomai cartridges be excluded from the United States and be ordered
 to cease and desist distributing, marketing and selling in the United

 ######  Captured and Edited by Ron Kovacs
 ######  Copyright (c)1993, Atari Corporation and the GEnie ST RT
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 <[Host] ST.LOU> Before my opening comments, I want to let everyone know
 that Bob is typing for James, just to keep things moving quickly.
 Welcome to the second half of this week's Double Dateline! Real Time
 Conferences.  Tonight Music Expert James Grunke joins Bob Brodie to
 discuss the Falcon030's music capabilities.  James has been here before
 so no need to be too gentle :-)  You can ask him any technical questions
 you may have about the Falcon or the music software it will run.  You
 are also welcomed to ask any questions regarding the Falcon in general.
 Without further ado, here are our guests.  Bob, please introduce James
 and make the opening comments.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Thank you, Lou.  I'm pleased to welcome our members to
 another edition of Dateline: Atari!  Thanks for all of the encouraging
 words that were sent when I had to cancel the last one due to illness,
 we appreciate your understanding.
 We had a wonderful time on GEnie on Monday night with Pradip to discuss
 Atari Works!!!  It's great to be back online again so quickly for
 another GEnie Real Time Conference on our official on-line resource.
 James Grunke is alongside me tonight.  This is his third year as the
 Director of Atari Musics.  He is in charge of sales and marketing in the
 US for the music channel.  He is also responsible for international
 music developer marketing support.  James has recently brought on board
 over sixteen manufacturer rep firms specializing in Music and Pro Audio
 channel.  This effectively provides James a staff of over 50 people on
 the street carrying the Atari flag, and supporting Atari dealers!!
 Simply put, these guys are the best in the business!!!
 James brings to Atari a business background in digital music sales with
 companies such as Mission Bay Investments, and Delian Music Systems.
 He's spent many hours on retail sales floors, and knows the mindset of
 the Atari Music customer.
 His music background includes time spent as a staff synthesist and
 digital sound engineer with the Beach Boys/Brother Records, specifically
 contributing to the Still Crusin' album.  He has also played keyboards
 for the Beach Boys while on tour.  Other bands that James has
 contributed his musical and technical expertise to include Crosby,
 Stills & Nash, The Band, and Michael W. Smith, as well as a number of
 video soundtracks.
 James earned a Bachelor of Science in Keyboard Performance from the
 University of Wisconsin and also holds a degree in synthesizer
 programming from the Grove School in Los Angeles.  He is a member of the
 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).  Recently, James was
 elected to the Executive Board of Directors of the MIDI manufacturers
 Association. (MMA)
 Tonight, we want to talk with you about Atari Music, and the Atari
 Falcon030 specifically.  The Atari Falcon030 is more than a computer, it
 is a musical instrument.  EQ Magazine recently awarded the Atari
 Falcon030 it's coveted "Blue Ribbon" Award -- the only personal computer
 recognized by the award winning magazine as an important new contender
 in the pro music and recording industries.  By blending CD quality
 audio, digital signal processing, video genlock, video overlay and MIDI,
 the Atari Falcon030 puts recording and video studio capabilities
 directly in the hands of pro and amateur musicians.  You can't find
 these capabilities for this price anywhere else, proving that sometimes
 you have to spend a little less to get a lot more.
 Music is about self-expression.  Music video and computer assistance are
 tools that allow for greater expressiveness, and the Atari Falcon030 is
 the one computer that can help today's musician master both these media
 to create revolutionary artistic statements.  The Atari Falcon030 offers
 users "Quad Processing Power"!!!  The Falcon030's exceptional
 performance comes from the smooth integration of four processors:
 Motorola 68030 microprocessor running at 16Mhz Motorola 56001 DSP chip
 running at 32 MHz SDMA sound coprocessor BLiTTER(tm) co-processor for
 extraordinary graphics capabilities.  These function in a Direct Memory
 Access (DMA) environment using a multi-tasking operating system, which
 results in hardware so powerful that even inexperienced users can mix
 audio, video, animation, text, and graphics right out of the box.
 Atari has a long-standing relationship with the music industry.  In the
 mid-80s, Atari was the first computer company to market directly to
 musicians at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)
 convention and to distribute through music stores.  Part of Atari's
 rapid acceptance was due the inclusion of MIDI ports (another Atari
 first), and part was Atari's "Power without the Price" philosophy.  This
 same philosophy has culminated in the Atari Falcon030, which delivers
 exceptional audio and video as well as music performance.
 The Atari Falcon030 ships with stereo CD quality digital audio out of
 the box.  The system is capable of eight independent sixteen bit audio
 tracks.  At this point in development, there are four track systems
 available from third party developers, such as D2D Systems Ltd. 4T/FX.
 Innovative products are also on the way from Barefoot Software, EMAGIC,
 Steinberg, Dr. T's, and many other developers.  If you would like to
 have a complete software listing of Atari Music developers, send James
 email here on GEnie at JAMES-GRUNKE.
 Although James hasn't been publically active on GEnie, he's been lurking
 for quite sometime now! <grin>  He follows of course, the Atari RTC
 Bulletin Board, and also keeps up with the MIDI RT.  When James picks up
 a magazine, he reads the Letters to the Editor section first.  When he
 logs on to GEnie, he goes to the MIDI RT and reads the messages in the
 acronym for this is OAULAF.  We're told that in Swedish that means,
 "Thick men crashing through the woods".  Appropriate, isn't it??  <GRIN>
 James really appreciates those folks who support the positive postings
 in that topic as well as the other areas on GEnie!
 And with that, we're ready to take any questions that are ready for us
 tonight, Lou!  Let's rock 'n roll!!!
 <J.BRENNER1> Well, I had other questions in mind but since James is here
 for music.....I have heard the output of the Falcon is heavily Bass
 boosted to use with headphones, much like a Discman.  Is this
 equalization a hard wired circuit or is it done with the DSp and
 therefore can be cancelled to get flat sound for pro use.
 <JAMES GRUNKE> The bass boost section was killed at the request of the
 music developers so that audio would run flat.  So it's no longer a
 concern, John.
 <J.BRENNER1> Will there be a listing of Canadian pricing soon?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes, we will be doing a mailing to our Canadian dealers
 this week.
 <E.NIKOLAISE2> Bob, I'm the Pres. of Stun (A ST Users Club in Utah), our
 next meeting will be April 21.  Will I be able to "demo" a Falcon 030 to
 the club by this date?
 <BOB-BRODIE> It's not out of the realm of possiblity, Erik.  It depends
 on the relationship you have with the dealers in Utah.  Be sure to check
 with them, as we have several new prospects as well as the existing
 ones, like J & J for example.
 <R.ANISKO> I am curious as to how I would go about interfacing an
 electric guitar with the Falcon - would it be treated specially, or
 could it be used with a typical MIDI application transparently?
 <JAMES GRUNKE> The audio input to Falcon is a stereo mini jack.  You
 could for example using Barefoot SMPTE Track Audio, or D2D or soon to be
 released Cubase Audio, use MIDI tracks and combine them with your
 digital audio guitar tracks.
 <R.ANISKO> Also, how would MIDI be affected by accelerators such as the
 32mhz accelerator mentioned in one of the RTC's about Cebit?
 <JAMES GRUNKE> We haven't been able to test one yet specifically with
 <M.RIVMAN1> My local Sam Ash guru is pro Mac.  Mark of the Unicorn stuff
 does more than Atari software.  How do we get him back?  Any port of M
 of U stuff in the works?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Although we are working with Mark of the Unicorn, we can't
 comment specifically on their software direction.  However, it is
 convient that their MIDI expansion hardware shares the same port
 connectors as on the Falcon.  No promises, but we are looking into that
 relationship.  As far as getting your local Sam Ash guru back with us,
 we're confident that when customers begin to come into their stores
 requesting Falcons, many Americans will re-think their perception of
 Atari Computers, and what they really can do.  While Mark of the Unicorn
 software is excellent, I'd be hard pressed to find something that we
 cannot do on an Atari Falcon030.

