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From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/12/91-06:16:12 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 7-Nov-91 #9147
Date: Tue Nov 12 18:16:12 1991

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 | (( (( (( |  * Universal Network System.................Press Release
 | ((  (((( |  * Chicago ComputerFest By Atari - Update...Press Release
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                             THE EDITORS DESK
                              by Ron Kovacs

 Apologies are in order for the late release of this week's edition.
 Yesterday I injured my back while moving LOTS of heavy things.  Being
 the devoted mate that she is, my wife procured some back-pain medication
 which WORKED miracles for me.  However, not knowing the effects, I
 started the final edit of the issue and was overcome with the need to
 sleep and did just that for 12 hours straight!  I feel great now, but
 behind in a few things now.

 In other developements, the Chicago ComputerFest by Atari is just
 around the corner, and if you are planning to go to this event, please
 make you plans NOW.  The full update appears in this edition with a
 complete seminar listing.

 CompuServe users should be aware of the new software put in place
 recently.  Z*Net issues were originally available in a NEW UPLOADS
 library, but now can be found in the News and Reviews Library #15 in
 the Atariarts Forum.  The new software allows you to LIST ALL the files
 in ALL the libraries without having to switch to other libraries
 manually.  The new software vastly improves the ability to locate NEW
 files quickly.

 On GEnie, ST Alladin, the GENie telecommunications program which calls
 and collects NEW messages and files and allows the user to read and
 flag files while offline turns one year old this month.  There are a
 mumber of special offers going on NOW in the Alladin Roundtable.  If you
 are an Alladin user, take a few minutes out and check out what is

 In two weeks, the 1991 Z*Net Online Survey will be included in Issue #
 91-49.  Please participate and pass it around.  Stay tuned for more

 Lastly, in between issues of Z*Net Atari Online, read Z*Net PC Online
 Magazine.  This NEW publication is currently at Issue #18 and contains
 the latest PC community news and information and tons of exclusive
 material NOT available anywhere else.  ZPC was the first publication to
 bring COMDEX coverage and pictures.  ZPC is released every-two weeks or
 bi-weekly and will go to a weekly format in January 1992.  ZPC is
 available on the Z*NET USA BBS (908) 968-8148, America On-Line,
 CompuServe and soon to be a regular upload to GEnie.

 Thanks for reading!


 Atari Canada this week announced new TOS chips will soon be available
 for the MEGA STe, ST/STe* product line.  Atari Canada's Rob McGowan
 stated that there was no hidden DOS system or plans to incorporate it at
 this time but the reason for the update was to fix some of the bugs
 still left in the earlier releases such as flow control and delayed


 * Atari ICON (Fuji) displayed at Boot.
 * System memory check after a cold boot, pressing any key aborts test to
   reduce attendant delay.
 * A shrinking bar is displayed at boot, during hard disk intialization,
   pressing any key aborts process and attendant delay.
 * Pressing the Control key at boot bypasses autofolder preventing the
   loading of .ACC, NEWDESK.INF and Deskicon.rsc files.
 * Holding down the ALT key and typing a decimal number on the numeric
   keypad inserts an ASCII code character into the keyboard buffer.
 * Media Change detection on floppies works better, uses FAT checksums,
   MS DOS 4.X  serial numbers and many other features permitting superior
   detection when a floppy has been changed.
 * Less floppy spin-up delay in systems with a hard drive.
 * Vacant drives detected sooner with quicker time-outs.
 * Floppies with only one FAT are supported to allow greater
   compatiblility with some DOS disk formatters.
 * Serial Port functionality improved.
 * Some programs that use Timer-A will work better (compatability
 * Multiple AES events when scrolling are reduced.

 NOTE:  TOS 2.06 for ST or MEGA ST requires hardware adaption, Atari
 (Canada) will shortly announce the process for users to upgrade.  TOS
 2.06 is available as an upgrade for STe computers.
                                           - Terry Schreiber


 (Editors Note:  Portions of this Newswire have been reprinted from Z*Net
  PC Online Magazine.)

 GRiD Systems announced this week that it will conduct a series of free
 seminars nationwide to introduce businesses and governmental agencies to
 the benefits of pen computers.  During the next six months, GRiD will
 offer monthly seminars at its 45 GRiD Systems Centers located in the
 US and Canada.  Attendees will get an overview of pen computing
 technology and examples of how GRiD users are currently increasing
 productivity, sharpening their competitive edge and improving the way
 they do business with GRiDPAD pen computers.  Information about the
 seminars can be obtained by calling (800) 222-GRID.

 Cirrus introduced the CL-MD1424 Intelligent Data/Fax/Voice Modem Device
 Set, a new product that combines the capabilities of a fax machine,
 modem and, for the first time, an answering machine into two integrated
 circuits, each of which is about the size of a postage stamp.  The
 Communicator includes the capabilities of an answering machine, a 2,400
 bps Hayes-compatible modem and a 14,400 bps Group 3 Fax receiver and
 transmitter.  The product can store and then reply voice messages either
 through a standard telephone set or through the small speaker typically
 found in a notebook computer.  For additional information contact Cirrus
 Logic, (510) 623-8300 extention 2239.

