ST Report: 17-Apr-92 #816

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/20/92-05:43:36 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 17-Apr-92 #816
Date: Mon Apr 20 17:43:36 1992

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     Oxxi Software  announces  that  registered  Atari  users  of Superbase
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     CodeHead Technologies announces the release of Warp 9,  formerly known
 as  Quick  ST.    This  product  has  been  revamped for usability, speed,
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                         TORONTO ATARI FEDERATION
                            ATARI FESTIVAL 1992
 April '92

 Editor Note;
 This overview of ACE '92 was so nice as it came in, including the cover
 note I decided to leave it there for all to enjoy.

 by Bill Devonshire
 CIS 73707,1656

 Dear Ralph:

     I wanted to write to you some impressions of ACE 92, but have been
 extremely busy.  Although almost a week has past I still feel the desire
 to comment on this latest Atari Exposition.  I have never had the
 opportunity to attend any Atari functions of any size shape or diameter,
 and it is a real thrill to actually see, touch and test the products I
 have salivated over in Atari magazines for so many years.  Instead of just
 looking and imagining what lies behind that packaging, you could get your
 hands on it, and actually converse with the authors or manufacturers of
 the devices.

     This is unique, having attended many IBM based conferences, shows and
 exhibitions, in that most of the authors of the products were actually at
 the show.  The depth of conversation was excellent and spanned well beyond
 the superficial salesperson/customer interface.  I enjoyed the show very
 much because of this one fact, but found that time flew much too quickly
 and left me wanting more.

     ACE 92 overwhelmed me with the untouched potential of the ST/TT
 computers. There were some very impressive hardware and software products
 that easily rival and out shine similar products on other platforms.  Why
 the DOS platform ever attracted so many people to it is beyond me!!  They
 must have used mirrors and smoke to do it.  It's like a big snowball
 (Canadian analogy) rolling down a hill, collecting more and more people as
 it goes.  However, at ACE it brought one thought to mind, "You can fool
 some of the people some of the time, some all the time but never all the
 people all the time".  By the looks and sounds of it Atari supporters are
 mostly in that later category.

     It was interesting to see the type of people who attended ACE.  There
 was a common thread of appearance and interest.  It would seem that Atari
 computers appeal to the more avante garde members of society.  Almost a
 "jazz" orientation in the world of Computers.  How many people like Pop
 music and how many like Jazz.  For the most part, a Jazz musician will not
 expect to make the same millions that their counter parts in Pop will.
 They are more concerned with the highly technical side of their
 profession, and strive to do more than the ordinary.  Jazz-Atari!  Knowing
 that the ST is a prime "Music" oriented computer this realization is not
 so astonishing, however there would appear to be a common thread of
 artistry and the search for the unique and obscure in the Atari

     I am so glad to see Atari out in force, supporting their machines and
 tantalizing us with the future.  Before I get into this topic I would like
 to comment on a few things about the dealers and products that really
 caught my attention.  This is not in order of importance or likes or
 dislikes but rather my routing through all the literature and brochures I
 picked up and taking it as it comes:

 Gadgets:  the SST
     What a dynamite product! but unfortunately too expensive for me.
 Watching the SST animate screen images into a blur was exciting.  I am an
 ST/e owner and can only oooh and aaaaah at the SST.  Not only is it too
 big for my pocket book but its also too big for my machine, and I'd have
 to either find a new home for my ST or find a new home for the SST (a
 Mega).  For those who have the cash and the machine to accommodate it I
 have one thing to say "I'm envious".

 Gemulator:  the Atari ST emulator for MS-DOS and Windows
     The Gemulator is a neat idea but will never find its full potential
 under the guidance of Darek.  I had great anticipation when I went to see
 this "gem" and looked forward to chatting with Darek about his latest
 idea.  It might have been that way if Darek hadn't of been so defensive
 and argumentative.  It was apparent that he has had a rough time in the
 Atari community, and may have faced a deluge before I stumbled (literally)
 into his booth.  He was running the Gemulator on a 486. Neat idea but who
 wants to spend $500.00 bucks to put something you already have into
 another machine?  Well, when you "upgrade" to a PC you won't have to loose
 your present software investment?  Sounds good, but, even if I did buy a
 PC I'd still have my ST (or is someone offering trade in's to "upgrade").
 If I did buy a PC, wouldn't that $500.00 go a long way outfitting my new
 machine with software?  The Gemulator does not support any of the hardware
 potential of the PC, no VDI drivers to use Super VGA or whatever else may
 come along.  If developed a little more (but I doubt if it will) it may
 attract my attention, until then, nice try.

 Hyperlink - excellent product.  Very well presented!
     Every known size and shape of ST was represented in this booth,
 displaying the prowess of Hyperlink. Especially on the TT hires it was
 exceptional.  I can think of several applications for HL that will spin a
 few PC contemptible heads.  Nice work, very flexible and easy to use.
 (even Linda liked it!)

 Lynx - better than I thought it would be.
     I had never tried one, but next to the display of Lexicor's 24 bit
 color board was an active Lynx setup.  After pulverizing my racing car
 several times, I put it back down and headed out to look at more goodies.
 As far as hand-held video games go, I liked it.  Crazy Dots - really nice
 product, but it brought up the same feelings as the SST, too expensive and
 won't work on my STe.  OH well.  Its nice to see this card out, and if I
 had a Mega I'd be real happy, but my pockets are too deep to reach the
 coin levels required to make this a reality.  For those that have one -

 Neo Desk 3.0 - far exceeded my expectations
     This is a great software package. I had to see it to believe it.
 Anyone with a hard drive shouldn't be without it.  Neodesk helps bypass
 all the inflexibilities of standard desktop operations and makes the
 Computer an easy to use tool.  It really does make applications no more
 than a click away.  For the non-technically inclined, a definite shoe-in.
 PC's and MAC's eat your heart out on this one.

 Cyrel Sunrise - the M16-1280 has been rumored for some time now
     I have called and talked to the developers several times throughout
 the year to see how things are going.  At first I thought "How can these
 guys develope this extremely powerful and expensive product for the ST
 line?"  What market do they have?  The fact that Atari equipped their
 latest machines with VME is very significant. The VME bus is "big", and
 presently supports a very large market (and a market that is quickly
 expanding).  Their system was breath-taking.  It rivals anything I have
 seen yet on any platform, even the Video toaster (it makes the VT look
 like a bun warmer).  Fast, crisp, clean and clear are the words that come
 to mind describing the video output of this "Cube".  It's expensive but
 for its intended market and class, quite low priced.  Actually lower cost
 than the Video Toaster.

 GramSlam - helps with having 5 school aged kids
     Linda and I are kept pacing back and forth between schools trying to
 maintain some stability for our kids in this presently crumbling
 educational system.  More and more we are looking towards new ways to
 approach the education of our kids, including home schooling.  GramSlam
 and its cohort Grammar Expert meet all our criteria for "Educational"
 software.  In a society where spelling and grammar are taking a beating..
 thank you Phil Comeau Software for a step in the right direction.

 ADspeed - I love this accelerator
     Not only does it fit my pocket book, it also fits in my STe, and for
 $32 lets me math coprocessor myself to oblivion. This is a nice product,
 developed more for the affordable ST crowd.  The acceleration is obvious
 on screen, easy to install, easy to use, speed switchable  and
 (reportedly) 100% compatible.  Nice product!  With Math copro it comes in
 at about $325 Canadian.

 D.A. Brumleve - Good Stuff!
     Everything we said about GramSlam above goes double for these
 products.  Friendly and informative presentation of a very solid product
 line impressed Linda and I.  Multi-Play, KidPainter, KidPublisher Pro (and
 Dot to Dot) are very well designed educational games, that really do
 interest our kids. Even the smallest in our troop (Willy and Katie - 2 and
 3) will sit and play with the ST for hours. (on rainy days of course).
 Thank you for your unique software.

 Tiny Turbo - can't say enough good things about this one
     Excellent hardware product!  The price is still too high for me but if
 I squeeze hard enough and earn my allowance, I just might be able to get
 one, and YES it will fit inside my STe. Please keep the price down!!  (I
 know, I know it cost lots to develop).  Well at least it is within the
 edge of my reach.  Set your ST on fire with this one.

     Well, that's just a few of the goodies.  The large TT monitors are
 nice.  19" does make a difference.  I had never set eyes on a TT before
 until this show, I hope they become a little more popular.  Its a very
 solid machine, and mostly downward compatible with lots of flexibility for
 upgrading.  The TT will probably make its big hit in the Music area and
 then turn DTP on its head.  I would like to get one but (that's right) its
 too pricey yet.  Compared to a MAC its cheap, but to a 386DX - expensive.
 When it drops down (will it?) I'll get one.  The rumored machines may
 divert me, but then I like the VME port concept.

     If I learned anything at all from ACE, it was that it is imperative to
 get out to these shows and get hands on with the various products.  I hope
 it was financially successful enough to warrant another show real soon.
 If you are close enough to attend one, please do.  Thanks alot to TAF for
 all the organization (and I'll be signing up very soon).  The new version
 of Flash is great.  Missionware seems to have taken their name seriously
 and they have produced a very satisfying upgrade to old Flash 1.6.  I
 didn't get a chance to test Warp 9 (and forgot my disk for upgrade) but
 I'll be sending out for the upgrade.  One last thing: with all the talk
 about how the ST line is failing, don't believe it.  Life is change,
 nothing stays the same, and so it is with the ST.  Version 1.0 becomes
 version 2.0.  512 colors becomes 4096, 320x200 becomes 640x480x256. Tos
 1.0 becomes Tos 3.0.  Get what you need, use what you have to its fullest,
 and if you can afford what you need then get it.  You should have seen the
 screens on that 24 bit color Leonardo board from Lexicor, Lee Seiler put
 together some true color graphics that would curl your hair,....  Loved


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 > The Flip Side STR Feature        ".... a different viewpoint..."

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee


 From Rich Tietjens at The Conqueror Connection - From the STReport
 FNet Conference...

   I received my Mega 2 STe on Friday, 3 April, 1992, and wanted to try
   to find the relative speeds of the various possible configurations.
   Using NBM (NBM - The Ness Benchmark, v1.2, by J. Ness), I ran a series
   of tests to determine how the Mega STe stands up to the "old Atari ST
   line. Here are my findings:

      Test Name               Test Number
      Math Routines                1
      Memory fetch/store           2
      Dialog box draw              3
      Floppy read/write            4
      Other Drive read/write       6
      Graphics                     7

      Config 1: 16Mhz, cache on,  Blitter on,  QSTe 3 on
      Config 2: 16Mhz, cache on,  Blitter off, QSTe 3 on
      Config 3: 16Mhz, cache on,  Blitter on,  QSTe 3 off
      Config 4: 16Mhz, cache off, Blitter off, QSTe 3 off

      Test    Config 1        Config 2        Config 3       Config 4
       1       9.03 182%       9.05 181%       9.11 180%     14.75 111%
       2      10.44 154%      10.43 154%      10.47 154%     14.47 111%
       3      10.46 462%       9.71 497%      19.23 251%     31.45 153%
       4      44.41 162%   no significant variation in any configuration
       5      16.28  92%   no significant variation in any configuration
       6      28.75 278%      27.44 292%      59.57 134%     13.53  70%

      Config 5: 16Mhz, cache off, Blitter on,  QSTe 3 off
      Config 6: 16Mhz, cache on,  Blitter on,  Turbo ST 1.6 on
      Config 7: 16Mhz, cache on,  Blitter off, Turbo ST 1.6 on
      Config 8: 16Mhz, cache on,  Blitter on,  QSTe 3 on, Turbo ST 1.6 on

      Test    Config 5        Config 6        Config 7        Config 8
       1       9.03 182%       8.99 183%       9.00 183%       9.02 182%
       2      10.44 154%      10.42 154%      10.42 154%      10.44 154%
       3      10.46 462%      12.67 381%      12.92 374%      11.59 417%
       4      44.41 162%      67.36 107%      67.54 107%      67.56 107%
       5      16.28  92%      18.12  82%      18.08  82%      18.33  81%
       6      28.75 278%      58.58 136%      64.53 124%      28.88 277%

   All results are in seconds, with a percentage of the speed of a plain-
   vanilla 520ST, 8Mhz, machine as the baseline.


   1.  The Mega STe is capable of speed ranging from about 130% to 250 of
   the ST, depending on the operation, without any extra software. Re-
   asonable expectation would be an average of 150% in normal operation.

