ST Report: 8-Jan-93 #902

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/10/93-05:05:15 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 8-Jan-93 #902
Date: Sun Jan 10 17:05:15 1993

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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (January 08)


     CODEHEAD provides a new patch to upgrade Warp  9 to  version 3.74, the
 latest  free  update  for  Warp  9  with  Extend-O-Save, the first modular
 screensaver for Atari computers.   This  archive  contains  everything you
 need to  update from  v3.73 to  v3.74.  (Previous updates are available in
 this same library  for  earlier  versions.)  See  the  file  W9374U.LZH in
 Library 16, CodeHead Tech.


 A number  of new  graphic images are available for download from the Atari
 Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).  Check out the following files:


     ALIEN1.LZH  9  CEL animation from Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards"
     BBOOP.LZH   9  Betty Boop digitized sequence (from P.D. footage)
     BIRD.LZH    9  Gangly bird hops along swaying its neck (3D)
     CAN.LZH     9  A license plate is peeled from a cola can.
     CLOWN.LZH   9  Rotating 3D clowns head
     DOMINO.LZH  9  rendered dominos knocking each other down.
     GLOBE.LZH   9  rendered animation of the world spinning
     MARVIN.LZH  9  Marvin the Martian (w/o ACME disintegrator)
     PTERO.LZH  10  Flying 3D pterodactyl (good example of 3D cartoon
     ROBOTR.LZH 10  Transforming semi gets out of a traffic jam.


 Download file RAYOID.LZH from  LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  a three-in-one  package of games.  Includes a game similar
 to  Asteroids  with  great  sounds  (DMA  sound  supported).    Action and
 strategy.  Documentation in English and French.


 Download file  VENDOR.DAT from  LIBRARY 6  of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO).    This  file  contains  an  update  to  the  Atari Vendors
 database.  Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, product info, and CIS
 UserIDs  for  developers  and  vendors  of  Atari  products.   Please  see
 VENDOR.ARC in the same library for the viewer PRG/ACC and documentation.


 Download file ACBBS.TXT from LIBRARY 2 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO)  for  Atari  Classics  magazine's  Atari  8-bit/ST  National BBS


 Download file  PDSW.ZIP from  LIBRARY 3  of the  Atari Portfolio Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for a great little Public Domain Dos  utility will  print text
 sideways  from  your  Portfolio.  Small  -  about 1k in size and great for


 Download file 2COL.ZIP from  LIBRARY 5  of the  Atari Portfolio  Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for  a DOS  application program (which works on the Portfolio)
 that will format and print documents in two columns.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     Little Christmas was this past week,  a nice,  quiet holiday.   I must
 however, point out that the Christmas sales season reports are now out and
 the computer sales records have  _all_  been  broken.    Computers  of all
 sizes and  shapes were sold in fantastic numbers this Christmas.  In fact,
 this holiday season's sales show computers to be the # ONE sales  and gift
 item above all else.  Would'a been nice...  <sigh>
     After much  consternation and  knashing of teeth.. :-) the FCC finally
 found the Class B Certification Records that were being sought.  Elsewhere
 in this issue is an account of that magnanimous event.
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "My new office, which has a better view than my old one, is so far
     quite satisfactory. And Richard Miller is in my old office.  The
     Forbes article was a mish-mash and misconstrued article full of half
     truths.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "We have not yet even given the machine to the FCC.  And we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.12 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
                   with any of the SLM Laser Printers??



                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #01
                             By: John Deegan
    IBM STILL THE LEADER IN WORLD PC MARKET - Like an aging champion, IBM 
 took punch after punch from the younger challengers, reeled a few times 
 and threatened to fall, but still had enough stamina left to hang on for 
 the win at the bell.  While IBM's PC earnings dropped 18.7% in 1992, it 
 still managed to hold onto the industry leader championship belt with 
 12.4% of the PC market ($5.8 billion in sales). Apple Computer had to 
 settle for runner-up, again, with 11.9% of the market ($5.5 billion).
    Dataquest ranked the five top PC companies as -
    (1) IBM - 12.4% ($5.8 billion),
    (2) Apple Computer - 11.9% ($5.5 billion),
    (3) Compaq - 6.6% ($3.1 billion),
    (4) NEC - 5.1% ($2.4 billion),
    (5) Dell - 3.5% ($1.6 billion).

    All others - 60.5% ($28.5 billion).  Dell jumped from the 11th posi-
 tion in 1991 to 5th in 1992.
 first time since 1984, a non-Japanese firm is again the world's top 
 semiconductor producer.  Intel Corp. sped past Japan's NEC and Toshiba 
 to take over 1st place with 7.7% ($5.06 billion) of the market in 1992. 
 This amounted to a 26% gain in revenues over 1991.
    Much of the increase is based on the increased demand for Intel's 
 386SL and 486 products which has allowed Intel to double its market 
 share in the last five years.
    Motorola Inc. also had impressive numbers with a 7.1% ($4.64 billion) 
 market share and increase of 22% in sales and retained its number four 
    WESTERN DIGITAL SHIPS NEW CAVIAR DRIVES - Western Digital Corp. began 
 shipping its two new 1-inch high 3.5-inch Caviar hard drives this week. 
 The Caviar AC1170 has a formatted capacity of 170.6 meg and the Caviar 
 AC2250 256 megs.  Single unit OEM pricing for the AC1170 is $325 and for 
 the AC2250 is $395.
    WD says the units are the industry's first single-platter 170MD drive 
 and the dual-platter Caviar AC2250, at 256MB, "is the highest capacity 
 disk drive in its class."
    AMIGA 4000 AND 1200 PRICES CUT - Commodore has lowered the price of 
 the Amiga 4000 to $2,693, which is a $1,500 reduction in its suggested 
 retail price.  At the same time they cut $600 from the Amiga 1200's 
 price, making its suggested retail price $599.
    The A4000 comes standard with a 120MB hard drive, 6MB of RAM, a dual 
 speed high-density floppy drive and CrossDOS. Also included is ASDG Art 
 Department Professional and Electronics Arts DeluxePaint IV
    SYQUEST RESPONDS TO CUSTOMERS - Syquest has introduced the SQ5110C 
 removable hard drive mechanism. The new drive mechanism can read and 
 write on both the 44 meg and 88 meg removable cartridges. According to 
 Syquest, this resulted from of the number one concern raised by its 
    While the new mechanism won't be formally introduced until the Mac-
 World show in San Francisco, Syquest expects that most of its OEMs will 
 be able to begin shipping drives with the new mechanisms within a few 
 the University of Southern California for Telecommunications Management 
 and covering 24 nations shows that the U.S.'s lead in the telecommunica-
 tions industry is evaporating.
    The study reports finding the U.S. lagging in a number of key techno-
 logies compared with other nations, such as converting analog networks 
 to more efficient digital networks, investment and the amounts of time 
 that equipment is used.
    PRODIGY IN UPHEAVAL - According to the Wall Street Journal, Prodigy 
 Services Co., the operator of the Prodigy online service, may cut 1,100 
 jobs. Several senior-level execs have already left Prodigy, including 
 senior vice president Henry Heilbrunn. Prodigy confirms the report, but 
 refuses to make any further comments until the changes are finished and 
 employees are notified.
    Prodigy is a joint venture of IBM and Sears, Roebuck and Co. Both are 
 troubled by current financial problems thus making it difficult for eit-
 her company to put more money into Prodigy.  However, spokesmen for both 
 companies told the Journal they are committed to Prodigy and don't ex-
 pect any change in their roles in the joint venture.
    SPA HAS A RECORD CATCH IN 1992 - The Software Publishers Association 
 (SPA) announced this week that 1992 was its most active year to date. 
 The SPA took action against 747 organizations. This included 218 audits 
 and lawsuits (resulting in the payment of $3.9 million in fines and 
 penalties) and 529 cease and desist letters. Of the audits and lawsuits 
 filed, 95% were corporate cases, while the remaining 5% of defendants 
 comprised BBSes, training facilities, and schools.

 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando

     Well friends and neighbors, here we are again.  Another week has come
 and gone, more questions asked and answered, problems solved, and lots of
 things explained.  It constantly amazes me that the good sysops of
 Compuserve, along with knowledgeable people like Albert Dayes and Dazzz
 Smith can constantly pull 'rabbits' out of their 'hats', but I'm glad that
 they do.  I was talking to an ST user last week and he asked "Who is this
 Albert Dayes guy, and how does he know all this stuff"?  I had no answer
 for him other than to say that people like that are what I call 'Knowledge
 Philanthropists'.   We should  all be  glad that  they are willing to give
 away so much of their wealth of knowledge.  Now...   All I  need to  do is
 find someone that is that free with dollars!

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 As a continuation of a message from last week, in which Sysop Bob Retelle
 mentioned that the media had a circus with last year's Michelangelo
 virus, Bob Ledbetter posts:

     "It  shows  to  go  ya  just  how  much  "power" we have let the media
     acquire.  True, to a lot of people, 'puter viruses are a big deal, but
     in the  grand scheme  of things,  they are rather minuscule.  However,
     when it comes to AIDS, abortion, presidential elections,  the economy,
     things that  really effect  all of  us, the  media has a heyday.  They
     don't care about who gets  AIDS,  has  an  abortion,  or  how  bad the
     economy is.   The only things they care about are 1) their ego, and 2)
     their pocket books.  And they  will go  to ANY  lengths, including but
     not limited  to, distortion, disinformation, and/or misinformation, to
     boost/protect those interests. The  American Public  needs to  wake up
     and  smell  the  coffee  if  they  think that what they see on the XXX
     Evening News is ACTUALLY  what  happened,  or  is  happening,  at that
     particular minute, or throughout the day."

 James Port asks Sysop Bob Retelle:

     "Have any telecom viruses been discovered on Atari computers yet?  The
     only ones  I'm  aware  of  all  require  a  floppy  as  the  medium of
     transmittal. Is this still the case?"

 Bob replies:

     "There have been reports of "link viruses" that attach themselves to
     individual programs (and thus *could* be transmitted by modem), but so
     far they've only been reported in  Europe.   There are  virus checkers
     for them  (I have  one in  my AUTO  folder, just in case), but I don't
     know of ANYONE who's encountered anything like that so far."

 Well, at least these beasties haven't crossed the Atlantic yet.  Hmmm...
 maybe viruses (or should that be viri) can't swim!

 James, now interested in protection (this must be the age of safe
 computing), asks Bob about it:

     "Thanks for the info Bob.   Those link  viruses you  are talking about
     are new  to me.   I imagine I'll need a special kind of virus detector
     for them.  Are there any in the library here?"

 Bob, being the hard working, industrious, safety-conscious individual that
 he is, quickly posts:

     "I think I uploaded the TSR virus checker I use to the libraries..

     It's called "Protect6", and it's from Germany (of course).

     It's saved  me  from  accidentally  re-infecting  disks  several times
     already, although they were all floppy disk boot sector viruses.

     I'll try to remember to check and see if I actually did upload it, and
     if not, send it up tonight."

 James asks:

     "Protect6?  Do you  have a  filename?   I've been  using VKiller 3.11,
     guess I'll add Protect6 to the arsenal.  Thanks."

     Most of  us have  heard of  graphics cards.  They are the add-ons that
 let us use monitors other than the Atari name brand (usually with greatly
 expanded color capabilities).  Along these same lines, Mark Woods asks:

     "I just purchased a VGA/SVGA monitor for use with my Dell computer and
     am wondering  if it  is possible  to drive it from my Atari 1040ST. It
     would be great if I  could  since  it  would  alleviate  crowded space
     conditions on  my desk. Does anybody know if this is even possible? If
     so, what type of connector do  I  need?  Will  the  visual  clarity be
     similar to what I was seeing with my SC1224 or will it worsen?"

 Jim Ness fields this one:

     "If your  monitor has  a good scan range, it will be able to work with
     ST mono.  But ST color is far enough away from the VGA horizontal scan
     speed, that  it won't work.  You would need a special cable.  The most
     recent Atari mono monitors were actually  VGA mono  monitors, with the
     special cable  provided.   It was  a one-time  purchase, and Atari has
     sold out of them."

 Do you remember way back when Atari began shipping the SLM804 Laser
 printer?  To keep  the price  as low  as possible  Atari decided  that the
 Laser  printer  would  have  no  memory  of  its  own,  but  would use the
 computer's memory to 'draw' the printout instead.  This, of  course, meant
 that  you  had  to  have  a  computer with at least 2 megabytes of memory.
 Well, I guess that every silver  lining has  a cloud.   It  is interesting
 though,  that  other  companies  are  just  now  beginning to take on this
 philosophy.   Richard Paddock posts:

     "Thought you folks might get a kick out of this:

     I found an ad in PC/Computing  for LaserMaster  WinPrint products. The
     interesting sentence  is "Our  direct Windows driver uses GDI commands
     to rasterize the page in the computer before sending it to the printer
     via our  high-speed video  cable." Sound like a concept Atarians would
     recognize? Maybe there's life in the old SLM series yet."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Richard:

     "A friend of mine has a LaserMaster and  it uses  the high-speed video
     cable. It  is very  useful when  printing a large volume of PostSCript
     files.  I'm quite sure his doesn't use the GDI  commands too  much.  I
     think the WinPrint products are enhancements to existing printers like
     the HP4.  Several printers use  the memory  in the  computer idea like
     the SLM  such as  NeXT and a few others which I can't remember off the
     top of my head."

