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 > The Editor's Podium?

     In the course of the past  few  weeks,  we  have  had  the  benefit of
 witnessing  a   number  of  rather  illuminating  experiences  in  the  ST
 community.    From  overzealous  STR  supporters,   to  the   rude,  crude
 retaliation  against   these  supporters.    Lately  though,  the  uncanny
 reporting of paralleled items, though mostly out of  phase, in  most cases
 by at least, if not more than 180 degrees, is most interesting.  Without a
 doubt, we realize that  in this  limited market  there are  only a certain
 number of  stories, rumors,  happenings and  truths.   As such,  we as the
 reporters of these items must strive, at all times, to  bring to  you, the
 reader,  the   most  accurate   and  truthful   representations  of  these
 happenings as humanly possible.   Granted,  negative news  or articles are
 not a pretty sight, but then neither is the reality of a rude awakening.

     The  comfy  practice  of  producing  mostly  non-controversial, pablum
 filled articles in a pseudo news, positive only,  attitude is  truly a 'no
 risk'  situation  for  any  publication.    The downside is; the reader is
 severely 'short-changed', mislead and left  with  a  false  sense  of well
 being concerning the state of the Atari community.  Sure, there has been a
 great deal  of clamoring  by an  'organized few'  who didn't  care for the
 negative views (truths).  Remember, they may attempt to kill the messenger
 however, they will never be able to kill the message.  History  has proven
 time and  time again  that the  book burners always finish last if at all.
 At this time, STReport and its staff wishes to assure the readers  that we
 will not succumb to direct or indirect pressures from any direction.  As a
 result, the reader is assured we will NEVER  offer sugar  coated pablum or
 filler items  or 'company-line, brain massaging' blurbs.  We will remain a
 totally independent news and views source.
     While  on  the  subject  of  Atari  related  magazine  articles, there
 recently appeared  an article  in one of the hard copy magazines bemoaning
 the 'picking' on Atari.  The author (a very well informed one)  missed one
 vital point.   NOWHERE  was the  Atari product line 'bashed' or proclaimed
 doomed by  any  publisher  or  editor.    Only  the  impudent  and equally
 incompetent leadership  was rigorously  criticized by all.  In retrospect,
 had Atari enjoyed the executive brain power IBM had when  it began  in the
 computer  fields,  there  is  no  doubt  that Atari would be in far better
 condition now.  That does not mean to say that Atari cannot  rebound, they
 can and will.  Besides, as always, the record clearly speaks for itself.

     Recently,  STReport  has  been  given  the  honor  of being the online
 magazine that  offers  the  "news  with  views"  by  one  of  our esteemed
 colleagues.    This  is  an  extremely  accurate representation.  STReport
 pursues this endeavor aggressively with great care and absolutely relishes
 the opportunity  to do  so.   As is found with all reputable publications,
 they strive to have a distinct, recognizable format and presentation style
 in which  they present  themselves and take justifiable pride in doing so.
 This is known as 'style or  character'.   STReport prides  itself in being
 the outspoken,  thought provoking  electronic publication it is.  We have,
 since our becoming  totally  independent,  been  taking  great  strides in
 presenting to  our readers  the most  up to date reporting of the news and
 the very latest in  product  and  general  information  pertaining  to and
 concerning the  Atari userbase,  ..good or bad.  Of course, each issue has
 a personality of its own due  to  the  generous  sprinkling  of  views and
 opinions which, in many instances are those sent to us by the many readers
 of STReport.
     As always its a great pleasure to acknowledge our faithful readers and
 at this  time, we  would like  to express our sincerest thanks to them for
 their strong support.




   Issue # 77

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       Atari started shipping TOS  1.6 with  the STacy  portable (the buggy
 version  of  TOS  1.6),  and  how  in  the  course of events preceding the
 shipment  of  STacys  with  TOS  1.62,  it  was  revealed  that  the STacy
 motherboard had  EVERYTHING that the Atari STe motherboard had, except for
 SIMM Memory expansion Slots?

       And how Atari had failed to advertise, announce, or otherwise inform
 its long-suffering  US userbase  (who was clamoring for the release of the
 STe at the time of the STacy's introduction)  that the  "ST Portable" was,
 quite possibly, a portable version of the Atari STe?



     While many things about Atari and its actions are debatable, one thing
 that is  certain is  the quality  of its  computer systems.   Both Atari's
 Desktop STs  (the 520/1040  ST/STE systems), and its Workstation Line (the
 ATW and the upcoming Atari TT), provide levels of price/performance seldom
 seen in  the computer industry.  But while Atari's potential for growth is
 STILL great, there is a veritable plethora of work to be done  in order to
 rebuild Atari's position in the microcomputer industry.   As it may be the
 most critical part (besides a LOT of good advertising for the Atari  ST in
 the US)  of such an effort, there is a lot of interest on what focus Atari
 will put on members of its product line.   Therefore,  in order  to figure
 out what  it may be, here are some possible ways that Atari's product line
 could be positioned for optimal results:


       In 1985, when it was first  introduced, the Atari  ST was  a paragon
 of computing,  with a  megabyte of RAM, the GEM operating environment, and
 the ability  to access  DOS disks,  all in  a package  that truly provided
 "Power Without the Price".  However now, with IBM's $1000.00 PS/1 computer
 aimed at the mass market arena, and with Apple preparing to seize the rest
 of the  non-DOS personal computer market with the Macintosh Classic, Atari
 must consider new ways to survive in the computer industry....

