ST Report: 2-Jan-93 #901

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Date: 01/03/93-04:32:35 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 2-Jan-93 #901
Date: Sun Jan  3 16:32:35 1993

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                WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (January 02)


     CODEHEAD provides a new patch to upgrade Warp  9 to  version 3.74, the
 latest  free  update  for  Warp  9  with  Extend-O-Save, the first modular
 screensaver for Atari computers.   This  archive  contains  everything you
 need to  update from  v3.73 to  v3.74.  (Previous updates are available in
 this same library  for  earlier  versions.)  See  the  file  W9374U.LZH in
 Library 16, CodeHead Tech.


 A number  of new  graphic images are available for download from the Atari
 Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).  Check out the following files:


     ALIEN1.LZH  9  CEL animation from Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards"
     BBOOP.LZH   9  Betty Boop digitized sequence (from P.D. footage)
     BIRD.LZH    9  Gangly bird hops along swaying its neck (3D)
     CAN.LZH     9  A license plate is peeled from a cola can.
     CLOWN.LZH   9  Rotating 3D clowns head
     DOMINO.LZH  9  rendered dominos knocking each other down.
     GLOBE.LZH   9  rendered animation of the world spinning
     MARVIN.LZH  9  Marvin the Martian (w/o ACME disintegrator)
     PTERO.LZH  10  Flying 3D pterodactyl (good example of 3D cartoon
     ROBOTR.LZH 10  Transforming semi gets out of a traffic jam.


 Download file RAYOID.LZH from  LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  a three-in-one  package of games.  Includes a game similar
 to  Asteroids  with  great  sounds  (DMA  sound  supported).    Action and
 strategy.  Documentation in English and French.


 Download file  VENDOR.DAT from  LIBRARY 6  of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO).    This  file  contains  an  update  to  the  Atari Vendors
 database.  Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, product info, and CIS
 UserIDs  for  developers  and  vendors  of  Atari  products.   Please  see
 VENDOR.ARC in the same library for the viewer PRG/ACC and documentation.


 Download file ACBBS.TXT from LIBRARY 2 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO)  for  Atari  Classics  magazine's  Atari  8-bit/ST  National BBS


 Download file  PDSW.ZIP from  LIBRARY 3  of the  Atari Portfolio Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for a great little Public Domain Dos  utility will  print text
 sideways  from  your  Portfolio.  Small  -  about 1k in size and great for


 Download file 2COL.ZIP from  LIBRARY 5  of the  Atari Portfolio  Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for  a DOS  application program (which works on the Portfolio)
 that will format and print documents in two columns.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     This is our special end of the year issue, its big.. but  rest assured
 its definitely gonna be entertaining.  I sincerely hope you enjoy perusing
 its various features.   I, like  most other  Atari fanatics,  am genuinely
 concerned over the lack of activity on Atari's part and in particular, the
 lack of candid, straight forward information.  Perhaps in the  new year we
 will be witness to an improvement in this area.
     In the  last three  weeks, there  has been a furor over a few customer
 complaints about my other enterprise  ABCO  Computers.    There  is really
 nothing to  say other  than those  people doing business with ABCO will be
 satisfied.  Our goal is not to alienate  customers.. its  to satisfy them.
 At this time, please  allow me to  remind those who seem so confused about
 the relationship between ABCO and STReport and its staff.   There is none.
 I may  be an  owner of ABCO, but that will have no bearing on STReport nor
 has it ever.   Why?  Because thats the way it has been since day  one.  It
 would have  been simple to accept any type of influence as the norm... but
 that simply has never happened and  never  will  as  it  would  have meant
 giving  someone   an  undue   amount  of  influence  over  this  magazine.
 Additionally, as with any  publication, adverts  are the  responsiblity of
 the advertiser not the publication.
     The bottom  line in  the Atari  arena is really simple; Had there been
 copious product flow, there would have been more action than any number of
 dealers could've  handled.   As it stands now, we have a number of dealers
 out there involved the worst cut-throat  sessions I've  ever seen  in five
 years.   It seems to bear true the old adage of the pond drying up and the
 big fish trying to gobble up the little fish.  Sad but very true.
     In the coming weeks,  things  will  begin  to  straighten  out  as the
 economy get  more healthy with each passing day.  As such, the marketplace
 will begin to re-vitalize.  Atari, like the rest of us, has got to get off
 its dead rump and start to perform!
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "My new office, which has a better view than my old one, is so far
     quite satisfactory. And Richard Miller is in my old office.  The
     Forbes article was a mish-mash and misconstrued article full of half
     truths.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "We have not yet even given the machine to the FCC.  And we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.12 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
                   with any of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOT!


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando

     Well folks, another year has now crawled past and is now little more
 than a memory.  The new year, being only three days old hasn't unfolded
 enough to give us any idea of what it may bring.  We are currently "stuck"
 between the past year and the future year.  As is always the case, between
 what was and what will be lies hope.

     This may sound strange coming from an STReport editor, but this IS a
 time for hope!  The FALCON030 is an outstanding machine.  All the poor wee
 beastie needs is to be released (according to Atari, the release is being
 held up by licencing SNAFUs related to software that they wish to bundle
 with the FALCON).  STReport has always held the FALCON030, and in fact,
 ALL ATARI computers in very high regard.  Once the FALCON is released, I
 hope to see a renewed faith in ATARI computers.

     On a less than happy note, this week's column will be shorter than
 normal.  My modem has at long last given up the electronic ghost.  I'm now
 back to using the first modem I ever purchased:  an old 300 baud jobber.
 Boy, I remember the day I first used this thing... I thought it was the
 fastest piece of hardware going.  Ah, technologies ability to outpace
 itself whenever it wants to.  Truly amazing.

     Add to that the fact that I'm just getting over the nastiest bout of
 the flu I've had in a while, and I guess you could say that I'm glad that
 old '92 is over.

     Well, let's get on with the show...

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 You must have heard the phrase about every cloud having a silver lining?
 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine points out something rather

     "One thing I've noticed we haven't been attacked by viruses like they
     have been on other platforms.  I remember someone brought a virus into
     the MAC lab at school during finals week.  The entire network was down
     for about 3 days which was great for all of those who waited to the
     last minute to type their term papers.

     I was very happy to have a virus free Atari. <grin>  In the past there
     has been strong interest in virus protection programs but it seems to
     have stopped.  I heard that they have some real nasty viruses in
     Europe that haven't made it hear yet."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Albert:

     "That's one of the things I've been extremely surprised at, in my
     years of observing the Atari world...  there is a tremendous potential
     for destructive viruses, and yet we've never really seen anything that
     even comes close to the destruction that happens on other platforms.

     I keep hearing about the "link viruses" from Europe, and how nasty
     they are, but has *anyone* here ever actually seen one..?

     Even though the Atari world seems to be extremely fragmented, there
     still is enough communication between the US and the various European
     communities that we surely would have been "infected" by now..  it's
     been years, and so far nothing.

     And even in the area of floppy disk boot viruses..  I've been infected
     with the "Key" virus, and I know that many other people have been
     too.. but.. has anyone ever seen the "second" half of that virus..? 
     The one that "triggers" the nasty stuff..? As far as I know, no one

 Very interesting, and very odd... I don't think it's because the
 programmers in the Atari world are any more "ethical" than in any other
 arena, nor is it that they're not as clever.."

 Dazzz Smith jumps in and adds:

     "There are Link viri on the ST, but not very many, and not very
     widespread that is why any decent virus checker includes an option to
     check for a link virus, the use of a rom based operating system
     certainly was the one major  feature of the ST that put a lot of virus
     writers off and confined them to a bootsector virus which is now
     easily detectable.

     I spoke to Richard Karsmakers some years ago when he first included an
     option to check for link viri and he said he put it in because he had
     been sent 2 link viri on a disk, up until then he hadn't considered
     looking for them. So they do exist, but not in any great quantity as
     far as I can tell."

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Dazzz:

     "I'm still amazed that those link viruses haven't spread...  since
     they can be passed on by downloading files (as opposed to boot sector
     viruses where either a physical disk must be passed, or an "image"
     archive of the disk has to be transferred)..

     Just think of the number of files that are transmitted around the
     world on UseNet, not to mention all the ones uploaded to large
     national archives like CompuServe...  the potential for an "epidemic"
     is almost staggering..  and yet we haven't seen it..

     Don't get me wrong...  I'm extremely relieved that we haven't had the
     kinds of problems other platforms have..!"

 Does anybody other than me find the specter (not to be confused with
 spectre ;-) of all these different viruses (viri?) to be frightening?  I
 mean, heck, what if someone uploads a virus-bearing file to an On-Line
 service like Compuserve?  Steve Gould wonders the same thing and asks Bob
 Retelle about it:

     "You sysop guys must run anti-virus software on any uploads before
     releasing them, so the chances of Atari users picking up a link virus
     from any CIS downloads must be pretty small. Well I hope they are
     pretty small! Please reassure me!"

 Bob Retelle reassures Steve (and me):

     "Yes..  all uploads are thoroughly checked before we release them into
     the public libraries...  (that's one reason it might take a day or two
     for them to show up after being uploaded).

     We in the Atari world really have been pretty lucky not to be hit by
     the kinds of destructive viruses that are floating around on other

     I went to help pick up the month's copies of the Michigan Atari
     Magazine (the forerunner of Atari Interface magazine) one time, and
     the office at the printer's was all torn up.. it turned out that a
     client had brought in a document on a Macintosh disk to be printed,
     and it had a virus on it..  it had completely destroyed the printer's
     hard drive, and he was in the painful process of trying to recover
     whatever he could.. It was a rather sobering object lesson..."

 Steve thanks Bob and relays an anecdote:

     "'Phew thanks Bob, I hoped you were going to say that!

     In my meager two years Atari experience I've only seen about half a
     dozen viri (or is it viruses?) All have been boot sector and been of
     the annoying rather than destructive kind.

     I remember reading a thread elsewhere (sorry, can't remember where),
     that was discussing the instances of viruses on CIS. Only one event
     was cited where a file got onto the system unchecked and remained
     there for an hour or so before being discovered.

     With the volume of files handled on CIS I guess this shows how
     successfully viruses CAN be contained if you follow proper procedures.

     One other thing about viruses that is harder to deal with are the
     misconceptions of the ignorant. At work I have heard quite senior IT
     staff discussing the banning of connections to external bulletin
     boards because of the 'virus threat'. The sad thing is they do not
     consider the mechanisms involved. As far as they're concerned, as soon
     as you log onto a BBS a virus could leap down the phone, over the
     network, and onto a mainframe - even if you're only reading messages!
     Ho hum!"

 Well, since its anecdote time, Bob Retelle tells us about that famous
 italian painter... Mike... Mike... oh, heck, you know who I mean:

     "Heh.. I ran into a lot of that "virus panic" last spring when the
     Michelangelo virus media event took place..

     We had people worried that all our VAXes were going to be destroyed on
     the 12th of March..

     Interestingly enough, when we scanned all the PCs in the building (the
     first time they'd ALL been scanned as far as I know), we didn't find
     ANY viruses, let along Michelangelo.

     But the media sure had a circus with it..!"

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 Jim Linton asks:

     "I wonder if anyone can help me find a game called Midi Maze? It is
     rather old but I'd like to find a copy."

 Albert Dayes, that busy guy from Atari Explorer Magazine, tells Jim:

     "I don't know if it still being distributed I doubt it.  You might
     try your Atari dealer and see if they can find a used one for you. 
     Also there is supposed to be a MIDI-MAZE II floating around but I
     haven't seen it myself."

 Helpful as ever, Sysop Bob Retelle tells Jim:

     "Hi Jim...  we've got the Shareware version, MIDI MAZE II here in our

     [73167,2611]    Lib: 2 MIDIMZ.APP/Bin  Bytes: 332800, Count:   43,

     Title   : Midi Maze ][ German Shareware

     This self-extracting LHarc file contains a SHAREWARE version of
     Midi-Maze! "Midi Maze ][" is a German import with most of the features
     of the original Xanth game, and several improvements!  Includes
     translated and improved doc's. Format a disk single-sided/10-sectors
     and extract this to it for a complete bootable disk.  Aloha, from the
     Happy Hacker!  (Tim)

     Note that it's a self extracting file.. download it with the name
     MIDIMZ.APP and double click on it.. it'll uncompress into the full
     game with folders."

 Rick Meredith tells Bob:

     "You may want to point out that Midimaze II does not support single
     player games."

 Pat Augustine posts:

     "Surprisingly enough, when I was at WAACE, I noticed that Barefoot
     Software had several original Midi Maze games for sale. You might want
     to try them, especially if the Shareware Sequel isn't to your liking
     (no 1-player mode, for example)."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 To Warp or not to Warp.  That is the question.  Warp 9, that is.  To tell
 you the truth, as a former user of TurboST, Quick ST, and now, Warp 9, I
 can tell anyone who asks:  "BUY IT!  ITS THE BEST THERE IS!"  And what
 about the new TOS version (2.06)?  How much trouble is it to get it into a
 pre-STe machine?  Robert Aries asks Charles F. Johnson of CodeHead

     "I'm considering getting Warp 9 and the TEC for my ancient 520ST (1986
     vintage).  My first question, whether it would fit along with my EARCO
     memory upgrade board, was answered by searching for and reading
     TEC.TXT.  I need to know one other thing:  What happens to TOS 1.0?  I
     imagine that the roms stay where they are, right?  Is there an easy
     way to switch back if I need to?  The reason I ask is that I have a
     lot of GFA Basic 2.0 programs that I'm pretty sure would break under
     the newer TOS."

 Charles, being the nice guy that he is, jumps in quickly and tells Robert:

     "When you install the TEC, you have the option of wiring up a switch
     that will let you toggle between TOS 1.0 and 2.06.  A word of caution,
     though; the switch does require a fair bit of soldering, and should
     only be done by an authorized technician.  If you have any further
     questions you should consider calling our office at 213-386-5735 and
     talking to John, who's had much more experience with the installation
     of TECs than I have."

 John Damiano of Transierra jumps in and tells us:

     "I have done three of them and you do need to be comfortable with
     wiring/soldering.  You also need a small tipped iron and some small
     dia. solder.  All of mine worked fine and its wonderful to be able to
     go back to 1.0 or 1.2 when you need to do so...I would not recommend
     doing it any other way really.  This is for Robert..I know you already
     know all this :)"

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Does anyone remember the first time they heard the term 'connectivity'?  I
 do!  It was just before I bought my Portfolio.  Someone was talking about
 how hard it was to transfer information between their Macintosh and an IBM
 style laptop.  There were several others around who all mentioned their
 favorite methods.  I don't remember much of that conversation today, but I
 wish I did.  Bill Seitz asks:

     "Is there software for the Mac that handles the various PIM data from
     the Portfolio?  I'd use it primarily for backup.  Also, is there
     something equivalent for HyperList?"

 Hugh Campbell tells Bill:

     "I use the outliner program MORE II with HyperList files on the Mac. 
     It takes a little experimentation but it works pretty well..."

 BJ Gleason, a sysop who believes that "A program a day keeps no one away",
 tells Bill:

     "There is a version of the Portfolio software for the MAC...  you
     might want to contact computer books or DIP in england... their
     addresses are in the PORT.FAQ file in lib 1..."

