ST Report: 01-Jun-90 #622

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/11/90-01:01:22 AM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 01-Jun-90  #622
Date: Mon Jun 11 01:01:22 1990

                 --==** TT MAIN ATTRACTION IN CANADA **==-
                  ---===*** STE TO BE DELAYED! ***===---
               ---===** STACY BEGINS NEW ATARI ERA **===---

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     'Tis summer time, and summer CES is in full swing, they say  there are
 Lynxes and  Portfolios all  over the  place...   One browser was overheard
 saying, everywhere you look you can  see a  Lynx!   Oh well,  I am solidly
 resigned to  the fact  that my  powerhouse computer  system will always be
 regarded as  being from  "that game  machine company".   But  so what?, It
 still  is  capable  of  much  more  than the majority of machines in place
     Atari is stirring out of its apparent hibernation  (at last)  and soon
 will be  marketing the  STe in  the States  by August.   Added to that the
 planned release of the Advantage package where the 520 ST  will be bundled
 with a gaggle of software products and moved through the mass marketeers.
 These actions,  coupled with  the 'hoped for' advertising, are expected to
 revitalize the Atari computing market in the states.   And  of course, the
 TT is  to make  its debut  in Canada  this week.   The preliminary reports
 filtering in are very exciting as far as  the TT  are concerned.   We will
 have complete info on the TT as soon as its released.

     Sometimes, not often, but sometimes Atari gets a "bad rap" this is one
 of those times, last week, a reader made mention of a boondoggle over some
 mega equipment that was loaned to a group of international musicians.  The
 equipment in question came from a  "loaner or  show pool"  Atari maintains
 just for such occasions.  As is usual, when the loaner period is over, the
 recipient is given a choice of purchasing the  equipment at  an attractive
 price or  returning it to Atari.  It seems a dealer local and privy to the
 proceedings wished to purchase  this gear.   To  make a  long story short,
 the  dealer  wanted  to  place  the  stuff on "floor plan", in other words
 "charge it".  In reality, most floor plans do not permit the  financing of
 "used equipment".   Atari  was not  at fault  nor was  the dealer, in fact
 there is no fault here just rules that protect the consumer.




   Issue # 69

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In February 1978, Randy Seuss, and Ward Christensen  (the creator of
 the MODEM,  or XModem  file transfer  protocol) created the first computer
 bulletin board system (called CBBS), as a way  for members  of their local
 User Group to exchange information?

       Or how,  in August  1979, an  "online conferencing"  system known as
 Micronet was first started, which changed  its name  to CompuServe  a year

 CPU Systems Roundup? XXIX

             Networking, Commodore Support, and the Amiga 3000

      When Commodore  introduced the  Amiga 3000, the AmigaVision hypertext
 system, and AmigaDOS 2.0 last month,  it also  introduced a  series of new
 LAN  networking  products  for  the  Amiga  line.   These peripherals were
 mainly developed  in concert  with other  3rd Party  Amiga Developers, and
 Commodore's   marketing   of   these  products  supplements  its  previous
 announcements concerning Amiga Unix.

       When  Commodore  first  announced  Amiga  Unix,  many  had expressed
 concerns  that  few  serious  Amiga networking products were available for
 Amiga Unix to utilize when it is eventually released.  And as  any serious
 Unix computer  has networking  products available  for it,  a lack of such
 products  would  be  a  serious  deficiency.    Commodore's  new  line  of
 networking products  are expected to answer the issue of Amiga Networking,
 and to preface the upcoming string of Network  Peripherals expected  to be
 announced with  the 68030 TT's introduction.  Here are excerpts from their
 announcement of Amiga Networking Peripherals:


       "Commodore Vice President of  Marketing C.  Lloyd Mahaffey  said the
 announcements are a key component in Commodore's strategy to significantly
 penetrate the business, higher education and government markets.   He said
 today's  introduction  marks  the  first time Commodore has marketed Amiga
 networking products.  Shipping is expected to begin in June."

       "Adding networking capabilities to the  Amiga  has  been  a priority
 since  our  team  joined  Commodore  last  spring," Mahaffey said.  "We're
 convinced that this added  capability will  greatly enhance  the appeal of
 the  Amiga   in  an   office  or   campus  environment  and  increase  our
 competitiveness in the U.S. market."

 Networking products introduced include the following:

 The A2065 -- Ethernet Network Adaptor

       The A2065  Amiga Ethernet  Network Adaptor  runs at  10 megabits per
 second  and  provides  full  ANSI  802.3 type Ethernet protocols over both
 "thick" and "thin" Ethernet ports.   This product  gives the  Amiga access
 to the widely used Ethernet networking standard. Cost:  $350.00.

 The A2060 -- Arcnet Network Adaptor

       The A2060  Arcnet Network Adaptor provides full Arcnet bus protocols
 over Arcnet bus topology networks.   The 2.5  Mbps Arcnet  Network Adaptor
 supports  up  to  256  nodes,  and features a socket for optional autoboot
 ROMs.    It  also  provides  buffered   memory  to   enhance  inter-system
 communications.  Cost: $230.00

 The AS220 -- Amiga Client for Novell NetWare

      "With Commodore's  introduction of  the Amiga Client for NetWare, the
 Amiga now  has the  capability of  utilizing Commodore's  A2060 adaptor to
 communicate with  Novell Networks  running Novell  NetWare Version 2.15 or
 higher.   The software  features password  security and  provides the user
 with two  interfaces: a  text-oriented interface  or the Amiga mouse-based
 interface.    Users  can  utilize  the  Amiga's  multitasking  feature  to
 simultaneously run  other programs  under AmigaDOS  and/or the MS-DOS with
 Amiga Bridgeboard (TM) options."  Cost: $150.00

 TCP/IP and NFS Software:

       "TCP/IP and NFS software provide the Amiga with  connectivity to DoD
 (Department of  Defense) and  other networks which support either of these
 standard packet-switching protocols.  This new software for the Amiga will
 provide   users   with   access   to  the  widely  installed  far-reaching
 communications networks employing the  TCP/IP  standard."    Cost: $200.00
 Several Amiga  Developers support  this software, including GfxBase (maker
 of a version of  X/Windows for  the Amiga),  Syndesis Corp.,  (producer of
 TSSNet, a  version of DECNet (Digital Network Architecture) for the Amiga)
 and Hydra Systems (maker of a peer-to-peer network for the Amiga)....

