ST Report: 13-Jul-90 #628

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Date: 07/28/90-03:21:32 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: ST Report: 13-Jul-90  #628
Date: Sat Jul 28 15:21:32 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     In the last few weeks  we  have  seen  a  number  of  relativly strong
 opinions  posted   by  'well  informed'  online  regulars  concerning  the
 'negative' content of STReport and of course, the comments of  its editor,
 Who me? <grin>.  

     For the  record, this  editor is an absolute, diehard Atarian.  In all
 instances, the information was published or brought up in a sincere effort
 of trying  to ensure that re-occurances would not be the norm or, that the
 Tramiel Bros. would be made aware.  There were those who felt Sam, Leonard
 and Garry  were unfairly  targeted.   On that point I strongly agree, they
 have been unfairly targeted.   However,  the cause  for the  most part, is
 that they  seemed to be out of touch with the wants, likes and dislikes of
 the userbase.  In fact, in  the  last  three  years,  both  singularly and
 collectively,  they  may  have  given  a  whole  new  meaning  to business
 management and manufacturing.  To be  fair  though,  they  are  not solely
 responsible, their  advisors have  most certainly dropped the ball on more
 than one serious occasion.  The target needs to be made much bigger.

     As far as the Tramiel Bros. being unfairly held responsible, well now,
 that's another story.  The old tried and true adage by Pres. Harry Truman;
 "The Buck Stops Here", fits ever so perfectly.  If  for example, something
 is  a  grand  success,  they  will  bask  in  the comfortable limelight of
 compliment and vis-a-vis, with the course of current  events the  way they
 are at  this time,  they should justifiably bathe in the hot and revealing
 lights of the user's interrogatories.
     It is still STReport's main contention that there  is a  great deal of
 'grass roots'  information being  re-directed away  from the Tramiel Bros.
 and therefore they are 'sheilded' from  many  of  the  everyday  issues by
 their  "well-meaning"  subordinates.    That  is, until the minor everyday
 incidents blow up to such outrageous proportions that  there is  no hiding
 them any  longer.  By that time, the userbase is usually vicitmized by the
 subordinates as either "constantly complaining or overly reactive."

     Times are changing though, with the Director of North America about to
 take  the  reigns  and  now  coupled  with  Bill Crouch planning a massive
 marketing assault upon the USA market, we all can expect to see a brighter
 future for our favorite machines.
     With this year more than half over, nothing much has changed from last
 year at this time except the TT is closer to a reality and we  now see the
 Lynx in  full distribution.   The  US userbase's hopes are higher than now
 than in recent months.  Hang in there folks, no matter what happens in the
 immediate future, we still have quite a machine to use on a daily basis.

                            Thanks for your support,


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   Issue # 75

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In July 1976,Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak shipped the first Apple I,
 which was sold in the form of a kit, or  how in  April 1977,  the Apple II
 was introduced (selling for $3000.00), which helped Apple become a Fortune
 500 company?

       Or when (in May 1980), the  Apple III  was introduced,  which was so
 buggy and incompatible that Apple eventually re-engineered it, helping the
 IBM PC to become successful in  the business  markets which  the Apple III
 was aimed at?



       Kaypro Corp.,  which played  a pioneering  role in the microcomputer
 industry, is now in a state of financial turmoil.  They recently filed for
 protection under  Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code.  At this time, Roy
 Salisbury was serving as  Kaypro's  President,  with  members  of  the FCS
 Consulting Group  managing Kaypro.   Andrew  Kay (who is Founder, Chairman
 of the Board, and controlling shareholder of Kaypro) was fired as CEO.

       However, soon after this,  Andrew Kay's  attorneys obtained  a court
 order for  a meeting of Kaypro's Board of Directors.  In this meeting, Ray
 Salisbury and other members of  his  consulting  group  were  REMOVED from
 Kaypro's management.  Ben Fisher, a longtime Kaypro employee was appointed
 by Kaypro's Board (which was  dominated  by  Andrew  Kay's  supporters) as
 Kaypro's President/CEO.   However, this series of powerplays may have been
 in vain, because of the company's current condition.

      The SEC has also "told" Kaypro to produce financial records  for 1988
 and  1989.    However,  Kaypro  has  now  lost  their NASDAQ stock listing
 precisely because they weren't able to file their  annual financial report
 for last  year.   Investigators auditing Kaypro have been unable to make a
 report  on   the  company's   financial  statements   because  of  serious
 "deficiencies" in  Kaypro's accounting  records.   Meaning that they can't
 determine Kaypro's finances for Fiscal Year 1989.   Also, Kaypro's current
 management  can't  even  say  whether  its  previous financial reports are
 accurate or not, let alone its current financial records for  1990.   As a
 result, Kaypro  has indicated that it is not wise to invest in the company
 at this time....

       Amid this scene of financial anarchy, Kaypro announced  that it will
 resume production  in order  to fill a $500,000 backlog in back orders for
 Kaypro computers, and $1  million in  orders received  after Salisbury was
 ousted  from  management.    However,  Kaypro  CEO Ben Fisher has tried to
 reassure the entire financial community by saying that Kaypro has "trimmed
 expenses and expects to show profitability very soon".

 CPU MacNews?


       Radius  Inc.  has  recently  introduced  RadiusTV, a NuBus Expansion
 Board for the Mac II which uses genlocking technology to  display TV/Video
 images on  a resizable Macintosh Window.  It can digitize and display live
 16-bit (65,536 color) video  images in  real-time (30  frames/second), and
 allows these images to be saved onto the Mac Clipboard.  Cost: $2800.00.

       RadiusTV also integrates all of the elements of a TV signal into its
 operation, meaning that you can do  several things  with it  (like viewing
 closed captions  and adjusting  calibration settings) that you can do with
 a regular TV.  As part of  this,  RadiusTV  has  a  cable-ready  TV tuning
 system, and can display NTSC Video from many devices, including:

       - TV/Cable Broadcasts              - Video Cameras
       - Laserdisc players                - VCRs and video cassette players

        With  RadiusTV,  one  can  also  select  and  control several video
 devices via software.  Radius has  also  bundled  a  comprehensive  set of
 developer tools  for RadiusTV,  allowing multimedia  (read: desktop video)
 applications like MacroMind Director to utilize its features.

       Interestingly enough, Radius is  marketing RadiusTV  as a "platform"
 for "business  television, image capture, interactive training, education,
 and presentations".


 - Cambridge, MA                       LOTUS WINS CASE AGAINST 1-2-3 CLONES

       Lotus Corp.  recently  won  a  copyright  infringement  case against
 Paperback  Software  (maker  of  VP  Planner) and Stephenson Software, who
 makes a spreadsheet product called The Twin.  The US  District Court found
 that  the  user  interfaces  of  VP  Planner and The Twin infringed on the
 copyrighted Lotus 1-2-3 user interface.   Lotus still  has a  similar case
 pending against Mosaic Software, maker of another 1-2-3 "Clone"....

       In the  case, Judge  Keeton stated that "the user interface of 1-2-3
 is its most unique element", and is what  made it  so popular.   Lotus has
 said that  this case  reaffirms that copyrighted portions of software will
 be protected  under law.   However,  Paperback Software  intends to appeal
 the decision,  and may be joined by other spreadsheet makers who are being
 sued by Lotus.

       However, this ruling says that a program's menu command structure is
 an "original  work", and  can presumably be copyrighted.  However, several
 industry analysts say that Judge  Keeton  has  wrongly  maintained  that a
 program's user  interface and command structure is more important than its
 features or functionality.  If so, then this ruling may have only confused
 the issue....

        The Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) has ordered a series
 of reductions in the fees charged by companies like Southwestern  Bell for
 local phone  number service,  which will  result in  a $1.1 billion dollar
 break in consumers' phone bills.

       Interestingly, the local phone companies themselves  only proposed a
 $400 million  dollar cut.   The  FCC found that local phone companies made
 inaccurate projections of cost and demand  for such  services (as  well as
 overestimating  certain  expenses),  and  used these projections to charge
 excessive rates.  Last year, the  "baby  Bells"  gained  $19  billion from
 these fees....

       The FCC  has also  found that several "baby Bells" (including NYNEX,
 Southwestern  Bell,  BellSouth,  and  Ameritech)  charged  their political
 lobbying costs  to their  operating expense accounts.  MCI and Allnet have
 asked the FCC to investigate whether the "baby Bells" are pushing the cost
 of their political lobbying efforts to consumers....

 - Mountain View, CA                 ADOBE TYPE MANAGER OUT FOR WINDOWS 3.0

       Adobe Systems has introduced a version of Adobe Type Manager(or ATM)
 for Microsoft Windows 3.0.   ATM  will allow  Windows 3.0  applications to
 automatically display  Postscript fonts (scaled to any size), and to print
 them using ANY printer, Postscript or non-Postscript.  It will be shipping
 in September.  Cost: $100.00.

