ST Report: 5-Feb-93 #906

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/06/93-09:39:14 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 5-Feb-93 #906
Date: Sat Feb  6 21:39:14 1993

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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (February 5)


 The long awaited new Forum Software has been installed in all of the Atari
 Forums! Among  other things,  this allows longer messages and improvements
 in sending CompuServe Mail from within the forum.  Some  old commands have
 been dropped, and a couple of commands work slightly differently than they
 used to.

 Please see the file MSGFEA.DOC in  LIB  1  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  details on the changes.  Don't hesitate to leave a note to
 SYSOP if you have any questions.


 Download file ACCTS1.ARC from  LIBRARY 5  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO  ATARIPRO)  for  the  Family  Accountant: an easy-to-use but effective
 program for maintaining home  finance records  and establishing  a budget.
 It  requires  no  formal    knowledge  of  accounting (the author has none
 either).  It will handle up to 11 money accounts and 14 budget categories.
 Requires  monochrome   high  resolution  monitor  and  1M  of  RAM.    For
 documentation download actdoc.arc also.

 Also download ACTDOC.ARC from LIBRARY  5  of  ATARIPRO  for  the program's


 Download file  FATCAC.LZH from  LIBRARY 4  of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for a hard disk cache and FAT speed-up for TOS  1.0 and 1.2.
 Faster, more compatible, more memory efficient than FATSPEED.  Gives up to
 1000% speed increase when copying files  between partitions.  Includes GEM
 installation program and no technical  knowledge require  (please read the
 docs though).


 Download file  HSC140.LZH from  LIBRARY 3  of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for a complete C compiler system for the Atari ST.  Includes
 GemFast  v1.8  GEM  programming  library.    The  compiler is based on the
 Sozobon  compiler,  but  contains   many   modifications,   bugfixes,  and
 extensions. The compiler features an automatic installation process.  Just
 unpack the archive  and  run  INSTALL.PRG  to  install  and  configure the


 Download file  C3NEWS.TXT from  LIBRARY 16  of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for the official announcement of  the release  of Calligrapher 3
 -- the  next generation  of the  Ultimate Writing Machine.  Read this text
 file for details about the new  version of  this powerful  word processor.
 Information on upgrading from earlier versions is included.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     My, my  its now February... the clock is running March is right around
 the corner.  Is it to be the "IDES of  MARCH" or,  the wonders  of it all?
 We can only hope Atari can deliver on its promise to deliver the Falcon030
 by March '93.
     The Falcon is indeed the salvation of Atari, if this  machine does not
 make it big... nothing will help.  Absolutely nothing.  If every member of
 the existing userbase worldwide bought a Falcon it would only  prolong the
 agony.    Atari  must  penetrate  existing  markets and actually create an
 entire new market for the Falcon030.   It  is  quite  possible  to  do so.
 That's one of the reason's most of us still hold onto a glimmer of hope.
     The  only   downside  is  the  ongoing  games  being  playing  in  the
 background, sooner or later Atari  and  its  designates  will  realize the
 userbase is a great deal sharper and "tuned-in".  When they realize this I
 am confident the games will cease and they'll  devote the  lion's share of
 their energies to the business of making the Falcon a true success.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "My new office, which has a better view than my old one, is so far
     quite satisfactory. And Richard Miller is in my old office.  The
     Forbes article was a mish-mash and misconstrued article full of half
     truths.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "We have not yet even given the machine to the FCC.  And we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.12 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
            any... of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!  NOT YET!



                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #06
                             By: John Deegan

    PENTIUM CHIP TO REINFORCE INTEL'S HOLD? - The Pentium chip, the suc-
 cessor to the '486, is expected to be released in late March.  Analysts 
 feel that it will take a year before the Pentium reaches mass popular-
 ity but when it does, it will reinforce the firm's already dominant hold 
 on the microprocessor industry.

    Intel refuses to reveal much information about the Pentium but 
 sources say that it will contain some three million transistors, or more 
 than twice the 1.2 million transistors on the 486 chip. The Pentium will 
 not only allow programs to run faster, but will also greatly improve a 
 computer's graphics and sound.

    "Full motion video and multimedia for computers is going to require 
 more power, something in the order of Pentium power," said Dataqest ana-
 lyst Ken Lowe.
    NEW LCD PROCESS IN THE WORKS - Scientists in Tokyo say they have 
 developed a liquid crystal that may make it easier to manufacture flat 
 screens that use less electric power.
    A report in Nature magazine says the new liquid crystal changes its 
 optical properties when it is hit by a laser beam. "New light-sensitive 
 displays could be a radical improvement on conventional LCDs, as they 
 would not require individual transistors for each pixel".
 Californian has been ordered to stand trial on a felony tampering charge 
 after admitting he sabotaged his ex-wife's computer files. The charge 
 carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison.
    James Welsh told authorities he sent a disk with a "kamikaze program" 
 to his ex-wife to get back at her for what he considered the nastiness 
 of their 1991 divorce.
    Welsh's former wife, Kathleen Shelton, testified all her files were 
 erased when she used the disk. All that was left was a taunting limer-
 ick. Shelton said Welsh set up the system for her and she had continued 
 to rely on his expertise.
    And here's a twist, "Welsh said the disk erased a program that he had 
 pirated. Because it was illegally created, he said, it was not protected 
 under the state's anti-hacking law."
    FBI RAIDS OHIO BBS - According to the Software Publishers Association 
 (SPA), the FBI has raided a Boardman, Ohio, computer BBS called "Rusty & 
 Edie's", accusing the operators of illegally distributing copyrighted 
 software. The SPA said the agent seized computers, hard disk drives and 
 telecommunications equipment, as well as financial and subscriber re-
 cords during the raid last Saturday.
    The SPA says the investigation started several months ago, "following 
 the receipt of complaints from a number of SPA members that their soft-
 ware was being illegally distributed on the Rusty & Edie's BBS."
    The system, established in 1987, was described one of the largest 
 private BBSes in the country, with 124 nodes available to callers and 
 more than 14,000 subscribers.

    "To date, the board has logged in excess of 3.4 million phone calls, 
 with new calls coming in at the rate of over 4,000 per day," the SPA 
 stated added. It included "over 19 gigabytes of storage housing over 
 100,000 files available to subscribers for downloading."

    The SPA said the BBS had subscribers in the United States and several 
 foreign countries, including Canada, Luxembourg, France, Germany, 
 Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

    For a fee of $89 a year, "subscribers ... were given access to the 
 board's contents, including many popular copyrighted business and 
 entertainment packages," the SPA statement says.

 > CompuServe's NEW Message Format & Commands! STR InfoFile

 Message Features Software Documentation 
 New Features / Version Notes    

      o    The size of a message has been expanded to 10,000
      NOTE:  With the initial release of Message Features users of
      DOS CIM, MAC CIM and NAVIGATOR will not be able to post a
      10000 character message.  Current development of HMI will
      allow for this in the very near future.  There is no
      limitation on the size of messages that can be read.
      o    READ THREAD command now displays messages in
           chronological order and also in section order.  i.e., all
           new messages in thread order from section 1, then all new
           messages from section 2 and so forth.  This feature
           provides users with the context of messages.  Given below
           is a hypothetical display in the current Production
           software, and new order of display with Message Features:

      Hypothetical Production Display   Message Features Display
      Sec #   Msg & Replies             Sec # Msg & Replies

      S4   Message # 11  R R R R        S2   Message # 2   R R R 
      S2   Message # 2   R R R          S4   Message # 11  R R R R
      S13  Message # 21  R R R R R R    S6   Message # 9   R
      S6   Message # 9   R              S8   Message # 5   R R R
      S8   Message # 5   R R R          S13  Message # 21  R R R R 

           The complete command syntax for the READ THREAD is given
           below for reference.
           The new display order applies to the READ THREAD command
           and all its switches.  The complete command syntax for
           the READ THREAD is given below for reference.
        READ THREAD [NEW]  [ALL] [NUM #] [START: ##] [SECTIONS:]

           No modifications have been made to REAd FORward or REAd
           REVerse commands.

      o    When a READ nnnn command is issued (without any other
           switches), where nnn is a message number, it defaults to
           READ THREAD nnnn as it does in current production
           software.  Therefore the new display order applies to
           this command as well.

      o    Another change is to the snapshot "high message number"
           -- the highest message on the board at the time a
           snapshot is taken.  The user will not be able to view any
           message above this "high number" until a new snapshot is
           built.  This change was done in an effort to ensure that
           users would not miss any messages on the board.  The
           impact of this change is that an ASCII user will no
           longer be able to read a reply they posted immediately;
           this is already true in the HMI (CIM) interface.  
           If the user wants to read the reply, he will need to
           issue a new REAd or SELect command so another snapshot
           will be built to include their reply.  In HMI, they will
           need to "Freshen Messages" under CIM 2.x for this change
           to take effect.

      o    When the user issues a PARent, ROOt, or REAd replies
           command while reading a particular message, when they
           return to the message the command was issued from, the
           header of the message will be displayed along with the
           message "** Enter RER to reread, REP to reply, or <CR>  
           to continue".  Current production software displays the
           entire message again.

      o    Since a message can now be 10000 characters in length and
           a message that long would scroll off a member's screen
           quickly, we have introduced "paged message display". 
           After 24 lines of a message have displayed, members will
           see a "Press CR for more:" prompt if they have paged
           message display enabled.  At that prompt the user can
           enter return to continue reading the message, M to return
           to the Read Action prompt (thereby not reading the rest
           of the message), or S to scroll rest of the message
           without pausing.

           To enable "paged message display", a member can enter SET
           PAGED YES at any forum prompt.  This will turn on paged
           message displaying for this and any forum the member
           enters during the current session.  To make the change
           permanent, the member needs to GO DEFAULT, choose option
           2 (Change permanent settings), choose option 3 (Display 
           options), and then change option 1 (PAGED display) to NO.
           Entering a SCROLL command at the Read Action prompt will
           scroll the messages no matter what option the member has

      o    There is no longer a limit on the number of lines a forum
           message can have. 
      o    A new command has been added to the Editor - /MAIL.  If
           the user wants to mail a message, he no longer needs to
           exit the editor and then specify MAIL.  Now he can
           specify /MAIL from within the editor.  All the parameters
           required for the MAIL command are the same as the /POST 
           command parameters.

      o    If the user wants to mail a message from within a forum,
           they are limited to 50,000 characters - not 10,000
           characters per message for forum messages.  Production
           software limited the user to the size of a forum message
           but the Message Features software has removed that limit.