   2.  Running Quick STe 3.04 with the Blitter increases performance
   dramatically, and in the artifical environment of the benchmark
   program, Quick ST is actually a little faster with the Blitter turn
   off. Subjective performance is unaffected by the Blitter, however,
   because Quick ST is so much faster than the built-in routines that the
   Blitter is not noticed, regardless if it is on or off.

   3.  Turbo ST affects only Dialog Box Draw. It is not effective in
   combination with Quick STe, and in fact seems to slow graphics some-
   what, as compared to what QSTe can do alone.

   In addition to the above tests, I have tried some software for com-
   patability. Most of the normal programs (not copy-protected) run as
   usual; a few act inconsistently, and some will not fully function, if
   they work at all, on the Mega STe.


   All of my shareware games work as expected (although quite a bit
   faster than before).

   MegaTraveller 1 ran from Hard Disk once; afterward, I was forced to
   set up a boot floppy in order to get into the program. However, the
   1.44 meg floppy makes that less onerous than it seems, since both of
   the DSDD disks that come with MT1 will fit on the single 1.44 ;-) !
   Also, today it ran from the HD again, so apparently it was a software
   conflict with a DA or AUTO folder program.

   Days of Thunder would run the soundtrack, but the screen became a
   green "snow" pattern, and the game would go no further.

   R-Type will run, but your ship and all objects on the screen except
   stars and shots are invisible.

   Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Mega 2 STe. It is attractive
   to the eye, and provides an excellent value for the cost. Performance
   is improved over my old 520ST, and far superior to the Zenith AT clone
   I am forced to use at the office.

   Rich Tietjens
   "Captain Blade"


 From A.BITTON1 - Cat. 9, Topic 28, Msg. 104 - from the ST Roundtable on

   ...I got a list of upcoming ST Releases from Paul Moodie, marketing
   director at Microprose UK, and it lists 2 Spectrum Holobyte titles:

      SuperTetris (April '92)
      Crisis In The Kremlin (May '92).

   I read in several mags that Specrum had signed with Microprose UK
   after the demise of Mirrorsoft. This clinches it.


 Comments about the Princeton Ultra 1400 monitor - Cat. 4, Topic 34, Msgs
 77, 83-84 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 From Rob Glover...

   I got the latest Damark catalog yesterday, and saw the Princeton Ultra
   1400 monitor advertised for $389. According to Damark Technical Dept.,
   the freq. range is 15-36.5KHz, and the refresh rate is 45-120Hz, which
   is suited to the ST.

   I seem to remember someone else talking about this monitor a while
   back, so I hope I haven't repeated anything.

   Also, they didn't know if the monitor has setting memory, so you don't
   have to keep fooling with the adjustments when you change resolutions.
   If it doesn't, I guess it would best compare to the Acer monitor. Does
   anyone know how well it compares to the Acer?

 Answer from Mike Drysdale (Team Computers)...

   The Princeton is excellent. And the Damark price is below dealer cost.
   (How the **** can they DO that!) :-(

 Comments from Joe Ceklosky...

   I am also interested in the Princeton Ultra 1400 monitor. I know that
   it will work on the ST, but have also been trying to get input on it.

   That is a great price on the monitor!!! I saw it for $475 in Computer


 From VANDENHEUVEL - Cat. 9, Topic 47, Msg. 106 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...

   Bad news all. The news from OCEAN is that EPIC has been put back
   several weeks.  It won't be out for about a month.  This is the line I
   got from my distributor, who in turn got it from his sales rep at
   OCEAN.  Oh well, we've waited this long...maybe they're making it even


 Comments about LEGEND from John Hoffman - Cat. 9, Topic 26, Msg. 1 -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   Legend is a new fantasy role playing game. The game system is
   generally 3D isometric. The game is played by manipulating four
   charaters through various dungeons. Dungeons are located in various
   Cities, Keeps, and Castles. Evil minions are constantly attacking
   cities, friendly troups, or characters as they travel cross country.

   Legend features real-time animated monsters, unique magic system, and
   dungeon master type puzzles. This is an excellent game.


 From Alan Hamilton (Starfall Software) - Cat. 4, Topic 4, Msg. 99 - from
 the ST Roundtable on Genie...

   I just installed a board from JRI that uses 1meg SIMMS. The SIMMS can
   be had for about $40 each (check your local computer dealers, or look
   through COMPUTER SHOPPER -- either 8 bit (Macintosh) or 9 bit (IBM)
   will work).

   The board itself was $120 from JRI, plus $12 shipping, COD, and 2nd
   day delivery charges.

   Use of the board avoids the need for chip stacking and other tricky
   stuff. You can't just remove the 256k chips and put in 1meg chips. The
   1meg chips have extra address lines that must be connected. Further-
   more, I shudder at the thought of unsoldering 16 (512k) or 32 (1meg)
   256k chips. At 16 pins each, that's 256 or 512 connections.

   The installation requires clipping a few resistors (to disable the
   motherboard memory), unless you are going to 2.5meg rather than 4 meg.
   In that case, the 512k becomes the .5meg. The instruction sheet notes
   that on a few 520STs (motherboard Revisions 2, 2A, A, B, and C) two
   traces must be cut for a 4meg installation, since those models don't
   have the resistors.

   The other connections are: seven wires soldered to various points on
   the motherboard, power and ground connections, a cable plugged into
   the video shifter socket, and a header piggybacked onto one of the
   motherboard RAM chips. If you have clipped any resistors or traces,
   one side of them has to be connnected to +5v to deativate the old RAM.

   The memory options for a 520ST are 2meg, 2.5meg, or 4meg. The 2meg
   option is pointless, since that's just the 2.5meg with the motherboard
   RAM disabled.

   The 2.5meg option uses 2 1meg SIMMs, and the 512k on the motherboard.
   The 4meg uses 4 1meg SIMMs, and the motherboard RAM is disabled.

   I installed the 4meg option into my 1040STf, and it's worked great. No
   bombs or problems at all. On the 1040STf, at least, the board will fit
   underneath the RF shield.

   BTW, it's normal for programs to take much longer to load with more
   memory. Download Charles F. Johnson's PINHEAD to fix this (see CAT 32,
   TOP 17).

   The only real advantage of chip stacking over using the daughterboard
   is saving the $137 it cost me to get the board. OTOH, the chip
   stacking involves *much* more soldering. If you're comfortable doing
   this, find. I myself am not.

   There are also solderless boards, but I've heard bad things about
   them. They all have to use some sort of wonky method to disrupt the
   MMU connections, since you aren't clipping any resistors. I've heard
   lots of stories about bad connections from these schemes.


 About DBman from Jeff Wisniewsk - Cat. 6, Topic 16, Msg. 69 - from the
 ST Roundtable on Genie...

   NOTE to all users who have upgraded to the latest version of DBman, I
   was talking to them today and they said that they have found some
   major bugs and are recalling all upgrades that they have sent out.
   They also said that the fixed version will ship at the end of the


 Looking for a good, quiet and inexpensive fan for your hard drive? WALLY
 has some help for you - Cat. 4, Topic 39, Msg. 61 - from the ST Round-
 table on Genie...

   ...I've got this little RS (RatShak) fan (Cat. No. 273-243b) hooked up
   to my 1040STe, and it does a nice job (quietly) at 6vdc.

   It is rated at 12vdc, .16A, 1.9W (but I run it at 6 volts). Even at 12
   volts it was a bit more quiet than the Hurricane-fan in my HD. <G>

   I paid $18.00 for this fan (and that is the Sitka, Alaska, price).

   Also, it is the _standard_ (?) 3 1/8" square.


 From Paul Wu (Omnimon Peripherials) - Cat. 4, Topic 12, Msg. 20 - from
 the ST Roundtable on Genie...

                           **** ATTENTION *****

   If you are using GENWAVE with the DEKA, you may find that the hardware
   key does not work. Don't panic! there is a very easy fix and it is
   very similar to the resister fix we had posted here some messages
   back. Just connect the same type of resisters to pin number 11, 13,
   15, and 17 of IC2 to pin 20 (VCC). This should also work with any
   hardware key device that hooks up to the joystick port.

   Again, if you feel uncomfortable doing the mods yourself, you can
   always send it back to us and we'll do it for you free of charge.
   However, please call first to get an RMA#.

   Our phone number again is (714) 753-9253 and our new business hours
   are M/W/F 10:00am-4:00pm  Tues/Thu 10:00am-3:00pm


 From D.FINCH7 - Cat. 11, Topic 14, Msg. 12 - from the ST Roundtable on


   Local Atari computer user groups are joining forces to stage a two-day
   computer show later this year in Hartford, Conn. An umbrella
   organization representing Atari users in Fairfield County and the
   Danbury and New Haven regions has announced dates and site for
   Connecticut AtariFest '92. The event is scheduled for August 15 and
   16, 1992 at the Sheraton Hotel at Bradley International Airport,
   Windsor Locks, Conn.

   The show is being sponsored by the ACT Group [Affiliated Connecticut
   (CT) Groups], an umbrella organization comprised of these Atari user

      F.A.C.E. (Fairfield County)
      S.T.A.R.R. (New Haven area)
      D-BUG (Danbury area)

   To date, the following exhibitors have agreed to participate in
   Connecticut AtariFest '92: Atari Computer Corporation, Atari Explorer
   magazine, the Boston Computer Society, GEnie, Gribnif Software, GFA
   Basic, Joppa Computer Products, Sam Ash Music Inc., Step Ahead
   Software, Soft-Logik-Publishing, Tidbit Software, Toad Computers, and
   ICD Inc.

   Organizers say the show will showcase the latest Atari products and
   services, and will include seminars on desktop publishing and video
   production, hands-on instruction from manufacturers and software
   developers, MIDI demonstrations, giveaways, a swap room and much more.

   For more information about attending or exhibiting at Connecticut
   AtariFest '92, contact Brian Gockley, chairman, 18 Elmwood Avenue,
   Bridgeport, CT 06605 [Phone (203) 332-1721].


 Some interesting comments about Atari and the Midi market from John J.
 (Atari Explorer) - Cat. 14, Topic 3, Msg. 31 - from the ST Roundtable on


   WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! "Flashy advertising sells!" ... not true.
   Musicians are notoriously immune to flashy endorsements, because

   1) they don't make a lotta- lotta money to spend on stuff that Paula
   Abdul likes, and
   2) They're smart enough to know that what's going to grab an A&R
   person's interest is musical quality -- NOT "what kinda system I own."

   In other words, this guy's future is wrapped up in PERFORMANCE SPECS
   and PRICE.  NOT "Elton John uses my system."

   This was confirmed, five minutes ago, when I got off the phone with
   Alan Garvey, manager of PMC ("Dangerous on the Dance Floor" -- #1 RAP
   single NYC Jan/Feb '92), who says to me: "John, we need to do
   business. The boyz are *sick* of these Macs. I'll send you a report on
   PMC and my other new acts, and let's talk."

   Nice guy, Alan Garvey. Smart guy. Making money. In music. Shortly with
   Atari systems, I'm forced to assume. I mean, if the sale walks in the
   door, and holds out the money, I should refuse? (Grin) As far as
   advertising goes, my ex-from-France-girlfriend told him to call me. As
   far as I know, Atari didn't have to pay her anything. (grin)

   To SM [Music<>MIDI]:

   The point is, we're NOT starstruck. Frankly, anybody who thinks Mick
   Fleetwood is still a star ought to listen to the radio more. We're NOT
   that impressed with triple-plat (I mean, Madonna uses Atari systems,
   okay?), because triple-plat is only 20 systems, worldwide. What we're
   impressed with is the idea that there are FIVE music markets, out
   there, from largest to smallest:

   1) People who want to learn to play an instrument. By pushing MIDI-
   based Atari ST music solutions on these people, we're saving them
   megabucks and giving them the BEST training tools on the market.

   2) Serious working musicians. I'm talking weddings and Bar Mitzvah's,
   here. VERY price-performance sensitive. You make $20,000/year working
   six nights a week, you ain't into digital on a Macintosh platform.
   You're into "the ST plays the accordion parts, and I play the keyboard

   3) People about to break. See above. Money is still a problem, but
   we're talking image, now, so the PERFORMANCE aspect of Atari systems
   is still attractive. Let's face it ... Apple doesn't HAVE a reliable,
   cheap, four-track digital system for under $5,000. Warner A&R *will*

   4) Stars. These people only care if their lives are made easier. Atari
   systems make their lives easier. They make better MUSIC.