       ATM/Windows contains the Standard 13 set of Postscript fonts (Times,
 Courier, Helvetica, and Symbol).  However, most Postscript  laser printers
 use the  Standard 35  set of  Postscript fonts.  Therefore, Adobe has also
 announced that  when ATM/Windows  ships, that  the Adobe  Plus Pack (which
 provides  the  22  other  fonts  in  the  Standard  35  set)  will also be
 available.  Cost: $200.00....


       Only days after its lawsuit win, Lotus is suing Borland Inc. and the
 Santa Cruz Operation (maker of SCO Xenix), charging that their spreadsheet
 programs (Quattro Pro and SCO Professional,  respectively) violate Lotus's
 copyrights.   Lotus alleges  that the recent ruling indicates that 1-2-3's
 command structure and user interface are  copyrightable, and  that both of
 these spreadsheets have violated Lotus' copyrights.

       However,  Quattro  Pro  provides  features and commands NOT found in
 1-2-3, which may weaken  Lotus' case.   However,  this case  stands a good
 chance of  clarifying what  parts of software programs cannot be imitated,
 and may settle the issue over how important a program's "look and feel" is
 to its sales and popularity.

       Interestingly, the  Software Publisher's  Association recently found
 that Quattro Pro now owns over 28 percent of the PC Spreadsheet market (up
 from 5 percent from when it was introduced in 1989), and that Lotus hasn't
 regained the market share it lost while developing 1-2-3 Version 3.0....


 > LEXICOR, ST's FUTURE!  STR FOCUS?     * EXCLUSIVE *,  In-depth Interview!

                                             LEXICOR, in ST's FUTURE!

 STR -- = STReport

 Lee -- = Lee Seiler, Vice President

                          LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORP.
                              58 Redwood Road
                             Fairfax, Ca 94930

  A candid interview with Lee M. Seiler of LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORPORATION.

 STR --   Lee, I understand that LEXICOR is a brand new company  devoted to
          the Atari  market and  its software  authors.   Please, tell us a
          little about LEXICOR?

 Lee --   YES that's true...LEXICOR is actually a small corporation made 
          up of former ANTIC developers. Last year ANTIC lost interest in 
          further development of the CYBER series. We got together and 
          decided to form our own company and continue development on our 
          own work.

 STR --   Can you tell us who some of these people are..?"

 Lee --   YES...Paul Dana,  Dave Ramsden,  Mark Kimbel,  including Jim Kent
          who, while  not actually doing any programming, has been a valued
          adviser on some aspects of our work and Robert Birmingham who was
          not with Antic but is an exceptional programer.

 STR --    With the depression of the ATARI market and all the footdragging
          from ATARI in addition to ATARI's  lack  of  interest  in  the US
          market, is  seems that  starting a  new company  to support ATARI
          computers would be a bit risky?

 Lee --   Not at fact, the ATARI market could  not be better...let
          me explain...While  everything you suggest is true to some extent
          it does not naturally follow that  the US  Market place  is to be
          avoided.    Your  inference  is  right that many companies are no
          longer producing products for  the ATARI  computer and  some have
          gone  out  of  business.  But  this  is  due  to their failure to
          recognize the ATARI market for what  it actually  is in  stead of
          what they think it should be.   

 STR --     I'm not  sure I  understand what  you mean??..could you be more

 Lee --   OK,   Take ANTIC  for example,last  year we  were working  on new
          products  as  independent  developers with the understanding that
          ANTIC would buy the finished programs we were working on  and add
          them to the CYBER STUDIO series.  But suddenly we discovered from
          Jim Chapperal that ANTIC  sales had  fallen drastically  and that
          the ATARI market was not worth the cost of completing development
          of our new software.  This was about the time that Charles Cherry
          went to ATARI.

 STR --   I see, however, are you saying that the ATARI market has IMPROVED
          since then?

 Lee --   By no means, in fact it has gotten even worse, so much  so that a
          majority of  the general  users talking  on Compuserve relates to
          how bad the ATARI support is from both ATARI and second and third
          party companies.

 STR --     Well now I am really confused!...You seem to be saying that the
          ATARI market is very good on one hand  and contradicting yourself
          on the other hand by admitting that the same market is worse than
          ever??  Which is the case?

 Lee --   Yes, it does seemingly appear to  be contradictory, superficially
          though.    The  reality  here  is  in what shape the ATARI market
          actually is in.   Not how  it appears  at first  glance.   In the
          first place,  you must  accept the  fact that the US ATARI market
          for ATARI CORP. is a secondary market.  This is  a fact evidenced
          by their  performance and  is not  likely to change anytime soon.
          Next; this secondary market  is  a  very  limited  market.   It's
          ability to  support products, new or otherwise, are well defined.
          To remain  in business  in this  marketplace, the  basic rules of
          supply  and  demand  must  be  strictly adhered to, violate these
          rules and you are lost!  This is exactly what has been happening.
          A good  example is  ANTIC'S misconception  of those rules and the
          actual state of the  market, this  was demonstrated  by their cut
          back in  Cyber support  and the  eventual dropping of all further
          development of Cyber Studio Products.

 STR --   I see and understand your points, Now, please can you give us an 
          example or two of your meaning?

 Lee --   Of course, ANTIC found that their sales were dropping and wrongly
          believed that the ATARI users were throwing their computers in to
          the trash can and flocking to  the MAC  and AMIGA  markets!  They
          also assumed  (wrongly) that  the solution was to chase after the
          fleeing users. They seemed to think that it was necessary  to, in
          some way,  get those  users to  switch from a MAC or AMIGA to the
          ATARI computers  and that  this would  only happen  if ATARI Corp
          built, advertised  and sold  more and  better products  in the US
          with emphasis on heavy advertising.  This was, of course,  not at
          all what was happening. 

 STR --     So you  are saying that what really happened was that they just
          sold out their limited market??

 Lee --   That's right!

 STR --   I  mean that  a limited  market will  sell only limited
          numbers and when it becomes saturated...  sales drop off!

 Lee --     Correct.   And the only way a company can continue in this sort
          of market, which is quite limited is to offer new material, built
          on  the  existing  foundation,  which  is  what we are thoroughly
          involved in.

 STR --   Exactly what have  you  done  along  these  lines....I  have seen
          your  advertisement  in  various  hardcopy  publications  and  it
          appears you are offering some extremely powerful programs?

 Lee --   First we have created a new series of  CAD3D programs  which make
          it possible  for an  ATARI owner  to actually  become an OFF-LINE
          graphics work station.  We call  our program  series " PHASE-"4".
          This series  consist of four parts...the first is ROSETTA3D which
          is a super fast CAD object viewer and  translation program.   The
          second is  Chronos 3D  which is  a motion control module, Next is
          Kinetic which consist of players and utility programs the last is
          Prism  which  is  our  high-res  rendering package which includes
          prism AGE our High res graphics program.   We have  also gathered
          the best hardware talent available to create more color at useful
          resolutions for use in animation on the ATARI.

 STR --   What do you mean by a "translation" program?

 Lee --   You can import 8 different file formats and then view  the object
          and export back into any of the import formats you wish including
          the P.I.X.R " RIB" file format.  You can also  do draft animation
          sequences with  ROSETTA in 1024X768 in 16 colors and save it as a
          .DLT file which allows  the user  in a  commercial environment to
          create and  show in  real time  first quality draft animations to
          customers.  You can also save out 1024X768 by 16  color files and
          load  them  back  into  Cyberpaint  for  viewing  at  the 320X200
          resolution.  Also supported is the full 4096 color pallet.

 STR --    What are some of the file formats ROSETTA will handle?  

 Lee --   .DXF, .DXB,  .3D, .3D2,  .3D4, .Swivel  3D, Renderman  RIB, Amiga
          sculpt 3D, Mack sculpt 3D ....

 STR --     That's impressive.....I  have seen some of your animations were
          those made using ROSETTA?

 Lee --   Yes and NO... The mermaid which is a 15K vertices object was done
          in is a simple rotation about all three axis.. while
          the shattering glass with  reflections and  reflection distortion
          was  done  using  Chronos3D.    The  eischer  was done using both

 STR --   Tell us a little about "Chronos"..?   

 Lee --   This  program  is  the  heart  of  "PHASE-"4"  is  a fully
          featured object  motion control program which requires no command
          line operations.

 STR --   .......You mean its mouse driven...?

 Lee --    Yes, the  only keyboard  input is  option imputes  and file path
          selection, everything else is mouse driven.

 STR --   Your advertisement claims "..cut, copy and paste time itself...."
          What exactly does that statement mean to the user?