 <M.RIVMAN1> He specifically mententioned the many different sync-ups
 allowed, SMPTE,etc.etc.etc.  I hope the available software for Atari is
 VERY flexible!  He was impressed with the specs I showed him, but still
 was hesitant!  I'll keep trying!  Thanks.
 <O-ZONE>   I am especially interested in the capabilities of the D2D
 software.  The opportunity to do real time sequencing and direct to disk
 digital audio has me enthralled.  How soon can we expect availible
 software to offer us the use of 8 channels of digital audio?
 <JAMES GRUNKE> Currently the shrink wrapped D2D software uses four
 tracks.  They are working directly with Barefoot Software to integrate
 MIDI into Digital Audio.  We expect that it will take some time to get 8
 independent channels, however we understand that four stereo channels is
 on the way.  This is really an issue for the individual music developer
 companies to make their own delivery date announcements.
 <J.TORRES17> I keep defending Atari at work (staples) they don't think
 Atari exists!  Are there any plans for some mainstream ads for Atari and
 Atari Music (like Time, newsweek, etc.?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Over the past year, we did six ads with Digital F/X, 6 with
 EMAGIC, formerly C-Lab, and over a dozen ads with the Fostex campaign.
 These were all placed in publications like Mix, EM, Keyboard.  You can
 look for aggressive vertical marketing into the music channel in the
 very near future.
 <P.FORISTER> I've heard that the sound level on the Falcon is maxed out
 when the computer is first turned on.  Is this something that can be
 configured in NV-RAM?  Or has the sound level been turned down?
 <JAMES GRUNKE> Pat, let me double check with a couple of the tech guys
 here.  The sound system at boot up reacts just like the TT and Mega STE
 there is a program you can run from your auto folder that will configure
 the audio level called SNDXX that will be available.
 <J.BRUNKEN> I am interested in the video and genlock capabilities
 mentioned in the introduction.  What low cost genlocks are under
 development and how soon do you think that they will be avialable?
 Also, I hear that some high powered NeXT apps are being converted to the
 falcon, any truth to this?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Bill Rehbock tells us that there are no less than three
 under development, including the John Russell Innovations one from here
 in the US, OverScan which will be distributed by Compo, as well as the
 un named one from France, all of which cost less than $500.  One of them
 should come in around $249.  They will be available before June,
 according to the representatives from the respective companies.  They
 all run in True Color modes.
 Re the NeXT apps, there are a number of different ones.  They are
 excited about the availability of the DSP Chip...for example Singular
 Solutions, and DOA.  Some of the other NeXT developers are still in the
 TOS learning curve.
 <J.BRENNER1> I keep forgetting Bob is typing for James, so for the audio
 out answer, thanks James.  Bob, have any Montreal dealers signed the new
 Atari Dealer Agreement and in if you can tell me who, I'll be the first
 Montrealer to buy a Falcon.   Will Atari Works ship with the first
 <BOB-BRODIE> We are just sending out the dealer agreements to Canada
 this week, James.  I'll be sure to put a note on all the ones for
 Montreal all and tell those dealers to call you.  <grin>  We just got
 back the manual for Atari Works, maybe it will make the first shipment,
 but I'm not 100% sure yet.
 <C.FLUEGEL> ok, so I buy a Falcon.  What Recording software will be
 available that day?  I know of many in the works, but are any finished
 and shipping in the USA?  Also, I here that D2D is quite crippled and
 unusable in any seriopus work (no editting!?) is this true?
 <JAMES GRUNKE> The D2D software that is bundled with the machine is
 designed for consumer use.  It has very limited editing.  Available
 shrink wrapped products from D2D include 2 and 4 track systems with the
 four track system having DSP audio effects.  I believe the release date
 for Cubase Audio is sometime this spring, early summer.  Please contact
 Steinberg/Jones for confirmation.  At CeBIT, there was a program from a
 company called TradeiT, reportedly using SIX tracks.  We will look into
 obtaining a US distributor for this product in order to ensure it's
 <J.WHITE99> James, of particular interest to dealers seems to be the
 broadbase marketing plan.  How will we attract new users.  Can that be
 addressed here?
 <JAMES GRUNKE> Certainly, Jeff.  The machine has natural appeal to
 musicians and we feel that one of the firmest ways to get footholds in
 this market is by reaching out to the music educators.  Not only is the
 hardware exactly what musicians want, the price point makes it reachable
 for educators.  We know how the recession has affected education budgets
 in general, look for us to support music educators as a base for our
 music launch.
 <S.EAKINS> Hi Bob, just got here, so I hope that I am not re-asking a
 question.  Will modems become obsolete with the new DSP chip?  Are there
 any special adapters needed to connect up to the Falcon, I won't simply
 plug in my phone line, right?
 <BOB-BRODIE> There is no problem in using existing modems with the Atari
 Falcon030.  The serial port works just fine.  I've used STalker 3 at
 speeds of up to 19.2K baud, and the Supra FAX Modem as well.  There is a
 DSP modem that is under development.  It will be about the size of a
 pack of cards, and you will plug your phone line in there.  This product
 is projected to be available late this summer.
 <P.FORISTER> Bob, can you give us any _firm_ dates on availability of
 Falcons, and in what quantity?  Hopefully the initial quantities will be
 enough to supply all of the starving Atarians out there.  When will your
 warehouse be restocked?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Pat, as I indicated on Monday night, the Falcons are here.
 We have them in the warehouse (I personally went over to check....I
 didn't want to take anyone's word on this!!!)  They will be going thru a
 Quality Assurance process that will take a couple of days (one of which
 is elapsed already), so I think we will be sending them out the door on
 Friday.  These are the demo units for our dealers, and the next shipment
 will be in about 2-3 weeks.
 These dates are VERY firm, Pat.  I'm very pleased that the units are in
 stock FINALLY, and the dealer agreements have been just POURING in since
 we made a little announcement in AEO, got the reps on the phone, and of
 course, used GEnie on Monday night to tell the world that the Falcons
 are truly here!
 <ST.LOU> Gee Bob... and AEO doesn't even get out to 10,000 BBS's, does
 <BOB-BRODIE> Hard to say, Lou.
 <B.SUSLOVIC> Hi Bob I understand that the new dealer agreement has put
 some mail order limitations on dealers, under what circumstances will
 consumers be able to purchase Falcons via mail order?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Brad, we're trying to build a dealer network up again.  In
 order to do that, we need to have storefront locations selling our
 product.  We recognize that in some rural, or remote areas there is a
 likelihood that there will not be a local dealer.  In these cases, we
 will make arrangements with the closest dealer to you to handle the
 <J.BRENNER1> This is not a technical questions.  On a personnal note.
 Bob, what is the first thing that came to mind when you recieved the
 phone call confirming the arrival of Flacons ar customs?
 <BOB-BRODIE> It was not a phone call, I was told personally by Garry
 Tramiel.  And I told him "You better not be kidding around with me!"
 <MIKE-ALLEN> Most of the talk about the dsp chip has been music related.
 I wonder if there are other apps that have been explored?  I have
 particular interest in Ham Radio apps and also in using the technology
 to clean up some vintage recordings.  My dad was in radio and tv since
 1937 and I have some very interesting recordings that really need help.
 One in particular of my dad with Bob Hope, Jerry Colona and Frances
 Langford on Guadalcanal in 1944.
 <JAMES GRUNKE> There certainly are, Mike.  Modems, Data compression,
 decompression, voice mail, fractal generation, and other things are very
 possible.  Regarding using the DSP to clean up the recordings, you can
 use the DSP as a audio equalizer to "surgically" clean up recordings
 using digital audio recording to transfer these recordings into the
 computer and do the editing on screen there.
 <P.FORISTER> San Antonio has lost both of its Atari dealers, do you know
 if we will be left in the dark for long?  How can I find my closest
 dealer? Also, and news in IBM processor direct cards, have any
 <BOB-BRODIE> Pat, I am personally working with one of the prospects for
 San Antonio, he has assured me that he is very interested in signing on.
 We also have a new rep firm for the area, called Highway Marketing.
 They are charged with signing up new dealers in that area.  I believe
 they are actually based in Dallas, and are primarily aimed at Music and
 Pro Audio dealers.  Re the PC benchmarks, I believe that Bill Rehbock
 reported a Norton SI rating of 12.1 in his CeBIT Report CO that was held
 here last week.  Be sure to get the transcript out of the library here
 to get the exact numbers.  Bill also described the other emualtors that
 are under development for the Atari Falcon030 for the PC side of
 things...there is a 486SX version coming out as well!
 <J.BRUNKEN> Bob, How many comercial software packages for the Falcon do
 you estimate will be available by Christmas 93?  And is that 2-3 weeks
 on the 4/65's a 'worst case' estimate?  I've already paid for mine!!!
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jason, 2-3 weeks is worst case to get the units in here to
 us from the factory.  I'd add another week for it to get to your dealer
 in order to be safe...the boat probably doesn't dock near him! :)  Re
 the Falcon apps, that's hard for me to say.  I'd prefer again to refer
 you to the transcript from Bill's CO.  I've been swamped and really
 haven't had much of a chance to speak to him about this yet, and I know
 that he is really, really excited about a number of applications that he
 saw at CeBIT.  I will say that I envision two issues for the US:  1) How
 many apps, and 2) Who will sell them?  We must take steps to ensure that
 the products have distribution in North America.
 <ST.LOU> Bob, can you tell us WHO is working on a DSP modem at this
 time?  And what baud could be expected?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Non-disclosure prevents me from naming the developer, Lou.
 <AEO.8> Whats the latest on the Jaguar and the Lynx?  I'd also like to
 know what the RISC chip in the Jaguar does -  graphics or the main
 <BOB-BRODIE> Hi Tim, on the LYNX side of things, we're running a full
 color eight page insert in the gaming magazines (like Game Pro) which is
 hitting the stores now...it really looks terrific!  We have added an 800
 number for people to call and order products for the LYNX directly from
 Atari...it's 1-800-221-EDGE.  We're really excited, as not only do the
 ads look great, but they have an offer to buy two games, and get one for
 free.  Be sure to look in your favorite game magazines for the ad!  Re
 the Jaguar, I'm afraid that I can't tell you anything about the
 technical end of the Jaguar at this time, Tim.  Sorry.  We're very
 pleased with the number of developers that we've signed up, and the
 machine is coming along VERY nicely.
 We have added about the staff in all of the appropriate areas, like a
 new VP to head up the Entertainment Software, Gabriel Baum, and a host
 of new artists, programmers, testers, etc have been hired to help with
 <[Host] ST.LOU> Bob and James, thank you for spending the evening with
 us.  We are all really excited about the imminent availability of the
 Falcon and sincerely wish it provides great successes for Atari and its
 loyal users!
 <BOB-BRODIE> Thank you Lou, it is always a great pleasure to be online
 on our offical on-line resource: GEnie.  It's easy to see why GEnie is
 the number one online network for Atarians around the world.  Thank you
 all for attending, and good night.