   Currently, Atari's marketing plans for the music market depends on
   advertising to attract groups one and two, and personal contacts to
   attract groups three and four. It's WORKING. PMC's manager JUST CALLED
   ME. My advice is: wait until the stats are in, but don't bet the farm
   on Apple. If you aren't Billy Joel, you can't afford it.


   The thing is, Atari can GET endorsements. You think Peabo Bryson
   ("Beauty and the Beast," #1-selling album on Billboard's R&B charts,
   October '91 "Can you Stop the Rain") was PAID to tell me what he told
   me in the February issue of Explorer? Bryson's people call me every
   two weeks to ask WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR ATARI!

   We're talking "brand loyalty," here. Okay, Peabo wants a four-meg ST
   Book, but still. Don't YOU? *I* sure do. (grin)


 Until next week.....


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     Transcript of a formal Conference, held Tuesday, April 14, 1992.



     First, let me welcome Oliver to DELPHI.  We tried to get him to join
     us for a formal Conference last year, but couldn't find a date he
     hadn't already committed elsewhere.  So, when we found out he was
     going to be In the USA this spring, we wisely got him lined up well
     ahead of time.

     For those of you who don't know who Oliver is, let me tell you just a
     bit about him.  Oliver lives in Karlsruhe, Germany and is an active
     Atari owner there.  He somehow manages to write 20 pages for the
     German magazine ATARI JOURNAL each month.  He has also written or
     co-authored more than 16 computer oriented books, is one of the
     co-developers of KBS (an cross-platform operating system of some
     kind), did the translation of DC's DataDiet for the German market,
     and has reviewed all three MC68030 boards for the ST that are
     available (SST, Turbo 030, Hypercache 030).

     And, most recently, he had a chance to put MultiTOS through its paces,
     and wrote a review of what he found for Atari Journal.

     Oliver, do you have any opening comments you'd like to make?

     Hi folks, it's nice to be here!  This is my first conference, not only
     the first I attend on this side but also the first I see live in
     action at all... So please excuse any problems that I might cause
     here!  It's all my fault :-)

     I'll start it out by asking if you have any observations on how Atari
     is doing in Europe.  ga

     Atari in Europe?  Well, I have no idea what Atari is doing in other
     countries but Germany.  Back home in Germany they are not as strong as
     they used to be, but compared to here it's still a big market.  Well,
     I know, this answer isn't full of details, but what exactly do you
     want to know?  GA

     Can developers still make enough money to stay in business in Germany?

     Yes, they can, if their products are good, and if their products are
     needed.  Actually there are still new companies getting on the market
     with new ideas and products.  GA


     What is MultiTOS??? I never heard of it before. GA

     Good question.  MultiTOS is supposed to be a new operating system for
     the Atari 680xx line that allows the use of more than one program at a
     time (i.e. multitasking). GA.

     Could you elaborate on that a little more, Oliver?  GA

     Okay Dana, as you probably know there are operating systems that allow
     the use of only one program at a time.  TOS/GEM used to be something
     like that  (let's forget about ACCs).

     Then there are operating systems that have multitasking capabilities.
     For the ST there have been systems like OS/9 and Minix on the market
     for quite a while already.  The thing is, though, that they wouldn't
     allow the use of your favorite GEM word processor or any other
     software you used to use.

     MultiTOS now allows the use of more than one GEM program at a time,
     i.e. wwhile you are writing a letter using xyz-word you can have your
     C-compiler doing some work for you. GA.

     Okay, Dana did you have an 'official' question?  <g>

     yep... A 2-parter, of sorts...

     How do you view Atari Germany's response to the users in Germany
     compared to what you hear about the U.S.?

     ...and 2) Could one learn something from the other to improve their
     image?  GA

     I don't see that Atari Germany is doing what users want them to do.
     There have been delays in shipments lately, so TT's weren't available,
     for example.

     The Book wasn't available when I left Germany, it was said that it
     would be in the stores in April, though, so I'm looking forward to see
     if they kept that promise this time.

     There isn't really a dialog between Atari users and Atari going on in
     Germany, one reason might be that online services aren't as important
     as they are here.

     The print magazines are pretty important, though, and they have been
     criticizing Atari lately.  Now that the Falcon /030 has been shown to
     selected developers and press representatives there is some hope that
     something is gonna change. GA.

     So what's the reason behind the massive turnout at shows like
     CeBIT and others in Germany?  Are that many more Atari users there
     than here? GA

     Yes, there are a lot more ST users in Germany than here.  And it's no
     problem at all, for example, to find 'the friendly neighborhood Atari
     dealer'.  In Karlsruhe, for example, there are 5 or 6 dealers who sell
     Atari computers or related products.  Karlsruhe is about 250,000
     people. GA.

     Is DC Data Diet very popular in Germany?  Is the magazine you work for
     very popular?  What kind of Atari system do you own and use?  And,
     lastly, is the LYNX hand-held game system very popular?  GA

     DC Data Diet is brand new on the German market.  I translated the
     manual, and the program came out at CeBIT about a month ago.  There
     were a lot of people at the Artifex table showing interest in the

     There are four ST magazines currently on the German market.  We (Atari
     Journal, sorry :-) started as a magazine that focused mainly on the
     public domain market.  Since last fall we are a full blown magazine,
     and people like us.

     The Lynx?  It's a good toy, I don't have one, though.  The Game Boy is
     selling a lot better, though.  They even have radio commercials for

     I still use my old 520ST+ (bought in 1986) with 2.5 MB, monochrome
     screen, and 240 MB hard disk space. GA.

     Oliver, welcome to Massachusetts!  Two questions..  Is your "journal"
     available in the U.S.?  How sophisticated was MULTITOS?  Was it on the
     same lines as Multifinder, or more like what the Amiga runs?

     Atari Journal is not available in the US, but you can subscribe to it,
     if you want.  It's in German, though.  As for MultiTOS, we got a
     betatest version of MultiTOS, which I reviewed for Atari Journal.  I
     haven't had the chance to make any detailed tests, but from what I saw
     I can tell you that it seems to be a major improvement - as soon as it
     comes out...  It still has bugs, and lots of programs don't like it,
     because they are not expecting other programs to run at the same time,
     but once it is out on the market the developers should have updates
     ready. GA.


 .Paul P.>
     This is gonna be kinda lengthy...sorry. You mentioned that there are
     still new companies getting on the market with new ideas.  How will
     that sit with us older ATARIANS (ST users pre-1985)?   Seems as though
     some overseas software either locks up my keyboard and/or monitor goes
     heywire. Will this be corrected when they are imported to here in the
     USA or will we have to upgrade to the next generation ATARI system??
     Thanks! (GA)

     What problems are you having?

 .Paul P.>
     The monitor flickers occasionally upon boot up and sometimes the
     keyboard locks up too.  As far as specific programs, I can't remember
     their names.  Sorry to say I sold them to a friend with an STe and he
     had no problems.  Sorry I can't be more specific.  ga

     And that happened with European programs only?  I have no clue what
     that might come from.  As I said I'm still using my old 520ST+, and it
     works fine.

     One general problem for German/European companies is, though, that the
     US market isn't as big as the one at home, so they sometimes aren't
     sure whether it's worth it to make special versions for overseas. GA.

 .Paul P.>
     Oh! well, maybe cause of TOS 1.0?  Thanx for the help.  I will still
     save for the FALCON (dedicated ATARIAN on board) ehehehe!  Thanx!

     Yes, TOS 1.0 might be the reason.  Get yourself something nice, TOS
     2.06, for example :-)  GA.

 .Paul P.>
     Thank you!

     How does multitos differ from multigem, another multi tasking product
     we have over here in the states?  They both seem to access the
     programs running via the desk accessory area on the desk top. GA

     I have reviewed/tested both products.  Both seem to be similar, since
     they both list processes in the 'Desk' menu, but internally they are
     totally different.  As you might know MultiGEM only allows the use of
     up to 6 processes.  MultiTOS has no limit (except for the RAM
     limitations, of course).  Also, MultiTOS has something like a round-
     robin scheduler that gives each process a certain amount of CPU time
     according to its priority.  MultiGEM doesn't have something like that,
     but uses GEM calls to switch processes.  If one of the tasks doesn't
     call operating system functions frequently (like ARC) the multitasking
     doesn't really work, because the other processes don't get the chance
     to do their work.

     There will be a new version of MultiGEM coming out soon.  It's called
     MultiGEM II (what a surprise :-).  There is also a product called
     Mag!x That seems to be similar to MultiGEM.  GA.

     chuckle :) thank you. GA

     We're also going to be trying something new this time.  Oliver, being
     the generous guy he is, has offered to provide some door prizes that
     we will be giving away through the course of the Conference.  How we
     award those prizes is still in the air.  One option is a straight
     random drawing, where pure luck will be the deciding factor.  That's
     the easy one.  Our other option is asking a trivia question, and
     giving the prize to the first correct answer that we get.  That method
     is a little trickier, and requires one simple rule.  If we ask a
     trivia question, everyone should type in their answer, but NOT press
     the return key, until I give the proper signal, which will look
     something like this:

  .Gordie says HIT RETURN NOW!

     That will give everyone an equal chance at having their answer appear
     first, with no handicap for slow typing abilities.  Any answer that
     'jumps the gun' will be disqualified, by the way, even if it's
     correct.  We want it to be fair for everyone, so please abide by that
     one simple rule.

     Our first drawing will be a random drawing, and we'll save the bigger
     prize for later on.

     The first prize is a program called ST Guide, by the way.  Oliver, can
     you briefly describe it?

     When I was invited to this conference (and told about the door prize
     I'd have to bring :-)  I thought that it would be hard to find a
     German program that is a) unknown here, or at least not available,
     and b) Useful for someone who doesn't speak German.  I found a program
     called ST Guide, which is a useful tool for people who want to create
     or organize an online help system.  It is said to be similar to PC
     programs such as Norton Guide.  A text file can be turned into a help
     file that then can be used from the ST Guide accessory.  The program
     is useful for shareware authors, for example, who would like to
     provide a help system with their program (there is a freeware version
     coming with it!).  And the best thing about ST Guide is that I could
     get an English version with English docs from the developer.  GA.

     I'll do a quick /who to get a list of who's here, then have DELPHI
     a random number to decide which person will receive the program.  Hang
     on a sec...

     And the winning number is...

     11.  Steve, that's you!


 .Paul P.>
     Right on Steve!!

     How did I get there?  I had DELPHI roll a 17 sided die and Steve was
     the number 11 person on the list of who's here.

     Steve, send me your mailing address in e-mail, and I'll get it to

     Congrats, Steve!  I don't have the program right here (didn't feel
     like carrying it through the US...), but send me your address, and
     it's on the way as soon as I get back home (May). GA.

     Sounds like Atari U.S! Just kidding!


     Okay.  That out of the way, we'll continue with the questions.  Jerry,
     you want to try again?

     In Gordie's opening statement about you writing for a Journal... Q -
     Are you like a Bata tester EX...MultiTOS...  And are there some NEW
     items in the horizon that the general public don't know about?

     If the public doesn't know about it then there is a reason for that
     Have you heard about Pure Pascal, the new Pascal compiler from
     Application Systems, that is supposed to be compatible to Turbo Pascal
     (and even faster than Pure C)?


     Okay, Pure Pascal was shown at CeBIT, and it will come out soon.  It
     has been developed by the same people who already swept the C market
     with Pure C... (which used to be called Turbo C).  ga

     Another Q -> Do you know if & when some of these software eople will
     write the software to operate for 60 hrz instead of 50 hrz?  60 hrz is
     the USA norm.

     You talk about games, right?  I'm not interested in games at all :-(
     no time for that...

     Some of these are games and some utilities....The DEMOS

     Well, it's the problem that I mentioned earlier.  Some companies just
     don't see chances on the market here...  GA.

     Jerry, anything that doesn't autoboot can be run after using one of
     the various programs that change the rates.

     I've tried that AND they reset to 50 hrz.  I have TOS 1.4.

     Oh, well, I don't know what to tell you then.  E-mail me the names,
     and I'll see if I can find anything out.

     Bad habit :-)  There are lots of people in Germany who also use the 60
     Hz mode, because it's no problem with good color TV sets, and it
     provides a much better image (less flickering). GA.

     ok ga

     Tell us some about the "030" boards, and in your opinion, do you
     believe that they are the wiser route to go than a TT or waiting for
     the new Falcon.  Last, Please try to get someone to translate the
     program NVDI into English, and sell it in the US.  GA

     As for NVDI I'll try to get this message to Bela, the developer of
     NVDI...  Maybe there is a change, I doubt it, though.

