Z*Net: 21-Feb-92 #9208

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/01/92-01:44:37 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 21-Feb-92 #9208
Date: Sun Mar  1 13:44:37 1992

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 * THE EDITORS DESK                                        by Ron Kovacs

              Yep.. This issue was released on February 23.

 This week we are reprinting the AtariUser Magazine dealer listing that
 appears in the February edition.  If you have any update information
 please pass it along so that they can present an accurate list in a
 future edition.  There are directions on how to update in the article.

 I want to also welcome, Mike Mortilla and Mick Jarvis to the staff.  The
 first columns from each appear this week.


 I would like to pass along a something that took place earlier this week
 with my daughter.  You see, Jessica is in kindergarten and for three and
 a half hours each day, we cart her off to school and then spend some
 time each evening going over the days events.

 Each week, Friday to be exact is "Letterman Day"/Show and Tell.  The
 teacher picks a letter and for the week, I suppose, they spend time
 talking about things that begin with the letter....  You get the idea I

 Well, this past Friday it was Show and Tell.  This is the day your
 toddler has to bring something to school that begins with the letter and
 they give a brief explanation of what it is ect....

 It a Z day Friday.  Looking around the house trying to find something
 that begins with Z is almost impossible.  Note I stated ALMOST.  Perhaps
 someone has a Zebra they could cart off to school or Mariano's Ziggy
 Zercon (if it really lives), or even a Z*Net!!  Yes!! You guessed it, I
 sent my daughter with a Z*Net Newsletter.  I was going to send the 4
 foot by 3 foot Z*Net banner, but it was bigger then she is and probably
 harder for the teacher to assist an explanation.

 After speaking with the teacher late on Friday, she found it interesting
 and required a full explanation of what Atari did producing a newsletter
 when they probably have reached enough people with their games.  Silly
 teacher I said to myself and offered to send my daughter with some Atari
 flyers on Monday.... I will keep you updated!  Hmmm perhaps Dorothy
 Brumleve is needed here......  :-)


 Scott Gershin, owner of Hollywood's SOUNDELUX post-production sound
 studio, has been nominated for an Oscar for his work in sound on the
 "JFK" movie.  Scott does his work using Atari equipment for control of
 digital audio, using Hybrid Arts ADAP and other sound tools.  Scott did
 sound for other recent films including "Born on the Forth of July",
 "Honey, I've Shrunk the Kiids", and many commercials.  The Soundelux
 audio library, developed on Atari equipment, is a popular set of effects
 that is most recently heard throughout the new STAR TREK movie, as well.
 Read more about Scott Gershin and his use of Atari equipment in the
 February ATARI EXPLORER magazine.

 From GEnie

 Category 11,  Topic 3
 Message 3         Thu Feb 20, 1992
 C.TOWNSLEY [CHARLIE]         at 23:40 EST

 Hi all.  I just got back from the TAF meeting.  I just wanted to say
 that what I've heard was true; Bob Brodie is a very effective speaker.
 I really enjoyed your opening remarks, Bob, and was impressed with how
 well you handled the LONG question and answer period.

 It's almost a shame, though I understand perfectly, that ATARI won't
 talk about products under development.  A couple of times there, you
 looked like your teeth hurt, and had to force the words back. :-)  Ah,
 well.  I can wait until April when I can SEE the new products.

 It was very nice to see the ST Book, though.  Very neat little thing.
 And I mean LITTLE thing.  I couldn't believe the size of it.

 And it was a pleasure to meet you, and Nathan, and Darlah, and a few
 other GEnie people in person.  Now I can put a face and voice to the
 text.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in April.

 Charlie Townsley
 Category 11,  Topic 3
 Message 4         Fri Feb 21, 1992
 DARLAH [RT~SYSOP]            at 00:17 EST


 It was nice to meet you.  This was the 1st time I went to the TAF
 meeting and I must admit that I was impressed.  They had about 200
 people show up and I am told half usually show up for each meeting.

 The enthusiasm was great to see and the excitement was great.  I too
 enjoyed checking out the ST Book.  I enjoyed Bob's sense of humor and
 his style as he did his presentation.  Well, he just impresses me.  What
 can I say.

 It was great to meet the TAF folks.  They bring new meaning to what user
 groups are all about.  You can bet that I will be attending more of
 their meetings.  Glad we dropped in.

 Geoff Earle also was present and talked about the Canadian side of
 things.  He was quite insightful and did a great job at squelching
 rumors, as did Bob.  My thanks to all involved on this one.

 I am really looking forward to the TAF show.  Can't wait!
 Category 11,  Topic 3
 Message 5         Fri Feb 21, 1992
 ISD [Nathan]                 at 06:30 EST

 If you enjoyed Bob so much, how come I'm the one up at 6:30 taking him
 to the airport on my way to Markham. :-)  Bob was his usual treat,
 thoroughly enjoyed by TAF.  This is the very first time Bob has had the
 opportunity to address a TAF meeting and was very well received.  The
 April 4-5 show in Toronto is going to be great and there will definitely
 be new Atari machines on display at that time, according to Geoff Earle,
 General Manager of Atari Canada.
 Category 11,  Topic 3
 Message   6       Fri Feb 21, 1992
 ISD [Nathan]                 (Forwarded)

 Last night, for example, I spent my time at a TAF meeting, which is my
 local user group here in Toronto.  In attendance was my famous wife
 DARLAH :-), along with Geoff Earle, General Manager of Atari Canada and
 Bob Brodie, Director of Communications for Atari Corp.....along with
 approximately 200 attendees.  The meeting was thoroughly enjoyable, the
 mood was upbeat, the TAF show coming up in April looks to be a great
 success, especially as it will result in the first Canadian Atari show
 display of some of the new machines.  It was very heartening to attend.
 There was energy in that room, dare I say "enthusiasm".  And that, my
 friends, is the kind of NEWS I like to read every now and then.  Oh yes,
 as expected, Bob was a first class speaker.  If anything, he's gotten
 better over the past year or two.

 Now back to your regularly scheduled whatever. :-)

 Nathan @ ISD
 Category 11,  Topic 3
 Message 7         Fri Feb 21, 1992
 C.TOWNSLEY [CHARLIE]         at 21:06 EST

 Last night was the first time I'd ever been to a TAF meeting myself (and
 probably my last as my work schedule is moving back to straight
 afternoons).  I'm very glad I went, as I really enjoyed myself.  It's
 quite a treat to be in a room full of Atari "fans", most of whom know
 what they're talking about much better than I do.  I had a great time
 butting into conversations. :-)

 The only bummer was the weather.  All this week the temperature has been
 edging up, after a nasty LOW last week.  Then THIS GUY FROM
 CA-LI-FOR-NI-A shows up and Mother Nature has her revenge on us poor
 Canuck's for even thinking about a place with climate instead of

 When I left the TAF meeting it was snowing, again.  And it's all your
 fault, Bob.  Don't ask me how; I just know it is.

 Charlie Townsley

 The Eastside Atari Users Group, under special agreement with Atari
 Corp., is selling Atari Lapel Pins.  These pins were made for the
 Chicago Computerfest and are a limited edition item.  Less than 300 were
 made for the show and no other pins of this style will be made by our
 group again (unless Atari itself orders them).  The pin has a blue
 background with the Atari name and fuji in silver.  It comes with a
 military style clasp.  An epoxy dome covers the pin to protect it from
 scratches.  Although we did not sell out at Chicago, Atari Corp was very
 impressed the pin and were in fact our best customer.  Greg Pratt, Bob
 Brodie, and other Atari executives bought pins to take back to
 Sunnyvale.  Bob has told us that Sam thought highly of the pin too.
 These pins are being offered on a first come first serve basis.  As I
 said, we will not reorder this style again so it is a limited edition
 pin.  The pins may be ordered by sending $5 to:

 Eastside Atari Users Group
 1504 Saratoga
 Collinsville, IL 62234

 User groups may want to take advantage of this offer so we offer a
 discount for orders for 10 or more pins.  If 10 or more pins are ordered
 at the same time the price drops to $4.50 per pin.
                                          - Dave Pintar
                                            President EAUG

 Monday, February 17, 1992

 HotWire           3.0      1.3     2.3            $44.95  $10.00
 MaxiFile III      3.0      2.0     3.0 Addendum   $44.95  $15.00
 HotWire Plus (includes Maxifile)                  $69.95  $20.00
 MultiDesk Deluxe  3.3      3.0                    $49.95  $20.00+$3 S/H
 CodeKeys          1.3      1.1                    $39.95  $10.00
 LookIt & PopIt    1.2/1.1  1.0                    $39.95  $10.00
 G+Plus            1.5      1.2                    $34.95  $10.00
 CodeHead Utilities  4              Release 3 & 4  $34.95  $10.00
 MidiMax           1.3      1.0                    $49.95  $10.00
 MIDI Spy          1.0      1.0                    $79.95
 Quick ST          3.5      3.5                    $44.95  $20.00

                                           (until March 1, 1992)
 Avant Vector (with EPS)           $545.00     $495.00
 Avant Plot                        $895.00     $845.00
 Genus Font Editor                 $175.00     $150.00
 MegaPaint Professional 4.0        $175.00
 Cherry Font Packs                  $42.95

 TOS Extension Card                $139.00
 TOS Ext. Card - CPU or BUS Bridge $155.00
 TOS Chip Set                       $60.00

 Check, Money Order, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are accepted.
 Basic shipping charges are $3.00 to addresses in the US, $4.00 to
 Canada, and $6.00 to Europe.  Some packages, such as Avant Vector and
 MegaPaint require higher shipping charges.  Please call for exact rates.

 MaxiFile updates are $15.00, which includes a 67-page manual addendum.
 MultiDesk updates (to MultiDesk Deluxe) are $20.00 plus $3 shipping,
 which includes a new manual in a three-ring binder.  Quick ST updates
 are $20.00.  Send in your original Quick ST disk or a Turbo ST disk (any
 version).  Updates to previous versions of MegaPaint are $100.00.  All
 other updates are $10.00 each plus $5.00 extra if a new manual is
 required.  If you are updating HotWire and have the old red and black
 manual, you'll need a new manual.  To order any update, send us your
 original disk plus the appropriate payment.  Order are usually filled
 the same day they are received.

 (Quick ST and MIDI Spy are not shipping as of this date)



 Developing and maintaining a dealer directory is difficult and time
 consuming.  They come and go, and not all "dealers" get their product
 from Atari Corp.  Many buy from distributors and their second and "grey"
 sources.  So... In March of 1990 we obtained the latest copy of a high-
 level "confidential" list of almost 1000 North American Atari dealers.
 We were amazed and delighted.  But... After two weeks of careful
 analysis, hundreds of dollars in phone calls, lot's a red-lining,
 howling with laughter, and tossing out stationary stores with Atari
 brand calculators, we quickly pared the list to about 100 "known" and
 400 "possibilities." (several locations on the list were but minutes
 from our offices, none were real and one was a vacant lot!  Worst yet,
 several dealers who routinely advertise nationally weren't even on the

 Being optimists, in April we mailed out over 800 questionnaires to known
 and possible Atari product outlets asking them to respond whether or not
 they dealt Atari computers.  We received replies from about 200, 81 of
 whom indeed carried Atari computers.  (Some of the responders said they
 had never carried Atari product.)  More phone calls...

