ST Report: 1-Nov-91 #743

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Date: 11/05/91-10:09:57 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 1-Nov-91 #743
Date: Tue Nov  5 22:09:57 1991

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 Now that CompuServe's Forum Libraries support  "Across Library Searching",
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 over the next few  days.   You can  use the  handy BRO  LIB:ALL command to
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 Cal 6.0  lets you  look at  any month/year,  and schedule  events by date,
 position, or every so many days.  All new  screens, more  room to describe
 each event,  cyclic events, save/load/merge    events, keyboard shortcuts,
 auto conversion from previous versions, much more! Includes new Calshow to
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 LIBRARY 1 of the Atari Productivity Forum (GO ATARIPRO).


 Download file UUCODR.ARC from  LIBRARY 1  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO)  for UUCODER  1.0, a  GEM-based uuencoder/uudecoder by Steve
 Yelvington  and  Up-At-The-Lake  Software.  This  program   uuencodes  and
 uudecodes files  quickly and easily. Splits uuencoded output into multiple
 files if desired when  uuencoding, automatically  joins a  split file when
 uudecoding. Nice! Public domain.


 B/STAT is  a shareware statistical analysis and graphics program.  This is
 version 2.41F.  It  fixes  a  major  bug  with  95%  confidence  limits on
 regression.  The  program  requies  an  absolute  minimum of 1 megabyte of
 memory and a double sided drive. It will use GDOS if available but GDOS is
 not required.   Download  file BSTAT.LZH  from LIBRARY 1 of the Atari Arts

 The CompuServe Modem-to-Modem Challenge Board (GO  CHALLENGE) now supports
 the following  two modem games by Forum member David Becker. Both of these
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 PAIGOW.ARC   - Las  vegas style PaiGow poker. Play against the computer or
 over the phone line with a friend! Monochrome freeware.

 BGAMMO.ARC  - Online backgammon can be played over the phone    lines with
 a modem. Many options including the ability to play the computer make this
 a fun and challenging monochrome game. Freeware.


 BJ Gleason, Don Messerli,  and David  Stewart have  accepted the challenge
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                            HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




    Issue #44

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  --Compuserve Not Liable

 In the first US court action to determine standards of liability for
 distributors of computerized databases, a federal judge in New York has
 ruled that CompuServe Inc. cannot be held liable for defamatory state-
 ments contained in an electronic newsletter available on its system.

 US District Judge Peter Leisure ruled late Tuesday that computerized
 databases are equivalent to news vendors or bookstores and cannot be
 held liable for information unless they know beforehand that it is

 Saying "technology is rapidly transforming the information industry,"
 Judge Leisure ruled that if computerized databases were held to a higher
 standard of liability than public libraries, bookstores or newsstands,
 it "would impose an undue burden on the free flow of information."

 "CompuServe and companies like it are at the forefront of the informa-
 tion industry revolution," Leisure wrote in his decision. "While Compu-
 Serve may decline to carry a publication, it will have little or no
 editorial control over that publication's contents."

 In dismissing the suit, Judge Leisure agreed with CompuServe's argument
 in court that it is a distributor, not a publisher, and could not be
 held liable because it did not know about the statements.

  -- Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?
     Prodigy Has!!

 Have you ever had one of those days when nothing went right? It looks as
 if Prodigy is having one of those years!!  In the past, Prodigy has been
 accussed of censoring bulletin board messages, now they're being faulted
 for not censoring messages.

 The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has gone public with comp-
 laints it found anti-semitic material being broadcast on its bulletin
 boards. The B'nai B'rith wants Prodigy to censor comments such as
 "Israel is the source of all the problems in the Middle East" on the
 grounds it is offended by them.

 The messages were not bulletin board messages, but were private notes.

  -- Atari Games to Develop Software for Seaga Systems

 Atari Games Corp. said today it will develop and market software for
 Sega of America's video game systems under its Tengen label.

 Tengen, which is one of Sega's largest third-party software developers,
 will introduce more than 40 titles over the next two years for all Sega
 video game formats, including Sega Master System 8- bit machines, the
 16-bit Sega Genesis and Sega Mega-Drive systems, and the color portable
 Sega Game Gear. The games will be marketed in both the US and Europe.

 Atari Games is a privately held company not affiliated with Atari Cor-

  -- Fujitsu and Roland Join Forces

 Fujitsu Ltd. and Roland Corp., a major electronics music equipment
 manufacturer, have joined forces to produce and market an integrated
 circuit music board that will allow computer users to compose and play
 their own scores without using a musical instrument.

 The music board can be installed in Fujitsu's FM Towns personal
 computers. Roland will produce and supply the integrated circuit board
 to Fujitsu, which Fujitsu will then sell under its name.

 Three years ago, Roland developed a similar musical board for NEC
 Corp.'s 9800 series personal computers. Roland has sold some 100,000 of
 these units for NEC's machines.

  -- Do You Want a Cray?

 Cray Research has announced the Y-MP EL supercomputer, its entry level
 system which is targeted at companies buying their first supercomputer.
 The Y-MP EL is air-cooled and has a starting price of about $300,000.

  -- One Gigabit Chip Technology Now Available

 NIT claims to be the first in the industry to have developed the fun-
 damental technology that can be used to create a 1 gigabit (1 billion
 bit) memory chip.  NTT was also the first to have established the
 technology to make a 16-megabit and a 64-megabit chip.

  -- Intel to Introduce Clock Doubler CPUs

 Intel is reported to be ready to introduce a line of '486 cpu's with an
 internal clock doubler technology.  According to Intel, a user will be
 able to replace a '486 chip running at 20mhz with a '486 chip running at
 40mhz with performance gains of up to 100% possible.

 Intel says the internal clock doubler chips will be available as a stra-
 ight replacement for the current '486 chips, or another version can be
 placed in the math co-processor slot on a '486sx machine. The new clock-
 doubler chips will also contain an internal math co-processor as well,
 the company said.  Intel hopes to have the chips available sometime in

  -- Motorola Predicts Lower Chip Revenues for 1991

 A Motorola executive said that the worldwide semiconductor market has
 been sluggish and is unlikely to meet 1991 growth forecasts for a 15%
 increase in revenues over last year's levels.  A predicted growth rate
 of 10 to 12% is more likely.


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 > IAAD UPDATES STR FOCUS                News from the President

 FROM THE DESK OF: Nevin Shalit

     Nevin Shalit of Step Ahead Software, Inc., was elected President of
 the Independent Association of Atari Developers (IAAD), at a meeting of
 the IAAD during the WAACE Atarifest. Shalit replaces Nathan Potechin of
 ISD Marketing, who stepped down after serving as President for the first
 two years of the IAAD's existence.

     The IAAD is a group of registered Atari developers who work together
 in various marketing, instructional, and educational areas. Currently more
 than 50 developers make up the IAAD, which includes representatives from
 Canada and Europe as well as a full complement of US developers.