      NOTE: A fix will be implemented in a future version of HMI
      that will allow HMI users to mail a message containing 50,000
      o    Other important commands to remember:

      REA NUM;NNNN - This command allows users to read an individual
      message number. (RI is still supported.)

      REA THR NUM: - Allows you to read only the thread you are
      requesting. (RT nnn ONLY is still supported.)

 Removal of "Old" Forum Commands:

      To reduce maintenance and gain resources, we have removed
      support for the following "old forum" commands from the forum
 A.  Two character commands:

 BR   -   Browse (Correct command is BRO)
 FM   -   Forward Mail (Correct command is FMA or FMB)
 RM   -   Read Marked (Correct command is REA WAI or RW)
 RO   -   Read Old
 SD   -   Scan Delete 
 SE   -   Send  (Correct command is SEN)
 TO   -   Touch
 US   -   User Status (Correct command is USE or USERS)
 WH   -   Who (Correct command is WHO)

 GU   -   Guide (use HELP)
 SB   -   Section Names (use NAMe)
 CB   -   Conference (use CO)
 CS   -   Change Section (use CHA)

 B.  One character commands:

 C    -   Continue
 E    -   Exit (use EX or EXI)
 L    -   Leave message (use COMpose)  
 V    -   View Interests (Use MEMber)


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                             PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe
 compiled by Joe Mirando

     As I sit here waiting for some magical force to begin this column (It
 is true that the hardest part of writing is staring at that blank page, or
 monitor in this case) there is a re-run of Star Trek: The Next Generation
 on TV in the background.  The episode features a young alien child
 broadcasting an ancient question into the depths of space.  "Is there
 anyone out there"?  It is a question asked by many on many different
 occasions.  I ask it now because I have heard very little from readers
 about this column.  The few comments I have received have been positive,
 but I can't help feeling that there are ways to make the column even
 better.  If there is something you don't like about "PEOPLE ARE TALKING",
 something you DO like about it, something you'd like to see in the future,
 or even if you just want to say "Hey Joe", drop me a line at the account
 number listed above.

     Well, that's enough of that.  There's a lot of "stuff" this week, so
 let's see what little goodies we can find.

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

     If you have been following the emergence of the new "floptical"
 drives, then you know that they can format a specially treated high
 density 3.5 inch disk to 21 megabytes of storage space.  Let's see what
 other people can tell us about them.

 Juergen Beurskens asks:

     "Is it also possible to connect a floptical drive to the floppy port
     when there is no HD-extension ?"

 Tim Rule tells Juergen:

     "No.  Flopticals are SCSI devices and must be connected to the hard
     drive (DMA - ACSI) port by using a SCSI host adaptor.  I think ICD
     "The Link" will do it, or a hard disk host adaptor which also supports
     them (Data-Pulse range of hard disks)."

 Scott Thumann joins in and ,after being told about what installing Atari's
 High Density Disk upgrade requires, says:

     "Oh well. I guess that I'm stuck with it (the original 720k floppy). I
     don't trust myself to lobotomize my ST by messing w/chips, and the
     flopticals don't really lend themselves to swapping between PC's &
     Atari's. I just have to remember to put files from work on a DD disk.

     Thanks for all the help Bob & Brian. You saved me a lot of grief. But
     you made a lot of DD disks in this house very happy that they still
     have a happy home. They thank you as well."

 Brian Gockley of ST Informer jumps on in and tells Scott:

     "Not that I want you to spend your money, but what do you mean:
     Flopticals don't really lend themselves to swapping between PCs and

     The Floptical will read those super funky optical 21 meg disks, but
     they are really a super value *BECAUSE* they will *ALSO* read the old
     720K and 1.44 meg regular old plain, magnetic, floppy disk, that are
     so common on this planet now and that you would need to transfer your

     Now I want one! If you get one, you're problems will be solved, your
     ulcer will clear up, your ex girlfriend will call you up and your old
     car will start getting 40 mpg. Really! :)"

 Everything now falls into place for Scott and he tells Brian:

     "I'm sorry, I was not thinking straight. Correction: I was thinking
     too straight, and too rigidly. Here I was, looking for a formatted
     disk to take out of the PC's Hdensity drive (with a file on it) and
     pop it right into my STe's drive, and happily load it. When I read
     your previous msg, I realized what you had to spell out for me:
     whether it's an ST disk (DD) or a PC disk (HD or DD), the floptical
     will read it. Sometimes I can be dense (no pun intended).

     They go for approx $300 eh? Any info in the LIBs re vendors, what's
     needed to connect up (I have an ICD 105meg Hard drive), pros/cons, how
     big this thing is, you know....stuff I need to know. This is a stab in
     the dark but maybe there's a vendor here in Jersey...NOT (probably).

     Thanks for waking me up."

 Brian, being the helpful guy that he is, tells Scott:

     "I would check your magazine of choice for advertisers, If you have an
     ICD drive, then you should be able to plug right in!

     I know that PLI and Purple Mountain Computers both carry them."

 Scott takes the advice to heart and tells Brian:

     "Thanks! I'll track down some recent mags & investigate further. don't
     be surprised if I have more questions for ya down the road! (Ignorance
     is NOT bliss, especially when it concerns computers.) All the help is

 Brian says what a lot of us are saying:

     "No problem, Everything I know I learned from reading Albert's posts!

 Hearing his name mentioned, Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine pops
 in and retorts:

     "And I everything I know is from reading everyone's posts in this

     Remember how nice and easy it was when there was just one type of
     archive program?  All you had to tell someone who wanted to use an
     archived program was that it was "ARCed".  That person could then use
     just about any version of ARC and would be able to de-compress it.

 As is usually the case when dealing with computers, progress has reared
 it's ugly head and given us a slew of archive programs that are not
 compatible with one another.  Now we have ARC, LHARC, LZH(LH5), ZIP, and
 ZOO.  And I'm sure there will be others soon.  All the choices, as well as
 what is/isn't compatible with what, make for a good amount of confusion to
 those unfamiliar with them.  Dr. Gerry Leavens utters the words that every
 new computer user has spoken:

     "I need some help.  At one time I was able to use ARC for virtually
     all programs on this board.  Then something called .lzh came into the
     picture.  I have downloaded an  .lzh program and then discovered that
     there is more than one version of this as well.  Talk about making a
     computer annoying and no fun to use.  What is going on out there? All
     I need is some simple directions on which program will "decode" all of
     the present .lzh stuff, and how to go about doing it. Do some of these
     downloads extract automatically?  When I have downloaded an .lzh
     program and tried to extract it using the .lzh file that I got off
     CIS, I consistently get a message that there is an error of some kind
     and that the extraction cannot be done. In simple language that even a
     dumb dentist can understand, is there anyone out there that can tell
     me what to download and how to use it.  Many, many thanks in advance."

 Boris Molodyi, an old hand at this kind of thing, tells the good doctor:

     "There is a new version of Lharc archiver, 2.01 and some letters (like
     m or l, I don't recall). Files compressed using this version can not
     be extracted with older versions (like UNLZH), they give "Bad CRC"

     You might want to download file "ARCLZH" (I don't remember the
     filename extension) from this forum. It's self-extracting, and it has
     latest versions of ARC, LZH and Charles F. Johnson's Arcshell,
     graphical front-end which make archiving and de-archiving much

 If computer users can figure out how to use all of these archive programs,
 why can't those who design the software for these machines keep numbers
 straight?  Tim Rule asks:

     "Do you generally find TOS 1.2 referred to as 1.02 and 1.4 referred to
     as 1.04. They should really be 1.2 and 1.4, the reason a lot of people
     put the 0 in is that programmers (lazy ones) often read the TOS
     version number wrong.  Thus many programs forget to reverse the last
     two digits of the version number.  Because of the way the number is
     stored it does not cause problems with all version numbers, just 1.4
     and 1.2."

 Greg Wageman tells Tim:

     "I'm not so sure that's true.  I think that Atari officially now
     includes that zero, so that TOS "1.4" is officially TOS 1.04, etc."

 Dom Alvear jumps in and tells Tim:

     "I beg to differ with you.  I have a document written by John Townsend
     of Atari that refers to Mega TOS as 1.02 and Rainbow TOS as 1.04.  He
     also calls STe TOS 1.06/1.062, Mega STe TOS 2.05, and TT TOS
     3.01/3.05.  I could upload it here if it's not already in the file

 Well, this is all very interesting, but the reason that Atari suddenly
 began referring to TOS 1.2 as 1.02 and TOS 1.4 as 1.04 is that version
 numbers with two digits after the decimal had not been a consideration at
 the time the "version format" had been created.  Everything went along
 fine until STe TOS, known as 1.6 was found to have a few bugs.  The new
 version of STe TOS was to be 1.62, but to give it this designation, they
 had to change the way that a program looks for the version number.  This
 is when they decided to change all of the numbers to X.XX instead of X.X.

 As proof of this, I offer an addendum that came with my second 1040 ST. 
 It read as follows:

 This Atari ST computer is fitted with the Atari Operating System ROM
 version 1.09.  This is the latest version of the operating system and has
 been introduced to facilitate your ability to upgrade to future products
 such as the Atari Blitier  (Yes folks, that's the way they spelled

 Please ensure that you purchase software compatible with this operating
 system version.  Your Atari dealer has been advised of the few titles that
 are incompatible with this version.  The authors of incompatible software
 products have been informed and will be releasing compatible versions.


