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Date: 06/10/90-10:13:30 PM Z

From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: Z*Net: 25-May-90  #521
Date: Sun Jun 10 22:13:30 1990

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                                THIS WEEK
                                Ron Kovacs

 This week we considered changing our issue number in sequence with the
 start of our fifth year.  Numerous ideas were discussed and after 
 wondering what issue to start with, we all agreed that the new Z*Net
 issue number should be 1802 or ZNET1802.ASC.  Since it really doesn't
 make any sense and would only confuse our readers, we have decided to
 stay with the present "real" numbers already in use.  So, don't worry,
 the issue number will always match the year.  If we make it to 10 years, 
 we will consider another alternative.
 On a serious note, due to a death in the family this week, Z*Net 
 articles have been suspended until next week.  Alice Amore, Jon Clarke,
 John Nagy and Mark Quinn all appear, but features articles planned for
 this week just weren't ready for inclusion.  As soon as some of these
 matters get resolved, we will return to regular issue status.
                               by John Nagy
 Several "regular" Atari dealers in the Los Angeles area were pleased to
 receive STACYs this week, but they aren't quite sure why they have them
 or if they will be getting any more.  Worse, they are not all alike, and
 some exhibit operating problems.

 Logical Choice for Computing, an Atari dealer located in North
 Hollywood, California, received their STACY 4, with 4 megs of RAM and a
 40 megabyte hard drive, on Tuesday, May 22.  When Z*Net talked to him on
 Friday, May 25, manager Brett Hebdon said,  "We were surprised.  We were
 told that music stores would have the Stacy first, and NADINE'S, a music
 supplier in Hollywood got some a few weeks ago.  But we weren't
 expecting it."

 Brett said that he had heard that Nadine's had gotten six Stacy units,
 and that local Atari dealers protested their being left out.  Atari
 appears to have responded by sending a single Stacy to each L.A. Atari
 dealer, including Logical Choice, Mid-Cities Comp/Soft (of Bellflower),
 and American Music (in North Hollywood).  Brett has already sold their
 single Stacy 4 at the suggested retail price of $2895.  He has no
 expectation of another arriving soon, and adds that there was no
 information supplied to him about Stacy's FCC type-acceptance as a Type
 A (industrial) unit only.  The Stacy has not been passed by the FCC for
 regular commercial sale for home use.  Brett also said that Frank Foster
 of Atari (head of the MIDI and music related projects there) had called
 his store recently and conducted an informal survey regarding the number
 of musicians that were known to be among their customers.  It may be
 that it was a "qualifying" survey for carrying the Stacy.

 Not all of the delivered Stacy 4 computers are the same.  While Logical
 Choice's Stacy has TOS 1.4 installed, the Stacy delivered to Mid-Cities'
 unit sports TOS 1.6.  There have been a few additional reports of 1.6
 being in the latest production STACY machines.  This is a problem for
 many programs that do not like the new TOS, plus the production version
 of 1.6 (being installed in the STE machines) is known to have several
 serious bugs.  Atari has said that they have a revised TOS 1.6 that
 fixes the problems, but it is unknown which flavor is gracing the

 Trouble reports have continued regarding the machine.  After being
 wildly enthusiastic over the performance of the early (dual floppy)
 machines, many professional musicians have now received their 4-meg, 40
 megabyte Stacy.  What they have found is new compatibility problems.
 What may be the same problem that at first prevented the SPECTRE (MAC
 emulation from Gadgets by Small) on the hard-drive Stacy has reared its
 head in the MIDI user realm.  Stefan Daystrom of Hybrid Arts has found
 that many of their products will not run on the Stacy 4 that he has
 tried to use, and he has reports of other MIDI titles (like NOTATOR)
 that also fail.  These titles ran flawlessly on the prototype floppy-
 only version of the Stacy.  It appears that the DMA DEVICE polling that
 is done by many of the MIDI programs is shutting down the CONNER brand
 internal hard drive.  Most high-line MIDI products use some sort of
 "dongle" in the cart port, joystick port, or DMA line, plus many look
 for the Hybrid Arts "MIDIPLEXER", a hardware device that attaches to the
 ST as a DMA device.  The Conner adaptor and drive parks itself when the
 DMA status is checked, effectively ending a computing session before it
 begins.  Ironically, it is musicians who are the most desperate in their
 desire for the Stacy.