 Knowing Atari folks ignore anything that comes in the mail (might be
 bills), in May we mailed another 400 (reworded) questionnaires attempting
 to contact those who hadn't responded or whom we weren't able to contact
 by phone, and other suspected locations.  Our writing staff worked hard
 to follow-up on leads in their region.  More responses.  More phone

 By June we were much poorer and had a list of about 100 known (whom we'd
 known about all along) and another 150 or so likely dealers.  In July
 our numbers settled at about 200 outlets across North America were you
 could actually get (or at very least, order) Atari computer stuff.
 We've been constantly updating since then.


 Here's where you, our faithful reader, comes in.  Check up on this list!
 Let us know if a dealer in your area no longer exists, just opened, or
 is a "black-hole" -- i.e., not on our list, or shouldn't be on our list.
 Let us know if they stock computers and/or software, or if you can order
 through them.  Leave your updated information on our phone line normally
 used for new subscriptions... (818) 332-6428.  We'll publish your
 "AtariUser's Reader-Verified Guaranteed Support Directory of Place You
 Actually Buy, and Take Home Right Then, Atari Computer Stuff."

 Though most of our distribution is direct to user groups, there are
 about 100 stores and VARs who each disburse an average 100 AtariUser
 copies every month.  These are the folks who always stock and support
 Atari computers, peripherals, software, and related services --  come

 About half of the locations on this list don't carry a decent selection
 of hardware or software.  Most nationally-advertising mail-order
 locations are not included in our list.  Many locations don't stock a
 large variety of products, but can get their hands on what you want.

 State   City            Name                    Address
 AL    BIRMINGHAM        Computer Package Sys    3197 CAHABA HEIGHTS RD
 AL    BIRMINGHAM        Far Computers           2134 WARRIOR RD
 AL    BIRMINGHAM        Southern Software       1879 RUFFNER RD
 AL    DOTHAN            Whitman Music           1833 MONTGOMERY HWY
 AL    MONTGOMERY        Music Matters Inc.      2801 VAUGHN PLAZA RD
 AR    FORT SMITH        Microtronics            1614 TOWNSON AVE.
 AR    JACKSONVILLE      Computer Plus           9A CRESTVIEW PLZ
 AR    LITTLE ROCK       Micro Shop              8023 CHICOT RD
 AZ    GLENDALE          Computer Works          4337 W BETHANY HOME RD
 AZ    PHOENIX           Software                4001 E THOMAS RD
 CA    APTOS             Teddy Bear Toys         76 RANCHO DEL MAR
 CA    BELLFLOWER        Mid-Cities Computers    9406 FLOWER ST
 CA    BERKELEY          Winners Circle Systems  2618 TELEGRAPH AVE
 CA    BURLINGAME        Computer Spectrum       1243 HOWARD AVE
 CA    CARMICHAEL        SBI Computer Warehouse  6022 FAIR OAKS BLVD
 CA    CHULA VISTA       Computer Plus           642 3RD AVE # 2
 CA    CHULA VISTA       Harpers Music           241 3RD AVE
 CA    CULVER CITY       Hybrid Arts             8522 NATIONAL BLVD
 CA    FORT BRAGG        Clark Music             123 E LAUREL ST
 CA    HOLLYWOOD         Nadines Music Inc.      6251 SANTA MONICA BLVD
 CA    INGLEWOOD         Future Designs          141 E HAZEL ST APT 2
 CA    LONG BEACH        Whittaker Music Inc.    2222 N BELLFLOWER BLVD
 CA    LOS ALAMITOS      Omni Techniques         10325 LOS ALAMITOS BLVD
 CA    LOS ANGELES       Compu-Prompt            746 N CAHUENGA BLVD
 CA    NORTH HOLLYWOOD   American Music          5100 LANKERSHIM BLVD
 CA    OAKLAND           ATY Computer            3727 13TH AVE
 CA    ORANGE            Computer Games Plus     1839 E CHAPMAN AVE
 CA    PACIFIC GROVE     Hornbuckle Engineering  170 CENTRAL AVE
 CA    PASADENA          Audio Engineering Assoc 1029 N ALLEN AVE
 CA    RANCHO CORDOVA    Comp. Stop              11369 SUNRISE GOLD CIR A
 CA    RESEDA            Comsoft Communications  17728 VANOWEN ST
 CA    SAN DIEGO         Warner Engineering      3545 MIDWAY DR STE C
 CA    SAN FRANCISCO     Computer Rock           3785 BALBOA ST
 CA    SAN JOSE          San Jose Computer       1278 ALMA CT
 CA    SAN LUIS OBISPO   Computer Logic          973 FOOTHILL BLVD # 4
 CA    SANTA ANA         Sightsinger Music       3203 S HARBOR BLVD
 CA    SANTA PAULA       McCabes Music           940 E MAIN ST
 CA    SEPULVEDA         Bolt Electronics Repair 15737 LEMARSH ST
 CA    SIMI VALLEY       Digital Depot           5766 E LOS ANGELES AVE
 CA    SIMI VALLEY       World Music             1826 ERRINGER RD
 CA    SUN VALLEY        Comsoft Communications  8127 SAN FERNANDO RD
 CA    THOUSAND OAKS     Atcom Microcenter       1421 E THOUSAND OAKS
 CA    TORRANCE          Computer Place          23914 CRENSHAW BLVD
 CA    UKIAH             Wood Enterprises        1107 S STATE ST
 CA    UPLAND            Computer Haven          957 W FOOTHILL BLVD
 CA    VENTURA           Comstar 2               4255-6 EAST MAIN ST.
 CO    COLORADO SPRINGS  Citadel Computers       747 CITADEL DR E
 CO    DENVER            Horizon Computers       695 S COLORADO BLVD # 10
 CO    ENGLEWOOD         The Computer Room       9625 E ARAPAHOE RD
 CO    FORT COLLINS      Run PC                  524 W LAUREL ST # 2
 CT    EAST HARTFORD     Lasalle Music 2         1052 MAIN ST
 CT    EAST HARTFORD     Twentieth Century       176 BURNSIDE AVE
 CT    EAST HAVEN        Shoreline Computers     545 MAIN ST
 CT    FAIRFIELD         Computers Etc           425 KINGS HWY E
 CT    NEW HAVEN         Goldie And Libro Music  756 CHAPEL ST
 CT    NEW LONDON        Caruso Music            20 BANK ST
 CT    NEWINGTON         Center Music            2303 BERLIN TPKE
 CT    STAMFORD          Itex                    413 CANAL ST
 FL    FORT LAUDERDALE   Computer Room           981 W COMMERCIAL BLVD
 FL    GAINESVILLE       Computer Connection     602 NW 75TH ST STE C
 FL    MIAMI             Emproms                 660 W PARK DR # 260
 FL    NORTH MIAMI       Ace Music Center        13630 W DIXIE HWY
 FL    PANAMA CITY       Gulf Coast Computer Exc 674 W 23RD ST
 FL    SARASOTA          Sota Computers
                           DBA ABC Electronics   3949 SAWYER RD
 FL    TAMPA             Geodetic Software Mtg   5421 BEAUMONT CTR BLVD
 FL    TAMPA             Thoroughbred Music      2204 E HILLSBOROUGH AVE
 GA    ATLANTA           Micro Music             5353 BUFORD HWY NE
 GA    ATLANTA           Rhythm City             287 E PACES FERRY RD NE
 GA    CARROLLTON        Usa Computer Technology 61 MAPLE VALLEY DR
 GA    GAINESVILLE       Preferred Systems       1532 PARK HILL DR
 GA    ROSSVILLE         Sherrill's              516 CHICKAMAUGA AVE
 HI    HONOLULU          MR SOFTWARE             3131 N NIMITZ HWY
 HI    KAHULUI           Nadines Music Inc 2     251 LALO ST
 ID    BOISE             Basic Computer Center   418 N ORCHARD ST
 ID    IDAHO FALLS       Musical Instrument Ctr  391 W BROADWAY ST
 ID    POCATELLO         Hig's Hideout           630 LEO LN
 IL    ADDISON           Digital World           711 W ARMY TRAIL BLVD
 IL    CHICAGO           Guitar Shack (Central)  3154 N CLARK ST
 IL    CHICAGO           Jaf Dta Systems         2217 W 109TH ST
 IL    CHICAGO           Software Plus           6212 N WESTERN AVE
 IL    LOMBARD           Mars Merchandising      1041-B E SAINT CHARLES
 IL    OAK FOREST        Financial Applications  15411 CICERO AVE
 IL    PEORIA            Micro Ram Computer      3459 N UNIVERSITY ST
 IL    WHEELING          Software Plus           731 W DUNDEE RD
 IN    CARMEL            Computer Works          116 W CARMEL DR
 IN    ELKHART           Computec                1727 W LUSHER AVE
 IN    EVANSVILLE        Mid City Music Inc.     1121 N 1ST AVE
 IN    EVANSVILLE        Moore Music             4200 E MORGAN AVE
 IN    FORT WAYNE        Computer Corner         6720 E STATE BLVD
 IN    INDIANAPOLIS      Synthesizer Music/Audio 6302 E 82ND ST
 IN    RISING SUN        Data Innovations Inc    127 N FRONT ST
 IN    SOUTH BEND        ADN Computer Center     3614 MISHAWAKA AVE
 KS    WICHITA           Digitel Inc             1639 S MERIDIAN ST # 6
 KY    HARLAN            Audio World Inc.        239 VILLAGE CTR
 KY    RADCLIFF          Hi-Tech Computer        673-F KNOX BLVD
 LA    METAIRIE          Software Centre         3780 VETERANS BLVD
 MA    BOSTON            Syntronics Computer     466 COMMONWEALTH AVE
 MA    BRAINTREE         Systems Support Corp.   106 AUDUBON AVE
 MA    DANVERS           Steve's Quality Inst.   18 WATER ST
 MA    HADLEY            The Computer Bug        113 RUSSELL ST
 MA    MILFORD           Logic Electronics       79 PROSPECT ST
 MA    NORTH ATTLEBORO   Computer Zone           28 E WASHINGTON ST
 MA    SUDBURY           The Bit Bucket 2        621 BOSTON POST RD
 MA    WATERTOWN         Audio Video Research    106 MAIN ST
 MA    WEST NEWTON       The Bit Bucket 1        1294 WASHINGTON ST
 MA    WORCESTER         Kurlan Music Center     17 E MOUNTAIN ST
 MD    BALTIMORE         Home Computers Co       1055 TAYLOR AVE
 MD    BALTIMORE         Rich Sound Inc.         5719 BALTIMORE NATIONAL
 MD    BETHESDA          The Electronic Clinic   4916 DEL RAY AVE
 MD    COLUMBIA          Delta Data Systems      7715 COLUMBIA GATEWAY DR
 MD    SEVERNA PARK      Toad Computer           556 BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS
 MI    BAY CITY          Midi to Go              916 N EUCLID AVE
 MI    DEARBORN          Wonderland Music 2      13519 MICHIGAN AVE
 MI    MARQUETTE         Superiorland Computer   130 W WASHINGTON ST
 MI    MOUNT CLEMENS     Music Box Studios       42383 GARFIELD RD
 MI    OAK PARK          Wonderland Music 1      GREEN/EIGHT SHOPPING CTR
 MI    OKEMOS            Skipped Disc            5100 MARSH RD
 MI    WARREN            Command Computer        28630 RYAN RD
 MI    WARREN            Rite Way Computers      11557 E 12 MILE RD
 MN    HOPKINS           Rodger Dodger Music     154 BLAKE RD N
 MN    MINNEAPOLIS       Alpha Tech Computers    2901 WAYZATA BLVD
 MN    MINNETONKA        American Pro Audio      6026 BLUE CIRCLE DRIVE
 MO    HAZELWOOD         Randall's Home Computer 6166 HOWDERSHELL RD
 MO    KANSAS CITY       The Computer Road       7837 B WORNALL ROAD
 MO    SPRINGFIELD       Computers Plus          3453 S CAMPBELL AVE
 MS    BILLOXI           Coast Computers         2953 PASS ROAD
 NC    ARDEN             Selective Software      47 APPIAN WAY
 NC    ASHEVILLE         Computer Studio         West Gate Shopping Ctr
 NC    JACKSONVILLE      Software Plus Computer  345-L WESTERN BLVD
 NE    COLUMBUS          Micro Data Technology   1761 26TH AVE
 NE    LINCOLN           Dietze's Music          1208 O ST
 NE    LINCOLN           HOBBY TOWN              220 N 66TH ST
 NE    OMAHA             Hobby Town 3            11011 ELM ST
 NJ    BERLIN            Music Place             234-3 ROUTE 73
 NJ    EDISON            Sam Ash Music 0         1831 ROUTE 27
 NJ    HIGHSTTOWN         Computer Systems Cons.  897 US RT 130
 NJ    MATAWAN           New Moon Computing      6 Ammar Dr
 NJ    MATAWAN           Software Spectrum       267 MAIN ST
 NJ    METUCHEN          Citadel                 325 HIGH ST
 NJ    NEWTON            Softec                  171 SPRING ST
 NJ    NORTH PLAINFIELD  Software Spectrum       386 SOMERSET ST
 NJ    PARAMUS           Sam Ash Music 2         E-50 ROUTE 4
 NJ    PHILLIPSBURG      David Phillips Music    377 IRWIN ST
 NJ    RIDGEWOOD         Victors Music           235 FRANKLIN AVE
 NM    ALAMOGORDO        Lunceford Electronics   1806 BELLAMAH DR
 NV    LAS VEGAS         Software City           3980 S EASTERN AVE
 NV    LAS VEGAS         Wiser Electronics       3001 E CHARLESTON BLVD
 NV    RENO              Cimarron Computers      5081 S MCCARRAN BLVD
 NV    SPARKS            Computer House-Accutek  155 GLENDALE AVE
 NY    ALBANY            The Computer Celler     911 CENTRAL AVE
 NY    CORAM             Island Software         35 MIDDLE COUNTRY RD
 NY    FLUSHING          Sam Ash Music 4         113-25 QUEENS BLVD
 NY    LINDENHURST       Musicland               163 N WELLWOOD AVE
 NY    MANHATTEN         47th Street Photo       36 E 19TH ST
 NY    MANHATTEN         Dr. Sound               142 WOOSTER ST
 NY    MANHATTEN         J & R Music World       23 PARK ROW
 NY    MANHATTEN         Leigh's Computers       1475 3RD AVE
 NY    MANHATTEN         Mannys Music Store      156 W 48TH ST
 NY    MANHATTEN         Martin Audio Video      423 W 55TH ST
 NY    MANHATTEN         Sam Ash Music 3         160 W 48TH ST
 NY    MANHATTEN         Village Computers       687 BROADWAY
 NY    PORT JEFFERSON    Msi Service Inc.        RT 347 NESCONSET SHP CTR
 NY    ROCHESTER         Brighton Sound          315 MOUNT READ BLVD
 NY    ROCHESTER         House Of Guitars        645 TITUS AVE
 NY    SYRACUSE          Dan Dishaw Music        2608 BELLEVUE AVE
 OH    CINCINNATI        ACS                     1339 SASSAFRAS ST
 OH    CINCINNATI        Buddy Rogers Music      7225 MONTGOMERY RD
 OH    CINCINNATI        Sylvan Enterprises      8250 WINSTON RD.
 OH    COLUMBUS          Computer Success        5025 OLENTANGY RIVER RD
 OH    DEFIANCE          Maumee Valley Computer  851 S CLINTON ST
 OH    FAIRBORN          Absolute Music          13 W MAIN ST
 OH    FINDLAY           Rosewood Music          116 S MAIN ST
 OH    * MAIL ORDER *    D & P Computer Supply   ORDERS 800-535-4290
 OH    LAKEWOOD          B & G Electronics Inc   15729 MADISON AVE
 OH    PERRYSBURG        Computer Centre         116 W SOUTH BOUNDARY ST
 OH    TOLEDO            Video Computer World    2408 W LASKEY RD
 OH    UTICA             Music Box               50310 VAN DYKE
 OH    WEST BLOOMFIELD   Wonderland Music        33084 NORTHWESTERN
 OK    OKLAHOMA CITY     Info 1 Computers        NW 50TH & PORTLAND
 OK    OKLAHOMA CITY     Info 1 Computer         3703 NW 50TH ST
 OK    TULSA             Firey Bros Music        4818 E 11TH ST
 OK    TULSA             Shelton Computers       2823 W 64TH PL
 OR    BEAVERTON         IB Computers            9244 SW BEAVERTON HILLS
 PA    BRYN MAWR         Medley Music            1041 W LANCASTER AVE
 PA    CARNEGIE          Music Sweet Music       1917 RAILROAD ST
 PA    PHILADELPHIA      Eight St. Music         1023 ARCH ST
 PA    PHILADELPHIA      Home Computer Store     12008 BUSTLETON AVE
 PA    SCRANTON          Lou Cossa Music         428 LACAWANNA AVE
 PA    WILKES BARRE      Computer Garden         106 W CAREY ST
 RI    PAWTUCKET         Rhode Island Music      70 BROAD ST
 RI    WARWICK           Software Connection     101 W NATICK RD
 SC    COLUMBIA          Micro Computer Depot    224 O'NIEL CT STE 14
 SC    MYRTLE BEACH      Encore Video Prods      811 MAIN ST
 SC    TRAVELERS REST    Concurrent Technologies 60 OLD HIGHWAY 25
 TN    KNOXVILLE         Dataworld Inc           10001 KINGSTON PIKE
 TN    KNOXVILLE         Micros-To-Go/Dataworld  10001 KINGSTON PIKE
 TN    OLD HICKORY       Shiloh Music            5313 LEBONON ROAD
 TX    AUSTIN            Music Makers            517 B SOUTH LAMAN
 TX    CORPUS CHRISTI    Sheffield's Emporium    4938 S STAPLES ST
 TX    DALLAS            Brooks Mays Music Co    708 W MOCKINGBIRD LN
 TX    DALLAS            Computer Discoveries    12801 MIDWAY RD STE 201
 TX    DALLAS            Master Video Systems    4015 SCOTTSDALE DR
 TX    EL PASO           Jenkins Computer        9348 DYER ST STE F1
 TX    HALTOM CITY       Megabyte / Tops         3716 KATRINE ST
 TX    HOUSTON           Megabyte Plus           5181 FM 1960 RD W
 TX    HOUSTON           The Floppy Wizard       217 MEMORIAL CITY
 TX    HURST             Megabyte Computers      907 MELBOURNE RD
 TX    ROUND ROCK        AB Computer             1732 N MAYS ST
 TX    SAN ANTONIO       Blunk Enterprises       1015 W HILABRAND
 TX    SAN ANTONIO       International Computer  3010 BEACON FLD
 TX    WEBSTER           Megabyte Computer       109 W BAY AREA BLVD
 UT    MURRAY            J & J Computers         250 E 6400 S
 UT    SAINT GEORGE      Bits & Bytes            443 N BLUFF ST
 UT    SALT LAKE CITY    Armadillo Bros.         753 E 3300 S
 VA    FAIRFAX           H & T Computer Service  5401 ASHLEIGH RD # 3712
 VA    WOODBRIDGE        L & Y Electronics       13644-C JEFFERSON DAVIS
 WA    BELLEVUE          Xanth Corporation       14100 NE 20TH ST STE 105
 WA    BLAINE            Infinite Grafix         816 PEACE PORTAL DR
 WA    FEDERAL WAY       Butlers Computer        28717 PACIFIC HWY S
 WI    APPLETON          Kamtech Computer        1004 S OLDE ONEIDA ST
 WI    MIDDLETON         Regenberg Music & Pro   6615 UNIVERSITY AVE
 WI    NEW BERLIN        Cascio Music            13819 W NATIONAL AVE
 WI    OSHKOSH           Wisconsin Instrument    3196 N MAIN ST
 ON    Hamilton          PC ENTERPRISES          35 Mount Royal Ave
 BC    Smithers          High Road Computers     1283 Main St
 ON    GLOUCESTER        Ali Computers           1158 OGILVIE RD
 ON    Toronto           Compustore Ltd.         71 MCCAUL ST
 ON    Toronto           Savetech                504 Youngstreet