 On the subject of "what ELSE can I use this program for", Miles Taub tells

     "I recently purchased Hyperlist for the Port and am very impressed
     with it.  However, I'm sure there are tons of very clever uses for it
     that I'm unaware of.  Would anyone like to submit some suggestions?"

 STReport Portfolio Editor and Sysop Judy Hamner tells Miles:

     "Hyperlist is great for taking notes or any type of data organizing. 
     I've used it several times to take notes at seminars. I always took
     notes in outline format in college so it was a natural use for me. 
     I've used outlines for everything from to-do lists to vacation

 Sysop Marty Mankins tells Miles:

     "Well, it makes a great outliner.  Plus, I use it to track articles I
     write for my newsletter.  It's more than just a database.  And more
     than an outliner."

 Don Thomas, Atari's Portfolio guru, tells Miles:

     "Hyperlist is perfect for any situation where there are lots of
     components to make a whole. For instance, inventories of products in
     which you might also want to easily organize the components required
     to build them... and the raw materials to make those components.

     Possibly, legs of a trip or the composition of smaller projects to
     complete a larger one (making a movie, building a house, etc.)"

     Well folks, that's it for this week.  Let's hope that this year brings
 to us the knowledge that we were right all along:  Atari computers really
 are the best all-around value in computers.  And that our complaints and
 comments about the way they have (or haven't) been promoted have actually
 helped to turn a dismal situation around.

     So tune in next week (same time, same station) and listen in on what
 they are saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING


 > Serious Overviews STR Spotlight      "...What's Atari waiting for?"

 Reprint from 1992
 "The more things change the more they remain the same!"

                         ATARI - A STUDY IN ITSELF!

  by Ed Krimen

      I've been an Atari ST user for 3-1/2  years. I started out with a 
 1040ST, color monitor, and 9-pin printer.  I  bought it for writing for
 school with  the intention to do telecommunications and drawing later.  6
 months later, I bought a modem and it hasn't been the same  since.  I now
 have a 4meg STe, NEC Multisync 3D, Quantum 105meg hard drive with ICD host
 adaptor in an ICD case, and a Supra 2400 modem.  But, enough with the
 sappy introduction....

      I'm really not sure what's going on in the world of Atari.  I look
 to the on-line magazines, ST Informer, and now AtariUser for info, plus
 various networks.  The networks provide the user's point of view. The
 magazines are also effective information because they try to explain
 what's going on behind the scenes.  I have the strange feeling that Atari
 is like a circus behind the scenes.  On the surface, it seems like  any
 other corporation: the people who answer phones at Customer and Technical
 Support are very friendly and responsive.  Yes, Atari has returned my

      On the other hand, its actions demonstrate the amateurism that the 
 magazines don't necessarily express explicitly.  Sure, we have MegaSTe's 
 shipping.  TT's are Trickling in, Too.  STe's are in abundance.   Research 
 and Development is alive and well; we have an ST Notebook in the wings
 with an ST Pad (STylus) close behind -- or so they say.  Software seems to 
 be picking  up too, especially with Goldleaf importing high-end
 applications from Europe, ISD and SoftLogik updating  their fantastic
 programs.  The situation seems to be pretty rosy....

      ...but it isn't.  Why do I know the situation the way it is?  Because
 I try to keep up to date in the Atari world.  I make an effort to do so. 
 The problem is that the non-Atari users don't and shouldn't have to make
 the effort to know what's going on.  Why should they know what's going on? 
 Well, I would think that Atari wants to sell a lot of computers, and
 people aren't going to buy something they don't know exists.  Actually, I
 sometimes wonder if Atari's goal is to sell computers.  I've heard stories
 that their production plants only produce a small fraction of what they're 
 capable of producing.

       So what's Atari waiting for?   _Christmas_?   Perhaps.   But it's
 not Christmas of this year, or next year, of the following year.  My
 guess is  that its Christmas of 1995 or later, if ever.   As with  all
 corporations,  Atari has their "plan."  They're going to wait and wait and
 wait until the  time is right to push their computers.   The vast 
 majority of  people out  there don't  know what  they'd use a computer
 for, so why try to sell them  one now?  Computers  must get  smaller,
 cheaper,  and more  powerful.  The  interface must be easier, without a
 bulky keyboard.  Speech recognition is  a ways off, but apparently, 
 handwriting  recognition  is  closer  than we  think, or  so they tell us. 
 These easy-to-use interfaces are necessary so  that the masses will at
 least begin to feel comfortable with computers.

      This is where the ST Pad (or STylus) comes in. Its simple-to-use,
 pen-input interface  could be the answer that would get more people to buy 
 computers.  There's still the problem for what  they're going to use it. 
 Writing notes, memos, forms-perhaps, but not with a $2,000 computer. 
 Eventually, though, the price will come down, thanks to Atari's low-cost 

      However, when  you hear  about pen-based computers and interfaces,
 you hear about Go Corp. and sometimes Window's pen-interface.  But you
 wouldn't hear about Atari and its STylus, even though it was shown at
 CeBit, one of the largest computer fairs in the world, in Germany where
 Atari has a strong presence.  (Actually, I don't even think Atari should
 have showed it.  It's not ready to be shipped, so why show it?  We don't
 want to see something that we can't have for several months.)

      The same thing can be said for the Portfolio.  Recently, HP
 introduced a palmtop which included Lotus-123 built-in.  It looks very
 similar to the Portfolio, but it got much more press than the Portfolio. 
 NBC even did a lengthy segment of the HP on their Nightly News, giving HP
 credit for inventing the  palmtop.  Certainly Atari didn't invent the
 palmtop (DIP of the U.K. designed the Portfolio and Poquet has their own
 palmtop), but they could have milked a little more of the credit for it.
 This is Atari's responsibility and no one else's.   HP was at best third
 with a palmtop on the market, with Atari and Poquet coming out with one at
 similar times.  If one was to get exposure for his product, he doesn't sit
 on his duff.  The press in general isn't like '60 Minutes' where they
 actively investigate the stories.   The stories in the ordinary press must
 be given to them, and then they may investigate to find more information,
 or just use what was given to them.

      This is the press release's function.  They should be packed with
 more information than the press can use.  And preferably without a lot of
 spelling errors like the glossy MegaSTe and TT brochures.  The beauty
 about press releases is that they're far cheaper than commercials.  The
 press will distribute the information for you to the masses in the form of
 news.  I'm sure this is what HP did when they released their palmtop; they
 sent information to NBC, which then featured it in a long news story on
 their Nightly News.

      I majored in telecommunications (video production), not public
 relations, in school.  Atari doesn't need me telling them what to do
 (maybe they do).   I'd hope they'd have professionals who've been working
 for a few  years in the field  knowing how to promote the computers (maybe
 they don't).

      What Atari needs is enthusiasm.  The company is hardly representative 
 of its users.  Look what happens when you get a few enthusiastic,
 successful users in there: Bob Brodie, Bill Rehbock, and others who have
 actually known what an Atari computer is and can do before they worked for
 the company.   Atari needs employees who just don't work for them, but
 employees who know the value of and love Atari computers.  They need
 employees who want to see the computer survive and succeed.   Look at
 users on GEnie, Usenet, Fidonet, Fnet and Freenet.  Look at Atari user
 groups!  Atari would not be here today if it wasn't for those users and
 user groups supporting the Atari computers.

      I've used everything from MS-DOS to Windows to the Macintosh IIfx
 and always prefer using the ST.  I often wonder why the ST doesn't have
 support like the other computers do. There are a variety of reasons, and
 piracy isn't one of them.  I'm absolutely NOT condoning piracy, but
 there's a lot more piracy in the MS-DOS and Mac market, and you don't see
 them struggling.   The main issue is that there isn't enough of a user
 base for a Microsoft or other large company to invest in the relatively
 small ST user base.  If Atari users want more third-party support, the
 user base  must increase.

       The way to increase the user base is simple from the user viewpoint: 
 (1) tell a great deal of people about the power and affordability of the
 ST computers and (2) get the computers to them.   Atari users have been
 telling Atari Corp. for years that the company must advertise.  This is
 not news, and Atari apparently doesn't listen; if you do listen, Atari,
 lets here from you.  In "Ogilvy On Advertising," a virtual bible on
 advertising, David Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Mather, one of the leading
 advertising agencies in the world, says in chapter 16, "What should you do
 in times of recession, when you need every penny to sustain your earnings? 
  Stop advertising?"  "If you stop advertising a brand which is still in
 its introductory phase, you will probably kill it -- forever.  Studies of 
 the last six recessions have demonstrated that companies which do not cut
 back their advertising budgets achieve greater increases in profit than
 companies which do cut back."  Moreover, in chapter 9, he states, "You
 cannot rely on *short-term* advertising to turn the tide of hostile public
 opinion in your favor, to boost the price of your stock, or put a halo
 around  your reputation."  "Most corporate campaigns are short-lived 
 because they don't start with any clear objective, and because research
 is not used to  track their progress."  Finally, he says, "Corporate
 advertising can improve the morale of your employees;  who wants to work
 for an outfit that  nobody has ever heard of?  It can  also make it easier 
 to recruit better people, at all levels."

       As I stated, the second part of the issue is getting computers to
 the people who want them, and if Atari does indeed advertise, then people 
 WILL want them.  Mass market is the key here.  You must make it very easy 
 for the common person to obtain an Atari computer.  Since there is a lack 
 of dealers in the US from which to buy an Atari computer, mass merchandis- 
 ers are the answer.  Now, which computers should they stock?  I think the 
 STe and MegaSTe should be stocked by the mass merchandisers.  Yes, I know 
 the dealers don't like to hear that, but with a lack of dealers, this is 
 the only way to get a lot of computers to a lot of people.

      The STe and MegaSTe are the home and business computers,
 respectively.  The MegaSTe MUST get out to the public in large numbers
 because it's such a powerful machine at a good price, whereas the STe is
 the perfect machine for the home.  I DO NOT think however that the dealers
 should be ignored.  How about giving the greater discount to dealers
 instead of the mass merchandisers?  Therefore, the dealers could have the
 benefit of having the lower price and attracting more customers.  The TT
 MUST be sold to none other than the authorized dealers because it requires
 dealer support, which the STe and MegaSTe do not.  Moreover, the dealer
 network should be  developed to include a larger number of better-informed
 dealers.  I am saddened to say that there are a lot of dealers who don't
 know what they're selling and couldn't help a TT user in need.  If I'm
 going to buy  something for $2,000 or more, I had better get good answers
 to my questions, and  I shouldn't have to look any further than the person
 who sold it to me.  If the person can't answer my questions, then they
 shouldn't be selling the product; it's that simple.

      In this age of inexpensive modems and computers, there's absolutely
 NO reason why Atari cannot better support its dealers either through a
 dealer specific BBS or roundtable on GEnie.   Furthermore, with the mass
 market shipments of computers, there should be included in the box a list
 of authorized Atari dealers in the US.  I don't mean a complete list of
 places that sell the Lynx and Portfolio, but a list that only has dealers
 that carry STe/MegaSTe-related products.  If I buy an ST computer, I don't
 want to know where I can get a Lynx and Portfolio.  The list should be a
 master list of all the dealers in the US -- not a regional list, because
 we all know how things get messed up and before you know it, people in
 Florida will get a list of dealers in California, and that's not the way
 it should be.  This list should also be constantly updated.   When one 
 buys a computer, they shouldn't receive a list that's a year old; of
 course, recently updated lists would be available from Customer Relations,
 and this fact must be mentioned on the list.  Finally, I think that a free
 Atari magazine subscription would be quite beneficial and a necessity to
 the new  user.

      Here's a relevant anecdote: I consulted a new ST user for the past
 few months.  He had just bought a used 1040ST and  wanted some help with
 it because he didn't know how to use it.  One of the first questions he
 asked me was if Atari was still in business.  Another question he asked
 was if Commodore and Atari were one company.  It certainly seems that way
 sometimes, doesn't it?  Too bad Atari's stock isn't where Commodore's is. 
 He is an example of a person on the outside, just coming into the inside.
 He was totally oblivious to the Atari world, knowing nothing about the
 company or the computer; he only bought the computer because it has MIDI
 ports and he was going to write his own MIDI software using ST Basic. 
 (AAK!!)  He didn't even know how to program, but was willing to learn.

      Take this test: try to go a week without touching or using your Atari
 computer(or just imagine doing that).  Observe all the news Atari gets in
 the mass media.  Go to your local bookstore.  Read the newspaper.  Watch
 TV.  Hear no Atari, see no Atari.  Pretty pitiful, isn't it?   Well, this
 is what the common person gets exposed to.  They don't know about Atari,
 if it's dead or alive, if  it still makes arcade  games <grin>, or what. 
 This is  completely Atari's fault, despite the incredible, tremendous ef- 
 fort of the users, user groups, and people like Donald Thomas who want to 
 spread the word.

      If Atari wants to become a big player, and I don't see why they
 shouldn't want to play with the big boys, they're going to have to sell a 
 lot of computers and impress a lot of people.  Their appearance at CEPS
 was very commendable and impressive, but a high-end niche isn't going to
 solve the problem.   The high-end market demands a lot of support, and
 Atari and its developers are in no position to provide  that kind of
 support yet.   To  impress and to get into a situation that can provide
 support the high-end market needs, Atari must sell computers.  That's the 
 bottom line.  To sell computers, people must know about them.  And right 
 now, people don't know about Atari computers.  People can't and will not
 buy what they don't know about.

      I don't know what difference my prose will make, but I hope it does 
 indeed make a difference.  What I've said has been said before many times
 by many  people.  If you would like to reach me, I just got a shiny, new
 GEnie account: E.KRIMEN.  I welcome all praises and flames. <grin>

 Ed sent in this essay in response to our request for reader opinions and 
 views concerning the future of Atari and what may be done to help.

                  Hats off to Ed for a fine piece of work!


 > CIS IN HONG KONG STR InfoFile          CIS Expands to Hong Kong

 COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 21, 1992 -- CompuServe Incorporated has extended
 high-quality network access to the Pacific Rim with the installation of a
 local access point in Hong Kong.

      The Hong Kong node will be utilized by corporate customers of
 CompuServe's value-added network services and members of the company's
 online information service. 

      The newly-installed point of presence, CompuServe's first in the
 Pacific Rim, will support asynchronous dial access up to 9,600 bits per
 second, and X.25 service for CompuServe network customers. 

      "Installation of the node in Hong Kong complements our goal of
 providing easy, economical access for our customers from a variety of
 locations worldwide," said Greg Moore, CompuServe director of network

      CompuServe has installed local access points in 16 major cities in
 Europe, Asia and Canada.  Overall, the CompuServe network is accessible
 from more than 90 countries via CompuServe-installed points-of-presence or
 gateway networks. 

      CompuServe Incorporated provides frame relay, wide and local area
 networking services, business information services and software to major
 corporations and government agencies worldwide. 

      CompuServe also provides databases and services to meet both business
 and personal interests to more than 1.1 million personal computer owners
 worldwide through the CompuServe Information Service.  CompuServe is an
 H&R Block company. 


