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                           WAACE '92 INFORMATION
 For complete information on  the  upcoming  WAACE  '92,  please  read file
 WAACEC.TXT in LIBRARY 15 of the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).  Included
 is a vendor listing, hotel information, seminar, and more.

 For questions and comments about  WAACE  '92,  please  post  a  message in
 Section 12 ("WAACE '92") of the Atari Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS).


 Download  file  GEODSC.LZH  from  LIBRARY  14  of the Atari Arts Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for a program that was written for the love of perfect symmetry
 and the  beauty of  geodesic domes.   This is a program that allows one to
 create spherical triangles.    Also  contains  a  move  movie  feature for
 rotating the  objects ...  its great way to learn about surfaces, geometry
 and all of the fun things in math.

 Download the following files from LIBRARY 1 of the Atari
 Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO):

 ACUGAK.TXT  - Atari Classics magazine Atari User Group listing
 (listings for states A-K)

 ACUGLZ.TXT  - Atari Classics magazine Atari User Group listing
 (listings for states L-Z)

 ACBBS.TXT   - Atari Classics magazine Atari 8-bit/ST National
 BBS listing.


 A revised version of Supra's UPGRAD.TXT  file (containing  information and
 order  form  for  SupraFaxModem  V32/V32bis  ROM  upgrades  for registered
 owners) is  now available  in LIBRARY  15 of  the Atari  Vendors Forum (GO

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     This  coming  weekend  is  the  WAACE'92 Atari Fest, "The Premier East
 Coast Show".  And..  what a  show it  is..   make it  your business  to be
 there, its  the best  opportunity to celebrate "things Atari".  This year,
 with the advent of the Falcon, we'll  have  that  much  more  to  carry on
 about.  Carry on we shall, as the Falcon is the machine of tomorrow that's
 already here today.  What a difference frOm a year or so  ago.   See y'all
 at the show!
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

     I'm really  looking forward  to this  show this  year for  a number of
 reasons.  First of  all, I  wasn't sure  that there  was even  going to be
 another show.   Last  year's organizers  had reached the point of burnout,
 and there didn't appear to be any quick rush to fill their shoes.

     Fortunately, new blood emerged in the attempt to  keep this incredible
 tradition  alive.    Secondly,  it's  an  opportunity  for  me  to  see my
 "co-workers" from STReport; hopefully, most of the staff will be attending
 this year's  show.  It's always a pleasure to get together with this group
 whenever possible.  Most importantly, however, if the  opportunity for all
 of us to get together to enjoy a common interest: Atari computers.
         Dana P. Jacobson @ STReport International Online Magazine

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                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."
                                                       Sam Tramiel, 08/92


                   WAACE'92 AtariFest Press Release

     The Washington Area Atari Computer Enthusiasts (WAACE) extend to
  you our personal invitation to attend AtariFest '92.

     The "Premier East Coast Atari Show" will be held this year on
  the 10th and 11th of October in the exposition facilities of:

                       The Sheraton Reston Hotel
                        11976 Sunset Hill Road
                           Reston, VA 22070.

     This fine convention facility is located just a few miles west
  of Washington, DC about midway to Dulles International Airport.

     Those of you who have attended prior shows know what to expect,
  and we ask that you spread the word to others.  To those who have
  attended previously the associated Washington area user groups
  extend a heartfelt "Welcome Back".

     Admission is a paltry $5.00 per day, or you may obtain a two day
  pass for $8.00.
     Top rank vendors and developers will be exhibiting their wares.
  Codehead, Gribnif, ICD, DMC Publishing (formerly ISD), Joppa,
  MegaType, Missionware, Toad, and over 40 others will be in
  attendance.  Free seminars are scheduled, along with many
  demonstrations in our demo rooms.  A gamer's paradise is in the
  works, and for music aficionados, a great MIDI room featuring live
  performances, demonstrations, and special deals from local music
  stores.  Want to check out the Falcon?  See it here in yearling
  plumage and flying! Door prizes?  You betcha.  You've got to plug
  in to this event!

     For additional general information you may call Russell Brown at
  703-803-6126, or contact Ken Fassler or Betty Burchell at

     The Sheraton Reston has made special provisions for 'Fest
  attendees. Greatly reduced rates of $59/day (single or double
  occupancy), and $66 (triple or quad) are being offered.  These
  rates are available from October 8th through the 11th, but you must
  mention AtariFest '92 to be eligible.  Reservations may be made by
  calling 1-800-392-ROOM, or 703-620-9000.   Rooms are going fast  so 
  make those reservations soon!


  VIA  Plane
     Fly  to Dulles Airport and complimentary  hotel  shuttle.   

  Via  Train
     Take Train to Washington Union Station then transfer to  the 
  RED  Metro train marked "Shady Grove" and go to the Metro Center
  stop.  Transfer to  the  Orange Metro train marked "Vienna" and get
  off at the West  Falls  Church  Stop.  Catch the Metro Bus marked
  "5S" and "Reston/Herndon".   Get off at  the  stop  marked "Colt's
  Neck Road and Sunrise Valley".   Proceed to the  Sheraton  Reston

  Via Auto
     Take the Capital Beltway, I-495 to Exit 12W to Washington Dulles 
  Airport.   Take  the Washington Dulles Toll Road (Rte 267) Exit.  
  Follow  the  Dulles  Toll Road to the Reston Parkway,  Exit 3.  
  Turn left at  the  Traffic  light  onto  Reston Parkway.   Turn
  left again at the 2nd light  onto  Sunrise  Valley Dr.  Follow
  Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton Reston on the left.

     The Banquet will be Saturday night with cocktails at 6:30 pm and
  dinner at 8:00 pm.  The WAACE Banquet has always been a great place
  to meet and dine with the Atari worlds most famous developers
  authors, and just plain folks.  For tickets contact Bob Janice at
  GEnie R.Janice or phone (703) 222-0318.  Hurry, tickets are going

     The following Vendors are scheduled to attend the 1992 WAACE
     Lexicor Software                             eSTeem
     Joppa Computer Products                      Gribnif
     Rising Star Computers                        MegaType
     Missionware Software                         Codehead
     Unicorn Pub.(A.I.M.)                         WizWorks!
     Step Ahead Software                          SKWare One
     Mars Merchandising                           GEnie
     Taylor Ridge Books                           CompuServe
     D M C  Publishing                            Maxwell CPU
     Barefoot  Software                           ST Informer
     Debonair Software                            Accusoft ST
     A B C  Solutions                             Fair Dinkum
     Compucellar West                             WizzTronics
     Oregon Research                              D.A.Brumleve
     Dragon Software                              Current Notes
     Computer Studio                              Clear Thinking
     FAST Technology                              Toad Computers
     J M G  Software                              (WHO'S   NEXT ?)

  Call DTACK (Ken or Betty )for booth info, at: (301) 229-1886  !!!  

     In addition to our print magazine advertising and the on line
  services, and as a means to say hello to our Atari friends in
  foreign lands, the WAACE  AtariFest '92 is reaching out around the
  world on the international shortwave radio bands.  You may hear our
  advertisements by tuning to the broadcasts of  Radio New York
  International (RNI) in the 41 meter band at 7435 KHz between  the
  hours of 0100 and 0500 UTC on the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of
  September, and on the 5th of October, 1992. In the United States,
  these hours translate to 9:00pm until 1:00am EST, on the 6th, 13th,
  20th and 27th of September, and on the 4th of October, 1992.
     For many years now the WAACE show has included a seminar series
  as a way to educate as well as to entertain our audience. The
  offerings listed below reflect the desire of the WAACE committee to
  help Atari users get the most out of their computers. Enjoy.

                   WAACE Seminar Schedule - Ver 2.0 
  Saturday - 11 October 1992 
  1100 - The 30 Second Commute - Don & Carole Terp

     The authors of a new book tell how they run Read Mountain Press
     out of their home with the help of Atari computers and DTP
     hardware and   software. Look for their new book.

  1200 - Tele-Media using Atari - C. Smeton, Joppa SoftwareDev

     The developer of STraight FAX describes how techonological
     advances in Digital Signal Processing and semiconductor design
     are bringing "Power Without The Price" to FAX, Voice Mail, and
     Caller ID services using Atari's ST/STe/TT and Falcon 030

  1300 - Professional CADD Using DynaCADD -S. Winick, Computer STudio

     The owner of Computer STudio, who is also a registered
     architect, will demonstrate why he chooses DynaCADD on a TT/030
     to fulfill his high-powered CADD workstation requirements.

  1400 - A Few Little Extras for Your ST - Steve Cohen - Wizztronics

     Want to switch between TOS ROM sets? How about selecting which
     cartridge to run using software? Or maybe you have more than one

  1430 - EditTrack Gold - Jeff Naideau, Barefoot Software

     Professional musicians demonstrate MIDI sequencing as used in
     live performances and studio work.

  1500 - Fun with Calamus SL - Mario Georgiou, DMC Software  

     DMC's DTP expert offers entertaining hints and kinks for getting
     the most out of your Atari based workstation for Desktop
     Publishing.    Whether you use dot-matrix, a laser printer,or
     four color film separations you'll want to attend this seminar.

  1600 - The Online Experience - Using the major services 

     Representatives from Compuserve: (B.J. Gleason), GEnie: (Neil
     Harris), and Delphi: (Dana Jacobson) tell how to get computer
     help and enrich your life in general by using the online
  1700 - STReport International Online Magazine
     The publisher and staff of the liveliest online magazine with
     news and views for the Atari computer user and enthusiasts alike
     will be onhand to answer your questions.  The topics will range
     from the future of Atari to the new product offerings.
  Sunday   - 12 October 1992 
  1100 - Professional MIDI w/Cubase - M. Cloninger, Computer STudio

     This seminar will describe the wide-ranging capabilities of
     Cubase 3.0 as used with a TT/030. Additional MIDI gear will
     include several KAWAI    keyboards, a ROLAND drum machine, and
     various effect processors.

  1200 - Souping Up Your Old ST - Panel 

     Jim Allen, Dave Small, and Dave Troy with the latest on
     accelerators, network cards, memory add-ons, and disk drives for
     getting some extra mileage out of your old ST computers.

  1300 - Getting the Most from Your Modem - Telecomm Software

     Overview Panel How to choose the best telecommunications
     software. Terminal emulations, file downloading, text capture,
     and scripting capabilities will be discussed by authors and
     users of telecommunications programs.

  1400 - Meet Atari's Falcon030 with Atari's Bill Rehbock & Devs

     Developers who have been fortunate enough to have access to the
     newest line of Atari computers will describe the machines and
     their capabilities.

  1500 - Meet the Atari Press 

     Question the folks who bring you the news in print. Meet with
     the publishers and staffers of AIM, Current Notes, and any
     others who happen to be on hand.


  Phone...          Russ Brown at 703-803-6126 for General info.
                    Bob Janice at 703-222-0318 for Banquet Info.
                    Ken Fassler at 301-229-1886 for Vendor Info.

  Online contacts are:

                         CIS: Richard Gunter 70117,2565.
                         GEnie: R.BROWN127
                         Delphi: JDBARNES

     From everyone making preparations for the WAACE AtariFest 92, we
  wish all our friends around the world the best of everything.

                           SEE YOU AT THE FEST!!!


    Issue #40

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Prodigy Expanding Offerings
 Prodigy Services Co., an information and home-shopping service for 
 personal computer users, said it would expand its offerings and speed 
 its communications system, and raise its price.  The moves are aimed in 
 part at ending Prodigy's losses, borne by its owners, IBM and Sears.

  -- IBM Gives Intel a Boost
 IBM will base nearly its entire personal computer line on Intel Corp's 
 top microprocessor or IBM-developed chips by year-end, a sign that Intel 
 successfully is promoting its most profitable product, industry execu-
 tives said.
 IBM, the largest PC maker, no longer will make computers based on Intel's 
 less-powerful '386 microprocessor, except for a few models aimed at the 
 school market and some notebook-sized portables.

  -- IBM, Apple, Motorola to Unveil Joint Venture Chip
 IBM, Apple Computer and Motorola this week unveiled the first chip deve-
 loped under a joint venture agreement announced last October.  The chip, 
 which is part of the PowerPC family, will be based on RISC (reduced 
 instruction set computing) technology. It could be available for sale 
 later this year or early next year.
 IBM and Apple, as well as Groupe Bull and Thompson CSF, have plans to 
 develop RISC- based computers around the new chip. IBM intends to have a 
 workstation based on the chip in 1993.
  -- IBM Expects 40,000 Fewer Jobs
 Doubling its original forecast, IBM says it expects some 40,000 emp-
 loyees to accept job buyouts or early retirement this year as the firm 
 consolidates some of its manufacturing to cut costs.
 As is IBM tradition, no layoffs are planned, but some employees will be 
 required to move or to learn new skills to keep their jobs.
 IBM said that by the end of the year it will have reduced its work force 
 by about 25% from a peak of 406,000 in 1985.

  -- Apple Slashes Many Macintosh Models Prices
 The retail prices of many Apple Macintosh computers and related perip-
 heral accessory products were cut this week by Apple Computer Inc.'s 
 Apple USA division.
 The price reduction takes effect immediately and extends across the 
 majority of the Macintosh product family, including the Quadra line. The 
 cuts range from 11 to 36% on the Macintosh Classic II, Macintosh LC II, 
 Macintosh IIsi, Macintosh IIci, Quadra 700 and selected configurations 
 of the Quadra 950 line.

  -- Microsoft Delays New Windows NT Release
 According to Microsoft spokesman Collins Hemingway, the release of 
 Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows NT system has been delayed until early 
 next year.  Originally it was thought the shipments would begin late 
 this year.

  -- Windows 3.1 Ships 1,000,000 a Month
 More than 1 million units of its Windows 3.1 operating software are now 
 being shipped each month, with sales virtually balanced between U.S. and 
 international customers.

  -- Worldwide Sales of U.S. Electronics Goods Up Slightly
 According to the American Electronics Association, worldwide sales of 
 U.S.- manufactured electronics products and services have risen 1.8% to 
 $78.5 billion in the second quarter, compared with the same period a 
 year ago.  Sales were up 1%, up from first-quarter sales of $77.7 
  -- Congress Urged to Strengthen International
     Intellectual Property Laws
 Foreign copyright piracy of computer software, as well as movies, books, 
 and music and audio recordings costs U.S. firms between $12 billion and 
 $15 billion in trade losses each year, says the International Intellec-
 tual Property Alliance.
 The Alliance told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on patents, copyrights 
 and trademarks that losses in Mexico alone -- which were not included in 
 the international study -- topped $150 million annually.

 Eric Smith, director of the Alliance, said that although Mexico has new 
 intellectual property laws, "the situation in Mexico is still quite 

 He urged Congress to increase U.S. anti-piracy teams to crack down on 
 foreign copying operations and aid to foreign nations to help them write 
 tougher laws and enforce them.