 Acclaim announced that it has reached an agreement in principle with
 Sega, whereby Acclaim will market and distribute software for Sega's 16-
 bit Genesis and portable Game Gear hardware systems.  Acclaim's first
 Sega products will be unveiled at the forthcoming January Consumer
 Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

 Sega announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Accolade.  The suit,
 filed Oct. 31 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, alleges that
 Accolade has developed and currently distributes software products
 compatible with the 16-bit Sega Genesis video game system which infringe
 upon Sega's proprietary trademarks and dilute the value and goodwill
 associated with such marks.  Accolade has never been licensed by Sega to
 produce software products compatible with any of Sega's home video game
 systems, nor has Accolade ever been authorized to use any of Sega's
 proprietary trademarks.

 Mannesmann Tally has announced shipping the first laser printer to
 combine HP LaserJet III compatibility with Reduced Instruction Set
 Computer (RISC) processing performance.  The MT908 laser printer
 provides all the advantages of PCL5 including 8 scalable LaserJet III
 fonts, plus 14 resident bit-mapped fonts (two slots also support
 standard HP font cartridges), and HPGL/2 for shading and filling of
 fonts and graphics.  List price of the MT908 is $1,995.  For more
 information call (206) 251-5653.

 * UNIVERSAL NETWORK SYSTEM                                Press Release

 The Universal NETwork System now works with MegaSTE and TTs.

 Universal NETwork for the Atari ST, MegaST, MegaSTE and TT series of
 computers is now shipping.  Programmed by the same developers that
 brought users Universal Item Selector, Universal NETwork (tm) is a
 software solution to networking that works on all versions of Atari 16
 and 32 bit computers. Universal NETwork enables the user to share hard
 drives and printer devices between computers, while not disrupting
 foreground tasks.

 Universal NETwork is powerful: Users can choose whether to use multiple
 or single hard drives and printers.  An office can run from one large
 hard drive or many.  With Universal NETwork, everyone can be served from
 a central location, or from distributed servers.

 Universal NETwork is easy to use: Installation takes about 9 minutes and
 can be done by the average user.  The network is accessed with just a
 click of the mouse.  Users can use the network as though it was just
 another drive on their computer.  Access data, copy, move, rename and
 delete files - even load programs - easily over the network.

 Universal NETwork is flexible: Users can share a hard drive or printer
 with other users.  It can be set up as a peer-to-peer, or a central
 server system; either way, it's easy to use.  More than one network
 hardware type may be used on a single computer, so any machine in the
 network may act as a bridge between different network hardware types.
 The network can grow as your needs grow.

 Universal NETwork is compatible: Universal NETwork is compatible with
 every version of TOS and with current hard drive adaptors, drives, most
 commercial software, and network devices.  Users will need hardware
 devices dependent on their equipment.  Lantech Devices (by another
 manufacturer) and SGSnet Devices (also by another manufacturer) are
 compatible with Universal NETwork software.  If users need network
 devices, A&D Software can supply either MIDInet or LANnet devices.  Both
 devices use RJ11 modular plug phone wire and installation is simple.

 Universal NETwork is expandable. Expand the network with the addition of
 single node software and hardware.  Users can upgrade to faster devices
 when they become available (trade ins honored) and still use the
 original software.  Users might start out with a MIDInet system, and
 then upgrade to a faster hardware device.  Universal NETwork can be
 configured to work with all new devices.  R&D on hi-speed devices is

 Universal NETwork has been shipping since April 1991.  The package
 includes all necessary software and easy instructions for installation.
 Advanced users will enjoy the MacroDrive program for creating innovative
 ways to allow non-HD nodes to act as though they had hard drives
 connected directly.  "Background File Transfer", is an accessory that
 provides automated copying of large files while the user continues to
 work in the foreground.

 Universal NETwork software is $219 for a 2 node starter set and $95 per
 node for additional software.  Hardware costs will depend on user
 choices.  The Software works with all versions of TOS and all 16 & 32
 bit computers manufactured by Atari.  Additional node software is
 required for each extra node in the network.

 Hardware Devices available from A&D Software include MIDInet Devices
 ($30 each) that work on all versions of ST, STE and TT computers, and
 LANnet Devices ($40 each) that work with the LAN ports of the newer Mega
 STEs and TT computers.

 Universal NETwork will work on a 520ST, but one meg RAM is recommended.
 Supports Color, Monochrome or Moniterm monitors.

 Volume discounts available and dealer inquiries invited.

 Contact A&D Software, 280 Peach Street, Merlin, OR 97532 or Support
 (503) 476-0071 or orders 1-800-800-2563.


 We have added several new exhibitors to Chicago ComputerFest - we now
 have only 3 main floor booths remaining, if you have an interest in
 attending as an exhibitor, please contact us immediately.