 From The Atari ST Arts Forum

 Ron Luks, Head Sysop in these here parts, posts:

     "If you have an IBM-PC (or clone) with a 486 chip, you might find this
     Lynx demo program interesting.  It is available in Lib 17 of the Atari
     Portfolio Forum (G APORTFOLIO) *not* this forum:

     [75300,2775]    Lib:17  *New Upload (23:53:43 EST)*
     LYNX.ZIP/Bin    Bytes: 553440, Count:    0, 01-Jan-93

     Title   : LYNX.ZIP

     A user demo for the Atari  Lynx. If  you ever  wanted one  of the best
     handheld color  games around  now is your chance is buy one for a real
     good price. This demo requires a 486SX with a sound  card in  order to
     view the graphics  and sound in sync."

 Jim Ness tells Ron:

     "It IS a pretty neat demo.

     But, Windows  made me  change a  buffer size  that I did not even know
     existed (I had to add a statement to the SYSTEM.INI file) to  play the
     demo.   Also, thank  heaven for  STalker and  resumable B+ file xfers.
     My original download, with QuickCIS and ymodem-g, aborted  after 422k.
     I was able to call back with STalker and resume from that point..."

 Ah ha!  Resuming downloads, two different telecommunications programs?  I
 think Ron sums it up best when he replies:

     "You were  able to  abort the  download with  QuickCIS and re-start it
     under STalker?  Coooooooool !"

 Jim Ness adds:

     "The amusing part happened during the resumed download.   When STalker
     saw that the filename already existed, it told CIS that it had 420k of
     the file.  Under that circumstance, both ends do a CRC check  on 420k,
     to confirm that the first portion had no errors.

     While  that  happened,  STalker  showed  the  packet  count absolutely
     flying, and was showing 10,100 cps.  Wouldn't THAT be  a nice download
     rate, if it were real?

     By  the  way,  in  the  race  to see which end completed its CRC check
     fastest, STalker won.   When STalker  finished, there  was about  a 10
     second pause, waiting for CIS to catch up."

 Hmmm.. let's see; if a 220 cps is an average transfer rate for 2400 baud,
 then 10,100 cps would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 110,000 baud
 (Nice neighborhood, huh?).

 Okay, on to other things!  Hard drives.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could
 swap hard drives as easily as you can swap floppy disks?  Sure it would.
 Removable hard drives are here, now.  The only question is where to get
 them and which size to get (SyQuest cartridges are currently available in
 44 meg and 88 meg sizes).  Bruce Lane asks:

     "I'm  getting  ready  to  buy  one  of the syquest removable harddrive
     systems (44) and I'm looking for  an inexpensive  but reliable source.
     I need  to be able to use it with Spectre GCR as well as SuperCharger.
     I would consider a used one if anyone has one to sell.  Any help would
     be appreciated."

 Again,  Albert  Dayes  of  Atari  Explorer  Magazine  jumps  in  to  offer

     "If you want to build one  yourself  the  mech's  are  around  $325 in
     computer shopper  magazine.   I would assume you could get a good deal
     for a complete unit too which includes case,  power supply,  drive and
     ICD host adapter.

     You  can  download  the  file  vendor.dat which is an ascii file which
     gives a list of some Atari dealers in addition to developers."

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 From our "oops, I didn't realize that" department, comes this little goody
 from Matt Seitz:

     "I just installed a CD-ROM drive using ICD's  LINK.   When I  open the
     NEODESK disk  icon I  assigned to  the CD-ROM drive it gives me a "TOS
     data may be damaged, make sure you have a disk  in the  drive and have
     no loose  connections (Error #1)" message.  When I click "OK", NEODESK
     properly opens a window and displays the directory of my  CD-ROM.  Any
     suggestions on how I can eliminate this error message?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine (boy, am I glad I set up that
 'Albert' macro) asks Matt:

     "What happens  if you  access the  CD-ROM from the desktop rather than
     from within neodesk?  Does the error still occur?"

 Matt Answers:

     "Nope, no error from the Atari Desktop.

     I'm using the Link with a Toshiba CD-ROM drive.  In it's default mode,
     the Toshiba  CD-ROM drives  can't read  CD-ROM XA  discs.  However, by
     sending the proper Mode Select command to the drive, it  can read both
     Mode 1  CD-ROM and Mode 2 Form 1 CD-ROM XA discs.  Does anyone know of
     software that's available for sending this Mode Select  command to the
     Toshiba via  the Link?   Is there programmer's documentation available
     for the Link so that I could try writing such a utility myself?"

 Oscar Steele of Purple Mountain Computing asks Matt:

     "What's the Toshiba Drive model?"

 To which Matt replies:

     "Toshiba 3201B"

 As bells start to blink and lights start to ring, Albert asks:

     "What type of CD-ROM/XA discs  are  you  trying  to  read?    Photo CD

 Matt says:

     "For the  moment, yes.   I'll  be bringing  some non-PhotoCD CD-ROM XA
     discs home from work this week."

 Albert asks:

     "Does your Toshiba 3201B support it?  I  thought it  was just  he 3301
     series that  did?   What are  on your CD-ROM/XA discs that are you are
     going to use .. something with interleaved audio."

 Matt tells Albert:

     "Yep, you're right.  After doing  some testing  at work  and reviewing
     the  Toshiba  specs,  it  appears  that  only the 3301 supports the XA
     compatibility modes. It should still be possible to write an XA driver
     for the  3201, but  the driver  would have to do alot of the work that
     the 3301 firmware does for you.  Well hopefully I'll be able  to get a
     3301 mechanism soon."

 One of the saddest parts of the declining Atari market is the fact that so
 many good  developers have  so much  trouble staying  IN the market.  Beth
 Jane Freeman asks:

     "I heard a rumor that Double  Click  Software  went  under.    Is that

 Keith Joines tells Beth:

     "Unfortunately what you have heard is true.  Double Click is no more."

 Beth expresses what anyone who has used a DoubleClick program must feel:

     "Sniff, sniff, boo hoo!  They were a very good company with some very
     nice  shareware.    They  ran  the  business  very well, too.  Well, I
     suppose the economy had something to do with it."

 The economy?  Heck, with the way things are in the Atari world right now,
 the economy is a very minor part of the situation (in my opinion)

 From The Atari Portfolio Forum

 Michael Graetz tells us:

     "I have had a port for  some time  and mostly  use it  for phone nos.,
     calendar  some  spreadsheet  and  simple  notes.  Now  I  got a memory
     expander and want to use a dos word processor of mine that  works well
     on  the  port,  but...  Is  it  possible  so  that  the cursor (or its
     extension)can be visible when blocking parts of the text? I.E.  when I
     want to block some of the text to delete it, copy or move it, on my pc
     the area turns white and the letters under it turn dark, when normally
     the background  is dark and the letters white. On the Port there is no
     change!!! I have tried changing the background light  and letters dark
     through my wp's setup, but still it all looks the same on the port. Is
     there any way or a utility on the forum to help me with that. This may
     be a  stupid question  but I appreciate your help. The forum is great,
     and your listing new files and favorite files etc. is terrific."

 Brian Johnson tells Michael:

     "Unfortunately,  the  port  does   not   support   reverse   video  or
     underlining.   (The exception  is some  programs that can put the port
     into graphics mode, then "draw" the  characters.   I know  that PBASIC
     has  this  capability,  but  I'm  not  sure if anyone else has done it

 Rob Parker tells Don Thomas:

     "I have had Hyperlist for some time, but have never used it because of
     the space it would take on my 128 K memory card.  Yesterday, I figured
     out that I could just run  HL off  its own  card, leave  it running in
     memory, and  use the  128 k  card as  before.  Having autoexec.bat and
     update on the HL card was a nice touch.

     But today, suddenly and  inexplicably,  my  Hyperlist  card  has died:
     files such  as KEYS are either unreadable or contain garbage.  Running
     HL.EXE locks up both the port and my  desktop system.   I  have wasted
     about a  day learning HL and reorganizing files, and am feeling *very*

     Is there any way I can exchange a dead HL card for a new one?"

 Then Rob adds:

     "Literally minutes later, the HL card  is  working  again.    I'm very
     relieved, but also wondering why this happened.  Any ideas?"

 Don Thomas, Atari's Director of Marketing Services and general Portfolio
 Guru tells Rob:

     "Hyperlist can  not die  since it  is on a ROM Card. It is more likely
     that your computer needs a cold boot before running Hyperlist again.

     For what it's worth, if you run Hyperlist off the  card, the  card has
     to stay  in the machine. RUN files run in place on the card so that it
     leaves most of your RAM alone.  You can  save files  to the  C: drive,
     then copy them to the A: drive when done." 

 Sysop, speed programmer, and all around good guy BJ Gleason tells Rob:

     "Possibly  dirty  contacts,  a  fleck  of  dust,  a hair...  those can
     prevent proper contact on the cards."

 Brian Johnson asks:

     "Does anybody have the names and/or  addresses of  companies that make
     or distribute Portfolio memory cards larger than 128K?"

 Dave Stewart tells Brian:

     "My company, Re:Port, expects to have 524K FlashRAM cards available in
     a month or so (as soon as the manufacturer has some ready!).  If you'd
     like to  get on the mailing list for notification, leave me email with
     your mailing address."

 In a conversation about accessories for our favorite palmtop computer, Don
 Thomas says:

     "The newest case (for the  Portfolio)  from  Atari  is  $49.95  and is
     "zippered" shut.  It has  a retractable  handle for  travel, plenty of
     memory card slots, and is long enough to carry a peripheral as well as
     the Portfolio.  The Portfolio  can be  used right  in the case without
     completely removing it. It is black leather.

     Either  case  is  available  from  Atari  plus  $5  S&H  to  any  U.S.
     destination in  U.S. funds.  I believe  Dave Stewart  carries both too
     within his publication of RE:Port."

 Egon Rinderer posts:

     "I wanted to know if Atari or a  3rd party  has a  complete catalog of
     port  accessories.    I  was  curious  about what new software, memory
     upgrades, and hardware expansions  were available.   Any  help is very
     much appreciated."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Egon:

     "Atari Corp  has a booklet of port accessories and software called the
     A.P.B.  Drop a message to Don Thomas 75300,1267 and he can  mail you a

     Well folks, its getting late.  C'mon back next time and kick off your
 shoes, lean back, relax, and listen to what they are saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING


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                       TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (12/30/92)

                              PHOTOCHROME 3.0
                          MADONNA IN PHOTOCHROME
                             PREMIUM MAH JONGG
                         ICD HOST ADAPTOR SOFTWARE
                             NASTASSIA KINSKI
                          NASTASSIA KINSKI IN PCS
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 > Custom Mouse STR InfoFile    IBM Bus Mouse to ST.....

 OK here are the pinouts for an IBM bus mouse (miniature circular
 connector) and where they should go to on an Atari 9 pin D connector.

         IBM             ATARI
         pin  goes to    pin

          1      +5v       7
          2      xA        1
          3      xB        2
          4      yA        3
          5      yB        4
          6      SW1       6
          7      SW2       -
          8      SW3       9
          9      GND       8

 It's quite simple really. I built a little adaptor that allows me to plug
 any bus mouse into the Amiga or the Atari, the Amiga version has a couple
 of wires switched from the Atari diagram above.

 I typed this from memory so the xa/xb and ya/yb might be reversed, I
 can't be sure off the top of my head. You'll know cause mouse movement
 will be reversed (looks like the ghost virus got your computer).

 A little disclaimer, this has worked fine for me on 5 mice and I'm sure it
 will for you, but be careful and don't attempt it unless you have a
 modicum of experience dealing with electrical/electronic stuff. I won't be
 held responsible for any damage resulting.

 Someone may want to capture this and upload it somewhere appropriate so
 it's available for a long time (eternity?)


                                                  Moving Pixels


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 Darlah's  Holiday  Treat  of  the  Month [page 475;9] is PHNXDEMO.LZH from
 LEXICOR2.  This is the DEMO version of  the Phoenix  object render program
 from Lexicor Software.  The LZH file also includes SPC & GIF sample files.
 This is a "must have" program for all  ATARI computers.   Phoenix supports
 different light  sources, 3  different cameras, texture and image mapping:
 SPC, GIF & TGA are supported. This program renders FAST!

 The Atari ST RoundTable  proudly presents  The Independent  Association of
 Atari Developers  (IAAD) RTC,  Wednesday, January  13, 10pm EST.  The IAAD
 Board and many of its members will be on hand  to share  their experiences
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 Dorothy Brumleve of D.A. Brumleve, President of the  IAAD, Nathan Potechin
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 Eidsvoog  of  CodeHead  Technologies,  Chris  Roberts  of Dragonware, John
 Trautschold of Missionware,  David  Fletcher  of  Ditek,  Craig  Harvey of
 Clear Thinking,  Bob Luneski  of Oregon Research Associates, John Cole and
 Lee Seiler of Lexicor, David Beckemeyer  of Beckemeyer  Development Tools,
 Mark  O'Bryan  of  Paradigm  Software Products, John 'Hutch' Hutchinson of
 Fair Dinkum Technologies, Greg Kopchak of It's All Relative and more...

