ST Report: 25-Sep-92 #839

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/25/92-11:17:16 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 25-Sep-92 #839
Date: Fri Sep 25 23:17:16 1992

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 Download file GEODSC.LZH from LIBRARY  14  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for a program that was written for the love of perfect symmetry
 and the beauty of geodesic domes.  This  is a  program that  allows one to
 create  spherical  triangles.    Also  contains  a  move movie feature for
 rotating the objects ... its great way to  learn about  surfaces, geometry
 and all of the fun things in math.


 Download  the  following  files  from  LIBRARY 1 of the Atari Productivity

 ACUGAK.TXT  - Atari Classics magazine  Atari User  Group listing (listings
 for states A-K)

 ACUGLZ.TXT   - Atari  Classics magazine Atari User Group listing (listings
 for states L-Z)
 ACBBS.TXT   - Atari Classics magazine Atari 8-bit/ST National BBS listing.


 A revised version of Supra's UPGRAD.TXT  file (containing  information and
 order  form  for  SupraFaxModem  V32/V32bis  ROM  upgrades  for registered
 owners) is  now available  in LIBRARY  15 of  the Atari  Vendors Forum (GO


 Many thanks  to everyone  who attended  the Bill  Rehbock conference!  The
 transcript has been posted as file  FALCO.TXT in  LIBRARY 15  of the Atari
 Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS)

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     The unveiling  of the Falcon030 in Boston Mass. at the Boston Computer
 Society was quite the "computing event" in North America.  Its sad  to see
 the  attendance  was  somewhat  disappointing.    Undaunted, Atari proudly
 offered a Falcon030 computer for  the  door  prize  at  the  event despite
 there being  less than  150 people (approx) in attendance.  That makes two
 Falcons donated as prizes in the  last month.   It  appears Atari  is on a
 mission,  a  mission  to  ensure  the  Atari  community  and the computing
 community in general is  made very  well aware  of the  Falcon.   With the
 WAACE'92 Atarifest  occurring in a few weeks, one can't help but wonder if
 Atari will do the right thing and provide a Falcon as a  prize and support
 personnel for  this great  east coast show.  Only time will tell.  We feel
 this will happen as its the right thing to do.
     On another note, it was brought  to  our  attention  that  one  of our
 colleagues published  a blurb  with 'low-ball'  pricing contained therein.
 In retrospect, we feel this was a simple oversight that occurred while the
 issue was  being pieced  together.   STReport has its own policy regarding
 the posting  of obviously  'too-low' pricing,  it is  to be  avoided.  Our
 reasons are quite simple, there are precious few dealers left in the Atari
 community we do not wish to be counted  among those  who helped  drive the
 remaining few away.

     It was explained to us as to why some dealers were quite upset. It was
 because the posted pricing  was very  low.   Also, it  was brought  to our
 attention  about  those  who  answered  the  serious  dealer complaint, in
 category 15 in GEnie's Atari ST RT, also found time to take cheap shots at
 STReport in  an obviously  lame attempt  at sidetracking the issues before

     STReport is  aware of  the entire  incident and  we chose  to not only
 ignore the  shots taken  at us  but to ignore the folly of our colleague's
 attempts at blithely explaining away the problem.  Its time, as was stated
 by the RT sysop, to "ignore the old tape" and begin anew.
     WAACE is  coming up.   The  east is preparing to celebrate "ALL THINGS
 ATARI".  If you've always wondered what a fun computer show is  like, make
 it your business to attend this show and see all the wonders at WAACE.  
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

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                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."
                                                       Sam Tramiel, 08/92


    Issue #39

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Apple, Motorola Enter Technology Agreement
 Apple Computer and Motorola have agreed to jointly develop new wireless 
 radio technology for personal communications devices.

 Motorola said its NewStream-based radio receiver would be incorporated 
 with Apple's Newton person digital assistant now under development. The 
 two companies said that by combining technologies they can take a step 
 toward providing ready access to value-added wireless information 

  -- Microsoft and HP to Develop Printer Standards
 Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard announced this week that they will jointly 
 develop standards to optimize printing on HP LaserJet and HP DeskJet 
 printers through Microsoft Windows.

 The two companies said the agreement covers following goals:

  -:- to optimize printing and bidirectional communication under Windows.
  -:- to develop higher-speed interfaces for bidirectional communication.
  -:- to share resources and experience to maintain high levels of 
      satisfaction among Windows and HP LaserJet printer users.

  -- Four Million Excels Shipped
 Microsoft Corp. said that it has shipped more than four million copies 
 of it's Excel spreadsheet.  Microsoft added, "On the Microsoft Windows 
 operating system platform, more than one million former Lotus 1-2-3 for 
 MS-DOS users have switched to Microsoft Excel." The publisher also said 
 worldwide shipments have more than doubled from 1991 to 1992.

  -- IBM and Intel Develop Deigital Video Technology
 IBM Corp. and Intel Corp. this week announced plans for digital video 
 (DVI) technology that will include enhancements to Actionmedia and their 
 continuing partnership in the joint development of DVI.

 DVI technology allows digital full- motion video and audio to be com-
 pressed, stored and displayed on '386 and '486 computers with graphics, 
 still pictures and text.

 DVI enhancements that IBM is planning include microcode improvements and 
 enhanced software interfaces for developers and should support standards 
 for stored video, videoconferencing and still images.

 In addition, IBM will release a new version of real time video software 
 that will allow software-only playback on 486 platforms at reduced 
 resolution and frame rate. It will also run at full resolution and frame 
 rate when played through the Intel's Actionmedia II adapter.

  -- 64 Million PC's in Use
 New data from Northbrook, Ill., researchers at PC Watch indicates more 
 than 64 million Americans now regularly use personal computers either at 
 home, at school or at work.

 "It is interesting for us to learn that so many Americans find the 
 personal computer to be a necessity, and that they use it both on and 
 off the job," said Scott Johnson, president of Tech Scan, which launched 
 PC Watch in June to gather industry statistics. "It certainly appears 
 hardware and software manufacturers are battling for market share."
 According to a statement from the company, 34% of all U.S. households 
 now regularly use an IBM or compatible or an Apple Macintosh PC.

 Johnson said IBM PC compatible and Mac users are quite different demo-
 graphically from non-users because they tend to be younger, are more 
 likely to have children under 18 years of age, and have more education 
 and greater incomes than non-users.

 The PC Watch survey found:

  -:- Four-in-five PC/Mac users own an IBM or IBM-compatible PC. About 
      one in 20 (5%) use a Mac only, with 13% using both PCs and Macs.

  -:- About three-fourths of PC/Mac users have a word processing program 
      installed. Roughly one-half have a spreadsheet installed, with 40%
      having a database. No more than one-third of PC/Mac users have any 
      other type of software.

  -:- On average, PC/Mac users have been using their computers for five 
      years, and use it about 18 hours per week. However, only one in 
      five consider themselves an advanced or expert software user.

  -:- About 25% regularly read a computer publication. Windows users are 
      more likely to read a PC magazine relative to non-users.

  -:- The work-at-home, recreational and educational market account for 
      about 30% of end-users, small companies 27%, medium companies 18%, 
      and large companies 29%



                     WAACE'92 AtariFest Press Release

 25 September 1992
     The Washington  Area Atari  Computer Enthusiasts (WAACE) extend to you
 our personal invitation to attend AtariFest '92.

     The "Premier East Coast Atari Show" will be held this year on the 10th
 and 11th of October in the exposition facilities of:

                         The Sheraton Reston Hotel
                          11976 Sunset Hill Road
                             Reston, VA 22070.

     This  fine  convention  facility  is  located just a few miles west of
 Washington, DC about midway to Dulles International Airport.

     Those of you who have attended prior shows know what to expect, and we
 ask  that  you  spread  the  word  to  others.  To those who have attended
 previously the associated Washington area user  groups extend  a heartfelt
 "Welcome Back".

     Admission is  a paltry $5.00 per day, or you may obtain a two day pass
 for $8.00.

     Top rank  vendors  and  developers  will  be  exhibiting  their wares.
 Codehead, Gribnif,  ICD, DMC  Publishing (formerly  ISD), Joppa, MegaType,
 Missionware, Toad, and  over  40  others  will  be  in  attendance.   Free
 seminars are  scheduled, along with many demonstrations in our demo rooms.
 A gamer's paradise is  in the  works, and  for music  aficionados, a great
 MIDI room  featuring live  performances, demonstrations, and special deals
 from local music stores.  Want to check out the  Falcon?   See it  here in
 yearling plumage and flying! Door prizes?  You betcha.  You've got to plug
 in to this event!

     For additional general  information  you  may  call  Russell  Brown at
 703-803-6126, or contact Ken Fassler or Betty Burchell at 301-229-1886.

     The Sheraton  Reston has  made special provisions for 'Fest attendees.
 Greatly reduced  rates of  $59/day (single  or double  occupancy), and $66
 (triple  or  quad)  are  being  offered.    These rates are available from
 October 8th through the  11th, but  you must  mention AtariFest  '92 to be
 eligible.    Reservations  may  be  made  by  calling  1-800-392-ROOM,  or
 703-620-9000.   Rooms are going fast  so  make those reservations soon!

 VIA  Plane
     Fly  to Dulles Airport and complimentary  hotel  shuttle.   

 Via  Train
     Take Train  to Washington  Union Station  then transfer  to   the  RED
 Metro  train  marked  "Shady  Grove"  and  go  to  the  Metro Center stop.
 Transfer to  the  Orange Metro train  marked "Vienna"  and get  off at the
 West    Falls    Church    Stop.    Catch  the  Metro  Bus marked "5S" and
 "Reston/Herndon".   Get off at  the  stop   marked  "Colt's Neck  Road and
 Sunrise Valley".   Proceed to the  Sheraton  Reston Hotel. 
 Via Auto
     Take  the  Capital  Beltway,  I-495  to  Exit 12W to Washington Dulles
 Airport.   Take  the Washington Dulles Toll Road (Rte 267) Exit.    Follow
 the  Dulles  Toll Road to the Reston Parkway,  Exit 3.   Turn left at  the
 Traffic  light  onto  Reston Parkway.   Turn left  again at  the 2nd light
 onto    Sunrise    Valley  Dr.   Follow Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton
 Reston on the left.

    The Banquet will be Saturday night with cocktails at 6:30 pm and dinner
 at 8:00  pm.   The WAACE Banquet has always been a great place to meet and
 dine with the Atari worlds most famous developers authors, and  just plain
 folks.   For tickets  contact Bob  Janice at GEnie R.Janice or phone (703)
 222-0318.  Hurry, tickets are going FAST!

