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Date: Sun Oct  7 13:34:39 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     Glendale is now behind us and was  indeed  a  fine  show  and  a great
 success.   Now, with enthusiastic anticipation, we all look forward to the
 WAACE show, the "Premier Event"  on  the  East  Coast.    The  vendors and
 seminars already  indicate that  this will  be a  terrific show.   We have
 received reports from usergroups from various  areas in  the southern por-
 tions of  the country  that they  are traveling  to the  show in chartered
 buses.  If this  year's show  is anything  like last  year.. make  it your
 business to be here and enjoy.
     From our 'insider' info, Genie is reported to be preparing a fantastic
 display and "show within a show" . a first class  treat for  all Atarians.
 Neil Harris and Darlah will be among the GEnie celebs present at WAACE.
     Be sure  to join  us and  everyone else  in celebrating  the future of
 Atari at WAACE.


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   Issue # 84

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

     In 1980, Tandy shipped  the TRS-80  Model III,  which became  the most
 popular "true  laptop" computer in the early 1980s, or how Compaq Computer
 first went into business in 1983, by introducing the Compaq Portable?

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXXVII


       In the past two years since  Atari first  showed its  68030-based TT
 workstation, there has been By 1989, almost all of its features had become
 common knowledge, and many in the  ST Community  anxiously waited  for its
 release.   In its  1988 and 1989 Annual Financial Reports to stockholders,
 Atari had promised to  ship the  TT "in  Late Autumn".   This announcement
 brought renewed "vaporware status" to the Atari TT.

       However, the  ST community has recently gotten several items of good
 news concerning the TT.   In  July 1990,  the ST  Community was pleasantly
 surprised when Atari's European branches announced that the TT would use a
 32 MHZ 68030 chip.  In Early September,  the US  ST Community  was glad to
 discover that  Atari has begun shipping the TT in earnest.  Now, Atari has
 announced that TT TOS features a new version of the GEM Desktop, with many
 new features.   This  alone is good news.  However, the fact that TT TOS's
 new capabilities were unknown  before  Atari's  release  of  the  TT  is a
 stunning sign of Atari's successful efforts to reduce its "vaporware".

       The TT's  new Desktop is 22K larger than the Atari ST's GEM Desktop,
 and Atari has confirmed  that it  won't appear  in future  versions of the
 192K TOS  ROMs used in the Atari ST.  But the Atari STE uses 256K TOS ROMs
 (30K of which isn't used up), and programmers at Atari's  Systems Software
 Division have  indicated that  Atari will  bundle the TT Desktop in future
 versions of the STE's ROMs.  Here is  some current  information on  the TT
 Desktop's new features:

 Basic TT Desktop Features

  - One can load a separate *.INF file (like DESKTOP.INF) after boot-up,
    in order to change the look of your desktop.

  - Most menu options can be invoked with a single keystroke.

  - You can assign a full pathname to the function keys.  This allows you
    to run ST applications by selecting a function key.

  - New Desktop Icons, representing available printers.  For example, one
    could print a file with an SLM804 laser printer by simply dragging the
    file's icon to the SLM804 printer icon.

  - Most of the operations in the desktop work with more than one file at
    the same time.

    For example, if you select four items inside a disk's window and then
    drag them to a printer icon, then the printer would print the contents
    of the selected files, in sequence.

  - A HELP menu has been added, for additional descriptions of the TT
    Desktop's features.

  - An improved, faster version of GDOS has been incorporated into the
    TT TOS ROMs.  In this version, Atari has eliminated many of the bugs
    found in previous versions of GDOS.

  - A completely new Control Panel Accessory is now available for the TT
    Desktop.  Many of its features are actually modules (or Control Panel
    Extensions), which can be loaded and taken out of memory at will.

 Window Functions

  - FILE MASK menu option has been added, allowing TT Users to change a
    disk drive window's "file mask" (*.prg, str*.*, *.*, etc.)  This allows
    you to set the type of files that are shown by a disk window.

    Previously, disk windows had a "file mask" of *.*, so file
    windows would display all files available on a disk.

  - SELECT ALL menu option is available, allowing TT Users to select all
    files inside a disk window.

  - In a file operation, selected icons will stay selected until the
    operation is completed.

    For example, if you are moving files from a hard disk to a floppy disk,
    and you run out of room on the floppy disk, then the files that have
    NOT been moved will remain selected.  This means that you don't have to
    select files all over again, when you move the rest of the files to
    another floppy disk.

  - Scrolling a window's contents will not deselect items that have been
    previously selected.

  - One can scroll through a window's contents by using the ST's Cursor

  - The TT Desktop can print a directory listing of all files inside the
    the active Disk Window (called the Top Window).

  - The number of maximum desktop windows has been raised, so TT Users can
    have up to seven disk windows open at the same time.

  - You can select the background color of the TT Desktop.  In addition, TT
    Users can have different border patterns, typefaces, and background
    colors for each part of a Disk window.

  - The TT Desktop features a SIZE TO FIT menu option.  This allows you to
    automatically reposition all icons, so they fit inside the set width of
    a window.  This means that you don't have to use the left/right Window
    Scroll Arrows to find files.


  - Like the Macintosh Finder and NeoDesk, TT TOS allows you to place file
    icons anywhere on the desktop.

  - TT TOS uses a file called DESKICON.RSC to load in user-designed icons
    when the system is started up.  Like DESKTOP.INF, it is loaded from
    the root directory of the boot device.

    Atari has said that it will be releasing some Public Domain utilities
    which will allow TT Users to create their own icons for particular
    files.  These utilities may also allow TT Users to edit the existing
    Desktop Icons for system disk drives and printers.

  - The INSTALL DEVICE menu option can be used to both install a new disk
    drive partition (and its Icon), and to replace the Icon that represents
    an existing drive partition.

  - The drive path of all files represented by Desktop Icons (or icons that
    reside on the desktop) will be updated when a file is deleted, renamed,
    or moved.

 File Management

  - An "Unsorted Index" menu option has been added to the TT Desktop's
    View Menu.  This option displays files in a Disk Window in the order
    that those files are physically stored on the disk.

    TOS loads "AUTO folder programs" and desk accessories in the order that
    they are physically stored on this.  As such, this option is excellent
    for arranging the placement of these utilities on a disk.

  - The TT Desktop features a DELETE ITEM menu option, which deletes all
    files that have been selected in a window.  It could be very useful if
    a disk's window is covering the Trash Can Icon, or if one's Desktop is
    cluttered with Disk Windows.

  - A Find File option has been added.  A dialog box pops up, in which you
    type in the name of the file/folder that you are looking for, and
    select the disk partitions that you want to perform the search in.  If
    the search is successful, then a Window opens, showing the file/folder.

  - ALTERNATE - # opens a new window, which shows the contents of disk #.

    For example, if you want to see what is in Disk B, then you can press
    ALTERNATE and the letter 'B' at the same time.  This will open a new
    window containing the contents of Disk B.

 -  CONTROL-# replaces the contents of the active window with the directory
    of Disk #.

    For example, let's say that the active window on your desktop is
    showing the files on Disk A.  Now, if you want the SAME active window
    to show Disk B's files INSTEAD, then you simply press the CONTROL key
    and letter 'B' at the same time.

 Desktop, Application Parameters

       A  new  DESKTOP  CONFIGURATION  menu  option  has  been added, which
 replaces the SET PREFERENCES  menu option.   Among  other things,  it also
 shows  the  amount  of  system  memory currently available for use.  Other
 configuration features of the TT Desktop are:

  - You can select the background color of the TT Desktop.  In addition, TT
    Users can have different border patterns, typefaces, and background
    colors for each part of a Desktop window.

  - You can switch resolutions with a single keystroke.

  - When doing file copy operations, you can choose whether you want to
    preserve the file's date or not.

  - The INSTALL APPLICATION menu has also been improved, to include a
    "GEM - take parameters (GTP)" option.  This allows programmers to write
    GEM programs that can accept command parameters.  For example, one
    could write a GEM version of ARC.TTP that could read the parameter:

    'vh a:\STR638.ARC',

    and respond to them by displaying the contents of STR638.ARC in a
    resizable GEM window.

    One can also pass file parameters to a program by either using the
    file's full drive path, or by only giving the file's name.

  - You can set the default directory of an application that is running to
    that of the application's directory, or that of the Top (or active)
    window on the GEM Desktop.

    For example, let's say that a TT User assigned the pathname,
    'A:\TERMINAL\FLASH.PRG to the F1 key, so he/she could run FLASH.PRG by
    pressing the F1 key.  Now, imagine that when the TT User pressed the
    F1 key, the Top Window was showing the 'C:\STALKER\' directory.

    With this feature, that TT User could determine whether Flash's default
    directory was 'A:\TERMINAL\' (since that was the directory of the
    FLASH.PRG application), or 'C:\STALKER', which was the directory of the
    Top window on the GEM Desktop.

       Thanks to Allan Pratt of Atari Corp., for providing much information
       needed for this article.

 CPU MacNews?

       Apple  has  announced  that  Version  7.0  of  its  Macintosh System
 Software, long at "vaporware status", will be delayed until the first half
 of 1991.  It  will begin  System Software  7.0 "beta-testing"  in October,
 first shipping  it to  Macintosh Software Developers.  It now appears that
 many of the delays surrounding System 7.0 were  caused by  efforts to make
 it take  up less  than 2  Megs of  RAM on a Macintosh, and to make it more
 compatible with existing Macintosh applications.