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  No.   File Name    Address     Description
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  27239 RSCARDS.TOS  JWEAVERJR    front end for RSCARDS (v4.1)
  27234 FALC_TOP.LZH D.A.BRUMLEVE Screen shots of Falcon Desktop
  27233 LAPEXPO.TXT  MORTIMER     FREE tickets for LAP&PALMTOP Expos
  27231 ST-ZIP21.LZH R.SHEPPARD5  Atari's ST ZIP 2 less Bugs..
  27230 SACEXPO.LZH  M.WARNER8    SAC Expo Ad in Pagestream format
  27229 NEW_DEAL.TXT PMC.INC      PMC Beats all other Floptical prices
  27227 SLID_DEM.LZH DRAGONWARE   Put Scroll bars in your HSB2 RSC's
  27224 PAGE41.LZH   SGUBER       Pages from Math Tex by Example
  27223 PAGE21.LZH   SGUBER       Pages from Math Tex by Example
  27222 PAGE16.LZH   SGUBER       Pages from Math Tex by Example
  27221 TERA125.TXT  GRMEYER      TeraDesk v1.25 Press Release
  27217 SPAR4.LZH    D.HALL23     The Electronic Book For Calamus SL!
  27216 HOURGLAS.ARC D.GORDON2    Fill interior of graphic w/text (SL)
  27215 PRINTSPC.ARC R.THIEMAN    This a SPECTRUM Printer Driver for t
      Darlah's Treat of the Month [Page 475;9]   - PHNXDEMO.LZH
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 by R.F. Mariano

     Amidst a  flurry of  "oh yes it is and oh no it ain't" statements, the
 question NO LONGER remains, whether or not the Falcon030 is actually Class
 B certified  by the  FCC.  But when.  Actually a great deal of effort went
 into the  process  of  verifying  whether  or  not  the  Falcon030  is FCC
 Certified Class  B.   After the  reports the machines on display at Comdex
 this past fall  had  "disclaimer"  stickers  underneath  them  as  we were
 patently told  the machines  were or  would, in fact, be FCC Certified for
 class B use, the old, "Atari  & the  FCC thing  began to  re-appear on the
 horizon.   As reported  in a  recent Z*NET  Comdex report, we present this
 factiod as a beginning point.  After all,  when we  were told  the Falcons
 would pass  without a  "hitch."  Who was going to doubt the words of those
 from Atari who took the time and  effort  to  report  these  things  to us
 during the  now famous, online conferences which took place on every major


     "..... the FCC were fended off by big stickers under each Falcon:

      Well... Far be it  for STReport  or its  staff to  doubt the  word of
 Atari about  there being an ID number assigned to the Atari Falcon030.  In
 fact, we do believe a number has been assigned to the Falcon.  The problem
 is the  number is  not available as public information yet.  This does not
 necessarily mean the application for Class B approval  has not  been made.
 Quite the  contrary, it  provides further confirmation the application has
 indeed been made.

     In giving Atari the  benefit of  doubt, it  must pointed  out STReport
 was, trying to find some common ground in these matters.  In all fairness,
 this could possibly have meant it  was not  entered into  the Commission's
 records  system  as  of  yet.    This is an honest evaluation as they are,
 truly, still trying to catch up on the backlog generated from operating on
 a skeleton  crew for  approximately the  last three  weeks due to year end
 holiday vacations.  But.... As of this very moment, the call just  came in
 at 3:15pm EST referencing the Falcon030.  THE FALCON030 IS CERTIFIED CLASS
 B AND THE ACTUAL NUMBER IS EBAF030FT.   Its entered  as a  TV Interface RF
 Device  and  can  be  coupled  with  most  anything.    The  FALCON030 was
 _originally Class B approved on NOVEMBER  05, 1992  but because  of an FCC
 requirement that  a Ferrite  Bead monitor cable be included with each unit
 sold, the entry's confusion arose.    After  an  appeal  was  made  of the
 ferrite bead  cable decision,  a re-examination  was decided upon and as a
 result, the NEW CLASS B CERTIFICATION for the Falcon030 was  issued TODAY,
 JANUARY 08, 1993 without the ferrite bead cable being required.
     The really good news is..  Once the FCC grants a product certification
 for Class B in the USA, as part of the new agreements  between Canada, the
 US  and  Mexico,  the  same  FCC  certification is acceptable in all three
 countries.  This means if its good enough for the FCC in USA, its good for
 both  Canada   and  Mexico.     The  USA's  FCC  guidelines  for  Class  B
 certification are, by far, the most stringent.
     As far as  STReport  is  concerned,  Atari's  claim  to  have  met the
 criteria to  pass the Class B certification and of having an ID number for
 the Falcon030 is now proven quite accurate and true.  We can only hope the
 arrival of the new Falcon030 will occur (with the right stickers in place)
 without further delay.  After all, its in all our best interests.

     To further assure the reader  we  executed  a  secondary  call  to the
 records BBS.   Please notice we find the number as a valid number in IDing
 the Grantee Name and address.  But that the actual entry is  still late in
 getting into the FCC's Database.



 Hit Carriage Return: 

 1/8/93  15:18   You have 6 minutes

                Welcome to the FCC Public Access Link
                               "P A L"

    1 - Access Equipment Authorization Database
    2 - Definitions - Terms/Codes used in Application Records
    3 - Applying for an Equipment Authorization (1/92)
    4 - Other Commission Activities and Procedures (8/92)
    5 - Laboratory Operational Information
    6 - Public Notices (8/92)
    7 - Bulletins / Measurement Procedures (5/92)
    8 - Rulemakings (8/92)
    9 - Help
    a - Information Hotline (7/92)
    c - Processing Speed of Service (12/92)
    d - Test Sites on File per Sec 2.948 (1/93)

    0 - Exit PAL

 Enter your selection:  1

                   Equipment Authorization Database

    Form 731:  Until Form 731 is revised the March 1988 and July 1989
         editions may continue to be used.  The OMB expiration dates
         shown on the forms do not affect public use.  Availability of the
         revised Form 731 will be announced here and by public notice.
         est: 7/92

    1 - Equipment Authorization Application Status
    2 - Applicant/grantee Names and Addresses by Code

    0 - Exit this Menu

 Enter your selection:  1

             Welcome to the P A L Application Status System

 This program provides Equipment Authorization Application Status and
 Technical Information.  Help in using this program is provided in the
 HELP selection of the PAL main menu.  You will also find data field
 definitions, status definitions and note code definitions.  Please
 note that this database does NOT include registration equipment (Part 68).
 Inquiries concerning Part 68b registration should be directed to (202)

 The Commission issues grants to applicants identified on Form 731.  These
 parties  may  or  may  not  be  the  manufacturer.    No other information
 concerning manufacturers is available.

                              Have a Nice Day

 Database Last Updated: Fri Jan  8 03:07:39 EST 1993

 Enter FCCID (Hit Return to end): ebaf030ft        

 The application filed under FCCID EBAF030FT         could not be located.

 1. The application requested may be less than two weeks old and
    NOT yet entered in our computer records.
 2. The FCCID may have been entered incorrectly.  Be particularly
    cautious of O's and zero's in the product ID (last 14 characters
    of the FCCID).

 Enter FCCID (Hit Return to end): EBAF030FT        

 The application filed under FCCID EBAF030FT         could not be located.

 1. The application requested may be less than two weeks old and
    NOT yet entered in our computer records.
 2. The FCCID may have been entered incorrectly.  Be particularly
    cautious of O's and zero's in the product ID (last 14 characters
    of the FCCID).

 Enter FCCID (Hit Return to end): EBAFO3OFT        

 The application filed under FCCID EBAFO3OFT         could not be located.

 1. The application requested may be less than two weeks old and
    NOT yet entered in our computer records.
 2. The FCCID may have been entered incorrectly.  Be particularly
    cautious of O's and zero's in the product ID (last 14 characters
    of the FCCID).

                   Equipment Authorization Database

    Form 731:  Until Form 731 is revised the March 1988 and July 1989
         editions may continue to be used.  The OMB expiration dates
         shown on the forms do not affect public use.  Availability of the
         revised Form 731 will be announced here and by public notice.
         est: 7/92

    1 - Equipment Authorization Application Status
    2 - Applicant/grantee Names and Addresses by Code

    0 - Exit this Menu

 Enter your selection:  2

 Enter Grantee Code (CR to end): EBAF030FT

 Warning: More than 3 characters were entered.

 EBA     Atari Microsystems Corporation
         4115 Keller Springs Road, Suite 200
         Dallas, TX
         75244   USA

 Enter Grantee Code (CR to end):    

                   Equipment Authorization Database

    Form 731:  Until Form 731 is revised the March 1988 and July 1989
         editions may continue to be used.  The OMB expiration dates
         shown on the forms do not affect public use.  Availability of the
         revised Form 731 will be announced here and by public notice.
         est: 7/92

    1 - Equipment Authorization Application Status
    2 - Applicant/grantee Names and Addresses by Code

    0 - Exit this Menu

                             Ralph F. Mariano


 > SAVE THE LYNX! STR FOCUS!   Give the Jaguar time to get here!

                           OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW

                        Atari Community Together Now


       The Atari Lynx is probably the  best portable  video game  system on
 the  market.    The  system  has  fantastic graphics, fantastic sound, and
 fantastic comlynxing capabilities.  The Lynx also has some very good games
 available for it due to programmers that worked hard to make the Lynx more
 than just another video game system.

       The Lynx also has its  problems.    In  November,  1991  at Chicago,
 Atari's  National   Sales  Director  for  the  Lynx  said,  "There  is  no
 distribution problem with  the  Lynx.    Everyone  wants  the  Lynx!"   He
 continued to  say how  K-Mart called  him and how they wanted to carry the
 Lynx, but Atari did not produce enough that year.

       The big question: What happened?  

       If you are like most other Lynx owners, you have  noticed that there
 is indeed  a distribution  problem.   The following is the Lynx dealership
 situation in my area:

       Kay-Bee Toy Stores...................No Lynx or game cards.
       Children's Place (Child World).......No Lynx or game cards.
       Sears................................No Lynx or game cards.
       Best.................................No Lynx or game cards.
       Hills................................No Lynx or game cards.
       K-Mart...............................No Lynx or game cards.
       Walmart..............................No Lynx or game cards.
       Kiddie City..........................Two Lynx systems per store,
                                            Four game cards.
       WaldenSoftware.......................Two Lynx systems per store,
                                            Six game cards.
       Software Etc.........................Four Lynx systems per store,
                                            Eight game cards.
       Electronic Boutique..................Four Lynx systems per store,
                                            Twelve game cards.
       Video Game Exchange..................Four Lynx systems per store,
                                            Twenty game cards.

       The number of game cards  was  determined  by  how  many  games were
 visible  at  the  time  I  visited  the  store.  The number of systems was
 determined by how many the store usually carries in stock on the average.

       I would also like  to comment  that the  Lynx games  found at Kiddie
 City were  buried beneath  hundreds of  Nintendo and  Sega cartridges. The
 Lynx games found in  WaldenSoftware were  hidden behind  the counter where
 they  could  not  be  seen.    The  Lynx games found at Software Etc. were
 towards the front of the store  but hidden  behind a  shelf. When  I first
 went to  Software Etc.  for Lynx  games, I  looked for them for 10 minutes
 before I had to ask a  salesperson to  show me  where they  were. The Lynx
 games  at  Electronic  Boutique  were  at  the  back  of the store next to
 TurboGraphix games.

      The only retailer that seemed to have a large selection of Lynx
 games was Toys'R'Us.  Recently, this has all changed.  There have  been an
 increasing number of reports all over computer networks and bulletin board
 systems about  how Toys'R'Us  is dropping  the Lynx.  People are reporting
 that Toys'R'Us  does not  have the  Lynx in  stock nor  half of the games.
 Toys'R'Us is supposedly marking  the price  down on  Lynx games  to "clear
 house" of Atari.

       What does  Atari's management  think?   The 1-800  number created to
 order the Lynx for the Holiday Season seems to say it all.  And the losing
 of Atari's  largest distributor  (if this  is true) reflects some problems
 that Atari needs correcting.

       Here are a few of the several messages being posted on major
 computer networks:

 Article #660 (660 is last):
 From: an913@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tom P. Jarvela)
 Subject: My Adventure At Toys R Us
 Date: Wed Dec 30 16:39:55 1992

 I decided to do a little shopping today and ran into Toys  R Us  to see if
 they got  anything in  stock. Well,  they didn't, but there are some other
 things that happened.

 As I made my way to the video  game section  I took  a glance  at the LYNX
 system in  the display  case. There were no available cards to take to buy
 the thing and the game running was Ms. Pac Man. The brightness  was turned
 down so  low it  couldn't hardly  be seen.  The game  display itself isn't
 anything that would sell a system anyway. It's  a plain  black screen with
 Ms. Pac Man on it and there apparently was no demo for it.

 Anyway, I  go over to where the games are waaaaaay in the back by the SNES
 stuff. I didn't see any new games or restocked old games for  that matter.
 I was  quite frustrated  because I wanted to buy Checkered Flag or another
 game for $19 (they price on the sign). They were  sold out  except for the
 floor models.   Normally I don't like floor models, but I decided that the
 instruction would be in good shape, the card itself would  hardly be used,
 probably  just  a  few  hours  running  in  the  display case, so I bought
 Checkered Flag and California Games. They also had  Awesome Golf  and LYNX
 Casino for  $19 (floor  models).  So I take the floor sample cards up, pay
 for them, go to the booth, and this  kid  comes  over  to  wait  on  me. I
 stared him down and tossed him my receipt.  He went to get the games. When
 he came back I we had a conversation that went something like this:

 Me: "You know, you really should give more support for the LYNX. You know,
 get some  newer games  in and restock the old ones that have sold out. And
 do something about that display,  it  makes  the  LYNX  look  bad.  It's a
 helluva machine and you're lack of support is a disgrace."