    The following Vendors are scheduled to attend the 1992 WAACE
               Lexicor Software Corporation  *  eSTeem                     
                Joppa Computer Products  *  Gribnif                  
                        Rising Star Computers  *  MegaType                
                           Missionware Software  *  Codehead              
                              Unicorn Pub.(A.I.M.)  *  WizWorks!          
                                 Step Ahead Software  *   SKWare One      
                                    Mars Merchandising  *      
                                     Taylor Ridge Books  *   CompuServe   
                                      D M C  Publishing  *   Maxwell CPU  
                                    Barefoot Software   *   ST Informer   
                                   Debonair Software   *   Accusoft ST    
                                  A B C  Solutions   *   Fair Dinkum      
                                Compucellar West   *   WizzTronics        
                                               *   BaggettaWare          
                          Oregon Research   *   D.A.Brumleve              
                     Dragon Software   *   Current Notes                  
               Computer Studio   *   Clear Thinking                       
        FAST Technology   *  Toad Computers                               
   J M G  Software  *   ( WHO'S   NEXT ? )                                

          Call  DTACK  (Ken  or  Betty )about consignment opportunities at:
                          (301) 229-1886  !!!   

     In  addition  to  our  print  magazine  advertising  and  the  on line
 services, and  as a  means to  say hello  to our  Atari friends in foreign
 lands, the WAACE  AtariFest '92 is reaching  out around  the world  on the
 international shortwave  radio bands.   You may hear our advertisements by
 tuning to the broadcasts of  Radio New York International (RNI) in  the 41
 meter band at 7435 KHz between  the hours of 0100 and 0500 UTC on the 7th,
 14th, 21st, 28th of September, and  on the  5th of  October, 1992.  In the
 United States,  these hours  translate to  9:00pm until 1:00am EST, on the
 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of September, and on the 4th of October, 1992.
     For many years now the WAACE show has included a  seminar series  as a
 way to  educate as well as to entertain our audience. The offerings listed
 below reflect the desire of the  WAACE committee  to help  Atari users get
 the most out of their computers. Enjoy.

                  WAACE Seminar Schedule - Ver 2.0 
                         23 September 1992 
 Saturday - 11 October 1992 
 1100 - The 30 Second Commute - Don & Carole Terp

     The authors of a new book tell how they run Read Mountain Press out of
     their home with the help  of  Atari  computers  and  DTP  hardware and
     software. Look for their new book.

 1200 - Tele-Media on the Atari Platform - C. Smeton, Joppa SoftwareDev

     The developer of STraight FAX describes how techonological advances in
     Digital Signal Processing and semiconductor design are bringing "Power
     Without The  Price" to  FAX, Voice  Mail, and Caller ID services using
     Atari's ST/STe/TT and Falcon 030 computers.

 1300 - Professional CADD Using DynaCADD -S. Winick, Computer STudio 

     The owner of Computer STudio,  who  is  also  a  registered architect,
     will demonstrate  why he  chooses DynaCADD  on a TT/030 to fulfill his
     high-powered CADD workstation requirements.

 1400 - A Few Little Extras for Your ST - Steve Cohen - Wizztronics

     Want to  switch  between  TOS  ROM  sets?  How  about  selecting which
     cartridge  to  run  using  software?  Or  maybe you have more than one

 1430 - EditTrack Gold - Jeff Naideau, Barefoot Software

     Professional musicians demonstrate MIDI  sequencing  as  used  in live
     performances and studio work.
 1500 - Fun with Calamus SL - Mario Georgiou, DMC Software  

     DMC's DTP  expert offers  entertaining hints and kinks for getting the
     most out of  your  Atari  based  workstation  for  Desktop Publishing.
     Whether  you  use  dot-matrix,  a  laser  printer,or  four-color  film
     separations you'll want to attend this seminar.

 1600 - The Online Experience - Using the major services 

     Representatives from Compuserve, GEnie, and  Delphi  tell  how  to get
     computer  help  and  enrich  your  life in general by using the online
 1700 - STReport International Online Magazine

     The publisher and staff of the liveliest online magazine with news and
     views for the Atari computer user and enthusiasts alike will be onhand
     to to answer your questions.  The topics will range from the future of
     Atari to the new product offerings.
 Sunday   - 12 October 1992 
 1100 - Professional MIDI with Cubase - Mike Cloninger, Computer STudio

     This seminar will describe the wide-ranging capabilities of Cubase 3.0
     as used with a TT/030. Additional MIDI gear will include several KAWAI
     keyboards, a ROLAND drum machine, and various effect processors.

 1200 - Souping Up Your Old ST - Panel 

     Jim Allen,  Dave Small, and Dave Troy with the latest on accelerators,
     network cards, memory add-ons, and disk drives for  getting some extra
     mileage out of your old ST computers.

 1300 - Getting the Most from Your Modem - Telecomm Software Overview Panel

     How  to  choose  the   best   telecommunications   software.  Terminal
     emulations, file downloading, text capture, and scripting capabilities
     will be discussed by authors and users of telecommunications programs.

     1400 - Meet Atari's Falcon030 (Panel Discussion)

     Developers who have been fortunate enoughto have access  to the newest
     line   of   Ataricomputers   will   describe   the  machines  andtheir

 1500 - Meet the Atari Press 

     Question the  folks who  bring you  the news  in print.  Meet with the
     publishers  and  staffers  of  AIM,  Current Notes, and any others who
     happen to be on hand.


 Phone...           Russ Brown at 703-803-6126 for General info.
                    Bob Janice at 703-222-0318 for Banquet Info.
                    Ken Fassler at 301-229-1886 for Vendor Info.

 Online contacts are:

                         CIS: Richard Gunter 70117,2565.
                         GEnie: R.BROWN127
                         Delphi: JDBARNES

    From everyone making preparations for the  WAACE AtariFest  92, we wish
 all our friends around the world the best of everything.

                          SEE YOU AT THE FEST!!!


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!

                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING

 On CompuServe

 compiled by Joe Mirando

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

     The first order of business this week is that pesky ST FORMAT version
 of SPECTRUM 512.  For anyone who doesn't know, ST FORMAT is the premier ST
 magazine in Great Britain.  Every month they provide at least one disk
 (for the past several months there have been two disks) chock full of
 programs for the ST.  Last week Daniel Biron asked if anyone else was
 having trouble with SPECTRUM 512, which was provided on this month's cover
 disk.  I also had experienced problems with SPECTRUM and was anxious to
 find out if it was a problem with the disk itself or if I was doing
 something wrong.

     I had tried to run the program on several different machine/TOS
 versions, all with the same effect:  The work screen, which is supposed to
 be black, displayed a series of diagonal orange bands and pictures would
 not display correctly. It began to look like the disk was at fault. 
 Continue through this stale monologue, dear reader, and see the old adage
 about the simple explanation being the best proven.  Daniel tells Dazzz

     "Spectrum from ST Format does not work at all. The images I load are 
     all fouled up. Is it only me?"

     Dazzz, being the helpful type, says:

     "I'll check my copy Daniel and let you know, what computer/TOS have
     you got."

 Daniel replies:

     "I have an 1040 STf with a SC 1435 monitor; I think I have TOS 1.02."

     Dazzz tries his copy of the ST Format disk and says:

     "Well i've just tried my copy of Spectrum 512 from the cover disk and
     it works fine on my 520 STM TOS 1.4 and 2.5 meg memory."

 Rob Huggins tells Daniel:

     "I have that disk and it is working for me - maybe someone used X-ray
     glasses on your copy of the mag??"

 Not to be outdone, Daniel tells Rob:

     "I hope the guy who X-rayed it got a whole "spectrum" of headaches!"

     Okay folks, here it comes.  Remember that I said that SPECTRUM 512
 came on the ST FORMAT cover disk?  And remember that ST FORMAT is a
 _BRITISH_ magazine?  Well, Europe used a different hertz rate for monitors
 than we do here in the 'States.  Okay... anybody who still hasn't caught
 on can wait a moment more to slap their foreheads.  Trevor Watkins posts:

     "This is the UK version ,you will have to run a change to 50Hz prg in
     your AUTO folder to use it.  If you are using a T.V. then I think you
     will have to forget it."

     All right, that's enough of the head-slapping.  I know because I've
 been slapping my forehead for the past three days.  You see?  It _is_
 usually the little things that do the trick.  Several hertz rate switching
 programs are available in the forums here on CompuServe.  Well, now that
 we've solved that little mystery (all right, all right, so Trevor solved
 it), let's move on to other news.

     Last week John Zangrando asked about what was recommended to aide in
 the control and manipulation of desk accessories.  Sysop Ron Luks replies

     "My vote is for MultiDesk Deluxe.  You wont be sorry."

 Mark Kelling tells John about a shareware alternative:

     "You might want to get "The Chameleon" DA..  It allows you to load and
     unload any one other ACC at a time.  So, you can keep those ACCs you
     need loaded and then load Stalker or whatever to do your file
     transfers and then dump it and load another ACC.  Also, you can have
     your ACC programs named with _any_ extender or stashed many folders
     deep out of the way and Chameleon and find and load it.

     I keep two copies of the Chameleon active so I can load and unload any
     two ACC programs I need at a particular time.  Usually the ACC
     programs I find I need are a Binary/Hex calculator and a GEM Clipboard
     manipulator in addition to a control panel and UIS 3.  By loading the
     Clipboard and Calc only when I need them, it saves time at boot up. 
     The Chameleon also allows me to test ACC programs when I download them
     from CIS or when I write one myself.  Sure beats rebooting my ST!

     The Chameleon is not perfect.  Some ACCs refuse to unload, especially
     ones which tie themselves deeply into the STs operating system or
     Traps. Also, a few older ACCs (The STart TI 59 type calculator is one)
     simply refuse to load.  But, 99% will work perfectly.  Also, it is
     best to load the ACC and unload it from the same place.  What I mean
     is if you load the ACC while you are inside a program, unload it
     before you exit.  Otherwise you may not get all your free memory back. 
     Look for CHAMELEON in the ACC library here!"

 Brian Campbell tells John:

     "I'm running Notator 3.1 on my Mega2, and the thing that I have found
     to be in invaluable in Desk Manager.  It's located in the online
     libraries (ShareWare) You should be able to find it with the file
     finder.  Desk Manager allows you to set up many different presets for
     your various needs.  For example, I have one desktop with minimal Accs
     (Control Panel and MaxiFile) that will autorun Notator with max memory
     free.  Others desktops for all my accs, memory intensive programs,
     etc...  by the way, I've got Neodesk 3 running with all of this."

 Meanwhile, on the subject of advertising and media exposure, Steve Gould

     "It's time one manufacturer woke up and realized that the big home
     computer market isn't with kids playing games (cos thats Nintendo/Sega
     land) and it isn't home accounts (cos thats PC land and Dad's too lazy
     to learn anything else) I reckon if they wanna sell big they have to
     go for the gap in between - Left school, working, loads of disposable
     income, links in with the HiFi ..Graphic EQ ... improve quality of
     analog tapes.. remove scratches from 45' to TV... CD-Rom ... 
     It could be THE black box the world has been waiting for - to give a
     real excuse for getting longer leads for linking the Hi-Fi to the
     TV/VCR!!!!!!  This machine has got so much going for it, I just can't
     stop myself from bursting. I can't wait to see how they're gonna
     market it in the UK.  I think I've said enough - I wouldn't want the
     Tramiels on the phone offering me a job as European Marketing Manager! 
     Or would I?"

