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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 3-Jan-92 #9201
Date: Mon Jan  6 21:42:35 1992

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 * THE EDITORS DESK                                        by Ron Kovacs

 Welcome to the beginning of year number 7 for Z*Net.  Actually May is
 our anniversary, but is still has been a long time since our first
 release took place!  It is getting more and more difficult to remember
 that day though!

 I want to pass along special thanks to JON CLARKE.  He has been absent
 in the issue here, but he has been hard at work behind the scenes,
 expanding Z*Net to other places on the globe and I just want to pass
 along my thoughts of appreciation since we cannot always speak with him
 as much as we want to.  Thanks Jon from everyone!

            Welcome to 1992!  May it be better then the last!


 WordPerfect Corporation is offering a special First Quarter 1992
 Competitive Trade-Up for customers who currently own any version of
 WordPerfect for Amiga, Apple IIe/c or IIGS, or Atari.  Customers can
 trade-up to WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS, WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows, or
 WordPerfect 2.1 for Macintosh for $150.US/$179.CN, or they can trade up
 to LetterPerfect for $89.US/$110.CN.  This offer is available from your
 local reseller and expires March 31, 1992.  For more information, call
 WPCorp's Information Services at (800) 451-5151.

 HP DESKJET RE-INKING KIT          - Product Announcement
 You can now get the INK CARTRIDGE REJUVENATOR ink refill kit for your HP
 DeskJet series printer for $12.95 + $2 s/h.  For more information,
 contact:  RayDar Products, 112 Nevada Avenue, Andrews Air Force Base, MD
 20331 or via CompuServe Email: 72767,2314.

 The 24-hour online Portfolio marathon, now named "the Port-a-thon" will
 start 3pm EST, Friday, Feb 21.  During this 24 hour session, several
 Portfolio experts, including Atari User Columnist BJ Gleason, will be
 available to answer any questions that Compuserve members might have
 about the machine.  Also promised to be available for questions are Don
 Messerli, created ofthe PGC/PGX graphics and animation programs for the
 Portfolio, Ron Luks, sysop of the Atari Portfolio Forum, and Don Thomas,
 Atari Advertising Manager for the Portfolio.  GO APORTFOLIO on
 CompuServe for more information.

 Lexicor software is pleased to announce the beginning of it's Virtual
 Cinematography and Graphics Arts Class!  The introductory class will be
 held on January 14th, 1992.  This will be a free Conference!  The
 following classes will be held every other week with the in-between
 weeks being informal graphics conferences for those needing help with
 their animations or Lexicor Products.  In addition, Lexicor Software
 will hold a contest for "Best Animation" and "Best Original Art".  Each
 winner will receive an ODIN graphics add-on board.  The ODIN graphics
 add-on, from Switerland, allows TT resolutions on your ST/STe/MSTe
 computers by plugging into the RGB outlet on your computer.  Second
 place winners will receive an Overscan Modification board.  This board,
 from Germany, installs inside your ST (NOTE: Overscan does not work with
 STe/MSTe/TT computers) and will give you a noticeably higher resolution
 in ST MED and ST HI resolution.  Entries will be judged by a panel set
 up of Lee Seilor, Vice-President of Lexicor Software; Ringo Monfort,
 also of Lexicor Software; Mario Perdue of MP Graphics Systems; Darlah
 Potechin, Atari Roundtable Sysop on GEnie; and John Cole, Lexicor GEnie
 Sysop.  (note:  Bob Brodie will also be asked to be on the panel.)  A
 winner will be determined by the combined score of all judges.  There
 are two categories:  Best Animation and Best Original Art.  Contest
 rules will be posted before the classes begin.  To participate in the
 class or contest you do not need to own any Lexicor product or an Atari
 computer.  The classes will use a variety of graphics tools, for which
 many options will be available if you don't have a particular program or
 computer.  The classes will cover a variety of topics including:
 Tweening, 3D Objects and Motion, Finishing Animations and many others.
 These classes are aimed at instructing how to integrate your computer
 and creative process.  Courses will cover the underlying fundamentals to
 video graphics and the process of making computer animations look
 'real'.  You will be taught how to organize yourself to use your
 creativity and computer to produced a finished piece of work.  Full
 Course guides will be posted before January 7th, 1992 along with a class
 schedule.  Join us in the Atari ST Roundtable with Lee Seilor of Lexicor
 Software January 14th for a free introductory class about computer
 animation and photo-real video graphics.  For more information or
 questions feel free to leave E-Mail to J.COLE18,  Lexicor's GEnie Sysop,
 or look in the Lexicor Classroom topic in the Lexicor Software Category
 in the Atari ST Roundtable.

 MicroFrame was introduced this week by Fox Computers featuring mainframe
 power without the price.  Optimized for Microsoft Windows 3.0 & NT,
 MicroFrame is an industrial full tower configuration employing the
 industry's fastest 32-bit bus.  Hard disk average access time measures
 an astounding 3 tenth of a millisecond with data throughput of over 12
 Megabytes per second.  In addition to working across multiple operating
 environments, (WINDOWS, DOS, UNIX, XENIX, and OS/2), MicroFrame can run
 re-compiled IBM System 34/36/38 and AS/400 minicomputer programs written
 in RPG, allowing users to replace old mini & mainframe computers and
 expensive maintenance agreements with this state-of-the-art platform
 that will run programs faster and allow users to move to the Windows
 environment.  For more information, contact Fox Computers, 1-800-752-

 Toshiba America CP has dropped the suggested retail prices on two of its
 17-inch monitors.  The price of the P17CS01 monitor, with a 0.26mm dot
 pitch, was dropped 15 percent to $2,100 and the P17CM01, with a 0.31mm
 dot pitch, was dropped 10 percent to $1,900.  Both monitors incorporate
 Toshiba's Flat Square technology and offer a resolution of 1,280 by
 1,024 pixels, support VGA, 8514/A and Macintosh II systems, and include
 a microprocessor for memory storage of nine preset and nine end user
 mode selections.  The new prices are effective immediately.  Toshiba
 America CP, 800-253-5249.

 Software Publishing announced recently that it has began shipping
 Harvard Graphics for Windows on Dec. 30, 1991.  The product is now
 available to customers on retailers' shelves.  Harvard Graphics is a
 presentation graphics product enabling business users to create
 presentations that instantly adapt to changing audience and information

 Paul Mace Software has announced the availability of WinGRASP, the
 Windows interface for GRASP.  WinGRASP allows access to GRASP's
 functionality from within Windows and allows animations to be accurately
 played without having to end the Windows session and return to DOS.
 For more information, contact: Paul Mace Software, (800) 523-0258.

