ST Report: 14-Sep-90 #637

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 10/06/90-10:21:57 PM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 14-Sep-90  #637
Date: Sat Oct  6 22:21:57 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     This is the big weekend..... the party is on in Glendale!   If you are
 in the area, make it your business to stop by and see all the wonders they
 have put together for your viewing pleasure!

     Since this issue is kind of on the large side,  I decided  to keep the
 editorial short.   Its  showtime folks  and you will find that through the
 weekend there will be newsnotes coming from the Glendale Show co-sponsored
 by STReport  and Znet,  so... stay  tuned to  your favorite online service
 for interesting newsbriefs from the show in Glendale.




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   Issue # 83

 By Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In June  1982, Columbia  Data Products  introduced the  first IBM PC
 Clone, called the MPC, and when IBM released the 8086-based XT in February

       Or when IBM introduced the 80286-based IBM PC AT in August 1984, and
 hired Microsoft  to write a multitasking operating system for it, which (3
 years later) was released as OS/2?

 CPU Addendum?


       In Issue 82 of CPU Report, an article in "CPU Status Report" told of
 Gilbert Hyatt's  reception of a broad patent for the microprocessor, which
 could apply to most of the microprocessors currently  available.   It also
 discussed how Hyatt could get royalties on every microprocessor made until
 the year 2017, if  his patent  is wide-ranging.   Here  is some additional
 information on this subject:

       Gilbert  Hyatt  is  an  engineer  and  technology consultant who was
 granted US Patent Number 4,942,516.    This  patent,  for  a  "Single Chip
 Integrated  Circuit  Architecture",  was  first submitted to the US Patent
 Office in December 1970.  Several  patent attorneys  feel that  it appears
 to cover  many basic components of a microprocessor, including:  Memory to
 store a chip's instruction set, memory to store CPU instructions  that are
 being  performed,  and  a  central  processing unit for processing the CPU

       Gilbert Hyatt started a company called  Micro Computer  Inc. in 1971
 to market  his "single-chip integrated circuit architecture".  Ironically,
 it seems that the US Patent Office's close scrutinizing of Hyatt's patent,
 which took  20 years,  could significantly  speed up his search for patent
 royalties.  The US Patent Office's  investigation, which  compared Hyatt's
 patent  to   Intel's  1973   microprocessor  patent,  could  significantly
 strengthen Gilbert Hyatt's claim to having a patent that covers almost all
 microprocessors now available on the market.

       If his  patent is  wide-ranging, Hyatt could seek royalties from the
 sale of EVERY microprocessor made for 17 years after July 17, 1990  - when
 the US  Patent Office  issued Hyatt his patent.  Gilbert Hyatt is hiring a
 large corporation "with experience in international licenses" to negotiate
 the licensing of his microprocessor patent with Intel, Motorola, and other
 companies in the microprocessor industry.  Hyatt has said that he will use
 the  money  obtained  to  fund  his  Research Firm.  It is now involved in
 several projects, including developing  new  LCD  (liquid  crystal device)
 display technologies....

 CPU MacNews?

            Cirtech's Duet:  MAC II EMULATION FOR THE APPLE IIGS

       Cirtech Ltd.  has recently announced Duet, an expansion card for the
 Apple IIgs that will allow it to run  Mac II  programs.   Duet's expansion
 card is made up of a 16 MHZ 68020 microprocessor, 1 Meg of RAM (upgradable
 to 8 Megs of RAM), a slot for a Motorola  68882 floating  point math chip,
 and  a  custom  ROM.      Duet uses all standard Apple IIgs peripherals as
 'Macintosh' devices.  Like many hardware IBM Emulators  for the  Atari ST,
 Duet uses  the IIgs's 65816 processor to handle Input/Output tasks such as
 disk accessing.  Since the 16 MHZ 68030 chip in the Mac IIcx has to handle
 all of its own I/O tasks, Cirtech Ltd. claims that Duet is actually faster
 than the Mac IIcx....

       When  Apple  designed  the  IIgs,  it  included  a  ROM  Toolbox for
 developing applications  that used the Macintosh user interface.  The Duet
 takes advantage of the fact that the IIgs's ROM "Toolbox" calls are almost
 identical to  the OS  Calls that  the Macintosh ROMs support.  Cirtech has
 written "link  software" for  the IIgs  that translates  the Toolbox calls
 made by  Macintosh applications,  so these  calls can  be processed by the
 IIgs's ROM Toolbox.  One of the functions of the Duet's Custom  ROMs is to
 assist in  this "translation"  process.   The Custom  ROMs also handle any
 Macintosh OS calls that cannot be performed by the IIgs  ROM Toolbox.   It
 seems that  since Duet  doesn't need to have copies of the Macintosh ROMs,
 that there will be no  reason  for  Apple  to  take  legal  action against

       The cost of this method is compatibility:  The Duet coprocessor card
 can run any Macintosh software that  follows Apple's  official programming
 guidelines.   However, much  Macintosh software (including some of Apple's
 own software) does not  strictly adhere  to these  rules.   However, since
 Macintosh programs  will have  to be "better behaved" to function with the
 upcoming Mac System Software 7.0, this situation will  improve.  According
 to Cirtech, Duet will be shipping by December, 1990.  For more information
 on Duet, contact:

               Cirtech Ltd., at 0835-23898 (in the UK), or:


                              P.O. Box 11250
                          Overland Park, KS 66207
                              (913) 469-6502



       San Francisco city officials are preparing  to  vote  on  a  bill to
 establish safety  standards for the use of computer terminals (or VDTs) on
 the job.  This bill could become  the  first  law  in  the  US  to protect
 employees who  use computers on the job, from the growing number of health
 problems that have been linked to long-term use of VDTs.  Under this bill,
 companies with  at least  15 employees must give regular "rest periods" to
 employees who use computers on the job, and provide ergonomically designed
 and  adjustable  office  furniture  for  use by those employees.  The city
 would regularly investigate the health of VDT Users, and would  give fines
 of $500 a day to violators.

       Several disabling  health problems have been linked to long-term VDT
 Use.  Researchers have  found that  VDT Users'  eyesight can  be adversely
 affected  by  continuously  viewing  computer  screens for long periods of
 time.  Also, many VDT Users have gotten agonizing hand  and wrist injuries
 from keyboarding.   Some studies have found that months or years of typing
 on standard computer keyboards can cause tremendous strain  on one's hands
 and wrists.  The San Francisco VDT Bill has a good chance of becoming law,
 and would give companies 2 years to comply with its VDT Safety standards.


       The  Software  Publishers'   Association   has   now   revealed  its
 membership's combined  software sales  figures, for  the second quarter of
 1990.  The SPA has  found  that  its  membership's  combined  domestic and
 international sales  reached $1  billion dollars.   Here are some of their
 other findings:

       - International software sales are up 44 percent, compared to sales
         in the second quarter of 1989.

       - Total MS_DOS software sales are up 36 percent, and total sales of
         Macintosh software have more than doubled.

       - Sales of computer language tools are up over 66 percent.

       - Sales of MS_DOS educational software increased by 50 percent,
         while Macintosh sales rose by 20 percent.

       - MS_DOS enterntainment software sales are up 80 percent, and sales
         of games software for the Mac are up 36 percent.


       Japan's Ministry of International Trade and  Industry (or  MITI) has
 announced  plans  for  a  nine-year  research  project  into  the field of
 nanotechnology.    This  field  deals  with  the  development  and  use of
 microscopic  robots  and  devices.    Tiny "microrobots" could be used for
 finding cracks/crevices  in nuclear  reactors or  jet engines,  as well as
 for  removing   blood  clots  and  helping  doctors  perform  "microscopic

       MITI will spend $170 million dollars on its  nanotechnology project,
 which will  develop methods for manufacturing such "microrobots".  It will
 also study  the uses  of nanotechnology  in medicine.   MITI  is known for
 engaging in  research into new technologies, which have commercial uses or
 great potential.  In  many areas  (including the  auto industry), Japanese
 businesses have  used MITI  to perform  initial research  and efforts into
 emerging technologies.  MITI recently finished a 10-year  Research project
 into Artificial Intelligence....


