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From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: Z*Net: 22-Mar-90  #512
Date: Sat Mar 24 14:53:21 1990

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                Atari Online Magazine          Issue #512
                   (=) 1990 by Rovac Industries, Inc.
                            Post Office Box 59
                       Middlesex, New Jersey 08846
 Publisher/Editor - Ron Kovacs                        Editor - John Nagy
             Z*Net Online 24 Hour BBS (201) 968-8148  3/12/24
 CompuServe 71777,2140                                       GEnie Z-NET
                              MARCH 23, 1990
                          ( TABLE OF CONTENTS )

     New Writer, OverSeas Coverage and more................Ron Kovacs
     Weekly News Update..............................................
     Atari News Update......................................John Nagy
     Part 2................................................Jon Clarke
     Part 2................................................Lucas Lozo
     Texas Report...........................................John Nagy
     ...................................................Press Release
     PD/Shareware Reviews.................................Alice Amore
     ...................................................Press Release
     ......................................................Ron Kovacs
     ........................................................Jim Kent
                        THIS WEEK - by Ron Kovacs
 After reading numerous user group newsletter and revolution material 
 this week, I am surprised at the number of requests for letter writing 
 to Atari CEO Sam Tramiel.
 As we all know, Sam is busy with probably 20-30 projects at a time and 
 reading all the letters he might have received to date, he would be
 overwhelmed with reading material.  However, there is another person you 
 might want to address your letter to.  Try Jack Tramiel!  He is the real 
 boss at Atari and the one who has appeared recently to settle a few 
 "discussions" taking place.
 So, when addressing your letter to Atari, remember Jack!
 I am pleased to announce that Jon Clarke has joined the Z*Net staff as 
 writer and New Zealand/Australia reporter.  Jon will be keeping our 
 readers up to date on down-under happenings, Atari Australia and more.
 In our efforts to expand our overseas coverage, we have written to a 
 number of European contacts and received the following letter in 
 March 7, 1990
 Simple Logic - ST Club
 49 Stoney Street
 Nottingham NG1 1LX
 Rovac Industries
 PO Box 59
 Middlesex, NJ 08846
     We keep bumping into reprints of Z*NET in magazines from all over 
 the world so it seems time we introduced ourselves.  Enclosed are a 
 handful of our back issues plus a book we have been doing for the past 
 year or so.  Please forward details of getting reprint rights on Z*NET. 
 Also, would you be interested in exchanging articles from our 
                    Paul Glover
 We have responded and look forward to sharing information with the 
 European Atari user base.
 For your own information, we have provided a listing of all the Atari 
 companies around the world.  Please write the companies listed for 
 information on Atari in these countries.  If you do, please let us know 
 what type of response you get.
 Atari Companies Around The World
 Atari United Kingdom, Intercity House, Railway Terrace
 Slough, Berkshire, England SL2 5BZ  Phone: 0044/753-33344
 Atari West Germany, Frankfurterstrasse 89-91, D-6096 Rauneim
 West Germany  Phone: 0049-6142/2090
 Atari Austria, Grosse Neugasse 28, A-1040 Vienna
 Austria  Phone: 0043-222-565155
 Atari Switzerland, Bahnhofstrasse 28, CH-5400 Baden
 Switzerland  Phone: 0041-5621-14722
 Atari Benelux, Hangenweg 7B, NL-4130 EB Vianen
 The Netherlands  Phone: 0031-3473-77272
 Atari Benelux, Boomsesteenweg 28, B-2621 Schelle
 Belgium  Phone: 003-23-844-3366
 Atari France, 9, rue Snetou, F-92150 Suresnes
 France  Phone: 033/1/450-66060
 Atari Italy, Via Bellini, 21, 1-20095 Cosano
 Italy  Phone: 0039/2/613-4141-5
 Atari Spain, PO Box 195, Los Calabozos 11, Poligono Industrial de
 Alcobendas, E-28100 Alcobendas Madrid, Spain  Phone: 0034/1/653-5011
 Atari Scandinavia/Atari Sweden, Box 522, S-17526 Jarfalla
 Sweden  Phone: 0046-8-795-9120
 Atari Denmark, Vaerkstedsgarden 7, DK-2620 Albertslund
 Denmark  Phone: 0045-2-643344
 Atari Norway, Trollasvejen 4, N-1414 Trollasen, Norway,
 Phone: 0047-2-808110
 Atari Australia, 376 Lane Cove Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113
 Australia  Phone: 0061/2/805-0344
 Atari Japan, No. 7 Koike Bldg 6F, 2-3-6 Minami-Shinagawa,
 Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140, Japan  Phone: 0081/3/450-711
 Atari Taiwan, 31, Min-Chu Road, Chu-Wei, Tam-Shui, Taipei,
 Taiwan  Phone: 00886/2/622-1721
 Atari Hong Kong, Unit B 3/F, Wong Tze Building, 71 Hoi Yuen Road,
 Kwun Tong, Hong Kong,  Phone: 00852/3/797-3266
 Atari USA, 1196 Borregas Avenue, PO Box 3427, Sunnyvale,
 California, 94088-3427  Phone: 408-745-2000
 Atari Canada, 90 Grough Road, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 5V5
 Phone: 416-479-1266
 Atari Mexico, Viveros de Atizapan No. 1, Viveros de la Loma,
 Tialnepantia, Estadio de Mexico  Phone: 905-398-4379
 Last week CompuServe dedicated Section 10 in the AtariArts Forum Message 
 base for Z*Net Online.  You can now leave feedback, ideas and commentary 
 on both pay services.
                    COMPUSERVE                  GENIE
 Location:--->      Go AtariArts                ST
 Message Base>      Section 10                  Cat 31
