Z*Net: 07-Sep-90 #536

From: Kevin Steele (aa596@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/16/90-02:10:48 PM Z

From: aa596@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: Z*Net: 07-Sep-90  #536
Date: Sun Sep 16 14:10:48 1990

       Z*NET ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE   September 7, 1990   Issue #536
                Copyright (c)1990, Rovac Industries, Inc.

     Publisher/Editor...Ron Kovacs      Managing Editor.....John Nagy
     Z*Net New Zealand..Jon Clarke      Staff Columnist.....Terry May
     Advertising.....J K Tarpinian      Z*Net Canada..Terry Schreiber
     Distribution...Bruce Hansford      Z*Net Germany....Mike Schuetz
     Z*Net England.....Paul Glover      Contributor....Dr. Paul Keith

 THE EDITORS DESK.............................................Ron Kovacs
 Z*NET NEWSWIRE.........................................................
 CLEVELAND AND ATARI............................................Len Stys
 INTERVIEW WITH JEFF EARL................................Terry Schreiber
 SPECTRE UPDATE.........................................................
 UNIX AND THE TT........................................................
 SEURAT VERSION 2.0........................................Press Release
 PUBLIC DOMAIN UPDATE..........................................Terry May
 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| THE EDITORS DESK ||||||||||||||||||||||||||
                           ||||||||||||||||||||  by Ron Kovacs
 Glendale heats up and looks ready for another successful Atari show.
 I will be there with colleage John Nagy live at the show and look 
 forward to meeting some of our readers.  This event also marks the 
 second time that John and I have met in the 5 years of discussing Atari
 news.  Our previous meeting was at the Dearborn World of Atari show.
 I know that some of the readers might be surprised at this news, but we
 both have the phone bills to prove the calls.  First from Middlesex to
 Michigan and now to California and back.  Anyone interested in assisting
 paying our phone bills. <grin>  I am also looking forward to meeting
 the many Atari staff people attending the show.  They include Ken 
 Badertscher (Atari Technical Support), Bob Brodie (Manager of User Group 
 Services), Bill Crouch (Vice President of Sales), Donald Thomas 
 (Portfolio Marketing), Art Morgan (Technical Marketing Specialist), the
 incredible John Townsend (Technical Support), Wayne Smith (California 
 Marketing Supervisor), and Elie Kenan (Manager of Atari USA, France and 
 Canada).  The 11am seminar with Atari should be quite an event.  Please
 be sure to say hello if you are planning a visit.  We will also be
 attending a seminar with other Atari publishers on Sunday afternoon at
 Z*Net's REAL sister, Jessica, my daughter, younger then our publishing
 online magazines, turns 4 years old this weekend.  Sheesh!!! Does time
 fly???  I remember announcing her birth here and it feels NOT TOO long
 ago!!!!!  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  (She might read this in a few
 years and be embarrassed, but what are fathers to do!!!!)  Now, excuse
 the non-computer jargon!  Thanks!

 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Z*NET NEWSWIRE |||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 Confirmations are still coming in for next weekend's SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
 ATARI COMPUTER FAIRE, also called the GLENDALE SHOW.  A floor plan has
 been distributed showing nearly 50 booths populated by at least 35 now
 confirmed vendors, PLUS a massive area for Atari Corporation's display
 on the Stage of the Glendale Civic Auditorium.  A large LYNX PLAYGROUND 
 will be set up in front of the stage for the ongoing multi-player LYNX
 games throughout the show.  A full snack bar and eating/resting area
 adjoins the show floor.  A very large seminar room will be in the lower
 level of the Center, with continuous presentations on both Saturday,
 September 15, and Sunday, September 16.  Confirmed for attendance at
 this time are:
 ATARI CORP               American Music      Beckmeyer Development Tools
 Best Electronics         BRE                 Bill Skurski Enterprises
 Branch Always Software   CodeHead Software   Computer Network
 Computer Office Products D.A. Brumleve       Double Click
 Gadgets by Small         GoldLeaf            Gribnif Software
 Groves School of Music   ICD, INC.           ISD Marketing
 Kings Domain             Michtron            Mid Cities
 Migraph                  Neocept             Rio/Datel
 Soft-Aware                                   Soft-Logik/Safari Fonts
 Software Development Systems                 SliccWare
 Sprokits                 ST JOURNAL          ST INFORMER
 Talon Technologies       WuzTek              Xoterix
 Zubair Interfaces                            Z*NET News Service

 More confirmations may be received before the show opens next weekend.
 The seminar schedule at this time includes (subject to change):

 Saturday September 15


 12 PM:    CODEHEAD's Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog on the
           CodeHead Integrated Desk System.