 Stefan reports that he has heard that several companies, ICD included,
 are planning to offer complete replacement host adaptor and drive units
 for internal installation in the troubled Stacy.  The same units may
 also allow upgrading a floppy-only Stacy (not yet available
 commercially) to a hard drive.

 Another surprise on the machines equipped with TOS 1.6 is the apparent
 inability to boot the Stacy off of the internal floppy disk drive.  One
 dealer was stymied for quite a while after installing an AUTO folder
 program on the internal hard drive.  The new TOS in the Stacy did not
 like the program and forced a reboot... over and over.  The keyboard did
 not respond to the standard keypresses that should cause the floppy to
 boot, allowing entrance to the hard drive to manipulate the AUTO files.
 Finally, the dealer attached an external hard drive, and the unit then
 refused to see the hard drives at all.  It booted from the floppy, the
 second hard drive was removed, and the hard drive software was loaded
 from the floppy, allowing the offending AUTO program to be found and

 Production of new STACY computers is said to be slow, despite a back
 order of over 1,500 bought-and-paid-for orders.  The TOS issues as well
 as the continued problems with the hard drive may be some of the
 reasons.  Or, it may be that Atari hopes for some resolution of the
 horrible (15 minute) battery life when used with the hard drive (the
 Stacy 4 is not even shipped with a battery, and a separate large and
 expensive battery pack giving several hours of operation is offered by
 a third party developer).  Other possible causes may include a
 reluctance on Atari's part to invest heavily in producing the unit in a
 configuration that seems unable to pass "standard" home use FCC testing.
 A new model of the Stacy, based on the STE design, is rumored to be
 under consideration and might be more likely to pass the FCC testing.

 Problems notwithstanding, the public remains anxious for their chance to
 see and purchase the sexy little portable ST computer.

                              Z*NET NEWSWIRE
 Nine vendors of MS-DOS-based personal computer applications joined
 existing and newly announced ISVs in expressing their support for
 Microsoft's Windows.  Those companies include Ashton-Tate, Lotus
 Development, WordPerfect, Oracle and Software Publishing Corp.  In
 addition, domestic and international vendors of IBM-compatible PCs have
 announced they will provide the Windows package with their computer
 systems, including:   Acer, Apricot, AST Research, Atari, AT&T,
 Commodore, Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway 2000, Grid, Mitac, NCR, NEC, Nokia
 Data, Northgate, Olivetti, Research Machines, Samsung, Tandem, Tandon,
 Tandy, Toshiba, Tulip, Unisys, Wang, Wyse and Zeos International.

 According to a UPI report released earlier this week, Atari is seeking
 to trade personal computers to the Soviet Union for memory chips.  The
 proposal is for Atari to swap its computers for 256K DRAMs, a basic
 component of many Atari products, from a Soviet-owned semiconductor
 plant in Zelenograd.  The Soviets are seeking to trade their DRAMs
 through Global Development Corp., a Seattle trade consulting firm that
 has arranged for a series of meetings in Santa Clara next month between
 Soviet officials and U.S. high-tech companies.  The Soviets are willing
 to provide all their excess production, as many as 2.5 million chips a
 month.  Workers at the Soviet plant would be allowed to keep 25 percent
 of any profit from selling Atari products.

 Lawsuits for unspecified damages have been filed in the California
 against Epson and two of its employees for alleged invasion of privacy,
 and wrongful termination brought by the plaintiff, Alana Shoars.  The
 suits allege that a management employee of Epson eavesdropped on the
 private electronic mail of up to 700 Epson employees with the full
 knowledge and consent of Epson, and conspired with a second employee to
 wrongfully terminate Shoars when she refused to cooperate with the
 illegal eavesdropping.  Shoars alleges that she was fired because she
 discovered and refused to cooperate with violation of the invasion of
 privacy.  In addition, Hillseth and Gary La Monte allegedly filed a
 false police report with the Torrance Police Department to embarrass

 Samsung announced that it will include the Microsoft Windows 3.0
 graphical user interface with its 386SX- and 386-based personal
 computers.  The agreement is part of a worldwide licensing arrangement
 between Samsung and Microsoft.
 Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of the Microsoft Windows
 graphical environment version 3.0.  An enhanced version of Microsoft's
 graphical-user interface for MS-DOS- and PC-DOS-based personal
 computers, the version 3.0 transforms an ordinary, character-based PC
 into a powerful, graphical machine.   Microsoft Windows was developed
 with a one-megabyte personal computer as a design point, the standard
 minimum entry system for PCs today -- thereby enabling 30 million of the
 50 million current MS-DOS users to quickly and easily add a graphical-
 user interface to their MS-DOS machines. 