 WordPerfect has released WordPerfect 5.0 for Silicon Graphics computers
 running the IRIX operating system.  WordPerfect for SG files are
 compatible with WordPerfect files on other platforms, including DOS,
 Windows, VMS, Macintosh, and Data General as well as other UNIX
 platforms.  A single-user version of WordPerfect for UNIX retail for
 $495.  WordPerfect 5.0 requires 3.7MB of memory for the first user, and
 975K for each additional user.  For more information about WordPerfect
 5.0 for UNIX, call WPCorp's UNIX Products Division at (801) 222-5300.

 Z*Net PC Online Magazine has been on hiatus since early December and is
 returning January 8, 1992 with a new staff and weekly publishing
 schedule.  Issue #21 will be available on CompuServe in two areas, the
 IBMAPP Forum and the PALMTOP Forum.  On GEnie, check out the UNIX RT and
 the IBM RT.

 Z*Magazine, the original Atari online magazine returns January 5, 1992
 with issue #200.  Also on hiatus since early November, Atari 8-bit
 readers have refused to let the publication remain dormant and have
 supplied more then 20 issues of material for the publication.  Z*Mag
 started as a weekly Atari online in 1985 in Chicago and in 1986 was put
 into a weekly format originating from New Jersey.  During the first 3.5
 years, the publication maintained a weekly release schedule but
 succumbed to ST related publications.  In 1989, the publication was
 resurrected and was released on a bi-weekly to monthly format.  A new
 bi-weekly effort will be maintained for at least three months.  Z*Mag
 issues will be available on CompuServe and GEnie in the Atari 8-Bit
 areas and on the Z*Net: New Jersey BBS.

 We have set up a series of usenet / internet ID's for the crew at Z*NET
 International on our BBS here in New Zealand.

 If you wish to send mail to any of the Z*NET team please feel free to
 address the mail to ....

              znet@status.gen.nz OR kcbbs.gen.nz!status!znet

 Then on the first line of your message please include

   For: (Persons name) ie Ron Kovacs

 The message will then be sent to their mailbox's throughout the world
 ie CIS, GEnie, FNET, etc.

 Jon Clarke              o( )    STaTus BBS, The Atari BBS in Auckland, NZ
 jonc@status.gen.nz     /  /\    If that does not work try these address's
 Auckland,New Zealand  jonc@status!kcbbs.gen.nz or Jon_Clarke@kcbbs.gen.nz

                           YEAR IN REVIEW: 1991
                               by John Nagy
 PART 2 OF 2

 This article is reprinted in part from the January 1992 AtariUser
 Magazine.  Additional material provided by Z*Net.  For reprint
 permission for this article, specific prior approval of Z*NET is
 required.  See the general reprint information at the bottom of this

 JULY 1991:

 A hard disk unit for the Portfolio is from the BSE Company.  Flashdrive
 connects to the Portfolio via the Parallel Interface.  The 20mb version
 sells for $499.  XoteriX has been offering a similar $899 unit, but they
 build them as they are ordered rather than having stock available.

 July 3 marks the SEVENTH anniversary of the Tramiel Atari Corp.  It was
 in 1984 that Warner Communications gave up trying to sell a machine they
 didn't understand to a market that Jack Tramiel had personally shaped
 via Commodore.

 GEnie's Atari ST Roundtable releases the 20,000th file to be uploaded to
 the service.  GEnie typically gains between 50 and 100 files every week,
 with "hot" files gathering 500 or more accesses in the first weeks of
 availability.  Atari's official presence and Darlah Pine's dedication as
 RT System Operator have made GEnie the most popular online service for
 Atari users.

 PageStream 2.1 is released as a dramatic upgrade of the first fully
 professional desktop publishing program for the Atari ST.  Starting as
 Publishing Partner, it now offers outline font technology and screens
 that really reflect a WYSIWYG environment.

 Former STart magazine editor Tom Byron begins a new position in
 promotion at SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE.

 The BRACE show in Asheville North Carolina and the MIST Atarifest in
 Bloomington Indiana each have small and satisfying turnouts of about 500
 redefining what an Atari show needs to be to be considered a success.
 Big is fine, but small seems to sell product quickly and efficiently.
 Bob Brodie attending a speaking at each caps the experience for areas
 that can't hope for a major show.

 AUGUST 1991:

 The Professional Systems Group, a division of Atari Computer
 Corporation, kicks off the AEGIS Strategic Partner program at the AEGIS
 Symposium, held August 5 and 6.  Thirty-five attending dealers find
 dramatic sales possibilities via the program and call it "the single
 most encouraging and invigorating event ever in Atari dealer relations."
 According to Atari, "the AEGIS Strategic Partner program nurtures the
 development of both vertical-market and cross-discipline solutions,
 resulting in a strong and effective national sales organization."  MIDI
 and DTP are the targeted areas for sales expansion opportunity.

 Atari is back advertising in Keyboard magazine, the most widely read
 professional musician's magazine in the country.  In the August issue
 (with Yes keyboardist and Atari user Rick Wakeman on the cover), Atari
 has co-op ads with C-Lab and Dr. T's.

 Plans to build a plant in Israel are failing as Atari seeks to borrow
 money from the Israeli government for building the plant.  Officials in
 Israel and Atari blame each other for foot-dragging.

 Lexicor Software, makers of Phase-4 animation products, starts a series
 of online animation classes.  The free classes are held each Saturday on
 CompuServe.  The classes are not Atari-specific and deal with concepts
 and information useful to all computer animators.

 Atari ST User Magazine reports in it's August 1991 edition that Atari
 has secretly developed a version of the ST with a PC emulator plugged in
 and a switch to swap between operating systems.  Product Development
 Manager Richard Miller is quoted as stating "Absolutely no comment."

 The LYNX II, a smaller, cheaper, and sexier Lynx, makes it to the
 distribution network at $99.

 Publisher/Editor of Atari Explorer Magazine John Jainschigg says that
 their production schedule is finally set and that they will be producing
 issues on a monthly basis through the end of 1991, making up the normal
 yearly total of six issues.  Jainschigg also announced a discount on
 subscription rates to Atari user-group members.

 Financial results for the second quarter of 1991 show sales revenues
 dropped to $49 million from last year's $85 million, but net income is
 up to $30 million (from $1.5 million last year).  While that sounds
 great, it includes $40 million in gains from the sale of their Taiwan
 plant--meaning that without the sale of the plant, Atari would have
 posted a $10 million dollar loss.  Nevertheless, Atari is now cash rich
 and their important debt-to-equity ratio is lower than ever.

 TSR's 4-day GenCon Gaming Fair and Convention held at the MECCA in
 Milwaukee draws in excess of 15,000 participants, many of whom see and
 use Atari computers in MIDI-MAZE rings throughout the show.  More than
 50 Atari computers stay busy in competition.