 1 PM:     MEET THE ATARI PORTFOLIO - What the Palmtop Miracle can do
           for you.

 2 PM:     NEODESK 3 and the future of the desktop metaphor, hosted by
           GRIBNIF SOFTWARE's Rick Flashman.

 3 PM:     DAVE SMALL of Gadgets by Small... talks about Macintosh
           emulation and other things.  Always a favorite.

 4 PM:     CALAMUS and Desktop Publishing, presented by Nathan Potechin
           of ISD Marketing.

 5 PM:     MUSIC of the HOTZ MID TRANSLATOR and the Atari in professional
           sound work, with Jimmy Hotz

 Sunday, September 16

           conducted by IAAD Chair Nathan Potechin.

 12 PM:    PAGESTREAM Desktop Publishing, presented by Jay Pierstorff.

 1 PM:     MIGRAPH's latest graphics application products for the ST.

 2 PM:     SPEEDING THE ST with Darek Mihocka, developer of Branch
           Always Software's QUICK ST.

 3 PM:     PUBLISHERS SPEAK in an open panel on Atari publications.
           Speakers to include staff from ST JOURNAL, Z*NET,
           ST-INFORMER, START, and more.

           and seminar for new Portfolio users.

 Door prizes, including a wide variety of software, accessories, and
 computer paraphanalia, will be awarded every hour, with some extra
 special drawings as well.  The show will be held September 15 and 16,
 1990, at the Glendale Civic Auditorium,  1401 Verdugo Road, Glendale,
 California, across from Glendale College.  Glendale is a Northern
 Central Suburb of Los Angeles, California.  Hours are 10 AM - 6 PM
 Saturday, and 10 AM - 5 PM Sunday.  Admission is $5.00, or only $3.00
 with any Atari User Group membership I.D.  Lodging information:  The
 Burbank Hilton (weekend rate: $59 per day) is adjacent to the Burbank/
 Glendale/Pasadena Airport, and will be where the Atari Corporation
 employees will be staying.  Contact the Burbank Hilton at 818-843-6000.
 The Glendale Holiday Inn is the closest hotel to the show itself, and
 the weekend rate is $89 per day.  Contact the Holiday Inn at 818-965-
 0202.  More information is available from the show organizer, John King
 Tarpinian, 818-246-7286, or by mail at 246 North Brand #321, Glendale,
 California, 91203.

 A regular contributor to ST WORLD MAGAZINE, Dave Small has now announced
 that he will no longer submit articles for that magazine.  Dave, the
 well liked developer of the SPECTRE Mac Emulator for the Atari ST, told
 Z*NET that he felt that he didn't want to continue his association with
 the Oregon-based magazine since finding out that "The FAX" came from ST
 WORLD.  Dave had assisted in the investigation to determine the source
 of the FAX that falsely purported to be from Atari's Bob Brodie and
 urged a boycott of World of Atari shows.

 Last week Z*Net presented extended coverage of the new accelerator board
 being introduced by ICD, INC.  ADSPEED will be the fastest accelerator
 for the 68000 CPU on the market when it becomes available in scant
 weeks.  What we didn't know then was that the same unit will be
 configurable for almost ANY 68000 computer or terminal system.  That
 means that the same ADSPEED may be marketed to Atari, Amiga, Macintosh,
 and other computers.  Z*NET will offer hands-on test results during next
 weekend's GLENDALE SHOW in California.

 The world premiere release of the Quick ST 2.2 will happen at the
 Glendale Atari Show next weekend.  Quick ST 2.2 runs on any ST, from the
 512K 520ST to the latest 4 meg STE, and uses less than 30K of memory.
 Quick ST 2.2 replaces the graphics functions of the ST's built-in TOS
 operating system with a set of much faster graphics functions.  This
 results in faster screen updates, which in turn makes programs run
 faster.  Typical text, graphics, and scrolling functions are up to 3
 times faster than normal.  To see Quick ST 2.2 in action for yourself,
 drop by the Branch Always Software booth (#6) at the Glendale Show and
 ask for a demo.  Darek Mihocka will be on hand to answer questions you
 may have.  Be sure to also ask for a demo of Quick Tools, the other
 utility package for the Atari ST.

 Gadgets By Small is getting ready to release version 3.0 of Spectre, the
 MacIntosh emulator.  Discussions in the Gadgets area on GEnie are
 positive and we encourage everyone to stay up to date by reading
 Category 7, Topic 68 in the Gadgets Roundtale on GEnie.  Read more on
 the soon to be released version in the Spectre Update in this issue.