 Droid: "I  know, I  like the  LYNX. Nice  machine. Nice. It's really nice,
 good graphics, yeah... BUT... we're dropping it."

  Me: "You're dropping it? What kind of idiotic move is that? There's quite
 a nice sized user base in this area. It's a fairly popular machine."

 Droid: "Yeah,  well, uh,  I don't  know much about it, we're just going to
 get rid of it."

 Just like that.   No real  excuse given  as to  why they  are dropping it.
 It's obviously  selling. I had to restrain myself from swearing because of
 the presence of some  little  kids  nearby.  I  think  I'll  be  taking my
 business elsewhere from now on... for good.


 Article #1448 (1499 is last):
 From: (Darin Reid)
 Subject: Lynx - bad sign!
 Date: Sun Dec 27 13:04:00 1992

 I just got the Sunday edition of the New York (City) Daily News...
 in it there is a sale paper for Toys "R" Us, it has a huge section for
 game systems and their games, and guess what..., the Lynx is nowhere
 to be found!

 They advertise: Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Game Gear, Nintendo, Genesis,
 TurboExpress, and Turbografx-16, all of the Game Genies and hand held
 games from Tiger.  NO LYNX... I bought a system that has no

 I should have gotten a Game Gear!  Sorry Robert but I've lost faith in
 Atari's ability to market and support their product.  I can't even
 find games for it; Not in T"R"U, The Wiz, Kiddie City, Electronic
 Boutique (mail order catalog dropped the Lynx too!), Kaybee can a Lynx
 game be found.  The machine isn't even mentioned.  When the TG-16 is
 displayed more prominently than the Lynx quittin' time has come...
 Just my view o' things...
 - Darin
   Areid@Mary.Fordham.Edu          ||         Dreid@Nyx.Cs.Du.Edu        ||

 Article #1450 (1499 is last):
 From:  (Jonathan Scott Haas)
 Subject: Re: Lynx - bad sign!
 Date: Sun Dec 27 16:13:07 1992

 In  article   <>
 (Darin Reid) writes:

 - ["the Lynx is dying!"]

 I agree, which is why I think I'm going to sell mine. I was
 in TRU yesterday, and was startled to see the Lynx gone from
 its display case. They still had some games, but not many.
 It seems likely that they're just going to sell off their
 inventory, then drop support.

 __/\__  Jonathan S. Haas         | Jake liked his women the way he liked
 \    /  University of Michigan   | his kiwi fruit: sweet yet tart, firm-
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   \/                             | covered with short brown fuzzy hair.

       This news should make every Lynx owner concerned.

       I called Toys'R'Us and I was informed that if customers of
 Toys'R'Us has any problems regarding the Lynx, we should write:
 Mr. Michael Goldstein, Vice Chairman of Toys'R'Us.  He is also the
 Chief Financial Officer.

       The woman I spoke to on the phone said that he has the power
 to bring back the Lynx if it was dropped.  She continued to say that if
 the customers of Toys'R'Us are unhappy, the only way that they will
 know about it is if you let Toys'R'Us know.

       I say, let them know.

       If you are disappointed by the recent rumors of Toys'R'Us
 dropping the Lynx, please write Mr. Goldstein a letter at the
 following address:

       Mr. Michael Goldstein, Vice Chairman
       461 From Road
       Paramus, NJ 07652

       If you are disappointed by the distribution of Lynx systems
 and Lynx game cards by Atari, please write Mr. Sam Tramiel a letter
 at the following address:

       Mr. Sam Tramiel, President
       Atari Corporation
       1196 Borregas Avenue
       Sunnyvale, CA 94086

       There is no doubt that writing your OWN letters to these people
 will help MORE than just sending in form letters.  These company
 officials will be more convinced that you are serious about this matter
 if you take the time to write your own letter.  If you do not know
 exactly what to say, read the form letters to get some ideas.
 Also, remember to be nice!  

       If you absolutely do not have enough time to write your own
 letters, you are welcome to choose the following form letters that can
 best express your feelings.

       The most important thing you can do besides writing is to spread
 the news about this letter writing campaign.  Toys'R'Us will NOT consider
 bringing back the Lynx unless they receive THOUSANDS of letters.
 This means that you and every Lynx owner that you know will need to
 write a letter.  There is no other way.

       The same thing goes for Atari.  Sam Tramiel will not attempt
 to get Toys'R'Us as a Lynx dealer again unless you make him aware that
 he needs to do it.

       Thank you for caring about the Lynx!


 Len Stys (

                       SAM TRAMIEL, ATARI FORM LETTERS


          (your address)

          Mr. Sam Tramiel, President
          Atari Corporation
          1196 Borregas Avenue
          Sunnyvale, CA 94086

          Dear Mr. Tramiel,

               I am writing you this letter to inform you that
          the Toys'R'Us retail stores in my area have a very small
          supply of Lynx systems and Lynx game cards.  This
          concerns me because Toys'R'Us is one of the few retailers
          remaining that I can purchase Lynx game cards at.

               I have also written Toys'R'Us about this problem
          with hope that you will both find a way to increase the
          supply of Lynx systems and Lynx game cards at Toys'R'Us.
          The Lynx is too good of a product for its success to be
          limited by lack of distribution.

               Thank you for caring enough about your customers
          to correct this problem.


          (your signature)

          (your name)



          (your address)

          Mr. Sam Tramiel, President
          Atari Corporation
          1196 Borregas Avenue
          Sunnyvale, CA 94086

          Dear Mr. Tramiel,

               I am writing you this letter to inform you of
          the lack of Lynx dealers in my area.  I have a very
          hard time obtaining game cards because retailers either
          do not carry them or only keep a small supply in stock.
          I also do not care to use Atari's 1-800 number to
          order game cards for a system that I should be able to
          purchase at any toy store.

               I have recently noticed that the Toys'R'Us stores
          in my area have reduced the amount of Lynx systems and
          game cards that they carry.  I would appreciate it if
          your company would contact Toys'R'Us and make
          arrangements for the store to carry more of Atari's
          products instead of less.  I have also contacted
          Toys'R'Us to inform them of the demand for the Lynx and
          Lynx game cards.

               I would like to let you know that the Lynx is a
          very good video game system because of the quality games
          available for it.  Please make sure that only quality
          games are released for the Lynx in the future.

               Thank you for caring enough to read my letter and
          for correcting the problems I mentioned.


          (your signature)

          (your name)



          (your address)

          Mr. Sam Tramiel, President

          Atari Corporation
          1196 Borregas Avenue
          Sunnyvale, CA 94086

          Dear Mr. Tramiel,

               There seems to be a distribution problem with one
          the best video game systems on the market--the Lynx.
          The Lynx is an incredible product that cannot be
          purchased because very few retailers are carrying it!
          I am having a difficult time finding retailers to
          purchase Lynx games at.  I also do not care to order
          games through a 1-800 number when I should be able to
          buy them at toy stores.

               I have noticed that Toys'R'Us seems to be carrying
          less and less of the Lynx and game cards each time
          I visit.  I have written Toys'R'Us about the demand for
          Atari's products with hope that you will both work to
          increase Toys'R'Us' supplies.

               The main reason the Lynx is the best portable video
          game system is because of the quality games available
          for it.  Atari must only release high quality games for
          the Lynx or it will become just another video game
          system.  Please keep track of the companies that make the
          best Lynx games and have them make more.

               I would also appreciate it if your company
          increases the number of third-party companies that make
          games for the Lynx.  This will allow games to be produced
          for the Lynx that are in demand, but your company is
          unable to produce.

               Thank you for caring enough to read my letter
          and for considering what I have written.


          (your signature)

          (your name)



          (your address)

          Mr. Sam Tramiel, President
          Atari Corporation
          1196 Borregas Avenue
          Sunnyvale, CA 94086

          Dear Mr. Tramiel,

               I have heard rumors that Toys'R'Us is dropping the
          Lynx!  Is this true?  Toys'R'Us is one of the few toy
          stores left that support the Lynx.

               I was shocked that Atari let their largest distributor
          slip away, but I have written a letter to Toys'R'Us urging
          them to continue carrying the Lynx.  I also urge you to
          contact Toys'R'Us and arrange for them to continue carrying
          the Lynx.

               I am confident that any problems between Atari and
          Toys'R'Us can be resolved.

          Thank you,

          (your signature)
          (your name)




          (your address)

          Mr. Michael Goldstein, Vice Chairman
          461 From Road
          Paramus, NJ 07652

          Dear Mr. Goldstein,

               I have been recommending the Atari Lynx to all of
          my friends.  I tell them to buy it at Toys'R'Us but
          the stores in my area do not have any and your sales
          people do not expect any new shipments!  There are also
          very few Lynx game titles in stock.  Why doesn't the
          largest toy store in the world carry a healthy supply
          of a quality product such as the Atari Lynx?

               The Atari Lynx is the best portable video game
          system on the market.  In the past, I have purchased my
          Lynx games from Toys'R'Us.  I am concerned that I will
          not be able to buy them from Toys'R'Us in the future.

               I hope you understand that Toys'R'Us will be losing
          sales by not carrying the Lynx.  My friends and I will not
          stop buying Lynx games because Toys'R'Us does not carry
          them, we will only go to another store that does.


          (your signature)
          (your name)



          (your address)

          Mr. Michael Goldstein, Vice Chairman
          461 From Road
          Paramus, NJ 07652

          Dear Mr. Goldstein,

               I purchased my Atari Lynx from Toys'R'Us with the
          belief that your company would be there when I wanted
          to buy games for it.  I have visited Toys'R'Us in my area
          and I am told that the Lynx is being dropped!

               When I purchased my Lynx from Toys'R'Us, the
          salesperson told me that I was making the right decision
          by purchasing it from Toys'R'Us.  There are other
          stores that I could have purchased it from that are
          continuing to support the Lynx strongly.

               I would like very much to continue buying my Lynx
          video games from Toys'R'Us.  Please continue supporting
          the Atari Lynx by increasing, not decreasing, the amount
          of stock that Toys'R'Us stores carry.

               Thank you for taking the time to care about your



          (your signature)

          (your name)



          (your address)

          Mr. Michael Goldstein, Vice Chairman
          461 From Road
          Paramus, NJ 07652

          Dear Mr. Goldstein,

               I have heard rumors that Toys'R'Us is dropping the
          Lynx!  Is this true?  Toys'R'Us has carried Atari
          products since the store first started!  This is very
          disappointing news.

               The Atari Lynx is not only a very good product, but
          it is also manufactured by the only American video game

               I urge you to contact Atari and resolve your
          problems with them.  The Atari Lynx is just too good of
          a product for Toys'R'Us not to carry.

               Thank you for caring about your customers.


          (your signature)

          (your name)



          This is what makes the Atari Community so great!


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

     National Videotext Network (NVN) has recently added an Atari ST Forum
 to it's growing lists of available services.  The Atari ST Forum is ready
 and waiting for you!

     The future of NVN will be one which continues to remain sensitive and
 responsive to market needs. Additional services and advances in electronic
 information will continue to be added, to provide unique and interesting
 services on an on-going basis.  

     NVN service offerings can be broken into three categories:  Basic,
 Premium, and Premium Plus.

 Basic Services 
     Most of the Basic services are available 24 hours a day with no
 connect time charges beyond the basic membership fee. However, a select
 group have functions for which transaction fees are charged. Basic
 services are accessible through a flat rate charge of $5.95 per month.

 Premium Services
     For Premium services, Members pay connect charges for the amount of
 time spent in a particular service. Premium services are accessible Monday
 through Friday for a connect time charge of $9.00/hour from 8 am to 6 pm,
 and $6.00/hour from 6 pm to 8 am; and on Saturday and Sunday for a connect
 time charge of $6.00 all day (6 pm Friday til 8 am Monday), central time
 zone.  9600 Baud access is available at no additional cost!  Think of the
 advantages of downloading at 9600 baud for 9.00 hr Prime Time or 6.00 hr
 non-prime time!

 Premium Plus Services
     Premium Plus services are subject to the same type of connect time
 charge as Premium services. However, a surcharge is also added to the
 connect time for these services.

     You can join NVN one of two ways.  By voice phone 1-800-336-9096
 (Client Services) or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.  You will be issued
 an Account # (usually within 24 hours) National Videotex Network and the
 Atari ST Forum will be waiting for you.


 > STraight FAX NEWS STR InfoFile       STraight FAX updates & NEWS

 ctsy GEnie ST RT
 Happy New Year! to everyone who has supported the STraight FAX! in 1992.

     By now, I hope that everyone is aware of the change in marketing of
 the STraight FAX!. As of December 16, 1992, the STraight FAX! is being
 marketed under by NewSTar Technology Management, which is owned by the
 developer of the STraight FAX!, Charles Smeton.