 The CDAR505 won't be as predicted--it won't even work on an ST machine
 as shipped.  Instead of having the ACSI/DMA port and a SCSI port as
 announced, it will have only the "pure SCSI" port that is the industry
 standard.  It'll plug right into a TT or a MAC, or any computer that has
 a SCSI host adaptor.  Price will be "under $499" as things look now, and
 they are to arrive in quantity, for sale, FCC Type B approved, by the
 end of September.

 The mother of all Atari shows is held in Germany, August 23rd to the
 25th.  30,000 or more Atarians from around the globe convene on
 Dusseldorf, Germany, for "Atarimesse".   Atari brings no surprises, but
 five production models of the ST BOOK notebook computer are shown and
 availability is forecast for October or November.  The STylus or ST-PAD
 is there but with a later availability being forecast.  Most of the
 action is "cross pollination" of East with West developers, exchanging
 ideas and products for each other's marketplaces.


 The Connecticut AtariFest brings another small scale success with over
 300 in attendance in Bridgeport.

 H.A.C.K.S. and John King Tarpinian's Southern California Atari Computer
 Faire version 5.0 ("the Glendale Show") brings nearly 3,500 visitors to
 the biggest Atari event in America in the last several years.  Over 50
 vendors and developers participate in one way or another, breaking all
 prior US records for variety and support.  Sales are "phenomenal".
 Gribnif premieres Stalker 3, Codehead introduces Multidesk Deluxe and
 Avant Vector, and Small and Allen face off in speed tests of their 68030

 Atari is engaged in negotiations to make General Electric Service
 Centers the worldwide walk-in and depot repair centers for Atari
 computers.  Preparation included a redesign of the TT motherboard to
 meet GE's specs.  The deal should become effective in January '92, and
 Atari's warranty period will be expanded from the current 90 days to 6
 months or a year.

 The waiting is over for Atari's Font Scaling Manager, FSM GDOS.  The
 first commercial copies are sold at the Glendale Atari show, as part of
 WordFlair II.  A license fee of $35 is charged at the show for the new
 system.  Stand-alone commercial copies will be available within weeks,
 as only the packing box itself is not ready for shipping.

 The Atari TT030 computer at last passes the FCC certification process as
 a Type B consumer device, allowing unfettered sale and distribution to
 approved dealers.  New TT computers include a 1.44 megabyte floppy disk
 rather than the 720K unit shipped to date.  Upgrades will be available
 "soon" for existing TT and Mega STe owners at "under $100."

 HACE sponsors a one day computer show in Houston.  "Atari Safari" '91
 features a visit from Mike Groh of Atari Corporation.

 Atari Corporation's board of directors approved the repurchasing of up
 to $5 million of its common stock from time to time in the open market,
 considering the depressed prices.

 OCTOBER 1991:

 The Direct to Press division of Atari Corporation makes another
 impressive presentation at the SEYBOLD Electronic Publishing Show, the
 first time in two years that Atari has attended this top publishing

 WAACE's Atarifest dazzles vendors with the best sales on record but only
 1,600 people do all the buying in the Washington DC area show.  More
 Atari staff appear than ever before.  Nathan Potechin gives the banquet
 speech and turns over the reigns of the Independent Association of Atari
 Developers to Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software, the new President of
 the organization.  DC Data Diet is shown and sold for the first time.
 ICD's AdSpeed STe sells out, as does much software.  Vendors are happier
 than the WAACE promoters.

 Atari Canada that it will ship UNIX for the TT qualified UNIX developers
 in October.  The product consists of a kit, including various RAM
 upgrades to bring existing TT computers to either 8 or 16MB.  In
 addition a choice is available for either a 212MB or 340MB SCSI hard

 COMDEX showings by Atari include the ST BOOK but no STylus, plus a new
 line of Atari MS-DOS machines, including 20 and 40 MHz 386 machines, and
 a 386SX Notebook, to be available under the "ABC" label.  Announced
 informally is the "Multitasking TOS", projected for a March '92 release
 on the TT030 machines.  MIDITasking is admitted to be a dropped project
 that didn't work.  Jimmy Hotz shows his software, without his box, now
 designed to run on any normal synth.

 Atari announces version 3.06 of TOS for the TT dated September 24, 1991.
 It will not be available as an upgrade but will soon be installed in all
 new TT machines in production.  This new version fixes previous bugs in
 TOS 3.01 and 3.05, and a few new features have been added.


 Atari Canada announces that new TOS 2.06 chips will soon be available
 for the MEGA STe, ST/STe product line.  A hardware adaption for older
 computers will be made available, enabling any ST owner to upgrade to
 the new TOS and desktop.

 Essex Marketing Services, (203) 651-8284, releases a FORTH compiler for
 the Portfolio.  There is also a version available for the PC to allow
 for easy program development.

 Atari Computer's 1991 third quarter earnings and sales figures show that
 sales totals were down nearly half from last year's comparable period
 (to $49 million from $89 million).  But earnings were $1,634,000, up
 $4.6 million from the "deficit" of the same period last year, which was,
 at the time, shown as a "profit" by taking a $6 million adjustment.

 The Chicago Computerfest by Atari is a moderate success, with 2,300
 people and fair sales.  The first cooperative show between a user group
 and Atari, it paves the way for 1992's show schedule and concept.  Many
 seminars, including hands-on training, make Chicago unique.

 Double Click Software and Rimik Enterprises recruit at Chicago for their
 Eye See, Inc., intending to be a channel into the IBM PC marketplace for
 developers of Atari products.  Venture capital is available for full
 scale marketing and world-wide representation of PC converted ST

 The Discovery XTRA and Home Curriculum packages, 520STe with colourful
 box sleeve and software bundles were available for sale at the Chicago
 show, and are in the Atari warehouses in time for Christmas 1991.  These
 are essentially the same packages that the UK enjoyed a year earlier.


 Antic Publishing, Inc. is said to be planning to dissolve the
 corporation at year's end, 1991, taking its debts with it.  PC HOME
 JOURNAL, Antic's other publication, is expected to be spun off to a
 legally new and unrelated corporation as of January 1, 1992.

 The announced and expected CDAR505 will NOT be produced at any time
 soon.  Intended for a fall 1991 release, the unit would be identical to
 cheaper drives already on the market, making it a loss proposition for
 Atari.  They will now promote the use of the 500+meg devices by
 releasing METADOS into the community as freeware.  User can roll their
 own players just as they do hard drive now.

 The STylus pad-based ST that was said to be the future of computing and
 was at one time expected to be the "WOW" unit at COMDEX is tabled by
 Atari after market studies show that buyers are curious, but not willing
 to buy one.

 Darek Mihocka searches for a buyer of Quick ST as he prepares to leave
 the ST market and finish development of his Gemulator, to allow ST
 software users to follow him into the PC marketplace.  Now working for
 Microsoft, Darek has become an advocate of MS-DOS.