 * Z*NET UK UPDATE                                        by Mick Jarvis

 The ST Club, based in Nottingham has a collection of 2000 PD and
 shareware disks.  The clubs newsletter,'ST Applications', has 3500
 subscribers.  Each monthly issue runs to at least 60 A4 pages.  To the
 best of my knowledge it is the only publication available for the more
 serious Atari users.  As there seems to be no end in sight to the 17
 months the UK has been in recession, it's nice to see that the ST club
 has recently moved to larger premises and halved the price of their PD/
 Shareware to ensure continued success.

 Jeff, knowing it is now virtually impossible for a small independent
 developer to market games without the help of the larger companies,
 released a shoot'em'up called Llamatron on the cover disk of Britain's
 best selling Atari magazine.  The game was released as an experiment, to
 determine whether it would pay him to release more shareware using the
 same method.  If you like the game you send Jeff five pounds, and in
 return he sends you a poster, news letter and a complete copy of Andes
 attack, which was originally released in 1988, good eh?.

 Seven months after Llamatron was released Revenge Of The Mutant Camels
 appears, again on a cover disk, it's another shoot'em'up from Jeff
 Minter.  The text file with Revenge is over 30k long and explains that
 Llamatron registrations are still coming in from all over the globe!.

 I don't know how much Jeff has received, but he now accepts Visa and
 Mastercard and includes a contact telephone number.

 * PERUSING GENIE                                  Compiled by Ed Krimen

 -=> In the "Codehead Software" category (32)
 -=> from the "Quick ST 3 - Now A CodeHead Product!" topic (31)

 Message 275       Mon Feb 17, 1992
 J.EIDSVOOG1 [CodeHead]       at 06:08 EST

 We thank everyone for the bug reports about earlier versions of Quick
 ST.  I'd recommend at this point that everyone just hold on, wait a
 little longer, and get our first upgrade, 3.5.

 The CodeHead Quick ST 3.5 has been quite thoroughly revamped and so much
 has changed that there's not much point in us hearing any more bug
 reports about the old version that now seems quite foreign to us.  Our
 beta-testers are doing a very thorough job of putting 3.5 through the

 As of today, virtually every known bug has been squashed and we are now
 turning toward writing the manual.  It could be ready in as little as
 two weeks.  Thank you for your patience.


 -=> In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 -=> from the "Atari's New TOS 2.06" topic (8)

 Message 218       Mon Feb 17, 1992
 J.EIDSVOOG1 [CodeHead]       at 06:05 EST

 I consider the 40-folder limitation to be a bug in the earlier versions
 of TOS because of the way the system handled (didn't handle) an
 overflow.  But in TOS 1.04, the problem was addressed, the memory pool
 expanded, and shared more efficiently between memory allocations and

 The so-called 40-folder bug is now simply a matter of memory allocation.
 If your system requires a lot of folders/mallocs, you should use
 FOLDRxxx.PRG.  If not, you don't need to use it.

