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Date: 07/28/90-12:39:18 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: ST Report: 06-Jul-90  #627
Date: Sat Jul 28 12:39:18 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     Let it  be said  that STReport  listens to  its readers  and at times,
 unbelievably, acts  accordingly.   Since the  'regime' change  is about to
 take place, STR felt it appropriate to drop the Apocalypse  series as they
 have 'reached'  the right people.  Also it seemed the time had arrived for
 a  co-operative  effort  in  helping  to  re-build  Atari's   markets  and
 userbase.   The critiques  we have recently received from our well-wishers
 have been read and accepted as constructive criticism.

     We only hope that Atari in its infinite  wisdom, has  the same courage
 to accept the criticisms of its users, developers, dealers and enthusiasts
 in  the  same  true  spirit  of  "lessons  learned"  through  constructive
 critique.   We shall see.

     The summer  is upon  us in  all its glory, the heat, the mosquitos and
 the fabulous times at the beach... Actually, we wish all a very  happy and
 safe summer of sun, fun and good times.
     Enjoy those  vacations and  for those of you who are very busy help to
 prepare for the full Fall thrust for Atari, more power to you.

                                      thanks again for your support,




   Issue # 74

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

     In the early 1870s,  typewriter keys  would often  jam when  typing at
 moderate speeds, and how in 1873, C.L. Sholes (inventor of the typewriter)
 arranged its letters so common letter pairs would be on  opposite sides of
 the  keyboard  (in  the  QWERTY  layout)  in order to reduce the number of
 jamups encountered by fast typists?

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXXII

           SIMULA, Object Oriented Programming, and the Atari ST

 From: (Hans Dietrich)
 Subject: Re: OO on ST (long)
 Message-ID: <>
 References: <8480@cognos.UUCP>
 Reply-To: dietrich@quando.UUCP (Hans Dietrich)
 Organization: Quantum GmbH, Dortmund, W-Germany

 In article <8480@cognos.UUCP rossj@cognos.UUCP (Ross Judson) writes:
 I've been toying with a few ideas for my honours project, which I'll
 be doing next year.  Since my school's faculty is really into OO (object
 oriented) stuff, I'll be doing something in that area.  What OO
 environments are available on the ST?  Do any of them work?  Are any of
 them suitable for project-style work?  Projects usually take about 8
 months to do, and are supposed to be a reasonably sophisticated
 implementation of whatever your project is about.

 My system is a 1040 with a 30MB.  I'm willing to upgrade the memory, but
 given my faith in the world of Atari I'm not so sure I want to invest

 [ ... ]

 What's about the first object oriented language - SIMULA - as an 
 alternative?  It's still up to date, and can run on a simple 1040 ST with
 one disk drive!!

 I append an abstract about the system from the SIMULA-Team in Germany.
 The contact address is included at the end.

 Here it is:


                         SIMULA for Atari ST

     If you want to  do object  oriented programming  you definitely should
 have a  look at  SIMULA.   SIMULA is the first and still the most advanced
 object oriented  programming  language  available  on  a  wide  variety of
 machines *including* the Atari ST (see below).

 SIMULA in a Nutshell

   -  Conventional general-purpose algorithmic capability in the
      style of ALGOL 60.

   -  Object-oriented programming (classes) encompassing encapsulation,
      inheritance, information hiding, autonomous activity and strong
      typing supporting the concepts of modularisation, generalisation,
      specialisation, abstraction, polymorphism and pseudo-parallelism.

   -  Basic features for manipulating text strings.

   -  File concept supporting sequential and direct access methods
      for byte- and record-structured files.

   -  Large repertoire of utility functions.

   -  Features supporting 2-way linked lists.  More complicated list
      structures such as trees and lattices are easily constructed from the
      basic class facilities.

   -  Features supporting discrete event simulation in various styles
      including the object-oriented process view.

     It should  be emphasized that although in many quarters SIMULA is best
 known for its simulation features it  is a  truly general-purpose language
 in the widest sense and was the inspiration for almost all developments in
 the field of object-oriented programming.

 What you get with each SIMULA system

   -  Object oriented programming.  A typical SIMULA program consists of a
      set of interacting processes, or *objects*.  Objects are incarnations
      of some prototype or *class*,generated (and perhaps later terminated)
      during the execution of the program. In this manner a program written
      in SIMULA can map the problem's solution conveniently and cleanly.

   -  Strong typing, checked mostly at compile time, ensuring that objects
      are manipulated in a manner consistent with their specification.

   -  Objects may act independently of each other in "quasi-parallel". This
      enables the class objects to act as co-routines, so that the action
      of one object can be temporarily suspended, later to be resumed at
      the exact point of suspension.  Co-routines facilitate a faithful
      representation of systems composed of both passive and active
      objects.  This feature is an extra dimension to those commonly
      associated with object-oriented languages and is only recently
      beginning to appear in some of the newer ones.

   -  List processing.  The class "Simset" may be applied to add list
      processing capabilities to the language.  The programmer will then
      have tools for the efficient manipulation of common aggregate
      information structures, including queues.  The facilities of Simset
      can be further refined for more specialized purposes.

   -  Simulation.  Application of the built-in class "Simulation" extends
      SIMULA to a powerful tool for discrete event simulation in a style
      which preserves in the model the inherent structure of the system
      under study.

   -  Powerful text handling, dynamic arrays, flexible file handling, etc.

   -  Modularization. Separate compilation of classes and procedures is an
      integral part of the language.  The strong typing extends to
      separately compiled modules allowing the partitioning of large SIMULA
      systems into subtasks, which may be assigned to different work
      groups, without fear of undetected incompatibilities.

   -  SIMULA has a rigid standard definition and programs are highly
      portable between different computer systems
      (source code compatibility).

 SIMULA - Implementations

 SIMULA is available for the following computer systems:

           Apollo DN3000                        Apple MacIntosh/MPW
           Atari ST                             BESM 6 (USSR)
           CDC 3000,  CDC 6000/Cyber            Cromemco CS-x00
           DEC 10/20                            DG Eclipse/Desktop,  DG MV
           EC 1040/1055 (GDR)                   ES EVM (USSR)
           Honeywell Bull DPS8                  HP 900/300, HP 9300
           IBM mainframes                       DOS, OS/2, XENIX (UNIX)
           ICL 2900, ICL PERQ                   Indata IN4200
           NCR Minitower, NCR Tower XP/32       Nixdorf Targon/31
           Norsk Data NORD 100/500              PR1ME Minisupercomputers
           SIEMENS 7500/BS2000                  SIEMENS 7800/BS3000
           SIEMENS MX, SIEMENS PCD              Sperry 1100
           SUN-3, SUN-4, Sun SPARCstation       DEC VAX/UNIX, VAX/VMS

 Since there are new implementations under way this list may already be

 Some properties of the SIMULA system for the Atari ST

   1) Full SIMULA language standard.
      (Currently the only restriction is that the switch is not yet
       implemented.  Also you might expect a better accuracy from software
       emulation for real arithmetic.)

   2) Implementation based on the well-known Lund SIMULA System
      for UNIX machines and others.

   3) Compact implementation.  The complete system fits on one double-sided

   4) Economic. The compiler needs less than 1 MB even when compiling
      modules consisting of more than one thousand source lines.

   5) Fast.  Compilation speed of approximately 1000 source lines per
      minute.  The execution speed is comparable with that of other
      high-level languages.

   6) Complete interfaces to TOS and GEM.

   7) Separate compilation of different modules with consistency checks at
      compile time.

   8) Compatibility.  Runs on all TOS versions and all types of keyboards.
      Call interface for external procedures written in other languages
      (currently supported: assembler.  Under development: C support).
      Uses Sozobon's jas and ld, alternatively Atari's MadMac and aln
      (on request also GST).

   9)  Symbolic debugger (source-code debugger) is under development.