       Apple has also revealed that it  will be  shipping HyperCard  2.0 in
 November of  1990.  Also, Apple has said that Claris Inc., its subsidiary,
 will begin future development on Hypercard  at this  time.   But Apple has
 also changed  how it distributes Hypercard.  Before, a complete version of
 Hypercard was bundled with every Macintosh.   But  now, Apple  will simply
 bundle  a  run-time  version  of  Hypercard  2.0  with every new Mac.  The
 complete Hypercard 2.0 system (with the Authoring System necessary to make
 new Hypercard stacks) will now be sold commercially by Claris Inc.



       IBM  and  Microsoft  have  announced  that  they have extended their
 software licensing agreement,  in  order  to  coordinate  Operating System
 development.   IBM will  now handle most development on the OS/2 Operating
 System, while Microsoft will be responsible for Microsoft  Windows and DOS
 development.  However, IBM and Microsoft will continue to work together in
 DOS, OS/2, and Windows development.  Also, both companies will  be jointly
 developing a  version of OS/2 that can be ported to other microprocessors,
 like Unix.  IBM  and  Microsoft's  new  agreement  means  that development
 activities for DOS, OS/2, and Windows will be centralized in one location,
 and will speed up their operating system development.

       It seems that IBM  felt that  Microsoft was  "dragging its  feet" on
 OS/2 development, while aggressively marketing Microsoft Windows 3.0 as an
 alternative to OS/2.  IBM's SAA (Systems Applications  Architecture (SAA),
 a set of standard software guidelines for its entire line of computers, is
 heavily based on OS/2.  Also, IBM has garnered 2/3 of all OS/2 sales.  IBM
 is also  planning to  introduce OS/2  1.3, which  will only need 2 Megs of
 RAM.    OS/2  1.3  could  become  a  serious  competitor  to  Windows 3.0,
 especially in the business community....


       Zenith Data  Systems has  obtained a  $6 million  dollar contract to
 make "notebook-sized" PCs for the US Postal Service.  Zenith, a subsidiary
 of Groupe  Bull, will be producing over 4,000 of its 6-pound MinisPort PCs
 to the US Postal Service.  These 8088-based  PCs come  with a  backlit LCD
 screen, 1  Meg of  RAM, and  a 20 Megabyte Hard Drive in a package that is
 12 x 9.8 inches in size, and only 1.3 inches deep.  The US  Postal Service
 will be using the MinisPort to automate field data collection necessary to
 estimate mail  volume, revenue,  and the  "efficiency" of  US Post Offices


       Texas Instruments  has requested that Japanese semiconductor vendors
 pay 10 percent of their Revenues on DRAM  Chip sales,  as a  licensing fee
 for a  TI patent.   In  1989, TI  succeeded in  a 30-year  effort to get a
 wide-ranging patent in Japan on the  concept of  a DRAM  memory chip.   IF
 Texas Instruments  (who also makes DRAM Chips) succeeds in its efforts, it
 will gain over 100 million dollars a year in royalty revenues....

       Many Japanese computer companies  may contest  these fees  in court,
 since TI  is asking  for patent  fees that  are up  to 5 times higher than
 patent owners usually charge for patent  licenses.    However,  TI  is now
 engaged with  several of  these companies,  for "suitable" cross-licensing


     NeXT Inc. has introduced four new versions of the NeXT Computer, which
 are  based  on  Motorola's  68040  chip.   These versions of the NeXT will
 feature a 25 MHZ 68040 chip (with a built-in floating point math unit), an
 internal 2.88 Megabyte Floppy Disk Drive, a built-in 105 Meg Hard Drive, 8
 Megs of  RAM, and  Version 2.0  of their  NeXTSTep Operating  System.  The
 NeXT's Optical Drive Unit will be OPTIONAL for this product line.  The new
 versions of the NeXT are:

       - NeXTstation Monochrome System:  Unlike the original NeXT, this
 system's case has a "pizza-box" shape. It comes with a 1120*832 monochrome
 resolution, and will be shipping in November 1990.  Cost: $5000.00.

       - NeXTstation Color System:  This version of the NeXTstation can
 display 4096 colors out of a 16-bit (or 65,536 color) palette, and will be
 shipping in January 1991.  Cost:  $8000.00.

       - NeXTcube Monochrome System:  Like the original NeXT Computer, this
 system has four NuBus Slots, in a black, cube-like case.  It has a
 monochrome 1120*832 resolution.  Cost: $8000.00.

       - NeXTcube Color System:  This version of the NeXTcube can display
 4096 colors out of a 16-bit color palette, has a 1120*832 resolution.  It
 will be shipping in Early 1991.  Cost:  $10,000.00.

       - NeXTcube Plug-in Motherboard:  Like the original NeXT Computer,
 the NeXTcube's motherboard is actually a NuBus Expansion card.  As such,
 NeXT Inc. is selling the NeXTcube's motherboard to owners of the original
 NeXT Computer, as an upgrade.  Cost: $2000.00

       NeXTStep Version 2.0 features a host of new improvements.  Its speed
 performance has been improved, and it uses a faster version of Display
 Postscript that can display both monochrome and color graphics.  It also
 has support for software fax, Ethernet, and DOS Floppy Disks.  Several
 software companies are also making applications for the NeXTstation,

       - Adobe Systems, who is shipping a version of its Postscript-based
         Adobe Illustrator drawing package.

       - Ashton Tate, who has announced a spreadsheet package called

       - Lotus Inc. is now beta-testing Lotus Improv, a spreadsheet package
         with advanced financial modelling features.  It will be available
         to NeXTstation Owners for free, until January 1990....

       - WordPerfect Inc. is reportedly porting its word processor to the
         NeXT Computer.

     NeXT Inc., who reportedly sold  oy  70  -  8000  of ts   NeXComprs,as  gotten  ove  100  signed  orders  for its new line of
 NeXTstations.  One complaint about  the  original  NeXT  Computer  was its
 speed.   However, since  the 68040 chip is 5-7 times faster than the 68030
 chip used by the original NeXT  Computer, speed  should be  no problem for
 Steve Jobs'  new line  of computers.     NeXT Inc.  could become the first
 company to ship a  68040-based product,  as Steve  Jobs has  said that his
 company should have no problems obtaining a good supply of 68040 chips....

 Next Week: More information on the new NeXT Workstations....


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.



 For Immediate Release
 WAACE AtariFest '90

     The  Washington  Area  Atari  Computer  Enthusiasts  will  hold  WAACE
 AtariFest 1990 on October 6 and 7 1990.   This  event will  be the premier
 East Coast  event for  people who  are interested in software and hardware
 for Atari computers.  The show will be staged at the Sheraton Reston Hotel
 in Reston,  VA.   Show hours  will be  from 10 am to 7 pm on both days. In
 addition to the  shopping  bargains  available  from  approximately thirty
 vendors  there  will  be  a  full  round of demonstrations, tutorials, and
 seminars.  A banquet on Saturday evening will  feature Charles  Johnson of
 CodeHead Software  with the  topic, "Atari  Through the Looking Glass" and
 Current Notes Magazine's "Author of the Year" award.  Special  mixers will
 cap off  the evening's  festivities.  Approximately 3000 visitors from all
 over the USA, Canada, and other foreign countries  attended the  1989 edi-
 tion of the show.

     Admission charges  are $5  for one day, with a 2-day pass available at
 $7.  A discount  rate is  available for  ticket purchases  by user groups.
 Children under 12 will be admitted free.

     The Sheraton  Reston Hotel  is a spacious, attractive facility located
 in a parklike setting near Washington, DC. The hotel is offering a special
 room rate  of $59  per night  plus tax to Fest participants who reserve by
 August 6th.  The hotel room  rate includes  2-day passes  to the  show for
 room occupants.   Call  703-620-9000 for reservations.  Be sure to mention
 AtariFest '90.

     The WAACE show has established itself as the  premier Atari  event for
 East Coast  Atari fans.   Bob Brodie, Atari Corporation's, goodwill ambas-
 sador, has labeled the WAACE show as one of the two "must  see" events for
 Atarians held in the USA.

                         AtariFest '90 Vendor List
                            16 September, 1990
 The following organizations will be in the sales area of the WAACE
 AtariFest '90. 

     Alpha Systems                 Application & Design Software
     Atari Corp                    Best Electronics
     Branch Always Software        Chuck Levin Music Center
     Codehead Software             Computer Digest
     Current Notes, Inc            D. A. Brumleve
     Data Innovations              Debonair Software
     Double Click Software         Dr Bobware
     FAST Technology               Frontier Software (UK)
     Gadgets By Small              GEnie
     Goldleaf Publishing, Inc      Gribnif Software
     ICD                           ISD Marketing, Inc
     Joppa Computer Products       L & Y Electronics
     Michtron                      SLICCware
     Step Ahead Software, Inc      Talon Technology, Inc
     Toad Computers                WizWorks!
                         Zubair, Inc.

                           Banquet Information

     The 1990  WAACE AtariFest  Banquet will be held at the Sheraton Reston
 Hotel at 8:00 pm, Saturday, 6 October 1990. The dinner will be a non-smok-
 ing event  this year. Ample smoking areas will be provided near the dinner
 area for smoking breaks. The Banquet  will be  proceeded by  a social hour
 held in  the hotel.  Dinner will  be served at 8:00 pm. The dinner will be
 followed by the Current Notes Author of the  Year Awards  presentation and
 then  the  featured  banquet  speaker.  This years banquet speaker will be
 Charles F. Johnson from Codehead Software. His topic is "Atari Through the
 Looking Glass."