 CPU MacNews?

              University Identifies New Mac Virus, "Garfield"

       Recently, Cornell University discovered that Macs on its campus were
 infected by  a new  virus for  the Macintosh.   Called "Garfield" (for the
 name the virus gives itself in its menu  definition), the  virus infects a
 system by  adding its own resource file to that of other software programs
 and System Software files,  and  renumbering  the  computer's  system menu
 definition.   As an MDEF Virus, its main symptoms include unresponsive Mac
 menus (which refuse to  pop up  when clicked  on), and  it spreads through
 both  loading  disks  in,  and  launching  Mac  applications.    As  such,
 investigators say the virus itself is relatively harmless...

       The Symantec  Antivirus  for  the  Macintosh  (SAM)  2.0  utility is
 currently capable  of detecting  and eradicating this virus, while updates
 of Disinfectant, VirusDetective, and  Virex  (three  other  Mac anti-virus
 utilities) will soon become available which can also handle the "Garfield"
 virus.  Luckily, it seems that the virus has not spread beyond the Cornell

 But ponder, if you will, this question:

 1)   Atari intends  to sell 520 STEs through the mass market (Sears, etc.)
     via a package called the Atari Advantage.  Given that the only  way to
     sell products through such a market is through heavy advertising, will
     the Atari Advantage bring  good news  to the  ST market?   If  it ever
     finds its way to the US market??  

 2)   Will the little dealers be able to compete with the mass marketers in
     this area as Atari has stated they will  make the  Advantage available
     to both the mass market and the dealers?


 > COPYRIGHT! STR Spotlight?      STReport "chopped up" by college student

                                             THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER

 by R.F. Mariano

     Copyright  violations  of  all  types  are, for practical purposes, an
 integral part of the computing community.  Oddly enough, the  most serious
 offenders frequently  appear to  be those who do or, at least should, know
 better that to perpetrate such non-sense.  From outright theft of software
 to the  brazen copyright infractions recently brought to our attention, it
 would appear that people have little  or  no  respect  for  the  rights of
 others regardless of the damage or harm they cause.  

     STReport  finds  its  issues  are,  at  this time,  being sent through
 USENET by Greg Lindahl, who apparently  is under  the misguided impression
 that he  has been  granted some sort of editorial powers beyond the bounds
 of the copyright notice contained in each of our issues.     It seems this
 young man, by his own messages, openly admits having edited and/or deleted
 various items from STReport.

     A number of well meaning individuals who frequent  Usenet have brought
 this serious  matter to our attention.  They have clearly stated that this
 is  an  ongoing  situation  and  have  provided  STReport  with sufficient
 materials to  substantiate their  allegations.   Further on, we present an
 excerpt from the materials.  

     STReport formally requests of  Mr.  Lindahl;  Please  discontinue your
 editorial activities immediately.  Additionally, to all parties concerned,
 STReport Online Magazine may  be retransmitted  in any  form provided each
 issue transmitted is complete and complies fully with the copyright notice
 posted in each issue.  

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 From: Greg Lindahl <>
 Subject:  STR # 419

 [ This copy of ST Report was edited by me. Each issue I remove the 2
   commercial advertisements (one for compuserve or genie, the other for
   the editor's hard-drive business), CPU Report if it has nothing to do
   with the ST (I left it in once last year), and any "article" composed
   of 100% flamage. I sometimes also remove duplicated articles, trim
   down press releases, and edit other material. 

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 it later.

   -- greg ]


> STR STOCK REPORT?             Watchin' the Scheckles 'slowly' Grow!

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

 Concept by Glenn Gorman

       The price of Atari Stock stayed the same on Monday and Tuesday.   On
 Wednesday, Atari Stock went down 1/8 of a point, but recovered by going up
 1/8 of a point on Thursday.   On  Friday, its  price shot  up by  5/8 of a
 point.  Finishing up the week at 5 5/8 points, the price of Atari Stock is
 up 5/8 of a point since the last report.

         Apple Stock was up 1/4 points from Friday, May 19, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was down 1/4 of a point from 5/19/90.
                 IBM Stock was up 7/8 points from 5/19/90.

                 Stock Report for Week of 5/21/90 to 5/25/90

 STock|   Monday   |   Tuesday   |  Wednesday |  Thursday  |    Friday    |
 Reprt|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last      Chg.|
 Atari|  5     ----|  5      ----|4 7/8  - 1/8|  5    + 1/8|5 5/8    + 5/8|
      |            |             |            |            | 169,800  Sls |
  CBM |7 1/2   ----|7 1/2    ----|7 1/2   ----|7 3/8  - 1/8|7 3/8    ---- |
      |            |             |            |            | 135,700  Sls |
 Apple|39 1/2  -1/4|40 3/8       |  42   + 5/8|  42    ----|  40      - 2 |
      |            |       +1 7/8|            |            |2,886,800  Sls|
  IBM | 117  +1 5/8|117 3/4  +3/4|118 3/4  + 1|118 3/4 ----|116 1/4 -2 1/2|
      |            |             |            |            |1,148,700  Sls|

        'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
        'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
        '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > PGH SPEAKS UP!  STR FOCUS?     ATARI ELITE presents its side....

     STReport MailBag

 A letter from J. Karlovich

      Greetings to all:

     Until this time THE ATARI ELITE has sat back and  not said  a word, we
 have listened  and read  ALL of the posts that have been printed about the
 Pittsburgh situation. Bear with me for  awhile and  you will  begin to see
 the TRUTH unfold.

     There has  been some  false allegations  being spread  about The Atari
 Elite Organization that needs clarification, let me introduce  myself.  My
 name is  John N.  Karlovich and  I am  one of  the founding members of THE
 ATARI ELITE and was a past  president of  PACE (Pittsburgh  Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts) I  resigned from  that position  officially in November 1985.
 Myself and five other 520ST users  started **  The ATARI  ELITE **   an ST
 only organization. 

