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From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 10/07/90-01:41:41 PM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 28-Sep-90  #639
Date: Sun Oct  7 13:41:41 1990

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 Category 26,  Topic 9
 Message 184       Wed Sep 26, 1990
 DAVESMALL                    at 20:45 EDT
 HackerCon doesn't really have transcripts. It was at  a campground  in the
 mountains west of Silicon Valley. Saw Bill at #2,  Andy at #2 and #3 (86 &

  They were the sort of people you'd like to work with, y'know?

 Just got word of  who's been  spreading the  "Gadgets is  Doomed" rumours.
 According to  three different  folks, it's  Denny Hayes.  Thing is, I have
 absolutely no idea why.

 Some speculations come to mind; in  the meantime,  I've already  talked to
 Mr. LegalMan about a letter for Dear Denny, telling him to quit lying.

  Sure a pain to have to clean up after someone like that.

  -- thanks, Dave / Gadgets


 Upon re-examination of the paragraphs in question.......

     The  two   paragraphs  noted   below  are  indeed  accurate  in  their
 representations and still, I do not find the  _NAME_  of   *ANY*   person,
 persons, company  or corporation  noted as  having done  anything right or
 wrong in these comments.  As far as the comment:

 Singletary writes:

     "Interestingly another fellow ST'er called me  telling of difficulties
     in ordering  a GCR  just this  past week.   After calling all over the
     country  he finally  found ONE in Illinois.   Since Dennis  was raided
     in July,  I  can't help  but wonder if,  since Dennis seemed to be THE
     MAJOR SUPPLIER of MAC ROMS, this doesn't have something to do with it.
     If so,  Apple may  have effectively  put a choke hold on the emulation
     business in general."

     In pointing out the GCR as  the product  being sought,  there may have
 been  an  element  of  confusion  introduced.    On  this  point  STReport
 clarifies, for the record; according to  all the  information available to
 STReport, the  GCR is  in no way involved in the Dennis Hayes matter other
 than simply being one of the  Apple MacIntosh  Emulators (GCR,  AMAC etc.)
 that *  COULD POSSIBLY  * use  the type of chips Dennis Hayes has admitted
 counterfeiting.  Although, during the  summer  months  there  had  been an
 effect upon  the distribution  of the  GCR by  a PAL failure and recall of
 product, (quickly  correcting the  PAL problem),  it should  be noted that
 there is  no apparent relationship between that slowdown and the arrest of
 Dennis Hayes  or the  cessation of  production/availability of counterfeit
 Apple 128k Roms.

 In the editor's commentary in last week's article, re-printed here:

     "In most  situations such  as this  the reports  about an arrest would
     normally appear at the time of  the arrest,  not 2  months later.   In
     fact, to find that the 'defendant' has already plead guilty would seem
     to indicate that a "deal" had been cut.  A deal could  be comprised of
     many  things,  ie.,  admissions,  additional testimony, implication of
     others,  full  co-operation  in  the  prosecution  of  other "related"
     cases..   etc..   As a  result, one  can safely assume that the "shock
     waves" from this particular bust will be felt for some time to come.  

     Additionally, the  word is  that Apple  may be  considering a sweeping
     civil  matter  involving  those  individuals  who  were engaged in the
     quantity distribution of the chips and software."

     STReport finds no problems whatsoever with  these two  paragraphs.  In
 fact, a very reasonable explanation has been offered as to why the strange
 timing of the Dennis Hayes matter.   There  are absolutely  no suggestive,
 hinted or otherwise alluded to, indications toward any entity in a deroga-
 tory manner.  As far as  Apple's  intention's,  (Apple  *  MAY  *), again;
 STReport detailed a possibility, _ not _ a "cut in granite proclamation."
     As  far  as  CENSORSHIP  is  concerned, STReport fully agrees with Mr.
 Small.  STReport felt it  *  appropriate  *  to  provide  the  FULL REPORT
 supplied by  our reporter  detailing completely  * ALL * his conversations
 with Dennis Hayes.

     As for the CRIME itself, it  cannot be  played down,  5000 counterfeit
 Apple ROM  sets translates  into $500,000 (half million dollars).  This is
 but one of the FACTS  provided  by  the  original  press  release provided
 verbatim in our issue last week.
     In no way shape or form were _any_  individuals, companies  or corpor-
 ations directly  implicated in  this or  any part  of the release.  Dennis
 Hayes is the ONLY person named in the account of  this particularly offen-
 sive case.

 Later Monday  evening STReport  received a  call from Dave Small, the fol-
 lowing is a condensed representation of that conversation.

                  **** EXCLUSIVE STREPORT INTERVIEW ****

                               DAVID SMALL 

 Interview by  R.F. Mariano  

     In almost every news story and for that matter every  story, there are
 three sides, side (a), side (b) and the non-partial side.  In this matter,
 Streport will make every attempt to show the full and  totally non-partial
 picture as  it has  unfolded to  date.   Above, we  re-printed last week's
 article and below we present further information.   The magnitude  of this
 case is  such that  full clarification is warranted and every attempt will
 be made to bring out only  the real  facts as  they are  obtained from the
 principals involved in this matter.
     Dave Small  has been called a genius, a guru, the King of the Emulator
 designers and perhaps a  few other  well deserved,  praise filled, titles.
 When he  called Monday night in response to my request for an interview in
 a very informal format, I concluded he was a man willing to  clear the air
 of confusion  and set  the record  straight.   The following, although not
 very long, conveys what STReport feels are the necessary clarifications.

 We begin with;

 What is your impression of this whole mess?

     "Shocking astonishment.. Surprise, In fact, I was totally unaware that
     an operation of this type was technically possible.  I never suspected
     this at all"

 Was Dennis Hayes a Beta-tester for you at any level?

     "No, He was never a beta-tester for me or my company.

 What effect, if any, do you feel this latest development will have  on the
 emulation market?

     "There  are  plenty  of  128k  roms  available.  There is no reason to
     expect this matter to  adversely effect  the market  at all.   For ex-
     ample, the  numbers of surplus 128k rev (a) roms is large, (they had a
     scsi boot bug), since our device ignores the mac scsi  driver, the bug
     does not  effect us  in any  way.   Subsequently they (Apple) came out
     with the 128k rev (b) roms, these fixed the scsi bug. But  it introdu-
     ced the  blind read slow down.  No big deal, our device still operates
     fine with this revision.  Rev (c) fixed  everything.   However, if one
     considers the  number of chips left over after the revision swap outs,
     that's alot of loose, unused chips floating around."

 Have you or do you handle any ROM Chip sales.
     "We do not handle any sales of ROM chips at all."
 Can you possibly estimate how many machines Apple ships per month?

     "The last  time I  checked it  was in  the neighborhood  of 70,000 per

 Would  is  be  safe  to  say  then that considering the number of machines
 shipped per month plus the number of revisions  translates into  plenty of
 non-counterfeit 128k rom being available?

     "There is  no doubt that the numbers are quite high, 128k roms will be
     around for quite some time to  come.   I hadn't  mentioned the upgrade
     kits that  were so plentiful for some time in the past, in fact, there
     were so many of them that  many were  dumped on  jobbers and  split up
     with the  800k floppy  drive going  in one direction and the 128k roms
     going in another."
 Dave, in closing this interview, have you any thoughts you  wish to convey
 to the readers?