 Lee --   Please, allow me describe the new CYBER world  as it  now exists!
          Our  CYBER  Universe  is  now  400  times  bigger  than  the  one
          discovered by ANTIC, in this new universe you can have objects so
          large,  they  can't  possibly  be  created in CAD3D2 and are only
          approached by Cyber sculpt.  There is no  limit to  the number of
          objects in  this new  Universe other than system memory.  In this
          new and wonderful Universe  you can  see both  into the  past and
          into the future.  You can do this from any point in both time and
          In this universe, which the user defines, you  may cut,  copy and
          paste any object both where it exists and when it exists.  So you
          see, the user can both see the past he has created and the future
          he wishes  to create,  the user  may cut an object from their own
          past and paste it into it's own future, the reverse  is also true
          as  well.    Objects  can  be  transformed  from one existence to
          another.  There is  no longer  any requirement  for an  object to
          have a fixed number of faces and vertices.

 STR --     wait a minute.....are you saying that you can change a 4 vert..
          pyramid with 4 faces into ........

 Lee --   .....Into say, an X-29 reversed wing fighter having  thousands of
          verts and faces.  YES that exactly what can now be done!"
 STR --     That sounds  exciting.....but it sounds a little too good to be
          true!!! How is this accomplished?"

 Lee --   If I told you that, everyone would be writing our programs and we
          would be on the beach...

 STR --   What else can you do in Chronos?...

 Lee --    I know this will sound boastful, but you will be able to do just
          about anything you can imagine and much of  which you  thought to
          be impossible on an ATARI ST.

 STR --   Like what for instance...?

 Lee --   As far as chronos goes..... or PHASE-"4" is concerned....?

 STR --   An example of each will be just fine....  

 Lee --     The user will be able to display 16 million colors in 256 pixel
          resolution on the standard SC1224, as well as  1024X768 depending
          on the users system hardware.

 STR --     Well that's great, but it sounds like the user may in store for
          major hardware or equipment modifications.  True?

 Lee --    Yes, however  it certainly  won't be  as difficult  as one might
          expect.   Or for  that matter,  as expensive as imagined.  We are
          supporting the ISAC High Res color board made  by J.  Craswell at
          IMAGE SYSTEMS  for all  those who want big screen word processors
          and technical drawing such as is found in DYNA-CAD.  We have also
          developed  our  own  TRUE  24-BIT  color  Board and are currently
          negotiating  the  manufacturing  arrangements  with  several high
          quality hardware manufacturers.
 STR --   Are you at liberty to disclose who these manufactures are..?"

 Lee  --      YES.....Practical  Solutions  and IMAGE SYSTEMS are currently
          engaged in the manufacture of our hardware applications.

 STR --   Sounds expensive.  Any idea of the cost to the end user?

 Lee --    Our  entire  software  package  will  retail  some  where around
          $300.00 however,  however it  is obtainable in modular form.  The
          most expensive module being  approx. $100.00.   The  24 BIT color
          board which will drive any ATARI ST from the 520 to the MEGA4 and
          it will be in the $300 to  $500  range.    Again  these  are only
          estimates at  this time.   The  company's intention is to offer a
          full, offline work station package,  ready  to  go,  for anywhere
          from  $600.00  to  $900.00.    And this includes all hardware and
          software  excluding,  of  course,  the  computer  and monitor(s),
          Which, in most cases, the user will already possess. 

 STR --   Does this include the ISAC board...?"

 Lee  --      Unfortunately,  no.    If one desires both the ISAC and 24bit
          installation, they would need a second computer because these two
          systems  share  some  common  hard  and software environments and
          would interfere  with each  other.   The Isac  retails for around
          $800.00.    Now,  if  one  purchases  through  our company, it is
          possible to obtain the 1024X768  board  and  our  entire software
          package for less than the retail cost of the board.

 STR --   That seem somewhat excessive, having to buy a second computer..!

 Lee --    Not when you consider that a hard drive costs more than a 520 or
          1040ST these days. and when  you  consider  that  the  serious or
          professional animator  will want  to be  rendering animations and
          creating new one at the same time, having more than one system on
          a shared HD makes very good sense.

 STR --    I would like to re-examine something you mentioned earlier about
          the ATARI market....?  You said that the  ATARI market  was  very
          good at  this time in direct contradiction of the general opinion
          of the userbase, what did you mean or  how do  you plane  to take
          advantage of the current ATARI market..?"

 Lee --     As I  see things  now ATARI corporation is a profitable company
          and  will  continue  to  produce  computers  for  the foreseeable
          future,  whether  they  release  the  new TT or not makes no real
          difference at all as far as the existing market is concerned.  In
          fact, if  they  never  sold  another  computer  ever it would not
          really effect   the existing market.  I view Atari Corp.  just as
          I  would  any  other  equipment  manufacturer, they make hardware
          which I create and interface products for.  This means  that I am
          interested in the "Installed User Base" and not the potential new
          market  that  might  exist  if  ATARI   ran  their  manufacturing
          operations to suite my taste, advertised like IBM and dumped lots
          of cheap hardware on the market.  The  apparent notion  that some
          how if  Atari competes  in the  open marketplace like IBM it will
          some how make the computer better or improve  the existing market
          is incorrect in our opinion. 

 STR --     So what  you are saying is that you believe the ATARI market is
          healthy and you are going to be successful?

 Lee --   Certainly, mainly because the problem now is not AN IMAGE problem
          with ATARI  but the  need for software and hardware developers to
          provide the tools which  the manufacture  has not  provided.  Who
          cares if the Tramiel brothers do or don't get along or whether or
          not they care for the American customers?   I have  been to ATARI
          twice  as  a  registered  Developer  and the place just looks and
          sounds like any other corporation.  I think to believe that these
          people  are  some  how  out  to  punish  customers  is beyond any
          reasonable possibility.  I don't care if the manufacturers of the
          HD we  use, originally thought of the ATARI or not. In fact, they
          did not.  I have a host adaptor from a third party   manufacturer
          "ICD"  who  sees  the  market  as  I  do,  so  now  I play 44 Meg
          animations in real time from a  HD never  originally intended for
          this use.  I am not complaining because ATARI doesn't make such a
          device.   What's the point.?"

 STR --   That's an interesting point you you feel that there is
          a responsibility  of some  sort on the part of either the user or
          developer  to  fill  a  void  that   the  manufacturer  obviously

 Lee --     Yes. That's exactly what I mean.  Instead of complaining  about
          how mistreated they are, those doing the complaining should think
          about how best to support and use the equipment they have.  I was
          a user who wanted to use the ATARI  as an  ART  took a
          while for  me to see that the ATARI lacked resolution, colors and
          software.  Therefore,  when  I  saw  the  opportunity  to develop
          products and overcome these deficiencies... I took it.
 STR --   Why not just buy another computer like the MAC or AMIGA...?"

 Lee --   Ease of use and Cyber Paint were the biggest reasons at first.

 STR --   And now....

 Lee --     Well as  you know,  by now  the industry has caught up with the
          advances ATARI made several years ago.  But this only  means that
          the  current  owners  of  ATARI  ST  systems  who  are  more than
          comfortable with the GEM interface and  its host  of reliable and
          diverse second  and third party peripherals have become a waiting
          market  for  reasonably  priced   powerful   graphic   tools  and
          commercial  applications.    We  are  talking  about  an easy 800
          thousand users, all of whom like  what  they  have  and  have not
          really been offered anything new for quite some time.

 STR --   ...and this is what you are attempting to do now...?"

 Lee  --      What  we  have far.....We have created 4 new major
          programs for the ATARI using 5 programmers and one artist.   Most
          of the  software is  written and  being groomed for release soon.
          All the hardware has been prototyped and works well.  

 STR --   Therefore most everything you  have mentioned  is basically done,
          is that right.?"  

 Lee --   YES.... we will be releasing the first part of PHASE-"4" soon.

 STR --   Do you have a release date yet..?"

 Lee --    We have set AUGUST 15th as the big day, but we may be delayed by
          some hardware deliveries.  At  this  point  we  are  only telling
          retailers   AUGUST as  a first  possible delivery  date.  We have
          been getting four to five calls  a day  for the  last three weeks
          with from  dealers and  users asking  us to  reserve programs and

 STR --   Is there a way to get a preview  of what  your new  programs will

 Lee  --      YES.....We  have uploaded several animations created with our
          programs which demonstrate many of the features we mentioned here

 STR --   What about the 24-bit color..?"

 Lee --    Unfortunately with out the color boards, there is no way to view
          the picture files.  We hope to be  ready to  ship boards  in late
          SEPT.   When that  happens we  will start  uploading 24 bit ATARI
          color to the ATARI forum on Compuserve.

 STR --   That brings up support, will you be offering support? sure
          sounds like you are opening up a whole new area in ATARI use..?"

 Lee --   Yes we are.... and Yes we will be offering full support. 

 STR --   Will this include online support..?"

 Lee --     Yes, we  have already set up full LEXICOR online support in the
          ATARI forum on Compuserve. We will be offering  monthly tutorials
          using both  PHASE-"4" and  (Cyber-related applications).  We will
          be offering a new library of object files  for users  to exchange
          and .ANM files for motion control applications. 

 STR --   When will this support be available...?"