     The banquet will be a sit down dinner this year and a ticket will cost
 $23.50. Please make checks payable to WAACE. The menu is as follows:

                Sliced Top Sirloin Merlot OR Chicken Europa
                         Salad with house dressing
                       Vegetable (to be determined)
                         Starch (to be determined)
                  Beverage (choice of ice tea or coffee) 
     The Chicken Europa consists of chicken breast served in a mushroom and
 brandy  sauce.  Please  specify  with  your  ticket request your choice of
 entree, beef or chicken.
       Please send all ticket requests to the WAACE Banquet
 Coordinator, Rich Avey. Rich's address is,

                                 Rich Avey
                         WAACE Banquet Coordinator
                             13000 Kidwell Dr
                            Dale City VA 22193.

     Ticket requests  are being  accepted now.  Tickets will  be mailed out
 until 27  September. Tickets  orders received  after 27  September will be
 processed and tickets will be held for you for pickup at the  Fest. If you
 have any questions please call Rich at (703), 590-8153.

               About the Seminars and the Guest Speakers...


 Mike Vederman  and Paul  Lee of  Double Click Software will discuss a wide
 range of topics from  humor to  Double Click  products (DC  Utilities & DC
 Desktop)  to  what  it  is  like  to be a commercial software company that
 started out as a shareware software developer.

 Mike and Paul are general partners  in Double  Click Software,  located in
 Houston, Texas.  Paul is  the developer  of the programs Shadow, DC Xtract
 2.0, DC SEA and Mystic Background Formatter. Mike is also the co-developer
 of Shadow  and author of DC Desktop. Double Click has been in business for
 over four years, providing software to the Atari community.


 Nathan Potechin, the President of ISD  Marketing,  will  present  a   live
 demonstration  of  the  Calamus  Family  of  Desktop Publishing  software.
 Included in the discussion will be Calamus (DTP),  Calamus Font Editor and
 Calamus Outline Art. 

 ISD is  located in  Ontario, Canada  and distributes  the Calamus  Family,
 Dyna Cad, plus the Compugraphic Font Library for use with Calamus.


 Bob Brodie, Atari Corporation's  Manager  of  User  Group  Services   will
 discuss issues  directly with users. Find out what Atari has  in store for
 the future and be sure to bring all  your questions  concerning your favo-
 rite computers.


 Lauren Flanegan-Sellers  of Goldleaf  Publishing, Inc.  will discuss their
 Word Processing system Word Flair and the soon  to be  released Word Flair
 II. Goldleaf Publishing is located in  Larkspur, California.


 Rick  Flashman  and  Dan  Wilga  of Gribnif Software will demonstrate  the
 latest release of their replacement desktop for the Atari ST.  The NeoDesk
 programs  have  been  one  of  the  best selling (if not the best selling)
 non-game utility software program for  the  ST.  Gribnif  is    located in
 Hadley, Massachusetts.


 Ralph  Mariano,  the  publisher/editor  of  the  weekly  ST  Report Online
 Magazine will present a lively discussion  of topics  of interest   in the
 Atari  community.  ST  Report  has  been  going strong for three years now
 providing the ST community with up to date information on what's happening
 in the  ST world  and never  hesitating to  speak out  on any issue in the
 Atari world. ST Report appears every week on the GEnie, Compuserve, Delphi
 and Bix  Commercial Online  services and  on over  400 private BBS systems


 David Troy, the co-owner of Toad  Computers  an  Atari  Dealer  located in
 Severna  Park,  Maryland  will  discuss  the  various  hard  disk  systems
 available for the Atari  ST Computers.  Dave is  a featured  columnist for
 Current  Notes  Magazine  and  is  currently  a  student  at Johns Hopkins
 University majoring in Computer  Science. Dave,  an Atari  user for   over
 eight years,  is also the producer of the TOAD File 44 removable cartridge
 hard disk drive system.


 Joe Waters the Editor and Publisher of Current Notes Magazine will provide
 an introductory  look into  Desktop Publishing  on using Timeworks Desktop
 Publisher ST. Joe will  demonstrate  the  basic  fundamentals  of  using a
 Desktop Publishing System on the Atari ST.
 Current Notes  Magazine, a  longstanding periodical serving the Atari com-
 munity published in Northern Virginia, is  now in  its tenth  year of pub-


 D.A. Brumleve  has been  programming public domain and commercial software
 for the Atari ST since early 1987. During this period she has  developed a
 series  of  "Kid  Progs"  for  children  of  various  ages. The series now
 numbers 18 programs in the public domain. Her commercial software includes
 PreSchool  Kidprogs,  Kidpublisher,  Kidpainter  and  Super Kidgrid.  Mrs.
 Brumleve is the mother of five  children and  is the  adult facilitator of
 the Children's ST User's Group in Urbana, Illinois. 


 Atari technical gurus John Townsend, Ken Badertscher and Cary Gee  will be
 on hand to discuss topics of  interest to  both developers   and  the user


 Darek Mihocka  of Branch  Always Software  will be on hand to  discuss the
 methods available to speed up your ST with out the  purchase of a hardware
 accelerator.   Darek is  a recent  graduate of  the University of Waterloo
 and the author of the ST Xformer 8-bit Atari Computer Emulator for the ST.
 Branch  Always  produces  Quick  ST  II  and Quick Tools. Quick ST II is a
 software accelerator that speed  up  the  standard  TOS  graphic  and text
 drawing  routines  and  Quick  Tools  is  a  collection  of useful utility
 accessory programs for the ST.


 Jeff Lomicka, the president of Tidbit  Software Engineering,  will discuss
 the design considerations that went into the GOOD Backup Utility, Tidbit's
 powerful program for backing up hard disk drives. This program is probably
 the most  sophisticated and  intelligent approach  to this  problem on the
 market today.  

 Jeff is a professional  programmer for  one of  America's largest computer
 manufacturers.   A registered  Atari developer,  he is also active in user
 groups in the Boston area, serving on the  executive community  of the New
 England AtariFest.


 J. Andrej  Wrotniak, a  familiar presenter to WAACE seminar visitors, will
 follow up on his seminar from 1989 titled "Software that  Stinks" with the
 reverse side  of the  issue. Andrej  will discuss good and useful programs
 for the Atari ST that are free. Be sure to attend to find out  the best in
 Public Domain and Shareware software.

 Andrej is  the developer of El-Cal: The Math Machine and Star Base for the
 Atari ST. He is also a  regular columnist  for Current  Notes Magazine and
 was the recipient of the 1989 Current Notes Author of the Year Award.


 The International Association of Atari Developers (IAAD) will  present and
 informal discussion and question & answer  session  on  a  broad  range of
 topics facing Atari Developers. The IAAD was  formed during the 1989 WAACE
 Atarifest and is currently headed by Nathan Potechin of ISD Marketing.


 Charles F. Johnson of Codehead Software will be  the Guest  Speaker at the
 Atarifest  Banquet  at  8:00  PM  on  Saturday October 6, 1990. Charles, a
 professional musician, has produced many commercial and shareware programs
 for  the  Atari  ST.  The  shareware  programs he has produced include Arc
 Shell, Pin Head, Desk Manager, Little  and Green  Selector. Codehead soft-
 ware has produced utility  programs such as G+Plus, MultiDesk, HotWire and

                   Directions to WAACE AtariFest 1990 
       Take the Beltway I-495  Exit 12  to Washington  Dulles Airport. Then
 take the   Washington  Dulles Tool Road (Rt. 267) Exit.  Follow Washington
 Dulles Toll Road to  the Reston  Ave, Exit  3.   Turn left  at the traffic
 light onto  Reston Ave.  Left again  at the 2nd traffic light onto Sunrise
 Valley Dr. Follow Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton Reston on the left. 
       From DC, take I-66 West. Follow the exit signs to  Washington Dulles
 Airport. Then take the Washington Dulles Toll Road (RT.267). Follow Washi-
 ngton Dulles Toll Road to the Reston Ave, Exit 3. Turn left at the traffic
 light onto  Reston Ave.  Left again at the 2nd  traffic light onto Sunrise
 Valley Dr. Follow Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton Reston on  the left. 
       Take Interstate 66 to Vienna Exit  16, Rt.  123 North.  Continue 1/2
 mile to  Rt. 674 (Hunter Mill Road) left on Rt. 674, 4.5 miles to entrance
 to Reston. Continue straight to Sheraton Reston Hotel on right. 
       Call the Sheraton Reston Hotel, (703)-620-9000 and ask  for the free
 hotel shuttle.   If  you have a rental car then take the Washington Dulles
 Toll Road and go to Exit 3, Reston  Ave. Turn  right at  the traffic light
 onto Reston  Ave. Left  again at the 2nd traffic light onto Sunrise Valley
 Dr. Follow Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton Reston on the left. 


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?                A different Viewpoint!

                                   A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 I  wish that my pocket-book would have allowed me to go to  the  Glendale 
 show last week-end.   From what I've heard, it was a outstanding show and 
 a great time was had by all.  Since WAACE is a little closer to me, maybe 
 I will get a chance to see some of you folks there.


 Are you an owner of a SH-204?   If so,  have you found that you need more 
 storage room than 20-megs nowadays?   I might have the answer you've  been

 waiting  for!   The following are a compilation of posts from Tim  Onders 
 (Control Services) on how to upgrade your SH-204. (From CIS)

 Just  keep your eye out for a used mechanism and upgrade.  I  managed  to 
 replace my SH-204 mechanism with a 71 meg Priam for about $300 that way.

