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     Since its the summer, and most  of us  take our  vacations during this
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 month of August, Mondays and Tuesdays.    This  will  afford  me  the long
 weekends and an opportunity to take some time out to "smell the flowers".

     On another note Atari is, from what we are told, working feverishly to
 correct the STe DMA thing so  hang in  there folks  all will  be set  in a
 short while.  

     This column  is brief  this week  so we  could allow  more room to our
 featured articles and the Delphi Online Conference with yours truly as the

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   Issue # 78

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In  May  1976,  Gary  Kindall  copyrighted  CP/M, the first industry
 standard operating system, and started a  company called  Digital Research
 in order to further it?

       Or  when,  after  Intel  released  the  8086 microchip in June 1978,
 Digital Research flung many  of its  resources into  making a multitasking
 version of  CP/M, rather  than an  8086 version of CP/M, and later ignored
 the queries of a  company called  IBM as  to licensing  CP/M for  use on a
 personal computer that it had under development?

 CPU Dream Systems? VII

         Enhanced HAM, Media Engines, and Other Peripherals of Note

       Change  is  the  only  constant  in  the  computer industry.  As the
 capabilities of microcomputers increased during the 1980's, they  began to
 provide the  versatility, performance  capability, and  speed found in the
 workstation  field.    In  order  to  survive  in  the  computer industry,
 microcomputers have  had to  quickly improve.   However, in most instances
 third-party  peripherals  are  the  avenue  through  which microcomputers'
 capabilities grow fastest.

       Therefore,  this  section  features examples of hardware peripherals
 and computer systems which  are  both  noteworthy  as  innovations  in the
 computer  industry,  and  are  unique  in their respective markets.  After
 doing some research, I  found a  few pieces  of hardware  that could truly
 claim to  be "Peripherals of Note".  Shown in no particular order, here is
 my list:


       InfoChip Systems Inc. is now shipping  a data  compression board for
 the IBM  PC.   Called Expanz, this board increases the storage capacity of
 any floppy, tape, or hard disk by an average factor of three. It does this
 by  compressing  the  data  on  disks  in  real-time (read: as it is being
 accessed by DOS).  As an extra feature, it also boosts data transfer rates
 from disk,  because the  data which is being sent is logically compressed,
 and takes less time to be sent.

       The Expanz card compresses most files by a factor of three. However,
 on CAD  or image  files it  can shrink files by a factor of up to 15.  Not
 unexpectedly, the Expanz Card's compression  is  least  effective  on both
 executable  code,  and  archived  files  (ARC/LZH/ZOO/SIT/etc. files).  In
 these cases, it registers compression ratios of around 1.3:1....

       The Expanz Card intercepts all read/write data requests.  If data is
 to be  saved, the  card stores  it in  a 32K  Static RAM Cache, and uses a
 proprietary coprocessor chip to compress the data.  It then sends the data
 to the  system's disk  controller.  If data is to be read, it decompresses
 the data from the disk before sending it to DOS.  The  coprocessor is fast
 enough to  handle compression/decompression  in real-time (as it is faster
 than the PC AT's Disk Transfer  rates), and  as such,  the Expanz  card is
 completely transparent to both DOS, and all hard disk controllers....

       Interestingly  enough,  IBM,  Compaq,  Dell, and MANY other major PC
 companies are negotiating with  InfoChip to  use the  Expanz technology on
 future  motherboard  designs.    Also,  Novell is working with InfoChip to
 modify the Expanz technology for LAN fileservers, so  that all  traffic on
 a Local  Area Network  is in  compressed format  (resulting in MUCH faster
 data transfer rates for LANs).

       The Expanz Card fits in an  XT 8-bit  slot.   However, InfoChip also
 plans to show a MicroChannel-compatible version of the Expanz Card at this
 year's Fall Comdex.  Cost:  $200.00.    To  get  more  information  on the
 Expanz Card  (or if  Atari wishes to look into using the Expanz technology
 in future products), here is InfoChip's Address:

                           InfoChip Systems Inc.
                         2840 Sam Tomas Expressway
                           Santa Clara, CA 95054


       Motorola has now introduced a new version of  their line  of Digital
 Signal Microprocessors,  called the 96002.  The 96002 is a 32-bit floating
 point math chip based on the same architecture  begun by  Motorola's 56001
 24-bit Digital  Signal Processor  (or DSP) Chip, which is used on the NeXT
 Computer.  Curiously, while many of the NeXT  Computer's innovations (like
 graphical user  interfaces for  Unix, magneto-optical  drives, and Display
 Postscript-like systems)  are  gaining  much  popularity  in  the computer
 industry, DSP  technology has not gained the same renown, even considering
 its great capabilities.

       Digital Signal Processors are designed to  serve as  coprocessors in
 applications such  as speech  synthesis, real-time data acquisition, image
 processing, or other areas in which  digital  data  sets  must  be quickly
 analyzed or manipulated.  Digital Signal Processors are also programmable,
 in order to be able to perform operations on any type of digital data.

       Running at 33 MHZ, the Motorola 96002 is  capable of  performing 165
 million operations  per second,  50 MIPS  (million operations per second),
 and 16.7 MFLOPS (million floating point operations per second).   Like the
 68040,   which   can   perform   integer  and  floating  point  operations
 concurrently, Motorola has  designed  the  96002  so  it  can  analyze and
 manipulate several segments of digital data in parallel.

       One of  the applications  of this capability is rendering true color
 (24-bit) color images while simultaneously generating stereo sound.   With
 the  current  excitement  over  multimedia,  Motorola emphasized the name,
 "Media Engine" for the 96002.  It is hoped that this will  both illustrate
 the varied  uses for it, and gain more popularity in the computer industry
 for Digital Signal Processor technology....


       Black Belt Systems has introduced a new hardware  peripheral for the
 Amiga, called  the HAM-E  graphics system.   HAM-E is a graphics processor
 board which provides the Amiga with two new graphics modes, which are:

       - REG Mode: This mode provides a 320*200 resolution (or 320*400 with
 interlacing) with  256 displayable  colors out  of a  24-bit color palette
 (or 16,776,216 colors).  REG Mode  has up  to 236  usable color registers,
 for animation application such as color cycling.

       - HAM-E  Mode:  This mode is an Extended HAM (Hold-And-Modify) Mode,
 which can  display 262,144  colors at  the same  time with  a 24-bit color
 palette, at  a 320*200  resolution.   Here is  an excerpt  from Black Belt
 Systems' Press release, further explaining how this is done:


 *** HAM-E Mode:
 The second mode is the  Extended  HAM  (Hold-And-Modify)  mode.  This mode
 provides 236  24-bit color  registers in four banks of 59, and full 18 bit
 HAM capability.  You can have  262,144 colors  on screen  at one  time (in
 exactly the  same way "standard" HAM allows you to have 4,096) and instead
 of having  16  color  registers  available  to  enhance  "fast-edge" color
 changes, you  have 236, which are accurate to 24 bits (16 million colors).
 You use this just like you use HAM mode, but you get:

 (1) More than a quarter-million more simultaneous colors than standard HAM
 mode (or any "normal" Amiga mode) can provide;

 (2) You  have much  better sharp  edge color  changes because  you have 59
 immediately available color registers you can use to load the  R, G  and B
 guns with  no delay or HAM artifacts to a precision of 24 bits (16 million

 (3) You have the ability to change anywhere  in the  picture to  a new set
 of 59  color registers - the cost is one pixel that does not change at all
 from the previous pixel.   Obvious  "good" places  to do  that are  at the
 beginning of  a scan line, or in an area of an image that is not currently
 changing (say, the contour of a cheek). Remember, it only  takes one pixel
 and there  is no  processor overhead  involved, no interrupts, no blitter.
 It's all directly dependant on the pixel data in the image.


       Like the REG Mode, the HAM-E mode is fully compatible  with Genlocks
 and  the  IFF  picture  format,  as well as supporting full register-based
 color cycling.  Like the Amiga's standard graphics modes, the HAM-E system
 displays its images inside a standard Amiga window, and acts exactly as if
 it was designed into the Amiga as standard.   As  such, the  HAM-E's modes
 can be interlaced, and its images can be accessible via the CPU or blitter
 chip.  However, there is NO CPU or Blitter overhead  in maintaining images
 produced by the HAM-E.  Resulting in increased system performance....

       Impulse (Turbo  Silver CAD  program), NewTek (Digipaint), Electronic
 Arts (DeluxePaint,  Deluxe Photo  Lab), MicroIllusions  (Photon Paint II),
 and ASDG  (Professional ScanLab,  ScanLab 100)  have expressed interest in
 supporting the HAM-E system when it is introduced.   Meaning  that most of
 the  graphics  and  desktop  video  applications  out  for  the Amiga will
 probably support HAM-E when it is introduced....

       The HAM-E is plugged into the Amiga via  the RGB  Port.   It has its
 own RGB  port, for  connecting a  monitor or  genlock.  It also works with
 all Amigas, and produces 24-bit RGB  output.    HAM-E  is  expected  to be
 shipping before the end of the year.  Cost:  Around $300.00.

       If you want more information on the HAM-E Display System, Black Belt
 Systems can be reached at:

                            Black Belt Systems
                             398 Johnson Road
                          Glasgow, Montana, 59230
                         Voice/FAX: 1-406-367-5509
                    8am to 5pm, Mountain Standard Time.

       Part  I  of  this  series  has  featured  a list of several hardware
 peripherals in the microcomputer/workstation  field which  can truly claim
 to  be   both  uniquely  innovative,  and  noteworthy  in  their  specific
 marketplaces.  In Part II, CPU Report will  attempt to  compile a  list of
 "Dream Systems", or noteworthy configurations of several microcomputer and
 workstation systems that could currently be the best in the  industry, and
 shown the  individual features  which make  the system.   But just as this
 issue alone indicates  several  changes  in  the  structure  of  the Dream
 Systems  Essay,  the  hardware  peripherals shown above certainly indicate
 certain trends in the computer industry....

 CPU MacNews?

          Adobe Introduces Adobe Type Manager 2.0, Illustrator 3.0

       Adobe Systems Inc. has recently announced Adobe Type Manager 2.0 for
 the Macintosh.  The new version of ATM is around 2 to 2.5 times as fast at
 displaying text and printing Postscript text than ATM Version 1.2.   Adobe
 has fixed  several bugs  in ATM  2.0, which  also has  marked type quality
 improvements over ATM 1.2.