 Ordering information

 Atari ST SIMULA is distributed by:

           SIMULA-Team GmbH iG
           P.O.B. 50 01 63
           D - 4600 Dortmund 50
           West - Germany

 The introductory prices are (prices in US$ and GBP at current exchange
 rates, for information only):
                                                 DM       US$     GBP
   ordinary                                    198.00   120.00   72.00
   educational                                 148.00    90.00   54.00

  (for students, teachers etc. - please accompany your order with evidence)

    delivery charge in Germany, prepaid          7.00
    delivery charge in Germany, not prepaid     12.00
    delivery charge abroad, prepaid             22.00    13.00    8.00

    (this charge is waived if you can do without the German documentation)

 Please accompany your order with a check payable in DM to SIMULA-Team GmbH
 Dortmund or transfer the amount due in DM before ordering

      to   PostGiroAmt Dortmund     (BLZ 440 100 46)
                                   Account  8999-466
      for  O. Schlageter Computer

 More information on SIMULA

           Association of SIMULA Users (ASU)
           Ron Kerr
           Computing Laboratory
           University of Newcastle upon Tyne
           Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU England

           Telephone: (+44 91) 222 8187

 The ASU also publishes a Newsletter which may be subscribed (still) free
 of charge.

 Contact for SIMULA in Germany:

           SIMULA Group
           c/o University Dortmund / IRB        e-mail: simula@unido.uucp
           P.O.B. 50 05 00                              simula@unido.bitnet
           D - 4600 Dortmund 50
           West - Germany


                              The Standard:
 [Sis87]   SIMULA Standard. Stockholm, 1987. Data processing - Programming
           languages - SIMULA,
           Swedish Standard SS 63 61 14.

                           Textbooks on SIMULA:
 [Poo87]   R. J. Pooley.  "An Introduction to Programming in SIMULA."
           Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1987.
           ISBN 0-632-01611-6 resp. 0-632-01422-9 (pbk.).

 [Lam88]   Guenther Lamprecht.  "SIMULA - Einfuehrung in die
           Programmiersprache."  Vieweg Verlag, Braunschweig, Wiesbaden, 3.
           neubearbeitete Auflage, 1988.  ISBN 3-528-23321-4.
           (In German, also available in English)

 [Kir89]   Bjoern Kirkerud.  "Object-Oriented Programming with SIMULA."
           International Computer Science Series. Addison-Wesley Publishing
           Co., 1989.  ISBN 0-201-17574-6.

                        Textbooks on Simulation
 [Fra77]   W.R. Franta.  The process view of simulation.  Elsevier
           North-Holland, New-York, 1977.

 [Bir79]   Graham M. Birtwistle. DEMOS - Discrete Event Modeling on SIMULA.
           MacMillan Press, London, Basingstoke, 1979.  ISBN 0-333-32881-8.

 [Mit82]   I. Mitrani.  Simulation Techniques for discrete event systems.
           Cambridge University Press, 1982.

 [Kre86]   Wolfgang Kreutzer.  System Simulation Programming Styles
           and Languages.  Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1986.

 I hope this helps!

 best regards,

         Hans Dietrich


            Tickertape Special Edition:  Computer Stock Roundup I

 by Michael Arthur

     The best measurement of a  stock's  true  worth  is  in  its long-term
 performance.   While "The  Tickertape" measures how investors think Atari,
 Commodore, Apple, and IBM are doing at the  present time,  it doesn't show
 how their stocks are doing in a wider time frame.  Therefore, this monthly
 section will show how  the  stocks  covered  in  "The  Tickertape" perform
 throughout the course of the year.  This edition spans a one month period,
 from June 1990 to July 1990.

               Stock Report for period of 6/01/90 to 6/29/90

 STock | Price on |  June 8,  |  June 15  |  June 22  | June 29, | Change |
 Report| 6/01/90  |   1990    |   1990    |    1990   |   1990   |in Price|
 Atari |   5 5/8  |   5 3/8   |    5 1/8  |    5 1/2  |    6     | Up 3/8 |
       |70,500 Sls|106,800 Sls|60,500 Sls |107,500 Sls|# 137,400 | Points |
  CBM  |   9 1/8  |   8 3/8   |     8     |    7 7/8  |   7 7/8  |- 1 1/4 |
       |# 730,700 |36,900 Sls |49,600 Sls |81,700 Sls |58,900 Sls| Points |
 Apple |  40 3/4  |  38 1/4   |   39 1/2  |   41 1/2  |  44 3/4  |  Up 4  |
       |#1,403,900|# 2,981,100|# 1,287,000|# 2,535,500|#2,903,500| Points |
  IBM  | 119 1/2  |  118 3/4  |  120 3/8  |  116 1/4  | 117 1/2  | Down 2 |
       |#1,542,000|# 1,431,300|# 2,111,900|# 1,200,100|# 853,700 | Points |

    '#' and 'Sls' stand for the number of stock shares traded that day.
               'CBM' stands for Commodore Business Machines.

 CPU MacNews 


     Apple has recently started the AppleTalk  Licensing Program,  in order
 to  further  the  acceptance  of  its  AppleTalk  networking  standard  in
 non-Macintosh sectors of the computer industry.   In  this, Apple  will be
 licensing  source  code  and  object  code  for  its  AppleTalk networking
 protocols to software companies and computer vendors.

     This will allow more PCs,  workstations,  and  mainframes  to directly
 link up  with Macs in LANs (Local Area Networks) via AppleTalk.  Also, LAN
 Networks for other computers could use  the AppleTalk  Network Software to
 provide  network  services  without  having to "roll their own" networking
 software.  Since several LAN systems have already  been announced  for the
 Atari  ST,  with  the  TT  having  its  own  AppleTalk hardware port, such
 AppleTalk software support could also quickly appear for the ST....

               STuffit Deluxe 1.0 Compression Program Ships

     Raymond Lau,  the  person  who  developed  the  .SIT  data compression
 standard  for  the  Macintosh,  is  now  producing a commerical version of
 STuffit 1.5.1 (the premier Mac file  compression utility),  called STuffit
 Deluxe.  Marketed by Aladdin Systems, this utility includes:

       - Full support of the ARC, PAK/PKA, and SIT file compression
         standards, allowing multiple files and folders to be compressed
         into an archive.

       - Several file security options, including password protection and
         archive encryption using the DES data encryption algorithm 
         (a US government standard used in many businesses)

       - The ability to check both itself, and all files in an archive for
         signs of virus infection

       - File Management options, including copy/move/delete/rename files.

     Stuffit Deluxe  will run  on a  Macintosh (or a Mac compatible) with 1
 Meg of RAM and 2 disk drives.  Cost: $100.00 (registered owners of STuffit
 1.5.1 need only pay $40.00).

     Aladdin Systems  also sells  another utility  designed by Lau.  Called
 ShortCut, this CDEV allows  one to  search for  files/folders, and perform
 various file  management operations  (including decompressing .SIT files),
 from the Standard Open dialog box.  Cost: $80.00.

     To find out more about STuffit  Deluxe (or  to ask  Mr. Lau  to make a
 version of STuffit for the Atari ST), contact:

       Aladdin Systems
       Deer Park Center, Suite 23A-171
       Aptos, CA 95003



     Lotus Corp. has introduced 1-2-3 Version 3.0 for systems based on AT&T
 Unix System V Release 3.2  Shipping in July 1990, it will  be file, macro,
 and keystroke compatible with other releases of Lotus 1-2-3.  It will also
 be able to  directly  access  external  databases,  using  Lotus' DataLens

     Since  Atari  and  Commodore  are  developing  Unix-based systems, one
 factor for the success of the  68030  TT  or  Amiga  3000  may  be whether
 Commodore  or  Atari  can  get  companies  like  Lotus  to port major Unix
 software programs to their machines....

