Z*Net: 09-Mar-90 #510

From: Len Stys (aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/21/90-11:46:18 AM Z

From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: Z*Net: 09-Mar-90  #510
Date: Wed Mar 21 11:46:18 1990

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                Atari Online Magazine          Issue #510
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                       Publisher/Editor - Ron Kovacs
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                              MARCH 9, 1990
                          * TABLE OF CONTENTS *

     Australian User Groups...............................Ron Kovacs
     Weekly news update.............................................
     Michigan Bell Goes After Local BBS's................Jerry Cross
     ..................................................Press Release
     Recent PD/Shareware releases.........................Mark Quinn
     Reprint of messages from GEnie ST RT...........................
     Conference transcripts...........................Courtesy GEnie
     5500 Members disband............................Ernest Schreurs
     Toronto Atari Federation.............................Ron Kovacs
     Reader commentary..............................Joseph E. Hicswa

                        THIS WEEK - by Ron Kovacs
 This month marks the First Anniversary of the Z*NET INTERNATIONAL
 NEWSLETTER.  We are happy to welcome MACE (Melbourne Atari Computer
 Enthusiasts) to our growing membership.  Z*Net IAN appears monthly in
 the MAG, Australian Atari Gazette, the monthly journal of the MACE
 group.  The MACE group can be contacted at:
 PO Box 340
 Rosanna, 3084 Australia
 MACE BBS: (03) 764-1185
 Adelaide Atari Computer Club
 PO Box 333, Norwood 5067, S.A.
 BBS: (08) 214-0384
 Atari Computer Enthusiasts (N.S.W.)
 GPO Box 4514, Sydney, 2001, N.S.W.
 Pracs BBS: (02) 529-2059
 Canberra Atari Users Group
 PO Box E112, Old Canberra, 2000 Act.
 Geelong Atari Users Group Inc.
 PO Box 673, Geelong 3220, Victoria
 BBS: (052) 22-1670 Videotex
 Queensland Atari Computer Enthusiasts
 PO Box 10026, Brisbane, Old, 4000
 W.A. Atari Computer Club
 PO Box 7169
 Cloister Square, 6000 Perth. W.A.
 BBS: (09) 306-2134


                              Z*NET NEWSWIRE

 FCC approval was granted this week to the pc processor "SuperCharger"
 from Talon Technology, Inc.  Distribution of these units begins
 immediately.  Advance orders are being shipped first.  There is a two
 week waiting list.  The unit cost is $ 399.00.  Please note that this
 FCC approval is an "A rating" which means that it is only for business
 and industrial use.  The more widely accepted "B rating" is expected in
 three to four weeks.  Those wishing to order a SuperCharger must send
 their request with their: name; address; telephone number; and the
 statement "The SuperCharger(s) will be used for commercial or industrial
 purposes" to Talon Technologies.  This is a legal requirement.  For
 those unfamiliar with this device, it is the first external pc processor
 for the Atari ST.  SuperCharger has shipped in Europe since October 1989
 through the affiliate of Talon Technology, Condor Computer, Ltd.
 SuperCharger Specs:
 o  Norton rating 4.4
 o  connects to STs via the DMA port with a thru port for additional
    devices  --  no splices; no opening cases
 o  has its own external 5v power supply
 o  supports CGA Hercules, MDP PC screen standards for both color and
    monochrome STs 320x200 in four colors or 641x200 in two colors
 o  supports the 8087 math co-processor
 o  shipped with 1 meg of RAM (note the upgrade from 512K)
 o  operates with a NEC V30 running a 8MHz
 o  shipped with MS-DOS 4.xx
 o  has a built-in bus which will be adapted in the future to accepts PC
    expansion boards
 o  shipped with hard disc utilities software
 o  shipped with DMA cable
 o  12 month warranty
 o  supports all hard drives, serial port (comm 2), mouse port (comm 1),
    external 3.5" and 5.25" floppies
 o  allows Atari mouse to be used as a PC mouse (Microsoft).
 o  features a hot key to switch immediately back and forth from Atari to
    PC mode without reloading or rebooting

 Talon Technology, Inc.
 243 N. Highway 101,Ste. 11
 Solana Beach, CA  92075
 (619) 792-6511

 Diverse Data Products has announced KX, a remote keyboard interface for
 the ATARI ST/MEGA line of computers.  KX allows the connection of an
 IBM AT style keyboard to the ATARI ST/Mega computers.  The KX hardware
 connects to the MIDI IN and OUT ports and are extended through the KX
 hardware and there is no need to alter your MIDI setup after KX is
 installed.  The KX software allows the user to activate or deactivate
 the remote keyboard, define macro sequences for the function keys, and
 provide an online table of key scan codes for anyone desiring to access
 the remote keyboard directly.  The software is supplied as an accessory
 and an application program.  KX is available now at $59.95.
 Diverse Data Products, Inc.
 PO Box 695324
 Miami, FL 33269
 (305) 651-2393
 Apple is about to unveil the most powerful and expensive Macintosh yet.
 Apple sent out invitations this week to a March 19 news conference,
 where the company is expected to roll out its Macintosh IIfx.  Apple
 isn't speaking about the new machine, but it is expected to run at a
 speed at least twice as fast as the IIci, Apple's current PC, and will
 be priced starting at $10,000 for a basic system.  Along with the new
 Macintosh, Apple is expected to introduce an update to its version of
 the popular Unix operating system, a critical computer software system
 that is widely used in federal and technical markets.

 The FCC voted this week to examine new steps aimed at easing its
 regulatory control over AT & T.  The FCC said it would begin writing new
 rules for AT&T in the area of major business users, one of the most
 competitive markets for long-distance telephone services.  The FCC said
 its proposals would have no effect on home telephone service, which
 remains regulated.  AT&T has an estimated 67 percent of the long-
 distance market while MCI has 12 percent and Sprint has 8 percent. 

 Ziff-Davis Publishing has announced three moves within the executive
 ranks of its Macintosh group.  J. Samuel Huey, 37, has been promoted to
 group vice president, a new position which puts him in charge of
 MacUser, MacWEEK and the Ziff Davis MacNetwork.  Jeffrey Miller, 33, has
 been appointed director of the Ziff-Davis MacNetwork, an executive sales
 group selling MacUser and MacWEEK in combination.  Robert Nolan, 44, has
 moved up as associate publisher of MacUser.  MacUser, a monthly magazine
 edited to facilitate product buying and brand selection by Macintosh
 business buyers, currently delivers paid circulation of 300,000.
 MacWEEK, the only weekly newspaper for Macintosh volume buyers at large
 computer sites, reaches a controlled circulation of 70,000.

 First IBM, and now Texas Instruments have produced working 16 meg Drams.
 The fact that 2 American firms have shown 16 meg Drams, and currently
 no Japanese firm is close to producing such an item, should serve to
 boost the sagging confidence of American chip manufacturers.  These 16
 meg chips are expected to begin full scale production by late 1991, and
 it is expected that by mid 1993 the cost (millicents per bit) of a 16
 meg Dram will be less than one third that of a 1 meg Dram (.30 versus
 .09).  To put this in perspective, best figures currently available show
 that the minimum price that can be charged for a chip and still make the
 industry a profit is $3.00 for the 1 meg Dram, and $14.64 for the 16 meg
 Dram.  We did not quote the figures for 4 meg Dram as it is becoming
 rapidly apparent that this chip will not be a factor at all in the Dram
 market, and will soon fade from view, overshadowed by the 16 meg chip,
 with a 64 meg Dram already on the horizon!

