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From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/13/92-12:17:11 AM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 10-Jan-92 #9202
Date: Mon Jan 13 00:17:11 1992

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 Just a quick note this week about last week's release.  An archiving
 error occurred and the closing credits and 12 files were missing after
 unarcing the issue.  The error was found and a small attempt was made to
 correct the issue, but additional problems started after that.  If
 anyone is interested in seeing the complete listing, please call oour
 BBS for the file.

 Z*Net will be released on Friday evenings/Saturday mornings until
 further notice.  Commitments have placed themselves on publishing day
 and will from time to time cause the issue to be released on Saturday.
 However, we will make attempts to keep the Friday release date.

 FNET readers should stay up to date during the next few weeks for news
 about BBS changes and re-locations.  STeve Rider, FoReM BBS marketeer,
 is moving to California from Massachusettes.  His BBS, Full Moon, FNET
 NODE 204 will be moving with him.  Also, look for AtariBase to hit FNET
 in th next few weeks.


 The editorial staff of ST-INFORMER, a popular monthly Atari tabloid-
 format publication, walked off the job on Monday, January 6, 1992, and
 plan to create their own rival Atari magazine.  According to Mike
 Lindsay, Oregon-based editor for ST-INFORMER since its inception nearly
 four years ago, the breakup is the result of a long-standing
 disagreement over ownership of the magazine.  Publisher Rod McDonald has
 asserted sole ownership, while Mike and others had believed that the
 magazine was a three-way partnership.  Rather than prolong the dispute,
 Mike, Darren Meers (layout), and many of the staff writers have decided
 to leave ST-INFORMER and create their own new Atari magazine.  Plans are
 far from complete at this time, but Lindsay says that they may have a
 premier issue as soon as February.  Mike also indicated that although he
 has no evidence that ST-INFORMER will not continue to publish, his new
 magazine will voluntarily honor all ST-INFORMER subscriptions in the
 event that McDonald does not choose to stay in the Atari marketplace.
 Of concern to many in the Atari community is the question of whether the
 fragile developer and dealer base can sustain yet another competitor for
 their limited advertising dollars during recessionary times.
 Subscribers, writers, and advertisers are asked to be patient while
 things settle.  Z*Net will have more on this story next week.

 Greg Pratt has left as President of Atari Corporation (U.S.) for a new
 position with Creative Labs, Inc., makers of the "Sound Blaster" series
 of sound cards for MS-DOS computers.  After seven years with Atari and
 even more years before that with the Tramiel family at Commodore, Greg
 Pratt will leave the president and general manager responsibilities to a
 group of people within Atari including Sam Tramiel and Augie Ligouri,
 and there are no immediate plans to replace him.  Greg was chief
 financial officer for many years at Atari, and was named President in
 November 1990 after the departure of Elie Kenan of France.  Pratt gave a
 rousing talk on the future of Atari at the Chicago Computerfest by Atari
 in November, 1991 (reprinted in Z*NET issue #9151), in which he
 indicated personal enthusiasm for the company.  The agenda and goals
 outlined in his talk will continue uninterrupted, according to other
 Atari officials.  Those close to Pratt inside Atari are both saddened by
 his decision to leave the company as well as personally happy for Greg,
 as the opportunity offered by his new position is very attractive and
 challenging.  This move had been planned for "some time" according to
 Atari sources, and corporate direction and planning remain unchanged.
 Vice President of Sales Don Mandell will continue to supervise the sales
 organization, with marketing by Bill Rehbock, James Grunke, and Art
 Morgan under the direction of Sam Tramiel.  A consolidation of the Atari
 U.S. accounting with Atari corporate accounting has been made, returning
 to the way the company operated in 1985.  Pratt assisted in this change
 before his departure.  An official press release from Atari Corporation
 on the entire matter is expected soon.

 Atari Canada this week released details on the new purchase plans.  The
 packages which include an educational institute, registered company
 employee purchase programs and non-profit agencies.  The pricing
 structure, options and flexible payment plan ensures that a computer is
 within the budget of anyone even in these economically troubled times.
 Financing is underwritten by Commcorp Financial Services Inc, formerly
 Norex.  CIBC Leasing Inc is owned in part by the Canadian Imperial Bank
 of Commerce.  Structuring is done on a lease plan with 24, 36 or 42
 months with payments made by automatic bank withdrawal.  On completion
 of all lease payments you own the equipment for $10.00.  You may buy out
 the lease anytime before expiration for the discounted payment stream
 (balance of payments less unearned interest), plus applicable PST and
 GST, with no additional fees.  In a conference call with Atari Canada's
 Geoff Earl (General Manager) and Murray Brown (Western Canada Sales and
 Marketing Rep) we learn the plan has met with favour by dealers.
 Dealers can only profit from the program.  The sale of several hundred
 units  are possible just from one contact.  The idea is to have one key
 person in the company or organization involved as an administrator to
 handle the transactions.  This person would receive as an incentive, a
 Portfolio for any sales above $15,000.00.  With most companies realizing
 the advantage of computers in the workplace, some are offering incentive
 plans.  A major westcoast city is offering a $500.00 rebate towards a
 computer system for any municipal employee.  A west coast telephone
 company is offering a $300.00 rebate to its workers on any DOS
 compatable system.  School boards are also the latest to jump on the
 bandwagon and realize that the workplace is not the only place that
 computers belong.  The students of today have better equipment at home
 than most schools and probably know more than the teacher about
 computers.  Atari Canada has assembled some very good promo material
 available for this plan.  Flip charts and brochures are available and
 your local representitive will be pleased to help you with your
 presentations.  For more information please contact Geoff Earl at Atari
 Canada (416) 479-1266 or your local Atari dealer.  In a similar move,
 Atari US will shortly announce an arrangement with Business Credit
 Leasing Corp to provide "Atari Financial Services" to companies and
 individuals.  The plan is to be available through dealers, who can call
 1-800-328-5371 for more information.

