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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     A  few  weeks  away  from  Comdex and the tension is already mounting.
 Atari is reported to have some "very special" goodies to  announce/show at
 Comdex.   In fact, its been reported that the announcements may compare to
 the enormity and importance of the original 520ST announcement.  The Atari
 computing  community  needs  the  shot  in the arm Atari's expected Comdex
 presentation is capable of providing.  Let's hope  the reported powerhouse
 announcements have the gusto to do so.
     If you  are going  to be  attending Comdex,  be sure  to look up Ditek
 International's booth  where the  Windows version  of DynaCADD  will be on
 display.   Its sure  to be treat to see DynaCADD doing its thing on the PC
 platform's Windowed environment.  Its great to see  such foresight  on the
 part of  Ditek as  this move  will ensure  continued support for the Atari
 version of DynaCADD.  Congratulations guys.
     The Atari platform is looked upon these days by some  as a  fossil, an
 embodiment of  days gone  by, to  substantiate their claims they point out
 the developers leaving this platform for greener pastures  and/or entirely
 different careers.   Informed  computer industry observers categorize this
 unfortunate happenstance as a "shakeout".    The  phenomenon  is  a normal
 process in any growing industry.  As the technology marches forward, there
 are bound to be those left by the  wayside.   The Falcon  simply put, must
 succeed.  Else, the handwriting is on the wall.
                 Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92



    Issue #45

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Toshiba Offers New Notebook
 Toshiba America has unveiled its first pen computer. The $3,499 Dynapad 
 system weighs in at 3.3 pounds and uses a 25MHz Advanced Micro Devices 
 386SXLV 3.3-volt microprocessor. It features a 40MB hard drive, two card 
 slots and a 9 1/2-inch display.

 Toshiba also is cutting prices 14-25% on its notebooks, moving the low 
 end of its suggested retail prices down to $2,299. Actual retail prices 
 are typically 6-12% below the suggested price.

 Toshiba also introduced a top-of-the-line family of 486-powered note-
 books dubbed the T4400Cs, with what it termed the world's most advanced 
 color display screen.

 Estimates from International Data Corp. that place Toshiba's share of 
 the $1.4-billion U.S. market for portable computers at a leading 13.9% 
 of the volume for 1991.

  -- Supplies Plummet, Prices Soar!
 The high demand for low-priced personal computers has caused chip prices 
 to surge as much as 30% in recent weeks while supplies plummet.

 Analysts predict this economic lesson of supply and demand will cause a 
 continuation of boom times for American DRAM chip makers, most of whom 
 are running factories at near capacity or even capacity levels.

 However, the tight semiconductor supplies could potentially hurt compu-
 ter manufacturers reluctant to pass on the increased chip prices to 
 consumers in a cut-throat PC market.

 "Prices seem to be creeping up and that could be good for the industry," 
 said analyst Lawrence Borgman at Johsephthal Lyon & Ross Inc., who noted 
 that the price of a four megabit DRAM has jumped from about $9.50 to 
 nearly $14.

 The rise in DRAM prices is also the result of a preliminary decision by 
 the U.S. Commerce Department to charge Korean manufacturers of dumping 
 DRAMs in the United States at below fair market prices.

 Analysts predict that companies such as Micron Technology Inc. and Texas 
 Instruments Inc. could benefit from the chip supply shortage.

  -- Acer Shipping 50mhz 486DX System
 Acer America Corp. says it now is shipping 50MHz 486DX versions of 
 AcerFrame 3000 high-end symmetric multi-processing server and AcerFrame 
 1000 dual-processor server.

  -- IBM Ships Anti-Virus Software
 IBM has started shipping anti-virus software for either DOS-, Windows- 
 or OS/2-based systems.

 IBM AntiVirus/DOS will protect both DOS and Windows systems from compu-
 ter viruses. IBM AntiVirus/2 will protect systems running under OS/2.

 The two software packages separately sell for $29.95.

  -- Microsoft Offers Low Software Prices to Mac Buyers
 Using the slogan "Start Off with the Best," Microsoft Corp. announced 
 today it will offer Microsoft Excel 4.0, Word 5.1 and Microsoft Works 
 3.0 at special low prices for those who also purchase Macintosh compu-
 ters. The offer applies to all Mac computers except the Performa and is 
 valid Nov. 1 through Jan. 3.

 Purchasers of Apple Macintosh computers can receive either a package 
 deal of Microsoft Excel 4.0 and Word 5.1 for the Macintosh or, for a 
 lower price, Microsoft Works 3.0 for the Macintosh.

 The discounts represent approximately a 50% savings to the resellers.

  -- NEC Develops Virtual Reality Ski Training System
 NEC Corp. has developed a virtual reality ski training system that 
 mimics the view, movements and suspense associated with downhill skiing, 
 providing novice and intermediate skiers with an opportunity to learn 
 the sport away from the slopes and in a safe, simulated environment.

 According to sources, computers are used to generate the interactive 3-D 
 universe of virtual reality and shoots participants into the middle of 
 ski slope action. Skiers in training will learn how to balance weight, 
 utilize ski poles, and navigate ski courses.

 NEC is predicting that the training system, which is currently being 
 tested in Japan, will hit U.S. sports centers, athletic training 
 facilities and ski resorts within three years.

 Skiers using virtual reality to improve their form and technical exper-
 tise will wear a "headmount" -- an apparatus that allows participants to 
 view a traditional ski scene -- and stand on two metal plates that simu-
 late the sensation of traveling over hills, down pistes and tree-lined 
 trails and over moguls.

 "Pulse monitors" hooked up to a skier's finger monitor stress levels and 
 adjust the level of difficulty accordingly. For example, the more stress 
 a skier experiences, the less difficult a course will become.

  -- NEC Announces MIPS-Compatible RISC Processor Family

 NEC Electronics says it is making a family of MIPS R4400-compatible re-
 duced instruction-set computer (RISC) microprocessors that operate at 
 low voltages.

 The company says the new Vr4400 chips operate at either 3.3- or five-
 volts (V) and have external clock speeds of 75 megahertz (MHz) and 
 internal clock speeds of nearly twice that, or 150 MHz. A 0.6 micron 
 fabrication process was used to increase the clock speeds, according to 
 NEC maintains more than two million transistors are on the 64-bit chips.
 And an increase to 16 kb of both instruction cache and data cache allows 
 for higher integer and floating-point performance.
 NEC says the Vr4400 can be used for workstation, high-end personal com-
 puters (PCs), and multiprocessing systems. Like the MIPS R4400, the 
 chips offer super-pipelining, a pipelined floating-point unit, two-level 
 cache memory and a high- performance on-chip translation look-aside buf-
 fer (TLB), the company said. In addition, cache and a memory management 
 unit (MMU) offer in handing of both large-address-space tasks and a 
 large number of users, NEC added.

 NEC said in simulation of an R4400 processor the Vr4400 delivered 113 
 SPECmarks overall, with 95 SPECint89 (integer performance) and 126 
 SPECfp89 (floating-point performance). However, NEC maintains the chips 
 are upwardly compatible with the NEC Vr-series 32-bit and 64-bit 
 microprocessors, including the company's Vr3000A and the Vr4000 chip 


  -- Maxtor 2.5-Inch Drives For Portables

 The growing popularity of notebook computers has led to increasingly 
 smaller drives suitable for the new systems available on the market. 
 Along those lines Maxtor Corp., has introduced two new 2.5-inch disk 

 The 84mb 25084 measures 10 millimeters (mm) in height and weighs 125 
 grams. The company claims it is the thinnest and lightest 2.5-inch drive 
 available. The new 25252 offers a formatted capacity of 252mb and an 
 average seek time, like the 25084 of 12ms.

 According to the company, both drives have a track-to-track seek time of 
 2.5ms. The drives feature a rotational speed of 4247 rpm and an average 
 latency of 7.0ms.

 Maxtor is targeting the single-disk 25084 at notebook and pen-based 
 systems requiring "high performance in a very thin package." The three-
 disk 25252 is aimed at manufacturers of high-end notebooks and portable 
 workstations that, according to the company, "require drives with ever 
 increasing performance and capacity in smaller, low power packages."

 The company claims that the drives are designed for "high reliability in 
 the rugged notebook environment." The specified mean-time between 
 failure (MTBF) rate of 350,000 hours is 40 percent higher than any other 
 2.5-inch product, maintains the company.

 Additionally, it is claimed that the 25084 and the 25252 have been 
 designed to withstand 15 Gs operating and 150 Gs non- operating shock, 
 and both drives utilize rugged glass substrate disk media. In seek mode, 
 both products use only 1.8 and 1.9 watts (W), and in standby/sleep mode, 
 the drives use 0.10W.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

 compiled by Joe Mirando

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 Continuing last week's conversation about CYBERPAINT's compatibility with
 Mega STe computers, John Amsler tells Rafael Hermoso:

     "As the former user of a 1040ST/TOS 1.04 and the current user of a
     MegaSTe/ TOS 2.06, I HIGHLY recommend that you get the MegaSTe.  I'm
     not sure about CYPERPAINT, ut CYBER STUDIO (CAD-3D) runs just fine on
     my current setup!  Especially if you buy Warp 9 from the Codeheads,
     the MegaSTe is like a "poor  man's TT!"

 Greg Wageman joins in and says:

 "Poor man's TT"

     "Probably better, actually, because CAD3D isn't 100% functional on the
     TT.  In particular, the "Set Color" dialogues bomb due to an exception
     stack format error.  However, CAD3D and Cyber Control will function on
     a TT, thankfully."