      I  gave  the  board  of  directors  of  PACE  a  6 month notice of my
 resignation and explanation which was necessary.  The  secretary had NEVER
 taken the  minutes of  the meetings.   The disk librarian would NOT report
 on how many disks were  being  bought  or  sold.    And  many,  many other
 oddities that I will not bring up...(Leave the skeletons in the closets)

      The  allegations  that  I  left be split up, is totally
 ridiculous.  The TRUTH is;  BEFORE I left I made sure  it was  listed as a
 non-profit organization.   The  club had  grown in  size so  much that the
 income we were making was quite large.  If the  IRS were  to inquire about
 our income  I am  quite sure they would have gone to the president and the
 rest of the officers with many questions.  Our records  at that  time were
 practically non-existent.   We  managed to  reconstruct the previous three
 years and obtain the non-profit status.  I instructed the board members if
 these conditions  were not corrected in 6 months I would resign and get up
 in front of the membership and explain WHY..  this I did.  (This is public
 knowledge and I only mention this  as background  for NEW  members and the
 Atarians not in the Pittsburgh area.) 

      I was  to leave in October but stayed on one more month and we had an
 ATARI EXTRAVAGANZA.  Neil Harris was coming to town and I did  not want to
 air our  dirty laundry  to anyone.  We passed out shirts, Frisbees, duffel
 bags and  backpacks with  the ATARI  LOGO (I  went out  with a  bang so to
 speak) I  am sorry  that there were and still are HARD feelings because of
 my resignation, but I guess there  will exist  personality conflicts.   My
 energies were  dedicated to  the betterment of the club, and the promotion
 of Atari in the Pittsburgh area  and they  still are.   At  that time, not
 only myself  but the  VICE PRESIDENT  and the  TREASURER resigned the same

      The ATARI ELITE was formed out of a void that existed.   As time went
 on more  Atari People  wanted to  join an ST only group  (That is the only
 machine we cater to.   I  am happy  to say  for the  ST user  the 8_bit is
 dead).   We also  took extra caution to assure that our meetings were on a
 night that would not conflict with the PACE meetings.

      In the past THE  ATARI ELITE  has tried  to work  with PACE,  we have
 tried to  put our differences behind us to no avail.  Instead of welcoming
 competition, they are afraid of it.  We  believe that organizations should
 work together  for the betterment of Atari and not to another's demise. As
 an example, PACE has had other  Atari Products  Shows.   All of  the other
 user groups  were invited  to attend BUT the ATARI ELITE was not permitted
 to have a  space even though we have offered to pay vendors price  for the
 booth.   The reasoning  given to us was that we were in the same county as
 they are and would  be in  competition for  the same  members. This  to me
 sounds  terrible.    Apparently  PACE  felt  that  we were (are) that much
 better. Even if they feel that way, we should have been allowed  to attend
 because the  ATARI ELITE is promoting the ST.  The phrase was that we were
 "STEALING" their members. Come  on now,  when was  the last  time somebody
 "STOLE" you?  THE ATARI ELITE operates under the philosophy of Lee Iacocca
  "if you can find a better deal, BUY  IT."   The ELITE  says, "If  you can
 find a better group then JOIN IT." 

     Lets get  to the  infrastructure of the matter.  The question could be
 raised as to why we do not have our own show.  The answer is that Pace has
 an ANNUAL  SHOW and  we don't want to repeat the same thing.  We felt that
 this was something that they did well.  Judging the effects of  their 1990
 show, it  appears that  they have  lost their  ability to do the one thing
 that we felt they were good at.  Now they have blown it for the Pittsburgh
 area.  They have single-handedly destroyed the reputation of Pittsburgh in
 the eyes of the  Atari community  and tried  to place  the blame elsewhere
 instead of  admitting the  REAL REASONS.  (This has been brought out in ST

      One major reason the show was a flop was that THE ATARI ELITE did NOT
 participate at all, we were not invited as a group and most of our members
 would not go (The ones that did go  spent plenty  of bucks  and we  have a
 committee set  up to  tally the  amount which  will be reported at a later
 date with receipts to prove it).

       Another untruth that has THE ATARI ELITE fired up is the belief that
 we are  a bunch  of PIRATES.   This outrageous lie that was generated by a
 few people at PACE, has branded THE ATARI  ELITE as  pirates in  the Atari
 community.  Many  allegations  have  been  spread over the networks but NO
 PROOF has or will be found.  This was started I believe because PACE  is a
 dying club and they are trying every thing possible to discredit THE ATARI
 ELITE in futile hopes that the ST members  will leave  and join  the other
 side.   One other  fact to  mention is  MANY members belong to both clubs?
 This also is untrue, approximately a half a dozen ELITE  members belong to
 PACE and  they have  said they  will NOT renew their memberships with PACE
 because of their childlike antics.

      We believe that, UNLIKE PACE,  we  have  taken  an  AGGRESSIVE stance
 against piracy.  We have  actually bussed  our members to shows where they
 have purchased thousands of  dollars of  soft/hardware.   (Video tapes are
 available to prove this.)  We are planning on attending the, this
 invitation is and has been open to ALL the user  groups in  the area.   We
 will  provide  the  transportation  and  tickets  for  this  function at a
 reasonable cost.  Another point I  would like  to mention  is most  of our
 members have the newest in software and hardware because of our aggressive
 support with the vendors.  One example is our group purchased at  least 18
 copies of  the Universal  Item Selector,  (again we have the documentation
 to prove this).

      No one has mentioned the GOOD  things THE  ATARI ELITE  is doing such
 as  taking  14  systems  to  a Real Estate and Financial Investors meeting
 next month to show the "Power Without the  Price", I  do not  want to blow
 our horn but this also needed to be told.

      I am  disheartened that  the developers and vendors have been fed the
 WRONG  impression  of  the  ATARI  ELITE   because  of   some  misinformed
 individuals.   I challenge  ALL the  vendors and  developers to go through
 your records and check to see how many people in the Pittsburgh  area have
 purchased your  products.  Please, contact the users and ASK them how they
 found out about it.  My bet is they heard and saw it at  one of  THE ATARI
 ELITE meetings. 
  Only TIME will tell the TRUTH.....