 Our star-studded line-up so far:

 Main Floor
 ABCO                                Kaleita Art
 Apple Annie                         Mainstream America
 Application and Design Software     Mars Merchandising
 ASTMUM Montreal User Group          MaxWell CPU
 Atari Corp.                         Megatype
 Atari Entertainment                 Michtron
 Atari Explorer                      Micro Creations
 Atari Interface Magazine            Migraph
 BEST Electronics                    Missionware
 Branch Always Software              M-S Designs
 Clear Thinking                      One Stop
 CodeHead Software                   Oregon Research Associates
 CompuSeller West                    Phil Comeau Software
 CSA Ltd.                            Rimik
 C-Lab                               Rising STar Computers
 Double Click Software               Roland Corp.
 D.A. Brumleve                       SKware-One
 Electronic Spinster Graphics        Soft Logik
 eSTeem                              ST Informer
 Gribnif                             Step Ahead
 Guitar Plus                         Sudden, Inc.
 Hybrid Arts                         Toad Computers
 ICD                                 WizWorks!
 ISD Marketing                       Wuztek/OPI
 JMG Software                        Zubair Interfaces

 8-bit Area
 Atari Game Developers Arena         LJK
 Computer Software Services (CSS)    Mars Merchandising
 Dataque                             Newell Industries
 ICD                                 Palette Imaging
 K.O. Distributors                   RACC (Rockford User Group- Demos)
 LCACE                               ReeveSoft

 Atari corporation and ICD have promised that a VAST amount of 8-bit
 hardware and software will be available from them in the 8-bit area.
 This show may be the last chance for 8-bit users to obtain some of these
 items - don't be left out!

 Atari Entertainment has promised a special gift "while they last" for
 Chicago ComputerFest by Atari attendees.  I have promised not to give
 specifics about what will be given away, but it will certainly be worth
 your while to be in line early Saturday to get in the door!

 You may collect your gift on the main floor where we have the door prize
 drop box.

 Our seminar schedule is one of the most comprehensive ever to be
 assembled for an Atari-related event.  There will be something for
 everyone both days!  For a tentative listing of seminars, please see the
 end of this update for the full schedule.

 Advance ticket orders for the show banquet must be received by Nov 14th;
 please call the show hotline or mail your requests in NOW!

 GEnie is the official source for Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
 information, please stop by the ST Roundtable, Category 11 (Shows) Topic
 10 (Chicago ComputerFest by Atari) for the latest in information, and
 show specials by our exhibitors.

 Our "hands on" training seminars have been finalized, please see the
 seminar schedule at the end of this update for the times and subjects -
 each session requires advance registration and a $15 "materials fee".
 Contact us now to make reservations.

 The Ramada Hotel O'Hare is holding our reserved block of rooms for the
 show until November 10th.  If you need rooms, please call the Ramada
 directly at 708-827-5131 and ask for the reservations desk - be sure to
 mention that you want the Atari Corporation rate and ask for a written
 confirmation.  Those of you who have already reserved rooms, and have
 not received a written confirmation, please request one to assure that
 you are getting the Atari-negotiated rates.

 Seminar Schedule    (Tentative- Subject to change)

 D-1 room (seating- 90)  Saturday November 23
   12:00 Noon  Clear Thinking- Ed Hak, Metapsycology
    1:00 PM    Aladdin PC/GEnie/HUGS meeting with Juan Jimenez, On-Line
               Demo / TnT / Prizes for attendees.
    2:00 PM    Sudden, Inc- Sudden View.
    3:00 PM    Missionware- FLASH II.  On-Line Demo
    4:00 PM    Aladdin ST/GEnie with Tim Purves.  On-Line Demo / TnT

  Sunday November 24
   11:00 AM    Atari Inc.- Tech Topics/TOS.
   12:00 Noon  Double Click- Real Time Data Compression.
    1:00 PM    Aladdin ST/GEnie with Gordon Monnier.  On-Line Demo / TnT
    2:00 PM    Atari Explorer- Atari Journalism with John Jainschigg.
    3:00 PM    Aladdin PC/GEnie with Juan Jimenez, On-Line Demo / TnT
    4:00 PM    ICD, Inc. HD/Mass storage tips.

 D-2 room (seating- 90)  Saturday November 23
   11:30 AM    D.A. Brumleve- Using Computers to Foster Creative Thinking
                by Michael Marks.
   12:30 PM    Step Ahead- Tracker ST 3.0.
    1:30 PM    Codehead- Professional Graphics tools.
    2:30 PM    Rimik- Multi GEM Demonstration.
    3:30 PM    Electronic Spinster Graphics- Spinning graphics from bits.

  Sunday November 24
   11:30 AM    Gribnif- Rick Flashman presents Arabesque Professional
   12:30 PM    SK-Ware One- Seruat Demo/TnT.
    1:30 PM    Step Ahead- Retouche Pro CD.
    2:30 PM    eSTeem, Inc- eSTeem PILOT Authoring Language.
    3:30 PM    JMG Software- Hyper LINK.

 D-3 room (seating- 90)  Saturday November 23
   11:00 AM     Missionware- LottODDS.
   12:00 Noon   Dataque- Future of the 8-bit.
    1:00 PM     ReeveSoft- GUI on the 8-bit.
    2:00 PM     Atari Explorer- Magazine Production with John Jainschigg.
    3:00 PM     RACC- 8-bit Printer Codes in popular WP's.
    4:00 PM     Branch Always- GEMulator PC

  Sunday November 24
   11:00 AM     Atari/Motorola- 680xx internals (Tentative)
   12:00 Noon   Atari Entertainment- Lynx Gaming tips and technique.
    1:00 PM     Dataque- T8/16 Q&A.
    2:00 PM     Application & Design Software- Universal NETwork.
    3:00 PM     Compuseller West- Do-it-yourself ST Repairs.
    4:00 PM     (TBD)

 VIP room (seating- 75) MIDI Workshop  Saturday November 23
   12:00 Noon   C-Lab- Productivity for the musical artist.
    1:00 PM     Roland Corporation- New Products.
    2:00 PM     Atari Corp- Atari ST's and the professional musician.
    3:00 PM     Hybrid Arts- Product Workshop
    4:00 PM     ASTMUM- MIDI Tips and Tricks.