 John Amsler tells Greg Wageman:

     "I haven't seen CAD3D run on a TT, but I know that on a MegaSTe with
     Warp9 it runs GREAT!"

 Well folks, the mother of all trade shows is right around the corner.
 That's right:  COMDEX is coming.  Jim Ness tells John Amsler:

     "It will be interesting to see what Atari shows.  This week's ST
     Report reprints a letter from the former Atari/Germany manager (Alwin
     Stumpf), who says that the Falcon has been put on hold, because Atari
     realized that, at the published price point, potential new customers
     are more likely to by a PC, than a Falcon.

     This brings together a couple of questions I have been wondering
     about: Where are the Falcons that were supposed to appear in October,
     and What is this new Falcon case that Byte columnist Jerry Pournelle
     recently mentioned.  By extrapolation, I assume that Atari will
     release the Falcon with a separate keyboard - it involves slightly
     more cost to them, but induces a higher perceived value to buyers. 
     Pournelle's reaction to the original Falcon probably mimics that of
     potential new buyers."

 Bob Retelle adds some perspective:

     "Funny.. that's exactly what all the "Atari Bashers" have been telling
     them from day one...  the current Falcon design wouldn't sell..
     The story Bob Brodie used to tell about the Atari version of the
     removable SyQuest drive is much the same.. I wonder if the Falcon will
     suffer the same fate as that very successful Atari product?"

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Jim Ness:

     "Gee, that reaction (favorable to the detached keyboard) was the same
     attitude that prevailed here MONTHS before Pournelle saw a Falcon.
     Maybe someday they will listen to our folks as a higher priority.
     Good questions about Falcon availability, though.  Its now November
     and NO falcons are available in this country as far as I've been able
     to find out and we haven't heard a peep out of anyone in Europe that
     has one.  Its not a reassuring start for a new machine."

 Jim Ness replies:

     "It turns out that the Mausenet message Ralph published was a hoax. 
     It was posted by someone who used Alwin Stumpf's name.
     Pretty good hoax, since it addressed questions that have been floating
     around among we online types for quite awhile.

     Even with the hoax, we still are now somewhat late receiving the first
     limited numbers of Falcons - same with Europe - and the split case
     rumor persists."

 Dazzz Smith posts:

         "Ok Boys just for you.....
     The Falcon range will expand in 1993. A consumer version and a CD
     Drive will be available. The consumer version will be repackaged in a
     new case and sell for 399 and be a 1Mb version (ie no MultiTOS just a
     games machine) and launched around May 1993. The consumer version will
     be packaged to appeal to games players but there will be only 1 or 2
     games bolstered by productivity packages such as those available now.
     The idea is to get at the console users with the graphics and sound
     quality and make them see that a keyboard and processing power does
     have benefits (sounds like the same challenge that computers companies
     had in the early-mid 80s).

     Oh and by the way, November 14th is the latest date for UK Falcons to
     hit the streets, trouble is I don't think anyone mentioned whether it
     was 92 or 93!"

 Tony at GST Software asks for the...

     "Source Please  - We've not heard about this?
     But then that's Atari for you"

 Dazzz answers:

     "Im waiting for an answer from the source to crosspost the full

 Sysop Ron Luks tells Dazzz:

     "Let me know when the Falcons "actually hit the stores" in the UK.  I
     have a running bet with Pattie Rayl since February of this year about
     when the Falcons actually become available.  You don't want to know
     the details of the bet."

 Dazzz replies:

     "Well, my local store is quoting Nov 14th as are several other stores
     round the country, I will be giving them a ring soon after to see if
     they are setting a machine up in the store, then I can go round with a
     handful of disks!"

 'Multimedia" has become the buzzword this season.  All of a sudden, any
 computer that is sold must be all things to all people.  That is not
 necessarily a bad thing.  What we are witnessing is the evolution of the
 personal computer.  Part of that evolution is being able to take data
 meant for one type of computer and using it with another. 

 Tom Mynar asks:

     "Does anyone know if any vendor is working on software which will take
     the Multimedia .WAV structured sound files for the Falcon ?
     I assume that since MANY of the Multimedia sound cards use the Yamaha
     chips (don't know if they are the "same" as the ST/TT/Falcon chip),
     that there might not be too much trouble doing it."

 Hal Dougherty tells Tom:

     "I have a Replay 4 cartridge for my 1040 STe and it plays the .wav
     files just fine.  All you have to do is set the sample rate and play.
     Some of the other sound players handle the samples just fine.   If you
     look at the wave form the first header bytes describe (to the ibm) how
     to replay the sample.  When I want to use a sound sampled on my ST, I
     just clip the header from a .wav file that's the same speed as one I
     want to move from my ST.  The IBM handles the file fine after that.
     I've got to get a Sound Blaster soon!  The beeps and clicks are
     driving me nuts."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine joins in and posts:

     "I've heard that the audio manager can read *.WAV files.  It should be
     a trivial program to write to read the files.  The spec is on-line in
     one of the microsoft forums as part of the RIFF specification.
     I don't know what chips are used in the PC sound board but I wouldn't
     be surprised if they were Yamaha chips.  WAV sounds are just samples
     like other samples on the Atari.  I think it (WAV) supports at least
     stereo sound, 16-bit at 44.1khz sound too."

 Scott Sanders of SDS Software (the creator of the System Audio Manager,
 one of the great programs that will be included with each FALCON) tells
 Albert Dayes:

     "The program, System Audio Manager, which has been shown on the Falcon
     and is backward compatible to the STe does play .WAV as well as .AVR
     samples. It can also be used to convert between them. A detailed spec
     of the format is available in the Microsoft Windows Multimedia
     Programmer's Reference."

 On the subject of CD ROMs, John Amsler tells Hal Dougherty:

     "What *I* want to see is a CD . read *_AND_* write drive!!!!"

 Yeah, right.  A CD ROM that you can WRITE to.  Gee, some people have
 great imaginations, huh?  Huh?  what's that?

 Dan Cable tells us:

     "It's out now.  Phillips has a unit that will read and write once to
     CD-ROM.  It's also multi-session and so can be used for Kodak's Photo

 John replies to Dan:

     "That's good, but what I was talking about was a CD that can be read
     and *written* over and over again like a floppy disk.  I guess I'll
     have to wait until 2002 for something like that.  Sigh."

 Dan posts:

     "Nope. Not yet anyway. Besides by 2002 it might be something
     completely different in size, shape, etc."

 John Amsler posts:

     "I still don't understand why it is "impossible" to make a CD
     writable over and over again like a floppy disk.  I see no use buying
     a CD device if I can only write to it ONCE ... regardless how many
     TOCs it can have or where it puts them."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine explains:

     "Well magnetic optical is a CD-like medium that you can write to and
     erase a million plus times.  The is the closest thing to a floppy disk
     you will find.  I still haven't looked into the sony mini-disc (CD)
     which is supposed to be recordable.  But since it is audio rather than
     data it might be a while before the equivalent data version comes out
     if it does it all."

 Sysop Ron Luks adds:

     "You have to keep in mind that the original CD was designed
     SPECIFICALLY as a read-only device for the music market.  A dumb idea,
     but one of the original specifications was to insure that it would be
     a read-only medium.
     Therefore the technology of reading 'little pits' in the media (which
     are structural changes in the physical media) are far different from
     reading electrical signals which are easily rewritten.  A CD is really
     more of an extension of the old vinyl LP in that it is a PHYSICAL
     signature that is read instead of an electrical signature."

 Dick Paddock explains some of the nuts and bolts of CDs and CD ROMs:

     "I think it's the technology. Writable CD's are essentially created by
     blasting little pits in the smooth surface. As long as you don't try
     to be too restrictive on parameters, "unsmooth" is really easy to
     create with heat, for example. "Smooth," however, which is required as
     the equivalent of demagnetized, is really hard to create on the fly
     with something designed to create "unsmooth."

 From the Atari Arts Forum

 Ever since the dawn of the computer age, games have been a major part of
 the "Computer Experience".  Dan Danilowicz asks about Chess games:

     "I'd like to know which of the Chess programs available for the ST is
     considered the strongest, and where I can obtain a copy. I remember
     reading a review for a program in the not too distant past, that
     claimed that particular product actually figured out its opponent's
     strategy, which supposedly made its search for moves more efficient.
     Any ideas?"

 Albert Dayes, that busy Atari Explorer employee tells Dan:

     "The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Chessmaster

 Dan tells Albert:

     "Thanks for the reply, but I don't think that's the one. I guess I'll
     have to do some diggin' through my old magazines..."

 Sysop Bill Aycock tells adds:

     "The latest program in the Chessmaster series is probably pretty
     strong... I have Chessmaster 2100, and I know it's a lot better than I
     am. :-)  Most of the mail order places should be able to supply a

 In response to a question about who will be writing software for the
 FALCON, Jeff at Intersect Software says:

     "Who is writing low end software, that's a problem.  Who is writing
     high end software, LOTS of people, some even from the Next.
     High end doesn't sell alot of machines but with limited quantities
     available the first year, Atari will sell all they can produce.
     If the market looks good low end software developers will start
     producing for the Falcon, starting with upgrades of existing software
     to take advantage of the Falcon's features.
     1) Look for passive copy protections schemes in most of the new

     2) Slightly higher prices ($39 dollar ST software selling for ~ $79 on
     the Falcon).  

     3) Documentation on DISK with on-line help rather than paper manuals.
     4) Support through BBS's and CIS rather than phone support.
     5) Less advertising, more word of mouth and more use of tools like
     Soft Source on <grin> the other service for finding the software you
     need.  To be fair, CIS has the same service but is not well known for
     Atari machines."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 One unique facet of the Atari community is that we don't wait for someone
 else to tell us what want or need.  WE tell THEM.  To their credit, the
 developers in the Atari arena usually listen and try to comply.