 It is a system configuration, NOT a bug.

 It provides a dynamic solution to a problem.  The other solution would
 be for GEMDOS to simply grab about 100K of your memory and not allow you
 to use it for anything else.  Even then, there might be some users that
 would overrun the limit and cry "bug".

 Instead, Atari has provided a solution which allows those who don't need
 the folder allocations to put the memory to other uses.  If you folks
 want to call this a bug, then so be it.  I prefer to thank Atari for
 their insight in this matter.


 -=> In the "Software Library and Other Utilities" category (2)
 -=> from the "NewDesk Icon Editor CPX" topic (39)

 Message 52        Sat Feb 15, 1992
 S.SANDERS2 [SDS]             at 13:48 EST

 I have to admit I hated the first GDOS. Fonts were much too limited, but
 IMHO, FSM GDOS could be a boost software-wise for the Atari realm.  No
 more searching for a printer driver, just program with FSM.  The fonts
 look great and it's not really as slow or troublesome as some people
 have reported.

 SDS is working on several new products that use GDOS. I know its a
 gamble but my goal is to make GDOS transparent.  (In other words, make
 my programs run so well under GDOS, and with little hassle, that no one
 can complain.)  Right now .XIC Print uses GDOS and so does our new
 Envelope Printer from the Printer Utilities Pak.  I'm also starting an
 FSM GDOS Label Printer (something like Avery Laser LabelPro for the ST)
 and I'll be doing an FSM form designer in the summer.  I will keep
 bitmap compatibility in all of these products.

 -Scott @ SDS  Member IAAD

 -=> In the "Programmers and Programming Software Discussions" cat (3)
 -=> from the "Ask _ANY_ Programming Question" topic (31)

 Message 83        Mon Feb 17, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 02:24 EST

 I don't know if this makes any difference to you, but Atari purchased
 Lattice kits for each one of the people in the TOS Group.  Alot of us
 are already using Lattice C v5 for our development (I use it for
 everything) and others will be moving over soon.

 One of our goals: TOS compiled with 030 code using Lattice C v5.

  -- John

 -=> In the "Lynx - The Game Machine" category (36)
 -=> from the "The Atari Jaguar - 32 bit gaming power" topic (20)

 Message 311       Thu Feb 13, 1992
 B.KING8 [Brien King]         at 21:49 EST

 Vidiot -

 I'll put the STE/TT Sound Chip up against Sound Blaster _ANY_ DAY.. I'm
 not talking the Yamaha Chip, I'm talking about the 8-Bit PCM Stereo
 Sound DMA Chip.  I have done some samples on the TT with STEreo Replay
 that would knock your socks off.  IMHO Sound Blaster still sounds too
 _Synthy_ and doesn't have anywhere near the BASS the STE/TT Sound Chip
 has.  I Use a 386/33 with Sound Blaster Pro, so I know what it can do
 and what it sounds like.

 Brien King

 -=> In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 -=> from the "Dealer Information" topic (2)

 Message 133       Sat Feb 15, 1992
 R.NOAK                       at 14:57 EST


 I really have hand it to you and Bill Rehbock!  Before the two of you
 joined Atari, things appeared pretty dismal.  Now, through your combined
 efforts, we have a lot of great new software, we're seeing the Atari
 logo on TV, movies, etc., print ads are appearing, and, well, hearing
 the news about CompUSA has really made my day!  I hope it comes to

 I was thinking the other day that I can't think of another computer
 company that has so many _enthusiasts_ in key positions.  The good part
 is all of you were _Atari_ enthusiasts before you even joined the
 company.  Believe me, that enthusiasm really shows (at least to this
 user)! All I can do is echo Jim Allen....

 GO ATARI!!!!!!!!
 Randy @ Southlake, Inc.

 (MIDI/WorldMusic Roundtable)
 -=> In the "MIDI Software and Hardware - Atari ST" category (3)
 -=> from the "General ST/MIDI Musings" topic (6)

 Message 330       Fri Feb 14, 1992
 M.MASTALER [Mike]            at 02:25 EST

 Just got my new 14" mono monitor today (SM147).  It's great!  It's a
 flat non-glare screen. actual dimensions are; 12" diag., 71/2 high and
 9 3/8 wide.  It doesn't sound big, but it sure is.  I use Notator
 sequencing program and it looks fantastic > List is $259; street
 210-225.  It has a tilted swiveling base.  But it has NO SPEAKER.  I
 love it.    Mike

 -=> In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 -=> from the "Atari Explorer" topic (30)

 Message 151       Tue Feb 18, 1992
 MJANSEN [Mark]               at 04:20 EST

 I have a STacy, which is great when I'm going to be out of town for a
 while, and just don't want to bother un-hooking and packing my regular
 system for the trip.  And yes, the backlit screen can be nice.

 I've had the opportunity to use an ST Book for a little while now, and
 after an adjustment period (the Vector Pad calls for a different
 technique from other mouse substitutes, for example) I'm having a great
 time.  There are places I'll take the ST Book I would never have taken
 a computer before -- I can throw it in my briefcase and lug it to the
 library, fire up the word processor of my choice, and work on an article
 right there.

 I mean, this thing is SMALL. Long ago, I used a Tandy 102, which I never
 much cared for, but it was small, and ran a while on its batteries.  I
 lived with its limitations because of its size.  I'm not positive about
 this, but I'm pretty sure the ST Book is SMALLER.  And when it's closed,
 it's easier to throw in a briefcase than the 102, because the keyboard
 is concealed, etc.

 AND it's a full-fledged ST, that runs about ten hours on a charge.  I've
 been using the machine off and on all weekend, and have yet to recharge
 the battery.  That's very important.  Don't get me wrong -- I'm not
 arguing with those of you who want a back light; those comments are being
 passed along and heard -- but for me, I'll take the longer battery life,
 and I think there is a fair number of people who will appreciate that,

 As I understand it from Tracy, there wasn't a really good compromise
 screen that worked well with AND without backlighting.  The decision had
 to be made one way or another.  Obviously, the decision for now is to go
 without a back light, go for long battery life (keep in mind a back light
 could have HALVED the ST Book's battery life) and let those who work in
 low-light conditions to choose their own additional lighting.

 Again, this isn't a flame, just my opinion and a little additional
 background.  I hope you found the article interesting; among other
 things, I wanted to show that the design decisions were exactly that --
 decisions. They were researched, thought about, and decided.  And the
 result, a less-than 5 lb. portable ST with a ten-hour battery life, is
 pretty cool.

 And thanks for the comments.  I appreciate the feedback from readers and

 Mark Jansen

 Message 154       Tue Feb 18, 1992
 MJANSEN [Mark]               at 18:31 EST

 I was talking with Tracy Hall, designer of the ST Book, and I have a
 correction to my earlier message -- adding a back light to the ST Book
 would not halve the battery life.  It would reduce it by _five sixths_!
 The ST Book uses about one Watt on average, and the best back light
 system he's found uses five Watts, bringing the system total to six

 In other words, you'd increase power usage sixfold! Further, you'd
 _have_ to use the back light if you had it, because (I also verified with
 him) there aren't LCD screens that work well both backlit and unlit --
 it's one way or another.

 Tracy would be "thrilled" to find a backlighting system that uses far
 less power -- if you can help him make the product better, he'd love it.


 Message 155       Tue Feb 18, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 20:31 EST

 BTW.. I was there when Mark discussed the back light suggestions that we
 have been seeing here.  From what Tracy told me, there are some
 "gooseneck" lighting solutions in the works from some third party

 As for the suggestions about adding Backlighting to a future model of
 the STBook, the suggestions have been noted and we will consider them in
 the future plans of the STBook computer.  (In other words, if and when
 we decide to add the STBook family, we will definitely consider your

 -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

 -=> In the "Atari TT" category (28)
 -=> from the "ATX - Unix for the Atari TT" topic (3)

 Message 98        Wed Feb 12, 1992
 J.ROY18 [Jonathan]           at 01:39 EST

 Well, there's a TT040 in the pipeline. Any info on it?

 Message 99        Wed Feb 12, 1992
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 01:46 EST


 Message 100       Wed Feb 12, 1992
 C.KEITH2                     at 21:03 EST

 Does anyone know what would be involved in either hardware or software,
 to replace a 68030 with a 68040.  Seems the increased microprocessor
 power alone would make a big difference.

 Message 101       Wed Feb 12, 1992
 G.RICHARDSO1 [George]        at 21:11 EST

 Motorola has an application note on replacing an '030 with an '040.  I
 haven't been able to figure out exactly how many chips are involved yet,
 but there are a *LOT*. Dozens, from the look of it.

 George Richardson
 Merlin Group, Inc.

 P.S. There just aren't enough TTs in the world to make it worthwhile.

 -=> In the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14)
 -=> from the "Atari Laser Printers (SLM804 & SLM605)" topic (11)

 Message 196       Wed Feb 12, 1992
 J.TRAUTSCHOL [jtrautschold]  at 23:05 EST

 Speaking of toner for the SLM605...I recently needed to purchase some,
 and after getting the "generic" part number from Atari, decided to do a
 little shopping around.  I found what can only be described as a "best
 buy" (for you Consumer Reports fans) for $13.30 each!  If you've got an
 Office Max nearby, check 'em out.  Excellent prices!

 BTW, I was a bit concerned that I might be getting some junk at that
 price, but so far the quality of the output has been excellent.  Here
 are the specifics on what you need to buy for the 605:

 TEC LB-1305  (TEC is the name of the original manufacturer of the laser
 engine inside the 605.  LB-1305 is the toner cartridge number.)

 What I purchased at Office Max was a "Pelikan" brand replacement
 cartridge for the TEX LB-1305, model number 9191.  It's in a blue and
 gold box.

 John T.

 * PERUSING COMPUSERVE                            by Michael D. Mortilla
                              * NEW COLUMN *

  "In creating, the only hard thing's to begin;
    A grass-blade's no easier to make than an oak."
         James R. Lowell, from A Fable for Critics [1848]

 With great pride and even greater fear, I agreed to begin a weekly
 column for ZNET.  My "beat" is the Atari forums and related areas on
 CompuServe.  It might seem an insignificant task since almost everyone
 seems to be using Macs or IBMs these days.  Insignificant, that is,
 until one takes the time to really search what's available for Atari
 computers on CIS.

 Between the Atari Productivity, Arts, Vendor, 8-Bit and Portfolio
 forums, there are about 170 library and message areas.  Each of these
 areas has dozens (in some cases hundreds!) of files and messages.
 Fortunately, the ATARIFF (Atari File Finder) lets you search the
 libraries in a number of ways.  As for the message areas, it still "get
 in there and dig."  Anyway, "reviewing" even a week of activity in the
 Atari area can be an intensive activity.  Without a doubt, there is both
 useful and useless information to be found.  This column will try and
 decipher the most useful and interesting information of the week, as
 well as to bring other Atari/Compuserve news to your electronic

 In the Ataripro forum this week, new file uploads include:

  Super Boot V7.4 -- Lets you select which desk accessories, auto
  programs, and DESKTOP.INF file to use.  Set the date, time, write
  verify, and more.  Lets you select GEM programs to autoboot.  Use
  function keys to select commonly used sets of files.  Password
  protection of your hard drive. Graphic Welcome Screen & digitized
  sound.  NEW: Bug fixes - Fixes default configuration bug, should now
  work in TT High Rez, works better on large screen monitors.  ARCHIVED

  MicroTalk Online  reader/reply for Qmail for the PC & Turbo Board ST or
  Maxidoor for Forem.  Message bases chosen are scanned on the BBS,
  compressed and after downloading, the prepared QWK packet can be read
  and replied to offline.  All mail is inserted in its proper order on
  the BBS.  This reader is FULL GEM and feature packed.  It has multi-
  windows for switching message bases,  user defined Macros, text block
  commands, Clipboard, full mouse or keyboard operation and much more.