 Z*NET SPECIAL REPORT - by Jerry Cross (GAG)
 Once again the BBS community is being asked to go into battle against
 the phone company.  A local bbs operator is spreading the word about
 problems he is having with Michigan Bell Telephone company and is
 requesting help.
 I find myself in the middle of this battle.  I am a Michigan Bell
 employee, but I also run a multi-line bbs.  Therefore, I can understand
 both sides of this argument and hopefully I can present both sides of
 this issue.
 Although many of the points in this story are true, a number of the
 claims are not.  After reading this file on my own bbs I immediately
 contacted the VNS sysop to hear the whole story.  At his request I will
 not use his real name.  His on-line "handle" is Robert.
 I also called Dave Ellis, the chief spokesman for Michigan Bell, to find
 out what exactly Michigan Bell's position is, and to clear up some of
 the points made in this story that I thought were false.
 Here is the file as it was uploaded to the area bbs's.
 FROM: Variety-N-Spice BBS and THIS Sysop!
 RE:   Michigan Bell vs Michigan BBS's and YOU!

 There is a fight in the making and THIS system and YOU are in the

 I am sure that you have all heard about the FCC's recent attempt, 1987-
 88, to make all modem and computer BBS's users and operators pay a
 surcharge because we did NOT use a "phone" in the use of the phone lines
 in our homes and businesses.  Because of an EXTENSIVE letter writing
 campaign carried out by the modem users and computer operators, this
 attempt was called off by the FCC and it was dropped because they could
 not justify their claim that the use of a modem was something they could
 charge for at that time legally.  It was dropped by the FCC, but now
 however, the 7 "Baby Bell" systems are taking the offensive on computer
 modem users on a STATE BY STATE basis.  Pacific Bell tried it and they
 lost almost before they began.  Southwest Bell is *STILL* fighting in
 Texas after 2 years and they have not gotten anywhere other than courts
 and making sysops very uncomfortable and miserable both in service and
 Michigan Bell is now on the band wagon and they are starting with a 16
 line system in Grosse Pointe, Variety-N-Spice BBS.  They notified the
 Sysop in a letter that they are going after him since they claim that it
 is the largest BBS in Southeastern Michigan and will use it as a "test-
 case" before they go after ALL the other systems in Michigan!!  (Start
 with the biggest and work their way down I suppose is the theory).  What
 Bell is trying to do is call -ALL- (ANY AND ALL) BBS's a BUSINESS rather
 than a HOBBY, and charge BUSINESS rates to the sysops.  They claim that
 ALL BBS's are making money in one way or another and they want their
 cut.  When in fact, the truth is that NO BBS is making any money,
 although they may have a Membership that will help defray costs in
 running the system.
 This means.. VNS first, then the others and then YOU!!!!!

          fee or membership for access to their board!!
 According to the Horst Mann list of BBS's in the 313 area code, there
 are approximately 400 BBS's.  If Michigan Bell WINS and starts charging
 the Sysops of these boards a BUSINESS rate, you'll find that the
 majority of systems will close down immediately.  Those that stay
 running will no doubt be charging a LARGER rate than what they are NOW
 ..if they are charging anything NOW.. but they will have to START just
 to maintain the system!  This is NOT good for you or me as this is
 something that we LIKE to do.. modeming is a part of our computer and
 communication fun!

 Our FIRST AMENDMENT rights are under fire here and we MUST fight to
 maintain our ability to have freedom of speech to communicate and
 express our views in an open forum such as a BBS!!  -IF- you sit back
 and allow Michigan Bell to charge BUSINESS rates to the Sysops and the
 systems close down, you should know that there is another plan on the
 drawing board AS YOU READ THIS! (more on this below)

 A. They claim that they are losing money on the MODEM users and that
    they have to get their cut.
 B. They say that since we are using their phone lines for something
    OTHER than a 'phone', then we must be doing something that they can
    charge us extra for and as an operator of a system, WE are the ones
    that have ALL the money to pay them.
 1. V-N-S has obtained one of the FINEST attorneys in Michigan to fight
    the fight for me AND -YOU-!!  He is doing this because he is into
    computers and enjoys communicating with others via modem.  He also
    feels that this is a violation of our FIRST AMENDMENT.. our
    constitutional right to communicate and speak our minds however we
    wish.. (within legal limits of course).
 2. They have contacted a few State Representatives and also the ACLU
    about them joining the fight and also to get some more bite into this
    fight against Michigan Bell.
 3. They have started a letter writing campaign to get more political
    action and make the government aware of what Bell is trying to do to
    US.. the users and operators of computer systems! (YOUR help is
    needed here!!!!!)
 4. They are contacting ALL BBS's in Michigan to gain YOUR help in
    stopping this unlawful attack on computer boards and modem users.
 5. A NON-PROFIT corporation for Sysops AND Users is being considered
    that will fight this very thing and help Sysops add more lines or
    other services that are needed.  It will lobby against what is UNfair
    and get changes made that will benefit -US-, Sysops AND Users!!!
 A. Michigan Bell is installing (probably as you read this) a new device
    that will detect a call coming out of your home or business and tell
    them if it is a DATA or VOICE call.  They are going after the MODEM
    -USER- after they have gotten ALL the BBS's in Michigan put under the
    BUSINESS "wing" and the rational is that if BBS's are a Business,
    then the USERS must be a business also, so THEY should be charged a
    business rate too!  Makes sense eh?
 B. This would mean that ANYONE that uses a modem will be charged 8.7
    cents PER call on their HOME line, for MODEM -AND- VOICE calls!!
    ANYONE that uses a modem PERIOD will be immediately switched over to
    a BUSINESS and charged accordingly!
 1. IF you are detected in -A- DATA transmission, you will then be
    switched over to business rates and then ANY and ALL calls made
    ...modem OR voice will be charged the 8.7 cent per call rate.  This
    means that if you call your Mother, your wife, your Dentist, your
    friend, ALL CALLS WILL BE CHARGED 8.7 CENTS A CALL!!  How many calls
    do you think you make in a DAY??  10? 100?  Add it up and see what
    8.7 cents a CALL would do to your phone charge.. Ohio, and while you
    are doing that, you also have to add another $2.50 on your line
    charge as a flat fee in addition to what you are already paying!!


                                       YOUR BUS RATE   BASIC    NEW BILL
 10/DAY @ 8.7 cents a call times 30 days  =  $26.10 + $22.50 =  $48.60
 20/DAY @ 8.7 cents a call times 30 days  =  $54.20 + $22.50 =  $74.70
 30/DAY @ 8.7 cents a call times 30 days  =  $78.30 + $22.50 = $100.80
 40/DAY @ 8.7 cents a call times 30 days  = $104.40 + $22.50 = $126.90
    AND ON AND ON.......                                PLUS TAX
 TOO!  OHIO.. I forgot to mention that you will ALSO have to pay a
 deposit on your new BUSINESS line of $100.00!!  This is on ALL phone
 lines with different numbers in your HOME!!!!!  How many lines do you
 have in your home??  This deposit will be held for 3 years and will be
 refunded upon your closing your "business" or unless you can PROVE that
 you are NOT using a MODEM anymore..