 The Lynx is finally a major hit, with demand outstripping production
 ability.  New dealer penetration will have to wait until after
 Christmas, as all current production is already pre-sold.

 FSM GDOS is about ready to go to market, as soon as the packaging is
 ready for dealer sale.  It is expected in early January at about $50.

 The Portfolio is selling well, at double the rate it was before the
 double-priced and well promoted competition arrived from Hewlett

 The winners of Atari's STe/TT demo contest are announced.  Noel Saw and
 Arvin Castillo win an Atari TT030 for their massive entry.

 Calamus S is scheduled to be released by ISD on December 15.

 Atari stock is down to $ 1 3/4 at the close of 1991.


 News, like the history it attempts to document, repeats itself.  If you
 saw the same stories several times in what you read above, it's no

 As we begin 1992, our optimism is high for the year ahead.  New products
 are promised to be shown, if not available, in 1992, including the 68040
 "Falcon" computer and the "Jaguar" game console.  A Portfolio promotion
 based on the Terminator 2 movie is planned for the winter.  The ST Book
 should see distribution in the early months of 1992.

 This is the stuff Atari dreams are made of...

 * PERUSING GENIE                                  Compiled by Ed Krimen

 Atari Advertising in 1992 -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 14, Topic 3, Message 204

 Steve Coller says, "If you want to see some FIRST CLASS Atari
 advertising pick up a copy of the January '92 KEYBOARD magazine and turn
 to pages 32 - 33.  Now _this_ is eye- catching advertising.  No
 confusion with a _game_ machine image either."

 Avant Vector EPS upgrade almost ready -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 32, Topic 23, Message 182

 John Eidsvoog of Codehead Software explains, "We'll be going one better.
 We plan to _call_ all Avant Vector owners to inform them when the EPS
 upgrade is ready.  While I'm on the subject, we're not sure how this
 upgrade will be handled.  We may require your original disks _here_ to
 run through an upgrade program.  If you'll send your original disk back
 now, we'll have it on hand so that there'll be no delay when the upgrade
 is ready.  As usual, we'll not charge for the upgrade (or cash checks)
 until it's shipped."

 Jerry Pournelle and the TT, again -- Jerry Pournelle Roundtable
 Category 4, Topic 15, Message 310, 314

 Mr. Pournelle writes, "Hi.  I am negotiating with Dave Small for a
 Gadget for the TT; and I expect to set up the TT shortly and have
 another look.

 "I still have to conclude that the TT is a machine for those who love
 it:  it's a good low cost way to do a lot of things, but you have to be
 prepared to spend time learning it, and you have to expect that a inch
 of stuff your friends like won't work with it."

 And 'Uncle Dave' Reid hopes that "this time Jerry's comments will not
 bring forth the vituperation that resulted from his previous remarks."

 MATRIX available -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 25, Topic 5, Message 148

 The Matrix graphics board from Germany is available in the US, according
 to Lee Seiler of Lexicor Software, the publishers of a fine line of
 graphics and animation tools.

 He says, "There is only one card that I have used which will do
 800X600X256 and just plugs in. This is the "MATRIX" from Germany.  There
 are two bus configurations and I beleive three color configurations.
 VME and MEGA BUS, colors are a paletted 256 from 16 million and True
 color.  There are only two sources for these cards I am sure of.  One is
 San Jose Computers the other is Gold leaf.  You will have to call these
 folks for more details."

 San Jose Computers:  (408) 995-5080
 Goldleaf Publishing: (415) 381-7717

 Quick ST, clarified -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 32, Topic 31, Message 102

 John Eidsvoog of Codehead Software writes:  "It seems that we need to
 spell out exactly what obligations we have regarding Quick ST, and what
 obligations we don't have.

 "On January 1st, 1992, CodeHead Software will begin handling future
 development and support of Quick ST.  This will include doing our best
 to fix all bugs and improve the software in any way we can."

 "We will update previous versions of Quick ST and any version of Turbo
 ST for $20 and proof of original purchase.  Send in your QST disk or
 Turbo ST disk with $20 and we will send you an update.  If you do not
 have your original disk, contact us and we'll try to help you."

 "The initial version of the program we'll be releasing will be 3.06.
 This version will be essentially the same as 3.05 developed by Darek,
 but will contain a couple of bug fixes to solve a crashing problem with
 FSMGDOS and Calligrapher.  If is up to each individual to determine
 whether the upgrade is worth $20 to him."

 "Future plans for Quick ST include follow-up bug fixes, further possible
 speed improvements, interface design, and possibly some other surprises.
 It is not known at this time how updates will be handled for those who
 update from 3.06.  As always, we will attempt to be fair."

 "CodeHead Software assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for losses or unfilled
 orders incurred while Branch Always Software was handling Quick ST."

 He adds: "In light of the comments and attitudes we've viewed lately
 from some users, we've actually had some second thoughts about following
 through with the take-over of Quick ST.  It seems that some of the
 customers of Branch Always are not aware of the way we do business at
 CodeHead Software.  Perhaps this is due to the history of Quick ST,
 which started out as a shareware program and then was sold commercially
 at $19.95.  Support for software often parallel its cost."

 "Even at its current price of $34.95, Quick ST will be the cheapest
 program in the CodeHead catalog (along with G+Plus and CodeHead
 Utilities).  But we will still treat it as one of our own programs,
 including accepting suggestions and bug reports and responding to user
 questions in a timely fashion and treating them with respect."

 "In turn, we expect the owners of Quick ST to treat us with the same
 respect.  Do not complain about previous experiences over which we have
 no control.  If you have bug reports, offer them as factual, un-
 emotional, well-documented reports that will help us to determine the
 cause of the problem.  If you have suggestions, let us know, in a polite

 "If these simple guidelines are followed, I think Quick ST will have
 found a new and permanent home where it can grow to match the high
 standards of CodeHead Software."

 Chromax availability -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 4, Topic 44, Message 256,258

 Kevin H. asks George Richardson, designer of the Gadgets by Small SST
 68030 upgrade, about his Chromax graphics board for the SST:

 "George, now that the SST is just about shipping have you finalized the
 chromax card.  I am really interested in getting any installation of a
 graphic card done at the same time the SST is installed.  There are no
 Atari dealers in my area and the only dealer I have seen who is
 installing is Toad computers.  So, what is the story on the Chromax?
 What resolutions would it support?  Is it ready?  What monitors do you

 George Richardson replies, "Chromax is nowhere near ready to ship.
 Earliest is about early April, but since the entire VDI driver is yet to
 be written, I won't guarantee that.  I don't have much to do with the
 software end."

