Z*Net: 02-Dec-90 #547

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/01/91-09:46:36 AM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: Z*Net: 02-Dec-90  #547
Date: Tue Jan  1 09:46:36 1991

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                        Z*NET ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE
                             December 2, 1990
                                Issue #547
                      Publisher/Editor : Ron Kovacs
                      Assistant Editor  : John Nagy
                      Z*Net New Zealand: Jon Clarke
                      Z*Net Canada: Terry Schreiber
                      Z*Net Germany:   Mike Schuetz
                 Copyright (c)1990, Rovac Industries Inc.

 by Ron Kovacs
 Last week's edition never was released because of circumstances beyond
 our control.  Not for the reasons expressed in recent email about the
 Atari Elite.  Yes, we have been served a writ of summons of Civil
 Action and that is all I can tell you at the present time.  We received
 this document on Friday.  I cannot and will not comment on this
 John Nagy had attempted standing in for me while I was away on vacation,
 but got very ill and broke a few fingers moving to another location.
 I went away for the Thanksgiving holiday and returned late last Sunday
 evening surprised as many that the issue had not been released.
 Please remember one fact when communicating your feelings when we are
 absent.  This weekly effort is basically a volunteer project that has
 been steady since May 1986.  There are very few weeks where we have
 missed publication, other then a planned one.  The circumstances that
 took place are rare and hasn't happened to us.  Yet the email demanding
 answers were a bit surprising and the reason for this commentary.

 We are almost back to normal, although still on vacation till next
 week.  Our staff hopes everyone had a pleasant holiday.  We will return
 next week with our regular weekly edition.


 Michtron's operation has been purchased by a software group from Newark,
 Delaware.  The new president, James A. Dorsman, has taken over full
 operation of all technical support, development, and publishing.  Other
 support staff includes Douglas E. Mackall, Curtis S. Wayne, Richard E.
 Lamb, and Scott R. Lahteine.  Gordon Monnier, former president of
 Michtron, will be consulting with the new firm to help make the
 transition as smooth as possible.
 Under Michtron's new management team, an aggressive and exciting new
 product launch is being formulated.  Michtron's existing product line
 will continue to be sold and serviced with the usual expertise.
 Michtron intends to continue distributing and servicing for the overseas
 publishers it has worked with in the past, and to seek out new products
 from home as well as abroad.  For more information, or to be included on
 Michtron's mailing list, please call or write to:  MICHTRON, INC., 3201
 Drummond Plaza, Newark, DE 19711, 1-302-454-7946, 1-302-454-1403 (FAX).
 At present we are working very hard to get things organized and working
 smoothly.  Please bare with us a for a few weeks, until we have our
 customer support, BBS, and tech support put together.  If at all
 possible, please submit any questions in writing to the above address
 for the next month or so.  When we are completely operational, I will
 post another notice here giving the new BBS number.  Thank you for your
 patience,  and we look forward to serving you with the best customer
 support in the business in the near future. -- Doug Mackall, Michtron
 How about a Mega 2 for $799.00 CDN?  Need a Laser printer SLM804 for
 $999.00 CDN.  These are some of the prices that are beginning to show
 up at retailers in Vancouver.  Over the last month a local retailer has
 sold Atari stock for far less than cost lowering inventory levels.
 Although most of these units were claimed to be demo stock some units
 were factory fresh in boxes and all units carried full warantee.  In
 comparison, other local dealers are selling the same units for $1495.00
 or more.

 Sources at Atari Canada have stated the new Mega STE will be shipping
 about December 15th.  If this comes to light this could set a new record
 as to the time the product was announced and the time you could actually
 purchase a unit at your retailers.  Atari, not well known for getting a
 product to market on time, kept the Mega STE comparably hush hush, or
 perhaps most of the enthusiasm was focused on the TT.

 Michael Katz has stepped down as chief of game maker Sega of America
 Inc.'s consumer products division, a position he has held since joining
 a year ago.  Katz was previously employed by Atari Corporation.
 Motorola recently announced that it has begun volume shipments of its
 68040 microprocessor.  Motorola introduced the state-of-the-art chip in
 March 1990 with expectations of large volume shipments by summer, bugs
 in the complex microprocessor forced delay.  The chip packs 1.2 million
 transistors on a tiny piece of silicon.  The chip is expected to be in
 short supply for several months as Motorola attempts to fill a backlog
 of orders from several companies, including Apple Computer Inc., Unisys
 Corp. and NEC Corp.

 One of three Georgia men who pleaded guilty to illegally entrying
 BellSouth Corp.'s computers is appealing a portion of his sentence that
 prohibits him from using computers while serving his time.  Robert J.
 Riggs was sentenced to 21 months in jail, while his associates, Franklin
 E. Darden Jr. and Adam E. Grant, were handed 14 month jail terms, half
 of which may be served in a halfway house.  Parts of the sentence have
 some people concerned, Riggs, Darden and Grant were ordered to pay
 $233,000 each to compensate BellSouth for injury to network and to help
 pay for repairs.

