About Atari On-Line Magazines

From: Atari SIG (xx004)
Date: 03/08/90-04:50:17 PM Z

From: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Subject: About Atari On-Line Magazines
Date: Thu Mar  8 16:50:17 1990

    T      ||ATARI      |             
    h      || ON-LINE   |             
    e      ||  MAGAZINES|     A       
           ||-----------|     ut      
    C      ||           |     t a     
    l      ||   | | |   |     h  r    
  Free-    ||   | | |   |     on- i   
    v      ||   | | |   |     r       
   Net     ||   | | |   |    line     
    l   S  ||  /  |  \  | magazine    
    Atari  || /   |   \ |     e       
    n   g  ||           |     dealer  
    d      ||1990 - ????|             

    About the Atari On-Line Magazines

Welcome to the Atari On-Line Magazine section!

     The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG brings you Atari On-Line Magazines!

     These On-Line Magazines give you recent news on what is going on in the
Atari world.  They are usually published a few times a month and
contain very good information.  They are also free to read without a cost
to you in any way.

     However, while it is free for you to read, it does cost someone money
in order to download these magazines from a long-distance system or bulletin
board.  While the cost for calling these long-distance systems isn't much
for a few issues, it is too much for all the issues.  This is where you
come in.  If you are on any long-distance bulletin boards or
systems such as GEnie or Compuserve that have recent issues of these
magazines then please download them and upload them to the On-Line Magazine
section here in the Atari SIG.  We will give you full credit as being the
contributor and you will please a lot of Atari computer users.  You may also
contact one of the SIGOps through e-mail and talk to them about how you
can be a part of getting these magazines for the Atari SIG.

     The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG has always been a resource for Atari
information- why not help expand it above and beyond the call of duty...?


Your Atari SIGOps


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