 Lee --     People who have questions can send Email to us now.  Our formal
          support will begin when we begin shipping.   Our arrangement with
          Compuserve is predicated on product availability.

 STR --     Earlier, you commented that you did not care if ATARI ever sold
          another computer does this  mean you  won't be  supporting the TT
          when it is released.?"

 Lee --   At this point, we have passed on supporting the TT.  But if ATARI
          does make it available  to US  developers and  the US  market, we
          will  reconsider  supporting  this  computer.   I have to mention
          however that if even a small percentage of the existing installed
          userbase wants our products we will be quite busy.  

 STR --   Do you feel the TT will be available this Year?"

 Lee --     I have  no idea  what ATARI  plans for the TT in the US but the
          reality is that it  takes time  to develop  and or  port products
          from one  machine to  another. Even if we did plan to support the
          TT it would be next year before we could reasonably get a product
          on the shelf.

          Besides why spend a couple of grand on a new computer and all the
          problems associated with that when for less than half that amount
          you  can  upgrade  your  own  trouble  free  system and get fully
          functional 24-bit color, motion control and rendering....? 

          Remember that our software will  allow  the  user  to  import and
          export  to  most  other  popular graphic systems MAC, Amiga...etc
          with the same or higher resolution.

 STR --   I have  just one  more question,   I  understand that  LEXICOR is
          hiring programmers..are you and for how long?"

 Lee  --      Not  exactly....The  way we work is we offer author/developer
          support based on an exclusive marketing agreement, we are a group
          of software  authors so our company is based on the idea that the
          author comes first.  

 STR --   If someone was interested in finding out more  how would  they do

 Lee --     They can  check the  compuserve ATARI  ARTS forum  for our HELP
          Wanted listing which has all the details. 



                           TRADE UP TO TURBO ST!

     Until October 1st, 1990, owners of Quick ST may trade  up to  Turbo ST
 for only  $25 (shipping included).  Now everyone can take advantage of the
 only software accelerator that speeds up  graphics.   The 1.82  release of
 Turbo ST  that you  will be  shipped includes  high speed routines to fill
 polygons, and to draw diagonal lines, icons, and pixels.  In addition, the
 monochrome  and  Moniterm  versions  of  Turbo  ST include what may be the
 worlds fastest circle drawing algorithm.  Not only  that, but  Turbo ST is
 the only software acclerator to speed up WordPerfect.

     To take  advantage of  this offer,  simply send the title page of your
 Quick ST manual or  your Quick  ST purchase  receipt to  SofTrek, P.O. Box
 5257, Winter  Park, FL  32793 along with your personal check, money order,
 VISA, or MasterCard number.  If the only proof of  purchase that  you have
 is your original Quick ST disk, you may send it in and it will be returned
 to you unaltered with your Turbo ST order.

     This offer supersedes the trade-in offer  that appeared  in ST Report,
 issue #626.   All  users who responded to the previous trade-in offer will
 be mailed back their original Quick ST disk along with  $5 (the difference
 in price  between the  new offer  and the old offer).  Should you have any
 questions about this offer,

 Or, call SofTrek at 1-800-749-7638. 

                               P.O. Box 5257
                          Winter Park, FL  32793


 > STe - DMA STR FOCUS?      Atari's  R. Hain sez they're fine but.......

                         RUSSIAN HARDRIVE ROULETTE

     Its true, there seems to be a little or no  problem with  the DMA port
 elsewhere in  the world,  why is it happening across the USA?  Could it be
 the circuit modifications done to gain  acceptance by  the FCC?   Although
 Atari's online  wizards (who  are usually quite outspoken) have really had
 nothing to say relative to this and the 32Mhz TT030 news, there is talk of
 a letter  sent out  by Atari  making note that there may be about "10%" of
 the shipped STe units in the  USA that  have problems  with the  DMA port.
 Also, we include a few notes posted by folks who definitely have no axe to
 grind and have experienced the DMA problem or  have an  active interest in
 the situation.
     There is  no reason to elaborate on the matter as it screams loudly by
 itself.  The only answer is Atari must now do the right thing and get this
 wrinkle ironed out completely to everyone's satisfaction.

 Category 14,  Topic 40
 Message 213       Tue Jul 10, 1990
 C.WALTERS1 [Chet]            at 04:31 EDT
     Well, it  just goes  along with  all the  rest.  I bought a lawn mower
 motor to replace one that died.  Turns out I needed a  step shaft  and did
 not know  it.   I took it back and ordered one with a step shaft.  It came
 in. I took it  home without  looking in  the carton.  Opened it.   No step
 shaft.   Took it  back.   Got another and this time opened it at the shop.
 No step shaft.  Got another. Finally a step shaft.   Four  motors before I
 could cut  the grass  (by then it looked like those "amber waves of grain"
 you've all heard about).

     Next I bought a photocopier  for  productivity.    Brought  it  to the
 office. It was DOA.  Took it back.  It was the last one so I chose another
 model.  Brought it home.  DOA.  Screw this!   Got  the money  and bought a
 Laser printer  instead for  productivity.   Nice printer.  KX - P4450 from
 Panasonic.  Set it up and  printed fine  for about  10 minutes.   When the
 fuser got  hot the  laser got  out of the kitchen.  Would not print even a
 self test.  Called in the techie to replace the  laser unit.   Worked fine
 thereafter if you like the left side of the page to always print a quarter
 of an inch above the right.  The text lines looked remarkably  like bezier
 curves.   Finally screamed  my way  into a replacement of the entire unit.
 Now it's ok.

     Next, I got an air conditioner so's I could work in the  office during
 the day  without shorting  the keyboard  from perspiration (sweat, really)
 dropping on it from my forehead.  The AC unit  worked ok,  but the control
 was shorted probably from the sweat of an assembler's forehead dropping on
 it at the factory.  Got another.  It's ok now.

     Got an STe from Atari last week.  Works fine for games and such.   Try
 to plug  a harddrive  into it and bye bye HD.  Total havoc.  Called Atari.
 "Well, a certain percentage of the  first run  of US  STe's have  weak DMA
 chains. (About 10% it seems) Send it back."

     Oh, well, does anything work first time out of the box anymore?  Seems
 not.  Some of the fireworks I had for the  fourth of  July were  duds too.
 The ones  that worked  were spectacular though!  That's sort of like Atari
 computers.  When they work there's nothing can touch them.  To that I must
 add that the STe was the first bad unit I ever got from Atari.  Everything
 else I ever got from them worked fine and forever.  I sold my  first beige
 beast 800  to a person and it's still going strong after seven years.  All
 of the Megas purchased  by WizWorks  have performed  flawlessly since they
 were plugged in.  Except for a surge that fried a monitor and power supply
 once, they've just been great workhorses.  

     So, can I blame it on them?  Not really.  If you read  the above, it's
 just been  my luck  lately.   Must be in the stars.  I'll be sure to check
 with Nancy's astrologer before I buy another big ticket item.   Mebbe I'll
 just have it shipped to a different address under an assumed name and have
 my son pick it up for me.  That might trick cloud I've been  working under

     Ralph -  I will say this.  They did not quibble at Atari at all.  They
 just said send it back.  Not bad.  They  are getting  better.   Atari that
 is.   Lets not  kick them  while they're  down.  If there's a problem then
 give 'em a chance.  Saying they did this deliberately  smacks of paranoia.
 Sure, they've been lax in their duties, but hey, look at the above and see
 who ain't been lately!  The DEV program  is getting  really responsive and
 responsible.   Atari is  on the  way up.  Keep your eye on it!  Might be a
 good time to invest in Atari  stock  now  that  it's  rock  bottom priced.
 Dunno, I never was much good at that stock stuff.  Ok, I promise _I_ won't
 buy any.  It'd be sure to dive if _I_ got some.  That's the way  it's been
 for me lately.

 _______Chet  at  \/\/iz\/\/orks :^{) 

     We will have to wait and see how the replacement performs.  How's come
 nobody mentioned this before?  Am I  just the first to have troubles or is
 everyone scared  to talk?   Dunno,  I ain't  scared to  tell the truth.  I
 don't give a squirt who gets pissed off. Just ask some who know. I  may be
 wrong sometimes, but it's what _I_ perceive as the truth at the time.


 Editor Note;
     The entire  STe "shortfall" matter was completely detailed in STReport
 625 and 626, from the broken TOS 1.60 to the  DMA choke.   Atari  has good
 reason to  be concerned,  this is the year of the last hurrah, the STe and
 of course, the ominous silence  by  the  online  wonderboy  concerning the
 16Mhz or  is it  32Mhz TT030  gives the entire userbase all the confidence

 Category 23,  Topic 12
 Message 96        Tue Jul 10, 1990
 JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 22:53 EDT
     What is the story with the STE's that Atari has  been shipping  in the
 USA? I  heard about  a DMA  problem on  the motherboard some time ago, but
 Randy Hain told me a  few  weeks  ago  that  there  is  absolutely nothing
 intrinsically wrong  with the  DMA on any of the STE's.  Now, Chet Walters
 is told by someone at Atari that 10% of the STE's shipped  in the  USA are
 likely to  have a  DMA problem.   That's  a one in ten chance that any STE
 will scramble someone's hard disk.  Those are spooky odds.