 Countries where piracy is particularly prevalent include Italy, Taiwan, 
 Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala 
 and Honduras. Brazil and Venezuela are considered problem nations 
 especially for software piracy.

  -- 3-D Mouse Enables Disabled
 A 3-D mouse may seem like fanciful computing gear to some, but to those 
 with disabling illnesses or injuries such a device can mean newfound 
 freedom. Until now, programming small robots and making changes to 
 existing programs required the skill of an expensive robotics engineer -
 - something ill- afforded by many seriously disabled individuals. And, 
 unfortunately, reprogramming is necessary whenever there are changes in 
 daily routines such washing, eating and drinking.

 Now, a promising development in mouse technology by U.S. Veterans 
 Administration researchers means non-technical persons who are disabled 
 -- even quadriplegics -- may be able to program the telerobots on which 
 they depend for assistance.

 The 3D-mouse system consists of two remote-controlled miniature cameras 
 mounted within a single housing. Each camera moves separately and 
 triangulation circuitry determines the exact position in space where the 
 two cameras are focused.

 In operation, a disabled user operates chin-cup joysticks to move, pan 
 and tilt the cameras. Two monitors show the position where each camera 
 is focused. When both cameras are focused on the desired position, the 
 disabled operator uses voice commands to tell the telerobot to read the 
 camera angles and calculate the eventual arm movement and trajectory of 
 the robot. In this manner, the robotic arm is programmed to learn a task 
 such as filling a glass with water and tilting it to the user's lips.


 > Motorola & Atari STR InfoFile         An Inside look at the DSP

 For Immediate Release              Editorial Contact:
                                    Motorola, Inc.
                                    Joan MacNeil
                                    Cunningham Communications, Inc.
                                    (408) 982-0400

                                    Atari Corporation
                                    Anne Ellingsen
                                    Redgate Communications
                                    (415) 777-3911

                                    Reader Contact:
                                    Motorola DSP Marketing
                                    (512) 891-2030

            Motorola's 56001 Provides Audio/Video Features For
           Atari's Falcon030 Personal Integrated Media Computer

 BOSTON, Mass.

     Motorola  Inc.'s  Microprocessor  and  Memory Technologies Group today
 announced that its  56001  digital  signal  processor  (DSP)  performs key
 audio/video  functions  on  the  motherboard  of  the  new Atari Falcon030
 personal- integrated, media  computer.    The  Falcon030  is  a full-scale
 computer  that   uses  the   33  MHz   56001  to  process  and  manipulate
 compact-disc-quality digital audio and voice signals  which, combined with
 Atari's   integrated   software,   makes   the   Falcon030   a   complete,
 personal-integrated, media computer.

     "Motorola's 24-bit DSPs continue  to be  the choice  for manufacturers
 that  want  to  embed  compact-disc, digital audio functions," said Bryant
 Wilder,  Motorola's  DSP  operations  manager.  "The  56001  gives Atari's
 Falcon030  and  impressive  feature  set  that  is showing the rest of the
 industry where personal computers are heading."

 Motorola's 56001 ON Atari's Falcon030 Motherboard

     DSPs are capable of performing functions such as  compact disc quality
 sound,  voicemail,  voice  annotation  and recognition, video compression,
 facsimile transmission, high-speed modem, array processing  and high-speed
 numeric  processing.    Other  major  computer  manufacturers that use the
 DSP56000 family on their  motherboard  include  NeXT  Computer  System and
 Silicon Graphics' IRIS Indigo RISC PC.

            Atari Falcon030 Personal Integrated Media Computer

     Atari's Falcon030  is designed for personal-integrated media functions
 including video, audio, animation,  telecommunications and  graphics.  The
 Atari Falcon030  uses the  56001 DSP to process compact-disc quality audio
 and voice synthesis capabilities.  The  56001 operates  independent of the
 central  processor,  Motorola's  68030,  and  completes a variety of tasks
 without slowing the system.  Within the Atari  Falcon030, Motorola's 56001
 drives  digital  audio  functions  including graphic equalization, channel
 manipulation, reverberation and surround sound, all which provide the user
 professional audio  effects for  tasks such  as video sound augmenting and
 recording capabilities.

     "Atari's Falcon030, with the help of Motorola's 56001 DSP, is bringing
 professional-level  recording  and  audio manipulation capabilities to the
 consumer," said Sam Tramiel, Atari's president and CEO.  "Motorola's 56001
 provides a  single chip  solution for digital audio and voice capabilities
 optimizing the Falcon030 as a personal-integrated media computer."

                            Motorola's DSP56001

     Motorola's 24-bit,  33 MHz  56001 processes  16.5 million instructions
 per second  (MPS) and  performs 99  million operations  per second (MOPS).
 The 56001 recreates CD-quality  sound because  its architecture  is highly
 parallel and  its 24-bit  word width generates sound up to 144 decibels of
 dynamic range.  The  56001 differs  from other  DSPs in  that it processes
 signals  in  24-bit  data  chunks  providing  throughput  of more than 100
 million operations per second.

     Motorola's  24-bit  56000  architecture   is   important   since  most
 analog-to-digital  converter  chips,  which  convert  analog  signals into
 digital bit streams, translate analog signals  in the  ranges of  14 to 20
 bits at a time.  The extra bits in the 56000 architecture allow additional
 calculations to be performed  on these  digital samples  while maintaining
 the input signal accuracy.

     Motorola  is  one  of  the  world's  leading  providers  of electronic
 equipment,  systems,  components  and  services  for   worldwide  markets.
 Products  include  two-way  radios,  pagers,  cellular  telephone systems,
 semiconductors,  defense  and   aerospace   electronics,   automotive  and
 industrial  electronic  equipment,  computers, and data communications and
 information processing and handling equipment.

     Motorola was a winner  of  the  U.S.  Department  of  Commerce's first
 annual Malcolm  Baldrige National Quality Award in 1988, in recognition of
 its superior company-wide quality management process.

     Atari Corporation (AMEX:ATC) is a worldwide  manufacturer and marketer
 of  palmtop  through  desktop  computer  systems.    The company sells its
 systems,  peripherals   and  software   through  authorized  distributors,
 resellers and integrators.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

 compiled by Joe Mirando

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

     Well folks, never let it be said that programmers are lazy.  From
 Atari France comes a program for the FALCON.  Ron Luks posts the file

     "[72241,405]     Lib:10  *New Upload (19:16:40 EDT)*
     FRAC.LZH/Bin    Bytes:  29696, Count:    0, 29-Sep-92

     Title   : Fractal demo of the FALCON capabilities
     This is a demonstration program/acc and cpx of the DSP56001
     capabilities. It calculates a Mandelbrot fractal using the 680X0, the
     68882 or the DSP. The DSP sources is given as a Falcon DSP programming
     example.  The .LOD file needs to be in the same directory than the CPX
     or PRG/ACC executable in order to be loaded (just like a .RSC file) if
     you got a Falcon :-) This demo was written by Brainstorm, the french
     company who made the Falcon DSP debugger. Uploaded with the Atari
     France approval. Brainstorm [72241,405]"

 Now that's what I call on the ball.  Now all we need is lots of other
 FALCONs to entice programmers to write for this exciting new machine.
 On to other things.  M.D. COBB posts:

     "Hi, I am real new at this so please pardon any errors. I downloaded a
     file the other night entitled FRTMSS.ZIP so that I could use my 3.5
     disks to transport ASCII, .WKS, etc. files back and forth between work
     and home. Home is an ATARI 520 ST upgraded to 1 meg and work is a
     multitude of IBM compatibles. What I found in the process is that if I
     format a 3.5 disk as double sided 720K in MS-DOS my ST will read and
     write to them without ever having formatted them on the ST. The only
     bug I have found so far is that if you are using a hi-density disk you
     must cover the "hi" holes or it just won't (hasn't) work. Maybe
     everyone else knew this trick already? I would appreciate it if
     someone would let me know what they think about this procedure.

 Albert Days replies:

     "I find it easier to use just a 720K disk and format it as such under
     MS-DOS.  I've had many problems reading/writing hi-density disks
     formatted on the PC."

 Sysop Bob Retelle joins in by posting:

     "It looks like you've discovered one of the nicer things about
     computing with two different brands of computers..  the disk formats
     on the ST and IBM are virtually identical, which allows you to
     exchange files between them..  As you noticed, the very best way to
     insure complete compatibility is to format the disks on the PC.  There
     are just enough differences that formatting on the ST may not work in
     all cases.  Some PC compatibles have trouble formatting a high density
     disk in low density mode (720K), so you do have to cover the holes to
     force them into thinking the disk is a low density disk..  Have you
     tried forcing the format into low density..? ( FORMAT A: /F:720 )"

 Richard Paddock posts:

     "The answer is: the IBM recognizes the hi-density hole and formats the
     diskette that way, while the ST can't use hi-density at all. If you
     cover the hole, the IBM may or may not be able to format it (some
     media seems to have special garbage where the IBM expects to find
     track zero on a double density diskette.) Albert's suggestion of just
     using double-density diskettes is the best solution."

 M.D. Cobb posts:

     "Thanks again for the disk info. Hope I'm not pressing my luck, but do
     you know of a good PD program for defragmenting a hard drive?"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine answers:

     "There are a few pd programs for defragmenting a hard drive but I
     wouldn't trust them myself.  The two commercial ones I like is
     Beckemeyer Development's Hard Disk Sentry or Oregon Research's Diamond
     Edge.  The provide disk optimization features and fix errors on the
     disk (directory, directory structure, orphan clusters, fat problems)
     and more.  Both of these programs around $50 or so."

 Michael Smith drops us an interesting bit of information:

     "You should see the new Tandy store "Incredible Universe".  They have
     just about everything under the sun, including the Atari Lynx and
     Portfolio.  It's rumored that they will soon be selling the Falcon
     once it hits the US market.  They have pretty good prices, too."

 Domingo Alvelar posts:

     "This is the first of two survey questions.  I am in the market for a
     new hard drive.  I already have all the necessary items to hook it up,
     but I just need the drive.  It needs to be at least 80Mb's and fairly
     fast.  SCSI of course.  3.5" only.  Let me know what you people think
     is the best drive out there and possibly where to get it."

 Albert Dayes tells Domingo:

     "Quantum has a nice 105meg drive (SCSI) 3.5inch.  Computer Shopper has
     several places that list the drive."

 Steve Gould asks a good question about the FALCON's sound abilities:

     "About this Falcon supporting 8 digital sound channels but only having
     input for two channels business (recent Falcon conference) -  Does
     anyone know if Atari plan to sell a box to give you access to the
     other channels - immediately - or will they leave this to third party
     suppliers - longer ?  What about a price - any clues yet.  BTW - real
     sorry for the sloppy grammar and the way the above scans, but I'm
     really tired and I want to go to bed!"

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine tells Steve:

     "In the on-line conference Bill said for more than 2 channels required
     some additional hardware by third party.  The idea of not competing
     with third party was also given as an answer.  Check the on-line
     conference for details in the Atari Arts forum.  It is in the library
     and can be downed for the exact words used."

 Jim Ness tells Albert:

     "You don't necessarily need extra hardware for the additional 8
     channels. You would just lay down one or two channels at a time,
     rather than all eight.  This would inhibit direct recording to/from
     some other 8 channel device, but would still allow a basement studio
     to exist."

 Steve Gould tells Albert:

     "You shouldn't have made me re-read that transcript - I've got even
     more dumb questions now!  Bill didn't say that Atari were not going to
     produce a box to exploit the extra sound channels, and the thing about
     leaving the market open to third party suppliers was leveled at the
     video side of things later on in the conversation.  I guess I thought
     it was a bit weird that Atari aren't bringing a suitable device onto
     the market. It wasn't many moons ago they were saying that they
     couldn't guarantee the STE could use third party hard disks. That
     excuse will look pretty lame if any problems occur with this device!

     I also noticed that Bill said the Falcon would ACCEPT SM124 SC1224 etc
     but he didn't say which of the various video modes would be available
     on each of these devices.

     The thing about Falcon TOS/multiTos was a little ambiguous as well.
     The way I read it <re-read it!> was that FalconTos ships in the first
     machines (Europe) and then maybe multiTos will ship by the time the
     machine starts to sell in the US (post FCC). Well OK but will people
     who rush out and part with their 'hard earned' and get FalconTos (us
     Europeans) be offered any kind of upgrade (preferably free!)
     BTW I hope all this stuff doesn't sound too critical. I think the live
     forums are a valuable thing and Bill did a great job handling what was
     thrown at him in what must be quite a pressure situation. I'm just a
     bit miffed that I couldn't have tuned in myself!"

 Albert answers:

     "I have not seen multi-tos so I can make any comments on it.  From
     what I remember about the video modes supported on the monitors it was
     not stated in either the GEnie or CIS conferences.  You can forward
     your questions to Ron Luks and he can have them forwarded to Bill so
     they can be answered in a more detailed fashion then my "I don't
     know." (grin)"

 Victor Wood posts this about the computers he has owned:

     "My first home computer was a 400.  What a shame I got rid of it. In
     fact all my computers, even my PC, have been Atari, but over the last
     few years support and software has been unavailable, so never again."

 Albert Dayes tells Victor:

     "I still have my old 800xl too and I still use it from time to time
     too. It is not worth it to get rid of old computers these days they
     always seem to have some useful purpose in the future."

 From The Atari Arts Forum

 David Becker tells us about three programs that he has uploaded for us:

     "I've uploaded three monochrome entertainers to ATARIARTS. The first
     is "The Ancient Art of ASCII" and it converts DEGAS PI3 pics into
     ASCII art printouts! You can also import custom text files into
     geometric shapes (hearts, circles, triangles, squares) and then print
     or save them. Remember when we used to line up at the local
     universities open house and get ASCII calendar art with Spock or
     Snoopy? I think I'm giving away my age!

     The next offering is 123 Jumble. This educational program comes on the
     heals of ABC Jumble. It lets your kids sort the numbers after the
     computer mixes them up. Completely configurable GEM point and click
     interface. If your kids liked ABC Jumble they will love 123 Jumble!
     Last but largest is "Coyote Dave's Poker". Real 5 card draw/stud poker
     in a real casino with real players! Choose who you play with, speed of
     play, card designs, digitized sounds and graphics, and even pour
     drinks for your card playing "friends"! Each computer player has his
     or her own electronic personality profile. The think, make mistakes,
     seek revenge, bluff, get angry and keep a close eye on you. A digital
     slice of life!

     All programs are monochrome freeware. Stay tuned for Agitation, my
     next release (the toughest puzzle game on ANY computer!)"

 Sysop Ron Luks posts:

     "Geez, David.  Those programs sound terrific!  I'll play with the
     ASCII art one first and I have to admit to being a little wary of the
     Coyote Poker.  Your Poker Squared laid me up for weeks!"