     Lotus 1-2-3 for Unix  will first  ship for  80386-based machines using
 these Unix implementations: AT&T System V/386, Interactive Unix, Microsoft
 Xenix, and Santa Cruz Operations (SCO)  Unix System  V.   Four versions of
 1-2-3/Unix will be available:

       - Single User Edition:  $700.00
       - Multi-User (10 user) Edition: $1300.00
       - Additional-user Edition: $500.00  (1 set of docs, 4 extra users)
       - Documentation Edition: $60.00  (complete user Documentation set)

 - Cambridge, England              X.DESKTOP 2.0 GAINS NEW INDUSTRY SUPPORT

     NEC,  Mitsubishi,  and  Tektronix  have now licensed X.Desktop 2.0, an
 X/Windows-based Desktop File Manager  for Unix.   They  will be  using the
 English and  Japanese language versions of this GEM-like Desktop for their
 Unix workstations and X/Terminals (or X/Windows-based LAN network nodes).

     This adds three major computer companies to the  list of  Unix vendors
 (like IBM and SCO) who have licensed X.Desktop 2.0 from Ixi Limited.  Many
 members of Unix International and the OSF have licensed X.Desktop 2.0, and
 Atari UK  has hired  Ixi Ltd.  to port  X.Desktop 2.0 to both the 68030 TT
 and the ATW.

     Ixi Ltd. has also announced X.Deskterm,  a programmers'  utility which
 will allow  character-based Unix programs to be more easily converted into
 X/Windows-based programs that are capable of running under OSF/Motif.


     Show officials for the PC Expo trade show have announced that a record
 65,000 people  attended this  year's show,  matching the attendance levels
 for Spring Comdex.  As the  eighth PC  Expo, it  had over  600 exhibitors.
 Some of  these exhibitors,  including Apple,  Microsoft, and IBM, chose to
 attend this show instead of Spring Comdex, because of the large numbers of
 corporate volume buyers and OEM/VARs that usually attend PC Expo.

     Over  150,000  square  feet  of  floor  space has already been sold to
 exhibitors for the Ninth  Annual PC  Expo Show,  which will  take place on
 June 25-27,  1991.   Because of this demand, PC Expo is now expanding into
 two additional halls at  New York's  Javits Center  (also the  location of
 next year's  NAMM MIDI Trade Show).  The quick demand for exhibiting space
 at PC Expo would definitely indicate  that it  has now  become one  of the
 premier trade shows for the microcomputer industry....


     Macworld magazine and Supermac Technology will co-sponsor a meeting on
 the issue of ELF (extremely-low-frequency) emissions generated by computer
 monitors.   Macworld recently published an article on ELF emissions, which
 revealed  evidence  that  they  can  cause   several  long-term  ailments,
 including cancer.  Apple, IBM, Compaq, Sun, RasterOps, Radius, and DEC are
 among the companies who have been invited to this meeting....

     Taking place on the week of  July 23rd,  the meeting  will establish a
 group within  the computer industry which will seek out information on ELF
 emissions and their effects on the human body.  The group will also set up
 a second  meeting with computer monitor manufacturers, in order to further
 discuss the issue.  After  this  meeting,  Macworld  will  cease  to  be a
 sponsor, and will cover the group as a member of the press.


 > PHONEY FAX! STR FOCUS?         WHO.. is trying to torpedo WHOM?

     By now,  many of you have already 'heard' of the "FAX".  We decided to
 present it verbatim, to all for examination.  STReport is  appalled at the
 gall  someone  has  displayed  in  foisting  this  obvious  fraud upon the
 userbase and in particular, a select number of developers.  Never, have we
 ever heard any such tripe from Bob Brodie or Atari for that matter.  
     Whoever  perpetrated  this  hoax  upon  the  Atari community using Bob
 Brodie and Atari Corp. as the 'fall guys'  deserves to  be ostracized with
 all possible fanfare.  Atari may be many things, but they are not about to
 bite the hands that feeds them.  In all fairness to Atari, it must be said
 that  from  the  onset,  STReport  felt  that  this  fax  was  an outright
 treacherous fraud.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    JUL 02 '90  17:28   ATARI USA CORP                          p.01
         --^^fax signature^^--

                                                    < ATARI LOGO >

                                                  Robert G. Brodie
                                                  User Group Services
                                                  May 21, 1990

 Atari Developers & User Groups,

     I recently spoke with Sam  Tramiel  regarding  the  conflict  with the
 proposed World  of Atari  show in  San Jose  and the Glendale show.  There
 appears to be some confusion regarding Atari's support of both  shows.  At
 Sam Tramiel's  instruction, I  am notifying you that officially Atari will
 be supporting only the Glendale show.

     Atari will be boycotting the World of Atari show in San Jose  and will
 not be providing any support of this show.

     In an  attempt to  resolve any conflicts, Atari is supporting only two
 shows this year, the Glendale show and the WACE show in Virginia.

     In  concurrence  with  a  directive  for  Sam  Tramiel  the  following
 announced exhibitors  for the  World of Atari show have cancelled and will
 BOYCOTT the show:  Gadgets by Small - STV -  Prospero Software  - Migraph-
 Wuztek -  Seymor Radix  - SoftLogic Corporation - St Journal - Antic/Start
 Magazine - Carter Graphics  and Computers  - Best  Electronics -  Join the
 Boycott!!! Do  not attend  World of  Atari!   Hats off to David Small - He
 will no longer be writing for ST World!!!

     I am looking forward to seeing  you  at  the  Glendale  show.   Please
 contact me  if there  are any questions.  My direct number voice number is
 408-745-2052, fax 408-745-2088, GEnie  Mail BOB-BRODIE,  and my Compuserve
 id is 70007,3240.


 <signed> "Bob"

 Robert G. Brodie

 cc:    Sam Tramiel
        Meade Amers-Klein
        Jim Fisher

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

 > GLENDALE vs WOA SAN JOSE  STR SHOW NEWS?         The plot thickens......

     Contained herein  are few  of the  more pointed messages pertaining to
 the rather obtuse situation on the west coast.  The messages are  loud and
 clear or  better yet, screaming out loud that something is radically wrong
 out there and the users and Atari itself  are eventually  going to  be the
 ultimate victims.

 These are but a few of the opinions to be found....

 GORDON                       at 10:47 EDT

    After posting  the previous  message I was handed a fax from Bob Brodie
 who is asking developers to boycott the World of Atari  shows and  gives a
 big cheer  because Dave Small will no longer be writing for ST World.   As
 usual, I am on  the wrong  side of  the issue.   Darlah  is supporting the
 winners and  I am  supporting the loser.  But in this issue I think we are
 all going to lose.  Rich is the only person who has  put his  own money on
 the  line  and  has  sponsored  these  world of Atari shows out of his own
 pocket.  His magazine has always been upbeat  and supported  Atari.     It
 was interesting  that the  fax asked  me to  boycott the  show but gave no
 reason for doing so.  I  feel bad  about this  whole thing.   I  like Bob,
 Norm, King  and Rich.  I hate  to see  them fighting among themselves.  It
 seems like everyone in  the Atari  market is  feuding!!    Damn,  if Atari
 would just  start selling  computers we could all make money, and everyone
 would live happily together again. 

 DOUG.W                       at 14:17 EDT
 As I understand it, Dave Small has no intention of  no longer  writing for
 ST World.   Also,  Gadgets by Small is not *boycotting* the San Jose show.
 In fact, as of this date Gadgets by Small is  undecided on  whether or not
 to attend.  The biggest conflict is with the Dusseldorf show.

 --Doug @ Gadgets

 N.WEINRESS                   at 21:46 PDT
 Gordon, I think you missed the essence of my Message 32.  I have intimated
 a "political" problem, but  I have  stated that  Rich caused  the problem,
 pure  and  simple.  I  appreciate  the extra exposure generated by the WOA
 shows, and, as a former resident of the Bay Area, I am all for Atari shows
 in Northern  California.   The problem  is in  scheduling.  JD has told us
 that this  year's  WAACE  was  planned  in  Oct.  '89.    As  a  member of
 Tarpinian's user  group, I  can confirm  that Glendale was planned and the
 hall reserved as early as Aug.  '89 for  the Sept.  90 show...more  than a
 year in  advance.   Rich, by  his methods   has  messed up  everybody.  He
 didn't announce the San Jose show until after the Anaheim show this April.
 This shows,  to me, a cavalier attitude towards _everybody_ else involved.
 The outrage expressed by  some  of  the  Northern  Californians  should be
 directed at Rich.  To blame the user groups and Atari is ludicrous.  Atari
 looses money on each show they  attend.    The  user's  groups  put  out a
 heckuva lot  of work,  and any  profit (if any) goes into club treasuries,
 not someone's profit.  I don't  think any  WOA shows  have shown  a profit
 yet...but keep in mind, if there is one, it goes into Rich's pocket.