 From The Atari Arts Forum

 Jim Linton asks about his new STe:

     "I have just bought an 1040STE  I was using a 1040ST I have a few
     questions. Is the disk access slower then the old 1040ST with TOS ver.
     1.2? It seems like it takes almost 10 sec longer to read the info file
     or the auto folder on my H.D. boot disk. What are the RCA jacks on the
     back for a head phone or what? I have owned atari computer years and
     this is the best yet!!!"

 Sysop Keith Joins tells Jim:

     "The disk access should be faster than under 1.2.  Versions of TOS
     from 1.4 up have vastly improved OS software in the area of disk
     handling.  The jacks allow you to set up the system for stereo sound

 In response to Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine, who asked about a
 program to convert Degas PI3 format pictures to IMG format, Carl Barron

     "Chet Walters, wrote a shareware program to convert various file
     formats to img.  cvt2img comes to mind I do not know if it is here."

 Hey, isn't Albert the guy who usually _answers_ questions?  Yep.  that's
 him. Well, it just goes to show that everybody has to ask for help
 sometime. What's that?  Oh no!  Albert needs more help!  He posts:

     "Thanks Carl maybe someone has cvt2img and will upload it. <HINT>

 Well, Albert answers so many questions here in the forums that I guess we
 should let it go... this time.  ;-)

 Here's a program that sounds pretty neat.  I'll bet that Albert already
 knows all about it!

 "[70007,3615]    Lib:14
 GEODSC.LZH/Bin  Bytes: 126746, Count:    2, 22-Sep-92

   Title   : GEO DISK (sphere and surface program)
             SYMMETRY DOMES

     This program was written for the love of perfect symmetry and the
     beauty of geodesic domes.  This is a program that allows one to create
     spherical triangles.  Also has a move movie feature for rotating the
     objects ... its great way to learn about surfaces, geometry and all of
     the fun things in math.  This program is by Ray McKaig.  This is also
     very interesting for anyone remotely interested in art.  Very
     enjoyable learning experience."

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 Bob Ledbetter asks Charles F. Johnson, Codehead extraordinaire, about
 upgrading to Warp 9, the screen accelerator:

     "I have Quick ST II (disk number 13259).  How do I upgrade to Warp 9?"

 Charles replies:

     "You can upgrade from Quick ST by sending us your master disk and a
     check for $30.00.  Send to:

                           CodeHead Technologies
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

     By the way, there's no need for a special envelope or disk mailer;
     just put the disk and check (and a short note explaining that you're
     requesting the upgrade to Warp 9) in a standard envelope and drop it
     in the mailbox."

 Adam Rogers asks for help with transferring data between an ST and a Mac:

     "I'm looking for a way to transfer information from an Atari ST disk
     to a Mac disk.  I need to find an Atari Dealer on the Monterey (Ca.)
     peninsula or nearby. Any help would be appreciated."

 Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine asks Adam:

     "What type of information do you want to transfer?  If it is just text
     data you might see if you can upload it to a BBS and then just
     download to the destination MAC.  Binary you could perform the same
     operation too.  Does the MAC have a super-drive?  (reads/writes
     1.44m,meg floppy disks)  If it does than you can format a disk on the
     MAC using the Apple file exchange and then copy all the files on your
     Atari too it and then you can read it on the MAC.  When you use the
     Apple file exchange make sure you format it (the disk) as a 720K
     floppy disk.  Also if you the file is very, very large it might be
     best to use the modem method described above instead.  Dealers.  The
     one I can think of off the top of my head is B&C computervisions they
     are in Santa Clara (408)-986-9960.  ATY Computer in Oakland
     (510)-482-3775 and there is also one in San Jose ... also Best
     Electronics in the same area I believe."

 Up at the top of this week's column, I told you about ST Format magazine.
 Clive Parker of ST Format posts:

     "We now have a BBS based at the ST FORMAT office in the UK using
     MichTron v3 software.  If anyone wants to leave a message or upload
     software then call this number.
 +44 225 461330 US and Europe 0225 461330 UK"

     Well folks, that's about all for this week.  C'mon back and "kick yer
 shoes off" again next week and listen to what they are saying when...

                            People Are Talking


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe!

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     Fans of the Science Fiction Channel can have a program guide in any of
 three versions. The broadcast schedule has been uploaded in Hyperlist,
 Diary, and Address Book format. Now you can be sure not to miss your
 favorite movie. See SFC_HL.ZIP, SFC_DR.ZIP, and SFC_AD.ZIP.

     NOTES.ZIP is a Pbasic program for keeping track of trip expenses. You
 can keep track of expenses with notes for meals, auto, etc. This program
 requires Pbasic which is available in the forum library.

     The most exciting news of the month comes from BSE. They have
 announced a new peripheral for the Portfolio. It combines a serial and
 parallel port and also includes an eprom with utilities which serves as a
 B: drive. An optional addition is a 512k upgrade. Both upgrades are
 compatible with the Flashdrive hard drive. See BSE.DOC for the
     These inexpensive upgrades together with the recently announced 1, 2,
 and 4 meg flash cards make the Port a powerful system. There are
 descriptive files in the library.


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

     STReport International  Online Magazine is available every week in the
 ST Advantage on DELPHI.  STReport readers are  invited to  join DELPHI and
 become a part of the friendly community of Atari enthusiasts there.

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

                Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                When connected, press RETURN once or twice
               At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

     DELPHI's Basic  Plan offers  access for  only $6.00  per hour, for any
 baud rate.  The $5.95 monthly fee includes your first hour online.

     If you spend more than 200 minutes online  a month,  you'll save money
 by enrolling  in DELPHI's optional 20/20 Advantage Plan.   You'll enjoy up
 to 20 hours online each month  for  the  ridiculously  low  price  of just
 $20.00!  And if you go over that 20 hours, the rate goes up to only $1.20,
 still 1/5th the price of other services. 

     There is no signup fee for joining the Basic Plan.  There is a  fee of
 $39 when  you join the 20/20 Advantage Plan, a one-time $19 signup fee and
 your first month's $20 fee.

     These connect rates apply for access  via Tymnet  or SprintNet (within
 the continental United States) during home time (7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays
 and all day weekends) or  via  direct  dial  around  the  clock.   Telecom
 surcharges  apply  for  daytime  or  international  access  via  Tymnet or
 SprintNet.  See Using  DELPHI online  for detailed  information on telecom

   For more information, call: DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005

 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

                         :IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:
                     DELPHI INTRODUCES THE 10/4 PLAN.
     Effective July 1, 1992, all Basic Plan members will be upgraded to the
 10/4 Plan and receive 4 hours of usage each month for only $10!   For full
 details, type  GO USING RATES.  SprintNet home time to begin at 6:00 p.m.!
 Effective July 1, 1992, you may access DELPHI  via SprintNet  beginning at
 6:00 p.m.  local time  without incurring a telecom surcharge.  To find the
 SprintNet node nearest you, type GO USING ACCESS.
                        Try DELPHI for $1 an hour!

     For a limited time, you can  become  a  trial  member  of  DELPHI, and
 receive 5  hours of  evening and weekend access during this month for only
 $5.  If you're not satisfied, simply cancel your account before the end of
 the calendar  month with  no further obligation.  If you keep your account
 active, you will automatically  be enrolled  in DELPHI's  10/4 Basic Plan,
 where you  can use up to 4 weekend and evening hours a month for a minimum
 $10 monthly charge, with additional hours available at $3.96.   But hurry,
 this special  trial offer  will expire  soon!   To take  advantage of this
 limited offer, use your modem to  dial 1-800-365-4636.   Press  <RET> once
 or twice.   When  you get  the Password: prompt, type IP26 and press <RET>
 again.  Then, just answer the questions and  within a  day or  two, you'll
 officially be a member of DELPHI!  

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!



                              GOODIES GALORE!

 by Doyle C. Helms Jr.
 Software Editor @ STReport

      First  off  this week,  let me apologize for the  absence  of 
 TREASURE  CHEST  last  week.  I was feeling  a  little  under  the 
 weather (understatement!)  due to a virus of some type.  I  am now 
 back to 100% and ready to get back to work! :)

      Speaking of viruses,  I happened upon about 15 disks of  mine 
 infected with Signum/BPL Virus A the past few days.  How they  got 
 there  I will never know.  After detection of this virus,  I  then 
 jumped  into my favorite disk/sector editor (MEMFILE 3.0)  to  see 
 what  this virus looked like.  Once in MEMFILE I attempted to view 
 the  bootsector of drive A.  MEMFILE notified me that the disk  in 
 drive A was not readable!  Well, I dropped back to the desktop and 
 attempted  to display drive A contents.  The drive A  window  only 
 showed trash characters.   All attempts to recover files from this 
 disk  were  futile.  I then proceeded to attempt to view  3  other 
 suspect infected disks with similar results.  Complete trashing of 
 the  disk fat tables.  I am not positive if MEMFILE (or any  other 
 disk/file  editor) is the "key" catalyst to this virus  going  off 
 and trashing my disks, but something definitively exploded.
      I would STRONGLY recommend for you to obtain a virus checking 
 program and protect you and your disks from possibly loss of data!    

      On with the show...

      FILENAME  : WARP 9 3.71->3.72 Update
      I.D.      : [W9372U.LZH][CIS] - [#25842][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 78388
      UPLOADER  : 76004,2232[CIS] - CODEHEAD[GEnie]
      STaR Value: UNRated

    Yet another free bug-fix update from CodeHead Technologies!  
 This  LZH archive contains everything you need to  update  version 
 3.71  of  Warp 9 to version 3.72.   The update  corrects  reported 
 problems in the automatic font/picture loading features,  and adds 
 communication  with  HotWire  to adjust  program  ledgering  data.  
 NOTE:  If you have version 3.70,  you must first download and  run 
 the patch from 3.70 to 3.71, located elsewhere in the libraries.

