ST Report: 17-Aug-90 #633

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/05/90-01:17:30 AM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 17-Aug-90  #633
Date: Wed Sep  5 01:17:30 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     As the summer winds down, one  can't  help  but  notice  the increased
 interest in  the release dates on the TT030.  While on the subject, a very
 reliable source has reported in to us today that the  TT030 is  on sale at
 this time  in Europe.   If  such is  actually the  case then of course, it
 can't be too far  behind for  the USA.   Streport  has been  told that the
 TT030  units  will  be  at  most  Canadian dealers within two-three weeks.
 Also, the monitor for  the TT  has received  class A  type acceptance from
 the FCC.  No word on whether the TT030 itself has passed yet.  PSST, there
 is a 32Mhz TT030.  and it is rumored that we may see in  production before
 too long.   Hot  rumor of  the week..  "Is there  TWO completely different
 68030 third party upgrades about to hit?"  Time will tell....
     Can you say Mannesman Tally?  Good!   Now, can  you say  SLM605?  Sure
 you can.   There you have it short and sweet, there's no onboard memory, 6
 instead of 8 pages a minute.  But a tad smaller and  a little  less expen-
 sive.   Now the  bottom line, will it too be bundled with Calamus?  If so,
 it'll be a terrific deal for everybody.

     Somewhere, in the deep dark reaches of the dens of corporate warriors,
 there comes  the rumor  that a certain newcomer to Atari (been there about
 two years) is trying to pull off a squeeze play.  Amazingly, the game this
 turkey is  playing is  going to  bite him  right in the wazoo.  Oh well so
 much for common sense and higher education, for  some folks  it just never
 seems to fit.  The scenario resembles that of a flea on an elephant's back
 with rape in its eye!  And on a final note..  Where, or better yet what is
 happening  with  the  Atari  Explorer  Magazine  and all those unfulfilled

     Mother nature wreaked havoc  on  north  Florida  friday  afternoon and
 evening.  Power failures one after another due to severe T-Storms and high
 winds.  Thus, STReport was late in getting  to you.   I  apologize for the
 delay even tho it was unavoidable.  Thankfully, there was no damage to the

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 > The Flip Side STR Feature?            A different viewpoint....

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 Did  you notice that the column has a new name?   I told you folks in  my 
 first  column,  that this column would be a hodge-podge of things that  I 
 felt would be of interest to the ST community.   I felt that the new name 
 reflected more of the actual content of the column than the previous  one 

 Also, it looks as if the column has taken a different direction from it's 
 original intent (I warned you that this might also happen).   In general, 
 you  will  find the column will be be devoted to tidbits  of  information 
 from the three major on-line services;  CIS,  Genie and Delphi.   If pos-
 sible,  I'll  include the whole message with the author's name  and  only 
 edit it for brevity,  spelling and grammar.  There'll be other times when 
 a  topic is discussed in several posts and/or on several  different  net-
 works.  In those cases I'll usually attempt to compile the main thrust of 
 the different posts into one discussion.


 Here's some interesting information on OS9/OS6800....

   Category  3,  Topic  45
   Message 8         Mon Aug 13, 1990
   CYCLONE [BillSheppard]       at 00:13 CDT

   OS-9  is  a multi-user,  multi-tasking operating system for  680x0  and 
   683xx based computers, though it originally ran on 6809-based computers 
   like the CoCo.  It is currently primarily used in the industrial  world 
   where  it  is  used to control  assembly  lines,  acquire  data,  drive 
   instrument displays,  control CD players,  and many other tasks.  It is 
   used  as  the operating system of choice for the  CoCo  1/2/3,  and  is 
   available for the Mac,  Amiga,  and ST.  It is strictly  software,  and 
   generally  includes  the OS (which boots from floppy or hard  disk  and 
   replaces TOS while active),  C Compiler,  linker, debugger, editor, and 
   many,  many  utilities.  It looks a lot like Unix to program for or  to 
   use, with similar commands and utilities available.

   No  windowing package has been commercially released for  the  ST,  but 
   there  are several people working on a variety of  packages.  The  most 
   promising  is  being done for the ST,  Amiga,  Mac,  and  MM/1,  a  new 
   multimedia  computer  based  on  OS-9  being  released  shortly.   This 
   windowing  package will allow _binary_ compatibility between  all  four 
   computers  -  you could take the same compiled program and  run  it  on 
   either or all machines.

   There are word processors/spreadsheets/databases available,  as well as 
   other utilities,  much of it public domain.  Basically, it's a very fun 
   operating system to use for programming/hacking,  and there is a  great 
   amount of untapped power in the ST as far as OS-9 is  concerned.  Also, 
   with the release of the MM/1 I believe OS-9 will become better known in 
   the  US marketplace for micro-computers (even though it is already  the 
   third most widely used OS after MS- DOS and UNIX).

   Cost for OS-9 on the ST is $600,  which includes everything I mentioned 
   above.  Call me at (800) 475-9000 for more information.

   Bill Sheppard
   Microware Systems Corporation

     (Note: From Genie. Edited slightly to keep it short as possible.)


 There is some good news coming from Germany for all of our  Spectre users.

 A  group of students at the Suttgart University have developed an  Apple-
 Talk hardware emulation for the ST called STalk (tm).   The Students net-
 worked with a Mega ST4 and a Mac SE and were able to transfer files  over 
 TOPS without any problems.   Also tested successfully were Public Folder, 
 BroadCast and NetTrek.

 The board has been thoroughly tested,  is fully functional and is already 
 in mass production.   The board only supports AppleTalk and does not sup-
 port Midi or ST mode uses.

 The  board  and the STalk (tm) software will sell  for  550  Deutschmarks 
 (about $330 US).  If you're interested, contact:

                              Fearn & Music,
                     Roemerstr. 22, D-7000 Stuttgart,
                Tel. +49-711-602489, Fax:  +49-711-6493711

 By the way,  the same group has also made a high-res  printer driver  for 
 the Atari SM804 Laser-Printer.

           (Note: Compiled from various posts on CIS and Genie)


 If you are interested in the Apple Talk board but you don't  particularly 
 care  to order things all the way from Germany,  Gadgets by Small  has  a 
 MegaTalk board in the works.   It's not ready for release yet,  but it is 
 supposed  to be available later this year.   The Gadgets' board  will  be 
 called  MegaTalk  and it will support AppleTalk,  Mac Midi,  ST  mode  (2 
 additional serial ports) and a full blown Mac SCSI port.

 What does all of this mean to the average user?   It means that you  will 
 be able to network your Mega on a real AppleTalk network.   It means  you 
 can use Apple LaserWriters and Mac compatible fax modems.   It means  you 
 will be able to run Mac MIDI software.  It means that you will be able to 
 access the full line of Mac hardware devices, hard drives, scanners, etc.

 Due to space limitations, the board has to be internal, and FCC approval, 
 the  MegaTalk  board  currently only works in a Mega ST  and  it's  ques-
 tionable whether there will be one available for the regular ST's, STe's, 
 or STacy's.   The projected price on the MegaTalk board is  $299.95,  but 
 that is subject to change.

           (Note: Compiled from various posts on CIS and Genie)

 Until next week......


 > STR Mail Call?                   Letters to the Editor

 ctsy CIS

 Date:  12-Aug-90 00:50 EDT
 From:  Charles Hill [76370,3045]
 Subj:  STR- Dream Machines

 Ralph, RE: STR632/CPU Dream Systems VII

     An interesting  comparison of  machines.  There are, however, a couple
 of errors in the specifications.   Add-on peripherals  for the  Amiga 3000
 call for  a GVP  SCSI/RAM controller  card w/6  MB of memory ($1200).  The
 Amiga 3000 has a SCSI controller on the motherboard, and can support up to
 18  MB  of  32-bit  RAM  on  the motherboard.  Price listed in Amiga World
 (Sept. '90, p 88) for ZIP 4-meg RAM chips (80 ns) is  $64.00 each-  with 4
 per 4 Mb.  $512 gets you 10 Megs on the motherboard.
                                                  (Price now--- $11,312)

     The introduction  paragraph specified an NEC MultiSync 4D monitor, but
 gave the Commodore 1950  Multisynce  instead.    Better,  'cause  they are
 essentially equivalent and the CBM monitor is cheaper.  Instead of using a
 Mega Midget Racer 33 MHz ($1700), the best solution would  bea Supra Turbo
 040 board;  running a  Motorola MC68040  at 25 MHz- blowing the benchmarks
 all to heck.  This board was demonstrated at AmiExpo (June) in Chicago and
 will retail  in October  for $1295.  If you prefer a released product, the
 GVP 030/50 board, running a 68030/882 at 50 MHz is  much better performan-
 ce.  Price is $2495.  Benchmarks are changed quite a bit.

     This brings  the total  cost of  the A3000/16  Dream system to $10,907
 (with the Supra 040) or $12,407 (with the GVP/50).