       Someone recently  attempted to  upload the  source code to an MS-DOS
 virus known as "Stoned-B"  to the  Usenet, Fidonet,  and Internet computer
 networks.    While  CERT,  the  federal  Computer Emergency Response Team,
 managed to block the attempt to upload it to Internet,  it seems  that the
 virus'  source  code  is  now  available in the 'comp.os.msdos.programmer'
 section of Usenet.    There  are  several  Usenet  gateways  available for
 Fidonet, which  will allow  users on the Fidonet BBS Network to access the
 MS-DOS virus source code.

       The "Stoned" virus spreads by using  disks' boot  sectors, and locks
 up a PC after displaying a message.  Computer virus experts are predicting
 that many new MS-DOS viruses will now arise,  as computer  crackers modify
 the source  code to  the "Stoned"  virus.  A similar event occurred in the
 Macintosh userbase,  when  a  European  computer  cracker  distributed the
 source code to the WDEF virus....


 > GLENDALE ATARI FEST! STR SHOW NEWS?          "don't miss this one..."



     A floor  plan has  been distributed showing nearly 50 booths populated
 by at least 35 now  confirmed  vendors,  PLUS  a  massive  area  for Atari
 Corp.'s display on the stage of the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

     A large  LYNX PLAYGROUND  will be set up in front of the stage for the
 ongoing multi-player LYNX games throughout the show.  A full snack bar and
 eating/resting area adjoins the show floor.  

     A spacious  seminar room  will be  in the  lower level  of the Center,
 with continuous presentations on both Saturday, September 15,  and Sunday,
 September 16.  Confirmed for attendance at this time are:

     ATARI CORP                         American Music
     Beckmeyer Development Tools        Best Electronics
     Bill Skurski Enterprises           BRE
     Branch Always Software             CodeHead Software
     Computer Network                   Computer Office Products
     D.A. Brumleve                      Double Click
     Gadgets by Small                   GoldLeaf
     Gribnif Software                   Groves School of Music
     ICD, INC.                          ISD Marketing
     Kings Domain                       Michtron
     Mid Cities                         Migraph
     Neocept                            Rio/Datel
     Soft-Aware                         Soft-Logik/Safari Fonts
     Software Development Systems       SliccWare
     Sprokits                           ST JOURNAL
     STReport Online Magazine           ST INFORMER
     Talon Technologies                 WuzTek
     Xoterix                            Zubair Interfaces
                            Z*NET NEWS SERVICE

   The seminar schedule at this time includes (subject to change):

                           Saturday September 15

           and friends.

 12 PM:    CODEHEAD's Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog on the
           CodeHead Integrated Desk System.

 1 PM:     MEET THE ATARI PORTFOLIO - What the Palmtop Miracle can
           do for you.

 2 PM:     NEODESK 3 and the future of the desktop metaphor,
           hosted by GRIBNIF SOFTWARE's Rick Flashman.

 3 PM:     DAVE SMALL of Gadgets by Small... talks about Macintosh
           emulation and other things.  Always a favorite.

 4 PM:     CALAMUS and Desktop Publishing, presented by Nathan
           Potechin of ISD Marketing.

 5 PM:     MUSIC of the HOTZ MID TRANSLATOR and the Atari in
           professional sound work, with Jimmy Hotz

                           Sunday, September 16

           meeting conducted by IAAD Chair Nathan Potechin.

 12 PM:    PAGESTREAM Desktop Publishing, presented by Jay

 1 PM:     MIGRAPH's latest graphics application products for the
           Atari ST.

 2 PM:     SPEEDING THE ST with Darek Mihocka, developer of Branch
           Always Software's QUICK ST.

 3 PM:     PUBLISHERS SPEAK in an open panel on Atari
           publications.  Speakers to include staff from ST
           JOURNAL, Z*NET, ST-INFORMER, START, and more.

           clinic and seminar for new Portfolio users.

     Door prizes,  including a  wide variety  of software, accessories, and
 computer paraphanalia, will be awarded every hour, with some extra special
 drawings as well.  

     The show will be held September 15 and 16, 1990, at the Glendale Civic
 Auditorium,  1401 Verdugo Road, Glendale, California, across from Glendale

     Glendale  is  a  Northern  Central  Suburb of Los Angeles, California.
 Hours are 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday, and 10 AM -  5 PM  Sunday.   Admission is
 $5.00, or only $3.00 with any Atari User Group membership I.D.  

 Lodging information:

 The  Burbank  Hilton  (weekend  rate:  $59  per  day)  is  adjacent to the
 Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena Airport, and will be where the Atari Corporation
 employees will be staying.  Contact the Burbank Hilton at 818-843-6000. 

 The Glendale  Holiday Inn is the closest hotel to the show itself, and the
 weekend rate is $89 per day.  

                Contact the Holiday Inn at 818-965-0202.  

          More information is available from the show organizer:
                           John King Tarpinian, 
                    call: 1-818-246-7286 or by mail at:
            246 North Brand #321, Glendale, California, 91203.



 ///TURBO BOARD ST BBS UPDATE                                 AUG-SEPT. /90

     ///Turbo Board  ST is  a FoReM  ST bbs  replacement program.   We have
 pretty    well finished  the coding  on the  first release version, and we
 think we have a very good BBS program indeed!  ///Turbo Board IS Shipping!

     We also have a  DEMO version  that is  available for  your inspection.
 Look for  the File  TB_DEMO.LZH on any Fnet forem board, or you can get it
 from our Support BBS at  416-274-1225

     Login as:  VISITING SYSOP  and use the Password:  SYSOP, and  you will
 find the DEMO program in our  TURBO directory.

               ///Turbo Board's NEW Features over FoReM ST:

 -Conference Fmail (in any message base)
 -Ability to View, and Type Fmail arc files
 -Improved Message Editor (also R-emacs support if you so desire)
 -ARC(V6.02) LHARC, and ZIP verbose listings 
 -TYPE a text file from any ARC or LHARC file
 -LZHdl.LZH  in the ARCtools  (ZIPdl.ZIP still under developement)
 -Integrated  MSDOS style CLI/BATCH shell for running Batch files
 -FULL BinkleyTerm mailer support (Pcommand not needed)
 -Much easier when editing User Passwords
 -Local Sysop Inactivity Timer
 -Keyboard Lock feature
 -Option to set Snoop mode on bootup
 -New Scan file commands, does all the List commands + more!
 -External program hooks, Executive, Chat.prg, Survey.bat, Syspas.bat,
  Fmail.bat, Logon.bat, and many other new batch files
 -Backup command in Email base while reading Messages
 -Greetings message can be entered at logoff by registered users.
 -Sysop can now have a No-window VT-52  option if he chooses
 -Help key for Function key assignments displayed
 -Undo key will attempt to abort any file transfer in progress
 -Any alternate CHAT program can be used by the sysop if he so chooses
 -Improved (greatly) paging control ( *More?(Y/N/C) prompt)
 -Ringback working for long distance callers
 -Many bugs that were present in FoReM ST are eliminated in this program
  (you sysops know what they were...)
 -MSH program NOT needed for the Doors programs
 -Program size approx 200K, saves memory, and doesn't loose any!
 -Faster execution than FoReM ST on initialization, and operation
 -Smaller Window Size, frees up 2 lines on the Window

 -PLUS all the features of FoReM ST, including  FULL  F-net and Crossnet
  support (+ Conference Fmail support, Forem doesn't have this)
 -Fidonet message bases, are under developement, but Binkley and Fidodoor
  work just fine. Also the FIFO program is Fully Compatible with our BBS.

 -This board is FoReM ST data file compatible, meaning that all the data
  files that you use for FoReM will work on this board.  Please Remember
  that ///Turbo Board ST ver 1.0 is only a start.

 Future Features (Ver 1.1) will include:

 -Fidonet Message bases
 -KByte Ratios
 -Batch uploading & User File Description Editing
 -Ymodem-g uploads for HST users
 -BBS handles
 -User definable Prompts, and menus


 ///Turbo Board Purchase Information

 Turbo board comes complete with Manual, System Generator and all the files
 needed to get you up and running.