       Adobe Type Manager is a CDEV which intercepts Quickdraw calls and
 automatically displaying or printing a scaled Postscript version of the
 requested font.  ATM also allows you to print high-quality text on both
 Postscript-compatible and Quickdraw-based printers.  Adobe is including a
 utility called Font Porter with ATM 2.0, which allows ATM users to install
 bitmapped screen fonts by simply dragging the suitcase files into the
 System Folder, instead of using the Font/DA Mover to do so.

       Adobe Type Manager 2.0 is shipping at Macworld 1990 (on August 8-11,
 1990).    Cost:  $100.00,  but  Adobe is offering registered ATM Users the
 option of either upgrading to ATM  2.0 for  $20.00, or  for receiving both
 ATM  2.0  and  a  typeface  package  from  the  Adobe  Type Library for an
 additional $40.00....

       Adobe has also introduced Version 3.0 of its Adobe Illustrator
 drawing/design program.  Among other things, Illustrator 3.0 features:

       - Direct, onscreen editing of text, with advanced text handling  
         functions.  Before, one had to enter text through a dialog box.

       - New graphing and charting tools, allowing several  types of graphs
         and charts to be selected (from grouped or stacked bar graphs to
         line, area, scatter, and pie charts), and then manipulated or
         customized.  Also, charts and graphs can be automatically updated
         when data is entered or revised.

       - Better User Interface, making it easier to learn and use.  This
         includes interactive feedback (online help), and enhanced dialog
         boxes and tool selections.

       - A  completely redesigned version of Adobe Separator, with a better
         user interface and more detailed access to important Postscript
         file information.  Adobe Separator also allows you to preview
         color illustrations that are to undergo color separation, and is
         compatible with Adobe Photoshop files..,.

       To be demonstrated at MacWorld, it will ship in September  1990, and
 will be  bundled with  Adobe Type Manager Version 2.0.  Cost: $600.00, but
 registered Illustrator users can  upgrade for  $100.00.   Also, people who
 have bought Illustrator 2.0 since July 1, 1990 will get a free upgrade....



       The US  Senate Banking Committee is now considering a new bill which
 would make  it a  crime to  own any  electronic device  which the Treasury
 Department determines can be used for counterfeiting.  The Secret Service,
 Treasury Department, and other  Government  agencies  have  testified that
 personal computers,  scanners, and laser printers have made counterfeiting
 FAR easier and more effective than before.  The Secret  Service itself has
 said that  it had  seized $75.2  million of counterfeit currency, and that
 approximately $14 million still passed into this country in 1989.   All of
 these  groups  are  calling  for  stricter  federal  control on electronic
 devices which could make counterfeiting easier....

       However, the Software Publishers  Association recently  testified in
 order to bring up one point:  The bill under question, if passed into law,
 would make document scanners, microcomputers, laser  printers, and several
 software industries  (like image processing) illegal.  However, while this
 bill itself has a  bleak  fate,  similar  bills  are  also  pending before


       Several members  of the  European Community  (EC), including France,
 Belgium, West Germany, and the Netherlands,  have begun  to abolish border
 checks and  other border  controls between  each other, in preparation for
 the 1992 start of  the European  open market.   This  means that consumers
 will be  able to  purchase products in countries with the lower VAT (value
 added tax) rates, all without going through each  country's border control
 bureaucracies.   This will  also immediately increase market accessibility
 for many companies with European operations.

       Interestingly enough, West Germany has the lowest VAT rate in Europe
 (14 percent).   Also, Greece and England have expressed concern about this
 new system, because of fears about terrorism in the UK,  and Greece's fear
 that  their  consumers  will  not  wish  to  buy certain products in their


       Mitch Kapor (Founder of Lotus Corp.)  and John  Barlow have recently
 created the  Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization aimed at both
 educating the public about computer technology issues (like the difference
 between  a  computer  hacker  and  a  computer  cracker), and serving as a
 lobbying group in computer technology and  telecommunications issues.   In
 forming this  group, Kapor  stated that there were many issues (both legal
 and societal) concerning  computers  and  communications  technology which
 have not  been dealt  with sufficiently,  and that there must be a clearer
 understanding of the uses of such technology.  The EFF has also stated the
 belief that  computer technology  has caused  a sort  of "future stock" in
 today's society....

       Steve Wozniak, Mitch Kapor, and several other parties  are initially
 funding the  EFF.  While the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will try
 to defend computer users where misunderstanding  of technology  has caused
 false legal  charges, Kapor  emphasizes that the EFF will not be a "hacker
 defense fund"....


       Representatives of several Western computer companies  (such as IBM,
 Microsoft,  Ashton-Tate,  and  HP),  and  software developers from several
 Warsaw Pact countries have established  a  single  character  set  for the
 Eastern European PC market.  This character set, known as Latin2, contains
 all of the Latin  alphabet-based special  characters specific  for Eastern
 European  languages.    Interestingly  enough,  it  contains  NO  Cyrillic
 characters.  Lotus, Aldus, Microsoft, and Ashton-Tate have pledged to port
 their products to the Eastern European market using the Latin2 standard...

       Among other things, this means that Atari, Apple, and other computer
 makers will have a unified standard with which  to penetrate  the personal
 computer market  in Eastern  Europe and  the USSR.  Also, this step may be
 the first clear signal that  Eastern  Europe  will  soon  become  a viable
 market in the computer industry....


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 > STR Delphi Conference STR FOCUS?   The Editor of STReport interviewed!

                     DELPHI's ST Advantage
                      A Formal Conference
                   ST Report's Ralph Mariano
                        August 1, 1990

    Good evening, and welcome  to DELPHI's  ST Advantage.   Tonight   we're
 pleased  to  have  Ralph  Mariano,  editor  of  ST  Report,  in  a  formal
 Conference.  Because this  is a  formal conference,  we need  to have some
 rules, so let's get those out of the way first.

    To keep  things under  control, we ask that you not "talk" until you've
 been given the floor by the conference moderator (me).  If you  would like
 to ask  Ralph a  question, signal  the moderator by typing a question mark
 (?).  Your name will then be put on a list, and you will  be notified when
 it is your turn to speak.

    When you  have the  floor, please  keep your  questions and comments as
 brief as is reasonable.  We  want  to  keep  things  moving  fast  so that
 everyone gets  a chance  to participate.  When you have finished speaking,
 signal us by typing GA.

    Some conference commands that you might find helpful include:

      /HELP           Enter the CO help system.
      /NAME name      To give yourself a CO nickname.
      /WHO            To get a listing of members currently online.

    Finally, I need to remind everyone  that the  transcript resulting from
 this conference  is the  property of  DELPHI.   It may be freely reprinted
 and distributed, but we  ask that  you wait  for the  final edited version
 that will  be available  soon in  the databases.   If for some reason, you
 cannot  wait  for  the  edited  version,  please  contact  me  (BIBLINSKI)
 immediately,  so  that  I  can  provide  you  with  the  notice  that must
 accompany any reprint of this conference.

    That out of the way, let's welcome Ralph Mariano.   Ralph, do  you have
 any opening remarks you'd like to make?  GA

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Hi  Everyone,  wouldn't  you  know  it  now that I have the floor I am
 speechless!  It would most likely  be  better  if  we  proceeded  with the
 questions... ga

     Okay, Scott, go ahead.

     Ralph , why did you stop the Atari Apocalypse series in ST Report?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     There were a number of reasons... 

 A)- the  reaction (in  general from the readers was rather strong both pro
 and con) We  felt that  this  was  not  the  time  to  split  (divide) the
 userbase in two or more opposing factions.  

 B)- Atari  made some advances about the need for unity with the new fellow
 from France and we felt  he  deserved  the  opportunity  to  proceed  on a
 positive note.  ga

     Why do  you have  so much faith in this new guy from France?  It seems
 as if there is a new  "savior" of  Atari hired  every other  week and then
 fired  soon  afterwards.    What  makes  you  think the French guy will be
 different from all the rest. ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Well, he is under a rather  strong contract.   That's  for openers and
 he has  a PROVEN track record in SALES and Marketing.  Now, if Sam and his
 brothers let this man do what he does  best.   Atari will  re-emerge as an
 industry player  instead of  an 'also  - ran.'   The man is good.  He made
 Atari France the #1 sales region  this past  year.   The big  thing now he
 has to  overcome is the STe  disaster...  and it is just that...  we shall
 see.  This will surely  be  his  acid  test.    The  DMA  problem  is just
 blooming now, worldwide.  ga

     Clay, you're next.

     Charles Cherry  seemed to have done a good job in pulling together the
 developer's department at Atari.  Do you think his leaving is a bad omen?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
      No, but you are correct in your assessment of Cherry's work.  Charles
 was quite  good at  dealing with people; his apparent problem was with the
 lack of Atari's standing behind his decisions and  promises to developers.
 Charles was well on the way to solidifying the developer corps.  ga

     So he wasn't generally happy with his job at Atari?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That would be a reasonable assumption... ga

     Ralph, how  much time a week goes into ST Report?  Both yours and your

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That's a good question.  At times it seems like an eternity,  but it's
 close to  45-60 hours  combined.   It's not the hours but the phone bills!
 At times I feel like the phone is an extension of my ear!  ga

     Does ABCO cover the costs of production?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Yes it does.  And has from day one. ga

     Seems like it's more a labor of love than anything, then.

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That is correct.  Myself  and  the  staff  do  enjoy  putting STReport
 together every week   ga

     Clay, you're next.

     A while back, ST Report had evolved into something that one could only
 call controversial.  It seemed that every issue  raised hackles somewhere.
 How did  you deal  with that pressure?  And when (or actually why) did you
 decide to try a new philosophy? GA

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Ok, well, if you mean before STReport became a wholly  owned entity of
 mine, then  the planning  was not  done by  me alone and it was a mutually
 agreed upon plan.  After I assumed full control, it  became quite apparent
 that the readers wanted more than sensationalism.  

     It  was  at  that  time  the  decision  was made to add quality to the
 magazine.  Controversy is only pressure filled when it is  not truthful or
 if it  is overly exaggerated... then it came become an unbearable pressure
 cooker.    Through  the  all  the  issues  since  we  became  independent,
 verification has been the law...   ga

     Go for it, Scott!