       There is also a  crisis  in  today's  schools  concerning   computer
 literacy.   Statistics have  shown that  there is  sometimes only 1 system
 available for every 30-50 students in American schools, and that the level
 of  educational  software  is  often  shabby, at best.  Disturbingly, this
 results in that elementary  and  high-school  students    get  VERY little
 exposure to  the world of computing, and that what they DO get won't begin
 to help them when  they  go  out  into  today's  increasingly computerized
 society.  Also, while today's software (not to mention the future) runs on
 graphical user interfaces, almost none of the "computer literacy" programs
 have the equipment necessary to explore this field....

      Since the  Atari STe  (and especially the Atari Advantage program) is
 aimed at the low end of the market, and given the needs of the Educational
 market, it seems that Atari would have a PERFECT market in this field. But
 how schools could benefit from the Atari STe, and how  could Atari benefit
 from actively marketing the Atari STe in this area?

      With  the  severe  lack  of computer-related funding available to our
 schools, many computer literacy programs  haven't  been  able  to  buy the
 number of computers necessary to fuel their students' desire for learning,
 and have searched for the most economical alternative.   Before,  the only
 choices were obsolete Apple IIs and PC Clones, which remain inadequate for
 students' needs, to say the least.

       Also, since most schools can't afford  the cost  of much educational
 software out for the PC or Apple II, many "computer literacy" programs are
 little more than courses  in BASIC  or "How  to Use  dBASE I".   And BASIC
 won't  help  America's  future  leaders  compete in the world of tomorrow.
 Fortunately, much  of the  productivity software  available for  the ST is
 affordable  enough  for  most  schools,  and  there  is  a  lot of quality
 Educational Software out for the ST, all of which could be very  useful to
 today's students.

       While Apple  Corporation (which  had $5  billion in sales last year)
 was virtually built on its sales to the educational market,  Apple has now
 lost a  LOT of  ground in  this field to PC Clones.  Since the Atari ST is
 far more capable than current low-end  computer solutions,  while having a
 lesser cost,  Atari has a golden opportunity for growth in the educational
 market at  the present  time.   But the  window of  opportunity is quickly

     Apple  is  preparing  to  introduce  a  line of low-end Macintoshes in
 September 1990.   Reportedly  called the  Macintosh Classic,  this line is
 expected to consist of two basic machines:

       - A Mac with a 16 MHZ 68000, 1 Meg of RAM, 1 Mac SE Expansion Slot,
         and a 1.44 Megabyte disk drive for $1500 without a monochrome
         monitor.  (Color Quickdraw support requires a 68020 or 68030)

       - A Mac with a 16 MHZ 68020, up to 3 NuBus slots, 2 Megs of RAM, a
         1.44 Megabyte Disk Drive, and a built in hard drive, for less than
         $3000 without a color monitor.

       Many industry  analysts have  shown that, because of the Macintosh's
 reputation in the computer industry, Apple could gain a significant amount
 of market share (estimated by some at 500,000 additional users in a year's
 time) when it begins marketing the "Macintosh Classic" in earnest.   Since
 IBM has  now introduced  its 80286-based PS/1 personal computer, targeting
 it towards the home  consumer  market,  Atari  will  have  to  explore new
 avenues in order to survive in the months and years to come.

       While IBM's  PS/1 may  create much interest in personal computing at
 the home consumer market,  tradition  has  shown  that  the  home consumer
 market does  not readily  accept a  product (read:  it doesn't achieve the
 status of a widely  available home  appliance) until  it is  priced at the
 $400 -  $800 dollar  level.   Interestingly, while IBM's PS/1 has an entry
 level cost of $1000.00, the Atari  1040  STe  costs  $800.00.    And Atari
 itself has  said that  the Atari  Advantage system (with an Atari 520 STe)
 would be priced at the $400 - $600 price range.   However,  one thing that
 is absolutely  VITAL for  gaining ANY sales in the US home consumer market
 is heavy advertising.  And IBM and Apple  are planning  lots of  their own
 for the Christmas buying season....


       VME Bus  Architecture, 512K  TOS ROMs, 1280*960 graphics, 68882 math
 chip support, SIMM RAMs, Appletalk, and a 68030 chip.   With all  this and
 more, the  Atari TT  is truly  Atari's best shot at the middle/high-end of
 the  microcomputer  industry.     Aimed  towards   the  growing  "personal
 workstation" market,  it has  great possibilities  for both  Atari, the ST
 Userbase, and the computer industry itself.

      The TT which we will first see is the TT030/2, or 2 Meg Atari  TT. It
 will initially  be most  popular among  personal computing enthusiasts and
 the remaining base of ST Owners  who wish  to take  advantage of  the TT's
 capabilities.   It won't  have enough  memory to run Atari Unix, but since
 the TT will use SIMM RAMs (for easy  memory expansion),  upgrading to Unix
 potential should be simplicity itself, once Atari makes it available.