     The information that I have provided you with is to END this pointless
 "in-fighting." We are one city, and one user base with one computer.  This
 fighting  serves  NO  ONE!  We  feel  we  have  a  lot  to offer the Atari
 community. The only ones to suffer in the end is the users.   NO  good can
 come out of strife......  We at THE ATARI ELITE are not in competition for
 anything.  We march to the beat of our own drum, we are not  followers but
 leaders.   Our purpose  is to acquaint, teach, and inform the community of
 the home  and business  computer.   To foster  a positive  attitude in the
 general population  regarding computers  and to  demonstrate the potential
 importance of computers to those seeking such information.

     Information booths have  been  set  up  in  shopping  malls  and other
     locations  to   inform  the   public  of  the  existence  of  such  an
     organization where one can learn.  

     Available to the public is a 24 hour phone line for use concerning any
     computer related problems or questions. 

     A monthly  meeting is held for its members to attend to view and learn
     about the newest products available.  Technical help  is also provided
     at these  meetings for  those having problems with any aspect of their
     computer use.

     A 24 hour Bulletin Board System, or BBS, is provided to the public and
     to the general membership.  This system is a source of information and
     a 'meeting place' of hundreds  of  computer  users  in  the Pittsburgh
     area, and  with the  advent of special processing features, the BBS is
     online with several hundred other BBS's across the  country and around
     the  world  allowing  a  member  or user to contact thousands of other

     Included in membership is a bi-monthly  electronic newsletter provided
     on  magnetic  media  (one  of  the  first  on  disk).  This newsletter
     provides  the  reader  with  literally  hundreds  of  computer related
     articles and  editorials plus  new public domain software or shareware
     for the reader's use.

     The overall  goal  of  this  organization  is  to  educate  the novice
     computer user and educated user alike.

      We feel  the public is smart enough to join a group that will benefit
 them the most for their membership  dues.   If they  choose, an individual
 can join 10 groups.  We at the Elite maintain that the more you know about
 your computer the more fun you can have,  and the  better we  ALL will be.
 The user will go to the group(s) where they can obtain the most up to date
 information from, that have the best speakers, most  up to-date technology
 and the  Atari atmosphere throughout.  This is what The ATARI ELITE is all

      If anyone has been offended by this message, please accept my apology
 as this  was not  the intent  of this letter. The image of THE ATARI ELITE
 has been damaged and some will  never  change  their  minds  by  trying to
 really  search out the FACTS.  We will continue to work very hard to bring
 out ALL of the TRUTH.  For you Atarians that want to learn more about your
 machine,  we  meet  the  first  Monday  of  each  month  at  the Greentree

                      *** THE ATARI ELITE ***
                          P.O. BOX 18293
                       PITTSBURGH, PA 15236

 If you need more information drop us a line..... For all that  like to use
 their modems call our BBS......

                       AUTOBOSS/ATARI ELITE
                           P.O. BOX 281
                         BUNOLA, PA. 15020
                          (412) 384-5609
                          (412) 653-7540      


 > ROSETTA-3D STR Tech Notes?        a powerful animation preview tool

                                                            June 1, 1990
                       Version 1.0 Product Specifications
                          Copyright 1990 David Ramsden

               Phase-4, Rosetta-3D, Chronos, PRISM, and PRISM-AGE  
                are trademarks of Lexicor Software, Incorporated.  

                          THE HISTORY BEHIND THE NAME

     ROSETTA,  roh   ZET  uh,   STONE  gave   the  world  the  key  to  the
     long-forgotten language of ancient Egypt. In 1799, a French officer of
     Napoleon's engineering  corps found  the stone, half buried in the mud
     near the Rosetta mouth of the  Nile River.  On the  stone is  carved a
     decree of  Ptolomy V Epiphanes, king of Egypt from 203 to 181 B.C. The
     first inscription is in ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics. The  second is
     in Demotic,  the popular  language of  Egypt at  the time.  And at the
     bottom of the stone the same message is written again in Greek.

     The stone is made of black basalt, 11 inches thick  and it  is about 3
     feet 9  inches high  and 2 feet 4 inches across. Part of the top and a
     section on the right side of the Rosetta Stone are missing.

     The language of ancient Egypt had been a  riddle to  scholars for many
     hundreds of years. The Rosetta Stone solved the riddle. By translating
     the Greek portion of the stone and  using  this  text  as  a  guide, a
     French scholar  named Jean  Francios Champollion was able to learn the
     meaning of various Egyptian hieroglyphic characters.  After much work,
     Champollion was able read the entire text, and in 1822, he published a
     pamphlet containing the results of his work. This pamphlet now enabled
     scholars to read the literature of ancient Egypt.

                               - The World Book Encyclopedia

                      THE "ROSETTA STONE" OF 3D ANIMATION

      Just as  the original  Rosetta Stone allowed scholars to decypher the
 secret of Egyptian hieroglyphics and translate them into  other languages,
 Rosetta-3D allows you to translate a wide variety of the most popular CAD,
 animation, and rendering  formats  into  any  of  more  than  a half-dozen
 formats supported.  Files created by Rosetta-3D can then be transported to
 many different computer systems  and modeling  packages or  sent to remote
 rendering services  capable of  creating photorealistic quality images for
 commercial use. You are no longer confined to the limits of one machine or
 your current animation software.

      Rosetta-3D is  much more  than just  a file translator-- it is also a
 powerful animation  preview  tool.  While  it  is  not  intended  to  be a
 professional-level  modeler  or  rendering  package,  it does allow you to
 quickly create and preview  animations with  objects from  any format that
 you  select   using  the  fastest  wireframe  and  solid-polygon  renderer
 available for the Atari ST. Rosetta-3D's  simple point-and-click animation
 system featuring  a unique  three-dimensional 'object  marker' now enables
 you to design animation  storyboards for  waiting clients  in a  matter of
 seconds rather than minutes or hours.