     Recently ,  you complained about the editing of ST Report on Usenet by
 Greg Lindhal.  Why were you so upset about it.   All  he did  was take out
 the ads and some of the junk like CPU Report.  Since you have told him not
 to edit ST Report any more, people on Usenet can no longer get ST Report.

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Quite  the  contrary,  he  edited  about   every  other   article  and
 editorialized as  he went along.  We have every one of his "edits" on file
 and were most upset with the  comments he  made.   After all,  STReport is
 (c) copyrighted.   And frankly, CPU Report may not be your cup of tea, but
 it certainly is NOT junk.  That is not what I call CPU Report at all.  ga

     Come on , Ralph!  CPU Report until recently consisted of nothing but a
 rewrite of  the same  basic article!   The "dream systems" CPU Report that
 contained EXACTLY the same info  each  time  it  ran,  but  in  a slightly
 different format.   I  often wondered if you were using some kind of ELIZA
 program to write CPU Report. ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     I am not here to debate  you on  the merits  of a  column in STReport.
 You are  entitled to your opinion, but I am not going to get into a debate
 over a weekly feature that changes each week. ga

     Won't answer my question , huh?

     Scott, it doesn't matter what the content is,  it shouldn't  have been
 changed.  That would be like the letter carrier ripping out the basketball
 stories in your copy of Sports  Illustrated, because  he personally didn't
 like B-ball.  That's just silly to even try to defend.  Okay, Clay, you're

     Ralph, what do you estimate is the number of readers who see ST Report
 each week?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That is  one of  the most frequently asked questions.  The best we can
 do is say approx 75-90% of the Atari userbase sees STReport weekly through
 the major  services and  the FNET  which consists  of well  over 300 nodes
 internationally and then the trickle down to individual BBSs from  there. 

     Wow!    That's  impressive.    Do  hard-copy  versions get distributed
 somehow to people without modems?  ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Yes, according to  the  mail  we  receive  weekly  from  those without
 modems, it is a rather high number.  The volume of mail the last two weeks
 about the STe thing has been unreal; we have four stacks of letters now at
 over 18 inches high each!  ga

     Sounds great!

     Go ahead, Scott.

     What is the problem between you and John Nagy? You were partners in ST
 Report once. Now it seems that there isn't an issue  of ST  Report or Znet
 that goes  by in  which you two don't snipe at each other.  This "download
 pumping" stuff is a good example.   ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     I was never a partner or  an  associate  of  John  Nagy's.    I  WAS a
 columnist working  with Ron  Kovacs and  then he made me an equal with the
 original ST Report.  I don't believe you have been quite accurate  in your
 assessments, but  then it  appears you  are attempting  to get "something"
 going here.  I have no axe to grind with either Nagy or Kovacs.  ga

     Then why do keep sniping at each other's magazines?  Who cares  if one
 is downloaded more than another.

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That, sir,  is an  impression you  seem to  derive, as  far as sniping
 goes.  That, too, is in the eyes of the beholder.  ga

     Terry, you're up.

     You have mentioned staff a couple of times, Ralph.  Just how  many are
 you? ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     There are 7 of us.  ga

     I'm curious  about the  mechanics of it all.  How do the various BBS's
 get ST Report every week?  Do you u/l it to them?  Or what?

     Sounds like a lot of work for that few.

     Sorry, Terry, I thought you were done.


 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Aside from the  major  services  like  Delphi,  the  magazine  is sent
 through the  FNET in  manner not  unlike FIDO  etc.  Terry, it is a lot of
 work, but when you receive a  letter from  one of  the users  thanking you
 for an  article that helped him or delivered a message he had been wanting
 to say, it all becomes so much easier.  Even with the  'heat', there  is a
 great deal  of satisfaction  in reading  the mail  and receiving the phone
 calls saying "thanks"  etc...  ga


     As a former editor, I know that putting  together an  Atari - specific
 magazine  can  sometimes  be  a  thankless, even depressing, job.  I can't
 even imagine a weekly deadline and  doing it  all for  free.   Do you ever
 get the urge to say "the hell with it" and leave it all behind?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     hahaha   at least twice a day!  And then I regain my senses.  <<grin>>
 The most important point to be made is...


 .Ralph @ STReport>
     ...the sheer numbers of folks willing  to help.   The  amount of calls
 that come  in each  day from  different parts of the country and Europe is
 amazing.  Just today  we got  five calls  from different  folks within the
 'hallowed' halls  of Atari!   Many  times, we find that the employees want
 the problems  exposed and  corrected as  much as  the customers (userbase)
 do.   It's the  folks who call and volunteer info that really help us move
 right along.   ga

     Well, we sure appreciate your continued support of DELPHI.   Now if we
 could only  get you  to put a sign-up blurb in each issue, like you do for
 those other systems! <GRIN>

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That... is a distinct possibility!


     I'm curious... It seems  that there  is a  lot of  hearsay and rumour.
 Are there things that you WON'T include?  If so... what?

 .Ralph at STReport>
     Hmm.   If so  what?  Stuff that is impossible to verify.  Verification
 comes in  many forms,  like hearing  about a  situation   evolving from at
 least  three  different  reliable  sources.    This  is   only part of it.
 STReport will not release anything not verified. ga

     Bob, Gotta question?

     Just to throw in that Delphi's new rates would be a good  time to make
 it into ST Report.

     Yes, DELPHI keeps getting more and more affordable.

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     hahahha nice "insertion"

     (Okay, I'll stop with the sell!)

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Please be  sure to  include the new rate structure with the transcript
 of this CO.  ga

     Ralph, do you  ever  get  really  nasty  calls  from  people  at Atari
 complaining about something in ST Report?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     hahahahahahahahah... It  is part  of, or  as I am told, comes with the
 territory.  But then only one of Atari's people has  ever called  and been
 downright nasty.  And it was a boss!  No, none of the T's.  ga

      That was my shovel question: Digging for the dirt! :-)

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     You haven't lost your touch!!


      If  this  has  already  been  covered  earlier  sorry:  "Can't Znet &
 STReport peacefully co-exist?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
      Robert... Competition is a  very healthy  thing.   I have  no problem
 with STzmagazine at all.   ga

     Ralph, I  know you  know more  than you  can speak about, but is there
 something that gives you a reason to be optimistic about  Kenan, or  is it
 just a gut feeling on your part?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Kenan comes  with great  credentials and has a rather strong contract.
 (non-interference)  And he is in  the process  of re  - aligning  the flow
 within the  company.   When one  considers what  he did in France, against
 some rather formidable odds... he does appear to be the  man of  the hour.
 Now, if  only Sam  lets him  do his thing.  Right now the big issue is the
 STe/DMA headache.  ga

     Ralph, there was a  rumor that  the reason  for the  problems was that
 someone had too many buggy ROMs made, and they don't want to eat the loss.
 Sound right?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Close, but its only the tip of the iceberg.  The rom thing is  easy to
 overcome but  the thing  with the  DMA port  can get expensive.  There are
 rumblings of dealers joining in some  kind of  legal actions  etc... among
 other things.  Atari must come forward and stand good on this issue.  It's
 really the first time a piece  of hardware  has fallen  flat on  its face.
 And if Atari acts quickly enough, nobody will mind, but IF they drag their
 feet...  ga

     So the rumors about the Euro STe's not having a problem are wrong?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     It seems that after the STe gained type acceptance in  the USA  by the
 FCC, STe  units worldwide  began failing.  Look at the pre - FCC STe units
 that folks have; they work great, aside from  the low   rez  bootup thing.
 The  folks  I  know,  and  after  speaking with those who bought the early
 Canadian machines, the apparent conclusion is that the  machines after the
 type acceptance mods are suspect.  The early machines are solid.  ga

     Okay.  Scott, got another one?

     Just how bad & widespread is the DMA problem with the STE and how come
 the Europeans, who have had the STE for 6 months longer than  the US don't
 have a  problem?   Do the US and European machines have the same DMA chip?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Bad and widespread is a conclusion  I don't  have enough  info to make
 but Atari  says it's about 10% of the machines shipped.  My last answer, I
 believe, covers the last part of your question  but to  repeat, it's seems
 the only  machines giving  problems are  those shipped  after the mods for
 type acceptance.   ga

     I've seen reports on Usenet that  Atari changed  suppliers on  the DMA
 chips  and  that  if  you  out  one  of  the "old" DMA chips in a STE, the
 computer then works fine. The message I saw was from someone in Germany.

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Scott, that's true to an extent but it's because the old DMA  chip has
 a stronger output, but at the same time the newer...

     Do think  Atari is  doing a little too much cost cutting on the STE in

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     DMA chip takes advantage of the buffering.  I saw  those messages too.
 One machine does not make a production run...  ga

 SCOTTJ> sell  them for  the lowest  price possible?  Are they trying too
 hard to provide "Power without the Price"? ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     In fact, another was  done in  Canada that  way just  a week  ago, but
 still, it  does not  solve the  problem- only  sidestep it.  As far as the
 price and cheaply made, no, I do not think for  a moment  that the quality
 is not designed into the machine,...

     I'm talking about the company who makes the DMA chip for 
 Atari, not the...

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     I do  believe that  they are  frantically working on finding the error
 and correcting it ASAP.  But they must  keep the  userbase informed better
 and, of  course, make  sure that  all who bought a machine that falls into
 the  questionable  grouping  receive   extended  warranties   or  exchange
 privileges.   ga

    ... overall  quality of  the design  of the machine. Atari is notorious
 for ...

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Are we on the same track??

     ...continually changing suppliers in order to get the  lowest possible

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Let me know when you are done  ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Is it my turn??

