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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Atari Explorer Online: 16-Jan-93 #0202
Date: Mon Jan 18 00:08:17 1993

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                              Table of Contents

 * From the Editors ..................................... Meet the Editors.

 * Dateline: Atari RTC .......... Bob Brodie on Atari Falcon030 ship dates,
                                      MultiTOS, Atari Works, SpeedoGDOS and
                                      more. Atari news galore. A must read!

 * Atari Users Online: GEnie .......... GEnie chat from the past two weeks.

 * Lynx Special ......... Last Call! Treat yourself or a friend to the best
                            deal ever on the best handheld video game ever!

 * Andreas' Den ..................... A nice place - done in a manly decor.

 * GEnie News ........................... New files & happenings on Atari's
                                                  Official Online Resource.

 * Atari Users Online: The Internet ........... It's not just college kids.

 * An Introduction to UNIX and the Internet ........... Part 1 of a series.

 * GEnie's IAAD RTC .............. Take a healthy dose of Atari developers,
                                     mix in some interesting questions, and 
                                           you've got a jam-packed two hour
                                                            online session.

 * Developing News ...................... DynaCADD  OutBurST  Straight FAX!
                                           Teradesk  Seurat  G_MAN  D_Graph
                                                 Calligrapher3  Cyberdrome.

 * Shutdown ...................................... What we're fighting for.


 |||  From the Editors ....... Atari Explorer Online: The Next Generation
 |||  Travis Guy
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.MAG

Welcome to Atari Explorer Online! There's been lots of news the past week 
or so, concerning The World Atari and the approaching release of an 
avalanche of new products. Rather that trying to interpret the news for
you, ("Well, so-and-so said... but what they _really_ meant was....") AEO 
will take the C-SPAN approach and let you see what was said, and let you 
make up your own mind. Check out the Bob Brodie and the IAAD RTCs (both 
of which took place on GEnie).

We don't think you're a group of children who need to be told what to 

We also have some interesting items from (and about) the Internet to show 
you. THe Internet isn't a BBS. Nor is it an online "service" like GEnie, 
Delphi or CompuServe. It's a mix of the two - and a bit of a mystery to
the average telecommuter. We hope to enlighten some of you to its ways.

As always, there are messages from GEnie and news from developers.

What there isn't is the preview of SAM - Atari's System Audio Manager. 
It's underwent two changes since I last spoke to you, and is liable for 
some more in the days ahead. Briefly, SAM allows DMA-sound able STs, 
TT030s and Atari Falcon030s to "tie" audio samples to system events, 
keystrokes, etc. Having played with a version of SAM for a month now, all 
I can say is that it's really neat (note use of computer geek term 
"neat"). I am including a PC3 snapshot I created from two views of the 
SAM configuration accessory - just use your favorite picture conversion
utility to view it. Filename: S_A_M.PC3.

And now....


(They say that editors jobs are easy. I've been trying to pull _this_one_ 
off for over a month!)

Without further introduction, here are some short bios of the editorial 
staff here at Atari Explorer Online. Together, we hope to present the 
finest mix of Atari news and information (sprinkled with light 
entertainment from time to time) you can find on the electronic aether

//// EXPLORER.1 - Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson is one of the Atari Explorer Magazine reviewers and our GEnie
online representative. He has used Atari computers since the early Atari
8-bit days and still has the 260ST box his first ST computer arrived in.
Over 100 of his reviews have been published in several Atari specific
publications since 1985.

Ron holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters degree
in Computer Science. He works as Project Engineer for a major 
international biomedical instrumentation company and teaches Engineering
and Computer Technology evening courses at a midwest college.

//// AEO.1 - Albert Dayes

I am the on-line representive for Atari Explorer and Atari Explorer 
Online magazines to Compuserve. My degree is Computer/Science from Loma
Linda University. I have enjoyed Ataris from the 2600 VCS to the present 
Atari ST series with great relish (hold the mustard). My main interest in
computers is in the area of filesystems. Currently I am writing software
in the areas of networking, filesystems and PostScript. Learning all I can
about computers and how they work is much easier on an on-line service....

//// AEO.2 - Andreas Barbiero

My name is Andreas Barbiero, I have owned Atari computers since 1980, and 
have owned an ST since 1986. My 520ST lasted me, in an unmodified form, 
through college, and only when money and time permitted, in 1992, was I
able move up to the Mega STe. I call that value for my money! Presently 
my system is a Mega4 STe/50, with a SyQuest 44meg removable, ICD Link 
(love it!), and SM124 & 1224 monitors. I have written before for Z*Net,
and AEO. I also have had experience as the vice-president of BAAUG, the 
Bay Area Atari User Group - my wife and I have been active with these
duties and have had the fun (torture?) of putting together a 10 page
monthly newsletter.

With new products, Atari is regaining old users and finding new ones. I 
believe it is important to work with both these groups to keep up the 
flow of information and news as Atari changes its form to meet the
challenges of an evolving marketplace. Atari is really trying to put the 
HOME back into home computers. These machines are more than the sum of 
the components placed into the grey cases we all use, and a magazine
should be more than the total of the words placed on a page. I wish to 
help AEO continue its quick, and forthright communications to and from 
the users, who are the reason why Atari exists today.

//// AEO.3 - Lyre

Greetings everyone, my name (or more accurately, handle) is Lyre. I am a
customer service representative for a large bank during the day and work
for AEO in order to relax. Normally I prefer productivity software and
dabble in almost anything that allows me to be creative. For games 
though, I prefer role-playing games over the "shoot-'em-up" type. With a
strong desire to communicate and a penchant for helping others, I find
bulletin boards like GEnie immense fun. Away from my Mega ST2 I enjoy
skiing, reading fantasy and science fiction, comics, "paper" role-playing
games and vain attempts at programming in C ("What do you mean you can not
compile 'Foo Bar'?"). If you have any questions, concerns or just want to
chat, feel free to contact me anytime at AEO.3!

//// AEO.4 - Doyle C. Helms

Greetings! My name is Doyle C. Helms Jr. I will will be your Software
Editor for Atari Explorer Online Magazine. I will be covering the files
that are uploaded to the ST Roundtable on GEnie each issue. I will also
cover new software releases for the Atari computers. Let me take a moment
of your time to introduce myself.

I have been an Atarian since the Atari 800 came about with 48K of memory.
I had the immense pleasure of using a casette tape drive as my primary
storage medium. I spent my weekends typing in programs from ANALOG and
ANTIC magazines. Now that was the 'good ol' days!<G>. I moved onto a 600XL
with a Indus GT disk drive. After a short stint with that configuration, I
moved up to the Atari 130XE with 128K of RAM!! Wow!

Shortly after the 130XE the 520 ST came into life and I purchased one post
haste! The included software was LOGO and the TOS on DISK. This was all in
August of 1985. From that point I moved to a 1 Meg 520 to a Mega ST2 and
onto the present MegaSTE4.

A little bio on me before the computer years included becoming a
Cryptology Technician with the U.S. Navy/NSA. After my tour with Uncle
Sam, I progressed into the Bio-Medical Electronic field and worked as such
for a major local hospital. After my employ there, I was offered a
position with Uncle Sam again(this time civilian in status) as an
Aerospace Pneudralics Technician troubleshooting military helicopter
hydraulics systems. I have retained my employ as the latter for the past
16 years.

In closing, I would like to say that I am an AVID Atarian and hope to
remain so for MANY years to come! I enjoy writing about and working with
the ST/E Atari computers. I hope to obtain a TT030 AND a Falcon in the
very immediate future to further expand my Atari computing pleasures.
Please feel free to contact me via GE E-mail (AEO.4) with any questions or
ideas you may have about Atari Explorer Online and if I can not answer or
help you I will try my utmost to find someone who can. See you online...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Doyle's column is missing from this issue. He has spent 
               the better part of the past week attending his wife, who 
               is now recovering from a hospital stay.


  |||  Dateline: Atari ....................... Bob Brodie's Jan 8 GEnie RTC.
 / | \ Courtesy: GEnie

(C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.
To sign up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon
connection type HHH (RETURN after that).  Wait for the U#= prompt.
Type XJM11877,GEnie and hit RETURN.  The system will prompt you for your

        Friday Night Special Edition Real Time Conference

                 Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie

                         Host - Lou Rocha

                      Friday, Jan. 8th, 1993

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Happy New Year to all our GEnie members! Welcome to the
first 1993 installment of Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie. Bob is typing
at us from Sunnyvale, the home of Atari Corp. and we expect to hear all
the latest developments, especially with regard to the Falcon and its

This week we saw a post from John Towns that SpeedoGDOS was very, very
close. There was also a later comment that it will be sold due to
licensing fees. Let's start there... Bob, what is the status of

<Everyone else, please /RAIse your hands if you have a question for Bob.>

Good evening, and a Happy New Year to one and all! I hope that the
holidays were enjoyable for everyone.  I know that I enjoyed the time that
I spent with my family in the two weeks of vacation time that I had over
the Christmas holidays.

Let's get started and talk Atari!!

First I'd like to give some status reports on some projects that we're
working on here at Atari.  MultiTOS has a recent beta version go out to
our developers just before Christmas.  This version appears to be working
quite well, although not perfect (I found a bug today, and got it
fixed!!).  We're now focusing on an installation program for MultiTOS,
which was presented to me for evaluation yesterday.  You'll be pleased to
know that the entire package fits on a single 1.44 meg floppy. At this
point in time we're planning on allowing ALL Atari 68000 computers to be
able to run MultiTOS. There was some discussion that we might compile
MultiTOS in such a fashion that only users with 68030 boards, TT030s, or
Atari Falcon030s would be able to use MultiTOS.  In speaking to the TOS
group, they feel confident that they will have a shippable version of
MultiTOS next week.  Still to be decided is how we are going to distribute
MultiTOS to our customers.  Once that decision is made, we'll let you know
via an announcement here on GEnie, and in Atari Explorer Online Magazine.

SpeedoGDOS, our scalable font replacement for GDOS/FontGDOS/FSM GDOS is
just about ready, too. As is the case with MultiTOS, we're evaluating the
installation package very carefully so as to make it very easy for end
users to install SpeedoGDOS.  Presently the package consists of a five
diskette set, which includes lots of BitStream fonts. I have been VERY
impressed with this system. I had lived with extreme system slowdown when
running FSM GDOS with more than 12 fonts on my system at work. I'm now
running 71 Speedo fonts, with no noticeable performance degradation at

Our customers will be able to call an 800 phone number that BitStream
operates to order fonts to use with SpeedoGDOS.  While not all of the
BitStream font families have Speedo fonts in them, there is over 1,000
typefaces available that do.

We've decided to change the name of Concierge (previously ST Sutra) to
Atari Works.  It is still undergoing some testing, although it is much
improved from when it was shown back at the Toronto Show last April.  Much
of the work has focused on the database portion of the program to improve
the database import capabilities of the program.  We're in the process of
expanding our beta test group, and we're getting lots of good input from
them for improvements in Atari Works.  I'm very pleased with how the
program is improving, and am even starting to use it myself much more
often than before.  Many of our staff members here at Atari, like the
Administrative Assistants are starting to use Atari Works for their
everyday word processor of choice. 

Now, regarding the Atari Falcon030.  I spoke at length with Sam Tramiel
about the production/shipment status of this product on Monday. The
sub-contractor that has been manufacturing Atari Falcon030s for us has not
been able to meet our Q/A or production requirements.  The number of the
machines coming from this factory that have failed diagnostic tests is
completely unacceptable to Sam. He is _angry_ about this, as producing
Atari Falcon030s is of paramount importance to us. Representatives from
the factory were due in Sunnyvale on Monday afternoon to discuss a
resolution of these problems with Sam. Regardless of the outcome of that
meeting, Sam indicated to me that he was meeting with a representative 
from another factory to bring on board another manufacturer to produce
Falcons for us.  We expect this to delay significant shipments of Falcons
until March.

There have been some rumors circulating that the Falcon030 is not FCC
approved, and this is reason for the delay. This is simply not true!!  As
Atari indicated months ago, the Falcon has met with FCC approval.  I note
with some amusement that a request for FCC numbers was made by ST Report's
staff in the message bases on GEnie, AFTER our offices had closed for the
holidays.  Until today, there was never a request made to our offices for
the actual FCC number via anything resembling conventional means, like a
phone call, letter, or fax. Not even a request in email!! Today, Ralph
Mariano called me and asked about the FCC status of the Falcon, and
discussed in detail with me his attempts to have the FCC provide him with
the number. I don't understand why he has had problems getting this
information, as it is a matter of public record.

At the time of his call, I didn't have the number at my desk...but I do
now!  So, as promised, here is the FCC approval number for the Atari
Falcon030:  EBAF030ST, application dated September 18, 1992, granted
November 5, 1992.

Falcon030s will continue to be available in small quantities until we get
our second sub-contractor on board, or the production problems with the
original contractor are resolved. Review units are being provided to
publications that we believe can assist us in "getting the word out" on
the Falcon. I'm ready to take on any questions that might be ready, Lou!

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Thanks Bob... our first question is from JCD at New 
Dimensions. Go ahead JCD 

<[JCD] NEWDIMENSION> Bob, what are Atari's plans to help deter low-ball
prices from mail-order houses? Will The Falcon only be available through
Atari or will they be available through distributors, too? Atari only, I

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Jeff, we are working on a new dealer agreement that we
think will have a lot more "teeth" to it, something akin to what some
other well known manufacturers, although not necessarily a computer
manufacturer use as their dealer agreement. We feel, as do many of our
dealers, that the issues isn't so much mail order, it's the price that the
units are sold for. ga 

<BRIAN.H> Hi Bob, A few people have been inquiring in the BBS about an
up-to-date list of AUTHORIZED Atari Service Centres. This would prevent
some mail order problems and keep the customers happy. Can this be done?

<BOB-BRODIE> Brian, I'd prefer to hold off on that, since we're in the
process of re-doing the dealer agreement. I can understand the concern
about some users in finding out about authorized vs. Non author.. and I'll
try to make that available AFTER we have the new set up done. Probably
happen in April or March. ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Thanks Brian. Next we have Andreas from AEO magazine.

<[Andreas@AEO] AEO.2> Atari Works(better name!) is a great program, and
with the addition of Speedo, even on a mere MSTe, it is fast and clean.
The output is some of the best I have seen on my DJ500.  I hope we can see
this program bundled with new machines and available for older machines
too... can you expand on this Bob?

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Andreas, I need to send you an updated version. You're
not... up to date with some latest changes!!  Atari Works is a fully
integrated data base, word processor, and spread sheet with a
spell-checker and thesaurus included with  the program. I think as you
have indicated, everyone will be very pleased with the results of the
product. Many different printers are supported, and the new installation
program makes things a BREEZE! ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Thanks Andreas... you took part of my question ;-) Next we
have Chris Cassaday. 

<[Chris C.] C.CASSADAY> Bob, all that you have said is extremely good
news! Any comments on pricing of SpeedoGDOS, MultiTOS, and Atari Works?
And when can I realistically expect to see them on my hard drive?  About
Multi-TOS:  Are there separate 68000 and 68030 ? ga

<BOB-BRODIE> Thanks Chris, re pricing on MultiTOS, I'm not sure what the
price will be for it. I'm confident that you'd love the pricing I have in
mind.... I think we should UPLOAD it exclusively to GEnie, and let nature
take it's course. I'm not 100% sure that will happen at this point,
though...but it might!!  Pricing on Speedo is more related to the pricing
of the fonts. We have to pay a royalty on the fonts, and that is the real
determining factor. Works is probably going to retail for about $100, and
perhaps be bundled with all machines that are sold after it's ready. ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Here comes Jonesy! 

<[Jonesy] M.JONES52> Bob, are the review units being bundled with a 'setup
package' to help the reviewers get a representative look at what's
available now, and a taste of things to come?  And what's in it? <g> (Love
your idea for MultiTos, btw!) 

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Mark, yes they are. We also bundle a copy of the 
International Software Guide. We try not to show them too much of what the
... future might hold, as we want them to write about the here and REAL
SOON NOW <grin>, and yet show them that we are planning for the future.  

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Ringo is next Bob... on his own account so be gentle!

<[Ringo] R.MONFORT1> Bob B. I notice that Computer graphics world 
magazine had a Falcon announcement what other publications will have a
Falcon for review. specially the ones that doe multimedia? GA

<BOB-BRODIE> Yes Ringo, we have made inroads with about 19 different mags
to have announcements and or reviews on the Atari Falcon030. Let me look
real quick on my desk and see if I have it handy... Found it!  Applied
Techniques, Business Week, BYTE, CNN, Computer Retail Week, COmputer
Technology, Computing NOW, Datamation, Design News, E.Q. Magazine, EDN
News, Eyecom Magazine Keyboard, Motorola DSP Newsletter, MultiMedia World,
New Media, Newsbytes, Noteworthy, PC Laptop Computers, Scientific
Computering & Automation, Studio Software Report and a bunch of others
that I can tell you about in email! :) ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> JCD is back with his second question... then C.FLUEGEL and
Kent Cavaghan. Others may /RAIse their hands again! ;-)

<[JCD] NEWDIMENSION> Will Jerry Pournelle be getting a Falcon soon? I
understand he's had an Amiga A1200 for some time now to review. Also,
MultiTOS looks great on my TT030. I think everyone will be very pleased.

<BOB-BRODIE> We have already spent quite a bit of time with Jerry showing
him a Falcon030, and expect him to get a review unit soon. We opted to
provide one to BYTE Magazine first, rather than just one for Jerry.
Perhaps saying JUST one for Jerry is a bad way of phrasing it, because
obviously we want him to have one. I was present when we did the demo for
him, and he's very enthusiastic about the Atari Falcon030. Especially the
sound capabilities. I agree with your sentiments about MultiTOS, I'm in
the process of doing everything to it that no one should do <GRIN>, and
finding a few more interesting events. Eric Smith was in my office for a
while today, and we had a nice time...and an update came out in a matter
of hours. ga 


<C.FLUEGEL>  I was talking to James Grunke about the NAMM show and the
Falcon roll out. He said originally he had planned on having plenty of
Falcons on hand but that there were problems and he may not have any for
sale, but he hoped to have a few. What are the current plans at the NAMM
show?  As the Falcon already has a good following in the Audio Realm ( I
get people in everyday asking about it, they don't know who makes it, but
they here it is supposed to be great)... How big of a showing will atari
have??  ga

<BOB-BRODIE> We have a very large room at NAMM this year, that will
feature... 16 workstations with developers manning them. There will be a
number of Atari Falcon030s there for people to see, and try there In the
event we are able to resolve our problems with the production at the
factory (particularly with the Q/A issues) then we will be able to fill
the orders that much sooner. I expect to take orders for machines at NAMM,
we will once again, be the premier computer at NAMM, as Apple and IBM have
both bowed out. There has been terrific coverage in the music mags have
been ringing my phone off the hook for information on the Falcon. I can
also assure you that the show will be well covered here on GEnie, and in
the Atari Press as well. Atari Explorer Online, our official online
newsletter, and the excellent Z*Net Online magazine will be covering the
show, as well as AtariUser Magazine providing the memorable print coverage
for the show. ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Thanks Bob... now we have Kent Cavaghan. GA Kent 

<[Kent@OakSpri] K.CAVAGHAN2> Bob, in regards to your idea on uploading
MultiTos, would disk vendors be allowed to distribute it as well or will
it be limited distribution like FontGdos (just curious :} ) I think it's a
great idea either way. ga 

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Kent, I confess that I haven't even considered that at
this point in time. I'm much more focused on getting the product done. I
appreciate you bringing that issue to my attention, and I'll be sure to
pass along that concern to the staff here. Good Point!!! ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> GA Matt Rivman.

<[Matt] M.RIVMAN1> Mr. B. (Bob)  I appreciate the entry level status of
the Falcon 030 and agree with it.  But as one of those who long for tower,
pizzabox', detachable Keyboard what can you say about near future 030, 040
config's ? Sorry to harp on it!   Re: Apple and IBM bowing out of NAMM
.... Cowards! 

<BOB-BRODIE> :-) Hi Matt, I've always respected someone who knows when to
do a graceful retreat! :) Re the Falcon box, let me put it this
way....we've made other entry level home computers in the past, like the
ST, and the STE. Both of them _ultimately_ were placed in a two piece unit
later on in the products life span. So it is not unreasonable to guess
that the Falcon might one day be in a different case...many of our
products have.  But the real issue is when will it happen? With the ST, it
was over a year after the original machines shipped. With the STE, about
two years. ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> GA Andreas. 