 ID:--------->      71777,2140                  Z-NET
 Thank you for reading!!!
                              Z*NET NEWSWIRE
 Here is some information about Quick ST II which did not appear in the
 March 2 press release from Branch Always Software.  In Europe, users can
 order directly from Advantage Business System, 56 Bath Road, Cheltenham,
 Gloucestershire.  GL53 7HJ.  We do accept Master Card orders as well as
 VISA card orders.  European users can use the Eurocard.  We do not
 accept other cards at this time.  Additional Quick ST II fill patterns
 have been uploaded to various bulletin boards, and more are in the
 works.  Users are encouraged to upload their own fill patterns and
 desktop pictures that they created.
 Atari users on the east coast should not forget about the Second
 Canadian Atari Users Convention, being held on April 1 in Toronto.  More
 than 30 dealers and exhibitors will be present, including Atari, and
 there will be hourly prizes.  Several Branch Always Software developers
 will be on hand doing seminars, demos, and answering any questions.
 CEBIT 90:
 550,000 attendees this week at the Hannover CEBIT show were hit with
 numerous new products.  Through various sources we are producing a full
 report and will have all the happenings next week.  GEnie has dedicated
 an area within the NewsBytes area with reports from the show.  To access
 these reports enter "newsbytes" at any GEnie prompt.
 Atari was in attendance with a rumored hand made MEGASTe with a VME bus 
 as requested by developers, this again is a rumor which we could not 
 verify before publishing this report.  Newsbytes has not reported on 
 the happenings of Atari or Commdore at the show.  Z*Net will provide 
 more information as it becomes available.
 Thunderbirds, Activision's newest title for the Nintendo Entertainment
 System was announced this week.  Outstanding control, splash screens and
 secret power-ups, this game might turn out to be one of the best flying
 games for the Nintendo.  The game is based on a 1970s television show of
 the same name, that featured marionettes and model aircraft.
 Thunderbirds will be available in September and retail at $39.95.
 Activision publishes video game cartridges for the Nintendo, Nintendo
 Game Boy, Sega Master System and Atari 2600/7800.  Activision Video
 Games are distributed exclusively by MEDIAGENIC.
 GE Information Services, announced at the Hannover Fair CeBIT'90 that
 its GEnie online information service can be accessed in three European
 countries -- Germany, Austria, and Switzerland -- via GEIS network
 services distributors.  The cost to access the GEnie service in these
 three countries will be $18/hour U.S. for non-prime time access and
 $27/hour U.S. for prime time access.  The non-prime time rate applies to
 usage Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. local Europe time at
 the user's location, and all day on weekends and designated holidays. 
 For further information on subscribing to the GEnie service in Germany,
 Austria and Switzerland, call Cologne, Germany:  02233 - 6091.  For
 further information on subscribing to the GEnie service in the U.S. and
 Canada, please call 1-800-638-9636.
 As we reported a few weeks ago, Michigan Bell has closed the state's
 largest independent BBS.  Bell disconnected the 16 telephone lines
 connected to the Variety-N-Spice BBS located in Grosse Pointe, Mich.
 System operator Robert James told CompuServe's Online Today this week,
 that his problems started when power surges began destroying modems
 attached to the Michigan Bell telephone lines.  James stated that he 
 felt his BBS was a hobby and thus business charges should not charged.
 Bell stated that he would be their first test case and converted his 
 rates to buisness and asked him for $1,600 deposit.  With a one week 
 deadline he could not come up with the funds and Bell has discontinued 
 his service.  James has filed a complaint with the Michigan Public 
 Service Commission.  CompuServe's Online Today tried to contact Bell 
 exec's, but were unavailable for comment.
 Eastman Kodak announced that it will sell its Verbatim floppy disk
 business to Japan's Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. for undisclosed terms.
 Streamlining measures aimed at concentrating Kodak's resources on
 imaging-related businesses were the reason stated for the sale.
 Logitech Inc of Fremont, California, announced that they are now
 shipping CatchWord Intelligent Character Recognition software, an OCR
 package that has been optimized for use with the Logitech family of
 ScanMan hand held scanners for IBM and compatibles.  The new software
 retails for $249, but is on an intoructory special for $199.  The new
 software beats older systems by reading most any font without requiring
 a large amount of memory.  It also allows full-page OCR by merging two
 scans, optional column isolation, and multiple language recognition.
 Logitech made a name for itself first in the Mouse market, and has
 continued to make a splash with its low cost hand scanners.  Recently,
 the company has widened its scope to include Macintosh support.
 Logitechm 415-729-8901.  CatchWord might be useable with the Atari ST
 via either an IBM emulator or the Spectre GCR.  The existence of the
 product for any platform brings hope that the Atari might see a
 competent OCR system someday soon, perhaps from MIGRAPH, makers of the
 only domestic Atari hand scanner.  A European hand scanner is also
 available that claims to offer OCR, but reports by users in the USA have
 been VERY discouraging, with most of the buyers returning the unit as