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                              PHOTOCHROME 3.0
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                               STREPORT 8.51
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                               SPC-3375 1.7
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 Re-print for reflection on the past year's more memorable events.

      The following is a reprint of an article appearing in FORBES, 
                               issue dated:
                              AUGUST 3, 1992
                          ctsy of Drew Reid Kerr
         GEnie: D.KERR1 - DELPHI: DRKERR - CompuServe: 70372,3036
       There have been no alterations in the text nor any additions.

       Reprinted by permission of FORBES magazine, August 3, 1992. 
                          (c) Forbes, Inc., 1992

                             CHEAP DIDN'T SELL

           Computer game maker Atari Corp.  is in trouble again,
            a prime example of the dangers of pinching pennies
             on everything from marketing to expense accounts

 by Dyan Machan

     Only a decade ago  Atari Corp.,  the Sunnyvale,  Calif.-based computer
 company, ranked  just behind Coca Cola in name recognition.  At its peak a
 cash machine that  was  owned  by  Warner  Communications,  Atari employed
 10,000  people  worldwide;  sales  were  over  $2 billion.  But a flood of
 poor-quality computer games sent sales into a tailspin in 1983,  and Atari
 lost $500 million.

     Warner  sold  the  struggling  company  in 1984 to Jack Tramiel at the
 bargain price of $240 million in  promissory notes.   Tramiel  built sales
 back up  to just  under $500 million a year by 1987.  But today things are
 unraveling again.

     Sales  were  a  meager   $258   million   last   year,   and  falling.
 First-quarter 1992  losses were a staggering $14 million on $44 million in
 sales, and  company sources  say second-quarter  results, due  out in late
 July, will  be far worse.  Twenty-seven executives have either resigned or
 been fired in the past 30 months.  Atari stock traded at  16 in  1987, but
 now bumps along at 1 5/8.

     What happened? Tramiel made a common mistake.  He tried to duplicate a
 past success under very different market conditions.

     Tramiel's earlier triumph was  at  Commodore  International,  where he
 undercut the competition with cheap computers and spent next to nothing on
 marketing, promotion or overhead.  The cheap strategy  worked beautifully.
 Commodore's stock  market value surged, putting Tramiel in The Forbes Four
 Hundred in 1987, although by then he had been pushed  out of  the firm and
 had sold his stake in Commodore.

     Could he  repeat the  trick with  Atari?  When Tramiel bought the game
 maker, he appointed his oldest son, Sam, now 42, as  Atari's president and
 chief  executive  officer.    Together the emphasized cheap computers over
 videogames -- in retrospect a terrible mistake in a world that was rapidly
 filling up with inexpensive computers.

     In 1985, Jack Tramiel rolled out Atari's new ST personal computers, an
 inexpensive line made in Taiwan.   Atari launched  the ST  line in Europe,
 where Tramiel  had contacts  from his  Commodore days and where there were
 plenty of companies to write software.  Off to a good start,  Atari made a
 profit of $44 million on $493 million sales in 1987.

     The good  times didn't  last very  long.   Miffed that Atari gave away
 prepackaged  software  with  sales  of  its  machines,  European  software
 producers stopped  writing programs  for the  ST series.   Another Tramiel
 blunder, because in the computer  industry  software  sells  the hardware.
 Then  Dell  Computer,  Leading  Edge  and Packard Bell began selling their
 inexpensive computers in Europe.

     Last year Atari's European sales collapsed to $209  million, from $342
 million in  1990.   Meanwhile, Apple  and Commodore  were locking up shelf
 space and dealer loyalty  in the  U.S.   market.   And since  the Atari ST
 didn't  use  the  DOS  operating  system,  software  makers  weren't  much
 interested in writing new ST programs.  Consequently, U.S.  computer sales
 never amounted to much.

     To  provide  Atari  with  distribution  outlets,  Tramiel bought money
 losing Federated Group, a southern California  consumer electronics chain,
 for $67  million in  1987.   He put  his youngest  son, Garry, then in his
 mid-20s, in charge of  Federated.   Garry wasn't  up to  the job.   A year
 after  Tramiel  bought  Federated  Group,  the chain lost $124 million and
 Atari shut the doors.

     In  videogames,  Tramiel  held  back  the  introduction  of  the  7800
 Prosystem for  18 months,  opting instead  to take the lower-cost route of
 updating an older system that  couldn't  compete  with  the  more powerful
 Nintendo Entertainment  System.  When Atari finally did roll out the Model
 7800 in 1986, it spent just a little over $300,000 promoting it.  Nintendo
 and Sega  were spending $15 million apiece promoting theirs.  Nintendo now
 has an 80% market share.

     Unable to compete against  Nintendo in  the marketplace,  the Tramiels
 sued  Nintendo  for  antitrust  violations.   Last April a jury sided with

     In 1989 Atari blew  another  opportunity  to  knock  Nintendo  off its
 perch.   Atari's portable  videogame, the Lynx, had color graphics and was
 superior to Nintendo's black-and-white, more basic, portable Gameboy unit.
 But Lynx  could run only four or five games, the result of cutting Atari's
 software development to the bone.  Nintendo's Gameboy could run  more than
 80 games.

     Even after  cutting Lynx's  price to  $99 from  $179 to  get closer to
 Gameboy's $89, Atari  again  went  the  cheap  route  and  spent virtually
 nothing on  national advertising.   Result:  Today Gameboy  has 81% of the
 market and is sold in 16,000 outlets.    That  compares  to  3%  for Lynx,
 available in fewer than 3,000 stores.

     The  Tramiels  seems  to  enjoy  competing  against each other to save
 pennies.  Example: In a confidential memo to  Sam Tramiel,  computer games
 president Michael  Katz, who  has since left, complained how Garry Tramiel
 refused to allow him to spend $54 to air-freight two  cartridges he needed
 for an important presentation to a big client.  Atari employees say father
 Jack personally checks expense reports to  make sure  that restaurant tips
 don't exceed 15%.

     When  Atari  lost  the  Nintendo  suit,  Jack  Tramiel took day-to-day
 charge of the company away from son Sam.  Sam has moved  out of  his fancy
 corner office into ordinary space, next to purchasing.

     Two new  Atari products  are due out in the next 12 months: the Falcon
 030,  a  souped-up  ST  computer;  and  the  Jaguar,  the  next-generation
 videogame console.   But industry sources say that to launch both products
 with the promotion needed to give them a real chance  would cost  some $40
 million.   That's about  all the  cash Atari  has on hand, and the company
 needs $24 million a year just to meet its operating overhead.

     One Atari official who  spoke  to  FORBES  on  the  condition  that he
 remain anonymous,  sums up  the company's  problem this way: "The Tramiels
 are not stupid.  But their formula for success worked only once.  They are
 not  adaptable  people."  Not  a  good  trait  in any business, especially


 One of our many readers says it all...
 from the FNET

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 21395/21400  Lines: 9  Read: 1
 Sent : Aug 06, 1992  at 7:16 PM
 To   : All
 From : Chris B. Herting at Fnet Node 556-Suitland-MD
 Subj : Atari.

     Yes, it has been quite a while since I posted SEVERAL messages
 criticizing Atari.  Right after my messages were published in STR, I
 received many responses supporting my views.  I also received messages
 telling me I was unfair.  Atari can do no wrong.  Something STR has been
 hearing for sometime.  Now I think everyone has seen the proof, everyone
 has read the Forbes article.  STR was RIGHT all along, and I was right to
 speak out.  It is about time people start seeing the light, and the ones
 who haven't start telling the truth.  Atari should NOW explain their
 actions.. TRUTHFULLY.


 > TRUE INSIGHT STR FOCUS!                    Timely Observations......

                          ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS
                              ONLINE ACTIVITY

 by Joseph Turner

     We are very fortunate, those of us engaging in computing and online
 activity.  Whether we are a local computer club member, member of an
 online service, shareware user or author, or manager of a forum in a major
 online network, all of our lives are enriched.  We have access to people
 and information locally, nationally, even worldwide.
     Our lives can be immensely enriched by the resources at our disposal. 
 Being enriched is not all that is involved, hopefully. We can be
 enriching, too.  This article addresses some ethical considerations
 relating to various personal, club and online activities, and how we might
 not only be enriched, but be enriching also.  To ourselves and to others. 

     Three of the most important resources to me are my local computer
 club, the Mid-Florida Atari Computer Club, Local BBS systems, and Delphi,
 an online service accessible internationally.  All three play an important
 part in my ability to enjoy my computing hobby, and each offers it's own
 particular benefits.  Each also deserves a certain level of commitment on
 my part, too.  All of us can benefit in our own way from whatever
 resources we choose to use, and we all can be a benefit to each other, to
 our computing/online lifestyle, if we choose.  Let's look at some ways
 this can happen. 

     A local computer club is something we all should be active in if
 possible, be it large or small.  A computer club can give us a local file
 library, fellowship with others of similar interest, opportunity to check
 out a program or hardware we may be considering. We can share experience
 and skill allowing all to benefit.  Being a member of a computer club is
 more than just paying dues and showing up to meetings, though. 

     Most clubs will have elected or appointed officers, things need to be
 done, hopefully volunteering and a sense of service will prevail.  Some
 folks will donate time, others may donate certain materials or talent. 
 The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer aren't the only
 ones that should be doing something, they need support and encouragement
 from the membership at large. 
     Fund raising is one matter in which some ethical concerns arise.  If
 the club raises funds by getting contributions for library disks, a
 librarian shouldn't enrich his own personal library for free, while other
 members donate for access to the library.  A member should not "split" the
 cost with another member for the same library disk, that only hurts the
 club.  If two benefit from the club library, two contributions should be
 made.  In no case should anyone take advantage of position or otherwise 
 unfairly benefit from any club activity unless the leadership and 
 membership of the club approves and knows of such benefit.  Fair is fair,
 if someone uses position to gain advantages at no cost that membership at
 large is expected to pay for, such advantage ought to be known to all and
 be exercised with a sense of propriety. 

     Club members should try to give as well as get, writing articles for
 newsletters, showing a demonstration, serving in  fund-raising and
 computer show activities are all ways practically  any club member can be
 enriching, and enriched, too.

     Local BBS systems are another important resource.  Message bases and
 games doors are great, but most BBS's have file areas. Those PD disks you
 got from BRE or files from an online service can be of use to others, too. 
 In my case, being a member of over two dozen BBS systems, I can and do
 share files both ways.  It's also nice, if you're able and a local SysOp
 needs you, to be a SigOp or assistant.  Even a word of appreciation once
 in a while is great. Most of the time, the BBS is financed and supported
 by the SysOp's money, not yours.  The one who pays for your enjoyment
 deserves your respect. 

     Major online services are another important resource.  Here I will
 speak specifically from personal experience.  And, this experience will
 relate to local club membership, and local BBS membership too. 

     I'm a member of Delphi online, am in most of the computer conferences
 and have used many of the system's resources. Most active in the ST
 Advantage conference, I see Delphi as the hub of my computing activity. 

     Delphi provides files and information I use as CoSysop of a local IBM
 BBS, files and information I contribute to my local club, and files and
 information for my own personal use.  However, Delphi, most specifically
 the ST Advantage conference, is not merely a resource I take from.  That
 would be counterproductive. 

     Several local BBS systems have provided numerous files <.MOD files>
 which I submitted to the ST Advantage conference.  The PC conference, the
 ST conference, the Mac conference, and the Amiga conference have all
 provided material for other online activities.  My local computer club,
 several local BBS systems and several people have benefited from Delphi,
 and vice versa, Delphi has benefitted from local resources.  Here are some
 examples of what I'm talking about:

 1) The PC area on Delphi has been of benefit to several local IBM
    systems.  Business is business, I've recruited membership for
    Delphi, and found items to include in the databases on Delphi. 

 2) Numerous sources locally have provided .MOD files for the ST
    Advantage conference.  I want the ST area to be prosperous, and
    getting good files for them helps achieve this end.  The ST area
    has provided a variety of files and information of benefit to
    myself and others locally. 

 3) My local computer club library receives regular contributions of 
    material, most from the ST area on Delphi.  Of course, I do not
    provide so much that there is no incentive for members to also
    join Delphi, rather, I expect it.  It's foolish if I provide so
    much stuff to my local club that all anyone wants to do is just
    wait for the next stack of floppies, the proper thing is to
    provide a responsible amount of support for the Club, and for
    folks to join in the fun and all of us prosper together.  No
    Online Service, Club, or BBS is likely to prosper if the only
    user's around are leeches wanting a handout!

 4) The BBS I CoSysop has been a major source of files for Delphi in
    the form of .MOD files.  The PC area on Delphi was very useful in
    getting an initial stock of new doors games and some BBS programs
    to examine when the BBS was in it's initial stages.  If I see a
    message from someone wanting such and such a file, yes, straight
    to Delphi I go to search the databases, be it ST, PC, Mac or

     It is all a matter of balance, of give and take.  All give and no take
 leaves an empty space; all take and no give does the same. The primary
 ethical consideration, as relates to my own computing activity, is to be
 fair, and to be as benefitting as benefitted. Then, hopefully, we're all
 happy.  I've heard some people, when I mention the idea that it's a
 responsibility for a user, of a online service or BBS, to support the
 service, say something to the tune of "You pay for Delphi, you don't owe
 them anything, they owe you!" Wrong.  Whether a local SysOp pays for the
 local BBS, or I pay for access to an online service, I'm responsible to
 support the service! The money the SysOp or I pay takes care of equipment,
 phone lines and other infrastructure, the service part, that's where give
 and take comes in, that's the lifeblood of the whole kit 'n caboodle I'm
 talking about, the blood's gotta flow for things to stay warm and alive,
 and that balance needs to be there, no matter how good a heart ya have, it
 won't last long of more comes in than goes out or vice versa!


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

     National Videotext Network (NVN) has recently added an Atari ST Forum
 to it's growing lists of available services.  The Atari ST Forum is going
 through its final "construction" phases and will be available to NVN
 members by mid-December 1992.  U.S. Videotel, founded in 1986, is an
 electronic information and interactive services provider. The U.S.
 Videotel Network launched in March of 1989, and provided electronic
 information services to the Texas market.

     "The nationwide launch of the National Videotex Network, which
 provides on-line data and information exchange services began on May
 1, 1992."  The future of NVN will be one which continues to remain
 sensitive and responsive to market needs. Additional services and advances
 in electronic information will continue to be added, to provide unique and
 interesting services on an on-going basis.  

     NVN service offerings can be broken into three categories:  Basic,
 Premium, and Premium Plus.

 Basic Services 
     Most of the Basic services are available 24 hours a day with no
 connect time charges beyond the basic membership fee. However, a select
 group have functions for which transaction fees are charged. Basic
 services are accessible through a flat rate charge of $5.95 per month.

 Premium Services
     For Premium services, Members pay connect charges for the amount of
 time spent in a particular service. Premium services are accessible Monday
 through Friday for a connect time charge of $9.00/hour from 8 am to 6 pm,
 and $6.00/hour from 6 pm to 8 am; and on Saturday and Sunday for a connect
 time charge of $6.00 all day (6 pm Friday til 8 am Monday), central time

 Premium Plus Services
     Premium Plus services are subject to the same type of connect time
 charge as Premium services. However, a surcharge is also added to the
 connect time for these services.