 Editor note,
 Hate to  say it  Norm, but what you are saying has a very familiar ring to
 it..... Re: "Usergroups, An Endangered Species".

 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 11:46 EDT
     But what about the fax log?  Did it tell who the  sender was?   I know
 that the one that I use at Atari will list the name of the co. & the phone
 number that they use.

     BTW, I now have a copy of "the fax". And in checking my backups that I
 happen to  have on  hand (still  in Reno) I find that portions of this are
 copied from a fax that I sent to Rich on March 14, 1990.  Now, I know that
 this fax  was distributed  past Rich,  because Ralph Mariano called me the
 next day and read  it to  me over  the phone.   As  for who  else may have
 received it....well, that's anyone's guess.

 Editor Note;
     I certainly  remember that  fax, as it was about the same time that we
 were informed by  Tsukiji  that  there  was  a  serious  situation brewing
 between WOA  and certain of Atari's people over the upcoming Anaheim show.
 Also at the same time, STReport was  informed  of  a  threat  to  have Bob
 Brodie "fired",  even if it meant calling to Europe.   Lo and behold, here
 it is shortly before  the San  Jose show,  and its  "instant replay" time.
 The San  Jose show  should be cancelled.  After all, from all indications,
 it appears to be stillborn. 

 An overview so far...

     The obvious power struggle or 'flexing of muscle' is more than evident
 in this  situation, the ongoing struggle to gain the "favor" of both Atari
 and the west coast userbase is bound to have a  deleterious effect  on the
 entire  national  show  circuit.    Of  course, this interpretation of the
 situation is a bit more sobering than a simple conflict  of dates.   After
 looking  the  situation  over  carefully,  one cannot help but ask what is
 really going on here?  

     As the  scenario continues  to unfold,  we find  a fraudulent "boycott
 fax"  being  circulated  along  with it's jaded, slanderous content that's
 clearly intended to add fuel to the already raging flames.   Additionally,
 we find  that threats  made just  before the  Anaheim show to "get Brodie"
 apparently have not diminished.  STReport will and does find  the "jamming
 of dates"  to be  an extremely underhanded competitive stunt which, by all
 deductive reasoning, was done purposely to cripple the Glendale Show. 
     On the other hand, the "boycott fax" now  casts an  entirely new light
 on the  entire matter, one must ask; "who stands to gain the most from the
 effects of this fax?  Tarpinian and Glendale?  Or...  Tsukiji and  WOA San
 Jose?   Who??   Although the  answer is  more than obvious, its still very
 difficult analysis without more,  revealing,  concrete  information.   For
 now, supposition  will have to do.  However, we should realize that if....
 WOA was indeed planning these events with Atari's best interests  in mind,
 they most  certainly would  not have  planned this thing on top of two key
 shows, Glendale and Dusseldorf! 
     One thing is certain, in the future, we  can expect  Atari to  be very
 leery of  all prospective  shows and their 'promoters'.  This situation is
 directly attributable to the mess created by WOA San Jose...

     Last and certainly not least is the dilemma  the users  and exhibitors
 are left  in.   Let's see, the average user would surely like to combine a
 trip to California's Bay Area and WOA show  into his  vacation time  or so
 one would  think, now how many are willing to gamble that the show will go
 on successfully.   We are aware that the airlines will not refund the cost
 of discounted travel tickets.    A reasonable assumption would be that the
 majority of users wanting to visit the west coast and  go to  a show will,
 they'll go to Glendale as.. it is a sure thing.  


 > The "Non-Issue" of D/Ls  STR Spotlight?       Say it all.....

                                        A TIME FOR THE BOTTOM LINE

 Intro by  R.F. Mariano
     This last  week was  a classic  example of a tempest in a thimble.   A
 good friend of ours was accused of padding  the ST  Report d/l  figures on
 Genie.   It saddens  us that  anyone would feel that padding the d/l count
 is necessary, as we  feel that  ST Report  can stand  or fall  on it's own
 without any  shenanigans or false download counts.  We do not want anyone,
 even our friends, padding our download  counts.   If our  download figures
 are  less  than  our  competition's  (on one network only, on the networks
 where the download counts can't be  falsified, we  are the  most popularly
 downloaded online)   that  may be because we do not believe in feeding our
 readers just pablum, cotton candy and puff.
     Since we are certain our competitors will be  'kind' enough  to inform
 you of  all his  faults, heitened  with their usual insinuations, innuendo
 and  whatever else  they can  think of  to blacken  his name,   we thought
 that we'd  do something  that they  wouldn't allow,  and let  him tell his
 side of the story.


                                        An open letter from L.E. Pulley Sr.

  To whom it may concern....
  Am I guilty of this heinous crime?  Did I sink so low as to pad the  d/l 
  count  of ST Report on Genie?  Should I even bother to take the time  to 
  answer these questions,  after all,  ZNet and their camp followers  have 
  already found me guilty in their 'trial online' (in the old days it  was 
  called a witch trial).  Not only have they already found me guilty, they 
  have  the  tar and feathers ready so they can 'run me out of town  on  a 

  My first thought was  "Why bother denying it?".  Why not plead guilty to 
  the misdemeanor and get it over with?  After all,  Ralph also was  tried 
  and  convicted  by this same Kangaroo Court and they HAD  testimony  and 
  evidence  that proved that he was innocent...but they decided to  ignore 
  the  FACTS because the facts didn't suit their aims  and  purposes.  But 
  after thinking it over for a day or two,  I changed my mind and  decided 
  not to take the easy way out;  to not allow "them,  their innuendos  and 
  rumors" to tell only one side of the story.  I'll allow you, the reader, 
  to decide if this is still the country where a person is innocent  until 
  proven guilty,  or is this now the totalitarian country that some people 
  would like  to turn it into,  where the Kangaroo Courts,  book  burnings 
  and guilt by association rule supreme.
  First,  there were really two accusations and they need to be  separated 
  to understand what really happened. There was the first part where I was 
  accused  4-6 weeks ago of padding ST Reports d/l count by 69.  Did I  do 
  this?  Yeap,  I plead guilty.  I plead guilty of not believing that ZNet 
  (or someone that wanted to 'help' them) was not padding their d/l count. 
  I plead guilty of trying to 'help' my favorite on-line magazine. I plead 
  guilty of using bad judgement and of allowing my emotions to do my thin- 
  king for me.  Was I the only one guilty? Yeap...that week (but it should 
  be noted that _both_ the ZNet and STR d/l counts dropped the week  after 
  it was announced there was someone caught padding).  Do I owe anyone  an 
  apology?  Yes,  but not to any of the hyenas that are attempting to pick 
  at the body. Not to the camp followers who are trying to be 'holier than 
  thou' and pretend they've never made a mistake or an  error in judgement.

  .....To Darlah and Neil, I obsequiously apologize.
  The second occurrence of padding happened last weekend (6/30) and  there 
  were an additional 22 'pads' added to the ST Report downloads.  Did I do 
  this one?  Nope!  I have no doubts that this occurred,  I have no doubts 
  that my passwords were used.  But I do know that I didn't do the padding 
  and I do know that I wasn't even home when some of the padding  occurred 
  (according to my talk with Neil Harris).  When the padding occurred, STR 
  was down by over 70 d/l counts (and that's after the 22 pads).  If I was 
  going to 'help' my favorite online magazine,  I wouldn't have stopped at 
  22,  I would have pushed it so STR was ahead of ZNet (only another 10-15 
  minutes of time involved).

