ST Report: 27-Mar-92 #813

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Date: 03/29/92-11:41:39 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 27-Mar-92 #813
Date: Sun Mar 29 23:41:39 1992

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   Issue #13

   Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  -- Software Sales Up 25% According to SPA

 Despite a slump in the PC market, North American sales of applications
 software rose almost 25% last year to a record $5.7 billion, according
 to the Software Publishers Association.

 According to David Tremblay, research director for the Washington, D.C.,
 trade group, "Our figures show that 1991 was a truly outstanding year
 for the PC applications software business."

 He said sales of software used with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows led in-
 dustry growth. Sales of Windows applications were up 196% in the year in
 North America.

 Apple Macintosh sales rose 37% according to SPA.

  -- IBM to Concentrate Networking on PCs

 According to IBM's chief networking executive, Ellen Hancock, IBM will
 start moving away from earlier networking strategies that relied on
 mainframe computers and will devise better ways for desktop and other
 comptuers to talk directly to each other.

 Hancock said the new IBM plan will also allow customers to more easily
 integrate PC networks with other types of computers.  As part of the
 plan, IBM announced software for personal computers and mainframes that
 allows computer users to share information found on any of the machines
 when they are linked in a network.

  -- Merrill Lynch is Bullish on Computers

 Merrill Lynch and Sentry Market Research are predicting that investments
 in personal computers (PCs) in general look good, all except handwriting
 recognition.  It is expected that handwriting recognition and penbased
 software is a niche market and likely to be a disappointment.

 Sentry expects a record spending of 15% more than in 1991, or upward of
 $34 billion this year with the big increases in spending coming from the
 corporate buyers.  The corporate buyers are expected for the first time
 in computer history to spend as much on PCs as they do on mainframes.

 Windows 3.1 is expected to be successful with much of the success to
 come from the monetary efforts Microsoft will throw behind the product.
 Some say that Microsoft will spend more money to launch 3.1 than they
 have for any other product -- even the $10 million spent on Windows 3.0.

  -- HP Tries to Capture More of Business Market with TV Ads

 Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced that after four years it will resume
 television ads for its business computer systems.

 The ad campaign, which will also include print ads, seeks to raise
 awareness of HP as a business systems supplier at a time when a volatile
 economy is leading many companies to reevaluate their computing
 operations, said an HP spokeswoman.

 "We want people to consider not only DEC and IBM, but also us for their
 business system needs," noted the spokesman.

  -- National NASA BBS Available to Students

 During the current Atlantis shuttle mission, NASA is allowing students
 throughout the country to log onto an experimental BBS.  Sprint is
 donating free data communications services for access to the BBS.

 Some 20,000 students will be responsible for collecting data sent from
 the Shuttle radio transmitter and sending their findings to NASA.

 Due to the fact that NASA routinely modifies shuttle flight information,
 the students will rely on the BBS, which is called INSPIRE ("Interactive
 NASA Space Physics Ionosphere Radio Experiment) to keep them updated on
 when the radio transmissions will be broadcast.


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    Welcome to the Atari ST Roundtable

         Featuring Geoffrey Earle, General Manager (Atari Canada)
                     Wednesday, April 1 @ 10:00pm EST

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 23262 GMAP_2.ARC               X D.BECKEMEYER 920316    7168    207   2
       Desc: V1.1 of Disk Mapping pgm
 23342 TOOL19.LZH (LH5)LZH      X D.FARRINGTO1 920321   97536    193   2
       Desc: Reminiscent of PC Tools
 23279 OTRPLACE.LZH             X JWC-OEO      920316   33024    120   8
       Desc: GAME: Arcade, multi res.
 23312 PAULICON.LZH             X P.LEFEBVRE   920319    4608    110   5
       Desc: NeoDesk 3 Icons (from JumpSTART)
 23339 ROBUGS13.ZOO             X J.ROY18      920321   57728    103   8
       Desc: RoBugs 1.3. Make robots to fight...

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 > L. TRAMIEL GEnie CONF. STR InfoFile  Atari's Leonard Tramiel in Conf.

                               March 25, 1992

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to the Atari
 Corporation RealTime Conference featuring Leonard Tramiel.  Before getting
 started, some business about how an RTC works.

 While the RTC room is in Listen-Only mode, you can only address our guest
 when I let you talk.

 To get my attention, just /RAIse your hand.  Just enter this from your
 keyboard: /rai

 I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but please be patient.
 I -WILL- let you know when your turn is coming up.

 Some other RTC commands are:

     ?     -  Lists all RTC commands.
     /sta  -  Status (list) of everyone in
              the RTC room.
     /exi  -  Exit the RTC, but you remain
              logged onto GEnie.
     /bye -   Log off of GEnie directly from
              the RTC.
     /rai  -  Raise your hand.  Lets me know
              you wish to address our guest.

 Now that that's out of the way, let's party!

 Leonard Tramiel is the Vice President of Software at Atari.  Leonard,
 welcome to the ST Roundtable and thank you for taking the time to be
 with us this evening.

 The format for tonight's RTC will be a little different than past
 conferences, so let me take a few extra moments to explain how this is
 going to work.

 For the past month, we've been accumulating questions for Leonard Tramiel
 with the "Ask Leonard" feature on the main menu of the ST Roundtable.
 We've received lots of response to it and we want to make sure that
 several of these questions get responses from Leonard tonight.

 So, Bob Brodie (who is flying the keyboard for Leonard this evening
 ...thanks, Bob!) will upload a question one at a time, followed by
 Leonard's response.

 Then, if there are any related questions that any of you might have, then
 you can use the /RAI command and we'll discuss it further.

 Please wait for me to ask for questions before /RAIsing your hand.

 My first question to Leonard will be to define what areas of Atari fall
 under his jurisdiction.  Then I'm going to ask all of you to concentrate
 your questions to those areas over which Leonard has control.  I'm sure
 everybody has a ton of marketing questions and comments and maybe Leonard
 might be able to address a few of them, but since he doesn't handle those
 aspects of Atari's operations, they will only fritter away some of the
 time we have with Leonard tonight.

 So let's make the best use of our collective time with Leonard by dealing
 with those areas that fall under his responsibility.  Thanks.

 Leonard, do you have an opening statement to make?  Please make sure to
 tell us what a Vice President of Software does.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 As most of you know, at CeBIT in Hanover Atari previewed some exciting new
 technology.  This technology allowed us to generate extremely high quality
 graphics and sound simultaneously.  The members of the press to which this
 was shown were very impressed.

 The first product to incorporate these new technologies will be available
 at retail by late fall of 1992 and first developer units will be available
 by the end of April.  This product will have a 68030 as it's main
 processor.   As I'm sure you can appreciate, no further details will be
 available until product release.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 How'd that come out, Jeff?

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 So far, so good.

 Tell us, what exactly do you do as VP of Software?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I'm in charge of operating systems software for the TOS and UNIX systems.
 Ready to go with the advanced questions, Jeff?

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Yes, please.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 From:   R.ZALISCHUK                     Robert H. Zalischuk

 Hello Leonard,

 I have using Atari computers since the 400 and continue to enjoy using my
 Atari's day in and day out.  First off, will there be an expansion of
 print ads featuring Atari alone and in cooperation with other companies
 supporting the STe/TT line.  Secondly, Atari has its Prof. Systems Group
 and now its Music Group.  Is anything similar be pursued in regards to

 What can Atari do to encourage some television advertising?  ie. donate a
 Mega STe to dealers who work on contra deals with their local Tv
 stations....provide an Atari for a contest, get exposure through the
 contest plus airtime equal in value to the supplied prizes.  I hope to
 make it to the Atari exposition in Toronto in April, I hope it will be a
 good time for Atari and its users.

 Robert Zalischuk
 Calgary and Red Deer Alberta, Canada

 Leonard responds....


 There will be an expansion of print ads featuring Atari alone, and also in
 cooperation with other companies. We have considered something similar to
 the Professional Systems Group for education, but the time is not right.
 The niche market there is not supported well enough with software.  Thanks
 for your comments. I will not be in Toronto, but be sure and stop by and
 see our staff there. Bob Brodie, Don Thomas, Shirley Taylor and Bill
 Rehbock will be representing Sunnyvale at ACE '92.

 ga Jeff

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Thanks.  Any questions about Atari and Education?  /RAI now.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Any follow up?

 hello Leonard.
 I am not asking about education, but as Operating systems head do you work
 on other systems for atari (Music, DTP etc?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Atari does not produce it's own application software except in unusual

                               <[Bob] B.SIMS3>
 When will the 24 bit VDI routines that was promised for Lexicor's Leonardo
 board be released.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Folks...If anyone has any education questions, please /RAI now and I'll
 let you talk.

 If you don't, please be patient and we'll move on.

                              <[John] J.COLE18>
 Leonard, I had the pleasure of Meeting Ralph in your Unix department, and
 I must say that, being a TOS developer, I am extremely envious!  Ralph has
 got to be one of the sharpest people at Atari, Unix has terrific support
 and development tools!  XFacemaker is so much nicer than anything for TOS.

 My question is, when will you contract out for TOS development tools so
 that you will be able to offer similar quality tools for current and
 future TOS developers, such as, with luck, WP or Lotus?  You have great
 new machines on the way, isn't it time we had the tools to make them
 great? :-)

 John Cole - Lexicor Software

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Thanks for the education question, John.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 That is also not an educational question But, we are working on new
 development tools, and I am not here to give announcement dates.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Let's try T.HESTER1.

 This is an ed question. Given that apple's strategy seems to include
 giving away computers to schools so that people will learn to use their
 machines and no one else's.  Doesn't it seem atari should do so as well?
 If you are worried about software, why not just use apples?  After all,
 we've got an emulator! :)

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Atari has given computers away for a number of purposes, including
 education.  We will continue to do so in the future.  Thank you for your
 suggestion about the emulators.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Okay, the structured format isn't working well.  We'll shift gears and
 take any questions about TOS and operating systems, etc. that you have.
 Please go ahead and /RAI for any Leonard-related questions now.  I'll try
 to keep up.  :-)

                            <[StepAhead] NEVIN-S>
 Thanks, Jeff.

 Leonard, Bob Brodie asked for general questions, so I will ask a general
 question.  What Atari project that you have worked on are you most proud
 of, and which project do you wish you could do over again?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 The project that I am most proud of (to date) is the ST itself.  Projects
 that I wish I could do over again, all of them, of course!  None of them
 are perfect!

                            <[StepAhead] NEVIN-S>
 Leonard, would Atari consider funding companies such as WP or Microsoft
 to port important applications to the Atari line?  How else can Atari
 expect them to develop their latest versions, given Atari's current sales
 rate. ga, and thanks for being with us tonight.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 We consider projects on a business nature, if a reasonable business case
 can be made for funding MicroSoft, we'd like to hear it! :)

                             <[Gary] G.STOLLMAN>
 Leonard, What advice can you give to a budding programmer, who would like
 to become a producer of Atari software, application in
 particular...Is the money there, and if so, where??  Or are games the only

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I suggest that you discuss this with Bill Rehbock. He can be reached here
 on GEnie, at his GEnie address of B.REHBOCK. He is in charge of all third
 party developer relations and support.

                            <[SCOTTJ] S.CORLEY1>
 Leonard , any thoughts on multimedia extensions to TOS ala Windows 3.1 and
 Mac System 7?   What about QuickTime support?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Many thoughts, but none that I can share with you tonight.  Sorry, no
 product announcements this time.

                              <[Brien] B.KING8>
 This is more of a request then it is a question.

 I would like to see the ability to hook into the OS's AES routines to
 allow 3rd Party Developers to enhance the AES (ala Quick ST) and Provide
 an easier upgrade path for future Desktop Environments.

 Ok, for the Question... Where's FSMGDOS?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Thanks for the suggestion, Brien.
 FSM is not yet released.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Any guestimates on availability of FSM GDOS from Atari?  :-)

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
                             <[John @] EXPLORER>
 Regarding Unix ...

 Several years ago, in France, I helped write a fairly powerful server for
 supporting videotext programs via an X.25 packet-switched network ... this
 thingummy would run like blazes on a TT but how could it talk to the
 outside world?  Are there plans to provide hardware support for the direct
 interfacing of multiple high-speed serial ports on the TT?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 John, no product announcements tonight. You've got my number, give me a
 call and we'll talk! <grin>

                            <[Calgary] B.KLASSEN>
 Can you give us any details on Multi-TOS for when it is released?  TT only
 I assume?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 We'd prefer to save the detail for MultiTOS for the actual product
 release, sorry.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Do you have any specific questions that I might be able to answer?

                            <[Calgary] B.KLASSEN>
 What can you talk about??

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I'd prefer to answer, rather than offer...sorry.

                            <[Calgary] B.KLASEN>
 I love Word-up 3.0, will you do be doing additional support?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Product support for any product is the responsibility of the developer and

                               <[Bob] B.SIMS3>
 When will the 24 bit VDI routines promised for Lexicor's Leonardo board be
 released, or will they?   24 bit is where every graphic machine is at or
 heading to, and  will be a prerequisite for any kind of workstation
 direction for Atari.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I am aware of no promise for 24 bit VDI routines....  At CeBIT, I saw
 several different true color cards that had VDI drivers.  Does this answer
 your question?

                          <[Mike Allen] M.ALLEN14>
 I got here late (flat tire) so if this has already been answered say so
 and I'll down load the ...

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Go ahead with your question.

                          <[Mike Allen] M.ALLEN14>
 conference later.  I just got a MSTE (Love it) with TOS 2.05 ...

 what, besides the 1.44 meg drive support, do I gain with 2.06?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I don't have the list in front of me, BUT....<grin>  keyboard support for
 the full character set... improved media change code... numerous bug
 fixes... and some cosmetic changes at bootup.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 I kinda cut off B.SIMS, so we'll go back to him.

                               <[Bob] B.SIMS3>
 Were the cards "true" true color or did they use a palette conversion to
 allow 32K colors instead of the 16 Million available for true color?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 true color.

 BTW, true color does not mean 16 million colors. It means no palette.

                               <[Bob] B.SIMS3>
 Then there is no 24 bit VDI planned?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I have said nothing about the existence or lack thereof of any Atari
 product to support true color.

                            <[JCD] MAG.SOFTWARE>
 Evening, Leonard.  My question is, in future machines (030, 040), has
 Atari considered placing TOS in Burst-mode EPROMs?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I am not familiar with any technology using that name.  Sorry.

                            <[JCD] MAG.SOFTWARE>
 Atari also needs to make it easier for DEVs to get new TOS's before
 they're released.  We were unable to get 2.06 before release date & found
 a MAJOR bug later.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 If we would have had a copy of your product, we would probably have found
 the bug in our testing.

 By the way, have you done your SoftSource entry?