 The backstreets of the Atari community were abuzz with the word that
 Atari Corp was being, in fact had already been sold by the Tramiel
 family.  However, official comment this week from Sunnyvale (after the
 Pratt announcement) is "Absolutely not."  While recent stock position,
 debt/asset adjustments, and personnel changes may have triggered the
 rumor, we have been assured that Atari is moving ahead, not for other
 parties to see, but to advance the company for the current ownership.
 Long range planning and medium range projects are continuing at full
 speed, further reducing the likelihood of any change of ownership at

 Books has announced the release of The ST Assembly Language Workshop,
 Volume 1, a novice's guide to assembly language programming on the Atari
 ST line of computers.  Written by Clayton Walnum, the author of
 C-manship Complete, The ST Assembly Language Workshop, Volume 1 teaches
 the basics of assembly language programming, starting with assembly
 language theory and building up to full-length programs.  Covered in the
 260-page book are the most-used 68000 assembly instructions, programming
 style and technique, file handling, printer output, system clocks, color
 palettes, screen flipping, loading pictures, and more.  A complete 68000
 instruction reference is also included.  When it's released later this
 year, Volume 2 of the series will cover GEM programming, with Volume 3
 tackling various advanced topics.  After studying all three volumes,
 readers will have developed the skills needed to write virtually any
 type of program on an ST.  Even after reading only volume 1, the novice
 assembly language programmer will be able to write full-featured TOS
 programs.  The ST Assembly Language Workshop, Volume 1 comes with a disk
 containing all sample programs and assorted additional files.  It is
 priced at $24.95, plus $3 shipping and handling and can be ordered at
 the address or phone number above.  Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

 Atari Corp announced it has sold it's one millionth game cartridge at
 the Las Vegas Winter CES Show, for the Lynx video game system.  The
 Lynx, which is the leading color portable and the only system priced
 less than $100, has a library of 40 games.  Atari's Entertainment
 Division President Larry Siegel said, "Consumers have responded to the
 value presented by the system and the games.  With 75 titles available
 by the end of the year, we'll sell a million more."  Atari's top selling
 title for the year was the award winning Ninja Gaiden, followed by
 Warbirds and Blue Lightning.  Blue Lightning, an aerial combat game,
 expirienced a surge of sales during the Persian Gulf War.  Warbirds, a
 World War I dogfight game, is the first Lynx title to be in the top five
 games on the Software Publisher's Association listing of best selling
 games.  By year end, 75 games will be available for the Lynx, including:
 Super Skweek, Lemmings, NFL Football, Baseball Heroes, Basketbrawl, Pit
 Fighter, Vindicators and Hockey.

 In 1992, the largest color portable software library will get even
 bigger with traditional role playing, classic arcade and more original
 titles for the Lynx.  Third party developers continue to contribute
 great games to Lynx players.  Telegames, Inc. has reached an agreement
 with arcade giant Tradewest Inc. to publish Double Dragon and Super Off-
 Road, two number one arcade games.  This new long-term relationship
 brings Lynx players the best of Tradewest and the best of the arcades.
 In addition, several other third party developers have contracted to
 program titles which will be brought out under the Atari name.  These
 companies include: Loriciel, US Gold and Color Dreams, Inc.

 Following up smash hits Qix and The Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge,
 Telegames will bring out The Guardians: Storm Over Doria, and Krazy Ace
 Minature Golf.  Up to four players can ComLynx in The Guardians, due in
 March.  The Guardians, legendary heroes each with a unique set of
 attributes, must locate the Master of Mystical Arts, Quellin, who has
 kidnapped Doria's Prince Creshin and stolen hia crown - the crown that
 controls the weather.  As a Guardian you will have to travel across and
 under Doria to find and defeat Quellin through mystical and physical
 combat before Doria is doomed to eternal winter.  There are 15 different
 monsters, 30 magical spells and an internal clock that will vary
 responses and activities based on time of day and day of week.  In
 Guardians, you can talk to anyone on the streets and use a command menu
 to perform functions such as get, open, break, talk, etc...  The
 Guardians will be available in March and has a suggested retail price of

 Double Dragon, a two-player game due in July, is regarded as one of the
 greatest fighting games of all time.  The twin brothers in Double
 Dragon, masters of the material arts, must fight their way through the
 streets and outskirts of the city to defeat the Black Warriors and the
 evil Shadow Boss.  In Super Off-Road, a four-player mud-flinging dirt
 circuit race, there are 8 different stadium tracks and 16 configurations
 to race on.  Super Off-Road will be available in August.  Both have a
 suggsted retail price of $39.95.

 Shadowsoft Inc, which recently brought out the classic Robotron with
 Williams/Bally, will put Joust on store shelves in April or May and will
 introduce two original titles; a puzzle game and a superhero title.
 Dave Dies, President of Shadowsoft commented that the Lynx is a great
 system to write games for.  "We expect to release 3-4 games for the Lynx
 and expect them to do very well.  This is a great system to work with
 because it has excellent hardware scaling and rotation and we plan to
 write games for it as long as possible."  According to Dies, the company
 is looking to license several other titles for the Lynx.

 To premier at the National Association of Music Merchandisers show
 (January 17-19), the SM147 will be a 14" paperwhite monitor with a flat
 screen.  About the same dimensions or even a bit smaller overall than
 the long-standard 12" SM124, the new bigger screen monochrome monitor
 will feature a tilt/swivel base and retail for $259.95 (suggested).  The
 new monitor will not have a speaker.  The SM124 will probably be
 discontinued, with the SM147 becoming the standard high resolution
 monitor for the STe series.

 * CANADIAN ATARI USERS CONVENTION                         Press Release

 The following is an announcement as printed from the front cover of the
 Toronto Atari Federation (TAF) newsletter, the PHOENIX, for January
 1992, issue #80.  It has been reprinted in the interest of all those in
 the Atari community, from users to developers, from programmers to


 On April 4th and 5th, 1992, ATARI CANADA and the TORONTO ATARI
 FEDERATION (TAF) will host what may be the most exciting Atari event in
 North America in 1992.  To be held at the Skyline Hotel, the 1992
 Canadian Atari Users Convention will feature the most outstanding
 developers in the Atari world with some of the latest programs and
 program updates.  Local dealers will exhibit the latest hardware and
 peripherals, and user groups from across Canada and the United States
 will be on hand to share Public Domain and Shareware programs and
 exchange knowledge.  Door prizes throughout both days of the show,
 special show prices and several major door prize packages will add to
 the excitement.

