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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     This is the week... Duesseldorf!  The Atari Show of Shows.  Of course,
 STReport was there in the presence of the very capable  Oliver Steinmeier.
 The report  he filed  indicates Atari  means business...  Now, whether its
 "business as usual" or "business" has yet to be seen.  For the sake of the
 loyal userbase,  and its  dealers we  hope Atari is on the "new" course we
 have all been waiting for.
     In any case, the Falcon is a delightful entry level home entertainment
 computing center.  Its the ideal mail order and mass merchandising product
 in the computing world.  What a concept!  The Falcon 030 revitalizes Atari
 and thus, enables the company to present the fabled 040 two piece unit and
 so forth.  It'll be nice...  
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."
                                                       Sam Tramiel, 08/92


 Issue #35

 Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- IBM Raises Hardware and Software Prices

 While most of the market is lowering prices, IBM has hiked prices 3% on 
 most of the hardware products it sells in the US, and increased software 
 prices 5%.
 IBM says the only products excluded are: RISC System/6000, PS/1 and PS/2 
 computers, System/88, Token Ring adapters; network processors routers 
 and concentrators; midrange printers; AS/400 DASD; retail point of sale 
 terminals; and OS/2, DOS and RISC System/6000 (AIX) operating software.

  -- Leading Edge Cuts Prices
 Computer maker Leading Edge Products Inc. has joined the price cutters, 
 today announcing it is reducing costs of its product line by up to 30%.

  -- Gateway Ships 2 3/4 Pound Notebook
 Gateway 2000 has began shipping its 2.75-pound, $1,295 notebook called 
 the HandBook, which measures under 10-by-six inches.  The system, which 
 has a meg of RAM expandable to 3MB and a 40MB hard drive, is built 
 around Chips & Technologies' PC-Chip processor and comes with DOS 5.0, 
 Microsoft Works, Laplink XL and Central Point's Desktop personal infor-
 mation manager.

  -- Nintendo Patents 3D Technology
 Nintendo Co. Ltd. is said to have come up with a new special effects 
 "Super FX" custom microchip that allows its Super Nintendo Entertainment 
 System to offer true three-dimensional effects.
 Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi introduced the proprietary 3D chip, 
 based on reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture, at 
 Tokyo's Shoshikai Software show.
 Reports from Nintendo of America Inc. say, "The Super FX chip will per-
 form such high-level mathematical functions as texture mapping, shading 
 and real-time 3-D perspective" and that the first game using the new 
 technology will be released by February.
 Yamauchi also said Nintendo will incorporate a new, custom 32-bit pro-
 cessor for use with its CD-ROM accessory, saying this will provide a 
 quantum leap in the performance of video games over the Super NES 
 Nintendo of America said its largest retail customers were reporting 
 sales of its 16-bit hardware for video games are more than double 
 initial projections.

  -- Apple Sets New York Launch for New Mac
 Apple USA President Bob Puette and Vice President Keith Fox say they 
 will be on hand next month for the New York City launch of a new line of 
 Macintosh systems they say are designed for families that are first-time 
 computer buyers.
 In a statement this week, Apple also said it will announce "a new dist-
 ribution and support strategy which targets the consumer marketplace."
 The Mac launch is scheduled for Sept. 14 at the New York Public Library 
 on Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street.

  -- Electronics Jobs Down by 15,000
 The American Electronics Association reports another drop in the number 
 of jobs in the U.S. electronics industry for the quarter ended June 30. 
 AEA says employment decreased by 15,000 or 0.6%, bringing total job 
 losses for the year to 55,000.
 Job loss since the industry's peak employment month of August 1989 is 
 265,000, a more than 10% drop.

  -- Admiral John Poindexter Now with TP Systems
 Admiral John Poindexter is now working for TP Systems, the company that 
 is developing Analyst, a new debugger for developers to use with 
 Desqview. Poindexter was formerly National Security Advisor to President 
 Reagan during the Iran Contra affair.
 Poindexter said his Ph.D. in Physics from California Institute of 
 Technology is the background he uses to work on the Analyst debugger 
 which will be marketed by Quarterdeck. Poindexter says he's programmed 
 for 30 years and is also credited with development of a multiport 
 communications system; an algorithm for detecting changes and patterns 
 in digitized video images in real time; and a laboratory data collection 
 and analysis system.
 Poindexter is vice president of TP Systems. Also representing TP Systems 
 is Mike Todd, known for founding the Capital PC User Group and the IBM 
 Special Interest Groups on CompuServe, The Source, and Unison. 
  -- Digital To Build Its Own PCs
 Digital Equipment has announced plans for a new line of personal compu-
 ters, which the company will build itself rather than buy from other 
 Reportedly, the new PCs will have prices starting at $899, and Digital 
 is expecting significant cost savings from manufacturing plans that 
 involve building most basic components and shipping them to several 
 plants around the world for final assembly.

 In recent years, Digital has resold PCs built by Tandy, Olivetti, and 
 Intel. The last PCs the company built for itself were the Rainbow line, 
 which were launched shortly after the original IBM PC in the early 
 1980s, ran the CP/M operating system, and were never a success.


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 Technology changes.  What was top-of-the-line state-of-the-art yesterday
 is antiquated today.  I remember well the day that I heard that the ST
 would have a double sided double density floppy drive.  720 K was a lot of
 storage room.  Most other computers only had 360 K disks back then.  Hard
 drives were still pipe dreams for all but the rich.  And even then, a 5
 meg hard drive was "life in the fast lane".  Well friends and neighbors,
 times change quickly.  Since the 1040 ST was introduced, high density
 floppies have taken over.  1.44 meg of information on a 3 1/2 inch disk! 
 But wait, 2.88 meg floppies are just around the corner.  It can't get any
 better than this, right?

 WRONG!  David D. Hagood tells Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine:

     "I got some information from a place called PLI: they are going to
     release a floptical package for the ST. The package will include a
     driver so that you could stick a 720K or 1.44 in the drive and read
     it, then stick a 20M Floptical in the drive and read that (or the
     reverse order). The company's address and phone number are: Peripheral
     Land Incorporated 47421 Bayside Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 BBS:
     (510)-651-5948 Tel: (800)-288-8754

     Call them and get the info packet from them! After all, if they get
     TONS of calls about Atari stuff (and tons of sales) they will be all
     the more likely to support us!"

 Albert replies:

     "That will be great if the floptical's price is under $300 or so. 
     Thanks for the phone number for PLI too."

 Most of us know that some ports on the ST are not exactly like those of
 other computers, either in form or function.  Debbie Hastings asks about
 the cables themselves:

     "Could you please tell me if the Parallel and serial cables that are
     used by the Atari computers are the same or different from the ones
     that an IBM uses...If they are different, will I hurt either my Atari
     or my IBM by trying to use one or the other because I can no longer
     remember which cable goes with which system?"

 Sysop Bob Puff tells Debbie:

     "Hi Debby,

     Yes, you may use the same Parallel and Serial cables that are used by
     IBM machines having the same connectors.  Fear not!  :)"

 It's always good to check on things like that before you try it out.  That
 applies not only to cables and such, but also to computers and monitors.
 Boris Molodyi tells Dan McNamee, Atari Softsource Administrator:

     "I do not know exactly whom at Atari should I ask, but I'll ask you
     ;-)  I'm still getting nasty interference waves on screen. They seem
     to become stronger when program runs in TT RAM. With no hard drive
     connected, it's a bit better.

     We (dealer and me) tried using another TT (poor guy now has TT with no
     sale for it), another drive etc. etc. Nothing helped. He told that my
     only option is to yell at Atari directly, which I do <g>.  Any ideas
     as what can I do? I do not want to go blind any time soon.  With best
     wishes again."

 Dan tells Boris:

     "Where do you have your monitor in relation to the computer?  Can you
     move it away from the computer at all?  Mine is sitting slightly back
     and about 5 or 6" above the computer on a shelf.  If that doesn't
     help, you might try some aluminum foil between the two.

     I do get a little screen interference when I load something into TT
     RAM, but once it's done loading, the interference goes away."

 Although the flurry of news has died down some about the FALCON, there are
 still plenty of questions to be asked.  One important question is asked by
 Michael Lynch:

     "This may be the wrong section for this question(somebody slap me
     around if it is), but since we're talking about the Falcon, I'm
     wondering if it will work for my purposes.  I now have a 1040STf and
     want to upgrade.  80% of my work is with Notator 3.1 from C-LAB, a
     MIDI sequencer.  I also use it for WP, and enjoy Animation, CAD and DP
     programs in my  spare time.  I desperately need more RAM, I have only
     1 Meg now, but people tell me memory upgrades for the 1040 are a
     disaster.  I also hate the damned keyboard, and the design of the box.

     I looked at the TT but I hear because I have a dongle, the TT is not
     able to access it or something like that.  I have also looked and will
     probably buy a Mega4STe w/ a built in 50 meg drive, San Jose Computer
     has quoted me $995.

     My question is: what computer should I buy?  Is the Falcon the machine
     for me?  Money is no object, I want the fastest machine I can buy,
     while staying on the Atari platform.


     P.S. Someone told me Motorola now has a 050 chip.  Is this true?  Any
     future plans for Atari to make the TT/050 or the FALCON/050?"

 As helpful as ever, John Townsend of Atari answers:

     "It sounds like the MegaSTE may be the choice for you. Especially if
     you need the machine right away. Sam has stated that Falcon030 won't
     be available in the USA until October.  If you need further data on
     the Falcon030, please don't hesitate to ask."

 Michael says of Notator on the FALCON:

     "I assume it worked?  Every version of Notator that has been realized
     has had the stupid dongle(sorry, let my opinion of them ooze out). 
     More than likely you tried it with 3.0 or 3.1, they are the most
     popular.  The FALCON sounds like a nice machine, but $799 for only 1
     Meg and no hard drive...