     I would like to thank all the STraight FAX! users for their patience
 during this transition. It is very important to us that our users feel
 that they are being provided the best support possible. To this extent,
 since NewSTar Technology Management's primary business is hardware and
 software engineering, we are happy to announce that we have reached an
 agreement with Dave Troy of Toad Computers located in Severna Park,
 Maryland to provide telephone technical support, production support and
 marketing support for the STraight FAX!

     The STraight FAX! will continue to be marketed under the NewSTar
 Technology Management company name and on-line technical support will
 continue to be provided on GEnie, Compuserve and the FNET by NewSTar
 Technology Management.

     TOAD Computers will provide telephone technical support during their
 normal business hours and may be reached as follows:

 570F Governor Ritchie Hwy. Severna Park, Maryland 21146

                            Technical Support:
                              (410) 544-6943 
                            FAX:(410) 544-1329
                             GEnie: TOAD-SERV.

     We kindly ask that STraight FAX! users DO NOT call Toad Computer's 800
 line requesting technical support.

     As all Toad Computer's personnel may not be completely up to speed in
 providing technical support to registered STraight FAX! users, any
 questions that can not be answered directly by the support personnel will
 be forwarded to NewSTar Technology Management in order to provide accurate
 answers as fast as possible.   Again, We thank you for your patience
 during this transition.

 NewSTar Technology Management may be reached as follows:

 P.O.  Box 122 Columbia, Maryland 21045-0122

 C.S.SMETON, product support is available in the ST Roundtable in
 Category 4, Topic 24.

 73047,2565, product support questions may be posted in the Atari
 Developer's Forum (GO ATARIDEV) Telecommunications message area.

 Charles Smeton, FNET Node 500 (Battlezone).  We also monitor the Atari
 Explorer On-line and STReport Message Areas as well as the other major
 Atari ST related message areas available on the FNET.

 Note to dealers:
 The STraight FAX! will still be available in the US from
 Pacific Software Supply and in the United Kingdom from HCS Computer
 Peripheral Supplies.


     NewSTar Technology Management is happy to announce that we have been
 accepted into membership of the Independent Association of Atari
 Developers (IAAD).  We wish to thank IAAD President, D.  A.  Brumleve and
 the IAAD Board of Directors for accepting our application request.


     NewSTar Technology Management recently received a stack of FAXes and
 letters from STraight FAX! users that were sent to the previous marketing
 company that were never answered.  We apologize for the delay in
 processing these FAXes and letters that we only recently have been made
 aware of.  All of these FAXes and letters are being answered at this time.

                                        NewSTar Technology Management

     There was a request made for information about support for 300 x 300
 DPI FAX resolutions available from vendors such as Hewlett Packard.  Since
 STraight FAX! users on GEnie may also be interested in higher resolution
 FAX capabilities, the response to this question is repeated below:

     The CCITT Group 3 FAX protocol does officially support a 300 x 300 DPI
 FAX Resolution at this time.  There are currently two resolutions that all
 Group 3 FAX Machines/FAX Modems must support: Normal Resolution at 203 x
 98 DPI and Fine Resolution at 203 x 196 DPI.  Some vendor's FAX Machines
 support a resolution called Super Fine Resolution at 203 x 392 DPI,
 however the method used to support this resolution is not an officially
 supported capability.  As such two different vendor's FAX machines that
 are advertised as supporting a Super Fine Resolution may not be able to
 communicate at this resolution.  It is possible that what different
 vendors call Super Fine Resolution may not even be the same resolution.

 The EIA/TIA committee that decides FAX standards has submitted for
 approval enhanced resolutions as part of the "1992 Group 3 features" of
 300 x 300 DPI and 400 x 400 DPI.  Currently these enhanced resolutions are
 not supported by any standard FAX modems such as Class 1 or Class 2 FAX
 Modems.  The TR-29.2 EIA/TIA committee that decides computer (DTE) to FAX
 Modem (DCE) protocols will most likely add these enhancements in 1993.

     Since large companies sit on these committees, they can design and
 release products based on what they know will most likely be an adopted
 standard.  This may be the reason that Hewlett Packard has a 300 x 300 DPI
 resolution.  On the other hand while the HP Laser Printer integrated into
 HP's FAX Machine may be a 300 x 300 DPI device, HP may be just scaling a
 Normal or Fine Resolution FAX bit-map image that is received to that of
 the Laser Printer.

     When a FAX is received via a FAX Modem, the FAX software does
 basically the same thing when it attempts to print it to a printer (i.e. 
 scale it to the resolution of the printer).

     When a sending FAX machine calls a receiving FAX machine, the sender
 and receiver exchange handshaking messages that describe the capabilities
 that each support.

     If the receiver is capable of a 300 x 300 DPI resolution, but the
 sender is a standard FAX Machine and is not capable of 300 x 300 DPI, the
 transfer will take place at the resolution that the sender selects.

     If the sender is capable of a 300 x 300 DPI resolution, but the
 receiver is a standard FAX Machine and is not capable of 300 x 300 DPI,
 and the sender is set to the 300 x 300 DPI resolution, the sender must
 adjust downward to the next best resolution, which is Fine Resolution.

     Since the standard Class 1 or Class 2 FAX Modems support only Normal
 and Fine Resolution, none of the Class 1 or Class 2 FAX Software (that I
 am aware of for the PC, Mac or STraight FAX! that we have developed for
 the Atari ST/TT/ Falcon030) support any enhanced resolutions.

     Once the TR-29.2 committee decides on a way to support enhanced
 resolutions, it is possible that FAX Modem firmware could be update to
 support these resolutions.  Software support should soon follow.

     There is one other problem with supporting enhanced resolutions via a
 FAX Modem.  All FAX Software that I have seen performs the conversion of
 graphics, text, etc.  to the user specified FAX resolution before dialing
 the remote FAX.  Since all Group 3 FAX Machines/FAX Modems must support
 Normal and Fine Resolution, there will never be a problem when the FAX
 machines exchange capabilities at the start of the call.  The FAX Software
 must do the conversion prior to making the call as this is a CPU intensive
 process that can not be done on the fly.

     A FAX Machine normally scans the page at the user specified FAX
 resolution on the fly after the connection has been established, converts
 the scanned data to the FAX format and sends it to the receiver.  As such
 a FAX machine can switch down to a commonly supported resolution if

     A FAX Software package would need to convert each page to both the
 enhanced resolution and Fine Resolution and save these to disk before
 dialing.  The FAX software can then choose which set of files to send,
 based on the capabilities of the receiver.  This would increase the
 conversion time and disk space requirements by a factor of 3.  

     The TR-29.2 is also looking into future DTE to DCE FAX communication
 standards, where the FAX Modem has memory and a high speed CPU.  These FAX
 Modems will have the capability of doing a Text to FAX or Graphics to FAX
 conversion on the fly, just as a FAX Machine does.  These features are
 being evaluated for Class 3 and Class 4 FAX Modems, however with the
 current technology price/performance ratio this would be very expensive at
 this time.

     The FAX world is changing rapidly at this time.  New FAX Standards are
 in the process of being approved, including Group 3-64 and Group 4. 
 Besides Class 3 and Class 4, there will be other DTE to DCE protocols
 available such as Class 1A, 2.0 and 2.1.  Since the FAX Modem vendors sit
 on these committees, products may appear before the standards are
 official.  This is what happened with Class 2 FAX Modems and is why the
 official Class 2 will be called Class 2.0 to distinguish it from the
 current "unofficial" Class 2 FAX Modems.


     NewSTar Technology Management is constantly enhancing the STraight
 FAX! in order to keep up with the latest capabilities available in the FAX
 and FAX Modem world.  An example of this is the support in the upcoming
 Version 1.07 of the STraight FAX! for the Silent Answer and Caller ID
 capabilities available in the Supra V.32/V.32bis FAX Modems (as firmware
 upgrades from Supra).

     Silent Answer allows sharing of a single phone line between a FAX
 Modem and a Voice Phone/Answering Machine.  Early press releases from
 Supra Corp.  were not clear on the exact features that Silent Answer
 provides.  As it turns out the Silent Answer capability does not provide
 100% of the functionality of an external FAX Line Manager device, which
 can automatically answer an incoming call and determine if a FAX or Voice
 call is in progress and switch between a Voice Phone/Answering Machine or
 a FAX Machine/FAX Modem.

     Silent Answer is available in the Supra V.32 and V.32bis FAX Modems
 that have firmware ROM revisions V1.200-H and V1.200-J.  The only
 difference between the H and J revisions is that the J revision contains
 the support for the Caller ID capability and costs extra from Supra.

     The ROM revision can be verified from a terminal program by sending
 either of the following commands:

                          ATI3 (carriage return)
                        AT+FREV? (carriage return)

     In the STraight FAX! Version 1.07, Silent Answer will operate as

 Under Receive Preferences:

 Set Answer After to 9 rings
 Set Silent Answer to Enabled
 Set Auto Receive to either Always Enabled or Selectively Enabled.
 If Auto Receive is set to Selectively Enabled, then specify the time
 interval when to answer the call.

     The FAX Modem may be connected anywhere in the phone line.  However do
 not connect an Answering Machine or the Voice Phone handset that you
 normally pick up to answer the phone to the connector labeled "PHONE" on
 back of the FAX Modem.  The Supra FAX Modem will disconnect any phone
 device connected to this connector when the FAX Modem is on-line.  A Phone
 Line Splitter and extra phone cables may be needed to connect the phone,
 answering machine and FAX Modem properly.

     When the phone rings, pick up the phone and listen for the caller to
 respond.  If the call is a Voice call, you can answer the call you normal

     The FAX Modem will send a RING result code to the computer for each
 ring that was detected prior to the phone line being picked up.

     When the line has been picked up, the FAX Modem will be able to
 determine if the call is a FAX call (by sensing the CNG tone) or a Voice
 call (by the lack of the CNG tone).  

     The CNG Tone is the periodic tone that FAX Machines send when
 establishing a connection with a remote FAX.  See the Note below for older
 FAX Machines that do not send the CNG tone.

     You then will also be able to tell if the call is a FAX or Voice call
 by listening for the CNG tone.

     If the call is a Voice call, the FAX Modem will not issue any more
 RING result codes to the computer.  Since the STraight FAX! has been set
 answer after 9 RING result codes have been received, it will timeout 20
 seconds after the last RING result code was received and reset the FAX
 modem back to the receive mode.  The FAX Receive Log will indicate that
 the call timed out.

     Since the call is a Voice call, you can proceed as normal in answering
 the call.

     If the call is a FAX call, the FAX Modem will sense the CNG tone and
 issue very quickly up to 9 RING result codes to the computer.  This will
 trigger the STraight FAX! into sending a command to the FAX Modem to
 answer the call and begin the FAX receive.

     When you hear that the FAX Modem has picked up the line, you may hang
 up the phone and verify that the FAX receive is in progress on the

     What if you are not home at the time of the call, no one will be
 around for the phone line to be picked up, so:

     The FAX Modem will continue to send RING result codes to the computer
 as long as the sender does not hang up on the call.

     If the caller hangs up before 9 rings, the STraight FAX! will timeout
 20 seconds after the last ring and then reset the FAX Modem back to the
 receive mode.  The FAX Receive Log will indicate that the call timed out.

     If the caller allows the phone to ring 9 times, then when 9 RING
 result codes have been detected, the STraight FAX! will send the command
 to the FAX Modem to answer the call.  The FAX Modem will determine if the
 call is a FAX or Voice call by sensing the CNG tone.

     If the call is a FAX call, the STraight FAX! will attempt to receive
 the FAX.

     If is a Voice call the caller will hear the FAX tone and know to hang
 up.  The STraight FAX! will detect that the call is not a FAX call, hang
 up the phone and reset the FAX Modem.  The FAX Receive Log will indicate
 that the call timed out.

              Automatic Unattended Operation of Silent Answer

     Using an Answering Machine it is possible for automatic unattended
 operation of the Silent Answer capability.

     Make sure that the Answering Machine is not connected to the "PHONE"
 connector on the back of the FAX Modem.

     The Answering Machine should be set to answer after 2 to 4 calls as
 normal.  The Answering Machine acts just as normal person and will answer
 the call.  This allows the FAX Modem to determine the if the call is a FAX
 or Voice call.

     Most newer model Answering Machines will automatically stop the
 greeting message and hang up if another phone somewhere on the same phone
 circuit is picked up.  When the FAX Modem detects an incoming FAX call by
 sensing the CNG tones, it will quickly issue up to 9 RING result codes to
 the computer.  The STraight FAX! will then send the command to the FAX
 Modem to also answer the call.  When this happens, the Answering Machine
 will hangup and allow the FAX Modem to take over and receive the FAX.

     If the FAX Modem does not detect a FAX call, it will not send any more
 RING result codes to the computer and the STraight FAX! will timeout and
 reset the FAX Modem to receive mode.  The Answering Machine will answer
 the call as it would normally do.

     If the Answering Machine does not have the ability to disconnect when
 another phone on the same phone circuit is picked up, there is a device
 available from Radio Shack for $7.95 that can be used to disconnect the
 Answering Machine when another phone device picks up (see the note below).

 Note: If you do not have an Answering Machine and you intend to receive
 FAXes while you are away, we recommend disabling the Silent Answer mode. 
 The STraight FAX! will answer the call after the specified number of rings
 and determine if a FAX or Voice call is in progress and respond

     The important thing to understand about Silent Answer is that it will
 not operate unless the phone line is picked up in some manner.  The CNG
 tone can not be detected until the phone line is picked up.

