ST Report: 29-May-92 #822

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Date: 06/01/92-11:08:30 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 29-May-92 #822
Date: Mon Jun  1 11:08:30 1992

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                  WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (May 29)



     Codehead has uploaded a demo version of Calligrapher,  the Ultimate
 Writing Machine. See the file CALDEM.LZH now available in LIB 16.


     ISD has  uploaded two  new files to their library in the Atari Vendors
 Forum (GO ATARIVEN).  One is  a Desktop  Publishers TradeUP  Offer and the
 other is  a Calamus  SL Printer Driver Generator. See the files TRADUP.TXT
 and PRNGEN.ARC in Library 17, ISD Marketing.


     SoftLogik announces a special  upgrade offer!   Please  read message #
 26555 in the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN).

     A transcript of our May 17th Conference with 8-bit developers Bob Puff
 and Jeff Potter is  now available  in LIB  7 [News  & Reviews].  If you're
 interested in  the future  of our unique platform, see 8BITCO.TXT.  If you
 have comments, please leave a note on the message board!


     A Video Poker  game  now  available  for  the  Portfolio!    Check out
 PFPOKR.ZIP now in LIBRARY 4 of the Atari Portfolio Forum (GO APORTFOLIO).

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 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     Almost release time, I must keep this editorial short as the remainder
 of the issue is jam-packed with terrific articles and the latest of
 information pertaining to our favorite activity.. computing!

     Some people have been clamoring about us having an "Inquirer" type
 publication.... well that, to us, is as strong a compliment as one can
 possibly be.  As most folks know, the Inquirer is a highly successful
 publication.  Of course, we realize the fact that those who promulgate
 this hype are not among our "best supporters".  Thus, this sort of thing
 is to be expected.  After all, when they have no real objections, all they
 are left with is the name calling. <sigh>  In any case, we will continue
 to present both sides of the issues in an attempt to present a balanced
 accounting for all.

     It would also appear there are those who feel they know all the facts
 surrounding particular incidents (PACE/AUA/ELITE) and amazingly, see no
 reason why anyone else would 'need to know' any or all the facts
 surrounding a particular incident.  We care that you, our readers, have an
 equal opportunity to "know all the facts" therefore the presentation of
 the AUA series.  We heard from everyone possible in the past who were
 upset or felt they had to be heard for one reason or another.

     Now, at last, we are hearing from the principals who were most
 adversely affected by the hysterical accusations, condemnations and
 punishments.  If our (STReport) bringing out another side of the scenario
 makes some people uneasy.. perhaps they have good reason to be uneasy.
 Its sad to be witness to certain individuals in our small community who
 seem to feel they "know what's best for us" along with "what we should or
 should not know".  Of course, to watch 'respected' members of the
 community trying to sway public opinion through 'name calling' and
 posturing is very sad and unfortunately, not very original or even
 remotely responsible.

     This week, we present to you the second article of six from the AUA
 expose series written by Derek Signorini.  After this series is completed,
 we shall begin our probe into the politics, 'behind the scenes' power
 brokering and arm twisting that has been occuring for the last two years.
 This series too, will provide the users with another "illuminating

                             Thank you for your ongoing support!

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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    Issue #22

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Shortage of 3.5" Diskettes

 A sharp increase in the size of hard disks and the simultaneous release
 of major programs by IBM and Microsoft Corp. has resulted in a worldwide
 shortage of 3.5-inch diskettess.  Although diskette manufacturers have
 increased production, the shortage is expected to last through the end
 of the year.

 Although the supply of 720k diskettes have been effected, 1.44mb disk-
 ettes are even in shorter supply.

 Microsoft's updated Windows program and IBM's new OS/2 both introduced
 at the same time is said to have contributed to the disk shortage.
 Windows 3.1 is delivered to consumers on seven 3.5 inch, 1.44MB
 floppies. OS/2 2.0 takes 21 disks.

  -- Sega Announces New $99.99 Packages

 Sega of America Inc. announced Thursday a new $99.99 suggested retail
 packages for both top-selling Genesis and Game Gear product lines. Sega
 will continue selling its industry-leading, 16-bit Genesis system with
 "Sonic The Hedgehog" at $129.99(a), and its Game Gear system which will
 feature "Sonic The Hedgehog" software in early July at $129.99.

 As a result of strong retail sales in the first half of the year, Sega
 also announced that it has increased its 1992 forecast to 5 million
 Genesis units and 1 million Game Gear units.

 Sega also announced the Sega CD, a CD-ROM peripheral for Genesis. Sega
 CD introduces real video, stereo sound and animated graphics to create
 awesome breakthrough video games.

 With the new $99.99 Genesis package, a consumer can purchase the Sega
 CD-ROM peripheral at $299 and create a complete home multimedia system
 for a $399 retail value.

  -- Nintendo Announces New $99.95 Package for Super Nintendo

 Nintendo of America Inc. this week announced a new configuration for its
 market-leading 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The
 new configuration, the "Control Set," comes packaged with the Super NES
 control deck and one hand controller with a suggested retail price(A) of

 Players still will be able to purchase the current Super NES Super Set,
 packaged with two controllers and the SNES stereo cable as well as the
 hit software title Super Mario World, with a suggested retail price of

 Nintendo also announced the release of 75 new game titles for the SNES
 in the second half of 1992 and projects sales of more than 6 million
 Super NES systems in 1992, adding to the 2,100,000 systems it sold
 following introduction in the last four months of 1991.

  -- AT&T Offers 3 Megabit Speeds On Copper Wire

 AT&T's Paradyne unit said it can run three megabits of data per second
 on a four-wire copper cable, meaning phone companies will be able to
 offer multimedia services on existing telephone networks.

 In addition, Paradyne said, CAP technology can provide T1 data rates of
 1.544 million bits-per-second on ordinary two-wire copper cable, the
 same type of cable found in most homes. The technology emerged from Bell

  -- IBM Makes World's Smallest Transistors

 IBM Research scientists reported this week that they've made the world's
 smallest transistors.  The experimental devices are so small that the
 active area of a single one is just 1/75,000th of the cross-section of a
 human hair.  According to the researchers, these new transistors can be
 further reduced in size by another factor of two.  The previous smallest
 transistor was 20 times larger.

 This size in the future will permit memory-chip fabrication in the realm
 of four gigabits and beyond.

  -- Tandy & Casio to Work on Pocket Unit

 Tandy has announced this week that Tandy Corp. and Casio Computer Co.
 Ltd. have agreed in principle to work together to design and market a
 new family of pocket-sized electronic units that use electronic pens
 rather than keyboards.

 The two firms expect to set the pace for the emerging market of hand-
 held portable information devices by combining technology and distri-
 bution systems.

  -- 40,000 Electronics Industry Jobs Lost in First Quarter

 In the first quarter of 1992, the U.S. electronics industry experienced
 another 40,000 jobs lost, causing the industry to be at its lowest em-
 ployment level in eight years. Employment was down 1.7% from the quarter
 ending in December 1991.

  -- AST Donates Computers To Rebuild LA

 AST is joining the technology coalition formed last week by former base-
 ball commissioner Peter V. Ueberroth to help the "Rebuild LA" extra go-
 vernmental task force.  AST is donating desktop and portable personal
 computer systems to the task force. The coalition is now populated by
 such companies as Microsoft, Novell, Epson America, Wordperfect, AST,
 Symantec, and Compex, AST said.


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  24268 A_E_INFO.TXT T.BASHAM     Arena Earth order info. Now 14.95!!
  24267 AA_9205.TXT  AD-VANTAGE   May issue of Atari Advantage
  24265 ZIP_ZOO.HOT  WAYNED.      ZIP/ZOO .HOT file for HotWire
  24259 CSTEX4_2.ZOO B.ZAWALSKI1  TeX for Atari; V4; File 2 of 8
  24258 DBWRITER.LZH D.BECKER8    dbWRITER Version 1.4 Mono freeware
  24255 MRELIZA2.LZH P.LEFEBVRE   Mr. Eliza - The Talking Psychiatrist
  24254 8MM_2VCR.LZH P.LEFEBVRE   Transfer 8mm Movies to Videotape
  24253 XPTCHART.LZH S.SAMUELS    Sample Color Pallettes
  24252 TILING2.LZH  S.SAMUELS    2nd of 3 Tiling Tutorials
  24250 PRINTPAR.LZH P.LEFEBVRE   Parallel Port File Printer Prog/Acc
  24249 PRINTSER.LZH P.LEFEBVRE   Serial Port File Printer Prog/Acc
  24248 AEO_9202.LZH DARLAH       Issue #2 of Explorer Online
  24247 BATHVIEW.LZH GRMEYER      BathPlug - for Bath BBS in the UK
  24246 1SPOOL.LZH   GRMEYER      First Spool - printer spooler
  24245 ANIMTOOL.LZH GRMEYER      Animation Tool application
  24242 FAZE_SRC.LZH R.GLOVER3    Assmebler source to DMJ's Faze prog.
  24241 PLAYSPEL.LZH D.A.BRUMLEVE B.Ware's Play Spell spelling arcade
  24240 CSTEX4_3.ZOO B.ZAWALSKI1  TeX for Atari. Part 3 0f 8
  24239 RED.LZH      A.HEYDUK1    Redacteur 3 - Word Processor
  24238 CSTEX4_1.ZOO B.ZAWALSKI1  TeX for Atari, v4, Part 1 of 8
  24235 PFINDR13.ARC P.HULSE2     BBS file locator utility
  24234 RAYTUTOR.LZH S.SMITH65    GFA Raytrace tips and tutorial doc
  24230 PERF.ARC     S.CRANDALL1  A collection of performance tests
  24229 ONTIME22.ARC T.SAVINO     DA Clock/Date/Calendar/Planner/Memos
  24228 HPENVEL.ARC  R.FOSTER1    Envelope printer for DeskJet
  24227 3D_ICONS.ARC D.DREIBELBIS replacement icons for NEOdesk 3 - 3D

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > THE FLIP SIDE STR Feature      "... a different viewpoint.."

                    A Little of This, A Little of That

 by Michael Lee

 For the last two weeks we visited Delphi, this week we visit the Vendors
 area of CIS.  Also included are two posts from the Jerry Pournelle
 Roundtable on Genie that I thought you might find of interest.


 Soft Logik and PageStream information from Soft Logik...


     No. While we don't have any major announcements at this time, we are
     not abandoning this market. We pre-announced too many products
     before and this generates a lot of grief, so we're getting away from
     that....Minor and major updates to the ST will continue for as long
     as our users continue to support us.

     Several import modules are on the way, including Calumus text,
     Arabesque bitmap, ThatsWrite text, STAD bitmap and GEM/3. These
     modules should be available in a month. We are also working on a CVG

     Some people have even asked where is HotLinks for the ST? HotLinks
     actually started on the ST over 2 years ago, but we ran into several
     problems, most of them related to the lack of multitasking.
     PageLiner and BME will not be ported any time soon.