      FILENAME  : WARP 9 Update 3.70->3.71
      I.D.      : [#25743][GEnie] - [W9371U.LZH][CIS]
      SIZE      : 62720
      UPLOADER  : CODEHEAD[GEnie] - 76004,2232[CIS]
      STaR Value: UNRated

      Following closely on the heels of the release of Warp 9  3.70 
 at the Glendale Atarifest,  here's another instant bug-fix  update 
 from CodeHead Technologies!   This LZH archive contains everything 
 you  need to update version 3.70 of Warp 9 to version  3.71.   The 
 update fixes a bug that could cause crashes after booting up on  a 
 color monitor,  and also provides a workaround for a conflict with 
 the Cubase MIDI sequencer.   WARP 9 -- now with Extend-O-Save, the 
 modular screensaver!   (PLEASE NOTE:  this file is only for  those 
 who have purchased or upgraded to version 3.70 of Warp 9;  it does 
 not upgrade earlier versions.)
      Unrated because I do not YET have Warp 9 3.70! ;)

      I.D.      : [#25737][GEnie] - [W9MODS.LZH][CIS]
      SIZE      : 15488
      UPLOADER  : CODEHEAD[GEnie] - 76004,2232[CIS]
      STaR Value: UNRated

      Here's   the  Extend-O-Save  Construction  Set  --   complete 
 information  on how to write modules for Warp 9's  new  "Extend-O-
 Save"  screensaver!  This LZH file includes the assembly  language 
 source code for a working module (Picture Fader),  and a text file 
 explaining  the  programming  specifications  in  detail.   Flying 
 toasters,   anyone?    This   file  is  Copyright  1992   CodeHead 
 Technologies,  but  may  be  freely  distributed  provided  it  is 
 complete and unaltered.
      Also unable to verify this file due to lack of Warp 9 3.70/1

      I.D.      : [#25782][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 54656
      STaR Value: 6.5

      HeidiSeek 2.05a searches individual or consecutive drives for 
 normal  or  hidden files matching a User  Defined  search  string, 
 which  you  can then View,  Print or  Unhide  !  File  maintenance 
 features   include   R/W,    R/O,   Hide,   FastLoad,Stamp,Thrash, 
 Store,Delete,Copy,Move,Volume  Labels  &  Folders.  Supports  User 
 Defined mice,  Install Application,  File Protection,  preferences 
 and templates,  PLUS MORE !!! ST/TT compatible in ALL resolutions!

      I.D.      : [#25641][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 30464
      STaR Value: 6.5

      Latest version of Tom Clegg's CLI... a very good command line 
 system.  Features filename and variable expansion and many  MS-Dos 
 and UNIX-style commands.   Not recommended for BBS use (if  you're 
 running  FidoNet,   stick  with  TomShell  0.200).

      I.D.      : [#25662 & #25663][GEnie] - [GEMUL8.ZIP][CIS]
      SIZE      : 1121280(Program)-16128(docs)
      UPLOADER  : BRASOFT[GEnie] - 72567,302[CIS]
      STaR Value: UNRated

      This  is  the shareware release of Gemulator - the  Atari  ST 
 emulator  for MS-DOS and Windows.  If you own both an ST and a  PC 
 you can now run your ST software on the PC.  Download this file to 
 your PC,  unZIP it with PKUNZIP,  and then follow the instructions 
 in  the  GEMUL8R.DOC  file.  Gemulator requires  the  use  of  the 
 Gemulator ROM Reader board,  available for $199.95 which  includes 
 TOS  2.06  ROM chips.  Ordering information is in  the  DOC  file. 
 Gemulator  emulates  both color and mono  ST  screen  resolutions, 
 reads and writes ST disks on a PC,  uses the PCs mouse,  keyboard, 
 hard disk and printer. A 386 or 486 machine with at least 4 meg of 
 memory  is  required  to run.  (C) 1992  Branch  Always  Software.
 UNRated due to lack of 486 PC compatible system and GEMULATOR.

      I.D.      : [#25740][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 23424
      STaR Value: 6.7

      Border  Bundle  shareware accessory  program  for  decorative 
 borders  and/or  definable crop/register marks in  Calamus  Vector 
 Graphic  (CVG)format.  6  free functional and  decorative  borders 
 included  in this archive with many more  available.  Improvements 
 include  a search by name or number for larger libraries  and  the 
 addition  of  an editable line thickness entry  for  crop/register 
 marks.  Small  bug fixed in the cropmark feature as  well.

      I.D.      : [#25730][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 14208
      STaR Value: 4.5

      MOD Cataloger version 1.01, now updated to support the TT030, 
 also  fixes  some minor display bugs.   MOD  Cataloger  helps  you 
 organize all your MOD music files.

      This MOD catalog database basically reads the MOD filename in 
 extended  format  and  places  that name  in  a  file  for  future 
 reference.  Do  not  expect any fancy  bells  and  whistles.  This 
 program works as advertised,  but is bare bones. I hope the author 
 will expand this program to a full feature MOD database program.

      I.D.      : [#25725][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 99200
      STaR Value: 7.0

      This  is version 2.0 of Smooth Draw,  with LOTS of great  new 
 features,  squashed  bugs,  and  cleaned up  code.   Has  all  the 
 features  of Degas Elite and more!   Loads and saves lots of  file 
 formats,  printing to EPSON compatible,  clipping for programmers, 
 sprite and mouse editor for programmers,  and exact entry by pixel 
 coordinate  of most functions.  Magnify,  flip the  picture,  grab 
 blocks for copying,  move,  flipping or saving and more - too much 
 to describe here: download it and see for yourself!

      I.D.      : [#25718][GEnie]
      SIZE      : 1792
      STaR Value: 5.5

      This  is an upgrade of the multi-color sprite  generator  for 

 Two files included -- GFA list file showing example and including
 comments and instructions.

 Second file is an assembly routine used to generate the sprites.

      I.D.      : SNDKIT.ARC[CIS]
      SIZE      : 73483
      UPLOADER  : 76702,1466[CIS]
      STaR Value: UNRated

      This  is  the C language SOURCE CODE for a group  of  sampled 
 sound  format  conversion utilities.   (It DOES  NOT  contain  any 
 executable program files,the source MUST be compiled before it can 
 be used directly on an ST).  The Sound Kit utilities will  convert 
 between  SUN  .AU,   MAC  HCOM,   AMIGA/SGI  AIFF,IRCAM,  and  IBM 
 SoundBlaster  .VOC  sampled sound formats.  Copyrighted  by  Lance 
 Norskog, but freely usable by anyone.

      I.D.      : [MICHTRON NETWORK 2.0 (MNET)][Delphi]-MNET20.LZH[CIS]
      SIZE      : 115712
      UPLOADER  : DPJ[Delphi] - 71051,3327[CIS]
      STaR Value: UNRated

                MichTron NETwork (MNET),version 2.0.
 This  latest  version  has  speeded  up  many  of  the  networking 
 processes  and upgraded the way in which messages are  maintained.  
 This  archive  includes _all_ the necessary files  needed  to  add 
 networking  to  MichTron  3.0  systems,  ONLY.   This  program  is 
 shareware.  Join the MNET today - systems running MNET worldwide!!

      I.D.      : [ST TO WINDOWS CONVERTER][Delphi]
      SIZE      : 21176
      UPLOADER  : BACHAND[Delphi]
      STaR Value: UNRated

      This program is for Atari developers that want to port a  GEM 
 based program to Windows.   It converts a resource file  (designed 
 for the ones created by Laser C resource editor) to a Windows  .RC 
 file.  You'll need the .DEF file (on the Atari side) that contains 
 the  symbol  names  and  wincvt  will make  you  a  new  one  with 
 definitions appropriate for Windows.  It does NOT convert icons or 
 boxchar's but does get all your text,  boxes,  and edit entries in 
 the right places.   Source file is INCLUDED.  As is.  Runs only on 

      I.D.      : [VIOLENCE GAME][Delphi]
      SIZE      : 164096
      UPLOADER  : ARAGONIA[Delphi]
      STaR Value: 6.5

      Violence-  A great game from England.   This is a full  game, 
 not a demo.  This program will run from medium res., but will bomb 
 sooner  of  later,  so it's best to run it from low in  the  first 
 place.  Tested on TOS 1.0 to 1.4, works fine.

 Use the space bar to get to and FROM the weapons screen,  the  red 
 END at the bottom of the screen will bomb on occasion.

      D.THOMPSON66  on  GEnie recently uploaded a demo of  the  new 
 version  the HYPERLINK.  Along with this demo there  were  several 
 HYPERLINK "HAP" files.  These .HAP files are the "data" portion of 
 the HYPERLINK database system.  The demo of HyperLink on GEnie  is 
 file #25781.  The following files are the example HAP file for use 
 with the demo to show the versatility of HyperLink.

      #25762 - Coinbook        #25763 - Menu Manager
      #25764 - Planets         #25765 - Racer 202
      #25773 - Wine List       #25775 - Baseball Cards
      #25777 - Inventory       #25778 - Message/Address
                     #25779 - NoteBook

      If  you are looking for a premier database for your  home  or 
 office,  be  sure to check out this HyperLink demo  and  associate 

      Well  that is about it for the highlights this week.  If  you 
 would  like to see a special article covering games,  graphics  or 
 whatever,  drop  me  a  line  and I will  highlight  some  of  the 
 "special"  file listings for your favorite on-line  service  along 
 with  a filename/number listing so you can quickly find  the  file 
 you want or need. Until next time...


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:
                       To sign up for GEnie service:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

        GEnie Announcements (FREE)       

  1. Your friends can STILL earn you GEnie credits.................*BUDDY
  2. DISNEY Trivia Games BACK by popular demand - Win Prizes in....FLORIDA
  3. Author TIM POWERS in RTC, Sunday at 8:00 Eastern in the.......SFRT
  4. Request FREE Catalogs from Lands' End.  Just type.............LANDSEND
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  6. Telecommuting in the 90's RealTime Conference in..............PF
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  8. The adult space fantasy welcomes its first Duke...............FED
  9. REGISTER Now For Fall Term ONLINE COURSES.....................CALC
 10. NEW SOFTWARE & UPGRADES at....................................PARSONS
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 13. Homebased and Small Business Owners -- Meet Your Peers........*HOSB
 14. Hurricanes, Typhoons, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, all in the......SPACERT
 15. Get Your Business Listed in a Searchable Online Database.....DIRECTORY

 The Atari ST RT

         |     Real Time Conference Special Events Calendar     |
         | Sept. 28 - A forum on CodeHead Graphic Tools,        |
         | (Monday)   including Megapaint, Avant Vector, Genus, |
         |            Cherry Fonts and other utilities. Also    |
         |            featuring Warp 9's extensible screensaver,|
         |            Extend-O-Save. Bring your wish list for   |
         |            modules.                                  |
         | Oct.  5  - Dan Wilga and Rick Flashman from GRIBNIF  |
         | (Monday)   will discuss Arabesque, Convector and     |
         |            their other fine products.                |
         |   All Real Time Conferences begin at 10:00 p.m. EDT  |

                      = DARLAH'S TREAT OF THE MONTH =

 This month's "Darlah's Treat of the Month" on page 475, Option #9 is
 Diamond Edge EDGEDEMO. Type m475;9 to receive this months "Treat". This
 archive contains a demo version of Oregon Research's new program Diamond
 Edge.  The most advanced set of disk management tools available for your
 Atari ST:  Disk and data recovery, Complete Undelete, file validation and
 disk diagnostics, Data protection, Disk optimization, Bad sector mapping,
 hard disk partitioning, Disk information archival editing and restoration,
 and much more.  Diamond Edge will be released on September 12 at the
 Glendale show.  Brought to you by Oregon Research Associates.