 We have two Crossnet Conferences and the BBS here for product support, and
 you may call up and grab free updates for a period of a year of date of
 purchase. (After one year, you may get updates for $25/year)

       -----Cut here and use this handy form to get your copy------

 Ser#  ______________________________________

                      ///TURBO BOARD ST ORDER FORM

 SYSOP'S REAL NAME:_______________________________________________

 STREET ADDRESS   :_______________________________________________
 TOWN/CITY        :_______________________________________________
 STATE/PROVINCE   :________________
 COUNTRY          :________________
 ZIP/POSTAL CODE  :________________

 VOICE NUMBER     :_______________________________________________
 BBS NAME         :_______________________________________________
 BBS NUMBER       :_______________________________________________
 FNET NODE #      :________
 FIDO NODE #      :________

 Amount  Enclosed:  $85 US Dollars  
             or     $85 Canadian Dollars  (+ 8% PST if Ontario resident)
             or     Uk price 45 pounds    

                    $5  for Airmail delivery      (optional)
                    $20 for Express Mail delivery (optional)


 Send your cheque or money order to:

                              Bitblit Systems
                            1580 Liveoak Drive
                              Mississauga, ON
                                  L5E 2X6

 American and Foreign  residents, remember to check for correct postage.




 > SARA "V" STR InfoFile?         Make that PCD II clip stay put!

 To:  All PC-DITTO II Owners, both Present & Future 

 Subject:  A Better Mousetrap Accolade:  

     PC-DITTO II,  with a  dependable installation, is an exceptional value
 (Price/Performance) when compared to the other offerings. Read on ..!

     Since installing PCDITTO-II in my 1040 this past  February I  have had
 to reform  & reseat  the 68000  interface board  at least five times.  The
 prime cause's of the contact loss are two fold: 

     One being that its almost impossible to hand form all contacts evenly,
     Secondly, Copper  and its Alloys all have memories, which means that a
     bend, or form over time,  will  tend  to  relax  or  partially un-form

     Out of frustration, I have designed and fabricated a metal forming Die
 that will impart a 'V' notch at the end of each leg.  This  provides for a
 greater and more uniform contact pressure at the 68000 interface.    

                         |          |    
                         >          <    
                         '          ' 

     As a means of recovering my time and tooling costs, I will impart this
 form onto 68000 interface boards that are used  on 520's  and 1040's using
 this  type  of  interface:    (68K  Connector  REV. C).  The basic design,
 eliminates the cam-over  rotation  (with  its  inherent  unforming  of the
 pivot leg)  required to  install a  hand formed tapered unit, as this unit
 can be pushed straight  on.    There  are  no  guarantees  that  this will
 replace a  soldered connection,  but it  sure beats  what's offered out of
 the box.  No  warrantee  is  either  expressed  or  implied  and  owner of
 Interface Board  accepts all  responsibility for  the reform  of  legs and
 their end use.    

 The cost of this service will be a $10.00 money order, payable to:
                                E. Baumgras
                               14  Kidd Kove
                         Baldwinsville,  NY, 13027


 The shipper must also include  a  Self  Addressed  Stamped  Envelope, with
 postage in the amount of $0.85.

                * * * * * *Old Chinese Proverb * * * * * *   


    pc-ditto II is a registered trademark of Avant-Guard Systems. 
       Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation.

     An inherent advantage of this installation over solder, is its ability
     to be migrated to future systems, while leaving the original  68000 in
     an undesecrated state.

            Anticipated turn-around is (1) day after receipt. 


 > SM124 SOUP-UP STR InfoFile?   Getting the most out of your SM124..


 FROM: SunFox...
      The  ST  series of computers has been blessed with  having  a 
 wonderful display system for games,  applications,  and other uses 
 of  the computer.   This is very evident when using  a  monochrome 
 monitor with your favorite word processor and especially a desktop 
 publisher.   But  that  wonderful  high resolution  SM124  is  not 
 without its faults and one of the most glaring (no pun  intended!) 
 is that screen display size.   Now,  I know that the ST was called 
 the "Jackintosh" while it was in development,  but I did not get a 
 ST to have a Macintosh screen.   That is very easily changed in  a 
 couple of minor little internal adjustments.

      Before  you  start  wanting to dig around  in  that  Goldstar 
 monitor,  a  few caveats.   First,  if you are not  electronically 
 inclined or usually stick your fingers in light sockets, you might 
 want the adjustments done by a knowledgeable technician.   Second, 
 the voltages off a picture tube can often be around 20,000  volts, 
 more than enough to put your hair on end,  stop your  heart,  etc.  
 There are many convenient places for spiking yourself,  so if  you 
 work on the monitor,  do be extremely careful, I really don't want 
 anyone  dying  from  this simple  procedure.   Now,  on  with  the 

      For  the the little project at hand,  you will need a set  of 
 screwdrivers,  preferably ones suited for extremely detailed work.  
 You  are going to be putting the screwdrivers in some  very  tight 
 places,  so  they do need to be small.   Other than that,  ten  to 
 twenty minutes are required to complete the project.

      Opening  the SM124 is a piece of cake.   Make sure  that  the 
 power cord has been removed so that you do not get a nasty  little 
 surprise once inside the SM124.   You will see five screws holding 
 the  case together (like a clam shell).   Remove these screws  and 
 loosen the case.   The back shell of the case will be anchored  to 
 the PC board by a small connector from the monitor speaker.   Make 
 sure that the big capacitors and other voltage capable points have 
 been discharged with one of the screwdrivers and then simply  pull 
 the cable out of the board.  You can then lift the shell away  and 
 set it aside.

      Now  look  at  the back side of the monitor  and  locate  the 
 flyback  (that  funky little suction cup on  the  tube).   On  the 
 opposite  side of the tube from the flyback will be  three  little 
 white  potentiometers (all of them with little labels to the  side 
 with VERT.  in them).   Simply thread a screwdriver into the first 
 two pots (don't mess with the VERT.  HOLD pot,  the last one)  and 
 adjust them slowly.  You can then plug the monitor power cord back 
 in,  and  turn on the monitor to observe the results (if  you  are 
 really clever,  you don't have to take the cord back off but  just 
 be  extremely  careful when messing around in the  monitor  itself 
 (like  trying  to  keep your hands away from other  parts  of  the 
 SM124.   Adjust the first and second pot until the vertical height 
 and centering are what you desire.

      The  second part of this procedure is to center the image  on 
 the screen horizontally, getting rid of those nasty margins on the 
 left  and  right parts of the screen.   You will not  be  able  to 
 affect  this  as much as the vertical (I got the  vertical  sizing 
 about 1/8" from the top and bottom of the  screen).   However,  it 
 does  get anywhere from 1/4" to 1/2" margins  horizontally,  which 
 still  is a noticeable improvement.   Take a look at  the  picture 
 tube (looking from the back).   See the little silver  rectangular 
 box directly below and to the left of the copper threading on  the 
 tube?   There  is a little potentiometer (like the  others)  right 
 there  called  HORIZ.  CENTERING.   Somehow  manage  to  get  your 
 screwdriver in there and adjust it until satisfied.

      There are two more pots near the HORIZ. CENTERING pot, called 
 SUB-BRIGHTNESS and FOCUS.  You may want to mess with the FOCUS pot 
 to increase the sharpness of the monitor, but the other one is not 
 really  important.   Now  that the screen is set  to  the  desired 
 vertical and horizontal heights and widths,  it is now time to put 
 the  monitor back together.   Turn off the monitor,  take off  the 
 power  cord,  discharge the components inside the SM124  and  then 
 reassemble the monitor in the reverse of the process.   You're job 
 is now complete.

      Boot up the computer when the monitor is back in one piece to 
 your favorite word processor or publisher.   You will be amazed as 
 to  the  difference  between the old Mac  screen  and  your  newly 
 customized ST screen.  There are no permanent side effects to this 
 procedure,  but  do it if you are proficient with electronics  and 
 are not worried about the SM124 warranty,  or else find someone to 
 do the job for you.   You will not go back to the micro-monochrome 
 screen again!


 > Diamond Back II STR InfoFile?         Diamond Back update News...



     With  the  increased  use  of  TOS  1.4 and TOS 1.6 with it's built in
 caching ability, the utility(read value added) of a seperate cache  is not
 as great  as it  used to  be.   At my insistance, Diamond Back II is being
 unbundled from Diamond Cache and the prices of Diamond Back II and Diamond
 Cache are being reduced.  For those Diamond Back II purchasers who require
 a cache, the new Diamond Back II packages are being  shipped with  60% off
 coupons for Diamond Cache.  