 Sysop Keith Joins tells Ron:

     "Hehe....I was going to post a warning to you.  I downloaded it last
     night to check it out about 11:00 or so.  I logged back on and merged
     it about 1:00 AM :).  it was a tough battle but I busted my 4
     opponents.  :)"

 Ron Luks tells Keith:

     "I downloaded it yesterday, played one hand and quickly shut off the
     computer and left the room in a panic.  That Becker guy really knows
     how to write addicting games. (I love the coyote face!)"

 Pat Augustine asks about playing two favorite games under TOS 2.06:

     "Ok, I've about reached Frustration Threshold with not being able to
     play either Falcon or Flight of the Intruder since upgrading to TOS
     2.06. Before I break down and yank the chips out, or buy a used 1040
     to play those games, tell me something: I have a Spectre GCR, can I
     get Mac versions and play them over the null-modem with my roommates
     Atari ST? Does a Mac version of FOTI exist? If so, is it possible to
     use my Gravis MouseStick on the Mac version (extremely unlikely, I'm

     Just to tell you how frustrated I am, I was actually playing
     SubLogic's Jet a few minutes ago. Geez that program's slow! I've still
     got F-19 for single player action, but it doesn't have a two-player
     mode. FS2 does, but no combat.  And Warbirds on the Lynx, while
     fantastic, just doesn't fill the gap that FOTI did."

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 Joan Reynolds tells us:

     "Hi there ....

     I'm writing a book about what you can do with a dead computer. It's
     intended to be a fun spoof on non-functioning computers. If you have
     an idea, please let me know. I would welcome the opportunity of
     sharing it with others readers."   Well, that sounds like my kind of
     book.  I'll bet there will be a big market for it composed of people
     who hate computers, people who have had computers die on them, and
     just plain fun loving people like myself.

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Joan:

     "This is a "real life" solution to "what to do with a dead computer"
     that I saw some years ago..  A friend of mine had an Atari 800
     computer that had died, and the repair bill would have been much more
     than the cost to simply buy a newer model, so he turned his 800 into a
     planter..!  The top of the computer pops off to allow memory boards to
     be installed, so he just took off the top and filled the computer with
     dirt..  The slots on the bottom allowed drainage, and there were two
     cartridge openings on the top that he planted small cactuses in too.. 
     It was quite a conversation piece among visitors to his apartment..!"

 Bob Dolson asks Albert Dayes:

     "Hey Albert, do you or anyone else on here know if a LINK host adapter
     could be used 'in reverse' on a Falcon to allow it to use a regular
     DMA port equipped ST hard drive? It would be great if it could and I
     am aware that it's intended purpose is to allow a DMA port equipped ST
     to use standard SCSI port hard drives and other such peripherals...
     Thanks for any help you can offer on this matter.."

 Albert replies:

     "That is a good idea about using the LINK in reverse.  I have no idea
     if it would work or not.  It almost seems using in the reverse like
     you suggested you could have a SCSI network between a normal ST and a

 John Radone asks for help with NeoDesk 3.02:

     "I just purchased Neodesk 3.02, and I'm having a problem...  I cannot
     get it to auto load.  Yes, I have STARTGEM.PRG in the AUTO folder. 
     Yes, I have STARTGEM.INF in the root directory. (and yes, the path is
     correct.) I have both NEOLOAD.PRG and NEODESKM.EXE (?) in my NEODESK3
     folder.  _But_ when the computer boots, a message such as "can't find
     the application"  comes up, and I get returned to the normal desktop. 
     Does anyone have any ideas?  The program runs fine when I call it from
     the desktop..."

 Pat Augustine asks John:

     "Did you put a copy of NEOLOAD.PRG in your AUTO Folder? That is
     necessary as well."

 John answers:

     "Yes, I did.  But I still get the same message.  I even ran the
     install program, in case I might have forgotten something.  Same
     story.  Do you have any other suggestions?"

 Pat tells John:

     "Is it possible your STARTGEM.INF is getting overwritten (say by
     Superboot)? I always used TOS 1.4/1.6 to autoboot Neodesk and never
     had any problems. Since I got TOS 2.06 I never use it anymore, so I'm
     a bit rusty on it.  I'm pretty sure you said your STARTGEM.INF
     contained the correct path... I assume NEOLOAD.PRG occurs BEFORE
     STARTGEM.PRG in the AUTO folder (you'll have to look at it unsorted to
     be certain)?"

 Dick Paddock tells Pat:

     "STARTGEM is supposed to be unnecessary with 2.05/2.06, but I can't
     make it autoload NeoDesk. I've heard a rumor that there will be a fix
     in the next update of NeoDesk."

 Pat posts:

     "Dick,  Not only is STARTGEM unnecessary with TOS 2.05/2.06, but it 
     doesn't work with those ROM revisions at all."

     Well folks, that's about all the room we've got for this week. Be sure
 to look for us at the upcoming WAACE'92 show, and stop by and say "Hi". 

     Remember to come on back next week to listen to what they say when...

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                        TOP TEN DOWNLOADS (9/30/92)

                       (1) STR839                                        
                       (2) SYSINFO.PRG                                   
                       (3) POWERDOS                                      
                       (4) IDLE SCREEN SAVER                             
                       (5) YAMS                                          
                       (6) NESS BENCHMARKS 1.2                           
                       (7) MORE SPECTRUM GIRLS                           
                       (8) VIOLENCE GAME                                 
                       (9) HARDCORE DEMO                                 
                       (10) HIGH SPEED MODEM ACCESSORY                   
          All  of  the  above  files  can  be  found in the RECENT
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                       THE PREMIER EAST COAST SHOW 
          Beginning Friday Evening, October 9th, Atari  users from
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          your plans  now to  be part  of the fun.  Look for forum
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 > BAGGETTA WARE STR SHOW NEWS             Eliemouse going to WAACE!


     For the  first time  Eliemouse and  Baggetta_Ware products  will be on
 display and available at WAACE.  For those  who have  not tried  the demos
 available on  GENIE or DELPHI, "The Eliemouse Complimentary Coloring Book"
 is an electronic coloring book for  young  children  (4  and  up).   Young
 children adapt very quickly to the mouse control and keyboard options that
 allow them to magically paint their favorite characters on screen.  Before
 or after  pictures are painted, children can then play with their artwork.
 Pictures can be used  for on-line  games or  printing. Plain  drawings can
 even be  sent to  the printer for coloring with real "live" crayons.  Some
 of the newer pictures  are even  animated for  more enjoyment.   Color the
 picture and  then click  on the animation box and watch the action.  Sound
 and music included.

     "The Eliemouse  Complimentary  Coloring  Book,"  version  6,  has been
 perfected and "dressed up" especially for the WAACE '92 fair.

 The entire package is now sold as follows:
         -- The Eliemouse Complimentary Coloring Book  (version 6)
         -- 104 Drawings including Eliemouse and all his friends and
         -- The Eliemouse Counting Game
         -- Eliemouse Paper Rock or Scissors Game
         -- Three On-Screen Eliemouse Color Graphics (PI1 format)
         -- A Printed manual
         -- Warranty and Registration Card for future updates

     All files  are packed on one DSDD disk and are self extracting so they
 can be filed on separate disks.  A special INSTALL program is also offered
 free  on  this  disk  to  allow  easy installation of all 104 pictures and
 program files to a hard disk partition.    And  of  course  none  of these
 programs are  protected, so  they run  on all Atari ST/TT computers of any
 memory size.

                      DEMOS WILL BE HELD AT THE FAIR
                        COME AND SEE US AT TABLE #3
                       ALL OF THIS FOR A MERE $25.00
                        ($1.00 POSTAGE IF BY MAIL)
                         Originally over $40 value
          Owners of any previous version of Eliemouse Coloring Book can get
          the complete  package above  by bringing  there original disk and
          $15.00 + $1.00 postage if by mail.                         
     Of course Baggetta_Ware will be there  with other  products too!   All
 now packaged with manuals:

                    The Comic Book Collector (Database)
                         Shakespeare: The Sonnets
                        E. B. Browning: The Sonnets
                Smorgasbord Disks (Baggetta_Ware Programs)
            The Race Car Timer (R/C Timer for 8-bit Computers)
           Color Cartoon Artwork Disk I and II (Degas/Spectrum)

                             COME TO WAACE '92

                It looks like it's going to be lots of fun.

                               P.O. BOX 759
                             AGAWAM, MA  01001

                               GENIE:  BAGET
                              DELPHI:  ALBERT


 > THE MEN AT THE TOP STR FOCUS!      Key people in key positions....

                         Atari, Executive Profiles

     Jack Tramiel, a World War II holocaust survivor, immigrated to the
 United States in 1947.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1948 where he
 learned a trade in typewriter repair.  After completing his enlistment, he
 returned to New York.  He continued his office machine repair business and
 supplemented his income by driving a cab at night.  Having an
 entrepreneurial orientation, he bought a typewriter company in the Bronx,
 New York with a $25,000 G.I. loan.

     In 1955, he relocated to Toronto, Canada and founded Commodore. During
 the 25 years that followed, Tramiel guided Commodore's growth into a
 billion dollar corporation.  His company was the first to market a
 hand-held calculator.  In 1977, Commodore introduced the first home
 computer, and is thus regarded as the firm that brought personal computers
 into the home.

     In January 1984, he retired from Commodore.  Six months later,
 Tramiel, together with an experienced management team, purchased Atari
 from Warner Communications.  After approximately two years, the ailing
 video game manufacturer was transformed into a profitable computer
 company.  Tramiel successfully brought the company public in November
 1986.  In 1988, Atari became a member of the Fortune 500.

     In addition to his business career, Tramiel is actively involved in
 many humanitarian organizations.  He is director of the National
 Conference of Christians and Jews, the Congressional Human Rights
 Foundation, and The Jewish Federation.  He is involved locally as a member
 of the Anti-Defamation League's Regional Executive Committee, and is a
 National Commissioner of the League.  Tramiel also serves as chairman of
 the High Tech Society, a branch of the Jewish Federation, and is a member
 of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Campaign Council.

     Sam Tramiel has served as president, chief operating officer and a
 director of Atari Corporation since June 1984 and became Chief Executive
 Officer in 1988.  From 1974 until joining Atari (with exception of the
 period from 1079 to 1981) Sam Tramiel was employed by Commodore
 International, Ltd., most recently as vice president, Japan and general
 manager, Asia.  From 1976 to 1977, he served as head of Commodore's
 Consumer Division from Toronto and as general manager in Hong Kong, London
 and Santa Clara, California.  From 1979 to 1981, Mr. Tramiel operated his
 own OEM manufacturing business in the Far East.
 Tramiel graduated with a BA in Economics from York University, Ontario,

     Leonard Tramiel was appointed to his present position in July 1984
 following completion of his studies at Columbia University, where he
 received a doctorate in astrophysics.  He completed his undergraduate work
 at Santa Clara University.

     Richard Miller joined Atari in 1989 as vice president of technology. 
 In that role, he is the leader of the hardware design team that created
 the Atari Falcon030.

     Richard attended Queen Mary College at the University of London and
 was previously managing director of Perihelion, Ltd. in the United
 Kingdom.  He was also one of the designers of the Sinclair Z88.

     William Rehbock, Technical Director of Software Development, a
 graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology (ITT), William Rehbock
 joined Atari in the summer of 1990 as Director of Application Software. 
 He was responsible for DTP market development.  As Technical Director of
 Software Development, he has been instrumental in the formation of the
 Professional Systems Group and in developing software for the new Atari
 Falcon computers.

     Prior to Atari, William worked for the Educational Technology Center,
 and operated his own computer consulting firm.

     For the past two years James Grunke has served as Director of Atari
 Music, in charge of sales and marketing in the U.S. for the music
 channels.  He is also responsible for international music developer
 support.  He brings to Atari a business background in digital sales with
 companies such as Mission Bay Investments and Delian Music Systems.

     His music background includes time spent as a staff synthesist and
 digital sound engineer with the Beach Boys/Brother Records, specifically
 contributing to the "Still Cruisin'" album.  He has also played keyboards
 for the Beach Boys on tour.  Other bands that James has contributed his
 keyboard expertise to include Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Band and Michael
 W. Smith, as well as a number of video soundtracks.
     James earned a BS in Keyboard performance from University of Wisconsin
 and also holds a degree in synthesizer programming from the Grove School
 in Los Angeles.  He is a member of the National Association of Musical
 Merchants (NAMM) and the Musical Manufacturer's Association (MMA).


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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         | (Monday)   will discuss Arabesque, Convector and     |
         |            their other fine products.                |
         |   All Real Time Conferences begin at 10:00 p.m. EDT  |

                        THE PREMIER EAST COAST SHOW
     Beginning Friday Evening, October 9th, Atari users from all up and
 down the eastern seaboard will gather in Reston, Va for the 9th edition of
 WAACE AtariFest. Make your plans now to be part of the fun.  Check
 Category 11, Topic 9 for particulars on room rates, admission prices, and
 other special features or download library file number 25886 titled
 WAACE92.LZH for complete details.
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  25958 HP_5164.LZH  R.BROWN30    Make Avery 5164 Labels in PgS!
  25957 VE_2_D2.ARC  T.GARAY      The Vulcan Embassy BBS v. 2.0 disk2
  25953 SEE1022.LZH  C.CARPENTER3 Space Empire Elite ver 10.22
  25952 SEE1133.LZH  C.CARPENTER3 Space Empire Elite ver 11.33
  25951 CBD_DEMO.LZH FAIR-DINKUM  CyberDrome Hoverjet Simulator DEMO!
  25948 STEPAHED.TXT NEVIN-S      Windows Tracker/ST at WAACE!
  25946 BBSX9210.LZH C.SANCHEZ2   BBS Express! ST monthly BBS list
  25945 ET_14.LZH    C.SANCHEZ2   Express Times Issue 14
  25944 LMP249_M.LZH D.HOLMES14   Graphics for GEnie Lamp 2.49 (MONO)
  25943 LMP249_C.LZH D.HOLMES14   Graphics for GEnie Lamp 2.49 (COLOR)
  25942 LMP249.LZH   D.HOLMES14   GEnie Lamp #2.49 (TX2 version)
  25941 GEM_IMP.TXT  J.H.CARROLL  GEMulator First Impressions
  25939 W9373UPD.LZH CODEHEAD     Updates Warp 9 v3.72 to v3.73
           Darlah's Treat of the Month - EDGEDEMO.LZH

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > CODEHEADS ONLINE! STR OnLine  GEnie's ST RT presents the Codeheads!

                Monday Night Round Table Conference
                          Host - Lou Rocha

                           Sept. 28, 1992
        Guest Speaker - John Eidsvoog, CodeHead Technologies

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1>
     Our guest  tonight is John Eidsvoog of CodeHead Technologies.  John is
 going to allow discussion on ANY CodeHead products  so get  your questions
     Before getting  started, some  business about how an RTC works.  While
 the RTC room is in Listen-Only mode, you can only address our guest when I
 let you talk.  To get my attention, just /RAIse your hand. Just enter this
 from your keyboard: /rai

     I'll acknowledge  your raised  hand as  soon as  I can,  but please be
 patient.  I will let you know when your turn is coming up.