 Let's see if any of them take this post from John Barnes:

     "I think it's time to do a little brainstorming on what might
     constitute a killer application for the Falcon.

     Greg Wageman mentioned Adobe Photoshop.  I think that is a great idea,
     particularly if a suitable input can be found for the picture. It
     seems to me that CCD SLR cameras with good resolution are on the
     market. If a unit can be developed with a SCSI-2 Interface, so that it
     would be applicable to all computers it might provide a way to achieve
     what Kodak is doing with its Photo CD ROM on a hobbyist's own desktop
     at a tolerable price.  The DSP chip might be able to do image
     compression pretty much on the fly, thus making it feasible to store a
     respectable length slide show on a Syquest Cartridge. Couple this with
     the possibility of wipes and other effects that the DSP chip can
     achieve in the image display and one might have a real stunner."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer tells John:

     "The Kodak PhotoCD stuff is created on the Sun SPARCstation and I'm
     not sure how additional hardware the need for compression.  The images
     can be up to 3000 by 2000 which is 25 megabytes too.  There is
     supposed to be a new authoring software next year (1993) which gives
     the ability to use two other standard PhotoCD portfolio and another
     type which I have forgotten the name.  The pixel sizes are limited to
     512 by 700 (or something very similar) and you can store quite a bit
     more.  The Kodak PhotoCD Philips writer units are not too expensive
     around $5000 or so.  So you should be able to use one to create any
     ISO-9660 CD-ROM, a PhotoCD, and PhotoCD portfolio standard disc. 
     Kodak stated that authoring tools for the PC should be out by mid
     1993.  They have an entire section in the Photoforum dedicated to
     Kodak's PhotoCD and you can leave messages to Paul McAffe who is the
     Kodak rep too."

 John Amsler asks:

     "Hmmm.  OK; here's another loony question:  is there a
     board/card/whatever that has both a 68000 and a 68030, even if it
     would only allow one version of TOS, i.e., 2.06?
     Is such a board even possible?"

 Albert Dayes answers:

     "I recall a Fast Tech product that has both an '030 and 68000 in their
     with TOS 2.06."

 Albert is quite correct.  The Fast Tech Turbo 030 and Tiny Turbo 030 both
 contain 68000 and 68030 microprocessors and TOS 2.06 with enhancements for
 the accelerator board.

 Well folks, that's about all the time we have for this week.  Tune in
 again next time and listen to what they are saying when...

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                              HAPPY HALLOWEEN
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 > STUMPF SPEAKS UP! A HOAX!! STR Spotlight  "....Truly "FOOLS GOLD!"

 From GEnie's ST RT

 Category 24,  Topic 2
 Message 30        Sun Nov 01, 1992
 D.JACOBSON2 [Dana]           at 12:30 EST
  It truly is unfortunate that people still resort to making this kind of
 "news"to alienate users and Atari.  Fortunately, the hoax was discovered
 quickly enough and people are made aware of it before any real "damage" 
 was done.

              Dana @ STReport International Online Magazine

     Below, we present THE HOAX, in both German and english, a "Fidonet
 post from Alwin Stumpf", sent us by an honestly concerned Atari


 Item    1925192                 92/10/27        22:53

 From:   x.xxxxx                         xxxxx xxxx

 To:     ST.REPORT                       Ralph F. Mariano

 Sub: Alwin Stumpf/the FALCON


 I just found the following message on FidoNet, it was cross posted
 from MAUS Net in Germany.  I just thought I would pass it along in case
 you haven't seen it or heard about it.  The translation is mine and only
 contains the highlights.  If you want a more complete translation just
 let me know.  Ralph, feel free to correct/change any of my text (for
 spelling, grammar, readability, whatever, etc.).

 From: Alwin Stumpf @ ST
 To  : All
 Subj: ATARI's future

 Dear ATARI users,

 I am sure you are aware that I am no longer working at ATARI Corp. 
 Different personal and inner company reasons made me do this, not so easy
 a step.

     I understand the current German ATARI market is categorized as one of
 the strongest markets anywhere, and I am sure that makes it hard to
 understand why I left.  I appreciate your feelings deeply.  My decision to
 leave ATARI was strengthened as a result of it being decided to stop
 FALCON production because people noticed that the planned customers
 weren't ready to invest between 2300 and 3500 German Marks ($1300 and
 $2000).  These persons would most likely buy a MS DOS compatible computer
 or even a Macintosh instead of putting a low end machine with very limited
 uses in their house.  At this time however, a few FALCONS are being
 delivered to a few select, handpicked German dealers, these belong to the
 first production run and are without, as announced, MultiTOS.  Instead,
 they are being delivered with the single tasking TOS 4.0x.  The number of
 machines are limited and will be the only ones available for the time
 being.  You most likely will not understand this unusual strategy, but why
 should we produce thousands upon thousands of FALCONS that can't be sold?

     The FSM-GDOS and MultiTOS production had to be stopped in the last
 minute because 1) a renegotiation with Mr. Eric Smith (copyright) and 2)
 differences between ATARI and Bitstream.  Naturally ATARI knows that
 MultiTOS, for the entire semiprofessional area, shouldn't be
 underestimated and that the MT project will be taken up again.

     The SUTRA project is still under high pressure development and should
 come out around the first of April 1993.

     The entire ATARI product line is still going to be 'fully supported'
 as much as possible, although the 68030 class of computers will have to be
 held back until it is believed they have a fairly good chance in the
 market.  At this time, the need for powerful machines seems to be
 satisfied by the TT and ATARI is having it hard enough as it is.  I hope I
 was able to give you a small picture into ATARI's future and I beg of you
 not to doubt in ATARI's credibility.   Think positive!

                                        I wish you all much luck

                                        With friendly grusses

                                             Alwin Stumpf
                              (former General Manager, ATARI Germany)

 Msg #91 / 1-93  Time: 25 Oct 92  20:00:00
 From: Alwin Stumpf @ ST
 To  : All
 Subj: ATARI's Zukunft
  * Originally from Area 'Atari.Soft'
  * Originally to
  * Forwarded by Thorsten Bella on 2:245/8.35, 27 Oct 92  00:30:02

 Verehrte ATARI-Anwenderinnen und ATARI-Anwender,

 sicher ist es Ihnen bekannt geworden, da ich nicht mehr bei der Firma
 ATARI Corp. beschftigt bin. Leider zwangen mich diverse persnliche und
 innerbetriebliche Grnde zu diesem, nicht gerade leichtem, Schritt.

 Mir ist klar, da gerade der deutsche ATARI-Markt zu den kaufkrftigsten
 Mrkten berhaupt gehrt, deswegen kann ich Ihre Emprung durchaus verstehen.
 Mein Entschlu ATARI zu verlassen wurde noch verstrkt, als beschlossen
 wurde den FALCON gnzlich einzustellen, weil man gemerkt hat, da die
 Zielgruppe nicht bereit sei eine Summe zwischen 2300,- und 3500,- DM zu
 investieren. Die Zielgruppe wrde wahrscheinlich eher einen MS
 DOS-kompatiblen Rechner oder gar einen Macintosh erwerben, als sich einen
 LowCost-Rechner mit sehr begrenztem Einsatzbereich in die Stube zu
 stellen. Zur Zeit werden jedoch einige FALCONS an handverlesene deutsche
 Fachhndler ausgeliefert, die aus der Erstproduktion stammen und leider
 nicht, wie angekndigt, mit MultiTOS, sondern mit einem SingleTask-TOS 4.0x
 ausgeliefert werden. Diese Gerte sind limitiert und werden vorerst die
 einzigen sein, die ausgeliefert werden. Sie haben sicherlich Verstndnis fr
 diese recht ungewhnliche Strategie, aber warum sollten wir zigtausende
 FALCONs produzieren, die gar nicht verkauft werden knnen.

 Die Entwicklung von FSM-GDOS und MultiTOS muten wir leider auch in letzter
 Minute stoppen, weil es 1. groe Probleme mit Herrn Eric Smith
 (Urheberrechtsstreitigkeiten) und 2. diskrepanzen zwischen ATARI und
 Bitstream gibt. Natrlich ist es ATARI bekannt, da MultiTOS eine nicht zu
 unterschtzende Wirkung auf den gesamten semiprofessionellen Bereich hat
 und deshalb wird das Projekt MT wahrscheinlich dann wieder in Angriff
 genommen werden, wenn die Diskrepanzen aus dem Weg gerumt werden konnten.
 Leider zwangen immer wieder innerbetriebliche Unstimmigkeiten und
 Umstrukturierungen zu einem Aufschub und zuletzt zu einem Stop der

 Das SUTRA-Projekt wird aber dennoch mit Hochdruck weiterentwicklet;
 kommt aber vorraussichtlich erst Anfang April 1993 auf den Markt.
 Leider arbeiten die Programmierer in Israel und so ist die Koordinierung
 des Projekts als uerst schwierig anzusehen.

 Die gesamte ATARI-Palette wird nach besten Krften weiter 'gesupportet';
 hingegen wird man sich bei den Rechner der 68030-Klasse einschrnken mssen,
 um noch einigermaen am Markt bestehen zu knnen. Weltweit ist zur Zeit der
 Bedarf an leistungsfhigen Maschinen gedeckt und da hat es ATARI schwer
 genug, sich zu plazieren.