 Telebit introduced the T2500L, a leased line modem with four-wire
 functionality in addition to dial and two-wire compatibility.  Designed
 to provide leased line backup in synchronous network environments the
 T2500L is compliant with V.42bis error control and V.42 data
 compression, and offers password and callback security, remote
 configuration, management, and access functions. 

 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company's latest on-line venture "Zmac" went live
 this week.  This private service, which is available to anyone with a
 Macintosh or PC-compatible computer via CompuServe, offers a 2,000-
 product database, downloadable libraries of public-domain software, and
 an on-line forum feature that allows users to interact with MacUser and
 MacWEEK editors.  To visit the area, type Go ZMac at any CompuServe

                           ANALOG ST-LOG UPDATE

 (Editors Note:  The following, submitted by John King was received May 
                             ANALOG COMPUTING
 Dear Subscriber,
 As you know, ANALOG/ST-LOG Magazine has ceased publication.
 Unfortunately the Atari computer industry has progressed to the point
 that _continuing ANALOG is simply unfeasible._
 However, _your business is important to me_ and my commitment to provide
 you with the latest industry information has not changed.  I have spent
 the last few months making arrangements that will _give you several
 They include fullfilling the remainder of your subscription with another
 ATARI oriented magazine or one that covers lap top computers or video
 games.  And of course you will have the option to receive a full refund
 for the unused portion of your Analog subscription.
 Simply _fill out the coupon below_ instructing us how to process your
 subscription.  For fastest service affix your mailing label to the
 coupon and send it to us in the postage-paid envelope we've enclosed
 for you.
 In closing, I would just like to _thank you for your patronage of
 ANALOG/ST-LOG Magazine_ over the years.
 Lee Pappas
                    (CHOOSE ONE ONLY)
    [ ]ANTIC W/DISK      [ ] START      [ ]START W/DISK


                           VANCOVER ATARI SHOW
                              Press Release

 May 23, 1990
 For immediate press release:
                           Vancouver Atari Show
 Atari Canada today confirmed that the new Atari 68030 or TT model will
 be in attendance at the June 16th show.  The TT is scheduled to be
 released to developers at a June 4th press conference in Toronto.
 In addition to the TT at the show, Atari will be demonstrating their
 full line of computer product from the Lynx to the powerful 386 machines
 and of course don't forget the Portfolio and the Stacy.
 In conference will be Jeff Earl from Atari Canada who will give some
 insight into Atari's marketing and support plans for the third and
 fourth quarter.  Jeff will also be on-hand at the show to answer any
 questions you might have.
 The show is being held at Thompson Community Centre 6671 Lynas Lane in
 Richmond B.C. from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  For further information contact
 Keith MacNutt at 604-943-4786

                            PKZIP 1.20 UPDATE
 (389)   Tue 15 May 90 10:12
 By: Stu Turk
 To: All
 Re: Re: PKZIP 1.20
 * Forwarded from "PittNet "
 * Originally from John Williams
 * Originally dated 14 May 90 12:17:00

 05/12/1990  12:26pm CDT


 There is a file being circulated on BBS's called PKZ120.ZIP or PKZ120.
 EXE or similar, and that claims to be version 1.20 of PKZIP but in fact
 is a hacked version of PKZIP 1.10.

 As of the date of this writing, the latest version of PKZIP is version
 1.10.  Furthermore, due to this intentional act of vandalism, PKWARE
 will not release any versions of PKZIP in the future with the version

 If you see the files PKZ120.ZIP or PKZ120.EXE on any BBS or on-line
 system, please ask the SysOp of that system to remove the files
 IMMEDIATELY, and please contact PKWARE to report where the files were

 PKWARE is offering a reward of lifetime free upgrades for PKZIP to
 anyone who can provide information leading to the identification and
 prosecution of the person or persons responsible for creating this bogus
 version 1.20 of the software.  They have only served to confuse and hurt
 the user community, and the perpetrators of this crime are at minimum in
 violation of Federal Copyright Law.