                            LAYOFFS AT ATARI!
 Story by John Nagy
 Atari Corporation laid off 15% of all of its United States employees,
 effective at 5 PM Pacific Time, March 16, 1990.  The layoff was a
 complete surprise to nearly everyone at the Sunnyvale, California,
 This cutback and layoff is NOT a temporary measure for those who
 received their termination notice at the close of business on Friday the
 16th.  Employees were offered no expectation of callbacks in the
 foreseeable future, but they are said to have been given "generous"
 severance checks.  It is common for Atari to give 6 to 8 weeks severance
 The layoffs occurred at the service or labor level of all departments,
 but particularly hard hit were Accounts Payable and Credit, losing 50%
 or more of their staff.  In some cases, personnel were reassigned to
 other areas rather than let go.  Atari officials are calling this a
 "re-organization" rather than a cutback.  That wording holds little
 solace for the employees who found themselves "re-organized" out the
 Of the "Name" people with whom the public has any contact, there were no
 terminations.  Popular figures such as Bob Brodie, Charles Cherry, and
 others were not directly affected.  Additionally, no changes at the
 executive level were made, at least publicly.
 Conjecture by those near ATARI is that the cutbacks are due to the fact
 that Atari simply has no product ready for immediate sale, and that the
 bulk of those laid off had little to do that is essential to the current
 level of U.S. operations.  The fact that the upper level employees were
 spared gives some reason to expect that this is not a long-term
 reduction in overall operation, but more an immediate action for an
 immediate situation.
 However, Atari employees have been led to expect that the new products
 and stock, so long missing from the US, would begin arriving no later
 than the first part of April.  If true, that would mean that the new
 products and stock will be arriving at Atari while the laid off
 employees are still enjoying paid severance time.  This would seem to
 indicate that either the products will not be arriving on the projected
 schedule, or that the product, accounting, and business may be farmed
 out to other companies or locations when they arrive.
 Alternative sites for Atari operations in the United States have been
 discussed, including consideration of a manufacturing site in
 Pennsylvania and some talk of an additional building in Sunnyvale.
 Atari's Pennsylvania possibility is an old Commodore facility, which
 Atari is thinking of using for manufacturing LCD screens and components.
 Jack Tramiel was pictured in newspaper accounts of his tour of the
 building only last month.
 Neither site offers options that would explain a reduction of force at
 the main Sunnyvale offices, but the fact that they are being considered
 at all gives reason to believe that the layoffs are not part of an
 overall plan to further reduce the presence of Atari in the United

 CEO of Atari, Sam Tramiel, was unavailable for comment or to address the
 employees, having left the USA for computer shows in Europe earlier in
 the week.

                             THE ATARI CD_ROM
 by Jon Clarke
 The best kept secret in the USA.  <continued>
 The best leaked secret, somebody get a bucket.  As most of you are aware
 by now Atari have a compact disk reader called the CDAR504, if you were
 not aware of this fact consider yourself one of the many curious users
 out there wondering what Atari are going to do with this lovely little
 device, the CDAR504.
 Join those of us who have them, and imagine to our surprise they have not
 been released in the USA.  Last week you may have read that they are
 available down-under.  Some of us have gone out and got them for varying
 reasons, which range from ...
     o Entertainment <Audio Compact Disks>
     o Storage devices for BBS files
     o Storage devices for large games
     o Storage devices for DTP
     o Commercial applications, ie Department of Statistics (population)

 I know of a few people both here in NZ and world wide who have them and
 the most common reason they brought the CDAR504 is for their BBS.  It
 will allow them to have tens to hundreds of megs of files stored on
 CD_ROM for all of us to download.  There are also several companies who
 have had a CD_ROM's (Compact Disk) mastered with Atari ST public domain,
 which for user group p/d librarians with a CD_ROM will indeed love, and
 for that matter your local sysop.
 Why have the developers been so slow to develop programs for the Atari
 CD_ROM?  There are several exceptions.  To date you can learn Music,
 play an adventure game, load public domain software.  But once you have
 gone to your local store and realised that these CD_ROMS are not in
 stock, you'll go out and purchase them via mail order.  Well here we are
 with all the Atari specific CD_ROM software.  What now?  Play your
 favorite music?  All those developers that have released software for
 use with the CDAR504 have done a fantastic job.
 So why has Atari been so slow in release the CDAR504?  Is it due to the
 lack of software?  Wow these little beauties will run all the MAC and
 IBM CD_ROMS.  What a market coup this would be, Atari CDAR504 used in
 the IBM and MAC world.  What's more in most cases the CDAR504 is cheaper
 than the IBM or MAC equivalent.  Is this another reason why Atari has
 not released it?  Only time will tell if this compact disk read only
 memory reader will hit the big time.
 A parting note, all system operators of BBS's will be happy to know it
 will work with most Atari BBS software with little or no software
 changes required.  As a file server/file storage device in this
 application I can highly recommend it.