  Mouse Boot is a sophisticated Boot-up configuration program that is
  second to none.  It has all the features of the "High-Priced" spread
  and then some.  Unique to Mouse Boot is the revolutionary graphic
  interface.  Its totally awesome.  Works in ANY resolution and is, by
  far, the most eye pleasing presentation to date.  This work is
  shareware, not crippleware, everything works just the way it was
  planned.  No "on-purpose" inconveniences.  Try this fine program,
  you'll definitely use it.

  This ARC contains the VENDOR.ACC program which accesses a datafile
  which contains name, address, phone, and CIS user ID info for software
  and hardware vendors that service the Atari community.  Look for future
  updates to the VENDOR.DAT file which will be available on CompuServe.
  Initial VENDOR.DAT and brief docs included.

  ARCGSHELL version 4.1 A GEM shell for Zoo2.10, various Lzh'ers, arc602,
  shar, tar, compress uud and uue.  Docs are in english and german TEX
  format.  Requires various archivers only the shell and docs included.

  STinit VER 3.4 - is a "Superboot" type program - but much more easy to
  use - when placed in your auto folder allow you to configure your All
  shareware and another great UK UPLO!!!!!

  Some minor changes, and the additional feature of being able to use
  other downloader modules than those listed in the configuration area.
  This is a beta version of QuickCIS, and is intended for experienced
  QuickCIS users who wish to help test the new version.  No docs are

  C source code for the KA9Q software. KA9Q allows you to use your ST to
  connect to Internet, telnet to remote systems, use FTP to transfer
  files and lots more.  Contained in this archive are modules for FTP,
  TELNET, TCP/IP, SLIP, SLFP, KISS protocols and much more.  A great
  resource for anyone trying to write software to interface to the

  This archive contains the NET.TOS program and other files needed to run
  the KA9Q Internet networking software on the Atari ST.  Be sure to read
  the README.1ST file in this archive for important information on
  setting up/configuring the software.  Also, download KA9QD.ARC for the
  documentation for KA9Q.  If you're interested in the C source code,
  it's contained in the file KA9QS.ARC.

 Happy netting!

  Documentation for the KA9Q package that allows connecting your ST to
  the Internet.  This archive includes a very good introduction to the
  Internet and gives definitions for all the buzzwords like KISS, TCP/IP,
  FTP, TELNET and more.  Download this archive only if you also get
  KA9QP.ARC, unless you want to see what the software offers before
  downloading the actual programs.

  Mac Shell DOS GUI replacement for IBM computers!  Use if you have one
  of the IBM emulators (or a real IBM)  with EGA or better and a 286' or
  better.  This desktop replaces all those long typewritten commands.  If
  you have an ST you'll appreciated this desktop!  Demo is limited to 15
  minutes of use.  IBM only!!!  (It's just like an ST or Mac desktop '

  SuperCard 1.3, a flexible shareware database from the UK.  Lots of
  options.  Works on an "index card" kind of principal.  Records are held
  in memory, so program searches and such as very fast.  Great program
  from B.Ware.

  Mercury UUCP mailer package for the Atari.  If you're interested in
  setting up an Internet mail site on your ST, this is the package you've
  been waiting for.  Shareware from Germany, but the program and docs are
  all in English (German docs included, too!).

  This file contains ST-specific source code (in 'C') for the printer and
  screen drivers used by Ghostscript.  A fully functional executable of
  Ghostscript can be found in GS23B.ZOO.  Full sources for Ghostscript
  are available in the UNIX forum.  Ghostscript is an offering from the
  Free Software Foundation.

  Ghostscript is an interpreted language very close to Postscript.  This
  is a Free Software Foundation (GNU) offering.  This file contains the
  docs, the GS executable and some Postscript(TM) demos.  ST-specific
  source code for the printer and screen drivers can be found in file
  GS23DIFF.ZOO.  The complete sources are available in the UNIX forum
  libraries.  Reposted from Internet.

  Atari Advantage Magazine is offering free advertising for a limited
  time.  Read this text file if you'd like to know more.

 (NOTE: Comments on the above files are by the respective uploaders.)

 Not bad for starters!  The IBM file reminds me of a comment made by a
 colleague this week.  He runs a recording studio for a large university
 and they switched from ST to Mac about a year ago.  I asked how it was
 working and he said he was dealing with one system crash after another!
 We finally decided that what he needed was an Atari emulation program
 for his Mac!

 Well it seems that I wasn't the only one chatting about Atari this week.
 In the message section of the Ataripro forum, there were a number of
 interesting discussions going on (as usual):

 Under the title of "Sixteen-Thirty two?" there was some dialogue
 concerning source code, machine language, assembly, assemblers,
 compilers, and ..."de-compilers"!  Not exactly for the "turn-it-on-and
 -go" crowd, but even non-programmer types could follow this discussion
 intelligently.  Thanks for not leaving us "end-users" in the dust!

 With the advent of the laser printer, it has become a bit of a problem
 to simply "print" the screen from the Atari computer.  Dumping an ASCII
 file is easy enough, provided you have a driver loaded to match your
 printer.  But try and dump a "snapshot" of your screen (ALT-HELP) and
 you're bound to get pages and pages of "one-liners."  Not as funny as
 when Henny Youngman delivers them!  Anyway, the trick is to dump the
 screen as a pic file of some sort and print it out in your DTP or
 painting prog.  "Boris" tells me that a DEGAS driver could replace the
 ALT-HELP code and he thinks that there is a PD one sitting on CIS just
 waiting to be downloaded.  Hmmmmm... We'll see.

 The Ataripro message area was the stage of a true-to-life detective
 story this week.  A member requested help in locating a call tracing
 device.  It seems a friend's child had been kidnapped and there were
 "hang-up" calls to the house.  He found the device but the service was
 not offered by his phone company!  The phone company could put a "trap"
 on the line, couldn't they?

 Our own Ron Luks posted message #57000!  He won a new car, a date with
 Vanna White and a million dollars!!!  Too bad he had to forfeit it all.
 He did end up with a copy of the Atari Explorer and rumor has it he'll
 be billed for the taxes on the other prizes.  As far as the date goes,
 he may have a shot on Oprah or Grosso Revolto's show. :->

 Bill Aycock has been staying up late, updating has CAL program.  It now
 does EVERYTHING!  We've even heard it can be programmed to "forget" to
 tell you when to mow the lawn.  A great time saver.  All kidding aside,
 the new features really do allow you to do some amazing things with
 dates (previous paragraph excepted).

 There were the usual help-my-dog-ate-my-computer (and visa-versa) type
 questions in Ataripro this week, including a detailed discussion of "E"
 and "Y" cables, replete with diagrams in ACSII.  We also hear from a
 member that a TEAC disk drive (#FD235HF-201) will work in an ST.  The
 ribbon cable needs to be turned 180 degrees, and it will only format to
 720K, but at $58 US, who can complain?

 And speaking of complaints, there was some talk in the forum this week
 about NexT, GUI, Mac (et al) and how they compare to the Atari.  One
 member gave up his Mac classic and won't trade away his Atari for
 nothin'. (Good move!) Another member reports seeing some press in Canada
 about Atari having one of the top rated desktops available.  That's no
 surprise to us, although it may be a surprise to US.  And finally from
 the Ataripro forum, several members were spotted drooling over TTs at
 the closest dealership.  We only hope they'll get a protective cover for
 the keyboard when they finally get to own one of these.

 The Atariven forum had the usual messages to and from vendors and users
 alike.  There were lengthy discussions on laser printers of all types
 and their use with Atari computers.  It was interesting to learn that
 the Atari SLM printer has no memory!  Not only is this useful in a court
 of law, but it speeds up printing as the ram in your Atari is accessed.
 That means you don't have to wait while the computer downloads the fonts
 and document, but... you need lots of ram to do any serious DTP work.
 Most members who were in on this discussion seemed to lean toward the HP
 series of printers for the best quality.  But waiting for that "big"
 document can sure slow things down.  What's a body to do?

 Vendors fielded many questions on fonts, bezier curves, laser printers,
 you name it! ICD, Gribnif, Lexicor, Soft-Logik, Double Click, Gadgets By
 Small, Supra and CodeHead are represented.  Several new games, including
 a Camel-Shoot-Em-Up, were posted in the Atariarts forum this week.
 Also, some new pics and a number of songs for the MT-32.

 Well, that's the report on CompuServe/Atari this week.  Just a reminder
 that the MIDIMUSIC forum has an Atari message and library area!  C'ya
 NexT week.

 * PERUSING THE INTERNET (Atari ST)           Compiled by Bruce Hansford

 Date: 13 Jan 92 01:38:48 GMT
 >From: ....maxwell.oac.uci.edu!jvance@rutgers.rutgers.edu
 Subject: Current TOS version?

 cjd@zatch.Corp.Sun.COM writes:
 > I am planning on resurrecting a rather old 520ST (yep, only 512K), but
 > since I have very old ROM's in there I was curious as to the current
 > level of TOS the latest which will run on a 520, if that makes a
 > difference; plus what's change dramatically in the last few years...

 TOS is up to 2.06 and 3.06 in the MegaSTE and TT respectively.  TOS 1.4
 (also know as Rainbow TOS) is the most recent version that will plug
 directly into your old 520 and is quite an improvement over TOS 1.0
 (Though 'improvement' is relative for most).  The visible changes

 -  New file selector
 -  Move files and folders with <Control> key
 -  Skip a file during copy
 -  Abort group copy, move and delete operations
 -  MS-DOS Compatible Floppy Disk formatting
 -  New copy disk<->disk utility
 -  Can change folder name
 -  Warm boot and Cold boot resets via key commands
 -  can install Auto-Boot application
 -  Install Application works correctly (You can reinstall applications)

 Non Visible Changes include
 -  Much faster disk operation (hard disk too)
 -  the built in cache works (use cacheXXX.prg)
 -  essentially removed the 40 Folder bug (includes removed malloc bug)
 -  BIOS-devicedrivers now work through pointers behind the system
 -  The Clipboard routines work
 ... + many other bugs fixed

 TOS 1.4 is sold at a retail price of $99 but can be found as low as $60
 (you can install them yourself or have them installed.)

 There may be *many* used sets of TOS 1.4 after the following:

 CodeHead Software recently announced the TEC, a TOS Extension Card
 developed by the german company Artifex, that allows you to plug TOS
 2.06 into 520, 1040, and Mega STs. (Tos 2.06 will plug directly into
 STEs).  It's said to be compatible with any existing upgrades like ram
 boards, 16mhz boards, etc.

 TOS 2.06 is a *very* large improvement over TOS 1.4 even.  The most
 visible change is a new desktop, which contains features not much unlike
 NeoDesk's plus a few more, yet it is all in ROM.