  So what happened?  Since I'm not omnipotent (as some of the hyenas  seem 
  to think they are),  I can only make an educated guess.  About 2-3 weeks 
  ago, I set up the mini-BBS in Interlink so some of my friends could call 
  and get some of the demos and clip art that I've  accumulated.  Thinking 
  that  I could trust all of these friends,  I gave them 'high' access  so 
  they  could  go anywhere on my hard drives and get what they  wanted  (I 
  have over 60 megs of .img clip art). I can only assume that one of these 
  friends was _not_ as much of a friend as I thought.  I have my  suspects 
  narrowed down to 2-3 people...the only ones that had access to my system 
  and also knew the _real_ story on my 69 d/l escapade and the details  of 
  how I did it.  (All of my passwords have been changed this week.)
  So  there you have it,  my side of the story and my 'guess' as  to  what 
  happened.  You say, "Lloyd, that story is a little weak". All I can give 
  you is the facts...I didn't do it, I wasn't even in town when some of it 
  was done.   My detractors can prove that my password/access was used but 
  not that _I_ did it.
  So yes,  I'm guilty of the first charge and innocent of the second.  But 
  let's examine my 'crime' for a minute.  The jackals and hyenas that  are 
  after  my  body (they always try to pick on the weak or  injured)  would 
  like  you to think that I am guilty of some grotesque crime against  the 
  ST community  and humanity.  Is there a 'law' on Genie that says you can 
  only d/l a file once?   Are the people who send in  5-100 ballots to get 
  their favorite  baseball player on the  All-Star team guilty  of a crime 
  (the same thing here,  I just  'voted'  for  my  favorite  magazine more 
  than once)?  As I said earlier, the only thing I'm guilty of is an error 
  of judgement.
  Now  we'll  see what happens with this 'non-issue' (to use one  of  John 
  Townsend's  favorite  phrases when he's defending Atari's  mistakes  and 
  errors in judgement).   I'm sure that we'll be hearing about it from the 
  Jackal  Gazette for weeks and months to come,  it looks as if they  have 
  little else of substance to discuss.
                                                  LLoyd E. Pulley, Sr.

 For the record....

 Category 26,  Topic 4
 Message 178       Fri Jul 06, 1990
 NHARRIS [Neil]               at 14:44 EDT

 The online mags take their download  counts very  seriously, although most
 others don't.   They use them as a barmoeter of how popular they are.  ST-
 Report was winning handily for a long time.

 So Znet decides to  tweak  ST-Report.    They  deliberately  inflate their
 download  counts  and  let  everyone  know they're doing it. Supporters of
 ST-Report respond by doing it themselves.  Znet stops,  but Lloyd doesn't.

 Why does it seem to me that NEITHER  online magazine  has the  right to be
 self righteous about this situation?

 Editor Note;
     Neil has,  in this instance, delivered his comments in a timely manner
 and are quite appropriate.  Indeed, a breath of fresh  air.. again, thanks
 for a clear summation.  As far as STR is concerned the matter is closed.


 > SILHOUETTE UPDATE  STR InfoFile?      News concerning its status.

 From: Tim Reyes of Maxwell CPU

 Dear ST Users,

     I have  heard through  the grapevine that vaporware has been mentioned
 in the same sentence as Silhouette. That won't be put to rest  until it is
 actually on the market but for what it is  worth let me explain the status
 of Silhouette and what its functions will include.

     Silhouette's main function will be to auto-trace raster  images (e.g.,
 DEGAS, IMG files) and save them as GEM meta files. Selectable options will
 allow the identification of straight lines  and reduce  them to  'pt. A to
 pt. B lines', reduce complex curves into parts that can be fitted with the
 simple curves  and arcs  available through  GEM and/or  fit complex curves
 with Bezier/Splines.   The Bezier/Splines will be saved as polylines or in
 future GEM opcodes that will offer  exact definitions  of a  Bezier curve.
 The user  will be  able to  auto-trace rubber-band boxed regions or select
 particular lines of an image to  auto-trace.
     Silhouette  will  also  allow  the  input  of  data  arrays  for equi-
 potential contouring.   It  will accept  data files  exported from spread-
 sheets or allow the user to pre-define the file's format.   An  example of
 equi-potential contouring would be if you created a 2-D data set where the
 element coordinates  define locations  and the  value is,  for example, an
 altitude above  sea-level. The  resulting contour would be a topographical

     The program also includes  basic GEM  drawing functions  in the raster
 mode    and  also  some  ability  to  save  as  part  of a GEM file. These
 functions include pixel edit, free  hand  draw,  line  &  rays, polylines,
 squares,  polygons,  ellipses,  parabolas,  spray  can  (variable size and
 shape), erasure, GDOS text.  Smoothing of free-hand and poly-lines is also
 an option.  All of the associated GEM options for  drawing are available.

     Silhouette has  multiple windows & buffers and will require at least 1
 Mbyte, preferably 2 Megs. It will function in standard high  resolution or
 in one  of the  new high  resolutions available through 3rd party monitors
 or resolutions on the  TT machine.  The first  release will  come with two
 program versions  on the  same diskette  - one  for a  standard ST and one
 compiled to use a math copressor  in  a  ST.    A  later  version  will be
 compiled for the TT and its math copressors.

 Silhouette's Status:

     Presently,  all  its  raster  drawing  functions  and its interface is
 complete. Programming activities are  concentrating  on the  auto- tracing
 functions of Silhouette.  At this time it auto-traces and identifies lines
 and saves in GEM format.   Curve fitting  is holding  up the  show but the
 problems are  drawn and this code will be completed within the next couple
 of weeks. Equi-potential contouring is also completed but is resting  as a
 stand  alone  program  until  I  have  time to attach it.  Silhouette will
 presently read DEGAS and  IMG format  but other  formats will  be added as
 time permits and for later versions.

     The release  date is approaching and my plans are to release it in the
 US, Canada and Europe.  There will be versions in  german and  english and
 later in  french, swedish  and maybe a couple other languages.  There will
 be a price adjustment before it  is released;   $49.95  has been announced
 but Atari and even some future users have strongly advised that I increase
 its price.

     Why is Silhouette being  produced for  the Atari  ST?   My physics and
 math background  has allowed  me to define the problems, solve or find the
 solutions.  The ST is the first  personal  computer  I  have  owned  and I
 appreciate  very  much  its  functionality.    Having executed code on IBM
 mainframes, Digital Vax 11/780s, a Cray XMP/4 and Sun 3s  and 4s,  I  take
 all the  speed comparison talk with a grain of salt.  The present ST meets
 the demands of most people and the TT will do  much more  and will  make a
 fine  workstation.    Lastly,  if  I  reach  all  the  ST  markets my time
 investment in this program  will be rewarded.  It is a small market but it
 offers some advantages, too.

     I would  like to  say the end of July but more realistically expect to
 see Silhouette released in August.   Sorry I  have not  taken any  time to
 answer inquiries  on the  commercial bulletin  boards but  now that I have
 done this much, let me get back  to  my  one  mindedness  and  finish this

                                                  Tim Reyes,
                                                  Maxwell CPU


 > AG DROPS O/L SUPPORT STR Spotlight?        An ominous sign?

 ctsy GEnie

 E.GORELIK posts....
 I called Avant-Garde today, spoke to Jeff, and have some info to report.

     First, Avant-Garde no longer has a presence on the network.  They have
 already closed out their GEnie account, so it is not only a  waste of time
 to post  queries to  them on  this topic, it's also pointless to send them
 email (or so I was told--you can try it and see what you get).

     When I suggested that this would provoke a  backlash, Jeff  gave AVG's
 reasons, as follows.  With only 3 persons doing everything at the company,
 they did not have the staff to cope with what must be a full- time job for
 them keeping  up to  date on  GEnie.   Jeff cited  500 pieces of email and
 hundreds of messages which had flooded  the network  when the  board first
 came out,  and stated  that it  was simply impossible, given their current
 workload, to read all of that material and  answer it  while continuing to
 support development  of the  board itself.   They  had just skimmed it and
 pulled messages out almost  at random  from the  mass of  queries that had
 accumulated, and  then tried  to post generic responses which would handle
 many people's inquiries at once.    With  the  small  staff  they  have at
 present they  were carefully  husbanding their time and resources (as some
 of the more experienced heads on this topic  have frequently  pointed out,
 by  the  way),  and  opted  to  concentrate on development.  They also saw
 little to be gained by going on the network, since  each time  they did so
 they  basically  got  bashed--and  who  needs  it?   Their presence on the
 network was in any case not  obligatory, but  a voluntary  option, and one
 they felt they were better off declining at present.  Support, however, is
 continuing via the phone and U.S. mails.