 If you have any information about the source of PKZ120.EXE or PKZ120.
 ZIP, please report it to PKWARE immediately, either:

 by Voice at 414-352-3670
 by BBS   at 414-352-7176
 by FAX   at 414-352-3815
 or by mail:

 7545 N. Port Washington Rd.
 Glendale, WI 53217

        Phil Katz
        President, PKWARE Inc.

 {backbone}!cs.cmu.edu!ralf   ARPA: RALF@CS.CMU.EDU   FIDO: Ralf Brown
 1:129/46 BITnet: RALF%CS.CMU.EDU@CMUCCVMA   AT&Tnet: (412)268-3053
 (school)   FAX: ask DISCLAIMER? | _How_to_Prove_It_ by Dana Angluin  20.
 by vehement assertion: It What's that?|is useful to have some kind of
 authority relation to the audience

             _               [][][][][][][][]               _
           o( )              Z-Net Down Under              ( )o
          /  /\              [][][][][][][][]              /\  \
                              by Jon Clarke
 Ever been frustrated by your favourite game and thought it would be
 great if there was a cheat mode built into the game?  Read on Mac Duff.
 Hints and Cheat modes:
 Sourced from "The Source BBS" in Palmerston North, New Zealand

 Hold down 'k' on the keyboard while the game is loading.  This will give
 you a home army of 1024 knights and a campaign army of 1024 knights.  Do
 you get the joke here?  (Knights/Bytes)
 This one's cute.  Type in 'Hamburger' at the title screen.  The word
 'Cheat' will appear below the credits press your joystck button, then
 (F5) when the jungle screen comes up.  Your man is now invulnerable to
 the attacks of the little Commie @#!!$&*s.  From here (F1) starts you
 where you are, (F2) puts you at the location of the explosives, (F3)
 takes you to the bridges that you have to blow up, (F4) takes you
 straight to the village where the entrance to the tunnels is hidden in
 one of the huts.  From here on the cheat no longer works, the game runs
 as normal and you can die but it certainly gets you further along the
 Press the Spacebar (Pause) then type 'DSIMAGIC' press Space again and
 catch the Pill falling from the centre of the screen.  Once you have
 done this you can call up extra paddles, laser turret, etc, by typing
 the appropriate letter on the keyboard.  'F' will take you to the final
 screen and the confrontation with 'DOH' (He's the dude that trapped you
 at the beginning of the game).
 Type '04-08-59' (that's the author's birthday) to make Hegor immortal.
 You will have to retype it every time the disk drive accesses, and your
 background should be grey instead of black.  The only problem with this
 one is that you can't complete the game 'cause you can't kill the bad
 guy.  You can see all the screens right to the bottom though.
 This one's a bit tricky - type 'XR31TURBONUTTERBASTARD' while the game
 is in progress.  Try doing that without getting killed off!  You should
 now have a large supply of shields, cannon and lasers.  They will run
 out eventually so you have to type it in again.
 Type 'HELLOIAMJMP' on the title screen.  This gives you unlimited Pogos,
 and you can go to each of the eight unfinished towers by hitting a
 function key.  You can do the same with the second group by accepting
 the second mission before typing in the password.  The author's name is
 John M. Phillips, by the way.
 Here's a goody!  Ever wonder how they got the picture of Luke and Darth
 Vader on the screen shots in the advertisement.  Here's how: Hold down
 the HELP key and type 'XIFARGROTKEV' on the title screen (That's
 VEKTORGRAFIX backwards).  You are now invulnerable.  Hit 'L', 'D', and
 'C' for some extra surprises.
 Type 'FREERIDE' for a couple of REALLY tough Rambo clones.
 Haven't tried this one myself but type 'SPINYNORMAN' for infinite men.
 It'll take you about 40 minutes to finish it, so pack a cut lunch and go
 to the can first.
 Here is another one I haven't tried.  It's more strategy than a cheat;
 All of your opponents but the last, named Sagat in Thailand can be
 dispatched by kicking them in the ankle.  The technique for Sagat is
 'Watch for fireballs and his long reach.  Jump high, kick and retreat.
 Repeat this process until he falls.'
 Pause the game (spacebar) and type 'RAINBOW' resume the game and press
 space again.  Now hit 'C' to fill the pot with the current colour.
 Pressing all the keys that make up the word 'ARMIN' during the game will
 allow you to skip levels.
 First pause the game with the mouse button.  Then type 'The Best is Yet
 to be' (including the spaces - case is not important), followed by a
 press of the '+' key.  This should give you invincible Mantas.
 Select F (for fixed sights) then slow down to a dead stop and pause the
 game (using the backspace key).  Type 'Were on a Mission from God' (with
 the spaces and case also not important) and press '1' on the keyboard.
 If the shield and energy levels drop to zero the cheat mode has been
 activated.  Press 'k' to get all the weapons (including the neutron
 bomb!), and when you run out just press 'k' again.
 In the first maze of "New Taste", you can hide from the ghosts and
 collect points from the fruit that emerges periodically, if you go to
 the upper left corner entrance to the tunnel.
 If you're fighting an enemy or being threatened by obstacles, use the
 pick-up icon - attackers will either pass you by or turn around and
 attack you again.
 In mission 6, once you've fired all your missiles, you can land on the
 Shadow Sub (if it's still afloat) and it will refuel and rearm you.
 When you're in the Russian space station, pick one man and keep firing
 at him 10 to 15 times.  No other men will appear and you can keep doing
 it until you get the girl.
 {Please note not all these games are in general release in the USA}
 WORST things to do after drinking 80 Pints of Lager.
 [1]   Drink another pint of lager
 [2]   Drink another 80 pints of lager
 [3]   Find you are paying
 [4]   Bump into the 79 other people you were supposed to be getting
       drinks for
 [5]   Get into a non-corridor train
 [6]   Eat a Curry
 [7]   Eat 80 Curries
 [8]   Propose to someone else's girlfriend
 [9]   Propose to someone else's girlfriend and your girlfriend
 [10]  Propose to someone else's Boyfriend
 [11]  Propose to 80 policemen who seem to be sharing your cell
 [12]  Propose to a pint of lager
 [13]  Eat your girlfriends ST
 [14]  Drink a train
 [15]  Wake up the next morning
 [16]  Wake up to a Policeman
 [17]  Wake up next to a train
 [18]  Wake up at all
 [19]  Play with your Atari
 [20]  Spill 80 pints of lager in your ST!