 Ich hoffe, ich konnte Ihnen einen kleinen Einblick in die nahe Zukunft von
 ATARI geben und bitte Sie nicht an die Glaubwrdigkeit von ATARI zu
 zweifeln, sondern mit viel Geduld und Nachsicht an die Zukunft zu denken.
 Think positive!

 Hiermit mchte ich auch gleich die Gelegenheit nutzen, den deutschen
 Entwicklern ein groes Lob auszusprechen. - Gerade die hier anwesenden
 Entwickler haben mit ihrem Engagement und ihrer Hartnckigkeit sehr viel
 dazu beigetragen, da ATARI in einigen Bereichen Fu fassen konnte. Allen
 voran Herrn Julian Reschke, Herrn Karsten Isakovic und die Firma DMC.
 Leider muten wir aber feststellen, da immer mehr Softwarehuser ihre
 Software auf andere Plattformen portieren (beispielsweise Calamus SL) und
 somit nicht unerheblich an der momentanen Situation beteiligt sind. Mir
 ist bewut, da eine Erweiterung der Produktpalette und der Flexibiltt, mit
 sehr groen Risiken verbunden ist und deshalb apelliere ich an alle
 Entwickler, auch einmal den inneren Schweinehund zu berwinden und mit
 anderen Sofwarehusern noch enger zusammenzuarbeiten. Einigt Euch auf
 Standards. Gestaltet intuitive Oberflchen.  Investiert ein paar Mark mehr
 fr  unabhngige Handbuchautoren und Ihr werdet sehen, es kommen sehr bald
 bessere Zeiten auf Euch zu! Motiviert Euch - Nur wer selbst brennt, kann
 andere entflammen!

 Viele von Ihnen werden sicherlich gemerkt haben, da Herr Normen Kowalewski
 nicht mehr im MausNet schreibt. Das hat natrlich verschiedene Grnde auf
 die ich hier leider nicht eingehen mchte und darf. Fest steht, da Herr
 Kowaleski nicht mehr fr die Firma ATARI Deutschland GmbH ttig ist. Herr
 Kowaleski verlt auf eigenem Wunsch die Firma ATARI. Er grt Sie alle
 recht herzlich an dieser Stelle und bittet Sie gleichzeitig um
 Entschuldigung fr den etwas abrupten Abbruch seines Services innerhalb des

 Zum Schlu mchte ich mich bei Ihnen allen fr die jahrelange Treue
 gegenber der Firma ATARI und mir bedanken. Allen Unkenrufen zum Trotz geht
 es ATARI relativ gut und wir hoffen innerhalb der nchsten 12 Monate einen
 neuen Anfang machen zu knnen - vielleicht mit einem neuen 68040er fr die
 professionellen Anwender!

 Ihnen allen viel Glck!

 Mit freundlichen Gren

      Alwin Stumpf
      (ehemals Geschftsfhrer ATARI Deutschland GmbH)


 Editor note;

 The following messages appeared in GEnie's ST RT relative to the STUMPF

 Category 24,  Topic 2
 Message 25        Sat Oct 31, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 16:18 EDT
 In response to the message from Alvin.. 

  1. The BitStream version of GDOS is still under development. We have
     not stopped development on this product. In addition, Atari has a
     great relationship with BitStream and we are not experiencing any
     licensing problems with them at all.

  2. Eric Smith will be a regular, full-time employee of Atari Corp.
     around the 2nd of November 1992. As Eric stated about 3 days ago
     on USEnet, Atari has fulfilled all of its licensing requirements
     with Eric and there is NO copyright dispute. Also, as you might  
     imagine.. our relationship with Eric is quite good :-)

  3. As for Falcon030 production.. I have heard nothing about this.
     As far as I know, production is continuing as planned.

  -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.


 Category 24,  Topic 2
 Message 26        Sat Oct 31, 1992
 POTECHIN [Nathan @ DMC]      at 16:54 EST
 I have just received a surprise guest from Germany, Mr. Michael Bernards
 of Color Concept and RUFUS fame. Michael has just arrived from Germany and
 one of the first things that he shared with me was all of the nonsense
 messages that have been appearing on the German MouseNet including the now
 infamous message that was supposedly from Mr. Stumpf titled "Atari's
 Future". Since Mr. Stumpf has never posted a message in 7 years and anyone
 in the MouseNet can choose to put whatever name they wish, it was quickly
 determined, at least in Germany, that the message was a hoax and a farce.
 Unfortunately, my information has arrived just one day to late. Sigh. I
 did speak with Mr. Mariano on this issue and I'm certain that he was also
 unaware of the hoax, as were we all, until now. I thought I'd better pass
 this along though. A few days after the message from Mr. Stumpf was
 supposedly posted, another post arrived supposedly authored by Mr. Jack
 Tramiel (who we all know from his frequent posts here) :-) and a few days
 later apparently Jesus of Nazareth left a post as well, clearly
 establishing the ability of anyone on MouseNet to send a message and
 indicate any name they so chose.

 I was really upset by that article that appeared to be authored by Mr.
 Stumpf.  It was a contradiction of everything I had ever learned about the
 man over many years. I was glad that Michael appeared and explained in
 such a timely fashion.

 Thank you for your kind words on Calamus and INVISION Elite by the way. I
 appreciated it.

                Nathan @ DMC Publishing


 Category 24,  Topic 2
 Message 27        Sun Nov 01, 1992
 B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 01:51 EST
 Please let me assure all that the "Stumpf Posting" was indeed a hoax.
 There is very little to say about it other than it is unfortunate that
 people buy into hoaxes so easily.  I wonder how much back-up "reporting"
 was done to confirm this?  I am very disappointed that this was printed
 without a headline to the affect of: "Halloween Hoax". 

 As John said, (and STReport reported) Eric Smith is joining us this week,
 we have a wonderful relationship with Bitstream (and Alwin  wasn't
 involved with the SpeedoGDOS project anyway :-) and Falcon production is
 in the process of being stepped up. Overall, I've got to say things are
 going along pretty well, aside from unnecessary distractions such as this
 issue :-)

 Happy Halloween, everybody!


 Category 24,  Topic 2
 Message 28        Sun Nov 01, 1992
 ST.REPORT [Ralph]            at 07:40 EST

       Thank you  for the clarification.  As always, your input is very
   much appreciated.


       I certainly acknowledge your  comments  relative  to  the Stumpf
   MauseNet post.  The illustrative points of information you make have
   been corroborated thoroughly.  The "Stumpf" post was  indeed a cruel
   hoax.   I also  thank you  for making  it known that we were totally
   unaware of this message being a hoax as,  I am  sure, the individual
   who sent  it to  us was.   We did check with three folks we normally
   talk with the day it came in and they had stated that "most all" the
   German "big  whigs and  developers" use  MauseNet and  that it was a
   good source of reliable info.  We now know otherwise.


       I find myself at a loss to explain the hoax,  other than  to say
   it was  done very  well and to assure you a full article relative to
   the hoax will appear next week  clearing  up  the  confusion.   Also
   steps have been taken to ensure such occurances are minimized.

       "Back-up  reporting?"    Quite  honestly,  the  normal  incoming
   information process was followed  and  all  appeared  to  be normal.
   Evidently, we'll now be forced to dismiss a large percentage of what
   comes through the "Mause" Net as being totally  unreliable.   I must
   ask  though,  that  you  not  be  "disappointed"  by  the  lack of a
   "Halloween Hoax" headline in this week's  issue.   I'm sure  it too,
   will appear in next week's issue.

              Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

     As promised, the sole purpose of the article you are now reading is to
 point out the STUMPF HOAX for what it is; a pathetic HOAX.  The situation
 is deplorable.  To think there are still those who would try to do harm to
 Atari by using another man's good name and reputation as a catalyst is
 reprehensible.  I've asked  a number of our European correspondents to
 check deeply into this matter in hopes of discovering the perpetrator of
 such a hoax.  I'd like to think its merely a Halloween Prank but, even as
 such, it leaves a great deal to be desired.
     A. Stumpf, for the record, has had a brilliant career with Atari Corp.
 in fact, he's become a highly successful professional as a result of his
 years with Atari.  There is no possible way Stumpf could've or would've
 posted such non-sense in the "mausenet".  The name of the network alone
 should've been warning enough.  Stumpf, in seven years, has never posted
 on "mausenet" or any other 'network' for that matter.  
     Someone suggested Stumpf departed from Atari under 'less than pleasant
 conditions'... nothing, absolutely nothing, could be farther from the
 truth.  Suffice it to say, he is quite comfortable and positively harbors
 no ill will toward Atari.


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 > The Flip Side STR Feature             "... a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 Comments about the new HP LaserJet IV - Cat. 1, Topic 4, Msgs 188-189 
 - From the Soft Logik RT on Genie....
 Question from Charlie Montgomery (Design for Print)...
   Has anyone seen the new HP LaserJet IV (600x600dpi)? If so how does it 
   work with Atari PageStream. Is PostScript or HP mode the way to go 
   with PGS & HP ?

 Answer from Nevin Shalit (sysop)...
   I have an HP4 at work, and it is GREAT. We're getting another one 
   later in the week, and this one will have PostScript and 6 megs of 
   memory. The output of the HP4 is tremendous.

   One thing to remember....PGS's HP driver only goes to 300DPI, and this 
   shows when using the HP4. I'll test the printer with PGS-generated 
   PScript code, and let you know how that works out.