 Dave Small and SST -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 4, Topic 44, Message 257

 It had been a while since Dave Small had spoken on GEnie and I think a
 few people were getting a bit worried.  Here's his message in its

 Atari-ST RoundTable
 Category 4,  Topic 44
 Message 257       Sun Dec 29, 1991
 DAVESMALL                    at 03:15 EST

 Sorry to be so quiet in here.  We've been very, very busy with the last
 1% - type details and with the very necessary checking in various
 configs.  You know ... does it boot with a color monitor and no SST
 RAM... does a cat walking across it bother it (that happened, nope,

 I was also dissatisfied with a couple of the Interludes in the manual
 (those of you with GCR know what I'm talking about), and since they need
 a print anyway ... why not?  I'm much happier with "Jenny and the
 Snowman", which is about my daughter and a large (*months*) raytrace

 SST is now extremely close to shipping, since all the component parts of
 the to-ship package are there, and we even have "slave labor" (e.g.,
 kids) to help us just when we needed them. 's ok, we'll pay them ...
 Eric wants to make some money in this bigtime computer industry.

 Saw my pal Dan Moore over Xmas break and that was great!

 I'm writing this on an 8 meg SST + 4 meg ST running at 40 Mhz  *off a
 normal ol' ST supply*.  It pulls amperage well under the ST supply's
 rated spec, although George knows analog electronics better than I do.
 Seems like a good sign to me.

 Funny how it changes your work habits to run at high speed.  You don't
 have to really wait for things like scrolling ... just point and aim at
 the file selector bar, and wham, you're there.  I went to an 8 Mhz ST
 and it was *weird* ... the Stacy machine for MIDI work.

 As is usual with Murphy's Law, both MegaTalk and SST are both done and
 ready at the same time; we sure didn't plan it this way (who needs the
 extra hours when I should be watching The Simpsons?).  But that's how it
 worked out with this idiot National GAL Glitch.  Oh, well.

 I would ask people waiting for their SST's to remember that they are in
 a first come first served line, which we've maintained in the data base.
 We're not a gigantic multinational like, say, ICD (*grin*), and can't
 ship thousands a day.  So when the discussions of the SST as shipped
 come out, and yours hasn't arrived, bear in mind the order line.

 The phone & fax have been pretty much a waste case; we took a little
 time off for Christmas (needed) then got back on it.  Our cat slept on
 the AT&T 7300 (well, 3B1 really) because it's warm, and jumped through
 the phone wiring.  It made the phone real odd to have one side hooked to
 direct earth ground ... surprised the Telco didn't show up.  Oh, well.

 Anywho, a few details to do, and a few notes to get patched in here and
 there, and the READ.ME file to generate of stuff too late for the
 manual.  Boards are ready and tested.

 On TOS 2.06, there is confusion; I have been told that 2.06 is a MINOR
 (I was told MINOR about 86 times) patch to 2.05.  This was from Atari US
 ... can someone bring me up to date?  Right now, we have 2.05 purring
 fairly nicely.

 (I was told 2.06 was 2.05 made machine-generic (non STE allowed) and one
 trivial serial patch; yet I saw the Atari Canada announcement of other
 fixes.  I'm confused, I admit it.)

 Gosh, I wonder if Atari will jump in here.

 Anywho, I'm certainly not going to invite Mr. Murphy to bite me by
 saying like we're starting to pack 'em up ... that would be BEGGING for
 a bug to show up!

 Incidentally, bear in mind that SST is partly software, and was left
 OPEN ARCHITECTURE, software-wise, precisely so I can go make fixes and
 add goodies.  I just chuckle when people say product X will never work
 on SST; they're the same folks that said Word 3.02 would never work on
 the ST, either.  You'd be amazed what a few years of fixing the worst of
 Mac programmers has taught me ... this is relatively easy in comparison.

 So, I *can* post a new rev of SST software for ya up here or whatever,
 and fix bugs as they're reported.  It's kinda fun to do things that way.

 Welp, back to the salt mines.  Just wanted to let you know we hadn't
 shucked all and headed for Cuba to join Fidel. (*chortle*)

 ... Darlah got MARRIED?!? ... Wow, I really need to do some reading!

 -- thanks, Dave / Gadgets

 Turbo030 ready -- Atari ST Roundtable
 Category 4, Topic 11, Message 81,83

 A.VALENT [Mike]              at 23:00 EST

 A. Valent (Mike) asks Jim Allen about his Turbo030 68030 upgrade:

 "Jim, any forecast on availability of any of your -030 board designs?
 What's holding you back at this point?  If the -030's not solid for
 production reasonably soon, I'd like to know - that would make me get
 serious about trading out my T-16 for a T-25.

 "Surely it can't still be a matter of waiting for Atari's agreement to
 let you use the TOS."

 Jim responds: "Hi Mike, if you want an 030 we can arrange that ;-)
 "The marketing effort on the 030, other than some noise here on GEnie,
 has been concentrated on direct marketing to the most likely customers..
 professional Dynacadd and Calamus users.  We've made an arrangement with
 ISD, and their registered customers get a big price break.  But even
 with the break this kind of product is a serious purchase and has appeal
 only to those who can justify the expense.  To folks using Calamus and
 Dynacadd in business, the savings of time, the 5-10 fold increase in
 productivity, can be translated directly into dollars.

 "That's why we haven't been plastering ads all over, and whooping up a
 storm...that's not how you reach the intended customers.

 "We have been shipping 030's, and have a healthy backlog, principly in
 Germany where we've gone after the lino-type houses with direct mail

 "The big $1199 to $1999 board is just not a "mass-appeal" product.  The
 Tiny030 will be, and I'm working with another company to make the board
 an Atari/Amiga device, with some cost reduction measures taken.  It just
 takes time to get projects like this off the ground.  I'm looking
 forward to the Tiny030 being a big hit, and filling in the space btween
 the $379 T25 and the $1199 T030-cache only."

 "In this business, with an expensive unit like an 030, there are alot of
 folks interested, but only a certain percentage will actually buy.
 We're concentrating active marketing on the most likely customer base."

 "But folks listening who need a T030 can have one ;-)  "

 * ATARI TRAKBALL MODIFICATION FOR THE ST                  by Greg Zepka

 (CX22), this is the trak-ball with two buttons.

 This is a straight forward converstion for an ST style "Mouse-Ball".  It
 is intended to be the easiest conversion (8 solder joints), and the
 least expensive.  All that is needed is a db9 connector cord with all
 the wires in it.  A Radio Shack Joystick extender can be used for this
 by clipping off the Male end, and stripping the wires.  Trak-Balls are
 currently on sale at various top stores such as Kay Bee's.

 All directions refer to Top as where the cord and buttons are.  The
 TrakBall is disassembled by removing 4 screws on the base, and prying it

 Remove the ball, wheels, and bearings.

 Remove all IC's except A1 (the LM399 or CA399E).