     Support for extended (or is it expanded--I always get the  two of them
 confused) memory:   For those who have extra RAM in their machines waiting
 to be accessed by the PC-D  board, AVG  is planning  an ems  update in the
 form of  cache ems,  software-driven, and  supported by  the chips already
 present in the board.  That will be out "sometime this year".

     Also out "sometime this  year" will  be EGA  support (don't  hold your
 breath for  VGA support--it  will NEVER  be out--or  at least they have no
 plans for it, period).  The present CGA emulation available  for the board
 supports  640  X  200  with  4  colors  on  the Atari color monitor (which
 includes black and white if you're using them).  On  the Atari monochrome,
 you get  4 shades,  rather than  colors, same  pixels.   With EGA support,
 you'll get 640 X 350 with 16  colors  on  the  Atari  color  monitor, same
 pixels and  16 shades  on the  monochrome.   (Since a nontechnical person,
 myself, is relaying this info to you, if someone sees that what I'm saying
 is technically wrong or impossible, please hasten to point that out.)

     When I  asked about the PrtSc function, Shift(num*), printing garbage,
 Jeff acknowledged that there was a bug in the routine,  as well  as in the
 set-time-  and-date  routine  (about  which  several  persons have already
 complained on this topic); that they were planning to release new software
 which would  eliminate these  and other bugs, but that they intended to do
 it all at the same time, rather than piecemeal.

     Regarding all of these  software fixes  and enhancements,  I wanted to
 know how  they would be distributed to users.  Would they just be sent out
 to registered users automatically?   No,  because that  was too expensive,
 time-consuming,  and  wasteful  (many  people  have  moved,  etc.,  in the
 interim).    Instead,  they  will  issue  press  releases  and  ask  those
 interested  to  send  in  their  disks,  to  which they will then copy the
 software and send it back.  Also, they had no  objection to  the fixes and
 enhancements  being  posted  on  the  various networks and BBSs as soon as

     I also asked about  some items  of particular  concern to  me, namely,
 regaining the Atari keyclicks from the monitor with the board in emulation
 mode, cursor-  editing  capabilities,  and  about  an  option  for  DOS to
 self-start.   I asked  him to  please add these to the list of items to be
 worked on, and will be sending him some relevant info  on these, including
 a disk  with the keyclick programs gotten from the IBM RT and which caused
 my board  to  hang.    (If  anyone  else  is  interested  in  seeing these
 capabilities in the software, I would suggest they write or phone with the
 same requests--I'm sure AVG is more likely to listen to requests that come
 in  repeatedly.)    On  the  same  disk I included Keith Lindsay's related
 message concerning the sound bug  generally,  and  Bob  D.'s  recent posts
 concerning NANSI987.ARC,  along with  a copy of the ARCed file, and Dennis
 Watson's message about bypassing the 68K.  If  you have  any queries which
 only AVG  can answer,  better try  contacting them by phone or through the
 U.S. mails.  I reached them today after only a  couple of  tries, but that
 may have been just luck.



 > CODEHEAD UPDATES STR InfoFile?       Update info from Codehead

     As of June 16, 1990, these are the latest versions of CodeHead
     Software's products:

                    G+Plus ............... Version 1.3

                    MultiDesk ............ Version 2.1

                    HotWire .............. Version 2.3

                    MaxiFile ............. Version 2.0

                     CodeHead Utilities ... Release 3

                    MIDIMax .............. Version 1.3

                      CodeHead Software Update Policy

     At  CodeHead,  we  update  all  of our software frequently; but due to
     postal expenses we are not able  to notify  our users  regularly.  You
     may  find  out  the  latest  version  number  of any CodeHead Software
     product by calling us at (213)  386-5735, or  by finding  us on GEnie,
     Compuserve, or Delphi. 

     The latest update for any product may be obtained by returning your
     original master disk plus $7.50 to:

           CodeHead Software
           P.O. Box 74090
           Los Angeles, CA 90004

           FAX: (213) 386-5789

     It's a good idea to give us a call at (213) 386-5735 before sending in
     an upgrade order.  From time to time  we make  available free upgrades
     (to fix  bugs, etc.), and if you call us we'll let you know whether or
     not you might be eligible.  Depending on the version you're upgrading,
     we may  also have new manuals which explain new features; another good
     reason to give a call before upgrading.  (Or contact us on CIS, Delphi
     or GEnie in Category 32 of the Atari ST Roundtable Bulletin Board.)


 > ORIGINS 90 STR InfoFile?     The Strategy Gaming Convention!

                       EXCLUSIVE EYEWITNESS REPORT!

                                                            ORIGINS 90

                THE Strategy Gaming Convention of the Year

 by Neil Bradley

     I just returned from ORIGINS 90, an annual convention held in various
 cities  throughout  the  U.S.    This  year,  it  was in Atlanta, GA.  The
 Convention was attended by over 5000 people, of  which a  majority of them
 entered the  "Computer Games"  room, if  for no  other reason, than to see
 what was being shown.

     In the Computer Games room, there  were numerous  computer systems set
 up and  running, including  my personal  MEGA 2  ST.  Unfortunately, there
 were only 3 ST's present.  The majority of the computers in  the room were
 Amiga 500/1000's  (approx 30).   There were a few C-64/128's 2 Atari 800's
 running M.U.L.E., and one IBM XT.  

     The programs running  were  mainly  arcade  games,  like  Falcon, with
 Overrun being  the most  popular.  Two ST's were hooked up by a Null-Modem
 Cable running Populous.  The third was running Empire.  There was *ALWAYS*
 a long  line waiting  to play  Populous and  Empire on the ST.  The Amigas
 were also up and running, but no one waited in  line as  they did  for the
 ST's.  In fact, the person operating the Computer Room told me that had he
 20 more ST's available, they all  would have  been in  constant use.   The
 number 1  game played for tournaments out of the 30 available was Populous
 on the Atari ST.   

     Down in  the Dealer  Room/Exhibition hall,  there were  a few computer
 dealers  present,  of  which  only  1, SSI, had any ST programs available.
 Another Dealer, DATA East, had ONE copy of  a new  ST game,  DRAKKHEN.  It
 was sold  within the  1st hour.  The dealer told me that he had "numerous"
 requests for  the  program,  but  didn't  anticipate  selling  the  one he
 brought.    Once  again,  Amiga  computers seemed to be predominant in the
 hall.  All the  Amiga's I  saw had  stereo' hooked  up to  show the "great
 sound" of their programs.

