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From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 12-Jul-91 #728
Date: Mon Jul 15 13:04:28 1991

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 > The Editor's Podium

     From one hornet's nest to another, that's the agenda these  days.  Its
 sad but  true.   Imagine if everyone were busy working on new hardware and
 software for a "fast growing" Atari marketplace.   There'd be  no time for
 the silly  bickering.   Just work  and counting the schekles.  But such is
 not the  case.   And this  is the  summer and  its known  as doldrum time.
 Atari  is  involved  in  getting  as  much product as possible into the US
 distribution pipeline.  Of this, you can be sure.

     Last week, one of our staff  editors remarked  about some  captures of
 posts he  had clandestinely received and what you know?  A whole big tsum-
 mle over a mention of somebody ragging on someone else.   Oh  well, wonder
 what it'll be next time.  The bottom line is simple had there been no rag-
 ging there never would have been any captures.

     This week's issue is indicitive of  the summer  months, the lightning,
 rain and power outages have been ever present for the last few days and in
 particular, the last few hours.  Thank God for the three UPS units running
 here.  Success to the shows and a fine weekend to all.

                              Thank you for your strong support!


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                 WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (July 12)


     We're looking  for new and interesting files for the file libraries of
 Atari ST Arts Forum  (GO ATARIARTS)  and the  Atari ST  Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO).   Twice  each month, during the months of July, August, and
 September, the sysops of the Atari Forums will award a $25 CompuServe con-
 nect  time  credit  to  the  individual  who  uploads the best new file to
 Library 1 ("NEW UPLOADS").  This $25 credit can be  applied to  *ANY* ser-
 vice on CompuServe, not just time spent inside the Atari Forums!

     What  defines  the  "best"  new  upload?    Factors in judging will be
 uniqueness, general interest (the  number of  downloads received), quality
 of graphics (if applicable), usefulness or entertainment value.

     All uploads to Library 1 ("NEW UPLOADS") will automatically be entered
 into this promotion.  Of course, uploads of files already  existant in our
 libraries do  not count.   (Although, new versions of previous entries are
 eligible.)   You do not need to be the  author of  the upload  to win, but
 you MUST  have sufficient  rights to  the program to make it an acceptable
 upload  according  to  CompuServe  operating  rules   (public  domain  and
 shareware programs are acceptable, for example.)

     In case  of duplicate  uploads of the exact same file, the sysops will
 accept files based upon time of the  first  uploaded  copy.      The first
 upload period  will run from July 1st thru July 15th (inclusive).  Judging
 will be done by  the  sysop  staff  of  the  Atari  Forums  (influenced by
 comments from  the membership,  so be  sure to let us know which new files
 you like and why!)

     One credit will be  awarded to  the best  new upload  in ATARIARTS and
 another  for  the  best  new  upload  in  ATARIPRO.     Please address any
 questions to Ron Luks [76703,254] via CompuServe Mail (EMAIL) or a message
 in any of the Atari Forums.

                    ****  CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT!  ****

 A transcript  of the  Gadgets by Small/SST and MegaTalk Conference held by
 the Atari ST Arts Forum on July 11, is now available in  LIBRARY 1  of the
 Atari ST Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS)


 The following new TT Low resolution Prism Paint pictures are now available
 in LIBRARY 1 of the Atari ST Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS):

 DINOS1.LZH -- An incredible picture. You'll swear it's  a matte  oil pain-
 ting.  Ride those dinos!

 DRFATE.LZH -- Lee Seiler's rendition of the superhero known as Dr. Fate.

 IRAQI.LZH   -- Topographical map of Iraq, from CNN to Prism Paint.  Broad-
 cast media graphics on the Atari TT!

 KNGTUT.LZH -- The ever-popular mask of King Tut, mapped onto  a sphere for
 an interesting visual effect.

 VIVID.LZH   -- Conversion  of a Ray-Traced image created with Vivid. Shows
 chrome balls and  glassy  tubes  interspersed  with  the  word  "Vivid" in
 striking red, all on a checkerboard background.

 WOMAN.LZH -- Soft texture picture of a woman, photograph-like quality.

                         NEW VERSION OF PAGESTREAM

     Soft-Logik  Publishing  Corporation  announces that PageStream version
 2.1 for the Atari is now shipping.  See message number 21362  in the Atari
 Vendors Forum  (GO ATARIVEN)  from Deron  Kazmaier for further information
 and ordering instructions concerning this major upgrade.


 The following programs are now available in Library 16, CodeHead Software,
 of the Atari Vendors Forum (GO ATARIVEN) courtesy of John Eidsvoog:

    SHOMEM.ARC -  ShowMem4 Memory Block Displayer
    LOADKY.PRG -  LoadKeys Program for use with CodeHead's CodeKeys
    CLKSET.ARC -  CodeHead's ClockSetter, Version 1.3
    HOTEDT.ARC -  Hot Editor 3.1 for editing HotWire menu files.
    LENRD6.ARC -  Leonard6, the Bomb Handler -- v1.2


     The  sysops  have  enabled  a  new  message  section for discussion on
 Peripherals (Section 11).   A free  hard disk  driver for  your Portfolio?
 That's right!  Steve of BSE, has uploaded the driver files which allow you
 to setup an external hard disk for your  Portfolio using  their Flashdrive
 interface.   The driver  files are  now available in LIBRARY 1. (Make sure
 you read ATFLAS.DOC first.)

                            HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN




                           PAGESTREAM 2.1 SHIPS!

     Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation Soft-Logik Publishing is  pleased to
 announce  the  release  of  PageStream  2.1 for Atari ST/STe/TT computers.
 PageStream 2.1 is a full-feature desktop publishing program which sets the
 standard for publishing on Atari computers.

     PageStream 2.1  features  Compugraphic  Intellifonts,  PostScript font
 support, as  well as PageStream format fonts. Version 2.1 renders fonts as
 outlines  on  screen  for  a  jaggy-free  display.  You  can  print hinted
 Compugraphic fonts for the ultimate in dot matrix, ink jet and SLM/HP
 output, plus use PostScript fonts on any type of printer.

     PageStream 2.1  support most graphic formats for the Atari, Amiga, Mac
 and PC. PageStream has always supported all the  major Atari  formats such
 as IMG,  GEM, Degas and NeoChrome, but PageStream also supports GIF, TIFF,
 IFF, PCX, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, DR2D, Aegis, ProDraw,  and Mac  EPS. And
 of course PageStream supports popular text formats such as WordPerfect 4,
 WordWriter, 1st Word Plus and ASCII.

     Color is another area in which PageStream excels. 2.1 offers real CMYK
 color definition for professional printing. Plus you can run PageStream in
 medium ST/STE  resolution, or  in TT color modes to view your documents in

     PageStream 2.1 is a professional product. It includes  10 Compugraphic
 fonts and 8 PageStream format fonts. The program comes with a spiral bound
 User Manual and a smaller QuickStart Guide to help you  install, learn and
 use PageStream.  The manual is fully indexed and incldes a Quick Reference

     PageStream 2.1 is $299.95. Upgrades from 1.8 are $75 until  August 31,
 1991. After  that date  upgrades will  be $100.  The upgrade includes four
 disks (with the new fonts), the two manuals and the quick reference card.

     If you have not received an  upgrade  brochure  or  are  interested in
 purchasing PageStream 2.1, call Soft-Logik sales at 1-800-829-8608.

     PageSTream 2.1 started shipping July 5, 1991. Upgrades are still being
 processed so if you have already ordered it you should receive it soon.



    Issue #28

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  --Maynard, Massachusetts             DEC AXES STAFF IN U.S. & CANADA

 Digital  Equipment (DEC) has announced 800 layoffs in its United  States
 sales  force and 77 more layoffs at its Canadian manufacturing plant  in
 Kanata, Ontario.

  --New York, New York               SELF-CONFESSED TEENAGE 'HACKER' IS
    ------------------                         INVESTIGATED

 Because of rumors of attacks by logic bombs or viruses set to go off  on
 July 4th, agents of the United States Secret Service visited the Pennsy-
 lvania home of a self-confessed teenage 'hacker' known as 'Wing'.

 On advice from his father, 'Wing' refused to discuss the matter with the
 agents.  According to 'Wing', 'The last time that the Secret Service was
 here  my father told them not to come back again without a  warrant  so,
 when they did, I didn't talk to them. The whole thing is ridiculous any-
 how.  There was obviously no July 4th bombs and I certainly didn't plant

 A Secret Service official said that,  because of Wing's juvenile status,
 his parents have the right to deny the agents' request for an interview.
 The agent further said that,  to his knowledge,  there were no cases  of
 computer attack on the 4th of July.

  --Scotts Valley, California       BORLAND TO ACQUIRE ASHTON-TATE

 In a shocking move, Borland International has signed a definitive agree-
 ment to acquire Ashton-Tate Corp.  Under terms of the agreement, Ashton-
 Tate  shareholders are set to receive a fraction of a share  of  Borland
 common  stock having a market value of $17.50 for each of their  shares,
 provided  that no less than 0.346 shares and no more than  0.398  shares
 will be issued for each Ashton-Tate share.

 Although the agreement has been approved by both boards of directors, it
 still needs approval from each company's shareholders and the receipt of
 all required governmental approvals.

  --San Francisco, California       APPLE/MICROSOFT/HP TRIAL SET TO
    -------------------------       START AFTER JAN

 In  a copyright infringement case now over three years  old,  a  federal
 judge has put the wheels in motion for a full-blown jury trial for  some
 time after January,  1992.   The suit which was brought by Apple, argues
 that Microsoft's Windows and HP's NewWave graphical user interfaces  in-
 fringe upon the company's Macintosh user interface.

 Two  other recent motions were recently blocked by Judge Vaughn  Walker,
 who  is hearing the case.  In one,  Hewlett-Packard charged  that  Apple
 actually  used  fraud to obtain the original copyright.  In  the  other,
 Apple  had  attempted  to end a licensing contract  between  itself  and
 Microsoft, under which Microsoft could legally use some of the Macintosh
 software technology in its Windows software.

