ST Report: 20-Apr-90 #416

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/12/90-03:38:24 PM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 20-Apr-90  #416
Date: Sat May 12 15:38:24 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     Ah yes.... a week closer to the PACE show and the Atari arena is still
 anxiously  awaiting  the  long  overdue  arrival  of the fabled STe.  Sure
 enough, it certainly has passed the FCC testing ..weeks ago.   Now, "where
 is it"  is the  haunting question  from coast  to coast.  I can't help but
 recall the now very famous; "real  soon  now"  as  an  appropriate answer.
     While third  party activity  is high,  the reports from the west coast
 and central regions leave a great  deal to  be desired.   It  appears that
 Atari is in a 'holding pattern' for some odd reason.  Time will reveal the
 true reasons for the more than obvious delays.  
     Sadly, the repeated delays have hurt the few  dealers Atari  has left,
 reasonably, one can't help but wonder just what Atari is doing or going to
 do to show their  appreciation to  the dealers  who HANG  TOUGH and remain
 with Atari.   Atari  has, in  the past,  shown some  reciprocity for their
 loyalty.  This sure seems like the longest drought we have seen from Atari
 in ages,  almost as  long as  the one  between the 800xl and the 130xe and
 realistically speaking its just as damaging to the dealers. 
     Someone ought to spread the goodwill  and  cheer  on  Wall  Street, it
 appears the "pinstripes" have ATC finishing last this year with a probable
 buy out in the offing.  Jack had better step in and  get this  outfit back
 on  track,  the  shrill  screaming  on  the top floors of Atari are not in
 character any longer nor  are they  anywhere near  as effective  as Jack's
 bellow.   In fact, most folks who hear the 'tinny, high pitched' screaming
 are mostly "amused."
     Speaking of third party developers and  suppliers, it  seems there are
 two of  them (well  known) squaring off and getting set for an opportunity
 to give their hard earned dollars to attorneys.  As the song goes... "when
 will they ever learn?" <big sigh>
                               There still is time.......

 Question of the Week:  "Where are my Explorer issues I subscribed for?"


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   Issue # 63

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

     Jack  Kilby,  then  a  newly  hired  engineer  at  Texas  Instruments,
 invented the concept of integrated circuit on July  24, 1958,  and how, in
 January   1959,   a   Fairchild   Corp.   physicist  called  Robert  Noyce
 independently arrived at a more complete integrated circuit model?  Or how
 Jack Kilby later headed the team which invented the pocket calculator, and
 Robert Noyce went on to become a founder of Intel Corporation?

 CPU MacNews?

             Ashton Tate Announces Full Impact 2.0 Spreadsheet

       Ashton-Tate Corporation has recently announced Version 2.0 of its
 Full Impact spreadsheet program for the Macintosh.  Full Impact 2.0, which
 requires at least 1 Meg of RAM, features:

       - Improved Support for Presentation Graphics:  Several different
         types of charts, including Three Dimensional Bar Graphs, can now
         be generated.  Chart positioning is improved, with the ability to
         control the elevation or perspective of a graph, or rotate it
         using the mouse.  32-Bit Quickdraw is also supported, allowing a
         16 million color palette for charts.

       - Improved print quality for Postscript printers, and support for
         many other output devices and non-Postscript printers.

       - Intelligent Recalculation.  With this, the entire spreadsheet is
         not recalculated after every change or addition, but only those
         spreadsheet cells which are affected by that change.  This results
         in MUCH faster recalculation times.

       - Import/Export (Load/Save) support for Excel spreadsheet files, and
         the ability to make any Full Impact object (like text, pictures,
         or charts) a "Button", or clickable object.  Spreadsheet macros
         can then be latched onto these buttons, resulting in "Button
         Macros" which are activated when one double-clicks on them.

             Apple Revenues Increase by 7 Percent In Second Quarter

     Apple Computer Inc., has reported these  financial statistics  for the
 end  of  the  Second  Quarter  of  1990.  Interestingly, its International
 Sales made up 47 percent of its revenue (a 7 percent increase),  and Apple
 is now  saying that  while it  predicts increased  growth in International
 sales, it is "cautious" about strong  growth  in  American  sales  at this
 time.    Also,  while  it  has  maintained its single-digit revenue growth
 rates (which are slim, when compared to its  previous double-digit revenue
 growth rates  since 1985),  Apple has  improved its net margins due to the
 lower cost of DRAM chips and other components, as well as the introduction
 of the Mac IIcx and Mac IIci....

                                Fiscal Year 1989    Fiscal Year 1990
 Revenues - Second Quarter:     $1.2 Billion        $1.3 Billion
            Six Month Period:   $2.8 Billion        $2.6 Billion

 Earnings - Second Quarter:     $56 Million         $132 Million
            Six Month Period:   $196.8 Million      $256.7 Million


                  CeBit, Unix, and the Atari 68030 TT

 !zaphod.mps.ohio-state. du!rpi!uupsi!sunic!tut!tukki!!sarnila
 From: (Pekka Sarnila)
 Subject: Atari TT
 Message-ID: <>
 Date: 27 Mar 90 20:10:08 GMT
 Distribution: comp
 Organization: University of Jyvaskyla
 Lines: 55

 Well they had the TT in CeBit (also the unix model).
 The TOS version (TT030/2) should be available in Germany in May:

     - 2 Megabytes of memory
     - 40 Meg hard disk (not 30 even they say so)
     - VGA monitor
     - 6500 DEM (available only in this configuration)

               The box (TT Cabinet) is really silly looking.

 The unix version (TT/030X)should be available to developers in May:

     - 2 Meg (slow) memory for Video 
     - 4 Meg full speed memory (unix will use primarily this)
     - HD size not sure yet (at least 80 and propably 120, 170)
     - tower case
     - either 14 inch (VGA) color monitor (640x480 16 out 4096 colors)
       or 19 inch mono monitor (1280x960 mono) (really nice with X)
     - price not yet know (round 10000 DEM)

 (Editor's Note:  All models of the TT have 2 Megs of slower burst-mode
                  RAM, which serves as both Video RAM and System RAM)

       The unix version (ATX = Atari Unix) is officially (AT&T) Sys V.3.1
 (SVID 2) but it has really a BSD 4.3 kernel modified for Sys V.  On shell
 level command switches are Sys V, but the kernel also has:

       - Full BSD 4.3 syscall interface
       - BSD Signals (including ones needed for full job control)
       - BSD Sockets
       - TCP/IP
       - BSD Fast File System
       - disipline 2 tty driver (supports SIGSTOP etc. = ^Z).