                      AUSTRALIAN ATARI EXPO - PART 2
 by Lucas Lozo, Austech Computers
                Melbourne Australia
                BBS 03 894 2155
 Well Atari Australia just conducted the very first Atari Expo show in
 Australia (Well Done Atari!) in the Queen Victoria Buildings in Sydney
 Australia.  The article is another view of the exciting show already 
 covered last week by Jon Clarke.
 The Show was reasonably well timed to co-incide with the Sydney PC-Show.
 Atari Australia, run by Managing Director Mr. Nigel Sheppard, Marketing
 Manager Gillian Franklin and National Manager Alistair Campion all
 decided not to attend the PC Show 90 this year and instead, with the
 same funds run their own show thus giving more floor space to exhibit
 the Atari Product Range, which has grown considerably from the 520 and
 1040ST back in 1985.
 In looking back at the Show, I would say it was a success for Atari
 Australia with over 4000 people passing through the doors.  While the Pc
 Show may have a lot more people pass through, available floor space
 would not have allowed Atari to show the entire product range.
 On display where an array of Mega STs with Moniterm Monitors running
 various Packages; Word Flair, Dynacadd, Calamus, Outliner, Microsoft
 Write and Ultrascript.  Nathan From ISD Marketing Canada was also
 present for the Australian release of OutLine Art, which turned out very
 successful and impressed a large number of people, especially Atari
 dealers.  Nathan also conducted a Dealers Tutorial on OutLine Art and
 Calamus, which was very well received by the Australian Atari dealers who
 were present, and the National Dealers Conference a few days prior to
 the Expo.
 Nathan also displayed the DMC Linotype Interface which was demonstrated
 to Delarco Australia, the Australian distributers of the Bromide
 Typesetters.  They where amazed of the Power of the Atari ST with
 Calamus.  I will take the time to say thank you Nathan for coming down
 The Atari 68030 TT was also on display, it had arrived a day before the
 show.  It didn't stand out too much as it was placed next to the ATW800
 Transputer Machine, so most people were looking at very fast Real Time
 RayTracing being performed by the ATW with 5 T800s installed.  There
 where about 3 Stacy Laptops about, one being used for DeskTop
 Publishing, the other 2 being used for Music.
 Top Australian Pop Group ICEHOUSE where there to demonstrate the Stacy
 and Steinberg 24 while the other was being used with C-Lab Notator.

 Other Attractions included the Spectre GCR Mac emulator attached to a
 modified Mega ST4 with the Fast Technology T16 16Mhz Board, as well as
 PC-Speed by Austech Computers which proved to be a very busy stand.
 Paragon Computers had the PC Supercharger on display as well as the Hawk
 series of Flad Bed Scanners.
 The Entire Atari Pc Range was there from their Portfolio to the PC5 386
 machine, these attracted only Dos users however.  Most of them were
 impressed by what the ST's were doing.  They kept asking if that program
 was available in the PC.
 The CD rom was also shown with backing from software starting to be
 available like SoundScope, written in Australia as well as the D+C
 Enterprises collection of PD Software on a CD in the Austech Stand.
 The LYNX was also on display in numbers were a competition was run,
 where the highest scoring person would win a LYNX.
 Various user groups and Software distributers also displayed various
 new software like PC Ditto 2....which didn't work!

 All in all it proved to be a successful show and showed the public of
 what Atari Computers can actually do.  All people involved should be
 congratulated for their efforts on putting on a good show.  These
 include Nigel Shepard, Alistair Campion, Gillian Franklin and all Atari
 Staff, Nathan from ISD Marketing, ICE HOUSE, Electric Factory, Paragon
 Computers, Austech Computers, Pactronics, Computer Fair and any one else
 I forgot to mention.
 Lucas Lozo
  Director of Austech Computers

 by John Nagy
 Atari User Group Coordinator Bob Brodie has been traveling again.  He
 was on the road to Texas for the weekend of March 10, where he visited
 attended the AUNT meeting in the Dallas Informart, "the" computer
 gathering place for the Dallas area, where he addressed about 100
 members.  Bob showed the usual complement of Portfolio, Stacy with and
 without GCR, and the STE.  Bob was able to display SPACE ACE with the
 new 4,096 color palette and digital stereo sound.  After the meeting,
 Brodie set up for a few hours in the general "swap meet" area of the
 Informart, where perhaps 800 users of all kinds of computers visited
 with him and looked over the equipment admiringly.
 Curiously, DAL-ACE officers and members alike seemed to take Atari's
 visit to their area quite lightly, and failed to send anyone to either
 of the officer meetings or dinners that had been scheduled with Bob.
 They also neither attended the AUNT meeting (being held in the same
 building at the same time) where Bob spoke, nor formally invited Bob to
 come to see them when he finished at AUNT.  Some members did introduce
 themselves to Bob later in the swap meet.
 While in the Dallas area, Bob visited MEGABYTES, an Atari dealer in
 Hurst, Texas, as well as stopping to look in at the COMPUTER EMPORIUM in
 North Richland Hills, which was closed when Bob went by.
 Organizers of the Texas visit were Herb Parsons, John Odom, and Gary
 Sewell, who were very helpful and appreciative of Atari's efforts in
 making personal contact with user groups.  Bob Brodie will be continuing
 to make visits to user groups as his schedule allows.  If your group
 would like a visit, contact Bob at (408) 745-2052.  The best way to
 organize a visit will be to coordinate a number of user groups within
 your general area, so that Bob can speak to as many people as possible
 during his trip, with a minimum of travel.