     The Mega4 w/ 50 Meg hard drive for $995 sounds like a heck of a deal. 
     The Mega also runs at 16Mhz right?  So, could somebody explain to me
     again what the FALCON has over the TT and STe's?"

 Jeff of INTERSECT Software answers Michael's last question simply and

     "The Mega is a 16 Mhz 68000 running on a 8 Mhz machine.  The Falcon is
     a 16 Mhz 68030 running on a 16 Mhz machine.  You really can't compare
     the two machines."

 From the Atari Arts Forum

 Judy Golick asks:

     "I am still looking for a summary of ST graphic file types.  I don't
     need the actual data format.  Just a short description of what the
     various extensions imply.  .PI?, .IMG, .GEM, .GIF, etc."

 Sysop Bob Retelle gives us all a pretty good primer on graphics formats:

     "First, GIF means Graphics Interchange Format.. it was actually
     invented by CompuServe to allow graphics images to be shared among all
     types of computers.  The images, no matter what kind of computer
     created them, are compressed using an LZH type of compression routine,
     with information about the original resolution and number of colors
     stored in the file header.  Then a GIF file viewer on whatever kind of
     computer you want to use to view the files can uncompress the image
     and fit it to whatever the best resolution that computer can display.

     PI? means that the picture was created by DEGAS, one of the original
     ST drawing programs.  The last character of the filename extension
     indicates the resolution of the picture: PI1 means low resolution, PI2
     means medium res, and PI3 is high resolution.

     PC? means the picture was created by DEGAS ELITE, the updated version
     of DEGAS.  The "C" in the extension means "compressed".. DEGAS files
     originally all took up 32K each.. the compressed files of DEGAS ELITE
     use considerably less.  The "?" means the same as it does in DEGAS.

     TNY (not seen very much any more) indicates a DEGAS style picture
     which has been compressed with a proprietary utility called "TINY",
     created by Dave Mumper..  also TN2, which was an updated version of
     the program.

     I think I'd better let someone else cover .GEM and .IMG formats.. I
     only have a somewhat hazy understanding of those.."

 Sysop Keith Joins picks up where Bob left off.  Hey, what is this? 
 Tag-team Sysop night? ;-)  And for those of you who don't know, the ;-)
 symbol represents a smiley face indicating a joke has been made.  Anyway,
 back to Keith's information:

     "GEM graphics are based on object information rather than pixel
     information.  They use lines, arcs, circle, etc. and usually give
     better results over a wider range of sizes.  Not sure on IMG format

 Since Antic Software no longer exists, the programs that they sold have
 become scarce.  Donald Zipf asks:

     "Hey, can someone tell me whether or not Spectrum 512 is still
     available, commercially or as shareware or whatever?  If so, where can
     I get my hands on it?"

 Ray Parnell answers:

     "Spectrum 512 is indeed available on one of the cover disks of the
     current (September) issue of ST Format. I can pass you the relevant UK
     addresses to contact if it would help."

 From the Atari Vendors Forum

 One of the nicest things about Gribnif Software is the fact that they are
 always open to suggestions for new features for their programs.  Not only
 has this made Gribnif popular among its customers, but it has made for
 some of the best software available for any computer.  Dick Paddock tells
 the "Gribs":

     "Now that much time has passed with NeoDesk 3.x in the field, it
     finally occurred to me what feature I'd like to have included (other
     than the usual HD floppy support.) I love the "post-it(tm) notes"
     feature, and the way one can erase a note by bs/del. Now, if there
     were just a way to either click-drag or lasso-drag those notes around,
     so I could compact the block I have created in one corner without
     having to retype everything."

 Daniel Sjoberg asks about upgrades for SPECTRE GCR, the Macintosh emulator
 by Gadgets by Small:

     "Just wondering how I can update my software for the GCR thing. The
     version I have is 2.65 (I think). I live in Sweden."

 Mark at Gadgets by Small replies:

     "I take it you are the original purchaser of the GCR?  If not, has
     the registration card been mailed in?  In either case, simply send
     your ORIGINAL 2.65 disk along with $20 to the Gadgets address.  This
     is all that is needed to upgrade you to version 3.0.  (If you are
     properly registered then you don't even need to send in the original
     2.65 disk...just the $20 upgrade fee)."

 Well, that's about all for this week folks.  I had hoped to have more news
 from the ATARI MESSE, the big Atari show in Germany commonly known as
 Duesseldorf, but news has been slow to reach across the sea this year. 
 Tune in again next week to hear what they are saying when....

                            People are talking.




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 > AN "OPINION" STR FOCUS!           "Atari isn't a large company"

                                ATARI'S WAY

 by Gordon W. Meyer   

     The following is an opinion.   Specifically, my  opinion.   It doesn't
 necessarily  reflect  the  views  of  the  management of this SIG, nor the
 management of this service.  But, it is a result of much  consideration on
 my part, and I have not arrived at it frivolously.

     I've been  an observer  of the Atari community for about a decade now.
 In all those years, I have  heard  much  discussion  about  how  Atari has
 failed to  properly support  its users.  It seems to arrive in waves, with
 blame being cast on everyone from  an allegedly  unscrupulous local dealer
 to the highest levels of Atari management.  Yet, in all those years, I can
 remember only a very few instances  where all  that discussion  has led to
 any positive  change.  But, I remember many instances of hard feelings and
 escalated conflict, that did little to make the life of  the average Atari
 owner any better.

     As in  most 'Atari  vs. the  User' situations,  I find myself a little
 confused.  While we  all have  a right  to have  an opinion  about how any
 company does  business, the  reality of it is that a company does business
 in the way it sees fit to do so.

     I seem to always find myself  translating things  into terms  that I'm
 more  comfortable  with,  and  once  again,  I'm going to do just that.  I
 operate a restaurant, and deal  with  customers  on  a  face-to-face basis
 almost every  hour I  work.  And, while I'm aware that the customer is the
 focus for my business, without whom I wouldn't have a job, I am also aware
 that there  are some  people who I don't really care to have as customers.
 I have no responsibility to cater to every whim of every person  who walks
 through my  door.  I have a product to sell, one I'm proud of.  But, if it
 isn't what a person wants, I  can live  with the  knowledge that  there is
 someone out there who doesn't like what I sell.  It doesn't make sense for
 me to alter my  product, just  to please  one person,  who may  or may not
 return.  While the customer is the focus, profits are the motivation.

     I've had  customers come up and tell me I should do this or do that to
 improve my business.  While I appreciate their suggestions, and  listen to
 them,  I  am  the  only  one  who  can  decide  whether  my business needs
 improvement or not.  Most  people  outside  the  restaurant  business have
 little concept  of the  costs involved  in operating a restaurant, and so,
 aren't always in a  position to  intelligently make  suggestions about how
 things should  be done.   Often,  what they  think would be an improvement
 would prove to be a major  expense, with  little return.   Anything  I add
 must be  weighed pro against con.  And if it fits with the concept, and it
 would physically fit somewhere, and would provide enough income to pay its
 way, and wouldn't detract from the existing products, then maybe, if I can
 afford it and the promotion it  would  need  to  be  introduced,  I'll add
 something.   But, as  a small business owner, I can't afford to take risks
 with either my proven products or my finances.  Any changes must be looked
 at long and hard before being made.

     I  would  assume  similar  decisions  are made at Atari, with the same
 careful consideration.  That little feature that some user thinks would be
 a wonderful  addition to  the STe might only add $5 to the production cost
 of a machine.  A pittance!  But,  when you're  building 50,000  or 500,000
 machines, that  little $5  starts to  add up to real money.  And unless it
 can increase the usefulness of the machine to  the majority  of the users,
 can it  really be  justified?  Bells and whistles are nice, but add little
 real value to a  machine.   And, with  Atari's small  size, value  is more
 important than gewgaws.

     That concept  of value  has a major impact on upcoming Atari products.
 The Falcon is intended as a mass market, low end machine.  It has improved
 graphics  and  sound,  which  are  important  to  finding  a  place in the
 multi-media market that seems to be on the horizon.  To sell  a product in
 that market,  certain concessions  to economy must be made.  One complaint
 about the announced configuration of the Falcon is that it  will reside in
 the  old  1040  case,  with  its  built-in  keyboard.   That's the kind of
 concession that keeps the Falcon's price within the range it  needs to be,
 to sell  as a mass market, low end machine.  Designing and producing a new
 case is expensive.  Dave Small estimated that the molds for the  1040 case
 must have run in excess of $100,000, based on his experience with the case
 for the Spectre GCR.  That might not be a  lot of  money to  IBM or Apple,
 but it  represents a  major sum  to Atari.  One that couldn't be justified
 for the Falcon.

     Atari isn't a large company.  And in the current  economy, it  has had
 to get  leaner than it might have wanted to.  Some services have suffered,
 but Atari is still in business, making computers that provide a great deal
 of power at an affordable price, while still being friendly to use.  Maybe
 some of us have forgotten why we bought  our Atari's  in the  first place.
 Our  computers  are  some  of  the  finest  tools available, without being
 expensive.  Just as they were intended to be.

     Nobody at Atari ever promised me that I'd be buying  the only computer
 I'd ever  need.  They didn't say I'd be able to easily upgrade my computer
 with every new generation of technology.  They  didn't lead  me to believe
 that my  computer was the fastest, or the most powerful, or even the best.
 They simply sold me a machine  that would  perform the  things I  needed a
 computer for,  and perform  them well, without making me take out a second
 mortgage on my house to afford.  And it has done just that.