 ######  Press Release
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 HARTFORD, Conn. (April 12) -- More than 1,000 Atari computer enthusiasts
 are expected to converge here June 12 and 13 at Connecticut AtariFest
 '93, and are certain to debate whether the star of the show -- the long-
 awaited Falcon030 computer -- lives up to its advance billing.
 The Falcon030 is a perfect low cost tool for the professional artist,
 with 8 track, 16 bit musical capabilities, true color graphics and a 32
 bit DSP chip.  The Falcon will be bundled with several music programs,
 including a 4 track 'Direct to Disk' editing and recording program, a
 sound sampler and an all purpose productivity package called AtariWorks.
 The Hartford show will likely be one of the first encounters the general
 public has with the new machine and software leading designers have
 produced for it.  Atari was performing quality control tests on the
 latest production models shipped to the Sunnyvale headquarters in mid-
 The two-day event will feature more than 40 exhibitors, including
 several of the top names in music software development and MIDI
 equipment.  Tentative music exhibitors include Barefoot Software
 (formerly Hybrid Arts), Digital F/X, Steinberg/Jones, Pro Musica, Compo
 Software and others.  The show, sponsored by ACT Atari Group, will be
 held at the Windsor Court Hotel, just off Interstate 91 at exit 42.
 Connecticut AtariFest '93 promises to showcase the work of several
 musicians and will include some live music sessions.
 Other vendors will demonstrate new equipment and software that will be
 of interest to musicians whether they're on or off the job.  Among them,
 organizers have received tentative nods from A&D Software, ABC
 Solutions, Baggetaware, Barefoot Software, Compo Software, Computer
 Studio, Derric Electronics, East Hartford Computer Repair, Gribnif
 Software, ICD Inc., MegaType Software, Soft-Logik Publishing, Toad
 Computers, Wizztronics.  Last year 14 user groups participated, and that
 number is expected to grow by June.
 A Home Business and Entertainment Expo that will focus on high-tech
 gadgetry designed for home use is also planned. Central activities will
 include a New England Lynx Tournament for the gamester in the family, a
 Portfolio corner for the on-the-go palmtop computer user, and other
 technology such as VCRs, lap/palmtops, voice messaging systems,
 satellite receivers, CD-ROM, fax-modems, large screen TV, printers,
 audio-video components, cellular phones, office supplies, video games or
 add-on units and accessories.
 For further information, contact organizers Brian Gockley at (203) 332-
 1721 or Doug Finch at 203-637-1034. Subscribers to GEnie and Compuserve
 on-line services can send E-mail to them, respectively, at B.GOCKLEY or
 D.FINCH7 on GEnie and 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.

 ######  By Michael D. Mortilla
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
                          ODE TO A MODEM JUNKIE
                    It's 6 AM and I just can't sleep,
                Birds and worms are plain' hide and seek,
               The dog won't budge and the cat won't move,
              And it's much too early to let the CD groove,
           So I jump out of bed and hit the hard drive switch,
              Fan spins, lights blink, not a single glitch,
                  Boot up the 'puter, wait for a "bit",
                    Memory's free so the programs fit,
              A double click here and a little patch there,
                    Eeeeek! I'm still in my underwear!
              But the dog don't mind and the cat don't care,
                 I won't brush my teeth or comb my hair,
                Now I'm logged into CompuServe, Atariarts,
                MIDI files, PIC files, ZIP (that hurts!),
                       GIF files, CyberArts, D-T-P,
             Oh! That reminds me, I've lost the bathroom key!
                   Hit that Macro and I jump to "Pro,"
              Ron's left a message 'bout his monitors' blo',
                     John and Dana do the Stacy jive,
               I check out the libraries and take the dive,
                         Upload, download, A-R-C,
                    Accessory, utility, That's for me,
                   No more space on the old hard drive,
                So I slip to a conference and do it live,
            There's a knock on the door, and what do you know?
                  My boss is standin' in a foot of snow!
               The office wonders where I've been all week,
                   Tell them I'm just a computer geek,
               So I log off, park the drive, close it down,
                  My boss is lookin' at me with a frown,
                 I can't see the top of his balding head,
                   In a minute or two I might be dead!
                 So I kick him out, in the snow he sits,
                 I regain my composure in little "bits,"
                 Only live once...I'll do what I deserve,
                      I log on again to CompuServe.
                     Lyrics c1993 - MIDI-Life Crisis
 ######  By John Hartman
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 We thought that you may enjoy reading Atari news from the Internet on a
 regular basis.  We will be posting the messages regularly and opening up
 a topic for messages you wish to have sent to the Internet.  We will be
 mailing out messages posted at a minimum of every other day.  If you do
 not wish to have your messages forwarded, please do NOT post in this
 Category.  This is a service that we are trying out on a trial basis.
 We will decide if we will continue it after 90 days.  Please let us know
 what you think.  Internet messages are being posted in the new Category
 24.  These messages are quite lengthy and are being uploaded in quantity
 to the new topics in 24.  If you are not interested in this Category,
 please cancel your participation in CAT 24 before you begin downloading

 FLASH II DEMO - version 2.1
 You'll be able to test as many of Flash II's features as possible in
 this demo version.  Naturally, many features of the program are either
 disabled or limited.  Product support is available in the Atari RT
 Bulletin Board Category 8, Topic 2.  Uploaded by Missionware Software.

      REAL TIME CONFERENCE SCHEDULE - All RTC's begin at 10:00 p.m.
     April 19 - Nathan Potechin - Outline Art 3.0
                 Win a FREE COPY of OL3 or equal value fonts!
     April 21 - Purple Mountain Computers (PMC) RTC- Oscar, Darek, Don
     April 28 - ABC Solution RTC
     May    5 - Missionware RTC with John R. Trautschold
                 DOOR PRIZE FLASH II 2.1
     Nathan Potechin of DMC Publishing visits the DTP Conference
     to discuss Outline Art 3.0 - the Color Vector Graphics program.
     Join us on Monday, April 19 @ 10:00 p.m. EST and you may
     WIN Outline Art 3.0 or the equivalent value in Calamus fonts.