 Simple instructions:
    Inside the SH-204 case are four parts.
      1) The drive mech, mounted towards the front on the bottom
      2) The power supply, also mounted on the bottom, in the back
      3) The Atari host adaptor,  a small board attached to the top of the 
         case towards the back. The cable to the computer plugs into this
      4) The drive controller card,  usually an Adaptec MFM  controller. 
         Mounted  on the front top of the case,  it has a little LED  that 
         sticks through a hole in the front of the case.

    Things are interconnected in the following manner:
      o  The  power cable goes into the power supply.   Out of  the  power 
         supply comes cables with little "Molex" type  connectors.   These 
         connectors supply the power to the other parts.
      o  The Host Adaptor has three connections:  power,  from  the  power 
         supply,  the connector for the cable from the ST,  and a big wide 
         ribbon cable that goes to the controller card.
      o  The  controller  card  does  have  four  connections:  The  power 
         connector,  the big cable from the host adaptor,  and two  ribbon 
         cables  that  go to the drive itself.  There is  one  extra  edge 
         connector  on the drive controller.  This is for a  second  drive 
         mech,  which  may or may not work with the  Host  Adaptor.   I've 
         never tested it.  (I think it does though.)
      o  The drive has three cables, the power connector, the medium sized 
         ribbon  cable,   and  the  small  ribbon  cable,  both  from  the 

 Now that you are oriented,  we begin the tricky stuff.  The only new part 
 required  to upgrade an SH-204 is a bigger MFM hard drive to replace  the 
 old  one.  A SCSI drive could also be used,  but I have never been  lucky 
 enough to try that. I just bought a cheap Priam drive.

 The  toughest thing about the job is that Atari,  in the 11 or  so  years 
 that  I  have owned and worked on Atari machines,  does not like  to  use 
 polarized edge connectors.  This means that it is possible to put a cable 
 on backwards.  Don't worry, I'll take care of that.

 Carefully   remove  the small edge connector from the drive  in  the  204.

 There  should  be  a notch in the board on  the  drive.  Mark  the  cable 
 connector with a permanent marker with respect to this notch. If there is 
 no notch,  the board in the drive should mark pin 1.  Mark the cable with 
 respect to pin 1.

 Repeat the process with the other ribbon cable, the medium sized one.

 Finally,  disconnect  the  power connector from  the  mechanism.  If  you 
 haven't already done so,  unscrew the drive from the bottom of the  case. 
 Be sure not to lose the little rubber shock mounts.

 Now, just reverse the procedure with the new drive. Simple plug and play.

 Standard Warnings:
      Park the drive before beginning this procedure.
      Make sure the power cord is unplugged before opening the case.
      There  may be small differences between your drive and  mine,  since 
      mine was a pre-production developer's version.

      To use the new drive,  you must get the formatting parameters for it 
      to use with whatever utilities you use.  The manufacturer is usually 
      more than happy to provide this information.  The ST even manages to 
      squeeze  more space out of most drives than a PC.  My 62  meg  Priam 
      formats out to about 71 megs on the ST.

 (Disclaimer:  Any hardware modifications require some technical skill and 
 should only be done by a service center or a qualified person.  ST Report 
 and  it's  authors makes no guarantees regarding the reliability  of  any 
 hardware  modifications  appearing in this  magazine.   You,  as  always, 
 perform the modifications at your own risk.)


 The  power supply in most Atari hard drives will support a  larger  drive 
 mechanism,  in my case it went from a 20 meg seagate to a 42 meg  seagate 
 (ST251)  with no problem (other than having to go in and  re-solder  some 
 seriously  bad  solder connections on the  power  supply).   (From  Gregg 
 Anderson - Genie)


 Until next week....



                     GLENDALE, THE WEST COAST'S JEWEL


 by Gregg Anderson

 DATELINE: 15/16 September 1990, GLENDALE CALIFORNIA.  
     For two intensive days the Glendale Civic Auditorium was the center of
     Atari activity  here in  the USA  as venders, developers, enthusiasts,
     and even Atari's senior management gathered to 'strut their stuff' and
     remind  the nation that Atari is on the move.

 Review #1

 by Gregg Anderson

      Vendors on hand included Migraph (EasyDraw, TouchUp, Scanner), Mitch-
 tron, Branch Always Software (QuickST  &  various  utilities),  Gadgets by
 Small  (Spectre  &  GCR),  Beckmyer Development Tools (multi-tasking tools
 for the ST), Best  Electronics,  BRE,  CodeHead  Software  (G+, MultiDesk,
 etc), D.A.Brumleve  (Kid Publisher, etc), Double Click (DC Desktop/utilit-
 ies), Goldleaf (Wordflair), Gribnif  (premiering the  new Neodesk  3), ICD
 (hard disk  systems &  the AdSpeed  turbo board),  Neocept (WordUp), Slic-
 cware, Software Development Systems,  Talon   Technologies (Supercharger &
 monitor adapters),  WuzTek (Omnimon   monitor), Zubair Interfaces, Xoterix
 (Portfolio drives & interfaces),  Sprokits  Computer  Products, STJournal,
 STInformer, and  Z-Net news   services.  There were also a number of Atari
 retailers on hand,  including Computer Network, American Music, The King's
 Domain  (PD    software),  Mid  Cities, Computer Safari (Soft-Logic/Safari

       Needless to say Atari was there as well, and in force (even  the new
 president of  Atari USA/Canada/France,  Elie Kenan, was there)!  Taking up
 the auditorium's entire stage was a large display  of STe's  and Mega4 DTP
 systems,  all  running  demos  of  various  software packages ranging from
 games to Calamus & more.  Jimmy Hotz was there  too, manning  a 'round the
 clock' demo  of the  impressive 'Hotz Box' that he and Atari designed last
 year.  Laid out in front of the  stage  was  a  wall  of  Atari  Lynx game
 systems,  each  one  running  a  different  game and each one manned by at
 least two players at all times.

      The various vendors' display booths were very professional  and  well
 managed, they  had to  be to  handle the  crowds that gathered in front of
 them from the moment the doors opened  to  when  the  folks  that  run the
 auditorium started  shutting the  lights off  to get rid of everyone.  All
 in all the entire  show was  highly organized  and well  planned, my hat's
 off to  John Tarpinian and his team from the HACKS Atari Computer club for
      One of the  highpoints  had  to  be  the  various  seminars presented
 during  the  show.  These  included  talks by Atari's Leonard Tramiel, Bob
 Brodie, John Townsend, and  Ken  Badertscher.    Also  presenting seminars
 and  answering  questions  were  Dave  Small, Gribnif Software (on the new
 Neodesk 3), Nathan Potechin  (ISD &  Calamus), Charles  F. Johnson  & John
 Eidsvoog (Codehead S/W), Jimmy Hotz (Hotz Box), Jay Pierstorff (PageStream
 applications), Kevin & Liz  Mitchel  (Migraph),  Darek  Mihocka (QuickST),
 representatives of STJournal, ST Informer, STart, and Z-Net, and, finally,
 a frank  discussion by  some of  Atari's independent  developers about the
 'state of  Atari' and  what the user base would like to see from them.  As
 with the displays and booths the  seminars  were  well  timed  and profes-
 sionally, if somewhat casually presented.

      As  for  my  'gut  reactions'  to  the show I'd have to say they were
 generally very positive even though the total numbers  of attendees didn't
 turn out  to be  quite as  large as  hoped for.   There seemed a  sense of
 optimism that  I hadn't  seen for  a while,  a feeling  that things really
 were going  to turn  around for  Atari here in the USA.  Much of that fee-
 ling seems to stem from Atari's new president, Elie Kenan  and the reputa-
 tion he  brings with him from France.  Couple this with the visible prese-
 nce and availability of STacys (still without  batteries though, darn it),
 Portfolios, Megas,  STe's, Megafile 44/30/60 hard disk systems, and Lynxes
 and there was a noticeable feeling of renewed  confidence in  Atari.  Even
 the  much  rumored  but  never  seen  TT was present, with several of them
 sitting in various developer booths (a  few  TTs  were  at  the  hotel for
 developers  to  test  their  software  on).  Everyone seemed more hopeful,
 from the individual vendors (who  generally  reported  good  sales  by the
 way) to  the various  developers and even among the many Atari enthusiasts
 that came for the show.  And that wraps it  up, another  outstanding Atari
 fest that   displayed  not only  new hardware  and software, but a new at-
 titude as well.  Thanks again  to John  Tarpinian and  his team,  and good
 luck Elie Kenan, we're behind you 100%!

                                             Gregg Anderson

 Review # 2

 by Brad Martin

     I must  say that I was looking forward to the Glendale show for a long
 time.  Lots of  rumors have  been circulating  that many  new and exciting
 things would  be introduced at this show.  Anyone who has been a long time
 supporter (some would say  suffering supporter)  of Atari  computers knows
 that the introduction of anything new is cause for celebration.

     When I  first walked  in the  door my  heart sort  of fell, there were
 very few people there (the totals for Saturday  were around  1600, and for
 Sunday around  850).  And while it is true that attendance was light, most
 vendors were very pleased with sales.  And in fact,  on Saturday  nine new
 Atari systems were sold.

     Atari had  the biggest area in the show.  They had a semi-professional
 setup at the back of the main hall.  They had all types of systems set up,
 including showing  the CDR-504,  and the  Atari Hotz  box.   The Hotz box,
 looks neat.  It allows those who have little or no musical  inclination or
 training to  sound like  a Pro.   Look  for this  product to  ship soon in
 quantity.  The CDR-504 CD-Rom drive  made  an  appearance,  but  there was
 never anyone demonstrating it, and.. no one even seemed very excited about

     Atari also had a large Lynx entertainment area set up,  with around 15
 Lynx's set  up.  There was never much of a crowd around it, and I was able
 to walk up any time and play a game.  Talking to an Atari  rep about sales
 of the  Lynx he  said that  they had  been poor because of the lack of new
 games, and he wished he knew what was holding Atari up with  releasing new
 stuff.   There were  a few  new titles  shown.   Slime World, which is now
 shipping, is fun.  And Ms. Pac-Man and Paperboy also made an appearance.