<[Andreas@AEO] AEO.2> Atari ST Format had a comparison of the A1200 to the
F030, favoring (guess who?) AEO should have an article based on a similar
topic soon. Already there are graphics cards and accellerator cards
available for the F030. Bob, do you think once the crush is over we can
get the TOS crew on GEnie or Delphi to bug them about TOS hints? thanks

<BOB-BRODIE> Sure, that would be an excellent idea, Andreas. Once the
"crush" is over, I think we can probably get someone like Eric Smith (who
will probably kill me for volunteering him) online for a CO or for some
activity in the message bases. Of course, here on GEnie, John Townsend is
already online, although not as active as before. There is a topic here on
GEnie for programming q's to be left to TOWNS, I think it is CAT 3 Topic
31...could be wrong though! :) ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Harj... save us! ;-) 

<[Harj] H.NAGRA1> Any idea on the number of Falcons that will be released
in January to the general public?  I'm very disappointed in the
delay...any chance the Falcons in March will have the much rumoured new
case design?  ga 

<BOB-BRODIE> Harj, I'd prefer not to give out actual numbers, until they
are in the warehouse. Believe me, when I spoke to Sam about the
availability of the Falcon, he was thoroughly disgusted with the entire
situation. The shortage of the Falcons is not a US problem it is a world
wide problem...we're almost competing against our subsidiaries around the
world to get product at this point in time Re the case...check out my
answer from before. :) I share you disappointment in the delay and so does

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Ready for more Bob? Chris. GA. 

<[Chris C.] C.CASSADAY> Bob, there are some rumors in Euro mags about
CD-ROM versions of the Falcon030.  Can you comment on future variants of
the Falcon030, and whether these new machines will necessitate the newer
cases. ga

<BOB-BRODIE> Chris, No...I can't. Other than what I've already stated
about the case structure in other questions. There is no question that the
machine will mature, the question is how quickly will that happen.  
Current versions of the Falcon030 are ready for a CD unit out of the box,
there will be no reason to wait. I can only guess that having the CD
included (if such a thing were done) would be reflected in the price of
such a wonderful machine. :) ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> LYRE from AEO... fire away! 

<[33] Lyre] AEO.3> Bob, you mentioned that their will be developers
displaying their products at NAMM.  Can you tell us which developers will
be attending and the programs they will be demonstrating?

<BOB-BRODIE> I can tell you the developers, but I'm not 100% up to speed
on what they are going to be showing. The developers are D2D Systems
Chro-Magic, CodeHead Software, Barefoot Software, Goldleaf Pub.  
Thinkware, Dr. T's, Compo, Gadgets by Small, Hotz Technology, Digital FX,
Okital, Steinberg, and Yamaha, along with a new developer that I am not
personally familiar with name MGI. They are from Germany. GA

<[Lou] ST.LOU> C Fluegel. 

<C.FLUEGEL> VERY large hard drives, where and what will be available?  Is
PLI still supporting the Atari?  SCSI-2 and 2 1/2 drives are still quite
uncommon. Also, when will WE the public and or dealers find out how the
meeting with the folks who are actually building the Falcons went? GA

<BOB-BRODIE> I think it really depends on the application that you're
using as for how much hard disk space you will need to get things done.
I've not had any problems with connecting any type of common disk drives,
like a Maxtor to a Falcon030. You don't have to have a 2 1/2" drive,
that's just what the IDE drive is that is internal for the Falcon.  Since
the SCSI-II port is there it is EASY to connect up bigger units. We have
hooked up 340 meg Maxtor units with no problems, pulled 'em right out of a
TT030, which isn't SCSI-II.  Please bear in mind that the pricing on the
hard disks is not something we control, but is the same for all of hard
disks that are produced across the market. Re the meeting... after I have
a chance to speak to Sam, I'll try to pass along the meeting. I can assure
you he wasn't going into the meeting with the reps that are NOT meeting
our expectations with a smile on his face. On the other hand, the second
company that we will be bringing on board is run by an old friend of the
Tramiels, and I expect to see results from them quickly, like within a
month. ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Oooo... I love techie-talk, Bob ;-) Next we have JCD, then
Chris Oates and George from JMG Soft in Hamilton, CANADA! GA JCD...

<[JCD] NEWDIMENSION> Concerning the redesign of the ST Book, what are some
of the changes it is going through? Additionally will the floppy drives in
future machines ever be replaced with Floptical drives or the like?
C.FLUEGEL: We sell fixed HD's up to 3.6 Gig!! 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Nice plug JCD ;-) 

<BOB-BRODIE> You forgot to include pricing, Jeff. You're slipping. <-: Re
the ST Book, you can expect things like back lighting in the LCD screen,
and possibly floppies or PCMIA connectors. There are some discussions
about changing the microprocessor in the unit to something that is a
little bit more "contemporary" than an 8Mhz 68000.  Please bear in mind
that we're focusing on the Falcon and the Jaguar right now, the ST Book is
not getting 100% of our attention at this point in time. ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Chris Oates, thanks for waiting. Your question please? 

<C.OATES2> Hi Bob.  I already take the hypothetical nature of two- piece
Falcons as a given, but do you see it as likely that if and when such
machines ship they will contain the VME bus slot that we Mega STE and TT
owners have?  I for one have already invested a good deal of money in a
Crazy dots 15 board, which surpasses current Falcon graphics (and possibly
future) and would like to think that I can take the card with me when I
upgrade my machine... GA

<BOB-BRODIE> Chris, obviously I can't make promises about such a 
prospective product with certainty, but I will be happy to encourage that
suggestion to the design team. We use graphics cards here at Atari as
well, and believe me, we hate spending money we don't need to just as much
as you hate to. ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Let me put in an extra plug for the VME Bob! Now we have
George from JMGSoft.

<[George] JMGSOFT> First off, thanks Bob for doing these RTCs.  I don't
envy the position myself...  But to the question... What is being done, if
anything, for the Canadian market. Since the Canadian Sub closed up, it
has been pretty bleak and dismal up here when it comes to Atari support.
No service, information, parts, and things just aren't ticking very well.
I am still trying to resolve issues that date back to August when the
subsidiary closed up.  It this all we can expect up here in the North?  It
doesn't look pretty, since I don't think the Atari brass considers Canada
too seriously anymore.  GA 

<BOB-BRODIE> George, I was not aware that there were problems in getting
service and repairs done. We have a specialist in Canada to deal with our
Canadian dealers, who is well acquainted with Canada in the persona of
Randy Tjin.  Before we went off on holidays, Sam and I personally checked
on the repair logs, and we were told that they were running about a week
to get each item out, and in fact were on target for their dates. If there
is other needs that haven't been taken care of, please FAX the details to
me at the office so we can address them. Certainly the changeover to the
US from Canada has not gone smoothly, but we are committed to continuing
to do business in Canada. If you have specific needs as far as information
goes...we know each other, George. ASK! My address online, and phone
numbers are pretty well known, and I invite your call. Thanks for the
comments about being online, though!

<[George] JMGSOFT> Thanks for your continuing commitment.  I'll be in
touch :-) 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Dave Stuart is the last one in line.... last chance to
/RAIse your hands folks. GA Dave. Bob... let me know when have had enough
for this month ;-) 

<[D. STUART] AEO.7> Does the FALCON include any 'bundled' software?  And
if so, is there an opportunity to develop said software directly for ATARI
???   GA 

<BOB-BRODIE> Yes, the Falcon will be bundled with 8 applications when it
is shipped. The products include Audio Fun Machine, Falcon D2D, a direct
to disk recorder, System Audio Manager, ProCalc, a full scientific
calendar, Talking Clock, CalAppt, a calendar/rolodex type of utility, and
a couple of games, BreakOut and LandMines. YES...there is an opportunity
to write that software for Atari. We in fact used outside developers for
some key components of the software, like the System Audio Manager. GA

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Here's Dorothy...! 

<D.A.BRUMLEVE> I've seen numerous rumors about the Falcon already 
shipping to dealers in small quantities in Germany and in England, and yet
you refer here to "when it is shipped".  Are the rumors false?  Or do you
just mean "when it is shipped in NA"? 

<BOB-BRODIE> Excellent question, Dorothy. I do in fact mean in North
America. There are small shipments of Falcon030s being sent to dealers in
other parts of the world. Some of those units have been sold without
MultiTOS, and with other minor problems. Like the CalAppt Manual that
shipped in Germany is written in English. Another example of the Q/A
problems that we've had with the factory.

<D.A.BRUMLEVE> I don't think many of us would consider an English manual a
problem. ;-) 

<BOB-BRODIE> Virtually all of the machines that we've had here in the US
have gone to either review sources or developers. I agree with your
sentiments about the English manual here, but the German TOS and Keyboard
might prove challenging...or should I say educational??? <grin>ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Whew.... you must be getting tired.  Four more Bob.

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Kent Cavaghan, C.Fluegel, Dave Stuart and Brian Harvey.

<[Kent@OakSpri] K.CAVAGHAN2> Bob, there has been some concern about
registrations that are sent into Atari and what if anything they are used
for? Will the lists that are created used for follow ups and promos or are
they just being recycled :}  ga 

<BOB-BRODIE> Kent, they are indeed used, we build customer lists from them
and they are in fact used for follow ups. We expect to be using them much
more in the future than in the past. GA 

<[Curt/ Guitar] C.FLUEGEL> The original plans were to have "demo units" at
dealers before Job 10 is now listen-only. any major rollout, is this still
the plan?  Even if you have to change manufacturers, can we still expect
to see a demo unit here at Guitar Center?  (James Grunke said we should, I
hope it is true).. GA... Ps if I send you $900, will you send me a Falcon

<BOB-BRODIE> Curt, the bidding is much higher than that at this 
point....NO! <grin> Seriously, we intend to make demo units available for
the dealers and regard this as a very important step in the process of
both selling and marketing the Falcon.  We do have a demo unit plan for
our dealers that purchase directly from us, which is one of the benefits
of dealing directly with Atari, rather than thru another re-seller or
distributor. We have, when possible, shipped units to dealers for special
exhibitions on a temporary basis. If you have a specific need for a unit
for a really important event for your dealership, then feel free to
contact me. ga 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Dave Stuart... from AEO! GA 

<[D. STUART] AEO.7> BOB ... Just thought I'd mention here, then, that I've
E-mailed you a proposal re: the previous query!  Aside from that, what is
the latest concerning AIM - if you know anything. I know this is a change
of  topic, but one of interest to all! GA

<BOB-BRODIE> I always forward those things along to our dev support group,
but I'll be happy to send it along again. We do get an awful lot of those,
it's possible that they overlooked yours, and for that, I apologize.
Regarding AIM, I really haven't spoken to Pattie or Bill in sometime
myself. I know no more than you... it's been a while since I've seen an
issue of AIM, and they seem to be a bit behind in their issues. But since
Explorer is also a bit behind, I'm not about to cast stones. But since
we're now speaking about EXPLORER, I'm happy to report that the latest
issue of Atari Explorer has just come back from the printer, and looks
FABULOUS!  This is the first issue under the capable efforts of Mike
Lindsay and Darren Meer since they have taken over the magazine. Mike is
lurking tonight here online as AEO.MAG, so be sure to say hi to him!! ga

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Our last questioner is from my fellow RTC sysop... Brian
<Brain> Harvey. ;-) GA 

<BRIAN.H> What about the Jaguar? Will it be finished this year? Is it as
good as the rumours? Will this be the GAME machine??? I am not trying for
rumours, just the facts [grin].GA 

<BOB-BRODIE> Hi Brian, it looks FABULOUS. Sometimes mere words are a poor
tool to describe things...and this is one of those cases. During my
discussions with Sam earlier this week, we went over to the lab and had a
peek at the Jaguar. I was astonished at the quality of the machine. We've
begun shipping developer units out now, and have had developer symposiums
for the units as well. The very-well-known-programmer, whose name I cannot
reveal that is here in Sunnyvale working with us on the Jaguar is VERY
enthusiastic about the machine. The demo that he showed us was 
extraordinary, both colorful and fast, the horizontal scrolling was
smooth, and very, very very fast!!!! Howzat, Brian?? :) ga 

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Bob. Sounds great!!!! 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Bob... while you get your closing statement ready.. Brian
has a little announcement... then so do I ;-) 

<BRIAN.H> I have a quick plug for the next RTC!! Everyone, don't forget
the roundtable conference next Wednesday night with the IAAD. What's the
IAAD? The Independent Association of Atari Developers (IAAD) The RTC
begins at 10 pm EST, Wednesday, January 13.  Ask about current and future
products. Meet the folks who bring your computer to life with software and
hardware enhancements!

D.A. Brumleve                 DMC Publishing 
WizWorks!                     FAST Technology               
Step Ahead Software Inc.      ICD Inc.                      
CodeHead Technologies         Dragonware Missionware        
Ditek                         Clear Thinking                
Oregon Research Associates    Lexicor                       
Dr. Bobware                   Beckemeyer Development Tools  
Paradigm Software Products    Fair Dinkum Technologies      
It's All Relative             TEAM Software                 
NewSTar Technology Management and more...  GA 

<[Lou] ST.LOU> Thanks to Bob for a magnificent evening and thanks to all
the users who stopped by - old and new faces alike... especially my good
friend Martha Dycus who stayed to the very end! Yea Martha! I would also
like to mention that the inaugural GEnie Notes Column will appear in the
next issue of Current Notes! Eight pages of great GEnie news. Make sure
your friends see it!

<[Lou] ST.LOU> OK Bob... you were great, great, great!!!! So you can have
the last word tonight. GA 

<BOB-BRODIE> Lou, thanks again for doing such a stellar job of running the
RTC. Once again, I've had a wonderful time being here on GEnie, our
official online service.  I appreciate the opportunity to gather here on
this monthly basis, and think that it will continue to work well for ALL
of us. I'm looking forward to next months CO already with great
anticipation, the first ones have gone over so very well. Thanks again for
attending, and good night!!

Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie is held on the first Friday of each month.
Watch the RTC Banner for details. See you on February 5th, 1993 for the
next installment of Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie.

You are also invited to drop in on Monday or Wednesday evenings each week.
Bob Brodie can often be found "with the gang" on those nights too! All
Real Time Conferences begin at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


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Greetings Everyone!

In order to keep you informed and up to date on the various issues being 
discussed on GEnie, various messages will be reprinted here from the 
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So, enjoy reading these messages. But more importantly, continue to 
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Are you a Data Diet user?  If you are this next message could be of some 
importance to you.
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Category 2,  Topic 12
Message 50        Fri Jan 08, 1993
K.GERDES [TraceTech]         at 19:10 EST



Thanks for that tidbit.  STENO saves to itself, therefore I assume that it
should _not_ be _Squished_ (<-note).


Looks like I opened a can of worms that shouldn't have been brought up in the
first place...   :)

There are _NO_ problems associated with dietizing IMG files.  Come to think of
it, there are actually no extenders that have to be excluded, the ones in
DATADIET.INF generally relate to files that don't compress well or at all.

Now I realize I was giving too much credit to standalone IMG compressors since
I figured a mono graphic could be reduced better (using IMG compression
schemes) than DD can dietize it; but, as you pointed out you can 'squeeze'
IMGs and still dietize them some more. Oh, and as I pointed out, you may get
better compression by dietizing the non-compressed version of files.

- Keith [TraceTech]

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

GEMSound seems like it is a wonderful program.  I just wish that I had a 
STe so that I could use it!  For those that do have STe's you might want 
to keep the following in mind.

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 2,  Topic 16
Message 174       Sat Jan 09, 1993
C.OATES2 [Chris]             at 16:22 EST

Help! I loaded Gemsound, but the CPX will not show up in the control panel! It
is listed in the "active" box in the setup, but neither the scrolling list or
the "configure CPXs" will show it...  Anybody know what could be wrong?

Category 2,  Topic 16
Message 178       Sat Jan 09, 1993
OUTRIDER [Terry]             at 22:59 EST


Check your maximum number of CPXes and be sure you haven't gone over that



No, he should NOT run MAKE_CPX.TOS.  That creates a buggy CPX.  He should use
the CPX that's already in the archive.

                                ((( Terry )))

Category 2,  Topic 16
Message 179       Sun Jan 10, 1993
T.GIRSCH [TJ@EuroGames]      at 01:21 EST

Chris -

Are you running the GEMSOUND.PRG program in your AUTO folder?  If you don't,
the CPX won't appear in the menu.  That's probably the problem.

- T.J. @ Atari Advantage
Category 2,  Topic 16
Message 181       Sun Jan 10, 1993
J.KUDRON [Jim~ST Sysop]      at 14:38 EST


The CPX _will_ appear in the menu without running GEMSOUND.PRG. When you try
to access the CPX though, you'll be notified that GEMSOUND.PRG needs to run
from the AUTO folder.

 Jim Kudron
 <ST Sysop>
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
If you are using SpiritWare's NIV Bible, these two messages are 
definitely important to you.  
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 2,  Topic 27
Message 121       Sat Jan 09, 1993
D.CLIFTON4 [Don Clifton]     at 11:56 EST

As of December 31, 1992, SpiritWare's licensing agreement with Zondervan to
distribute the NIV Bible expired.  The terms of the new agreement would
require us to distribute at least 1000 copies per year.  This quota is
impossible considering the size of the Atari market.  (We have distributed
less than 400 over the last 3 years.) Please pass this information along to
others who are using our software, and please pray that Zondervan will
consider exempting us from this requirement.

We will probably be making the Revised Standard Version available fairly soon
in place of the NIV.  We are also still attempting to get permission to
distribute the New American Standard Bible. You might pray for our success in
doing that as well.

Don Clifton SpiritWare
Category 2,  Topic 27
Message 124       Tue Jan 12, 1993
S.SCHAPER [Meneldil]         at 19:16 EST

I'm not surprised, alas. Just found out today that the New Geneva Study Bible
likewise got stuck by Zondervan (which is owned by Harper-Collins, which is
owned in turn by the British outfit that prints the sleazy, pornographic
London tabloids). Zondervan wanted 20% of the sales, which would have broken
the project, which Zondervan must have understood, so they had to go to a
poorer translation.

 I hope you get the NASB to replace the NIV.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Satellite dishes and modems. A high-tech meeting of the minds, we'd say.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Category 8,  Topic 4
Message 55        Sat Jan 02, 1993
R.STUTZMAN2 [RUSS]           at 12:16 EST

Hi all

I wondered if anyone could tell me what I need to do to get my modem to 
work with my Satellite dish. There is a continuous data stream available
but I can't get my modem to recognize it. I have Stalker and Uniterm 2e.
There is no dialtone available or carrier detect signal.

What I want to do is just have the modem start accepting data without any 
type of logon procedure. I hooked the modem up to the audio out on my
receiver, I get the data noise on the speaker of the modem so I think the
hookup is valid.  I've tried playing with various settings on the modem 
but everything seems to want a dialtone or carrier detect signal. If
anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate your response.

Category 8,  Topic 4
Message 56        Sat Jan 02, 1993
SANDY.W [sysop]              at 13:04 EST

I'm not sure, but if you have a signal, they Hayes command to put the 
modem online is ATO. To get into Hayes command mode, you need to type +++
and nothing else for a few seconds.

BTW...there is a discussion about this in the Radio RoundTable. I haven't 
read it because I don't have a dish. (I wish...)
Category 8,  Topic 4
Message 58        Sat Jan 02, 1993
R.WATSON15 [Wayne Watson]    at 20:26 EST

You may have to tie Carrier Detect to DTR to get Stalker to recognize a 
CD. I did this so that I could put a switch inline in order to toggle CD
on to test a BBS program. You can hook up a switch so that you can toggle
CD on or, switch it to normal state when you want the modem to be in
normal state for calling out.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
And here are a few comments from satisfied users of EdHak. Makes you 
wonder what you are missing, doesn't it?
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 2,  Topic 40
Message 165       Sat Jan 09, 1993
G.FUHRMAN [gnox]             at 06:38 EST

My EdHak arrived yesterday (very fast service, Craig!) and I couldn't be
happier with it.  I've become something of a connoisseur of DA text editors
(this is my third) and it looks like this one will become my default resident
editor.  I was worried about some things, such as what would happen to a
dietized file bigger than the buffer when I saved to it, but there seems to be
no problem at all even though I use Dietized Size mode in Data Diet II.  EdHak
works flawlessly on my TT/bigscreen monitor, and I'm finding it very intuitive
and easy to learn.