 = RTC Transcripts =
 28448 BRODIE8.ARC              X ST.LOU       930415   13440    181  13
 28407 BRODIE7.ARC              X ST.LOU       930413    9856    301  13
 28356 REHBOCK.ARC              X BRIAN.H      930408   17024    330  13
 28304 TOAD_RTC.ARC             X BRIAN.H      930404   16512    156  13
 28072 CYBER_CO.ARC             X ST.LOU       930316   18048     63  13
 28067 TWS_RTC.ARC              X BRIAN.H      930315   11904     46  13
 27953 BRODIE6.ARC              X ST.LOU       930306   22016    609  13

 Last Week's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:
 28345 SYSINF83.ZIP             X GRMEYER      930407   59136    205   2
 28307 STKW0404.ZIP             X J.SELLERS2   930405  218496    189   8
 28341 CALLFIX.LZH              X M.BURKLEY1   930407    1920    143   2
 28361 EOSLIFE.LZH              X K.LORD       930409    2432    137  21
 28347 BMP2.ZIP                 X GRMEYER      930407   30848    121  11
 28346 MDP_211.LZH              X GRMEYER      930407   26624     71   2
 28296 PAD_ENG.LZH              X A.VALENT     930404   12032     68  21
 28330 BSTAT245.LZH             X R.WILSON36   930405  259584     57   6
 28337 COPY_INF.LZH             X E.WISNIEWSK1 930406    4224     55   2
 28302 BATTLSHP.ARC             X J.RATKOS1    930404   88448     54   8

 Last Week's Press Releases in the Library
 28454 ADDRCHNG.TWP             X P-DIRECT     930415    1664     25  14
 28452 CAF93_02.TXT             X B.GOCKLEY    930415    2944     19  14
 28417 CH_VERS.TXT              X ST.LOU       930413    2944     69  14
 28406 INNOVATR.TXT             X D.FINCH7     930412    1792     30  14

 ###### Schedule of Shows, Events and Online Conferences
 ###### ----------------------------------------------------------------

 ###  April 19, 1993
 GEnie Conference.  Nathan Potechin of DMC Publishing visits the DTP
 Conference to discuss Outline Art 3.0 - the Color Vector Graphics
 program.  Join him on Monday, April 19 @ 10:00 p.m. EST and you may WIN
 Outline Art 3.0 or the equivalent value in Calamus fonts.
 ###  April 21, 1993
 GEnie Conference.  Purple Mountain Computers (PMC) RTC- Oscar, Darek,
 ###  April 28, 1993
 GEnie Conference.  ABC Solution
 ###  May 3-5, 1993
 Digital Video New York/MultiMedia Exposition at the New York Sheraton 
 in New York City.
 ###  May 4-5, 1993
 The 3rd Annual Networks and Communications Show returns to the Hartford
 Civic Center.  Companies such as Intel, Microsoft, DEC, DCA, IBM, and
 MICOM will be exhibiting.  For more information, contact:  Marc Sherer
 at Daniels Productions, 203-561-3250; fax: 203-561-2473.
 ###  May 5, 1993
 GEnie Conference.  Missionware RTC with John R. Trautschold.  DOOR PRIZE
 ###  May 7, 1993
 Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie on GEnie.  This online conference begins
 promptly at 10pm EST.
 ###  May 11-13, 1993
 SunWorld '93 exposition and conference, held in San Francisco at the
 Moscone Center.  The second annual event is the largest trade show in
 North America dedicated to the Sun, SPARC and Solaris industry.
 SunWorld '93 will feature a full day of in-depth tutorials, which are
 being developed in association with Sun Educational Services, to be 
 followed by three days of conference sessions and an exposition.  The
 three-day exposition will feature more than 175 leading vendors in the
 industry including Adobe Systems, AT&T, Computer Associates, Hewlett-
 Packard, Informix Software, Insoft, SAS Institute, Solbourne, SPARC
 International, Sun Microsystems, SunPro, SunSoft and WordPerfect.  For
 more information about attending SunWorld '93 call Lynn Fullerton at
 (800) 225-4698 or to receive information about exhibiting contact David
 Ferrante at (800) 545-EXPO.

 ###  May 24-27, 1993
 Spring Comex in Atlanta Georgia.
 ###  June 3-6, 1993
 Summer Comsumer Electronics Show, (CES), in Chicago, Illinois.
 ###  June 12-13, 1993 
 CT Atarifest '93 at the Windsor Court Hotel in Windsor Connecticut.
 This year the Atarifest has relocated to a new hotel with excellent room
 rates ($35.00 per room), free and plentiful parking, easy access from
 Interstate 91, I-95, I-90, I-84, I-80, an in house Sports Bar, a bigger
 ballroom and is located just 1 mile from Bradley International Airport
 (free shuttle service for hotel guests).  Tentative commitments from A&D
 Software, Gribnif Software, Barefoot Software, Toad Computers, Computer
 Studio, Baggetaware, Derric Electronics, E.Hartford Computer Repair,
 MegaType Software, Wizztronics and GFA Software Technology.  For further
 information, call Brian Gockley at 203-332-1721 or Doug Finch at 203-637
 -1034.  E-mail can be directed to B.GOCKLEY or D.FINCH7 on GEnie or to
 75300,2514 or 76337,1067 on CIS.
 ###  June 22-23, 1993
 Lap & Palmtop Mobile Computing Expo at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim,
 California.  Exhibitors will show the latest in mobile computing,
 software, pen, peripherals and communications from the industry's
 leading manufacturers.  In conjunction with the exhibits is the Mobile
 Systems Solutions Conference series.  Featuring over 80 leading industry
 experts speakers, the conference provides vital information needed to
 build or improve your world of mobile computing.
 ### June 26-27, 1993 
 The Kansas City AtariFest '93.  The location for the show is Stadium
 Inn, 7901 E 40 Hwy.  Ticket prices at the door will be 5.00 dollars each
 day.  Advance tickets will be 4.00 dollars each, for advance tickets,
 please send 4.00 dollars per ticket to: Kansas City AtariFest, P.O. Box
 1653, Lee Summit, MO 64063 or if you belong to a user group please mail
 a request for a user group information pack.  To make room reservations
 please call 1-800-325-7901, we are also working with a local travel
 agent to get special airfares for the show.  You may call 1-800-874-7691
 to take advantage of the special fares.  For more information please
 leave Email as follows; GEnie, B.welsch, J.krzysztow, for CompuServe,
 Leave for Jeff Krzysztow at 74027,707, or you can call (816)224-9021, or
 mail to the address listed above.
 ### July 24-25, 1993
 The Blue Ridge Atari Computer Enthusiasts (BRACE) and Computer STudio
 host the Fourth Annual Blue Ridge AtariFest in Asheville, North
 Carolina.  Saturday show time is from 10am - 6pm and Sunday show times
 are from Noon to 5pm.  Free booth space is available for Atari
 developers.  This Atarifest will be taking over the Courtyard Shop
 (mall) area at the Westgate Shopping Center (location of Computer
 STudio), and also plan on using vacant store spaces for seminar
 sessions.  Seminars will be 45 minutes in length, and developers are
 welcome to conduct a seminar on their product line or approved topic of
 their choice (seminars are limited, so first come, first served).  For
 additional information, please contact: Sheldon Winick on GEnie -
 S.WINICK or at the Computer STudio at (704) 251-0201 or contact the show
 coordinator Cliff Allen on GEnie - C.ALLEN17 or call (704) 258-3758.
 ### August 3-6, 1993
 MacWorld Expo at the Boston World Trade Center, Bayside Exposition
 Center and sponsored by MacWorld Magazine.  This event is titled Boston
 ### August 23-27, 1993
 Interop '93 (#2) at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco, California.
 ### August 25-29, 1993
 ONE BBSCON '93 at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This 
 is a four day exposition presented by BoardWatch Magazine.  There will 
 be three days of educational services, a trade show exhibit area with
 over one-hundred vendors on hand.  For further information on this event 
 and for registration information contact: Peg Coniglio at ONE Inc.,
 4255 South Buckley Road, Suite 308, Aurora, Colorado 80013. Voice: (303)
 693-5253; Fax: (303) 693-5518; BBS: (303) 693-5432.
 ### September 18-19, 1993
 The Glendale Show returns with the Southern California Atari Computer
 Faire, V.7.0, in suburban Los Angeles, California.  This has been the
 year's largest domestic Atari event, year after year.  Contact John King
 Tarpinian at the user group HACKS at 818-246-7286 for information.
 ### September 20-22, 1993
 The third MacWorld Expo, titled Canada '93 at the Metro Toronto
 Convention Centre, sponsored by MacWorld Magazine.
 ### September 21-23, 1993
 Unix Expo '93 in New York City, New York.
 ###  October 7-8, 1993
 Lap & Palmtop Mobile Computing Expo at the Chicago Mart/Expo Center in
 Chicago, Illinois.  Exhibitors will show the latest in mobile computing,
 software, pen, peripherals and communications from the industry's
 leading manufacturers.  In conjunction with the exhibits is the Mobile
 Systems Solutions Conference series.  Featuring over 80 leading industry
 experts speakers, the conference provides vital information needed to
 build or improve your world of mobile computing.
 ### October 27-29, 1993
 CDROM Exposition at the World Trade Center, Boston MA.
 ### October 27-29, 1993
 EDA&T Asia '93.  The Electronic Design and Test Conference Exhibition
 at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan.  Exhibit space
 is still available.  For more information contact: Betsy Donahue,
 Chicago, fax: 708-475-2794.
 ###  November 7-10, 1993
 GeoCon/93, an international conference and showcase for software
 products developed outside the U.S. at the Royal Sonesta Hotel,
 Cambridge, Mass.  The conference program will include three days of
 workshops on topics of interest to overseas developers entering the
 U.S. market.  Workshop presenters will discuss such issues as how to
 negotiate distribution and licensing contracts, setting up a business in
 the U.S., manufacturing and fulfillment, technical support, packaging,
 research sources, and how to market through direct, retail, and catalog
 channels.  For additional information, contact Tom Stitt, associate
 publisher, Soft letter, 17 Main St., Watertown, Mass. 02272-9154;
 telephone 617-924-3944; fax 617-924-7288, or Colleen O'Shea, director,
 Soft letter Europe, 2 um Bierg, 7641 Chirstnach, Luxembourg, telephone
 35.2.87119; fax 35.2.87048.
 ### November 15-19, 1993
 COMDEX Fall '93. Las Vegas Nevada.
 If you have an event you would like to include on the Z*Net Calender,
 please send email via GEnie to Z-NET, CompuServe 75300,1642, or via
 FNET to node 593 or AtariNet node 51:1/13.0.