 Facilities will include a 15,000 square foot convention area, an
 additional 7,000 square foot display and exhibit space, and seven
 different meeting rooms that will host a wide range of seminars,
 demonstrations and mini-concerts.  On Saturday evening, a formal banquet
 will bring together local users with major figures in the present and
 future course of Atari.

 This is the third major convention that the Toronto Atari Federation has
 hosted in recent years.  As one of the largest user groups in Canada, if
 not in North America, TAF has consistently helped bring the best and
 most contemporary computer technology to Toronto users.  With membership
 of approximately 300, TAF will provide the core of volunteers that make
 an event like this possible.  However, other user groups will also be
 invited to participate, to help stimulate exchange of information among
 the various Atari groups in this region and to help broaden the base of
 support for this special event.

 Atari Canada General Manager Geoff Earle has said that this April event
 could easily surpass the recent Chicago convention, both in attendance
 and participation by developers and programmers.  Basing their
 participation on the successful Chicago model, Atari Canada will assume
 many of the initial costs, including facilities and advertising.  TAF
 will coordinate activities and provide volunteer help.  TAF President
 John R. Sheehan, SJ, noted, "The enthusiasm of our members is the reason
 we felt this was a good time for a show.  So many members had been
 asking about a show, and volunteering to help, that we felt we really
 could present a spectacular two-day event.  We couldn't try it without
 our volunteers, but with their help, this April will see the most
 exciting Atari show Toronto has ever seen!"

 Packets for dealers and developers are being prepared and should be
 mailed in January.  Information packets for user groups will be
 available at around the same time.  The Skyline Hotel will be offering
 special room rates to participants, and special travel plans should also
 be announced shortly.

 To be placed on the mailing list for Convention information, please send
 your name, address, and affiliation (developer, user group, dealer,
 etc.) to TAF's mailing address:

 Toronto Atari Federation
 5334 Yonge St., Suite 1527,
 Willowdale, Ontario, CANADA
 M2N 6M2

 * PERUSING GENIE                                  Compiled by Ed Krimen

 From the "Technical Questions to Atari Corp." topic (4)
 in the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14):

 Message 59        Sun Jan 05, 1992
 B.REHBOCK [Bill@Atari]       at 03:01 EST

 AJAX itself is capable of 2.88. It does require a little bit more
 support circuitry and higher clock rates.  2.88 megs is _not_ plug and
 play in the TT or MegaSTE. 2.88 Meg floppy drives are not being
 announced for the TT or MegaSTE by Atari.
 -Bill @ Atari

 [Ed's note: Atari's Ajax chip will replace the current Western Digital
 1772 floppy drive controller to give the Mega STE and TT 1.44meg
 capability.  Some TT's are now shipping with the chip, 1.44meg drives,
 and TOS 3.06.  Current owners of Mega STE and TT machines await Atari's
 1.44meg floppy drive upgrade kit.]

 From the "Antic Publishing's Demise" topic (11)
 in the "Flaming, Debating, Discussion, Rumors" category (18):

 Message 100       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 T.MCCOMB [=Tom=]             at 13:47 EST

 05-Jan-92  04:31:26 TO: STart subscribers Fm: Lawrence Estep-AEL

 If you are one of the many who has subscribed to STart magazine and
 never received it or tried to cancel your subscription and never
 received a refund, The San Francisco District Attorney's Office Consumer
 Complaint Unit is trying to build a case against Antic Publishing.

 They would like anyone who has had a problem getting a refund to file a
 complaint with them.

 You can do this by calling (415) 553-1814 and tell them you would like
 to file a complaint against Antic Publishing and they will send you a
 form to fill out.  Or you can write them at:

 Consumer Protection Unit
 San Francisco District Attorney's Office
 732 Brannan
 San Francisco, CA 94103
 I got the above of another service.  Looks like its time we socked it to


 From the "Avant Vector" topic (23)
 in the "CodeHead Software" category (32):

 Message 191       Tue Jan 07, 1992
 C.F.JOHNSON [CodeHead]       at 16:18 EST

 GREAT NEWS!  At long last, the wait is over and the first shipment of
 Avant Vector EPS is on its way to us!  If you've been waiting for your
 order, or to upgrade to the EPS version, your wait is nearly over.

 Even better -- Trade iT has apparently improved the EPS importing
 capabilities of Avant Vector EPS enormously, so that it can now import
 many Mac and PC style Encapsulated Postscript files that previously
 didn't work.

 The new version of Avant Vector is also well under way, with its Adobe
 Type 1 font support and font editor, text effects, and a _lot_ more.

 We expect the shipment to arrive by next week; we'll post another
 announcement when we have it in our hot little meathooks.

 - Charles

 From the "Calamus" topic (2)
 in the "ISD Product Support" category (16):

 Message 264       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 ISD [Nathan]                 at 11:34 EST

 SAK...The Multi-media module for Calamus SL will allow you to directly
 connect your video camera through an interface to the TT into Calamus
 SL.  More on that module when it is finished.  I have used the
 monochrome version some months ago but I am still waiting for the
 completed color version.

 Cranach Studio will accomplish all your re-touching requirements and
 then some.  Again, more on this as it nears release.

 From the "XBoot - The AUTO and DA Manager" topic (11)
 in the "Gribnif Software" category (17):

 Message 30        Sat Jan 04, 1992
 OUTRIDER [Terry @ T2]        at 02:25 EST

 I do think that most _quality_ software for the ST is underpriced, but
 "Power Without the Price" is so firmly etched in ST users' minds that
 it's difficult getting across to many of them that ST software
 developers generally like to have food and shelter like everyone else,
 and they don't spend hundreds of hours programming because they owe it
 to userbase.  :^(

 - Terry -

 From the "Mega STE" topic (14)
 in the "Atari Corporation Online" category (14):

 Message 125       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 R.MARTIN22 [NETWORK 23]      at 00:32 EST

 I saw an article in GEnie's LIVEWIRE that said the Mega STE's could
 display 4096 colors at once.  Is this true?  If so, would the new TOS
 2.06 for the STE allow the 4096 color resolution mode on the STE's as

 Live And Direct,
 Rod Martin, Network 23 Software
 Written at 4:46 PM on 4/Jan/92.