 Some other RTC commands are:

 ?    - Lists all RTC commands.
 /sta - Status (list) of everyone in the RTC room.
 /exi - Exit the RTC, but you remain logged onto GEnie.
 /bye - Log off of GEnie directly from the RTC.
 /rai - Raise your hand. Lets me know you wish to address our guest.
 /nam - Lets you change your nickname.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1>
     Ok, thanks  for coming  everyone.   We'll try  not to bore anyone with
 things you're not interested  in so  feel free  to ask  question about any
 product, but  bear in  mind that I may not answer the question if it's not
 one of ours.  <grin> Fire away.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1>
     Our first question is from DD Martin..

 <[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN>
     Can you explain your postscript support for AV and can type 1 fonts be
 used? Gradient fills available?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1>
     By AV, I assume you're talking about Avant Vector.

 <[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> yep

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1>
     Avant Vector  will import  EPS files Encapsulated PostScript, that is.
 It seems to do quite a good job of covering  most variations  of EPS files
 but there's  no program  I know  of on  any platform that can truly handle
 everything that's thrown at it.  For  one  thing,  AV  will  not  do color
 another  thing  is  that  it  treats  gradient  fills in the same way that
 Outline Art does.  It  turns  the  gradient  into  a  series  of  areas of
 different  intensity.    This  is a less-than-desirable method of handling
 it, but that's the way that it works.

 <[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> post script type 1 fonts?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Oh yes,...We are beta  testing a  new version  of Avant  Vector called
 Avant Font.   It  loads many (or most) type-1 fonts and allows editing and
 saving in Calamus CFN format.   We don't  yet know  when the  release date
 will be for Avant Font, but it looks pretty good so far.
 <[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> 
     Can't save as Adobe type 1?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     No, unfortunately.  (I don't think).  I may be wrong.

 <[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> 
     thanks, John...

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Olivo Contreras has the next question.  Thanks DD.

 <[Olivo] O.CONTRERAS1> 
     Is it  possible to  write Extend-O-Save modules in anything other than
 assembly language? C or Pascal would be nice.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     We are currently working on a  module to  do just  that.   That is, we
 think that we can do C, but currently have no plans for Pascal.

     The C  package will  come with an .O file which will be linked in with
 your C code.  All you'll have to do is write about  3-5 routines  and link
 them in  (without INIT.O).  We're also looking into making it possible for
 GFA too, but that might not be possible.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Olivo, do you have another question?

 <[Olivo] O.CONTRERAS1> 
     Are there any specific brands of C that you're going  to support? When
 do you plan on releasing the new module?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     I got  a good  start on  the C module the other day, but haven't had a
 chance to finish it yet.  It should work with any C dev system,  since the
 .O file  will be in standard Alcyon linkable format.  The routines will be
 very simple.  One each for  kick-in, kick-out,  periodic, and  an optional
 routine for configuration.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks Olivo.   John,  can you tell us about CodeHead plans for WAACE?
 Anything special coming up? ;-)

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Well, I've been trying very hard  to finish  MIDI Spy,  which has been
 hanging over  my head  for ages  now.  I'm still not sure if I'll make it.
 Unfortunately, Charles won't be there.  He's going  to be  on tour  at the
 time.   Tomas will  be there with me.  We will probably have a pretty good
 price on Calligrapher but it's not set yet.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Since there are no questions from the floor I will ask you another :-)

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     I am very impressed with Megapaint.  Do  you have  plans for  a future

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     We're also  very impressed with MegaPaint, but it doesn't look like it
 will have a very  good future.   The  sales of  MegaPaint have  been quite
 pitiful.  One of the reasons is that the German exporter has set the price
 too high for us to discount it sufficiently  for dealers.   Another reason
 is that  it is  monochrome only  and these days people are moving more and
 more to color.  I've expressed these concerns to Tommy  Software, but they
 are not  too interested in continuing development on the ST version.  It's
 a shame  because MegaPaint  is one  of our  most-used tools  in-house.  We
 couldn't get  along without  it.   Only a select few really will ever know
 the true power of MegaPaint.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Pity.  I have seen it demo'ed and it is REALLY worth the money.  There
 is still a large need for good monochrome software.  

 Rod Martin has the next question...  Rod

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> 
     I'm sorry.   I got disconnected and missed the first part of your info
 on Extend-O-Save.  Can you encapsulate? Any new  modules in  the works? It
 sounded  like  you'll  be  supplying  parts  of  code  to help programmers
 out...did I catch that right?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Yes, we will have  a package  allowing C  programmers to  easily write
 modules.   We're also working on a couple of other modules.  We've got one
 almost ready, which rolls the screen slowly in  a couple  of directions at
 once.  ...

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> How about stuff for assembly?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     The assembly  language stuff  is already available both in the library
 here, and on the Warp 9 disk.   It includes  complete source  code for the
 PICFADE module.  I'll also be doing a module like the HotSaver screensaver
 which allows you to load any IMG into it and have it bounce around  on the
 screen.    Another  module  planned  will be a "flashlight" effect where a
 black screen has a circle of the screen illuminated and moving around.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Olivo has another question for you John.

 <[Olivo] O.CONTRERAS1> 
     Did you ever come  up with  Calligrapher Lite?  I saw  it listed  in a
 catalog for $49.  I thought only Gold and Pro were available.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     We will  not be offering Calligrapher Lite (unless something changes).
 Currently, Lite is already being marketed through Atari UK and Atari US.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John, what are you planning to demo at WAACE?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Well...we don't really have anything special planned.  Our usual demos
 these  days  at  shows  are  done  on  a  TT  with  a high res screen.  We
 specialize in showing Calligrapher,  MegaPaint, Avant  Vector, Genus, etc.
 One thing  that I've enjoyed doing is having someone print the alphabet in
 their block printing.  We then scan it with MegaPaint,  auto-trace it with
 Avant Vector, load each object into Genus and create a Calamus font.  It's
 really interesting to be able  to  type  into  Calamus  and  see  your own
 manuscript appear.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Sounds  like  a  winning  demo.    The  power  of  authorship  is VERY
 attractive to the masses.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     John, I asked you last week about the Falcon...

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     The Falcon?

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     What do you HOPE it will do for the developers?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Last week? <grin> Oh, yeah....

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1>

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     The best way the Falcon can help the developers is to be mass produced
 so that  there are enough potential customers for developers to be able to
 invest their resources in the development of new and exciting products.  I
 know that's what WE'RE hoping for anyway.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Do  you  have  any  comment  or  reaction to the rollout at the Boston
 Computer Society? I hear it went well but to a  smallish crowd.   Even Sam
 was there...

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     It sounded like the BCS rollout was a local success but what is really
 needed is some wide exposure such as would provided by  a major  review in
 Byte Magazine.  Let's hope the Atari people are doing their homework along
 these lines.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Rod Martin has another question.GA

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> 
     WOW! It's incredible that it's that easy to make your  own fonts! Back
 to  E-O-S,  you  requested  module  ideas...I'd like one that segments the
 screen to blocks, removes one, and  shuffles the  remaining blocks around.
 I guess you can tell I'm really looking forward to E-O-S! ;-)

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Yes Rod,  That's one  of the modules I've thought about doing also.  I
 have a few different module screensavers for the PC and there are a lot of
 good ones  already written  for Windows.   Too bad we can't obtain some of
 the source code <grin>.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks Rod.  Chris is next.

 <[chris] DRAGONWARE> 
     John can Extend-o-Save park the Stacy and turn off the backlight?..

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Hi Chris, I'm glad you asked...<grin>

 <[chris] DRAGONWARE> 
     you said a wish list grin!

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     I got your message from your phone  call  the  other  day.    It would
 definitely be  possible to do such a module.  There is no existing code in
 Warp 9 to handle this, but it could be done  in a  module.   I don't think
 there's been any documentation on turning off the Stacy's backlight but if
 I can obtain it, I'll give  it a  shot.   The hard  drive parking  code is
 already in HotSaver and would be simple.

 (Job 6)<[chris] DRAGONWARE> 
     I love Warp (! and Extend-o-save are the fonts standard 6x6 screen?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     We're not up to Warp ( yet, but give us time.  <grin>

 <[chris] DRAGONWARE> 
     shift=( not 9 (blush)

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1>
     Warp 9  doesn't handle  6x6 fonts  specifically although it does speed
 them up.  We've considered adding 6x6 support for loading  alternate fonts
 but have made not decisions on it yet.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks Chris.  Mike Allen is here for a return 
 visit ;-)

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 

 <[Quiet Mike] M.ALLEN14> 
     Hi John,  I would like to see some more extensive source code examples
 for E-O-S.   For  example  moving  an  object  around  the  screen.   <I'm
 twitching awaiting  my W9 upgrade.>  My first ST programming effort may be
 an E-O-S module.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Well, as  for moving  things around  the screen  code for implementing
 such  a  thing  would  not  be  specific to Warp 9 although there are some
 restrictions to what can be  done  during  the  vertical  blank  (when the
 routine is  called).  One nice thing about Extendo being in Warp 9 is that
 the VDI calls handled by Warp  9 can  be called  even though  it would not
 normally be safe to make normal VDI calls from an interrupt.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Follow up Mike?

 <[Quiet Mike] M.ALLEN14> 
     Is there a list of VDI call handled by W9? Did you get my XXXL T-shirt
 order <grin> ga.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     I'm embarrassed to say  that I've  haven't read  the entire developers
 docs that  Charles prepared.   I'm not sure if it lists the VDI calls that
 are safe or not.  Basically, if you try something and it doesn't crash, it
 should be OK.  I got your shirt order and left you E-Mail about it today.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks Mike.  Hang around.  Next is Eric Goodman.

     This question  may have  been asked (I just joined) but do you know if
 there will be access through GFA Basic?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     We're working on that.  I'm not sure if we'll be able  to pull  it off
 or not.   It  would involve  just writing a few PROCEDURES without linking
 them into GFA's startup code.  We'll know soon if it will work.  I suspect
 that it  will work  as long as you stay away from some of the internal GFA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks Eric.  Rob Quance is next.

 <[Rob] R.QUANCE> 
     John, have you seen  any software  that you  would like  to distribute
 along  the  lines  of  Corel  Draw? With the new graphic formats available
 (Falcon), it would be a nice addition the Codehead line.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     So far, I'm not  aware  of  anything  along  those  lines.    There is
 allegedly some very exciting software coming from Germany.  Unfortunately,
 I didn't  go to  Duesseldorf this  year, although  I don't  think that the
 software  was  very  far  along  in  the short time they had access to the
 Falcon machines.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Rob, are you talking about EPS output?
 <[Rob] R.QUANCE> 
     Corel does have EPS (color) as well...

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     One more thing I'm sure that a Corel type program on the  Falcon could
 run rings around that slow Corel dog under Windows.  <grin>

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks Rob.  Fred Nelson has been waiting patiently.  ;-)

 <[Fred nelson] N5424> 
     Been out of town for three weeks.  When I got back I see the new Warp9
 upgrade.  Put my disk and check in the mail tonight!

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Great, I'm sure you'll  enjoy  it.    We  hope  to  have  more modules
 available soon, but there are only so many hours in the day.

 <[Fred nelson] N5424> 
     Sorry about MegaPaint.  I've made great use of it.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Maybe we'll have to start a MegaPaint club....for the Elite.  <grin>

 <[Olivo] O.CONTRERAS1> 
     Will you be uploading new modules here or offering them for sale?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     So far,  our plans  are to release all modules for free, although it's
 possible that a module might come along that is unique and powerful enough
 to warrant a purchase price.  I doubt it, though.

 <[Olivo] O.CONTRERAS1> 
     I'm dying  to see  a flying  toasters module!  Have you or anyone else
 written one?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Flying toaster! Everyone wants flying toasters.  <grin>....

     Well, certain things that can be done on the Mac and Windows  are more
 difficult under  GEM because Extendo must operate from within an interrupt
 when there are major restrictions on the types of calls that can  be made.
 For  instance,  a  module  daren't  do  any  disk  access.   This makes it
 difficult to write a module or  module  manager  that  would  allow random
 modules to be called.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     John, we have a short lull ;-) Can I ask if you are aware of any plans
 by the International Association  of Atari  Developers to  help Atari Corp
 with the Falcon campaign? Does IAAD ever offer advice to Atari Corp?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Well, we  do have plenty of advice both privately, and among ourselves
 although it seems that most of it doesn't make it to Atari.  <grin>
 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     John, we have a couple of other developers here tonight.  Mind sharing
 the podium on this question?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     Maybe Dorothy  can shed  some light on this question.  Or perhaps Jim.
 Speak up, friends.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     And Jim Allen and Ringo and Lee....

 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> 
     Thanks, John.  What was the question?

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Does the IAAD have any suggestions for Atari Corp's Falcon campaign?

 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> 
     Yes, we do.  I'm glad  you asked.   I  hope Atari  does.   I'm looking
 forward to supporting hundreds of thousands of Falcons any minute now.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     That would be pretty heavy.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     And a great balancing act, to boot.

     The Falcon is a VERY different computer, it's not a new generation ST,
 it is aimed at a much different market,  and requires  a different  set of
 support SW.   So  the sky's the limit on what might be done, and where the
 opportunities are.

 <[Ringo] LEXICOR2> 
     It would be nice if ATARI  had a  private meeting  with all developers
 and dealers so that a proper plan can be made.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Private meeting? How about something at WAACE?

 <[chris] DRAGONWARE> 
     Well  we   have  found  some  things  about  Networking  to  tell  but

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     I'm happy to share  this  wonderful  spotlight  with  all  of  my IAAD

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     I suppose you have ALL made the request in email?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     We have  officially made  our desires  known to Atari that we think it
 would be beneficial for them to attend WAACE.
     We're trying to get Bill  Rehbock...cause  he's  the  super  expert on come  to WAACE  with a Falcon to show the east coasters.  Any help
 from the "people" would be greatly appreciated!!

 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> 
     We developers are very interested in the Falcon, and of  course in its

 <[Ringo] LEXICOR2> 
     Maybe at Comdex?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     There's a  bright future  on the  other side of the curtain.  All they
 need to do is open the drapes and let the light in.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     OK Thanks Dev's.  John Eidsvoog, thanks for coming by  tonight.  Would
 you like to wrap things up for us? 

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> 
     OK.   In spite  of the  havoc we just had in trying to make our point,
 I'd like to point out  that  the  developers  are  all  excited  about the
 possibilities presented by the impending release of the Falcon.

     There  are  some  excellent  opportunities  available right around the
 corner and the ball is in  the Tramiel  court.   Let's hope  there's not a
 fumble (to mix metaphors).