 ######  April 16, 1993
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 Type    Node #           BBS Name                      BBS Sysop
                          BBS Location                  BBS Phone Number
                          BBS Speed
 Zone    51               AtariNet Headquarters I       Zonite
 Region  100              AtariNet Headquarters I       Bill Scull
 Host    51:1/0           Twilight Zone                 Bill Scull

         51:1/2           Twilight Zone                 Bill Scull
                          Longwood FL                   1-407-831-1613

         51:1/4           Steal Your Face               Ed Lynch
                          Brick NJ                      1-908-920-7981

         51:1/6           MySTery BBS                   David Blanchard
                          Goose Creek SC                1-803-556-9730 

         51:1/8           Alien BBS                     Mark Cline
                          Burlington NC                 1-919-229-4334

         51:1/10          Atari Base                    Robert Brodie
                          Sunnyvale CA                  1-408-745-2196

         51:1/13          Znet News Service             Ron Kovacs
                          Middlesex NJ                  1-908-968-8148

         51:1/14          Information Overload          Ed June
                          Riverdale GA                  1-404-471-1549

         51:1/15          FlightLine BBS                Craig Peterson
                          Minneapolis MN                1-612-544-5118

         51:1/17          The Dugout BBS                Brient Leslie
                          Independence MO               1-816-795-0774

         51:1/18          The Round Table               Darren Trutzenbach
                          Vincetown NJ                  1-609-268-7524
 Host    51:102/0         Triangle Area Tarheels Host   Erik Williams

         51:102/1         SunFox's Realm                Erik Williams
                          Raleigh NC                    1-919-859-9469

 Pvt     51:102/2         SunFox's Mail Realm           Erik Williams
                          Raleigh NC                    -Unpublished-
 Host    51:4/0           Hologram Computing            Dean Lodzinski

         51:4/2           Hologram Computing            Dean Lodzinski
                          Old Bridge NJ                 1-908-727-1914

         51:4/3           Assasins Grove                Jeff Mitchell
                          Oshawa Canada                 1-416-571-6965

         51:4/4           Aces High BBS                 Richard Guadagno
                          Matawan NJ                    1-908-290-1133

         51:4/5           StormShadow                   Robert Lovelace
                          Pasadena MD                   1-410-437-0243

         51:4/6           Hologram Computing            Dean Lodzinski
                          Old Bridge NJ                 1-908-727-1914
 Region  200              AtariNet Headquarters II      Terry May
 Host    51:2/0           AtariNet Nevada               Terry May

         51:2/2           The Rebel BBS                 Terry May
                          Las Vegas NV                  1-702-435-0786

         51:2/4           Sports Line BBS               Nick Hard
                          Henderson NV                  1-702-565-5271

         51:2/11          The Choice BBS                Mark Woolworth
                          Las Vegas NV                  1-702-253-6527

         51:2/13          The Conqueror Connection      John Curtis
                          Fort Hood TX                  1-817-539-8228

         51:2/25          Acme BBS                      Eric Nikolaisen
                          Salt Lake City UT             1-801-272-4243

         51:2/137         The "VORTEX" BBS              Jim Jackson
                          Fort Towson OK                1-405-873-9361

 Hub     51:2/10          STarship                      Rich Tietjens
                          Lake Charles LA               1-318-439-6963

         51:2/42          Level 42                      Glen Kelly
                          Lake Charles LA               1-318-478-3960
 Host    51:201/0         The DarkSTar BBS              Randy Rodrock

         51:201/1         The DarkSTar BBS              Randy Rodrock
                          Salt Lake City UT             1-801-269-8780 

         51:201/4         The Halls Of Asguard BBS      Gerald Homeyer
                          Orem UT                       1-801-221-1150

         51:201/6         Thunder Hold                  Todd Harrington
                          American Fork UT              1-801-756-2901 

         51:201/7         The City Of Nimrod            Dave Marquardt
                          Salt Lake City UT             1-801-969-5485 

         51:201/8         The Other BBS                 Justin Novak
                          West Bountiful UT             1-801-298-9179 
 Host    51:202/0         Wylie Connection              Wes Newell

         51:202/7         Aaron's Beard                 Troy Wade
                          Dallas TX                     1-214-557-2642 

         51:202/13        Wylie Connection              Wes Newell 
                          Wylie TX                      1-214-442-2584 

         51:202/20        Outland Station               John Stiborek
                          Southlake TX                  1-817-329-1125 

         51:202/21        Psychlo Empire                Mark Corona 
                          Irving TX                     1-214-251-1175 

         51:202/30        The Foundation BBS            CR Hamilton
                          Azle TX                       1-817-444-0155 
 Host    51:203/0         AtariNet Midwest              Bill Jones

         51:203/1         The Zoo BBS                   Bill Jones
                          Indianapolis IN               1-317-356-5519 

         51:203/2         The Music Station             Chris Richards
                          Webb City MO                  1-417-673-4926 

         51:203/3         The Maligned ST               Mike O'Malley
                          Urbandale IA                  1-515-265-6711 

         51:203/4         The Crawly Crypt              Jim Collins
                          Joplin MO                     1-417-624-1887 

         51:203/5         BLAST BBS                     Steve Johnson
                          Bloomington IN                1-812-332-0573 

         51:203/6         Bear Swamp BBS                Mark Antolik
                          Marysville OH                 1-513-644-0714

         51:203/8         Crossroads Broadcast          Charlie Sears
                          Trafalgar IN                  1-317-878-4069

         51:203/9         AmigaSource                   Andrew Gray
                          Nineveh IN                    1-317-933-2408 
 Region  300              AtariNet Headquarters III     Tony Castorino
 Host    51:3/0           The Space Station             Tony Castorino

         51:3/2           The Space Station             Tony Castorino
                          Canyon Country CA             1-805-252-0450 

         51:3/3           Atari ST Connection           Brian Watters
                          Fresno CA                     1-209-436-8156 

         51:3/4           Autoboss Atari Elite          John Graham
                          Bunola PA                     1-412-384-5608 

         51:3/5           The Yakima Atari ST BBS       Pat Moffitt
                          Yakima WA                     1-509-965-2345 

         51:3/6           FIDOdoor Support BBS          Bryan Hall
                          Vandenberg AFB CA             1-805-734-4742 

         51:3/7           cyberSecT BBS                 Chuck Aude
                          Cheney WA                     1-509-235-4875 

         51:3/9           The Mosh Bit                  Mark Wallaert
                          Vancouver WA                  1-206-574-1531 

         51:3/10          Target Range                  Alan Dietrich
                          Paramount CA                  1-310-634-8993 

         51:3/11          Sanctuary From The Law        Sean Price
                          Inyokern CA                   1-619-377-3611 

         51:3/12          MASATEK                       Valeriano Meneses
                          Torrance CA USA               1-310-518-9524 

         51:3/13          The Mind Keep                 Jeff Fehlman
                          Citrus Heights CA             1-916-723-1657 

         51:3/15          ST-Keep                       Andrew Studer
                          Citrus Heights CA             1-916-729-2968 

         51:3/16          H.B. SMOG                     Jim Thingwold
                          Huntington Beach CA           1-714-969-5486 

         51:3/17          Acey BBS                      Dick Grable
                          Yakima Wa                     1-509-966-8555 

         51:3/18          Dusty Atcic                   Rodney Bennett
                          Riverside CA                  1-909-656-3707 

         51:3/19          Dateline: Atari               Al Petersen
                          New York                      1-718-833-0828 