I am _very_ impressed!  This has to be the best buy in text editing for the
ST/TT - and I say that as a long-time fan of STeno.

                         gnox  [from a crater on the m()()n]

Category 2,  Topic 40
Message 166       Sat Jan 09, 1993
M.JONES52 [Jonesy]           at 12:35 EST


   Yeah, EdHak _is_ kinda neat, ain't it? <g>  After having it a while, I
don't even care to try to remember how I ever got along without it.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Are you a user of the Recipe Box?  Well, for those of you who are please 
provide feedback to Anthony Watson for version 4.0
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 2,  Topic 44
Message 21        Wed Jan 13, 1993
A.WATSON6 [Anthony]          at 21:43 EST


I am conducting a survey for The Recipe Box, as I'm about to begin work on
version 4.0. I would very much like your opinions on a couple of items in this

 1. What do you think of the color scheme in The Recipe Box?
    (If you don't like it, what would you prefer?)

 2. Do you prefer the 'rounded' buttons of The Recipe Box over the
    square buttons of my other programs? The rounded buttons were a
    unique feature of the program, and I will retain them if you feel
    they are an important part of the program. However, square buttons
    allow for faster graphics, and for more information to be
    displayed on screen at once.

 3. And, as always... Any other opinions you may have would be greatly

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.


Anthony Watson

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Since we know that everyone is interested in greater performance from 
their computer of choice, here are some comments from Jim Allen that 
might help you to decide which Fast Tech product is right for your 
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 4,  Topic 11
Message 86        Sun Jan 10, 1993
J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 20:23 EST

Jim, Tom, the Tiny's are almost there I keep getting little walls thrown up in
my way but the shipping time is coming up. I'll scream LOUD the second the
first unit goes into a box!! ;-)

Brig, I have some Tiny's that people backed out of, so you can still get one
at the special $599 (40Mhz) or $699 (50Mhz) pricing, I'll let people who've
asked recently know when they'll be ready just as soon as the units due for
shipment go out the door. So the current pricing is:

    Turbo030-50Mhz-4Megs TTram....$1,495

Jeff, the GCR is here, all mod'd, and I'll send it out to you now. The rom
jumpers on the STE are no big deal, chances are you won't need to touch them,
but if you do it takes about 10secs to do. Congrats on getting an ICD disk
setup, it's really the way to go....always been my only choice, and the latest
SW is soooo good!

Jack, your 68000 is on it's way. If you need any help fixing the machine just

Wally, thanks.
Category 4,  Topic 11
Message 97        Wed Jan 13, 1993
J.BRENNER1 [See Flat]        at 20:08 EST

    I asked about the differences between both units. From Bob's posts the
differences I could pick  up on were the TOS version, and the fact that Turbo
can go up to 8 Meg. ( Jim told me it was 16 meg)
 The Tiny fits in a 1040 as the Turbo doesnt'. I guess that means there is no
extra memory on the Tiny?

I'm asking cause I'd love the speed and 500$ is more in my cash flow than

Category 4,  Topic 11
Message 98        Wed Jan 13, 1993
J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 21:13 EST

The difference between the two is:

   The Tiny030 is a 40 or 50Mhz 68030, with a static ram cache which speeds
access to the motherboard's ram, and TOS 2.06 is built in...since it's
required for support of the 030 chip. The Tiny is 5-6 times faster, adds the
new OS, and has an 8Mhz 68000 chip you can switch to that allows you to run
all your old SW, SW that isn't "TT'd".

   The Turbo030 is basically a Tiny030 with a 32bit wide burst mode "TT ram"
memory slapped on the side. This memory adds ram to your system, so you have 4
on the motherboard and can add anywhere from 4 to 40 Megabytes of "TT ram" to
your system. This 32bit ram is also MUCH faster than the motherboard ram, and
supports the 68030 chip's burst mode accesses. The Tubro030 comes only in
50Mhz form, and fits only the MegaST computer. It is 14+ TIMES faster than the
stock ST is.

   SO basically the speed/$ ratio is constant between the 50Mhz Tiny030 at
$699 and the 50Mhz Turbo030 at $1495....and the big 030 adds additional ram to
your system which programs like CalamusSL just _LOVE_ ;-)

   If you are doing professional DTP'ing or CAD work or Animation work, the
Tubro030 is definitely _THE_ way to go, the added productivity is definitely
worth the extra $$ and the board will end up paying for itself... in both the
larger volume of work you can do, and the more creative that work will be now
that you are free to try anything your imagination could want WITHOUT worrying
about waiting a week for the computer to finish screen redraws ;-)
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
If you are using the HP LaserJet IIP then these comments might be of some 
help to you. You might want to take a look at the file mentioned in 
Mark's message.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 4,  Topic 20
Message 32        Fri Jan 08, 1993
O-ZONE [Flakes]              at 19:55 EST

  Is there a CPX or a DA availible to control the HP laserjet IIP printer from
the computer?
Category 4,  Topic 20
Message 33        Sat Jan 09, 1993
M.SLAGELL [Mark]             at 05:31 EST

Flakes, there is a universal do-it-yerself printer control accessory in the
file library, I know 'cuz I wrote it (file #23162).  But to use it you need to
know exactly what codes you want to send.  Setting it up requires the
investment of a little time with your printer manual, an ASCII chart and a
text editor.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Moniterm users take note. Jim Allen knows where you can find repair parts 
and service.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Category 4,  Topic 25
Message 161       Sun Jan 10, 1993
J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 20:26 EST
Some news for Moniterm folks. The guy who founded Moniterm has a new 
company, which bought up thier stocks, so they are in a position to offer
repair services on Moniterm equipment....

   Monitor Technology, (612)-551-1478

I don't actually know these people, but Jay Craswell mentioned this to me 
so I am passing it along.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Straight FAX users should take note of this information in regards to 
using G+Plus.  Even if you do not use G+Plus, Charles Smeton's other 
comments are equally helpful to Straight FAX owners. Also, remember that 
product support is performed by Toad Computers - send in your software
registration information.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 4,  Topic 24
Message 163       Tue Jan 12, 1993
C.S.SMETON [STraight FAX]    at 00:03 EST


I suspect that the problem that you may of had using G+Plus was that you did
not make an entry for STFAX.PRG in the G+Plus Installation Desk Accessory
list. Since STraight FAX! is a GDOS application (in that it uses GDOS to print
FAX/Image files and render GEM Metafiles for FAXing purposes), it needs to be
setup as such when using G+Plus.

With other GDOS versions (i.e. Atari GDOS, Atari Font GDOS & Atari FSM GDOS)
this is not necessary as ASSIGN.SYS is always used as the setup file for GDOS.


The STraight FAX! (as of version 1.04) can directly input GEM Metafiles for
automatic conversion to FAX format. There is a limitation in that text is not
processed during this conversion. The ability to handle text within GEM
Metafiles will be supported in a future version of the STraight FAX! and will
require the use of Atari's upcoming Speedo GDOS to be able to scale the text
items in the GEM Metafile to the proper size for the FAX page.

Any application that can export GEM Metafiles or Monochrome Image Files is by
default supported by the STraight FAX!.

Note: GEM Metafiles may contain items of different colors. Since Group III FAX
is limited to black and white pixels, all items that are non-white will be
displayed as black pixels.

Note: The MEMORY.SYS driver that is supplied with Atari's Font GDOS and FSM
GDOS (and Speedo GDOS) is required be installed as GDOS device number 61 in
order to be able to process GEM Metafiles from within the STraight FAX!

Re: Adaptive Answering

This will require cooperation with the various terminal programs with mini BBS
modes and BBS program developers. If all of these programs used the BIOS for
RS-232 communications there would be no problems in this area. Since many
bypass the BIOS and even redirect the RS-232 interrupt vectors, this causes
many complications. One terminal program actually broke on the Falcon030 as it
assumed that there is only one RS-232 port and that it was implemented with
the 68901 MFP as the RS-232 port on the ST's and Modem 1 on the Mega STe/TT
are. Since the Falcon030 uses the 85C30 SCC which supplys Modem 2 and Serial 2
on the Mega ST/TT for its RS-232 port, this application broke.


We will be contacting the various OCR vendors in order to see if a seemless
interface can be developed between the STraight FAX! and an OCR program.

Several SCSI scanners are now being evaluated for support on the Falcon030,
TT/030 and via the ICD Link and regular host adaptors.

When a higher resolution FAX standard is approved and supported by the FAX
Modems, we will most lilely support it.

As far as Junk FAXes go, you can create a list of phone numbers that will be
effectively ignored. The STraight FAX! will not even know if it was a FAX
calling as it will hang up on it (i.e. answer the call and immeditely hang
up). This will also suffice for known junk voice callers.


> unexpectantly'. Supra has been investigating, but apparently they don't have
> an Atari available for testing right now. They have been getting through to
> this fax machine with a SupraFax Plus but they're using FaxTalk Plus in >
Windows. BTW, I can receive from this fax just fine. Any ideas? -- J.C.

Supra has stated that early revisions of their firmware had problems
connecting with some FAX Machines. We have reported to Supra similar findings
with the latest firmware not connecting to some FAX Modems. The problem is in
the FAX Modem and can not be fixed by us at this time. Supra is working with
Rockwell International, the chip set vendors to solve these problems which are
most likely due to slight timing tolerance irregularities.

We plan a work around to this by supporting the Class 1 FAX standard. With
Class 1 the timing responsibility is in the computer connected to the FAX
modem and will be handled by the STraight FAX!.

BTW, Fax Talk Plus is a Class 1 only FAX Program. In Class 2 mode, it would
not matter which Class 2 FAX program is used and what type of computer is
connected, it will still have a problem connecting with some FAX Machines.


STraight FAX! version 1.07 will allow printing multiple FAX files at one time
by entering a file extension of "J??" in the File Selector or by holding
either shift key down when exiting the File Selector.

Charles Smeton NewSTar Technology Management
Category 4,  Topic 24
Message 164       Tue Jan 12, 1993
TOAD-SERV. [David Troy]      at 19:30 EST

Just wanted to say once more that all owners of STraight FAX should make an
effort to send a postcard with their:

  Telephone #
  GEnie Address
  Registration Number

to:        NewSTar Technology Management
           P.O. Box 0122
           Columbia, MD 21045

For technical support on STraight FAX!, please call:

           Toad Computers
           570-F Ritchie Highway
           Severna Park, MD 21146
           (410) 544-6943

Thanks! Once again, Toad Computers is proud to be supporting STraight FAX!
                                      - Dave Troy
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Now that you have a wonderful computer, you migth be looking for a 
monitor that will provide you a wonderful display.  Al Fasoldt make some 
comments about the monitors he uses.  It is definitely food for thought.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 4,  Topic 28
Message 52        Fri Jan 08, 1993
A.FASOLDT [Al Fasoldt]       at 03:42 EST


The ADI monitors are available; they're new to the U.S., as far as I know (at
least under their own name).

There are a lot of good monitors around these days. The intense competition in
the display business has helped a lot. I'd choose a monitor that has an FST
screen (much more satisfactory viewing -- as soon as you use one you don't
ever want to go back) or a Trinitron screen. Trinitrons are entirely flat
vertically and only slightly curved horizontally.

I'd also pick one that can be adjusted for a full frame. The viewing area is
increased significantly.

For 800X600, a 15-inch is large enough.

Keep in mind that using a large-screen monitor (more than 15-inch) has no
advantage if you are sitting close, unless it's a *very* expensive display;
there may not be any more pixels in a big-screen display than in a normal size
one, and the result can be a distracting sense of looking at a grid, rather
than at images on a screen.

I speak as a professional user of many different sizes and types of large
monitor. I use a Philips 20-inch 1000X1000 color display about four hours a
day, a Mitsubishi 20-inch for a few minutes a day, a 20-inch Phillips
1200X1000 b/w display about an hour a day -- all at the newspaper office --
and my 14-inch Sony and 15-inch ADI from two to eight hours a day in my home
office. I still use one of my SM124 monitors often, too (my wife uses the
other one a lot) and also have a fondness for my JVC-made SC1224.

Um, I look at my calculator screen sometimes, too. And there's the world's
largest Atari 8-bit color display, the 72-inch VideoBeam that I use to play
those great old 8-bit games on when I'm not watching reruns of Married ...
With Children.

I sleep sometimes, too. :)

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
If you have an SST board by Gadgets by Small you should make sure to read 
this message before trying to download PhotoChrome. Following that, 
there is a message for TT users who want to view Spectrum pictures on 
their TT.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 7,  Topic 3
Message 98        Fri Jan 08, 1993
K.SCHAFER4 [Necromancer]     at 22:53 EST

    PhotoChrome uses spectrum-like techniques to display its pictures.  It
will not work with the SST (You guys really must convince George to do that
SST-Brake thing... The omission of a 68000 was a boo-boo).

_Ken @ NecroWare Development_

Category 7,  Topic 3
Message 99        Sun Jan 10, 1993
A.FASOLDT [Al Fasoldt]       at 03:42 EST


VIEW123D shows Spectrums on the TT.

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Are you using a screen saver and DynaCADD? If you have, then get in 
contact with David at Ditek International for an auto folder program that 
will help you.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 7,  Topic 7
Message 146       Thu Jan 14, 1993
DITEK [David]                at 02:55 EST

Well, it looks like the dongle-screen saver problem is finished. For those of
you who wish to use a screen saver while the DynaCADD dongle is plugged into
your keyboard, please let me know either here or via email and I will send you
a small program to place into your auto folder that will fix the conflict.

I would like to thank Rick Nelson for helping out.

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The times, they are a changin.  And so is the Transcendence BBS support.  
Here is Wayne Watson's comments concerning the change.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 8,  Topic 13
Message 37        Wed Jan 13, 1993
R.WATSON15 [Wayne Watson]    at 21:54 EST

** NOTICE **

  Transcendence BBS will no longer be supported by David Brown. David has
turned over all rights to the program to me. I will be maintaining, selling
and supporting the BBS as of now. His BBS will not be online as of Jan. 15th.
All refernces to Twilight Zone Software should be replaced by Southern
Software. Any shareware payments that you plan to send in should be sent to
the address below.

  David has decided to get out of support for the BBS as he doesn't feel like
he has the time to put into it that he thinks he should. Other things are
taking precedence. All currently registered Sysops will still be supported and
updates will still be free.

  David wants to get into other things as well. He will still be around. I
wish him the best of luck. We have been working together on this thing for 1
1/2 years now and I have learned a lot from him. Now maybe my phone bill will
return to normal. :-)

  You can contact me here on GEnie or at 1-803-879-4186 (my BBS).

  Wayne Watson
  Southern Software

  1129 Lake Cunningham Rd.
  Greer, SC

  Please be patient during this time of transition. He will be sending out all
information on registered Sysops, etc., soon. I still have access to all
registered sysop names so I know who you are. I am now Support Line 1 (as if
you couldn't guess). Please start calling my BBS number above for future
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Wondering how you can get Dungeon Master to work on your TT?  Wht about 
other self-booting programs or games?  These two messages might be just 
the ticket to allow you to use an old favorite.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 9,  Topic 3
Message 87        Sun Jan 10, 1993
VORTEXT                      at 18:26 EST

UPDATE - Dungeon Master on the TT with TOS 3.06

  Earlier I mentioned DCBOOTIT. Well. I went and checked with mine copy. Upon
trying to boot DM, the system dies. However! If you do a warm boot, the
machine reads off the floppy. Now if you also hold down the control-shift-alt
keys, it will boot properly. No special timing required. Give it a try.

Category 9,  Topic 3
Message 88        Mon Jan 11, 1993
C.CASSADAY [Chris C.]        at 00:39 EST


I've not had much luck with DCBOOTIT.  Like you, I found that that warm boots
can help in loading auto-load games.

                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Having problems with the print quality of your SLM laser printer on large 
jobs?  Well, these messages might help you to determine the "problem" and 
how to "fix" it.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 14,  Topic 11
Message 103       Mon Jan 11, 1993
ATARI.BENLUX [W. Kilwinger]  at 04:13 EST

 >I printed out some long AEO and ZNETs on the SLM804, recently, and found
 >near the end things got lighter and lighter. The next day, printing was dark
 >again. Is there a fix for this?

I don't know how old your DRUM is and how many copies you made with it, but it
looks to me that this is caused by your drum. When the photo-electric effect
is reduced (old drum) than you can see that in long print sessions, the heat
of such a session reduces the photo electric effect more and more. If you
switch your printer off for a while your drum gets some time to recover.

If you drum is new, than it might be caused by the high voltage supplies of
the chargers BUT DON'T TOUCH THAT yourself. You need special equipment so you
need a service center.



Category 14,  Topic 11
Message 104       Mon Jan 11, 1993
K.VANDELLEN [Ken Van]        at 07:31 EST


Thanks for the help from across the pond. (You _are_ in Belgium or Luxemborg,
aren't you?) My drum is old. My copies were still rather good when the counter
said it was time to replace it, but my Dutch thrift said to try one more pack
of toner. Besides, I hate to add another drum to the solid waste stream until
I have to. I wish there were a way to reuse or recycle them. I'll try your
suggestion, but it looks like this is going to be the last pack of toner for
this drum.

Ken Van Dellen d8^)
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Lookign for a new Atari Keyboard cable?  Be careful what kind that you 
purchase because they might not be what you need.  Believe me, I know - I
did this same thing myself!
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 14,  Topic 14
Message 8         Fri Jan 08, 1993
M.DRYSDALE [Drys]            at 07:00 EST


Any four pin telephone M-F cable will work to extend the keyboard cable on the

Mike, TEAM COMPUTERS now POWER Computers
Category 14,  Topic 14
Message 22        Thu Jan 14, 1993
T.EVANS21 [<Ted E.>]         at 19:52 EST


I did??  Repeat myself?? DUH!!

Anyway I went out and bought the Archer 279-294 25ft heavy duty coiled
extension cord and since the one end is wired into my keyboard on the Mega STe
I also bought a 4 wire in line coupler..

Guess what it didn't work.. Nothing.. I have no control.. The keyboard and
mouse are dead....

Any suggestions???

 <-:}Ted{:->  Wednesday, January 13, 1993 - 7:06:38 pm
Category 14,  Topic 14
Message 23        Fri Jan 15, 1993
R.WATSON15 [Wayne Watson]    at 00:07 EST

  You need a 6 line cord. I guess that was never mentioned.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The Falcon030 is a machine that many users want and as always it is 
drawing a lot of discussion.  Take a look at these messages concerning 
the software users would like to see bundled with the Falcon.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 14,  Topic 41
Message 2         Mon Jan 11, 1993
S.DOUGHERTY1 [Sean@TWS]      at 19:26 EST

In regard to Atari Works:

I like the idea of bundling it with the Falcon. I think I might just wait on
buying the Falcon until it is! I don't have a commercial database or
spreadsheet program for my ST, but I do think I will find uses for both of
them, especially the database.

As far as the originality of the name, I don't think originality counts for
anything today. People are buying the same old computer in droves every day.
It actually gives the program some "that should be usefull" identity.

In regard to the currently bundled software:

Does the currently bundled software have to be installed by the end-user or is
it pre-installed? If they are on disk, are they easy to install? Are there
seperate manuals for each program, and are they well organized? I personally
never read any manuals for software unless I have a problem, in fact I still
haven't read the manual to much of the hardware I have - but nearly every new
user I have seen reads them front to back and wants very clear and consise
instructions in English (or whatever language!). Atari has done well at this
in the past and I hope they continue or improve upon this trend.

Oh, and how does MultiTOS flip between programs? Does it use a Multifinder
type interface or is it more of a screen flipping thing? Do TOS applications
run in windows? And how does MultiTOS handle sound, or is that the
responsibility of the applications?

As far as monitors for the Falcon:

What monitor(s) does Atari recommend, or what specifications to they
recommend?  What is a reputable brand that won't cost an arm and a leg? Being
a programmer I might want a MultiSync, since my SC1224 is getting  quite old!

And lastly, what is the maximum data transfer rate that could be theoretically
achieved on the SCSI II port? I realize it is by far higher than any currently
available hard drive, but I was just wondering...

