ST Report: 26-Dec-92 #851

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/27/92-01:07:32 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 26-Dec-92 #851
Date: Sun Dec 27 13:07:32 1992

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (December 25)


     CODEHEAD provides a new patch to upgrade Warp  9 to  version 3.74, the
 latest  free  update  for  Warp  9  with  Extend-O-Save, the first modular
 screensaver for Atari computers.   This  archive  contains  everything you
 need to  update from  v3.73 to  v3.74.  (Previous updates are available in
 this same library  for  earlier  versions.)  See  the  file  W9374U.LZH in
 Library 16, CodeHead Tech.


 A number  of new  graphic images are available for download from the Atari
 Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).  Check out the following files:


     ALIEN1.LZH  9  CEL animation from Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards"
     BBOOP.LZH   9  Betty Boop digitized sequence (from P.D. footage)
     BIRD.LZH    9  Gangly bird hops along swaying its neck (3D)
     CAN.LZH     9  A license plate is peeled from a cola can.
     CLOWN.LZH   9  Rotating 3D clowns head
     DOMINO.LZH  9  rendered dominos knocking each other down.
     GLOBE.LZH   9  rendered animation of the world spinning
     MARVIN.LZH  9  Marvin the Martian (w/o ACME disintegrator)
     PTERO.LZH  10  Flying 3D pterodactyl (good example of 3D cartoon
     ROBOTR.LZH 10  Transforming semi gets out of a traffic jam.


 Download file RAYOID.LZH from  LIBRARY  2  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  a three-in-one  package of games.  Includes a game similar
 to  Asteroids  with  great  sounds  (DMA  sound  supported).    Action and
 strategy.  Documentation in English and French.


 Download file  VENDOR.DAT from  LIBRARY 6  of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO).    This  file  contains  an  update  to  the  Atari Vendors
 database.  Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, product info, and CIS
 UserIDs  for  developers  and  vendors  of  Atari  products.   Please  see
 VENDOR.ARC in the same library for the viewer PRG/ACC and documentation.


 Download file ACBBS.TXT from LIBRARY 2 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO)  for  Atari  Classics  magazine's  Atari  8-bit/ST  National BBS


 Download file  PDSW.ZIP from  LIBRARY 3  of the  Atari Portfolio Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for a great little Public Domain Dos  utility will  print text
 sideways  from  your  Portfolio.  Small  -  about 1k in size and great for


 Download file 2COL.ZIP from  LIBRARY 5  of the  Atari Portfolio  Forum (GO
 APORTFOLIO) for  a DOS  application program (which works on the Portfolio)
 that will format and print documents in two columns.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     The end of the year.... a time for reflection on  the past  year and a
 time for resolutions for the coming year.  The past year has produced some
 'not so surprising' happenstances,  Atari  announced  a  new  machine, the
 Falcon030... it was made mention of in a number of online conferences last
 summer that the Falocn030 would be  shipping within  two weeks.   Well, we
 all saw that time come and go.  So what you say?  I agree.  You and I both
 know that time and time again Atari has said this or that and then  lo and
 behold it never happens or, its a horse of an entirely different color.
     After having  a long discussion with a colleague of mine, I discovered
 that he had the  'magic solution'.   He  said; "who  cares what  they say,
 you'll know  what is really going on by their performance.  Nothing you or
 I say or do will affect a darn thing".  He's right and I know it.  As much
 as I'd  like to  think 'they  listen'... its  simply not  the case.   As a
 result, I am going to relish in boasting about the  wonderful things Atari
 does in  the future,  not the  things they  say they  are going  to do and
     With Christmas right behind us and  the New  Year coming  up fast, its
 time  to  wish  everyone,  friend  and  "foe"  alike  a healthy, happy and
 successful New Year.  As bleak as things began to look, they're  looking a
 whole bunch  better now  and bound  to be  fully resolved within the first
 quarter of 1993.  Bless you all and thank you for your support.
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

     FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.31 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
                with any of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando

 Well folks, Christmas is here.  If you're anything like me, you are in no
 mood to sit around and read a whole bunch of information right at the
 moment.  Well, as my Christmas present to you, you can put this column
 down and come back and read it later.  (;^{>  <--(that's my smiling,
 bearded face, by the way).  At any rate, I hope that the holiday season
 found you in good health and spirit.

 Okay, on with the show...

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 I remember a time a few years ago when a friend told me that he had bought
 an Amiga.  Knowing that I am "up" on current computer stuff, he asked me
 what the nicest thing was about the Amiga (had he asked me first, I'm sure
 he would have bought an ST).  I told him that the nicest thing about the
 Amiga was that would fit almost perfectly in the trunk of an Edsel.
 Needless to say, he was not amused.  Times have changed since then.  A
 simple "Edsel" joke no longer seems to suffice.  Albert Dayes of Atari
 Explorer Magazine tells us:

     "I have tried putting the two together (an Atari fan (me) and my
     friend and his Amiga) ... the explosion always occurs.  <grin>  I
     usually keep a sledge hammer near by for the "other" brands. <grin>"

 Not one to miss out on the fun, Boris Molodyi tells Albert:

     "Well, a sledgehammer should work for Macs and Amigas. Will be a bit
     more trouble for clones with their big metal boxes, tho... <g>"

 John Amsler jumps in and adds:

     "Yeah, why do these damn clones think they need armor-plated boxes,
     anyway?? <g>"

 Sysop Bob Retelle joins in the fun and posts:

     "How about... to pass the FCC type acceptance testing..?  Atari
     plastic toys might be stylish (depending on your personal tastes), or
     they might just be cheap.. but nothing stops those nasty RF emissions
     like a heavy metal box."

 Jim Ness tells us:

     "Recent clones are using plastic boxes, with metal shielding attached
     to the insides of each box part.  Lift the cover, there's a metal
     shield attached to it.  Atari could use the same concept, if they
     wished.  Maybe they do, on the Falcon."

 Hal Dougherty offers us information on the "competition":

     "My Mac has a plastic case with some kind of metallic paint inside. 
     The external drive is made the same way."

 Meanwhile, Bob Ledbetter asks about TOS versions:

     " Would someone please enlighten me as to the advantages of TOS 2.06
     over 2.05?

     Also, is it "wise", "absolutely necessary", or "doesn't matter" when
     it comes to using FOLDRXXX.PRG with TOS 2.05 or 2.06?"

 Albert Dayes (that busy guy from Atari Explorer Magazine) tells Bob:

     "Bug fixes, less programs in your auto folder needed to fix previous
     problems in older TOS versions.  Codehead had a good summary of all
     the new and improved features.  I don't know if they ever left it
     on-line or not."

 Jim Ness tells Bob:

     "FOLDRXXX.PRG is "wise" for any ST, any TOS version.  It adds memory
     pool space, necessary when using deeply hidden folders.  There is a
     certain similarity to the DOS Autoexec command:  FILES=nn.  To
     complete the analogy, Atari's CACHExxx.PRG has a similarity to the DOS
     command:  BUFFERS=nn.  It adds disk cache space, which results in a
     net speed increase on disk reads."

 Remember when "Progress" meant that EVERYTHING in any given type of
 product got more powerful and/or easier to use?  Nah, me either.  Tim
 Patrick asks:

     "Is there an ST Word Processor that will allow me to do ODD/EVEN page
     print outs (for double sided documents) AND micro-space justification? 
     It amazes me that something I could do on my old 8-bit can't be done
     on the ST!  ST-Writer will do ODD/EVEN printouts, but no micro-space. 
     It justifies using normal spaces, which looks really bad, in my
     opinion.  Word-Writer won't do either?

     G-DOS based word processors micro-space, but print in graphics mode,
     which would be fine if I had a Laser, but looks pretty sad on my old
     9-pin? (I am saving up for a Laser, but I'd like to use what I have

     I have a very large document I created, and I'd like to print it out,
     right-justified and double sided, using the NLQ mode of my printer,
     but it looks like it can't be done on the ST?  I really don't want to
     port several HUNDRED pages of data over to my 8-bit just to get a
     decent printout, but I can't see any other way to do it?

     Considering that the ST is supposed to be one of the best platforms
     for desktop publishing, I find it hard to believe that I can't print
     out a nice looking double sided document?

     Even PageStream won't allow ODD/EVEN printouts?"

 Richard Gunter tells Tim:

     "The old Publisher ST has an option to print left or right pages;
     oddly, Calamus 1.09N doesn't seem to have that facility.  I trick Word
     Perfect into doing it, but I don't think the trick will work with
     anything but the Diablo Emulator.  I use its setup accessory to select
     odd pages, then print the whole document.  After putting the printed
     stack into the tray, I then select even pages and print the whole
     document again.  Voila! Double-sided print -- just takes twice as

 Albert Dayes of... you guessed it, Atari Explorer Magazine tells Tim:

     "You might try Calligrapher from Codehead ... you can leave a message
     about it in the Atari Vendors forum in the Codehead section.  First
     Word from GST might have what you are looking for as well."

 Well, from software to hardware we go.  Hal Scheie tells us:

     "I'm having problem with my stock HD in my mste. when partition C
     starts to get full with data I start to get data on C may be damaged
     msgs. when I use diamond edge to mark bad sectors it starts showing
     bad sectors about two thirds through and then the final 20% shows all
     bad and the drive light wont go out till a reboot. I can reformat the
     drive and it then checks out fine but goes to hell again about a week
     later. I thought I saw a note where someone else had this problem, if
     anybody here can help let me know."

 Albert Dayes tells Hal:

     "It sounds like a DMA chip problem.  Are you loosing data too?  What
     host adapter are you using?  What is your most current version of TOS? 
     What version of the formatting software are you using?  Do you know
     what type of hard disk you have?  When you reformat the drive have you
     changed the partition information too? I mean that you have changed
     the sizes from what you are currently using?  Have you marked bad
     sectors at the hard disk formatter level rather than with Diamond

 Sysop Ron Luks tells us about his experiences with hardware problems:

     "I had a similar problem in my older Mega ST (not STe).  The problem
     turned out to the the host adaptor, not the drive itself.  I've talked
     to people familiar with HD hardware (I'm no expert) and they said the
     host adaptor in the MSTe is one of the weak links in the hardware
     chain.  I was using an external host adaptor (supra) at the time.  My
     comments about the poor quality of the Atari host adaptor of the Mega
     STe came because the first one that Atari sent for my new unit was
     fried right out of the box and when I asked for another one, was told
     that "this happens all time with these cheap @#$%#$%^ host

 For a long while now people have been waiting for CD-ROM to become popular
 on the Atari line of computers.  It has taken time, but I think we are
 finally beginning to see some real interest in CD-ROMs for our favorite
 computer.  Allan Gus asks:

     "Are there any CD roms available for the STs??  I haven't heard of any
     and I would love to find one for the Atari..  I have a Mega Ste."

 Dom Alvear tells Allan:

     "Atari did produce a FEW CD-ROM drives for the ST, but that has been
     shelved.  If you really want one, you should buy The Link from ICD. 
     Then you can connect ANY (correct me if I'm wrong...) SCSI CD-ROM
     drive to the ST.  Atari released drivers to let you read CD-ROM disks. 
     You might try the ICD in AtariVen.  They could tell you more.  Also,
     Albert from Atari Explorer online and a few others here know much more
     than me. :-)"

 Albert Dayes tells Allan:

     "It depends on what type of CD-ROM you are looking for.  If you are
     looking for a multi-media program on the ST its not available yet.

     There are quite a few discs full of clip art, fonts, source code, etc. 
     You can use those discs directly with a CD-ROM drive and ICD host
     adapter and MetaDOS routines.  You can check out the CD-ROM forum they
     have a file called vendor.txt which lists all the vendors that sell
     CD-ROM discs.

     I'm sure you will see more discussion of CD-ROM issues in the future
     too. Its a very exciting technology."

 object has been sighted making its way to North America from overseas. 
 Bob Wilson posts:

     "I was at my dealer today.  One of his customers had bought a Falcon
     in England and was wondering about a monitor.  Seems extreme since the
     power supply is different as is the video.  Don't know the price."

 Dazzz Smith tells Bob:

     "BOLLOCKS!! Theres not a dealer in England with a Falcon for sale, at
     least that wasn't on the 13th of Dec.

     I know that Atari UK got a shipment of Falcons last week, but I'd be
     absolutely astonished if they got them out of the door fully tested
     before christmas week!"

 Pattie Rayl asks Dazzz:

     "How many falcons did Atari UK get?"

 Dazzz replies:

     "Pattie, I dont know how many they got, but it seems they were flown
     over for the developers as they did in Germany, any leftovers would be
     offered for sale, but I would seriously doubt if there were any left."

 Tony at GST software tells Pattie:

     "As Dazzz says about a normal customer buying a falcon in the UK. If
 he has then I suspect a hell of a lot of people would like to know how the
 dealer got hold of it - including people who tend to drive cars which have
 blue flashing lights on top of them.

     I probably shouldn't tell you the number but lets say that Dazzz and a
     friend would have more than the required number of fingers and toes to
     do a count.

 Update - make that Dazzz and two friends."

 Dazzz, in a light-hearted mood, replies:

     "Oh no! You dont mean I have to take my shoes and socks off again to
     count those computers!  :-)

     What Tony means is >1 and <100, which according to my calculations,
     should give every Dev in the UK a machine, unless of course some are
     being greedy and getting more than one!"

 Well people, its getting late and I'm sure that you all want to relax a
 bit after the Holiday festivities.  So go, enjoy the left-overs, the
 smiles on the faces of children and loved ones, and the knowledge that
 those chargecard statements won't be here for another month.  ;^{>

 Tune in again next week (same time, same station) to hear what they are
 saying when...

                            PEOPLE ARE TALKING


 > Announcing CONNECT! STR InfoFile       A New Telecomputing Magazine



                  CONNECT -- A New Telecomputing Magazine

 ANN ARBOR, MI -- For a limited time, Pegasus Press is offering
 dramatically discounted subscription rates on its new magazine, CONNECT.
 Covering the major commercial online services, Internet/Usenet and
 bulletin board system networks, CONNECT focuses on telecommunications from
 a user's perspective.  The first bi-monthly issue of CONNECT will be
 available in March, 1993.

 Issue after issue, CONNECT shows you how to get the most from the
 commercial online services you're using -- CompuServe, Delphi, America
 Online, Prodigy, GEnie and BIX.  With columnists on staff to cover these
 services in depth, you'll find CONNECT a valuable resource.

 CONNECT also shows you what "free" networks like Internet have to offer. 
 Every issue of CONNECT contains Internet coverage that helps you find your
 way around the biggest network in the world.

 But CONNECT doesn't stop there. BBS callers also receive a wealth of
 information from each issue.  All varieties of computer platforms are
 covered in the pages of CONNECT, as are the many different types of
 bulletin board software and services found on these computers. Articles
 potlighting BBSes in specific cities or similar categories (such as
 medical BBSes or handicapped-related systems) appear regularly.