     "This situation  is truly  temporary and will most certainly blow over
     as most all controversies do.  There are plenty of  legitimate sources
     for the 128k roms and therefore there is no problem in the foreseeable
     future.  Things at GBS are on a 'business as usual' basis  and we have
     a bunch of GCRs to ship at this time."

     For  the  record,  never  was  the thought entertained, not even for a
 split second, that anybody at  GBS  knew  anything  concerning  the Dennis
 Hayes matter.   In  fact the  news of  his arrest  came as  a complete and
 stunning shock to us as well. 


                  **** EXCLUSIVE STREPORT INTERVIEW ****


                               DENNIS HAYES

     After all the various comments about who said what and what was or was
 not true  and who should've done this or that have been heard.  We decided
 to interview Dennis Hayes himself.    Tuesday  morning  09/25/90, STReport
 contacted Mr.  Dennis Hayes  and the  following interview was obtained ex-
 clusively by STReport.  We also have the original news article for refere-
 nce and  have requested information from the Ass't US Attorney's Office as

 To begin;

     As a refresher, let's take a moment to review the  documented history,
 during July,  1990 Dennis Hayes was served with a search warrant by Agents
 from the IRS and the FBI  who searched  Hayes' home  at 12145  Bear Valley
 Court  for  the  purpose  of  gathering  evidence  relative  to an ongoing
 investigation pertaining to charges he was counterfeiting Apple 128k Roms.
 Subsequently, Mr. Hayes plead guilty to the charges.  This was made public
 on Sept. 10, 1990 through information released by U.S. Attorney D. Michael
 Crites.   Also, according to Hayes, as part of the guilty plea, he (Hayes)
 agreed to testify and/or fully  co-operate  with  the  authorities  in the
 investigation and prosecution of future cases related to this matter.

 In a  telephone interview  during the  morning of  Tuesday, 10 Sept. 1990,
 STReport asked:

 Are you the Dennis "Denny" Hayes referred to in the  article that appeared
 in the Cincinatti Post on Sept. 10 about the counterfeit Apple Roms?

     "Yes, I am."

 Mr. Hayes,  what in  your own words, happened beginning with the events in

     "Agents from the FBI and the IRS arrived at my home with  court papers
     allowing them  to search the house.  Through the course of the search,
     they removed all my computer equipment, the photocopier, a fax machine
     and all  my business  records, electronic  and hard  copy.  Also, they
     seized my 1987  IROC  Z  and  my  Piper  Comanche  airplane,  cash and
     travelers checks.   They also saw fit to take my Gun Collection, which
     included a  number of  handguns and  4 glass  showcase encased, nickel
     plated, Federally  licensed (200.00  each gun,  License Fee), UZI sub-
     machine guns._ Ultimately after many consultations  with my attorneys,
     I  entered  a  plea  of  guilty  to  the  charges  listed in the press

 Mr. Hayes, were there  any special  arrangements agreed  upon and/or other
 charges pending that were dropped in consideration for your guilty plea?

     "Yes I  agreed to  assist the  authorities in any proceedings that may
     result from my case and  for  this  they  dropped  a  number  of other
     pending charges."

 Mr. Hayes,  When you  say "assist" does that also possibly include testify
 as a witness for the government  in  the  prosecution  of  others  who are
 investigated and charged as a result of your case?

     "Yes, that is a part of the agreement."

 Mr. Hayes,  I would  like to  read to you an accounting of the events that
 took place involving your case that appeared in STReport 6.38  9/21/90.  I
 would  like  your  comments  on  the validity and accuracy of the article.
 Would that be ok?  Mr. Hayes acknowledged it would  be ok.   After reading
 the article to Mr. Hayes we asked if the information was accurate.

     "It's really  very accurate  except that I was never a Beta-Tester for
     anyone, my close friend Bruce was  a beta-tester,  maybe your reporter
     got the  two of  us confused.  Also, I was never listed in the Spectre
     Manual as a source of Rom chips.   That list  was actually  a separate
     slip of paper that was inserted into the Spectre package. It listed me
     along with a number of other  sources of  ROM chips.   It  also listed
     sources for PD Spectre and Mac disks."

 How many  entries would  you say there was in the database that was seized
 by the authorities?

     "Every person or business I ever delivered Roms  to was  in that data-
     base.  They have all those records, every last one of them."

 Do you  feel that  128k ROM  availability will  tighten as a result of the
 action against you?

     "I know it will, Apple dealers were also  buying from  me!"   Now what
     does that tell you?"

 While on the subject of dealers how many Atari ST dealers were you selling
 to?  Please, no names, just approximate numbers.

     "Let's see, I would say almost all of 'em bought  from me  at one time
     or another."

 Mr. Hayes,  at this  time I  would like to thank you for your co-operation
 and candid replies.  In closing, do you know if  the pending  expansion of
 the investigation has begun and if Apple is directly involved?

     "I  have  been  told  that  certain agents familiar with the case have
     been sent to other areas to initiate proceedings.  As far as  Apple is
     concerned, it  was related  to me  that Apple  had told the agents in-
     volved in this case that they had never authorized the sale or  use of
     their rom chips in anything but Apple products that would normally use
     the chips."

     At this point I  would once  again, like  to thank  you for  your full

      Great pains have been taken to NOT NAME a single person or entity.  A
 number times during the  interview names  were mentioned  and details were
 given.   Since being  under investigation  is not  the same thing as being
 charged, arrested, tried and found  guilty,  STReport  has  gone  to great
 lengths to make certain that NAMES have NOT been used.


     On thursday,  27, Sept.  1990, STReport  used the list supplied giving
 the sources of 128k Apple roms and called the firms listed therein.

     The first call went to Pre-Owned  electronics   (1-800-274-5343) where
 STReport  spoke  to  a  Mr.  Charles  Kouyoumijian,  who  responded to our
 questions concerning Mr. Dennis Hayes and counterfeit Apple rom chips.   I
 asked if  they had  been aware  of Dennis Hayes.  Charles' response was an
 emphatic "YES!  They had sent two of their people to a  show in Washington
 a  while  back  and  found  that Hayes was there undercutting their prices
 selling Apple Roms to such an extent that  they left  the show  after only
 one day."

     I then asked him how they obtained their rom chips that they offer for
 sale.  He responded that; "They are a major service  hub for approximately
 4000  Apple  dealers  and  that  they  also buy up large quantities of old
 inventory and the inventory of those dealers who go out of business."  
 When asked about the future of the used rom chip sales end of the business
 he stated he, "had no idea as they where out of stock at this time."

     I then  called Shreve Systems (1-318-635-1121), in Louisiana.  I spoke
 to Shanon Stanley who cheerfully provided me with answers to my questions,
 when I  asked him  if he  had heard  of Dennis Hayes, he said; "No, he had
 not."  I then asked about the availability  of Apple  128k rom  chips.  He
 responded with  a positive;  "We have 85 sets in stock at this time and we
 are expecting another 100 sets shortly."  I then asked  how do  you obtain
 your rom  chips?   He stated;  "We buy  used and  surplus Mac units and we
 perform upgrades on the units.   Others we  strip down  and part  out.  If
 anyone is  interested, we  can supply  the serial numbers of the units the
 chips are out of."