       This gives nearly full BSD compatibility.  Csh is the full BSD with
 full job control, (and) Tcsh compiles.  (Also,) Gnu CC (1.36), CC+, gdb,
 gas are fully ported (really same as Sun m68k) and officially distributed
 by Atari.

       Comes with NFS and X11.4 (has got 3 button mouse).  For developers
 there also comes the Hewlett Packard extended XFaceMaker tool kit.  Kernel
 size with basic drivers + TCP/IP + NFS is 650K (large).  Pager is so
 customized that it will take pages from full speed memory first, and only
 if that runs out, from the slower dual-purpose (video) memory.  As I tried
 it out it seemed OK.

       (^Z) really worked.  The (VGA style) display seemed slowish (must be
 in driver).  For a X-Windows Terminal the speed seemed fine.  It seems
 like a nice (BSD) hackers home unix machine (better then Sys V 3.2/80386).

       But .... Two buts. 16MHz, it is 1990, should be at least 25 (it
 seems that TOS compatibility requires either 16 or 32, for video shifter
 to work properly).  And the price!!!!. I think far too much to really
 compete with 386.  It seems Atari really doesn't trust it will sell in
 great volume, for the current projected price is clearly a low volume
 price.  Also it is late.

       It took so long because Atari wanted full TOS compatibility.  The
 Unix only prototype was ready more than two years ago.  It seems Atari
 didn't believe a Unix only version would sell well enough, and also they
 wanted a future for the TOS Line.

 Pekka Sarnila,  University of Jyvaskyla Finland

 (Editor's Note:  ATX (Atari Unix) also comes bundled with X/Desktop 2.0,
                  as described in last week's issue of CPU Report.)

 But ponder, if you will, this question:

 1)  Digital Research has recently stated that it will begin to focus less
     on GEM itself, and more on making GEM-based applications.  Given the
     prospect of Apple losing its lawsuit against Microsoft, how will this
     affect the Atari ST?


 - Scotts Valley, CA                  SEAGATE SUED BY CONNER PERIPHERALS

     Conner  Peripherals  has  recently  launched a lawsuit against Seagate
 Technology Inc., the world's leading hard disk OEM Vendor, alleging, among
 other things, a breach of contract.  Conner Peripherals charges that after
 it bought out Imprimis  Inc., a  company which  supplied Conner  with thin
 film  heads  (an  important  hard disk drive component), Seagate illegally
 stopped shipment of thin  film heads  to them.   The  lawsuit also accuses
 Seagate of fraud, a interference with contractual relationship, and unfair
 competition.  Conner Peripherals  is seeking  both injunctive  relief, and
 monetary compensation  in this  lawsuit.   Conner Peripherals, among other
 things, makes the Hard Drive Atari is bundling with the  STacy 2  and 4 ST


     The  Open  Software  Foundation,  Unix  International, and AT&T's Unix
 Software  Division  have  abruptly  ended  a  six-month  long   series  of
 Negotiations  on  both  merging  the  three  organizations, and creating a
 universal Unix standard.  Not surprisingly, the only thing that  all three
 organizations agreed to do is support X/Open, POSIX, and X/Windows as Unix
 industry standards.  However,  all three  companies had  previously stated
 their support of these standards at least a year before this meeting.

     One reason  that the  talks broke  down because  of organizational and
 management issues involving an  OSF/UI merger.   However,  the main reason
 was the  same technological  issues which  caused the formation of the OSF
 and Unix International.   While Unix  International insisted  on AT&T Unix
 System V.4 becoming the Operating System Kernel, the OSF wanted to use its
 OSF/1 Operating System, which uses the Mach OS as its Unix Kernel.   Also,
 while the  OSF insisted on OSF/Motif becoming the Graphical User Interface
 for the "Super Unix", UI  wanted  to  develop  a  common  API (Application
 Programming Interface) for both OSF/Motif and AT&T/Sun's Open Look GUI's.

     While the  OSF and  UI are  still talking  about unified standards for
 multiprocessing extensions  to Unix,  and support  for non-Roman character
 sets, the only Unix merger now foreseen is AT&T's selling off parts of its
 Unix Software Division to Unix  International.    However,  several member
 companies of  the Open  Software Foundation, such as IBM, DEC, and Hewlett
 Packard, reaffirmed their support for the OSF/1 Operating  System.  OSF/1,
 currently in Beta Testing, is based on A/IX (IBM Unix) Version 3, with the
 Mach OS (currently used on the NeXT Computer) as its System Kernel.


     Two  Novell  stockholders  recently  filed  a  lawsuit  against Novell
 Inc.'s Board  of Directors,  charging that by making a Letter of Intent to
 merge with Lotus, the Board put its own  interests ahead  of the company's
 stockholders.  The lawsuit alleges that Novell shareholders were, "offered
 a deal substantially below the fair  and inherent  value" of  the company,
 and that  the merger  isn't in the stockholders' best interests.  With the
 lawsuit, the  two  stockholders  are  seeking  an  injunction  against the
 Lotus/Novell  Merger.    However,  since  the  Merger  agreement has to be
 approved in June 1990 by all of Novell's stockholders, the lawsuit may not
 have much effect.... 

     Interestingly, while  Novell was  prepared for stockholder protests to
 the merger, it seems that the speed of this lawsuit  was unexpected.   The
 lawsuit also  reflects the sentiments of a lot of Novell stockholders, who
 feel that Lotus is essentially buying out Novell, and getting  a very good
 bargain  (to  their  detriment)  in  the  process.    This  sentiment  was
 responsible for a 10 percent drop  in  Novell's  price  shortly  after the
 Merger announcement.   However,  Industry Analysts are now saying that the
 merger could help both Lotus and Novell software be more  versatile in the
 networking field, to the detriment of Microsoft.

 - San Francisco, CA                  IS SOVIET SILICON VALLEY ON HORIZON?

     The Soviet  Union has  signed an  agreement with  the Bechtel Group, a
 major engineering,  architecture,  and  construction  company,  to  fund a
 project studying  the feasibility  of developing a "Soviet Silicon Valley"
 near the city of Troisk, a small city 20 miles southwest of  Moscow, which
 now  holds  a  major  Soviet  scientific  Research  Community.  Called the
 Troitsk  Research  Development  Project,  it  is  aimed  at   designing  a
 commercial  high  technology  center  for international businesses to help
 develop and invest in  Soviet advances  in fields  such as  nuclear fusion
 and laser technology.