 Message 126       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 R.JOHNSON [Robert]           at 01:59 EST


 No, a 'just out of the box' Mega STe will not display 4096 colors at
 once.  At least mine doesn't.  From what _I_ can tell,  all they (Atari)
 did was allow you to choose 0-15 shades of each color on the STe
 machines instead of the 0-7 on the older ones.  Wow. :-(

 When I got my 1040STe I thought 'Hot Dawg!!" more colors.  I guess
 that's what I get for thinking.  When I got the Mega Ste I knew better.
 Notice that I _still_ got it though.  No if Atari would upgrade our
 color capabilities so we could have something close to 'the other guys'
 VGA output.  Just dreaming I guess.

 Message 127       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 J.ALLEN27 [FAST TECH]        at 03:51 EST

 It is 4 or 16 colors at once out of a palette of 4096 colors. 2 or 4
 bits per pixel to store the color value for each pixel.  This value is
 run through a lookup table of 12bit numbers to select the "actual" color
 that shows up on the screen.

 Message 129       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 M.ABDULKAREE [ASX]           at 16:21 EST

 More colors would mean a larger amount of data to be moved around.. and
 even the fast BLiTTER would not be able to handle that many colors
 without experiencing a slowdown.  We also would needa new VDI driver and
 given the software written, almost nothing would've worked!

 From the "CodeHead Quarters BBS" topic (19)
 in the "CodeHead Software" category (32)

 Message 19        Mon Jan 06, 1992
 G.NORTON                     at 22:38 EST

 I have heard rumours that the Codeheads are developing or purchasing the
 rights to send/receive fax/modem software...can you comment on this.

 Graham Norton
 Wizard Computer Systems

 Message 20        Tue Jan 07, 1992
 J.EIDSVOOG1 [CodeHead]       at 21:35 EST


 Our French distributors have some FAX software that we were considering
 importing but it may not be up to our standards.  We're now considering
 writing our own.


 From the "G+PLUS, from Codehead Software" topic (3)
 in the "CodeHead Software" category (32)

 Message 116       Sun Jan 05, 1992
 J.EIDSVOOG1 [CodeHead]       at 10:55 EST


 We will not be upgrading G+Plus to replace FSMGDOS.  This would be too
 major an undertaking, while not being able to substantial improve
 FSMGDOS.  The original GDOS was small and had some glaring problems so
 it was begging to be improved.  FSMGDOS was done correctly and we're not
 known for fixing things that aren't broken.  <grin>


 From the "Beckemeyer Development ST Software" topic (34)
 in the "Software Libraries and Other Utilities" category (2):

 Message 156       Thu Jan 02, 1992
 D.BECKEMEYER [David @ BDT]   at 03:23 EST

 Hard Disk Sentry is a software package for ST/TT systems that diagnoses
 and repairs TOS disk partitions.  It runs numerous tests on the FAT and
 the directory and file structures.  It also includes a low-level surface
 anaysis disk test program.  Hard Disk Sentry is also a disk optimizer.
 It will unfragment all the files and folders on a disk, thus speeding up
 file accesses.  It is fully GEM based and is automatic and easy to use.

 The current version is V1.23.

 The upgrade policy is to either send in the disk with a $10 fee to:

 Beckemeyer Development
 PO Box 21575
 Oakland, CA 94620

 Or register on the free support BBS (510) 530-9682 and download the latest
 version of the program.

 An all new manual is in the works.  When it's finished, the new manual
 will be available to registered Sentry owners for $15.

 Message 161       Tue Jan 07, 1992
 A.MASON4 [Anna]              at 21:56 EST

 What is the current cost of Hard Disk Sentry and is it more useful on
 the larger hard drives (as opposed to the smaller ones like the MegaFile
 30 that I have).  While I know nothing about diagnosing/repairing disk
 partitions, I am interested in its ability to unfragment files and


 Message 162       Wed Jan 08, 1992
 D.BECKEMEYER [David @ BDT]   at 00:34 EST

 Anna, Hard Disk Sentry has a suggested retail price of $49.95.  You
 don't need to know anything about diagnosing/repairing disks because
 Hard Disk Sentry will automatically test the disks and fix any problems
 it finds.  Fragmentation can affect performance on almost any sized hard
 disk, even as little as 5MB.  In can actually affect a 20MB or 30MB
 drive more than a larger drive because the larger drives tend to have
 faster seek times.  Unfragmentation reduces the amount of read-write
 head movement required to access the files, which is what seek-time
 refers to.

 From the "CyberSculpt" topic (5)
 in the "Lexicor Product Support" category (25):

 Message 182       Tue Jan 07, 1992
 E.WELLS                      at 01:31 EST

 The user or recently commented here in the LEXICOR section that there
 was nothing happening on the atari to make an amiga user take notice is
 forgetting something.  While there may already be a host of high end
 graphic cards available for the Amiga, it's the software that generates
 the graphics.  I seriously doubt that there is an software package on
 the Amiga platform that comes near the sophistication and power of
 Phase-4.  Granted, I'm not an Amiga user (nor do I want to be), I don't
 just read Atari magazines.  I read PC based as well as MAC and Amiga
 publications.  There are some interesting graphic apps occurring on the
 PC and Mac areas, but nothing like Lexicor.  And as Lexicor matures, I
 think you'll see people taking note.  As for the Amiga, well, I check
 those all the time, and with the exception of the toaster and a few
 other devices of similar function, I haven't seen one piece of software
 that really made me take notice.  So, while nothing on the Atari
 Platform may make Amiga users take note (look again), there certainly
 isn't anything on the Amiga that I can't get righ here at home.


 wow, what a tirade(did I spell that right?)

 From the "Quick ST 3 - Now A CodeHead Product!" topic (31)
 in the "CodeHead Software" category (32):

 Message 137       Wed Jan 01, 1992
 C.F.JOHNSON [CodeHead]       at 23:05 EST

 I just found and fixed another bug in Quick ST -- the bug that appears
 when you draw bezier curves in Touch-Up or PageStream.  (The screen
 fills up with random lines.)  Uncovered and slain.