     As our computing experience grows, so do our computing needs.  While I
 was perfectly happy with my old desktop publishing program when I started,
 I outgrew its capabilities.  So I got a new  program, which  has served me
 well.  Now, I find I need more speed from my machine, and will most likely
 be getting something to accelerate it.  But, that's a result of my growing
 needs and expectations, not the fault of the computer.  Many of us started
 with some old beater car, and found  down  the  road  that  we  needed, or
 wanted, something  a little  nicer, a  little faster, and unfortunately, a
 little more  expensive.   The same  thing happens  with our  computers.  I
 didn't fault  Buick when my '67 LeSabre just didn't cut it any more, and I
 don't fault Atari that my 1040STe isn't as fast as I'd like  it to  be.  I
 bought my  machine for  the set  of needs  I had  at the time.  Now, those
 needs have changed.  There isn't any blame to lay  at anyone's  feet, only
 reality setting in.

     Reality  reared  its  ugly  head  to the Director of Communications at
 Atari Computer Corp. recently, as well.   It is easy to  get caught  up in
 one aspect  of the  Atari community,  especially when it's as engaging and
 active as telecomputing is.  But,  as important  as being  online seems to
 be, in  reality it  is only  a small part of the overall Atari experience.
 According to a survey done by STart magazine back in  1990, less  than 43%
 of their  subscribers used one of the national online services.  Less than
 27% listed telecommunications as one of the first 3 most frequent uses for
 their computers.  That's hardly a major concern.  But, Bob Brodie has been
 taken to task for not spending even more  time online.   What's  the point
 here?   Is it  fair to  expect a  corporate Director  of Communications to
 devote a  disproportionate amount  of his  limited time  on something that
 represents a  minor concern for most Atari owners?  I don't think so.  And
 evidently neither does the management at Atari.

     Some online  representation should  be available,  but it  needs to be
 done with  the proper perspective.  For the most part, the online regulars
 are  a  bit  more  experienced,  more   knowledgeable,  and   have  higher
 expectations of  their systems.  Perhaps online support should be provided
 by more technically oriented  Atari  staffers  regularly,  with occasional
 visits  by  the  Director  of  Communications.  Whether Atari has any tech
 people who have the time to provide such support is another matter.  Given
 the restructuring of the company, uncommitted time must be limited, and is
 probably spent carefully.  Perhaps online support will be seen  as a valid
 expenditure of that time.

     There will  certainly be those who will view what I've written here as
 an attempt to  excuse  Atari's  less-than-sparkling  performance  of late.
 That is  not the  intent, however.  Too often, we find ourselves caught up
 looking at trees without being aware of the  forest.   Taking a  few steps
 back, and  trying to  get a  larger view  of the whole situation sometimes
 brings better understanding of the smaller events that  occur.   Finding a
 more effective  means of reaching a greater number of users should be seen
 as a positive step in bettering overall customer  relations, instead  of a
 slap  at  the  relatively  small  number  who are currently being reached.
 After all, shouldn't as  many  users  as  possible  have  access  to Atari
 personnel, as directly as possible?

     Don't get  me wrong.   I  have questions  about what  Atari did in the
 past.  The purposeful non-conformity of many Atari system components seems
 to have been counterproductive to my eyes.  Why wasn't a standard graphics
 bus  adopted?    There  is  a  huge  number  of  existing  graphics boards
 available, with a range of resolutions and palettes that we can only dream
 of having without spending much more than our computers cost.  Why develop
 an entire font standard of their own?  PostScript compatibility would have
 made life much easier, and provided a whole range of  existing products to
 draw from.   Why  not design  the motherboard  to utilize as fast a CPU as
 might be available, without crippling it  with slower  support chips?   In
 all these  cases, the  user has  been limited  in his or her choices about
 what kind of machine they want to have.  Perhaps the sophistication of the
 user was  underestimated, and it was assumed that such choices wouldn't be
 desired.  But, a base model could have  been developed,  with the built-in
 ability for  upgrade by owners who so desired, without detracting from the
 salability of the product.  Some effort to  do just  that was  made in the
 STe, so  maybe that  closed-end concept that plagued the early mass market
 STs has changed.

     But, all of those are things I  have  come  up  with  after  gaining a
 certain level  of expertise.  They weren't part of my original decision at
 all.   So, while  I wonder  why things  weren't done  differently, I don't
 blame Atari  for not  doing them  that way.  Hopefully, they will consider
 that many of their users grow more sophisticated  with time,  finding they
 have  a  need  or  desire  to  improve  their computers after putting them
 through their paces for a while.  And build a  machine that  can grow with
 their users.   But,  that's something  for the  future.  The Falcon hasn't
 been  released,  so  whether  the  evolution  of  the  Atari  computer has
 continued or  taken a  step back  is yet to be seen.  We can only hope the
 tentative steps of the STe haven't turned into stumbles.

                       A Reply to Gordie's Opinions

 by Bryan Edwards

     After reading Gordie's article(s)  on  recent  Atari  bashing,  I felt
 compelled to  write an  article on how I see things in the Atari world.  I
 know I'm not a major name,  but I  have owned  Atari computers exclusively
 since 1981 when I used an 800 and 410 cassette drive.

     I feel  that Atari  has had  a major problem these past few years, and
 that has been a fear of risk-taking. I feel Atari has let opportunities go
 by because of the financial commitment they required, but what Atari ended
 up with is automatic failure in these areas for not trying.

     Look at the Lynx situation. This product was  poised to  take over the
 portable market  as the only color portable, and the only portable against
 the GameBoy, but a lack of  development dollars  left us  Lynx owners with
 only a few unexciting titles for a long time. This opened the door for the
 Sega  GameGear  which  now  enjoys  much   greater  success   despite  its

     This  is  a  situation  where  a  firm  commitment  was needed and not
 realized. Products do not sell themselves like they  used to.   Technology
 has passed the average consumer by. Afraid of making a wrong decision they
 must make choices based  on what  they have  learned from  others and what
 they have seen in the form of advertising.

     What will  they hear from others? Ask any 10 people on the street what
 kind of computer to buy and at least 8 will say to get a  PC compatible. 1
 or 2  might say  get a Mac. The remaining person might say Atari, Amiga or
 something even less popular,  but probably  not.   Most people  don't even
 know Atari  is still  making computers.  With the Falcon on the horizon, I
 sincerely hope Atari starts putting their name out there. Maybe not with a
 full-scale  television  campaign,  but  maybe start with popular magazines
 (especially non-Atari computer magazines),  and include  an 800  number to
 allow people  access to more information in case they have no local dealer
 (very likely).

     This will help people  say "What  about this  new Atari  computer I've
 heard  about"  and  put  Atari  into  the equation when people go to buy a
 computer. Maybe they won't buy an Atari, but  they at  least thought about
 it, and they will be more receptive to Atari advertising in the future.

     This will  require a  financial commitment  from Atari  though.  Maybe
 even a risky one. The computer market gets more competitive every day, and
 there's no guarantee that Atari or any company that doesn't sell "PC's for
 less" will be here in the end, but the decision to make a real  move can't
 be put off much longer.
 About the Falcon....
     The Falcon  is a  real advance  in technology not only for Atari, (who
 must have some of the world's best engineers hidden somewhere) but for the
 market as  a whole.  I do  feel, however, that it has some drawbacks which
 may play a part in it's success.
     1. That 1040 case.
         I know people who support the case say it's cheaper and that
         will keep prices down, but unless Atari is only planning to
         sell Falcons to 1040 owners, the case will get a poor
         reception. To today's PC buyer, a detached keyboard and roomy
         case spell "professional", and "business-like". People are
         buying 486s for their homes, and that means the casual user
         wants to feel like a power-user. A machine that doesn't look
         like an oversized 130xe or Amiga 500 is important in
         providing that new-tech feel. Plus the one piece case just
         isn't as flexible because it won't support a monitor, and
         requires that the keyboard stay on the desk. I feel that if
         an existing case be used, A black TT case would be nice, and
         hopefully not too much more expensive. Remember, Apple & IBM
         never use one-piece cases, even for low end systems. Some
         imitation is in order.
     2. A 3rd style of expansion slot.
         The Mega ST got the Mega-Bus, the Mega STE and TT got the VME
         (Motorola standard) bus, and now the Falcon gets it's own
         bus. I don't know how 3rd party developers are supposed to
         keep up with the ever changing style of Atari expansion, but
         this is surely going to keep the price of Atari cards up as
         each developer has to make 3 versions of each card. I hope
         the next Falcon returns to a VME style bus so some cards can
         be made in quantity.
     3. Weird connection options.
         I don't know what part this will play in the Falcon's
         success, but I'm troubled by the lack of an external floppy
         port and ACSI port. While I realize that adapters will be
         available, are these ports being phased-out? Bravo on the
         addition of a SCSI port though.

     I will be watching with interest to see what happens  in the  next few
 months  at  Atari.  The  Falcon  must  bring  in  some  money for a proper
 launching of the Jaguar. The Jaguar  should have  a pretty  good chance in
 the fickle game market with the right kind of advertising image.

     Atari  will  need  to  make  that commitment though, and invest in the
 future of their own  products.  The  chance  is  here  again,  with  a new
 ground-breaking product. Lets hope they do it differently this time!


 > USR 28.8 KBS! STR InfoFile               Blistering FAST.......


                      THE LAST MODEM YOU'LL EVER BUY

     U.S. Robotics announced an upgrade program for the CCITT-proposed
 standard of 28.8 Kbps, previously referred to as V.FAST.  The Courier
 V.32bis, Courier HST Dual Standard and Shared Access Modem Sharing Kits
 are the products currently included in the program. Field upgrades will be
 available for $299 as soon as the CCITT 28.8 Kbps draft recommendation is
 completed. Official approval of the standard is not expected until
 January, 1994.  