 NMB Technologies announced the availability this week of its new
 AAA1M300 series 1-Mbit CMOS DRAM at 60ns.  The high-speed design
 supports direct access with 16-MHz microprocessors, eliminating the need
 for cache memory and allowing designers to create true zero wait state
 systems.  Pricing for the 1-Mbit 60ns DRAM is approximately $5 per unit
 for quantities of 10,000.  For further technical and pricing data,
 contact Tony Takeshita, NMB Technologies, 9730 Independence Ave.,
 Chatsworth, CA 91311, 818/341-3355.
 NeXT Computer announced that it has begun on-schedule volume shipments
 of its new NeXTstation 68040-based computer.  The 15 MIPS NeXTstation
 computer has a list price of $4,995 for a complete system that includes
 floppy and hard disk drives and NeXTstep, NeXT's revolutionary software
 environment.  In addition, NeXT announced that it has commenced
 shipments of its NeXTcube computer, a 68040-based version of its well-
 known cube-shaped computer as well as 68040 CPU boards to upgrade its
 existing installed base of 68030-based computers.  NeXT also announced
 that its two new color computers, NeXTstation Color and NeXTdimension,
 will ship on schedule in Q1 1991.

 From:   D.BECKEMEYER                    David Beckemeyer
 To:     Z-NET                           Ron Kovacs
 Sub: CLI Windows

 Hello.  In a recent Z-Net (Z-Break?) report for COMDEX, I noticed that
 you mentioned that Gribnif was working on a version of their CLI which
 would allow TOS/TTP programs to run inside the GEM CLI window.
 I don't know if you're aware of it, but the Beckemeyer Visual Shell
 Manager (known as VSH) has had this capability since 1987.  The Z-Break
 article made it sound like this was something invented by Gribnif.

 Not only does VSH let you run programs inside windows (including lharc),
 but you can have multiple windows, with different commands running in
 each one, concurrently.
 The new VSH interface also lets you install Desktop Icons for running
 GEM programs and it has Cut & Paste between windows.
 Also I recently uploaded to GEnie a file called "PTYWIN.ARC" to the ST
 RT.  With this file and the MICRORTX.ARC file, also on the ST RT, users
 can run commands inside GEM Windows -- multiple windows, each running
 separate commands.  And this is all free for the downloading.

  - David Beckemeyer @ Beckemeyer Development
 It was not my intent to indicate anything about any other product when
 I described GRIBNIF's new CLI in one paragraph of my COMDEX report.
 Nevertheless, I thank BECKEMEYER for forwarding us this information, and
 am happy to be able to share it with our readers. - John Nagy


 Ever since Z*Net published an article about the Cleveland Free-Net and
 Atari SIG, users have been calling the Cleveland Free-Net through
 Internet from across the United States and there might also be some
 users from across the world.  The rapidly growing user population has
 enabled the Atari SIG to invade the multi-chat area on Free-Net every
 Sunday night like no other Special Interest Group can.  Last Sunday,
 the Atari SIG had the opportunity to ask Chet Walters of Wizworks about
 his two new products for the ST- ImageCat and Mug Shot.  The people and
 things that helped make Chet Walters' visit possible was Joe Adato of
 B&G Electronics, the Atari SIGOps, the "teleport" option which enables
 other users from different cities who also have a Free-Net to port into
 another Free-Net city at no charge, and to Chet Walters himself who
 figured out how to work the "teleport" and take the time to visit with
 Since many people thought the conference went pretty well and Chet gave
 some good information, a copy of the conference is being reprinted in
 this issue of Z*Net.  In the beginning of the conference, Joe Adato was
 sent questions to ask Chet by users then towards the middle of the
 conference, everyone just asked Chet questions themselves.

 (Chet logs on and Everyone welcomes him to the conference)

 <Joe> Chet why don't you tell us about ImagCat?

 <Chet> Image Cat is the COMPLETE graphics cataloguer for the ST!  It
 will catalogue IMG PI# PC# TNY NEO and MAC pics.  We are currently
 working through the code that will print GEM files and also will support
 NIC and ICE icons and I'm working with Nathan Potechin on CVG and CRG
 graphics for Calamus users as an upgrade.

 <Joe> Is it easy to use?
 <Chet> It does it all for you automatically with a single mouse click.
 Just us the FSEL to tell ICAT where your pics are and go have lunch!
 It's that easy>

 <Joe> Chet what are NIC and CRG?

 <Chet> CRG is Calamus Raster Graphics which Calamus saves and loads.
 NIC is NEo desk Icons, bothvversion 2.05 and 3.0.

 <Joe> What are ICE?

 <Chet> ICE are DC Desktop icons.  Those are planned for ICAT version 2
 due out early next year.

 <Joe> FROM the sound of it are there any graphic modes that it won't do?

 <Chet> Suggest some.  Some folks have asked for Encapsulated PostScript
 but I would have to write the equivalent of UltraScript to do that so I
 doubt if anyone would want to pay the price.....

 <Joe> Do you have any idea what it will be priced at?

 <Chet> Yes, for a nominal fee.  The new version will sell for $34.95.

 <Joe> That sounds very reasonable.

 <Chet> The upgrade for registered users will be between $7.50 and $8.50.

 <Joe> I'm sending my money as soon as we log off!!!

 <Chet> No!  It's not released yet. Please wait for a notice!  It might
 get lost.  Please wait till you're notified.  MUG SHOT is about ready.

 <Chet> Ok, MUG SHOT!  What does it do. I still have not been able to
 accurately describe what it does.  It makes things from parts mostly
 faces.  It works like the thing that police departments use for
 sketches.  You put hair, mouth, nose, eyes chin etc all together and
 can interchange parts to make millions of different things.

 <Joe> There are three police departments in the Cleveland area that are
 looking at MugShot right now.  Is MugShot almost ready?

 <Chet> Joe, the drawing tools are about a week and a half from shipping
 in fact the manual supplement goes to the printer tommorrow!