     Don't you think that Atari should go back to the original suppliers of
 DMA chip , even if they have to raise the  price of  the STE  to cover the
 extra cost? ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Scott, three  quarters of  your questions  (since you made sure to ask
 them in a bunch) have scrolled off  my  screen,  but  in  all  fairness to
 Atari, most  companies have  to change  suppliers constantly to keep costs
 down.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It's good business. ga


 .Ralph @ STReport>

     I heard, somewhere, that the author of TOS  made an  illegal call into
 the 68000, and because of that there are compatibility problems with doing
 a TOS  for the  68030.   And that  the author  no longer  works for Atari.
 Possibly as a result.  ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     I have  heard similar  stories but  since it  was impossible to verify
 other than the alleged line F stuff, we never covered it in detail.  ga

     I just found  it  ironic  that  Atari,  the  company  that  rags about
 programmers making illegal system calls, has that kind of problem. ga

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     How about  the Maccel  program?  If you use it, it will slow down file
 transfers and cause resends of blocks if you are in fixed link  mode using
 flow control.   This  is a  common thing.  Many folks have complained that
 those at Atari seem to feel THEY are stars of some kind  and therefore the
 users should do things to please them.  They have yet to realize that they
 should  be  very  busy  trying  to  please  the  users  at  every possible
 opportunity.    Maybe  it  was  Zsa  Zsa  Gabor who taught them how to win
 friends and influence people.   <grin>    ga

     Time is marching on.  Anyone have one last question?

     Okay, then I'll do it.  Ralph, if  there was  any one  thing you could
 change about Atari, what would it be?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     That's easy... the exchange program ... it used to be the jewel of the
 industry, now its the joke of the century.  ga

     Pardon my confusion.  What exchange program?  The hardware one?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Yes, of course, you said one thing.  There are many that need changing
 but the one singular thing at this time is the exchange program.  With the
 lack  of  abundant  dealers,   Atari's  unrealistic   exchange  rates  for
 defective or dead goods out of the 90 day  warranty period is a really bad
 thing to do to the users and they  (the users)  will not  forget the gouge
 taken. ga

     Any last comments, Ralph?

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     One only...  As an  avid Atari user, and I am sure many of you  are...
 Don't give up on Atari yet!   They  are still  capable of  great things in
 this USA  marketplace; they  just need  better direction.  They do respond
 to mail.  It is effective so please, send mail  to Atari's  leadership, be
 it Elie,  Sam, Jack or the other sons.  They respect mail and the power of
 the pen. Believe me they do.  ga

     Thank you, Ralph, and thanks to all of you who attended.

 .Ralph @ STReport>
     Good night All and thanks for having me here tonight.

     This CO is officially closed!

                           Special Announcement

     Beginning September  1, 1990,  DELPHI will  begin offering  a new plan
 that will  save you  money!   The new  plan is  called the 20/20 Advantage
 Plan and it features 20 hours online for just $20  a month!  The $20  is a
 monthly fee  that covers  your first  20 hours online via direct dial into
 one of DELPHI's two  direct-access lines,  or via  a special  Tymnet 20/20
 Access code.   It  also gets you additional hours at just $1.20 per hour. 
 And you get free access to several  services  on  DELPHI  as  part  of the
 Advantage Perks.

     Other telecom  services may  have additional charges.  Canadian Tymnet
 users have an additional telecom charge.  Office Time access (7 a.m.  to 7
 p.m., weekdays)  may have  an additional  charge.    And  of course, other
 restrictions may apply.  But this is still an amazing deal!

     For more information, contact DELPHI  at  1-800-544-4005  and  ask for
 Member Services.

                 DELPHI- It's getting better all the time!


 > NeoDesk 3 STR FOCUS?                  NeoDesk 3 - The Ultimate Desktop

 Gribnif Software

 PRESS RELEASE                                   8/1/90

 For immediate release to PRESS ONLY.  Please refer to the separate NEWS 
 RELEASE if you wish to copy the contents word by word.

 Press Contact:  Rick Flashman,
                 Gribnif Software
                 P.O. Box 350
                 Hadley, MA  01035
                 Tel: (413) 584-7887
                 Fax: (413) 584-2565
                 GEnie: GRIBNIF


      HADLEY,  MA  (August,  1990) -- Gribnif Software has  advanced the 
 state  of  the art in graphical user interface design  with  the latest 
 version of their desktop replacement,  NeoDesk 3 - The Ultimate Desktop.

      This  new  version  offers  both an easier to  use  and  much more 
 powerful  working environment than anything ever offered before for the 
 Atari ST.  Its completely graphical approach brings to the Atari a more 
 professional and efficient interface which can compete head on with the 
 best  offered  by  other environments such as  the  recently introduced 
 Windows 3.0.

      In making this announcement,  Rick Flashman,  president of Gribnif 
 Software said "Our goal with NeoDesk 3 was simple,  to create the best, 
 efficient,  and easy to use desktop that has ever been available on any 

      Dan Wilga, head programmer behind NeoDesk 3,  said "NeoDesk 3 is a 
 result  of  over  9  months of development and it is  one  of the  most 
 ambitious  projects  of  its  type anywhere."   During  the  process of 
 development entire sections of the program were rewritten several times 
 in an attempt to gain every extra ounce of performance.

      NeoDesk  3 incorporates an incredibly impressive array of  new and 
 enhanced  features as have never been seen before.   New  features like 
 Desktop  Notes ,  the File Clipboard ,  Macros,  and Split  Windows are 
 destined  to become new standards in the type of features and capabili-
 ties that all users expect from their computer.

      Tricia Metcalf, CEO of Gribnif Software commented "Many of the new 
 features in NeoDesk 3 have never been seen anywhere,  but they are very 
 likely to become the type of features that no one can live without!"

      Gribnif  Software  is supporting the release of NeoDesk  3  with a 
 massive  advertising campaign,  aimed at supporting the product and its 
 dealers.   "We  were very surprised at the large number of dealers  who 
 began  including  NeoDesk will all their  ST  systems.",  Rick Flashman 
 commented. Many dealers report that with NeoDesk on an ST they are able 
 to effectively  demonstrate the power of the ST when  compared with the 
 graphical interfaces now being offered on other platforms.

      NeoDesk  3  has  a suggested licensing fee of $69.95  and  will be 
 available in national distribution by September 1st. European distribu-
 tion will  follow soon afterwards including foreign  language versions.

 NeoDesk , Desktop Notes , and File Clipboard  are trademarks of Gribnif 
 Software.  All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.


 > NEODESK 3.0!! STR FOCUS?   A complete overview of Neodesk 3.0

 Gribnif Software NEWS RELEASE                                      8/1/90

                                NeoDesk  3
                           The Ultimate Desktop

   Gribnif  Software is proud to announce a brand new version of its  best 
 selling program, NeoDesk . The new NeoDesk 3 is a result of almost a full 
 year of extra development.


      NeoDesk  3  is a complete replacement to the  built-in  desktop that 
   comes with the Atari ST/TT line of personal computers.   It offers many 
   new features,  enhancements,  and concepts that have never been seen on 
   any other computer before.

      Mainly, NeoDesk 3 offers both a easier to use and much more powerful 
   working environment.  Its completely graphical approach allows users to 
   gain a new level of power, performance, and ease of use which has never 
   been  available  before.  NeoDesk  3 also brings to the  Atari  a  more 
   professional and efficient interface which can compete head on with the 
   best  offered  by  other environments such as  the  recently introduced 
   Windows 3.0.

 What's New?

      New features in NeoDesk 3 include (but are not limited to):

   o  Split Windows

      A new Split Window bar lets you split windows so that it can display 
      two different parts of the same directory.  This allows you to  find 
      files  in different parts  of the same  directory without  opening a 
      second window.

   o  File Clipboard 

      A new File Clipboard lets you temporarily keep files in memory while 
      you look for a disk,  switch paths,  or organize your hard disk. You 
      can  think of it as an automatically expanding and shrinking ramdisk 
      which  never has to be installed or removed.   It consumes about the 
      same  space as the total size of the files you put in it while being 
      much faster than any standard ramdisk. This exciting feature elimin-
      ates 90% of the reasons why most people use a ramdisk.

   o  Desktop Notes 

      What good is a desktop if you can't write on it? Not much, so we are 
      introducing  Desktop Notes .   Whenever you need to jot down a  fast 
      note,  phone number, or memo simply write it directly on the NeoDesk 
      desktop itself.  These can be saved and loaded at any time.

   o  Independent Windows

      All windows in NeoDesk 3 are now fully independent.  Each window can 
      display  icons  or  text independently of what any  other  window is 
      displaying. Each window can also have its own "Sort" and "View" menu 
      settings. A special window button lets you toggle a window's display 
      between text and icons.

   o  Background Windows

      All NeoDesk 3 background windows can be dragged,  resized, scrolled, 
      closed,   full  sized,  and manipulated just like any topmost window.

      You can also manipulate any of the files and folders in a background 
      window, just like the items in a topmost window.

   o  Keep Items Selected

      You  can now keep files and folders that lie outside of the physical 
      window limits selected.  You can select a file, scroll the window to 
      another  part of the same directory,  and then select   another file.

      Both  files will remain selected and a special window indicator will 
      tell  you  that you have files selected off the top or  bottom of  a 
      window.   It  is even possible to resize a window an keep your items 

   o  Select All Files

      This  new  command lets you select all the files and folders  in any 
      directory, including items outside of the window boundaries.

   o  Go Directly to Path

      If  you have a multiple folder path displayed in a  window,  you can 
      double-click  on  any part of the displayed path.   The  window will 
      automatically switch to the new selected path.

   o  Duplicate Window

      A new "duplicate window" button lets you open a second window to the 
      same  path  of the selected window.   Very  convenient  when working 
      several folders deep.

   o  Folders on Desktop

      You can  now place commonly used folders right on the desktop itself.