     There is no easy answer on whether one should get a TT, a 68030 board
     or a Falcon 030.  First there aren't too many details out about the
     Falcon yet.  The 68030 boards that I reviewed worked pretty good
     (detailed questions?).  If you already have a Mega ST with an
     expensive graphics card and other stuff, it might be wiser to get one
     of those boards.  If you still hang around with your old 1 MB 520 and
     the good old SC1224, a TT might be the cheaper solution (and also the
     more compatible one). GA.

     Last, is NVDI still the fastest? thanks, GA

     I can't confirm that, because I didn't see the CodeHeads' new Warp 9
     yet. GA.

     Is OS-9 used on the ATARI? I have been told it is the popular OS in
     Europe on the ATARI and Amiga, but I was there and saw a lot of Ataris
     and Amigas but no OS-9......

     I haven't seen it either, but it is available.  There are ads for it,
     or at...

     btw OS-9 is an OS that is used on the Tandy CoCo.

     ...least there were ads in the magazines some time ago.  But since it
     isn't TOS/GEM compatible, the masses didn't care about it (and neither
     did the press). GA.

     Has the reunification of Germany provided for much growth in the Atari
     market as a whole?  GA

     Atari had been selling 130XEs and 800XLs to the former GDR, and after
     the reunification there are 16 Million people who have been waiting
     for real computers.  After the first euphoria about the reunification
     was over most families found out, though, that a computer system costs
     a lot of money, money which was actually needed for other stuff (like
     new cars, VCRs, ...)  So the big run for new computers didn't really
     happen, and also PCs are pretty popular in the former GDR now, because
     they provide the same power for less money...  GA.
     Oliver, I would like to say that I think ST Journal is an extremely
     professional product even if it's not chock full of glitzy ads.  Is
     the "power user" population in Germany really as strong as ST Journal
     would seem to indicate (from its content)?

     We try to make a magazine that is understandable for most of the Atari
     owners.  If you compare Atari Journal with other German magazines
     you'll find that we have less articles for the 'real programmer' than
     the other mags.  Instead, we hope to find a good mixture between basic
     introductory articles on various topics (such as 'What is
     multitasking?') and reviews of new hard- and software. GA.

     ST Journal is the only German Mag that I read (it's actually Current
     Notes' exchange copy), so my perceptions may be biased.  Second, there
     are some top-notch US products that seem to work better than European
     ones - UIS III is one example. Hotwire is another.  What kind of
     reception do these get in Europe?

     UIS III is available in Germany (just saw an ad :-), but I haven't
     seen (or written) any reviews.  Hotwire I love, but since Gemini is
     _very_ popular and the new TOS 2.06 is a big success it doesn't get
     the recognition it deserves. GA.

     Thanks, Oliver, that's all for me.  GA.

     Atari seems to be getting more mention in U.S. publications lately -
     even a little advertising!  What is the state of Atari advertising in
     Germany and Europe as a whole?  Thanks!  GA (Get Atari) :^)

     There are ads in Atari magazines.  I don't know about other non-
     computer related magazines, though.  What I'm always surprised about
     is that they have radio commercials in which they tell us how good the
     ST can be used for video games.  They claim that the world's best
     games are available for the ST, and that it is just as perfect for
     playing games as for serious work.  What businessman is gonna buy an
     ST for his office after that?  GA

     Do public perceptions of the various computers (e.g. Ataris, Macs,
     IBM/clones, Amigas, etc.) differ much between here and Europe?  (GA)

     In Germany the Amiga is widely know as a game machine.  GFA BASIC
     wasn't a big success for the Amiga, for example.  The ST is used by
     students, small businesses, and universities (yes, that's true!). GA.

     So the Atari in Europe is like the Mac here?

     I don't really know what the Mac is doing here.  A couple of years ago
     the Mac was quite expensive, so the average user couldn't afford to
     get one..  This has changed now, and many people who would have bought
     an Atari get themselves a Mac... Good bye, JackIntosh! GA.

     Dana wanted me to ask if Atari Journal has considered expanding it's
     readership by producing an English version?  I'll add that I think
     it'd be nice to see some translated articles in some of the existing
     US magazines, if that would be possible.

     Naa, I don't think that there will be a chance for an English version.
     Translated articles?  Hmm, I can't make any decisions on that, but
     I'll forward that proposal.


 .Paul P.>
     Since the Deutsch Mark fluctuates like the English Pound, how can we
     be sure the prices quoted in catalogs/magazines like ST Format, ST
     User, etc. are current?  Like when I call, will they give me a US
     dollar amount?  (sorry, call me naive I guess) :) GA

     I don't think that many companies will accept payments in US dollars.
     One problem is that credit card orders are not common in Germany (I
     don't know any company on the Atari market that accepts credit card
     orders.) GA.

 .Paul P.>
     So then what are we to do?  Any Suggestions?

     Open your own business, import the particular program and sell it
     here!  No, seriously, I don't know how you can order stuff in Germany
     that is not available here.  Maybe you have friends over there who
     could send you the stuff? GA.

 .Paul P.>
     Wouldn't I have to pay a "duty" too?

     Not in Germany, as far as I know, but maybe the US customs wants to
     see some money.

 .Paul P.>
     Thanx.  GA.

     AP7, do you have a solution here?

     The gentleman who needs to know about paying in a foreign currency, I
     suggest correspondence first, then send foreign denomination travelers

     Yes, travelers cheques in German marks do exist! GA.

     I got MasterSound from England that way, no probs with customs,

     Kev, you have a comment?

     Send a letter first, like AP7 said - I just sent money once and got

     Excellent point.

     It's running a little late, so why don't we have another door prize
     drawing?  We'll try a trivia question here, so...

     Here's the rule for the Trivia contest.  Type your answer as soon as
     you have one.  But DO NOT press RETURN until you get the signal to do
     so.  That will provide a fair chance to any of us who don't have
     especially good typing skills.  Any answer that 'jumps the gun' will
     be disqualified, and we'll have to ask another one, which will
     probably be tougher.  So please, wait for the signal.

     This time, the prize is some kind of keyboard enhancers.  Oliver, can
     you explain a bit better?

     Okay, you have noticed that I had some problems with this keyboard.
     (* Which have been edited out to enhance readability- Gordie *) A
     German company has developed new key caps for the ST that improve that
     feedback.  Unfortunately these caps are for German STs with all those
     nasty umlaut characters etc.  They also have a brand new product which
     improves the touch even more.  As you might know there are little
     pieces of rubber with a graphite ring under each key which close an
     electrical circuit whenever that particular key is pressed.  The
     quality of the original Atari keyboard is so bad, because those rubber
     things (I have no clue what they are called) are so weak.  The prize
     I'm gonna give away now is a replacement set for those rubber things.
     It's easy to install them, and it is really good (not as good as a PC
     keyboard with DEKA, though :-)  GA.

     Okay, you all know the Rule, so we'll have Oliver ask his question
     now.  Do NOT press that RETURN key until I give the signal.

     Norm, I'm sorry, but you can't participate, because it would be unfair
     if you did :-)


     I'll give you all about a minute to answer.

     Okay, here's the question:  How many keys are there on German ST

     I can see you guys searching for photos of German STs :-)  GA.

 .Gordie says PRESS RETURN NOW!

 .Steve> 84

 .Jerry> ???

 .Paul P.> 75

 .AP7> 95

 .STeaser> 109

 .Sky> 108


 .AP7> 101

 .Terry> 118

     Any other answers?

 .AP7> 102

 .Sky> 91

     No fair giving more than one!

 .AP7> 97


 .AP7> ok

 .Steve> 1 through 200  (kidding) :)

     Anyone right yet, Oliver?

 .Kevin> 92

     No more guessing!

     Yes, I think there is a correct answer, what do you think, Norm?  GA.

     I am typing on a PC keyboard with a DEKA..I haven't got one to check,
     but it is one more than an American ST keyboard!

     Yes, that's right.  And since this keyboard right in front of me has
     94 keys (we counted 3 times!) the correct answer is 95!  GA.

     AP7, you won!

     my first guess

     E-mail me your address and I'll forward it on to Oliver.

     Congrats!  (Ok, what's the extra key??)

 .Paul P.>
     darn! Missed it buy that much eheheeheh! Right on AP7!!

     Congrats AP7 (and Steve)


     Congrats!  I hope you don't have a DEKA so that you can use this prize
     (actually I hope you do have a DEKA :-) GA.

     It was a guess, I knew more, thought one, but when no congrats figured
     might be wrong and....

     Congrats, (but isn't 93 close too <g>

     It's an extra alphabetic character, right...?


     All European keyboards have one extra key, whose use varies by


     Okay, we're over 2 hours, so we'll have a couple more questions, and
     then draw for the big prize.  Which... is a PC Speed.  <g>  Aren't you
     glad you all hung around this long?

     The one key that we were looking for is the '<>' key which is located
     on the left side of the 'y' (which is located where you guys have the
     'z').  Did you get that?  It's QWERTZ in the top line, and YXCV in the
     bottom line. GA.

     It is located next to the left SHIFT key, which is shorter!

     Oliver, do you have any feelings as to why new products appear on the
     horizon in Europe before anywhere else?  (Dana asked me to ask that

     New products?  European products, or new Atari machines? GA.

     Atari products, I'd guess.  ga

     Probably because the market is _a lot_ bigger.  I don't really like
     that, though, because this policy ruins the US market entirely.  They
     should get the machines out everywhere at the same time.  I know, FCC
     regulations are a problem, but other companies don't have that
     problem, right? GA.

     Good observation.  Other companies do seem to break new products
     everywhere at the same time without a problem.

     What is the Falcon I've seen mention of... a computer, or a game?

     I didn't see the Falcon myself.  Jack Tramiel called it a workstation
     for your home.  Since it is said to be compatible with the old ST line
     I'd call it a computer :-) GA.

     In the USA, Atari is suing another company [Nintendo I think]... Is
     this company having any influence in Europe & Germany or is this a
     press stunt for exposure?
     The story has been in the news in Europe, actually in the 'News from
     USA section of Atari Journal :-)', but I don't think that this is
     gonna have a big influence in Europe (unless Atari makes a lot of
     money by winning the lawsuit).  Nintendo is big in Europe, too.  GA.

     ok and thank you for appearing here on Delphi

     I think we'll give away that PC Speed, and take this informal.  We're
     running about 2 1/2 hours and it's approaching 1 on the east coast.

     ich bin fertig!

     Great! GA.

     We'll do the random method, so give me a sec to do a /who to get the

 .Paul P.>
     Just a comment to say thanks and to say it is good to see the ATARI
     still supported.  Thanks Oliver for coming tonite!!!!


     I'll second that.  Thanks!

     Oh, does anyone have an objection to including our two previous
     in this drawing?

 (* There were several conflicting views on the matter... *)

     Looks like a vote is in order.  /send biblinski with your vote to
     exclude or include.

     Let me take this brief pause to thank Oliver for being our guest
     tonight, and for providing the door prizes.

     Gotta do a count here...  hang on...

     Okay, we got more includes than excludes.

     It was great being here tonight and talking to you.  A very nice
     experience, I guess it's time we get something like this in Germany,
     too. The Atari is not dead, and with your support it won't die that

     And the winning number is...

     Number 4, who is... Terry!





     No, I got it wrong.



     Sorry, Terry.  Forgot to exclude myself and Oliver.

     The winner is Paul P.  He's the fourth on my list after me and Oliver.

     It was nice for awhile! :^)

     Why can't I win my own prize?  That's unfair - at least it would save
     me some postage :-)

     Yay again!
 .Paul P.>
     I won??

     wanna trade?

     Yeah, Wanna??

     Paul, send me your address in e-mail, and I'll get it to Oliver.

 .Paul P.>
     No prob.  Wow!  The first time I ever won!  Thanx, I'll do it!!!


     Way to go Paul!!

     Congrats Paul!

     All right Paul!  Sheeya!

     Congrats!!!! Paul, now you can find out how clumsy DOS is and how
     great TOS is in person!!!

     I've got a book on using the PC Speed written by Oliver Steinmeier,
     in English!  Interested Paul??

     Hey Norm, don't forget that Fred McGhee, a US Atari expert did most of
     the work on the translation of the book (so it is written in perfect
     US English!)