                            COMPUSERVE EUROPE

 West Germany - Direct Dial

 City                  Phone number    Network    Baud rates
 Frankfurt             069 6666062     CSC        300
                       069 6666881     CSC        1200,2400

 West Germany - PTT


 Deutsche Bundepost
 Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
 Referat T 21
 Kundenberatung fur Dateldienste
 Post Box 5000
 D-6100 Darmstadt
 West Germany

 Telephone: (49) 6151-83-4641
 Telex:     (841) 419511
 Telefax:   (49) 6151-83-4639

 Trouble Reporting/Customer Service:
 Telephone: (49) 6151-83-4641

 Ministry for Posts and Telecommunications:

 Adenauerallee, 81
 D-53 Bonn
 Telex: (841) 8861101

    Access node is only in Frankfurt
    Asynchronous dial-in:   300, 1200, or 1200/75 bps
    Asynchronous leased line:  300, 1200 bps
    Dial-up or access via Datex-L
    Asynchronous 300, 1200 bps, half and full duplex
    1200/75 bps (1200 receive, 75 send) full duplex

    Asynchronous terminal interface


              Designation                   Interf.(CCITT)
  Type        and Features       Speed      Electr. Syst.         DM/Mo.
  ----        ------------       -----      --------------        ------
  D300S       Man./Autom.      200/300      V24/     V21          80.--
              Chnl Select.                  V28

  D1200S02    Conv to 600       1200        V24/     V23          80.--
              Poss.                         V28

  D1200S04    Conv to 600       1200        V24/     V23 and      80.--
              Poss.                         V28      V25