 <Joe> Other than the face parts that come with the program will there be
 any other faces?

 <Chet> Yes, we have a Mr Potatoe head file ready to ship.  One of our
 artists is working on a more modern cartoon file and Monday we are
 picking up from the FBI here in town over 6000 actual criminal faces!
 The 6000 most wanted in the USA!

 <Mark> To set up a MUG SHOT system will police depts. start at ground
 zero by digitizing criminal?  Kind of like the fingerprinting system?
 <Chet> Ok, yes, for a vertical application, we will be able to take
 the actual files from the police and digitize them.  That will be for
 MUG SHOT PROFESSIONAL and will entail an 8 MEG TT and at least a 44MEG
 <Mark> Will the police dept. digitize their own pics?

 <Chet> That's up to them.  We are researching the methods used to type
 faces and will have the ability to make types from our existing files.
 There are really only certain types and any artist knows that.  It is
 not really feasable to digitize known criminals once the part are
 already available.

 <Joe> Are you saying that the files will need 44 megs to hold them?

 <Chet> Yes, Joe, 44 megs. Possibly a 770meg CD disk.

 <Joe> If Atari is, as of now, going to release the CD-Player why not put
 it on a CD?

 <Chet> Well, we are talking with Jim Allen of T16 fame on working out a
 host adapter to hook PC "generic" CD Players to the ST and forgetting
 about relying on old reliable Atari to move product intelligently.

 <Mark> Can anyone use Mugshot?

 <Chet> Sure, it's only $39.95 and comes with files to make famous faces
 and some cartoons.  We are planning some data disks and they are only
 $19.95 each for TWO more data files to make different things.  We are
 planning to release digitized pics of folks from the WAACE show which
 includes Bob Brodie, Darlah Pine, Charles Johnson, John E. and many many
 folks that you know from Atariland.  That's a freebie and will be
 uploaded on GEnie and around the country.

 <Joe> How is MugShot doing?

 <Chet> Joe, MUG SHOT is doing well.  We just got a deal with a European
 distributor and also with a Britsh fellow.  It's doing pretty well here
 in the US too.

 <Mark> Of all the types of applications that can be programmed, what
 made you decide to do graphic applications?
 <Chet> I like graphics.  Just that simple.  I love 'em.  I am a
 frustrated artist.  I have all these images in my mind and I have never
 ever been able to draw.  I can use the computer.

 <Scotty> Does mug shot work in color and mono?
 <Chet> I think graphically which is why it's hard for me to describe 
 MUG SHOT verbally.  I can show ya though.  Yes, MUG SHOT! works in med
 res and high res and will work in the TT native modes early next year.
 <Joe> Are there any ideas after mugshot?

 <Chet> Well, do you have any?  How about something you'd like to have
 but don't?  We have some ideas, but they are just ideas.

 <Scotty> Do you think americas most wanted will ever use it?

 <Chet> That's an intersting thought, but with their budget, they can
 afford the bigger stuff.

 <Len> Chet, why not just make a professional package for police and FBI
 and charge them a few thousand??

 <Chet> That's the idea, Len.  But, we have to get the machines from
 Atari and they are scarce here abouts unless you only want an STe.
 <Joe> Yes.  IBM has several and it would be nice if there was one for us
 to use.  I know that I could use it.

 <Chet> I'll have to explore the IBM versions for some ideas.  How's
 about a deal on a clone <grin>.

 <Scotty> What about local stations doing similar shows on a smaller

 <Chet> The idea is there and we are exploring the possibilites.  We have
 hired a retired Cleveland homocide detective to work out the details.
 It's in the works.... 

 <Scotty> is there a possibility for an ageing process for mug shot?

 <Chet> You can already "age" be adding lines under the eyes and other
 things, but once the drawing tools are complete, you can use them to add
 things.  I just got the five minute warning.  Any last questions?
 <Scotty> is the demo pretty complete?  except for save?

 <Chet> Yes, it is.  It runs for only 8 minutes but gives a good feel.

 <Joe> I think what is being ask is a routeen that will take the face of
 a 5 year old and show what it will look like at age 15 or 20?

 <Chet> Joe, you are asking for mainframe capability.  Several million

 <Joe> It's been great talking with you.

 <Scotty> thanks for the info chet!!

 If you would like to join the Free-Net Atari SIG Conference, 8PM EST
 Sunday night and have access to Internet, why not apply for an ID and
 join us?  Or if you do something special relating to Atari then write
 us and we can give you a temporary guest ID to talk at the conference.

 The Internet access address is: freenet-in-a.CWRU.Edu or
 The Cleveland Free-Net mail address is: xx004@cleveland.freenet.edu


 by Jon Clarke
                           o( )   <- The "Kiwi" is a Native Bird of
                          /  /\      New Zealand. Not a green fruit.