 Unplug the cord from the circuit board.

 Unplug the cord from the circuit board.

 Clip the four wires that were on the left leaving both black wires, and
 the orange wire.

 Clip the orange, black and red (cord to button wire) leaving over two
 inches so you can solder, the new cord on them.

 Leave the Black wire connected to the buttons.

 On the left button clip the wire going to the right button.  (the mouse
 has two seperate buttons.

 Remove the circut board to make soldering easier.  (note the screws)

 You will be making solder joint to four resistors (yellow, orange,
 yellow, and gold) on the top and topside of the circuit board.

   \ 5 4 3 2 1/
    \ 9 8 7 6/  A picture of a DB9 connector note this is a mirror image
                of the one in the atari manual as this is the plug, not
 the connector.  You will need to know which wire is which with.  An ohm
 meter or continuity checker (light and battery).

 Pin 1   Up/XB  to top of resistor R11  (Note if you want the wire
     2   Down/Xa     "   "         R14   and the buttons at the
     3   Left /Ya    "   "         R13   bottom reverse 1-2,3-4,
     4   Right/Yb    "   "         R12   6-9   connections)
     5   Not Connected
     6   Left Button    Connect to red wire going to left button.
     7   +5 volts       Connect to orange wire going to flat connector.
     8   Ground         Connect to Black wire going to flat connector,
                        note it also jumps to both buttons.
     9   Right Button   Connect to Red wire going to right button.

 Wrap all wire to wire connections to prevent shorts.  Connect the flat
 connector.  Make a knot on the new cord to fit inside for a strain
 relief.  Reassemble making sure of no mechanical binds (they are easy to
 make on the opto wheels, with one of the new wires).   This mod has been
 tested on a 520st and a 1040 st with various pieces of software (I liked
 the performance).  The mouse arrow should move back and forth smoothly
 when you move the ball.  If it jiggles you have the x-y wires mixed up.
 (check the buttons).  If it will not move in one direction it may be a
 mechanical bind with a wire and the op wheel.

 I have used this on my 520 and friends 1040's but make no guarentee of
 proper operation.  You may find it helpful to add additional buttons
 such as a push on, push off (they are available in small sizes) or other
 push buttons of a higher quality.  If you have any question or comments
 let me know.

 Gregory Zepka  (Compuserve #76556,114)

 * PERUSING THE INTERNET (Atari ST)           Compiled by Bruce Hansford

 Date: 12 Dec 91 20:11:49 GMT
 >From: ...!mcdchg!laidbak!tellab5!chinet!saj@arizona.edu
 Subject: ATARIs videogame-image

 Bob_BobR_Retelle@cup.portal.com writes:
 >Thorsten Dietrichkeit asked:
 >>Does Atari USA advertise Videogames? Here they don't.  By the way, I
 >>don't regard the VCS 2600 as a real competitor to Sega and Nintendo
 >>but Lynx is better then the Gameboy.

 >Atari US used to advertise the Lynx fairly regularly, but I haven't
 >seen any Lynx ads (TV or print) for some time now.  You'd think that
 >the "pre-Christmas" season would be the time to advertise, but that's
 >Atari for you...

 I have it on excellent authority (names omitted to maintain deniability,
 but the source would be a legitimate spokesman in any other company, and
 was speaking at a public gathering with no understanding of
 confidentiality) that Atari has sold all the Lynx's they have, and is
 unlikely to be back in stock for several weeks, at least.  Cartridges
 for the Lynx aren't quite sold out YET, but are headed that way.  This
 isn't to say that stores or distributors might not have plenty of them,
 and might want to advertise, but Atari is once again in the position
 where if they stimulate demand, they'll only make enemies with long

 Anyone who observes that Atari is awfully prone to production screw-ups
 and imbalances is eligible to go on to the second semester of business


 Date: 14 Dec 91 22:08:10 GMT
 >From: mcsun!uknet!yorkohm!minster!mjl-b@uunet.uu.net
 Subject: TT questions

 In article <1991Dec12.232747.3622@bernina.ethz.ch> rudi@igc.ethz.ch

 >2: Can I add my Quantum 105Mb SCSI drive to the system without making
 >   serious hardware modifications (other than opening the machine, and
 >   connecting the drive )

 You don't have to open the machine -- assuming that you have a suitable
 cable, you can just plug it into TT's SCSI port.  If you want to install
 it internally, I belive that it's just a plug-in job.

 >3: Can I use my standard atari monochrome monitor (SM 124) with the TT
 >   if yes, in all monochrome resolutions ? or just the ST modes ?
 >   What monitor do I need for the color modes.  Can a 'standard'
 >   multisync VGA monitor do the job ?

 Don't know about the SM124.  A multisync will display all the TT modes
 except the highest monochrome mode.

 >7: About UNIX :
 > The whole world is full of rumours about it. Is it available ?, if yes
 > Is it stable? how much disk/memory does it take?  has it X? are there
 > compilers for it?
 > Is it an Additional product (ie. can I buy it later) or do I need to
 > buy it preinstalled with my system?

 Not sure about availability -- this seems to vary from country to
 country.  It is certainly stable.

 I would recommend 150MB of fast SCSI hard disk space and 8MB memory for
 a minimal TT Unix system.  Add more disk space and speed and memory if
 you can afford it.  Atari Unix comes with X.Windows, and the GNU C
 compiler (every Unix system comes with a C compiler).

 You can buy it later.


 Date: 17 Dec 91 14:44:42 GMT
 >From: aurs01!whitcomb@mcnc.org (Jonathan Whitcomb)
 Subject: Mastertracks Pro

 (Glenn Deardorff - GDP) writes:
 >Tiger (from Dr. T's) is a good, inexpensive sequencer.  Or you can
 >spring for the full-blown Omega package (including Tiger) from Dr. T's.

 Just a quick correction:  TIGER (The Interactive Graphic EditoR) is
 Dr.T's stand alone piano roll type graphic editing program, and has no
 sequencing capabilities by itself.  Tiger Cub is the sequencer you were
 thinking of which uses a similar editing interface to TIGER and adds a

 I use Dr.T's KCS Omega package (which contains TIGER, KCS's Level 2
 sequencer and the graphic song editor).  What I like best about the Dr.T
 system is that it's very modular... you add new pieces as you need them
 (or can afford them).  I started out with KCS, then added X-oR
 (universal patch editor/librarian), T-Basic (MIDI specific programming
 language) and the Phantom (SMPTE interface), and all run seamlessly
 under the Multi Program Environment.  Eventually I plan to add their
 Copyist scoring package as well.

 Their software is very good, and the support (by phone and GEnie) is
 excellent, and they keep the ST line up to date.  Best of all they are a
 US company, so you don't have to wait for their bug fixes to filter over
 from Germany!