     You can join NVN one of two ways.  By voice phone 1-800-336-9096
 (Client Services) or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.  You will be issued
 an Account # (usually within 24 hours) and will be allowed to access
 National Videotex Network.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

          GEnie costs only $4.95 a month for unlimited evening and
          weekend  access  to  more  than  100  services including
          electronic mail,  online  encyclopedia,  shopping, news,
          entertainment, single-player  games, and bulletin boards
          on leisure and professional  subjects.   With many other
          services, including  the biggest  collection of files to
          download and the best  online  games,  for  only  $6 per

          MONEY BACK  GUARANTEE!  Any time during your first month
          of membership if you are not  completely satisfied, just
          ask for your $4.95 back.

     GEnie Announcements (FREE)       

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            Happy Holidays from the Atari Roundtable and GEnie!

 Darlah's  Holiday  Treat  of  the  Month [page 475;9] is PHNXDEMO.LZH from
 LEXICOR2.  This is the DEMO version of  the Phoenix  object render program
 from Lexicor Software.  The LZH file also includes SPC & GIF sample files.
 This is a "must have" program for all  ATARI computers.   Phoenix supports
 different light  sources, 3  different cameras, texture and image mapping:
 SPC, GIF & TGA are supported. This program renders FAST!

         The next Dateline Atari! with Bob Brodie will be held on
        Friday, Jan. 8th, 1993 at 10:00 pm EST. Please join us then

 The Atari ST RoundTable  proudly presents  The Independent  Association of
 Atari Developers  (IAAD) RTC,  Wednesday, January  13, 10pm EST.  The IAAD
 Board and many of its members will be on hand  to share  their experiences
 in the  marketplace.  Find out about the trials, tribulations, and joys of
 developing for your favorite  computer!    Ask  about  current  and future
 products!   Meet the  folks who  bring your computer to life with software
 and hardware enhancements! Attending for the IAAD:

 Dorothy Brumleve of D.A. Brumleve, President of the  IAAD, Nathan Potechin
 of DMC  Publishing, Chet Walters, WizWorks!, Jim Allen of FAST Technology,
 Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software Inc., Doug  Wheeler of  ICD Inc., John
 Eidsvoog  of  CodeHead  Technologies,  Chris  Roberts  of Dragonware, John
 Trautschold of Missionware,  David  Fletcher  of  Ditek,  Craig  Harvey of
 Clear Thinking,  Bob Luneski  of Oregon Research Associates, John Cole and
 Lee Seiler of Lexicor, David Beckemeyer  of Beckemeyer  Development Tools,
 Mark  O'Bryan  of  Paradigm  Software Products, John 'Hutch' Hutchinson of
 Fair Dinkum Technologies, Greg Kopchak of It's All Relative and more...
     Regular Open Conference every Wednesday night, 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT
          DTP conference every Monday at 10PM eastern in room 3.

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > Time for a Change? STR Feature    Is there a difference to be made?

                       THE ORDER OF THINGS FOR 1993

 by Bruno D. Puglia

     For some time now, the order of things is that STReport and Ralph
 Mariano make references and comments about ATARI, and sometimes people,
 from a given frame of reference.   Others outside STReport do the same
 thing except STReport and Ralph is the target.  After all is over, the
 megabytes end up in archive files; what difference does it really make? 
 None of these people, or ATARI, is going to change the order of doing what
 they do.  Whatever ATARI, STReport, Ralph, or anyone else said, or did not
 say, word-wise, nothing is really going to change in 1993.  What will be,
 will be.  The order of things  is generally fixed, so we continue to
 follow our own order and keep reading the comments in the online magazines
 or we just space bar them.  Some people will get quite involved over this
 and that; and others could care less because in the long run, it makes
 very little difference to them.
     The important thing is that the battle continue with some aspect of
 professional point of view, whatever point of view they take.  The
 readers are entitled to at least that much.  Wordy half truths or
 misleading statements by any party will not sway most of us one way or the
 other.  For the most part, we read between the lines anyway. 
     As readers, we can make very little difference to the overall picture
 with regard to the order of things.  It appears that as a writer, none of
 the comments have made much of a difference either. There is nothing wrong
 about a writing style which is from a negative frame of reference or
     If someone wants a Falcon because they feel ATARI is the way to go,
 they will wait until they can buy it.  For others, they may have problems
 with a monitor or keyboard and/or just decide to get a deal on this or
 that.  They may even post the old ATARI for sale or go to a local auction. 
 The pictures painted by words, by anyone, including ATARI, are null and
 void for the most part. 
     Aside from not being able to get your ATARI repaired easily, the 2nd
 and 3rd party people are the backbone for ATARI Users.  The bad guys are
 also part of that backbone.  Negative or not, they keep ATARI alive, and
 that, after all, is the important issue. 
     The Tit for Tat antics are just that; and the Tit for Tat leaves no
 winners.  And, at best, it ends up as only Tit for Tat.  The wish list for
 1993 then, is that ATARI do its thing and sees fit to change their order
 of things and becomes a major force in the computer world, including the
 USA.  Perhaps only this would give others so much good stuff to write
 about that the Tit for Tat could revolve around all the good stuff rather
 then this person or that person. 
     As for me, I'm cheap; and as long as the ATARI keeps going and my old
 Tulins hard driving, I'll stay right where I am.  My real hopes are that
 ATARI does not end up like SWTPC.  If you have to ask what SWTPC is, then
 you'll know why I don't want ATARI to go the same route as SWTPC.  Oddly
 enough it was about 1985 when SWTPC when down the tubes.  
     Each of us, we will take 1993 in the order of things, and knowing
 that, all I have to say is :
     _    ,                   _ __              _    ,              // 
    ' )  /                   ' )  )            ' )  /              //
     /--/ __. _   _   , ,     /  / _  , , ,     /  / _  __. __    ''
    /  (_(_(_/_)_/_)_(_/_    /  (_(<_(_(_/_    (__/_(<_(_(_/ (_   o
            /   /     /                         //
           '   '     '                         (/
                           To ALL, from Bruno !


 > VERY INTERESTING! STR Spotlight   Something 'funny' is going on here!


     The editors of STReport ask that if you or anyone you know has a
     copy of the mentioned "call to arms" letter sent "en masse" on
     GEnie in the ST RT, please forward a copy of it to them.

                 ------/snipped from 02JAN92/--->

 From: (John Henders) 
 Subject: Re:STReport???  
 Message-ID: <> 
 Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1993 12:52:36 -0800 
 References: <> 
 Distribution: world
 Organization: One of these days for sure 
 Lines: 18 
 X-News: HERMES MMAIL 1.10
 Rev. Dec 15 1992 MIME-Version: 1.0 
 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

 Interesting letter to be sent around at just this time.  Atari's usual
 "shoot the messanger" strategy in action.  If it's such an awful thing to
 have a free flag for commercial purposes on GEnie, how come most of the
 free flag holders are commercial developers?

 As with the latest letter in Znet which was published just after STReport
 dared print a reveiw of Comdex by an ordinary attendee who had the
 audacity to say it wasn't a wonderful show, it seems Atari will stop at
 nothing to silence ST Report.  If this was sent to all attendees of the
 Atari roundtable, this means the letter was tacitly approved by Darlah,
 the roundtable sysop, as that is the only way the author could get this
 dropped in every attendees mailbox. 


  "If Rush fans were braindead, why are there so Bruce Bufalini
  many people posting to"              PSU a

                  -------------------/snip snip -------->

     PLEASE.... forward a copy of the referenced message, STReport is
 _very interested_ in obtaining a copy.


 > DynaCADD 2D STR InfoFile      "...a high-level 2D design package.."

                        DITEK LAUNCHES DYNACADD 2D

     Ditek launches DynaCADD 2D, a high-level 2D design package for the
 Atari toretail for only US $289.00

 Contact:Frank Staples, Ditek International, (416) 479-1990

     Ditek International announced DynaCADD 2D for the Atari ST and TT030
 computers.  The package includes both versions and is now available. The
 Atari Falcon version will be available in January 1993.  DynaCADD 2D is
 the 2D portion of Ditek's powerful 2D/3D Computer Aided Design and
 Drafting solution that has been in the market for the past two years.
 According to Oren Asher, President of Ditek, DynaCADD 2D will fill a
 specific market niche, "what we offer is a feature-rich, 2D design
 environment for under $300 that competes with, has more features and is
 much easier to use than anything out there.  A significant portion of the
 market designs primarily in 2D.  What these designers want is easy to use,
 high-level 2D functionality at the most reasonable price."

     "DynaCADD 2D offers the exact same comprehensive 2D functionality as
 our full 2D/3D version.  Not one single 2D capability has been omitted.
 This new product typifies our sensitivity to the market and is being
 offered in response to many requests.  If a designer only requires our 2D
 functionality for the meantime, we are more than willing to make it
 available.  One can always take advantage of the 3D capabilities offerred
 in our other version later on", said Asher.

     Features such as online help, context-sensitive documentation and a
 well organized and intuitive graphical interface make DynaCADD 2D
 extremely easy to learn and use.  DynaCADD 2D accurately sends all or any
 portion of any drawing at any scale, including best fit, to all popular
 pen plotters, dot matrix printers, laser printers, PostScript printers or
 disk files.  A MAKEPLOT utility is included to create or change any
 plotter driver.  A full Vector Font Editor is included to create new or
 edit existing characters or fonts.

 Ditek's head office is located at;

                            Ditek International
                         2800 John Street, Unit 15
                              Canada L3R 0E2
                 Tel: (416) 479-1990, Fax: (416) 479-1882.


 > CMC EXPANDS STR InfoFile  The Computer Musician Coalition (CMC)....


 Immediate Release 
 to All GEnie Music Enthusiasts

 January 1, 1993


 The Computer Musician Coalition (CMC), an international, artist-driven
 collaboration, dedicated to the success of electronic musicians
 world-wide, announces the formation of a new division, the Creative
 Musicians Coalition (CMC), dedicated to the success of all independent
 musicians including the non-electronic bread. 

 CMC's success in the electronic arena has proved that there is a waiting,
 desiring, and enthusiastic audience for new music world-wide. CMC, because
 of its successes, is now able and capable to expand its offerings to
 include  both electronic and non-electronic music. Therefore, effective
 immediately, CMC will accept original music submissions from all
 independent musicians including music solely acoustic, solely electronic,
 electronic/acoustic mixes, vocals, meditation, and the spoken word. 

 CMC's magazine AFTERTOUCH - New Music Discoveries, also originally
 electronic music based, will broaden to include new music from independent
 artists in both arenas. Additionally, all CMC memberships including:
 Connoisseur, Artist, Dealer, Radio Station, and Vendor will expand to
 accommodate both categories. 

 Ron Wallace, president of CMC, states, "I am amazed at the enormous
 acceptance by the general public for new music.  It has always been my
 dream  for the success of the independent musician, and I feel now the
 window of opportunity is wide open.  It's time for all independent
 musicians to unite and get out of their basements for the world to enjoy.
 I offer each of them a dream-come-true and encourage their support in all
 CMC endeavors."  

 For more information about CMC memberships, music submission procedures,
 and a free copy of AFTERTOUCH - New Music Discoveries write or call: 

 Ron Wallace
 Creative Musicians Coalition

                        Computer Musician Coalition
                           1024 W. Willcox Ave.
                             Peoria, IL 61604
                           Phone: (309) 685-4843
                            FAX: (309) 685-4878

 Or Email: S.GARRIGUS (On GEnie)


 > A LOOK AT THE FUTURE STR Feature               Good Reading!

                    The Crystal Ball - 1993 Predictions

 by Merlin L. Hanson
 Compiled by:
 Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Staff Editor

 What does all of the following predictions have to do with the ST, Atari 
 or even computers?  Not a thing.  I found them amusing and hope that you 
 do to.
 All the posts are from the Jerry Pournelle RoundTable on Genie and  have 
 been re-printed with the permission of the author, Merlin L. Hanson

  In June, a story will gain currency that Bill Clinton is the father of 
  a child by a mid-level chicken plucker at one of the big Little Rock 
  plants. Clinton denies the story, saying "I never met the woman".

  In July, the National Enquirer prints a photo copy of a check from 
  Clinton to the woman, said by the Enquirer to be for child support. 
  Clinton clarifies his earlier comment, saying, "I mean we were never 
  introduced. I guess maybe I might have seen her around town someplace."

  In August, a reporter for the Enquirer attempts to retrieve a Clinton 
  fingernail clipping to use for genetic matching. Special Prosecuter 
  Lawrence Walsh brings suit against the reporter for theft of government 
  property. While the reporter is being flown to Washington for 
  questioning, a wild SAM missile under test at a secret armory in 
  Atlanta goes wild, unfortunately accidentally hitting the plane. 
  Clinton sends Al Gore to represent him at the reporter's funeral. The 
  press, overcome by this touching display of humanity, suggests that 
  Clinton should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

  In September it is revealed that the woman was a scullery maid in the 
  "Little White House" in Little Rock during an early Clinton term. 
  Clinton clarifies his earlier position by saying "She told me she was 
  'fixed'. This woman has no sense of ethics whatsoever. She will stoop 
  to anything." Special Prosecuter Lawrence Walsh indicts the woman on a 
  charge of lying to a future Democratic president.


  April 1, 1992                           Washington D.C.

  Stung by allegations from the American Bar Association that the Clinton 
  administration had been taken over by 'tekkies', the administration 
  acted today.

  The troubles started in February when it was disclosed that the 
  Secretary of Energy, Hazel O'Leary, although an attorney, had actually 
  taken the first semester of a physics sequence in high school. This was 
  followed by rumors from undisclosed sources that O'Leary had a merit 
  badge in fuse changing from her days as an Eagle Scoutess.

  The crisis was fueled by revelations in late February that Secretary of 
  Agriculture, Mike Espy, had first hand knowledge that there was 'some 
  kind of biological process' involved in the production of milk.

  The beleagured administration was hit again in March when ABA president 
  Milton Feldman announced that the Surgeon General, Dr. Desmondino 
  Forfour had no training in the practice of law. "How can you expect 
  these people to administer a department when they don't even know the 
  fundamentals of tort ligature?", Feldman said. Forfour, one of the few 
  women allowed to be a priestess shaman in her native Botsowanaland was 
  appointed to the office in late January.

  Today, Press Secretary Bubba Lordosis announced that Harvard Law School 
  had waived the usual requirement that incoming students have a high 
  school diploma and will admit Forfour to a special 'fast track' course 
  and should have her law degree by the end on the current quarter. 
  Highly place sources had speculated that there was going to be action 
  on this persistent problem when the Dean of Harvard Law School, Morris 
  Spiegelburger, was awarded a land grant for the state of Nebraska 
  earlier this week. Lordosis categorically denied that there was any 
  quid pro quo involved in the grant, saying "Dean Speiegelburger is a 
  fine American. If he doesn't deserve Nebraska, who does?".


  March 17, 1993                          Hollywood, California

  Oprah Winfrey, threatened with a lawsuit by the producers of Opti Slim 
  Fast for defamation of product, will reveal that Opti Slim Fast 
  actually does work.