 Now this in and of itself is nothing special.  What makes it interesting
 is that at the bottom of the addendum is a date.  The date is listed as

 That's right folks, 1989.  TOS 1.06 is the version that shipped with the
 first 1040 STe's, correct?  1.06 already contained blitter support, as
 well as other enhancements to take advantage of the new STe.  So now comes
 the question:  Why would a TOS version that pre-dates the STe version be a
 later version number?  I'll leave it to people who have more time on their
 hands than I do.

 Okay, one more from the productivity forum, then we move on.

 Jim Dunne asks about swapping parts between platforms:

     "Can any hardware be exchanged between Amiga and ST, for example,
     monitor or d disk drive?"

 Hal Dougherty tells Jim:

     "The only hardware that can be exchanged without more trouble than
     it's worth between Atari ST and Amiga computers is the monitor. 
     Redmond Cable makes cables for both systems to exchange monitors. 
     SCSI hard drive mechanisms can also be switched between computers."

 Jim explains why he asked:

     "Thanks much for the info.  That's what I thought.  A friend of mine
     bought a 3.5 disk drive for his ST from an Atari store, and when he
     opened the drive, there was an Amiga label on the mechanism.  I told
     him I didn't think an Amiga drive would work on an ST, but I would

 Hal Dougherty provides Jim with the axiom that computer technicians have
 always used:

     "Try it and see, it should work.  The Mac is the only system to use a
     'strange' drive.  Make sure pin 1 on the cable goes to pin 1 on the
     drive. I've seen two ST's with the connector made upside down.  Also
     make sure the drive setting dip switches are set for drive 1."

 From The Atari ST Arts Forum

 First off, Sysop Ron Luks has some news for us:

     "I had not planned to publicly comment on this but due to the large
     number of EMAIL questions I've received in the past few hours, I think
     I have to make a statement.

     For those of you who have seen the name of SAM TRAMIEL in the user
     log, I will confirm that this is not a fictitious entry.  It is either
     Sam or his immediate family (wife, kids, pets, etc.).

     Sam has decided to expand his horizons and visit the online services
     personally (as well as with members of his family) and I am requesting
     that our membership just carry on "business as usual" and not 'pounce'
     on Sam immediately upon seeing him online.  He will surely have to go
     thru the same learning curve we all did before feeling comfortable
     with the online software and I think he deserves the same
     consideration as any of our new members.

     I'm extremely proud of our staff and membership here and especially
     the service we all provide to fellow Atari owners and given the
     chance, I'm confident that Sam and his family will enjoy the benefits
     of our online community.

     I applaud this decision by the CEO and welcome him to the ranks of
     other CEO's from major corporations who use and enjoy the CompuServe

 Ain't that something, boys and girls?  The Chief Executive Officer of
 Atari chose CompuServe for his kids.  Now THAT'S news!

 A few weeks ago I mentioned that those of us who are comfortable with
 computers and the terminology that goes with them tend to take things for
 granted.  One of those things is the meaning of certain extensions for
 files.  Phil Banks posts:

     "I have downloaded several graphics files from the Atari St Arts
     forum. I have an IBM PC compatible computer and would like to know how
     I can look at graphics files with the extensions of 'ARC', 'SPC', and

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Phil:

     "Phil, the ARC and LZH files have to be uncompressed before you can
     use them.

     The ARC files can be uncompressed with the PKARC utilities on the PC,
     and the LZH files can be processes with the LHA series of utilities.

     Also as Ron mentioned, the SPC files are Atari specific.. they CAN be
     converted (on an Atari) into GIF format to be viewed on a PC, but I
     don't know of any PC utilities to do that directly.

     If you find any Atari files with the  .PI1 , .PI2 or .PI3 extension,
     those are files from an Atari drawing program called DEGAS.  There is
     a PC utility to display those on an IBM, and you can use a screen
     snapshot program to save them in a PC format if you'd like.   I don't
     remember then name of the DEGAS viewer program, but I know you can
     find it in the IBM File Finder here on CompuServe.

     If you have any problems with anything you've downloaded here, let us
     know and we'll try to figure out something to help..!"

 Hmmm... remember a few paragraphs ago when I was rambling on about TOS
 versions?  Well, it seems that there is yet more confusion.  "No. 19" from
 Spectrum HoloByte posts about a mistake regarding TOS versions on the
 packaging for their popular game, Flight of the Intruder:

     "Oops, that was a mistake on the Flight of the Intruder package.  It
     should have read "TOS 2.02" but the utility we were using
     misrepresented the TOS version. Btw, some FOTI players have been able
     to run FOTI on a TT, but I haven't heard of any success on a Mega STe

 Sysop Ron Luks tells No. 19.:

     "I've NEVER heard of a version of TOS numbered 2.02 or 2.2 or anything
     close to that."

 On another subject, Phil Venron tells us:

     "I have been considering buying one of the Citizen GSX printers with
     the color option but have limited knowledge about their use with ST
     computers I want to be able to print color DEGAS type pictures.  If
     anyone knows if proper print drivers are available for this I would
     appreciate your help."

 Tony Barker from Moving Pixels tells Phil:

     "I wrote an ALT-HELP replacement that would produce a color dump an
     the GSX printers, it was configurable for 9 or 24 pin, size,
     brightness etc. it should be in the libs here as........I can't
     remember, just search with a key word of color or print.

     I also wrote a little program to display and print Spectrum pics to
     the GSX (well any epson compat really). It's called specprint (don't
     know what the 6 character name is, a search as above will turn it up).
     Finally I wrote a program that allows you to change all the settings
     of the GSX 140 including macros, color, font, etc. using menus on the
     ST. Thats not available I don't think I ever uploaded it.

     Of course they are Epson compatible, so any good color epson driver
     should work."

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 Sysop Bill Aycock posts:

 "These great new Extend-O-Save modules are available in LIB 16:

 [76004,2232]    Lib:16
 STACYB.LZH/Bin  Bytes:    768, Count:    0, 31-Jan-93

   Title   : Warp 9 EOS module for Stacy computers

   This Extend-O-Save module will turn off a Stacy's monitor display
   in hardware, saving both your battery and wear-and-tear on your
   display. The Stacy Screen Blanker requires Warp 9 3.70 or later.  If
   you don't have a Stacy, you don't need this module.  By John Eidsvoog.

 [76004,2232]    Lib:16
 ROLLEM.LZH/Bin  Bytes:   1664, Count:    0, 31-Jan-93

   Title   : Warp 9 Extend-O-Save module

   This Extend-O-Save screensaver module has a smooth display that
   scrolls in two directions at once, bouncing back and forth.  Roll'Em
   requires Warp 9 3.70 or later.  By John Eidsvoog"

 Jody Golick asks the CodeHeads:

     "I am planning to order the Calligrapher upgrade but I am waiting for
     the new font charts to be posted so I can choose one.  How soon will
     the font charts be available?"

 Charles F. Johnson, that CodeHead extrordinare, tells Jody:

     "We'll have the font charts up here in the next day or two."

 Denis Postle tells Mark at Gadgets by Small:

     "When I recently tried to install ATM (v 2.0.3) it crashed right away
     with a system error id 12.

     I'm using system 6.0.5 and a 2 meg TT. The bit maps are installed OK.

     Can Spectre handle ATM? the problem seems to be with the 68020/030
     driver, is there an alternative? or a fix?

     Any suggestions?"

 Mark has one possibility right off the bat. He asks Denis:

     "By any chance are you using the PYRO screen saver?  PYRO caused me to
     crash on my SST with ATM and the 68020/68030 extension.  It worked
     fine on a regular ST with the 68000 extension.

     If so, try deleting PYRO and see if your problems go away.  Also, it
     might be one or another INIT/CDEV that is causing a conflict.  Try
     moving ALL of them out of your System folder (temporarily) and just
     booting with ATM installed.  If that works, slowly add the INITS back
     into the System folder one at a time until the crash pops up again."

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Chip Shabazian tells us:

     "I am looking to upgrade my portfolio's memory, but haven't seen any
     "recent" messages of anyone trying.  the memory thread in the library
     is 2 years old!!!  I am looking for a supplier for the 128 x 8 CMOS
     SRAM, but read that you also need to change a jumper.  Does anyone
     know which jumper this is, and if that is in fact the only change you
     must make?  Any help would be much appreciated.

     P.S. I will upload my results for the entire process once I am done so
     someone else interested in upgrading will not have the same problems."

 Although I haven't had a chance to post it yet, my best recommendation for
 upgrading a Portfolio is to send it to Megabyte Computers of North Texas.
 I don't have the price handy at the moment, but they do a very
 professional job of upgrading a Portfolio up to 512k.  They also sell new
 Portfolios upgraded to 512k.  Their address is:

                     Megabyte Computers of North Texas
                               907 Melbourne
                            Hurst, Texas 76053

                              (817) 589-2950

 If you call for information, ask for Robert and tell him that Joe from
 STReport sent you.

 The song says "When you wish upon a star..."  let's see if the star will
 smile upon Howard Blumenthal as he makes his wish:

     "I'm back on the Portfolio Forum, and hoping to see a wish fulfilled. 
     This one is probably pretty simple.  I want a stopwatch that fills the
     screen with nice big numbers. Time should be displayed as
     HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS:TENTHS.  Control should be start, stop, reset. 
     To get a bit fancier, display the previous timing in the lower left
     corner, for reference.

     It would be great if this could be a part of a larger clock program--
     an attachment to the big clock, for example, so all I need to do is
     move from the Big Clock to the Stop Watch with the press of a single
     button.  Not essential, but would be nice.

     Anyone want to take a shot at this?  It might be fun if this was
     expandable, modular so that we could eventually add a world clock or a
     pulse measurement or something else that might eventually cause this
     to become "Super Clock."  For now, though, I'd be thrilled to have my

 Now I ask you:  Where else can you just jump into a forum and say "y'know,
 I'd really like to have a program that will....", or "I wish that this
 program would...", and actually have people consider writing the program
 for you?  (Boy, I wish I'd known about this when I was in college!  ;^)

 Well, that's it for this week folks.  C'mon back next time (same time,
 same station) and listen to what they are saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING



                        BAGGETTA_WARE OFFERS DEALS
                             CONNECTICUT SHOW

      STAMFORD, Conn.  -- If  you're hunting for great deals on educational
 and graphics software for the Atari computer, as well as home applications
 and other  programs, The  Great Connecticut  Trading Fair, is the place to

 The 'swap meet' this  Saturday (Feb.  6) will  also feature  developers of
 Atari software, among them Albert Baggetta, creator of Baggetta_Ware.