 The top ten Public Domain Programs in the United Kingdom
        Rating           Title                         Type            
        1       |  French Kiss                 |   Demo
        2       |  So Watt                     |   Demo
        3       |  Defcon One Demo             |   Demo
        4       |  The Mindbomb Demo           |   Demo
        5       |  The Union Demo              |   Demo
        6       |  Pump up the volume          |   Demo
        7       |  The Snowman   *             |   Demo 
        8       |  The Carebears Cuddly Demo   |   Demo
        9       |  Starwars Demo               |   Demo
       10       |  St Connexions Sound Demo    |   Demo

 If you have not seen any of the above demos I suggest you ask your local
 Public Domain libary for them, in my humble opinion they are the beST 
 availible on the ST. * The Snowman demo is one I know your children will
 love and I even have a tear in my eye each time I run it.  Most of the 
 above demos are now in the USA.
 The Top 20 selling games in the United Kingdom. (full priced)
    Rating       Title                   Rating      Title 
   |   1   | F-19 Stealth Fighter      |    2   | Shadow Warriors       |
   |   3   | Kick Off 2                |    4   | Imperium              |
   |   5   | Drivin' Force             |    6   | Rainbow Island        |
   |   7   | Battle of Britian         |    8   | Manchester United     |
   |   9   | Midnight Resistance       |   10   | F-29 Retaliator       |
   |  11   | Midwinter                 |   12   | Football Manager II   |
   |  13   | Rorkes Drift              |   14   | Falcon Mission II     |
   |  15   | Metrocross                |   16   | Batman - The movie    |
   |  17   | Oriental Games            |   18   | Sim City              |
   |  19   | BSS Jane Seymour          |   20   | Archipelagos          |
          Please not all these games have been released in the USA .

 Connect your ST to a Sony Trinitron TV.
 If you do not have an Atari colour monitor here is an another option for
 those of you with a Sony Trinitron TV that has a 'SCART' plug on the 
 back of them. This will work fine in medium and low res.
 For a detailed explaination of the pin outs on the Atari ST look in
 your owners handbook. [PLEASE NOTE: this is for PAL TV's, I have not 
 tried it on a NTSC Sony Trinitron, but it should work ok.]
   Atari Monitor Plug                        Sony SCART Plug
   ------------------                        ---------------
         1  ------------ 470 Ohm R.-------------+- 2 
                                                |          3
                                                |  4 --+
                                                |      +-- 5 --+
                                                +- 6           |
         10 ------------ 150 Ohm R.----------------------- 7   |
                                                   8           |
                                                           9 --+
                                                  10           |
         6  ------------- 150 Ohm R.--------------------- 11   |
                                                  12           |
                                                          13 --+
                                                  14           |
         7  ------------- 750 Ohm R.--------------------- 15   |
         12 +------------  68 Ohm R.------------- 16           |
            |                                             17 --+
         12 +------------ 150 Ohm R.---+          18           |
                                       |                  19   |
         9  ------------- 750 Ohm R.---+--------- 20           |
                                                          21   |
         13 ---------------------------------------------------+

 From Usenet this week
 /* TOS 2.0 the new TT_TOS is a hot topic on the net these days *\

 From: glazou@mowitz.pdc.kth.se (Daniel Glazman)
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
 Subject: TT Tos disk available in France...
 Message-ID: <GLAZOU.90Nov12110641@mowitz.pdc.kth.se>
 Date: 12 Nov 90 10:06:51 GMT
 Organization: /u/tds/glazou/.organization

 Hi everybody....
 Do you know the TT Tos is available in France for ST Series ? This
 is one file called NEWDESK.PRG and that's all... Wonderful !

 Glazou ( glazou@mowitz.pdc.kth.se )


 From: glazou@mowitz.pdc.kth.se (Daniel Glazman)
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
 Subject: Re: TT Tos disk available in France...
 Message-ID: <GLAZOU.90Nov13100126@mowitz.pdc.kth.se>
 Date: 13 Nov 90 09:00:14 GMT
 Organization: /u/tds/glazou/.organization

 Waouuuuu. I receive in one night more than twenty questions about
 TT TOS on disk... Read carefully:

 1) this TT TOS (this is the official name) is one file which is about
    290 KBytes long. The name of the file is NEWDESK.PRG

 2) this TT TOS a ST-disk-version of the TOS I saw running on a TT.

 3) I don't think this version is free of distribution. Maybe it has been
   distributed free of charge to *some* developpers in France because the
   TT computer is only available since some DAYS in France... One of them
   did not keep it secret !!!

 4) there is one file called TOS20.ARC available on the finnish ftp
    site : jyu.fi
    this file is in the directory /pub/atari.

    -rw-r--r--  1 548       mat          99459 Oct 21 21:33 TOS20.ARC

    I don't know what it is ... Try !

 5) I cannot send my version to the net because
    * it is in France and I'm now in Sweden
    * I cannot access comp.sys.atari.st in France

 6) One thing is missing in my version : the TT Control Panel Acc with
    its CPX.  can someone send it to me ?

 7) jk44+%andrew.cmu.edu@po10.andrew.cmu.edu wrote :

    >> could it be sent to atari.archives?
    >> I'm sure the entire (U.S.) Atari community would be eternally
    >> grateful.

    I know, but read 5)... If you send me a e_mail with your
    **postal** address,
    I will send you a copy when I will be back in France
    ( end of December )


 Martin Milan, bande dessinee de Godard, Editions du Lombard.


 From: jeroen@pluto.phil.ruu.nl (Jeroen Scheerder)
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
 Subject: The x-control panel - a plea
 Message-ID: <954@accucx.cc.ruu.nl>
 Date: 16 Nov 90 11:30:55 GMT
 Organization: Logic section, Department of Philosophy, Utrecht
 I've just finished reading a mag stating the TT's x-control panel
 actually runs fine on an ordinary ST.

 So, people@atari.uucp (Ken B., Ken S., Allan, Derek etc): I think
 it would be in the in the best interest to Atari, ST users AND TT
 users if this thing got around.
 It looks like the Atari programmers did a real nice job. Why not
 make this effort worthwile and cut us loyal ST-users and programmers
 in too?