     The  Soviet  Union  is  also  giving  $100 million a year to fund this
 project, which is expected to provide a more conducive environment for the
 Soviet Union  to develop  avenues into  the worldwide  marketplace.  Among
 other things, the Bechtel Group  expects  to  eventually  build Conference
 Centers, a  new International  Airport, and an advanced telecommunications
 network in Troisk by the year 2010.  By that time Troisk,  which currently
 has  a  population  of  30,000,  is  expected to have a population of over


 > POOLFIX4  CPU/STR InfoFile?   It gets better all the time.

 Subject: POOLFIX4
 Message-ID: <9004050709.AA03798@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>
 Date: 4 Apr 90 11:55:00 GMT
 Sender: daemon@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU
 Organization: The Internet
 Lines: 101

     I had problems in getting POOLFIX3 running with CBHD 3.5 (the hardisk
 driver from scheibenkleister). I asked Claus Brod about it.  It turns out
 these problems have nothing to do with the FAT problems I am experiencing.
 POOLFIX3 just does not like any other programs that run before it and grab
 the TRAP#1 vector.  Claus has send me an update of POOLFIX which he called
 POOLFIX4.  The readme file is included below.  I will send the update to
 anyone who can put it on an archive site, just ask.

                         Chris Evelo

     Yep, it's true, TOS 1.4 is buggy. Well, ATARI has done something about
 it  and  released  several  fix  programs  to blow up your AUTO folder.  A
 very... ahem... remarkable representative  of  this  kind  of  programs is
 POOLFIX written  by Allan  Pratt which  tries to fix a new bug in the pool
 manager.  Allan released three  versions  of  this  program,  and  then he
 settled  down  with  a  long  sigh  of relieve thinking he did it right at

     Well, he wasn't quite right.   Allan's POOLFIX  versions needed  to be
 placed  first  in  the  AUTO  folder  because POOLFIX tries to locate some
 illegal system variables by following the  TRAP #1  vector into  ROM code.
 If any program occupies the TRAP #1 vector before POOLFIX shows up, things
 are messed up: POOLFIX refuses to install itself.

     This isn't a big problem for most  of  you  out  there,  but  it  is a
 problem for  people using  hard disk drivers and other programs that start
 up before AUTO folder programs and use the  TRAP #1  vector for  their own
 purposes.   It is  also a  pain in  the neck  for everyone to be forced to
 re-order their AUTO folder once again, and as time passes by, you  tend to
 forget  which  programs  in  the  AUTO  folder need to be started in which
 order, and soon chaos spreads.

     I was faced with the problem  when  I  realized  that  POOLFIX3 didn't
 want to  install itself when my own hard disk driver (included in the book
 SCHEIBENKLEISTER), version 3.5, was running.  This is due to the fact that
 I use the TRAP #1 vector in CBHD 3.5 (my HD driver) to do some DESKTOP.INF
 patching that my readers  urged me  to implement.   The  problem, however,
 could have  been solved  easily if POOLFIX would follow the official ATARI
 guidelines for XBRA completely.    CBHD  3.5  uses  XBRA  to  notify other
 programs that  it linked  into the  TRAP #1  vector, and so it would be no
 problem for  POOLFIX to  follow the  TRAP #1  XBRA chain  into ROM. Allan,
 however, didn't  think of this neat possibility - being able to follow the
 chain was, as far as I know, one of the main reasons for adopting the XBRA

 (The same problem occurs with FATSPEED, a freeware (?) GEMDOS speed-up for
 TOS 1.2; if the programmer of FATSPEED should  read this  some day,  he or
 she  should  think  of  implementing  this  follow  'the  chain  into  ROM
 technique' into FATSPEED, too. Thanx so much.)

     As always, users are forced to  do the  patching themselves.   In this
 case,  I  reassembled  POOLFIX  and  inserted a full-blown XBRA algorithm.
 Apart from that, I optimized the program a bit so that it  occupies lesser
 space in  RAM than the previous version.  It's also a bit shorter on disk,
 but since it uses 2 clusters as before,  there's no  speedup when booting.
 BTW: I  used TURBO ASS for this job, a remarkably fast shareware assembler
 written  by  Markus  Fritze  and  Soeren  Hellwig,  Birkhahnkamp  38, 2000
 Norderstedt 1, West Germany. 

     POOLFIX4, as  I called  it, has  been tested successfully on my MegaST
 with TOS 1.4 in ROM, on my STE with TOS 1.6 in ROM, and  with a  1040 with
 TOS 1.2  (where it  doesn't install  itself since TOS 1.2 doesn't need the
 patch).  If there are any incompatibilities with any programs, please tell

                             Claus Brod
                             Am Felsenkeller 2
                             8772 Marktheidenfeld
                             West Germany

     Dept. of Occup. &                    Chris Evelo
     Environm. Health                     MFAGKCHR@HMARL5 (BITNET)
     and Toxicology.
     University of Limburg                Tel: 31-43-888635
     P.O. Box 616                         Fax: 31-43-436080
     6200 MD Maastricht
     The Netherlands



                            PRODUCT INFORMATION

   $29.95 RETAIL

              Fast, Reliable Hard Disk Backup/Verify/Restore

 The backup program safely copies data from your hard drive to floppy
 disks. It maintains the full directory/file-name information, including
 date, time, and file attributes.  Backups can be done on a whole
 partition, a single folder, a folder and all its sub-folders, or using
 file masks (wildcards like *.DOC).  Multiple file masks may be used on the
 same backup set.

 Many options are provided for the backup, including compression method,
 floppy drive type, and incremental mode, where only the files modified
 since the previous backup are copied, saving time and floppy disks. All
 opion selections can be safved to a configuartion file so that you don't
 have to setthem each time you run the program.

 The data is written to the flopy disk using a raw format for speed and
 data security.  Using this advanced data format gives higher performance
 and increased data reliability.  Each file has a checksum to guarntee that
 it is safely stored on disk.  If one backup disk becomes damaged, you do
 NOT lose the entire backup set, you might lose a portion of the file(s)
 contained on the bad part of the disk, but you won't lose all the files.
 Individual files and folders can still be listed or restored using the

 There are three options for storing your data: raw (uncompressed), 
 standard compress, and fast compress.  Raw is the fastest (up to 1 MB oper
 minute) and standard compress requires the fewest number of disks (storing
 up to 4MB per disk).  Once the file is stored, the file will automatically
 be restored or listed correctly -- you don't have to remember how you
 saved it.