                            <[JCD] MAG.SOFTWARE>
 It was a bug found while using a few other companies'' software. & Not

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 What was the software, Jeff?

                            <[JCD] MAG.SOFTWARE>
 Populous for one. We are working with J. Patton on a fix.

                                <[Ken] K.BAD>

 Forgive me for appearing to be a bit of a shill, but I think lots of
 people may be interested...

 I have always thought that Atari's greatest strength lies in smaller
 computers, not high-end cutting-edge workstations.  Do you feel like Atari
 is going to follow that tradition in upcoming machines?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 I won't forgive you for appearing to be a shill....<grin>
 Atari is and will remain a consumer electronics company.  That way, we can
 provide the best performance/price ratio possible.

                                <[Ken] K.BAD>
 Sounds good to me ;)

 Hello, Leonard.   Sorry to hear that you will not make it to our show
 in Toronto.  Can you confirm what Atari will be showing at the Toronto
 Show as previously promised..."what will be at Cebit will be at Toronto"

 Paul Ace

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Paul, I personally am not familiar with the arrangements for ACE '92...
 Sorry. I'm sure that we will support the efforts well, and wish you every
 success at the event.

                               <[David] DITEK>
 Are there any plans for the inclusion of Virtual Memory in any version(s)
 of TOS?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 We have discussed this, but I am not making any product announcements
 tonight, sorry.

                              <[John] J.COLE18>
 First, real sorry about earlier, I didn't see the ed file mask the second
 time :-)

 Leonard, could you explain how Atari goes about planning major TOS
 improvements?  Such as, is there a well planned out set of features to be
 implemented BEFORE development begins, or, as it appears from the outside
 (no offense intended really :-) does it sort of coagulate?  I'm trying to
 find out how much leadership you provide for future directions of TOS and
 it's capabilities.

 I also wish to thank you for coming here tonight, it takes a lot of oomph
 to face a bunch of wolves as lean as us Atarians are :-)  Thank you!

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 The process is neither formal nor clotted.  We accept input from our
 users, bug reports from developers, and suggestions from everyone.  This
 is combined with time constraints and hardware changes and the result is
 what you see.

                         <[John Hoffman] JLHOFFMAN>
 With the market for personal computers being highly competitive, what
 market niche will Atari try to focus on??  Beyond price performance, what
 will distinguish Atari from the competition now and in the near future??
 TOS??  UNIX??

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Before you belittle the importance of mere price performance, consider
 what can be done even with existing technology that other companies have
 not taken advantage of.

                         <[John Morales] ATARI-MIDI>
 Is it true that Atari finally has huge quantities of TT's on hand now
 ready for delivery.  And do you expect the price of TT memory to come
 down? thanks

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Yes, we do have TT's in stock right now, and the price of memory has been
 pretty stable recently.

                               <[Bob] B.SIMS3>
 Can you comment on following: Licensing TOS, LAN drivers, MMU update for
 larger memory size on MSTE.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Not in detail in an online conference. Send your question to me in e-mail,
 Bob will see that you get a response.

                          <[Mike Allen] M.ALLEN14>
 Any chance of increasing the allowable size of the NEWDESK.INF? ...
 Some of got spoiled with NeoDesk ... All sorts of different icons all over
 the place.

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 We have been considering changes in that area. Thanks for your interest.

 I have installed a Mega4/SLM605 system at my public library, and the
 response has been overwhelming.  The system is in use by the public nearly
 every hour the library is open (50 hrs/week).  Given the lean budgets of
 today's public libraries, would Atari consider marketing STs to libraries
 at a reduced rate in exchange for the chance to see hundreds of people in
 each city and town using STs at their local library?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Unfortunately, that would require an Atari dealer in each city and town to
 do support.  We don't have that.  Thanks for your suggestion, though!
 We'll keep it in mind as our dealer base expands.

                            <[Chris] DRAGONWARE>
 Leonard, we have a vested interest in the STacy and the STBook and we were
 wondering, if there was ANY chance that the STbook could be an addition
 not a replacement for the STacy?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 If you can tell Atari how to make that a sensible business decision, we'll
 be glad to listen.

                              <[James] J.VOGH>
 OK I have a Unix question.  What is the status of Unix (color,
 availability, etc)?  And will it run on the machine from Cebit and the 030
 boards like the SST?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 UNIX is currently available as a developer release, no formal release date
 announced.  Check with Gadgets about the SST.  No comment about the CeBIT

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 I think the time calls us to draw this to a close....

 The remainder of the advance questions and answers will be posted to
 Category 14, Topic 25 over the next few days, right Leonard (and Bob)?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Correct, Jeff. It would take too long or us to upload all of them tonight.
 We'll do the follow up in the BB, feel free to send e-mail to STRAMIEL or
 BOB-BRODIE with your follow up questions.

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 Leonard, thank you for spending the time with us this evening.  Any
 closing comments?

                            <[Leonard] STRAMIEL>
 Goodnight, thanks for having us here. We look forward to seeing you all
 again in another RTC later this year!

                              <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 And thanks to all who attended and to those who participated.  Thanks!

   (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May
 be reprinted only with this notice intact. The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

 > The Flip Side STR Feature      '...a different viewpoint..."

                    A Little of This, A Little of That

 by Michael Lee

 I want to thank the individual who sent me the two posts from the FNet,
 I found them to be very interesting.  I got the impression from reading
 them that both authors might be from Europe.  I'll appreciate receiving
 any other posts that our readers might find on the other networks.


 About the Dual Standard modems from Jerry on the U.S. Robotics FNet
 [edited to make it easier to read]....

   Hello to you and every other communicator around the globe.  If you
   want to get a good price from a mail order house on a Dual Standard
   modem, here are a few you should try...

   USA FLEX 1-800-800-8383 or 1-708-351-7172

   ARLINGTON COMPUTERS 1-800-548-5105 or 1-708-228-1470

   ADVANCED COMPUTER PRODUCTS 1-800-366-3227, 714-558-8813,
   or 714-588-1356

   I've found these to be a few of the good places to order. I have five
   Dual Standard modems, four hooked up to my 486 system and one on my ST
   with a Hayes 14.4 V Series modem.  So go for it, I can tell you the
   Dual Standard modems are better than the Hayes modems...


 Reviews of some popular games from The Shamus on the FNet...

                  T H E  S H A M U S  R E P O R T C A R D

   WESTPHASER - This is a new game which features Steve McQueen of all
   people. Why the French are so fascinated by old American movie stars,
   I will never know. There are some nice graphics on the title screen
   and in the game.  The game is basically various levels of shoot outs
   in the OPERATION WOLF style of action. It is fun for a few plays, but
   the sound is drab and the fun quickly deteriorates after a few days. I
   would hate for fork out good cash for this.  GRADE: D

   OBITUS - Psygnosis is best known for Lemmings.  Aside from this they
   are also know for their high-quality graphics (Forget Capt. Fizz
   exists). This game continues that tradition.  Obitus is similar to the
   Mindscape adventures such as SHADOWGATE and UNINVITED but they are
   more flexable and in depth like Dungeon Master. The animation of the
   adversaries and there is some nice effects of movement.  Besides the
   normal complaints about disk swapping etc., this is a nice adventure
   that any adventurer would like.  I have not played far so I can not
   comment on the difficulty.  GRADE: B

   REALMS - Graftgold is a company which has quality written all over it.
   Their previous classics include PARADROID '90, RAINBOW ISLANDS and
   SIMULCRA to name a few. Graftgold has thrown their gauntlet into the
   very popular "GOD GAME" motif. This is a game which will definitely
   give POPULOUS II a run for its money. Of course, POPULOUS will get
   more press because it has been converted to every system from GAMEBOY
   to SEGA. Another great game to hold up a great reputation. I am
   looking forward to their new game "FIRE AND ICE" (working title).
   GRADE: B+

   RUBICON - 21 Century Entertainment have certainly had their problems
   since HEWSON software went bankrupt. Hewson was known for the
   occassional sparkling game, especially NEBULUS. With all of the bad
   press which has faced the AMIGA version of NEBULUS II, it would seem
   ST version has been put on hold for the time being. Seems the sequal
   was not programmed by the original author, John Phillips who is
   working on another project at this time. Moonfall was one of the first
   releases since HEWSON change to 21st CENTURY and the game was not up
   to the technical standards of current solid 3-D vector games. Needless
   to say, the game got thumbs down from most.

   The latest offering, RUBICON, is a real quality product. The game
   suffers most from the fact it is another platform shoot 'em up game.
   All the graphics are very nice and the soundtrack on the "HIGH SCORE"
   sequence is outstanding (especially on the STE -- buy one)! The action
   is fast and furious so it never lets you rest for very long. Rubicon
   is an unoriginal concept presented in a quality package. Worthwhile
   for action fans. A good challenge! GRADE: B-

   KID GLOVES II - This was a very nice surprise when I checked it out.
   This game is completely redone from the first one and it is worth a
   look if you like games like WONDERBOY IN MONSTERLAND. This game is an
   obvious clone but it is quite well presented. Gone is the page
   flipping of the first game and it has been completely replaced with
   some nice smooth scrolling. Like Rubicon, this game is winning no
   awards for originality, but it is fun to play. GRADE: B-

   LOTUS II - Most people are aware of the first game and the biggest
   criticism is that it is very similar to the first game. This is not to
   say there are not some notable improvements. The graphics are updated
   faster for a nice effect of movement. The scrolling is very smooth and
   the music no longer slows down like when you play 2 players on the
   first game. On the down side, this game takes too long to load between
   stages ... this is supposed to be a quick paced action game. Also, due
   to the agreement with the LOTUS car company, they are not allowed to
   show the car getting trashed. I think they should have changed the
   name and let the car get garbaged! These are small criticisms on one
   of the best action racing games to date. GRADE: B+

   CAPTAIN PLANET - What the heck is this character? I have seen the
   cartoons and I can't see how this name is going to sell a lot of units
   of this game, but what do I know. If you are not familiar with CAPTAIN
   PLANET, he is an environmentally friendly super hero. It is all quite
   tacky and cheezy but beneath all this fromage is a playable little
   platform game. Graphics are very reasonable and younger players may
   even like the idea of CAPTAIN PLANET.  GRADE: C

   PARAGLIDING - Forget the actual game. This program has some of the
   best musix you have heard from your computer. An STE makes this sound
   all very nice. Aside from this, PARAGLIDING is a game with decent
   graphics and wonderfully smooth animation. Control takes a while to
   get on to, but it is not that difficult. Unfortunately, with all of
   these good points, the game does not have much of that special
   ingredient which will keep you booting it back up. If nothing else,
   this is a nice sound demo. GRADE: C+

   FINAL BLOW - This new boxing game is actually from the arcade. The
   problem with many boxing games is that there is just not that much you
   can do with boxing. Sure, a few different punches and a few defensive
   moves but that's about it. That is not to say that this game is bad.
   Far from it. The game is very well converted from the arcade but the
   nature of the game itself limits the potential somewhat. For what it
   is, boxing is a very nice conversion. The graphics are well drawn the
   animation is also very nicely done.  GRADE: C+

   HUNTER - Too bad ACTIVISION is down the tubes. This was one of the
   best games from this company in the company's history. It is an
   adventure in a solid 3-D solid vector graphics styling. During the
   game, you will be hang-gliding, driving, boating, flying, walking etc.
   There is plenty of good in here but it may not be in everyone's taste.
   If you like adventures at all, this is well worth a look. If you like
   a mix of adventure and action, you will like this game even more.
   GRADE: B+

   POPULOUS II - In case you have been hiding, POPULOUS II is a "GOD
   STYLE" game where you build civilizations. This game holds the same
   objectives of the original and offers many new dimentions to a classic
   old game. The graphics have been improved and the speed has been
   increased a lot. Highly recommended to all.  GRADE: A+

   HEIMDAL - This 5 disk action/strategy/puzzle/role playing adventure is
   a real gem. It features some very nice graphics and will keep you busy
   playing for a long time. Explore different islands, all with different
   challenges. The game was designed by CORE so you will find it is very
   well thought out. This game is highly recommended for adventurers and
   puzzle lovers.  GRADE: A

   ELVIRA - This is the action version of ELVIRA. The first thing you
   will notice is the similarity in the graphics of the adventure game
   and the action game. This is another platform game, and it is very
   nice. The scrolling is extremely smooth and the playability is above
   the average of most PLATFORM games. Nothing original here, and Elvira
   moves a bit slower than my taste, but it turns out she has many moves.
   This game is very challenging and is recommended to platform fans.

   SPACE GUN - This is an arcade game from SEGA and it is get another
   not made many improvements since one of the early games of this vein,
   OPERATION WOLF. In fact, all of the games since the ST versions of
   OPERATION WOLF and OPERATION THUNDERBOLT have not come up to scratch.
   This is better than most but that is irrelevant since these games get
   quite boring very quickly. If you liked BEAST BUSTERS, you will like
   this game. GRADE: C

   SUPER SKI II - The first game was kind of neat. The idea of a first
   person skiing game is a good one but it got dull pretty quick. This
   sequal has been super charged and it brings new life to an old game.
   The graphics are extremely nice and the game is very challenging. The
   animation is very high quality. On the other hand, you will have to
   contend with the long disk loads which the French like so much, but
   that is par for the coarse. Sound will not blow you away, but it is
   adequate.  Good game.  GRADE: B

   UNDER PRESSURE - This game is made by ELECTRONIC ZOO, a company which
   has been releasing games like crazy. Basically this is another
   platform blaster with very large sprites. The sprites are reasonably
   well drawn the handling of such large sprites is decent. On the other
   hand, this game is no fun. I did not want to play it again. There are
   too many of these games and this is not one of the better ones.