 .Paul P.>
     Thanx! You betcha! I was gonna get it but couldn't afford since I got
     laid off last Tuesday.

     And it's time to bring the formal portion of this CO to a close.
     Thanks again, Oliver, and enjoy the rest of your visit to the USA!

 .Gordie declares the CO officially over!

    This conference  transcript is  the exclusive  property  of the ST
    Advantage on DELPHI. Permission to reprint is granted only if this
         notice is included and the transcript is left unchanged.

 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

                               EXTRA! EXTRA!
     The forum staff announces a new programming contest.  Any program in
 any language is eligible.  Programs must be submitted by midnight April 30
 to lib 1.  See message #28538 for details.  Don't forget to include your
 name in the file description so I can give you credit.



                         1992 Blue Ridge ATARIFEST

 Where: Westgate Shopping Center - Asheville, N.C.

 Take any major highway into Asheville  (US 19-23,  US 26  or I-40)  to the
 I-240  loop,  then  take  the  "Westgate/Hilton  Inn  Drive exit" into the
 Westgate Shopping Center parking lot.

                            When: 18, July 1992
                            Time: 10:am to 6:pm

 Points of contact:

               Van Estes, BRACE Pres.       Clifford E. Allen, V.Pres.
               704-685-8358                 GEnie: C.Allen17
                                            INTERNET: callen@UNCA.EDU

                              Sheldon Winick
                              GEnie: S.WINICK
                              Computer STudio

                 Come for the day or come for the weekend,
                      but do come and enjoy yourself.

 Great Smokies Hilton Resort  Hilton Inn Drive        (704)254-3211
                  Toll-free reservation phone number 1-800-733-3211

 Radisson                    One Thomas Wolf Plaza    (704)252-8211
                  Rate: $62.00 per room (1-4 people)

          ====== Additional Hotel / Motel Information ===========

 Days Inn                       I-26 and Airport Road     (704)684-2281
                                I-40 Exit 55              (704)298-5140

 Econo Lodge                    US 70 East, I-40 Exit 55  (704)298-5519

 Holiday Inn                    275 Smoky Park Hwy        (704)667-4501
                        Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-HOLIDAY

 Red Roof Inn                   I-40 and US 19-23 Exit 44 (704)667-9803
                       Toll-free reservation phone number1-800-843-7663

 Buget Motel                    I-40 Exit 44 (Enka-Chandler)
                                   West Asheville  Exit       (704)665-2100
 Western Asheville Central  22 Woodfin St                 (704)253-1851

       ========= Local Bed & Breakfast lodging Information =========

 Aberdeen Inn                64 Linden Ave                (704)254-9336
 Albemarle Inn               86 Edgemont Road             (704)255-0027
 Applewood Manor             62 Cumberland Circle         (704)254-2244
 The Bridle Path Inn        Lockout Road                  (704)252-0035
 Cairn Brae B & B           217 Patton Mountain Rd        (704)252-9219
 Carolina B & B             177 Cumberland Ave            (704)254-3608
 Cedar Crest Victorian Inn  674 Biltmore Ave              (704)252-1289
 Corner Oak  Manor               53 St. Dunstan           (704)253-3525
 Cornerstone Inn            230 Pearson Dr                (704)253-5644
 Flint Street Inn           100 & 116 Flint Street        (704)253-6723
 The Lion and The Rose      276 Montford Ave              (704)255-7673
 The Ray House B & B         83 Hillside St               (704)252-0106
 Reed House                 119 Dodge St                  (704)274-1604
 The Wright Inn             235 Pearson Drive             (704)251-0789

 A more complete listing of Bed  & Breakfasts  can be  obtained through the
 Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

 Reservations  should  be  made  immediately,  as July is the height of our
 tourist season.

                ===========  CAMP GROUNDS ================

           (reservations are a must during this time of season):

 Mount Pisgah:
     About 20 miles southwest  of Asheville  on the  Blue Ridge  Parkway at
 mile post  408.6 (National  Park Service). 690 acres. Elevation 5000'. One
 of the nicest campgrounds in Western North Carolina. 67 tent  sites, 70 RV
 For reservations:
                   P.O.Box 749, Watnesville, N.C. 28786
                           phone (704) 235-9109.
                                No showers
                          Groceries and resturant
                              Nature program
                            14 day stay limit.

 Lake Powhatan:
     4 miles  south of  Asheville on  State road  191, 3.5 miles west on FR
 806.  30  acres.  98  tent/rv  sites.  Reservation  available  thru Mistix
 1-800-283-CAMP.  Disposal   station.  No   showers.  Swimming;  lifeguard;
 fishing; nature trails; bicycles. 14-day stay limit.

     While in the area, you might  want to  consider a  little sightseeing,
 and include  a visit  to the Biltmore House here in Asheville (the largest
 single family residence ever built in the U.S.--its  a "castle").  A visit
 to the  Biltmore can be a full-day's activity as you will want to view the
 house, visit the winery, and walk some of the grounds and gardens.
          The House 9 am to 6pm         The Gardens 9am to 7pm
                         Conservatory 9am to 5:30pm
          The Winery Monday-Saturday   11am to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

     Other areas of interest include; the Thomas Wolf home (adjacent to the
 Raddison), the Blue Ridge Parkway and Folk Art Center. A drive up the Blue
 ridge Parkway to enjoy the higher elevations and  incredible views  of our
 mountains.  Perhaps  a  hike  up  to  Mount  Pisgah  and look back down to
 Asheville(you can see Mt. Pisgah from  most  anywhere  in  Asheville).   A
 short drive  from Mt.  Pisgah will  take you to Sliding Rock (for those of
 you travelling with kids who are  still  kids  at  heart),  the  Cradle of
 Forestry (first forest school in the country), waterfalls, trout hatchery,
 etc. For the adventurous, white water rafting  on the  Natahala River near
 Bryson City (approx one and a half hours from here).

     There's  obviously  loads  more  to  see  and  do around Asheville (in
 addition to the Blue Ridge AtariFest and a  visit to  Computer STudio :-).
 If any  of y'all would like maps and additional tourist info of the area I
 might suggest contacting the Chamber of Commerce:

                    Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
                            151 Haywood Street
                               P.O. Box 1010
                            Asheville, NC 28802
                      704-258-6111 FAX: (704)251-0926


 > PURE C NOW! STR InfoFile     Application Systems Heidelberg's Pure C

                Pure C - The Complete C Development System

 Gribnif Software is proud  to  announce  the  availability  of Application
 Systems Heidelberg's  Pure C  in the  North American Atari market. This is
 the newest  version  of  Turbo  C  Professional,  previously  from Borland
 Germany. While the package remains in its original German form, the entire
 program's interface is in English.

 The system includes an editor, compiler, linker, and a debugger.  It works
 on  all  Atari  ST  &  TT  computers, fully supporting high resolution and
 extended color displays.

 The Pure C environment includes a  complete context  sensitive help system
 which can  provide information  on any  selected function. The sample code
 and information from the help system can be even pasted  directly into the

 The Project  Manager makes  it easy to handle all your C sources, assembly
 sources, and object files. Only those files which  have been  modified are
 re-compiled or assembled.

 The   ANSI   standard   Compiler   supports  type  checking  and  function
 prototyping.  When   an   error   is   found   during   compiling,  simply
 double-clicking on  the error  message places  the cursor  directly on the
 offending source code line.

 Libraries are included for the TT's  math co-processor,  FSM-GDOS support,
 and the Borland BGI Graphics Library for compatibility with PC programs.

 The Assembler  is five times faster than before, and supports local labels
 and  longer  symbol  names.  It  can  also  generate  code  for  all 680x0
 processors, up  to the  68040. It  also generates  code for  the 68881 and
 68882 FPUs.

 The Debugger is a  full  source  level  debugger  with  its  own graphical
 environment. It  allows any  number of windows to be open at once. Windows
 can include  source code,  variables, assembly,  CPU/FPU registers, memory
 dumps,  watched  expressions,  and  the  system  stack. Breakpoints can be
 configured for a variety of specialized situations. There's even a special
 "animation" mode,  where you  can watch  the program execute one line at a

 Feature List

 o Fully Integrated Development Environment

 o Fast GEM-based Editor

 o Integrated Compiler and Linker

 o Easy Project Management

 o File Cache for Include and Object files

 o Quick Turnaround Time

 o Context-sensitive Help System for C definitions and user-defined

 o Compiler is ANSI standard

 o Lightning fast compiling, at about 9000 lines/minute

 o Generates code for 68000, 68010, 68020, 68030, 68040, 68881, and 68882

 o Amazingly fast assembler with macros, modules, and long symbol names

 o Linker supports DRI and Pure C object files

 o Simple library creation

 o Pure Debugger for Pure C and external programs

 o Debugger has its own graphical windowing system

 o Debugger displays processor and FPU registers, plus all variables within
   the program

 o Resource construction set included

 o Help System compiler lets you to create your own context-sensitive help

 o  PC-HELP  accessory  for  accessing  help  outside  of  the  developer

 o 3 manuals, 650 pages total


 o Any Atari ST, STE, TT or compatible computer

 o At least 1 megabyte of memory

 o Any resolution (80 columns or greater), including high resolution and
   extended color display


     $275 U.S. (plus shipping and handling)

     Turbo C Upgrades: $175 (must include original Turbo C master disks)

     Shipping and handling:  $7 within the US, $10 to Canada

                             Gribnif Software
                               P.O. Box 350,
                             Hadley, MA 01035
                            Tel: (413) 584-7887
                            Fax: (413) 584-2565

                                 NeoDesk 3

              The Ultimate Desktop's Amazing Spring Promotion

 Gribnif Software is happy to announce its new Spring Promotion of the best
 selling desktop replacement for the Atari ST, STE, and TT computers.

 The Regular Suggested Retail is $69.95.   Through  this special promotion,
 you can get the popular NeoDesk 3 for only:


                       50% off the Regular List Price!

 Only limited  quantities will  be offered  at this special price, and once
 they are gone, the price will  go back  to the  original $69.95,  so order

 Try out  the desktop that beats the competition hand down.  It offers many
 more features, capabilities, and power than even Atari's  new desktop (TOS
 2.0 and above).

 NeoDesk 3  is a  complete replacement for the built-in desktop.  It is the
 easiest and most affordable way to reach your Atari's true potential.

 NeoDesk 3 adds  many  new  features  and  enhancements  over  the original
 desktop, while  remaining compatible with your other software.  There's no
 hardware to buy, no ROMs to plug in.  Just install it  on your  system and
 off you go.

                             Gribnif Software
                               P.O. Box 350,
                             Hadley, MA 01035
                            Tel: (413) 584-7887
                            Fax: (413) 584-2565

 Shipping and handling:  $4 within the US, $5 to Canada.

 Dealer Inquiries Invited (Promotion Applies to You Too!)


 > ///TURBO BOARD BBS VER. 2 STR Spotlight


 Turbo Board  ST Version  2 is a total rewrite of our original BBS program.
 Over a year's work has gone into the total rewrite of Version  1, and Bill
 Miller has really outdone himself this time!  We think we have a very good
 BBS program indeed!

 The ///Turbo Board  Support bbs is running at bps rates from 1200-14400 if
 you would like to give us a call, the number is 416-274-1225

 Our F-net  number is  node 18,  if you  are calling  from an ST bbs in the

                                        John Miller, Bitblit Systems

 Turbo Board Version 2's NEW Features
 -Expanded User privileges and Bitmaps for Passwords
 -KByte/File Ratio System
 -Smart Batch uploading & User File Description Editing
 -Ymodem-g uploads for HST users
 -BBS Handles/Real Name system
 -Full User File Editor
 -Masked Sysop commands (For Co-sysops)
 -Many NEW Sysop Functions, including new File Editor and Password Editor
 -Execute files from Main menu commands
 -Sysop definable Menus and Prompts
 -Main Menu commands and functions fully programable (also Submenus)
 -Many New Copy and Save Functions for Fmail, and other files
 -Quick help edit prompt in message editor
 -Modular BBS, (Main Module only uses about 80K of memory) for greater
  free memory -lots- when running Binkley (Fido Mailer)
 -NEW Database, you can use  archives, and users can easily upload new
  database entries, entries have access levels
 -BBS handles line answering instead of modem
 -NEW SIG system for grouping message bases, fully configurable by Sysop
 -Quick Chat and DOS keys from local console
 -NEW Turbo System Generator with expanded features
 -UPDATE program for Turbo V1 and Forem ST Sysops to convert to V2
 -New Version 2 Manual (addendum for Version 1 Turbo Owners)
 -And many other new small features not listed here that are improvements
  over our Version 1.0

 Additional Features of Turbo 2.1

 Version 2.1 running Version 2.0

 New features include:

 -New Gem BBS Executive Version 3.0 Totally rewritten and enhanced version
 -QWK compatible Qmail system in Message Bases
 -Integrated Full Screen Editor, with Merge and Copy file features for
 -Binkley Mailer may be run as front door, or from BBS
 -New Event Scheduler for all batch files
 -Many smaller enhancements

 Under Developement

 We have been promising this for a long time, and the Next version of Turbo
 Board will contain  -fully- Fidonet Compatible message bases.   No need to
 run Fifo, or Fidodoor.  This new version is presently under developement.