    -- The Following Posts Are All From The ST Roundtable On Genie  --

 Gemulator Update from Darek (BRASOFT) - Cat. 19, Topic 15, Msg. 96....
   Gemulator 2.0 update disks are now being copied and shipped out. If 
   you paid for the update you'll be receiving it later this week or 
   early next week. I'll be uploading a press release with more detailed 
   info, but here is a rough list of improvements over the shareware 

   - smaller file size - 1.7 meg vs. 2.9 meg, this results in faster 
   loading, more space on the hard disk, and in some cases (like on 4 
   megabyte PCs) it eliminates the need to use virtual memory. On a 16 
   Mhz 386 machine with 4 megabytes of RAM (a relatively slow system), 
   the time to boot up the GEM desktop dropped from 3 minutes to 20 
   seconds! That includes the time to load in the Gemulator program, 
   initialize the ROMs, and boot up the desktop.

   - faster emulation, roughly 10% faster on 386 machines, and 20% faster 
   on 486 machines, it varies from machine to machine and program to 

   - faster mouse response, much easier clicking and double clicking, and 
   less "mouse lag".

   - the ability to read and write to MS-DOS hard disk partitions SMALLER 
   than 32 megabytes.

   - the ability to emulate anywhere from 512K to 8 megabytes of ST RAM, 
   instead of being fixed at 2 megabytes of ST RAM.

   - VGA graphics support (a.k.a. TT medium resolution). It supports the 
   standard 3 ST resolutions plus 640x480 16 color VGA mode.

   - faster floppy loading - the speed at which programs load from floppy 
   disk is up to 50% faster on 10 sector and 1.44 meg disks.

   - a GEMUL8R.INI file allows you to automatically set such settings as 
   MONO, COLOR, SWAP, BOTH, etc, each time you run Gemulator.

   - compatibility problems with GFA Basic 3.6, Wercs, and some other 
   programs have been fixed.

   These features fix or improve many of the problems that have been 
   raised here over the last two months.

   I am now working on the 32 megabyte hard disk limitation. My hard disk 
   driver will be ready in a few weeks and will be mailed free of charge 
   to people that are now being sent the 2.0 update. So unless your 
   mailing address changes, you don't need to do anything to get that 
   second disk. The driver also contains clock support so that when you 
   boot up the GEM desktop it is using the same time and date as your PC.


 From LYRE, about the OCR [Optical Character Recognition] from Migraph - 
 Cat. 5, Topic 10, Msg. 110....

   Just a comment concerning OCR's system requirements / abilities accor-
   ding to the flyer that they sent me (on request):

     o Process any scanned text in IMG, IFF or TIFF format.
     o Save scanned text in ASCII format.
     o Direct support of Migraph, Alfadata and Golden Image hand 
     o Allows use of other scanners - including flatbed, but not directly 
     o Omnifont technology (mathematical definitions, not raster images) 
       used to recognize text.
     o Automatic recognition of 20 fonts (including Courier, Helvetica, 
       Times, Bookman, Letter Gothic and Artisan).
     o Font sizes recognized for included fonts is between 8-18 points.
     o Reads 8-18 point proportional or monospaced fonts, whether 
       typewritten, typeset, laser printed or NLQ dot matrix.
     o Linguistic databases for English, German and French make 
       intelligent interpretations of unusual, defaced or questionable 
     o Use locator, multiple zoom levels and polylines to view and select 
       text to save time and disk space.
     o Works on any ST, STe, Mega or TT computer with 2MB of memory and a 
       hard disk. (4MB recommended for flatbed scanners.)

   All of the above is from the flyer. It has been paraphrased in places, 
   but should be basically correct. Just thought that I would pass this 
   info on to anyone else interested.

   The essential information for Migraph is as follows:

   Migraph, Inc.
   32700 Pacific Hwy. S., Suite 12
   Federal Way, WA 98003

   Tel: 206-838-4677 9am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time
   Fax: 206-838-4702 24hrs

   In the US for product orders or upgrades only: Tel: 800-223-3729


 About the new role-playing game, Amberstar - Cat. 9, Topic 15, Msgs 1-
 From E.BAIZ...
   This game looks to be one of the best role-playing games for the ST 
   yet. The gameplay is great, the graphics are smooth and the sound is 
   not bad either. The game ide a is much like an Ultima game. When you 
   are on the surface you get an overview of the whole area. When you are 
   in a dungeon it is much like a DM game. ST Action gave it a 92% rating 
   and said there are plenty of hours tucked away. This game is played 
   with a mouse and must be played on a hard drive due to it's size. It 
   might be able to be played on floppies, but that is not the impression 
   I got from the article I read. Should be out very soon if not now.

 From John Hoffman...
   Wait no more, this game came out yesterday. So I took the risk and 
   bought it. So far this seems like an excellent game.

   As stated earlier it is very much like an Ultima game. I think I would 
   say it is very comparable to Ultima V. For people that might be thin-
   king of Ultima VI, this game is real fast. After playing for awhile on 
   Ultima VI this game responds almost too quickly.

   The documentation is impressive looking but is lacking in details that 
   would be necessary for the novice player. The novel although is quite 
   good. I would have like more hints on how to get started and details 
   on character stats and development. After reading the documentation a 
   couple of times and playing for a couple of hours I have many unans-
   wered questions. So documentation is fair...

   Sound is so far pitiful. As in many games of this sort the sound is a 
   background tune that I turned off after about 10 minutes of play. 
   Fortunately under the game save menu there is an option to turn the 
   music off. So far no digitized sounds that I've noticed.

   Graphics are very well done. The images are clear and colors are well 
   used. movement of character is quick and lively. In 3D mode movement 
   is also fast. I have yet to meet any enemies in the dungeons I've been 
   in so I don't know what the graphics will look like. Dungeons and 
   cities are displays in a 3D perspective view like Dungeon Master. 
   Combat in the wilderness displays a 3D view of the enemies and a 
   tactical board view of the enemy and good guys off to the side. The 
   wilderness is the only place I have encountered enemies. Alas, it was 
   a VERY short battle. One attempt at hitting the orcs which both of my 
   characters missed, and then each character recieved one blow ending 
   the combat with discouraging results. Wilderness and buildings are 
   represented in a 2D birds eye view. Much of the early part of the game 
   I have spent exploring buildings and gaining basic equipment and 
   talking to people. I even found a character willing to join my party.

   So far I seem to have a large number of things to do but insufficient 
   tools and experience to do any of the things requested. Two dungeons 
   that I have entered won't let me go anywhere because of doors that 
   won't budge. Apparently I need to find a crowbar of some similar tool 
   to open the doors. These doors aren't locked just rusted shut or 
   rotted. I still have the sewers to checkout maybe there I'll find my 
   crowbar. I can also perhaps go to the cemetary and wait for a ghost. 
   As you talk to people you will be given a variety of quests. So far I 
   have 4 tasks or quests that I have been asked to complete. All this 
   activity has been in one city. Visable on the map are at least 7 
   cities, castles or ruins. I think there is a lot to this game. Oh make 
   that 4 dungeons I know of so far. There is also one in a crypt in the 
   cemetary. At least I think it is.....
   BTW I forgot to mention one of the nicest features in the game. There 
   is an automap feature that generates a map as you explore. This is 
   real nice!!....
   Sound on Amberstar is pretty much pointless. There is background chip 
   music and no digitized sounds that I've noticed.

   The documentation says this game will use as much memory as is avail-
   able in your computer. This would seem to imply that if you had enough 
   memory you wouldn't need to have much disk access. For installation on 
   floppy there is a cache program included on the disks to improve 
   floppy performance.

   I think that this is a very large game. So far each 3D dungeon has 
   been unique in atmosphere. The sewers had water down the center of the 
   coridors and various pipes dumping water into the corridors. The 
   cellar had caskets and ruble piles. The basement had yet another set 
   of distinctive features. There also variations in color.

   The game size might be implied in the story. The task defined in the 
   story is to stop Marimion from gaining power to perform the ritual to 
   bring Tarbos, the god of chaos back. To stop Marimion you must find 
   and enter Godsbane. To get to Godsbane you must pass through Bralkurs 
   teleport which leads through the demonic realms. You must also find 
   the thirteen pieces of the Amberstar. Some pieces have been lost 
   others are being kept. You must search Lyramion for clues for the 
   location of the pieces. Once you find all the pieces you must assemble 
   the amberstar. This must happen in a special place, sadly no- one 
   knows where.

   I have played about 8-10 hours and have never left the city you start 
   in other than for just a quick exploration. There is still a lot in 
   the city I haven't figured out yet. I now have to missions to other 
   cities to find other guilds so I will be leaving the city tonight to 
   expore the wilderness. I still feel that I've missed something since I 
   still haven't found a crowbar.


 Hard drive question - Cat. 14, Topic 9, Msgs 90-98...

 Question from J.H.ENGLISH...
   I have recently purchased a Mastor 7213S hard drive.  I have a MegaSTE 
   unit and have installed the Atari hard drive adaptor.  I cannot get 
   the system to recognize the hard drive.  I have had an Atari tech look 
   at the unit.  We formatted a Seagate drive with my unit.  The tech 
   seems to think it is the Maxtor hard drive.  Does anyone have any 
 Response from Wayne Watson...
   I also have the Maxtor 7213S drive and it works with the Atari 
   software. It was previously formatted with Atari's software at the 
   dealers. Look around on the drive for any jumpers and remove ALL that 
   you find. There may be a parity jumper on it. Without taking it apart, 
   I can't remember if it requires a jumper for SCSI 0 but I don't think 
   so. The drive does work with the system though and it works great. I 
   get about 1100K transfer rate using RATEHD.PRG from ICD.
 Answer from Sheldon Winick (Computer Studio)...
   We've used the Maxtor 7213S with Atari's software in the TT030 without 
   any problems. There's no reason it shouldn't work in the MegaSTe as 
   long as all the jumpers on the drive are properly set. You should be 
   able to get the proper jumper settings from wherever you bought the 
   drive from -- or call Maxtor directly.