         51:3/20          The Monster's Lair            Kevin MacFarland
                          Port Hueneme CA               1-805-987-7641 
 Region  400              AtariNet Headquarters IV      Don Liscombe
 Host    51:5/0           The Brewery                   Don Liscombe

         51:5/2           The Brewery                   Don Liscombe
                          Ajax On Canada                1-416-683-3089 

 Pvt     51:5/4           CFB Atari                     Shawn Smith
                          Ajax On Canada                -unpublished-  

         51:5/5           Gateway BBS                   Ron Gillespie
                          Windsor On Canada             1-519-255-7834 
 Region  500              AtariNet UK                   Daron Brewood
 Host    51:6/0           AtariNet NW England           Daron Brewood

         51:6/2           NeST ZC Support Node          Daron Brewood
                          Stockport Cheshire UK         44-61-429-9803 

         51:6/4           System ST BBS                 Mark Matts
                          Leicester UK                  44-533-413443  

         51:6/5           TGM                           Paul Simmonds
                          Bradford                      44-274-606670  
 Host    51:501/0         AtariNet South West           Mark Butler
         51:501/1         Black Cat BBS                 Mark Butler
                          Penarth Wales UK              44-222-707359  

         51:501/2         I'll Try That Once!           Mark Taylor
                          Stroud UK                     44-453-765378  

 Pvt     51:501/3         BC Atari Support              Robert Dickson
                          Penarth Uk                    -Unpublished-  

         51:501/4         The Holodeck                  Dave Meaker
                          Bristol Uk                    44-454-317047  

 Hub     51:501/100       Folkestone QBBS               Robert Darling
                          Folkestone Kent UK            44-303-249306  

 Pvt     51:501/101       JayCee's Novelty Emporium...  John Charles
                          Lincolnshire UK               -Unpublished-  
 Host    51:502/0         AtariNet London England       Kevin Osborne

         51:502/2         <Fortress>                    Kevin Osborne
                          Plumstead London UK           44-81-317-3158 

         51:502/3         -Atlantis-(Uk)                Laurence Mcdonald
                          Mitchum Surrey UK             44-81-715-6477 

 Pvt     51:502/4         Keith's Point                 Keith Jackson
                          Derby                         -Unpublished-  

         51:502/5         The Hobbit's Burrow           Andy Styles
                          Chelmsford Essex UK           44-245-358667  

 Hub     51:502/100       The Tavern                    Paul Baker
                          London                        44-81-445-6514 

         51:502/101       Lynx BBS                      Terry Gregory
                          Dagenham                      44-81-599-0869 

 Pvt     51:502/102       Paul's Point                  Paul Civati
                          Carshalton London UK          -Unpublished-  
 Host    51:503/0         ANET Danish                   Flemming Nielsen

         51:503/1         DigiBBS                       Flemming Nielsen
                          Nykobing Denmark              45-54-828383   

         51:503/2         Dk Soft                       Kim Andersen
                          Taastrup Denmark              45-43-717-075
 Region  600              AtariNet Headquarters VI      Frank Brodmuehler
 Host    51:601/0         AtariNet Germany              Frank Brodmuehler

         51:601/2         SPACER                        Frank Brodmuehler
                          Koeln Germany                 49-221-248-285 

         51:601/7         HeadQuarter BBS               Guenther Paczia
                          Duisburg                      49-2066-7634   

         51:601/8         Apolonia                      Peter Kaszanics
                          Essen                         49-201-237509  

         51:601/9         BusyBox                       Michel Burens
                          Dudelange Luxembourg          352-52-3004    

 Hub     51:601/100       Hub AC                        Benedikt Heinen
                          Aachen                        49-241-408593

         51:601/101       Firemark.BBS                  Benedikt Heinen
                          Aachen                        49-241-408593  

         51:601/102       Dao-Lin-H'ay                  Joerg Spilker
                          Luegde                        49-5281-79372  

         51:601/103       ST-WorkShop #1             Magic.Alex Badalic
                          Milano MI Italy               39-2-33105241

 Pvt     51:601/104       Atari AT Tratti               Fabio Palmieri
                          Roma RM Italy                 -Unpublished-

 Pvt     51:601/105       Eccomi!                       Alessandro Fasola
                          Milano MI Italy               -Unpublished-

 Pvt     51:601/106       INVERNOMUTO                   Simone Cappelli
                          Borgo San Lorenzo FI Italy    -Unpublished-

         51:601/110       Scary MonSTer                 Rolf Thieme
                          Koblenz                       49-261-54953

 Pvt     51:601/111       JetMail Development HW        Daniel Rosen
                          Urbar                         -Unpublished-

         51:601/200       Headline                      Rayko Balun
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 Region  700              Peace Country Computers       Bryan Webster
 Host    51:701/0         Peace Country Computers       Bryan Webster

         51:701/1         Peace Country Computers       Bryan Webster
                          Fort ST John BC Canada        1-604-785-9512

         51:701/2         Prime BBS                     Bill Marsh
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         51:701/3         DJ'S PLACE                    Dan Webster
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         51:701/4         Capoeira Circle ST BBS        Morgan Stewart
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 Region  800              AtariNet Headquarters VIII    Chris Thorpe
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         51:801/1         Znet South Pacific            Chris Thorpe
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         51:802/102       OGRE BBS Mercy College        Craig Valli
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         51:802/106       That Which is Not             Michael Smith
                          Adelaide Sth Aust             61-8-276-4415


 ######  By Ron Kovacs
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 In the last edition of Z*Net, Mike Burkley (The Unabashed Atariophile),
 highlighted a number of Astronomy files in his column.  In between 
 issues, I received a call from the SysOp of the Star Scan BBS in Long
 Island, New York, inviting me to take a look around his system which
 runs on Atari equipment and uses Michtron 3.0 software, heavily
 modified.  His focus is Astronomy and thought our readers would be
 interested in locating MORE information on this topic.
 You can access the system at (516) 399-4252 at 2400 baud.  I was
 unsuccessful in getting around too much because of the line noise
 problems generated at my end, however, I managed to capture a few things
 that I will share with you now.
 If you are a SPACE or ASTRONOMY enthusiast, this is the place to check
  **.  ********                      /\/\      **.      **      **     *    **
**   *    **                      /\ \/ \\   **   *    *  *    *  *    **   **
**        **                     /`/ /   \\  **       **      **  **   ***  **
 **       **                    / /\/     /   **      **      **  **   ** * **
   **     **     **      * /** / / /     /      **    **      **  **   **  ***
    **    **   **  **    **    \/\/     /        **   **      ******   **   **
*.  **    **   **  **    **      /     /     *.  **    *  *   **  **   **   **
  **      **     ** **   **     /     /        **       **    **  **   **   **
                               /     /_]
                              /     /+\\
                             /     /| |\\
                             \\   / | | \\/\
                              \\ /  | |  / /
                               \/   | |  \/
                              ______! !______
     Run in association with the Long Island Atari User Group (L.I.A.U.G)

             S P A C E     S T A T I O N     B A S E L I N E
                     R E -  C O N F I G U R A T I O N

Photovoltaic Power Array
 [][][]   [][][]              High Gain        [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]              Antenna          [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]  Radiator      \ |{           [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]   \       __ ___ |__          [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]   ##     |  |___|J |     ##   [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]   ##     |E |   |E |     ##   [][][]
 |\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|\|==|M |___|M |==|\|\|\|\|\|\|\
 [][][]   [][][]          |__|___|__|          [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]          |__|   |H |          [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]         /       |M |          [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]        /        |__|          [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]       /                       [][][]
 [][][]   [][][]     US Laboratory Module      [][][]

                  EM  =  European Module
                 JEM  =  Japanese Experiment Module
                  HM  =  Habitation Module

                           \                  /
                            \                /
             |[][]|[][]|[][]| [||||||||||||] |[][]|[][]|[][]|


                    #=+|] <-------- TV Imaging/Spectrometers
          |\        #
          | \       #
          |  \      #
          |   \_ _  #                    VOYAGER 2 SPACECRAFT
 High-    |    [|=|]
 Gain     |    [|||]                   o Launched: Aug  20 1977
 Antenna  |    [|_] \                  o Jupiter:  Jul  09 1979
 (3.7m)   |   /   #  \                 o Saturn:   Aug  25 1981
          |  /    #   \                o Uranus:   Jan  24 1986
          | /     #    \               o Neptune:  Aug  24 1989
          |/      #     \
                  #      \
Radioisotope ---> [}      \
Thermoelectric             \
Generator                   \
                              \ <------Magnetometer

                        >>>  S K Y   W A T C H  <<<

                     [ [ [  LYRID METEOR SHOWER  ] ] ]

 The lyrid meteor shower peaks on the night of April 21 and the morning
 of April 22.  With a New Moon on April 21 observers will have exellent
 sky conditions (weather permitting) to view the Lyrid meteors.  Expect
 15 meteors per hour and half that number one day either side of the peak
 NOTE :  There is a system notice posted in the 'ANNOUNCEMENTS', please

 My apologies for not being able to access more of the system.  However,
 before I had time to forget, I called.  Please take a few minutes out
 and give the BBS a call.