     Short of sacrificing hard  disks  drives  to  each  STE  a responsible
 dealer receives from Atari, how can these STE's be identified?  Will there
 be a field upgrade issued to Atari's service  dealers or  do the defective
 units have to be shipped back to Atari?


   ***   Timely words  Jeff, in fact you have said it all.  Let's  wait and
 see if as sensible an answer is forthcoming.


 > STE - 1990's BOOM or BUST STR Spotlight?       What's up Doc???

part II

                 THE STE, DOES IT WORK OR DOESN'T IT?

 by Robert A. Dolson

     Well, I got the ICD host adapter yesterday  and completed  putting the
 new   hard drive together today (at a friend's house, he was a big help in
 mounting the host adapter inside the shoebox case).  I had the STe with me
 of course,  and proceeded  to hook  it up  to the hard drive using the ICD
 supplied DMA cable. Got  it formatted  ok, and  then started  to copy some
 files to the drive.  

     I  turned  on  the  write  verify  and  status on the handler prior to
 starting to write to the drive.  It seemed to go fair at first  with a few
 write fails  showing up, but rapidly got worse and it started to stop with
 an alert box telling  me that  drive C:  might be  damaged!   So, I packed
 everything up  and came back home to try it with the shorter 18 inch Atari
 cable.  I re-formatted the drive again using that cable  and it  seemed to
 be a  lot better,  but still  got quite  a few write fails. Then I changed
 back to the longer cable and it was pretty bad again. I  then proceeded to
 take  the  STe  back  to  1  meg.  of  memory (from the 4 that I had in it
 earlier). It acted the same so I decided to try hooking it up to  this old
 ST to  see how it would do......... DID I GET A SURPRISE!!   The new drive
 WOULD NOT BOOT USING THE ST!!! Not from floppy or autoboot!
     In fact, it would give me two bombs on the screen and tell me  the ICD
 clock was  not installed, and then if I had the ICD boot software in drive
 A:, it would not give me a directory on drive A: but  told me  the data on
 THAT drive  was damaged!   It  would not  tell me this if I booted without
 the hard drive and looked at the disk. 
     I am totally DUMBFOUNDED!!  I can't imagine why it  won't work  on the
 regular ST!   I even took it back and forth a couple of times and it still
 works (with write fails) on the STe, but not on the ST! 
     The only thing I can figure is that the keyboard  clock backup  on the
 ST  is  interfering  in  some  way.    Tomorrow,  I hope to disconnect the
 keyboard on the ST and thus do away with the clock possibility. 
     I will also be making a trip up to Computer Garden sometime during the
 next  few  days  to  see  if  they  can  fathom  any of this.  It's got me
 completely baffled. 
     By the way, the old ST still works  flawlessly with  this old  42 meg.
 SH-204 ...with a 3 foot cable at that! 


 > ONLY TRYING! STR FOCUS?      Users trying to help Atari help itself.

 Ctsy Delphi
      15660 9-JUL 01:59  General Information
      RE: Yes, Virginia, There Is... (Re: Msg 15623)
      From: NORMW        To: ANDYPANDA67 (NR)

     Andy,  the  criticism  of  Atari  is  said  with the hope that it will
 eventually get  back to  the ears  of those  who _can_  do something about
 it....and maybe  it has!   This  new man  who is  taking over Atari, North
 America has a proven track record.  And what I'm hearing, filtering out of
 Sunnyvale is hopeful.

     I'm sorry  if you  are disturbed  by the criticisms, but they are well
 deserved. Remember, I  have  a  background  in  design  and  production of
 commercial equipment,  and the  way the STe has been released in the US is
 quite shoddy. And _they_ know it.

     I was enthused with  the idea  of the  "Jackintosh" when  it was first
 announced around  '83 or '84. I want to continue that enthusiasm, in fact,
 I want to design products for it. But that is pointless if  Atari makes no
 effort,  what-so-ever  to  sell  in  this  country.  That  has  been  very
 frustrating. I have my fingers crossed in regards to the new man.


     Norm, your enthusiasm has been absolutely unimpeachable for years, yet
 many like  yourself, have  found themselves asking the very same questions
 and holding up the same hopes.

     The above message is almost a carbon copy of many we have  received in
 the  last  three  weeks  as  a  result  of our recent series of Apocalypse
 Articles, this one in  particular is  included to  make an  example of the
 sincerity of  all those  folks who  are trying  in their  own ways to help
 Atari realize the userbase's  general  attitude  these  days.    Never, in
 Atari's history,  have so  many of  its loyal followers been so outspoken,
 both pro and con.  All of us have a distinct and reasonable responsibility
 to  not  mislead  each  other  when  it  comes  to our equipment.  A basic
 premise, as far as STR is concerned, is that the  Atari hardware  is still
 outstanding even though the design is almost 5 years old.  

     We (the  userbase) must  not allow those who dislike the criticisms to
 stampede those of us  who are  concerned into  silence.   In the  past few
 weeks  there  was  an  uproar  over  the  'negativisms' brought forward by
 STReport so much so that there were 1-3:00am threatening phone  calls (the
 answering machine  took some  abuse) and  online "gang  bangs" by a select
 few, (8-10 people), who, through  an  organized  effort,  made  the entire
 protest appear  to be  far greater and more reaching than it actually was.
 Now, only a short while after  the  appearance  of  the  articles,  we are
 virtually loaded down with hard copy mail and e-mail from those we like to
 call the "lurkers" and of course,  the users  who do  not use  modems.  It
 even  was  mentioned  by  a  particularly  outspoken online Atari rep that
 STReport is  "not  read  to  any  extent  at  Atari".    That  was  a bold
 misrepresentation  that  typifies  the  gent's  agile  ability  to try and
 misinform the users for whatever  maligned  or  misguided  purposes.   The
 facts are quite different as has been proven time and time again.  
     The most  important item  on all our agendas must be the ultimate well
 being of Atari, (if we are to protect our investments).   To  achieve this
 end, it is clear that we all must pull together and support Atari where we
 are able while still maintaining our own credibility,  each and  every one
 of us.   STR is well aware that the users have a very strong desire to see
 Atari succeed.  Some of us are  a  little  overeager  in  our  attempts to
 persuade others  to support  Atari.  These are the folks who have lost the
 meaning of support and blindly follow  the flag  bearer in  any direction.
 STR will  never propose that the Lemming Syndrome be adhered to, no matter
 how comfy the feeling of security in numbers  there may  seem to  be.  The
 bottom line  is, there  are far  more users who are honestly concerned and
 willing to do something more than  attempt  to  stifle  those  who  do not
 blindly sing the swan song of lemmings.  
     Atari simply  must succeed, there are far too many users out there who
 are on limited budgets who need to have the ST continued to  be supported.
 There are  far too many worldwide who are so deeply committed to the Atari
 arena financially that they  must  urge  Atari  on  any  way  they  can to
 persevere and prosper.


 > SILLY SNIPES! STR Spotlight?       Inept speculation is rampant!

                                        POSITIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS?

 By R. F. Mariano

     As  Atari  matures,  hopefully,  its  "main attraction"  read > online
 "personality" will also..or, go.  In the meantime, the accusation  made by
 the highly imaginative and illustriously informed online rep; J. Townsend,
 wherein a message he posted in a public area on GEnie, that the Phoney Fax
 was originated  by one of the online magazines truly demonstrates the need
 for  a  more  mature  and  responsible  individual  in  so  sensitive  and
 responsible a capacity.  

   Category 11,  Topic 17
   Message 47        Wed Jul 04, 1990
   TOWNS [John @ Atari]         at 12:36 EDT
  Just a little piece of information. The FAX machines here at Atari are
  programmed with ATARI CORP. at the top. At least the two that I use.

  The one downstairs may be programmed for ATARI US CORP. But, as anyone
  is this company can tell you.. Atari's US subsidiary is referred to as
  Atari US Corp. on ATARI USA CORP. Looks to me like someone didn't do 
  their homework..

