LYNX: Chip's Challenge - Mandelbrot generator

From: Robert Krynak (ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/02/93-02:28:34 AM Z

From: ah292@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Robert Krynak)
Subject: LYNX: Chip's Challenge - Mandelbrot generator
Date: Sat Jan  2 02:28:34 1993

Message: 212 (#21247)
  Title: Mandelbrot parameters
 Author: Brian Reynolds
     To: Robert Rams
 Posted: Sun  1-Sep-91 at  9:20:01pm
Replies: 0
 Origin: <<@orner Pub BBS x186>>
         <S.I. NYC 718/351-4304>

Type mand into the level selector at the beginning and you get a 48 bit
integer mandelbrot (and julia set) generator.  The joypad moves around a
zoombox, A zooms in, B zooms out, Option 1 starts and stop the
Pause brings up the parameter menu, and Option 2 operates the color
cycling.  mand is also know as the unknown or 145th level.  There are
also levels 146-149 which are not in the normal sequence of play.  Codes
for all 149 levels can be found in LYNXFAQ.ARC and LYNXZOO.ARC in the
file area.


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