Even if I get a quarter of these questions answered I'll be happy.

Sean Dougherty
Category 14,  Topic 41
Message 9         Tue Jan 12, 1993
B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 12:28 EST

Wayne, You are absolutely right about the fact that the best motivation for a
manufacturing facility is competition.

We have not committed to bundling Atari Works with Falcon030, but as Atari
Work's product manager, I'd naturally like to see it bundled :-)

All of the software that does come with Falcon _is_ pre-installed on the
harddisk, ready-to-run.  Unlike the Macintosh Performa, we also include back-
up floppies of everything, too.

Steve Johnson - Thanks, it is good to be back :-)  The show season (Atari
Messe, BCS, Comdex, etc. was a killer!)

Screenblaster is really great, and it is very TOS-compatible.  I know the guys
at Overscan personally and they are a great bunch.  They are looking for a
solid U.S. distributor, if anybody is interested. "Screen Blaster" isn't
T'Marked by Creative Labs in the U.S. yet :-)

We do intend to upgrade Atari Works as time goes on.  Sam has already agreed
to letting me do a free (postage and handling) upgrade when we finish the
telecommunications module.  It did originally have one, but it was too weak in
by opinion. I want to make sure it has X, Y, and Z-modem so that it is fully

If users think a language would be a useful thing to be bundled with Falcon,
please send me e-mail saying so.  I need to persuade the marketing people. :-)

-Bill @ Atari
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Looking to get your hands on the International Software Catalog from 
Atari?  Well, look no further.  Just read these messages in order to find 
out how you can obtain your copy!
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 14,  Topic 42
Message 56        Tue Jan 12, 1993
B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 12:28 EST

Steve Johnson and anyone else interested:

The Software Catalog can be ordered via GEmail!

Simply e-mail your order to G.LABREC, include quantity, Credit Card number,
expiration date, and name as it appears on the card.  Visa and M/C accepted.
The pricing details are listed in message #1 or 2 of this topic.  There are
special user group rates, too!

-Bill @ Atari

Category 14,  Topic 42
Message 58        Wed Jan 13, 1993
G.LABREC [Greg @ Atari]      at 21:43 EST

 A number of people at Atari have been receiving GEmail asking how to
 order a copy of the International Atari Software Catalog.  I was
 asked to re-post all the pertinent information here, as well as
 upload it as a file to the library.

 The 1992 International Software Catalog (Item# C303288-001) is now
 available from Atari Corporation.  If you ever had a question about
 the availability of software on the Atari platform this catalog is
 a "must" for your bookshelf.  here are some examples...

 "Is there a program that will run on my Atari that will allow me to
 create and edit fonts for my desktop publishing software?"  (YES)

 "There are so many MIDI sequencers available for the Atari line of
 computers.  What are the features that each has to offer?  Which
 would be best for me?"  (READ AND COMPARE)

 "I was just put in charge of a fairly large organization.  Is there
 any software available to make my job easier"  (YES)

 "I would like to build a library of software that would be
 educational for my kids"  (CHECK THE LISTINGS)

 "I need software for my Atari that will help me design printed
 circuit boards and then provide drill control for the manufacture of
 prototypes."  (NO PROBLEM)

 "Do you think I could use my Atari to decode and display image data
 from a meteorological satellite?"  (YES)

 "Will there be any applications that create a voice-mail environment
 by taking advantage of the DSP in the Atari Falcon030?"  (YES)

 "Would you happen to have any software that I could use with my Atari
 to assist with soil mechanics evaluation and ground water analysis?"
                          (OF COURSE WE DO)

 The catalog has more than 400 pages, contains nearly 500 entries, and
 features almost 175 screen shots.  Categories covered include
 Publishing and Graphics; Multimedia and Hypertext; Personal
 Productivity; Connectivity and Communications; Music; Business;
 Education; Entertainment; Computer Aided Design; Medical; Development
 Tools and System Software; and Peripherals.  Atari Falcon030 listings
 are also included.  Along with the product description the reader is
 provided with developer information designed to help them acquire the
 product if it is unavailable from thier local dealer.  Suggested
 retail price is also listed.

 If your local dealer runs out of catalogs you may order your catalog
 directly from Atari by writing to:  Atari Customer Relations
                                     International Software Catalog
                                     P.O. Box 61657
                                     Sunnyvale, CA  94088

 The price is $12.00 per book.
 Add 8.25% sales tax if ordering from California, Illinois, or Texas.
 Also include $5.00 shipping and handling per order.
 Payment may be made by check, money order, MasterCard, or VISA.
 (Allow 2-4 weeks additional if paying by personal check)

 *  If you would like to order by VISA or MasterCard you can also *
 *  leave me E-mail (G.LABREC) with your name, address, phone,    *
 *  card number, and expiration date-- I will forward the order   *
 *  to customer service.                                          *

 ******************** SPECIAL USER GROUP OFFER ********************
 *  For a limited time, any registered user group may purchase    *
 *  the catalog in lots of 10 books.  When ordering a lot of 10   *
 *  books the cost would be $10.00 per book plus $8.00 shipping   *
 *  for the lot.                                                  *
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The latest Atari Explorer Magazine (the paper version) has arrived at
NAMM. To squash any potential rumors, we're taking the liberty of posting
these messages so that everyone can see them.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 15,  Topic 20
Message 164       Sat Jan 09, 1993
J.GNIEWKOWSK [GE-Lamp ST]    at 16:56 EST

Did the non-on-line Atari Explorere Magazine go belly up, or did I miss a
subscription notice or two?

 John E. Gniewkowski
 GEnieLamp ST Editor

Category 15,  Topic 20
Message 165       Sat Jan 09, 1993
ST.LOU [Lou Rocha]           at 17:20 EST

John, Bob Brodie mentioned in last night's RTC that it had just come back from
the printer... it was late getting finished. Bob was very impressed with this
first issue under the directing hand of Lindsay and Meers.
Category 15,  Topic 20
Message 166       Sat Jan 09, 1993
POTECHIN [RT~Sysop]          at 21:51 EST

I'll wager they had a deadline to have it done and out for NAMM! So where's my
copy? ;-)

Category 15,  Topic 20
Message 167       Sat Jan 09, 1993
EXPLORER.1 [] Ron []         at 23:27 EST

John,  Atari Explorer Magazine is back in business having completed the move
to Sunnyvale and should be back on schedule for 1993.

Nathan,  "deadline" is an understatement ;-)  Seriously, the crew in Atari HQ
has been working all-nighters and holidays to get things back on track.

                       Ron @ Atari Explorer Magazine
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
If you use GFA, here are some tips concerning how you can make your 
programs more compatable with version 4.0.  Also, some comments 
concerning the release date for GFA 4.0 are included - don't want anyone 
thinking they've "missed the boat."  
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 22,  Topic 8
Message 111       Thu Jan 14, 1993
OUTRIDER [Terry]             at 21:55 EST


<ARGH!>  Thanks for the tip...  Let's try it again:


 Atari Computers / GFA Basic (NeST), #43 of 53
 Date: 11 Jan 93  23:32:10
 From: Theo Runia of 90:5/0
 To:   All
 Subj: GFA 4.0

 GFA isn't dead people.

 In the german GFA area there is constant talk about it and we got
 some info on what will change etc. I will try to give some info here
 now and in the future from this german echo. I will translate it into
 english for you guys.

 This is a doc on how to code and change your GFA 3.x programs so you
 can use them with GFA 4.0. Nothing you couldn't do really..

 1) Remove all points in VAR/PROC/FUNC/LABEL names.

 OLD dialog1.adr%
 NEW dialog1adr%   or  dialog1_adr% (or completely new...)
 OLD FUNCTION vdi.g_text()
 NEW FUNCTION vdi_g_text()  or  vdigtext()  or vdig_text()  or...

 Reasons for the change:
 The point will be used in GFABASIC 4.0 to be able to contact parts of
 structures (STRUCTs) like in C. People who already program in GFA on
 the PC already know this.

 You can use the underscore in the names like before.

 For everybody who wants to work on more then 1 listing it is better to
 get and use ergo!, this can change the points (an do a lot of other
 practical things) fully automatic.

 2) Check all LOCAL-variables in there right use.

 Example for PAR-transfer in GFABASIC 4.0:
 OLD:                 NEW 1:                       NEW 2:

 PROCEDURE a          PROCEDURE a                  PROCEDURE a
   LOCAL b$             LOCAL b$                     LOCAL b$
   b$="WRONG"           b$="WRONG"                   b$="WRONG"
   @b_wandeln           @b_wandeln(b$)               b$=b_wandeln$(b$)
   PRINT b$             PRINT b$                     PRINT b$
 RETURN               RETURN                       RETURN
 PROCEDURE b_wandeln  PROCEDURE b_wandeln(VAR b$)  FUNCTION b_wandeln$(b$)
   b$="RIGHT"           b$="RIGHT"                   RETURN "RIGHT"
 RETURN               RETURN                       ENDFUNC

  WRONG               RIGHT                        RIGHT

 This example can only show in general that in GFABASIC 4.0 LOCAL
 pointers are local, so LOCAL variables in deeper PROC/FUNC are not
 automaticly known.  In general a clean transfer of variables with CbV-
 or CbR-transfers is better.

 Reason for the change:
 Adaptation of GFABASIC 4.0 to a more general way of treating variables
 in other languages, also in MSDOS-GFABASIC. There you already needed
 to miss out on FakeLOCALs for a long time.  Furthermore it means that
 this open concept of GFABASIC 4.0 makes it easier to port to other
 computer systems.

 Also for this work it's best to use ergo!. This because it's (imho)
 the only XREF-TOOL that is reliable enough in finding fakeLOCALs.
 Alternativly you could use the "GFABASIC-Konverter 3.x -> 4.0" But on
 the moment we can't say anything on it's working yet.

 3. Prepare Program-Module.

 GFABASIC 4.0 will allow modular programming, this way it's possible
 to keep groups of PROC/FUNC, that logical fit together, into seperate
 sources and develop them. Because the GLOBAL- and LOCAL Variables are
 more cleaner.  Also Functionslibrary's like selfwritten VDI-, AES-,
 GEMDOS-, Flydial-and other libs can be made once and used in every
 future program.

 The MODULE-Concept used to be supported in basic by WELLER-TOOLS if
 in the REM-lines looked like this:

 ' MODULE soundso

 Who ever used this concept can make an easy change to the new
 Module-concept of GFABASIC 4.0.

 Write often used functions as small PROC/FUNC's. That produces
 smaller code and decreases the debugging time.  Small PROC/FUNCs
 should use as little global variables as possible and only limited
 numbers of transferrable variables. This makes it easier to debug.
 With a good naming convention for PROC/FUNCs you can keep your source
 overseeable and so easier to read/debug.  PROC/FUNCs which should be
 together should have a name that starts the same and be kept together
 in the source:

 >PROC window_felder_initialisieren
 >FUNC window_create
 >PROC window_open
 >PROC window_close

 OK, that's it.

 I have NOT written this. I only translated it from German into
 English.  Neither of them is my native tongue so I may have made some
 mistakes in translating.

 I will forward more info from GFABASIC.GER (German) in the future if
 some important things pop up.

 Gr.                                     *-Theo-*

 --- JetMail 0.67beta
  * Origin: The Atari BBS Connection +31-58-153849 HST/V32bis (90:5/0)
Category 22,  Topic 8
Message 113       Fri Jan 15, 1993
AEO.7 [D. STUART]            at 01:55 EST

So when is GFA 4.0 going to make it into our eager hands?

Category 22,  Topic 8
Message 114       Fri Jan 15, 1993
R.WATSON15 [Wayne Watson]    at 18:15 EST

>From what I hear, they PLAN to get 4.0 out in the March - May time frame.
Personally, I don't think this is gonna happen though. I will be looking for
it about the end of the year. 3.7 was to be released to beta testers about the
end of December or beginning of January but, it has been delayed. This is one
of the reasons I moved to make C my language for major applications. GFA in
it's current condition just makes major applications to buggy. They need to do
a lot of cleaning on the program to make it worth programming major apps.

  There are just too many things that are happening that cannot be found as to
why it isn't working properly with my program. No logical explanation. I sure
hope they get stuff cleaned up.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Appearently there was some confusion concerning an announcement that PMC 
provided. In order to make sure that the record is set straight, please 
read these messages; let your friends know so that we can prevent this 
from becoming yet another rumor.
                           ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Category 33,  Topic 1
Message 69        Fri Jan 08, 1993
ORA.TECH                     at 20:29 EST

 The file NEW_DEAL.TXT was recently released to the ST
 Press Release Library by Purple Mountain Computers for their
 Freedom Floptical drives.  It contained langauage that may be
 interpreted as an endorsement of their product by Oregon
 Research.  We have the following statement to make regarding
 this matter:

 1) My personal and company name was used without our permission
 2) Oregon Research does not endorse Purple Mountain Freedom
    Floptical drives or any other drive.
 3) Purple Mountain did not "provide" Oregon Research with a
    floptical drive, we purchased it prepaid cash.

 Bob Luneski
 Oregon Research

Category 33,  Topic 1
Message 70        Sat Jan 09, 1993
PMC.INC                      at 01:53 EST

Sigh... miscommunication.

Ok, we just want everyone to know that, Bob Luneski's and Oregon Research's
names were not used in any way that was intended to be malicious, and we do
not believe that they would be viewed in such a way.  Furthermore, there was
no intent to imply that Oregon Research endoresed the Freedom Drive, as the
text explained, Oregon Research Associates (ORA) has worked on their software
to SUPPORT Floptical drives, which benefits all users who buy Floptical
drives, the makers of the drives, and everyone else that deals with the ST
Floptical market.  In this vein, we commend Bob Luneski and ORA for offering a
valuable and viable product, and this was the intent of the mention of both
Bob Luneski and ORA.  Finally, yes, Oregon Research did pay for a Floptical
drive and for this payment PMC "provided" a Floptical drive.

If any of this was misinterpreted by anyone else, we hope this clears up the





 |||  Atari's Lynx Special
/ | \ --------------------

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            (For CA residents, please add sales tax)
              Call for further information 1-800-327-5151.
               This offer expires 1/31/93.

   "Atari", "ComLynx", and "Lynx" are registered trademarks of Atari Corp.    
Atari: an American company traded on the American Stock Exchange


 |||  Andreas' Den ................... Chitchat, a brew, and a game or two.
 |||  By: Andreas Barbiero
/ | \ Delphi: ABARBIERO      GEnie: AEO.2


Atari Plays the Blues!


The Atari platform has recently gained the ability to use the CDROM 
technology inexpensively and easily.  ICD has given us the LINK, a SCSI
adaptor which has made any external SCSI device an Atari SCSI device.
CDROM drives are the big brother of the faithful audio CD players present
in millions of homes today, and CD_AUDIO allows your CDROM to emulate it's
little brother and play audio CDs from the desktop! This is a demo of the
full program, available as shareware for $12.00, which has the demos'
delays removed.  This is not as flashy as the CDPLAYER MOD file player,
which presents a mini-stereo system to play MODs with, but it will easily
allow you to play audio tracks off of a Sony or NEC CDROM.  Other CDROM
players can be used, but may not be fully implemented.  The author
suggests you try one of the built in CDROM drivers, and give it a go.  If
you cannot get your unit to work, the author welcomes the information, and
will attempt to write a fix.

There is one caution, selection of a SCSI ID that is not hooked to a CDROM
could cause problems, if it is the ID of a hard drive or other device.  
Nima Montaser has written a decent preliminary file, and with a little
help, could transform this into one of the new batch of files we need to
really unleash the power of a SCSI CDROM.  The authors GENIE address
is:S.FARSHIDGH and welcomes comments and questions!  Look for this file on
Delphi, Genie, or your local BBS.

Andreas Barbiero

//// PhotoChrome Update

PhotoChrome Linked with PhotoCD?

In regards to future implementation of Photochrome into Atari 
applications Gordie Meyer, one of the friendly Delphi sysops tells about a
letter he received from the author.

FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 45664
45664 27-DEC 19:48 General Information
     RE: Graphics! (Re: Msg 45613)

I'll quote the pertinent portion of his letter...

"There is however, no reason not to spread the format towards the PhotoCD
people, as this would be an excellent way to apply the idea.  I would imagine
you could cram around 4000-7000 pictures on a CD, with playback of around 6.25-
25 frames/sec.  This means about 8 minutes of solid full screen 32768 colour
graphics - plenty for even professional animation."

                                                -- Douglas Little
                                                   author, PChrome 3


//// RPG'in into the night

AMBERSTAR - An Atari Role Playing Game

Thalion is one of the few German software houses which actively pursue the
English speaking marketplace with originally written high quality
software.  Prior to this, the only Thalion games I have owned were the
joystick-killers like Wings of Death. (Still an amazing STe enhanced
power-up shoot-em-up, better than Super Nintendo stuff.)

Amberstar is a Role Playing Game (RPG) in the classic Origin Systems
'Ultima' genre.  In case you happen to be unfamiliar with these types of
games, the principle is this:  You generate a character with numerical
representations for his physical and intellectual attributes.  Different
races of characters can be used. Elves, orcs, dwarves, and other imaginary
personages can be assumed by you, each with its strengths and weaknesses.
A character can be tailored to suit the individual, with predilections
towards the intellectual art of magic, or the physical skills of using
large edged weapons to get your point across.  Amberstar is unique in that
it has its own set of characteristics tuned to the game, and does not
parrot the Dungeon Master theme, or photocopy Ultima III.  The skill of
understanding magic is critical to reading and memorizing scrolls, and
without it, the most powerful magician is as useless as a rubber sword.
Amberstar has really recaptured my memories of 4AM Ultima III battles on
my beloved Atari 800.  


Amberstar is part one of the AMBER trilogy. And as the box says it is "Set
one thousand years ago, when the world of Lyramion was almost destroyed by
a mortal man. A man who had combined his mortal being with a demon lord;
Lord Tarabos, God of chaos." (Sounds real familiar, huh?) "No one could
match his power, until the twelve magicians, using the magical amberstar,
cast a great spell, forever banishing Tarbos to the third moon of
Lyramion.  Now the danger has returned.  The black magus Marmion" (where
do they get these names from?) "is trying to free Tarbos from his eternal
prison, and has commenced the long ritual.  No one realizes the great
danger that threatens Lyramion, no one but you!"  Well, no one but anyone
else who reads the box.

Gameplay commences in a cemetery next to the grave of your family, and
leaving you with an entire world to explore from there.  The city of
Twinlakes is in your immediate focus with several mysteries to solve.
Don't worry!  The missions are all intertwined, and it is challenging, but
not impossible to find Felix the Cat(!), clearing out the multiple cellars
of a deceased magician in a villa just outside the town, figure out which
key fits where, and learn to speak the language of animals.

Your first real goal is found in the first set of battles. It is tough
trying to get above the power curve of experience points so you can join a
guild, which then allows you to use weapons, armor, magic and magical
implements. Along the way, the combination of 3D views in the town and the
dungeon are very reminiscent of Dungeon Master,or the old Alternate Reality
scenes.  In Amberstar, the towns are more intricate and complex than just
the plain vector lines of Ultima on the 8bit, and even more than the
detailed backgrounds of Dungeon Master. In the sewers, water pours out of
the drains, and the stone patterns all around are well defined.  There is
the 2D view inside certain buildings and for moving around between towns,
giving you the characteristic overhead view used in Ultima.  The gameplay
is fantastic, allowing you to talk to everyone, ask custom questions, jot
down notes from inscriptions on statues, search planters, and trade
objects with people for everything from a magical viewing globe, to
potions to raise your characters' statistics.

Combat is interesting also.  There is a 3D view of your enemies in a
window, and on the right side of the screen a grid is displayed with icons
of your characters, which allows you to view their positioning and get a
numerical readout of hit points taken from enemies and your own characters.