   FIRST SAMARAI - This is a new martial arts platform game.  The
   emphasis of this game is more on the platform and less on the martial
   arts. Besides the atmospheric graphics, good music and great special
   effects, the animation is especially a treat. This game adds to an
   overcrowded genre, and there is lots of challenge. To keep things
   interesting, there are many puzzles which must be solved in order to
   progress to the next level. Recommended to action fans!  GRADE: B+

   TIP OFF - Many people were expecting a lot from this game since it was
   by the same author as TIP OFF. Unfortunately, everyone should lower
   their expectations now. The game is not too bad, but the nature of
   basketball is not as action packed on a video screen as it is on the
   court. There are many things which could have been improved. There are
   management aspects, but personally, I did not find that aspect of the
   game very appealling. The game makes its marks in the 2 player mode.
   My grade is based on that.  GRADE: B-

   WOLFCHILD - Yes, another platform game out for the ST and this one is
   very nice right from the inventive intro. The graphics and animation
   are very nice and the sprites are well drawn. There is nothing which
   really makes this game different, but it is an all around nice game
   with nice presentation. GRADE: B+

   EAGLE RETURNS - This ST game is based on an 8-bit original action
   game. There are many things which really make this game stand out. For
   one thing, the animation of the large sprites is very nice. There are
   plenty of things to figure out and there are some adventure elements.
   When you die, you can start in a totally different place (usually
   jail). This French game is a real winner from square one.  GRADE: B+

   LETHAL EXCESS - Zowie. This game is getting a bit old but it is a real
   star. Likely the best all around shoot 'em up on the ST. Wings of
   Death was good, but this is more LETHAL! Simultaneous 2 player is wild
   and the JOCHEN HIPPEL music really blows you away (especially on the
   ST -- buy one)! This is the game to beat although some may find Xenon
   II still more to their liking. I like the graphics a bit better on
   Xenon II (sucker for the metallic graphics), but for playability, this
   game is the best blast for a buck on the ST. Frantic shoot 'em up
   fans, rejoice!  GRADE: A+

   THE GODFATHER - This is the first release from U.S. GOLD since their
   lame and overhyped game GAUNTLET III. It is bad raps like that game
   which could put a company under. I would like to know the full story
   on the game. Magazines like ST ACTION rated that game over 90% when it
   was worth more like 55% --- they were way off the target.

   Anyways, the GODFATHER is a 6 disk action game. The graphics are done
   by STEVE BAK and they are good, but not great. The animation and
   scrolling are above average, but not much. One thing there is too much
   of is disk swapping, especially to see the end sequence. Once again I
   will accuse another company of cashing on a big name. They could not
   even use the actually music from the movie so it is all original
   composition. It is all chip music and it is nothing special at all.
   This has to be another disappointment from U.S. Gold who have only
   been redeemed from their nice AD & D adventure SHADOW SORCERER.

   Well that's it ... hope this helped you choose what warz you should
   check into!


 Some conversation about the merits between the SLM804 and SLM605 - Cat.
 14, Topic 11, Msgs 76-82 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...

 Questions from C.BULLOCK...

   I am a neophyte when it comes to laser printers but due to my home
   office requirements, I find myself with a MEGA/STe 4 MB with 50 Mb HD.
   I use Word Writer for most of my DTP needs and use PageStream for the
   important stuff. [My current] printer is KX-P1123 24 Pin. Printing is
   much faster now that I upgraded to the MEGA from 1040 STE.

   [I'm] very interested in the Laser's from Atari but all I read on the
   RT's are the nightmares with toner, drums, paper jams, etc. Is the 605
   worth the money and start-up hassles?

   Mucho thanx to Mike D. [Mike Drysdale] @ TEAM COMPUTERS in beautiful
   East Detroit for selling me this system.  My brother in Columbus is
   _very_ jealous :*>.

 More Questions and Comments from Kyle Miller...

   I am a happy owner of your ingenious laser printing system. My SLM804
   is very nice, especially since the Phantom of the Laser upgrade.

   I have recently been required to look for a new drum. Finding a dealer
   selling a drum is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Some
   advertised they sell it, but would have to back order it to get me

   For those that were selling it, they wanted my arm and leg. My
   question is what can I look forward to as for as availability of drums
   and toner carts? I know you will probably reply I can buy it through
   Atari, but I certainly don't want to pay retail.

   Is the reason why 804 parts cost more then 605 because they last
   longer? Is it because they are taking the route of gold (demand but
   low supply)?

   Should I start thinking about selling my 804 and get a 605? I know you
   wouldn't mind my money, but I do have to live and can't afford to keep
   moving up. :-)

 Reply from DARLAH (RT Sysop)...

   I have had a SLM804 and now have the 605. The 605 is quite nice and I
   DO think of it as an upgrade. Both function quite nice though.

 Comments from Mike Drysdale (Team Computers)...

   I think that that the 605 is the best printer that someone could have
   for the ST, at the price. It is FAST, and reasonably priced. There are
   no start up problems and it takes an easy to find toner since it uses
   a standard engine. Keep in mind that this Cat Topic is 99% devoted to
   problems, most of which get solved. Rarely do we hear of trouble free
   operation. I've been using a 605 for 6 months now and it works great.

 Comments from Sheldon Winick (Computer Studio)...

   Mike, I agree with you completely about the SLM605; it's an excellent
   printer and very competitively priced. It also does a much better job
   than the SL804 at small text and thin lines. And the optional straight
   through paper path and thick paper option are great for cover stock.

   The SLM804, on the other hand, was built like a tank compared to all
   the thin plastic in the 605. And after using the 804 for several
   years, the 605's miniscule toner cartridge can be quite irritating as
   it seems to be always running on empty ;-). Of course, we do use a lot
   more black on our ad copy and presentation materials than many other

   In either case, both the SLM's are an excellent addition to an already
   fine computer system. And your non-Atari owners will be blown away at
   the printing speed of either! I'm sure you get the same response from
   shoppers at the store when they're amazed by the incredibly fast DTP
   printouts when demoing the package as I do. Ain't it great!!! :-)


 Until next week.....

 > COMEAU NEWS! STR InfoFile    New Versions of Gramslam & Grammar Expert!

                        GRAMSLAM AND GRAMMAR EXPERT

 N E W S   R E L E A S E
 For Immediate Release

 Phil Comeau Software is pleased to announce the release of new versions of
 GramSlam and Grammar Expert for the Atari computer line.

 GramSlam checks  documents for  common grammar and writing-style problems.
 Improvements in the new version (3.30) include:

     * Improved Document Statistics: GramSlam now presents statistics
       in full sentences for ease of understanding. The statistics
       also include advice on writing-style improvement.

     * New Overall-Style Score: A new score included with GramSlam's
       statistical report shows writing-style quality expressed
       as a percentage. The new overall-style score is based on
       four key writing-style factors: word economy, word choice,
       use of the active voice, and readability. Included with the
       score is a qualifying description, ranging from "very poor"
       to "excellent."

     * Progress Bar: GramSlam now shows a progress "thermometer"
       while it examines your document.

     * Faster Booting: GramSlam now loads its problem-pattern file
       the first time you open the GramSlam desk accessory, so your
       computer boots faster.

     * Faster Checking: GramSlam now checks documents about 25%
       faster (on an 8MHz ST) than previously.

     * Improved Tests for American/British Spelling: GramSlam now
       identifies words spelled using American or British spelling
       rules with greater accuracy.

     * Many Minor Improvements, Cosmetic Changes, and Bug Fixes.

 A sample of GramSlam's new statistical report is shown below:

     Finished Checking D:\MEMOS\MEMO.TXT
     * 29 problems were detected and 13 were reported.
     * The document contains 164 words and 10 sentences. On
       average, each word contains 1.6 syllables and each
       sentence contains 16.4 words.
     * 60% of the sentences use the active voice.
       Use of the active voice in this document makes the
       writing clear and direct.
     * On average, the reader must have 11.9 years of schooling
       to understand the document.
       Suggestion: use smaller words and sentences to lower
       the writing to the target reader's level (10.0 years).
     * The overall-style score for this document is 55%

 Grammar Expert is an online reference  for the  rules of  English grammar,
 punctuation, and effective writing. Improvements in the new version (1.11)

     * Less Disk Space: Grammar Expert's files have been collected
       and compressed, so it uses much less disk space than
       previous versions. This is of special importance to floppy-
       disk users.

     * Improved Text: The text Grammar Expert displays has been
       edited to weed out inconsistencies, reorganize for clarity,
       and add examples.

 A limited but working  demonstration of  Grammar Expert  has been released
 for general  availability on GEnie and CompuServe. A working demonstration
 of GramSlam  has been  publically available  since its  release in January

 The prices  of the  two products remain the same: $39.95 for GramSlam, and
 $59.95 for Grammar Expert. Registered owners of either product can receive
 upgrades from  Phil Comeau  Software for  $5.00 per product plus $3.00 for
 packaging and shipping.

 For more information, contact:

                           Phil Comeau Software
                     div. of Wintertree Software Inc.
                               43 Rueter St.
                              Nepean, Ontario
                              Canada K2J 3Z9
                              (613) 825-6271



 Pattie) Alright.... Tonight's Conference is with John Jainschigg,

 John Jainschigg) <--- John Jainschigg

 Pattie) Publisher of Atari Explorer.  Tonight's is a Formal Conference,

 John Jainschigg) <---- in tux.

 Pattie) so please refrain from speaking out of turn.  This is on the
    honor system. (grin)  If you have a question, just type ? and I'll put
    you in the Queue. When it's almost time for your question, I'll let
    you know. First, let me turn it over to John, to introduce himself!

 John Jainschigg) Hi, everybody! I'm John Jainschigg (pronounced
    "Jane-shigg") and I edit and publish Atari Explorer Magazine, the
    Official Atari Journal.  I'm 35. About 5'11". Thin. Wear glasses. And
    have peculiar teeth.  And I've worked for Atari, on and off, long
    enough to know better.

    Atari Explorer is (supposedly) the largest-circulation magazine now
    serving the American Atari market. It's bimonthly (now) and is
    extremely, obscenely expensive to print and distribute.  But
    CompuServe subscribers can get it for only $9.95/year! (subscription
    details to follow, after conference)

 Pattie) Ron Luks, you're up first!

 Ron Luks) John-- Now that ATR EXP is on a pretty regular schedule...
    after the 1 yr layoff...when can we expect to see more COLOR pics and
    screen shots in the mag? It's pretty much a B&W publication still.

 John Jainschigg) I assume you mean "layoff from regular schedule"? I
    mean, we HAVE been publishing, Ron. (grin)

    Well, I tell ya...we just did a February (MIDI) issue, that saw the
    introduction of Atari Artist, our new "music and allied arts"
    supplement and that had (count 'em) 44 pages of color. Better than 50%
    of our page-space.

    In fact, however, you may not have long to wait before Explorer is all
    color.  I'm going to Sunnyvale, next week, to lay my forehead on the
    mat in front of Sam Tramiel, and beg for money.

 Ron Luks) Like how long? 6 mos? 1 yr?

 John Jainschigg) Well, if we waited until it was profitable? Maybe a
    year.  But if we feel like heck, *blowing a wad o' dough because we're
    arrogant and rich*? Could be next issue.

 Ron Luks) okay. thx.

 keith joins) John, any plans on going to a monthly publication
    schedule and if so would you have enough material to fill it?

 John Jainschigg) Actually, that's the other thing I'm meeting with Sam
    about. We want to very badly. There's MORE than enough news, if you
    consider the world market, as well as our recent specializations in
    music and DTP.

 keith joins) ok--thanks

 Pattie) Boris, you're next!

 Boris M.) John--Color illustrations in the Terminator issue...

 John Jainschigg) Were painted by my brother, Nicholas.  He has the
    triple advantage of being fast, cheap, and one of the highest-profile
    fantasy and SF illustrators in the States. Does Analog magazine
    covers, etc.

 Boris M.) were they computer processed? Also, will you make product
    Boris M.) comparison articles, like Retouche vs. Repro etc.?

 John Jainschigg) I worry about product "comparisons." You have to
    understand that as Atari's "official" magazine, part of our
    responsibility is to make sure that companies can survive in this
    (let's face it) very *weak* market. By taking TOO intense a stand on
    "consumer advocacy," we could kill a decent product, and drive a very
    tiny company out of business.

    So, if you're talking about "torture-test comparisons," then no. BUT
    if you're talking about our discussing which of two (or more) products
    is right for somebody who does THIS or THAT, or has THIS budget as
    opposed to THAT budget, then sure.

 Boris M.) Exactly what I mean. Also, hand painted pics are still
    better :-) Thanx. ga

 John Jainschigg) They WERE hand-painted. WAIT! You thought the
    illustrations were computer-generated? You mean, of the robot and
    human hands, holding the Portfolio?

 Boris M.) I thought that maybe they were processed in retouche, or
    something like that and then imported to PageScream.

 John Jainschigg) NO WAY! They were hand-painted, by my brother, in
    acrylic, on illustration board.

 Pattie) Ok... I have a question ... :)

 John Jainschigg) Pattie, (ga) (grin)

 Pattie) John, what's it like publishing a magazine for a company like
    Atari?  Do they have strict guidelines or do they give you a  "free

 John Jainschigg) Would you understand what I meant, if I said "they
    give me a free hand just so long as I do 1) exactly what they THINK
    *they* would have done or wanted, given the same situation, and 2) it
    doesn't cost anything." (i.e., you have to be psychic, and you have to
    be cheap.)

 Pattie) Pretty easy, huh? :)

 John Jainschigg) Piece of cake. (grin) Seriously, though...

    It's interesting. Atari's "vision" for Explorer changes periodically
    and their degree of involvement vacillates, depending entirely on
    what's on their "corporate mind" at a particular time. Presently, I'm
    receiving a very LARGE amount, not of *direction* but of help and
    input from some of the more gifted people in Sunnyvale. Don Thomas was
    instrumental in getting the Portfolio issue set up, and James Grunke
    was the heart and soul of the February issue. But the March/April
    issue now on newsstands, was produced in a sort of "vacuum of

 Pattie) Thank you, John!  Scott's up next.

 Scott Wooding) Do you think we will see more tips and tricks in the
    next issues so us end users can benefit more fully from our machines?

 John Jainschigg) The answer is Yes!

    With the March/April issue, we've brought back Atari's Mark Jansen
    who, this issue, has covered "TOS patches and free fixes for
    everything that's wrong with the ST." (Not the real title)

    In upcoming issues, Mark (who works with Leonard Tramiel in Atari's
    R&D department will be covering LOTS of stuff: freeware, shareware,
    hints, tips, programming tidbits, etc.

    The other thing we've been discussing...And you can tell me if you
    think it's a good idea...  (And I should say that I was recently given
    this idea in a discussion with my buddy Serge Fenez, who edits
    AtariSTMagazine, the "official Atari journal" of Atari France)...we're
    planning to do a "Beginner's issue." Everything you never heard about
    in a standard manual.  From "how to mouse" to "how to reformat a hard

 Pattie) Ron Hunt's

 Ron Hunt) How has Atari been about providing product for evaluation
    etc.? There were some complaints at the "old Explorer" about this I

 John Jainschigg) Well, the editors of the old Explorer didn't know how
    to ask for stuff.  I simply call up Bob Brodie, and say "WHY DON'T WE
    HAVE AN ST BOOK!!!!???" And Bob says "John ... *nobody* has an ST
    Book. Calm yourself."

    Actually, they've been fine about it. We recently signed into full R&D at least we can *know* about everything though
    most of it, we still can't TALK about.