     Not every thing that happens on one machine will happen on the
     other. With Outline, Arabesque, AvantVector... there really isn't
     room for another program in the small ST market.


     On the Atari, PageStream 2.1 already supports 256 colors if you can
     display them. PageStream 2.1 Atari is 100% VDI.


     PageStream 2.1/2.2 supports embedded EPS comments. (This is not
     documented.) You must have your TIFF's separated into 4 EPS files,
     then import an FPO. This was created to work with our local
     imagesetter's spin system used with Quark. The spin system is linked
     to a Hell or Scitex scanner and will create 4 eps on to a Mac
     system, (cyan, mangeta, yellow, black). It will also create a very
     small eps with a tiff header that you use for position only, and
     rough draft printing. PgS will send the small FPO eps when printing
     "no separations" but when you print 4-color seps it places special
     comments into the postscript file that tell a downloader to merge in
     the external files. You don't even have to have the huge scans
     anywhere near PgS.


     The project was put on the backburner due to a lack of interest from
     potential customers. We have put over one man year of work into the
     project already, and committed to it when it looked like Atari might
     sell a large number of MegaSTe and TT systems (the only Atari
     computers with AppleTalk ports). However, Atari has moved hardly any
     systems and there are only a few potential customers. Such is life
     when you hook your sleigh up to a falling star and not a shooting

     If you want to purchase this utility (to print to your PS printer
     across the very fast AppleTalk port), give us a call and tell us
     you're interested. If there is enough interest, it might change


     PS level 2 printers are available now, but PageStream does not yet
     support them. Level 2 will add better memory cleanup, better pattern
     fills, and more compatibility problems.

 A question from Mark Hammond...

   I recently got my upgrade to Avant Vektor, which allows me to import/
   export EPS graphics, and for some reason I was under the impression
   that PS2.1 would display EPS's on screen from AV. But no joy, i'm
   still faced with a blank box. Is this correct? and is it likely to be
   remedied ?

 Answer from Michael at Soft Logik...

   There is an updated import module on the way which will import Avant
   Vector EPS files as objects, just like Illustrator EPS. I don't think
   it has been released yet, but it shouldn't be long.
 A hint from Charles Johnson at Codehead Technologies...

   Here's how you can get your Avant Vector EPS files to display on
   screen in Pagestream:

   Load the EPS file into a text editor. (Avant Vector's EPS files are
   just ordinary ASCII text.) At the top of the file, you'll see a line
   that reads:

     %Creator: Avant Vektor

     Change this line to:

     %Creator: Adobe Illustrator

     and Pagestream will now display the graphic.


 MegaTalk Questions from Simon at GST Software...

   Thanks to people for the advice about getting Spectre 3.0 for use with
   6.0.7. It works like a treat on my ST!

   At work I have a TT which has only got an internal SCSI drive; I see
   from the Spectre 3.0 release notes that only ACSI devices are
   supported. Is there a version (perhaps a Beta version Dave?) that
   supports the internal TT SCSI device and perhaps TT memory?

 Answer from Mark at Gadgets by Small...

   Support for the TT SCSI port (and internal SCSI drive) is a feature
   that is planned for version 3.1 of Spectre. Dave has been working on
   it (3.1) since the SSTs shipped. I do not know the exact status other
   than to say that 3.1 has NOT yet gone into beta testing.

 Question...Is MegaTalk shipping...

 Answer from Mark at Gadgets by Small...

   Unfortunately, MegaTalk is not yet shipping. I don't know the reason
   for the delay. I try and remember to ask Dave about it the next time I
   chat with him.

 Answer from George Richardson at the Merlin Group...

   Unfortunately, I have no idea what has been holding up the release of
   Megatalk. The hardware was assembled almost a year ago. In fact, it
   sat around so long that Gadgets lost the PAL code I sent them and I
   had to send it to them again. This is what caused the "Bad Pal" snafu
   that Dave mentioned some time ago.

   I've been using one on and off for more than a year now. Outside of
   the Beta testers who have them, I don't know when anyone else will see

 Comments from Steven Gold...

   When I spoke to Dave a week ago he informed me that the final release
   of the software was ready and was going to the disk duplicator this
   coming week sometime. I would guess that would mean that he is ready
   to ship.


 A testimonial from Greg Wageman...

   A brief testimonial:
   My wife, Susan works at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose,
   California. She uses Macs for a number of purposes there, including
   managing the catalog of the Museum collection, writing and printing
   newsletters, making labels for exhibit cases, etc.

   She desperately needed to catch up on some work for an exhibit that's
   scheduled to open next week, but since she commutes, it isn't conve-
   nient for her to bring the Mac home; besides which it has an internal
   hard drive (heavy) and is networked...

   So I offered to buy her a Spectre GCR so she could work at home, since
   I've had a monochrome monitor for years. This past Saturday afternoon,
   we drove to our dealer (B&C Computervisions in Santa Clara) to get
   one. They were out of the Mac 128k ROMs, but fortunately another near-
   by dealer, San Jose Computer, had a couple of sets.

   Armed with the above, we returned home. After about an hour of reading
   the manual, installing the ROMs in the GCR and then carefully
   following the instructions in the *excellent* manual.... it came up!
   The first time.

   And what's more, all of the software she needed (Microsoft Works in
   particular) ran, the system (6.0.5) ran, all her floppies were read-
   able.  In short, it was the simplest, most trouble-free installation
   I've had the pleasure of doing.

   Thanks, Dave (if you're listening), Sandy, and all the fine people at
   Gadgets by Small, Inc. (See? All those newsletters you sent us weren't
   for nothing!)


 Question from Beth Jane Freeman about her hard drive delay at powerup...

   ..Mine takes over a minute to get up to speed. Any advice as to how to
   rectify this?  I turn on the drive first then the screen and floppy
   drive (drive B). Then I wait and turn on the computer itself.

   Is it all right to put the modem on top of the hard drive? My
   Prometheus modem has started acting strangely, not dialing,
   disconnecting, and other weirdnesses.

 Answers from ICD...

   If it takes that long you may want to test the power supply. That
   doesn't sound right.

   Oh, and there shouldn't be any problem with the modem. Is the phone
   cable secure?


 Question about the new Supra v.32bis modem from Tim Yuhl...

   When I send my Supra v.32bis modem an AT command, I usually like to
   include reset, so that the modem is in a known state. For example,
   ATZS0=1 to reset the modem and turn on auto-answer. The Supra never
   sees the S0=1, however. I seems to get lost during the reset. Other
   modems that I have used will see the other set-up commands after the
   reset. Any plans to change this?

 Answer from Jim Ness...

   Most recent feature-packed modems have a problem with ATZ followed by
   any other command. It takes up to two seconds to complete the ATZ
   command. Also, it seems as though if you are trying to reset to power-
   on defaults, you would want to start with a clear command buffer.

   The way I get around it is to use &D3, which resets the modem whenever
   the DTR line goes away. And, I have my term programs toggle that line
   at the end of a call. Then, the modem is reset for the next call, if

   Won't work for all situations, but it's a good compromise.

 Answer from Kenny, Supra Tech Support...

   Like Jim said, the new modems actually takes about 5 seconds to reset
   themself after receiving the atz. Because the atz is the reset command
   the modem does it immediately upon seeing it. This is the way all of
   the newer modems I have used work. As the modems become more "feature"
   packed this is going to happen, there is simple more to be done now. I
   don't see this as something that is going to change. It will probably
   just get worse.

 Another question for Supra from Brian Dhatt...

   You say that the MNP 10 has not been implemented. When it is, will it
   be in a free upgrade? The advertising for this modem clearly states
   MNP 10 is included, so I hope the upgrade will be free.

 Answer from Ken at Supra...

   Yes the MNP10 will be a free upgrade.


 Question from Neil Bradley about Double Click's DC Xtract...

   Any idea as to when you will be getting a new version of DC Xtract
   that will be using the Questor LZH format?

   Also, what is the chance of putting the Encryption/Decryption
   functions into DCX?

 Answer from Mike at Double Click...

   A new version of the DC Utils will be out in (at most) 3 months, which
   will have the newest version of DCX+...
 Another question from Neil Bradley...

   You haven't answered my question about DC Extract yet. Will the new
   version that is coming out later this summer support the "Questor" LZH
   method of LZH?

 Answer from Mike at Double Click...

   YES! The new LZH and ZOO 'high' compression methods are supported. And
   other enhancements as well.


 Question about NEWDESK from Ian Braby...

   I recall, some time ago, reading a thread which concerned the limits
   imposed by the desktop on the DESKICON.RSC file (64K) and NEWDESK.INF
   (??K) to the effect that it is possible to get "System out of memory"
   errors from the desktop (with 3Mb+ free) because you can only assign
   so many files to icons, a number which is well within the 64K limit of
   the .RSC file.

   There were ways around this suggested, but I can't find the reference
   and can't remember what they were, but I'm now getting "out of memory"
   when attempting to Save Desktop and don't know what to try.

   TOS is 2.05, DESKICON.RSC is only 44000 bytes and NEWDESK.INF is 4202
   bytes. Any suggestions?

 Answer from Bill Aycock...

   Your NEWDESK.INF file can only be 4192 bytes long at the very most.
   Even one byte more will produce the out of memory error.

   John Townsend at Atari did some research on this, and indicated that
   it would NOT be a simple matter to produce a 'patch' to expand the
   limit (to 8K at the least, preferably to 16 or 32K... the extra memory
   used wouldn't be significant in these days of 4+ meg machines).
   However, he said the limit would be addressed in some later release of

   In the meantime, all you can do is keep your NEWDESK.INF smaller than
   the limit. If you're feeling adventurous, you can edit NEWDESK.INF to
   trim it some. (For example, find an icon you've assigned to a specific
   application, and remove the path from the real filename. Then the icon
   will be assigned to that filename in any folder.)


 Question about Superbase Professional from Ian Braby...

   ...can you please let us know the cost of upgrading from SB Personal 2
   to SB Prof 3, pending the arrival of Pro 4 for the Atari ST?

 Answer from Pat at Oxxi...

   The delay in answering is because we didn't really have an upgrade
   price for this upgrade -- but I have got a price fixed now.

   From either Personal version to Pro 3 is an $85 upgrade cost. This is
   only available through Oxxi in the US, unfortunately, since there is
   no price for the UK fixed for this upgrade.

   The upgrade includes full product, manuals and all. If you wanted to
   order it online by credit card, you would probably want to leave the
   info in E-Mail to me. You can also order by FAX or mail:

       Oxxi, Inc.
       P O Box 90309
       Long Beach, CA  90809-0309

       FAX:  (310) 427-0971


 From John Cole at Lexicor about Lexicor's future in the ST market.  Cat.
 4, Topic 37, Msg. 218 - From the Jerry Pournelle Roundtable on Genie...