 Last Week's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:

 25781 RUN_HLNK.LZH             X D.THOMPSON66 920917  172032    119   2
       Desc: Run Only Version of HyperLINK
 25804 MEHRCPXE.LZH             X W.DOHMSTREIC 920919   25216     98   2
       Desc: Two CPX programs from Germany
 25729 TOSWIN11.ZOO             X E.SMITH10    920913   44160     74   2
       Desc: Runs TOS programs in windows
 25718 MULTICOL.ARC             X R.HARRINGTO1 920912    1792     61   3
       Desc: Assy. routines for GFA sprites
 25782 HEIDSK25.LZH             X C.HAFNER     920917   54656     57  10
       Desc: File Finding/Maintenance Utility

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > CODEHEAD CONF. STR OnLine                     Topic - Calligrapher

                 Monday Night Real Time Conference
                          Host - Lou Rocha

                         September 21, 1992
           Guest - John Eidsvoog of CodeHead Technologies
                        Topic - Calligrapher

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Our guest this evening is John Eidsvoog of CodeHead
 Technologies. Before getting started, some business about how an RTC

 While the RTC room is in Listen-Only mode, you can only address our guest
 when I let you talk.

 To get my attention, just /RAIse your hand. Just enter this from your
 keyboard: /rai

 I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but please be patient.
 I will let you know when your turn is coming up.

 Some other RTC commands are:
 ? - Lists all RTC commands.
 /sta - Status (list) of everyone in the RTC room.
 /exi - Exit the RTC, but you remain logged onto GEnie.
 /bye - Log off of GEnie directly from the RTC.
 /rai - Raise your hand. Lets me know you wish to address our guest.
 /nam - Lets you change your nickname.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John, welcome.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Thanks. Welcome everyone, and thank  you for
 coming this evening. I don't have a text file prepared so  if Mike's
 ready, he can start firing away ...

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> The rest of you can /RAIse your hands. By the way, we are
 discussing Calligrapher tonight.

 <[Pesty Mike] M.ALLEN14> First let me say how much I appreciate the
 professionalism of the CodeHeads. I wonder if you have any words on the
 problem I have printing boxes - where I have one line followed by another
 and if I box the second line I lose the bottom half of the top line? I
 have a couple of others, but I'll wait in line. ga

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Mike, are you using a color monitor?

 <[Pesty Mike] M.ALLEN14> Yep - and a 120x144 printer - looks fine on the
 monitor - ONLY printing problems, ga

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> I know that from the start, I noticed that
 the printout of shadowed boxes would leave a single white line between the
 box and the shadow, but your problem sounds different. I actually have
 never tried printing from a color monitor or while using one, that is.
 I've also not seen this problem but to be honest, I haven't had time to
 try to reproduce your problem. GA

 <[Pesty Mike] M.ALLEN14> Possibly related. I notice when I import a
 barcode with numbers on the bottom, the numbers get chopped at the bottom
 - printing only. ga

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Regarding the barcodes... one thing to note
 is that the barcodes are GEM objects... but the text in them is GDOS text
 rather than vector objects. If you change the size, the text may become
 distorted. ga

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Thanks Mike. Sanjay Agarwal has the next question.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Hi Sanjay.

 <[Sanjay] S.AGARWAL> Good evening. Can you tell me if the Calligrapher
 program can save and read WordPerfect 5.1 format ? What formats can it
 save in ?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> We've been working a bit on a WP module for
 importing and exporting. So far, we do not have sufficient information
 about Calligrapher's structures to write the full PAK. We're expecting a
 disk any day now. As for how long it will take after we receive it, I
 can't say. We'll probably start with 4.x support. And later see if we can
 do 5.x. Since the latest WP can save 4.x format (I think), 4.x should
 handle most people's needs. ga
 <[Sanjay] S.AGARWAL> Thanks. I take it you will be at WAACE - any offers?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> We haven't set the WAACE price yet, but it
 will definitely be better than the 35$ off you get with the trade-up. It
 will probably be $200 or less for the Gold. ga

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Next question is from Mike Allen, then Jarius.

 <[Pesty Mike] M.ALLEN14> I noticed on page 30 of the Gold manual it
 implies that there are .LAC files for Italic and Italic_bold for Holland
 and Unitype. Should they have been included or can I get them? ga

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Mike, that's a good catch. I didn't notice
 that myself...even when you or someone asked about it in our topic. I'll
 have to ask the UK boys about that. I don't have those files here. GA

 <[Jarius] J.JENKINS19> How well does Calligrapher work with MultiTos (and
 does it work with the Falcon's new resolutions?) ga

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Thanks for asking, Jarius. The author is in
 the final stages of beta testing Calligrapher 3, which will be assuredly
 MultiTOS compatible. I'm confident that by the time MultiTOS is available
 to the public, Calligrapher will be running on it. 

 As for the Falcon, much the same applies. As soon as a Falcon can be
 obtained for testing, we'll know how well it flies with her. We should be
 getting one soon. GA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Followup question Jarius?

 <[Jarius] J.JENKINS19> Has anyone had problems with the program bombing
 out? Mine did (demo). GA

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Was that on a Falcon? <grin>

 (Job 8)<[Jarius] J.JENKINS19> I wish... STE

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Let me give a little tutorial here, about the
 main problems people have with Calligrapher. Calligrapher has an install
 program which copies the files and sets up the fonts and ASSIGN.SYS.
 I've written up some special instructions for special cases. Many people
 have Desk Manager copying an ASSIGN.SYS file into the root of C. If the
 user reboots like the Install program tells him to, he may lose the
 ASSIGN.SYS file that was just created.

 Other possible problems are caused by having more than one kind of GDOS in
 the AUTO folder. Is it possible that you had this problem?  There are
 other possible resident conflicting programs and ACCs.  Hopefully you read
 the README.1ST file before trying to run the demo.
 <[Jarius] J.JENKINS19> No, mine worked one time, then just bombed out
 again... But I just realized why. Thanx the tutorial helped

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Only the G+CALDEM.PRG file may be in the AUTO
 folder (as far as other GDOSes are concerned). We've had several people
 state problems with the demo, but the great majority of those who've tried
 it have been successful. ga

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Ed Rosen is next.

 <[Ed Rosen] E.ROSEN> As mentioned by MM in the ST Informer review, 
 scrolling in the demo is slow on my 8mz ST. How fast do I need to go to
 make it smoother?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Calligrapher in many ways is modeled after
 Mac software. The scrolling is done by blocks of text to cut down on the
 frequency. If you move the cursor to the top of the screen, it scrolls
 back by lines, but there's no way to get it to scroll forward by
 lines.This is something that we've asked the authors for. As for the
 slowness, that seems to be a common complaint from those who've tried the
 demo. Calligrapher is not necessarily a speed demon for getting around in
 a document but it's speed is quite acceptable (even at 8mHz), while
 actually working in a document. When people load up the README.CAL
 document, they spend a lot of time exploring through the document. This
 type of operation is fairly time consuming on a finished document because
 there's a lot of graphics and formatting in that document. The actually
 typing of normal text that most folks are going to spend a lot of time
 doing, seems (at least to me) to go sufficiently fast. GA <whew>

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Followup Ed?
 <[Ed Rosen] E.ROSEN> Explanation accepted. I'm this far away from the buy.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Too bad I can't see how far you kept your
 fingers apart (or hands) <grin>

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John, can you give us a quick comment on your successes
 at Glendale. Excluding the party? ;-)

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> We did quite well at Glendale considering the
 average show these days. We probably sold about the same as last year at
 Glendale but remember that every year we keep adding new products. This is
 the only way we can survive in the Atari market because there are not
 enough new owners of Atari computers.

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> John, as one of the "flagship" developers, what do you
 hope the Falcon will bring?

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Hmm..... hmmmm....<grin>

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> The Falcon...
 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> <disconnected>
 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Just kidding.
 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> ;-) Gee, must have been a real tough question. I thought
 the answer was SALES.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> We hope to have one soon so that we can make
 our software worthy of this great machine. The Falcon has the potential to
 be what the ST was back in '85. If Atari can do some magic, such as get it
 out the door, get some from the manufacturers, get them to dealers, and do
 a lot of advertising, we could all start to party instead of being so glum
 and overworked. ....

 It actually parallels our economy...let's hope that we can swing the other
 direction. ga

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Back to Calligrapher... what is the current pricing for
 your fonts? Will FSM GDOS be part of the future for Calligrapher? I was
 really impressed with the demo you put up of the fonts.

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> We have not actually ever posted a special
 bundle deal that we have for Calligrapher's URW font packs. They are
 $34.95 retail for each disk of a set of 64 fonts. Three for $100. And any
 more than three in the same order is $25 apiece.

 As for FSM GDOS, I'm not sure if Atari's going to actually release FSM
 GDOS. If they do, we're going to try to figure out a way that it can
 easily coexist on the same system without rebooting. Since Calligrapher
 already has its own outline font technology, and it's here NOW, and it
 works FAST, we do not get too excited about FSM GDOS. GA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> According to the Rehbock article in ST Informer, I
 thought FSM GDOS was really coming in the near future. Oh well... ;-)

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Like I said, if it does come out we'll make
 sure that it will be able to coexist... It would be a major change to
 Calligrapher to start supporting another outline font system. GA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Mike Allen has the last question. Mike?

 <[Pesty Mike] M.ALLEN14> Oh, I have lots of questions - but I can E-Mail
 them to John 8^} John, what is the story on the new PS driver? also a`how
 about a x-ref of callig fonts to PS fonts? ga

 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Let's see... Ok, the new PostScript driver
 will fix some "faults" that are in the current one. I'm not sure which
 faults they are. It also will have the A4/A5 page sizes changed to US
 letter size and half-page. This means that you can automatically generate
 a booklet exactly like we do for all of our CodeHead manuals and the
 "printer's spread" is calculated for you. This is how we printed the Gold
 manuals. It was printed to a PS file and taken to a lino bureau. He had to
 use A4 paper though, and this will no longer be necessary. GA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> I would like to thank John Eidsvoog for spending the
 evening with us and best wishes on Calligrapher and the other EXCELLENT
 CodeHead products. John, take us home...;-)
 <[CodeHeadJohn] J.EIDSVOOG1> Thanks, all. If you have other questions
 about Calligrapher, be sure to visit us in Category 32, Topic 32. GA

 <[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Please join us next Monday when the CodeHeads will
 discuss their other fine products, including Extend-O-Save. Til

   (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables. May
 be reprinted only with this notice intact. The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.