             This product offering serves you much better by:

     1) - Lowering prices

     2) -  If you don't need a cache you won't be paying for something that
          you'll never use.

     3) - If you do need a cache, then you can still get the  bundled price
          with the 60% off coupon included with Diamond Back II.

          Note that the Diamond Back II package still includes Diamond Find
          and Diamond Format.

                The new retail prices, effective now, are:

          NEW      OLD Diamond Back II
          $44.95   $59.95 Diamond Cache
          $19.95   $29.95 Diamond Cache  with Coupon  from Diamond  Back II
          purchase is $8

                The upgrade policy remains unchanged i.e. 

     If you  are upgrading  from V1.04  you'll still get Diamond Cache with
 your upgrade for the upgrade fee of $10 or $15 with a new manual. 

     If you are upgrading  to V2.11  from anything  else, then  you already
 have  Diamond  Cache  and  the  upgrade  is  free  via  the uploaded patch

     If you have any questions, please contact:
                    Data Innovations at (812) 438-3733

     I will  be  going  on  a  tremendously  needed  vacation  from Friday,
 September 14 through Sunday September 30.  Obviously I will be unavailable
 for product support or question answering during that period.  If you have
 any questions during that time, please contact:

                    Data Innovations at (812) 438-3733.

                        Enjoy Diamond Back II V2.11

                                Bob Luneski



                   //////NEW ENGLAND ATARIFEST '90\\\\\\

 Scheduled to attend:

 Atari  Corp.                In the personage of Bob Brodie, and anyone (or
                    anything) he may  bring  along  with  him.  Bob  may be
                    hosting  a  seminar,  or  at  least one of his infamous
                    question-and-answer sessions.

 BCS/Atari             The Boston  Computer Society's  Atari Group  will be
                    there, and  why shouldn't they? Not only is the BCS the
                    world's largest  computer interest  group, they're also
                    sponsoring this event.

 Bit Bucket             The oldest surviving Atari dealer in Massachusetts,
                    with locations in  West  Newton  and  Sudbury.  The Bit
                    Bucket  will  have  a  massive booth for the AtariFest,
                    featuring software and hardware.  The Bucket  is also a
                    Roland authorized  dealer, so don't be surprised if the
                    booth has a strong musical bent to it.

 Computer Zone       A  dealer,  from  North  Attleboro,  MA.  Bob  will be
                    bringing  a  wide  variety  of  software, magazines and
                    other goodies.

 Fast Technology    Jim  Allen, everyone's  favorite jovial  techie will be
                    there, fresh  from his sojourn to Germany. Turbo16s and
                    friendly tech-talk are expected  in  abundance.  Jim is
                    tentatively scheduled  to host a seminar. More  details
                    as they become available.

 Granite Computers  Hard  Drives  and  modems  for  every  occasion  is the
                    specialty  of  this  company  from  out neighbor to the
                    north: New Hampshire (did you think I meant Canada?).

 Gribnif Software   Those wild  'n  crazy  desktop  crusaders  from Western
                    Mass. will  be on  hand, undoubtedly with a good supply
                    of NeoDesk 3: The Ultimate Desktop.

 Chor-Ming Lung     The author  of Sheet,  a commercial - quality shareware
                    spreadsheet. Sheet  has been  called "The most powerful
                    PD spreadsheet bar none" (ATARI ST USER magazine).

 NAACC              North  Attleboro  Atari Computer  Club.  A  user  group
                    based in  North Attleboro (you never would have guessed
                    THAT, right?), MA.

 NaVAUS             The Nashoba Valley  Atari Users  Society, a  user group
                    from Massachusetts' Nashoba Valley (of course). Former-
                    ly known as ABACUS (Acton-Boxboro Atari  Computer Users

 Nevin Shalit       ST INFORMER's "Rumor City"  columnist will  be on  hand
                    for the 'Fest. Nevin  may  bring  along  copies  of his
                    mail-merge/person-tracking  utility,  Tracker/ST. Nevin
                    is tentatively scheduled to  host a  seminar, either on
                    Color DTP  with PageStream,  or on Tracker/ST, or maybe

 SSAG               South Shore Atari Group. A user group  that began South
                    of  Boston,  but  whose  membership  has since grown to
                    represent virtually the entire Greater Boston  area, as
                    well as  portions of  the NORTH Shore, and Southern New

 Syntronics         The  only Atari  dealer physically  located  in  Boston
                    proper.  John  K.  carries  the full line, and is well-
                    versed in the musical aspects of the Atari Experience.

 TidBit Software    Jeff Lomicka, author of The  GOOD Backup  Utility, will
                    be on  hand to  discuss, well, "good" backup practices,
                    and I'm sure he'll  be more  than happy  to show  you a
                    certain utility  that makes  "good" backups practically
                    second nature.

      Things are shaping up nicely...I DO hope you'll  be able  to join us!
 Remember  the  date:  October  27,  1990,  from  9:00am  to 4:00pm, at the
 University of  Massachusetts (Harbor  Campus), Boston.  See the previously
 uploaded  announcement  (NEA_ANNC.ARC,  file  #16141) for more details, or
 pursue the following options:

      GEnie:  Send E-mail to D.ANDERSON22 or check Cat 11 Topic 20 in the
              ST RoundTable.

      DELPHI: Send E-mail to DPJ or NORMAN238, or check the SSAG area on

      BCS/Atari BBS: (617) 396-4607. 300/1200/2400/9600 baud, 24 hours.

      Write to:  New England AtariFest '90
                 c/o The Boston Computer Society
                 One Center Plaza
                 Boston, MA 02108



 > FONTVERTER 1.5! STR InfoFile?  "...the ULTIMATE conversion utility.."


                            MEGATYPE SOFTWARE.
                                PO BOX 645
                          South Bend , IN  46624

                     FONTVERTER 1.5 - NOW SHIPPING!  

     Some changes in philosiphy in mid stream delayed  the release,  but it
 is now  what everybody  asked for.  It is the ULTIMATE conversion utility,
 instead of another editor.   The  letters sents  out with  the last update
 that mentioned the editor possibilities recieved a much different response
 than I imagined.  The majority of users that replied were in favor of more
 complete  conversions,  more  conversion  options,  and the editor portion
 ranked very low on the list of priorities, to my surprise.   It seems that
 most people  using FV want to convert the font and use it, and not have to
 worry about editing the font at all.   This bears  to reason  if you think
 about the total number of PageStream & Calamus users, and than look at the
 very small handful of users who actually create fonts.  So once again, the
 voice of the users has spoken, and MegaType Software listened, even though
 the change in direction  meant some  major rewriting  of code  and a short
 delay in shipping.

                  Here is a partial list of capabilities:


 * - Automatically sets  baseline and left  bearing edge for each character
     independently.  These can also be altered on the screen with the mouse
     by the user.

 * - Automatically sets  the character width of each  character for optimum
     character spacing.  This  can also  be adjusted  per character  by the

 *  - Allows  optical  creation  AND  adjusting of kerning pairs by  moving
      actual characters on the screen.

 * - Allows for  creating of  screen fonts  by using  the font substitution


 * -  Allows moving  of Baseline,ascent  line , etc, for printing size that
     the user requires. (More on this later).

 * - Allows for rotation of  individual paths  for proper  fills when prin-

 * - Automatically centers  all characters  to compensate for Variable left
     bearing edge in PageStream format.

 * - Creates a BitImage of the font name for  the font  selection window in

 * - Creates the  kerning table  and max width  table for the whole font in
     one click of the mouse!!

 * - Looks at  PageStream composite  to create  accented and  multiple part

     As  you  can  see,  everything  you need to convert your fonts between
 formats is  contained  within  FONTVERTER  1.5.    As  many  characters as
 possible are  translated, given the different number of characters in each
 format. A chart will be supplied to show where the non matching charcaters
 are put.   Any  user wishing to edit of modify a font after conversion can
 load the font into the respective  editor (Calamus  Font Editor(Comercial)
 or the PageStream Editor ver .08 (Shareware)).