   Make sure you've also removed the terminator resistors from the drive. 
   It will NOT work in the MegaSTe if the terminators are left in place.
 More questions, this time from Mike Allen...
   What is the bit with the terminators on the 7213S in a MSTe?

   When I swapped from the Seacrate to a 7120S I noticed that there were 
   no terminators in the Seacrate but I left the terminators in the 7120S 
   and have had no problems. Is this a unique problem with the 7213S?
 Answer from Sheldon Winick...
   The first and last SCSI devices in the SCSI chain need to be termin-
   ated. That applies to SCSI devices that are actually connected as SCSI 
   devices in the TT030 or Falcon.

   However, SCSI devices connected to an ST/STe/MegaSTe, etc. using a 
   separate host adapter, are actually being used as DMA (ACSI) devices 
   so terminators are not needed, and may in fact interfere with proper 
   operation if left in place. Some peripherals may work with the termin-
   ators left in place, others won't. Best thing to do when installing a 
   new peripheral in the DMA chain is to remove the terminators to 
   prevent any possible conflict.
 Reply from DOUG.W (ICD)...
   The drives on each end of ANY SCSI bus should be terminated. That 
   includes SCSI buses that originate with a host adapter. The thing to 
   keep in mind is that with a host adapter connected to the TT's DMA 
   port, there are TWO SCSI buses - the one originating at the SCSI con-
   nector on the back of the computer, and the one originating at the 
   host adapter. It's also important to keep in mind that most host adap-
   ters have terminators so that only one attached drive (the farthest 
   from the host adapter) should be terminated.


 Questions about support for the DC software now carried by Trace Tech-
 nologies - Cat. 2, Topic 12, Msgs 5-6...
 Question from Pete Killian...

   Now that you are out on your own, how will this affect the DC 
   Utilities package? Specifically, will there be an upgrade to the 
   extract shell to cover LH5 compression? If your new company does not 
   have the rights to it, will you do a new shell or do you know if DC 
   will ever bring it up to date?

   What about DC Desktop (and other DC products you might have been 
   involved with)?

   P.S. I also regularly use Data Diet and eagerly look forward to seeing 
   how you will improve it.
 Answer from Kieth Gerdes (Trace Technologies)...
   My "new" venture will have no effect on the current DC Desktop, DC 
   Utilites 2 and DC Shower packages from Double Click Software- all are 
   still available in their entirety from DCS.

   As you mentioned, the DCU2 package still needs one module updated/ 
   upgraded- Xtract+ by Paul Lee. LH5 type compression (LZH&ZOO) has been 
   included in its 'test version' for _some_ time now. Please check with 
   DC in CAT30 TOP2 for the current status...

   All modules that I wrote in the above three packages will continue to 
   be available in their current form as long as DC wants to distribute 
   them. Overview: DCU2 - Squish 1.4 and the RAMdisk stuff. DCD - ICE, 
   DeskDrop and AUTO GUI. DCShower - ShowPIC and ShowHEX.

   The only thing in relation to myself that has changed at DC is the 
   fact they are no longer distributing my Data Diet package. The 
   distribution contract expired and I felt that I should use my own 
   company to launch and support Data Diet v2, Data Rescue and.....

   You see my commercial programs distributed by DC were on a contract 
   basis. Many people have the wrong idea about my part in DC - I had no 
   official role. The three DC partners are/were (not really sure 
   nowadays) Michael Vederman, Paul Lee and Gilbert Callaghan. Gilbert 
   played what I call the silent partner since he worked on hardware 
   while DC was mainly software. Because of this, I guess I mistakenly 
   got his spot in people's perception of DC since my name was seen 

   Looking back, my only regret is that I never used a company name in 
   conjunction with my personal name especially with DD... It would have 
   made this period for TraceTech so much easier!

   And what do users think? I guess only time will tell. :)

   By the way, look for the upgrade notice and demo of DDv2 this month!

 Special on Recipe Box and Recipe Converter from Anthony Watson (Mountain 
 Software) - Cat. 2, Topic 32, Msg. 79...
                             Holiday Special 

   Well, the holidays are fast approaching! Seems to start earlier every 
   year? Time to start your Christmas shopping, and planning your 
   Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

   So, in keeping with the holiday spirit, and to do my part in bringing 
   a little joy into your life this season, I'm offering a special on The 
   Recipe Box and/or Recipe Converter!

   From November 1, 1992 to December 25, 1992 you can register The Recipe 
   Box for only $15, and The Recipe Converter for $10. That's a $10 
   savings on the package! (Though you can register just one if that's 
   all you need?)

   If you register during this holiday special, I'll include a 
   compilation of various holiday recipes to assist you in getting those 
   meals ready!

   P.S. Be Sure to mention 'HOLIDAY SPECIAL' when you register so that 
   you will receive the holiday recipes!



 About HD Sentry from David Beckemeyer (Beckemeyer Development) - Cat. 2, 
 Topic 34, Msg. 177...
   ...the latest version of HD Sentry is V1.3. There are basically two 
   ways to upgrade. You can send in your disk, plus a $10 update fee and 
   $5 for S&H (US). We will upgrade your old disk and send it back. If 
   you would also like a new manual, include an addional $5 ($20 total). 
   Send to:

   Beckemeyer Development
   P.O. Box 21575
   Oakland, CA 94620

   The other way to upgrade is to call our BBS and download the latest 
   version. The phone number is 510-530-9682. 1200/2400/9600/14.4K 
   (V32bis) speeds are supported. 24hrs, 365 days/yr. You could also call 
   the office and order by phone ($5 extra for duplicate disk). The voice 
   number is 510-530-9637.

 Some general info from Bud Connolly - Cat. 4, Topic 16, Msg. 31...
  Conner Peripherals: 408/433-3340 
  Seagate:            800/468-3472

  These are Technical Support phone numbers.

  Seagate BBS: 408/438-8771

  Mailing Addresses:

  Conner Peripherals            Seagate Technology 
  3081 Zanker Road              920 Disc Drive 
  San Jose, CA 95134-2128       Scotts Valley, CA 95066-4544 
  408/456-4500                  408/438-6550


 Atari Dealer Moves - from Mike Drysdale (Team Computers) - Cat. 14, 
 Topic 2, Msg. 19...

   Team Computers, Southeast Michigan's largest Atari dealer, is pleased 
   to announce that it is moving to a new, larger location in Clinton 
   Township, Michigan. In this new facility we will be doing business as 
   POWER Computers.

   The new location is over twice the size of Team's current building in 
   Eastpointe, Michigan. The new store front is in the Imperial Plaza on 
   Garfield Road between 18 Mile Road and Canal. This plaza is anchored 
   by a Kmart, a Kroger food store and an Arbor Drugs. Clinton Township 
   is one of Michigan's fastest growing areas.

   We are also pleased to announce the formation of our new Vertical 
   Market, Value Added division, GenTech. GenTech will market solutions 
   for desktop publishing, networking, document imaging, business 
   specific solutions and consulting. This outside sales effort combined 
   with an expanded service department will strengthen our position as 
   one of Michigan's leading computer stores.

   POWER Computers will open for business on November 12th.

   Team Computers is a full service computer store that has been in 
   business since 1984 specializing in the home and small business user.

 About Atari's new Speedo GDOS - Cat. 14, Topic 35, Msgs 1-2....
 Question from J.LUCIEN1...
   I would like to ask any ATARI official to please explain the advan-
   tages of Speedo GDOS versus FSM and Font GDOS.  Also (if possible), 
   price, projected release date, system requirements, etc.

 Answer from John Townsend (Atari)...
   SpeedoGDOS will use less memory than FSMGDOS and will be faster too. 
   The fonts are widely available and are relatively cheap.

   As for FontGDOS.. SpeedoGDOS has scalable fonts. FontGDOS uses bit-
   mapped GDOS fonts only. The output of SpeedoGDOS will be WAY better 
   than FontGDOS.

   SpeedoGDOS will work on any ST, STE, Mega STE, Falcon030, Mega, TT, 
   etc. I wish I could give you a definite RAM requirement, but I can't. 
   I believe that SpeedoGDOS could potentially run in as little as 512K 
   (depending on what applications and printers you are using..)

   As for date of delivery and price.. Sorry, I don't have that informa-
   tion as of yet. As soon as I have something, I will post it here!

 There's been some questions concerning the future of AIM - Cat. 15, 
 Topic 11, Msgs 80-81...
 From John Nagy (AtariUser)...
   I received an issue of AIM about 2 weeks back that was labled "FALL". 
   It was in newsprint, another mag following ATARIUSER's format due to 
   high costs of printing. It also featured an editorial from Bill and 
   Pattie that decryed the current sales situation they are having, told 
   of 2 mag distributors that closed owing AIM money, and promised to 
   continue publication, if on an irregular schedule, until things 
 From Dorothy Brumleve (Kidprgs)...
   ...I have in my hands a copy of the "Fall 1992" AIM, distributed at 
   the WAACE show in October. As the editorial explains, AIM has been 
   going through some changes; unfortunately, some are due to financial 
   problems. They've had problems both with advertisers and distributors. 
   They are temporarily printing on newsprint like AtariUser and 
   frequency of publication has been temporarily reduced. "The question 
   isn't whether or not AIM is going to still be around; the question is 
   only how many issues will be produced until Atari begins resupplying 
   the market with quantities of products to sell. And the answer will be 
   determined solely by finances." Unicorn Publications, the publisher of 
   AIM, is also publishing an 8-bit-only newsletter now. This was also 
   distributed at WAACE.