     The most exciting things at the show, in  my opinion,  was the various
 desktop replacements.   NeoDesk 3 is GREAT.  There is more power and bells
 and whistles in this desktop then any other  computer OS  that I  know of.
 Now if they only could add multi-tasking then it would be perfect.  When I
 did ask about multi-tasking I got a knowing smile.  Perhaps soon.

     The other new desktop being displayed was SLICCTOP.   Those  who go to
 a lot of shows know that this desktop replacement has been being shown for
 quite awhile.  For  those  who  don't  know  what  SLICCTOP  is,  it  is a
 multi-tasking replacement  for GEM.   The  author is  really excited about
 this product, and he  has a  lot of  new applications  coming out  for it.
 While NeoDesk  3 adds  a lot  of neat  bells and whistles to your desktop,
 SLICCTOP is a true replacement that gives you  MUCH more  power.  SLICCTOP
 supports networks,  so people  in a  network can share data, even going so
 far as working on the same document within  a desktop  publishing program.
 If it  seems I  am excited  about this  product I  am, I  really hope this
 program succeeds.  Double Click was showing their DC Desktop,  but did not
 seem to  have added  anything new  to it so I did nothing but take a quick
 glance.  Not that DC Desktop is bad, it is just overshadowed  by the other
 products on the market.

     The Codeheads  was showing  off a  new product, called Codekeys.  This
 new product fits into Codeheads integrated  desktop theme,  and allows you
 full macro  control over  your desktop,  and applications.   It has a very
 powerful macro language, and is up to the  Codehead standard  of excellen-
 ce.   Soft-Logic was  there with a lot of new things for PageStream.  They
 had a new Encapsulated Postscript graphics library that  looked very nice.
 And they  had their full line of fonts available for purchase.  When asked
 about Version 2.0 of  PageStream I  was told  that the  programer had just
 started to  work on it, and it would be another 3-4 months before anything
 shipped.  ICD was showing off their new accelerator board, AdSpeed.  It is
 a very  nicely designed  board that  will give  FAST Technology  a run for
 their money. So watch out, here comes accelerator wars.

     ISD was displaying Calamus version 1.09n, which adds  a couple  of new
 features, and  fixes a  few bugs.   Calamus  SL is coming, and sounds very
 nice.  Branch Always Software was there showing  off version  2.2 of Quick
 ST II.  The competition  between them and Turbo ST means that we consumers
 keep getting better and better products.  If you have the older version of
 Quick ST I would upgrade.

     Migraph was showing their hand scanner plus Touch-Up, but nothing else
 new.  When asked about new products they said they  have a  new version of
 Easy Draw  due out later this year.  This will look a lot like Touch-Up as
 they are now going to a standard interface for all  their programs.   Also
 reported is  a new  version of  Touch-Up that  will be out sometime in the
 first quarter of next  year.   Anyone who  has been  waiting for Migraph's
 Adobe Illustrator clone should stop, it has been put on indefinite hold.

     Rio/Datel  was  there  showing  off  Lexicor's  new "Phase-4" graphics
 software.  It looks really nice,  and  should  be  shipping  the  first of

     Talon Technologies  was selling their Supercharger IBM emulator.  They
 said that the VGA card was coming, and also a networking card  that allows
 a person look network with other PC's.

     Goldleaf Publications showed version 1.1 of Wordflair, which has a few
 new features, and fixes some bugs.  People can upgrade  to 1.1  by sending
 $5 to Goldleaf (as long as you are registered).

     Gadgets by Small was there showing Spectre GCR version 3.0 and Megata-
 lk. This combination is a real winner.   Gadgets' 68030  accelerator board
 was nowhere to be seen.

     Neocept was showing Word Up 3.0, and selling it for an incredible $45.
 Needless to say it was selling fast.

     Soft-Aware had their easy to use relational, graphic database, called,
 The Informer II there.  Very nice database, it combines lots of power with
 ease of use.

     Sprockits Computer Products showed their line of Lynx and ST products,
 including some nice custom travel cases.

     Xoterix, a new company, showed a whole line of products  for the Atari
 Portfolio, including a 20 meg hard drive.

     Zubair Interfaces  was showing  their line of memory expansion for the
 ST.  They were also showing their new product, Z-Keys, which allows you to
 hook up  an IBM  keyboard to  your ST.  Great for those 520 or 1040 owners
 who want to put their feet up while typing.

     Wuztek was also showing their PC  Keyboard adapter  for the  ST, along
 with their line of multi-sync monitors for the ST.

     Bill Skurski  Enterprises was  there showing their line of great books
 and video tapes for the ST.

     D.A. Brumleve had her great kids programs there.  Dorothy  writes some
 really great  programs, and if you have kids you should take a look at her

     The conferences throughout the day  were  very  informative,  with the
 highlight being Leonard Tramiel's number of talks about the TT.  The TT is
 shaping up real nice.  The 32 mhz version is 1.8 times faster then  the 16
 mhz.   And contrary  to the misinformed rumors the computer runs at a full
 32 mhz.  The only thing that will slow it down is memory speed, it is just
 too expensive  to put the optimal chips in (50ns).  But, if the user wants
 more speed they can upgrade the chips.  He would not quote  prices or con-
 figuration, saying that was up to the marketing people (my first, cynical,
 thought was "What marketing people?").

     There is also a multi-tasking TOS in the works, but NO date on availa-
 bility. It  was stated  that it  will be  VERY HARD to upgrade the TT to a
 68040 chip.  And that Atari didn't have any plans  to support  a chip that
 was not even available. The new GDOS is HOT.  Developers should be getting
 a version in about a month to  start  writing  applications  for  it.   It
 supports outline  fonts, and  at the  time is becomes available 140 of the
 most popular typefaces will also be available. Look  for this  to add fire
 to the desktop publishing market.

     From an  attendance stand point the show was disappointing.  I am sure
 that there will be people making all types of excuses  why there  were not
 very many  people there,  but the  real reason is that Atari just does not
 have very many people left supporting it.  But the show was NOT a failure.
 I had a very good time, and picked up a lot of very good information.  The
 many dealers that were there were doing good business, and  so were happy.
 John Tarpinian, the brains and energy behind the show should be congratul-
 ated on putting on a great show.

 Review #3

 by Kevin Walshe

     A friend and I flew into  Burbank Saturday  morning.   After renting a
 car, we  drove over  to the  Glendale Civic  Center.  Arriving about 10:30
 am, we paid our admission and entered the hall.

     By this time, there was a pretty good crowd around.   We  made our way
 to the  center stage.   On  display was  most of  the Atari line.  Mega's,
 Stacy's, STe's and Portfolio's were all on display.  At the base the stage
 were several displays showing Lynx's

     But the  main attraction  available for  display was  two new products
 which I viewed for the first time.  The first being the new CD  rom player
 and the other was the Hotz Box.  While the CD rom player is not officially
 released, it was nice to see the finished  product.   I was  quickly drawn
 to a  demonstration of  the Hotz  Box and  can only  say, WOW!   I'm not a
 musician but even I could sound great with one of those.

     The Lynx displays were a crowd  favorite.   Hard to  find an available
 machine.    Atari  was  showing  several beta and even some finished games
 which will be shipping very soon.   Some  of the  titles were  Slime World
 (shipping this  week), Klax (my favorite), Paper Boy (very well done), and
 Ms. Pacman.  There were others but was unable to push my way to  the front
 of the line to check them out (hehe).

     Atari had a large contingent of folks available.  The most notable was
 Elie Kenan.  Others included Bob  Brodie, Don  Thomas, John  Townsend, Ken
 Badertscher  and  even  Leonard  Tramiel.   This certainly was not all the
 folks Atari brought to help with the show, just the ones I recall.

     The first seminar was  the Atari  Corp. conference  so we  headed down
 stairs to  get a  good seat.  The conference opened with Bob Brodie at the
 helm.  If you have never heard Bob  speak, you  have missed  a real treat.
 Bob started  out giving the crowd his  background and position with Atari.
 Soon after he opened  the conference  to questions.   I'll  briefly try to
 outline the more important points.

     Bob  stated  that  Atari  was  indeed  looking into the possibility of
 moving Atari USA headquarters.  No specific region of the  nation is being
 targeted.   Another Atari  employee confided that the east was most likely
 (suggested Boston) as Elie  wanted in  a time  zone which  was not  to far
 behind Europe.

     Atari is  considering manufacturing  of a Mega STe.  Atari has gone as
 far as  sending questionnaire  to developers  asking for  input for design

     Atari has  8 games  which they  plan to  release for the Lynx prior to
 December.  Two scheduled for release in Sept,  two more  in Oct.  and 3 in
 Nov.  As stated before, Slime World is in the warehouse now!

     The TT  will be  a 32mzh machine.  There are plans to release a multi-
 tasking TOS but no planned release  date is  known.   This information was
 given by Leonard Tramiel who was in attendance.   Look for the U.S. intro-
 duction and _availability_ of the TT at COMDEX (Nov. 11)!

     Atari has signed up  a new  group of  dealers to  sell their products.
 The dealers  belong to the third largest buying group and are known as the
 ASCII Group.  450 dealers makes up this body and  are not  affiliated with
 any national chain.