  D1200S10    Conv to 600       1200        V24/     V22          50.--
              Poss.                         V28

  D1200S02    Same as above
  D1200S04    with aux.
  D1200S10    channel.                                            100.--

  D2400S04    Conv. to 1200     2400        V24/     V26BIS       150.--

              Pos. backw.                   V28
              Chnl 75 bps
              with aux. chnl                                      180.--

  D4800S      Conv to 2400      4800        V24/     V27Ter       270.--
              pos backw                     V28
              chnl 150 bps
              with aux. chnl                                      300.--

                           ACCESS NUMBER TO DATEX-P

  TOWN           AREA CODE       300 BIT/S    1200 BIT/S   1200/75 BIT/S

  AUGSBURG          0821           36791        36781         36761
  BERLIN            030            240001       240081        240061
  BIELEFELD         0521           59011        59021         59041
  BREMEN            0421           170131       14291         15077
  DORTMUND          0231           57011        52011         52071
  DUESSELDORF       0211           329318       329249        320748
  ESSEN             0201           787051       791021        793003
  FRANKFURT         0611           20281        20291         20201
  HAMBURG           040            441231       441261        441281
  HANNOVER          0511           326651       327481        327591
  KARLSRUHE         0721           60241        60381         60581
  KOELN             0221           2911         2931          2951
  MANNHEIM          0621           409085       39941         39951
  MUENCHEN          089            228730       228630        228758
  NUERNBERG         0911           20571        20541         20501
  SAARBRUECKEN      0681           810011       810031        810061
  STUTTGART         0711           299171       299061        299291

  Node access rates: Normal phone rates (local or long distance)

  The DBS nodes (Tymnet 6512/13) are central in Frankfurt.


    Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
    Ref T21
    Post Box 5000
    6100 Darmstadt

    6151 83 5236


    DATEX-P10: 2624
    DATEX-P20: 2624


 Contact a Datenetz Coordinator at the local Fernmeldeamt for


 Deutsche Bundespost does not send the bill to foreign countries.
 Customers temporarily staying in Germany without a permanent address or
 their own telephone needs a bail who will stand security for the bill.
 This can be a person with a permanent home in Germany or a firm or bank
 which must confirm security by letter.


  Supports mainstations conforming to CCITT Rec. X.25.
  ACCESS:  These mainstations are directly connected to the
           DATEX-P Network (nearest network node).
  SPEEDS:  2400, 4800, 9600, 48000 bps

  Supports character-oriented asynchronous equipment conforming
  to CCITT Rec. X.28.
  ACCESS:  Directly connected mainstation (using an adaptation
           unit 'pad') or dial-up access via pad from the DATEX-L
           Network (line switched data network) or the public
           telephone network.
  SPEEDS:  Up to 300, 1200 bps        Maintenance
           300, 1200, 1200/75         Dial-up
           300bps                     Dial-up via DATEX-L

  Supports synchronous equipment, IBM 3270-compatible.
  SPEEDS:  2400, 4800, 9600 bps direct connected only
           Calls can be made only to P-10 hosts.

  Supports synchronous equipment, IBM 2780/3780-compatible.
  SPEEDS:  2400, 4800, 9600 bps directly connected only
           1200bps via PSTN

    DX-P 20F Asynchronous dial-in:   300, 1200, 1200/75 bps
    DX-P 20H Asynchronous leased:    300, 1200 bps
    DX-P 32/33 Synchronous leased:   2400 bps - 9600 bps
    DX-P 10    Synchronous leased:   2400, 4800, 9600 bps
    Dial-up, leased line
    Asynchronous  (300, 1200, 1200/75 bps)
    Synchronous X.25  (2400, 4800, 9600 bps)

                             PD/SHAREWARE STop
                               by Mark Quinn
                               CHAOS CORNER
               or "Why my column was not uploaded on time"
 Science fiction author Jerry Pournelle (who has his own round table on
 GEnie) writes a column for BYTE magazine called "Computing at Chaos
 Manor".  I have been a big fan of Mr. Pournelle since I read two of his
 collaborations with Larry Niven:  THE MOTE IN GOD'S EYE and LUCIFER'S
 HAMMER.  In this month's column he describes a mishap he had with his
 Macintosh where he "took leave of his senses" and trashed his hard
 drive.  A quick call to a Mac guru and his machine was its happy,
 chirping self once again.  No such luck here at Chaos Corner.