  --Tokyo, Japan                    PRICE CUTTING WARS REACH JAPAN

 The computer pricing wars have finally reached Japan.  In a market  that
 has  become saturated,  several industry majors,  including  Apple,  AST
 Research and IBM,  have begun lowering the cost of their PCs in a bid to
 boost, and in some cases, simply maintain, their current market share.

 Apple has lowered the pricing on its Macintosh products and laser  prin-
 ters by as much as 30%.  The Catena Group, a Japanese Compaq dealer, has
 cut  pricing on its PCs by between 12% and 24.4%.  AST  Research,  mean-
 while, has cut its Japanese pricing by an average of 25.2%.

 Although  the  price cuts are good for the consumer in the  short  term,
 industry  analysts  are  worried that the  price  wars  could  escalate,
 forcing some suppliers out of the Japanese market.  In the longer  term,
 this could actually force prices up, as competition dwindles.

  --Fountain, Colorado              'ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH' FOR APPLE?

 Apple's new plant in Fountain, Colorado will will be used to manufacture
 its new laptop model computer, which Apple hopes to introduce before the
 end of the year, according to Apple Corp.

 According to sources at Apple,  portables will not be the initial  units
 to be produced at the plant,  which Apple purchased from Data General in
 March of this year.  The plant will start out making the Macintosh IIsi,
 Apple's entry-level machine in the Mac II family.

  --Cleveland, Ohio                 PROGRAMMERS NOT OUT OF STYLE

 A  survey of 1,092 alumni of college undergraduate  information  systems
 programs  in the United States by the Association of Systems  Management
 shows that programming is not dead.  The survey found about 25%  working
 as programmers and 15% as system analysts.

 Most of those now working as programmers had graduated in the past three
 years, while those working as systems analysts, managers, or consultants
 had mainly been out of school five years or more.

 Though the survey found plenty of programming jobs,  it also showed that
 problem  solving and working with end users are more and more  important
 skills for programmers and analysts.

  --Washington, DC                  FTC FINDS JAPANESE GUILTY OF DUMPING
    --------------                   NOTEBOOK AND LAPTOP SCREENS IN U.S.

 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has determined that some foreign com-
 panies are 'dumping',  or selling their flat screen computer displays at
 prices as much as 60% below foreign market value.

 The screens covered by the determination are those used on notebook  and
 laptop  computers  and include  large  area,  matrix-addressed  displays
 having more than 120,000 pixel resolution.  These less-than-four-inches-
 thick displays are active-matrix liquid crystal,  passive-matrix  liquid
 crystal,  gas plasma,  and electroluminescent technology-based  computer
 displays. Toshiba and Matsushita gas plasma screens will not be required
 to pay any dumping duties.

 Since there are no significant domestic sources of these screens and the
 computer  industry  is  relying on notebook sales for the  next  big  PC
 market, any trade sanctions imposed against foreign producers would hurt
 the U.S. industry as a whole as well as buyers.

 This  is essentially the same situation that occurred when  memory  chip
 prices skyrocketed several years ago after trade sanctions were  imposed
 and there was insufficient U.S.  manufacturing capacity to meet domestic

  --Brussels, Belgium               EC PROBES FLOPPY DISK "DUMPING"

 The  European  Community (EC) has announced a major  investigation  into
 floppy  disk  pricing amid allegations that Far Eastern  suppliers  have
 been dumping 3.5-inch disks at or below production costs.

 The investigation centers on allegations from several European disk man-
 ufacturers that Japan,  China,  and Taiwan are supplying low-grade  3.5-
 inch floppy disks for sale in Europe.  According to the EC,  Far Eastern
 exports of 3.5-inch floppy disks into Europe rose by almost 300  percent
 between 1988 and 1990. At the same time, supply pricing almost halved.

 Disk  production within the EC has fallen as a result.  The  only  major
 disk producer in the U.K.,  for example,  is Verbatim, which has a large
 plant in Ireland, with packaging facilities on the English mainland.

  --Brisbane, Australia             VAMPIRE LESBIANS PROVOKE TELECOM
    -------------------                         OUTRAGE

 Telecom  has been severely criticized after saying that it can't  police
 the standards of messages on 0055 pay-for-message services. This service
 is  essentially the Australian version of "900" services in the  US,  in
 which callers pay by the minute with both the called firm, and the phone
 company, receiving a cut.

 The  incident  which has prompted public outcry is  a  thinly  disguised
 recreation of a recent,  bizarre murder case.  In the real  incident,  a
 three  lesbian lovers were jailed after picking up a man at a  nightclub
 and  taking him to a deserted place where they ceremonially  killed  him
 and drank his blood in self-confessed "vampire" fashion.

 The  mimic phone service is called Lesbian Vampires,  and is a  recorded
 story  with almost identical facts,  including names.  The wife  of  the
 victim,  Elaine  Baldock,  says  she can't believe Telecom could  be  so
 callous,  forcing her to relive the horror of her husband's  death.  The
 message is produced by the Acetal company in Melbourne.

             A sample of the type coverage for STR's PCReport.


    Issue #2

    Compiled by: Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.

  --New York, New York                   IBM/MICROSOFT:
    ------------------              THE GULF BECOMES A CHASM

 The coincidental announcements by IBM and Microsoft on July 3rd  brought
 to light,  once again, the disagreements between the firms over the fut-
 ures of OS/2 and MS-DOS/Microsoft Windows.  These disagreements have, in
 the  eyes of many industry analysts,  caused the deterioration and  pos-
 sible rupturing of the relationship between the firms.

 The  announcement  by  IBM and Apple Computer that they  are  forming  a
 jointly  owned,  independently  operated subsidiary to  develop  object-
 oriented software to service the computer industry,  specifically  named
 "AIX,  OS/2  and Macintosh" as the "current operating systems" which  it
 will  support.  When IBM spokesperson was asked whether the omission  of
 MS-DOS  as  a supported system was an oversight or  by  design,  Jeffrey
 said, "If a user needs to run an MS-DOS application, it can be run under
 OS/2.  This  facility protects those with important MS-DOS  applications
 while  allowing  them  to  move to  a  powerful  multitasking  operating

 Microsoft's announcement,  made on the same day,  that it will ship OS/2
 version 2.0 to its OEMs "sometime around the end of the year"  contained
 faint  praise for OS/2 and reaffirmed Microsoft's commitment  to  MS-DOS
 and Windows.

  --Chicago, Illinois               BLACKHAWK SEEKS SUPERVGA BETA TESTERS
    -----------------                           FOR DGT V2.21

 Blackhawk Data has released dGT v 2.20 and is now looking for a few beta
 test sites for version 2.2.  The new version will add support for  Ahead
 Systems' Ahead 5000A;  C&T's 82c451-56 (including Boca and Cardinal  OEM
 units);  Cirrus CL-GD 500/600;  Genoa 6400/6600;  Oak Technologies' OTI-
 067; Trident Microsystems' TVGA 8800C; Tseng Lab's ET 3000; Vision Tech-
 nologies' Everex EV;  and VESA BIOS v1.1 or later,  those systems  which
 support SuperVGA in BIOS.

 Those having systems using one of the above VGA adapters and wishing  to
 participate  in  a Blackhawk Data beta test program should  contact  the
 company at 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1008, Chicago, IL 60601. The com-
 pany's phone number is 312-236-8473.

 Beta  tests  are  unpaid opportunities to evaluate new  products  for  a
 company  and should only be attempted by advanced computer  users  asso-
 ciated either with companies or the press. Generally, home users are not
 capable of performing proper beta testing and will normally not be  con-
 sidered as beta test sites.

  --Redmond, Washington             IBM TO BUNDLE MICROSOFT APPS WITH
    -------------------                    PCS FOR SCHOOLS

 IBM has announced plans to bundle Microsoft Windows 3.0 with  Multimedia
 Extensions, as well as Word For Windows and Excel, with PCs sold to hig-
 her education institutions.

 Multimedia  extensions provide standard programming interfaces and  end-
 user  support  for multimedia hardware,  such as compact  disc  players,
 video disc players,  and video cassette recorders.  It also enables  the
 display,  editing  and storage of digital audio,  animation  and  motion

 Called Selected Academic Solutions (SAS),  various combinations of hard-
 ware and software will be marketed to colleges and universities for pri-
 ces ranging from $1,099 to $2,549.

  --Redmond, Washington             MICROSOFT TO OPEN DALLAS SUPPORT SITE

 Microsoft has announced plans to open its third product support services
 (PSS)  site  in October of this year.  The new site will be  located  in
 Dallas, Texas. Initially the Dallas PSS site will handle inquiries about
 Windows,  DOS  5,  and  LAN Manager,  expanding their support  to  other
 Microsoft products at a later time.

  -- New for the PC                 Gateway Intros LAN Operating System

 Dubbed the 'Great OS,' by its creators and aimed at the  small-to-medium
 sized  businesses,  a new operating system that connects DOS-based  com-
 puters  into  a peer-to-peer or client/server-based local  area  network
 (LAN) has been announced by Gateway Communications.

 Gateway  maintains that the new LAN provides distributed  file  sharing,
 electronic  mail,  system management,  security,  backup and  access  to
 remote communications products.

 Gateway  officials  said that Great OS is based on DOS  and  written  to
 comply  with  the  Open  Systems  Interface  (OSI)  seven-layer   model.
 According to the company,  Great OS supports Microsoft Net  applications
 programming  interfaces for multi-user programs hooks,  disk and  device
 redirection and node naming, and all the Ethernet Standards as well.

 Gateway  provides the hardware to go with the new LAN software  for  the
 IBM personal computer and compatible market. These hardware products in-
 clude G/Ethernet and G/Ethertwist adapters, and hub adapters that can be
 connected  by  coaxial cable,  unshielded twisted-pair  or  fiber  optic
 cable, the company said.