  Hi Gordon! I am here... I stand here with you. Let 'em take their best
  shots! We're used to it, right! <grin>

  I wish I had a copy of the FAX.. I would be willing to bet it has a 
  certain Online Magazine's writing style! <grin>


     If this  mode of  "hysterical accusation" and supposition is permitted
 to proceed unchecked then it becomes  easy  to  compare  these  actions to
 those of  a bull  loose in  a fine china and crystal shop.  The "goodwill"
 generated by Townsend's remarks only  amplify  the  dire  need  for closer
 supervision in  the "Day  Care Center."  After having discussed this young
 man's actions  with a  few folks  at Atari,  the general  consensus was to
 overlook his  behavior and  blame it  on his immaturity.  That seems to be
 the same reccomendation Sig Hartmann used to tell most all of us a year or
 so  ago  concerning  many  of  the incredible statements and policy making
 decisions from Atari.  
     Speaking about the fax,  one must  ask who  has the  most to  gain or,
 better yet,  who is  the most  threatened by  the continued success of Bob
 Brodie?  Clearly, the FAX is a cheap shot at Bob.   Online, Bob  is highly
 regarded as the spokesperson to listen to as he is seldom apt to resort to
 emotional blathering and blatant displays of immaturity while  wearing the
 Atari "uniform".   Throughout  the USA  and Canada  Bob's appearances have
 brought nothing but a solid, positive response from  the users  and press.
 His crediblity  is unimpeachable among most folks.  When considering these
 points, it now begins to indicate that the "fax" could  possibly have been
 uttered by  anyone within  Atari itself  who feels  threatened by Brodie's
 continued success.   Sure,  the Fax  may not  have been  sent from Atari's
 facilities  but  that  really  doesn't  prove  anything  except  that  the
 deception was even more extensive than  originally imagined  and perped by
 an individual with a good deal of experience in the use of fax facilities.
 Since Townsend has made the accusatory remarks, perhaps he is  busy trying
 to confuse the issue?

 Category 31,  Topic 3
 Message 27        Fri Jul 13, 1990
 TOWNS [John @ Atari]         at 02:52 EDT
  Don't worry.. you'll get used to Ralph calling you up trying to 
  censor your opinions. In fact, he used to call me. Now he just 
  calls my boss.

  -- John

 Dear John <snicker>,
     The word  censor is not in the STReport vocabulary, you will never and
 have never experienced any person(s) from  this publication  attempting to
 censor you  or, anyone  else for  that matter.  On more than one occasion,
 STR has called you and many  others in  the Atari  community attempting to
 obtain further  clarification of a topic(s), to discuss a subject in depth
 and of course to obtain verification of certain bits of  information.  Or,
 as was  the case  this week,  to protest  your wrongfully making atrocious
 accusations.   John, you  have even  called STR  with tidbits  when it was
 "convenient" to serve your purposes.  

     John, in  light of  this most recent post, it becomes quite clear that
 there are still those  people at  Atari who  would rather  play games than
 take the  future seriously  and take a bold step in the right direction by
 attempting  to  mend  'broken  fences  and  further  build   the  positive
 reputation and  future of  the company.  Its a very sorry situation to see
 persist.  Please John, keep up the good  work.   The fine  examples set by
 you and  the goodwill  generated by  you alone is sure to do Atari a great
 deal of good and lead to many years of continued success.  <BIG GRIN>



 To All...
                            HOTEL INFORMATION

     The following information was taken  from  the  Sheraton  Reston Hotel
 informational brochure.

     The Sheraton  Reston Hotel  has 302 beautifully appointed guest rooms,
 including 10 executive parlor suites (excellent for hospitality purposes).
 The  conference  center  and  banquet  rooms are all located on the ground
 floor surrounding a large  courtyard  and  outdoor  swimming  pool.   Each
 multi-purpose   room   is   equipped  with  individual  sound  facilities,
 individual temperature control and conference lighting systems, as well as
 the capability for closed circuit television.  A full line of audio-visual
 equipment is available.

     In addition, it provides complimentary shuttle van service to and from
 Washington  Dulles  International  Airport  24  hours a day , and has free
 parking for over 900 cars.

     At the end of a tiring day, enjoy a nice swim in the outdoor pool or a
 fast  game  of  tennis,  volleyball,  or  basketball.  Golf privileges are
 available across the  street  adjacent  to  the  Sheraton    Reston Hotel.
 Guests have  access to  a twin cinema, a full-service bank, and many small
 shops and restaurants. 

     Scheduled  and  direct  commercial  limousine  service   to  and  from
 Washington National Airport.

     Situated  in  the  heart  of the Washington-Dulles corridor in Fairfax
 County, Virginia,  the  Sheraton  Reston  Hotel  is  central  to business,
 cultural and tourist attractions.

     Immediately adjacent  to the Washington-Dulles Toll Road and 5 minutes
 to Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts, the Sheraton  is conveniently
 located 20 minutes from downtown Washington via the Washington-Dulles Toll
 Road or I-66.

     Only minutes from  Washington  Dulles  International  Airport  and the
 corporate headquarters  of major  industries and  businesses, the Sheraton
 Reston Hotel is in  the hub  of Fairfax  County's rapidly  growing Hi-Tech
 space-business community.

     Dine  in  the  elegant  Derby  Restaurant and select from an extensive
 American menu. For a more casual atmosphere, enjoy  the Derby  Lounge with
 entertainment nightly.

     Reservations can be made at the Sheraton Reston Hotel by calling voice
 (703), 620- 9000 or by  FAX  (703),  860-1594.  Remember  to  ask  for the
 AtariFest  rates;  $59.00  for  a  single/double  or $66.00 with breakfast
 buffet, and $66.00 for a triple or quad.

 Vendor participation is getting very good.  

 Total of 32 of 60 booths have been committed to date. 

 Vendors with booths are:

  Atari Corp
  D.A.Brumleve + Debonair Software
  Joppa Computers
  Toad Services
  Alpha Systems
  Fast Technologies
  Double Click
  Branch Always
  Cal Com
  Talon Technology
  L & Y Electronics
  Strata Software
  Best Electronics
  Frontier Software
  Diverse Data Products

 Notice that the WAACE  show is  expanding its  international character. In
 addition to  the wonderful  folks from Canada, (Branch Always Software) we
 have Frontier Software from the United Kingdom!!!

 The deadline for the Hotel room  and  free  fest  ticket  deal  is rapidly
 approaching.   You must have your hotel reservations called into the hotel
 by 5, Aug 1990 to get your free tickets. 

         PLEASE call the hotel, THE RESTON INN at 703-620-9000....
                     Ask for the AtariFest rates.....

                           single/double  $59.00
                           Triple/quad    $66.00

                                   Thanks for all your support

                                   Russ Brown WAACE Chairman



 The  Windsor  Atari  Users  Group  of  Windsor,  Ontario,  Canada  and the
 Washtenaw Atari Users Group of Ann Arbor, MI will be hosting the:

                  Windsor/Detroit International AtariFest

 SCHEDULED FOR:  May 4-5, 1991
 LOCATION:St. Clair College of Arts and Technology

     Both Atari  US and  Atari Canada (as well as Rich Tsukigi of ST World)
 have been notified via registered letter of these dates and the clubs have
 recently received  the green light from both Atari divisions.   Although a
 lot of things haven't been finalized for the show, the clubs felt  it best
 to announce  what they  can now,  with updates  in the  future. So, here's
 some info on the FIRST internationally sponsored Atarifest I'm aware  of: 
 Show times  are tentatively  10-5 on  Saturday and  10-4 on Sunday. Ticket
 prices have not been "cast in stone" yet,  either, but  $2.50 per  day was
 discussed favorably.

     Vendor sign-up  kits are  being organized  now and are scheduled to be
 sent out on Oct. 1, 1990. These kits will contain a numbered booth layout,
 seminar  sign-  up  sheet,  info  on  area  hotels, information to help US
 exhibitors  get  through  Customs  easily  (and,   from  all  indications,
 cheaply!),  and  lots  more.      Any developers wishing to guarantee they
 receive a kit, please post a message on GENIE or CIS.  Or, leave  email to
 UNICORNPUB and we'll send your request to the proper people.

     Tentatively, exhibitor  booth prices  are $300  Canadian (approx. $250
 US) and this gets  you a  10x10 booth  with 8  ft. table  and 1 electrical
 outlet.  The  booths  will  be  "piped  and draped" and the tables will be
 skirted. With over 11,000 sq. ft. in the exhibit hall, the show has plenty
 of booths to choose from.

     The clubs  also plan to invite Atari user groups to have booths on the
 main floor -- right along with the developers -- free of charge  (or maybe
 a little  volunteer work).  Kits will  be sent out to user groups sometime
 after the exhibitor kits are mailed.


 > FLIP SIDE! STR Feature?    Taking a look at the other side....

                         A LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE

 By Michael Lee

 Every week, I continue to hear people complain about no new products from 
 Atari,  or about Atari being late with the products that it  does release.

 I   think this is a case of "not seeing the trees because of the  forest".

 Let's take a closer look at some of the complaints.
 If  people think that Atari is the only company that is always late  with 
 announced products, they are only fooling themselves.  One big difference 
 is  that many of these other companies don't announce,  or hint  at,  new 
 products until it's close to the time for them to be released.  Atari has 
 a  habit of leaking the news about new products early,  so it is  natural 
 that they  would get more heat about their products being late (some  say 
 Atari  does this so that they can get feedback from the users and  adjust 
 their development accordingly).