 A HAM-E graphics box for the Amiga 3000  system would  be nice.   Price is
 $300 and the following graphics res modes are added:

 320x200-----------256 colors (or 256 greys) on screen out of 16.7 million
 320x400-----------256 colors (or 256 greys) on screen out of 16.7 million
 320x200 HAM-------262,144 colors on screen out of 16.7 million
 320x400 HAM-------262,144 colors on screen out of 16.7 million

     Price on  Amiga now $11,207 or $12,407 depending on coprocessor board.
 The grid chart listed the top-end Amiga res at 1280x200-  but that  can be
 interlaced to 1280x400.  It also listed 640x256 (a PAL res) which can also
 be interlaced to 640x512 (PAL systems).  NTSC  dimensions are  640x200 and
 640x400 w/o overscan.

     Note with  the GVP/50  accelerator, the  Amiga performs  at 10-15 MIPS
 (reported from local users with BYTE benchmarks and GVP/50 cards  in A2000
 systems); and at .35 MFLOPS.  The Supra/40 board would raise those numbers
 to 15-25 MIPS and 4-9 MFLOPS (Computerworld & Supra benchmarks).

     One other detail is that  the  Atari  TT  system  fails  to  include a
 monitor. Does  the TT  price include  a monitor?  What type; as wouldn't a
 color monitor preclude the highest res?  If it needs a monitor-  give it a
 NEC 3D for $595. Price now is $11,295.

 On a  side note,  both the Atari and Amiga systems have Transputer subsys-
 tems available.  (Darn that ATW system looks nice!)

 Apple considers a keyboard an option.  Add $259 to  the Mac  IIfx price if
 you want to type (Apple extended keyboard)- pushing the price to well over



 > PIRACY SUX! STR FOCUS?    "..."keep your mouth shut or.."

                         PIRATE SUPPORT IN EL PASO

 by Tim Holt

     In the old days, the axiom was that silence was  golden. A  good child
 was to  be seen and not heard. Nowadays this old saying has been perverted
 to read "keep your mouth shut or you will get sued."  Same effect,  just a
 different message  to achieve  the end.  Well, something happened to me on
 the STE-EP BBS that really has me biting at my chomps.  I am  torn whether
 to speak,  keep my  mouth shut,  or some  happy in  between.  I decided to
 speak, and perhaps in the course of  the  article,  you  will  agree.   As
 president of  the local  user group, I suppose it is my duty to talk about
 these  things: 

     On Sunday, July 29, 1990, a  person  logged  onto  the  ST  Club's BBS
 under the  name "Joe Pirate".  This person logged on as a visitor, and all
 the information  that they  left about  themselves, was  of course, incor-
 rect.   This person  left one  message to me, saying "I left a file in the
 Utilities area for you.  Use at your discretion."

     I  went  to  the  utilities  area,  and  there   was  a   file  called
 "PIRATE.LZH".   At first  I was  weary, because in the past I have taken a
 very anti-pirate stand on thIS BBS.  Was  it a  virus plagued  plant, that
 will kill  my system?   (As  a matter  of fact, most screens that you come
 upon have anti pirate messages on them.)  Anyway, I got the file, unlzh'ed
 it, and  started to  read.   The contents  knocked me on the floor. There,
 listed before me, was the listing  of  files  available  on  a  local well
 known "reputable"  ST BBS.   As  a matter  of fact,  the Sysop is a former
 member of the ST Club!  Pagestream, Space Ace, Dragon's Lair, Hotwire, War
 Head, and  on and  on it went.  (We later calculated at Jenkins' that this
 bbs had at least $4000 worth of games ALONE at the retail price.)  His BBS
 had a  better selection  than Jenkins'  Computer Store! Games from Europe,
 Word Processors from Germany, and on it went.  I printed out  the listing,
 and it  was 10  pages of just two file areas! (The BBS has at least 7 file
 areas, with even a "Classic by   Request"  area for  programs that  are no
 longer published.  I hope you get the picture, we are talking BIG TIME!

     So, I  was faced  with another  mystery: was  this a real file, or was
 this a fake "plant" intended to embarrass me  and the  club? Well,  if you
 see a  house burning down, you don't check first to see if the owner wants
 it burned, you call the fire department, and that's what I did.  I went to
 Jenkins' Computers and asked them who they would call.  They gave me a few
 names, and even  called  a  few  places  themselves.  (Software Publishers
 Association  was  supposed  to  have  a  toll free number to report pirate
 boards. No  such listing.)     Called a  few software  distributors, a few
 dealers, a  few developers.   No  one knew who to call.  We finally called
 Ralph at ST Report. He said he would help.

     Anyway, the turning-in of the person responsible for  this is  not the
 point of  this article.   I  am writing this to examine the effect of this
 one BBS YOU, the average user.   You  don't  think  you  are  not effected
 because you  never heard of this BBS?  Think again, Bubba.  Whether or not
 this is a true pirate BBS is not the point.   (There  are actually several
 pirate  BBS's  in  El  Paso,  even  though one was shut down by the police
 several years ago.)  So anything  I  mention  about  this  particular BBS,
 simply multiply it by the number of pirate boards here, or in your town. 

     A little  background: El  Paso, Texas is a city on the extreme edge of
 west Texas.  Population 500,000+.  Include Juarez, Mexico, and the smaller
 communities  of  Southern  New  Mexico,  and the population of the area is
 well in excess of 1.5 million people.  There is  one store  in this entire
 area  that  sells  Atari  programs:  Jenkins' Computer Store.  The nearest
 store that sells Atari programs is  in Albuquerque,  New Mexico,  over 300
 miles away.   So,  if you can't get a program at Jenkins', and you need it
 quick, well, you got a 5 hour drive up to  the nearest  Atari store.   And
 that store  doesn't even  service Atari computers, it just sells software.
 So you see, we are pretty Atari isolated out here in El Paso.   In talking
 to Jim  and Tom at Jenkins', Jim once told me that there are approximately
 1000 Atari ST's in the El Paso area. 

     In July, 1990, Jenkins' Computer Store sold 10  Atari programs.   TEN!
 The number after nine!  For the entire month!  10 programs to an installed
 base of 1000 computers!   That  was  the  month  Dragon's  Lair  came out.
 Script came  to Jenkins' that month.  AND, for the past 6 months, Jenkins'
 has run a special that if you buy 2 programs, you get one free.  So essen-
 tially, they  are giving  a 33% discount.  And still, they could only sell
 10 Atari ST programs.  They are not overpriced, as all programs  they sell
 are sold at the retail value.  Now I realize that retail is more than mail
 order, but after taking  into account  the discount,  and no  shipping, we
 are talking essentially the same prices.  Get the picture?  Okay.  Now Tom
 and Jim can't figure out why  the  good  customers  from  the  past aren't
 coming in  anymore to  buy programs.   Then  they get  a copy  of the file
 listing that I got on my BBS.  Suddenly, it all becomes too clear to them.
 The reason  no one  is buying  is because  the darn things are being given
 away free on the pirate BBS's around town.  Hey, why the hell pay $199 for
 Pagestream when  you can  spend an hour downloading it for free?  Same for
 Space Ace, and  Dragon's Lair, all the other tons of freeware available on
 the pirate BBS. 

     Put yourself  in Jim  Jenkins' shoes.  You own a store that sells com-
 puters. Your  prices from  Atari give  you a  minimal margin,  so you must
 make your  true profits in selling software.  (Go ask Tom or Jim what they
 pay for an ST-E.  You'll laugh at the meager amount they make on  each one
 sold.)   You have to pay overhead, and you have to keep just enough in the
 bank so that you can order new items when they become available.  (Plus it
 is also nice to eat once  in a while as well.) In one month, you sell just
 TEN titles of ST software.  10!  Now I  never was  real good  at math, but
 that don't  pay the piper. Okay, now, if you were Jim, wouldn't you wonder
 why the support from the users has dried up?  And wouldn't you be a little
 more than  a bit angry when you find that one of the "stalwarts" of the ST
 community in El Paso, is running a pirate  board, out  of his  house, with
 more than $4000 in game software alone on it?  

     Amazingly, on  this BBS,  there are games and programs  available that
 your software distributor hasn't even heard of yet?  You  go over  to your
 inventory,  and  you  see  the  $199  version of Pagestream sitting there,
 gathering dust, it become obvious what is going on.  And the  10 copies of
 Dragon's Lair,  the 15  copies of Space Ace, the two copies of ChronoQuest
 II, Hammerfist and Klax.  All are sitting  there, all  are gathering dust,
 eating up  space, and  yes, money.   Because  something that  is taking up
 display  space is eating money if it isn't "moving".  This jerk, running a
 pirate BBS  out of  his home  as a  "hobby", or  as he  sees it, a "public
 service", is denying you your livelihood.  This one person, by giving away
 the  things  you  are  trying  to  sell,  is  essentially  destroying your

     No matter what you  may think  of dealers  and Jim  and Tom,  they are
 still people  doing their  darndest to  try to   make a living.  They have
 kids and wives and mortgages just like  all of  us.)   And some  yahoo, is
 actually stealing away customers from them so that he may feed his ego, so
 that he may be "the king of the hill".  Well, I  don't know  how you would
 react, but I sure as hell would be VERY angry. 