  -- New for the PC                 Everex Unveils WYSIWYG Fax Modem

 Everex  Systems has introduced an Everfax 24/96 data/fax modem with  new
 software  capable of supporting WYSIWYG (what you see is what  you  get)
 fax  transmissions.

 The  modem operates as either a 2400bps (bits-per-second) unit with  MNP
 Class  5 error correction and data compression,  or as a Group  III  fax
 modem.  Everex  claims that the Everfax 24/96 is capable of adding  dra-
 matic formatting effects and graphics to fax images.

 According to Everex,  the software sends and receives faxes in the back-
 ground,  allowing the computer to run other applications simultaneously.
 Memory requirements are 61k on a standard 640KB DOS machine,  decreasing
 to 45KB if expanded memory is used.

  -- New for the PC                 Windowbase, first database for
     --------------                     Windows environment

 Software Products International (SPI) has announced Windowbase, a stand-
 alone  relational database management system for Microsoft  Windows  3.0
 that supports Structured Query Language (SQL). Although several database
 products for the Windows environment have been announced,  Windowbase is
 one of the first to make it to market.

 WindowBase provides full support of SQL,  the company said.  SPI  claims
 that  users with little or no knowledge of SQL can execute  queries  via
 button selections, edit controls, scroll bars and check boxes.

 WindowBase  ships with both 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch formats and works  on
 any IBM PC AT,  PS/2 or 100 percent compatible computer running DOS ver-
 sion 3.1 or higher and Windows 3.0.

 The  retail  price is $495.  A dealer evaluation copy of  WindowBase  is
 available for $49 until August 31 by calling 800/MER-ISEL.

  -- New for the PC                 Improved Compton Encyclopedia On
     --------------                             CD-ROM

 Britannica  Software  has  begun shipping an  improved  version  of  its
 Compton's Multimedia Encyclopaedia for MS-DOS systems.

 The new version 1.2D has one quarter more information than the  previous
 release,  including information on the invasion of Kuwait and  post-Cold
 War Era negotiations between the superpowers.  Improved graphics, better
 search capabilities,  and faster animation are some of the  improvements
 included in the latest version of the $795 encyclopaedia,  which can  be
 upgraded from the 1990 edition for $150.

 System  requirements  are a CD-ROM player,  an IBM AT or  faster  system
 running MS-DOS 4.01 or higher, 604 megabytes of RAM memory, VGA graphics
 capability, mouse, and a minimum 20 MB hard drive.

  -- New for the PC                 Asset, Marketing Database For Windows

 MIS Developments has unveiled Asset,  a marketing database package  that
 the company claims has been specifically designed for the Microsoft Win-
 dows 3 operating system front end.

 Announcing the immediate availability of the package,  MIS said that the
 package  offers  full  multi-user  capabilities  supporting  all   major
 networks. Data can be imported or exported in a variety of ways.

 Pricing starts at UKP 1,995 and ranges up to UKP 29,000. All versions of
 the software can be customized to meet customer needs.  MIS Developments
 is a developer of mission critical applications.  Asset is designed  for
 use on Windows 3 with 80286,  386 and 386SX-based hardware and the Apple
 Macintosh range of computers.

  -- New for the PC                 Remote Communications Package For
     --------------                            Consultants

 To  take  advantage  of the convenience  of  telecommuting,  Sophco  has
 announced  Offsite,  a new product to allow  communication,  management,
 troubleshooting, and diagnostics of a remote computer.

 Several packages exist on the personal computer market that allow a user
 to operate another computer via telephone connections using modems, like
 PC  Remote and Carbon Copy,  but Offsite has added features that set  it
 apart, Sophco said.

 Offsite comes in two parts,  the commander side,  also called the  host,
 and the receiver.  The commander side of Offsite takes up around 384k of
 system  memory to operate and its list cost is $295.  The receiver  side
 takes only 35k and costs $75.


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       Using a personal computer and modem, members worldwide access
                  DELPHI services via a local phone call

                              JOIN -- DELPHI
     1. Dial 617-576-0862 with any terminal or PC  and modem  (at 2400 bps,
        dial 576-2981).
     2. At the Username prompt, type JOINDELPHI.
     3. At the Password prompt enter STREPORT.

 For more information call:
                 DELPHI Member Services at 1-800-544-4005
    at 617-491-3393 from within Massachusetts or from outside the U.S.

 DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation of Cambridge, Mass.

                           SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

 The 20/20  Advantage Plan  IS FANTASTIC!   And it features 20 hours online
 for just $20 a month!  The $20 is a monthly fee that covers  your first 20
 hours online via direct dial into one of DELPHI's two direct-access lines,
 or via a special Tymnet 20/20 Access code.   It  also gets  you additional
 hours at just $1.20 per hour.  And you get free access to several services
 on DELPHI as part of the Advantage Perks.

 Other telecom services may have additional charges.  Canadian Tymnet users
 have an  additional telecom charge.  Office Time access (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
 weekdays) may have an additional charge.   And  of course,  other restric-
 tions may apply.  But this is still an amazing deal!

                              IMPORTANT NOTICE!

 As a reader of STReport International Online Magazine, you are entitled to
 take advantage of a special DELPHI membership offer. DELPHI has waived the
 sign-up fee!   For a limited time, you can join the World's Premier Online
 Service for FREE!  Members can access DELPHI worldwide through hundreds of
 local access lines.

 For more information please contact:

           DELPHI at 1-800-544-4005 and ask for Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > LEMMINGS! STR InfoFile    These Lemmings are in TROUBLE!

                          LEMMINGS - THE VICTIMS!

 by Jim Nalewick

 The  following  is  the  list  of  code  words  that  will take you to the
 different levels in Lemmings.

 Lemmings is a game published by  Psygnosis that  has been  keeping us busy
 for the last few week.  Very few computer games have kept our attention as
 this one has.  Other games that have  kept us  glued to  the computer have
 been Lode Runner, Boulder Dash, and Populous.

 In Lemmings  the object  of the  game is to guide the Lemmings to the exit
 and kept them from getting killed.   There  are four  levels of  play with
 thirty screens to each level.  The first level is the easiest and is named
 FUN.  After that there is Tricky and Taxing.  The hardest level is Mayhem.

 Each level has an  entrance where  the lemmings  are released.   They then
 start walking  across the screen.  There are many different obstacles that
 keep the lemmings from reaching the exit.

 Each of the different levels have different numbers  of lemmings  that are
 released.   Some levels  have 100 lemmings, others only have 50, some only
 have one lemming.  As lemmings are released, they are  walkers.   You then
 give the  lemmings different  skills to get them through the screen to the
 exit.  One option will allow  you  to  dig  horizontally  through objects.
 Another option will allow you to dig vertically.  Each level has a time in

 which you must save the lemmings.  In  addition there  is a  percentage of
 lemmings that you must save.  At the lower levels, you only have to save a
 few of the lemmings.  As the  levels  increase  you  have  to  save higher

 The 120  screens will  keep you busy for a long time.  And if that was not
 enough, there is even  a two  player game.   In  the two  player game, you
 fight another  player for  the maximum  number of lemmings that go to your
 exit.  The only draw back I can find with the two player game  is that one
 person uses  the mouse  and the second player uses a joystick or keyboard.
 I found that this puts the person using the mouse at an advantage.

 I played the Atari ST version.

 There is also an Amiga version and PC version.

                            LEMMINGS CODE SHEET

              FUN                            TRICKY

          |  Level  |    Code    |         |  Level  |    Code    |
          |---------|------------|         |---------|------------|
          |       1 |START HERE! |         |       1 | NCAOLMFPDN |
          |       2 | IJJLDNCCCN |         |       2 | CMOLMFNQDK |
          |       3 | NJLDNCADCK |         |       3 | CAJJLDOBEX |
          |       4 | HNLJCIOECY |         |       4 | IKJLDKCCEN |
          |       5 | LDNCAJNFCM |         |       5 | OJNLKCEDEY |
          |       6 | DNCIJNLGCV |         |       6 | HNLKCMNEEO |
          |       7 | NCANLLDHCQ |         |       7 | LLKCAJLFER |
          |       8 | CINNLDNICL |         |       8 | LKCMJLNGEQ |
          |       9 | CEKHMDNJCQ |         |       9 | OCENLLDHEX |
          |      10 | MJJOLJCKCQ |         |      10 | CINLLDOIEM |
          |      11 | OJOLJCELCO |         |      11 | CAKJOLKJEX |
          |      12 | HMDNCINMCK |         |      12 | IJHMDOCKEX |
          |      13 | MDNCAKLNCU |         |      13 | NJOLKCALEM |
          |      14 | DNCIJNMOCO |         |      14 | HMDOCINMEN |
          |      15 | NCANNMDPCL |         |      15 | OLKCEKNNET |
          |      16 | CINNOLJQCK |         |      16 | LOBIJNOOEK |
          |      17 | CEJHLFNBDJ |         |      17 | KCANLMLPEQ |
          |      18 | IJHLFJCCDK |         |      18 | CINLMDOQEV |
          |      19 | NHLNJCADDP |         |      19 | CAKHNNKBFP |
          |      20 | JLNJCIOEDL |         |      20 | IJJLFOCCFT |
          |      21 | NNJCAJNFDV |         |      21 | OHLFOCADFP |
          |      22 | NJCMJLNGDQ |         |      22 | JLNKCINEFN |
          |      23 | NCANLLFHDT |         |      23 | LFOCEJLFFU |
          |      24 | BINLNFNIDN |         |      24 | NOBIKNNGFV |
          |      25 | CAKJMFJJDN |         |      25 | OCENLLFHFK |
          |      26 | IKJMNNBKDR |         |      26 | BIOLNFKIFN |
          |      27 | NJMFNCALDW |         |      27 | CAJJMFOJFT |
          |      28 | HMNJCIOMDS |         |      28 | MKHONKCKFV |
          |      29 | MNJCAJNNDM |         |      29 | OHMFOCELFM |
          |      30 | FNCMJLMODT |         |      30 | JMFOCINMFS |