                     ROSETTA-3D VERSION 1.0 PRODUCT FEATURES

 >> Hardware Requirements:

      o Atari ST with at least 512K RAM
      o Color Monitor
      o One Single-Sided 360K Disk Drive
      o Optional Hardware Supported
        - JRI ST4096C Color Board
        - Enhanced Atari STe 4096 color palette
        - Image Systems' ISAC Board (1024*768 or 800*600)

 >> Animation Capabilities:

      o Display Modes
        - Amazingly fast depth-cue point cloud mode!
          . dynamic motion preview
          . used for real-time playback of extremely large objects
          . create new and unique animations using "Point Clouds"
        - High-speed wireframe and depth-cue wireframe modes
          . 2-4 times faster than CAD-3D's (v2.0) "high-speed" wireframe
        - Several "real-time" solid-polygon display modes
          . uses a revolutionary new polygon drawing algorithm
          . transforms and displays objects with 15,000 faces in 5 seconds
      o Object Limitations
        - Any combination of 65,535 vertices and faces per object
        - Total number and size of objects limited only by memory
        - Animate objects with over 15,000 vertices and 30,000 faces
          on a 1MB system
        - Rosetta-3D's universe extends for over 32,000 "coordinates" in
          all directions. Nearly 400 times larger than CAD-3D's universe
      o Object Marker
        - Use Rosetta-3D's "3D cursor" to grab objects and move, zoom,
          rotate them in any direction to quickly create animations
      o Recording
        - VCR mode for "real-time" recording of animations
        - Stop-frame mode for manual frame-by-frame recording

 >> File Translation:

      o Translate objects which are too large to animate on your system
        - The size of a file to be translated is limited only by the
          capacity of your data storage devices, not by memory
      o Translate entire folders of supported formats using wildcards
      o Import individual objects from within a file
      o Direct translation from one format to another (bypassing the
        Rosetta-3D animation system) to provide minimum resolution loss 
        of geometric data between different formats
      o Eight Three-Dimensional Modeling/Rendering Formats Supported
      o Import and/or Export:
        - AutoCAD Release 10 ASCII (DXF) and Binary (DXB) 
          for the IBM and Macintosh
        - CAD-3D Version 1.0 (3D) and Version 2.0 (3D2)
        - Phase-4 Animation Libraries
        - Sculpt-3D for the Macintosh and Amiga
        - Swivel-3D for the Macintosh

        ... and output of Pixar's RenderMan RIB files!

 >> Disk Management:

      o File Management
        - Copy, move, and delete files and supported file formats
        - Individual files and wildcards allowed
        - Easy to use menus displaying each file as it is processed
      o Folder Management
        - Quickly create and delete folders to store translated files
      o Disk and File Information
        - View the size, date, and time of creation of unknown file
          types and free space remaining on the selected drive
        - Display detailed information about any of the modeling or
          rendering formats supported including: 
           . a detailed description of the file type
           . the name, vertice and face count, and other attributes
             for each object within the file
           . a summary of vertice and face data for the entire file

 >> Special Features:

     o ISAC Board high-resolution rendering (1024*768)
     o Phase-4 Application Data Exchange ProTocol (ADEPT)
       - This feature allows Phase-4 products to:
         . Share common resources such as memory, bitmapped images,
           and three-dimensional object data
         . Utilize features in other Phase-4 products and control
           desk accessories running in the background
         . Communicate via serial and MIDI connections and provide 
           limited parallel processing between applications running
           on separate machines
         . Communicate with Phase-4 products available for other home 

 >> Future Features

      o Atari TT/68030 Version (supporting new graphics modes)
      o Math Coprocessor Support
      o Monochrome Monitor Support
      o Parsec Graphics 4768 System (including 8768 upgrade)
        - Special 50MHz TI34010 version running at 6.25 MIPs with the 
          standard 8MHz 68000 running in parallel


      o CHRONOS Keyframe Animation Studio
      o PRISM (Photorealistic Rendering Interpreter for Solid Models)
        Professional Rendering Package
      o PRISM-AGE (Advanced Graphics Environment)

 On CompuServe, send Easyplex mail regarding these Phase-4 products to:

                          David Ramsden [76703,4224]


 > QUICKST 2.1 STR Tech Notes?   "...the latest upgrade to the Quick ST.."

                        Quick ST 2.1 and Quick ST 2.1G

 By Darek Mihocka. 

 Release date: May 25, 1990.

     Branch Always Software
     Box 2624, Station B     \
     Kitchener, Ontario      - new address this summer!
     Canada    N2H 6N2       /

     Compuserve: 73657,2714
     GEnie: DAREKM

 Quick ST 2.1 is the latest upgrade to the Quick ST II screen accelerator.
 The utility has only one purpose in life, and that is to make your ST
 run as fast as possible without requiring any hardware modifications.
 This is done by replacing those parts of TOS that draw text and graphics
 to the screen with machine language code that is many times faster. The
 result is that most text and GEM based programs run noticably faster.
 Some screen drawing functions are made so efficient with Quick ST, that
 they are even faster than on a hardware accelerated ST, or even a TT!

 So after investing $1000 or more in your ST system doesn't it make sense
 to invest another $20 to exploit the full power of the 68000 chip?


 Quick ST 2.1 is functionally identical to Quick ST 2.0, providing such
 features as:

     - acceleration of GEM text, window updates, zoom boxes, rectangle     
       and other VDI functions of GEM

     - acceleration of VT52 text output and scrolling

     - support of custom desktop backgrounds and fonts

     - built-in Moniterm and Overscan support

 It is fully compatible with the Desktop Customizer program (that comes
 bundled with Quick ST 2.0) for editing the desktop background.

 Quick ST 2.0 has received some great reviews and praise after less than
 3 months on the market. Just read through any recent ST magazine. But
 Quick ST 2.0 had room for improvement, and so Quick ST 2.1 was developed.

 One of the things that was totally rewritten in Quick ST 2.1 was GEM text
 support. This is the type of text that appears in desktop windows,
 menu bars, dialog boxes, file selectors, and almost any other GEM objects.
 This text is drawn using a function in GEM called "v_gtext". Just about
 every GEM based application uses v_gtext, usually a lot. Word processors,
 spreadsheets, custom file selectors, terminal programs, editors, are just
 some GEM applications that use v_gtext.

 v_gtext draws not only the standard desktop font, but also the small 6x6
 font, and GDOS fonts. (Contrary to popular belief, it is not GDOS itself
 that draws GDOS fonts to the screen). Unfortunately, Quick ST 2.0 and all
 earlier versions only supported the desktop font and no other. Therefore,
 Quick ST 2.0 was not very effective with programs that used other sizes
 of fonts. Our users complained about that, so..... (guess what folks!)