       Some of  Atari's branches  in Europe recently revealed the wonderful
 news that there would be a version of the TT030/2 with a 32 MHZ 68030, and
 that it  would cost  only $3200.00  in US currency, with a color Multisync
 monitor.  This would not only pose a deadly threat to the  Commodore Amiga
 3000,  but  would  place  Atari  at the vanguard of the personal computing

       Since the 16 MHZ version of the 68030  TT is  already undergoing FCC
 testing, Atari  will probably introduce a 16 MHZ TT030 in the US at first.
 It would be logical  that, since  a 32  MHZ TT  (with monitor)  would cost
 around $4000  in the  US, that Atari could profit well from marketing a 16
 MHZ TT (without a monitor included) in the US in  the $2500  - $3000 price
       As promises of the 68030 TT and STacy entered the minds of the US ST
 Userbase, the question of  Computer  upgrades  became  an  important issue
 among the  ST Users' Online Community.  Since Apple and IBM had maintained
 upgrades in  the  past  which  were  both  profitable  to  them  and their
 userbase, many  wondered why Atari would not also do this.  However, Atari
 maintained that it would not be profitable for them to do so.   Given that
 the 68030  TT and  STacy's minimum  price is  or will be $2500 - $3000, it
 would be most beneficial if current ST Users were able  to trade  in their
 computers for  a reduced  price on  these systems.  Surprisingly, an Atari
 upgrade policy is not only  feasible,  but  potentially  profitable  if it
 applied to the 68030 TT and STacy, for these reasons:

       -     Since Atari probably will sell the Atari TT to dealers for
         around $1800, Atari could make a healthy profit by offering an
         upgrade policy for the STacy and TT line. And if current ST Users
         are willing to pay reasonable upgrade fees to trade-in their
         current computers to the 68030 TT and STacy, then it would be in
         the best interests of Atari to make such an upgrade policy
         available, since the customer would be saving money and replacing
         his/her "old" computer in the process.

       -     Atari would "convert" the ST Userbase to the Atari STE and TT
         more quickly, meaning that good software would be developed for
         them a LOT faster than otherwise possible....

       Since this  policy could possibly hurt dealers, one way to reconcile
 Atari's commitment to ST dealers with a desire to implement  an ST Upgrade
 policy  would  be  to  have  ST  Dealers  implement their own policies for
 trading in old computers for STacys and 68030 TT's, and  for Atari  to buy
 back these  old STs  from Dealers  at a low cost.  Atari could then either
 resell ST's through Mail  Order, donate  them to  a worthy  charity to get
 tons of free publicity, or some other useful purpose.  In addition, a good
 upgrade policy would help soothe the  bitterness  of  the  US  ST Userbase
 towards  Atari's  past  actions,  so  Atari  has  everything  to  gain  by
 implementing an ST Upgrade Policy which  would help  both Dealers,  the ST
 Userbase, and Atari itself....

 "Advertising is like an addiction - once you start you can't stop...."

                                           Sam Tramiel, President of Atari

       With Elie  Kenan's coming at Atari Corporation, let us all fervently
 hope and dutifully pray that the attitude exemplified  by the  above quote
 does not last at Atari.  For if this "attitude" does not last, Atari could
 play a dominant role in the personal computer market in the 1990s.  And we
 ALL know  the consequences  of Atari's  present attitude towards marketing
 the ST effectively in the US....

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXXV


       IBM has recently made a string  of announcements  which will  have a
 significant impact  on the  field of  pen-based computing.  With pen-based
 computers, a person uses an electronic stylus as an input  device, writing
 on a  digitizing tablet.   The  tablet senses  the stylus,  and traces the
 path that the stylus takes as the person is writing on it.   The  shape of
 this  path  is  then  analyzed  by a handwriting recognition system, which
 translates it into ordinary text.

       A major goal of researchers in this field has been the perfection of
 real-time  handwriting  recognition,  so pen-based computers can recognize
 what is being written by a person AS  the person  is writing  it.  Before,
 these systems  could only  recognize handprinted characters if each letter
 was in a separate box on the screen.  IBM scientists have  announced a new
 system,  called  the  Paperlike  Interface,  which can recognize real-time
 handprinted characters without requiring that each letter be in a separate
 "digital box".   IBM's  ultimate goal  (and the  Holy Grail of this entire
 field) is  the computer  recognition of  natural cursive  writing.  Which,
 viewing from my own cursive writing, will NEVER be reached....

       IBM has  also announced that it has licensed the pen-based operating
 system used by GO Corporation's pen-based computers.   GO Corp.  is one of
 the  largest  makers  of  pen-based  computers, and IBM's announcement has
 helped prompt companies like  Borland,  Lotus,  and  WordPerfect  to begin
 developing software for GO's proprietary operating system for handling the
 input of pen-based computers.  Interestingly enough, the  immediate result
 of IBM's  announcement may  be an  implied rejection  of Microsoft's plans
 for supporting support for pen-based computing as an extension to DOS.

       Pen-based computing, while it may never reach the goal of  "making a
 computer as  easy to  use as  writing on a piece of paper", will be useful
 for a number of applications. For example, many handicapped computer users
 (for whom  using a  computer mouse  is VERY  difficult), and survey takers
 (like the  recent  Census  officials)  could  benefit  from  this emerging
 technology.   Interestingly, much  of the focus on pen-based computing has
 been on providing a better way  of helping  computer-illiterate people and
 "computerphobes" become accustomed to using computers....


            32 MHZ 68030 TTs, and Notes from Atari Netherlands

       As part of its Release of the specifications of the 32 MHZ 68030 TT,
 Atari  Netherlands  made  available  some  additional  information,  which
 reveals some interesting facts concerning both the TT's compatibility with
 ST applications, and its eventual delivery date.  


 Message : 16517 [Open]  6-17-90 11:00pm
 From    : Sysop Wilfred
 To      : Fred Appelman (x)
 Subject : #16466 TT op 32 MHZ?
 Sig(s)  : 9 (Portfolio)
 There are 3 replies

 <Atari Netherlands' Specifications' Release deleted, because it previously
  appeared in ST Report>

 Delivering: The first 6 machines are delivered to major software
             developers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Already 12 machines
             are delivered to Germany. The first real production is
             expected in August.  Mass production is expected in September.