Magic is tough! Memorizing scrolls is a tricky subject, and not only is it
rough to get enough spell learning points, which are consumed as you learn
spells, and never returned, but managing to cast high level spells is a
hit or miss affair with low level magicians.  As with all such things, a
complete manual to explain these procedures is critical, and while most
foreign manuals are obtuse, like the Shadowlands manual, Amberstar has a
concise and complete manual!  Spell casting points are used as you cast
spells, but are returned as you rest.
The most reliable way to cast a spell is to use the scroll.  You can
either get a one shot try at memorizing it, or a one shot at casting it
directly.  I have a 5th level paladin that has eaten up a dozen scrolls.
With the next level, I will have to add more points to reading scrolls and
understanding magic.  There are many magical items and weapons available,
some that cast spells!  Buying things is expensive, finding them is
dangerous, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


There is not that much in the way of a downside in this game. With the
arrival of Ambermoon, the second part of this trilogy, hopefully there
will be smooth scrolling as you walk around the dungeon, rather than
jumping from block to block, and finer animation on the monsters as they
approach.  Dungeon Master had a better presentation of approaching
nasties, and there is also a limit of your attack positions.  On the
Attack position grid, you cannot move more than two squares forward, which
means you cannot close in on a fleeing enemy, or attack from behind for
extra points such as SSI's Curse of the Azure Bonds allowed.  In the old
Ultima, the music score was repetitive, and on the 8bit it was better than
the music score here.  Maybe I am spoiled by 16Bit stereo sound coming out
of CD players and the F030, but on a 4meg STe machine, there should be
better music.

With the music turned on or off there are no sound effects.  Even the
addition of Dungeon Master clicks and screams would be neat.  Also there
was a positive 'click' feeling to Ultima when you moved around the screen,
that I miss with Amberstar.  So, maybe we don't need the computer
'clumping' around for us, but better control at 16MHz would be nice...
accidentally walking through doors in the 2D mode is bad, but it did find
me the secret Thieves guild by accident!!  I realize I am nitpicking
here, but when the game is as good as this one is, I yearn for the little
things to make a game complete.  This game is challenging, not too hard
for someone who has dabbled with a RPG, but not too easy for someone who
has solved Dungeon Master for the third time with only 2 characters!
(Sorry for bragging!)


Amberstar needs 1 megabyte to run, and will use all available memory to
load game data, so your 4 megs will really help on the gameplay.  This
game is hard drive installable, as all big game should be. In 1993, all
games should be able to be placed on a hard drive.  You can play this from
floppies, but you need a hard drive for everything else in life, so get
one! (It only took me 6 years with a TOS 1.0 520ST to figure that one
out.)  This game runs on my Mega STe, but would not let me run the install
program and place my custom character into the game, I had to manually
move all the game files to the partition it started to write, and I was
stuck with the default character.  No big deal, but this games needs to
run on a MSTe and a TT!  F030 compatibility should be available if it runs
on a TT, and a F030 specific version would really explode in 256 color

This game is quick, even on an older 8MHz ST, well written, except for the
few bugs I mentioned, and leaves little room for improvement.  Only a
little more playtesting should be needed to make sure that things like
finding answers to the riddlemouths (stone faces that pose you with
questions before you gain access to things) are relatively possible to
find.  There is a very active help topic on GEnie for this game, and the
special access CAT 21 topic can really clear things up for you.

This will be a RPG that you may need a bit of help for, but you won't
regret the purchase.  Thalion deserves a big hand for a game that was
written for the Atari, and not ported over with EGA screens from PCs.  Who
needs a PC for original games?  Not me!


 |||  GEnie Atari ST RoundTable News
/ | \ Courtesy: GEnie

Atari Roundtable Weekly News

 = GEnie NEWS =

 The Hot Summer Days Sale is no more!  GEnie's prime time hourly connect
 charge has been PERMANENTLY reduced to $12.50 per hour (in Canada the
 reduction is to $16.00 per hour).

 (Note: GEnie*Basic pricing is NOT applicable during prime time hours.
  Reduced prime time rates are in effect in the United States and Canada
  only, and apply at speeds up to 2400 bps.)


  Darlah's Holiday Treat of the Month [page 475;9] is PHNXDEMO.LZH
  from LEXICOR2. This the DEMO version of Phoenix object render from
  Lexicor Software. The LZH file also includes SPC & GIF sample files.
  This is a must have program for all ATARI computers. Phoenix support
  different light sources, 3 different cameras, texture and image
  mapping: SPC, GIF & TGA are support. This is a very fast render.


 = Scheduled Wednesday RTC Guests =

 Have an idea for an Realtime Conference? Wish to promote a product,
 show or service? Atari Roundtable Realtime Conference provides an
 excellent platform for announcements and discussions. Contact RTC$,
 for requirements  and information on holding formal RTCs. We also
 capture and edit the formal conferences and uploads them into the
 Atari RT's Library for you.

 = Monday Realtime Conference =

 Stop in for Monday's Desktop Publishing Realtime Conferences. Hosted
 by Lou Rocha with regular guests dealing with all aspects of DTP and
 associated topics.

 = Atari ST Help Desk =

 Atari ST Roundtable holds a Sunday Help Desk to answer your questions
 on GEnie, Atari ST Roundtable and the line of Atari computers. Stop in
 and ask questions or just visit the Atari RT staff and users. The Help
 Desk starts at 9:00 pm EST Sunday on page 475;2.

 = RTC Transcripts =

27028 GAMESRTC.ARC             X BRIAN.H      921220    7808     38  13
      Desc: Gaming RTC - Eric Bitton
26912 LEXICOR.ARC              X BRIAN.H      921213   16384     77  13
      Desc: LEXICOR RTC 9Dec92

    For Realtime Conference inquires and comments contact: RTC$


 Last Week's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:

27231 ST_ZIP21.LZH             X R.SHEPPARD5  930105   86784    353  40
      Desc: Ataries ST ZIP 2 less Bugs..
27251 APPLIER.LZH              X J.EIDSVOOG1  930107   14848    240   2
      Desc: An enhancement for installed apps
27265 JAKEVIEW.LZH             X N.DAVIS1     930108   11008    175   5
      Desc: Picture Viewer/Converter.
27195 SPRTED12.ARC             X D.CLIFTON4   930102   44928    148   2
      Desc: GEM text-editor desk accessory.
27279 UPS_PRGS.LZH             X PMC.INC      930109   17536    108   6
      Desc: UPS Zone and Rate calculations
27246 ALADSHOW.ARC             X T.WRATHER    930106   29312     81   2
      Desc: Search ALADDIN's download lists
27248 CD_AUDIO.LZH             X S.FARSHIDGH  930107   12928     78  29
      Desc: audio compact disc player

 Last Week's New Demos:

27203 BADTASTE.LZH             X C.THORPE5    930103 1015168     33  10
      Desc: 2meg demo of movie Bad Taste.
27177 EASYGO13.LZH             X A.WATSON6    930102   44416     53  10
      Desc: Easy Go program launcher version 1.3

 Last Week's Press Releases in the Library

27295 FFD.TXT                  X PMC.INC      930111    1792     39  14
      Desc: Freedom Floptical Drive = Quality
27280 PMC_CHNG.TXT             X PMC.INC      930109    1664     88  14
      Desc: PMC Changes Phone # and more!
27264 BESTPRICE.TXT            X NEWDIMENSION 930108    4608    131  14
      Desc: Best Floptical - Best Price!
27258 SACINFO1.ASC             X M.WARNER8    930107    4224     38  14
      Desc: SAC Expo Invite
27233 LAPEXPO.TXT              X MORTIMER     930105    1792     25  14
      Desc: FREE tickets for LAP&PALMTOP Expos
27230 SACEXPO.LZH              X M.WARNER8    930105   26240     21  14
      Desc: SAC Expo Ad in Pagestream format
27229 NEW_DEAL.TXT             X PMC.INC      930105    3456    148  14
      Desc: PMC Beats all other Floptical prices
27221 TERA125.TXT              X GRMEYER      930104    2816    118  14
      Desc: TeraDesk v1.25 Press Release
27217 SPAR4.LZH                X D.HALL23     930104   11520     75  14
      Desc: The Electronic Book For Calamus SL!
27187 IAAD_DIR.ARC             X D.A.BRUMLEVE 930102    7296     33  14
      Desc: Updated IAAD Member Directory
27170 NOTASALE.TXT             X NEWDIMENSION 930102    2688    100  14
      Desc: The "Sale That's Not A Sale"


 |||  Atari Users Online: Threads from the Internet
 |||  Compiled by: J.J. Lehett
/ | \ Internet: JJL101@PSUVM.PSU.EDU  GEnie: J.LEHETT2  Delphi: JLEHETT

     The Internet has always contained a wealth of technical info for 
Atari owners, from the most simple beginner's questions, to the 
experienced programmer's problems.  This column will attempt to make that
information available to those who do not have Usenet access.  Due to the
ever changing nature of discussions on the Usenet, the subjects in this
column will be directly related to the past month's Usenet subject matter.
The email addresses of the messages have been left intact to facilitate
further communication with the poster(s).

//// Hard Drive SCREEEECHING

From: (Michel Forget)
I think I might be having a problem with my hard drive.  It used to only
happen when it was cold in the room where the hard drive is, but now it
seems to happen every time I turn the drive on.
The problem itself is this;  after a few minutes of operating normally, it
suddenly gets louder and sounds like it is working harder/going into Warp.
It usually stops (then again sometimes it doesn't) if I tilt the front of
the hard drive up.
The hard drive is an Atari MegaFile 30, by the way.
Do I need to clean the inside of the drive, or is it something else?
Should I worry about this?  The difference in sound is very noticeable
(and there is a slight hissing as well).
Please help!

Michael Forget wrote about his Megafile making noises..
There are two sources of such noises normally.. the first is a "head
crash" where the flying read/write heads make contact with the spinning
disk and gouge the surface of the disk.  The material scraped from the
surface will cause secondary crashes until the heads and surfaces are
destroyed.  The noise from a head crash will usually be a scraping and
grinding sound.
You do NOT want this to happen..!               :)
The second source of noise is a "ground strap" which serves to bleed off
static electricity which would otherwise build up on the spinning
platters.  The place where this strap contacts the end of the axle tends
to wear, allowing the strap to vibrate and make noises.
This is not destructive, only annoying.
There are ways to dampen the vibrations of the ground strap, but they
require disassembly of the case, and possibly removing the pc board on the
bottom of the hard drive itself.  If you can get to it, a small blob of
silicone sealer on the *outside* of the strap will often cure the noises.
(A third source of noise could be failing bearings in the cooling fan, but
it would be pretty obvious where that noise was coming from.)
In the case of a head crash, you'd know it very soon, as the drive would
become unreadable, and there would be many errors.
>From the description of the symptoms, and especially because the noise
changes with the orientation of the drive, it sounds like the ground strap
to me...
//// MiNT And the MINIX FileSystem
From: (Mark A Lehmann)
Well I finally installed the MiNT distribution kit.  I had to do it
manually.  I think that I had the MINIX file system working too.  I placed
the file "MINIX.XFS" in the root directory of my boot drive "C:\" and I
got the message that the MINIX file system was active.
I then wipe everything about under normal TOS by simply copying a file to
the partition that stores the MINIX partition.
My questions are:
   What do I do to prevent TOS writing onto the MINIX file system when
MiNT is not active?
   I am supposed to be able to make large file names with MiNT and MINIX?
I could'nt find a UNIX like program that would let me have more than the
TOS sized file names.  When I did "touch thisisamintfile" the system 
locked up.  No error messages.  Maybe the program could be slow, but I
waited about 10 minutes for it to complete.  I thought that "touch" would
be extremely fast.
   Use the ICDFMT.PRG partition program, what should I set in the "TYPE"
field.  I know that in real MINIX I should somehow make the partition
unavailable to TOS only.  How do I make a partition MiNT accessable and
not TOS accessable?

From: (Howard Chu)
(concerning protection of the MinixFS partition)

I don't think you need to worry about this. Usually a Minix formatted
filesystem will have a valid TOS boot block, with the FAT configured to
indicate 0 sectors free, thus preventing you from writing anything to it.
(concerning long file names)
The programs need to have been written correctly in the first place, i.e.,
allow for file names longer than 13 characters. If you have a program 
that only allocates 14 bytes for filenames (as most TOS programs do) and
the directory routines return a filename much longer than this, you're
bound to corrupt your memory. Depending on whether the program stored the
name in a local or a global/static variable, you could trash the program's
stack or other data areas. If the stack is trashed, the sort of lockup you
observed is not unusual.

(concerning the TYPE of the MinixFS)
The minixfs.doc file says the partition type must be GEM, therefore, you
cannot make the partition hidden to TOS.

//// SLM804 SsHhAaDdOoWwIiNnGg

From: (jonathan)
P L E A S E   H E L P.......
Just yesterday, for no reason, my SLM804 Laser Printer decided to print
shadows to the left of everything.  A straight line down the page looks
like two lines about 1/2mm apart with the left one being very 
inconsistant.  It happens regardless of whats being printed or where its
located on the page, a very sloppy, ionconsistant, smuge of a shadow to
the left of every- thing.

Please respond with any advise you might have,


From: (Graham Thomas)
A friend of mine had a similar problem, which we cured by switching the
order of components connectd along the DMA chain - he originally had
ST-hard disks-SLM804 controller, and the problem disappeared when we
switched it to ST-SLM804-hard disks.  (Or it might have been the other way
round - can't remember, and from my experience with such setups there's no
logic to it.)
No guarantees, but maybe worth a try if all else fails.

//// Miscellaneous Spectre Questions
1 - I cannot format 720 k MFS floppies with DCFormat 3.02, for 
    transverting (I always get a disk error);
That portion of the code in DCFormat may not work correctly with the TT.
Try formmating MFS disks in Spectre.
2 - I cannot get a full A3 Mac screen - the Mac does run on a 1280x800 
    screen, but it gives me 2 "squished" (and illegible) screens, side by
    side. In ST
Unfortunately, Spectre does not support really big screens or color or any
other special features of the TT's enhanced video or Crazy Dots for that
matter! The reason for the screens has to do with the way Dave programmed 
it but he may allow larger BW screens in the next version of the software.
Color support will more than likely be for the Falcon only since Dave has
to plough through the 512k Roms to get color out, although I suppose Dave
could make a 16 color version for the TT but that is unlikely since the
Falcon Spectre works of the internal bus of the Falcon (this is because
you just can't use 512k Roms off the Cart port because it only supports
128k of addressing!).
Hope that helps!

From: (Gerhard Weiss AG v. Puttkamer)
>How can I transvert Atari -> Mac? The floppy doesn't work, the internal SCSI
>doesn't work, Transverter refuses to recognize the (functional) MAC partitions
>on my external ACSI, ...   I think I feel an email to Dave Small coming on ..

I know, this is not a solution to the above problems, but did you know 
that it is possible to use the same floppy on Spectre and Mac without
First time I did not belief that, but its really simple to do!
Take a Mac that is able to read and write HD-Disks (i.e. has a FDHD 
Drive), start Apple`s utility to convert files to MS-DOS (I don`t know the
english name of it) and select the menu entry to format a disk.  Normaly
you have only the choice between formating 1.44 Mb or 720 kb MS-DOS Disks
or 1.44 Mb or 800 kb Apple Disks. If you click onto the disk icon you are
able to choose 720 kb Apple Disks. If you format the Disk in this manner
you get a 720kB Apple Disk, that is formated in MFM!  This disk can be 
read by any Mac (with FDHD) AND by Spectre 3.0 without any additional 
tool!  By the way: this formating can be done by Spectre, too. The Mac OS 
on Spectre believes to live on a Mac Plus with a FDHD with only double

From: (Martin Bartsch)
1. You can transvert Atari -> Mac and vice versa using RS232.
2. You can use MS-DOS Disks in 720K Mode using Access PC or DOS Mounter 
   under Spectre, it works very well.
3. You can use Mac 720K Disks. It's not a joke, it works! Apple 
   distribute a Programm with System and Finder, it's called
   Transverter(?) I think. In German its called "Dateien konvertieren". If
   it is running and you put an unformatted Disk into the diskdrive an
   alertbox apears on the screen. You can see there 3 entries like Mac
   800K (standart Mac), Apple Prodos (Apple 2) and Mac 720K (disabled).
   When you click with your mouse onto the Disk-Icon in the alertbox, the
   Mac 720K mode is magically enabled. Then you can format your Disk as
   Mac 720K (even under Spectre!). But not all Macs esspecially old Mac
   Plus like this special Format. Newer Macs shouldn't have any problems
   with these disks.

//// TCP/IP and ST????

From: Mark Kovarski <>

Has anyone out here experiemented with TCP/IP for the Atari ST. I remember
seeing a file on a german FTP site that was called, I believe, TCP_IP.LZH.
How does it implement TCP/IP? Is it done via the RS-232 port? What I want
to eventually do is to network my PCs with the Atari that I have. Is there
any product that will allow me to do it? Since I am running OS/2 2.0, I
would want to be able to monitor the Atari machine by having a window
activated all the time in order to do so. To go even further, any products
for the Atari ST that will allow it to network with IBM's LAN Server?
Any information is appreciated...

From: (Michael Evans)
I have been thinking about the same thing. I know there are Ethernet cards
for various ST-models in Germany, but I think that most of them are for
Megas (ie expansion bus machines).
The thought that struck me the other day (it did not hurt ;-) was that
there are many "pocket" LAN adapters available for portable PCs. These
plug onto the parallel port and supply a Token Ring or Ethernet (Thinwire
or 10BaseT) connection.
Now an ST could not use the PC drivers which are supplied with the
adapter, but the hardware could be of use even for my old 1040 STF.  Has
anyone looked at what is required to drive one of these adapters, and
worked out what would be required to drive it though the ST parallel port
Personally, I am most interested in a NFS client, as I have just collected
the SOSS NFS server for the PC, but I imagine that the appetite would grow
as soon as the function became available.
Is this anything more than an old man's wild ideas?
From: ()
They have ACSI boards too but the prices are outrageous.
A better way would be to use a MAC SCSI-ethernet board with an ICD
ACSI-SCSI connector. This would be faster, but the same problem with lack
of software drivers exists. Now if you could get software only from the
German companies at a reasonable price...

From: (Ralf Czekalla)
Hello All,
I've looked at this ftp-site and found this:
ftp> cd tuw-tcp
250-Files located in this directory
250-readme                  info about installing tuw-tcp
250-readme.pkd              info about writing a packet driver for tuw-tcp
250-tuw-tcp.1.00-1.01.zoo   update from tuw-tcp 1.00 to tuw-tcp 1.01
250-tuw-tcp.1.00.zoo        tuw-tcp 1.00 distribution
250-tuw-tcp.1.01.zoo        tuw-tcp 1.01 distribution
250-tuw-tcp.zoo             most recent tuw-tcp distribution (Version 1.01)
250-This software is only suitable for Atari ST/TT computers
It's all there (for Pure C)!

//// TOS 2.06 Without A TEC Board!

From: rossin@hpfcso.FC.HP.COM (Ted Rossin)
Well, thanks to everyone who replied to me about where to shove and where 
to get TOS 2.06 I have gotten it to work in my 1040ST without a TEC.  The
solution requires 10 wires from the GLUE chip, 3 TTL devices (<$1) and 5
pins of each ROM lifted.  The circuit I used is shown below:

TOS 2.06 Address Decoder and DTACK Generator:
 (19,XX)  ROM2_>--------------------------+          +--------+-----+--------+
                                          |          | Chip   | +5V | Ground |
                        74F138            |          +--------+-----+--------+
                   +--------------+       |          | 74F138 | 16  |   8    |
 (11,52)    A23>---|a0(1)   q0(15)|o-     |          | 74F08  | 14  |   7    |
 (10,51)    A22>---|a1(2)   q1(14)|o-     |          | 74F06  | 14  |   7    |
 (09,50)    A21>---|a2(3)   q2(13)|o-     |    74F08 +--------+-----+--------+
                   |        q3(12)|o-     |  _______
 (12,06)    AS_>--o|e1(4)   q4(11)|o-     |  \      \
 (08,48)    A20>--o|e2(5)   q5(10)|o-     +--o\a(1)  \
 (55,09)   R/W_>---|e3(6)    q6(9)|o-          )  y(3))o--------> CE_
                   |         q7(7)|o---*-----o/b(2)  /
                   +--------------+    |     /______/
                             +5V       |
                             _|_       |
                    330 Ohm  | |       |
                             | |       |
                             |_|       |
                     4   /| 3 |  2 /|1 |   74F06 (Must be open collector)
 (50,10) DTACK_<-------o< |---*---< |o-+
                         \|        \|

                        +5V  74F08
                         |  ____
                         +--|4  \
                            |  6 )-------------------------->BA17
 (05,45)    A17>------------|5__/

                        +5V  74F08
                         |  ____
                         +--|9  \
                            |  8 )-------------------------->BA16
 (04,44)    A16>------------|10_/

 Note:  Numbers in parenthesis on the left are (GLUE pin,68000 pin).
        Parts needed are:
               1 74F138
               1 74F08
               1 74F06
        Different families (LS, ALS, AS) may be substituted for the above
        parts.  The buffer that drives DTACK_ must be open collector or if
        a 7406 part can't be found a tri-state buffer can be used as long
        as it is used like the example below:
                       |        oe(1)|o-------- to pin 7 of 74F138
      DTACK_<----------|y0(18)  i0(2)|---+
                       |             |   |
                       +-------------+   |
I have been working on a document that explains in detail how I installed
TOS 2.06 (the mechanics is the main deal).  When I finish it, I would like
to place it in the archive but I don't know how.  Could some one please 
tell me how to submit a text file.  Also, if anyone would like a copy of
the current document just send me email and I'll send you what I have.