 Science World, the shiny golfball shaped building on the former
 Vancouver Expo site has announced that their sound and music show will
 be taking to the road after January 1st.  The exposition which uses
 exclusively Atari computers opened in Vancouver in 1988.  Now expanded
 to eight computer systems connected to MIDI or MIDI compatable devices
 to produce music or digital or sampled sounds.  With the high-tech
 backdrop in the Omni-Max theatre and high resolution monitors running
 video productions it is clearly a sight to behold.  Atari Canada's
 General Manager Jeff Earl visited the site last weekend and has agreed
 to donate more computers and equipment to this project free of charge as
 well as the technical support and service.  "This is the type of thing
 we really like to see!" said Jeff, "To take an idea and run with it, the
 positive exposure that this will generate in sales and end user
 enthusiasm far out-weigh any cost factors involved".  The show is
 already scheduled for Alaska, Florida and New York with more bookings
 planned for the future.  Z*Net will post an official calendar when it is
 The long awaited and highly anticipated arrival of "KX" the keyboard
 X-tender has arrived.  Now, with this premier keyboard interface you can
 hook up an IBM AT style keyboard, hassle free.  Just plug and play, no
 internal wiring, no soldering or unscrewing.  Just plug the supplied 
 cable into your Atari MIDI IN connector and your new keyboard into the
 "KX" connector labeled "KEYBOARD".  The "KX" still aloows you to keep
 any existing MIDI set-up by supplying a MIDI IN connector as part of 
 it's interface.  "KX" comes with it's own power supply and requires very 
 little desk space.  It measures 5" x 4" x 1.5" and is housed in the 
 standard DPP durable metal enclosure.  The software drivers are as easy 
 as point and click, as any other GEM program.  The software drivers can 
 be installed and removed from a desktop accessory or GEM program.  This 
 is to insure complete compatibility with your existing software library.
 The retail price is $74.95 and more information can be obtained from:
 Grace E. McAliece, Support Manager, Diverse Data Products, Inc., Post 
 Office Box 695324, Miami, Florida, 33269.  (305) 651-2393.
 Sierra On-Line announced this week that its Japanese subsidiary, will
 release the first in a series of interactive, multi-media software for
 the Fujitsu FM-Towns CD-ROM computer.  The CD-ROM version of 'Mixed-Up
 Mother Goose' will be available in Japan in late November of 1990. 
 Utilizing the capabilities of the CD-ROM, this version of the game will
 feature painted background graphics, full voice in Japanese and English,
 and animation on a level not previously available.  Sierra develops and
 publishes interactive software for the IBM PC and compatibles, Apple,
 Atari ST and Amiga systems.
 Sega is launching national advertising campaign that directly attacks
 the market leader's weaknesses.  Sega is going head-to-head to win the
 1990 holiday battle for loyalty, sales, and to prove, once and for all,
 that "Genesis Does What Nintendon't."  The new ads include appearances
 by football hero Joe Montana, "Heavyweight Champion" James "Buster"
 Douglas and "Coach of the Year" Pat Riley, all of whom have authored
 Genesis games, along with Michael Jackson with scenes from his 
 Moonwalker game.  Jackson also will appear in a 69-second promotional
 video for his Moonwalker game, premiering in movie theaters nationwide
 beginning Sept. 21.
 Prodigy launched the first and only national system available for a low,
 flat fee this week.  60 million Americans will have access to more than
 800 services for the price of a local phone call.  Prodigy currently
 boasts more then 450,000 subscribers.

 Apple once again announced price reductions of up to 20 percent on all
 models of its high performance Macintosh IIci personal computer.  Prices
 and configurations, effective immediately through Apple authorized
 resellers throughout the United States, are as follows:
                        System Configuration
 Old Price    New Price
                        Change 4MB RAM/SuperDrive floppy
 $7,469       $5,969  -$1,500 4MB RAM/80MB Hard Disk
 $8,169       $6,669  -$1,500 4MB RAM/80MB Hard Disk
 $8,669       $7,169  -$1,500 4MB RAM/80MB Hard Disk (A/UX)
 $8,769       $7,269  -$1,500

 ||||||||||||||||||||||||| CLEVELAND AND ATARI |||||||||||||||||||||||||
                         |||||||||||||||||||||||             by Len Stys
                                                      Cleveland Free Net
 Atari Considers moving to Cleveland!
 Over a month ago, I found out that Elie Kenan, the new CEO at Atari was
 thinking of moving Atari to Northeast U.S.A. or Canada.  The reason was
 because of the time zone in which enables easier communication with
 Europe.  Other reasons was the ability to commute from the U.S. to
 Europe quicker and the quick access to the major cities of Canada.
 Since then, I had done hours upon hours of library work, reviewing notes
 from a speaker from the Greater Cleveland Growth Association, and
 anything else you might think of to help convince and show Elie Kenan
 that he may want to consider Cleveland as the new home for Atari.
 Included in the package I sent him was:

     Airline flight schedules
     Info from Hopkins Airport on Cleveland
     Maps on Cleveland, RTA, and the Metroparks
     A Cleveland Handbook
     A Cleveland Picture Book
     2 "Cleveland Magazine"s
     A Cleveland Edition Newspaper
     An art and music calendar on events in Cleveland
     3 Cleveland Plain Dealers each being the day after:
          The Terminal Tower's Birthday Party
          The Fourth of July
          The Riverfest
       and each having beautiful pictures on the cover
     A small U.S. flag that was given out at the Terminal Tower's party
     A flyer on Cleveland's Summerfare
     And other smaller things that I have forgotten about already
 The main thing however was my masterpiece.  Imagine a 20 page plain
 photography albulm and on the cover with bold big letters "CLEVELAND"
 under it in smaller letters "THE BEST LOCATION IN THE NATION" and
 underneath that was a picture of the Terminal Tower with 4 giant size
 balloons in front of it from the day of the record breaking balloon
 release in Cleveland last year.  Was it beautiful?  You bet.  Was it
 impressive?  I think so.  But what was even most impressive was what
 was inside of it.  Inside was 10 pages full of pictures of things
 related to Cleveland such as models of downtown Cleveland in the year
 2,000, such as a picture of the construction of Tower City Center taken
 from the top of the Terminal, pictures of the BP America building, the
 construction of the Society Center, inside Tower City Center, pictures
 of the laser light show above the Cleveland Orchestra, animals from the
 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the Art Museum, the Garden Center, Sea World,
 the big balloon launch-everything you could imagine was there.  Next to
 each page of these pictures was a page of text describing what Cleveland
 is doing now and why it is the best place for any company.  I didn't
 leave anything out including charts and maps of Cleveland being the most
 central located city among almost all major populated cities of the U.S.
 and Canada.
 Cleveland is located within 500 driving miles of almost every major
 populated city.  Air travel from Cleveland is overall closer to most
 major cities than Boston.  I used everything that was told to me by the
 Greater Cleveland Growth Association and more.  The fact we have water,
 the fact we aren't going to dry up like a desert, the fact we aren't
 waiting for the "big one" to hit, the fact Cleveland's property is still
 relatively low in cost compared to most other major cities.
 I also used the opportunity to tell Mr. Kenan that every Atari user in
 the U.S. is relying on him to reconstruct Atari U.S. for the better.  I
 told him about six major things that users see that Atari is doing
 wrong- something they might not have even realized.
 Everything that I felt was needed to be said for Cleveland and for Atari
 users was in this package.  Anything that you can possibly think of
 yourself that should have been included was.  It was a chance to tell
 Atari- hey, why not come to the fastest growing city in the nation?  WE
 WANT YOU HERE.  The book also had placed between each of the pages was a
 postcard of landmarks in Cleveland.
 I have received the following letter just a few days ago from Bob Brodie
 of Atari.  Something that surprised even myself:
          __ ___ __  __ ___
  | | |  |__| | |__||__| |
  | | |  |  | | |  ||\   |
 /  |  \ |  | | |  || \ _|_

 August 16, 1990 

 Leonard Stys
 Cleveland, Ohio 44105

 Dear Leonard,

 Elie Kenan has asked me to reply to your recent letter, and wonderful
 presentation on Cleveland.  Elie is most impressed by it, and your
 interest  in having Atari consider Cleveland for a site for relocation.
 As you may have heard.  Elie is in the process of evaluating our needs
 here in the U.S.  Among them is a potential site for relocation.  He is
 most appreciative of your presentation of Cleveland, as it is under
 consideration.  Personally, I am grateful that the user groups in the
 U.S. have lived up to my expectations in making Elie welcome.  It is
 also quite satisfying to see them continue to offer positive suggestions
 on making improvements in our U.S. Operations.  These suggestions are
 not going unconsidered.  Thank you for taking the time to write.


 Robert G. Brodie
 Manager, User Group Services

 cc:Elie Kenan

As you can see, our efforts are working and our words are being heard.