 ######  By Michael R. Burkley
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 This week's column is going to be very brief.  That's not because there
 isn't much to review but because I am so busy.  Right now it's the day
 before Easter.  I've been busy this week.  Have you ever tried writing
 five sermons/talks in one week?  It doesn't leave a whole bunch of free
 time!  That kept me busy, but it didn't keep me from downloading nearly
 140 files this past week (Ah, the joys of Z-Modem downloading in the
 background!).  What it did keep me from doing is testing and writing
 descriptions for all of those files (actually, nearly 100 of them are
 .MOD files that I can't do much describing of anyway, but...).
 So, here's what I've done so far.  I'll have the rest of the
 descriptions, and the new files for you next week.
 BATTLSHP is Battle at SEA by Larry Berman, et. al. of Soft-House
 Software, Inc..  This is another version of the game Battleship for the
 ST (TOS 1.0--TT).  One very nice thing about this version is that you
 can play it over a modem with a friend or just with the computer.  When
 playing with a friend you can send messages back and forth.  Color only.
 BOWLSEC1 is the Bowling League Secretary v.1.0 by Mark M. Siuniak (no
 date, but I downloaded it April 5, 1993 and it has to be fairly new with
 its references to the Falcon).  This program will allow you to set up a
 database of from 50 teams with seven members per team (on an unexpanded
 520ST) to MANY more on your TT or 14 meg Falcon.  It allows you to
 create, save, and load data on your league(s), update your files, enter
 team matchups, compute league standings, print weekly leagues stat
 sheets, and print your end of year stats.  Menu based with keyboard
 controls.  TOS 1.0--Falcon (supposedly, and it does work on a TT).
 Color or mono.  Docs included.  SHAREWARE.
 CRANESHIP by Barry Summer is a .SEQ animation of spacegoing tanker-ship
 (it looks a dual warp nacele space repair and docking facility--how's
 that for a description!).  The ship flys towards you, does several
 rotations, and then accepts a smaller ship on its upper surface,
 refueling it and then releasing it.  Finally, it blasts away in the
 distance.  Color only.  Includes ANIMATE4.PRG for viewing.  Requires at
 least one meg of RAM (499K uncompressed)
 GETFILE is GetFile v,.0.1 by Peter Kienle & B'Brox Productions (dated
 April 2, 1993).  This .ACC allows you to use your file selector and
 mouse to select any file.  It will then write the full paths/names to an
 ASCII file.  This can have numerous uses (print lists of just where your
 files are, for one) but the one the author uses most is passing multiple
 PostScript files for printing to Ghostscript, the PD PostScript
 emulator.  Docs included.
 HENDYMAN is a wonderful Fractal Generator by Hendy, The Mad
 Mathemagician.  It's fast (one of the fastest I've seen)" it's full of
 options; it beautiful, and it's more!  It has _excellent_ docs on just
 what fractals are (Mandelbrot and Julia sets and all).  Mouse
 controlled.  Color only.  This is a "must get" program.  SHAREWARE.
 LYNX_FAQ is the ATARI Lynx "Frequently Asked Questions" File updated as
 of March 29, 1993.  This file, created by Darius Vaskelis and updated
 monthly by Robert Jung is full of interesting facts about the Lynx, its
 creation, capabilities, and repairability.  I especially like the
 article on how to disassemble your Lynx.  The joypad on my Lynx was
 dirty and causing all sorts of jiggles in the screen display.  This FAQ
 told me how to fix that problem.
 MACROWAR is Macro War v.1.01  Arne Standnes (dated 1991).  This mono-
 only game is a battle between two tank squadrons.  The tanks are
 controlled either by two human players with joysticks or one human
 against the ST. Using an interactive graphics editor, you command your
 tank forces telling them how to move and where to fire.  With 20 levels,
 this game provides lots of opportunities for learning and continued game
 play.  Some ready made tactics are included to get you off and running.
 And now for the bad part...While this works on my STe, it just barely
 works.  It renders the mouse useless until a reboot, the editor doesn't
 work at all, and other various lacks make this fairly useless to me.  So
 unless you have TOS 1.0 (I assume that TOS incompatiblity is the
 problem, though it was created using GFA basic 3.0) I recommend that you
 stay away from this one.
 For all of you .MOD fans out there AtariPower7 on Delphi has uploaded
 nearly 100 .MOD files for your to listen to to your hearts content.  He
 says he has another three or four hundred to go!

 And if I mention Delphi and should mention GEnie, too (and glad am I
 to do so)...

 CHUTIL_3 is the complete transcript of the CodeHead Technologies
 Utilities topic on GEnie and the Atari Roundtables.  It begins on Nov.
 7, 1992 and runs through March 27, 1993.  CodeHead Utilities is an
 excellent package that could benefit anyone who has an ST.  Get this
 file to find out what you're missing if you don't have this package and
 find out how to use it even better if you do.  GEnie is full of Round-
 Table topics on important and facinating issues related to your ST.