 Price Dfl 6500 (US Price - $3200.00), incl. MULTI-SYNC VGA color monitor.

 ST software (without adjustment) runs 5-7 times faster.  After
 optimalisation runs at least 10x faster.

 FAST RAM is only used by the processor and by the SCSI/DMA port.

 SCSI transfer via TT RAM gives 20% more HD speed than via ST RAM. Software
 in FAST RAM is faster too.

 In fast (TT) RAM we use burst-mode fill to fill the cache quickly, in ST
 RAM we do something smart with the 64 bit arrays used for the video
 logic.  ST RAM is 32 bits but is accessed with 64 bits by the video logic.

 If there is no TT RAM, the SCSI controller also works with ST RAM.

 Software is loaded in TT RAM by using a utility like MAKEFAST in TOS
 1.4.  Two bits are set in the file header to indicate the program is to be
 loaded in TT RAM.

 Compatibility tests have given must better results than expected, although
 some programs had to be changed. It was remarkable how many programs run
 without any change.  Some of the programs DID use the new features of
 the TT right away.  If a program didn't run, lots of times it was enough
 to switch to ST video mode to solve the problem.

 TT TOS is called TOS 3.0 and is functional equal to TOS 1.6 with some
 extensions for the new hardware of the TT.

 The rest you have to read in the magazines (The dutch magazines) which
 will be in the shop soon.


 CPU MacNews?


       Ashton-Tate has announced its sale of  the rights  to its  dBASE Mac
 database  software  to  New  Era  Software  Group,  a  Macintosh  software
 developer.  On August 15, New  Era will  support current  dBASE Mac Users,
 and gain  the rights to distribute and support dBASE Mac everywhere except
 in Japan, where Ashton-Tate will market dBASE Mac.  Ashton-Tate reportedly
 did this  in order  to fully  develop its upcoming port of dBASE IV to the

       Later this year, New Era Software  will  be  shipping  an  update to
 dBASE Mac which will include compatibility with System Software 7.0, among
 other things.  At this time, New Era  will change  the database software's
 name to  nuBase Mac, in order to eliminate any confusion (and association)
 with Ashton-Tate's products.  New Era plans to make nuBase Mac more  of an
 object-oriented  database  system  which  relies  heavily  on the Mac user
 interface, while dBASE IV for the  Macintosh (Ashton-Tate's  port of dBASE
 IV) will  be geared  towards maintaining compatibility with other versions
 of dBASE IV....


 - Cedar Rapids, IA                   COMPUTER "VIRUCIDE" EDUCATES PC USERS

       Parsons Software has recently introduced a new DOS virus detector
 program, called ViruCide.  Written by John McAfee, a renowned expert on
 computer viruses, ViruCide can automatically detect and alert you to the
 presence of almost all types of PC Viruses, and also eradicates any
 viruses present in memory before it scans a disk.  Cost: $50.00.

       What makes the ViruCide package unique is what it does to PREVENT
 virus attacks.  John McAfee (who is also the president of a major industry
 consortium serving as a "computer virus watchdog") and Parsons Software
 are bundling a free copy of McAfee's book, "Computer Viruses, Worms, Data
 Diddlers, Killer Programs, and Other Threats To Your System", with every
 copy of ViruCide.  With this book, Parsons Software hopes that ViruCide
 can not only prevent viruses, but help educate PC users on how to prevent
 such programs from invading/damaging their systems.  Parsons Software can
 be reached at 1-800-779-6000....


       Pacific Bell has begun an $8 million dollar campaign to minimize the
 physical stress and strain caused by working at video display terminals
 (VDTs), or computers.  Over 45,000 of Pacific Bell's 61,000 employees use
 VDTs on a daily basis, and the cost in sick leave, eye problems, and other
 health problems related to regular work in front of a VDT are estimated to
 be FAR greater than $8 million....

       As part of this two-year campaign, Pacific Bell will install new
 adjustable furniture (like chairs with back and foot rests, offices with
 indirect lighting, and glare control filters for VDT screens) in all of
 its offices.  They will also start training efforts to help people use the
 furniture to be more comfortable, and implement a health program, with
 exercises for areas like helping people maintain correct back posture and
 stay in better physical condition.

 - London, England                    UK COMPUTER CRACKING BILL BECOMES LAW

       Having passed Parliament, the UK Computer Misuse Bill has now gained
 Royal Assent, becoming law.  This Bill defines computer hacking (or to use
 a MUCH more appropriate term, computer Cracking) as the act of gaining
 unauthorized access into a computer system., and makes it punishable by
 fines and short prison terms.  It also enables people to be prosecuted in
 England if either the offender OR the affected computer system was in
 England when the computer system was broken into.

       Interestingly enough, a Price Waterhouse report says that theft or
 fraud were responsible for only 20 percent of reported security incidents
 in the UK, and that over 76 percent were due to human error, system
 failure, or natural hazards.  However, over 65 percent of UK companies in
 their survey said that they had suffered financially from security


       Alan Bechtold (President of the BBS Press Service) has begun efforts
 start the Modem User's Association of America (MUAA).  If successful, the
 MUAA will be a non-profit organization that will engage in legal and
 Congressional Lobbying activities for modem users and operators of online
 services.  It will also serve as a source of information on modem-related
 legislation being considered around the US (like the FCC's attempts to
 charge special fees for people to use modems)....