     "I look forward to building on Nathan's excellent work in the coming
 year, by increasing our membership, and having IAAD members work together
 on specific projects which will benefit developers, dealers, end users,
 and Atari itself," says Shalit.

     IAAD business is conducted mostly on GEnie, the national on-line ser-
 vice. Developers interested in joining the group should send e-mail to


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

                       To sign up for GEnie service:

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         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > The Flip Side STR Feature       "....a different viewpoint"

                    A Little of This, A Little of That

 by Michael Lee

 This week we'll have some follow up information, rumors and impressions
 about Comdex.  Also, we'll include some information and rumors on new
 products and rumors from Atari.


 About TT ram upgrades from Gary Gray on CIS....
    GE SOFT from Germany sells a ram board for the TT that uses ordinary
    SIMMs. This board will support up to 32 megabytes of TT-Ram in
    addition to whatever ST ram is in the TT.


 Attention!!  Unix information from Randy (Intersect Software) on CIS...
                    Atari SYSTEM V Release 4 now shipping

    Atari is now shipping UNIX V release 4 with X-Windows to Developers.

    Minimum hardware requirements are 8 megs of RAM (4 megs of TT and 4
    megs of ST RAM => requires the 2 meg ST ram upgrade and the 4 meg TT
    ram upgrade to a STOCK TT030), a Monochrome (TTM195 monitor) and a 3
    button mouse (included with the UNIX kit). 10 megs of TT ram are
    recommended for speed.

    Included in the basic kit is a 213 meg HD drive already formatted and
    setup with UNIX V release 4, X-Windows, XFacemaker 2 (a SUPER
    Resource Construction set for X-WINDOWS), FULL AT&T - BSD - XENIX
    utilities, TCP/IP, and many more features. Looks like a FULL develo-
    pers implementation.

    Man pages included on the HD but paper documentation covers only the
    XFacemaker 2, Face, Wish and Atari Style guide. Since SYS V X-windows
    is a "STANDARD", documentation (suggested reading) is available off
    the shelf.

    Price for this software/hardware kit is $1850.00 (does not include

    From talking to the "UNIX" people at the Atari booth at COMDEX it's
    done, shipping and only 4 known bugs...currently being fixed.  It's
    extensively tested and still undergoing tests in Germany. Plans are
    for fast turn-around on bug reports (a complaint that my Intel UNIX
    friends have is the slow bug fixes in the Intel UNIX arena).

    My impressions-questions to the UNIX people at Atari...

    <What about Color> - well, ahhh, yes we have plans about for Color
    support, not on this version of the TT
    <why> - well we felt that the additional color planes would slow down
    the display.
    <Is there another TT in the works> - I can't comment on that.

    At the Developers Dinner, SAM T. mentioned the new TT but wouldn't
    comment on features other than it was going to be a 030 or 040
    machine with more color support. Also mentioned was a new machine
    with a 68020 MPU (no further comment on that either).

    My impressions of the Unix software on a TT030 with 12 megs of RAM
    are that it's quite fast, at least when compared to a ISA 386 machine

    Weak points still not addressed in this release: Can not read a TOS
    floppy or a TOS HD partition. This is an obvious omission and I think
    that we should see this "fixed" by the German Developers.


 Some more Comdex information - from Randy (Intersect Software) on CIS...
                                 COMDEX NEWS

    Atari is releasing (SOON <grin>) a CDROM external drive. I believe
    them this time as it's a CHINON drive in an Atari case/power supply.
    They don't even have an ASCSI interface on the back, it's straight

    This means that they don't have to do anything that just repackage
    the SCSI CHINON drive. This has benefits that Atari dealers will soon
    realize. It's the BEST (350 MS), least expensive external CDROM drive
    available and will work with a PC or MAC as well as straight out of
    the box with a TT030 or Mega STE. ALL new Atari machines will have
    SCSI ports on them, ASCSI is being phased out as NON-PROFESSIONAL.

    Price for the CD-ROM is $385.00 RETAIL!!!!!!!******!!!!!!

    Third parties are already gearing up to produce a ASCI to SCSI box
    for this CD-ROM drive (for those of you with ASCSI only ports.)

                            RUMORS - OBSERVATIONS

    A new TT is in the works, will have a 68040 MPU and more resolutions/
    colors. This new machine is being built in a Tower Configuration for
    the UNIX (more VME SLOTS) as well as the professional DTP market.

    The current TT will stay as is, may have an easier RAM upgrade path
    in future.

    The Mega STE will have a 68020 at probably 16 Mhz, whether it's still
    called a STE is another matter.

    68000 machines will be found in the GAME machines that Atari is still
    to release. They have narrowed their development to one machine they
    had two on-going research projects and have now closed one and are
    concentrating on the final choice.

    A new ROM set/kit is available for older ST's that allows them to run
    the TT desktop. The board plugs into the current ROM plugs and has
    two wires that connect to the MMU.

    FSM GDOS is now done and shipping. Wordflair now includes it with
    their program. Rumor has it that later TT roms will include the GDOS
    Driver in ROM, currently it's a CPX (new control panel extension).
    There are 150 font faces available at this time.

    Demo dealer packs (5 disk set) will be sent to developers later this
    year, some dealers were receiving them at COMDEX.


 Some more Comdex rumors and impressions from Randy (Intersect Software)
 on CIS...
    The impressions I got are that Atari is pushing the more professional
    Image with DTP (high end) Didot (similar to Correl Draw) and RETOUCHE
    which is a high end Image editor and laser separation program. Cost
    for DIDOT $1000.00 and for a RETOUCHE system $20 - 30 thousand $$.

    The obvious reason for the RETOUCHE cost are hardware as this package
    includes a Matrix 24 bit color card for the TT (16 million colors) a
    24 bit color digitizer, a 19 inch monitor with an amazing display,
    and a laser color printer with a Atari Laser for proofing.

    Retouche will produce print ready color separations with screening at
    the necessary DPI. Also built in is a feedback system for color
    correction so that images on screen and final prints are corrected
    for inherent hardware color errors.

    Mentioned at the show when this better than a MAC system?
    The Atari DMA lends it's self to this application, it's more
    efficient and the professional saves time when printing and editing
    an image.

    Something to give Mac and Atari owners a brighter day. Although
    almost everyone at COMDEX was showing Windows programs, very glitsy
    displays that made you want to eat your heart out, many were
    complaining about the CLUNKY, SLOW windows environment. It's finally
    getting bad press with reviewers and developers.

    Anyone who has used a Mac with SYSTEM 7 or even a lowly ST will be
    totally floored at the amount of hardware necessary to get windows to
    perform at ho-hum speeds. Almost all machines at the COMDEX show
    displaying windows were EISA 486 machines with State of the art Tigra


 Some additional comments about Atari and Comdex - Cat. 11, Topic 9, Msgs
 91, 92, 103, 105 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie -
 From Jeffrey C. Davis (CEO, Magnum Software)...
    Just a note here guys & gals: Atari spent approximately $700,000 to do
    the COMDEX show.