     Thanks for  coming folks,  and thanks for your interest and support of
 CodeHead Technologies products.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> 
     Thanks to you, John Eidsvoog.  Give our best to  Charles and  the band
 and we wish you and all the CodeHeaders the best of luck in the future.

 (C) 1992  by Atari  Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May be
 reprinted only with this notice intact.   The  Atari Roundtables  on GEnie
 are *official*  information services of Atari Corporation.  To sign up for
 GEnie service; Set your communications software  to Half  Duplex (or Local
 Echo) Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon connection, type HHH (RETURN)
 Wait for the U#= prompt.  Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

 > The Flip Side STR Feature           "...a different viewpoint.."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 From David Beckemeyer (Beckemeyer Development) - Cat. 2, Topic 34, Msg. 
 154 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   The SCSI Tape Kit is now available. The introductory suggested retail 
   price is $49.95 including the HD Toolkit backup software ($29.95 
   retail). Current owners of HD Toolkit may purchase just the SCSI Tape 
   Kit for $20.
   The SCSI Tape Kit allows you to connect any standard SCSI tape drive 
   to your Atari computer and use the HD Toolkit software to do tape 
   backups. The HD Toolkit programs are fully GEM based, easy-to-use, 
   fast, and reliable. Multiple partitions may be written to a single 
   tape. Backup by file, directory, partition, or the entire disk at 
   once. Has the ability to restore a single file or directory, or 
   restore an entire partition. Save configurations, scripting, and more.

 A quick run-down of Mountain Software's product line - From Anthony 
 Watson (Mountain Software) - Cat.2, Topic 44, Msg. 3 - from the ST 
 Roundtable on Genie...
   The Recipe Box - A database dedicated to the storage, retrieval, and 
   printing of recipes. Easy to use mouse controls, and '3D' buttons. 
   Includes most 'standard' features such as search, batch printing, 
   recipe ingredient resizing, etc. Store recipes in 22 definable 
   catagories. Far too many features to go into, try it out! It's in the 

   The Recipe Converter - A 'companion' to The Recipe Box, which allows 
   you to convert recipes from Assistant Chef, Meal-Master, Qbook, 
   Computer Chef, and others into a format usable by The Recipe Box.

   Easy-Go - A simple program launcher. Set up your favorite files in 
   this menu, and run them with one click of the button! Easy mouse 
   controls for adding files, renaming menu titles, moving menu items, or 
   clearing items. Should run in any graphics mode on ST's or TT's. 
   Automatically maintains seperate menu's for each graphic mode, 
   allowing you to store only those files that run in that graphics mode! 
   No more of those 'Wrong Resolution' messages! (Once the menu is 
   properly set up!)

   NOTE: EASY-GO was intended for Hard Drive users only, though it can be 
   run from a floppy drive. A bug has recently come to my attention. You 
   will get a 'Path not found' error if you run a program from the root 
   directory of the floppy disk! It only occurs with the floppy disk, and 
   will work fine if the program you wish to run is in a subdirectory, or 
   from any directory if it is run from a hard drive! This bug has been 
   fixed, and will be in the next release!
   TUZZLE - A little tile game for the STE or TT computers. Uses the DMA 
   sound hardware of the STE's for sound effects. Similar to the little 
   puzzle games you may have played as a child? Note: Tuzzle is playable 
   on standard ST's, though without sound effects!

   GFA BASIC MENU - A simple replacement menu for the GFA menu program 
   that accompanied GFA BASIC 3.5E. Simplifies running the interpreter or 
   compiling a program. This menu, unlike the original GFA menu, IS 
   compatible with the Window Colors CPX! If you program in GFA BASIC you 
   may wish to try this one out! (Freeware)

   S-10 Converter - A simple utility for converting sounds from the 
   ROLAND S-10 Digital sampling keyboard, transmitting them via MIDI, to 
   the STE DMA sound sample hardware format! Requires the Roland S-10 
   keyboard to operate! (Freeware)
   As always, all Mountain Software will run in ST Medium or ST High 
   resolutions. Also, some of the newer releases have been 'resolution 
   independant', allowing them to work in any graphics mode! Also, all 
   Mountain Software programs SHOULD work on ANY ST! (Assuming sufficient 
   RAM is available for a specific program?)
   Well, I think this covers them all? If I missed something, and you 
   would like to know more, just ask!
 Questions and answers from Cat. 4, Topic 1, Msgs 1-4 - from the ST 
 Roundtable on Genie...
 Question from Vern Hutz -
   I own both a 486-50 and the better machine "a TT030". In persuing the 
   need to backup the PC I thought why not get a tape drive to do double 
   duty. I have been met with more than the usual 'Atari has mor than 
   game machines out?'. These are serious periferal drive companies, why 
   don't they support this platform, are drivers that hard to write? What 
   companies have tape drives out which can be used on both IBM and 

 Answer from Nathan Potechin (DMC Publishing) -
   Personally I am using one of ICD's Hard Drives with Tape Backup. It's 
   fast, clean and works perfectly and guess what, ICD fully supports the 
   Atari line. :- ) I believe they also sell a separate tape backup unit.

 Answer from Ron (Atari AD-Vantage) -
   Beckemeyer's Hard Disk Toolkit now supports a wide range of SCSI tape 
   drives. A SCSI controller in your PC would allow you to share drives. 
   Using the ICD Link, the same can be said for other SCSI peripherals 
   between the ST and PC such as a Syquest removable media drive or the 
   PLI Floptical.
 Questions and answers from Cat. 4, Topic 16, Msgs 1-4 - from the ST 
 Roundtable on Genie...
 Question from Dom Alvear -
   This is the first of two survey questions.  I am in the market for a 
   new hard drive. I already have all the necessary items to hook it up, 
   but I just need the drive. It needs to be at least 80Mb's and fairly 
   fast. SCSI of course. 3.5" only.

   Let me know what you people think is the best drive out there and 
   possibly where to get it.

 Answer from Joe Meehan -
   I have and have been very happy with both Quantam and Maxtor units.
 Answer from Wayne Watson -
   Try the Quantums or Maxtors. They are some of the best. Maxtor drives 
   are a little more expensive but, they are built like bricks.
   Also, the Syquest 88 meg drive is a nice one also and, you can buy 
   more cartridges and have another 88 meg for ~$110.00. The drive mech. 
   will cost about $430.00. You can probably find it cheaper if you look 
   in Computer Shopper. This drive is the removable cartridge type.

 Answer from Lou Rocha (sysop) -
   Dom, I have 2 Seagates and 1 Maxtor plus a Megafile 30 and 60. The 
   only one that has ever given a problem is the Megafile 30 (Seagate 
   internally) which occassionally fails to initialize. I am told this is 
   due to a problem with the lubricant becoming dry.


 From John Trautschol (Missionware Software - Flash 2.0) - Cat. 8, Topic 
 2, Msg. 118 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
   Hi everyone...

   There's been some confusion on some recent orders I've been getting 
   for Flash II. Apparently someone (I don't know who) published the cor-
   rect price for the upgrade from the original Flash to Flash II ($30) 
   but failed to include the $4 shipping and handling charge. The $4 
   really must be included! At $30 per copy for the program, our margins 
   are slim as it is. The $4 *just* covers the actual postage and cost of 
   the envelope that the product is shipped in. I make absolutely no 
   profit on this!
   I do ask those who only send in $30 to please submit an extra check 
   for $4 along with their registration card, but that's a real pain 
   (although I'll say that only a couple of folks have never sent in 
   their $4 - and that's too bad because they'll be excluded from any 
   future upgrades - at least free ones - until they've paid up).

   I do ship all orders that only include the $30, trusting that the 
   folks will send in the extra $4 later. However, if too many orders 
   come in without the S&H charge, I'll have to start holding orders or 
   I'll go broke!

   Thanks for your understanding and please, pass the message around. I 
   and my cash flow will greatly appreciate it! :-)

 Question and answer from Cat. 8, Topic 4, Msg 167-170 - from the ST 
 Roundtable on Genie...
 Question from J. Wilson -

   Heard of an Intel 9600 EX???? Got a chance to git one for less than 
   $ it/will it workie with a Mega????

 Answer from V.PATRICELL1 -
   I origionally bought an Intel 14.4 EX modem when I decided to go to a 
   high speed modem (same basic modem but 14.4k speed instead of 9600 
   baud). I decided to send it back and get a USR Dual Standard instead 
   so I could have HST and v.32 bis compatability. However, the Intel 
   worked fine for a v.32 bis modem (the 9600 is only v.32). I own a Mega 
   4, BTW. $150 sounds like a pretty good deal since new it goes for @ 
   $300. Intel has a 800 voicemail number (I don't have it offhand but 
   you can call 1-800-555-1212 to get it) and it will allow you to select 
   from a verbal menu and it will call a fax number you tell it back with 
   all the specs and a brochure if you like.

 Have you ever wondered what was the difference between YModem-G, YModem, 
 and ZModem? - From Cat. 8, Topic 4, Msg. 168-175 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

 Question from Ed Krimen -
   What's the difference between Ymodem-G and Zmodem?

   I understand that Ymodem-G, which requires a modem with error 
   correction, does no error checking, while Zmodem does. Are there any 
   other differences?

 Answer from Jim Ness -
   Actually, ymodem-g does do the same error checking as ymodem. However, 
   since it has already gone on to the next packet, when an error is 
   discovered, there is no way to recover, and the xfer aborts. Zmodem 
   and CIS B+ have ways to go back and resend the erroneous packet. 
   Ymodem does not, if it has already moved on.

   It can be a real pain, if you do have an error, after 100k of a 125k 
   file has been received. That is why an error checking modem is really 

   Because ymodem does not have the zmodem capabilities, it has less 
   overhead per packet. This results in the fastest file xfer available, 
 Answer from Wayne Watson -
   Ymodem-G does require an error correcting modem. Ymodem-G is just like 
   Ymodem Batch except it does not do any CRC checks. Since it doesn't do 
   these checks, it relies on the modem to do the check and is supposed 
   to be faster.
   I haven't found it to be much faster than Zmodem at all, at least not 
   fast enough to make up for the benefits that Zmodem offers. Zmodem is 
   a streamy type protocol (with the right portions of Zmodem implimen-
   ted) and doesn't really send any ACKS unless asked to do so (GEnie). 
   This may be the reason there isn't much difference in speed for me. I 
   do not use PC Pursuit anymore (in years) but, when I did, Zmodem made 
   a BIG difference. I now call at 14.4K (when possible) using Reach Out 
   America. If you are using 2400 baud only, then there is no real 
   benifit in speed between Ymodem/Ymodem-G/Zmodem except Zmodem has some 
   nice features like transfer resume.

   Sorry if the above message comes out sounding not right. I had wrist 
   surgery today and my brain to left hand translation isn't as good as 
   my brain to right hand translation.


 From ZRATH-SMILEY - Cat. 9, Topic 22, Msg. 107 - from the ST Roundtable 
 on Genie...
   Bad news from Microprose UK. I've just received the following letter:

   <Useless stuff deleted>

   A.T.A.C., B-17 Flying Fortress, and Civilization are still being 
   planned for the ST but have release dates of Spring next year. These 
   are not definate and could possibly be changed or we may decide not to 
   release the games at all. It could depend on the market trends at the 
   The other titles that you mention - Covert Action, Gunship 2000, 
   Planet Editor (UMS II), and Air Duel we have decided not to release.

   <More stuff deleted>

   Well, how do you like them apples!?!??!

   Make your voice heard, write to the suckers!

   Microprose LTD
   Unit 1, Hampton Road Industrial Estate,
   Gloucestershire GL8 8LD.


 Until next week.....


 > Falcon Specifications STR InfoFile          A Class Act for sure!

                         FALCON030 SPECIFICATIONS

 Contact:  Sue Baelen or Anne Ellingson  Ron Smith or Bill Rehbock
           Redgate Communications        Atari Corporation
           (415) 777-3911                (408) 745-2000
           (415) 777-0896 -fax           (408) 745-2088 -fax

 Atari Falcon030(tm) Specifications

 System Architecture
 o    Motorola 68030 operating at 16MHz
 o    On-chip demand-paged memory management
 o    Separate on-chip 256-byte instruction and data caches
 o    Independent address and data buses for increased performance
 o    Pipelined architecture
 o    32-bit data/address bus
 o    1,4 or 14 MB RAM configurations
 o    512 K internal ROM; 128 K external cartridge

 o    Eight 16-bit digital audio DMA record and playback channels
      with up to 50 kHz sampling rate
 o    Stereo 16-bit digital DMA audio input/output
 o    SDMA sound/DMA co-processor

 Digital Signal Processor
 o    Motorola 56001 DSP operating at 32 MHz
 o    96 MOPS performance at 32 MHz
 o    32K words of 0 wait-state static RAM
 o    DSP connector allows easy connection of low-cost 19.2K baud
      fax/data modems, voice mail systems, direct-to-disk digital
      audio recorders, JPEG/MPEG image compression, etc.

 o    640 X 480 resolution and 256 colors in Super VGA
 o    True color 16-bit mode allows display of up to 65,536 colors
 o    Accepts external video sync signal to allow high-quality
 o    Overlay mode for easy video titling and special effects
 o    Optional overscan
 o    262,144 possible colors
 o    Hardware-assisted horizontal fine scrolling
 o    BLiTTER (tm) graphics co-processor

 Expansion Bus
 o    Internal direct processor slot for 386SX PC emulation, DMA
      co-processors, etc.
 o    Optional processor socket for other co-processors

 Standard Ports
 o    SCSI II port with Direct Memory Access (DMA)
 o    High-speed LocalTalk-compatible LAN port
 o    Connector for analog RGB color (VGA or ST) or composite video
 o    RS232C serial port
 o    Bi-directional parallel printer port (also suitable for image
 o    Cartridge port (128 K capacity)
 o    MIDI in/out
 o    Miniature stereo plug input/output
 o    Four 9-pin joystick connectors
 o    Two 15-pin enhanced digital/analog controller and light pen

 Data Storage
 o    1.44 MB floppy disk drive
 o    MS-DOS-format compatibility
 o    Optional internal IDE hard drive

 User Interface
 o    Standard QWERTY keyboard layout.  Low profile, sculptured
      ergonomic design
 o    94 keys; 10 function keys.  Separate numeric and cursor
 o    Keyboard processor to reduce CPU overhead
 o    2-button mouse supplied as standard

 System Software
 o    Pre-emptive multitasking with adaptive prioritization
 o    Inter-process communication through MultiTOS messages and
 o    TOS operating system in ROM
 o    Hierarchical file system with subdirectories and path names
 o    Icon-based graphical user interface with self-explanatory
      command functions
 o    On-line help
 o    Multiple window user interface with icons and drop-down
 o    NewDesk(tm) desktop and eXtensible Control panel allows
      customization by user



                            STEP AHEAD SOFTWARE
                                to feature
                          AT WAACE'92 ATARIFEST!