                               DESIGNED FOR
                         PERSONAL INTEGRATED MEDIA

 News Release
 For Immediate Release

 Contact:  Susan Bergesen or Anne Ellingson  Ron Smith or Bill Rehbock
           Redgate Communications            Atari Corporation
           (415) 777-3911                    (408) 745-2000
           (415) 777-0896 -fax               (408) 745-2088 -fax

  Atari Falcon030 (tm) brings high-end capabilities to the market for
  less than $1,000.

  Boston (September 23, 1992)

  Atari Corporation  today  announced  the  first  available personal
  integrated media system, the Falcon030 computer.  From education to
  entertainment, personal integrated media (PIM) has the potential to
  change  consumers'  lives  as  dramatically  as  personal computers
  changed business offices.  The system will be available in November
  at authorized Atari dealers across the country.

  A full  scale computer  based on the powerful 16 MHz Motorola 68030
  microprocessor, the Atari Falcon030  is  specifically  designed for
  personal integrated  media functions.   It gives even inexperienced
  users  the  ability  to   combine  and   manipulate  video,  audio,
  animation, telecommunications,  text, and  graphics.  The system is
  optimized for these functions  and incorporates  technology usually
  reserved for high-end production systems.

  "The Atari  Falcon030 is  an ideal  entry into  the new and growing
  personal  integrated  media  market,"  said  Sam  Tramiel,  Atari's
  president and CEO.  "It's a powerful system that gives users access
  to a whole new world  of  applications.    Yet  the  system remains
  easy-to-use and affordable."

  Consumers will  be able to use the Atari Falcon030 as a color video
  phone,  communicating  in  sound  and  pictures  with  other  Atari
  Falcon030  users.    The  system  makes  it possible to create home
  videos complete with  text  and  music;  record  lead  vocals  on a
  favorite rock  'n roll  classic with the original musicians playing
  along; narrate and score  a family  album, produce  a visual family
  tree, invent  and play  an adventure  game set in a childhood home;
  and much more.

  Atari  Falcon030  users  have  immediate  access  to  advanced  PIM
  capabilities thanks to the following features:

    o  Atari's Graphic Environment Manager (GEM) and built-in
       graphics co-processor.

    o  A true color mode that includes more than 65,000 colors,
       twice the capability of the Apple Macintosh LCII.

    o  The industry's only standard-equipped MIDI input/output

    o  16-bit stereo sound - input and output - for the highest
       quality reproductive available at sample rates up to 50 kHz.

    o  Built-in composite and RF video outputs for easy connection
       to video cassette recorders.

    o  External video sync for high quality genlocking.

    o  Overlay mode for easy video titling and special effects.

    o  Software for PIM applications such as desktop video
       production, animation, music and entertainment.

  No  other  computer  provides  this  level  of  performance and PIM
  capabilities at a more economical price.

  PIM technology  will make  thousands of  new capabilities possible,
  There are  already hundreds  of software applications available for
  the Atari Falcon030, making  it  easy  for  users  to  accomplish a
  variety of new goals.

  With the  Atari Falcon030,  users can  explore new  avenues in home
  video, from  inserting titles  and credits  to professional quality
  editing.    They  can  create  music  videos,  cartoons, and school

  The Atari Falcon030 offers  state of  the art  graphics, true color
  16-bit mode allowing up to 640 X 480 resolution and a display of up
  to 65,000  on-screen colors.   It  accepts external  video sync for
  high  quality  genlocking,  and  uses  a  unique  overlay  mode for
  effortless titling and special effects.    In  addition,  users can
  obtain composite video signals directly from the Falcon030.

  Atari takes  the music-industry standard - MIDI - one step further.
  The only company to  provide MIDI  as a  standard system component,
  the  Atari  Falcon030  also  incorporates  Motorola's 56001 digital
  signal processor (DSP) for  the highest  quality audio  and special
  effects  capabilities,  allowing  users  to  remove lead vocals and
  create their own Karaoke machine or run music education programs.

  The Atari Falcon030 provides users with  features that  are usually
  restricted  to  expensive,  high-end  machines.    But  without any
  additional equipment,  Atari  Falcon030  users  can  record  on two
  stereo tracks and add graphic equalization and special effects such
  as surround sound, harmonizing, reverberation and echo.

  The Atari Falcon030  is  a  simple  to  use  computer  that doesn't
  require add-on boards or other costly optional hardware.  The Atari
  Falcon030 already  includes  exactly  what  the  user  needs.   The
  machine offers  a wealth  of ports  for communicating with existing
  peripherals, and  application software  for the  Atari Falcon030 is
  readily available.

  Priced at  $799.00 with  1 MB  of RAM, the ATari Falcon030 is ideal
  for users who want a powerful,  efficient, and  cost-effective tool
  that can  take advantage  of today's technologies.  The system will
  be available in November through authorized Atari dealers.

  Atari  Corporation  (AMEX:ATC)  is  a  worldwide  manufacturer  and
  marketer of  palmtop through desktop computer systems.  The company
  sells its  systems,  peripherals  and  software  through authorized
  distributors, resellers and integrators.


 > Falcon030 Debuts STR FOCUS!   Boston Computer Society hosts Atari

                      ATARI'S FALCON030 DEBUTS AT BCS

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     Have you ever seen a falcon in flight?  To watch one soar and then
 swoop down for a perfect landing is a majestic sight indeed.  The same can
 be said of the new Atari Falcon030 computer; I saw it do just that at the
 official debut of the Falcon at the Boston Computer Society's General
 Meeting on Wednesday evening.  These machines are _extremely_ impressive!

     Atari pulled out all the stops to make this showing a memorable one. 
 According to Sam Tramiel, president and CEO at Atari, the BCS meeting was
 the first press conference and meeting in a very long time for Atari, a
 long-time in coming.  Except for Jack, Leonard, and Garry Tramiel, I
 believe that the rest of Atari's corporate ladder was in attendance: Sam
 Tramiel, Richard Miller, Bill Rehbock, James Grunke, and Bob Brodie.  All
 had some significant input into the press conference and BCS meeting

     Sam started the meeting off with a brief history of Atari; and
 followed that up with Atari's current status.  He stated that Atari is
 currently reorganizing, and has been in the process of "right-sizing" (not
 to be confused with down-sizing).  He also feels that the time is right
 for Atari to grow, once again, with the introduction of the new Falcon. 
 According to Sam, with the release of the Falcon030, Atari is introducing
 the first computer designed for "personal integrated media", and at a
 reasonable price.  Sam went on to define what he considered to be the five
 components of personal integrated media; and why they were important.

   o  The reproduction of photographic-quality images.  Atari feels 
      that consumers spend over 1500 hours a year watching TV, 
      videos and movies; that consumers will demand the same 
      quality images in their computers.

   o  High-quality audio reproduction which is equal to (or better)
      than current technology of CDs and digital audio tapes.  With
      consumers listening to 1300 hours of radio and recorded music
      yearly; consumers have come to know the difference between
      poor and high quality audio.

   o  Media-ready for instant gratification.  This means that this
      new system must be ready to use right out of the box, and
      easy to use at the same time.  Users should not be _expected_
      to have to buy additional hardware before being able to do 
      what they set out to do.
   o  Availability of interesting, entertaining, and easy to use
      personal software.  Personal integrated media applications
      should focus on a user's personal interests rather than their
      business needs.

   o  Value.  The personal integrated media system must provide
      "more bang for the buck," many features for a reasonable

     Sam went on to state that the consumers of today or more experienced
 and discerning than in the past.  Consumers have set their own standards
 and are not ready to accept new technology that will not, at the least,
 meet those standards.

     Richard Miller, vice president of technology, discussed the technical
 advances of the Falcon030.  Some of the highlights include:

   o  Based on a 16 MHz 68030 processor, the Falcon uses a 32 MHz
      DSP chip (digital signal processor).  The DSP chip is 
      extremely important for sound manipulation.  This includes
      graphic equalization, channel manipulation, surround sound,
      and special effects (echo, flange, and reverb).  Also, the
      DSP makes voice recognition for input and output possible.

   o  Direct Memory Access (DMA), a standard feature of Atari

   o  Atari's GEM and built-in graphics co-processor.

   o  True color, including more than 65,000 colors.

   o  MIDI input/out ports, standard on all Atari systems.

   o  16-bit stereo sound allowing the highest quality 
      reproduction, and available at rates up to 50kHz.

   o  External video sync for high quality genlock use.

   o  Overlay mode for video titling and special effects.

   o  Software applications for personal media system applications.

     Miller included a number of personal anecdotes about his "Mum", which
 made his presentation extremely personable.  With some of the things Atari
 currently has available for the Falcon, and things to come, even Richard's
 "Mum" might be convinced to buy one; she'll be able to keep in touch with
 her son a lot easier, even though it still won't make her a cup of tea!

     Bill Rehbock, technical director of software development, discussed
 some of the software already developed for the Falcon, and some of the
 projects currently being developed.  Some of the applications discussed
 included: desktop video, animations, desktop photo libraries,
 presentations, telecommunications, and music and audio.  Rehbock
 re-enforced what Tramiel had said earlier about consumers wanting to
 "produce" equal or better work that they have become accustomed to seeing
 in real life.

     Rehbock then demoed some of the audio capabilities of the Falcon030,
 which was very impressive.  He emphasized that all of these capabilities
 were available on the stock machine; there is no need to purchase "racks
 of expensive audio gear."  He also went on to describe some of the
 software that will be bundled _with_ each Falcon, at no additional cost to
 the user:
   o  Direct-to-Disk Recording - a low-end recording software.  

   o  Audio Fun Machine - an audio special effects package.

   o  System Audio Manager - the ability to record and use sounds
      for system uses such as warning bells, opening windows, set
      individual sounds for each keystroke (great for the visually
      impaired user), etc.

   o  CalAppts - a feature-packed time-scheduler and a telephone 
      book and dialer.

   o  ProCalc - a full-featured scientific calculator.

   o  A talking clock!

   o  Two games: Landmines and Breakout.

     Rehbock also stated that the Falcon is the only computer in its
 class with true 16-bit true color capabilities.  Also, with the addition
 of a low-cost telephone line interface, the Falcon can be used as a
 low-cost, high-speed fax-data modem or voice-mail system.  There are also
 other developers working on low-cost video-phones, available next year,
 which will be shown at COMDEX.  Rehbock also demonstrated the new desktop,
 with animated icons and much more!  He also explained MultiTOS, which be
 be included in every Falcon.  Unfortunately, the MultiTOS disk was left
 behind, so a demonstration of its capabilities wasn't possible.  Rehbock
 also stated that the Falcon was compatible with all Atari-compliant
 applications currently available for existing machines.