  The illusion that Winfrey has put on weight was caused by the fact that 
  she has been pregnant for the last three years, according to a press 
  release slated for publication today. "Stedman and I had a little too 
  much of the bubbly one night and decided to consumate the marriage a 
  few days early", Winfrey said.


  August 13, 1993                         Hollywood, Calif.

  Special prosecuter Lawrence Walsh announced today that he is bringing 
  charges against former Austrian strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger of 
  being a Nazi.
  When it was pointed out that Schwarzenegger was born after the end of 
  World War II, Walsh said "These right-wingers are like pond scum. They 
  must be eradicated.  It is a well known fact that old Joe Kennedy was a 
  Nazi sympathizer. Do you think it's just a coincidence that 
  Schwarzenegger married Kennedy's granddaughter?" Charges against the 
  great grandchild of Kennedy were reported to be 'on hold' for the time 


  February 1, 1993                             New York City

  The H. Ross Perot late evening talk show debuted last night barely in 
  time to be included in the February sweeps weeks. Perot said the main 
  reason he took on the assignment is to keep in touch with his 
  volunteers. "You know, my volunteers are the salt of the earth, God 
  bless 'em". Meanwhile, rumors were circulating in Washington the 
  Special Prosecuter Lawrence Walsh was investing allegations that 
  Perot's 'volunteers' were being paid less than the minimum wage.

  Perots first guest was Bill Gates, wunderkind of the computer operating 
  system business (an operating system is the software that provides an 
  interface between a human being (the operator) and the hardware). Gates 
  and Perot talked of 'nerds in the nineties'. Gates described a 
  resurgence in the phenomenon of so called 'nerds' displaying impressive 
  slide rules in an ostentatious fashion. The Japanese are believed to 
  have a scientific calculator under development that is disguised as a 
  slide rule, complete with a rigid leather case and swivel and hook for 
  attachment to a belt loop.

  Perot's second guest was rock star Prince. He regaled the audience with 
  anecdotes resulting from an experience when he wore rouge into a 
  biker's bar in Newark. "From now on, just false eyelashes and a little 
  blush is enough for places like that", he said.
  The glut of late night talk shows is not actually worsened by the Perot 
  show since he took over Whoopi Goldberg's old slot. Ms. Goldberg starts 
  her new job as CEO at General Motors next Monday.



  Delta Burke's TV show will fail and she will become a theme park.


  Nov 17,1993                                     Tokyo, Japan

  Panasonic, one of the leading manufacturers of television sets demons-
  trated their new "feelyvision" adaptor yesterday.
  A lightweight feelyvision module rests in the lap of the viewer and can 
  create the sensations of warmth, or an agitation varying from what is 
  described as a mild squirming to a violent 'thrusting'. The module is 
  controlled via infra-red signals (much like a conventional remote 
  control) from a specially modified Panasonic television set.

  The FCC has not yet approved a standard method of encoding feelyvision 
  TV signals in the United States and early units are expected to work 
  only with rental video tapes which are not subject to government 
  standards. Asked whether those tapes would be mostly X rated, the 
  Panasonic representative simply responded with an inscrutable smile.


  May 4, 1993                            Washington D.C.

  Consumer activist Ralph Nader and Special Prosecuter Lawrence Walsh 
  announced that they are forming a pro bono law firm to assist the 
  impoverished in the inner cities.

  The firm will be financed by community action grants and the funds from 
  recent settlements by the two principals. In the first case, Nader 
  successfully represented a recluse, Herman Bodkin, who sued Exxon in 
  the loss of his pet muskrat in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez 
  grounding. Bodkin was awarded $5 million for pain and suffering and 
  loss of consort. "Old Herman has never been the same since his favorite 
  pet sheep wandered off, the loss of the muskrat too drove him to 
  despair", a neighbor testified.

  The other suit was won by Walsh in a case in which also, oddly enough, 
  Exxon was the defendant. In this case, Exxon paid $7 million to settle 
  a case were they illegally dismissed a ships' master after he was found 
  drinking on duty by the Coast Guard. In an unrelated story, Exxon 
  announced that the price of gasoline in California was being increased 
  by seven cents a gallon (see Business Section).

  Special Prosecutor Walsh said he will stay on as a consultant to the 
  government in several pending cases. He reported that he has almost 
  finished taking depositions in a case wherein it is alleged that ex-
  president Ronald Reagan allowed his wife Nancy, to eat free at state 
  dinners despite the fact she was not a representative of the United 
  States or any foreign government. "Its an open and shut case of 
  nepotism", Walsh said by telephone from his home in the Bahamas.


  August 18,1993                           Washington DC

  Press Secretary Jethro Bodine announced yesterday that first child 
  Chelsea Rodham-Clnton will attend the Maryknoll Country Day School in 
  nearby Alexandria Virginia. "There are some lovely public schools here 
  in Washington that we would love to have Chelsea attend", Ms. Rodham 
  said, "but we really want her to have more ethnic diversity in her 
  little school mates than there is here." "Most of the children in 
  public school are Americans", she we nt on. "The terrible events in 
  Bosnia and Herzogovinia show how important it is that we all have 
  cultural diversity".
  Maryknoll Country Day School is reported to have large numbers of 
  students from Switzerland and England.


  April 23, 1993                                  Washington, DC

  It was a flap reminiscent of the early Reagan era. The Reagan adminis-
  tration was ridiculed when it declared catsup a vegetable. It was an 
  eerily prescient event; the Clinton administration yesterday declared 
  chicken gizzards an edible protein fit for human consumption. On 
  Friday, the Department of Agriculture added chicken gizzards to the 
  list of recommended sources of protein for school lunches.

  Press Secretary Buford Gillis defended the action, saying "the Clintons 
  consider gizzards a real treat. They save them for special occasions 
  such as Christmas. There's nothing better than a mess of chicken 
  gizzards for a Sunday dinner after a morning spell of studying the 

  At the press conference Gillis passed out copies of one of Hillary 
  Rodhams' favorite recipes; for gizzards aux lapin au poivre apres 
  eglise (gizzards with rabbit and pepper for after church). "I used to 
  make this for the girls at Wellseley, the president's wife said, "and 
  they just loved it". "Chelsea and I sometimes get together in the 
  kitchen and make them as a surprise for Bill", she went on. "I do so 
  love being a mommy and precious moments like that".
  "And Chelsea's little schoolmates think they're simply scrumptious", 
  she added.


  March 7,1993                               Los Angeles

  Doctors believe they have some new insights into how Dick Clark, 
  perrenially youthful host of music programs stayed so young.

  Clark, who was born in 1929, died Monday at age 64 of hardening of the 
  arteries. When cosmetician Fifi LaRue was preparing the body for 
  viewing, she notice a row of very tiny stitches totally encircling 
  Clarks' lower neck. Puzzled, she asked for help.

  Los Angeles county forensic pathologist Stanley Feigenbaum was called 
  in. After examining the body, Feigenbaum said "The guy that did this 
  was a real artist". My wife, she could use a few tucks and lifts, you 
  know what I mean? Her, with this guy, I could trust."

  Doctor Feigenbaum estimated that the most recent head transplant took 
  place about 1983.


  January 27,1993                              Washington DC

  President Bill Clinton, stung by charges that he has not appointed 
  enough women to his cabinet, announced today that he will appoint Jane 
  Fonda to head the Department of Happiness. This will be the 47th 
  cabinet level appointment Clinton has made.

  "Surely the signers of the Declaration of Independence didn't mean it 
  as simply an empty phrase when they spoke of the 'pursuit of 
  happiness'", Clinton said when making the announcement. Clinton, who 
  has never hid the fact that his marriage was troubled several years 
  ago, explained "When I would come home, all tuckered out after a hard 
  day of governen' and all that, I would have trouble doing my husbandly 
  duties, if you know what I mean". "I would read Sophocles for an hour 
  or two to unwind and then me an' Hillary would pop a tape of Barbarella 
  into the VCR and the next thing you know, I was ready for anything. 
  Never did see the end of the movie to see how it turned out"

  In an unrelated story CNN said it will broadcast an eight hour retros-
  pective on Saturday, "Clinton, the early years" which will be shown at 
  8:00 AM and repeated at 4:00 PM and midnight (EST). Since the president 
  has only been in office for one week, material would seem to be in 
  short supply. Staffers at CNN say they have 23 hours of Clinton jogging 
  which they can draw on and two hours of Clinton looking sincere and 
  concerned. "I'm not sure we can fit it all in", Sue Ellen Hatfield-
  McCoy said.


  April 9, 1993                            Columbus, Ohio

  The city fathers of Columbus, Ohio, stung by the lack of political 
  correctness in their name have decided to rename the city. There has 
  recently been a groundswell of criticism of Christopher Columbus, 
  namesake of the city of Columbus, because of atrocities committed by 
  him and his crew of explorers.
  Mayor Herman Bodkin, 64, said the city will be renamed Tiffany Ohio in 
  honor of a young woman he met at a good government meeting in New 
  Orleans. WHen asked what part the young lady played in the proceedings, 
  mayor Bodkin would only say "She was in New Orleans because of the 
  meeting. Let's just let it go at that, OK?".


 > A GUEST EDITORIAL STR Feature  "1992 was not the "Year of Atari"...

                         WILL 1993 BE "OUR" YEAR?

 by Dana P. Jacobson

      1992 was not the "Year of Atari" as we had all heard and
 anticipated.  In fact, the past few years haven't really come too close to
 achieving that "goal."  I'm tempted to wish that for 1993, but I'm really
 getting sick of that line!  What will be, will be for all of us; all that
 we can do is hope and strive to make things happen positively in this
 coming new year.

      While we at STReport have always strived to be as informative as
 possible for our readers, we have, at times, failed to do so according to
 _my_ expectations.  There have been times when we could have done better;
 hopefully that will change in 1993.  This year, for STReport, things are
 winding down on a less than positive note.  Controversies surrounding our
 stance on various topics has certainly not been "enjoyable" for our
      The ongoing problems with ABCO cannot, unfortunately, be resolved
 within these pages.  As much as I personally would have liked to cover
 this issue here so that matters could be publicly resolved, I fear that
 _some_ would view that attempt as less than complete and/or a biased one. 
 Some of these same people believe that STReport and ABCO are non-separate
 entities (they are not the same) and wouldn't be able to distinguish an
 STReport's view from an ABCO one.  I doubt that _any_ online magazine, or
 print one for that matter, would be able to cover this particular concern
 without having numerous complaints of non-depth or biased reporting.  This
 is unfortunate, as I have suggested in the past that a non-biased
 publication investigate and report the findings, if it were possible,
 objectively.  The best that I can provide our readers at the present is
 that I have discussed this matter with Ralph Mariano because I am
 genuinely concerned for his customers' problems _and_ for Ralph's
 business.  Ralph has expressed to me that he is indeed concerned that he
 hasn't been able to satisfy some of his customers' orders as quickly as
 he'd like.  He is doing all that is humanly possible to fulfill his
 obligations as quickly as possible.  Whether or not that's good enough for
 all concerned, I cannot say.  I hope to learn that all involved are
 satisfied in an expeditious manner.

      Another less than positive 1992-ending note is the latest news that
 Senior Editor Lloyd Pulley has resigned from STReport, effective in a few
 short days.  Lloyd's contributions in STReport and online as senior editor
 have always been informative and enjoyable, at least for most of us.  He
 may have ruffled more than a few feathers in the past, but his goals have
 been to inform and raise a few eyebrows, regardless of the possibility
 that by doing so he'd be taken to task.  We'll miss Lloyd, as his shoes
 will be difficult to fill.  Best of luck, Lloyd, for a prosperous and

      1992 didn't bring us any new products from Atari.  It was hoped that
 the Falcon would be available in the U.S. before the end of the year, but
 it just didn't happen.  Perhaps 1993 will not only provide us with the
 Falcon030, but also a new lineage of Falcon computers.  Current Atari
 users have been made well aware of the abilities of the Falcon030; it's
 time for the rest of the world to also learn.  One wish for 1993 is that
 Atari does follow through on its marketing and production plans; and that
 they manage to exceed everyone's expectations.

       1992 has not been a good year for much of the Atari userbase,
 including users, dealers, developers, and publications.  Atari users are
 dwindling as support has decreased.  Dealers have altered their support to
 include non-Atari machines and peripherals to survive.  Developers, for
 the most part, has maintained an even keel.  Although there has been no
 marked increase or decrease in numbers, developers are still concerned
 over the future of the Atari market.  Many, to survive, have expanded
 their product line to support other platforms.  Atari- specific magazines
 have not flourished.  Many are having financial problems in this dwindling
 market.  1993 will probably be the year to determine the fate of many of
 our small, but exceptional magazine publishers.  I would guess that more
 will take similar steps to survive as has Unicorn Publications, publishers
 of Atari Interface Magazine, to branch out into a different market with
 their new magazine, "Connect".  Even Atari's own publication, Atari
 Explorer, is facing difficult times.  Certainly, we all hope that our
 limited sources of print information will once again take a turn for the
 better in this coming year.

      Atari shows in 1992 managed to once again be successful. Although
 there were a few changes in the show schedule from previous years, the
 "major" shows continued to be a great source of information, products, and
 enjoyment.  Even some of the smaller shows have become a regular tradition
 and hopefully all of these shows will flourish in '93 and years to come.

      It's difficult to determine the successes or failures of STReport
 this past year.  While we have endeavored to continue to provide the
 "other side of the coin", there have been difficult times because of our
 determination in not being a "mouthpiece" for Atari Corporation.  Our
 editorial stance is one that has not made us popular at all times; and it
 has created some "enemies" over the years, unfortunately.  But, we
 continue to do our best to point out problems as well as the great things
 that are occurring in our small "world" of Atari.  My wish for the new
 year is that we at STReport can improve our relations with those at Atari
 so that information between us will be helpful to our readers.  Open
 lines between everyone is really necessary in our ever-decreasing circle.

      We will continue to cover the major events as they occur, whether
 they be shows, online events, new products, interesting ideas - whatever. 
 These are the things that our readers are most concerned about, as they
 are for us as well.  Hopefully, now that the "political season" is behind
 us <<grin>>, we can leave the politics to the politicians; and not let
 them have an influence on our daily Atari lives.

      What will 1993 bring?  It's anybody's guess, really.  I'm hoping for
 a positive and fulfilling year for everyone.  I hope that there will be
 plenty of new things for STReport to relate to you, our readers.  We will
 strive to report on them as they develop to keep us all informed.  This,
 ultimately, has always been our goal.

      I hope to learn quickly in '93 that Falcons will flourish in the
 U.S., and that all Atari supporters will once again have something to crow
 about (pun intended).  I also hope that our lives improve in general, as
 times have been tough for everyone these days.  The beginning of a new
 year always seems to bring about a new hope.  To all of you, a sincere
 Happy New Year!