 Another well-worn complaint is the "Tramiel bashing".  It seems to be the 
 rage currently to blame everything that is wrong with Atari on the  three 
 Tramiel brothers.   The folks doing this bashing conveniently forget that 
 it was these same three that brought out the STe,  STacy,  Portfolio, and 
 Lynx (just to name a few).  It was these same three that keep the ST line 
 strong in the rest of the world.  I admit that they have made mistakes in 
 the  past,  but name me one executive of a major corporation that  hasn't 
 (can  you  say "Edsel").   When you are in a position to make  the  final 
 decisions, you are also in a position to make mistakes.  I also wish they 
 would  promote the ST line more in the US,  but what good would it do  to 
 spend millions promoting the ST in the US if it hurt the European  market 
 and Atari Corp?  It would be a case of the operation being successful but 
 the patient dying.

 Let's take a brief look at what Atari has accomplished in the last year.

 First there's the Portfolio and the Lynx.   While it is true that neither 
 of  them is a ST related product,  both have been,  and continue  to  be, 
 resounding  success stories.   Both keep the Atari name in front of  the 
 American  businessman and public.   Plus both keep money coming into  the 
 Atari coffers, money that can be spent to develop and promote the ST line 
 of products.

 Second, we have the STacy's.  This portable ST is so hot that Atari can't 
 keep up with the demand (however, several dealers have reported that they 
 are now receiving, or getting ready to receive,  Stacy 1's and Stacy  4's 
 for  normal stock).   The STacy is driving the midi users  and  musicians 
 wild with its power, ease of handling and inexpensive price.   Also,  the 
 STacy, along with the Spectre128, makes a great, inexpensive portable MAC 
 clone.  Price the STacy 4/40 (4-megs, 40-meg hard drive) and a Spectre128 
 - now go price a 4-meg Mac portable - you now see one big reason why  the 
 STacy 4/40 with Spectre128 is so popular.  (By the way, MultiByte makes a 
 battery  pack/carrying case for the STacy 4/40 that makes it even  easier 
 to own, carry and operate you STacy.)

 Third,  we have the STe's.  The STe 1/2/4's (why by more than a 1-meg STe 
 when  it's so easy and cheap to upgrade them to 4-megs) are  the  natural 
 upgrade to the ST's.   More colors,  more sound,  more power, more speed, 
 more hardware ports, same low pricing.

 Fourth,  there is the new flagship of the ST line,  the TT's.  While they 
 are  still  not  available for release in the US (but  are  promised  for 
 release in the next few months),  they have been released to the rest  of 
 the world.  Europe and New Zealand report that their TT's are coming with 
 a  32mhz 68030 chip installed (Atari won't confirm this for the  US,  but 
 it's  doubtful they'd ship one type of TT to the rest of the world and  a 
 16mhz TT to the US).   I won't get into the exact technical  descriptions 
 as they've been reported in depth everywhere else, but the TT looks to be 
 the low-cost machine to compete against the A-3000 and Mac II (for us who 
 can't afford $8-$10,000).  It has a more open architecture, so it will be 
 more expandable than the current ST line.
 There  is also the new SLM-804 Laser printer that has been RUMORED to  be 
 shipping in the near future.   Lower priced than the current machine  but 
 with today's technology.
 I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound too bad for a company that 
 _supposedly_ is on it's last legs and many people already consider dead.
 Till next week...hopefully.


 > ONLINE TODAY  STR OnLine?                 The wires are hummin'!

                               CIS IN DETAIL
 by Oscar Steele

     Before I delve into the merits of either CompuServe, GEnie,  or any of
 the other  services, I'd  like to stress a point.  Each system has its own
 strengths  and  weaknesses.    These  are  businesses  that  have  been in
 existence for  a number  of years,  and offer  something different to all.
 Making a blanket statement  such as  this system  is better  than that one
 doesn't suffice. 

     Message bases are social areas where you can have fun and occasionally
 be  antagonized  (where  else  could  I  be  heckled,  by  another  online
 magazine's  staff,   for  asking  a  non-confrontational  question).    In
 contrast, download bases are a more secluded area which are like a  key to
 a vast  software library.   It would be possible for a local BBS to have a
 message base similar in size to CIS or  GEnie (assuming  there were enough
 active users),  but it would -in practice- be impossible for a BBS to have
 anywhere near the number of downloadable files.

     Both CIS and GEnie have a sizable download library.   Most new uploads
 appear  on  both  systems;  however,  there  are  exceptions, which appear
 exclusively on one system or another.  Recently, I spent some time testing
 the download capabilities of CIS.

 1 x TIME = MONEY/1

     Since  time  is  money,  the  essence of downloading is to get online,
 download a file (or files), and log off.   Obviously,  the quicker  you do
 this, the  less money it costs you.  Currently, CIS's rates are $12.50 for
 1200/2400 baud, while GEnie's are $6 for 1200 and $10 for 2400.   For 1200
 baud  transfers,  GEnie  is  most  cost effective.  However, for 2400 baud
 (which is preferred since it'll take you less time to get more), CIS edges
 out GEnie, even though on the surface the rates appear higher.

     To save the most time, it's best to capture a list of the available
 files, select  the ones you want, and log back on to download them.  GEnie
 has a good, but outdated, program  called GSCAN,  which will  automate the
 process.   However, since GSCAN writes a script file for Flash 1.6, you'll
 need Flash to download the  files.    CIS's  equivalent,  QuickCIS (latest
 version 1.52a),  is superior  in terms of selecting files and downloading.
 Files are captured with a full  description  (GSCAN  only  lists  the file
 names and a short blurb).


     A  2400  baud  modem  can  in  theory transmit 240 cps (characters per
 second).  In practice, it's generally less.  I've had  transmission speeds
 as high  as 226  cps on CIS (or 813,600 bytes per hour).  The lowest speed
 that  I've  experienced  was  172  cps  (with  a   somewhat  noisy  line).
 Transferring with  GEnie on  a clean line, I've gotten a 167 cps speed (or
 600,000 bytes per hour).

       Cost per minute       For file size

 GEnie     .16666               10000 bytes    =   .00001666 per byte

 CIS       .20833               13560 bytes    =   .000015363 per byte

 Formula: .000015363 x 10000 bytes = .15363 per minute x 60 = 9.2178 =
          $9.22 per hour.

     As can be seen above, CIS's actual cost  per hour  is $9.22  per hour,
 when considering  the amount  of information  received.   This is slightly
 lower than GEnie's rate  and varies  according to  the actual transmission
 speed.  It's safe to say that, in general, the costs are comparable.

     What   CIS   has   gained   in   speed,   it  has  partially  lost  in
 functionability.  There is no batch  download capability  (not even Ymodem
 Batch).   This was  my greatest surprise.  In fact, I thought I simply was
 not aware of the procedure until I asked Ron Luks, CIS's Chief  SysOp.  It
 is a  feature that will be implemented soon from what I gather.   However,
 there is a crude  and fairly  easy way  to overcome  this great oversight.
 The answer is QuickCIS.


     With  QuickCIS,  you  can  create  a test file, entitled FILES.LST and
 enter a list of files.  QuickCIS will  log on  and download  the files for
 you.  The format to enter the files to download is:


          2  represents the section (i.e. AtariPro)
          16 designates the category (i.e. Xformer II), and the last is the
             program's name.

     There are, however, a  number  of  inconveniences  using  this method.
 First, Shadow  users will lose the true benefit of background downloading.
 Shadow will still background download, but  you  will  be  unable  to exit
 QuickCIS.   This means  you can  have a  field day,  reading and answering
 messages and using most of  QuickCIS's  functions,  but  you  can't leave.
 It's like having all of East Germany's currency.  You might feel rich, but
 you're not.

     Furthermore,  since  CIS  has  downloads  with  duplicate  names, when
 QuickCIS tries  to download  one of these, it gets confused.  I've chanced
 upon several files that  had two  different users  upload them.   QuickCIS
 will call it quits and hang up.  This brings us to the third problem.

     If  QuickCIS  encounters  a  problem  in downloading the file, it will
 delete your entire FILES.LST.  Therefore,  it's  a  good  idea  to  keep a
 backup of  your FILES.LST  file.   That way, you can check what files have
 been downloaded, remove them from the file, and rewrite FILES.LST.  Please
 note,   once   CIS   employs   batch   downloading,   the   aforementioned
 inconveniences won't  exist.   Therefore, it's  not really  a problem with
 QuickCIS, but rather with CIS itself.

     I have  yet to  experience a  hangup when  downloading with CIS.  With
 GEnie, I've had numerous problems, of parts of a file  being retransmitted
 throughout a  download.   I must  either wait  for a  short while, and the
 transfer starts going through clearly, or  it becomes  a lost  cause and I
 have to  redial GEnie.   Furthermore,  I've experienced  times where GEnie
 seems to lock up without initiating a transfer.  CIS's  retransmition rate
 has been significantly smaller (however, this is not to say that this will
 be the case for everyone - the phone company is a strange beast).