  Sunday November 24
   12:00 Noon   Hybrid Arts- "Hands On".
    1:00 PM     Guitar Plus- MIDI Jam session. (tentative)
    3:00 PM     Roland Corporation- New Products Demo.
    4:00 PM     C-Lab- Product seminar.

 Salon I, II, III, IV (seating- 300)  Saturday November 23
    1:00 PM     Atari Corp- "Atari Speaks"
    3:00 PM     Atari Entertainment Division- "New Games & Systems"
    4:00 PM     ABCO- "ST Report" by Ralph Mariano
    6:45 PM     Chicago ComputerFest Banquet
                 $25.00 per person- advance.
                 Main Speaker- Greg Pratt, President Atari U.S.

  Sunday November 24
    1:00 PM     What's New From Atari
    3:00 PM     Guitar Plus- Beginning MIDI

 Plaza III, IV (seating- 36, reservations required)
  Saturday ($15 materials charge)
   11:00        Introduction to Calamus with Mario Georgio
    2:00        Introduction to PageStream with Dan Weiss

  Sunday   ($15 materials charge)
   10:30        Advanced PageStream TnT with Dan Weiss
    1:00        Advanced Calamus TnT with Mario Georgio

 For more information or reservations:

 Chicago ComputerFest by Atari
 P.O. Box 8788
 Waukegan, IL  60079-8788
 708-566-0682 (Order and Show hotline)

 Please Make Checks Payable to "Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts"
 We accept Master Card and Visa for all orders

 GEmail- M.Brown56, L.Grauzas
 Compuserve- 70416,144
 America Online- SteveK7611

 If you need to leave a message on the show hotline, please leave
 complete information, credit card numbers, area codes, etc- thank you!

 See you in the Windy City!


 The following article is reprinted in Z*Net by permission of AtariUser
 magazine and Quill Publishing.  It MAY NOT be further reprinted without
 specific permission of Quill.  AtariUser is a monthly Atari magazine,
 available by subscription for $18 a year.  For more information on
 AtariUser, call 800-333-3567.


 Suffering the slings and arrows of both outrageous fortunes and PC
 snobs, Atari products remain a competent choice for many "business"
 applications.  Here's a rundown of some of the currently available
 titles in some of the traditional applications that make up today's
 business computing environment.

 These aren't the only packages that may be available, and we mean no
 slight against any we have overlooked.  A few titles may be hard to find
 in some locations.  Prices, where shown, are the manufacturer's
 suggested retail, and in many cases the software may be available at a
 discount.  Contact an Atari dealer in your area, or call one of the many
 retail or mail order dealers who advertise in AtariUser Magazine.

 We're not focusing here on 8-bit, Portfolio or MIDI applications, as
 they were featured in AtariUser in July, August, and September.  Limited
 quantities of those issues are available direct from AtariUser.  Call
 818-332-0372 for availability and pricing of back issues.

 Word Processing

 Word Perfect - $250.00:  Long considered the leader in word processing
 on any computer platform, Word Perfect for the Atari remains a
 professional, powerful choice despite being version behind the PC (4.1
 vs. 5.1).  Efforts of users and Atari Corp to urge an update continue;
 hundreds of letters were generated by AtariUser's suggestions in June
 and July.  More letters couldn't hurt!  Word Perfect Corporation, 1555
 North Technology Way, Orem, UT  84057

 WordWriter - $79.95:  Probably the most popular general purpose word
 processor for the ST.  Reasonably full featured and affordable, and very
 easy to use.  TimeWorks offers it but does not plan upgrades.

 First Word Plus - $99.95:  Very similar to WordWriter, but offering some
 limited graphics import power.  Generally considered superior to
 WordWriter, but less well known.  Produced by GST, the same group that
 did WordWriter.  Upgrades continue to come, current version is 3.14.

 WriteOn - $149.95: New in the US from Compo of England, this one is
 getting fresh attention for its DTP-like paragraph tagging and other
 features.  Another Compo word processor called That's Write may be even
 more advanced, but is not widely available yet.

 ProText - $99.95:  From Michtron, ProText offers editing power but an
 unfamiliar operation environment.

 Document Processing

 Wordflair, Wordflair II - $99.95, $149.95:  Competent and versatile
 combinations of some graphic layout power with adequate word processing
 and even database and graphic functions make these good for forms and
 compound documents.  They don't approach DTP level of control, but most
 people don't need it.  Version II is more complete and recommended.
 From Goldleaf.

 Word Up - $99.95:  Perhaps dead-ended at version 3, Word Up is a good
 and fast word processor as well as offering fairly complete font and
 graphic control.  Some bugs hinder it, and the company has gone under.
 Atari now owns the source code, but it is unknown what may happen next.
 By Neocept, lots of copies are still in distribution, often discounted,
 and many users swear by it.