    Another thing: I wish I could say more about the new TT machine, but
    I am under non-disclosure. Just believe me when I say you're going to
    LOVE IT!!

 From: George @ JMG...
    Well, David and I just got back from COMDEX (and a bit of gambling to
    boot). Before I get some needed sleep, I thought I'd add some
    personal views.

    I don't think Atari's showing at this year's COMDEX was a run-away
    roaring success, but that's because I think COMDEX '91 as a whole was
    slower, more boring, and less exciting. There were simply less
    interesting people wandering around (I don't know attendance figures,
    so I use the term "interesting people" to mean people who actually
    looked interested in seeing the show and checking out vendors besides
    just IBM and Microsoft). But maybe it is not fair to make comparisons
    to the last four years of COMDEX, since it is still by far the
    biggest show of its kind in North America.

    But on the other side, I thought Atari's showing was very good
    indeed. The DTP section was the focus, and the products being shown
    are "world class". Even at our end of the booth (as a late addition,
    we weren't in the "best seats" :-) ) we received a good deal of
    interest about HyperLINK and the capabilities of the Atari in
    general. And I was surprised at how many dealers wandered by saying
    "HyperLINK? Oh, I carry your product in my store..." It was nice
    seeing stocking Atari dealers in the flesh. And some of these people
    are still quite enthusiastic.

    Since both David and I went down to Vegas, we both got a chance to
    tour most of the show. In all of it, there were only two things that
    impressed me. OK, I may be getting thick-skinned after 11 years in
    this business, but the new Macs, the thousand or so new clones, the
    pen based computers, etc, are nice in the way of evolution of the
    industry, but they are not terribly exciting to normal people. Try to
    afford a Mac Quadra or try to find an everyday sort of use for a pen
    based computer...

    The two things that impressed me are 1) the inroads made in the area
    of multimedia hardware and standards. In fact, the "Best products of
    COMDEX '91" award went to an IBM/Intel room displaying DVI (Digital
    Video Interactive, I believe) technology, a very high tech combina-
    tion of full motion video with graphics, sound, etc. With our product
    being a multi-media based product this new stuff is of particular
    interest to me, and early in the new year I am very eager to incor-
    porate some of the technologies I saw displayed into an Atari plat-
    form under HyperLINK. Some of it is a little unreasonable with
    current hardware, (ie full motion video in a window on a medium rez
    colour 1040 is not possible), but it appears that Atari has noticed
    what is required of them for the next generation of ST/TTs and is
    addressing some of these hardware/software issues.

    Additionally, 1992 is without doubt the year you will see CD-ROM take
    a foothold in the Atari market. If Atari themselves don't do it by
    1st Quarter '92 -- and at the dinner Sam seemed quite confident that
    Atari would ship CDARs, stating that the "order had been placed" and
    the units were in production -- but if Atari doesn't ship then I KNOW
    for a fact that third parties WILL ship early in the year. And I
    can't speak for other companies, but I can assure you that we will be
    right in the front lines providing software for CD-ROM use,
    specifically in tailoring HyperLINK to be an ideal front-end for CD-
    ROM data.

    But I digress -- back to the things that impressed me at COMDEX. Item
    2) was a simple little device - the new drive from Syquest.

    Many of you know the traditional Syquest removable hard drive
    mechanism, a 44 megabyte 5.25 inch cartridge-based drive (used in
    Atari's Megafile 44, for instance). A top notch product, even David
    Small likes 'em :-) Well, these guys introduced and are producing a
    drive they call the "Iota" series, using 2.5 inch (yes, two and a
    half inch) cartridges storing 44 megabytes. For less than the size of
    standard floppy, using a drive that takes about half the size of a
    normal 3.5" hard or floppy drive, you can store 44 megabytes. More
    amazing than that, these drives will sell for LESS than the old unit,
    in quantities under $300 each for the drives and under $50 for each
    44 megabyte cartridge. In comparison to other new technologies (ie
    floptical, etc) the drives are cheaper, the media cheaper per
    megabyte, the disks smaller, and the technology more proven. I would
    LOVE to have one of these drives in each ST I own :-) (BTW, Syquest
    has a six month backlog of orders on these units, so don't look for
    'em at the corner store just yet).

 Follow up on the Syquest 2.5' drive from Norm Weinress...
    Electronic News (I got it today) reports that Syquest dropped the
    other shoe. It seemed strange that they would jump directly from 5-
    1.4" to 2.5", with nothing in between. Well, they have also announced
    a 3.5" removable media drive! 105 Megs per cartridge, but no pricing
    as yet.

 More from J.LYONS16...

    I read that those 2.5" drives will sell for $300 in quantity and the
    cartridges will go for around $50. 44 meg on a 2.5" drive.


 Some chit-chat from Delphi about upgrading your ST to a STe and also
 about some various mail-order houses.
 From Jim Cannon....
    In case anyone besides me is in need of trading in an old, defunct
    1040 ST to Atari for a NEW STe, Atari Customer Relations has given me
    this info...Send a note requesting a new STe with a check or money
    order for $300 by UPS, to:

                              Atari Computers
                            390 Carribean Ave.
                            Sunnyvale, CA 94809
                         Attn: Customer Relations

    The woman I spoke with was named Barbara and she said that the old
    computer did NOT have to be insured and the box it came in was suf-
    ficient for shipping. She said to allow 3-4 weeks for the new unit to
    arrive. Mine is about to head out. I will let you know how well this
    goes and how many phone calls it take to find out who got my money
    and where my new STe is.

 Some comments by Kwai...
    Here's some companies [mail order] that may interest you:

    Joppa Computer Products
       800-876-6040 Orders
       301-676-1948 Technical questions, etc.

    Rising Star Computers (formerly 1st Stop Computers, if you're
       800-252-2787 Order Line
       513-254-3160 Order Status

    Computer Games +
       800-443-8189 Orders
       714-639-8189   Inquiries and CA residents

    Rising Star Computers is my favorite mail-order company.

 From Paul (SANZA)...
    Computer Garden has good prices on Atari Hardware and Software. You
    can reach them at this address/phone #

    Computer Garden
       West Side Mall #50
       Edwardsville, PA 18704
       phone (717) 288-6140

    Another FANTASTIC store that I've dealt with often, both in person
    and by mail order is L&Y ELECTRONICS. John and Susie are great to
    deal with and I have nothing but good to say about them. Their
    address and phone are:

                              L&Y Electronics
                        13644C Jefferson Davis Hwy
                        Woodbridge, Virginia 22191

 Until next week.....




 Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21, 1991- Atari Computer Corporation announced
 today the launch of three new 386-based computers at the Comdex trade show
 on October 21-25 in Las Vegas.  Atari is introducing two desktop models
 and one notebook computer.  The Atari ABC386SXII is a 20 MHz 80386SX based
 desktop system.  The Atari ABC386DXII is a desktop system based on the 40
 MHz Am386 processor chip.  The Atari ABCN386SX notebook computer is
 powered by a 20MHz 80386SX and weighs less than 6 pounds.  The three new
 machines combine very powerful hardware with the wide range of traditional
 MS-DOS application software.