       Most of the interest for the MUAA has come from places like Texas
 and Indiana, where telephone companies and state governments are trying to
 implement new rate structures that charge modem users higher rates for
 service.  Bechtold is now trying to test the level of support for such an
 organization, via an effort to raise $10,000 in funds to begin the MUAA by
 the end of September.  If that amount has not been raised by then, he has
 pledged to "tear up all the checks that I have received and continue on
 with other activities".

       Interestingly, a Group based in Washington DC has offered to
 contribute legal and lobbying support for the MUAA, but only IF it gains
 enough support.  Bechtold is considering these annual membership fees for
 the MUAA:

       Individuals - $15                  Commercial Bulletin Boards - $50
       Hobby Bulletin Boards - $25        Commercial Online Services - $100
       Makers of Telecommunications and/or Terminal Software - $200
       Modem and Computer Makers - $500

       If you wish to obtain more information about the proposed MUAA, Alan
 Bechtold can be reached at 1-913-478-3157....


 > Stock Market ~ STR Stock Report?        Watch out for Falling Stocks!

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

 Concept by Glenn Gorman

     The price of Atari stock stayed the same on Monday,  and was  down 1/8
 of a  point on  Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the price of Atari stock went down
 3/8 of a point, and stayed the same on Thursday.   On  Friday, Atari stock
 went down  1/8 of  a point.   Finishing  up the  week at 5 1/8 points, the
 price of Atari Stock is down 5/8 of a point from the last report.

     This was the worst week yet  this yea  for computer  stocks, marked by
 the sudden  drop in  the price of Apple stock.  Interestingly, Apple stock
 fell by 2 7/8 points on  the same  day that  Apple announced  a 25 percent
 increase in revenue for this quarter of 1990...

      Apple Stock went down 5 3/4 points from Friday, July 13, 1990.
          Commodore Stock went down 5/8 of a point from 7/13/90.
               IBM Stock was down 3 3/8 points from 7/13/90.

                 Stock Report for Week of 7/09/90 to 7/13/90

 STock|    Monday    |   Tuesday   | Wednesday | Thursday  |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last      Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last   Chg.|Last   Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|5 3/4    ---- |5 5/8   - 1/8|5 1/4  -3/8|5 1/4  ----|5 1/8    - 1/8|
      |              |             |           |           | 166,000  Sls |
  CBM |7 3/8    - 3/8|7 1/4   - 1/8|7 1/4  ----|  7   - 1/4|7 1/8    + 1/8|
      |              |             |           |           |  51,200 Sls  |
 Apple|45 5/8  -1 1/8|44 1/4 -1 3/8|44 5/8     |41 3/4     |  41     - 3/4|
      |              |             |       +3/8|     -2 7/8|1,712,900 Sls |
  IBM |122 3/8 +1 3/8|120 3/4      |119 7/8    | 120  + 1/8|117 5/8 -2 3/8|
      |              |       -1 5/8|       -7/8|           |1,758,600 Sls |

   '#' and 'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
        'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
        '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > ATARI'S SUPPORT STR Spotlight?      Customer Satisfaction is #1!

                                             THE REALITY ZONE

 by A. W. Wolff

     "Please Atari, there are many of us out here who must consistently put
 up with certain annoying problems..."  Ever wonder how many times a letter
 is started  off like  that by some loyal, but frustrated Atari user who is
 trying to enjoy his computer?   Here we  present a  few (there  aren't too
 many)  a  few  of  the  more  predominant  complaints  we hear of from our

     A - ITEM: The Diablo Emulator  version 1.2

     The Diablo Emulator  was  heatedly  criticized  for  many shortcomings
 soon  after  its  appearance.    Word Perfect nearly left the Atari market
 because of, among other things,  the  ill  will  concerning  the emulator.
 Since  that  time,  there  has  been  a  number  of  noises emanating from
 Sunnyvale about a 'possible fix or  upgrade'.   However, there  is nothing
 forth coming  and from  all indications, "Version 2.0 will remain a dream"
 even though its reported to be done and  ready for  release.   pssst, what
 about version 1.3???  

     B - ITEM: The STe Hard Drive DMA BUG

     From all  corners of  the globe,  from as long ago as four months, the
 reports of trashed hard drive  fat  tables  began  filtering  back  to the
 'hallowed halls'.   Now, with the latest reports of DMA problems coming in
 at a rather brisk clip, one would imagine that all  stops would  be pulled
 to find  and correct  the problem with the DMA port.  How long has the STe
 been on sale and shipping all over the  globe?   How long  has the problem
 been evidencing itself?  Why was the STe shipped to the US market when the
 problem was already a known factor.  Why the continued  "ominous silence"?
 Could it be ...there are no answers yet?

     C - ITEM: Moniterm Monitors and the TT030

     At the  last Comdex  (Fall'89) that  Atari participated  in, the TT030
 units were working perfectly with the  moniterm units.   However,  at this
 time, the whispered word is that the moniterm units will NOT work with the
 contemplated release version of the TT030.  Seems the units in use at this
 time all  over the  world operate  fine with the ST, but are alleged to be
 not compatible with the new TT.    Also,  it  appears  there  is  a  9 pin
 connector on  the current  units worldwide  and the TT is looking for a 15
 pin connector.  Of course, there is  more  to  it  than  just  a different
 connector, in  fact, the  circuitry requirements are apparently different.
 Why the  quiet change  to obviously  leave the  loyal ST  MEGA owners with
 obsolete monitors?   The  more things  change... the  more they remain the
 same.    It  appears  that  the  disposable  computer  concept  is  still,
 unfortunately, with us.