 Jonathan Whitcomb                    UUCP: <whitcomb%aurgate@mcnc.org>
 Alcatel Network Systems              Delphi: JBWHIT
 Raleigh, NC                          GEnie: J.WHITCOMB3


 Date: 18 Dec 91 11:41:43 GMT
 >From: mcsun!news.funet.fi!sunic!lth.se!newsuser@uunet.uu.net
 Subject: TOS 2.06 Available in USA!

 (Andy Cassino) writes:
 >>Ok, thats all real peachy-keen if you're an ST owner, but what if you
 >>happen to own a 1040STe - how do I go about getting the new TOS and

 >CodeHead is introducing a line of boards to allow such an upgrade.  One
 >will plug into the Mega ST computers, and there's a couple of others
 >that fit 1040 ST's in various ways.  I only skimmed the announcement on
 >GEnie, but the price $69.95 sticks in my mind, but don't quote me on

 The STe can be populated with TOS 2.0x directly.  I have (a Swedish) TOS
 2.05 in my STe and it works just great!

 Oh, yes, I had to remove two jumpers to use 32 pin EPROMS instead of the
 28 pin ROMS that where there originally.  The TOS was ripped straight
 out of a Mega STe.



 (C) 1991 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari RoundTables.  May be
 reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari RoundTables on GEnie
 are the *official* information services of the Atari Corporation.  To
 sign up for GEnie service, call (with modem in HALF DUPLEX) 800-638-8369.
 Upon connection, type HHH  Wait for the U#= prompt.  Type XJM11877,GENIE
 and hit RETURN.  The system  will now prompt you for your information.

 TOP 25 DOWNLOADS - 1991

 19837 CPX.ARC                  X ATARIDEV     910620  100096   1082   2
       Desc: New control panel from Atari
 18334 ENJOY1.ARC               X T.HARTWICK   910219   39060    904  12
       Desc: Spectrum nude in erotic situation.
 19472 VKILL384.LZH             X V.PATRICELL1 910525   65152    897   2
       Desc: VKILLER v.3.84 newest version!
 18618 CEBIT.TXT                X ICDINC       910313    5040    850  14
       Desc: Two new computers from Atari!
 21893 ARCSHL31.ARC             X C.F.JOHNSON  911212   59776    836  40
       Desc: Version 3.1 of CFJ's ARC Shell
 19476 LHA130.ARC               X R.BURROWS1   910525   61184    792  40
       Desc: LHA v1.30 (LZH archiver/unarchiver)
 21164 ZNET9142.ARC             X Z-NET        911004   35456    779  25
       Desc: Atari News, CD News, 030 Wars!
 18704 IMGVIEWR.LZH             X S.WEBB7      910318   52920    764   5
       Desc: Viewer for Mono AND COLOR .IMG files
 18494 SPBT70.ARC               X G.W.MOORE    910303  182700    734   2
       Desc: Super Boot V7.0 - Digitized Sound
 20813 BSTNUDES.ARC             X D.GANITCH    910907   83456    729  12
       Desc: best nudes on genie guaranteed
 21432 LZH_201H.LZH             X T.QUINN1     911101  111104    705  40
       Desc: Questors latest (10/31/91) LZHer
 18561 DISKFIX2.LZH             X R.GLOVER3    910309   10080    667   2
       Desc: Excellent disk repair utility.
 20817 ZNET9137.ARC             X Z-NET        910907   29952    663  25
       Desc: Issue #9137, Latest Atari News
 18327 VIEWGIF2.LZH             X OUTRIDER     910218   73080    656  28
       Desc: ViewGIF 1.2 - GIF, IFF, MAC, etc...
 21687 LZH201I.LZH              X E.KRIMEN     911124   66304    649  40
       Desc: LHarc version 2.01I.
 19463 ZNET9122.ARC             X Z-NET        910524   28032    646  25
       Desc: Latest ATARI NEWS!!!!  May 24, 1991
 19239 ZNET9118.ARC             X Z-NET        910503   39424    645  25
       Desc: ATARI NEWS UPDATE May 3, 1991
 21019 ZNET9140.ARC             X Z-NET        910920   32384    640  25
       Desc: Exclusive Reports and Atari News
 17956 ZNET9102.ARC             X Z-NET        910112   25200    638  25
       Desc: Latest Atari News!!!  1/12/91
 17880 ZNET9101.ARC             X Z-NET        910105   27720    636  25
       Desc: Latest Atari News Update Issue#9101
 18559 VIEW.LZH                 X R.GLOVER3    910309   31500    635  28
       Desc: Instant picture viewer (any type)!
 19959 TOS14FX2.LZH             X K.BAD        910629    1920    629   2
       Desc: Update to Rainbow TOS bug fixer.
 19843 DC_CPX.ARC               X DOUBLE-CLICK 910621    2560    627  14
       Desc: This CPX file has more info!
 19387 ZNET9121.ARC             X Z-NET        910517   28416    627  25
       Desc: Issue #91-21 Atari News Update
 21354 ZNET9145.ARC             X Z-NET        911025   39168    626  25
       Desc: Latest Atari News and Comdex Report