     I then called IB Computers in Portland, Oregon  (1-503-297-8425).  Jim
 Berry, operations  manager answered  my questions.   I asked him if he was
 aware of Dennis Hayes and what had occurred, he said; "No he  did not know
 who Hayes was."  I then read the press release to him and he recalled that
 a customer had been  the day  before and  mentioned it"   At  this point I
 asked Jim  how he felt about the future of the 'used' 128k rom chip market
 and how many he had in stock.  "We have 3 or 4 sets in stock  at this time
 but a fellow from Canada ordered a set, so we are down to 2 or 3 sets.  He
 said.  "As for the future of the used chip market, I feel that temporarily
 there could be a real problem but in the long run, there will be more than
 enough chips available."  He added.  I then asked him about his sources of
 used Apple  128k Rom  chips. Jim told us; "We purchase our used Apple 128k
 Roms from a number of sources including, Mac Products in Texas, Pre-Owned,
 and Pacific Software in California."

                                  - END -


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   Issue # 85

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In  1987,  Lotus  stopped  its  policy  of copy-protecting its 1-2-3
 spreadsheet program, and how it was the last major DOS software company to
 copy-protect its business applications software?

 UseNet Beat?

 From: apratt@atari.UUCP (Allan Pratt)
 Subject: Re: TT RAM
 Message-ID: <2304@atari.UUCP>
 Date: 19 Sep 90 00:21:46 GMT
 References: <>
 Organization: Atari Corp., Sunnyvale CA
 Lines: 56 (Claus Brod ) writes:

 -Is the TT's memory mapped by the MMU so that it appears

 No.  There is no address translation going on in the MMU.  If there
 were, every program that wrote an address into a chip (video, DMA,
 etc.) would have to be able to do the logical-to-physical translation.
 This is impractical, and would result in nearly 100% incompatibility
 with existing programs.  The MMU is used, however, so don't mess with
 it.  It's used to get around a bug in the 68030's design; I may explain
 in more detail later.

 -I need this info for my hard disk driver which has to
 -decide if some transfer is to be made into fast or slow RAM.

 Right you are.  That's what the _FRB cookie is for.  But you are
 looking at the problem in the wrong terms: rather than deciding what
 kind of RAM the transfer is destined for, your program should decide
 only what it has to: in this case, decide if it's being made to/from a
 place that the ACSI DMA chip can access.  This prevents you from
 hard-coding the location or size of different pieces of RAM.  This
 saves you from having to re-release your driver  when somebody
 complained that he couldn't access VME RAM with it, because you didn't
 think of that.

 The ACSI DMA chip can access memory only in the low 24 bits of the
 address space, so that's your answer: you check the high byte of the
 transfer address. If it's zero, you can use ACSI directly.  If it's
 not, you must use the FRB.  You never examine any part of the address
 other than the high byte, and you only test that against zero. 
 Minimizing the information you require in this way leads to maximum
 portability and future compatibility.

 As an aside to SCSI driver writers, you have less to worry about. As
 mentioned above, the definition of accessibility on the ACSI bus is
 "the high byte must be zero."  The definition of accessibility on the
 SCSI bus is "the bus must be 32 bits wide."  This means that A24/D16
 VME memory is not accessible to SCSI, and you should use the buffer
 pointed to by the _FRB cookie.

 Finally, to defeat nit-pickers before they strike, I *know* that the
 ACSI DMA chip can't really talk to everything in the 24-bit ST address
 space: it can't see ROM, for example.  But it *can* access any real RAM
 in that space, and if you're trying to DMA to something else (like the
 palette) you deserve what you get.

 Claus Brod, Am Felsenkeller 2,                 Things. Take. Time.
 D-8772 Marktheidenfeld, West Germany           (Piet Hein)

 Opinions expressed above do not necessarily-- Allan Pratt, Atari Corp.
 reflect those of Atari Corp. or anyone else.   ...ames!atari!apratt


 From: (Jon Clarke)
 Subject: Re: CDAR-504 not only seen but used
 Message-ID: <>
 Date: 20 Sep 90 14:40:12 GMT
 Sender: (David Dix)
 Organization: STaTus BBS. The Atari BBS in Auckland, New Zealand.
 Lines: 66

 -]Aaron writes....
 -]They have been available here (NZ) for a bit longer than I can

 -]The unit presently come with developers documentation and example code
 -]and progs aimed at developers. Atari offer _no_ disks for the unit at
 -]all (although is does play music CD's ok :-), so you must rely on
 -]third party sources (the doc's say it supports the Hi-Sierra system).
 -]The buyers I have spoken to have been either developers or BBS's. The
 -]Atari BBS with one I have rung had a disk with lots of PD software and
 -]PD 'C' code for the ST on-line for downloading.

  Jon Clarke replies:

  Hi Aarron and all the others out there looking for the Atari CDar504 ,
  CD_ROM player.    *- WE HAVE NEW ROMS ON-LINE. -*

  I am happy to report we have been running one on our BBS {STaTus BBS}
  here in Auckland for over 9 months now.  It is a cdar504 not the 500 you
  mentioned Aaron. It runs all three of the cd_rom formats however we only
  use the 'High Serria' and the "ISO 9660' format. 
  Many people have produced roms that will run with the cdar504. To name
  a few we use on a daily basis on the BBS...
  [1] Current Notes {American Magazine [and a good one]} Atari ST only
  [2] D&C Enterprises                                    Atari ST only
  [3] Graphics Lab                 All computers MAC,IBM,Atari ST
  [4] The Golden Immortal                                Atari ST only
  There are other ST specific roms comming on the market like...
  [1] Independant Association of Atari Developers {All ST related}
  [2] Z*Net PD rom {I understand it may be 2 disks {1.1 gigs}}
  [3] MirrorSoft {UK based games company}
  [4] There are several roms available from Australia {sorry forget
      their names}

  I know of only one other user in the country who uses his cdar504 out-
  side the dealer network and he is now in Auckland as well. This chap 
  used to run his cdar504 on his BBS as well when he had Tinkerbell going
  Wellington. However there is something like 15 odd in use in NZ out side
  the dealer network. 
  I rang Atari-NZ this to order another one for the BBS and was shocked to 
  see they had all been sold, and they are awaiting the next shipment.
  I know there are a few in Canada, Steve Gold uses one up there and we 
  spent a little time with him and Bob Brody several months ago helping
  Steve get Metados sorted out on his system. One thing to remember here
  is that Metados is (C)opyrighted to Atari and is not PD!
  If you are into serious DTP or a BBS I would suggest you get a CDAR504
  as soon as you can!
  Jon Clarke

   |  o( )  STaTus | The Atari BBS   | Snail mail to : Jon Clarke,     |
   | /  /\   BBS.  | in Auckland,NZ  +------------+    RD#2 Drury,     |
   +---------------+-----------------+ Running::  |    Auckland,       |
   |Mail :          | MBBS Ver 3 |    New Zealand.    |
   |     : J.Clarke6  - GEnie        +------------+--------------------+
   |     : 72000,3555 - CIS          | Node 1&2 :+64-9-606067 / 608485 |


 - Tokyo, Japan                  NEC CLOSE TO DESIGNING 1-GIGABIT DRAM CHIP

       NEC has  announced that  it has  developed a CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided
 Design and Manufacturing) system for developing integrated circuits.   NEC
 is  testing  this  system  by  launching  an effort to design economically
 feasible 256-megabit and 1-gigabit DRAM chips.  If  this project succeeds,
 NEC could  be offering 1 Gigabyte SIMM modules (for 1024 Megabytes of RAM)
 several years before others in the semiconductor industry....