 From D.SEBERG - How to order Stalker and contact Gribnif Software - Cat. 
 17, Topic 3, Msg 143...

   ...To order Stalker call or write to the following:

      Gribnif Software
      P.O. Box 779
      Northampton,  MA 01061

      1-413-247-5620  Voice
      1-413-247-5622  Fax

   You can order Stalker or any of a multitude of other programs directly 
   from Gribnif Software.


 Some interesting stuff from Lee (Lexicor) - Cat. 18, Topic 22, Msg 66...
   Well it is actually much worse for AMIGA than most folks realize, at 
   least in one sense. Right now in the development stages "and I stress" 
   development stages, there is an External Genlock with True color Frame 
   capture being worked on [for the Falcon030]. This hardware may also 
   include MPEG and sound support.  Several of the best ATARI developers 
   of software and hardware are working together to build what might be 
   compared to the Toaster from newteck. The difference would be that the 
   ATARI equivlant would be far less expensive and much faster. This is 
   not the usual blue sky contempolation.

   Hardware has been built and tested with the Falcon030 software is 
   underway pointed at a suite of Multimedia and DTV applications, 
   including Video Titling with realtime video image mapping on scrolling 
   fonts, wipes ect. PI-PO on screen windowing under Multi-TOS. The usual 
   Genlock app's and links to high end graphics work stations. One recent 
   demonstration of this type of applications was shown at the Glendale 
   Atari show a few months back. One real impressive demonstration was a 
   realtime 15 bit true color vido w/stero sound of the TERMINATOR demo 
   from Silicon Graphics which was genlocked to the Falcon and displayed 
   on the Falcon screen.

   Of course this is all just in the proto-type stages and dependent on 
   ATARI / Falcon030 marketing in the US and of course demand by the US 

   If you want more information you might touch bases with BOB-BRODIE @ 
   Atari, as he was at the Glendale show and quite interested in these 


 Until next time.....


 > A.C.T. NOW! STR InfoFile               Atari Community Together Now

                       Atari Community Together Now
                           Campaign Organizers:
                           Len Stys, Mark Leair
                               Supported By:
                     The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
      "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW" is a series of campaigns that will first help
 increase support for Atari ST and Falcon computers.  If there is enough
 interest in Atari 8-Bit computers, the Portfolio palmtop, and the Lynx
 handheld video game system, this operation will support them as well.
 The main goal of this operation is to strengthen the Atari Community.

      "A.C.T. NOW" stands for Atari Community Together Now.  The campaign
 organizers believe that Atari users, developers, dealers, publications,
 and Atari's management must take action to save the Atari Community.
 Many people suggested that we forget about Atari's involvement.  They
 claim that Atari Corporation will never participate in this operation,
 even if it will help the company greatly.  They believe Atari's management
 doesn't care about the Atari Community.
      If they are right, Atari Corporation will not be around much longer.
 The Atari Community is the company's only edge over other PC
 We can only hope that Atari's management realizes the importance of this
      The organization of "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW" was no easy task.  Many
 things needed to be considered such as who this operation should benefit.
 Should it benefit Atari users or Atari Corporation?  We also didn't know
 if it should be run in a positive or negative manner.  And if it should
 be "anti-Atari" or "pro-Atari."  We decided that this operation should be
 run in the most positive manner possible.  This is because nothing
 positive ever results from being negative.  We also decided that it should
 benefit ever member of the Atari Community equally.  This is the only way
 the operation will be able to strengthen the Atari Community.  And lastly,
 we decided that this operation should not be "anti-Atari" or "pro-Atari",
 but "pro-Atari Community."
      The first campaign in this operation will give you the opportunity
 to tell Atari's management everything that you feel the company is doing
 right and the things that you believe the company can improve.  This
 campaign will benefit everyone in the Atari Community because Atari
 Corporation will become stronger by the information that you provide them.
 And when a member of the Atari Community becomes stronger, the Atari
 Community becomes stronger.
      The second campaign will ask publications to publish articles about
 Atari's new Falcon030 personal media computer.  How will publicity help
 the Atari Community?  Atari dealers will sell more computers, Atari
 Corporation will sell more computers, Atari developers will sell more
 products, publishers will have more readers, and Atari users will have
 more products to purchase and fellow users to talk with.  We will also
 be speaking out for what is fair.  Atari announces the new Falcon030
 computer at the Boston Computer Society meeting and the nation ignores
 the company.  Apple announces new computers every other week and every
 major newspaper and computer magazine in the nation publishes an article
 on them.  This is not right.  As members of the Atari Community, we need
 to stick up for each other.
      There will be many other campaigns that will directly benefit Atari
 users, developers, dealers, and publications as the first campaign
 benefits Atari Corporation.  But, every campaign will benefit the Atari
 Community.  If you are interested in strengthening the Atari Community,
 join us... We can make a difference!
 Len Stys
 Mark Leair
      There is no cost to you in any way to participate in these campaigns.
 There is no registration fee and no donations are being accepted.
                            Members Key to Success
      The number of people participating in these campaigns are extremely
 important.  We can accomplish anything together.  The news of these
 campaigns must be shared with every member of the Atari Community that you
 know.  "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW" should be publicized in Atari publications,
 at Atari user group meetings, Atari shows, and Atari dealerships.
 If you take action, we can and we will make a difference.  If you sit
 back and watch, we won't do anything.

                                Official Site
      The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is the official site of "OPERATION:
 A.C.T. NOW".  If you wish to add any information or discuss anything
 related to this operation, a special section has been created specifically
 for this purpose on Free-Net.
      The Atari SIG can be accessed by the phone number "216/368-3888" at
 either 300, 1200, or 2400 baud.  It can also be accessed by users from
 around the nation or world for free by using "telnet" at their college or
 business by the following Internet addresses:
 freenet-in-{a,b,c} = =
 Type 'go atari' at any menu.
      The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's U.S. mailing address is:

      Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
      P.O. Box 364
      Mentor, OH 44061-0364
      The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Internet e-mail address is:
                              Online Newsletter
 There will be an "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW" online newsletter to keep members
 informed about what is going on.
                             A.C.T. NOW Directors
 If you are interested in becoming an organizer of "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW",
 please contact us by the address above.  We are interested in having
 several people from each group of the Atari Community direct this
                            Independent Operation
 "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW" is in no way affiliated with Atari Corporation.
 These campaigns are organized by individuals that have an interest in
 Atari products.  The "Atari" name, logo, and any other Atari products
 mentioned are copyrighted by Atari Corporation.
 "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW" is supported by the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG,
 but individual SysOps and members may or may not endorse this operation.
                            |   CAMPAIGN ONE   |
     The first campaign will be to compile two lists.  One list will
 consist of things that we believe the company is doing right.  Atari is
 doing great things and if you want to continue seeing the company doing
 these things, you have to let them know.  The other list will consist of
 things that we believe the company can do better.  The company will never
 know the problems that you see unless you tell them.  We will send these
 lists to Atari Corporation's Board of Directors and ask that they consider
 our suggestions.  Will Atari listen?  There isn't a successful company
 around that doesn't listen--especially to their customers, developers,
 dealers, and publications.
     What you need to do is write down everything that you see right with
 Atari and the things that you believe the company can improve.  Include
 any past experiences that you have had with the company.
     Here are a few examples:

                                     RIGHT             IMPROVE
     -----                      Great products,     No easy memory
                                great price         upgrade
                                                    Once took 4 months
                                                    to get my computer
                                                    replaced when sent
                                                    to Atari
     ----------                 Good developers     Took 3 months to
                                area on GEnie       get a computer to
                                                    develop on
                                Great computers     Atari was rude to
                                to develop on       me when they first
                                                    showed me the Falcon

     -------                    Good dealer         Shortage of products,
                                support             even today
                                                    No new products
                                                    No co-op advertising
                                                    and lack of company
     ----------                 Atari advertises    Slow to pay for ads
                                                    Does not give enough
                                                    new info to us
     The comments made in these examples should not be taken as truth.
 They are simply examples.  Also, your comments can be as long as you want.
 In fact, the longer and more detailed, the better.
     If you wish to remain anonymous, you may send these lists in another
     The goal of this campaign is to inform Atari of things that we believe
 can help improve the company's position in the computer marketplace.
     All of the lists that are received will be compiled and then sent to
 Atari Corporation.
                            |   CAMPAIGN TWO   |
     The second campaign is to concentrate on letting computer publications
 know that Atari is back.
     The Falcon030 has been released in the United States.  The amount of
 press that the Falcon receives will most likely determine when the Falcon
 will be shipped to the United States and the quantity shipped.
     The Boston Computer Society meeting was not as successful as it should
 have been.  This is because there was little press covering the Falcon030
     What you need to do is list names and addresses of publications that
 you wish to see have an article about the Falcon030 personal integrated
 media computer.  The campaign organizers will compile everyone's lists
 into a larger list for everyone to write these publications.  At the same
 time, we will contact Atari Corporation so the company can make
 arrangements with these publications to see the Falcon030.  The one thing
 that Atari needs is press and this is probably the best way to get press.
     You should also list names and addresses of publications that you wish
 to see support the Atari ST and Falcon computers on a continued basis.
     This information should be sent along with the "OPERATION: A.C.T. NOW"
 registration form.
                               AT ANOTHER TIME
                             THESE MAY INCLUDE:
                         8-BIT, LYNX, AND  PORTFOLIO