     Since Voice callers and FAX callers will allow different numbers of
 rings to occur before determining that no one is home to answer the call
 or that the FAX Machine is off-line, you will need to adjust the number of
 rings to wait to answer the phone somewhere between 5 to 9 rings.  Make
 sure that the number of rings is greater than the Answering Machine's or
 else the FAX Modem will always pick up the line before the Answering

     If an external Caller ID unit is also in use, make sure that the
 Answering Machine is set to a minimum of 2 rings, or else the Caller ID
 information which is sent between the first and second ring will not be

 Note: Some older FAX Machines (i.e.  units that require manually dialing
 from a handset) do not send the CNG tone.  Silent Answer currently will
 not operate with these types of FAX Machines.  Supra Corp.  is aware of
 this limitation and may provide a fix for this in future firmware.  Some
 Answering Machines will not shut off when another phone on the same phone
 circuit is picked up.  Radio Shack sells a device for $7.95 called the
 Voice/Data Guard Teleprotector (Catalog NUmber 43-107).  This device will
 cut off an Answering Machine when the Supra FAX Modem is instructed to
 answer the call.

     Caller ID allows reception of the Date, Time and Phone Number of the
 calling party.  Caller ID is available in selected areas in the US and
 Canada, normally as an optional service from the local phone company.  At
 this time most areas with Caller ID can only send the caller's phone
 number from a call that originates in the local calling area.  Calls from
 outside the local calling area will be indicated with an Out of Area
 message.  In some areas where Caller ID is available, local laws allow the
 caller to block the Caller ID information from being sent to the called
 party either on a per call basis or permanent basis.  Calls received from
 a calling party that blocks the Caller ID information will be indicated
 with a Private Number message.  Note: in some areas with Caller ID,
 telephone subscribers can instruct the local telephone company to block
 any telephone calls that originate from a calling party that blocks the
 Caller ID information.  The calling party will receive a message from the
 local telephone company that the number being called is unavailable and
 the called party's phone will not ring.  This service option may be
 available to all subscribers whether they subscribe to Caller ID or not.

     We have recently learned that in some provinces of Canada, Bell Canada
 sends the Caller ID information in a different format than the standard
 method used in the US and other parts of Canada.  In these areas of
 Canada, the Caller ID information is still available, but will not include
 the area code of the calling party.  NewSTar Technology Management plans
 to support both Caller ID formats that are used.  It is possible that
 Supra Corporation may change the firmware in future versions of their
 V.32/V.32bis FAX Modems so that the difference in formats is transparent
 to the Caller ID software on the host computer.

     Version 1.07 of the STraight FAX! will display the Caller ID
 information in the Receive FAX Status and will use the Caller ID
 information to identify the FAX Call in the Receive FAX Log if the calling
 FAX does not send its Local FAX Identification String.  NewSTar Technology
 Management is also developing a stand alone Caller ID utility, which will
 be available in the first quarter of '93.

     As part of the "1992 Group 3 features" added to the FAX communication
 protocols FAX devices will be able to support features such as enhanced
 resolutions, error correction and binary file transfer.  While the "1992
 Group 3 Features" have not "officially" been approved and published by the
 EIA/TIA, many vendors will likely introduce products that support these
 capabilities in the near future.

     The original Group 3 FAX specifications were approved in 1981.  In
 1990, the FAX specification was enhanced to include V.17 support for 12000
 and 14400 baud modulation rates.

     In the FAX Modem world, there are currently two standards for
 communication between a FAX Modem (DCE) and a Computer (DTE) via an RS-232

   Class 1  - Which was approved by the EIA/TIA in August of 1990.

   Class 2  - Which is based on the initial TIA/EIA TR-29.2 committee as
              Special Project 2388.  This version of the Class 2 standard  
              was not approved.  Several revisions were made to this       
              standard before it was approved in 1992.  Since many vendors 
              have products based on the unofficial Class 2 proposal, the  
              approved version will be known as Class 2.0.  It is expected 
              that vendors may be providing firmware upgrades for Class 2.0 
              or new products in mid 1993.  Supra has indicated to us that 
              they will support Class 2.0, if Rockwell International (who 
              manufacturers the chip sets and firmware in the Supra FAX    
              Modems) supports it.  Upgrades to Class 2.0 should be        
              available as firmware upgrades to the FAX Modems, however    
              some Class 2.0 capabilities may not be available on current  
              FAX Modems due to hardware limitations.

     The difference between Class 1 and Class 2/2.0, for lack of a better
 analogy is like the difference between a car with a manual transmission
 and a car with an automatic transmission.  In both cases the car has a
 steering wheel and accelerator and break pedals.  A manual transmission
 also has a clutch and the gear shifter which must be periodically utilized
 by the driver, whereas an automatic transmission has an automatic shift,
 which is utilized in frequently (i.e.  starting, parking, reversing
 direction).  In both cases, from the outside, the car appears to function
 in the same manner, however the driver needs to have additional training
 to operate a manual transmission.

     A FAX Modem operating in Class 1 or Class 2 mode, appears to operate
 in the same manner from the point of view of the operator of the FAX
 software.  In addition, the remote FAX machine is unaware that the FAX
 device that it is connected with is a Class 1 or Class 2 FAX Modem or a
 FAX Machine.  Internally, the FAX Communication software operates
 differently between Class 1 and Class 2.  In a Class 2 FAX Modem, the
 internal micro-controller CPU controls the low level Group 3 FAX protocol
 communication.  The firmware in the Class 2 FAX Modem automatically
 performs the handshaking between the FAX devices.  Under Class 2, the FAX
 Modem sends response messages to the DTE FAX Software to let it know when
 to start sending the data for each FAX page.  Internally, the Class 2
 firmware filters the data to present it to the remote FAX in the exact
 format that it expects.  In Class 1, the DTE FAX Software is responsible
 for all of these functions.  This places a greater demand on the timing
 and CPU overhead that the DTE FAX Software requires.  In a multi-tasking
 environment, such as Atari's Multi-TOS, UNIX or Microsoft Windows, the CPU
 speed can be a critical factor for proper Class 1 operation.

     Since the Class 2 protocol used by vendors such as Rockwell, Sierra
 and Exar was never officially approved, there are variations in each
 vendor's implementation.  In addition, not all Class 2 FAX Modems
 implement all the capabilities that are defined in the original Class 2
 proposal, such as FAX Polling, Binary File Transfer, Error Correction
 Mode, etc.  Under Class 1, all of these features can be made available,
 provided that the DTE FAX Software supports them (and that FAX Modem's
 Class 1 firmware does not contain errors that would prevent them from
 working properly).  

     Supra Corp. indicated that the version "H" and "J" firmware ROMS
 updates would support Binary File Transfer and Error Correction Mode.  As
 it turns out, this is partially true.  Since the Supra firmware supports
 both Class 1 and Class 2 modes of operation, the newer firmware can
 support these features under Class 1 operation, but not under Class 2
 operation at this time.  Currently the only FAX software that supports
 these features is a Macintosh program.

     Supra's "H" and "J" firmware also support Silent Answer and Adaptive
 Answer.  Silent Answer allows FAX/Voice sharing of a single line, while
 Adaptive Answer allows Data/FAX sharing of a single line.  These modes of
 operation are mutually exclusive and can not be accessed at the same time
 under the current firmware implementation.  Adaptive Answer is a
 capability defined in Class 1 and Class 2.  Silent Answer is a Supra
 unique capability that is not currently addressed in the Class 1 or Class
 2 specifications.

     The STraight FAX! will support Silent Answer in version 1.07. 
 Adaptive Answer is not supported at this time.  Since Adaptive Answer
 requires communication between a FAX Program and a BBS/Terminal Program
 with a mini-BBS mode, support of this mode will require cooperation
 between FAX, BBS and Terminal Software vendors.
     NewSTar Technology Management has been in contact with Supra Corp.  
 discussing some of the compatibility problems that exist between Supra FAX
 Modems and the STraight FAX! We apologize for the delay in answering
 questions about compatibility issues as it has taken longer than expected
 to get in touch with the proper Supra engineers due to fact that Supra has
 been under-staffed during the holidays.

     Below is a list of the current compatibility problems.  Some of these
 problems may exist with other vendor's FAX Modems that use Rockwell
 chipsets and firmware.

 1.  Problems with Touch Tone Dialing.  The FAX Modem will sometimes dial
     one digit and pause before resuming dialing or sometime switch into
     Pulse Dialing mode.  The problem can be solved for the time being by
     placing a "T" as the first character of the Dialing Prefix (under
     Dialing Preferences).  It appears that the FAX Modem incorrectly
     switches into what is called Adaptive Dialing mode (not to be confused
     with Adaptive Answer mode).  Adaptive Dialing is for use in some area
     that do not support Touch Tone dialing.  Where this occurs, the Modem
     will switch to Pulse Dialing if the dial tone does not cease within 3
     seconds after the first digit was dialed using Touch Tone dialing.

 2.  Problems with using the V.32/V.32bis FAX Modems in FAX Mode after they
     have been used in Data Mode (i.e.  with a Terminal Program or as a
     BBS).  After a data connection terminates, a problem in the firmware
     causes several hundred characters of data that were sent by the modem
     to the computer while in data mode, to also be sent when the Class 2
     FAX command AT+FLID? is issued.  This FAX command is used by the
     STraight FAX! to read back the previous Local FAX ID string that may
     still be programmed into the FAX Modem.  The only solution at this
     time is to power the FAX Modem off and back on again, before
     attempting to use the STraight FAX! This problem seems to happen only
     in the MNP data modem modes, but it may also occur under other data
     modes.  The STraight FAX! will be unable to initialize the FAX Modem
     to send or receive after the data connection.  Some users have
     reported this problem, which appeared on the surface to be a problem
     with the terminal program.  Supra will be investigating this problem
     with Rockwell.

 3.  There are problems with the Supra V.32/V.32bis FAX Modems connecting
     with some FAX Machines or FAX Modems.  Supra has indicated that the
     newer firmware corrected problems connecting with some FAX Machines,
     however the problems still exist in the latest firmware in connecting
     with some FAX Modems.  Ironically the Supra FAX Modem Plus does not
     experience these problems.  We specifically have noticed problems that
     the Supra V.32/V.32bis FAX Modems have had connecting with some Zoom
     (also Rockwell based) FAX Modems and Best Data Products (Sierra based)
     FAX Modems.  The problems appear to be the result of slight timing
     differences between the FAX Modems Class 2 implementations.  There is
     no solution at this time that we can implement as far as Class 2 is
     concerned.  Our solution is to provide the option to use Class 1,
     which will place the burden of the responsibility in the DTE FAX
     Software (i.e STraight FAX!).  This will give users the option of
     using Class 1, for the case where Class 2 can not connect properly. 
     Note: The Supra V.32/V.32bis to Zoom FX9624 FAX Modem problem only
     occurs when the Supra is the sender and the Zoom is the
     receiver, in the reverse direction the modems connect properly.

  In response to direct user's questions:

 To PMC:

     The Zoom SendFAX Modem that you have uses a non-standard command set
 different from Class 1 and Class 2, which was developed by Sierra and
 called the SendFAX command set.  I suspect that the problems that you are
 having are similar to the timing problems described above for Class 2. 
 Since the SendFAX modem firmware also implements the low level Group 3 FAX
 protocol, there is little that we can do unless the firmware is upgraded. 
 In the rapidly changing FAX market, the SendFAX Modems are considered only
 technology by today's standards and I would doubt that Sierra will be
 upgrading the firmware.

     Since the STraight FAX! supports the SendFAX and Class 2 command sets
 at this time and we are developing support for Class 1 at this time, you
 might want to look into the possibility of upgrading to a new FAX Modem if
 you make frequent calls overseas.  Once Class 1 support is available, you
 might consider a Zoom AFX External Class 1 FAX Modem, which is available
 for as little as $79.99.


     Class 1 support will be in addition to Class 2 support and will
 require a FAX Modem that supports Class 1, such as the FAX Modems
 available from Hayes, U. S. Robotics, Zoom or the Supra FAX Modems (which
 support both Class 1 and 2).


     At this time the STraight FAX! will not operate with the Hayes FAX
 Modems which are Class 1 only.  Once our Class 1 support is available, I
 expect that the Hayes FAX Modems will operate with the STraight FAX!.

 Several Users have asked about the advantages of Font GDOS over other
 versions of GDOS:

     Font GDOS was released this in the spring of 1992 by Atari.  While it
 does not support scalable fonts like FSM GDOS and now Speedo GDOS, it does
 support all the other features of the scalable GDOS versions.

     Atari's distribution of Font GDOS is different than with the original
 GDOS.  First, it is available on-line here on GEnie and is available from
 developers under license agreement from Atari.  The version that NewSTar
 Technology Management has available includes the Swiss and Dutch bit map
 fonts in various point sizes for various types of printers.  Other than
 that it is basically the same as the version on-line here on GEnie.  We
 also include a printed instruction manual.

     Font GDOS includes 3 utilities available as CPX modules and Desk
 Accessories.  One of these CPX/ACC's is intended for FSM GDOS, but it does
 allow setting of one feature of Font GDOS, i.e.  the bit mapped cache
 size.  Another CPX/ACC will automatically create the ASSIGN.SYS file. 
 While the third CPX/ACC allows configuration of the new printer drivers
 that are FSM/Font GDOS compatible.