 Some of the features of the TOS 2.06 desktop (from press release):

 o Programs, files, and folders can be placed directly on the desktop and
   started with a double click.

 o Up to 20 programs or documents can be assigned to the ST's function
   keys and started with a single keypress.

 o Data files can be "dragged" and dropped on program files, which starts
   the program and automatically loads the document!  Some programs even
   support multiple document files in this manner.

 o Each file on your disk can have its own unique icon, or you can use a
   common icon type for each type of file.  New icons can be created and
   added to the system.

 o Keyboard commands for almost everything!  And not only can you control
   the new desktop with the keyboard (as well as the mouse), you can also
   redefine any of the key commands to suit your own tastes!

 o A powerful file search function, that lets you find and select files
   that match your specified criteria.

 o Window management is considerably enhanced; scrolling has been sped
   up, and selected files can remain selected even if you scroll the
   window to a different area of the file list.

 o Up to seven desktop windows can be open at once, and you can open
   directory windows with simple key presses -- even change a window to
   show a different drive without closing and reopening it.

 o The "View" menu now has an "unsorted" option, for showing the actual
   order of files and folders in a directory.

 o Any character in the "upper half" of the ST's font can be typed in by
   holding the Alternate key and typing its ASCII number on the numeric

 o Many of the special functions of the desktop (like copying, renaming,
   etc.) can now operate in "batch mode", to let you quickly rename or
   show info for a group of selected files, for example.

 o The bootup sequence now includes a graphic display of the Atari Fuji
   logo, and a memory test, and a configurable bootup delay that allows
   hard drives time to power up.  It's also possible to bypass the AUTO
   folder entirely by holding Control during bootup.

 o Internal changes in the TOS program code result in very noticeable
   performance improvements in many areas.

 o ...and of course, lots more.  This list barely shows the tip of the
   iceberg, in fact.

 The card is 2.5 by 2.5 inches and would require some soldering of
 jumpers and such to be installed in your 520 because the new TOS is
 located at a different address.  They also have a no solder version for
 Megas and one for ST's with a socketed 68000.

 The TEC with TOS 2.06 and a disk of utilities costs $139 direct from
 CodeHead.  I think the no solder version is $155.  I think they just
 started shipping it two days ago.  And I don't doubt that they will sell
 every single one they can get their hands on.  Apparently, they've
 already taken advance orders well above the total number of any single
 piece of software they've sold so far. CodeHead can be reached at (213)

 Supposedly one could install a switch between TOS 1.4 and TOS 2.06 for
 compatibility with programs that won't run under the new TOS.  You would
 also likely find some of your old software wouldn't work under TOS 1.4
 but not much.  Most if not all new software runs under, or sometimes
 requires at least TOS 1.4 (and I would assume would work with TOS 2.06
 as well.)

 I would recommend at least an upgrade to TOS 1.4 just so that you are
 compatible with most new commercial and non-commercial software coming
 out.  I would guess that you will be able to find very good deals on
 used TOS 1.4 chips in the next few weeks.

 You might try a ram upgrade while you are at it or even a processor
 accelerator if you have the money.  I started with an original 520 ST
 with TOS on disk!  It works great with 2.5 meg and TOS 1.4 now (and
 maybe TOS 2.06 soon :).  I would guess that 4meg TOS 1.4 520 STs are not
 too uncommon.  If you go for the ram upgrade, get one that uses simms.
 (seems the way to go)

 Joachim Vance

 I am antisesquipedalian--Opposed to the use of long words.

 Date: 14 Jan 92 08:51:52 GMT
 >From: mcsun!uknet!edcastle!hwcs!neil@uunet.uu.net (Neil Forsyth)
 Subject: STBook (Notebook computer)

 trh@atari.uucp (T R Hall) writes:
 > Incidently, we _*STRONGLY*_ recommend that future software products
 > use the industry-standard _PARALLEL PORT_ dongles, which would save
 > you having to re-invent security algorithms, etc.  Using the cartridge
 > port for such things is not a particularly good engineering practice,
 > and forces us to maintain an "old-technology" port for a long time.

 This is from a company that made the cartridge port read only.  That put
 the ST joystick ports in such an inaccessible place that most Dshells
 won't fit (and did the same with the extra STE ports).  That uses non-
 standard DIN and DB connectors on its floppy, video and hard disk ports.

 Nothing personal Tracey (sp?) but it's been building up.

  Unless otherwise stated, the above comments are entirely my own !

 ! Neil Forsyth

 Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1992 11:50 EST
 >From: CSULLOGG@crl.aecl.ca
 Subject: Commodore monitor on an STE

 All I did for a friend was run a two wire cable from her STE to her
 Commodore monitor.  One line was the ground, the other for the composite
 video signal from the STE.  Work fine so I picked up a DIN plug from
 Atari and made a reasonably durable cable.  That's all there was to it!

 Re: the netter who posted info about Atari and non-standard connectors,
 many manufacturers do the same; What about the connectors on a Mac - not
 exactly industry standard.  Hey, give Atari a break sometimes.  It gets
 REALLY tiring reading every conceivable gripe.  Hey, I was pissed off
 when Atari did not release the LYNX in the colours of the real live
 beasty LYNX (yeah, really???).

 Date: 17 Jan 92 17:22:48 GMT
 >From: math.fu-berlin.de!mailgzrz!w350zrz!subiaagb@uunet.uu.net
 Subject: How do I add icons to icon "library"?

 (Mark Miller) writes:
 |> I have a Mega STe and I've heard it is possible to add icons to its
 |> "library," so that I could install them on files.  Is there a program
 |> available to edit/create icons, and then saved to some "library"?  By
 |> the way, is the file that stores the icon shapes called DESKICON.RSC?

 You've heard right!  It is possible to add more icons.  Didn't you see
 the files DESKICON.RSC and DESKICON.DFN?  (I have a German version of a
 Mega STE and they exist) I added many new icons: tc, shell, arc,
 ibm-exe, img ...

 To do so you need one or two things:

 A resource construction set with built in icon editor or an extra icon
 editor which can create data in the format that your own RCS requires.
 I use DRI RCS 2.0 and a PD - icon editor.  DRI RCS requires data in

 If you've added icons to deskicon.rsc you can install them after a
 reboot by clicking on (I don't know your desktop) 'install icon'(?),
 typing the name of your programs (like "*.c") and clicking up or down
 arrow until the new icon occurs.

 But note:

 The file deskicon.rsc can be max. 64k large, be sparingly using this

 Date: 20 Jan 92 06:19:56 GMT
 >From: noao!ncar!asuvax!cs.utexas.edu!usc!apple!portal!atari!
 kbad@arizona.edu (Ken Badertscher)
 Subject: What to do?

 (Keith Sommerville) writes:
 |> [...] the label on the bottom of the TT says 8Mb/40Mb.
 |> [...] However, looking at it with ICD software revealed that it was a
 |> 48.5 meg drive.  Why do Atari hide something like that, or is it just
 |> a one one off?

 I confess!

 It's a conspiracy by Atari to steal 8.5 megabytes from you.

 You caught us red handed.  Boy, it's a good thing those nice ICD people
 are around, or Atari could have stolen millions of megabytes from TT
 hard disks all over the world.  Darn them, anyhow.  That rat Tom Harker
 is always fouling things up for us by making easy-to-use powerful
 peripherals.  We tried putting him out of business with a bizarre high-
 capacity hard disk scheme, but he just figured out what BGM meant

 Now our plot to keep 8.5 megabytes of each ST157N we sell is foiled.
 Geeze, we can't get away with anything any more, can we?


 p.s. I think if you check again, you'll find that the TTs sold with
 ST157N 48 meg drives are partitioned 12 megabytes per partition.  If
 not, just use HDX to repartition 'em.  The default partition size for
 the ST157N is 12 meg plus a bit.
   |||   Ken Badertscher  (ames!atari!kbad)
   |||   Atari Corp. System Software Engine
  / | \  #include <disclaimer>

 Date: 21 Jan 92 16:41:40 GMT
 >From: mcsun!unido!news.uni-bielefeld.de!techfak.uni-bielefeld.de!
  itschere@uunet.uu.net (Torsten Scherer)
 Subject: VORTEX ATonce 386SX for MSTE's

 Hi there,

 according to the numerous postings about PC emulations on Ataris, I'd
 like to tell everybody who's interested some facts about the

 VORTEX - ATonce 386SX

 It's true that it exists, cause I own one.  But it's only for use with
 the MEGA-ST/E, since it is plugged in the PLCC socket of the 68000, and
 all of the other Ataris have DIP CPU's.  Perhaps there is something like
 an adaptor on the market, but I don't know.

 Some facts :

 - 32 bit CPU 80C386SX-16MHz
 - optional 80C387SX-16 coprocessor
 - optional 512Kb fast-ram
 - uses internal MSTE-cache
 - can use DD and HD floppy drives (theoretically)

 Some data :

 - Several graphic emulations like  when using a color or monochrome
  CGA - 640*200 (2)
        320*200 (4)
  when using monochrome monitor
  HGC - 720*348 (2)
  OLI - 640*400 (2)
  EGA - 640*350 (2)
  VGA - 640*480 (2)

 - in the last two resolutions you can only have 640KB of base memory,
   all the others can provide 704K base memory
 - emulates serial mouse on com1: or com2:
 - emulates centronics printer on lpt1:
 - every ram above 1 meg is used as extended memory

 There may be several thing said, but I'd only like to say a few
 important facts.  The graphic emulation is of cource the biggest
 disadvantage.  The EGAmono and Olivetti modes can simply not be
 detected.  If you try driver=detect in turbo for example, CGA is
 reported. But if you ignore this report, it works well.  Sadly, most
 programs check the hardware before using it, so some programs refuse to
 run.  The VGAmono solution works correctly as MCGA 640*480 (2) mode and
 can be used.  Windows 3.0 runs not only in protected (standard) mode,
 but also in extended 386 mode including virtual memory and things like
 there.  The performance is due to the original MSTE-harddisk not so
 fast, but bearable.

 Some performance information:

               without        with   FastRam
 Norton SI4.5    12.3          15.7
 PCTools 4.2     330%          510%

 Now what is FastRam? Well, since the MSTE works as a 8MHz system, but
 the CPU runs with 16MHZ, it had to be slowed down (waitstates etc.).
 The Atonce 386SX uses the internal MSTE-cache and is therefore faster
 than other emulators on ST's.  You can buy the additional fastram, which
 can be fitted in four sockets on the emulator and then completely
 replaces the lowest 512KBytes of memory, thus making the whole system
 another bit more faster.  I think this is the absolute maximum in
 emulation performance for ST's that is and will be.

 The prices:

  Vortex Atonce 386SX : ca. 700 DM = 450 US$

 The additional FastRam needn't be bought at Vortex, since standard chips
 4*256Kbit-70ns are used and costs about 50 DM = 30 US$.

 The complete ST-ram can be used as extended memory.  It is said that you
 can also configure it as expanded memory and there is a driver included,
 but this is not LIM4.0 compatible and therefore not widely accepted by
 programs.  It'd like to say that the expanded memory doesn't work, but
 when using windows for example, that's not necessary.

 The whole hardware is emulated quite good.  It's funny to see several
 diagnostic programs reporting all these AT-chips working correctly, and
 knowing they're not even present.

 I'm sorry, but I can't exactly remember the address, but I've seen it was
 already posted in the last days, so have a look in magazines or other
 postings.  It goes somehow like this:

 Computersysteme GmbH
 Falterstrasse X
 D-W 7102 or 7201 or X   Flein

 The W is necessary for foreign writers, cause since the reunification
 there are some doubled zip-codes.  Forgetting this will not end up in a
 bit error, but surely delay letters for some more days (and the german
 post office is really not one of the fastest nowadays).