     "The CCITT-proposed 28.8 Kbps standard won't be a reality for most
 manufacturers until 1994," said Jonathan Zakin, U.S. Robotics executive
 vice president, sales and marketing.  "By offering modems ready for 28.8
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 Customers can purchase a Courier high-speed modem or Shared Access Modem
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     "Key to the 28.8 Kbps program is the fact that the upgrade to the
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 Zakin. "You may hear about  other 28.8 Kbps modems that are available now,
 but until the standard is  defined, no one knows what hardware will be
 needed to comply. Our unique modem  architecture makes future "field"
 upgrades a realistic and simple procedure."

     Because of U.S. Robotics' advanced modular modem architecture, the
 company's  Courier V.32bis, Courier HST Dual Standard, and Shared Access
 modems are  readily upgradable to 28.8 Kbps. The modems are made up of a
 motherboard and a smaller daughterboard, which holds the modems'
 microprocessors and firmware. The current, high-speed daughterboard can
 easily be replaced with a new board  containing the 28.8 Kbps CCITT
 standard. U.S. Robotics is the only modem  manufacturer to implement this
 kind of flexible design.

     "In the CCITT, the previously called "V.FAST" standard has gained
 universal  support at the 28.8 Kbps speed," said Dale Walsh, U.S. Robotics
 vice president,  advanced development and participant in the CCITT
 committee on the 28.8 Kbps  standard. "This is how our modular
 architecture works. The data pump (which  executes the modulation and
 demodulation of the data), and the key controller  functions (which
 perform the data compression, error control and the AT command  set) are
 on one board, making upgrades simple. We can easily make the data pump 
 faster and upgrade the controller functions to keep up with the new speed.
 It's  all in just one small plug-in card."

     Because compatibility with CCITT standards is crucial, U.S. Robotics' 
 availability and implementation of the 28.8 Kbps standard will depend on
 the  CCITT's progress.  At this time, the standard is expected to define a
 connect  speed of 28.8 Kbps, two times faster than V.32 bis, the fastest
 CCITT standard  now available.  

     U.S. Robotics is one of the first vendors to announce a program for
 28.8 Kbps  compatibility.  The company has a history of industry "firsts,"
 including the  first CCITT V.32 bis modem from a major manufacturer, the
 first self-managing  modem management system and the first portable CCITT
 V.32 modem. 

     U.S. Robotics will upgrade any Modem Sharing Kit to 28.8 Kbps. Current
 Courier  models, which have the smaller footprint and a higher, 57.6 Kbps,
 DCE to DTE  (modem-to-computer) interface speed, are also upgradable.  The
 company's upgrade program does not include WorldPort and Sportster modems. 

     U.S. Robotics Courier modems offer a wide range of features, including
 fax,  remote configuration, and synchronous capabilities.  The Shared
 Access Modem  Sharing Kits, which began shipping in March, 1992,  allow
 for the pooling of  modems on a LAN so that a LAN user can access them for
 dial-in or dial-out  communications.  

 The following products will be upgradable to 28.8 Kbps:

 Courier V.32 bis, internal and external         (57,600 bps versions only)
 Courier HST Dual Standard, internal and external(57,600 bps versions only)
 Courier V.32 bis FAX, internal and external 
 Courier HST Dual Standard FAX, internal and external 
 Shared Access Modem Sharing Kit Single Port and Dual Port

 The long awaited upgrades are finally here!  Here is a brief synopsis of
 the various upgrades and procedures.

 U.S. Robotics is offering current participants in our Sysop Program the
 first opportunity to participate.  August 3 - August 21 is just for them!
 Starting August 24 upgrades are available for all owners of U.S. Robotics
 Courier Desktop and Internal (PC) High Speed modems.  The entire program
 will last through October 30.

 Trade-In:  The trade-in gives you the chance to upgrade to the new small
            footprint architecture with fax.  The trade-in involves staying
            in the same product type.  What this means is that if you own  
            an HST, trade-in your old modem for a new 16,800 bps HST with  
            fax!  Or, if you own a Courier V.32 or V.32bis, trade it in for 
            a new Courier V.32bis with fax!  Dual Standards work the same  
            way.  Remember Trade Like for Like.  All new modems also come  
            with  BlastFax software.  Price: $299

 Trade-Up:  The trade-up is really more of a trade across.  You can go from
            one product type to any other in the Courier High Speed line.
            for example, if you own an HST, trade up to a Dual Standard.
            Own a V.32bis, trade up to Dual Standard.  Likewise, own an    
            HST, you can move across to a V.32bis.  Any cross over of      
            product type is a trade-up in this program.  Just as in the    
            Trade-In, the new modems are the small footprint architecture  
            and include 9600 baud fax and BlastFax software.  Price: $349

 V.32 Module: This is the V.32 module upgrade for certain versions of our
              first generation 14,400 HST modems.  Addition of this module
              makes it a V.32 Dual Standard.  U.S. Robotics will also      
              update to the newest code available for that model, including 
              V.42bis where applicable.  Contact Customer Service to ensure 
              your modem is available for this upgrade.  Price: $199

 Fax Upgrade: We now offer an upgrade for owners of data only versions of  
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 You must contact U.S. Robotics Customer Service prior to shipping your old
 modem to us.  You may contact Customer Service either by:

 Voice - 800-982-5151   or   708-982-5151
 Fax   - 708-982-0823 (please include serial #, return phone #, address)
 Compuserve 76711,707 (please include serial #, return phone #, address)
 We will issue you a reference number that must be placed on the outside
 of the package.  At the time of order we will give you a total price
 including tax and shipping where applicable.  For trade in/up the modem
 must first come in house and inspected by our repair staff.  Once it is
 approved and the payment option is established (COD, Prepay,** Personal
 checks add 10 days**) the new modem should arrive in 10-12 working days.
 ***  Questions regarding these programs may be directed to U.S. Robotics
      Customer Service at:
      Voice - 800-982-5151   or   708-982-5151
      Fax   - 708-982-0823
      BBS   - 708-982-5092
      CIS   - 76711,707   or GO USROBOTICS and see TINUP.TXT in 
                          U.S. Robotics lib (library 4).

     U. S. Robotics, Inc., (NASDAQ: USRX) is a leading designer,
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 Product lines include the Shared Access communications resource-sharing
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 Miracom Technology Ltd., Slough, England, and U.S. Robotics, s.a., Lille,
 France.  The company markets its products  to business, industry,
 government agencies and original equipment  manufacturers.


 > A TRANSLATION STR OnLine             So, what was really said?

                          A Satirical Translation
                 the Delphi Sam Tramiel Online Conference

                            "A Political Primer"

 by Tim Holt

     In this year of political intrigue, to be really on top of things, you
 must be able to read  through  the  elocution,  and  see  what politicians
 REALLY  mean.    Since  the  presidential  debates  haven't started yet, I
 thought I would offer this primer on how to read what they  MEAN into what
 they say.   As  an example, I will use selected questions and answers from
 the recent online conferences with Sam  "THE  MAN"  Tramiel.    Study this
 carefully, then by the time the Presidential debates roll around, you will
 be able to make  a wise  decision based  on what  you have  learned.  Good

 "Good evening,  I'm very  pleased to  be here on in the Atari area for the
 very first time!  We're excited to be celebrating the  20th anniversary of
 Atari Corporation  this year.   We're especially excited because this is a
 time that we can introduce another milestone product to the world."

 I wasn't doing anything tonight anyway,  since American  Express took back
 my Gold Card.  Heck,I didn't even know this thing existed until Bob Brodie
 told me  about it  last week.   Besides,  thanks to  you nerds  I am still

 Tonight, we're pleased to be able to finally announce the Atari Falcon 030
 Computer.   This computer  will be  unveiled to  the buying  public at the
 Duesseldorf Atari Messe in Germany next week. The Falcon is a machine that
 we're very excited about.    We  think  that  it  places  us  back  in the
 forefront of the "Power without the Price" place in the market.

 This is it folks.  If this puppy don't sell, I am out of here.

  Here's the specs on the Atari Falcon 030:

    CPU:  Motorola 68030 running at 16 Mhz
    32-bit Bus
    Optional 68881 or 68882 FPU
    RAM: 1,4, or 14 megs
    Standard Atari Cartridge Port
    Motorola 56001 DSP chip

  Expansion Bus:
    Internal direct processor slot for 386SX PC emulation, or other 

    Super VGA graphics: 640x480 with 256 colors
    True color 16 bit mode allowing a display of up to 65,536 colors
    Accepts external video sync signal to allow high quality genlocking
    Overlay mode for easy video titling and special effects
    Overscan on TV's and ST Color monitors
    262,144 possible colors
    hardware-assisted horizontal fine scrolling
    BLiTTER graphics co-processor

  Sound features:
    Eight 16 bit audio DMA record and playback channels
    Stereo 16 bit digital DMA input
    Stereo 16 bit DMA audio output
    SDMA sound/DMA Coprocessor
  Standard Ports
    SCSI II port with DMA
    High speed LocalTalk  compatible  LAN
    Connector for analog RGB color (ST or VGA) or composite video
    RS232C serial port
    Bidirectional parallel port
    Stereo microphone input, miniature stereo plug
    Stereo audio out, miniature stereo plug
    Two joystick connectors
    Two enhanced digital/analog controller/light pen connectors

  Data Storage
    1.44 Mbyte floppy disk drive
    Optional internal IDE Hard Disk

  System software
    Pre-emptive Multitasking with adaptive prioritzation (MultiTOS)
    Inter process communication
    NewDesk desktop and eXtensible control panel
    Multiple window user interface;  number of windows limited 
    only by memory or software in use.