     Font GDOS includes several printer drivers for 9pin, 24 pin, HP Laser
 Jet, HP Desk Jet, Atari SLM Laser Printer, etc.  Previously these drivers
 were only available at an extra cost from third party developers or with
 packages such as Timeworks DTP.  Font GDOS also includes a new driver
 called MEMORY.SYS, the STraight FAX! uses this driver to render GEM
 Metafiles (and to scale Image Files pasted from the Clipboard in version

     Font GDOS also allows the user to change the ASSIGN.SYS file at any
 time from within any application to change the printer setup.  Some
 applications, such as Timeworks DTP will not recognize the change until
 they are exited and run again.  Most GDOS applications allow changing the
 printer driver assigned to device 21 at any time, this would allow
 switching from a real printer driver to the STraight FAX! FSM GDOS driver
 in order to print to disk FAX files in an application such as WordFlair

     Font GDOS does not have the slow down effect of the original GDOS and
 it also supports drawing of Bezier Curves in GEM Metafiles and the VDI. 
 Finally, the bit mapped font cache allows Font GDOS to only load fonts
 from the disk when needed, reducing the memory required for an application
 to print.  The bit mapped font cache only needs to be as large as the
 largest bit mapped font file in the ASSIGN.SYS file.  Under the original
 GDOS and Codehead's G+Plus, all fonts are loaded at one time.  If
 insufficient memory is available to fit all fonts, then some fonts will
 not be loaded and will not print.  Under Font GDOS (and FSM GDOS or Speedo
 GDOS) when a font is needed, it is loaded into the cache, replacing other
 fonts in the cache only as necessary.

 To All STraight FAX! users:

     We would like to remind all STraight FAX! users that if they have not
 already been in contact with NewSTar Technology Management, that we ask
 them to send us EMail or Postal Mail with their name, address, date of
 purchase, place of purchase and 10 digit registration number.  Since the
 change of marketing of the STraight FAX!, we do not have all users in our

     If a user has never sent in their registration card or has recently
 purchased the STraight FAX!, we ask that the registration card be filled
 out and sent to our address listed above.  Without a valid registration
 card on file, the telephone technical support personnel will not be able
 to provide any technical support.
     We are interested in feedback from STraight FAX! users and potential
 STraight FAX! users about features that they would like to see supported
 in future versions of the STraight FAX! Any users that would like to make
 suggestions are encouraged to do so in this public topic.

 Some areas that are being investigated are:

 1.  Support for word processing files such as 1ST Word, 1st Word Plus,
     Word Writer ST and WordPerfect.  This would allow direct conversion of
     these files in the STraight FAX! preserving text effects such as Bold,
     Italic, Underline, Centering, Indenting, etc.

 2.  Multi-tasking support -- This is planned using Atari's Multi-TOS and
     is also being investigated using View Touch's Power DOS.

 3.  Voice Mail support -- using capabilities that Supra is planning to
     support.  This would be a new product, that would allow FAX On Demand.

 4.  FAX Forwarding -- i.e.  configure the STraight FAX! to forward all
     received FAXes to another FAX number during a specified time interval
     during the day.

 5.  Auto FAX Retrieval from a FAX Mailbox -- Many users do not want to
     leave a FAX Modem/Computer on to receive FAXes.  AT&T and many of the
     Bell companies have FAX Mailbox services that allow will receive FAXes
     and store them for later retrieval by a user.  Auto FAX Retrieval
     would allow calling the access number for the FAX Mailbox service
     (using the FAX Modem), entering the proper access code and destination
     FAX Number (using Touch Tones) and then configuring the FAX Modem to
     wait for the FAX Mailbox Service to call back and send all FAXes that
     were received in the FAX Mailbox.

 5.  Distinctive Ring Detection support -- some FAX Modem vendors are
     planning to support Distinctive Ring Detection in the FAX Modem.

 6.  Junk FAX Rejection -- Many users are constantly receiving unsolicited
     Junk FAXes.  Junk FAX Rejection would allow creation of a list of FAX
     ID Strings and/or Phone Numbers (requires Caller ID) that if detected
     will during an incoming FAX Call, will be disconnected.

 7.  Secure FAX -- The ability to encrypt a FAX for security purposes. 
     Secure FAX capabilities are being added to the FAX standards at this

 8.  FAX Software support of Adaptive Answer to allow FAX/BBS operation on
     the same phone line.

 9.  Blind Dialing -- In some areas where no dial tone is present on the
     phone line, Blind Dialing is required for FAX Modem operations.

 10. Class 2.0 FAX Modem support - when Class 2.0 products are available
     on the market.

 11. Additional Printer Driver support -- Compo's That's Write 2 and
     Atari's Speedo GDOS drivers are currently under development.

 12. Optical Character Recognition software interface -- This would allow
     an interface to an OCR program that can turn received FAX documents
     into Text Files.  The OCR Program must be provided by a third party

 13. Support for additional Full Page Scanners -- such as SCSI interfaced
     scanners or the new Migraph PS-400 Scanning Wand.

 14. Binary File Transfer, Error Correction Mode and FAX Polling.

 15. Support for advanced TOS 4.00/Multi-TOS user interface features such
     as Hierarchical Menus and Drag and Drop.

                                             NewSTar Technology Management


 > SPAR SYSTEMS STR InfoFile        Online electronic books save time.

                   PageAssistant 2.0  for PageStream 2.2
                CalAssistant SL for Calamus SL 8/92 (NEW!)
                      CalAssistant for Calamus 1.09N

 Brooklyn, NY

     "One of the most satisfactory way to learn computer programs is
 to learn and practice on your computer."

 Welcome to  Spar Systems'  Electronic Books!   Our online electronic books
 provide timesaving information,  tips,  hints,  tricks  and  tutorials for
 PAGESTREAM,  CALAMUS  SL  and  CALAMUS  by  giving  simple  to  understand
 procedures and step-by-step examples within  a GEM window interface shell.
 We tell  you the  things you need to know so you can spend more time being
 creative and less time finding out how to use a particular function or 
 icon. The text summaries get to the point.

                            !!! NEW !!!
                  * C A L A S S I S T A N T  S L *

      CALASSISTANT SL is our latest online electronic book for the
 newly released CALAMUS SL. It supports version 8/92 and up, only. Some 
 of the procedures given may not work with older versions of 
 Calamus SL.
      * CalAssistant SL in an accessory program that runs together
 with the Calamus SL software, providing online help for all icons
 and menu functions.

      * Fully supports the GEM interface. The online window can be
 resized, moved and expanded back to its original size.  Icons are
 placed on the left hand side of the window and are used to access 
 the main functions like the popup menus, printer configuration, clear
 screen, etc.  The popup menus work similar to the GEM menus. This
 means, the menu item will auto-highlight when the mouse pointer is
 passed over. The GEM window has a menu bar inside it that supports
 pull down menus.

      * Supports a point and select online index, with speedy go to

      * Topics related to the index item selected will show up as
 linked files. These files are then moved into a special menu 
 automatically and are accessible using the links icon. For example,
 if you select 'Hyphenation' from the index listing, the following
 files will be linked: Set Hyphenation Rules and Hyphenate Text.

      * The 'Special' menu has tips, examples and tutorials such as:
 dynamic linking, reverse text, style sheets, mouse  pointers, screen
 DPI, converting Calamus 1.09N double pages and much more.

      * Hot keys are supported for each program icon.

      * The interface is resolution independent -- supporting the
 following Atari graphic modes: TT 640x480, ST 640x400, TT 640x480,
 TT 1280x960, Moniterm bigscreen and third party video cards --
 8, 16 and 24-bit colors.

      * Some of the topics covered in the 52 page illustrated manual
 are, clipboard modes and elements, picking up module type 
 information, copy text block or ruler into clipboard, cut or copy 
 text block to frame, correcting single to double master page,
 adjusting ruler margins and indents, widow and orphan, screen 
 frequencies, smoother raster at 300-dpi, PKS write hot keys, 
 initial caps, style sheets and macros, creating master page,
 inserting pages and copying layout, recalculating page numbers, 
 auto leading and fixed leading, point or percentage value, merge 
 and block, automatic attribute pickup, hyphenation, creating US
 postal bar codes and much more.

      * Easy installation.

      * Includes a double sided diskette.
      * Requires only 145K of memory and the Calamus SL software.

      * Includes complete page referencing to the Calamus SL               

      * Text,  icons and pictures are used to illustrate, explain          
        and give tips on all icons and menu functions.

      * Includes over five printer drivers for use with the print          
        command. Send  the online text summary to the printer for hardcopy 

      * The ELECTRONIC BOOK with lots of powerful tips and tricks 
        at your fingertips!

      * Supports the MultiDesk accessory.


                        !!! New Version !!!
                * P A G E A S S I S T A N T  2 . 0 *
      PAGEASSISTANT 2.0 supports the newly added features to
 PageStream 2.2.
      * PageAssistant in an accessory program that runs together
 with the PageStream 2.2 software, providing online help for each 

      * Fully supports the GEM interface. The online window can be
 resized, moved and expanded back to its original size.  Icons are
 placed on the left hand side of the window and are used to access 
 the main functions like the popup menus, printer configuration, 
 clear screen, etc.  The popup menus work similar to the GEM menus.
 This means, the menu item will auto-highlight when the mouse pointer
 is passed over. The GEM window has a menu bar inside it that
 supports pull down menus.

      * Supports a point and select online index, with speedy go to

      * Topics related to the index item selected will show up as
 linked files. These files are then moved into a special menu 
 automatically and are accessible using the links icon. For example,
 if you select 'Hyphenation' from the index listing, the following
 files will be linked: Set Hyphenation Rules, Batch Hyphenate and
 Manual Hyphenate.

      * The 'Special' menu has tips, examples and tutorials such as:
 layout tips, PostScript printing, fonts, dialog box  interaction,
 automatic attribute pickup, tips and tricks volume 1, creating US
 postal bar codes and much more.

      * Hot keys are supported for each icon.
      * Create beautiful BANNERS with PageStream!

      * The interface is resolution independent -- supporting the
 following Atari graphic modes: TT 640x480, ST 640x400, TT 640x480,
 TT 1280x960, Moniterm bigscreen and third party video cards --
 8, 16 and 24-bit colors.

      * Some of the topics covered in the 52 page illustrated manual
 are, color separation, scaling text object, applying tags,  
 anchoring text around graphic, CMYK printouts, registrations and 
 crop marks, macros, textual and graphic effects using macros, 
 rotating object, shifting baseline, before and after paragraph 
 spacing, temporary alignment guides, initial caps, flowing text 
 around irregular graphic, resize proportionally, master pages, 
 resizing bitmap graphics, halftones, screen angle and frequency, 
 H&J, tiling and much more.

      * Easy installation.

      * Includes a double sided diskette.  
      * Requires only 145K of memory and the PageStream 2.2 software.

      * Includes complete page referencing to the PageStream

      * Text, icons and pictures are used to illustrate, explain 
        and give tips on all icons and menu functions.

      * Includes over five printer drivers for use with the print 
        command. Send online text summary to printer for hardcopy 

      * The ELECTRONIC BOOK with lots of powerful tips and tricks 
        at your fingertips!

      * Supports the MultiDesk accessory.


                      !!! New Version 1.80 !!!
                    * C A L A S S I A T A N T *
      * CalAssistant in an accessory program that runs together
 with the Calamus software, providing online help for all icons
 and menu functions.  The program has been updated to support
 Calamus v1.09N and the interface and help files have been rewritten,
 as well as the manual -- now 40 pages. The new package includes the 

      * Supports printing. You can now send text summary to the
        connected printer.

      * The help text and images are now displayed within a movable
        GEM window, giving you immediate access to CalAssistant when

      * A few of the topics discussed in the rewritten 40 page 
        illustrated manual are: Calamus Frame Types, Calamus Frame
        Modes, Clipboards, Working With Text, Text Macros, Master
        Pages, Layout Tips, Special Design Effects, Layout Tutorial,

      * The manual includes an extensive index.

      * The popup menus and program interface have been redesigned.

      * Two display text size to choose from.

      * Supports TT 640x480, TT 1280x960, ST 640x400 and Moniterm.

      * Installs as a desk accessory or program.

      * The help text and image files are indexed into two separate
        data files.

      * Supports the MultiDesk accessory.

      * And much, much more!


 CalAssistant SL starts shipping the second week in January 1993.

                             ORDER FORM

  Check    Description                                 Price
 |       | PageAssistant 2.0 for PageStream 2.2  |     $49.95    |
 |       | CalAssistant SL for Calamus SL 8/92   |     $49.95    |
 |       | CalAssistant for Calamus 1.09N        |     $34.95    |
           @ For Upgrades Only!
 |       | PageAssistant 2.0                     |     $10.00    |
 |       | CalAssistant                          |     $ 7.50    |

 @ Rev Up from any version of PageAssistant to PageAssistant 2.0
   for PageStream 2.2. 
   Rev Up from any version of Calassistant to CalAssistant for
   Calamus 1.09N. All minor updates are $5.00.

 If you have mailed in your registration card, just send us the cost
 above, because we have you inside our database. All Rev Ups include
 manual and diskette. Canadian customers, no personal checks --
 Canadian postal money order only. Overseas customers, bank draft only.