 The program will tell you how many disks are needed for the backup. It can
 format the floppy disks for you as it fills them up (format and write). 
 There is a format "as needed" option where the program will automatically
 detect if a disk needs to be formatted, and only format the disk if

 Files of any size can be safely backed up, even if they exceed the size of
 RAM or one floppy disk.  There is no need for a large RAM disk or 1MB of
 RAM -- The programs will run in as little as 150K of RAM.

 There is a verify program which will compare the contents of the files on
 the backup disks with the actual files on the hard disk and report any
 errors.  If the verify succeeds, you can be assured that you have a safe
 and accurate backup, each file matching byte for byte and each diskette
 containing no errors.  Since errors can be introduced after the backup
 diskette is written, this is much safer than any write verify on-the-fly
 scheme, which are error-prone and unreliable.

 The restore program can restore by the same selcetion criteria as the
 backup, so you can restore just a folder or file, or the whole disk
 partition.  It will automatically create directories as needed and it has
 options for selecting whether or not existing files should be over-

  $49.95 RETAIL

                 The Hard Disk Repair and Optimize Utility

 SENTRY is the safest and most reliable disk maintenance utility you can
 buy.  It is three programs in one.  The repair program will analyze TOS
 formatted disks (floppy or hard disks) and report any inconsistencies and
 system problems.  If so instructed, SENTRY will repair the damaged disk
 and clean up all the problems, sometimes recovering lost files and
 "forgotten" disk space.  This function alone is well worth the price of
 the entire set of programs included with SENTRY.  These problems do occur
 on TOS disks on a fairly regular basis and they will "catch" you someday. 
 Without SENTRY you would have to reformat and restore your disk to correct
 even a simple problem which SENTRY will repair in a few seconds.

 The second function, is the disk optimizer, which reorganizes the data on
 a "fragmented" disk to put things "back in order" again.  The result of
 this is that TOS can read and write to the disk much faster.  SENTRY gives
 you an option for leaving an area of free space near the start of the disk
 which can greatly speed up TOS file creation and writing.

 The third part of the SENTRY package is a low-level disk tester. This is
 handy when you suspect a disk is damaged or wish to confirm that it is
 not.  It will test every sector of a disk (floppy or hard disk) and verify
 that it is readable.  It also has a non-descructive write test option.  If
 a sec or is bad, this program can mark it bad in the FAT table so that TOS
 won't use it.

                          BECKEMEYER DEVELOPMENT
                               PO BOX 21575
                             OAKLAND CA 94620
                              (415) 530-9637
                            GENIE: D.BECKEMEYER
                     CIS: >INTERNET:UNISOFT!BDT!DAVID
                      UUCP: ucbvax!unisoft!bdt!david


 > Stock Market CPU NewsWire?     Watchin' the Sheckles Grow?

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

 Concept by Glenn Gorman

 First Week:  April 2,1990 - April 6, 1990

     On Monday,  Atari Stock went down 3/4 of a point, but shot up 3/8 of a
 point on Tuesday.  Atari Stock went up  1/4 of  a point  on Wednesday, but
 went down  1/8 of  a point on Thursday.  Finally, it was up 1/4 of a point
 on Friday.  Finishing up the week at 6 3/8  points, Atari  stock went down
 1/8 of a point since the last report.

     Apple Stock was down 3/8 of a point from Friday, March 30, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was down 7/8 of a point from 3/30/90.
              IBM Stock was down 1/4 of a point from 3/30/90.

                 Stock Report for Week of 4/02/90 to 4/06/90

 STock|   Monday    |   Tuesday  |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  |   Friday    |
 Reprt|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|
 Atari|5 3/4   - 3/4|6 1/8  + 3/8|6 3/8   + 1/4|6 1/4  - 1/8|6 3/8   + 1/8|
      |             |            |             |            | 57,000  Sls |
  CBM |8 3/8   - 1/4|8 3/8  ---- |8 1/4   - 1/8|7 7/8  - 3/8|7 3/4   - 1/8|
      |             |            |             |            | 47,400  Sls |
 Apple|40 1/4   ----|41 3/4      |41 1/4  - 1/2|40 1/4   - 1|39 7/8  - 3/8|
      |             |      +1 1/2|             |            |1,055,700 Sls|
  IBM |105 7/8  -1/4|106 5/8     |106 1/2  -1/8|106 1/8 -3/8|105 7/8  -1/4|
      |             |        +3/4|             |            | 752,300 Sls |

 Second Week:  April 9,1990 - April 13, 1990

     On Monday,  Atari Stock  went up  1/8 of  a point, but for the rest of
 the week its price remained the same.  Finishing up the week at    points,
 Atari Stock went up 1/8 of a point since the last report.

        Apple Stock was up 3 3/8 points from Friday, April 6, 1990.
             Commodore Stock was 3/8 of a point from  4/06/90.
                IBM Stock was up 1 1/4 points from 4/06/90.

                 Stock Report for Week of 4/09/90 to 4/13/90

 STock|   Monday   |   Tuesday   | Wednesday  |  Thursday   |   Friday    |
 Reprt|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last     Chg.|
 Atari|6 1/2   +1/8|6 1/2    ----|6 1/2   ----|6 1/2    ----|6 1/2   ---- |
      |            |             |            |             | 36,500  Sls |
  CBM |7 3/4   ----|7 1/2    -1/4|7 1/4   -1/4|7 3/8   + 1/4|7 3/8   ---- |
      |7 3/4       |             |            |             | 109,500 Sls |
 Apple|41 1/8      |41 1/4   +1/8|42 1/2      |43 1/4  + 3/4|43 1/4  ---- |
      |      +1 1/4|             |      +1 1/4|             |1,891,100 Sls|
  IBM |105 1/2 -3/8|105 7/8  +3/8|106 3/8     |107 1/8  +3/4|107 1/8 ---- |
      |105 7/8     |             |        +1/2|             | 921,600 Sls |

        'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
        'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
        '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > BRODIE "On The Road Again" CPU/STR InfoFile?

 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.] posts;
  Ok, here is the present plans for next group of appearances.

     Leaving tomorrow for the MidWest Atari Swapfest on April 22, 1990
 Saturday, April 28th, at an areawide meeting of user groups in the Western
 New York area, to be held at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Please
 contact BRUCENELSON here on GEnie for further info.

     Sunday, April 29th, at the North East ATARIfest in Pittsburgh.
 May 9th, a visit with the South County Users Group, in San Jose, CA. That
 is on a Wednesday evening, at 7PM at San Jose Computers.