 We see  this computer  as exceeding  all of the multimedia expectations of
 the computer buying public.  As well as  being an  exceptional value  as a
 home computer system.

 We are finally catching up with the rest of the computer world.

 Extensive  testing  with  the  Falcon  has  already  been done on existing
 software.  We are very pleased with the high degree of compatibility.  For
 instance, PowerNet,  a increasingly  popular LocalTalk networking solution
 works fine with no modifications.   Calamus SL,  PageStream, WordFlair II,
 Cubase 3.0,  STalker 3.0,  STeno, Arabesque,  and many  other well written
 applications will work perfectly.

 I will still be able to run all of my neat-o games  on it.   And,  I won't
 have to  buy a  whole bunch of new programs.  Besides, it costs a lot less
 to write an upgrade for  an  OS  that  already  exists  than  pay  to have
 somebody write a new one...

                 Now, for the questions from the audience:

 What type of monitors will work with the Falcon?
 The Atari  Falcon030 will  work with  any VGA,  or Atari  ST Color Monitor
 SC1224 or SC1435

 We ran out of money before we got to the monitor stuff.

 Q: Suggested retail price?

 Sorry, tonight we will not be giving out the suggested retail price of the
 Atari Falcon030.  That information will be announced next week.

 Our accountants still haven't figured out how we can make a 200% profit on
 this baby.

 Will there be a trade in plan?

 It is not our practice to offer a trade in plan directly from Atari.

 What planet are YOU from?!

 Why no detachable keyboard?

 We felt that offering  the unit  in this  configuration was  the most cost
 effective.   Also, using  the 1040STE  case allowed  us to  save on design
 costs, as it is the only unit (until the Atari Falcon030) that  has analog
 joy sticks in it.

 We still have over 100,000 1040ST cases sitting in a warehouse in East LA.

 Has  Atari  finally  hired  a  good  technical  writer, to document system
 interconnectivity, and add ons?

 Our developer documentation for the  Atari  Falcon030  has  met  with rave
 reviews from  all of  the developers  that are  in possession  of an Atari
 Falcon030. YES, the documentation is greatly improved.

 We had David Small write the manual.

 MultiTOS- how is it configured, ram or rom, and what software will  run on

 MultiTOS  is  a  combination  of  rom  and disk based software.  Most well
 written applications seem to work  fine.    We've  made  certain  that our
 developers  have  been  closely  involved in the enhancements of MultiTOS.
 I'm confident  that  it  will  be  HIGHLY  compatible  with  your software

 It bombs with the new TOS just like everything else you own.

 Is there  anything being  done with  multimedia, and/or speech recognition

 Yes, Multimedia is one of the key area for the Atari Falcon030.  

 We are still fighting it out with AMIGA for the bottom of the market.

 Will it be advertised? How big is the budget, is there an  agency, will it
 be in mainstream media, or specialty publications?

 Sorry, we're not going to enter into those kinds of specifics 

 No decent  ad agency in their right mind would touch our account. Even the
 people that handled Michael Dukakis laughed when we called. 

 Any dealer incentive programs?

 Again, we will not discuss the marketing issues tonight. 

 If the dealers are still in  business, we  figured that  they are probably
 selling more PC's than Atari's anyway.

 Any bundled software with the Falcon?

 Yes, there  will be  a number of things packaged with the Atari Falcon030.
 There  will  be  a  couple  of  games  written  especially  for  the Atari
 Falcon030...Land Mines,  and a BreakOut kind of game.  We will also have a
 Rolodex type  of  application  called  Cal/Apt,  a  calculator application
 called ProCalc, and a Talking Clock desk accessory.

 We went through all of the GEnie PD library and found these three programs
 that run on it.

 Will there be support for the future release of Apple/IBM OS "Pink"?

 When we see it, we'll answer you. It's still in development.

 Gee those guys sure make a lot of new stuff.    

 Will it be able to run other operating system and which ones?

 With plugging in optional third party coprocessor boards, you will be able
 to run PC type software, and maybe even MacIntosh software.

 We hope that Supercharger can be adapted somehow, and that David Small can
 come up with another miracle.

 Will memory upgrades be through SIMMs?

 Memory upgrades will be through a "Atari Falcon" ram board.

 We are hoping somebody can figure out how to upgrade  this thing.  So far,
 we can't.  What is Jim Allen's number?

 Sam, congratulations  on the Falcon its quite the promising NEW product. I
 understand 500 are to reach Europe  within two  weeks.   What is  the time
 table for North America and the States in particular?

 I'm happy  that you  have information  on what  is going  to Europe.  But,
 you're wrong, the plans are for North America to have  machines by  mid to
 late October.
 How did this guy get a hold of my morning briefing?

 What kind  of keyboard  will the Falcon come with?  The old mushy ST-style
 version, or the newer Mega ST/Mega STE/TT one?

 The Atari Falcon030 keyboard is the same wonderful  keyboard that  you can
 find on a 1040STE.

 We have 100,000 keyboards in that East LA warehouse too.

 When will  development tools that support the 68030, math coprocessors and
 DSP56001 be available?

 The developer machines that  have been  shipping to  select developers for
 the past  few months,  have all the tools.  A complete 56000 debugger will
 begin shipping next Thursday.

 We expect to see it about the time the CD ROM player comes out!

 How will the TT and the Falcon relate compatibility-wise?

 They are  very  compatible.  The  Atari  Falcon030  is  actually  more STE
 compatible than the TT030.

 TRANSLATION: The folks that bought Mega STE's really got screwed.

 In light  of the recent Forbes article, how do you feel the Falcon will do
 to re-establish Atari in the marketplace?  It sounds like  the Falcon will
 be the finest Atari computer yet to come. 

 Regardless of  the Forbes  article, we  feel that the Atari Falcon030 is a
 giant step in personal computing.  It will help Atari  re-establish itself
 in the North American market.


 In a previous message, you said "and maybe even MacIntosh software."  Does
 this mean that the Falcon isn't compatible with Spectre?

 The Atari Falcon030 does not have an external  floppy connector,  and this
 of  course  makes  it  difficult  to  connect the existing Spectre GCR. We
 simply do not want to comment on Dave Small's behalf. :)

 I hope Small can figure out  a way  around this  major goof  by the design

 Two questions, first off, could you list the various developers which have
 been working on products for the Falcon?  Any  who previously  dropped our
 computer and have show a renewed interest with the Falcon?

 On the  question regarding  developers, there are too many to mention now.
 And yes, some that were not working on  our system  are now.  Such as NeXT
 developers  because  of  the  DSP  56000  which  opens the world to really
 exciting software.

 The usual suspects are writing upgrades, and two  NEXT nerds  that used to
 work for Atari are writing a shareware midi programs in their garage.

 Sam, all  my info  may not  be accurate,  but that  is not the question, I
 asked;  "What is the timetable  for North  America and  in particular, the

 With all  due respect, we've already answered you. The US is part of North
 America, and we plan mid to late October.

 Late October 1994 that is...

 If not tonight, when will we learn what  marketing strategy  Atari has for
 the Falcon?

 We felt  that the present ST/STE family was not strong enough to market in
 the US.  We have been  waiting for  this new  product, and  we do  plan to
 support it and market it in the US.  It will be a hard battle, but we will
 put a good effort behind it.
 Our motto about advertising is like 7-UP: "Never had it, never will."

     I hope that this  excursion into  how to  "read my  lips", or  in this
 case,  "read  my  blips",  was  a  helpful  one. Thanks to the people that
 participated in the online conferences for the questions, and to GEnie and
 DELPHI for having the conferences.


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                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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 ST Roundtable Realtime Conference Special Events

 September 2nd   Fair Dinkum Realtime Conference        
 (Wednesday)     featuring a NEW product announcement.  
 September 9th   Atari Falcon 030 RTC - Part II.         
 (Wednesday)     Atari's Bill Rehbock provides a post-Duesseldorf followup 
                 to the Sam Tramiel RTC.  Bill will provide more info on   
                 technical specifications, Falcon applications, pricing,   
                 and more.             
                All conferences begin at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  Last Week's Top Downloaded Programs/Utilities:

 25390 MPLAY_13.LZH             X A.DOLORICO   920822   27776    149  29
       Desc: ALLMusic player for ST/STe v. 1.3
 25389 PAULA20.LZH              X OUTRIDER     920822   61056    130  29
       Desc: Paula 2.0 - the Ultimate MOD Player!
 25388 ZOO214.LZH               X W.PIKE       920822   81408    112  40
       Desc: Version 2.1.4 of ZOO File Compressor
 25394 SPC-3375.LZH             X J.PIERCE5    920822   13696    103   2
       Desc: DMJ's SPC-3375 v1.5 - New Features!
 25287 HZ_FLIP.LZH              X GRMEYER      920815    2432     74   2
       Desc: Flip-flop between 50/60 Mhz
 25355 GOGOST50.LZH             X M.CAWTHON1   920817   51712     69   2
       Desc: Gogo->ST v5.0 (File Launcher, best)

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            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission



                The 1992 Atari Show in Duesseldorf, Germany
                 World Premiere of Atari's new Falcon 030

 by Oliver Steinmeier

 August 21 - 23, 1992

     The  sixth  Atari  show  in  Duesseldorf  gripped the attention of the
 worldwide Atari community.  More than  50,000 Atari  fans and professional
 users from  many different countries came to see and buy new products from
 166 exhibitors.  Atari  itself finally  presented the  long-awaited Falcon
 030,  which  will  be  the  first  member  of  a  new  generation of Atari
 computers.  This report covers only selected highlights of the  show.  The
 October edition  of Current  Notes magazine  will feature greatly expanded

     Atari Germany boss Alwin Stumpf, Atari president Sam  Tramiel, Leonard
 Tramiel, Richard  Miller, and  Bill Rehbock  led off the show with a press
 conference.  Stumpf provided  the first  information that  anyone had seen
 about prices  for the  Falcon. The  smallest version  (1 meg  RAM, no hard
 drive) is going to cost 1398 marks, a 4 meg  version with  internal 65 meg
 drive costs 2298 marks, and the fully equipped 14 meg version, also coming
 with a 65 meg drive, will be available  for 3298  marks.   In an interview
 Sam Tramiel  told me  the prices  for the US market.  The smallest machine
 will cost $799, the 4 meg Falcon will probably cost $1295. 