     I also  attended a  seminar by  Richard Garriot, aka "Lord British" of
 the Ultima series.  The 1st half of the seminar was Richard  talking about
 how  he  got  into  writing  games/programs,  and the future of the Ultima
 Series.  He spent about 10 minutes talking  about "compatibility" problems
 with various  computer formats  - particularly  emphasizing the words "IBM
 Compatible" are an oxymoron's  perception.    When  he  talked  about when
 versions would  be released  on various  computer formats,  he went into a
 long discourse on the demise of  the 8-bit  computers, emphasizing  how he
 loved his  Apple II's, but like the Atari 8-bits, are going by the wayside
 due to the superior technology of the 16-bit computers.  I asked  him when
 Ultima 6  would be  available for  the ST  line.   He stated that the only
 reason the ST conversion would be done was "DUE TO  THE EUROPEAN  SALES". 
 He then  said that  Ultima 6  would NOT be available until "at least early

     I also had a conversation  with  a  "Customer  Service Representative"
 from SSI,  the maker  of popular war/adventure games.  She told me that at
 SSI, there are a few programmers that swear by the ST, but they are in the
 definite minority.   SSI  also will continue to do conversions for the ST,
 but they will be lower priority.  I asked her about European distribution,
 but she  didn't know.  I then asked her about some of the old 8-bit games,
 specifically "Cosmic Balance I & II".  According to a call by  a member of
 my  local  Atari  Users  Group,  SSI customer service told him that "Those
 programs are no longer being produced or supported  by SSI".   I  told her
 about  that  statement,  and  then  asked  her:  "Since  you are no longer
 supporting those programs, could we put them in  our user  group's library
 for use  by the  entire user  group?".   She didn't  know, and said that a
 question like that would have to be referred to the president of SSI.  She
 said she  highly doubted  it, as  it would set a precedent.  She said that
 one possibly would  be  the  User  Group  could  apply  for  a  license to
 distribute the  game, for  a "small" fee of around $100 or so.  She wasn't
 sure, and told me to call her at the company later in the week.   She then
 told me  to send  to her  at SSI  a newsletter from the User Group, as she
 would put them on  SSI's  mailing  list.    One  advantage  would  be that
 "occasionally" SSI  would send  demo copies of programs to the User Groups
 for review in their newsletters.

     In a conversation with TSR -  the  maker  of  the  Advanced  Dungeon &
 Dragon series of computer games, I got basically the same response as from
 Origin Systems and SSI  - Yes,  we will  continue to  support the  ST, but
 mainly due  to European  sales.  The ST is NOT on the "High Priority" list
 of computer programs to do conversions.


 > TAKIN' ANOTHER LOOK! STR Feature?    The flip side of the coin....


                                        A LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE

 by Michael Lee

     After haranguing Ralph for  months about  the negative  reporting  and
 editorial style  of ST Report, Ralph called my bluff and asked me to write
 a weekly column for ST Report that was more positive.  I  hemmed and hawed
 for a few days but finally agreed to write this column.  Ralph agreed that
 he  wouldn't edit or censor my column, so there will be  many times   when
 you will  see two very different viewpoints on a subject or topic in  STR,
 mine and his.  I will not attempt to tell  you that  everything in  the ST
 world is  rosey or attempt to hide the warts, but I feel that it is not as
 bad as many people believe.  I believe that there are two  ways of looking
 at things.   You  can look  at the negative side and always think that the
 cup is half empty or you can look at the  positive side  and see  that the
 cup is half full.

     What will  the column  consist of?   To  begin with,  a hodge-podge of
 things that I think might be of interest to the ST community.  Later on it
 might   change directions,  but we  will see  what happens.   Any opinions
 expressed in this column are mine and not necessarily the same as Ralph's.
 Also, any errors in this column are mine and not necessarily Ralph's.  One
 thing I cannot promise though and that is that the column  will be weekly.
 My job requires that I be out of town a lot,  so there will be  weeks when
 I will not have time to write.  So on with the show!!


     As of this writing, it appears as if  the World  of Atari  show in San
 Jose is  still on.   That means we have the WOA show in San Jose on August
 4-5, the GenCon show in Milwaukee on August   8-12,  the Glendale  Show in
 Glendale on  September 15-16 and WAACE show the first of October.  This is
 4 major shows in just about 60 days.   Atari  will be  actively supporting
 the GenCon, Glendale and WAACE shows and who knows, Atari still might give
 some support to the WOA show.  These are just the major  shows, there will
 be other  Midi and various shows going on at the same time.  It sure seems
 to me that there is still a lot of support for a  system that  many people
 are already calling dead and obsolete.

     I got  to play  with one  of the  new STe's this week and it is great!
 Smooth scrolling,  stereo  sound and  so many  colors!   Some people gripe
 because it  still has  the so-called buggy TOS 1.6 in it but I didn't find
 it to be a major problem.  Atari furnishes  a small  patch program  to put
 into the  AUTO that  fixes the  minor bugs, so the user never even notices
 the bugs.  There is not a major o/s on the market that does not have a few
 bugs in  them, I  think it  is a miracle that Atari could put out one this
 complex with so few bugs in it.  After running  TOS 1.0  for so  long, the
 STe seems like a speed demon to me.

     There  have  been  unconfirmed  reports  of  some  of the STe's having
 problems with some hard drives.  The one I saw at my  dealers' worked with
 his hard   drive  just fine.   The people that I talked to that had bought
 one had not had any problems either.  So if there is  a real  DMA problem,
 it does  not happen  on all systems and I am sure that Atari will find and
 fix the problem.  A person can expect  some bugs  with any  new system but
 from what  I've seen  of the STe, these minor problems would not be enough
 to keep me from buying one.

     It looks as if Atari is at long last on the move.  They're bringing in
 a  proven leader from France to be the new North American Director Gen'l..
 Even before he officially  takes the  position, he  is already  talking of
 radical  changes.    First  moving  the  US  operation  from  Sunnyvale to
 somewhere in the NE part of the US or Canada.  This way he  can watch over
 and coordinate  the US,  Canadian and  French markets.   Could the next 12
 months really be The Year of Atari?  It sure looks like it to me.



                                PRESS RELEASE

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        Contact: The A.U.A.
                                                       P.O. Box 123
                                                       Canonsburg, PA 15317

                                                       Derek Signorini 
                                                       or Tony Parry 

 CANONSBURG Pa.,June 29, 1990 -- The Atari Users Association, or AUA, today
 announced  a  massive  membership  drive  for  the  1990  summer  and fall
 seasons.  This world  wide  organization  was  formed  to  promote  the ST
 computer,   provide a network of communication between users, user groups,
 and developers, and become a leading  source  of  information  for  the ST
 community.    While  the AUA is still in its infant stages, it has already
 obtained a membership base representing 12 countries around  the globe and
 promises to become the largest known ST organization in the world.

     The AUA  was first formed in 1989 in New Jersey, USA, and was moved to
 Western Pennsylvania in December of that same year.  At that time, the AUA
 policies and goals were re-evaluated and with the work of Derek Signorini,
 Tony Parry, and Jon Clarke, the organization has  seen a  tremendous surge
 in  members  and  has  enjoyed  a  renewed  vigor needed to help the group

      The AUA is responsible for collecting and distributing  valuable data
 to its  members at  no cost,  such as BBS listings, usergroup directories,
 and Atari ST mailing lists.  One goal of the  AUA is  to become  a central
 source of  information where  new and  seasoned ST  owners can  call on at

      "There  is  a  strong  need  to  provide  accurate  and  up  to  date
 information  to  the  Atari  ST  community.    We feel that if the AUA can
 compile this data, it should be made available for all to use," says Derek
 Signorini, the  AUA Coordinator.   "Imagine  what it must be like when you
 have to move to a new city and have no idea what ST Usergroups  are in the
 area.   The AUA  hopes to  be a  provider of  such information so that the
 community has someone to turn to for help," he concluded.

      "The AUA is a user organization, not a user group.  We  are a blanket
 type organization  that will comprise ST users, ST usergroups, developers,
 and vendors under one common name and allow them to  communicate with each
 other and  of course,  directly to Atari Corporation," Tony Parry, the AUA
 Public Relations Director states.  

      Another function of the AUA will be to act as a united voice to Atari
 Corporation.   "We feel that one large voice representing 10,000 is a more
 effective leverage than 10,000  individual voices,"  says Jon  Clarke, the
 AUA  International  Public  Relations  Director.    "If we can collect the
 views, opinions and request of thousands and direct them to Atari, we will
 see a better response."

      The Atari  Users Association  will attend  Atari shows  as well.  "We
 will be represented at as many Atari shows as possible.  The AUA will help
 to encourage  ST users  to attend  these trade shows and support vendors,"
 Signorini states.  "Hopefully, the AUA's presence at a computer  show will
 help to  draw users  and will  allow the  AUA to continue to form the user
 network that it has set out to do."

      Another objective of the AUA is to educate users about  the perils of
 software piracy.   "The organization will offer free information to users,
 usergroups and BBS system operators about how they  can help  to eliminate
 software piracy.   Piracy has reached epidemic proportions in the computer
 industry and is destroying the ST software market," Signorini adds.