     Saturday, May 12th, a meeting with the Phoenix Area ST Users Group, in
 Phoenix, AZ. Please contact LE Pulley here on GEnie for details on the
 time and location of the meeting.

     Monday, May 21, a meeting with the San Diego Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts.  Contact Richard Betson - TALON.TECH here on GEnie for
 meeting time and place details, or perhaps STACE...nothing happens in San
 Diego without him knowing about it!!

     Tuesday, June 12th, a meeting in Upland, CA with the Atari Anonymous
 Users Group. Meeting to be held in the Upland Public Library at 7:00PM.
 Contact Todd Bane (T.BANE here on GEnie) for further details.

     Other plans for the rest of the year include visits to Sacramento,
 Ashville North Carolina, Seattle, Spokane, Milwaukee, Glendale, and
 Boston.  More information as those dates come closer.

 Regards to all, and hope to catch you at one of the meetings.

                                                  Bob Brodie


 > CPU NEWSWIRE CONFIDENTIAL?    Sayin' it like it is.....

 - Chicago, IL.               **** MARK WILLIAMS CO. KISSES ATARI OFF ****

     Mark Williams 'C' for the Atari ST at one time, "was" bundled with the
 ST Development Kit... Used to be and never will be again according to the
 recent commentary emanating from MWC Co.  "We have no intentions of
 providing any further upgrades for the Atari ST market."  Atari continues
 to "win friends and influence people".......  

     At the same time, MWC has released Coherent.  Coherent is a complete
 multitasking Unix-like operating system that runs on top of an existing
 operating system.  It is being positioned as a more reliable alternative
 than Minix and a less expensive option than Xenix and the "real Unixes." 
 $99.95 is the price.  However it is not anticipated that it will be ported
 to the ST.

 - Sunnyvale, CA.            ****** ATARI TAIWAN BUSTED FOR PIRACY! ******

     Atari Corp. replied to accusations by the Business Software Alliance
 that it found several UNAUTHORIZED individual copies of Ashton-Tate Corp.
 and Lotus Development Corp. business software disks in use on PC
 compatible computers at Atari Taiwan Manufacturing Corp. in Taipei. 
 Atari's reaction was as expected, catagorical denials of any wrong doing
 or condoning of the actions of a few individuals.  They (Atari) made it
 very clear that the infractions were perpetrated without the company
 having any knowledge of the infractions.

 - Chicago, IL.              **** ATARI USING BRAIN DEAD MMU CHIPS?  ****

     The newer MMU's coming out from IMP that Atari use will not address
 above 1MB. The Atari part number escapes me, but it's something like
 CO900209-001 or some such. The one that works is the COxxx12-38.

     A quote from a memory upgrade informational letter ....

     "In the 1989 ST's we have noticed a MMU that can only address up to a
     Megabyte of memory.  Atari has adopted this policy to stop users from
     upgrading.  The good news is that you can get the older style MMU
     (CO25912-38) from your dealer or from us for around $40.00 and replace
     the newer MMU CO100109-001 in five minutes."  

 Certainly Atari has the user's best interests in mind when these decisions
 are made, perhaps it was done this way to protect the user from the
 headaches of the LS373s or maybe the problem of trying figure out what
 they are to do with all the new memory.

 - Sunnyvale, CA.               ***** STE TO BE DELAYED UNTIL JUNE? *****

     According to reliable insider information, the fabled story of the on
 again - off again delivery of the STe to the US market is facing delays
 once again!  This time it seems someone "forgot to order or send out the
 order for the required stamped metal sheilds the FCC requires for the STe
 to pass.  In case you were unaware, the STe did pass the FCC approval
 tests and can now be sold in the USA.  If there were some here to sell. 
 There may be a few delivered in April, but the bulk is expected to be
 delivered to dealers during the month of June.  As for other product, well
 its basically the same story, late May to early June...  And those
 products, the 520stf, monitors etc., have all passed the FCC certification
 test a long time ago.  So why the outrageous and harmful delays??  In any
 case, the drought will be over "real soon now".

 - Sunnyvale, CA.                     ******  MEGA STe A REALITY?  ******

     With the multitudes of users clamoring for the positive decision to
 manufacture the STe in the Mega style cabinet.  There is more than a
 flicker of real hope that the "wigs" at Artari will give this
 configuration serious consideration.  Here's hoping they take a moment to
 listen to the userbase and once again, come out with a real winner. 
 Almost all our mail pertaining to this subject is in favor of the Mega



 April 18, 1990
 For Immediate Release

                        Portable Power Case

     The Portable  Power Case  is a soft carrying case and integral battery
 power source for  the  Stacy  laptop  computer  from  Atari.  The standard
 configuration  allows  a  Stacy4  with  a  40  megabyte hard disk drive to
 operate for  up to  four hours  on battery  power. These  batteries can be
 completely recharged in under an hour with, or without Stacy being on. The
 charger's microprocessor control  prevents  overcharging  and  all battery
 packs are equipped with quick blow fuses for additional protection.

     The Portable  Power Case provides two pockets for battery packs. Fresh
 battery packs may be  inserted with  Stacy on,  thus providing potentially
 unlimited battery  power. Additional  battery packs  may be purchased with
 endurance capabilities of four or eight hours. A Portable Power  Case with
 two fully  charged, eight  hour battery  packs would  have an endurance of
 sixteen hours. A third pocket is provided to store the  charger, and there
 is  an  extra  pouch  on  the  lid  for books, extra floppies, cables, and
 anything else one would want to carry.

     Stacy itself is attached  to a  stiff middle  divider that  has enough
 space to  also attach  Spectre GCR,  or any  other large cartridge without
 difficulty. The top lid zips off  for unlimited  easy access  to Stacy and
 all of the connectors on the back. Constructed of thick Cordura(tm) nylon,
 the carrying case is water resistant, protecting Stacy  from the elements,
 and padded,  preventing bumps  and scratches. The MultiByte Portable Power
 Case is available in Flat Back, Stacy Grey,  Woodland Camouflage,  and Hot
 Fluorescent Pink.  (Additional colors are available upon special request.)

     For additional information, orders,  or technical  support twenty-four
 hours a  day, call (703) 406-9139 or FAX (202) 625-6447. The new MultiByte
 Portable Power Case  gives  you  the  freedom  to  use  your  Stacy laptop
 computer anywhere and at anytime.