 First, let me explain by saying that our self-imposed 'deadline' for
 downloading the files reviewed in STop and STack is Sunday.  We upload
 the completed reviews to GEnie on Thursday before six p.m. Eastern time.
 I generally look at the files on Tuesday and Wednesday, and write the
 column the following day.

 It is now Friday afternoon and my column amounts to the two paragraphs
 you see above.

 Why?  Thursday morning I awoke with every intention of writing the
 column.  (Something tells me I've put you in the frame of mind of a
 teacher listening to a fifth grader's story about a cat eating last
 night's homework assignment.  How about "The computer ate it"?)  I sat
 before my terminal judiciously sipping a Diet Coke, and began to feel a
 bit like the astronaut in ALIEN.  If you haven't seen the movie, just
 imagine the embodiment of the worst fear of an imaginative child with a
 stomach ache: that something with razor sharp teeth is gnawing its way
 to the outside.

 "This will pass," I said to myself.  (Pardon the pun.) Two hours later I
 was at the emergency ward of the local hospital.  "It's got to be an
 ulcer.  But that's not so bad--ulcers are treatable.  I shouldn't have
 eaten that pizza last night."  X-rays were taken, and the consensus was
 that there was no ulcer, and no consensus.  The doctor's only words were
 "It must have been that frozen dinner you ate."  Great.  A three-dollar
 dinner is going to cost me $80 in doctor bills.

 After a shot of Bentyl that served to put my parietal lobe in the
 ionosphere, I was back home thinking about how I was going to get the
 column ready, and listening to the wind kick up outside.  Then the
 lights blinked out, then on.  After this process repeated itself, Alice
 went to shut off her hard drives.  We waited until the wind died down,
 then went to our tasks.  The power fluctuations had killed Alice's
 controller.  Or was it her DMA chip?  There was no guru available to
 call.  The files we had chosen to review were on one of her hard drives.

 "What a perfect time to buy a Lynx," I thought.  (It must have been the
 Bentyl.)  I called Toys R Us, and sure enough, they had a Lynx and three
 games.  The beeps and blips of "Chip's Challenge" could be heard for
 hours afterwards.

 So I guess when the going gets tough, the tough really DO go shopping.

 Barring future mishaps, you will continue to see PD and Shareware
 downloads described in this column.

                                 ST STack
                              by Alice Amore

 Let's see... hmmm.... no files this week.  I can't even summon up one
 lousy floppy icon.  It's a cold wind in May, that's for sure.  It isn't
 enough that I invested a small fortune in surge surpressers, phone line
 monitors, and computer power-switching modules.  If East Ohio Edison
 winks and blinks, something's gotta give.  I could always buy one of
 those power generators that I keep seeing advertised in all those slick
 office supply catalogs... the ones that keep the power going for a half
 hour (gee, whiz) during a blackout.  Nahhh...

 So, anyway, have you seen the PACE video?  For those of us who couldn't
 make it to the PACE show (myself included), there's a way to almost be
 there.  The PACE video, conceived, taped, and distributed by Dan Stidham
 of AAA Images, starts out with a collage of the show in full swing.
 Unfortunately, with so few people in attendence, one might think it's
 footage of the vendors setting up their displays.  But no, it's the
 actual show.  A series of interviews gives you a chance to meet folks
 like Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog (the CodeHeads), Mike Vederman
 (Double Click), Nathan Potechin (ISD), Dan Wilga and Rick Flashman
 (Gribnif), and other Atari luminaries.  You'll find out whose middle
 name is Frank (if you care to know).

 A Ralph Mariano/Bob Brodie seminar is saved for last.  Some of it is
 bitter, but it is interesting nonetheless.  If nothing else, you will be
 impressed by Bob Brodie.

 If you're a diehard Atarihead, you will most certainly want to see this

 PACE Video                              Available from:
 $19.95 Visa/MC/checks/COD               AAA Images
                                         3809 Feather Ln.
                                         Elsmere, KY  41018
                                         (606) 342-9129

 Order by mail, phone, or online (GEnie address: D.STIDHAM)

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