 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Z*NET INTERVIEW |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| WITH  JEFF EARL |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
                           |||||||||||||||||||   by Terry Schreiber
 You may note that I use the word discussion and not interview.  Jeff is
 not the average type of person when it comes to questions and their
 answers.  He has a very strong business personality that comes across
 loud and clear, the same way he feels about the Atari product.
 Jeff started out retailing Atari products, soon afterwards worked for
 an Atari distributor and on to Atari Canada where his current title is
 General Manager.  (where to from here Jeff?)  He has seen every aspect
 of the Atari business in Canada and knows what he is talking about when
 it comes to Atari products. 
 After about two minutes I soon realized that the question and answer
 idea was not going to work in this interview.  Jeff has a sixth and
 maybe even a seventh sense when it comes to questions - he makes a
 statement on one issue covering at least two more in the one answer.
 The following are some of the key issues that were discussed:
 * Atari Canada has undergone some positive changes in staff in all
 * A dealer support Bulletin Board system has been added to interface
   with all departments (sales, support, service)., Technical bulletins
   and pricing is available online twenty-four hours.
 * Advertising is back with not one but two advertising agencies.  The
   bulk of these ads will be newsprint with Lynx television commercials
   slated for the late fourth quarter.
 * The TT will be released to dealers in the next thirty days.  These
   will not be for resale but dealer samples.
 * The TT is a specialized machine and requires marketing, not every
   Atari dealer will be carrying the TT only those that present a strong
   case for marketing and support.
 * Atari is making major advances into the educational market in eastern
   Canada and the push is on in other parts of the country as well.
 Positive, that's how you can describe Jeff, for every negative he
 responded with two or more positives. "You can't sell computers with
 negatives - Atari has done everything to remove the negatives.  What we
 have done is get back to basics.  We are currently running a "back-to-
 school" promotion with the 520STfm and ten software titles for $499.00.
 Who can compete against that combination and pricing.  It is the perfect
 entry level computer that can be upgraded later as required.  The Atari
 Advantage - You take it home and plug it on to your television set,
 spend five minutes with the user manual and you are up and running."
 As is always when I get a chance to talk with Jeff the time was somewhat
 limited as I would have liked to probe into some areas more deeply but
 in a quick summary I would add the following that was either discussed
 or read between the lines.
 * Problems at Atari are being rectified or have been in regards to
   service and support.
 * Atari will advertise this season - advertising makes people aware and
   this sells product.
 * Atari is taking steps to insure that the TT does not become the mass
   merchandised machine as per it's predecessors - dealers must be able
   to support the system.
 * Atari is expanding support for dealers and thus for end users as
 * A Back-to-basics approach is being implemented as Atari re-groups for
   the North American market.
 * Atari has been sitting back asleep at the switch for approximately
   two years taking it on the chin and dwelling on past mistakes.


 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| SPECTRE UPDATE |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
 The following was captured from the Gadgets By Small Roundtable on 
 GEnie.  Category 7, Topic 68.
 Category 7,  Topic 68 Message 1         Wed Sep 05, 1990
 STACE [RT SysOp]  at 01:20 EDT
 Dave has given the O.K. to go ahead and "divuldge" some of the "goodies"
 that will be in Spectre version 3.0.
 First of all, as of this writting, Spectre version 3.0 is still in beta
 test.  It is VERY close.  The remaining bugs are few and very minor in
 nature.  On the other hand, the added features are too many to count on
 both hands and feet!  <grin>
 "STATUS" OF SPECTRE 3.0.  Spectre 3.0 is NOT ready yet...it is getting
 real close but telephone calls requesting information about the
 availability  of 3.0 will only tie up the valuable time needed to get
 3.0 out the door.
 All registered users will be notified via the next issue of the Gadgets
 Newsletter when Spectre 3.0 is ready to ship.  The upgrade price to
 Spectre 3.0 has not been set yet.

 OK...that out of the way, here are some of the "goodies" you will find
 waiting for you in the next revision of Spectre software!