 Why??  Because you are using a modem to call a BBS once in awhile, as
 part of your regular use of the phone.  AND because Michigan Bell thinks
 that you are getting something that no other PHONE user is getting and
 THEY should be making money on it!!

 1. If you and I pay for the ZONE calls and INTERLADA calls we make when
    we call other boards... what is the difference if we use the PHONE or
    a MODEM??
 2. Does Michigan Bell think that we are ripping off something like
    getting HBO for FREE or something???  Your local cable company would
    fight you on unlawful reception of cable stations, but what law are
    WE breaking by calling and PAYING FOR our calls (be it your
    girlfriend or a BBS ????)

 This is NOT a dream.. this is REALITY!  This is actually happening NOW
 and YOUR help is needed to stop this NOW!!  Michigan Bell --MUST-- be
 stopped NOW before this gets any further.  You are being asked to spend
 $2.00 in postage and a small amount of time to capture this file and
 print part of it out, then mail the resulting letter to the following

 1. The Governor
 2. YOUR State Representative
 3. YOUR State Senator
 4. Michigan Public Service Commission
 5. Michigan Bell
 6. YOUR Federal Senator
 7. YOUR Federal Representative

 All you need to do is put this file in a TEXT EDITOR and put in the NAME
 of the person you are sending it to, address, sign it and stick it in an
 envelope and MAIL IT TODAY!!!!!  There is a list of addresses and names
 of the State politicians so you can find YOURS and mail it to him or
 her.  If you would rather CALL than send it, there are phone numbers
 listed also so you can VOICE your opposition to what this "Public
 Service" is doing to YOUR MODEM RIGHTS.

 Variety-N-Spice BBS (313) 885-8377, 8-N-1, 300/1200/2400  NOTE: -AFTER-
 you have logged on and answered the questionnaire, you may leave
 FEEDBACK to ROBERT 1 and mention that you want info on this attack on
 OUR hobby!!!!

 This file also included a list of the state congressmen, and other
 officials to send letters to.  It also included a sample letter to
 pattern your own letter after.

 As of this writing (3/7/90) the VNS bbs is out of business.  Their phone
 lines have been disconnected, and Robert has been ordered to pay a $1600
 deposit, plus some other back payments before he can get his lines
 turned back on.  He is currently trying to raise the money to do this.
 Robert plans to take this before an administrative law judge and have
 them decide what the tariff really says.  I hope he is successful.

 Now to sift through the "facts".

 Roberts BBS is not a free access board.  He charges for access to
 specific areas on his board, but most of his bbs is open to the public.
 This includes the message base and file transfer areas.

 Michigan Bell is NOT going after ALL BBS operators!  This claim is
 totally false.  They are only going after those who charge a fee as a
 condition for using their systems.

 Michigan Bell is NOT installing equipment to detect data transmission
 over phone lines.  After talking to Robert, I am convinced this story
 was dreamed up by an overzealous supervisor trying to put the fear of
 GOD into modem users.  According to my sources who install and maintain
 central office equipment, no such equipment has ever been installed.

 Three very important questions were brought up in this letter.  What is
 Bell's position on the billing of a bulletin board system?  Does any
 person wishing to send data over a phone line have to pay business
 rates?  And is Michigan Bell really monitoring lines looking for DATA?

 Other points raised in this file have no real bearing on this case, only
 to generate support.  For example, is this really a violation of your
 first amendment rights?  Hardly.

 I put these questions to Dave Ellis, MBT's chief spokesman.  Mr. Ellis
 states that "A bulletin board becomes subject to business rates when
 there is a charge involved for accessing it.  The state tariff mandates
 that when someone uses a residence line for business then they must be
 switched over to business service.  A bulletin board becomes subject to
 that when it begins charging for access to it."

 Robert points out that that the part of the tarrif that MBT claims
 applies to his bbs, which was written in November, 1966, states:

 "The determination as to whether the telephone service should be
 clarified as a business or residence is based on the character of the
 use to be made of the service.  Service is classified as 'Business
 Service' when the use is primarily or substantially of a business,
 professional, institutional, or otherwise of a occupational nature.
 Where the business use (if any) is incidental, and if the the major use
 is of a social or domestic nature, then service is classified as
 residential if it is installed in a residence."

 The tariff also states that "In any residence location where there is
 substantial business use of the service and the customer has no service
 elsewhere he is billed a Business rate."

 Robert argues that there is nothing on a bbs that is business oriented.
 BBS's are purely a social use of the phone lines.  The tariff says
 nothing about charging a fee.  He also argues that Bell has known for
 three years that he ran a full time bulletin board and never said
 anything.  However they now insist he be classified as a business line,
 and must pay $1600 deposit on his lines.

 Robert claims that if the only offending thing to MBT is his request for
 donations to his bbs, then he will remove it.  But he does not think
 Bell will back off since they want to make this into a test case.

 Will any modem user be required to pay business rates to hook his
 computer into a phone line?

 Mr. Ellis stated that "In terms of modem users, if you have a residence
 line and you have a modem on it, that's fine.  That does not make you
 subject to business charges.  If you just use it as a hobbiest, or to
 access services around the state, then that is not subject to business

 I asked Mr. Ellis if requiring users to upload programs as a condition
 of access would be considered the same as requesting donations, and he
 said he did not believe so.  This was one of the points brought up by
 another phone company that claimed putting any condition on a user to
 upload programs is the same as charging a fee.

 In response to my question about monitoring for data traffic Mr. Ellis
 replied "No, absolutely not!  We can't.  We don't monitor content of
 calls.  It's against the law."

 Michigan Bell has had a long standing policy about monitoring phone
 lines.  The only time they monitor lines is to determine service
 quality, such as monitoring operators and service representatives.  All
 results are confidential and calls are randomly picked.  Michigan Bell
 has no right to determine the content of calls.  This is all spelled out
 in the employee handbook that all Bell employees must read.

 The bottom line to this story is this.  Michigan Bell plans to begin
 charging business rates on any bbs that charges it's users a fee.  IN NO
 WAY will it effect EVERY BBS!!!  It will NOT effect the users and will
 not increase your phone bills.

 What concerns me is that Bell is beginning to pay attention to BBS
 systems in the state.  It may not be legal now, but it's very possible
 that Bell could request a separate rate for BBS's in the future.  For
 this reason you should continue to monitor what is happening on the VNS
 bbs, and show your support.

 I am completely surprised at the lack of support the MPSC is giving this
 case.  This agency has the power and authority to decide what goes into
 the tariff, yet they have decided to take a hands off approach.  They
 feel that letting this go through the courts will solve the problem!  I
 just can't believe their thinking!  Maybe we should direct our letter
 writing campaign to the MPSC, or better yet get those jerks running it

 Robert is facing some very large legal fees, and needs your help and
 support.  If you would like more information, or wish to offer your
 help, I will be happy to pass on your name.  You can leave me a message
 on my bbs (FACTS) at 313-736-4544.  Robert said that the retainer fee
 could cost as much as $15,000, but he has enlisted the help of a few
 lawyers so that may cut the cost.