 Signum II - $199.95:  Maximum typographic control, but at a cost of ease
 of use.  Imported.

 Script - $79.95:  A German import, Script has great response and good
 layout and graphic power.  Distributed by Megamax.

 Charting and Graphing

 A-Chart - $19.95:  Although not dramatic, charts can be quite complex
 and well-defined.  As with any ANTIC Corp title, A-Chart is subject to
 availability and should not be expected to be revised.

 K-Graph 3 - $79.95:  From the same authors as A-Chart, Kuma.  Michtron
 distributes in the USA.

 Graph Maker - $59.95:  A variety of chart formats and options, from
 Artisan Software.

 Data Bases

 Data Manager, Data Manger Professional - $79,95, $99.95:  "Flat file"
 (non-relational) database systems that share the name but nothing else.
 Good for straightforward data needs, including but not limited to mail
 lists.  Under the Timeworks label.

 DBMAN - $295.00:  A fully relational D-BASE compatible system that is as
 much a programming language as a database.  Suitable for development of
 major stand-alone custom applications.  Now in version 5.2 with a
 compiler, from Versasoft.

 EZ-Grade Teacher's Grade Book - $49.95:  Student tracking and a variety
 of grade weighting options.

 Superbase Personal - $79.95, Superbase Personal 2 - $149.95, Superbase
 Professional 3 - $349.95:  A series of increasingly powerful database
 systems that allow growth as needed.  The cheapest is a flat (single)
 file system, while the Professional system is a programming environment
 with relational table control.  By Precision Software.

 Informer II - $89.95:  Semi-relational control and customizing features
 plus unique graphic display options make this one useful for middle-
 range applications.  By Soft-Aware.

 Tracker ST - $79.95:  Flat file database distinguished by considerable
 report and printing format control.  Step-Ahead Software.


 LDW Power 2 - $179.95:  Superior spreadsheeting, LDW Power has virtually
 no commercial peers.  Everything you could want in a LOTUS 1-2-3 clone,
 plus GEM operation if desired!  By LDW.

 VIP Professional - $149:  One of the original spreadsheets.

 Point of Sale

 Best Business Management - $295.00:  Complete sales and inventory
 system, will run reports, ordering, cash drawer, etc.  From Best.

 Cricit - $249.95:  From Canada, Cricit uses GEM well for a complete
 point-of-sale system.  Inventory can use bar-coding for fast labeling
 and data input of inventory.  From Nice and Software.

 Sales-Pro V.6 - up to $599.95 (modular):  A popular p.o.s. system used
 in many Atari dealers, with similar versions for the PC.  Allows
 networking and "kit" sales from inventory.  By Hi-Tech Advisors.

 Desktop Publishing

 Calamus - $299.95:  Version 1.09N is the only version available at press
 time, with Calamus S and SL to come any week now.  Remarkably complete
 DTP with dazzling and fast output.  Best WYSIWYG screen representation
 of any DTP system.  By DITEK, distributed in North America by ISD of

 Pagestream 2.1 - $299.95:  Neck-and-neck with Calamus, Pagestream offers
 great output but adds more types of fonts and unparalleled control of
 layout plus Postscript compatibility.  By Softlogik.

 Timeworks Desktop Publisher ST - $129.95:  The original DTP system for
 the Atari, somewhat limited by today's standards but very versatile for
 the price.  Timeworks.  A new version is completed (by GST) but is not
 yet available or priced.

 Fleet Street Publisher 2 - $149.95:  From the UK, this DTP system is
 substantially improved over the earlier versions that gave it a bad
 name.  Michtron was in no position to market it properly when it
 graduated to an actually usable package.  The new Michtron still carries
 it, and cheaply.

 Deskset II - $199.95:  This professional typography layout system is
 virtually unavailable, but was developed by Atari in-house for years.
 While it is powerful, it is not favored by many users.  Atari Corp.

 Accounting and Finance

 Payroll Master - $99.95: By Royal Software.

 Personal Finance - $49.95:  Michtron.

 Phasar 4.0 - $89.95:  Considered a professional level accounting and
 finance system.  From ANTIC, it is one of the few superior items that
 may survive the close of Antic/STart.

 ST Accounts 2 - $149.95: Another powerful and well-featured system for
 business or personal accounting.  From ISD, the Calamus people.

 Architecture and CAD

 Becker CAD - $395.00:  A complete two-dimensional multi-layer drafting
 program suitable for floor plans, blueprints, etc.  Often discounted as
 low as under $100.  By Abacus.

 DynaCADD - $995.00:  Perhaps the premier 3-D drafting application on ANY
 platform.  Outstanding performance, even better on a TT.  DynaCADD is by
 ISD of Canada.

 Master CAD - $99.95:  Michtron imports this reasonably competent CAD

 Circuit Maker 2 - $149.95:  Printed electronic circuit board layout.
 From Musicode.

 Construction Estimator - $39.95:  Organizes and eases project pricing
 estimation for all kinds of construction.  From Micomm.

 Critical Path - $59.95:  Project planning, makes charts and plans the
 best order of activities for construction, research, or any multi-
 faceted project.