 FSM GDOS presents a few other problems for Quick ST.  The first
 maintenance update of Quick ST will be compatible with FSM GDOS, but it
 won't do anything to accelerate FSM screen output.

 This update will also include the Mysterious MultiDesk Reinstallation
 Technique (or MMRT, recently revealed in the "Technical Info" topic), so
 that Quick ST can be installed as a HotWire autorun program for vastly
 increased performance, without having trouble when you change your
 MultiDesk accessories.

 One of the main reasons Turbo ST gets better benchmark numbers on some
 things is that it runs as a desk accessory -- and thus grabs its vital
 trap vectors after everything else has installed.  This means that it
 intercepts and handles screen output calls _first_, with no extra

 Installing Quick ST as a HotWire autorun program gives you the same
 minimal overhead, since HotWire doesn't run Quick ST until all
 accessories have completely finished loading.  (The GEM desktop's
 autorun feature will sometimes run a program before all accessories have
 loaded, which can lead to unpredictable problems.)

 When will we release Quick ST 3.06?  No dates yet.  It's going to take
 a little while.  There's a lot involved in getting truly familiar with
 this code.  It's excellent code; Darek has done a good job of commenting
 things and keeping it readable.  But there's a _lot_ of it.

 - Charles

 Message 141       Thu Jan 02, 1992
 J.EIDSVOOG1 [CodeHead]       at 11:13 EST

 There's one other point I'd like to stress about benchmarks and Quick
 Index results.  Some people seem to get upset because something caused
 their system to slow down by x%.

 If for instance, the addition of a resident program causes your Quick
 Index results to change from 1000% to 999%, it has NOT slowed your
 system by one percent.  It has slowed your system by one percentage
 _point_.  In this instance, it has actually only reduced your operating
 speed by .1% (a tenth of one percent).  An index of _990%_ would be a
 reduction of one percent.

 The bottom line is, can you actually notice a slowdown or a speed-up
 when you use your computer.  It's likely that some of the fixes we apply
 to Quick ST may produce lower Quick Index results.  This is the price we
 must pay for elimination of bugs and increased compatibility.  Whatever
 changes are effected, you should know that we will strive to make things
 as fast as possible, as always.


 P.S.  Hey guys, stop with the multi-thousand dollar figures, already
 <grin>.  It's quite depressing since I just totalled our personal
 incomes from CodeHead for 1991.  The sum isn't even half of your lowest
 figures.  :-(   Luckily, CodeHead is just a hobby for both of us...one
 to which we devote 16 hours a day.

 From the "TURBO16 from Fast Technology" topic (11)
 in the "Hardware" category (4)

 Message 92        Fri Jan 03, 1992
 G.ANDERSON                   at 21:12 EST

 Ok Jim, I gotta ask <grin>.  Exactly why is your 030 adapter board so
 much faster than a stock TT?  Both are running the same CPU, both have
 fast RAM available, and both are using what's basically the same version
 of TOS....  What did you do?


 * GENERIC DOUBLE SIDED DISK DRIVE                   by James Lacassagne

 Purpose:  This document is a description of the hook-ups and
 modifications that I found necessary in adding a 3.5 inch double sided
 drive to my Atari 520.  It is intended solely as a guide to anyone who
 is interested in saving a few dollars by using an "industry standard"
 drive in place of the Atari SF314.

 Warning:  This installation seems to function properly for my system,
 but I cannot guarantee anything.  Also, the only way that a saving will
 result is if a suitable power supply is already available, or can be
 obtained at a very low price.


 1  3.5" Double Sided Drive w/ Installation kit @ $130 (The Unit I used
    was a Toshiba ND-352 which came with a multi-purpose mounting kit.
    BE SURE that the unit is XT compatible!! (720 K etc))

 1  5v/12vdc Regulated Power Supply @ $ 25  (The supply must be capable
    of supplying 5V.+/-5% @200 mA and 12V.+/-5% @300 mA.  I saved some
    money here by using the same supply that I used for adding a 5 1/4
    in. drive as described in numerous articles in magazines and on
    Bulletin Boards.)

 1  34 pin Card Edge Connector @ $ 3 (Yes, This is the "industry
    standard" used on all XT's and Clones.  I got mine at Radio Shack.

 1  Standard Atari 3.5 in Disk Drive Cable @ $ 8 (Preferably, one of the
    After Market types 6' or so in length.)

 1  Disk Drive Case @ $ ? (This is optional--I still haven't found a
    good cheap one, but the drive seems to work fine.)


 There are two ways to proceed with this project depending on whether you
 want the new drive to be A or B.  The Drive B method is the simpler, so
 I will start with it.

 Cut the Standard Drive Cable in half (Save the other half for another

 Strip back about 2" of the outer insulation from the cable.  Do Not cut
 off the shield wire (a layer of wire woven around the multiple
 conductors in the cable).  Carefully unweave the shield, and twist it to
 form a wire of its own.

 Since the 34 pin connector that I used was designed for ribbon cable,
 some ingenuity is required here.  Each pin on the connector ends in a V
 shaped stud designed to separate the ribbon cable wire and cut only its
 insulation when the cover is forced in place.  Since most of the wires
 in the cable go to the top row of the connector (the even numbered pins)
 and the shield goes to the bottom row, along with the wires from pins 3
 and 7 of the Atari connector, I divided them accordingly and routed them
 above and below the connector cover.  Very carefully, I pushed each wire
 far enough into the corresponding Vstud to hold it in place.  I then
 forced the cover down, forcing the wires the rest of the way into the V.
 By trial and error I found that the two ground wires (pins 3 and 7) in
 the cable did not provide a sufficient ground path, causing unreliable
 drive operation.  I overcame this by (gasp!) tying the shield to ALL of
 the odd numbered pins on the connector.  (That's what the twisted shield
 wire is used for.)

 Carefully lay it over the bottom row of Vstuds before putting the
 connector cover on.  The Connections Follow:

 (NOTE: the colors mentioned are for an Atari Cable You should check if
 you are using an After Market Cable.)