 > STR Letters to the Editor   "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                         STR LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

 Verbatim as received in EMail

 Item    3764764                 92/12/29        22:06

 From:   WALLY.W                         Walter S. Wilson

 To:     BOB-BRODIE                      Robert G. Brodie
         DARLAH                          Darlah J. Potechin, Atari RTs
         D.A.BRUMLEVE                    Dorothy A. Brumleve
         FEEDBACK                        GEnie Feedback
         ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano

 Sub: ST Report

  29 December 1992

  TO:  Bob Brodie, Atari Corporation
       Dorothy Brumleve, President - IAAD
       GEnie FEEDBACK
       Darlah Potechin, Atari ST RT
       Members of the GEnie Atari ST RT

  RE:  STReport - My vote of no confidence (my opinions as well)

  FM:  Walter S. Wilson (WALLY.W)

  History:   ST  Report  (Silicon Times Report) is  an  electronically
  distributed  weekly E-Mag.

  The Publisher/Editor is Ralph Mariano; who  also owns  ABCO Computer
  Electronics   "Full Line Dealer & Mass Storage" [1].   ABCO runs  an
  average  8,677  byte  advertisement in each ST  Report  issue  (this
  constitutes an average of five to seven percent of ST Report).

  ST Report has historically editorialized (reported) from the, "Atari
  is  trying to pull a fast-one" point of view,  and has a  record  of
  stretched facts,  contradictions, and bullying folks who disagree or
  take  issue  with things they print.   DoubleSpeak  is  ST  Report's
  native tongue when pressed on most issues.

  Onward:    Recently,  I've  made  myself  aware  of  all  the  major
  complaints  against  ABCO Computer Electronics (also known  as  ABCO
  Computer Consultants).   There are many,  in fact, nearly as many as
  were lodged against Zephyr/etc.

  Recently,  I've seen STR (ST Report) writers ("editors")  harassing
  the Atari ST RT sysops and others who might call them on the  carpet
  for numerous issues.

  Issues such as...

       STR's Non-accountability to its reader base

       STR's extremely lop-sided reporting of Atari-related items

       STR's apparent agenda concerning Atari and Atari supporters

       ABCO's "FREE" advertising in a pay area on GEnie via STR

       Valid complaints about non-delivery of products from ABCO

       STR's "quiet" stance in this issue concerning ABCO

       The obvious conflict of interest concerning STR, Mr. Mariano,
       and ABCO

       STR's unwillingness to actually report items that are public
       domain (FCC item regarding Class B for the Falcon030) [2]

       STR's vindictiveness towards people who point out these things

  ST  Report's  Publisher/Editor  has an area on  GEnie  that  is  for
  letters  to  the editor of STR.   Many issues of great  concern  are
  being  touched on in this Topic,  yet the  Publisher/Editor  doesn't
  address a single item.

  This  same Publisher/Editor (who owns ABCO),  has a bad rating  with
  the  Better  Business  Bureau  in his  home  state,  has  many  very
  unsatisfied customers,  has a FREE FLAG on GEnie in the ST RT,  gets
  free  advertising for his company under the guise of an E-mag  in  a
  GEnie  pay  area,  and is completely aloof concerning any  of  these

  It appears to me and others in the Atari community that Mr.  Mariano
  is not "supporting" anything in the Atari community - except  gossip
  and bad business practices.

  To add to this debacle,  his senior writer ("editor") is akin to the
  "front  line"  in  his  GEnie  defense  squad,  and  nothing  posted
  regarding  Mr.  Mariano  gets  past  Mr.  Pulley  (either  with  his
  "official" STR stance or his "my own opinion" stance).

  It's  gotten this ridiculous...   In the ST Aladdin  RT  Mr.  Pulley
  states  as  a fact that he _is_ leaving STR after the first  of  the
  year.   Then in the Atari ST RT he and another STR writer ("editor")
  quibble over the fact that he said, "may be", and really hasn't made
  his mind up.  This is just the beginning of the doublespeak in these
  issues.   Who are we to believe;  the ST Aladdin RT Lloyd Pulley, or
  the Atari ST RT Lloyd Pulley?

  STR  writers ("editors") continue to harangue Atari Corporation  and
  Atari users in general over this Falcon FCC Class B approval.   This
  is after these writers were told where the information was (that the
  FCC had the information - which makes it public domain).   They (STR
  staff)  are still trying to convince the world that Atari is  trying
  to hide the face of publicly available information to
  the contrary.

  Thanks  to  Lloyd  Pulley,  posting under  both  his  own  "personal
  opinion"  and his "official STR opinion" we've seen this  incredibly
  drawn  out harassment over  "interpreting the rules" in the  ST  RT.
  Simply  because  he  didn't like the  fact  that  his  objectionable
  message  got he's on this personal vendetta to  police
  us all to death to make his point.

  I remember when STR covered the Zephyr computer store's questionable
  business dealings.   They did in in their best hybrid 20/20-National
  Enquirer  fashion,  and pulled absolutely no punches.   Now ABCO  is
  involved  in the very same type of questionable  business  dealings,
  and  still graces the pages of STR with no (I repeat,  NO)  scathing
  editorializing...   As  a  matter of fact,  hardly a  peep  at  all.
  Obviously  ABCO  is  receiving some sort of favoritism  due  to  the
  relationship  it  has with the Publisher/Editor  of  STR.   This  is
  hardly an "independent" publication we are talking about...hardly  a
  credible   source for  unbiased  information.  This  is  an  obvious
  conflict of interest.

  Even  further  back  (and on several subsequent  occassions)  I  can
  remember  STR's scathing stance on mail-order places,  and how  they
  hurt  real  dealers.   If  ABCO is advertising in an  E-mag  that  I
  receive in Sitka, Alaska, and they offer me ways of ordering through
  the mail...doesn't that make ABCO a mail order outfit  also?   These
  contradictions are rampant in STR's colorful history.

  What I have the biggest heartache with is this:   These people  have
  free reign in the ST RT.   They have free flags, and this gives them
  unlimited  online  resources  to  continue  this  kind  of   abusive
  activity...and apparently Atari Corporation and GEnie and the ST  RT
  approve  since they (STR and its staff) are allowed to do  all  this
  and still maintain free flags without being accountable to any of us
  for what they do, say, sell, advertise, etc.

  Walter S. Wilson

  [1] STR No.8.50, December 18, 1992  under dealer listings
  [2] STR No.8.51, December 26, 1992  STReport Confidential
     Class 'B' Certification Aye -Nay?

  The author retains all rights to this letter.  It may be used freely
  provided it remains intact and unedited in its complete form.


 Dear Mr. Wilson;
     STReport is, in fact and practice, totally accountable to its readers
 and will respond to any responsible question asked of us relative to our
 publication's content.  We cannot however, allow ourselves to be 'led or
 baited' into _defending_ any editorial opinion as they are just that;
 opinions, coming from either myself or one of our guest editors.
     As for the ABCO situation, you are seeing only one side of the coin. 
 You have unfortunately, decided to take a stand, render a judgement and at
 the same time, offer an opinion without full knowledge of all the _facts_. 
 On the advice of counsel, I am not at liberty to discuss the business
 affairs of ABCO Computers.  ABCO will satisfy all customer orders and
 inquiries.  In regards to the adverts that appear in STReport, we reserve
 the right to decide whose ads and at what times they appear in our
 publication.  You make mention of the Zephyr reports in STReport, to be
 factual, all that was presented (over a year ago) were a few posts in
 STR750 from the ST RT and a reply in STR803 from Bill Yerger at Zephyr.
     In regard to your insinuations and accusations relative to the
 editorial content of STReport, you widely allude to actions of "double
 speak, contradictions, stretched facts and bullying tactics" in our
 editorials concerning Atari and its performance.  It is indeed sad to see
 your perception so one sided.  In the past few weeks Atari itself has
 proven this to be their "hat" to wear, not ours.  As an example, I
 respectfully point out the 32 bit advert flyer and statements made during
 certain online conferences where Atari asserted their new machine being a
 32bit computer.  When in fact, its _now known_ it is _not_.  To continue,
 a recent message posted by the parties involved with Game Works would
 indicate the 'rule book' about "bullying" was apparently written by
 Atari's management.

     As for our correspondents and editors "harassing" Atari RT Sysops,
 please allow me to point out that _never_ has any of our editors,
 correspondents or readers for that matter, ever engaged Nathan and
 Darlah's sysops in any "harassing contest".  The true facts are that
 certain of Nathan and Darlah's sysops have been actively involved in an
 obvious ongoing campaign of badgering, baiting and intimidation.  If
 anything, its the other way 'round.

     In addressing your specific list;
     The fact that this is here being read by you and our readers answers
 your indication that STReport is not accountable to our readers.  We are
 and we respect the premise of accountability to our readers.
     "Lopsided" is a neat one sided way of saying we present the "other
 side" of the picture, as a reader, you and any of our other readers can
 obtain the fluff, wowie-zowie and company viewpoint from a number of other
 online and hard copy publications including Atari's own online
 publication.  Because we present the flip side of the coin doesn't mean
 its "lop-sided" at all.  But, we respect your opinion and will do better
 to make sure our presentations continue to present the facts.
     STReport does indeed have an agenda.  The agenda is plain and simple
 we refuse to present the glowing, warm fuzzy nonsense.  STReport will
 continue to present the stark facts of reality relating to Atari, its
 performance, management and products.  One fact is the current Atari
 market is decimated, in shambles and when its reported as such its
 upsetting.. almost as upsetting as the price of Atari stock.. 1.12.
     The ABCO matter has been addressed but to add... All matters
 concerning ABCO are under the advisement of counsel.  Your representations
 relative to ABCO have been duly noted.
     Conflict of interest?  Hardley correct.  STReport and ABCO might have
 some of the same principals. They are however, two entirely seperate
 entities.  Additionally, L. E. Pulley has nothing whatsoever to do with
 ABCO nor do any of the other STReport contributors, correspondants or
     The true agendas of anyone's viewpoint is a moot question in most
 cases, but when personalities and _personal attacks_ are allowed to
 flourish in an online service's RT, it becomes readily apparent that a
 real and sinister agenda is indeed part of the overall picture.  Its sad
 to see, but its painfully obvious that the activities taking place in
 Nathan and Darlah's RT on GEnie are occurring with their apparent
 encouragement and approval.  It almost appears as if the RT is totally
 'out of control' or simply depending upon controversy, witch hunts and
 embattlements to keep activity up.

     You make mention of the FCC matter... please be advised all the steps
 to obtain a complete and accurate listing of Class B certifications issued
 to Atari, Atari Corp. and Atari Microdevices are being pursued.  So far,
 the _only_ recent certification issued is for the TT030 and that
 certification is: EBAtt030 (this ID should be on every Class B TT sold in
 the USA).  Its for a class B certification of the TT issued to the, now
 closed, Atari office in Texas.  Our investigative process is and has been
 faithfully taken to the highest levels of the FCC.  They too, are very
 interested in why, if the number has been issued, there's no record of it
 so far and why the company is seemingly reluctant to reveal the class B
 certification number they say they have for the Falcon.  After all, its
 the law that it be placed on each and every unit sold in the USA.

     We will if asked, produce a listing of all certificates issued to
 Atari for the last 12 months.  At this time, there is no listing available
 relative to the Falcon, Falcon030 or anything even close to such.  The
 inquiry is ongoing however, and as soon as all avenues of research are
 completed, the final results will be made known.  As of this issue,
 STReport still has not been able to verify the existence of a class B
 certification for the Falcon.  To add to our efforts we include the
 telephone number to FCC BBS, where any user may call and obtain
 certification info; 1-301-725-1072.  Additionally, since the TT has Class
 B certification, it would be nice to know if any Class B TTs were ever
 produced and sold.  Speaking of class B, does anyone own a class B SLM 804
 or SLM 605?
     In closing, it must be made clear that STReport's following a process
 of verification on the FCC matter is an honest and serious undertaking. 
 If its perceived STReport is questioning the accuracy of the assertion by
 Atari's reps that the Falcon is FCC certified Class B, its an accurate
 perception in as much as we would like it verified.  STReport has asked
 publicly a number of times from those who seem to have the "Certification
 Number" to make the number known.  This has not happened.  Not from Atari
 or any of the others who "claim" to have "verified" its existence.  We
 still await the number.  After all, its revelation can only serve to put
 this matter to rest and to allow the proper verification of all the facts
 pertaining to this matter.  Mr. Wilson, I thank you for your taking the
 time to post to us.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

     Looking at some of our more "notable" efforts....... of course,
     there'll still be those who blindly swear we made it all up!  How many
     remember the ever popular Crystal Ball?  Was it wrong?  NOPE!  Its all
     come to be true!!

 From STR # 7.23 06/07/91                This was our "BEST"!

  STR Crystal Ball                             BIG SHAKEUP IS AFOOT!   


                       "THE IDES OF MARCH IN JUNE?!?"

         The CRYSTAL BALL is glowing WHITE HOT!  Could it be true?

          Is there going to be anywhere between a 30-50% layoffs? 

                         IS... "HE BACK IN CHARGE?"

        Is there really going to be a consolidation of subsidiaries? 
        Second Generation TT030 "The Real Thing" @ 01/01/92  >FALCON<
          No "TAMALES OR MAPLE LEAVES" just one big bag of tricks?
                     "DOWN UNDER" being throttled back?
                  What do you mean; YOU DON'T LIKE RIDDLES!
                     How about; "TV STARS FINISH LAST!"

         Yo Adrian!  We ain't talkin' about the Johnny Carson show!
                   For the whole story ..... stay tuned!!

 From STR # 8.01 01/03/92         Boing!  Its not real folks......
     Mr. Supersnoop has been buzzing all 'round the west coast during the
 past two weeks.  Most of what he found were indications of an "obvious
 and strong rebirth of Atari."  He was told by one dealer in the SF Bay

     "The product flow has been greatly enhanced."  "The selection of
 computers available would satisfy even the most demanding customer."  
 "Dealers are once again becoming abundant nationwide and are well
 stocked."  "The bundles (package deals) of software and hardware are
 moving quite well", he heard from a number of satisfied dealers.  He also
 noted that while he was testing a new program on a brand spanking new
 class B TT, the TV across the room was carrying a NEW, never seen before,
 highly animated Atari advertisement for the "Atari Family of Fine
 Computers" where they emphasized "A computer for every budget!"  Hmmm..
 that was on a National Network TV channel!  He gleefully noticed.

     As the ad proceeded, a loud bell began ringing in the background.  Our
 snoop dutifully struggled to turn the TV sound down.  As he reached for
 the control... he woke to the familiar sound of his trusty old alarm
 clock.  Well.. some people do have "nice dreams"!  Let's, all of us, hope
 this dream comes to pass.

 From STR # 8.02 01/10/92                   Conservation?
     Seems the "IDES" are restless and its not even March yet.  Well CES
 happened and where was Atari?  In an off the main drag one night stop for
 cocktails and fruit cups for Lynx folks.  Apple made a big deal here with
 a speech delivered by their 'main man'.  One rumor heard all over the
 place was that Atari might be 'for sale'.  There is another US magazine
 in the makings, seems there was a split-off from a familiar existing
 newspaper style magazine.

     Hmmm, seems there may be some real infighting about to occur over the
 recently vacated responsibilities of Greg Pratt's.  Rumor also has it that
 there are less than 120 employees with Atari worlwide.  On the humorous
 side, it seems the crayons "melted" so that deal will be further delayed,
 but then who cares?  Its a situation whose time has come and gone.  How
 many authorized dealers left in the USA?  Ziggy sez less than 20!