 * Z*NET SOFTWARE SHELF                                by Ron Berinstein

 Thank Goodness I am finally find out what those new file files are all
 about!  That's right!  Another new version of, "What Is" is available
 for downloading.  Other revisions and upgrades too!  The new LZH201,
 another Freeze Dried Terminal, and even another CAL!  Yes, this and more
 in this issue of: The Software Shelf.

 WHATIS49.LZH  Another new version!  WHATIS 4.9 recognizes 94 types of
 files: ARCs, LHarcs, PRGs, pics, ACCs, animations, etc.  Hence, no more
 "what kind of file is this?" problems!  Runs as a PRG or an ACC (just
 rename the file) on any ST/TT in any rez.  Short docs included in the
 archive.  All the features of earlier versions, plus now a filesize
 display, MIDI format 0, 1, 2 files, and Master Tracks Pro .MTS files to
 the list.

 And after you finally find out what file you have, what you have decided
 to type isn't on the keyboard!  You scream, then you download Accent!

 ACCENT.LZH  ACCENT is an AUTO program that lets you type in any
 character into any text field.  Just press <ALT>, type the ASCII value
 of the character you want (for ex, 189 for the Copyright symbol), let go
 of the <ALT> key, and _voila_!

 LZH_201H.LZH  This archive (extractable with any! unlzh program) differs
 from earlier programs only in that it supports extended comments in a
 form compatible with the MS/DOS version of this protocol.  Includes
 PFXPACK, AFX (data file uncompactor), and of course LHARC.TTP.  TT/030

 CAL_60.LZH  is the latest revision of "CAL."  Schedule events by date,
 position, or every so many days.  All new screens, more room to describe
 each event, cyclic events, save/load/merge events, keyboard shortcuts,
 auto conversion from previous versions, and much more!  Includes new
 Calshow to show upcoming events at boot, and full docs.

 FZT_D204.LZH is the new demo of FreeZe Dried Software Terminal version
 2.03.  It is one of the better terminal programs available for the ST/TT
 computers.  Support for VT-52, ANSI, IGS, UBBS Term, ASCII.  X/Y/Z-Modem
 transfers.  Auto-logs, Auto-macros, 45 number Auto-dialer, 40 macros,
 full featured text editor, ARC/LZH/ZIP shell, full set of disk commands,
 support for Flash (C) compatible .DO files, fast and intuitive graphical
 interface, and much more.  Now has better monochrome support... That was
 needed!  TT Compatible in ST Resolutions.  1MB required.

 TLINK33.LZH  TripLinK! version 3.3+, Menu support for ANSI/IG/ASCII/VT52
 Built in Verbose for LZH/ZIP/ARC, Configurable Drop Down Menus,
 Configurable Function Keys, built in Telecomm Mode, Great File handling
 Support and Message Commands, Really nice sysop mode with online help.
 The only BBS type program that has built in drop down menus, and access
 to ACC's.  File support for X/Y/Z Zbatch/Ybatch protocals.  Takes 5 mins
 to set up and get running.  Easy To use but can get as complicated as
 you want.

 RAMDISK users unite!  Well, at least pay attention to this:

 SURECOPY.ARC  is for folks that have TOS 1.4 or greater.  It's a little
 da/prg that will backup any new or modified files in your ramdisk
 periodically.  Small, efficient, effective, and easy to use.  Freeware
 from MIND over MIDI Productions.

 And for those that just want to back up the whole darn thing!

 JAMPACK4.LZH  Much like Magic Shadow Archiver.  Lets you pack entire
 disks, or single files.  Uses various compression techniques -- LZH,
 LZW, ICE, V2.  Shareware from Austrailia.  A must have!

 And for those who just don't want to see those files anymore!

 SHREDR30.ARC  is a major update to Shredr+, the file deletion utility
 from DO NOT STAMP Software.  Shredr+ ensures your privacy by
 *permanently* deleting files from your disks.  Too many features to list
 here, but this version adds an all - new GEM interface, support for
 MaxiFile III's "backdoor", and is over three times faster than the
 previous version.  Wow!  Color/Mono supported.  Fully functional

 Developers are working!  Commercial releases in the US are starting to
 become more exciting!  Some are just being released and will effect the
 way PD programmer's will behave, some are being improved with PD
 additive files.  Some are just being updated.

 MPAINT1.TXT  is a text file telling about MegaPaint.  It is readable
 online and tells about the new combination bit-map and vector graphics
 powerhouse from CodeHead GT!  With more features than you can shake a
 stick at, and more than enough _serious_ speed_ to satisfy the most
 hardened graphics addict, MegaPaint Professional is now the program that
 all PD developers, and commercial developers are going to have to chase

 CARDPTCH.LZH  CARDFILE users!  This an archive that contains a program
 which will allow registered users of CardFile version 3.01 to obtain
 3.02.  This new version fixes a few minor bugs (among them the "doubling
 bug").  I must admit that Cardfile has become one of my most important

 CF_CALPR.ARC  More CARDFILE uses!  This fully functional program will
 print a nice monthly calendar of your CardFile appointments.  You must
 have the commercial CardFile program.  It supports HP DeskJet and
 LaserJet family printers only.  "A must for CardFile owners," says the
 description.  Will work on a TT

 SPROTAX.ARC  SALES PRO users may use these two utilities to set the
 global sales tax defaults for all three levels in their Customer and
 Inventory files for the new Version 6.00 update.  Sets the Taxable Y/N
 flags in the old databases after Sales-Pro has automatically updated the
 old version databases.