      Opening a folder reveals a window to that path. You can even move or 
      copy items to it.

   o  Macros

      You  can  now automate your most common  desktop  functions.  Unlike 
      other  approaches  used in macros where all the mouse  movements are 
      recorded which is both slow and can mess up if you move your windows 
      or  files this  new macro system  records  the  actual  actions  you 
      perform.   Use  it to run programs,  delete files,  copy/move  files,
      manipulate  windows,  etc.   You  can then assign the macros  to any 
      keyboard key of your choice.

   o  Low Resolution Support

      The program  now works in all the ST  resolutions.   A  new  command 
      allows the user to easily jump between available resolutions.

   o  Icon Editor

      Also  included is a completely brand new Icon Editor which is called 
      right from the desktop menus. This new editor supports multiple icon 
      windows and has a very complete drawing tool set.  Several other new 
      features greatly increase its power and potential.

   o  Active Icons

      NeoDesk 3 now supports Active Icons.  Drag any group of files to any 
      program icon and that program is automatically executed with all the 
      selected  files as parameters.   Many programs already  support this 
      feature  and  many more (including PageStream  and  WordPerfect) are 
      currently being updated to support it.

   o  "Reorder" Items Mode

      Ever  have  to  reorder  the files in your AUTO  folder  to  match a 
      specific order?  What about other directories?  Worry no more. A new 
      reorder mode allows you to graphically reorder the files and folders 
      in ANY directory.   They are reordered almost instantly while at the 
      same time cleaning up the directory itself.

   o  Print Directory

      Print a complete directory listing of any window.  Optionally it can 
      include the file dates, times, and sizes. You can even have it print 
      the folder contents.

   o  Changing Fonts

      You  can change both the fonts used by NeoDesk 3 (in windows  and on 
      the desktop) and the complete system fonts. The included Font Loader 
      lets  you  change every single system font (in all programs)  to any 
      monospaced font of your choice.  An included Font Converter makes it 
      easy to convert your Degas and monospaced GEM fonts.

   o  File Search Functions

      You   can  find any lost file with the new File  Search capabilities.
      Not  only  can it search any drives of your choice bit  it  can also 
      search on any path that you specify.  When it finds the file you are 
      looking for it will open a window to that  path and scroll it to the
      file, and select it for you.

   o  NeoDesk Programs

      Separate  NeoDesk  Programs can now be run.   These  are  similar to 
      NeoDesk  Accessories in that they hook right into NeoDesk  itself to 
      take advantage of its many features and capabilities. A new included 
      version of the NeoDesk Recoverable Trashcan will also let you run it 
      as a stand alone NeoDesk Program.

   o  Multiple Resolutions

      Up to 10 different screen resolutions are supported.  NeoDesk 3 will 
      automatically  detect and adjust to support any new  resolutions.  A 
      conversion program lets you convert NeoDesk Information Files to any

   o  File Ending Control

      Full  control  over all program file endings  is  now  offered.  You 
      specify what each file ending does and you can even define new ones.

   o  5 1/4" Drive Support

      There  is  now  full support for 5 1/4"  disk  drives.   Simply tell 
      NeoDesk  which  drive  letter  is a 5 1/4"  drive  and  NeoDesk will 
      automatically slow that drive down to the correct speed required for 
      5 1/4" drives.  It will also let you format 5 1/4" MS-DOS compatible 

   o  Install Application

      You can specify if  NeoDesk 3 should  always unload  itself  whenever
      you  run a specific program or remain in memory.   For   example, you
      could keep NeoDesk 3 resident all of the time but have it unload for 
      Calamus or other big applications.

      A  new option also lets you specify which method is used  by Install 
      Application to run a program.  It can either set the path to that of 
      a  program (as NeoDesk always has before) or to the path of the data 
      file (as the built-in desktop does).

      Another  feature lets you view which applications you have installed 
      and  remove  or  change them without having to  find  or  select the 
      original program filename.

   o  Disk Formatting

      All  disk  formatting  and writing (including disk  copies)  is done 
      backwards.   This  means  that  if you start formatting  a  disk and 
      realize it is the wrong disk you can press the [Undo] key to stop it 
      and probably get most of the disk contents back.   You see, the disk 
      directory  and  most  of  the disk data  is  usually  stored  at the 
      beginning of a disk. By formatting a disk backwards you are given an 
      extra safety margin to abort the format and possibly recover some of 
      the data.

   o  File Templates

      Up to six file templates are supported at any given time. You select 
      which  ones should be used.   For example,  you could have  a single 
      window display all files ending in both ".TXT" and ".DOC".

   o  Higher Compatibility

      Special  code new removes the need for the external  Shelfix utility 
      and  the  Startprg program.   NeoDesk 3 also  automatically  detects 
      MultiDesk  and other utilities to make sure there are no problems at 
      boot time.  Even previously troublesome programs like CAD-3D 2.0 now 
      work perfectly.

   o  Disk Deleting

      Whenever you drag a disk icon to the trashcan NeoDesk will erase the 
      entire  disk  contents  by  "zeroing" the  disk  directory  and file 
      allocation  table.   This almost instant process is much faster than 
      deleting the files one by one. Of course, all marked bad sectors are 
      safely kept.

   o  Movable Dialog Boxes

      All  dialog  boxes in NeoDesk 3 can be dragged from one  location to 
      another just like a window. The new positions are saved whenever you 
      save your desktop configuration.

   o  Minor Enhancements:

      1. All  drive letters up to "Z" are supported for compatibility with 
         Atari's new MetaDos  system.
      2. You  can independently save your  desktop  configuration, desktop 
         notes, and macros.
      3. New icon attributes let you specify if an icon is only to be used 
         for  folders or just for files.   Limited color support  lets you 
         specify a unique color for each icon and its mask.
      4. Degas Compressed pictures can be loaded as desktop backgrounds.
      5. You can open any NeoDesk Accessory directly from the keyboard.
      6. A caps lock indicator shows when the "CapsLock" has been pressed.
      7. The NeoDesk Screen Saver  will automatically see  the Atari Stacy 
         and turn off the LCD screen whenever the screen saver is invoked.
      8. Form Feeds can be sent to the printer right from the menu.
      9. You  can edit the NeoDesk Volume Name right on the NeoDesk window 
         itself  without having to use Show Information.   The window will 
         also  display  the Atari Disk Label if no NeoDesk Volume  Name is 
     10. You  can specify if all status numbers should be displayed when a 
         program exits, just the negative ones (system errors), or none at 
     11. The NeoDesk "Show File" function can be replaced with any program 
         of your choice.
     12. Lowercase letters may be installed on any desktop icon.
     13. Improved "Show File" paging control.
     15. NeoDesk  windows have a special indicator to indicate if any disk 
         has an "executable boot sector".   Very useful when looking for a 
         potential virus.
     16. You can easily toggle any file's Fast Bit.
     14. Plus much more!!

 What's Old

      Of  course,  NeoDesk still has all the very large number of previous 
   features that have made it such a success.  These include:

   1. Custom File Icons (different icons for every file).
   2. Desktop Icons (put commonly used programs on the desktop).
   3. Uses all memory for file copies (no more useless disk swaps).
   4. Keyboard equivalents for all desktop menu commands.
   5. Executes desktop programs right from the keyboard.
   6. Ability to move items from one location to another.
   7. Place any Degas or NeoChrome picture right on the desktop.
   8. Much faster custom windows which make it easier to find files due to 
      its automatic item wrapping.
   9. Replacement control panel with screen saver and corner clock.
  10. Printer Queue which can handle up to 10 files at once.
  11. Display multiple columns and different text sizes in Show as Text.
  12. Much, much more!

 General Info

      NeoDesk 3 fully supports the previously released NeoDesk CLI command 
   line interpreter, the NeoDesk Recoverable Trashcan, and other utilities 
   developed with the NeoDesk Developer's Kit.

      NeoDesk  3 also includes a complete manual which clearly illustrates 
   the various aspects of this very powerful and easy to use  program.  Of 
   course,  Gribnif Software follows up by offering free technical support 
   and online support on GEnie.


      Registered  users  of  previous versions of NeoDesk  may  upgrade at 
   special  reduced rates.   Please contact Gribnif Software  directly for 
   upgrade information.


      NeoDesk  3 has a suggested licensing fee of $69.95.   Order now TOLL 
   FREE and we will ship your order 2nd Day Air free of charge!   Visa and 
   MasterCard accepted:

                              1-800-284-GRIB (4742)

      NeoDesk  3  is  also available through all Atari  dealers  and major 
   distributors.  For more information concerning NeoDesk 3 call or write: 
   Gribnif Software, P.O. Box 350, Hadley, MA  01035, Tel: (413) 584-7887, 
   Fax: (413) 584-2565.

 Demo Version

      A complete demo copy of the program is available for evaluation. You 
   can download it from the online services or order it direct from us for 
   $5.   This demo disk will let you see for yourself what  makes  NeoDesk 
   such a powerful and popular package!


      NeoDesk ,  Desktop  Notes ,  and  File Clipboard  are trademarks of 
   Gribnif  Software.   All  other trademarks belong  to their respective 


 > STE & DMA STR Spotlight?       What's the story Vern??

                                   RUSSIAN ROULETTE ATARI STYLE

 by R.F. Mariano

     So, you've  owned and  operated your  hard drive  since early 1989 and
 after you saw the posts  from  the  folks  in  Canada  saying  they simply
 'loved' their new STe computers you decided to get one.  The real clincher
 was when you saw the STe at the usergroup show and found  it humming along
 showing all  those great  demos out  of a hard drive.  Then you found that
 your favorite third party  hardware company  ran their  support BBS  on an
 STe, so  you really  felt it  was a rock solid performer, a definite 'must
 have'.  You then went out and got  one the  moment they  were available in
 the USA.
                            THE RUDE AWAKENING

     Lil ole  Bunky didn't  even get  his STe  out of the box when he heard
 about the developer who lost an  entire week's  worth of  work because his
 STe had  an appetite  for 'fat' tables.  "An isolated incident!"  He tells
 himself and then continues unpacking  the  new  machine.    After  all the
 glancing at  the manual etc... he finally gets the machine on the desk and
 hooked up.  His buddy, the guy who bought his old 1040 is here  to pick it
 up, shares  his friend's  joy at having the newest Atari available.  After
 letting the hard drive come up to speed, he hit the switch  and blip, blip
 the system  booted and  his ever  familiar desktop  was in  view.  He then
 turned to his buddy and said "well, the 1040 is  yours my  friend, the STe
 is working  ok.   With that, his friend left with the ever faithful 1040ST
 under his arm.  After pouring a cup of coffee,  he walked  to his  desk to
 admire the  new acquisition.   The phone rings..  its one of the guys from
 the club, he says; "hey, you had better get online  and read  the messages
 about the  new STe  computers.   Bunky sez  ok, and boots his term program
 and set the dialer to make the call.  