 ST compatibility means the world of ST programmers can create
 nice XPD's (is that what the're called, X-panel devices?) if
 only the x-cp and the documentation on creating modules for
 it comes widely available.

 I like the idea of modular machine configuration accs - I like
 it on my Macs, and think it would help my ST too.

 Let's all make this thing work, people; you guys from Atari,
 please give us the opportunity to do so.

 Greetings, Jeroen                             (jeroen@phil.ruu.nl)

 ****--- /* And Finally these appearded the other day *\

 From: killer@niksula.hut.fi (Kalle Kivimaa)
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
 Subject: Re: TT Tos disk available in France...
 Message-ID: <KILLER.90Nov18035802@blob.hut.fi>
 Date: 18 Nov 90 02:58:02 GMT
 Organization: Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

 In article <2740@atari.UUCP> towns@atari.UUCP (John Townsend) writes:

 >Also, please ask the ftp site to STOP distributing it. It's illegal.

 The FTP-site in question has been informed and has deleted the file
 in question.  Also, it has been removed from all ST-specific BBS's here
 in Finland.

 >-- John Townsend                              ..ames!atari!towns
 >   Atari Corp.
 * Kalle Kivimaa         *  In the beginning the Universe was created.   *
 * JMT 7A123             *  This has made a lot of people very angry and *
 * 468 2041              *  has widely been regarded as a bad move.      * 


 From: darekm@microsoft.UUCP (Darek MIHOCKA)
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
 Subject: Re: TT Tos disk available in France...
 Message-ID: <59145@microsoft.UUCP>
 Date: 16 Nov 90 23:29:43 GMT
 Organization: Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA
 In article <SUHONEN.90Nov13082741@tukki.jyu.fi>
 >In article <GLAZOU.90Nov12163930@mowitz.pdc.kth.se> glazou@mowitz.pdc.
 >   I found on an finnish ftp site a interestinf file in pub/atari :
 >   -rw-r--r--  1 548       mat          99459 Oct 21 21:33 TOS20.ARC
 >Yeah! It's there, and it is a demo of the new TT TOS. Go on and try...

 It always amazes me how people try to rationalize piracy by convincing
 themselves that they are in fact using a demo. Pirates strike again!
 The same guys who rationalize their unwillingness to pay for shareware
 by convincing themselves that shareware is equivalent to public domain.

 If it is the same "demo of the new TT TOS" that is circulating around
 here in Seattle, then what you have isn't really even a complete TOS.
 It only replaces the desktop and no other functions (GEM, etc).  From
 the file size shown above, that would seem to be a correct assumption.

 Don't bother wasting your time downloading "demo of the new TT TOS".  It
 is not a demo.  It is not intended for public distribution.  It is not
 legal.  It is highly unstable.  What purpose does it serve to be
 distributing and obvious pre-release version of a piece of software,
 since it only wastes people's time, and will only start inaccurate
 rumors of the new TOS being unstable, which it (the real one) is not.

 - Darek

 #include <disclmr.h>

 /* Now for something completely different *\

 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
 Subject: How to hook-up a MicroSoft mouse to an Atari ST
 Message-ID: <1990Nov15.034149.15109@onion.pdx.com>
 Date: 15 Nov 90 03:41:49 GMT

 Here's a repost of my article of wayyyy back (Feb 1989) on how to hook
 an Microsoft mouse to an Atari ST.  No software changes are required.
 All it takes is creating a special cable between the mouse and the

 I've been using a Microsoft mouse now for around 2 years on my 1040,
 with nary a glitch.  It's so much better than the Atari mouse, I'd never
 go back. (IMHO)

 Well, here is how to connect a Microsoft Mouse to an Atari ST.  (520/
 1040) The Atari has a 9-pin D-type connector.  The Microsoft Mouse has
 a rather strange connector on the end.  To prevent having to cut the
 mouse cable up, I made this adaptor.  If you still can't follow it,
 please let me know and I'll try to redescribe it.  This does work for
 me.  I've been using it for 6 or so months now  [Note, it's been 2 years
 now!] with no problems at all.  It does take some soldering skills, so
 if you're not so hot at soldering, find a friend to help.

 As far as I know, this does not effect your Atari's warranty.  However,
 I have not asked Atari.

 Atari ST               Microsoft Mouse               ST expected signal
 ----- --               --------- -----               -- -------- ------
 1                      5                               XB
 2                      3                               XA
 3                      8                               YA
 4                      9                               YB
 5                      N/C                             N/C
 6                      2                               Left button
 7                      N/C                             +5VDC (N/C)
 8*                     6 and also tie to pin 1         Ground
 9                      7                               Right button

 * = I am not sure why I have pins 6 & 1 tied together, but it does work.

 The Microsoft mouse connector looks like this.  This is the solder side,
 with the leads pointing up.

  |     1       |
  |  2 3 4 5    |
  | 6 7 8 9 10  |
  |             |

 If you can not use the connector, the pins are numbered as follows. 
 This is the connector side from the Microsoft Mouse plug:

        /------------\      This is a view at the front of the connector.
       / Blank "KEY"  \     It is where the plug from the mouse would be.
      /----------------\    The pin labeled 'n' is not connected.
      | n   4   X   8  |    The place labeled 'X' is filled, and does not
      | 9   7   1   2  |    have a pin.
      |     5   6      |
       \              /

 Have fun!