 Finally, each issue contains platform-specific columns highlighting
 programs available online for IBM and Macintosh users.  Of course, you'll
 also find hardware and software reviews in CONNECT.

 Until February 28th, 1993, a year's subscription to CONNECT will be only
 $12.  On March 1st, 1993, the normal subscription price of $18 per year
 goes into effect.  This offer is available only to US addresses.

 For more information, please contact:

                               Pegasus Press
                           3487 Braeburn Circle
                            Ann Arbor, MI 48108
                              (313) 973-8825.

       For the fastest response and a copy of the subscription form,
                      please email us at 70007,4640.

 Don't delay. Get CONNECTed today!



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 ST Advantage  on DELPHI.   STReport readers are invited to join DELPHI and
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     The latest version of Ron Hollins' STUDIO MANAGER demo is available in
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     Anthony Watson <MOUNTAINSOFT> has just released a new database program
     called Easy Base v1.0. A demo version is  available now  in the Recent
     Arrivals database.

                        TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (12/23/92

                               AUTOSORT 4.1
                               DENISE CROSBY
                              PHOTOCHROME 3.0
                               STREPORT 8.50
                             ZNET 9222 & 9223
                          MADONNA IN PHOTOCHROME
                               SPC-3375 1.7
                       HDX V5.0 - ATARI HD SOFTWARE
                              NEODESK SECRETS
 All of the above files can be found in the RECENT ARRIVALS database for at
 least one week after the posting of this  list.   Please Note  that in the
 case of  online magazines,  only the most current issue in the database at
 the time of this compilation is considered for the Top 10 list.  Also, for
 all files,  a submission  is eligible  for the  Top 10  list for only four
 weeks after its original uploading.          

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > The Flip Side STR Feature              "...a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee
 Nope, it's not Michael Lee this week.  It's Lloyd Pulley.  Since Michael 
 won't be able to do his column for the next few weeks, I decided to jump 
 in this week with some posts from Delphi. I figured they were long over-
 due to be visited.
 A few comments before we start. Delphi uses handles instead of names, so 
 get used to seeing a lot of weird 'names'.  Also, I will be dividing the 
 column up into general 'threads' in hopes that it will make it easier to 
 follow the conversation.  Finally, the gentleman that goes by the handle 
 of 'OCS' is from Germany. So keep this in mind when he talks about stuff 
 that you've never heard of in the U.S.
 Conversations about how to log onto an IBM mainframe via an ST...
   I am curious as I am a Computer Room Supervisor on a IBM ES/9000 with 
   MVS/ESA.  What software were you using to access the 3090?  Were you 
   calling into an application, or ISPF/PDF (TSO)? I may someday be able 
   to logon from home and would like to know if my ST would handle the 

 OCS -
   Bob, I have been using Uniterm for that purpose for years, and it 
   works fine (80 columns on the SM124, that's what you need for 
   MVS/ESA). Yes, I can use ISPF/PDF (isn't it PFD? anyway...) without 
   problems. Either type in the commands (DOWN, UP,... ) or define the 
   function keys in Uniterm (like I did). I can do everything I can do at 
   one of those TN3278 terminals (urgh!).

   I used Uniterm 2.0E. I called into a Lee Data Protocol Convertor. This 
   supports about 17 different terminal types that can access the main-
   frame. Before this I use to dial in on the dial in line using Uniterm. 
   Before that I use to use the old Atari 800 and 800XL. I used VT100 on 
   the 8-bit but it was hard on the eyes. In straight TSO, I set my 
   terminal linesize to 133. But I only saw 40 columns on the screen but 
   it wrapped. The purpose of this was so when I captured the text, I had 
   my printer set to condensed mode and I was able to see my print the 
   way it was supposed to be.

   The Lee Data Protocol Convertor is 2400BPS and I am able to use SPF, 
   COMPLETE, TSO, or anything I would use at work.

   If I want to download or upload, I have to emulate and IBM computer 
   and use EXECULINK(Put out by the LEE Data Protocol Convertor people). 
   I sometimes use the TSO command TRANSMIT and send my data to an IBM 
   Mainframe using VM which happens to support KERMIT. I use Uniterm to 
   download and upload via KERMIT using my ST. Then I do a SENDFILE to 
   send the file back to the IBM 3090. I have been doing this since about 
   1982 when I first got my Atari 800.

   One time the operator deleted jobs 400 thru 4118. They were supposed 
   to delete jobs 400 through 418. I was laid up in bed. My back was out. 
   Back then I used my old 800 to dial in on the TSO line and did a TSO 
   edit to resubmit all the jobs that were deleted for the agency I was 
   doing work for. Saved me a 2 hour trip into the office and back.

   When you are ready I will give you the settings. Off of the top of my 
   head, I believe it is 7-E-2. 7 data, even parity and 2 stop bits.


 Conversation about hard drive backup programs and options...
   I just ordered my first ST hard drive (the Toadplus 130 from Toad 
   computers of course) so now I was wondering what is the best backup 
   method out there. Is it DiamondBack, or some PD backup, or is it a 
   tape one - ICD's, DVT-VCR, or using the tapebios program in the data-
   bases here (& if so, what tape drive and how should it be connected in 
   the DMA chain.)

   I use Diamond BAck II. I haven't had any problems yet with my HD, so I 
   can't really say how well it restores...but it does backups almost 
   painlessly. It will take a while (forever) to back up a big drive onto 
   floppies, but Diamond BAck is supposed to be upgraded in the near 
   future to include SCSI Tape drives. That will be great. I think there 
   are a few Tape backup systems already, but I will wait until I can 
   afford to get a tape drive to worry about it.

   The ICD Tape Backup unit is expensive but it is the Rolls Royce of 
   tape backups. It is very very fast. Much faster than most of the 
   cartridge type of tape backup units. The ICD software lets you dump 
   all files or individual files to any hard drive partition or ram disk. 
   THE ICD TAPE BACKUP UNIT is a excellent piece of equipment and I have 
   never had a bad back up in the last 2 years. The only thing negative I 
   can say about it is the price. But I guess that what happens when 
   something is reliably built. I would also check into the Floptical 
   drive. It is much cheaper around $399. The 21 meg disks are around $20 
   each but it will also read and write 720k and 1.44 meg diskettes. 
   Check out Toad Computers.
   I anticipate that I'll be doing it on floppies, I don't think that I 
   could afford to buy a SCSI tape drive just yet - after all, it took me 
   3 years to be able to buy a hard drive even.
   ....I have been thinking about a floptical, and come to think of it, 
   it would be much better than backing up onto 720k floppies.

   If you are considering getting a Floptical, get it from PMC. Theirs is 
   a mere $399.00 and that includes ICD's The Link! And if you have a 
   SCSI out they'll sell you one for the same price with 4 extra flop-
   tical disks in lieu of The Link.

   Here is their old # (206) 747-1519. They just moved, so I am not sure 
   if the number has changed at all.

   P.S. The $399.00 price is only good until Dec. 15 so you'd better 
   hurry. ;-)

 DPJ -
   I agree with you about the ICD tape drive, Mickey. It is one of the 
   best investments that I made for my 2 systems. It has saved me many a 
   headache very reliably. I bought mine used with a hard drive added to 
   the Fast Box, probably for the same price as the tape drive alone, 

   I bought the cleaner kit for my tape backup unit but I have not used 
   it yet. At work, I am setting up PS/2 mod 70 386 and WIN 486. The 
   WIN's have a 212meg hard drive and a 60 meg tape backup unit. Boy is 
   it SLOOOOOOOOOOOW. Also, the tapes that came with it are not format-
   ted. It takes 40 minutes to format the tape!(60 meg tape)! In that 
   time I could just about backup 2 155 meg hard drives if I do not do an 
   optimize copy.

   I really like the DVT-VCR tape backup for my hard drive cartridges. 
   It's fast, easy, and very reliable (if you use the best quality Video 
   tapes. The restoration of your drive is a pain, though it really isn't 
   all that bad, just time comsumming. The only bug I have about the 
   program is that is only supports 999 files per hard drive partition. 
   If you have more than that you can't use the backup system. But, that 
   might not be a problem for you. It is definately inexpensive (I've 
   seen it listed for $50) a nd compact (one tape for 100 meg of data!).

 DPJ -
   I haven't seen any tape cleaner kits for the ICD drive; I'm usually 
   leery of such kits for some reason. I have seen other tape units, and 
   agree that they are slow. I would be interested to learn how, now with 
   the Beckemeyer's software, the "generic" tape units fare.

   I purchased the tape cleaner kit from ICD at a WAACE AtariFest about 3 
   years ago. It is called TEAC TZ-380 Cleaning Kit. It contains 3 swaps, 
   TEAC Cleaning Liquid, TEAC Cleaning Cassette, and instructions. I 
   purchased it on Oct. 6, 1989 at the Fairfax High High School location. 
   That was where the WAACE AtariFest used to be held. At that time, I 
   paid $22.00 at the show.

   Since this cleaning kit TZ-380 is for exclusive use with the TEAC MT-
   2ST cassette drive, we now know the name and model number of our 
   favorite tape backup unit.

   PS-I am using MAXELL CS-600XD cassette tapes. I purchased them from 
   the DISKETTE Connection for $14.39 each. Their 800 numbers are:

      East 800-451-1849    MidWest  800-654-4058  WEST  800-621-6221
   Great deal plus about $4 for shipping up to 10 tapes. Beats ICD's $35 
   for the TEAC tape.


 Discussion about whether you can upgrade your old Calamus 109n if you 
 used it to upgrade to Calamus SL...
   Well the Calamus 1.09n's license was already upgraded to Calamus SL by 
   me.  You might wish to ask ISDMARKETING (Nathan Potechin) if he will 
   allow it to be upgraed to CALAMUS S.

   It's my understanding that you are NOT allowed to sell Calamus 1.09n 
   when you have upgraded to Calamus SL. Some people thought that they 
   could do that (because they didn't have to send in the original disks 
   if they were registered), and Nathan even hinted that that might be 
   so--briefly. He later said that selling Calamus 1.09n after upgrading 
   wasn't an option.

   Well until Nathan tells me otherwise I see no reason not to sell it as 
   long as I inform the purchaser that it can not be upgraded to Calamus 
   SL. If I do that I am not lying. If Nathan allows the person to 
   upgrade to Calamus S that's fine, but I'm making no claims that he 

 OCS -
   German companies (and DMC Germany, the developer of Calamus, is a 
   German company) usually make very clear in their update/upgrade 
   conditions that you may keep the manuals/disks of the program to be 
   updated, but that both the old and the new version are considered to 
   be ONE product which may not be sold in parts. Also one very often 
   gets an update with the very same serial number, and I bet SGOLD 
   wouldn't want someone to have a program with a serial number 
   registered under his name. If he sold his Calamus 1.09 without DMC's 
   permission and someone (the buyer) sold pirate copies of that version, 
   DMC would have SGOLD's name and could held him liable for the damage!

   While I can't speak for Nathan, I *can* speak for myself and 
   Missionware Software. When I send out an upgrade to Flash II to a 
   current owner, they get a new version with the exact same serial 
   number embedded into the code as their old version had. They are not 
   permitted to sell that old version to anyone else, at least not 
   legally. In any case, if they did sell the old version and that "new" 
   owner tried to upgrade, they wouldn't be able to do it since they 
   aren't the official owner of record. I can also guarantee you that the 
   owner-of-record would get a note from me as well asking what was going 

   The one thing I will do, though, is transfer ownership of a copy of a 
   program to someone else. I've done this a number of times for folks 
   that sold their system and software to someone else. Of course, at 
   that point the new owner becomes the owner-of-record, and the old 
   owner is no longer eligible to participate in any upgrades.

   Generally speaking, when upgrading to a new version, you are still the 
   owner of both the old and new version, but that doesn't give you the 
   right, at least without my permission, to sell that old version to 
   someone else. Of course, if you contact the company that sold you the 
   software, you may be able to work out some sort of arrangement.

   John R. Trautschold

 [Note: STReport's editor decided to go straight to the source for the 
 correct answer. The following is a copy of my letter and his response.]
    Sub: Question
    What is DMC's official policy concerning  versions of Calamus 1.09n
    that were upgraded to Calamus SL by their owners?  Can the owner
    legally sell the Calamus 1.09n version and still keep Calamus SL?
    I need this info  for this week's STReport, so any help/information
    will be appreciated.
    Sub: Question
    Thanks for asking Lloyd. I appreciate it.
    I have no problem with someone, having upgraded to Calamus SL,
    selling off their 1.09N and moving onwards and upwards. :-) 
    However, there are a few things that need to be taken into 
    1. You cannot upgrade the same copy of Calamus 1.09n twice!
    2. You must register the change of ownership.
    3. In the case of "Original Typefaces" that I licensed from the 
       various foundries, the Calamus SL owner has the option of 
       either keeping them or selling them with his version of 1.09N.
       He cannot do both as that would be PIRACY and illegal.
    I think that about covers it. Along with the value our registered 
    customers receive when they do upgrade, if they choose to sell 
    off their 1.09N as well, the bottom line value for your dollar 
    is quite significant.
    Nathan @ DMC

 Discussions - pro, con and indifferent - about NVDI and Warp 9...

   I have simple question: How does NVDI compare to Warp 9 in speed ad-
   vantage? Can both work be run concurrently? Do they compliment each 
   other, cancel each other out, or is there not much difference if both 
   or only one is loaded?

 OCS -
   I have heard lots of good things about NVDI, but I'm not willing to 
   buy any product from Bela (the German developer/producer/distributor) 
   so I'll stick with my good old Turbo ST (which I did buy from Bela in 
   1988 or so). It works just fine with _any_ of my programs! I don't 
   care if Warp9 or NVDI are 10 percent faster or so, I wouldn't notice 
   Sorry, can't tell you anything about speed comparisons. A new version 
   of NVDI will come out shortly.

   ...NVDI is NOT shareware or freeware, it is commercial, comes from 
   Germany, and being produced/distributed by Bela. Don't know if they 
   have a US distributor.

   ...Here in Germany NVDI is the only screen accelerator that is still 
   avaiable. Turbo ST was sold by Bela, but they stopped importing it 
   when they got NVDI, and Artifex used to sell Quick ST, but its success 
   here was somewhat limited, because it came out too late. Nobody ever 
   tried (or cared?) to import Warp 9...

   The German developer/distributor is:

    BELA Computer GmbH
    Unterortstrasse 23-25
    6236 Eschborn
    Phone: +49-06196-481944
    Fax:   +49-06196-481930

   The new version (for the TT) costs 119 marks. When I called them a few 
   minutes ago the lady on the phone couldn't tell me how much they'd 
   have to charge you for shipping etc. to the US (see? I don't like 
   Bela!). They don't accept credit cards, you'd have to send them German 
   money or a check in German currency. Guess that doesn't really help 
   you, eh?