//// Miscellaneous Tips and Hints from Frequently Answered Questions

Any 'multisync' monitor which handles 70 video fields a second can be used
   with the ST; the custom cable involves no tricks, or commercial ones 
   are available.  The original NEC multisync does NOT handle 70 fields a
More than 3 bombs often means more than 1 error, so interpretations are
An ST-formatted disk which is not readable by a PC can be made readable by
   putting the 3 bytes EB 34 90 (those were 3 bytes of hex) at the 
   beginning of the boot sector (sector 1 of track 0, I believe).  This
   can be done with either an ST or PC absolute sector editor. The Desktop
   of TOS 1.4 and higher does this automatically.
Some (older) PC-3.5"-drives cannot deal with the short track-header 
   produced by ST formatters. On those drives, ST-formatted disks are not
   readable, independent of their boot sector contents. The other way,
   however, does always work: format on the PC.
When using disks formatted on a PC in an ST, make sure to insert and 
   access a disk with a different serial number in between disk changes.
For those with the 'inaccessible' mouse and joystick ports, a joystick
   extender cable will make life easier.  The Y-cable joystick extenders 
   make it extremely easy to keep mouse and joystick connected to port 0,
   and a joystick extender cable in port 1 makes for easy hookup after
   you've moved the machine.
BARREL is a program which can redirect printer-data to a file.  It comes 
   in handy when your printer is unavailable, and the program does not
   already have an option to 'print-to-a-file'.  (It is available on the
   atari.archive server.)
DBLEFEAT is a program which can redirect disk access from, say, drive A to
   drive B.  Handy when a program 'hard-codes' the data drive, and you
   wish to use your hard drive instead.  (It is available on the 
   atari.archive server.)
On the Desktop, holding the right mouse button allows you to manipulate
   files in other windows. This is useful for a number of reasons. An
   example is this: say D:\BLAH.ARC is a file you would like to extract to
   D:\, but ARC.TTP is on C:\. Top D:\'s window, then hold the right
   button while double-clicking ARC.TTP in an inactive window.

//// Cleveland Freenet looking for a few good men (or women!)

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is looking for a ST/Falcon030 programmer
and developer.
The main responsibility of yours would be the "16/32-bit 
Programming/Developing Area" in the Atari SIG.
You would make it a good place for programmers and developers to obtain
information and have useful discussions.
Please be aware that this position may require 10 hours a week IF the area
gets busy enough.  Also, it will take some time for you to reorganize the
area so that it becomes a place where programmers and developers will want
to go.
This is a non-paying position.  All sysops are volunteers on the Cleveland
The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is also looking for an Atari News SysOp.
If you are interested in all types of news, rumors, tidbits related to
Atari Corporation and the Atari Community, this is a position for you!
You'll have a reason to find the latest info!  And you will also be 
helping to deliver this information to other Atari users.
We already have a sysop that posts online magazines WEEKLY, so you will
not have to worry about this.
The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG continues to make efforts to be the
ultimate FREE source of Atari information and conversation!
If you want to help and feel you have the time, please leave e-mail.
Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)

//// Fluent in English AND German?  Read on!

From: (John Hutchinson)
G'day folks,
I'm looking for an Atarian fluent in both English & German to help me 
translate some documentation and program code from English to German. I
would really prefer to hire someone who is in the U.S. and who has a GEnie
account, as well, as that will just make things easier for us both.
It's not that big a job, but I won't pay you that much, either. ;-)
Please respond by email.  'tanks.
___________________________ John "HUTCH" Hutchinson _________________________
_________________ Fair Dinkum Technologies     Member - IAAD  _______________
________________ "No worries, mate... it's from Fair Dinkum!" _______________
____________ email:   GEnie: FAIR-DINKUM _____________

//// Syquest Booting Problems

From: (Michael Olin)
Several years ago, Tim Purves wrote a program which sold in a package
called "Michtron Utilities" that would resolve the first-boot problem with
Syquests (and any other SCSI drive which won't auto-boot the first time on
powerup.)  It was called HARDAUTO.  You simply put your hard drive booter
software in the AUTO folder on a floppy in drive A:, and then put HARDAUTO
in there right behind it.  The first time you boot you will still boot
from the floppy, but HARDAUTO forces the system to look for AUTO and .ACC
files on the harddrive anyway...
There's also a program called SCSIBOOT that will write a bootsector to
floppy A: that issues a SCSI wakeup which takes care of the problem.
Personally, I don't prefer this method since I'd rather have my
VirusKiller Monitor Guard installed on my A: bootsector instead...
For some inexplicable reason, I dont have this problem anymore since I
installed a Maxtor 130meg fixed drive along with my Syquest.  But I also
know people who use only the Syquest, and they don't have the problem at
all...  Go figure.


From: (John Henders)
   The same thing happened to me with a Syquest. I originally had it
connected with an old Adapted mfm drive, and the Syquest would not boot
directly on the first try. When I replaced the mfm drive with a Quanton
52, the Syquest would boot fine (though I immediately moved my C drive to
the Quantum, as it booted faster anyway.) I found that ICD's coldboot
program was about the quickest way to get started, especially after it was
configured to only look for scsi id0 before starting.

     Well, that's it for this issue! If you have any questions or 
comments, I can be reached at any of my online addresses. Log in with us 
next time for more Threads from the Internet!


--       --==--==--       GEnie Sign-Up Information      --==--==--      --
--                                                                       --
--   1. Set your communications software for half duplex (local echo)    --
--   at 300, 1200, or 2400 baud.                                         --
--                                                                       --
--   2.  Dial toll free: 1-800-638-8369 (or in Canada, 1-800-387-8330).  -- 
--   Upon connection, enter HHH.                                         --
--                                                                       --
--   3.  At the U# prompt, enter XTX99436,GENIE then press <Return>.     --
--                                                                       --
--   4.  Have a major credit card ready.  In the U.S., you may also use  --
--   your checking account number.                                       --
--                                                                       --
--   For more information in the United States or Canada, call 1-800-    --
--   638-9636 or write: GEnie, c/o GE Information Services, P.O. Box     --
--   6403, Rockville, MD 20850-1785.                                     --
--                                                                       --
--       --==--==--  Atari's Official On-line Resource!  --==--==--      --


 |||  A Beginner's Guide to UNIX and the Internet
 |||  By: Timothy Wilson
/ | \ 

A beginner's guide to UNIX, and the Internet.
How it applies to the Atari world, and other tricks, tips, places, 
services, and files of interest.

By Timothy Wilson
(Fake editor's note: no... he's not a guru!)

Chapter 1. How/where to start with UNIX and the internet.

1. A few definitions and starter material.

The internet is a collection of computers primarily operating an OS called
UNIX. UNIX was created about 20 years ago and has been evolving ever

UNIX is a multitasking environment, so as you go about your business on
the internet, there is usually a lot more going on that you don't see.
Basically, all this means to you however is that you need to be aware that
other people are sharing the resources. This comes into play when using
various Internet services.

The Internet is _not_ any more cryptic than MS-DOS, GEnie, Compuserve or
other similar command-line driven procedure. It may actually be easier
than those other services.

It is _not_ a place restricted to priveliged passwords, late night hack
sessions or strange 'cyberspace cowboys' roaming the electron pathways.

I'm writing this article for people who want the full Internet offerings:
Telnet, FTP, Usenet, Mail. (defined as we get to them) If you want a
zillion penpals through the fast e-mail of the internet, these articles
won't do much for you.

To get started, you need an account on a UNIX machine. Large companies
have Internet 'feeds' or connections to the Internet. There may be a
private business offering Internet ('net', 'the net' 'inet' from now on) 

At the end of each article, I will include segments from a file containing
the known public Internet access across the country. Other places you
might try are local Universities, or even your workplace.

2. OK, I have a UNIX account, Now what?!

Great. You're off to a good start. I'll assume you have 'shell access',
which means you get a prompt like:


A shell is a text interface over the core UNIX OS. Just like GEM is a
shell over BIOS/XBIOS and other nitty gritty TOS stuff. 

MS-DOS is patterned after UNIX C-shell (csh). So are other TOS shells such
as gulam, tcsh (a ST port of the UNIX shell) and others. If you have used
any of these before, a lot of commands will seem familiar.

I'll start you off with some base file management stuff, and save the
next chapter for actually "doing" something.

Oh... there's a question in the back....

Uh... yah, if UNIX has been around for 20 years, why doesn't it use a
mouse and graphics like GEM?

...well, it can. A bunch of students at MIT developed X-windows. X-windows
does windows and graphics over networks, kinda like IGS. X-windows is run
on special terminals called X-terms that provide the graphics and mouse 
control. Since X-windows can't (yet) be run over a 2400bps modem or an 
ST, we'll continue....

So you are at your prompt. In these articles I'll use: unix%
It doesn't mean type in "unix%" it's just the prompt.

ok.. now, an important thing to do is see what you got.
so type: ls<return>

(assume the return key is pressed after all these commands unless 
otherwise stated)

You probably won't get much, since you're a new user. Maybe something like

------------------<denotes entering a UNIX demo thingy>---------------
unix% ls
Mail         News      readme.newuser

-------------------------<hey... we're back>--------------------------

Wouldn't it be nice to tell what's what, like what's a directory? Not a
problem.... type: ls -F  (capital F - UNIX is case sensitive) You would 
then get:

unix% ls -F
/Mail            /News      readme.newuser


Ah! Mail and News are really directories. In UNIX the '/' character is
used for paths, directories and the like. Not '\' like MS-DOS and TOS.

Let's make it so we always see the directories like that.

unix% alias ls ls -F

you'll just get your prompt back. 

What you just did is tell the shell to replace any 'ls' it gets with 'ls
-F'. Well, almost any - a file named 'Balls' won't turn into 'Balls -F'.
Try just 'ls' again. See? You get the directories with the '/' by them.
Other useful 'arguments' or 'flags' or 'parameters' you can give ls are:

-a   show ALL the files. Files beginning with a period are usually not
displayed, usually config files are set like this.

-l   show files in long format, includes dates, info on who can do what
to your files, stuff like that. kinda like a 'view by text' under GEM.

to do all of these you can type: ls -alF, or set some aliases. 

unix% ls -alF
d------rwx dude  Jan 21, 21:00      .
drwx------ root  Oct 1   1989  ..
drwx---rwx dude  Jan 21, 21:03      /News
drwx---rwx dude  Jan 21, 21:02      /Mail
-rw----rw- dude  Jan 21, 21:20      readme.newuser
-rw----rw- dude  Jan 21, 21:21      .login
-rw----rw- dude  Jan 21, 21:22      .newsrc

unix% alias lla ls -la

All that strange stuff ('drwx') is called "file permissions." 'd' denotes
directories, 'x' means executable, 'w' means writeable, 'r' means 
read-only. They come in groups such as:


meaning Type of file, Everyones access', 'Group access', and 'Owner 

It's something you really don't have to mess with (just letting you know
what it's all for).

A note on aliases, they go away when you log out. Don't make too many -
I'll talk about how to make them come back in the future.

If you notice the directories '.' and '..', those stand for the current 
and previous directories.

unix%ls .

Will give you a list of the directory that contains the current directory.
The '.' and '..' can be used anywhere to describe the current and 'parent'
directory, respectively.

Hmm. Ok. How about reading a text file? There are lots of ways of doing
this: cat, less, more, vi, emacs, mg.... a bunch. some may not be on your
UNIX machine. Let's try the first one.

unix%cat readme.newuser     ( an example file!) 
{stuff flies by on the screen before you can look at it... ctrl-s does
nothing to stop it}

Yikes! What was that? Not very friendly eh? cat can be used to dump files
quickly if you have a capture buffer.

What's next? Oh... more is.

unix%more readme.newuser
{stuff scrolls up and stops after a page}

Hey... this looks like GEM and its 'Show' text file function... well it 
performs just like it! (or vice versa) <space> pages, <return> moves one
line at a time, and <q> quits.

Now for the nifty one, less.

unix%less readme.newuser
{stuff scrolls up and stops after a page... there's some numbers at the

less is more, but with more stuff than more. Confused yet? :) less allows
you to move the file up and down, a line or page at a time, jump to any
line, and search for words/patterns. It's really neato.

some keys to remember are:
space - page a screen down,
return - one line down,
j - same as return
k - one line up
b - back one page.
/ - search for stuff (e.g.,  /money  will search for the next occurrence of
the word money and either place it at the top of the screen, or highlight
q - quit.
200G - actually any number works, this jumps to a line number.
200  - typing just a number and return will move you that many of lines

There are more commands, but that should get you started.

vi, emacs and mg are editors, each are explained adequately online.

If at anytime you want more info on these commands type something
like this:

unix%man ls
page of info comes up about 'ls'

What this does is call the 'manual' pages up. They operate just like less
does. If you do a 'man ls' you will see instructions on how to use the
'ls' command. You can even type : man man

Now for some other file manipulation stuff.

Moving a file:
moving and renaming are the same in UNIX. 'mv'

unix%mv readme.newuser read.txt

This will rename the first file to the second one.

unix%mv read.txt Mail

This will put read.txt into the /Mail directory. (Caps are important in 

Essentially, if you type a directory name, the file gets moved into that
directory. If it's not a directory, the file changes name. You can do 
both at once. Sorta like dragging a file to a directory in GEM - no need 
to give it a new name for the new directory.

unix% mv sample.doc Mail/example.txt

Now our file is in /Mail; how do we get there? The command 'cd' or change 
directory does that.

unix%cd Mail
(your prompt might change to reflect the new directory... it may not.)

cd is just like double clicking on a directory in GEM.

now then...

example.txt     inbox


inbox is another file that's been setup by the people who run this UNIX
machine. Don't worry about it, it's used by the mail programs.

Ok. Let's toast that example file, but first let's back it up. We use cp,
or copy for that.

unix%cp example.txt ../readme.newuser

That will write a copy to the parent directory (the one you started in,
hopefully) and change its name to readme.newuser

Ok. Time to fry this poor little file..

Use rm (it stands for remove).

unix% rm example.txt

It's gone for good.

There might be a 'delete' or 'del' command that simply moves files to a
/.delfiles directory which is then emptied when you log off. It is
possible to set something up like this with alias. But a bit complicated.

Play around for a while, use man... you might want to try this...

unix% man -k keyword
(listing of commands with 'keyword' in them)

Replace 'keyword' with any subject you like (the -k option means keyword).
So man will then start placing all the commands with this keyword on the
screen. Try it with say... man -k print.

You might end up with a couple of screens worth... maybe not.

A neat thing about UNIX is that you can redirect the output from a program
into another program or file.

Lets say you wanted all the commands with 'term' in them somewhere. But
you can't read at 2400baud. Well, remember less??  Use it, but like 

unix% man -k term | less
(output pages)

This 'pipes' all the output to less, so you can page one screen at a time.
A roundabout way is:

unix% man -k term > man.out

man.out can really be any filename.

What this does is "redirect" the output from man to a file called man.out
(or whatever file you desire).

Then you could 'less' the file.

That about wraps up this chapter.

Next chapter will be all about communicating between two (or more) people
using the internet and UNIX.

See you next time!

Timothy, GEnie: T.WILSON14
Soon to be Dark Oak software.... (plug plug)

//// Internet Access numbers, part one.

Most providers listed here are also accessible by packet-switched data
services such as PC Pursuit ($30/month for 30 hours off-peak 2400 bps
access -- call 800-736-1130 for more information), traditional long
distance services, and of course telnet.

name .......... a2i communications
dialup ........ 408-293-9010 (v.32, v.32 bis) or 408-293-9020 (PEP) 'guest'
area codes .... 408
local access .. CA: Campbell, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Moutain View, San Jose, 
                 Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale
fees .......... $20/month or $45/3 months or $72/6 months
voice ......... n/a

name .......... Anomaly - Rhode Island's Gateway To The Internet
dialup ........ 401-331-3706 (v.32) or 401-455-0347 (PEP)
area codes .... 401
local access .. RI: Providence/Seekonk Zone
fees .......... $125/6 months or $200/year
voice ......... 401-273-4669

<< cns >>
name ......... Community News Service
dialup ....... 719-520-1700 'new'
area codes ... 719
local access . CO: Colorado Springs
fees ......... $1/hour; $10/month minimum + $35 signup
voice ........ 719-579-9120

name ......... pty ltd
dialup ....... contact for number
area codes ... +61 3, +61 2
local access . Australia: Melbourne, Sydney
fees ......... AUS$2000/year (1 hour/day), 10% discount for AUUG members; 
                 other billing negotiable
voice ......... +61 3 5282239
fax ........... +61 3 5285887

name ......... Colorado SuperNet
dialup ....... contact for number
area codes ... 303, 719
local access . CO: Ft. Collins, Boulder/Denver, Colorado Springs
NOTE: CSN serves Colorado only
fees ......... $1/hour off-peak, $2/hour peak ($250 max/month) + $20 signup
email ........
voice ........ 303-273-3471

name ......... The Cyberspace Station
dialup ....... (619) 634-1376 'guest'
area codes ... 619
local access . CA: Entire 619 area code
fees ......... $15/month + $10 startup or $60 for six months
voice ........ 800-876-2373 or 619-455-3900

More locations will follow in upcoming articles!


  |||  GEnie's IAAD RTC ..................... The MegaDeveloper Conference.
 / | \ Courtesy: GEnie

(C) 1993 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
be reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.
To sign up for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon
connection type HHH (RETURN after that).  Wait for the U#= prompt.
Type XJM11877,GEnie and hit RETURN.  The system will prompt you for your

              Wednesday Night ATARI Round Table Real Time Conference

                         Guests - The IAAD featuring
                                  Dorothy Brumleve
                                  Jim Allen
                                  Nathan Potechin
                                  Nevin Shalit
                         numerous members of the IAAD

                         Host - Brian H.Harvey

                      Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 1993

<BRIAN.H> On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to
this IAAD Real Time Conference. Tonight I would like to welcome Dorothy
Brumleve, the president of the IAAD. The IAAD is the four year old
association of Atari Developers which are dedicated to the ATARI platform.
I don't want to give anymore details at this time since one of the
purposes of this RTC is to become more familiar with the IAAD [grin]. 
There are three of the four other board members here tonight:

          J.ALLEN27 (Jim)
          POTECHIN (Nathan)
          NEVIN-S (Nevin)

All four will be in talk mode and if you wish you can direct your comments
to any member.

Welcome Dot, do you have a few words to begin this evening RTC? 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Certainly, thanks, Brian! The IAAD is an
organization of third-party hardware and software developers supporting
the ST family of computers. Many of our members are assembled here
tonight.  If you have a question for a specific member, please let Job #11
(BRIAN.H) know that.  

Our Board members are prepared to answer any questions you may have about
our organization and the Atari market in general.  Most of the Board is
here tonight, too.

I am the President, and our Board members are Nathan Potechin of DMC...

Jim Allen of Fast Technology, Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead, and Chet Walters
of WizWorks!

Our organization is now in its fourth year.

OK, Brian, you're on!

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Dot! Our first question is from Andreas!

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Hi, Andreas.

<[Andreas@AEO] AEO.2> For the Codeheads!  Hi! I was wondering what the
status of Calligrapher3 was and the situation with supporting SpeedoGDOS! 
In case they are not here I have a SECOND question ready!!!

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> They are indeed here.