            TAXING                           MAYHEM

          |  Level  |    Code    |         |  Level  |    Code    |
          |---------|------------|         |---------|------------|
          |       1 | MFOCEJLNFN |         |       1 | NJMFNGALHO |
          |       2 | FOCMKLMOFX |         |       2 | JONJGIOMHO |
          |       3 | KCANLMNPFT |         |       3 | ONJGAKLNHV |
          |       4 | CINNMFOQFK |         |       4 | FNGIJNMOHJ |
          |       5 | GEKJNLJBGX |         |       5 | NGANNMFPHW |
          |       6 | IJHLDNGCGT |         |       6 | GINLONJQHT |
          |       7 | OHLDJGADGN |         |       7 | GAJJLDOBIP |
          |       8 | HLDNGMOEGO |         |       8 | IKHNLKGCIN |
          |       9 | LDNGAJNFGU |         |       9 | OHLDOGADIU |
          |      10 | DNGIJNLGGN |         |      10 | HLDOGMOEIR |
          |      11 | NGANNLDHGK |         |      11 | LLKGAJLFIJ |
          |      12 | GINNLDNIGT |         |      12 | DOGIJNLGIQ |
          |      13 | GAJHMLJJGX |         |      13 | OGANNLDHIN |
          |      14 | MKHMDNGKGR |         |      14 | GINNLDOIIW |
          |      15 | NHMDNGELGN |         |      15 | GAJHMDOJIW |
          |      16 | HMDNGIOMGT |         |      16 | IJHMDOGKIP |
          |      17 | MDNGAKLNGM |         |      17 | NJMDOGALIO |
          |      18 | DNGMJLMOGY |         |      18 | HMDOGIOMIW |
          |      19 | NGANLMDPGR |         |      19 | OLKGEKNNIL |
          |      20 | GINNOLJQGS |         |      20 | LKGIJNOOIP |
          |      21 | GAKHNNJBHU |         |      21 | OGANNMDPIW |
          |      22 | IJJLFNGCHY |         |      22 | GINNMDOQIP |
          |      23 | NJLFNGADHV |         |      23 | GAJHNNKBJW |
          |      24 | JNNJGMOEHJ |         |      24 | IKHLFOGCJK |
          |      25 | LFNGAJNFHX |         |      25 | NJLFOGADJY |
          |      26 | FNGIJNLGHQ |         |      26 | HLFOGMOEJU |
          |      27 | NGEOLLFHHQ |         |      27 | NNKGEKLFJT |
          |      28 | GMOLNNJIHP |         |      28 | FOGIJNLGJT |
          |      29 | GEKHMFJJHJ |         |      29 | OGANNLFHJQ |
          |      30 | MKHONJGKHM |         |      30 | GINLNNKIJN |


 > The Flip Side STR Feature         "...a different viewpoint"

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 I finally found the time to get onto Genie and catch up on their posts.
 I found I had been off-line so long, that it was almost impossible to
 catch up on the older posts.  So here are the most interesting ones from
 this last week.

 I'll be gone for a few more weeks, so I'll see you when I get back.


 Where to find Mac roms from Dave Small on the Gadgets by Small Round-
 table on Genie..
    San Jose Computers (408 area code; you could get their number by
    dialing 408- 555-1212, which is information) FAX'ed us that they had
    a number of ROMS, and asked us to tell anyone interested.


 An interesting tidbit about Atari's new CPX control panel from Kurt
 Werner - Cat. 14, topic 27, message 39 - from the ST Roundtable on
    If anybody is interested, the order that the CPX's are listed in the
    control panel is the same as the order that they are in the folder
    that you keep them in. So, you can use a folder sort utility to
    change the the order that they are displayed. I like to have the
    General and ADSCSI CPXs on top!


 ATW info from Bill Rehbock, Director of Technical Services, Atari
 Corp. - Cat. 14, topic 38, message 62 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie
    By the way, the ATW _is_ available to interested educational-oriented
    developers. All support is being handled by Atari U.K., however. If
    you are seriously interested, please contact:

                        Atari Corporation(UK) Ltd.
                          Intercity House Railway
                          Terrace Slough SL2 5BZ
                             Attn: Gary Lawman
                          Fax: 011-44-753-822914

    The current development system cost for the ATW is ~ U.S.$4900.00

    I have no other system specifics on the ATW available, please direct
    inquiries to Atari U.K.


 A ST problem by Jack Hock - Cat. 14, topic 4, message 253 - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...
    I have a 1040ST with 4 meg Aerco board, and ICDs Adspeed.  Lately
    after an hour or more, I get 3 bombs and a total lockup.  This can
    occur whether the hard drive is on or even with the HD off and
    playing an autoboot game such as "Lemmings" (great game). I re-seated
    all the custom chips, then added a small fan to cool the hard drive
    and still get occassional bombs. Could the power supply failing? Or
    possibly the 373 drivers not doing their job. The machine has run for
    several months with the Adspeed in it with no problem, and the Aerco
    board has been in for a couple of years with no problem.

 Ralph Mariano at ST Report to the rescue - from the ST Roundtable on
    Check out your power supply..... look for bulging tops on the elect-
    rolytic capacitors. (The can-like goodies) and check for proper
    voltages at the connector with a full load applied.


 Some interesting tidbits about the GCR by STACE (Sysop) on the Gadgets
 by Small Roundtable on Genie...
    The folks at Fearn and Music over in Germany have announced the
    availability of some of their products here in the United States. One
    of the more notable products is their SLM 804 INIT. This INIT, when
    placed in your System folder, allows you to get 300 dpi output on the
    Atari SLM Laser Printer in MAC MODE!  The last I heard (two weeks
    ago), the SLM 804 INIT did not yet support the U.S. paper sizes.
    However, perhaps that has been fixed? You should ask about that
    before ordering.

    They can be contacted at: FEARN
                              (805) 925-6682


 From Doug Wheeler (ICD) on updating your ICD boot software - from the ST
 Roundtable on Genie...
    I highly recommend the following steps whenever updating your ICD
    boot software:
      1. Create a master ICD boot floppy (with ICDBOOT.PRG in the AUTO
      2. Reboot and boot from the floppy (pressing Alt-LeftShift-Ctrl
      after the floppy light comes on)
      3. If drive C is not available, run ICDBOOT.PRG manually from the
      4. Run HDUTIL.PRG and set drive C to autoboot

    Although usually it's OK to simply copy ICDBOOT.SYS over the old
    version on your boot drive, this is not recommended since this does
    not update the boot blocks on the hard drive which we change from
    time to time.


 Some misc. Supra information from Mark White (Supra) - Cat. 4, Topic 39,
 Message 122 - from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
    We have just moved to our new quarters, the address is:

                            7101 SW Supra Drive
                             Albany, OR 97321

    We also have some new phone numbers, but the old numbers also work!

                    800-727-8772....Sales (Orders only)
                    503-967-2440....Tech Support (9-4 pst)
                    503-967-2444....BBS (2 lines - 2400 Plus & 9600 Plus)

    There are 2 generations of the Supra hard disk interface. The first
    generation progressed to the point of adding a SCSI pass thru port.
    The second generation added a clock and DMA pass thru port. The first
    generation SCSI interface will not work with the newer SCSI drives,
    but the second generation does. If you have an older interface, you
    can upgrade to the new version.

    Ok, here is the official upgrade prices and policies.

                              -- Definitions --
    Full Package - return the modem, power supply, and manual
    Defect - the modem is defective

    2400 MNP.........MNP2-5     2400 Plus........MNP2-5, v.42bis
    9600 Plus........v.32,MNP2-5, v.42bis

    MNP2-4.....error correction

    MNP5.......up to 2x data compression on uncompressed data, always

    LapM.......error correction, part of v.42bis standard (Link Access
    Protocol Modem)

    BTLZ......up to 4x data compression on uncompressed data, only
    compresses that data that is compressible, part of v.42bis standard
    (British Telecom Lempel-Ziv)

    v.32......International 9600 signal standard

                            -- Upgrade Prices --

    To: SupraModem 2400 MNP retail - $199.95

    Full Package - OK $104.95             Full Package - defect $129.95
    Just modem   - OK $109.95             Just modem   - defect $134.95

                  To: SupraModem 2400 Plus retail - $239.95

    Full Package - OK $124.95             Full Package - defect $149.95
    Just modem   - OK $129.95             Just modem   - defect $154.95

    To: SupraModem 2400I MNP retail - $149.95

    Full Package - OK $ 94.95             Full Package - defect $119.95
    Just modem   - OK $ 99.95             Just modem   - defect $124.95

    To: SupraModem 2400I Plus retail - $199.95

    Full Package - OK $124.95             Full Package - defect $144.95
    Just modem   - OK $129.95             Just modem   - defect $149.95

    To: SupraModem 9600 Plus retail - $699.95

    2400 external $519.95                 2400 MNP external $499.95
    2400 Plus external $479.95            2400I $519.95


 Some misc. questions and answers from the Soft Logik RoundTable on
    Question from Jeff Jewell...
    I just bought PageStream 1.5 used. I'd like to transfer the regis-
    tration and upgrade to the current version. How should I do this?

 Answer from Fred.M....
    I'm pretty sure you will be able to do that...Call Soft-Logik (1-800-
    829-8608) or (1-314-894-8608) and tell them what you want to do. Once
    you're registered you should upgrade to 2.1 ASAP!

 Question from R.KREBS....
    What are Type 1 fonts? Are they screen or printer fonts?  Will any of
    the type 1 fonts for IBM or Mac work or do they have to be converted?
    If they are used to print to a Postscript printer do the fonts have
    to be available in the Postscript printers memory?