 MSA_II is the Magic Shadow Archiver v.2.2 by Philipp Lang (dated Feb. 6,
 1993).  MSA_II is a new version of the MSA.  MSA is a program that
 creates, stores, and re-creates a complete disk of however many files
 and folders into one file.  Many ST graphic and sound demos use this
 format so it's a handy program to have around (for that and for other
 reasons).  This version offers some very nice advantages over older
 versions of MSA in that it requires only one disk drive, is machine-
 coded for much higher speed, has improved memory usage, includes
 optional data compression (between 30-60% disk savings), and runs in all
 resolutions and TOS versions.  Note:  the previous version I have
 (v.1.41) is by Steve Feinstein of NY, and is shareware--something I just
 found out today by clicking all over the program screen until a note
 popped up.  I tried to contact Steve, but he is no longer at the address
 mentioned in his note.  Steve!  Are you out there!  I've used your
 program enough that I owe you some money!
 PARI1_35 is Pari v.1.35.01 by C. Batut, D. Bernardi, H. Cohen, and M.
 Olivier (dated February 25, 1991). The PARI system is a package which is
 capable of doing formal computations on recursive types at high speed;
 it is primarily aimed at number theorists, but can be used by people
 whose primary need is speed.  Although quite an amount of symbolic
 manipulation is possible in PARI, this system does very badly compared
 to much more sophisticated systems like REDUCE, Macsyma, Maple,
 Mathematica or SCRATCHPAD on such manipulations (e.g. multivariate
 polynomials, formal integration, etc\dots).  On the other hand, the two
 main advantages of the system is its speed (which can be between 5 and
 100 times better on many computations than the above mentioned systems),
 and the possibility of using directly data types which are familiar to
 mathematicians.  It is possible to use PARI in two different ways:  1)
 as a library, which can be called from any upper-level language
 application (for instance written in C, C$++$, Pascal or Fortran), or 2)
 as a sophisticated programmable calculator, named {\bf GP}, which
 contains most of the standard control instructions of a standard
 language like C.  There are tons of docs in TeX format (readable, though
 TeX is a pain when you don't have a TeX reader program!).  The above
 text comes from the docs and I make no pretense that I understand it at
 all!  This program works on my 4 meg STe, color or mono.  The program
 itself came named as "GP" with no extension.  You must rename it (.TTP,
 .TOS or .PRG, your choice) in order to run it.
 RAPSHEET is Rap Sheet v.1.42 by Ron V. Webber (dated Feb. 26, 1993).
 Rap Sheet is a program that helps you keep track of how much time you
 spend doing various tasks (not necessarily on your computer).  It can be
 used to determine a breakdown of your time spent doing various types of
 things on your computer, which is useful (and required) for those who
 plan on deducting some of their computer expense from their taxes.  It
 can also be used to keep track of any other time based activities.
 Rapsheet DOES NOT constantly monitor your work on your computer, logging
 how much time you spend on each program.  If you need this, the author
 suggests that you buy Hotwire from the CodeHeads.  This version fixes
 some bugs and expands some features from his previous work.  Color or
 mono.  Docs included.  SHAREWARE.  TOS 1.0--TT compatible (I think TT
 because the author mentions TOS 2.06 "or newer").
 REPLICA is REPLICA v.1.30 by Dan Panke, the founder of ST PLUG (see the
 OTHRCATL folder in our catalog disk for more information).  REPLICA is a
 very simple file copier/mover that works with all versions of TOS with
 any memory configuration.  Copy/Move as large or as small a file (up to
 18 at a time from any single or multiple location) you wish.  Mouse
 controlled and uses the built-in fileselector.  I especially like this
 because you can copy multiple files from multiple folders all at one
 time.  This can save you multiple steps!  Docs included.  Color or mono.
 STF_45 is a detailed review of the April issue of ST Format magazine.
 I've never subscribed to ST Format (only AtariUser, ST Informer, Current
 Notes, and AIM), but after reading this review, I'm certainly tempted.
 Excellent!  It also includes a text file telling about STeve's Software
 and a text and picture file telling how to create origami (folded paper)
 cranes.  Recommended.
 STKW0404 is the game "Star Trek: The Klingon War" v.04.04.93 (i.e.,
 April 4, 1993) by James S. Sellers.  This is a detailed and entertaining
 Star Trek battle simulation.  As Captain of the USS Enterprise your
 mission is to utilize all your starship and starbase assets to destroy
 a Klingon invasion fleet.  You command a top rated crew that will carry
 out your orders in controlling weapons, shields, sensors, displays, warp
 and impulse drives, probes, and navigation.  Unfortunately, the odds are
 against you (normally 3 to one) and so you have to be really sharp to
 survive, and to save the Federation.  This keyboard controlled game for
 one player demands concentration and skill.  You have to constantly keep
 the status of the whole ship before you, gathering data from the systems
 you visit, watching energy consumption, defending your starbase, and
 much more.  I especially like the training mode!  Very well done.  It
 has very nice graphics and digitized sounds and voices.  Requires at
 least one meg of RAM, a DS or hard drive, and a color monitor.
 STSAVE23 is the Soft-Sci Screen Saver, v.2.3 by Michael Crisafulli
 (copyrighted 1993).  Now fully compatible with CodeHead Technologies
 Warp 9 Screen accelerator program (and more!), Soft-Sci is an excellent
 screen saver.  Why do you need a screen saver? The phosphors on the
 screen of any video device are susceptible to damage if they are left
 with the same image for a long period of time.  The image can actually
 be burned into the screen.  The function of a screen saver is very
 simple:  if the computer is inactive for a period of time, darken the
 screen to prevent damage.  This screen saver doesn't only save your
 screen--it lets you have a fun time doing it!  When it is active it
 displays a black screen with a small picture bubble or balloon which
 moves continuously, bouncing off the edges of your screen.  That bubble
 can be different every time you boot your computer (and now you can
 select the "bubbles" you wish to display by using the Warp 9 control
 panel).  Color or mono.  Docs included.  SHAREWARE.  With your shareware
 payment you get a program that allows you to edit the pictures bouncing
 around on your screen (and more).  TOS 1.0--1.62 compatible (at least).
 STY_DEMO is a demo of STyle from Zocra Technologies (dated April, 1993).
 STyle is a program for viewing, manipulating, translating and saving
 graphic images on the Atari ST, STE and TT series computers.  STyle
 supports a wide variety of graphic image file formats ranging from
 computer dependant formats such as NEO, Degas and MacPaint to hardware
 independent formats such as GIF, TIFF, EPSF and CP8 (and more).  STyle
 allows your ST to manipulate graphics created on a PC, an Amiga, or
 whatever, even if the original image has more colors or pixels than the
 ST can display.  For example a 256 color image can be loaded, clipped,
 rotated and saved without any loss of color information even on a
 monochrome ST.  Likewise STyle will load and manipulate any ST graphic
 in any resolution.  It also allows you to convert your Atari ST images
 into other formats such as GIF, PCX and TIFF for exchange with other
 systems.  GEM-based, it operates in all ST, STe, and TT resolutions.
 This demo is limited in that it can't save files, you can only load
 Degas, Neochrome and Fast Load (.FL) work, and the "Render" command
 places a grid on the resulting image.  This looks like one excellent
 program!  Limited docs and much information about STyle and STipple (a
 related image viewing program) are included.
 That's it for now.  I have to get to work!

 Take care,


 All of these files can be found on one or more of the following on-line
 services:  GEnie (M.BURKLEY1), Delphi (MRBURKLEY), The CodeHead BBS
 (213-461-2095), Toad Hall (617-567-8642), and The Boston Computer
 Society's Atari BBS (617-396-4607) (Michael R. Burkley).  Drop me a
 line (and thanks to all of you who have done so)!


 ######  By Len Stys
 ######  ---------------------------------------------------------------
 The Falcon030 is now in production and will be selling in the U.S.
 shortly.  Will this be the time that Atari really pushes its computers
 in the United States?  Don't be surprised if it is not.  I am not being
 a pessimist, but a realist.  Atari does not have enough money to
 successfully concentrate on both, the personal computer industry and the
 video game industry.  You can bet that Atari's management has already
 weighed their options and if they are smart, they have chosen the video
 game industry.
 The PC clones dominate the U.S. personal computer industry with little
 room for non-PC clone manufacturers to compete.  The PC clones are
 cheap, well supported, and widely available.  The manufacturers of these
 computers also have the ability to undercut any non-PC clone
 manufacturer because they do not have the added cost of advertising and
 supporting the computers that they sell.
 Atari not only has to compete with the PC clones, but also with well-
 known non-PC clone manufacturers like Apple.  Commodore is a concern
 because the company is competing for the same market share that Atari is
 competing for.
 Atari is also an unknown in the U.S. personal computer industry.  The
 company will need to convince the nation that just because clones are
 the seemingly standard computer, they are not necessarily better.  Atari
 will then need to convince the nation that even though Apple has offered
 the only known alternative to PC clones for the last seven years and has
 built a good reputation for themselves, Atari is better.  And finally,
 Atari will need to convince the nation that Atari is not just a game
 company.  Atari will need to spend much more money than the company has
 or can acquire in order to accomplish these things.
 The video game industry is being led by Nintendo with Sega close behind.
 Last year, Nintendo had overall sales of $4.28 billion.  Sega had
 overall sales of $1.6 billion.  This year, the U.S. video game industry
 is estimated to be worth some place between $5 and $6 billion.
 In the U.S., Atari has a better chance of succeeding in the video game
 industry.  The company has many opportunities in the video game industry
 that it will not have next year.  The first opportunity is to grab 32-
 bit/64-bit video game market share.  If the company waits until 1994 to
 really market the Jaguar, Nintendo and Sega will have an opportunity to
 stick a $70 million advertising campaign behind their 32-bit systems.
 The second opportunity that Atari has is to grab retailer shelf space.
 If you think shelf space for video games are already tight, wait until
 next year.  Atari must find space this year because there will not be
 any left in 1994.
 Atari's third opportunity is to grab market share before a standard in
 video games is created.  "3DO" is not only looking at the home multi-
 media market.  The company would not sign so many companies to produce
 games for their system unless they had their eyes on the video game
 industry as well.
 The last opportunity that Atari has is to become so successful in the
 video game industry that it has plenty of capital to release and
 advertise new personal computers in the United States the way that they
 should be.
 Nintendo and Sega both announced in January how many systems and
 software they plan to sell in the U.S. in 1993:

 Nintendo Entertainment System, 2.5 million.
 NES Software, 25 million.
 GameBoy, 4.5 million.
 GameBoy Software, 27 million.
 Super Nintendo, 8.5 million.
 SNES Software, 40 million.
 Sega Genesis, 6 million.
 Genesis Software, 25 million.
 Game Gear, 1.5 million.
 Game Gear Software, 6.6 million
 Sega CD, 1 million
 (Source: HFD-The Weekly Home Furnishing Newspaper Jan.4, 93, p.134)
 This may give you an idea of the numbers of systems and software sold
 each year by Nintendo and Sega.  Of course, Atari would not sell nearly
 this amount in 1993, but the company might set itself up to be a billion
 dollar company in 1994.
 Don't get me wrong though.  Atari will most likely advertise heavily in
 music magazines such as KEYBOARD, but a major national advertising
 campaign for the Falcon030 is doubtful.
 Should the lack of a strong Falcon030 advertising campaign in 1993
 effect your decision to purchase the computer?  No.  The people at Atari
 have done a real good job in getting developers interested in the
 Falcon030.  There will be a lot of software and hardware available.
 There will also be plenty excitement when the computer hits the U.S.
 And, if Atari is successful in the video game industry this year, you
 can bet that Atari will have some nice surprises for the personal
 computer industry next year.

 (Editors Note:  As with ALL commentary\guest editorials that appear in
 Z*Net, the comments are those of the author.  We do not necessarily
 agree or disagree with it's content but provide it as a service to our
 readers.  Opposing points of view are welcome and encouraged and will
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                                  # # #

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