   You are entirely correct about porting not always meaning compati-
   bility. However, Lexicor will maintain file and data compatibility
   between the UNIX SGI versions and the TOS Atari versions of our
   software. This will give a low cost alternative to expensive graphics
   workstations by allowing offline work to be done at home or office on
   the inexpensive Atari's and final rendering or building on the SGI
   machines. As long as Atari cooperates and conducts business in an
   honest fashion, Lexicor is handing them a pot of gold! If not, then we
   will give serious consideration to other platforms while continuing
   support for the Atari line as long as possible since we do feel a debt
   to the loyal people who have invested in Atari and Lexicor. We need
   our customers, we don't need Atari corp :-)


 For the folks who think that Atari is the only company that has problems
 here's a post from W.SMYSER (an Amiga owner) - Cat. 9, Topic 7, Msg 154
 - From the Jerry Pournelle Roundtable on Genie...

   A definite onion should go to Commodore.

   Not because of their continued non-existent advertising, or their joke
   of a customer support department (even their registered dealers have
   trouble getting support).

   No, this onion is for their AmigaDOS 2.04. After it came out, they
   were covering their but for software that didn't work right with the
     "Developers used programming practices which violated reserved
     memory locations. We now use these locations which is causing the

   So why is it that most of the hardware problems were with Commodore's
   own stuff. (Duh.. they don't follow their own rules?)


 Until next week.....


                             IMPORTANT NOTICE!

     STReport International Online Magazine is available every week  in the
 ST Advantage  on DELPHI.   STReport readers are invited to join DELPHI and
 become a part of the friendly community of Atari enthusiasts there.

                          SIGNING UP WITH DELPHI
       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI

                Via modem, dial up DELPHI at 1-800-695-4002
                When connected, press RETURN once or twice
               At Password: type STREPORT and press RETURN.

     DELPHI's Basic Plan offers  access for  only $6.00  per hour,  for any
 baud rate.  The $5.95 monthly fee includes your first hour online.

     If you  spend more  than 200 minutes online a month, you'll save money
 by enrolling in DELPHI's optional 20/20 Advantage Plan.    You'll enjoy up
 to  20  hours  online  each  month  for the ridiculously low price of just
 $20.00!  And if you go over that 20 hours, the rate goes up to only $1.20,
 still 1/5th the price of other services.

     There is  no signup fee for joining the Basic Plan.  There is a fee of
 $39 when you join the 20/20 Advantage Plan, a one-time $19 signup  fee and
 your first month's $20 fee.

     These connect  rates apply  for access via Tymnet or SprintNet (within
 the continental United States) during home time (7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays
 and  all  day  weekends)  or  via  direct  dial around the clock.  Telecom
 surcharges  apply  for  daytime  or  international  access  via  Tymnet or
 SprintNet.   See Using  DELPHI online  for detailed information on telecom

   For more information, call: DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005

 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!

     DELPHI introduces the 10/4 Plan.   Effective July  1, 1992,  all Basic
 Plan members  will be  upgraded to  the 10/4  Plan and  receive 4 hours of
 usage each month for only $10!  For full details, type GO USING RATES.

     SprintNet home time to begin at  6:00 p.m.!   Effective  July 1, 1992,
 you  may  access  DELPHI  via  SprintNet beginning at 6:00 p.m. local time
 without incurring a telecom surcharge.  To find the SprintNet node nearest
 you, type GO USING ACCESS.


 > AIM Magazine STR FOCUS!  "A magazine produced by people who care...."

                   Earning Respect - What Does It Take?

 by Dana P. Jacobson

     A wise old relative once told me that you don't _get_ respect, you
 must first _earn_ it (sorry, Rodney!).  If you were fortunate to attend
 the recent formal conference on Delphi Tuesday night, you learned a
 little more about Atari Interface Magazine, and its editors, Pattie and
 Bill Rayl.  If you didn't attend, you may have already read the conference
 transcript in this issue.

     Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of that transcript yet to pull a
 few quotes to which I'd like to comment, so we'll rely on my memory
 (shudder!) and go from there.  I don't remember the question that was
 asked of Pattie, but her answer didn't sit well with me, knowing full
 well that what she said was probably more true than many would admit.
 Pattie stated that she would _like_ to say that Atari Interface Magazine
 (AIM) is a success, but that she doesn't feel that way because AIM hasn't
 gained the respect which she feels that it's deserved, or earned.  She
 added that many people still view AIM as a newsletter, from which AIM has
 its roots (nee Michigan Atari Magazine).
     I thought a lot about Pattie's remarks, and I saw _some_ truth in what
 she was referring to and how she might come to that conclusion.  It
 bothered me, however, that people might still consider AIM in this
 fashion; and I count myself as one who _used_ to think that way until a
 couple of years ago.  I also used to feel the same way about another
 magazine who's roots originated from a newsletter: Current Notes.  Both
 magazines started out as the means to facilitate the needs of numerous
 user groups in a specific geographic area by putting together one
 newsletter to accommodate all the involved groups.  What a great idea!  In
 time, these newsletters evolved into something that outgrew a newsletter
 format: magazines.  The same premise remained, however, and these
 magazines were still considered the user groups' "newsletter",  just in a
 different perspective.  From there, both magazines grew  even more, and
 their readership went beyond their "local" areas.  Today, both magazines
 are available internationally!

     So, why is it that AIM is regarded as a less-than-serious venture?
 It's too bad that I didn't have the opportunity to talk with Joe Waters
 and see if he felt the same with regard to Current Notes.  Is it because
 of AIM's 'roots'?  Do you have to be published by a big-money publisher
 and have glossy covers and full-color pages to be regarded as a _real_
 magazine?  Do you have to have a large well-paid staff of writers,
 editors, layout and graphics artists?  Do you have to have a circulation
 of 100,000 minimum to be accepted?  Do you have to have mega-millions in
 advertising revenue?  I mean, what makes a magazine successful, and
 worthy of "respect"?  Look what we have available today, and what we've
 lost in the last few years.  Notice anything that sticks out?  The
 "money" magazines are all gone.  The glossies are all gone.  The big
 publishers are all gone.  I'd be kidding myself and you if I didn't
 mention that certainly the current Atari market played a big role in the
 loss of some of these magazines, or perhaps all of them.  But, who
 remains today?  Correct, the folks who started out from user groups and
 grew into something bigger!  Forget about content for a minute (not that
 we should ignore it), but determination and survival in today's market
 and economy certainly shows me that these people deserve a lot of
 respect for what they are trying to do: keep the remaining Atari  users
 informed about the Atari world around us, and succeeding!

     You may not read AIM or Current Notes.  You may not like what they
 have to say all of the time.  You may not appreciate that an issue may be
 a week late on occasion.  You may disagree with an editorial slant.  You
 may not appreciate that user groups are involved with articles or
 reviews.  And, there may be other things that you don't like.  But, one
 thing that magazines like AIM have earned over the years, is our respect.
 Every scheduled month, you can expect an informative issue from these
 people.  If they're missing something that you feel is needed to
 supplement the magazine, let them know!

     Let's see if we can determine 'why' AIM might not be getting the
 respect it deserves.  I won't bother discussing the superficial appearance
 of the magazine.  Personally, I don't care if a magazine has color glossy
 covers and/or pages; I care for what's printed inside.  First of all, AIM
 is published by Unicorn Publishing, by both Bill and Pattie.  They _own_
 Unicorn; they  publish AIM.  The magazine is printed by outside printers.
 The Rayls don't have any regular staff on the payroll; everything you see
 inside that magazine is submitted to them from "regular" contributors,
 press releases, contributions from user group members  from over 110
 participating clubs, or written by either of the  Rayls.  Everything is on
 a volunteer basis.  That means that they  don't pay the writers.  Does
 this mean that the magazine doesn't warrant our respect?  Absolutely not.

     I want to comment on the "over 110 participating clubs" comment I
 made.  AIM has over 110 user groups who have members that subscribe to
 AIM, at a discount, and are recognized within AIM's pages.  AIM represents
 to these user groups, at the least, a supplement to a user group's
 newsletter.  Most user groups don't produce a newsletter anymore because
 of time, financing, or other reasons.  AIM serves to become that
 newsletter with no requirement that the groups provide support in the form
 of articles or  reviews.  For all intents and purposes, AIM is the
 newsletter for these groups.  In addition to the user groups, AIM is
 circulated throughout the United States and parts of the world via
 bookstores and dealers.  AIM is not "just a user group affiliation", as it
 started out as Michigan Atari Magazine in the early days.  Yet, it is
 important that these 110+ user groups receive the magazine and are able to
 have articles included within AIM's pages.

     AIM provides a lot of useful information within its pages.  There are
 plenty of product reviews, articles of all types, product announcements,
 and more - like all of the magazines we've come to know over the years.
 Do articles or reviews with a user group member's name attached to it
 make that article any less worthy of note?  Nope.  Do articles have to be
 written by "big-name" writers?  Nope.  What does it take?

     Let's take a look at the contents of April's issue.  There were
 stories about the three major online services: CompuServe, Delphi, and
 GEnie written by respective SysOps.  There was an April Fool's piece.
 There was a telecommunications overview.  There were two articles about
 8-bit BBSs (one described how to write one!).  There were reviews of Turbo
 BBS, FreeZe Dried  Terminal, MaxiMiser and MaxiDoor, Menu Plus,
 Knightmare, and  Blackjack Plus 3.  There was an article on how to program
 in MCL  for MichTron BBS.  There was an article on a modification for
 Spectre GCR.  And there were some more articles related to the 8-bit
 machines (something very few magazines write about anymore!).  There are
 31 different advertisements in this issue, so there is advertising
 support.  There are graphics.  AIM maintains an ST and Spectre public
 domain library, similar to that of Current Notes.  In the center of each
 issue is information about the user groups that participate in AIM's

     So, perhaps you understand my concern with Pattie Rayl's statement.  I
 understand why she said it, but I thought that AIM "outgrew" its
 newsletter origins and became "one of the guys" in our sparse group of
 available magazines.  Maybe AIM has to prove something to you, but I've
 been convinced for a few years now.  Now that dealers are hard to come by,
 I've subscribed.  When that runs out, I'll renew and take advantage of my
 user group's newly formed participation in AIM's great offer.  Personally,
 I feel that AIM has earned the same respect that many of us have accorded
 other magazines, past and present.  If you haven't seen AIM yet, I
 recommend that you do.  If there's no dealer or bookstore readily
 available to you, write or call for a sample copy; it will gladly be sent
 to you.  If you've seen AIM in the past, pick it up again and renew
 interest.  If you belong to a user group and a newsletter is missing or
 sporadic, check into AIM's user group offer.  You can't beat it; and
 you'll be happy that you did.