     Okay, so what do you do?  Well, you can't turn the guy's BBS off, even
 though you can send his name  and number  to a  few well  placed folks, so
 you do  what is  THE ONLY  SOUND BUSINESS MOVE: You start selling less and
 less Atari software.  It only makes sense.   Start  selling more  and more
 IBM software,  and IBM  machines.  I have been going into Jenkins' for the
 best part of four years now, and I  can tell  you, what  once was  an idea
 about  selling  clones,  is  now  something  that takes up half the store.
 Longtime ST Club members will  tell  you  about  the  times  gone  by when
 Jenkins' was  a true  "Atari dealer".   Now, the ST, ST-e and the software
 areas are growing smaller and smaller.  Why stock something  that everyone
 in town  has a  copy of anyway?  AND that is where the pirates are hurting
 you, whether you realize  it or  not! Because  eventually,   Jenkins', and
 every other  dealer that  sells ST  software is  just going to throw their
 hands into the air and say  "To hell  with it.   If  the pirates  want the
 business, they  can have it."  (I know you have been into Jenkins', looked
 at the selection, and said to yourself "Geesh, they have  had that program
 sitting there for two years.  Don't they get any NEW stuff?") 

     And so,  Atari software  and hardware  support in  El Paso will dry up
 faster than a puddle in the west Texas sun.  So what  if you  want to have
 your  computer  fixed?  Well  folks,  if  Jenkin's stops, folks in El Paso
 would have to drive all the way to  Tucson, Arizona.  Why would  they stop
 repairing St's?  Simple:  NO MONEY IN IT.  No money in a machine that is a
 great machine, but if you can't sell any software, which is THE  BREAD AND
 to go.   Go  in, ask  Tom how  many IBM  software packages  they sold last
 month. Then ask them how many ST packages they sold.  You will be shocked.
 But please,  don't be  shocked when  they stop  selling ST  software.  You
 should  have  seen  it  coming.  And  tell the guys that run those "public
 service" BBS's how thankful you are that now  you have  to drive  to Albu-
 querque to get a new game, or to replace Wordwriter with Word  Perfect. 

     And if  you think  that this problem is localized to the El Paso area,
 think again.  Those clever  Medway Boys  are everywhere.   And  so are the
 BBS's.    I  can  write  about  the problem here because I have first hand
 knowledge of the BBS's and of Jenkins' Computers.  So  next time  you come
 across a  friend who  has "a  great new  copy of  a game" that he wants to
 give you, well, think again.  Because the short term  gain of  a new prog-
 ram, is  not worth the long term loss of Atari support, Atari dealers, and
 eventually, Atari computers. 

                                                  Tim Holt
                                                  ST Club of El Paso, Texas

 Editor Note:
     The information supplied by  Mr.  Holt  has  been  forwarded  to those
 parties most  interested in such information.  Its situations such as this
 that really makes publishing STReport worth while.  To be  able to  help a
 usergroup on a first hand basis is really what we are all about.
     While we  all recognize the extreme danger software theft poses to our
 frail ST community, it must also  be emphasized  that the  market has been
 allowed to  shrink to  untenable dimensions by the current management team
 at Atari.  They too, must share the  responsibility for  the grevious loss
 of outstanding  dealers from coast to coast.  In fact, even now as pointed
 out in  the above  article, the  dealer mentioned  above is  not making an
 equitable profit  on the  sale of  Atari hardware.  WE all must ask loudly
 WHY?   Must the real profits all be pasted to the manufacturer and the few
 loyal dealers  left throughout the USA be dealt the crumbs?  (Its worse in
 Canada, more on this next week)  Is this the right thing to do?  Will this
 practice ensure  the preservation  of the existing dealers and promote the
 opening of new dealers?  Not hardly.
     Imagine for moment, if you will, ..the USA marketplace has 1.5 million
 ST computers  in use....   Nice eh?  With that type of number, the effects
 of software theft would most certainly be minimized  and more importantly,
 there would  be a  better opportunity  to spend software profit dollars in
 curtailing software theft.  It is  impossible now  because this  market is
 hanging on by a gossamer thread.


 > STARK AUTHORS ACCUSED! STR Spotlight?   "..everything Confiscated"

                         STARK BBS AUTHORS ACCUSED

 From the Xanadu BBS St. Augustine, Fla.

 Message  : #238 of 239  Lines: 88
 Status   : Public - Extended
 Base     : STark Support Base
 From     : Sysop
 To       : All
 Date/Time: Wed 15-Aug-90 at 08:57 pm
 Subject  : A Very Important Message
 Replies  : None

                      ********  N O T I C E  **********

     Many of you are obviously wondering why David Brown has been unable to
 provide an update to STark in over 4 months.  The truth  of the  matter is
 that  neither David's nor Jason's computer was struck by lightning.

     Both David  and Jason  Dickens have  been accused  of illegal use of a
 phone code.  Consequently, both of their computers, along with  many other
 items, were  seized by  the police.   Apparently, Jason Dickens gave David
 the code  and told  him that  he had  permission to  use the  code to help
 support STark.  Obviously, he  was lying.   Jason  is now  denying that he
 gave the codes to David at all, and naturally since  Jason is  a minor and
 David is not, they are going after David.

     ALL STark  source code  (Backups, Printouts, Etc) was taken along with
 the computer.  David has yet to get ANY of this back and is still fighting
 to do  so.   Needless to  say, this  is why we do not have a new update to
 STark.  Jason Dickens has totally  cut himself  off from  working on STark
 but may  be withholding  a copy of the source code from David.  This we do
 not know.

     The next question you will most  likely be  asking is  why you haven't
 been told  this until  now.   David expected  for this  whole deal to work
 itself out by now.  He felt that this was  something that  was better kept
 to himself  for personal reasons, for the good of STark (he felt that this
 could damage its  reputation  as  a  BBS),  and  because  things  he isn't
 allowed to  talk about  concerning his  court case.  We agreed and we hope
 that you do also.  However, David just found out  that the  trial has been
 delayed until  November of  this   year.   Greg and I (Jason Brunken) felt
 that it was no longer fair that none of you knew the  truth, we confronted
 David and  he agreed.   We  felt that  it wasn't  fair to use our BBS's as
 volunteer support systems when  we weren't  allowed to  give all available
 information to  the many  frustrated users.   As you can see, this problem
 is not only having an effect on David and STark, but also  a STRONG negat-
 ive effect on its support BBS's and the sanity of their SysOps. 

     David IS doing his best to get us an update to STark.  All of what you
 HAVE been told is true, David has acquired a new  ST but  is STILL waiting
 on the   correct  RAM chips to be sent.  He has been working on the script
 language to install in STark  when  possible  and  hopes  to  have  a demo
 available  very  soon.    The  big  question  is what is in the future for
 STark.  The answer is one of two solutions.

  1. If David does retrieve the source code (From Jason, or from his hardw-
     are) we will have an update fixing almost all known bugs VERY quickly.

  2. David  will rewrite STark for us.  Obviously, this is less desireable,
     but it's better than nothing at  all. He  feels confident  that he can
     get it done fairly quickly.

     The main  point is  that STark  IS NOT dead, it may be a while, but we
     will be supported with new and better versions.

     The only other problem that we can think to address is why  people are
     not  receiving  STark  in  the  mail...    Again,  one of two possible

  1. David is understandably broke and running way behind.  He IS  NOT out 
     to rip  people off  and will eventually get the product to the user if
     he receives there money.  If  you are  having problems  with this just
     call him voice and remind him, he will get it to you eventually.

  2. People  are sending  their STark  orders to  Jason Dickens, not David,
     and he is keeping their money without sending  the product.   This has
     happened to  countless people,  however there is not much David can do
     about it. It says a LOT about Jason's character.

     At this point, all we can  tell you  is that  if you  have any further
 questions, call  David, but  please remember  that he has ALOT on his mind
 right now.  I'm sure he will do  his best  to help  you under  the present
 circumstances.   He is  available Voice at (502)-897-1582 or you can leave
 E-Mail on Xanadu to 'STARK SUPPORT' and it will be forwarded to him.

     It is big relief for us to be able to tell you  this.   It has  been a
 cause of  great stress for all of us.  I know that many of you may be very
 angry, but I sincerely hope that you won't give up on STark.  If there was
 ever a  time that  STark needed support by its SysOps, it's right now. For
 the time being, we have   many 'module'  type add  on's being  written and
 will continue to try and find a  fix to as many bugs as possible.  I guess
 that's about it for now...

                                       Thanks for your Support

                                           Greg Xynides, Jason Brunken,

                                             And most of all

                                                Twilight Zone Software.


 > GLENDALE!! STR SHOW NEWS?        "The Premier West Coast Show"

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
     *             ...also known as "THE GLENDALE SHOW"              *
     *                                                               *
     * September 15 and 16, 1990, at the Glendale Civic Auditorium,  *
     * 1401 Verdugo Road, Glendale, California.  Hours are 10 AM -   *
     * 6 PM Saturday, and 10 AM - 5 PM Sunday.  Admission is $5.00,  *
     * or only $3.00 with any Atari User Group membership I.D.       *
     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     The Glendale Atari Faire is a User Group sponsored tradition in South-
 ern California,  the West  Coast's Premier  Atari event  since 1986.  This
 will be the fourth  show in  five years  at the  same large  auditorium in
 Glendale, California,  just a  few minutes  from Burbank  Airport and con-
 venient to all of  the metropolitan  Los Angeles  area.   An attendance of
 over  4,000  is  realistically  anticipated,  considering  previous year's
 performances.  Last year's Glendale show  was canceled  due to conflicting
 dates with another show, which was then itself canceled.