     Given  all  of  the  technical  data  that  had   appeared  in  online
 conferences and magazines the crowds were naturally eager to see the magic
 Falcon "in action".

     Atari was able to show some 30 machines at the  show in  their display
 area  and  at  least  another  40  machines in all the other Atari related
 displays.   Visitors had  plenty of  opportunities for  some real hands-on
 "getting  acquainted"  with  the  new Falcon 030. The main disappointment,
 however, was the hard disks in the new Falcons being devoid of all but the
 must  have  software.    The  control  panel,  a breakout accessory, and a
 graphics demo were about  all available.   MultiTOS,  the new multitasking
 TOS operating system, was not installed. 

     The only cosmetics that set the machine apart from a 1040 STe were the
 slightly darker keycaps with white letters. The machines at the AtariMesse
 did not have a darker case, contrary to some published reports.

     At the  press conference,  Alwin Stumpf announced special training for
 dealers who desired to sell the  Falcon.   This is  to ensure  that highly
 qualified dealers  will be able to help new Falcon owners get the most out
 of their "personal" computers.  According to  Sam Tramiel  mass production
 has already  started. Dealers  and all interested developers will probably
 get the first Falcons near the end of  September, with  major shipments to
 arrive in  Germany during  October.   (Question: Don't  a number of German
 developers  have  them  already?    Doesn't   this  last   sentence  imply
 widespread availability to developers in September?)

     Stumpf also  stated that  there will  not be  any other  models of the
 Falcon family introduced this year, thus attempting to  quash rumors  of a
 Falcon 040 that had been appearing in magazines and the online services.

     Although the demo Falcons did not sport much software, most developers
 have announced new products  or  updates  for  the  new  machines.    A PC
 emulator  board  is  being  developed  by  Compo,  HiSoft  is working on a
 low-cost graphics program,  and  Trade  It  has  already  adapted  all its
 products to the new machine.  Also many programs that were written for the
 old ST line run on  the  Falcon  without  any  problems,  although  it was
 surprising  to  many  visitors  that  this  software did not appear on the

     The Lynx  II  was  shown  in  Duesseldorf  together  with  a  new game
 cartridge called  "Batman Returns."  Atari bought the exclusive rights for
 this game for the rest of this year, and they  expect to  come out  with 3
 new games each month until December. 

     In other news a Swiss developer showed a 68040 extension board that is
 said to be available for all STs and TTs in  about two  months.   It is an
 external board  that is  supposed to  be placed  in a separate tower case.
 The speed  of the  prototype was  very impressive;  it scrolled  a text in
 wordplus faster  than Tempus  could do it on a regular ST.  The price will
 be about 3000 marks ($2200). 

     Was the 1992 Atari Show the success Atari needs so  badly?   It's hard
 to tell  at this  time; most  of the  visitors seemed to be very satisfied
 with the show, and particularly with  the Falcon.   The  exhibitors sold a
 lot of  products, and  therefore were satisfied with the show itself.  The
 developers and dealers, however,  are still  skeptical about  the Falcon's
 ability to  bring them  (and Atari)  the success they need to survive. The
 technical "wizards" have done their job, it's now up to the marketing guys
 to  make  the  Falcon  the  dream  machine of a new generation of computer
 owners,  to  make  it  the  "multimedia  computer"  and   workstation  for
 everybody's home. 

     For more information, facts, and rumors from the AtariMesse don't miss
 the expanded coverage in the October edition of Current Notes. 

             Made for the Real World: A Personal Media System

     Most computer manufacturers seem to think that the real world is black
 &  white,  or  drawn  from  a  limited palette of colors.  That sounds are
 nothing more than lo-fi noises.   And  that  the  real  world  consists of
 people who don't care about cost, compatibility of new machines with older
 software, or "improved" operating systems that  cause problems  instead of
 solve them (and who never need to work on more than one task at a time).

     At Atari,  we know  better.   Atari's world includes a vision in which
 advanced technology meets cost-effective production to  create not  just a
 great computer,  but a  great personal  media system.   We built the Atari
 Falcon 030 as a personal media system for  the real  world -  a world with
 vibrant colors,  crystal-clear sound,  and people  who want  a computer to
 make their lives easier,  not harder.   Our  personal media  system allows
 manipulation  of  video,  audio,  text, animation and telecommunications -
 easily and affordably on a quality  home system.   Atari's  personal media
 system  for  consumers  is  was  multimedia systems should be for business

     The Atari Falcon 030  is  a  "musical  instrument".    A  "special F/X
 optical bench"  for video.   A  better-than-CD-quality "digital recorder".
 An electronic canvas with more than a quarter million possible  colors.  A
 graphics  workstation.    An  animation  studio.   A multimedia production
 center.  An unflagging helpmate around  the  house.    An  experience that
 you've never  experienced before.   Simply stated, the Atari Falcon 030 is
 the first system that makes personal media possible.  Here's why.

                    Proven Technology, Proven Software
     The Atari Falcon 030's heart is a Motorola  68030 processor  (the same
 blazingly fast  chip used  in computers other companies sell for thousands
 more).  It's teamed with a 32MHz Motorola 56001 Digital  Signal Processing
 and a  special Atari  custom chipset  that delivers state-of-the-art audio
 quality for music,speech, or special effects.   With  most computers, this
 kind  of  extraordinary  audio  capability  is an expensive ad-on (if it's
 available at all).  But in a personal media system,  we design  in quality
 audio from  beginning.   The Atari Falcon 030 delivers audio power without
 the price.

     For video, the Atari Falcon 030 doesn't just offer Super VGA graphics,
 but also true color 16-bit mode (up to 640x480 resolution and up to 65,536
 on-screen colors).    It  accepts  external  video  sync  for high-quality
 genlock, and - thanks to a unique overlay mode - makes titling and special
 effects a breeze.    Graphics  are  fast,  too,  because  of  a dedicated,
 high-speed  graphics  coprocessor  chip.    Unlike  computers that require
 costly (and sometimes temperamental)  optional  hardware  to  do pro-level
 video, the Atari Falcon 030 already includes what you need.

     This level  of integration and performance is what you'd expect from a
 company that has been  making  personal  technology  products  since 1985.
 Yet,  as  the  Atari  Falcon  030  looks  forward to the new generation of
 creativity and productivity, it hasn't forgotten  the past.   It  will run
 virtually all  programs for the industry-standard Atari St (as Europe's #1
 computer during the '80s, a vast  selection of  pro-level ST  programs are
 already  available).    But  that's  not all: there's standard MS-DOS file
 compatibility, and a  wealth  of  ports  for  communicating  with existing
 peripherals -  as well  as optional soon-to-be-released '386 PC emulation,
 or,  Macintosh  emulation,  and  several  other  exciting  new   types  of
 peripherals planned  for the  future.  In short, Atari has combined all of
 the ingredients for a true personal media system  for use  at home  -or at
 the office.

                            A Sound Investment
     MIDI  is  the  world-wide  standard that allows technology products to
 communicate with today's musical instruments, recording devices, and stage
 lighting.    Atari  made  the  first  computer  to  offer  a built-in MIDI
 interface, which  for  all  other  computers  requires  an  extra  card or
 external box.   Now  Atari has  upped the  ante by adding the next logical
 step: integrated, high-quality digital audio.   Whether you're  a musician
 in need  of digital  audio recording  or synthesis, a video production, an
 executive who saves time with voice mail messages,  or a  speech therapist
 rehabilitating   children,   the   Atari   Falcon   030's   digital  audio
 capabilities can provide the answer to your needs.

     Yet even that just scratches the  surface.   Digital Signal Processing
 can produce  special effects  such as reverberation or echo, and hook into
 your home entertainment system to provide options like synthesized concert
 hall ambience.  Professional-quality speech compression and decompression,
 also available out of the box, are essential tools for  those who  need to
 fit sound to picture.  For digital recording, the Atari Falcon 030 handles
 8  discrete  tracks  at  a  time,  without  add-on  boards  or  issues  of
 compatibility.    Between  MIDI,  digital recording, and multitasking, the
 Atari Falcon 030 provides the same  -  if  not  superior  functionality to
 digital recording systems costing literally thousands of $ more.
                             A Colorful Sight
     Artists can never have enough colors.  That's why the Atari Falcon 030
 can display more than 65,000 colors from a palette of  262,144 colors, and
 all  of  this  can  -  if  needed  -  be  genlocked  to professional video
 equipment.  Corporate presentations  take  an  astounding  vibrancy.   New
 vistas open up for the electronic artist.  Programs become more intuitive,
 thanks to the sophisticated use of color.  And entertainment - well, let's
 just say  you've never  seen this  kind of  richness before on any system.
 You no longer have to settle for anything less than  a virtual  rainbow of

                              The Fun Factor
     The best  tools should be fun to use, and the Atari Falcon 030 is just
 that.Already, major software developers are so excited about this stunning
 personal media  system that  they've committed  to providing programs that
 take advantage of the  Atari  Falcon  030's  ground-breaking capabilities,
 we're not  just talking ports from other platforms.  You think you've seen
 flight simulators before?  Just wait.