       NEC officials say that its new CAD/CAM system (which runs  on an NEC
 supercomputer) has  discovered that current chip manufacturing methods use
 too much silicon in the non-conducting  film  used  to  separate  a chip's
 circuit layers.   NEC  also believes  that its chip manufacturing software
 will prove that 256-megabit (if not 1-gigabit DRAM chips) can  be produced
 with   current   manufacturing   technologies.      In  comparison,  other
 semiconductor vendors (like Toshiba) are building new factories to produce
 16-megabit DRAM chips currently under development....


       Borland  Inc.  is  now  selling  Version  2.0  of  its  Quattro  Pro
 spreadsheet program.  This upgrade features support for  3-D Graphs, slide
 shows (with  the ability to print to color 35-mm slides), and "live links"
 to Borland's Paradox database program.  In addition, it has  a "Solve For"
 option,  for  performing  tasks  like  determining  how  much  to spend on
 something to maximize profits.  Quattro Pro 2.0 also can import files from
 several other  spreadsheet programs (like Microsoft Excel), and can run on
 an IBM XT with 512K of RAM.

       Quattro Pro 2.0  costs  $495.00,  but  Quattro  Pro  1.0  owners can
 upgrade to  Version 2.0 for $79.95.  Also, owners of other DOS spreadsheet
 programs (like Lotus 1-2-3) will be able to buy Quattro Pro 2.0 for $100.

       Over 500,000 copies of Quattro Pro have been  sold since  it started
 shipping in  October 1989.   Dataquest,  a major market research firm, has
 estimated that Quattro Pro  seized over  25 percent  of MS-DOS spreadsheet
 sales for  the First  Quarter of  1990.   Curiously, Lotus  Corp. is suing
 Borland over Quattro Pro, saying that  its user  interface violates Lotus'
 copyrights on the 1-2-3 user interface....


       Brazil has  recently announced that it will be removing restrictions
 on computer imports by the end of  1992.    In  order  to  foster  its own
 computer industry,  Brazil kept foreign computer companies (like Apple and
 IBM) from selling large amounts of microcomputers there in the 1980s.  Now
 that  Brazil  has  the  world's  sixth largest computer market, it will be
 opening up its market to outside competition.

       Brazil's microcomputer industry is worth over $5 billion a year,with
 a significant  market for  Apple II  and IBM compatibles.  While there are
 over 300 domestic computer  companies  in  Brazil,  only  30 international
 computer companies  currently do  business there.   Brazil will now reduce
 restrictions on joint business ventures, as well as  its $1  billion limit
 on imported computer products.

       However, few  computer companies  may be  investing in the Brazilian
 market.  Sales in Brazil's computer  market have  fallen by  20 percent in
 1990, due  to efforts  to reduce the country's huge inflation rate.  Also,
 it  seems   that  Brazil   recently  tried   to  buy   several  Cray  X/MP
 supercomputers, but  was stopped by the US Government.  Apparently, it was
 feared that  Brazil would  use those  supercomputers in  a nuclear weapons
 development project....


       The Senate  and the House Judiciary Committee have passed bills that
 will allow software publishers to prevent  computer stores  and businesses
 from renting out their software.  Rep. Mike Synar of Oklahoma (a democrat)
 has sponsored the House's Bill, and Congress is expected to  pass his bill
 (or the Senate's proposal) before October.

       Mike Synar's  bill is  aimed at  preventing video rental stores from
 renting microcomputer  software,  since  software  pirates  who  don't own
 modems can  easily obtain commercial software through them.  Interestingly
 enough, the bill does  NOT prevent  video rental  stores from  renting out
 Nintendo Game Cartridges, since Nintendo games can't be copied by software
 pirates.  It seems that Nintendo earns revenue from cartridge sales, since
 they manufacture ALL Nintendo game cartridges....


 > NEODESK 3 !STR InfoFile?     "As good as if not Better than TOS 2.0!"

                      NEODESK 3 THE REAL ALTERNATIVE!


     NeoDesk  3  is  a  complete  replacement for the built-in desktop that
 comes with the Atari.  It is the easiest and  most affordable  way to rea-
 lize your Atari's true potential.

     NeoDesk 3  adds many  new features  and enhancements over the original
 desktop, while keeping full compatibility  with  your  current  and future

     Not only  will your  computer be  more powerful,  it will also be much
 easier to use.  It doesn't  get any  simpler.   NeoDesk 3  is the ultimate
 upgrade for your Atari ST.


     NeoDesk 3  can easily  be installed  so that  it comes up whenever you
 boot the computer.  


     NeoDesk has "JILLIONS" of  new  features  and  enhancements available,
     this is  only a  few of  the more  outstanding features we found to be

     Store files and folders  temporarily in  memory while  changing floppy
     disks, paths,  or reorganizing  your hard  disk.   You can think of it
     sort of an automatically  expanding and  shrinking ramdisk.   The File
     Clipboard grows  and shrinks  according to  the files you place within

     Write important notes, numbers, or doodle right on the desktop itself!
     Simply double-click  on the  desktop itself  and a cursor will appear.
     [Esc] clears the line.

     Place commonly used programs, files,  and  folders    directly  on the
     desktop.    You  can  then  select  the icon and use  "Install Desktop
     Icon..." to rename the icon and assign a unique key to it.   Selecting
     that key will select and open the icon.

     Assign different  icons (each  with its OWN COLOR) to any file or fol-
     der.  This makes it much easier to locate and manage them.  Many icons
     are included, with more available.  And of course, you may create your
     own Icons or use the Icons from earlier versions.

     This multiple window Icon Editor lets you edit and modify custom icons
     for any  file or  folder.   Includes a  complete set of drawing tools.
     Select "Edit Icons..." to call it.  Double-click  on any  icon to edit
     it, on  the desktop  to edit  it.   This editor is far superior to any
     Icon editor I have used, including the older version from Gribnif.

     Easily split a window so that it will  display two  different parts of
     the same  directory.   Very useful when copying or manipulating files.
     To do this, drag the "Split Window Bar"  under the  window information
     line to any window position.

     A  new  window  button  (left  of  the bottom horizontal bar) lets you
     select all the files in a single directory, even if they don't  fit in
     the window.   You  can even  keep files  selected while you scroll the
     window to a new location by holding down the [Shift] key.

     Each window can be set to display text or icons, independently of each
     other.   Each window  can even  have its own sorting and text options.
     The new button at the lower left corner of the window toggles a window
     between text or icons.

     No more  useless disk  swaps.  In a very efficient and fast manner, as
     many files and folders that will fit into all the available memory are
     read in  at once.   Especially nice for hard drives, this feature is a
     real benefit for all hard drive users.