     "These new machines offer the best performance and value in the PC
 marketplace," said Sam Tramiel, Atari Corporation CEO.  "We believe that
 the speed and power of these systems combine with an aggressive pricing
 philosophy and our commitment to product quality and reliability to
 provide our customers with the best overall computing solution."

     The Atari ABC386SXII is a desktop system that comes equipped with a 20
 MHz 80386SX processor, 1 MB of RAM, a fast 40 MB hard drive {average
 access time is 17 ms), and two 8-bit and four 16-bit ISA (Industry
 Standard Architecture) expansion slots.  Up to 8 MB of RAM can be
 installed on the system's motherboard.  An Intel 80387SX floating point
 math coprocessor is optional.  The ABC386SXII uses an industry standard
 Phoenix BIOS and comes with a SuperVGA video adapter that displays at a
 resolution of 800 x 600.  The Atari ABC386SXII carries a suggested retail
 price of $1,195.

     The Atari ABC386DXII is a high-powered desktop computing platform that
 used a 40 MHz Am386 processor from Advanced Micro Devices,  2 MB of RAM, a
 fast 80 MB hard drive (average access time is 17 ms), and eight 16-bit
 expansion slots (plus one 32-bit slot for RAM expansion).  Up to 64 MB of
 RAM can be installed on the system's motherboard.  The system comes with
 64K of Cache RAM, which is expandable up to 256K.  An Intel 80387 or
 Witek 3167 floating point math coprocessor is optional.  The ABC386DXII
 uses an industry standard BIOS by AMI and comes with a SuperVGA video
 adapter that displays at a resolution of 1024 x 768.  The Atari ABC386DXII
 carries a suggested retail price of $1,995.

     Both desktop systems use a small footprint "minicase" chassis, with a
 200 watt power supply, a 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy drive, three 5.25" drive
 expansion slots, a 101 key enhanced AT style keyboard, one parallel and
 two serial ports, and a game/joystick port.  Both desktop units come
 standard with both MS-DOS 5.0 and Microsoft Windows 3.0.

     The Atari ABCN3865SX provides the power of a desktop system in a
 convenient notebook size.  It uses a 20 MHz Intel 80386SX processor and a
 AMI BIOS.  it comes with 1MB of RAM, a fast {19ms average access time}
 hard disk drive and an internal 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive.  Up to 4MB of
 RAM can be installed as options, bringing the maximum installed RAM to
 5MB.  An optional 60MB hard disk is available.  The ABCN386SX features a
 20MHz bus speed, almost three times faster than most competitors.  The
 built-in 8" x 5" screen displays bright crisp 16-level grayscale images.
 The ABCN3865SX keyboard features 85 keys, 10 function keys, and four
 cursor control keys with standard, full-size spacing between the keys.  A
 numeric keypad is optional equipment.  MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.0 comes
 standard with the ABCN386SX.  The ABCN3865SX is packaged in an extremely
 convenient and portable format: the 5.9 pound system measures 8.3" by
 11.5" and is 1.5" thick.  The battery will last 1.5 hours before needing a
 recharge, and will recharge in eight hours if the unit is on and 1.5 hours
 if the unit is off.

     The Atari ABCN3865SX carries a suggested retail price of $2,895.
 These systems will be available in the first quarter of 1992.

     Atari Computer Corporation is dedicated to providing its customers
 with the highest quality, most powerful, and most reliable computing
 platforms and the best dollar-for-dollar computing value available
 anywhere.  Located in Summyvale, Califormia, Atari Computer is widely
 recognized as a worldwide leader in personal computing innovation.

 Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21, 1991 - Atari Computer Corporation announced
 today the development and imminent availability of the Atari System V(ASV)
 Developer's Kit.  A pre-release version of the Developer's Kit will be
 exhibited and demonstrated at the Comdex trade show on October 21-25 in
 Las Vegas.  The Developer's Kit is also available to selected software
 developers interested in creating new of porting existing applications
 onto the powerful, low-cost Atari TT030 personal workstation.

     The ASV Developer's Kit contains a rich set of developer's tools
 conforming to a wide range of industry standards based on Atari's
 implementation of UNIX System V Release 4.0 for the Motorola 68000 series
 processors and Atari's workstation graphical user interface.  The
 interface is based on the hardware-and operating system-independent
 XWindows system standard and the Open Systems Foundation {OSF}/Motif
 style.  Thus, ASV applications take on a sculptured three-dimensional
 Presentation Manager-like appearance.  The Atari Style Guide is an
 enhancement to the Motif style that sets standards for consistency among
 ASV applications.

     The tools that comprise this developer's kit will help key software
 vendors to efficiently port their applications to ASV and take advantage
 of the most cost-effective UNIX workstation platform, our TT030, said Sam
 Tramiel, Atari Corporation CEO.  "We're excited about the value that these
 applications will add to the TT030 and about providing the UNIX
 workstation market with a  low-cost, high powered platform."

     The Developer's Kit has three main tool groups {core tools, graphic
 user interface tools, and language compilers and debuggers} and one group
 of tools for networking services.  The core tools include: AT&T System B
 Release 4.0, BSD and XENIX Convergence, Virtual File Systems, Virtual
 Memory Management, User-Controlled Process Scheduler, Device Driver
 Interface/Device Kernel Interface, Internationalization, and Extensible
 Linking Format {ELF}.

     The Graphic User Interface tools include X Window System Release 11.4,
 Motif User Interface, XFaceMaker2, and the WISh2 Desktop Manager.  ASV
 application designers can quickly create a Motif-compliant interface by
 using XFaceMaker2 to paint an application screen from a palette of Motif
 objects such as labels, push buttons, scroll bars, and message boxes.
 With FACE, a built-in C-like programming language, the designer can easily
 mold the behavior of the interface.

     The programming tools include the efficient GNU C and C + + compilers
 and the GNU gb debugger as well as the AT&T System V sdb debugger.  The C
 compiler is fully compatible with the System V ELF object format and with
 the ANSI C Issue 5 extensions.  The tools and styles in the ASV kit
 assures the developer of compatibility, portability, and inter-operability
 with other workstation vendors conforming to an open systems architecture
 and such industry standards as POSIX, X/Open, XPG3, FIPS, NFS, X Window
 System, and Motif.

     The networking package adds the Network File System {NFS}, Remote File
 Sharing {RFS}, TCP/IP {the DARPA protocols} and BSD Sockets.

     The Atari System V Developer's Kit will be available in general
 release form in the first quarter of 1992.

     Atari Computer Corporation is dedicated to providing its customers
 with the highest quality, most powerful, and most reliable computing
 platforms and the best dollar-for-dollar computing value available
 anywhere.  Located in Sunnyvale, California, Atari Computer is widely
 recognized as a worldwide leader in personal computing innovation.