    That was  the end  of the most notable comments from Atari so we proce-
 eded to view all the developers at the show. 

     The boys from Codehead  (Charles  and  John)  introduced  their newest
 product,  CodeKeys!    This  program  will record a group of keyboard (and
 mouse) entries, then let you assign it  as  a  macro  to  any  key  on the
 keyboard!   These macros  can be  run in  real time  or edited for maximum
 performance.  Another great product from the Codeheads!! 

     Migraph was there showing  their line  of products.   Nothing  new  at
 this time  but they  are going  to be releasing upgrades to both Easy-Draw
 and Touch-Up in the  near future.   Zubair  Interfaces were  showing their
 line of  memory upgrades and their new product, Z- Keys.  With Z-Keys, you
 can add a IBM keyboard to your 520/1040.

     Soft-Aware was showing The Informer II.  Soft-Aware  was using  a dif-
 ferent approach  to selling  their product.   For  $15.00 you  could get a
 fully functional version of  Informer II  with a  limited use  manual.  If
 within 6  months you decide that this is the product for you, just send in
 the original disk along with $60.00 and receive  the complete  package.  A
 nice approach in my opinion!

     ST Informer  was there  offering a  special deal  on a subscription to
 their magazine and also selling UIS III.  Talon Technologies  introduced a
 new upgrade  of software  for their product, Super Charger.  Also included
 was a new and greatly improved  manual.   The upgrade  sold out  the first
 day.   Rumor has  it that  Talon will release the long awaited upgrade for
 VGA (which _might_ use the standard Atari monitor!)  and expansion  box in
 the near future.  Another rumor has it that someone well know in the Atari
 community was working on a speed enhancement for the Super Charger!

     Brad Koda from Best Electronics was showing his enormous collection of
 parts for  just about  any Atari  product.   Branch Always was showing the
 newest release of Quick ST version 2.2  along with  Quick Tools.   Neocept
 was showing  their new version of Word-Up and running a show special.  The
 special was so good that they ran out before the end of the first day.

     Double Click was showing their fine  line  of  software.    Gadgets By
 Small  was  showing  Spectre  GCR  with  the soon to be released software,
 version 3.0.  Also available from  the  Gadget  people  was  MegaTalk, the
 Appletalk compatible networking board for any Mega  ST!

     AT Speed  and Fast Fax modem are the newest products from Michtron and
 where on display along with the complete line  of Michtron  products.  ICD
 was proud to show their newest product,  AdSpeed!  This hardware accelera-
 tor looks like a first class  product which  we have  become accustomed to
 from ICD.  ICD was also showing their complete line of host adaptors.

     Slicceware was  showing a beta version of their alternate desktop rep-
 lacement system.  Beckemeyer Development Tools  was showing  their line of
 products running  on a  TT.   Bill Skurski Enterprises was displaying both
 books and videos which help users to understand and use Atari ST's.

     Xoterix had one of the more interesting booths at the show.   This new
 company  was  showing  several  new  products for the Portfolio.  The most
 remarkable product was a 20 meg  hard drive  which attaches  to the bottom
 of the  Portfolio.   There is also room within the hard drive case to ins-
 tall 512k of memory so that you now  can have  a 640k,  20 meg  hard drive
 Lap Top!  WOW!   Other products  from Xoterix  include software cards with
 titles like CheckWriter and Timekeeper and a terminal program.   They also
 make cases for the Portfolio.

     Gribnif Software  introduced Neodesk  3.   This is a major upgrade and
 would take the entire article to do it justice.  You must  see it  to bel-
 ieve it.

     This most  certainly was  not all  the exhibitors and I apologize if I
 overlooked anyone.  There seemed to be a positive air about this  show and
 about Atari.   The turnout was not as large as predicted but most exhibit-
 ors and show attendees appeared to  enjoy it  anyway.   Looking forward to
 next years show!




 Excerpt from:
 The Cincinnati Post
 September 10, 1990

 by David Holthaus, Staff Reporter

 A Sycamore  township man  has pleaded guilty to federal charges of selling
 and distributing counterfeit computer chips worth a half  million dollars.
 According to  U.S. Attorney D. Michael Crites, Dennis Wayne Hayes III, 48,
 operated a scheme in which he  sold more  than 5,000  bogus Macintosh com-
 puter chips  between 1988  and 1990.   Crites said Hayes bought blank com-
 puter chips, removed the manufacturers name,  and imprinted  them with the
 logo  of  Apple  Computer,  a  well  known computer manufacturer.  He also
 imprinted the chips with phoney copyright information and  part numbers to
 make them appear genuine, the Justice Department said.

 Macintosh 128K  ROM software  information was  copied into  the chip which
 Hayes sold for between 130 and 195 dollars  per set,  the department said.
 Hayes  pleaded  guilty  to  money  laundering, copyright infringement, and
 structuring a financial transaction. 

 Agents from the Internal Revenue Service said the Federal Bureau of Inves-
 tigation searched Hayes' home at 12145 Bear Valley Court in July and found
 sophisticated computer equipment and more than  $180,000 dollars  in cash,
 the Justice Department said.  In addition agents seized $2,000 in travele-
 r's checks and various guns, including  four (4)  Uzi semi-automatic weap-
 ons, Hayes'  private airplane which the department said was purchased with
 money from computer chip sales, and  an automobile  were also  seized, the
 department said.


 Additional Coverage....

                            -* Eyewitness Report *-

 by David Singletary

     Earlier this  year, I  purchased a Spectre GCR and needed the Mac 128K
 ROMS.  I was told that  the fellow  who distributed  to the  major dealers
 throughout the  country was  from the Cincinnati area and I could probably
 get them direct from him at a possible  discount.   I called  Dennis Hayes
 and was  invited to visit him at his home to purchase the ROMS for $95.00.
 I got to know Dennis casually through two visits to  his home  and several
 phone conversations.

     I was  quite impressed with the style of living the ROM chip sales had
 given Dennis.  He lived in a beautiful home in  one of  the better Cincin-
 nati neighborhoods.   Upon entry to his home I was ushered into his office
 area where Dennis had a four meg Mega  ST with  a T16  accelerator, Viking
 2400 big-screen  monitor, 120 meg hard drive, Spectre GCR, Hewlett Packard
 Deskjet, fax machine and various  other  electronic  switching  devices to
 route incoming phone calls.

     I spent  several hours  there and Dennis told me some very interesting
 things.  He mentioned that he was a beta-tester for  Gadgets by  Small and
 that he  'saved' the  day at  first expo  that Dave Small launched his Mac
 emulation solution.  He went into elaborate detail about how the booth was
 flooded with  those who  were anticipating  purchase of Dave's new marvel,
 and how in the eleventh hour he came through with the chips  to the cheers
 of the show attendees. 

     I asked  him on  how he  got his  connections for  the Mac ROMS and he
 told me, after some hesitation, that he knew someone inside  of Apple that
 agreed to  work with  him.  Since Apple forbade sale to those not official
 Apple dealers, his cohort would ship  the  orders  out  under  a different
 guise (part number or name, I can't remember exactly). 

     He told me of his software purchasing policy---he had none.  He didn't
 buy software and he seemed as though he  had contempt  for those  who did.
 He showed me box after box of neatly categorized pirated ST and MAC softw-
 are, the  estimated total  of which  was around  2,000 disks.   He proudly
 stated that  he had  purchased just  one software  title since he had pur-
 chased his ST; an older paint program the  name of  which escapes  me.  He
 told me  of, and  showed me the capture from a unique 1-800 MAC Pirate BBS
 that he was a member of.  This board, he  told me,  was exclusive  to only
 100 members  around the  world, he  got in because of his chip reputation.
 On this board he stated, and indeed showed me, all the latest  software is
 released even  in its  beta stages and before it ever hits the shelves.  I
 actually saw versions of Ready Set  Go! and  Pagemaker that  had only been
 talked about.   I  bought my  GCR mainly to run a certain program, he said
 that he didn't have it but could get it for me that night.  I went out and
 bought it  anyway and when I called him later he was upset at my 'foolish-

     When Dennis took my order, he placed me in his  Mac run  database.  By
 the way,  Dennis said he had become accustomed to using the ST only to run
 Mac software.  He continually would repeat that switching to the MAC world
 of  software  was  like  going  from  a 747 to the Starship Enterprise (of
 course I heartily disagreed).  Anyway in this  large database,  Dennis had
 listed and  showed me  several of  those he'd been doing quantity business
 with.  I was shocked when he pointed out a  well known  manufacturer, sev-
 eral well known ST people, one, in particular,from southern California and
 a number of prominent computer dealers.   All  of whom  have done repeated
 business  and  whose  names  I  immediately  recognized.  A friend of mine
 stated that Dennis Hayes was the  name recommended  to him  in the Spectre
 128 manual.   Also  Dennis showed  me an older Magic Sac or Spectre manual
 (can't remember which), that showed acknowledgements  for his contribution
 as a beta-tester.

     Interestingly another  fellow ST'er  called me telling of difficulties
 in ordering a GCR just this past week.  After calling all over the country
 he finally  found ONE  in Illinois.   Since  Dennis was  raided in July, I
 can't help but wonder if, since Dennis seemed to be THE MAJOR  SUPPLIER of
 MAC ROMS,  this doesn't  have something  to do  with it.  If so, Apple may
 have effectively put a choke hold on the emulation business in general.