 Answer from Nevin Shalit (Sysop)....
    PageStream 2.1 handles Type 1 fonts for both Screen and Printer. It
    works like this: If you have bitmaps with the font (and many Type 1
    fonts have bitmaps) PGS will use the bitmaps up to about 24 pixels
    (24 points at normal view). After that PGS will use the outlines for
    superior display. If you do NOT have bitmaps then PGS will always use
    outline fonts which are a lot slower than bitmaps.

    Type 1 fonts will print to any printer. But with a PostScript printer
    the fonts will also make use of any hinting that is contained. This
    means that in smaller sizes (12 points and below) the fonts will
    print slightly differently-- and better--if you have a PostScript
    printer. Type 1s will print to non PS printers without any hinting.

    PGS uses IBM Type 1 fonts. It is not too difficult to convert Mac
    Type 1s to IBM style.

    More questions from CHAZ....
    ...are these the same fonts available for Calamus? Can fonts
    purchased for one be used with the other? Is there a main source for
    Compugraphic fonts and do they provide a catalog?

    Answer from Nevin Shalit (Sysop)....
    PageStream and Calamus CG fonts are not the same (PageStream CG fonts
    retain the hinting and Calamus converts the fonts into Calamus style
    and does not retain the hinting). I am not sure how one purchases CG
    fonts...or if they need to be converted or anything. I will find out
    and post a message later today or tomorrow.

    Question from Beth Freeman...
    Is this new version of Pagestream completely compatible with the
    older version of Pagestream? Does it have a spell check dictionary so
    that users can check the spelling of text files created in

    Answer from Fred.M....
    The new version (2.1) will still load pre 2.0 documents but new
    documents that you save with 2.1 cannot be loaded into PgS 1.82 and
    earlier. The new version will still use the same fonts plus with 2.1
    you can use Adobe Type 1 fonts and Compugraphic fonts!


 Some thoughts regarding Word Flair II's design and feature set from John
 Fox (Gold Leaf) - Cat. 35, topic 3, message 203 - from the ST Roundtable
 on Genie...
    Wordflair II is designed specifically for short compound documents:
    text, graphics, data, caluclations.  There are indeed many features
    that "power users" of wordprocessors, databases, DTP programs, etc.
    would find lacking. Examples include indexes, footnotes, outlining,
    typographical control, and so forth. Wordflair II is not intended to
    compete with these programs. Rather, we see it as a complementary
    program that quickly and easily builds compound documents.

    We use GDOS and FFSM GDOS because we wanted to provide a WYSISYG
    evironment. Good looking fonts with multiple point sizes and graphics
    have become the standard for good looking printed material.

    Most people who own dot matrix printers are unhappy with the speed of
    our printing. Dot matrix printers were never really designed for
    anything other than ASCII printing. Fortunately with bubble jet, ink
    jet and low cost laser printers, the cost of graphics printers is
    coming in line with the higher end 24 pin printers. The output speed
    to these printers is very good, and with the attendant quality, why
    bother with dot matrix draft output?

    The problem with printing using a printer's native fonts is that it
    defeats the purpose of WF (ie WYSIWIG environment) and it would
    require that we worry about each printer's different control codes
    for page breaks, bold, etc.

    However, there is a solution. Using Harlekin, the much discussed
    multiple accessory accessory, there is a text editor that is
    incredibly fast and prints using the printer's built in fonts. Since
    you can run easily exchange text files between WFII and Harlekin, you
    can use WFII to type, spell check, etc., then use Harlekin to print
    drafts. Finally, Harlekin has so many great features that we think it
    makes a wonderful complement to WFII for business use (eg notebook,
    calendar, organizer, etc.)  In fact, we think WFII, Harlekin and
    Tracker ST is the perfect trio for small businesses and


 About Sherlook Professional, the trainable OCR package from John Fox
 (GoldLeaf) - Cat. 35, Topic 9, Message 4 - from the ST Roundtable on
    Sherlook Professional is a trainable OCR package that with proper
    performs extremely well. There are three phases to working with
    Sherlook Pro.

    First is the scan. You can set the scan area, adjust the resolution,
    and even make corrections such as thickening characters that were
    printed lightly. The program directly supports the Epson, Panasonic
    and Microtek scanners. Otherwise you can load any .IMG file. Support
    for other flatbed scanners is being considered. The advantage to
    using a supported scanner is that you can perform the recognition
    while you scan for increased throughput.

    The second phase is the training. This is where you "teach" the pro-
    gram to recognize the various characters in the image you are working
    with. There are three levels of recognition. The process is usually
    done in three passes. Once to run through as many letters in the alp-
    habet as possible. The second time to begin recognition and test line
    and character spacing. The third time is "solidify" the recognition
    of characters. The advantage to trainable OCR is that you can work
    with any foreign characters, bullets, dingbats, etc. Other packages
    that aren't trainable are faster to begin the recognition process,
    but are oftentimes less accurate because they are too "dumb" to reco-
    gnize non-standard characters. Once you have "taught" Sherlook to
    recognize the characters in a particular font, you can begin the
    recognition process. Sherlook prompts you when it comes across a
    character it doesn't recognize. It also recognizes ligatures (two
    characters that are spaced closely together and are seen as a single
    character). Once you've performed a thorough training, you can save
    all that information in a file.

    Finally, the third phase is the spell check. This check is not for
    gramatical errors but for the common, often repeated mistakes that
    all OCR programs make. This module is user alterable, so for ins-
    tance, you can choose to automatically substitute characters such as
    bullets, dingbats, trademark symbols, and the like.

    If a user is willing to put in the time to properly train Sherlook,
    the speed and accuracy possible is indeed very good. The thing about
    OCR is that you have to determine in advance if the document is long
    enough to warrant the preparation time required to get good results.


 Rick Senske's opinion of Dragon's Lair - Cat.  9, Topic 18, Message 2 -
 from the ST Roundtable on Genie...
    The game is terrible. It only runs off of the floppy disk and can't
    be copied to the hard drive. I admit, I bought it for the graphics,
    but after only three lives, you gotta start over. The scenes fly by
    so fast, you really just have to guess at which direction to go.
    There isn't much thinking that goes into this game. I sure wish I
    could take it back. It's now a doorstop.


 A  cute  joke I found in the ISD category - from the ST  Roundtable  on
    This software salesman dies and finds himself at the Pearly Gates; he
    says to St. Peter, "Glad to meet you, St. Pete. I'm a software sales-
    man, one of the most successful ever -- I'm sure there's a place for
    me inside those gates!"

    "Not so fast, software salesman!" St Peter says, "First, you have a
    choice to make.  Take a look at God's video terminal.  You get to
    choose between heaven -- . " And on the display terminal there's a
    picture of fat men quietly punching keyboards, scratching their heads
    and reading software manuals...  "Or, you can choose Hell."  On the
    screen appears a picture of the biggest party ever imagined -- show-
    girls dancing, champagne corks popping, and every man has a beautiful
    woman on his lap.

    "Wow!" shouts the software salesman -- "I'll take Hell if I'm guar-
    anteed one of those beautiful showgirls and plenty of champagne and
    eats!" An instant later he finds himself engulfed in searing, exc-
    ruciatingly painful flames that seem to leap 500 feet into the sky.

    "St. Peter -- St. Peter, help! Somethings wrong! I'm burning in hell-
    fire! What happened to the champagne and the showgirls on the video

    St. Peter's voice is heard softly over the roar of the flames: "Oh,
    you surely understand that, software salesman -- that was just the


 Until next week.....


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 Usually during the summer months people tend to go out and catch the rays.
 Although we  remain active,  we have not seen this much activity since the
 early days.  My hats off to all that are participating in  the Atari areas
 on GEnie.

 The beginning of August, we will be announcing what compression methods we
 will accept in the library.  We still need to hear from you.   Please send
 mail to DARLAH or post your thoughts in Category one of the message base.

 Over the  years, we  have often  heard that  our readers  desire an IGNore
 AUTHor command in the  bulletin board.   Do  you think  the readers should
 have an  option such  as this? Either way, please send mail to ST$ letting
 us know how you feel on this matter and why.   We  need to  hear from you.
 If  you  prefer  posting  your  thoughts in the bulletin board, please use
 Category one.

 The library has certainly been extremely active.  For all of you that have
 taken the  time to  share with  us, we thank you.  We deeply appreciate it
 and so does our membership.Let me take a few moments to highlight a few of
 our files.

 File# 19999  DYSTDEMO.ARC, #20001  DYTTDEMO.ARC contain the ST and TT demo
 of Dyncadd 2.0. File #20004 DYDEMOM2.ARC contains the  configuration files
 that you must have for either version.  This is the latest version.

 File# 20011 FLAGSETT.LZH sets/program load flags for the TT.

 File#  20009  MDATE.LZH  is  an  all in one diary/phone book and database.
 This file is so popular that  it has  its very  own topic  in the bulletin
 board.  Check it out and see what everyone is talking about.

 Of special Interest... Lee Seiler of Lexicor will be the host of an online
 conference August 7.  Further details as they are finalized.

                  **** PAGESTREAM 2.1 RELEASED!! ****
                          Special Conference

 DERON KAZMAIER joins us ONLINE in the Monday Night Desktop Publishing Real
 Time Conference  here in  the ST  RoundTable!! July 15 at 10:00 EDT,  7:00
 PDT. Type M475,2 and then join us in Room 3 to hear all about   the latest
 version of this all-time Atari favorite!

         GEnie Information copyright (C) 1991 by General Electric
            Information Services/GEnie, reprinted by permission


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

 from IAAD member, Dorothy Brumleve;

              An Open Letter to the Editor of ST Report
                Concerning the IAAD Category on GEnie

  July 7, 1991

  To the Editor:

  Remarks by your Staff Editor, Lloyd E. Pulley, in this (Cat 26)
  and in other Categories suggest that ST Report may soon print
  posts which members of the Independent Association of Atari
  Developers have made in the IAAD Category.  In addition, your
  commentary in a recent Editor's Podium column indicates that you
  are writing a "book", which may or may not likewise contain such
  private information.