 > CODEHEAD NEWS!!! STR Spotlight  MegaPaint Professional is Available NOW

  For immediate release

  Friday, November 1, 1991

  MegaPaint Professional is Available NOW from CodeHead Software

 Surprise!  CodeHead Software has the graphics drawing program _you've_
 been waiting for...and we have it NOW!  MegaPaint Professional is a
 full-featured bit-map and vector graphics tool for Atari ST and TT
 computers.  We're proud to include it in our new line of "CodeHead GT"
 Graphic Tools -- along with Avant Vector, Repro Studio, and Genus
 (which we'll tell you about later).

 To call MegaPaint Professional 4.0 "full-featured" is a vast
 understatement!  Here's a partial list of its features (and this list
 barely scratches the surface):

  o Virtually any drawing function imaginable is available, making a
    complete listing impractical here.  Besides the normal tools, there
    are such obscure features as rhomboid, equilateral polygons with 3
    to 32 sides, circular or elliptical ringsectors, dropping
    perpendicular lines, or parallel lines...all available in either
    bit-map or vector graphics.

  o Text support is extensive, including bit-mapped and vector fonts, as
    well as support for the vast Signum font library.  You can also
    easily create your own fonts or symbol tables from any graphics

  o Vector graphics can be projected into a bit-map picture and bit-map
    graphics can be faded into a vector picture giving you unique
    flexibility when working with any type of graphics.

  o Whether working with bit-map graphics, vector graphics, or text, the
    user interface and features are tuned to give you the power and ease
    of use you're accustomed to with CodeHead Software.

  o Coordinate systems and even screen aspect ratios can be adjusted.

  o FAST block and lasso functions.

  o Editable fill patterns and line styles.

  o Up to four planes of color separation may be manipulated, overlayed,
    viewed with varied intensities, and printed to a color printer.

  o There are 197 dropdown menu selections and 377 submenu dropdown

  o Unique overlapping pop-up menus give you 120 selectable icons.

  o Choices in the pop-up menus may be assigned to any of the available
    functions in the dropdown menus.  Icons in the pop-up menus can be
    selected from over 240 predesigned icons or redesigned to the users
    specification, even changed to text.

  o MegaPaint can be used with virtually all printers.  Supplied printer
    drivers can be easily edited to adapt to any printer.

  o Pictures can be loaded in MegaPaint's .BLD format, standard .IMG
    format, MS-DOS .PCX format, Degas, straight 32K format, or STAD
    format (.PAC).  Vector graphics can be exported in CVG format.

  o MegaPaint can call external modules, allowing infinite expandability
    for new functions.  Import and export modules are already in the
    works (from CodeHead) for several other picture and vector formats.

  o Runs on any ST/TT with a monochrome monitor from 640x400 up to

  o Virtual page size may be as large as 7680x7680.  Pictures may be
    loaded into any area of the virtual page.

  o MegaPaint has network support.

  o MegaPaint is available for MS-DOS machines, supporting the same file

  o Scanner support currently includes interfaces for 3 different
    scanners.  External module support allows the future interfacing of
    any other scanner.

 And best of all -- MegaPaint is unbelievably FAST!!!  We've never seen
 a drawing program anywhere, on any platform, released or not, that
 even comes close to the speed of MegaPaint.  That's why MegaPaint fits
 so well into the CodeHead line of products.

 If you've ever seen Tempus work with text, you'll remember your first
 reaction to its incredible text-scrolling speed, even without a screen
 accelerator.  MegaPaint is the Tempus of graphics processors!  It's so
 fast that the windows actually update the display AS YOU DRAG THE
 SLIDER!  And you simply won't believe how quickly MegaPaint loads IMG
 pictures and rotates blocks or entire images.

 We'll be releasing a demo version of MegaPaint Professional soon so you
 can see for yourself just how amazing this program is.  Meanwhile we're
 gearing up our shipping department because once you get a taste of
 MegaPaint, you'll want it immediately and won't want to wait.

 MegaPaint is available NOW, and retails for $175.  For more information,
 contact your local dealer, or;

                             CodeHead Software
                               PO Box 74090
                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
                           voice (213) 386-5735
                            fax (213) 386-5789.




                         ABBREVIATOR ST 1.1 REVIEW

 by Daniel Stidham

     My favorite programs are those that are pure and simple in their
 implementation and provide a converse degree of productivity. Think about
 it. Apple is now advertising their Mac computers as being the most produc-
 tive solely because more people get more done with the computer, oweing to
 its down-to-earth approach. They don't spout about the speed of their
 microprocessors or the complexity of their architecture. The captitalize
 on its ease of use.

     That's why when I first set eyes on Kyle Cordes utility, Abbreviator
 ST, I knew that this was going to be one of those UIS III-type programs:
 Something I paid very little for, spent about 20 minutes learning, and
 have taken it for granted the rest of my computing days (I wouldn't boot
 up without it). Lots of return for little money and no incompatibility
 headaches to wrastle with.

     Abbreviator ST is a text macro program. With it you can abbreviate
 ascii text strings up to 200 characters long and assign then to a 1 to 8
 letter abbreviation. 'AL' become Alabama, 'DS' becomes Daniel Stidham,
 'add' becomes 3809 Feather Lane. I have an abbreviation that I use in my
 resume business quite a bit, 'res'-- when I need to captialize this at the
 beginning of a sentence I just capitalize the 'R', typing in 'Res' and the
 expanded string keeps the capitalization.

     The expanded macro is triggered after typing in the abbreviation and
 any trigger key: a space, a period, or other punctuation. The punctuation
 used to trigger the expansion will appear at the end of the expanded
 string. Seeing as there would be special times when this wouldn't always
 be desirable, Kyle allows you to suppress the trigger key by adding a con-
 trol sequence to the end of your abbreviation when creating it. For
 instance say there is a string that you want to use as a root, sometimes
 you want to pluralize, or add an appropriate suffix, you would type in
 your expanded string and at the end type a Control-S (for suppress).

     Control characters also allow you to control cursor movement. Certain
 combinations (in the interest of foiling the common software thief I will
 not elaborate) will replicate pressing the up arrow key, the down arrow
 key, the right and left arrow keys, the return key, the tab key, backspace
 key and the escape key. Priming your imagination can you see how this can
 be put to use on form letters, etc.?

     Another useful feature is the ability to capture the last 200 charac-
 ters typed in and assign them to an abbreviation. The Abbreviator ST crea-
 tion form has a button labeled 'Capt' and it will spill the last 200
 characters onto the form, leaving you to assign an abbreviation.

     Everything else on the creation form is self-explanatory, with some
 buttons allowing loading and saving of '.abr' files--use different abr
 files in different programs if you wish. Buttons are there also to allow
 you to delete an abbreviation or clear out all abbreviations in an abr

     Abbreviator ST is installed as a desk accesory and looks in the root
 directory for the default abr file to auto-load into memory as designated
 on the configuration page. The configuration page also gives information
 on the number of abbreviations and percentage of memory used by these ab-
 breviations. The amount of memory is user-designated in the configuration
 as well as a hotkey combination to turn Abbreviator ST on or off without
 having to go to the GEM desktop and access the accessory directly.