                           Unicorn Publications
                           3487 Braeburn Circle
                            Ann Arbor, MI 48108
                              (313) 973-8825



                *                                        *
                *          Warp 9 Release Notes          *
                *              Version 3.60              *
                *                                        *
                *       - Online Update Version -        *
                *                                        *
                *  By Charles F. Johnson                 *
                *  Copyright 1992 CodeHead Technologies  *
                *  Release date: May 29, 1992            *
                *                                        *

 ED Note: Contained herein are excerpts from the "readme" file that's with
          the new upgrade.

 Welcome to the first update for Warp 9 -- our new version of Quick ST,
 formerly from Branch Always Software.  This update fixes every bug that
 has been reported in the two months since Warp 9's original release, adds
 some important new features, and best of all...has even more SPEED!

 IMPORTANT - Updating MultiDesk Deluxe

 If you have an original Warp 9 master disk (as I'm sure everyone reading
 this does), you've already upgraded your copy of MultiDesk Deluxe to
 version 3.4 with the patch program supplied on the Warp 9 disk.  You
 should be aware that there is now a patch available to bring MD Deluxe up
 to version 3.4a, which fixes a small bug that crept into version 3.4.
 This patch has been posted on the major online info services (GEnie,
 Compuserve, and Delphi).  If you don't have access to one of these, give
 us a call at the number listed below and we'll make arrangements to get
 the patch to you some other way.

 And now, without further ado, it's time to describe the:

                      -->  NEW FEATURES!!! <--

 Support for VDI and Line A Raster Copy

 Warp 9 3.60 now handles the VDI and Line A "raster copy" calls, which are
 often used for window scrolling.  If you don't have a blitter chip in your
 machine, you'll see a dramatic speed increase in most scrolling
 applications, including Word Perfect, STeno, and Calligrapher; in fact,
 Warp 9's raster copy routines are very nearly as fast as a hardware
 blitter.  If you do have a blitter, the difference will not be as
 noticeable; but it's still slightly faster.  Warp 9's raster routines are
 optimized to avoid unsightly color flashing when scrolling windows on a
 color monitor.

 Our tests show that the new raster copy routines make scrolling about 30%
 faster in Calligrapher, two times faster in Word Perfect, and three times
 faster in STeno.  Other programs will show similar improvements.

                       --> CRUSHED BUGS!!! <--

 Bugs and Other Undesirables

 As usual, we try and try to test things as thoroughly as possible, but as
 soon as a program gets into general circulation the bugs start crawling

 Here's a list of all the bugs reported in Warp 9 3.50 that are FIXED
 in version 3.60:

   1. Problems with text display in ST Writer Elite, particularly when
      using the "Hi-Res" option.

   2. Problems in C-Lab's Notator MIDI sequencer.  Slurs and ties drawn in
      the notation editor did not display correctly.

   3. The Cubase MIDI sequencer simply did not work with Warp 9 at all.
      (See the section titled "Compatibility with Cubase" above.)

   4. Problems with FONTGDOS, the "bit-map fonts only" version of FSMGDOS
      from Atari.

   5. Problems with FSMGDOS's new bezier curve functions.  (See item 11d

   6. Running a TTP program from the desktop disabled Warp 9's mouse

   7. An obscure problem with the WARP9.DAT file caused a weird "jerky
      mouse cursor" effect.

   8. Entering CAD 3D's "Superview" mode caused strange things to happen.

   9. The Interlink terminal program had an ugly fill pattern for its
      desktop background.

  10. Using the "bold" text style for GDOS fonts resulted in incorrect
      horizontal character spacing.

  11. There were several bugs (inherited from Quick ST) in Warp 9's line
      drawing functions:

      a. Warp 9 would only draw the first segment of some diagonal

      b. The start points of a polyline drawn in XOR mode would be
         inverted, leading to "gaps" in the line.

      c. Diagonal lines at certain angles in replace mode would be
         drawn one pixel off from their true screen locations.

      d. FSMGDOS provides the ability to draw bezier curves, by changing
         the way v_pline is called.  (I sure wish Atari had had the sense
         to simply add a new VDI function instead...)  Warp 9 3.50 did
         not handle this correctly, but 3.60 does.

 Word Perfect, MultiDesk Deluxe, and Warp 9

 We recently discovered a bug in Word Perfect that can cause crashes if you
 use both MultiDesk Deluxe and Warp 9, and try to open a nonresident
 accessory while Word Perfect is running.  The bug is patchable; we've been
 circulating a program that fixes either the 08/18/89 version or the
 04/18/91 version of Word Perfect to avoid this problem.  The patch is
 available on GEnie, Compuserve, and Delphi; if you don't have access to
 one of these info services, give us a call and we'll get it to you another

 New Version of the Warp 9 Customizer

 This upgrade package also contains a new version of the Warp 9 Customizer,
 the program that lets you edit fonts and fill patterns for Warp 9.  There
 are no new features; this new Customizer simply fixes some minor bugs in
 the original version.

 CodeHead Technologies Update Policy

 At CodeHead, we update all of our software frequently; but due to postal
 expenses we are not always able to notify our users.  The easiest way
 to find out the latest version number of any CodeHead Technologies product
 is to call us at the number below, or to contact us on GEnie, Compuserve,
 or Delphi.

 Update prices vary, depending on several factors such as whether a new
 manual is included.  Again, it's probably best to contact us at the
 address/phone number listed below, before sending disks or money.

                           CodeHead Technologies
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

                           Voice: (213) 386-5735
                           Fax:   (213) 386-5789
                           BBS:   (213) 461-2095

 Please, remember that software theft hurts EVERYONE.  If you have a
 legitimate copy of our software, please accept our sincere thanks for
 purchasing our product, and don't bother reading the next paragraph.

 If you don't have a legal copy of this program, you might want to give
 some thought to the consequences of your actions.  We will not continue
 to produce software for the ST if we can't make a living at it --
 especially now, with the Atari ST's market share at an all time low.  If
 you steal a copy of any of our programs (by using it without buying it,
 or allowing others to use it without buying it), besides breaking a
 federal law, you're also quite literally stealing the food right out of
 our families' mouths.  Is that the kind of person you want to be?

 Think about it.

 Editor's Note:
     I immediately installed this upgrade today and found the scrolling in
 WPerfect to be the fastest I've ever seen while in WPerfect.
                       (I use WPerfect extensively)
 In fact, this update absolutely gave my entire system a real super boost!
 If you were thinking about getting Warp-9, think no more.... ACT!  Its a
 superb addition to any Atari ST/STe/TT system.  I highly recommend this
 program.  It works!


 > USR Sportster FAX/MODEM STR InfoFile         Only the very Best!

                     U.S. ROBOTICS SPORTSTER FAX/MODEM

     In addition  to the ever popular Dual Standard HST 16.8bps US Robotics
 modem, U.S. Robotics  has  announced  a  fabulous  line-up  of  FAX modems
 designed to  fit the needs of computer applications worldwide.  USR's Vice
 President of marketing said; "The USR Fax/Data-modem affords USR's dealers
 an  opportunity  to  offer  products  that  will  be  attractive  to every
 customer, including  products  for  the  home  office,  entry-level, small
 business  and  portable  use.  Among  the  first of these new products now
 shipping will be the WORLDPORT PALMTOP  FAX/DATA modem  &   SPORTSTER high
 speed fax products.

     All of  U.S. Robotics Fax/Data modems which include 9600 bps Group III
 fax and data speeds  ranging  from  2400  bps  to  14,400  bps.    The new
 Sportster and  WorldPort fax  products are  designed for ease of use.  The
 included fax  software is  intuitive and  user friendly,  even for complex
 operations  such  as  broadcast,  or  group  faxes,  performing background
 operations and sending delayed faxes with  a specific  darte and  time for
 transmission.   The fax  products include  these features,  phone books to
 store frequently used phones numbers and fax groups, logs that record both
 incoming both  incoming and  outgoing faxes  and quick  fax or express fax
 capabilities for short faxes.  What sets these modems apart from others is
 the high  quality and USR reputation for high speed reliability.  No other
 modem manufacturer is able to  make  the  claim  of  this  reliability and

     Computer  Based  Fax  has  several  advantages  over  stand-alone  fax
 machines including cost savings and increased time efficiency.   According
 to   the   International   Computer   Facsimile   Association,   it  takes
 approximately 10  minutes to  send a  conventional document  via fax (time
 includes printing  a document,  retrieving it from the printer, walking to
 the fax machine, feeding the document  and waiting  forthe transmission to
 be completed).   In  contrast, sending a document via a computer based fax
 takes approximately one minute or... one TENTH of the time.

                       SPORTSTER FAX MODEM PRODUCTS

 Sportster 14,400 Fax: Fax/Data modem including        $549.00   MSRP
 14,400 data capabiltiy and Gruop III Fax.

 Sportster 14,400/PC Fax: Internal versionof the       $499.00   MSRP
 Sportster 14,400 Fax for IBM PC and Compatibles.

 Sportster 9600/PC Fax: Internal version of the        $439.00   MSRP
 Sportster 9600 Fax.

                        Portable FAX/DATA Products

 WorldPort 9696:  A portable Group III Fax Modem with  $699.00   MSRP
 CCITT V.32 9600bps data capability.

 WorldPort Palmtop Fax/Data Modem: A portable          $249.00   MSRP
 send-fax modem with a 2400 bps data channel, designed for
 palmtop computers.  Converts ASCII text into fax format
 without fax software.


 An in-depth review of Straight Fax being used with the Sportster!


 > JUMPERS! STR InfoFile                  QUANTUM DRIVE SETTINGS

                          QUANTUM DRIVE SETTINGS

 by Robert Dean

     From the time I bought my Quantum LPS105S last year it didn't have any
 documentation with it, I thought that perhaps I should share this
 information with anyone else out there owning on of the Quantum Pro-Series
 Hard Drives.  This information applies to the following drives:

 SS        OFF*       Self-seek Test disabled
           ON         Self Seek test enabled.  This test is initiated when
                      power is applied to the drive.  The test will
                      continue until power is removed.  On most drives, the
                      LED remains on during the test (a flashing LED
                      indicates a drive error).

 EP        ON*        Parity checking is enabled.  The drive generates
                      parity information and performs parity checking of
                      data across the SCSI bus.
           OFF        Parity checking disabled (Parity information is
                      generated, but not checked).