     Locating  files  and  setting  up  a  transfer  is  very  quick.    In
 comparison, locating  and setting up a transfer on GEnie could easily take
 up to half a minute longer.   


     As I mentioned in the beginning, I believe both services  offer unique
 features.   Currently, it  does seem that GEnie has a significantly larger
 amount of activity, which I see as being  attributed to  their lower rates
 for 1200  baud usage (which for right now constitutes the larger amount of
 users) and the appearance of lower rates for  2400 baud.   Once  CIS bears
 to competitive  pressure and  reduces its rates, it should see more people
 flock to their sigs.... 




             /////  //////   ///////           BULLETIN
           //        //     //   ///              **
            ////    //     //////              BULLETIN
              //   //     //   //         
         /////    //     //     //          March 24, 1990
                             STR Publishing Inc.
      03/24/90 Mendham, N.J. <STR>   ATARI  EXPLORER PUBLICATIONS  CORP. is
 reported to  have ceased  all operations  and publication  of the magazine
 known as "THE  ATARI  EXPLORER".    According  to  STReport's  sources the
 parent company,  (alleged to  be Atari)  has been engaged in an attempt to
 sell this operation for some time and because of the  lack of  buyers, has
 in turn,  ceased Atari Explorer's operations.  Rumor has it that perhaps a
 certain very recent "EDITORIAL" snapped a number of  hatbands in Sunnyvale
 and as  a   result, may  have had "SOMETHING" to do with this CATASTROPHIC
         Atari Explorer, long considered a standard  bearer of  Atari Corp.
 will    certainly  be  missed.    The  Atari Explorer, publicly termed the
 "OFFICIAL  ATARI JOURNAL" and its  publisher, David  H. Ahl  have actually
 become   household 'friends' to most all Atari users.  Attempts to reach a
 responsible party  at either  Explorer or  Atari Corp.  willing to discuss
 this  latest  of  tragedies  to  clobber  the  USA  Atari market have been
     STReport will continue  to  bring  you  the  latest  news  as  soon as
 possible ..ongoing  coverage of  this late breaking story will continue on
 the feeds and will be presented as soon as we receive updates. 
  Newsline         "Your Independent News Source"        March 24, 1990
  Bulletin Service        copyright   1990                    No. 27

                              *** REPRINT ***

                                  PRESS RELEASE

                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

                                               March 28, 1990
          For Additional Information, Contact: Jim Fisher
                                               Atari Corporation
                                               1196 Borregas Avenue
                                               Sunnyvale, CA  94086
                                               (408) 745-2010


          SUNNYVALE,  CA-  Atari  Corporation  announced today plans to

          enhance  the  ATARI  EXPLORER magazine.  This announcement is

          made formal following necessary actions taken to relocate the

          operation closer to headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

          "We  want  to make notable changes in the production of Atari

          Explorer  magazine  to include expanded editorial coverage of

          additional products and enhance the environment for potential

          advertisers",  stated  Mr.  James Fisher, V. P. Marketing and

          advertising.   "The  effort  to present this news effectively

          and  more timely requires the magazine staff to have 'instant

          access' to the technology and information available here."

          Atari  plans  to complete the current issue which is still in

          the hands of the printer and rush them to subscribers as soon

          as  possible.   At  the  time  of this release, no changes to

          publication   frequencies  and  subscriber  fulfillment  were

          considered   and  Mr.  Fisher  stated  that  subscribers  and

          advertisers   will   always  be  the  biggest  priority.   If

          necessary, extensions will be made to accomodate subscription



 The following is an excerpt from the June 1990 issue of Atari Talk, 
 the official publication of the Atari ST Software Exchange.  Although
 the entire newsletter is available only to mebers of the Exchange, 
 this excerpt has been released to the public due to its nearly
 universal appeal.  Entire contents are Copyright (C) 1990 by the
 Federation of Atari Computer Enthusiasts.  No part of this file may be
 modified under protection of federal copyright law.


       In recent months,  many people have become frustrated with Atari
 Corporation's actions regarding its official magazine,  Atari

       According to the editors of Atari Explorer,  Atari
 Corporation gave other magazines such as STart priority over Atari
 Explorer in the way of items to review and official announcements. 
 Atari Corp. then complained to the editors of Explorer for not being
 first with the printing of this news.

       Several similar problems have alledgedly occurred,  such as
 Explorer being reprimanded by Atari for reprinting some information
 about the Portfolio from another atari magazine.  In this instance, 
 Atari reportedly thought the information was incorrect and showed Atari
 products in a bad light,  but,  according to a report in Z*Net online
 magazine, this was the only way that the Explorer could get any
 information because people at Atari Corp. refused to give them any of
 the help given to other ST magazines.

       Relations between Atari Corp. and Atari Explorer evidently
 became strained to the point that when members of the Explorer Staff
 wrote an outspoken editorial criticizing these actions,  they were
 promptly fired and all copies of Explorer that contained the editorial
 were taken by Atari.

       Over the past few weeks,  there has been a lot of discussion of
 this subject on BBS systems and on the major information networks, 
 and nearly everyone seems to be upset at Atari.  People have expressed
 concerns that Explorer may fold and take all of its subscription
 payments with it.

       This concern seemed justified,  since several atari magazines, 
 most notably A.N.A.L.O.G. and The Atarian,  have closed over the past
 six months,  and several of these magazines,  (again,  most notably
 A.N.A.L.O.G. and The Atarian,)  have not refunded a single cent to
 their subscribers.

       Today,  however,  (May 12,)  I received a copy of the latest
 issue of Explorer.  It was stamped "SPRING 1990,"  and was also marked
 "Display Until June 1."

       The magazine contains all the articles familiar to Explorer
 readers,  and gives the impression that the magazine is doing fine and
 is in no danger from Atari Corp. or financial problems.

       Looking closely,  however, one must notice that the table of
 contents lists an editorial by Elizabeth Staples entitled "Why a
 Spring Issue?"  No such editorial exists in the magzine,  as it has
 been replaced with an editorial called "The Atari Home Office
 Revolution" by John Jainschigg.

       For some time,  various rumors have been circulating saying that
 Atari will continue to publish the magazine,  but will heavily
 scrutinize all issues to make sure no "offensive" articles are
 included in it.  Evidently,  Atari has removed the outspoken
 editorial and wishes to put this matter behind it.

       The magazine itself is of its usual high quality,  as has been
 stated before.  Atari now faces the task of creating a new magazine
 staff and distributing an entirely new issue of Explorer within three
 weeks.  Since the cover is marked to be removed from the shelves of
 stores on June 1,  this must mean that Atari believes it can get
 another issue printed and mailed between now and then.

       So far,  Atari has managed to keep up the Explorer.  The real
 question is if it can continue to do so.


 > HD Error Codes STR InfoFile?            Back by popular demand!


 $01      No index/sector signal.

 $02      No seek complete.

 $03      Write Fault.  The operation was terminated with an
          unrecovered error condition probably caused by a flaw
          in the media.  This indicates that there is a problem,
          probably a bad sector.

 $04      Drive Not Ready.

 $05      Drive Not Selected.

 $06      No Track Zero Found.

 $10      ID or CRC Error.

 $11      Unrecovered read error of data blocks.

 $12      No address mark found in ID field.

 $13      No address mark found in data field.

 $14      No record found.

 $15      Seek positioning error.

 $17      Recovered read data with controller/drive READ retries.

 $18      Recovered read data with controller/drive error
          correction code.

 $19      Defect list error.

 $1A      Parameter overrun.

 $1C      Primary defect lsit not found.

 $1E      Recovered ID with controller/drive ECC.

 $20      Invalid command operation.

 $21      Illegal logical block address (LBA).  Address greater
          than the LBA returned by the read capacity data with
          PMI bit not set in CDB.

 $22      Illegal function for device type.

 $24      Illegal field in CDB.

 $25      Invalid logical unit number (LUN).

 $26      Invalid field in parameter list.

 $27      Write protected.

 $29      Power on or reset or bus device reset occurred.

 $2A      Mode select parameters changed.

 $30      Incompatible cartridge.

 $31      Medium format corrupted.

 $32      No defect spare sector available.

 $40      RAM failure.

 $44      Internal controller error.

 $45      Select/reselect failed.

 $46      Unsuccessful soft reset.

 $49      Inappropriate/illegal message.



                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile?           Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
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        170mb #SGN2962  1369.95             260mb #SG60102  1849.95


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
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                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                           FROM 30mb @ $419.00!
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 > A "Quotable Quote"? 


                                        ...Alfred E. Newmann

 STReport              "Your Independent News Source"         July 07, 1990
 16/32bit Magazine           copyright = 1990                    No.6.28
 Views, Opinions and Articles Presented herein are not necessarily those of
 the  editors,  staff,  STReport?  CPU/STR?  or  ST Report?.  Permission to
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