     Before anybody gets up on their 'white horse', I proudly own 3 Mega ST
 units and seven 1040 units,  two  big  screen  monitors,  a  multi-sync, 4
 SC1224 monitors  and 3  SM124 monitors.  These units are in use on a daily
 basis both in my office and in the  shop  area.    I  am  more  than 'just
 satisfied' with the hardware it is a pleasure to own and operate the Atari
 ST computer systems..    Truly,  Atari  has  some  of  the  world's finest
 hardware to offer the home computer enthusiast.

     Now with  the recent  changes at Atari, there may be a brighter ray of
 hope for the future. 


 > DREAMPARK STR Feature?    1.44mb Floppy Drives from DreamPark Dev.

                         A LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE

 By Michael Lee

 There has been some new programs and hardware released,  or getting ready 
 for release,  for the ST that I felt haven't been given enough press  (in 
 other words,  I hadn't heard that much about them and was very impressed, 
 so  I thought I'd bring them to your attention here).   Here's  two  that 
 especially impressed me.


 One is the MIDI TASKING program. This is a program that will allow multi-
 tasking  of  midi  programs and is being developed by  one  of  the  midi 
 companies under the auspices of Atari.   While this program was developed 
 for midi software, it is not limited just midi stuff.  It will also allow 
 multi-tasking  on  many normal (well-behaved) ST programs.   Once  it  is 
 ready for release,  it is rumored that Atari will be selling this program 
 for  $15-$20.   Even  if it doesn't work on everything I  own,  for  that 
 price, it will be well worth the price if it only allows me to multi-task 
 50% of my normal software.


 Have  you ever found your 720k (or 828k if you use 10-sectors) disks  too 
 limiting?   Have  you ever wished for a 1.44 meg drive like your  friends 
 have on their Mac's or PC's?   It looks as if you can now have  your wish.

 One  of the new products  available  for the  ST that seems to be hot  is 
 the POWERDRIVE from DreamPark Development.

 The  POWERDRIVE is a complete external 3.5" drive and it comes  with  all 
 necessary  hardware and the modification board for the inside of the  CPU 
 (it can be installed internally but requires another power supply  board, 
 cutting up your case and more hardware technical  expertise).   According 
 to Brad, DreamPark's GEnie on-line representative:

 "We  have  designed a rock solid internal board that allows us  to  sense 
 media  changes  as well as sense what kind of disk is in  the  drive.  It 
 knows whether you have a 360,  720 or 1.4, and it knows when the disk has 
 been  changed.  The drive and the format are standard IBM 1.44  meg,  but 
 with the PowerFormatter software included in the price, you can format up 
 to 1.7 megs reliably.   We are using a new and better designed 2793 chip, 
 and the mod board plugs in where the old 1772 was.  It's removed,  and  a 
 socket goes  in that allows a ribbon cable plug in for access to the  CPU.

 Also needed are two lines from the sound chip,  since this chip  controls 
 the drive select.   It is 100% upward compatible with the 1772  chip,  it 
 acts just like a 1772 when there is a 360K or 720K disk in the drive.  No 
 difference.  But  when  a 1.4 meg disk is inserted,  BANGO!  Off  to  the 

 "The  PowerDrive works with SuperCharger...  as long as you  format  your 
 disks first using the Power Formatter and the "DOS BOOT" option.  You can 
 read, write and even copy HD (High Density) disks!"

 "As  for  GCR compatibility,  it works well with Spectre  720k  formatted 
 disks,  but  we are having problems reading and writing GCR ('real'  Mac) 
 disks.  A PowerDrive is in the hands of Dave Small even as we speak,  and 
 we are working on this end to insure that we get 100% compatibility  with 
 Spectre. In a recent message in the Gadgets RT, he seemed optimistic that 
 some software revision might be all that would be required."

 (Note: The above quotes are a compilation of many different posts left on 
 I don't know about you folks, but being able to utilize 1.44-1.7 megs per 
 floppy disk is quite impressive to me.  If you want to order or have more 
 questions,  give Brad a call at 801-943-4370.   Oh?   The price?  I'm not 
 for sure what the final retail price will be, but Brad stated they had an 
 introductory special for only $259.95, however I don't know if this price 
 is still good or for how long.
 Until next week...



 Effective immediately Full Moon BBS is now your  source for  the FoReM BBS
 program by  Matthew R.  Singer.   FoReM is not new, it has been in use all
 over the free world since 1985.  Available in single line versions for the
 Atari ST  (one meg  RAM recommended) and the IBM PC (512 K required) FoReM
 may be purchased  directly  from  Full  Moon  for  $74.95  plus  $5.00 for
 shipping and  handling. All orders are shipped with a manual that includes
 detailed instructions on installing and configuring FoReM.

 When used in conjunction with the FNET mailer  program by  David Chiquelin
 (a  shareware  program  supported  at  Atari-Oh!  BBS 713-480-9310) either
 version of FoReM can be used to exchange  messages with  other BBS Systems

     You can order FoReM ST or PC by sending a check for $79.95 ($74.95 for
     the program plus $5.00 S&H) made payable to:

        Stephen Rider
        20 Cargill Ave
        Worcester MA 01610

    Orders are shipped UPS only, specify a street address as UPS cannot
 deliver to a Post Office box number.