 Press Release
 Maxwell is proud to release Fractal Fantasy, a new Atari ST program
 producing countless designs from the Mandelbrot Set - complex artistic
 shapes produced from the chaotic behavior of special mathematical
 equations.  Fractal Fantasy will peak your interest in the mathematical
 discipline called Chaos and present intricate designs for use in desktop
 Its GEM based options, its manual and help function will guide you to
 developing fractal designs without the need for an advanced degree in
 mathematics.  Develop fractals in two and three dimensional
 perspectives, save your images as DEGAS high or low resolution format.
 Contouring of the images can be defined by creating and saving your own
 color palette or defining the type of fill patterns.  One can also cycle
 512 colors through the image for psychedelic effects reminiscent of the
 safe and sane 60s.  Stop and resume fractal development at will.
 There are several options for developing a fractal: Set Zoom, Texturing,
 Tightening, Projection, Monitoring, Distance Estimation, Level Set
 Method, Traditional Method, Revert, Maximum Iterations, Overflow, Pixel
 Precision, Stretch Factor, Color Spread, Color palette.
 Fractal Fantasy suggested retail is $23.95 with future upgrades just
 $4.00.  Future upgrade plans include Spectrum format and color printout.

 GoGo-ST is a GEM based program that relieves ST users from the drudgery
 of searching through desktop windows and folders for every program to
 execute.  GoGo presents a single menu from which the user can click on a
 program name installed in any one of 50 selector buttons and instantly
 run the program.  After completion the ST returns to the GoGo-ST menu.
 GoGo also presents a editable digital clock and date and full access to
 desktop accessories.  Select the log function and GoGo will maintain a
 log of the time and files used while in each of your programs. Presently
 GoGo-ST is at version 1.3.  If you have a earlier version please send
 $4.00 and your registration card and we will be glad to upgrade your

 If you would like to give your Mega ST keyboard more freedom to move,
 then MegSTender is what you need.  MegSTender Mega keyboard extension
 cords come in lengths of 6, 8, 12 and 25 feet and we have LOWERED OUR
 PRICES.  Prices are now only $11.95, $12.95, $14.95 and $16.95,
 respectively.  MegSTender is great for MIDI oriented Mega systems or for
 Megas with peripheral RF modulator connections for TV gaming ... just
 move your keyboard to your TV/ST game activities.
 Look in the next issue of Z*NET Online for information on the new
 MaxWell products, LaserPR, Silouette and Smokeout!

 MaxWell CPU, 507 W. Baseline , Lafayette, CO 80026 // (303)666-7754.

                    PD/SHAREWARE STOP - by Mark Quinn
 (Editors Note: Welcome back Mark!)
    File name:  HOSPITAL.ARC          Author(s):  Neil Forsyth
 Program name:  Various               File type:  Utility

    File name:  VKILLER.ARC           Author(s):  George Woodside
 Program name:  VKILLER               File type:  Utility

 The first archive contains a suite of programs dedicated to keeping your
 data intact.  The following programs are contained within the archive.


 ACIDTEST.PRG checks for link viruses; BOOTCMP.PRG compares the boot
 sector of a floppy disk with a file;  DT.TTP is a "Disk Toolbox"--with
 it, you can change the order of programs in your AUTO folder, show
 information about a boot sector, enable or disable an executable boot
 sector, show the BIOS parameter block, verify a floppy, and wipe FATs
 and the root directory; MEDICAL.TOS will "bulk check" disks for
 infection; RESET2.ACC allows you to do a soft or hard reset of your
 computer; SKULL.PRG flashes a skull on the screen when it finds an
 infected disk (the one reservation I have about it is that it locks up
 your computer when it does so) and apparently wipes away the infection;
 VACCINE.PRG prevents viruses from infecting disks, and warns the user
 when they attempt to do so; VECHECK.PRG compares "vulnerable areas of
 memory" with a file; WATCHER.PRG checks that the boot sector has not
 been altered during times when your system is vulnerable to infection.

 Functionality seems to have been stressed above flash in the above
 programs.  I got the impression that some of them are of the "quick and
 dirty" variety.  But sometimes that's what many users want.

 There is nothing quick and dirty about George Woodside's VKILLER.  The
 program is mouse/icon/keyboard controlled.  All commands are accessible
 in either environment.

 You can check drives A and B by clicking on their respective icons.
 This program checks the disk's boot sector, both copies of its FAT (File
 Allocation Table), its root directory, as well as its first few data
 sectors.  Once the anti-virus program checks the disk, data from the
 disk can be written to a file and either printed to the screen or a

 VKILLER also has two different flavors (take your medicine, oh virus) of
 "guard boot sectors".  The first displays the message "Virus free disk"
 on a clean disk at bootup.  If that message isn't displayed at boot up,
 it would be wise to disinfect the disk.  The second type of guard boot
 sector also displays a message and remains in memory, monitoring every
 disk the computer accesses.

 The program also repairs damaged boot sectors.  The procedure for
 rebuilding your "bootie" is detailed in the documentation.

 VKILLER can do away with eighteen different types of ST viruses.
                 ============> The following file is SHAREWARE
    File name:  RAMPLUS.LZH           Author(s):  John Harris
 Program name:  RAMPLUS, DESKFMT      File type:  Utility

 RAMPLUS is a reset-survivable (the RAM disk must be reinstalled after
 each reset if your desktop configuration has not been saved and the
 program is not in your AUTO folder) RAM disk program that also functions
 as a mouse doubler and print spooler.  The spooler uses RAM disk memory.

 RAMPLUS can be installed in the AUTO folder of your floppy or hard
 drive.  Pressing any key before RAMPLUS boots allows the user to
 configure the size of the disk in 1K increments, from 0 to 9999.
 Configuring the disk for 0K disables the RAM disk, print spooler, and
 "cluster fix modules" (a fix for a bug in GEMDOS that increases disk
 storage by 2K.  The programmer says to beware of other programs which
 may ALSO fix the bug--the other program will 'add' another 2K, possibly
 putting your poor drive in la-la land.  This fix can be turned off).

 DESKFMT is a combination disk formatter/copier desk accessory.  There
 are two format types available, "Twisted" and "Normal".  The formatter
 supports up to 84 tracks and 11 sectors.  The 11-sector format must be
 used with caution.  The programmer warns to only use it for disks that
 are to be filled and never written to again, such as backup disks.  Mr.
 Harris' 11-sector format is not compatible with other 11-sector formats.
 The copier works with TOS-format disks, and includes an AUTO mode that
 will ensure that the copy is in the same format as the original.  A
 MANUAL mode is also included.

 DSKFMT seems to be a well thought out program.

 (I chose the three files mentioned above for two reasons, I was
 impressed by their usefulness and quality, and I thought that ST users
 could benefit from a more detailed look at them.  This is a personal
 decision, a decision you may disagree with.  Nonetheless, I must make it
 every week.  Why not give some of the "Quickies" a closer look?)