     With the pending (Hopefully soon) release of PageSteam 2.0, little em-
 phasis was placed on the Bit Map (Screen) font for  PageStream.   What you
 are doing  with the  substitution method  is selecting  a bit map font you
 already have that closely  resembles the  font you  are converting.   This
 font is  copied under a new name, and given the font number and attributes
 to match  the font  you are  converting to  PageStream format.   Since PGS
 looks  at  the  .FM  file  for  character widths, the font spacing will be
 proper, even though the sizing may be slightly  off.   If a  better screen
 font is  required, feel  free to load the substituted font into PGS Editor
 v.08, and  trace the  converted outline  to create  a screen  font to your
 liking.  One hint from my beta testers.  Throw out your all of your screen
 fonts below 36 point.  Make only a 36 point font, and let PageStream scale
 the font  to the  size you desire.  Try this with a few fonts and you will
 be amazed with the new found  accuracy of  the screen.   Pagesteram scales
 the 36  point font  about as  well as you can create one given the limited
 number of 'dots' available.  Lines and boxes  you place  next to  a letter
 actually print at the point displayed on the screen for the first time!!!!
 The screen redraw is a litle  slower, but  the improved  accuracy is worth
 the wait.  (Makes for a lot less draft print outs!!)




     The new  retail price  of FONTVERTER will be $49.95US.  Updates to 1.5
 from all earlier versions  will be  $10.00.   Please return  your original
 serilized disk,  along with  the upgrade fee to Megatype at the address on
 the disk label.  If you  didn't register  your copy  of FONTVERTER, please
 return your  registration card  along with the disk.  Lack or registration
 will slow down the update process. 

     FONTVERTER 1.5 is available  direct from  MegaType for  $49.95 postage
 paid, or from your favorite dealer.....  

                              GREAT ENOUGH.)

                          :SPECIAL ANNOUNCENEMT:

                                                       FONT DESIGNER


     MEGATYPE SOFTWARE is also proud to announce the distribution rights to
     Font Designer, the best font editor  ever released  in the  ST format.
     With  Font  Designer,  you  can  create (with the help of FONTVERTER),
     everything from Calamus and PageStream compatible fonts, to Postscript
     type 3  fonts and  Postscript type  1 fonts  complete with hints.  See
     BELOW for more details....

     Megatype is proud to announce the release of Font Designer(c),  a font
 editor  extraordinaire  for  the  ATARI  ST line of computers.  Written in
 England, Font Designer (with the help of FontVerter(c)), can create:

                    A - Calamus compatible fonts
                    B - PageStream Compatible fonts
                    C - Postscript TYPE 3 fonts
                    D - Postscript TYPE 1 fonts COMPLETE WITH HINTS
                    E - .AFM files for downloading from PageStream

     And hopefully, Calamus in the future.  Type 1 fonts are also  going to
 play a major role in PageStream Version 2.  You are also no longer limited
 to the ST market with the fonts you produce.   The Postscript  Type 1  & 3
 fonts can  be used  as downloadable  fonts on the Mac and IBM platforms as

 Here is a partial list of Font Designer's ADVANCED features:

 * - STEMS: Horizontal, vertical, rotated,  and skewed  stem quides  can be
     created to  help produce a uniform font.  You can have characters snap
     to stems during construction, and  the  horizontal  and  verical stems
     become the hinting in the TYPE 1 fonts.

 * -  SEGMENTS: Segments  are used once again for uniformity in fonts.  You
     can define a serif once and store it to be used in  as many characters
     as you  wish. Up  to 64  different named  segments can be used in each

 * - COMPOSITES: You can easily build accented or multi-part  characters as
     a composite  of a base character and accent characters.  Font Designer
     takes the composite idea even one step further.  You can not only move
     the different  parts of  the character  to new positions, you can also
     scale (resize) each character in the composite to  any size, including
     flipping the composite horizontally or vertically.

 * -  The user  can alter either individual characters, or a complete font.
     You can even create a drag box around a part of a  character, and move
     the the group of objects by dragging the resulting box, or distort the
     group by moving the 'handles' of the box.

 * - Curves can be linked to the preceding or following object  to insure a
     smooth transition between objects.

 * - Automatic horizontal and vertical lines, including exact angled lines.

 * -  Test print characters to a postscript printer, or to Ultrascript from
     within Font Designer. (And also to Calamus .CDK or .CVG in the future)

 * - Importing of a background bitmap for tracing.

 * - Kerning and width tables generated on screen with actual characters.

 * - Magnification up to a 2000 point character!

 * - Along the the standard guide lines, 'overshoot' guides  are also used.
     This allows  you to  overshoot rounded  characters below and above the
     baseline, xheight, and cap height lines  by the  same amount  for each
     character, for  uniform printing.   This  is also  part of the hinting

     Along with the features  above, all  of the  standard editing features
 found  in   the  run-of-the-mill   editors  available  now  are  obviously
 available.  As you can see, if you are serious about creating  fonts, Font
 Designer is the editor of choice.  Auxiliary programs will also be availa-
 ble for converting Type 1 fonts to Font Designer format. (Possibly as part
 of FontVerter).

     US pricing  and availability  will be  announced within the next week.
 The first public showing of Font Designer in the US  will be  at the Glen-
 dale ATARI  show, by Jay Pierstorff of Computer Safari.  Stop at his booth
 and take a look.... Availabiltiy should be within a week  or so  after the

     Font Designer  will be  sold at  a base  price for personal and public
 domain use, with a seperate licensing for commercial distribution of fonts
 created with it.  (Shareware is considered commercial use, since it is ex-
 changing product for money).

       PageStream, Calamus, and Postscript are registered trademarks
                      of their respective companies.


 > The Flip Side STR Feature?             ...a different viewpoint....

                                   A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 I've owned one of Jim Allen's T-16 accelerators almost since it was first 
 introduced  and I have found it to be one of the best investments that  I 
 made  for my ST in a long time.   It really does enable many programs  to 
 run almost twice as fast as normal.   The only problem that I encountered 
 with  the T-16 was the inability to run Spectrum and view it's  pictures. 
 even when you kicked it back down into the 8 mhz mode.  To me,  this  was 
 just minor nuisance;  the T-16's benefit's far outweighed not being  able 
 to see the latest nudes.  But to Jim Allen, hardware hacker supreme, this 
 was  a  challenge  to  be  overcome!    The  result  of   that  challenge?

 Introducing WoowBoy.....

 WoowBoy is a simple 8Mhz add on for the T16 that allows the T16 to be run 
 at  a true 8Mhz.  It allows HW or SW switching "ON THE FLY",  so you  can 
 hook  up the T16 with cache on all the time and and just switch  back  to 
 8Mhz mode. Either a SPST switch or a wire to the sound chip (pin 14) will 
 provide control for the switching!!!

 No mods to the T16 are involved,  just a little PCboard with a pal on it. 
 You will need to do a little bit of soldering but nothing tough. A little 
 silicon  glue will hold it on top of the 6001 chip.   You basically  move 
 the clock wire from the T16 to the WoowBoy and solder the new clock  wire 
 (provided) back onto the T16.  You then move your "switch" hookup to  the 
 WoowBoy and set the original T16 switch input to on permanently.

 With this "Spectrum" works just fine!   Price is only $19.99.   WoowBoy's 
 are not  shipping yet but should be available in time for the WAACE  show.

 (Compilation of posts from Jim Allen on Genie)


 Have you been looking for a inexpensive floppy drive to replace your  old 
 single-sided drive in your 520?   If so,  here's a post from Ken Helms on 
 Delphi that might be of interest you.....

 Several  months ago I replaced the SS drive that came in my 520STFM  with 
 an NEC Model FD1073A.   It's a double-sided, 720k drive and formats up to 
 82 tracks with no problem.  There's no electrical modifications needed to 
 either the drive or the ST.   (The interface cable has to be flipped  180 
 degrees to get pin 1 of the cable to match with pin 1 of the drive.)

 The  reason  for this message is that Timeline, Inc has these  drive  for 
 only $40 (plus shipping and handling).  I ordered one and they said  that 
 they had about 30 left in stock.   Their order numbers are (800) 223-9977 
 and (800) 872-8878.