  As you are aware, the IAAD Category is a private area here on
  GEnie designed for confidential exchanges between IAAD members.
  Members share their experiences and opinions on a variety of
  business-related topics, such as Atari, the media, the public,
  distributors, merchandizing, packaging, and on personal matters
  ranging from the War in Iraq to how to impress a woman.  As in
  any exchange between human beings, the discussions sometimes
  become heated or silly and contributors may change their
  positions several times during the course of a thread.  We "test
  out" our ideas on each other and reevaluate our plans and
  opinions.  We share our frustrations and successes in a candid
  and intimate way, and this sharing has brought many of us closer
  together personally and has helped many of us through the hard
  times nearly everyone associated with Atari has experienced.
  Here, we are free to speak our minds among friends and peers.  No
  Atari employee observes our discussion, no member of the press
  takes notes...with the exception of you and your staff.

  When the subject of a group Category was introduced at a
  formational meeting in your hotel room at WAACE '89, you were
  among those who stressed the importance of privacy in any
  discussion between members.  We know, therefore, that you
  understand just how vital that privacy is to the success of the

  Each of our members has promised to keep the information in our
  Category private, and yet we find, time and time again, that one
  or another of the members has leaked information.  In nearly
  every such case, it is you who has been the recipient of our
  private messages.  We know that you are privy to our messages
  because you have called our members to tell them of your
  knowledge.  You have identified various members as your source of
  information; when these cases are investigated, it is discovered
  that the parties you name are not involved at all.  Unwarranted
  accusations have caused hurt feelings and bitterness among the
  members so named.  It will not have escaped your notice that
  whenever a member announces that a breach has occurred, the area
  goes nearly silent and remains so for some time thereafter.  Then
  members begin to relax, an important topic comes up, we let our
  hair down, we make some progress...and another breach of our
  privacy comes to our attention and the cycle begins once again.
  These leaks are thus a constant source of frustration to our
  board and to our members.  They disrupt our progress both as
  individual programmers and publishers and as a group.  That we
  are reduced to this public appeal is a measure of the very
  serious nature of this matter.  The time we must devote to this
  problem might otherwise be devoted to improvements in our
  products and marketing, thus advancing the use of Atari
  computers, but instead we are having to defend our right to

  Obviously, we have at least one member who has not honored his
  pledge.  This is an internal problem in the group, and we will
  deal with it internally.

  We have never attempted to breach your own private message bases.
  No "plant" sends us copies of your private discussions, nor would
  we accept them.  We do not call you in an attempt to draw you
  into revealing your private discussions.  We do not tease, taunt,
  or threaten you with lawsuits and exposure.

  We object to attempts, successful and unsuccessful, to receive
  information regarding our private discussions.  We object to
  threats, latent and blatant, to publish our messages or to reveal
  publicly the information and opinions they contain.  We find that
  these activities disrupt our personal and professional progress.
  We believe that they are ultimately highly detrimental to the
  entire Atari community.

  Please cease this activity at once.  Please ask your staff to
  refrain from taunting us in their posts, under their own personal
  addresses or that of your magazine, with a proposed article on
  "Things Your Developers Don't Want You to Hear" or with similar
  revelations of our private discussions.  Please refrain from
  publishing or disbursing any information already gleaned from our
  private Category.  Please refrain from accepting our confidences
  from wayward members.  Please refrain from discussing our
  Category and its contents with any of our members.

  Thank you for your strong support.  It is much needed in this

  D.A. Brumleve
  Member, Independent Association of Atari Developers

  Copyright 1991 D.A. Brumleve
  This letter may be reprinted only if it is not altered or reduced
  in any way.


 Dear Ms. Brumleve, IAAD members, Users, Atarians;

     Please rest  assured, any posts which are IAAD specific or which could
 be considered normal chit  chat for  that area  will not  be reproduced in
 either ST Report nor any book that I may write.

     In my humble opinion, it never ceases to amaze me at how an over reac-
 tion  can  lend  credibility  to  supposition  and  innuendo.    Factually
 speaking, there  is no  way anyone  at STReport  can prove or disprove the
 validity of the captures sent to us as having actually been posted  in or,
 are even from a private CAT designated for the use of developers.  Anyone,
 with any experience in the telecommunicating field, is very well  aware of
 how easy it is to falsify, edit or compose a capture.

     As far  as the  letter goes,  ok, you've  stated your position and its
 fine.  All that's really been done by  the letter  is give  credibility to
 the very  things it  complains about.  It states the IAAD is going to deal
 with the internal problems.  Consider dealing with  the causes  of the in-
 ternal problems  (leaks), ask  yourselves why  are these folks doing this?
 Believe me, its far more than  one member.   Now,  if by  dealing with the
 internal problems  you mean  to put an end to the alleged abuses occurring
 in the private area, then we must extend high praise to the IAAD.

     As for revealing the material in question or, ANY material  alleged to
 be from that area, it will never happen.  The references to Lloyd's use or
 non-use of any of this material has been adequately addressed by him.   He
 has clearly  stated that  he, in no way, will ever use it.  The identities
 of all those who have come forward will never be revealed nor  have any in
 the past.   As  far as  anything else in concerned, the book is going well
 and while I appreciate your dilemma, its really unfounded.

     We, at ST Report, being well  aware of  the IAAD  and what  they stand
 for, have every intention of fully supporting their membership and future.

                                             Ralph F. Mariano

 Number: 20091  Name: TO_D_A_B.ASC
 Address: D.HELMS                Date: 910707
 Approximate # of bytes: 2432
 Number of Accesses: 114  Library: 19
 This is an OPEN letter to Ms. Brumleve (and the IAAD) concerning the
 "OPEN" letter she/IAAD posted concerning the secrecy rights of IAAD.
 You can <L>ist and capture this to your buffer or <D>ownload it
 for offline reading.

 Ms. Brumleve,

     First I  would like to thank you for sharing OPENLY your letter to the
 Editor of ST Report.

     "OPEN". That is the active word  here.    By  your  OPENNESS  you have
 brought  to  light  a  problem  which  can now be considered and hopefully
 worked out in full view of all and NO "secret deals" can be made.  Secrecy
 is scary.   Having  been an American for the past 36 years I have seen and
 experienced  many  "cover-ups"  and  behind  the  scenes  actions  by  our
 government and  major corporations.   The people and/or organizations felt
 what they were doing behind the curtain of privacy was  for the betterment
 of all  concerned(e.g. the  American People).  Where would this country be
 if it had not been for  "Deep Throat"(Watergate)?  The leaks  that brought
 about enlightenment of the arm for hostages deals with Iran?

     Privacy  and  confidentiality  are  at  the  heart  of  A.A (and like)
 organizations since the onset.  Still ANYONE can walk in and listen and/or

     Why not  hold these  meetings and discussions in the OPEN?  If someone
 has something to say that might  offend someone  else then  resort to per-
 sonal mail!  I would not want someone in IAAD to discuss me or my Company,
 it's policies or whatever with a  group of  peers without  my being there.
 What is being said in IAAD areas that should not be made public?

     Check out  Delphi(ST Advantage)  if you  would like to experience OPEN
 discussion! EVERYTHING is said in the  OPEN  for  ALL  to  see/read. Sure,
 sometimes peoples  feelings get  hurt.  But when *I* am discussed *I* know
 about and can respond!

     I can understand  secrecy  when  it  comes  to  discussing  codeing of
 programs and such, but not EVERYTHING!

     If people in IAAD get closed mouth when a leak is rumoured, then some-
 thing is going on that  they  feel  guilty  about  and  don't  want  to be
 associated with  if the  leak gets  out.  If nothing is wrong then why the
 subtle disassociation (quietness)?

     Please open the doors and let a little sunshine in.   Let  us, the EN-
 TIRE Atari  community, know  what you IAAD members are planning or discus-
 sing so we can make informed decisions about our future in the  Atari com-

                                             Doyle C. Helms Jr.

                              D.Helms [GEnie]
                     STARTWO [Delphi The ST Advantage]

        Member in long (suffering) standing of the Atari Community

 Dear Ms. Brumleve,

 I'll leave it to Mr. Mariano to respond to the parts of your letter that
 pertain to ST Report, but I feel I have to clarify a few points that you
 made. (NOTE: All posts are from the ST Roundtable on Genie, Category 18,
 Topic 3.  All posts are from me,  so I don't have to have permission  to
 quote from them.)

 1) You ignore post #80 in the topic, the one where I stated that anytime
 I was on-line under my own account,  i.e., not using the ST Report free-
 flag, that one could safely assume that I was speaking for myself.  (And
 all  of  my posts in this topic have been under  my  personal  account.)
 Whether you realize it or not,  I write for two other publications.   So
 you  taking ST Report to task for my _personal_ comments was  incorrect.
 _If_ I were to write an article about this situation,  it could go  into
 one of three different publications (or all three).

 2) In my post #81, I did make the statement "Hmmm..maybe that would make
 a good column..."Things Your Developers Don't Want You to Hear". But you
 neglected  to mention the many statements I made after this post when  I
 said I was NOT going to use this information.  Would you be kind  enough
 to  tell me where the following posts 'suggest' that I or ST Report  may
 soon print posts from the IAAD category?  They plainly state that I  had
 no intention of using printing any of this information.

 In post #88 I said,  "Look at it this way,  none of it has made it  into
 print...and much of it would make for interesting reading."

 In post #98 I said,  "Due to the way I received the information, I would
 only  use it for background...if I used it at all.  And  before I  would
 use any of it, I would have it verified through other  sources. Also I'm
 hurting circulation by not printing it because it  would make for 'very'
 interesting  reading.   If I was as irresponsible a  journalist  as  you
 make me out to be, I would have used the information long before now."