<[IAAD John] J.EIDSVOOG1> We uploaded the press release for Calligrapher 3
a couple of hours ago. The demo for Calligrapher 3 is in the hands of the
sysops and is being considered for the Treat of the Month. (I hope I
didn't spill any beans here). As for SpeedoGDOS, we've asked Working Title
UK about whether they'll be supporting it.  I imagine they will wait until
its actually released before deciding.

Calligrapher already has its own outline font system at no extra cost and
that might be a determining factor.

<[IAAD John] J.EIDSVOOG1>Oh, I've just been informed that it _is_ the
treat of the month.

<[Bad IAAD Dog] CODEHEAD> BTW, did we mention that Calligrapher 3 now
bypasses GDOS entirely?  (Which means it's _much_ easier to install and

<[Andreas@AEO] AEO.2> For Jim Allen can you comment on the Tiny Turbo for
the F030?

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> The Falcon030's expansion port is very much like
a 68000 chip so all we'll need is an adapter board to allow the ST model
to plug right in!!

<[Andreas@AEO] AEO.2> Thanks!

<BRIAN.H> Thanks for the great answers!!

<BRIAN.H> You are next Bruce

<[bruce] B.WELSCH> I just want to say thanks for the great support over
the years and hope you all keep it up. THANKS, Hope to see you all soon!!!

<BRIAN.H> Well, that was quick [grin].

[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Was that for the group as a whole, Bruce? If so,
thank you on behalf of the IAAD. ;-)

<BRIAN.H> What is the difference between the IADA and IAAD? It is 
confusing to me.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Brian, the IAAD is a group of developers.  The
IADA, the Independent Association of Atari Dealers is a group of dealers.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Independent Atari Dealers Association?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Another difference is that we thought of our
name first. ;-) I am a member of both, as I have a VAR business as well as
developing my own software.

<BRIAN.H> Do they have overlapping members other than yourself? 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I don't know of any other than myself, Brian.

<BRIAN.H> OK, Dave Stuart is next.

<[D. Stuart] AEO.7> Dorothy:  Any prerequisites for membership?  And are
there any plans for IAAD to come out with a magazine or some other media?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Dave, the qualifications for membership include
registration as a commercial Atari developer and a commercial product.
Applicants are expected to hold all information gained through member
discussions in confidence. And they must be admitted by a vote of the

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> May I interject for a moment please Dorothy?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Nathan Potechin, by the way, is also a
dual-member of the IADA/IAAD it turns out. ;-)

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN The main thing that we do as IAAD members is to
help each other and by so doing, help ourselves and strengthen the market
at the same time. The level of cooperation and communication within the
IAAD is unprecedented in the industry.  I had that prepared. Could you
tell? ;-)

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> (Nathan has come prepared, I see.) Would any
other Board member like to add something here?

<[D. Stuart] AEO.7> So far I am interested, but I don't seem to fully

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Dave, we don't have any current plans for a

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Dave Stuart. You are next Joe.

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> What specific accomplishments can be attributed to the
IAAD over the past 3 1/2 years? Also, approximately how many members are
there now?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> JD, we have over 50 members.

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> Also, Nathan, as a registered Apple developer I think
that I can take issue with the "unprecedented in the industry" comment.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Nathan, suppose you discuss some of our
accomplishments? (and defend your "unprecedented" claim ;-)

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> Congrats on being a registered Apple Developer JD.
;-). I don't recall an organization such as the IAAD, meeting online on a
regular basis, for any other computer platform. :-)

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Apple devs aren't nearly this friendly on as
wide a scale ;-)

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> The IAAD was responsible for a fairly nice piece
of marketing, a small booklet that contained information on many of our
products. This booklet was enclosed with Atari computers from the
warehouse, as well as provided as an insert. It was done at cost and was a
very effective and positive accomplishment.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> We've acted as an information source, bringing
the attention of developers to various opportunities for user group shows,
working with Atari, etc.  We've helped several new developers get up and
running, too. We support the developers so that they can provide better
support of their products.

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> We share information, probably our most valuable

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> Thanks, Nathan. That's all for me.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks JD. You are next Keith

<[Keith] K.BROOKS1> Is Calligrapher 3 available now John?  Warp 9 3.61
bombs Speedo in mid-print at least on the beta I am using of Speedo.  Talk
about FAST!!

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Please let John E talk again Brian...Sounds
like the CodeHeads ought to have a Calligrapher RTC!

<[IAAD John] J.EIDSVOOG1> Calligrapher will probably start shipping next
week.  The demo will be released any minute now. We'll have to do some
testing of SpeedoGDOS if there's a problem.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Who's next, Brian?

<BRIAN.H>  I would like to know what changes are planned for the future
for the IAAD? Is there any advertising or other strategy planned?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Jim, want to comment?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Jim is head of our marketing committee.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> We are planning a new IAAD product flyer, which
thanks to some low printing costs will really quite nice, and available to
all the dealers so people can quickly get an overview of all the neat
stuff available for the ST!!!

<BRIAN.H> Thanks are next Rob.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Hi, Rob.

<[Rob] R.ANISKO> Hi, two quick techie questions. Is there a
hardware/software fix (a la 50/60hz switcher) to allow ST's to use a
higher sync speed, so as to work in color on VGA/multisync monitors
properly? Is there a way to increase the khz? (between the ST and 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Jim, could you handle this one please? ;-)

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Hmmmm, the ST's color output is at 15Khz, which
is too low for typical multisyncs. You need to buy a multisynch that can
operate that a CrazyDots or ISAC card (blatant IAAD
product plug). No way to get around it. There is an Amiga product called
Flickerfixer that does what you want, but no one ever did one for the
Atari. Of course you can get a Falcon too!! That works with multisyncs. 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> And VGA and SC1224 and a bunch of other
monitors.  ;-)

<[Rob] R.ANISKO> OK, and 2) some programs check graphics MODE (a Falcon
no-no no doubt) rather than screen size - so say using a virtual screen
won't work in some modes - any way to "fake" a graphics MODE?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Jim, could you tackle this one? 

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Yes... 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I can say that, for programs that look for ST
resolutions, the Falcon offers these resolutions, so you needn't give up
your old software on that account when upgrading to the Falcon030.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> You could I suppose. The ones that check look at
a low address variable, and do it through an OS call, so a little patch
program could be made to "fake" what ever mode you wanted. Hmmm, wonder
why no one's done that?

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Jim! OK, your turn for a question JD

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> Dorothy, you stated that the IAAD has about 50 members.
Has the IAAD considered relaxing its commercial tier registration
requirement? This would allow many more people who actively write software
to come on board.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> No, we haven't, JD.  We require the 
registration status because some of our discussions pertain to matters
covered by non-disclosure. We also are interested primarily in encouraging
commercial development.

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> I suppose it is difficult to keep the different subject
matter separate. But an "associate" membership with reduced privileges
might be one way. 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Nathan, would you care to add something here?

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> We have also made a solid effort to acquire new
members in the recent past. There are many commercial Atari Developers
that were not aware of GEnie (oh my) and were not really aware of the
IAAD. As this changes, our membership grows. As well, new developers are
coming on board and we fully intend to welcome them and make them feel at
home. I cannot pass up the opportunity to mention that the largest center
of Atari people online in the world is right here on GEnie. Atari
themselves, Atari Developers and  Atari computer owners from many parts of
the world congregate right here. (Blatant GEnie plug.) :-)

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> People who aren't doing software/hardware
development for commercial reasons don't need the help we predominantly
offer anyway.

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> Thannks, Nathan. That's all for me.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks JD

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> JD, Jim had a cogent comment in there, too. 
Our discussions would largely be of interest only to folks like ourselves
who are actively trying to market commercial offerings. 

<BRIAN.H> You are next Mike  <--- our new sysop!!

<[Curious Cat] MIKE-ALLEN> I have always been impressed by the quality, 
if not quantity, of the software in the Atari market as well as the
support. My Q is can one really make a living in the Atari market? <g>

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Well, Mike, _I_ can't. ;-)

<[IAAD Member] NEVIN-S> Nope.  

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Hey we only want serious questions here Mike ;-)

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> But I do hope that will change with the with
the Falcon's release here.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> 100,000 Falcons could change the whole picture
in a hurry ;-

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Not many developers in North America _are_
doing Atari software as a full-time activity. But many would love to drop
their day jobs!

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> And hardware is barely a winner either.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Any further questions, Mike?

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> It's not easy Mike. As you've probably guessed,
none of us can really excel until Atari puts some additional computers on
the Dealers shelves

<[Curious Cat] MIKE-ALLEN> To the CodeHeads:  How goes things with
CodeHead products in re: the F030?  I am especially interested in W9, MDD
and Callig3.

<[IAAD John] J.EIDSVOOG1> Hmmm.... well Charles is the one with the
Falcon. We're looking at it and have fixed some minor bugs in Desk Manager
and MaxiFile.

<[Bad IAAD Dog] CODEHEAD> Calligrapher 3 is fully compatible with the
Falcon, and with MultiTOS. MultiDesk is compatible with the Falcon's
built-in ROM TOS, but not (at the moment) with MultiTOS. Warp 9 is "under
construction."  Early reports are favorable.  <grin>

<[Curious Cat] MIKE-ALLEN> Good news about Callig3. Would one really use
MDD with Multi TOS? 

<[IAAD John] J.EIDSVOOG1> MDD with MultiTOS?   Hmmm...There is a mechanism
for launching ACCs from MultiTOS. Actually....yes. MultiDesk will still be
useful with MultiTOS. The current method of installing desk accessories in
MultiTOS is less than optimal, in my opinion. It works with many ACCs.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Congratulations on your sysopship, Mike.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Mike. You are next Lyre. Lyre has three questions.

<[18] Lyre] AEO.3> First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the
IAAD members for attending and sharing your experiences and information
with us. I have a couple of questions.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Shoot!

<[18] Lyre] AEO.3> Lexicor:  How is the development of Leonardo Board
progressing?  And do you have a *tentative* release date?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Can the Lexicor gang respond to this?

<BRIAN.H> Lexicor or John Cole?

<[IAAD Lexicor] J.COLE18> I'll take it. 

<[IAAD] LEXICOR> Cole will take this one!

 <[IAAD Lexicor] J.COLE18> Leonardo is being developed by Dover Research
otherwise know as Jay Craswell of ISAC fame. We were going to market it
when it was ready with full software support.  When/if that ever happens
is not up to us.  Currently, we have no plans to announce a release date. 
The cards are finished and only need a 24 bit VDI, something Jay is having
some trouble in getting.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> I can comment somewhat on Leo if you wish?

<BRIAN.H> Go Jim

<[18] Lyre] AEO.3> I don't mind if you do Jim :)

<[IAAD] LEXICOR> It's OK by me but check with Cole18 first

<[IAAD Lexicor] J.COLE18> :-)

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Dover has the hardware all set, and awaits a
24bit VDI. THere are some folks in Germany who happen to have one all done
and running on another board.  So they are talking to each other about
working something out. No promises, and this is purely off the record, but
Jay IS working on the situation!!!

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> By the way, Jay is also responsible for the
Moniterm board for the Atari.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> And his current ISAC (for MegaST) and AlberTT
(for the MegaSTE/TT) boards...either one only $299 while they last!!!!!

<[18] Lyre] AEO.3> Thanks.  Next question....Dragonware:  I noticed that
you announced the release of D_GRAPH on the bulletin board. Could you tell
me a little more about it? 

<[IAAD Chris r] DRAGONWARE> D_Graph is a GDOS, FSMGDOS, and SpeedoGDOS
application. It makes graphs. It will export the graphs in various ST
graphic formats. It will make vertical line graphs and horizontal line
graphs with or without projection graphs. Pie and bar graphs Stairstep pie
graphs, 3D graphs and 2D graphs and will import tab separated data files
from just about any data base. It will export in IMG, Color IMG, CVG, GEM,
MAC, PI3 , PC3 ,and SPC.

<[18] Lyre] AEO.3> Thanks Chris.  My next question is for NewSTar - the
producer of Straight FAX! I was wondering how the response to Straight FAX
has been?

 <[IAAD Member] C.S.SMETON> Thank You, The STraight FAX! has been going
though a few changes lately. NewSTar Technology Management (the company
that developed the STraight FAX! is now marketing it with help from Toad
Computers in Severna Park, MD. Toad is providing technical support and
marketing advice on the software and is aggressively marketing the product
overseas. We are trying to contact all STraight FAX! owners to re-register
with NewSTar so that we can provide them continuous support during our
transition. We also apologize for any delays in shipping updates, etc. 
from the previous marketer. The re-registration is free -- just send your
info to us - details are in Category 4, Topic 24.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Lyre, you are next JD.

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> Dorothy, a while ago you seemed to imply that the
widespread release of the Falcon is just around the corner. Is this true?
I get conflicting reports.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> OK, JD...Let me read this. ;-) At the Dateline
Atari! RTC last Friday, JD, Bob Brodie said that the Falcon's release in
the US would probably be delayed until March.

<[jdb] JOE.WATERS> Any estimate of initial quantities? Thanks, I'll check
that info. That's all for me.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I wasn't happy to hear this, of course, but I
am hopeful they will have the minor problems he described ironed out by
then so that there will be a smooth entry into the US/Canadian market.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> I hear there are warehouses full of Falcon boxes
out in Sunnyvale!!! 

<BRIAN.H> Thanks JD!! Dot,  What is your vision of the future of Atari
ST(E)/ Falcon? Is there a future for the ST(e) itself?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> There's a future for _my_ STe.  ;-) Jim, no
need to fuel the rumor mills. ;-)

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> I believe we have a few people here from Atari
tonight.  Perhaps they are in a better position to respond with accuracy. 

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Oops, I was watching "The Prize", so fuel was
close to my thoughts, sorry ;-)

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Bob, could you comment on Atari's plans for the

<BOB-BRODIE> We have no plans at present to discontinue the STE line. We
feel that it is the perfect entry level machine.

<[Bill@Atari] B.REHBOCK> The Falcon will eventually replace the STe, just
as the STe replaced the 512 color ST.

<BOB-BRODIE> However, we will of course, weight that against the markets
interest in the STE after the Atari Falcon030 is widely available.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Ah, good conflicting answers!

<BOB-BRODIE> Straight from Sam... :)

<[Bill@Atari] B.REHBOCK> I did say eventually :-)

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> That makes perfect sense, thank you.

<BOB-BRODIE> the key word there...Indeed Bill. 

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I guess it would be safe to say that STEs will
be available for quite a while?

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Bob, Bill. A question for Dr. Bob. Tell about the current
and future plans for your MGV, eg Falcon, new modules, etc.

<[IAAD Dr.Bob] W.PARKS3> Ahh... MVG is currently under re-construction. 
It is advancing from a strictly monochrome application to a full
VDI-compliant Color graphics editor. (note: I've been told to explain what
MVG is...  strange that  this isn't well known already ;-) With the advent
of the Falcon's new video modes, we've been working overtime to support
the True-color and 256 color modes as well. MVG, as it is available now,
have several external modules on separate disks.  These are also all being
rewritten to accomodate the new color support.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> You'll be supporting TGA then, Doc?

<[IAAD Dr.Bob] W.PARKS3> I think it would be best for to check out CAT#7
topic 5 for further details OR...... better yet... just about ANY RTC here
on Mondays or Wednesdays. (am I taking too much time? I see the red light

<BRIAN.H> Wow sounds fantastic!! Thanks for the info.  If any of the
developers want to add a pitch or something at the end please let me know.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> For the Ultimate in TURBO030 from
Fast Technology.....508-475-3810

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I think Brian meant at the VERY end, Jim.  ;-)

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Jim, you are next Dave Stuart.

 <[D. Stuart] AEO.7> Any IAAD person ... I would be content with $20k -
$30k per year regarding 'making a living' on the ATARI platform.  I could
probably do that easily on the INTEL, but my preference is for the ATARI! 
It is just a superior piece of hardware and could be a much more
widespread one - given the proper marketing.  Or so it would seem! And
what would be the best development tool currently?  TT or FALCON?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Hmmm...Nathan, you work with both. This one is
yours. ;-)

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Lattice C and Devpac from HiSoft are
unquestionably the BEST in development software!!! That would depend upon
your application.  DynaCADD uses Lattice C from HiSoft. Calamus uses Turbo
C still.  :-) We use the TT at this time.

<[D. Stuart] AEO.7> What about hardware?

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> The HiSoft tools are being "Falcon'd" as we
speak! Pure C is also a powerful package from Gribnif, that gives you what
you need!!

<<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I think Dave would like us to choose the Atari
platform: TT or Falcon for current development. Actually, I don't see why
you wouldn't support all Ataris, that would greatly increase your
potential customer base. 

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Dave

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Is that helpful, Dave?

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> The Falcon holds vast new opportunities in
multimedia related pursuits, there will be lots and lots of neat things
you can dream up.  So if they sell enough, making $30K/yr won't be too
hard to accomplish.

<[D. Stuart] AEO.7> Well, I was thinking in terms of the complete ATARI
line, but asking after what machine would be best to do it on!

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I think it's important to own the latest
hardware, but also to have a variety of beta testers using different

<[D. Stuart] AEO.7> It would seem reasonable to use the FALCON provided
the end results will run on a ST 1040!

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Don't look at it that way, the Falcon will be a
whole NEW market, and have a whole NEW audience, the best opportunities
are in making the best of the new machines super duper attributes!!!

<BRIAN.H> Ok, on to Mike. Go Mike.

<[Curious Cat] MIKE-ALLEN> For GRIBNIF:  What is the future of NeoDesk
under TOS 4.x?  I assume you'll find things that Atari has left out. Any
REMOTE chance of English Docs for Pure C?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Dan, this one is for you.

<[Dan - IAAD] GRIBNIF> Mike, NeoDesk 3.03 (which is now ready) does work
with MultiTOS but you'll have to wait for NeoDesk 4 for some of the really
hot new features of MultiTOS to become apparent. As for Pure C docs in
English, no, unfortunately the agreement that Pure Software has with
Borland Germany does not permit this. However, I have not found this to be
a major drawback, as I (like most Atari programmers) have lots of other
sources of info.

<[Curious Cat] MIKE-ALLEN> Thanks, Dan. One more .I understand that there
was a mention of the F030 on last weeks Computer Chronicles. I missed it,
although I understand they said the F030 delivery was July - did any one
see CC and are there any comments?

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> No mention that I saw?

 <[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> I did not see it Mike. Anyone?.

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> I think we'll have to ask in the BB and see if the
episode you saw originated in the twilight zone. :-)

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I'm not familiar with it either.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Mike

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I believe Hutch has an announcement regarding
his products...

<BRIAN.H> Go Hutch

<[IAAD Member] FAIR-DINKUM> Thanks, Dorothy, Brian. We've got a couple of

First, at long last, Crossword Creator II now has a FINAL quality print
driver for HP printers... DeskJet and LaserJets included.

Next, Cyberdrome-The Hoverjet Simulator has a brand new revision 1.1
available which includes enhanced hallway graphics in the memory mines and
a new X-Weapon.  Great stuff.  Both are available for just $5 for
registered users.

Lastly... Hopefully, next month we will have a significant announcement of
a MAJOR new product which will be of great interest to all Atari
programmers out there.  Stay tuned.  Thanks to all.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Mark O'Bryan of Paradigm has some comments,

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Hutch. you are next Mark...

<[IAAD Mark] M.OBRYAN1> Thanks. We offer a universal MIDI librarian,
called Omni-Banker ST, that supports scads of different instruments from
over 50 manufacturers. Scads is defined as >350+ as of version 1.7.
Principle features of Omni-Banker are its ease of use, it's ability to run
as a DA, so you can load & audition new sounds without leaving your
sequencer, and support of lots of gear that's not popular enough for
anybody else to do it.

Check out our listing in Atari's new International Software catalog, or
give us, Paradigm, a call at (616) 372-5972.  Thanks. Dorothy.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Mark!

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Glad you mentioned the International Software
Catalog, Mark.  I think it's an excellent resource for all Atarians!

<[IAAD Chris r] DRAGONWARE> DragonWare is looking for good application
software to market under the DragonWare name.  Interested developers
please send GE-Mail to DRAGONWARE.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Call Overscan Chris...they need a US 

<[IAAD Chris r] DRAGONWARE> Thanks Dot, and Brian . We hope to expand the
DragonWare line to a full fifty Atari products by the end of '93.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Chris! We're drawing to a close for the formal portion of
the IAAD RTC. Before I put the room into Frenzy Mode, do you have any
closing words, Dot? If any of you other developers have a final comment
then please /send to me NOW?