 TOP 25 DOWNLOADS 1990-1991

 16160 UNLZH172.ARC             X J.HARRIS32   900812   20160   2127  40
      Desc: Fastest Extract for LZH Archives
 15393 PAULA.LZH                X K.SHINABARGE 900603   26460   1243  12
      Desc: a b&w pic of Paula Abdul in the buff
 17063 PINHED18.ARC             X C.F.JOHNSON  901103   12600   1140   2
      Desc: PinHead 1.8 - fastload!
 13456 14FLOPPY.TXT             X C.RUBEL      900104    7560   1106  27
      Desc: Add a 1.4M Floppy to your ST
 13952 ST_UNZIP.LZH             X OUTRIDER     900210   30240   1103  40
      Desc: Latest unZIPer for the Atari ST!
 19837 CPX.ARC                  X ATARIDEV     910620  100096   1082   2
      Desc: New control panel from Atari
 16272 MACCEL3.ARC              X TOWNS        900824   13860   1062   2
      Desc: Atari Mouse Accelerator 3
 14190 LHARC102.ARC             X B.SHROKA     900227   42840   1031   2
      Desc: LHarc V1.02 archiver
 15088 FCOPY30.LZH              X J.FASS       900505   25200   1007   2
 16668 HOOTERS1.ARC             X J.SUPPLE     900928   46620   1003  12
      Desc: Best spectrum nude I've seen!!
 17285 XYZ2.ARC                 X STARFALL     901119   49140    931   7
      Desc: v2.0 - upload and download ZMODEM
 14669 MONSTER.ARC (V03)        X DAREKM       900330    3780    922   2
      Desc: emulates Moniterm monitor on any ST
 14684 BASINGER.LZH             X BANDBOX      900401   28980    918  12
 16810 ALADINFO.TXT             X NHARRIS      901013    6300    914  14
      Desc: What is GEnie ST Aladdin?
 18334 ENJOY1.ARC               X T.HARTWICK   910219   39060    904  12
      Desc: Spectrum nude in erotic situation.
 19472 VKILL384.LZH             X V.PATRICELL1 910525   65152    897   2
      Desc: VKILLER v.3.84 newest version!
 15546 AROUSAL2.ARC             X SOLOPOLYFONY 900617   16380    886  12
      Desc: Computerized foreplay!
 14572 DCSHW11.ARC              X M.VEDERMAN2  900323    8820    859   2
      Desc: DC SHOWIT v1.1 'SHOW' replacement
 18618 CEBIT.TXT                X ICDINC       910313    5040    850  14
      Desc: Two new computers from Atari!
 16130 CHEATS.LZH               X BADBRAD      900811    5040    844   8
      Desc: Cheats for 49 ST games.
 14929 ZFLASH.LZH               X E.WILLIAMS21 900419   51660    841   7
      Desc: Zmodem for Flash!
 21893 ARCSHL31.ARC             X C.F.JOHNSON  911212   59776    836  40
      Desc: Version 3.1 of CFJ's ARC Shell
 15172 DESKMG33.ARC             X C.F.JOHNSON  900512   34020    822   2
      Desc: Desk Manager Bootup Utility v3.3
 14653 EXPLORER.TXT             X BOB-BRODIE   900328    2520    797  14
      Desc: Press release from Atari re Explorer
 19476 LHA130.ARC               X R.BURROWS1   910525   61184    792  40
      Desc: LHA v1.30 (LZH archiver/unarchiver)

 TOP 25 DOWNLOADS 1988-1989

 13310 ARC602ST.ARC             X D.WAYRYNEN   891222   73080   4782  40
      Desc: Latest ARC.  175% faster than 5.21C
 5357 DM_HINTS.ARC             X D.FLORY      880101    6300   1454   8
      Desc: Compiled RT Dungeon Master hints
 7193 FATSPEED.ARC             X TRISTERO     880611   10080   1355   2
      Desc: Hard Disk write accellerator!
 5433 MONOWARE.PRG             X D.MAULDIN    880105    2520   1348  28
      Desc: Monochrome Emulator for Color system
 6868 VDOS_INF.TXT             X MCP.TECH01   880510    7560   1310   2
      Desc: Description of the VDOS System
 5358 DMSPELLS.TXT             X W.WAKEFIELD  880101    3780   1308   8
      Desc: List of spells for Dungeon Master
 7379 ARC521FX.TTP             X R.HEALD      880702   44100   1301   2
      Desc: Arc521.TTP fixed!
 7936 SEXY.ARC                 X S.MACMILLAN  880825   41580   1270  12
      Desc: Very sexy nude Spectrum pic
 6299 DSLIDE2.ARC              X JAKOB        880320   20160   1211  28
      Desc: Deluxe SlideShow v2.0
 8034 JUMPSTER.ARC             X APOSTLE      880905   25200   1203   8
      Desc: QBERT Clone...
 9991 PCD2PR.TXT               X AVANTGARDE   890331    6300   1201  14
      Desc: Announcement of pc-ditto II
 8246 ROCM.ARC                 X D.HELMS      880925  160020   1159   8
      Desc: SCI-FI graphic arcade adventure game
 6791 SAMFOX1.ARC              X WAT713       880503   44100   1143  12
      Desc: Samantha Fox Nude
 10805 ZMFLASH.ARC              X RJROBINSON   890617   47880   1119   7
      Desc: Zmodem download/upload
 7630 YMODEM.HLP               X DARLAH       880725   10080   1100   1
      Desc: This is a Ymodem Batch Help file
 9497 AZT.ARC                  X T.TAKEYASU1  890209   18900   1092   2
      Desc: A virus detection system for HD
 9150 PCD2UPDT.DOC             X AVANTGARDE   890103    2520   1077  24
      Desc: pc-ditto II update policy
 5852 NEWDISUT.ARC             X L.B.LOCKLEAR 880206   36540   1057   2
 9440 IMGSHOW.ARC              X MIGRAPH-TECH 890201   25200   1055  28
 6401 DMHELP.ARC               X NCHEBERTJR   880331    7560   1051   8
      Desc: Help file & list of available object
 5933 DESKPAC.ARC              X S.NIES       880213   85680   1034   2
      Desc: This is a FULL WORKING COPY of DeskP
 8100 CHK.ARC                  X SANDY.W      880913   17640   1025   2
      Desc: Disk repair utility from ST-Log 4/88
 12175 MIA.TNY                  X TLMAY        890920   25200   1011  12
      Desc: -AWESOME- Vidi-ST Nude!
 8960 CLOWNS.ARC               X FRANK.COHEN  881214   70560   1011  31
      Desc: Arcade Action at the Circus Atari
 7231 RAMBABY.ARC              X INTERSECT    880615   28980   1009   2
      Desc: INTERSECT Ram Disk and Print Spooler

  TOP 25 DOWNLOADS 1986-1987

 1271 ARC.TTP                  X MPMONTGOMERY 860922   37800   6147   2
      Desc: Archive for the ST.. at last!
 2637 PICSW7.ARC               X JAKOB        870421   39060   2407  28
      Desc: New PicSwitch version 0.7
 3122 STINVDRS.ARC             X D.K.F.       870609   18900   1906   8
 5148 SPSLIDE8.ARC             X JKERSHNER    871213    8820   1698  28
 1558 MACNUDE.TNY              X BOBR         861121   26460   1602  12
      Desc: Possibly the BEST nude pic EVER!
 4789 GALACTIC.ARC             X J.FRADKIN    871116   37800   1582   8
      Desc: Full version of Galactic Warriors
 2239 MONOPOLY.ARC             X TOMMARVIN.   870302   76860   1543   8
 4263 ACCESSOR.ARC             X NHARRIS      871001   20160   1269   2
      Desc: Latest CONTROL.ACC and EMULATOR.ACC
 1432 CPM.ARC                  X NHARRIS      861022  131040   1200   3
      Desc: The official release of ST CP/M
 4769 MOTOR.ARC                X JJ.WILLIAMS  871114   22680   1107   8
      Desc: Motorcycle simulator
 4779 BEST_SPC.ARC             X E.AYCOCK     871115   84420   1093  12
      Desc: Great Spectrum Nudes. From AMIGA.
 2494 SPACWAR2.ARC             X LUCZAK       870404   47880   1080   8
      Desc: Ver 3 Of Space Wars. Color or Mono
 3892 DISKMECH.ARC             X L.VALLEY     870822   59220   1067   2

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