 Here are new features of Quick ST 2.1:

     - faster GEM text support, including 6x6 font, system font, and GDOS
       fonts. All calls to v_gtext are now significantly faster. Programs
       that use GDOS fonts, such as Microsoft Write or Word Flair, will
       have much faster screen updates. Fonts such as 10 point Dutch or
       Swiss are drawn up to 5 times faster, so GDOS based word processors
       will now run as fast as non-GDOS based word processors such as
       First Word or Word Writer. But those weren't forgotten either.
       Drawing of the standard font was also sped up, so that non-GDOS     
       based applications like First Word or Word Writer will also run     
       quite a bit faster than with Quick ST 2.0, even if your machine     
       already has a blitter chip. The 6x6 font support is now many times  
       faster, so programs like Universal Item Selector III or C-Breeze,   
       which use the 6x6 font, will now have much faster screen updates.

     - fast text attributes, such as bold, italic, outline, etc. Not all
       software draws plain text. A lot of word processors support text
       effects, and GEM usually chokes on these. Quick ST 2.1 makes bold,
       underlined, and italic text almost as fast as plain text. Without
       Quick ST 2.1, GEM becomes 2 or 3 times slower when doing text       

     - faster VT52 text (Bconout and Cconws functions). These are the
       plain and simple text routines used by .TOS and .TTP programs.

     - faster overall performance, including a smaller speed drop when     
       using other AUTO folder programs and desk accessories. So pile up   
       those custom file selectors and RAM disks and mouse accelerators,   
       because the performance of Quick ST 2.1 will not be affected as     

     - faster low resolution GEM support. 

     - improved use of the blitter chip. On the Mega ST and STe, GEM text
       and rectangles will be drawn up to twice as fast, on top of the
       already fast speed of Quick ST 2.1.

 Some minor bugs from version 2.0 are also fixed:

     - the Hotwire 2.0 menu was not being redrawn properly

     - crossed out objects in resource files were missing the white 'X'

     - Pagestream displayed phantom characters on screen when printing

 Quick ST 2.1 is still compatible with other AUTO folder programs that
 install custom desktop backgrounds. By default, Quick ST 2.1 now uses the
 normal desktop background, which can be changed with the Desktop

 Quick ST 2.0 came configured with a tiled desktop pattern, and this blew
 away many people's minds, which is why we've gone back to the normal

 Memory requirements

 All these new features cannot be put in without increasing the memory
 requirements of Quick ST.  While Quick ST 2.0 required only 20K of RAM
 in either color or monochrome, Quick ST 2.1 requires 24K.

 That is why a special version of Quick ST was created called Quick ST

 The G means that it is primarily meant to speed up GDOS and GEM, and not
 VT52 text. The G version is also a "no frills" version, not having support
 for the Moniterm or custom backgrounds. As a result, it requires only
 16K of RAM. 2.1G still runs faster than Quick ST 2.0 and uses less memory.


 So how does one get a hold of Quick ST 2.1 or 2.1G? Easy. If you already
 own Quick ST 2.0, call Compuserve or GEnie and download the patch program
 for updating your Quick ST 2.0 disk to a Quick ST 2.1 disk. The files that
 are up in the Atari ST download libraries of Compuserve and GEnie are as

     on Compuserve:

         QST21.ARC  - this file

         QST21U.ARC - patch program to convert Quick ST 2.0 to 2.1/2.1G

     on GEnie:

         QST21NEW.ARC - this file

         QST21UPD.ARC - patch program to convert Quick ST 2.0 to 2.1/2.1G

 In addition to these two files, other files containing various benchmark
 results of Quick ST 2.1 will be posted. The benchmark results were
 compiled by several beta testers who tested it with all sorts of hardware
 configurations and application programs, and some of the results are
 shocking! Standard Quick Index results are also included.

 If you do not have access to Compuserve or GEnie, these patch programs
 will become available on bulletin boards and will also appear on some
 magazine disks (such as Atari Interface Magazine's disk of the month).

 If you do not yet own Quick ST 2.0, it is available for $19.95 or less
 from almost all Atari ST dealers in the United States. If your dealer
 does not have it or is sold out, there are a number of mail order dealers
 that advertize in magazines such as START or ST Informer who do carry
 Quick ST 2.0. Usually they also have toll free 1-800 order lines and can
 have the product to you in a few days. Then simply download the patch
 programs. Flipping through the latest Current Notes, I see one dealer
 carrying Quick ST 2.0 for $14.

 If you live in Canada, Quick ST 2.0 is available at dealers everywhere,
 for about $22.95 or less. The first shipments of Quick ST 2.1 have
 started going out to dealers in Canada and the U.S. The new packages are
 clearly labeled with "2.1" on the front and back.

 Whether you buy 2.0 and patch it to 2.1, or if you wait until you can buy
 Quick ST 2.1, you will get the exact same files, so don't wait!

 As always, I will continue my never ending visits of Atari user groups.
 This Monday, May 28, 1990, I will be at one of my favorite user groups,
 the Toronto Atari Federation (the guys that put on that amazing show last
 month) and Quick ST 2.1 will be on sale at Users Convention prices!

 We're moving!

 Summer is approaching, and that means vacation time. It also means moving
 time. Please do not attempt to place orders directly with Branch Always
 Software during the month of July, because Branch Always Software is
 moving. A new business address and telephone number will be posted as soon
 as it is available. The old mailing address will be valid until October,
 when the lease on the current post office box expires, and mail will be
 forwarded to the new address.

 More updates

 Except in the case of someone discovering a really bad problem with Quick
 ST 2.1, there will be no updates of Quick ST during the summer. Some of
 the features that will be worked on in that time will be things like
 68020/68030 support (for TT compatibility and comptibility with any 68030
 accelerator boards that may appear), improved low resolution speed (which
 is not quite up to par with the medium resolution speed), and making Quick
 ST faster overall. That's right. Quick ST can still be made to run a lot
 faster if it were to use more memory. We have tried to limit the size of
 Quick ST to below 25K, but many users have indicated that they would be
 willing to give up another 20K or 50K or even 100K of memory to get the
 maximum possible speed out of Quick ST. With the price of RAM dropping and
 more and more people upgrading their ST to 2 meg or 4 meg, this is now
 something that is being seriously considered.