            34 pin conn.   Atari conn.   Signal     Color
               2              *         media chng
               4             N/A        in use
               6             N/A        d4 sel
               8              4         index        yellow
              10              5         d0 sel       green
              12              6         d1 sel       violet
              14             N/A        d2 sel
              16              8         motor on     brown
              18              9         direction    orange
              20             10         step         grey
              22             11         wrt data     pink
              24             12         wrt gate     lt. blue
              26             13         track 0      lt. brown
              28             14         wrt prot     lt. green
              30              1         read data    red
              32              2         side 0       white
              34              *         rdy/med ch
             (any             3         logic gnd    blue
             odd)             7         logic gnd    black

 Assemble the Disk Drive and Adapter kit.  It should have come with a
 power cable adapter with a std XT connector on the end.  You can either
 buy a mating connector or cut it off and splice directly to the wires.
 (Generally, pin 1 (red) is 5V, pin 4 (yel) is 12V, and pins 2&3 (blk)
 are Ground.) The Installation Kit may refer to a jumper on pin 34, but
 this can be ignored.

 Now, the only modification to the drive can be made.  On the
 Installation Kit PC Board, a Jumper must be soldered between pin 2 and
 pin 28 of the Drive Connector.  (This is the one that actually connects
 to the Disk Drive.  It is identical in pin layout to the Std connector,
 with pin 2 on the top left as you look at it.)  This connects the Media
 Change signal on pin 2 to the Write Protect signal.  (Thanks to Analog2
 for pointing me in the right direction on this one.)  These are both
 open collector, active low signals, and can be safely wired together.
 (wired or configuration)

 This should be all that has to be done to make the drive work.  Simply
 plug the cable into the OUT connector of the first drive or the 1040,
 and away you go.

 If you have a 520 and want this to be drive A, the procedure is the
 same, except DO NOT CUT THE CABLE IN HALF.  Instead, strip a 3-4 in.
 section in the center of the cable, Cut and unweave 1/2 of the shield.
 Lead the wires over the Vstuds as before, but cut the wires from the
 Atari connector pins 5&6.  (computer end) Pin 5 wire is connected to the
 Std connector pin 10 and pin 6 wire is connected to the remaining end of
 pin 5.  (The part that will go to the second drive.)  This brings the
 ds1 signal to the ds0 pin on the second drive, just like Atari does it.
 You can cut off the remaining pin 6 wire if you like, since it doesn't
 get used.  Don't forget to attach the shield to the odd number connector

 If you have understood and followed my directions, the drive should
 function properly.  If not, there is not much that can cause damage.  My
 version will read and format and write to double and single sided disks
 without any problems.  If you encounter any difficulty, I can be
 contacted through Delphi as JIMSL or Compuserve No. 72257,1613.

 Atari, Radio Shack, and Toshiba are Registered Trademarks.

 * Z*NET SOFTWARE SHELF                                by Ron Berinstein

 Wow, so far 1992 has been a very busy year for this Atari fan!  And, it
 apparrently as been for uploaders as well.  Here is a glimpse at just
 some of the files that have been posted since the ball in Times Square
 dropped, and the last of the fire crackers sounded.  Oh, yes, I cheated,
 I also added some of the files that just got into the 1991 catalog by
 being uploaded in the last few days of the month... However, I know
 you'll forgive me, 'cause who had the time to do anything with them in

 UPMAKR.ARC   Update Maker v.0.1 will compare 2 versions of an
 application and create a binary file listing all the changes between the
 two.  It is intended for creating the data you would need to write a
 program that updates one version of an application to the next version
 when much of the code remains unchanged or only a few patches are
 needed.  Docs & example included.

 DEMOLITION MAN 2.0, a new version of the commercial-quality puzzle game
 by Clayton Walnum.  The program now features three levels of difficulty,
 as well as an x-ray button that gives you a quick look at everything
 hidden on the board.  If you can defeat the AGONY level, you're
 definitely a Demolition expert! Low or High Rez.  Shareware.

 SPICE.LZH  This is a port of the SPICE circuit analysis program for the
 Atari ST It's from Germany.  There is an English manual in this

 SUP_CARD.ARC  A little free form database.  Seems like it would be great
 for storing notes, info on articles, etc.  It seems to work well.

 PGS_AP_D.ARC  PageStream Appendix D is an on-line resource to enhance
 the functionality of PageStream.  This provides a dynamic window
 containing the control sequences and descriptions of PageStream special
 characters contained in Appendix D of the doc.  (Ap'dix 2 in older doc).
 Click on the special character you want to select & the info. passes on
 to Pagestream.

 FULCRUM.LZH  This is a flyable demo of Mig-29 Fulcrum - a jet fighter
 simulation.  It is probably only wise to D/L this one if you are real
 familiar with the ways these programs tend to work as there are no docs

 N_DESKTP.ACC 1.4   N_DESKTP.ACC changes the background pattern of the
 desktop.  The standard fill pattern can be replaced by any standard VDI
 fill pattern.  This is version 1.4.

 NBM12.LZH   NBM, v1.2 - adds the NBMG graphics tests.  NBM will
 benchmark your ST/STe/TT, allowing you to compare the efficiency of your
 system with that of others.  The built-in Compare function lists results
 obtained from various hardware setups.  Also includes a Print function,
 so that you can print your results.

 SAT404.LZH    The Satellite Prediction Program was just updated to
 Version 4.04 for tracking satellites.

 STOS14.ARC   Patch program to update STOS for TOS 1.4.  This will work
 with BOTH STOS BASIC and the COMPILER.  It is for TOS 1.4 ONLY and will
 NOT update STOS for the STe, although the README file does give useful
 information for the do-it-yourself hacker.

 NT_COMP.LZH  For all the previous JUKEBOX downloaders who have read the
 doc files and saw the references to the file that would convert MOD
 files to SEG files, but, that file was impossible to find... well it WAS
 FOUND!  This plays and converts .MOD files to .SEG files.  SEG files
 take practically NO CPU time but are much much longer files.

 WHATIS.ARC   Guess WHATIS!  WHATIS is now up to 5.5.

 CLASSIFY.ARC  This is an update to L. Siwicki's Classified Ads program
 for Michtron BBS verison 3.0.  This program works more like a real
 newspaper's classified section, broken down in to various ad catagories
 (ex. Autos, Music, etc;).

 PROCALC.LZH  The shareware version of Atari's new NoteBook's calculater.