     NeoDesk 3 can intelligently detect the  type  of  format  used  on the
     original disk  and format the destination disk the exact same way. You
     can even copy identical hard disk partitions.

     Automate  any  series  of  desktop  operations  like  opening windows,
     copying or  deleting files, executing programs, etc.  Then assign them
     to any key on the keyboard.   Select  the  menu  entry  once  to start
     recording and  a second time to end recording.  Does not record inside
     of running programs or in dialog boxes.

     Drag any group of files to any program icon and  that program  will be
     automatically executed with all the selected files as parameters.

     Easily search  your system  for that missing file.  When found it will
     open a window to it, scroll to the file, and select it.

     Up to six file templates are supported.  For example, you could have a
     single  window  display  all  files  ending  in both ".TXT" and ".DOC"

     You can specify 9 or 10 sector format, number of tracks, and  even use
     the newer "Twister" option.

     You can  easily reorder  any directory on your system.  Select it once
     to enter the reorder mode, a second time to exit it.

     Neodesk 3 is able to display  Degas, Degas  Elite, and  NeoChrome pic-
     tures.  Right mouse button goes forward a page, left mouse button back
     a page.

     You can select the type  of  application  you  are  using,  if NeoDesk
     should unload for it or not, and more.

     The Diablo Emulator purrs like as kitten with Neodesk 3, just    drag
     a file or a number of files to the LASER PRINTER ICON and they will be
     printed.  Has a 'form feed' in the drop down menu if needed.


     NeoDesk 3 has many other features  many of  which were  barely touched
 upon  here.    Features  like  a  NEW  ENHANCED Control Panel with its own
 screen saver and corner  clock, Printer  Queue, Print  Directory function,
 and  much  more.    NeoDesk  3  comes with a superb, well written 140 page
 illustrated instruction  manual, two  disks, several  extra utilities (one
 can  even  replace  the  system  fonts!),  and  a recoverable trashcan for
 NeoDesk.  The FORMAT AND FILE COPY functions  in Neodesk  3 are  so unique
 they even  remove the boredom of these mundane everyday tasks by providing
 information relative to the task and it is constantly updated.  This  is a
 very nice touch.  The Gribnifs have really outdone themselves on this one!
 This version is equal to if not better than TOS 2.0.

 How to Order

     To order your own personal copy  of  NeoDesk  3  for  $69.95,   Please
     call the TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-284-4742.  

     You will receive ** FREE ** 2nd Day Air shipping.  

     If you  have any  questions at  all, or comments about the NEW NEODESK
     3.01, you may reach us at:

               Voice:  (413) 584-7887 Fax:   (413) 584=2565

                             Gribnif Software
                               P.O. Box 350
                             Hadley, MA  01035


     Let me try to clarify  some  of  the  confusion  and  explain  how the
 upgrade process  is working.   Then  everybody can  sleep better at night,
 knowing that their NeoDesk 3 upgrade is coming soon.

 First of all, Dan  is  not  directly  involved  in  the  upgrade/shipping 
 process.    He  works  full  time  programming  (even though NeoDesk 3 is 
 finished, there is other stuff he is working on).   He also  does not work
 at the  same location  where the  upgrades are  handled from.   Because of
 this, he is not always up to date on what is happening with the upgrades.

     Last time we sent out a  newsletter  (for  NeoDesk  2.05)  we  sent it
 "after"  we were ready to ship the product.  There were no big delays, but
 lots of people complained that they felt that "registered" users should be
  notified FIRST before anybody else.

     Soooo, this  time we mailed the newsletter EARLY.  They went out bulk 
 mail the second week of August.  The  product itself  would not  be ready 
 until September.   We  figured on two to three weeks for delivery and for 
 the users to start returning them.  We then printed  in the  bottom of the
 newsletter that  users should  wait "4-6  weeks" to receive the upgrade.  
 That means that the upgrades should have begun arriving this  week and for
 the next  several weeks.   We  were even  hoping to  be able  to beat that
 initial estimate.

    Well, the truth of  the matter  is that  several factors  have occurred
 which were not calculated into the original timetable:

    1.  We received many upgrades sooner than expected (some people used 
        Federal Express to get the upgrades in!!).  Last time we did 
        upgrades we got "x" number of upgrades per week, easy stuff.  This 
        time we got most of the upgrade within a one week period!

    2.  While the printer delivered the manuals in time, he forgot to print
        the disk labels.  These were just delivered last week.  I hate to 
        use such a silly excuse, but it is necessary to have labels on the 
        disks we send out.

    3.  The combination of the Glendale show, and going out to three user 
        group meetings has taken almost a full week out of the schedule.  
        These were scheduled far in advance and therefore could not be

    4.  Our hard disk (used for handling the upgrades) decided to die 
        (second time this happened).  We have set up a temporary hard disk 
        just for upgrades, but that still took a couple of days away from
        getting real work done.

    5.  Our Stacy died, which was being used to handle the database.  Atari
        ran out of replacement Stacy's, so we tracked down somebody with 
        enough technical experience to fix it.  It is supposed to arrive
        today via UPS.  (Thank's Mario!)

     What does this mean?  It means the upgrades are being delayed by about
 a week.  The upgrades are NOW starting  to ship  about one  week after the
 initial promised  "4 weeks".   We were hoping to get them all out within a
 two week period (therefore the "4-6 weeks" line),  but since  there are so
 many more  of them  we think  it is  going to take 3 weeks or so (an extra

     I was surprised the other day on the phone when a customer  seemed to 
 think that  somehow all  the upgrades  would ship  at once.  Let me try to
 explain the process required to upgrade  a SINGLE  copy of  NeoDesk 2.0 to
 version 3:

    1.  Open the envelope and see what it is.  This way we can separate it 
        from regular mail (like bills waiting to be paid, technical support
        mail, free subscriptions to Popular Mechanics, etc.).

    2.  Make sure nothing is missing in the upgrade.  You would be         
        surprised how many people forget to include things like the "origi-
        nal disk", "order form", or "money".  Many people also add incor   
        rectly (Example:  $20.00 + $2.00 = $15.00), they need a note in the
        mail asking for the missing funds.

    3.  If any of the above are missing, place the upgrade in a special 
        "problem" pile and send the user a post card informing him of what 
        he/she forgot to include.

    4.  Orders paid by check are pulled out and deposited at this time.  
        The volume has been such that the time between cashing and shipping
        has been about 2 weeks.  This is the longest that we have ever 
        gone.  This is done so we can find those that will bounce.  Those 
        that bounce are obviously delayed until payment is received.  Those
        paid by credit card need a credit card slip filled out (by hand).

    5.  Run the disk through the special upgrade program we have.  This 
        reads in the necessary information from that disk.

    6.  Place a new disk in the drive.  The special upgrade program now 
        formats it and writes the new version of NeoDesk 3 on the disk.  
        Stick a disk label on it.

    7.   Print serial number stickers for this copy.  Place those stickers 
        in the correct locations (disk, manual, etc.)

    8.  Find the user in the database, update his record.  Enter the credit
        card number into the bank's computer system.