 For ST orders specify single sided  or double  sided diskette.   PC owners
 please specify  360K or 1.2 meg 5.25" or 720K 3.5" disks. Depending on the
 media you order we will also include some  useful PD  or shareware utility
 programs that are widely used by FoReM boards.

                                                   Steve Rider
                                                   Full Moon BBS

 This  offer  is  made  in  conjunction with Matthew R. Singer, creator and
 copyright holder of FoReM ST.  Offer not valid in Massachusetts.
                      (c) 1985-1990 Matthew R. Singer

                         FoReM Order Form
  Version desired (circle one)        FoReM ST      FoReM PC

  Type of diskette (circle one)

     If ordering FoReM PC      360K 5.25"   1.2meg 5.25"  720K 3.5"

     If ordering FoReM ST       SSDD 3.5"     DSDD 3.5"

  (please note, depending on the media you select we will try to include
  at no extra charge some popular PD or shareware utilities as well )

  Your name ________________________________________________

  BBS Name (optional) ______________________________________

  BBS phone number (optional) ______________________________

  Your street address ______________________________________

  Your City and State/Province _____________________________

  Your country (if other than US) __________________________

  [note, P.O. boxes may not be used, all orders shipped UPS]

  (In case I need to reach you) (optional)

  Your Voice phone number __________________________________

  Price is $79.95 ($74.95 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling)

  Payment must be made in form of cash or check made out to: 
  Stephen Rider

  Send completed form to: 

                 Stephen Rider
                 20 Cargill Ave
                 Worcester MA 01610
     We will ship the most current released version of FoReM ST or  PC. You
 will be  welcome to  call Full  Moon BBS  for various  programs  which are
 often used with FoReM such as doors, the FNet mailer,  CrossNet  and more.
 Full Moon can be reached at (508) 752-1348 at speeds up to HST/9600.



 - Edmonton, Canada                 TT030 16MHZ DISPLAYED - 32 Mhz PROMISED

     According  to  Steve  at  Alphatel  in  Edmonton,  they had a TT030 on
 display last week, it was a loner.  When asked whether or not the unit was
 16 or  32Mhz, he  replied, "the  unit we had was 16Mhz but we expect 32Mhz
 units to be delivered sometime in September... 
 Their address is:
                              16814-114th Ave

 - Pontiac, MI.                                GEORGE MILLER GOES TO ABACUS

     George Miller, of MichTron,  long known  for his  excellent support of
 MichTron's many  customers has accepted a position with Abacus Software of
 Grand Rapids, Michigan.  STReport would  like to  wish George  the best of
 luck and success in his new endeavors.


     Certain developers  have expressed  a desire to not attend the WOA San
 Jose shindig because of  extenuating circumstances.   Could  it be because
 they felt  the recent  tactics of  the promoter  were not to their liking?
 Or, could it be they felt rather used and abused.......... 

 - Seattle, WA.                            USA'S "ST WORLD" TO CHANGE HANDS

     Sometime right after the first of the year,  R. Tsukiji  will sell his
 ST World  magazine to  its former general manager.  ST World will continue
 to serve the ST community but  without Mr.  Tsukiji who  will pursue other
 endeavors.  Give my regards to "Uncle Sugar" Rich.

 - Los Angeles, CA.                                TIM LEWIS NOT THE EDITOR

     Tim Lewis, the founder of ST Journal, has reportedly left his position
 as editor of the recent newcomer  to the  ST arena.   St  Journal has come
 under some  rather heavy  fire recently for its content and format.  There
 has even been alleged  rumors of  extreme discontent  with the circulation
 and release frequency.

 - Sunnyvale, CA.                           REVOLVING DOOR STILL QUITE BUSY

     According to  our 'super  snoop' a  certain TOP  official at Atari has
 been wooing Rick Meyer to return  to the  helm of  the Portfolio Division.
 Meyer left prior to Jim Kennedy and most recently, Ken Jacobson.  
     It appears  the newest  recipients of tickets to the infamous door may
 include Eltok Southard, research and design (Styra) Tx.  and Israel, Pavel
 Peshinewho, Computer acceptance design for the FCC.
     Additionally, certain of Atari's lesser execs have had their sphere of
 influence reduced.  Also, reportedly, A. Salerno no longer has  input into
 the affairs of the Portfolio division.

 - San Bernadino, CA.                TT IN THE HANDS OF "SELECT" DEVELOPERS

 Its only  the 16mhz  version, and  one of  the developers  had to return a
 TT030 that was  not  behaving  properly  (Murphy's  Law).    And..  it was
 promptly replaced.   But is now confirmed that developers are beginning to
 receive them.  Also, the 32Mhz  version will  be a  reality in  1991.  The
 TT030/2 will  be in  a tower cabinet instead of the 'wedding cake' cabinet
 the 16mhz unit  will  present  itself  in.    One  of  the  recipients has
 confirmed that the 32Mhz unit is in the not too distant future......  

 - St. Augustine, Fl.                             STARK BBS & GROWING PAINS

     Gregg X. run the Xanadu BBS, a Stark BBS, he is one of the key support
 BBSs set up with the Stark program.  Stark is GFA Basic  and a combination
 of Assembly  routines.  Lately, due to a number of unfortunate mishaps the
 author has some serious  hardware problem.   Since  STReport maintains its
 own support  BBS system, there is a certain understanding involved.  There
 has been a spat of  less  than  friendly  messages  posted  concerning the
 support  of  Stark  or  the  lack  thereof.  Stark's author will be up and
 running shortly... so please, those of  you who  have this  program, 'keep
 the faith' support and upgrades are in the wings...