     As he reads the messages his  palms are  getting sweaty  and his knees
 weak.   But then  he sez  to himself,  ah,... look  here they say its only
 about 10% percent of  the units.   Besides,  what about  all the  folks in
 Canada and  the others  who have had no problems with their STe computers.
 After logging off this service, our friend called another favorite service
 to see  what was  happening on  that one.   He soon found more of the same
 heartbreaking messages.  At this point  he decided  to log  off, shut down
 and check it out for himself.  After logging off, his term program entered
 the times he was on in his log file, and then asked  if he  wanted to quit
 he indicated  yes and  the program ceased to run and started to go back to
 the desktop...  instead,  it  went  straight  to  some  bombs  and  a very
 conspicuous re-boot.   After  much effort  and a bootup from a floppy disk
 your diagnostic program told you there were two  fat tables  and that they
 didn't agree...  Hmmm, 

                             THE INSIDE TRACK

     Folks, the  above is  a depiction  of events  that have been unfolding
 for the past few weeks.   Information has  been flowing  in from  both the
 online services  and from  hard copy  letters sent  to us via the US Mail.
 The shame of it  all is,  there are  very few  first time  owners of Atari
 computers involved  in this problem.  The vast majority are those who have
 been loyal to Atari for quite some time.  The  shocker is  these folks are
 really upset  because they  too realize  that the  quality of the hardware
 offerings from Atari had been the only area that was  virtually foolproof.
 Now,  their  comments  range  from  surprise to utter disgust.  One letter
 says, "You'd think they would do everything possible to protect  the image
 of the hardware, they've screwed up everything else!"
                              A FEW THOUGHTS

     With the rather large number of folks visibly upset, Atari should make
 every effort to nip this Ste problem in the bud.  Or, so one  would think,
 well... such  does not seem to be the case.  Sure the dealers are eager to
 swap out a problem unit for another, but what happens when he  has no more
 to swap?   How  about the guy who suggests that the dealers "burn-in" each
 STe in order to ensure the buyer gets  a good  one?   Can you  visualize a
 mass mechandizer's  clerk giving  each STe  a trial  run or keeping a hard
 drive on hand to test the STe units on?  

     What about the guy who bought one this  past July,  and then  FIVE (5)
 months later  his wife  buys him  a Christmas present like a hard drive or
 any number of other DMA devices????    The  "world  famous"  Atari  90 day
 warranty is  expired will this guy get the boot or will Atari take care of
 him and the countless  others  caught  in  this  particular  trap?   Atari
 should make it their business to make the serial number run known and then
 recall all the defective units within that serial  number run.   After all
 that's the right thing to do.  Many dealers have reported to us that they,
 because of this problem, are NOT selling the  STe computers.   Not because
 they don't  care to  its because  the users already know about the problem
 and have  no clear  cut way  to go.   The  most unsettling  premise is the
 ominous silence coming from the crew at Sunnyvale.  We are aware the folks
 at Sunnyvale are working feverishly  to  find  and  correct  the problem's
 cause.    However  for  some  unknown  reason,  the  simple  but effective
 stabilizing act of keeping the userbase informed has eluded Atari.


 > DOOM - GLOOM?? STR OnLine?     A user saying it like it is..

 ctsy Delphi

 FORUM>Reply, Add, Read, "?" or Exit> 
 J15958 29-JUL 00:35 General Information

      What's happened?
      From: SANZA        To: ALL

     Every Saturday night for the past 2 years I've logged  onto DELPHI and
 read all  the new   messages in the forum.  I've kept pretty quiet for the
 most part, posting a message only when I  needed   help with  one thing or
 another.    I've  always  received  a quick and friendly response and when
 people ask me which service is  the best,  I've always  stated that DELPHI
 was the one that I log onto every week. 

     Lately, it's become more chore than pleasure for all I read is the old
 "Doom And Gloom".   Atari's screwed up and I feel like I'm loosing  an old
 friend.   It's not  like we haven't seen this before-- We were pretty much
 in the same ship before the ST came around.   The ST  was lucky  enough to
 be in  the right  place at  the right time but I doubt that the STE or the
 now infamous TT will be able to pull Atari out of the hole they've dug for

     I loved  my 8 bit and hadn't even considered moving up into the 16 bit
 world  until I read about the ST.  I  had paid  $1000 for  my original 800
 sans  my  Atari  810  disk  drive  ($325)  so  upgrading to a faster, more
 powerfull machine for $800 was no problem at all.   It didn't  matter that
 my  latest   computer  (800XL)  had  cost  me  just  $169  and  therefore,
 technically I was in  fact going  to a  higher priced  computer.  Besides,
 this was  coming with  a disk  drive and  a monitor! As soon as the ST was
 released I had one.    Since  I  had  upgraded  my  memory  to  1  meg and
 purchased  a  second  drive  (this  one  double  sided)  the  Mega2 that I
 considered for close to a year before buying. 

     Now  the question is, do I want an STE?  No,  my mega  is only  a year
 old.   I'd be  losing memory  and gaining  stereo sound that I would never
 take the time to hook up to my stereo anyway. Do I  want a  TT?  Actually,
 yes I  do.  But the correct question here is, can I afford a TT?  In which
 case the answer is no.  I can  buy myself  a 20Mhz  386 machine  for about
 $2,500 which would include software support that doesn't fade away 5 years
 later. Then again, inside of 5 years I'll probably be looking for a 32 bit
 machine, won't  I?    Well, that depends.  My mega is serving me just fine
 right now, so why am I looking elsewhere?   The  support just  isn't there
 anymore.   I'm still  just considering  Calamus right  now because I'm not
 sure if I want to spend that $200 on a program for  a computer  that I may
 not be  using shortly.   Atari's last saving grace was a computer that was
 not only powerful, but AFFORDABLE.    The  STE  is  essentially  that same
 computer  5  years  later.    If  anything, it's what the Mega should have

     Besides, if we can't get anyone to program for the ST, who's  going to
 write the  programs that  take advantage of that stereo sound and expanded
 color pallet?  Without the  software  support  the  STE  is  reduced  to a
 standard ST.  As for the TT, it's got power and it's got software, but the
 software that runs on it also runs on my Mega.  Given time the  TT may end
 up with  it's own  library seperate  from the  ST series.   But I remember
 only too well the "wait  and  see"  attitudes  of  the  early  ST software
 developers.    Until  this  machine  sells  in  quantity,  who will do the
 programing? Most people can't afford a  $2000  computer  system.    As for
 those who can, they'll look at Apples and IBMs because they're established
 names in  the computer  industry.   The TT  would sell  primarily to those
 people who  already own  Atari computers.   I  fall into this category but
 plan on taking the software developer's  attitude--I'll wait and see  what
 happens before I throw my  $2000+ ($3000+?) into the ring. I have no doubt
 that I'm in good company here. I've defended  Atari every   step along the
 way, but now that I've stopped to catch my breath my vision has started to
 clear.  It's a sad and sorry sight to see what's  happened to  the ST.   I
 just hope that someone over there at Atari is as disappointed as I.

                                      Paul Weiss

 Editor Note:

     Paul... My  heart's with  you, I  agree completely.  You have put into
 words exactly what many of us have been  trying so  diligently to  say for
 the last  18 months.... now if only every user sent a copy of your post to
 Jack and his three young men... it may hit a nerve...


 > MIST UPDATES STR SHOW NEWS?          The MIST show goes on.......

 Here's the latest show update... Among the folks scheduled to attend:

 ASCII               Atari St Computers In Indianapolis user group.  
                     They will have their PD disks.  Co-sponsors of the
                     show along with...

 BL.A.ST             BLoomington Atari ST user group.  The other 

 Atari Corp.         Well, they won't actually _be_ here, but they 
                     have made available six sets of TOS 1.4, along 
                     with AtariWriter 80 for the 8-Bit folks.  These 
                     items (along with others) will be raffled off at
                     the 'Fest. ($2.00 per ticket)

 Dorothy Brumleve    Critically acclaimed author of KidPrgs, including
                     such hits as KidPainter, and KidPublisher 
                     Professional.  ...and a real nice lady. (grin)  
                     She'll be donating a copy of one of her programs 
                     to our raffle.

 Sterling Kelly Webb Author of Seurat 2.0.  A fine drawing program, 
                     first seen on one of the STart magazine disks.  
                     The new version is now a commercial release.  Mr. 
                     Webb will be donating a copy of Seurat 2.0 to the 

 Cal Com             A dealer from Kokomo, IN.  They will be bringing 
                     an extensive collection of software, and maybe 
                     some hardware as well.

 AIM                 The Atari Interface Magazine.  They will be 
                     bringing their large collection of PD disks, 
                     along with other goodies, I'm sure.

 Calumet Region UG   An Atari user group located in Merrillville, IN.

 EastSide Atari UG   A user group based in Alton, Ill.

 We will also have a mini Midi-Maze tournament.  There is a restaurant  and
 bar at the Inn, so refreshments will be available.

 This is shaping up to be a real quality event, so make sure that you  come
 on out!!   See  the press  release uploaded  previously for  more  details

   on GEnie:  Send e-mail to W.LORING1, or check Cat 11, Topic 14
   on FoRem:  Send e-mail to William Loring at Node 141.  (BL.A.ST)
   Call the BL.A.ST BBS at (812)332-0573.  2400bps, 24 hours.
   Write to BL.A.ST at PO Box 1111, Bloomington, IN. 47402
   Call me by voice at (812)336-8103.  Leave a message if I'm not home, 
   I'll call you back.  (the message on the machine is wierd, I know.)


 > CORDLESS MOUSE STR Review?   Practical Solutions Cordless Mouse


 by Greg Granger

     After  having  my  third  Atari  mouse  dying  on me in three years, I
 decided it was about time to  find a  different type  of mouse  for my ST.
 Knowing of  the quality  of work  that Practical Solutions puts into their
 products, I know that I wouldn't be sorry  if I  went that  route, since I
 already own the Practical Solutions Monitor Master.

     I ordered my mouse from a store in Texas, and I think it is almost the
 best $90 I have invested in my computer.  Many  times I  have griped about
 how the  Atari mouse looks and feels so box-like, but such is not the case
 for the Cordless Mouse.  It is an  incredibly sleek  piece of workmanship,
 and the  mouse is  very responsive and fast.  It has a range of 5 feet and
 45 degrees from the signal receiver in any direction.
     The main thing that  I  like  about  it  is  that  when  you  leave it
 unattended for  about 10  minutes, it  automatically shuts off the battery
 power (it runs on 2 "AAA" batteries).  For the average user,  battery life
 should last  for about  3-4 weeks, depending on how much you use it.  They
 (Practical Solutions) also recommend  that you  use rechargeable batteries
 with this  mouse, and offer 4 "AAA" batteries and a recharger for an extra
 $28.75.  You also get 2  "AAA" batteries  in the  box, so  it is  ready to
 "plug in & go".