    9.  Print out a mailing label with his address.

   10.  Enter the INVOICE system.  Write up and print an invoice.

   11.  Place it all in a mailer, put correct postage, stamp it, finally 
        place it in the "to be mailed stack".

     This is  why it takes time to get an upgrade out.  They are handled in
     "first in/first out" basis.

     We manufactured a small group of copies for  the Glendale  show, since
 it would  not have  been a good idea to spend $3,000 getting to a show in 
 California and then not have any product to sell.   The product  is still 
 not shipping to distributors.

     I hope  that this  letter (sorry  about the  length) explains any con-
 fusion about delays.  I must admit, I  now have  my second  thoughts about
 shipping  a  newsletter  before  the  upgrades  are ready to ship.  We are
 getting these out as fast as  possible.   As many  of you  have noticed, I
 have stopped   using  GEnie (since  I am spending all my free time helping
 get these  upgrades out).  Please bear with us, and you will all be set.

     It was noted to me that I  should  probably  take  all  of  this  as a
 compliment, since  people are  "biting at  the bit"  this much.  We really
 are happy that people are so exited about the new version.  So are we!


                                        Rick Flashman, President
                                             Gribnif Software


 > STR Mail Call?                      Letters to the Editor

 Electronic Mail
 Sent : Sep 22, 1990  at 12:11 AM
 Subj : STR

 Dear Ralph,

     Thanks for the quality online publication,  I enjoy  it immensely, and
 consider it  to be the best source of news and information regarding Atari
 and the ST line.

     I acted upon two  of the  articles in  this weeks  issue: TWEAKING THE
 SM124... and the double sided drive swap, and found small problems in each
 case. The double sided drive  mentioned  is  identified  as  an  NEC Model
 FD1073A. The correct model # is FD1037A. The supplier mentioned, Timeline,
 is sold out of those drives. They gave no indication of buying more.

     In the article by Sunfox about tweaking the SM124, he misses an impor-
 tant part  of the adjustment.  The vertical size and centering information
 is exactly correct, however  there should  be more  to the  horizontal ad-
 justment than  what is  given.  If you find the HORIZ. CENTERING pot, then
 look toward the front of the  monitor about  half an  inch and  toward the
 closer side  about half  an inch  and you will see what looks like a white
 plastic spool with copper  wire wrapped  around it.   In  the core  of the
 spool is  a small  allen wrench  socket.   This control is the H. SIZE ad-
 justment.  If you put a metal tool in the  socket to  adjust it,  the hor-
 izontal screen  size will shrink a great deal.  Adjust this clockwise sev-
 eral turns and then remove the tool.  You can get the width of  the screen
 quite close  to the edge.  Then use the HORIZ. CENTERING pot to center the
 picture and to minimize the edge distortion of the picture.  I for one, am
 *VERY* glad  I took  the challenge and cracked the case of my monitor.  It
 is truly amazing what a difference it makes to have a full screen.  Thanks
 to Sunfox for opening my eyes.

     Thanks again  to you  Ralph for  the quality publication. I appreciate
 your efforts a great deal.
                                               David Doner

     Thanks Dave, Its letters such as  yours that  give us  the much needed
 encouragement to  carry on  and provide  STReport week  after week and in-
 dependent of outside influences.



 > Stock Market STReport?              Watching the Sheckles.. "Sheckle"

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

     On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the price of Atari stock stayed the
 same.   On Thursday, the price of Atari stock went down by 1/8 of a point.
 On Friday, it stayed the same, finishing up  the week  at $3.125  a share.
 The price  of Atari's  stock had  gone down 1/8 of a point since September
 14, 1990.

    Apple Stock was down 2 1/2 points from Friday, September 14, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was down 3/4 of a point from 9/14/90.
                IBM Stock was up 2 3/8 points from 9/14/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 9/17/90 to 9/21/90

 STock|  Monday   |   Tuesday   |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last   Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|3 1/8  ----|3 1/8    ----|3 1/8    ----|  3    - 1/8|  3      ---- |
      |           |             |             | 11,000 Sls |  39,600 Sls  |
  CBM |5 1/4  -1/4|5 1/4    ----|  5     - 1/4|4 7/8  - 1/8|4 3/4    - 1/8|
      |           |             |             |            |  45,600 Sls  |
 Apple|33 3/4     |33 3/8  - 3/8|32 1/2  - 7/8|31 5/8  -7/8|31 1/2   - 1/8|
      |       -1/4|             |             |901,200 Sls |1,373,800 Sls |
  IBM |105 1/8    |107 1/4      |108 3/8      |107 7/8 -1/2|106 3/4 -1 1/8|
      |       +3/4|       +2 1/8|       +1 1/8|            |2,211,500 Sls |

     'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
     '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > START CALLING! STR InfoFile?       STart Magazine calls for programmers!

                         :CALLING ALL PROGRAMMERS:

                             START Wants You!

 START Magazine is always on the  lookout for  new and  innovative software
 for our monthly disk and we welcome your submissions.  

 Due to  the requests  we get from our readers, however, we are more likely
 to accept the following: 

 o -- utilities (small programs that make using the ST even easier)
 o -- broad-based applications  (full-featured databases,  word processors,
      telecommunications programs, etc.)  
 o -- games (preferably not shoot-em-ups)  
 o -- MIDI programs  
 o -- graphics software 
 o -- scientific applications 
 o -- programming tutorials (particularly for BASIC and C)  

     We would  also like  to see word processing/desktop publishing macros,
 and add-ons and enhancements for existing programs.   We aren't interested
 in extremely  specialized applications,  or things like label makers, disk
 catalogers and simple database programs.  

 A special note to game programmers:  the majority  of our  submissions are
 games, so  a unique and intriguing premise will definitely help your chan-

 Be Professional

 Your submission should pay  special attention  to error-checking  and user
 proofing.   Thousands of ST owners, from beginners to experts, each with a
 different system configuration, run the programs we publish.   We  want to
 see interfaces that are clear and easy to use.  Above all, program submis-
 sions to START must do the following:

 1.  restore the user's Desktop  color palette  at the  end of  the program
     (these are the colors the user has chosen, not the default colors);

 2.  check to see if there is enough memory available.  If not, the program
     must display a warning message (e.g., NOT ENOUGH MEMORY!) and  exit to
     the Desktop;

 3.   give all memory allocated to the program back to GEM when the program
     ends.  This includes resource files and GDOS fonts;

 4.  check the screen resolution if the program is  not resolution indepen-
     dent.   If the  resolution is wrong, the program must give an appropr-
     iate error message (e.g., THIS PROGRAM RUNS IN LOW-REZ ONLY!) and make
     a clean exit to the Desktop;

 5.  make sure there is enough room on a disk before writing to it;

 6.   never assume that the program is running from a certain drive.  Prog-
     rams should look in  the current  directory (the  directory from which
     the program was run) for their support files, and put an error message
     on the screen if they can't be found;      

 7.  use alert boxes for error messages so the  average person  has time to
     read them;  

 8.  if the program uses sound, make sure the sound chip is turned off when
     the program ends;

 9.  include a copyright notice.  Put  your  name  on  it,  so  that  it is
     protected!   If it  is bought  by START,  we will need to change it to
     reflect the new owner of the copyright;

 10. include documentation that explains the exact minimum hardware
     requirements needed  for  the  program  to  function,  such  as screen
     resolution, amount of memory, printer type, disk space, joystick, etc.