     Step Ahead Software is pleased to announce that we will be attending
 the WAACE Atarifest in Reston, VA on October 10th and 11th. We'll be
 sharing the huge Codehead Software double-booth, and will have a number of
 exciting items on display and for sale.

     Of course, our main attraction will be Tracker/ST, long recognized as
 the leading mailing list/mail merge program for the Atari ST. Used by
 thousands of satisfied Atari owners, Tracker hosts a number of powerful
 and unique features, such as the ability to keep unlimited notes on each
 person in the system, a one-click mail merge system, a very useful Quick
 Letter feature, and the ability to store an unlimited number of names in
 an unlimited number of separate mailing list files.

     At WAACE, we will have the full program for sale, as well as updates
 to the latest v3.04 of Tracker/ST ($25 for owners of v2.0-2.51, and just
 $2 for owners of v3.0 or greater).

     WAACE will also be the sight of the world premiere of Windows
 Tracker/ST! After fielding an ever-increasing number of requests for a
 Windows version of Tracker/ST from our registered users, Step Ahead
 Software is pleased to announce that a fully compatible Windows version of
 their leading mailing list/mail merge software is near completion. We'll
 be showing Windows Tracker/ST at WAACE, taking advance orders, and will
 ship the product on or before Election Day, 1992 (that's November 3rd).

     Tracker/ST for Windows is practically identical to the current version
 of Tracker/ST for the Atari ST, STe, and TT (v3.04). The Windows version
 looks the same, runs the same, and has practically all the same features.

     Transferring data from existing copies of Atari Tracker/ST is a
 breeze, and you can use all of your names, Long Notes, mail merge
 templates and Quick Letters from your Atari version in your Windows

     We're very pleased to be able to offer our dedicated Atari Tracker/ST
 owners a way to run one of their favorite and most relied-upon programs on
 the IBM clones that they may have at work, at school, or on a second
 machine at home. Please stop by our booth for a side by side demonstration
 of Tracker/ST and Windows Tracker/ST at WAACE!

     Along with Tracker/ST and Windows Tracker/ST, we'll be demoing and
 selling GEMvelope, the superb envelope printing program from Synergy
 Resources. GEMvelope is a desk accessory that prints envelopes complete
 with postal bar codes. And now Tracker and GEMvelope 'talk' to each other
 for a truly integrated mailing list/mail merge/mailing label/envelope
 printing solution.

     Finally, In addition to Tracker/ST, Windows Tracker/ST and GEMvelope,
 WordFlair II will also be in our booth. This fine document processor from
 Goldleaf Publishing uses Atari's new FSM GDOS with true font scaling. You
 can combine text, calculations, drawings and more into WordFlair
 documents, making it one of the most intriguing products in the ST

     WAACE is always one of our favorite Atari shows, and we look forward
 to seeing many of our friends on October 10th and 11th.

 For more information about the items discussed here, please contact:

                            Step Ahead Software

                          Nevin Shalit President,
                         Step Ahead Software, Inc.


 > MULTI-TOS! STR InfoFile        Now Includes a Font Scaling Manager

                             ATARI'S MULTI-TOS

 News Release                                For Immediate Release

 Contact:  Sue Baelen or Anne Ellingson  Ron Smith or Bill Rehbock
           Redgate Communications        Atari Corporation
           (415) 777-3911                (408) 745-2000
           (415) 777-0896 -fax           (408) 745-2088 -fax

                              ATARI FALCON030

 Upgraded MultiTOS  System Incorporates  Notable New  Capabilities Based on
 User Suggestions, Including Font Scaling Manager.

     Atari Corporation  announced today its new multitasking system, called
 MultiTOS.  Available with  the  new  Atari  Falcon030  personal integrated
 media  machine,  the  system  will  be  available  in  November  at  Atari
 distributor around the country.

     "We took advantage of  our strong  user network  and made  many of our
 upgrades based  on input  from dedicated Atari users and developers around
 the world," said Leonard  Tramiel, vice-president  of system  software for
 Atari.    "We  designed  the  operating  system  around the way people use
 computers.  I believe the level of attention to users,  and the  degree to
 which this  operating system  addresses those  concerns, is  unique in the
 industry.  We've built  in more  options and  flexibility and  at the same
 time dramatically improved performance."

     Immediate  Pre-Emptive  Multitasking  Capabilities Atari's MultiTOS is
 compatible  with  existing  applications   and   upgrades   from  software
 developers are  not required.   Running  on the  Atari Falcon030, MultiTOS
 takes advantage of the  hardware memory  protection built  into Motorola's
 68030.    Users  can  confidently  run  a  word processing program without
 quitting out of a database or electronic mail program first.

     Unlike offerings from other  personal computer  manufacturers' Atari's
 MultiTOS is  pre-emptive.   The system doesn't have to wait for permission
 from  one  application  before   switching  to   another  task.     "Other
 multitasking  systems  may  leave  a  user  waiting  indefinitely, until a
 calculation  or  manipulation  is  completed  before  changing  to another
 application," said  Tramiel.  "But MultiTOS is more sophisticated and will
 switch between applications automatically."

     The result is a true multitasking environment.   Multiple applications
 can be  left running in background windows as new tasks are started in the
 foreground window.  A database program does not have to  complete its sort
 before the user changes windows into a word processor.

 NewDesk(tm) Improved
     In addition  to the operating system enhancements, the graphic desktop
 NewDesk has also been upgraded.

 New features include:

      o    Animated, color icons
      o    3-D buttons and scroll bars
      o    Manipulate and resize background windows
      o    "Drag and drop" across applications
      o    Extensible file system support
      o    Use soft-loaded fonts
      o    Hierarchical and pop-up menus

 Font Scaling Manager
     Word  processing  and  desktop  publishing  users  will  be especially
 pleased with  the addition  of Font  Scaling Manager  (FSM).  FSM makes it
 easy to view any font size by allowing applications to  scale text  to any
 point size.   FSM also makes arbitrary font rotation and skewing possible,
 and allows direct manipulation of  font  characters'  Bezier  outlines for
 more advanced type effects.

     MultiTOS will  ship with the Atari Falcon030, available November 1992.
 Additionally, MultiTOS  will soon  be available  as an  upgrade to Atari's
 TT030.   Demonstrations can be seen at authorized Atari dealers around the

     Atari Corporation (AMEX:ATC) is a worldwide  manufacturer and marketer
 of  palmtop  through  desktop  computer  systems.    The company sells its
 systems,  peripherals   and  software   through  authorized  distributors,
 resellers and integrators.


 > SDACE UNHAPPY! STR FOCUS!         " let us down, again.."

                             SAY IT LIKE IT IS

 by Daniel B. Phillips,
 President, San Diego Atari Computer Enthusiasts

     Ah, finally  time to sit down at my newly purchased used TT and report
 on our "success" here at  the  San  Diego  Computer  Fair  which  was held
 September 18-20.   It  is also time for me to say some things to and about
 our friends at Atari Corp.  This file is the result of  encouragement (not
 exactly  pressure)  from  the  members  of  the  San  Diego Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts, of which  group  I  am  president,  to  go  public  with what
 transpired as opposed to keeping it "in-house" with Atari.

     Way  back  in  May  of  1992,  two  of my fellow officers began to get
 involved  with  ComputorEdge  Magazine  (San  Diego's  free multi-platform
 computer mag)  and our  SIG's parent  organization, the San Diego Computer
 Society.  They took on some of the organizing responsibilities for a large
 show (an  estimate of 10,000 to attend) to be put on in September the week
 following the Atari Show in Glendale.  Well,  we figured  this was perfect
 timing, as it would allow Atari to help us without much difficulty.  After
 all, San Diego's just an hour and a  half away  from Glendale,  and enough
 SDACE members  would be  present to  enable US to carry everything down to
 make it even easier for Atari.  So we committed to manning (and womanning)
 four booths at the show, confident that even Atari couldn't pass this deal
 up.   We  also  got  in  contact  with  Bob  Brodie,  Atari's  Director of
 Communications, and let him know what we would need, and when.

     We had  decided to  go all out.  We planned for a Midi-Maze booth with
 two chains of 8  1040 STE's,  complete with  SC1435 monitors,  a DTP booth
 featuring 2 TT030's with TTM194 monitors and SLM605 laser printers, and an
 education booth using Mega STE's to demo teachers' aid programs as well as
 Dorothy  (I  hope  that's  right)  Brumleve's excellent software (which, I
 might add, she found  the time  to ship,  AND gave  to a  school down here
 which  is  so  desperate  for  computers  that  they  will  actually  take
 Atari's).  Come August,  we  (I)  also  committed  to  having  a dedicated
 membership booth for our little group of approximately 80 members.  (As it
 turned out,  there  also  was  a  guy  with  a  turn-key  Atari embroidery
 stitching set-up  which allows  you to do those logos you see on ball caps
 and golf shirts.  He didn't even know he could  run other  software on his
 machine!   Guitar Center showed up as well, though there was a lot of "and
 Cubase works just as well on the Mac and IBM", even though they demo'ed on
 the Atari's.)

     Various attempts  were made to nail down the particulars for the show,
 including calls, E-mail, and  I believe,  faxes.   The best  answer we got
 came in  August, and  that was  a strong indefinite, "we can't say yes, we
 can't say no".  Before that, I even went so far as to try to get  in touch
 with Bob Brodie through Gail Bacani, Atari's developer rep (who is without
 a doubt, one of the most helpful people Atari has  ever hired).   Needless
 to say, I didn't get through.

     Now, I  understand that  our group hasn't been the most active around,
 but we have produced the likes of Darlah Potechin (Atari  ST GEnie sysop),
 Mark Booth  (once a  software developer  and currently part-time helper of
 Dave  Small),  Mike  Bergman  (author  of  DTPaint),  and  Richard  Betson
 (retailer/distributor),  and  I'm  sure  other  notables.    Of  the  fore
 mentioned, one is still  extremely active,  one is  tentative, another all
 but gone,  and the  last has  given up  (I think the CD-Rom fiasco was too
 much for him).  I did manage to convince Reed Mason of  AMH Sales, Atari's
 main music  distributor, that  he should  loan us his personal TT and Mega
 STE.  We are a stubborn lot, and  we  ARE  in  what  has  been  called the
 computer capital  of the  U.S.   (most machines  per capita of any city in
 the U.S.), the last major market in California for Atari  to exploit.   We
 expected a little more than what we got.

     What did we get?  I went to the September 12-13 Glendale show like any
 good Atari geek and confronted Bob  personally.   He was  very affable and
 assured us  that the  equipment we saw at the show was slated to appear in
 San Diego (I was a little concerned at the propensity  of TT's,  we needed
 more STE's  than TT's).   He  even said that James Grunke, VP in charge of
 the Music Division and now the  unlucky recipient  of the  title of  VP of
 Sales, was considering coming to San Diego and bringing our little friend,
 the FALCON!  Needless to say, I was floating on  air for  the entire first
 day at  Glendale.  Forget the fact that I saw the Falcon doing a whole lot
 of nothing  that  my  hopped-up  1040  STE  couldn't,  and  that  the only
 peripherals  I  saw  were  two  amplified  speakers  (which I've had on my
 machine for at least a year).  Bob suggested I talk to James to smooth out
 the rough edges for the show.  James had already decided that there was no
 way for him to attend San Diego's show because the  release of  the Falcon
 at Boston  was the  Wednesday following, he simply didn't have time.  That
 was fine, we never expected to be graced  with a  Falcon.   The disturbing
 thing  about  our  conversation  was  that he didn't know the logistics of
 Atari's hardware support, either.  He  told me  to get  in touch  with him
 later, once  he had a chance to talk to Bob.  My attendance in the Calamus
 SL classes (which were pretty good, way to go Mario!), complicated matters
 and resulted in me not hearing James' page.  Minor setback.

     Calls  were  made  frantically  Monday  to talk to either Bob or James
 about shipping.  Reed was very instrumental in  getting information passed
 around.   He told  me to  go ahead and leave the address for shipping.  No
 problem.    Well,  everything  seemed  to  be  in  control  until Tuesday,
 September 15,  two days  before we  were due  to set-up for the show.  Bob
 left a message on my answering machine.  He hadn't realized that  the show
 was so  soon (we  only told  him for the first time in May and repeated it
 far too often thereafter), and due to the amount of work required  for the
 September 23  release of  the Falcon  in Boston, he would not have time to
 ship us anything, and that Atari would try  to make  up for  this error by
 donating  some  hardware  to  the  group  at a later date (by the way, two
 Falcons for the group and all  the ATW800  software you  can find  for me,
 would be  nice.  :^)).  I called Bob back in Sunnyvale, where he was still
 working at 9:30 PM (excellent  commitment!),  and  we  discussed Glendale,
 Boston, and his dismay at not being able to support us in San Diego.  Now,
 I can appreciate the fact that Atari Corp.  is down to about 100 employees
 from a high of somewhere around 10,000, but I find it hard to believe that
 no one could slap some labels on the Glendale equipment  (which, no doubt,
 has STILL not been unpacked), and tell UPS to get it to San Diego, pronto.
 Heck, even if half of it was broken  from use  at Glendale,  we would have
 been well supported.

     I  really  didn't  think  to  complain  that  much  until  people kept
 reminding me how Atari has been  doing this  to people  since day  one and
 Reed Mason  told me  that he  had committed  his machines to Guitar Center
 because he was assured that we were well taken care of.  Great.  So, I had
 two days  to get together at least 10 systems, and there's only one person
 in the group who has a TT.  Without a  TT, the  best we  had was  a 25 MHz
 Mega ST4  with standard video (give me a break).  As a matter of fact, all
 we had the first half of the first day was my lowly 4160 STE  with Adspeed
 STE,  TOS  2.06  (from  the  Codeheads,  NOT  Atari) and an Acer multisync
 showing standard 640X400 monochrome, blech!   We got  to borrow  Reed's TT
 and TTM194  for the  second half of the day.  We still didn't get a second
 glance.  I ended up buying the TT from the  one guy  in our  group who had
 one because  I needed  it and he wanted to get a '486 for real development
 opportunities, then come back to Atari if the Falcon ever flies.   If.  On
 the  second  day,  I  showed  TT  WARS  on the Acer monitor and that wowed
 people.  I got a lot of "Atari...    didn't  they  go  out  of  business a
 couple of years ago?"  But when they saw the speed of the TT and the color
 of Calamus SL, they  were suitably  impressed.   I MIGHT  even be  able to
 sell some.   One of the guys in SDACE said that the guy from the adjoining
 Mac/Aldus booth was even checking out Calamus.