     So, if  you want  a mouse that sleek looking, and very responsive, and
 you don't mind shelling out a  little bit  of extra  money for  a mouse, I
 highly  recommend  that  you  take  a long look at the Practical Solutions
 Cordless Mouse.  It will be the best investment that  you have  ever made,
 and you won't be sorry that you bought it.

                            Practical Solutions
                            1135 N. Jones Blvd.
                             Tuscon, AZ 85716


 > WAACE/'90 STR SHOW NEWS?    The Premier East Coast Atari Show...

 WAACE AtariFest '90

     The  Washington  Area  Atari  Computer  Enthusiasts  will  hold  WAACE
 AtariFest 1990 on October 6 and 7 1990.   This  event will  be the Premier
 East Coast  event for  people who  are interested in software and hardware
 for Atari computers.  The show will be staged at the Sheraton Reston Hotel
 in Reston,  VA.   Show hours  will be from 10 am to 7 pm on both days.  In
 addition to the  shopping  bargains  available  from  over  thirty vendors
 there will  be a full round of demonstrations, tutorials, and seminars.  A
 banquet on Saturday  evening  will  feature  a  special  speaker  on Atari
 matters and  Current Notes Magazine's "Author of the Year" award.  Special
 mixers  will  cap  off  the  evening's  festivities.    Approximately 3000
 visitors  from  all  over  the  USA,  Canada,  and other foreign countries
 attended the 1989 edition of the show.

     The Sheraton Reston Hotel is a  spacious, attractive  facility located
 in a parklike setting near Washington, DC. The hotel is offering a special
 room rate of $59 per night plus tax  to Fest  goers who  reserve by August
 6th.    The  hotel  room  rate  includes 2-day passes to the show for room
 occupants.  Call  703-620-9000  for  reservations.    Be  sure  to mention
 AtariFest '90.

     The WAACE  show has  established itself as the premier Atari event for
 East  Coast  Atari  fans.    Bob  Brodie,  Atari  Corporation's,  goodwill
 ambassador,  has  labelled  the  WAACE  show  as one of the two "must see"
 events for Atarians held in the USA.

                            HOTEL INFORMATION

     The following information was taken  from  the  Sheraton  Reston Hotel
 informational brochure.

     The Sheraton  Reston Hotel  has 302 beautifully appointed guest rooms,
 including 10 executive parlor suites (excellent for hospitality purposes).
 The  conference  center  and  banquet  rooms are all located on the ground
 floor surrounding a large  courtyard  and  outdoor  swimming  pool.   Each
 multi-purpose   room   is   equipped  with  individual  sound  facilities,
 individual temperature control and conference lighting systems, as well as
 the capability for closed circuit television.  A full line of audio-visual
 equipment is available.

     In addition, it provides complimentary shuttle van service to and from
 Washington  Dulles  International  Airport  24  hours a day , and has free
 parking for over 900 cars.

     At the end of a tiring day, enjoy a nice swim in the outdoor pool or a
 fast  game  of  tennis,  volleyball,  or  basketball.  Golf privileges are
 available across the  street  adjacent  to  the  Sheraton    Reston Hotel.
 Guests have  access to  a twin cinema, a full-service bank, and many small
 shops and restaurants. 

     Scheduled  and  direct  commercial  limousine  service   to  and  from
 Washington National Airport.

                           BANQUET INFORMATION

     The 1990  WAACE AtariFest  Banquet will be held at the Sheraton Reston
 Hotel at 8:00 pm,  Saturday,  6  October  1990.    The  dinner  will  be a
 non-smoking event  this year.   Ample  smoking areas will be provided near
 the dinner area for smoking breaks.  The  Banquet will  be proceeded  by a
 social hour  held in  the hotel.  Dinner will  be served  at 8:00 pm.  The
 dinner will be followed  by the  Current Notes  Author of  the Year Awards
 presentation and  then the  featured banquet  speaker.  This years banquet
 speaker will come to us from Codehead Software.

     The banquet will be  a sit  down dinner  this year  and a  ticket will
 cost $23.50. Please make checks payable to WAACE. 

 The menu is as follows:

               Sliced Top Sirloin Merlot OR Chicken Europa
               Salad with house dressing
               Vegetable (to be determined)
               Starch (to be determined)
               Beverage (choice of ice tea or coffee) 
     The Chicken Europa consists of chicken breast served in a mushroom and
 brandy sauce.  Please specify with  your  ticket  request  your  choice of
 entree, beef or chicken.
     Please  send  all  ticket  requests  to the WAACE Banquet Coordinator,
 Johnna Ogden. Johnna's address is,

                               Johnna Ogden
                         WAACE Banquet Coordinator
                           213 North Lincoln Ave
                            Sterling, VA 22170.

     Tickets requests are being accepted now.  Tickets  will be  mailed out
 starting in August. If you have any questions please call Johnna at (703),

     Situated in the heart of  the  Washington-Dulles  corridor  in Fairfax
 County,  Virginia,  the  Sheraton  Reston  Hotel  is  central to business,
 cultural and tourist attractions.

     Immediately adjacent to the Washington-Dulles Toll Road and  5 minutes
 to Wolf  Trap Center for the Performing Arts, the Sheraton is conveniently
 located 20 minutes from downtown Washington via the Washington-Dulles Toll
 Road or I-66.

     Only  minutes  from  Washington  Dulles  International Airport and the
 corporate headquarters  of major  industries and  businesses, the Sheraton
 Reston Hotel  is in  the hub  of Fairfax  County's rapidly growing Hi-Tech
 space-business community.

     Dine in the elegant Derby  Restaurant  and  select  from  an extensive
 American menu.  For a  more casual atmosphere, enjoy the Derby Lounge with
 entertainment nightly.

     Reservations can be made at the Sheraton Reston Hotel by calling voice
 (703),  620-  9000  or  by  FAX  (703),  860-1594. Remember to ask for the
 AtariFest rates; $59.00  for  a  single/double  or  $66.00  with breakfast
 buffet, and $66.00 for a triple or quad.


 > AUA NEWSBRIEFS STR OnLine?   Atari Users Association NEWSBRIEFS 

 REVISION: 073090

                     The AUA User Group Affiliation Program

 by Derek C. Signorini, AUA Coordinator


      At last!  We were finally able to iron out the details of the AUA
 User Group Affiliation Program (UGAP, for short) and get it launched.  We
 hope that you will find this outline very helpful and easy to understand
 so that you can get your usergroup involved in the fastest growing and
 largest ST user organization in the world!  In order for the overall AUA
 concept to be a success, we will need the participation of both the
 individual Atari ST user, who we have been targeting up until now, and the
 Atari ST user groups, who we realize will become the heart and soul of the
 AUA organization. 

      You already know what the AUA is doing for the individual ST user
 from the information found elsewhere in this package.  Now it is time to
 discuss how usergroups can benefit by affiliating with the AUA.  We will
 outline the basic concepts of the UGAP and how your usergroup can help to
 strengthen the Atari ST community far beyond what the AUA is capable of
 doing alone!


      In order for a usergroup to attain AUA affiliation status under the
 UGAP program, the following events must occur:

      1. A representative of your usergroup, an officer or spokes person,
 must fill out the AUA Usergroup Affiliation Application in full and send
 it to the AUA.
      2. Along with this application, we require that you send a copy of
 your club's newsletter and a one time registration fee of $10.00.
      3. We also ask that you provide the AUA with a complete mailing list
 of your membership which will be used to enroll each and every member of
 your group in the AUA at no charge so that they can begin to benefit from
 all the AUA has to offer ST users.


      Once the affiliation application is processed, you will receive a
 sample issue of the AUA NewsBriefs Newsletter and AUA NewsBriefs Disk
 Magazine.  You will be permitted to make an unlimited amount of copies of
 both of these publications and provide them to your members to review. 
 You will also receive additional documentation outlining the AUA and its
 benefits which you can distribute as well.  At this time, you will have
 the opportunity to upgrade your member's status in the AUA if they so wish
 in order to receive the AUA publications at the special affiliation rate
 as follows:

               A. Your members can receive the AUA NewsBriefs Newsletter 4 
                  times a year (described as package 2 in the AUA          
                  Information package) along with ALL other benefits 
                  of the AUA for only $3.50 a year.

               B. Your members can elect to receive both the AUA NewsBriefs
                  Newsletter 4 times a year in addition to receiving the   
                  AUA NewsBriefs Disk Magazine 6 times a year as well as 
                  ALL other benefits of the AUA for only $11.50 a year.
                  (described as package 3 in the AUA Information package)

 (NOTE:  These rates apply only to those people who are members of your
 organization provided on the membership list you supply to us when you

      All of your members, via the membership list supplied to us when you
 applied for affiliation, will be enrolled as members in the AUA under the
 free/non-active membership category and will make them eligible for all
 benefits described in the AUA Information Package.


      Once your application is processed and you attain affiliation status,
 you will be eligible to receive, via a SASE, the complete AUA Usergroup
 Directory, which will allow your group to correspond with other AUA
 Affiliated groups.  This list is compiled by the AUA and is provided to
 affiliated groups only.  We will also have available a vendor directory
 and are currently planning a vendor/software catalog that will be made
 available to your group at a substantial discount.  The following is a
 list of benefits your group can enjoy by attaining affiliation status:

      * Any affiliated group will have access to the AUA public mailing
 list.  This list can be supplied to you in ASCII delimited format at no
 charge via SASE and a blank diskette, or you can have the mailing
 addresses printed on labels at a nominal charge.

      * Affiliated groups will have free advertising in the AUA NewsBriefs
 Disk Magazine to advertise PD software, upcoming shows or events, special
 merchandise, or anything you want the rest of the participating ST
 community to know.  Adds are limited to 2500 Bytes of information stored
 in ASCII format.  In addition, advertising in the AUA NewsBriefs
 Newsletter, the hardcopy newsletter, will be made available at a nominal

      * Affiliated groups can participate in the AUA/ST-Exchange Public
 Domain Software exchange program at no cost.   This program, started 2
 years ago has been a great success and is a fantastic medium for your
 group to receive public domain software and to help support authors of
 shareware and PD software.  More information on the ST-Exchange can be
 found in the AUA Information package.