     The Atari Falcon  030  finally  delivers  on  the  promise  of  a true
 personal media  system for  the home  - that's  equally comfortable adding
 surround-sound to  your VCR,  delivering interactive  education, running a
 home  security  system,  or  simply  providing entertainment after a day's

                          Power Without the Price
     Atari is dedicated to  bringing high  technology into  the real world,
 for real people.  We don't charge more than we need to just because we can
 get away with  it.    Our  audience  is  not  pinstripe  clones  or "blind
 lemmings",  but   those  everyday  users  who  want  powerful,  efficient,
 cost-effective tools.

     The Atari Falcon 030 has been  years in  the making.   It  marries the
 business experience  we've gained  with the  Mega and TT line, the musical
 edge that the ST series has always had, and the incredible color and speed
 that remain  the hallmark  of our video game technology.  From these three
 apparently divergent sources, we've  crafted a  platform that's  ready for
 your  most  challenging  creative  tasks  -  where  color  and sound blend
 seamlessly into a system that can truly be any kind  of personal, creative
 tool you want.

 Article 6415 (4 more) in
 From: (Jan T. Kim)
 Subject: Re: Atari Messe News
 Message-ID: <
 Date: 25 Aug 92 11:17:51 GMT
 References: <
 Organization: Regional Computing Center, University of Cologne,
 F. R. Germany
 Lines: 46
 In < (Samos) writes:

 -For the caracteristics, here we go:
 -Bad News : nothing about multi-tos in the Falcon there..

     It is, let's say, at least generally believed among the Atari people
 that  MultiTOS will be shipped on disks along with the Falcons, which will
 become available during october.  They  kept telling people that TOS 4.0
 in ROM and MultiTOS on disk is a good thing to have for the transition
 period, so people can test whether their software runs with MultiTOS but
 still have a chance to run those programs that crash on MultiTOS until 
 the upgrades arrive.

     The DSP is here, (we knew that, okay..) The falcon works on any
 monitor, VGA for example it has the old st resolutions, but also
 interlaced ones that flickers on a 'common' atari monitor, but not on a
 VGA one.. There is a new SCSI-II port and the bad news: The ACSI port is
 gone. But then, I'd  speculate it won't be too difficult to construct an
 adaptor for using ACSI devices from the SCSI port of the Falcon.

     The actual keyboard is looking like an ST one, but the buttons are
 black (this is important..), I mean they didn't change the design as they
 told it.

     What's really important: The keyboard looks like the 1040 ST one
 (except ofr the darker color), but it doesn't feel like one.  It's much
 rather comparable to the  TT, but with the advantage of having the classic

     The new TOS is beautiful, the icons are like on the MAC, that means
 they are 3D, the windows have a shadow and I'll bring you more information
 during the day, when I get in touch with other friends...

  +- Jan Kim -- X.400:    S=kim;OU=vax;O=mpiz-koeln;P=mpg;A=dbp;C=de -+
  |             Internet:               |
  |                                                                   |
  *----=<  hierarchical systems are for files, not for humans  -=-----*

 On a more distressing note, they said that from the looks of things, Atari
 hasn't changed a bit as far as their attitudes are concerned toward
 marketing and such.  But on a brighter side, they mentioned that a
 prototype 68040-based Falcon was displayed and that another company has an
 040 board for Mega ST's for around 3000DM (around $2000).

 Atari UK's favourite dealers have been promised stocks of Falcons by the
 end of September, no idea on quantities but these are likely to be the 4mb
 machines with no hard disk retailing at 499 UKP.


 > FALCON RESOLUTIONS STR InfoFile     "There are too many resolutions!"

               Resolutions available on the Atari Falcon 030

 Written by John Townsend
 (c) 1992 Atari Corp.

     A couple  of notes:  Unlike previous machines, there are just too many
 resolutions to give each resolution a name. Therefore,  I will  do my best
 to describe what the resolution is and which monitor it is on.

  - NOTE: TV and a Color Monitor are the same.. by Color Monitor, I am
    talking about the standard SC1224. By VGA, I mean a standard VGA

 40 column modes ( "column" means the number of x pixels divided by 8)
    4 color, normal, TV:         320x200,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, normal, TV:         320x200,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, normal, TV:         320x200,  256 colors, 8 planes True color,
 normal, TV:         320x200, true color
    4 color, interlace, TV:      320x400,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, interlace, TV:      320x400,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, interlace, TV:      320x400,  256 colors, 8 planes True color,
 interlace, TV:      320x400, true color

    4 color, normal, VGA:        320x480,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, normal, VGA:        320x480,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, normal, VGA:        320x480,  256 colors, 8 planes True color,
 normal, VGA:        320x480, true color
    4 color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,  256 colors, 8 planes True color,
 line-doubling, VGA: 320x240, true color

 80 column modes ---------------
    2 color, normal, TV:         640x200,    2 colors, 1 plane
    4 color, normal, TV:         640x200,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, normal, TV:         640x200,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, normal, TV:         640x200,  256 colors, 8 planes True color,
 normal, TV:         640x200, true color
    4 color, interlace, TV:      640x400,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, interlace, TV:      640x400,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, interlace, TV:      640x400,  256 colors, 8 planes True color,
 interlace, TV:      640x400, true color
    2 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,    2 colors, 1 plane
    4 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,  256 colors, 8 planes
    4 color, line-doubling, VGA: 640x240,    4 colors, 2 planes
   16 color, line-doubling, VGA: 640x240,   16 colors, 4 planes
  256 color, line-doubling, VGA: 640x240,  256 colors, 8 planes

 and lastly..  there are  compability modes  for ST  Low, ST Medium, and ST
 High on both VGA  monitors and  SC1224 monitors.  (On a  color monitor, ST
 High is achieved by using the interlace mode).

 Also, the  ST Monochrome  monitor (the  SM124) will work with Falcon030 as
 well.  However, it only supports one resolution: ST High Resolution.

 All modes on a TV can be overscanned. This means multiplying the X and Y
 resolution by 1.2.  For  example,  modes  with  320  pixels  of horizontal
 resolution  (X  res)  will  become  384  pixels across, and modes with 640
 pixels will become 768  across.  Overscanning  is  done  in  the  X  and Y
 resolution.  You  can't  do  them  independently.  Special  Note: On a VGA
 monitor, overscan is "faked".. since the  video hardware  doesn't have the
 capability  to  do  overscan  on  a  VGA  monitor, we made it so that if a
 overscan mode is set on a VGA  monitor,  you  still  see  the  normal size
 screen, but the screen is a window onto the bigger overscanned image. Make
 sense? We did this for compatibility. This  way  if  a  game  that  has an
 overscanned starup  picture can  use the  same pic on both the VGA monitor
 and the TV monitor. Pretty cool, eh? <grin>

 BTW.. Overscan can NOT be set from the desktop. The  AES and  Desktop will
 work just fine with it, but because you can't see the parts of the screen,
 we thought that that option shouldn't  be available  from the  desktop. We
 don't want  to confuse  people. However,  Overscan can  be set using a new
 XBIOS call (Vsetmode()).. so it is still available.

 I hope I haven't made any  mistakes.  I  triple-checked  this  document in
 search of  errors and  I couldn't  find any.  If you do find some, send me
 Email on GEnie (to TOWNS) or CIS (70007,1135) and let me know.

                                        -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

 PS. Anyone would would like to reprint this message, please do so!
     The smaller the number of times I have to type that message, the
     more my fingers with thank you! ;-)

     After looking at this one more time.. one point to clear up: By
     saying SC1224 Color Monitor, I mean any Color Monitor that Atari
     have manufactured for the ST/Mega/STE/MegaSTE computers. Clear
     as mud? ;-)

 > Glendale Show STR SHOW NEWS             Jewel of the West Coast

                               GLENDALE SHOW


 The show will be held Saturday and Sunday, September 12-13, 1992 at the
 Glendale Civic Auditorium, 1041 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA. Hours are
 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday.

 General Admission is $6.00 per person with a two day pass costing only
 $10.00.  If you plan on attending and you live outside of Southern
 California you may get FREE admission by sending a self-addressed, stamped
 #10 envelope to:
                           249 N. Brand Bl. #321
                            Glendale, CA 91203

 And get a one day pass for two.  SASE must be received by 9/4/92 to insure

 For those of you who will be needing lodging we have made arrangements
 with the Burbank Hilton.  Regular rates are $119.00 per night but if you
 mention ATARI you will get a room for $65.00 per night, single or double
 occupancy.  Executive suites are also available for a per night charge of
 $95.00.  Reservations may be made by calling the Hilton at 800-643-7400(in
 California), 800-468-3576(inside the USA) or at 818- 843-600(outside the
 USA). The guaranteed reservation cut-off date is August 20th.  If you are
 quoted another rate ask for Roy Butler, Sales Manger.

 This year The Glendale Show will be holding Desk Top Publishing Classes. 
 There will be a $25.00(US) fee for these hands-on classes. DMC (ISD) will
 be holding Beginners and Advanced classes for owners and prospective
 owners of Calamus SL.  Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday. 
 Classroom size is limited.  Make your reservations by sending a check for
 $25.00(US) payable to H.A.C.S.K., 249 Brand Bl. #321, Glendale, CA  91203. 
 Be sure to state the preference of day and class level.  A confirmation
 will be sent, ten days prior to the show, by return mail stating which
 class you will be enrolled in.  Enrollment in the classroom will also
 entitle you to admission to the rest of the show for the day of your
 class. Registration must be postmarked by 9/1/92.
 Look for our full-page advertisements in upcoming issues of AtariUser and
 Atari Explorer magazines.