 * Spectre now supports up to 16 HD partitions
 * The Spectre "function key" keyboard mapping has been changed as to
   support the added HD partitions as well as to "standardize" Spectre's
   other various key functions!  Example:  Color mode Scrunch and Scroll
   modes have been moved to CONTROL-F1 and CONTROL F2.
 * Alternate-Control-Delete does a Warmboot back into Mac mode
 * Alternate-Control-RightShift-Delete does a coldboot into ST mode
   (You see...standardization was the key word with this release!)
 * Keypad and arrow keys now function the same as a Mac Plus
 * Sound Manager (used in System 6.0+ and HyperCard) now works (HyperCard
   now has sound!!) (Currently, Sound Manager does not work in 832K mode)
 * Serial port advanced control call for setting baud rate works (CDC
   Connect now works)
 * Aync LaserWriter driver now supported (Print thru the serial port to
   a PostScript laser printer!)
 * Spectre code now works with 68020 and 68030 CPUs.
 * Mac mode *Spectre* disk formatting now supported
 * Aladin format disks now supported
 * DOS Mounter and Apple File Exchange now work (Use MS-DOS disks in Mac
 * New HD formatter (now called OOP instead of ACK) provides several
   different improvements:

   1) PARAM RAM/CONFIG PAGE settings are saved WITHOUT the need for
      programs like Disk Param INIT

   2) New partition format now works properly with Disk First Aid, Disk
      Express II and Mac HD backup programs

 * MegaTalk option added to the Spectre menu
 * User selectable vertical blank interupt allows support of many MIDI
   programs that rely on screen for timing, etc.
 * Spectre menu page has complete redesign and new layout
 * The Mac's RESTART menu option now works properly
 * System's 6.0.4 and 6.0.5 now work 100% properly
 * Numerous "clean-up" bug fixes to the Bus handler and serial drivers
   allow many problem programs to work.  Grammatik Mac now works.
   PageMaker 4.0's print PostScript to disk now works.  Many HyperCard
   stacks that locked up before now work.

 Welp...believe it or not..there is more!!  The README file that
 accompanies the beta 3.0 release is 9 1/2 single spaced pages long!!
 Have I got news for you!  Check out these new keys now supported in
 Spectre 3.0!

  ESC    -   Same as keypad Clear (this results in a true ESC code)
  UNDO   -   Same as Command-Z (normally UNDO menu entry)
  DELETE -   Same as Command-X (normally CUT menu entry)
  INSERT -   Same as Command-V (normally PASTE menu entry)
  HELP   -   Same as Command-? (normally HELP menu entry...if available)
  CLR/HOME - Same as Command-C (normally COPY menu entry)

 Or how about this:

 Alernate-Control-Clr/Home   -  Parks ALL hard disks

 You CAN toggle sound off in Mac mode!!  Just use the SOUND CDEV to turn
 the volume down to 0 and no more sound!!!  If Spectre doesn't actually
 PLAY the sound you don't get any CPU slowdown!

 Message 11        Thu Sep 06, 1990
 DOUG.W  at 06:54 EDT
 One quick reminder: we will be sending out newsletters in a few weeks
 with order forms.  Please, wait until you get an order form before
 trying to order 3.0.  Any checks or orders received before then will
 simply be returned.
 If you haven't sent in your registration card (it's the last page of
 the GCR manual), there's still time - do so now!

 --Doug @ Gadgets

 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| UNIX AND THE TT ||||||||||||||||||||||||||
                            |||||||||||||||||||      Captured from GEnie
 The following is a capture from the Atari Corporation Category 14 Topic 
 35 on the new Atari TT.
 Category 14,  Topic 35  Message 125       Sun Sep 02, 1990
 J.MARTIN40  at 00:45 EDT
 I just spoke to someone from Germany who said the release of UNIX for
 the TT is being delayed until next year.  Apparently it has been
 decided to release V4 instead of V3.  If these rumors are true, I
 believe it is a mistake for a few resons:

 First, another delay.  Need I say more?!