 When such updates are available, they will be announced on Compuserve and
 GEnie. We invite GEnie users to drop by the Quick ST II topic in Category
 2 Topic 13, and give us your comments or questions about Quick ST.

 Branch Always Software will have a booth at this year's WAACE show, and it
 would not be all too surprising if the next Quick ST update was released
 at the show. See you all in October!

 Price: $19.95 US, $22.95 Cnd, some dealers may sell for less.
 Copyright (C) 1990 Branch Always Software.


 > TURBO BBS STR InfoFile?           "The new kid on the block...."

 ///Turbo Board Update                                   May 29, 1990

 To all the people that have bought our board, a BIG THANKS!!! I will be
 sending each of you a letter in the mail.

 It looks like our board will not be released by the end of May, due to
 problems Bill had in moving, and other things.

 We are now pushing our Release Date of the board, back one month.

 We hope to have the board ready by the End of June.

 Our Pre-Release Offer was well received, and we have over 60 orders for
 our board at the time of writing this message.

 With this in Mind, I will be Extending our Pre-Release Offer to the end of
 June,  -> June 30th, 1990 to be exact.

 We have been allowing Forem ST Sysops who buy our board to download it
 from our support boards, if they are currently running a BBS.  Our holdup
 right now is the SysGen program, so we can't release the complete package,
 but the board program is pretty well finished, with just a few final
 touches to do for ver 1.0.

 If you have not taken us up on our offer, I will repeat it again here:

 Limited Time Offer!                                      May 29/90

         Our List price for ///Turbo Board is  $85 US ($99 CDN)

 For a limited time, we will offer ///Turbo Board ST at a reduced price!

 Until June 30,1990 you will be able to order ///Turbo Board ST with it's
 manual and one Year's free support for only:

       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $60 US  or $75 CDN* <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

                                       *Ont. residents add 8% PST. ($6.00)

 If you would like to have ///Turbo Board ST sent to you on Overnight
 Delivery,  please add $20 to cover costs, otherwise we will ship via the
 postal service regular Air Mail.  This is OPTIONAL.

 ///Turbo Board is not yet released, but we hope to have it ready by the
 end of JUNE 1990.

    You may also download the bbs program before we release it at our 
 Support Board 416-274-1225.

 ----------------------------- Cut  here --------------------------------


 SYSOP'S REAL NAME:_______________________________________________

 STREET ADDRESS   :_______________________________________________
 TOWN/CITY        :_______________________________________________
 STATE/PROVINCE   :_______________________________________________
 COUNTRY          :_______________________________________________
 ZIP/POSTAL CODE  :_______________________________________________

 VOICE NUMBER     :_______________________________________________
 BBS NAME         :_______________________________________________
 NUMBER           :_______________________________________________
 FNET NODE #      :____________
 FIDO NODE #      :____________

 Amount  Enclosed:* $60 US   ($75 CDN+ 8% PST if Ont resident)*

                    $20 for Overnight delivery (OPTIONAL)


 * Remember this price is only good until June 30, 1990, then there will
 be no discount!  (Regular price is $85 US $99 CDN)

 Send your cheque or money order to:

 Bitblit Systems
 1580 Liveoak Dr
 Mississauga, ON
 L5E 2X6

 American residents, remember to check for correct postage. (30 cents)



 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL?          Sayin' it like it is.....

 - Dusseldorf, Germany                ATARI GERMANY TO STAGE NEW 'BIG' SHOW

     Following the successful Atari-Fair of 1989, (35,000+ visitors), Atari
 Germany will hold its next Atari-Fair from August 24 -  26, 1990.   Unlike
 last  year's  12,000  square  meters,  this  year's  show  is  expected to
 encompass over 18,000  square  meters).    In  1989,  the  world's biggest
 Atari-only show  featured the  products of  155 exhibitors, workshops, and
 two users' forums.  This year, Atari is expecting at  least 200 exhibitors
 to actively participate.

 - New York City, NY                       PORTFOLIO HEADED FOR STORMY SEAS

     DIP has  recruited John Feagans, formally of Atari Corp., as their USA
 representative.  Feagans left Atari quietly at the same time  the WOA show
 in Anahiem  occurred.   According to the latest reports there is a dispute
 brewing over certain products being made available for  the Portfolio here
 in  the  states,  one  of  which  is the memory expander, while being made
 readily available in Europe, "it will be a long time coming" as far as the
 states are concerned, it was reported.  Apparently, there are plans in the
 works to market the Portfolio under the DIP banner as opposed to Atari who
 has been buying the unit from DIP since its introduction.


     As  most  folks  who  own  a  Portfolio  know,  Caseworks, a USA firm,
 manufactures two styles of  carrying cases  for the  Portfolio.   One is a
 handsome and  rugged Nylon  case (24.95),  while the alternative is a hand
 tooled, 100% leather case (49.95) manufactured from the  finest quality of
 leather materials  available.  Atari includes literature about their cases
 in each Portfolio shipped.   Now  enters "the  wicked witch  of the north"
 showing the  good folks at Caseworks a cheap ($6.00 wholesale) leatherette
 like case requesting that they duplicate the price structure or else.  The
 "or else"  is the  reason we  picked up  on this story, here we have a USA
 company supporting the Portfolio market, only  to have  the future clouded
 by  some  "bimbo"  wanting  to  gouge  the biggest buck from the Portfolio
 marketplace making ridiculous  demands  on  a  developer  supporting them.
 Caseworks was  told that  if they  don't comply, then the imported mexican
 case will be  promoted  in  the  literature  bundled  with  the Portfolio.
 Another excellent  example of  full, developer  support.   Not too hard to
 believe when one looks at their  overall performance  over the  past three

 - Rockford, IL.                            ICD FIX FOR SUPERCHARGER BOOTUP

     In response to some recent compatibility issues, ICD is offering a new
 hardware and software upgrade kit to our Advantage  Plus ST  and Advantage
 ST SCSI Host Adapters.  

     This includes a DSDD diskette with our latest software, a new GAL 16V8
 IC, and a new daughterboard.  The daughterboard will plug  into the socket
 for the  U3 IC  on either host adapter.  The new GAL IC will replace U4 on
 the Advantage Plus ST or U7 on the Advantage ST. 