 RULERS.LZH   CALAMUS users.. Have you ever seen how the "Mac" DTP
 programs offer an on-screen, on-page ruler that you can move around?
 This file gives something like that ability to Calamus.

 CALCAD3D.ARC  This accessory will take the information found in Calamus
 Fonts and make a template that can be extruded in CAD3D.  The letters
 that are formed can then be manipulated, rotated, twirled, and animated
 using CAD3D.  You need CAD3D to use this accessory.  The program is
 shareware, and has two fonts to play with.  This was written to help
 animators have more choices of letters and fonts than those that came
 with the CAD-3D font disks.

 U332PTCH.ARC  UIS users... This patches UIS III version 3.3 to version
 3.32.  Will ONLY update version 3.3. Easy to use.  Run it and when the
 item selector appears, locate and click on the UIS 3.3 file.  After it
 updates UIS 3.3, it deletes itself!

 P6E_HAWK.ARC  AVANT VECTOR examples.  This one is a Curtis P6 Hawk
 Biplane in Calamus CVG format.  An auto-trace by Avant-Vector.  You need
 Calamus to use this file!

 MEGA_EPS.ARC and MEGA_CVG.ARC   are examples of the incredible auto-
 tracing results possible with Avant Vector from CodeHead Software.  This
 picture of an Atari Mega ST was originally in IMG format, and couldn't
 be scaled or stretched without distortions and "jaggies."  Avant Vector
 converted it to a smooth, infinitely flexible vector graphic ... with
 almost NO editing!

 PLANE2AV.ARC  Another Auto-Trace file by Avant Vector.  Bf109 front and
 side,  Spitfire front  in Calamus .CVG format.  You must have Calamus,
 Outline Art or a program that will load Calamus .CVG files

 PLANE_AV.ARC  This file contains 2 .CVG files of a P40 Warhawk and A6M2
 "Zero".  They were auto-traced with Avant Vector.

 COCKPIT.LZH  DYNACADD examples.  This is a 2D DEF file of a Boeing 727
 instrument panel.  The drawing was created using DynaCADD.  You must
 have DynaCADD v2.0 or the 2.0 Demo to use this file.

 And while on the subject of graphics!

 IG216.ARC  IG216 is a on-line graphics interpreter.  It will do bit-map
 graphics on-line music, even supports MIDI.  It has bitblit for
 animation too!   This version soups up the & LOOP adds color rotation,
 and ZONE loopback for mouse driven on-line BBS menus.  Includes some
 demo scripts and a few FoReM / Turbo BBS menu examples.  This is a Desk
 ACC and a EMU loadable protocal for Interlink terminal.  The ACC can be
 used with any term that has a GEM menu bar.

 And Fractals Too!

 FRACTAL.LZH  Public-Domain and features a very fast algorithm to
 calculate a fractal.  It uses GEM Menu-Bars and multiple windows.

 FERNPRNT.LZH   This is another version of the author's fractal
 manipulation program.  In this version, you can send the image to the
 printer.  This is NOT a screen dump, but an actual printout at the
 resolution of your printer.  You will need a version of GDOS and the
 GDOS printer driver for your printer.

 Recently the new GNU files have interested several programmers.  Here is
 a collection of GNU files and others might be rightfully called our GNU
 programmer's section.

 GDB.LZH  is the Atari port of the GNU source level debugger ver. 2.6,
 patchlevel 14 by J. Bammi.  This archive contains the sources, a main
 page, and documentation in formatted ascii as well as texinfo forms, as
 well as some captured newsgroup postings.  The compiled executable is

 MAKEINFO.LZH  is Michal Jaegermann's Atari port of the GNU utility which
 produces 'info' files from 'texinfo' files without the use of GNUEMACS's
 texinfo-format-buffer.  Numerous output formating options.  Now it is
 very easy to quickly produce a nicely formatted ascii file(s) from
 texinfo files for screen reading and printing to line printers.

 GDM15.LZH  These files produce the GNU Data Base Management System.
 This Free Software Foundation offering is similar to unix dbm.  Sources
 for a utility which converts dbm files to GDMB format is included to
 ease conversion.

 PERL4_10.LZH   An interpreted programming language written by Larry Wall
 with commands which resembling and providing the functionality of awk,
 sed, c-shell, and C.

 COPILOT.ARC  COPILOT is a runtime version of eSTeem PILOT.  eSTeem PILOT
 is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use authoring language for creating
 tutorials, drills, tests, interactive dialogs, games, simulations,
 device control programs, and interactive laser videodisc multimedia.
 COPILOT will run any PILOT module which contains a valid runtime code.
 The program eSTeem PILOT, which is not shareware, is used to author
 PILOT modules and compute each module's unique runtime code.
 COPILOT.ARC contains COPILOT.PRG, it's support files and a folder
 containing a number of PILOT modules which demonstrate the features of
 the eSTeem PILOT language and aid new PILOT authors in creating their
 own PILOT modules.