 "Quinn's Quickies"

   A desk accessory.  Gives a three-week graph of your "physical",
   "intellectual" and "emotional" cycles in a window.  Also tells you how
   many days old you are.
 =============> The following file is SHAREWARE
   A fast dialer.  "Multiple selection dialing" is supported: CyberDialer
   will dial lots of busy numbers repeatedly until it gets through to one
   of them.  It is run from a terminal program as an external program.
   Dial directories can be saved and loaded.  A SKIP function allows one
   to skip the current selection and dial the next in the list.  REMOVE
   will take a board or information service out of the list of numbers
   being dialed.
   Very, very well organized program.  Buttons "depress" when you click
   on them, too!  Keep track of your checking account, ATM withdrawals,
   etc.  Many mouse-driven commands have keyboard equivalents.  Search
   feature.  As far as I'm concerned, this one's a "keeper".
   Converts single-sided disks to double-sided.  Handy, especially if
   you've just bought yourself a drive that can format double-sided
   Fly through STellar STarspace in your STellar STarship, find and shoot
   "Amigon", then return to headquarters.  (I wonder if there's a fuji
   symbol somewhere at "headquarters"?)  COLOR ONLY.
   Can you pilot your ship past energy pulses and through the right gate?
   The wrong one costs a life.  COLOR ONLY.
   Assign different icons to your files.  German.  Must be run from AUTO
   folder.  Configuration programs run ONLY in high res.
   Monochrome ONLY. "Grab" section of picture, then save for use in GFA
   BASIC programs.
   Good twist on the "BOINK" theme.  Will it set a new BOINK standard?
   Probably not, but it's fun to play with.
   Roll them bones.  Drag your chips in the "field", click on the dice
   and watch (and listen to) the dice roll.
   Determine the value in ohms of that resistor you intend to use in your
   next electronics project.  Includes "STSPEECH.TOS" digitized voice.
   Belly up to the roulette table (err, computer table) , and take yer
   chances.  Good animation of a spinning roulette wheel.  In much the
   same vein as "OH_CRAPS", above.
   For TOS 1.4 users.  "Move" files on the desktop using the right mouse
   button instead of the control key.  (I have an OLD TOS,  so...)
   Tired of NOT being properly informed when your disk is full (ARC602
   and Flash! users take note)?  Write Error Sentinel to the rescue!
   Runs from AUTO folder.

                        VISITING ANAHEIM IN APRIL?
 (Editors Note:  The following is reprinted from Category 11 Topic 14, 
 User Group Shows, World of Atari Anaheim April 1990.  You've read the
 information regarding the show itself, here are messages posted by GEnie 
 SysOp Darlah Hudson to assist those traveling to the area.)
 Reprint Courtesy GEnie ST RT by permission, Copyright 1990 GEnie 
 Category 11,  Topic 14 Messages 84-87     Sun Mar 04, 1990
 DARLAH [RT~SYSOP]  at 10:20 EST
 Here is some information for all the out of towners.  I use to live
 relatively close to that area when I lived out in California.  I lived
 in LA, Santa Monica and San Diego.  I will fill you in on some
 information for the 1st timers incase you are curious.
 Disneyland averages 15,000 to 25,000 (attendance) on weekdays for the 3
 weeks before Easter.  On Weekends the average is 30,000 to 50,000.  What
 does this mean??  25,000 is relatively quiet but at 30,000 you will see
 some lines at the most popular rides and at 45,000 it is crowded.
 Disneyland does have loaner cameras for those film buffs that like to
 keep some memories in print.  I bring my own as I am most familiar with
 my camera.  There are tons of spots to buy film but the cost is high
 within the park.  Bank of America also is located inside the park with a
 mini bank.  They can cash checks etc if you are in need.  The park does
 have one day film service inside the park.  What this means is drop it
 off in the afternoon and take it home with you that night.  Strollers
 are available for those that are bringing young ones and babysitters are
 available at the Disneyland hotel but one must make arrangements ahead
 of time.  If you are handicapped, Disney has gone to great lengths to
 make sure that you have access to most areas.  Liquor is now served in
 the kingdom but ONLY after dark.  Lockers are available and you best
 have your quarters ready for these.  Locker space goes FAST and I have
 always found a use for one.  Mailboxes are in several areas within the
 park for those fast postcards you want to send.  Credit cards, cash and
 travelers checks are gladly taken in the park.

 Rush Hour in LA is between 6am and 9am and 3pm to 6pm.  Be aware that
 traffic in LA is always high though in Anaheim it is less.  Congested is
 a word that comes to mind but a car you do need if you want to go

 Los Angeles Airport is 45 min away from Disney hotel at the best travel
 times.  John Wayne Airport (Orange County) is 20 minutes.  Airport Coach
 buses go from the airports to the Disney hotel, Emerald, Hilton,
 Marriott, Grand, and Howard Johnson.  The phone # is 491-3500 or
 772-5800.  They service the airports from 5 am to 1030PM.  Lounge Car
 Tours Airport Cruiser (761-3345) goes to these hotels -> Disney Hotel,
 Sheraton, Conestoga, Stovalls Inn, Inn at the Park, Hilton, Marriott,
 Quality, Holiday Inn, Howard Johnsons and Grand Hotel in Buena Park and
 in Anaheim during the same hours as the airport coach.  Virtually all
 lodging places are served on request by airport buses with 24 hour
 notice.  Some of these companies are Airport transportation (558-1413),
 Green Flag Airport Shuttle (991-5660) and Super Shuttle (973-1100).
 Here are the prices:

 LAX to hotel and back
 Airport Coach                          $10 each way
 Airport Transportation                 $12 each way
 Green Flag                             $45 each way $5 for extra person
 SuperShuttle                           $10 each way
 Lounge Car Airport Cruiser             $10 each way

 John Wayne to hotel and back
 Airport Coach                          $4  each way
 Airport Transportation                 $14 each way $7 for extra person
 Green Flag                             $33 each way $5 for extra person
 SuperShuttle                           $10 each way
 Lounge Car Airport Cruiser             $5  each way

 As I construct more information, I will post.  If you have a specific
 question, I am sure I can get you the answer.  Do let me know.  Looking
 forward to seeing everyone there.
 More info on Disney Show:

 Night Spots and hangouts
 El Toritos, 2020 East Ball Road, 956-4880
 Very active joint from what I remember.  It is a great people watching

 Sgt. Preston's Yukon Saloon, Disneyland Hotel, 1150 Cerritos Ave
 Singing Waitresses, good show, country music the last time I was there
 Pulse, Anaheim Hilton and Towers, Nightclub****, 777 Convention Way,
 Anaheim, Ca, 750-4321
 Computerized light show and sound system.  The latest music.
 Bandstand, 1721 S. Manchester Ave, Anaheim, Ca, 956-1412
 Country and Western on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays, Top 40 on Wed.,
 Fri,. and Saturday.  Closed Monday.
 Crackers, 710 East Katella Ave, Anaheim, Ca, 978-1828
 Singing waiters and waitresses, musicians, jugglers and audience
 participation.  This was a NEAT place from what I remember.
 The Original Cattleman's Wharf next to the Conestoga hotel, 1160 West
 Ball Road, Anaheim, Ca, 535-1622
 Usually a live band doing Top 40s in the Barons Lounge upstairs.