 Ron Hunt) Okay John, thanks...btw...nice to meet you. :)

 Pattie) John, you mentioned that you've been working for Atari long
    enough to know long is that, actually and in what
    capacities? :)

 John Jainschigg) In 1985, I was Senior Technical Editor at Family
    Computing Magazine (now Home/Office Computing, Scholastic, Inc.) and I
    began receiving phone calls from John Andersen, of Creative Computing
    which Ziff-Davis had just folded. THEN, I started getting calls from
    Betsy Staples, also of Creative, who was starting a corporation to
    take over Explorer (then called "Atari Connection") from Atari Corp.

    One thing led to another, and in 1986, I became Sr. T/E at Explorer,
    which was moved out of Sunnyvale proper, and into the hands of a
    subsidiary called "Atari Explorer Publications Corp.," of which Betsy
    Staples and David Ahl were officers.

    So, call it....... Eight years? Sheesh...time to move on, no? No...
    no...  SIX years.

 Pattie) Rob, it's your turn.

 Rob Rasmussen) I've been a subscriber since it was Atari Connection,
    seems like so long ago. How would you describe the feel or mood of the
    Atari market now as compared to then?

 John Jainschigg) Hahahahahaha...well, that can best be described as a
    function of something I asked Betsy Staples, just before I accepted
    their offer. "Betsy," I said "... what about Antic and ANALOG? Can we
    compete with them?" She answered without a moment's hesitation: "John,
    we'll *bury* them."

    And, of course, last year, I did.

    But their competition was *the market*. Not us.

 Rob Rasmussen) ok thx

 John Jainschigg) Sad, but true. We had *hope* then. But we were young!

 Pattie) Rob, thank you!  OK... Ron Luks, your turn again! :)

 Ron Luks) We've heard that you use all Atari equipment to assemble the
    magazine each issue. Specifically, what hardware and software do you
    regularly use?

 John Jainschigg) For basic editorial and financial-management stuff,
    we have a pair of Mega STe's, with recently-acquired SM147 monochrome
    monitors and stock hard drives, and SLM804's. For page-layout, we have
    a TT030, with 80 MB hard drive, a TTM194 super-size monochrome
    monitor, a PTC1426 multisync color monitor (way cool), and an SLM605.

    We use DBMAN IV and LDWPower for financials and databasing, PageStream
    2.1 for layout plus a wide variety of screen-capture and
    image-tweaking utilities...archiving utilities like ARC602.TTP and the
    new LZH...WordPerfect 4.1 for word-processing.

    We generally begin the process of design by, well, writing an article
    on WordPerfect, slapping it over to the TT, importing it into
    PageStream, laying it out, including screen snaps imported as .IMG or
    .PI3 images, outputting as PostScript, and uploading (using Flash 1.6)
    to a service-bureau for output at 1,270 dpi on Linotron. The Linotron
    pages are cut up, waxed onto mechanical boards, color-specified, and
    sent to the printer with any separations as are needed to make up film
    for pages. We've found no special advantage, cost-wise, in going
    "straight to film," though PageStream (or rather, the Linotron) has
    the capacity to generate even four-color film straight from

    We also have a Portfolio, a 130XE, a Lynx, and other toys.

 Ron Luks) (I hope you have a tape backup for all this.) [g]

 John Jainschigg) Ron...actually, we don't. The one thing we worry
    about is backup, but we've gotten into the habit of .ARC'ing
    everything to floppy, on a weekly basis.

 Pattie) John, everyone has personal opinions... even editors of
    magazines.  :)  How do you balance your personal thoughts with what
    you may say publicly in Atari Explorer?

 John Jainschigg) An interesting question. Actually, I don't have much
    conflict between what I say in Explorer, and what I think because I
    factor into the equation something called "doing my job." Which is to
    make sure that Atari survives, that their unique technical philosophy
    gets promulgated and appreciated in an appropriate fashion, and that
    the thousands of people who've spent thousands of dollars each on
    their systems don't end up like Timex/Sinclair or TI-99/4A owners did:
    orphans before their time.

    Sometimes, I have a little trouble about some of the *marketing* that
    Atari does, or doesn't do and sometimes they don't put their very
    *Best* foot forward. But that's OLD news to anybody who hangs around
    the networks. By and large, I think the people who work for Atari are
    very good at what they do, and are as sincerely puzzled when things
    don't quite work out as *I* am.

 Pattie) Without giving away any deep secrets, what impact do you think
    the new machines will have on the marketplace?

 John Jainschigg) Enormous. Technically, Atari has stolen a march on
    literally everybody in the business, by identifying (and here's the IQ
    test)...the ONE area...  where competing general-purpose and
    vertical-market systems CAN'T compete and designing a technology to
    fill that gap.

 Boris M.) Shall we see advertising in this specific area?

 John Jainschigg) I'm sure we will see advertising in this area, yes.
    Precisely where and how, I don't know.

 Pattie) Ron Luks, time for your question.

 Ron Luks) Ok, my last question for the night...Let's put John on the
    hot seat. [g] What is (in your opinion)...

 John Jainschigg) questions about what my wife's doing in
    Europe! (grin)

 Ron Luks) Atari's greatest single strength...and greatest single
    weakness...  as it affects Atari users?

 John Jainschigg) Very simple...Atari's greatest *single* strength,
    ironically, derives from its greatest *single* weakness, or

    To wit: Atari has always been GIFTED...not just "good at," but co-opting the interest of a grass-roots public. Everybody
    here...well, maybe *almost* everybody, is an Atari user. But we're
    most of us more than that. You could call us "Atarians." Like as or
    not, we *are* the kind of people who join user groups, who soapbox the
    systems to our friends, who walk into computer stores and stage
    arguments with the clerks about "why don't you carry Atari computers?"
    And so on.

    This ability to attract grass-roots committment and attention is
    Atari's real talent -- a form of genius, really. And the company
    ruthlessly capitalizes on it, by maintaining lines into this
    grass-roots market of dyed-in-the-wool Atarians.

    The trouble is that, in many ways, they're only *now* learning to look
    BEYOND the horizon of the set of people who just can't help but LOVE
    them.  The modern computer market is, nowadays, made up mostly of
    people who really DON'T care about elegant technology. And marketing
    to this MUCH larger group is a lesson that Atari has learned slowly.

    This affects Atari users in many ways, some of them obvious. The most
    important way, however for purposes of *this* discussion, is that it
    implies that if you're an Atari user, you MUST be an "Atarian." You
    can't just be "Joe Blow who wants to take some work home from the

    While you or I might with a decade of technical experience and years
    of Atari exposure behind us, Ron, say to ourselves "I can do ANYTHING
    with an Atari BETTER than I can on a PC or a Macintosh!" (and we'd be
    right!), we aren't factoring the relatively enormous amount of
    folk-knowledge that we possess into the equation.

    Joe Blow might *not* want to hang out on CompuServe for hours, each
    night, ignore his wife, learn to program in C, learn to read German so
    he can decipher the menus on obscure freeware utilities, make
    long-distance phone calls to mail-order houses, etc.  to find
    application software, or even read Atari Explorer. Poor Joe JUST WANTS

    Was that a clear answer, or just a rant? (grin)

 Ron Luks) Stimulating.. Thx

 Pattie) Ok... Jim Ness has the Last Question for tonight! :)

 Jim Ness) Ok, here is a simple one...I came in late, so you may have
    answered this.  What the heck happened to Explorer's schedule in the
    last 4 months?

 John Jainschigg) Two things: 1) We didn't want people to think we'd
    gone out of business so instead of publishing bimonthly, and DROPPING
    issues, we tried to make up for the 1991 drops, by producing EXTRA
    issues. Thus we did a January, a February, and now there's a
    March/April on the stands.

    2) (relates to 1) We've solved our "production schedule" problems.
    Basically we solved them by hiring a full-time, in-house Art Director,
    named Jesus Diaz who, in my opinion, is a genius.

    We'll be producing a total of eight issues in 1992.

 Pattie) Jim, thank you! John... do you have any closing statements
    (maybe how people can subscribe to Atari Explorer?) :)

 John Jainschigg) People can subscribe to Atari Explorer by sending
    $9.95/year to:

                              Atari Explorer
                               P.O. Box 6488
                             Duluth, MN 55806
                                or calling:
                              (718) 545-2900
                          with MasterCard or VISA

 The "$9.95" sub is for Atari User Group members, and subscribers to
 CompuServe and GEnie.  Normal subscription price is $14.95/year.


 > ADVERTISE? STR FOCUS       "..a clever advertising campaign.."

                         THE POWER OF ADVERTISING?

 by Tim Holt

     I never met John Scully. Also.  I have never met any of the Tramiels.
 I would venture to say, however, that if John Scully, who is the CEO of
 Apple Computers, called some company,say, WordPerfect, and said "Jump!",
 the folks at WordPerfect would ask; "How High and Where is the Hoop?".  If
 Sam Tramiel called up a company, say, WordPerfect, and said "JUMP!", the
 people at WordPerfect would say something like "We'll have our people call
 your people, and we might do lunch.  Ok?"  Therefore, when I hear or read
 an article about John Scully, I will venture to say a lot more people will
 pay attention to it than a Sam Tramiel article.  With that in mind, I will
 relate a recent item I saw that involved John Scully.

     While looking through a recent Newsweek, I ran across an ad for the
 American Association of Advertising Agencies(AAAA).  The ad had some
 quotes from John Scully about the effectiveness of advertising in the
 market today.  I got to thinking about the Atari advertising campaign that
 seems to be getting off the ground now, and what would have happened if
 Atari had advertised a few years ago.

     "The landscape is strewn with the wreckage of fine companies who built
     great products that unfortunately....., no one ever heard about."

     Do you STILL have to explain to your peers that Atari is not a game
 machine? I do.Just recently, I was trying to convince a fellow teacher to
 look at an Atari Mega Ste, like I own.  He looked at the Atari brochure
 that I handed him,(it even had a pop up of the Mega Ste/4),the title of
 the brochure was "Mega STE: Business Computer", then he looked at me and
 asked "But does it run REAL programs?" Real programs??? I couldn't help
 but think that if Atari had really pushed the ST line of computers a few
 years earlier, I still wouldn't have to be answering that question.

 "Advertising builds brands.

     I recently got into a "friendly" discussion on a local BBS about midi
 music and Atari.  A fellow BBS'er said that he started out with an Atari
 for midi, but switched to an IBM, because his fellow students all used IBM
 machines.  I replied that Atari cannot be beat for midi, but he put up a
 decent argument that since no one else at his entire University music
 department was using Atari, he felt like the odd ball.  Peer pressure is
 very important in the world of computers, and although word of mouth is
 important, there has to be a first person to buy a computer.  That "first"
 person will more likely than not, be influenced by advertising.  It was
 nice to see the Discover ads last month, and I hope that those types of
 ads continue.  However, I must confess I was a bit confused as to why
 Atari would run a MIDI ad, in a science/education magazine.  Who are they
 trying to target here?  Do a large number of professional musicians read
 Discover: The World of Science? Would not an ad that demonstrated the
 educational benefits of the ST/TT be more appropriate here?  Discover is
 published by the Walt Disney Corporation, so how about an ad showing how
 easy it is to draw Mickey Mouse? Who is Atari advertising to? Granted, a
 the same midi ad ran in Keyboard Magazine, and that was a very appropriate
 place to put a midi ad.  But a midi ad in a science magazine? I wonder...

     "Most of our competitors of 1981 no longer exist.  Some had great
     products.  What they forgot to have was great advertising."

     How long will Atari advertise?  How long will Atari exist?  I believe
 that the two questions go hand in hand.  Have you ever seen an ad for the
 TT?  An ad in a place where you really did not expect to see it?
 Unfortunately, all the ads I have ever seen for the Atari line of
 computers were ones where I had to actually go out and look for them.
 Ever seen Atari in BYTE? In Newsweek? In Time?  Sure, for the Portfolio,
 but what about the computers?  We have been told that the Mega STe and the
 TT's are the "flagship of the fleet", the pride and joy of the Atari
 Computers.  Okay, let's put the money where the mouth is.  Sam, Leonard,
 its time to call BYTE magazine.  Tell them you will spend X million in
 advertising in 1993 if BYTE starts running some decent articles about the
 Atari line of computers.   (And I don't mean Jerry Pournelle telling us
 how he hasn't had time to look at it, and that the boot up time is 12
 seconds too long for his taste.)  Real articles, about productivity,
 hardware, etc.  (By the way, if you think it sounds a little immoral to
 demand good press for ad bucks, welcome to the real world folks.  I don't
 think I have ever seen a bad review for a movie in Newsweek if the movie
 had a full page ad in Newsweek.) Demand it.  Let us see that you are as
 proud of your computers as the enthusiasts that still buy them.  Let's see
 that you are truly behind the "flagship" of the fleet.  I challenge you to
 start advertising.  Big time! If advertising were not the way to go,
 consider this: Coca Cola and Pepsi spend BILLIONS a year on adverting.
 Why?  Surely they have world wide name recognition with the product pretty
 much selling itself.  Why would they advertise so much?  Because they
 know, that even the slightest edge can translate into big bucks.  A one
 percent increase in sales, due to an advertising campaign, easily pays for
 the ads.  Profits increase.  Sales increase.  Everyone is happy.

     "Advertising lets you express not only what you are, but what you are
     trying to become.  It's not just a selling tool, it's a leadership
     tool; a flag on the mountain to rally and inspire your people."

     It is time to rally and inspire.  Let's get some attention getting ads
 going.  Not just midi, not just DTP, but ads for everyone.  placed in
 magazines such as; Good Housekeeping, Playboy, Life, Time, Newsweek!  All
 are prime platforms designed to deliver the message to the world not an
 already "won over userbase":  The Atari is a "kick ass" computer, and if
 you don't own one, you are falling behind the rest of the world.  No more
 excuses about lack of product.  No more excuses about this shortage and
 that shortage.  The only shortage coming from Atari now is advertising.
 The correct spot in the correct medium.  The US is ready.  The question
 is: Is Atari really ready?

     "Only advertising can communicate not just information, but emotion
     and soul."

     I know of no other product that inspires consumer/user loyalty like
 the Atari Computer.  There are thousands of us out here that, through all
 types of situations, good and bad, have stuck by these great machines.
 Surely, that emotion, that loyalty, that love, can somehow be communicated
 through and expertly illustrated by a clever advertising campaign.  I,
 like most all proud Atari owners look forward to seeing it one day.


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                  Transcript of a formal Conference with
                               Darek Mihocka
                          Tuesday, March 24, 1992

      (For those of you unfamiliar with our 'formal' CO procedure, let me
 briefly set some guidelines. If you have a question, signal me with a ?
 I'll keep track of who's next and handle the traffic direction.)

      For those of you who don't already know, Darek is the creator of
 several ST pieces of software including Quick ST, XFORMER (the 8-bit
 emulator) and many of the neat Quick utilites.  And most recently, he's
 been devoting his time and energy to the GEMulator...a hardware/software
 project that allows ST software to run on a DOS machine.