 In my post #106 I said, "If I had wanted to use this info, I  would have
 done it already.  If I did use this information,  it would only  be  for
 background and I would have other sources so it could not be attributed
 to Cat 75.  But at this point in time I have no intention of  using  any

 3) What  staff member of ST Report is in the IAAD area  'taking  notes'?
 None that I know of.

 4) You accuse ST Report of having a 'plant' in your category. There is a
 world of difference between someone 'leaking' information and ST  Report
 installing a 'plant'.  All of the discussion has been about a 'leak' not
 a 'plant'.  But I notice later in your 'letter' that the 'plant' changes
 to a 'wayward member'.

 5) Would  you  supply facts as to when 'we' (myself or  ST  Report)  has
 teased, taunted or threated you (IAAD) with lawsuits and exposure?  Look
 back at my posts #88,  #98, and #106 and you will see there is NO threat
 of exposure in any of them.  In fact,  in post #98,  I said, "Before you
 jump to your next false conclusion,  I am NOT threatening legal  actions
 against anyone."  How much plainer of a statement do you need?

 6) Yes,  you  do  have at least one member who has not  honored  his/her
 pledge,  but when you deal with it,  will you also deal with what caused
 this person not to be able to honor their pledge?

 You make a big deal of talking about your (IAAD) RIGHTS of privacy,  but
 you want to cancel out all other rights. Have you ever read Article 1 of
 the Bill of Rights?  This is that silly thing that guarantees the people
 (not just some of the people) free speech.  This same  Article,  guaran-
 tees  the right of a free press (not just a press that prints  what  you
 want it to print).

 You want ST Report to tell their staff (as I stated earlier, I write for
 other  publications  also),  that they have NO RIGHT to  their  personal
 opinions, even when using their own personal accounts (accounts that are
 not free-flaged). In what other ways would you like to limit MY right of
 free speech?  Do you feel the same about other on-line personalities? Do
 you feel the Atari reps should always be speaking for Atari? Do you feel
 Nathan should always be speaking for ISD or the IAAD?   Should we assume
 that  when  you refer in public to a certain on-line magazine  being  "a
 rag", that you're speaking for the IAAD or your own software company?

 You (IAAD) want the RIGHT of privacy,  but at the same time, you seem to
 want  to do away the the RIGHT of a free press and you want  to  dictate
 what the press can print.

 Yes,  a  free  press  does use 'leaks' (I'm sure that  Nixon  found  the
 Watergate 'leaks' to be disruptive and highly detrimental to the running
 of the country also).  Before you say it, not all of the 'leaks' used by
 responsible,  professional news media concern criminal cases.  Our local
 paper  recently ran an article concerning the wealth of the  LDS  church
 and several of their sources were 'leaks' within the church.  You  can't
 read  the Washington Post for a week without seeing articles  that  were
 based on 'leaked' information.

 Even in this case, I used restraint and didn't print the 'leaked' posts.
 There  was always a chance,  however small,  that they were made-up  and
 false. (But I seriously doubt it. I'm experienced enough to usually tell
 a made up post.  Especially when you take into account these posts  were
 written over a length of time, mostly written by the same 2-4 people, in
 the same writing style as their 'public' posts and partially saying  the
 same things these same people say in public.)

 Yes,  a free press does dig for information and tries to find out what's
 going  on behind 'closed doors'.  This is not always because they  think
 something 'wrong' is going on,  but to keep the public informed.   Some-
 times  this digging does dredge up information which is embarrassing  to
 certain  people.  (I  am sure that Mr.  Reagan was embarrassed  when  it
 'leaked' out that he napped as much as he did.)  But that is the  nature

 You (IAAD) want the RIGHT of privacy,  but don't want the responsibility
 of making sure your area is kept clean of material that could be  poten-
 tially detrimental to others.   With every RIGHT comes a equal RESPONSI-

 Throughout your letter,  I noticed one thing lacking.  A denial that the
 types of posts that were sent to me really exists (or did exist) in  the
 IAAD  area.  No denial that there are (or were) posts in the  IAAD  area
 which  are (were) detrimental to some non-IAAD persons (I won't use  the
 words  slander and character assassination as I am not a  lawyer).  Your
 phrase  "letting our hair down" does not come close to  adequately  des-
 cribing some of the posts I received.

 In  the  past  you have been very  critical  of  "irresponsible",  "non-
 professional" and "taking things out of context" journalism, but I found
 your letter to be full of these 'sins'.   You quote one post but  ignore
 others  that do not support your position or that  contradict  you.  You
 twist facts and posts to create the proper degree of hysteria among your
 readers. You use loaded words like "plant" when the word "leak" would be
 more proper.  You 'fly the flag' and speak of RIGHTS but ignore your own
 RESPONSIBILITIES; plus you want to do away with others' rights. You want
 'professional'  journalism  but only if it's your idea  of  professional
 (yes, real newspapers use leaks too).

 Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Speaking for himself

 from Genie,
 About the TT......

 Category 18,  Topic 13
 Message 110       Tue Jul 09, 1991
 MIKE-FULTON [Mike @ Atari]   at 00:55 EDT


 1) There isn't any difference between TT RAM boards for 16mhz or 32mhz

 2) Motherboard-32mhz machines have been around awhile now, since the
    spray-coated case was adopted.  All of the new machines I've seen
    since January or so have been 32-mhz motherboards without a
    daughterboard.  In fact, I've seen only a handful of daughter-board
    32mhz machines.  However, both the original version of the 32mhz
    motherboard as well as the 32mhz daughterboard do not pass FCC
    class B.  A new version is being worked on, of course, but I doubt
    if anything will be announced until *after* it's gotten class B
    approval.  *I* certainly don't intend to speculate on a date.


 from the Fnet,

 Sent : Jul 09, 1991  at 4:54 PM
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Rick Ostapower
 Subj : HI!

 Hello Mr. Mariano!!  I'am President of STAR Atlanta ST Roundtable and
 would like to thank you and your staff for a first rate online magazine..


 Sent : Jul 09, 1991  at 9:10 AM
 To   : Ralph Mariano
 From : Michael Lechkun
 Subj : SX212 Modem/Thanking 8 Bitters

 I firmly believe U.S. Atari doesn't want to 'thank' Atari 8-Bit owners.
 That technology was inherited from Warner Communications.  That technology
 was merely just another liquid asset used by Atari Corp. to fund
 further endeavours (ie., the ST).

 If anything, it seems Atari Corp. does deals like the Damark deal to
 'punish' those users who did not blindly follow the ST "Upgrade" path.
 Who could have benefitted more from those modems?

 With all due fairness, I believe the modems sold for $29.95 at the recent
 Windsor Atari Fest (in Canadian $$$'s, no less!).   BTW, I'm selling my
 1 Meg, TOS 1.4, internal DS drive 520 ST (any buyers out there?).
 My 8-Bit and (new) PC are all I really need...


 Conf : For Sale
 Msg# : 9637  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Jul 08, 1991  at 3:30 PM
 To   : ALL
 From : Mark Santora at Hologram Inc. - 133 - O.B., NJ
 Subj : Word Perfect Update

     This is  a letter  I received  today from the WORD PERFECT Corporation
 concerning their intentions in the ATARI market for the future.  This let-
 ter is  in response  to the letter writing campaign to continue support in
 the ATARI Word Perfect Platform.

 Thank You for your letter about WP Corp.'s ATARI Development.
 I understand your concern.

     Each product we produce is set up  as  its  own  profit  center.   The
 Revenues from  the product must be able to support the resources dedicated
 to it.  When we first started working on the  ATARI version  we hoped that
 it would  do well  and be  able to support ongoing improvements.  This has
 not been the case.    Though  it  would  be  nice  to  have  the  full 5.1
 functionality in the Atari product, the revenues are not enough to finance
 a full-fledged 5.1 development effort.

     Although we have not been able to upgrade the Atari version as we have
 the  DOS  version,  we  continue  to  support  version  4.1 with toll-free
 customer support and occasional  updates with  necessary corrections.   We
 hope that Word Perfect 4.1 for the Atari will continue to be of use to the
 Atari Community.

      If you have any further questions about Word  Perfect for  the Atari,
 please write again or call me at (801) 228-5004.

    Corporate Communications.

    Word Perfect Corp.
    1555 N. Technology Way
    Orem Utah 84057

                  <------------End of letter------------>

 As an Atari user, any person on this base should take the five minutes out
 of his/her life to write Liz Tanner at Word Perfect.  The  Atari Community
 NEEDS to  see industry  wide products like Word Perfect.  Without the let-
 ters, we will loose one of the best word processors for the  ATARI market.
 This isn't  about support  of a  product, it  is about the extinction of a
 great computer, the Atari ST...

 Editor Note:

     Although there are those who will disagree, Word  Perfect is  the word
 processor  that  has  come  to  be  the "standard" by which all others are
 judged.  It has come to our attention that Atari  may be  "playing around"
 with the  source code  to Word-Up.  Please, Atari... if you must, do it in
 addition to encouraging WPerfect's  support  of  the  Atari  platform, not
 instead of.   Hopefully  a lesson  was learned  with DeskSet and MS Write.
 Let the pros  create  word  processing  software,  and  Atari  continue to
 produce the excellent hardware its famous for.


 > RICK KEENE! STR FOCUS        "The World of Willy Weasely"

                            ANIMATIONS SUPREME!

 By Dana P. Jacobson

 The last  time we  visited Rick Keene and his world of Willy Weasely, Rick
 was making final preparations for the Whoopadoo Club.  The  Whoopadoo Club
 is the  official fan club for Willy Weasely fans.  In STR #7.26 I gave you
 some info on this fan club, and Rick has kept me posted  with some updated
 news.  So, let me share that info with you as well!