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I believe all of the present Board members have
some final words. ;-) Nathan, you're on!

<[IAAD Board] POTECHIN> Thank you. 

As you can determine from the many and varied questions and answers
tonight, the IAAD is made up of members from all aspects of the
development community. Dorothy mentioned the membership requirements
earlier. A complete list of the IAAD members is available in the library
for your downloading pleasure.  ALL members are available right here on
GEnie on a regular basis to offer complete and responsive support to all
of their product line. We invite your questions and answers and thank you
all for attending this evening. Jim? 

How'd I do Dorothy? ;-) Thanks for hosting us Brian.

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Good night Gracie.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Well put, Jim!

<[IAAD Member] J.ALLEN27> Thanks for coming, we're all over the RT BB so
anytime you need help just scream and one of us will be there!!

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I'd like to thank Brian. It's been a strange
and hectic RTC and he's done a fantastic job, all things considered.

<BRIAN.H> Thanks Dot.

<[IAAD Prez] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I'd also like to add that any developers
interested in joining our group may apply to PERMIT$ in GEMail. We welcome
information from user groups and others who would like to communicate with
many devs at once.

<BRIAN.H> I wish to thank you Dot and ALL of the other developers for 
attending tonight RTC.  I also wish to thank all the attendees for their
questions and patience.  In frenzy mode!

                      Post Conference Information

<[Curious Cat] MIKE-ALLEN> As the recent sysop for the Sunday Nite Help
RTC 9 pm EST (7pm MST -  The forgotten time zone) I'd like to invite
everyone to drop by.  Often the questions have to do  with your products. 
I surely would appreciate having you drop by once in a while to help me
out! Thanks,

<[IAAD Member] MLAKE> For a complete horse racing simulation call TEAM
Software at 703-533-2132 
The Independent Association of Atari Developers (IAAD) Board and members
who attended were:

     Dorothy Brumleve of D.A. Brumleve, President of the IAAD,
     Nathan Potechin of DMC Publishing, 
     Jim Allen of FAST Technology,
     Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software Inc.,
     Doug Wheeler of ICD Inc.,
     John Eidsvoog and Charles Johnson of CodeHead Technologies,
     Chris Roberts of Dragonware,
     John Trautschold of Missionware,
     David Fletcher of Ditek,
     Craig Harvey of Clear Thinking,
     John Cole, John Stanford, and Lee Seiler of Lexicor,
     David Beckemeyer of Beckemeyer Development Tools,
     Mark O'Bryan of Paradigm Software Products,
     John 'Hutch' Hutchinson of Fair Dinkum Technologies,
     Greg Kopchak of It's All Relative,
     Marshall Lake of TEAM Software,
     "Dr. Bob" Parks of Dr. Bobware,
     Charles Smeton of NewSTar Technology Management
     Dan Wilga of Gribnif Software
     Norm Weinress of Weinress Consulting.
     Jim Yegerlehne of Apprentice Software

For a complete list of ALL IAAD members please refer to file number 27187
(IAAD_DIR.ARC) in the ATARI ST Round Table library on GEnie.

You are also invited to drop in on Monday or Wednesday evenings  each
week. Numerous developers attend on those nights too! All Real Time
Conferences begin at 10:00 p.m.  Eastern  Time.


 |||  Developing News: Important items from TOS platform developers
 |||  By: Lyre
/ | \ GEnie: AEO.3

Considering the number of companies providing hardware and software
solutions for our computing needs, it is difficult at times to keep
informed.  Whether the latest news is a program upgrade, new program
or a hardware announcement, this regularly appearing article offers
you one place to keep abreast of all of the exciting developements in
the Atari community.

So, without further "delay tactics," here is the most recent news.

//// DynaCADD 2D

Purchase Price: $269.00

Toronto, Canada, December 31, 1992

Ditek International announced the release of DynaCADD 2D, a high-level
design package for Atari ST and TT computers with a retail price of
$269.00 US.  An Atari Falcon030 version will be available later this year.
DynaCADD 2D is the two dimensional portion of the already existing
DynaCADD 3D program which has been avai lable for the past two years.

Oren Asher, President of Ditek, explains that "what we offer is a
feature-rich, 2D design environment for under $300 the competes with, has
more features is much easier to use than anything out there. A 
significant portion of the market designs primarily in 2D. What these
designers want is easy to use, high-level 2D functionality at the most
reasonable price." "DynaCADD 2D offers exactly the same comprehensive 2D
functionality as our full 2D/3D version. Not one single 2D capability
has been omitted. This new product typifies our sensitivity to the market
and is being offered in response to many requests. If a designer only
requires our 2D functionality for the meantime, we are more than willing
to make it available.  One can always take advantage of the 3D
capabilities offered in our other version later on", said Asher.

Some of the features available are on-line help, context-sensitive
documentation and an intuitive user interface. All of these features make
DynaCADD 2D extremely easy to learn and use. An entire drawing or portion
of a drawing can be sent, at any scale including best fit, to all popular
pen plotters or dot matrix, laser, or Postscript printers. Output can also
be sent to disk files for off-site production. Also included are a
MAKEPLOT utility to create or alter any plotter driver; an a full Vector
Font Editor to create new or edit existing fonts.

For more information, contact Frank Staples at Ditek International, 2800
John Street, Unit 15, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 0E2. Telephone (416)
479-1990, or by FAX (416) 479-1882. Online via GEnie, send inquiries to

//// OutBurST! 3.0 / 3.1 Fix

January 4, 1993

If you are an OutBurST! user, please be aware that some copies of versions
3.0 and 3.1 were shipped with bad OBSET programs. If your copy indicates
an initial spooler size of 141588700 bytes, you need to obtain a new
version of the OBSET program. The latest version is available on GEnie.

Users whose copies do not contain this initial spooler size value should
_not_ download this file. This file will only work correctly with copies
which have this symptom.

For more information, ongoing discussion of OutBurST! is held in Category
27, Topic 17 in the ST RoundTable on GEnie. Or, contact Frank Pawlowski
directly on GEnie at F.PAWLOWSKI.

//// STraight FAX!

January 4, 1993

Toad Computers of Saverna Park, Maryland is now the worldwide distributor
and technical support provider for STraight FAX! All owners of STraight
FAX! should send in their registration cards to NewSTar Technology as only
registered users will be fully supported. If you have not, as of yet, sent
in your registration card please do so immediately.

Toad Computers, in conjunction with NewSTar Technology, will be providing
aggressive marketing and technical support. Any new features suggested by
user will be conveyed to NewSTar Technology.

Exciting updates about software upgrades, new features and even new
software products from NewSTar Technology and Toad Computers will be sent
by mail to registered users.

To order STraight FAX!, call (800) 448-TOAD. Technical support is
available Monday-Saturday 10:30 am to 6:00 pm, Eastern at (410) 544-6943.
Toad Computers, 570F Gov. Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, MD 21146.

//// Teradesk v1.25

Teradesk, a shareware replacement desktop for Atari computers, has 
released version 1.25. Here are a few details about the suggestions and
new features.

        o  The color palette can be saved before a program is started.
        o  The desktop background can be changed.
        o  The font and the fontsize of the windows can be changed.
        o  Automatic scrolling when selecting multiple items in a
           window using the rubberbox.

Additional features being considered for implementation in future versions
include: user definable menu shortcuts, deleting selected files by
pressing the delete key, a simple image viewer supporting monochrome
images and images with the same number of colors as the current
resolution, change resolution from Teradesk, dialog boxes in windows
and a search file grep function. Some of these features, being quite
complex, may be added over the course of two or three versions.

New program features, suggestions and any bug reports are appreciated and
may be sent to the author through any of the contact means below.

In the United Kingdom new versions may be downloaded from System ST from
10:00 pm to 7:00 am GMT only, via telephone +44 (0)533 413443; or FidoNet
2:255/320; or NeST 90:102/131. The file is called TERADESK.LZH. This
bulletin board also serves as technical support for Teradesk. In the
Netherlands new versions can be downloaded from Moir Brandts Honk BBS,
telephone 070-3461215.

Alternately, the following persons will kindly pass any mail to me:
Compuserve: 100010,2106 (Stuart Coates), GEnie: GRMEYER, DELPHI: GRMEYER.

Alternately, mail may be sent to Wout Klaren, Zwolsekanaal 18, 7681 ED
Vroomshoop, The Netherlands

//// Seurat

January 12, 1993

An upgrade to Seurat is nearing completion with an intended release date
set for the end of January. The TIFF file format is being enhanced as
well as other aspects of the program.

Seurat is discussed on GEnie in the ST RoundTable in Category 7, Topic 12.

//// G_MAN

Purchase Price & Upgrade Price: Not Announced

January 12, 1993

On Febuary 15, DragonWare Software Inc. will release the last G_MAN PRO
version 4.0 upgrade. On February 25, 1993 an updated version of G_MAN Lite
will be released. Thereafter, no further upgrades to either program will
be produced.

For more information, contact Chris Roberts at DragonWare Software Inc, PO
1719, Havre MT 59501; (406) 265-7300. On GEnie, inquiries may be sent to 

//// D_Graph

January 12, 1993

D_Graph, a new application from DragonWare Software Inc, will be released
in March. Capable of being run on any version of TOS from a 520ST to the
new Falcon030, D_Graph is a graphing package allowing both two and three
dimensional output via GDOS, FSMGDOS or Speedo GDOS. Data can be exported
in IMG, color IMG, GEM, CVG, PI3, PC3, SPC, MAC and DWG formats. Three
dimensional graphs can be displayed in bar, pie, coin and stairstep charts
- in monochrome or color. Line graphs may be produced either vertically or
horizontally with or without projections graphs. Combinations of some of
the charts are also possible.  D_GRAPH is able to import tab separated
data files from most database programs.

For more information, contact Chris Roberts at DragonWare Software Inc, PO
1719, Havre MT 59501; (406) 265-7300. On GEnie, inquiries may be sent to

//// Calligrapher 3

Purchase Price: Pro:$ 175   Gold:$ 250.  Upgrade Price: See text.

Los Angeles, California, January 12, 1993

CodeHead Technologies and Working Title US have announced the release of
Calligrapher 3, a graphics-based word processor capable of running on all
ST/STe, TT030 and Falcon030 computers. There are two versions of the
program: Calligrapher Professional, requiring 1 Mb of memory, and
Calligrapher Gold, requiring 1Mb of memory and a hard disk. The difference
between these versions is in the optional PAKS (program modules) included
in the package. The Calligrapher program is the same in both versions.

Several enhancements have been implemented to make installation quicker,
easier and less trouble-prone. The functionality of G+Callig (a GDOS
replacement) and Line_Arc have been built directly into Calligrapher 3 and
they can be removed from the AUTO folder. In addition, the new
installation program utilizes a GEM dialog box and is more intelligent;
filling all available memory before writing to disk to minimize disk

A new program allows you to alter Calligrapher's internal setup including
memory used, the printer supported and other internal settings. You can
reduce the memory used by Calligrapher to make it compatible with
multitasking operating systems such as MultiGem and MultiTOS. This program
also allows two printers to be supported at the same time, making it
possible to switch between them at print time.

Users with 2Mb of memory and a hard disk will be able to take advantage of
intelligent screen font caching to display vector fonts on the screen.
These can speed up the screen display when opening and moving through
documents.  And with the new document template files (files with a CAT
extension) this speed will be needed. This new file type allows you to
pre-define your ruler settings and utilize this guideline for your
documents. Calligrapher prompts you for a new file name before saving, so
you do not overwrite the template.

With the release of Calligrapher 3 you can now use any URW font (the 
existing fonts must be re-installed with the new program included in
upgrades). Calligrapher 3 owners can also use any of the twenty new fonts
available from URW. These fonts are not compatable with current versions
of Calligrapher and should only be ordered if you have Calligrapher 3. The
new fonts (and their order numbers) are:

67 Goudy           72 Stencil      77 T-bird Cond.  82 Olde Towne No. 536
68 Grotesque No.9  73 Stop         78 Latin Wide    83 News Gothic
69 Hobo            74 Serpentine   79 Murray Hill   84 Raleigh
70 Nevison Casual  75 Thorowgood   80 Park Avenue   85 Romana Demi Bold
71 Playbill        76 Thunderbird  81 Maxima        86 Stymie

The ability to use URW fonts in the FlexText module means that GDOS
fonts - and therefore GDOS itself - are no longer supported in
Calligrapher 3. Since the FlexText module requires GDOS and Line_Arc,
it is no longer possible to run the FlexText module as a stand alone
application; it must be run as a PAK within Calligrapher 3 in order to
operate properly. Changes have been made to the FlexText module in
order to reduce the amount of memory it consumes.

The integral symbol and brackets in Calligrapher's mathematical formulae
have been improved and new commands added to cover set symbols, and things
such as products. Keyboard shortcuts for the the interactive formula
editor, including the new commands, have also been added.

        Additional features of Calligrapher 3 are:
 o Supports Epson dot matrix printers that support 360dpi compressed
   mode (Esc-P2 printers).
 o Supports 1.44Mb disk drives.
 o The FlexText module now allows you to use any URW typeface.
 o On a TT, Calligrapher now moves its code into TT RAM to run 30%
 o Importing and exporting of Rich Text Format (RTF) files has been
   added to the import module.
 o A vertical line is displayed when adjusting ruler markers (margins,
   tabs, etc) to gauge position.
 o Proportionally increase or decrease the font size of marked text.
 o A separation line has been added between footnotes and the body of
 o Calligrapher 3 remembers the pathname when inserting multiple
   graphics into a document.
 o A triple click on a paragraph selects the whole paragraph.
 o While using a multitasking operating system, the clipboard function
   saves to disk allowing you to cut and paste text dynamically between
 o The supplementary language disks have been improved. Spanish includes
   a Catalan dictionary and a Spanish thesaurus. German has a German
   dictionary and thesaurus. Italian has a Catalan dictionary.

In order to make these improvements to Calligrapher 3, some features
existing in version 2.28 have been replaced. If any of these features are
essential for your needs, you should not upgrade. Alternately, you should
create a copy of the fully installed version of Calligrapher you are
currently using so that you do not lose these features when upgrading to
Calligrapher 3.

The features that are no longer available in Calligrapher 3 are:

 o Bitmap GDOS printer fonts are no longer supported. Only URWoutline
   fonts will be printed.
 o Sizefont, Editfont, and Assign Edit are no longer relevant without
 o The ability to print to disk in PTD format has been removed, along
   with DiskPrnt.

Current owners of Calligrapher can upgrade to this version for $45. Any
Calligrapher 2 Professional users wishing to upgrade to the the
Calligrapher 3 Gold version can do so for $100. This upgrade is available
to all users who have purchased the Working Title US (CodeHead) version of
Calligrapher and has received a registered Disk 5. Shipping and handling
charges for the upgrade are $3 US, $4 Canada, and $6 overseas.

Users who upgrade to Calligrapher 3 are also entitled to one free URW
outline font disk (worth 34.95) an may choose from any of the existing or
new fonts. As an added incentive, while upgrading you can purchase
additional URW outline font disks for only $25. But this offer only
applies to fonts purchased when you upgrade to the latest version of

To purchase or upgrade Calligrapher, write to CodeHead Technologies, P.O.
Box 74090, Los Angeles, California, 90004.  Alternately, by phone (213)
386-5735 AX (213) 386-5789. On GEnie, orders may be sent to CODEHEAD.
Regardless of the contact method, personal checks, money order or credit
card purchases are accepted (a credit card payment requires the card
number and expiration date).


It seems that the Atari ST RoundTable SysOps on GEnie have decided that
the Calligrapher 3 demo is going to be one of Darlah's Treats of the
Month! All potential purchasers of Calligrapher can take a look at this
latest version - without having to pay for downloading it! The
Calligrapher 3 Treat of the Month is available NOW!

//// Cyberdrome-The Hoverjet Simulator

Upgrade Price: $5

January 13, 1993

Fair Dinkum has mentioned that a new revision of Cyberdrome is available.
Version 1.1 includes enhanced hallway graphics in the memory mines and a
new X-Weapon. This version is available for just $5 for registered users.
Contact FAIR-DINKUM on GEnie.


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--                                                                       --
-- To sign up for CompuServe service, call (voice call) (800) 848-8199.  --
-- Ask for operator #198. You will be sent a $15.00 value CIS membership --
-- kit for free.                                                         --
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 |||  Shutdown ............................ Power off, EXIT, BYE, Logoff
/ | \ ------------------------------------------------------------------

Atari's at NAMM this weekend - the Atari Falcon030 is a smash there. Look 
for reports during the week. And while you're here, here's a gentle 
reminder of "what we're fighting for."

                        -- FALCON030 SPECS --

 [] CPU: 68030 Microprocessor running at 16MHz and the following
    <> multi-tasking capable via on-chip demand-paged memory
    <> separate on-chip 256 byte instruction and data cache.
    <> independant data and address buses for increased performance.
    <> pipelined architecture allows fetching and executing
       instructions and data simultaneously.
    <> internal CPU BUS: 32-bit data, 32-bit address

 [] FPU: Optional Motorola 68881/2 16MHz Floating point coprocessor.

 [] RAM: 1, 2 or 14 MB of memory.

 [] ROM: 512 KB internal plus 128 KB external cartridge.

 [] Static RAM/RTC: on board real time clock and battery backed up RAM.

 [] Keyboard Processor: separate processor to control keyboard and mouse
    to reduce CPU overhead.

 [] Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    <> Motorola 56001 DSP operating at 32 MHz
    <> 16 MIPS performance
    <> 32K words of 0 wait state static RAM
    <> DSP connector for easy connection to low-cost modems, voice
       mail systems, direct-to-disk digital audio recorders

 [] Expansion Bus Connector: Internal Direct Processor slot for
    286,386SX, and 486SX processor boards to run Windows and DOS
    applications, DMA co-processors, Mac emulators, accelerators,

 [] Broadcast TV Quality Graphics:
    <> Super VGA 640 x 480, 256 colors
    <> "True Color" 16-bit mode allows display of 65,536 colors
    <> 262,144 possible colors
    <> standard ST video modes with a 4096 color palette
    <> RF modulator, ST monitors or VGA monitor connections
    <> optional overscan
    <> accepts external video sync signal to allow high quality
    <> overlay mode for easy video tiling and special effects
    <> BLiTTER Graphics coprocessor

 [] CD-Quality Stereo Sound:
    <> eight 16-bit digital audio DMA record and playback channels
       with up to 50KHz sample rates
    <> stereo 16 bit DMA digital audio inputs
    <> stereo 16 bit DMA digital audio outputs
    <> stereo 8 bit STe compatible PCM sound
    <> ST compatible 3 channel PSG sound
    <> built-in monophonic speaker

 [] Standard Ports:
    <> SCSI 2 peripheral interface (hard drive, tape drive, etc.)
    <> high-speed LocalTalk-compatible local area network (LAN) port
    <> connector for VGA, composite video, or broadcast (ST) analog RGB
    <> connector for television RF
    <> enhanced modem/RS232 port
    <> bi-directional parallel printer port (also suitable for image
    <> cartridge port (128 KB capacity)
    <> MIDI in and MIDI out ports
    <> stereo microphone audio input using miniature stereo plug
    <> stereo headphone audio output using miniature stereo plug
    <> two 9-pin ST and STe compatible mouse/joystick/controller ports
    <> 2-button mouse supplied as standard
    <> two 15-pin enhanced digital/analog controller and light pen

 [] Data Storage:
    <> 1.44MB floppy drive
    <> optional built-in IDE 2 1/2" hard drive interface
    <> MS-DOS file format compatible

 [] System Software
    <> pre-emptive multitasking with adaptive prioritization capable
       with MultiTOS
    <> inter-process communication through Unix like MultiTOS messages
       and pipes
    <> operating system (TOS) in ROM
    <> MS-DOS compatible hierarchical file system with subdirectories
       and pathnames
    <> on-line help
    <> multiple window user interface with icons and drop down menus
    <> NewDesk desktop and eXtensible Control panel allows
       customization by user

Sounds nice, right?

Until the next issue of AEO, I remain,
Your Editor
Travis Guy


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