 $89.95 US - USA and International List price for new Sysops
 $69.95 US - Special price for Current BBS Sysops (Supply current BBS
             number and information)
 $29.95 US - Special Update offer for Registered Turbo Version 1 Sysops
             (Turbo 2 addendum instead of Turbo 2 manual)

 Write or call for more information.

 In Canada:              The US:                         Europe & UK:

 Bitblit Systems         ABCO Computer Consultants       L.B. Van Bokkem
 1580 Liveoak Dr         PO Box 6672                     100 Broughton Ave
 Mississauga, ON         Jacksonville, FL                Aylesbury, Bucks
 Canada  L5E 2X6         USA  32205-6672                 England  HP20 1QB
 bbs#                    bbs#                            bbs#
 416-274-1225            904-786-4176                    +44-296-395935



                         SILHOUETTE V1.37 RELEASED

        American  ST/TT  software  developer  Maxwell   C.P.U.   is
    releasing  Version  1.37  of  the  bit-image,  vector  graphics
    drawing  program Silhouette.  For registered users of  versions
    1.25 or higher,  this release is offered as an update - free of
    charge.  Registered  users  on  GEnie  and  Compuserve  receive
    updates direct.

        Silhouette's retail price remains just $94.95.  Maxwell  is
    keeping  in line with Atari's philosophy of "Power without  the
    Price".  Silhouette  is  a comprehensive drawing  program  with
    auto-tracing at 1/5 the price of the auto-tracing program Avant
    Vector and half the price of the nearest competitor.

        Enhancements   to  Version  1.37  of  Silhouette   include:
    Advanced  bezier curve handling,  shipment of  Silhouette  with
    FONT-GDOS,  direct Silhouette print function and convertibility
    of FSM outline fonts to vector objects.

        Bezier  improvements include improved drawing  and  editing
    functions    unique    among   computer   graphics    programs.
    Silihouette's    bezier   and  b-spline   curve   handling   is
    independent  of  GDOS  but supports the GDOS  format  and  also
    outputs bezier curves as postscript.

        FONT-GDOS  by Atari Corp.  is now offered with  Silhouette.
    This is the new replacement for GDOS. It offers bit-image fonts
    with  advanced memory management that greatly  simplifies  GDOS
    use.  Silhouette  now  ships with the full complement  of  GDOS
    drivers including:  HP DeskJet 500, HP LaserJet, HP PainJet, HP
    BubbleJet,  SLM80x, SMM804, Star NB15, NX1000, Epson FX-80, NEC
    Okidata  printers.  Silhouette offers a direct print  function.
    The OUTPUT program of the original GDOS has been eliminated.

        Silhouette  also  supports the new  FSM-GDOS  with  outline
    fonts.  FSM  offers  the same memory management  as  FONT-GDOS.
    Outline  and bit-image fonts are installable together  but  the
    great  advantage  of  FSM is  its  scalable  fonts.  Silhouette
    supports  the rotation and skew options to 1/10th  degree.  And
    FSM  fonts in Silhouette are now convertible to  bezier  vector
    objects which can be warped into impressive designs.

    QINDEX Benchmarks of GDOS:

                  GDOS 1.1     G++         FONT-GDOS      FSM-GDOS
    GEM Draws      76%(293)     96%(294)    91%(294)       91%(294)
    Text Sroll    100%(135)    100%(135)   100%(135)      100%(135)

    Tests with QST-3 Installed are in parentheses.  Benchmarks show
    that  the new GDOS does not retard the system as the  old  GDOS
    did.  With  a software accelerator,  any GDOS does  not  affect
    system performance.  Test done on a MEGA4 with TOS 1.4  blitter

    Upcoming Improvements to Silhouette!

        Silhouette  will soon offer the option of interfacing  with
    the  ScanLite desk accessory by the WizWorks.  This will  allow
    owners  of  handscanners and ScanLite to scan  images  directly
    into Silhouette.

        CVG  output  is presently in the  works.  And  the  present
    postscript  output is being converted to the Adobe  Illustrator
    format viewable and editable in Pagestream.

        Silhouette's   auto-tracing   function  continues   to   be
    advanced.  Expect  a quantum leap improvement very soon with  a
    mild $15 price increase.

        Through  assistance  from Atari  Corp.  developer  support,
    Silhouette's  interface has undergone major improvements  since
    the  initial version 1.07.  The Toolbox is now anchored on  the
    left-side  of the screen and menu options and boxes  have  been
    standardized. Maxwell will not try to impress you with a sea of
    icons  and  an unorthodox interface.  Silhouette will  soon  be
    supporting the new TT video modes, beginning with the TT medium
    resolution 640x480.

 Silhouette V1.37, $94.95.

 Available direct:

                              Maxwell C.P.U.
                               P.O. BOX 576
                         Louisville, CO 80027-9998

                   or through your nearest Atari Dealer.


 > FLOW CONTROL - FIXED? STR FOCUS  "Atari now knows what the problem is.."

                        FLOW CONTROL - IS IT FIXED?

 by John Deegan

     TOS 2.06/3.06 does fix the need for the SERPTCH2 program, which fixed
 other problems related to when the additional serial ports were added.  I
 have been reading many messages on the FNET about people having taken some
 of the flow control patches out with TOS 2.06/3.06 only to find out that
 it does not truly work.

     This and other problems have been pointed it out to Atari recently,
 they are working on these problems but seem reluctant to openly discuss
 these and other problems that still exist in TOS 2.06 (like the double
 mouse event bug and some file selector bugs, etc.)

     Atari now knows what the problem is with the RTS/CTS and maybe now
 they will be able to fix it once and for all.  The many patch programs
 that exist to fix this bug DO NOT FIX IT 100%.  I have disassembled many
 of these to see what they were doing and they don't address the true
 problem. Ironically, it was an issue of STReport earlier this year that
 caused me to re-investigate the problem and find the solution.  This issue
 had a very nice explanation of flow control and the RTS/CTS problems.

     Using a serial bus analyzer I found that the ST continues to send data
 in the hardware flow control mode after the CTS signal goes high.
 Software flow control always worked.  I disassembled the built in RS-232
 handlers in TOS 1.04 and TOS 2.06 and the code "looks" correct.  It
 _should_ work.  But it does not!

     The real problem with the RTS/CTS flow control is not in the software
 but it is in the hardware! No one at Atari had ever considered the real
 problem as my guess is that they have software and hardware people, but
 few if any Systems people. The hardware people never went back to look at
 the problem and the software people could not find any thing that looked
 wrong from their side.

     The problem is that the priority of the CTS interrupt is too low.  The
 MFP (68901 Multi-Function Peripheral) has a 16 level interrupt controller
 and a UART in it.  The UART is the heart of the ST's RS-232 port.  In the
 interrupt controller, several levels are hard-wired for use by the UART.
 The remaining are free to use as the system designers choose.  Atari
 placed the CTS interrupt at level 2 (0 is the lowest, 15 the highest
 priority).  This goes all the way back to the original ST design.

     Level 12 is the interrupt that occurs when a new byte has arrived in
 the UART and Level 10 is the interrupt that occurs when a byte has been
 sent out of the UART and it is empty and ready for a new byte to be
 loaded. These are some of the fixed interrupt levels.

     During software flow control, the XOFF byte is sent by the Modem (Data
 Communications Device or DCE) and the Level 12 interrupt occurs.  Level 12
 is always processed before Level 10.  The XOFF byte is detected by the
 Level 12 handler and it sets an internal flag that says that no more data
 should be transmitted.  In the mean time a byte may be in progress of
 being clocked out of the UART, when this byte is completely clocked out
 the Level 10 interrupt occurs.  The Level 10 interrupt handler will check
 the internal flag and if it says that no output should occur, it returns
 doing nothing further.  If the flag indicates that a byte may be
 transferred, it sends the next byte (if any) in the output buffer by
 loading in into the UART to be clocked out.

     The software flow control mode works as designed.  The hardware flow
 control mode does not. Why? The DCE will raise the CTS line to signal the
 DTE to stop sending data, this will cause a Level 2 interrupt on the ST.
 However Level 2 is well below Level 10 and when the system is backed up,
 it is possible that the Level 10 interrupt may occur several times before
 the Level 2 handler is ever serviced.  The Level 2 handler may not get the
 chance to set the internal flow control flag until it is too late, i.e.
 several extra bytes have leaked out.  At 19200 baud, the Level 10
 interrupt handler can occur as often as every 521 uSec, thats about 521
 instructions on an 8 MHz 68000.  With the other interrupt levels and the
 fact that an interrupts are sometimes disabled, statistically the problem
 is likely to occur.  The early flow control patches may have worked at
 lower baud rates, but could not keep up at the higher rates.

     The real fix is to "read the interrupt register that indicates if a
 Level 2 interrupt has occurred before attempting to output a byte in
 hardware flow control mode, i.e. don't rely of the software flag as it may
 not be up to date, check the hardware register directly before attempting
 to output a byte."  Atari now knows this and can, undoubtedly, fix the

     In addition, Atari needs to address the fact that the RS-232 speed
 tops out at 19200 baud.  This limits current modems that have a DTE-DCE
 link rate of 38400 baud as my USR Courier Dual Standard 16.8 does.  The
 newer V.32bis modems can talk at 57600 baud.

     The new "Voice Mail" extensions to the Supra FAX Modems require 38400
 baud to send the compressed voice data.  This is a major limitation.  I
 have seen patches that allow higher baud rates, of 38400 on STs and Atari
 says that two of the extra serial ports on the Mega STe and TT/030 that
 use the Zilog SCC chip can go faster, but unfortunately, this is not
 supported in the BIOS.

     Hopefully, the next generation of machines will finally address this
 aggravating problem.


 > SAN JOSE SHOW Show STR SHOW NEWS    Northern California Atari Show



 JULY 25th - 26th

 Sacramento, Ca
     The first  Northern California  Atari show  in two years was announced
 today by  a coalition  of three  local Atari  user groups,  Atari Bay Area
 Computer Users Society, the Sacramento ST users group, and the San Leandro
 Computer Club.  The show will be held Saturday and  Sunday, July  25th and
 26th in Atari's own backyard at the Exhibit Hall in San Jose, California.

     This  is  the  second  Northern  California  Atari Expo, the first was
 highly attended and very successful.  The show will run  from 10  a.m to 5
 p.m. each  day and  admission is  just $5.  The Exhibit Hall is located at
 145 W. San Carlos, San Jose.

     A Variety of dealers  and developers  are expected  to attend, showing
 and selling  their software  and hardware products for the ST/TT and 8-bit
 family of computers as well as the Portfolio and Lynx.

     For additional information  on  the  show  including  exhibition space
 availability, please contact us at:

                      Northern California Atari Expo
                                 c/o SLCC
                               P.O. Box 1506
                           San Leandro, Ca 94577
                         GEnie Address - M.WARNER8
                          call at (510) 352-8118
                              (510) 534-2197

     There will be further press releases as more information becomes


 > USR SETTINGS STR Spotlight   USRobotics Dual Standard 16.8 HST Modem

     After noticing how many folks were having one kind minor problem or
 another setting up their modems, I decided to place my own "S" register
 settings in this issue as a reference.


 USRobotics Courier 16800 HST Dual Standard Settings...

    B1  C1  E1  F1  M1  Q0  V1  X7

    &A3  &B1  &C1  &D2  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K1  &L0
    &M4  &N0  &P0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %R0

    S00=000  S01=000  S02=043  S03=013  S04=010
    S05=008  S06=002  S07=060  S08=002  S09=006
    S10=007  S11=050  S12=050  S13=000  S14=001
    S15=000  S16=000  S17=002  S18=000  S19=007
    S20=000  S21=010  S22=017  S23=019  S24=150
    S25=005  S26=001  S27=000  S28=008  S29=020
    S30=000  S31=000  S32=005  S33=000  S34=000
    S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000


 USRobotics Courier 16800 HST Dual Standard NVRAM Settings...