      That's about all I can tell you, without being inaccurate, so I'll
 let Darek make some opening comments.  Darek?

      Thank you for attending tonight's CO about GEMulator.  GEMulator is
 a combination of hardware and software that runs on almost any PC clone
 with a 386 or 486 processor (including 386SX and 486SX).

      The hardware consists of a board that plugs inside the PC.  It is
 similar to something like the Spectre 128, and has sockets for several
 sets of TOS chips. Like Spectre and Xformer, GEMulator does its emulation
 in software, and emulates the ST's video, mouse, keyboard, and disk
 drives, in effect, turning the PC into an ST clone.

      A fully working 1040ST emulator will be demoed next week at the Atari
 show in Toronto. Drop by for a look!  And with that intro, I'll open the
 floor for questions. ga

      Well, you pretty much answered it....but how much will it cost?

      The final price of GEMulator has not been set yet, but you will
 probably be able to purchase it at a dealer for $400-$500 for a complete
 system. That's about what you pay for a Mac or PC emulator. Keep in mind
 that GEMulator consists of 3 components: the software, the card, and
 the TOS ROMs. I will be supplying the software and the card, and possibly
 the ROMs. Otherwise you can purchase a set of TOS 1.4 or TOS 2.0 ROMs from
 most dealers. It's the card and ROMs that make up most of the cost of
 GEMulator. Obviously, if you'd like to switch between TOS 1.0, 1.4, and
 2.0, you'll need to buy 3 sets of ROMs.

      In my last newsletter I mentioned an introductory price, so you can
 expect that my introductory price will be significantly lower than $400
 or $500.  ga

      What are the basic "memory" configurations available in ST mode and
 how much RAM can it be upgraded to in the future?

      The setup that I have been testing software on is a 1 megabyte ST
 with TOS 1.4. That of course is arbitrary. GEMulator could emulate up to
 14 megabytes of ST RAM, since the 4 megabyte limit imposed on STs is due
 to the MMU chip.  However, I really doubt you'd need 14 meg. I think that
 at most you'd need 2 meg of ST RAM. GEMulator uses the PC's extended
 memory as ST RAM,  so to emulate a 1 meg ST, you will need a 2 m eg PC
 (640K/1 meg of conventional memory, and 1 meg of extended memory). Most
 386 PCs today are shipped with at least 2 meg of RAM, so that isn't a
 problem. ga

      When you say "could emulate" does that mean it "will in the future"
 or "does now but I haven't run it that way?"

      What I meant was I run it as a 1 meg machine. It can be configured
 to any arbitrary number from 1 to 14 meg. ga

      Darek, many people view your "departure" from the Atari market as a
 form of desertion.  Now that the GEMulator is almost a reality, how do
 you feel Atari users will view this new concept?  And good luck at TAF!!

      Dana, if by my departure you mean selling off Quick ST to Codehead,
 I did that for several reasons. First, my original goal of Quick ST, to
 drive Turbo ST out of the market with a better product, was accomplished.
 and it had all the bells and whistles that I could think of to put into a
 software accelerator, since the speed was pretty well at a maximum. So I
 had little motivation to do anything else to it.

      When I spoke with Charles, he indicated that they'd love to keep
 working on the product and inject some of their own creativity into. I've
 seen beta versions of what Charles and John have been up to and I like
 it. I'm very happy that Codehead now has Quick ST.

      Secondly, since I first announced my intention to write GEMulator
 last year, an increasing number of people indicated to me that they'd be
 interested in such a product. So in order to develop GEMulator, I again
 had to let go of Quick ST.

      I have not abandoned ST users at all. GEMulator was developed to
 satisfy the many ST users who want to switch to the PC platform while
 still keeping many of the excellent software titles they've invested in.

      Actually, I meant people viewed your going to Microsoft as leaving
 the Atari market.  I don't "buy" that, but just echoing others' views

      Oh that. Well, I have worked at Microsoft since before I ever wrote
 ST Xformer or Quick ST, so I can hardly see that as having departed. I've
 been at Microsoft for over 5 years now, on and off. ga

 .Ken H.>
      What software have you tested on it and what resolutions does it
 support? ga

      Ken, at this time I've test about 40 commercial, shareware, and p/d
 titles.  All but two ran flawlessly, and I'm fixing the bugs in those two.
 Over the next few months, and especially next week in Toronto, I'm going
 to have a lot of people test it and I'll compile a compatibility list. My
 goal is to offer 100% ST compatibility, whatever that means, since no
 model of ST or STE or TT is fully 100% compatible with the other models.

      To answer your questions about what actually runs, here is a partial
            Word processors: First Word Plus, Word Writer, ST Writer,
                             MS Write, Word Flair.
             Paint programs: Prism Paint, Degas, Degas Elite, Art ST,
             Other programs: Neodesk 3, Quick ST 3, Turbo ST 1.8, Hotwire,
                             Multidesk, Dcopy, Little Green Selector, GDOS,
                             G+PLUS, Gemini. And of course, Pagestream 2.1!
                             (Calamus has yet to be tested).

 .Ken H.>
      Can you get low/medium/hi rez on a VGA? And how about MIDI? ga

      Low/medium/monochrome is supported. In the future I will add
 Moniterm-like support for Super VGA cards, so that you can run your ST in
 800x600 or 1024x768 mode. MIDI is currently not supported, but I may add
 that in for people that have Sound Blaster Pro cards. ga

      Darek, you mentioned a week ago that GEMulator will read ST
 formatted disks in a standard pc drive.  I assume that doesn't mean,
 however, that copy-protected games, like Dungeon Master, will run
 properly.  Or have you truly amazed us?  <g>  ga

      I haven't tested any copy protected games yet. I wouldn't hold my
 breath though. I just don't know right now. For as long as your disk has
 no copy protection, it can be read and written, even the twisted 400K and
 800K formats. As a bonus, you can also us high density 1.44 meg floppy
 disks.  ga

      Even twisted and skewed disks?  Nice!

      My dad has a 286 computer. But his has a math co-processor in it.
 Will GEMulator run on his machine or does it HAVE to be a 386 or 486?

      Three reasons - price, speed, and complexity. Sure, you could write a
 68000 emulator for an 8088 or 286 based machine, but it would be slower
 and actually harder to write than an emulator running on a 386. So you
 will require a 386 or 486. And if you compare prices, 286 machines are
 hardly cheaper than 386 machines. Since most people interested in
 GEMulator have not yet purchased a PC, it really didn't make sense to go
 through the extra hassle of supporting the 286. Sorry.  ga

      Also, on term programs, would you get TRUE ANSI graphics?

      You mean like Flash running in ANSI mode. You will get whatever you
 normally get on an ST. The IBM's character set has nothing to do with it.

      As a follow-up to the CodeHeads and QST, did that include all of the
 "accessory" programs like QuickView, etc.?

      No, just the Quick ST program. Trust me, after you see what they've
 done you wouldn't want them anyway. ga

      Does the gemulator support GFA basic and STOS? ** TOS 2.06 emulation?
 ** What's the limit on DTE/DCE communication? ga

      I have not tested GFA BASIC or STOS yet. I'm sure someone will at the
 Toronto show. TOS 2.06? The GEMulator card support both 6-chip and 2-chip
 TOS sets, so you can plug in any version of TOS.  I have tested several
 sets and all booted up fine.

      As for serial communications, that depends highly on the speed of
 your CPU. Again, I have not tested to see what the max is.  I will
 sometime soon. ga

 .Ken H.>
      Are separate "TOS Partitions" needed on a HD or can MS DOS and TOS
 share the HD with no problems? Could ST programs access other SCSI
 devices, like a CD ROM? ga

      That's a tough one. I'm working on hard disk emulation and there
 may be problems with large hard disk partitions. I'm not sure yet what the
 limits of GEM are. But to answer the first question, no, you do not need
 any separate partitions. ST and PC disk formats are identical, so you can
 share your ST and PC files on the same disks.  ga

      Sorry was late this may be already answered.  Since you are a
 supporter of windows can you jump into ST mode from it and exit back?
 Also, you once mentioned a 8 bit emulator for the IBM what happened to
 that?  ga.

      First question: yes, since GEMulator runs under DOS, you can run
 Windows and open a full screen DOS session and switch between GEMulator
 and your other Windows programs at any time. I do that all the time. I
 have also run 2 GEMulator at once and had two different ST programms
 running. No problem.

      Second question: PC Xformer is not something I plan to do anything
 with. I did show it at some shows last year, including the Chicago show,
 but most people laughed at it an thought it was some sort of joke.
 Obviously there isn't a large enough market to support a hardware/software
 solution similar to GEMulator, and I can't release it as public domain
 because Atari has not given me permission to use the 8-bit operating
 system on the PC. So I don't think anything will ever become of it.  ga

      Is the GEMulator a not interrupt card, direct DMA so no conflicts?

      I think I understand your question. No, it should not conflict with
 any other cards since it is not interrupt driven.  ga

      Will GEMulator be able to run at speeds greater that of an 8Mhz ST?

      Right now you need a 486 machine to run the software at full speed.
 That will be sped up. When I was developing GEMulator my goal was to first
 achieve 100% compatibility and then worry about speed. When I was writing
 Quick ST, I made the mistake of worrying about speed ahead of
 compatibility.  I can at least double the speed from the current speed,
 which means most ST software will run at full speed on a 386/33, and on
 a 486/33 you will get speeds similar a 16MHz ST (or Mega STE).  ga

      Perhaps I should hold off on buying a Mega STe, then?  Your candid
 advise would be appreciated!  I have a couple of weeks till the cash is
 in hand!!  Perhaps I should opt for a 386DX 25MHZ? 33MHZ? 40MHZ? Full Mega
 STe speed?  ga

      I better not answer that. I raised enough of a mess last time I did.
 <grin> I am not advising you to buy an ST or a PC. All I am making
 available is an ST emulator for those users who either through choice or
 force (e.g. school or work) use a PC.

      I personally don't like any of the PC emulators available for the ST
 because they all emulate crippled PCs.  So by reversing that process, i.e.
 emulating the ST on a PC, you can still run both ST and PC software, but
 with better results. ga

 .Ken H.>
      CD ROM support? Could you access clip art on a CD ROM from PageStream
 running under the GEMulator? ga

      Two things would have to be true. First, GEMulator would have to
 support CD ROM drives. That remains to be seen. If it does, then the clip
 art file format would have to be one that Pagestream recognizes. So, I'll
 work on the CD ROM problem, but the file format problem is up to you. :-)

      Darek, have you tried MaxiFile on the GEMulator?

      Yes, I tried out the whole Codehead Utilities disk, including
 and Font Tricks with no problems. ga

      I was just imagining having that to manipulate a pc hard drive...

      Remember, I haven't listed all the programs that run, just the
 "important" ones. :-)

      Graphics, all three on one multisync platform?  ga

      If you mean all three modes on one monitor, sure, that was no
 problem. Remember, VGA graphics are 16 colors at a resolution of 640x480.
 All 3 ST modes are subsets of that. ga

      When do you expect GEMulator to be available for purchase?  And how
 can I get on your mailing list? ga

      Paul, I would have liked to have GEMulator available at the Toronto
 show, but I have some good reasons for waiting a few months. The program
 needs to be tested, I need to speed it up a bit, and most importantly, I
 need to prove to you people that it really works.  From some of the
 messages I've read on some online services, it sounds like most people
 can't believe that the ST can be emulated on a PC. They want to see it and
 try it first. That's exactly why I'm going to Toronto. If you are coming
 to the show drop by my booth and check it out. It is my hope that
 GEMulator will get some writeups and reviews after the Toronto show, and
 _then_ I can think about trying to sell it.

      To get on the mailing list to receive more info on GEMulator and to
 be able to preorder at the intro price, you can either send a self
 addressed envelope to Branch Always Software, 14150 N.E. 20th Street,
 Suite 302, Bellevue, WA  98007  or drop by the Toronto show and fill out a
 form. I see no reason why GEMulator won't be available before the Glendale
 show, which is the next show I'll be showing it at. But, and this is a big
 BUT, I will be looking at people's reactions at the Toronto show. If
 people tell me "GEMulator is nice, but I'm not interested in paying X
 amount of dollars to run my ST software on a PC", then I'll have to think
 of ways to make it cheaper or more attractive.

      Before I can sell GEMulator, I have to have an electronics company
 make hundreds or thousands of the cards.  That costs a lot of money, so
 before I invest my life savings into it, I want to know that enough people
 will buy it. So, PLEASE, come to Toronto, look at GEMulator, and tell me
 you're interested in it.  <grin>

      I think that's an important point.  If you can't be reasonably
 assured that you'll sell enough to cover your costs.  I think there's a
 market, but I am not sure many will be willing to pay more than an STe
 goes for.   ga

      Thanks for the detailed info.

      Could the Lexicor color board be interfaced somehow?  Spectre?  This
 is sounding too good to be true!!!  Perhaps the ST will die as a machine,
 and live on as GEMulator software!  A platform that exists only in another
 platform's memory!!! ga

      I want to respond to Gordie's statement...

      An STE sells for what, $399? Ok, if I give you $399, can you set up
 a complete STe system that would be usable? No,  of course not. You
 have to buy a monitor. You probably want a hard disk. Now what have you
 spent, $1000? So, if you have a PC and would like to buy another STe
 system, it is going to be a LOT cheaper to simply emulate the ST.

      Now, to answer the other questions...  There are hundreds of
 different VGA cards available for the ST.  A basic VGA card runs you about
 $50, a Super VGA around $100, and some of the high rez high performance
 cards are a few hundred dollars.  It would be a lot cheaper to get one of
 these cheap, mass produced VGA cards instead of trying to interface an ST
 video card. Some of the "ST" video cards are in fact VGA cards interfaced
 to the ST!

      As for Spectre, well, I haven't had a chance to sit down with Dave
 Small and discuss if he'd like to do something with Spectre and GEMulator.
 The GEMulator card does have the extra sockets to allow Mac ROMs to be
 plugged in. So all I will say at the moment is if you have a Spectre 128
 or Magic Sac, HOLD ON TO THE ROMS!!!!

      But, could the Lexicor software be used with some other board?  Extra
 sockets, great!!! ga

      Let's put it this way, any software that support the Moniterm monitor
 or the ISAC card, or other high rez ST monitors will run on a Super VGA.

      So, if I get a 486 40Mhz, I am set for life!!! WOWWWW!!!!  ga

      Well, until the RISC computers come to market, anyway..