 Anyone who wants to know more or has special questions, is invited to
 send e-mail to the following address:


 Hope, this has helped some guys...

 (Torsten Scherer)

 Date: 23 Jan 92 08:51:26 GMT
 >From: noao!asuvax!cs.utexas.edu!wupost!spool.mu.edu!olivea!apple!well!
        dsmall@arizona.edu (David Small)
 Subject: Aladin

 Spectre 3.0 (no prior versions) has the ability to read and write
 Aladin format disks.  Use the Shift-HELP menu to configure the A/B:
 drives between Aladin/Spectre and 9/10 sectors, if I recall correctly.

 To transfer data from Atari disks, use the program TRANSVERTER on the
 Spectre 3.0 disk.  It even does some conversions on ASCII data if you
 wish; it's handy. It moves data from Atari fd/hd to Mac *single sided*
 MFS disks (Spectre format only); from there you can write to an Aladin

 In all honesty, it is possible that one or another of Aladin formats was
 not perfectly supported.  I believe they had 9/10 sectors, single/double
 sided disks, and another format with MSDOS-TOS data on one side, and Mac
 data on the other side.  Pull up the Shift-HELP menu from inside Spectre
 (while in Mac mode) and check it out, and experiment.

 We added Aladin support as part of the effort to work with customers in
 Europe who had the Aladin cartridge before the company making it
 stopped; we did this in 3.0 with foreign language support in menus, etc.

 CAUTION: Aladin INFECTS Mac programs with a virus called "Frankie virus"
 by virus killer programs; only fairly recent Disinfectants and such can
 find it.  This virus checks for the Aladin copy protection "dongle" in
 the cartridge port.  It attempts to disable itself while running on a
 real Mac; it accidentally disables itself on Spectre, due to pure, dumb

 However, any alteration to a program in that manner is not something to
 be lightly undertaken, and since you said you were moving data around

 Finally, one other possibility: Boot up an Aladin ST with a terminal
 program that works, null-modem it to an ST or PC (if PC compatible
 disks) and x/y/zmodem the files across.

 I hope this helps.

 -- thanks, Dave/Gadgets

 p.s. The author of Aladin is on the net here somewhere ...

 Date: 23 Jan 92 08:38:41 GMT
 >From: noao!asuvax!cs.utexas.edu!swrinde!mips!spool.mu.edu!olivea!
        apple!well!dsmall@arizona.edu (David Small)
 Subject: GCR with overscan?

 // base file has questions about the GCR. //

 Spectre GCR 3.0 and below (all versions) do not work with overscan.  The
 problem is that in monochrome overscan, the "border" on the sides of the
 screen is created in video RAM, which hacks off Quickdraw, Mac's drawing
 package.  I'm still looking for a fix, but have a few ideas.

 We thought we had it fixed once and unfortunately said so.

 It does not run in the TT color modes.  On the TT, you get ST High Res,
 or the TT dual-page monitor.

 The GCR does sound like a regular ST.  It is difficult to adjust the
 timing of Mac sounds to the DMA sound timing of the STe/TT; the
 frequency is a little different.  Might be worth doing even if the pitch
 is off, though, since it will greatly offload the CPU.

 Happy to answer questions; I have been away from the Net due to SST
 development for quite some time.  You may want to email me at
 dsmall@well.sf.ca.us  as sometimes I don't get here in time before notes
 scroll off, particularly during "shipping madness".

 -- thanks, Dave / Gadgets by Small

 Date: 24 Jan 92 06:48:13 GMT
 >From: arizona.edu!cerritos.edu!nic.csu.net!usc!chaph.usc.edu!
        news@arizona.edu (Robert A Jung)
 Subject: Multifinder for Atari-ST ?

 > I was just reading an add in the ST Informer about MultiGem which
 > claims to be just like a multifinder for the ST.  Having never used
 > MultiGem or Multifinder could someone else shed some light on this
 > subject?

 Well, I use MultiFinder on the Macs at work, and have MultiGEM on my
 STe, so I guess I should talk.

 A quick background: MultiFinder is a version of the Mac OS (the Finder)
 that allows multitasking.  With MF, you can run an application, adjust
 its window, go to the desktop, run another application, hop back 'n
 forth between them, and other such goodies.

 MultiGEM is a software "hack" (albet a very good one) to give you
 multitasking on the ST (TOS 1.2 and up required).  You install it on
 your system, then whenever you run a GEM program, it takes up one of
 your six accessory slots.  You can hop back to the desktop, go to
 another active application, all sorts of fun multitasking stuff.

 There are drawbacks with MultiGEM.  It's a hack/kludge, so it's not
 perfect.  Only GEM programs that "follow the rules" will multitask
 properly -- things that tend to break are games, early ST software, or
 PD/shareware efforts.  The 68000 is not suited too well to multitasking,
 so if you are running several things at once (a word processor prints
 while you're working on a telecomm program), it will slow down

 Still, it's true multitasking on the ST, at least until Atari gets a
 multitasking TOS out.  I admit it has flaws, but continue to endorse it
 -- it's not a final solution, but a good step in the right direction.

 * THE NEWDESK ICON CPX V2.0                               Press Release

 Software Development Systems is proud to introduce THE NEWDESK ICON
 EDITOR CPX Version 2.0, the latest upgrade to this popular icon editor
 available for Atari computers with TOS 2.05 and above.

 NIC, which runs using Atari's Extensible Control Panel (available on
 GENIE or at your local dealer), uses only 1k of system memory when not
 in use and can be conveniently called from any GEM menu bar.  In
 addition, users with a TOS version less than 2.05 can still utilize the
 32x32 icon editing capabilities for use in HYPERLINK and any resource
 construction set.

 NIC can load and save GEM .RSC, DC .ICE, .ICN, and .XIC files (our own
 icon format).  Convenient functions such as flips, shifts, rotate, fill,
 and more are all readily available within our graphic toolbox.  In
 addition, icon color, character position, and title may be modified.

 Version 2.0 completely supports the Atari Clipboard for interaction with
 other programs that support this standard. Our clipboard support writes
 .XIC, .ICN, and .IMG files for manipulation from within other programs.

 Preview mode is included to allow you to see your icon as it will appear
 on the desktop.

 Version 2.0 now completely manages the DESKICON.RSC and NEWDESK.INF
 files.  We've even added an expanded install feature from within the
 program that lets you assign one icon to many different file masks for
 the greatest flexibility.

 As if that wasn't enough the package also includes .XIC Print, an
 application to print your icon files to any GDOS/FSM GDOS device, and an
 icon convertor to convert PD icon files to .XIC.  We have also put over
 1000 PD icons on disk.

 The Newdesk Icon Editor Version 2.0 is available now for the retail
 price of $29.95 + $2.50 S & H.  Owners of earlier versions can upgrade
 for $10.00 + $2.50 S & H.  Contact your local dealer for information or
 order direct from SDS:

 Software Development Systems
 996 Redondo Ave. #404
 Long Beach, CA 90804
 Orders: (800) 237-4SDS
 Info: (310) 595-9799

 Please note that the above phone numbers will not be active until around
 March 1st, 1992 due to phone service changes.


 The Alien Tech CD-ROM will be privately distributed through BBS's
 nationally in an effort to help support local bulletin boards.  The disk
 contains aprox 550 megs of shareware that in new to the market, and not
 a reprint of several already existing collections.   Distribution will
 be handled through networks of vendors developed by and through local
 bulletin board systems using a new and unique sales plan which
 ultimately will market the disks to the final consumer.  The disk has a
 suggested retail price of 49.95, which breaks the traditional price
 barriers for software CD-ROM diskettes.

 -=-   For more information about this exciting new product call:   -=-

 The Alien Technologies B.B.S. (209) 226-2677 8-N-1 24 hrs.

 This 128-line system offers other amazing features as well.  As a new
 user you will need to answer a few simple questions about yourself.
 At the "reference" prompt, enter: 93277-JP-2528.

 This data is very important, so please now make note of it now!

 * Z*NET SOFTWARE SHELF                                by Ron Berinstein

 Quite a list of Software today!  This should keep you busy enough that
 at least this weekend you will be pretty safe.  That is you probably
 won't have any time left to get into any additional trouble, or spend a
 lot of money going out and entertaining yourself.

 So... buckle up your seat belt, and get ready to take the first ever
 Software Shelf's unbelievable carnival ride into the software world of
 the future exposed today...  By the way, since you are already a Z*Net
 reader, you get a discount on the "E" tickets!

 Now.. for those of you who are just getting started and haven't taken
 this kind of ride before, someone was nice enough to upload ARCLZH.PRG
 This file is a self-extracting archive containing ARC.TTP v.6.02,
 Questor's LHarc v.2.01h, (you might consider replacing it with 201I -
 !LHARCD.TTP, on CodeHead Quarters BBS) and version 3.1 of Charles F.
 Johnson's ArcShell.  It is provided for those who need the compression/
 extraction utilities that are necessary to extract the files that you
 are about to read about.  Download this file and then simply double
 click on the filename.  Follow the prompts to extract the files.  Be
 sure and read the documentation provided for ArcShell.  Also don't
 forget ShareWare payments!  Other extractors/compressors follow:

 KERMIT FILE XFER PROTOCOL   At Last!  you can get it now!  A GEM-based
 Kermit file transfer shell for the ST.

 PROGRAM UN-PACKER  This is a freeware program that will 'unpack' a
 program.  It does some checks to see how it was packed, and then does
 its job.  This was obtained from the Internet's atari.  archive.umich.
 edu archive site, and originated in Austria.  There are some caveats in
 the doc file, so read it before you use the program.

 BCS/ATARI UNVEILING, ASCII FILE    This is a zmodem protocol for use
 with Interlink software or as a stand alone module.  It has the prg, a
 GEM shell, and docs on how to use it with Interlink.

 Ladies and Gentlemen... Step right up and get Zapped!

 ZAP62A.ARC   This ARC contains a Superzap file that will update Cal 6.2
 to version 6.2a.  This corrects the behaviour of the window behind Cal
 when it is run as a resident accessory and you have chosen to use the
 saved screen position.  You will need Superzap (SUPZAP.ARC) to perform
 the update.  Also included is version 6.2a of Calshow, which adds the
 ability to toggle your importance filters easily.  Short docs included.

 And so that you don't miss any of the Midway's attractions:

 QWKCIS.PRG  QuickCIS is a navigator program for CompuServe.  It will
 visit up to 6 forums, capturing new messages and descriptions of new
 uploads.  You can then read the messages and descriptions offline and
 call back later to post replies, or download chosen files.
 Significantly reduce your online expense.

 SEARCH11.LZH (LH5)   SEARCHER v1.1 searches through your Aladdin library
 files for keywords.  Great for finding a download without logging onto
 GEnie.  Now runs in color and mono.  Bugs fixed.  Runs as ACC or PRG by
 renaming the file.  Very fast search!  Shareware.

 And while on the subject of BBS's and Online Services and Terminal
 programs, so that you can talk to them...

 WIZ355.LZH  WIZ92.LZH    "(/\)izzards" - V. 3.55 -  Compiled on Feb. 16,
 1992.  Fixes a few minor bugs and adds a Monochrome init program.
 (/\)izzards is a FoReM online game of might and majic.  Up to 50
 players, multiple ability levels.  This version adds the Arena and other
 new features.