 DISKDIAG.ARC  Examines your hard disks and warns you if it finds
 problems.  Run it when you have problems accessing files or folders on
 a disk.  You should also run it occasionally to detect problems before
 they become serious.  Automatically checks all the hard disks on your
 system.  If it finds problems, it will report information about the
 problems and stop.

 MCHREF11.ARC  A program that provides often used technical information
 and calculations in one package.  Contains info on drill sizes and
 designations, Screw thread info including clearance hole sizes, English-
 Metric conversions, Gear Calculations, Geometric Calculations.

 SHREDR+ V3.0A   CCSHREDR+ v3.0a from DO NOT STAMP Software.  This
 shareware utility will totally & completely delete files by overwriting
 them with random characters.  Full GEM interface, .GTP compatible,
 command line support.  Uses Maxifile III for multiple file selection.
 Many more features!  This minor update improves memory allocation.
 Works on all ST/TT030 & in all rez.

 AREA CODE LOCATOR V3.0A  from DO NOT STAMP Software.  This prg/acc
 identifies every telephone area code in North America, along with local
 cities, time zone, and local time.  This minor update adds and corrects
 some city listings as well as fixing a memory allocation bug.  Freeware.
 Works on all ST/TT030 machines in any resolution.

 LQEFFECT.LZH   This peripheral programmer for LQ printers allows access
 to 90%+ of the internal effects.  Did you know your Epson 500(+) has two
 character effects (shadow and outline), multiple international character
 sets, extended character graphics support ? OK maybe so, but now you can
 use them as well as the olde standbys (Master select), justification,

 RAYVIEW4.ARC  Viewer for 512 color GFA Raytrace uncompressed (.SUL)
 pics.  Now alerts if run from mono, Alerts TT & accelerated users.
 Includes source in v3 .GFA and ASCII format for anyone who wants to
 enhance or turn this into a full fledged slideshow.  Color only 8mhz
 mode on ST's/STE's/Mega STE's.  Not for TT's.

 MEGACHEK.ARC  The FINANCE MANAGER! (now runs on 512K machines) v 1.1a.
 Color or Mono (mono highly rec'd) TT OK in ST RES'S.  MEGA-Check is a
 program which will allow you to manage & answer questions about your
 personal finances with a full GEM interface.  Pay any bill, print
 checks, handle multiple checking acc'ts, report generator, imports ASCII
 data, PayMinder Alarms + More!

 MOUSE EYES  DB_EYES is an AUTO-FOLDER (tsr) program that places a pair
 of vigilant mouse-watching eyes on the screen.  Each eye follows the
 mouse, where ever it may go, visible or not.  Extra features: eye blinks
 when mouse button is depressed. (they also blink when you poke at them
 with the mouse)

 CALAMUS BORDER MAKER  Decorative border maker accessory for Calamus.
 Comes with 5 borders with a way to get many more - up to 100!  Can run
 as an accessory or as a program.

 TWO VERSIONS OF ST ZIP  Contains two versions of ST_Zip; a full GEM
 version and a much smaller TTP version together with DOCS in French,
 English & German.

 FUJWATCH  This places a rotating or rainbow Fuji symbol into your
 desktop's menu bar and also replaces the desktop's boring busy bee with
 an animated ticking clock!  It takes up only 5K of memory and runs from
 the auto folder or desktop.  Complete instructions enclosed and it works
 in monochrome, bigscreen mono, ST medium and low and TT medium
 resolution.  This version of FUJWATCH is Squishable and fixes a bug that
 might crash the machine if the VBI list was full.  New PRG is 6010 bytes
 while the old one was 6001 bytes.  This is Questor LZHed.

 CREDIT CARD CALC.   It's interesting to find out just how much a credit
 card company can make from "interest" charges if you make low payments
 (relative to your balance), hence this program.  The program will tell
 you how many payments over how many years you'll be making, and what the
 total amount of interest you'll pay will be.  Very simple to use, and it
 might just wake you up as far as using those credit cards.

 THE RETURN OF TEXT ADVENTURES!   These are two text adventure written
 with TADS (Text Adventure Development System).  They are every bit as
 good as some of the text adventures put out by the late, great Infocom.
 They are shareware, but completely playable. (The donations will get you
 maps and hints from the authors.)  They do not require TADS to use,
 however.  If you are interested in TADS, the shareware version of it is
 available in the GAMES database.  Text adventuring seems to have become
 passe' lately, but they are still some of the most intriguing and mind-
 confounding games you'll ever find.  If you miss Infocom, these games
 will bring back fond memories.  They are full of the same kind of humor
 that filled Zork with so much fun.  You will enjoy them.  UNNKULIAN
 UNVENTURE #1 and  UNNKULIAN UNVENTURE #2 are the two games.

 PUZZLEPUZZLE  This is a puzzle game from Germany.  It runs in mono only.
 The object is to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, which, when complete, becomes
 another jigsaw puzzle piece in a larger puzzle, which, when complete,
 becomes another puzzle, and soon, and so on.  Nicely done art, digitized
 from originals.  This one was done by the folks at Tommy Software, who
 also did MegaPaint, now being distributed in North America by the
 CodeHeads.  Tommysoft's skill at programming is apparent in both this
 one and MegaPaint.

 2 GERMAN MONO GAMES  contains two monochrome-only shareware games from
 Germany.  They are derived from a popular commercial game called ESPRIT.
 All the docs are contained within the games themselves, and are in
 German.  These were obtained via Internet.  OXYD, THE ORIGINAL and
 OXYD2, THE SEQUEL are the games.

 The above files were compiled by Ron Berinstein co-sysop CodeHead
 Quarters BBS (213) 461-2095 from files that were either directly
 uploaded to CodeHead Quarters BBS, or downloaded from GEnie, Compuserve,
 and Delphi online services.

                           YEAR IN REVIEW: 1991
                     DELPHI TOP 100 DOWNLOADS OF 1991
                         Compiled by Gordie Meyer

 This is a list of the top 102 ST Advantage Utility Database downloads
 from Jan. 1, 1991, until about December 10, 1991.  The list is in
 ascending order, from the lower number of downloads to the highest
 number of downloads.  It is interesting to note that the file with the
 highest number of downloads was uploaded on November 20, 1991.  Which
 means it had only been available for 13 days when this list was
 compiled!  This points to the recent increases in usage in the ST
 Advantage on DELPHI.  The value of $1/hour downloads is obviously making
 quite an impression on many ST users.