 Mr. Stox, 1105 E. Katella Ave, Anaheim, Ca, 634-2994
 Caters to young professionals.  It is a pick up joint <---

 Righteous Brothers Hop, 18774 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, Ca,
 This spot bears its owners name.  Music and special events.  Sock hops,
 50s and 60s music, hula hoop contests, trivia....great place.
 Crazy Horse Saloon, 1580 Brookhollow Drive, Santa Ana, Ca, 549-1512
 Name country performers usually play here.

 The Cannery, 3010 Lafeyette Ave, Newport Beach, Ca, 675-5777
 Big singles crowd at this one folks.  Its a great restaurant and night
 spot with light rock.
 Peppers, 12361 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, Ca, 740-1333
 Top 40s and shuttle from most Disney area hotels.
 The Laff Stop, 2122 Southeast Bristol Street, Newport Beach, Ca
 Comedians Wed through Sunday

 Newport Beach, 30 minutes away, Anyplace in Newport Beach will do. :-)

 T.G.I.Fridays, hmm a friend Jim used to manage this joint.  Would love
 to see him again.  601 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, 540-2227
 This is a busy joint with great food and friendly waiters and
 waitresses.  The place is one of my favs and continues to be anywhere
 there is one.
 Disneyland Hours
 Apri 4th and 5th   9am to 7pm
 Apri 6th           9am to midnight
 Apri 7th and 8th   8am to midnight
 Apri 9th           8am to midnight
 Costs to the Magic Kingdom
 Free Day Pass to those staying at the hotel (Disney)
                  Adults           Children
 Passports         $23.50           $18.50  (3 to 11)
 Guided Tours      $ 9.50           $ 7.50

 Passports gets you on to all rides.  Tours are in addition to the
 passports.  1990 is the 35th anniversary for Disney.  New shows, parades
 and fireworks are in agenda but all tentative.  Each guest to the park
 will receive a commemorative anniversary ticket which puts them in for a
 chance to win prizes from a camera, cash, car etc.  A prize every 35
 seconds will be given away.  I hope one of you wins!

 (C) 1990 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables.  May be
 reprinted only with this notice intact.  The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
 are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.  To sign up
 for GEnie service, call (with modem) 800-638-8369.  Upon connection type
 HHH (RETURN after that).  Wait for the U#= prompt.  Type XJM11877,GEnie
 and hit RETURN.  The system will prompt you for your information.
 March 7, 1990
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W>
 On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of you to the ISD/
 Atari Australia RealTime Conference on GEnie.  Before getting started,
 some business about how an RTC works.  While the RTC room is in Listen-
 Only mode, you can only address our guest when I let you talk.  To get
 my attention, just /RAIse your hand.  Just enter this from your
 keyboard: /rai  I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but
 please be patient.  I -WILL- let you know when your turn is coming up.
 Some background about how this unique conference came about.  Nathan
 Potechin, president of ISD, agreed to a conference for this date some
 time back.  Ostensibly, the subject of conference would be the newly
 released Calamus Outline product, along with any of the other Calamus or
 DynaCADD products.
 Later, it turned out that Nathan would be in Australia on March 7th, but
 he still wanted to go ahead with the conference.  Thanks to the folks at
 GEnie, this was arranged and Nathan is now sitting in the offices of
 Atari Australia.  Not wanting Atari users to miss a unique opportunity,
 Nathan opened this conference up to the folks at Atari Australia also.
 So this RTC is of a dual nature.  We'll find out about Outline as well
 as the state of Atari in Australia.  We'll let the conference move in
 whatever direction your questions take it.
 With Nathan are Nigel Shephard and Alistair Campion of Atari Australia.
 Other guests are Julius Oklamcak and Shawn Wheatcroft, also of ISD, but
 holding down the fort in ISD's offices in Canada.
 So we have a very unique 'configuration' here that will make for a
 unique conference! <grin>
 I understand that Julius has an introduction prepared, so we'll start
 with you, Julius. The floor is yours.
 <[Julius] ISD2>: Welcome to the first formal GEnie conference on Outline
 Art.  ISD is proud to announce the release of our new vector orientated
 graphic tool.  For further information and specifics on Outline Art,
 please drop by category 16 topic 8 in the ISD customer support section
 of the ST bulletin board or our own library number 30 in the ST library
 where you will find a complete working version of this product.  In
 addition, with the release of the new Guide to Calamus Desktop
 Publishing, we are continuing in our efforts to provide a truly
 professional integrated desktop publishing solution based on the Atari
 This is the first national conference as we not only have the
 participation of ISD from their head office in Toronto Canada, but the
 adjudication of their President Nathan Potechin from the offices of
 Atari in Sydney Australia.
 We would also like to welcome Atari Australia to their first formal
 conference, in fact, the inaugural participation of an Australian
 company in the GEnie network.
 With Manager
 for Atari Computers.
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ>  Officially we would like to welcome Nathan to
 Australia.  He has attended our two day dealer conference and starting
 tomorrow will be present at our annual Atari Expo.  This is an Atari
 ONLY show running for the next 3 days.  Slowly but surely Nathan is
 learning the language and by the time that he leaves we may be able to
 understand what he has been trying to tell us.
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W>  What kind of attendance is expected for the Expo,

 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ>  Anticipate approximately 10,000 minimum
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W>  So, it's safe to say that Australia has taken well to
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ>  Yes we are recognized as one of the major suppliers
 to both the home and small business computer market.
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Does Australia carry the full Atari line? (ST's, Megas,
 PC clones, etc.)
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ>  Yes, we sell all products in the Atari range.
 <P.LESTER> What is the difference between DynaCADD IBM and ST?  Do you
 need the math co-processor to run on IBM?
 <[Julius] ISD2>  DynaCADD 1.70 on the IBM and DynaCADD 1.78 on the ST
 are virtually identical.  A math chip is not required to run, unlike
 some other CAD software...though recommended, as on the ST.
 <P.LESTER> What does it cost for both and does the IBM support auto

 <[Julius] ISD2> Both versions retail for $995 US.  Shading and 3D
 modeling is not currently supported.  DynaCADD is more for technical
 drawings than for 3D modeling. 

 <P.LESTER> Will there be an update and how do you get the demo on GEnie
 to run?  I d/led but no luck in running it.

 <[Julius] ISD2> P.LESTER give us a call...we have prepared an
 introduction booklet for exactly that problem.  Call (416) 479-1991,
 our customer service number.
 <[Deanne] J.FRANK2> Hi Nathan, Nice to chat with you again.  I pick up
 my copy of Outline tomorrow.  It has been something I have needed for a
 long time.  As you know, I do DTP full time.  I am wondering, will
 Calamus and Outline keep us up in technology?  That technology will move
 faster than us and I may have to break down and go PC.
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> No chance.  By the end of the summer we will have a
 Calamus solution for the TT that the PC will simply not be able to
 compete against.  I am quite serious on this.
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> We have just completed and released the Calamus
 Guide to Desktop Publishing, which is a 300 page book with hints tips
 and tutorials on Calamus, Outline Art and the Font Editor.  Currently it
 is only being made available to our registered Owners only.  We are
 doing a mailout to all registered owners to advise them of its
 availability which should have already left my office to everyone.
 Perhaps Shawn can comment on this.