 Jeff Beadles            jeff@onion.pdx.com 

 This feature is a reprint from the December/January 1991 ST-JOURNAL
 MAGAZINE, presented here by permission.  THIS ARTICLE MAY NOT BE
 PERMISSION FROM ST-JOURNAL, 113 West College Street, Covina, CA 91723,
 818-332-0372.  Individual copies of ST-JOURNAL are available from the
 above address.
 Christmas shopping is hell!  Running around at the last minute trying to
 find that perfect gift.  Well, being the nice folks that we are, we
 decided to offer a few suggestions for your favorite Atari enthusiast!

 ATY Computers
 3727 13th Avenue
 Oakland, CA 94610   (415) 482-3775
 ATY Computers specializes in all Atari ST hardware and software
 products, and handles over 2,000 software titles.

 Alpha Systems
 1012 Skyland
 Macedonia, OH 44056  (216) 467-5665
 Create your own sounds, music, and special effects; digitize and design
 your own pictures and images with Alpha System's extensive sound and
 video applications.

 B&C ComputerVisions
 3257 Kifer Road
 Santa Clara, CA 95051  (408) 749-1003
 According to Bruce Corso, owner, B&C ComputerVisions has more Atari
 computer products than any other store in the United States.

 Branch Always Software
 14150 N.E. 20th St. #302
 Bellevue, WA 98007  (206) 643-9697
 Branch Always Software, developers of Quick ST II v 2.1, and Quick Tools
 volume 1, have just come out with version 2.2 of Quick ST II.  Branch
 Always says they'll send a free demo disk of Quick ST to those who
 request it.

 BRE Software
 Dept UM 352 W. Bedford Ave., Suite 104
 Fresno, CA 93711  (800) 347-6760
 BRE Software has an extensive line of software that includes over 900
 PD disks available for only $4.00 each.

 Carter Graphics
 914 W. Sunset Blvd.
 St. George, UT 84770  (801) 628-6111

 Carter Graphics features removable cartridge hard drives for virtually
 all personal computers on the market, and MIDI rack-mount systems to
 compact single-drives.

 CodeHead Software
 P.O. Box 74090
 Los Angeles, CA 90004  (213) 386-5735
 CodeHead comes up with something great every few months or so.  Well
 known for their products, HotWire, MaxiFile, etc., their latest
 contributions to the ST's well-being are the file management programs,
 Lookit! and Popit!

 P.O. Box 17882
 Milwaukee, WI 53217  (414) 357-8181
 In business since 1982, ComputAbility is the oldest advertiser of Atari
 products in the U.S.

 Computer Network
 1605 W. Glenoaks Blvd.
 Glendale, CA 91201  (818) 500 3900
 Computer Network is a MIDI, telecommunications, and desktop publishing,
 value added reseller.

 Computer Off-ice Products
 16132 Elgenia Avenue
 Covina, CA 91722  (818) 813-1051
 Computer Office Products has just the cables to let you put your Mega
 keyboard where you want it - MegaCoils extended Mega ST keyboard cables.

 Computrol Industries
 35-28 3.3rd ST.
 Astoria, NY 11106  (800) 477-2131
 Computrol features MEMORY UPGRADES and says that they use soldering on
 all connections to insure high quality of contacts.  They offer a 24
 hour turn-around and 6 months warranty.

 D.A. Brumleve  (213) 337-1937
 Creator of KidPainter and KidPublisher, graphics design and desktop
 publishing programs for children.

 Data Innovations Inc.
 127 No. Front ST.
 Rising Sun, IN 47040  (812) 438-2604
 Included in Data Innovations' neat products are: games for sports
 lovers, such as the adventure, Mystery Mansion (find the lost treasure),
 and that perfect file backup solution: Diamond Back II v 2.11.

 General Videotex Corporation
 Three Blackstone ST.
 Cambridge, MA 02139  (800) 544-4005
 Got spare Megabytes on your hard drive?  Join Delphi.  With their over
 10,000 library of prograns, you'll have no trouble taking up that extra

 Double Click Software
 P.O. Box 741206
 Houston, TX 77274  (712) 977-6520
 The people from Double Click Software are well known for their solid
 products: DC Utilities, a fine utility disk with all sorts of useful
 functions, and DC Desktop, an enhancement package for the GEM desktop.

 Fast Technology
 P.O. Box 578
 Amdover, MA 01810  (508) 475-3810
 Fast Technology thinks 'faster is better' and they created the Turbo 16
 to prove it.  So, if you feel the need for speed, you might give Fast a

 Gadgets by Small
 40 W. Littleton Blvd., #210-211
 Littleton, CO 80120  (303) 791-6098
 Yes, they're still at it - creating all kinds of emulator gadgets for
 the Mac (do they ever sleep?).  Their latest gee-whiz?  Spectre 3.

 Goldleaf Publishing, Inc.
 700 Larkspur Landing Circle,
 Suite 199
 Larkspur, CA 94939  (415) 243-9605
 Goldleaf Publishing has the fast, simple, and elegant solution for your
 compound document problems--Wordflair, their integrated document
 processor for the ST.

 Gribnif Software
 P.O. Box 350
 Hadley, MA 01035  (413) 584-7887
 Authors of NeoDesk 3 the "ultimate upgrade for the Atari ST."  The
 program's great!  What else can we say?

 5316 W. 57th St.,
 Los Angeles, CA 90056  (213) 649-6434
 Along with membership, the International MIDI Association is offering a
 subscription to the IMA Bulletin, access to their technical support
 hot-line, and a library of MIDI codes.