 The show  at St.  Benedict's Church  Social Center,  32 Sound View Avenue,
 Stamford, will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission  is $4  for adults, $2
 for children under 12.

 Baggetta_Ware and  Eliemouse will provide lots of bargains, among them,the
 Eliemouse  Complimentary  Coloring  Book  (Version  6),  bundled  with 104
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 All for $25 ($45 value if purchased separately).

 Baggetta will be selling additional  pictures  files  at  $5.00  per disk.
 Other  featured   items  include:   The  Eliemouse  Electronic  Storybook,
 Shakespeare: The Sonnets, The  Comic Book  Collector (with  free collector
 card  enclosed),  Smorgasboard  Disks  (25  assorted  original  programs),
 Artworks I and II (collection of Degas and Spectrum artwork).

 New for the artist in the family is a collection of 82 pieces of ELIEMOUSE
 CLIP ART  for use with ST or PC  in .IMG or .PCX format ready for using in
 all kinds of DTP. Great assortment for only  $10. Bring  the kids  and let
 them try  The Eliemouse  Complimentary Coloring Book which will be running
 all day at our table.  Lots of fun for children.

 Eight-bitters haven't  been  forgotten!  If  you're  into radio-controlled
 racing, Baggetta_Ware  has a program for the Atari 8-bit that will monitor
 your races, keep track of laps, time the event and  print results.   Check
 this program out.

 Other scheduled  exhibitors include  Gribnif, Dr.  T's, Danbury Electronic
 Music, Derric Electronics, Computers  Etc.,  Central  Connecticut Computer
 Club,  Atari  User  Group  of  Greater  Hartford, Fairfield Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts and WACO (Western Pennsylvania).

 The Great Connecticut Trading Fair is being staged  by ACT  Atari Group, a
 network of  seven non-profit user groups (computer clubs) based throughout
 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. It is a swap meet aimed at computer
 owners who  want to upgrade their systems or sell or trade their old gear.

 Any individual  may bring  computer equipment  to sell,  regardless of the
 brand or  model, for an exhibitor's fee of $10. Commercial vendors will be
 assessed higher fees.

      For more information contact:

                               Brian Gockley
                              18 Elmwood Ave.
                           Bridgeport, CT 06605
                          [Phone (203) 332-1721];
                                Doug Finch
                              46 Park Avenue
                         Old  Greenwich, CT 06870
                          [Phone (203) 637-1034].


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                       (3) ZMODEMFX.LZH                                  
                       (4) VIEW132D                                      
                       (5) TOS 2.06 W/O A TEC BOARD                      
                       (6) AEO_0203.LZH                                  
                       (7) GEM-VIEW 2.13                                 
                       (8) SUPER PCS PICS                                
                       (9) PAULA21B.LZH                                  
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                       HIGH DENSITY DRIVES ON THE ST

     This  document  outlines  the  steps  necessary  to  connect a PC High
 Density  drive  to  the  ST.    It  will  allow  somebody   with  a  basic
 understanding and  experience of electronics and the ST to go ahead and do
 the mods but it is not a step by step set of instructions.

     The upgrade is not difficult  but  you  will  need  some  knowledge of
 electronics and  the inside  of your ST.  Think about it carefully because
 you're on your own if it goes wrong.

     Connecting a standard 1.44 MB drive to your ST is not a  problem.  You
 will  simply  need  to  buy  an  HD  drive and put it in the place of your
 internal drive.  The problem?   Well it  will only  be able  to read/write
 720K disks.

     The floppy  disk drive  controller chip for the ST is the WD1772 chip.
 This chip  has a  clock input  on pin-8  of 8  MHz to  provide the correct
 stepping pulse  for DD  floppies.  This will also work with DD floppies in
 HD drives.  However, high density disks require double the  stepping pulse
 and therefore  the clock  input needs  to be changed to 16 MHz in order to
 read and write them.  When an HD drive is using a DD disk though, it still
 needs 8 MHz clock for the controller chip.

     What needs  to be  done it to provide a means of detecting whether the
 disk HD.  If it is then the  standard clock  input must  be doubled  to 16

     High density  drives detect  whether the disk is HD by looking for the
 extra hole.  If the disk is high density then the HD detect line connected
 to the  drive is  set low  (high for DD).  This HD detect line is pin-2 on
 the 34 way drive connector cable.

     This means that if we have a 16 MHz clock generator we can use  the HD
 detect line to select either our new 16 MHz clock and apply it to pin-8 of
 the floppy disk controller or use the existing 8 MHz clock.  To do this we
 need a couple of CMOS (must be CMOS to operate at 16MHz) logic chips and a
 multivibrator.  Pin 8 of the disk controller must be carefully de-soldered
 and lifted  off the  track.   A jump wire is then attached to the track to
 get our 8 MHz  input.   The lifted  pin should  then be  hooked up  to the
 output of our circuit.  A suggested logic schematic is represented below.

  16 MHz    -----|--------|
                 |  NAND  |-----------------|
  HD detect -----|--------|                 |
             |                              |---|-------|
             |---|--------|                     |  XOR  |--- Pin 8
             |   |  NAND  |--|              |---|-------|  (WD1172)
             |---|--------|  |--|--------|  |
                                |  NAND  |--|
  8 MHz   ----------------------|--------|

     The  WD1172  chip  is  only  designed  for  8  MHz  operation  and so,
 inevitably, some will fail at 16 MHz.  There is no way of telling if yours
 will work beforehand.  If the chip does fail you will have to order an STE
 Ajax chip from Atari (tel. 0753 533344).   This new  chip does  work at 16
 MHz and will replace your old failed chip.

     If you have two floppy drives then, unless you make other alterations,
 they must both be HD as DD disks will not work reliably with 16 MHz clock.

     Lifting the  pin on  the disk  controller chip  is a  delicate job and
 there is  a high  risk of  damage to  the pin,  chip or track.  You should
 definitely use a heat sink clipped onto the pin to prevent heat  damage to
 the chip.   Perhaps  it would  be easier  to de-solder  the whole chip and
 insert a doctored socket to plug it back into.


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 > All 'Round GEnie STR Feature           Takin' a look at GEnie!

                             ALL AROUND GENIE

 Compiled by John Deegan

                     ARE YOU ADDICTED TO YOUR MODEM?

 From the Jerry Pournelle RT on Genie, from Jim Wells.
   1.  Do you own a modem? (If the answer is NO, STOP! read no further. 
       Anyone who would use a borrowed modem to access a BBS may one day 
       be a BBS addict, but is not one at this time.)

   2.  Is your modem 2400 baud or higher? (c'mon now, another obvious 
       question but one that has to be asked...we have to weed out the 
       fakes here.)

   3.  No matter what baud modem you own, (even a v.32bis) do you wish you 
       had one that was faster?

   4.  Have you used your modem in the past week?

   5.  In the past 24 hours?

   6.  In the past 3 minutes?

   7.  Do you regularly call more than 5 BBS'S?

   8.  More than 10?

   9.  Have you filled up your entire dialing directory and call them ALL?

  10.  Are your phone bills regularly over $100 a month?

  11.  Over $300?

  12.  Over $500?

  13.  Is your phone bill higher than your mortgage?

  14.  Is your phone bill so large it gets delivered by UPS?

  15.  Do you tell yourself after receiving a phone bill that you will 
       cut back on your long distance BBSing, and end up subscribing to 
       Dial-a-Visit instead?

  16.  Do you leave long tearful announcements on LD BBS'S telling 
       everyone that you will no longer be calling because you cannot 
       afford to, and then check back every 3 or 4 days anyway, "just to 
       see if anyone left me any mail?"

  17.  Does your phone company send you hand written thank-you notes?

  18.  When you return from vacation, do you get a call from your phone 
       company asking if everything is all right?

  19.  Do you find yourself taking naps so that you can be awake and 
       refreshed for a late-night BBS session?

  20.  Have you ever canceled a date cause he/she wants a late night 
       dinner when the phone rates are lowest?
  21.  Do you call during the morning hours, knowing the rates are the 
       highest with the excuse that "at least I will be able to get on?" 
       or "since volume is lower there won't be as much l|i{ne noi{se."

  22.  Is your spouse ready to oil the keyboard to get rid of that 
       annnoying late night "clackety-clack"?

  23.  Do you ever sleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch?

  24.  Have you suddenly discovered that you can touch-type from all 
       those BBS sessions done in the dark?

  25.  What else can you do in the dark?

  26.  Do you cringe when you see lightning coming your way and rush to 
       unplug your modem from the wall?

  27.  Do you continue your BBS session anyway because you are in the 
       middle of a 1200 block download at 1200 baud... and you are 
       willing to take your chances.

  28.  Do you own a backup generator so you can run your computer even 
       when the power company can't?

  29.  Do you have a complicated set of air motion devices hanging all 
       around your computer and modem, because you never turn them off?

  30.  Have you ever logged on to a BBS, and then realized that you have 
       no idea what city, state, or country it is in?

  31.  Can you log onto a BBS, browse, download and log off without ever 
       having to turn the monitor on?

  32.  Can your spouse spot you in a crowd from the back of your head?

  33.  Is there a worn spot in the rug in front of the computer?

  34.  Are the words ON LINE burned into the screen?

  35.  Do you know your modem initialization string by heart?

  36.  Do you consider yourself a militant non-techie, yet you still know 
       enough to be able to change the string to make the computer run 

  37.  Do you know more about what is going on in the lives of the people 
       in in the BBS community that you do about the people you live 

  38.  Do you order disks in lots of 100 or more?

  If your answered yes to more than 14 of these questions, then there is 
  no doubt.

  More than 7? Yup. Sorry.

  If you read this all the way to the end, well... you too are addicted.