 <[Julius/Shawn] ISD2> The mailout is currently in progress...everyone
 should be getting something in their mailbox in the next week or so.

 <D.A.BRUMLEVE> This is for the Aussies: I've been enjoying several
 excellent UK magazines devoted to the ST.  These are published in
 England.  Does Australia have any ST magazines of its own?  Are the few
 US ST mags widely available there?
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> All UK and US ST magazines are freely available in
 OZ and a local magazine is published quarterly.
 <J.ALLEN27> Nigel, is the OZzy market a good one for business
 enhancement products?
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> The answers is yes, particularly on the Atari range.
 Not huge but a market does exist.
 <J.ALLEN2 details to Alistair Campion at Atari-OZ.
 He will follow up.
 <J.ALLEN27> What would you say the mix, 520/1040/Mega...of the Ataris
 in service in OZ are?
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> Total quantity of all ST's in OZ would be
 approximately 20,000 - 25000 units with a mix of (40% 520)(40% 1040)
 (20% Megas).  And growing fast :-) of course.
 <J.ALLEN27> What's the phone number? 

 <[Nigts by Aussies being released in
 <[Alistair] ATARI-OZ> There is a small group of about 20 active
 Developers with key products such as: leading edge GENlocker for the ST,
 STe and Mega computers, simulation games, CD ROM software, Communication
 software and business productivity  applications :-)
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Do you know if that genlock could work on US systems?
 <[Alistair] ATARI-OZ> Yes, it supports NTSC and PAL.

 <[Ron] R.GRANT11> Are Alistair and Nigel teaching you to say "Real Soon
 Now" in Aussie?  <grin> Seriously though, the Guide has greatly changed
 my perception of Outline Art.  I now eagerly anticipate it again.
 <gadzooks, again!>.  My question...Now that Outline has shipped, will
 PKS Write be sent to a burner a little closer to the front?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> PKS Write now moves to the front of the list Ron.
 It will be available "real soon now" :-)  I hope to have it ready for
 sale by the end of April, early May.
 <[Mark] M.PHILLIPS14> Nathan, what is a realistic est. arrival of
 Calamus 1.1 and what new features will it include?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> I cannot commit to a definite date at this time.
 Actually there will be 3 new versions of Calamus: Calamus S, Calamus SL
 and Calamus SLC.  The last will be our true pre-press color separation
 version and will require the TT platform.  I expect the three to be
 released sometime around the end of the summer.
 <[Mark] M.PHILLIPS14> How about auto-tracing? 

 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Auto-tracing is one of the modules that will be
 included with the Calamus SL version, which is the modular shell.  Other
 modules currently in place include TIFF, Word Perfect, Outline Art, etc.
 <[Mark] M.PHILLIPS14> Does that mean I need a TT for color separations.
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Yes, definitely.  To obtain the professional level
 to offer true color separation, the processing power of the 68030 is a
 <JJKENNEDY> Alistair/Nigel, Local dealers are having a hard time
 obtaining stock from Atari.  What is the situation there?

 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> The situation here is OK.  All products are readily
 <JJKENNEDY> Is the STe available?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Being released officially, this week!!!
 <[Dan] DERON.K> What will be the support for PostScript in the future of
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Currently we have received 4 beta versions now of a
 page image postscript driver.  None of which have worked to acceptable

 <[Dan] DERON.K> Page image ? 

 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Page image means that we still do not use the ps
 fonts but transmit a page image of the Calamus page as a raster file.
 <[Dan] DERON.K> What about Outline supporting EPSF?
 <[Nathan] ATA<[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> We wrote and included Convert2X.PRG with Outline Art
 specifically to  convert Calamus Vector Graphic files to either
 PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript.
 <[Dan] DERON.K> Great, any possibility that we can get some samples for
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> This program has been tested with Pagestream
 importing the EPS file created by Outline Art and works pery to
 send you a copy.
 <D.A.BRUMLEVE> I understand that the ST is making some headway into
 British schools.  Is this also true in Australia?  What percentage of
 monthly software sales for the ST are children/education-related? (Here,
 it's very low.)
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> The Atari ST is accepted by most major school systems
 in Oz and a high percentage of our software sales are chior
 Nathan, also.  I want Nathan to know that a premium I plan to give away
 at shows was prepared by a devoted Calamus user with Outline Art.
 <[Ron] R.GRANT11> Nathan, could you clarify this modular concept a bit
 more for us?  Does it mean that we'll be able to buy and install parts
 of a master program and install them as needed to create a whole?  Isn't
 this awfully NeXT-ish?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> The Calamus SL version contains all of the features
 of the current version of Calamus plus about 30 new ones, including
 tiling, text rastering, leader tabs, irregular text wrap, etc.  In
 addition there will be many programs for which we will write import
 drivers so that you will be able to bring them within Calamus, ie; Word
 Perfect (providing you have the available RAM) without existing the
 Calamus program.

 <[Ron] R.GRANT11> Import drivers?  You mean import the whole d***
 program?  What a concept. :-) How about third-party add-ons?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> I believe that we will be able to make these import
 driver creators available to interested 3rd party Developers.  I will
 confirm this in about 30 days.
 <BOB-BRODIE> A question for my fellow employees in Australia!  I am the
 Manager for User Group Services for Atari US.  What type of things are
 you doing in Australia for the user groups there?  Do you have a user
 group coordinator?  I enjoy getting several newsletter from the groups
 there, but worry about them expecting an "real" support from me.
 <[Alistair] ATARI-OZ> There are Atari User Groups in every capital city
 in OZ and New Zealand.  We give them all the support that we can with
 the usual love/hate relationship. :-) :-) :-)

 <[Mark] M.PHILLIPS14> A lot of Calamus users own Ultra Script which is
 packaged with the Atari SLM804.  It would be nice if there was with the
 Atari SLM804.  It would be nice if there was some kind of support for
 all those great UltraScript fonts.  Any chance of a converter?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Sorry, no.  But we will have over 1000 new fonts
 available by the release of the new versions of Calamus which should
 eliminate any difficulty obtaining any font of your choice.
 <[Mark] M.PHILLIPS14> Does ISD offer a list of Linotype printing
 services that have ordered the interface?
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> Currently we have 4 interfaces up and running in
 Canada and we have just installed a fifth in the US.  In a few weeks I
 will post a list.  As I obtain more interfaces, I will try to situate
 them most effectively from a geographic point of view.

 <[Jon & STu] J.CLARKE6> Why is it that we in NZ only heard of this Atari
 show thru GEnie?

 <[Alex NZ] ATARI-OZ> All of our Dealers were informed and 9 of them have
 flown over to attend.  Next year we will be happy to send you a personal

 <[Jon & STu] J.CLARKE6> Why were the User groups and users not informed?
 I will fly over  tomorrow .. Tell us the details..
 <[Alex NZ] ATARI-OZ> I might mention that we also have Alex from Atari
 New Zealand in attendance here.  The show starts tomorrow at the Queen
 Victoria Building and runs through Sunday.  You are most cordially
 invited. :-)
 <[Jon & STu] J.CLARKE6> Thanks , It is in Sydney then. 