 WS        OFF*       Wait/Spin disabled.  Drive motor power is applied
                      when system power is applied to the computer.
           ON         Wait/Spin enabled.  Drive motor power is applied
                      when the host a start/stop unit command.  This option
                      permits unit power sequencing so that the computer's
                      power supply, in a multi-device system, is not

 ProDrive SCSI Address Jumpers
     A2      A1       A0            SCSI ID#
     OFF     OFF      OFF             0
     OFF     OFF      ON              1
     OFF     ON       OFF             2
     OFF     ON       ON              3
     ON      OFF      OFF             4
     ON      OFF      ON              5
     ON*     ON*      OFF*            6*
     ON      ON       ON              7

 * indicates the factory default setting for these drives.  Note that the
 drives are shipped as SCSI device #6.  For ICD and Supra host adapters
 (and maybe other, I don't know) this address is reserved for the clock.
 Also, my SLM804 was shipped as device #7.  I highly recommend the ICD
 brand host adapters and running ICD's HD software to identify SCSI devices
 already connected before configuring your new hard drive.  If you connect
 a ProDrive to your system with the default settings, you will get a
 message from the HD utilities telling you no SCSI device present.  Also
 ensure that you disable parity checking, and if using multiple drives ON
 THE SAME HOST ADAPTER/CONTROLLER, remove the termination resister packs
 from all except the LAST drive in the chain.

     Hope this helps, would have saved me a lot of heartburn last summer to
 have this information on hand...


 > TRACKER/ST AND GEMVELOPE! STR InfoFile  Gemvelope & Tracker..HEAVENLY!



                             Antony and Cleopatra
                               Romeo and Juliet
                                Ginger and Fred
                               Bonnie and Clyde
                                Sonny and Cher
                                 Tom and Jerry
                                  and now....

                           TRACKER/ST AND GEMVELOPE!

        Step Ahead Software, Inc. and Synergy Resources are proud to
        announce the release of new versions of Tracker/ST and
        GEMvelope!, and are further pleased to announce that a working
        demo version of GEMvelope! will be included free of charge in
        future packages of Tracker/ST. The teaming of Tracker/ST and
        GEMvelope! is truly a match made in heaven for Atari owners who
        need to maintain a mailing list, and want to print perfect
        mailing labels and advanced, bar-coded envelopes.
        The new version of Tracker/ST, v3.04, has a command which lets
        the user quickly cut the current name and address to the Atari
        Clipboard. Then, the user simply pastes the address into
        GEMvelope! for perfect envelope printing using a variety of
        different typefaces.

        GEMvelope! v2.84 has a host of new features as well, including a
        user-definable import function. Working closely with Step Ahead
        Software, Synergy Resources has created a default setup which
        imports standard Tracker/ST export files. In this way, Tracker
        users can export their names, and then print out envelopes for
        any entry at any time, without having to run Tracker.
        GEMvelope's powerful new Browse command lets you scroll through
        all of the names from an export file and quickly select which
        name should be printed on the envelope. In addition, the program
        allows you to print envelopes continuously or one-by-one from an
        export file.

        All new packages of Tracker/ST include a slightly modified
        working program version of GEMvelope! The new Atari Font GDOS
        (not FSM GDOS) is also included on the disk, as are three fonts,
        and printer drivers for HP LaserJet and DeskJet printers (SLM
        owners can use the SLM.SYS included with their printer). In
        addition, each copy of Tracker/ST will come with a coupon for
        33% off the full program and accessory version of GEMvelope! The
        accessory version of GEMvelope lets you print envelopes from
        within Tracker, without exiting to run the GEMvelope! program.
        It's truly a joy to use Tracker/ST's unique QuickLetter
        function, and then effortly switch to the accessory version of
        GEMvelope to print out a clean, gorgeous envelope.

        Upgrading to Tracker/ST v3.04 is free for owners of v3.0 or
        above. Registered users on GEnie may receive their updates
        through e-mail, and those without GEnie accounts may upgrade by
        sending a check or money order for $5.00 (to cover shipping and
        handling) to:

                              Step Ahead Software
                           496-A Hudson Street, #F39
                           New York City, NY  10014
                            GEnie Address: NEVIN-S

        Upgrades from Tracker/ST v2.0-2.51 are $30.00, and may be
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        All registered owners of Tracker/ST will soon be receiving a
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                               Synergy Resources
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                          GEnie Address: R.RICHARDS2

        Tracker/ST and GEMvelope! Truly a match for the ages....


 > BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST '92 STR SHOW NEWS    Southeast Summer Showplace!

                         BLUE RIDGE ATARIFEST '92

 Press Release - May 28, 1992


 The Blue Ridge Atari  Computer  Enthusiasts  (BRACE)  and  Computer STudio
 invite  you  to  participate  in  the third annual Blue Ridge AtariFest on
 Saturday, July 18, 1992.  The show will take place  in the  Courtyard Shop
 area of  Westgate Shopping  Center in  Asheville, North  Carolina (Home of
 Computer STudio).

 Exhibitor's who have already made a committment to attend include:

  Atari Computer Corporation (Mike Groh) ......
  ABC Solutions (Peter Zalesak) ............... Publisher ST2, First
                                                Word, First Graph,
                                                tbxCAD, Kuma's
  CodeHead Software (John Eidsvoog) ........... Midi Spy, TOS Extension
                                                Card, Megapaint II Pro,
                                                Hotwire, G+Plus,
                                                LookIt/PopIt, etc.
  Computer STudio ............................. Visit a 'real' Atari
                                                Dealership in the mall
  DSA (Robert Dytmire & David Munsie) ......... GP Graphics Engine -
                                                New product unveiling!
  Goldleaf Publishing (John Fox) .............. Wordflair II, Didot,
                                                Retouche, Sherlook,
  KAUG (Knoxville Atari Users Group) .......... P/D Library Disks
  KAUG (Seminar by Erik White) ................ "Beginning MIDI"
  Lexicor Software (John Cole) ................ Desktop Video Software
  Reed Mountain Press (Don Terp) .............. Desktop Publishing
  Software Development Systems (Scott Sanders). NewDesk Icon Editor
                                                CPX, Printer
                                                Utilities Pak
  STReport/ABCO Computer (Ralph Mariano) ...... Seminar on current
                                                events in the Atari
  Step Ahead Software (Nevin Shalit) .......... Tracker ST (Nevin is
                                                Current IAAD Pres.)
  Willard Productions (Clifton Willard) ....... Professional Desktop
  WorldComm (Ralph Roberts) ................... Author of several
                                                computer books incl.
                                                "Computer Viruses"
                                                and hint books
 Several additional Atari developers have also expressed an interest in the
 show but have not yet made their committment.  The list is obviously still

 For additional information, please contact:

      Sheldon Winick                     Cliff Allen, Show Coord.
      GEnie:  S.WINICK                   GEnie:  C.ALLEN17
      Computer STudio                    Internet:  CALLEN@UNCA.EDU
      Westgate Shopping Center           phone:  (704) 258-3758
      40 Westgate Parkway - Suite D
      Asheville, NC  28806
      (704) 251-0201

 or the Blue Ridge AtariFest topic on GEnie (Atari Roundtable,
 Category 11, Topic 7).


 > Atari Advantage STR InfoFile        "The NEW Kid on the block!"

      ///  A T A R I   A D V A N T A G E   M A G A Z I N E        ///
     ///               Contents  --  May 1992                    ///

                         ATARI ADVANTAGE MAGAZINE

  ARTICLES ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  == Toronto Atari Computer Expo ...
     Canadians turn out in force to see what's new and exciting in
     the world of Atari -- and have fun to boot!

  COLUMNS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  == Editors Desk ..... Just a few words from the humble staff.
  == Rumor City ....... What's new and what's not.
  == PORT-ability ..... How to get the most from Atari's small 'puter.
  == MIDI Notes ....... Discover the world of MIDI.
  == EuroGames ........ Reports from our European correspondant.
  == Lynx Line ........ Hints, tips, and reviews on those hot games.

  FEATURES  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  == New & Improved ... New and improved products and upgrades.
  == Briefs ........... Late breaking news,
  == Events ........... What's comming up?

  REVIEWS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  == The Atari MegaSTe ......... A powerful machine you can afford.
  == The TOS Extension Card .... Upgrade your Atari to TOS 2.06.
  == NewDesk ................... What's the fuss over TOS 2.06 about?
  == TT Touch .................. Perk up that old keyboard.
  == NewDesk Icon Editor CPX ... Get control of your NewDesk Icons


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 Previews the Industry's first PDA Device

 CHICAGO--May  29,  1992--After   months   of   industry   speculation  and
 anticipation, Apple  Computer, Inc.,  today provided  the first glimpse of
 its Newton technology.  This new  technology will  be the  core of Apple's
 first major new product line since the popular Macintosh personal computer
 was introduced in 1984.

     Shown today at the  Summer Consumer  Electronics Show,  Newton devices
 fall  into  an  emerging  new  class of products that Apple calls Personal
 Digital Assistants--devices that use digital technology to bridge  the gap
 between personal  computers and  consumer electronics.  Newton is also the
 first new  technology  announced  from  Apple's  new  Personal Interactive
 Electronics division,  which has been chartered with extending the company
 into new growth areas, where  Apple  has  unique  technology  and business

     "The possibilities  for vendors  and customers in this emerging market
 are  enormous,"  said  John  Sculley,  Apple's  chairman  and  CEO.   "The
 convergence of  digital technology  and information represents the biggest
 opportunity for Apple and other vendors in the personal computer, consumer
 electronics, telecommunications,  entertainment, and publishing industries
 since the advent of personal computers.  And Apple  is poised  for success
 with multiple  projects and technology that will come to fruition over the
 next several years.

     "Newton  is  a  technology  that  exemplifies  the  best   of  Apple's
 strengths: using  leading-edge software  technology to  allow people to do
 things more easily and efficiently," he added.

     Newton is an entirely new  technology  from  Apple  that  will  be the
 basis for  a broad  array of new products.  To assist in the proliferation
 of Newton technology, Apple is licensing Newton to selected vendors to use
 in their  own versions of Newton devices. Last March, Apple announced such
 a relationship with Sharp Corp.  of  Japan.    Sharp  has  licensed Newton
 technology from  Apple for  its own future products, and will also jointly
 design  and  produce  the  first  commercial  product  version  of  Newton
 technology for both companies, due out early next year.

     The   first   Newton   products   will  be  electronic  notepads  that
 intelligently assist the user  in capturing,  organizing and communicating
 ideas and  information.   These products  will be  small, portable devices
 that allow  freeform  notetaking,  drawing,  calculating,  scheduling, and
 communicating.    Newton's  revolutionary  new  hardware technology offers
 performance capabilities similar  to  a  high-end  personal  computer, and
 because of its unique software environment, is very easy to learn and use.

 Breakthrough New Technologies
     Groundbreaking technology  from Apple  has been  under development for
 more than four years and has provided  the  basis  for  a  number  of core
 technologies in Newton.