 From STR # 8.04 01/24/92              Check the Dates Folks....
     Falcons & Sparrows!  Avian Paradise.  Deep Throat tells us its rumored
 the STT040 (FALCON) is a real "muscle machine" of the upcoming future for
 Atarians.  Its mentioned there will be either a "Cube or Tower" available
 for Falconers with the Tower having eight bays.  24 bit color will be the
 order of the day as will a full 32bit bus IO.  Its also rumored Ethernet
 will be included and it will have multiple VME slots 3-6-1u types
 accepted.  A Floptical Drive (Insight) is alleged to appear in one of the
 bays.  A 1 gig Hard Disk is rumored to become available too.  Its also
 rumored Sparrow lovers are to see a less costly version of the TT040 in
 either the Wedding Cake or Pizza Box style Cabinet.

 From STR # 8.08 02/21/92    Another Usergroup is disillusioned
     Of note, from the LCACE newsletter, listed in the minutes of the
 General Meeting posted in their February, 1992 issue, it states;

     "All bills have been paid for the Computerfest, Hybrid Arts still has
 yet to pay the club the $425.00 it owes from the Computerfest.   This is
 the only bad  debt from the show.  The Club is still short the TT system
 promised us by Atari.  It may never be delivered.   Larry has said that 
 Bob Brodie has talked of LCACE doing another show at the same location in
 July or August of 1992.  We shall have to receive the TT and resolve other
 issues prior to discussing a future show.  There was a lengthy post mortem
 of the Computerfest.  It seems everybody had something to say about the
 show both positive and negative."

     Why?  Why must so successful a show be marred by the obvious "dropping
 of the ball" at Atari?   Who were  the key  liaison personnel  involved
 in organizing the  show.   Perhaps, by  this time next week, "Mr.
 Usergroups" can make sure LCACE,  a  very  active  Usergroup,  is  taken 
 care  of and  satisfied.

     Atari, as related elsewhere in this issue, is about to go to trial in
 a matter involving Nintendo over the video game business.  Although the
 particulars of the trial, charges and counter charges are rather
 involved, the point Atari is making is very clear and well understood. 
 Atari is depicting a monopoly and freeze-out in the game market put
 together by Nintendo.  In this case, Atari has our full support and
 blessings.  Trust busting should be a number one priority for a large
 number of US corporations who are being strangled by offshore big bux
 interests.  The very economic life of the USA is being steadily drained
 away by these interests.  Kudos to Atari for bringing this serious matter
 to a front burner for the nation to see.  The offshore cartels have all
 but destroyed the US steel industry and many others are on the verge of
 extinction due to the "economic war" waged against the USA.  This
 particular trial demands close observation as it will certainly set a
 precedent for seeking relief on the part of many other, long suffering, US

 From STR # 8.10 03/06/92     The Rumor Mill is flirting again...
     The (Sparrow & Falcon)(68030-68040) are rumored to be announced
 sometime in the second quarter.  Atari Corp is very tight lipped when
 asked about performance stats, but the word is these machines are hot!  In
 fact, most "learned ears" say they will sport true SCSI ports and not
 ASCSI ports.  Hopefully the new products will be ready to ship soon after
 their initial showing.  Rumor also has it that a few Books have already,
 or are about to ship.  Good news sure feels nice.  In addition, the ABC
 line of clones are being given serious attention and could possibly be
 enhanced and priced competitively.  1040STe units seem to be in very short 
 supply, while the MSTE units are doing very well.

 From STR # 8.14 04/03/92     Some people have more problems......
     Lexicor has determined and confirmed that it's former distributor and
 product manufacturer is making and selling PIRATE copies of Lexicor's
 software products.  If you have purchased any Lexicor products from RIO
 COMPUTERS we suggest that you make the following tests to see if you may
 have purchased a PIRATED program.

 Re: Leonard's conference.  To me, he sounded like Ollie North at a Senate
 Investigation.  He didn't really say anything about anything, and didn't
 tell anyone anything that we already don't know.  There were many
 references to Email replies to some of the questions, I guess he just
 didn't want to devulge any information.

 From STR # 8.15 04/10/92     Look who's climbing up on the stage!
  The San Jose Mercury News, Thursday April 2, 1992:

                       ATARI DELAYS 4TH QUARTER REPORT

 Troubled Atari Corp., the Sunnyvale manufacturer of personal computers
 and game hardware, said Wednesday it has notified the Securities and
 Exchange Commission it will delay reporting results for its fiscal 1991
 fourth quarter, which ended Dec. 31.  By law, the company had until March
 31 to report the results or file formal documents with the SEC extending
 the filing date.  A spokesman for the SEC in San Francisco said Atari is
 technically in violation of securities laws even if it has filed for the
 extension, but that enforcement action is unlikely if the company releases
 its figures "within a day or two."  Companies that seek such an extension
 often do so in order to renegotiate terms with lenders and other creditors
 before releasing unfavorable results. Atari earned $1.6 million on $49.2
 million in revenues in its third 1991 quarter.  Atari's chief financial
 officer refused to accept a reporter's calls, saying through a secretary
 that results would be available "within a couple of days."  Atari's shares
 closed unchanged at $2.75 in American Stock Exchange trading Wednesday.

  The San Jose Mercury News, Saturday, April 4, 1992


     Late Friday, troubled Atari Corp. reported a loss of $4.4 million for
 its fourth quarter on sharply lower revenues.  The 8-cents-per-share loss
 for the Sunnyvale maker of personal computers and video-game hardware came
 on revenues of $96.2 million.  In the fourth quarter of fiscal 1990, the
 company made a profit of $8.8 million, or 15 cents per share, on revenues
 of $151.9 million.  The 1990 quarter's profit figure, though, included
 $28.8 million in extraordinary credits.  The 1991 quarter included a $2
 million credit for debenture repurchases.  The company cut its operating
 loss for the 1991 fourth quarter to $9.4 million from $22.2 million in the
 1990 quarter.  For the year, sales dropped to $258 million from $411.5
 million [Ouch! -GW] in 1990.  Net income for the year was $25.6 million,
 compared with $14.9 million for 1990.  But the 1991 figure includes a gain
 of $40.9 million on the sale of the company's manufacturing plant in
 Taiwan.  And the 1990 profit included $35.7 million in extraordinary
 gains.  The operating loss for 1991 was $18.7 million, compared with a
 loss of $25.2 million in 1990.  Buying back debentures helped the company
 cut interest expense, which fell from $4.1 million in 1990 to $287,000 in
 1991.  In a statement, Atari President Sam Tramiel said, "The company has
 restructured its overhead and is focusing on the improvement of its
 balance sheet and the development of new products."  On Wednesday, the
 company notified the Securities and Exchange Commission that it would
 delay reporting results for the fourth quarter.

 From STR # 8.17 04/24/92    The Revolving Door is Healthy!
     Recent developments have found Gary Weiner, Intn'l Sales has left
 Atari.  His old office, beneath JT's has been dubbed the "office of
 death", has once again fulfilled its ominous reputation as being the last
 stop at Atari.  Also... Atari's Explorer Magazine and ZNET online will
 undertake a joint effort in producing an online newsletter.  According to
 our sources, the current editor of Explorer will oversee the operation. 
 Ron Kovacs will assume the duties of editor of the new online newsletter. 
 Frequency of publication is expected to be bi-weekly.

 From STR # 8.18 05/01/92          It Don't Come Easy........
      Courtesy San Jose Mercury News
           05/01/92 14:47:38
     Atari Corp. was unsuccessful in its antitrust suit against Nintendo of
 America.  The jury found in favor of Nintendo.  The jury did however, find 
 that Nintendo did have monopoly power in the videogame market but that
 Nintendo did not monopolize that market.  The jury was also unable to
 reach a decision on two other points regarding monopolization and
 restraint of trade.  During the 10 week trial, Nintendo claimed it had
 only engaged in vigorous competition and that its exclusive had legitamate
 business justifications.

 From STR # 8.20 05/15/92             A Real Loss......
     In what can only be termed a surprising move, one of our Atari
 observers reports of a rumor that Atari Explorer's base of operations may
 be moved from Astoria, N.Y. to Sunnyvale, CA..  If such a move were to
 occur, it was also stated that its highly successful Publisher/Editor John
 B. Jainschigg, would not be part of the move.

 From STR # 8.21 05/22/92             Let the Users be Heard!
      The results are in!  The questions were simple yet unsettling to
 some.  But the answers are real as was the participation on CIS and all
 the other services, along with both the private and public networks.  Also
 included were write in replies from Usergroups.
  Th results are as follows......


  1 - Would you prefer a single case (1040 style) unit or a Mega ST/TT
      style unit with detached keyboard?  (pick one or the other only)
  ****  RESULTS      ATTACHED: 11%
        """""""      DETACHED: 89%

  2 - If price were a consideration, how much more would you spend for
      a detached keyboard:
                             A- $50.00 or less
                             B- $100.00 (approx)
                             C- $150.00 (or if price is no object)

  ****   RESULTS      A - 30%
         """""""      B - 65%
                      C - 05%

  3 - Would you prefer (or be satisfied) with a connector that allowed
      you to plug in a detached keyboard such as that used on the Mega
      or TT style computers (the keyboard being an extra cost item)?

  ****   RESULTS     YES - 65%
         """""""      NO - 35%

 From STR # 8.23 06/05/92                 More "Downsizing"??
     According to our sources, Alan Pratt, the guru of Multi-Tos, worked
 his last day at Atari today.  Pratt long known for his programming
 prowess, has accepted a positon with Taligent, the joint venture between
 Apple and IBM.  Ken Badertscher is slated to assume Pratt's duties with
 Multi-Tos.  Recent changes at Atari have shown some merit in planning for
 the future.  Congratulations to James  Grunke!  James Grunke has assumed
 all of Don Mandel's responsibilities.

     Atari has reduced the size of the staff at Atari Germany comparable to
 that of Atari Canada.  Atari Germany, long the bulwark of Atari in Europe,
 undersent the size reduction due to undisclosed reasons.

 From STR # 8.24 06/12/92             A little "in house jazz"....
     A number of "loans" appeared in the company report..
        Name            Amt. Owed      Int. Rate
        ----            ---------      --------
  Robert Gleadow       $300,000.-         12% 
  Eli Kenan            $151,000.-         12% 
  August Liguori       $ 45,000.-         12% 
  Richard Miller       $145,000.-         10% (unsecured loan) 
  Gregory A. Pratt     $125,000.-         10% 
  Alwin Stumpf         $795,000.-         10% & 12% (2 unsecured loans) 
  Paul Welch           $115,000.-         12%

  Year Ending Dec. 31st, 1990

  Samuel W.L. Chin     $130,000.-         10% (unsecured) 
  Eli Kenan paid back  $134,000 & Atari wrote off $17,000.
  Steven M. Kawalick   $290,000.-         10% (unsecured) 
  August Liguori       $ 85,000.-
                       (borrowed another $43,000 @ 10% unsecured this year
                       and paid back $3,000.-)
  Richard Miller       Hasn't paid back any of the money he borrowed in
                       1989, but there are no new loans to him. 
  Gregory A. Pratt     $ 10,000.- (hasn't paid back previous loan.  New
                       loan is unsecured at 10% interest) 
  Alwin Stumpf         Hasn't paid anything on his 1989 loan 
  Paul Welch           Hasn't paid anything on his 1989 loan
  Year Ending Dec. 31st, 1991

  Samuel W.L. Chin     $ 88,000.- Paid back $42,000 of what he borrowed.
  Robert Gleadow       His note was cancelled & related stock reacquired
                       by the company. 
  Steven M. Kawalick   Paid $10,000.- of the $290,000.- he borrowed 
  August Liguori       Borrowed another $11,000.- unsecured at 7% and paid
                       back $111,000.- on previous loan. 
  Richard Miller       Paid nothing on his loan 
  Gregory A. Pratt     Paid $25,000 on his loan and now owes $110,000.
  Alwin Stumpf         Paid nothing on his $795,000 loan
  Paul Welch           His note was cancelled & related stock reacquired
                       by the company 

  Unless otherwise noted, all of the loans were secured.

  At the bottom of page six of the Notice of Shareholders' Meeting had this
      "In November 1991, the Company repurchased 75,000 options to purchase 
 75,000 shares of stock from Gregory Pratt, a Director of the Company for
 $1.00 per share for a total price of $75,000.  Mr. Pratt has resigned as a 
 Director and employee of the Company in January 1992, at which time he
 transferred to the company 63,150 shares.  Shares transferred together
 with the $75,000 were used to repay  Mr. Pratt's indebtedness to the
 Company of approximately $135,000."

 From STR # 8.26 06/26/92       Oh please... tell me ....
 Bob Brodie posts; " It's obvious to me that my time for onlines has
 dramatically diminished.  So I want YOU to help me decide what networks I
 need to be on.  Right now, I have accounts on GEnie, the FNET, CIS, and
 Delphi.  It's my opinion that I'm being unfair by having those accounts if
 I'm not going to be online there.  So this is your chance to guide my
 decision about what networks I should be on.  I'll be tracking my e-mail
 in the next month closely on all of these services, looking to see where
 the most activity is.  My guess is that it will end up being GEnie and the
 FNET.  But I don't want to guess!  Please send me your feedback on where
 you'd like to see me online to the following addresses:

   GEnie: BOB-BRODIE         CompuServe: 70007,3240    Delphi: BOBBRO
   FNET: Bob Brodie at Node 319
     Here we go again folks, let's see I'll try and do this is my very best 
 "Walter Winchell" voice....

     Dateline!  New York; Word has it the Atari Notebook is on a trip back
 to the drawing boards... seems somebody decided it needs to be backlit and
 go faster...  Also, a number of the notebooks that reached the  US shores
 arrived DOA.  Time for some serious adjustments.  On the International
 Scene.. the word is; FSM GDOS is up for a serious rewrite.  Appears
 certain code in the program  must go and new  "just as good or better"
 code implanted!  Word just in; the "Falcon" ie., the new 16mhz 030 single
 piece machine will debut on time but that full mass distribution may not
 be  seen until the middle of the first quarter of '93.  It appears there
 is a 'log-jam' on the acquisition of the "special chips" needed to
 complete  these new machines.  On to the west coast.. in Sunnyvale some
 astonishing changes are a foot.. according to our snoop... the changes are
 only for the good of Atari and its future.   Online activities are being
 curtailed in certain areas due to recent embarrassments.  This reporter
 was told "we'll not hear about the changes as such.. they'll just happen
 ....quietly. Personnel changes are also expected.

 From STR # 8.29 07/17/92            There goes that _door_ again!
     According to our sources, Larry Segal and Dana Plotkin are no longer
 part of the LYNX division in Lombard IL.  The  Lynx, a highly successful
 handheld game machine is one of Atari's best selling products.  Also its 
 reported the operation of the Lynx division will be brought back to
 Sunnyvale and placed under the capable guidance of B. Stollar.  At the
 same time the Lynx story was breaking for us, another of our sources
 informed us of Ron Smith's coming on board at Atari.  Smith, whose
 marketing and management skills expertise are very desirable at Atari, is
 reported to have a one year contract (non-interference).  Lotsa luck to
 you Mr. Smith!