 A print key allows a hardcopy of the abbreviations in memory.

     Use Abbreviator ST to type in month and days of the year, common
 misspelled or typo'd words ( 'recieve' properly converting to 'receive'),
 convert 'i' to I. Use your imagination.

     I have found Abbreviator ST  to be very useful in my business as I
 find myself typing repetitively in the resume business: manager,
 management, position, responsible, University, college, etc. It has saved
 me lots of time and prevented lots of typos. I find it a perfect
 complement to my other macro powerhouse, Codekeys. Using abbreviations for
 commonly used phrases and words is mnemonic and Abbreviator ST is
 simlicity itself in handling this limited macro applciation, while I use
 Codekeys for mouse action, full keyboard usage and programming and
 automating repetitive and complex tasks.

     Any program has room to improve and I have a few suggestions: allow
 hotkey usage for changing abr files on-the-fly, provide an audio tone to
 confirm that a macro has been executed (so you can go on typing and not
 have to worry that it didn't take as a result of a typo).

     I have Abbreviator ST installed in MultiDesk and it works perfectly.
 MultiDesk handles the on,off switch quite well.

     I paid only $25.00 for this program and I think that was the full
 retail price, as I bought it directly from Kyle. The version reviewed here
 is Abbreviator ST 1.1, run through its paces on a Mega ST4 and installed
 in MultiDesk.

                                Kyle Cordes
                           3815 Greengrass Drive
                           Florissant, MO 63033
                               Cordata, Inc.

 (call information and they will give you Kyle's listed phone number and he
 will be glad to get this out to you directly)


 > GRAMMAR EXPERT STR FOCUS   "A fully functional Grammar Expert Program"

 P R E S S  R E L E A S E

 Release Date: 1 November 1991

 NEPEAN, ONTARIO -- Phil Comeau Software announces the release of a new
 version of the Grammar Expert program for the Atari computer family.

 The new release, version 1.10, contains several improvements designed to
 make Grammar Expert easier to use. These improvements are listed below.

     * Users can now search Grammar Expert's table of contents or
       index for a text pattern. When the pattern is found, the
       corresponding page is automatically displayed. For example, a
       Grammar Expert user might search the index for the text
       "persuade." Grammar Expert would respond by locating an index
       entry containing the text "persuade," then would display the
       page associated with that index entry. Grammar Expert's new
       search feature can locate the first occurrence of a pattern or
       subsequent occurrences. This feature greatly reduces the time
       needed to locate information in the index or table of contents.

     * Grammar Expert now permits users to select the way it presents
       links. (Links are mouse-sensitive "hot spots" that provide
       pathways to further information on a topic.) Users can choose
       their link-presentation preferences from "inverted," "bold,"
       "underlined," or "none." Users can combine this feature with the
       new text- and link-color feature (see below) to gain control
       over Grammar Expert's presentation style.

     * Users can individually select the colors Grammar Expert uses to
       display normal text and link text. For example, a user could
       select black normal text and red link text. This feature and
       the link-presentation feature allow Grammar Expert users to
       customize the appearance of Grammar Expert to individual taste.

     * Several kinds of keyboard shortcuts have been added to Grammar
       Expert. First, pressing the "Alternate" key and a letter opens
       the first link that starts with that letter. Second, pressing
       the "Alternate" key and a letter when the index is displayed
       positions the index to the first entry that starts with the
       letter. For example, pressing the "Alternate" and "C" keys
       positions the index to the entries starting with "C." Third,
       the "Esc" key now closes the Grammar Expert window. These
       keyboard shortcuts make Grammar Expert easier to use for users
       who prefer interaction via the keyboard over the mouse.

     * Grammar Expert users can now save the position and size of the
       window, so Grammar Expert will present the window at the
       preferred configuration each time it runs. This saves users the
       extra step of having to adjust the window location and size

     * Grammar Expert now remembers the current window position in the
       index and table of contents. For example, when a user returns
       to the index after viewing a page, the index will be positioned
       as it was before the user viewed the page.

     * Grammar Expert now uses a linked-in resource file, so it needs
       less memory.

 This upgrade is the first major enhancement to Grammar Expert since it was
 released in September 1991.

 Grammar Expert is an online reference for the rules of English grammar,
 punctuation, and effective writing.  Grammar Expert runs as a desk acces-
 sory on Atari's family of 16- and 32-bit computers.  The program is
 intended as an aid for professional and casual writers.

 Grammar Expert provides its users with access to over 120 pages of infor-
 mation on grammar and writing -- the equivalent of a moderate sized book.
 The information is organized to provide practical answers and help to wri-
 ters who may be unsure of the correct rules to apply or the best way to
 organize their writing for maximum effectiveness. To make locating infor-
 mation on a specific topic fast and easy, Grammar Expert uses hypertext
 technology and an online index and table of contents. Once a Grammar Ex-
 pert user has located a topic of interest, he or she can obtain more deta-
 iled information or explore related topics by simply clicking the mouse

 Grammar Expert 1.10 is available now. The price of Grammar Expert remains
 at $59.95 US ($66.95 Canadian). Grammar Expert can be purchased from Atari
 dealers or directly from Phil Comeau Software (Atari dealers can purchase
 Grammar Expert through their usual distributors).

 Registered owners of Grammar Expert can upgrade to version 1.10 by sending
 their original Grammar Expert diskettes and a check or money order for
 $5.00 to Phil Comeau Software.

  For further information contact:

                           Phil Comeau Software
                               43 Rueter St.
                              Nepean, Ontario
                              Canada K2J 3Z9
                              (613) 825-6271
                             GEnie: P.COMEAU1
                              CIS: 72060,3056


 > STR Portfolio News & Information          Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

 New Uploads this week:

 PA02.TXT and PA03.TXT uploaded by bj Gleason contain issue 2 and 3 of
 Portable Addiction.  PR0791.TXT also uploaded by bj Gleason contains the
 Portfolio Resource column from Atari User.

 22WEIG.BAS and 22RUNW.BAS were uploaded by Robert Kelsoe. These two
 programs will calculate the weight and balance, and the runway length
 needed for a BE-24R Sierra. They can be adapted for other small planes.

 MACPTX.SIT and MACPOR.SIT contain information provided by George Gooder-
 ham. One of these files will be helpful to Mac users trying to transfer
 files to or from their Portfolio.


 The new forum software has now been installed. It is now possible to do
 searches across all libraries in the forum, instead of having to do a
 separate  one for each forum.

 Ron Luks and Don Thomas shared the news from Comdex with forum members.

 Steve Kostelnik provided updated information for the Nov. 23 & 24 Chicago

 There is speculation about the new 1 meg card released in England by DIP.
 DIP has been represented online answering questions for forum members.