      * Any usergroup in UGAP will have access to anti-piracy information
 the AUA will compile for its members.  Our goal is to help the Software
 Publishers Association (SPA) stamp out piracy in the computer community
 and help to educate our ST family of the perils of software theft.  We
 will become a leader in the ST community and help to eliminate this


      We have established that any group wishing to participate as an
 affiliated group of the AUA must uphold certain responsibilities and
 conduct themselves in a professional and mature manor.  The following
 rules will apply to affiliation:

      *  Any affiliated group or any member of said usergroup found
 practicing software piracy will be immediately banned from the Atari Users
 Association and from the UGAP.

      *  Any affiliated usergroup found to be using AUA information such as
 the AUA data lists or publications in any manor seen to be damaging to the
 AUA will be banned from the organization.

      *  Any affiliated usergroup providing false or misleading information
 to the AUA will be given one warning.  If subsequent events occur, this
 will result in immediate termination from the UGAP.

      *  Any group participating in the UGAP *must* renew their membership
 once per year or they shall be dropped from the usergroup directory and
 the UGAP.


      1.  Fill out the application below.  If you are asking for active
 affiliation status, please check the appropriate box and enclose the
 following:  a) an updated mailing list of your members (see above) and 
 b) a one time registration fee of $10.00 made payable to the AUA and mail
 to the AUA address given.

      2.  In 4-6 weeks, you will receive your affiliation package and
 applications for your members to fill out if they wish to receive the AUA
 publications at the affiliated usergroup rate.  You will also receive your
 sample issues of the publications as well as any new information you will

      3.  During this time, your members, whose names are provided to us on
 the mailing list, will be enrolled in the AUA.  They can then take
 advantage of any benefits outlined in the AUA information package.

 ------------------------------- Clip Here -------------------------------
              //////////  //      //  //////////        ** ** **
             //      //  //      //  //      //         ** ** **
            //      //  //      //  //      //          ** ** **
           //////////  //      //  //////////          **  **  **
          //      //  //      //  //      //         ***   **   ***
         //      //  //////////  //      //        ***     **     ***


   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>USER GROUP MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

 User Group Name:_________________________________________________________
 User Group Acronym (if applicable):______________________________________
 City:_________________________ State:_____ Zipcode:______ Country:_______
 President's Name:__________________________ Phone:(     )________________
 President's Address:_____________________________________________________
 City:________________________________________ State:_____  ZipCode:______
 Meetings Held  :_________________________________________________________
 Meeting Location:__________________________________City:_________________
 Number of members (aprox):__________  Group formed (MM/DD/YY):___/___/___
 BBS Name:_________________________________ Phone:(     )_________________
 BBS Sysop Name:__________________________  City:_________________________
 BBS Software:_____________________________ Baud Range:___________________
 BBS FNET node:_____________________ and/or FIDO node:____________________
 Newsletter: Yes ( ) No ( )  If yes, name:________________________________
 We want to be on the User Group Contact Listings: Yes ( ) No ( ) 
 We wish to exchange News-letters with other User Groups: Yes( ) No ( )
 We Require More Imformation on __________________________________________
 Other Comments:__________________________________________________________
 MEMBERSHIP FEES:    [ ] Non-Active AUA Affiliation       -- $ NO CHARGE $
                         (Just places your group on
 Please Select ONE        the AUA mailing list ONLY.)
                     [ ] Active AUA Affiliation           -- $ 10.00/once
                         (Enclose user mailing list &
                          copy of your newsletter.)
              Mail to:   The Atari Users Association
                         UserGroup Affliation Program
                         P.O. Box 123
                         Canonsburg, PA  15317

      Greetings and  happy August  to all.   Hard  to believe that 1990 has
 gone this fast.  Summer is almost over, and we  will be  heading into fall
 with a full head of steam behind us.

      My  apologies  for  letting  my  weekly  updates  turn into bi-weekly
 articles and then monthly articles.  I have  been extremely  busy of late,
 getting  internal  policies  and  procedures  hammered out for the AUA and
 working out details of the User Group Affiliation Program.  Aside from all
 of that, yes, Derek has a personal life, and I had to spend some time with
 the family and friends over  this  summer  season.    Now  that  summer is
 nearing an  end, I will be spending more time indoors and more time at the
 helm of my ST.

      Many changes have occurred with the AUA.  The changes  that have been
 made are  more like  additions to  our present policies governing the AUA.
 To begin with, we have finally  installed a  phone line  for AUA  use.  We
 want to call it the AUA Hotline, however, hotlines usually entail a person
 answering 24 hours a  day.   Unfortunately, both  Tony and  myself have to
 sleep, and  the AUA can hardly afford to hire someone to answer the phone.
 So, we compromised, and purchased  the  next  best  thing:    an answering
 machine.    Now,  our  answering  machine works for minimum wage; does not
 require lunch or breaks; and never calls off sick.  Tony and  I would like
 to think  of the  answering machine  as the secretary we always wanted....
 At any rate, the number is: (drum roll) 412-745-8930.  This number  can be
 used to  reach us  concerning information about the AUA, information about
 membership benefits, or just to fill us in on some good Atari  gossip.  If
 you get  the machine, leave us a message that includes your name, address,
 and telephone number and we will get back to you.

      Next on the agenda.  We now have  a CATegory  on GEnie,  #20.  Almost
 20%  of  our  members  are  GEnie  users,  and a Category would provide an
 excellent workshop for news  and information.   Tony  and I  are confident
 that we  will be  up and running by mid-August.  And, while on the subject
 of GEnie, we have temporarily discontinued the AUA online conferences held
 on Sunday evenings until further notice.  While we are very happy with the
 participation, my GEnie bills are  going  through  the  roof  and  I would
 rather spend  the money  promoting AUA  by calling  User Group presidents,
 BBS's, and developers.

      The User Group Affiliation Program, or UGAP, has been launched.  This
 program will  allow user  groups to  affiliate with  the AUA and to enroll
 their members in the organization.  If you  would like  information on the
 UGAP program  for your user group, please call us or drop us a line.  This
 program is expected to  increase AUA  membership to  1500 members  by year

      On the  subject of membership, here are some quick stats.  Membership
 is up over 600% since January  and is  increasing an  average of  63% each
 month  since  April.    By  the  end of August, total AUA membership shall
 exceed  800  members,  a  number  that  makes  the  AUA  the   largest  ST
 organization in  the world  if my  sources are  correct.  As I have in the
 past, I would like to thank everyone who has joined the AUA  up until now,
 and I  encourage those  who are  considering membership  in the AUA to not
 hesitate.  Because of all of the requests we have  had, we  are offering a
 special trial  pack, or  info pack,  for only  $2.00.   We will send you a
 sample copy of the  NewsBriefs Newsletter,  NewsBriefs Disk  Magazine, and
 AUA/STX  PD  Software  Demo  Diskette.    We  will  also  send you all the
 information you  need  about  the  AUA  and  its  benefits.    If  you are
 interested in  seeing what  the AUA offers its contributing members before
 joining,  please  send  us  $2.00,  and  we  will  get  the  disks  to you

      One of  the most exciting events to take place this summer is the AUA
 merger with the ST-Exchange group.  ST-Exchange, or STX, is  a PD software
 exchange program founded by Eric Lambeth which functions primarily as a PD
 software distribution organization.  Members of the STX would send  a disk
 full of  PD software  to the  exchange, and in return, would receive a NEW
 disk filled with NEW software.   Now, members  of the  AUA can  enjoy this
 benefit,  and  members  of  the  STX  are  now  enrolled in the AUA.  More
 information on the STX can be obtained by contacting Eric Lambeth on GEnie
 as E.LAMBETH1  or Compuserve as 72040,56.  Or you can contact the AUA.  We
 will be releasing more information as it becomes available concerning this

      Last but  not least.   Tony and I will be attending the WAACE show in
 October.  We encourage  everyone  to  attend  if  possible  and  show your
 support for  Atari and  the WAACE  people.   The show  will be a fantastic
 outing, and I am sure you will not want to miss it.  If you attend, please
 stop by  the AUA  booth and  say hello!  We are looking forward to meeting
 many people!

                                             Yours in Atari,

                                   Derek C. Signorini, AUA Coordinator



 - San Francisco, CA.                        START CANCELS SEPTEMBER ISSUE!

     In an unusual move,  Start Magazine  has cancelled  it Sept.'90 issue.
 According  to  our  sources,  the  move  is  being done to accommodate the
 addition of the previously separate Antic magazine (Atari  8 bit support).
 Also, it  is reported that Start has acquired the rights to LFP Publishing
 Co.'s right to the subscriber lists of ST-Log and Analog roughly providing
 an  additional  13,500  subscribers  thus bringing Start's subscriber list
 into the neighborhood of  25,000.    The  best  part  is  there  have been
 additions to  the editorial and artwork departments designed to thoroughly
 enhance the quality and appearance of Start magazine.  Beginning  with the
 Oct '90  issue it  will increase  in size  to 124+ pages packed with up to
 date information dedicated to the Atari computer enthusiast.   Calamus and
 Outline Art  are to  be used exclusively to produce the NEW Start magazine
 from Antic Publishing.  Don't miss the first new issue Oct'90!!

 - Las Vegas, NV                       PARSEC ACQUISITION UNDER NEGOTIATION

     Rio Datel, long a strong supporter of new and innovative  products for
 the ST  is involved  in in-depth negotiations to provide production of the
 parsec technology within the USA.   "Negotiations are  well under  way and
 looking very positive."

 - San Francisco, CA.                  IMAGE SYSTEMS & LEXICOR JOIN FORCES!

     Image Systems,  where the famous Jay (big screen) Craswell is now, has
 entered into a joint  venture  with  Lexicor  Software  in  bundling Image
 Systems' Isac Board and Lexicor's super powerful graphics package for this
 fall.  For further info, please contact Lexicor Software or Image Systems.
 Further in-depth  coverage on the dynamic plans of Lexicor will be carried
 in STReport in the next few weeks.


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                                        ....An old Sicilian Proverb

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