 If you have any questions send mail to:

                           249 N. Brand Bl. #321
                            Glendale, CA 91203
                       leave GEmail to John.King.T 
                                 or call:
                   John King Tarpinian at 818-246-7276.

 List of the exhibitors and demonstrators for the THE GLENDALE SHOW

                             ATARI CORPORATION
                           THE COMPUTER NETWORK
                              COMPUTER SAFARI
                        OREGON RESEARCH ASSOCIATES
                              CLEAR THINKING
                               D.A. BRUMLEVE
                                SUDDEN INC.
                         FAIR DINKUM TECHNOLOGIES
                              MICRO CREATIONS
                               BRANCH ALWAYS
                           FREEZE DRIED SOFTWARE
                           McDONALD & ASSOCIATES
                            WINTERTREE SOFTWARE
                             BEST ELECTRONICS
                             FAST TECHNOLOGIES
                             BIO ILLUSTRATIONS
                             GADGETS BY SMALL
                           ST INFORMER MAGAZINE
                          ATARI EXPLORER MAGAZINE
                            ATARIUSER MAGAZINE

                             BAREFOOT SOFTWARE
                                DIGITAL F/X
                             SOUTH BAY A.C.E.
                               NOCCC-ST SIG
                               L.O.C.H. ACE
                     H.A.C.K.S. (host club, no booth)

                            John King Tarpinian
                             Faire Chairperson
                             The Glendale Show



                              GOODIES GALORE!

 By Doyle C. Helms Jr.
 Software Editor @ STReport

     The summer months are SLOW months for computer users and software
 developers alike. I can't say that I blame anyone for wanting to get
 outside and away from the keyboard during the warm beachy days. I have
 sliped away from mine more than usual the last few months. Surely as Fall
 approaches so will the influx of new software both of the PD/Sharware type
 and hopefully the commercial genre also.

     So when you log onto your favorite BBS (either pay-for-service or user
 group type) and you don't find volumes of new software posted, don't
 despair, remember this is summer, and unlike the flood of summer rains,
 the floods for computer software/hardware come in the fall and winter.

      The STaR Value rating is scaled from 0 to 10. 10 being the highest
 (best) rating.

      On with the show...
      SIZE      : 135936 bytes
      STaR Value: 6.5 for users of TOS 1.6 and below, 2 for TOS 2+
      DESCRIPT  :
                 This is a relative new desktop replacement similar
                 to TOS 2.05/6. The program is easy to install and
                 contains many of the same features as the new 
                 TOS's have.  Custom program and drive icons are
                 permitted. The documentation for TERADESK is in 
                 German but the "desktop" is in English. If you            
                 are not a user of NEODESK or KAOSDesk or you don't        
                 have TOS 2.5+, then give this program a good
                 looking over.

      FILENAME  : ZOO 2.1.4
      SIZE      : 81408
      STaR Value: 7.5

                  ZOO version 2.1.4 is a must have if you are to 
                  have a complete set of extraction programs. ZOO 
                  2.1.4 is GEM interfaced for "standard" usage.

      SIZE      : 176768
      STaR Value: 7.5 (*DEMO*)

                  Shadow Term II is a very nice looking Terminal 
                  program that uses standard GEM type user 
                  interface. There are some nice features in this 
                  program and it is a worth the D/L time to examine 
                  this program.

      SIZE      : 27776
      STar Value: 8.5
                  Latest version of MPLAYER. This is a desk 
                  accessory that allows the ST and STe to playback
                  MANY different types of "chip" music including 
                  Amiga MODs. This is an excellent program! 

      FILENAME  : PAULA 2.0
      SIZE      : 61056
      STaR Value: 8.0
                  This MOD player is greatly improved (wasn't bad 
                  to begin with) with this version and has many 
                  nice features added. Close call when deciding 
                  between PAULA 2.0 and MultiPlayer 1.3.
      FILENAME  : MODS Volume 13
      SIZE      : 512994
      STaR Value: 8.5
                  Here is a set of 10 MOD files. Excellent quality.

      SIZE      : 217171
      STaR Value: UNRATED

                  REFBASE 1.4 is a database program for storing 
                  scientific references. Primarily designed for 
                  handling titles for publications which have 
                  appeared in journals. The documentation give MANY 
                  features for which I am unable/unqualified to 

      FILENAME  : Spectrum NUDES
      SIZE      : Varied
      STaR Value: 6.0 - 8.5

                  This group of GIF -> SPC conversions are of good 
                  to very good in quality. 29 total files.

      SIZE      : 186052
      STaR Value: UNRATED

                  Turbo Assembler package from Sigma Software(the 
                  MIDI MAZE II folks). This is touted to be a nice 
                  shareware assembler package. The documentation is 
                  in German. :(

      FILENAME  : MODULA2 Package
      SIZE      : 330309
      STaR Value: UNRATED

                  Shareware version of a supposedly good Modula2 
                  compiler package also from Germany. Documentation 
                  is in German. :(

      Here is a QuikLook at some of the other fine uploads to be 
 found on the Major PFS(pay-for-service) networks:
                FECYPHER<GEnie>  - File encryption
                GOGOST5.0<GEnie> - File Launcher
                ST2TTPIC<GEnie>  - Spectrum/Raytrace to TT .PNT Convert    
                T-TERM12<GEnie>  - TeddyTerminal file tranfers shell.
                MENUMAKE<GEnie>  - Menumaker for GFA BASIC (updated)
                HZ_FLIP<GEnie>   - Flip-flop between 50/60 Hz
                SLACKPAK<GEnie>  - "BOB" Picture files- GREAT!
                RAYVERT2<GEnie>  - V2.0 Raytrace to Spectrum converter

     Well, that is just some of the highlights of the last week, there were
 MANY more files and pictures and demos and informational postings and ...
 I think you understand. If you drop by ANY of the PFS networks, drop me a
 line in E-Mail and say hello (or critques). My online address on GEnie is
 D.HELMS, Delphi-STaRtwo and 71053,44 on CIS. Look for an upcoming review
 of MegaCheck 1.22 and the latest update to Touch-Up, version 1.8. 
 Until then... G'day


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

     During an interview with Brian Gockley,  show organizer  of the recent
 CTFEST'92, it  was mentioned that the TT030 given away as a Grand Prize at
 the close of the show was a last minute decision by Gockley.  Its  being a
 Grand Prize  to be  given away at the show was not cleared with Atari, Bob
 Brodie stated he had to get it cleared and if not the TT would  have to be
 paid for  at developer cost.  When asked about the TT and the story of its
 being used and having commercial software on the hard disk,  Brian replied
 it  was  new  and  the  software was being used for demonstration purposes
 during the show.  The TT030 was new and opened for the show it  had all of
 two days use at the show.  While certain developers may have been somewhat
 upset by their software being left  on  the  TT's  hard  drive  it  was an
 innocent decision  to leave it there at the time it was won.  The original
 plan was  for  the  winner,  Kevin  Champagne  to  wipe  the  drive clean.
 Apparently is  process of  selling to the TT030 at the last minute, it was
 overlooked.  Gockley said.   Brian  Gockley went  on to  apologize for any
 inconvenience he may have caused.

     Announced today,  Compuserve will  host an online conference featuring
 Atari's Bill Rehbock in the Electronic Convention Center  (go convention).
 The Convention  Center will feature special rates for this event.  It will
 be held on Sept. 08, 1992 at 8:30pm EDT - 5:30pm PST.  The  Falcon and its
 technological  wonders  are  part  of  the  conference's featured areas of

     In a short discussion today it was revealed  that WAACE  officials are
 in communication  with Atari and they hold great expectations for the show
 and Atari.  Most observers feel that Atari's presence should  be more than
 evident since  the WAACE  show is the annual east coast traditional event.
 WAACE is where everyone on the eastern side of the USA "celebrates Atari".
 Besides, it  makes good sense to put a smile on everyone's face when Atari
 is debuting the new Falcon 030.

 - New York City, NY                  MANNY'S TO DROP ATARI LINE?

     According to our source, Manny's Music,  a long  time Atari  dealer in
 the Big  Apple is  quite upset  with Atari  as a result of the information
 they received about the Falcon's disappointing  holiday timetable.   STR's
 correspondent  was  told;  "When  they  were  told it would be another dry
 Christmas all hell broke loose!"    Hopefully,  renewed  negotiations will
 perhaps bring about a change of heart.


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

 > A "Quotable Quote"     "I've got a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale..!"

          "My new office, which has a better view than my old
          one, is so far  quite  satisfactory.    And Richard
          Miller is in my old office.  The Forbes article was
          a mish-mash and misconstrued  article full  of half
          truths.   We are  anxiously awaiting the release of
          the Atari Falcon to bring us back to the forefront.
          The article has given us some laughs, but otherwise
          has not affected us."

                                        ... Sam Tramiel 08/92


 > ABCO SPECIALS! STR InfoFile      * NEW 1992 Prices!  MORE Products! *
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                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

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           Advertised or Invoiced price *  WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

                        ABCO COMPUTER CONSULTANTS 
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                    (you are NOT limited to two drives)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)
                      - Available for all Platforms -
                  WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!!!  >UPS!<
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                     VISA - MASTERCARD - NO SURCHARGE!

             *** NEW!!! ULTRA MODERN "SUPER STYLE" CABINET ***
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                Model      Description    Autopark    Price
                SGN4951      51Mb  3.5"      Y       419.00
                SQN1096      83mb  3.5"      Y       519.00
                SQN2055     120mb  3.5"      Y       574.95
                SQN1296     213mb  3.5"      Y       839.00
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             Standard "Shoebox Cabinet style is also available

              MODERN TOWER CABINETS AVAILABLE Call for Info!
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               ABCO is PROUD to announce the  acquisition of
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               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
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