 .Ken H.>
      Why software emulation of a 68000 when the chips are so cheap and you
 have to have the PC board any way?  Any chance of 68030 support? ga

      Cost mainly. Last year a company released a Mac emulator on a card
 that sold for $1000. As far as I know it never became popular because it
 was more expensive that a low end Mac!

      Another reason for emulating in software is because if you put an 8
 Mhz 68000 on a card, that is the maximum speed you can get.  In software,
 you are limited only by the speed of your computer and the efficiency of
 the emulator.  Once I get GEMulator fully optimized, you will see some
 software running a lot faster than on an ST.

      A third reason for software emulation is of interest to developers.
 GEMulator has several nifty debugging features that on a real 68000 would
 require an expensive in circuit emulator other hardware. You can do
 ANYTHING in software just by writing some code. Hardware is a lot harder
 to deal with. I'm just not a hardware kind of guy. <grin>  ga

      Oops, forgot to mention 68030 support...yes, eventually that could be
 put in to emulate a TT or Mac II. I would guess that to get the full speed
 of the TT you'd need a very fast 486 or the new 586. Keep in mind that as
 PCs get faster and faster GEMulator will automatically run faster as well
 without having to be updated. That's a lot simpler than having to replace
 68000s with 68030s,  etc. ga

      If nobody else has a question, I'll let AP7 wrap it up for tonight.

      You mean there is actually no 68000 chip at all, it is 100% software,
 besides whatever your board uses??

      I believe that's what I've been trying to convey for months. yes.
 <grin>  ga

      Great!!!  ga

      Well, Darek, you've given us a huge amount of information.  Any
 last comments?

      Well, I want to thank everyone for coming.  If you can, please drop
 by and say hi in Toronto.  If you'd like to be put on my mailing list and
 place an advance order, please send your name and address in a SASE to
 the address I mentioned before. You won't need to send any money until I'm
 ready to actually ship, but this will give me a better idea of when the
 market is big enough to make this worth while. I don't want this to turn
 into a disaster like PC Ditto II.

      That's all!

      None of us do, Darek.

      (luckily, the GEMulator card is a LOT simpler than a PC Ditto board)

      Thanks for sharing the GEMulator with us tonight.  And I hope the
 Toronto show goes fantastically for you!   This CO is over!

    This conference  transcript is  the exclusive  property  of the ST
    Advantage on DELPHI. Permission to reprint is granted only if this
         notice is included and the transcript is left unchanged.

   This transcript was edited by JBEAU.  His effort is much appreciated
    by the staff of DELPHI's ST Advantage, especially Gordie, who would
               have had to edit it otherwise.  <G>  Thanks!

 > TAF NEWS! STR InfoFile            LAST-MINUTE NEWS FROM ACE '92


 CONTACT: John R. Sheehan, SJ
          (416) 926-1518
          GEnie: J. Sheehan14
            26 March 1992

                       LAST-MINUTE NEWS FROM ACE '92

     ACE '92,  the Atari Canadian Exposition, opens on Saturday, April 4th,
 and will run through Sunday, April 5th, at  the Skyline  Hotel in Toronto,
 Ontario. With  only one-week  to go  before this major international Atari
 event, last-minute details and  events  are  being  announced  and  put in

     Those who will be exhibiting programs, hardware and major developments

     ABC Solutions                      Atari Canada Corp.
     Atari Explorer                     Atari Interface Magazine
     Best Electronics                   Branch Always Software
     BMDistributors                     Canoe Computers
     Clear Thinking                     Click Here, Inc.
     Codehead Technologies              Compuplace
     Compustore                         Computer Supplies & Service
     Compuworld                         CRS
     Cybercube                          D.A. Brumleve
     DoubleClick                        DragonWare
     Fair Dinkum                        Fast Technology
     Gadgets By Small                   GEnie
     Goldleaf                           Gribnif Software
     ICD, Inc.                          ISD Marketing, Inc.
     JMG Software International, Inc.   Joppa Computer Products
     Korg                               Micro-Creations
     Missionware Software               Musicware
     PI Precision Importing             Saved By Technology
     SaveTech                           Soft-Logik Publishing Corp.
     Software Sales                     Steinberg-Jones
     Step Ahead Software                Steve's Music
     Sudden Incorporated                Toad Computers
     Wintertree Software                WizWorks

     A host of other  events will  make the  two-day event  stimulating and
 informative.  Among the many special attractions are:

 Meet the Sysop Booth
     A special  booth will be manned throughout the two days by Sysops from
 Bulletin Board Systems from all over Canada and the United States.  Sysops
 on the  Forem network will be meeting for a special brunch, and many other
 users of BBS systems have  expressed  the  desire  to  meet  the invisible
 "Sysops" they  have come  to know  only through  their computers.   A full
 schedule of times will be posted at the show.

 Seminars and Training Classes
     Three  seminar  rooms  and  a   Training   Room   will   provide  many
 opportunities to  meet developers,  see new products demonstrated, and get
 hands-on training.  Both  ISD Marketing  and SoftLogik  will be conducting
 classes in  their Desktop  Publishing Programs.  ISD will have classes for
 both Calamus 1.09 and the new  Calamus  SL,  and  Softlogik  has scheduled
 sessions each  day for  Pagestream 2.1.   Seminar  topics range from using
 computers to re-construct  dinosaur  fossils  to  creating  music.   Ralph
 Mariano, publisher  of STReport,  will speak, and a number of new programs
 and products will be  shown.   There will  be times  when as  many as four
 presentations will be going on simultaneously.

 Concerts and Performances
     In the special MIDI area there will be a stage for public performances
 and entries in the Talent Contest.   Several  professional groups  will be
 performing,  as  will  contestants  in  the musical division of the Talent
 Contest.   Graphics entries will be projected throughout both days so that
 all  can  see  the  creations  of the entrants, and demonstrations of MIDI
 software and special effects will be taking place in the luxurious seminar
 area specially equipped for that purpose.

 "Showing Off"
     Several developers  have indicated  that one  of the  reasons they are
 participating in ACE '92 is just to "show  off" their  products.  Goldleaf
 Publishing, for  example, will be bringing video digitizing equipment, and
 will transform photographs that participants bring  to them  into a number
 of different  formats.   You might go home with a free refrigerator magnet
 with your  digitized face  on it!  Or have  a photo  of you  with a famous
 celebrity (without  the celebrity ever having been there)! Micro-Creations
 is giving a free copy  of  their  new  BBS  program  to  every  Atari club
 present, and most booths will have special show prices and packages.

     Show hours  are 10am  to 6pm  on Saturday, April 4th, and from 11am to
 6pm on Sunday, April 6th.  (Remember  -  this  is  the  week-end  you turn
 clocks AHEAD  one hour, which is the reason for the later starting time on
 Sunday.) Admission is $6, no charge  for children  6 and  under.   ACE '92
 will be  held at  the Skyline Hotel, 655 Dixon Rd in Toronto, near Pearson
 International Airport.

 For additional information, contact
                                  ACE '92
                       c/o Toronto Atari Federation
                               5334 Yonge St
                                Suite 1527
                         Willowdale  ON M2N 6M2.
 For faster response, call
              Paul Collard, Exhibit and Volunteer Coordinator
                              (416) 477-2085
            John R. Sheehan, SJ, General Convention Coordinator
                              (416) 926-1518
                             GEnie J.Sheehan14
                          TAF BBS: (416) 235-0318
              TAF InfoLine and Voice Message: (416) 425-5357.


 > GEMULATOR II! STR OnLine   Darek Mihocka's CIS Gemulator Conference


 Pattie) Tonight's guest Speaker is Darek Mihocka, of Branch Always
     Software. He's famous as the author of ST Xformer, Quick ST and now
     the GEMulator.  He's here to answer questions about the ST emulator
     for the PC world. If you have a question for Darek, please type ? and
     I'll let you know when it is your turn to speak.  We're on the
     honor system to not talk with Darek is speaking or if it's not
     your turn.  Please join me in welcoming Darek!  Darek, any opening
     remarks for us? ga

 Darek) Hi guys! Long time no see. As I'm sure you're well aware, over the
     last year and a half I have been working on a series of emulators on
     the PC. I started by first porting the ST Xformer over to MS-DOS and
     then I decided to try the more challenging task of emulating the ST
     itself. That project is now almost finished, and hopefully it will be
     all ready to go and available in time for this year's Glendale and
     WAACE shows. I'll be showing a prototype of the emulator next week at
     the Atari show in Toronto, and this will give people a chance to see
     it and me to get people's feedback. Hopefully I'll see a lot of you
     there. That's about all I have to say now. I'm sure you have a lot of
     questions so, why don't we start. ga

 Pattie) Ok!  Patrick, you're up first! ga

 Patrick Bass) Thanks, first... Darek, due to the close match between the
     ST and IBM system calls, have you tried to rewrite all of the low
     level calls or just trap the TRAPs and perform the closest IBM BIOS
     calls? ga

 Darek) yes, that's already done to a certain extent, and as I start
     optimizing the code I'll do more of that. It's sort of like re-writing
     Quick ST all over again, except this time for the PC platform. As I
     have been  Mail  writing the emulator, the goal was to first emulate
     the 68000 chip, and then to start emulating the ST hardware with 100%
     compatibility. Between now and Glendale I'll start worrying about
     speeding this baby up a bit. Right now you need a 33 Mhz 486 machine
     to run your ST software at full speed, but eventually I'll get it to
     the point where you can do that on a 386 machine. ga

 Pattie) Patrick, a followup question? ga

 Patrick Bass) Thanks, I wish you all the luck in the world and if I run
     across one I'll sure try it out.  BTW I still have the original disks
     you sent ANTIC.  Want 'em back? ga

 Darek) Ah, the original 6502 emulator I sent in way way back. No, keep it.
     :-) ga

 Pattie) Thank you Patrick!  Ron Luks has a question for you Darek ga

 Ron Luks) Darek-- Will the GEMulator run as a multitasking  app like
     under Windows or will it "take over" the entire PC for itself? ga

 Darek) Gemulator is well behaved and uses MS-DOS to perform all disk I/O.
     So it does not take over the system and thus you can run it under DOS
     or Windows or any "better DOS than DOS" that might come our way.
     <grin> ga

 Ron Luks) thx. ga

 Pattie) Ok.  Before we move on to Dan's question, I'd like to ask one
     myself.  Darek, what made you decide to drop the software product
     Quick ST and concentrate on GEMulator? ga

 Darek) I ran out of steam with Quick ST. It ran about as fast as it could,
     all the cool features such as custom desktops, etc, were in it,
     and I really didn't know what else to do with it. Codehead has some
     ideas and I needed some more free time, so it was the ideal thing to
     let Codehead take over development and distribution. With some fresh
     ideas Quick ST will become an even better product. ga

 Pattie) Sounds Great! Ok, on to Dan

 Dan Rhea) Darek, what do you project as a minimum system requirement (HW &

 Darek) Well, with all the different brands and variations of PCs, it's
     hard to say. You need at least a 386SX, with at least 2 megabytes of
     memory, a hard disk, and a VGA display. The more memory, the faster
     your hard disk, the faster the VGA, and the faster the CPU, obviously
     the faster Gemulator will run. On a basic 386SX system you're looking
     at about 1/5th the performance of a 486/33 system. So you don't want
     the cheapest most stripped down PC you can find, but a 386/33 system
     with 4 meg of memory (which is about the standard system you see in
     hundreds of Computer Shopper ad) will do just great.  ga

 Dan Rhea) Thanks (glad I have the 486-33)

 Pattie) Dan, anything further?

 Dan Rhea) Not at the moment ga

 Pattie) Ok... Don Messerli has a question... Go ahead Don!

 Don Messerli) Darek, are you running the 386/486 in protected mode using a
     DOS extender? ga

 Darek) yes, that's the only way to go. ga

 Don Messerli) Aren't you afraid of possible legal problems? ga

 Darek) Well, I see Bob Brodie is here, so why don't I let him answer that
 to settle this matter once and for all. Bob?

 Pattie) Bob, please join in if you like!

 Bob Brodie [ATARI]) From our perspective, if Darek's product uses genuine
     Atari roms on board somewhere in the system, there will be no
     problems. However, if it should attempt to softload our O/S, ie a disk
     based version of TOS, then we will have strong objections to the
     product. SO, if it's  hardware based, no problems. Software based, BIG
     problems. Clear enough? GA

 Darek) Thanks Bob. I hope that puts to rest the many rumors I've seen
     floating around various boards. I have been saying since last year
     that Gemulator will use real TOS ROMs, but some people just don't
     listen. ga

 Don Messerli) Thanks Darek, I think your stuff is great!  ga

 Pattie) Patrick has another question for you Darek. Ga Patrick!

 Patrick Bass) Thanks.  Darek, a questions arises about using GEM based
     on the PC platform.  TOS is just CP/M-68K with GEM on top with just a
     few extras.  Are you going the simple DOS compatible route, supporting
     Windows or are you going to support PC GEM?...  Also, is this the
     Pattie from Atari I've heard about? GA

 Darek) Patrick, Gemulator is DOS based. It does not run under PC GEM. It
     does Yes, thanks, Patti.  not support PC GEM any more than a real ST
     supports PC GEM. ga

 Patrick Bass) I think it's interesting how GEM flavor apps have been
     ported from the PC to ST and now back to the PC! A'int computers
     grand?  GA and thanx.

 Pattie) Patrick, I'm not with Atari Corp., but am with Atari Interface!
     Anyway... ROn Luks is up next! ga

 Ron Luks) Will GEMulator come with TOS 2.06 or a lesser version of TOS?
     and Will it COME with the chips or will the user have to purchase them
     separately like the Spectre GCR requires? g

 Darek) Ron, right now I haven't decided whether to bundle a set of TOS
     ROMs or not. There are advantages and disadvatages to that. First, if
     someone wants to run a version of TOS other than what I might bundle
     (probably 1.4 or 2.0), they' be paying for extra ROMs they don't want.
     But if someone is hundreds of miles from a dealer, it might be
     difficult to get a set of ROMs. So probably if Atari wants to sell me
     TOS ROMs, <grin> I'll have an option to buy Gemulator with ROMs. Keep
     in mind that Gemulator can run any version of TOS, from 1.0 to 2.0, so
     you're not limited to running any one version. The Gemulator board I'm
     currently using as a prototype has 8 sockets, which allows you to plug
     in up to 4 sets of 2-chip TOSes, or one 6-chip set and a 2-chip set.
     It gives you a lot of versatility. If you have software that runs,
     say, only on TOS 1.0, but you like to run your other software on the
     faster TOS 1.4, just plug in both sets of chips and switch between
     them. ga

 Ron Luks) When you say it runs TOS 2.0 does that include 2.06 (with
     NEWDESK)? ga

 Darek) yes, you see, Gemulator just runs the TOS ROMs like it does any
     other piece of 68000 code. It really doesn't distinguish between minor
     differences from one TOS to the other. Gemulator already runs over 95%
     of all the software I've tested on it, including Pagestream, Word
     Writer, Quick ST, Hotwire, Prism Paint, etc.  With a bit more work, it
     will be as 100% compatible as you can get. ga

 Pattie) Thanks Ron!  Dave Lewis is up next! ga

 Dave Lewis) Will Gemulator run on a Micro Channel bus machine, And have
     you tried it under OS/2 2.0. GA

 Darek) The final Gemulator card will be either an 8 or 16 bit card,
     so any machine that can accept such cards will work. Given that Micro
     Channel is dying out, you probably don't have to worry about it when
     buying a PC. As for OS/2 2.0, I'll have to wait until it comes out to
     try it. ga

 Dave Lewis) Thanks. GA

 Darek) by the way Dave, COMMAND! runs just fine (both full screen and

 Pattie) Ok... before I let Dan Rhea ask his next question, I'd like
     to ask Darek who's the intended market for GEMulator. ga

 Darek) Based on feedback from people I talked to at Glendale and
     other shows last year, the biggest market seems to be ST users who
     either have both an ST and PC at home, or they have to use a PC in
     class or at work. And then there are people who actually listen to
     what I said in STReport. <grin> ga

 Pattie) Alright!  Dan, you're up! ga

 Dan Rhea) Which "Flavor" of the ST does the GEMulator emulate? (ST, STe,
     Mega...) or all of the above?