    DIAL=TONE   B1  F1  M1  X7

    &A3  &B1  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K1  &L0  &M4
    &N0  &P0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %R0

    S02=043  S03=013  S04=010  S05=008  S06=002
    S07=060  S08=002  S09=006  S10=007  S11=050
    S12=050  S13=000  S15=000  S19=007  S21=010
    S22=017  S23=019  S24=150  S25=005  S26=001
    S27=000  S28=008  S29=020  S32=005  S33=000
    S34=000  S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000




 USRobotics Courer 16800 HST Dual Standard NVRAM Settings...

    DIAL=TONE   B0  F1  M1  X7

    &A3  &B1  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K1  &L0  &M4
    &N0  &P0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %R0

    S02=043  S03=013  S04=010  S05=008  S06=002
    S07=060  S08=002  S09=006  S10=007  S11=050
    S12=050  S13=000  S15=008  S19=007  S21=010
    S22=017  S23=019  S24=150  S25=005  S26=001
    S27=000  S28=008  S29=020  S32=005  S33=000
    S34=000  S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000


 USRobotis Courier 16800 HST Dual Standard Settings...

    B0  C1  E1  F1  M1  Q0  V1  X7

    &A3  &B1  &C1  &D2  &G0  &H1  &I0  &K1  &L0
    &M4  &N0  &P0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &X0  &Y1  %R0

    S00=000  S01=000  S02=043  S03=013  S04=010
    S05=008  S06=002  S07=060  S08=002  S09=006
    S10=007  S11=050  S12=050  S13=000  S14=001
    S15=008  S16=000  S17=000  S18=000  S19=007
    S20=000  S21=010  S22=017  S23=019  S24=150
    S25=005  S26=001  S27=000  S28=008  S29=020
    S30=000  S31=000  S32=005  S33=000  S34=000
    S35=000  S36=000  S37=000  S38=000



     I've seen where some folks have complaints of 24oo baud callers not
 making good connections or no connections at all.  Believe me, with two of
 these modems, it was easy to test all baud rates.  Then to make sure of
 myself, I had 15 of my locals call the BBS at 1200 and 2400 using
 different brands of modems a number of times.  They did so without
 difficulty.  If anyone is having any kind of 'connect' problem, it would
 be a very wise and prudent decision to call USR and get an RMA number.
 (Return Merchandise Authorization) Get the modem exchanged or repaired.
 When the USRobotics Dual Standard 16.8 is working it is an exercise in
 perfection and speed.  I hope my setting help in acting as a reference
 point.  If you are considering a modem purchase, I highly recommend the
 USRobotics Dual Standard 16.8. High Speed Modem.  Especially if you are a
 Sysop as you will be offering the very finest performance to your
 users/callers.  The USR DS connects at 14.4 with most any modem out there
 capable of doing so with v.32 and its quite fast.


 > STR Support BBS List STR InfoFile      The STReport Conference

       CrossNet Conference Node Listing - as of 04/17/92 at 05:20 PM
                  Conference:  "STReport Online" (34813)
         Generated From "Lead" Node:  350 - * THE BOUNTY ST BBS *
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   18 - ///Turbo Board Support           19 - Autoboss/Atari Elite BBS
   46 - Cheyenne Mountain                75 - Bloom County BBS
   80 - Bit Heaven                       99 - The Time Warp BBS
  135 - Batcave BBS                     266 - The Patch House
  287 - Starlight BBS                   299 - Critical Mass
  307 - PayBax BBS                      321 - microTalk
  322 - ACEY                            345 - RAM Wasteland
  350 - * THE BOUNTY ST BBS *           363 - ComNet Luxembourg
  378 - Little Lulu's Playground        410 - ACE Information Service
  422 - Virtual Reality  (PRIVATE)      429 - MASATEK
  440 - {{{{ Realm of Chaos }}}}        442 - CMFM Blaster-Mix BBs
  462 - The Atari ST Connection         469 - The Outer Region BBS
  475 - Top Gun Systems #1-Las Vegas,   478 - Spectrum Atari Group of Erie
  484 - microTalk II                    489 - STeal Your Face
  504 - Media 2000                      508 - The SenTinel BBS
  512 - The Asylum BBS                  513 - The Forgotten Realms
  532 - Bill's BBS                      546 - Bear Swamp BBS
  548 - The Metal Shop                  555 - The Grid BBS
  556 - Thieves Guild                   557 - The Software Syndicate
  595 - Temple of Doom                  602 - Cartoon Haven BBS - FNET 602
  610 - The Songwriter's Den BBS        618 - The Sword's Blade
  620 - Leif's World                    625 - Phil's Hangout
  633 - The Dark STar BBS               637 - The Source Machine BBS
  639 - The Million Dollar Saloon       642 - Hero's Haven
  643 - The Ringworld                   647 - E.H.C.R.
  648 - The Mosh Bit                    657 - The Round Table BBS
  668 - ARGONAUT'S BBS                  669 - Dateline: Atari BBS
  675 - Motherboard                     678 - A.C.O.R.N.
  680 - The Revolution                  681 - {-The STation  681-}
  687 - R.A.T. III                      689 - Speedy's Raceway
  690 - Progressive Atari ST Enthusia   701 - The Conqueror Connection
  702 - The Mother of All BBSs          707 - RevelSTone BBS
  709 - Excalibur BBS                   712 - H. B. Smog
  715 - //The Fast ST Connection\\      716 - The STronghold
  722 - Alcatraz Prison                 731 - The Gamers Guild
  735 - Rick's Beach Hut                736 - The MIDI Clinic BBS
 1010 - Micro-Mola                     1027 - Track 83
 1029 - System X BBS                   1031 - <<<InterNet>>>
 1042 - The Tavern                     1047 - -[> T.G.M <]-
 1049 - < Fortress BBS >               1054 - STatic BBS

     Simply our way of recognizing these fine systems & sysops and saying
 "thank you" for their continued support!


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  From the Editor's Desk

     May the warmth and joy of the Holiday Season belong to each and every
 one of you.  Happy Easter and Passover to everyone.  There is really not
 too much going on other than the great vibes still emanating from the
 echos of the recent TAF ACE '92 Show in Toronto.  In this week's issue we
 have an exclusive eyewitness report from the ACE'92 show that is really
 very good reading.

     Flow Control is covered in this week's issue and its sure to become a
 topic of discussion as high speed modems become more and more common place
 in our telecommunicating world.  It is reported that 4 out of every 12
 modem users aare now acapable of speed above 2400 bps... not bad.

                    Thank you for your strong support!

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - London, UK                          FRONTIER SOFTWARE GOES DOWN

     A bit of news from the UK, Frontier Software is no more. They are a UK
 company who were generally agreed in this country to provide the best in
 memory ugrades etc.  The good news however is that 2 former managers have
 taken over the operation under a new name.

          OLD COMPANY was Frontier Software
                              PO BOX 113
                              N. Yorks
                              HG2 0BE

     They made and supplied Printer buffers, Cartridge Port Clocks and Ram
 upgrades for the ST.  The Ram upgrades were cheap, of good quality and
 generally considered the very best available for the ST.  Apparently, they
 went under about two weeks ago.  The new company, MARPET Developments is
 now operated by two former Frontier managers and is running from temporary
 premises and a temporary phone number until they can set things up on a
 permanent basis.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 From the FNET

 Msg #29180 ( 53 of  53) Date:  04-11-92 (19:19)
 From: MARK K.
 - wow - you made your mark there mark !!
 - So where was i unintelligent ??
 - Just dont whack me with the fact i am leaving unintelligent messages -
 - tell me why !!
 - I am just trying to get some debate going on here - which i have not
 - seen you doing too much of !!

     I have been contributing to the Atari community for quite a while.  In
 case you are not aware, this are a few to mention: Review of the
 "Profibuch" (USENET), help/suggestions to Mr. Varela who is the author of
 the "German-To-English Translator" and some more.

     I am currently majoring in Computer Eng. and have worked with systems
 ranging from VM/CMS to IBM RISC/6000.  I have seen Multitasking at it's
 best and they certainly worked nicely.

     I posted my article on MultiTOS AFTER I had seen it and tried it out.
 It had bugs and at that stage was slow considering it was running on a
 TT68030.  How can someone claim that MultiTOS is the best if he/she never
 tried it?

  The Atari lines of computers are nice but lack good support and more
 professional software.  Some great products are Notator, Calamus SL,
 TurboASM, Tempus and a few more that certainly deserve positive ratings.

     I have never claimed that PCs are superb but they have more to offer
 in terms of software.  I don't want to put any product/company down but
 Atari will have a though time competing in the future.

     I am very neutral and there are pro/contra arguments that I could
 bring up (which I did prior) but Atari users have to be realistic.  The
 "My Computer is the best in the world" mentality doesn't belong into the
 professional world.  Those are child-like statements and have and will not
 lead anywhere.  There should be great respect to other computers and
 companies that try to compete on this market.

     If you want to start an intelligent discussion than this are not
 topics that should be discussed.  I would like to see are more
 info-"hungry" discussion.

     Could anyone from the Atari Corporation answer the following
 questions, or if any readers know the answers please send them to me:

  1) Is there any particular reason why Atari has choosen a very similar
     (actually they are the same) TT-SCSI pin layout as the Macintosh?

 2)  Why did Atari choose to use a non-standard cartridge slot format?
     I am aware that some third party developers are producing adaptors
     that will convert their 0.7087 inches "standard" to the more
     common Insert Cut-Out of 1/10 inch. It seem also that not all
     manufacturers carry the 40-pin dual readout card-edge receptacles.
     More common onces are the 36 or 44 pin. The data has been taken
     from EDAC Series connectors.

 3)  I have seen numerous complaints about the Monitor female and male
     adaptors. Since this are very hard to obtain, many hobbiest are
     having problems to make modifications/designs. A more typical
     connector that could replace the "non-standard" connector on
     the Atari would be the 13-pin Amphenol 92 Series Connectors.
     It's a 13-pin connector with 1 1/4-18 coupling thread. Is there
     any movement by Atari Corporation to adapt more easily obtainable
     parts for their future lines of computers?
     There has been a change in the ST(E) and TT lines. Atari has
     adopted an industrial standard D-Sub Solder Cup - 15 pin connector.
     It should be available in electronic business but it will certainly
     be harder to find than the 2 row versions (8+7).

 4 ) In the future lines of Atari computers, will there be a move towards
     the engineering of a RISC system? Example would be Motorola's
     equivalent of the Intel 80960 (80960KA, 80960KB and 80960MC).
     A cost/performance ratio should be considered.

  5) Bootable disks use several purposes which people should be aware of.
     In the first process, BIOS "analyses" the bootsector during the
     System initialization stage and jumps to the vector that is
     contained in LONG $47A( hdv_boot) which specifis the routine of the
     bootsector. The routine is used by the BIOS to see if there is a
     bootsector and if it's bootable. The sector is loaded into a buffer
     and the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is checked. If the result
     turns out to be $1234 a jump into the first byte of the sector
     occurs. The address of this buffer is not documented (I have
     checked several sources including the released notes) thus a
     position independant routine must be written.
     Where (address) is the buffer?

  6) Why Atari doesn't use the full horz. space of a line but instead
     only 75% in the Atari TT is still a mystery. There would be no
     problems (from the design point of view) to allow 800 to 900 pixels
     per line instead of the current maximum of 640.

     This are a few thoughts that just went through my mind. I would
 certainly like to see all/some of the questions answered.  Even though it
 is easy to blame a company for their mistakes (and I will be the first one
 to admit that they made a few), some aspects that never surfaced should be
 kept in mind:

 - The reason why the Atari TT is not as cheap as some people would like
   to see is, they decided to use most of the ST parts in the TT thus
   the final release came rather late (new design) and rather unnecessary
   high cost (the usage of recent developed VLSI would have cut down
   the cost dramatically).

 - NOTE: FOR PROGRAMMERS [Reference: Atari Profibuch - SYBEX Germany]

   Your fingers adopt very slowly to keyboard combinations. In August
   1989 at the Developers Conference there were certain guidelines
   set by the commision in order to make it more easy to the user. This
   guidelines are universal thus should be adopted for every system
   including PC, Atari, Macintosh, Amiga e.t.c.