 Newton Intelligence:
     Newton will  actively assist  users in their day-to-day tasks.  As the
 device is used, it  will learn  more about  the user  and actually propose
 solutions to  help them  work more  efficiently.   For instance, if a user
 wanted to schedule "lunch with Jane", they would simply write  "lunch Jane
 Thursday". Newton  technology would  know that  lunch normally means noon,
 and that Jane in  the individual's  address book  is Jane  Green, and that
 Thursday probably means this Thursday.  A Newton device would then suggest
 this to the user,  by opening  their calendar  to Thursday  and scheduling
 lunch from noon to 1 p.m. with Jane Green.

 Recognition Architecture:
     The  goal  for  the  recognition  architecture is to make using Newton
 products as easy as using a  pencil and  paper.   Newton products  will be
 able to  read a  user's handwriting, transform it into text as they write,
 and quickly refine and scale  drawings  or  sketches.    Newton technology
 allows the  user to write in a natural and freeform manner because it does
 not limit the user to writing in boxes or on lines on  the screen surface.
 This Newton technology is different from other pen-based operating systems
 because it  is  based  on  the  simultaneous  use  of  several recognition
 technologies, rather  than forcing  the user to choose one at a time.  The
 benefit  to  the  user  is  a   higher  recognition   factor  and  greater
 adaptability to personal style.

 Information Architecture:
     Newton devices  will provide users with a single repository for all of
 the little  pieces  of  information  they  would  typically  accumulate in
 various forms  (phone numbers,  business cards, directions, meeting notes,
 birthdays).   Because  of  the  advanced  object-oriented  data structure,
 Newton products  will then allow users to organize the information so that
 they can easily access it in  any variety  of ways.  For instance,  a user
 could  view  the  information  for  everything  that relates to a specific
 client, a specific week, or a specific subject such as "Jane Green".

 Communications Architecture:
     Newton technology was  designed  from  the  ground  up  to  take great
 advantage  of  communications.    These  new  products  will  foster  easy
 communications between various Newton  product users  in meetings,  on the
 street corner,  or during lunch.  Newton devices will have built- in wired
 and wireless communications capabilities.  For instance, two  Newton users
 could  compare  calenders  or  exchange business cards. Newton users could
 also fax  a  letter,  check  electronic  mail  messages  or  connect  to a
 satellite news service to obtain current news or stock information.

 Hardware Architecture:
     Newton technology  is based on a new breed of powerful RISC processors
 optimized for high performance, low power  consumption, and  low cost. The
 Advanced RISC  Machines, Ltd.  (ARM) RISC  processor Apple has chosen, the
 ARM 610,  gives Newton  products the  equivalent power  of leading desktop
 computers, yet  consumes less  battery power  than a small flashlight.  In
 addition, the Newton architecture allows users to add intelligent cards to
 increase the  amount of  information the  products can access and store as
 well as add more specific functions. Both Apple and third  party companies
 will  provide  a  variety  of  intelligent cards to give users choices for
 specific needs.

 Industry Leaders Announce Support
     The first group of a number of major companies have  announced support
 for  Newton  technology  and  have  committed  to  development  of  future
 complementary products.  Representing many industry segments, the range of
 products  expected   will  be   focused  in   the  general   areas  of  1)
 communications products--to enhance the use of Newton devices  in a mobile
 environment;  2)  content  products--to  offer  users  a  wide spectrum of
 interesting and personal information for  their  Newton  products;  and 3)
 compatibility--allowing  users  to  use  Newton devices easily in parallel
 with existing computer systems.   Motorola,  Pacific  Bell,  Random House,
 SkyTel   Corporation   and   Traveling   Software,  Inc.  today  all  made
 announcements in conjunction with Apple.

     The first Newton product from  Apple  will  be  available  in English-
 language versions  in early  1993. Newton-based  products from Sharp Corp.
 are also expected to be available in the  same timeframe.  Pricing will be
 announced at the time of delivery.

     Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks and
               Newton is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
                 Morotola is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
        Pacific Bell is a registered trademark of Pacific Telesis.
       RANDOM HOUSE is a registered trademark of Random House, Inc.
           Sharp is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation
          SkyTel is a registered trademark of SkyTel Corporation.


                           Apple Press Releases


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe!

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271
     David Stewart has uploaded his long awaited library of graphics
 routines.  PGRAPH.ZIP contains the Turbo Pascal source code reprinted from
 David's Re:Port newsletter.

     Another wish has been granted.  Mike Barney has uploaded ARCBAT.ARC.
 This file contains a batch file which will uncompress and load an ARC'd
 file into one of the Port's built-in applications.  The file can be
 re-compressed after exiting.  This is a great way to save precious space
 on your 128k ram card.  The archive file also contains and the
 arc and de-arc programs which are needed with the batch file.

     Why not visit the "Wish List" section and leave your request? Our
 talented forum members have been very kind in granting wishes.

     Coming attractions: Gerd Arnold has completed translation of the
 Becker & Partner brochure featuring German products for the Portfolio.
 I'll be uploading it as soon as I finish editing.


 > The UNTOLD Story! STR Spotlight   PITTSBURGH.... Finally, the TRUTH!



     [This is  part 2  of a  6 part story concerning the Atari arena in the
     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  You are encouraged to read all 6 parts
     in their  entirety.   If you missed Part I, you are encouraged to read
     Part I before reading further.]


     Here we  are, in  1986, with  a brand  new 68000  platform hitting the
 market.   It was  a prosperous  time, and  usergroups were popping up like
 dandelions.  PC magazines had extensive coverage of  the ST  and Atari was
 really the talk of the town.  Times were good.  I can remember vividly the
 BYTE magazine cover with the Atari  ST  on  it!    Almost  every  major PC
 magazine had coverage of the ST -- the NEW KID on the block.

     In Pittsburgh, the PACE organization was the only organization around.
 Their membership was rumored to be around 400-500 at that  time, and their
 meetings drew  a mere  100 to 150 people.  These were mostly 8-bit people,
 or as you would call them, prospective ST buyers.   Yet, they  were strong
 and mighty.

     Stepping back  a few  months, the  president of  PACE in 1985 was John
 Karlovich.  His Vice  President was  Bill Roberts,  and his  treasurer was
 Steve Kotula.  From what I am told, PACE was booming, and these three guys
 just came into office.  PACE was making a ton of cash  selling blank disks
 at the  time, and  from what I am told, that year, PACE would gross nearly
 25,000 dollars in sales and memberships.  They were big and strong.

     It appears that a little greed was present within the organization and
 that the disk librarian was not keeping very good records and that another
 fellow made off with a 500 dollar "loan."  Well, the officers  John, Bill,
 and Steve  wanted to  get the  books in order because they wanted to begin
 the long process of incorporating the organization and in order  to do so,
 the books  had to  be complete  and concise.  From what I am told, the 500
 dollar loan was eventually paid back, but they  could not  get an accurate
 account of just how many disks were being purchased and sold.  I have also
 been told that the secretary of the organization at the time had not taken
 any minutes  at all  of the  meetings for  nearly a  year.  This would not
 paint  a  pretty  picture  of  an  organization  that  aspired  to   be  a
 corporation.   Since the  ST was  new the  three officers  had an idea and
 suggested making two meeting dates during the month:  one for  ST, and one
 for 8-bit.   This  apparently did not go over too well and there were some
 bad feelings.  Karlovich, Roberts, and Kotula saw  that the  ST would lead
 to the death of the 8-bit and that it was time to move on.  Others did not
 share this view.

     Now at this time in 1991, Bob Brodie has more or less buried the 8-Bit
     line.   In many of his appearances, he has mentioned that the 8-bit is
     dead and that the STe or TT was the way  to go.   In  1986, 3  men saw
     this day coming and made a courageous decision.

     A  few  months  passed  and  PACE was planning an "Atari Extravaganza"
 which would welcome visitors from Atari Corp. to Pittsburgh.   This was an
 Atari only  show that  is similar  to the shows we see today such as WAACE
 and Glendale.  Karlovich was  in  contact  with  Atari  Corporation's Neil
 Harris and  from what  John has  told me, Neil was uncooperative and would
 not send any promotional items to Pittsburgh, so  John went  over his head
 to Sig Hartman.

     Sig, on  the other hand, was very enthusiastic, and supposedly sent to
 Pittsburgh boxes full of Atari logo  frisbees, T-shirts,  and other items.
 The  show  was  a  great  success,  and  Atari  made its presence known in
 Pittsburgh.  However, the 3 officers  had  a  dilemma  to  solve  with the
 records and  the policies  of the  PACE organization.  I am told that they
 three got up and spoke to the membership during a  subsequent PACE meeting
 and expressed  that if the conditions of the organization were not cleaned
 up, they  would  leave.    Well,  the  problems  were  not  corrected, and
 Karlovich, Roberts,  and Kotula  (along with  a few  others) left PACE and
 formed a new organization called the Atari Elite.

     Anyone can see that at this point, there would be bad feelings.  The 3
 officers of  PACE left  disgruntled, and  behind them  was an organization
 with a booming business but poor financial records.  They left to  form an
 organization  that  would  later  be  dubbed  as "competition" to the PACE
 group.  Why they  were  viewed  as  competition  was  beyond  me,  since a
 usergroup's first and primary function was support for the user and not to
 make money.  PACE viewed the new Elite as a  threat to  their existence as
 they still do this day.

     It is  very unfortunate that this was and is the case.  A metropolitan
 area such as Pittsburgh could have thrived on  having more  than one group
 -- each  offering a different atmosphere as the two groups Atari Elite and
 PACE did.  But  instead, there  began a  battle that  neither organization
 could win  and the  casualties of  the war  were the users in the area.  I
 would rather not elaborate on some of the things that were said about each
 organization  only  to  say  that  everything that anyone has ever told me
 about statements coming from  PACE were  derogatory toward  Elite and that
 what Elite  members said  about PACE were hardly as harsh.  After all, the
 Atari Elite was in no way financially threatened by PACE.   Their attitude
 was completely  different as you will learn, so their motives were not one
 of survival  of the  organization, but  rather of  betterment of  the ST.
 Just the other day, a gentleman called the AUA BBS and had a few questions
 he needed answered.   I called  him on  a friday  afternoon, and  he and I
 spoke  for  a  while  about  the  conditions  in  the Pittsburgh area.  He
 mentioned that a few years back, when he  first purchased  his ST,  he was
 looking  to  join  an  ST  organization.    He  said  that he had received
 information from both Elite and PACE and of the two, he was impressed with
 Elite and was planning on joining.  However, he had received a call from a
 high ranking PACE officer at the  time and  was told  by the  officer "the
 horrors that  were taking  place with  Elite."  You see, he, as with other
 stories that have been told to  me firsthand  by other  ST members  in the
 area, was  painted a  picture of  darkness and gloom surrounding the Atari
 Elite.  He said that he was told that the Atari Elite practiced piracy and
 that their BBS was a pirate board.  I must stress that this was told to me
 by a man who  did not  know me,  nor did  he know  that I  was involved at
 anytime with the Atari Elite.