                       NEW PRODUCTS/PRESS RELEASES
                                STOS CANADA

 STOS CANADA is a company dedicated to ST programmers using STOS tools to
 develop games, demoes, word processors, 3-D graphics, digitized songs,
 Dungeon Maps, and much more!
 The STOS CANADA CLUB offers bimonthly newsletters filled with the latest
 tricks and tips from across North America and Europe.  A growing CLUB
 disc library provides source code and compiled programs anyone with an
 STE, ST can enjoy.
 If your new to STOS, the CLUB can help you create your own programs with
 relative ease.  Source code found in the CLUB library can help you learn
 from other programmers.
 Members, enter our October contest and win many prizes and cash awards.
 Challenge yourself to make one program in 1990 and be first prize
 Use the following address to:
 Join the STOS CLUB                      STOS CANADA CLUB
 Buy Library Files                       P.O. Box 2083, Station B
 Submit Contest Files                    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2H
 Enter your Stos Tips                    N2H 6K8
 YES! Sign me up to the STOS CANADA CLUB at a low cost of $25.00US for
 1990.  Send Money order or personal cheque payable to STOS CANADA.
 Give Name:___________________________________________________
      CITY:_________________________PROV/STATE:________ZIP CODE ________
 Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. We have 100 Disk in our Library.
 Many direct from Europe, Games such as Stratego, Virus, Froggy,
 We will be exhibiting at the Atari Users convention in Toronto April
 1st.  Join our club if you cant make it up this way.  We will attempt to
 be at shows near you!
 STOS CANADA  -    Dave Tomesch , Rob MacLennan

                          ST STack - by Alice Amore

 KPT_DEMO.ARC        Programmer:  D.A. Brumleve, M.A.        *DEMO*
 "Kidpainter", which is available commercially, is a graphics design
 program for children ages 5-11.  This demo is complete except for the
 SAVE and PRINT functions.  Once again, D.A. Brumleve has done an
 admirable job in producing a colorful, easy-to-use program which offers
 enough options to keep even the most creative young minds suitably

 At the drawing screen, kids can draw freehand as well as using boxes,
 circles, fills, lines, and text.  If mistakes are made, three different
 sized eraser nibs are available.  Pattern fills (a wide selection are
 available) can be used instead of solid fills, and text can be any of
 several sizes and styles.  An interesting feature lets the user draw in
 horizontal or vertical mirror image (or both simultaneously).
 The program also has a rubber stamp feature.  A mini-picture can be made
 and then "rubber-stamped" into a larger picture.
 Once a picture is completed, it can be made into a puzzle and solved on
 screen.  This feature might possibly keep a family of kids busy for
 hours as puzzles are swapped and solved.
 If you've got kidlets, make sure they see this fine program.

 Tired of the ho-hum-ness of your desktop TRASH icon?  Perhaps a name
 change will be exciting.  NEWTRASH does what it does by changing the
 DESKTOP.INF file.  A template is included as are eight suggested icons
 Here's an interesting help file for users of the HP DESKJET printer,
 especially when used in conjunction with programs from the TIMEWORKS
 series.  There are hints that might have passed you by.  For instance,
 have you received your free HP ink cartridge upgrade kit yet?  Have you
 tried cleaning your cartridge nozzle with a Q-tip and water?  What kind
 of paper have you been printing on, and are you satisfied with the
 results?  Read this file for some helpful answers.

 This medium resolution program will allow you to set the Star NX-1000
 printer from a menu.  Among the configurables:  fonts, control, pitch,
 size, form feed.


 DIARY_18.ARC   v.1.8   Programmer:  Craig Harvey   * SHAREWARE *      
 Now includes "EdHak" which can edit disk sectors and your ST's memory.

 DSKCHR33.ARC   v.3.3   Programmer:  Ron Sanborn    * SHAREWARE *
 Hard disk statistics display utility.  Find out about your usage.

 DUPLEX19.LZH   v.1.9   Programmer:  Mason Taube    * SHAREWARE * 
 A chat system for SysOps and callers.  Must be run through a DOOR.

 FASTLZ20.LZH   v.2.0   Programmer:  Gary Burke     * SHAREWARE *
 Quicker unLZHing.

 KE22.LZH       v.2.0   From:  Kepco International  * SHAREWARE *
 Provides powerful editing capabilities to software workstations.

 LGSEL16C.ARC   v.1.6C  Programmer:  C. F. Johnson  * SHAREWARE *
 Replacement for the GEM file selector.  This version fixes a bug.

 LHARC102.ARC   v.1.02  Ported by:   Bill Shroka
 Utilities for .LZH files.  Many additions and improvements.

 PINHED16.ARC   v.1.6   Programmer:  C. F. Johnson  * SHAREWARE *
 Speeds up boot-up remarkably.  This version does work with the STe.

 PRHP12.LZH     v.1.2   From:  Kepco International 
 Super, whiz-bang print utility for HP Deskjet/+.  Lotta STuff.

 PROPRINT.ARC   v.N/A  Programmer:  Odisseas Kosmatos
 Squeezes text by 4x on Star printers and most Epson compatibles.

 QUIZMAST.ARC   v.N/A  Programmer:  D. W. Sexton   * SHAREWARE *     
 First called "Q&A", this program builds and gives tests.  GEM-based.