 The following are suggestions on how to tailor your program to make life
 easier for the end-user:

 o -- keep the number of support files as small as possible.  Give them
      appropriate names, so that they're easily identified.

 o -- make the program run in as many resolutions as possible.

 o -- test the program for compatibility with TOS 1.0 (original STs), 1.2
      (Megas), 1.4 and 1.6 (STEs).  Notify START of any problems, or if you
      cannot test the program with other TOS versions.

 o -- if possible, test the  program with  the various  popular memory-resi
      dent programs, such as item selectors, alternate Desktops, etc.  This
      is especially important if your program is an  accessory or  an AUTO-
      folder program!  Again, notify START of any problems.

 o --  beta-test the program!  Have your friends and relatives try it.     
      Challenge them to find as many bugs as possible.  Remember that  if  
      our readers  find problems with your program, START will ask you for 
      technical support.

 o -- don't assume people will read the documentation.  Give on-screen     
      help, explanations,  or instructions, or make it so obvious that     
      someone can figure it out while handcuffed in a dark room with  Def  
      Leppard shrieking at maximum volume.

 How To Send It

 Each program submission must include the following:

 o --  a cover letter that states the name of the program, what it does and
      how to run it.  Include your address, work and home phone numbers;

 o -- a hard copy of the article (double-spaced);

 o -- a disk that includes the program, all accompanying files, source code
      and an ASCII version of the article.

 o -- a self addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your materials       

     Once again,  START welcomes  all program submissions!  We look at each
 and every item that we receive.  We do get a lot  of submissions, however,
 so please  wait four  to six  weeks before  inquiring about your program's
 status.  Payment for the program will be established upon acceptance.

     We look forward to seeing your work.  Please send your program to:

     START Program Submissions 544 Second St. San Francisco, CA  94107

 Features, Reviews, Tutorials, Etc.

     START isn't just looking for great programs, we're also in  the market
 for articles  geared toward  increasing our readers' productivity: reviews
 of individual products, comparisons of products  within categories (floppy
 disk drives, add-on interfaces), miniature "textbooks" on applications and
 hardware, and buying guides.   Occasionally  we'll publish  standard jour-
 nalistic articles, tailored to our audience, such as profiles of top Atari
 Corp. executives or the pros and cons of  writing commercial  software for
 the ST.   

     Your query  letter should  include an  explanation of why you, and not
 one of our more established authors, should cover a particular  subject or
 write a  particular review.  It should also include information on how you
 can be reached.  Please send all queries to the above address.  For author
 and review guidelines, send an SASE to:

     START Author Guidelines 544 Second St. San Francisco, CA 94107

             (Note: START Magazine cannot be held responsible
                      for any unsolicited material.)



                    //////NEW ENGLAND ATARIFEST '90\\\\\\

                                STATUS REPORT

                   Confirmed to exhibit as of 25-Sep-1990:

  ////////////////////MANUFACTURERS, DEVELOPERS, ETC.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

     o Atari Corporation (U.S.)          o Gribnif Software
       Sunnyvale, CA                       Northampton, MA
       Bob Brodie                          Rick Flashman, Dan Wilga &
                                           Tricia Metcalf
     o Beta-Cad
       North Attleboro, MA               o Bill Jensen
       Dick Barlik                         Jamaica Plain, MA

     o Codehead Software                 o Chor-Ming Lung
       Los Angeles, CA                     Boston, MA
       John Eidsvoog

     o Dr. T's Music Software            o Taylor Ridge Books
       Boston, MA                          Manchester, CT
       Al Hospers                          Clayton Walnum

     o Fast Technology                   o TidBit Software Engineering
       North Andover, MA                   Maynard, MA
       Jim Allen                           Jeff Lomicka


     o Bit Bucket Computer Store         o Granite Computers
       West Newton, MA                     Nashua, NH

     o Computer Bug                      o Micro National
       Hadley, MA                          Danvers, MA

     o Computer Zone                     o Syntronics Computer Center
       North Attleboro, MA                 Boston, MA

     o ERM Electronic Liquidators
       Melrose, MA

  ///////////////////////////////USER GROUPS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

     o Atari UG of Greater Hartford         o Rhode Island ACE
       Hartford, CT                           Providence, RI

     o BCS/Atari                            o South Shore Atari Group
       Boston, MA                             Hyde Park, MA

     o Nashoba Valley Atari Users' Soc.     o S.T.A.R.R.
       Acton-Boxboro, MA                      New Haven, CT

     o N. Attleboro Atari Computer Club     o Valley Atari ST
       North Attleboro, MA                    Methuen, MA

  /////////////////////////SEMINARS (TITLES TENTATIVE)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

          0915   "GEnie STAR*SERVICES"
                 Darlah Pine, GEnie Atari RoundTables

                 Nevin Shalit, Step Ahead Software

          1100   "CALAMUS AND OUTLINE ART"
                 Nathan Potechin, ISD Marketing, Inc.

          1300   "NEODESK 3: THE ULTIMATE DESKTOP"
                 Rick Flashman, Gribnif Software

          1400   "WHATEVER COMES TO MIND"
                 Jim Allen, Fast Technology

          1500   "ATARI SPEAKS"
                 Bob Brodie, Atari Computer (U.S.)


          Susse Chalet Boston                 $43.70/night single
          900 Morrissey Boulevard             $47.70/night double
          Dorchester, MA                      Phone (617) 287-9200

  ///////////////////////////SHOW INFORMATION\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

     Location: UMass/Boston              Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm
               Harbor Campus
               Dorchester, MA            Admission: $5.00

     Date: October 27, 1990              Free Parking

  /////////////////////////////FOR MORE INFO\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  o GEnie: Email D.JACOBSON2          o DELPHI: Email DPJ or NORMAN238
    ST RT Cat 11 Top 20                 ATARI/SSAG sig, DELPHI/Boston

  o BCS/Atari BBS (24h, 3/12/24/96)   o N.E. AtariFest '90 info-line
    (617) 396-4607                      (617) 527-4952 (recording)

  o Write: 
                         New England AtariFest '90
                        c/o Boston Computer Society
                             One Center Plaza
                             Boston, MA 02108

  Tables are still available ($150 single, $275 double, $35 UG single).
  Address inquiries to any of the sources listed above. Make checks
  payable to Boston Computer Society, and send to the address above.


 > HAGTERM ELITE STR InfoFile?           A new many featured term program..