 The Wish List section is still very sucessful for matching would-be
 programmers who are looking for ideas with those who have needs for a new

 Sysop Ron Luks announced the programming challenge. Three forum members,
 BJ Gleason, David Stewart, and Don Messerli have agreed to join forces in
 a programming marathon. They have agreed that at least one new program
 will be uploaded every day through the end of the year. They further
 challenge forum members to contribute by matching their number of uploads.
 Programs, tips, help files, etc. would qualify.



                      WHY A GFA RAYTRACE USER GROUP?

 As an avid Raytrace user, I am interested in contacting other users,
 sharing operational tips, and seeing some of the creations others have
 been able to produce with the program.  I feel that by forming an informal
 sort of User Group, we can all benefit from each other's experience and
 get the most out of our purchase.

 My primary motivation however is to find other Raytrace users to join a
 grassroots campaign to get GFA to produce a converter for raytraced pics,
 so we are not permanently trapped in Raytrace's native format.

 Finally, it is my hope to build a Community Library showcasing the
 talents of Raytrace users, and making it availiable to anyone who is in-
 terested enough to send in a disk of thier work to contribute to the
 library.  An informal User Group indeed!  There is no cash of  any sort
 involved here.  All that will be required is a floppy disk  of your
 Raytraced creations to get on the mailing list.


 My main reason for organizing this group is to get people asking GFA Ger-
 many to release a pic conversion utility for Raytace users.   Ideally, one
 that converts .SUL/.SCL files to Spectrum 512 format is  much needed and
 long overdue.  However, a well written 16 color  converter might be a
 simpler alternative.  (SPU2DEG.TTP included with  Spectrum 512 does a
 fairly good job of analyzing a 512 Spectrum pic  and reducing it to 16
 colors.  Either or both are needed.  And if GFA  can't produce such a
 program they should at least be encouraged to  provide enough detailed
 info on Raytrace file format to the public  domain so that one could be


 The 'cost' of subscribing to this newsletter is a disk, single or double
 sided with some examples of scenes you've created in Raytrace. We all know
 that there's alot of trial and error in creating a scene. But once in
 awhile you get the objects, the lights just right and its worth saving.
 Whether its some Wireframe data, or a 10 frame  full-blown animation, ren-
 dered screens, or Spectrum, Neo, or other  pics you use for ground, sky or
 texture maps, put them on a disk with  your name and address.  You be put
 on the list for the newsletter and  get your disk back filled with the
 best works of other Raytrace users. Your 'subscription fee' becomes part
 of the library, and the best of  the library will be mailed back to you


                            Send your disk to:
                          GFA RAYTRACE USERS USA
                             c/o Nick S. Smith
                           4406 5th Avenue South
                        Minneapolis, MN 55409-2124
                         GEnie E-mail - S.SMITH65


 > A REVIEW? STR Feature         "Decisions, decisions, decisions"

                          THE ANCIENT ART OF ....

 by Dana Jacobson

      This was going to be a review of one of the new pieces of software
 purchased at WAACE, but, unfortunately a decision couldn't be made as to
 which one to review!  But, after thinking about it for a few days, it was
 determined to narrow the choices down to two.  Decisions, decisions,
 decisions.  Which program held the most potential interest for the reader,
 and potential user?

      More time went by trying to resolve this dilemma.  Better sleep on it
 one more day.  Ah, that's better.  Let's take a look at the two programs
 again and see what we want to do.  Boot up the first.  Oops, better re--
 read the manual again on this one to make sure most of the details are
 known.  Let's see if the second one is any easier to figure out...

      After booting this one up, getting it configured and ready to
 go....8:00 o'clock!!  "Dinosaurs" is on!!  Must see if 'Baby' is going to
 conk 'Not the Mama' a few dozen times!  That "kid" makes the whole show.

      Funny episode tonight, wasn't it?  Well, back to the ST.  Hmmm, might
 as well call a couple of boards to see what's happening before it gets too
 late.  Then back to the second program again.  A lot of new messages
 tonight!  Last board!  Sheesh, it's too late to really get into this
 program.  Tomorrow is another day.

      Okay, nothing on the agenda for tonight, so there's plenty of time to
 look this other program over.  * Time passes on *  There's a lot of _stuf-
 f_ here!  The gist of the program is pretty straightforward, but better
 read the manual.  After first couple of chapters (real dry reading), time
 to hit the hay.  Finish both manuals tomorrow.

      This is starting to read like a diary!!  Both manuals read, from
 cover to cover each.  Phew!  Okay, both programs are understood well
 enough to look around the programs and check them out.  Let's do it!
 Hours later.....done.

      Chose the first program.  Boot up Word Writer.  Crack the old knuck-
 les.  Plenty of cigarettes and hot tea.  Ready.  BLANK!!   Right about
 now you're probably ready to pull out your hair, right?  Ooh, sorry -
 you've already started.  Call Sy Spurling.  What's the purpose of all this
 gibberish above, you ask.  Well, actually, I had a few ideas as to what I
 wanted to write about this week.  I did make a few nice software purchases
 at WAACE a couple of weeks ago.  I had anticipated reviewing at least one
 of them here.  The above comments are more or less a true, albeit slightly
 exaggerated, synopsis of what I went through attempting to accomplish my

      I've seen quite a number of software reviews over the years; and I've
 been amazed at how thorough most of them have been.  It's not an easy
 task, especially if the reviewer doesn't take the time to really learn the
 program.  Games are fairly easy - play it a few times and you have the
 basics to write about it.  But, an application or utility really needs to
 be thoroughly "tested" to mean anything worthwhile when writing about it.
 You cannot keep finding 'excuses' not to explore the program and read the
 manual, as I did.  What you write may influence a user to decide to pur-
 chase the program, or not.  What you don't write may also play a role.

      You must decide what to include in the review and what to skip over.
 Unless extremely complicated, you can skip such items as installation
 processes.  What the reader wants to know is what the program does, and
 how well.  Concentrate on that.  Unique features should also be included.
 Is this program an upgrade of an older version?  What new features are now
 present?  Does it have memory requirements?  Does it run with all versions
 of TOS?  Can it be used on mono and color systems?  Run better on a hard

      These are some things that must be considered when doing a review.
 If you're looking for excuses, as I did, to find a way not to learn the
 program enough to write about it, you shouldn't review the program until
 you do.  It would be unfair to the readers and the software/company.

      What was my excuse?  I needed a topic to write about this week.  I
 thought that I could do a review but realized that there was no way to
 really get the meat of one of these programs; so I kept putting it off.
 Here it is late in the week, and I still don't have a review.  So, what
 better way to help prevent others from doing the same thing but to point
 out a few of the pitfalls!

      And, I also have an article for this week and bought myself some more
 time to play around with these new programs!

      Until next time...


 > STReport's Editorial Page                 "SAYIN' IT LIKE IT IS!"

   From the Editor's Desk

     I can remember back to when I got my first ST.... <sigh>  I WAS one of
 those diehard 8 bit users who felt he could do anything he wished with his
 8 bit and didn't need an ST.