 Once the initial idea was formulated, Rick brought the idea up to me and a
 few other Willy fan(atic)s.  Apparently,  everyone thought  that it  was a
 good idea.   Rick  got excited at the prospect that he immediately started
 using all of his spare time putting everything together.   He first  got a
 badge-making machine and started on the buttons.  The artwork for them was
 done using the ST.  He then created and printed the membership cards, also
 on the  ST.  Then, the actual hardcopy comic was designed (yep, on the ST)
 and printed.  According to Rick, it's more than a digest-sized comic book.
 It contains  a Willy  Weasely story,  an article  about Willy and where he
 came from, a centerfold (swimsuit!) of  the girl  (rabbit) of  his dreams,
 and then an article about "swipes" in comics.

 I "mis-assumed"  in my  last article  about the  girl in  Willy Weasely 3.
 According to Rick, "Lorraine  in the  third comic  book is  not the hooker
 from "All's  Fair".   You know  how similar people (woodland animals) from
 other races look to caucasians.  I guess  that I'm  going to  have to vary
 the hairstyles  a little more on the girls that Willy goes out with.  Bun-
 ny, the real love  of his  life that  keeps eluding  him, looks distinctly
 different with  those rabbit  ears and that elbow-length curly black hair.
 She never made it into a one-page story but she's usually found  in one of
 the longer  10-page stories.  She's also the girl in the centerfold in the
 fan club comic book.

 As to the "swipes", Rick mentions that a  couple of  panels in  one of the
 Willy stories  were "swiped"  from a couple of Van Goghs.  He digitized in
 both paintings and then put them on a page next to the two panels from the
 story and  explained how  this was  done in  comics.  Lately, though, it's
 being done using other comic panels from other artists' books.  The Comics
 Journal shows a gallery of swipes each month asking the readers if they're
 intentional or coincidental.  Rick's theory is if  you're going  to swipe,
 swipe from the best!

 Rick is  hoping that these Willy Weasely comics will appeal to ST users as
 well as comic book readers.  If the number of downloads of these comics on
 Delphi and GEnie have any indication, Rick appears to have a winner on his
 hands.  The ST played a big part in putting all of  this together,  and he
 mentions in the new comic exactly what he used to do it.  In fact, he goes
 right down to the CAD-3D fuji  logo that  Willy is  leaning against (Willy
 also sprayed  his initials  on the  fuji with  a can of paint; but you can
 expect that from a weasel!).

 We're also pleased here at STReport to announce  that STR  is the official
 online magazine  home for  Rick Keene and Willy Weasely!  If you happen to
 be in the Boston  neighborhood tomorrow,  the 13th,  you can  meet Rick in
 person.   He'll be  at the  2nd Atari Day at the Bit Bucket along with Jim
 Allen of Fast Technology, Rick Flashman  & company  from Gribnif Software,
 and a few other developers.  Rick will be showing off more of his work and
 will be happy to talk with anyone wishing  to learn  more about  his work.
 Hope to see you there!

                                             Until next time...



   Issue #013

 by Robert Allbritton

 MacReport News

 ***                       IBM buys Metaphor, Advances Apple Pact

 One  of  the  largest  parts  of  the  new  Apple / IBM pact involved vast
 software co-operation through the creation of a joint venture to develop a
 next generation  operating system  for computers of all sizes. Much of the
 new operating  system is  to rely  heavily on  object oriented programming
 which allows  programs to  be written with less dependance on a particular
 computers hardware.

 In 1988, IBM and Metaphor founded a joint venture called  Patriot Partners
 to begin  work on object oriented programming, later, Apple computer began
 working with Patriot Partners  on this  same technology.  On Thursday, IBM
 increased its  ownership in  Metaphor from  8% to 100%, and announced that
 Metaphor and Patriot Partners  would be  merged into  the new  Apple / IBM
 joint venture when it is formed. This brings the Apple / IBM pact one step
 closer to reality.

 ***                                             The Macintosh LC

 I have enjoyed working  with the  Mac for  quite a  while and  as a "power
 user" I  have tried  to surround  myself with some nice equipment. I got a
 Mac IIci soon after they came out and have recently upgraded it to a 50Mhz
 68030 and  50Mhz 68882 Math Co-Processor with 32 Megs of RAM and a 200 Meg
 hard drive. I also went upscale on the  display with  a 13  inch Trinitron
 (16 million  colors at  once) and  a 19 inch Ikegami (256 colors at once.)
 One of the nice things about the Mac II is that you  can have  two screens
 working at once.

 Now I  did not  list all  that equipment  in an  attempt to  show off, but
 rather to make a point. This is powerful stuff, best  used for photo-touch
 ups, Raytracing,  high end  mathematical work, and high end prepress work.
 This should *NOT* be used to play Tetris. Problem is, that is exactly what
 it  was  being  used  for.  My  girlfriend  is  an addict (yes, she's been
 "Tetrisized.") Now I don't know about all of the women out there but guys,
 if you  want to  get along  with the  opposite sex do two things: 1) One a
 month, hide for those two days your lady-friend turns into Dracula, and 2)
 Don't even *DREAM* of taking Tetris away.

 One solution  is to  take her  old computer  and sell it, (her's was a Mac
 Plus, worth about $600) sell her old printer (Imagewriter, $250)  and then
 throw in about $750 of your own and buy her a Macintosh LC.

 The Mac  LC may well be the best value ever available from Apple Computer.
 for $1600 (street price) you get  a 16Mhz  68020 computer  with 2  Megs of
 RAM, a 40 Meg Hard Drive, a keyboard, and mouse. The machine is capable of
 displaying 16 bit color (16,000 colors at once)  on the  12" color monitor
 at  512  x  384  resolution,  or  8  bit  color (256 colors at once from a
 palette of over 16 million) on the 13" monitor at 640 x 480 resolution. It
 will run  Mac II color applications, and best of all it plays Tetris.

 Apple  was  able  to  make  this  machine  inexpensively  by  dramatically
 lowering production costs. The LC employs three custom chips that take the
 place of about 25 chips on the original Mac II. Additionally, the  LC uses
 a 16  bit bus.  The 68020 is capable of going into a 16 bit bus mode (real
 Mac II's use a 32 bit bus) at a sacrifice  of some  speed. That  is not to
 say the  LC is  a slow  machine: Its  got all  the pep that 90% of all Mac
 users would ever need, it just gets you there for far less money.

 The LC is actually a better design in some ways than the  Mac IIsi  or Mac
 IIci. All three computers (the LC, IIsi and IIci) have built in video cir-
 cuitry, but the IIsi and IIci  use main  memory to  hold the  video image.
 This takes away from memory that could be used for programming and it also
 slows the machine down as cycles are used so the  video circuitry  can ac-
 cess main memory and get screen data. The LC uses a separate VideoRAM SIMM
 for display memory. The computer never has to wait to sync with  the video
 because they are in separate memory. Speaking of memory, since the LC is a
 16 bit design, that means you can expand its memory by changing  two SIMMS
 at a  time (Mac  II family requires changes in banks of four.) The problem
 is the LC only has two SIMM sockets, but with 4 Meg SIMMS and  its own two
 megs on-board,  the LC can go up to a maximum of 10 Megs of RAM. The LC is
 also 32-bit clean, so you can access all 10 megs of that  RAM under System
 7 (System  6 limited  you to 8 megs.) A Math Co-Processor can be installed
 in the LC's expansion  slot, but  you can  not put  NuBus cards  in the LC
 (That is a Mac II exclusive.)

 While the  LC is great for word processing, games, spread sheets, and desk
 top  publishing,  I  would   not  recommend   it  for   CAD  applications,
 professional artists,  or those needing maximum expandability.  But the LC
 is not limited either,  several 68040  accelerators are  already available
 for the  LC that  blast its performance past the top of the line Mac IIfx:
 when you outgrow your LC, it won't outgrow you.

 If you have always thought about getting a color Mac, but never  wanted to
 pay the  price: look out. Apple has finally broken the $2000 price barrier
 with color and your excuses are gone. Best of all, it plays Tetris.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile          ***** ABCO SUMMER '91 SPECIALS! *****

                       ** EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! **

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT


   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).

                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

               Deluxe 2 bay Cabinet w/65w auto-switching PS
                   TIME PROVEN to be the most reliable!
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          479.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   5.25"   Y          549.00
            SGN2055     105mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y          789.00
            SGN1296     170Mb 12ms   3.5"    Y         1019.00
               ADD $35.00 for 4 BAY SUPER CABINET w/250+w PS
              PLEASE NOTE: The above is partial listing only!


        >> ABCO is now taking orders for 1040 & MEGA STe Computers! <<
                Call for VERY special Introductory prices!

           If you don't see what you want listed here, call us.
                Odds are we have it or, can get it for you!
                        AT THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE!

                 "We service what we sell. (IF necessary)"

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555) >> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - SYQUEST 44 MB DRIVE         - ICD ST ADSCSI PLUS H/A
          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.
                --->> SPECIAL! NOW ONLY __$ 645.00__ <<---
                   **** SCSI UNITS -> ONLY $585.00 ****

                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<
                    Cart and Utility Software Included!

                        EXTRA CARTS:      $  74.50
                        DRIVE MECH ONLY:  $ 349.95

                      ****** SPECIAL - SPECIAL ******

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1019.00 **
                         Includes TWO cartridges!

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -

             50mb SQG51   $ 819.00     85mb SQG96    $ 1019.00


                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)

           LARGER units are available - (Custom Configurations)

                      *>> NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED! <<*

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -

            * SLM 804 Replacement Toner Cartridge Kits $42.95 *
                       * Toner Starter Kits $49.95 *
                       * Replacement Drums $183.95 *

               >> MANY other ATARI related products STOCKED <<
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)

                   WE PAY SHIPPING!!!  >BLUE LABEL UPS!<

                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



 > A "Quotable Quote"

                  "Me thinks M'Lady protesteth TOO MUCH!"


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