   PRESS RELEASE      Sept. 1990
 ATARI CORNER  PUBLISHING is  happy to  announce a  substantial discount on
 HAGTERM  Elite  for  Atari  User  Groups!    Please  read  below  for more
 But first, an upgrade to HagTerm Elite is now available:
 HagTerm Elite v4.38 is now available for distribution.
 All registered  users with  HagTerm Elite v4.2 or earlier should have been
 notified of the new upgrade.
 However, less than 40% of HagTerm Elite users have registered their produ-
 ct!   PLEASE, it  is very important to send in your registration form.  If
 you haven't sent it in yet, do it NOW!
 All registered users regularly receive upgrade  notices when  a major upg-
 rade is  available.  Un-registered users are not notified of new versions,
 and no upgrades will  be given  to them.   Upgrades  are only  $3 plus the
 original disk (or $4 without), and they are usually worth getting!
 As a  show of  support for  Atari User  Groups across the country, HagTerm
 Elite will now be provided to User Groups at a 40% discount!  
 That's right, user groups may now purchase HagTerm Elite for  only $18 per
 copy instead of the $30 retail price!
 To qualify  for this discount, a minimum of five copies must be ordered at
 one time directly by the user  group.   Also, all  copies will  be sent to
 only one address (preferably, to an officer in the User Group.)
 To order,  please write  a letter  to the below address.  Include the fol-
 lowing information in the letter:
      1) The name of the user group.
      2) Small description of the User Group (such as the computers 
         are supported, the SIG's provided, etc.)
      3) The address of the User Group's general meeting.
      4) The mailing address (no PO Boxes, please).
 A recent copy of the group's newsletter (if  one exists)  must be included
 with the letter.
 There is a $4 S&H charge (per five copies.)
 Individual personal  checks and  Money Orders (please make them payable to
 Hagop Janoyan) from the user group members are accepted.
 Send them to:            Atari Corner Publishing
                          515 Wing Street
                          Glendale, CA 91205
 For more information, please call (818) 242-5692.



 > DC DESKTOP STR InfoFile?                    DESKTOP REPLACEMENT

 Feature for feature, DC Desktop is the best buy available!

 In case you aren't aware of what DC Desktop already has to offer, here is
 a brief synopsis:

 + Place program icons directly on the GEM desktop - even documents!
 + NOW desktop folder icons; open a folder directly, no more searching
 + Execute program icons by double clicking or by pressing a 'hot key'
 + Chain program execution - when one exits, another runs
 + Extended parameter passing
 + Unique file, drive and folder icons
 + Color icons
 + Exclusive CABINET virtual disk drive - store files from anywhere in
   your system in one location - A desktop in a window!
 + Keystroke equivalents for the desktop menus
 + Call up desk accessories with a key press
 + Load or save up to 11 different desktops with a keypress!
 + Load or save up to 11 different CABINETs with a keypress!
 + Exclusive SHOW replacement modules - replace the system SHOW file
   routine with several modules that:
     - View text, 1st Word or Word Writer files (complete mouse control!)
     - View Degas, Degas compressed, NEO, ART, Tiny, Spectrum (normal,
       compressed and smooshed), image and Macintosh MacPaint pictures
       view any picture in any resolution!
     - Verbose list or extract ARC files
     - More modules on the way!
 + Replace the desktop with a picture or pattern, even randomizes either   
 + A _completely_ recoverable TRASH to safe-guard your files
 + A printer spooler which spools normal printing, screen dumps, and even
   works like  a printer queue which you can copy files to or delete files 
 + Close to 100 never-before-seen icons
 + An icon editor which allows you to import icons from different  files;  
   the icon  editor is more like a paint program with a host of special    
 + Call up the file selector with a key press
 + Completely modular - save valuable system memory!
 + All modules can run as stand-alone programs with a simple key press -
   no need to use memory to access all features!
 + A command line interface
 + A terminal program
 + A folder sorter
 + Special hooks to work best with Quick ST 2.2
 + 100% pure assembly language - FAST, FAST, FAST!
 + Completely _open_ architecture with examples and technical  information 
   so you  can hook into the DC Desktop, create your own SHOW modules, or  
   create special RAM resident programs - all information included in  the 
   package + Even more!

 + One _completely_ LOW price of $39.95

 DC Desktop  offers features  of dozens  of current  ST software, all which
 sell for more than DC Desktop alone!


 The Double Click Software DC Desktop has been upgraded to version 1.2

 Owners of version 1.0 may upgrade to version 1.2 for $15.00

 This cost covers the new manual $7.50 and the new disk and programs $7.50

 If you do not wish to purchase the new manual, you may buy only the disk.
 We strongly recommend you purchase the new 88 page manual.

 To upgrade, send in your original disk plus the required amount _and_
 $3.00 for shipping and handling.

 If you do not wish to return your original disk,  or have  lost your orig-
 inal disk, include an extra $5.00 with your order.

 You must be registered with us to order the upgrade.  If you have not sent
 in your registration card, you can do so with the upgrade order.

 If you are a resident of TEXAS, include 8.25% sales tax.

 Update prices at a glance:

          New disk alone                          $ 7.50

          New disk and lost disk fee              $12.50

          New disk and new manual                 $15.00

          New disk, new manual and lost disk fee  $20.00

          Shipping and handling                   $ 3.00

               TEXAS residents add 8.25% on total

 The New DC Desktop v1.2 features include:

 + Folders on the desktop: open folder directly, copy/move directly to
   desktop folder icon
 + Color icons for all icons
 + Unique icons for all folders possible
 + Position drive letters anywhere within the icon
 + Random bootup picture
 + Random bootup pattern
 + Added features in DC Icon Editor
 + DC Terminal program now included
 + Folder sort program included
 + Brand new "point and click" 88 page manual.  Very easy to follow, all
   instructions explained in a simple step-by-step fashion.
 + Diablo emulator compatible
 + All bugs have been squashed
 + more

 If you have questions, or you wish to place an order by phone, please
 call us today at:


                   We accept VISA and MASTERCARD orders.

                       We can also be reached online

                                 On GEnie:

         On CompuServe (GO ATARIV, vendor area 13 (very shortly))

                                On Usenet:

                                On our BBS:



 - New York City, N.Y.                   COMPUTER SHOPPERS ENDS ST COVERAGE

     The Editor of Computer Shopper notified a a number of folks today that
 the November  Issue of  Computer Shopper  would be last issue that carried
 coverage of Atari Computers.  As some folks have noted,  CS may  be widely
 read, but  it is because of the advertisements not the coverage of various
 computer platforms.  STReport feels that to NOT  cover the  Atari computer
 lines is  their (Computer  Shopper's) loss..  not Atari's or its userbase.
 Soon, Computer Shopper may  narrow its  coverage even  further, perhaps to
 only the messy dos world.

 - Plainview, NY        ** WARNING **            NEW DESKTOP(S) SLIP OUT

     Through one  of the  ever-present cracks  in the armor, slipped a disk
 version of TOS 2.0,  (TT TOS)  or rather  a portion  of it.   According to
 reports this  is not  the entire  TOS or OS for that matter.  It is only a
 portion of and it needs the code already  in the  chips to  work properly.
 From the  reports we have, its alleged to work well with TOS 1.4.... Also,
 there is a "3.01" version that's  all  German  (not  translated  yet) also
 rumored to  have made  its way  into the USA.  Be very careful, do not run
 these "jewels" from your hard drive.  Who  knows what  they will  do?  Who
 knows if  they are  even trustworthy?   If you value your system.... think
 twice.  STReport tried to reach Atari today  for comment,  and has  yet to
 receive a  call back.  Therefore, until the whole story is known, its best
 to be careful and not fool with this unknown entity.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?                Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$769.00__ <<---

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1339.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1079.00           30mb SQG38    $1039.00
          65mb SQG09   $1119.00           85mb SQG96    $1129.00
           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


 > A "Quotable Quote"?


                                              Charlie Shakinghorse

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