 ISD Marketing Inc.
 2651 John St., Unit #3
 Markham, Ontario, CA *L3R 2W5  (416) 479-1880
 ISD Marketing can provide you with the perfect tools to help you define
 and multiply your creative efforts: Calamus and Outline Art.

 Iliad Software
 1470 So. State St.
 Orem, UT 84058  (801) 226-3270
 Iliad Software is the home of some topnotch games and programs - to list
 a couple: Maddog Williams (see this issues games review) and Fitness
 Manager, Iliad's prescription for a healthier you.

 Megabyte Computers
 909 Melbourne
 Hurst, TX 76053  (817) 589-2950
 Megabyte Computers has some solutions to your rodent problems: the Pro
 Series Mouse (320 dpi), and the Desktop Controller (useful when room is
 at a premium).  They also have a nice new double-sided floppy drive, the

 1200 S Collins #124
 Richardson, TX 75081
 See Megamax for a fast, high resolution word processor.  According to
 the company, Script not only gives you up to 250 hi-res fonts/sizes, but
 it outperforms GDOS-based word processors hands down.

 Mid-Cities Computers & Software
 9406 Flower St.
 Bellflower, CA 90706  (213) 867-0626
 Included among MidCities' numerous products are an ST to Portfolio
 Transfer, a fast, reliable way to get files to and from the ST, other
 accessories for the Portfolio, and Roland home computer music products.

 200 S. 333rd St., Suite 220
 Federal Way, WA 98003  (206) 838-4677
 Need a graphic?  Get it the lazy way.  Migraph Hand Scanner from Migraph
 will help you build your own library of images, illustrations, photos,
 etc; TouchUp will help you edit that library.

 Practical Solutions
 1135 N. Jones Blvd.
 Tucson, AZ 85716  (602) 322-6100
 Practical Solutions has all kinds of nifty solutions to your computer
 needs: Monitor Master, Mouse Master, Drive Master (all eliminate those
 nasty cable switching problems).

 Prospero Software
 100 Commercial St., Suite 306
 Portland, ME 04101  (207) 874-0382
 Prospero Software, creators of Prospero Pascal, Fortran, and the
 Prospero C compiler for GEM, have also developed Prospero Developer's
 Toolkit (assembler, editor, CLI, etc) to aid microcomputer

 Quidnunc Software
 P.O. Box 819081, Suite 175
 Dallas, TX 75381-9081  (214) 243-0663
 Playing the stock market has been compared to betting the horses.  If
 you're a market player, Quidnunc's Stalk the Market, stock charting and
 analysis software for the ST and Mega, will help you put your stocks in

 Rio Computers
 3430 E. Tropicana Ave., #65
 Las Vegas, NE 89121  (702) 454-7700  (800) 782-9110
 Carried among the many hot items at Rio Computers are the SuperCharger
 and the Geniscan ST Hand Scanner (4" scanning width and 4OOdpi

 San Jose Computers
 640 Blossom Hill Road
 San Jose, CA 95123  (408) 224-8575
 Need a Light Pen with Atarigraphics for your 800/XE/XL, or a 48K upgrade
 for your 400?  Try San Jose Computers.  They not only carry software for
 the STs and Megas, etc., but they've also got the little guys covered.

 Sideline Software
 840 NW 57th Court
 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309  (305) 771 9035
 Importers of fine European software and magazines, Sideline Software
 says they're your number one European budget software dealer.

 P.O. Box 5257
 Winter Park, FL 32793  (407) 657-4611
 If the time spent waiting for those files to pop-up is beginning to be a
 bit wearisome, Turbo ST from SoftTrek can help speed things up.

 Software Development Systems
 966 Redondo Ave., Ste 404
 Long Beach, CA 90804  (213) 434-5751

 Organize and catalog your CDs, tapes, cassettes, etc. with Software
 Development Systems'new Home Entertainment Management System (comes
 complete with DATADESK, a database environment).

 System Solutions
 P.O. Box 433
 West Chicago, IL 60185  (708) 690-0930
 Systems Solutions has racks for the ST, Mega, and Atari hard drives,
 with and without cartridge slots (MST4-Rack for the Mega 4, etc.).  The
 company also carries Pro-Series Mouse and Desktop Controller.

 Talon Technology
 243 N. Hwy. 101, Ste 11
 Solana Beach, CA 92075  (619) 792-6511
 Talon Technology has a number of outstanding products for the Atari,
 including SuperCharger, Omniswitch, and the Acer monitor.

 Toad Computers
 556 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.
 Severna Park, MD 21146  (301) 544-6943
 These wild and crazy guys have a great assortment of Toad hard drives,
 files, and other stuff. Heck, they even have Tadpole Internals.  Dave
 Small says, "I love the drives."

 WuzTEK Omnimon Peripherals
 One Technology Drive, Bldg. 1E, Suite 301
 Irvine, CA 92718  (714) 753-9253
 WuzTEK of Irvine, California is the manufacturer ofthe OMNIMON Rainbow
 & Greyscale multi-resolution monitors, and D.E.K.A., the detachable,
 extended PC keyboard adaptor for Atari ST computers.

 Zephyr and ST Plus
 P.O. 1197
 Berkeley,CA 94701  (415) 548-8999
 Zephyr and ST Plus, "catering to the professional desktop publishing and
 video market," have an abundance of fine software and hardware that
 should cover all of your needs.