     With one  month left  before the  show, organizer  John King Tarpinian
 says that he is nearly sold out of  the original  floor space  planned for
 use in  the Glendale  Civic Auditorium.   He adds that if demand keeps up,
 convenient, quality additional space can be arranged.  John says  that the
 developers that  appeared at  the recent  San Jose World of Atari show are
 booked for Glendale, plus  lots more.   Publicity  for the  Glendale show,
 including the  vendor list,  has been  low key  until now to avoid drawing
 attention away from that San Jose show.

     Here is the Glendale Show  List  of  vendors,  both  of  confirmed and
 unconfirmed "but  likely" to attend.  There are 45 of them so far, plus at
 least five user groups, making Glendale perhaps the biggest US  Atari show
 of all time!

     ATARI Corporation                  American Music
     Best Electronics                   Bill Skurski Enterprises
     Branch Always Software             BRE
     Beckmeyer                          Carter Graphics
     CodeHead SoftWare                  Computer Network
     C.O.P.                             D.A. Brumleve
     Datel                              Double Click
     FAST Technology                    Gadgets by Small
     Gold Leaf                          Gribnif
     Groves School of Music             ICD
     ISD                                King's Domain
     Lexicor                            MegaMax
     Michtron                           MicroCreations
     Mid-Cities                         Migraph
     Neocept                            Practical Solutions
     Safari Fonts                       S.D.S.
     Sierra                             Seymour-Radix
     SliccWare                          STart
     ST Informer                        ST Journal
     Sprokits                           Supra Corp.
     Talon                              WuzTek
     XETOERIX                           Zubair Interfaces
     Z*Net News Service                 ... and more to come!

     Atari Corporation  has promised  major support  including a very large
 display of the entire Atari Computer line of products.  You can  expect to
 see LOTS  of the ST, STE, MEGA, STACY, PORTFOLIO, LYNX, and even the TT030
 computers.  Many of Atari's employees will be on hand to show  and discuss
 the machines.   Advertising and promotion of this user-group show is being
 provided through the generousity of Atari.

     User Groups will include HACKS, ACES,  ACAOC, NOCCC,  SBACE, BACE, and
 more.   Volunteers from  the groups  will be providing the support for the
 entire show, including setup, loading and  unloading, security,  and staf-
 fing.   They will also be available for short periods to assist vendors in
 their booths.  All volunteers will be given a custom  Canvas Tote  Bag and
 Sun Visor  (this is California!) with the Atari emblem on each.  These are
 limited production and will be for volunteers only,  NOT for  sale!  There
 will also  be three  $100 drawings, one each day of the effort, for volun-
 teers only.

     Many seminars are already booked, including  several with  ATARI's BOB
 BRODIE,  other  officials,  and  technical support people.  Other seminars
 that are planned at this time:

     * Desktop Publishing with CALAMUS - Nathan Potechin of ISD
     * Software Speeding up the ST/TT - Darek Mihocka of BRA-SOFT
     * Int. Assoc. of Atari Developers - Nathan Potechin, Chairperson
     * INTRODUCING NEODESK 3 - Rick Flashman of Gribnif
     * DAVE SMALL TALKS/MAC EMULATION - Dave Small of Gadgets by Small
     * NEW FROM CODEHEAD - Charles F. Johnson of CodeHead Software
     * Kids and Atari Computers - 
     * PC Emulation - 
     * ST Magazines and Online Newsletters -

     ...with more to be added and announced at the show.

     Door prizes, including a  wide variety  of software,  accessories, and
 computer paraphanalia, will be awarded every hour, with some extra special
 drawings as well.


     The Burbank Hilton weekend rate is  $59 per  day.   This hotel  is ad-
 jacent  to  the  Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena  Airport, and will be where the
 Atari Corporation employees will be staying.   Contact  the Burbank Hilton
 at 818-843-6000.   The  Glendale Holiday  Inn is  the closest hotel to the
 show itself, and the weekend rate is $89 per day.  Contact the Holiday Inn
 at 818-  965-0202.  These rates and hotels are neither endorsed or guaran-
 teed by the organizers.  Neither hotel is  within walking  distance to the
 Auditorium.   This is  Los Angeles,  folks... expect  to use  CARS.  Don't
 worry about traffic jams in this area, however.


     Once you have found Glendale, which  is a  Northern central  suburb of
 Los Angeles):  Take the Mountain exit of the "2" freeway and go West (down
 the hill) one block.  Or, from the "134" freeway, take the Glendale Avenue
 exit, and  go North one mile (Glendale Ave will become Verdugo Road).  The
 Glendale Civic Auditorium, 1401 Verdugo Road,  is  on  the  NORTH  side of
 Verdugo.   Large parking  lots are  on the WEST side of the building, with
 metered parking for TEN CENTS AN HOUR.

     The final booth sales, seminar schedule, and advertising  space in the
 program are  being arranged  now.   More information is available from the
 show organizer, John King Tarpinian, 818-246-7286, or by mail at 246 North
 Brand #321, Glendale, California, 91203.


 > MIST NEWS! STR SHOW NEWS?       Updates on the upcoming show.....

                       MIST Plans Atari SwapFest II
                       Nashville, IN  August 25,1990

      For a  second year, an Atari SwapFest is planned at Nashville Indiana
 on Saturday, August 25, sponsored jointly by the user groups at Indianapo-
 lis and  Bloomington known as MIST (Mid-Indiana ST).  The SwapFest will be
 a meeting of minds  and computers,  in the  beautiful Indiana countryside.
 Nashville is  only minutes from many lovely gift shops, two state forests,
 and the Hoosier National forest.

      MIST Atari SwapFest II will open  at  noon  August  25  at  the Brown
 County Inn motel in Nashville at the corner of Ind. 135 and 46.  Nashville
 is about 40 miles south of Indianapolis, and 15 miles east of Bloomington.
 Admission will be free.

      For swap, for sale or just for display... whether it's 8-bit or ST...
 even game machines... all are invited  to bring  software, hardware, gadg-
 ets, accessories,  books, magazines,  etc.   Commercial sales and displays
 also are invited.  There will be door prizes from local vendors, and Atari
 Corp.   Raffle tickets  will cost $2.00.  There will also be a mini Midi--
 Maze tournament.

      Tables will be available for set-up at 11  a.m. with  commercial ven-
 dors given first choice at that time.  Closing time is 4 p.m.  Table space
 will be free to  non-commercial attendees,  on a  first come,  first serve
 basis.   Registration for  vendors will  be a whopping $10.00.  Tables are
 standard motel dining room type (capable of seating  three on  each side),
 and covers will be provided by the motel.  Our rental arrangement with the
 motel, however, is a low-budget deal and you should supply  your own sign-
 holders and  other fixtures.   The motel will supply electrical power, but
 it is from a limited number  of wall  outlets so  exhibitors will  need to
 take along their own extension cords and plug strips.

     Here's  the  latest  show  update...   (as of 8/15/90) Among the folks
     scheduled to attend:

                     Atari St Computers In Indianapolis user group.
                     They will have their collection of PD disks.  
                     Co-sponsors of the show along with...

 BL.A.ST             BLoomington Atari ST user group.  The other

 Atari Corp.          Well, they  won't actually  _be_ here,  but they have
                     made  available  six  sets  of  TOS  1.4,  along  with
                     AtariWriter 80  for  the  8-Bit  folks.    These items
                     (along with  others) will be raffled off at the 'Fest.
                     ($2.00 per ticket)

 Dorothy Brumleve    Critically acclaimed author of KidPrgs, including such
                     hits  as   KidPainter,  and  KidPublisherProfessional.
                     ...and a real nice lady. (grin)  She'll be  donating a
                     copy of one of her programs to our raffle.

 Sterling Kelly  Webb Author  of Seurat 2.0.  A fine drawing program, first
                     seen on one  of  the  STart  magazine  disks.  The new
                     version is now a commercial release.  Mr. Webb will be
                     donating a copy of Seurat 2.0 to the raffle.

 MS Designs          A creator of outline vector fonts for Calamus and     
                     Outline  Art  (and  PageStream  soon).    Carl is from
                     Urbana  Ill,  and  he'll  be  bringing  his  fonts  to
                     demonstrate and sell.

 Cal Com                A dealer from Kokomo, IN.  They will be bringing an
                     extensive  collection  of  software,  and  maybe  some
                     hardware as well.

 One Stop  Computers   A Dealer  from Chicago, Ill.  Myles will be bringing
                     software, and other stuff, I'm sure.

 T & H Electronics   A software dealer from Fort Wayne, IN.  Mike will
                     be bringing some of his software, and may also
                     contribute to the raffle.

 AIM                 The Atari Interface Magazine.   They will  be bringing
                     their large  collection of  PD disks, along with other
                     goodies, I'm sure.

 ACORN UG            Atari Computer Owners Resource Network.  A  user group
                     based in Fort Wayne, IN.