 BOOTSECTOR TECHNICIAN        8-JAN-1991     45
 CAL 6.0.2                    18-NOV-1991    45
 DATA DIET DEMO               8-OCT-1991     45
 MAXIFILE 3.0 NEWS            20-MAR-1991    45
 SQUEEZE IMAGE                1-APR-1991     45
 ST INIT 3.1                  30-AUG-1991    45
 TLC SHOWER                   17-MAR-1991    45
 FORM DO IT 1.2B              22-JUN-1991    46
 ST TOOLS (DISK UTILITY)      24-APR-1991    47
 VDOS PROQUEUE 3.0            8-OCT-1991     47
 LZH 1.1316B                  26-MAR-1991    48
 SHOW STATS OF YOUR ST        5-NOV-1991     48
 ST TOOLS 1.1                 23-MAY-1991    48
 FUJIDESK TT                  3-FEB-1991     49
 MEGACOPY.LZH                 30-MAY-1991    49
 MONITOR MAGIC                4-JUL-1991     49
 SFX FORMAT LZH TO TOS        27-JUN-1991    49
 DMJ GIF 3.0                  18-NOV-1991    51
 SQUEEZIM.LZH                 8-APR-1991     51
 TALKING FORMATTER            5-FEB-1991     51
 AREA CODE LOCATOR V3.0       12-OCT-1991    52
 BIG_STE EMULATOR             21-FEB-1991    52
 CALENDAR 5.1                 13-MAY-1991    52
 FLOORMAT III                 9-JAN-1991     52
 ICNEDIT FOR KAOSDESK         9-JUN-1991     52
 MORE NEODESK 3 ICONS         30-JUL-1991    52
 ZIP SHELL                    2-JUL-1991     52
 DC RIGHT DC                  6-APR-1991     53
 DUCK31.PRG - COMPUTER DELAY  15-JUN-1991    53
 EDISK 2.1                    19-JAN-1991    53
 FUNCTION ALERT               27-APR-1991    53
 DABBEL FEATURE               3-JUN-1991     54
 PRGFLAGS                     4-APR-1991     54
 SHOWMEM4.ARC                 5-JUL-1991     54
 GERMAN MULTI ACCESSORY       1-SEP-1991     56
 NOTEPAD                      8-FEB-1991     56
 FLOORMAT 3.5                 1-APR-1991     57
 NEODESK 3 ICONS              19-AUG-1991    57
 UNARJ 2.20 BY HEINZ OZWIRK   23-OCT-1991    57
 ACC.PRG 1.3                  8-MAY-1991     58
 DC DIRECTORY DUMP            17-FEB-1991    58
 REQUEST LH5 SHELL            3-DEC-1991     58
 SNAPIT                       26-FEB-1991    58
 TLC FORMATTER II             19-MAR-1991    58
 DIRECT-DRIVE                 3-JUN-1991     59
 DOUBLE CLICK MAGNIFIER       12-JUN-1991    60
 HDFREE PRO 2.1               4-JAN-1991     60
 KAOSDESK - OTHER FILES                      60
 UNIT CONVERSIONS DA          22-OCT-1991    60
 DC DRIVE UTILITIES           28-JUL-19911
                   DC-NOSTICTION.ARC (Count: 62)
                   DC-DISK-STATS.ARC (Count: 60)
 HOT SAVER 1.5                17-MAR-1991    62
 SUPER BOOT - OTHERS          6-MAR-1991     62
 CALENDAR 4.5                 17-FEB-1991    63
 CHAOS DISK COMPACTOR         28-JUL-1991    64
 D_VIEWER 1.0                 18-FEB-1991    65
 DC ASCII DUMP                19-MAY-1991    65
 DC POPBAR 1.2                21-SEP-1991    65
 DCRTCALL.LZH                 15-MAY-1991    65
 MAD FORMATTER                5-FEB-1991     65
 2 COLUMNS 4.0                13-JAN-1991    66
 DCDSKINF.ARC                 2-MAR-1991     66
 DC FUNCTION KEYS             12-FEB-1991    66
 ELF BOOT                     3-JUN-1991     67
 FORMDOIT 1.0A                17-FEB-1991    67
 PUMPUP FORMATTER             1-SEP-1991     67
 SUPER BOOT - SOUNDS          6-MAR-1991     67
 VIEW                         11-MAR-1991    67
 300 DPI SCREEN DUMP          9-JAN-1991     68
 NEODESK PATCH PROGRAM        25-APR-1991    68
 DC SALVAGE                   29-JUN-1991    70
 PFX PACKER                   7-JAN-1991     70
 LOW REZ SWITCHER             18-JUN-1991    71
 DC LIGHT OFF                 30-AUG-1991    72
 DC MAX TRACK                 19-JAN-1991    72
 DC MOUSE WRAPPER             3-JUN-1991     73
 DC POPBAR                    5-MAY-1991     74
 GERMAN TRANSLATOR 1.6        11-NOV-1991    74
 ST ZIP V.09                  30-JUN-1991    74
 ARCSHELL 2.6                 28-JUL-1991    75
 GIF CONVERTER                18-FEB-1991    75
 IMAGE VIEWER                 19-MAR-1991    78
 UNERASE                      8-FEB-1991     78
 MEMFILE 3.0                  4-FEB-1991     80
 HDWAIT2.ARC                  18-AUG-1991    83
 DISKFIX                      11-MAR-1991    84
 DC TOPPER                    14-APR-1991    90
 DC RUN REZ 1.0               6-SEP-1991     93
 DC BOOT IT                   27-APR-1991    98
 LHARC 2.01E                  25-SEP-1991    101
 CONTRL.LZH                   22-FEB-1991    106
 VIEW GIF 1.2                 18-FEB-1991    106
 XCONTROL                     22-JUN-1991    113
 LHARC 11318                  8-APR-1991     114
 SUPER BOOT V7.0              6-MAR-1991     115
 MULTIARC 1.35                14-APR-1991    118
 LZH201I                      20-NOV-1991    142

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