 ED_HOOKS.ARC  is for any programmer wishing to let users access EdHak
 directly from their application (or ACC), such as if you need a text
 editing function, but don't want to have to write one yourself just for
 your app.  EdHak can automatically exchange text (or other data) with
 your program to make it appear to the user almost as if it is part of
 your program.  This file has all the needed programming details.

 For those who want to make music their business!

 NOISETRA.LZH  This is the assembly source code for a Noisetracker

 AUTOEXC.LZH  AUTOEXEC goes in your AUTO folder and will play a SEGM
 file, a Noisetracker module converted using the apparently very hard to
 find PD, NT_COMP program.  It also has a script language built-in which
 you can use to play the samples and re-order the programs in the AUTO
 folder.  The program works on all ST and TT machines, but the sample
 playing feature only works on the STE, Mega STE, and TT, according to
 the author.

 BACKTRAK.LZH  BackTrak plays Noisetracker MOD files in the background.
 From the author of MODPLAY!, STEPLAY, The Ultimate Musical Experience,
 and Esion.

 JUKEBX11.LZH  Jukebox version 1.1.  Plays Noisetracker modules in the
 background.  Can be run as a desk accessory or program.  This version
 has a few more features than the previous.  Better memory management

 Q_PLAY23.LZH   QUARTET PLAYER 2. Now works in all resolution and on all
 STs and STes.  Includes the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE theme.  Take a look at
 QUARTET if you're interested in composing digitized music on your ST!

 CK_MIDI.ARC  will allow you to check for faulty MIDI cables, test MIDI
 devices, display incoming MIDI commands, and identify MIDI File Formats
 0, 1, and 2 with just one program.  CK:  MIDI! is the successor to MIDI

 For those who just want to mediate...

 FISHES.LZH  Fishes is a Program for meditation.  It will show you some
 fishes swimming over your monitor.  You can change the movement, size
 etc. of the fishes interactively.

 And, for those who want to play around!

 ADDUP.LZH   The objective of this game is to make totals of 15 using 3
 consecutive blocks and avoid totals of 14.  The game uses falling blocks
 that you can move using keys on the keyboard.  Make totals of 15 and the
 blocks dissolve and fall increasing your score.  Make totals of 14 and
 you are blocked with Xs from further play.  This program is an offshoot
 of Collapse.  Uses low res.

 MAZEMAKR.LZH  allows you to create your own mazes and print them out.
 In three steps, you draw the shape of the maze, fill in any open blocks
 you want filled, and select the start(s) and finish(es).  Mazes can be
 79 columns wide and about four and a half pages long on a standard
 printer.  Very large and detailed mazes can be constructed in seconds.
 All you need is a printer, a pencil, and a liking for puzzles.  This is
 an initial version.

 REV_DEMO.ARC  is a FULL FEATURED demo of the Registered Version of CPX
 Reversi.  It is a demo in the sense that it only allows a few complete
 games to be played before it starts reminding you it's just the Demo
 version.   Better graphics, sound, "meaner," and, it keeps running stats
 on wins, lost and draws. (c)1991 @ircular Logic.  Must have ATARI's
 XCONTROL to work.

 And for those Star Gazers out there that like Music as well!

 STINTRO.LZH  This is the full theme song intro to Star Trek TNG.  Even
 at a 10K sample rate, it is huge! Needs 1 meg or better to play, but,
 for the Star Trek fan, what is an extra meg or two? :)

 BEFOREST.LZH  Captain Picard in the Star Trek intro, " Where no man has
 gone before". This is a loooong file, digitized with Replay4 at 10K.

 MARSTEMP.LZH  For you would-be terraformers, graph of Martian hourly
 temperatures for different atmospheric densities and differant times of
 year.  Will not work on a TT.  MONO only.

 MARSMOON.LZH  Like the other three planet and moon programs.  This one
 is of Mars and it's two eccentric moons Deimos and Phobos.

 JUPMOONS.LZH  Excellent (but German) graphical program showing the
 Galilean moons of Jupiter orbiting Jupiter in three magnifications,
 including shadows of the moon accross the face of Jupiter, mutual
 eclipses, and emergences from Jupiter's shadow.  Great for observing
 Jupiter and its' moons!  MONOCHROME ONLY!  Program is in GERMAN.  There
 is a short explanation file in English.  TT/030 compatible in ST High
 Resolution using 24BIT.PRG only.

 And these two files really don't fit anywhere else, but, I did want to
 mention them... (So, I put them at the end!) <smile>

 WAGECALC.LZH  WAGECALC is a short program that will allow you to
 calculate your gross wage by the hour, day, week, bi-weekly, monthly, 6
 months, and yearly plans.

 STACYMSE.ARC  is an archive containing a desk accessory that simplifies
 the use of the STacy's trak-ball.  When the accessory is installed and
 active, clicking the RIGHT track-ball button will pause the system to
 think the LEFT track-ball button is being held down, allowing one-handed
 "click and drag" operations to be performed.  Clicking the RIGHT button
 again will cause release.

 Thanks for reading this week's edition.. see you next issue.

 The above files were compiled by Ron Berinstein co-sysop CodeHead
 Quarters BBS (213) 461-2095 from files that were either directly
 uploaded to CodeHead Quarters BBS, or downloaded from GEnie, Compuserve,
 and Delphi online services.



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