        MultiByte Portable Power Case for the Atari Stacy
                   Suggested Retail - $348

               Power ... Without The Plug
        15 Wedgedale Dr., Sterling, VA. USA 22170
       Voice (703) 406-9139  /  FAX (202) 625-6447

     Specifications  and  prices  subject  to change without notice. Stacy,
 Stacy4 and Atari are trademarks of Atari Corp. Spectre GCR  is a trademark
 of Gadgets  by Small, Inc. MultiByte Portable Power Case is a trademark of
 MultiByte, Inc.

 Additional notes:
 The MultiByte Portable Power  Case will  be on  display Sunday,  April 22,
 1990 at the PACE AtariFest in Pitsburgh, PA.


 > PCD2 SHEESH! CPU/STR OnLine?      They're busy because of what??

     The users on both of the major online services are getting extremely
 restless and need some solid answers now.

 Ctsy CIS and GEnie ST RT

 Sb: Avant-Garte...the PITS!!
 Fm: Mike Lovelace 
 To: All

     As many of you, I waited long and patiently for Avant-Garte's PC Ditto
 II.  Upon receiving it, I instantly knew that it would not fit inside of
 my 520ST, which has a 4 meg upgrade.  The original add stated that it
 WOULD fit inside of ANY ST with or without RAM upgrade.

     After a month and a half of fruitless attempts to contact AG on their
 phone line, I finally got through today, in order to request a refund.  I
 was told that since it has been over 30 days since I received it, they
 will NOT honor my request for refund.

     The device was never installed, nor was an install attempted.  The
 reason they give is "I should have contacted them within 30 days".  Not
 that it matters that I was unable to get through to them due to constant
 busy signals, "days off", and short hours.  Not that it should matter that
 they FRAUDULENTLY advertised the product as being compatible with ALL
 ST's.  Not that it should seem strange that it was OK for them to hold our
 money for MONTHS longer than originally stated.  Just don't be unable to
 contact THEM for an extra 2 weeks or you are SCREWED!  Plain and simple!

     Avant -Garte has went from an excellent company to a complete JOKE in
 the computer world.  It seems I must now do things the hard way and seek
 litigation against this sorry excuse for a company on the basis of fraud.
 Once an avid supporter, I will now do everything in my power to bring this
 company to it's knees.  It was bad enough getting jerked around for months
 of cinstant delays.  It was worse being their beta testers.  This is the
 final straw, and is beyond belief!

     If any others out here are experiencing similar problems obtaining a
 refund, please contact me so that we can discuss a Class Action Lawsuit
 against Avant-Garte.

 --Mike Lovelace

 D.DALEN1 posts;
  Avant Garde

     In reference to my earlier question about Quattro Pro..  (thanks for 
 the response),   first a little background...  When using PCD 1, I could
 only get it to work by installing it as a  color monitor and running it in
 color mode on a MONO monitor.  Without changing a thing and switching to
 the color monitor (or any  other way of booting it ), the program would
 hang just about the time the spreadsheet was about to be drawn.  In other
 words right after the  startup screen it would start to draw the
 spreadsheet and hang. Then  without touching the software, I would switch
 to the mono monitor and reboot, then QPRO would work.  (on PCD 1, if your
 patient). Now when I try PCD 2 it reacts with the same lockup no matter
 what I try.  I have reinstalled it several times with many combinations
 and  no luck.   

 I hope you can figure it out.  It's a wonderful program going to waste. 

     On the subject of sounds.  I have tried Tetris, (the real one) and it
 works, but I can play it at the top level due to the slowdown. (and I'm
 the worlds worst game player). I want to get some games for my 3 year old
 and need to know if they're going to work before I buy.

     I too, have found that communication is IFFY under PCD2 sometimes I
 can get a program to work other times the keyboard goes away and won't
 come back until I reboot. 

  Any news on EGA?

  Thanks.   Dan Dalen 

 DCASTALDI  posts;
 Only me again reminding you that I still have problems with my comm port!
 Communications are very unreliable (at best).  I have also experienced the
 slowdowns when using graphic intensive programs - what gives?

 L.LOE posts;
 AG:   I am having problems with my PCDII.  This is the same problem that I
 have had since I got it to get past the boot.   It locks up at random in
 most of the programs that I use.  I seem to get only 4.8 volts from my
 power supply and it drop another 2 tenths (4.6) by the time it gets to the
 coprocessor socket.   I really would like to keep this thing but if this
 keeps up, the frustration factor is going to cause me to send it  back.  I
 do get continuity on all of the pins.   H E L P !!!!! 

 P.S. If anyone knows what to do help me,
 because I really want to keep this thing! Larry Loe ( L.LOE)

 B.STRINGER posts;
 Hi all, I seemed to have similiar problems with the old pal chips, loose
 clip, etc. Finally got PCD2 to work and then noticed increasing rate of
 crashes and bombs over next 2 weeks. The problems seem to be solved by
 soldering the chip to the cpu chip. Be very careful for all 64 joints  and
 use a 15 watt iron (the Radio Shack one seemed to have a good taper). It
 don't think the installation should be considered "solderless" any more
 than it is an internal installion. The board works in a ZipLoc bag in back
 of my 1040ST.  But it does work! 

 I.ADAMS posts;
 Avantgarde - one more try at getting some support for this thing.  I have
 spent countless hours over the last several weeks dialing and re-dialing
 your telephone number with no luck.  I have no more time to spend at that.
 My board doesn't work.  It has the new PALs, I've tried both the old and
 new software, I've checked the "clip" continuity, and I don't have the
 "bad" chips in my ST.  I have a 520ST-FM, Rev. D motherboard with the CPU
 parallel to the internal drive.  PCD-II tells me to insert the DOS disk
 and then when I hit RETURN there's one drive-stepping growl and everything
 locks up but the blinking cursor.  Is there a fix for this?  I've seen
 some speculation that PCD-II just won't work with Rev.D ST's, and I notice
 that you don't seem to have ever used any Rev.D machines in your testing.
 Also, have you come up with a smaller version of the board?  There's no
 way this thing will fit into my computer short of tearing parts out of the
 computer and I've no intention of doing that.  I might use it externally
 IF it would work at all.