 > Codehead Info STR InfoFile?        More NEW product info...


    When Doug Harrison showed us these two incredible programs, we were
 amazed...not only at the programs themselves, but at how well they fit
 into the CodeHead line of products!  Both LookIt! (the amazingly fast file
 viewer/binary editor) and PopIt! (desk accessory hot keys) complement
 and enhance the other programs in the CodeHead catalog, particularly
 HotWire and MultiDesk.  These programs are a must for anyone's utility

    Some of you may know Doug as the author of the highly-acclaimed
 shareware spreadsheet and graphing program called OPUS.  We're honored
 to welcome a programmer of his caliber into the CodeHead Corral. 

 LOOKIT! -- The ultimate ST file viewer/binary editor

 LookIt! Overview

    LookIt! is an incredibly fast, easy to use ASCII file viewer and
 binary file editor. It features a custom user interface which overcomes
 many of the shortcomings in GEM. Some of LookIt!'s features include:

    - super-fast text display, Blitter/Turbo ST/Quick ST NOT required

    - use the mouse OR the keyboard to page and scroll up/down through
      text or binary files; three configurable scrolling speeds

    - as many as 32 files can be held simultaneously in memory

    - fast, powerful searching options -- LookIt! supports a powerful
      (yet simple to learn) regular expression "language" as well as
      exact match searching

    - search strings may be assigned to keyboard commands, making it easy
      to skip from topic to topic in online magazines or captured

    - up to 18 saveable search strings

    - binary file editing on both the hexadecimal and ASCII
      representations of binary files

    - mark blocks of text or binary data and save them to disk, print
      them or delete them from the file

    - set up to four "bookmarks" in each file, and instantly return to
      any mark with a single keypress

    - flexible display options, including color and font size control in
      high resolution modes

    - printer options allow 40 byte strings to be sent before/after each
      file and provide for draft/final and condensed print modes; margins
      may be set and headers printed

    - all program options are saved in a configuration file, making it
      easy to customize LookIt! to your preferences

    - may be installed as an application for the GEM Desktop or
      CodeHead's HotWire, to let you show files by double-clicking them

    - powerful command line options allow loading of CFG files from
      paths other than the default, automatic printing of files, wildcard

    - an enhanced GEM menu bar that can be operated either with the mouse
      OR the keyboard; use the arrow keys to move through drop-down menus

    - innovative Mac-like user interface, with keyboard equivalents for
      all dialog box functions, vastly enhanced editing functions, a
      unique improved file selector (that can be disabled if desired),
      and much more

 POPIT! -- HotWire your desk accessories!

 PopIt! Overview

    PopIt! is a desk accessory that lets you assign "hot keys" to your
 desk accessories, and call up any accessory simply by typing its hot
 key! In other words, PopIt! "HotWires" your desk accessories.

    And PopIt! communicates with CodeHead's MultiDesk (version 2.0 or
 greater required) to let you assign keys to accessories loaded into
 MultiDesk.  This means that you can instantly get at an unlimited number
 of desk accessories!

    - no more reaching for the mouse just to open a desk accessory

    - shows all installed desk accessories in a scrollable window

    - accessory names can be shown in sorted or unsorted order

    - hot keys can be assigned to all keys on the keyboard, with or
      without the Shift, Alternate, and Control keys

    - typing the hot key for an accessory opens it instantly, in any GEM
      program that normally supports DAs

    - hot key assignments can be saved and loaded as needed

    - print out the list of hot keys for handy reference

    - hot key processing can be disabled at ANY time

 Ordering Information

    The projected release date for LookIt! & PopIt! is July 20, 1990. 
 The retail price for the package (which includes both programs and
 a detailed manual) is $39.95.

    LookIt! & PopIt! can be ordered directly from CodeHead Software at:

    CodeHead Software
    P.O. Box 74090
    Los Angeles, CA 90004

    Voice: (213) 386-5735
      Fax: (213) 386-5789

    We accept most major credit cards.  If ordering by mail, include a
 check or money order for the amount indicated plus $2.00 shipping ($3
 Canada, $5 Europe).  LookIt! & PopIt! will also be available at any ST
 dealer that carries CodeHead products; if your dealer doesn't have it,
 ask him/her to order it!


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?           Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

         51mb #SGN4951   519.95              65mb #SG60101   649.95
         80mb #SGN296    709.95             100mb #SG84011D  839.95
        120mb #SGN120FH  989.95             120mb #SG120DD  1128.95
        170mb #SGN2962  1369.95             260mb #SG60102  1849.95


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                           FROM 30mb @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                    >> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$849.00__ <<

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

      -> DO IT YOURSELF BARE SYQUEST UNITS $600.00ea  2 for $1100.00
                    Syquest Mechanism - 2 year warranty

                        SPECIALLY PRICED  $1539.00 

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1179.00           30mb SQG38    $1099.00
          65mb SQG09   $1239.00           85mb SQG96    $1299.00

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat



                          FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY


                              to the Readers of;
                         STREPORT ONLINE MAGAZINE
                  "The Original 16/32bit Online Magazine"

                         NEW USERS; SIGN UP TODAY!

              Call any of the STReport  Official BBS numbers 
                              (Listed Above)
                   Leave E-mail to STReport - R.Mariano

           Be sure to include your full mailing address so your 
             Compuserve kit can be immediately mailed to you!



 > A "Quotable Quote"?

              "Inside every complex and unworkable program...
     a useful routine struggling to get free!"

                                                ..Marvin Trottenberry

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