     In most situations such as this  the  reports  about  an  arrest would
 normally appear  at the  time of the arrest, not 2 months later.  In fact,
 to find that the 'defendant' has  already plead  guilty would  seem to in-
 dicate that  a "deal"  had been  cut.   A deal  could be comprised of many
 things, ie., admissions, additional testimony, implication of others, full
 co-operation  in  the  prosecution  of  other "related" cases..etc..  As a
 result one can safely assume that the "shock  waves" from  this particular
 bust will be felt for some time to come.  
     Additionally, the  word is  that Apple  may be  considering a sweeping
 civil matter involving those individuals who were engaged  in the quantity
 distribution of the chips and software.


 > USENET SAMPLER STR OnLine?           Where the REAL news is?

 Path: bdt!unisoft!mtxinu!ucbvax!agate!apple!portal!atari!mui
 From: mui@atari.UUCP (Derek Mui)
 Subject: Re: TT desktop & prices
 Message-ID: <2300@atari.UUCP-
 Date: 14 Sep 90 19:50:39 GMT
 References: <
 Organization: Atari Corp., Sunnyvale CA
 Lines: 36

 in article <, (John 
 Henders) says:

 Summary:TT window limit?

     Thanks for the extra info,Derek. One other question. Has the limit on 
     the number of open windows been raised at all in the TT?
                              John Henders(ubc-cs!van-bc!jhenders)

         No, the maximum number of window is still eight. We can change the
 AES to handle X number of window easily. But if we change  it to  handle X
 number of  window, then  people will ask for X+1 number of window. It will
 go on forever!

         Since the AES is  a  single-task  environment,  eight  windows are
 generally quite  enough for  most of  the applications. Moreover, changing
 the AES to have unlimited ( dynamic ) number of window is not an  easy job

         However, if  the AES  is changed  to handle multi-tasking, then we
 should definitely have the dynamic window feature. Agree?

         Once again, things may change. I am not the boss.


 in  article  <2685@cernvax.UUCP-,  dougie@cernvax.UUCP  (douglas mclaggan)
     What about the STE, Derek?  There was no mention of that.  I was just
     wondering if you'll be trying to put the new desktop in there?
     It's got a 256K ROM with about 30K spare, as far as I know.
     That sounds about enough space, doesn't it!!!
 I suppose that with this new policy of Atari's, if you're busy coding up
 the new  STE desktop,  you won't  be able  to let us know 'til it's finish
 and shipping. Right?  :-)
         Thank you for all the people who suggested different ideas  of how
 to squeeze  the new  desktop into the ST ROM. Someone suggested to use the
 cartridge port and most of the  others suggested  to put  it on  the disk.
 Technically, they  are all  O.K, and  I will  reflect all  the opinions to
 management people.   

         As of today, I believe the STE will have the new desktop. 

 From: article <2287@atari.UUCP-, by mui@atari.UUCP (Derek Mui):
 in article <2286@atari.UUCP-, mui@atari.UUCP (Derek Mui) says:
       As of today, I believe the STE will have the new desktop. 
       Oops! the MEGA STE will have the new desktop, not just any
       STE. Sorry.

 Interesting!  If Atari now doesn't  announce products  until they're ready
 for shipping,  and Derek  has just  let slip  something about  a Mega STE,
 then the Mega STE must be ready for shipping, right?

 I WANT IT YESTERDAY!   :-)  (Sorry Allan - couldn't resist that.)

 In fact, I probably don't want it, as it probably costs lots  more than my
 plain ol'  STE.  I can probably even do without the new desktop if NeoDesk
 3 is as good as it sounds.  But maybe other people  would like  the option
 of fitting the new ROMs into their existing STEs.  I might even like to do
 this myself, as I have the oldest (July 89) version of TOS 1.6.   In fact,
 thinking about it..


 Oh  dear,  you've  opened  a  can  of  worms  there,  Derek.   We're never
 satisfied, are we?  (Sometimes with good reason, though.)

 Now, about this sixty-four/sixty-four machine someone mentioned...




 Graham Thomas, SPRU, Mantell Building, U of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9RF, UK
 UUCP: grahamt%syma.sussex@ukc.uucp  PHONE: +44 273 686758
 FAX: [..] 685865

 bloom-beacon!eru hagbard!sunic!mcsun!cernvax!chx400!ethz!neptune!b!felner
 From: (Tomas Felner)
 Subject: TT desktop & prices
 Keywords: TT desktop prices TOS
 Message-ID: <

 Today I finally had a chance to see the 32MHz TT live on a big trade show
 here in Switzerland.

       What impressed me most and what seems not to be known so  far to the
 general public,  is the  new TT  desktop.  Do you like shells like NeoDesk
 and Gemini?  Well, now you can have  most of  their functionality  on your
 TT, in  the official  Atari TT  TOS.  Here are some first impressions from
 the new desktop after playing around with the TT for about an hour:

 - Quite a few new menu entries have been added in the desktop

 - Most (or all?) menu entries can be invoked with a single keystroke and
   those keys are user configurable

 - You can assign a full pathname to the function keys and thus invoke your
   favorite programs with a single function key keystroke

 - You can now have an unsorted index (nice for auto folders)

 - You can choose the background color from a menu entry

 - There's a menu entry 'Desktop Configuration' where you can set and
   configure quite a few things, which I don't all remember

 - You can select a number of logical drives and then search for a
   file/folder on all those drives. When the search was successful, a
   window with the file/folder opens. And this search is very fast!

 - You can read another .INF file and thus change the look of the desktop

 - You can switch between several different color tables

 - You can have a different border, text and background color for each part
   of a window (like close button, expand button, title bar, vertical
   scrollbar, left arrow, up arrow, etc ...)

 - You can drag any files on the desktop and leave them there, assign
   different icons to them, and give them different names (i.e. move the
   1stWord icon to the upper left corner, change the icon to something cute
   looking, and name it "Wordprocessor")

 - Those icons apparently can be edited somehow and you can add you own
   ones (I didn't see this but someone told me)

 - There's a completely new Control Panel Accessory with many new options

 - There's a new and fast GDOS

 - And probably there's a lot more I didn't find out about ...

       I really liked all those new features.  I am only surprised  that no
 one ever  mentioned this so far.  How come?  The version I played with was
 in German.  Maybe it's a product of Atari Germany and not yet available in
 English,  but  I  have  no  idea?   Anyway, congratulations to those Atari
 hackers (Ken, Alan ?) who came up with this!!!

       But now for the big question: Are those poor users who cannot afford
 to get  a TT  also going  to see  this new  desktop on their 520, 1040 and
 Megas?  If the answer is yes, when is this going to be the case?

       And here comes an answer to the question 'How much will I  pay for a
 TT?'.   The following are the official prices from Atari Switzerland.  The
 TT is supposed to start selling these days  here in  Switzerland (and also
 in Germany I think).  (US$ 1.- = SFr. 1.30)

 Basic set:  TT, 68030, 32MHz, 40MB disk, 720KB floppy, mouse, keyboard

 Basic set with  4MB: SFr. 4990.-  (US$ 3850.-)
                 6MB: SFr. 5690.-  (US$ 4380.-)
                 8MB: SFr. 6290.-  (US$ 4850.-)

 Extra: PTC1426  Multysync color screen, 14"       SFr 990.-  (US$ 760.-)
        PTM146   Monochrome screen, 14"            SFr 330.-  (US$ 250.-)
        TTM194   Monochrome screen, 19", 1280x960  SFr 1890.- (US$ 1450.-)

 So:  A 4MB, multisync system is approximately US$ 4600.-
      A 8MB, multisync system is approximately US$ 5600.-

 Now I am curious about the reactions to all this information ... :-)

 Tomas Felner,

 Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Atari at all. I am just a user who
 reports to the net what he has seen on a big trade show in Switzerland.

 Path: bdt!unisoft!hoptoad!pacbell!!decwrl!apple!portal!atari!
 From: kbad@atari.UUCP (Ken Badertscher)
 Subject: Re: Malloc() and desk accessories
 Message-ID: <2266@atari.UUCP-
 References: <13263@hydra.gatech.EDU-
 Organization: Atari Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

 gt1448b@prism.gatech.EDU (David P. Forrai) asks:

 | What is the correct way to call v_opnvwk()?  Should it be done before
 | the event loop and v_clsvwk() never called?

       The  best  way  for  desk  accessories  to  handle  opening  virtual
 workstations is for them to use them in  the same  way they  would use any
 other  dynamically  allocated  resources.    Open  the workstation, do VDI
 calls, close the workstation.  It isn't a good idea  to suck  up a virtual
 workstation slot which may never be used.

 You're right, if that's what ACSKEL does, the behavior in ACSKEL is

       The  effects  of  dynamic  DA  Malloc()  and  v_opnvwk()  calls only
 recently became apparent, when the GEMDOS  internal memory  management was
 improved for  TT TOS.   A  side effect  of the change he made was that the
 likelihood of  a freed  block getting  reallocated soon  after being freed
 became much  greater.  In previous TOS versions, it takes longer for freed
 blocks to be reallocated.  Because  of this,  you are  less likely  to see
 problems arise  when DA's don't get a chance to clean up after themselves.
 It is still and always will be A Bad Idea  to mess  with memory  you don't
 own, and that's effectively what DA's do if they dynamically Malloc memory
 (either directly or indirectly).