      The AUA  offers  all  of  its  members  active  participation  in the
 ST-Exchange, an  international Public  Domain exchange organization, which
 up until the second quarter  of  this  year,  had  been  functioning  as a
 separate service oriented group.  The AUA and ST-Exchange recently merged,
 with  the  AUA  being  the  parent  organization,  adding  to  an  already
 increasing membership  benefits package  for AUA participants.  The public
 domain library will be available to  AUA members  at little  or no charge,
 usually at only the cost of a postage stamp.

      Details  of  the  AUA/ST-Exchange  program  can  be  found in the AUA
 information  package.    While  membership  in   the  AUA   is  free,  the
 organization  offers  two  additional  packages  for  a  small  annual fee
 entitling members to a disk  based  newsletter  six  times  a  year  and a
 printed newsletter four times a year.   All funds gathered will be used to
 subsidize functions such as a BBS,  attendance  at  trade  shows,  and the
 distribution of information to the ST community.  

      "I realize we have set very aggressive goals for the AUA.  But with a
 little developer and user cooperation I am confident the organization will
 become the  spark that will ignite the ST market," states Parry.  "People,
 including myself, have often complained no  such group  existed.   We have
 taken the  initiative and  hope to  become the  organization the ST market
 needs to get back on its feet," he concludes. 

     More information about the AUA can be obtained  by writing  to the AUA
 at P.O.  Box 123, Canonsburg, PA 15317 or by contacting Derek C. Signorini
 via GEnie or Compuserve at DC.SIGNORINI and 72327,1060 respectively.



 - Utrecht, The Netherlands                     EUROPE GETS 32 MHZ TT030

 From: (Guus Kouijzer, PTT Research Neher Laboratories,
 the Netherlands)
 Subject: Re: Info on TT
 Message-ID: <>
 Date: 21 Jun 90 12:53:50 GMT
 References: <>
 Distribution: comp
 Organization: PTT Research Neher Laboratories, The Netherlands
 Lines: 67
 X-Local-Date: 21 Jun 90 05:53:50 PDT

 Fred Appelman writes:
  On the official bulletin board of Atari Netherlands, this message was
  posted by Atari. I have translated the message from dutch to english.


  Message : 16517 [Open]  6-17-90 11:00pm
  From    : Sysop Wilfred
  To      : Fred Appelman (x)
  Subject : #16466 TT op 32 MHZ?
  Sig(s)  : 9 (Portfolio)
  There are 3 replies

  These are the specifications of the TT as they are released to the
  press last week. 

  Atari TT

  68030, 32 Mhz
  Optional: 32 MHZ 68882 (68881 is not fast enough)
   2 Mb ST RAM, extendible with 2 or 8 Mb
   Optional: 4 or 16 Mb TT (FAST) RAM
   512 Kb ROM
   720 Kb floppy
   48 Mb SCSI 28 ms harddisk.  Optional: 80 Mb en 100+

 For the 8 Mbyte ST RAM and the 16 Mbyte TT RAM memory extensions you'll
 need 4 Mbit chips!

   Interfacing: 2, extendible to 4 serial ports
                1 parallel port
                1 cartridge port ST
                1 DMA port ST
                1 MIDI IN, 1 MIDI OUT
                1 ST compatible keyboard connector
                1 SCSI port (w/25 pins)
                1 low speed (Appletalk) LAN port
                1 VGA compatible monitor port
   Video modes: 3 ST modes (Low, Medium, High) with palette of 4096 colors
                320x480 with 256 colors from 4096
                640x480 with 16 colors from 4096
               1280x960 monochrome
   Delivering: The first 6 machines are delivered to major software
               developers in the Netherlands and Belgium.  Already 12
               machines are delivered to Germany. The first real production
               is expected in August.  Mass production is expected in
   Price Dfl 6500 (US - $3200) including MULTI-SYNC VGA color monitor.

 This standard color monitor does NOT support the 1280x960 monochrome mode,
 according to an article in "Atari ST nieuws", a dutch magazine.

   (stuff deleted)

   Fred J.R. Appelman, 3D Computer Vision, Utrecht University
   AZU, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, The Netherlands.
   Telephone: +31-30-506710 Fax: +31-30-513399
   e-mail: or

 Guus Kouijzer                          PTT Research Neher Laboratories
 Internet:        Leidschendam, The Netherlands

 (Editor's Note:  The 16 MHZ version of the Amiga 3000 costs $3200.00, and
  doesn't come with a monitor.  However, Commodore does sell a multisync
  monitor for $800.00....)

 - London, UK                           ATARI UK UNVEILS BUNDLED 1040STE

     The deal based around  the  1040STe  computer  is  called  THE "EXTRA"
 PACK.' Included  is software  worth more than $480.  The overall theme for
 the "extra" pack, which includes a free magazine  subscription is; "making
 the most of your new Atari ST,". The entire promotion is aimed at users of
 less sophisticated machines to upgrade to the 1 MB (megabyte) STe machine.

     Unlike the original 1040ST, the 1040STe (the e stands for extended) is
 of modular construction.  This permits the machine's memory to be expanded
 to 4mb  using SIMMs.   Other features of the STe series include Tos 1.6, a
 new version of TOS, the  ST's  operating  system.    The  special discount
 bundle is available throughout the UK now.

 - London, UK                   ATARI UK RELEASES THE ATARI PC, ABC386SX/40

     The ABC (Atari Business Computer)386SX, a 40mb hard drive, 16Mhz 386SX
 based PC.  The machine was released at the Atari  90 expo,  held last week
 in London.   Atari  said the  machine marks  the company's  entry into the
 field of affordable, 32-bit PC-compatible  computers.    It  is  priced at
 $2,400.00  and  comes  with  1mb  of  RAM  expandable  to 8mb and a single
 high-density 1.44 floppy drive in either 3.5 or 5.25 inch disk formats. 

     Other features of the new machine  include serial  and parallel ports,
 an  analog  video  port  and  three XT/AT expansion slots.  Graphics modes
 support include EGA, CGA, MDA, HGC and VGA,  providing resolutions ranging
 from 320x200 pixels color to 720x350 pixels monochrome.  THE NEW ABC 386SX
 is availble throughout the UK now.


 > TRIVIA QUIZ WINNERS STR Spotlight?    Winners on GEnie's Trivia Quiz

  Winners for the Quiz are as follows:

                 1. Jkelley         John F. Kelley
                 2. O.KOSMATOS      Odisseas Kosmatos
                 3. G.E.M.          Gary E. Martin
                 4. JON.DUNN        Jon W. Dunn
                 5. K.HILTS         Kenneth l Hilts
                 6. M.MCCANN2       Mike W. Mccann
                 7. JAKOB           John K. Brochu
                 8. B.STRINGER      Bruce J. Stringer, MD
                 9. D.KOSTER        Dave Koster    
                10. JRHARRIS        John R. Harris, II
                11. V.LICARI        Vin Licari
                12. R.ACOSTA        Ricardo Acosta
                13. S.NOAH          Stuart Noah
                14. S.GAREE         Steven F. Garee
                15. P.GENOVESE      Paul R. Genovese
                16. GRMEYER         Gordon Meyer
                17. NCBATES         Norman C. Bates
                18. M.KENNEDY3      Matthew J. Kennedy
                19. S.MEEHAN2       Steve M. Meehan
                20. D.STIDHAM       Dan Stidham


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile           Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

         51mb #SGN4951   519.95              65mb #SG60101   649.95
         80mb #SGN296    709.95             100mb #SG84011D  839.95
        120mb #SGN120FH  989.95             120mb #SG120DD  1128.95
        170mb #SGN2962  1369.95             260mb #SG60102  1849.95


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                           FROM 30mb @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
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                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
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         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1179.00           30mb SQG38    $1099.00
          65mb SQG09   $1239.00           85mb SQG96    $1299.00

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
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 > A "Quotable Quote" 


                                        ...ZIGGY ZIRCON

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