 Keyboard Combination |        Function
 Ctrl-C               | "copy"
 Ctrl-F               | "find"
 Ctrl-O               | "open"
 Ctrl-Q               | "quit"
 Ctrl-V               | "paste"
 Ctrl-X               | "cut"
 Shift-"Arrow Up"     | Page back
 Shift-"Arrow Down"   | Page up (next page)
 Shift-"Arrow Left"   | Beginning of line
 Shift-"Arrow Right"  | End of line
 Ctrl-"Arrow Left"    | One word back
 Ctrl-"Arrow Right"   | One word forward
 Home                 | Beginning of the document
 Shift-Home(Clr)      | End of document

 Keyboard Combination |        Function
 Ctrl-A               | Select all
 Ctrl-G               | Next (for searching)
 Ctrl-M               | Save as
 Ctrl-N               | New document
 Ctrl-P               | Print
 Ctrl-S               | Save
 Ctrl-R               | Replace
 Ctrl-U               | Close above window
 Ctrl-W               | Next window
 Ctrl-Y               | Delete line
 Ctrl-Z               | Start shell

 There are a few Multitasking programs for the Atari on the market:

 - Micro-RTX by Beckemeyer Development Tools, allows real-time
 - MiNT ("MiNT Is Not TOS") by Eric Smith which tries to "imitate" Unix.
   Some of the Unix-like features include Pipes, Redirection...
   Latest version is 0.93 and the source code is also available.
 - MultiGEM which was available since the CeBit '91. It will run on a TT.
   With 6 GEM programs running on a TT there is only a small amount of
   speed decrease noticeable. To switch between processes the activation
   on a window is required or selection of a ACC.
   You can run all "CLEAN" (very crutial in any of the above/below)
   programs) programmed GEM programs and TOS programs (help of additonal
   programs required).
 - Minix was originally developed for the PC but ported to the Atari
 - MultiTOS is Atari's entry point into the multitasking world. It still
   requires work in order to improve it. Atari took Eric Smith's concept
   and tries currently to expand on it.

     As you can see, Multitasking on the Atari computers is NOT new as some
 people still assume.  Multitasking has been around for MANY years on other
 platforms and it's just now that Atari Corporation (and not a third party
 developer(s)) realized the users wishes to have one.

     For people who own a Monochrome monitor and would like to view color
 only programs on it, here is a small job you can do to achive it:

      Pin 7                  |
  R ---------270R-----+      |
      Pin 6           |      |
  G ---------120R-----+      |
      Pin 10          |      |
  B ---------820R-----+      |
      Pin 2           |      |
 H+V---------47R------+--------------     > To Coax =========> To Mono
 Sync                      +---------     > Cable   =========> Monitor
        Pin 13             | |
 GROUND -------------------+ |

 *Origin: Fnet Node 66, The Bre(/\)ery _ Ajax_Canada _

 From GEnie

 Category 32,  Topic 11
 Message 72        Sun Apr 12, 1992
 C.F.JOHNSON [CodeHead]       at 12:53 EDT

   Boy oh boy!  Am I ever excited about something.  I can't get specific
 just yet, folks ... but we've got something incredible waiting in the
 wings, being groomed for its debut.  And when I say "incredible," I _mean_
 unbelievable, unprecedented, and incomparable. (I know, it sounds like
 hype - - but I am absolutely certain that when this one comes out, you'll
 agree with me.)

   I'll say one thing about it -- if you're in the market for a word
 processor, you just might want to wait a little while before buying any of
 the currently available products.  If you already own a word processor --
 start looking for a buyer.

            A *MAJOR* announcement is on the way.  Stay tuned.

                                                       - Charles

 From the FNET

 Msg # 23 ( 3 of 10 ) Date:  04-12-92 (13:08)
  Previously L.Ron Kovacs wrote:
  - John, I do not wish to debate you.  What you call a lie is just your
  - oposing opinion to my comments.  However, your reply is not a problem
  - and I sincerely hope this is not going to become a NEW feature.  I am
  - annoyed that I have to read messages from this conference in ST_REPORT.
  - Although it really doesn't surprise me since the fool reprinting them
  - doesn't have the balls to get up here and refute any alledged rumor,
  - only call members here names and spray silling childlike comments all
  - over the place.

     My View?  Comments that you have expressed regarding our BBS software,
 constitute slander in my opinion,  and could be used as a basis for a
 lawsuit to compensate us for any damages resulting from such slander.

     But you don't want to debate this.  Instead, let's discuss this

     Ralph would have gladly debated any of your views, if you hadn't
 deleted his node (350) out of this conference.   Lulu at node 378 would
 also have gladly debated any of your opinions had you not deleted her node
 from this conference also.  If _you_ had any _balls_, you would apologize
 to both these Sysops for deleting their nodes, and you would enter their
 nodes back into this conference.

     You would prefer instead, to scare folks into believing the following:

     Behold L.Ron Kovacs and the Holy Doctrine, and obey all His
 commandments, or face excommunication from the Holy Church of Znetology...


     I hope that Ralph continues to use Qmail to capture any messages from
 this conference.  I hope he continues to publish any message from this
 conference he feels like publishing.  I hope he continues to make you look
 like a fool.  I hope this message ends up in STReport...

     This or any other Fnet conference cannot be copyrighted as they are
 freely networked and, any user can do what he likes with any and all
 messages found in public conferences on a public bbs.

     Unless you delete every node in this conference, I don't see how you
 are  going to stop anyone from capturing these messages, and doing what
 they  like with them.

   John @ Turbo Board Support 416-274-1225   Turbonet 100:3/0   Fnet 18

 From GEnie

 Category 7,  Topic 14
 Message 19        Tue Apr 14, 1992
 JEFF.W [ST Sysop]            at 16:21 EDT

 I just downloaded and read Doyle Helm's two part review of Silhouette in
 the past couple of issues of STReport.  I strongly suggest that anyone
 looking for more information on Silhouette and a hands-on guided tour of
 the program to do likewise.  Doyle has done a nice job on the product

 STR814.LZH is file #23552.  STR815.LZH is file #23655.

 Ralph, are there more segments of the Silhouette review coming in the next
 few issues of STReport?  While the overview of the product is covered very
 nicely, the review doesn't go deep enough (for me) into the actual
 performance of the program.  I assume (uh-oh!) <grin> this is due to space
 considerations.  I'd like to see some real world examples of how Doyle has
 tested the program, how fast it performed, how good the results were, how
 is the learning curve, etc.

 I can appreciate the difficulty of doing a review of a full-bodied product
 like Silhouette without turning over an entire issue or two over to a
 comprehensive and exhaustive review.  But additional segments that go into
 more detail spanning future issues would be great!

 Editor Note:
 Jeff... there will definately be further segments to Mr. Helms' review of
 Tim Reyes' Silhouette.

 From the FNET

 Conf : Atari Technical
 Msg# : 9975/9987  Lines: Extended  Read: 2
 Sent : Apr 13, 1992  at 06:30 AM
 To   : All
 From : Clemens Chin at Fnet Node 467, SHERWOOD FOREST
 Subj : TT Tower & TOS 3.06/AJAX

     Well, I finally put my TT into a tower case (along with my external
 floppy drive and SyQuest drive).  Instead of picking up a clone case, I
 decided to pick up a case specificly designed for the TT from a company in
 London (the case is made by a German company).  I was lucky enough to
 track down a set of the TOS 3.06/AJAX/1.44 floppy upgrade at the same
 time.  Here's a review of my new "T^3"...

     Installing the TT into the tower case was pretty much straight foward
 and self explainitory (luckily since the english documentation wasn't
 complete and I had half of the english docs and the german docs)... The
 case includes a board that allows users to connect additional floppy
 drives easily, adds an additional reset button to the front of the case
 and monitors the thermosensor (which continuously monitors the system for

     Towards the front of the case there is a bay for the original 3.5"
 hard drive (this bay is hidden, therefore, removable media will not be
 suitable for this bay).  There are also 3 exposed bays.  Here is where I
 put my new 1.44 meg floppy, 720 meg floppy and SyQuest mech.  All bays are

     Installing the SyQuest was as simple as removing the old 50 pin ribbon
 cable and replacing it with a longer one with an additional IDE plug.  TOS
 3.06 and AJAX went in within minutes.  No problems at all.

 II.  Power Supply

     Though everything is working flawlessly after running this set up for
 four days non-stop, the power supply concerns me.  Everything is powered
 by the original TT power supply.  It is rated at 64.6 watts (not much at
 all).  Still, it seems to be handling everything nicely; two floppies, a
 hard drive, a SyQuest, an ST RAM board and a TT RAM board.

 III.  Future Upgrades

     This case definitely has room for upgrading.  The manufacturer of the
 case even has an option for an internal VME card cage (with its own power
 supply), Octobus (adds ability to drive up to four floppies, monitor
 switching, bi-directional printer buffer and system protection) and power
 outlets for 4 additional external peripherals (sort of like having a power
 strip on your tower, no power surge supression though).

 IV.  Fit & Finish

     The fit and finish is EXCELLENT.  The holes for the TT's ports in the
 rear are a perfect, vergin fit.  Access to the Lan prt, Midi port,
 Cartridge port and original reset button are not lost as opposed to going
 with a clone case.  Adding any of the above mentioned upgrades would
 require prying off of part of the metal casing.

     At 20" high x 6" wide x 16" deep, this case is not small.  But it has
 reduced to footprint of my original set up considerably (as well as
 reduced the number of cables and power cords behind my desk).  Also, the
 case is very sturdy.

 V.  Problems and Difficulties

     None!  Installation went perfectly, the most difficult part being,
 trying to align the drives so that the face plates are flush with the face
 plate of the case!

     Having done T16 upgrades, TOS upgrades, etc.  Installation of the new
 TOS 3.06 and AJAX were a snap.

     I am also happy to announce that there is absolutely no visible RF
 interference with the monitor as I had with the original TT case.

 VI.  Performance

     Everything is performing as it should, no problems anywhere.  Even
 after continuous use (without powering down for four days), no heat
 problems, no power problem, nothing.

 TOS 3.06 is great, AJAX is excellent and the case is superb.

     The case was flat out expensive.  It cost 145 pounds (1 pound=$1.70,
 estimate).  Was it worth it?  Well, I'm in love, so, I say "YES!" (You
 don't know how long I've been trying to clear the clutter and cables from
 my desk!)

     TOS 3.06/AJAX/1.44 floppy cost me $185.  Was it worth it?  No doubts
 about it!  Selling my old hard drive case, floppy drive, etc. should
 reduce the cost somewhat...

     Interested in the case?  (ST/Mega/STe/MSTe versions available)
                 System Solutions
                 19 Sumner Workshops
                 80 Sumner Road
                 London SE15 6LA  UK

                 Phone: 753-832212

 Looking for TOS(2.06/3.06)/AJAX/1.44 floppy upgrade?
                 Best Electronics
                 2021 The Alameda, Suite 290
                 San Jose, CA 95126

                 Phone: (408)243-6950

 From GEnie

 Category 4,  Topic 11
 Message 149       Fri Apr 17, 1992
 J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 00:55 EDT

     I've decided to let people who want 50Mhz chips for sure go get them
 from a mail order source. We'll knock $95 off the Tiny030 price for those
 who supply thier own 030 chip. We'll also test your chip for you right
 away so you know you got a good one. Just buy it...$130? great...and send
 it in, we'll test it immediately, then put it aside for your unit. We'll
 also cover the unit including the chip under the normal warranty. How's
 that for flexibility?

     All 50Mhz 030 equipped units will ship at 50Mhz, we've thoroughly
 tested the design now at 50, so away we go!!

 Further tuning report...Turbo030 running at 40Mhz:

    NBM mem = 1.78
        math = 2.23
        dial = 5.05
        graf = 10.83

    QI 2.2
    memory   1110
    reg      1024
    div      1268
    shf      4457
    txt      1084
    str      5053
    scr       160
    draw     1792

    Dynacadd 3D cup.... 30 secs

    Nevin's Pagestream test:
      8Mhz ST.........161 secs
     32Mhz TT..........31 secs
     40Mhz Turbo030-4..20 secs
     50Mhz Turbo030-4..16 secs

     I still need to get the blitter talking to the 32bit ram, page mode
 turned on, and the 32bit video turbocharging on. Also need to test my
 "rom-ram" utility. Should be a long weekend ;-)


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