 (3-7,Darek) Right now I'm emulating what could best be described as a
     1040ST.  There is not blitter chip support yet, but once I emulate
     that, it'll be closer to something like a Mega ST or STE. All of the
     ST and STE and Mega ST models all have very similar hardware, so it's
     hard to single out exactly one particular model. Once the speed is
     faster, blitter chip emulation works and if you plug in TOS 2.0 ROMs,
     you'll have something similar to a Mega STE emulator. ga

 Dan Rhea) How about the STe video modes?

 Darek) Which are....? The ST and STE have the same video modes. What
     I will do for people with Super VGA cards is allow you to use the full
     resolution of the VGA card, whether it be 800x600 or 1024x768 or
     1280x960. Very similar to running a Moniterm monitor on a Mega ST or
     using the MonSTEr utility to emulate larger screen resolutions. As
     always, you'll need to be running at least TOS 1.4 to get the higher
     resolution since TOS 1.0 and 1.2 don't support anything beyond
     640x400. ga

 Dan Rhea) Great! Thanks. ga

 Pattie) Don Messerli is up next. ga

 Don Messerli) Darek, do you support color mode as well as monochrome? ga

 Darek) Yes, since a VGA display can easily emulate all 3 ST modes, you can
     boot up either in low/medium resolution, or in monochrome. As with the
     real ST, you can't switch from color to mono or mono to color from the
     GEM desktop, but all you do is just re-run Gemulator. What you can
     also do, if you're running a multitasking environment like Windows, is
     run two Gemulators at once, so you could be running a color one and a
     monochrome one. ga

 Don Messerli) Are you currently only supporting 1 Mb of ST emulated RAM?

 Darek) (That's one advantage of NOT taking over the whole computer, you
     can take advantage of multitasking). I run a 1 meg setup for testing
     purposes, but unlike the real ST, there is no 4 meg limit. In theory
     you could boot up Gemulator with 14 meg of ST memory, but why you'd
     want to do that is a question. Yes, if you want 14 meg, you'll get 14
     meg. ga

 Don Messerli) Thanks Darek.  ga

 Pattie) Thank you Don! Dana has a question, ga

 Dana @ STReport) To follow-up on Pattie's question. Will you target those
     users who use both ST's and PC's or will you also try to lure PC-only
     users to use the GEMulator (not just ex-Atarians!)?  GA

 Darek) I see no point in luring PC users. Most PC users are not even aware
     that the ST exists, sort of the same boat as the Amiga and Atari XE,
     and I think it would be extremely difficult to convince a PC users to
     use GEM. After all, GEM has been around for years on the PC, and it
     never caught on. My plans for PC users are to lure them to Mac
     emulation at sometime in the future. ga

 Pattie) Dana, anything else?

 Dana @ STReport) No, thanks - Darek, good luck at Toronto!!

 Pattie) Ok! Ron Luks gets the final question tonight! ga

 Ron Luks) Do you have an approx. price set for GEMulator yet? ga

 Darek) Under $500 for a complete set of software, board, and TOS ROMs, and
     dealers may sell for a lot less. There will be an introductory price
     for people who pre-order which will be significantly less. More on
     that later. People who are on the Gemulator mailing list will receive
     information in the mail. ga

 Ron Luks) thx. ga

 Pattie) Darek, any closing remarks before we close the "formal" part of
     the Conference? ga

 Darek) well, again I'd like to invite everyone to come down to the Toronto
     show and give me your feedback on Gemulator. I aim to please. And
     let's hope that will put a rest to any rumors circulating about what
     Gemulator can and cannot do. Just as it was possible to emulate the
     8-bit Atari on both the ST and PC, it was just as easy to emulate the
     ST on the PC. I know it seems impossible, but it has been done and my
     demo in Toronto next week will prove that. I know that right now even
     most ST developers can't believe it's possible. Thank you for coming!

 (3-2,Pattie) Thank you for joining us tonight, Darek, and for sharing all
     the information about GEMulator!  Best of luck to you! We're now in
     open mode!  It's a free for all!



 For immediate release
 Friday, March 27, 1992

      You Knew It As Quick ST...

                You'll LOVE It As...

                    WARP 9 - THE SOFTWARE ACCELERATOR!

 HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - CodeHead Technologies  is  proud  to  announce the
 release of its brand new software accelerator -- Warp 9!

     On January 1, 1992 we took over support and development of the popular
 Quick ST screen accelerator from Branch Always Software.  It's  taken over
 three months  to complete  the modifications  necessary to  turn it into a
 CodeHead product, but it's well worth  the wait.   The  resulting fruit of
 our  labors   is  Warp   9  --   the  fastest,  most  compatible  software
 graphics/text accelerator _ever_ for the Atari line of computers!

     We've decided to  give  it  this  new  name  because  it's  changed so
 dramatically  that  it's  hardly  even  recognizable  anymore.    The only
 similarity between  Warp 9  and its  predecessor, Quick  ST, is incredible

     Although  Warp  9  has  a  completely  new user interface and many new
 features,  the  major  benefit   over  previous   screen  accelerators  is
 COMPATIBILITY! Literally  dozens of  bugs and  compatibility problems have
 been eradicated in Warp 9.  It now works fine with FSM  GDOS, and problems
 have been  eliminated with  Touch-Up, PageStream,  and many other programs
 where redraw and other problems existed.  Warp  9 also  works fine  on the
 TT, and accelerates the graphics of TT Medium resolution remarkably.

  What IS a Software Screen Accelerator?

     Warp 9  operates by  intercepting operating system calls.  Most of the
 normal operating system calls are not  written with  the utmost efficiency
 as  far  as  speed  is  concerned.   Warp 9 uses highly optimized assembly
 language routines which can give you speed increases  of 400%  all the way
 up to 1200% or more.  That's from 4 to 12 times faster!  The difference is
 immediately noticable in almost  every area  of your  computer activities.
 Text, graphics,  and windows  virtually fly onto the screen.  Once you try
 using Warp 9, you'll never allow yourself to operate without it again.

  New Features:

     The user interface of Warp 9 has been completely revamped.  The Warp 9
 program installs in the AUTO folder, giving increased speed to the loading
 of your AUTO programs.   The  effectiveness of  a software  accelerator is
 normally diminished  by the additional overhead of other resident programs
 installed in your system.  But Warp 9 uses a  special trick  to avoid this
 problem.   The Warp  9 Control  Panel accessory  communicates with Warp 9,
 telling  it  to  reinstall  itself,  giving   it  a   prime  position  for
 acceleration.   If you  want to  save memory  by not installing the Warp 9
 Control Panel, you can auto-run our  QuickGrab program  which will provide
 the same  function.  This gives you the best of both worlds, the utmost in
 speed during the bootup process as  well as  at the  desktop level  and in
 your applications.

     Besides speed  and compatibility,  Warp 9  offers you  all of the same
 features available in Quick ST and much more.  You can replace  the system
 screen font  with one of your own, or choose from any of the 6 dozen fonts
 included with Warp 9.  You  can  also  change  the  system  fill patterns,
 altering the  look of  your windows  and dialog boxes.  You can change the
 desktop's background pattern by using a custom fill pattern or even load a
 picture in  any resolution, including the TT resolutions.  Warp 9 can load
 pictures in many formats,  including PI1,  PI2, PI3,  PC1, PC2,  PC3, TNY,
 TN1, TN2,  TN3, and  PNT.  The font, fills, and background pictures can be
 configured to load  automatically  when  you  boot  up.    Fonts  and fill
 patterns can be edited by using the included Customizer program.

     There's also  a completely  configurable mouse accelerator built right
 into Warp 9.  You can tailor the acceleration to your own needs, or choose
 from  one  of  the  four  preset configurations available.  Other optional
 mouse features include "blocking"  to  keep  the  mouse  from accidentally
 entering the  menu bar  area, "jumping" to force the mouse to the menu bar
 at the click  of  the  right  mouse  button,  and  separately configurable
 horizontal and  vertical wrap-around of the mouse when it reaches the edge
 of the screen.

     Warp 9 also includes the  functionality  of  FunkAlert,  the shareware
 program by  Charles F.  Johnson.  This gives you the ability to select any
 button in any standard alert box by the  simple press  of a  function key.
 You can  turn off  the system  Zoom Boxes,  too, for  even more  speed.  A
 well-written 50-page  manual gives  detailed instructions  for using every
 facet of Warp 9.

     Order  Warp  9  just  can't get a faster, more compatible
 screen accelerator for your  Atari  computer,  and  you  also  receive the
 quality and support for which CodeHead Technologies is famous.


 Warp 9 will be shipping as of Monday, March 30th.  Retail price is $44.95.

     Contact your local dealer or order directly from CodeHead Technologies
 at the address below.  Mastercard, Visa, and American Express credit cards
 are accepted.  For shipping, add $3 US, $4 Canada, and $6 overseas.

     Owners of any version of Quick ST or Turbo ST can purchase  Warp 9 for
 only $20 by returning their original disk with payment to:

                           CodeHead Technologies
                              P.O. Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004

                           Phone: (213) 386-5735
                       (Mon-Fri 9A-1P Pacific Time)
                           FAX:   (213) 386-5789
                           BBS:   (213) 461-2095


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

 Tony Davids has converted BJ Gleason's PORT.FAQ file to pbread format.
 PORTFA.COM is very handy to keep on a ramcard for easy reference.

 Tom Showers has created a useful graphics program. PGC2PC.ZIP will convert
 Portfolio .PGC files into .PCX format for use with desktop programs.

 Tom also has some extras for the SPAINT program. FNTSP1.ZIP contains 10
 fonts can be used with SPAINT. There are samples of these fonts for
 viewing in the file FONTSP.PGC. CARTSP.PGC is a collection of small
 pictures that can be used as clip-art.

 NYTIME.ASC is Don Thomas's reply to a New York Times article about Palmtop

 Don Thomas has a new batch of corporate logos in .PGC format. BOFA.PGC ia
 the Bank Of America logo. PCWRLD.PGC is the PC World magazine logo.
 5THCAT.PGC is the Fifth Generation Cheetah. LOGOS.ZIP contains 15
 different logos. LOGOS1.ZIP contains another 5 logos. WARNER.ZIP contains
 12 images of Warner properties. PGSHOW is required to view .PGC files and
 is available in the forum library.

 PORT.ZIP is a collection of images of the Portfolio in IMG format. The
 collection by Don Thomas can be used in flyers and newsletters promoting
 the Portfolio.


 > TINY PC? STR FOCUS          "The Atari Portfolio is a DOS PC..."

 March 25, 1992

 Mr. John Markoff
 c/o New York Times
 229 West 43rd Street
 New York, NY  10036

 Dear Mr. Markoff,

     On the front page in the Business section of the New York Times (March
 23, 1992), an article appeared titled "Era of the Tiny PC is Nearly at
 Hand" beneath your byline.

     In the article, you cite aspects of microtechnology and how the
 industry is fusing that technology with handheld computers. You offer
 gracious exposure to Hewlett-Packard, Poqet, Sharp and others. In fact,
 you boasted a figure of 400,000 HP 95LX machines having been sold. That is
 an interesting number since a newswire release (manufacturer origin)
 forwarded to my attention two weeks ago offered a number one quarter that
 figure. I suspect the number was confused with the number of Geos systems
 that sold which is stated on page C5. Otherwise, it seems unlikely that an
 identical number of HP palmtop devices sold as well as a desktop
 application within the same amount of time, does it not?

     In all due respect, I find it difficult to understand how a well
 researched article appears to intentionally drop reference to the premiere
 DOS palmtop introduced in September 1989... and while HP officially
 announced 100,000 units of the 95LX, the worldwide figure of Atari
 Portfolios sold is approximately three times that number.

     The Atari Portfolio is a DOS PC that weighs less than a pound and is
 about the size of a videocassette. The keyboard is rated better and the
 screen more legible than the HP by computer users and professional
 reviews. The most powerful feature is the price... less than $300 MSRP.

     I understand the intention of news articles is not to promote the
 subject matter, however when all but one of the contenders are referenced,
 that does raise serious questions. I hope a follow-up article may clarify
 the facts. Offering free exposure to the "higher" priced alternatives and
 omitting just one name is unfair when used in a general topics of quality
 palmtop DOS PCs.

     If you need to learn more about the best value palmtop on the market,
 visit the APORTFOLIO forum on CompuServe. Thousands of members enjoy over
 750 Portfolio files in that forum alone. I have included enclosed
 information on the Portfolio as well.


                                        Donald A. Thomas, Jr.
                                        Portfolio Marketing Manager
                                        PH: (408) 745-2031
                                        FX: (408) 745-2088

 cc: Editor-in-Chief
 APORTFOLIO forum on CompuServe


 > UTOPIA STR Review    "..the BEST SELLING GAME for the Atari.."

                     UTOPIA: THE CREATION OF A NATION

 by Tim Holt

     I rarely buy games anymore, since I don't have too much time to play,
 so the games that I do purchase have to meet some stringent requirements
 before I plop down $50 or so.  The first requirement is that the game runs
 on my Mega STE.  (I seem to have run into a situation where many games
 coming from across the "big pond" are not TOS 2.0 and above
 compatible."Life and Death" was my first experience with this upward
 non-compatibility.) Secondly, the game must be understandable.I am tired
 of shoot-em-ups, and of games that have 500 page instruction manuals.(If I
 wanted to read a novel, I would have gone to a bookstore.) Third, the game
 must hold my interest for more than a few days.  As you can tell, I
 don't buy too many games anymore.  BUT, the ones I do buy are exceptional.
 Happily, I can say that "UTOPIA:The Creation of a Nation" by Gremlin, fits
 the bill as far as the above criteria.