       To end on a happy note--the problem of DA's not getting a  chance to
 free up  their resources  before having them yanked out from under them is
 FIXED in the AES version 3.0.  The AES now  actually waits  until all desk
 accessories are  back in an event wait before allowing an appl_exit caller
 to terminate.  The new Control  Panel (XCONTROL)  takes advantage  of this
 fact, and dynamically allocates memory to load Control Panel Extensions if
 it sees that it's  on a  TT.   This should  also be  a great  boon to desk
 accessory text editors and the like.

    |||   Ken Badertscher  (ames!atari!kbad)
    |||   Atari R&D System Software Engine
   / | \  #include <disclaimer-


 > Stock Market ~ STReport?           Watching the Sheckles..  "Scheckle"

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

 Week I

       Due to  Labor Day,  there was no stock trading on Monday.  The price
 of Atari stock went down 1/8 of a point on Tuesday, and went down 1/4 of a
 point on  Wednesday.   On Thursday  and Friday,  the price  of Atari stock
 remained the same.  Finishing up the week at $3.25  a share,  the price of
 Atari's stock had gone down 3/8 of a point since August 31, 1990.

     Apple Stock was down 5/8 of a point from Friday, August 31, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was down 1/4 of a point from 8/31/90.
                IBM Stock was up 3 5/8 points from 8/31/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 9/04/90 to 9/07/90

 STock|   Labor   |  Tuesday   |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  |     Friday    |
 Reprt|    Day    |Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last       Chg.|
 Atari|    N/A    |3 1/2   -1/8|3 1/4   - 1/4|3 1/4  ---- |3 1/4     ---- |
      |           |            |             |            |   7,300 Sls   |
  CBM |    N/A    |5 5/8   ----|5 1/2   - 1/8|5 1/4  - 1/4|5 3/8     + 1/8|
      |           |            |             |            |  21,000  Sls  |
 Apple|    N/A    |  37    ----|  36      - 1|35 3/4  -1/4|36 3/8    + 5/8|
      |           |            |             |            |  519,400 Sls  |
  IBM |    N/A    |102 1/2 +5/8|102 3/8  -1/8|102 3/8 ----|105 1/2  +3 1/8|
      |           |            |             |            | 1,634,700 Sls |

     'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
     '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.

 Week II

       On Monday,  Atari stock  went up 1/8 of a point, and stayed the same
 price on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the price of Atari stock went down 1/8 of
 a point,  and went  down 1/8  of a  point on Thursday.  On Friday, Atari's
 stock stayed the same, finishing up the week at $3.125 a share.  The price
 of Atari's stock had gone down 1/8 of a point since September 7, 1990.

     Apple Stock was down 2 3/8 points from Friday, September 7, 1990.
            Commodore Stock was up 1/8 of a point from 9/7/90.
               IBM Stock was down 1 1/8 points from 9/7/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 9/10/90 to 9/14/90

 STock|   Monday    |    Tuesday   | Wednesday |  Thursday  |   Friday    |
 Reprt|Last     Chg.|Last      Chg.|Last   Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|
 Atari|3 3/8   + 1/8|3 3/8    ---- |3 1/4  -1/8|3 1/8  - 1/8|3 1/8    ----|
      |             |              |           |            | 20,700  Sls |
  CBM |5 1/2   + 1/8|5 1/2    ---- |5 1/2  ----|5 1/2  ---- |5 1/2    ----|
      |             |              |           |            | 32,100  Sls |
 Apple|35 3/4  - 5/8|  34   - 1 3/4| 34    ----|33 3/4  -1/4|  34    + 1/4|
      | 678,400 Sls |1,591,700 Sls |           |            |1,017,100 Sls|
  IBM |105 7/8  +3/4|107 1/2 +1 5/8|107 7/8    |105  - 2 7/8|104 3/8  -5/8|
      |             |              |       +3/8|            |1,347,600 Sls|

   '#' or 'Sls' refers to the number of shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
     '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > NE Fest STR SHOW NEWS?              Getting better all the time!!

                    //////NEW ENGLAND ATARIFEST '90\\\\\\
                           S*T*A*T*U*S R*E*P*O*R*T

                    Confirmed to attend as of 15-Sep-1990:

  ////////////////////Manufacturers, Developers, Etc.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  o Atari Corporation (U.S.)          o Chor-Ming Lung
    Sunnyvale, CA                       Boston, MA
    Bob Brodie

  o Dr. T's Music Software            o Taylor Ridge Books
    Boston, MA                          Manchester, CT
    Al Hospers                          Clay Walnum

  o Fast Technology                   o TidBit Software
    North Andover, MA                   Maynard, MA
    Jim Allen                           Jeff Lomicka

  o Gribnif Software
    Northampton, MA
    Rick Flashman, Dan Wilga

  o Bit Bucket Computer Store         o Granite Computers
    West Newton, MA                     Nashua, NH

  o Computer Bug                      o Syntronics Computer Center
    Hadley, MA                          Boston, MA

  o Computer Zone
    North Attleboro, MA

  ///////////////////////////////User Groups\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  o Atari UG of Greater Hartford         o Rhode Island ACE
    Hartford, CT                           Providence, RI

  o BCS/Atari                            o South Shore Atari Group
    Boston, MA                             Hyde Park, MA

  o Nashoba Valley Atari Users' Soc.     o S.T.A.R.R.
    Acton-Boxboro, MA                      New Haven, CT

  o N. Attleboro Atari Computer Club     o Valley Atari ST
    North Attleboro, MA                    Methuen, MA

  ///////////////////Seminars (Titles Tentative, Times TBA)\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  o TBA
    Bob Brodie, Atari Corporation (U.S.)

  o TBA
    Nathan Potechin, ISD Marketing, Inc.

  o TBA
    Jim Allen, Fast Technology

    Nevin Shalit, Step Ahead Software

    Rick Flashman, Gribnif Software

    Nevin Shalit, Step Ahead Software

  Susse Chalet Boston                 $43.70/night single
  900 Morrissey Boulevard             $47.70/night double
  Dorchester, MA
  (617) 287-9200

  ///////////////////////////Show Information\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  Location: UMass/Boston              Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm
            Harbor Campus
            Dorchester, MA            Admission: $5.00

  Date: October 27, 1990              Free Parking

  /////////////////////////////For more info\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  o GEnie: Email D.ANDERSON22         o DELPHI: Email DPJ, NORMAN238
    ST RT Cat 11 Top 20                 SSAG sig, DELPHI/Boston

  o BCS/Atari BBS (24h, 3/12/24/96)   o N.E. AtariFest '90 info-line
    (617) 396-4607                      (617) 527-4952 (recording)

                     o Write: New England AtariFest '90
                        c/o Boston Computer Society
                             One Center Plaza
                             Boston, MA 02108

   Tables are still available ($150 single, $275 double, $35 UG single).
    Address inquiries to any of the sources listed above.  Make checks
    payable to Boston Computer Society, and send to the address above.


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL?                     "ATARI NEWS FIRST!"

 - Rockford, Il.                         ICD SELLS RIGHTS TO ST EXPRESS BBS
 "Updates to  BBS Express!  ST *are* being worked on!"   So sez Rick Taylor
 the new owner of the Code for ST Express ST.   Congratulations  Rick!  For
 those of  you who  are sysops  of the Express BBS ST, here are the numbers
 for your ongoing support and new updates and upgrades.

                   Rick Taylor, T2 Ltd. (T-Squared Ltd) 
         BBS Express! ST Support Line 1: T2 Ltd. BBS  714/357-6806
        BBS Express! ST Support Line 2: The Rebel BBS 702/435-0786

 - Austin, Tx.                       CompuAdd offers 486 for under $5000.00

     CompuAdd of Austin, Texas has released  a low-profile  486 PC  that is
 16-3/8" wide,  15-3/4" deep,  and 4-1/4"  high.  Powered by the Intel 486,
 it operates at 25 Mhz and  has  one  16-bit  and  two  eight-bit expansion
 slots.  Features  include  integrated  8K  RAM cache and math coprocessor,
 dual  diskette  controller,  parallel  and  serial  ports,  145-watt power
 supply, and  more.  A 486 computer with 4Mb of RAM, 80Mb hard drive, color
 VGA monitor with 16-bit VGA card (65536 colors?), keyboard, mouse, and the
 latest version of MS Windows and MS-DOS 4.01 is $4995. Contact CompuAdd at
 (800)-456-3116 for more information.

 - Campbell, Ohio                                     MUGSHOT IS FOR REAL!!

        * * * * * *   W.A.A.C.E. WizWorks! ANNOUNCEMENT! * * * * * * 

     If you're going to be attanding the W.A.A.C.E. show October 6th & 7th,
 be sure  and stop  in at  the WizWorks! booth and get your "mug shot."  We
 are going to have a video camera set up and we want you all to stop  in to
 get  on  our  WAACE.MGS  data  disk.   We're going to "shoot" anyone who's
 willing and the resulting  disk full  of Atarian  MUGs will  be absolutely
 free to  anyone who  volunteers!   After the  show, the  disk will only be
 $4.00 to purchase and will include a set  of "VIP"  mugs, too,  made up of
 folks  well  known  in  the  Atari  community.  It's gonna be lots of fun!
 Don't miss it!  We'll be there.  You be  too!   Stop in  and get  your mug
 shot and  get your MUG SHOT! too!  Plus! You can get an entry into the MUG
 SHOT! contest there as well!  Things'll be poppin' at the WizWorks! booth!
 #2, right across from the CodeHeads.....

     Dr. Bob'll  be there  too with  a brand new version of MVG!  Neat  new
 stuff like "SCALPEL" and  "SUTURE" and  big screen  compatibility and ....
 well, he  does something  new every  single day!  Ya never know what he'll
 come up with by then!


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?           Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$719.00__ <<---

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1339.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1079.00           30mb SQG38    $1039.00
          65mb SQG09   $1119.00           85mb SQG96    $1129.00
           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


 > A "Quotable Quote"?

                   "Elie Kenan IS the right MEDICINE!!!"

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