                        THANK YOU AND PLEASE SEND THE
               <---------------- CUT HERE ---------------->
                                            P.O. BOX 364
                                            Mentor, OH 44061-0364
 NAME _____________________________  AGE ______ PHONE (____)_______________
 ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________
 CITY _________________________________ STATE ____________ !ZIP ___________
 OCCUPATION _____________________________________ PHONE (___)______________
 COMPUTER(S) OWNED ________________________________________________________
 VIDEO GAME SYSTEM(S) OWNED _______________________________________________
 WHAT DO YOU PRIMARY USE YOUR COMPUTER FOR? _______________________________
 IF YES, WHAT IS THE NAME? ________________________________________________
 IF YES, WHAT IS THE NAME(S)? _____________________________________________
 WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF EACH OF THEM? ____________________________________
 IF YES, WHICH ONE(S)? ____________________________________________________

 LIST SOME OF YOUR MOST USED SOFTWARE _____________________________________
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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Gevelsberg, Germany                        GFA ANNOUNCES NEW PLANS
     On Saturday, the third of October, a meeting of GFA-programmers was
 held with experienced users in Germany, where the future development of
 GFABasic was thrashed out.  It was specifically intended that the views
 of "real world" GFA programmers be taken into account.  The following
 information, taken from a message in the German GFABASIC threads GER echo
 by Lars-Thorsten Sudmann, who is connected to the firm Richter, which has
 taken over the development of the ST version of GFA Basic.

     The "real" GFA company will no longer be involved with the ST.  The
 new reprogrammed GFA Basic, currently under the name "4.0", will have a
 small compiler, which can create stand-alone applications quickly.  For
 more experienced programmers, there will be a GFA to C converter, the code
 of which can then be used by many C compilers, on many computer systems. 
 Named were MS-DOS, Windows and Unix.  The management of variables will be
 changed, so that the problems caused by garbage collections moving
 variables around will be obviated.  All commands in the new version will
 be based on "clean" OS calls, and the dirty low-level stuff that plagues
 GFA Basic now will be abolished.  Downward compatibility will be
 maintained, including the Line A calls; however, these will be redirected
 to the proper VDI routines.

     The new documentation will contain programming advice and guidelines
 for GEM.  Old versions of GFA Basic used to gobble up all available
 memory.  This will be changed, so that programs will only allocate the
 minimum necessary.   Requests for more memory will in some cases be made
 by GFA transparently, while the OS Malloc-functions will be available too. 
 The new version will also support modular programming; you can split up
 your source code into smaller parts, just like in C or Modula-2, greatly
 enhancing the readability and maintenance of the code.  C-like structures
 are also planned, but may not be included in the first new version.  

     Function libraries will be available too, and usable from the
 interpreter.  The file functions will now allow the usage of real GEMDOS
 file handles, and error codes, removing the cumbersome old way of doing
 things.  The editor will be rewritten completely.  The new editor will, at
 last, be fully GEM and it allows multiple source codes to be edited
 simultaneously.  It will also feature on-line help, and a multitude of
 options, so that its behavior can be fine-tuned to the wishes of the

     Keyboard shortcuts will for the large part, be the same as in older
 versions; shift F10 will still be Run.  "The programming team intends to
 work as quickly as possible; while obviously no firm date can be given at
 this time, Richter hopes to be able to make further announcements about
 the progress before the end of the year."  Suggestions, bug reports and
 ideas can be sent to Ulf Dunkel % MAUS OS,Fido 2:242/2.  Dunkel is also in
 charge of writing the documentation for GFA4.0.  For further information
 please contact Richter:
                            Richter Distributor
                             Hagenerstrasse 65
                          5820 Gevelsberg Germany
                           Phone: + 49 2332 2706
                            Fax: +49 2332 2703

 - Sunnyvale, CA                     DEVELOPERS ASKED TO PAY FOR SPACE?
     Its been reported the developers are being asked to pay for the
 privilege of setting up in Atari's Comdex display.  According to our
 resources, this is finally not the case at all.  It seems that, at one
 time in the recent past, it was discussed at Atari and that certain
 developers were indeed asked to pay while others were not.  Apparently in
 the long run, the entire concept was scrapped as a disgracefully bad idea. 
 Therefore, in the interest of quelling a bad rumor, we are pleased to
 report that barring a change of heart, there is no basis in fact to the
 story that Atari is charging developers for a work space in their Comdex

 - Sunnyvale, CA                     NEW ATARI NORTH AMERICA PRESIDENT?

     Rumors are flying about indicating Gary Tramiel may have been named
 the new head of Atari North America.  Tramiel, once the head of the ill
 fated Federated Stores Acquisition where Atari reported losses in the
 millions, could not be reached for comment.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 From GEnie's ST RT

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 77        Mon Nov 02, 1992
 REALM [Joey]                 at 01:43 EST
    If the 386SX is 16 bit device, 24bit Address then it would appear the
 slot was designed with it in mind.  It probable never even occured to
 anyone it would be used for anything else other then an emulator. To the
 developers it looks crippled and to Atari it looks like a 386 Emulator

    I would also think Atari doesn't want an accelerator produced so they
 can have sales on the future two piece FALCON.  Lets face it, Atari makes
 their money on the machines.  The more exapndable they make it, the less
 they sell.  They can easily include higher resolutions and more expansion
 slots in the next version.  Then sell those for a great deal more knowing
 if you want it, you have to pay for it, especially  since the lower model
 can't do it.

    Anybody notice its November and not ever dealer has at least two
 Falcons like promised?


 Category 14,  Topic 26
 Message 40        Sun Nov 01, 1992
 J.LUCIEN1                    at 14:10 EST
 Would any ATARI official care to update us on the current status of the
 much-publicized repair agreement between ATARI & GE???


 From the FNET

 Conf : Atari Explorer On-Line
 Msg# : 6676/6676  Lines: 9  Read: 3
 Sent : Nov 04, 1992  at 7:07 PM
 To   : All
 From : Bryan Webster at Fnet Node 698, Peace Country Computers
 Subj : Falcon

 Have any of you had a convincing timeline given you for the availability
 of the new Falcon units?  A reliable source told me yesterday that they
 would NOT be available to them for shipping until January, 1993.

 Bob, I would very much appreciate your comment, as the same source also
 said the MegaSTe production will be discontinued.  I will likley go (as
 Gene Mosher suggests) for a TT system upgrade, but was counting on a lot
 more getupandgo from you guys with the new Falcon.

 From CIS

 #: 74688 S17/Community Square
     05-Nov-92  08:13:16
 Sb: #74624-*.LHA
 Fm: John J. Amsler 70275,676
 To: Boris Molodyi 70322,624 (X)


 My background is math, not marketing.  Nevertheless, I tend to agree with
 those people who in essence say:

  "The Falcon flies ... or Atari dies."

 (I hope the Falcon flies high enough to spit on [or sh_t on!] Apple, IBM,
 and Commode and that 100 years from now Atari is still around and the
 other computer makers are mere pages in computer archaeology books.)

 - John

 From the FNET

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 22560/22563  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Nov 01, 1992  at 10:10 AM
 To   : ALL
 From : Jolly Roger at Fnet Node 548, The Metal Shop [548]
 Subj : Falcon

     There was a Falcon030 at the Houston Atari Fest.  We had two sysops,
 two programers and scores of others putting it through some tests.  From
 Bob Brodie (he was there), it comes in two packages... a 1 meg/65M HD and
 a 14 meg/65M HD.  There was no mention made of plans for a 4 meg.  The
 cost to go to 14 meg from 1 meg was close enough to upgrading to anything
 in between, that they decided that ya might at well go all the way (which
 is good in a way).

     As for campatability, the Falcon030 did have a few problems with a
 small percentage of software (most likely due to illegal system calls) but
 did wonders with everything else.  I bought Flight Simulator II and poped
 it in.  Off it went with no problems, infact the screen was ...smooth... 
 How's that for compatibility?  I give the Falcon030 an A-.  Then again,
 I've never seen a next generation computer be completely compatible and
 get the A+.

     The Falcon030 will come with a Direct to Disk recording program for
 you midi fans.  Bob Brodie's demo of the sound was a full recording of
 Boston that he did late one night with a sony diskman and a CD playing it
 into the Falcon030.  The graphics are unequaled anywhere, even with the
 Falcon030 running at 16 MHZ.  The DSP graphics chip relieves the CPU of
 having to do all the dirty work making the Falcon030 run graphics around
 even a 50 MHZ other computer.

     When asked if there were any store chains interested in selling the
 atari line, Bob says "YES!"  Attendance at the show tells a story of it's
 own.  We'd advertised heavily on local BBS's and it was very visible it
 it's results.  Those who came found out about the show from mostly BBS
 advertising, Genie, reading about it from our resident atari stores, or
 through magazines locally circulated about the Atari from the Houston
 user's association.  All that free advertising DID make a huge impact for
 the show.  Taking notes, Bob?  Feel free, no, please use us again for your
 advertising.  My users are hungry for info and ya can't pass up such a
 targeted audience.

     My recomendation?  If you're looking for an upgrade to your ST, then
 forget about the IBM.  The Falcon030 IS the choice.  It runs your existing
 software and best of all **NO DOS** for those spoiled on the user friendly
 atari system interface.  The machine is worth what Atari is asking for it. 
 It's the new "Power without the Price!" For further details on the
 Falcon030, check out your ST reports.  You'll be impressed.


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"            ABOUT SUCCESS...

     "If you have tried to do something and failed, you are vastly better
     off than if you had tried to do nothing and succeeded."

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