 J.PIERCE5  posts;
 It seems many of us are not able to view Spectrum Pictures with pc-ditto
 II  installed, IS THERE A FIX FOR THIS?????????????????????  Also, any
 word on EGA? Let's face these graphics are pitiful.
             Jim Pierce

 BOOJIBOY posts;
 In response to some of the above messages, (1) I think I have a solution
 to the clip problem.  What A-G has to do is make a "clip clamp" which
 would be made of a non-conductive material and compress the pins of the
 clip against the pins of the CPU.  Something like two small bars, one on
 either side of the clip with holes at either end.  Nut and bolt at one end
 and the same at the other.  Tighten the bolt on both ends and the clip
 will force a good connection.  As a bonus, the clip would stay in place
 without soldering and would allow for easy removal for use on another
 computer.  I will accept a modest royalty on this idea!!! :) (2) I have
 experienced no problems with viewing Spectrum pictures, but it sounds like
 a timing problem some people are having which may be a result of the extra
 load, sounds like replacement of the 74LS373 chips are in order.  (3)  As
 to the daughterboard in the Megas, I had to desolder the daughterboard
 from the CPU and solder it to the corresponding pins on the PCD2 clip.  It
 worked fine.  Use a 15 watt soldering iron and any old solder sucker,
 which is available at most electronic stores for around $10.00.  See Ya!

 P.ANTHONY posts;
 To PPS, your Mega 2 sounds just like mine.  First the little board on top
 of the 68000, unsolder it and solder it to the same pins that  stick
 through the top of the PC Ditto II clip (pins 12 through 16 if I remember
 correctly, count them before you desolder).  I stongly  recommend you
 solder the PC Ditto II clip to your 68000 (I had problems with lockups
 after my Mega warmed up that went away when I soldered the clip).  It is
 not easy to remove the expansion bus clip to get at the 68000 pins (I gave
 up and broke away the plastic and bent the pins out of the way so I could
 get at the 68000, then straighted out the expansion bus pins).  As to you
 IMP chips, the two square ones should be replaced, I also replaced the
 rectangular video shifter chip just to be safe.  My local Atari dealer
 charged a nominal $20 to swap all three chips.  Hope this helps you.

 MUSE [Tomas]  posts;
 I have the Rev D motherboard in my 1040ST, the 68k chip is parallel to the
 drive. At this point I have pc-ditto II working pretty well. Some minor
 things are happening, like I can't run some programs twice in the same
 session without a complete cold boot. On the subject of Spectrum pictures,
 I've been doing some experimenting. I have the newer, ajustable power
 supply and I have been able to boost the output to the point where the
 problem disappears completely. The 5+ volt pin was reading 5.27 at the
 post and somewhat less on the PCditto board.  Unfortunately, adding the
 EZ-RAM board has drained the +5v line such that SPC files will not display
 well unless the emulator is unplugged . I haven't tried it yet, but it
 seems to me that if I run a solid line to whatever component needs the
 boost in order to show the pictures, I could leave PCditto II hooked up
 all the time and I can wrap up all my little hardware hacks and get back
 to *using* my ST! I also think that the board could use an extra ground to
 the ST chassis. My voltage readings at co- processor socket improved when
 I used the ST's chassis as the ground point.  I don't think I'll install
 the screws just yet. *smile*              

 Sb: Avant-Garte...the PITS!!
 Fm: Mike Lovelace 
 To: Jim Ness 

 Jim, still working on the 2.0 version of QC?
  I too was surprised by AG's attitude.  I was further dismayed when I was
 told Bill Teal would call me, and as of yet, he has not.  I suspect their
 new attitude has to do with them losing their butt on the ditto II screw
 up?  The sad thing is that I can't even find someone who will buy it at
 cost due to it's lousy reputation!  This has been a bad experience from
 the start.  First the months of delay, the non-working boards, and now
 this.  I think what really ticks me off the most is that all during the
 months of delay, we were told "Trust will be worth the wait". 
 They didn't mind holding people's money for months and expected us to
 understand.  Now when it comes to them, they want to enforce a 30 day
 timeline!  This company is truly pathetic!  AG and the Teals have lost ALL
 credibility as far as I am concerned. 



 > MIDITASKING  CPU/STR PROBE?     What is it supposed to do?

 ctsy GEnie RT


     Below we present a number of posts centered around a confusing point
 of information or two.  It seems that certain of Atari's folks feel
 completely different about what or how Miditasking is to work or be put to
 use..  Hopefully, by spotlighting this issue, a clear answer will be
 John Townsend posts;
     I don't know much about this one other than it was being handled by 
 Frank Foster here at Atari. I will pass along the message and see  what
 kind of information comes my way.  For those that don't know.. Frank has
 been out of the country for quite some
 time now. It's been at least a month.

 -- John

 JLS [John STanley] posts;
   John, if someone working on an important project at Atari is leaving the
 country for over a month, does Atari normaly just let the messages for
 that person stack up on their desk and 'hope' that the developers trying
 to make serious business decisions relating to ST products will still be
 around (in business) when the person in question returns???  This is VERY
 disturbing news.

 R.NOAK posts;

 That's bad news. I really liked the IM stuff. Do you know if Dr. T will
 only support current product or will they handle upgrades, bug fixes,
 etc.? The fact that there is no contract is a real shocker... from those I
 spoke with, it seemed a done deal.  Perhaps John or Bob from Atari could
 let us in on the latest developments?


 REMO  posts;

 Here's a new twist for you [and the rest of us]. Intelligent Music, the
 developers of MIDI-Tasking, have gone out of the software business. Dr. T
 will be distributing and handling tech support for almost all of their
 current products across ST, Mac and Amiga.

 I spoke with Richard Lainhart at IM about what this means for MIDI-Tasking
 and his comment was that there has been NO action from Atari since last
 NOVEMBER.  IM has yet to finalize any agreement (never seen a contract)
 and is seriously questioning Atari's committment to multitasking. In fact,
 they can't even get Atari to return their phone calls. Is this yet another
 case of Atari pulling out at the last second leaving the developer (and we
 users) in the dust? The project is still staffed, for the moment, at IM
 but a lot of uncertainty and little cause for any long term activity.

 Jim Pp

 REMO  posts;
 Frank Foster is finally back at Atari so I asked for his comments on the
 current MIDI-Tasking situation. Bottom line is that Atari is 100%
 committed to the project and that it is viewed as a multitasking vehicle
 for both MIDI and nonMIDI applications. There has been a  slow but steady
 acceptance of MIDI-Tasking by the numerous MIDI developers. NonMIDI
 developers should contact Frank at Atari to get the system software and
 see what is involved.

 Dave - I hear you and John, and know full well that your system certainly
 has been around the longest with a great amount of support and
 development.  I don't speak for Atari (thank God!) so cannot comment on
 merits of one versus the other.  Before you and others continue lambasting
 MIDI-Tasking, I simply ask you to take a look at it so that the rest of us
 could benefit from well-informed criticism rather than 2nd hand
 speculation.  I don't pretend to know enough system level programming to
 say where one works and another is doomed.  Quite honestly your comments
 sound a lot like sour grapes (having also read your other posts on
 different categories in this roundtable).  I'd like to know exactly where
 the flaws are, as you see it.