 The shipping cost is $3.00 (USA) and $5.00 (Overseas)

 Mail payment to:
                            Spar Systems
                         381 Autumn Avenue
                         Brooklyn, NY 11208

                         Ring: 718-235-3169

 All our products are available at your local Atari dealer.

 Thank you all.

 All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
 respective holders.


 > US Robotics Offer STR InfoFile   U.S. ROBOTICS SYSOP PRICING            

                       U.S. ROBOTICS SYSOP PRICING

          PRODUCT                                          PRICE

          COURIER HST (U.S. AND CANADA)                    $ 349
          COURIER V.32bis (U.S. AND CANADA)                $ 349
          INTERNATIONAL HST*                               $ 339
          INTERNATIONAL V.32bis*                           $ 339
          DOMESTIC POWER SUPPLY (INT'L USERS)*             $  10

 *International version  and a separate power supply must be ordered if the
 modem is used outside the U.S. or Canada.   International  power supply is
 220 volts;  Domestic power  supply is  110 volts.   At least one (1) power
 supply must be ordered with each international modem. 

 For  detailed  information  and  technical  specifications  on  the  above
 products,  call  the  U.S.  Robotics Technical Support Department at (800)
 982-5151 in the U.S. or (800) 553-3560 in Canada.   From outside  the U.S.
 or Canada, call (708) 982-5151.



     This section  describes the  rules of the U.S. Robotics SYSOP Program.
 U.S. Robotics reserves the right to  modify or  change these  rules at any


     The U.S.  Robotics SYSOP  Program permits QUALIFIED SYSOPs to purchase
 current U.S. Robotics modem products at a reduced  price.   The purpose of
 this program is to continue the close relationship established  many years 
 ago.    Participants  should  recognize  that  our ability to continue the
 program is dependent upon the strong position U.S. Robotics enjoys  in the
 reseller  channel  with  the  distributors  and  dealers,  VARs, etc. that
 continue to buy and resell our products to home and business users around 
 the world.  It  is our  intent to  maintain the  integrity of  our channel
 relationships by  closely scrutinizing  each SYSOP  sale to ensure that we
 only sell modems to qualified SYSOPs.


 1.  The SYSOP states that he/she  is  NOT  in  the  business  of reselling
     computer  products   and/or  related  peripherals,  including  modems.
     Qualified resellers may take  advantage of  other programs  offered by
     U.S.  Robotics  by  calling  (800)  342-5877 and asking for the dealer
     sales representative for your area.

 2.  The SYSOP has been operating the  bulletin board  system for  at least
     six (6) months.

 3.   The SYSOP  understands that the number of modems that may be obtained
     under this  program is  limited to  the number  of working, VERIFIABLE
     data lines.   Data lines MUST be dedicated for modem use only and MUST
     be available 24 hours a day for modem access.   Modems purchased under
     this program MUST be used on one of the stated lines.

 4.  The SYSOP agrees to post an appropriate logon notice, visible to users
     of the bulletin board, which states that said bulletin board  uses and
     supports U.S. Robotics brand modems.

 5.   The SYSOP  agrees that  he/she intends to operate the bulletin board,
     for which these modems are purchased, for at least six (6) months post
     purchase.   The U.S.  Robotics logon must remain in effect for six (6)
     months to allow verification that the bulletin board  is in  place and
     that the U.S. Robotics promotional message is being displayed.

 6.    The  SYSOP  agrees  that,  in  order to avoid conflict with the U.S.
     Robotics reseller channel, modems purchased under  this program cannot
     be  re-sold  without  the  expressed written consent of U.S. Robotics.
     Violation of this policy will result  in the  SYSOP's being ineligible
     for  future  participation  in  the  U.S.  Robotics SYSOP program.  In
     addition, any  warranties  on  modems  re-sold  without  U.S. Robotics
     authorization will be null and void.

 7.   The SYSOP  understands that  verification of  an order will take from
     four (4) to eight (8) weeks  depending on  the number  of orders being
     processed  by  the  SYSOP  Support Department, difficulty in verifying
     your bulletin board  and  the  availability  of  the  particular modem
     ordered.  U.S. Robotics will ship modem(s) to QUALIFIED SYSOPs as soon
     as  possible  after,  typically  two  (2)  to  five  (5)  weeks  after

     A.   The SYSOP completes the order form and questionnaire found on the
          US Robotics BBS.  These must be filled-out  online as  no mail-in
          orders will be accepted.


 After placing  an order  on the  board, a  SYSOP wishing to prepay his/her
 order should send a money order or cashier's check to:

                    U.S. Robotics SYSOP Support Program
                           8100 McCormick Blvd.
                             Skokie, IL 60076

     It is imperative that the SYSOP name, voice phone number and BBS phone
 number be  indicated for  identification purposes.   A personal or company
 check is acceptable, but shipping will be delayed ten (10) working days to
 ensure that  the check clears our bank.  NO CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS WILL BE

     B.   The SYSOP understands that once an order is placed,  it cannot be
          changed.    If  you  are  uncertain  as  to the modem you want to
          purchase, you may consult the Information & Text  Files file area
          of this bulletin board for product information.  Or, you may call
          the U.S. Robotics Technical Support Department  at (800) 982-5151
          in the  U.S. or  (800) 553-3560  in Canada.   Outside the U.S and
          Canada, call (708) 982-5151.

     C.   Your board will be verified by a U.S. Robotics Co-SYSOP.  We MUST
          be  able  to  connect  with  your  bulletin board to verify board
          status.  In the event that we are uncertain of your board status,
          you will  be notified either by the Co-SYSOP via your board or by
          mail.  We will advise you as best we can as to  what you  need to
          provide in  order to have your board verified (appropriate logon,
          copy of phone bill, software registration, etc).  In no case will
          we  verify  a  board  until  we  are  certain  that  it meets the
          requirements of the program.

     D.   U.S. Robotics will not accept phone-in orders.

     E.   U. S. Robotics  reserves the  right to  modify, change  or cancel
          this program at any time.

     F.    If  you have  any questions  regarding this program, please call
          (800)  342-5877  for  clarification.    In   Canada,  call  (800)
          553-3560.  Outside the U.S. and Canada, call (708) 982-5001.


     We realize  that all  Bulletin Boards  are not the same and we are not
 always able to ascertain their  validity  during  our  normal verification
 process.   In order not to exclude those Bulletin Boards from our program,
 we may request additional information such as  copies of telephone  bills, 
 proof of software purchase and/or registration and network and association

     U.S. Robotics  is determined  to provide a SYSOP Program which is fair
 and equitable to everyone.  Any requests made of SYSOPs in order to verify
 Bulletin Boards  are made  in order  to ensure that the program serves the
 entire SYSOP community and protect the USR distribution channel 
 as well.  

     We will make every  effort  to  process  each  and  every  order  in a
 professional and  courteous manner.  Please help us to provide the type of
 service you want and deserve by filling-out the  order form  as completely
 and accurately as possible and responding to our requests for additional 
 information in a prompt manner.

                                                       THANK YOU



                              Teradesk V1.25

  Press Release

 Hello all Teradesk users,

     I understand that my "Teradesk" program has "gone down" very well on
 GEnie / CIS etc - here are a few details of the next version to be
 released (V1.25  Due in Jan 1992).Thankyou for using my program , and it
 would be very nice to receive further Shareware donations for my hard work
 - Thankyou...

 A few notes on future changes

 The following suggested features will be implemented in future

 - A possibility to change the menu shortcuts
 - Deleting selected files by pressing the delete key

 Several other suggestions have already been implemented in the newest
 version (1.25), which will be released in January.

 These new features are:

 - the color palette can be saved before a program is started
 - the desktop background can be changed
 - the font and the fontsize of the windows can be changed
 - if the rubberbox, which is used to select multiple items,
   is moved outside the selected window, the contents of the 
   window will be scrolled automatically.

 Other suggestions were:

 - A viewer for images. I will probably build in a simple one, 
   which only supports monochrome images and images with the same 
   number of colors as the current resolution.
 - A possibilty to change the resolution from within the desktop. 

 It will take some time before these features will be implemented, it will
 at least take two or three versions, before they are implemented.

 The following features are also going to be implemented:

 - Dialog boxes in windows
 - A search file and grep function

 Some of these features are quite complex, so it might take some time
 before a version with these features are released. I would like to thank
 all users for making these suggestions. If you have more suggestions,
 please send them to me.

 In the United Kingdom new versions can be downloaded from:

                                 System ST
           tel. +44 (0)533 413443  (10.00PM TO 07.00AM GMT ONLY)
                             FidoNet 2:255/320
                              NeST 90:102/131

 The file is called TERADESK.LZH. This BBS is also support BBS for the Tera
 Desktop. If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you want to
 report bugs, you can leave these there.

 In the Netherlands new versions can be downloaded from:

                           Moir Brandts Honk BBS
                             tel. 070-3461215

 Or I can be contacted Via the following persons , who will kindly pass any
 mail onto me.

 Compuserve: 100010,2106 (Stuart Coates)
 GEnie     : GRMEYER

     or Myself... by "Snail Mail" 

                                Wout Klaren
                              Zwolsekanaal 18
                            7681 ED Vroomshoop
                              The Netherlands


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Las Vegas, NV                CES IS TOPHEAVY WITH COMPUTERS!

     In a preliminary report, our roving reporter has filed these few
 tidbits with STReport relative to the CES show.  Computers, Computers,
 Computers everywhere.  That's the key expression as the theme this year is
 Multi-Media from soup to nuts.  In attendance from the computing community
 is IBM, AST, Toshiba, APPLE, Commodore Amiga, Hewlett Packard and Packard
 Bell among others.  Commodore has a rather respectably large multi-media
 display centered around their top of the line Amiga offerings.  The booth
 was constantly mobbed as were all the multi-media displays.  Kodak has a
 huge set up of its new Photo CD ROM and also has approx. 15 different
 brands of computer set up in its display depicting its cross-platform
 compatibility.  No need to mention the fantastic set-up the game machine
 manufacturers had for all to be amazed by.  Obvious by their total absence
 was Atari... <sigh>  more next week..... (rumor has it Atari had _one_
 person there hawking carts in a hotel room).


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"           "... A SIGN OF THE TIMES...."


                                        ..... Churchill


 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * 1993 Prices!  MORE Products! *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""    ------------------------------------

                       **  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                 NOTICE:  ABCO will BEAT OR MATCH * ANY * 
           Advertised or Invoiced price *  WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
      All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                      - Available for all Platforms -

                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
                       (Prepaid Orders - Cont. USA)


            DELUXE 2 bay Cabinet W/65w Auto PS & Blower $119.00
                    <<<Coming Soon! ABCO Mini-Tower>>>
       Case & ICD LINK or ADSCSI PLUS Host [Hard Disk Ready] $259.95

                          -STAND ALONE PRODUCTS-
                Model      Description    Autopark    Price
               SGN4951      51Mb            Y         CALL!
               SQN1096      85mb            Y         CALL!
               SQN2055     130mb            Y         CALL!
               SQN1296     213mb            Y         CALL!
               SQN4055     340mb            Y         CALL!
             Standard "Shoebox Cabinet style is also available

             Call for pricing applicable to IBM - MAC - AMIGA
                             IDE - SCSI - ESDI

              MODERN TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!
                   Many other configurations available.
                               20mb - 3.5gb

                     NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE
         SPECIAL PURCHASE! * 83mb - 1345mb * Hard Disk Mechanisms
                Call for SUPER PRICING!! Limited Time Only!!
                   IDEAL FOR USE IN: IBM - MAC - AMIGA!

               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              EXOTIC TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


                 >> ABCO proudly offers: ATARI PRODUCTS <<

              Call for ABCO's * HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICING! *
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            Odds are, we either have it or, can get it for you!
                         "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL"

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

               * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) >> ABCOFILE "44" & "88" *
                        * REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVES *

          --->> LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! NOW ONLY 44MB $ CALL! <<---
                         SCSI port READY       88MB $ CALL!
                            ICD Link add 80.00

                            ONE Cart Included!

                         44mb CARTS:      $  69.50
                         88mb CARTS:      $ 109.50
                         44mb MECH ONLY:  $ 319.95
                         88mb MECH ONLY:  $ 419.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                      SPECIALLY PRICED ** $ CALL! **
                       Includes: * TWO * cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

           ** 50mb SQG51S   $ CALL!  105mb SQG105S    $ CALL! **
                  Or, YOUR choice of Hard Disk Mechanism!


           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)


           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

           *** --> COMPLETE IBM CLONE SYSTEMS AVAILABLE! <-- ***
                        CUSTOM BUILT TO YOUR SPECS!
                      CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY
                  386/486 25 MHZ - 33Mhz - 50Mhz - 66Mhz
                               From $839.95

                    *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits 
                            Memorex 2108, 5287
         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
                       Silver Express, Gold Express
                      ** $41.95 shipping Included **

                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **

                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$187.95 *

               ABCO is PROUD to announce the acquisition of
               the exclusive U.S.A. distribution rights for
               ** Bitblit Software's ///Turbo Board BBS. **
               This fine Atari ST BBS system software and
               user support is available through ABCO to all
               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                               Now Available
                   BUSINESSES, - LEASE TO OWN WITH AT&T -

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                       (Prepaid Orders - Cont. USA)

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                COD, Personal and Company Checks accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

                           CALL: 1-904-783-3319
                        Customer Orders & Service  
                               9am - 8pm EDT
                               TUES thru SAT

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