     Picture this... I had just booted "Star Glider"  (I believe that's the
 name).. and the digital voices began singing the theme song.  I was total-
 ly mezmerized... and I might add, at that time the ST was riding high on
 the crest of its phenominally successful introduction to the computer

     The point of this discourse is to illustrate how the Tramiels indeed
 had the whole 'ball-o-wax' right in their hands and seemingly, let it slip
 on by.  The ultra successful intro of the Atari ST put the company right
 on top and at that time, had they really advertized aggressively... I feel
 they'd easily be where Apple is now, if not in a much better position.
 Sure hindsight is very clear, but how many situations must become reality
 before any experience is gained?

     Truly, Atari is a company marketing a very fine product but, at the
 same time, some of their underlings insist on treating their customer base
 and supporters of the company like dirt.  The company, at times, appears
 to be hanging on by its fingernails and still, the underlings are as ar-
 rogant and argumentative as those poor souls in the Middle East.  Almost
 to a point where one of their "illustrious reps" found it necessary to
 threaten folks rather pointedly in public.  Its sad and very unfortunate
 to be happening.

     The success story for the ST was indeed a 'fairy-tale' like event.
 You know, one of those... "it only happens once in a lifetime" type
 things.  I am glad to have been a part of it.  It was great... watching
 all those very well respected computer publications praise the "new kid on
 the block" with being the greatest package and value available.  The hard-
 ware is still a super great value.  The latest group of offerings are ex-
 ceptional values and will compete with most anything in the same market
 bracket.  The users realize this, in fact, most all of us do.  What needs
 addressing is the petty politics and ego trips.  The "tempest in a teapot"
 must be brought to close.  Now.

     As an aside, I'll use my ST computers for many years to come, and I
 know I'll be using a marvelous computer system thats tailored to fit my
 needs and provide the greatest benefits.  The most important thing I'll
 take comfort in is knowing the high quality support from the developers
 and other users has always been first rate and shows no signs at all of

                                   Thanks for your ongoing support



 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 #: 22842 S17/ISD Marketing
     25-Oct-91  13:04:51
 Sb: #22829-CONVERT2X
 Fm: mark hammond 100010,2517
 To: Bob Brodie [ATARI] 70007,3240


 Frankly, I would rather that you hadn't 'muddied' the waters on this one.

 However, seeing as you saw fit to get involved we go

 1). The distributors for DMC in the UK are Signa Publishing. And it so
 happens  that it was from them that i purchased my TT 8M + Eizo 6500 etc.
 Reason being  that they have the best reputation amongst high-end Atari
 dealers in the UK.  And were originally designated as sole distributors
 for the TT (although it now  turns out that you buy one from any ole 'box
 shifter'). These people have been  supporting Calamus etc. since day one,
 probably longer than ISD have; however  when I called them to inquire
 about a CVG->EPS convertor, they didn't know what  I was talking about.
 Hence my plea to Nathan.

 I prefer Pagestream to Calamus, but would like to make use of Outline Art,
 which, of course, only produces Calamus CVG's. BTW. One of the reasons for
 the  former is that there are only 2 bureau in the UK for Calamus, and
 they are  expensive compared to the hundreds of Postscript bureaux.
 Besides which, I find  the Calamus interface particularly nasty to use, if
 only SoftLogic would fix  some of the bugs, and put out some of the many
 things that have been added to  their 'wish list', they would have an even
 more wonderful product.

 2). Mike Dale is the owner of Signa Publishing, and is a very respected
 name in  the UK Atari scene (the now defunct ST World mag, used to be
 nicknamed - Mike  Dale World). BUT...if I fancy a good wingeing session
 about the problems of  using Atari in the real business world, Mike is the
 person I go to see, cynical  is not the word for him, he is positively
 warped, too many years of trying to  present the Atari as a serious busi-
 ness alternative has left him a mentally  crippled man. And mention Atari
 UK to him, and well I couldn't repeat a word of  what spews from his lips.
 I have now crossed out the Atari Help Line number  from my address book.

     Q. "I need a GDOS driver for HyperChart on an HPLJ2"
     A. "We do'nt have one, try the PD libs"
     A. (PD libs) "There isn't one !"

     Q. "Can I use 4M SIMMS in my TT?"
     A. "Maybe, i'll get back to you" ....never heard a thing

     Q. "Could you let me have the number for GEnie in the States"
     A. "No, we don't have it"

 I could go on about Silica Systems, who I believe are your main
 distributors here, but i've got work to do.

                                   Nuff sed.
                                   Synkra Publishing.

 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 23054/23132  Lines: 6  Read: 1
 Sent : Oct 27, 1991  at 10:47 PM
 To   : Roy Holierhoek
 From : Shawn Zweers at Radio STation ~NIAGARA~
 Subj : Re: <23049> Advertising....

 Well, today, in the SUN I saw a Sear's advertisement.. And guess what I
 saw in this Sear's Ad?  An Atari 1040STE with Mouse, and the new colour
 monitor!! AND! Guess what?? You could even read Atari! Everywhere! Even
 the symbol on the mouse!  Monitor! And Keyboard!!

 Conf : Atari 16/32 Bit
 Msg# : 23180/23183  Lines: 13  Read: 1
 Sent : Oct 31, 1991  at 12:18 AM
 To   : Tom D'Ambrosio
 From : Zenobot at The O-Mayer V 592: Los Angeles
 Subj : Advertising....

 Atari doesn't deserve us...

 They don't deserve the army of utterly dedicated Atarians that form the
 core of Atari computer users.

 They reward our dedication being screwing us over time and time again...
 I'm not surprised to see certain users "defecting" to other platforms.
 I will stick to the ST personally because it's cheap, fast, and ideal for
 my needs (which are somewhat limited, for now...).

 Z (Enough is enough. Atari can do what they want, I don't care anymore...)


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                            Publisher - Editor
                             Ralph F. Mariano

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      * "Rumors - Tidbits - Predictions - Observations - Hot Tips" *

 - Little Rock, AR.                       TOS 1.62 HAS PROBLEMS?

     TOS 1.62 apparently has a grievous bug which keeps it from working on
 any processor but the 68000, although it is supposed to work on any of the
 680xx series.  TOS 1.6 was fine, but apparently someone may have linked in
 the wrong code, it seems the TRAP #1 (GEMDOS) handler doesn't check the
 $59e magic word (it says which type of processor is being run - long or
 short stack size), and thus doesn't know how to work correctly for the
 long stack size.

     This just means a bit of a headache for someone who wants to plug in a
 68010, or someone who has a new processor board without a new ROM set...

                                        from an 'anonymous developer.'


 > A "Quotable Quote"

                       "I NEVER GIVE THEM HELL;....
                                IS HELL..."

                                           .....Harry S. Truman


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                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
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      o  Formulation completely compatible with the OEM initial toner and
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      o  The NEW replacement initial toner will maintain a high level of
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      o  Much smaller drop in density is realized when printing in the
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