   Warp 9 has many enhancements and is a GREAT program. It includes a 
   neat screen saver called Extend-O-Save that has modules (like After 
   Dark). Of course it only has a few, but that will change soon.

 OCS -
   I know about the features of Warp9 (and I do know John and Charles 
   personally from several occasions, I even was at CodeHeadquarters), 
   but I simply do not need a loadable background picture, and neither do 
   I need a screen saver. I either work with my Atari or tune my screen 
   dark if I leave for a while. I still have my 1986 SM124, and it is in 
   perfect shape. Turbo ST does everything I want, so why spend money for 
   features that I don't need? Of course, if I encountered any 
   compatibility problems with new software I'd have to re-consider, but 
   right now everything works the way I expect it... Hey, I just lost my 
   job, I gotta save money! <grin>

   I couldn't find an address, but did find a phone number:

     Atari Workshop   0753 832212   39.95 Pounds Sterling

   ST FORMAT gave NVDI a rating of 89% and had given Quick ST 3.03 a 
   rating of 88% in an earlier issue.

   The price of Quick ST is advertised at 19.95 pounds and Warp 9 at 
   29.95 pounds.
   I have a TT and I bought Warp9. It's good, but I would buy NVDI any 
   time I could ever find in English in the USA. If you ever know of it, 
   please let me know.

   ...I got NVDI by accident before I knew it was not a PD or shareware 
   program. I have a TT, and it worked fantastic. I loved it. I assume it 
   is an OLD version. I bought Warp9, it has features that NVDI did not 
   have, and I do not have the latest versions of Warp9. I had some 
   problems with some acc's or other auto folder programs causing crashes 
   with the older version of Warp9. I don't know if it's been fixed or 
   not? and I tried but could not track it down.
   [Editors note: The current version of Warp 9 is solid as a rock.]
   I never had any problems with NVDI, and I would buy it in a minute, if 
   I could ever find it? Let me know if you have any luck.

   RIO in Vegas was selling NVDI. I don't know if they still are. You 
   could call and ask. Steve


 Discussions about SCSI software and CDROM drives...

   ICD includes the necessary software with their product, the Link, I 
   believe. there was also some talk of releasing the software as a 
   seperate package, with the name SCSI Pro (or something like that). I'd 
   heard a price of something like $50 for the software alone, but I 
   might be mistaken. I need to call ICD tomorrow anyway (over a month 
   after returning my hd-trashing AdSpeed STe and still no refund), so 
   I'll ask them about it.

   ICD has released their "Pro" version of their software (i.e. it 
   doesn't require an ICD host in the chain) and the price was either the 
   $50 you stated, or $59. It's in that ballpark anyways.

   The "Pro" software gives you all the same functions as "The Link" with 
   the exception of the ASCSI-SCSI adapter. It's perfect for the TT, and 
   Falcon which already have a true SCSI port.

   You are right about ICD, I have the LINK and it supports all the major 
   CDROM drivers. They are going to release the driver software for 
   aprox. $50. If you find out from ICD, let me know! It will save me a 

   Has anyone seen or heard of the software for accessing SCSI CDROM 
   drives for the ST-TT?  Is it from Atari?  PD or comercial?  And will 
   it allow you to read CD's formated for IBM or MAC, or is it only for 
   CDROMs formated for Atari only? I realize the programs won't run, but 
   things like clip art CDROM's would be nice to be able to access.

   Do you mean software on CD-ROMs or software that will let you use CD-
   ROMs? (The answer to both is yes.) ICD's AdSCSI Pro software provides 
   drivers for virtually any SCSI peripheral device, including CD-ROM 
   drives. So far, I've only gotten ICD's voice mail system when I've 
   called, so I don't know what the price for the software alone is. 
   (It's included with the Link.)

   Walnut Creek Publishing, a major CD-ROM publishing house, is supposed 
   to be coming out with a new CD-ROM of Atari software sometime early 
   next year. And there are already a couple CD-ROMs available (one 
   clipart, one software) for the ST/TT series.

   I have a SCSI CDROM drive. I have not tried to hook it up to the TT. I 
   assume that the current software will not access it. I would like to 
   be able to read CDROM's made for IBM compatables, I know that the TT 
   will not run the software, but I would like to be able to read the 
   clip art, etc. I have an ICD hooked up to the TT on an old hard drive 
   through the DMA port.

   I am not aware of walnut creek. Does the current ICD software support 
   SCSI CDROM drives? Thank you, Schuylar

   Well, actually, there are 3 'current' versions of ICD's software. The 
   version that comes with the Link and the package called SCSI Pro both 
   support virtually any SCSI device. The regular software, available 
   here in the databases, does not support them.

   Walnut Creek can be reached at 1-800-786-9907. The Atari CD-ROM is 
   still in development, but they should be able to give you some 
   information on it.


 System problems...
   I am afraid that there is something wrong going on with my system. I 
   have a 1040 STF and an SC1224 that I bought new about two and a half 
   years ago. I first switch the monitor on and then I switch the power 
   on my computer. Never had any problems with my monitor or the computer 
   until recently... What happens now is that my monitor display flickers 
   shades of gray for a few minutes since the power-up but the the 
   flickering effect seems to dissapear. Do you know if the problem is 
   with my monitor or is it my computer that is sending faulty signal. 
   Please tell me what you think is happening.... My technical background 
   is nil so I don't know whether I should take my monitor or my 
   computer to someone to check out.

   It would appear to be a monitor problem. Unless your monitor cable has 
   a fault, there is a pin detect which decides for the Atari whether the 
   color or mono monitor is hooked up (the mono grounds a pin) maybe your 
   flyback or power supply to the monitor is going. My color monitor died 
   a little while back, and I found a NEW (refurbished) color monitor 
   from San Jose Computer for $120.00!! I have purchased about four 
   monitors from these guys and no problems yet to report. 1-408-995-5080 
   is the number, ask for the refurb and then quote the price! Otherwise 
   the price would be about 160.00.... (I didn't say that! :-) SJC is 
   reputable and an Atari only store.

   The replacement for a flyback board would be about 75.00 to 125.00 
   without replacement labor. Power supplies might be cheaper, but still 
   the cost of putting it in, if you cant do it yourself, can eat up the 
   cost of just getting a new one.

   Well, my techical expertise is just a shade higher than yours, so I'll 
   make the only suggestion I can feel confident about. Check to make 
   sure the plug on the monitor cable is firmly inserted into the socket. 
   My system gets a little flicker now and then, and so far, it's been a 
   loose cable. I'm sure others will have more involved comments, but I 
   always start out with the easiest thing to correct... <g>

   As I tried to boot my terminal program just a few minutes ago I got a 
   nice row of bombs across my screen. I tried rebooting a few times and 
   finally I got the program running. As the floppy drive was loading the 
   screen would flicker in synch to the drive's head moving around ! For 
   some reason it looks to me that it might be a problem in the computer. 
   I think that I will have to find someone to check it out thoroughly. 
   Yesterday I logged-on a board of ST Users Group. Maybe they will have 
   some technical person who would want to check my computer out for a 
   reasonable fee.

   Abarbiero, from the prices you quoted it appears that I would not have 
   spend a fortune to get a new monitor. However, for the time being I 
   will opt for having my computer checked. Now, I have to find me-self a 
   good computer-doctor :)
 About the ST Notebook...
   Has anyone tried an ST Notebook yet. If so, how about a report on it.

 OCS -
   I have seen the ST Book at Atari shows a couple of times, and I had 
   the chance to play around with it for a couple of minutes. The 
   keyboard is okay, the display sucks (compared to what I have seen with 
   cheap DOS notebooks). The mouse-pad thingy, hmmm, some people like it, 
   I don't like it. I used the ALT combinations to control the mouse, was 
   much easier for me. At least without hours of practice. The price? 
   Hmmm, 3200 marks for a 1 meg machine without disk drive and 40 meg 
   hard disk is way to much. You get OS notebooks with more mem, more 
   hard disk space, better display for less than 2/3.

   The design is great (I love it, best design Atari ever came out with 
   for ANYTHING their name is on!), and as far as I know the batteries 
   last up to 8 hours (which is much better than what PCs give you).



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 LEXICOR2.  This is the DEMO version of  the Phoenix  object render program
 from Lexicor Software.  The LZH file also includes SPC & GIF sample files.
 This is a "must have" program  for all  ATARI computers.  Phoenix supports
 different light  sources, 3  different cameras, texture and image mapping:
 SPC, GIF & TGA are supported.  This program renders FAST!

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  27071 CFN_SHOW.LZH GRMEYER      Display Calamus fonts on screen
  27070 BTKILL14.LZH GRMEYER      BootKiller utility v1.4
  27069 BOXDRAW.LZH  GRMEYER      ASCII box drawing utility
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  27061 GFXCAROL.ZIP STARSHIP     ASCII Graphics & Christmas Carols...
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  27049 PIXEL_DM.LZH REALM        Saving Screen Grabber Demo!
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 > ST Games RTC STR FOCUS!     Editor of ST Gaming Digest "Tells All"

                   Wednesday Night Real Time Conference
                             December 16, 1992
                          Host - Brian H. Harvey

                   Guest Speaker - Eric-Alexander Bitton

 <BRIAN.H> On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to
 this GAMING Real Time Conference. Tonight I would like to welcome
 Eric-Alexander Bitton. Eric, is better known on GEnie as ZENOBOT. He is
 the editor of ST GAMING DIGEST which is uploaded by him monthly on GEnie.
 ST GAMING DIGEST is a guide to new and soon to be released software for
 the ATARI ST(E) and Falcon computers. He is also well known in Cat 9,
 GAMES  for his up to date information regarding available software for the
 ATARI platform.

 Welcome Eric, do you have a few words to begin this evening RTC?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Let me start off by telling you a little bit about
 myself and what I do. My name is Eric-Alexander Bitton, I'm from France,
 and I've been living in Los Angeles for almost 12 years. I've always had
 an interest in computers and I purchased my first system in August  '83.
 It was an Atari 800 with 48K along with a 410 cassette recorder and 2
 Pointmaster joysticks (which I grew to loathe). 6 months later, I 
 purchased an Indus GT drive. The 800 is long gone, replaced by an XEGS,
 but the drive is still there, still working and still looking as good as
 the day I bought it. I purchased a 520STM in '86, and I still use it
 everyday.  I'm planning to upgrade to a  1040STE or a Falcon eventually.

 Around March '89, I got fed up with the lack of timely coverage of ST game
 releases, so I started compiling a monthly list of new and upcoming games.
 That list was available on 3 big Los Angeles Atari BBSs. The guide was a
 mess, more like an extended article, with companies listed in anything but
 alphabetical order. From '89 to '91, I gradually refined it, changed its
 name twice, tweaked it over and over, added new things, removed others,
 until I was satisfied with it. In '92, I made only 2 changes: I
 reformatted it for ease of reading within the Flash! capture buffer, and I
 added a specific miniguide for Falcon releases. The guide is called the
 ST Gaming Digest, and is released during the first week of every month. 
 Topic 22 in category 9 (games) of the ST RT is used to handle feedback
 about STGD.

 I also put together a big textfile full of hints, tips, cheats, and access
 codes for all sorts of ST games. It's called Tricks ST (TRST) and a new
 update is released about every 4 months.  I also contribute game articles
 to AtariUser International. I play every ST game I can get my hands on.

 That's about it...(and that's all in my so-called "spare time"!

 <BRIAN.H> Great ERIC!!

 <[Mike] M.ALLEN14> Does electronic arts have an E-Mail address on GEnie? 
 I want to upgrade populous for my MSTe and also I need to replace my
 Starflight disk

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> I don't think it would help, since they would only
 turn you toward EA UK. You have to contact the British office.

 <BRIAN.H> Do you have their address Mike?

 <[Mike] M.ALLEN14> I don't have their address.

 <BRIAN.H> I will upload it to the end of this RTC, OK.

 <BRIAN.H> Go, swigert..

 <D.SWIGERT> Was Elite II actually released in the UK ? How can we get it ?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> As far as I know, Frontier: Elite 2 hasn't come out yet.
 It's been pushed back to January '93. I am waiting for it with bated

 <BRIAN.H> Go again Swigert.

 <D.SWIGERT> Who is our local distributor for Elite?

 <BRIAN.H> Any local distributor/dealer will have it once it is released.

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> You'll have to get Elite 2 through the usual channels:
 local ST dealer, mail-order. It's from Konami UK, apparently.

 <BRIAN.H> Thanks, Eric.. I am really interested in the game Castles by
 Interplay.  This is a medieval strategy game. Is it out yet? If not when?
 Any advance word on it? 

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Castles came out last month. EA UK did the conversion.
 Interplay doesn't do anything for the ST in-house.  

 <BRIAN.H> Great! Can you tell us about it, briefly [grin]. Is it good,
 great or so-so. In your opinion.

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Well, Castles looks interesting but there doesn't seem
 to be a whole lot of things to do once the actual castle is built...

 <BRIAN.H> Thanks Eric. OK, your turn for a question Mike.

 <[Mike] M.ALLEN14> Has anyone ever actually finished Imperium?  Is there
 any chance that S-H (or someone) will fix Falcon & FOTI for tos 2.0x?  Any
 word on new companies interested in the Falcon?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> They're not planning to fix either game. As for the
 Falcon machine, so far we have Mirage, Psygnosis, and Intergalactic
 Development, Millenium, and Cocktel Vision for sure. Plus Atari, of
 course...The other companies are NeXT developers working on utilities,
 pretty much.

 <[Mike] M.ALLEN14> Hope we can convince Psynogsis to abandon theur silly
 copy protection schemes.  My brother used to design board games for SPI -
 He wonders if there would much interest in 'porting' those style games to
 the ST?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Who is SPI?

 <[Mike] M.ALLEN14> Simulation Publication Inc.  The went belly up and were
 bought by TSR. mostly conflict simulations. You know, lots of hexagons and
 50 million counters.

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Well, several boardgames have already been ported to the
 ST: Heroquest, Space Crusade, Third Reich, Space 1889...

 <BRIAN.H> Thanks Eric. Go Rick.

 <[Rick] R.RIMKEVICUS> Is Lucas Arts making Indiana Jones & the Fate of
 Atlantis, Super Star Wars or any other title for the ST, Falcon, &

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis is out. It's an
 isometric action-adventure that requires 1 meg. Super Star Wars is a
 console specific title, so you won't see it on a computer. As for X-Wing,
 the upcoming simulator, I don't think it's Coming out for the ST. Then
 again, it's not out for the IBM yet either.

 <BRIAN.H> For the ST? I thought Lucas gave up on the ST?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Things could change. But the Falcon must sell and sell
 well for a change to occur... Brian: US Gold did the Indy game. Jaguar
 info is very hard to come by.

 <[Rick] R.RIMKEVICUS> Is B.O.B. by Bullfrog out yet ?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> EA UK is being difficult again, and I think they're
 discouraging the Bullfrogs from releasing anything on the ST. The game has
 definitely NOT been released yet, and might not be.