     Why would  a high  ranking officer tell this man these lies?  What was
 his motive?  I then told  the gentleman  that in  my four  year experience
 with the  Atari Elite  I had  never encountered  any evidence of piracy or
 that the BBS had any commercial  software for  download.   As I  have told
 many  people  who  heard  these  "horror" stories, this simply was not the
 case.  I had never seen any evidence of such behavior -- period.  Now, one
 could easily  say that  I may  be naive  and at  that I offer that for the
 better part of 2 years, my experience with the group  was one  of complete
 dedication and  had there  been any "ring" of piracy present, I would have
 been the first to know.

     Again, another question.  What  made  the  Atari  Elite  so believably
 felonious?   Many have suggested that the name "Elite" was synonymous with
 software piracy.  To this, I offer that the word  "elite" in  the computer
 place was  not first  associated with piracy until the late 1987 period --
 almost 2 years after the formation of the Atari Elite.   It  is ridiculous
 to accuse  them of  piracy because of their name.  Now, I have a question.
 If they, the Atari  Elite, were  this band  of pirates  as they  have been
 accused  of,  do  you  think  they  would  publicly advertise something as
 criminal as software theft?  I think not.  And worse, they are accused due
 to  hearsay,  and  never  has  anyone  found  any  first hand knowledge of
 computer software piracy with the  group.    Instead,  no  one  really has
 stopped to  hear as  to why Karlovich chose the name "elite."  If you look
 up the word "elite" in a dictionary, you  will be  surprised to  find that
 there  is  no  mention  of  software piracy anywhere.  That definition was
 never considered when  Karlovich  dubbed  the  name  to  the organization.
 Instead, he  wished to  portray the  group as  "the best of the best...the
 Atari Elite."  And, that is  what the  group was.   They  had some  of the
 brightest people in the area as members -- many of whom either knew how to
 program, solder, or telecommunicate as  well  as  some  of  the  most avid
 gammers that I had ever met.  Unlike the PACE organization that had always
 given me the air of "family" style computing, the Atari Elite members were
 not afraid to get their hands dirty inside the ST.

     The recruitment  process and  restricted membership of the Atari Elite
 served this purpose.  There would not be those who came to the meetings to
 breath air.   If  you wanted  to be  a member of the Atari Elite, you were
 told up front that you were expected to participate.   You simply  did not
 come to  meetings to  view.  You acted and you did things such as software
 demos, technical demos, sing and dance,  and  even  run  for  pizza.   You
 simply were  not a  bump on  a log.   And,  you were  rewarded.  To coin a
 phrase, "read on, McDuff."

     The Atari Elite had a very unique membership structure.   There were 5
 basic levels  of membership.   You  see, the  officer's of the Atari Elite
 wanted to encourage group participation and  wanted to  get away  from the
 customary type of organization.  So, they offered membership tiers that an
 individual would be rewarded  for performing  tasks for  the organization.
 The five  levels were  called "Club",  "Key", "Knight", "Software Master",
 and "Khan."  Each level had pre-requisite chores that had to be completed.
  For example,  to move  from "Club"  to "Key", you had to write 2 software
 reviews, perform  2 Demo's  at the  organization's meeting,  and perform 2
 miscellaneous duties  such as  stuffing envelopes or carrying equipment to
 and from the meetings.  The higher the level, the more you had to do^AP To
 become a "Khan", you had to have written 5 reviews, performed 5 demos, and
 done some really heavy work, in addition to all of the requirements of the
 previous levels.   In  exchange, each  level had particular advantages and
 incentives.  The higher you were in the group, the  greater your discounts
 were at  a few  local software  dealers who extended their services to the
 group.  Also, if you needed hardware repaired  or hardware  in general, it
 was also  offered at  a greater  discount for higher levels.  Also, if you
 were high  level, you  had first  crack at  beta testing  hardware sent to
 Atari Elite  by vendors.   You also had privileges over and above those on
 lower levels.

     When I left the Atari Elite, I was  at the  "Khan" level.   I  was the
 only member  in 4  years to  attain that  level from the bottom, and to my
 knowledge, I  was the  last.   The founders  of the  organization were all
 "Khans" so  the total  number was  I believe  7 when  I left.   There were
 several people in the organization on  the move  up --  a lot  of talented
 people who  wanted to  see the  Atari ST  thrive.  I am sure that they are
 still working hard on their projects as you read this  in order  to attain
 higher levels  in the group.  My high level in the group allowed me to see
 everything that was going on.  I was not a  founder, but  I built  many of
 the structures that exist today in the group.  I did most of the PR stuff,
 and did layouts on nearly all of the  club's literature.   If  there was a
 problem, I had first crack on it, or was given the responsibility to "pass
 the buck" to someone  in the  group.   Up until  the time  I attained Khan
 status, I  was "Sergeant  of Arms."   I  oversaw group attendance and made
 sure that  everyone had  paid their  dues.   I also  was in  charge of the
 membership  database  and  kept  the  Khans up-to-date on total membership

     So you see, Atari Elite was a very well structured  organization.  The
 level breakdown  promoted group participation.  Meetings always had "fresh
 blood" giving demonstrations on  new and  exciting hardware  and software.
 The newsletter  was always  full of  reviews from members -- good and bad.
 The group thrived.  Sure, there  were those  members who  to this  day are
 still sitting  at "Club"  level, and  this is their choice.  But the group
 was very active, and had a lot of active ST users.

     Now, I must dispel a vicious rumor that was started by myself in order
 to create an image of the organization.  In most of our literature and our
 media hype, we boasted that the group was  very large.   So  much that the
 PACE organization  estimated that  the Atari Elite was 300 members strong.
 This figure is over 3 times larger than  the actual  figure.   At no time,
 and even  in the  heyday of  the group, had membership exceeded 100.  And,
 now that the ST  is dying  a slow  death, membership  is dropping rapidly.
 You see,  I feel that PACE was either misinformed and they used the number
 to their  advantage when  they spoke  of the  group saying  things such as
 "over 300  pirates" or that "the Atari Elite was stealing members."  Atari
 Elite was  such a  threat to  PACE that  they accused  Elite of "stealing"
 members.  This is an interesting concept that probably reverts to the days
 of slavery in my honest opinion and is ridiculous.  If people left PACE to
 join  Elite,  it  was  because  they  saw  through  all of the slander and
 realized that the Elite was a good organization  with growth.   Elite must
 have  offered  them  something  over  and  above  what  PACE  offered it's
 membership.  Could it have been the energy at the Elite meetings that drew
 people?   Or perhaps was it the "mystique" of the group that drew members!
 I don't really know and can only say that meetings were fun,  everyone was
 someone, and  you left  there knowing  more than  you did before you came.
 Elite even held a  "meeting after  the meeting"  at various  pizza pubs or
 restaurants where members could meet to just socialize.

     This brings  up one  of the most controversial issues surrounding this
 subject.  The Atari Elite had a software review library.  Now,  before you
 draw any  conclusions, please read on.  The software library was available
 to members and was  used so  that the  Atari Elite  members could  see the
 software before  they bought  it.   The officers of Atari Elite often told
 stories about how they would buy something sight  unseen and  the software
 turned out to be terrible.  They, the officers, did not want to see the ST
 community "ripped" off and offered the library as a solution.

     Needless to say, the  PACE organization  used this  as their  pry bar.
 PACE  insisted  that  this  did  nothing  but  lead to widespread software
 piracy.  Others said that the library was nothing but a haven for software
 theft.  Atari Elite argued that the library was strictly watched and was a
 boon for the Atari ST user in the area -- a user saw the product before he
 bought and  did not  get stuck  purchasing   something he  did not like or
 could not use.  There were many "dogs" published for the ST and I  for one
 do not enjoy wasting 30-40 bucks on junk...

     Now, many  will say that I am stupid to believe that no one copied the
 software when they got it home.  In all honesty, I can say that  I have no
 first hand  knowledge of  this happening.   While I was not in the home of
 any member when they had software from the library at home, I  can not say
 that this  did not happen.  However, Atari Elite took every possible legal
 measure to insure against this practice  by having  members sign  a waiver
 stating that  they would  not copy  the software.   As far as I know, this
 waiver was drawn by a paid  lawyer,  and  was  legally  binding.    So, if
 someone was copying the software, they were breaking the law and the Atari
 Elite had no way to enforce such actions.

     Secondly, Atari Elite had always preached against software  piracy.  I
 can not remember a meeting that went by without it's mention and warnings.
 It was a constant policy of the officers to warn against software piracy.

     Thirdly, and to the best of  my knowledge,  Atari Elite  did not place
 packages  in  the  library  that  strictly  prohibited such actions.  They
 always obeyed the wishes of the publisher.

     This brings  us to  the ethics  and moralities  of software libraries.
 What gives  companies such  as Wedgewood  Rental, or RiteWay computers the
 green light to rent  software,  (at  a  profit  to  boot),  while  a small
 non-profit organization  did it to service its members and the community?
  Something is definitely wrong  here.   Another fact  that has  never been
 told  is  that  the  Atari  Elite  has  several pieces of software in that
 library that were donated from the publisher for  the explicit  use in the
 library.   It is sort of like telling your son that he can go fishing, but
 he can't real in anything that is on the end of his line!

     My feelings regarding software libraries is still mixed, however.

     I don't know if I am simply raw  from the  experience that  left me in
 the predicament  that you will read about during the PACE show in 1990, or
 if I am really upset because I know the real reasons that  Atari Elite had
 the library while others insisted they knew better.  At this time and date
 as I sit and write this article, I am convinced  that those  who condemned
 the library, were those who were;

 1) Mis-informed about what was actually going on.
 2) Misled as to the intentions of the Atari Elite.

 3) Completely  ignorant of the TRUE facts surrounding what tension really
    existed in Pittsburgh.

   Permission to Re-Print is granted as long as no part of this work is
     changed in any way and credit is given to the Author and the AUA.

 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - San Francisco, CA                HYBRID ARTS MIDI SUPPORT CHANGED!

     Hybrid Arts MIDI product  support  and  continued  development  is now
 handled by Barefoot Software, Inc.  Think of it as a new name for the MIDI
 software division of Hybrid Arts.  The separateness  of Barefoot Software,
 in its  focus on  only the  _MIDI software_  products of Hybrid Arts, will
 result in increased resources  for support  and continued  development for
 these products,  including SmpteTrack and EditTrack (Platinum versions now
 in development) and GenEdit (v2.0 available).