 RO_CNTRL.LZH   v.N/A  Programmer:  Larry D. Duke
 Sets RS232, printer, colors, double-click speed, key click and bell.

 SLICK1_1.LZH   v.1.1  Programmer:  Rupert Spencer * SHAREWARE *
 "Slideshow Construction Kit" uses special FX when displaying pic files.
 SLICKPICS.LZH  v.N/A  Programmer:  Rupert Spencer
 A sample script file plus 3 quality pics to use with SLICK1_1.LZH.

 SOLOFLEX.LZH   v.1.5  Programmer:  R. A. Stolcpart     DEMO
 Database for progress-tracking on Soloflex or other workout machine.

 SONNET_2.ARC   v.2.0  Programmer:  Albert Baggetta     DEMO
 Much improved database of W. Shakespeare's sonnets.  10 included here.

 SUBCL114.ARC   v.1.14 Programmer:  J. Wrotniak
 Sophisticated calculator performs a variety of high-level functions.

 SYSMN091.ARC   v.0.91 From:  GRIBNIF
 Beta.  Sends a list of trap calls, along with called function.

 TEMPLE_E.ARC   v.N/A  Programmer:  Thomas Tempelmann
 All-English version.  Great machine language monitor and debugger.

 VIEWGIF8.ARC   v.0.8  Programmer:  C.S.Buchanan   * SHAREWARE *
 Quality .GIF conversion program.  Also supports CP8, AIM, and SPU.

                         PEN INTERFACE ANNOUNCED
 Press Release
     FOR: GRiD Systems Corporation
 CONTACT: Bob Goligoski, GRiD Systems Corporation
          Phone:  (415) 656-4700, ext. 444

 Fremont, Calif., March 14 -- A conference to study computers that
 understand handwriting and use pen interface software technology was
 announced by GRiD Systems Corporation today.  The Pen Interface and
 Handwriting Recognition Conference is the first such national gathering
 ever held for software developers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and
 corporate information managers and analysts who want to learn about
 computers that use a pen interface instead of a keyboard.  The day-long
 conference will be held on April 19th at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa
 Clara, California.
 Pen interface refers to electronic pen-to-screen technology.  Pen
 interface computers incorporate an electronic pen to enable users to
 enter information by writing, typing or drawing rather than through the
 conventional keyboard or mouse.  The pen can also be used to select
 information from a menu, list or database, and to initiate a
 communications session to transfer or receive data.
 "Based on the first six months of customer response to GRiDPAD, pen
 interface computers will clearly be one of the fastest growing segments
 of the computer market.  The pen interface is going to supplant the 
 keyboard, mouse and wand in applications where handheld, notebook,
 laptop or even desktop computers are now used," said Alan Lefkof,
 president of GRiD Systems.
 Conference panel discussions will be led by software developers who have
 pioneered pen interface and handwriting recognition applications.
 Sessions on the size of the market and the business potential for pen
 interface software will be conducted by industry consultants, including
 Tim Bajarin, Creative Strategies International; William Lempesis,
 Dataquest Research; Peter Teige, InfoCorp; and E. Gray Glass III,
 Commenting on market growth, Mr. Glass said, "We would expect pen
 interface computers to be used by a majority of Fortune 1000 companies
 by 1995."
 Conference sessions are also scheduled to examine pen interface software
 currently available, customer requirements for implementing pen
 interface within large organizations, and productivity gains made
 possible by pen interface applications.
 The conference also will discuss how software developers, VARs and
 corporate information managers and analysts can develop MS-DOS pen
 interface applications for vertical markets to run on the GRiDPAD.  The
 GRiDPAD is a handheld, notebook-size, MS-DOS computer that uses pen
 interface technology and recognizes printed handwriting.  GRiDPAD
 computers will be available for use by conference attendees for hands-on
 demonstrations of current pen interface applications.
 Commercial applications that will be discussed at the conference will
 include: route delivery, service dispatch, market research, electronic
 mail, facsimile capabilities, scheduling and calendar management.
 Government applications to be discussed will include public safety,
 intelligence, census taking and customs inspection.
 The advance registration fee for the all-day conference is $65, a $30
 savings over the on-site registration fee of $95.  To register for the
 Pen Interface and Handwriting Recognition Conference call Leilani
 Ribardo at GRiD Systems (415) 656-4700, ext. 575.
 GRiD manufactures and markets a range of battery-powered laptop
 computers, industry-standard desktop computers, application software,
 software development tools, portable peripherals and electronic mail/
 networking systems.  GRiD has installed systems in more than one third
 of the Fortune 500 companies, and has a worldwide direct sales and
 support organization, as well as consulting, training, support and
 custom software development services.
 GRiD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tandy Corporation, Fort Worth, TX.
 Tandy is a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics
 and computers.  A New York Stock Exchange Company, Tandy has sales in
 excess of $4 billion annually.

                               APPLE UPDATE
 On Monday March 19, 1990 Apple unveiled a collection of new, high-
 performance Macintosh products.  The announcements included the
 following:  MacintoshIIfx; A/UX 2.0, a version of Apple's implementation
 of the UNIX operating system; and a new family of powerful display cards
 that set standards of image quality and performance.
 The Macintosh IIfx runs up to twice as fast as the 25MHz Macintosh IIci.
 This increase in performance derives from integration of new
 technologies, including the following: 

 - The Macintosh IIfx incorporates a 40 MHz 68030 processor/68882
   coprocessor combination, a built-in, 32K Static RAM Cache and new
   design called "latched writes".
 - The new system employs dedicated input/output processors and a Small
   Computer System Interface/Direct Memory Access Controller.
 - Expansion slot tied directly to the processor in addition to its six
   industry-standard NuBus slots. 