     Medical Designs Software announces the release of MultiWriter  for
 the Atari ST/MegaSTE/TT/Falcon series of computers.

     MultiWriter   is a new, non-WYSWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get),
 word processor developed to be fully compatible with ST Writer  Elite.
 MultiWriter   is  fully  compatible  with  all  versions  of  TOS  and
 MultiTOS ,  the  new  multi-tasking operating system from Atari Corp.
 MultiWriter  was developed because it was clear that ST Writer was not
 compatible  with  the  new operating systems.  MultiWriter  works with
 existing  ST  Writer/ST  Writer Elite files.  The program displays and
 operation resemble ST Writer  Elite, so if you are experienced with ST
 Writer  Elite,  you  will be up and running quickly.  MultiWriter  has
 been  tested  and  works  with Gemulator from Branch Always Software.
 MultiWriter   also  as  been  tested with and works well with Spelling
 Sentry, a spell checking program from Wintertree Software Inc.

     MultiWriter  is much more than an ST Writer Elite look-a-like.  It
 supports  multiple  font  sizes, multi-colored menu items, loading and
 saving  in  multiple  file  formats,  use  of  the Atari Clipboard, is
 configurable   in   three   languages,   works   in  all  ST/TT/Falcon
 resolutions, and is fully compatible with TOS and MultiTOS.

     The program supports importing and exporting text in five formats;
 ASCII,  ST  Writer  Elite,  WordPerfect ,  1st Word , and Word Writer 

     MultiWriter    supports  three  languages,  English,  German,  and
 Spanish.   When  the program is configured, one of the three languages
 can  be  selected  and  the settings saved.  From then on, all program
 menus will appear in the selected language.

     The   multiple   font   size   support   includes  support  for  a
 larger-than-normal  fonts  for  easier  use by some people with visual

     Printer  support  is  user  configurable and printer configuration
 files  are  provided  for Epson compatiable and HP Laserjet compatible

     If  you  use  ST  Writer   Elite  and will be upgrading to the new
 MultiTOS or Falcon computers, MultiWriter  is for you.

     A   demo  version  of  MultiWriter   is  available  on  GEnie  and
 CompuServe.  Check it out!

 MultiWriter  is available from:

                         Medical Designs Software
                          21701 76th Avenue West
                                 Suite 206
                             Edmonds, WA 98026

 Phone:   (206) 742-2032

 Price:   $69.95 US ($84 CAN) and $3 Shipping and Handling.
          Dealer Inquiries Welcome

 MultiWriter  is  a trademark of Medical Designs Software.  Atari, TOS,
 MultiTOS,  ST Writer, ST, STe, TT, Falcon, and STacy are trademarks of
 Atari  Corporation.  GEM is a trademark of Digital Research Inc.  Word
 Writer  is  a trademark of Timeworks, Inc.  1st Word is a trademark of
 GST Holdings Ltd.  WordPerfect is a registered tradmark of WordPerfect
 Corporation.   GEnie  is  a  registered  trademark of General Electric
 Corporation.   CompuServe  is  a  registered  trademark  of CompuServe


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

     National Videotext Network (NVN) has recently added an Atari ST Forum
 to it's growing lists of available services.  The Atari ST Forum is ready
 and waiting for you!

     The future of NVN will be one which continues to remain sensitive and
 responsive to market needs. Additional services and advances in electronic
 information will continue to be added, to provide unique and interesting
 services on an on-going basis.  

     NVN service offerings can be broken into three categories:  Basic,
 Premium, and Premium Plus.

 Basic Services 
     Most of the Basic services are available 24 hours a day with no
 connect time charges beyond the basic membership fee. However, a select
 group have functions for which transaction fees are charged. Basic
 services are accessible through a flat rate charge of $5.95 per month.

 Premium Services
     For Premium services, Members pay connect charges for the amount of
 time spent in a particular service. Premium services are accessible Monday
 through Friday for a connect time charge of $9.00/hour from 8 am to 6 pm,
 and $6.00/hour from 6 pm to 8 am; and on Saturday and Sunday for a connect
 time charge of $6.00 all day (6 pm Friday til 8 am Monday), central time
 zone.  9600 Baud access is available at no additional cost!  Think of the
 advantages of downloading at 9600 baud for 9.00 hr Prime Time or 6.00 hr
 non-prime time!

 Premium Plus Services
     Premium Plus services are subject to the same type of connect time
 charge as Premium services. However, a surcharge is also added to the
 connect time for these services.

     You can join NVN one of two ways.  By voice phone 1-800-336-9096
 (Client Services) or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.  You will be issued
 an Account # (usually within 24 hours) National Videotex Network and the
 Atari ST Forum will be waiting for you.



     Welcome to FAMILY ACCOUNTANT version 2.5.      This  program  has been
 developed over  the past two and a half years.  My wife and I have used it
 extensively to handle our  finances.   It is  a simple,  no-frills program
 that will  keep track  of family finances automatically, with a minimum of
 effort required on  the  part  of  the  user.    It  is  not  designed for
 businesses, but  is specially  tailored for home use.  No formal knowledge
 of accounting is required.   The  program  features  a  specially designed
 budgeting capacity,  so that  you can  design and maintain your own budget
 simply and efficiently.

     We are offering this program as shareware.  Please try it, and  if you
 find that  you can  use it please...  please! ...  do your part by sending
 me $25.  15 Pounds will be gladly accepted from users in the U.K.   Future
 improvements are  contingent on  financial justice.   (If you decide it is
 fair to use it without paying for it,  let me  know, and  I will  see if I
 can also  get you  a free  copy of  Plato's REPUBLIC.) We cannot offer any
 warranty ("express or implied", as the  merchants say);  but to registered
 users I will be happy to offer updated programs at a very nominal price if
 time allows developing them.  I will also welcome comments...  and  I hope
 that there aren't many bugs left! (If you find one, let me know and I will
 try find time to correct it.) 

 Send correspondence to:
                              Dr. S. Collins
                              22 Abanico Rd.
                    Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.  87505
 I can also be reached on Compuserve at 71062,3255.

     An online tutorial  is  not  currently  available,  but  a  summary is
 contained on the disk.  The summary and a little practice should be enough
 to help you quickly master FAMILY ACCOUNTANT.  Happy accounting! 

                                FAMILY ACCOUNTANT
 1.  Hardware
 The program runs on  the  Atari  ST,  and  requires  a  monochrome monitor
 (sorry,  color  lovers!)  in  high  resolution  mode.   512K of RAM may be
 adequate, but 1 Meg.  is advisable.

 2.  Disks
 In  normal  day  to  day  use,  this  program   performs  disk  operations
 automatically;  there  is  no  need,  for  example,  to  do a "save" after
 recording purchases, since the computer will  do it  automatically when it
 is needed  or when  your session  is ended.  When you boot the program for
 the first time, the computer will ask you  if you  want to  create folders
 for storing  data; click  on "OK".  The computer will then create a folder
 called "ACCOUNTS" and another within this  folder called  "BANKSTAT".  All
 of your  accounting data will be stored within the "ACCOUNTS" folder.  The
 computer will also create a file called "".


 You can also keep the program itself on the data  disk; we  recommend that
 you do  this, and  that you use one disk for each year of finance records.
 (And, of course, be sure to make backups from time to time.)

 3.  The Main Menu 

 When you boot the program, it will  begin  by  asking  you  for  the date.
 After  you  press  return,  the  main  menu  will be displayed.  This menu
 summarizes all the operations that the program offers you.  The operations
 can be  selected either by using the function keys (F1, etc.) or by moving
 the arrow up and down using the arrow keys and  pressing RETURN.   In some
 cases you  can move between functions directly by using the function keys,
 but if you are recording a purchase or a bank  transaction you  must first
 press ESC.  

 The main menu also displays the month.  You can go to a different month by
 pressing  F7.    (When  you  enter  the  month,  only  three  letters  are

 4.  Setup

 You can  specially tailor  the program  for your  own needs with the SETUP
 function (Shift F10).  The procedureis straightforward.You can  have up to
 eleven money  accounts, anduptofourteen purchase categories.  The purchase
 categories need not be the same for every month, but (N.B.!) when  you use
 the TOTALS function, the computer will only include those months that have
 the same purchase categories as the month you are currently in.  The money
 accounts  can  be  renamed  at  any  time; the computer simply handlesthem
 according to their serial order, and will use  whatever names  you specify
 for them.   It will only display as many accounts as you specify in RENAME

 To set up your monthly budget, use Shift F6, and  then use  the arrow keys
 to select  a budget  category.  After completing the budget, use RETURN to
 exit.    This  program  has  a  special  "Float"  feature  in  the budget.
 Sometimes it is helpful to include a category in the budget even though it
 doesn't make sense to try to  budget  for  that  particular  category; you
 might, for  instance, want  to have  a "Medical" category included in your
 total budget  even  though  medical  expenses  themselves  are  not really
 budgetable.   In that  case you  can "float"  the medical budget by simply
 pressing F (or f).   The  computer will  then include  your ACTUAL medical
 expenses as a part of your overall budget.

 5.  Data Entry And Display (F1 - F6)

 Family accountant  is designed to record your financial records in exactly
 the same way that you usually think about  them and  deal with  them.  The
 programhastwobroad  classifications,  "purchases" and "bank transactions".
 Hence the two principal data entry  modes are  "Record Purchase"  (F3) and
 "Record Bank  Transaction" (F5).  For the purposes of this program, "bank"
 refers to any money account, whether it be  a bank,  personal cash, credit
 cards or  other.   The procedures  are straightforward.   Click on "OK" to
 complete a record entry.  The  program is  also designed  detect errors or
 missing data  in entries;  if you  try, for instance, to record a purchase
 without  entering  a  dollaramount,thecomputerwill  obstinately  refuse to
 accept it.

 5.1 Bank Transactions (F5 and F2)

 For  bank  transactions,  use  F5  andclickonthe  appropriate  buttons  to
 indicate accounts and transactions.  Transactions will be  recorded by the
 computer in  the order  in which  they are  entered, and will be given the
 current date.  The  computer will  not allow  you to  do transactions that
 make no  sense, such  as a transfer from an account into itself.  Once you
 have entered bank transactions, they  can  be  reviewed  or  deleted under
 "Bank Records" (F2).  