 <[Rick] R.RIMKEVICUS> How about Gunship 2000 from MicroProse?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Microprose UK says no. Everything now revolves on the
 Falcon. If it sells well, companies will start supporting it. But if a
 machine has no software for it, nobody will want to buy it, so no
 companies will want to support it, so nobody will want o buy it, ad

 <BRIAN.H> OK, Greg has a question or more for you Eric. Go Greg!!

 <G.ABBOTT1> Here is the first one. When will 3D Construction Kit II be

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> That, I don't know. I'm not even sure if it will come
 out, as Domark has been making noises about dropping the ST. They will
 release Harrier Assault and Columbus first.

 <BRIAN.H> The new simulator by Rowan is called "Reach For The Skies".
 How does it compare to the game "Battle Of Britain"?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> It doesn't <G>. It's all done with 3D polygons, so the
 planes will look real as opposed to those Lucas Arts moving paintings. I
 think Reach For the Skies is going to kill B Of B.

 <D.SWIGERT> Yo zenobot...what are your three favorite st games and don't
 say Deutros

 < <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Well, I liked Millenium 2.2 a lot... <G> Actually, my
 all-time favorite ST game is... Carrier Command. I can't get enough of it.
 I wish those goofballs had released a genuine sequel to it, not that
 Battle Command thing. I also like Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix a whole
 lot.  I like a lot of games, I can't narrow it down to just 3.

 <BRIAN.H> I have been waiting for SIMEARTH by Maxis for ages! Will it ever
 be release?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Well, Maxis doesn't do ST. Ocean said they would release
 it a while back, but they've been kinda quiet lately. Maybe they're hoping
 we will forget  about it...  <g>

 <BRIAN.H> I haven't forgotten [grin]!!! Please tell me about
 Intergalactic Development, who are the makers of UMS I and II, and their
 new ATARI project?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Okay...  I had some more info lying around here
 somewhere... Got it!!

 <BRIAN.H> Will it be a Falcon only project? Or will it work on my MEGA

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Okay, it's a murder mystery game based on the Jack The
 Ripper murders in 19th Century London. You are a detective charged with
 finding the culprit. The game includes over 140 period pen and ink
 drawings that have been scanned in. It looks like a Falcon only project.

 <BRIAN.H> DRAT!! OK, Rick OK, your turn for a question.

 <R.ROSAURO> Hi, I would like to know if the rumors on wolfenstein coming
 out for the lynx whether true or not?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> You got me. I learned about it from that topic in
 category 36. I do mostly ST games. I let my pal Robert Jung take care of
 Lynx stuff <g>.

 <BRIAN.H> Is it really true that Avalon Hill (US) will be releasing
 Diplomacy for the ATARI? I thought they gave up on ATARI?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Avalon didn't give up on Atari, they're just very very
 slow. And yes, they really planning to release Diplomacy.

 <BRIAN.H> Will it be any good? Any advance rumours?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Nope. Too early to tell.

 <BRIAN.H> Last questions for the night, folks. You have been with the
 Atari for awhile.  What is your vision of the future of Atari ST(E)/
 Falcon? For example, Palace, Domark, Mindscape, etc is leaving the Atari
 market. I know you have earlier stated a lot depends on the FALCON.

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Yes, that and the Jaguar. Atari has lost its name
 recognition, and that's a big negative factor. People have now picked up
 "Nintendo" as the catch-all label for home video game units, now called
 "consoles". Nintendo has also reprogrammed a whole generation of gamers
 into being left-handed. The control pad in all Japanese consoles is on the
 left while the buttons are on the right. This was started by Nintendo with
 their first big coin-op Donkey Kong. The joystick was on the left, the
 jump button on the right.  Some people played it with crossed arms! That's
 partly why I bought a Lynx: the screen is flippable and you can move the
 pad with your right hand.  And the weird thing is that nobody seems to
 have noticed  this strange right/left affair. Anyway, this is Atari's last
 chance. They have to get on the ball.

 I've read several articles in British magazines about UK game developers
 who were having problems getting Falcons. One particular example being
 Kevin Bulmer, who designed Corporation for Core Design (released on the
 Genesis as Cybercop) who is now working on Legends Of Valour, a rather
 nice looking 3D fantasy RPG in the mold of the revered 8-bit classic 
 Alternate Reality: The City. He was talking about how the IBM graphics
 were already Falcon compatible, that he wanted to do the game on the
 Falcon, and that Atari was giving him the runaround! Not only that, but
 somebody at Atari apparently told him that the Falcon was a business
 machine!!  Then, we have Archer MacLean, a legend in the UK software. 
 Bob: this might have been before the conference. 

 <BRIAN.H> We're drawing to a close for the formal portion of the RTC.
 Before I put the room into Frenzy Mode, do you have any closing
 words, ERIC?

 <[Eric] ST-GUEST> Atari machines are great!! PC Clones are evil. Just say

 <BRIAN.H> hehe.I wish to thank you Eric for making it here tonight. I
 also  wish to thank all the attendees for their questions and patience. 

                               End of Formal RTC

                               Post RTC Information

 <BOB-BRODIE> I'm sure that as Falcon030 availability increases, all the
 devs.  will be much happier. There is a considerable amount of interest in
 the Atari Falcon030, and the number of *new* developers coming on board is
 very encouraging for us all.

 Eric, we put on a developer conference about 90 days ago for the UK game
 developers. We brought in an expert on the DSP from Cambridge Univ. in the
 UK to help them learn about using this powerful new chip that they now
 have access to. It was an impressive event by all reports. MANY of the
 best software houses across Europe attended, and are "quite keen" on the
 Falcon030. Basically, a lot of the input from the conference was that to
 use the DSP chip, means changing the entire way that the devs do stuff
 like their sound. And of course, ALL the developers want a Falcon. ALL OF
 THEM! We feel very strongly that what's needed for the Falcon are things
 that will give people a reason to buy Atari.  Applications. And of course,

      Mike's question re: address for EA:

                              ELECTRONIC ARTS
                         Langley Business Centre,
                            11-49 Station Road,
                             Berkshire SL3 8YN
                             Tel: 0753-549442
                             Fax: 0753 546672

 (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May be
 reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
 are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.  To sign up for
 GEnie service; Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local
 Echo) Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon connection, type HHH (RETURN)
 Wait for the U#= prompt.  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 > COMPO PC EMULATOR STR Spotlight                286 TO 486 EMULATOR!



 Compiled by:
 Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Staff Editor for STReport

 From Category 4, Topic 36, Posts #83, 84, & 87
  Hi Folks!
  We will be shipping a 286 emulator [for the Falcon030] in January. It 
  is exceptionally fast for a 286. 386(SX) chips aren't cost efficient 
  for either us or our customers, so yes we're skipping over it and going 
  to a 486, to be released some time after the 286 emulator.
  Although we haven't announced prices, the 286 will be introduced at a 
  very reasonable price.
  Our intention with the emulator is to provide the highest compatibility 
  possible, based on what most folks seem to be using PCs for. Although 
  it demonstrates VERY high compatibility, games are the segment that 
  really pushes it, so we cannot guarantee that all games will work well.
  -- Robert Engberson 
  Perhaps you could say who "we" is, Compo?
  Plez - RT Archivist
  Who are we?
  COMPO began making products for Atari computers back when the first 
  520ST came out, in 1985. We're still Atari-only, and we have offices in 
  Holland, Germany, Great Britain, and most recently the U.S. We've been 
  doing PC emulation products for some time, having introduced the first 
  PC emulator (PC Speed) in 1989.
  Besides the emulators (and a couple other hardware pieces) we also 
  produce software applications, including That's Write.
  Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe is a good example in the games arena. I 
  expect it will work fine, but perhaps not at the speed you'd like. Many 
  recent games, including "Luftwaffe," prefer really fast video, faster 
  than I think we'll get with the emulator. Mind you, standard video 
  (including Windows in 16 and 256 colors, etc), will be quite fast.
  If you want to run PC applications (and even some games) our emulator 
  will suit you quite well. If you're only interested in games, you're 
  probably better off buying a PC suited to games.

  -- Robert



                        SURE CURE FOR 'CABIN FEVER'

  Stamford, Conn. -- So what if it's 20 degrees outside and a
  Nor'easter' has added a little sting to the wind? Things will be
  hotter than ever at Mid-Winter Trading Fair designed with the Atari
  computerist in mind.

       ACT Atari Group, organizer of the popular Connecticut AtariFest 
 trade show, has cooked up a little "snack" for Atari computer users and
  would-be owners everywhere. On Saturday, February 6, 1993, the group
  will host its first regional event aimed at the Atari bargain-hunter.
  Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. serious shoppers will converge on St.
  Benedict's Church Social Hall in Stamford, Conn., for unbeatable deals
  on new Atari computers and software as well as closeouts,
  discontinued merchandise and used equipment. User groups and selected
  vendors will also be on hand to demonstrate and sell their extensive
  libraries of public domain software for the Atari 16-bit computers
  and hard-to-find 8-bit goodies.

       Anyone with Atari gear to buy or sell will find the Mid-Winter
  Trading Fair the place to be in '93. Just as Connecticut AtariFest
  has become the premier show in New England to compare the latest in
  Atari products, event organizers Brian Gockley and Doug Finch expect
  this swap session to become a popular venue for making deals and
  moving merchandise.  "There's no expensive hotel this time, no
  amenities, no banquet, no extras," they explain. "For this gathering
  we've cut out the frills of a full-blown trade show in order to make
  it affordable for everyone. No formalities; this is a come-as-you-are
  bargain blast!" Admission to the Trading Fair is $4 per adult,
  half-price for children under 12.

       As any visitor to the crowded "swap room" at the WAACE in the D.C.
  area will attest, deals on Atari hardware, software and accessories
  can save consumers lots of money. Prizes, hands-on demonstrations,
  upgrades and other activities will be part of the agenda.

       ACT Atari Group is admitting some commercial vendors who want to
  exhibit new products for the Atari line, but will limit their numbers
  in order to give individual traders will plenty of room to haggle
  prices and make deals. Among those that have tentatively agreed to
  attend are Gribnif Software, Joppa Software and BaggettaWare Software.

       Exhibitors and individual traders should reserve tables for the 
 event now because of limited space and the expected demand for booths.
  Commercial vendors and distributors who expect to do volume business
  or require a fully-equipped booth will be charged $100 for a booth
  consisting of three tables. The exhibiting fee for Atari user groups
  is $30.  Individuals who want to guarantee floor space and a table on
  which to display items for sale will be charged $10.  Individuals and
  user groups may not act as agents for other user groups, software
  developers, distributors or other commercial entities without written
  permission from ACT Atari Group.

       It's easiest to reach St. Benedict's by car, via Interstate 95. 
 Here are the directions taking that route:

       * Northbound I-95. Take Exit 8 (Atlantic Street) and turn right at 
 your 3rd traffic light onto Elm Street. Go two blocks on Elm, bearing 
 left onto Cove Road at the Shop-Rite Supermarket plaza.  Continue for 2
  lights, taking a right at the flashing caution light into St.
  Benedict's Circle. The parish parking lot is on your immediate right.
  Additional parking is available on Sound View Avenue (one block
  down the hill from the caution light), at the Social Hall. Parking is
  also plentiful on nearby streets in this residential neighborhood.

       * Southbound I-95. Take the Elm Street exit (No. 8), and turn left
  under the turnpike onto Elm Street. From here, the rest of the
  directions are the same as above.

       The Trading Fair coincides with ACT Atari Group's plan to publish a
  new quarterly newsletter containing news and features aimed at
  Northeast Atarians. The premier issue (February 1993) will contain
  an up-to-the minute preview of the Trading Fair, as well as
  features and bulletins about Atari activities in the Northeast
  region. Trading Fair exhibitors will earn a discount for advertising
  in the newsletter. Several hundred attendees of last summer's
  Connecticut AtariFest '92 will also receive a year-end "sneak
  preview" issue with user group news, a "best buy" tip, and more.

       For more information about exhibiting or volunteering at the Feb. 6
  Trading Fair or to inquire about advertising in the upcoming
  newsletter, contact Brian Gockley, 18 Elmwood Avenue, Bridgeport, CT
  06605 [Phone (203) 332-1721; E-Mail B.GOCKLEY (GEnie) or 75300,2514
  (Compuserve)]; or Doug Finch, 46 Park Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT
  06870 [Phone (203) 637-1034; E-Mail D.FINCH7 (GEnie) or 76337,1067
  (Compuserve)]. To receive a complimentary copy of the newsletter,
  send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.


 > A FEW COMMENTS STR FOCUS!       A Guest Editorial for the Holidays

                            'TIS THE SEASON...

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     Well, a good many topics for this near-end-of-the-year editorial
 crossed my mind.  I couldn't settle on any singular topic, so maybe I'll
 do a little rambling and see where it takes me, and you.

     First of all, I'd like to wish everyone a sincere Happy Chanukkah and
 Merry Christmas.  It's a hectic time of year, but nevertheless, an
 enjoyable one.  I hope that these holidays bring a time of joy; and that
 they are safe.

     Getting into the Atari end of it, it's unfortunate that there won't be
 any new Fujis under the tree (bush?) this year, as has been the case in
 recent years.  With retail sales this holiday season being the best in the
 past four years, Atari has truly missed a golden opportunity to make a
 splash in sales this year.  Oh well, at least a few fortunate users in
 Europe may find a new Falcon under their tree this year.  I'd really love
 to know what the reason(s) is behind this error in judgment.

     About the only item that is being advertised and sold this season is
 the Lynx.  Atari has been promoting a special price and free delivery of
 the Lynx, a great opportunity for those of you who have been
 procrastinating getting one.  If you like games and prefer the comfort of
 playing them while in your favorite easy chair, give Atari a call and
 order one now!!  You can also order any of the available
 Lynx carts although they're not "on-sale."

     In recent weeks, both on the services and the online mags, there has
 been controversy about an editorial within these pages dealing with the
 portrayal of the recent Atari showing at COMDEX.  While that same issue
 contained an excellent unbiased report of that show, we're led to believe
 that the report was lacking.  Our report was done, like all of our show
 reports, as one in which the show-goer reflects his views.  It's a shame
 that a select few seem to feel that our reporter should have written a
 press report rather than a viewer's account. Had there not been an
 editorial in that same issue, I wonder of John Amsler's report would have
 been pooh-poohed.