 Second, given the recent announcement by SCO, ATT and others to adopt
 an extended binary interface based on V3, there is little incentive for
 software developers to write software for V4.  If there is a desire
 inside of Atari to get software ports for the TT running UNIX, I believe
 the job will be much more difficult with a V4 system.
 Third, V4 source is still not something I would consider stable or
 shippable.  I'm sure Unisoft is eager to have Atari foot the bill for
 development work on V4, I'm just not so sure that Atari will gain
 anything by it.
 Remember this is only a RUMOR (like everything else concerning the TT).
 However, the person in Germany says this comes from Atari Germany.
 Category 14,  Topic 35 Message 126       Sun Sep 02, 1990
 R.GRANT11 [Ron Grant]  at 01:13 PDT
 I don't think it's just a rumor; it was in Newsbytes.  The stated reason
 for not having UNIX ready by shipdate is release 4 as opposed to 3.  Or
 is it version 4?  Hmmm.....no, just checked.  It'll be System V,
 Release 4.
 Category 14,  Topic 35 Message 127       Sun Sep 02, 1990
 C.DAYMON  at 19:59 EDT
 Unix V.4 being released is NOT something I would worry much about when
 it comes to instability.  It is simply the latest revision of an OS that
 has been in existence (and continuous development) for about 25 years.
 Besides, I believe that V.4 is supposed to ship with Open Look, which is
 one great looking GUI and probably the best desktop metaphor I have
 seen.  (I love the push pins.)  I am disappointed that we will have to
 waite for the TT version of Unix, but I think shipping with V.4 will
 give a GREAT deal of marketing value to the TT.  Besides, from a
 developer's standpoint, the tools for Open Look from Sun are supposed
 to be unmatched.
 I would like to also applaud Atari for supporting a standard Unix
 release and not trying to generate some hybrid like Apple.  Not to say
 Apple hasn't (with version 2.0) created a rather impressive hybrid, but
 the additional work to do so and to maintain it are probably very
 costly.  Besides, with the TT running standard Unix, the appeal to Unix
 users will probably be higher.
 Craig Daymon  (My own opinions based on what is still a rumor.)
 Category 14,  Topic 35 Message 130       Wed Sep 05, 1990
 J.MARTIN40  at 02:25 EDT
 I'm glad to see there are some ST users who are as eager as I about
 having UNIX on the TT.  I just wish Atari would stick by the
 (announced?) plan to ship SVR3 initially on the TT.  As both a user and
 developer of UNIX based systems, I look forward to the migration to SVR4
 --- WHEN IT IS READY!!!......

 Category 14,  Topic 35 Message 132       Wed Sep 05, 1990
 L.HILBERN [Brian ] at 19:48 CDT
 I know there have been several comments asking "When will the TT be
 available for sale in the U.S.".  Well this is another of sorts.  Will
 the TT be out by the end of the year.  The reason for asking is that I
 put aside some money for a TT about a year ago and still have it in the
 bank.  If the TT won't be out for say another 4 or 5 months or possibly
 longer I will withdraw some of the money and buy a STacy then hopefully
 will be able to save the money once again for the TT.  Any ideas yet on
 what the TT will sell for, just a general idea so I'll know how much I
 would have to save for the base model.   Thanks! Brian
 Category 14,  Topic 35 Message 133       Thu Sep 06, 1990
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]  at 17:43 EDT
 At this point Brian, we're looking toward Comdex in November.  Plan to
 have in the area of $3000 handy.  We haven't set the prices firmly yet,
 so I am intentionally being a little evasive about the exact price.  It
 may well be that $3000 will get you more than you had considered a base

 Bob Brodie

 |||||||||||||||||||||||||| SEURAT VERSION 2.0 |||||||||||||||||||||||||
                          ||||||||||||||||||||||           Press Release

  =================                                =====================
    PRESS RELEASE                                  SKWare One PO Box 277
   August 30, 1990                                 Bunker Hill, IL 62014
  =================                                =====================
                            SEURAT VERSION 2.0

 * Create and Edit Degas, MacPaint and GEM IMG files (any size!) Largest
   workspace onto IMG's of ANY program! (reqs. mono mon.)  Now, you can
   use the full resources of SEURAT to create and edit images for your
   Desktop Publishing, using powerful raster tools and working in a
   familiar Paint Program environment!  Enjoy the best of both worlds!
 * THE FASTEST Multi-Ratio Zoom (2X to 8X) there is for the ST!  SEURAT
   Vers. 2.0 is 121 times faster than Vers. 1.0 and TWICE as fast as
 * System, Degas and GDOS fonts on-line for text (with no GDOS.PRG
   required!)  You can Scale, Style, Color and Rotate Text!
 * Automatic Smooth-Curve Spline Drawing Tools!  Let your ST draw for
 * EIGHT Image Buffers available on a 1-Meg ST!
 * SlowMouse! Variable-Speed mouse makes Drawing Easier!
 * Anti-Alias (and it's goof-proof)! Powerful Palette Editor with video-
   like color controls! Modify whole palettes with a single mouse stroke!
 * Loads and Saves Compressed & Uncompressed Degas, MacPaint, and GEM IMG
   files; IFF (Degas) and GFA blocks; fill, brush and palette files.
 * There's also 11 block shapers & twisters to modify image blocks (now
   full-screen, too); 92 color & mono fill patterns; 42 brushes including
   user-defined and multi-colored; 4 graphic write modes & 21 block &
   mask write modes; circle, ellipse & filled disc in free, repeat &
   concentric modes; round- & square-cornered rectangles & solids; rays;
   airbrush; clear-circle & clear-box; vertical, horizontal & free lines;
   polylines & polygons in line-edge or spline-curve; area & seed fill;
   user-set clipping ("invisible windows"); color remap; mirror; screen
   shift, flip, invert & rotate; fill editor; brush editor; line editor;
   gobs of great disk utilities; and a hundred or so other features
   there's no room to mention...  whew!
 * INDISPENSIBLE for GEM IMG graphics for your Desktop Publishing!  More
   graphic tools and operations for creating and editing .IMG files than
   ANY OTHER PROGRAM (no matter how much it costs)!
 * DON'T BE MISLED by SEURAT's low price!  VERSION 2.0 is a POWER TOOL
   that out-performs the "big-name" programs!
 Now, for a limited time, you can purchase SEURAT VERSION 2.0 at a
 special, pre-mass-distribution price of ONLY $25.00!
 Two-disk set, with 30,000-word User's Manual on-disk; includes BOTH
 Color AND Mono Programs! (Requires 1-Meg ST with doublesided drive)
 MasterCard/VISA accepted