 The first option under "Transactions" in the F5 screen is "Revision".  Use
 this option when setting up  the  program  to  set  your  balances  to the
 correct amount.   This  function is  also useful if you have a mutual fund
 account or something  similar  that  fluctuates  in  value  from  month to
 month.  If you revise the total value of the account monthly, the computer
 will automatically calculate the gain or loss for you.

 When reviewing bank records with F2, you can scroll up  and down  with the
 arrow keys.   The  Up and  down arrow keys preceded by the <home> key will
 scroll a page at a time, and preceded by <home>-<home> they will  move you
 to the  very beginning  or end of the records.  Bank record categories can
 be  reselected  by  hitting  <enter>;  the  functionisexited  entirely  by
 pressing <esc>.

 5.2 Purchase Transactions (F3 and F1)

 Purchase records  are entered with F3 in a similar manner.  You can select
 a purchase category by clicking on "<" or ">".  Records will automatically
 be  placed  in  order  according  to  date  by  the program.  They will be
 displayed on the screen under the Record Purchase window (F1).  (Press ESC
 to view them after recording a purchase.) To move around in the F1 screen,
 use the arrow keys.  F9 (Search Mode) may be toggled on  or off  while the
 purchase records are displayed; use Search Mode when searching through the
 purchase categories for a particular purchase record, and Normal Mode when
 you wish  to move  more quickly  from one  category to  another.  Purchase
 records can also be deleted with  the DELETE  key.   Purchase records also
 show up as debits on the Bank Records screen.  

 [Two helpful  hints: a refund can be entered as a negative debit.  You can
 also enter a debitthroughtheBank Transactions menu,  which will  then show
 up  ONLY   as  a  bank  transactionandnotinthe  monthly  purchase  totals.
 Occasionaly this is useful if you make a special purchase that you  do not
 want to  have included  as part  of your monthly budget -- if for instance
 you decide to buy  a Jaguar,  knowing full  well that  there is  no way to
 reconcile such  a purchase with the budget your wife ...or husband...  has

 5.3 Purchase Totals (F6)

 By pressing F6, you can view the totals of all  of your  purchase records,
 and view  them against  your monthly  budget.   Another special feature of
 this program is the "Prorate"  column  in  the  F6  screen.    This column
 calculates the  ratio of  your total  ANNUAL purchases in each category to
 your MONTHLY budget.   The number  thus calculated  shows what  portion of
 your annual budget you have spent so far IN TERMS OF MONTHS.  

 5.4 Account Balances and Balance Verification (F4 and F2)

 The computer will automatically update your bank accounts when you enter a
 bank transaction or a purchase record.  F4 will display  all of  your bank
 balances and totals in the first column of the screen.

 You can also check your account transactions against your monthly bank and
 credit card statements.  First press F4 to display your  account balances.
 The  second  column  will  display  the  balance of transactions that have
 already cleared.   This  should be  the same  as the  "Opening Balance" or
 "Previous Balance" on your bank statement.  (If it is not the same because
 you are just setting up the program, click on the button at  the bottom of
 the screen  and revise  the cleared  balance.) Next press F2 to review the
 transactions in the accountyouareverifying.    When  the  transactions are
 displayed, you  can click between the parentheses on each transaction, and
 the computer will display  a check  mark and  add this  transaction to the
 total  cleared  balance  that  appeared  in  the  second  column of the F4

 After you click off all of the transactions  that appear  on your  bank or
 credit  card  statement,  your  cleared  balance should be the same as the
 "Closing Balance" or "New Balance" on  the bank  statement.  (Occasionally
 while following  this procedure you may have to use F7 to enter a previous
 month.  When doing  this  don't  worry  about  disk  file  operations; the
 computer will, as usual, take care of them for you.)

 5.5 Cash Flow (F8)

 By pressing  Shift F10  you can display the cash flow into and out of each
 account for the month you are currently  in,  or  the  cash  flow  for the
 entire year.   A  menu will  be displayed  in which the options are fairly
 self-explanatory.  (Note: The graph only  graphs the  Annual Cash  Flow by
 Month Option;  other options are by table display.) To return to the menu,
 use <return>.

 6.  Summary 

 You now  have  the  essentials  needed  to  use  FAMILY  ACCOUNTANT.   The
 remaining functions on the main menu are fairly self-explanatory.  We hope
 that you will find this program both helpful and pleasant to use.


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"


     STR's super snoop has had an  opportunity to  dig into  the reports of
 overheating and  of a  power supply change for the Falcon030 in the single
 cabinet configuration.   While  most in  the industry  are remaining tight
 lipped for  many reasons  called fear...  Our snoop was able to find three
 different sources of information.  All had Falcons in their possession and
 all  agreed  the  heat  was  a  problem  the speculation was that when the
 machine was at full memory and used for  very long  periods of  time or in
 the BBS  environment, serious  problems could  possibly result.   They all
 suggested that added forced air cooling would be a very good idea.   Also,
 they confirmed  the power supply to be in the Class B Falcons would not be
 the same supply shipped in units shown in Boston, WAACE etc..   None would
 confirm or  deny the  possibility of  a case design change or the plans to
 surprise the Atari community with a two piece unit within ninety days. 

     Meanwhile, there's STILL NO compatibility between the new Atari Falcon
 and its  own SLM series of Laser Printers.  Reports insist that Atari will
 be on time in its promise  to  deliver  the  Falcon030  with  its software
 bundles complete with all documentation and Multi-Tos by March 01, 1993 in
 appreciable quantity.  Time will tell.

 - Sunnyvale, CA                   JAGUAR TO DEBUT THIS COMING SPRING?

     According to a  number  of  'rumor'  sources  the  Atari  Jaguar, long
 awaited super  game machine, is planned to make its debut in mid spring of
 this year.  They also reported  that since  Leonard had  taken the reigns,
 the development of the Jaguar has been efficiently accellerated.

 - San Francisco, CA                     ATARIUSER ANNOUNCES DELAYS

     AtariUser  has  been  bitten  by  the  same  bug as most other mags...
 Delays, late pays, and low advertising  have now  caused a  short lapse in
 the  production  of  AtariUser.    Full  details are in the new Z*NET, but
 breifly, we are doing a MARCH issue now,  for release  about Feb  10, that
 will take over after the December 1992 issue, mailed in late December.

     Subscriptions and distribution will pick up where it left off.  Things
 have been NASTY... I broke my  foot, couldn't  finish my  moving or unpack
 my computers and AU essentials for most of January.  Yikes. Things will be
 better very, very soon, assuming our invoices are paid by our clients in a
 more timely  fashion.  We have enough ads... just not  enough of them pay.
 And, to be fair, we have not been  billing in  an   orderly way  since the
 re-org,  when  Quill  dropped  out  of  AU.  The records we inherited were
 little better than random data.  Bear with us, we are  coming back.

                                             John Nagy,
                                        Publisher & Editor
                                        AtariUser Magazine


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From Internet

           About STReport and the Politics in the ST RT on GEnie

 Date:  02-Feb-93 12:15 EST
 From:  02-Feb-1993 1209   >
 Subj:  Sorry To Hear It

 Received: from by (5.65/5.930129sam)
         id AA11290; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:14:02 -0500
 Received: by; id AA28356; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:35 -0500
 Received: by; id AA20887; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:31 -0500
 Message-Id: <>
 Received: from tecrus.enet; by crl.enet; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:32 EST
 Date: Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:32 EST
 From: 02-Feb-1993 1209 <>
 Subject: Sorry To Hear It


 I just read about the GEnie incident in Z*NET and was quite surprised and
 a bit upset.  I'm not a GEnie user, I got my fixes of STreport from a user
 group member who downloaded the issues regularly.  The thing that saddens
 me more than anything is how the actions of Atari itself frustrating its
 customers has the whole user community at each other's throats!  The whole
 thing is so far out of hand now, it's ridiculous.  

 I want you to know that I respected your editorial direction, I like to
 hear *all* the news, not just the good news!  Thanks for all the back

                                                 Brian Rost
                                                 DEC, Hudson, MA

       "Have you noticed how the hole in the ozone layer has grown
        progressively larger since rap got popular?" -Anonymous

 ----> Brian,
     The decisions made by the contract holder of the ST RT on GEnie are
 the responsibility of that person and that person alone.  While there may
 be some agreement for it by others its predominately determined by the
 "reasons" presented by the contract holder.  Its quite well known the
 level of co-operation and respect between this contract holder and
 STReport has been somewhat "strained" if not downrightly outrageous.  It
 is indeed sad as we all know Atari needs all the support it can garner. 
 It certainly does not need the userbase polarized by the actions of a few.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 From GEnie's ST RT

 Category 18,  Topic 26
 Message 15        Fri Feb 05, 1993
 D.D.MARTIN [Swampy]          at 20:38 EST
 LEE --

  Regarding Ralph/STReport

  >I think he has an obligation to let us know his position on his
  >leaving Genie.

 Ralph/STReport was effectivly kicked outta here by the contract holder of
 this RT.  Ralph _owes_ you (or me) nothing.  Ask Darlah for explanations
 since it was her decision not Ralph's.

 If you _want_ to read STReport then download it from CIS, Delphi, NVN or
 the BOUNTY.  Obviously Darlah felt so strongly about this subject that she
 is willing to give that portion of her income ($) the hundreds of
 downloads and message traffic that Ralph/STReport generated for her (and

  >I was surprised to see STReport gon [sic] when I got back on line.

 You were?  Lee, you've been following the STR topics (and participating in
 them) long enough to know the constant differences between Ralph and

 You were around here last summer when we went through the "gonna pull the
 STR flags" debates.   You have seen the unending flow of messages from
 Darlah, Nathan, Lou et al since last summer.  Issue after issue of STR
 would hit the library and within _hours_ the same were posting messages in
 the STR Catagory pointing out the latest STR "sin of the week".  They
 didn't like the editorial, they didn't like the number of bytes given to
 GEnie's promotional ad, they didn't like anyone questioning the Falcon's
 FCC approval date, they didn't like someone pointing out a discrepency in
 something Atari said they were going to do and the fact that it wasn't
 done, they didn't like the ABCO ad, they didn't like the ABCO with PC ad.