     Since the time that the Falcon030 started to receive a lot of
 publicity, from the AtariMesse through WAACE, Atari users were really
 starting to feel good again.  We got a chance to see, hear, and touch this
 new machine.  We heard many good things from various Atari
 representatives.  They went out of their way to be available to the
 userbase to promote the Falcon.  We were prepped for it; we could almost
 taste it.  COMDEX, from all of the reports we've all read, was a letdown. 
 Yes, some incredible things are being worked on.  But, regardless of all
 of the hype, we have no firm notion of when we'll see these new machines. 
 We have no idea where we're going to be able to see them (where are all of
 these new dealers?).  We have heard of a very few new developers for the
 Falcon.  We have no idea of when we'll be able to buy them.  If anything,
 this is disconcerting.  A number of "deadlines" have come and gone, yet
 we're given the impression that great things are happening; and that they
 will be coming soon.  Sorry, but we've been disillusioned before and it's
 really difficult to keep on this emotional roller coaster.  Me, I'll
 watch while planted firmly on the ground!!  I'm hoping that this period of
 waiting is used wisely by Atari.  I also hope that Atari sticks to its
 original plans and will be aiming the Falcon at the potential new user. 
 The existing userbase will most likely wait for the "upper level" version
 of the Falcon, whatever that might be.

     While we wait for Atari to start pushing the Falcon, developers are
 still cranking out new and improved products.  Lee Seiler's Lexicor
 Software has released a demo of their upcoming Phoenix software.  This
 looks like a real winner.  Look forward to getting this piece of software
 soon.  Alan Page's (remember Flash?) Storm is just about ready for
 release, as well.  Reports are that this will be one of the premier
 telecomm programs available in the Atari market. Hopefully, Alan will also
 give us a preview with a demo version.  There are also a number of new
 things coming down the pike, but I can't recall them.  Phoenix and Storm
 are the two that seem to be getting the most "publicity" so it makes sense
 to mention them both.  It's exciting to see Atari developers continue to
 work on new products.

     On a sad note, we may be "losing" STReport's Senior Editor, Lloyd
 Pulley after the first of the year.  Disillusionment over the current
 state of Atari is one reason; but also, not being able to maintain a
 personal identity outside of STReport is another.  It appears that no
 matter what eh says, or where, it's automatically determined that he's
 speaking for STReport.  It's too bad that some people feel this way and
 yet require that others can, and do have separate "hats."  I hope to learn
 that Lloyd Pulley and his obvious talents continue to flourish within the
 "pages" of STReport for a long time to come as he would be sorely missed
 by many of our readers.  I guess time will tell...

     Well, it's getting closer to NEW YEAR'S as I wind this little piece
 down.  Everyone is looking forward to a great holiday season.  Perhaps
 we'll start to see Atari more visible soon after the holidays.  I know
 we've heard it many times before, but _maybe_, just maybe, 1993 will be
 _the_ year of Atari.

     Happy Holidays to you all, and have a wonderful, prosperous New Year!!


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - San Diego, CA                  True Type Fonts to Join Speedo?
     Rumor has it that True Type Fonts will also be supported by Atari's
 new "standard" Speedo G-Dos.  While its not a verified story its been
 corroborated with a number of other Atarians and its a good idea whose
 time has come.

 - Frankfurt, Germany                     ATARI GERMANY DOWNSIZED

     "It has  been reported  that, ATARI  SWITZERLAND and  ATARI SWEDEN
     have both been CLOSED and  ATARI GERMANY  has MOVED.   What  about the
     reported construction of  Atari Germany's  alleged new headquarters
     and warehousing facility?  Atari Germany, once  regarded  as  the 
     vanguard  for  Atari in Europe as it was the central control point, is
     reported to be operating on an extremely small scale  at this  time.  
     Atari has  been steadily losing market share  in Europe.   Atari,  at
     one  time, used to report its bigger share of income came from
     Europe." (STR #850)

     While I have no information about what's going on in Switzerland and
 Sweden I might be able to provide some information about Atari Germany. 
 It is truethat Atari Germany moved to a new location.  This is no
 surprise.  They had planned and built a new Germany headquarter for quite
 a while, and when it was finished in October they moved from Raunheim to
 Schwalbach.  Both places are in the Frankfurt area.  The moving to the new
 location has nothing to do with the current situation on the Atari market

     The new building is said to be huge, too huge actually to be used by
 Atari only (no machines means no need for warehousing facilities).

     While I cannot *confirm* that Atari Germany is operating "on an
 extremely small scale at this time" I can confirm that I have information
 from usually well-informed sources that this is the case.  Stumpf was not
 the only one who left Atari (or was fired).

                                             O. C. Steinmeier

 - Chicago, IL                      CLASS 'B' CERTIFICATION AYE -NAY?

     After the story became known about the TT030 rumored being "approved"
 as Class 'B' but the version was not placed in production, many have asked
 what are the numbers for the Falcon030?  Its a very simple question; "What
 is the number the FCC issued for Class B certification for the Falcon030
 and on what date was is issued?  Having this information at hand can do a
 great deal of good in dispelling the the rumor that there "may not" have
 been a number issued when it was clearly stated by Atari that the
 Falcon030 was Class B certified.  Being able to pass the standards set for
 class B in an outside facility is not the same thing as being issued the
 actual Certificate of Class B acceptance.  So please, what's the number
 and when was it issued?


 > HOLIDAY CHEER STR FOCUS!      A Couple of superb Online Greeting Cards
        MAS-FROM-CODEHEAD-TECHNOL                    OGIE
        S-MERRY-CHRISTMAS-FROM-CO                    DEHE
        AD-TECHNOLOGIES-MERRY-CHR                    ISTM
        AS-FROM-CODEHEAD-TE                          CHNO
        LOGIES-MERRY-CHRIST                          MAS-

                   Happy Holidays to all from CodeHead!

      Happy Holidays
      From: NORMAN238    To: ALL

   _ _ _                        __                                        
  ' ) ) )                      /  ) /            _/_                      /
   / / / _  __  __  __  ,     /    /_  __  o _   /  ______  __.  _       '
  / ' (_</_/ (_/ (_/ (_/_    (__/ / /_/ (_<_/_)_<__/ / / <_(_/|_/_)_    o
                     '              /
                      __.  ____  __/     __.
                     (_/|_/ / <_(_/_    (_/|_

   _    ,                      _ __              _    ,                 /
  ' )  /                      ' )  )            ' )  /                 /
   /--/ __.  _   _   __  ,     /  / _  , , ,     /  / _  __.  __      '
  /  (_(_/|_/_)_/_)_/ (_/_    /  (_</_(_(_/_    (__/_</_(_/|_/ (_    o
           /   /       /                         //
          '   '       '                         (/

                      _ __                 /
                     ' )  )               /
                      /  / __,_  ______  '
                     /  (_(_) (_/ / / < o

                                      | |
                                      | |
     *       *       *       *        | |        *       *       *      *
    | |     | |     | |     | |       | |       | |     | |     | |    | |
    | |     | |     | |     | |       | |       | |     | |     | |    | |
    | |     | |     | |     \ \       | |       / /     | |     | |    | |
    | |     | |     \ \      \ \      | |      / /      / /     | |    | |
    | |     \ \      \ \      \ \     | |     / /      / /      / /    | |
    \ \      \ \      \ \      \ \    | |    / /      / /      / /     / /
     \ \      \ \      \ \      \ \___| |___/ /      / /      / /     / /
      \ \      \ \      \ \      \____| |____/      / /      / /     / /
       \ \      \ \      \ \          | |          / /      / /     / /
        \ \      \ \      \ \_________| |_________/ /      / /     / /
         \ \      \ \      \__________| |__________/      / /     / /
          \ \      \ \                | |                / /     / /
           \ \      \ \_______________| |_______________/ /     / /
            \ \      \________________| |________________/     / /
             \ \                      | |                     / /
              \ \_____________________| |____________________/ /
               \______________________| |_____________________/
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | |
                            \---------| |-------/

                           _    ,
                          ' )  /
                           /--/ __.  _   _   __  ,
                          /  (_(_/|_/_)_/_)_/ (_/_
                                   /   /       /
                                  '   '       '
                     _    ,                                     /
                    ' )  /                /   /        /       /
                     /--/ __.  ____  . . /_  /_  __.  /_      '
                    /  (_(_/|_/ / <_(_/_/ <_/ <_(_/|_/ /_    o

       _ __                 /
      ' )  )               /
       /  / __,_  ______  '
      /  (_(_) (_/ / / < o


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                            STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From GEnie's ST RT
 About the State of Atari...

 Category 36,  Topic 5
 Message 101       Thu Dec 17, 1992
 D.ENGEL [Thunderbird]        at 19:02 EST

    I was in Electronicks Blowtique today doinf a little Christmas
 shopping. In the past 3 months, they moved their Lynx 'wall' down to a
 Lynx 'rack' down to today's Lynx 'shelf'!

    How can this be happening? Well, I found out today... I couldn't resist
 the markdown on some of the older titles, so I asked for one. The sales
 guy took the empty box out of the display shelf, replaced the contents
 from a file cabinet, and had the other guy shrink-wrap it. They said they
 didn't plan on restocking it.

    After my visit, they were down to 12 titles, 2 'core' Lynx, and 1
 deluxe package (with Batman promo sticker removed).



 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 112       Sat Dec 19, 1992
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 17:31 EST

 I'm hear, reading the messages. And when I see one that I can offer a
 reply to, I'm happy to do so.

 You and Jerry Richter don't seem to be very impressed with the Falcon030
 and that's OK. You both seem compelled to post about it often. I suppose
 that's OK, to a point. I've made my point about it before, and don't see
 much point in debating it with you, especially in a topic that is intended
 to be informative, not a debate topic. :)

 Regarding your question about current software in your last message...
 this was a big part of the reason that I went to such efforts to ensure
 decent coverage of COMDEX. There is new software, it's been shown, and
 there is North American representation for all of it. What exactly did you
 want to enquire about?

 I think that we've strayed far and away from the intent of this topic.
 There are Atari Falcon030s out in developers hands, and in the hands of
 reviewers.  Byte has one, CNN has one, and there are others. EQ Magazine
 gave the Atari Falcon030 their "Blue Ribbon Award" as best new product at
 the recent Audio Engineering Society Show.  It was the only computer
 product even mentioned.  You'll read about it in Z*Net and AEO, and of
 course, EQ Magazine. Check out the current issue for yourself.

 While I haven't read BYTE yet, Jerry Pournelle told him back in Sept. that
 we would start to see him writing about the Falcon030 in the January or
 Feb '93 issues of BYTE...because of the lead time that BYTE has. Lead
 times like that mean that you have to be patient to see the results of
 efforts done MONTHS ago.

 Finally...starting today many of us at Atari are *supposed* to be on
 vacation for the next two weeks. Bill Rehbock is on his way back to
 Chicago for the holidays. Dan McNamee is going out of town, Eric Smith is
 on his way back to Toronto, Mike Fulton is heading back to So. Cal to see
 his Mom, and....I'll be popping in and out of here some. :) Our family
 will enjoy doing day trips around the bay area, watching  plenty of
 football <grin>, and I may even finally get to take my daughter to see
 Aladdin!  I'll probably buy one of the shirt that says Aladdin on it from
 the Disney Store to send to Mike Kellar!!!

 BTW, among the other folk that have a Falcon030 is Ron Robinson, our tech
 guy at Atari Explorer. You can spot his posts as EXPLORER.1  With him
 being in the St. Louis area, he's pretty sure of not having any of us look
 over his shoulder when he posts!

 Happy Holidays to all!!

 Bob Brodie

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 113       Sat Dec 19, 1992
 FAIRWEATHER [David]          at 19:18 EST
  Bob! Wait a minute!  Before you and the other Atari employees leave
  on your two week vacations, how about a few words of EXPLANATION as
  to why the Falcons are not yet available for sale?  You say that
  developers now have Falcons, but that was supposed to have happened
  MONTHS ago.  I can understand why you don't want to engage in a
  debate with Thunderbird and his ilk, but can't you please offer some
  explanation and hope to the rest of us who would LOVE to run out and

  I remember ALL TOO WELL the statements from Atari that the ST Book
  would be released in Sept '91, Oct. 91', Christmas 91, First Quarter
  '92, June '92 and then without warning Atari pulled the plug on the
  ST Book. (I know, I know, it's being re-designed for musicians . . . .

  Is this also going to be the story of the Falcon???  Say it ain't so
  Bob!  Tell us WHY the Falcon is late!  Please!  And don't just say "It's
  not late.  We always said we'd be 'ramping up' in January."  Sam
  Tramiel said in August that he "realistically expected" the first
  dealer shipments to reach the U.S. in  October.  WHAT HAPPENED?

  Give it to us straight Bob!  We can take it!

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 114       Sat Dec 19, 1992
 J.RICHTER [J.RICHTER]        at 21:45 EST
 Bob Brodie,

 Thankyou for the post.. I promise not to whine anymore! .... I feel better
 know that I bought (2) LYNX systems.. I LOVE THEM.. how can you beat it
 for 80 bucks!!! and my Dealer is going to be renting them for 5 days for
 $5 !!!! AWSOME idea... the games he does not get back are already payed
 for for so HOW can he loose? I think he will make a KILLING after the
 Holidays..  WHOOPS sorry this is Falcon030 stuff.. but without any
 Falcon030 there IS NOTHING to talk about! I still have complaints.. but
 just maybe ATARI is listening and will be attentive to SOME of them
 anyway... It is OBVIOUS to me that folks here of the Falcon040 ILK,  there
 just nothing more left to talk about!! .... ANYWAY if everyone out there
 would buy a LYNX for themselves and a friend, it might keep ATARI alive
 long enough for the Falcon040 to make it here??!! 

 you might be interested to know that I have seen the NEW PCI bus for PC's,
 DEC,(including 68K stuff) or just about anything you want to design it
 for!! THIS IS awsome, it completely REMOVES the bottle-neck with PC
 video!! I mean 1024x768x64K colors WITH SPEED... I sure hope you guys will
 consider using this BUS in the 040 as it WILL be the standard for ALL
 video in the future!!  After seeing it I am sure you would agree!!! and
 the Falcon040 could use any number of AWSOME graphic solutions with this
 BUS   Read Electronic Design and see what you think! This will completely
 replace the PC the LocalBus stuff... DO IT and you will bury AMIGA once
 and for all...


 Would you be SO kind as to answer the question from Mr. FAIRWEATHER? I
 know your out there!! ... this is NOT a complaint, PLEASE answer!!!

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 115       Sat Dec 19, 1992
 J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 22:35 EST
 The PCI bus won't win, the VESA standard will. Why, because VESA is open
 and all the clone makers can go for it, while Intel's PCI has some
 licensing fees involved on patented items, and as IBM found out with just ain't gonna catch on.


 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 116       Sat Dec 19, 1992
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 23:59 EST

 You didn't read my post very carefully...I said that I would be popping in
 and out of here, and doing day trips in the bay area. I'm not running 
 away for two weeks. 

 Sam did indeed realistically expect Falcons to hit in October, and the
 date slipped for the US. There was a problem that I am not at liberty to
 discuss, although I will say that it was not technical in nature. Among
 other concerns were slow negoitations with companies for some of the
 products that we want to have either bundled with the Falcon030, or have
 available at the same time.  For example, the Photo-CD software is 
 something that we very much want to bundle with the Falcon030. However, 
 that contract wasn't signed until November. That creates a rather obvious
 problem in shipping the software.