 Jim Pierson-Perry

 DOUG.W  posts;
 It would have been nice if Atari had sent copies to developers before they
 accepted it as the standard...  It reminds me of HDX 3.0, which was
 announced to developers the same day it was uploaded to the public.


 C.F.JOHNSON                  at 21:51 PDT

     The irritating thing about MIDI-tasking to many developers is that, as
 Doug said, once again Atari has decided on a "standard" with absolutely NO
 consultation of the people who've been writing and marketing applications
 and system level software for the ST for years.  The unfortunate truth is
 that many MIDI developers operate in a total vacuum, as far as real-world
 ST software; they don't use, and aren't even aware of, many of the most
 popular non-MIDI products.  And as a result, many of their programs only
 work in a computer with NO TSRs and NO accessories loaded.

     Given this...yes, it is rather galling that Atari suddenly announces a
 multitasking "standard" that will be written and developed by programmers
 who have knowledge only in a certain very specialized field.

     I'll reserve any further comment for now.  But I'll just add one more
 thing; I also have heard that the number of non-MIDI (or even MIDI)
 applications that will run under MIDI-tasking is quite small.

 - Charles

 P.S. I'm not saying that ALL MIDI developers are guilty of the Ivory Tower
 syndrome.  Stefan Daystrom of Hybrid Arts, in particular, has been really
 great about finding solutions and cooperating with non-MIDI developers.

 TOWNS [John @ Atari]         at 02:31 EDT
 Charles.. please, turn off the flames. The idea behind MIDITASKING..
 (notice I didn't say MULTI-tasking) is that it provide a way to run
 multiple MIDI programs at the same time.

 It is designed to be a solution for our MIDI customers who need it. It is
 NOT designed as the final solution for a multi-tasking TOS.  This type of
 project (multitasking TOS) would be done in house.

  -- John

 C.F.JOHNSON  posts;

     We seem to have two very different outlooks on MIDI-tasking here.  On
 one hand, Jim's message seems to say that Frank Foster told him
 MIDI-tasking is:

  >> viewed as a multitasking vehicle for both MIDI and
  >> non-MIDI applications.

   On the other hand, your last message says:

  >> It is designed to be a solution for our MIDI customers who need it.
  >> It is NOT designed as the final solution for a multi-tasking TOS.

     Which is the official line?  I know that articles in STart and
 elsewhere have definitely given the public the idea that MIDI-tasking is
 going to be usable with all "properly-written" GEM programs.  (Whatever
 that means.)  If MIDI-tasking is not designed to be used in non-MIDI
 situations, then somebody needs to start getting their PR straight.

 - Charles

 Editor Note:
     We have often been categorized as too critical when it comes to Atari
 and its dealing with the userbase.  We ask only one question here;  "Is
 this miditasking TRUE multi-tasking or are we again involved in a shell
 game of words?"  On one hand we are told it is multi-tasking and on the
 other hand, we are told it is a means to an end and not necessarily multi-
 tasking.  We are sure to hear more on this one folks...


 > ONLINE TODAY  CPU/STR OnLine?        The wires are hummin'!

                               ONLINE TODAY

 by O. Steele

     Hi!  This week I've completely caught up in the GEnie message base. 
 Expect a lot of new recent activity reported next week.  Also, next week
 and for a few weeks later, I'll stress covering the download section while
 maintaining current info in the message base.  And eventually, I'll be
 juggling the message base, download section and the weekly conferences
 with timely reports on each.


 Beware, certain games do not work on all ST systems!  Topic 7 covers games
 incompatible with certain versions of TOS (semi-recent activity).

 Recent activity in topic 26, English Imports and New Releases.  Get
 info on the latest games and imports.


 Keep up to date on the current events of the upcoming Atarifest Pittsburgh
 show (April 28, 29 1990) in topic 11.

 The Midwest Atari Swapfest has some activity; it's coming up shortly.
 See topic 16.

 The WAACE Atari show (scheduled for October 6, 7 1990) has some early
 activity (October 6, 7) in topic 6.

 And the World of Atari Anaheim show, although over, is overflowing with
 messages after the fact in topic 14.


 Having problems with your system?  Virus attacked you?  NeoDesk's
 Recoverable Trash Can icon discussed.  According to John Eidsvoog, it
 causes orphan clusters.  Also, Cheetah copier mentioned as unreliable even
 as version 2. See Topic 16.


 Atari users seem to be captivated over whether Atari advertises or not. 
 The reason is simple, most everyone knows that advertising will make or
 break a product.  Although we aren't seeing national huge media blitzes,
 the situation does seem to be improving, from ads in airline magazines to
 local dealer spots.  Atari's latest marketing situation in topic 3.

 Do you wish Atari would finish that blasted Diablo emulator update for the
 SLM804 laser printer?  Post "specific" bug reports in topic 11. 

 Apparently Bob Brodie has talked to Leonard, who in turn won't release the
 emulator (which has been upgraded) until he can be sure that all bugs have
 been eliminated.  Atari has a ton of printouts of bug reports, but he
 wants "specific" bug reports.  Excuse me, but isn't that the programmer's
 job?  Is it too radical an idea to have the programmer check out the
 emulator very thoroughly, possibly even release an interim version that
 has as many bugs fixed as HE (why do the users have to be burdened) can
 find.  Then release an update (a louisiana the Codeheads' continuous
 upgrade plan).  For Atari, or at least its executives that's a radically
 new concept!

 Topic 29 contains everything you every wanted to know about the Stacy
 portable and more.  Developers have 'em and Hard Drive problems are
 supposedly fixed.  Atari is shipping to MIDI dealers, some have received
 them and sold out already (at list price of $2899.95).

 The STe Topic also contains mucho info.  Where's my STe?  All the hurdles
 Atari claimed were hurdles are jumped.  And still we don't see STe's. 
 Also, upgrading the STe's memory (4 MB for about $240) and various STe
 related issues (JRI color board).  See topic 40.

 Latest word on the ATW is possible release in Canada and Europe (topic

 In the Feedback to Atari section, there's an interesting discussion of
 Softsource, a way to get demos of commercial products for the ST.  Pros
 and cons discussed in topic 31.

 Seems like all of the promised Atari product categories are active.  The
 TT is no exception.  Throw in some CD-ROM discussion and you have topic


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