     To sum things up, the first  day I  was so  busy trying  to adjust for
 Atari  dumping  us,  that  I  went  about  15  hours  with only one bodily
 function, breathing.  It was a nightmare.   I couldn't  even keep  all the
 booths manned, we had little documentation to hand out and little to demo.
 I almost passed out driving up to pick up the Atari Transputer Workstation
 800 a  guy visiting the show offered to me for free (I ended up paying $20
 for what was once  a  $7000  machine,  but  that's  another  story).   The
 officials at ComputorEdge Magazine were amazed at the scope of displays we
 had for such a small group  touting  a  dead,  oops,  I  mean  gasping and
 moaning  and  crawling  on  all  fours,  platform.    Final attendance was
 17,300, far too many people  for  Atari  to  ignore.    Boston  had, what,
 500-1000,  maybe?    And  I'm  sorry,  but  the  readers of the mainstream
 computer magazines which had reporters there are going to bloop right over
 that article about Atari.  You've got to be in people's faces, like I was.
 You've got to be  excited and  competent, like  I was.   You've  got to BE
 there, like  I and more than a dozen dedicated SDACE members were.  Do you
 know how embarrassing it is to have to say, "No.   Atari  isn't supporting
 us with  anything here  at the show, we're on our own." You want some more
 salt for the wounds?  An  AMIGA dealer  supplied us  with joysticks  and a
 mouseball  (feeling  suitably  small,  yet?)    Hell,  if it wasn't for my
 reputation and that of the members of my group, I would have  blown it all
 off.  This was for YOUR benefit, Atari, and you let us down, again.


          This document  was uploaded  to the  Atari ST RT on
          GEnie  and  to  the  SDACE  BBS   (619)265-2426  on
          September  27,   1992,  by  Daniel  B.    Phillips,
          President, San  Diego  Atari  Computer Enthusiasts,
          and may  be reprinted  in any  form as  long as the
          meaning and intent of the text is not  changed, and
          the author is noted.

 Editor Note:
     The author mentions the attendance at the BCS North American Falcon
 Debut was maybe 500-1000, the hall reputedly could only hold a max 500 and
 in reality, there was approx 150 people in attendance.



                              GOODIES GALORE!

 by Doyle C. Helms Jr.
 Software Editor @ STReport

     I thought  I would  try a different format for the file  presentations
 this week. I will group the files together  according   to the  service on
 which they  were posted. If you like this format  let me know, if not, let
 me know. I will rotate the order of the   services each  week. If  you are
 not a member of a particular  service, let that not stop you from perusing
 the files of the  "other"  services. You  may find  that you  will want to
 join the   "other"  services for  a greater variety of download choices. I
 have  also been thinking about  file presentation  in a  format that would
 be  universally  acceptable  to  "clipping"  and  saving to your  favorite
 database. Again, let me know what you you think!
  On with the show... 

 Address: [72241,405]
 Size: 29696
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     This  is  a  demonstration  program/acc  and   cpx  of   the  DSP56001
 capabilities.  It  calculates  a  Mandelbrot  fractal using the 680X0, the
 68882 or the DSP. The DSP  sources is  given as  a Falcon  DSP programming
 example. The  .LOD file  needs to be in the same directory than the CPX or
 PRG/ACC executable in order to be loaded (just  like a  .RSC file)  if you
 got a  Falcon :-)  This demo was written by Brainstorm, the french company
 who made the Falcon DSP debugger. Uploaded with the Atari France approval.

 Address: [76702,1466] 
 Size: 26513
     A very nice Shareware memory  testing  program  from  the Netherlands.
 The documentation  for the  program contains an extremely good explanation
 of how memory chips can fail, and ways of testing for these  failures.  It
 also gives  some suggestions  as to  how often  you should  test your RAM.
 Note that a printer or modem is  required  as  an  output  device,  as the
 screen memory is tested too. The testing program runs very quickly too..! 

 Name: WINES.LZH  Bytes: 82581
 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 82851
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     Wines -  One of  the more  impressive HAPs, this HyperLINK Application
 provides large amounts of information on  the various  wine vintages based
 on their country of origin with maps of the various regions and more.
 Name: WHEEL.LZH  
 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 30208
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     A  very  specific  HAP  based  on  bicyle  wheel designs and parts. It
 provides an  interesting example  of how  HyperLINK can  be used. Requires
 HyperLINK run-time module.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 6016
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     Keep track  of your  VCR tapes,  and includes  links to  a database of
 actors, and then even back to  the original  VCR HAP.  Nothing too complex
 here but surprisingly popular among users.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 1968
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     A  Sample  database  to  keep  track of your stock portfolio. Includes
 purchase pricing fields and  other info  to illustrate  the performance of
 any securities you may own.  Requires HyperLINK run-time module.

 Name: STAT20.LZH  
 Address: [70007,3615] 
 Size: 52736
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     A Disk  magazine using HyperLINK to combine articles with pictures and
 data. The Hamilton, Burlingoth,  Oakville (HBO)  User Group  designed this
 HAP as a prototype for further development.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 46336
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     SOFTWARE database  - to keep track of shareware collection and info on
 the authors and other features  necessary  for  using  commerical software
 like price for example.  Requires HyperLINK run-time module.

 Address: [70007,3615] 
 Size: 172032
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     HYPER-LINK  run-time  module.    Allows  you  to  run  any of the many
 hyperlink applications currently available.  This  run-time module  can be
 freely distributed. From JMG software

 Address: [70007,3615] 
 Size: 14515
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     A HAP  to track  parts, labor and more. Provides a modifiable shell to
 any repair operation  you  may  operation.    Requires  HyperLINK run-time

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 53095
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     A Real  Estate oriented  application,   integrating  house pictures on
 the with pricing and any notes that might  be appropriate.   Included with
 this HAP are some amusing sample records ...

 Name: RACER.LZH  
 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 32512
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     Provides a log book of race results, including laptimes and much more.
 Requires HyperLINK run-time module.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 27863
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     Planets - as you would imagine, this contains info and pictures on the
 various planets in our solar system.

 Address: [75026,3412]
 Size: 379264
 [CIS] [GEnie]
     Demo  version  (prints  some  characters  backwards)  of  an EXCELLENT
 document processor from Germany that I found on  another service.  I liked
 it so  well that  I thought CIS users would want to see it. All in German.
 German descriptive docs and order form included.   If you  are interested,
 write  to  distributor  Digital  DeskTop  to encourage an English language

 Name: MENU.LZH   
 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 19968
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     Designed for restaurant use, this provides a recipe book, along with a
 pretty  fancy  menu  planner.    The database included here, even includes
 recommendations about the right wine to use with  what food,  and not just
 red  or  white,  but  also  how  dry  a  wine to serve. Requires HyperLINK
 run-time module.
 Name: COMIC.LZH  
 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 5663
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
    For those who enjoy comic  book  collecting.    This  HAP  is  for you.
 Requires HyperLINK run-time module.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 19840
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
 HAP is for any coin collector out there. Its features financial valuations
 of various rare coins and has  the ability  for other  coins to  be added.
 Requires HyperLINK run-time module to run.

 Name: 1993_4.LZH  
 Address: [70410,2756]
 Size: 41728
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
 This is  a 1993 Calendar made up using Calamus 1.09N. This version is only
 for those of you with 4 meg machines as it won't load in 1 or 2  meg ST's.
 Note: This  was done  in LANDSCAPE  format.  If you only have 1 or 2 megs,
 download 1993_1.lzh.

 Name: 1993_1.LZH  
 Address: [70410,2756]
 Size: 51968
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
 This is a 1993 Calendar that I made  up using  Calamus 1.09N.  Please note
 that this  version is for 1 and 2 meg ST users. It's the same as the 4 meg
 version, I just broke it up  into six  .CDK files.  Each one  prints out 2
 months. ie:  1_2CAL.CDK is for the months of January and February.   Note,
 that if you have a 4 meg Atari download 1993_4.lzh.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 73728
 [CIS] [Delphi]
     Molecular modeling program. Lots of  features.  This  file  is  a self
 extracting archive. Just double click on it to make it self extract.

 Address: [70007,3615]
 Size: 126746
 [GEnie] [CIS] [Delphi]
     This  program  was  written  for  the love of perfect symmetry and the
 beauty of geodesic domes.  This  is a  program that  allows one  to create
 spherical  triangles.    Also  has  a  move movie feature for rotating the
 objects ... its great way to learn about surfaces, geometry and all of the
 fun things  in math.   This  program is  by Ray McKaig.  This is also very
 interesting for anyone remotely interested in art. Very enjoyable learning

 Name: W9373UPD.LZH 
 Address: CODEHEAD 
 Size: 78336 
 [GEnie] [CIS] [Delphi]
     Look  out,  it's  still  another  free  bug-fix  update  from CodeHead
 Technologies!   This LZH  archive contains  everything you  need to update
 version 3.72  of Warp  9 to  version 3.73.   Some  earlier versions of TOS
 didn't get along with Warp  9's  automatic  picture  loading  feature; the
 update fixes  this, and  a few other small bugs.  See Category 32 for more
 information  about  Warp  9  --  now   with  Extend-O-Save,   the  modular
 screensaver!   (And see  file #25744 for a complete description of the new
 release, including upgrade policies from pre-3.70 versions.)

 Name: RECIPE34.LZH 
 Address: A.WATSON6
 Size: 77696 
 [GEnie] [Delphi]
     This version fixes two minor bugs in The Recipe Box. The Recipe Box is
 a database  dedicated to  the storage, retrieval, and printing of recipes.
 Includes Search feature,  Ingredient  resizing,  Batch  printing,  3 print
 modes, Importing/Exporting, and much more. Shareware by Mountain Software.

 Address: BAGET
 Size: 34048 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
 of Eliemouse's debut we at Baggetta_Ware are offering this shareware  game
 for elementary  school age  children  called, "Eliemouse's Spelling Hunt."
 It is a educational and fun game that introduces young children to colors,
 directions, and  spelling 5-letter  words.   Modled on text adventure game
 scheme but with lots of color  and sound  and, of  course, Eliemouse. Come
 and see us and all the Baggetta_Ware products at WAA, for the first time. 
 Color monitor required. Unpack with .lzh unpacker. Documentation included.
 Name: HP_5196.LZH 
 Address: R.BROWN30
 Size: 3200 
     PageStream, the  ultimate labeling  system, now handles the AVERY 5196
 3.5 inch Micro Diskette Laser Labels!  Tested on  PostScript Laser  and HP
 DeskJet 500C,   HP_5196.LZH contains HP_5196.MAC and README_5.196, a macro
 file for PageStream and instructions for use. The macros provide EXTREMELY
 flexible  label  creation  scenarios.  See  the  README  file for complete
 details! Also see HP_5160.LZH for PageStream macro control  over the AVERY
 5160 label, right here on GEnie! Fast an powerful, these are musts for 
 PgS users and label users!
 Address: B.KOLINS1
 Size: 917376 
     As the  description implies...   Excerpt  of animation in CyberPaint's
 .SEQ format (to support a palette change) - 242 frames long.  Created with
 CyberSculpt  and  Chronos.  Screen  scaled  65% to make the file size more

 Address: E.GOODMAN
 Size: 35200 
     This is a Desktop  Manager  from  Digital  Media,    a  new MultiMedia
 Software  developer  for  the  ST  and  Falcon.    It  is  compatible with
 DeskManager preset files, makes  switching VERY  easy. DEMO  program works
 from DRIVE A only. TT Compatible in all resolutions.
 Name: HP_5160.LZH 
 Address: R.BROWN30
 Size: 4352 
     HP_5160.LZH is your key to ATARI-based Avery Laser Printer Label power
 using PageStream as the ultimate label creator for the HP DeskJet or other
 printer.    Easily  create  1  to  30  labels, all alike, different, or in
 combinations thereof. Add graphics  to multiple  individual labels,  or 3,
 10, 15,  or 30 labels at a time. AND DO IT ALL WITH ONE BUTTON POWER. This
 is an elegant example of PageStream's function key macro power. Works with
 AVERY 5160 labels, 1 x 2 5/8 inches, which features 30 labels up on an 8.5
 x 11 page. Works for all printers, optimized for DeskJet 500C. README file
 tells ALL...
 Address: J.PIERCE5
 Size: 11136 
     This  is  a  moire-type  screensaver for monochrome monitors. It's not
 like the Mac version  with  a  Qix-type  animation,  but  a  genuine Moire
 Name: SPC3375.LZH 
 Address: J.PIERCE5
 Size: 14208 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     Version 1.6  of this  fabulous Spectrum slideshow program incorporates
 automatic CPU speed adjustment for the Mega STE.  No more shifting down to
 8 MHz  before using it. As usual, it flickers the colors on a normal ST to
 simulate 3375 of 4096 colors of an STE Spectrum picture.

 Address: FREDTUT 
 Size: 63104
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     SPC-Thumb is an  interesting  program.    It  will    create thumbnail
 pictures from  a group  and put  them all  on the screen at once.  You can
 choose from 4 to  16  pics,in  grayscale  or  Spectrum.  It  will  read in
 Spectru, Degas,  Tiny or  Neochrome formats.  Registered owners can put 25
 pics on screen at once.  It's VERY FAST too. Another awesome  program from

 Name: MHZ11.LZH 
 Address: J.PIERCE5
 Size: 8960 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     MHz is  a TSR that allows Mega STE owners to switch CPU speeds using a
 hotkey. Version 1.1 has some minor  bug  fixes  dealing  with  AUTO folder

 Name: GW_DISK4.ARC 
 Address: GWULRICH
 Size: 301568 
     This  is  a  replacement  file for GW_DISK4.ARC previously file 25884.
 There was an inadvertent problem with  that file.   This  is GW_DISK4.ARC,
 four of  five files  required for  God's Word  2 (c),  a Bible reserch and
 study tool.  The other files are GODSWORD.TXT, GW_DISK1.ARC, GW_DISK2.ARC,
 GW_DISK3.ARC.    God's  Word  2  (c)  is  share  ware  and  may  be freely
 distributed through BBS's,  Electronic  Inform-  ation  Services  and User
 Group libraries  provided that  all files incorporated in God's Word 2 (c)
 remain intact and stay  together. Commercial  distribution or distribution
 through or by commercial  Public Domain software distributors is  strictly
 Address: J.PIERCE5
 Size: 63104 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     SPC-Thumb is an  interesting  program.    It  will    create thumbnail
 pictures from  a group  and put  them all  on the  screen at once. You can
 choose from 4 to 16 pics,  in  grayscale  or  Spectrum.  It  will  read in
 Spectru, Degas,  Tiny or  Neochrome formats.  Registered owners can put 25
 pics on screen at once.  It's VERY FAST too.  Another awesome program from
 DMJ-Soft! Color  monitor required.   TT Compatible (though not viewing SP?
 Address: GWULRICH
 Size: 3968 
     GODSWORD.TXT is five of five files  required for  God's Word  2 (C), a
 Bible  research   and  study  tool.  The  other  files  are  GW_DISK1.ARC,
 GW_DISK2.ARC, GW_DISK3.ARC and GW_DISK4.ARC. God's Word 2 (C) is shareware
 and  may  be  freely  distributed  through  BBS's,  Electronic Information
 Services and User Group libraries provided that all  files incorporated in
 God's Word  2 (C) remain intact and stay together. Commercial distribution
 or  distribution   through  or   by  commercial   Public  Domain  software
 distributors is strictly prohibited.