 The demand for units by developers (current, new, and returnees) has been
 considerable. All across the globe Atari Falcon030s have been in high
 demand. While it is disappointing that they are not for sale in North
 America, it is very encouraging to see the demand from developers is
 extraordinarily high! And it is for sale "on this planet", in Europe. 
 I take exception to your "riiigghht" description about the re-design of
 the ST Book, David. We were highly criticized by people right here for the
 lack of the backlight on the ST Book. We explained the intent of the unit,
 and the fact that backlighting it would dramatically reduce the viability
 of the unit as a notebook. We went to NAMM and heard the very same
 concerns...and reacted.  "Without warning, we pulled the plug on the ST
 Book." Hardly! We took the concerns of our dealers and users to heart and
 have the unit in for re-design.  If the "don't bother, it's no use"
 sentiment of your message is indeed correct, I'll be happy to pass that
 information along to the appopriate people here in Sunnyvale.

 And again, even though you don't like to hear it, we always indicated that
 the main push was slated for January. We got the "what no Falcon for
 Christmas?" messages _way back_ in August. It was felt that by being up
 front and telling you realistically what we felt we could accomplish we
 were doing the right thing. I still think that we were correct in being up
 front about it. We should always tell what we can do, and when we  believe
 we will be able to do it.

 Will the "story of the ST Book be the story of the Falcon030?" NO! The ST
 Book was regarded as an addition to the existing lineup of computers. It
 was/is, a highly portable unit. It's main technical advantages were the
 incredible battery life, which was rejected by users and dealers as
 significant. The Atari Falcon030 represents a substansial technical
 advancement in personal computing. Publications like EQ recognize that, so
 does Electronic Musician, Keyboard, people like Jerry Pournelle, Craig
 Anderton, and CNN is talking extremely positive as well.

 I'm happy to participate here, if there is something to discuss. Many of
 the messages here lately have been about which clone bus is the best,
 which one will "win". Where the best deals are on the most t advanced of
 the clones. In short...nothing for me to comment on.

 In almost every instance where a developer has a Falcon030, they are 
 pleased, and have new applications coming. HiSoft has a terrific paint
 program coming, Lexicor is working on a bunch of stuff, JRI has a GENLOCK
 and a video digitizer, and of course there are brand new products like the
 voice mail system from D.O.A.  I wonder why those aren't being discussed?


 Bob Brodie

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 121       Sun Dec 20, 1992
 FAIRWEATHER [David]          at 01:51 EST
  Thanks for the quick answer Bob.  Maybe someday you'll be "at liberty
  to discuss" the cause of the delay.   Don't take too much offense at
  some of my more pointed comments.  My "riiight" remark about the
  ST Book wasn't meant to imply that Atari has lied about the
  reasons for pulling the Book;  only that I'm not expecting
  to see a redesigned Book released in my lifetime.  Prove me wrong and
  I'll buy TWO of them!

  You ask why the new Falcon developer's products aren't being discussed?
  Maybe it's because nobody here has seen them but you.
  Tell me about the Hi-Soft paint program!  I've
  seen some ads for it, and can't wait to get my hands on it.  Have you
  played with it?


 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 122       Sun Dec 20, 1992
 J.RICHTER [J.RICHTER]        at 01:57 EST

 Wait six months.. you will see! Intel does not own sole rights to this..
 even DEC Alpha based systems will be using it ... Intel DOES NOT operate
 like snooty IBM, who tried to get greedy with Micro Channel! You can
 Multiplex 64 bits and SCSI II.. You forget Intel is in the BUSINESS for
 platforms BIG-TIME.. ATI Ultra PCI cards are available..


 If you continue giving us updates in this manner, I solute you! Yes, the
 Falcon030 is a GREAT sound engine!! Would anyone disagree! but this forum
 is about the Falcon030 General Purpose Computer also, correct? Many of us
 still have to type on the thing! correct? and it has been reported here
 that Jerry Pournell himself was none to happy about the OLD keyboard and
 CASE.. I am NOT whining!! I hope and pray that if ATARI finds the correct
 price range for the Falcon, that it sells like HOTCAKES.. Most ATARIANS I
 know just DO NOT like the keyboard, and the one-piece case is very
 limiting to those loyal ATARIANS with Mega's and MegaSTE's !! .. I know
 your sick of hearing about it!! Anyway, thanks for the QUICK response..
 OH.. would you happen to have the FCC "Class B" number handy? ... not that
 we don't trust ATARI or anything like that.. its just a confidence
 builder.. you know!! We here have all experienced that painful waiting on
 the TT030 Class "B" so you can't blame the skepticism can you?

 Thunderbird is RIGHT...

 Six months ago.. if we could have bought the Falcon.. it was ahead.. now
 with Apple coming with the CHEAP 040 in February.. probably slightly ahead
 of the Falcon030 ... well you may be behind!! again.. timing is
 everything.. and so.. we are VERY concerned.. as you should be also!!!

 Gee.. I opted for the LONG BATTERY life and no backlighting!! anyone here
 seen the new DEL 3 lbs'er!


 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 136       Mon Dec 21, 1992
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 14:40 EST
 Jim Allen,

 I understand what you're saying about the price of the ST Book. But trust
 me when I tell you that it was not an issue. The backlighting was, in  the
 minds of the musicians, the fundamental issue. They have music 
 applications that run on our platform that make the price a moot point. I
 think that you're on target that we will need to re-evaluate the price in
 light of the re-design, though.

 Mike Kellar...

 OK, no Aladdin shirt for you! :)


 Rather than have me tell you any more about HiSoft's True Paint program
 I'd prefer that you direct those questions to Bob Luneski of Oregon
 Research Associates. He's HiSoft's representative in North America, and is
 really the best prepared to discuss this product. I don't ever go over to
 his category, so I'm not even sure if he's got a topic for the product yet
 (or how much he'll appreciate me telling everyone to go bug him!) ...yet,
 he's the right man for the job.

 Soul Manager-

 I went to great lengths (honestly!...spent almost a weekend) working on my
 COMDEX report for our online magazine. The information on the new 
 products is in AEO_SE1.LZH file in the library. HiSoft, GoldLeaf, Micro
 Creations, DMC, and others I outline in that article are online here. They
 are much better suited to inform you on their products that I am.

 I was very impressed with HiSoft's paint program. It's been awhile since
 I've seen such a very nice package! And there are other things in the 
 works, too. Lexicor was not at COMDEX (Lee got married and went on his
 honeymoon) and they have some dynamite applications coming.

 I'm not trying to avoid describing the products, I just don't want to be
 caught in a developer crossfire for not offering equal time to all of 'em!


 Thanks for the posting!


 Bob Brodie

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 132       Sun Dec 20, 1992
 C.FLUEGEL [Curt]             at 22:23 EST
   Well, the latest anyone at Atari told me was, were going on vacation for
 a couple of weeks (the whole corporation, says something..), dont expect
 Falcons for consumors until after the NAMM show.  That does sound
 realistic, though I would like one sooner.  All until then will go to more
 developers (maybe theres more developers!)
   ps.  We sent a computer in for repair in April, a Mega ST2 (not E) and
 it still hasnt come back yet.  I got the problem corrected, but I still
 thought it was kinda funny.              Curt


 Category 14,  Topic 31
 Message 127       Sat Dec 19, 1992
 M.SUBSINSKY1                 at 05:48 EST
  Hello All;

        First, sorry for the delay in responding but I work at night and
  basically only get on GEnie on the weekend. To answer y'alls

  1)I do not have a laser printer, so that wasn't a problem.

  2)The disk was the official grey and blue Atari disk. Like I mentioned
  above, it doesn't have a serial number on it that I see, unlike the
  HDX disk that was supplied with my STacy, which has a serial number on
  it ( I think ). There are a bunch of numbers stamped on the label of
  the STacy HDX disk, I'm assuming it's a serial number.

  Here's basically what I did:

        I bought the Mega STe mail order from Toad Computers, a
  reputable and from my experience very good Atari dealer. I do believe
  the HD in the STe was dealer-installed, as the QA seal over the HD
  cover screw was broken and in talking to Toad on the phone they said
  they had done that and the original box the computer came in did not
  indicate the unit had a HD. That doesn't seem too relevant but in case
  Atari wants to know...Also the HD I think is not an Atari product (
  I'm once again not certain ) as it is a Maxtor 130 meg.

        Anyway, the unit came ready to run, I plugged it in, hooked up
  my SM124 and fired it up and it booted up just fine from the HD. Ray
  at Toad told me over the phone he had preformatted it and checked it
  out prior to shipping it out and it worked fine. I explained that it
  did work OK, but me being the curious type, I wanted to check out the
  HDX software supplied and try everything out before I loaded my
  application software into it. Basically, I wanted to be sure I could
  reformat, repartition, etc, just in case I had to. Let me digress for a
  moment, I've had a Supra HD for my old 1040st and had to do all the
  setup myself, and the same was true about the STacy I have. Both of
  those have served me well with nary a bit of trouble. In fact, over a
  5 year period, I've never had to reformat my Supra drive! I did ONCE
  just because I wanted to try out a different partitioning scheme. This
  always made me wonder because ms-dos folks I know seem like they are
  always having to reformat, rebuild, optimize, defragment and do some
  sort of maintenance to thier HDs. ( One guy I work with I think spends
  more time doing this than actually using his computer. ) When I
  recently aquired the freeware GMAP utility and ran it on my 2 Atari's,
  I was supprised to see that it came up and said optimization was not
  recommended for any partition of any of my HDs.

        I ran the HDX program from the floppy supplied with my Mega STE.
  About half way through the format ( approximately ) an error message
  came up and it quit. I could no longer access the HD. Every attempt to
  run HDX came back with the message that the device did not exist. Now,
  I understood that the driver AHDI had to run to recognize the HD, so I
  dug out the manual and used the proceedure in the book for
  initializing the HD. SYMPTOM #2- I booted the HDX disk in the Mega
  STE, running AHDI from the AUTO folder. It would lock up the system
  with 4 bombs. So I booted from the CPX disk-no problem. I ran AHDI
  from the HDX disk via the desktop, and it would return the message
  that SCSI Device 0 was a Maxtor #something or other ( it was too quik
  to read exactly). I then would run HDX. It would come up with Device 0
  highlighted, but after selecting it it would come back with the
  message that the chosen device did not exist. So did the "Install
  Device" selection from the desktop. I had been following the
  instructions in the manual exactly, and began trying other things as
  it didn't seem to work. I then tried the same things using my STacy
  HDX disk. It all seemed to work but the software was different and
  only presented me with the choices of Stacy, or Megafile
  configurations to format, I never tried them. I also tried using my
  STacy AHDI program run from the desktop after a floppy boot and after
  using a blank formatted disk to floppy boot. It seemed to work, but
  running HDX from the mega STE disk always came back with the no device

        I called back Toad, and explained what was happening. Ray at
  Toad walked me through a bunch of steps, and after I opened up the
  machine to check that nothing came loose during shipment, seemed to
  believe the HD was at fault and wanted me to send it back. He said the
  Stacy HDX format probably wouldn't work, or my old Supra formatter due
  to thier age and my current hardware configuration. I DID disconnect
  the HD in the mega and hooked up my old Supra drive to the DMA port,
  it worked just fine.

        By now I was somewhat bummed out that my new computer's HD was
  lame. So I tried an experiment, after all it seemed like I couldn't
  hurt anything any worse. I booted the mega from floppy, using the ALT
  key and a blank, formatted disk. The Desktop came up, and I ran AHDI
  from the desktop off the mega's HDX disk. It returned the same SCSI 0
  Maxtor HD installed message I'd been getting all along. Then I ran the
  Supra formatter, it recognized the HD as a Seagate 40 meg. I figured,
  what the heck, and clicked on FORMAT. The drive formatted! Of course it
  only formatted to 16meg, but it completed without any errors. I
  enabled HD boot using the mega HDX again and it worked. I was able to
  boot from the HD again. I noticed when AHDI ran this time I got a
  slightly different message ( new symptom to note ) that device 0 was a
  something and device 1 was not present. I then ran HDX from the mega
  disk, from the desktop, and it worked! I reformatted the HD back to
  full capacity successfully. At this point I concluded my problem was
  indeed software and not hardware, as an attempt to boot from my mega
  HDX disk resulted in 4 bombs.

        Now for the sad news. For the heck of it, I ran VKILLER to see
  if the boot sector of my mega HDX disk was corrupt. I almost jumped
  out of my seat when the devil's face popped up on the screen and said
  the disk had a Known Virus ! Like I mentioned before, I'd never
  encountered a virus with any Atari software I've purchased or DL'd.
  This was a first for me. I plan to DL the HDX utilities to ensure my
  version is non-corrupt and reformat again as a safety measure, then
  build my software on the HD over the Xmas holiday. This explains why
  my attempts to boot up from HDX disk bombed out. So here are my

  1)Atari dealers: PLEASE check out the disks suppled with the computers
  you sell. Being as my Mega STE was NOT in a FACTORY SEALED box, and in
  fact the dealer said they unpacked it and checked that it worked prior
  to shipment, it is highly probable the disk was tampered with AFTER it
  left Atari. Luckily, I am a somewhat experienced Atari user and was
  able to get things to work but a rank novice would have wound up being
  really befuddled and disappointed that an official Atari product ( the
  Mega STE HDX disk ) had been the source of problems. This kind of
  stuff really hurts the Atari world, and I am still disgusted that some
  low life would do something like this to hurt Atari. Jeez, go mess
  with Bill Gates if you feel you hafta do sh*t like this.

  2)Atari Users: Keep plenty of backups. I checked out all the disks I
  used while troubleshooting and none of the boot sectors are corrupt
  but it puts some doubt in any of the programs I ran as to how good
  they are now. Luckily, everything I ran before I discovered the virus
  was from a BACKUP disk that I can rewrite fresh from the original.
  Disks are cheap if you buy from a bulk dealer ( I buy 50 at a time
  from a mail order dealer for like $0.39 each ).

  3)I'd like to thank those of you who have shown an interest in this,
  especially Dan and Bob Brodie at Atari. I never meant my original msg
  to be a "flame", but I just wanted to share the info with you. Your
  interest shows you care. I've been an Atari user since I bought my
  original 16k 800 in 1979. ( I still have a WORKING copy of the 8-bit
  DOS 1.0 that came with my 810 disk drive ! ) I really like the new TOS
  in the Mega STE.

   Well, that's my long winded story, hope it helps any other users out
  there.                                     Matt Subsinsky

 Category 14,  Topic 45
 Message 11        Fri Dec 18, 1992
 MIKE.KELLER [ST Aladdin]     at 17:41 EDT
 - the more "responsible" people at Atari got involved and immediately
 - initiated contact with Kesmai. I have no idea what happened initially,
 - I wasn't there. 

  My understanding is that Kesmai is supposed to "expect a phone call
  from someone at Atari." Sounds like immediate contact.