 GALACTIC EMPIRE V2.20   GALEMP22.LZH (LH5)  Galactic Empire V2.20.  A
 multi-player online BBS door game of space conquest.  A major update of
 the old Galactic Empire game (last version was V1.26,).  New features
 include Intergalactic Market, multiple Spy/Terrorist groups for each
 player, sysop chat mode, improved mail system, and much more.  Uploaded
 by author.  Note: For any inexperienced users out there, an on-line game
 is designed to run on a BBS, not as as standalone game.  It will only be
 useful to you if you are a BBS Sysop.  It's compatible with any BBS that
 allows running of outside programs by users.

 STKEEP42.LZH   Allows 32000 users, 32000 rooms (SIGs), 32000 messages
 per room, 255 floors, 255 doors (on-line games, etc.), 15 groups.  ANSI,
 VT-52, Instant Graphics & Sound Support Menu's.  Numerous user and SysOp
 configurable options.  Self maintaining.  Fidonet compatible via
 Binkleyterm, The Box, and Fidodoor.  Fully supported shareware for the
 past two years and into the future!

 BUG_FIX.ARC  There is a small bug in version 2.0 of The Vulcan Embassy
 BBS.  If you don't already have a CONFIG.DAT file it will give some
 weird "Divide by Zero" error.  This is a "blank" CONFIG.DAT file with

 PVTGLO.ZIP  This is an information package on the Pvt User GlobalNet
 Network.  This is for Non-Sysops.

 GLOBEN.ZIP  This is an information package on GlobalNet Network for

 KA9QS.ARC  C source code for the KA9Q software.  KA9Q allows you to use
 your ST to connect to Internet, telnet to remote systems, use FTP to
 transfer files and lots more.  Contained in this archive are modules for
 FTP, TELNET, TCP/IP, SLIP, SLFP, KISS protocols and much more.  A great
 resource for anyone trying to write software to interface to the

 KA9QP.ARC  This archive contains the NET.TOS program and other files
 needed to run the KA9Q Internet networking software on the Atari ST.  Be
 sure to read the README.1ST file in this archive for important
 information on setting up/configuring the software.

 TODAY195.LZH   The _long_ awaited NEW version!  Fixes many bugs in the
 older version, and has many new features!  (NOTE: Users of older
 versions cannot simply replace the PRG.  Please, please, read the docs!)
 For those of you who don't know what TODAYS is, its a program to tell
 you (or your BBS's users) what happened today in history.  Can also be
 used to display certain text on specific days.  Compatible with the OLD
 version's data files, and the files from the IBM version (which is
 written by someone else).

 FZT_D211.LZH (LH5)  The latest version of FreeZe Dried Software
 Terminal.  The absolute best terminal program available for the ST/TT
 line of computers.  This version fixes many bugs, is faster, adds
 background dialing, and more.  FzDS Term is the only terminal package
 for the ST/TT line that properly handles ANSI.

 But wait for just a second!  You might have missed the first big tent!
 Yes sir ladies and gents, the show is about to begin.  In this tent
 you'll see caged right before your very eyes many of the files you might
 need to start a computer circus yourself.  To start the festivities,
 center your focus on the main ring and allow the first great performer
 to march by in single file form.

 TOWNS' GUIDE TO TOS REVISIONS   Various Tos descriptions -tells you
 which programs to use in AUTO for what versions of TOS.  By John
 Townsend at Atari, the list was made in March of '91 so it may not have
 everything you need... but it is a good start.

 Then in our other rings...

 WAITHD.LZH   allows your ST to wait for your hard drive to boot.

 BOINK SCREENSAVER  BOINKSAV.LZH  is is a little screen-saver from Damien
 M. Jones, author of DMJ_GIF.  It bounces a sprite around a black screen,
 ala BOINK.  He has included 3 different sprites to choose from, and even
 the docs about how to create your own sprite!  Configurable to a degree,
 and very small, I like it!

 HDINFO13.LZH  HDinfo V. 1.3  It renames Hard drive icons with your
 remaining free disk storage space information.

 ZEST DESKTOP  This is the ZeST Desktop for the Atari ST.  It gives the
 ST a neat NeXT-like desktop.  Also comes with a built-in paint program,
 calendar, typewriter and database. Enjoy!

 RHOCONTR.LZH (LH5)  RHo-control panel is a very flexible accessory from
 Switzerland.  Easy to use and uses a lot less memory than Atari's new
 control panel.  TT Compatible.

 FASTBASE   Fastbase is a powerful, flexible database for the Atari-ST
 that incorporates features previously only to be found in expensive
 commercial offerings.  The many features include: * Incorporate 4
 different graphic formats * Multiple databases in memory at once *
 Sophisticated query with relational features * Works in all three screen
 resolutions * Two password protected access levels to databases * Works
 comfortably on a 520 ST * GDOS compatible for ultimate on-screen

 CRACK ART   A full featured drawing/paint program.  It is a fine paint
 program from Germany.  It even features a couple games on board to keep
 you from getting bored!  Docs are in German, but the program isn't.
 Most functions can be fiqured out, but some are involved.  Well worth
 the look.  For color ST systems only.

 GERMAN TRANSLATOR   MULTLANG.LZH   This desk accessory (with optional
 HotKey feature) provides translation between German/English words.
 Includes large dictionary.  You can edit/create your own dictionary for
 any language or topic.  Shareware from the United Kingdom.  Program by
 Stuart Coates.  TT Compatible

 SPANISH.LZH (LH5)  This is a dictionary file for use with Stuart Coates
 Multi-Language Look-Up System.  It includes an index file (IDX) as well.
 Arc'd with LZH201.

 COMPUTE UTILS   These are three utilities from the old Compute Atari ST
 magazine: STASHCAN.LZH -  Sort of a trash bag for your trash can icon,
 files are copied to a directory rather than just deleted. FRNTBACK.LZH
 - Lets you print text files on both sides of your printer paper.
 PRINTER.LZH - Printer control ACC

 SEDIT.LZH  Sound Editor from old Compute's Atari ST mag.

 READTEXT.LZH   a TTP program to analyze text files.  Counts words,
 lines, plus many other stuff.

 JUMPST2.LZH  JumpSTART 2.0 allows users to assign 20 character
 descriptions to all of the files they use often.  Each file can be run
 with a single mouse click.  Works in Low, Medium, and High resolution.

 TTTIME.ARC  This is a Freeware CPX from Software Development Systems.
 It allows anyone with a battery backed-up clock to set it either slow or
 fast for better accuracy.  This file requires XCONTROL.ACC.  Runs on all
 Atari machines and resolutions.

 And now for the Big Show that features the Daredevil Software of this
 century!  Let me warn you though, those you pay their thin dime for
 admission to this tent, better have a good strong constitution.  This
 show is not for the faint hearted beginner!

 KCLI2.ARC  KCLI 2.0 is a full featured CLI. It is unique in that most of
 the commands are external modules, instead of memory resident.  This
 gives the ultimate in user flexibility : If you find a better "DIR"
 command, just copy the file.  Supports desk accessories, multiple
 default paths, full-pathname "install application", Macros, batch files,
 MUCH MORE! FULL DOCS INCLUDED! FREEWARE!  (Note: this re-upload contains
 KCLI.PRG, which was missing from the previous upload. No other changes.)

 MINT LIBRARY   These are some files that are needed if you want to use
 the MINT "operating system" in your own programs.  They are specifically
 meant for use with GNU C but I think it's possible to use them with
 other C compilers.  These files consist of mntinc16.zoo, mntolb16.zoo.

 TOSBASH.ZOO    This is a port of the GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell.
 It is designed to be run under TOS filesystems under the ST's native TOS
 operating system (with no OS extenders such as MiNT enabled), and thus
 some of the features are deactivated--for instance the ability to start
 tasks in the background.

 ATARI MGR     Here is the atari version of MGR, a network transparent
 window system originally written for Unix.  MGR requires 1 megabyte of
 memory (more is better!) and the MiNT multitasking system version 0.6 or
 better.  It runs in high or medium resolution, and should work OK on a
 moniterm or similar large screen monitor (all the screen graphics use
 the line A vector).  The second file consists of MGR demo programs.

 CHECKRTC.LZH   This program compares elapsed time as measured by the
 Real Time Clock, with the elapsed time as measured by the 200Hz system
 tick counter.  It reports any differences in terms of seconds/day lost
 or gained.  The program checks for the machine type in the _MCH cookie,
 and will only run on a TT.

 FORMRN.ARC  This is Form_run, Bill Aycock's replacement for Form_do.
 Assembler source and a demo program are included in this archive.

 And Don't forget about our HOUSE OF LAUGHS!

 SMASHER.LZH   Atom Smasher from old Compute Atari ST mag.  It's a
 breakout type game.

 BRE1SET5.ARC  Shoot out in the old west against the UDP forces!

 SEEKER.LZH   This game was originally called Lost Treasure.  This new
 version adds moving sidewalks, controllable force fields, and an
 elevator.  It also includes improvements when creating your own screens
 and in folder/directory access and the way some of the older feature
 work.  This lharced file contains 32 screens some of which were adapted
 from the original Lost Treasure.  There are probably about 15 new ones
 some of which are fairly difficult.

 Music fans will want to visit this sideshow:

 DX7 EDITOR/LIBRARIANS    Here are two editor/librarians for the Yamaha
 DX7. They seem to be pretty well implemented.  Obtained from the Music
 Software Exchange Box 533334 Orlando FL 32853 (407) 856-1244.  They are
 touted as having  _everything_ in the MIDI share-ware PD world.

 Art fans will want to visit our picture show!

 89A_87A.LZH  How many times have you tried to load certain GIF files
 into your GIF editors and converters (like View GIF 1.2 and DMJ GIF 3.0)
 and had it say "Invalid GIF type" or "Not GIF 87a"?  Well, this program
 will quietly and quickly convert type 89a GIFs to 87a.

 SUL2SPU.ARC   Finally!  Convert GFA Raytrace to Spectrum 512 format!
 This program supports -uncompressed- Raytrace 512 color pics to
 uncompressed Spectrum format.  This SHAREWARE converter allows you to
 view converted pics with any Spectrum slide show program.  It is
 partially disabled - if you attempt to edit the pics in Spectrum -
 unpleasant bleeding of the red colors of Spectrum's menu will appear in
 your picture - all the reason you need to send in the $5 shareware fee.
 Otherwise, pics will view perfectly.  Obviously, this is only for color
 systems that can handle Spectrum's 512 color mode.

 COALPTCH.LZH (LH5)LZH   Here's a patch that fixes the defective SLM
 printer driver in Coalesce version 1.25.  With my nasty habit of
 transposing (-< see what I mean ;) some characters when typing, the SLM
 driver is dead in 1.25.  This LZh also includes some upgrade information
 on Coalesce.

 The above files were compiled by Ron Berinstein co-sysop CodeHead
 Quarters BBS (213) 461-2095 from files that were either directly
 uploaded to CodeHead Quarters BBS, or downloaded from GEnie, Compuserve,
 and Delphi online services.

 To sign up for DELPHI service, call (with modem)  (800) 695-4002.  Upon
 connection,  hit  <return> once or twice.  At Password:  type ZNET  and
 hit <return>.
 To  sign up for GEnie service call (with modem)  (800) 638-8369.   Upon
 connection type HHH and hit <return>.   Wait for the U#= prompt and type
 XTX99436,GEnie and hit <return>.
 To sign up for CompuServe service call (with phone) (800) 848-8199.  Ask
 for operator #198.   You will be promptly sent a $15.00 free  membership
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