 <[Jon & STu] J.CLARKE6> I would like to thank the Atari guys for the
 amount of Product they have available for the users down, how ever at
 times the dealers have problems with suppling product information is
 this going to be addressed?  When can we expect to see ATARI NZ at some
 of the computer shows as we did 18 months ago?
 <[Alex NZ] ATARI-OZ> We will be at the Auckland Bits and Bytes Show
 April 26, 1990.  Dealers are supplied with a wealth of product
 information.  Perhaps you'd care to meet us at the show for any further
 specific needs.

 <[Jon & STu] J.CLARKE6> Thanks for that and we will see you and Alex I
 will see you in CHCH very soon as well.

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> I have a question for the Australian contingent.  Have
 the Portfolio and Lynx invaded Australia yet?
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> The Portfolio has been available for around 4 months.
 Anticipated release of the Lynx, June.  We are releasing at the show the
 first 3rd party commercial pkg for the Portfolio, a Time-Management
 system for accountants and lawyers.
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> That was my next question! <grin>  Is that an Aussie
 only product or is that scheduled for US release also?
 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> They are actively looking for US representation.  We
 are sending a copy of this program to Atari Sunnyvale to the attention
 of Antonio Salerno.  Please contact him for further info.

 <[Nigel] ATARI-OZ> Thank you for your hospitality.  We found it most
 interesting.  Alistair is a regular user now and can be contacted for
 any additional OZ related information.
 <[Nathan] ATARI-OZ> On behalf of ISD I would like to thank GEnie for
 going through the logistics required to set this up and Atari OZ for
 kindly allowing us the use of and participation from their offices.
 This has been a rewarding trip.  I will add more upon my return.

 Thanks everybody!!!!

 by Ernest Schreurs, SAG (Holland) and SPACE
 (Reprinted from the Puget Sound Atari News, February 1990)
 Holland.  This week I received my PSAN newsletter again, just like every
 month.  You never actually stop and wonder how much work goes into
 making this newsletter into what it is.  Nor do you ever stop and wonder
 about all the work your club officers do to keep the users group
 interesting and fun...

 Reading the letter that Terry Schreiber wrote in the January PSAN (Ed.,
 "Behind The Scenes" on page 2) had very special meaning to me.  You
 know, you never realize how much benefit you get from being a club
 member until you find out all the things you will be missing once the
 club actually ceases to exist.  This is what happened to the 5,500
 members of the largest Dutch Atari users group called SAG (Dutch for
 Foundation Atari Users).  The president of the club suddenly got a job
 offer in another part of the country, so he has to move there.  Another
 club officer at that moment decided to fall, and hurt his foot, making
 him sit in a chair for the next six weeks or so.  (He usually does all
 the things Jim Chapman does, like getting the newsletter together,
 getting some people to advertise in the newsletter, talk to various
 vendors and Atari.)  Now all of a sudden he was no longer able to drive
 a car, let alone do all sorts of club business.  That in itself is not
 really a problem, if not for the fact that at that point you start to
 realize that there is no one else to do it.

 At that point you look around and see how much of the club business has
 become so dominant in your life; that it is about time to take drastic
 measures, and quit doing it all together.  The December issue of the SAG
 newsletter was therefore the final issue.  It does not even have a
 single ad, because nobody else did it.  It seems hard to imagine that in
 5,500 members there is not enough people that want to do some of these
 tasks.  Our club was one of those clubs that relied on the few dedicated
 souls that readily sacrificed a lot of their spare time.  Keep in mind
 that all these people had a 40 hour a week job too!  Now of course in a
 user group this big, there is bound to be a lot more to do than in a
 user group of under a few hundred members.

 So, the next time a club officer asks for volunteers or asks for
 newsletter input, stop and think about what happened to me and 5,500
 other members.  Don't let your users group end the way ours did,
 participate!  Write something, or join in the other activities.  It may
 seem little effort to you, but that is just what a users group is about.
 You all try to get the most out of your computer by sharing your
 experience with other club members.  Sharing is supposed to go both

 For me, this does not mean the end of the world.  I am still a SPACE
 member, and we all still like Atari computers.  Most people will find
 some other user group to join, and let's hope we all participate more
 actively in those.  Still, reading the afore mentioned letter, and Jim's
 Z-Net article, it makes me respect all club officers all over the world.
 Thanks to all of you!

                          USER GROUP NEWSLETTERS
 by Ron Kovacs
 From time to time we will focus on a user group newsletter that we think 
 you should be reading, in the past we have told you about PSAN, (Puget 
 Sound Atari News) and now ask you to take a look at Phoenix, the 
 Toronto Atari Federation Newsletter for the Atari ST and 8 Bit Computer 
 Please note that most groups require you to join to get their newsletter 
 regularly.  Most user groups have a BBS system which has a private area 
 for members only, which would also be provided if you joined the group.
 To get the newsletter you can join the group which offers the following:
 * 10 Meetings a year for both ST and 8-Bit users.
 * 10 Issues of the Phoenix Newsletter.
 * Experts on hand at every meeting to assist users on all Atari products 
   and software.
 * Special Interest Groups
 * Beginner classes every month.
 * 10% discounts at most local dealers on hardware and software.
 * Reduced rates on TAF's library of over 200 disks of PD software.
 * Membership access to TAF-ONLINE BBS.
 $30 a year gets you this and more.  Print out the following and mail to:
                       The Toronto Atari Federation
                       5334 Yonge Street Suite 1527
                     Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 6M2

 Last Name:________________________  First Name:________________________
 Address:__________________________  City:______________________________
 State or Province:________________  Postal/Zip Code:___________________
 Phone Number: (___)_______________  Computer Model:____________________
 Please include $30.00 annual membership.  Allow 4 weeks to process by 
 mail or you may bring this application to any TAF meeting and pick up  
 your membership card.

                       PIRACY - by Joseph E. Hicswa
 Reader Commentary
 I am sick and tired of commercial programmers and software manufacturers 
 complaining about piracy.  Show me the programmer who has never used a 
 public domain program, who has not received FREE help from a friend, 
 fellow employee, computer club member, or book from a public library.
 Those Pirate Blasters owe a debt to people who gave and give free help.
 Public Domain programs did not just materialize.  Individuals spent 
 hours, days, weeks developing and sharing their works with the computer 
 community.  That is what makes the computer world grow so rapidly.
 Piracy decriers who benefited from someone else's freebees now want to 
 get weathy for their labors.  Is this how those disk mongers repay the 
 pioneers and friendly's?
 Computers are one of the greatest things that befall Humanity.  Our 
 progress is being accelerated like never before.
 Handicapped are becoming exceedingly productive; the mentally ill and 
 slow learners are achieving astoundingly.  New ideas, instantly 
 displayed on monitors, soon grow into pnds in our world waiting to be opened.  The cure of some 
 devastating ill lies  in one of them.  Alas the cost of a computer and 
 software is beyond the reach of too many.
 Rather then restrict the availability of software and computers because 
 of cost, they should be distributed to everyone on earth.  If piracy 
 helps to accomplish this then piracy laws should be repealed.
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