 The holidays are upon us.  Christmas is coming soon - time to start your
 wish list now!


 the magazine for amiga & atari publishing
                                                           MAGAZINE INFO
 Radical Type is the only publication dedicated to Amiga and Atari
 desktop publishing.  Radical Type concentrates on Soft-Logik PageStream
 based publishing systems.  Coverage is being expanded to provide an
 emphasis on Migraph TouchUp, Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint and Gold Disk
 Professional Page 2.  Plus every issue of Radical Type reviews new
 fonts, art and other desktop publishing products.
 Radical Type is published bimonthly and started off as a newsletter in
 April 1990.  It is growing rapidly and is now a small magazine.
 I     D     E     A           F     O     R     M     S          1
 Soft-Logik's PageStream frees us from the constraints of traditional
 page creation and offers us powers and features we have only begun to
 use.  However, many publishing tasks are still repetitive.  Enter Idea
 Forms 1.
 Idea Forms 1 has templates and forms for schools, clubs, home and small
 business needs for use with PageStream.  Idea Forms 1 templates help you
 produce letters, reports, books, newsletters, common stationery and
 other useful documents faster than ever!
 Idea Forms 1 has 2 disks and a short guide to using the templates.  To
 make this productivity package an even better value, you get the Voodoo
 symbol font at no extra charge!  The current release of Idea Forms 1 is
 in PageStream 1.8 format.  It is being updated for 2.0 and the update
 will be sent free to registered owners.  The 2.0 version will include
 several additional templates and style sheets using the new 2.0
 Pay by money order, check or Visa. Please make checks and money orders
 payable to I-Koen Design. Send orders to:
 I-Koen Design
 PO Box 107
 Lazo, BC, V0R 2K0, Canada
 * Visa: include name on card, expiry, and billing address.
 * US Visa orders are billed in Canadian funds at the listed prices.
   Send Visa orders by GEnie Mail to M.LOADER1. MC/Amex/Discover not
 * PD Disk 1 contains PD PageStream fonts. Disk 2 has 24 point screen 
   fonts for Soft-Logik Atari Font Disks 6 to 17. (Atari only).  Disks 3
   and 4 have IMG clip art for the Atari and IFF clip art for the Amiga.
   Each comes with a sheet showing the disk contents for easy reference.
 PRICE LIST: EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1 - subject to change without notice
 US ORDERS: The prices have been changed to reflect impending hikes in
 Canadian postal rates and a new tax on postage.  Shipping and handling
 is included in all prices.  Prices are not subject to any other taxes.
 For Radical Type, you have a choice between air and surface mail.  Note
 that Visa orders are billed in Cnd dollars ($1.00Cnd approx = $0.85 ->
 US ORDERS              || Check/Money Order || Visa Orders     || TOTAL
 prices include shipping|| $US               || $Cnd            ||
 Radical Type - air     || $18.70 US         || $21.40 Cnd      || $
 Radical Type - surface || $19.80 US         || $22.70 Cnd      || $
 Back Issues            || $ 4.95 US         || $ 5.60 Cnd      || $
 Idea Forms 1           || $29.10 US         || $33.60 Cnd      || $
 PD Club 1 PD PgS Fonts || $ 5.00 US*        || $ 5.80 Cnd*     || $
 PD Club 2 Screen Fonts || $ 5.00 US*        || $ 5.80 Cnd*     || $
 PD Club 3 PD Clip Art  || $ 5.00 US*        || $ 5.80 Cnd*     || $
 PD Club 4 PD Clip Art  || $ 5.00 US*        || $ 5.80 Cnd*     || $
 PD Club 5 PD PgS Fonts || $ 5.00 US*        || $ 5.80 Cnd*     || $
 TOTAL ||  Send Atari disks [    ]     Send Amiga disks [    ]  || $
 * price is 4.50US/4.90Cnd per disk when 2 or more are ordered.
 CANADIAN ORDERS: The prices have been changed to reflect impending hikes
 in postal rates, plus the GST which is also applied to postage.
 Shipping and handling has been separated from all prices to avoid double
 GST taxing.  It may seem strange to separate a magazine cost into price
 and shipping, but hey, this is radical.  Because taxes are getting
 confusing, the order blank below calculates them for you.  BC residents
 please add the 6% PST column.  All Canadian residents please add the 7%
 GST column for orders after Jan 1/90 (if the GST is law).  Then add the
 shipping column and total them together.
 CANADIAN ORDERS        || Price  || 6% BC || 7%    || Shipping || TOTAL
                        ||        || PST   || GST   ||          ||
 Radical Type - air     || $16.00 ||   n/a ||  1.12 ||     5.16 || $
 Back Issues            || $ 4.50 ||   n/a ||  0.32 ||     0.86 || $
 Idea Forms 1           || $30.00 ||  1.80 ||  2.10 ||     2.15 || $
 PD Club 1 PD PgS Fonts || $ 5.00 ||  0.30 ||  0.35 ||     0.86*|| $
 PD Club 2 Screen Fonts || $ 5.00 ||  0.30 ||  0.35 ||     0.86*|| $
 PD Club 3 PD Clip Art  || $ 5.00 ||  0.30 ||  0.35 ||     0.86*|| $
 PD Club 4 PD Clip Art  || $ 5.00 ||  0.30 ||  0.35 ||     0.86*|| $
 PD Club 5 PD PgS Fonts || $ 5.00 ||  0.30 ||  0.35 ||     0.86*|| $
 TOTAL ||  Send Atari disks [    ]     Send Amiga disks [    ]  || $
 * shipping is $.86 for one to two disks and $1.29 for three to four

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