 CRAG UG                   Calumet Region Atari Group.  An Atari user group
                     located in Merrillville, IN.

 EastSide Atari UG   A user group based in Alton, Ill.

 This event is shaping up to be a high quality show, so make sure  that you
 come on out and support this fine usergroup sponsored effort!!  

 For more information, leave mail on GEnie to WLORING1, or:
      Call the BL.A.ST BBS at 812-332-0573  2400bps, 24 hours.
      Write us at BL.A.ST, PO Box 1111, Bloomington, IN. 47401
      Call me by voice at 812-336-8103

     Brought  to  you  by  MIST  (Mid-Indiana ST), the merging of the ASCII
 (Atari  St  Computers In Indianapolis)  and   BL.A.ST   (BLoomington Atari
 ST)  user  groups.    Thanks  for  your interest, and we'll see you at the
                                                       William Loring


 > CIS SETUP STR InfoFile?            Self Help info File....

     Many people find it useful to  have  an  'Alternate'  set  of terminal
 parameters for use on CompuServe. "Terminal parameters" define the type of
 terminal emulation used, screen  width, page  length (the  number of lines
 displayed before  CIS stops  and prompts for the next page), etc. All mem-
 bers have a Default set, normally defined when you first  join the system.
 Defining an  Alternate set, normally for use with a second computer with a
 different dispay, is pretty easy.

 STEP 1: Log On to CompuServe. 
 It doesn't matter which computer you use to log on, though since you'll be
 setting up  the display for your Alternate Computer, it makes sense to use
 the Alternate so you can check out the display directly.

 This is the area of CIS  where you  set your  terminal parameters,  and is
 Free of  normal connect  charges (communication surcharges still apply ...
 GO RATES for more info on surcharges.)

 Elect to change SESSION settings (as of this  writing, #5  on the Terminal
 menu), then choose Terminal Type/Parameters (#4) on the next menu.

 STEP 3: change whatever you want. 
 This might  be a  different terminal type (eg. VT52, etc. Unless your com-
 puter or terminal program uses a special mode, the generic OTHER is recom-
 mended), screen width, page length, etc. The menus are easy to follow, and
 help is  available for  each option  in the  normal CIS  fashion by typing
 HELP.  Remember,  this  is  a  free area, so especially if you're directly
 connected to a CIS node, there's no need to rush.

     One thing to watch out for: some areas  of CIS  do not  support screen
 widths less  than 40. No harm if you set a lower value, but when you enter
 these areas (including Forums), your screen width will be reset to 40.

     It's also worth noting that the Page Length setting does  not apply in
 Forum  messages,  so  those  with  'short'  screens  will  need to use the
 Control-S and Control-Q to pause text transmission as they read messages.

 STEP 4: Check how things look. Display Okay?  Time to exit.

 STEP 5: Type the command:


  This will take you to the PROGRAMMING AREA. (No GO is necessary)

     PRO is a special area of CIS where you can, among other things, do all
 kinds of  customization. Note  that PRO  is *NOT*  a Free area, so regular
 connect charges will resume as soon as you exit the Terminal menu.

     PRO looks somewhat intimidating,  because all  you'll see  is an enig-
 matic "OK"  prompt. However,  this time  through, all  that's needed is to
 type a single command:


     For "FNAME," substitute any name (up to 6 characters) that you want to
 use for your Alternate Computer terminal parameters.

     What you're  doing is  DEFining a  TERminal setting. CIS will note the
 parameters currently in effect, and save them on  it's end  under the name
 that you specify.

     By adding the "/RATE:ANY," you also tell CIS that this set of paramet-
 ers is for ANY baud rate at which you may log on (a handy short cut.)

     End of set up ... you can now use a  GO command  to continue elsewhere
 or just log off.

 That's all there is to it!

 What? How to *USE* it, you say?? Ah .. almost forgot <grin>

     Normally, when  you log on and give your UID#, CIS uses your permanent
 terminal parameters. However, now that you have another  set of parameters
 defined, you  can tell CIS to use that instead. All that's necessary is to
 append the name of your Alternate Settings to your UID#  with an asterisk.
 Like so:

  User ID: 76704,41*FNAME

 As an extra bonus, should you want to use your Alternate set in the middle
 of a session, you can enter PRO, then type something like this:


 Of course, you're not limited to  just one  Alternate set.   Following the
 procedure outlined above, you can define several.

     If you  find that  your settings aren't quite right after all, you can
 repeat the process and overwrite the old definition,  using the  same name
 (CIS will note the definition already exists and ask for confirmation,) or
 delete it entirely (TER UNDEFINE FNAME.) Note that CIS considers BAUD RATE
 to be  a unique feature of each terminal definition. If you always specify
 ANY as the rate, this shouldn't be a problem.

     You can get a list of  any alternate  settings you  may have currently
 defined in PRO by typing TER LIST LOCAL.

     That's it!  Hope you  find this file useful. If you have questions, as
 always, please don't hesitate to leave  a message  to the  SYSOP, and help
 should be on the way shortly.

     By  the  way,  setting  parameters  in PRO is an endlessly fascinating
 subject. If you are curious, you can get the WHOLE story, by entering PRO,
 then typing:


     (Make sure  you include  the ellipsis.)  This will scroll the Complete
 Terminal Help file. Do be warned it's approximately 27k worth  of text, so
 make  sure  you  have  your  text capture on, and sufficient space, before


 > SHOW DATES?? STR FOCUS?     About the need for co-ordination...

 ctsy GEnie

                       THE SCHEDULING OF ATARI SHOWS

 by J.D. Barnes

     There has been a certain amount of heated interchange on  this subject
 recently.   I have  started a  new topic  in order to give this matter the
 attention that it properly  deserves without  tying the  issues to  a par-
 ticular event be it San Jose, Glendale, Dusseldorf, WAACE, or BCS.

           In that vein, I offer the following modest proposals:

 1). Shows that entail "official" Atari presence must be announced publicly
     at least  one full  year in  advance.   Approval must  be secured from
     Atari  Corporation  prior  to  the  public  announcement.  In order to
     secure approval the  sponsoring  organization  must  submit  a formal,
     written, proposal  to the  appropriate official  at Atari  at least 14
     months in advance of the show date.

 2). All shows that receive "official"  blessing  must  be  posted  in this
     category (The user groups and shows category) at the time their public
     announcement is released.  The status of shows as "official" and "non-
     official" must be clearly indicated in the topic header.

 3). Atari  Corporation should develop a consistent policy for defining the
     level of support that they provide  to "official"  shows and  to "non-
     official" shows.

 4). The  format of  "official" shows must be standardized in such a way as
     to provide visitors, developers, and show sponsors with guidance as to
     what  can  be  expected  to  take place.  Ancillary activities such as
     developers' workshops, product seminars,  user  tutorials,  and social
     functions need to be clearly set forth so that the shows will be worth

 4). The developers as  a group  must formulate  a consensus  regarding the
     levels of presence that they are willing to promote at shows that fall
     into the two categories.

 5). Dealers and other non-developer vendors  should likewise  get together
     and produce a set of guidelines for participating in these shows.

 6). Every  attempt must be made to obtain a sensible distribution of shows
     in location and timing.

     The above document is necessarily terse and incomplete.  I  have given
 a great  deal of  thought to  this issue, but have refrained from taking a
 position because, as one of the principal agents of the WAACE show,  I can
 alienate vital  allies by  doing so.   The climate, however, has become so
 sultry that I feel compelled to break my silence.

     I hope that all concerned parties can take the time (and it  will take
 a great  deal of  time) to  look at  this issue objectively.  The proposal
 outlined above obviously needs a great  deal of  fleshing out.   There are
 many contentious  issues buried  between the  lines.   This work should be
 undertaken in a spirit of professionalism.  The  Atari community  does not
 have so  many resources  that it can afford to waste them by continuing to
 follow the laissez-faire modus  operandi that  has prevailed  in the past.
 The  function  of  shows  is  to  provide a "presence" that can be used to
 actively promote the development  of new  software and  hardware for Atari
 computers.   The limited  resources that  are available for providing this
 presence must be marshalled in a coherent and  effective manner  if anyone
 is to realize any benefits from it.

     As one  who has been involved with the WAACE show for the last 6 years
 or so, I can say that putting together one of  these affairs  is not some-
 thing to  be undertaken  lightly.  As our show has increased in visibility
 and sophistication we have found ourselves  spending more  and more effort
 in bringing each year's edition to fruition.

     Personally I recognize that there are elements of the above suggestion
 that have "pipe dream" written all over them.  Would that it  were not so.
 If Atari  Corporation had  the resources of DEC, IBM, or Apple it might be
 possible to realize the ideal that I have formulated. If, however, we fail
 to operate  in a  more professional manner we will find ourselves spinning
 our wheels faster and faster for less and less return.
     After reading the post-show analysis on  the San  Jose affair  and the
 thread  on  the  Chicago  event  in  November,  I am prompted to remark on
 several topics:  

 1) Show timing:  Conventional wisdom dictates that it is best to  do shows
     at times when people are willing to spend money.  The Christmas buying
     season is one such time.  Show promoters  will naturally  want to take
     advantage of  this.   This means  that there will be a lot of shows in
     the October-November  time frame.   This  is OK  if the  events can be
     spaced and organized in such a way as to enhance the market.