 Week after week after week after week.... ad naseum.  I seldom, if ever,
 saw a common down to earth, everyday Atari user and GEnie customer post a
 complaint about what they read.  It was always the RT sysops, contract
 holder, and what used to be called the Atari "clique" (with free flags)
 until we were _told_ "there is no clique".

 So why are you surprised, Lee?  The powers that be around here wanted
 Ralph/STReport gone.  He's gone.  It's gone.  A real diservice to the
 Atari/GEnie users, if you ask me.  I think your surprise isn't that he/it
 are gone, but that it happend so fast and you were not here to watch
 (gloat) over it, Lee.

 The final straw seemed to be Ralph's refusal to drop the peecee ad in the
 ABCO ad on Darlah's request.  I think it was a zenophobic request on
 Darlah's part, but that's my own personal opinion.  There are a number of
 store front Atari dealers that sell clones in order to exist and support
 the Atari products and service and to pay the bills.  ABCO is probably no
 different.  But STReport is a product that caters to Atari users, it's
 just a shame that you can't get it in the GEnie Atari RT.  Official home
 of Atari Corp.

 Off my soap box.



 Category 18,  Topic 26
 Message 20        Sat Feb 06, 1993
 LEXICOR2 [Ringo]             at 01:32 EST
 Lets see first Swampy now Dana asking about Lees "results of _your_
 complaints with ABCO?"! Swampy is Ralph keeping you posteded as to what he
 ships or what should be said in this topics?  What is Ralph shipping or
 doing that he is keeping secret?

   Maybe  CIS is a good home for STReport. After all most of the messages
 posted in the ATARI area in CIS favor the negatives that STReport
 projects.  Carry out by the same team that is now crying here.

 Also maybe somethings are more valuable than the $$ hundreds of downloads
 that STreports generates for Genie.  Check out the top 100 downloads for
 last year and you will see that another online magazine had more downloads
 over STReport.

 If STReport carries lots of negatives about ATARI and the communtiny and
 also carries ads for PCs and ABCO, why?


 ---> Mr. Ringo....

     You are quite astute in asking whether I keep D.D. posted as to the
 shipments of goods to our customers.  The answer is yes when it comes to
 splashing those who seem to delight in the spreading of false or
 misleading information.  And speaking of funny games, UPS Inc. is very
 interested in the fact that Lexicor is not acknowledging the receipt of
 its goods that were delivered on January 8th 1993.  According to the
 report submitted to ABCO by UPS, in report number 003195, Lexicor received
 awaited product at 10:30am, via tracking number: 13850590049, via pickup
 record number: 644704156.  You can be sure that D.D. Martin and any other
 sincerely interested parties would be kept informed of the TRUTH if for no
 other reason than to put down the libelous and actionable statements being
 uttered by the lessor informed and those inclined to self-entertain for
 whatever devious reason.
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 Posted by Don Harris....
 Category 18,  Topic 13
 Message 200       Fri Feb 05, 1993
 D.HARRIS8                    at 05:37 EST
     By the grace of an independent Atari dealer who prefers to remain
 anonymous, I am now the owner of a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box,
 sitting right here on my desk looking at me TT030.  This dealer heard
 about my dilemma and decided to send the TT to ABCO to give to me.  No,
 it's not the exact configuration I ordered, but I figured a TT in the
 hand (is that allowed?) is better than $3800 in the bush. It has 4 meg of
 ST ram, no TT ram, a CTX SVGA monitor and a 50 meg HD (that I'm supposed
 to be able to swap for a 105 when it comes in [next week]).  Ralph @ ABCO
 still has to work out a payment plan for the remainder of the monies
 owed, but he has assured me several times that he fully intends to refund

     We could use more ATARI dealers like this one.  Come to think of it,
 we could use more ATARI dealers period.

  Don Still Smiling Harris
  dated 05 FEB 93


 From Delphi's Atari Area
 47843 2-FEB 05:52  News & Reviews
      Bob Brodie said this in AEO Online...
      From: ATARIPOWER7  To: ALL

 Here's a post in the Atari Explorer Online area in the net:

 Conf : AEO Online 
 Msg# : 76  
 Lines: Extended  Read: 3 
 Sent : Jan 30, 1993 at 12:38 PM 
 To   : All 
 From : Bob Brodie at Z*Net Golden Gate - California (Node #706) 
 Subj : Conference Rules

 Greetings, For some time now, I've been participating, and enjoying the
 FNET. However, there are also considerable demands on my time and presence
 on other networks, both commercial and free networks.

 I'm very interested in getting as much information out to as many people
 as possible, in the quickest amount of time. After getting proficent (well
 as least _somewhat_!) in the FNET, I've begun participating in AtariNet,
 which was founded by Bill Scull over at Fnet node #304. This is a FidoNet
 compatible network, which has already established ties overseas that we
 had not been able to establish with the FNET. Like Germany, Denmark, the
 UK, Australia for example.

 There has been some limited gating of messages from the FNET into AtariNet
 in this conference, and vice versa. Most of this has been done on a manual
 basis by Ron Kovacs...and at considerable effort I might add! Thanks for
 your efforts, Ron. At this time there has been a request from a German
 network called Mausnet to participate in this conference, via AtariNet.
 That would mean a full on gateway between the three networks, using Atari
 Explorer Online as the single resource for us all to communicate to each

 What does this mean for you, our users in the FNET?  Well, for one thing,
 the world can arrive at your doorstep...literally. Germany has long been a
 terrific source of information about products for Atari computers. Some of
 the stuff has trickled over from Germany, having the conference carried on
 a wider basis offers the potential for a better flow of the shareware/PD
 programs from Europe to make it here. Another consideration is the fact
 that most of the FidoNet compatible networks have RULES that are followed
 by all of the nodes in the conference. Most of these will have to do with
 things that are relatively simple, and I would hope, painless. Things like
 using your real name in the conference rather than a handle. No personal
 attacks or flamming. No "my computer is better than your computer" fights.

 At this point in time, I'm not enforcing any of these things very closely
 here. That will change. Nor am I posting any new rules at this point
 either. The point of this message is to inform you that they are in
 development, and will be coming within a month. I will be happy to
 consider any input that you might want to offer for things you would like
 to see established in these rules.

 Sysops of nodes in the FNET should plan on expanding this message base. I
 expect that with the gating happening automatically there will be a
 dramatic increase in the message traffic, especially when Mausnet comes
 in. Those German guys like to talk :)

 I will continue to be supportive of the FNET, and look forward to the
 addition of AtariNet and Mausnet here in the conference. As I get samples
 of proposed rules, I will post those here in the conference. As always,
 I'm grateful for the assistance and support of the sysops in the FNET that
 have made my involvement with the network so much easier for me...Ron
 Kovacs of Node #593, STeve Rider of Node #204, Bill Scull of Node #304,
 Bill Turner of Node #185, David Chiquelin of Node #3, and Dick Pederson of
 Node #224. Thanks, guys!

 Director of Communications Atari Corporation


     Neat, aint it.... <Me and my ORPHANe, we be as happy as can be....>


 Editor Note:   So much for the contract with the ST RT on GEnie...


 47855 2-FEB 11:32  News & Reviews
      RE: Bob Brodie said this in AEO Online.. (Re: Msg 47843)
      From: OCS          To: ATARIPOWER7

  > Sysops of nodes in the FNET should plan on expanding this message
  > base.  I expect that with the gating happening automatically there
  > will be a dramatic increase in the message traffic, especially when
  > Mausnet comes in.  Those German guys like to talk :)

 They sure do (I have never talked on MausNet)... there are so many new
 messages each night that I don't have the time to read everything (unless
 I'd leave Delphi, and that I certainly do not want).

 By the way, the MausNet Atari discussions are in German! :)


 47931 4-FEB 22:12  General Information
      ST REPORT & DARLAH GEnie ST sysop

 I see that DARLAH sysop of GEnie ST area has dropped or should I say
 BANNED ST Report. I will continue to get my issues from DELPHI at a much
 lower cost I might add.

 I might not agree with everything in ST Report but then I do not agree
 with everything in my local paper or on TV.  Maybe GEnie will have ST
 Report "burnings" to try to suppress all thoughts about ST Report.

 47947 5-FEB 07:59  General Information
      RE: ST REPORT & DARLAH GEnie ST sysop (Re: Msg 47931)
      From: OCS          To: MICKEYANGELL (NR)

  - I see that DARLAH sysop of GEnie ST area has dropped or should I say
  - BANNED ST Report.  I will continue to get my issues from DELPHI at a
  - much lower cost I might add.

 I never got my issues from the "genius" service (GEnie = genius in
 GErman). It's way to expensive.

  - I might not agree with everything in ST Report but then I do not agree
  - with everything in my local paper or on TV.

 I try to read all three online mags, and I have problems with all three.
 But the variety of opinions sure helps to get a better picture of what is
 going on.  While I understand that GEnie as a private business has the
 right to ban whatever they want I don't think it is a smart move.  It's
 like the democratic news stand owner who bans all republican newspapers
 from his store (or vice versa)... it might be legal, but it's dumb.

  - Maybe GEnie will have ST Report "burnings" to try to suppress all
  - thoughts about ST Report.

 Hahaha, yeah, probably they are going to hack into the other online
 services and delete the files there :)

 Oliver47952 5-FEB 09:45  General Information
      RE: ST REPORT & DARLAH GEnie ST sysop (Re: Msg 47931)

 Thanks Mickey,

      I think Darlah allowed her emotion to overrule her good judgement.
 STReport has _no problems_ with GEnie itself, just the ST RT contract
 holder.  This matter has been a long time in coming to a head.