 All the usual disclaimers apply.  If you are not experienced with  making 
 electrical repairs then you might want to find someone that is to make  a 
 swap for you. It will require modifying the ST case since the drive needs 
 a standard opening rather than the ST French Cut.


 Question from J.R. McCullogh on CIS:
 I have a few questions regarding the magnetic field my monitor  generates 
 and  how dangerous it is to my hard drive.  I am about to acquire  a  new 
 mono monitor,  and the ONLY place I can put the hard drive is next to  my 
 new  monitor.   Does  the Atari Monochrome monitor put out  enough  of  a 
 magnetic field to destroy data on my hard drive if it is less than a foot 

 Answer from Kevin Darling on CIS:
 I wouldn't worry too much.  However,  the conventional wisdom is that you 
 should  always  place  drives on the side of the monitor  away  from  the 
 flyback transformer inside......which usually means placing the drive  on 
 the  righthand  side of the monitor (facing from the  front),  if  memory 
 serves me.

 Answer from Hal Dougherty on CIS:
 I have had an ICD 50 meg unit that my color monitor is sitting on and  my 
 monochrome monitor is touching both units.  It has been this way for for 
 about 1 1/2 years. It seems to work fine.

 Answer from D. Stuart on CIS:
 I  have  several  monitors on all  the  time  and  modems,  dataswitches, 
 buffers,  HDs,  and all that sort of thing packed in all around them with 
 no problems to date!


 Until next week.....


 > Quick ST II STR InfoFile?            The very latest.....

                           Quick ST II version 2.2
        - faster!
           - new features!
              - 68030 compatible!
                 - new phone numbers!
                    - newsletter for registered users!
                       - German language version in Europe!
                          - expanded credit card and shipping support!

 Price: $19.95 U.S.

 Branch Always Software
 14150 N.E. 20th Street, Suite 302
 Bellevue, WA  98007   U.S.A.

 Order line: (206)-643-9697   (10am to 6pm Pacific Time)
 FAX: (206)-643-3844   (24 hours)
 Telephone: (206)-885-5893   (24 hours)
 Compuserve: 73657,2714

     This is to announce that an update to our popular  screen accelerator,
 Quick ST  II   version 2.2,  is being  released this Friday, September 14,
 1990.  It will  be on  sale at  the upcoming  Atari shows  in Glendale and
 Washington.   Quick ST  2.2 will go on sale at dealers across the U.S. and
 Canada in October.   A   German version  will also  go on  sale in Europe.
 Existing registered users of Quick ST and Quick ST II can upgrade immedia-


 Quick ST  2.2 is a software screen  accelerator.   When used  on any Atari
 ST, Atari  STE, or  Mega ST, it speeds up the text and graphics operations
 on the screen.  Almost any text or GEM based program runs faster as a res-
 ult,  making  your  ST  perform  like  a much faster machine.  No hardware
 modifications are required.  And the ability to  install custom background
 patterns and pictures is included!

 Quick ST  2.2 is  very memory efficient, using less than 30K of memory for
 the standard version, and less than 20K for the 2.2G version (also includ-
 ed). An extra 32K of memory is required for background pictures.

 Quick ST  2.2 is  fully compatible with hardware accelerators, such as the
 T16 accelerator  from Fast  Technologies, the  Blitter chip,  and even the
 68030 chip.   When used with a hardware accelerator, Quick ST 2.2 provides
 a speed increase on top of the speed increase of the hardware accelerator.
 Quick ST  2.2 has  a number  of improvements  compared to Quick ST 2.1 and
 earlier versions.  Some of the new improvements include:

 Support for the ISAC graphics card (which gives a screen resolution of    
 1024x768  pixels   in  16  colors).    Moniterm    monitors  and  Overscan
 modifications are still supported, as is  the MonSTEr  emulator (in  all 3
 screen resolutions).   Blitter support for faster screen scrolling, and it
 now checks the status of the blitter chip to see if it is disabled.   This
 allows Quick ST 2.2 to run on machines with defective blitter chips.
 GEM line  drawing and rectangle fills are even faster than before.  68020-
 68030 accelerator board support is available  on  a  second  disk  for $10
 more.  Quick ST 2.2 also supports the original 3 graphics modes on the TT.
 Full TT support will be available in Quick ST 3.0.     The Desktop Custom-
 izer now allows you to temporarily disable Quick ST 2.2 from the menu bar,
 for easy "before" and "after" speed  comparisons.   We found  this feature
 handy when  demonstating Quick ST 2.2 at the recent World Of Atari show in
 San Jose, and you will too.   Several  bugs have  been fixed  with Word Up
 3.0, Laser  C, Opus,  Wordflair, GFA  Basic 3.0,  and other programs.  Two
 bugs relaeted to the fast GDOS font drawing are fixed.  First,  a bug that
 caused Word  Up 3.0  to occasionally  display garbled  text when scrolling
 is fixed.  And  outlined GDOS  fonts now  get drawn  correctly on  a color

 The Quick   ST  2.2 package also includes the MonSTEr high resolution mon-
 itor emulator, the Quick  Index  benchmark  utility,  Quick  View,  and of
 course, the Quick ST II Desktop Customizer.

 Starting  in    November,  all  registered  users of Quick ST II and Quick
 Tools will receive a  periodic   newsletter which  gives information about
 updates (such  as  Quick ST  III), tips for using the software, answers to
 commonly asked questions, and other information.  To  receive the newslet-
 ter, you  MUST fill  out and  send in the registration card that came with
 your Quick ST II or Quick Tools software.

 How to order Quick ST 2.2:

 Quick ST 2.2 can  be ordered  directly by  credit card  (VISA, Mastercard,
 and Discover)  through Xanth  Corporation.    Various shipping methods are
 available, including UPS, DHL,  Express Mail,  and First  Class Mail. Call
 the  order  line  between  10am  and  6pm,  Monday to Friday.  Most orders
 received before noon will be shipped out the  same day.   Shipping charges
 will depend  on the  shipping method  chosen and the country being shipped

 If ordering by mail, send a  check or  money order  for $19.95  + shipping
 ($3 in  Canada and  the U.S.,  $5 elsewhere)  in U.S.  funds and allow 3-4
 weeks for delivery.  Make all checks payable to Branch Always Software. No

 How to upgrade to Quick ST 2.2:

 To upgrade  to Quick  ST 2.2  from an earlier version we MUST already have
 your registration card.  Take your original Quick ST or Quick ST  II disk,
 include the appropriate update fee, and mail it to Branch Always Software.

 Please note the new upgrade prices:

  $3 -  If you purchased Quick  ST 2.1 after August 31, 1990. If you did   
       not purchase it  directly from us, include a copy of the receipt    
       showing the date and dealer name it was purchased from.

  $5 -  If you  are upgrading  from Quick ST version 2.0 or 2.1 and live in
       Canada or the United States.

 $10 - If you  do not live in Canada or the U.S., if you are upgrading     
       from Quick  ST version 1.8  or earlier, if you lost the original    
       Quick ST disk, or if it is inconvenient to send the original disk.

     Sorry, if we do not have your registration  card, we  don't know about
 you and  you cannot  upgrade and  you will not receive the newsletter.  So
 dig up those Quick ST packages and mail  in the  registration cards folks!
 NOTE:  $5  off  discount  coupons  which appered this summer in various ST
 magazines were valid for purchasing Quick ST 2.1 only, and  cannot be used
 to purchase Quick ST 2.2.

 Quick ST III

     Rumors of  Quick ST  III (a.k.a. Quick TT) have been circulating for a
 while.  It was our original intention to write a new TT  compatible screen
 accelerator to  take advantage  of the  68030 chip and the new TT graphics
 modes and have it released  at  around  this  time.    That  was  based on
 original estimates  on the  release date of the TT in North America, which
 have now come and gone.  So a  decision  was  made  to  take  some  of the
 features of  Quick ST  III and  some badly  needed bug  fixes and make the
 Quick ST 2.2 release for the ST computer.  Quick ST III  also runs  on any
 standard ST,  although it  has much  higher memory requirements and a hard
 disk is recommended.  Until we have a better idea of when  the TT  will be
 available, what  the ST  market will  be like  a few months from now, what
 sort of new hardware (i.e. accelerator  boards or  new ST  models) will be
 available, consider  Quick ST III to be vaporware.  Please do not phone us
 asking when it will ship or for more information about it.  When we decide
 on a  release date,  which will  probably not be until at least the end of
 the year, that information will be sent out in a newsletter to all regist-
 ered Quick ST II users.  For now, enjoy Quick ST 2.2!