     I suspect  that August  is a  poor time  because too  many people have
 vacations the like on their minds. In that sense the San Jose  show should
 be counted  a success.   Past  experience on  other matters  tells me that
 April is a poor  time because  people are  exhausted from  their struggles
 with the IRS.  Likewise January-March is poor because people are exhausted
 from the potlatch activity of Christmas.  I recall a modest success with a
 WAACE regional event in May (of '87?).

 On this  basis it  is unreasonable  to set  up a standard that states that
 shows should be separated by some fixed amount of time.  Schedules need to
 be published  in advance  and the  kinds of support that each effort is to
 receive need to parcelled out in some rational manner.

 2)  Regional vs  National:    I  am  not  quite  sure  what  constitutes a
     "National"  Atari  show.    The definition would include a significant
     presence by Atari, hopefully with solid showings of their latest tech-
     nology.   There should  be enough  other activity in the form of work-
     shops, seminars, and  demonstrations  to  attract  users  from  a wide
     geographic area.   The  level of such activity should be sufficient to
     attract developers interested in their own professional advancement.

     Above all, national events must be scheduled far enough ahead  of time
 to allow potential participants to organize their schedules to accommodate
 the events. The Atari market is too small to support more than  about 3 or
 4 "national" events per year.  It would be best if these events could move
 around within large regions  such as  the Northeast,  California, the Mid-
 west, and  the Deep  South.  The Atari community has largely failed to get
 its act together on this score.

     The requirements for housing and for  accommodating a  large number of
 visitors almost  invariably dictate  that "National" shows will be held in
 formal settings with attendant high costs for exhibit setup.

     "Regional" shows, on the other  hand,  should  not  expect  to attract
 users from  very far  away, they should not depend on Atari for major sup-
 port, and they should not  expect  to  draw  developers  and  vendors from
 outside their regional base.  Such shows would logically be the product of
 significant collaboration between user groups located within a  few hours'
 travel of one another.

     Anyone who  goes to  the trouble  of organizing  a show will naturally
 want to do as well as  they can  to get  some "name"  attractions, but the
 organizers should  realize that  these people will be heavily committed to
 national shows, to trade expositions, and to Atari shows abroad.  

     Regional shows will normally be able  to use  much less  expensive ex-
 hibit space and they will have fewer of the promotional costs of a nation-
 al show.  While participation will cost developers less it  should also be
 realized  that  the  user  base  on  which  these  shows draw will be more
 restricted.   Vendors who  travel a  long way  to take  advantage of cheap
 booth prices will find that their travel expenses are far greater than the
 booth costs.  They should not be surprised if they  fail to  make money on
 such shows.

     I, for  one, would welcome joint sessions by user groups as a good way
 to learn something and build bonds within the community.  This kind of ac-
 tivity is  difficult to coordinate without some sort of an overall guiding
 spirit within the community.

 3)  The Role of the User Community:
     Folks have made a number of comments about how much the Bay  Area user
     community "deserves"  a real national show.  I think it is fair to say
     that the groups who truly "deserve" such things are the  ones who work
     together to  make them happen.  The people in these groups should know
     their local markets and  they should  be aware  of local opportunities
     for obtaining  space for  staging the events.  The ideal mechanism for
     scheduling and staging national shows would  be a  close collaboration
     between  local  user  groups,    Atari Corporation, and an appropriate
     trade association,  such as  the IAAD.   I  suspect that  there is not
     enough profit  in this business over the long haul to warrant the par-
     ticipation of an independent commercial entity in this activity.

 4)  Coordination:
     There are too many "loose cannons" in the  current process.   There is
     a real  need for  coordination so that these activists can synchronize
     their broadsides for maximum  effect.   For better  or for  worse this
     coordination role  falls squarely  on Atari  Corporation.  While users
     currently feel that they can communicate  with Atari,  we have  yet to
     see a  long view  or any  active leadership.   Perhaps these shows are
     simply not important enough to warrant  the kind  of work  and expense
     that such an active role would imply.

 5) The retail side:
     The fierce  competition that  exists in the Atari marketplace seems to
     dictate that everyone who has something to sell needs to get a bite of
     every apple  in the  barrel.  We see a pattern wherein some stores and
     mail order houses will travel great  distances to  compete against one
     another in  hawking the  same wares.   Of  course users  seems to base
     their assessments of satisfaction on the great bargains or novel items
     that they  bring home.   Software repackagers seem to gauge their suc-
     cess on the number of products that they "sell out" of.

     These factors combine to give  typical  Atari  shows  a  "flea market"
 aura, while other measures of progress or interest take a back seat.

     It should  be noted  that many large trade shows in the computer arena
 do not permit direct sales of any kind.  Examples include the Federal Com-
 puter Conference,  the DEXPO  shows, the Federal Microcomputer conference,
 COMDEX, and the Federal Office Systems Expo.   These shows  attract people
 because of  their information  content, not  the opportunity for bargains.
 Of course these shows cater to the business and government  purchaser, who
 could not  buy anything  on the  spot in  any case.  COMDEX, NAMM, and CES
 fulfill these roles for  Atari  Corp,  but  the  end  user  is effectively
 isolated from these events.

     There is  no immediate  solution to the problems that Atari shows face
 as they compete with one another for the attention of  the user community.
 The matter  needs more  thought and more leadership than it has been given
 to date.


 > WAACE Fall/'90 STR SHOW NEWS?       "The Premier East Coast Show"


     The  Washington   Area  Atari   Computer  Enthusiasts   (WAACE)  is  a
 confederation of  seven user groups in the National Capitol Area that have
 hosted an  AtariFest  for  the  last  six  years.  These  user  groups are
 NOVATARI, A.U.R.A., FACE, GRASP, WACUG, MACC, MAST, and represent over six
 hundred faithful Atarians. Our show  has  historically  been  held  in the
 Fairfax  High   School,  a  very  inexpensive  location,  but  lacking  in
 facilities. Our show has done well in the  high school  attracting 2500 to
 3500 attendees  and 30  to 40 vendors each year. The only negative comment
 about our show was its location in a high school.

     This year we lost our Fairfax Schools Adult Education Program sponsor-
 ship  and  were  no  longer  able  to use the high school facilities. As a
 result, after an exhaustive search  for  similar  low  cost  facilities of
 sufficient size  to put  on a  quality show, we ended up in more expensive
 convention space. This year's WAACE AtariFest will be held in the Sheraton
 Reston Hotel. The Sheraton has 500 rooms, 950 free parking spaces and over
 20,000 square feet of convention space. 

     The move to the Sheraton will allow us to put  on a  more professional
 show. The  facilities are  well laid out and very accessible. AtariFest is
 the only event scheduled at the hotel for the weekend which makes life for
 the Fest  attendee much  easier since  all activities  will be in the same
 wing of the hotel. The professionalism of the show has  been enhanced with
 the use  of a  professional show  decorator, Arata  Expositions. Arata has
 experience with the Federal Office Systems  Exposition show  in Washington
 DC  and  is  very  qualified.  The  result  is  that  we  will have a very
 professional looking show in a fine facility.

     This event will be  the premier  East Coast  event for  people who are
 interested in software and hardware for Atari computers.  The show will be
 staged at the Sheraton Reston Hotel  in Reston,  VA.   Show hours  will be
 from 10  am to  7 pm  on both  days.  In addition to the shopping bargains
 available  from  over  thirty  vendors  there  will  be  a  full  round of
 demonstrations, tutorials,  and seminars.   A  banquet on Saturday evening
 will  feature  a  special  speaker  on  Atari  matters  and  Current Notes
 Magazine's "Author  of the  Year" award.   Special mixers will cap off the
 evening's festivities.  Approximately 3000 visitors from all over the USA,
 Canada, and other foreign countries attended the 1989 edition of the show.

 Admission charges:
                             $5.00 for one day
                          $7.00 for a 2-day pass.

          Discount ticket purchases are available for usergroups.
                 Children under 12 will be admitted free.


     Seminars will  be presented  at the  WAACE AtariFest  on both  6 and 7
 October 1990 from 1100 am to 6:00  pm.  The  seminars  will  be  concern a
 variety of  topics of  interest to  the Atari User community. If you would
 like to participate in the Seminar series then contact the WAACE AtariFest
 Programs  Coordinator,   Charles  Smeton  at  (301),  465-8628  or  Genie:
 C.S.SMETON, CIS:73047,2565.

               Speaker                       Organization

          Ralph Mariano                 ST Report Online Magazine

          David Troy                    TOAD Computers

          J. Wrotniak                   Debonair Software

          Nathan Potechin               ISD Marketing, Inc

          D.A. Brumleve                 Educational Software

          Paul Lee                      Double Click Software
          Keith Gerdes
          Mike Vederman

          Bob Brodie                    Atari Corporation USA

          TBA                           Codehead Software

          TBA                           Gribnif


 > AUA NEWSBRIEFS  STR FOCUS?         Atari Users Association NEWS......