 The Macintosh Display Card 4.8 is a basic video card that supports a
 range of graphics on all modular Macintosh computers.  The Macintosh
 Display Card 8.24 is an extended version of the 4.8 card and offers
 greater graphics capabilities, including photo-quality color.
 The Macintosh Display Card 8.24 GC is a high-performance, graphics
 coprocessor and video card that accelerates the responsiveness of all
 Macintosh applications -- especially graphics-intensive ones, by up to 
 30 times.
 Taken together, these three new display cards give users a higher range
 of graphics capabilities:  easier access to high-resolution color,
 improved image quality and performance, and greater graphics.
 A/UX 2.0 further extends the benefits of Macintosh computers to people
 who work with UNIX.  A/UX 2.0 retains the features of previous versions
 of A/UX -- full UNIX standards-compliance and the ability to run
 Macintosh applications -- and adds three major new features: 

 - the graphics-based desktop; 
 - the ability to run simultaneously multiple UNIX, X Window System and
   Macintosh applications; 
 - UNIX functionality in an easy-to-use manner.
 As with previous versions, A/UX 2.0 is based on AT&T V.2.2; runs the
 large family of Macintosh applications; and complies with all major UNIX
 standards, including:  IEEE POSIX 1003.1-1988 FUS, AT&T System V
 Interface Definition (SVID), ISO 9945-1 and FIPS  151-1.  A/UX also
 meets customer-demanded standards such as NFS 3.2, BSD 4.3 Extensions
 and the X Window System. 

 Apple also announced several new training programs for customers and
 authorized Apple Computer resellers.  The new customer-focused programs
 expand the locations and content of customer training.  The new program
 for resellers provides self-paced instructional materials for resellers
 to train their staff.
 Apple customers now have the option of obtaining training from many more
 authorized training providers.   As a result of a new authorization
 program, the number of Apple authorized training providers in the United
 States has increased from 27 to 135 since the beginning of the year.
 Customers are ensured of the highest standards for training staffs,
 facilities and computer equipment because all training providers meet
 rigorous Apple qualifications.   Authorized training providers include
 Apple authorized resellers and third-party training companies. 

 New Apple-developed customer courses, available only through authorized
 Apple training providers, include Introduction to the Macintosh personal
 computer, Microsoft Word 4.0, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint,
 Claris FileMaker II, Aldus PageMaker 3.0, Silicon Beach Software
 SuperPaint, Acius 4th Dimension, and Adobe Illustrator '88.  Authorized
 Apple training providers are located throughout the United States.
 Classes are held at their locations, or conducted at a customer's site.
 In addition to the above news, Apple announced price decreases of up to
 50 percent on its Macintosh memory expansion kits.  Prices were reduced
 on memory kits for almost all Macintosh systems as well as LaserWriter
 NTX printers.  Corresponding price decreases on selected highly
 configured versions of the Macintosh IIx, IIcx and IIci.  These systems
 feature large amounts of standard memory (4MB) and large capacity hard
 disks (either 80MB or 160MB).  Apple lowered the price on its Apple Hard
 Disk 20SC by more than 20 percent.

                          LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
 In response to your recent publication of the other side of the coin
 about piracy I have a few notes I wish to share with you and your
 First I do not agree with any statements pro-piracy.  Perhaps someone is
 forgetting that not only are morals involved here but it is a criminal
 act as well.  I have recently read about a software association that is
 going after pirates and or businesses, perhaps his name should be passed
 on to them.
 I do not agree with the idea of censorship, I do believe he had a right
 to tell his story and you had a right to print it.  What I don't agree
 with, and I think everyone who reads this column will also comment on is
 the way it was presented.  "Yes", there is a disclaimer in the article
 but I think the disclaimer could have been more explanatory.  I also
 think that as an editor and knowing how much a controversial subject
 such as this would cause major mixed emotions you would have placed it
 in the files (local trash container) and forgotten about it.
 I really treasure reading and writing for your magazine but in all
 fairness I hope you can see fit to do something regarding the present
 state of affairs this article has left with it's readers.  You are not
 the only online magazine but up until this time the only one worth
 reading.  I don't like to bad mouth the other guys but the last three
 issues from them contained more advertising and news for other computers
 (filler) than news for the Atari.  Hey guys, change your name or
 something!  "Gees are us Atari users ever demanding!"
 P.S. To those offended by the article I sympathize totally with your
 feelings.  I think that an article that tells people to go out and break
 the law should never have been printed, but in all fairness everyone is
 entitled to a mistake.  I believe that the publishers thought they were
 trying to bring both sides of a story together but I believe there is
 only one side, the right side, the legal side, the moral side.  I do
 believe that the publishers share our views as far as piracy goes and
 are entitled to the benefit of the doubt.  To lose an important tool
 such as this magazine to a tiff is a bigger mistake.  We can't afford in
 our Atari community to have bickering amongst the ranks, lets save it
 for Mother Atari.