      Thank you and all our other readers for the strong support,

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 47965 5-FEB 23:15  General Information
      RE: ST REPORT & DARLAH GEnie ST sysop (Re: Msg 47952)

 Whaddya expect, Ralph??  Ya can only expect second rate decisions from
 second rate online services.  I like Delphi, and the ST area, especially.
 For good reason, first rate product and service, low price.  That beats
 second rate product and service for premium price any day of the week. 
 And, I said what I just said and I meant it, why? OK:

 I get 9600 baud here <one opinion from an unnamed birdie says they expect
 that it's likely that 9600 buad become "official" with no expectation of
 surcharge within a month or so, it seems> that works great, very reliable,
 via either Tymnet or Sprintnet.  All this with a connection that I
 understand from many sources is superior in performance to the "other" two
 services... MUCH le$$!!

 Customer service here, and Sig management here <ST> are second to none. 
 NO, I have never used the other services.  Why try to find something
 better than the best you could hope for in the first place? I'd rather not
 waste my time, HERE is where it's at. :):):)

 And, think of it, very slowly and carefully, and you will understand WHY
 Alladinis nothing more than a way to suck more $6 an hour online time outa

 We all here on Delphi, not only here in the ST area, but the entire online
 service here, should recognize the fine deal we got.  So far as I'm
 concerned, if developers and computer companies <Atari> provide "Official
 Support" it's most likely because of kickbacks.  I'll be blunt here, for a
 company or software house or for that matter anyone decide to provide
 "Customer Service/Product Support" and use profit motive as basis for
 choosing an online provider, that's the height of idiocity... not to
 mention conflict of interest being probable.  Using "Online Support" as a
 front for more profiteering is not, IMHO, good business.  Things like
 Customer Service, Politics, Profit making, and other business matters
 sometimes seem to get unnecessarily mucked up together.  If it aint a good
 deal for ALL concerned parties, it's a rotten deal, period.  I've used the
 word Ethics before, and here it is again....  Having said enough, I'll
 shut my trap now.

 <Permission is given to print this post to anyone who wants to, so long as
 it is in it's entirity and not altered in any way...>



 ---> AP7, I firmly believe GEnie itself has been misinformed relative to
 advertising and whose responsiblity is whose.  But that's soon to be
 resolved.  You see, there are precedents set we may draw upon for wisdom
 in this matter.  Unfortunately, politics has been allowed to cloud the
 issues.  The services are nothing more than a vehicle delivering the
 various electronic magazines to readers, much like the function of a
 newsstand.  However there are those who have seized upon the moment to try
 and use an obscure decision, SOF, as an example.  How very opportunistic
 of them.   ED.

 From the FNET:

 Reserve YOUR Falcon030 NOW!

 Conf : For Sale
 Msg# : 19169/19190  Lines: 3  Read: 2
 Sent : Feb 01, 1993  at 2:32 AM
 From : Blaser at Fnet Node 326, ///Intentional Intellects
 Subj : Re: <19153> 520 STfm for sale

 Falcon inquiries   -=>  ATARI CORP.   408 745 2098
 Call and reserve it now! They are seriously gathering a list!
  6 months to a year!


 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 2267/2298  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Jan 29, 1993  at 7:08 PM
 To   : Marc Rhodes
 From : Ed Krimen at Fnet Node 761, OMICRON-San Franciso BBS
 Subj : Re: <2259> SCSI I & II

  > Excuse my ignorance, but could someone tell me the difference
  > between SCSI I and SCSI II? Thanks...

 I knew I kept the following message for a reason. :^)

 Article 29096 (3 more) in
 From: (Juxtaposer)
 Subject: Re: Difference between SCSI and SCSI 2?
 Message-ID: <>
 Date: 28 Jul 92 19:58:49 GMT
 References: <>
 Organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
 Lines: 40

 In article <> (Dr. N.A.
 A) writes:
 Can anyone tell me what the difference between SCSI (1) and SCSI 2 is?
 Or for that matter the difference between SCSI and for example IDE?
 (apart from the fact that they use different connectors)

         SCSI-1:  First SCSI standard - specified an 8-bit bus that has a
 throughput of 4MB/s, with a maximum of 8 SCSI devices possible (though
 one designated controller with the other 7 slave devices).  It uses a
 50-pin ricable or a 50-pin Centronics style cable, or Apple uses a 25 pin

         SCSI-2:  Next major release of the SCSI standard.  Specifies
 16-bit (but can handle 8-bit devices for backward compatibility) and,
 between two fully SCSI-2 compliant devices, can reach peak transfer rates
 of 16MB/s, with sustained transfer rate of up to 10MB/s.  SCSI-2 provides
 for multiple accessing of devices on the SCSI bus - data can be written
 from one device to up 7 other devices (SCSI-2 maintains the 8 device
 limit) simultaneously, but all get the same info.  I believe (not sure
 about this one) that each SCSI-device can become bus master, so DMA
 between SCSI-2 devices is possible.  SCSI-2 uses the same cabling as

         IDE:  This is the successor to the MFM/RLL drives.  It can pretend
 be any MFM/RLL device of the same (or lesser) size, and will automatically
 translate the heads/sec.per track/cylinders to the correct values of the
 me transparently to the computer.  It is an 8-bit bus, with maximum 4MB/s
 (I think, but never saw it of course) with a maximum of 2 devices that can
 be connected to the same controller.  Their primary advantage is the cheap
 cost of manufacture (and the subsequent cheap resale price).  IDE uses a
 40pin ribbon connector (I have yet to see an external IDE drive, so that
 may be the only valid type of cable).


         No prob.

 End of article 29096 (of 29099)--what next? [npq]

 From CIS some idle banter about the course of current events..

 #: 80347 S17/Community Square
     03-Feb-93  02:05:54
 Sb: #80320-just looking
 Fm: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466
 To: John J. Amsler 70275,676

 John...  I've often thought that if there was to be an "Atari Anthem", it
 should be Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust"...

 Every time I read about another dealer going out of business, or another
 magazine ceasing publication, or another third party producer leaving the

 "Dum.. dum... dum...
  And another one bites the dust...

 And another one's gone,
                  and another one's gone...
                              and another one bites the dust..."


 #: 80348 S1/Forum Business
     03-Feb-93  02:13:48
 Sb: #80151-Is Atari an Orphan??
 Fm: Greg Wageman 74016,352
 To: Lee C. Zion 76646,2443

 Oh, serious bummer!

 Well, thanks for the information.  Another Atari software source goes


 Read action !

 #: 80319 S1/Forum Business
     02-Feb-93  14:43:30
 Sb: #80188-#Is Atari an Orphan??
 Fm: John J. Amsler 70275,676
 To: DR. GERRY LEAVENS 70247,3207

 Dr. Leavens:


 "Strange" is not even the half of it!


 I could offer a different adjective in lieu of "unbelievable," but I
 won't for the sake of not getting kicked off CompuServe. <g>

 Just as Atari was the well-publicized object of study by the Harvard
 Business School for its phenomenal success in 1981-1982, I suppose that
 it will also be the object of study--although of a different focus--for
 its nose-dive into oblivion during 1985-1991.


 - John
   (sitting at his MegaSTe, running TOS 2.06 and Warp 9, trying to hold
    back the tears)

 About the advertising angles being thrown about...

 #: 36908 S14/ST REPORT
     04-Feb-93  12:55:22
 Sb: #36875-Inaccurate Reporting
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: Jim Ness 75300,3155 (X)

     I don't know what the Supreme court would say, but previous lower
 court rulings have held that an online service (specifically CompuServe)
 was more closely compared to a news stand than the publisher of a

     When the Soldier of fortune magazine lawsuit resulted in SOF being
 held liable for its ads, the courts did not rule that the news stands that
 sold SOF were equally liable.

     My interpretation of this is that while STReport is liable for the ads
 it runs, neither GEnie nor CIS would be held liable.  Of course, thats
 only my interpretation.

 ---> How clear it all is when politics are not allowed to cloud the
 issues.  <sigh>    Ed.

 From Genie's ST RT

 Category 14,  Topic 41
 Message 62        Wed Feb 03, 1993
 B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 11:00 EST
 SpeedoGDOS and Atari Works are getting manufactured as stand-alone
 products.  The SpeedoGDOS add-on should be _around_ $60.00, and Atari
 Works will be _around_ $120.00 or so and it will include SpeedoGDOS. These
 prices are of course, are subject to change :-)



 Category 14,  Topic 41
 Message 65        Wed Feb 03, 1993
 ROB-G [Rob]                  at 20:39 EST
 Hey Lou:

 Even though I may have left for what I feel to be a superior machine (at
 least for the time being), I still like the Atari, even though I still
 feel Atari has earned the title, "Worst Managed Company in the History of
 the World" hands down.

 I, like many, still agree that Atari has shot themselves in the foot with
 an automatic rifle on several key points of the Falcon -- entry level
 machine or not.

 I have a good friend in Florida that is still holding his breath for a
 Falcon.  He has cash in hand, waiting anxiously.  He says if he doesn't
 have one in early March, as Atari has promised THIS TIME, he's bailing
 too.  Probably to an A1200 like I did.

 Even if the machine does come out, Atari still has to MARKET the machine. 
 If they do it, and it sells well, I'll be back.  I'd like nothing better
 than to see them finally stick it to Commodore and good.  But I know it'll
 never happen.  Atari doesn't have the intelligence to do it right.

 To all:

 Re:  hard drives.  DC Drives is advertising a 128 meg 2.5" IDE for $379. 
 Not bad.  I paid $199 for the Maxtor 80 megger in my A1200. The price on
 the 128 megger (Maxtor 25128A) just came down.  Almost wish I could get it


 It doesn't matter if it was used or not.  It was still under warranty, and
 nobody would work on it even if the original owner sent it in.  NOBODY
 WOULD. Not under warranty.  I called the guy about it. He called around,
 and nobody would do it.  I even heard the conversations via three-way
 calling.  They all said, "Atari isn't reimbursing us for repairs, so we
 don't do warranty work."

 Now, the guy that IS doing it is having problems, because Atari's service
 center documentation on the MSTE is crappy at best.  It refers to the
 modem ports as 10-pin ports, and has all sorts of screwed up stuff on




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