 The address and phone number are as follows:

                          Barefoot Software, Inc
                             19865 Covello St
                           Canoga Park CA  91306

                            818-727-7143 voice

             (new FAX and BBS numbers to be announced shortly)

     In case you've  called  the  old  Hybrid  Arts  numbers  and  gotten a
 "disconnected" message,  don't panic.  It's typical telephone company fun;
 there's _supposed_ to be a forwarding "number has  changed" message there.
 The correct  number to  call for sales, customer service, and tech support
 is 818-727-7143.

     Please pass this information  on to  any Hybrid  Arts users  you know.
 For legal  reasons, we were not able to pre-announce this change, and thus
 it will take some time before print sources (magazines, etc)  will be able
 to publish our new contact info.  We are thus relying on telecommunication
 and word of mouth to spread the word as quickly as possible.  Thank you.
 GO MIDIAVEN (MIDI A  Vendor  Forum)  to  get  to  Hybrid/Barefoot's online
 support area (section 12 in MIDIAVEN) here on CompuServe.

 - Sunnyvale, CA                       REVOLVING DOOR ACTIVE AGAIN!

     Oh my,  those pesky  "rumors" again.   The  WEST COAST CRYSTAL BALL is
 showing a few notables  are obviously  missing from  the "hallowed halls".
 Where  is  Don  Mandel  (Professional  Systems Group) and Ted Mack (Dealer
 Service & Parts)?  How many  others left  last friday  along with  them in
 this the latest layoff?

 - Sunnyvale                                    SAM SEZ IT ALL!

                           :TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS:

     After lengthy  consideration, I decided to present this year's message
 to you in a direct, straight-forward way.  I am quite displeased  with the
 company's 1991  results, and  hope that  this message accurately coveys my
 dissatisfaction, and the corrective actions we have implemented.

     Net sales were down from $411 million in 1990 to $258 million in 1991.
 This represents  a 37%  sales decline.   While the computer industry, as a
 whole, experienced  a fall  off, I  do not  believe it  justified our poor
 performance or alleviated me of any blame.  As Chief Executive Officer, it
 would be hypercritical of me to discuss sales or operational short comings
 in the  third party.   My desk is where the buck stops, and it is also the
 place where corrections and  positive  alternatives  emanate.    Please be
 assured that new directions are now in place.

     At the  outset of  1991, we  recognized that  major competitive market
 changes would negatively affect  Atari's sales  and profits  for the year.
 In  anticipation  of  these  competitive  actions,  we began to reduce our
 costs.  Measures were  taken to  carefully monitor  worldwide inventories.
 As the  year drew  to a  close, the  results of  our efforts  had begun to

     Inventory was $81 million for 1991 versus $114 million a year earlier.
 The 29%  reduction of  inventory is  a step in the right direction, but we
 still plan to reduce inventory levels further.

     In addition to these  corrective  measures,  our  advertising programs
 were refocused  to target  specific audiences  and reduce costs associated
 with broad based  promotions.    Research  and  development  projects were
 redefined as well and are now focused on high volume production.

     Although our  company is  continuing to go through a difficult period,
 the past year was  not totally  bleak.   There were  a number  of positive
 highlights.    Combining  an  advantageous real estate market, our reduced
 1991 production requirements,  and  our  long  range  plans,  we  sold our
 Taiwanese  manufacturing  facility  and  realized a gain of $40.9 million.
 This  transaction  significantly  strengthened  our  balance  sheet.    We
 improved  our  cash  position,  reduced  debt  and increased shareholder's
 equity.  The usual start-up  problems  were  encountered  in  our  move to
 independent subcontractors,  however, these  problems, for  the most part,
 are behind us.

     As I noted in my message last year, we reduced the retail price of the
 Lynx to $99.  As anticipated, unit sales increased over 1990 by 80%.  This
 increase,  together  with  the  42  software  titles  now   available,  is
 positioning this  product as  a major  contender in the portable category.
 For the upcoming Christmas  market we  will have  about 75  titles.   In a
 number of  countries throughout  Europe and in the U.S., we introduced new
 advertisements and  T.V. commercials  during the  4th Quarter.   These new
 consumer messages  proved successful  and will be carried forward in 1992.
 Our software development continues to be strong and we are  licensing some
 major titles, such as "Batman Returns."

     As we  previously stated, for the last few years we have been involved
 in a lawsuit  against  Nintendo,  alleging  violations  of  anti-trust and
 monopolistic practices.  The trial finally commenced in February 1992, and
 continued until April 27,  1992.   The jury  could not  decide two  of the
 three  claims  so  the  court  granted  a  mistrial  on  those two claims.
 Considerable effort, management time, and money have been  involved in the
 presentation  of  our  case.    As  post  trial  motions  are  still being
 considered, we are unable to comment further.

     A great deal of attention  was  focused  on  research  and development
 throughout  1991.    In  our  opinion,  this  research  will result in the
 leapfrog development of a  highly advanced  family of  personal computers.
 These new  systems are  compatible with our flagship ST computers and will
 use TOS (The Operating System) which has been refined for this family.

     We have  combined advanced  technology in  the areas  of video, audio,
 speed and  versatility, in  order to  have a  line of  computers that will
 offer consumers exceptional power at very  competitive prices.   We expect
 to reap  the benefits of this design for years to come.  On the video game
 front we are developing an advanced console which  will have  superb video
 and audio  capabilities.   This product  is now being debugged and is code
 named "Jaguar."  I am very excited about this platform, and I feel it will
 mature into a very successful video game

     The  financial  statement  that  follows  is not our usual, full color
 annual report.  Instead, you will find a reproduction of our Form 10-K.  I
 will apologize  for its  frugal appearance,  but not for the money we have

     Atari is building for the future.  Our marketplace is worldwide, and I
 believe  that  the  many  economies  throughout  this  extensive  area are
 recovering  for  the  recessions  that  have  continued  to  plague  sales
 efforts.   With the  inception of our advanced products on the horizon, we
 are positioning ourselves to aggressively increase our global presence.

     1991 was a challenging year.   Because of  the changes,  progress, and
 developments  that  we  accomplished,  I  am very optimistic about Atari's
 present strength and its future in  the  world  marketplace.    As  I look
 forward  to  the  year  ahead,  I  would  like  to thank our shareholders,
 suppliers,  employees,  customers  and   end-users  for   their  continued


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                            STReport's MailBag

 From Delphi

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit>
 38087 27-MAY 23:38 General Information
      RE: STR (Re: Msg 38002)
      From: MRJOSEPH     To: RMARIANO

 The AUA story is an important one to tell, I agree.  What I was getting at
 was that there are a few other stories that you were alluding to (via re-
 posting messages from Bob Brodie and pals from the F-NET). Setting user
 groups up for the kill is bad, but so is setting up developers, and online
 magazine editors.  Tell THOSE stories, please.



     Chris, I assure you, the entire story will be told.  From every angle.
 The AUA expose is only the beginning.  The manipulations, the E-mail
 threats, the cajoling, backstabbing, dirty politics and most of all, the
 attempts causing havoc and meyhem while fixing 'blame' elsewhere.  In
 time, the truth will be known.  Why?  Because more and more leaders of
 Usergroups and users themselves are getting tired of the sniping against
 STR, its supporters and "anybody" who does not agree with the "party
 politik".  The "favoritism", OBVIOUS by its obsessive manifestation toward
 certain usergroups and other 'entities' within the Atari userbase has
 grown to such monstrous proportions as to become a threat to Atari itself.
 This is an intolerable situation and must be brought to a stop.

     When Corporate little whigs try to 'control' all aspects of a
 marketplace or, all of public opinion, they soon cross the forbidden line.
 Onced crossed, its very difficult for them to pull back and return to
 normal.  Egos are running high.  The practice, depicted in its very worst
 scenario, is the Karen Silkwood story.  The true story, not the  movie.
 She was aware of certain things and when she was about to reveal them....
 well the rest of the story is a matter of record.  As will this current
 situation become.

     The "Fun & Games group" out west will have to answer to everyone they
 have approached either 'pro or con' in the last two years.  Oddly enough,
 had they all applied the same amount of time and energy to the promotion,
 production & sale of machines they'd probably be better off financially.
 And with far more respect in the computing community.  <sigh>  Its seems
 they've perfected the old adage of spinning their wheels and going
 nowhere.  Actually, it becomes more and more believable when people come
 forward and speak their minds as is occuring these days.  In all
 probabilities, the men at the very top have no idea abut what is really
 happening at the street level.  After all, when a certain midline warrior
 often brags about "filtering everything" going Sam's way, how can we trust
 that any of the customer's views make it his way unless they are extremely

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 from CIS

 #: 62942 S6/Hardware specific
     24-May-92  01:05:32
 Sb: #62938-#TT/Sparc
 Fm: SYSOP*Bob Retelle 76702,1466
 To: Atari Advantage 70007,3615 (X)

 Albert, from what I understand, the VME slot in the current line of Atari
 computers will only support slave devices.. the internal CPU is the only
 master device on the bus.

 That's ok for video cards and modems, but coprocessors, transputer boards
 or any intelligent peripherials that depend on taking over the bus are

 So you have to take a rather large grain of salt when you hear about all
 the "thousands of VME cards" you can use with an Atari.


 from GEnie

 Category 25,  Topic 10
 Message 139       Thu May 28, 1992
 LEXICOR [Lexicor]            at 00:48 EDT

 Notice to ALL:

 I have just finished reading the threds relating to the AUA in topic 15
 #7. Without making any political statements or siding in any way I feel
 that the AUA is a valued resource and should be supported. Furthor I feel
 that what ever may or may not have happned between members of the AUA it's
 officers and others is now in the past.

 As many of you know I have often said that "you should put your money
 where your mouth is" and while it is true I have found my foot lodged
 there, I must now go on record...........

     I'll now pledge help to the AUA in the form of an offer of $300
 dollars to help the AUA get back on it's feet. This pledge will be honored
 at any time that an authorized officer of the AUA makes a request for
 redemption of this pledge. This pledge carries no strings. I suggest that
 other prominent members of the ATARI comunity match my offer. If those
 like STreport are truly interested in the general wellbeing of ATARI users
 then here is an oppertunity to show it. Further I suggest that Gribniff,
 ISD, AIM, TOAD and all the rest step forward and lend a hand. Bear in mind
 that if the current interest in ATARI computers and related software and
 services continues to decline we the venders and ATARI its self will have
 no customers to sell goods to.

     By offering unconditional help you reaffirm and put somethi back in to
 the atari comunity. It is not enough to just sell goods and services, it
 is not enough to sell news or be critical of ATARI or some aspects.

     In closing, I suggest that all the former AUA members slip just one
 dollar in to an envelope and send it into AUA, Why? Because you can only
 benifit from this gesture of trust.

                                   Best of Luck AUA!

                         Lee Seiler Presicent of LEXICOR


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