 > NEODESK 3.0 !STR InfoFile?

 NeoDesk 3 / DEMO VERSION                              September 12, 1990

     This is the freeware demonstration version of NeoDesk 3.  

     Follow these instructions to try out the program.  This copy is freew-
 are and may be distributed free of charge.  It remains copyright  of Grib-
 nif Software, all other rights are reserved.


     NeoDesk  3  is  a  complete  replacement for the built-in desktop that
 comes with the Atari.  It is the easiest and  most affordable  way to rea-
 lize your Atari's true potential.

     NeoDesk 3  adds many  new features  and enhancements over the original
 desktop, while keeping full compatibility  with  your  current  and future

     Not only  will your  computer be  more powerful,  it will also be much
 easier to use.  It doesn't  get any  simpler.   NeoDesk 3  is the ultimate
 upgrade for your Atari ST.

 How to Install

     While NeoDesk  3 can  easily be installed so that it comes up whenever
 you turn on the computer, this  demonstration version  is not  designed to
 work that way.

     To try  out this  demo version,  double-click on the NEOLOAD.PRG file.
 Be sure to leave the rest  of the  files in  the archive  intact, since it
 needs them.  NeoDesk 3 will load and install itself in memory.

 Important Note: 
     You  cannot  quit  this  demo  version.   Doing so will cause a system
     reset.  Be sure to only run this demo after you are sure that  you can
     safely reset the computer.

 Things to Check Out:

     NeoDesk has hundreds of new features and enhancements available, but 
     these are some of the more popular features you should to try out:

   o File Clipboard - Store files and folders temporarily in memory while 
     changing floppy disks, paths, or reorganizing your hard disk.  You can

     think of it sort of an automatically expanding  and shrinking ramdisk.

     The File Clipboard grows and shrinks according to the files you place 
     within it.

   o Desktop Notes - Write important notes, numbers, and more right on the 
     desktop itself.  Simply double-click on the desktop itself and a 
     cursor will appear.  [Esc] clears the line.

   o Desktop Icons - Place commonly used programs, files, and folders 
     directly on the desktop.  You can then select the icon and use 
     "Install Desktop Icon..." to rename the icon and assign a unique 
     key to it.  Selecting that key will select and open the icon.

   o Custom Icons - Assign different icons (each with its own color) to any

     file or folder.  This makes it much easier to locate and manage them. 
     Many icons are included, with more available. 

   o Icon Editor - This multiple window Icon Editor lets you edit and 
     modify custom icons for any file or folder.  Includes a complete set 
     of drawing tools.  Select "Edit Icons..." to call it.  Double-click on
     any icon to edit it, on the desktop to edit it.

   o Split-Windows - Easily split a window so that it will display two  
     different parts of the same directory.  Very useful when copying or 
     manipulating files.  To do this, drag the "Split Window Bar" under the
     window information line to any window position.

   o "Select All" Ability - A new window button (left of the bottom 
     horizontal bar) lets you select all the files in a single directory,
     even if  they don't fit in the window.  You can even keep files sele  
 cted while you scroll the window to a new location by holding down        
 the [Shift] key.

   o Independent Windows - Each window can be set to display text or icons,
     independently of each other.  Each window can even have its own 
     sorting and text options.  The new button at the lower left corner of 
     the window toggles a window between text or icons.

   o Smart File Copying - No more useless disk swaps.  In a very efficient 
     and fast manner, as many files and folders that will fit into all the 
     available memory are read in at once.  Even hard drive owners benefit 
     from this enhancement.

   o Smart Disk Copying - NeoDesk can automatically detect the type of 
     format of the original disk and format the destination disk to match 
     it.  You can even copy identical hard disk partitions.

   o Macros - Automate any series of desktop operations like opening 
     windows, copying/deleting files, executing programs, etc.  Then assign
     them to any key on the keyboard.  Select the menu entry once to start 
     recording and a second time to end recording.  Does not record inside 
     of running programs or in dialog boxes.

   o Active Icons - Drag any group of files to any program icon and that 
     program will be automatically executed with all the selected files as 

   o Search Files - Easily search your system for that missing file.  When 
     found it will open a window to it, scroll to the file, and select it.

   o File Templates - Up to six file templates are supported.  For example,
     you could have a single window display all files ending in both ".TXT"
     and ".DOC" endings.

   o Disk Formatting - You can specify 9 or 10 sector format, number of 
     tracks, and even use the newer "Twister" option.

   o Reorder Mode - You can easily reorder any directory on your system.  
     Select it once to enter the reorder mode, a second time to exit it.

   o Enhance File "Show" - Can display Degas, Degas Elite, and NeoChrome 
     pictures.  Right mouse button goes forward a page, left mouse button 
     back a page.

   o Enhanced Install Application - You can select the type of application 
     you are using, should NeoDesk unload for it, and more.

 Disabled Features

   The following major features are disabled in this demo version:

   o You cannot run programs.

   o You cannot complete a file copy or move operation.  The operation will
     seem to take place (so you can get an idea of the time and speed it 
     takes) but it will never be completed.

   o You cannot "Save Configuration..."

   o You cannot format a disk (though you can look at the format box).

   o You cannot "Print Directory..."

   o You cannot save edited icons, .NIC files, or desktop patterns.

   o You cannot actually reorder a directory, though you can see how it 


   NeoDesk 3 has many other features which are only hinted at in this 
   demo version.  Features like a new enhanced Control Panel with its own 
   screen saver and corner clock, Printer Queue, Print Directory function,
   and much more.

   NeoDesk 3 comes with a 140 page illustrated manual, two  disks, several 
   extra utilities (one can replace the system fonts), a recoverable
   trashcan for NeoDesk, and a neat box to hold it all.

 How to Order

   You can order your own personal copy of NeoDesk 3 for $69.95 by 
   calling our toll free order line: 1-800-284-4742.  You will receive
   ** FREE ** 2nd Day Air shipping.

   If you have any questions or comments about the programs, you can 
   reach us at:

       Voice:  (413) 584-7887 Fax:   (413) 584=2565

                             Gribnif Software
                               P.O. Box 350
                             Hadley, MA  01035



     The  Washington   Area  Atari   Computer  Enthusiasts   (WAACE)  is  a
 confederation of seven user groups in the National Capitol Area  that have
 hosted  an  AtariFest  for  the  last  six  years.  These  user groups are
 NOVATARI, A.U.R.A., FACE, GRASP, WACUG, MACC, MAST, and represent over six
 hundred  faithful  Atarians.  Our  show  has historically been held in the
 Fairfax  High  School,  a  very  inexpensive  location,  but   lacking  in
 facilities. Our  show has  done well in the high school attracting 2500 to
 3500 attendees and 30 to 40 vendors each  year. The  only negative comment
 about our  show was  its location  in a high school. This year we lost our
 Fairfax Schools Adult Education Program  sponsorship  and  were  no longer
 able to  use the  high school facilities. As a result, after an exhaustive
 search for  similar low  cost facilities  of sufficient  size to  put on a
 quality show,  we ended up in more expensive convention space. This year's
 WAACE AtariFest will be held in  the Sheraton  Reston Hotel.  The Sheraton
 has 500  rooms, 950  free parking  spaces and  over 20,000  square feet of
 convention space. 

     The move to the Sheraton will allow us to put  on a  more professional
 show. The  facilities are  well laid out and very accessible. AtariFest is
 the only event scheduled at the hotel for the weekend which makes life for
 the Fest  attendee much  easier since  all activities  will be in the same
 wing of the hotel. The professionalism of the show has  been enhanced with
 the use  of a  professional show  decorator, Arata  Expositions. Arata has
 experience with the Federal Office Systems  Exposition show  in Washington
 DC  and  is  very  qualified.  The  result  is  that  we  will have a very
 professional looking show in a fine facility.