      Greetings, and happy August.  In  my last  installment, I  brought to
 you the  Atari Users  Association User  Group Affiliation  Program and its
 application.  We are eagerly awaiting to see  this program  launch into an
 uncontrollable fury!  (Well, actually, not quite as furious....)  The UGAP
 program will  surely make  the latter  half of  the year  an exciting one,

      This week, I would like to discuss a few events that have taken place
 in the past few weeks, and I encourage our members and prospective members
 to express  their views and drop us a line or two.  The AUA was formed "of
 the people" and your input is very important to us.     All of  the advice
 slash suggestions  are taken  into deep  consideration.  Not a day goes by
 when we do not  receive a  few letters  with praise  and support  from our
 members along  with suggestions  on how  we can  make the AUA a little bit

      Event number one.  As you know by now, the AUA has merged with the ST
 Exchange  group.    The  STX,  is  an organization that was formed by Eric
 Lambeth  and  functions  as  a  public  domain/shareware  exchange  group.
 Members  send  a  disk  full  of  NEW PD software to the Exchange, and the
 Exchange in return sends a new disk with NEWER software  back.   This is a
 fantastic program, and we are happy that the AUA can bring this program to
 its members.  At any  rate,  we  encourage  all  of  our  members  to take
 advantage of  this program.   The STX program is FREE.  The only thing you
 pay for is the price  of  the  postage  stamp  to  get  your  disk  to the
 exchange.  We are currently working on an index diskette that we will sell
 for a very low fee around $3-$4 to cover the  expenses of  the program and
 when that  disk is  completed, we  will encourage  everyone to support the
 program by buying it.  If you stop and calculate how much software you can
 get from  the exchange,  and the  comparable costs of downloading the same
 amount of software from the  pay  services,  you  will  see  that  you are
 getting a great deal!


 Atari ST Software Exchange  (STX)                    A division of the AUA

             1. Distribution of Inexpensive Software
             2. Technical Support
             3. Product Information & Support
             4. News for ST users

 (Note:  The Mega Computers,  STe,  and all computers compatible with
 the ST line are simply referred to as "ST" in this article.)

     STX offers  its members the chance to get great software for virtually
 no cost at all.  Instead of purchasing PD disks at huge  sums of  money or
 paying for download time from networks, our program is inexpensive.

     In addition,   included  on each  disk mailed  out of the Exchange are
 lots  of  timely  articles  like  software  reviews,     technical  notes,
 programming tips,  and more,   all free of charge.  You will probably find
 it difficult to  get these articles and programs elsewhere,  and  you will
 certainly find that it costs you much more than the ST-Exchange!

     (If there  are software  reviews, programming  articles, etc. that you
 have written,  please mail them in!  We would love to have them!)

     Although  people  from  any  country  may  exchange  programs,  it  is
 impossible to  understand all the languages used by Atari users.  (Polish,
 French, German, and others.)   It  is therefore  difficult to  trade disks
 because of the language barrier.

       This  problem  is  a  very  difficult  one,    and  it has been only
 partially solved.  Spanish &  English  text  are  acceptable  here  at the
 exchange.   Other languages  are,   unfortunately,   unreadable to us.  If
 you are bilingual,  you might wish to  help us  out.   You can  become the
 regional organizer  of the  ST-Exchange.   What this  means is that if you
 happen to live in Paris & speak  French,    you  could  accept  disks from
 French speakers  around the  world,   translate their requests to English,
 and mail them to ST-Exchange central  here in  the USA,   and  vice versa.
 (If you wish to translate this demo disk,  please go right ahead!)

       Of course,   you  are entitled  to make  copies of all the disks you
 process for us as compensation.  The only problem with the system  is that
 the international  mails can slow this process down very much.  If you can
 come up with any better ideas,  please be sure to let us know!

       A large number of ST users  have  no  way  to  get  help  with their
 computer  and  other  hardware.    Some  are  lucky enough to live near an
 Authorized Atari  Repair Center  or Atari  Dealer,   but many  are left to
 fend for themselves.

       While  the  STX  group  cannot  fix  your  computer for you,  we can
 usually give suggestions to you.   If not,   we  can ask  other members to
 help you,   and  if we  still don't  have the  problem solved,  we'll call
 Atari for you and get everything straightened out.  This  is an especially
 important feature  for people  who live  in a  country outside the USA and
 have no access to an online communication service.

       The average American can usually call up his local Compuserve number
 and contact  Atari, but for someone who lives in Finland, Malaysia, Colom-
 bia, or even the rural United States, the costs of calling Atari  or using
 Compuserve would  be huge.   (Not  to mention  the fact  that they may not
 speak fluent English!)

       In the past, we have helped people convert IBM hard  disk drives for
 use on  an ST,  and fix troublesome disk drive errors.  If you have such a
 problem, please don't hesitate to ask us about it!

       Magazines are influenced by their  advertisers.    For  example,   a
 recent issue  of an  Atari magazine reviewed a certain game.  I know about
 twenty different people that own this game, and each says  that it  is the
 worst game  they have  ever played.  This magazine, however, gave the game
 very high marks.  Suspiciously, there  was a  full page  advertisement for
 the very same product in that very same issue of the magazine.

       We at  STX accept  no advertising.  We don't care what anyone thinks
 of us.  We have no worries about giving a bad review to a bad product.  We
 let you  know which  products are  cheaply made- which magazines refuse to
 offer refunds on their subscriptions- which companies don't  support their
 products.   With STX, you can be certain you are getting an HONEST review.

       If you live far away from an Atari  center of  activity such  as Los
 Angeles, you  may find it difficult to get RECENT and IMPORTANT news about
 Atari.  You can subscribe to an Atari magazine, but the costs  are usually
 high (especially  if you  have to subscribe to a foreign magazine) and the
 information is not recent.

       As of May 21 1990,  STX  will  include  the  most  recent  issues of
 popular  online  magazines  STReport  and  Z-Net  on  all  of its outgoing
 diskettes.  These newsletters  are published  weekly, so  your information
 is absolutely current.

     The ST-Exchange  is free of any charge.  You simply send a diskette to
 us, after filling it Public domain programs, shareware,  software reviews,
 etc.   The disk  will then be copied to the club library, and it will then
 be formatted and filled with new programs from our library.  (You may send
 a list  of requested  files from the listing on this disk.  If you do not,
 randomly selected files will be placed  on the  disk.)   After copying, it
 will then be mailed back to you.

     You can  send as  many diskettes  as you  want with each mailing.  For
 every ten disks, you will receive a free bonus disk.

 DEFEATS THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THE EXCHANGE.  Please be very careful not to
 send any viruses.


                        c/o Eric Lambeth
                         2635 West Alta
                        Springfield, MO  65810  USA

       When  sending  disks  in  the  mail  from  one  country  to another,
 remember to  wrap them  in aluminum  foil.   If you  do not,   they may be
 erased by the X-ray machines used by Customs.

       If you want to get an updated copy  of this  text file  or the whole
 demonstration disk,   get  an updated  diskette listing,  or ask any other
 questions,  you can contact STX online at  GEnie as  E.LAMBETH1 or  CIS as

      Eric Lambeth  is a  welcome addition  to the  AUA and  we welcome him
 aboard.  At the time of this publishing, Eric notified us that he had just
 received  about  150  new  diskettes  containing  all new software for the
 library.   So, if  you are  looking for  a hard  to find  program, you can
 contact the AUA or STX to find it.

      After all  of the  reading I  have been  doing lately,  I have seen a
 change take place in the Community.  It appears as  though Atari  Corp. is
 finally going  to make  a turn for the good.  Don't quote me, but I really
 do think that Atari has finally awaken, sort of like  the dragon  that has
 been asleep  for a  thousand years.   If  my prediction is correct, we are
 going to see some massive changes in the next few months.  Too good  to be
 true?  Let's wait and see.  We here at the AUA will remain ever confident.

     Next, we have inside information that is revealed Atari is  planning a
 massive advertising campaign in the USA.  Is this possible?  After all the
 times we have heard this, it is difficult  to believe.   However,  we will
 have to wait and see if our sources are true.

      In closing, the Summer edition of the NewsBriefs Newsletter is at the
 printer and is expected to be  completed by  August 22.   We  are going to
 work  diligently  to  get  it  out  in  the mail, with the NewsBriefs Disk
 Magazine following by about a week.  We  apologies for  the delay,  but we
 ran into unexpected problems that made us push back the dates a few weeks.

     We hope that with  experience, we  will not  make these  same mistakes
 again,  and  promise  to  continue  to  deliver  AUA publications on time.
 (Well, ok, I will tell you what happened.   When  will Derek  ever realize
 how important  hard drive  back-ups are?)   Keep your letters and applica-
 tions flowing.  We hope to appear at the WAACE show boasting  a huge back-
 ing in the community, so please help us meet this task.  Remember, member-
 ship to the AUA is FREE!  Take advantage of it!  If you  are hesitant, and
 would like  to see  s sample  of the  AUA publications,  you can  do so by
 sending $2.00 to the AUA address and we  will send  you a  demo package of
 the NewsBriefs Disk Magazine, a Demo of the AUA/STX PD disk, and a copy of
 the AUA NewsBriefs Newsletter.  Enjoy the rest of summer!