 From STR # 8.31 07/24/92                  Its _STILL_ at it!
     When is the constant flow of bright young minds going to stop zipping
 through Atari's grasp.  It never ceases to amaze this reporter when
 another of the Bright young stars in the computing industry disappears
 from the halls of Atari.  Mike Groh has now joined that long, long
 procession of bright young men who have spent what amounts to a vacation
 time in Sunnyvale.  Why can't Atari hold onto the bright minds?  Why is it
 that those who have the ideas and the drive soon bite the bullet?  Tough
 questions all.. Forbes said 27 left in a short time.  Now, make it 28.  No
 wait, we forgot about John Jainschigg make it 29.  Uh oh, now there's
 Gary Rodgers he is also gone.. make it 30.  <sigh>  Oddly enough Atari's
 head honchos seemed to be quite upset about the Forbes article but not the
 way most would imagine.  It appears they were more "tight-jawed" about the
 office changing remarks than they were over the criticisms of the company
 and its lackluster performance.  In fact, our snoop sez the ruckus raised
 over the remarks about Sam's "NEW office" was "quite a scene and lasted
 all day long."  Ah yes.. kill a leak and watch a flood.  Only from
 graduates of business 101 and a half.

 From STR # 8.33 08/14/92           Let the "TRUTH" be known!
     This issue contains the fabled "Forbes Article" and the online
 conferences about the Falcon, its release etc., where Sam made all the
 glowing and wonderful assertions that are now a matter of the old, "Ho
 Hum" record.

 From STR # 8.34 08/21/92       Genuine reactions to Atari & the Falcon
     This past weekend, (08/14/92) in Hartford Connecticut, there was a
 meeting prior to the actual AtariFest.  It was for dealers only.  In
 attendance were the pride of Atari as far as top quality dealers were
 concerned.  When Ron Smith, the new marketing guru for Atari made it known
 that this Christmas would also be a bleak affair product wise, the dealers
 could stand no more.  They let Smith and Brodie boisterously know, in no
 uncertain terms, of their outrage and intentions for the future as far as
 Atari was concerned.  One dealer, who shall remain unnamed, claimed it was
 "business as usual" with the old "hooray for us and the hell with you"
 attitude in full blossom again.  Our reporter, (in attendance), was
 informed by at least four dealers that they were going to sell what was on
 hand and then that would be it.  One other dealer was overheard saying he
 had been "had" for the last time by Atari's hype. 

     Another dealer said of the Falcon; "Its a 1040STe on STEROIDS!".  He
 embellished further; he would be "hard pressed to present this machine in
 a serious environment... say alongside a TT030 and a MSTe."  He did point
 out; "though the machine has impressive specs, its appearance is the pits. 
 Serious computerists seek out units with a separate keyboard and expansion
 slots.  I don't see this machine making any inroads into the business or
 commercial computing community."
     The general opinion after the meeting's close was if Atari didn't get
 these machines out and in quantity before the end of the year it was all
 over.  The same dealer said; "Of the twenty some odd full service dealers
 around the USA, they'll all be gone before long if things don't change and
 change fast."

 From STR 8.35 08/28/92             Let the 'bias' come through.....
     This issue carried the now everlasting, Satirical Translation of Sam
 Tramiel's online conference.  In the same issue was an excellent, in-depth
 report of the wonders of the Falcon being shown at Dusseldorf 1992 August
 21-23, 1992.  What did we hear about/  You guessed it the satire was torn
 apart by.... agian you guessed it the same "crew".  But not a word about
 the excellent coverage afforded Atari and its Falcon.  Oh well, so what
 else is new?

 From STR # 8.37 09/11/92               Here we go _again_!
     About the FCC.... Class B for the Falcon, an excerpt from the online
 conference hosted by GEnie's ST RT with B. Rehbock on Sept. 09, 1992.

 <[Chris C.] C.CASSADAY> In Sam's RTC, he mentioned that he was hoping for
   a home voice-mail type system to be developed for the Falcon030.  Is
   Atari, itself, developing any new applications of this nature to help
   'get the ball rolling', so-to-speak?  Also, is it safe to say that the
   Falcon 030 is 'class B certified'?

 <B.REHBOCK> The F030 has passed all of the Class-B tests; we are waiting
   for the actual government paperwork so that we can ship consumer
   machines with labels. (That why the late Oct. timeframe.)

 From STR # 8.38 09/18/92     Plenty of "dirty laundry" for everyone... 
     The following item appeared in our issue, as a result we received
 three "dare you" type letters from various west coast concerns. 
 Interesting?  Rest assured the follow-up is in the works and _will_ be

     "According to our highly confidential and reliable sources, a major
 west coast developer may be under investigation by the authorities.  Its
 further reported that according to our reporter's sources, the alleged
 investigation involves missing imported merchandise, a local dealer's
 involvement and other improprieties allegedly concerning consigned and/or
 loaned computer and printing equipment.  Additionally, its reported the
 dollar amounts are alleged to be close to thirty thousand and are possibly 
 expected to climb significantly as a result of the investigation."

 From STR # 8.40 10/02/92       More of that good old, downsizing..
     Atari, in an ongoing effort to create better efficiency and better
 communications among its various divisions and departments, has closed
 down its facilties in both Lombard, a suburb of Chicago Il., a game
 development facility with 20 employees and Dallas, Tx., Atari Microsystems
 an R&D facility with 40 employees.  Atari maintains that the employees of
 these facilities may move to Sunnyvale along with the facilities thus,
 ensuring that no positions will be lost if everyone agrees to move. 
 Additionally, its been reported the Taiwanese facility, an interface
 operation with Atari's subcontractors has laid off 12 people as certian of
 this facility's functions will be assumed by Sunnyvale and Atari's Hong
 Kong office.  

 Bill Rehbock will be attending WAACE and along with him will be a few
 Falcons for everyone to see and use!  As funds are tight and Atari is
 being extremely careful in how they proceed with the new machine, Its
 great news to see they have decided to attend the show.  See you all at

 From STR # 8.41 10/16/92          Another one bites the dust....
     Ken Badertscher, a long time enthusiastic Atari employee, has left
 Atari for greener pastures.  Ken, noted for his work with the TOS group
 and other outstanding software accomplishments, left after a 'marathon'
 session of weeks of long hours to bring the Falcon Tos to reality.

 From STR # 8.42 10/23/92            There's NO dust left!
     The latest victims of Atari's infamous "Revolving Door" are Bernie
 Stollar who was going to revolutionize and upgrade Atari's communicative
 skills.  Bernie, originally from the Village Voice in NYC, has departed
 from the hallowed halls of Atari after only a short stay.
     Then comes Alwin Stumph the newly appointed head of Atari Europe.  The
 various Atari subsidiaries in Europe were consolidated under Stumph's
 Atari Germany.  Stumph, long regarded as _the_ main thrust behind Atari's
 successes in Europe leaves shortly after it was revealed the construction
 costs of the new German facilities were just shy of ten million dollars. 
 While unavailable for comment, it is rumored his departure may be linked
 to the now obvious "late delivery dates" of the new Atari Falcons
 earmarked for Europe.

     In a precedent setting "real time" environment, the ST RT on GEnie
 held an online conference originating at the GEIS Head Office in the Far
 East's jewel of the Orient, Hong Kong.  A first for GEnie, the novelty
 conference was enjoyed by all in attendance. (approx 15 users)  A number
 of prices were made mention of in relation to USA prices, ie., 4mb STe
 $150.00 US ea., Lynx games are $4.00 US ea.,  Not bad, considering the
 exchange rates, but.. when one adds in the air fare etc..

 From STR # 8.43 10/30/92          Is there really hope?
     Contrary to the "populist" beliefs, Atari Corp. is really quite strong
 financially speaking.  Everybody seems to have forgotten the "Tramiel
 Trust".  Jack Tramiel a very wealthy businessman before he purchased
 Atari, never really invested the bulk of the family fortune into Atari. 
 Time/Warner financed the entire deal at the time of purchase.  Therefore,
 it would stand to reason that a substantial infusion of capital will occur
 when it is deemed necessary by Jack Tramiel.  "Atari will have marketshare
 in 1993" it has been heard said in 'certain circles'.

     Rumored personel changes, being heard of for the last three weeks,
 were brought to the attention of Ron Kovacs, Atari Explorer Online editor. 
 When efforts were made to verify the rumors with AEO's editor, the replies
 from Kovacs were inconclusive as he would neither confirm nor deny the
 various "rumored" changes being made.  Subsequent calls to Atari also
 provided no solid information relative to the rumored changes as we were
 told; "as of yet, no solid decisions have been made."

 From STR # 8.44 11/06/92     Strange way to win friends....
     Its been reported the developers are being asked to pay for the
 privilege of setting up in Atari's Comdex display.  According to our
 resources, this is finally not the case at all.  It seems that, at one
 time in the recent past, it was discussed at Atari and that certain
 developers were indeed asked to pay while others were not.  Apparently in
 the long run, the entire concept was scrapped as a disgracefully bad idea. 
 Therefore, in the interest of quelling a bad rumor, we are pleased to
 report that barring a change of heart, there is no basis in fact to the
 story that Atari is charging developers for a work space in their Comdex

     Rumors are flying about indicating Gary Tramiel may have been named
 the new head of Atari North America.  Tramiel, once the head of the ill
 fated Federated Stores Acquisition where Atari reported losses in the
 millions, could not be reached for comment.

 From STR # 8.45 11/13/92    Its not only happening in the States...
     The German PC weekly "PC Woche" (newsletter aimed at professional
 PC/Unix users, published by IDG Publications, a US company) this week
 reported some information relative to Alwin Stumpf departing from Atari
 Germany.  They report that alleged rumors imply Stumpf left due to a
 dramatic difference of opinion and perspective between his and those of
 Jack Tramiel regarding the future of Atari.  According to PC Woche the
 "Tramiel Clan" strongly favors the further development of a PC line (and
 wants to use a large majority of the available R&D money for this
 purpose), while Stumpf mainly wanted to concentrate on the 680x0 market
 and video games.  
 Editor Note; This item which surfaced last week overseas, appears to fly
 in the face of everything we have ever heard from Atari.  In fact, it
 borders on the ridiculous.  However, its been presented to give the reader
 an opportunity to see for themselves the wide diversity of rumors flying
 about worldwide, due to the obvious scarcity of solid information coming
 forth from Atari "themselves".  At a time when its most needed to keep the
 "troops smiling".... the silence is almost deafening.  How about it Mr.

     PowerDos and PowerNet whose distribution rights and support were with
 Dragonware, have been sold by the programmer to ViewTouch Corporation. 
 All support, programming and general information questions for PowerDos
 and PowerNet should be directed to either Gene Mosier at 503-344-7990 or
 Christopher Latham at PowerPoint Software 503-479-6635.

 From STR # 8.46 11/20/92         The Revolving Door Spins again!
     Hailed as the "Marketing Guru" Atari needed, Ron Smith recently joined
 Atari to put the marketing scheme in its proper perspective.  It is
 rumored he left under a condition many have encountered in the past... he
 wanted to spend money to market product.   Smith formally from Wang, as
 was Don Mandell, also became a beneficiary of the now infamous, Atari
 California "Paid Vacation"... a large but still somewhat exclusive
 executive club.  No replacement has been announced.

 From STR # 8.47 11/27/92            Portfolio gets juiced!
     Seems the Crystal Ball is glowing white hot again... and in the middle
 of the rumor box in the ball are the words COMB LIQUIDATORS.  Seems there
 was a rumored surplus of Portfolios so....   well we all know what Comb
 does best..

 From STR # 8.48 12/04/92            So long to a good friend
     The German Atari magazine ATARI JOURNAL has been discontinued.  The
 January 1993 issue, scheduled for December 11, 1992, will be the last

     In a message posted in the German MausNet,.. ATARI JOURNAL's
 editor-in-chief Christian Strasheim yesterday officially confirmed rumors
 that ATARI JOURNAL will be discontinued due to the situation on the Atari
 market  ATARI JOURNAL started in June 1989 under the name ATARI PD JOURNAL
 and was renamed ATARI JOURNAL in September 1991.  In 41 issues ATARI (PD)
 JOURNAL has covered events on the Atari market in Germany, Europe, and
 overseas. Instead of addressing solely the experts, programmers, and
 freaks we successfully produced a magazine for almost everybody.  The
 number of Atari users not only in Germany dimished in the last few months,
 and although several new products and upgrades continue to be released the
 distributors and developers were forced to reduce the amount of money
 available for advertisement.

 From STR # 8.49 12/11/92      A tad too, too late to help.
     Once again, the rumor mill is alive and well..  Seems Leonard had a
 number of Atari's Tos Development team members miffed (6 or so).. or so
 they say...  A certain in-house member of that team made a stern complaint
 to Sam and now Leonard is in charge of the Jaguar Project.  "Now then when
 did you want that Jaguar??"

     According to certain people the Falcon is FCC Certified.  Ok, if such
 is the case, then why did a another publication carry the following line
 in their Comdex Report;

     "..... the FCC were fended off by big stickers under each Falcon:
     Its easy to _say_they're certified, give the numbers out.  The same
 numbers the FCC issues, the numbers that must be posted on a conspicuous
 label on each machine.  After all, IF they're certified Class B, then the
 numbers have been issued.  Numbers please....

 From STR # 8.50 12/18/92      The "great performance" haunts....
     Its been rumored the dealer who made his misgivings known at a recent
 New England Show, is once again prepared to keep his word about the timely
 arrival of new equipment.  "Its once again Christmas and guess what???  NO
 PRODUCT!"  It was made mention that more will be said after the holiday.

     Kesmai, authors of Air Warrior on GEnie, announced today they will not
 be supporting Atari Computers (or monochrome Macs) in future versions of
 the very popular online game, Air Warrior.  No customers and no support
 from Atari were specifically mentioned.  Amiga, however, is still being
 supported.  There's also a special SVGA version that should hit the stores
 any day now.

 From STR # 8.51 12/26/92  You don't play with the man with the whiskers!
     After the story became known about the TT030 rumored being "approved"
 as Class 'B' but the version was not placed in production, many have asked
 what are the numbers for the Falcon030?  Its a very simple question; "What
 is the number the FCC issued for Class B certification for the Falcon030
 and on what date was is issued?  Having this information at hand can do a
 great deal of good in dispelling the the rumor that there "may not" have
 been a number issued when it was clearly stated by Atari that the
 Falcon030 was Class B certified.  Being able to pass the standards set for
 class B in an outside facility is not the same thing as being issued the
 actual Certificate of Class B acceptance.  So please, what's the number
 and when was it issued?

     Rumor has it that True Type Fonts will also be supported by Atari's
 new "standard" Speedo G-Dos.  While its not a verified story its been
 corroborated with a number of other Atarians and its a good idea whose
 time has come.


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    Unfortunately, there  are those  in this  shrinking community who
    obdurately insist upon confronting this concept with a defensive,
    truculent stance.

         Its  lamentable  to  see  these  types  only  understand the
    antediluvian concept of "Us &  Them".    Sadly,  they  persist in
    attempting  to  create  antagonistic stiuations and circumstances
    upon which they conspicuously flourish."

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