        Terry Schreiber
          Vancouver B.C.

 (Editors Note:  Last week we presented views in response to the article 
 written by J. Hicswa.  The staff on Z*NET does not support piracy and 
 presented another view.)

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                SUPERCHARGER REVIEW - by John Kent, TRACE
 (Reprinted from the Puget Sound Atari News, March 1990)
 February 20, 1990.  For your reference, two excellent (though sometimes
 conflicting) reviews of the SUPERCHARGER are presented in ST Reports 406
 and are worth reading.  I will help clear the fog here, and add a few
 questions to boot.
 POWER SUPPLY - SUPERCHARGER for the US has an external 5 volt 1 amp
 power supply (the same as some older Atari power supplies -- mine is
 from an 800!).  The European model comes with a power supply drawn from
 the mouse and joystick ports, split to allow TOS mouse use.  Earl
 Murray, the owner of both Talon Tech in the US and Condor in the UK,
 will probably provide a choice of configurations but notes that, with
 other current draws on the Atari the external supply may be safer all
 around.  Mega users may not want another cord to the keyboard, while
 520ST users won't mind.  Anyhow, no more reaching under the keyboard to
 wrestle with a mouse plug!

 RAM - In all probability the best configuration will be with 1 Meg RAM
 on board the Supercharger, although the smaller RAM configuration will
 likely be sold for those who are sure they can pick up cheaper RAM chips
 (they MUST be the same speed, 150ns or faster).

 its hard drive booting.  It requires a partition all its own (not C:)
 and this partition has to be hidden from TOS.  That part is easy -- just
 don't have a drive icon for that drive on your desktop.  Just don't try
 to access it from TOS (for instance with UIS) or it will corrupt the DOS
 information.  In addition that partition needs to be at least 4 Megs in
 size to be recognized, so those wanting DOS hard drive boots had better
 have large capacity drives.

 The GOOD NEWS is that SUPERCHARGER will recognize your non-DOS
 partitions as long as the partitions are more than 4 Megs or less than
 16 Megs.

 FLOPPY DRIVE RECOGNITION - SUPERCHARGER will recognize, read and write
 to TOS-formatted floppies!

 VGA COMPATIBILITY - Work is in progress to have a Supercharger inboard
 VGA card.  Installation will provide for a 9- or 15-pin port on the rear
 of the Supercharger to go directly to a MultiSync monitor.  Projected
 for April release.

 Earl Murray also sells an "OMNISWITCH" which allows switching of mono-
 to-color monitors (or MultiSync for Atari) and 3.5 - 5.25 inch drive
 B:'s.  He is considering another twist on the Omniswitch to allow
 throughput of the MultiSync so that the one monitor could ~o unplug from the Supercharger and
 into the Omniswitch.  "But that's another story!"


 There are two obvious problems at present, with promises that fixes are
 imminent (let's hope it's not "Welcome to Vaporware," folks):

 1)  No BACKSLASH - This is a big problem for DOS users.  The problem is
     that the European software has been brought over, and there isn't a
     keyboard equivalent for the BACKSLASH "\" key.  Unfortunately this
     is a _MAJOR_ oversight for which a software fix is hours away, to
     quote the programmer who also runs the GEnie line that Talon
     Technologies operates.  Let's hope so.  My personal problem is in
     running BEDFORD, a small business accounting package (now owned by
     ACCPAC because they didn't want competition!) that requires a "\" in
     its path definition before running.

 2)  MODEM SUPPORT - At present the only modem software I have is Procomm
     v1.3, a popular shareware program of incredible sophistication.
     While they do have a more recent update (? v2.4), Supercharger will
     not run Procomm because of supposed timing problems and/or illegal
     calls.  As far as DOS emulation goes it may be a while before one
     can use it for telecommunication.  Be that as it may Interlink is
     good in my books, with mouse support and everything else.

 Criticism aside, this is a very fast and very elegant unit with a foot-
 print just a little larger than a 3.5 inch floppy drive.  For anybody
 with space problems inside their 520ST (or myself, with a Mega2 and
 Supra 40 Meg Internal hard drive which eats up ALL the space on the left
 front of the case!), this unit is superb.  Screen fonts are excellent.  Compatibility is not a problem with any non-copy-protected software.

 AVAILABILITY - Supercharger in the US with a type "A" FCC approval.  In
 Canada, Department of Communications (DOC) approval is necessary because
 of the 24MHz crystal clock used as a driver.  They will rubber-stamp any
 FCC approval, but the unit may be approved independently and available a
 little sooner north of the 49th Parallel.  We all hope.

 By the way, that's not all BAD NEWS for Americans.  Look at the Atari
 STe.  For all of the griping about STe's being available in Canada
 before the US it may be a blessing in disguise.  There have been
 annoying if not horrendous problems with control panels, software
 compatibility and numerous bug fixes which make us Canucks look like
 your Beta testing grounds (sort of like Cruise missiles).  You're
 welcome, even if you aren't saying thanks!

 Stay posted.  For those who don't like to mess around inside their
 computer this unit is a blessing.

 (Forwarded through the TRACE BBS, (604) 272-5888)

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 reflect those of Z*NET, Z*NET ONLINE or Rovac Industries. ZNET and ZNET
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Contributed by Atari SIG user, Kevin Steele.

Thanks Kevin!


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