     James Grunke, director of Atari music, then provided the audience with
 a very impressive description of the Falcon's audio capabilities, and the
 ability of Atari MIDI to be in a class of its own, unsurpassed or even
 equaled by any other platform currently available.  Grunke also showed how
 a stock Falcon compared to a Macintosh II ci with regard to price and
 capabilities.  The Falcon beat the Mac by a 3-1 margin in price, without
 the need to add on hardware!  Grunke then demoed some of the available
 MIDI software on the Falcon which really impressed the audience.

     Sam Tramiel then led a question and answer period.  He stated that
 Atari was ready to roll out sample machines to dealers in November; and
 more quantities in December and January.  They will be doing regional
 advertising in those areas in which Atari currently has dealers.  They
 will then work to increase that dealer network and once they've
 established a better dealer network, national advertising will then be
 pushed.  Tramiel then stated that Atari is trying to re-establish good
 U.S. sales, as they had back in 1987.  He explained that Atari sales in
 the U.S., at that time, started to decline because of the RAM-chip
 shortage, and that Atari then began to concentrate on Europe.  He stated
 that Atari hasn't been able to re-establish itself in the U.S. since. 
 With the Falcon030, Atari plans to come back into the U.S. in force.

     It was also stated that there are some new and old developers being
 brought onboard.  There are numerous NeXT developers who have expressed a
 desire to program on the Falcon.  Tramiel also stated that Atari suers
 will be pleasantly surprised at the former Atari developers who have
 expressed the desire to return to the Atari platform, because of the
 abilities of the Falcon.  Tramiel also hinted at the future line of Atari
 computers, including a Falcon040, a separate keyboard configuration, and a
 tower configuration.  We can all hope that these new machines come about
 as well as the Falcon030 has, in its current state. 

     There were numerous interesting questions dealing with specific
 applications and capabilities of the Falcon.  There were many questions
 from Atari and non-Atari users.  In fact, questions were so plentiful that
 the panel from Atari had to finally cut questions short to give people an
 opportunity to get a hands-on look at the available machines.

     I was extremely impressed with the presentations.  The people
 representing Atari did an excellent job setting up this event.  I was
 impressed with the personal touch that Atari conveyed.  Sam Tramiel and
 his staff presented themselves and information in a formal, but personal
 manner.  They didn't come across like "stuffed-shirt" executive types, but
 like people who wanted to provide as much information as possible, and in
 a friendly atmosphere.  Even their pre-planned speeches came across in way
 that the audience appreciated.

     All of the post-meeting comments that I heard, from Atari and
 non-Atari users, were extremely positive.  There were plenty of "oohs and
 ahhs".  If the presentation could have gone on all night, I believe that
 very few people would have left; the Falcon was that impressive.  This is
 going to be the machine that re-establishes the Atari name; it's that

     I'd like to extend my gratitude to the people at Atari and at Redgate
 Communications for making this meeting/presentation possible, especially
 for me.  Sue Baelen and Anne Ellingson, of Redgate, kept me up-to-date
 with details of the show, before and during the meeting.  They did an
 incredible job of helping to put this thing together.  I also want to
 thank Bob Brodie for his gracious hospitality throughout the day.  I was
 allowed to "tag along" for an informal luncheon with Bob a few people from
 the BCS/Atari group, including Jim Allen.  It was also enjoyable to help
 set-up the equipment and get a pre-show hands-on opportunity to check out
 the Falcon.  The Atari travel bag will also come in very handy!  Again,
 Bob, thanks!

     With all of the information about the Falcon030 contained in this
 issue, I think that you'll agree with me that this new machine will be a
 huge success.  My hopes are that Atari will take advantage of this
 phenomenal machine and have an incredibly successful marketing and
 advertising plan in store for it.  With all of the information provided at
 this meeting, it will take a well-considered plan to make it all happen. 
 From all that Sam Tramiel said, I honestly believe that he believes in
 this machine and that Atari will be committed to make it a successful
 campaign and make Atari a household name once again.  What he alluded to
 with the future of Atari and its new line of machines, I think that the
 Falcon will be a long line of successful Atari computers.  I know one
 thing: I plan to get one as soon as I can!


 > BCS OverView STR FOCUS!                   BCS & Atari Falcon Debut


 by Steve Selick

     Well, I just got back from downtown Boston, where the Boston Computer
 Society gave the first public appearance of the Falcon 030 to the public
 (me). I forgot a notepad, so these notes are direct from the back of
 business cards...please bear with me if I get a name misspelled... :-)

     Bob Brodie started off the meeting, and immediately introduced Sam
 Tramiel after some boring business. Sam spoke for a bit on the history of
 Atari, and such, and then brought out Richard Miller, the head of the
 Falcon development team. He went into all of the gory details of the guts
 of the machine, all of which have already been confirmed numerous times
 already on the net.

     Perhaps the most exciting part of the night was when they announced
 several software packages that will be bundled with every falcon.  Falcon
 2d2 - software from Atari to start using the 8 channel direct to disk
 stuff immediately when you get your machine! Yeah Atari!!! We saw a brief
 demo of this program...very impressive!

 SYSTEM AUDIO MANAGER - attach sampled sounds to any system command,
 including a different sound for each key (note that these are handled by
 the dsp chip and do not detract from normal operations!)
 AUDIO FUN MACHINE - This is a cute dsp program to show the capabilities
 of the dsp chip for sound processing. It does reverberation, and
 DISTORTION!  Very cool little program.

               Calapt        - calendar/appointment utility
               ProCalc       - Calculator prg
               Talking Clock - you figure it out!

 2 GAMES especially designed to show off the Falcon!

                         LAND MINES AND BREAKOUT!

 The prices they gave were consistent with net postings;

                         $ 799.00 for the 1 meg
                         $1299.00 for the 4 meg/65 meg version.

 These items are direct from Sam Tramiel:

     NOVEMBER - start shipping first units
     DECEMBER - shipping in quantity (for x-mas I suppose...)
     JANUARY  - relief quantities for backorders will be shipped.

 Then came the q/a section, and some interesting facts came out...

     There are oscilloscope programs using the dsp in the do
 fft's and all on your waveforms in "near real time"

     They played a Tina Turner video made in Australia of "You're the
 Best". 3 minute video took 100 meg of hard drive space which included
 video & audio. They used a 14 meg machine, and said it would not yet work
 on a 4 meg machine, but they have a compression algorithm in the works
 that may make it work...they also said the video was 24 frames per second.

     A company called Sack in Germany has a functioning 386sx board ready
 for production. 

     Sam Tramiel said that "NeXT developers are coming to us and asking for
 development systems because they expect that we will sell more falcons in
 1 month than NeXT sells in a year! ... We sure hope so!"

     He also said that Amiga developers, unimpressed with the 4000 are also
 coming to Atari for development kits.

     He said the Jaguar would be out in the summer of 93, and would not
 comment on it further because this was a "Falcon meeting"

     They forgot the multitasking os disk...  typical... <sigh>

     The roms will have different languages burned right in them to allow
 Atari to ship computers to different countries with the same roms. The
 disk will be for "minor updates, and language specific material" whatever
 that means. The roms will be 4 meg worth!
     The Falcon will actually display ST monochrome mode on a standard
 SC1224 color monitor!  In total, they said that the Falcon supports over
 130 different screen modes and resolutions.

     At the end, they played a complete sample of Boston's "Foreplay/Long
 Time". Sampled at 50 khz, it took 96 meg of hard drive space.  They also
 mentioned that Atari was working on software modules to read and write
 different floppy disk formats, including the mac GCR! Somebody asked if
 Dave Small had spectre working yet, and Sam Tramiel responded "Well...I
 saw him in our offices last week..." but did not know what he had
 accomplished yet. 

     When asked why they chose the 16 mhz 68030 instead of a faster one,
 Sam Tramiel said that with all of the separate processing centers (68030,
 dsp, blitter, optional co-processor, etc) that they felt the machine to
 be comparable to machines with faster "workhorse processors that have to
 handle everything". He said much faster machines would be appearing "very

     Well, that's enough typing for me for one night...That's all I can
 remember. Oh...they gave away a falcon as a door prize, and I didn't
 win it...darn!

 /comp/sys/atari/st/general/Boston Computer Society meeting information
 1073.3.21642.3 9/23/92 19:29 102/4413 (Steven Selick)


 > MOTOROLA & ATARI STR FOCUS!               Motorola & Atari!

                     MOTOROLA'S 68030 MICROPROCESSORS

 Press Release

 -----------------   Sally Winship, 617-494-8202 of Cunningham             
                     Communication, Inc.
 --------------      Roy Druian of Motorola, 512-891-2139 for Motorola

  AUSTIN, TX SEPT. 23, 1992

     Motorola's (NYSE:  MOT) High Performance Microprocessor Division
  today announced that its  68030 provides  the processing  power for
  Atari  Corporation's  new  Atari  Falcon030,  the  industry's first
  personal  integrated  media  system.    The  Atari  Falcon030  is a
  full-scale computer based on the powerful 68030 and is specifically
  designed for personal integrated  media functions  including video,
  audio,  animation,  telecommunications  and  graphics. Users of the
  Atari Falcon030 can  create  home  videos  complete  with  text and
  music; can  record lead vocals on a favorite musical recording; can
  narrate and score a family photo  album and  can execute  many more
  exciting applications. 

     The Atari  Falcon030 also  incorporates Motorola's 56001 digital
  signal processor  (DSP)  to  process  and  manipulate  compact disc
  quality digital  audio and  voice signals  which, combined with the
  68030's processing power and Atari's integrated software, makes the
  Atari Falcon030  a complete personal integrated media system.  This
  announcement is an example of how microprocessors are  entering the
  home through  the burgeoning availability of consumerized computing

     "With the introduction of the Atari Falcon030, Atari  is raising
  the standards  of consumerized  computing to a new level, providing
  integration of text, music and images  with unparalleled  levels of
  quality,  performance  and  price,"  said  Jim Reinhart, Motorola's
  manager  of  M68000  marketing  and  applications.     "The  robust
  processing   capabilities   of   the   68030   make   it  an  ideal
  microprocessor for  such a  graphically-based product  as the Atari

     "The  Atari  Falcon030,  with  the  help of Motorola's 68030 and
  56001    DSP,    is    bringing     production-quality    graphics,
  professional-level recording and audio manipulation capabilities to
  the consumer," said Sam Tramiel, president and CEO of Atari.   "The
  processing power  of Motorola's 68030 allows the Atari Falcon030 to
  be a  powerful full-scale  computer, giving  users access  to a new
  world of applications while remaining affordable." 

     The  Motorola  68030  integrates  advanced  features into a full
  32-bit  microprocessor design, optimized for low-cost, memory-based
  applications.   Its burst  fill functionality provides an efficient
  bus and  memory  interface,  enabling  the  68030  to substantially
  increase overall  system throughput.  This capability is especially
  well-suited for multimedia personal integrated media products, such
  as the  Atari Falcon030,  that require large amounts of information
  to  be  continuously  transmitted  from  external   memory  to  the
  processor's dual  internal caches.   The efficient memory interface
  results in cost and time savings,  allowing the  Atari Falcon030 to
  achieve excellent price/performance ratios. 