     This complete package is available for $15 cash, check, or money order
 (payable in  US $ drawn on a US bank) in the US and CANADA and $20 for all
 other countries.  It is easily  installed since  most boards  were shipped
 with socketed GALs.  If your Advantage host adapter does not have sockets,
 it is strongly recommended that you return it for replacement.

     This package is required to be fully functional  with the Supercharger
 PC emulator from Talon.

     Only  the  daughterboard  is  needed  to fix a problem which sometimes
 resets the Advantage Plus ST clock giving incorrect  times and  dates when
 powering on and off certain 520ST computers.

     The  daughterboard  is  available  alone  at  no  cost to "registered"
 Advantage Plus ST  owners  with  clock  problems.    The  GAL  IC  is only
 available as part of the upgrade package.

     If you  have an  older ICD  ST Host Adapter (STHA), the software alone
 will allow the Supercharger to work properly.  It is  available on  a DSDD
 diskette for just $10.

 Send your name, address, and payment to:

                      ICD Advantage ST Upgrade Offer 
                             1220 Rock Street 
                            Rockford, IL  61101

             Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handling.
             We cannot accept telephone orders, charge cards, 
                           CODs for this offer.

 - Santa Clara, CA.                        IVAN and ATARI TO WOO EACH OTHER

     It is  expected that  the new lines of trade will open when leaders of
 high-tech Soviet agencies and  U.S. electronics  companies meet  next week
 for  face-to-face  discussions.    "It's  a  marketing tool to allow us to
 penetrate  a  new  market,"  David   Harris,   who   heads   Atari  Corp's
 international  division  said  referring  to  a potential deal between the
 company and the Soviets that the two sides will discuss as the meeting. 
     U.S. companies scheduled to attend the meetings include semiconductor
 makers Intel Corp and Advanced Micro Devices Inc, Unisys Corp,  and Varian
 Associates  Inc.    Atari,  for  example, wants to trade its computers for
 Soviet- manufactured memory chips that  are  used  in  computers  and many
 other electronic  products.    "It's a very interesting situation, and the
 timing appears to be perfect," Harris said. Opening new lines  of trade is
 exactly the  aim of  the talks,  he added,  and "chances look pretty good"
 that will happen. 
     The two-week meeting in one of the centers of the U.S. high-technology
 industry  begins  on  June  4,  the  last  day  of  Soviet  leader Mikhail
 Gorbachev's summit  trip to  the U.S.   Gorbachev is expected to meet with
 leaders  of  major  U.S.  corporations  during  a  June  3-4  stay  in San
 Francisco, but will not attend the Silicon Summit himself. 
     Certain  U.S.  companies  have  forged  early  ties  with  the Soviets
 especially since the Bush administration lifted  restrictions on  sales of
 certain high-tech  products to  the Eastern Bloc.  Seagate Technology Inc.
 reported receiving  $3  million  worth  of  sales  orders  from  East Bloc
 countries  since  licensing  restrictions  were  modified  in  early  May.
 "We...are in the advanced  stages  of  negotiation  with  agencies  in the
 Soviet Union,"  said Robert Martell, vice president of international sales
 and marketing for Seagate. 

 - Baltimore MD.                                    "CHEETAH" TO BE REVISED

     A new version of Cheetah, ver. 3.0, soon to be released, will  be sent
 to  registered  users  first.    Reportedly,  it  will fix the updating of
 pointers (some users reported  HD  Sentry  uncovering  problems  caused by
 Cheetah  not  doing  this  right).    It will also include support for BGM
 partitions, the option to de-fragment files  during copy,  switchable file
 over-write prompt, and an enhanced menu screen.  

 - Littleton, CO                                MEGATALK BOARD FROM GADGETS
     Joyful  rumblings  concerning  the  forthcoming  MegaTalk  board  from
 Gadgets by Small say that  this,  the  latest  in  a  long  line  of fine,
 innovative products  from GBS,  will provide  two serial  ports which will
 operate at  speeds up  to 921,600  baud (yeppers,  it will  hit 38,400 and
 57,600, too).   This  beaut is  due to  create quite stir among the 'speed
 freaks' in the ST community.... I can't wait... :-)

 - Sunnyvale, CA                         STE EXPERIENCES YET ANOTHER DELAY!

     Old Murphy's law has struck again...  seems  the  one  thousand  or so
 machines that have recently  arrived from the Orient have the wrong TOS in
 them...1.6 instead of 1.62.  Rumor has it that they  will be  sent back to
 be retrofitted  with the  proper TOS  OS before  being released  to the US
 Market.  This one time, we congratulate Atari for doing the right thing by
 making  sure  the  machine,  when  released  in the States, has as much as
 possible going for it.

 - Silver Spring, MD                             STACY ENJOYS WARM WELCOME!

     As it is beginning to arrive  at various  dealers throughout  the USA,
 the Stacy  is being enthusiastically welcomed by the entire Atari userbase
 and professional musicians.   By all  indications at  this point  in time,
 the STACY  is destined to set some mighty strong sales records in the USA.
 The Stacy,  only shipped  with TOS  1.4, is  perhaps the  solution to many
 laptop dreams in both the Atari ST and the MAC userbase.  For detailed and
 accurate information, a detailed review will  appear in  STR shortly.   It
 appears that  the Stacy  is a  stronger performer  than the new MAC laptop
 when used with the GCR from Gadgets by Small.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile           Affordable Mass Storage....

                        NEW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

         51mb #SGN4951   519.95              65mb #SG60101   649.95
         80mb #SGN296    709.95             100mb #SG84011D  839.95
        120mb #SGN120FH  989.95             120mb #SG120DD  1128.95
        170mb #SGN2962  1369.95             260mb #SG60102  1849.95


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"
                           FROM 30mb @ $419.00!




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                    >> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$849.00__ <<

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

      -> DO IT YOURSELF BARE SYQUEST UNITS $600.00ea  2 for $1100.00
                    Syquest Mechanism - 2 year warranty

                        SPECIALLY PRICED  $1539.00 

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1179.00           30mb SQG38    $1099.00
          65mb SQG09   $1239.00           85mb SQG96    $1299.00

           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
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