               //////////  //      //  //////////        ** ** **
              //      //  //      //  //      //         ** ** **
             //      //  //      //  //      //          ** ** **
            //////////  //      //  //////////          **  **  **
           //      //  //      //  //      //         ***   **   ***
          //      //  //////////  //      //        ***     **     ***


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

      Thank you for your interest in the Atari User's Association.
      Please take the time to complete this application and mail it 
      to the address below.
  First Name:_____________________ LastName:______________________________
  City:________________________________ ST:____ Zipcode:__________________
  Country:_____________________________ Age:(optional)____________________
  Telephone: __________________________ Occupation:_______________________
    [  ] Check here if you do NOT want your name placed in the AUA Public 
    Membership Directory (This will allow you to be placed on national 
    mailing lists for Atari ST products and information.)
  I have had my Atari ST since (approx. date):_____________________________
  HARDWARE: [ ]520ST  [ ]1040ST  [ ]MEGA 2  [ ]MEGA 4  [ ]STacy  [ ]Other
            [ ]Spectre GCR  [ ]PC DITTO  [ ]PC Speed [ ]SuperCharger
  MONITOR : [ ]COLOR  [ ]MONO [ ]OTHER:____________________________________
  DRIVES  : [ ]Internal [ ]External [ ]HARD DRIVE   Size of Hard drive:____
  PRINTER : [ ]9 Pin Dot Matrix [ ]24 Pin Dot Matrix   [ ]Laser  [ ]DeskJet
            [ ]Daisywheel  [ ]Other 
  MODEM   : Max Speed [ ]300  [ ]1200  [ ]2400  [ ]4800  [ ]9600  [ ]14,400
  OTHER PERIPHERALS________________________________________________________
  Primary Use of your Atari Computer:                (check all that apply)
  [ ]Home Finance   [ ]BBS   [ ]CAD   [ ]Business   [ ]DTP    [ ]Games/rec
  [ ]Graphics   [ ]Programming   [ ]SpreadSheets   [ ]WordProcessing
  [ ]Music [ ]Communications  [ ]Database [ ]Other:_____________
  If you are a member of a User Group, Please fill in:
  UG Name: ________________________________________________________________
  Address: ________________________________________________________________
  City _________________________________State _____ ZIP ________Country____
  BBS # ______________________________________No. of Members_______________
  President's Name:________________________________Phone:__________________
  Newsletter Name:_________________________________________________________
  EMAIL ADRESSES: (please include fnet / fido Handles)
  FNET Node:________________________  FIDO Node:__________________________ 
  GENIE:_____________________________ COMPUSERVE:_________________________
  DELPHI:________________________ OTHER:__________________________________
  Please list any ideas you have about what the AUA can do for you as an
  end user:_______________________________________________________________
  __________________________________________Use reverse if necessary!!!!!!
  Please list your favorite software titles: _____________________________
  If you have a friend who may be interested in the AUA, please list his
  name and address here so that we can contact him/her about the AUA:
  Where did you get this application:_____________________________________
  MEMBERSHIP FEES:   [ ] Non-Active AUA Membership        -- $ FREE $
                     [ ] Non-Active AUA Membership +
                         1 Sample Newsletter & Disk       -- $ 2.00US/once
                     [ ] Active AUA w/NewsLetter          -- $ 5.00US/year
  Please Select ONE  [ ] Active AUA w/Newsletter (Foreign)-- $ 7.50US/year
                     [ ] Active AUA W/Newsletter & Disk   -- $ 15.00US/year
                     [ ] Active AUA w/Newsletter & Disk
                         (foreign/airmail)                -- $ 18.00US/year
        (All membership fees must be sent in US Dollars payable to AUA)

  Mail application to:
                        The Atari Users Association
                               P.O. Box 123
                           Canonsburg, PA  15317


 > SUPPORT? ..WHERE?? STR Spotlight?        An exercise in futility!

                      SATISFACTION --- AT WHAT PRICE?

 by R. F. Mariano

     Often, we read about how folks sincerely regret  having made emotional
 decisions while  involved in  a stressful  situation.  Recently, Atari saw
 fit to lock out all the developers on  GEnie.   Why?   Because they didn't
 have accurate  records at Atari concerning who was or was not a registered
 developer.  We actually felt compassion  for Dan  McNamee who  had to take
 'heat' from those developers who were upset with this decision.

     Actually, GEnie's  software is  more than sophisticated enough to have
 permitted the selective de-activation  of those  accounts not  readily ac-
 counted for.   But  as we are told, the "Blanket Lockout" was done because
 it would consume less of Atari's  'manhours' and  salary dollars  than the
 more graceful  selective and  diplomatic method.  In other words, they did
 it using the less 'expensive' approach.  When asked about  the severity of
 the blanket lockout, A. Salerno made it quite clear he felt it was defina-
 tely "in the best  interest of  the developers"  and "that  they should be
 grateful for the added security."  Odd reasoning at best.
     In the past, certain of Salerno's vindictive decisions ie; Locking out
 ABCO Computers  from  the  developer  area,  (claiming  violation  of non-
 disclosure; ABCO  NEVER made  ANY statements  about Atari) when in fact it
 was a kneejerk, retaliatory  action against  STReport (who  never signed a
 non-disclosure agreement.)   These and other decisions have been seriously
 questioned as being in  Atari's best  interests.   Sig Hartmann,  a former
 vice president  of Atari  (now retired) exclaimed loudly, when he heard of
 Salerno's actions against ABCO, "it was a dumb thing to do!"    Especially
 coming on  the heels of an amicable agreement reached between Hartmann and
 Mariano at last year's WAACE show.  The  vengeful, punitive  actions taken
 by Atari  and Salerno  have in every case, continued to come back to haunt
 Atari on more than one occasion.    Until  such  time  as  the  wrongs are
 corrected there is no doubt that the haunting reminders will continue.
     Salerno's relationships  with his subordinates and most developers has
 been rather bumpy from the very beginning of his tenure  with Atari.   For
 example, from  when he  shared an  office (Garry's old corner office) with
 another Atari exec, a  relatively successful  gent, Salerno  has been busy
 trying to  "help this  fellow out"  by any  means possible.  (Remember the
 Stacy incident Antonio?)  Better yet,  how about  FREE developer  kits and
 access being handed out??

     Salerno personally assured this reporter that a certain midwest dealer
 would "regret the day"  he made  it known  that he  had TOS  1.4 available
 (quietly approved  by Atari  and Salerno well before its official release)
 in Eprom for those customers who had purchased a Moniterm  Monitor.  Addi-
 tionally, in  a recent  poll informally  conducted, many of the developers
 who have heard all of the  promises made  by Salerno  (the fabled Aircraft
 Carrier Analogy)  have begun  to expect  little if  anything near what was

     Additionally, most folks who have had  any dealings  with Salerno have
 come away  less than  satisfied with  the results attained.  In fact, many
 folks in the Atari arena have expressed an  ardent desire  to not  have to
 deal with  Salerno a  second time  after the  initial 'hard to forget' ex-

     STReport's editor has, on  more than  one occasion,  been verbally ac-
 costed by  Salerno and  amazingly, even  accused of having surreptitiously
 planted eavesdropping devices in  his office!   (paranoia  reigns supreme)
 In  truth,   we  DO  have  eavesdropping  devices  at  Atari  and  lately,
 particularly in  and around  Salerno's office.   These  devices are called
 people who work at Atari and are thoroughly disgusted with Salerno and his
 methods of dealing with people.  Thus, the ongoing flow of accurate infor-
 mation.   psst...They all turned you down recently, didn't they Antonio...
 for C. Cherry's position.

                     Is the friction really worth it?
               Am I taking honest look at the BIG picture??
         Are the threats and scheming the right course of action?
   Is the "behind the scenes pressuring" to force changes the right way?
    Do I really think threatening to fire people will silence the truth
         Are my present decisions good for Atari in the long haul?

                    ...all questions A. Salerno should be asking himself.

     Atari is now involved in streamlining its operations from the very top
 on  down.    And  has  apparently recognized many of the internal problems
 including the vicious games of "getting even with  those who  are critical
 of Atari  or making waves".  Atari, through its new leadership, has recog-
 nized the fact that  all of  these "get  even" or  "punitive efforts" have
 done nothing  to help  promote a  positive image throughout the USA's home
 computer marketplace.   They  have instead,  proven to  be totally counter

     Through the course of the next few weeks, we shall witness the gradual
 emergence of the  'new'  lean,  more  efficient  and  conscientious Atari.
 Most of  all, Atari is on the mend and moving forward in a positive direc-
 tion.  Hopefully we will see the new broom "sweep  all the  slates clean."
 The slate  "needs to  be cleared for everyone."  Atari needs all the good-
 will and positive support they can possibly garner.   As  time progresses,
 Atari will  rightfully become  the industry  leader they deserve to be and
 STReport will be right there along with you, our readers  and Atari users,
 celebrating the resurgence of Atari in the USA.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?            Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
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         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
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                           FROM 30mb @ $419.00!
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                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > A "Quotable Quote" 

               "The Pen is ALWAYS mightier than the Sword!"

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