     Available  immediately,  the  Atari  Falcon030  is  priced under
  $1,000, making it ideal  for users  who want  a powerful, efficient
  and cost-effective device to harness today's myriad technologies.
     Having 1991  worldwide sales  exceeding $3.6 billion, Motorola's
  Semiconductor Products Sector is the largest  U.S.-based broad line
  supplier of  semiconductors, with a balanced portfolio of more than
  50,000 devices.  Motorola is one  of the  world's leading providers
  of  electronic  equipment,  systems,  components,  and services for
  global  markets.    Products  include  two-way  radios,  pagers and
  telepoint  systems,  cellular  telephone  systems,  semiconductors,
  defense  and  aerospace  electronics,   automotive  and  industrial
  electronic   equipment,   computers,   data   communications,   and
  information processing and handling equipment. 

     Motorola was a winner of  the  first  Malcolm  Baldrige National
  Quality Award  in 1988, in recognition of its superior company-wide
  quality management process. 

     Atari  Computer  Corporation  is  a  worldwide  manufacturer and
  marketer of palmtop through desktop computer systems.  The company,
  a division of Atari Corporation  (AMEX:  ATC),  sells  its systems,
  peripherals and software through authorized distributors, resellers
  and integrators. 


 > GEnie BCS RTC STR OnLine   Excerpt from Atari RT Open conference

          This is an excerpt from the open conference held every wednesday
          evening in the Atari RT on GEnie at about 10pm.

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Come on, Bob, how'd the meeting go?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> True 16 bit color, DSP power, and 14 megs of ram.

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Which press was there?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Dorothy, the meeting went very well. The crowd was much

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> The thing I like is the flexibility
 regarding monitors.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> than BCS had told us it would be.  However, the meeting
 went off

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> How many, Bob?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> pretty well without a hitch. The press conference was
 also small,
 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> but went very well. BCS had 100-150 people there.

 (14)<[Rich] WAFWOT> BCS?

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> That is small.

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> Boston computer Society, Rich

 (14)<[Rich] WAFWOT> ahhhh

 (7)<[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM> Ouch!  Tiny is more like it.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Yes, we were told they would have a minimum of 400

 (9)<LEXICOR> So Bob we now have an official roll out of the falcon?

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Bob, maybe you should try the Capitol PC Group they get
 more than

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> that at a monthly meeting.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Yep, now we've started and we can move on.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> JD, not a bad idea. Stanford draws more than that, too.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> And we could stay home that way, too. :)  My wife would
 like it.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> One of our developers who may have a Falcon soon goes to

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> meetings maybe he can make contact for you guys.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> That would be very nice.

 (16)** <P.PATTON4> is here.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> The thing that was very nice was just to DO IT, and get

 (11)<DARLAH> Hi P

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> experience of doing it behind us. Tomorrow, Bill is
 going to ...

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> file a TV show on PBS called PC TV in New Hampshire.
 He's going..

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> along with Ron Smith, our new GM, and the PR people.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> This show claims an audience of 40 million people, but
 I've ....
 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> not seen it before.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Seems that Computer Chronicles is dead, 'tis a pity.

 (11)<DARLAH> it sure is.....

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Bob, that sounds very doubtful for anything on PBS.

 (9)<LEXICOR> you mean no more Jim Kent interviews!

 (11)<DARLAH> a pity that is

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> All the demos went well, no crashes, the videos looked

 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> Bob, so should we check our local TV station for

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> And the crowd applauded! :)

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> Was it running with MultiTOS?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> I understand that they are filming in the AM, and
 televising in...

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> the PM on the SAME DAY! So check your listings.

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> which press was there?  Did you answer

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> DD, no, we didn't run MultiTOS.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Any idea of the composition of the crowd?

 (9)<LEXICOR> chicken!

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, InfoWorld,...

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Was Dana there? ;-)

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Or Jim Allen?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Yes, Dana was there.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Jim Allen too, they both just left about 10 minutes ago.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Is there a further demo session tomorrow?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> They were very helpful, I appreciated their assistance.

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> Was it hooked up to a BIG stereo system?? %^)

 (5)<[Lisa] E.LAWRENCE3> Got to run, G'night all. See you at Atarifest if
 you don't hear from me again before the eighth of October.
 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Tomorrow night we're going to the BCS Atari Sig.

 (11)<DARLAH> Nite, Lisa

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Bye Lisa!

 (7)<[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM> Nite, Lisa.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Looking forward to meeting you KLisa.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Yes, DD. It was running on a 400 watt 16 channel stereo

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Is it smaller than the 100 tonight?

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> WOWZA, Bob... bitchin

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Probably so, Dot.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> All of our screen slides were done with Prism Paint,
 looked great

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Dot, they project about 20-15 people.

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> Introduce any new software with it?

 (9)<LEXICOR> Just what I like to here! very good Bob brodie, you are doing

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> ooops, 20-25

 (9)<LEXICOR> every thing right!

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Yes, Falcon D2D, direct to disk recording software which

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> be included free of charge with every Falcon sold.

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Woof.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> It was favorably compared to Sound Tools, which sells
 for $1500.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Great! A novel application! 

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> There are a total of 8 pieces of software bundled.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> So, it's pretty cool.

 (7)<[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM> No, not enough RAM for a novel... maybe just a
 short story.  :)

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> which ones?
 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Kidprgs, by any chance? ;-)

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> I knew I could count on you to ask, DD. Thanks... :)

 (17)** <J.MIRANDO1> is here.

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> just trying to help JD get the whole story...

 (11)<DARLAH> Hi Joe

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> System Audio Manager (SAM) which allows the user to

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> hi Jammer!

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> each key stroke to a specific sound. But has no system
 slow down.

 (17)<[Joe] J.MIRANDO1> Hi everyone!

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Wow, help for blind typists, eh?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> It plays New Wave sounds, AVRs, all Mac Sounds

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> ;-)

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> soundmaster, etc. Pretty exhaustive. Actually, Dorothy,
 we did...

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> a demo with someone singing the ABC song, and they
 assigned the..

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> not the dreaded "monkey squeak"

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> correct name to each key...really funny sounding.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Lots of Star Trek sounds on our machines. :)
 Message sent to 12 

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> (he's dead, Jim)

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I can sure think of a neat enhancement for
 Kidpublisher right now...

 (9)<LEXICOR> How about the tonal hello from Close Encounters?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Pro Calc, a full fledged programming and math

 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> Good idea Lee.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Calappt, a revised version of a rolodex style Calendar
 (9)<LEXICOR> it could play every time you Boot or reset the system!

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Does it do symbolic logic?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> keeper, with alarms, notepad, etc. 

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Yes.

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Cool.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> a couple of games, LandMines and Breakout, in true color

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Are these Atari-specific applications, or
 are they ports from other platforms?

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> digitized sound.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> These are all Atari specific, but they have drawn on

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> for a frame of reference. Like SoundMaster, for

 (16)<P.PATTON4> So how much is this all gonna cost us?

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> what about business/productivity applications,

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> With enough hard disk to record sound, DP?

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Will any of these applications work on the

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> That's all included at no charge with every Atari

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> SAM will work on an STE or TT, but not on an ST. No DMA

 (16)<P.PATTON4> which costs...

 (9)<LEXICOR> I think the tiny HD in the Falcon is so cute:-)

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> All the others should work fine, in their correct rez.

 (14)<[Rich] WAFWOT> is anything planned with updating Word Up?

 (9)<LEXICOR> Word up??? Barf!

 (14)<[Rich] WAFWOT> I use it every day!
 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> 1 meg of ram, no HD = $799 list, 4 meg of ram 65 meg HD

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Bob, how about a public compatibility list for existing

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> This is very neat.  Word Up aside...

 (6)<[Swampy] D.D.MARTIN> 4 meg - NO hd?

 (9)<LEXICOR> Thats a good price well done dude!

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> JD, you already asked Bill about that, remember? :)

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> 4 meg, NO hd, such animal today.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Yes, Bob, I just wanted to know if there is anything new
 on it

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> All of the initial machines will have 4 meg 65 meg HD.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Good Idea. 

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> JD, we've been very focused on BCS. :)  Maybe soon.

 (5)** <S.OLSON11> is here.

 (16)<P.PATTON4> any idea when these will be available in the U.S.?

 (14)<[Rich] WAFWOT> any plans of putting the Falcon in a Mega-type case?

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Has Pacific begun on the project yet?

 (9)<LEXICOR> hay for 799 some one with an external HD thats a great price.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> JD, I have no idea. Bill is handling that.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Patton, in mid-late October. Check the Sam CO file in the

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> There is lots of great Falcon info in that file, along

 (16)<P.PATTON4> gotta go. Cya. Thanks for the info!

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> the conference that Bill Rehbock did.

 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> Lee, I seen a 21mb Floptical drive SCSI for $479.00.

 (2)<[Daryl] D.MONGE> Purple Mountain is offering a 2MB Floptical for 399
 incl. ICD LINK.

 (10)<[John] J.EIDSVOOG1> 21MB
 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> That is even better.

 (2)<[Daryl] D.MONGE> oh well....

 (2)<[Daryl] D.MONGE> fat fingers

 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> I was looking at a Mac mail order magazine.

 (12)<[Lou] L.ROCHA1> Sure, tell me AFTER I buy a Syquest... ;-)

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Purple Mountain? The GEMulator folks?

 (9)<LEXICOR> I got 432 MB for about 399?

 (2)<[Daryl] D.MONGE> Yep.  I've been wondering if this is a reasonable

 (7)<[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM> Hey, the Syquests are still good units, Lou!  Not
 many folks have Flopticals.

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> How do folks think the floptical reliability will compare

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Syquest?

 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> Lou, their Syquest drive SCSI are $599.00

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I'm happy with my SyQuest.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Well, I have to sneak off for a while. Time for dinner.

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> I'll try to stop back by later on.

 (11)<DARLAH> Nite, Bob and thanks!

 (4)<J.D.BARNES> Smoke hasn't killed it yet, Dorothy?

 (7)<[Hutch] FAIR-DINKUM> Later, Bob.  Thanks for stopping by.

 (8)<[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Bob, get me all those things I want, eh?

 (3)<[Ringo] LEXICOR2> Night, Bob Brodie!

 (15)<BOB-BRODIE> Nite...

  (C)1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari RoundTables. May be
  reprinted only with this notice intact. The Atari RoundTables on GEnie
     are the *official* information services of the Atari Corporation.


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 GEMvelope Features:

 - Import allows extracting an address from a letter in almost any
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                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!
                   Personal and Company Checks accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service  
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



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