 SKWare One
 P. O. Box 277
 Bunker Hill, Illinois 62014


                   |*| Z*NET PUBLIC DOMAIN UPDATE |*|
                   |*|        by Terry May        |*|

 Ken Badertscher     [*>  Mouse Accelerator ///  <*]       Public Domain
 GEnie: MACCEL3.ARC            Grade: A              CIS-PRO: MACCEL.ARC

 MACCEL3 is the latest mouse accelerator/screen saver/Stacy hard disk
 auto-parker from Atari Corp.  Normally run from the AUTO folder, it
 features a new setup control panel when ran from the desktop (or a
 program).  It now has cute little icons that are, unfortunately, almost
 impossible to make out in MED RES.  So it's a good idea to print out the
 docs and have them handy, if you're a color user.
 Three buttons represent two mouse acceleration speeds, or no
 acceleration at all; a slider bar represents the time delay before the
 screen saver kicks in (if used); and a phone icon represents whether you
 want the screen saver to watch the modem part -- useful for BBS sysops.
 In addition, if you're using a Stacy, you have a light bulb icon
 representing whether you want your backlight to go off when the screen
 saver kicks in; a screen icon for if you want the entire screen to shut
 off by the screen saver; and a car parked at a meter, for auto-parking
 your Stacy hard disk (it automatically unparks the next time you try to
 access data from the disk).
 MACCEL3 is not all fancy icons, however.  In addition to the new Stacy
 support, support is also included for the TT.  Furthermore, XBRA support
 is included (for all you programmers), meaning it should be compatible
 with more AUTO programs.  And all this only takes up about 1k of your
 memory.  Aside from the poorly designed icons (for color users), this is
 a very nice program from Atari.

 Robert McKee              [*>  YMG v1.19  <*]                 Shareware

 Ymodem-G is among the latest and most advanced protocols available.  It
 is among the very fastest protocols, boasting speeds even faster than
 Zmodem.  However, it is designed to only be used with modems that have
 error correction, as Ymodem-G has none of its own.
 Not having a modem with built-in error correction, I was unable to test
 this program, but from the looks of it, it appears to be a _winner_.
 Its GEM-like status screen features a WEALTH of information.  It has
 four boxes that keep you up to date on the status of the current block,
 the current file, and the entire batch, as well as a list of the files
 in your batch.  You are shown the status of nearly 20 items.  It even
 includes a bar graph to show you the progress of the current file!
 If you have a modem with built-in error correction, you owe it to
 yourself to check out this program.  It makes me want to get one of the
 new high speed modems even more!

 Chet Walters          [*>  Tiny Doc Printer  <*]          Public Domain
 GEnie: TNY_DOX.LZH                                            Grade: B-

 Simple document printer designed to squeeze the maximum amount of text
 on the least amount of paper possible.  Features WIDE and NARROW modes,
 as well as NLQ variations of each.  Works well, except it has no paging
 or end of file form feed, and it leaves your printer in whatever mode
 was used last.

 Dr. Boyd Gafford        [*>  TXTTODOC.PRG  <*]            Public Domain
 GEnie: TXTTODOC.ARC                                           Grade: B+

 Simple but effective program for converting those pesky ASCII files that
 refuse to reformat in Word Writer ST (WWST) or First Word Plus (FW+).
 Simply choose with the file selector the file you wish to convert,
 followed by the destination path\filename.  I don't have FW+ to test
 with, but it works real well with WWST.
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