 - got too high.  It's kind of unfair to have free users who can play for
 - hours, and hone their skills to near perfection, shoot the jehosaphat

  Jim, GEnie has rules about that stuff. The free users do not get
  their scores kept, for one thing. And I know plenty of users paying
  three figure AW-only Visa bills. Charlie Townsley commented two years
  ago that if he keeps his bill to $300 a month he's happy.<g>

  Wayne, if you haven't gotten a new front end in two years, you should
  check in and maybe download the latest while it's still a free

  As for the screen view, the ST has always had the best situation in
  that regard. They programmed the ST (and only the ST) with a
  horizontally panoramic view that incorporates about 100^ left-right.
  No other cpu has that view, so the others have to use the view keys
  to get diagonal views that we can see in the straight views. So the
  SVGA is just following what everyone else has already had.

  BUT, you should also note the nice 3D modeling of the attacking
  aircraft. This is the kind of stuff that requires the faster cpus and
  better video.

  Now if we all at least bought Turbo030s or SSTs...

  Thing is, with AW going and Battletech only for MSDOS and Harpoon
  being developed for clones, and Terra Firma for clones...

  Where's a game for Atari on GEnie?


 Category 14,  Topic 45
 Message 14        Fri Dec 18, 1992
 R.BINGHAM2 [Da Sloth]        at 21:45 EST
 I've been flying regularly for MANY years now.  The number of Atari users
 has been dropping constantly for all of them.  Volstag and I are the only
 two players flying the ST that post on the board regularly now, and 
 Volstag hasn't posted in a few weeks.  Even using a 10:1 ratio, that's 
 just 20 people flying Ataris moderatly regularly.

 Meanwhile, everyone is talking about the ten THOUsand dwee...errr... new 
 players that could well be coming on line with the boxed sets.  Thousands
 to really think Kesmai can afford to program for Atari??  Still,
 they made quite an effort to do so.  They value their old player base.

 This all actually goes back to a message from John back in November when 
 he said he called Atari and didn't come away with a good feeling.

 Dunno what was going on last week.  Robert at Kesmai called me personally
 on Friday night last week, and all looked to be gloom and doom then.  
 Robert mailed everyone on Saturday.  Lots of that letter was repeated in 
 the public post on Wednesday.

 Yo Clean!  I know for a FACT that the IBM version looks just like the ST 
 version, though the colors are slightly different and you have a different
 choice of resolutions.  The SVGA version is a bit smaller, but getting rid
 of those T's makes it worth it.

 Harpoon:  Naval battle game.  S'posed to be great.  It's also going to be
 for DOS only, at least for a good long time.

 Terra Firma:  Tank battle game.  These folks said they would likely do an 
 Atari version once they got the DOS version stable.  Of course, that was
 many moons ago - before Kesmai announced what they were doing.  (Anyone
 think of the chill Kesmai's action is going to put on all the other
 developing MPG designers?)

 BattleTech:  DOS only and it'l stay that way.  The company that sells the
 game now insists on it, or some such.  I forget the details.  Plays much
 like the game DOS folks can buy in stores, only it's MULTI player.


 Category 14,  Topic 45
 Message 20        Sun Dec 20, 1992
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 00:20 EST
 We'll see what can be done. Bill Rehbock was caught completely off guard
 by this, and so was I. I don't understand how we can be on GEnie and not
 hear a word from Kesmai.

 In any event, Bill has the number to contact them now, and I'm sure the
 situation will be in good hands.

 Thanks for all of the input on this matter.


 Bob Brodie


 Category 14,  Topic 45
 Message 21        Sun Dec 20, 1992
 MIKE.KELLER [ST Aladdin]     at 00:48 EDT
  AW is written and supported by an independent corporation, Kesmai.
  GEnie is not their only client, although it's the only American
  service with their graphic multiplayer games.

  Kesmai developed the SVGA version basically thanks to an infusion of
  cash from Japan, where a network desired an SVGA version to run
  there. American AW and GEnie benefits.

  There's even a small network running AW in England, I believe they
  are using a 386 box as their host! I think this is where Robert Wolf
  referenced that even ST support overseas was dwindling.

  So, it's not necessarily GEnie's choice, although I'm sure they could
  negotiate. But how many ST'ers are going to play enough AW to justify
  their own game area? I realize there is a Mac-only game, A-Mazing,
  but how much GEnie cpu does it require? In fact, AW is no longer
  running on the actual GEnie mainframes: Kesmai now has an Aries box
  (or is it two, Sloth?) that runs the AW host, sitting right in their
  Charlottesville offices.

  Dollars talk, and what's needed is for Kesmai to get strong
  committment from Atari that there will be new machines in quantities
  for folks to play AW on, and that Kesmai can get some development
  help in the way of equipment to work on.



 Category 14,  Topic 45
 Message 23        Sun Dec 20, 1992
 WAYNED. [Wayne]              at 20:07 EST
 - We'll see what can be done. Bill Rehbock was caught completely off
 - guard by this, and so was I. I don't understand how we can be on
 - GEnie and not hear a word from Kesmai.

   The fact that the Atari version of AW wasn't going to be updated once
 the SVGA Ibm stuff was finalized has been 'fairly' common knowledge for a
 LONG time.  I knew about it well over a year ago, but probably found out
 sooner than most because I'm friends with a couple people who were helping
 Beta test AW.

   Simple fact is we need fairly large #'s of machines out there in order
 for them to be interested.  Especially since the Clone crowd is now
 involved.  They could drop all other versions and still have more people
 playing than the system could support. :-(

   I do hope for a positive outcome of this situation though.  I do
 remember the heyday when Atari RULED Air Warrior!!  I was the first on in
 my area to get involved and hooked almost a dozen other Atarians I knew. 
 We used to go over to a friends house dragging our machines because he had
 4 phone lines in his house.  We'd get together and take over whole areas
 of the map for hours at a time. The enemy never could figure out how we
 were so organized without using the radios. :-)



 Category 14,  Topic 45
 Message 29        Tue Dec 22, 1992
 MIKE.KELLER [ST Aladdin]     at 21:45 EDT
  I've been in touch with Robert Wolf of Kesmai since I discovered that
  Kesmai planned to drop AW for the ST. After exchanging a couple of
  GEmails, I received the following notes, which he has given me
  permission to repost here publicly.

  GE Mail
  Message: 1059694, on December 22, 1992 at 18:43
  From: AIR.WOLF     Robert Wolf

  To:   MIKE.KELLER  Michael Keller

  Sub:  Atari-ST RoundTable 


  I did read through your new BB topic.  I have exchanged letters with
  Bob Brodie but so far no phone contact.  The holidays surely are
  preoccupying everyone.

  I'm sure that if we were in contact with the right people at Atari
  they would have found a way to get us some development machines.  At
  this point the lack of machines may be a distraction from the central
  issue.  There isn't yet a demonstrated base of current owners of the
  more powerful Ataris.

  As for the suggestion to have an Atari only arena open, for at least
  a month there will be a copy of each host arena from 870;2 to 868
  where the older FE's will still work.  If a decent number of Atari
  players were keeping the 'old host' area active, we would have
  something to  think about. We can determine usage by machine type from
  the log records.

  Your idea for at H2H mode as a parting gift to Atari players is a neat
  concept, but it is not practical for us to attempt, unfortunately.

  I really meant what I said in the letter.  We don't mind upping the
  ante for machine horse power, but we really mind losing some great
  people who came to Air Warrior from the Atari world.

  Happy  Holidays,


  GE Mail
  Message: 5378476, on December 22, 1992 at 18:43
  From: AIR.WOLF     Robert Wolf

  To:   MIKE.KELLER  Michael Keller

  Sub:  Atari-ST RoundTable 


  Feel free to post the offer I described in my letter.  Please fix the
  punctuation for me!  (where DID those leading blanks go off to...)

  I would rather lurk in the ST topic than post.  I don't want to get
  into a tug of war with anyone.

  You have a point about the playing field leveling in 870 (old host).
  I worry that it may be too sparse in there, but if you folks want to
  use it and we see the activity, we will keep an arena for you.  There
  will be no changes to the Atari FE's unless a Falcon version can be
  justified, but the host will be up to date with the other hosts that
  are active on ARIES.   Are we replaying the New Coke  Old Coke

  Best wishes,

  Well, there's an offer there, of sorts. We can have an ST area, IF we
  can keep it busy enought to justify it. They WILL upgrade the AW FE
  to the Falcon (and I hope TT) IF Atari can show some numerical

  BTW, I had suggested that they incorporate the head to head mode into
  the final ST FE as a parting gift.<g> Oh well.



 On another note... 

 Category 15,  Topic 11
 Message 83        Tue Dec 22, 1992
 POTECHIN [RT~Sysop]          at 18:27 EST
 My apologies to everyone. It seems I've posted in error. Patti has not
 posted here since April. On other services it has been said that there
 will not be another AIM until maybe March next year while she brags about
 her new Mac. She has also posted info on a new online magazine she is
 publishing, in every RT here but the Atari RT. Clearly she feels her
 future lies elsewhere.

 Just thought I'd share this with you all. Sigh.


 Category 15,  Topic 11
 Message 85        Fri Dec 25, 1992
 D.D.MARTIN [Swampy]          at 12:31 EST
 Gee, if I had a new MAC, I'd brag too!  %^)


 Category 15,  Topic 11
 Message 86        Fri Dec 25, 1992
 POTECHIN [RT~Sysop]          at 21:57 EST
   And D.D. says:

 - Gee, if I had a new MAC, I'd brag too!  %^)

 Hmmm, even if you published an Atari magazine and had some kind of
 obligation to meet your subscribers orders? I wasn't making a comment
 about a MAC one way or another. I have a Mac, and an IBM or two. I might
 even have an Amiga kicking around. But I USE my Atari all day long D.D.,
 as an Atari. That was not why I posted the other day. I guess I didn't
 make myself clear enough.

 Nathan @ DMC

 Category 14,  Topic 31
 Message 137       Thu Dec 24, 1992
 R.WATSON15 [Wayne Watson]    at 05:31 EST
 According to Byte, the 68060 is closer to 77 MIPS. Once Atari gets stable
 again, it might be nice for them to design a workstation (real powerful
 one) which used the 68060 and have a lot of the features talked about in
 the Future Falcon topic. I mean lay it to it and let nothing be crippled
 or old technology that included slots. This would probably be a very
 limited market but, you never know, it may take off.


 Category 32,  Topic 11
 Message 78        Fri Dec 25, 1992
 J.EIDSVOOG1 [CodeHead]       at 12:07 EST

 We are currently expanding into both the Windows and the Mac platforms. 
 It's really hard to say which platform will have the first releases of our
 products at this time as it will not be any time soon.  Ideally, there
 will be parallel releases of our software on both platforms.

 To All,

 DO NOT infer from this that we are dropping support for the Atari. We will
 continue to support our Atari software as long as we have a drop of blood
 left in our Atari veins.  Hopefully a tranfusion is forthcoming soon. 


 Category 32,  Topic 11
 Message 81        Fri Dec 25, 1992
 CODEHEAD [Charles]           at 15:01 EST

   As John said, we have things planned for both the Macintosh and Windows. 
 If you're asking which machine we prefer ourselves (grin), for me there's
 no question -- go with the Mac.  The Mac operating system is just
 terrific; Windows is nice too, but it's not as consistent, friendly, or
 powerful as Apple's System 7.  (System 7 is a wonderful example of what
 can happen when awell-designed operating system is constantly upgraded
 over the course of many years, by talented programmers who listen to the
 people who use the computers...)  And those Powerbooks are beautiful --
 especially the new Powerbook Duos, which double as "docking" desktop

 - Charles @ CodeHead Tech
   Friday, December 25, 1992  10:12 am


 from CompuServe's Atari Areas....
 also about the current state of Atari's market....

 #: 77898 S17/Community Square
     21-Dec-92  05:30:43
 Sb: #77719-#Falcon appears
 Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
 To: bob wilson 72355,1637 (X)


 I can assure you that US Consumer Units are in the USA. These are fully
 functional NTSC machines.

 With out abridging the developers code of Silance I can say I have read
 reciently that ATARI should be releasing in the US as soon as the FCC
 certificate is issued and the HWD is delivered When that will be I don not
 know, I do know as an absolute fact that ATARI is manufacturing US NTSC

 WE have them and It is a good bet that many other developers have them as

 It is worth mentioning the Bill rechbock at ATARI has bent over backwards
 to get these machines for Developers and is doing every thing possible to
 help see to it that Falcon specific and Falcon compatable softwre will be
 ready when the Machines are ready to release.


 #: 77984 S17/Community Square
     22-Dec-92  05:18:08
 Sb: #77927-Falcon appears
 Fm: LEXICOR Software 75300,763
 To: GST Software 71351,332 (X)

 I am not an official of ATARI, I have not been formally told by ATARI
 anything about FCC, what I can tell you is what I heard in a public
 conversation at an ATARI convention.

 The Falcon has been FCC rated and passed, the application has been made
 and that after the normal certification time passes ATARI will receive
 their Falcon certificate.

 My guess is that ATARI is making up orders to fit a well thought out
 distribution plan which takes into consideration FCC approval market
 demand (World wide) and production capabilities.

 Information I do have which is confidential is satisfactory enough that I
 have no problem with continuing the development of both Falcon specific
 applications like "Merdian" and Falcon pointed programs like Phoenix!

 The commerical version is very well made and runs like a top.

 Once you start working with the true color modes you will fall in love
 with it!


 #: 78292 S17/Community Square
     25-Dec-92  23:51:34
 Sb: #78276-Falcon appears
 Fm: Lloyd Pulley 72637,745
 To: LEXICOR Software 75300,763


  That's exactly the point I was trying to make!  It's entirely possible
  that the Falcon030 had  passed the FCC certification test - NO ONE had
  doubted that.  What was being questioned was if the Falcon030 had been
  approved by the FCC and had a FCC number.  Passing an  independent FCC
  certification test doesn't automatically mean the product has been cer-
  tified by the FCC and has a number - or one pending.

  And that is what certain Atari  reps tried to imply, that they had the
  FCC's approval - which to this day they haven't proved they have. They
  tried passing off a 1/2 truth as a full truth - and got caught. Inste-
  ad of saying at Comdex, "These machines have passed an independent FCC
  test and we are waiting to get the paperwork back from  the FCC", they
  had to say  (paraphrased), "These machines  have passed the FCC and we
  just haven't got around to putting the actual numbers on them yet."

  So who's at fault for the rumors and arguments?  IMO, ATARI!!  If they
  had been  up front, there would not  have been any rumors.  But due to
  their past history of blaming the FCC for everything,  for saying that
  certain machines had passed when they hadn't (I remember  them telling
  us the TT had finally  passed class B - there are still no TT's with a
  class B certification on them), and  for telling 1/2 truths this time,
  THEY were responsible for the rumors.

  Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 #: 77821 S8/Hot Topics
     20-Dec-92  10:24:53
 Sb: #77811-#Naked Truth!
 Fm: INTERSECT Software 76004,1577
 To: Domingo B. Alvear 74030,3254 (X)

    --I replied to the original message.  I don't think Atari has ever
    --made a BAD machine, only BAD DECISIONS.

 I totally agree with you.  I think that is the view of many of the most

 Atari produced a computer in 85 that was excellent, they waited too long
 to come out with the Falcon and we are >>worried<< that they are not
 keeping up.  That management doesn't know what they are doing!

 What they need to do, in my opinion is to release information on the other
 computers to come in the Falcon line.  I'd like to hear them say for

 We are delaying the release of the Falcon except to developers because of
 delays in the new TOS, because we are following the example of the
 Japanese's 0 inventory method, the assembly lines are not geared up to
 produce anything but limited runs until the new Multi-TOS is ready.

 Believe me this idling of a assembly plant is costing us money and we are
 pushing to release it asap.

 When the new TOS is completed we do not expect delays to be incurred for
 the upper scale machines in the Falcon line, these machines will feature
 faster CPU's, full 32 bit buss and higher video resolutions.  There will
 be two new machines to come in the Falcon line, we expect to release these
 machines (X) months apart after the Falcon's initial mass shipment.

 The poor reception the Falcon has received among many of our loyal
 supporters (too little too late) has prompted us to announce the features
 of our new machines (see attached list of new machines features).

 We do have a business plan for the future, with machines to meet the needs
 of the average user and for advanced applications, with pricing that will
 insure a healthy growth of third party hardware and software for our

 We have resisted announcing our plans, giving our competition an
 advantage.  We feel that our R&D and production plans are far enough along
 that this announcement will not damage our competativeness.

  The above is a wish....or what I think would be a good business move

 #: 77742 S17/Community Square
     19-Dec-92  14:20:26
 Sb: #77306-#Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: John J. Amsler 70275,676
 To: Jim Ness 75300,3155 (X)


 I met Leonard at COMDEX 87 and, I think, 88.  He seemed to be the 
 typical Type-A bundle of nonstop energy and talk ... which is probably
 good for a computer company executive:  people who stand around waiting
 for something to happen (as opposed to MAKING something happen) are
 likely to get run over.

 - John

 #: 77780 S17/Community Square
     19-Dec-92  23:39:02
 Sb: #77742-#Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: Jim Ness 75300,3155
 To: John J. Amsler 70275,676 (X)

 I have never met the guy myself, but yours is the first description I have
 seen that did not include the word "arrogant."


 #: 77800 S17/Community Square
     20-Dec-92  02:02:49
 Sb: #77780-#Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466
 To: Jim Ness 75300,3155 (X)

 The first (and only time) I ever met Leonard Tramiel, he ignored
 everything I'd said to him, replying only "The name is pronounced Tra-mel. 
 I give everyone one chance to get it right."  Then he walked away.


 #: 77957 S17/Community Square
     22-Dec-92  00:04:19
 Sb: #77800-Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: John J. Amsler 70275,676
 To: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466 (X)


 Well, you had your chance, and you blew it!  <g>

 (As he walked away, did he mutter something like, "Harumph!" ?)

 - John

 #: 77911 S17/Community Square
     21-Dec-92  09:02:38
 Sb: #77780-#Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: GST Software 71351,332
 To: Jim Ness 75300,3155 (X)

 Oh I wouldn't use arrogant - it has far to many positive conotations to be
 used about Leonard.


 #: 77942 S17/Community Square
     21-Dec-92  19:34:30
 Sb: #77911-Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: CodeHead Software 76004,2232
 To: GST Software 71351,332 (X)


   <smile>  I see you've had personal encounters with L______ too.  I

 - Charles @ CodeHead Tech

 #: 78078 S17/Community Square
     23-Dec-92  09:01:42
 Sb: #77942-Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: GST Software 71351,332
 To: CodeHead Software 76004,2232

 Yup - classic moments at a developers conference - Leonard and I had
 arrived at this thing never having met but already having managed to
 develop a deep dislike of each other via fax.

 Halfway through the meeting he moves onto the topic about which we had
 been faxing him and says

 "Unlike what some people here think, we are not idiots, I will say that
 again, we are not idiots".

 before I could respond another developer who had *no* idea about what was
 going on behind the scenes of all this happily chips in with "But you've
 got to admit you've done some bloody silly things in your time."

 Cue Leonard going nuclear.

 I always handle such meetings now by reminding myself that a reject dwarf
 from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings isn't worth getting that hung up about.

 Whereas we have nothing really but praise for Bill Rehbock.


 #: 78108 S17/Community Square
     23-Dec-92  13:38:53
 Sb: #78078-Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: CodeHead Software 76004,2232
 To: GST Software 71351,332 (X)


   -- a reject dwarf from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings...

   Thanks for the first good laugh of the day!  :)

   Since we're trading stories, here's a good one.  One day, we got a call
 from L______, who promptly started belittling us (in an extremely
 condescending and obnoxious manner) for "not following the rules" in
 MultiDesk.  The actual issue in question was rather technical, hinging on
 whether or not it was permissible to rely on register D1 to retain its
 value through a Trap #2 call.  When we pointed out that Atari's own
 documentation does _not_ state that D1 is unsafe to rely upon, we got an
 immediate blustery "Yes it does!" response.  (It doesn't.)  When we
 pointed out that TOS itself saves and restores _all_ registers during Trap
 #2 calls, we got a short silence, and then a hang-up.

   About an hour later, we got a call from someone else (not L______, he'd
 never admit to a mistake), acknowledging that we were correct.  And yet,
 to this day, FSMGDOS (and probably SpeedoGDOS too) trashes register D1
 during its Trap #2 processing.

   Unfortunately, this sort of thing isn't unusual at all; it's very
 routine treatment for Atari developers.

 - Charles

 #: 77958 S17/Community Square
     22-Dec-92  00:06:05
 Sb: #77911-Falcon:  Flies or Dies
 Fm: John J. Amsler 70275,676
 To: GST Software 71351,332 (X)


 In general, though, isn't arrogance -- to one extent or another --
 typical of business executives (who, without it, would get smashed
 and trashed in the viciously competitive marketplace)?

 - John

 #: 77993 S1/Forum Business
     22-Dec-92  09:51:50
 Sb: Atari's Ship
 Fm: Bob Ledbetter 71043,3442
 To: All

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

      I submit for your consideration that Atari's ship has indeed come in.
 Unfortunately, Atari is at the train station.

 #: 78005 S8/Hot Topics
     22-Dec-92  11:40:14
 Sb: #77979-#Naked Truth!
 Fm: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466
 To: Domingo B. Alvear 74030,3254 (X)

 Dom, do you think inserting a one page flyer into several major Sunday
 newspapers around the country a week before Christmas is going to
 influence very many buying decisions this season..?

 Will Aunt Martha, having waited until the last minute to buy something for
 Little Billy, run out and buy a Lynx instead of the Game Gear he asked

 Or will she, upon seeing the flyer, suddenly decide to return the GameBoy
 she bought weeks ago, and get a Lynx instead..?

 (Do you think it's too late for us to take up a collection and get a
 coorespondence course in Marketing for the Tramiels for Christmas..?)


 #: 78008 S8/Hot Topics
     22-Dec-92  13:07:26
 Sb: #78005-#Naked Truth!
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466 (X)

    I don't think the 4 page insert for the Lynx in the Sunday papers was
 part of a broad-based marketing plan.  I think it was more of a spur of
 the moment, knee-jerk reaction to Toy's R Us dropping the Lynx line and
 leaving Atari with unsold inventory during the holiday season.  Same for
 the price drop.  Not planned as much as a reaction to the Toy's R Us

    As you probably know, Toy's R Us is the single goliath in toy
 retailing.  All the other competition lumped together does not compare to
 the Toy's R Us phenomenon.  Its sad that the Lynx will not be re-ordered
 by them and I can only guess at what kind of mishandling went into Toys R
 Us's decision to drop the Lynx.  The game unit by itself receives good
 reviews and finally with over 50 games available, the lack of software
 cannot be the reason behind the decision, so once again, its probably not
 a hardware issue, but a botched up marketing situation.

   When you consider that except for a small interest in the Portfolio, the
 Lynx was the only product Atari had available for Christmas sales this
 year.  How can you justify losing your biggest customer for your only
 product at what should be the busiest time of the year?  sigh.

 #: 78067 S8/Hot Topics
     23-Dec-92  05:02:41
 Sb: #78005-Naked Truth!
 Fm: Richard Gunter 70117,2565
 To: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466


 Fascinating, isn't it, that all these discussions come around to
 marketing?  That hypothetical correspondence course would undoubtedly
 cover the way ol' Santa operates, wouldn't it?  All the Santas I know
 listen to the little nippers' wish lists, which are heavily influenced by
 two factors:  what the kids down the street have, and what's advertised on
 the boob toob Saturday morning.  Nintendo/Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis,
 and Game Boy are the only game systems the kids have heard of -- they
 don't log in to ATARIARTS.

 I've noticed that recent Game Boy ads have actually shown screen shots
 from the machine -- something the earlier ads didn't do.  However, the
 screen shots are fleeting, and bracketed by lots of color and action.
 Pretty sneaky.

 Richard G.

 From Delphi's Atari areas....
    ALSO about the current state of Atari....

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 
 45209 18-DEC 16:12 General Information
      Falcons in Germany
      From: OCS          To: ALL

 It appears to be sure now that the first Falcons have been sold here in
 the past couple of days.  I went to my (only remaining) local dealer
 today, and he said that he was told by Atari that he'd get four Falcons in
 the next few days.  4 meg machines with a 65 meg hard disk for 2300 marks.


 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 
 45217 18-DEC 20:06 News & Reviews
      Jaguar - 64 bit?
      From: CMILLAR      To: ALL

 Hmmmm, the "Could It Be?" article in the "Atari Gaming Gazette", left me
 both exited and scepticle.  In it, it says that the predominate RUMOR is
 that the Atari's Jaguar game console will use a 64 bit microprocessor
 which was designed IN-HOUSE, by Atari, and MANUFACTURED by Motorola.  Now,
 this sounds great, and if it is true, I'd love it, but the question
 remains: Was it a foolhardy idea to design their own CPU, and did they
 really have the "heart" to do such a thing?  I hope we find out soon......

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 
 45228 19-DEC 01:24 News & Reviews
      RE: Jaguar - 64 bit? (Re: Msg 45217)
      From: ABARBIERO    To: CMILLAR

 If it is true that Atari has designed (or Motorloa) a new chip, it isn't
 so bad.... or unrealistic.  How many other computers use the same chip as
 the Super Nintendo (a put-put)???  There has been 2 developer conferences
 about this unit, Atari is very excited and this is not a 'back-burner'
 item, as I first thought it was.... it is a real active issue for Atari. 
 They hope to show it in June at the CES then.


 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 
 45398 20-DEC 23:50 News & Reviews
      From: ATARIPOWER7  To: ALL

 *                                                                        *
 *       TIME TO DO IT TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *       We've heard about how there are more and better PD programs for  *
 *  our choice of computer platform in Europe, especially Germany....     *
 *                                                                        *
 *  .... Now we have an opportunity to do something about it!!!           *
 *                                                                        *
 *       I've received communication from a gentleman, Mr. Jens Schulz,   *
 *  who is apparently a prolific PD author, as well as Manager of the     *
 *  Computer Club Elmshorn e.V., a computer club in Germany sporting      *
 *  some 400 members, and a rather extensive PD library of some 440       *
 *  diskettes.  Many of these are scientific programs, my next message    *
 *  includes the complete text of his letter to myself, and I will        *
 *  upload the programmes he sent to me from Germany, two disks with 4    *
 *  programs.  They are a Chemistry program, "Premium Mah Jongg", a       *
 *  digital filter program, and a C64 to ST data transferring program.    *
 *                                                                        *
 *  NEEDED - Someone with a good working knowledge of German and          *
 *           Chemistry.                                                   *
 *                                                                        *
 *  I cannot do it all, however, if a few of us will work together, I     *
 *  think that over time we can accomplish a most notable thing, that     *
 *  being a much greater accessability and useability of European soft-   *
 *  ware here in the United States, and vice versa.                       *
 *                                                                        *
 *  AP7                                                                   *
 *                                                                        *

         >>>>>>>>>   Here is the letter I received   <<<<<<<<<<<<

   Jens Schulz
   Rosenstr. 5
   W-2207 Kiebitzreihe

   Joseph Martin Turner
   P.O. Box 11091
   Florida 32803-0091
                                              Kiebitzreihe, 11. Dec. 1992

   - Translation of german ATARI ST/TT/FALCON PD-/Shareware

   Dear, Mr. Turner,

   I've found your address in the german magazine ATARI JOURNAL 1/93. This
   magazine wrote, that you're an very active member of the ATARI user     
   group in the DELPHI net. This group searches german PD-/Shareware for   
   free translations in English.

   I am a PD-author of a very powerful and universal chemistry PD-program.
   This program is called LABORANT ST/TT PLUS 1.24. A german and swedish
   version of this program exist. Laborant is a very successful program
   in Germany and Sweden, because no comparable PC-/Mac or AMIGA program
   exist in the PD-/Shareware market. I've got many inquiries of PC users,

   Laborant is written in PASCAL (more than 18000 PASCAL-lines) and runs on
   ST/TT/FALCON in all resolutions. The program includes a 145 KB german
   ASCII-document (TeX document next time).

   For the free translation in English I need an american "ATARI"-chemist  
   and a translator. German and the chemistry language aren't easy, but I  
   hope you'll find somebody.

   I send you the program and an ASCII text for your DELPHI net.

   2. I'am the manager of the ATARI ST/TT-group of the german Computer Club
      Elmshorn e.V. The CCE e.V. is one of the greatest computer clubs in
      Germany (400 members). We've a very big ATARI ST/TT PD-/Shareware-
      collection (ca. 440 discs). This collection has a big part of
      scientific programs. I send you the PD-list on my Laborant disc,
      too. This software is free of charge, but we've no Email-connection
      to America and can't pay the very high telephone costs or postage.

      If a member of the DELPHI group is in Germany, he could  get all this
      software free. We've 4 ST's and next a FALCON in our clubroom. If    
      this member has a 44/88 MB Syquest removeable harddisc, we could     
      play the most  interesting  programs  on  the  disc.  At  moment     
      the  programs aren't packed (.LZH etc.) and the copy of 440 discs    
      will need several days.  The city of Elmshorn is located ca. 30 km   
      northwest of Hamburg.

   Address of the CCE e.V. :
      Computer Club Elmshorn e.V.
      ATARI ST/TT-Gruppe
      z.H. Jens Schulz
      Postfach 261
      W-2200 Elmshorn

      Tel. 04121/83298
      FAX: 04121/82016


   Jens Schulz

 ||||||||||  I'm willing to put serious effort into this, help!!!
             Andreas, DPJ, you're welcome to publish any and all....



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