 Name: GW_DISK3.ARC 
 Address: GWULRICH
 Size: 544384 
     GW_DISK3.ARC is  third of  five files required for God's Word 2 (C), a
 Bible  research  and  study  tool.  The  other  files   are  GODSWORD.TXT,
 GW_DISK1.ARC, GW_DISK2.ARC and GW_DISK4.ARC. God's Word 2 (C) is shareware
 and  may  be  freely  distributed  through  BBS's,  Electronic Information
 Services and  User Group libraries provided that all files incorporated in
 God's Word 2 (C) remain intact and stay  together. Commercial distribution
 or  distribution   through  or   by  commercial   Public  Domain  software
 distributors is strictly prohibited. 
 Name: GW_DISK2.ARC 
 Address: GWULRICH
 Size: 688128 
     GW_DISK2.ARC is two of  five files  required for  God's Word  2 (C), a
 Bible  research   and  study  tool.  The  other  files  are  GODSWORD.TXT,
 GW_DISK1.ARC, GW_DISK3.ARC and GW_DISK4.ARC. God's Word 2 (C) is shareware
 and  may  be  freely  distributed  through  BBS's,  Electronic Information
 Services and User Group libraries provided that all  files incorporated in
 God's Word  2 (C) remain intact and stay together. Commercial distribution
 or  distribution   through  or   by  commercial   Public  Domain  software
 distributors is strictly prohibited.
 Size: 3584 
 [GEnie] [CIS] [Delphi]
     This  program  is  the  first  in  a line of Multitasking Programs for
 PowerDOS.    This  program  is  FreeWare  (C)  1992  PowerPoint  software,
 DragonWare Software Inc.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! 
 Name: GW_DISK1.ARC 
 Address: GWULRICH
 Size: 614656 
     GW_DISK1.ARC is  one of  five files  required for  God's Word 2 (C), a
 Bible  research  and  study  tool.  The  other  files   are  GODSWORD.TXT,
 GW_DISK2.ARC, GW_DISK3.ARC and GW_DISK4.ARC. God's Word 2 (C) is shareware
 and  may  be  freely  distributed  through  BBS's,  Electronic Information
 Services and  User Group libraries provided that all files incorporated in
 God's Word 2 (C) remain intact and stay  together. Commercial distribution
 or  distribution   through  or   by  commercial   Public  Domain  software
 distributors is strictly prohibited.
 Name: SILKM206.ARC 
 Address: M.SLAGELL
 Size: 22912 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     A uniquely smooth, fast, well-behaved mouse accelerator A screen saver
 that won't  intrude on your work.  A cure for Atari's phantom function key
 bug (SILKFKEY algorithm) SILKMOUS.PRG is  fully  functional,  not  a timed
 demo.  Shareware from SilkWare ($10).

 Name: P_DOS1_2.LZH 
 Size: 22144 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     This New Version of PowerDOS fixes some of the bugs reported by users.
 This program does NOT come with  a PowerDOS  folder or  Configure file. To
 get those download V 1.01 all other files are Upwardly compatible! (C)1992
 PowerPoint software, DragonWare Software Inc. ALL Rights reserved!

 Size: 19072 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     Program that has helped me utilize some of  the features  of GFA basic
 it is  a program that when called logs the time and date to a disk file.In
 addition it keeps track of up to 100 log ons in the disk file  source code
 available on request.

 Address: D.BECKER8
 Size: 40192 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     The Ancient  Art of ASCII. Experience an art form from the dawn of the
 computer age! By placing  small and  large characters  of the  alphabet in
 spots corresponding to a DEGAS pictures light and dark areas you can trick
 the eye into still perceiving the  original image,  now converted entirely
 to text!  Get out your pocket protector, find that DEGAS pic of Snoopy and
 lets create some ASCII art! Mono  freeware.  Use  Quester's  LZH  (lh5) to
 Name: 123JUMBL.LZH 
 Address: D.BECKER8
 Size: 21888 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     123 Jumble  lets kids sort the numbers after the computer jumbles them
 up. Completely  configurable. GEM  point and  click interface  is easy for
 children to  learn and  use. Mono  educational freeware. Use Quester's LZH
 (lh5) to extract.

 Address: D.BECKER8
 Size: 151040 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
 Coyote Dave's  Poker. Welcome  to the  wild west.  Grab a  chair, choose a
 table in  the saloon  and sit  yourself down  for some  5 card draw poker.
 You'll have  a  chance  to  play  against  some  of  the  most treacherous
 characters north  of the  Rio Grande.  I'm not talking about 2 dimensional
 computer simulations,  these  are  real  folks!  Digitized  sound effects,
 graphics and it's freeware. Mono.     

 Address: P.LEFEBVRE
 Size: 20352 
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie] 
     This program  will print  ASCII text  files to  a printer connected to
 either the serial port  or  the  parallel  port.    It  can  print  in the
 background  or  be  set  up  as an installed application. Line numbers are
 optional and printer width can be 80, 96, or 132. A single line heading is
 printed at the top of each page and contains the filename and page number.
 FREEWARE by Paul Lefebvre 
 Size: 15488
 [CIS] [Delphi] [GEnie]
     Here's  the Extend-O-Save Construction Set --  complete information on
 how to  write modules  for Warp  9's new "Extend-O-Save" screensaver! This
 LZH file includes the assembly language source code  for a  working module
 (Picture Fader), and a text file explaining the programming specifications
 in detail.  Flying toasters,   anyone?    This    file  is  Copyright 1992
 CodeHead  Technologies,  but  may  be  freely  distributed  provided it is
 complete and unaltered.

 Address: JLEHETT 
 Size: 313702
    Die Again .MOD file.  Quite a few voice samples (from 
 Starwars).  A pretty 'dark' mod file, but interesting none-the-

 Name: MODS LIKE CRAZY, MAN!!!!!!! 
    Here's an awesome passle of MOD files, I've looked for 
 matches in filename and Keyword so hopefully dupes will be kept to 
 a minimum.  Some of these are from a CD ROM on a 486/33 BBS I 
 CoSysop, some are from who knows where....

     Now, lessee if I can get all 31 of 'em up right now!   OH,  Yes,  they
 ALL work with Paula 1.5 and 2.0, Jukebox, and BackTrack 2.3, tho there are
 some that will need to be  converted  if  using  Modplay.TTP.....  ... I'm
 using a Mega STe 4/48/1.44/2.06 and have all works fine, I reccomend Paula
 2.0 cause you can set it to play 'em all, one by one or randomly!

   1 7 (Size: 80934 Count: 5)
   2 A2 (Size: 59554 Count: 5)
   3 BALAD (Size: 60941 Count: 4)
   4 BETTY BET (Size: 27691 Count: 4)
   5 CYBER (Size: 34377 Count: 4)
   6 DISCO GROOVE (Size: 67210 Count: 4)
   7 DR. WHO (Size: 86432 Count: 4)
   8 IN THE AIR (Size: 27960 Count: 4)
   9 KEFRENSVECTOR (Size: 67743 Count: 3)
  10 LITTLE CHINA (Size: 16312 Count: 3) 
  11 MUNK JAMS (Size: 22160 Count: 3)
  12 MUZAK (Size: 28433 Count: 3)
  13 NIGHTFALL (Size: 70827 Count: 3)
  14 RAA (Size: 54577 Count: 3)
  15 RAINY NIGHT (Size: 135867 Count: 3)
  16 ROBOTRON 2 (Size: 68640 Count: 5)
  17 ROCKING 1 (Size: 23196 Count: 3)
  18 SAD HISTORY (Size: 53418 Count: 3)
  19 SAHARA (Size: 61207 Count: 3)
  20 SHADOWFI (SPACEDWEEB) (Size: 57339 Count: 3)
  21 SOVIET (MIG 29) (Size: 88242 Count: 3)
  22 SPACETRAVELLING (Size: 75931 Count: 3)
  23 STARSCROLL (Size: 86444 Count: 3)
  24 STRESS (Size: 56054 Count: 4)
  25 SUN (Size: 29264 Count: 3)
  26 THINGZ CHANGE (Size: 25642 Count: 3)
  27 TUBULARBELLS (Size: 22732 Count: 6)
  28 TUNE 2 (Size: 38777 Count: 3) 
  29 TUNE 3 (Size: 14631 Count: 3)
  30 V48 (Size: 34893 Count: 1)
  31 WOWST (Size: 62018 Count: 1)

 Address: JLEHETT
     Some of the "b's" from mod  files available  from ftp  sites... let me
 know if you want more! Some of these are Amiga .MOD files, so you may have
 to rename them with  something the  Atari can  deal with.   (Mostly making
 .MOD the extender.)
   1 BALAD.LZH (Size: 62563 Count: 4)
   2 BATDANCE.LZH (Size: 217136 Count: 5)
   3 BATMEAT.LZH (Size: 182418 Count: 4) 
   4 BEACHHD2.LZH (Size: 37436 Count: 5)

 Name: UNCLELOK 1.0 
 Address: GREGTATE 
 Size: 24064
     Keep   friends, neighbors, family, kids, animals (maybe some household
 appliances) from playing w/your computer while you step out for  a moment.
 Just  enter  a  password  and  lock them out ! OPTIONS include transparent
 replace mode, screen saver,menu  hiding and  your own  personal message to
 that inquisitive friend <g> .  ST/TT compatible in ALL resolutions.

    Well that is about it for this week, Until next time...


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

     Atari, in  an ongoing  effort to  create better  efficiency and better
 communications among its various  divisions  and  departments,  has closed
 down  its  facilties  in  both  Lombard,  a  suburb of Chicago Il., a game
 development facility with 20 employees and Dallas, Tx., Atari Microsystems
 an R&D  facility with 40 employees.  Atari maintains that the employees of
 these facilities  may move  to Sunnyvale  along with  the facilities thus,
 ensuring  that  no  positions  will  be  lost  if everyone agrees to move.
 Additionally, its  been  reported  the  Taiwanese  facility,  an interface
 operation with Atari's subcontractors has laid off 12 people as certian of
 this facility's functions will  be assumed  by Sunnyvale  and Atari's Hong
 Kong office.  

 - New York City, NY                         ATARI TO ATTEND WAACE!

     Bill Rehbock  will be attending WAACE and along with him will be a few
 Falcons for everyone to  see and  use!   As funds  are tight  and Atari is
 being  extremely  careful  in  how  they proceed with the new machine, Its
 great news to see they have decided to attend the  show.   See you  all at

 - Rockford, IL                      ICD * PRO * SOFTWARE AVAILABLE!

     ICD made  it known  their software does support any device on the SCSI
 port as well as the ASCI port.  According to  our contact  at ICD  you can
 connect your CD-ROM to either that SCSI port or your host adapter.  So you
 do not need a Link if you are  going to  leave your  host adapter  on your
 TT030.   It was also made known that you can purchase the "PRO" version of
 their software to allow you to have full  access to  all the  disk caching
 features without  being forced  to keep a host adapter attached to you TT.
 The price was going to be between $50.00 and $75.00.  (ICD is world famous
 for its powerful, hardware management software)

 - Los Angeles, CA.                      CODEHEAD SPORTS NEW TEC DESIGN

     Codehead  Technologies  has  begun  to  provide  a newer design to its
 famous TOS upgrade system.  It the BUS TEC with a feed thru bus connector.
 Now all  those folks  with other  cards in  the Mega Bus connector can now
 enjoy the use of TOS 2.06 and Codehead's TEC.


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"            Thought for this week

     "Some peoples idea of free speech is that they are free to say
     anything they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an

                                        Winston Churchill


 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * NEW 1992 Prices!  MORE Products! *
   """""""""""""""""""""""""""        -------------------------------

                       **  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                 NOTICE:  ABCO will BEAT OR MATCH * ANY * 
           Advertised or Invoiced price *  WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

                         ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
      All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                      - Available for all Platforms -

                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!


                             WAACE'92 SPECIAL
                          "CELEBRATE THINGS ATARI"

    ABCOFILE 80mb Hard disk System - $ 419.95!  Assembled Ready to run!
       Includes either the ICD ADSCSI PLUS _or_ THE LINK & DMA Cable
                 Installed in our NEW "Super Style" Case!
                              (exp 11/15/92)


            DELUXE 2 bay Cabinet W/65w Auto PS & Blower $119.00
       Case & ICD LINK or ADSCSI PLUS Host [Hard Disk Ready] $259.95
                Model      Description    Autopark    Price
                SGN4951      51Mb  3.5"      Y       419.00
                SQN1096      83mb  3.5"      Y       519.00
                SQN2055     120mb  3.5"      Y       574.95
                SQN1296     213mb  3.5"      Y       839.00
                SQN4055     340mb  3.5"      Y      1310.00
             Standard "Shoebox Cabinet style is also available

              MODERN TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!
                   Many other configurations available.
                               20mb - 3.5gb

                     NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE
         SPECIAL PURCHASE! * 83mb - 1345mb * Hard Disk Mechanisms
                Call for SUPER PRICING!! Limited Time Only!!

               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              EXOTIC TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


                 >> ABCO proudly offers ATARI PRODUCTS <<
              Call for ABCO's * HIGHLY COMPETITIVE PRICING! *
               Original Atari Mouse replacement: $35.00 NEW!

           If you don't see what you want listed here, call us.
            Odds are, we either have it or, can get it for you!

                            ** 800-562-4037 **
                         "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL"

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

               * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) >> ABCOFILE "44" & "88" *
                        * REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVES *

         --->> LIMITED TIME SPECIAL! NOW ONLY 44MB $ 559.00 <<---
                                              88MB $ 659.00

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)
                    Cart and Utility Software Included!
                         44mb CARTS:      $  69.50
                         88mb CARTS:      $ 109.50
                         44mb MECH ONLY:  $ 339.95
                         88mb MECH ONLY:  $ 439.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                     SPECIALLY PRICED ** $895.95.00 **
                       Includes: * TWO * cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

         ** 50mb SQG51S   $759.00     105mb SQG105S    $959.00 **
                  Or, YOUR choice of Hard Disk Mechanism!


                 ** ANNOUNCING THE NEW! -> ABCO CD-ROM! **
                       :Special Introductory offer:
                            ABCO CD-ROM $489.95

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                    *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits 
                            Memorex 2108, 5287
         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
                       Silver Express, Gold Express
                      ** $41.95 shipping Included **

                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

               ABCO is PROUD to announce the  acquisition of
               the exclusive  U.S.A. distribution rights for
               ** Bitblit Software's ///Turbo Board BBS. **
               This fine Atari ST  BBS  system  software and
               user support is available through ABCO to all
               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!
                   Personal and Company Checks accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service  
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



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