     This event will be  the premier  East Coast  event for  people who are
 interested in software and hardware for Atari computers.  The show will be
 staged at the Sheraton Reston Hotel  in Reston,  VA.   Show hours  will be
 from 10  am to  7 pm  on both  days.  In addition to the shopping bargains
 available  from  over  thirty  vendors  there  will  be  a  full  round of
 demonstrations, tutorials,  and seminars.   A  banquet on Saturday evening
 will  feature  a  special  speaker  on  Atari  matters  and  Current Notes
 Magazine's "Author  of the  Year" award.   Special mixers will cap off the
 evening's festivities.  Approximately 3000 visitors from all over the USA,
 Canada, and other foreign countries attended the 1989 edition of the show.

 Admission charges:
                             $5.00 for one day
                          $7.00 for a 2-day pass.

          Discount ticket purchases are available for usergroups.
                 Children under 12 will be admitted free.

                   Directions to WAACE AtariFest 1990 
       Take the  Beltway I-495  Exit 12  to Washington Dulles Airport. Then
 take the  Washington Dulles Tool  Road (Rt.  267) Exit.  Follow Washington
 Dulles Toll  Road to  the   Reston Ave,  Exit 3.  Turn left at the traffic
 light onto Reston Ave. Left again at the 2nd   traffic light  onto Sunrise
 Valley Dr. Follow Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton Reston on  the left. 
       From DC,  take I-66 West. Follow the exit signs to Washington Dulles
 Airport. Then  take  the  Washington  Dulles  Toll  Road  (RT.267). Follow
 Washington Dulles  Toll Road  to  the Reston Ave, Exit 3. Turn left at the
 traffic light onto Reston Ave. Left again at the 2nd   traffic  light onto
 Sunrise Valley  Dr. Follow  Sunrise Valley  Dr. to  the Sheraton Reston on
 the left. 
       Take Interstate 66 to Vienna Exit  16, Rt.  123 North.  Continue 1/2
 mile to Rt. 674  (Hunter Mill Road) left on Rt. 674, 4.5 miles to entrance
 to Reston. Continue straight to  Sheraton Reston Hotel on right. 
       Call the Sheraton Reston Hotel, (703), 620-9000 and ask for the free
 hotel shuttle.   If  you have a rental car then take the Washington Dulles
 Toll Road and go to Exit  3, Reston Ave. Turn right  at the  traffic light
 onto Reston  Ave. Left again at the 2nd traffic  light onto Sunrise Valley
 Dr. Follow Sunrise Valley Dr. to the Sheraton Reston on the left.



 - Sunnyvale, CA.                                     FRANK FOSTER RESIGNS!

     Amid a cloud of controversy, the news that Frank Foster has "resigned"
 from Atari.   As  its MIDI  chief, he brought the Atari name to heights in
 the Midi world never before achieved by Atari Corp..  In fact,  Foster had
 brought Atari  to the  "head of the class" in the midi marketplace worldw-
 ide.  It is reported that there was  indeed some  internal problems invol-
 ving a Stacy.  "Sound familiar?"

 - Houston, TX                                            PRODIGY PREFERRED
     I prefer  Prodigy over  GEnie.   I can  call Prodigy  any time, day or
 night, for one monthly fee (about $10).   When I'm  on the  system is fast
 and colorful.   I  like to start off by checking the headline news.  Keeps
 you up on current (and I mean current, news is  updated constantly) events
 in case  you miss the evening news.  Not in-depth, but a nice summary of a
 few pages normally, on each item.  Then  I go  to the  Dow Jones  area and
 check the  overall stock  market out.   Next  I check the prices, using my
 custom list, of stocks and mutual funds I own.  Then I  have it  check for
 company news  on Atari,  and any  other stocks I'm interested in, and read
 and articles that may  be available.   (They  keep company  news, normally
 press reports  like 3rd  quarter earnings  reports, new contracts awarded,
 personnel changes, etc, up for about 5 days.)  Then I go to the full-color
 weather national weather map, which shows the next days forcast.  The next
 screen is a "fronts"  map, and  the next  one is  the second  days forcast
 weather  map.    Then  I  check  the  current  local  weather  forcast and
 conditions, then the weather at a couple of  cities I  like to  know about
 (Omaha, where I moved from, and Baton Rouge, where my family lives.)  It's
 nice to see the  current  temperature,  humidity,  winds,  conditions, and
 two-day forcast.  They even show the air quality report now.
     After that,  I normally log off.  But I also use Prodigy to send Email
 to friends.  No charge.  Nothing is charged for  except the  flat rate/mo-
 nth.   If I  call during the day, I can get stock quotes immediatly.  If I
 want, I can go into the business news section and  see whats  making head-
 lines.   There are  all kinds  of areas  to spend your time, from games to
 health to movie reviews to  Consumer  Reports  articles  to  horiscopes to
 humor - you name it.  They just added an on-line encyclopedia also.
     You also,  of course,  have the  ability to  shop, even for groceries,
 on-line.  The ads  at  the  bottom  of  the  screen  are  inoffensive, and
 sometimes amusing.  Prodigy is also a good place to obtain free literature
 from companies.  It is not without problems  though.   Yes, the  screen is
 about 40  characters wide,  with comparable  large characters.   That just
 takes some getting used to.   You can  not print  out most  items (that is
 being changed).   And  if you  use a CGA monitor - forget it!  On a 386 PC
 with VGA and at 2400 bps, the system is REALLY nice.   I would  imagine on
 an ST  using a PC emulator, the system would seem like the PITS.  But that
 does not mean Prodigy itself is.
                                                  David C.

 - Sunnyvale, CA.                                       LYNX UPDATES & NEWS

 Another accessory hits the shelves:

                             Lynx Auto Adapter

                         Part # PA3300    $19.95 

 Allows two Lynx units to be powered from your car's cigarette lighter.

 Atari Computer Corporation has contracted  six  outside  firms  to develop
 software  for  the  Atari  Lynx.  The  six companies, U.S. Gold, APTI Game
 Systems, TELEGAMES USA, Shadowsoft Inc., Reflex  Software and  Cyber Labs,
 were recently  signed on  to produce a total of 13 new games.  "Many soft-
 ware developers are interested in designing new games for Lynx  because it
 has so many technically advanced features. "said Larry Siegel, vice presi-
 dent of software development at Atari.  "These six companies  demonstrated
 a great deal of enthusiasm for Lynx."

     The portable  one-pound Lynx,  introduced nationally last spring, took
 the video game industry by storm  with its  full color  graphics, fast ac-
 tion, and  realistic sound effects.  Among the new Lynx titles planned are
 futuristic space  adventures, sports  challenges, and  strategic chess and
 card games -- all of which will be available by early 1991.

     U.S. Gold will produce original and licensed titles including "Leader-
 board", a golf game, "E-Motion", a  sub-atomic warfare  game, and original
 titles "Rotox", "GOLD", and "Italy 1990", a soccer game.

     APTI Game  Systems has  designed two original multi-player titles spe-
 cifically for Lynx: "Battle  Universe"  which  pits  players  against each
 other for  control of  the universe,  and "Alternate  Earth", a futuristic
 four player game in which players race to save the earth from destruction.

     TELEGAMES USA will introduce three Lynx games.  Ideal for strategists,
 "The  Fidelity  Ultimate  Chess  Challenge" incorporates advanced computer
 chess technology from Fidelity  Electronics.    Also  new  are  "Krazy Ace
 Miniture  Golf",  a  three-dimensional  miniature  golf  game full of sur-
 prises, and an  action  packed,  multi-player  game  which  tests driving,
 stalking and shooting skills.

     Action lovers will enjoy an entry from Shadowsoft Inc entitled "Bugs".
 This fast paced adventure dares players  to  pvercome  a  barrage  of obs-
 tacles and invading bugs.

     Reflex Softwar  plans to unveil "Cards", a multiplayer title featuring
 versions of popular card games --> cribbage, gin, hearts and variations of

     Cyber Labs  will introduce  an action game in which players skillfully
 manipulate a vehicle in  a two-  or three-dimensional  space, and  a first
 person mythological game in which players battle obstacles to advance.

     Atari is a registered trademark and Lynx is a trademark of Atari (US)


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?           Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
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       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

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                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
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         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1079.00           30mb SQG38    $1039.00
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           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
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           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > A "Quotable Quote"?


                                              ....Sam Tramiel
           ....proclaimed during a national online Conference

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