     Utopia is, as of this writing, is the best selling game for the Atari
 platform.  It is a combination of the Godlike omniscience of Populous, the
 management techniques of Sim City, and the future world of Millennium 2.2.
 If you liked any or all of these games, chances are, you will like Utopia.

     To get going on Utopia, you must first boot your system with a 50
 Hertz boot disk, so that the screens will work on US systems.(The boot
 disk is included, and can be installed on a hard drive if you wish.
 Utopia will NOT run unless your system is running at 50 hz instead of the
 US standard 60 hz.) Next, boot up the Utopia program disk.  Utopia is copy
 protected twice over.  First, you must have the manual to tell the program
 what page a certain picture is on, and secondly, the files on the disks
 are "invisible", making duplication impossible.  I found this redundancy a
 bit of overkill, since Utopia does require a bit of disk swapping.  it
 would have been nice to put this one on a hard drive.

     The object of Utopia is to achieve a high "quality of life" in your
 future colony on some far off planet.  You are in charge, just as in Sim
 City, of choosing what type of buildings you will construct, and where you
 want your funds to be channeled.  Do you want to construct a sports
 stadium (great for the colony morale) or a laser turret, which will
 protect you from marauding aliens that also want to colonize the same
 planet that you are on?

     The view of the playing surface is similar to that of Populous, and in
 each scenario you are given a certain amount of money to start with.  You
 must decide what type of power plant you want to build, (solar, nuclear,
 etc) what type of spending for defense,(if any) what type of laboratories
 to build, etc.  Of course, each type of decision has a certain
 consequence.  Opt to go for lots of scientific research, and the military
 will benefit from the discoveries in the lab.  Go for a non-defense,
 peaceful colony, and you will have a high quality of life, but be wiped
 out pretty quickly by the aliens that inhabit planet that you are on.

     Utopia has a feature that I found nice.  At anytime in the game, you
 can go to a group of advisors, who will tell you what they think should be
 happening.  Of course the defense guy will want you to spend more on labs
 and military spending, and there is a colony psychiatrist, administrator,
 head of research, civil engineer, and financial consultant.  They will
 offer good advise throughout the game, although you do not have to follow

     Utopia also offers not only a 3-D colony view, that can be scrolled in
 four directions, but you can also look at the entire surface of the planet
 that you are on (this is more a satellite view) You can locate the aliens
 (and there are usually more than one enemy per planet), provided you have
 spies, as well as locate ore deposits for manufacturing, and energy
 sources.  You can view your cities as compared to the aliens, and locate
 where your defenses are located.

     Utopia offers the player 10 scenarios, and each one is progressively
 harder to play.  I suggest that players definitely start at the first
 scenario and work their way up.  For those that want to get their feet wet
 before jumping into the pond, there is a tutorial that lets you set up a
 colony and do all the things a good colony administrator should, without
 having to worry about attacks form the aliens.  You can save your game at
 anytime on a formatted disk, and the game will even allow you to format a
 disk while playing.  You may also choose the music that you want to listen
 to, but I suggest you turn the music off.  It is not one of the high
 points of the game, especially coming out of my SC 1224 speaker.

     Utopia is a very good game for those of you that have become addicted
 to the "open ended" scenario game.  There is no correct or incorrect way
 to win at Utopia.  You either succeed, or you do not.  Just like Sim City,
 your city either makes it, or it doesn't.  Of course, there are certain
 constants that every successful player will have, but in the end, it is
 all a matter of correct or incorrect choices.  Something you may have done
 at the beginning of the game, may affect your colony muck later.  If you
 are looking for a shoot-em-up, then you need to pass this up.  Utopia,
 although it is a good to look at game, is a thinking person's game.  I
 liked it very much, although I have not finished all the scenarios yet.
 Check it out!

     *Word of warning: Utopia is one of those games that refuses to shut
 off the floppy drive light, even though the disk is not being accessed.
 It also has a lot of floppy swapping, so it is very easy to destroy one of
 the disks if you are not careful during disk swaps.  BE CAREFUL when
 switching the disks.  Also, for some reason, my local dealer had a hard
 time finding Utopia through his supplier.  I do not know if this was a
 local problem, or a condition that is occurring throughout the US.  Be
 patient if you have to order UTOPIA.  THe wait is worth it.

                     UTOPIA: THE CREATION OF A NATION
                         Gremlin Graphics Software


 > STReport's Editorial Page           "Saying it like it is."

  From the Editor's Desk

      Of course I read the "Kerr Parody".  I _loved_it!  Drew you outdid
 yourself. Your offering was excellent light reading.  I thank you for
 thinking of us.   If any of you haven't read the "Kerr Parody", please do
 so.. its hilarious.

     Our issue this week should be called "a thorough experience in
 telecommunicating", we have four superb online conferences for your
 reading enjoyment.

     Not much to carry on about this week other than the developments in
 the Tiny Turbo accelerator area, it is getting a good forward start with
 advance orders.  This marketplace is starting to 'smile' again and that's
 good.  Hopefully, the attitudes of everyone will continue to mellow thus
 allowing all of us to concentrate on the future instead of doting on the
 past.  Atari's future is beginning to take on a rosy new complexion.  One
 that's nowhere near the pallor of a few months ago.  Is the 'new era'
 finally underway?  I think it just might be.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                            STReport's MailBag

 From CIS

 : 31822 S15/Atari International
   27-Mar-92  02:48:14
 Sb: #31774-Atari upturn?
 Fm: John Townsend @ Atari 70007,1135

 To: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254 (X)

 So far Ron, it has been a pleasure to be here. The crowd here is different
 than the other online services and I enjoy that. Recently, I seem to be
 seeing alot of positive attitudes prevailing online and that really adds
 to the whole experience.

 One thing I think that affects the whole "personna" of Atari online is the
 people involved. Over the past two years, Atari has hired several people
 from the Atari user community to handle business internally. For example,
 Bob Brodie, Bill Rehbock, Dan McNamee, Ken Badertscher, Mark Jansen, and
 myself are all people who owned and believed in Atari computers before we
 starting working at this company. We understand how our users feel because
 we feel the same way. We also understand how our fellow users want to know
 what is going on. More than anything, we want to see Atari succeed. If I
 (and others) didn't believe that it couldn't succeed, we wouldn't be
 working 12 and 13 hours days and weekends to make things happen.

 Another thing.. positive things have been happening at Atari. Products
 have evolved, Atari is working on exciting new technology and the air of
 negative feelings that seemed to grip the whole user community like the
 Black Plague seems to be lifting. I hope it continues.

 As for your thanks.. Thank you for the opportunity to be here. It's alot
 of fun!

 -- John

 PS. If you think things are getting better now, just you wait! You
     ain't seen nothing yet!

 From the FNET

 Msg# : 1723/1723  Lines: 17  Read: 1
 Sent : Mar 24, 1992  at 12:41 AM
 Recv : Mar 24, 1992
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : S. Michael Hallack at Fnet Node 620, Leif's World (904)573-0734
 Subj : Re: <1722> MAC CON

  Previously Ralph Mariano wrote:

  - No truer words were ever spoken!  :-)   Did you EVER get your  -
 replacement Blitter Chip??
  -              Ralph @ * The Bounty ST BBS * FNET Node 350
  -            Home of: STReport International Online Magazine
 Nope, I have left numerous E-mail messages for Brodie and he just does not
 respond.  I do understand that he is very busy...  I really do.  However,
 there is no excuse for this.  Particularly with a company like Atari, user
 loyalty is essential.  This is one thing that I would think that he would
 do just as a token P.R. move.  In business, sometimes it is the little
 gestures that really make the difference, or the lack thereof.  I know of
 a couple of people that were considering buying Ataris and because of this
 incident, chose not to.  I haven't gone on an Atari-bashing campaign, but
 my frustration with Bob and the company as a whole is obvious.

 From GEnie

 Category 14,  Topic 8
 Message 216       Thu Mar 26, 1992
 B.BEAUCHEA [Bob Beauchea]    at 21:32 EST

 I just installed Atari's 1.44 HD drive and TOS 2.06 in my Mega STE. The
 new drive will format regular density disks from either NeoDesk or the
 Diamond format program. I cannot format any HD disks using Diamond or the
 Atari desktop and the Atari desktop will not format any regular density
 disks on the HD drive. I also have an SF314 and that works fine from all
 three programs for regular density disks (of course).

 1. I replaced the drive in the Mega with the one supplied in the kit.
    - data cable needed to be reversed from the original drive.

 2. I replaced the WD1772 with the AJAX chip supplied.

 3. I replaced the TOS chips. EE in socket U206 and EO in socket U207

 4. The three jumpers were already set and I did not change them.
         W201 1-2
         W202 2-3
         W203 1-2 5. I set switch 7 of the 8 pin dip switch on.

 Is there something else I need to do? Does anyone have any suggestions?

 Thanks, Bob Beauchea

 From CIS

 : 59162 S6/Hardware specific
   26-Mar-92  08:25:00
 Fm: INTERSECT Software 76004,1577
 To: john barnes 73030,2307 (X)


 Time will tell.  But Video lasers are a hot item at the COMDEX shows.
 They are very high ticket though and not many stores carry them. They are
 usually sold by VARs.

 FSM GDOS, Composcript, inexpensive memory, reduced prices on SLM804 &
 SLM805 laser printers and the introduction of MUCH faster Atari computers
 may bring a resurgance of the Video Laser.

 A SLM804 hooked to a ST is no great deal.  It's about the same price as a
 Conventional laser.  The Conventional Laser is more flexable in that it
 can be used with "OTHER" computers and "ported software" doesn't need
 special drivers to use it properly.

 BUT when you hook a SLM804 to a TT or any 68030 machine it becomes a
 SUPER printer in that print times are now 6 times faster than most
 Postscript printers and 100 times faster than most conventional lasers.

 At this time I highly recommend a Video laser to anyone with a EISA 486
 or a TT or <grin> a Falcon, if <sigh> the rumors about it are true.

 If you have a ST then the choice is not so clear cut.  A postscript
 printer is probably the best bet.  If money is the chief concern a SLM804
 is on sale and a user could save $500 over the cost of a Postscript

 Lets do a what if.  What if Atari released a SCSI video laser with 400+
 DPI.  This laser would work on a PC if the PC had a Caching SCSI
 controller with 2 megs of memory (cost of the SCSI controller with 2 megs
 $450.00).  The video laser Retails for $1,500.  HP drivers for the PC and
 the Atari ST/TT are free with the machine.  Postscript Interpreters are
 also available, for a price, lets say $300.

 The above would be an instant BEST seller on the PC. Print times for an
 average page would drop from 10 minutes (conventional graphics dump) to
 10 seconds on a 486 machine.  Note: Even a Postscript Printer can't speed
 up graphics transfers from Computer to printer.

 Even the NEXT uses a Video Laser.



 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - St. Louis, MO.                       SOFT LOGIK TO HOLD ONLINE CONF.

     The exact date is not set yet, but there is a 99% chance there will be
 a real-time-conference in the SoftLogik RT next Thursday night, April 2nd.
 Deron Kazmaier will be in attendance, and there WILL be Atari-specific
 news.  Those interested in attending should type SOFTLOGIK at any menu
 prompt in GEnie to get to the SoftLogik RT to see the Banner (which will
 list the exact date and time of the RTC) anytime this weekend.

 - Munich, Germany                        NETWORKING ATARI COMPUTERS

 : 59160 S5/Networking Ataris
   26-Mar-92  03:48:02
 Sb: #58153-Atari network software

 Read subscription article (Usenet)
 16355.3.2307.9 Re: Networking with exixting IBM networks/ethernet
 3/25/92 06:25 29/1433 petav@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE (Peter Averkamp)
 Lines 1 to 14 of 29 (48%)
 ----- (CUMMINS JOHN WILLI) writes:

 -I have a question.
 -I'm at an American university with 100Mbit/second FDDI and
 -10Mbit/second ethernet and 16Mbit (I think) token ring available.
 -My ST is interfaced via rs232 persently at 9.6kbaud and I'm frustrated.
 -Just how do folks in Germany interface via token-ring or Ethernet?
 -I have a Mega2 if it makes any difference.

 We have at least two 'companies' in Germany (Biodata & PamSoft), both of
 which try to make products that would fill your (our) needs.  So far they
 have not been satisfactory successfull.  I spent lots of time and money to
 both, even provided sources & technical support, but still there is not a
 product to recommend. Do not believe in advertisement that states the
 contrary!  Most of the so-called 'running' networks are island-solutions
 or imply very starnge setups with lots of constraints on the St side.  The
 customer support as at atari level or below (if at all possible).
 Besides, it is nowadays less expensive to buy a 386 PC with network card
 and working software than to buy the St net-adapters alone!!!

 Sorry to disappoint you, but reality is sometimes crude..

                                                  - Peter -

 Peter Averkamp,                      | email:
 Physics Department E20               |
 Techn. Univ. of Munich               | Phone: ++49 (89) 3209-2408
 D-8046 Garching, Germany             | Fax:   ++49 (89) 3209-2338


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           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                    *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

                Atari SLM 804, SLM 804PCV Laser Toner Kits
                            Memorex 2108, 5287
         Oasys Laserpro 5287, 5308, Express 830, Express Series II
                       Silver Express, Gold Express
                      ** $41.95 shipping Included **

                      Atari SLM 605 Laser Toner Kits
        AT&T 593, CAF Laser, DSI Laser, DTP Systems, Epson EPL-6000
         Facit P6060, Fontx Syslaser, Harris3M 2006, M-Tally MT905
       Microtek Turbo PS, OAS Laserpro Executive, Packard Bell 9500
                     TEC LB 1305, Toshiba PageLaser 6
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **
                          (TWO Toner Carts Incl.)

                        Panasonic Laser Toner Kits
           Panasonic KX -P 400 series, Panafax UF-750 Facsimile
                      ** $41.95 shipping included **

                    -- ALL TONER KITS  * IN STOCK * --

                       * Toner Starter Kits-$62.95 *
                    * Replacement (804) Drums-$186.95 *

               ABCO is PROUD to announce the acquisition of
               the exclusive U.S.A. distribution rights for
               ** Bitblit Software's; ///Turbo Board BBS. **
               This fine Atari ST BBS system software and
               user support is available through ABCO to all
               Turbo customers in the USA.  Call for current

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING & INSURANCE!  >UPS!<
                                (Cont. USA)

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



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